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Orbitz Corporate Office Address

500 W Madison St Ste 1000
Chicago, IL 60661

Contact Orbitz

Phone Number: (312) 894-5000
Fax Number: (312) 894-5001
Website: http://www.orbitz.com/
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Orbitz Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Orbitz Executives

CEO: Barney Harford
CFO: Michael O. Randolfi
COO: Christopher K. Orton

Orbitz History

Orbitz was established in 2001 through a partnership of major airlines.

At the time Orbitz’ competitors banded together to stop the formation of the company on antitrust grounds as the founders represented 80% of the US travel market.

In 2003 the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OWW.

In 2004 the company was acquired by Cendant Corporation for $27.50 per share or $1.25 billion.

Today Orbitz offers diverse travel services such as plane tickets from 400 airlines, lodging at 80,000 hotels, rental car services, cruises, and vacation packages.

Its brands include CheapTickets, ebookers, HotelClub, Rates ToGo, Orbitz for Business, and the Away Network.

Orbitz has 1,300 employees and $854.4 million in revenue in 2013.

Orbitz FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Orbitz?
Answer 1: The phone number for Orbitz is (312) 894-5000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Orbitz?
Answer 2: The CEO of Orbitz is Barney Harford.

Question 3: Who founded Orbitz?
Answer 3: Orbitz was founded by in .

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Evelyn Boothe June 5, 2017 at 6:43 am

This letter is in regards to an incident that occurred June 04 2017 at Road Runner which is located at 150 NW 176th St Bay #E, Miami, FL between the hours of 8:10 am and 9:15 am.

I rented a U Haul 10-foot truck from the Federal Highway Self- Storage (037630) located at 415 S Federal Hwy, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. My contract number is 26942241. On June 04, 2017, I arrived at the Road Runner location to drop off the U Haul truck. Upon arrival, I informed the gentleman at the front that I was here to drop off a truck that was rented. He then asked me if this was a U Haul truck, I responded and said yes. He then picked up the phone and made a call to inform me that the person in charge would be here shortly and I should have a seat.

After waiting for 15 minutes I went back to him and asked how much longer am I to wait for this individual? He then turned to me and said I don’t know but if you leave I will be calling the police. Upon hearing this Rayon and I got up and asked to explain what this statement meant. He then repeated the phrase, if you leave we will be calling the police. I turned around and said I am 100% that we do not owe any money so please could you show me the drop off box. The gentleman then left his seat and came to the front door and showed us where the drop off box was. However, there was only a sign there and the box was missing thus we had no option but to stay and wait for the person that was initially called.

Rayon, then asked if he could have the contact details of the person that was called and we were given her telephone number 786494XXXXX. Three attempts were made to contact this individual but no one answered the phone. We were then taken to the parking lot to inform us that the person was here. However, we waited for another 10 minutes before this person arrived on the scene.

Upon arrival, a white lady pulled up in the parking lot in a Lexus van licence plate 186XXXX with a new born baby in a car seat. She immediately placed the infant on the ground in the car seat and said Crystal, Crystal, this van is 4 days late and your credit card didn’t go through. Then and there I said who is Crystal? She then said Crystal, Crystal. I then said who is Crystal? I am not the person to whom you are referring. First and foremost, you did not ask me my name nor did you ask me for the contract number, yet you are referring to me as Crystal is Crystal? I then asked her for her name, she said Sarah, I said Sarah what, she refused to give me her surname.

I then informed her that this van was rented in Deerfield Beach and the name on the contract is Boothe. She then went on her phone and said this van is 1 day late, it should have been returned yesterday. I then turned to her and said you very much mistaken as this van was rented for 24 hours and was picked up at 1:38 pm hence it is to be returned today at 1:38 pm. Afterwards she said you can’t drop off the van here. I turned to her with the receipt in my hand and said is this 150 NW 176th Street, can you read? She then said yes this is the address. Following this she asked for the key to the van and said she needed to check the mileage used. She took the key and opened the van and then returned to me and said we went over by 5 miles and therefore we have a balance of $5.14 is owed. Rayon, then wrote that the mileage used was 36742 and we then departed at about 9:15am.

During this process, I tried contacting the Corporate office. I spoke with a Tracy on the phone who said she was contacting Corporate office. After waiting for about 10 minutes on the phone I was then told that she was unable to make contact and thus I was placed on hold to contact the Regional office. After waiting for 23 minutes and 12 seconds the phone was disconnected.

I must say that this incident is both frightening and disheartening. The customer service at your company is deplorable and discriminatory. Your employees assumed our identify based on our race, refused to enquire as to what our names were and openly threatened to call the police on us for no sound or plausible reason. No one has apologized for their rude and unprofessional behavior nor saw the relevance of acting in a manner not to offend a customer. Based on this incident I can assure you that your company will soon become quite unsuccessful if you continue to employ rude and unprofessional individuals who discriminate against the public.


TS June 4, 2017 at 12:15 pm


This is very disappointing for a long-time customer like me. I checked the box that says “Refundable tickets only”, prepared to pay higher prices and even book business class, so I can have the flexibility. I had to cancel due to medical reasons for my parents, your supervisors claim the airline will charge a fat fee and asked me to work with the airline (Air India)

That’s NOT called “refundable”. On a call for over 2 hours! Your agents and supervisors are clueless of what “refundable” means. I see this as bait and switch tactics.

Please act swiftly to refund me the cancellation fee for my refundable tickets. I am happy to return to Orbitz in the near future if I hear a positive response. I am more inclined to post negatively on social media and approach the press otherwise.



Jeffrey Miller January 9, 2015 at 10:11 am

On 4 November 2014 I made flight reservations for myself and my uncle. My Uncle name was misspelled and I have been trying to change it. We are traveling international and given with the security situation he may not be able to board his flight on return to the United States. what your customer service is telling me is there is no guarantee he will be able to board the flight. This is unacceptable. He might be able to board in the U.S. but what about his return flight. He might be denied and be stranded in a foreign country. My Orbitz booking number is PBORB-403-674-0144. Request your assistance.


Donna Gillespie July 12, 2017 at 4:33 pm

This letter is being written as my last attempt to have Orbitz correct “one letter” only in my last name. The situation is that three of us are holding Delta reservations to Croatia September 4-21, of which these reservations were made with an Orbitz representative over the telephone in November 2016. My name, Donna Gillespie, is spelled wrong – “Gillispie” on the ticket.
We recently received a flight schedule notice and realized my last name was spelled incorrect.
Since July 3, 2017, myself (Donna Gillespie) and a traveling companion (Nancy Hessler), both have been online and on the phone with Orbitz, logging in some 6 hours between us and 10 pages of doXXXXents between, Delta, Orbitz and Croatia Air. I am so livid that I can hardly write this in a civil tone.

No one will take the responsibility to make a change to the reservation, NONE of them. And, both Delta and Croatia Air are telling us that we have to work through Orbitz because they booked it. The problem is that there are two airlines involved – Delta and Croatia Air. Now, I can’t believe that if Orbitz is partners with Delta and we booked through Orbitz, that Orbitz won’t take the responsibility to change one letter that was in fact made from a misspelling on Orbitz part! Orbitz response is that they are following company and airline policies. Really, what does the policy have to do with a spelling error! It’s your responsibility to fix this!

If anyone at Corporate can influence or investigate this mess, here is our information:
Itinerary #110026661111; Phone number from which the reservation was made in the name of Nancy Hessler, 585-820-5162; trip confirmation # JMEVDG, Case ID #: (REQ: S#267002230. This is a list of the various attempts we have made to correct this:

• Original reservations made November, 2016

• Flight Schedule notice, July 3, 2017

• Between July 6 and July 10, attempts made to get the name corrected via emails, phone calls and online help

• July 7 – I was told that Orbitz would try to reach Delta in Croatia but because of time difference, they would have to have their “higher team” do this and

• Also July 7, Nancy called and Orbitz had to get their night team to work this change but still could not make it happen. Further, from Orbitz Customer Service Team, “it is our understanding that the correct name of passenger Donne is Gillespie. Upon checking with the airlines, we were advised that name correction is not permitted since your flight consists of multiple carriers. We were advised by Delta, the owner of the ticket, that we can just put a note regarding the correct name in the SSR remarks. You can either cancel the non-refundable ticket of Donna and book a new one or take the risk and be at the airport at least 3-4 hours before the scheduled departure time to coordinate with the airline directly but name corrections is still not guarantee….” (Nancy actually went to our airport to work with Delta direct and they are saying have to go through Orbitz).

• July 9, I reached out to Croatia Air direct and their reply was: “…we are not able to make any changes to your reservations. Your airline ticket is issued by Delta…Please contact them …or the agency that issued your ticket. “Further: “after double check of your reservation I have to tell you to contract Orbitz or Delta. Your reservation is made with agent and it is Delta doXXXXent. Whatever changes you need or are required to do, you have to contact them….”
• July 10, I make yet another call to Orbitz and got elevated to supervisor who again tells me Orbitz can’t make change because of multiple airlines and must be done with Delta. I then call Delta. Guess what they say – have to work through Orbitz since we didn’t go through Delta directly.
• July 10, Nancy makes another call in the evening to Delta. The woman tells her to hold on and she will try to reach Croatia Air. She waits – 40 minutes – and then gets disconnected.
As of July 12 still not resolved!


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