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H-E-B Grocery Stores Corporate Office Address

H-E-B Grocery Stores
646 South Flores Street
San Antonio, Texas 78204

Contact H-E-B Grocery Stores

Phone Number: (210) 938-8357
Fax Number: (210) 938-7788
Website: http://www.heb.com
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H-E-B Grocery Stores Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

H-E-B Grocery Stores Executives

CEO: Charles C. Butt
CFO: Martin Otto
COO: Craig Boyan

H-E-B Grocery Stores History

H.E. Butt Grocery Corporation is commonly known as H-E-B Grocery Stores. H-E-B Grocery Stores is a privately held supermarket chain with more than 350 stores in Texas and northern Mexico.

Florence Butt founded the company in 1905 when he opened the C.C. Butt Grocery Store in Kerrville, Texas.

In 1919 Howard Edward Butt, Florence’s youngest son, took over the store when he returned from World War I. In 1927 he expanded to Del Rio, Texas, before purchasing three more stores in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. His initials became the name of the store.

Charles Butt, the younger son of Howard, became president of the grocery store chain in 1971. He grew the business from $250 in annual sales in 1971 to $13 billion in 2006.

In 2011,  H.E. Butt Grocery Stores was #12 on the Forbes list of largest privately held companies.

Today H-E-B has 76,000 employees and had over $18 billion in revenue in 2012.

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H-E-B Grocery Stores FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for H-E-B Grocery Stores?
Answer 1: The phone number for H-E-B Grocery Stores is (210) 938-8357.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of H-E-B Grocery Stores?
Answer 2: The CEO of H-E-B Grocery Stores is Charles C. Butt.

Question 3: Who founded H-E-B Grocery Stores?
Answer 3: H-E-B Grocery Stores was founded by in .

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T-Rob March 3, 2019 at 10:02 pm

I hadI had a small camera with me while shopping to record my experience in HEB. Getting footage of the Bakery, produce, meats, ect. not bothering anyone…. I’m then confronted by two bullies ordering me out of the store , threating me with trespassing, and banning me from future entrance of the store.. WHAT? … was I not in a public market? So , HEB.. What’s the deal? …


Robert Rivera January 13, 2019 at 9:37 pm

I have documented serious harassment in the past from a local HEB supermarket in Austin , Texas. I documented it on video and the local Austin Police Dept. refused to investigate and I had told one of the store manangers about the people behind my harassment and showed them a license tag of the vehicle. The man was short wore his hair flat kinda like a Oppie Tailor type look no to be rude but I forget his name. Months later I shared the information with a store manager when the same vehicle was parked next to me . I was also harassed by a lady from the nail saloon that I never met in my life . The store manager later told me that I could not record the incident that happened to me . So I am suppoused to delete a crime. I was systemtically harassed at HEB supermarkets for 2 years. I went to a HEB right down the road from the Lamp Lighter Police Dept. and the local Fire Dept could be seen right across the street . Texas state law allows the citizens to record in public. Your store records people through cameras. I moved from New Mexico due to going through this crap when I asked an agency called Dept of Homeland Security for help I found myself being targeted in the community by a multiuide of stakeholders.


T-Rob March 3, 2019 at 9:59 pm

I had a similar issue.. I had a small camera with me while shopping to record my experience in HEB. Getting footage of the Bakery, produce, meats, ect. not bothering anyone…. I’m then confronted by two bullies ordering me out of the store , threating me with trespassing, and banning me from future entrance of the store.. WHAT? … was I not in a public market? So , HEB.. What’s the deal? …


Jean Shuffler November 10, 2018 at 4:07 pm

We stopped at the HEB Bellmead on Sun. Nov.4th. on our way home to Rowlett TX.
We picked up two value packs of HEB Jalapena Premium Smoked Sausage for $11.64 and $11.69. They both were ticketed for use by Sep.16, for one and another for Oct. 30.
We did not realize this until today on Nov. 10, ready to cook for the weekend. They shoud have been removed from the case!!!! I spoke with several people at the store as they kept passing me off. Finally, the MIC Rod saidthat the next time we were in just to bring my receipt with Rod written on the receipt.
That is not convenient as we do not have an HEB nearby and do not know when we will pass thru Waco again in the near future. We are big fans of HEB but are disappointed with this scenario.


Michael Kennedy October 29, 2018 at 5:31 pm

I’m writing this because I’m up set with the foreman at the KYLE Grocery store where my grandson worked. when he took the job my grandson told them that he was going to Texas State Collage he would also needed time to take his mid term test and time to get ready for is test, the foreman told him no problem. Then the foreman changed his mind. This one reason why so many student quit working at this store. As a disable vet/CW-3 Senior Maintenance adviser for the US Army I know how to be a supervisor and work with people for 33 years. I would never take on a person as a foreman, just because he is a bu** kisser and trying to make him self look good and push thing on the people under him to cover up for his mistakes. To me he is not a good foreman and should be replaced.


betty maxwell September 6, 2018 at 6:19 pm

I’ve lived at a seniors’ community for about the past year. I can only go where they choose to take us. One of the places is every Wed. to the HEB at Parmer and McNeil in Austin. Last week I bought 3 or 4 pints of the pricey, but oh so good, Central Mkt ice cream. I got to checkout and told the checker that I wanted the cartons in paper and then in the big paper sack I’d brought with me. Two women were sacking and told me in hateful voices that I should know that heb hadn’t given away paper in 4 years! This is not the attitude of the employees of the store (at I-35 and Wells Branch), the store I’d used for years! They’d have come up with some way to honor my wishes and surely wouldn’t have been disrespectful to an old lady who is there spending my $ every week! I got back here and my ice cream was all pretty much melted. I feel I’m owed an apology from the store manager where I was dissed.


unknown August 20, 2018 at 12:39 pm



Marvanelle Olson August 6, 2018 at 11:10 pm

I have shopped at HEB for years (16yrs). I am a senior citizen and have shopped at many grocery stores in Texas. I have nothing bad to say about HEB but I was given a receipt and told to call and take a survey. I understand the computer for a old gal but I was unable to get to the place where I was to enter the code located on the receipt. Before I knew it I was answering questions for Walmart. Being elderly I fell for this once before and before I knew it they were offering me my credit credit and I did wonder what it was and they are charging me $39.95 for a monthly charge. I can correct this by calling but I am upset I could never get to a place to enter the code to maybe win gift card. Is this on the up an up?


securro rodriguez June 5, 2018 at 7:56 pm

I’ve been shopping at HEB’s for decades, all over TX. The best HEB’s are in San Antonio, as a rule, in my opinion. The worst are in heavy Hispanic neighborhoods…they can be extremely rude to whites. I shop at the HEB on N.W. Military the Alon HEB…good store. I also shop in the HEB on BabXXXX…the best employees ever, they’re always happy and friendly and all of them seem to get along…says a lot about management. Love the “Tamale Lady”…she makes me smile. I also shop at the HEB in the Quarry…ok, just seems like the girls / women who work in the business center are a little mean, as well as one of the managers. What is weird about this store, is the Healthy Living, their fresh ground almond butter machine has been “NOT WORKING” for almost 4 months. The manager keeps giving different stories as to why it supposedly doesn’t work. I asked, “If it really doesn’t work, why are there ground almond butter on top of the machine?” I think the Healthy Living manager is just playing a game, since so many have complained….group of mean women. I quit going there because of their meanness. However, the other HEB I shop at, is Fair Oaks, on Naco and N. New Braunsfeld, Some of them have been working their for years and years, the store is ever evolving. One of the friendliest and most professional is the guy who works in the business center, he has red hair and a red beard…funny, nice and hardworking…he definitely loves his job. There is also a lady who works in the deli,..Jan…who is very nice and helpful. And there was a Matthew who dropped everything he was doing when he saw me looking for a container to grind the almonds. If you’ve ever lived in another country…you’ll really miss HEB! Central Market is another story. I find the older manager to be mean and gruf, as are the foodies, especially Marty and the German ladies. Some behind the prepared foods can be mean as well. Mary is nice, and so is Tara, the Korean lady is super sweet, and there’s several others that are so sweet..Roger, Toni, and others. They work very hard in the prepared foods and bakery as well as the meats and produce. It’s mainly the manager and his staff, the foodies, and one of them in catering that are rude. ALSO, HEB DOESN’T LET YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU CALL THEIR “CUSTOMER RELATIONS” THEY TAPE IT AND LET THE STAFF LISTEN TO IT…CAUSING SERIOUS PROBLEMS. THEY SHOULD NOT DO THIS, IT CAN CAUSE HEB TO GET SUED!! .


Janie Lindsey May 14, 2018 at 4:49 pm

I live in Alvin, Texas and my husband and I shop HEB. Our grandson and another boy
recently got fired from the store here for theft. Bradley Saenz(our grandson) had worked at the store for four years and had been trained in almost all phases of the store. He loved his job and was enrolled in the 401K and other benefits and had recently gotten a raise. My concern is that the checkers do not have control over their drawer. Others work in it and the managers come and get excess money out. I am a retired banker and this would not happen to any of the tellers. They have the key to their drawer and no one else can touch it. I think he should have fought this and filed for unemployment because he did not take money, but being only 23 years old he needed a job and went out and got another job the next day working in a restaurant here in Alvin. It is so sad that the manager here did not investigate this and Brad has been labeled a thief AND that will probably follow this 23 year old and the other boy. My husband always got the new managers as they came in to take over the store to join Rotary and this new manager did but has not made one meeting. Maybe he is not interested in the community here, I don’t know. But what I do know is that this has and will keep us out of the store plus his mother, aunts, etc. I do know that a checker or anyone who handles money cannot be responsible totally when too many others have their hand in the till. Please check into this and make it right. Sincerely, Janie Lindsey


securro rodriguez June 5, 2018 at 7:11 pm

@ Janie Lindsey….I thought HEB has cameras over the cashiers, as well as employees watching in the office. Plus, they rarely fire for a one time thing…unless it was a lot of money. Just saying….


Gilbert Flores Jr. March 29, 2018 at 6:36 am

You have heb curbside in delrio tx.which is 1 hour away from eagle pass tx. ….We need heb curbside in eagle pass tx. I am a 40 yr .old disabled person & my mom is a 72 disabled. We only shop at heb because its has the best prices in town. We will be waiting for it to come to heb eagle pass tx. #419 …….I wanted to mention that i worked for heb eagle pass tx. for 12 years. Thankyou very much……


Lora Ramirez January 8, 2018 at 5:25 pm

I just wanted to share the incredible thing that my store (#227 )on Slaughter Lane in Austin did for us. I called and inquired about the store getting a Caroline’s cart for special needs. It has been a challenge for me to push my 23 year old daughter’s wheelchair and pull a cart behind me. I inquired sometime in December, days after I inquired I got a phone call and was told that one would be ordered. This brought me to tears. I received a follow-up call from Crystal this past weekend that they got the Carolinas Cart in! I loaded my daughter up and we went shopping today, I am beyond appreciative as this has made my life so much easier. Thank you so much MY HEB for caring and listening to me!


April Brahinsky January 4, 2018 at 4:59 pm

I have been a long-time fan of HEB in appreciating all the corporation does for San Antonio, including past generous support of the San Antonio Symphony. However, I am appalled at the prominent role Dya Campos, HEB governmental and public affairs director, has played in the undermining of the San Antonio Symphony, to the point where the remainder of their season has been cancelled. This action is horrible for so many musicians (many of whom are, or were, your customers), and weakens the entire fabric of music education in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Surely the amount to keep the SA Symphony operating and on a track to a sustainable future could have been found in this city – after all, it is only 1/100th of the amount that was raised to erect the Tobin Center. Are buildings that much more important to you than people and an entire arts organization that positively impacts the entire region?


securro rodriguez June 5, 2018 at 7:22 pm

@April….it’s because the Symphony is not supported by Hispanics. You’re in SA, you know that, or should by now. It is a predominantly Hispanic city, with one Fiesta after another, Mariachi bands are the thing, 3 or more taco stands on every corner, Hispanics do not branch out and try new things like a Symphony…it’s not something they can barbq at, and the arts in SA are mainly for Hispanics as well as everything else…for tourist attraction. Tourists don’t come to SA for the Symphony. Should contact the City Manager, or the Mayor. San Antonio has gotten very, very one dimensional.


Estela Rosales November 26, 2017 at 11:20 pm

This is to commend the management of HEB in Pleasanton, TX. My family and I stopped for a bathroom break on our way to San Antonio the day before Thanksgiving. The restrooms were IMMACULATE!
The store was packed with people, as all HEBs were, and the restrooms were spotless!

I’m from the old school of giving credit where credit is due, and the management at Pleasanton HEB deserve to know that they impressed this customer.

Estela Rosales
Pharr, TX


Pat Mosley November 17, 2017 at 12:49 pm

I went in to the local HEB today to do a simple return, I thought, but I was instead accused by your associate and the store manager of maybe injecting/tainting the turkey breast I was trying to return. They stated they did not know where it has been, how it was kept, or maybe I injected something in to the breast. Oh, I could trade it for another but not get a refund. Does this mean an exchanged turkey breast won’t be ‘injected’ versus a turkey breast with a refund request likely??? This was after the lies about products purchased more than 24 hrs prior cannot be returned though I had purchased the item less than 24 hrs. When your associate and manager realized the time, the story then changed to, “Actually it’s once it goes through the doors”. I asked your manager how do I know she has not injected a turkey breast or someone else working for HEB? Because I do not look for the worst in people nor do I accuse people of crimes for absolutely no reason and with no evidence.
I will NEVER shop at HEB again, and I WILL get the message out. In my more than 65 years I have never been so insulted. I have an excellent credit store and has there NEVER been even suggested of me committing a crime.
Think about it HEB, how does the public know processing plants, truckers, store employees do not inject/taint food. Yet good people do not go around accusing others to make a dime. Maybe the public needs to be more aware of HEB.
Your associate and manager also stated they would just throw it away repeatedly. If that is what HEB does, HEB needs to be out of business. Such action is just stupid. There are food banks, animal shelters and other organizations who accept food from the public as well as businesses. I guess they are more in touch with the world around them.


Carla M November 14, 2017 at 12:51 pm

I have been an HEB shopper since before Pantry stores (meaning San Antonio and small town south Texas prior to moving back to the Houston area when Pantry stores started popping up) and have never had to deal with a store having so many expired items as the Spring Trails store I shop at on Rayford/Riley Fuzzel. I purchased a Lantana carrot hummus last Tuesday (November 7) after work. On Wednesday, I got home late, showered and put pj’s on and settled down with cheese, the hummus and crackers. Ick. Tasted wrong but I thought maybe because of the cheese. I got up and checked the expiry date – OCTOBER 2!!! I can tell you that I was NOT happy that I had to get redressed and drive over to the store. On top of that, one of the managers that I gave it to apologized that that happened and told me to get another one, and he was taking the one I gave him to show someone. I asked what I was supposed to tell the cashier, so he told me his name (Joshua) and said to tell them I talked to him. He said, “It’s totally on us.” I told him it was NOT totally on them if I’m the one who paid for it the night before! So instead of offering to credit the one I got, he told me to get two. Well, I didn’t need two…

This is probably the fifth or sixth time I’ve had to deal with an expired item, third time having to drive back to the store (Promised Land whole milk is another main offender). I should not have to check the expiry date on every item I put into my basket so am strongly considering driving to a nearby Kroger, even though it is a further drive from me. Management needs to get their act together at this store.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Shirley Jones November 13, 2017 at 4:52 pm

Hello I shop at the HEB on 51st street in Austin, Texas and about last year brought some packages of turkey middle wings/tip section, have not been able to find them since, so I was just wondering do yall still sell them like that or can it be ordered. Love to have to cook for Thanksgiving.


Lorenso Bustos Jr October 10, 2017 at 5:27 am

I have three prescriptions filled at H.E.B. and I am suppose to receive a quantity of 90 on two of them and 180 on the other every 90 days. I fill my weekly pill container at the end of the week when it is empty. I filled it to night and I should have the same number left over but I have 3 and 6 on the quantity of 90 and 13 on the quantity of 180.
My question which I wanted directed to the drugstore Department and expect a reply is: Am I suppose to receive the actual number of pills or is it an approximation?
You will notice that the only one that comes close is the 13 off by 1, the other two are off respectively by 4 and 1.
I theorize that my pills are not hand counted nor visually but rather by some apparatus where the pills are dumped into and when it reaches a certain line they are then bottled and never counted.
I am awaiting a response before I contact Medicare or if need be Food and Drug Administration. Someone should be held accountable. Maybe they are using the same apparatus to count but be mindful that my three different prescription are of different sizes and shapes. I wonder if the apparatus used is outdated.
Today is Tuesday, October 10, 2017 4:26 a.m. if I have not heard from your company by Friday, October 13, 2017 I will have to pursue this complaint to a federal agency.


Former Partner September 28, 2017 at 8:34 pm

I worked for heb for 21 years I recently lost my job I was very upset. I was accused of something I did not do. I loved my job I loved my friends. I was hurt and still need medical help and you’ll just left me hanging in severe pain. For the last 15 years or so I was there we did not get breaks. Our manager told us that we went to the restroom when we needed to go and go get a snack so that was enough. The store manager, store director knew about it and it was ok with it was long as we took our lunch and clocked out. But she never gave us breaks. BREAKS are suppose to be 15 min company paid breaks. I believe heb owes me back pay for all these years of not paying me my breaks that I deserved that not only me the coworkers I worked with


John S and Debbie J Bentley September 3, 2017 at 5:26 pm

Dear H-E-B, Mr. Butts,
I was checking my Facebook a Mom’s Group, I belong to. We live in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area,
Lewisville, Highland Village, Flower Mound, Lantana, Grapevine area. We personally live on the edge of Lewisville / Highland Village/ Flower Mound. Our children go to Highland Village Elementary, Briarhill Middle School in Highland Village, and Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas. We live on Lake Lewisville in Denton County. We lost our Kroger Grocery Store recently, in Highland Village, the Management told my husband the Lease kept going up, so they decided to shut down. The space is just there empty, we have no H-E-B Grocery Stores anywhere in the DFW area, I found one in Burleson,Texas a long way from us. A long story short we would like you to take the opportunity to check out our area and talk to our city about this space for a H-E-B grocery store. New Mom’s moving to our area ask where’s the H-E-B store. Highland Village,Texas is one of the best kept secrets in our great Country, and we are so lucky to happen to live here and raise our children here. We have a Five Star Restaurant,too. We do have a Whole Foods and Walmart in Highland Village and yes we have access to other stores Tom Thumb, Walmart Neighborhood Store, Target. We need a H-E-B, this is after all the great State of Texas. Thank you for your time, Debbie and Stephen Bentley


Janice August 31, 2017 at 10:41 am

My employer CityOf.com asked me to purchase 20 gift cards @ $100 each to be given
out to its employees to help replace food lost during Hurricane Harvey.
I was at HEB at 3133 S. Alameda at 7:50 to purchase these gift cards. Walked in the store,
was told to go to register 10, that David, the store manager could help me. David informed
me that this transaction would have to be completed at the business office when they opened
at 8 am. I asked the female employee behind the register to let me know when she was ready so that I could be first in line. Another employee comes out of the closed door office and asks what it
is that I need, again I explained that I wanted to purchase 20 gifts, she told this was “TIME
Really HEB?
Completing the transactions for gift cards is TIME-CONSUMING?


Deirdre alexander August 29, 2017 at 10:00 pm

Thank you for helping fellow Texans after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. You have been a blessing to so many. Your unselfishnesses and kindness goes beyond words. Thank you.


Amelia Carrera August 16, 2017 at 3:02 pm

I would like to know why Wichita Falls,Tx doesn’t have one of your stores. I visit my daughter in New Braunfels, Tx & I love H.EB.! Please let me know if there’s any chance of us getting one in WF, Tx? Thank you!


Red Gilbert August 3, 2017 at 2:09 pm

Does HEB offer senior discounts like Kroger and Albertsons? If not why not?


Charles July 30, 2017 at 3:48 am

Hello my name is Curtis I live in Odesa I frequent your store at the corner of 42nd and Grandview Ben going to H-E-B for many many many many years I’m 56 years old never seen a store go downhill faster than I seen this store while the employees are downright rude in fact let’s just call them mean because that’s what they are they don’t seem to want anything to do with the customers none of them smile none of the baggers are trained the cashiers make mistakes two out of three times I go there the whole neighborhood’s talking about it don’t just take my word for it check it out you’ll see


Jean Byars July 22, 2017 at 10:47 am

The other day I bought (3) before I bought had bought several boxes of Texas Tough pint size freezer bags and probably had to throw several boxes. They had holes or leaked. HEB is the only place I can purchased pint size. So I have no choice if I want to put vegetables up in pint size. You need to talk to the maker of these. I am very unhappy with these. Thank you just wanted to let you know. Jean Byars, Lufkin TX 75901


No name July 22, 2017 at 7:56 am

My son and I don’t understand why you guys can’t help get the control done on hotwheels. Your employees always take all the good cars and sell them. My 12 year old and I have gone to 5 stores every shipment day for 6 months. At one store they left would leave the box at the end. If nothing good they left it open, if good all the good ones would be gone. I complained to you so they started stocking at 550 am so I wouldn’t know. But you could still tell if no good cars. The toy manager and two guys in back take them so they find ways so I can’t tell. I just tell my son the store does not care. Then you have San Juan and mission they pull and hold for a collector. I’ve talked to Carlos in San Juan, he doesn’t really care and very rude. All I ask is be fair for all not just one person. Tell people first come first serve they will be out at blank would be the right way. Let’s stock after these guys leave and we will tell our friends.
What do I tell my son, we have never sold one car.


Lisa M. Mims July 22, 2017 at 12:35 am

I have two complaints:

About two years ago, I walked into an H.E.B. with a previously paid for item that was under $3.00 stuck in the bottom of a reusable bag. When the bag went across the checker line again, the previously paid for item fell out. Nothing else in my cart was in the bag. I said to the checker, “That must have been from the last trip.” The checker actually accused me of trying to steal from H.E.B. I paid for the item a second time, rather than cause a fuss.

I am also a label reader, because I have food allergies. I’ve had store detectives stand a foot away from me at least ten times, in the makeup aisle, the shampoo aisle and one or more other parts of at least two of your stores, while I was reading labels.

Basically, you’ve accused me of stealing, followed me, made me pay for items twice, and generally made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I avoid your store. Whole Foods, Wheatsville, Sprouts, Target, and Sun Harvest have never treated me like that.


katherine mainz July 18, 2017 at 6:39 pm

I have shopped at HEB 1604 @ 281 since it opened.I do not have a single complaint about the store or employees. They all go the extra mile and today, Russ, Assistant Manager there I think, literally did go the extra mile. While shopping, on Tuesday, I had my purse snatched in the store. I started yelling as the boy was running away. Unbeknownst to me, Russ had seen the incident from the upper office and sprinted after him. He ran all the way to the next set of stores and caught him and got my purse back. While this was going on other employees took my basket and put it in the cooler so my groceries would stay fresh. I cant say enough about Russ and all the employees at HEB who sprung into action and saved my purse and all its contents.


Dennis Rehders July 16, 2017 at 3:49 am

Concerning a magazine for teens to see in your stores… It’s called Teen Vogue… please watch this clip.


Louis M. Flores July 9, 2017 at 3:45 am

I live in a small town in West Texas known as Pecos, TX. I drive to Odessa, TX which has the nearest H-E-B. It is a 100 mile drive. Therefore on behalf of myself, my family, and others like me. I do request you consider placing a store here in Pecos, tx


Ken Orr July 3, 2017 at 2:48 pm

Dear Sir,
I am a many year long customer. I love your stores and always speak positively in your behalf when I can. I am a retired Manufacturing Engineer and s a retiree I do miss the excitement of making thing and making things more efficient. In that light I must say what is on my mind.
The store in Dripping Springs is currently undergoing a massive reset on it’s aisles and product displays. This has been in action for at least a week. The confusion that is being caused is not a major issue right now but the congestion from workers, customers and product in new locations is causing me and a lot of others a lot of frustration. That is a concern but it is not my reason for this message The real reason is the time and amount of wasted effort I see everywhere in the store.
All of the product display racks are long metal pallets with a vertical center section. The shelves are all removable and frankly they are a lot of work to deal with. The workers are removing all of the product, removing the shelves, emptying the entire rack and then moving things to a new :temporary location. Then the racks are relocated and everything is reloaded. The time required to do this is massive, The cost and time used to do this work is also a major concern. There is a batter way. I saw the same thing in many factories I worked in and came up with ideas and methods to make massive improvements in time spent, work required and downtime for the items in transition. This situation in this store is typical of the way many things are done today. Change is not happening because everyone is too busy doing what the normal approach tells them to do.
If you are interested in hearing my ideas please contact me. I would love to see your stores grow and be efficient, well run organizations keeping up with the times.
Ken Orr
Kengorr13 at aol.com


Gloria Flores June 23, 2017 at 6:36 pm

I have a negative reaction against your company when commercials and in store signs advertise how heb helps food kitchens and no mention is made of the combined effort of corporate and customer contributions. I would not be surprised if corporate contributions greatly exceeds customer contributions but it is more impressive if it is advertised as a team effort. You are not the only corporation that does this but you do advertise it more. I hope you consider my comment and make some changes.


Amanda June 23, 2017 at 3:40 pm

I have a pretty serious complaint about one of your partner. The store is in Conroe TX onthe corner of 105 and 336. My issue is that a really great partner was let go a few weeks ago. In this time a deli manager by the name of Shelay Jones has been bragging about having her fired by trapping her into a conversation that she started and was in no was racial. This woman while telling me about this situation called her a fing cracker numerous times which I find extremely racial and as for that I will no longer go to this store. I will also let everyone I know about what has and is happening so they will not go also.


Kathleen Buchanan June 23, 2017 at 12:14 pm

I think that HEB is a great store. I have shopped there for years when I lived in San Antonio, Texas and now shop at a store in College, Texas. I just read an article that says that Sanderson Farms sells a lot of chicken to stores, that then sells them under there own name brand. I know HEB sells a lot of food under their own label. I respect HEB because they told me that they do not sell GMO produce and that is great. GMOs are very dangerous. HEB also told me that years ago they never sold hamburger with Pink Slime. Unfortunately they could not guarantee that some of their meat didn’t have Ractopamine but at least they were honest about it. I buy all organic anyway but was concerned for other people. However Sanderson Farms has a terrible reputation and sells chicken that is NOT organic and labels them as organic. I hope HEB does NOT buy from Sanderson Farms and beg you to change to another company, if you do buy from them and put your label on those chickens. I have never read anything good about Sanderson farms from reputable sites. Please don’t sell chicken from Sanderson Farms. I’m sure there are a lot of other choices. Kathleen Buchanan


Stuart Attwood June 19, 2017 at 6:32 am

Texas-based supermarket chain H-E-B is planning to kill puppies and dogs who live behind one of its stores. Don’t let them get away with it! Sign the petition at In Defense of Animals.

We’re outraged that the international supermarket chain H-E-B plans to kill a small dog pack living behind one of its stores! Dog advocates Linda Martinson and Alejandra Martinez have fed and cared for the dog pack living in the field behind H-E-B San Patricio, in Saltillo, Mexico since 2014. They have since sterilized seventeen dogs and adopted into homes several puppies at their own expense. H-E-B was aware of these rescue efforts all along, but now plans to kill the entire pack.

On May 20, H-E-B Security confronted Alejandra and prohibited her from continuing to feed the dogs, and threatened to call the police. Security personnel repeated the same intimidation tactics toward a veterinarian who attempted to provide food and water to the very hungry pack.

Multiple requests to H-E-B Corporate in Monterrey, Mexico, and San Antonio, Texas remain unanswered. H-E-B’s inhumane response puts both the dogs and the public at risk, as they have become desperate and must now scavenge to survive. Not only is this reckless and irresponsible, but H-E-B has now called the municipality officials to remove the dogs to be killed.

The only effective, humane, long-term solution is to establish a pack based on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). If H-E-B allows Linda and Alejandra to continue their work, they will soon create a stable, healthy pack that will inhabit the territory and keep new dogs out. They only have three adult female dogs left to spay before they meet their goal!

These dogs are very timid and do not seek contact with people, preferring to stay in the adjoining field and ditch. Killing them will only create a vacuum that will be filled by new dogs attracted to the food sold by the H-E-B, IHOP, and Carl’s Jr. in the shopping center. Establishing a TNR pack outside H-E-B would provide a viable model to replace the local catch and kill program, which is both ineffective and costly, not to mention downright immoral. It’s time to break this counterproductive cycle!

What will happen to the HEB pack without the efforts of Linda and Alejandra? We know too well that HEB will kill these pups, and all future dogs that wander their way.


Kathleen Buchanan June 23, 2017 at 11:55 am

I lived in San Antonio, Texas most of my life. I now live in Brayn, Texas and shop at a store in College Station, Texas because they have such a wide assortment or organic food. I hear that a Texas-based supermarket chain H-E-B is planning to kill puppies and dogs who live behind one of its stores . You don’t understand street dogs or feral cat colonies. These animals keep new dogs or cats from moving into the area. If you destroy these dog or cat colonies new animals will move right in. If people have worked to sterilize these animals then they will not be having more puppies or kittens. Eventually the colonies will slowly die out and some additional animals will move in but at a much slower rate. If you kill them all at once they will be replaced all at one time and will become a huge problem again because they will not be sterilized. This way these people will just have to sterilize a few here and a few there instead of having to sterilize a large group of animals again. You will not get rid of these animals. Apartment complexes are the same, they just don’t understand. If you really want to do the smart thing help by encouraging people to join the T/N/R (trap neuter release) program. It works. Before I became disabled i use to trap/neuter/release many cats. I took them to the Animal Defense League in San Antonio and since I was on SSD they fixed them for free. These clinic helped people out as much as they can. I remember doing the same in Dallas when I lived there a short time. They charged everyone $25 for each cat (I don’t know about dogs). There was a gentleman who apparently trapped a lot of feral cats. Sometimes he would pay to help the clinic and sometimes he would would bring in a group and they would fix them for free. That is because IT WORKED. Please don’t kill these dogs and puppies, and don’t do it at any other stores. TNR works and killing the group all at once will NOT work.


Alicia Suarez May 27, 2017 at 11:20 am

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE highly consider building a new store location on the east side of IH-45 at Hwy 242 in The Woodlands/Conroe area!! I am a homeowner of over 10 years here and have seen development rise so quickly both residential and commercially so it has gotten very congested in just leaving my home to go across IH-45 to get to where all the big grocery stores are! We have no grocery store on the east side of IH-45 on HWY 242 all the way to the end of it at IH-59 (also called IH-69). There is so much land along this HWY 242 that is being commercially developed and there’s still a lot available, PLEASE, PLEASE, INCLUDE ADDING ONE OF YOUR STORES!! ESPECIALLY WHILE THERE IS STILL LAND AVAILABLE AND NOT ALL TAKEN UP? Your company will greatly benefit from not only we homeowners but from all the businesses growing along this highway too. Your company too will have a great amount of business and will also contribute to the environment with less exhaust of vehicles in traffic as what we experience in just trying to get to the west side of IH-45 to shop the major stores. I am asking all major chains that I prefer to shop from. You all are my first preference. I HOPE YOU ALL CARE ENOUGH TO STEP UP AND BE THE FIRST ONES TO HELP IN THIS REQUEST of my concern. Thank you very much! – (HOPING) Alicia.


Alicia Suarez May 27, 2017 at 10:56 am

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE highly consider building a new store location on the east side of IH-45 at Hwy 242 in The Woodlands/Conroe area!! I am a homeowner of over 10 years here and have seen development rise so quickly it has gotten very congested in just leaving my home to go across IH-45 to get to where all the big grocery stores! There is so much land available along this HWY 242 that is being commercially developed, PLEASE PLEASE INCLUDE ADDING ONE OF YOUR STORES!! It too will have a great amount of business which will also contribute to the environment of less exhaust of vehicles in traffic. I am asking all major chains that I prefer to shop from. I HOPE YOU ALL CARE ENOUGH TO STEP UP AND BE THE FIRST ONES TO HELP IN THIS REQUEST. Thank you very much! – Alicia


Warren Ducote May 25, 2017 at 11:48 am

We have been shopping at HEB for many years. We have been a loyal customer but because HEB saw fit to back SB 2190 that essentially stabbed Houston Firefighters in the back, we will no longer be shopping in your stores.

Please keep in mind that there are over 7000 active and retired Houston Firefighters . We will be asking our friends and family to also boycott HEB.


Mary Fuentes May 19, 2017 at 8:51 pm

We visited the HEB in Bulverde on HWY 46. We waited in line while a woman in front if us ordered multiple money orders. As we approached the window to cash 30 lotto tickets Bianca sighed as she took our winnings. She proceeded to ring up the tickets with attitude and tell us in the future we could only cash 10 in. The only person behind us was an employee. Not only was her attitude unprofessional but the so called policy makes no sense. We buy $375 worth of tickets each week from HEB. Not sure why HEB is saying they can’t cash in more the 10 at a time.


Jaime Garcia April 24, 2017 at 10:45 pm

HEB truck driver trailer #2188 does not know how to drive. I’m driving southbound IH 35E between De Soto and Hillsboro. This idiot is not only driving in the fast lane, but not allowing other divers to pass him. A U.S. Mail truck driver was in the lane next to him. They were both driving side by side blocking both lanes for about five miles. I wish a trooper was around and would have pulled him over. This person has no business driving, much less for HEB. Who knows what he was doing. He clearly was distracted or driving like that on purpose. I hope someone finds out who he is. This dude needs to be fired or atleast demoted to a stocker.


Nelsiena Bowen April 15, 2017 at 11:58 pm

My husband is delivering at your DC in San Marcos, Texas. The lumper service, Costa Solutions, is one of the rudest individuals to walk this earth. It is to be sure that this locaton will be marked. DO NOT RETURN and all friends and family will be encouraged not to shop H.E.B.
This service is a representation of the quality of H.E.B., I say, No thank you. I’ll pass.
Have a good day.


Danny Bishop April 4, 2017 at 3:31 pm

My name is Danny Bishop and my family has been in McKinney for 3 generations. Currently drive a school bus and at this moment I am running for mayor. Sold my van to stay in this election and pay for my campaign. May not be as affluent as my opponents but I find my success in helping my community anyway I can. My children on my bus are from all over the world. It is like driving the UN on a daily basis. They get along so well it gives me great hope for all our futures. The kids have told me that they love HEB and that if I could get you interested in coming to our wonderful town that I woukd surley get elected. I think they are right. I wanted to send a photo of the kids with there sign but I do not want to use them in any political form. However the parents who love you dearly will allow them to meet you at our airport. Our jet is ready to goto San Antonio and pick you up. Please hurry the election is May 6th. You can call me at 214-854-XXXXX or email me. Thank you and God Bless HEB and God Bless Texas!


mike wysong March 10, 2017 at 9:45 pm

When is HEB coming to Wichita Falls Tx? Walmart and United need some compatison . I miss shopping HEB being from Odessa TX. Please bring HEB to Wichita Falls Tx soon.


Connie Metcalf February 13, 2017 at 3:29 pm

I am looking for help for our Senior Citizen here in Tatum Texas to help with grocery. either a spo0nsor us or give a grant. we are the Tatum Nutrition Center.here in Tatum Tx. we are struggling to have enough food to feed around 45 to 75 every Thursday. only 1 day a week.The mailing address is p.o. box 1317 my cell phone 903 263 2248 Thank you for listing to us. we really need help or we close . Connie


Unknown partner February 6, 2017 at 9:13 am

Date of posting: Monday February, 6, 2017
I’m writing this as a worker for one of your 350+ stores & want to disclose the working conditions of the central market in San Antonio, Texas on 4821 Broadway Street. I have worked in the Boh which stands for bottom of the house in the main chef prepared kitchen for over 5 year’s as a production assistant. We have always had trouble in our establishment in our dish pit which I can say the guys who do that job are amazing but there is a few fellow partners that are detrimental to the overall environment. We recently scored the lowest ORT review in the history of our store which was a 36. Chefs are aware that we have a alcoholic who is a steward & they allow him to continue to work without any regards to how his actions are hurting the work flow & putting others in danger. I have witnessed him on several occasions shaking from withdrawal while preparing chicken & also spilling chicken blood on floor & leaving without cleaning only to have someone slip & hurt themselves there after. Spills grease behind roti oven where chicken is cooked stored & doesn’t clean. He also has a sister & mother in law who work in the (foh) front of the house & they help him get schedule of upcoming week & he will pick & choose days he will call in when he’s supposed to work with certain partners. In my 5 years we have had over 15 guys quit that position & only 3 guys who are older men & he is one survive. I see on a daily basis how he will help & contribute when he’s working with his older friend who’s been working with him at this location going on 15 years. He trains the new hires incorrectly on purpose to watch them struggle. I can go on & on, reason behind me writing is to hopefully get management in that can be stern on staff that doesn’t perform their job description. It’s not only a steward issue it’s a runner/production assistant issue as well, due to how small the dish pit area is we have minimal space for dirty dishes. Therfore a system is in place to stack dishes in set areas & scrape all food leftover’s into trash. We have hardly anyone who does this properly. I actually think this thus is our biggest challenge. The partners who are morning workers & are 25 year plus are becoming detrimental to the fellow partners who have to pull the weight of workload that they aren’t able to perform or choose not to due to since of entitlement or just not caring about the job in general. Whatever the case these workers who have been with company for over 15 years are hurting the (boh) & the 20 plus year are throwing dishes all over the floor not scraping anything in trash so it dries & makes job of steward harder. Eating free breakfast every morning & just doing whatever because management as I reiterate isn’t stern enough.
We are in the process of a 10 milion+ renovation & I would like to see drastic changes in the working conditions as soon as humanly possible if we don’t get partners on track I don’t see the ORT score getting better nor will the new facility stay cleanly or equipment stay functional. This is just the plain fact of the matter at our location. PLEASE BRING CHANGE TO OUR KITCHEN MR. BUTT.


I sabrina January 23, 2017 at 5:26 am

I have filled out request cards for the heb vegetable pot stickers in the store in beaumont on dowlen. Never have gotten them. I requested vegetable pot stickers in the lean c. Dinners . Never got them. I throw away half of the produce I buy from there. The grapes I bought every week have been replaced with grapes from Peru . They are so bad we can’t eat them. Finally got in good oranges. Most of the dates are useless. It all goes bad days before the date. I’ve had peaches go bad over night. I wish you would find more local and farmers in our own country. The Dell food isn’t anything like the market in houstin. The olive bar and salads are so fresh and variety. That would be great. But I really want the veg. Pot stickers. I turned so many people on to them then you quit caring them. You have space . Do you not make them anymore? The staff isn’t much help.


Henry December 21, 2016 at 6:38 pm

Thank you for coming to DelValle,txt. I’m a long time resident and really appreciate what you do for the community. Thank you again and build it fast. Please!


mike johns December 2, 2016 at 1:20 pm

It`s the day after thanksgiving and that should mean h.e.b. will get thier christmas trees in .i was told the mgr. didn`t want to order this year [ that`s wrong ] I use to shop all my needs there , but now that the grinnich works there I`ll drive across town to shop now. I plan too let anyone who will listen NO TREES IN HEB KINGSVILLE but other stores have them SIGNED No Place To Put Gifts


mike johns December 3, 2016 at 10:35 am

does anyone even read these ?


I sabrina January 23, 2017 at 5:09 am

I did. . I’m here to read what others have to say because I hope they will read what I have to say.


Dennis Rehders July 16, 2017 at 4:05 am

Yep… read them all the time, and so does the Corporate Office…


Heather November 26, 2016 at 8:08 pm

Yes I went to heb killeen today and the cashier charge me for items I did not get nor know about until I look at the receipt, I confronted him and he did a refund but was very rude about it, I have the two receipts and can show proof. Now I know it’s the holidays but why rip your customers off


Fred Hoffman November 20, 2016 at 9:06 pm

HEB = Form # 19526
Fred Hoffman
1502 Wethersfield Road
Austin, Texas 78703
Phone: 512-477-9130
Email: Hoffman1492 at att.net
My problem is with the “new” powdered milk (the plastic bag)
UPC: 41220 01291 6

I have been using the “old” powdered milk (in a box) for more than 50 years.
UPC: 41220 05194 6… This is my old standard that I have used since I was a little boy (My family shopped at HEB in Weslaco, Texas, first buying canned milk by the case, and then powdered milk when it became available. I have seldom used anything else at home). This powder is more a granular milk that mixes with water easily, to make milk to drink, or to make my Banana Smoothie, that I drink with Breakfast.
The new” powdered milk (the plastic bag) is a very different story. It is a very fine powder that does not wet easily. When I try to mix it into water, it will become a sticky mass. I have even tried using a blender (when I make my Banana Smoothie). I will end up with sticky lumps of milk sticking to the sides of the blender jar.
My suggestion is that you bring back the box, or design a new bag that you have the granular milk put into (so that I can tell it from the fine powder). Note that I am not complaining about the bag, it is not a bad way to package powdered milk.


Barbara Flores November 1, 2016 at 2:42 pm

Used HebToYou for curbside in New Braunfels. Confirmed website showed correct city when I initially started to add items to my cart. I even plugged in my address at the beginning of my order. When I processed my order, I realized the website had changed the city name somehow to Austin – Lakeline HEB. Obviously a major glitch. HEB charged my credit card $123. Called curbside at Lakeline location to have them transfer my order to New Braunfels location. Rep spoke with his manager who said this could not be done. He would have to cancel order at Lakeline location & I would need to start over again. I already wasted an hour trying to navigate thru your problematic website!! Rep also said that this has happened before to another customer. This is ridiculous & unacceptable HEB!!! What the hell happened to great customer service? Why should I be inconvenienced if you made the error!! To top it off, I still haven’t been refunded back or received confirmation that my order was cancelled!!! I will never use this service again. I heard WalMarts grocery pickup is so much more easier to use. I will be posting this as well on twitter, facebook & other social media outlets.


Randy Popp August 25, 2016 at 10:26 am

I need to know what it takes to land a job at a HEB store. I’ve applied numerous time to several stores in the central Texas area. Only to get rejected every time. I have a very stable work history with a most recent tenure of 24 years at GE before they closed the facility I was working in to relocate to Greenville SC. I had two sons working for HEB. One is still employed at the Taylor, Tx location and the other took a leave of absence from the Temple, Tx location to attend nursing school. I just want a opportunity to prove myself and have a chance to work for a great company like HEB.
Any comments or advice in getting a job at HEB would be appreciated.


Ashley November 15, 2016 at 6:13 pm

You really just have to be persistent. That’s all I can say. There’s no method to their madness. Make sure you’re extremely outgoing and polite if you get called for a group interview.


Sarah August 5, 2016 at 5:48 pm

Today I tried out our new curbside services in New Braunfels,TX. Everything went great at look up but when I arrived home I realized almost all of my frozen groceries (8 items) were not packed and two frozen pizzas were the wrong brand. I did not receive a text asking if this was ok like I was informed they would do. When I called to speak to someone about my problem the lady on the phone simply said “well tell me what’s missing and I can look” she did not offer to look my list up herself. Instead I had to put her on hold to find the list on my email and tell her. Once I told her everything all said said was “oh yea it’s all here in the freezer. You can come get it or get a refund.” I live 20 minutes away and have two young children. Getting back out to get my items was just not a choice. When I told her about the pizza she said “oh weird well we will look to see if we have the right ones but I dunno”. I decided to just get a refund for the missing items but I truthfully thought HEB could have offered me a coupon or done something regarding the problem.


LAWRENCE BRUNI July 27, 2016 at 9:03 am

Purchased the HEB brand Sugar Snap Peas, bar code 4122097514.
They looked beautiful but when I opened them up to eat them as a snack, two thirds of the package had underdeveloped peas. I would say that only ten out of the whole 8oz bag was acceptable. Produce buyers needs to inspect what is expected.


ester morales July 20, 2016 at 6:11 pm

Iv been an HEB customer for yeah an i have never been disrespectful or rude to …That young man name James A on Wooded Acers in Waco tx was not a very kind young man . Just kept staring and I have nothing else to do..


Scott G Mitchell July 8, 2016 at 4:30 pm

I thought you should know. I recently purchased HEB organic italian salad (bag) and the bag contained small pieces of some kind of metal ring. I found one piece by biting into it. luckily it didn’t seem to hurt my tooth. I saved the bits. was gonna e-mail you photos but your e-mail page can’t be found. Just thought you should know. -S.


trish June 22, 2016 at 9:21 pm

Complaint regarding Austin HEB @ Parmer and Mopac on 6/22/2016 @ 6:30pm: Cashier, Jordan, was being lazy and didn’t remove my bananas from the rest of my fruit when he weighed them which raised the price $1. I advised him of his mistake. No apology.Nor did he greet me or say goodbye. I know it’s just a dollar but it was bad cust service overall. Please retrain.


LPeek June 22, 2016 at 10:58 am

Please give this message to Mr. Butt CEO and your legal team…I am heartbroken to once again to be at the mercy of the physical and mental health people to help me face yet another challenging trauma to my body for the “couldn’t care less” attitude of the HEB Family.

4 years ago I sustained a fall over a spill of a clear and gel-like substance, much like anti-bacterial gel, at the Leon Springs HEB. After meeting with a young man named “Joseph” who HEB sent to meet me for a Q&A, I was turned away by HEB who claimed no responsibility for their poor housekeeping practice that caused me to slip and injure my back; I was made to feel undeserving of their concern and care. I have since been receiving and have personally paid for, hospital services, physical therapy, general practitioners and surgeons, support appliances, and have to take pain and inflammation medication. I will “always” need medical attention to my back for having sustained a fall in an HEB with a dirty and unkempt floor. It is very important to note that before this accident, I was a very active individual and to some degree athletic…I used to hike, canoe, hunt, fish, bowl, play golf with my husband, swim, dance, garden, cook and bake, keep house and carry my grand babies. All that has changed and I now unable to work to earn an income, am limited to non-physical activity, and I spend most of my time at the doctors and therapists office(s).

4 yrs later, I still suffer from the extruding spinal discs, (L4 and L5 ), that were damaged due to this fall. I require surgery again after one unsuccessful attempt to correct the matter. I receive epidural injections to the spine every several months depending on the season and weather, but have been advised that I will live with a lifelong condition of lower back pain, back spasms, numbing in my extremities, aggravated sciatic nerves, inner thigh and knee pain, and general walking limitations; all conditions that did not exist before the injury and that cannot be healed. Pain management therapy is a given, I have had to learn to live with pain. I am not young nor in the best of health to pursue even more major surgery as has been given as my last resort, but advised nonetheless. Further and more disheartening is that I have had to seek professional counseling for the depression and anxiety that comes with chronic pain as well. I am so morally broken and exasperated for living with conditions beyond my control for having fallen on a floor- hazard that should never have been posed.
My sense of despair finally caused me to reach out for disability benefits which have been granted after a year and a half of the application process and with the support of signed acknowledgements by doctors who provided reports as to my back injury, prognosis and treatment failures and proposed options. I am now deemed “Disabled”, and this in my opinion is clear evidence that I have substantial medical reasons extenuating from my fall at HEB that have deemed me entitled to receive SS Benefits.

Yesterday, a 7 lb gallon of water from a shelf overhead in the HEB at Bandera/1604 fell off the shelf as I turned away from the shelf to place another gallon of water in my basket…it apparently fell forward and leaned right into the right side of my skull at the bony part where the temple meets the crown and about an inch from the eye. I was taken by EMS to the ER and I treated for a contusion, prescribed medication and sent home without any radiology having been conducted. Today I am experiencing much more pain than yesterday. My ear rings, my jaw and hinge are soar, my temple area is tender and inflamed and my neck is stiff and aching to my shoulder on the same side as the bruise and bump at the right side of my head.

Here’s my sense for despair this time due to past experience…that this too could become a condition that HEB is not the least concerned with, nor does it care about me nor will it acknowledge that the placing of heavy water gallon containers in the top shelves of their stores is a poor judgment call made by their staff, (or outsourced staff), who stock their shelves… the water was Hill Country Brand Distilled Water. I am 4′ 10″ tall, my head falls way below the average; the shelf the bottle came off of s at about 6′. My proximity to the falling gallon was about a foot to a foot-and-a-half away from the shelf standing sideways; I was not aware of the falling jug. Consider the physics of the force of the impact to my head, velocity/weight, etc., the hard cap of the 7 lb jug sharply dug into my skull at the top of my temple. The pain slowly piercing through my head, ear, eye and jaw seconds and minutes later, and I became disoriented.
I shop at HEB and HEB drugstore at least three times a week and spend a hefty annual budget here; it is not my choice to do so, but rather it is because of my ailment, my budget and the convenience factor that I “have” little choice but to go to HEB. I swallow my pride each time I walk into your stores despite my sense of disregard, knowing that my loyalty as a regular patron means nothing to the Butt Corporation. HEB’s lack of compassion for the innocent people injured in their stores (where the store is clearly at fault) is a direct reflection of its standards, or lack thereof, in empathy, concern or kindness toward “some” of us.

I have tried to explain the worst part of my pain and life-changes due to my previous injury that HEB was unfortunately responsible for but washed its hands of, and have explained all of what has happened to my life and health since my injury. I can only try now to share my story with the public…thank goodness for social and broadcast media…


Cheryl Fair May 16, 2016 at 7:52 am

The Calallen/Annaville HEB is too small, inadequate for the number of people, the community it serves. HEB has been talking about building a new, larger store but all talk and no action. I have complained to Phil, the manager on many occasions. The aisles are narrow, the selection is horrible, and the parking lot and outside of the store is just plain nasty. My daughter reminded me that “you know what” runs downhill and my complaints to poor Phil do no good. It has to start way higher up. There are so many people that live here that now drive in to town to shop. And others that literally make two grocery lists – one for HEB and the other for Wal-Mart (our only other option) as its a sure bet HEB will not have it…..or at least this crappy HEB wont have it! There was a closed down Hollywood Video next door that they could have taken in but noooooo something about the floors not being level and not worth the cost. Now we have a freaking minor emergency opening up next door. Just recently remodeled the Flour Bluff HEB and it was already a million times better. We travel to SA to see our son and the HEB make ours look third world. C’mon HEB havent you made enough off this community? I beg a team to come down here and have a community meeting, heck I beg one person to come down! This is not an indictment on the people that work there. but the store itself should be an embarrassment to your organization.


Brooks May 7, 2016 at 7:24 pm

HEB 22618 Adine Westfied in Spring has a shameful appearance. Other stores are great. New store in every area expect this one…Dirty inside and out. This area has grown five times in size since this store was an HEB Pantry in the 1990’s. This is a great example of not serving the community that spends money in this store. This store is always out of something. Clear sign it cannot keep up with the neighborhood. HEB invest in this area please. I should not have to drive past a store that is around the corner from my home to meet my shopping needs. This store is a market. Not a Supermarket. The very least that can be done is to remodel this store inside and out. Why are we stuck with an old Pantry store??? Almost all the others have been replaced. What message are you sending to our community??? I also find it totally unprofessional making loud announcements to run people out 15 mins before closing. If you are in the store before closing, you should be able to finish before lights get turned out in the freezers, and curtains are pulled down in the produce area. Do everyone a favor and build a new store on FM1960 anywhere from HWY 59 to 45.


Sylvia Anchondo May 3, 2016 at 8:40 pm

I went to HEB #136 located at 1213 s commerce Harlingen, Tx 78550. They had several carts in the front of the store by the registers advertising wonka sweettart ropes sharing pack 2 for $1.00, so I decide to buy $5 worth for my kids. Once I’m at the register checking out the candy rings up for $1.37 each and they would not honor the 2x $1 price that was clearly listed, manager came by and said you can take $1 worth if you’d like but no more. Its unbelievable that although its the stores error they will not honor my purchase, disappointed in HEB this is supposed to be a store that’s all about customer service smh.


Josephine Cantu April 5, 2016 at 1:39 pm

Today was the most embarrasing moment I have EVER had at HEB. I went in to buy some lunchables for my children because HEB had a deal buy a lunchable get a pack of oscar meyer ham for free and I had 4 coupons for the lunchables. So I went to the register to pay and everything was fine until one of my manufacture coupons didnt scan. So the associate called over another associate by the name of Jody to assist her. Well Jody looked at my coupons and said that I could only use 2 and not the four I had given her. So I said that was fine and she removed the two extra lunchables. So after I paid I noticed that the 2 oscar meyer meats didnt get credited back and I was charged for them. So I asked Jody if she could credit the cost of the two meats because she had removed the two lunchables but not the meat. She looked at my receipt and said “oh no we are going to have to look at your receipt in detail because i want to make sure your not getting any extra off”! Mind you she made a VERY big deal of it in front of EVERYONE!!. I told her ma’am your policy states I can use a manufacture coupon on any item I am buying. She didn’t want to hear it and was saying no no no,…well long story short she made a very big scene and I was HUMILIATED and in tears by now because of the anger of embarrassment I was receiving. The associates in customer service agreed when I told them about my transactions, they stated I was right about the policy I even pulled it up to show Jody but SHE WAS RIGHT and I was WRONG!!! in the end Travis refunded me all my money and I left with NOTHING!!! I told Jody that she needed work on her customer service skills because you don’t embarrass a customer in the way she did. The right thing to do would have been to ask me to step to the side and try and figure it out. I asked her twice to just cancel everything and give me my money back so I could go shop elsewhere. She refused until Travis took over because I was in tears asking to please just let me have my money so I could just leave… I was SO embarrased and cant believe that I was treated the way I was by this AWFUL, HEARTLESS woman!! The sad part is they let a customer leave their store feeling the way I did. I have shopped at this HEB for years and because of this ONE person I will NEVER go back!! And I know she will NEVER be addressed about this issue…because I even told her I was going to write a letter to HEB and her exact words were “ok that’s fine!” REALLY!!!


Brooks May 7, 2016 at 7:28 pm

SHAMEFUL!!! Jody can have a bad day like anybody else. She could have pulled you over to the side. I have never seen any HEB worker be so rude. Maybe Jody needs a vacation. It works wonders. Good for Travis.


Peterson G February 6, 2016 at 4:21 pm

just went to get my script and was told the cost was 20.00 more then what I was paying I told them I wanted my script back so i can fill it somewhere else cheaper, I then sold GINA the Pharmacist you need to tell your customers when the prices goes up before they fill it, The H.E.B. Pharmacist GINA told me its not their JOB to tell H.E.B. CUSTOMERS that their med PRICES HAVE GONE UP. ( Being that most of us are on a limited budget now cant get the meds ) REALLY??. Well I am also sending Emails to the General Attorney’s Office.


CR March 3, 2016 at 10:12 am

Please contact HEB Corporate Offices at (800) 432-3113 regarding this matter or email them directly at customer.relations at heb.com This website is not a part of HEB Grocery Corp.


David C. Burdick March 6, 2016 at 8:58 pm

RE: Peterson G, February 6, 2016 at 4:21 pm => FRAUD!! Lousy C.S.!!!
Unconscionable towards handicapped!!


WR February 3, 2016 at 3:37 pm

Is this really a part of HEB Corporate Headquarters? I never hear anything back from them.


J M February 2, 2016 at 10:49 pm

Today I went to pick up the rest of my kids medicine as I was only given a small portion last Tuesday January 26 i was told the rest will be ready on Thursday January 28, Well I went on a week after February 2 as I had no more meds for my son and my surprise was that the incompetent people from the LOCKHART TX drugstore had it on the system that he’s complete dose was give to me last week I told them I was given a small dose in small container and the lady had to call the person who gave the order to confirm that I was telling the true. I got tired of waiting 40 mins and went back home to get them the small container n prove to them what I had left and that I was not lying, when I got back my kids medicine was ready and at that time the assistant store director came and he threaten me he was going to call the police if I didn’t lower my voice due to the fact that I was upset his words”you need to back down” as im writing my info to have the store director contact me n at that time I hear the two pharmacis laugh n my assumption as a client they are laughing and they are talking about myself and my son’s meds in my presence and I told them that’s a huge HIPPA violation,, when i finished writting my info i threw the pen back on the counter and left as im walking to the exit I notice the assistant director is following me and he challenge me outside the store and tells me he didn’t like my attitude and that if i didn’t leave he was going to call the police on me, i guess he was expecting for me to do something to him but I didn’t and I just walked away and left. I really hope I get a call or email from the corporate office as if any complaint it’s done at this store is kept within and nothing is done about it…….i really hope something is done about it…

A very concerned and dissapoined customer


debra January 19, 2016 at 7:57 pm

I took a numbrer in the Deli Department at the HanXXXX Center location in Austin, Texas on 1/18/16 around 4 p.m. They were serving number 13 and i was waiting for the guy to call my number and a man that was walking up was asked had he been helped. I held up my number and the guy proceeded to wait on that guy. I stood there and finally he ased if he could help me and i explained to him that i was next and i told him i didn’t want it. It was my favorite store until this incident. There is no excuse for the insulting servce….my money spends too.


Minnie December 24, 2015 at 3:31 pm

I purchased some grapes and strawberries at HEB on 7th street. When I got home the grapes and strawberries were rotten. I tried calling to see if I could return the fruits and the manager said I needed to bring them in. She also stated that I shouldn’t wait a week to eat my produce and that I eat them within a three day period. I told her I couldn’t eat them because they were rotten and I was sorry for waiting so long. This happened at the H-E-B at 2701 e 7 th st, Austin,TX 78702. This H-E-B should improve on the quality of their produce. The grapes had white stuff coming out of them and I discovered after I came to the house.


Minnie December 24, 2015 at 3:23 pm

On November 12, 2015 at 7:30 pm I purchased birthday cake from the bakery that I previously order the day before. After I finished paying for the cake at the cashier while I was walking to the door Tony begin following me and he was walking very close to me. I begin walking out of the door when Tony approached me and asked me why the cake didn’t have a small H-E-B sticker. Tony also asked for my receipt to see if I paid for when he seen me pay for the cake. I showed Tony the receipt and I begin to start crying because I was tired of being harassed by him. Tony asked me if you don’t steal why are you getting so mad. I told him because I didn’t steal anything and that he is always assuming that I steal at this store. I told Tony that he shouldn’t treat me badly because he seen me pay for the cake. Tony stated that he was asking because the cashier should have put the sticker on the cake. I told Tony that he shouldn’t treat me like I stole the cake and that I am tired of him harassing me in the store. Every time I attend the store when Tony is working he is always following me. Tony has chased my car on a previous incident and got my license plate when he seen me pay for my products. Tony is always following me and treating me as if I am a criminal. I never stolen anything in that store and I am tired of being treated like I am criminal. I am always purchasing my product when I shop at H-E-B. I have been shopping at this H-E-B for more the 10 years and don’t understand why I am treated badly. After I talked to Tony, Lee the manager for the night can up to me. I told him that I was tired of Tony following me and treating me like I stole the cake. I informed Lee about the incident. I showed the receipt to Lee and he stated that Tony had every right to question me. I told Lee I don’t agree because Tony saw me pay for the cake. Lee told me that I am sorry that my employees was doing his job. I told him why are you guys treating me like stole the cake , and that they should’ve have discuss this issue to the cashier who checked me out for not putting the sticker on the cake. Lee said that Tony had a right to questioned me and Lee was so upset that his face turned red. I left feeling very down and emotionally stressed. One thing that really upset me was that Lee and Tony never did get a sticker from the cashier to put on my cake. I believe the issue was bigger than a sticker, they were harassing me because I am African American. I believe that this store is targeting African American customer, and they should stop racially profiling people. I have talked to another African American customer about them racial profiling and she also said that she has been followed at this H-E-B. The next day I called and spoke with Steven the District Manager. I told him about the incident and he said that Tony was correct for checking my receipt. Steven also said that he didn’t understand why Lee and Tony approach me in that manner. Steven said that they should have talk to the cashier and he would talk to them. Steven also said that he was going to call me back. I haven’t received a call from H-E-B and they have never apologized to me. I have complain to H-E-B about several incidents involving Tony and he has never change. This H-E-B needs to be investigated in how the treat their customers. This incident happened to me at H-E-B South ,6607 S IH 35 frontage Rd,Austin TX 78744.


Minnie December 24, 2015 at 3:42 pm

Two weeks after this incident someone called from H-E-B and hung up in my face. The person who called never said anything to me and I kept saying hello. H-E-B cannot say they called and I didn’t answer my phone. I still haven’t received a call from Steven,and I want the issue to be resolve. This store needs improvement in how they treat their customers. I want to have a meeting the manager and Tony. Because I don’t understand why he treats me this way. I have spent to much darn money at this store to be treated this way.


kim November 15, 2015 at 4:19 pm

At the Cleburne Heb they can refuse you service If you need to use change for gas… If I’m having to use change it’s Cause I’m between checks She said is have11 to go in use the change machine which cost to use If in using change it’s hard to spare any to go use the machine…. The cashier at the gas machine was hateful to me like I was trash for using change change is money too I went in to talk to the lady at the service fest desk and was meet with attitude to I shop their all the time and I feel it’s wrong to be treated that way please look into this in not the only one that feels this way thank you


Leonard November 8, 2015 at 1:23 pm


Writing to you about one of your products HEB All Purpose Dish Wand Refill. I have been using this product for years and up until the last 9-12 months it has been great. The problem is the sponge separates from the backing plate (part that attaches it to the wand). In the past the sponge never separated from the backing plate until the sponge was dilapidated. It has been happening on every package I buy. Your supplier must have changed to a different glue and it doesn’t hold up. I really like this product and use it all of the time. My local store in Oakhill, TX (Austin) has been great about exchanging them for new ones but that’s not really solving the problem so I thought I would send you guys an email.



Lashawn October 27, 2015 at 11:34 am

HEB in Austin S IH 35/William Cannon is racially profiling a certain race. I am tired of being followed and watched as if I’m a criminal. Also the produce is awful at that store. Every time I buy fruits they’re rotten . I called corporate and the lady was very rude to me over phone. I tried to explain to her about what’s going on, and she kept trying to say they wasn’t profiling me. I’m tired of being treated this way by HEB employees. Also teach the people that work in corprate how to communicate with customers over the phone. Please do something about this store.


Paul Lewis March 10, 2016 at 1:22 pm

Purchased a bottle of bleach that was leaking and damaged the carpet in my car, was treated like a crack head in big spring TX store by manager, called corporate and was treated the same , bottle was sent to manufacture in Canada called the manufacturer and was treated the same, my car has never been fixed. The problem with this store is that not enough complaints involved has gone beyond complaint to store. Unfortunately for them I work for a law firm and as soon as they respond in writing in going to sue them for maximum amount allowed in court. If enough people did this they would do more about the problems they create and condones.


felicia October 22, 2015 at 3:31 pm

I have always shopped at heb but yesterday I was very upset. i asked an associate on the location of an item and he had nothing but attitude. They are rearranging the whole store so it’s hard for me to find anything anymore. He walked me to an area he said it should be and then walked off. The item wasn’t there and I gave up asking for help so I left to walmart and purchased there . If you dont like your job then quit but dont be hateful to customers. i will be taking my business elsewhere.
location : heb plus in killeen, tx (trimmier road)


Ally Jacobs October 8, 2015 at 9:05 pm

I wanted to write regarding several (most) of my HEB visits to your Mueller location is Austin, TX. I attempted to leave feedback online but of course, like everything else I have experienced with your brand, it is faulty and doesn’t work properly, allowing only a few lines of comments. I am a district manager of a large retailer myself which I why I am always so floored with how poorly run this location is. I have never shopped at your stores before as I am an avid Whole Foods/Central Market customer but being that this location is so convenient for us I continue to try it over and over and regret it almost every time. My husband and I always say that we should’ve known better and just driven the extra few miles to CM, our friends and neighbors feel the same we are always talking about how wild it is that it is so hard to bag groceries efficiently.

I repeatedly try to stack my groceries so that the heavy things are in front thinking that I am making it fool proof to bag my stuff but it NEVER fails that I still get home with crushed produce. It is absurd. The baggers either feel like they need to discuss my purchases with me – which is not necessary – instead of bagging so all of the items stack up and get crushed – this also makes the lines really long and the process of check out really inefficient, or, they just don’t have common sense and put the peaches on the bottom -what?! I feel like you should be able to find people off of the streets that can do a better job than some that you employ.

As I wrote a complaint to that location earlier today I sent my husband to the store for 4 things and low and behold he got home with only 3 even though we were charged for the 4 – how can you not get 4 things in the bag?!

As a district manager – I don’t blame the $8/hour employee, I blame management – who is running that place? It is a mess and we are likely not going to shop there, especially since we can’t get out with all of our paid for items let alone expect them to be edible once we get home.

I am always fielding customer issues in my business and I appreciate feedback to make my stores better for our customers, hopefully you feel the same.


Rolando garcia September 30, 2015 at 10:28 am

I recently contacted the dept that handles return checks about why my checks weren’t rejected after writing 14 checks that had a stop check. At the time my wife and I did not know that this was happening.after which I spoke to my bank and figured w
hat was going on. So I called heb and explained so the manager told me shewould contact the second dept to see if they would waive my fees.today she called and said that that the second co. Does not flag checks however initial they did reject my checks and also after paying all fees I got rejected so what’s with I would like a response from higher thank you for your help. Out of money


Kevin September 19, 2015 at 10:17 am

I believe that an HEB delivery truck gave a black eye to HEB’s image yesterday. I, along with several hundred other drivers, watched tracker trailer rig #4984 drive along The Woodlands Parkway with black smoke spewing out the exhaust around 4:45pm. There was a haze along the stretch of road for a few minutes afterwards. Surely the driver noticed and informed his office that he needed to get the truck out of service. Suggest following up on this incident, and providing training if inadequate action taken.


Barbara September 8, 2015 at 10:04 am

Love HEB born and raised in San Antonio favorite place to shop. 2 yrs ago Central Market had this awesome coffee call Dia dela Muerta, I made the mistake of buying only
2 lbs. because last year they had none. Please bring it back or let me know how I can get my hands on more. Thank you This coffee sold out so quickly this one is a keeper in all HEBs.


Renate Penny September 5, 2015 at 5:23 pm

I used to be a 100% HEB shopper and spend much money at HEB. Now I only shop at HEB once per month and only two items that I cannot purchase at Kroegers. I find Kroegers produce much fresher and lasting longer, the prices are actually cheaper. Also, Kroegers gives special discounts on their Kroegers products in addition to senior citizens discounts. Kroegers seafood is better priced, HEB has outrageous prices on their seafood. I purchased tomatoes at HEB one day and looked at them carefully before buying, next day when I made my salad, two out of four tomatoes turned bad. I think that HEB has gotten too large and does no longer provide quality and service as they used to.


Jeanny platt September 3, 2015 at 3:18 pm

What is your process for the selection of new greeting cards my are original and well received thank you


David September 1, 2015 at 10:39 pm

HEB’s ad this week has White Grapes for 97 cents a pound. ALL WEEK Alon Market has had a massive display of several tiers of White Grapes with a GREAT BIG SIGN WITH GREAT BIG NUMBERS reading 97 cents/pound hanging over them effectively labeling them 97 cents a pound. When you get to the checker they ring up at 3.80 per pound. At 5:45pm my mother spoke with the manager who was rather surly and said that the sign applied to grapes that were not even in view and the price for the whole GREAT BIG Display of grapes was 3.80 a pound. She took me back to see what she was talking about around 9:00pm and there was a teeny tiny sign as low as it could go reading 3.80 per pound at the bottom and so small that it was almost out of view – but the mammoth 97 cent sign still hung up above. The checkers said that the confusion had been going on all week and there were some mighty unhappy customers involved. Also there were several bags of grapes at many of the checker stations where the customers just didn’t take them. So, I expect that unless HEB is going to start making this bait-and-switch exercise a common practice it might help if the management team at this store was replaced with NICE people (Like the rest of the stores) who will maintain the HEB reputation for excellence rather than foist this shabby behavior on their customers. Yes they will sell a few grapes at 3.80 per pound to a few unsuspecting customers but the bulk of the people will not stand for it and just get angry as I am. Get rid of the bad apples at Alon Market.


dbixler August 17, 2015 at 11:33 pm

I went to HEB tonight to pick up some juice for my sick child. I had one item and stood in express check out for 15 minutes while the cashier “Ham” had an extremely long conversation with another woman. Everyone in line was looking at her and sorry to say, I was so pissed off that I shouted “Ladies”!!!
And it was to no avail. They didn’t even turn there heads. They just kept chatting away.
After the female customer finally left someone put the plastic barrier on the isle and Ham turned her head and said “I am closed”.
The young man from another isle called me over to his line and checked me out quickly. I hope that you can find out who he is because you need more people like him.
And I hope that I never experience another person like HAM again.

I have never felt more compelled to file a complaint before. I never had to. But this is unaccountable for.

Store at IH-10 and Wurzbach


Christina September 11, 2015 at 3:48 pm

What’s going on with your H.E.B. brand Lightly salted rice cakes? I’ve been buying them for several yrs at the Hwy 281 N. & Evans Rd. location and never had a problem. Over the last few months I’ve found a piece of jagged METAL/aluminum in one bag! Another bag of cakes tasted like soap or laundry detergent. I smelled every cake and they all had chemical smell. WTF?
I’ll be writing an email cause my mouth and gums could’ve really gotten torn up from that piece of metal. I spend lots of $ at this store every week. This is a crime that you’re selling customers tainted food and/or food that could nearly kill them. Thanks.


Helen Furr August 16, 2015 at 4:10 pm

Do you intend to discriminate against older adults and those with disabilities or is your manager at the new Granbury, Texas store in need of training? Having shopped at HEB stores a good part of my life- San Antonia and Austin, I was thrilled to learn one would be built in Granbury. The previous manager, removed all the chairs and tables but put a few back after we spoke to him. Now this manager has removed all chairs so there is no place to stop for a few minutes. There are two large developments close – Pecan Plantation and De Cordova Estates. A lot of retired people live there and shop in your store. They have also removed the chairs from the floral department. Now you have to stand to look through the design book when you order flowers. You also have to stand at the drugstore.

Krogers opened across the street —the have benches and a few chairs throught the stoire. So does Wal Mart.

This store’s manager does nothing to address this problem.


Ralph Gegogeine August 14, 2015 at 7:31 am

First of all let me say HEB has always been a great place to shop and i have been using the same store weekly for over 15 years and never had a complaint till now… 2 weeks ago i bought a pack of beef liver brought it home and opened it to cook within 1 hour of purchase and it was so rotten i vomited in the sink. it was still within the sell by date by a week, yesterday I bought a tube of HEB breakfast sausage my wife took it out of the refrigerator to make breakfast this morning she cut into it it was rotten as well, the sell by date was still 2 days away. I dont know if the coolers at this particular store are not working properly, or products are being re-labled, but the higher prices at brookshires are worth the peace of mind knowing that good money is not wasted on bad meat…


Irene Rodriguez July 24, 2015 at 3:15 pm

I will be visiting a friend in Cincinnati next week. She lived in San Antonio for about a year a few years back. While she was here she absolutely fell in love with HEB! Loves HEB Texas Pecan coffee, loves your huge food and wine selections and so many other items. I will of course be taking her an HEB care-bag! I was hoping to include some HEB souvenirs however other than the large red insulated bad (which I have purchased for her) I can’t find anything. Do they exist? An HEB Christmas Ornament would absolutely blow her mind!

If HEB Collectibles, Memorabilia, souvenirs exist. Please let me know where I can get them.

Thank you,



tim t July 21, 2015 at 3:34 pm

I bought a shark cordless hand vac($39.00) at the HEB in Leander Tx.1 week later the battery would not charge,i went to the store to exchange because this one was defective. I was told it was out of stock and they did not know when they would have one. I said that was fine just give me a refund and i will go else were.
They would not refund because i did not have the box.(how many of you keep boxes to everything we buy) was told to take it to another store 5 miles down the highway and exchange there and put the old one in the new box,thats ok except i get to that store they are not a + store and i would have to go another 5 miles in ton Austin to a + store.I aske could they look on computer and see what store has one,told they have no way to do that.You tell me this GIANT CHAIN is not linked together by computer?? Any way went to the next store do not sell it also must be a discounted item?? Told to go back to first store and talk to manager, THAT IS not going to happen for a $39.00 item left with last store manager,said you can keep it i will shop else were.
On a scale of 1—10 customer service get a 2 today.
P.S. Not that anyone cares i called customer service at home office and told them my experience they said they would look in to it.They never asked what my name was,i had to tell the little girl on the phone,would you like my name and number. Not going to hold my breath!!!


Tri July 9, 2015 at 4:25 pm

I no longer have Insurance because my husband was laid-off & I am handicap so I went to SS to see if I could get some Health Insurance so I could go to the doctor & get whatever prescriptions I needed to help me with the Lupus & Fibromyalgia I was diagnose 10 years ago. I was told that I had to apply for Medicare Part D and see if I get qualify for help with medications.

My case is still being reviewed so in the meantime I remember that I saw HEB had a discount program with those w/o Insurance so I asked my doctor if he could give me the Prescriptions I needed so that I could go to the drugstore at HEB by my home & get in the program they have to assist me with the medication discount.

I spoke with one Pharmacist name Valerie on the phone on July 8, 2015, she mentioned to me that the last time I order that prescription was on April 22 & I had to wait 90 days or 88 days at least to get my medication. This is all very new to me because I didn’t understand because I thought since I no longer had Insurance with Optum Rx why did I have to wait. She finally got me to understand that because it shows on the system that the old drugstore was by mail & had a 3 month supply it was not valid for me to get that med until 90 days later. She then told me that I could call Optum Rx to have it removed from the system or they could call my doctor & get the ok to refill it now. I was very emotional & pleaded if they could call my doctor’s office, she agreed & I was a happy customer.

When I called HEB today they told me that my doctor’s office hadn’t return their call so I called & left a message to the doctor’s office to please give HEB the ok to fill my med. In the meantime I called Optum Rx to remove it from their system so that HEB could refill it so they did have it removed. Being elated with that I called HEB to give them that info & I spoke to one of the drugstore Tech (HEB) & explained it to her, she was a bit rude but I didn’t care, I just wanted to give them the news. The drugstore tech put me on hold not letting me know that she was going to place me on hold & the next thing I knew I was speaking to Valerie (Pharmacist) from the previous night. I told Valerie the news about having it removed from Optum Rx like she had suggested & she denied telling me that & I was stunned, literally stunned. I couldn’t believe that she had denied that & she took it further by telling me that she remember our conversation & she knows that for a fact she did not give me that info. I told her “how would I know to call my last drugstore & have them remove it from the System?” We went rounds on the topic until I told her if she was calling me a liar & she said that wasn’t was she was saying but she knew she didn’t tell me that piece of info.

I thought to myself if you’re telling me you didn’t give me that information, that would indicate that I’m lying. The only difference is, you are saying I’m lying but it is indirectly & by denying what she told me, I am lying just not using the word lying/liar. It goes even a step further when she told me they are speaking to the doctor’s office & as soon as they get the ok they would call me back. I was by this point upset that she indirectly called me a liar & I mentioned again that we both know what she had told me the night before. Right at this point she didn’t want to speak to me anymore & of course it was all about he said, she said, she then told me that I could go by the drugstore & pick up my prescriptions & take my business elsewhere.

I had never had that kind of a problem like this & because I am so very desperate for help I told her to please let me know what the doctor’s office told me. I then concluded the conversation by telling her in a crackling voice because I feel so lost not knowing where to get help for medications that maybe she should count her blessings that she has a job, her health & Insurance. When you’e lost as I am, you feel helpless & fragile on not having Insurance to help you as before.

I don’t wish for HEB to let her go for this behavior, my husband is w/o a job & it’s hard for him to find a job even with a degree. I just feel that she should be a little more sensitive to those that are w/o health insurance & with an illness that is hard enough to deal with should be more understanding even if you’re having a bad day.

HEB goes out of their way to help less fortunate but if there is a bad apple in that tree I don’t think that apple should be removed just handled the part that is rotten.


James Frey July 3, 2015 at 2:09 pm

Last night, Thursday July 2nd about 10:00 PM, my wife and I stopped by the HEB on Hewitt Dr. in Waco Tx. We shopped for about twenty minutes and went to check out. What we experienced was absolutely ridiculous. The lines at the check-out were so long that we decided to leave our basket and go home. I talked to several people that were near the front and they estimated they had been in line for at least 45 minutes. One lady said she had ask for the person in charge and was given the run around. No one wanted to take the responsibility. Management should have known that Thursday and Friday would be busier than normal because of the Independence Holiday on Saturday.

HEB is very convenient for us because we live nearby. However, because we have experienced this before, but to a lesser degree, we are considering shopping elsewhere.


Jesus Trevino June 24, 2015 at 11:06 am

Not sure if right place but im tired of the service us truck drivers get at ur distribution centers especially the one in san antonio by rittiman rd we deserve more respect we drive through almost anything to try to make our appt on time so we can then get treated like dogs im sure the news media would love to here every truck drivers complain about ur heb distributions services


Deborah June 8, 2015 at 2:55 pm

I’m tired of going into the H-E-B on PIn Oak in Katy, Texas to only be treated disrespectful by the young cashiers and slackers ( there too busy socializing to take care of the customers that pay their wages) I don’t pay good money for groceries to only have them smashed by the rude people that work there. And when you let them know, they argue with you.. This has been brought to the store managers attention numerous time. I’m starting to believe HEB doesn’t care about its customers. ( probably you’ve made enough money that this really doesn’t matter to you). All I can say is I can’t wait until the new Kroger Superstore opens, maybe they’ll treated there customers better.


Chuck June 9, 2015 at 2:20 pm

Deborah, they don’t care at all. The HEB in my town rips me off constantly, 15 times this year so far! Today it happened again I bought 2 mangoes and was charged for 12! I just took my eyes off the screen for a minute to answer the person that was bagging, when i looked back he was done and that screen that pops up covers the items. So I paid then looked at my receipt and said to the guy “hey you charged me for 12 mangoes instead of 2” and he laughed and said “aw man I do that all the time just go over to the customer service window and they’ll fix it”. 15 minutes in line over there to get my money back. This happens way too often at this store and I am betting others as well and I have complained about it repeatedly to no avail. HEB does not care. HEB is getting worse and worse every year. Better off shopping elsewhere from this point on.


mlj July 12, 2015 at 3:55 pm

Amen to that. I think all the stores hire teenagers and never give them the talk before they go out onto the floor. They socialize with each other and don’t care about the customer. I was treated like that today at the Granbury store. I called the manager and she wasn’t helpful either. She said they don’t discriminate against hiring teens. Well, they need to retrain those kids or not hire them in the first place. Get real HEB, customers are the ones that make or break your store. If you don’t have customers then you don’t have money either. I am so tired of going to a store that is run by teens with no respect for anyone. They are more interested in what they plan to do after their shift or which boy can flirt with the bag girl.


Allison June 2, 2015 at 10:44 am

Why not a section for one or two member households? Singles, seniors, childless couples, or single parent households are always having to choose between waste or eating the same thing for days. Single serving frozen entrees are not the healthy answer. Why can’t we find a small loaf of bread or small servings of meat packages?


Norma Gonzalez May 14, 2015 at 10:31 pm

At HEB Mercado Grande # 255 in Laredo Texas, the wall-to-wall remodeling has made the new Coke aisle impossible to shop through…especially at the times when the shelves are being refilled, which is always, since this store sells crazy amounts of Coke. Please fix as soon as possible.


To whom this may concern April 12, 2015 at 7:01 am

I am not happy with the treatment I’m receiving from the employees. I have been followed over 6 times and I am tired of it. I attended the HEB Austin, TX William Cannon and IH 35. A certain employee by the name Tony has been harassing me. I was followed by Tony on March 25 2015. Tony chased my car and wrote down my license plate. Tony has accused me of stealing when I never stole anything. Tony watched me checkout and leave the store. I purchased every item and I hadn’t stolen anything. After I confronted him about it he said that I didn’t steal anything. See this right here is called harassment. After the incident he still watches me every time I attend the store. I have been attending this HEB for over 10 years and I have never receive this type of treatment.
I have moved my medicine from that drugstore and will never attend this store. Employees shouldn’t harasse their customers. This HEB has lost a valuable customer. Tony wears a yellow shirt everyday. I think he is a host. I feel like corporate is not doing anything about my complaints. I have spoken with Suzanne and she never followed up with me. I had to call her and ask for a follow up. Suzanne said that somebody should be contacting me from the store. No one has contacted me from that store. This issue need to be handled before Tony harasse another customer. I have also been watched by Richard. I have never stolen in my life and I will not be treated like a criminal. I have spoken with three managers at HEB and nothing is being done about it. I spoke to Dawn which is a manager and I told her on March 24 that I was being followed. Dawn told me that it was their job to watch people. I described who the employee was that followed me around the entire store. I told her that I worked at dps and would never jeopardize my job like that. Dawn said we don’t care where you work it was his job to watch people. Dawn said that he shouldn’t have followed me around the store. This man is still following me around. I never got this man name and Tony was not involved in this incident. I also spoke with John which is a manager. They need to do something about their employees. I feel like there is no diversity in the store. The majority of employees are Hispanics. I feel like I have been discriminated based on my race. I am black and I feel that they are watching me because of my race. I work 40 hours a week and get paid every month. There is no reason for me to steal. I have money to purchase my food. There have been time where I had to get money out of the AM machine but I have always paid for my food. I never stolen from this store and shouldn’t be treated this way. Please do something about my complaints


Ron McHan March 15, 2015 at 9:11 pm

This correspondence is in regards to your store at 320 N. Coit Rd. in Plano, TX 75075 at about 5:30 p.m. On Sunday March 15, 2015. I asked by telephone for somebody in the meat department and was transferred to some individual that eventually answered the phone. It sounded like a loud “sales boiler room”. He was kind enough to tell me “I’m sorry sir, your phone is breaking up.” In fifteen years I had rarely gotten such a concern when calling from my living room, but I apologized, hung up and walked outside in order to improve the clarity of my cellular device. The same boiler room noise was experienced again. After he told me I was breaking up, I asked if perhaps the obvious background noise might be a factor. He confessed the background noise being a significant factor so I respectfully thanked him for trying to help, and said goodbye.

I then called for the manager on duty in order to conduct a mutually understandable conversation. The man was very courteous, apologetic and answered my question. My thanks to his efficiency.

Some solutions might be as follows: 1) If there are times when a department is too busy to be able to carry on a conversation, transfer calls to a person that can at least take a “personal” message. Voicemail is slightly better than nothing and way better than anything that even seems like misinformation. 2) To service those overwhelming “busy time” phone calls, a more remote, noise-insulated alternate department phone might help. 3) It would seem more sensible for the overwhelmed employee to just be able to tap-touch the transfer, as appropriate, elsewhere.

I’m sorry to have no names to report, but the root of the problem is, as always, management rooted. There is little doubt that HEB/CENTRAL MARKET will find more workable solutions than mine, but complaints we receive usually get more deliberation when the complainant shows they have at least briefly considered what they would do. Training, motivation and hiring are rough on us all. If I could write an easy to understand point by point infallible book, I would and retire shortly thereafter.

The Holy Bible is the most important book I’ve found that guides us toward infallibility. I am still learning much from it after 65 years of study. Hopefully within my last 40 years, I’ll figure it out, huh? As to this issue, I’m not even upset anymore. You have superb stores that generate a challenging amount of business. Congratulations on magnificent success caused by offering such wonderful value being your biggest problem. Sleep good, you run a ship guided by character.


Donald Saccone February 19, 2015 at 11:13 am

You recently opened your new store on San Felipi and Fountainview,near where I live.
My wife and I went in your store today. It truly is very nice.
We wanted to have a cup of coffee and relax. But,the restaurant is going to be more upscale(we’ve been told). The coffee availavle were to single containers with regular and decaf.
I asked for the store manager,Donna. She listened,but,really only wanted to hear herself.
I mentioned to another customerthat if was there for coffe at the restaurant,he was out of luck.
Immediately, Donna swarmed down at me that I was not supposed to cause any trouble with “her” customers. I had to remind her that this was America,and while I had the breathe<I would say what I wanted.
I am 70 years old. I have never written a complaint in my life. But,Donna provoked me to let you know. She really had no right to speak to me in the
manner she did. Needless to say,I am not impressed with your choice of management.

Best regards, Donald Saccone


roger barnett February 1, 2015 at 5:22 pm

Please 2nd request does HEB have live blue crabs at any of there SA. stores . Roger or Ruth Phone 210-409-3567 Thank you


Rick Miles January 13, 2015 at 5:18 pm

I received a callback in mid December from a manager with the Vintage store who indicated that she would send a gift card to me to make up for the purchased items which were missing when I arrived home on two separate occasions. I have not seen or heard anything since


web January 1, 2015 at 6:39 pm

I just don’t understand why is it that a manger or assistant manger always have try to justify when an employee has had a bad day or just down right rude 4 son reason , this has always happen to me EXAMPLE no JUILE she has been with this company for 5 years or they may even say longer .or SHAWN

My questions is who cares how long an employee has been with an company that don’t justify how rude the staff can be .


James Reeder December 4, 2014 at 4:18 pm

*** Bleecker Street
Ridgewood, NY 11385


I am writing to introduce myself to you, with the hope that your company may have a need for a person having my skills, experience and expertise.

I have 20 years work experience in Operations Management, budget development, project planning, and team building for a major wholesale produce distributor (Wuhl-Shaftman- and Lieberman), as well as a major food service and restaurant supply company, servicing restaurants and chain supermarket warehouses throughout the tri-state area,(Restuarant Depot).

My 20 years of experience as a pro-active executive evolved around purchasing, warehousing, distribution, inventory management, budgets, project planning, order processing, and customer service. I have excellent people management skills, coupled with the ability to communicate effectively, enhancing the management of a large group of professionals. I am a positive thinking person, acting well under time pressure and stress, loyal and dedicated to my work and I interact very well with staff, clients and all levels of management.

I would appreciate the opportunity for a meeting with you to further discuss my skills and work ethics and how I could be of benefit to your company’s needs.

Strong leader capable of running all aspects of a high volume operation, have excellent communication, organizational and people management / training skills, and extremely customer service oriented. Background in P&L, inventory control, merchandising, hiring / training staff, front end, merchandising, cash control, payroll, security / loss prevention

Thank you
James Nathaniel Reeder


Christina Smith November 22, 2014 at 11:41 pm

Please do not destroy the 900 block of Merriweather (Save Our) Street for more parking for the Walnut St. store in New Braunfels. The amount of money being offered to home owners can in no way replace what we have. There are four houses that are used as rentals so the no closing cost and selling “as is” – of course since you want to demolish for parking – does sound sweet. BUT, for the seven homes that are owner occupied, we do not want our block threatened. I’be been in my house since 1980 – before the store was even built – and others have been in their homes for 20 years +. Please, please, please do not continue with your idea to destroy and disrupt our lives. Please continue to be a good neighbor!!!!


Tammy Williams November 6, 2014 at 2:35 am

I just would like to leave a note of concern about all the GMO products in H.E.B. We love H.E.B., love us back….NO GMO products!


Jill Maiolini November 3, 2014 at 5:36 pm

I recently had some H.E.B. Taco chips and these are the best chips in the world. I live north of Dallas and there are no stores around our area at least not for over 100 miles. I searched the internet to see if you possibly had online ordering for mail orders. I would so love to purchase a box of these chips. Is there any place I could order these? So wish there was a store in our neck of the woods!


Chyrell Cashiola September 10, 2014 at 12:26 am

Thought you should know. In my last three visits to your HEB at Culebra and 1604 I have had to return tainted products. One was a freshly made juice , made in store that was full of ground up plastic. When I returned it the produce manager did not believe me. He had to be convinced by the lady working in the office after she looked at it. Then we had milk that was actually curdled 5 days before the sell by date. No problem returning. Then today I opened a can of Hill Country green chilies and poured them into my casserole I was making only to have a partially shredded dollar bill fall out of the can into the casserole. Needless to say every thing was ruined. I didn’t take it back because it wasn’t worth my time. All these issues are a lack of quality control at some point. The produce manager when making fresh in store juice certainly should have better supervision of his area. This was no small amount of ground up plastic. As far as the milk goes, it is apparent that some where along the distribution route the milk was mishandled. Then, of course, are the chilies. Since these came from Mexico (Even though it was a US dollar bill) it was sold under your brand and you should be responsible for the quality control of the products sold under your label. I am disgusted with your stores. That new WalMart Neighbor store only a half block away is beginning to look better and better. At least it won’t cost me $5 worth o gas to return something.


Barsa Harclerdoe August 29, 2014 at 4:49 pm

I love everything about shopping at HEB (except how frequently they rearrange their shelves so they don’t line up with my Grocery IQ app), But all that aside, I am commenting because our HEB just changed out all the cash registers and I litterally HATE everything about the new register!. The key pad is now at the end of the counter near the baggers. But if I stand there ready to check out, I cannot see the computer screen to review my purchases as they are being rung up. If I stand near the computer screen and across from the checker, I am not near enough to the bagger to monitor how things are being bagged or to give them special instructions. Also, the position of the cart (so that the bagger can load bagged groceries in to my cart) now blocks the key pad, so I have to wait for the bagger to finish loading my groceries before I can enter payment for my groceries. Also, the checker can no longer easily cut through the checkout stand to scan big items under the cart nor with all the obstruction now between the customer and Checker the customer can’t even hand the items “through” the checkout stand to be scanned by hand. Were these new cash registers intended to slow down the process? If so, you have succeeded! I would really like to talk with the logistics engineer who thought these were a good idea. Has he/she even been in a store to use these new cash registers? As a Customer? As a Checker? HEB missed the boat here big time!


Susan Hadrych August 23, 2014 at 10:15 pm

I love shopping @HEB brand on some products! I especially,love your ice cream! J.J.Watts us. Great spokesman for HEB. I believe an ice cream named 99 WATTS could become one of your superior ice creams! HEB and J. J.WATTS are my favorites!

A Loyal Fan,

Susan Hadrych


DEBORAH JONES June 22, 2014 at 10:24 am



Mike Wertzberger June 11, 2014 at 1:44 am

I work for a business located at 4107 Avenida Prima which is located adjacent to the HEB store on Perrin Beitel and Thousand oaks.Even though we have a lease with the owner of the property which clearly states we are allowed to park vehicles behind our store and the property our store sits on is not owned by HEB, one of the HEB managers authorized Bexar Towing to tow 3 of our vehicles on june 6th 2014. I have explained to bexar towing that HEB cannot authorize towing from property that doesnt belong to them, but to no avail. When questioned the manager at HEB pretended he knew nothing about it but when I asked for a letter to bexar towing explaining that a mistake had been made, he refused and told me to talk with our leasing agent and later admitted he knew the vehicles had been towed. As much as Bexar towing is at fault for not verifying the address they picked my vehicle up from, their response is that HEB authorized it and now I have to prove to them that the property my vehicle was on does not belong to HEB.
This cost me $219.00 to get my truck and missed work on Monday the 9th to go talk with them again and the stress and aggravation of knowing what HEB management did combined with Bexar Towing. When I paid for my vehicle, I was provided a receipt clearly detailing that HEB authorized the tow and from their address on 12018 Perrin Beitel and further they have bexar towing convinced the property belongs to them. My vehicle and the other two were clearly behind our leased store on Avenida Prima and had nothing to do with HEB property. WHEN DID HEB GET SO BIG THAT THEY COULD START AUTHORIZING THE TOWING OF VEHICLES FROM PROPERTY THEY DONT EVEN OWN. I WILL NOT LET THIS GO! THEY VIOLATED THE LAW BY AUTHORIZING BEXAR TOWING TO DO THIS AND NOW I CANNOT GET THEM TO RETURN MY MONEY. And what I once believed was a fair and honorable company obviously employs managers who are nothing short of corrupt liars. I believe HEB’s manager I spoke to should be fired on the spot for dishonesty with the public and conspiring with Bexar Towing to take advantage of people and illegally tow their vehicles for their own profit. If you are going to hire and contract with a towing company shouldnt you at least know your property boundaries. And if you made a mistake shouldnt you admit it and have bexar towing return my money. Thats all im asking. But if they cant do this, I will surely follow up with the local news defenders team the local paper and a lawsuit for what is clearly a violation of my rights and a theft of my property because they had absolutely no right to authorize towing from a property they dont own. Even the owner of the property I was parked on wants to know how this happened when his lease with us clearly states we have the right to park there. YOUR MANAGERS ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW MR. BUTT, AND UNLESS THIS MATTER CAN BE RESOLVED BY A SIMPLE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO BEXAR TOWING THAT A MISTAKE WAS MADE, AND A RETURN OF MY MONEY AND COMPANY VEHICLES THEN THIS ATTROCITY WILL MAKE HEADLINES ALL OVER TEXAS AS TO THE TYPE OF PEOPLE YOU EMPLOY AND THE RUTHLESSNESS OF YOUR COMPANY WHEN IT COMES TO VIOLATING THE LAW. I too am a loyal HEB shopper and have many friends employed by HEB. Ive always had good experiences with HEB but this is way too much. Please clearify immediately with Bexar Towing that they towed vehicles from the back of 4107 Avenida Prima and not from HEB property and thus need to return our money and our vehicles. Then please see that this doesnt happen again to someone else by firing the manager who authorized this and lied about it and offered absolutely no help whatsoever even though he admitted it wasnt HEB property my truck was towed from. Maybe your a billionaire Mr. Butt, but Im just a simple working man and I cant afford this type of gross negligence by your store managers. My entire weekend plans were ruined so I could pay for my truck, which I need for work, and it cost me even more by missing work so I could go and meet with Bexar Towing management and now im being made to provide proof. The address on our lease (different from HEB’s) should be proof enough, but according to Bexar Towing someone at HEB is claiming they own the property where I was parked. Maybe the defenders or a lawsuit is the only way to settle this but it is my hope that HEB can admit their mistake and correct this with Bexar Towing. Thats all i really want. Otherwise i guess because you are the biggest grocer in the world that gives your company the right to tow vehicles from anywhere in the State of Texas, regardless of who owns the land. A phone call would be nice acknowledging receipt of this complaint and assurances of corrective action being taken. My number is 210-309-XXXXX. Thank you for your time.


James August 16, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Sounds like a news story to me.


The Schimmel Family May 17, 2014 at 12:15 am

We have been shopping @ HEB in Forest Commons shopping center for the last six years. Recently we have been unable to purchase Mountain Dew in 16 oz bottles. Actually, we have been unable to purchase Mountain Dew at all. Not in 2 or 3 liter bottles or cans. Could we request that Mountain Dew be brought back to our local store? We would rather keep our loyalty of our weekly shopping in our neighborhood HEB.

Thank you.


Sonia Benjamin-Smith April 21, 2014 at 9:55 am


I am a very loyal Joe V’s shopper. I shop the Belfort store at least twice a week. On yesterday, I purchased my items and forgot my pasta. I processed to the express checkout and there was a need for money to be added to the machine. I asked if I could just leave the money and was informed no. Not a problem I understand that, the associate that was adding the money asked the cashier in the next lane, Mikah J. if she could check me out when she finished with the customer she was assisting and she told her, “No I have my own line to take care of and she can wait.” Now I do understand that she is correct and I could have waited, however I had just left out of her lane and purchased so ice, but I still believe that she could have said the same thing better. I did not purchase the items that I needed and proceeded to Wal-Mart, which is on my way home. I have a choice on where to shop and I chose to shop at Joe V’s in spite of you only offering certain items of name brand and that the lines are long, and that the management allows customers who have more than 20 items to check out in the express lane. Please know that customer service will make or break a business. I am quite sure your company surveyed the area before opening the store. There is a Wal-Mart in one direction and Fiesta in the other on the same street. There are other options for me as a customer. I was sooo disappointed that I am not sure that I will shop there again. I know that my not shopping there might not make that much of a difference to your profits, however I would hope that you would like to retain my business and improve the customer service.


Catherine Boothman March 2, 2014 at 7:07 pm

Love HEB!! Live in Hillsboro Texas. Please, please, please build one of your fabulous stores here!


Alvin Van Johnson Sr. December 26, 2013 at 9:09 pm

Hi H.E.B.

Thanks for being there for me since 1963-4 .
I have a product to help fight against School Bullying , Senseless Shootings , Aids ,
Hate Crimes , Human Trafficking , Domestic Violence , Text`n N Driving & much more .

I am searching for the correct person to speak with me about this product becoming part of the H.E.B. line of products .

Feel free to contact me for more details .

Thanks ,


harold becker November 14, 2013 at 2:34 pm

on Thursday 14 nov 2013 I went to the heb store in Carrizo springs tx. I went to the deli counter and ordered 1/2 lb o mesquite smoked ham from MARI. it wasn’t until I got home and my wife says why did you get smoked turkey. my fault for not checking the product more carefully. so I called the store. person number one listened to my story,then said hold while I transfer you to the deli supervisor. person number two listened to my story, the said let me transfer you to someone else. person number three listened to my story. want to guess what she said!!!!!!!!. right hold while I transfer you. at this point I had had enough of these incompetent people and said forget it and hung up. it sure must be nice to be the only store in town so that customer service is nonexistent. oh well who cares there is no other store in town


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