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Family Fare Corporate Office Address

Family Fare, Inc.
5221 Cherry Street
Hudsonville, Michigan 49426

Contact Family Fare

Phone Number: (616) 669-9931
Fax Number: (616) 896-5151
Email: Email Family Fare

Family Fare Facts

Founder: Ron Kunnen & Don Koop
Date Founded: 1966
Founding Location: Hudsonville, Michigan
Number of Employees: 8300

Family Fare Executives

CEO: David M. Staples
CFO: Kathleen M. Mahoney

Family Fare History

Family Fare was founded in 1966 in Hudsonville, Michigan. The company operates a small chain of grocery stores in Michigan and 4 other states. As of 1990, the company operates as a subsidiary of SpartanNash.

In 2004, SpartanNash began to consolidate stores under two names, Family Fare and Glen’s Markets. Family Fare began expanding their brand via the acquisition of other stores, including Great Day Markets, Prevo’s Markets, and D&W Fresh Markets. Even some Glen’s Markets were later rebranded to the Family Fare name. The company is well known for acquiring older store locations, then remodeling them to include new pharmacies, updated fixtures, and adding touches such as in-store Starbucks or other cafes.

The company has been expanding slowly throughout North Dakota by the acquisition and rebranding of Econofoods and Sunmart stores. Family Fare has headquarters located in Hudsonville, Michigan.

Family Fare FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Family Fare?
Answer 1: The phone number for Family Fare is (616) 669-9931.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Family Fare?
Answer 2: The CEO of Family Fare is David M. Staples.

Question 3: Who founded Family Fare?
Answer 3: Family Fare was founded by Ron Kunnen & Don Koop in 1966.

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debra wadlington February 5, 2019 at 2:43 pm

Hello. Someone needs to train your employees to have some manners. (some) are rude, they don’t ask may I help you, or just say thank you at the end of a transaction. Which my cashier did neither.
Thank you,


Dana Eady December 31, 2018 at 3:36 pm

I do my grocery shopping at family fare supermarket in Rockford, Mi, but after today’s experience I will be going elsewhere. I was sent coupons from pepsi cola thru the USPS mail, when I went to use one of the coupons today at your store my cashier made it loud and clear to not just me but everyone around me that my coupon was fraudulent. I have never been put in such an embarrassing situation. I can think of many different ways the cashier could have went about this situation without calling me out in front of all the people in the check out’s. I had all the paperwork along with the other coupons that pepsi sent me and she just kept saying nope these are fraudulent. I will be doing my shopping elsewhere due to being called a thief and liar.


Krista November 26, 2018 at 9:41 pm

So VERY disappointed in the QUALITY or should I say LACK of QUALITY that Family Fare is providing since the buy out of our Spartan store. (Glen’s)
I’ve been trying to keep positive, but it’s just not working…
The Family Fare Brand “OUR FAMILY” is a far cry from being ANYTHING CLOSE to being Spartan Brand.
The cheeses are AWFUL, they don’t even melt right!!!!
The ICE CREAM!!!! it’s probably THE MOST DISGUSTING EVER!!!!! There isn’t enough chocolate in the universe that can make it better!!!!! It tasted like watered down milk that was frozen…. and the packaging says PREMIUM ICE CREAM.. REALLY??
There are many more products that are just as tasteless and spoil with-in days of purchase…
Looks like I’ll be traveling 25 plus miles ONE WAY to get my groceries…
Just for the record, I will REALLY miss the employees at our local Family Fare. They are TRULY the only thing worth going into that store for.


G Asmussen August 7, 2018 at 9:41 am

I shop the Family Fare store in Blair Ne. Lately I’ve found the prices on many items have gone up, and not just a little. My only other shopping option is Wal Mart. I compared prices for most of the items I buy regularly, and 99% of them were cheaper at Wal Mart. Other than specials you have, you lost most of my business. Thank you.


Deborah Emery April 14, 2018 at 2:59 pm

I always shop at S. Washington ave. Holland , mich. Family Fare. One of my most favorite Spartan Brand “crisp and Sweet Corn” (canned) was one of my top items to buy. Since the switch over to “Our Family” , I’m now unable to get the corn. I am so dissatisfied that I now go to other stores who have it. Our Family is an older corn. So it is tough not crisp and tender. A lot of my friends and family are also upset that you made the switch. None of the “Our Family” vegetables can even match up to the “Spartan Brand”. Sorry you made the switch. It will be your loss in customers.
Just wanted you to know.
Deborah Emery


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