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General Electric Company
41 Farnsworth Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

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Phone Number: (617) 443-3000
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General Electric Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

General Electric Executives

CEO: Jeffrey R. Immelt
CFO: Jeffrey S. Bornstein
COO: John G. Rice

General Electric History

Thomas Edison had many business interests and several electricity-related companies before 1889. In 1889 Drexel, Morgan & Co, a company formed by J.P. Morgan and Anthony Drexel, helped to merge those companies into Edison General Electric Company.

At the same time, Thomson-Houston Electric Company was growing and acquiring assets.

General Electric (GE) was formed by the merger of Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company.

In 1896 GE was one of the original 12 companies listed on the newly formed Dow Jones Industrial Average. Today it is one of the only original companies still listed, though it has not been listed continuously.

Today GE operates through five business segments: Energy, Capital Finance, Technology and Infrastructure, Transportation, and Consumer & Industrial.

GE is the sixth-largest company in the United States by gross revenue and the 14th most profitable. GE has 305,000 employees and had $147.359 billion in revenue in 2012.

General Electric FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for General Electric?
Answer 1: The phone number for General Electric is (617) 443-3000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of General Electric?
Answer 2: The CEO of General Electric is Jeffrey R. Immelt.

Question 3: Who founded General Electric?
Answer 3: General Electric was founded by in .

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raqg September 18, 2019 at 11:54 am

I have had a TERRIBLE experience with a new french door refrigerator. It is the noisiest refrigerator I have ever heard. I can hear in my back hall and living room, and everyone who sits at the kitchen or dining room table is aware of its presence. I have never had such a loud refrigerator!! My guests have even commented on its noise. And worse, the fan is almost constantly on in some way. I have had FOUR fans replaces, ONE mother board, and multiple other parts. I have had multiple service calls (over 4 with repairs) and it is still noisy. I was told by the last two service representatives that the only remedy would be to replace the refrigerator. When I called the service department, each time I was told that there were no records of the service, even though you sent parts to my home. I spent over an hour each time on the phone with your managers and still no one can see the full service record. Finally they got in touch with the last tech who came to my home, and the manager stated he told them the refrigerator was “Running as designed” and there would be no more service to my refrigerator. This is totally contrary to the conversations I have had with that tech and the previous one who BOTH STATED the refrigerator would need to be replaced and to call the service center to arrange this. This is totally unacceptable. This is a loud monolith in my kitchen and the noise is aggravating, annoying, and unacceptable. It gears up and down as the fans turn on and off…like a small airplane in my kitchen. If this is the way the product was truly designed to run you should be ashamed of yourselves. And if this was not a LEMON why did I already need FOUR FAN REPLACEMENTS! You need to replace this product. IT IS A LEMON and totally unacceptable.


Elizabeth McDougall August 23, 2019 at 2:44 pm

Dear GE,
U have been a TRUSTED ! TRUSTED ! Company in my family for many,many,many years ! Your products I have NO PROBLEM with !
However !!! The sub-contractors that are sent out to deliver & install, stoves for instance-& U are trusting them to represent U, leave alot to be desired !!! Case in point – FORWARD AIR HOME DELIVERY !!
. I bought a GE stove in Home Depot – Watching N.J. RT.22 – paid for Installation. When they arrived when we she them where it was to be installed, the 1st thing they said was that they weren’t suppose to install anything & that we didn’t pay for installation. So I showed them my paperwork & they called someone & I called home depot ! They were speaking Spanish, so I don’t know what they said, which was very ride ! When they got off the phone they said they had to leave & someone would call me ! While I still had my Home Depot person on the phone, I asked her if I could still have them leave my stove & figure out the install problem later ! She said yes ! In the meantime while they were walking away, I told them to just leave the stove that Home Depot said to & I would just get a refund for the install or whatever ! These guys said NO & started their truck 🚚 & drove away !! Then they told their people that my gas pipe was corroded ! Well P.S.E.& G. Says it’s not ! I think they weren’t install guys & someone made a Big Mistake !! My problem is – these guys were RUDE – THEY LIED – THEY WERE INCOMPETENT – & the girl who called me back was rude, & refused to make them come back & give me my stove ! I spoke to a supervisor & they didn’t care either & just said we have to re-schedule. At this point after what I witnessed from these guys, I do NOT want anyone from that company installing anything in my house ! So I asked to just have the stove brought back & that’s it ! They said NO !! So now I’m without a stove for 5 days ! I’m telling U, U need to investigate this company representing your goods ! I’m am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO upset, SOOOOO disappointed!!! 1st person I talked to at Forward Air was Monica, then Ethan, then Nyesha, then the supervisor Parker !! Never Again will I ever let this company deliver anything to me !! & I’m reporting this to the Better Business


Roseanne Pickering April 2, 2019 at 4:02 pm

For once, this email is not a criticism of your products. This is just a suggestion. Part of my job as a home stager is to keep up with or ahead of design trends in homes. I’ve noticed that a large number of millennials/hipsters are looking for and purchasing unique and retro appliances. Note that Kitchen Aid has taken the trend and run with it by offering their standing mixers in some pretty unique/ retro colors. I think G.E. would be smart to do the same. Offer a retro line in colors that were popular during the 50’s & 60’s via special order and then offer your regular appliances in fun colors as well. I’m pretty sure that people are about done with stainless Steele and Gun metal finishes. I can see people buying them because they would reflect their personality and add a splash of color instead of relying on the cabinets and tile. You could do vivid primary colors and soft pastels. It would awesome.


Richard January 8, 2019 at 6:18 pm

I purchased a new GE over the range microwave. When if was installed and plugged in, I first set the clock. The hour touched the colon, the colon touched the minutes. In other words, everything was crammed together, with no spacing. I wrote an email to Customer Service to tell them that I thought the LED readout was defective, and an Agent named Jerry responded and told me I should have noticed the LED display prior to purchase and that I should take it back to the store where I purchased it and complain to them. We wrote back and forth and each time Jerry tooted his horn and said he had the authority to decide if my microwave was defective – stating no one was higher than him. He said it was not defective (determined without an assessment by a trained GE technician). I looked at the picture of my microwave on the Internet (GE web site) and there was spacing between the numerals and the colon. I sent him a picture of my microwave to show there was no spacing and he made some asinine comment about being sorry that it wasn’t according to my preference. I asked for information on how to appeal the problem and he wrote back and told me “he” was the final say so, and told me to take the microwave back where I purchased it. I responded that he should look at all of his LED readout gadgets and he will easily see there is spacing in the readouts. And, finally, I told him to get ready because i was going to locate the proper management personnel to call for an investigation of the matter.


Pat Newbert November 13, 2018 at 12:32 pm

What a joke. I pressed one star above and it processed 2 stars! I was going to write my own complaint but after reading the other ones listed I have decided that it probably doesn’t do any good so I will just say: DON’T EVER BUY GE!!!! The appliances and the customer service suck. In fact, the customer service rep, Nathan, actually lied to us!!


john bonavia September 30, 2018 at 12:57 pm

bought this ge microwave and it always pops the circuit breakers so I had it rebuilt and it still does the same thing. I heard on TV that they have been starting fires in homes. what can you do for me call at 720-499-XXXX now. so dishearted.


Dawn Nickerson September 26, 2018 at 12:38 pm

I requested service for a washing machine. The repair man came out on 09/25/18. He was ok but the tone was pretty much that we were a couple of old dummies who don’t know how to use this new fangled washer. We laughed about it and he said we needed a software update and we needed to use HE detergent. We paid $263.15 for the call. We bought the HE detergent and today I put in a load. The machine is doing the exact same thing as before the service call. I have a load of soaking wet clothes at the end of the cycle. So I call the service. First person I spoke with wanted to give me a lesson on respect. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After she finally found us in the system she tells me the repair tech will be out Friday. Today is WEDNESDAY. I said no it needs to be today. She informed me that she would call dispatch because they decide and if the Friday spot got taken before I accepted it then I could wait until MONDAY! OF course there was no service today so I took Friday. I told her she had not helped me. She stated “I’m so glad I could help you blah blah blah”. Her name is Keisha and Keisha needs a little training in customer service. This was NOT service let alone GOOD service. Every appliance in my home for my entire adult life has been GE. I’ve had service techs before for a couple of the appliances with no problems. This may just be a “sign of the times” for the way customers are treated but I don’t have to stand for it and I won’t. I have called the bank to stop payment on my check. My appliance doesn’t work and GE does NOT deserve to get paid for that job until they make it right.


Jerry Thorson June 22, 2018 at 2:15 pm

I know how to construct an affordable (to most folks) home generator that can be used indoors as it produces no CO, and is relatively silent compared to most CO exuding fueled variations. If you don’t believe me, contact me as the method is simple and the secret will be out as soon as the first model is shown to the public.


MaryLou Liccione March 18, 2018 at 10:05 am

I have a new GE Washer. The model # 6TW330ASK3WW. I purchased this unit about one month ago. I am having an issue with the laundry coming out of the machine. I cannot smell the fabric softener on the clothes & the clothes are stiff & scratchy. This is despite me using the fabric softener unit. I fill it to capacity. I don’t know what else to do. I am tired of my laundry not being like I want it. I am ready to spread the word that my machine is a dud. I want an answer before I decide to return it to the store.
Thank You for helping me with this problem.


Gary February 24, 2018 at 7:07 pm

Re; my GE Profile dishwasher . Today my power went out for about thirty seconds . When it came back on the was a high pitched continuous tone . At first I thought it was the smoke detectors , I checked all in the house and it did not appear to be coming from them . This pitch was very high and difficult to locate . We finally isolated it to the kitchen . We first went to the answering machine phone and unplugged it , still no luck . We were totally baffled by where it could be coming from , the fridge , the coffee maker , toaster oven , stove . We finally isolated it to the dishwasher . We tried the dishwasher , and nothing , no lights . The circuit breaker controlled other things so leaving it off was not an option . Fortunately , as a general contractor , I have some knowledge , I disassembled the front and unplugged the motherboard . The noise stopped . Upon further investigation I discovered a small speaker inside that was emitting the noise . WHAT kind of B/S is this ? , this IS not Cuba and we don’t need high frequency noises aimed at us . Is this some kind of bad joke to make someone call a repair man ? ( none are available on saturday so the average household would have to live with this ) . Congrats to your engineers for dreaming this up , but , I am done with any company that would do something like this .


HAZEL MORRISON November 16, 2017 at 2:13 pm

I have just spent 45 minutes on ‘hold’ with the GE customer service person popping back and forth !!,
We had a microwave delivered 2.1/2 months ago to replace one that was only a couple years old, that caught fire and burnt the metal plate inside the microwave, that also quit after a couple years, so to say GE appliances are not what they used to be, is AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!!!!.
The microwave that was delivered this morning that was ordered 2 weeks ago by Britney– told it would be 5-7 days , quite a joke !!! I gave her all the specs and told her it needed to fit into a specific ‘hole’ as I didn’t want to buy an new surround after much time she finally said there were a couple we could choose from, so she would send us pictures so that we could pick, well only one picture came through, but we were assured that it would fit as she had all the specs from the one being replaces, I spent more than an hour on the phone with her ordering the micro wave only to have the wrong one delivered this morning, been on to corporate for what that is worth??? only to be told that they delivered a counter top microwave and not a built in, to make it a built in i HAVE TO BUY A NEW ‘TRIM WHICH IS SMALLER THAN THE ONE i HAVE, WHAT WONDERFUL SERVICE FROM GE., we have bought GE for years but this is the last, next time we replace ALL of the kitchen appliances it will be another company at 7 here listening to the AWFUL music is enough to drive you to drink , please note GE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GE WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN November 14, 2017 at 12:31 pm

We just had to replace both our washer and dryer in a week, that were only 2 years old. the washer sounded as if it was going to blow up on us, would not do anything but spin. Than 2 nights ago our dryer caught on fire. I called the consumer relations department to report what had happened. they told me my problem would be resolved in 24-48hrs. That i would be having at tech call me and tell me what went wrong with the components of the dryer. NO tech called. I called back and they said they were having trouble pulling my ticket to call back. So I did. Called back and they told me the could not get anyone out for over a week, and they are coming from another state. So I call corperate and they hang up one. None the less I just had to purchase 2 new appliances within a week, that I should not had to replace. I am very upset. I will never buy another GE APPLIANCE AGAIN!!


Nicole November 2, 2017 at 8:36 pm

We bought all new GE. Appliances for our kitchen 2 years ago to come home a find our refrigerator not working all the food was in thawed, I just called GE.ti be told in plug it for 1 minute and see if comes back on……… REALLY come on .Then I was told we can send a tech out. .I am sorry to say your company has gone down hill and your products are no good,maybe you only care about the money and not about your consumer. I am so disappointed in the way your company handles the customer, people stay away from buying anything that has the GE .Mark on it because you will be buying new stuff with in a couple of years.


SB October 23, 2017 at 9:26 am

I’ll NEVER purchase another GE appliance.

I should have known not to trust them when 3 years ago we purchased a specific washer/dryer set with a rebate but then they refused to issue our rebate (wish I would have taken a picture for proof)

After reading many of these comments I see we are not alone.

Our machines are under extended warranty but ALL repairs are by trained GE employees.

It’s been 6 weeks without our machine. Every time they come something else goes wrong.

GE customer reps keep passing the blame- it’s the warranty company’s fault – it’s FedEx’s fault and it goes on.

The warranty company has always been respectful but hands seem to be tied and have to deal with the very unprofessional & rude GE employees.

Even after talking to GE Consumer Relations – we have gotten NO WHERE!!

Most of the GE employees we’ve spoken to have no compassion or understanding of our position at all. The sheer RUDENESS is appalling and I cannot believe that GE allows their employees to treat customers in such a reprehensible way.

Our availability is an inconvenience to them & they feel we should rearrange our schedule to accommodate their schedule. They give a 4 hour window of time we must waste – and many times that window has been 5-6 hours. I’ve never in my lifetime experienced such lack for customers in my life.

They speak to customers like they’re better & more powerful and they are more than unkind.

Then GE has the absolute GALL to offer a discount on a NEW machine – it’s ONLY 3 – and had two little issues that continue to grow into problem after problem which certainly keeps their repair department in business. I’m unsure why the warranty company doesn’t stand up against it – they have nearly paid GE to repair is so far – almost the cost of the machine.

I’ve only spoke to a select few that were caring they rest are sad excuses not just employees but as human beings.

We will be sure our story spreads & we will continue to warn people WHY NOT TO purchase the lowly GE brand.
It’s honestly a DISGUSTING SHAME!!


maria myers September 7, 2017 at 3:24 pm

I bought a washing machine from Sears on 7/5 and it was delivered to my house on 7/8. 36 days later the washer shorted out and sent out an electrical shock and my 30 year old son got shocked so bad that he was burned on his hand.

WE called Sears as soon as this happened, and Sears wanted and took no responsibility for this situation stating that their 30 day responsibility was up, and that I would need to contact GE.

SO we did ,contacted GE and they would not replace the machine but would only send a technician. The technician came and ordered a new board , the board was mailed to me and 10 days later the tech was there to fix my washer, thought this nightmare was over.

WELL… about a week later it shorted out again, only this time we realized it and didn’t put our hand in the washer to get the wet clothes sitting at the bottom.

We called GE again, waited another few days, another tech came out and this time ordered a bunch of parts, but still will not replace the machine. The parts will be at my home in a few days… well…. We didn’t get parts in time so the appt was pushed out another week to wait for parts. Parts finally came, service is set, and… tech showed up at the house an hour early, and we were not there at work, and got a note on the door .

I have taken days off of work, spent over $50 at Laundromat last 4 weeks, and have lost enough money!!!!

I am at my wits end with this and so disappointed in Sears and GE


Elaine Hubbell August 17, 2017 at 6:08 pm

In the 2003-2004 timeframe, my husband and I purchased a GE Advantium speed cook microwave and really liked it. At that time is was an expensive microwave with the speed cook and bake features. I realize that was a long time ago; however, it is still a good microwave except for the inferior handle which keeps breaking. Including the original, we are on our fourth or fifth handle. Currently, it is broken AGAIN and I refuse to buy another $65 piece of plastic. Rather than pay a service technician to come and do the repairs, we chose to replace the handles ourselves which saved a lot since we were not paying for someone to walk through the door, nor labor fees This is a plastic handle that is joined to the door with metal screws. After a while of use, the handle becomes weak at that point with the metal screws and completely breaks off in our hands. GE could have resolved this problem easily by replacing the plastic handle with a metal one but it seems that GE would rather make money on inferior parts.

When it came time to replace our washer and dryer, we did not even look at GE appliances, same thing for when we needed to replace the refrigerator. A few months ago, we had to replace the dishwasher. Again, we did not look at GE products. When it comes time to replace our stove, it will not be GE either. In fact, I don’t plan to ever buy GE products again. I would say that GE could have made a lot of money off us if it hadn’t been for a piece of plastic.


Ronnie Hinds August 17, 2017 at 10:19 am

I purchased a GE Café double oven in Feb 2017, after the previous GE oven twice had problems with the self-clean feature. The oven that was just purchased, encountered the same problem with self-clean wherein the porcelain within the oven cavity chipped/peeled . A ge technician looked at the area and suggested using a Magic Eraser after he tried unsuccessfully to get rid of the marks/chips using vinegar, then proceeded to remark that the cavity could not be replaced.
I called customer service (Joshua) who informed me that this was not covered under the warranty because it was considered “cosmetic”. I found this hard to comprehend, considering that a feature of the oven created the problem.
I hope that GE will resolve this issue.


Ellen Moore August 10, 2017 at 1:17 pm

I felt like I was alone on the being ignored, no calls back, inferior service techs and wrong parts ordered for repair on a washing machine that failed inside 8 days of the 1 year mark.
I spent 6.000.00 on a total GE package because I bought the whole MADE IN AMERICA speech and regret it terrribly. Going on my 6th repair visit. Only thing GE would offer me is a discount on a new one. Really? Not gonna happen.


D.PEREZ July 27, 2017 at 7:43 pm

Purchased a washer/dryer unit in Feb 2017, had to call GE customer service in mid May because it was not working properly. They sent an authorized service tech to check the unit and he diagnosed it as having a transmission problem, that would need to be replaced. The tech said he would have to call GE for authorization to order the part. Never heard from the tech or GE again. I called GE and they arranged for a different authorized service tech to come out, same diagnosis, the transmission. Tech’s office has called to advise me that the part is in, schedule the service call – no show – no call. I call the service center and they schedule another appointment to come out – no show – no call. This has gone on since mid May and here we are end of July 2017. Still, no resolution. GE customer service keeps giving me same answer, “they have to try everything to repair the unit”. I have requested a replacement of this unit, I purchased a NEW unit, not expecting to have a “refurbished” unit after only two and a half months from purchase date. GE customer relations has not provided “customer service” as-would be expected from such an old established and well known company. Is it not the consumer / customer that has made this company grow over so many years? I guess they figure the consumer buys their product and that’s all that matters.
VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH GE……………………..I will not be purchasing any other GE items.


Geri September 7, 2017 at 10:31 am

I was in the same predicament in 2012 with a new washer that tore the clothes apart. The tech arrived and watched as the clothes were ripped to,shreds. This went on for several months with them always ordering different parts. Nothing ever corrected the problem. In 2014 I demanded a replacement.. it was delivered Ferb 2014. It still did the same thing, and now after an additional 3 and a half years … I AM BUYING A DIFFERNT WASHER FROM A DIFFERENT COMPANY!


Mike June 19, 2017 at 12:22 pm

In Sep, 2015 I purchased a very expensive GE Profile microwave for my wife and I to use in our retirement years. As of last week the microwave’s magnetron is PERMANTLY fused to ON when the door is closed. I was told by the service person that they have never seen a fused magnetron in their 15 yrs of service experience. GE support told me that they might expect this with a 15 yr old microwave, but not in a Profile microwave that is less than 2 years old. Oh, and the Director of GE Consumer Affairs “does not speak to customers”. This is a perfect reflection of GE Consumer Products and Service. GE needs to sell their consumer products division as they clearly have no intention of maintaining its products or services. Sad to say that GE corporation is another failed U.S. business.


Virginia Kuhls June 19, 2017 at 12:14 pm

I purchased an entire ge kitchen appliance suite.It was delivered at the end of March. My over the range microwave quit working after only 4 months of use. Have had it serviced twice in the last month. It has been sitting on my kitchen floor torn apart waiting on parts that are on back order since last week! Is this all your warranty is worth? Shouldn’t ge just replace it at this point???


Norma Kelly June 12, 2017 at 8:24 pm

Bought a microwave/convection oven in Feb. it is now June and this is the third time that we are waiting on a service man. It worked for two weeks when we first bought it. I wouldn’t buy a GE product ever again. I have a large circle of friends across America and I sure won’t recommend a GE product to them.


Leslie Rose June 6, 2017 at 10:30 am

We purchased al GE Monogram appliances when we remodeled our kitchen. All have broken within a month. NOW, the refrigerator has this disgusting black mold inside it and GE will not do anything about this issue that CANNOT be fixed. They will not replace it. There was a class action suit against GE over this and we were not notified. It was settled with GE having to replace these crappy refrigerators. NOW GE wants us to BUY another one at cost. This is unacceptable.


Deanna Scott April 21, 2017 at 8:41 am

Those that have heard the stories and nightmares with my broken GE microwave six times , its broken again with the same problem.
Already been to Home Depot. GE offered me $100 gift card and a discount on a new GE microwave. I laughed and laughed. Another GE? Insane. They have paid repairman $300 or more from the repair to the tune of $1500
. The microwave only cost $250
. Who is running this circus? To review, I purchased a microwavable in January 2016. I’ve had SIX Repairman at my house. Repairing the heating element. They refused to help me. They refused any assistance for a refund
They told me they might send me a$100 gift card and a discount on a new GE appliance! Are you kidding me? Seriously? I will NEVER OWN A GE ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. They tried to say they couldn’t find record of the repairs.
That’s ok. I HAVE EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT. I’ll see you in small claims court.


Melinda Nichols April 12, 2017 at 1:56 pm

Yeah, I read some of your comments. We bought the whole kitchen set a year ago 4/ 14. They already replaced the microwave. Now have issue with oven door. Water boiled over and got between glass,and dried. Looks like hell. Have NEVER had this issue with other appliances. Now they say it Cosmetic. Not covered. Really???? Have friends that were getting new appliances and told them He’ll no, to,GE.


helen carrera March 27, 2017 at 2:05 pm

well am i really wasting my effort to have ge stand behind their product or do they really care because i feel that im chasing my tail and not getting any where with talking to consumer relations dept if you can call them that. Ive had two different service tech com and now after explaining that to a supervisor mind you her solution to my problem is to send out another company to determine whats wrong. well my problem is after having my range for ten months is im getting a toxic smell from the oven use. ive never had this problem before after ten months and now its here. the first tech said its toxic and should be replaced then ge decided to send another tech out from another company and this guys solution was to turn the oven on at 500 degrees and run it for two hours where do you get these guys, like ive told everybody my main concern is for my great grand babies ages 3and 6 who start coughing when i operated the oven and have had to open up windows and doors to get rid of the smell. again i remind you i had this range ten months so now what is ge going to do about this hazard problem that could eventually effect our health. ill be waiting for your response but i wont hold my breath what a shame!!!!


helen carrera March 27, 2017 at 3:10 pm

and did i forget to mention i am requesting another range i think thats not too much to ask it could be a very dangerous situation for us…all i ask is that ge make it right and do the right thing….


helen March 29, 2017 at 10:17 am

im still looking for a response to our problem . is any body reading these complaints will any action be taken ????why isnt ge standing behind their name and taking care of good customers concerns???? ANYBODY????? THERE….


Terri March 21, 2017 at 10:07 am

I purchased a side by side Adora refrigerator/freezer in April 2015 and paid $1200 for it. This past February the inside of the freezer cracked from one side to the other. It’s not even two years old and should never have cracked like that. It has never been moved since installation and the temperature has never been changed. I contacted GE and they said it is only cosmetic which is not covered under any warranty. They want to charge me $200 for someone to come fill it with a silicone substance. I have gone round and round with someone by the name of Teresa in Consumer Relations and she keeps saying a rehearsed speech: she sympathizes with me and understands my frustration. She even had the nerve to recently suspend my incident report without a resolution. I asked several times to speak with a supervisor but got the run around each time. Teresa told me in an email that she called me to transfer me to a supervisor but I did not answer my phone and that she was sorry I missed the call. She only has my cell number and that phone never leaves my side – there were no missed calls which means she lied. I’m sorry but for a fairly new appliance to crack is not normal. I paid too much money for it to look like it is 14 years old. Home Depot said it should not be repaired and GE should replace the appliance. A local appliance center said it should not be repaired and GE should replace the freezer liner. I wasn’t even asking GE to do either one of those – I simply want them to fix it at their cost because it should not have cracked! The appliance center said they weren’t surprised it cracked because GE doesn’t make their appliances like they used to. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GE PRODUCT! Too bad I spent $4,000 on appliances the day I bought the refrigerator! I’ve put a message on my Facebook page for all to see and have asked all my friends to post it on their Facebook pages – “Don’t buy GE products – GE does not support their products and has extremely poor customer service”.


LOIS PERRYE November 10, 2016 at 9:53 am

I purchased a GE washer and dryer several months ago from HHGregg in Boca Raton,Fl.
They are a very reputable company & have been very professional in every purchase I have made. When I use the washer, it shakes and makes incredible noise. A repair man sent from GE tested the machine and said that’s the way it operates normally!! I was also told that I should also fill the water level all the way to the fullest even though I may only be putting in a small load of laundry. This appliance is absolutely the worst and I cannot understand how Corporate could even put such an appliance on the market. I am sure the officers of GE would NEVER use this in their own home.

I would like to receive some response from this compliant.


Marlys Halbeisen January 20, 2017 at 11:46 am

I purchased a GE front load washer and it was delivered jun 26, 2015 to my new home.
Dec 30, 2016 it has no power and the door is locked with clothing inside. No one came to repair it until Jan 9th. ordered parts and got the moldy cloths out. I am very allergic to mold. Jan 16th repairman put the three new parts in and one part was used and would not work. Part ordered that day. Jan 19th received a call that they did not have the part. I called Jan 20th and they say it was shipped yesterday and will arrive in 3 days. 22 days have gone by today. Part will not be here until next week and another wait for a repairman to come repair it. The last repairman to come was nice and concerned but still no working washer. I was not aware that I needed to purchase an extended warranty and the repair service so I am just hanging here and no one seems to care. Before anyone comes again to see if the part will work it will be almost 30 days. Last year I purchased a washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. I am not a casual shopper I buy only GE


June April 14, 2017 at 5:28 pm

I bet you won’t buy GE anymore. I have customer NO-service regarding a Front Load Washer & I have an extended warranty. It has been mis-diagnosed x 2, and they never have the parts, they always have to be ordered, repair technicians won’t return calls. So I’m going to social media, since I have no recourse.
I am 71 yrs old and I have had Sears appliances for the past 60 years and only had to replace a washer twice in all that time. I will never buy GE Appliances again.


joe thompson September 6, 2016 at 10:08 pm

This is to advise you about a GE PSA9120SF1SS micro wave convection oven we bought about 16 months ago. We paid over 1100 dollars for it. Recently the bottom half of the handle came loose. A new handle costs about 55 dollars, but the handle was alright. The handle screw broke through the PLASTIC mount it was attached to inside the door. The part of the door that the mount is on costs about 170 dollars plus the HUNDREDS of dollars for the repair man. Therefore, I removed the door, opened up the parts of the door and this is what I found. The door frame has 10 places where the frame is fastened by short sheet metal type screws to the outside of the door. There were 3 (this not a typo, 3) screws holding the two parts together. The mount where the bottom handle screw pulled through was torn completely apart. When I first found the problem, I could flex the handle enough to pull the bottom screw head through the front of the door. A part of the PLASTIC mount was still around the screw head. I made a temporary repair to the bottom mount with METAL washers. I have not yet decided what will be the final repair.
What I have decided though is that you will not be involved in it. I will never buy another product from you. I will check that any product I want to buy is not a subsidiary of yours. I do not want you to call or write me with platitudes. I do not want you to give me anything. I do not want anything to do with your corporation in any way. By the way, we also bought a GE GSE26HSEBHSS refrigerator at the same time because it was on sale. We now know why. The door attack anyone with the nerve to open it. If we want it opened a little it forces us out of the way to open wide. When we try to close it, it bounces back open and then beeps at us for not closing it. I know how to fix that so don’t call me. PLEASE.


Edwin Davison July 9, 2016 at 7:28 am

I have emailed GE about our disastrous problem with their GE Smart water heater, explaining its damage to my home and inquiring if there was a recall on this product. As of July 9, 2016, no one has contacted me. Then, I discovered this link of product complaints which I will use in an effort to contact management about this problem and warn others how this water heater can also damage their plumbing system. If GE refuses to reimburse my $600 plumbing bill, I feel that legal action is warranted and that recall of this product is needed since it can malfunction and result in a blocked hot water line far away from the water heater itself. Such a recall would be similar to that of a toaster that catches on fire, burning one’s house down. Below, I have included the information I originally emailed to GE with no response. I could understand that any product by any manufacturer could go bad, but it should be be limited to that unit alone, without causing auxiliary damage to one’s home. —————– see original email————-
Was a recall ever issued for this heater? I ask this because of a major problem costing us $600 in plumbing repairs. For months we were not getting any hot water in our hall bathroom shower/tub. The plumber came and cut through the wall to replace the mixing valve, but still no hot water. Next, he cut the hot water line leading to the valve, and ran a fish tape inside, hitting something at the manifold. Knowing the line was blocked by something, he attached a high-power vacuum to the line and sucked up a round plastic ball that was causing the blockage. Because this was an experienced plumber, he said that he’d seen this before in which it came from the hot water heater. I have saved this ball as evidence, and I need to know if there was ever a recall of this unit for this problem. Something like this should never happen with a hot water heater manufactured by such a large company as GE. Not only does this bring into question the continuing reliability of our hot water heater, but more than that, it has cost us $600 in plumbing bills and my own labor of replacing the sheet rock, taping and floating, and painting. Please get in touch with me.
Has anyone else had a similar problem with their GE Smart water heater? GE no longer manufactures this heater, and I wonder why? If this review get no response from GE, does anyone know who I should contact at the State or Federal government to request action to have this water heater recalled?


John May 20, 2016 at 1:13 pm

The warranty on G.E APPLIANCES (waterheaters) they tell you it has A7 year warranty but that is incorrect your warranty is only actual good 4 one year the seven year warranty with a one-year labor written in small print my consumer believes it was A7 year warranty now that the water heater is not working they expect you to pay a plumber to diagnose it. The GE employee that I spoke to told me to light the pilot using the igniter when the igniter would not work the employee explained to me it was the igniter now that the igniter has been installed it is not the igniter and they expect me GE to go back to the job diagnosed the problem again at my own expense. I spent two and a half hours diagnosing the problem and still have to go back and try and figure it out again the warranty they give you is a scam. They know nothing will break in one year. they want you to get frustrated and buy a new one are spend money on a plumber to fix an old one with the life expected to be ? The seven year warranty is in big letters the one year labor only in small letters. In my opinion that is false advertising are trying to get you to believe that there is a true 7 year warranty.DO NOT BUY G.E. if it breaks within the first 3 years bad product and should not be purchased my last water heater lasted 12 years


Martha Taber May 7, 2016 at 4:30 pm

My husband was an avid fisherman. He used to go fishing with his only son, at every opportunity. My husband died 5 years ago. Today, his son and I were going through his fishing equipment, for the first time. In an old weathered milk crate, there was a variety of fishing lures, reels, etc. in the bottom of the crate was a General Electric knife , that from at least 30 years ago, was used to fillet the catch of the day. As a joke, we put in the blades and plugged the knife in, and guess what, the knife WORKED. After 20 years in the red crate, that little ole knife popped right off. What a surprise to both of us.
My stepson has now taken the knife home with him to put in his own tackle box, with memories of past fishing trips, his father and the red milk crate safe and sound in his heart. Thank you.


Keith Sullivan January 15, 2016 at 2:35 pm

I’ve got a house full of GE appliances, everything, all purchased within the past two years. I bought GE because I buy from American companies. With the sale of GE appliance I wanted to inform the powers that be, and anyone else that will listen, that I will never buy another GE appliance again. So long GE. So long Synchrony.


Albert Osborn July 29, 2015 at 6:19 pm

My complaint is about unbelievable behavior on the part of GE Customer Service. I scheduled a warranty service call for a malfunctioning, 7 month old microwave. I waited nearly all day for a technician to arrive, finally calling Customer Service at 2:45 pm. I was told that I was still on the schedule and that I should receive a telephone call within 30 min. At 4:15 pm, having received no call from a technician, I called again and was told that my service call had been re-scheduled for a week later. I protested that I had done no such thing and demanded to speak to a supervisor. The Customer Service rep put me on hold, returning several minutes later to say nothing could be done but rescheduling. I reminded her that I had requested to speak with a supervisor. She put me on hold again, where I remained for 25 minutes (no kidding), during which time I looked up a GE Corporate telephone number and called it. While I spoke with corporate, the original Customer Service rep returned to the phone saying she had not been able to find a supervisor! I ended that call. The Corporate rep discovered that it was GE Dispatch that rescheduled my service, but no reason was given. She then rescheduled my service call for two days hence, so I get to waste another day! I asked her about compensating me for my time and accountability for the Customer Service office. Not within GE policy she said. She did offer to extend my appliance warranty by three months. Need I mention that I will never buy anything from General Electric again?


Phil Johnson July 29, 2015 at 4:04 pm

In Feb 2015 I purchased a G E washer and Dryer from The home Depot in Yucca Valley Ca. From the beginning my wife noticed that the clothes did not smell clean, she thought I was not washing the clothes. By the end of March 2015 the smell became more noticeable. I contacted the Yucca Valley Home Depot and l let them know, they instructed us to contact G E. We contacted G E and they sent out a repairman to see what the problem was. He said nothing was wrong with the washer. He instructed us to wash out the tub with bleach and/ or other washer cleaners. We did all he told us to do. The problem still was there. The clothes smelt bad. even after doing what they recommended. Keep the door open wash with chemicals. We contacted the Home Depot again and the called GE and they sent the same repairman again. He already made his mind up before he arrived at the home to look at the machine. He told my wife nothing could be done and kept going on about cleaning the inside of the washer with soaps and bleach and leaving the door open between loads. All the stuff they have been telling us to do and we did. After he left we went to the store in Yucca Valley to talk to the manager Jim. He said the repairman could not find out the problem. We contacted Home Depot customer service and talked with Batsile (ref # 5422056) and I guess she contacted the store because when we went to the store the Manager Jim said he was going to the house to see the washer. It took several days and a missed appointment by the manager before he arrived in which he already made up his mind about the problem before even looking at the machine or seeing a cycle being done. The first thing he said to my wife was the store is not going to take the machine back. Then he went on and on about leaving the door open and cleaning the machine out with a cleaner (that he provided, which was mentioned at no cost to us) and that was it. y wife showed him a blanket and he smelt it and was going to tell his boss Corey that the blanket smelt. We heard no word from customer service (which they were supposed to call us and they haven’t yet) or the store management so my wife and I went back to the store to get an answer from the store Manager. It was a waste of our time. He kept on going on and on about leaving the door open and cleaning and his story about his machine at his home. The whole time he didn’t really listen to our problem, would not just listen. At this time my wife was really upset where she started to get angry. Then the manager told us we had to get in touch with G E because after 48 hours it is no longer Home Depots problem. He said he was doing us a favor by contacting GE for us. He didn’t have to he was just helping us at that time. I think the reason why he did was that customer service contacted him. So now that 48 hours have passed since we purchased it from Home Depot they don’t care we are on our own to deal with GE. I am dealing with GE but getting a run around. The keep asking if the hoses are on right or the drain hoses in properly. All this was checked by their repair guy. When I first contacted GE customer service the gentleman agreed with us that it should not have this problem with a new machine, if it was an older machine yes but there has not been enough time for a buildup that would cause a smell. The bottom line is that after buying a $1200 washer and then getting the 5 year extended warrantee we should have a product that works properly. This machine does not. If I had known I would have these problems I would have bought a cheap washer and then I might expect something like this to happen but a pricey machine should not experience such a hassel in such a short time owning this product. My wife and I are the customer and consumer who purchased a product that should work as washer should


Phil September 4, 2015 at 3:27 pm

Call the State and the TV News Stations. See if they will air this problem.
This sounds like it would be under the “LEMON LAW”.
Call the CEO or the President or any one of the many the Vice Presidents.
See if any of them care or will even talk to you.
GE must care if your clothes stink using their wonderful Washers.
I was under the impression we used a Washer to Clean Clothes not MAKE THEM STINK.


David Bratton March 3, 2016 at 1:47 pm

I was told by Consumer relations that appliances are not covered by “Lemon laws.”


Adam B July 24, 2015 at 4:29 pm

Before reading these posts, I assumed my situation was abnormal. I guess not. My story is similar to those above; extremely poor quality machine (washer/ dryer), poor customer service, lack of results, uninformed technicians, etc.
I will not go into all the details, but the situation is one of GE knowingly selling faulty machines with known service issues and then not repairing them. Though the consumer advocates are friendly and courteous, they do not have the authority to help me. All I want is my money back on a machine that is 6 months. If I don’t get my money back, I will file consumer protection complaints with any and all levels of government as well as with consumer advocacy groups. I will never do business with GE again.


Norma Brown July 5, 2015 at 4:44 pm

We purchased an airconditioner in June , two days later the cord burned up. We had to hire an electrition to fix it until we could send for a new cord. It was over a 100 degrees and the house was 92. The store we bought it from was on vacation for 5 days and when they got back they said we had to get a certified GE electrician to fix the problem . The nearest GE certified electrician is Portland Or. 100 miles away. they refuse to reimburse our $300 we were billed for the repair. We will not buy from GE again and we have all Ge appliances which we are pleased with and feel we were taken advantage of by GE. We did what we had to do under the cirXXXXstances .


Karen Fosbeck June 20, 2015 at 7:31 pm

I recently purchased a refrigerator model (PFE 28R SHBSS) from PC Richards in Jan 2015 . The delivery was speedy , and without a flaw .From the first time I opened the doors I have never been happier . The lighting is excellent , everything inside is very convenient, the 2 ice makers are wonderful (I never run out of ice). My husband and I have never been so impressed with an appliance !! We also purchased a dishwasher model (GDT55O HSD2SS ) We cannot be happier with how quiet it runs and how clean the dishes come out . We just want to Thank You GE for making this experience so pleasurable Karen & Richard Fosbeck.


kenneth tiger April 8, 2015 at 12:53 pm

I have tried to get some info for two days now and have no luck.

It appears that your employees do not gave any idea where I can send a letter to the corporate offices of the GE Appliance division.

I am a share holder and am disgusted with the quality of the product I have and very disgusted with you customer relations. This is not the GE that I used to know.

Please get me the corporate address of Charles Blankenship.


Shirley Brooks Benton December 14, 2014 at 5:27 pm

I was an employ with GE from 9/77 to 1981 I think. I have tried calling several GE numbers to no avail. My problem is that GE has no record that I worked there–Waynesboro and Charlottesville VA. I am 81 yrs old and I need to cash stock; some purchased while employed there. I own 1949 shares. I should be able to do this without paying a broker if I can prove that I was employed there. Computershare is not trying to help and I am out of ideas. Please send my request to the proper person. Thank you.
Shirley Brooks Benton
— Broomley Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22901
I have an out of state phone # 970-708-****. Same address as when I worked there.


bj July 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm

I got 2 non working ge 18.1 refrigerators had to wait a total of ten days…After sending the 2nd one back before it even hit the house (the door gasket was faulty each time) I got a maytag in one day from a local company… Ge would not take responsibility for my
problems said it was home depot problem . Home depot did compensate for a small frige to hold me over and refunded the money, but How can poor manufacturing and no quality control be home depots problem. To Quote:
” I paid home depot not GE they bought it from GE and they sold it for a profit therefore their problem. I am happy they helped you” Diana E relations.


Tammy Roper June 10, 2014 at 10:46 am

I am writing this in hopes that I get a resolution to my problem. I contacted GE service department about my range before my warranty expired (one of the burners had stopped working), the lady I spoke with assured me that it was covered, she then proceeded to set up an appointment for service. I work outside my home and I had to schedule service around my work schedule, at that time she assured me that it would still be covered even though the service was scheduled past the warranty date. On the day of the scheduled service (which was to be between the hours of 8am and 12pm) I wait for the service person to come, nobody showed. I called the number to the business that the repair person was coming from and they proceed to tell me that they have no record of a scheduled service for me, so then I call GE service and they tell me that the consumer had cancelled the appointment which was not true at all. Then the lady tells me that my warranty has expired and will not be honored, I spoke to more than one person that day who told me that my warranty would not be honored, I wish I had caught all of the names but I was so overwhelmed at the incompetence of the people who were handling this situation. So finally after going through several people, they tell me that a supervisor will call me within 24 hours and she did (Heather) who assured me that my range would be repaired and covered under my warranty. So I had to speak with Ebony, the lady handling my case, and reschedule which I did. I had the appointment scheduled for 6-9-14, between the hours of 8am and 12pm, no one showed up! I called GE once again, same scenario, they said the consumer cancelled the appointment, not true, and then they said that it had been rescheduled for 6-12-14, no one called to inform me of anything. This persons name was Billy. I have received a call from Lakeish, who said she was a supervisor this morning who said that Ebony should be calling today to reschedule. I have missed two days of work for this and no one had the courtesy or the professionalism to call and inform me of any of this. I am very disappointed and I am very certain that I will never purchase another GE product. But in saying this I would appreciate if someone who has customer service skills to help me in resolving this matter. Case #13232558


Richard April 6, 2015 at 2:22 pm

GE what a joke


Sadiq April 4, 2014 at 2:23 pm

I am writing to express the lack of customer service I received from your consumer relations department (800)386-1215. Please allow me to give you a brief history of my situation. I bought several GE profile appliances for my home with an extended warranty. The issue I had in particular was with my dishwasher, Model No: PDWT480P00SS—Serial #: HS760327B because the soap was getting clogged where it was supposed to dispense and not cleaning my dishes properly.
I contacted the local merchant where I purchased the appliances which totaled almost $6K plus the extended warranty all for which I paid cash. I was advised to call the extended warranty company, Expert Protection (800)543-8890 to handle my case. I spoke to a representative @3/19/14 who took my information and advised me that the fix would be covered and scheduled a local GE representative to come fix my issue on 3/24/14 and assigned me case #546115.
On 3/24/14 the GE technician came to my home and examined the dishwasher and stated that he would have to order parts and that they would be shipped to my home and that he would return on 3/31/14 for the fix. Again, the issue was that the dishwasher was not cleaning the dishes properly, the technician informed me that the type of dishwasher I had was no longer made or modified because of the dispenser issue—ironically the main reason I had purchased this particular type of dishwasher was so I would not have to keep putting detergent or pellets in every time I used it.
On 3/31/14 the tech returned to fix the dishwasher. I saw him install the new parts and work on the machine. After about a half hour I asked if everything was ok, he stated that the dishwasher was now not working and gave me the number to the consumer relations department with the case #13179296. He informed me that they would take care of me from this point.
I called that same day and spoke to representative Shavonda and explained my situation. She informed me that they could not do anything and that they could offer me @$600 towards the purchase of a new one which is valued at @$1,200—I initially paid $929 for the one I purchased and was told that it was top of the line. I told her that the dishwasher was working before the tech arrived and now it was not working. She further informed me that if I had additional questions to call the warranty company back. I immediately called the warranty company back and spoke to Beverly, she told me that I would have to call GE consumer relations back since it was their technician that came to my home—which made sense to me. I called back and now spoke to Evan and re-explained my situation. He put me on hold and said that he would have to contact the technician who came to my home to get his notes about the particulars. Evan came back on the phone and said that he could not contact the GE Tech because he could not locate the phone number. Evan further informed me that another person would call me back within a few days to resolve the issue. Since I did not receive a call back I called GE consumer relations back on 4/4/14 and spoke with Linda and again re-explained my situation. I told her that the appliance was working before the tech came and was now not working at all. She stated that they still could not get hold of the technician. I asked her how it was that GE sent a representative from their company without knowing who it was or how they could contact him. She told me that she could do nothing further and that I would have to call the warranty company back yet once again. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was informed that there was no supervisor. I told her that everyone has someone they have to answer to and I would like to talk to that person. She put me on hold and after speaking to someone else came back and stated that GE would stand by their initial decision by only offering me assistance towards the purchase of a new model, all the while not knowing the full facts from the technician who serviced the appliance. I thanked her and informed her that I would contact GE myself.
On 4/4/14 I called the warranty company back and spoke to Linda and yet again re-explained my situation. She took my GE case number and said that she would have to contact GE and put me on hold. Upon returning, she informed me that another department within GE was looking into this matter and that I should be getting a comparable product at no charge to me. I asked her how long the process would take and she said a few days.
BOTTOM LINE: I have been without a dishwasher and getting the run-around for approximately 2-weeks. The dishwasher was working when the tech came and was not working when he left. The thing that concerns me the most is that a GE technician was dispatched to my home and now after almost a week cannot be located to answer questions to clarify the situation. I have spent way too much time on this matter and am very dissatisfied with the customer support I have thus far received.
When I call the GE 1-800 number, it states that the call is recorded—I encourage someone to review this matter to get the full scope of the conversation. My schedule is limited so I would appreciate a quick resolution to this matter. If you need further clarification, I can be reached at (402)884-XXXXX.
Thank you.


Ken Holloway January 15, 2014 at 8:12 pm

There is information being circulated by e-mail that GE is moving it’s headquarters to China. Is this true?


Bud Geisenheimer January 13, 2014 at 4:00 pm

I realize GE is a giant corporation, perhaps receiving thousands of new product proposals a year. But refusing to review a patent-pending product design without the applicant first agreeing to a compensation of up to $5,000—doesn’t seem like good business practice.
I hope that some responsible executive at GE can take responsibility to evaluate a proposal before remuneration is discussed.

Bud Geisenheimer


Robert martin January 5, 2014 at 8:47 pm

I do not agree with your procedure on invention technology submission in
the last eight years i have develop and tested and proven a new product that will change
most kitchen appliance usage and to this date is not on the market
my goal is to partner with G&E but not under those terms., please reconsider.


woodrow cameron January 4, 2014 at 2:29 pm

I Woodrow Cameron purchased a coffee maker: model number 898705
upc number 605388987051 and I was told that the product was recalled and I would like
a refund. you can reach me at my email address.

thank you


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