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Charlotte Russe Corporate Office Address

Charlotte Russe
5910 Pacific Center Blvd Ste 120
San Diego, CA 92121

Contact Charlotte Russe

Phone Number: (858) 587-1500
Fax Number: (858) 587-0902
Email: Email Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Charlotte Russe Executives

CEO: Jennifer J. Ming
CFO: Eileen Sivolella CPA
COO: Sandra Tillett

Charlotte Russe History

Charlotte Russe is a chain of clothing stores in the United States that is targeted to young women in their teens through twenties.

Daniel Lawrence and his two brothers formed the Lawrence Merchandising Corp. and opened a clothing store in 1975 in Carlsbad, California. They named the store Charlotte Russe after a favorite childhood desert.

The brothers quickly opened several more locations in San Diego.

In 1996 the company was acquired  by the investment firm Saunders Karp & Megrue. The new owners implemented an ambitious growth strategy, making Charlotte Russe into a national chain of shopping mall stores and taking the company public in 1999.

The company was taken private by Advent International in 2009.

Today Charlotte Russe offers value-priced trendy apparel, shoes, and accessories in 500 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico.

Charlotte Russe FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Charlotte Russe?
Answer 1: The phone number for Charlotte Russe is (858) 587-1500.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Charlotte Russe?
Answer 2: The CEO of Charlotte Russe is Jennifer J. Ming.

Question 3: Who founded Charlotte Russe?
Answer 3: Charlotte Russe was founded by in .

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Judy January 3, 2019 at 12:56 pm

Ordered a gift card for Granddaughter. Card was never delivered. Spent hours on customer support on phone attempting to get replacement or refund. Never received anything that was promised. I was also told that there were no refunds on gift cards. In my case there is no card. Just a big run-around experience.


Kristy Fisher October 20, 2017 at 11:09 am

I just walk in browse, look around and/or buy something. Why do people make everything so complicated. Just SHOP! I’m very pleased with the shoe and jewelry selection. Peace!


Pissed Off September 9, 2017 at 1:33 pm

I forgot to mention the state Columbia SC


Pissed Off September 9, 2017 at 1:31 pm

First of all this manager does not even deserve a star, but for some reason I couldn’t select one.I just want you to know you have one of the most unprofessional and rudest managers in the Columbia Mall by the name of Missy. How do you treat your emoyees like crap especially when customers are shopping? I will make sure my friends or family never shop there or any location for that matter. She is a poor excuse of a manager and she should not have the title of a manager. Just dispecable!!!!!! I feel bad for those associates because they are so nice and the only reason that kept going back, but I’ve seen that manager too many times representing your company in a negative light.


Christin Webb August 13, 2017 at 10:49 pm

I write this letter with the intent of expressing deep concern for the way I was treated at the Charlotte Russe Store located in Southaven, Mississippi at Tanger Outlets. On August 13, 2017 around 6:40 p.m. (20 minutes before the store closed), my family and I entered just to browse for a bit. I had been shopping at other stores in the outlet and actually purchased items from the Gap and Pandora, therefore I was not in Charlotte Russe with the intent of not purchasing anything had I found something to my liking. While there was no welcome offered to us as we entered (which I’m not really concerned with), I began browsing. I eventually began looking at an unmarked rack that was in front of the register. I shifted a few clothes when a young saleswoman walked past me and aggressively stated to me, “If you remove anything from that rack make sure you put it back where you got it from.” I mention the following description of her only because I was unsuccessful in obtaining her name. She was a Caucasian, heavy set female, wearing a nose ring with a ponytail set up top of her head. She appeared to the store manager. Hopefully this description will indicate the employee if further research is done to follow-up on my complaint.

A bit thrown off by her direction, I replied, “I wasn’t going to remove anything.” She said nothing more to me and just walked off as if she were displeased with me being in the store. She continued walking on to the other side of the store as I said out loud, “That was rude. Who tells a customer to put their clothes back where they got them from?” Who said I wouldn’t have? What gave her the authority to talk to me in such a way? She was demeaning and made me question was it because I was an African American customer that she felt empowered to talk to me in such a way. She was simply nasty to me. She ignored my comment and continued preparing the store for the next day. I was embarrassed and felt demeaned, therefore I left immediately without looking any further or buying anything.

I can be empathetic to her not wanting the rack to me messed up assuming she’d gotten it ready for the next day. Yet, having worked in retail, I understand that customers will come in stores and look at items well up until the last minute the store was open, which increases the potential for an employee to have to straighten up something more than once. Ultimately, it’s her job!

Up until that point, I hadn’t picked up any items, so I am further unclear on why she thought it was ok to abrasively direct me to put back whatever I possibly would have picked up from that specific rack. My letter is not to request her to be fired or anything of that nature, however, I wanted to be sure to bring to the Corporate Office’s attention of her lack of professionalism and out right rudeness to a customer that has spent hundreds of dollars with the Charlotte Russe’s business over the years. Her attitude definitely makes me want to think twice about shopping there again and encouraging my friends and family not to do so as well. Employees having a bad day, wanting to hurry up and get off, or not wanting their arrangements to be disturbed are absolutely no excuse to make customers feel unwanted and not valued. While my individual dollars may not be a huge profit for Charlotte Russe, if her lack of professionalism affected others the way it affected me, I’m sure there would be a potential for greater loss for Charlotte Russe. I hope her attitude is not a reflection of the executive staff of the organization.

I respectively look for a response to my complaint in hopes that additional training is required for that employee(s) of the entire store.


Samy July 22, 2017 at 8:49 pm

This looks like they made a site for us to vent about their poor service and nothing is done about it. I just kindly told the manager in the CR Westland mall in Hialeah, how displeased I was with the way they dealt with my return and she just looked at me and said ok. And I told her I’m talking to her instead of complaining on a review of the store. She just looked at me and said “okay “. Very unprofessional by not following CR written protocol.


Non Satisfied Customer June 15, 2017 at 1:41 pm

NEVER again will I shop with this company! Wished I had read the comments before ordering online with this non professional, no customer service, fraudulent company…would have save me from unnecessary stress and lost of funds. I’m to frustrated to explain what happened so I’m just here to say BUYERS BEWARE! RUN AND DON’T LOOK BACK! IF YOU WANT A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE! Please be advised that you have been warned! As you can see CORPORATE does not care hence the no reply/response to all the comments/ feedback that has been giving thus far and good luck with getting them on the phone!


Sha'Dawn Parker June 11, 2017 at 9:12 am

I recently visited the Charlotte Russe location in west ocean city, md. I shop there occasionally and have had a pleasant shopping experience 9/10 times. However, during my last visit I was trying on shorts in the fitting room and found myself being scratch by one of the sensors. The needle point had been pushed way to far through the sensor and the next thing I know I’m bleeding all down my leg.


Tatyana Hawkins February 22, 2017 at 10:22 pm

The specific Charlotte Russe store I worked with was located at the Westfield North County mall in Escondido California. I was hired as a part-time associate worker. The girl who hired me was Kailah Whitted, an African-American girl. The interview went well. After being hired, I was introduced to Lindsey Cass (Supervisor) she had a catty/ stuck up attitude. Because I’ve never had experience in the retail industry, I would go to her asking a few questions being the “Supervisor” and “Leader” to teach me and show me where things are and where things are located in the store. When asking questions, having 0 experience in retail, she would purposely question my questions to make me feel stupid and then mock me after questioning my question. For example, I was working a morning shift from 8:00-11:00am with Lindsey Cass, 23 year old supervisor and Kailah Whitted the Assistant manager. I was told to clean the entire floor and clean the “windows”, so I used a dust mop, a swiffer duster and a regular janitorial mop that has synthetic cotton sewn to the end of it to clean the entire floor store by myself. After sweeping and mopping the entire store, I was told to clean the “windows” specifically said by my Supervisor Lindsey. So, I went to the front of the store with a bottle of cleaning product and paper towels to clean the front windows of the store. After cleaning both windows, I placed the products back where they belonged and started to work on go-backs (clothes that need to be put away) without my hands being clean from working with dirty products because there was no running sink water in that store. While working on go-backs Lindsey walks up to me and asks me if I cleaned the windows and I said yes. Then she looks at me and says “No you didn’t, you need to clean the windows” and then hands me the glass cleaner to clean windows after I already cleaned the stores windows and after she handed me the glass product, I grabbed the paper towels and looked around the store and cleaned the “mirrors” that she called “windows”. And while I was finishing up the floors, I overheard Lindsey and Kailah both talking to eachother about getting fired, Kailah said to Lindsey “Do you think if I went into the back of the store and texted the shift I would get fired?” and then they both laughed. Charlotte Russe has a locker-room/unprofessional/rude/high-school kind of environment with unreliable “Leaders”. Another example prior to this “Lindsey” experience was when the store was moderately busy and a customer walks up to me with her child and asks if they could use our bathroom, I told the mother one second I’ll be right with you, I walked up to Lindsey and asked her “Can we have this customer use our restroom” and then Lindsey looked at me and rudely she says “Do you think we can have customers use our bathrooms”? And then I said “No” and walked away after she mocked and and questioned my question on purpose. If a mothers child was in need of using the restroom to a point where they asked a retail store in the mall rather than using a bathroom outside the retail store using the malls’ bathroom rather than the Charlotte Russe bathroom, that the child had to go to the restroom immediately because it was an emergency and the store would still refuse. We are here to provide 100% QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE if an emergency happens where a human being/ customer has to use the bathroom and its a severe emergency or a medical issue to allow them to. BUT because the mothers son wasn’t able to use the bathroom the Charlotte Russe store would have been flagged for being unsanitary because there was no running sink water and customers aren’t allowed to use the restrooms because of an insurance policy. Again, another incident happened because the store could not provide the amount of microphones needed for the shifts I worked. There was a maximum microphones/radios from 6-8 total. I was yelled at from a supervisor named, Jessica Erikson. I was working with go-backs and handling shoes and one of the co-workers, Alejandra asked me if I could give Jessica a pair of black leggings to give to a customer, so I took the pair of leggings and was about to hand them to Jessica and she said to me 10 seconds after I grabbed the leggings “don’t worry about it I’m handing this customer right now, if you had a microphone, you would know” so after that I felt extremely hurt because there weren’t enough microphones. After experiencing the catty, rude, stuck up, retail store environment I would never work at another Charlotte Russe again. The Supervisors and the managers and the Assistant managers are extremely irresponsible and mean to you. They treat new comers like dirt. Jessica, Lindsey, and Kailah all deserve to be fired because Charlotte Russe will not have a sustainable environment with that severe kind of inappropriate behavior. But, I will say that the most enduring, most hard-working and most innovative and most motivation person that works in that store is Enjoli Lema. Enjoli is a amazing worker, when I would work with her I would ask her how to do things and how an outfit looks for a customer to help customer service and she works beautifully. Anyways the positive side of working there with all that being said, is experiencing quality time with customers and servicing them. I would take off my own shoes when customers would ask me to try own their shoes to see if they were interested in buying. 90% of the time I would do that, the customer would buy the shoes. I would also try on jackets for customers when they would ask me to and they would also buy 90% of the time. Business works its best when driven with genuine optimism with passionate co-workers who are willing to work. The Charlotte Russe experience I had will be unforgettable but I will use that obstacle as a stepping stone to help me in the future to help me grow stronger. Anyways, I will contact corporate office so these girls will be fired and if things get serious enough, I will hire a lawyer for being emotionally abused and screamed at.


Linda Morello February 10, 2017 at 7:53 am

I went shopping at the Southpark mall Charlotte Russe in Strongsville Ohio this past Wednesday evening. I was in dressing room with my teenage daughter she was changing and the manager of the store was in dressing room putting cloths away and walked back a female customer with her MALE BOYFRIEND opened up a dressing room and proceeded to allow the boyfriend in there with women getting undressed!!! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing I quickly told my teen daughter NOT to step out followed the manager out with the dress I was purchasing for my daughter and confronted the manager. She said sorry she didn’t know! I said you let him in! I’m calling corporate. she said she was sorry and I said there is no excuse for this its a violation she said well you should have told me! I said oh my god you are the one who walked him back there and was talking to him while we all watched in horror, I asked her name she mumbled I said what did you say did you say your name was Patty?? because that’s what I thought I heard she said yes my name is patty. I’m still not sure if she was even telling me the truth her hands were shaking and I was very vocal with people that were standing in line at register asking her how dare she let a man in dressing room with my teen and all the other women that thought that they were in a bad dream. I told her I was calling corporate I may get an attorney yet!


Stacy Kaltenbach February 9, 2017 at 9:26 am

Hello. I am a previous employee of Charlotte Russe and I am trying to figure out how to get a hold of someone for my W2.


Nadine Broekemeier March 17, 2017 at 5:20 pm

Hey! Im trying to do the same thing. Did you ever figure it out?


stephanie January 31, 2017 at 3:07 pm

The Char Ru in my mall is beyond terrible. Worst customer service I have ever received! This past weekend I was shopping for a dress. While in the fitting room I felt a little cut as I pulled the dress over my head and thought it was just the tag, when I pulled it over my legs I felt an actual cut!!! I folded the dress up to see and saw the the security tag had cut my leg and blood was streaming down my leg. I didnt want to ruin the dress so I quickly took it off and noticed three large cuts that were bleeding pretty bad. When I brought the security tag issue up to a sales rep she looked at me like I was dumb and didnt even get a manger. No apology for what had happened she just asked if I was going to buy the dress because some of my blood got on it. Like are you serious? I walked out of the store and went straight to the restroom to clean up my leg. I did a quick tape up to stop the bleeding till I could get home. 5 hours later and it was still bleeding and I had to go get blood work because who else knows who was cut by this tag? I will never return to this location, I get it accidents happen but when you just put the product on the rack after I leave without telling anyone or changing security tags its putting other people at risk.


hannah January 24, 2017 at 12:32 pm

the store manager at the Morgantown, West Virginia store is beyond rude!!! she treats her customers rudely and as if they are always wrong. I’ve been in there multiple times but refuse to go back of the customer service I received. she never acts with manners and is always quick to correct a customer in a stern tone! this isn’t just my own experience either, I’ve had many friends and family deal with this too. with my incident I even had other workers in the store apologize for her behavior because even they knew it was outrageous. I will never shop in this store again until something is done about management! this blonde rude woman has got to go! I worked retail for many years and never dealt with someone like that before!


Jasmine January 17, 2017 at 11:11 am

Went to the Florence,SC location inside of Magnolia Mall, and I didn’t appreciate the customer service at all! From the time I walked in around 10:00 a.m. I was treated like I was going to steal something. I was only in there because I work inside of the mall and it has been slow this morning. I didn’t have any bags or anything, so for the two associates to follow me around the whole store was pointless. The cameras can be played back just to see how I was followed around the store. I’m not going to say that I wont go back in the store only because its just about to only store we have in the mall to shop at, but the next time I Will Not be as polite!


Suzette Diaz January 5, 2017 at 8:11 am

I was at the TempeMarketplace location shopping with my niece. We couldnt help but notice that the manager smelled like marijuana and was obvioisly high. She was a short hispanic girl. She had dark hair, wore red lipstick and was very friendly. I was so upset walking out of there. My niece is 15 and I will never take her back there. Never would I think that someone would allow anyone to be high on the job. I couldnt believe that she would go to work smelling like that to begin with. Doesn’t Charlotte Russe drug test people or at least their management? Heres a perfect example of someone who abuses and is an example of what a bad leader is. I knew she was a manager because as we were shopping she was standing at the counter talking to the other 2 girls that were there. She was giving them instructions and talking on a headset telling them what to do. Even still as she was ringing us up she wasnt fully focused on us. She was gossiping about an old manager and how she hated her. In front of us! Im 36 yrs old and i know your not supoosed to do that in front of customers. I couldnt wait to get out of there!


Caroline Lee December 20, 2016 at 3:23 pm

This is the 3RD time CR has messed up my orders. I am BEYOND pissed off. FIRST time, I ordered 3 things. 2 weeks has passed, I called in and the rep said it should be shipped in 2-3 days. So fine, I waited. A week passed, I call again and the new rep said it was error and my order was stuck in processing and did not go through so all the items were already sold out. THANKS. I don’t get that. NEXT, I return boots that were a total of like $25 (it was charged this amount on my card). I put it under my friends address because I couldn’t get it shipped to my house. I try to return it in-store and they tell me they need my FRIEND to return it. FINE. My friend returns it. Later I realize, the store credit they gave me was only $21.80. WHAT? I got REFUNDED LESS MONEY? IS THAT EVEN LEGAL??? how did I LOSE money? yes it was a couple of dollars but that seems unethical to me. I got charged $25 and they refund me $21.80. ANYWAYS, I let that go because I’m not gonna deal with anymore CR staff. LATER, I order 2 things online. A bomber jacket and a coat. When I get my order, its only one item but also THE WRONG item. And my coat on the receipt is crossed out. I call customer service and they told me that the coat and bomber jacket was out of sock. BUT I CHECKED ONLINE AND THE COAT IS STILL UP WITH ALL SIZES. IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT IN-STOCK, TAKE IT OFF SO OTHER PEOPLE CANT ORDER IT. That literally means, I don’t get ANYTHING I ordered AGAIN. ALSO, why did I NOT get a email from CR in the first place saying its NOT in stock or I am getting a refund?? I AM BEYOND PISSED. I AM NEVER SHOPPING HERE EVER AGAIN. I use to love it here, but now how the company is handling things, never again.


Mr. George December 16, 2016 at 12:10 am

I have been shopping with Charlotte Russe for over 6 years and I have been having the worse customer service experience every for the past 2 months. I placed an order on December 8th for a dress for a event I am going to in 2 weeks and was very excited to receive the item. One December 12th I receive an email saying the order was cancelled due to all the items being out of stock. I called inquiring about the cancellation because according to the website all the items were still in stock and available to be purchased. My credit card was over charged and my bank charged me a fee due to Charlotte Russe’s mistake. Now I am short of money in my account and still no dress for my event and they do not care at all. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I was told that none was available. I really want to know why are you charging innocent people for items that are not in stock. I would not be shopping here again because I get charged for items and then get a cancellation and my money gets tied up. I find it very hard to believe that so many items are out of stock and the website has still not been updated to reflect the change, I am still able to order all my items again to this day.


Kate December 13, 2016 at 7:29 pm

Worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with, and I’ve worked customer service. I’ve ordered the same dress TWICE in the past two weeks, mind you two different prices though I keep ordering it’s out of stock. I’m so livid about the women I spoke to, who had no interest in solving the problem. Twice I’ve spent the money to tell me twice a week later that my dress is out of stock. What a joke. I’m so disappointed in the company.


Rkelly December 11, 2016 at 6:10 pm

Words can not describe the issue I have had with this company and lack of someone to speak to for help after being assured I would be contacted. I see a lawsuit in the future for deceptive practices. I have filed my complaints with Consumer Finance FTC and BBB I suggest you all do the same.


EBONY December 9, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Charlotte Russe has caused me so much EMOTIONAL STRESS and headaches. Do not shop here and lose your money.You will be so stressed out for the holidays!! My awful experience continues with Charlotte russe. It has been several days since I placed my order; I’ve have been receiving the same message “released”. I have now come to the conclusion that there is no customer service help I’ve been on hold for 28 minutes after I asked the agent to connect me with a supervisor. It seems that there is no supervisor available and I would have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a callback. On top of that customer service states I can’t get a refund because the order is in “release” status. I NEVER received such horrible customer from a company in my life! I contacted corporate and could ONLY reach a receptionist. Due to their FAILURE to inform me of the delay in order, they are not cancelling. Due to their AWFUL customer service I have not received help from anyone.


Ivy Fauntleroy December 9, 2016 at 2:48 pm

Same experience, HORRIBLE customer service. Worst I have probably ever dealt with. They basically stole money from my account, never sent product. Did send an email saying they no longer stocked it, and i would never get it but charged me anyway. I have proof of everything but they will not refund. I will spend $2000.00 getting back the $25 they owe me at this point, just for principle. Their loss, I have two teenagers that I buy for from there A LOT, and I will never purchase another item from their store. Over $25, that they refuse to refund for product they never sent. HORRIBLE COMPANY, I will be making sure that every one I come in contact with knows about them. Its a current mission of mine.


Jennifer Cinousis December 8, 2016 at 8:58 pm

My daughter gave me her Charlotte Russe wishlist and I ordered the entire list back on November 25th. I received a confirmation and verification that all the items I had ordered were in stock. I realized I hadn’t received a shipping confirmation so I called your customer service line this past Wednesday wherein the girl advised that yes, they have my order and it should be going out that night or the next day. That same night I am looking through my e-mails and receive a cancellation of my ENTIRE order indicating all the items were out of stock!! It was pages of items – how could they all be out of stock. Then I call customer service again that night and the girl tells me that “Oh, it looks like a lot of them items are now back in stock and I should place the order online again”. Are you kidding me – – why would I do that and chance another 2 weeks going by and then you canceling again. I tell the girl all I want is to be able to go to the store and get half off the jeans like they were when I ordered them. She said a supervisor would be calling me within 24 to 48 hours. I received no call but another e-mailed response indicating they are again sorry but they don’t have a coupon they can send for half off at the store and here is a 20% promo code for ONLINE! Ugh. I am not ordering from them ever again online!


Arianna Boyer December 8, 2016 at 10:34 am

This is f-ing ridiculous I’ve been calling them all week trying to speak to a supervisor or at least someone who is higher up than the customer services associates no one has called me back my ordered has been shipped out I needed this order for a event thanks to this company I had to go out and buy another outfit costing me more money and once the original outfit comes in the mail I’m not even going to need it anymore I use to like Charlotte Russe now I hate this disorganized f-ed up company who don’t give a f**k about nobody orders or concerns


R. J. December 7, 2016 at 11:57 am

My awful experience continues with Charlotte russe. It has been a week and a half and I have been receiving the same message. I have now come to the conclusion that there is no customer service help since I keep getting the same email. It seems to be an automated message. On top of that I have left Charlotte Russe so many phone calls that not a single person has returned. Since a week and a half after I ordered, I have not received help from a single order, have no updates on my complaints, and order has not been shipped. Due to their FAILURE to inform me of the delay in order, they are not cancelling. DUe to their AWFUL customer service I have not received help from anyone. They are planning on leaving my order in front of my old addresss, since I will not be living there by the time it arrive, they are ALLOWING it to be STOLEN. Due to THEIR FAILURE, I would have not ordered my purchases if I knew it was going to be delayed. CHarlotte Russe has caused me so much EMOTIONAL STRESS and headaches. Do not shop here and lose your money.You will be so stressed out for the holidays


R. J. December 2, 2016 at 10:20 am

I am absolutely disappointed and so furious with the customer representative. The lady hung up on me. How are you letting these people represent you? You not only lost my business but my friends and family. Absolutely ridiculous.


R. J. December 2, 2016 at 1:29 pm

Again, I call, no one has responded to me. No one told me my order was delayed and I will not be receiving it before moving states. I want to cancel my order and no one is responding! I WANT TO CANCEL! It has not been shipped yet and all I was told is that they will leave it at the doorstep after I move. AWFUL AWFUL SERVICE. These people are not just trying to steal money so they do not have to pay me back. Not one person has called me back ad customer service hung up on me. Horrible store. I want my money back.


Victoria goforth December 1, 2016 at 8:28 pm

Hello, I want to start of by saying I love the Charlotte Russe brand. I have been a loyal customer for 4 years now and I’ve never had a disappointment. I am from Nashville so I currently shop at the one in the Opry Mills mall. They have amazing employees, that are very kind, and up beat. Every other store I have been in, the employees have been very welcoming as well. I was told there was a great shoe sale online so I checked it out. I ordered a pair of thigh high brown boots to wear to my works Christmas party. I ordered them because of your sale and I knew I was going to recieve them in time for my work function. Not once while I was ordering them did it say it was ever out of stock. I ordered them last Wednesday and after emailing them a couple times for a tracking order I finally received a message saying they were out of stock. This was my first time ordering offline and I promise it will be my last. I am very upset with the way this was handle.


Alyssa November 29, 2016 at 11:00 pm

So y’all do have a corporate office…. mhhhh…. so please fire PFS web they are telling people they are corporate and not giving coporate’s number which is illegal I had they worst experience with this store and the fact that the managers act as if they are unavailable is rediculous the only person I spoke with that knew the policy and how to help me was a Agent or Supervisor name Deon if it wasn’t for him I would have never gotten my order…. I definitely hate this store and maybe you guys should look into hire Deon as the manger


Laura Walt November 30, 2016 at 10:13 pm

I’ve talked to Deon to and he was really great he made my experience the best experience I’ve ever had I will definitely shop with Charlotte Russe again he deserves a bonus


Ratanda Penn November 29, 2016 at 8:23 am

I am beyond dissappointer in Charlotte Russe!!I have ahopped with you for years but I will never ever ever shop with you again!!!the customer service is awful!!I was told misleading information from 4 different agents!!!!!even missed the cyber Monday sale because of issues with the app…the things I could say but I don’t think it’s worth going to jail over!!!i wouldn’t shop with you all again if the items were free!!


Samantha weaver November 28, 2016 at 8:01 pm

To the manager at: Charlotte Russe
Chapel Hills Mall
1710 Briargate Blvd.
Colorado springs Co, 80920 US
Re: Poor Service
I am writing to complain about the poor service that happened I your establishment on Wednesday November 16th, 2016 at 8:00pm. I came into the store like I usually do with my friends and everything seemed to be alright up to the point when I asked for a dressing room no one was around to help assist me. Until my friend found one employee helping another guest which is not a big deal what so ever to come and assist me. But when it came down to me trying to check out I was standing in line for almost 15 mins. While standing there, there was another girl standing behind the register the entire time on the phone talking with what it seemed to me to be another employee that she was complaining about not getting enough hours at work. She then just kept ignoring me standing in line and then waved down the other girl for earlier that helped to get me check out.
I was greatly disappointed in that type of service since I do come in here quite often. I do hope this doesn’t happen again to me or any other costumers in the future.


Mandy McGee November 26, 2016 at 5:49 pm

I am beyond disappointed. I ordered 3 pairs of boots online. I only received 2 pairs. Called costumer service and they were very rude. They said I would have to fill out a form and I might would get my my money back. All I wanted was the boots because I ordered them for a special event, now they are sold out and I won’t have the boots for my event!! I will never shop here again. You also cannot get in touch with anyone through the corporate number, the number just says no one is a available to take your call. Complete joke. Worst experience I have had ordering from a retail store.


Amber Bingham November 22, 2016 at 10:16 pm

Dear Mrs. Ming,

I am writing you today to express my deepest disappointment in my recent experience with your customer service team. This is specifically in regards to your Online Contact Center and particularly a supervisor/manager/senior manager named Vaughn. At this point I am not sure there is anything that will have me returning to your company nor ever suggesting it to a co worker, colleague, friend or family member. Below is a synopsis of my situation and experience. I do hope that you will have the call recording pulled as it may seem unbelievable until the call is pulled.

Last week in an effort to find a high waist tulle skirt I ended up on your website. I soon fell in love with many of the styles and purchased many different outfits to choose from for Thanksgiving. Looking at the shipping time I opted out of the free shipping and purchased expedited shipping to ensure I would have it by the holiday. It was to be delivered today by 8pm. I happened to have taken the day off today and did not once hear the doorbell ring. When I checked up on the status on Fedex it said it was delivered this morning. I checked outside and found a UPS delivery from JC Penny but nothing else. I then called your contact center. The first representative, named Zee, answered and was very helpful to locate my order. I then explained the situation and she said oh well where this is over $50 and says it is delivered you will have to call the police. I then explained to her that the package was not stolen it was never delivered. She asked if I called Fedex and I stated they would say to call you. She then said that it didn’t matter and that I would have to open a police report. I asked for a supervisor at this point, she immediately responded that they did not have supervisors available and that one would call me in 24 hours. I told her no thank you and that I would hold for one to become available. She then set her headset down and located Vaughn. This is where the situation became ridiculous. He got on the phone and quickly over talked me to tell me that I needed to open a police report. I then explained to him that it had not yet been delivered. He became combative, at that point I asked him for a manager. He said no that he was a manager, I asked to speak to his boss and he refused stating no one else was there. He then began to over talk me again about a police report because I wanted my money back. I asked him to stop and listen and that I did not want my money back I wanted my product, and I wanted him to call Fedex and locate it. He said he would not and could not call Fedex. I asked him specifically if he could call Fedex for a customer and he said in this case he would not. I then asked him for his name again so I could write it down, he stated his name, I asked for his ID number or last name and he repeated “my name is Vaughn” I then again asked for an ID that would link to him. He said again “My name is Vaughn” refusing to even acknowledge that I had asked for more. I then asked for his location, he said “My name is Vaughn”. At this point he was deliberately being rude and unhelpful. I then asked which contact center he was at and he again refused. I asked for his position and he said supervisor on duty. I then asked why he had told me earlier that he was a manager if he is a supervisor and he said. “I am sorry if you dont think a manager and supervisor is the same thing”. I then called him out on his behavior and attitude and told him that I wanted to share his service with the corporate department and asked for the contact information. He said you can google it, I then asked for the CEO’s name and he said “if you really want it you can google it.” Then he began to repeatedly say “we would like to help you once you open a report with the police” over and over as I tried to speak. Then became rude and aggressive and attempted to get me off the line. Finally I ended the phone conversation in tears of frustration.

I was talked down to, talked over, insinuated that I was stupid, yelled at and completely disrespected. I did thankfully get the end part of the conversation on recording to share on social media once I can convert the file. This behavior is completely unacceptable from any company. I believe this man should be removed from the company. However it is not my decision.

I wanted to give you the opportunity to look into the situation and my concerns prior to me taking this to social media to share my experience. I do hope that you care more for your customers then he has led me to believe your company does.

Thank you for your time,
Amber Bingham
Ahunterut at


Traci Cortez November 21, 2016 at 11:48 am

I had an issue with shipping and customer service and I was contacted.
I received amazing assistance and couldn’t be more thankful! Charlotte Russe does care and I’m glad to say that I will stay a customer with Charlotte Russe after the help i have received!
Thank you so much for your effort and everything you have done for me! 🙂


DOESNT MATTER November 12, 2016 at 4:55 pm



Lorraine November 17, 2016 at 10:30 am



Aerial Doaty November 11, 2016 at 8:45 pm

I recently visited charlotte Russ in the chesterfield town cent mall in midlothian virgins to purchase some jewelry. the first thing I remember when I walked in was that not one of the workers there greeted me. I’ve worked in retail and customer service and I know that greeting the customer is a key first impression. I was not excited that o wasn’t greeted but that’s not what really upset me. Once I went up to pay for my purchase I stood behind the only customer that was there and being waited on by a cashier. This cashier was having a hard time so the manager had to consistently come over to help her. There was only one cashier and the manager. The young lady was still working on her Customer as a line formed on he other side of the counter. After several minutes the manager kataya decided to wait on the customers on the other side of the counter instead of me whom was waiting there before anyone. meanwhile I’m still waiting behind this customer who obviously had a very difficult transaction. I finally have to go over and wait on the other side of the counter in order to be waited on even though I was there before the other customers. I finally get to the manager and ask her why she waited on the other customers before me and she says she didn’t see me which is an absolute lie because she continued to come over to the line I was waiting in to help her cashier with the difficult transaction. She brushed me off and was not very friendly to be while cashing me out. you all need to start hiring people with experience and passion for working for you instead of what you typically have in your stores which are rude inconsiderate nonchalant young children who don’t care to have a job and hate working. The terrible part is that this behavior came from kayata the floor management. I’m sure nothing will be done but I can choose to shop elsewhere and let everyone I know not to shop in your stores.


Daisy Gomez November 10, 2016 at 11:59 am

Horrible Customer Service at 1843 Montebello Town Center Space #C-5.

Montebello – CA 90640, The supervisor was extremely rude not only to her coworkers but to me as a customer.!
Yesterday 11/09/16 I went in to the store to return two items and first she tells me and my friend snarly that we are standing in the wrong line.
Then she just stands there and says ‘someone will be with you’, when she’s clearly not doing anything. Her suborndinate was doing all the work attending other customers.
Finally after 5 mins later she says “I’ll help you over here”, making me wait for nothing!
She processes my transaction with an ugly look on her face as if hating to have to help me. It’s her job to be courteous and she shouldn’t be in charge with an attitude like that.
I didn’t get her name but she had light colored hair.
She should get demoted if not fired! It is unacceptable to have this kind of person representing the store.

The info I do have is this.

Store: 34
Register 2
Transaction #: 55912
Cashier: 161168
Time : 12:08 pm

I don’t ever wish for anyone to have to feel like a burden when waking into a store. Drastic messures should be taken for the sake of your customers!!


Lorraine November 7, 2016 at 11:16 am

BEEN a regular customer for years! This year they updated their system, all of a sudden my info and past orders have been deleted! I can also no longer purchase from them because they say I have reached my maximum allowed in online purchases!!! WHAT??? I have tried many times to speak with supervisors, when I finally got one on the phone they promised to have co-operate office call me back, which never happened!! Regardless I guess the customer service reps have been trained to just take numbers and emails and forward it to them the supervisors , which never happens.. which leads me to think that those stupid supervisors don’t have what it takes to stand up to the customer to explain why?? instead they run and shield behind their desk on the computer ! could not ever find me working for a company like this!!! money or no money!! my character should never be in question!! CHARLOTTE RUSSE U CAN DO BETER!!


Nicole Smith November 3, 2016 at 6:05 pm

So I placed an order on Thursday October 20,2016
I didn’t receive any updates at all so I called the following Monday. The “customer service rep” told me there was a delay. Mind you, there was no notice of that on the website. I expressed that I didn’t want the package and she told me “there was nothing she could do” I asked to speak to a supervisor or the supervisor of the supervisor. And she refused. Instead kept me on hold. Then I hung up and tried again. The same thing. So like a week later I found out that half the order was out of stock. But yet it wasn’t when it was placed. So now I’m really pissed. I spoke to Charlotte Russell via social media. And they told me they would have someone from customer service contact me. And that never happened. So I contacted the BBB. And bow I’m disputing. Bc not only was my card charged I got the order. And the f-ing customer service rep tried to offer to waive the shipping fee “as a courtesy”. WTF kind of courtesy us that. Mind as well say f-you.


Melinda Silber August 4, 2016 at 9:34 pm

My daughter purchased a jacket at the Polaris Mall location in Columbus, Ohio this evening. She came home and we discovered the security tag still on the jacket. When I called the store I was told that they would take the tag off if we had the receipt. I said we did and that she we could come back tomorrow, however this is a big inconvenience. I asked how were they going to make good on their error. The manager said it was not their policy to refund any money. And offered no other remedy. This is extremely disappointing and frankly I find it hard to believe that there is no policy in place for this situation.


Cathy Hilliard Corlis July 25, 2016 at 11:15 am

I ordered two dresses from them on July 20th, 2016. I instantly received an email stating that it was received. I ordered accessories, etc for the dresses…they came from ANOTHER company within days. Today, July 25th, 2016, I called to ask where my order is as I still have not received it. The customer service rep (reading from a script) told me that she was sorry but…my order had been CANCELLED because the items were not in stock. CANCELLED???? I was not notified WHATSOEVER of this cancellation. I spoke with her manager who (again reading from a script) told me how sorry she was and wanted to know if there was anything she can do. I asked for the corporate number…she told me she “did not have it.” I am LIVID. This order was for an event THIS weekend. I will NEVER buy from you again. Anyone who does can take a 50/50 shot that they will get what they order and are stupid for doing so!


Yajaira Garay July 22, 2016 at 9:18 am

Placed order on 7/20/16 online. First I didn’t get option to enter GC number, I tried calling customer service number was on hold for over 15 minutes nobody ever answered so I hung up. Today is 7/22/16 and I’m trying to check status online and keep getting error message either w/ my email or zip code which are both correct. I’m once again calling Customer service and unsuccessful once AGAIN. Horrible, service and will not be purchasing in the future.


Sarah July 6, 2016 at 2:26 pm

I purchased a dress online on July 2nd, as it was on sale and I needed a dress for a wedding I am attending. As of today, July 6th, my order still said it was processing. I sent an email to customer service asking about it and a couple hours later get an email that my order was canceled due to a processing issue, and my money would be refunded. I was slightly annoyed but went online and the dress is still for sale and available IN THE SIZE I ORDERED but for more money as its not on sale anymore!! This is completely ridiculous and I plan to email Jenny Ming about this as well! This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with! My I order was canceled but no worries, I can order the same dress again today for more money…!! I will be telling everyone about my experience!!


shirley manuel June 29, 2016 at 12:33 pm

Dear Sir,
My name is Shirley Jo Manuel and I am here in Atlanta Georgia visiting. I decided to go to CHARLOTTRUSSE in Northpoint
2040 North Point Circle SP:2040 Alpharett, GA, store 387, Register: 3 Transaction # 53431, Cashier 180404, date: 6/24/2016 @ 5:17PM.
I purchased two items a SEAMLESS BANDEAU 100 33903 for 5.99 and a SL BLING ELEPHANT RINGER SKIM for 12.00 subtotal was $17.00
and taxes $1.19 which came to a total of $18.19. I paid for the purchase with my visa card. I came home and checked my
bank account and it had been charged $18.19 three times which I have been overcharged. $36.38. I have called customer service and they are supposed to report everything to corporate but I decided to also report my lost. I was told by customer service that it would take up two weeks for my money to returned in my bank account. I am here in Atlanta on vacation and I seriously don”t have that
kind of money to just be taken away. I am very disappointed in this transaction and it will be highly appreciated that this issue be resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you so kindly for your immediate attention.


Moe May 22, 2016 at 6:01 pm

I recently purchase some plus sized clothing online and I was very happy with the selection, imagine my surprise when I had to exchange an item and I had to go in-store. I know that offline selection is not like online but this was beyond pathetic. I live in Buffalo and at first I went to a location in Cheektowaga, NY Galleria Mall. I was directed to a little corner where plus size were only given one rack in the corner. I couldn’t believe it. I know plus size is consider a specialty size but a small little corner is beyond ridiculous.I tried to find the size I was looking for and I had no luck. I travel over to Amherst, NY (Blvd Mall) and when I asked the sales associate where their plus size was expecting a little corner but she looked like I was crazy and said they didn’t have any plus size. I couldn’t believe how one store can have plus size or a little corner of plus size and another location doesn’t have any at all. I’m not asking for the whole half of the store but I and other plus size ladies would at least like something more than a corner. Also for plus sizes to be in all locations.


Nitu Pun November 3, 2016 at 4:25 pm

I recently purchased worth $36 items and I forgot my wallet which had $4000 for my visit to my country Nepal. I came back after realizibg I had left my wallet but to my dismay it was not there. Irequested Manager to check the footage but she denied saying we are not allowed to watch. It was big money and hard earned money. After several pleading, manager went inside to check the footage and came back after ten minutes and told me that I was holding my wallet when I was purchasing. I requested her if I can also watch the footage but she rudely denied me. I went to several security personnel in mall and they adviced me to report to police. I called police and they showed up as soon as I reported my incident. They went to the store along us and when the officers requested the manager but she declined them too. Can you imagine she just said she can’t show the footage to the officers on duty? The manager made officers to wait like twenty minutes and her behaviour was weird. After several minutes of waiting, she turned up and handed over a piece of note as an appointment to the officers to check the video. What kind of service is that? Someone lost huge money and instead of just checking the footage, that rude woman ignored not onlyus but also avoided sincere officers who came to help us upon our report. I ddon’t know how this whole administration and policies work in this store but it was really beyond limit. I want the concerned authority to look into this matter and cooperate with the valued customer and NYPD. I already registered the case so I hope the store concerned people cooperate with this.


Carmen February 29, 2016 at 11:52 pm

You guys are totally fraudulent! My boyfriend as a Birthday gift let me use his card to purchase some clothes online You guys are totally fraudulent! My boyfriend as a Birthday gift let me use his card to purchase some clothes online with his card. I returned my things because they were too big. I went to the store and returned them no problem but I got a store credit because I didn’t want it to go back to his card. There was a sale online with some online exclusives I wanted. So I happily took my store credit and went to purchase my things online. I loaded up my shopping cart and tried to use my store credit and it didn’t work. I called customer service (I wanted to buy today cause the sale is one day only) I spoke to someone and they told me “you can’t use store credit online”. Now that may be a policy HOWEVER….NO WHERE ON THE STORE CREDIT CARD DOES IT SAY “NOT REDEEMABLE ONLINE” in fact it doesn’t say that ANYWHERE!!! EVEN THE CASHIER DIDNT TELL ME!!!! So I’m now unable to use my credit to buy the things I truly want all because you failed to make customers aware that a store credit can’t be used online. ALSO why have such a screwey, fraudulent policy?!?!?! The money is going to the SAME PLACE!!! But okay if you want to be petty about that sort of thing AT LEAST LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW THAT YOU’RE GOING TO SCREW THEM LIKE THAT!!!! To add insult to injury your Manager on the customer service line was totally rude! She said “No one forced you to take the store credit!” That is a horribly backwards policy and I feel that you should have to honor my store credit online because you not only failed to put a notice in the store (or even make me aware that there was a difference in the store) BUT ALSO YOU FAILED TO PUT IT ANY WHERE ON YOUR WEBSITE OR ON THE BACK OF THE CARD!!! I had a promo code that gave me 40% off. The ONLY thing she could do for me was give me a promo code for 20% off (what good does that do me!?!?!) Do you take pleasure in screwing your customers? Does it make you happy to know that your meaningless, backwards policies leave your customers unhappy to not get the items they truly wanted at the end of the day? NEVER SHOPPING HERE IN STORE OR ONLINE EVER AGAIN! with his card. I returned my things because they were too big. I went to the store and returned them no problem but I got a store credit because I didn’t want it to go back to his card. There was a sale online with some online exclusives I wanted. So I happily took my store credit and went to purchase my things online. I loaded up my shopping cart and tried to use my store credit and it didn’t work. I called customer service (I wanted to buy today cause the sale is one day only) I spoke to someone and they told me “you can’t use store credit online”. Now that may be a policy HOWEVER….NO WHERE ON THE STORE CREDIT CARD DOES IT SAY “NOT REDEEMABLE ONLINE” in fact it doesn’t say that ANYWHERE!!! EVEN THE CASHIER DIDNT TELL ME!!!! So I’m now unable to use my credit to buy the things I truly want all because you failed to make customers aware that a store credit can’t be used online. ALSO why have such a screwey, fraudulent policy?!?!?! The money is going to the SAME PLACE!!! But okay if you want to be petty about that sort of thing AT LEAST LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW THAT YOU’RE GOING TO SCREW THEM LIKE THAT!!!! To add insult to injury your Manager on the customer service line was totally rude! That is a horribly backwards policy and I feel that you should have to honor my store credit online because you not only failed to put a notice in the store (or even make me aware that there was a difference in the store) BUT ALSO YOU FAILED TO PUT IT ANY WHERE ON YOUR WEBSITE OR ON THE BACK OF THE CARD!!! Do you take pleasure in screwing your customers? Does it make you happy to know that your meaningless, backwards policies leave your customers unhappy to not get the items they truly wanted at the end of the day? You should be ashamed and embarrassed for such poor business practices! NEVER SHOPPING HERE IN STORE OR ONLINE EVER AGAIN!


Shannon Taylor February 24, 2016 at 10:02 pm

Hello, I just wanted to compliment one of the managers and associates at the Store located in Cedarhill, Texas at the Hillside Village Mall. I’ve come in many many times and seem to only receive help and a smile from one of the managers Kaitlin. She is always eager to help me. I went in about two weeks ago looking for an outfit for my daughter and I for a funeral viewing, just something casual and she was amazing! Greeted me and eagerly helped me pick out the perfect casual out fit, I ended up leaving with a tan fitted t-shirts and some tan booties with a slit in the side, so cute! And i got my daughter a cute little off the shoulder shirt with some black flats. I went in again today and she was awesome, yet again. helped me find the perfect fitting jeans and heels for the logo $12.50 deal. She was also training what seemed to be a new associate, I believe she said her name was Marissa. But she was doing awesome on the register for what seemed to be her first time as the manager was still helping walking her through it.
Anyways, awesome team! Love how eager and happy they are! 🙂 Hopefully this gets recognized as I really love and enjoy shopping at this location.


Patty January 23, 2016 at 5:27 pm

I am a current employee and I have many complaints
I work at Charlotte Russe on Los Angles , CA
First my manager who is almost in her 40s , has a big mouth! There was an incident last wk where she came to work in a bad mood was being rude and disrespectful so I respectfully called her out on the way she was speaking to me! I completely understand she’s my manager but that does not mean she can talk to me any type of way. There needs to be a level of professionalism at all times. I just found out today that she went and told several employees of the PRIVATE altercation. She also asked the assistant manager to tell her personal things about me that I didn’t want to tell her myself . Me personal life is no her business. If I wanted her to know I would tell her . The fact that I’m 20 and she’s in her late 30’s trying to pry into my life and other associates just shows what type of manger she is. This isn’t the first incident . Also she smells . I’m not trying to be funny or anything but she really really stinks to the point where I can’t stand standing around her. She leaves the whole back room smelling like something died and she also menstruated all over 2 out of the 3 chairs we have in the back and didn’t even clean it up. My supervisor cleaned up after her . How disgusting. On top of it I’ve tried to talk to me DM and she just makes excuses .Another incident is I was late to work but had a Drs. Note I gave it to her and about a month later my supervisor who no longer works at this location told me she told all the mangers that my mom is a nurse and is writing me fake drs notes. My mom doesn’t even work in the medical field. I find it so disrespectful to not only make up lies about me but to bring my mom into. Unprofessional like I said I love my job I love Charlotte Russe I shopped here for years before I was hired and it’s so sad to not feel comfortable at my own job, and to have a manger that instigates problems instead of fixing them .
What type of people are you hiring …


Elizabeth January 5, 2016 at 9:06 pm

Hello My Name Is Elizabeth and I just wanted to make you aware of an issue that’s going on in one of your stores here in Port Saint Lucie Florida at the Charlotte Russe Store at the Treasure Coast Mall. During the week of Christmas I made several purchases in your store for me and my daughter because we are big fans and LOVE the clothes But Im trying to figure out if an employee has access to the full credit cards when making a purchase I have called my bank twice because I have found unauthorized purchase made at the store on my credit card and they are being withdrawn around 9am? Could someone look into this for me please. I need to know how purchases are being made on my card that early in the morning from your store. Thank YOu!


Chiao Huang, CPA December 19, 2015 at 9:10 pm

My complaint is against one of your store branches at Fort Worth, TX’s Hulen Mall. My mom and I went holiday shopping at the store today. There were two shoes on the shelf, both of the right foot, so my mom took the shoes and asked one of the employees named, Ronnie to help her find the left shoes to make a pair. While she asked Ronnie about the shoes, I went into the dressing room and overheard Ronnie telling her co-worker that “there was a woman who couldn’t speak English and she should go back to her country. She asked me for shoes we don’t even have”

For the record, we are a family that immigrated here twenty years ago. Yes, my mom spoke with an accent, but it was extremely racist and derogatory for the employee to make that comment about my mom. Even your own CEO and President, Jennifer Ming is a Chinese immigrant.

I don’t think it’s appropriate behavior and it should be brought to attention. I would hate for this to happen to someone else.


Janet Stender December 10, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Recently I was in the store at Northpark Mall in Davenport, Iowa. The young woman who waited on me was just an immature snob. She had no idea that I am in management for a Fortune 500 company, nor would she even care. I couldn’t believe her customer service and the other young blonde manager who worked there couldn’t have been nicer. I bought one item and will never go back. My granddaughter spends so much money in there and as of now, she shops at Rue 21. I will never do business with this company again, especially with help like that. Who hires these people? I am making sure everyone I know will no loner shop there. I have had so many years of management and I would NEVER have hired someone like her. Shame on Charlotte Russe. Do you even make visits to your stores? I know this time of year can be stressful, but I was the only one in the store!!!!!


Brooks November 19, 2015 at 2:31 am

Hi I’m a former employee at Charlotte Russ Gastonia NC. This store is so unprofessional I thought I would enjoy working here but Nope I was wrong! They have too many young managers first off. Most of the girls in there act like they are still in high school. One of the managers (Missy) asked me “Did I think I was better than everyone because I’m 24 years old?” What type of manager would ask an employee that type of question. One of the managers was the same age as me! A day I had to work I had an sinus infection and a bad headache. I still did my job but the next day I called out because I was feeling dizzy. The manager Brittany had gotten mad because I called out. Well I only work two days a week 4 hours and my availability was anytime. I found an 2nd job with more pay and more hours. Charlotte Russ doesn’t make out their schedule until Wednesday. I thought I was doing the right thing by giving Brittany my schedule from my new job. She just got mad and told me I had to choose between this job or my new job. Also she said if not she’s going to fire me, I thought to myself she don’t have to fire me I quit! I also found out my so called manager went back and told another employee I work with at both jobs, and told her all this information. I never worked somewhere a manager went back gossiping to employee about another employee business! That’s why I can’t work with a bunch of females!


Marilyn Giordano October 3, 2015 at 1:05 pm

This company is the worst. I have been an avid shopper for years since I was in High School ( I am now a College Graduate. I ordered four items offline. I received my order and instead of getting my items that I paid for I received plastic and paper in my box. I was livid!! I really needed that dress and jacket. I called the CS line and I spoke with CSR Amanda phone code 3153 out of Colorado. Amanda refused to give me her last name or provide me with a supervisor. She then tried to tell me that they’re understaffed and that they don’t work for CR themselves it is a contracted company so I would have to wait 2 business days to receive a call back from a supervisor because she is not authorized to refund me my money. Amanda, refused to place me on hold till a supervisor was available stating that “she is not allowed to place me on hold” I am extremely upset. Never, in my four years of being an operations and customer service manager for a multi billion dollar e-commerce organization have I ever herd of something like this. If a customer calls we do not tell them they have to wait 2 business days for a possible refund. I am extremely upset I would appreciate someone contacting me with a answer immediately.


Kendry Jarro August 26, 2015 at 10:03 am

Your company is as unprofessional as it gets in it’s entirety. I walked into a Charolette Russe and tried to return a dress. The cashier was very friendly and stated she would be handling the return but could not give me y money back due to a NEW store policy. I explained to her that we were unaware of this policy. She called her manager over and thats when the real fun started. The manager stated this policy was not knew and it is on my receipt. She then proceeded to have me follow her around the register and to make a point that there are numerous signs with the return policy. What she failed to notice that I had already noticed was that EVERY single sign was covered with merchandise, not ONE was visible. Apparently, Treasure Coast Mall Charolette Russe the managers are more interested in selling and making money, than their customers or any policy. Once she did this I could tell she was just trying to be demeaning. I explained to her that when checking out, the employee did not once mention any return policy, old or new.

I worked in retail many years, and one of the top rules is to make sure that every customer leaves knowing what our return policy is or where they can find the details. She pushed the receipt towards me and explained it was on the receipt. I asked her to provide a number I could call to discuss this and she said “I have an email”. Again I asked, well is there a number and her response again a bit friendlier this time (as in much ruder) was, “I have an email”. I then google the 1800 number and talked to a representative. This one woman explained there was nothing the online store could do. I asked if she could transfer me to her supervisor and this when things got even funner.

The supervisor was just as sweet (as in rude). She told me there was nothing she could do she isn;t corporate she is an online store. She asked if I wanted her submit a request for me, and I said yes. She then gave me the email address and basically said to do it myself. No instruction on what to do who to direct my concerns to, nothing! However she was clear that a response would be sent to me by 10-14 days. Already that is a ridiculous amount of time for a distressed customer to wait for a response. But I wanted to discuss with corporate so I sent the email. It has now been almost 2 weeks and still no response. The unprofessionalism is beyond me! What kind of people do you hire to run your business? Experience doesn’t give them manners. I will not be shopping at Charolette Russe again.

I don’t want an apology or any one to respond telling me how they can’t do anything about my return but they want to apologize. I just want to return the dress which I have the receipt for and get my 20$ back. Is that too much for your company to handle?


Takira May 23, 2015 at 8:53 pm

I went to Charlotte Russe today in Governor’s Square mall in Tallahassee, Florida & was the next person in one of the lines. The other cashier then told everyone in the line I was in to come get into her line. At that time, it was only me and one other person in that line and I was the only person who listened to her. Then another cashier came up to open another register and said “I’ll take the next person in line” and the girl that was behind me immediately rushed over there. The line I was in was very long so I went to register that had just opened and got behind the girl who was behind me. The cashier then looked at me and said “the line starts back there” and pointed to the back of the line. I tried explaining to her that I was the next person in line before she’d even took the girl who was behind me but she turned her head and ignored my presence. So, since I was not being properly respected as a customer, I sat the item down and left the store. The cashier was a black girl with braids. Standing in line is not a problem but if I am not treated with the proper respect, that is. That Charlotte Russe has permanently lost me as a customer. If a cashier does not have the proper customer service skills, they should NOT be hired in a business that is primarily customer service based.


Kathleen Voss May 8, 2015 at 9:53 am

Good Morning,

My name is Kathleen Voss and I very rarely shop at Charlotte Russe, but this particular time I came into the Durham, NC (Northgate Mall) location to purchase two shirts (me and my best friend are going on a cruise and she found them, but didn’t get them) as a surprise. When I walked in there was a younger African American gentleman at the register, I presumed he was the manager sense there was no one else in the store, whom never looked up from what he was doing to greet me (First strike). I have worked in both the management as well as the customer service as a part time sales in retail and this is one of the biggest deal breakers with customers. You immediately speak to a customer when they walk in, you want them to feel valued instantly! Second strike occurred when I walked up to the counter to purchase the items, he didn’t even look up from the register when telling me I would have to move to the other register. Third and final, not only did he continue to type his email while I waited, but proceeded to grab his i-phone and start texting, in my face, while I looked at him thinking, “ummmmm, I’m still here waiting!”. I looked to see if he was wearing a name badge, but he made sure to have it turned around and I looked on my receipt, but saw no name either. This was so absolutely disappointing to have this happen and it definitely made me feel that my purchase was of no value, but I could have been that one purchase that made his numbers for the day. I strive in my part time as well as my past managerial position to provide our customers with the most amazing experience and to be let down by another retail store is just plain embarrassing to all stores every where.

I really think this company needs to reassess their customer service training procedures, because what you are doing is not helping your company out at all!!!!

I will not be shopping in any of your stores again and will pass my experience on to all I know!


Mehgan Turner April 25, 2015 at 12:25 pm

To whom it may concern,

Yesterday April 24, 2015 I was in the Charlotte Russe located in the Baybrook Mall in friends woods Texas. I was looking for some outfits and dresses for family pictures for my daughter’s first birthday. I had just finished trying on several items which I was planning on buying. I loved them actually. I was halfway dressed when I heard an employee unlocking the door. I very kindly said, “Oh hey, I’m still in here.” She threw the door open extremely hard and the doorknob slammed into hipbone. I hunched over in pain grabbing my side, and she looked at me very annoyed and said, “Oh, sorry.” But not like she was actually sorry. She seemed highly irritated and gave me a very dirty look, like how dare I be in a room that was unlocked for me by an employee and had the number of items I was trying on, on the door. I’ve never experienced something like this. I’ve worked in retail for a number of years and I know this is unacceptable. When I walked in I was not greeted, not asked for help, not even given a glance by an employee. I’m fine with this because I don’t really like being overwhelmed by employees while shopping but to be hit with a door and then treated so poorly is not okay with me. I put my items back on the rack and left the store. Unfortunately I was not able to find anything in any other store that came close to what I wanted to buy at Charlotte Russe, but I refused to go back and buy the items because of the way I was treated by that one employee. My hip bone is severely bruised however it is under a tattoo, so it’s only partially visible but if it continues to hurt me I will be going to the doctor. I’m not looking for some kind of compensation, I just wanted to let the corporate office know how completely unacceptable this behavior was. I tried to email this directly to the company but unfortunately it would only let me put 600 characters. If there is any other way I can get this to them I would like to do that. Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Mehgan Turner


Mehgan Turner April 25, 2015 at 12:26 pm

*Friendswood, Texas

My phone autocorrected.


Toni Stumpf April 24, 2015 at 6:25 pm

I recently purchased items online and had them shipped to my son’s girlfriend! The order according to Fed Ex was returned to shipper because of a incorrect address. This means it is being shipped back to them correct. I find out the shipping label was incorrect because of the house number being cut off, not my fault! The address and all information I gave was correct. So in the mean time I re ordered and shipped the clothing so my sons girlfriend would receive them before her birthday. He is deployed and I was doing him a favor!!!! I now have 2 charges on my credit card because Charlotte Russe will not credit me back the 1st package that clearly was not my error or delivered! Why do I need to wait? This wouldn’t have happened if it was labeled correctly!!! It has been 2 weeks and they still haven’t received it and won’t give me my money! The customer service girl today was rude and hung up on me when I wanted to speak to a supervisor! Who does that? Is that how we train our employees. I would understand if this was my error but it is not and 2 weeks is long enough. I do a lot of shopping and I have never had a return take this long. The worse thing is not one customer service person has ask to help. I want my money back! This is not right!!


Chelsea Garay June 17, 2016 at 12:20 am

Hi, I had the same problem regarding the delivery, and how it stated incorrect address. I spoke to customer service and was wondering if you ever got a refund.


abee February 27, 2015 at 2:09 am

I spent 75$ at the Inland Center Mall at Charlotte Russe, my moms jeans didn’t fit so she returns I paid 28 for them she returned that with a shirt that cost me 10….she only got back 14$ back and some change all because of a sale and a lack of costumer service and went back to find out why…the “manager” wasn’t helpful was rude in a polite tone and sassy.. she didn’t offer to help or make it better, she made comments like, “I already explained it to you”….”Do you need me to underline it for you so you can see”.. “We have a new system, I don’t know how to run it” and she is the manager??? and when I said “you don’t know the system and you’re a manager?” She responded with attitude saying ” Oh OKAY, Before we start throwing low blows..” And I can’t even remember the rest because I was so upset, I decided to leave. I came back to ask her for my money back and she refused to give me a refund and said that I have to come back when the store manager is available. And she only offered to give me $10 back but not my full $14.
And she also said that because there wasn’t a Spanish translator to help, which my mother said there was, that she couldn’t help. Then she also threw Ontario Mills Charlotte Russe under the bus, saying “They don’t follow the rules in the book.” She made not only herself but also your other locations look awful!!! The young miss who helped me at Ontario Mills was nice and told me that my transaction from Inland Center Mall was incorrect. As soon as I went, I received horrible service, the manager didn’t bother helping or offering a better deal, she didn’t even apologize for the inconvenience! I will NEVER come back to Charlotte Russe. Sad part was this was my mother’s favorite store, and she got ripped off. NEVER AGAIN.


Charlie February 17, 2015 at 8:52 pm

My daughter and I was very pleases with the service we received at your Rushmore Mall Store in a Rapid City, SD. Our expectations were low, due to our last visit.

Over a month ago I entered the store to find an outfit for my Birthday. There was a young lady who was running around the store servicing customers while another one was standing at the registers on the computer. I didn’t want to bother the young lady because she was doing the best she could letting customers in the fitting rooms. I proceeded to ask the lady standing at the registers for help. She directed me back to the young lady in the back of the store. I than began to get frustrated. I asked the very polite young lady, who is your manager and if there is a way I could speak to them. She politely said “Sure, her name is Taylor”., and directed back to the woman who directed me to her. I was infuriated. I am a Store Manager myself and customers always come first. Not everyone thinks like me so I decided to leave and come back later. I came back over an hour and a half later and she still was standing at the computer, but now a different Sales Associate was working. This sales associate was also very busy helping a group of young ladies in the shoe area. I asked the manager for a fitting room and she still did not move. Once again she interrupted her Sales associate as well as the customer she was helping. She told her to let me in a fitting room and then kept doing what she was doing on the computer. I tried on several pairs of jeans and came out. I was even more infuriated when I came out and seen her sales associate still running around the store helping where she can, while she was now having a personal conversation giggling and twirling her hair with a young man. This left a very bad impression for the type of Managers your company has. Like I said before, this is what I do for a living. I couldn’t she obviously has a solid team of sales associates, but how long will they last under management like that.

This leads me to my last weeks experience. I was very impressed. There was a young lady in there that politely greeted us, which is normal for this store. She then asked us if we needed help looking for anything. We then told her we were looking for a dress. She asked my daughter a few questions and then picked out a few dresses for her to try on. One of them was perfect. She then told us about the sale. She then helped my daughter pick out the perfect shoes to match as well as jewelry. My daughter was happy therefore, I was! I asked the young lady her name and she said her name is Shaela. She knows her fashion and customer expectations, and is a great asset to your Company. There isn’t a way I can express my gratitude other than contacting you. I hope she gets the recognition for her above and beyond great customer service she gives us customers. Despite, the seemingly poor management she is under.


Mrs Melvin February 7, 2015 at 4:03 pm

I recently purchased $180 worth of apparel on-line for my daughters. A few items did not fit requiring us to return them. The return was made within 3 days of receiving the delivery, all tags were attached and receipt was present. I sent my husband to
2201 Lloyd Ctr, Portland, OR 97232 to do the return. The store manager, Lisa, examined the items stating he could return them but ONLY if I was present. She stated this was ‘store policy’. He pulled up the website & looked under Policy it was not stated any where. He attempted to show her his findings. She aggressively grabbed the phone & again stated it was policy then became belligerent. She slammed the items on the counter repeatedly. There were several witnesses in the store.
We have never experienced such abrasive customer service. She eventually did the return stating ‘she was doing him a favor’.

With retail stores struggling against more competition one would think customer service would play a huge roll in developing a loyal client base. Not to mention disgruntled patrons taking to social media causing stores to go out of business.

I demand an emailed apology from the corporate office stating the corrective action plan that will be taken toward Lisa, the store manager of the Lloyd Center Mall, Portland, OR location.

If customer service is not provided by corporate I will take to social media sites and the BBB to air my grievances.



None January 21, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Worst customer service ever. Need shoes for a wedding they were suppose to be expedited and the shipped them standard would not send out replacement or give me my money back to go buy more. I’ll never buy from this company again !


Christine January 13, 2015 at 2:17 pm

My name is Christine Alvarado. I am a former customer of Charlotte Russe. I must say, I absolutely LOVED Charlotte Ruuse, I have spent hundreds of dollars there, but after this last experience I refuse to shop there ever again. For Christmas my fiancé purchased a $100 gift card as a gift for me. I had looked around on the website and saved a couple things in my check-out bin, but before making a final purchase, I decided to go to the actual store and see if they had what I wanted. I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL; I shop at the store on Sunrise, in the Galleria Mall. I went to that store, on Saturday January 10, 2015 around 1-1:30pm with my 19 month old and my sister. We made our selection and proceeded to check out. My fiancé had also given me the receipt for the purchased gift card, just incase there was any issues. When we get to the check out line, my purchase rang up to be $103.95. I was extremely happy, proceeded to close the sale. I pull out the gift card and the transaction was declined. I was a bit confused because I had never made any previous purchases. The employee then called over the manager, and she asked me to call and get the balance. I called and was shocked to hear the balance was $0. When I received the gift card my fiancé also attached the receipt. I handed the gift card and receipt to the manager to show it was paid for in full and I informed her it had never been used. She stated she was going to call the district manager. After a minute or two she said there was nothing she could do, that an investigation would need to be conducted. While I was speaking with the manager, my sister took my 19 month old son and continued to look around the store, he tripped over one of the metal fixtures, had about a 3 inch laceration above his right eyebrow, so at that moment I got the gift card and receipt back and left the store, to take my son to the hospital. Before leaving the manager took down my name and phone number and that was it. Not a single employee asked if my son was okay, or if I needed an ambulance called, nothing. Accidents happen, I just thought it was rude that not one single employee asked if everything was okay. We left and went to the hospital, my son ended up getting four stitches, but he’s fine, and I do not wish to make an issue out of it. My fiancé later that evening went back to Charlotte Ruuse to find out what was going on with the gift card. The employees were extremely rude and unhelpful. They gave him the district manager’s name and number. Her name is Meghan Anderson. After speaking with Meghan she stated she would investigate this and return our call in a few days. Well Meghan called my fiancé back this morning around 11am; she stated that the surveillance tape was reviewed and that my fiancé had paid for the gift card with counterfeit money. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. She stated that once he left they revoked the balance from the gift card. Never have we been more insulted. She proceeded to tell my fiancé, that he is more than welcome to come back to the store and get his money back. He will be going there later today after work to retrieve the $100. This has been one of the worst experiences we have ever been through with any department store. As the CEO of this company, I just wanted to inform you of the customer service we received. I believe there may need to be some thorough investigating on that store. The issue isn’t about money, nor am I looking for anything free. I would just like justice, and I won’t hesitate to take this above and beyond. Along with this letter I have attached a copy of the receipt and of the gift card. I’m extremely disappointed and I will never be returning to another Charlotte Russe again.


Chaunique johnson December 24, 2014 at 9:52 am

I was at the stonebriar store yesterday on 12/23/14 around 7:00pm in the evening. Better number 1086. I went to purchase some jeans. The boyfriends jeans were buy one get the second one for 5 dollars which is a really good deal by the way. Of course the Jean size I need was at the bottom of the pile. There was a young associate with two toned hair she looked like a Hispanic teenage girl towards the front of the store and she was not happy about me “messing” up the pile which I only messed up one and I tired to fix it the best way I could. She started to talk about me to another co-worker and the fellow co-worker looked over in the direction I was in and stared to laugh at me. She gave me a dirty look as well. I didn’t know that it was so bad for not leaving the table up to her standards. So I didn’t say I isut got my items went to check and left. I’m just shocked you all allow customers to get treated this way. I shop here a lot but I’m not going back to that store. I’m was upset but this is bad customer service and even worse business


Pam December 29, 2014 at 7:05 pm

Hi Chaunique,

I am sorry about your experience at this particular location. As I am just another member of management at another location, I cannot do anything about what happened, but I do want to apologies. I can assure you that not all our stores are like that and I hope you continue to shop at our stores.


danielle rakes November 21, 2014 at 10:09 am

I made a purchase online Tuesday evening and they not only charged me but withheld the same amount from my card. Now this caused me problems since my daughter’s birthday was the next day. I reached their customer service dept spoke to a rep and a Supervisor who was rude and not helpful nor did he want to justify the situation. Next I reached out to corporate where I had to leave a message. I have ordered numerous times from the CR website without this problem and considering this hassle I was to the point of only boycotting the website but based on my experience through their customer service department and the lack of “customer service”, I will no longer shop at this store. I hate that cause I love the shoes but this experience has been one for the books.


Karla Irigoyen November 11, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I was recently at the store in the Ontario Mills mall, and I witnessed one of the most disrespectful and unprofessional things I have ever seen.
One of the managers Herlinda, (I’m guessing she was a manager) treated one of her associates, (a skinny girl with straight long hair),in a pretty disrespectful way, I don’t know exactly what happened or what went down, but she started screaming that what the associate was saying was, and I quote “Ridiculous”. This “manager” got loud which made me and all of the others customers that were around them super uncomfortable… I’ve worked retail before and I never got treated as poorly as that girl did. I only know this person’s name cause she helped me at the register and I asked her name very casually. She was also rude to me, and she had a really bad attitude. I hope for all of the associates in that store that the corporate offices do something about this lady. I don’t think I will be going back to shop at this location… The whole situation made me and everyone else feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable.


Angel Mayberry September 15, 2014 at 11:13 am

Flattering cut. I drove the hour this morning to exchange (receipt stated no return after 30 days). I was not allowed to exchange. I wasn’t asking for money back. Just to apply the dress (with tags) for another item. I will NOT be purchasing items from any locations ever again. I know I am 3 days late. But exchange and keep your customers coming back
We spend numerous amounts of money in your locations in St Louis. Not anymore! ! I grew up in my family’s retail business and I’m currently in sales. This is not a good way to handle service. Flexibility I’d a most in retail. But, I can see that is not your company’s motto. Sincerely, a past and previous customer.


Angel Mayberry September 15, 2014 at 11:08 am

Good morning. For our daughter’s 16th birthday we visited your outlet in Chesterfield, Mo. The drive from our home is over 1 hour. She picked out 2 dresses to wear to church. Yesterday (9/14/14) she put on one of the dresses, tags still attached. The dress was too big and was not a


MYRA CASEY August 6, 2014 at 5:09 pm

Shopped at the Tracy, CA store a few days ago with my granddaughter. Bought many items, 2 of which was two pairs of shoes that I did not have time to try on. The shoes ended up being too tight so I took them back to the store to exchange. I was told since I did not have a receipt that the items would be discounted. The total amount I paid for the 2 pair of shoes was $30+. The clerk was only going to give me $6.00 back from which he called “discounted”. Please tell me that this is not in fact your store policy which he claimed. Myra Casey


ally November 21, 2014 at 7:23 pm

you are dumb.everyone always claims they paid more. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!!!!


Pam December 29, 2014 at 6:50 pm

Hi Myra,

My name is Pam and I am apart of the management team at one of the Charlotte Russe stores out in Colorado. Unfortunately, our policy does state that if a customer does not have the receipt, but the tags are still attached, we have to return that item at the lowest price that it has been sold at in the last 30 days.


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