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2 N Riverside PlazaSuite 400
Chicago, IL 60606

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Phone Number: (312) 474-1300
Fax Number: (312) 454-8703
Website: http://www.eqr.com
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Equity Residential Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Equity Residential Executives

CEO: David J. Neithercut
CFO: Mark J. Parrell
COO: David S. Santee

Equity Residential History

Equity Residential was founded in 1969 by Sam Zell (the current Chairman of the Board) and Bob Lurie.  The two had been managing student apartment buildings at the University of Michigan and decided to create a business out of it.

The company went public in 1993 and has paid a cash dividend to investors every year since that time.

In 2001, Equity Residential became list in the S&P 500, the first apartment building company to do so.

Today, the company owns wholly or in part, over 550 apartment buildings in 23 US states.  The Equity Residential corporate office is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Equity Residential FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Equity Residential?
Answer 1: The phone number for Equity Residential is (312) 474-1300.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Equity Residential?
Answer 2: The CEO of Equity Residential is David J. Neithercut.

Question 3: Who founded Equity Residential?
Answer 3: Equity Residential was founded by in .

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S Massop May 20, 2019 at 1:12 pm

I am feeling fed-up and frustrated. I moved here in 2015 and have decided to leave what’s supposed to be a non-smoking building because of smoking neighbors. I have contacted my building’s managers multiple times over the years and still have smoking neighbors.

In the 4 years that I’ve been here, there has been an incredibly high staff turnover rate. Every staff member has been replaced, except one. This has made it easier, in my opinion, for my complaints to be ignored or for some to turn the onus to find a solution over to me.

I have severe allergies to cigarette smoke. My throat closes up, my lungs contract, my bronchioles close, I become faint, and I am wracked with coughs and wheezes as my body struggles to get air into my lungs. Every year from the beginning of Spring until it is too cold to open the balcony (my only source of outside air), I feel as though I am one cigarette away from dying.

My complains have fallen on “corporate” ears. “We cannot 100% guarantee a smoke-free environment.” “What do you think the solution should be?” I cannot begin to tell you how annoyed this line of questioning makes me. It is not my duty or responsibility to police my neighbors. I should not be asked to call the front desk every time the cigarette smoke enters my apartment (which is multiple times per day).

Every year my rent increases by a significant amount and every year, I feel the value of living here is lost. No one has offered any viable solution to this except once during my 1st year of complaint when I was told I could move to a higher-rent apartment within the building. I should not be punished for expecting to be able to use my entire apartment, including the balcony. I should not be punished for requesting clean air.
The more I am exposed to this allergen, the worst my reaction becomes. I firmly believe that I will die if I stay in this apartment and I have no desire to keep speaking with unresponsive building managers and leasing agents who seem to expect me to find the smoking neighbor and do something about it myself. Their suggestions for me to try and see where the smoke is coming from only endangers my life. Their other suggestions of having the concierge somehow run outside and try to spot the smokers is ludicrous. My frustration boiled over last week when I smelled gas. When the appropriate authorities arrived, it was discovered that there was a gas leak in my neighbor’s apartment. I cannot help but think of what could have happened if the gas leak met the smoker. Everyone here could have died in a gas explosion and still the smoking persists.

Now, I am the one having to move and try to find an apartment and a community where I am not literally getting sicker and sicker by living there. How absolutely unfair that I am the one that has to swallow the expense of moving and swallow the expenses associated with even trying to find a new place to live. I moved here specifically because it is listed as a non-smoking community. You lied and instead put my life at risk. If I take a chance and open the balcony, I am on edge and stressed waiting for the smoking to start. What’s your solution? What do you think should be done? As of this moment that I am writing this, my chest still hurts from the latest attack.


Tesfaye February 22, 2019 at 2:58 pm

I lived in Skyline Towers VA since 2012. The apartment is 45 years old and it has too many maintenance related problems. I had my living room flooded six months ago. Just recently my master bathrooms’ sewer pipe cracked and started pouring sewage for 2 days. This is the second time in 3 years. I put a service call and maintenance came over and did a temporary fix to stop the leak. The sewer splatter all over the wall and the floor was never cleaned or sanitize properly. The stench was so bad I had to stay friends for 2 days. They put a dehumidifier to help dry the sewage soaked drywall that wasn’t cleaned properly. I am living in the stinking apartment with little kids for over 15 days and still counting. They argue changing a cracked pipe is a very complex task and it takes some time. Give me a break. I sometimes think they forget people live in the apartment. I can’t get to use the apartment I already paid for, they still increase the rent when it’s time to renew. In my case a $88 increase. They claim it is the market price but at the same time they have similar units available to rent for less. Management is indifferent to the many many complaints in regards to the overall deteriorating condition of the building. All they care is collecting rent without giving the service under the terms and conditions of the lease. I am very frustrated but still hope justice will be done.
I am available to talk if anyone offers a resolution to this matter.


GUY F TOMBONENE July 11, 2017 at 12:05 pm

My Name is Guy Tombonene and I live at the Veridian apartment in downtown Silver Spring MD. I have been living here for almost 5 years. I have few concerns in regards to your rental policies and the way management has been handling things in this property. I need to speak to someone in charge of this property either the regional manager, or corporate to address these concerns which I rather do on the phone or by email. So I will appreciate a reply back at either:

My email address: guy.tombonene at yahoo.com or
My phone number: 301675XXXXX

Please call me back As soon as possible. Thank you!


Melissa Evans April 6, 2017 at 4:58 pm

This is the worst property that I could move and when I first came and I brought to their attention noise is a big problem for me when I have people over head of me and I was moved in next to the gym I was advised that the gym noise they never had no complaints so there was no noise coming from the gym as well as my neighbors over and above me since I’ve been here it’s been totally torture when I talk to the property manager she’s basically saying there’s nothing she can do and she can assist me to move to another Equity property but in me and then me move into another property they would not do a transfer as far as me moving there free of charge I will have to pay additional charge and I will have to pay the going rate of the apartment at if I choose to move I’m just saying if there is noise please let your customers know up front what is really going on instead of lying just so you can get that person to move in to make the profit of whatever they make disappointed upset and just disgusted and only been here for 2 months the property I live in is Carlyle Mill in Alexandria Virginia the property manager is the worst she has no suggestions even when they see me coming in it’s not hey is everything okay how’s the noise long as they’re getting their rent that’s all they care about unhappy customer


Shannan July 29, 2016 at 2:44 am

I must say our move-in experience here at Summerset Village in Chatsworth, California has been unpleasant. My husband and I voiced our concerns to an office staff member in person. She acknowledged the short comings and promised she would follow up and make things right. That was a week and a half ago.

Additionally, As of today, July 28, 2016, we have been waiting for our service requests to be fulfilled that originated on Friday, July 22, 2016. I called and spoke to another staff member in the office on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 to let him know the service requests were still pending. We are still waiting……so much for the 48 hour turn around on service requests.

But wait, there’s more: Unfortunately, the main outlet in the garage cannot be used because it trips the circuit breaker. Another huge disappointment. We were not informed of this upon move in, and as a result of the breaker tripping and shutting down our outside refrigerator, we lost all of our food in the refrigerator and freezer alike, hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. I filled my kids’ wagon and hauled all the lost food from the freezer only (because there was not enough room in the wagon for the perished food from the fridge as well) to the main office to let management know what had happened. I met a staff member from the office to show her the loss. As she requested, I sent her photos of the all food lost in the freezer and fridge. Originally, the service technician had told us our food was lost because our refrigerator was broken, which is not the the case at all. My husband plugged the fridge into the outlet that powers the garage door opener, using an extension cord, and it has been working perfectly for two weeks with no issues whatsoever. I told the same service technician that the fridge worked, and he said to keep it plugged into the garage door opener outlet because the main outlet could not accommodate the power needs of a refrigerator. Ironically we lived next-door in another unit and had the same issue. After the electrical socket was changed, everything worked perfectly for more than 5 years, and it was the exact same fridge we have now. I mentioned this to the service technician, and he argued that we had it plugged into the garage door outlet which was not the case at all. The only time it was plugged into the garage door outlet was when we were waiting for the other main outlet to be repaired. Believe me, I parked my car in the garage and we did not have an extension cord running from the refrigerator to that outlet hanging from the middle of the ceiling for 5 years. Additionally, at the Oaks Apartments (another Equity Residential Property) in Canyon Country, our fridge was plugged in outside, in the garage, with no issues at all. It is not our refrigerator, it is the electrical here at Summerset. I have called several times asking for the manager to come to see our fridge running perfectly, but no one has come as of today. That request was made over two weeks ago. I have also requested that we get reimbursed for all of the food we lost and again, no response whatsoever. We feel as if we are being strung along until the 30 days are up, so we are stuck here and unhappy.

Additionally, upon move-in our carpet smelled like urine, the floors were dirty, the cabinets were dirty, there were cobwebs all over the ceilings, etc. The carpets had to be cleaned a day after we moved in which was very inconvenient. It took more than a week for the awful odor of urine to dissipate. Ironically, I came to the office the day before we were moving in, July 6th, 2016, requesting a walk-through, but the staff member said I could not do a walk-through with her because she had not done a walk-through herself. I do feel some of these issues could have been avoided if we had done a walk-through the day before move in. The day my husband and I met with the staff member, in person, over a week and a half ago, in the office, expressing our concerns, she said she would have the cleaners come out to take care of the remaining cleaning issues, but we are still waiting. I let another staff member know, over the phone, twice, that we are still waiting for the cleaning to be scheduled.

I have wasted countless hours trying to solve all of these problems, but I cannot get anywhere without any support from the staff/management. I will repeat what I said in a message to the office staff/management yesterday: I am asking for a personal phone call with some answers and fair solutions. Not too much to ask for the rent we are paying.


avi August 18, 2015 at 6:03 pm

i live in encino CA at lindley apartment .
this is the most pure company you guys going to deal with …….
nobody never ever there to answer your call , they are stilling money from all tenant.
office close all day long i give them C for costumer service .
i have a water damage in my place and i live like a dog nobody care at this property .


Ashley April 24, 2015 at 4:54 pm

I moved to the area due to a job offer. I applied at Liberty Park thinking this would be a great community to live in. I got approved for a 2 bedroom, signed the lease, and then they told me that my partner did not have proof of income yet and did not qualify for a 2 bedroom apartment. I was told to sign a lease for a one bedroom and then I could transfer to a 2 bedroom, once my partner could prove her income. We got settled in to our cramped one bedroom apartment with our 6 year old son and my partner. We left most of our boxes packed since we thought we were going to get to transfer in a couple of months. We went to do the transfer process, got approved for a two bedroom with our incomes, had the lease ready to sign and then they called and said “oh wait, you don’t qualify.” This was very frustrating.We waited for a week,spoke to Ilza, she told us to reapply. We did and we waited once again to get approved. We reapplied, got approved, and then got a phone call from one of the managers at the complex saying Ilza was out and wanted her to call and let us know we couldn’t move into a two bedroom and said she didn’t even know how we got approved to live there in the first place. Being very frustrated,and through no fault of my own, we were forced to live in a one bedroom apartment. We even asked if we could get out of our lease, because we found another apartment that approved us, and was nicer, and cheaper.
We were all settled in last summer and then the air conditioning unit broke. We called to get it fixed, but was told it was the unit and it needed to be replaced. They gave us a window unit for the time being. The air conditioning broke a total of three different times, two of which it being the unit needed to be replaced. As of right now, my air conditioning is still broken, but got a note in my apartment after putting in a request for the air to be turned on that said the unit was broken and it was contract work. They did not give a time frame for this to be fixed.
So many things have broken in my apartment and it takes several maintenance requests to get it fixed, and even after it is fixed, it breaks within days. My toilet has been broken since I have lived there. They finally came and fixed it and stopped the running constantly, but now you have to hold the toilet lever down.

When it snowed, they came and cleared off the roof, but then buried my porch. I couldn’t even open the door to get out on the porch. I made multiple phone calls and left multiple messages to the complex manager, and no one returned my call. We were finally able to open the door just enough to get our and shovel the snow (then ice).

We repeatedly had trouble with our upstairs neighbors with noise and reported it, the managers said they were handling it and nothing ever changed. We finally had to resolve this matter ourselves.

The management turnover at this complex has been ridiculous and it seems as though no one has any idea what is going on with the residents, or their problems. We had to repeatedly tell every new person our situation and nothing ever came out of it. This has by far been the worst living experience I have ever had. My lease is up in June and have to move my son from his school that he has grown to love, because we have had such a horrible experience at this property. The stress from moving another school is going to take a toll on my family.

I contacted the corporate office and they said they would direct me to the leasing manager at the complex I live at. This is the problem! My problems keep getting directed to other people and nothing ever gets done about it.


Lakisha Riddick March 13, 2015 at 11:55 pm

Good Evening,

Since moving into building 10810 at the end of November, 2014 it’s been a complete disappointment. My first experience when I moved to Westerchester was a great experience. Living in 3505 (Rental Office Building) was a great experience. The building was cleaned daily, the interior of the building was clean and beautiful, all the doors worked and locked and my outlook on this development was upscale. Now, fast forward to the end of November, when I decided to move to a 2 bedroom and loft, which was located in the building that I’m located in now, and as I stated before it’s a complete nightmare. It’s like night and day, and it’s been shown to me that not only was this a bad decision to move, but management doesn’t seem to care. Upon moving into 10810, the apartment was dirty, blood was on the blinds, the kitchen was dirty, the walls weren’t professionally painted (which I supplied pictures as proof) some of the walls were damaged, one of the closet doors was split into two and so many countless issues that again I sent pictures to your office. I never received any real feed back on my issues, no apologies about the state of the apartment or but I will say that you did send the same painters back to try and fix the lazy half done job that they did before, and with no luck the second cause the paint job looks a tacky hot mess!

Building 10810, is a hot mess!!! It’s the building that I consider to be the “LOST AND FORGOTTEN” building. People leave their trash in the building (as you can see in the picture listed below), the hall way walls have been written on, damage, the some of the building doors are broken ( I made 3 complaints about the door that’s located on Winchester St side of the building. I was told by staff that they were waiting for the door to come in cause they’re waiting for the door to come in. Still to date, no door has been replaced). Dog waste is left in the building at times for days, residents have parties and litter the stairways with trash and bottles, and instead of the building staff replacing the flood lights in stairway 11, the covered the damaged flood light with aluminum foil, what type of BS is that ???

Please take a look at the picture below with the trash in front of the 311. I left for work this morning at 6:00am, and I returned this evening at 10:45 pm, and the trash is still there. Now, most likely, this trash is going to still be there until the cleaning staff remembers the long lost building 10810. All that I stated is completely unacceptable!!!!!! I’m paying a few dollars shy of $2,000.00 a month, just to live like I’m staying in some ran down development, for a better choice of words. This needs to change immediately, and it should start off with at least and apology for the representation of my unit when I moved in. Seriously, it was blood all over the window blinds!!!!! I’ve sent over 10 pictures displaying the units condition, and not once did anyone reach out and apologize or show any empathy for the fact that “YOU” dropped the ball .

Something has to give, and telling me that there is nothing you can do about my complaints, is not going to cut it. I’m feed up with the lack there of, and total disregard for my issues as a paying resident. I expect for a resolution on all of these issues, in the near future.

Signed, a very disappointed resident of Westchester at the Pavillions!!!!


Rodica ionescu September 21, 2018 at 3:54 pm

I lived in Bellevue city wa for 35 years One block away from venn apartaments All my friends are around one block from venn building My husband passed and I needed smaller place and had no choice to but move to closest apartment Was new I watched everyday how building was raising Manager and stuff at that time were ethical quick to fix a problem Brenda was very good manager I live at XXX at X floor I made nice friends in the building One problem was about cleaning products were dumped and was very toxic Fabuloso cheap product was dumped I. elevators garbage rooms and hallways 7 floor is only floor with no vent or Ac is like cuddle sack not many apartaments Plus all dogs go the tough this floor to poop Some poop or per on hallways and the area build for dogs is filthy and many times poop all over that place They try to cover urine and pet smell with this toxic chemicals I know a family moved becouse of it S
Lady was so bad treated by Levi the manager I went many time to office to tell theme to stop using this toxic chemicals few weeks nothing done My immune system was so affected Oane day my blood pressure almost collapsing I had anaphylactic shock had to use autoinjector ephynephrine and prednisone Went yo office in shock shaking and scared Manager said I talk to high yo stuff Was nit true He was trying to put me down like lost my mind Finly smell was stoped and use different cleaning products Second incident happed I August and stayed more than 6 weeks One night sleeping 2:15 am I was awake by a woman in some kind of situation crying so hard and a voice of a man screaming at her I heard big noises nights arguing loud tv or computer games don’t know Was so easy to here what they said.becouse was so loud One night she was screaming I am so scared
and you are scared too I went to office and try to tell a woman jenifer what I heard They told me to call police when I here things like thatiNevet in my life was out in Thus situations All of sudden in my bedroom where I share the wall with 742 apartament a divorce started to make horrible noise starting only nights to mornings 11 pm 6-7 am Was only in the corner in my bedroom I waited for a while and went to Levi He was not impressed and said Sleep on the sofa or sleep during day or buy a fan to cover the noise Noise was so loud so many nights I went to my daughter home to sleep or friends Levi told me these people had office in bedroom and work nights and are free to do so I thought first was garbage equipment or apartament under
Me but I was sure was next apartament Levi was not helpful for many weeks I’m playing that yanantd are telling him not theme and equipment not at fault let me think he think I am insane I started to be sleep deprive During day was qaiet and all nights was hell I gave up going to office I have no respect for this man and other lady too We don’t have husbands Widows Who listen to our voice we nuts My daughter called corporate office and Cory bowman come Still more than week I had to suffer this terror only nights for six weeks On the 14 If sep went to er with nose bleed severe high pressure and puls I’ve 155 I don’t have blood pressure normally Docyorz did all test my heart ok but they call a hospital consular to talk to me is some event might happed Whete I live who I lived with They were expected domestic abuse But I live alone and only people live ate mostyap 752 that lions like they live with me only tjinwall separates us Yold about theme noise and how manager treated me I could have heart attacking stroke Emotionaly and physically I was affected My daughter left message to Cory that my mom health is in danger Maube something was don and all stop exctely how started Sudden But nobody contacted me to ask even how things are I called corporate office and left a message to ethics and relations departament I thank you gor your action Vorry called me same day after I left message and I told him all is fine now but Nobody ever try to come at night This is not an excuse since all torment was nights Cory said he send a security but nobody even try to come to my place to here the noise This was the worst experience in my life in67 years I am not a person to make a living suing corporation or people but what I can say you should take serious all complains tenants don’t lie very reared is a bad Apple Qaiet time should be for everyoane 10-30 pm-7:30 should be Told to All when they come to live at venn We have to be protected from hazard means chemicals and noise nights Niw I am recuperating my sleep and see what future holds Keeping clean and respect for woman from manager should be a must Just renting yo gill place but destrdpecy is not a good management Is important to keep people hefted I like first management and Brenda as a manager Yhus place is do clean and she was good problem saver not telling who complained she just fix it Like Levi told people that I suspected the noise is bad choose Anyhow gor now is Same like more than a year and a half qaiet Hope I don’t need ever to deal with this management Thank you


Rodica ionescu September 21, 2018 at 4:06 pm

My English not perfect so if you understood some is fine with me but I don’t wish nobody to be treated this way Thank you again Rodica Ap Bellevue wa


Ahmed Koteb September 4, 2014 at 4:33 pm

Same issue same problems with all aqutiy resident
Skyline towars va management deal with you like you
Work for them mice , XXXXroach , grage door broken
For a year elevator broken for over a year drags in building
Every ather day police or fire engen in the building charge you
$300 if late even one hour when you move out
They will renovate the appt with the charges you will bay we need
A good lawyer . I have an issue with a charge tray to contact corparet offes
They send it to the same manager within the building end up with the same answer
Can’t do nathing about it.


carlos diez July 8, 2014 at 11:41 pm

Hello! I live in the Promenade apartments of Aventura FL.
I’ve been in this property for about 4 years now. Over a year ago I started seeing XXXXroaches in my apartment. Immediately complained to the office. It took a year until I finally got fed up with calling the office constantly and nothing being done.
After that I went to the store and picked up my own bomb and fumed the apartment myself. My family had to move out for awhile, we had to rent a place to stay. It was like an Armageddon seeing this apartment after fuming it. The company allowed this to happen while not taking action and not requesting that their subcontractor Orkin do anything about it. After the fact the arranged a meeting with myself and Orkin reps who denied having knowledge about the issue. Nobody took responsibility for my family suffering from infestation for over a year. The area manager came to the meeting also who did nothing for me and my family. This is a shame.


Diana Shather November 18, 2013 at 11:05 pm

We are resident at City Pointe Apartments located in Fullerton, California and had submitted the following via the Resident Relations link on November 11, 2013. We received a confirmation that our submission was received and that someone would be contacting us within two business days. A week has past and we have yet to be contacted regarding our submission.

We would like to discuss the option of negotiating our current lease renewal to remain at the same rate of $1620.00 per month for the term of 14 months, due to the following:
This would be the second year we would be renewing our lease.
The declining condition and cleanliness of the property.
Since John has taken over as Property Manager the landscaping has not been kept to the standards set when we first signed our lease two years ago. At a minimum all of the planters need to be refreshed with new mulch. Photos can be provided
On more than one occasion animal feces has been left in the hallway for several days. The last occurrence was just last week. We can provide photos of this also.
Broken glass and trash around entry points to the property and sometimes the hallway are not uncommon.
Melissa and Adam, residents on the 5th floor, commented that vomit was left near the elevator on their floor for two days before it was cleaned.
Our previous manager Stephanie could be found walking the property several times a day. And on several occasions she could be found cleaning spills on the elevator floor or removing trash in common areas. John is rarely seen walking the property and only when he is showing potential residents around.
Which leads us to John’s complete lack of interest in resident relations. The latest example would be the trick or treat event scheduled for Halloween in the game room. I was in the office when he informed Kim that he would not be attending to greet residents with the property staff. I think that if the management company is hosting an event it would be mandatory that the property manager be in attendance to represent the management company. Adam and Barbra Ferris, residents on the 3rd floor, has actually stated recently that when they went to exchange their current parking permits for the new permits that John stated “residents like them were part of the problem” referring to the lack of secured parking.
I have also witnessed potential residents walking in the office fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled time the office closes requesting to view an apartment and be refused by John. He explained that they could go online to see what was available. I found this highly unprofessional and quite shocking. I did comment on this in a survey submitted online.
Almost every time I go to the management office John is in the back office even on Kim’s off days or while she is giving a tour. We did not even know there was a back office until John took over as property manager since Stephanie, Anne, and Kim could all have been found in the front office prepared to greet whoever came in.
I have also found that John does not notify residents of package deliveries on Kim’s off days. There have been at least two occasions in the last three months that I was expecting an overnighted package that was delivered to the management office and did not receive an email notification that a delivery was waiting for me. Both occasions John was the only one working that day and both times there were several packages sitting in the front office. Had I not checked the tracking from the courier I would not have known the package had been delivered. This seems like a small thing, however, in both cases the items delivered were needed for meetings the next day.
On several occasions amenities, the gym, game room, etc, have been locked during the hours residents are supposed to have access. The last time was two weeks ago on a Sunday at 4:30 p.m. I have also tried accessing the gym at 5:30 a.m. to find that the doors were still locked.
When we renewed our lease last year we decided to transfer from a two bedroom on the 5th floor to a one bedroom on the 3rd floor. There was a one week period of time that the lease on the two bedroom we were moving out of would be ending before the one bedroom unit would be available. After we transferred apartments we found that were charged the daily rental rate on the two bedroom apartment for this one week. This was an additional $1000.00 just for the seven days. We found this to be extremely unfair since it was not explained prior to signing the new lease. You would think that a manager would have explained this beforehand. Or that he could have elected to charge a prorated rate for the two bedroom.
We have spoken with several residents and found that almost all of the residents have the same complaints about the property’s condition and John’s unprofessionalism. This is quite sad since all of the residents, including us, love living in the area but have fallen out of love with City Pointe. We would like nothing more than to see the condition and management at the same level as when we initial signed our lease two years ago.
I would be willing to discuss these complaints in further detail with you at your earliest convenience.
Thank you in advance for considering our request regarding a zero percent increase. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


Justina Baker August 29, 2013 at 8:34 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Justina and I am a resident at Auvers Village in Orlando, FL. I have been a resident here since February 2013 and have been overall pleased with our apartment home. Over 2 weeks ago, I have been trying to have an issue with pests that I would like to be rid of.
Throughout the course of my initial service request, I have experienced the worst service imaginable. I maintain a clean and well-kept apartment so I am absolutely certain that the reason for our new “house guests” are not caused by filth. We have recently been seeing small ant-like (and what even look like termites) bugs in my kitchen (by the sink area and counter), my guest bathroom (around the sink and behind the toilet), and also around the entrance to our patio.
I have purchased my own bug spray to try and eliminate the problem. I submitted the service request to have pest control come in on August 13th. I did not receive any response via phone or email to let me know when pest control would even be coming. On Monday, August 19th, I called my leasing office to inquire when I could expect someone to assist with the issue. I was told that someone would be there the following day.
August 20th came and went and no one came to my apartment to take care of my problem. As you can see, I already had to wait 1 full week to even be “put on a list” for the pests and they still didn’t come. I called the leasing office AGAIN on Friday to inform them that no one had come to my apartment. I was told AGAIN that pest control would be here the following Tuesday (August 27th).
Now correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you think it’s unacceptable to have to wait 2 weeks to have an issue with bugs in MY KITCHEN and BATHROOM and LIVING ROOM? Don’t you think it’s absolutely disgusting to go into my kitchen to make dinner and while I’m cooking, I see TONS of critters crawling all over the food I am preparing?!
Moving along…
August 26th: I am “supposedly” on a list to have my apartment looked at. The majority of the day there is someone at the house to wait on pest control. Apparently (according to pest controls notes) they came and no one was home (conveniently). They notated that they sprayed “in the kitchen”. There was not any type of notice that was left in the apartment to confirm that anyone had come in. Nonetheless, the same night, I was still seeing bugs all over my kitchen, bathroom, and living room. I am also not understanding why it was notated that only the kitchen was sprayed when I called and specifically stated that the issue was MORE than just the kitchen.

Today, it is now August 29th. I have called the leasing office yet again to inform them I don’t believe any one was ACTUALLY here because-
1. I was home most of the day, and conveniently the 1 hour I was not, pest control came
2. I am still having the same problem.
So, not only did the leasing agent make me feel like I was making something out of nothing, she also made the assumption as I had no clue what I was talking about because she’s “reading exactly what he wrote”.
Luckily, pest control was on property when I called and he was sent to take a look in the apartment. He was greeted by my fiancé. I must say, your pest control man was not too pleased to be sent to the apartment yet again and definitely expressed himself with his short answers and tone of voice as if he was annoyed. He sprayed again in the kitchen and when he was told we may think it is termites, he dismissed the comments without even looking into it to ensure we do not have an issue. He also never addressed the bathroom. He simply stated “I can’t spray in there” with no explanation of why.
Since I have moved in, I have not been ‘the complaining tenant’, my rent is paid on time, and I am overall satisfied. However, it would be preposterous for you to not understand my frustrations at this point. As you read this COMPLAINT, put yourself in my shoes-
-Coming home to make your child a sandwich and seeing ants crawling all over the counter when the situation should’ve been corrected over two weeks ago
-Giving your child a bath to see their wash cloth with bugs and the toilet covered in more bugs
-Sitting in your living room, entertaining guests for one of them to notice bugs crawling on your floor
-Putting in a service request and having the same issue for OVER 2 weeks.
-Having to deal with your pest control as if my concerns are a complete annoyance.

I am certain I have sent this letter to someone who will follow up, have the situation resolved, and redress my issues.



meryl mora July 17, 2013 at 4:15 pm

I live at Herron Pointe in Boynton Beach and I cannot begin to tell you the issues I have had with the Manager of the property. His name is John. Not to be confused with the very lovely Asst. Manager John Jean. I have been retaliated against by John for filing complaints about him. I have a group of men that smoke marijuana outside all day and night (they do not work) and they sell drugs right in front of all of our children that live there. I have written letters about his constant harrassment and then I received a letter that I have violated property rules by having police at my home numerous times. I have a restraining order against someone who continues to call and follow me and the Police tell me to call. John said that the calls have been domestic in nature (they have not) so they will not renew my lease. What this is called is retaliation pure and simple for my complaining about his never taking care of any issues brought to him or the drugs and drug dealing that numerous tenants have complained about. I have been late paying my rent and have never made a fuss about paying an extra $100 even though I have never been more than days late. Everyone warned me about renting from Equity and I did not listen. Everyone else is nice and seems to care but John could care less about the property and now I have been told by one of the Maint. Crew that John told them that he finally got rid of the trash in — meaning me as it was my apartment number. I did see an Attorney who told me to take this all the way as John cannot get away with this anymore. I will win this war so John can enjoy the little battles.


Christina Trueblood Ashley June 6, 2013 at 8:50 pm

I would like to know how your company gets away with jacking up rent on my parents apartment by $70.00 per month for their upcoming renewal????? They are on a fixed income and have paid their rent early every month. They asked your leasing office if there was anything that could be done to keep it the same but none of them could be bothered to call corporate (that would be you) to get approval to keep the rent the same or increase it less. GREAT STAFF by the way. The property where they reside for the last year has had multiple issues that they have “overlooked” because it is who they are. I however am not. I plan to tell everyone I know that on a two bedroom apartment with 1100 sq feet you want $1253.00 when the current rental rate is $1130.00 and that they should avoid renting from EQUITY RESIDENTIAL so they don’t deal with the same headaches. Do the right thing!


Steve Eddy June 2, 2013 at 1:44 pm

To whom it may concern, 06/02/2013
I am writing this letter out of concern for the safety and wellbeing of myself and other residents here at The Preserve at Deer Creek, in Deerfield Beach Florida. I have made several attempts, on several different occasions, to resolve these issues with the leasing consultants at The Preserve, with absolutely no results. There have been numerous occasions, where I have been told the property manager will be in touch, unfortunately, that never happens.
Here is a list of the issues that are of concern:
1. The lights outside each door which are supposed to be on, have not been working for the past 3 weeks. The area is completely dark, absolutely no light. You cannot see your door, the lock or what key you are trying to unlock your door with. This also creates the concern of not being able to see a wild animal, an item obstructing your path or even worse, a would be attacker.
2. There has been fecal matter on the second floor breezeway for the past week. There are now, as of 6/2/2013, three separate areas with this issue. This has created an unsanitary and disgusting living condition. I should not have to dodge piles of dog crap every time I leave my apartment.
3. TRASH… I am paying two separate bills for trash. Last month it was $24.00. It has been made CLEAR, that trash is NOT picked up on Mondays and Thursdays and that trash is NOT to be put out before 6PM on trash days. There is a dumpster on site for those who have excessive amounts of trash, but once again, there is trash being left out overnight. Wild animals outside of my door, in the dark because the lights don’t work, ripping through bags of garbage, littering the breezeway with rotten food, soiled diapers and numerous unmentionables. This is creating an unsafe and unsanitary condition.
4. The staircase between the 1st and 2nd floor that faces west, has something wrong with it. It is attached the opposite side of my bedroom wall and vibrates so loudly, you wake up thinking there is an earthquake, every time someone goes up or down the stairs. The other staircases in this building as well as other buildings on the property do not vibrate or make noises at all, leading me to believe, it can be fixed.
5. During the past month, there are used condoms left in the parking area, drug paraphernalia and numerous empty glass beer and liquor bottles. This is absolutely unacceptable and needs serious attention to correct this matter.
Every one of these issues has been brought to the attention of property consultants with no resolution on several occasions. This letter will be forwarded to the Broward County Department of Health, The Broward County Building Inspector and Equity Management corporate officials. As a decorated veteran who fought for this country, a human being and a member of this community, I should not be subjected to the items above, nor should anyone who is paying nearly $1600.00 a month to live here.

Steve Eddy
460 Jefferson Dr. Unit #201 Deerfield Beach FL. 33442


Michael Conibear March 19, 2013 at 4:49 pm

Hi I am very upset about the Experience I’m having here this past lease Since I lived here for a little over five years I have had a truck broken into three times and just this past Few months my brand-new truck has been bombarded with debris dirt from the landscapers using the blowers I’ve had to rewash it and wax it each time and now due to the Domino’s Pizza fliers that were posted on my truck there are two huge scratches down the side which is unacceptable I’m unhappy with the way the kitchen turned out as far as the upgrade I don’t think it’s worth $2000 a month and I don’t feel that la mirage is taking care of the residents ,namely myself I felt unappreciated and I do not feel this place is worth what I have to pay for. Furthermore I will be talking to my roommate about canceling Are lease and writing a email to your corporate office about how Disgusted I am with the property and furthermore I will probably be contacting an attorney to find out options about repairs to my truck Furthermore I am very displeased with the upgrades to the apartment at an extra hundred $50 a month for these upgrades and they are crap the carpet was damage during the upgrade my personal Couches TV stereo system was covered in dust which they did take care of after I had to make a complaint two times. I am thoroughly disgusted with this property as a hole in the past 5 1/2 years I’ve lived here. the past three years have been very disgusting the trash service is ridiculous Every week The trash is always overflowing the snow started to come around because of the heat cars are broken into it’s just not worth $2000 a month I really want to cancel my lease without paying a penalty I think I’m owed at least that since I have to pay out-of-pocket my truck to be fixed please call me back or email me 714-357-9286


Roxana Blandon December 10, 2012 at 6:56 pm

To whom It may concern.

My name is Roxana Blandon I live in 3881 West State Road 84 #17 apartment 101
I have live here for a year and my experience had been terrible the property manager Debra Pate is a terrible manager who treat the residents like nothing, I paid my rent for this month on time, but somehow it seems like they returned the money of my rent back to my banks account. My husband and I called to find out what had happened and why they return us the money, we called the bank just to make sure it wasn’t the bank’s mistake and the bank told us that new river cove management had returned the money back to us. We called the management office and spoke to Ashley LEE which is customer service specialist and told her about the issue we were having with the rent she look up in the system to find out what had happened and it showed that we did pay the rent on time, so she said that will speak to Debra so the problem will be solve and we will not have to pay a 100.00 Dollars late fee since when pay on time. TODAY when i got home from work I found a eviction notice on my door and a charge of 1.114.00 dollars I called Debra to let he know that was a mistake and to void the late fee because i had paid the rent on time. She told me that she will not void the late fee and I had pay because she didn’t know anything and according to her I didn’t have the money in my bank but I have my bank statement to proof that i had paid on time and the myequity residential statement shows it too she lock the door on my husband’s face since he went to the office to talk to her.
Please can someone do something about it. This woman is always trying to still our money,


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