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Greyhound Lines Corporate Office Address

Greyhound Lines, Inc., operated by First Group America, Inc.
600 Vine StreetSuite 1400
Cincinnatti, Ohio 45202

Contact Greyhound Lines

Phone Number: (513) 241-2200
Fax Number: (513) 419-3394
Email: Email Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Lines Facts

Founder: Carl Erick Wickman, Andy Anderson and C.A.A. Heed
Date Founded: 1914
Founding Location: Hibbing, Minnesota
Number of Employees: 7000

Greyhound Lines Executives

CEO: Dave Leach
CFO: Bill Gieseker
COO: Bill Blankenship

Greyhound Lines History

Carl Erick Wickman began a bus service with Andy Anderson and C.A.A. Heed in 1914 by transporting iron ore miners at 15 cents a ride.

The next year Wickam joined up with Ralph Bogan to start the Mesaba Transportation Company.

In 1926 Wickman’s bus operations became known as Greyhound Lines and by 1927 the company had buses making transcontinental trips from California to New York.

In 1956 the US government began the Interstate Highway System and ownership of cars increased, causing a decline in the use of public transportation, including buses. Greyhound faced a long decline in ridership.

In 1984 Greyhound had a major driver’s strike. In the aftermath, Greyhound Lines was spun-off from the parent company.

In 1990 there was another major strike, this one ending in the company declaring bankruptcy.

In 1999 Ontario-based conglomerate Laidlaw Inc. purchased Greyhound Lines.

In 2007 Greyhound Lines was acquired by FirstGroup for $3.6 billion. As a result of the acquisition Greyhound has gone through a major rebranding and spent $60 million updating its fleet.

In 2010, the company rolled out premium bus routes called “Greyhound Express”, which are designed to make fewer stops along popular urban routes.

In 2015, Greyhound opened new offices in Monterrey and Nuevo Leon, Mexico. These cities were linked with each other, as well as several cities in Texas. In doing so, Greyhound made themselves the first American bus line to offer an intra-Mexican bus route.

Greyhound Lines FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Greyhound Lines ?
Answer 1: The phone number for Greyhound Lines is (513) 241-2200.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Greyhound Lines ?
Answer 2: The CEO of Greyhound Lines is Dave Leach .

Question 3: Who founded Greyhound Lines ?
Answer 3: Greyhound Lines was founded by Carl Erick Wickman, Andy Anderson and C.A.A. Heed in 1914.

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Linda J Hall October 21, 2018 at 6:06 pm

I took a greyhound bus on August 15th from Kansas City to West Virginia wimley stop in Saint Louis we had a 2 hour wait because there was no bus driver then my final destination was Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and when I got to the station I did not find my one bag he we’re just letting the people pick thrown bags out I filed a claim on August 16th and sin and 5th oldest money to replace the items that were stolen or lost when I called greyhound to see the status of the claim I was told they found it in Richmond West virginia me virginia and I could not get the refund refund when I called the richmond virginia station they said that it was shipped to their warehouse this is a bunch of BSI will never ever ride greyhound again they are the cheapest and they do not stand behind their policy this is unexpectable at all the complaints you see you on this page you would think that you would try to help the person and that’s all I have to say


Tamara Bitner October 16, 2018 at 7:14 pm

I just want to put it out there to all my facebook friends. I am so irritated. I told them I would put it on social media so all my friends would know what terrible service they provide. Do not use Greyhound Bus services. I will never use Greyhound services again. My son and his friend bought a ticket from Modesto down to North Hollywood. Well actually I put it on my credit card. The bus was supposed to show up at 5:!5 AM -never showed up. They sat in 45 degree weather for over 2 hours. Then were told the bus driver was going to be 2 hours late so they waited but then they were told he never showed up. Next bus was not until 10:45 which was too late. They ended up having to drive down then they couldn’t use the train ride back because they now had the car they had to bring back up. The whole reason for taking the train was so they would not have to drive back & forth so many times. So I called and advised what happened, First they said they would refund me and Now when I called for the status Greyhound has denied to give me back the fare because they say the boys used their ticket. It is only $134 dollars but it is the principle. They did not deliver on their services and now they are not making it right. They said in their system that it shows they used the tickets but the bus never showed up so how could they use the ticket. Apparently if you have an e-ticket it shows you used it whether you did or not. They don’t verify that you actually got on the bus or the bus actually came. They couldn’t use the one back up because now they had a car they had to drive back. Spoke with Bernard – Supervisor in customer service- he could only go by what they had in their system- I told him it was wrong- made no effort to make it right and just kept giving me his speech. I asked to speak with the person above him- he is the highest. Lord help me. Shame on you Greyhound. Your customer service is not customer oriented at all- it is just bottom line. You have lost a customer or many.


J Price October 5, 2018 at 6:07 pm

Terrible experience with Greyhound. Purchased a roundtrip ticket for $124. Only refunded me half the amount. I did not cancel my ticket nor was I late getting to the terminal. The bus was late getting to my pickup terminal, which meant I would miss my connection in Seattle to get to Eastern WA. I therefore did not get on the bus. I have been trying for over 3 months to get this resolved. After being on the phone with Greyhound customer service today for 45 minutes, I was able to talk to the supervisor and had to explain everything again for the umpteenth time, he tells me they can’t refund me my $64 because their system would not allow it. Wouldn’t even give me a one-way ticket – which I wouldn’t ever use anyway. Would never travel on Greyhound. I was told ahead of time by my friends how bad they are, now I know.


Cheryl A Hill August 27, 2018 at 6:18 pm

August 27, 2018

Greyhound Lines

POB 660362

Dallas, Tx 75266

Dave Leach, CEO President

RE: Cheryl A. Hill, Passenger

Confirmation # 85400071

Poor Customer Service, Restroom Environmental Safety Hazards, and Poor Consumer Operational Service – Refund Requested

On Monday, August 13, 2018, I started my journey from Washington DC to Little Rock Arkansas at 0210 am approximately 20 minutes later than the schedule 3593 departure time of 0150 am. I arrived at my transfer point Richmond, Virginia and the nightmare begins. We were informed that our transfer schedule 1511 would experience a delay.

This 24 hour terminal had a restroom that was in horrible condition. Around 5 am I informed the station manager of its need to be serviced. Stopped toilets, no toilet paper in stalls and environmental issues like bloody and bowel stoppages in several stalls. I personally reported this again on the phone to the Dallas Customer Service line 214-849-8966. A little after 7 am it appeared people had arrived to address the clutter in the restrooms. Still there at 9 am I again went to the restroom where out of the approximate 10 stalls only 4 were operable. The stench and disarray was consuming at that time. The terminal was full of people from several delayed trips. I called Dallas again and asked if they could please call this station and have them address the uncleanliness. They shut down the ladies restroom and I then observed a couple of guys go in with tools like plumber snakes. After a few minutes I saw he Station manager go in apparently to check and then we were allowed to use the facilities again. I suggest a 24 hour operation and major hub such as this station have periodic restroom checks where employees sign off when they have addressed their needs. A consumer should not have to be the one to report repeatedly before station employees clean these public facilities.

Back to my trip. The hours of delay continued. We were finally told our driver would arrive at noon. We did not leave the station until 1:30 pm. This was a 7 hour delay at that transfer point. I had spoke with Customer Service in Dallas over 6 times. A complaint case was opened but I was told to call back 24 hours after my trip had been completed. We had another delay in Memphis and I finally arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas Tuesday, at approximately 1030 am.

My return trip started on Sunday, August 19, 2018. I arrived at the station around 9 am for a 10:10 am departure. Around 11 am the ticket agent informed us that our schedule 1514 would not arrive until 3 pm. Here we go again. However, in about another hour a trip 1510 headed to Richmond, Virginia arrived late and the agent asked if he had any vacant seats. He said yes, so we were hurriedly asked to take our luggage bus side to be loaded. There were 5 of us placed on the bus to Memphis and told to get our tickets rerouted there. Glad to be moving we all complied. After reaching Memphis at approximately 3:30 pm the jaws of disappointment again raised its head. That station agent said the bus 1510 was full and we would have to wait on our original schedule of 1514 now projected to arrive at 10 pm. So frustrating.

The restrooms again were at issue. (Pictures are attached.) Also throughout the station there were puddles of water or spilled sodas throughout. After being in that station 7 hours waiting no attempts were made to address the puddles where it would only take one slip, trip or fall and the staff would then be offering apologies. I again brought all to the attention of different facility staff ticket agent, security, and I believe a station manager. The restrooms were finally addressed after a couple of hours but it was due to complaints from travelers and not due to scheduled maintenance throughout the day.

My trip of 1514 finally arrived and as we left and the driver informed us she would take us to Knoxsville, Tennessee and we would arrive around 4:00 am. She was very apologetic for Greyhound and sincerely tried to comfort us regarding our various inconveniences and she would get us safely to the next destination. Knoxville was a clean up point for our coach and when we arrived we were told to all disembark and after being in the station around an hour told there was no driver and they would be there at 7 am. This time came and left and no update. We heard rumors that they were flying in a driver. Well several people had been on trips for 2 and 4 days and 4 – 12 hours where approximately 10 am the station manager after his office was bombarded by angry travelers started the process of placing people in hotels and purchasing food.

At that time not wanting to spend the night several travelers started looking for alternative transportation. I joined a 70 year old male and 2 19 year old Chinese students in securing a car to complete our trip to Washington DC. As we waited for the rental car pick up Trip 1514 left around 1130 pm. Scheduled with another transfer in Charlottesville Virginia with the trip being so late, I did not want to chance having to get there and waiting overnight for a connection into Washington DC.

I was to arrive in DC at 1115 am on Monday August 20, 2018. I had a training class to attend that evening from 6 – 10 pm. I missed it and have had to reschedule for the first week of September. After riding in the rental car I finally arrived at home at 8:30 pm.

I am requesting a full refund of my ticket. The system delays at every point are not what a consumer should expect from their choosing Greyhound for their transportation. Throughout the country we heard continuously from employee that drivers were on strike, employee morale was low, all stations were understaffed. If Greyhound cannot deliver timely service it should not sell tickets knowing travelers will be subjected to these type of issues. Greyhound appears to have no compassion for consumers having to endure the various conditions throughout its network. Several employees talk down to passengers, some security staff are abrasive while others are so docile. One never knows how they will be treated when asking questions to identify what there travel deviations will be. The system wide uncleanliness of restrooms is unacceptable. With the amount of travelers that pass through each that is the least consumer comfort that should be maintained. Station Managers or ticket agents seemed to just push travelers out of their lobbies into downstream lobbies with no real attempts to address customer resolutions for poor travel operations. No matter what the reason lack of drivers or lack of dependable equipment to transport.

Greyhound did not abide by the terms listed in its Motorcoach Customer Bill of Rights.
Greyhound failed me every step of the way. I spoke with over 15 agents attempting to get resolution since my first contact on September 13, 2018. I have repeatedly had to tell my story over and over again. As I was transferred supposingly from lower level to upper levels of customer support, there was no continuity. I repeated my story and your representative started my case over. They appeared unable to see my previous complaints in the system. After several total hours on the phone with your agents some appear to have language barriers, some appear to read scripts and not address your bottom line concern. I was disconnected multiple times after being on the line 30 minutes or more. I did all I was asked to do and the resolution offered to me was a voucher after declining I was offered $82. Both I declined. For my distress and inconvenience I should be totally reimbursed. And with these offers I was hung up on each time while waiting for your agents to check something else. I haven’t included my issues trying to retrieve my baggage, but that’s another story and I did get my bag on Wednesday August 22, 2018 at the Silver Spring Maryland station.

Greyhound if you desire growth and sustainabiIity in your future, please work on providing an improved and dependable consumer experience in your day to day operations. I want to thank you for allowing me to express my concerns and look forward to a fair and equitable resolution of this matter.


Cheryl A. Hill


Bill Blakenship, Chief Operating Officer

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCD)



Bev August 27, 2018 at 1:07 pm

We booked a bus ticket from Alabama to Richmond Virginia. It was supposed to be a 17 hour trip it end up being 26 and hour trip. When they get to Raleigh North Carolina the bus driver didn’t show up and when she walked into the terminal and ask for some help the person at the counter laughed and smiled because there were no more tickets available to get to Richmond Virginia. I have called customer service and number of times and gotten nothing but a route bunch of pricks of ever seen in my life . We live an hour and a half from Richmond the bus was supposed be there at 2:00 PM and so will we . The busted not arrive to Richmond after she got on the bus until 9 o’clock that night . They offered me a $35 credit that’s a bunch of bull . I can honestly say I will never ever deal with greyhound bus again. You can bet I’m gonna put that on the Facebook feed so everyone will know about how dysfunctional rude and the worst customer service I’ve seen in a long time . Since they wouldn’t help me my goal in life now is to make greyhound bus station suffer. I’m going to start a nationwide boycott on greyhound. If you want to come in it before me I feel your pain


Quo Oates August 12, 2018 at 2:03 am

I purchased a ticket August 10th helping my niece out and she wasn’t to catch her 10:35 P.M. Saturday bus 8-12-2018 I was told that i had to spend another $20.00 just get her on to Houston Texas from Dallas Texas. Greyhound rips customers off and their employees are rude as hell. I filed a compliant to my credit card company and ask them to stop the payment and they will call greyhound corporation Monday august 14 with a argument in this the matter.


Venus Williams June 6, 2018 at 7:00 am

Good morning-

My name is Venus Williams and I purchased two tickets (77652866) for my family to travel from Detroit, MI to Baltimore MD for a second time, after an initial bad customer service experience in April I gave Greyhound a chance to redeem itself.

Again, a bad experience is taking place. My family, which consist of an 84-year-old elderly woman is sitting in the Columbus, Ohio station waiting on a connector to Pittsburgh at 11:00 a.m., they have been there since 4:30 a.m. 6/6/18 all because they were given the wrong information regarding the connector bus by Andrea Perkins, . Now they are being informed they will not arrive in Maryland until 9:30 p.m. this evening, their arrival time was scheduled for 10: 40 a.m. 6/6/18.

I called Greyhound U.S. toll-free number and was given a customer service number (1.214.849.8966)where I spoke to Rob who gave me a number to the Columbus Greyhound (1.614.228.2267 & 1.614.228.2268) and informed me to talk with the supervisor. I have called the numbers repeatly and no one is answering. I asked my son to return to the customer service counter in Columbus so I can speak to the Supervisor and according to my son no Greyhound staff are at the front desk.

I have called the alleged improved national customer service number again, and it disconnects automatically without transferring. The newly designed website does not help with this situation.

This error needs to be fixed immediately! This is truly unacceptable customer service. I need assistance from Greyhound to correct this error.

Highly upset customer.


larry calhoun May 28, 2018 at 7:45 pm

Larry Stents Calhoun reviewed Greyhound Bus —
1 star
May 26 at 12:39am ·

My niece just came from Alabama on a Greyhound. She said that she had never been treated so rudely by anyone, drivers, counter attendants etc. It took her 2 days to get from Alabama to Ct due to overbooking. The ticket she purchased was from Alabama to Waterbury, but was informed when reaching Hartford that Greyhound doesn’t go to Waterbury and that she would have to purchase another ticket from Peter Pan…finally drove there and picked her up myself.. No contact with Greyhound Customer Service.. There slogan WE HAVE CHANGED boy is that an understatement

Larry Stents Calhoun My sister has tried to contact Customer Service with no luck. I guess they don’t care when customers are unhappy with their service Only gave them 1 star because that was the lowest there was


WAHJR May 15, 2018 at 11:47 pm

All you complainers out there, let me give you another clue. You won’t be seeing the Duke and Duchess of Windsor on your trips either. By what means of transportation do you all think you are traveling? You’re on a frickin BUS! A BUS! The lowest form of transportation available for movement of people from point A to point B. There is an old adage you all would do well to heed – “You Get What You Pay For.” So, unless you’re Willie Nelson “On the Road Again,” in your touring Prevost, don’t be looking for digs or service much better than that for cattle. Happy trails you broke a** MoFo’s!


Tasha N. Grace May 14, 2018 at 9:50 am

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking at these comments makes you want to cry!!!!!! for these people they done my granddaughter and her two girls terrible. Scheduled to leave at 7:45 Sat May the 12th. got to the Tulsa station they told them the bus was broke down come back at 11 we did no bus come back at 11 Sunday morning. They told my granddaughter her ticket was expired well hell!!!! I guess they didn’t issue her another ticket with another time and made her come back three times and didn’t leave till 11 am Sunday morning. Then when they got to St Louis they rerouted her all the way to Chicago Illinois and then back to Indianapolis. She is now stuck in Chicago bus station till 11:45 for another bus to Indianapolis with her two daughters. I hope the people who sign this petition get this bus company shut!!!!!!!!!!!!! down. They do there customers anyway they like and if you don’t like it they say well there is nothing I can do about it these customer service people are the rudest and obnoxious people I have ever dealt with. Rest assured we will never go Greyhound that’s for sure. Feel so sorry!!!!!!!! for these people that rode this bus line I will be praying for GOD!!!!!!! to intervene on my grand daughters behalf and great grand daughters behalf. They flew here because my husband passed away their grand father and they were under enough pain and sorrow as it was and, then this happen to them well the owners of this company should be ashamed about how they let their employees treat customers. People just don’t care about each other anymore like they use too just doing my job they say well they must be desperate to work for this company as far as I’m comcerned. Yeah!!!!!!! the almighty dollar!!!!!! at work again.


fwms March 15, 2018 at 9:16 am

whatever the situation, you will not get a response or any attention or a resolution; someone needs to start a petition, get all people with complaints to sign it and have it sent certified overnight mail to the texas state senator; if everyone is in agreement I will have my attorney type it up… whether anyone else signs or not, I’m sending the letter anyway because I had the worst experience of my life with this bus company; I missed a relative’s funeral this weekend by traveling with greyhound by them not having a driver at a lay over in Memphis; they offered me $25 for my time lost & I guess “to he**” with my pain & suffering; then on top of that all my luggage was lost on my return trip… what a dang night mare!!


Dorothy E Creeron April 17, 2018 at 1:11 pm

I will sign your petition. I tried purchasing a ticket on line but after waiting a lengthy time for a confirmation, I got off line and contacted an agent by phone. Upon completion of ticket purchase I inquired about the one I tried to do on line and she advised me there was no ticket purchased showing on line, so I assumed I was safe to complete agents transaction. Next thing I knew I saw two charges on my credit card account. I called immediately and they gave me a temporary credit which was rebilled to me in March of this year. I have been to my bank and reissued my dispute twice and both time Greyhound refused to reimburse stating they were two valid transactions (for the same person) While would I intentionally buy two tickets for the same person for the same departure date? That doesn’t even make any sense. In the mean time I have called Greyhound Customer Service on numerous occasions to find out the status of Case # 828571 and each time they tell me to call back in 3 to 5 business days which I have done. And each time they tell me that they need more time to investigate. I have doXXXXented everything and sent a copy to Better Business Bureau. And now am with you on signing this Petition. This company should not even be open.


Marie April 26, 2018 at 2:11 pm

I totally agree! I just came off of a trip with greyhound where they were going to leave us stranded in a remote area in Utah! Unbelievable, however, I think we will have more weight with our congressman/woman both state and federal representative. I will sign a petition.


Jason leigh July 19, 2018 at 6:30 pm

I had the worst experience my life there company there driver stoled my suit case and money and heart medicine class 1narcodics after police envolment was returned 8 days later with out my wallet money pass port and alot of exspencive things to a company thief driver .was delayed days bus run out gas throwed off bus for smoking when was guy two rows ahead of me .now told it be 90 days before there company refunds my ticket or replaces anything told they only have 250.00 for replace anything I’m out over 4500.00 and they won’t tell me driver’s name I want him in jail fired can’t get help even in a medical emergency …never again


TINA BROWN January 22, 2018 at 1:02 pm



Tammy Robinson January 22, 2018 at 3:36 pm

Thanks for letting us know the site was out of date. We have updated the information.


Chazz Thomas January 22, 2018 at 12:59 pm



Shirnail Brown December 26, 2017 at 10:29 am

I rode Greyhound on July 15, 2017 from Chicago to Indianapolis. On the highway the luggage compartment open instead of the driver turning around to see if he lost any luggage he continued to drive to Indianapolis. Once we arrived everyone luggage was on there except for mines. The driver never apologized to me. I filed a lost luggage claim l have been waiting since then talking and arguing back and forth with they bullXXXXX ass suppose to be claims department every time l call it’s a different lie. I will never as long as l live ride Greyhound l feel so disgusted with whole ordeal this very unprofessional especially since they have been in existence for so long. The drivers are some time rude driving to fast. I have never experienced lost luggage before traveling my feelings are so hurt by this. I will any and every one not to use Greyhound. Megabus if l decide to travel will be my means for traveling or l will just drive my damn self cause there is no way l should be still waiting on them to send me what is owed to me. I had very valuable items in my luggage that was very important to me that no amount of money can replace.


Matshidiso Makhanda December 4, 2017 at 10:25 am

I purchase a ticket in Pittsburgh one way to Detroit. The ticket agent, Danielle, was lackadaisical and ignorant of her position.
I waited for assistance for 30 minutes from the Supervisor, Adrian, who ignored my concerns. I tried to reach out to Elizabeth Tabb, Customer Care Manager 4x via phone and left 2 messages with no return call after 2 weeks

The info at the ticket counter includes Ms. Tabbs number and Yao Shung, Regional Managers number to contact about concerns. Shungs number doesn’t even leave opportunity for a voice mail. I called several times.
In my opinion GREYHOUND needs to retire. To call customer care Im actually calling the Philippines.
The employees in Pittsburgh are a disgrace to modern civPittsburg; ADRIAN-Supervisor, DANIELLE-Ticket Clerk, ELIZABETH TABB- Customer Care Manager, YAO SHUNG-Regional Manager.
I never mentioned ANNABEL-Ticket Agent who finally helped after her supervisor, Adrian, walked away in a dismissing way from assisting me.


melissa November 30, 2017 at 7:57 pm

I think grayhound is bad a 7 hr. Trip should not turn into 24 hrs.My husband had an emergency and you put him on a bus for 2 days that is crap you guys need to get your s**t together.


TAMELA EARLEY November 29, 2017 at 12:35 pm

Worked for Greyhound for 10 years in the Pittsburgh terminal. Rude customer that missed her bus happened to step in front of me putting her phone up to my face recording every time I stepped out of the office. When and if I raised my hand to block her phone as anyone would do, she would yell assault for no reason. There was a man with her that would ELBOW my arm away, even GRABBED my arm and held it at one point. I never once touched this lady. We had camera’s that I felt will protect us from when people lie, or is a very important situation such as someone losing their job. Our camera has every angle view and showed clearly what happened and who was being honest and who was not. I worked for Greyhound for 10 years and never once put my hands on anyone, nor will I ever. This was so upsetting because no one cared to even view our cameras or speak with me. I came in and got escorted out. I CALLED HUMAN RESOURCES AND NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BACK, NO INVESTIGATION, NOTHING. UNBELIEVABLE, AND VERY HURT….


abu February 26, 2018 at 10:34 pm

cs is manila, they took my bag & put boxes


Gwendolyn Ratliff November 28, 2017 at 1:44 pm

Mothers and father’s be very careful putting your young children on a greyhound bus, the camera system does not work or it’s outdated. I went through something on the bus. The whole trip I was a nervous wreck. I am terrified of ever boarding a greyhound bus again.


melissa November 30, 2017 at 8:03 pm

have a crises outrages prices for a trip that is no longer than 7 hours. You want to keep people overlaid for so long gray hound sucks never will take you again rent a car first wasn’t home in time for a funeral !!!


Gwendolyn Ratliff November 28, 2017 at 1:32 pm

On October 16, 2017 I traveled from Newark, NJ to Raleigh, NC. I watched the driver put my checked luggage on the bus, when we arrived in Richmond, VA my luggage was not there. Two passengers that were on the bus told me that the employee at the Newark, NJ station was removing luggage from under the bus. The thing that puzzles me is that, that station closed at 10:00pm and the employee was off the clock and the doors were locked and lights were out, the bus showed up about 10:35pm and we left the bus station around 10:50pm.What I want to know is why was the employee taking luggage off the bus after the employee had punched out and where did the employee take the luggage to. The station was closed, so the employee must have taken my luggage home to where the employee resides. I will never travel with Greyhound bus ever again, nor will my family or my friends. Greyhound should have state of the art camera system installed. The security system they have is very old and outdated, and that is very unsafe and can prove to be very dangerous. I was on vacation with no clothes and I missed a job interview. I am so done with Greyhound bus line. Greyhound the lady that saw your employee remove luggage from under the bus, I have a phone number on her, because she used my phone to call her son.


Beverly Jones November 22, 2017 at 4:55 am

I bought a ticket for my son to travel from Chicago, IL to Memphis, TN. His bus was scheduled to leave at 12:01am on 11/22/17 (today). The bus was delayed for over 2 hours. It finally showed up at the station in Chicago on Harris Street at 2:28am. When it was time to board, the bus driver got sick and now it is 3:51am and he is stuck at the bus station waiting on a new driver. What kind of foolishness is this!! Apparently, from reading these complaints, Greyhound does not resolve anything for dissatisfied customers.


Sandy and Gary van Vuuren November 20, 2017 at 2:47 pm

Please note our booking confirmation number for the complaint logged above is 5199 8949
Many thanks
Gary and Sandy van Vuuren


Sandy and Gary van Vuuren November 20, 2017 at 2:42 pm

For Attention: Greyhound Bus – Corporate Headquarters
We are deeply disappointed and disillusioned with the service we have received from Greyhound America. This is a name that we have always associated with a tradition of service and is NOT what we have experienced here as visitors from South Africa, using your bus service has been singularly disheartening. We were left stranded for four hours in the early hours of freezing morning, next to the highway just outside Cincinnati, which resulted in us missing out connecting bus in Knoxville, Tennessee. We had to hire a car to eventually reach our destination in North Carolina. When we enquired at the Greyhound office in Knoxville about a refund, they directed us to the corporate headquarters of Greyhound. Not only have we spent hours holding on and waiting for someone to help us, but when eventually we did have someone that we could speak to, it sounded like they were programmed robots who could only answer what was on the piece of paper in front of them and not any other question that deviated from the norm. We still have not received a refund. And, we will leave back for South Africa, after more than a month in this beautiful country, with such a sour taste in the mouth as a result of the treatment at the hands of Greyhound America. We have been advised to go onto “Hello Peter” to let the world know how things have changed when it comes to service from Greyhound bus travel. We wonder whether we will even have anyone respond to this message we’ve taken the time now to leave. We will wait with baited anticipation!


Naomi Tate October 31, 2017 at 3:22 pm

My Greyhound ref # 637250
My trip started on 24th Oct. from Marietta GA to Chicago. We were stuck in Nashville for over 4 1/2 hrs., with no driver. Our arrival time was schedule for 8:35 we didn’t arrive till after 12 noon.I missed my meeting. On the trip back 20 min after leaving the depot the bus breaks down. I am requesting mya full refund also a trip voucher. Thank you


Onika Keel August 8, 2017 at 6:09 pm

On Monday August 7th, 2017 I looked at ticket prices for my aunt and uncle, who are visitng from another country, for a round trip from NYC to Durham, NC leaving August 9th and returning August 13th. This trip, for 2 seniors, would cost about $256 plus tax. My aunt and uncle, who understandably don’t have bank accounts in the US, decided to physically go down to the station to purchse their tickets in cash. The ticketing agent took their information then quoted them a number far higher than one we discussed, $524.90. My aunt, quite surprised, asked if the agent was sure this was the price for 2 senior passengers and if there was any alternative/cheaper ticket options to which the agent replied no. My aunt paid but was so unsure of this she actually returned to the booth to ask again if this was right. The agent informed her that this was the right price for the right journey for seniors. Later the same day, when my aunt informed me of how much she paid, I called customer service in an effort to understand the price disparity. The first customer service rep looked up the confirmation number then looked up ticketing information for tge same trip forn2 seniors, informed us that yes, indeed, she had overpaid and we were being transferred to another department that is responsible for issuing refunds so that she may get back the excess money. The following 2 representatives said that despite the fact that the ticket agent did not make clear (as in mention at all) that there were cheaper ticket options when asked, they would not be refunding any part of the ticket. The last rep, Moses (no last name, for security reasons), said he understood that the ticketing agent lied to my aunt and uncle and STILL refused to refund any part of their fare. He even said to me “well, now you know for next time.” This is absolutely ridiculous! The culpability in this scenario lies solely on the shoulders of Greyhound yet still they refuse do anything about this. I will be making a formal report with the Better Business Bureau but the Corporate Offices should know what is happening to their customers and what their employees are doing. These are unsavory business practices.


Kevi August 6, 2017 at 4:13 pm

I caught the bus on August 5 frrom Albuquerque to Dallas the bus was a one and half hours late for departure. Supposed to left at 11 pm didn’t leave till 1230 pm. Got to Amarillo,Tx departed going to Witcha Falls,Tx the bus started to have mechanical issue along the way. The driver had to stop the bus 5 or 6 Times to restart to bus a so we could make it to Witcha Falls terminal. The passengers and had to sit outside in the heat for two hours or so no place to keep cool no bathrooms and no water to drink. Mechanic came out could find the problem but couldn’t get another bus to come get us. So we left the terminal and ten minutes later the bus broke down again. Its a shame that greyhound but these bus out on the road and their not been maintaince properly. Putting eldery people,kids and young passengers through this. I wonder how we going to get compensated for or time of inconvenience


Son young Sarah July 21, 2017 at 4:44 pm

CEO: Dave Leach
CFO: Bill Gieseker
COO: Bill Blankenship

My name is Son young { Sarah }it was my First time getting on the greyhound to Rochester NY I took my mom and my small service dog with me to spend time with our family for Father’s Day 6/18/17. I have severe panic disorder so I take my dog with me if I go somewhere far. I called greyhound and asked them what are your dog policy for people with emotional disability . They said No certificate needed you don’t need a cage and must carry the dog and no one should question u why u have the dog. When I gave me ticket to the driver I asked since it’s my first time do we get assigned seat?? He said * as long as you don’t sit next to me* it wasn’t funny when he saw my face he started to laugh about it. Me my mom and my dog got on the bus ignoring his rude comment . We stopped 4 or 5 different places and every time he made the stop I went out to walk my dog and give her water. Right when we were about to leave on the fourth stop the driver came to our seat and questioned me * what is that?? I said it’s a service dog. He said really?? You sure?? I was embarrassed how he questioned me in front of all the passengers. I was very upset and told him do you want to see my medications??? I was told I can carry my service dog and I asked about the policy of service dog already. The driver smirked at me and went back to his seat. I was very uncomfortable ,embarrassed and couldn’t believe why he question me now after 4 hours of the ride with all the stops I took the dog out?? And why he Couldn’t take me aside and ask me without everyone looking at me. While he drove I called greyhound and wanted them to know what happened to me and while I was on the phone the gentleman in back of me went to the driver and said That Asian girl is making a complaint about you because your black and She’s being racist. I ignored what he said and started to talk to the rep in the complaint department while I was talking to the rep the gentlemen instigated the other passengers and started to harass me and my mother that We are racist XXXXXX they are all black that’s why she’s like that and people like them give bad name to black people . This lady got up on her seat and started to scream at me and my mother. She was verbally attacking us and being very racist. I was scared for our life .I told everyone i did not say a word about black people You are being racist to me attacking us because we are Asian!!! This harassment started ever since the driver came up to us and questioning about my service dog. They wanted us to get kicked out from the bus and wouldn’t stop harassing us. My mother has a lot of health problems and i was scared for her health and for myself. I smelled alcohol and I asked my mom she said he smelled alcohol ever since we left the stop before. We were very scared for our life they wouldn’t stop harrassing us. I thought it will end and all of sudden the driver said on the mic * excuse me if you want to make a complaint my name is KEVIN AND HE SPELLED HIS LAST NAME on the mic. The harassing was getting worse then He again said on the mic *everyone don’t worry she is getting off the next stop to rochester and I dont mind*He practically said we are the problem!!! I was totally shocked thinking I was safe in this bus with a professional driver this was totally out of line. The Driver neglected to stop the other passengers harassing and threatening us. he instigated adding more problems. I was having a severe panic attack wanted to get off couldn’t stop shaking, felt dizzy and I had to double my meds.I called my boyfriend please call greyhound because I can’t right now everyone is attacking us and please call 911. We were suffering due negligence of the bus driver and the passengers wouldn’t stop the harassment.As soon as I got off I was trying to get my bag when the same lady ran to me and tried to attack me. Thank god three security guards saw that and pulled her away. Everyone saw how me and my mother was getting harassed from outside. The guy who kept harassing me from the back seat came out from the bus standing in the steps screaming at me threatening me he will kill me. I was bullied, harassed and threatened in the bus and outside the bus. The driver Kevin pulled me aside and tried to talk to me and for the first time trying to be nice to me. Im sorry but HE DID NOT DO HIS JOB he should’ve handled the situation better!! instead of telling everyone that don’t worry That lady getting off the next stop and go complain to greyhound my name is Kevin R ***N . I told him you were not being professional you seen my dog the whole time you instigated and caused all the problems. I was scared for my life and my mom this was a horrible bus ride and to think I was gonna be safe with the driver??you let other passengers bully us, harass us we were discriminated!!!All of you were bullying us because we are Asian. No I will not let this go! That guy who sat back who couldn’t stop harrassing me had alcohol breath!!!! This was a nightmare I paid to take my mom for Father’s Day to spend time in rochester with our family and we had to experience the horrific ride??!!!!. The worst part was even when I told him that passenger was drunk the driver didn’t check that guy and still let other passengers get on the bus and drove off. How can you be safe in the bus when u get treated that way, people drunk and bus driver Is unprofessional?? I will not stop until I get justice. I am still shocked and emotionally distressed about what happened. Because of what happened u get scared to get on a bus. I had to go see my therapist and let her know I doubled my meds due to pain and suffering.I hope they have recording of other passenger screaming at me while I try to talk to greyhound complaint department. NO ONE SHOULD DISCRIMINATE AND BE TREATED THIS WAY. I would like to get compensated for emotional distress I have trouble sleeping, I get frequent panic attacks ,I been crying a lot and feeling depressed. Any questions My email is syim33 at


Jemma Fuggent July 16, 2017 at 3:55 pm

I sincerely believe that Greyhound bus lines need to make several policy changes. First they should ask any passenger to list a contact number in case of an accident. Second there should be warning alarms that will let the driver know if an emergency exit window opens while the bus is in motion. Third there should be cameras on the bus so that any incident that occurs can be recorded. If an incident occurs on a bus, the station should advise who ever is in charge of the station next on the route to flag the passengers name, refer to all the supervisors and managers of what occurred and then if someone is trying to find out information about the last known location of this passenger, it can be transferred to the supervisor or manager to advise the person calling in that they need to contact who ever. So that being said I will forward my story. My son boarded a greyhound bus in Sioux city, IA, final destination was Riverside. My son had called everyday and several times a day. He was 77/2 hours from Las Vegas, NV when he last called. told me he would call the next day to keep me updated. When he did not call we tried calling him got no answer, By the following morning, the phone went straight to a message saying the voicemail had not been set up try call later. By the third morning we filed a missing person report, but was advised that we needed to contact greyhound first to see if he made it to the last transport spot, and contact police there because if he went missing there that is who needed to file the missing person report, we kept getting we do not give out passenger information, even though they were informed I was his mother and I just needed to know the last bus he boarded so we knew where to file a report. Called the police in Las Vegas, got told we need to contact the greyhound bus. Then we could look at the booking web page to see if he was there, or call the local hospitals. Police department took the report but waited until the 19th before it would be official. By the late afternoon of the 19th my son’s father was located and he was informed a story and a phone number to contact and that our son was not expected to live, they forwarded the information to me. I called and got a doctor that said an accident and they did surgery to release pressure but not responding like they would expect him to what did we want to do? Went to the hospital in Las Vegas, found out he really was already brain dead, they held off declaring it officially because we were coming in. The hospital had spent from 2:30 am the 16th untill we were notified on the 19 after 3:30 pm searching for family. Now my son had brain activity from 2:30 am the 16th until sometime on the 19th. Because Greyhound, did not request emergency numbers, had no video on the bus, and the can not disclose passenger information, the hospital had to search for family, and his family was deprived the opportunity of spending those precious minutes and hours with my son. On the 20th at 11:53 am they legally declared him Brain dead, we really had not even began to grasp what was going on. The doctors were not real clear as to what was going on either, and luckily were were directed to the organ donation team which had our backs, and were so kind through this ordeal. The 21st we went to greyhound of which the manager was in a meeting concerning this case Five days after it occurred why? We were informed they could not answer any questions we demanded to talk with someone who could answer questions and was referred to a corporate claims man. The 22nd we were told we could go and see what bus window they were referring to, and put in a missing bag claim since he did not have a backpack or his duffel bag. We were told this occurred 20 miles from Las Vegas, my son was in the restroom, the emergency exit window opened that goes from the batroom to the back window, a passenger told the driver, and he said okay thank you, but kept driving, then the witness said it opened a second time, he tried to close it then knocked on the bathroom door to which my son replied just a minute man. The third time it opened the witness scremed at the driver to stop as a man just went out the window. Now I have problems with how the witness knew to tell the driver this as it would be difficult to see from the seat in front of the bathroom unless the bus was curving to the right, or the witness was across from the bathroom when the door opened and my son lost his balance and flew out the window, or the door opened and he shoved my son, not clear on this last part. Told to contact the police they would have more information. Never heard from the police and it was on the 15th of July before they responded to a fellow law enforcement person, my brother in law, after leaving several messages for him. It is hard enough dealing with losing a son, that was also a brother, father and grandfather, without having to deal with no answers, conflicting stories, or stories that do not make sense. Seriously changes need to be made, so no other person has to go through what we did. Contact numbers would help a lot, this occurred early am hours, so why corporate went the day of the incident and the weekend before they were informed does not make any sense, and a manager was not informed for five days after the incident also makes no sense. My son luggage was sent on to his final destination and some one place the backpack in his duffel bag, which was finally located on the 29th of June. My son was air flighted from the scene to the trauma center that early morning hour, some one knew what had happened that morning so the stalling amounts to a cover up to protect your company reputation, which is totally wrong. City buses and school buses have cameras so the true story is told, now I realize there will be no cameras in the bathroom, but it would have supported the stories told and would clear up questions about this passenger witness. Why the driver needed to be told the window was opened by a passenger is also wrong, and why did the driver not feel he needed to investigat this window being opened as to his passengers safety and other passengers safety, I do not understand. The name given is emergency exit window, there obviously is some type of emergency occurring or could occur with this being opened while you are moving. This needs addressing and should be fixed so the only way they can be opened is if the bus has stopped moving.


John Kapcar May 31, 2017 at 3:57 pm

This is probably going to be academic and fall in deaf ears but here it goes anyway. In March of 2017 a charge from Greyhound appeared on my bank statement. I called Greyhound customer service and because I didn’t have a confirmation or reservation number I was told I needed to go through my financial institution for a refund. I did and filled a Visa dispute form. Fast forward to May 27Th. I receive notification that Greyhound states the charge isn’t fraudulent. Wrong! The name on the credit card and the person who bought the ticket were different people. Furthermore, the individual who bought the ticket is a minor. Additionally, at the time of purchase the individual was 11 years old. According to Greyhound’s website a child has to be 12 years old and have a parental consent form to travel which he did not. On May 30Th after receiving the denial letter I called up Greyhound customer servise and explained all this to them only to be told the date of the ticket has passed and they couldn’t help me. Ah, yeah, hello?? Of course it was past the travel date. Greyhound had the dispute for two months befoe acting on it. I asked to speak to a manager and was told there wasn’t one. I asked to talk to a supervisor. I explained the entire situation to him. His response was it was a nonrefundable ticket they couldn’t help me. Or something like that. Both individuals spoke very poor English. Which was fustrating. So this is what I want to know. How can you sell a ticket to a minor and someone who is not an authorized user on a credit card? How can said minor being younger than the allowable age to travel unaccompanied as posted on your website and not have the parental consent form be allowed to travel? Also, since customer service couldn’t help me prior to the travel date and by pawning me off to my financial institution for resolution it made it impossible to resolve in a timely manner. The ticket was never used. This matter wasn’t resolved due to the delayed Greyhound caused by taking two months to reply to the Visa dispute. Why am I being penalized? All I ask is for a refund for a ticket I didn’t purchase nor use. Thank you!


Plaxico May 24, 2017 at 2:41 pm

After several hours of phone work, I finally was able to get assistance. This customer service lady was able to get us approximately 1/2 of the cost of the ticket which was $561.00. My son and grandson were on a bus from Vegas to London, KY. The bus broke down in Kansas and they spent 12 hours waiting. Needless to say with 50 other people, the conditions were horrible. They had to check into a motel to shower and rest. The bus driver gave them this #429054 which entitled them to a full refund. Now we find out that is not true. I had to go through 4 people just to get this resolved. Each person had to ask the same questions. I tried unsuccessfully to reach the CEO of the company. He needs to know how difficult it was to get a resolution. I do not know why this is so, but I think it is because of the clientele who ride the bus may not have the resources to complain. I do see lots of complaints here and now I can see why. I would like the CEO to contact me at 606-677-XXXXX. Thank you.


Asheia May 18, 2017 at 4:25 pm

So I booked a trip 2 1/2 hours for Chicago to get to my child’s graduation not only was I treated bad but grayhound would not even offer any compensation for my trip. I will be calling the coo,cfo, and the ceo of this company. I Will not be taking anymore trips using grayhound anymore. I feel cheated out of one of my child’s life experience because of this. I was treated rudely and I would like a refund of my money.


Essence Dean April 25, 2017 at 8:10 pm

I am 9 months pregnant and my husband was scheduled to leave Cleveland, OH on April 25, 2017 @ 7 PM on a bus to Nashville, TN. My husband said before he got to the bus door the driver was giving my husband VERY rude looks. He told my husband he could NOT get on the bus because he smelled like smoke. My husband does not smoke. The driver told my husband “You can’t get on my bus , you will have to catch the next one” . I’m am VERY upset that my husband was shown discrimination because of his African American race. This is the ONLY reason why he could not get on the bus. There is no rule on any greyhound website that a passenger can’t smell a certain way in order to get on the bus. My husband did NOTHING wrong and I will not stop until this situation is resolved. He is currently sitting at the greyhound station for the next 5 hours waiting on the next bus because of a racist driver.


Ray Spencer April 18, 2017 at 12:51 pm

I’m wondering the rational behind charging $18 when purchasing a ticket for someone else? I work in mental health and have to purchase tickets for people to get back home who are poor and mentally ill. They would be stuck if we did not help with the ticket. I think it is poor practice to charge someone more who is just trying to help a poor and/or disabled person.


Cerra Calloway January 18, 2017 at 12:27 am

Why is it the buses are always an hour late, and still have long lay overs. Paying for the tickets at the rate they are buses should be on time. It takes almost 2 days to get from California To Oklahoma City, that’s to long the


Jay Crespo January 9, 2017 at 1:36 pm

To whom it may concern:

This has been the worst service and experience ever. I don’t know what kind of people you guys hired?? Staff with no kind of education, rude, disrespectful, no class at all. These staff need seriously training. They don’t care about the passengers needs. They only care about their paycheck and everyone can just go to hell. What is greyhound all about?? What type of service are you trying to provide to people that want to travel?? I honestly thought that greyhound was the best but is the worse travel service ever. You guys need to fired a lot of your staff oh and the bus drivers you guys have…..(bad).. It is so sad how my expectations has changed.. very poor!!

Angry passenger


Gary L. Miller December 8, 2016 at 1:40 pm

ref# 262940, 2nd Ticket conf#18596062 I have traveled with Grayhound over 40 years My last trip was I was delayed 2 days No fault of my own 3 sets of tickets issued 2 unnecessary motel bills latter made my destination. 1st day stranded in Madison Wi. out door bus stop. I have contacted grayhound corporate by phone 3 times for refund of ticket and given run around twice they have told me to contact Lamar’s bus the start of my delay I have contacted Lama’s and was told Grayhound responsible I bought tickets online through grayhound I want my back please give me refund on ticket


Winston tose December 8, 2016 at 12:34 pm

My trip was in april 2016. From nyc to florida and i was told that my bag was left in orlando station.i have been getting the run around since april and we are now in december the employees at grey hound is very rude and disrespectful.they dont care about people person property.i called days in and day out and still cant get my bag return to new york…i will never travel grey hound ever again….shi**y customer service…no heart for ppl property….you guys should be a shame


Waseela Shaik November 21, 2016 at 10:55 pm

To whom it may concern,

I bought two bus tickets for a trip from Midrand to Pmburg for Saturday 12th November 9.30pm. Firstly the bus arrived late. It was idle for no more than 10 min which wasn’t sufficient time for myself and two other mothers to settle in.
I started to load my luggage and then say a quick goodbye to those who accompanied me to the station. As I climbed in, my son started passing me the luggage. He attempted to place a bag inside the bus and it rolled forward. He nearly hurt himself. Then I moved our bags from the entrance of the bus to our seats. I was still moving back and forth inside the bus and the driver decided to depart. I was not seated. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my loved ones, I didn’t even get to wave goodbye as I had bags in one hand and I was trying to hold on to something as the bus started moving. When we arrived at Park station, we had to wait for a long time for another bus to arrive. Why did we rush from midrand only to  sit and wait at Park station. I could have used 5 minutes of that time to say goodbye to my Son or to settle in. This was my first visit to Gauteng. I have never travelled by bus before. The Greyhound came highly recommended. But in my opinion, they are reckless and don’t keep to time. I am very disappointed with the level of service during the first part of my journey. I am more disappointed that I didn’t get to say goodbye properly. I have at least 7 witnesses to this event including the three passengers who were already seated.

W Shaik
082 844 XXXXX


mary blankenship November 10, 2016 at 2:39 pm

file #230226 I was left in Banning California twice on 11/07/16. because your bus driver don’t know how to help a disabled person. I had my walker suite case and a bag. my family had to come pick me up on a street corner @ 8:30 @ night. then had to drive from yucca ca to san bernardino ca to the bus station to leave 11/09/16. this should of never happened. I want more than $33.oo for all the stress & trouble. I missed 2 appointments also. did not have medicines for 2 days also.


Dawn Smith October 10, 2016 at 9:49 am

On November 20, 2015 I purchased a one way bus ticket online for my son to come visit me in Providence, RI on Nov 22. He was scheduled to leave Sarasota, FL but at the last minute could not get off work so I had to change the date to Nov. 23. I called Greyhound and the agent told me the easiest way to do this would be to purchase another ticket and get a refund on the original one. I did do that and that was my first mistake.

So my son came on Nov. 23. On Dec 5, 2015 I mailed the ticket to Dallas, TX to the refund dept. To this day, almost 11 months later, I have not received the refund. I have been given the following excuses every time I call, almost on a monthly basis…

*The ticket has been mailed
*If you don’t have the ticket conf. number, I can’t trace it. (When they gave me refund instructions, I sent the ticket, thinking they would be honest and I could trust them; didn’t think I had to worry.
*We just mailed a batch of refunds. You should get it any day.
*Well that ticket refund check has been cashed
*The last time I called,, an (alleged ) customer service agent actually told me the file was closed because there never was a first ticket purchased.
*yada, yada, yada
*Oh, we don’the have that name on our passenger list for that day

The refund due is $232.00. I am so frustrated I could spit. I will not let this go. I have copies of my bank statement where I paid on Nov. 20 and again Nov. 23. Same numbers, same amount. I wrote the refund dept. In September and of course, they have not responded.

I think they are trying to wear me down. It will never happen. I see here where Greyhound doesn’the give a rat’s patutti about their customers. Well, I am not to be mistreated. I feel bad for all these customers who have had bad experiences and have no recourse. Any suggestions?


Dawn Smith October 10, 2016 at 9:58 am

I forgot to mention… when I bought the second ticket, I was told that even though I purchased a non-refundable ticket, I qualified for a refund since I purchased a replacement ticket… same person, same trip, etc.


Mary Gene Galloway August 25, 2016 at 7:27 pm

I traveled with your bus company back on March 3, 2016 and all of my luggage was lost. I called several times in March, April, May June and called again today August 25,2016. I have been given the run around by everyone that I have spoken to. I made a claim and now they are saying that I did not do it on time. I did everything that was told to me to do and now the company does not want to give me the money for my lost luggage. I will be obtaining an attorney about this matter and see what can be done. I have read other complaints and or comments and I see that this is an issue that this company has with the service that they provide people from all over the country. I just want what is owed to me. I lost valuables and priceless things that can never be replaced. I am also disabled and live on a low income. I need that compensation from this company who lost everything that I owned. When I placed the call today I was told that my claim was denied and was never sent the proper paper work after I did what was asked of me, and now I expect them to do what is right.


kashon August 1, 2016 at 10:28 am

My husband trip was horrible to buried his father for a round trip going to Atlanta -bus driver doing 90 on hwy almost tip over then on the way back home to NY the bus breaks down in Nashville 2 1/2 hours on the hwy at 9:29pm all passengers had to stand on the side of hwy INCLUDING children until 12:15am then get to cincinnati to be told another bus doesnt leave until 12:30noon. He was suppose to return home and to work by 2pm, Thank God for cell phones to take pictures and recording conversations I was so relieve when my lawyer took this issue over.Greyhound is a horrible way to travel and they did nothing to try to make everyone comfortable as possible mind you they were only on the road for 30mins before the bus started smoking who fault is thats doesnt the bus suppose to be inspected before leaving the bus terminal(some inspection) 30mins of traveling WOW. And now passengers have to wait 8 more hours to get home, Wheres is the COMPENSATION ON GREYHOUND PART FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. Then I called to get address so my lawyer can send letter they gave me a number 214-849-7420 recording telling me to email. And I hear CEO: Dave Leach is not good to talk to so my lawyer will handle things from here. My advise complaint are not getting resolve so get yourself an attorney that knows how to handle these complaints.


Sakinah Booker February 6, 2017 at 5:17 pm

I agree I am getting a attorney as well. Greyhound doesn’t care about Custer service nor the well being of our safety. Mr. Leach Mr.Gieseker Mr Bill Blankenship shame on you and your your lack of caring or respect for your your guest


Samantha July 23, 2016 at 12:28 am

I am a disgruntled customer who got robbed by Greyhound. I purchased a ticket and it did not not have the passenger’s name on it. I called customer service for assistance, I was put on hold waiting for a supervisor for 16 mins and 51 secs, they hung up. I called back and was flatly told in a monotone by a supervisor sorry you will have to buy another ticket. I told him that I did not need a refund, I just need to add the passenger’s name on the ticket. I was told that there is nothing he can do and I should buy a new ticket. I was appalled by their level of customer service. I was insulted and angry. Greyhound is the worst. Don’t waste your money with their crummy service. Very deceptive and total rip offs!!!!

Employee #3740 was no help, USELESS!!!


DLW July 15, 2016 at 2:30 pm


———- Forwarded message ——-
Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Subject: Greyhound Ticket HOLD Confirmation and Itinerary (84399770)
To: “Greyhound-eticket at”

I am reaching out in dire need of assistance. I attempted to pay for my ticket more than 2 hours in advance today and the 7/11 I went to system was down due to the severe weather in Chicago. I attempted several times to call in and pay for my ticket and could not get through on the line. I actually made it into the station 15-20 minutes before time and had to wait in the line and wait for a situation to be diffused with an angry passenger due to a bus driver having an accident. When I got to the counter to purchase the ticket I was told it was cancelled. I was then told to get the price I had I would have to go online and set a reservation but when I attempted to I was told I couldn’t purchase the ticket offline. At that point after showing the cashier the message online she proceeded to accommodate me with a discount and got me in the same ballpark range as I had online ($173/$178). After reviewing the ticket I noticed I didn’t have a return ticket. The cashier asked to see my ticket because she was under the impression I had purchased a round trip ticket as well. The ticket she sold me was for one way! I requested a supervisor and after explaining to her my attempt to purchase at 7/11 unsuccessfully due to the system being down and the fact that I was in Greyhound station 20 minutes prior and forced to wait due to an altercation out of my control she still told me there was absolute nothing she can do. I am reaching out for someone to assist me because I don’t have any additional money to pay to get back home. My original confirmation number is 843997770. I am heading en route to Baton Rouge, LA with my elderly grandmother. I couldn’t just abandon her at the bus station for we are headed to a family reunion. However, I don’t want to be stranded down here and can’t get back either. I’ve exhausted all my funds and only have .22 cents to my name. Unfortunately I only make income derived from commission sales and I have no money. I did what I was supposed to as a consumer and went to 7/11 in enough time to pay but couldn’t because of a power outage from the ran causing the systems to be down. I got to Greyhound in time but was forced to wait due to an irate passenger situation. I need someone to honor the price I originally had and arrange for me to return home with a returning ticket. Can someone please take into consideration and please help accommodate my situation with empathy? I deeply will appreciate it.


Glenn June 15, 2016 at 5:15 pm

I traveled to Kentucky from Arizona and it was a horrible ride there, starting off in Kingman,AZ when I got my ticket I put my tag on my luggage inTuXXXXcari,new Mexico the airconditner went out on the bus sitting 8hrs as we finally got another bus they ripped my tag off as they changed the luggage I told them about it they said to wait until we got to Albuquerque and get another one they wouldn’t let me cause they had it behind the desk with the others next stop I changed buses my.luggage was not on there they acted like they didn’t care I had my wife call them the phone it is either busy or they wont answer in Albuquerque looks like they need more help,plus she called the corporate office they said there’s nothing they can do cause they don’t see the luggage in lost or found how could it b n there system with no tag to locate it they don’t care,only one driver was nice both going and coming back if they don’t like there job they need to quit instead of taking out on customers yelling at them there so rude. I will never take greyhound again after they get your money they treat u like sh*t think twice riding with them. Never take nothing that’s valuable it will get lost.


Monette February 7, 2016 at 4:16 pm

My comments are in reference to the Greyhound station that is across from where I work in Raleigh, NC.
It is the shabbiest run business that I have encountered that served many people. I go there to get coffee or a hot dog, when I don’t feel like going any further. The new food service mgr. Is very rude. She is always leaning on the counter with her phone in her hand texting. I walked up to the counter to get something to eat today. No one was in line. So I just walked up. She said to me while still on her PHONE that I needed to go out and come in the right way .I have had it with the ghettoness of the management at that location. They open when they feel like it. Never with the posted hours. I gave been there several times when they were supposed to be open and were not. Everyone in the station is hiding somewhere. I bought two hot dogs and a coffee one day. Sat down to eat it and I was told that I could not sit there without a ticket. Yet the homeless lady was allowed to wash up in the restroom and sit back down. I did complain about that to the station manager. But nothing has changed. The police are called quite frequently and it is my understanding that the staff’s actions caused the disruption. Just like today. I am educated, a designer. Pretty level headed. But how much rudeness can one take. Behind the counter looks like a flea market. I am sure the tacky items behingethe counter were not corporates idea. Certain cab companies have special privileges. Really just one. It’s a terrible station and I will never go there anymore. It’s my suggestion that Greyhound do an audit of the station and some drivers. Favoritism. Racism prevails at that location. The staff in the food section knows me. I get along fine with them. It’s the people who are supervisors and they know who they are that need to abide by the rules. I have never and will never ride Greyhound. This incident killed all thoughts of trying Greyhound services.


Denise Miller December 29, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Finally found how to let greyhound executives know how horrible their bus service is. This was my firstv time traveling by bus and due to a family emergency and my fear of heights and flying I choose to go by bus big mistake and never again I will never recommend anyone use greyhound. My experienceb started when I had to change buses in Columbus Ohio and the bus was overbooked was told by the customer service that this isb normal unacceptltable finally after being in a sardine can for 2 days I finally make it to my destination Denver Colorado well they lost my bag with all my medicines but let me tell you what happened back in st. Louis MO when the baggage attendent was about to put my bags under the bus I saw the tag was off and needed to take it on the bus with me well they were not paying me any attention and tossed it under the bus anyway. This company has the worst customer service all I got was the run around and to put in a claim this does me no good 10 days later still no bag or medications now I’m getting sick finally contacted my doctors office and my family back in buffalo ny who are now breaking time to get the medications to me. Greyhound cares nothing what you lose I had so much personal stuff in that bag that cannot be replaced. The owners of this company need to take a trip and use there own service to see how their customers are treated plus there is no security regarding customers bags I’m starting to think someone that was on the bus just walked off with my bag again no security. I SAY THIS TO SAY IF ANYONE TELLS ME THEY WILL TAKE A BUS ILL TELL THEM DONT COST JUST AS MUCH USING A TRAIN OR PLANE AND NOT ALL THE HASSEL THAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH


Adam Cornelison December 11, 2015 at 1:56 pm

First attempt here; desirous of contacting Bill Blankenship with a CC to Mr. Leach.

I have a safety concern that is really bugging me as of late. This is the seats of the updated buses.

The safety concern revolves around the material and or any sprays that are added to them. I’m finding as of late, 2 rules of thumb are plaguing the new buses. The first is that the seats are made with hard vinyl thus resulting in an inability to stay on the seat without sliding. Sometimes to the point of having to brace one’s self in a breaking to literally stay on the seat.

There SHOULD BE SOME FRICTION between the average piece of clothing and the surface of the seat. This lack of such a feature renders a rider safety issue in my opinion. This after experiencing countless rides like the one I describe. When all goes WELL and there is no problem, it still leaves one exhausted afterwards. And to get to one’s destination fatigued is a bad thing.

The other predominant feature I have been noting of late if not extremely slick seating, is seats that tilt down forward. This two equates with the same aforementioned problems, just for a different reason. All seats bottoms should be at either 180* or slightly down and away from the direction of a forward moving bus.

These need to be corrected. As well, when it is, corporate executives should subject themselves to their own product at least ONCE to know first hand the rider’s experience. From hours long layovers on seats of metal wire, to the aforementioned problems, to the service.

Kind of like undercover boss but rather undercover customer. Divesting yourselves of corporate recognition for the trip and travel the same way many of us are forced to travel.

Take a trip where there are SEVERAL layovers and schedule changes. Sit next to the clientele and listen to them talk.

Corporate officers and board members are often clueless of passenger experience as if you own a bus company, you travel by limo, or FLY. Thus you are keenly unaware of your own product and experience.

Adam Cornelison


Tyrone Hughes November 23, 2015 at 12:48 pm

I will be starting a Facebook and Twitter petition to boycott greyhound buses until you can get some better bus drivers!!!
After purchasing a ticket online for a route out of Ruston, La, this morning, my daughter went to the store the bus was picking her up at to get her ticket printed, which the store clerk told her she could do. Well the store’s printer didn’t work so the driver wouldn’t let her on the bus.
She calls me and tells me whats going on and I ask to speak to driver, as she’s handing him the phone and says my dad would like to talk to you, he says “THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO YOU HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER DAMN TICKET” !!!
So your now there telling us we have to BUY another ticket!!! Sounds like a scam to me because how does the bus driver make that decision without contacting customer service.
You have til the end of today to get this matter resolved.
If i have to go up there to get her I will be at the gas station to talk to your driver!!


Dawn Smith October 10, 2016 at 9:53 am

Please let me know if you ever started a page on FB. I definitely want to “like it” Thanks, Dawni


jerrie morris November 22, 2015 at 10:06 am

To whom it may concern. I will NEVER ride ur buses again i have been on a trip from frozen hell.i got on a bus in louisville kentucky that ride was ok. We transfered from there to Indianapolis which we waited overtime on in a frezzing bus terminal…then get on bus that has no dam heater…REALLY..its damn 8 degrees outside and the bud drivers exchanged info that it didnt work.we was still put on it…im literally frozen my feet are hurting so bad. Now my throat is sore.and on top of all that the dam door keeps flapping open…omg….now for the kicker we have restroom its been locked since we left indianapolis so im sitting here froze and feel like my kidneys are going to explode…so i will never do business with this company again.and will recommend no one else either….#tripfromhell


Taunja Dickens November 10, 2015 at 12:37 pm

Let me start by saying this is the first time I have taken Greyhound since I was a child. I booked my reservation online and would like to tell you what it suffers:

• It does not provide the address of where you are leaving from, just Los Angeles, Los Angeles where?
• It does not provide the address of where you are going to, just Bakersfield, Bakersfield where? I then had to Google “Bakersfield Greyhound” to see if it was anywhere near the hotel I’m staying in in Bakersfield.
• It indicated when I was selecting my trip that there was a transfer, transfer where? I selected your Help and Info tab to figure out what that means…NO HELP!
• I receive my confirmation and it says Los Angeles to Bakersfield and return trip Bakersfield to Los Angeles. HOWEVER, when I print my ticket it says Los Angeles to Bakersfield and then San Fernando to Los Angeles……WHY AND WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!
• I reach out to your fantastic customer service number you know the toll free 800 231 2222 and guess what? It’s an automated system and tells me that if I want real help then I need to call TEXAS! Although on your HELP AND INFO page it tells you that number is for if you are calling outside the U.S.
• I reach your customer service person and try SEVERAL times to tell her that my printed ticket does not reflect what is on the confirmation page…..she tells me I know but its right in her system….Bully for her, because my printed ticket does not show my return trip starting in Bakersfield, according to my printed ticket I’m returning from San Fernando and going to Los Angeles!
• I ask to speak to a Supervisor. Tell her this is corporate travel and I need it to read correctly, she then proceeds to tell me we can’t do anything and if you want it to state returning from Bakersfield then I will need to go into the station and tell them…and if I want to make any changes then I will have to pay $20 dollars.

I will have to pay $20.00 because your tickets don’t print what it’s supposed to! Why should I be responsible for a misprint!!! Had I have known then I would have selected the other departure that did not have a stop. Maybe then it would have printed exactly what I’m doing…My return ticket does not even tell me what time the bus leaves from Bakersfield, because according to my return ticket. I’M LEAVING FROM SAN FERNANDO. I am not happy at all with this whole experience.


Judy Dennis November 9, 2015 at 1:20 pm

I took Greyhound from Erie,Pa. to Sarasota,Fl. on June 25th ..Customer service rep was very rude.My son-in-law put my baggage under bus & was told i couldn’t get special handling even though i’m disabled & to try again in Cleveland.Cleveland told me they would put luggage under for me.Of course when i get to Florida one of my duffle bags is missing & No One knows where it is! I filed a claim twice & of course theres nothing in system….SURPRISE!!! Have tried numerous times to get in touch with someone & giving a run around. It’s been 4 months now & still nothing! I’ve finally consulted a lawyer & we are working on it!!! I’m fed up with people who don’t care for their customers & I will NEVER use Greyhound for anything ever again!!!!! I recommend taking a train for about a $100 more or a plane!! I sent my grandson home for under $100 in August…much cheaper & NO LOST LUGGAGE!!!!!!!


Denise Miller December 31, 2015 at 7:30 pm

I just had the same thing happen to me on December 21st coming from Buffalo NYvto Denver Colorado by the time I get to Denver after the worst trip ever mind I never rode on a bus and will never again they lost my duffel bag with all my medications now I am without my medicines had to get to Denver because my brother was very sick but I will be going the route you have once I get back to Buffalo and getvan attorney greyhound needs to be held accountable for the constant mistakes of their company. After reading your story I see there is no hope of me getting my bag back.


H.Duplechain October 22, 2015 at 11:48 am

My son left New Orleans on the 3rd of October heading to Portland, OR to ride his unicycle cross country. They weren’t able to put his unicycle on the bus with him but it was put on a bus on the 5th of October. No one can tell us where his unicycle is and he is stuck in Portland. He has worked 2 jobs and spent several months planning this trip, only to have his hopes crushed because no one can locate his Unicycle. We have contacted customer service several times. He goes to the Greyhound in Portland, almost daily. And all anyone can tell us is be patient!!! He had a set budget per day for this trip, and now that is being slowly eaten away while he sits and waits. And to add insult to injury, he is being told that if they can not locate it, they can only reimburse him up to $100!!!! We paid $70+ to have it shipped. The cycle costed about $400. And he’s been having to spend money to stay in Portland, because he has no transportation to begin his trip!!!


Regina September 24, 2015 at 1:40 pm

Surley you would think greyhound station is a greyhound bus station if you in a city. with more than one greryhound bus station you get your ticket on line get to bus station find out you hv to go to another location in that same city in order to use that ticket so u has to buy another ticket an greyhound Will NOT give a refund they just keep your money as if that’s ok so wrong keeping peoy money no ticket nothing this need to be delt with.


Danny wilson September 8, 2015 at 10:41 am

I forgot to mention I was assaulted by a baggage handler in Mississippi


Danny wilson September 8, 2015 at 10:34 am

Black Privilege and Racism was my experience on a Greyhound bus racist attitude from the driver,passengers,baggage handlers and security on a recent trip on greyhound bus from south Mississippi to Memphis TN. Warning white people do not ride a greyhound bus in Mississippi


Ms. Clements August 25, 2015 at 3:44 pm

Looks like I should skip the complaint and just call a lawyer. Never ever again!


Delisa Mitchell August 19, 2015 at 10:05 pm

I never ride through this company again first time and last time. I have travel last year of August and havent got my money from my lost luggage. I been calling a year and my traveling experiences was the worst experience ever. I been delayed they employees *baggage people” dont fu-ing listen to a word you say. They some f-ing rude a** holes all the employees and bus drives. The worst way to travel I rather pay more for a plane train ticket. All I want is my f_ing money for my lost items because all my items I lost was worth more then the 200 funky a** dollars they trying to give me. So stop being so damn cheap you guys need a law suit against your company for all the bad service that is given.


Mr. Loyal Customer August 14, 2015 at 7:01 pm

I was unsure and skeptical about buying a ticket from Greyhound agent “Joseph” at Lakeland #0557A because he was very aggressive rushing to sell me a one way ticket from Lakeland, FL to San Fernando, CA leaving at 5:45pm when I only asked him an inquiry. I told him I need to check with my wife and family first before if I want to buy the ticket, but he insisted I purchase it right away because the bus was coming and he was closing the location.
I called my wife and family and they said no, do not buy the ticket, we will come pick you up and try tomorrow because it is too late. I told this to Joseph and he again suggested I should buy the ticket because it is the last seat and he needs to sell it to fill the bus. So he made me feel bad, manipulated me to buy the ticket with 2 forms of payments. I gave him $200 cash and then he swiped my Visa Prepaid Debit Card.
I quickly asked him, “what if I cancel my trip now?” “I want a refund!” he then told me “hold on a sec” took my cash and processed the payment on my card then told me AFTER he gave me the ticket “Oh you didn’t pay for a refundable ticket, I gave you a nonrefundable ticket because the bus is leaving now” I said I asked you twice about a refund BEFORE I gave you my card and I told you my wife and family are coming to pick me up, I don”t feel comfortable you harassing me to buy this one way ticket now in a rush”
Joseph immediately gave me my ticket and baggage receipt and told me to contact Greyhound Corporate in Dallas, Texas to get my full refund due to his mistake of charging me twice in 2 different forms of payments!!!
I am very angry and upset he took advantage of my thinking process and my hesitation to buy the ticket, therefore I ended up in a terrible unsafe, noisy, and unsatisfied bus ride just to Atlanta where I got off stranded and never continued my bus trip to San Fernando.
Greyound employee ticket agent “Joseph” did not tell me about a refundable ticket BEFORE I gave him my $200 in cash and he swiped my Visa Debit Card for $43.50 on Wednesday August 12, 2015 5:30PM Lakeland, FL. I am requesting a full refund of $243.50 immediately on my Visa Debit Card on this ticket that I did not use and I did not ride.


Fran August 5, 2015 at 10:54 am

I purchased a ticket to go cross country(US) and did not get a claim number to pick up my ticket I a widow on a fixed income and have lost my money to go home, and don’t have any more to purchase another I even checked the refund box because I figured I would get a refund now I have lost it all


Meejee Kim August 1, 2015 at 8:07 pm

I’m currently on a 7:45pm bus to New York from Baltimore when my original bus time was 4:45pm. I did not come late but the bus previous to my transfer in the Baltimore station came 1.5 hours later than arrival time. The customer service was very rude, and my travel time to New York is now much longer than scheduled. Very incompetent and low quality


James toole August 1, 2015 at 6:38 pm

I bought a one way ticket from Abilene Texas to Tallahassee Florida for my brother . I bought the ticket 45 minutes Pryor to departure an he never made the trip . Greyhound wouldn’t refund me the money or allow me to even pay a fee to allow the ticket to be valid again. There customer service was not helpful nor compassionate to an individual who just basically gave them $209 . I would tell anyone that planes are cheaper an will picket upfront of my local greyhound an tarnish there reputation threw media like my local news in which I plan to do . An all social media.


Michele Turnbow July 30, 2015 at 2:19 pm

I have 2 daughters 1 now 19, the other now 23. We live in Cincinnati. Since they were toddlers we have taken vacations using Greyhound to Florida and the problem remains the same over the years; lack of our non existence of customer service. Anytime I’ve called the Gilbert location, never get an answer. Physically appear at the desk, no one there to assist you. Now there’s a machine at the front desk to purchase tickets. The 1st time I came to the station week before last, me and few other people waited in line until a security guard had to come help us. Then for some reason, I the machine wouldn’t allow me too purchase tickets. Yes the money was there. Last weekend I went back again to purchase 3 tickets for my daughters and I. There was a group, not a line, a group of people from the desk to past midway the station. I just turned around and left. I couldn’t stand there for hours to see what was going to happen. I attempted to contact your administrative office today to explain the situation and got voice mail. Are you kidding? I wasn’t going to try to leave a long drawn out message on that. So it appears this is the only way to attempted to get someone. Still no customer service. Does Greyhound do this because you have no real competition? Do you do this because you can? You know that most of us don’t have any other option. It’s either a plane (too expensive) or Greyhound. This is major frustration. Tomorrow I will be going back for a 3rd time to get 3 tickets for Florida. Because it’s the 1st of the month, I expect a lot of people will be there to purchase tickets again no one at the desk to help you and a group of people from the desk to the other end of the station. I feel like I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. Do something about this. Hire some one to help people and stop bottlenecking. You get enough of our money to at least do that.


James toole August 1, 2015 at 6:39 pm

There crooks


Carly H. July 20, 2015 at 4:28 pm

My daughter-in-laws bus was two hours late picking her up in Colorado Springs last night resulting in her change over bus leaving before she got to Amarillo. The next bus was not coming for 12 hours. She is 19, traveling alone and for the first time. They offered NO accommodations for her and both the station and customer service just keep giving me the run around and are quite rude!!! They told me the only way to talk to any upper management had to be fine through email!! Seriously, this is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with, and I am a manager in the customer service industry!! Something better be dine about this problem ASAP.


frank bruce July 14, 2015 at 9:51 pm

Thank you Sir , Thank you so much for calling me back and discussing my issues. You sound like a very compassionate person. Thank you!
Thank You,
Frank Bruce


Laura July 13, 2015 at 6:11 pm

hi was going to New York with my daughter had tickets from on line for 8 on sat the July 11 ok the bus comes at 8 only 3 seats left only 3 people got on that left 50 people mad they said another bus is coming. I call customer service very rude people no help the bus driver was. Very rude ok the 9 o’clock bus come he has 5 seats empty more outrage the people were so mad the bus driver was so rude yelling at the people we got on that bus buy luck the bus drivers was yelling like he did not want to drive I think this company has a lot of work to fix there customer service it was so bad we got in to New York the outages people left. There got the bus at 1100 that’s is so bad people were very mad The office in Wilmington is very bad one person working very dirty inside we like to fake the bus but never never again it was a very stressful day hope you look into your drivers because they are very rude people


Mary Rainsberget July 7, 2015 at 6:34 pm

I have been a monthly passenger on Greyhound from Miami to Orlando Fl..Thus is both a complaint and a compliment . My baggage was lost on 6/30 …on the 6am bus from Orlando .It did noy have the proper tag for Cutler Bay Fl. The bus driver where we changed buses in Miami told us to get on the bus and he would take care of the baggage .This was also done in Orlando ,,,,no one checked my baggage ,we just boarded the bus .My baggage was found on 7/4 at 10:30pm .In that interim ,I was hung upon multiple times , told that it was up to me to call the different stations ,it would take a claim form being mailed and me returning it before the process could be started,that I probably wouldn’t mail the claim form back I was treated with rudeness ,disrespect and no help was offered . I explained that I take the bus due to my inability to drive .I wear braces and they were in my baggage .I need them to walk any distance .Very few bus drivers offer any assistance but there is a few.The one bright spot in all this was Marie Querrette who wagon at the Miami station at 10:30pm 7/4 .She was caring and took the time to look for it and also called the Orlando station ,where it was found and subsequently delivered to Cutler Bay , Miami .She was a pleasure to deal with and a great asset for Greyhound . I am so grateful to her .
Sincerely , Mary Rajnsberger


Daniel July 1, 2015 at 1:38 pm

To Whom It May Concern,
I recently went on a trip from Canton Ohio to Warrensburg Missouri, and then back, on primarily a Greyhound bus. I enjoy taking the bus, and often do, because it allows me to see the country side rather than being stuck in a plane where I don’t get to see anything. However on this trip I saw some very disturbing things that rubbed me the wrong way and I needed to write you to let you know.

Since I was 18 I have taken numerous Greyhound bus trips all over the country. Though I enjoy your buses I think we can all be honest when I say that your employees aren’t winning any “customer service of the year” awards. Normally Greyhound employee can be very rude and disrespectful, and you learn to either bite your tongue or just not communicate with them all together. It is easy for me not to communicate with them because I have traveled so much I know how the flow of things goes, but newer customers are not so lucky. Now going across country can lead to changing to multiple different bus companies (Baron, Jefferson, etc) all of whom have great customer relations with its passengers, but as soon as you get into a Greyhound terminal you get a quick reality check. This has become common place, and since I have only seen it continue over the years I just figured that’s how Greyhound allows its employees to behave. Now that is not to say that all Greyhound employees are this way, but over the years it has become obvious that most are. That being said, this bus trip was especially bad even for Greyhound. How I saw people getting treated, and how I even got treated myself, was beyond excusable and made me re-think whether I would ever travel with you guys again. I would like to take a moment and tell you what my experience was like, and hopefully you can do something to make it worth taking the bus ever again.
When I left Canton I was on a Baron’s bus line and traveled on it until I got to Cambridge Ohio. The bus driver was very pleasant and courteous to the passengers. However, when I got dropped off at Cambridge to transfer to a Greyhound I had no idea what I was in store for. The first thing I noticed, while I waited outside since there was no terminal, was the bus driver was 45 minutes late. Now even though that was a recurring theme on this trip I know from experience that Greyhound Buses are almost always late. It probably has to do with how many stops you guys have so I try not to get to upset about waiting. However, when the bus arrived out comes the bus driver yelling at a passenger right in front of everyone. I kind of chuckled to myself and thought welcome to Greyhound. Since I didn’t know the cirXXXXstances leading up to the encounter I just ignored it, placed my bags underneath, and got onto the packed bus. After I got on the bus the passenger returned onto the bus with the bus driver still being very upset with him. Now the passenger wasn’t saying anything back other than he really needed his medication, but I began to notice that no one on the bus seemed to be happy with the bus driver. On the way to Columbus Ohio I realized that the passenger had an allergic reaction to something and was getting painful hives all over his back. He had been begging the bus driver to allow him to get his medication out from under the bus but the driver not only refused but was yelling at him in front of everyone for not packing it in his carry on. Throughout the trip numerous passengers tried to help the guy by rubbing Aloe Vera on his back, giving him water, or anything else they could find on the bus, but the bus driver refused to stop or allow the passenger to get his medication out of his packed suitcase. When we arrived in Columbus the bus driver told the passenger “You need to stop speaking to me” in a very disrespectful tone, when the passenger again asked about getting his stuff. So as the passenger, who could barely move on the bus without wreathing in pain, tried to pull his suitcase out from under a packed bus without any employees trying to help him. Instead the bus driver and 2 other Greyhound crew members stood there and listened to the driver talk about how he was sick of him, and how the passenger should have thought ahead. Once again I had to shake my head. Throughout the rest of the trip this type of treatment (rude behavior, snapping at passengers, and a general lack of concern) seemed to be the theme of Greyhound employees.

On almost every stop along the trip when passengers tried to ask questions the workers would just walk away or ignore them. It would take the customers being pests before they would answer their questions, and then they would answer the employees would have this disrespectful look on their face while they did. On one of the buses we seemed to be delayed on the bus for no reason what so ever so a customer very calmly asked the bus driver if we would be leaving soon. The bus driver immediately spun around and very loudly said “You are not going to rush me buddy!” The passenger tried apologizing and said he was just wondering, but you could tell it was very embarrassing. I turned to the passenger and asked him if it was his first time on Greyhound and he told me it was. I then explained that it’s just the way the employees are and that he shouldn’t take it personal, but even after saying that I couldn’t help but think why am I making excuses for the rude behavior of a company I paid to service me? None of these rude encounters happened to me, but rather just what I observed, mostly because I stayed away from the Greyhound employees. However there was one incident I experienced firsthand in Nashville, on my way back. A common theme when traveling Greyhound is confusion. Since the employees won’t tell you where to line up until the last minute you usually have a ton of people standing around waiting to bombard the lines as soon as it is announced. This of course adds a great deal of stress to travelers because you might have a passenger who has been held over in the terminal for 8+ hours waiting to board a bus, and since they won’t let you line up early this passenger gets stuck at the back of the line because he/she is waiting in the wrong area. This confusion seems to be the way Greyhound likes it (whether it is by the employees or the company’s demand). This particular time was the worst I’ve ever seen it. Everyone in Nashville, including me, was very confused as to which bus was boarding and which wasn’t. When the Greyhound employees were asked questions they just shouted at passengers that they will announce it when they announce it. Passengers were trying to explain to the employees that it was so loud in there that no one could hear the announcements, but the employees did not seem to care. What made matters worse was it was packed and employees were yelling at the passengers to stand back. So now not only was everyone confused, but we couldn’t hear over the employees yelling at us trying to pack everyone away from them. I approached a Greyhound employee earlier to inquire about my bus, but when I didn’t get a straight answer I just returned to the masses. After spending some time talking to the passengers I felt confident that a group of passengers with re-boarding stubs were the ones I need to keep an eye out for. When their re-boarding number was called I approached a Greyhound employee with my ticket in hand. I said “Sir I know it’s just the re-boarders that were called to board, but is that my bus? Am I in at least the right area?” He looked right at me, rolled his eyes and turned his back to me. I then said “Excuse me sir, I still need my question answered so I don’t miss my bus?” He then turned around and started getting belligerent with me saying “I’ve done told you a hundred times to wait!” I informed him that we had never spoken before and that I am really confused. I held my ticket out and started to ask my question again, but before I could in a very disrespectful tone he said “Those are the re-boarders, you have to wait. When I call your ticket you can board.” I then asked him “But that is my bus correct?” He finally looked down at my ticket and said “Yes!” His whole tone was very rude and disrespectful and even the other passengers couldn’t help but shake their heads.

There were many other rude encounters I witnessed a long my trip, and all of them just seemed to make me wonder why I even travel with you guys anymore. I love bus trips, and I even met my wife on a Greyhound bus so they are sentimental for me, but on this trip it just seemed too much.

There was however a bright spot on my journey. My bus was delayed for 2 hours in St. Louis Missouri which made me miss my transfer at Springfield. This meant I would have to stay 24 hours in Springfield against my wishes. With everything that seemed to be going on during this trip this would seem like the final straw, however the 2 Greyhound employees in Springfield were amazing. They comped me a hotel and took me there via cab. Even more important than the hotel was how kind a relaxing they were. One in particular joked and laughed with me the whole time and made what would have been a miserable trip seem worth it. They were by far one of the best experiences I have ever had on a Greyhound bus and their wonderful customer service was a ray of light on what seemed like a rather bleak trip. Those gentlemen should be hired to train your whole staff on what it means to be kind and respectful in a stressful situation.

I hope this letter reaches someone who cares enough to help fix all these problems.

Daniel Matea


Sam Smoker June 27, 2015 at 11:41 am

My family recently had a “nightmare experience” with Greyhound Bus. Employees are rude, incompetent, and show a lack of professionalism. They do not answer phone calls. In particular avoid greyhound bus stations in Erie, PA and South Bend, IN. My son who was trying to purchase a bus ticket in Erie, PA was actually told to “sit down and shut up.” After his family was finally able to purchase a ticket for him for $130, the agent in Erie told my son that he could get him a seat on the bus for an additional $20. My family will never use the services of Greyhound again and we advise everyone else to do the same.


Deborah Hamilton June 23, 2015 at 7:27 pm

Urgent … Please email me with your contact information immediately … urgent
CEO: Dave Leach
CFO: Andrew Kaplinsky
COO: Bill Blankenship


Estella Love-Rice June 21, 2015 at 10:35 pm

I am extremely hurt because Greyhound Bus Lines today June/21/2015 have stolen $416.00 from my bank account. I called about 2:00pm or so this afternoon to pay for 2 adults tickets from Little Rock, AR to Los Angeles, CA departing Aug. 27, 2015. The tickets were to be $406.00, but the person on the telephone charged me an extra $10.00 and I don’t even know what it is for, he also keyed in July 27th as a departure date; which is an error. I did not catch this until I printed off the tickets once I had hung up from him. I in turn called the same number 800-231-2222 back and told them of the mistake in the departure date, they said there was nothing they could do about it, and referred me to customer service, who said there was nothing they could about it, and referred me back to 800-231-2222, and it was a continuous cycle up until 9:13pm CST. I am disappointed about this and feel that Greyhound Bus Lines is just a bunch of thieves, who have stolen my money. All I needed is for someone to go into the computer system and change the month of departure so that I could get my tickets, or void out the first tickets and type up the correct information on tickets that I could print and have when that time arrived.
I have been done sooooo wrong by Greyhound Bus Lines and now I am calling around seeking the necessary assistance in getting some satisfaction.


Rene June 17, 2015 at 6:45 pm

Customer is the worst!!!!! I got misinformation and conflicting information from customer service. The clerk at the Greenville SC stations was rude and unempathetic. The website was down, therefore was not able to purchase tickets there. Tried to purchase through customer service, couldn’t. the worst experience ever. Then get to station and have to pay almost $20 additional to ride 2 hours to my destination. RIDICULOUS!!!!


Elena Teyer June 16, 2015 at 11:40 am

Extremely unhappy with the service! I am a disabled Army Veteran. I’ve had recently foot surgery and traveled with knee’s scooter and Percocet. I was not even able to take a nap for this long night trip. My seat’s handle was broken and I had to hold myself all night to prevent me sliding on the floor. The bus was full. We all were kicked out of the bus around 4AM for no reason, and wait again in line to be reboarding to the same bus. I was asking to leave me in the bus, because I can’t walk, my feet hurt and I took my med and feeling drowsy, and my knee scooter in the luggage section. But instead of assistance, I heard repeating demand:” Nobody can stay in the bus!” And later on they said that the reason was because they had to clean the bus, even though all passengers were sleeping and it only passed 3 hours from the last station, where we were waiting for this bus in line for more than hour. The first bus had no air conditioner and there was the crazy driver, who every few min told us:” be quiet, don’t speak in my bus!” And nobody made noise, but him. We all were tired from waiting this bus at the Washington station. The bus didn’t leave the station @ 8.20PM, as it supposed to, but arrived after 9PM. I received big damage to my health during this trip because I had no chance for rest during 14 hours night trip. I was in fears for my safety with my broken seat, and it was no respect from employees to disable Vet and others. And I paid for this horrible one way trip 146$ with my Military discount. I can only imagine, how much it cost without discount. When I called to your company on the 13, June with complaints and asked for compensation, because I left the bus with migraine, swollen feet, in stress, in the worse condition than I was before this trip, I’ve been told that my delay was not long enough for it. Seems like only delays are matter, but customer’s health, safety and satisfaction is not valuable for company. This is the shame! I have to look for an Attorney to get my money back, if you don’t want to help me with this issue. I think that just to bring people to destination like a pigs for a sausage, is unacceptable service! And if you see people with disability and not providing special service for them, but treat them like a garbage, it’s very serious damage to you reputation as a Company and as a Citizens of United States.


ZUL June 4, 2015 at 8:35 pm

I’m not a person that complains at all about others, everyone have their bad days. BUT! This was HORRIBLE first experience (costumer service). I travel to Jacksonville on a Tue and the first bus driver was such an unpleasant person to travel with. Hey we are all going to be on the Damn bus at least let’s be civil and human with each other, but no he treated us like we were S#?+. Hopefully my second driver was completely professional and nice. Hoping that I didn’t had to deal with it when I travel back to Tampa…. WRONG!!! First driver ok, second driver hands down one of the most ugliest personality ever. The bus was even making up RULES. I don’t know where this travel line gets their Bus drivers from, but one thing for sure this people need better costumer service than this because honestly I wouldn’t recommend it at all.


Gerald ishman June 2, 2015 at 5:38 pm

Greyhound lost my bags three months ago told me my claim woild be in on the 5/25/2015 an has not been done iv been givin the run around about my things that were lost one of your superviser gave the wrong number i would like to speak to someone that can help me


Elizabeth Carbone June 2, 2015 at 5:36 pm

My son took a bus from Syracuse NY to NYC. The bus driver took a wrong turn and he was 2 and 1/2 hours late, missing an appt. When I called customer service yesterday and today the people that answered the phone were more than rude and hung up on my twice. The exact opposite of customer service. As a parent, I need an explanation of why a bus driver, hired by Greyhound, went to Philadephia instead of NYC. I called corporate and the person I spoke to was much more helpful, yet still rude. Why are the customer service folks so defensive? No more Greyhound!!!!


Lonkeisha drummer May 10, 2015 at 6:07 pm

Me and my mother bought our tickets yesterday from Cleveland Ohio. Everything was OK until we made it to Cincinnati Ohio we had to stay there from 4 am until 11 in stuck in Nashville Tennessee until 8am that’s a damn shame never again will I take a bus bad service


Greg Harris April 21, 2015 at 11:22 am

Horrible Customer service ever from Sacramento Greyhound. Shipping clerk yelling obsenities after being asked for superviser. Grounds person with weed blower kicking up rocks at car……..SACRAMENTO GREYHOUND WAS CONTACTED. REFUSED TO CALL AND TALK. THAT WHAT YOU CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE???


jim mckinnis March 16, 2015 at 12:02 pm

In 2000, I had the idea to attend games in all 30 major league ballparks, bought a two month pass from Greyhound for under $500 and between April and June, hopped on the bus, often traveling overnight to make it to the next game. Probably approached 10,000 miles of travel and quite a few buses. I can say that in all cases (quite remarkable when you consider it), I had enjoyable trips, discovered once again the beauty of this great nation, stayed in youth hostels and captured wonderful panoramic pictures of each MLB stadiums and would recommend that Greyhound re-consider the pass as a travel enticement.

I want to repeat the trip soon to visit the 11 new ballparks opened since Y2K!


Elbert Williams February 20, 2015 at 1:05 pm

“Bus ride from hell”

We departed on time, the driver got on the speaker and welcomed the bus and told us it was her first time driving the bus tonight, but that she knew what she was doing, people thought it was “funny” that it was her first time. Soon as we left the terminal and got a few blocks away she had trouble with the bus, at every green light when she pressed the gas the bus jerked very violently back and forth, we drove for about ten mins before she headed back to las vegas G.H. hub. she stepped out, spoke to a few workers, then came back to the bus to tell us there was something wrong with the transmission & we needed to change buses. Soon as everyone boarded on the second bus (86323) we could smell a horrible odor of raw sewage which I knew to be coming from the restroom. We departed, and driver got lost within first hour on the road & had to turn around. about 30 mins later she pulled over for a few seconds, than she turned around again but this time we were on a two-lane only highway, with a semi now approaching on our right side. She had difficulty maneuvering the bus on the two-lane road, when she turned the bus longways to back up in the pitch black, people thought she was going into a ditch, the back of the bus dropped suddenly and people yelled “HEY! HEY! the approaching traffic on both sides eventually came to a stop and she finally got the bus turned around with the help from the trucker in the semi on our right flashing oncoming traffic. by this point people, including myself were becoming in fear that we’d be hit or that the bus would roll down a hill. Later on she had only stopped for food once during the entire trip in Bullhead City and that is because a older lady in front of me asked the driver if we are stopping for food. By this point people are already very agitated with the female driver, some are cursing, some are trying to offer her directions, others are just verbally abusing her, saying all kinds of inappropriate comments towards the driver. yelling them to her. We finally arrive in phoenix 3 hours late at 9am instead of 5:50am and she gets lost again in the middle of rush hour traffic trying to find sky harbor airport/G.H. People right away try to tell her she is again going the wrong way and she needs to turn around. after we had driven about 20 mins in traffic the wrong way, one man got so fed up he walked off the bus at a stoplight. After 10 additional mins of driving through neighborhoods we finally started going towards the right direction. She had then again spoke on the speaker that “everyone needs to calm down” and that “making comments and coming up to her is not helping the situation” and that she couldn’t just “turn around, but everyone needs to remain calm”. We finally arrive at Sky Harbor 3 hours behind because she couldn’t find the entrance, not only that but every city/town we stopped in along the way she couldn’t find the terminals. I woke up to us being parked at McDonalds parking lot, with her on the speaker asking passengers if we knew how to get to the G.H. terminal in Flagstaff.

Just over-all THE worst Greyhound experience of my whole 20+ years of riding with you. The driver did not seem well-trained enough to operate the bus, although she did not give up, I honestly thought she was going to walk off the job. She shouldn’t be fired, she just needs MORE CONFIDENCE AND TRAINING!


ronald Meyer December 29, 2014 at 2:19 pm

I rode a bis from Montana to Washington on Dec 27,2014 and had the worst experience of my life. The driver was ride plus I had to check my crutches so everytime we made a stop if I wantedto get off the bus I had to wait until rhe last pwrson was off rhen be handed my crutches. I called the customer resolution department to file a complaint only to be hung on 3 times by 3 differwnt people. I wasted over 3 hours of my time just trying to talk to someone. When I called the 4th time and explained the situation the lafy told me, they were experiences glitches in their system that has caused them to loose calls”. When asked why the customer service reps didn’t call back if system hangs up the reps response was, “we are in inbound call center”. I think it is very poor customer service to expect your customers to call back again after your system hangs us up. I have dealt with many call centers and have been called back when systems fail. I have ridden Greyhound before and I definetly have to say this is one business that has been around a long time and as each year passes instead of their service getting better it gets worse.


US Commr JE Connolly December 5, 2014 at 12:17 pm

I had two senior tickets to travel Wash DC to NYC today at noon for me and my carer. I am partically blind. My eye began hemmoraging yesterday afternoon so I called my eye doctor who told me to get to NYC by 6pm the next night. I tried and my carer tried to telephone and also email Greyhound to try top change the tickets we had. We failed both ways so we went early this morning to Union Station Greyhound to try to change to an earlier bus. The ticket window lady said ”no way”;l you have to buy new tickets. But the supervisor said, “Since you say you tried to change on-line and by phone and people have trouble sometimes, I’m gonna let you change. I will only charge you $20 per ticket and it must be cash only. So I paid that to the lady at the window but when I asked for a receipt she said”You ain’t gettin’ a receipt. It is a company rule that we don’t give receipts for cash trasnactions and it si also a company rule that to change a ticket here you must pay cask”. This sounded strange so I called a high ranking collegue at DOT and he laughed and said “they are scamming you, and I suggest you call Dave Leach if you know him, which I think you do.”

SO I shall call Dave Leach at HQand ask him for my $40 back. It is not the $40; it is the innate dishonesty Greyhound is willing to tolerate.

Joseph E Connolly, US Commissioner
** East 51st Street
Suite 8B
New York, NY 10022


gordon kloosterman November 26, 2014 at 11:40 am

daughter had all her luggage at chicago. an employee helped take her luggage to the gate for the next stop at kalamazoo, mi. when she arrived the bag was missing. We tried calling services for help and got NO help. When you call you get put on hold for half an hour or more and they get mad and very rude plus they do not help you at all. Chicago says the bag is not there and Kalamazoo says it never arrived there. Had a tracer # 24273911 put on the bag on Monday 11/24/2014, and on 11/16/2014 check on it and found no tracer # in your system and again NO help anyplace we call. All her clothes are in there and you do nothing.


consumer November 24, 2014 at 5:20 pm

on schedule 1502 one of the passengers went into my book bag somewere after memphis . i went to sleep to wake up and find my book bag in a new spot. Your company needs surveilance cameras on all night trips.Someone on bus 1502 November 1,2014 made plans tp go into my book bag.they juust waited til after we left memphis.How can we feel safe from this greyhound rider night predators?.What will you do about this? all the modern technolog there are no cameras for all consumers saftey at night.Those who violate others passengers or property feel confident they can.


michael j. gargano May 25, 2014 at 6:22 pm

dear greyhound customer service. my name is michael j. gargano. and im writing to you for some complimentary tickets to san francisco california. i have a daughter that lives in san francisco and i haven’t seen for 19 years. i live at golden living center here in minneapolis minnesota 55426. this is a skilled nursing home. i only get $94.00 a mounth to live on as i have to turn my social security check over to them. i hope you can help with the tickets, i would appreciate to hear from you and i;’d like to thank you for your time and consideration and i look forward to hear from you. . michael j. gargano.% golden living center, XXXXX virginia avenue south, minneapolis minnesota 55426 #952-935-XXXXX. thank you, michael. j. gargano.


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