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Groupon Corporate Office Address

Groupon, Inc.
600 W Chicago Ave Suite 620
Chicago, IL 60654

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Phone Number: (312) 676-5773
Fax Number: (312) 276-3231
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CEO: Andrew D. Mason
CFO: Jason E. Child
COO: Jeffrey A. Holden

Groupon History

Groupon is a “deal of the day” website that was launched in Chicago, Illinois in 2008.  The site was founded by current CEO Andrew Mason.

Groupon’s first deal was for half price pizza.

The site grew extremely rapidly after launching and quickly expanded to other major US cities such as Boston and New York City.

The business expanded to other countries by acquiring similar sites such as MyCityDeal (Europe), ClanDescuento (South America), (Japan), (Russia).

Groupon went public in Nov 2011, 3 years after launching.  Since going public, earnings have been disappointing and the stock price has plummeted.

The company current serves over 500 markets in 44 countries worldwide.

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Margaret Warner March 23, 2015 at 6:06 pm

In December 2014, I purchased via Groupon a 2-bedroom/2-bathroom unit at Beach Walk Villas in Carlsbad, CA, for the period from March 7 – 11, 2015. The Groupon cost was $748. We arrived in San Diego from Phoenix AZ and contacted Beach Walk Villas to determine our check-in time. Instead, we were informed that we didn’t have a reservation. As of that moment, we had no place to stay due to Groupon’s double-booking error.

I immediately contacted Groupon seeking a solution, knowing that my full payment went through and that I had a confirmation email. Since this was a weekend, the customer service person at Groupon was not able to help me. I was told to check back later in the week. When I did check back, I was informed that my payment had been credited back to my credit card, and that Groupon would not offer me anything in compensation for our additional expenses, inconvenience, and anxiety. Upon my return home I have worked with John S. (John helped me over the phone on Saturday 3/7/15 when the mistake first happened and emailed to follow up; he has been very kind but has gone as far as he can go.) in Groupon Customer Support to figure out what could be done as far as compensation went. He did manage to find a way to credit my MasterCard account $150.00 but I feel this was way too little an amount considering what we had to spend, more than $1600.00 to correct the mistake. I am a High School teacher and don’t make a tremendous amount of money so what may seem of little consequence to people in your position make a big difference to me.

This was to be a birthday celebration with another couple, lifelong friends. Now stranded, we did a frantic, last-minute search to locate another unit in Carlsbad. We were lucky that comparable rooms were still available at the Sea Pointe Resort. We were not together, as initially planned, and each room cost $800.00 for the four nights. It cost more than twice as much than we had originally planned—a testament to the value Groupon provides its customers.


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