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Lord & Taylor Corporate Office Address

Lord & Taylor, LLC
424 5th Avenue
New York, New York 10018

Contact Lord & Taylor

Phone Number: (212) 391-3344
Fax Number: (212) 391-3162
Website: http://www.lordandtaylor.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/lord-and-taylor
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Lord & Taylor Facts

Founder: Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor
Date Founded: 1826
Founding Location: Manhattan, New York
Number of Employees: 66000

Lord & Taylor Executives

CEO: Liz Rodbell
CFO: Edward Record
COO: Kerry Mader

Lord & Taylor History


Lord and Taylor Logo

Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor founded their store in 1826 on Catherine Street in Manhattan, New York. The company originally sold women’s hosiery, cashmere shawls, and women’s clothing. The store moved several times over the years; to Broadway at Grand in 1861, the later to a cast iron building at Broadway and 20th Street. In 1914, the company moved, and made their headquarters, on 5th Avenue, the first store to open on what would become the infamous 5th Avenue. The company also made headlines when they appointed the first female to head a retail establishment in 1945, Dorothy Shaver.

Lord and Taylor store front

Today, Lord & Taylor has grown to more than 50 locations across the U.S. Each store is uniquely designed and has a distinctive blend of both classical and contemporary elements.

Lord & Taylor offers luxury women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, belts, and accessories. The company offers personal shoppers, restaurants, and personal attention from sales associates.

Lord and Taylor Store Sign

NRDC Equity Partners purchased Lord & Taylor for $1.2 billion in 2006. In October of 2017, Rhone Capital purchased a minority share of Lord & Taylor. The iconic 5th Ave store was sold to office space sharing company WeWork, who will allow the company to operate through 2018, then has plans for revamping both the company and the building.

Lord and Taylor Logo 2

Lord & Taylor FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Lord & Taylor?
Answer 1: The phone number for Lord & Taylor is (212) 391-3344.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Lord & Taylor?
Answer 2: The CEO of Lord & Taylor is Liz Rodbell.

Question 3: Who founded Lord & Taylor?
Answer 3: Lord & Taylor was founded by Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor in 1826.

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Flo July 14, 2019 at 7:56 pm

I think that Lord & Taylor should close their stores. The service in the store is not the same and the phone service is awful and their billing is absolutely the worse anywhere. I will never buy anything in Lord & Taylor ever again. Trying to get someone on the phone that understands me or that I can understand is almost impossible. What a disaster, just close the Lord & Taylor stores, it’s time. I can’t get my bill straightened out so I might just send them what they say I owe them because there is no way to get it straightened out..but, I wil l will never buy anything from them ever again..


Sophia Rasile June 19, 2019 at 10:04 pm

Order #2005256861. I ordered 3 bathing suits a couple of months ago (bottom & top separates). I tried them all on, kept one, returned the others. A few weeks ago, I receive one of the bathing suit bottoms back in the mail with a letter saying that the item is now “unsalable” and I can’t return it or be credited for the return. No explanation of what they felt was wrong with it. The tags were still attached to the item, the sanitary strip was still affixed to the crotch, the item was in exactly the same condition as when I received it. I assumed a mistake was made, called your customer service dept, and the agent told me that she would send me a new FedEx return label and I should send it back again. So I did. Yesterday I received it back yet again with the same letter saying it was “unsalable”. Today I called customer service for an explanation and a credit to my account. The customer service agent (after 25 minutes of being on and off hold while he consulted with others), told me that I was not being allowed to return the item because the sanitary strip was missing from the crotch of the bathing suit bottom. I said no, it was not removed. It’s still on the bathing suit RIGHT NOW. He kept insisting that I removed the strip. I offered to take a picture of the swim suit and send to him to prove the sanitary strip was still there. He wasn’t interested in that. He just kept saying that I’d removed it. EVEN AS I’M STANDING IN MY KITCHEN LOOKING AT THE BATHING SUIT WITH THE SANITARY STRIP FIRMLY IN PLACE!!! It was literally the most insane conversation I’d ever had. No matter what I said, what proof I offered, he refused to believe or accept the fact that I hadn’t removed the sanitary strip. Finally I gave up on him and asked for his supervisor. After holding for another 10 minutes I was finally connected with a woman who kept saying the exact same thing…that I’d removed the sanitary strip. But she added a new twist…saying that I’d removed it and then stuck it back on. You have no idea how frustrating and offensive it was to be (basically) told I was a liar, refused a refund, and not being allowed to speak with anyone who had the authority to make a fair and rational decision on behalf of Lord and Taylor. I gave up on them. Then I called your Customer Accounts department (I think it may have been Capital One) and I CLOSED MY LORD AND TAYLOR ACCOUNT. There are way too many great department stores and boutiques in this world to spend my money at one that mistreated me so horribly. Here’s a funny side note though: I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Who knows if anything will come of that, it just made me feel better at the time. But while I was on their site, I began reading some of the other customer complaints against Lord & Taylor and was stunned to find AT LEAST 5 OTHER COMPLAINTS FILED WITH BBB THAT WERE ALMOST IDENTICAL TO MINE! It seems that Lord & Taylor has a history of refusing to credit customer returns for a variety of unsubstantiated and questionable reasons. You should care about this. But, I’m done with Lord and Taylor. I want my $51 plus tax credited to my account for the 1 pair of Tommy Bahama bathing suit bottoms that still, at this very moment, has the sanitary strip on the crotch.


Susan April 5, 2019 at 1:53 pm

People are inclined to leave feedback when their experience has been disappointing, as evidenced by most of the comments below. In my case, management’s response to a small snafu during the check-out process has won them a customer for life:

Two weeks ago my son & I went shopping at the Natick Collection in Massachusetts for a suit for his upcoming wedding. The selection at both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus was lean, so we went next to L&T. There were many acceptable options, all good quality and within a wide range of retail prices – many with additional discounts/promotions available as well. It was nearly closing time on Sunday evening and, during checkout, the theft-control sensor was overlooked. Small mistake; it’s probably happened to all of us. But the Natick Collection is over an hour from our Rhode Island homes, and my son didn’t discover this until he took the suit to a local tailor. Not wanting to make another 2+ hour round trip, I called the store and spoke with store manager Kelly Masiello for a possible alternative solution. She handled the issue brilliantly and creatively and followed up appropriately, to our total satisfaction. The service we received was better than we’ve received at Nordstrom, a store lauded for its customer care. We will make the Natick Lord & Taylor a shopping destination and will encourage our friends/family members to do the same. Thank you, Kelly.


Stephen March 29, 2019 at 8:55 am

I apologize to customers ahead of time. If you shop in store And you not receive your usual customer service it is probably because store employees are trying to figure out how they are going to feed their families. Corporate pulled a doozy. Some departments in the store get paid commission based on their sales this is one of the reasons they give up holidays because you earn more when there are more customers. Store commissioned employees were given no notice of a change in pay. They were forced to sign a new pay rate or loose job. Needless to say the new rate is much less then what they earned on commission. I really liked my job and my customers but now Walmart is a better option as the pay is higher and better benefits.
Higher Manager the chain is doing bad because you don’t take the time to come to the stores,and see and talk to your sales team. Higher management thanks for the warring my family will be eating noodles if I am lucky. Years of service, years of dedication. Our yearly health savings account can’t be changed now I will have more go into that on a weekly basis then I bring home. I am not alone my entire department.
Management you Are going to be left with people that have no selling experience or customer service. You’re going to turn in to an expensive Walmart congratulations


Jean March 29, 2019 at 8:31 am

This store should be ashamed of its self. Working in a retail store is hard work. You get yelled at by some customers, work holidays but we agree to that. What we don’t agree with is Manager with no notice forcing employees to take drastic pay cuts effective immediately. Sign or fired on spot. No opportunity to talk to spouse. Taking away our commissions, and paying a flat rate. Pay was reduced by about 56 percent per check. Did the ceo or prisedent take a pay cut? Thanks for showing the help we don’t matter. Funny thing is that the help understands the business better.


Lisa January 30, 2019 at 7:50 am



Lisa January 30, 2019 at 8:44 am

I never gave this company a 2 star rating..it’s a zero star rating


Ronald Gangel December 22, 2018 at 8:28 pm

Could have been another frustrated customer. But I went to the Rockaway, NJ store and received the best customer service by Barbara, a manager at Rockaway NJ store. The online canceled my order and because I used gift cards for the purchased zeroed out the gift cards. I thought I was dealing with a large company. Barbara resolved my issue, thankfully in Rockaway, NJ. but I will not take my business back to any Lord and Taylor. Lessons learned


PISSED OFF December 3, 2018 at 12:28 pm



Mary Gargone November 28, 2018 at 6:14 pm

After having scrolled some of the many complaints about Lord and Taylor I see I am one of a growing number of outraged customers dealing with incompetent employees.
I called the 1-800 number provided to order two items. The person URI that tried to handle my order took 48 minutes to take my order. I had to repeat all of the information at least 5 times. When I asked how long he had worked there he said this was his 4th day !! He said no one could teach him because they were all busy !!!
When I called back to speak to a customer service person halfway into my conversation they hung up. There is absolutly no reason for such treatment.
I could not get in touch with anyone in the United States…….


Frustrated Customer November 26, 2018 at 7:43 pm

The last 3 orders I placed online were cancelled without any explanation. Your online ordering process is slow and not friendly. After going through that hassle for L&T to cancel the orders without any explanation is beyond frustrating and a wasted time on my part!!! Customer Service is absolutely frustrating and provides absolutely NO HELP!. When compared to services I receive at other comparable stores the service at L&T is 1 on a scale of 1-10 and that is being generous.
Please fix your systems and customer service!


Donna Johnson September 4, 2018 at 3:26 pm

Lord and Taylor Order# 3107497743

I was having trouble placing and order online with a gift card. I called to place the order over the phone, the representative took my order. The total order was approximately $120.00
$70 was on the gift card, I paid the balance with my debit card which should have been $50, the rep put the complete purchase on my debit card, she did not tell me this, she just said she was having problems with the gift card, while still on the phone I checked my checking account balance and saw the compete balance was taken out of my checking account. I told her this was unacceptable and wanted the transaction reversed. She told me she would apply to my L&T store credit card. Who is she to tell me when my money is going? I was on the phone over a hour, ask for a manager, the manager said she would have this resolved today and would call me back. Later to find out she was NOT even a manager. I called back 2 hours later and she was not available she was at lunch. I have called 3 times and this issues is still not resolved. I left a message for her to return my call. She has not called me back and the money has not gone back to my checking account. This has been very much an inconvenience and the customer service I received COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. I would like to speak to someone in the US regarding this matter. I can be reached at 215 429 0634. The supervisor I spoke to was Christine Abando. This has caused me very much stress and inconvenience. The money they took out of my account UNAUTHORIZED is going to cause my account to be overdrawn. Lord and Taylor is supposed to be an upscale retail store, I am APPALLED.

I received an email today it will take 10-14 business days to have this correct. 2-3 weeks!!!

This is the WORST customer service I have EVER received and I would like to be compensated for my inconvenience.

It is obvious Lord and Taylor does not value their customers or good customer service.
I have spent quite of bit of money in your store and I am outraged by the customer service I have received.

And then to be insulted by this company thinking a $25.00 gift card would appease me.

I will be writing a letter to the owner/ CEO/ president- HEAD OF THE COMPANY and also THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.



amy November 20, 2018 at 3:41 pm

I have had a similar experience and plan to call corporate as well, but i’d love to hear if yours was ever dealt with. It is pretty unbelievable that a company like this can’t get answers and give money back to their customers that is THEIRS in a timely fashion.


Theresa Daniel August 13, 2018 at 8:06 pm

I am a card carrying customer of Lord and Taylor. I pay my bill early every month, plus more than the required amount. The customer service is horrible. The store management is just as bad. I am paying off of my card, and cancelling my card. I am through with this company


Barbara Herman August 3, 2018 at 1:35 pm

I shopped in the Women’s Department on Thursday, August 2nd in your Garden City store. I’d like to give a shout out to an outstanding saleswomen, Carol. She was so helpful and kind. She herself was beautifully dressed so I felt very confident with her suggestions. I think it is very important to recognize a woman like Carol.


Farah July 18, 2018 at 11:59 pm

I need the HR email address I want to complain about what happened to me with my GM in lord and taylor pleas


Giuseppina Dasilva July 9, 2018 at 7:36 pm

I needed to share a store experience in Lord & Taylors in New York City on Sunday July 8, at about 3:00 p.m. I went to the shoe department and it was a nightmare……. (NO help what’s so ever) and after 45:00 min wait. I ask a worker to please get me the other shoe which it was my left foot.Her response was…. I can’t right know go look on the rack where I found the right one but with a nasty tone of voice…..I was so lived and kept very calm…. How can a worker respond to a customer in a disrespected tone? This will be my first and last time at the New York City store.I was so lived with the store employee. I would like a response via email or a phone call regarding my requests in a timely matter. I hope you can redeem


Christi Delroanzo June 29, 2018 at 10:38 am



Ellen June 24, 2018 at 12:04 pm

Let me add my voice to the chorus of complaints of customer service. They cannot do anything. I spent two hours on the phones trying to resolve a shipping problem address when the address was correct. I was transferred incorrectly 3 times, put on hold and disconnected and then put on hold for 45 minutes and no one ever picked up again. I called again 3 days later and asked to speak to a supervisor. Color me surprised? No supervisors available but they will call me back so I can hang around waiting for them to call me at their convenience- not the customer. I was told I could cancel my order since it seemed to be stuck in a loop with the post office and the package would not arrive before the recepients went on vacation, making the contents of the package useless now. When I called back to cancel the order at customer service I was told I could not cancel until they order until someone received it. Customer service reps never looked at tracking history – only 1st line of most recent history- never looke


Leigh June 20, 2018 at 1:23 pm

I will never purchase from L & T Again! Never! I made a purchse on 12/7/1017, I followed their instructions to return the product as it did not fit! Today is JUNE 20TH, 2018 and I STILL havne’t recieved my refund! AND their “customer servcie” has a nerve to tell me they will “submit a request” that can take 14-21 days! NOT ACCECTPABLE AT ALL! NOT AT ALL! 6 MONTH LATER AND I’M BEING TOLD TO WAIT ANOTHER 21 DAY!


Laurie Haas June 17, 2018 at 12:53 pm

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Ordered 4 dresses on-line. When it was taking forever to get them, I called number listed on order and was routed to the Philippines. I spent almost 4 hours on the phone with 4 different customer service reps (very hard to understand) – Didn’t get 1st one’s name, Serelo, Daniel, Val – over the course of 4 days to find out when dresses would ship . . . only to be told by a supervisor (Marie) that the order was cancel & all the dresses were out of stock??!! No wonder why these brick & mortar retail outlets are going out of business . . . their CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT LORD & TAYLOR AGAIN!!


Keyonna Murry June 11, 2018 at 7:18 pm

Honestly my bad experience is too much to explain on here. Bottom line is they charged my credit card without my permission and I’m taking them to court. Its amazing to see all the bad reviews


Christopher Renfroe May 21, 2018 at 12:24 pm



Nichole M May 18, 2018 at 8:57 pm

My fiancé purchased a vintage bag for me on Saturday, May 12, 2018 for mother’s day. He was not aware that the bag was used, which I noticed once I opened my gift.(his error). I asked him for the original receipt to return the bag. I went to the Albany, NY location of purchase to return the bag today, May 18, 2018 and was informed by the sales associate that I would not be able to return the bag because it didn’t have the original sales tag on the bag even with the original receipt of purchase. I was very unhappy with this because, as we all know when someone purchases a gift, they automatically remove the tag off the purchase and as long as they have the receipt they think it’s will be ok to return the gift. I got really irritated with the manager of the store who was very sarcastic with his responses, because of this I got angry. I called customers service to get a number to be able to speak with someone and they give me a number to a different company, which adds to my disappointment with your store. I this this is very unfair and can’t believe I am stuck with bag I hate, and will never wear. I hope something can be done about this. The only thing the bag was missing was the tag, I have the receipt and this is so unfortunate.


Ashley August 17, 2018 at 12:13 pm

You’re supposed to remove the price from the tag not the tag itself. Some tags have a serated section to remove the price. If they dont you can just cut off the price portion of the tag and keep the barcode. That goes with any store I feel, you have to have a way to identify that particular bag with that particular receipt. Without a unique barcode there’s no way to tell if the purse you brought in was the same as the receipt. Their computers dont have pictures or anything it goes by the numbers on the barcode. You shouldnt atomically take the tags off of gifts lol then you cant return it, everyone knows that


Linda Briggs May 17, 2018 at 8:24 pm

I recently purchased a handbag. Not even 24 hours after I purchased it the price dropped. I immediately emailed customer service and only received a generic email stating they received my email. I finally called customer service to discuss this matter and the woman I spoke to not only would not help me but refused to allow me to speak to a manager. She then rudely hung up on me. I called back only to be hung up on again! I am still waiting to speak to someone at Lord and Taylor but I will NEVER shop here again. Their customer service department is horrific!!! Nordstrom and Macys are amazing compared to this horrible store!!!


GerSca May 13, 2018 at 5:31 pm

I am requesting that you sell more styles of Jones New York Petite Coats and raincoats.
Also Jones NY petites clothing fits me the best and it is very well-made.
I would also request that you forward this to Corporate Headquarters as I haven’t found their address and telephone number yet.
Thank you


Tammy Robinson May 14, 2018 at 3:05 pm

That information is right here in our listing. Scroll up, above the comments to find it.


Debra May 11, 2018 at 3:41 pm

I have been a customer for over 30 years but have definitely noticed a decline in my shopping there. The customer service has been terrible, that is, if you can find someone to assist.

I ordered a pair of Ralph Lauren pants on line thinking it would be easy to just run in and pick them up. I headed toward the pick up line (Macy’s is a breeze to get through, not so at Lord and Taylor) waited in line for 2 customers ahead of me which was not a problem. The sales clerk told me she needed the order number and could not look it up. I located it on my phone and placed it down so she could read the number. She then asked for my license and proceeded to take my phone case w/ cash and credit cards in it and my license and headed through a door to obtain the item I had ordered. I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. About 5 minutes later, I saw her walking from one department to another with my credentials still in hand. I caught up to her and asked her why she was walking around the store and she told me she needed to find a manager to complete the pick up transaction. I told her I was uncomfortable with her having my personal information and asked for my phone/case back. She then attempted to call several different extensions to no avail. I told her I was on my lunch hour and needed to return to work but she insisted that I wait until a manager (who she told me were probably all in a meeting). Really? My item was paid for and I signed for receipt of it but she refused to give it to me until the last step of the pick up process was complete Does Lord and Taylor not train their staff for this?????. After 25 minutes of me following her from register to register, I finally told her I am taking the item or credit me now. I was very late from lunch when I returned to my office. I asked for the name of the store manager. She said it was Carlos (which of course, was incorrect). I tried calling the store 9 times when I got home from work that night. The switchboard has many different people answering their phones (all who tell you that you are being recorded for training purposes). Oh really, listen to the recordings!……..I was switched to extension 201, 203 and back and forth each time I called. The operator won’t even let you talk, they just switch you to an extension. Even after saying…don’t switch me, I need…………..bam…….switched. I finally selected a department thinking someone would be able to point me in the right direction to even a floor manager. Mike from Men’s.suits answered the phone…well he was leaving a message for the manager………guess what? No Call back. I continued to be upset and wanted a receipt for my item which the clerk was unable to produce so I made several calls again today and the same thing persisted. Until on my 6th call, I was transferred to Louisa (Operations Manager) who tells me she can’t hear me that sometimes the phone doesn’t work right in that area of the store and that I should call back. I did – three times. Each time she picked up and hung up. It seems that you cannot get ANYONE to answer you. ARE THERE ANY MANAGERS IN THE ENTIRE STORE?????? With my frustration rising, I called the NY store and asked for the manager. Nelson answered….when I asked if he was the manager, of course NOT. He put me on hold but I finally hung. I SURRENDER LORD AND TAYLOR………….YOU WIN. I AM JUST DONE BUYING THERE FOR MYSELF, MY HUSBAND AND ALL MY GRANDCHILDREN…………………..It appears that you are moving toward the Toys “R” Us route and I will not feel badly about that. To think of how I loved shopping at your NY store when I worked in the city and continued in Wayne and Monmouth……….oh well things change, don’t they? A word of warning to all shoppers: BEWARE!!!!


Linda May 17, 2018 at 8:26 pm

I feel your pain! I too had the most horrific experience with their customer service department. I think it is a disgrace!!! I will never shop here again!!!!


Claudia Kirshner June 21, 2018 at 2:04 pm

just horrific; and just like Saks, as well, where I had the same runaround trying to find a person to talk to only to find out today Saks and L&T are co-owned. The only time you can get someone on the phone is to place an order; anything else they’re not interested in because it doesn’t make them money. that’s what you get now. They make it impossible to reach anyone in the corporate office; I’ve been disconnected, told that circuits are busy and spent over an hour trying to find someone who cares, The era of customer service is over, people. All this to cancel an unshipped order with no date of delivery after two weeks.


Amanda Forzono May 4, 2018 at 3:15 pm

I am writing because I have had several bad experiences at my Lord and Taylor at Destiny USA, Syracuse NY and need to vent about the situations. The first time was at a Bobbi Brown counter, the manager talked me into opening a store card and purchasing $800 with of products for myself and my daughter. I specifically asked that if I had any reactions or didn’t care for a product, could I return it and the manager for Bobbi Brown said yes. Well, a week later I tried to do just that with some of the items and I was hen told NO I couldn’t return opened or used products!! I said Amy ( manager ) said that I could, then I called again and spoke to Amy herself and she completely backed out of what she originally said! She even had talked me out of buying from Sephora where I really COULD have returned what I didn’t like! Now I am still to this day stuck with products like a vitamin c serum that was dry exspensive and I can’t use it! The next issue was just the other day in the shoe department. I went in on a Monday and found 2 pairs of shoes on sale for 29.99 that I ended up purchasing. I left and was headed home and thought something seemed off with the total amount I paid. Well I found that I paid FULL price for both pairs of shoes! It’s a 45 minute drive from my home to the store, so I didn’t go back until the next day. Well the dept manager was there and was so so nasty with her mouth and attitude that I wanted to scream, but I didn’t! I was very nice and explained what had happened and she insisted that I was a liar and that those signs were not out on the table! I was in complete SHOCK! I said excuse me, but they were here and I personally saw them with my own eyes, how else would o have known that they were on sale?! She very then did the return and wouldn’t explain anything as to how she was doing it, because the way she did the return made no sense! Then I got back money on my bank card and 1.67 on a store card! I then said to her why am I getting a store card instead of cash, I paid with my bank card and the rest was cash?! She said it does make sense, what doesn’t make sense to you?! Again, just very nasty!! So my point to all of this is, as much as I love the products that your store sells, I will NEVER shop there again and I’m telling everyone that I possibly can about these experiences too!! My friend purchased Louis Vuitton’s at our locations and had issues, she also purchased the same pair of shoes on the same sale and paid full price as well!! Just never again! Thank you for listening and I hope that someone either replaces or re-trains your managers because they are truly the worst I have seen, and I have been to many big stores like this one, but yours has horrible customer service and return policy’s!!


Theresa matyjasik April 30, 2018 at 2:19 pm

I’m a former employee of Lord & Taylor in the Walden Galleria Mall in Buffalo NY! I never looked at all these complaints! They are all basically the same and it all comes down to the general manager and the floor manager! They really don’t care about good customer service or their employees! One thing that sticks out during my employment is my experience with the general manager, Jennifer Fitzpatrick. She didn’t come down from her office to see how the store was running and when she did, she kept her head down and never checked in on her employees! The managers hung out most of the day in their office, outside smoking or on lunch drinking with other employees at Jack Astor’s. Some of the same employees over and over were so rude to customers! Debbie Higgins, a manager on the floor was so nasty to other employees that did not even report to her. Yolanda in women’s sportswear is nasty to customers and fellow employees. Store management has received multiple complaints about her attitude and treatment towards customers. On multiple occasions, I had to cash out Yolanda’s customers because they did not want to deal with her any longer. Teresa in alterations is very nasty to employees and to customers. If your manager was off, we didn’t recieve any help from other managers. Throughout my employment, I got the impression that only Lord & Taylor only cares about their numbers and employees opening store charges! I can’t foresee it being open much longer! I loved my job for the first year along with my customers but I went right down the tubes, no one cared! Over and over again customers would come in with the wrong merchandise delivered to them and constantly complained about poor customer service! I tried to help but you give up after awhile! The make-up people gives the store the class it had in the past! Since I left, they lost the rest of the best employees that were there! My daughter Maria, who worked at BCBG was recently fired for being on her cell phone. I believe she was fired on a technicality because 95% of her fellow associates were constantly using their cell phones while at work. It is my belief that the store manager did not like her because I left my job. My daughter truly loved her job at BCBG and it was very unfortunate that she had to lose her job. I will never step in that store again!


Kathy July 7, 2019 at 10:48 pm

Yes I agree with everything.


Kathy July 7, 2019 at 11:01 pm

I would like to add that general manager Jeniffer Fitzpatrick is very rude to her employee. She like put people down and make them feels worthless…no people skills whatsoever!!!!when she is told good morning she does not respond back! She just gives to us orderes!


catherine williamson April 30, 2018 at 2:18 pm

I’ve been a customer since 1986. Or, should I say, had been a customer. Terrible customer service. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Nor, does it care. Nobody—and I mean, NOBDOY—gives a you-know-what.
So ba-bye Lord and Taylor because after several attempts at allowing you to get things right, you still can’t or won’t or don’t care to.


Nicole March 20, 2018 at 2:48 pm

Beyond disgusted with the employees in the Destiny USA location in Syracuse NY. I visited the store with my grandmother two weeks ago she bought an infant outfit in the baby section and the women who was ringing her out never but the pants to the matching outfit in her bag that she purchased..so I went back to the store and spoke with a manager Joan who was very rude she looked at me like I had three heads she was not helpful at all I had all the information from the receipt and still would not help me out I am very upset my grandma spent money at this store and never got what she paid for…I tried calling customer service but no one answers been trying for three days no answer…I will not be shopping at this location anymore.


rosemary marano March 20, 2018 at 10:44 am

Although I have a L&T Black credit card, I do NOT receive any coupons in the mail! I have spoken with Mr, Wilson at my local Huntington NY store several times re the issue, and he tells me Capitol One will correct this . To date, I still do not get any mail from the store other than my bill. Today 3/20/2018 I have placed 6 calls to the store requesting help. I am put through to non working numbers, the phillipines, and people who tell me they do not take care of coupons. my frustration level is through the roof. I ask that someone in the executive department contact me.


Colleen January 25, 2018 at 12:02 pm

Lord and Taylor is apparently perfectly fine with, perhaps even proud to, commit theft.

My husband and I ordered a gift for a friend’s wedding and had it shipped to his address. When we did not receive a thank you note, we were concerned that it was never received. When we inquired, our friend told us that he had not received anything.

So we contacted Lord and Taylor, who has to have the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. The representatives repeatedly stated ‘if an actual purchase was made…’ insinuating that we are either trying to scam them or too inept to figure out where we made a purchase from, both of which were highly insulting. We provided them with the confirmation email proving the purchase and also confirmed that the charge was placed on our credit card.

Even though we had a confirmation email and confirmation number, we were told they had no record of the purchase. They stated that they purge their records every 6 months, so it may have been deleted. Well, isn’t that convenient? We stated several times that the entire point of having a confirmation number and email is to be able to accurately track transactions. The case was then escalated, and we were told we would hear something in 10-14 days.

Over 14 days later my husband calls to inquire. The representative had no idea what he was talking about so he had to go through it all again. She looked up the case and said it had been closed. When he asked why he was never contacted as he was told he would be, she didn’t have an answer. He was then told he would need to go through the bank in order to file a dispute of transaction but that we may still not be refunded.

We even asked if they would just send the item we wanted originally, and they said no, since they can confirm that a purchase was ever made (again, even though we have a confirmation and a bank statement confirming the charge).

We paid for our purchase, and since it was not received and Lord and Taylor will not give us our money back nor will they send out our purchase, this means they have flat out stolen money from us.

You people are the sXXXX of the earth.


Marie Daleo January 24, 2018 at 10:07 am

mdaleo05@ gmail.com I was in your Boca Raton store last evening trying to use “The Holiday Rewards “ coupon worth $200, however there are so many exclusions that when I finally found something the sales associate said not valid on Lord & Taylor items….what??? What can you use it on, instead of listing exclusions why don’t you list what you can use it on!!! Very disappointed with this promo…when we purchased the items the sales lady said and you get rewards which can be used on anything but before Jan 31st…Another disappointment that sales associates are not educated on promotions….I feel this is like a scam…. I have been a loyal black card customer for YEARS!!! I have been very disappointed in the change I have encountered in new policy changes. Please respond back ASAP … Jan 31st is almost here…. I feel I deserve to use this reward since I was miscommuted about this program…Sincerely, Marie


Susan December 6, 2017 at 4:20 pm

I have been trying to reach someone for over 2 weeks regarding the $20 coupon off of $40 to use on Black Friday. I missed out because correspondence is being sent to my ship to address which is different from my billing and home. I’ve sent e-mails and tried calling a number of times prior to Black Friday to see if something could be done. Left messages, no returned calls. Tried again, went through prompts to end up not being able to even leave a message. They don’t care about their customers.
The funny thing is, there are a lot of people who are fed up with customer service. Maybe we should all stop shopping at L&T, lets see how you will survive without us.
I spoke with an on-line representative who supposedly updated my account. Still no e-mails and mail is still going to my ship to address. Even called credit card company. No help there either. I would think after renovating the Manhassett store you would want to keep customers. Have way too many other options especially with shopping on line. People that care. I loved L&T but because of customer service, bye!!!!!!!!


mariah mallet January 19, 2018 at 2:55 pm

Shopping at Lord and taylor is a big pain. Poor telephone service…I.e. tried to order gift card Ridgewood store…impossible! Told to wait 3 days. Given number to call. She could barely speak englis. Then given another number…no help. THEN tried online.wouldn’t accept shipping address????? To send a gift card. I don’t get it. I tend to shy away from using lord and taylor because I have major problems dealing with their site. ALSO, my local post office ONLY ACCEPTS MAIL ADDRESSED TO POB. MAIL IS NIT DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE!!!!! If no POB, IT GETS SENT BACK…978-$49-9410. M Mallet


Stephanie T November 29, 2017 at 10:25 pm

This began with a call from my bank on November 25, 2017 wanting to rule out fraud on my account due to the numerous charges hitting my account from my purchase of $324.86 from Lord and Taylor- I initially made the purchase on November 24, 2017…

After speaking with May on November 26, 2017 (the offshore representative that set the bar for inept customer service, she clearly could not even follow the script set before her effectively), Ashley, T.J., Antoinette, Jen, Billy, the little girl whose name I did not get, but placed me on hold then without warning transferred me into a phone queue, and Debbie…after being disconnected twice…after asking to speak to a supervisor and/or manager at minimum seven times and have yet to speak to one… after being given bogus information (especially on how to dispute the charges with my bank – I worked in banking for over twenty years, I know the process and it was not the information that your representatives are advised to cite)…after being told that none of my fees would be reimbursed because basically your company refuses to take responsibility for the most egregious operations system in the retail industry… after having to financially cover the havoc that your institution caused in my account (only to have been offered a $25.00 gift card, which I refused) … thank you, but no thanks.

I have working experience and knowledge of call center operations and if I listened to the calls that I placed with your representatives, with the exception of Antoinette and Debbie, retraining would need to be implemented for some and others would be terminated. Sending an email would have been the last attempt of outreach to me, because honestly with what I experienced, I deserved a phone call even with the understanding that you may have been met with frustration. Excellent customer service is truly the only thing that sets one apart from their competition. Unfortunately, many direct reports take their cue from upper management and it is clear that “Servant Leaders” is not a practice within the Lord and Taylor approach to customer service. Perhaps there should be a shake-up in the status quo. Your employees seem to be very comfortable with poor customer service, obviously there are no consequences with failed audits, if you have any. I can honestly say that my experience with Lord and Taylor will be with me for some time, and whenever appropriate no matter with whom I may be speaking, I will share my experience. Social media has become a powerful tool to distribute and receive information and I feel compelled to see if anyone else has experienced the same mishandling of care that I was subjected too.

Let me share a customer service experience with you:

I walked into a local Nordstrom store and after looking around decided to purchase a purse. While at the counter with my wallet in hand the sales person noticed that I had some wear in the creases of my wallet. She advised me that she would replace my wallet, even after I explained to her that I did not purchase the wallet from Nordstrom, let alone her store. Her response was that it did not matter, they carried that designer and she would be happy to exchange it for a brand new one. Yes, that is extreme customer service and I do not expect sales people to give away merchandise, but I will be a customer for life and I tell everyone I know about the customer service I was given that day. Not because of the new wallet, but because she thought enough of me and my business (a purchase of a $300.00 purse) with their company to keep me as a loyal customer. By the way that $300.00 was approximately the same amount that I purchased with you – she was professional enough to foster a client relationship and more than six of your employees could care less if I ever shop there again.

Being in the customer service industry – integrity, knowledge, friendliness, and empathy goes a long way. What I received from your institution was an embarrassment to the profession. Yes, I will incur nominal fees when it is all said and done, but it is not about the fees. It is about how poorly I was treated as a consumer of your goods and the irresponsibility and lack of training from the employees that represented you. As I told Debbie, I do not even want the items I have purchased any longer – you did not earn my money nor my respect. Perhaps you may be the only one to see this; however, I wish you would pass this on to management and corporate: Liz Rodbell, because maybe, just maybe something can be gained from my experience.

So, thank you for your offer after five days of issues that your company provoked, but it is too little too late.



pamela klesert November 29, 2017 at 2:16 pm

I have received by far the worse customer service experience in the history of retail. I ordered a dress and received it with 2 security tags on it. I was told to send the dress back to have them removed which I did on 10/23. Lord and Taylor received the dress a few days later.and was supposed to send it back to me. I have called as well as emailed over 10 times to see where the dress was each time I was told that i would receive it in a couple of days and to date have not received it. The wedding of course has already occurred so have requested a credit to my account over a week ago and have had no response. I had to call once again today to request a refund and am not at all convinced that this will occur without me having to follow up again. By contrast when I have had issues with other retailers the problem is typically resolved within minutes not months.


Margaret Drislane November 29, 2017 at 1:14 pm

Today I tried to order a Michael Kors bag as a Christmas present thru Lord & Taylor website. I placed the item in my online cart, tried to completed the order but received a message that said my “order could not be processed. Please call 1-800-223-7440 to place order.” Since the order “could not be processed” I went directly to the Michael Kors website and ordered the item. Minutes later, I receive an email form Lord & Taylor stating that my Michael Kors bag purchase and “Thank you for shopping at lordandtaylor.com. Your order is currently being processed, and we will update you again via email when your order has shipped.”
Well, I immediately called their 800 number and was told by their rep in the Phillipines, Dina, that she would not cancel the order even though it had just gone thru without my knowledge or consent (after online site telling me it could not process) and that they could not refund my $118.63 payment that was charged to my credit card. I was told that I had to accept delivery and then return the item if I no longer wanted it! I told Dina that I should not have to accept order, pay for it, wait for it to be shipped and then drive 20 miles to store to make a return to get a refund! When I told Dina that was unacceptable and very BAD customer service, she told me I could use the return label and send item back for a refund via mail and it would take 7-10 business days after they receive to process my refund! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Where does Lord & Taylor get off taking my money, refusing to cancel/refund within minutes and then hold my money for weeks and inconvenience me? I have shopped at Lord & Taylor for close to three decades, but this will be the last I ever deal with them and they have lost my business. After reading all the previous complaints, maybe it is time the Attorney General’s office is contacted!


Harriet Weiss November 27, 2017 at 10:32 pm

This is so unacceptable. your demise. I miss the old Lord&Taylor that really cared. Shame on you Lord&Taylor keeping money that does not belong to you, taking 30 days to refund. Is this the reason for your financial problems, you are not being fair or treating your customers with respect. Maybe your lack of customer service and caring is causing your demise. I miss the old Lord&Taylor that really cared. No lose to New York City.


B. Bailey November 12, 2017 at 2:22 am

When i work hard to earn my money and choose to patronize your establishment, I expect a pleasant experience . Otherwise I would just go to Walmart if I wanted horrible customer service. I visited L& T in Westfield tonight and. Made purchases at the Lancome counter with a very professional , knowledgable and pleasant young woman named Nina. During the transaction there were several loud obnoxious outburst by another employee named Nick. Once the transaction was finalized I asked Nina for a sample of Sucre perfume. She walked to Nicks perfume counter to ask for an empty sample bottle. Nick told her No. Stated she was lazy and would need to walk downstairs to get them herself. He also stated that “he doesnt see how Melissa( apparently another co-worker there) puts up with them. I was horrified to hear Nicks response and felt very Sad and embarrased for Nina. She is forced to work in a harsh environment thanks to Nick. ..So finally he gave her ONE sample bottle. However there were actually 2 perfumes which I wanted to sample. I then asked Nick for more and he began to Rant and rave to me that he is the only one qho goes to get them and people are lazy and etc. I told him i did not want to hear it. Nick began to rush me to choose the perfume . I asked Nina to further assist as Nick was just too rude and unbearable.I thanked Nick for the extra bottle and advised him I would prefer to deal with Nina . As i advised him he can go back to his station since Nina had already been assisting me, he shouted that ” You can just go back wherever and these samples are for customers making purchases!” I was embarrased to explain that I have made a purchase as I showed him my bag!. Even had I not made a purchase at that time, I am a customer of over 20 years and I refuse to spend my hard earned money qoth companies who employ such horrendous characters such as Nick. Please contact me as soon as possible. I am very disturbed by his actions toward other employess as well as myself. He has exhibited a complete disconnect between L& T’s perfume counter as if it were a battle. I expected all employees are supposed to be team players and willing to assist customers and peers whilst working in retail. It is unacceptable that he remains employed . I refuse to patronize here any longer as long as Nick tirades the perfume counter…and from the looks all so many negative reviews it may be a wise decision to avoid Lord and Taylor all together


Maria V. June 18, 2018 at 8:35 pm

I shopped, for the last time, in the Westfield, NJ location for the last time on Friday, June 16th, 2018. I have never been so humiliated in all my life. I’ve been shopping in this store for years, as my family has lived in nearby Cranford for over 100 years. I was asked to be “escorted” with shoes by a manager to the dress department because the salesperson in that department said the shoes may “walk away themselves”… she told me i need to take 1 shoe to balance, not both, insinuating that I would steal the shoes.
….mind you in front of about 10 people she said this. I contacted the store manager and spoke to her directly upstairs in the mens department because I was so upset. She said it was a lie, the store never uses this practice…..this will not be the end of this.


Geraldine Garcia October 25, 2017 at 7:09 pm

Today I received boots which I ordered at your Ridgewood NJ store because they didn’t have my size. To my complete disappointment, the boots were not only obviously WORN but were TWO different sizes, left 7 and right size 6! This is unacceptable customer service and work ethic on the part of whoever packaged it to be mailed! Now, because it was sent by Fedex I was told I cannot return it to the store! An inconvenience on my part! Another matter I find compelled to mention at this time is the appearance and condition of the Ridgewood store. In particular the third floor. It appears no better than a TJ Maxx or Marshalls. The children’s department circles around lingerie, hosiery, pajamas and coats! Long gone are the days when this store was a pleasure to shop in..The days when L&T personnel cared about customers and to receive a gift from L&T was truly a special one! The days of the beautiful white boxes with an elegant red rose brought along with it quality merchandise and customer service second to none!


Bonnie Lieberman October 12, 2017 at 4:37 pm

It’s possible that you have the worst customer service that I’ve experienced in a department store. I bought an item in the store yesterday; I was to have received a 30% discount, but was told it didn’t apply. I went online and saw that it did. I called the customer service number. No they don’t deal with that issue; they are only for lord & taylor.com. Then someone told me that I had to go to the store to fix the issue. The next number referred me to Capital One, who doesn’t care about customer service. Finally they connected me with someone at the store who told me she’d make an exception, even though it shows on the website that the item qualifies for 30% off. REALLY, is this the way to run a customer friendly company?


sharon siter October 20, 2017 at 1:45 pm

i SO agree! iam on phone now & this co SUCKS! ordered over 5 days ago called 3 x for shipping confirmation problem was SUPPOSED to be here today ,,order not even filled let alone shipped WTF


W.P. September 7, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Please provide me with name of regional manager for the VA/MD/DC metro area. I’m getting no where with the GM in Tyson’s Corner store. Or, provide me with a name and phone number to speak to someone in charge.


Ralph Ventura September 6, 2017 at 8:39 pm

Jerry Storch, CEO
Good evening. I just returned home after spending a long day at work followed by a committee meeting for a not for profit upcoming charity event. I was delighted to see my Lord & Taylor award “A good birthday never goes out of style”. Once I opened I became very disappointed to learn that it wasn’t a birthday gift but what I would call a scam. Yes Lord & Taylor offered me $10 Off of $40 or more which more restrictions that could never fit in this email nor would I prefer to type. Basically I can wait for a sale and get the same offer as a first time shopper even though I am a loyal client of L&T in the Manhasset Store. If you take the time to call the men’s department I bet half the staff knows me by name and the fragrances I like to purchase and brand of clothes I buy. Lord & Taylor is the only store I shop at which has the selections of like and legendary service by a fantastic sales team. They are always willing to assist me and inform me of upcoming sales. My personal best sales person is Olympia. With all this being said I still plan to shop at the store but if you give me your home address I’ll send you the card back. It’s great you can use it but it’s not valid on Alex & Ani, Armani Collezioni, BCBG/BCBGMazAzria, Eleventy, Fitbit or a fragrance which I was currently interested in purchasing, etc…
Best Regards,
Ralph Ventura


Helen G August 18, 2017 at 7:19 am

Why I stopped shopping at Lord and Taylor: I’m a sale shopper. There’s no shame in that. Stores use sales to clear end-of-season merchandise. It should be a win-win situation. But in recent years, L&T has “excluded” a large number of labels from the mark-downs, and the worst of it is that one needs to be a detective to find out which ones. The coupon directs the customer to look online to find out what’s excluded. During my last trip to L&T (18 months ago?), I spent an hour carefully sifting through the racks of clearance clothing, only to find out at the register that pretty much everything I’d chosen was covered by the exclusions. So, what used to be a win-win is now a lose-lose — L&T doesn’t unload its shop-worn end-of-season leftovers, and I don’t get “deals.” Oh well. I’m happy to take my business elsewhere.


Deb. August 7, 2017 at 3:08 pm

It seems I’ve had a similar experience as others when trying to make purchases from L & T recently: I’ve just spent ***over an hour*** trying to talk with – complain and get appropriate assistance from – a Customer Srvce rep (he told me I would have to be able to quote what the sale price I missed was, – and I told him that that info should be able to be verified in your system) and then (after asking to speak to a supervisor, as the rep was clearly referring to a manual for responses, and who told me that the store would have no idea ) someone (“Susan”) who sounded as if she from another area of processing – who gave me additional explanations for issues I had w/their online purchase system over the last few days – which I painfully went thru with her procedurally, showing that she was absolutely incorrect. And then she referred to the same manual as well, asking if I had a “screenshot” depicting the problem, and ‘backing up my story’!!!! —- I had a large number of items in my bag online which I was trying to purchase on the 50% off clearance sale of the last few days — which kept ***disappearing totally from the bag when I went to put the purchase through***. At least 3 times — I had to go back out – spend the time again searching for the same items – adding them to my bag again — losing them again – and their Cust Srv reps would not today acknowledge these problems with their system and my losses at trying to purchase their merchandise! — I’m now packing up a smaller overall recent purchase I made from the store – to return – there are way too many excellent department stores out there who are truly operating a business and value their customers. I’m an adult customer, too, who doesn’t think I need to have a camera ready to take screenshots in order to made a bona fide purchase, especially a rather large one.


Carolyn October 1, 2017 at 10:29 am

Wow…Clearly and sadly Lord & Taylor has a pervasive issue with their online marketing, and their questionable at best “Customer Service” team. As a long time loyal customer this is beyond frustrating. The ads that are run online are at the very least misleading, although deceptive would be a better characterization. This is not the expectation I have of a long standing, reputable company that I had always considered Lord & Taylor.
I was also asked to take a screen shot of an add since apparently the representatives of the company do not have access to their own marketing! The last person I spoke to was from, Lee or Lea, a member of the Corporate Leadership team in NY who needed to look into it, and proceeded to never call me back. An experienced woman, but definitely not empowered to fairly and efficiently implement what should have been a very simple resolution.
Unfortunately my recent experience with the company rises to the level of such disappointment that I will shop elsewhere. I am your average, loyal shopper, so I know I am not the only one who is making this choice and sadly that will lead to the ultimate demise of Lord & Taylor. Very sad.


Sam August 7, 2017 at 11:34 am

After weeks of trying to place an order online, and getting an error message, I called customer service to correct the issues. They could not help, so they told me to send an email. The “servicelt at lordandtaylor.com” first tried to tell me it was my computer, so I tried PC, MAC, IoS, and Android and got the same message. I tried different credit cards, and still same account error. After my third call, Now their solution is to call in the orders all to avoid fixing whatever problem they have with their online accounts software.

Last shopping I had bought ~12 items online, 2 items arrived missing some tags (not sure what tags, but sales person said some tag is missing??), so when the two did not fit, the store would not return them, even though all the tags they sent me were on the garments including the price tag; and the items were clearly new. I went back in the evening to speak to the store manager, but the sales person had no issue returning the items then. Clearly lunch time is a bad time for L&T to do business.

Needless to say I am staying away from L&T for any future shopping. Hopefully, L&T will wake up some day to become part of the 21st century in terms of embracing online shopping and becoming a customer service friendly organization.


Monique Jerry July 26, 2017 at 10:15 am

Lord and Taylor is not as great as they used to be. I’m staying with Nordstrom and just have Nordstrom match there prices if the item is less. I can even have Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdales, Coach, Cole Haan and other competitions match Lord and Taylor. I hate there services.


Josephine July 22, 2017 at 10:32 pm

L&T…you are a joke. I will now make it my life’s mission to shout this from the social media roof tops. THREE hours of my life to place an $111.55 Order..AND IT’S STILL NOT DONE. AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY…apparently, YOU WANT TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS. I’ve never experienced anything like this and I’ve been a customer for years. I have a blinding headache but I will do everything in my power to return the favor. I’m warning EVERYONE through social media to take their business elsewhere. YOU ARE A DISGRACE. Walmart has better customer service. You SUCK.


Monique Jerry July 26, 2017 at 10:25 am

I agree with you.


Miss M July 12, 2017 at 11:17 am

On 7/10/2017, I attempted to purchase a pair of shoes on the l&t website, however, I received a message that the order never processed so I phone my bank to make sure. L&T had placed an authorization hold on my card. I phoned l & t Cust. Serv. Dept Cust Serv. Rep 1-Told me my order. would be processed and to look for a confirmation email in 1 to 2 hrs. I waited…no email. I called l & t back. Cust. Serv. Rep. 2-Told me my order would not be processed because of the type of card I used. Told me to call my bank to see when the authorization hold would be released. I called my bank and was told that a hold should have never been put on my card if the order never processed; I was told to call l & t back to speak to a supervisor and if my money was not back on my card within 5 days, that they would go after l & t for fraudulent practices. I called l & t back.
Cust. Serv. Rep. 3-Never gave me a supervisor. She told me to get the fax number from my bank and to call back; that I would need: fax#, last 4 digits of card#, amt. on hold, date order was placed and my name in order for the authorization hold to be released in 24 to 48 hrs. I called my bank and wrote down the fax number.
Cust. Serv. Rep. 4 – I gave her the fax number to my bank and all other information that was needed. She took my information and supplied me with a reference number to use if I had any trouble.
On July 10, 2017 I phoned l & t.
Cust. Serv. Rep. 5 – She attempted to get my email address; said she would email the back office my info. I told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor after I vented. She placed me on hold. After the hold I assured her my frustration was not directed at her but at the company and I thanked her for her help. She transferred me to Dennis.
Supervisor Dennis – Explained that normally, l & t can use a fax number to release a hold within 24 to 48 hrs, but in my case, that wasn’t possible. I vented my frustration to him, thanked him, and hung up.
Out of all of the Reps. I’ve spoken with, not one has been on the same page. I am extremely happy to have had this experience because it let me know what kind of company l & t is. I’m shocked at all of the complaints on this page, and I am shocked that a company of its stature would ever treat its customers so poorly. I’d really hate to see this store become a memory because of terrible business practices, and lets face it, poor training for its workers!
Written in Peace and Love
Miss M


Kristie June 28, 2017 at 7:16 am

I am waiting over a week for Lord and Taylor “supervisor” to get back to me. I submitted an email regarding an issue that I had, no response. I did however try to “chat” online and I received an email that I would soon recieve an email (how dumb), and lastly I left a message at my local L&T and never received a call back. This is the most POORLY run store I have ever dealt with. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks (I know you are sister companies) run circles around you. Lord and Taylor you should be ashamed!!!


Michelle June 12, 2017 at 7:29 pm

Returned several items and all were received by L&T on May 30th. Two weeks later, I still have not received credit on my card. I have called several times and the customer service representative are insistent that the credit was issued. I have spoken with my bank and checked my account thoroughly, the credit has not been applied. I have offered to supply a copy of my bank statement. I am going to send a letter to the above address. I have two case numbers 347630 and 347631.


Diana Ronchetto November 3, 2017 at 11:49 pm

Hi Michelle –
I am currently dealing with the exact same issue. Did you ever get resolution? My issue has been going on for about 6 weeks with no end in sight. Just trying to figure out my next steps.



Janine Hunter June 5, 2017 at 2:28 pm

I decided I would purchase them online on lordandtaylor.com. My order totaled $141.19 and when I hit the submit button I got an error message indicating that the order could not be processed and to try again later. Thinking I must have fat fingered my credit card number, I retyped my credit card information, reviewed all my other shipping information and resubmit the order again and yet again I received the same message.

About 30 mins later, while at dinner, I checked my credit card online and saw that I had 2 pending authorization for 141.19 from Lord and Taylor on my credit card account. So I decided to call Lord and Taylor customer service to see if the order did in fact go through since there was a hit against my credit card. I checked my email to ensure I didn’t receive an order confirmation and I had not. When I spoke to the representative, she took my name and completed a search. She informed me that the system was in the middle of some sort of system upgrade and that the order did not in fact go through and that I should try back around 6 PM EST to retry the order.

I called back customer service around 7 pm explaining the situation to a different representative and she also took my name and informed me that she could see that the order was attempted and went through, but was canceled by the “review” department. When I asked her why, she told me that she couldn’t tell me why and that I had to wait for them to contact me within 24-48 hours. I asked her is there a number that they could be reached at and she told me no. I then asked her to take down my cell phone number and that the phone number on my order was my home number and that I wouldn’t be available at the number since I worked. She took it down and said she added it to the notes.

I called back to customer service about 30 mins later explaining the situation to yet a different rep…….repeating the same questions and being told the same thing. In addition, I asked is it an issue with my credit card? Could I in fact place the order with a different card because I was more so concerned about securing the items in time for my vacation at the same price. This rep told me it wasn’t an issue with my card, but more so my lord and taylor online account.

Here is my issue…….I wasn’t using a lord and taylor credit card. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be allowed to complete my order especially since my bank has authorized my transaction twice. Secondly, Lord and Taylor has tied up almost $300 of my funds without ANY explanation as to what the issue is other than I just have to wait. Where is the customer service in that? Why is this phantom “review” department canceling orders? I have shopped at Lord and Taylor for years and I have never had such a poor experience. Quite honestly, I have had better customer service at Target. I have yet to hear back from anyone on this issue or my order. In the era where business are vying for every bit of revenue that can make, I wouldn’t think this isn’t how a business would want to treat a customer who is trying to spend money with their establishment.


KIM TAYLOR June 12, 2017 at 9:43 am

Exact same issue!!!! I tried to charge $1100 worth of dresses – supposed computer meltdown and I have been charged almost $3000 on my credit card. No EMAILs to explain what is going on. Have called multiple times and after waiting on hold, the agent is clueless how to fix it. I am NEVER ordering from this company again. I am on hold right now with corporate (forget the customer service number, they never answer) and still can’t get help. I am going to call my credit card company and file that all charges are fraudulent since Lord & Taylor refuses to fix the problem. BTW, I have only received 3 of the 6 dresses ordered. I am returning them all and counting on my credit card company to make me whole as Lord & Taylor doesn’t care about their customers.


Ann Lorraine Barry June 3, 2017 at 12:11 pm

I use to sing Lord and Taylor’s praises until I bought 2 men’s dress shirts on sale for a family member on 3/7/17 The shirts were on sale for $47.81 for a total of $95.62. There was no shipping charge.
They did not fit so I was told if returned to the store I would not be charged a return shipping fee. Next I returned them to the Boston store in Boylston St.
Unfortunately they incorrectly credited my account for $75.00. Over the past couple of months I have tried to resolve this with 5 calls including the store on a 3 way call. The store insists it is billing and billing insists first that I incurring mailing charges for both my purchase and return. Then stated it was another return, last week they would send me the credit but just received statement and no credit. More interest and late fees although I was told this would not occur until this was resolved. Tried again today with customer service, a manager and inclusion by customer service of a gentleman from the Boston store. Everyone insists the other one can resolve this. I have to believe others have been overcharged and not seeking resolution after giving up in exasperation. Guess what still NO FULL CREDIT for my return. Is anyone listening? Can you resolve this? HELP…,,Lord and Taylor and Capital One!!!!!!!!


Nancy Enrico May 30, 2017 at 12:48 pm

Lord and Taylor has been my go-to store for many years and I’ve always been happy with the merchandise quality. Since I began shopping online, however, my view has changed drastically.

In February 2017 I purchased over $1000 worth of merchandise from L & T. I sent back some other the items, which took well over two months to show up on my credit card as a refund. They also shorted me $285.18. I have been fighting with them ever since to get credited for that amount. I have called more than a half dozen times, spoken with supervisors, had a case (#332492) filed and nothing has happened. I constantly get the run around; promises of call backs and return emails that never come. This has been going on almost 4 months. Ridiculous! I will not shop in Lord and Taylor again. They don’t care at all about customers. I JUST got off the phone for the eighth and LAST time after speaking with a supervisor. She said she has no idea what happened and can’t guarantee she can fix it. Think I’ll hear from her again? Doubt it…..what do I do now?


Agnes LaCalamito May 28, 2017 at 10:48 am

I have been a loyal L&D customer for over 30 years and never have had any trouble with a return. I received a piece of fine jewelry as a gift and wanted to return the item. I went to the store last week and the original sales person, Nafije (033630) was there. I had the gift receipt and was within the 90 day return period. Nafije refused to return my item, stating that her department does not honor any returns, only store credits or exchanges. She also stated that the gift receipt did not suffice to return and I would have to bring iin the original receipt. The manager of the fine jewelry dept. came down as I requested and stated the same thing – no returns. I showed her the gift receipt that clearly stated in black and white that returns would be honored with the gift receipt. After much frustration, I left the store and went home to find the original receipt. I was not able to find it and called customer service who told me the gift receipt should be honored and did not understand why I was told otherwise. I did go back yesterday and the sales associate returned my item with no questions asked.
I cannot believe I was treated so poorly as a customer and was told a blatent lie that I could not return an item that I simply changed my mind and wanted to return. I ask that this sales associate be given correct policy information regarding L&T’s return policy so it can be adhered to for other customers and the L&T reputation is not tainted.
I will be sending this complaint to the L&T Corporate Office for review of this sales associate.


Linda Glickstein May 20, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Found dress. Waited for salespeople to finish complaining about previous customer, discuss lunch breaks, and the sales person changed her shoes! While I was waiting! Then she didn’t let me use coupon. No explanation. Vendor wasn’t excluded. Bought dress. Went home and tried to order online. Coupon would be accepted but out of my size. Called the 800 number to rate customer satisfaction on bottom of receipt. Gave lowest marks. Called online to see if I could get price adjustment. After 45 minutes of back and forth they started a ticket for my request. 363283. Now 3 weeks. No communication. Department manager called me the day of purchase. Kelly in freehold raceway mall store apologized. Promised to speak with store manager to send me something for my trouble. Must have received my receipt complaint. Now 3 weeks. No communication. Disgusted with L & T. Wearing dress tomorrow to wedding then will hide it in my closet. Want to forget whole experience and that dress!


Kathleen Phelan May 11, 2017 at 4:31 pm

Had chosen some nice new things to purchase today. At east $200+. Dropped them all on a counter when I spotted the IT display and headed straight to Macy’s. Let me know when you discontinue the line so I can resume shopping L&T.


Lyudmila Gorchakova May 9, 2017 at 10:31 pm

To whom it may concern!

My name is Lyudmila Gorchakova

I have been customer of Lord and Taylor for
a few years. I love to shop there and find that
service is good and sales people very accommodative, polite and helpful. However,
today I must admit, I was very disappointed. It happens when one of your sales person by the name Eleonore ( 3 floor) and I had a very uncomfortable conversation.

Here is the situation. I bought one peace of
clothing on May 4TH I brought it back today and asked your employer Eleonore if I can make an adjustment on the purchase using a coupons I just received from customer service! The ‘word adjustment” freak her out
she become very condescending, arrogant
and throw at me words like ‘ we are not doing adjustments here!’ “If someone did it for you than this people will get in troubles.”
Well I said that I will take my business to someone else, because I don’t think she is right! I only bought peace 4 days ago… the next thing I been told she called to a manager.

Anyway, I did made an adjustment and the other lady was very cooperative and
apologized for unfortunate situation
While I was doing my transaction Eleonore interrupted our sale twice trying to prove that she was right…I was so upset that I just told her to get off my face!

So sorry for long letter. I have my own retail jewelry store in Soho, the name is ‘ Soho Gem’ which is there for more than 20 years !
I have people work for me and please believe me I know what it is to be patient and how to
work with people, how to handle a problems!

I would appreciate you response and will continue even if I have to get involved with
the owner of the Lord and Taylor.
although, I can assure you that it is my first
and hopefully last Complain ever!

Mila Gorchakova.

I would appreciate a response from you!

Sent from my iPhone


Sharon Brown May 2, 2017 at 9:20 pm

I have been a customer at the lord and Taylor’s in Stamford, Ct for years. Yesterday 5/1/17 i went to return an item in the children s dept and was so disgusted. First i waited 8 mins before i could find any help. I asked other associates if anyone was working the dept. and all i got was the run around. When i found an associate .she said she was at dinner and was not very nice. Not sure i will be going there again,


E. R. April 26, 2017 at 1:10 pm

After many years as a Lord and Taylor customer I will no longer patronize a store that sells any products associated with the Trump name. That name is associated with racism, sexism, xenophobia, as well as the most unethical consideration for the environment.


Mark Cooper April 22, 2017 at 2:47 pm

I’ve been a long time customer of Lord and Taylor. It was actually my wife who had convinced me to establish an account. In general, I have been pleased with the selections in the Men’s Department. However, I have just returned from a trip to your store located at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Virginia. I was specifically looking for a light tan suit for the rapidly approaching hot and humid weather we all know well here in Northern Virginia. To be blunt, the line of suits offered pretty much “sucks.” The colors are dark and the materiel very common and heavy. I have no idea who selects the lines of suits, but to tell you the truth, they need to be replaced or somehow bring themselves in line with the present. BL: Ladies and Gentlemen, you ain’t cutting it. I hate to say this, but even Macy’s out does your Men’s Department. That’s sad! Oh BTW. Never saw a salesman this morning in the suit department. And the excuse is????


Dee April 12, 2017 at 6:56 pm

After many years of shopping at Lord and Taylor in Garden City, along with my family and friends we are all completely disgusted with what has happened to this store. The sales people are so SLOW that it can take 2 hours to try on 2 pair of shoes! The registers can hardly be found, and when you find one, the cashier will keep you online for at least 20 minutes with only one person in front of you. The entire store is laid out like a junk shop, the clothing selection is horrible, and on top of all that, the store and dressing rooms are filthy! This store went from a high end luxury store, to a complete junk shop. The people you have working there are completely incapable of representing this store. Complaints have been made to the Manager, yet nothing seems to change. It is so upsetting that a store that was once so beautiful, looks so horrible after months and months of useless renovations. These renovations TOOK the beauty AWAY from the store! Whoever was in charge of laying out this store or redesigning it should be fired, as well as all your incompetent help! Someone seriously needs to re-vamp this entire store and bring back our beautiful CLASSY Lord and Taylor as it USED TO BE!


Stephen Y April 7, 2017 at 6:03 pm

Just returned from your Scarsdale location. Went there to return an item for my wife in the Evening and Formal Department. Myself, along with several customers, waited patiently in line for over 20 minutes. As I waited, I watched the saleswoman behind the counter inform a customer, she cannot return another item with her dress. She claimed it was another department and she would have to go to that department to make her return. Since I am not versed on L&T’s company policy, this is purely my opinion. I have returned items in different departments and have not had this problem. After being on line for over 20 minutes, this customer was naturally frustrated. Why not???

By the time I was the next customer on the line, the saleswoman decided she was going to take her lunch break and informed us, the woman in front of me will be the last customer she will be helping. And then, as declared, she left on her lunch break. My request to speak with a manager was met with someone standing behind the counter. Her name was Jamie and asked what was the problem. I expressed my frustration about the saleswoman leaving a line full of customers for her lunch break. Her response was surly and apathetic. Asked how she can allow an employee to abandon the counter with all of these customers waiting, she responded, “I did not know the saleswoman went on her break.”

I patiently waited for another 5 minutes for her to resolve an issue with a customer. In the meantime, the hero of L&T came to my assistance and handled my return. Her name was Josephine G. I will provide you with her last name when you contact me through email. She was courteous and quickly attended to my needs. This is what is expect when I visit a store. If employees have an issue with customer facing activity, they should not be working in the stores. This previous West Indian Saleswoman was rude and should not be the face of L&T. Kudos to Josephine G., wish you had more employees like her.

I will probably receive a canned response from corporate. But, I hope someone will recognize what an asset Josephine G. is to your company. Hopefully, I will not see the other saleswoman on my next visit. Maybe someone is listening. Just needed to vent…


TEA March 31, 2017 at 6:13 pm

I always shop at the store and have ok experiences today however was different. I wanted to purchase a bracelet that was in clearance I was looking for an associate one lady told me to go to Michael kors bags and they will ring me up so I went. Waiting there for these two associates to finish conversing they then said to me look for someone else then they walked away. So I looked for someone else and she said she was leaving for the day find someone else then she said ok I help u but I have to punch out. She was helping me then she saw the lady that was suppose to be helping me and told her to help me the lady said no you help her and she said no you help her. I then said why do have to beg to purchase something from the store and walked away leaving the bracelets with the associate. I was walking out and decided to ask one of the associates from makeup for a manager she could not reach one by phone and ask me what happen so I told her and she agreed it was unacceptable and proceeded to help me with the bracelet. Walking over back to jewelry she was price checking the bracelet then the associate that told me she did not want to be bothered earlier said do u need help now? I then said to her you have no words for me and proceeded with the other associate. Ringing up my bracelet it turns out it was not 50% off and I told her never mind because I thought is was 50% off the other associate then said she had two bracelets where is the other one like I stole it or something and it was right by the register. After going home I’ve decided to go back there and speak with a manager face to face and I spoke to a nice lady by the name of Rosie and explained to her what happened. She then told me to show who it was so I did. The associate ignored the both of us pretending to be on the phone and both Rosie and I were in shock. She then said she will take care of it and I left….. Never have I ever experience such ignorance in my entire life and my family, coworkers and I are in utter shock…. Far from over


TEA March 31, 2017 at 6:14 pm

This was the Woodbridge Mall Lord and Taylor in N.J


Temis March 28, 2017 at 12:13 pm

Bought a couple of sweaters on-line – promptly returned them via FedEx and to this date ,,, 10 days later the return is still en route. Not to mention that L&T actually has the GALL to charge $10.50 for returns!! Are you kidding me – you’ve seen the last of our business L&T .. you’re the only rag that has the gall to charge for returns. We shop on-line almost exclusively and you are finished as far as we’re concerned. Two weeks on FEDEX and still no arrival and you think we will also pay $11 for return charges. GET LOST!! Really, get lost…your customer service is beyond appalling ,,, not to mention what “cheapskates” you are !!!


Donna Brustin March 17, 2017 at 12:33 pm

I have been a loyal and dedicated Lord and Taylor customer for many years/decades. However, my most recent experience has ruined the Lord and Taylor shopping experience. On March 11th I placed an order (Order # 1148114251) which per a L&T email entitled me to a $15 bonus card that needed to be used for any purchase of $40 or more between 3/15 & 3/20 (“***Earn your $15 Bonus Card online or in-store from 3/8/17 to 3/14/17. Online, receive one Bonus Card when you spend $100 or more; Bonus Card will not appear in cart at checkout. In Stores, receive a Bonus Card for every $100 spent. Each Bonus Card is redeemable on a one-time, in-store purchase of $40 or more from 3/15/17 through 3/20/17.). It clearly said that the bonus card would not show up in the card. I called customer service and after being put on hold for more than 15 minutes by an agent named Leigh I was told that I did qualify for the card (which of course I already knew) and she would put a request into the Fulfillment department. Leigh could not tell me when I would receive the card. I then called back a couple of days later (3/16) and spoke to Theresa. Theresa apologized for the situation and she said she would open up a case and with Customer Excellence and so i didn’t have to be on hold for a long time, she would send me an email with the case # later on that evening. I never received an email with the case #. I called again today and asked to speak to a supervisor. Eventually, I was forwarded to Gerald. I was telling Gerald the situation and how dissatisfied and disappointed I have been in the entire experience and that there were probably notes in the system based on my calls. He said there were not (which is even more frustrating and that it was a waste of time for my previous calls and the agents were not following up as they said they would). Gerald said he would put me on hold and look into it. He came back and said I was eligible and that the Fulfillment office would be sending out the card. I told him the card had an expiration date and he said it did not. I then read to him what the promotion said. He put me on hold again and came back and said the promotion was only for L&T card holders. I told him that’s not what the promotion said and that if that’s the case than L&T is false advertising. The issue isn’t really the $15 that I’m entitled to per the promotion but rather the principle on how this entire situation has been or lack thereof handled (e.g. uninformed customer service people on the promotion, no follow-up as committed, no record of my calls, mis and false information.

So very disappointed and dissatisfied in Lord & Taylor


Mary Taylor March 6, 2017 at 8:58 pm

order # 1147206479

Im sending this in hopes someone in corporate will see and do something.
I ordered shoes from your company and when i got them they were clearly used with marks and chips on the heels etc. I contacted customer service twice about it asking if I could please exchange for another pair because I liked them, I heard nothing back for 2 weeks!!! The girl who replied Kristy Carey said to respond directly to her and she offered a link to email. I have now emailed her twice letting her know I returned them over two weeks ago and have not received a refund.
p.s. I agree with the lady who wrote about getting rid of the Ivanka Trump line,, dumb on your part and now with all that I’ve dealt with with the shoes I WILL NOT ever buy from you again.


michele puchall February 14, 2017 at 2:50 pm

Not only did I have a horrible shopping experience in the 5th avenue store yesterday, I have been trying to reach the store manager today,…called, left a message and no return call…Retail wonders why Amazon is taking over….They have amazing customer service…
I have been a customer of L & T for many many years…after these past 2 days I WILL NEVER!!!! shop there again and make sure I let social media know how they dont care about customers whatsoever!!!!!……
I do hope they are aware of this situation:

CEO: Jerry Storch
CFO: Liz Rodbell
COO: Bonnie Brooks


Dorothy Iacubino February 9, 2017 at 11:58 pm

Dear Lord and Taylor.
Sadly, I have ended my 30yr. accounts with Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus due to their decision to drop the Ivanka Trump line from their stores for political statement. In my opinion this move is as un-American as it can get. Liberals can applaud the vulgarity and disrespect of Madonna and Ashley Judd yet publicly punish a polished, intelligent and refined young entrepreneur who is a fine example for young women today, only because her father won the election.
I have been a satisfied loyal customer with L&T for 40 years. Please do not be coerced into
what is a direct insult to customers who may not share your politcal opinions. It’s about shopping. I would sincerely miss you.


Annemarie M Maley February 16, 2017 at 10:26 am

amm112233 at yahoo.com
Thank you for doing that. I feel the same way you do and feel like there is a witch hunt ensuing against Ivanka. I LOVE HER CLOTHING LINE and own several pieces. Thank you for cancelling with the cowards.


Cathie Ash February 2, 2017 at 3:14 pm

I placed an order 3103049972. I was unable to to get it through online so I had a rep take the information over the phone. When I got the order summary it only had the sale price, not the clearance price and did not include the 20% off from the promo code. I requested an order summary with the correct amounts. I did not receive this despite the fact that I made several requests. All the merchandise has been delivered and the the receipts do not include the 20% discount. I called again and was finally got a rep who seemed to understand the problem and said it would be taken care of within 72 hours. I was so impressed, I spoke to a supervisor telling her how pleased I was. Well, I am not pleased, It had been more than 72 hours and I have received no reply and no change in the amounts. I am completely disgusted by the lack of customer service and doubt that I will ever do business with Lord and Taylor again. I still want my order adjusted and 25% off the Trapell Nubuck for the buy one get one offer and the 29% off promo. This is not the Lord and Taylor I knew and I am very disappointed in their lack of customer service despite interviews with Liz Rodbell who seemed to understand the importance of customer service. Please respond.


dottie matthews January 26, 2017 at 5:39 pm

I Spoke w/cust rep on 1/25/17 regarding a return of 3 items and I was only with a credit for 2 of the 3. Explained all items were in same pkg and gave her tracking #. Lady was totally benign as what to do and just kept repeating herself. When I asked for supv. was on hold for 20-30 mins. She finally picked up phone to say supv not available. I asked for call-back that I never received. I called again on 1/26 and the same cust svc rep answered. This person had a language barrier and I asked immediately to speak with a supv. Finally, a Jena helped me and satisfied my problem with a credit. I explained to her that cust rep need some help in understanding customers. Also, I writing this just to reinforce some of the other same complaints I have read. Quite frankly, I’m shocked this high-end store has this incompetent customer service. I’m 70+ in yrs and have been shopping her since the late 70’s on my trips to Chicago (before online). Service is everything in buying anything especially when I can get the same items at another store with adequate service. Hope this will give corporate info to do better screening of reps.


Nancy Erlick January 19, 2017 at 9:40 am

I have received the same shocking customer service when calling Lord & Taylor to make an exchange. I suspect they have sent their customer service offshore to some distant land. Too many mistakes have to be costing them a fortune. The way to do something about it is to call their Corporate Offices at (212) 391-3344. You need to tell the President what is going on, or it will never get to anyone who can fix it. It is a good store, with top rate merchandise and they need to know how misrepresented they are by their customer service representatives, and it’s probably expending any savings they thought they would make by sending their business offshore. Don’t be afraid to ask for The President or Jerry Storch, the CEO. You’ll get the secretary, but she’ll have his ear. I’ve done this before with other companies, and it is surprisingly effective.


Rosanne Hochuli January 18, 2017 at 3:39 pm

I have made several attempts through the customer service number to unsubscribe to texts about L&T sales. There is no way to unsubscribe on the website itself. I have been assured repeatedly, often by sweet voiced representatives probably based in Manila, that they would remove my my phone number from their automatic messaging system. Still hasn’t happened. I could care less about about their sales as they did away with the Petites department, the only department that I shopped in both on-line & in-store.


Thunt January 17, 2017 at 11:18 am

I’m not sure what happened to L & T over the years but they suck big time now. They should do us all a favor and close. Or at least fire ALL of their customer service reps and start over. The are incompetent, lazy and possibly illiterate. After countless mix ups with my orders, and being told they couldn’t be cancelled. I am done with them. So do yourself a favor and order nothing online.


michele puchall February 14, 2017 at 2:58 pm

Their NYC store should be closed..the help yesterday was disgraceful


Virginia R Graf January 7, 2017 at 12:02 pm

I returned a pair of shoes(that I purchased online) on December 10. I have still not received a credit. It is almost impossible to get through to an operator on the 800 number, although I was luck enough to reach an operator on December 27th and she told me I should receive the credit by no later than January 4th. Please let me know when I can expect this credit. The transaction number is 7791990100979.


Raymond December 15, 2016 at 12:46 am

I placed an online order on 12/3/16(order#1145418138).Come 12/9 no tracking info and order is still in release status,I call customer care (30 minute hold),your order will be to you in 7 business days give it a few more days order is in release status.Now comes 12/12 10 a.m,me getting annoyed called back customer service(now 45 minute hold) to basically hear well today is sixth business day your item will arrive tomorrow it’s in release status,So you have no tracking info no carrier info yet my item will magically appear tomorrow,I asked to speak to a supervisor,The response was we have no supervisors here so wait till tomorrow.Me now pissed go online and post a review on pissedconsumer.com.Within the hour hbc representatives leave a generic reply stating we’re sorry let us resolve this issue contact us at this email.I send an email to hbc rep who within a few hours called me and said we apologize,here’s what I can try to do,Expedite your order to 1 day delivery and give you 10% off,but you have to repurchase the item,I didn’t feel comfortable paying twice for the same item so I told him find out where my original item is please and why hasn’t it shipped,He said he will email the distribution center and email me within 24 hours.Now 1 hour later I get a phone call from a supervisor named Joanne Sorokas who proceeded to tell me my item will be shipped tomorrow 12/13 I do not have to repurchase and she will give me a 20% off coupon,Me annoyed as ever at this point said ok this doesn’t restore my faith in your company but thank you let’s do that. Now it’s 12/13,7 pm I email Joanne back asking can I please have a tracking or label number as you said you will have one,I get a reply I just asked them 3 minutes before your email,I will get that to you shortly,few hours later no response(ok it was late she will get back to me in the morning).12/14 the fun begins,9 am I get a auto generated email stating your order has been cancelled sorry your card will not be charged(I paid via PayPal),Me now confused and trying not to get livid say okay maybe she cancelled the original order and placed a new one that must be the reason,12 pm I email Joanne asking please update,No response.3 hours later now me being beyond frustrated call the NY number that I got calls from,got a hold of someone in customer service,asked for the supervisor and was placed on hold for 55 minutes and then hung up on.I’d had enough At this point so I called hbc corporate in Canada and after a long explanation she transferred me to lord and Taylor service rep(not in the Philippines).When I explained to her the situation she went wow let me get a supervisor,after 5 minutes a supervisor came on and gave me some explanation of how that item is out of stock but Joanne is checking local stores for me because she told Joanne to do so,and I will be called by Joanne in 20-30 minutes at which point I was like okay whatever and hung up.30 minutes later Joanne calls apologizes for not getting back to me and tells me the item is out of stock(now here is the kicker),So not only can I not get my item which probably has been out of stock for who knows how long,I can’t even get my refund for 30 days!!!.As Lord and Taylor is too lazy to properly do an internal funds cancellation for PayPal to release the funds back to me .Then after apologizing to me she told here is what I can do for you,I can get you a gift card for your refund which had to be authorized by her supervisor,are you serious!!!,you want to offer me my refund In a gift card form so I have to buy from your horrible online service again and that’s doing me some kind of favor!,Oh btw I live in Ohio and the closest physical store close to me is 870 miles away in New Jersey!.You expect me to drive 900 miles to shop at your store.At this point I feel completely helpless I’m at the mercy of a horrific retailer who has no concern for the consumer,I proceed to tell her that this situation is unreasonable and unacceptable but just to end this nightmare,I will purchase an item at a lower or higher cost online again and I expect Lord and Taylor to cover the higher amount if that be the case,To which she said I have to pay for the item and she will have to ask her supervisor what she can do but it’s a possibility,I also gave her the option that if that’s not doable for some reason just send me a gift card for $105-150 for all this terrible service and sometime after the holidays I will give to a family/friend whom ever that has a Lord and Taylor in their state(my purchase was a $100) which also required authorization from her supervisor and she would call me back shortly.Within the hour my final call from Joanne
Hi this Joanne I spoke with my supervisor and all I can do is mail you a $100 gift card which is your original refund amount,sorry and thanks for shopping Lord and Taylor bye.What the !!,This is by far the most ridiculous outrageous customer service/purchasing experience I have ever had,Not only will I post this review on every site that gives me an option to write about a business,I will make sure I pass the word to family friends all over the country to stay away from Lord and Taylor,Your company treats consumers like garbage,I understand this is the holiday season,shipping delays expected,long call wait times expected,Not getting your
Merchandise waiting 30 days for a refund and basically being told to buzz off in a nice manner is unheard off.I don’t even know what else your company could even say to me to remotely begin to rectify this situation forget pleasing the consumer.At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if your company goes bankrupt within a few years.

The only positive in this nightmare was Joanne she helped as much as she could,Ultimately her supervisor/s are the ones to blame and the companies internal communication between customer service reps in the Philippines and the distribution center and whomever handles your website for not having the ability to know what merchandise is in stock or not.So great job and thanks Lord and Taylor for having a flea market communication system if not worse,screwing me out of my item 11 days before Christmas (so even if I tried to purchase it elsewhere the chances of getting it before Christmas would be slim to none ),screwing me from not getting a refund for 30 days(which I’m not even getting now),I get a wonderful gift card which will be a constant reminder of this experience.


Christine Peterson December 14, 2016 at 10:26 pm

Called L&T Customer Service tonight to get an answer to a simple question regarding my order. After waiting almost 25 minutes to connect I spoke with a woman who was not helpful. I cancelled my order. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, she put me on hold for another 10 minutes, came back on and said a supervisor wasn’t available. When I asked her to try again, she hung up on me. I called back and it took another 25 minutes to get connected… just my luck, I got the same woman (Rianne). She refused to connect me with a supervisor unless I told her the problem, when I told her I had a complaint, she put me on hold. It’s been close to 15 minutes since I’ve been on hold and I’m still waiting. This is the absolute worse customer service I have received and this woman should be fired. It’s disgusting that a long-time customer should wait over an hour for an unresponsive customer service rep. I’d like someone to get back to me regarding this matter. Thank you. Christine Peterson (christine.peterson at snet.net). By the way, I’m still on hold………….


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