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6300 Wilson Mills Rd
Mayfield Village, OH 44143

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Phone Number: (440) 461-5000
Fax Number: (440) 446-7436
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CEO: Glenn M. Renwick
CFO: Brian C. Domeck
COO: Susan Patricia Griffith

Progressive History

Progressive was founded in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph Lewis as Progressive Mutual Insurance Company.

In 1951, the company moved into a new headquarters in downtown Cleveland, Ohio after outgrowing their first office.

In 1955, Joe Lewis died and Jack Green becomes CEO.  Joe’s son, Peter Lewis, begins working for the company.

In 1956, the company begins an auto insurance program for high risk drivers.

In 1965, Peter Lewis becomes CEO.

In 1974, the company moves headquarters to Mayfield Village, Ohio where they still reside today.

In 1987, the company is listed on the NYSE.

Today, Progressive is one of the largest automobile insurers in the US.  The company also provides property and casualty lines.

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John Jaras March 13, 2015 at 2:19 pm

I would like to comment your commercial media campaign. Love your commercials. Strong outta the box imaging that resonates well to your target market. You have done a great job branding Flo and the lowest price machine. Well done and always amusing!!


Maggie lipton March 5, 2015 at 7:00 pm

I just want to comment on the recent TV advertisement that takes you back through the centuries to when they burned witches’…this is not being progressive (rather regressive). I was really disgusted by this ad and disappointed that you even okay end it to air.

Your ad agency really messed up on this one. They should be looking ahead, not back. Maybe something like the Bruce Willis movie where cars are flying (centuries ahead).

Hope someone in top management can see this. Thank you and no I don’t have any dealings with your company.


Kellie G February 28, 2015 at 5:37 pm

I feel the need to add to this long list of complaints. I was in a no fault accident a week ago when I hit black ice here in Missouri while driving my boyfriend’s small SUV, which I never drive but it was at night and my car has terrible headlights. The ice carried the vehicle out of my control, over an embankment, and rolled down to land upside down in a ravine. No airbags deployed and it is a miracle I’m even alive. Both my boyfriend and myself have been on the phone all week trying to get our “claims adjuster” Gustavo Garcia, to help us figure out how to get some return on the vehicle and my hospital bills. He keeps saying he’ll call back the next day and doesn’t, and when we asked to speak to a supervisor, after being told we would see no financial help in this accident, we were told he was out of the office but would call us Friday. It is 4:30 pm Saturday and no call from the supervisor. It is now a week and one day after my accident and the vehicle is still upside down in a ravine because we cannot afford to get a crane to get it out, nor do we want to run the risk of Progressive holding the removal of the vehicle against us before they get a chance to see it. Needless to say we will be trying to sort this out and then switching insurance providers.

Another of many unhappy customers,
Kellie G.


Belinda Boquin January 14, 2015 at 8:22 pm

We had been with Progressive for many years, clean record, we’re very decent, responsible parents and so are our kids. We have been dropped by Progressive Car Insurance because my son who didn’t know any better as well as us; used the RoadSide Assistance from Progressive and even had to pay a difference of $85.00 from his own pocket twice; No Accidents at all, he’s car was having problems with the starter. I’m so disappointed at Progressive for giving us that kind of treatment after all the money they have make and without even considering the fact that we have kept a clean record. We are a hard working family, always doing the right thing and teaching our kids the same. Thank you so much Mr Glenn M. Renwick (CEO). You don’t have anything to worry about because money for you is not an issue but for us, it is. Very Disappointed parent.


Julius Harris December 20, 2014 at 4:03 am

Julius E Harris
*** S. Beech St.
Syracuse, New York. 13210
December 20, 2014

Progrssi Insurance
6300 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

Dear Madam or Sir:

On December 20, 2014, a week before Christmas my policy was canceled for underwriting issues:

Progressive Insurance Company suck!!!!!!Was notified by email the night before policy canceled! It is now a week before Christmas and I’m completely broke. Decided to give this snapshot a chance and I’m now paying for it dearly. Fax documentation from prior insurance proving six months of full insurance and no other driver(single). Advised agent over the phone at that time that I’m single and there’s no other operators of my vehicle. Here we are now a week before Christmas and my policy has canceled and can not be fixed. Pleas never ever get progressive. Worst experience I have ever had with a insurance company. I have been driving over 14 years and this has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. Need more info Im at -**** Next complaints at better business bureau!Investor Relations. The Progressive Corporation Investor Relations 6300 Wilson Mills Road Box W33 Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

Unfortunately, I was dissatisfied for the following reasons:

Temperature is now below freezing and I have to walk.
Agent and Superior were unable to help, stated its a underwriter issue.
Will now loose my job a week before Christmas!
thank you progressive
And I did pay my bill!

To resolve the problem, I would like the following to take place:

Refund of first and last payment so I can find another insurance company.

I have enclosed copies of my records related to this situation.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem, and will not wait until RESOLUTION DATE before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at phone


Lisa Nelsen November 24, 2014 at 8:19 pm

Hello my name is Lisa Nelse I live in Virginia. Im really confuessed about something and disapointed. I had applied for a position in your Richmond location as a Claims Adjuster Traniee. Ihave applied 3 times to this position. I just recieve a rejection letter said’ they could not go through with my application due to I was not a sroung enough match for this position. Im sorry but Im a strong match I have a dagree in Criminal Justice/ Crime Scene Investigations , I have also did some volunteer work with the Virginia State Police as a Crminal Anaylsis. Now could someone please tell me why Im not strong enough for this postion?
Thank You
Lisa Nelsen


william tenney October 27, 2014 at 4:44 pm

ive never in my life seen a place lie so much ill do every thing in my power to tell every one i know to drop progressive ins i had a fire on oct the 9 to this day they af not made it right i pay 140 dollers a mouth and they keep giveing me to morro wellive ask to speak to the ceo of this fine com and got told i could not well then they dont need me or my faimly or friends to be with there com my dad annd sister tranfered there ins today and i will go to the internet to tell how they have treat my clame if they where for the poeple who made there com they would talk to me and make this right but you can bet ill drop them in a min after all after 20 years they cant take a call and take two weeks to tell me there waiting on someone to tell them what my van is worth relly and there in this for me and dont even know my vans value who needs them if you get this and you relly want to keep us as a costomer than make a call to me other wise ill take you just want my money and dont care do the fack i now have a clam but all thoses years you have been liveing on my faimlys money did do a thing to make your com well the old thing of word of mouth lets see just how far it relly goes i will tell all my friea
nds who have friends and faimly who will tell there friends and faimly and lets see how long it takes for this to hit your door like this small clam hit my faimly who dependes on that van for me to bring home a pay cheack to buy food thanks for the lies your com have told to us we will be sure to spread the word for you


Debbie Rogers October 9, 2014 at 4:35 pm

I think the ad mocking Betsy Ross is extremely distasteful. Almost as a slap in the face of America and the fight for our freedom, including free speech.


David Gillett September 16, 2014 at 7:01 pm



adam September 16, 2014 at 2:42 pm

i am insured by progressive, hit by a progressive driver, she had a stop sign and hit me and I did they decided fault 50/50 – i never received a call from my insurance adjuster only the one representing the other driver, they have not paid my claim and continue to threaten me to sign release of claim. it is literally making me ill. i have had insurance with progressive for over 6 years – always paid, never had accident – i hate this company – they are just typical of what Corporate America is: the friendly faced girl in the commercials and greed and corruption in the background


Heather DaCosta September 4, 2014 at 9:05 am

After being with Progressive for over 5 years I thought I had a sense of security and safety about my vehicle UNTIL I walked to my Lincoln navigator after getting off work only to find that my keyless entry pad had been popped open and once I opened the door…. I was horrified to see that my stereo/DVD system was cut out of my dash board, all my vent covers cut out, my speakers, jarmen navigation, i-pad mini, wallet, money, make up, gym bag, work bag and keys were all stolen. And I was parked only 6 parking spaces from the elevator s at a well known hospital in Atlanta Ga. So now I call MY Insurance company-Progressive whom I have had FULL coverage on my vehicle to report my claim… Only to be ROBBED AGAIN… PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE did NOT cover the following : My speakers (because they weren’t Bolted down), my navigation (because it was only attached vto my cigarette lighter), my wallet, cash, mini i -pad, bags, MY KEYS and wireless remote ( which the theivs took along with my LICENCE to know where I live and they already know where I work… I was and am still upset, flabbergasted and totally UNSATISFIED with Progressive, not to mention the 4 separate agents that has been handling my Claim for almost 3 WEEKS Now. So unprofessional, So in organized and MISLEADING as a Company. I am Definitely switching companies. #ripoff # falseadvertising #shamefull #FloisFake


jeff August 1, 2014 at 9:02 pm

Wow just got told their not coving my hail damage to my car. This is a sad place. I will never insure nothing through them again. I have 3 cars and a boat through them..(not ever again). I talk and see alit of people and everyone said I should have done my research before having them insure my things.
State farm here I come!!!!!!!.
Good luck to progrsive .



jeff August 1, 2014 at 1:17 am

I should had read my comment. It was hail damage. To all my cars.They said hail can’t chip cars ,will mine it did. My neighbor had chips in his paint.along with dents. Why should I be responsible for a act of god. That’s why we pay for insurance. 7/31/14. Can someone help get me car fixed the way it was? And I’m asking someone from progressive.. This is not fair to me or my family . phone 1810656xxxx.


jeff August 1, 2014 at 1:00 am

I read all these comments. And it seems to me that progressive doesn’t like paying for anything at all. I pay my bill on time all the time. I had a stone come through and dent and chip all 3 of my vehicles. I put a claim on just one .3,100 in damage. That only want to pay about 800 dollars. That said the new chips weren’t from the hail storm. I was shocked to the point were I will find another company to insure my vehicle. if this was state farm I would never had any trouble .I will tell everyone the issues I had with progressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mary July 25, 2014 at 8:45 pm

I am a home owner we recently had a storm come through and damaged my roof I call Progressive to have a claim adjuster come to my home only to be talked down to and told my claim has been denied I am very unhappy and will be finding other insurance and will tell all my friends and family to never deal with progressive


Terri Flieger July 24, 2014 at 9:29 pm

To whom this may concern;

In the very near future you will be receiving a letter which entails a business opportunity that I believe will brings millions of dollars to Progressive Insurance. In fact I believe this business proposal will continue to lift up the standard that Progressive Insurance holds for all its employee’s and customers alike.

At this time I personally thank you for your time and will be looking forward to you contacting me after you receive my business proposal.


Ms. Terri Flieger


MARK VALLE July 10, 2014 at 3:18 pm

Dear Progressive Executive,

It is with great annoyance that I send this communication. I feel the professionalism and integrity of Progressive Insurance is subject to scrutiny based on the incident detailed below.
My wife was struck in the rear end by your policyholder on May 9, 2014. Immediately, they exchanged information and my wife went as far as to take photos of the two vehicles involved. They didn’t acquire a police report since your policyholder, at the time, appeared straight forward and cooperative and it was a minor infraction. My wife’s last e-mail to your representative “Bobbie Flores” explains in detail what subsequently occurred.
After several weeks of exchanging phone calls and the lack thereof, being that your representative showed apathy towards the matter and basic indolence coupled with your policyholder exhibited sheer irresponsibility, it appears our case was closed and we have been forced to make the repair out of our own pocket!!!
The concept that an individual can blatantly show negligence towards a matter that she obviously created, and her insurance company could hide behind minor technicalities and a flawed internal system to avoid a minor claim, is appalling. Logic would lead towards endeavoring to stand behind a reputation so extravagantly built through a plethora of television and media commercials, by practicing the solidification of such reputation through the adage, “actions speaks louder than words”; especially in this age of ubiquitous personal media!!!
Since your lower line representatives seem to be incapable of being effective, it was important to get this message to as high a level as possible. This way we have a clear understanding of the core values and culture at Progressive Insurance.
Subject emails and photos are available to be forwarded if given a proper email address.

We look forward to your sincere response.


Mark Valle (, 760-458-XXXX


Robert Fisher June 1, 2014 at 9:58 am

Never had insurance with progressive and they put an account in collection on my credit report. I called and gave SS# and address. After proofing it was not my debt they refused to contact the three credit comp. and fix their mistake. I was told if I paid the debt they could fix it or I would have to jump hoops and send them copies of my credit report to them for them to fix what the did. Holding my credit hostage to correct or collect your mistake is wrong! Fix the problem you created, it’s the right thing to do!


gwen rider May 7, 2014 at 5:18 pm

I was not pleased with Erika kluc the adjuster and I never was compensated for my accident


Ryan April 10, 2014 at 12:15 pm

Claim # 14-1115455

My car was hit on the passenger rear of the vehicle. The at fault driver had their damage on the drivers front and drivers side of the vehicle. When comparing the 2 vehicles, it is obvious that the damage to my rear fender and door were done by the other vehicle. There was damage on her vehicle back up to the driver’s door, which lines up with the damage on my vehicle.

We had an issue with Progressive on our previous claim back in 2011. So type of issue. There was damage to our vehicle that was said not to be part of the accident. I found video footage from my wife’s work just before the accident, proving that the damage was in fact related to the accident. This is the same issue once again! I have not paid you over $25,000 dollars to have to fight with you over a claim. You are supposed to be defending me! Not fighting against me. Your agent Vinessa O’Conner, was not going to look at the other vehicle to see if the damage to mine was related. I have to do this defending myself! This is wrong and not what I pay for. I am very disappointed in the service I have been getting in these 2 accident claims. Vinessa O’Conner was very rude. She talked down to me like a child be disciplined, talking over me and interrupting me and time I would try to defend myself. Your company is more than happy to take my hard earned money, but does not back me when it comes time to take care of my claim!

The agent Renesha Noel was able to waive my deductable so we could start the repairs on the vehicle. This took some supervisor approval, but was done. That is the level of service I would expect my money to get me. I have been a loyal customer since 2007. I hold 2 vehicles, an rv, and home owners insurance with your company. I was very skeptical keeping my coverage with you because of the last claim in 2011. But I stayed loyal, and now I’m paying for it again. My parents had an issue with a claim with you as well and still I stayed loyal.

This matter needs to be taken care of. The damage on my vehicle was all related to this accident. I should not have to take pictures of my vehicles every day to show that damage was not prior. The least I would have expected from Vinessa O’Conner would have been to look at the other vehicle as well to see if the damage I’m claiming could have been part of this claim. I tried for 2 days to get in contact with her supervisor, Jimmy Rout. I left him 2 voicemails on 2 different occasions. He did not get in return my calls for 2 days, even though his voicemail stated he would get back to me the same business day if I called before 3pm that business day. When he finally did talk to me, he said that the damage doesn’t look like its part of the claim and that there is no leading damage to the dent in the rear fender.

Damage to a vehicle does not always show a paint transfer. These cars now a days are not build with steel bumpers. They are plastic and the sheet metal is very thin. This a very small dent that could have been caused by fragments of the other vehicle hitting mine. I don’t know, I was in the vehicle when we were hit. I was not a witness with a 3rd party prospective of the incident. I can only rely on your companies many years of experience. That Is why I choose to be insured by Progressive.

I should not have to fight my insurance company to get my vehicle repaired back to its prior accident condition. I will not settle with any other resolution. I this damage is not confirmed to be covered by Jimmy Rout today then I will have to take matter to the Corporate Level


Mary A. Laliberte March 5, 2014 at 10:15 pm

To the attention of
Mr. Glenn M. Renwick, CEO
Mr. Brian C. Domeck, CFO
Ms. Susan Patricia Griffith, COO

This is a corporate complaint regarding a Progressive Insurance TV commercial. My household typically enjoys the commercials with your spokeswoman, “Flo,” but the commercial in which she mimics the behavior of an enticing drug dealer on a street corner seems more appropriate for an adult comedy club than in a broadcast TV advertisement. My household found it deeply unsettling the first time we saw it, and now, months later, it hasn’t faded in its impact and indeed its impression seems to be worsening. It’s inappropriateness of content leaves us queasy and disappointed that Progressive seems willing to taint their own corporate reputation with such an unsavory association. Does this commercial genuinely enhance your corporate image and bring you increased business?

We hope that you reconsider your continued use of this commercial and that Progressive’s advertising department can find less disturbing and more creatively entertaining opportunities to promote your corporation’s business.


Mary A. Laliberte & Family


Shawna Kates February 25, 2014 at 11:07 am

I was an unfortunate victim of an auto theft on November 7, 2013. After filing my police report and contacting Progressive, I thought things will go over smoothly. That is not the case at all. After providing all my phone and financial records as requested to the insurance company, I feel like I am being targeted as a suspect. But not only was I being investigated,they harrased my parents, my daughter, asking them questions that did not pertain to my claim. For example, asking my daughter where does her son sleep? And where does my mother and father sleep? What does this have to do with my claim? This is a total insult on a hardworking single black woman who lives in Newark, who has never been late on a car payment or car insurance payment. If i lived in a different area, ex Short Hills, I nor my family members would have been so insulted. To this day this claim is still not settled and to add insult to injury, my mother and I have been scheduled for an examination under oath. I researched the web and contacted a gentleman name Rob Painter to see if he can help. I have never been so humiliated in my life by a company. I never thought Progressive would treat their insured this way. I am a victim who has been violated, not only me, but my parents and child as well. This is so unfair. Progressive is not a good company and I will tell my story to whoever will listen until this is settled. Even if I have to contact the media and/or newspapers to show how I am being discriminated on and treated unfairly.


Elisabeth October 31, 2014 at 6:54 pm

Hello I have the same problem with progressive they are a rip off


Mr. Wyatt December 4, 2013 at 12:23 pm

BEWARE….. I was Rear Ended in April on a Thursday evening at about 5:30 p.m. of this year, sitting at a complete stop in a line of traffic facing forward when I was violantly hit from behind, I was thrown forward causing severe Neck and lower back pain that manifested the next day while i was getting my rental car seeing as how my car was not safe to drive. I was hit so hard that the change in my change compartment on the left side of the stearing wheel was thrown to the ceiling and into the back seat.
Taking the day off work to deal with the car, the pain became worse. I went to the Dr. Monday Morning and was put on medication. the pain kept me from sleeping well for weeks, I had to see a Chiropractor three times a week for about three month for treament and therapy, I am a self employed Hair Stylist and the time off for Dr. visits caused me to loose several thousand dollars of income, I was working with pain patches, medication and Ice Pack shoved in the back of my pants just to get through the day. NOW it is December and Progressive barely wants to give me money to cover my Dr. bills, nothing for all the lost income, pain, not to mention some house chores I was unable to do since I couldnt bend over and had to hire some one to perform!!! All this was presented in my demand letter by my attorney.
If you spent some of the money you pay for all your Flo commercials maybe you could take care of the victims of your “insured” clients. Pathetic company, This isnt over…..
Mr. Wyatt


Mike Bassett November 10, 2013 at 6:29 pm

I thought that a good commercial would be to have a family of flo’s mother, father, kids all with same uniform and hair. It would be kinda cool .

Flo fan


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