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BJ's Restaurants
7755 Center Ave Ste 300
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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Phone Number: (714) 500-2400
Fax Number: (714) 848-8287
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BJ's Restaurants Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

BJ's Restaurants Executives

CEO: Gregory A. Trojan
CFO: Gregory S. Levin
COO: Wayne L. Jones

BJ's Restaurants History

BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. owns and operates restaurants under the name BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery.

BJ’s Restaurants was founded in 1978 in California as the Chicago Pizza & Brewery Inc.

The company went public in 1996, trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol BJRI.

The same year BJ’s bought a chain of restaurants, Pietro’s Pizza, which added 27 restaurants to the chain.

Today BJ’s Restaurants owns and operates 150 restaurants in California and 14 Western states. The casual dining restaurant offers a variety of Chicago style food including pizzas, salads and pastas.

Its Restuarant & Brewery locations feature an onsite microbrewery. These microbreweries also provide beer to the rest of the chain.

BJ’s Restaurants is a member of the S&P 600, has 18,695 employees, and had $792.32 million in revenue in 2013.

BJ's Restaurants FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for BJ's Restaurants?
Answer 1: The phone number for BJ's Restaurants is (714) 500-2400.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of BJ's Restaurants?
Answer 2: The CEO of BJ's Restaurants is Gregory A. Trojan.

Question 3: Who founded BJ's Restaurants?
Answer 3: BJ's Restaurants was founded by in .

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Iain Jack August 27, 2019 at 9:34 pm

I had terrible service a few weeks back at BJ’s in Chula Vista Ca. Wrote to BJs customer complaints email. Never heard anything back. Apparently BJs doesn’t need customers and their market research has shown that ignoring customer complaints is the way to increase business.
Never again will I cross the threshold of a BJs restaurant


Carlos August 23, 2019 at 6:44 pm

Hello corporate, I’ve been working for bj’s almost a year now. Westlake village CA. From the time I first started until now we’ve had multiple managers come and go. Many of them were absolutely wonderful. I’ve been working hard to become blue hat in the kitchen, but with new management its been very hard to get the tranning. For 3months I’ve been asking to be trained on other stations, being given false promises. Also in the time with this new management I’ve been mistreated and talked down to. The managers also play favoritism with the employees, myself and other employees work harder then others and still get yelled at. I will come in to a closing shift with no prep done and a empty station to be then yelled at to stock all stations and to clear all food tickets. Even with this treatment I’m still asking managent for tranning. I’ve talked to both front of the house and kitchen management. They continue to give me excuses about why I can’t be moved up as other employees are being moved up to blue hat. ” Until YOU find a replacement we cannot move you to another station”. “we have no one to train in your station” ect.. I want to bring this to your attention and see if there can be a solution to this matter. I would like to contuine moving up in this company with out feeling boxed in to one station. I would like to see myself succeed in this company.


Michael Trazoff July 16, 2019 at 11:27 am

On 7-15-19 we went to BJ’s in Nanuet NY. We’ve been there many times. Sometimes the food is alright to very good. The service is usually okay. On this day the place was empty. We were the only people in the dining area. We ordered two salads. After about 20 minutes the waiter stopped by and said they would be out shortly. After another period of time when we observed him talking to other waitstaff I when up to him and told him we were leaving.
I find it difficult to understand when everyone is standing around an empty restaurant that we’d have to wait so long to be served. This isn’t the first time this has happened here, but I think it will be the last time. There seems to be a disconnect between the time someone walks in places an order and receives that order. Perhaps it’s me, but I’d like my dining experience to be a nicer one that this was.


Mandy Nagore May 22, 2019 at 12:55 am

Mr Trojan,
We live in Tucson, AZ. We live by the BJs on Broadway and the service is mediocre at best. We have been driving across town to the BJs on Oracle. The service is usually good but I wanted to tell you about the service we received tonight. I reserved us a table on the BJ app. So when we got there the hostess had a server seat us but the table was tight between a lot of other full tables. So I asked if we could have the booth against the far wall. The server took us back to the hostess who told us that that booth belonged to a server that had a huge party in the back and that both was closed. Another server (Andrew Garcia- I think) was standing close by and heard our conversation. He told the hostess she could seat us in that booth and he would be happy to take care of us. His section was across the restaurant from our booth but we couldn’t tell. His service was awesome. We never waited long for anything. He was super kind and accommodating. From now on we will ask to sit in Andrew’s section. Mr. Trojan, I hope you appreciate your employees like Andrew as they are far and few. We have never been treated so good at a restaurant. Thank you Andrew!


D.E.T May 12, 2019 at 12:21 pm

My visit to your Towson,Md. location with service from several employees was very distasteful and upsetting, so I pray hopefully to receive a call back from corporate to discuss the matter a hand.


taylor October 2, 2018 at 1:35 pm

i will NEVER return to the bjs restaurant in fresno, ca. the waitress we had was all over the place. she got 3 of our orders wrong. we had to ask for a spoon to feed the baby 3 times and we still never received it. we asked for a box for our pizza 3 times as well and finally received it. i had a party of 10. 2 came in a bit later than the rest of us. i am from out of state (michigan) and i came to town to visit with friends & i got told it my my parties fault because the 2 guests came late? not acceptable. i told the manager the service was shit and she threatened to call security. then proceeded to yell “fuck it” when i walked out the door. this is not okay. ceecee was the manager on duty that night (forgive me if i spelled that nate wrong) and i don’t think that is acceptable at all!!! very very poor customer service. very poor.


Emily September 16, 2018 at 1:12 pm

I was a former employee at BJ’s in the Lexington-Fayette KY area. I have never worked for a restaurant with such poor management. I have never been more disrespected by a group of managers. The managers at this location are rude, disrespectful, and just down right mean to their employees. Working under such conditions truly baffled me. I have never experienced anything like it and I have been working in the restaurant business for over three years now. Although I was only with this company for a few weeks before I couldn’t take it anymore, the time i spent at BJ’s was absolutely terrible and unacceptable. Something should be done.


Roger Sherwood July 20, 2018 at 3:22 pm

Executive Customer care:

On 6/30/18;at the Clearwater retaurant; I had a horrendous and most unpleasant experience; which was brought to the attention of the management! I have also contacted Chad; at Corporate Customer relations and I still have not heard back regarding the replacement of ruined Suede Shoes and other consideration for this most unpleasant experience!!!!!

Most irresponsible,
R. Sherwood
Acc:# (36103C0498384fA5


Anonymous May 11, 2018 at 6:44 pm

My daughter was asked back for a second interview. When she got there she was told by the manager of the Cedar Park Tx location that she did not “Have the look he was looking for” He did not ask her any questions and rejected her on her looks alone. That is pathetic.


Melanie V March 28, 2018 at 5:55 pm

I wanted to let you know that you have some AWESOME people who work for your company. I travel on a regular basis and eat at different restaurants throughout my journey. I normally get the usual service when I travel, nothing extraordinary, borderline satisfactory.

I visited your Escondido (store # 497) on 03/20/2018 and I had the most delightful waitress, Dwanlynett. Not only was she knowledgeable on all the menu items, but she also had a wonderful personality and great sense of humor. It’s been a very long time that I have received and witnessed EXCELLENT service in today’s world.

I was so taken back by her service that I felt I needed to contact you in hopes that you could recognize her service, and acknowledge her hard work. Dwanlynett is the type of employee that will make a business successful. I hope that Dwanlynett plans to make a career with BJ’s, she most definitely would be an asset to you and your customers.

Thank you,
United States Postal Service


Julie Molis March 13, 2018 at 1:11 am

So last night we went to meet other people that had made reservations for 24 people and we just drove 5 hours from our hometown. We are in the beautiful city of Temple.
Approaching the Hostess Taylor we advise her of our party and gave us permission to go find our group very nice young lady. We found them but there was not enough room for us all so we went up to request seating. They accommodate 6 of us to a table. This is when the dissatisfaction of service and insults began.
Well our table was one seat short and I look around and saw a large party seated next to us and politely ask them if they were using a chair that was set apart from there table, they told me I could take it. As I was gonna get the chair I was suddenly approached by the Manager Shannon she rudely told to leave that chair there and for me to get away from that group as if I was harassing them. It was very rude and embarrassing.This is after the lady at the table gave me the okay to take the chair. So I walk back too table and then some young man brought us a chair from somewhere else.
I sat there and thought to myself I how rude was that incident and the waitress approached us and started off by saying “where have y’all been drinking standing and pointed her finger to all 6 of us as we all responded we just drove in for 5 hours and we haven’t been drinking, next she commends to say I’ve been told by my manager that from this point on I will be monitoring your drinks and I will allow you 1 drink and until you have food in front of you I will make the choice if I give you another drink.
First and foremost I’m am not a child and making false judgments against us is very insulting. I was livid at that point I ask too speak to the manager.
Low and behold it was the same lady Shannon that made that rude approach too me earlier.
I clearly let her know that I wasn’t going too tolerate her assumption for one my husband doesn’t drink he had tea and then to send a waitress to speak to us with the assumption as if where intoxicated and she going too monitor us that really cross the line.
I informed her that I would go further with this and she then told me that the Hostess Taylor told her we were intoxicate and that they had problems with TABC I don’t know or care of the problems she has she insulted us and at this point I hope someone from this establishment reach out to me because this should never happen to anyone.


Kim Flek November 16, 2017 at 11:58 am

I visited your Quail Springs, OKC location last night and was angered by your wait staff. An employee by the name of (Thomas) was fired recently and they all thought it would be good to converse about this and were laughing. I was with my attorney going over personal business and neither of us were amused by the conversation. He is looking into who this person is and will suggest he file a defamation of character. Your management and wait staff should be embarrassed by this. You never kick a person when there down or not there to defend themselves. I will NEVER go into another one of your restaurants again. Shame on these people


CLIFFORD JOCKS November 1, 2017 at 3:40 pm

I have been a good customer ever since the Teterboro NJ brewhouse opened about a year ago. I have hundreds of saved points as a bj club member . However one day I went in for lunch and while the best server in the house put in my order , the kitchen could not get my order right . I asked to speak to the manager but he was too busy to take the time and come to apologize . In stead . I was told I could no longer come and patronize the establishment because I complained the dish was not what I ordered. When I did get my order correct the food was cold .
While I have almost 600 loyalty points , I am. Not allowed to go into the restaurant because a manager says I’m not welcome . I also wud like to be compansated for my points in a monetary conversion to dollars especially if I am not welcome , so I can recover my value as a loyal patron. I be looking into discrimination charges and refusal of service. I am sad to say alot of my corporate coworker friends have stopped going there from our company for lunch because of the discrimination I experienced by me for speaking up about the bad meal the kitchen prepared. I feel bad for the server as she had no way of getting the cook to pay attention to the order and management is clearly out of touch with customer satisfaction policies . All the servers seemed intimidated by the bullyish disposition of the manager .
Over all the management there cares nothing about the service provided as much as they seem to be preoccupied with the flirtatious games they play with the female servers . I do not believe your company motto represents the experience received nor does it seem to be the basis for how you current management facilitates policies for a good customer experience.


Marie Palzewicz October 17, 2017 at 1:37 pm

I am emailing you because I feel like as a business you should know these things. Yesterday my husband and I who is a retired cop were sitting in the parking lot behind BJ’s Greenhouse in Huntsville, AL at around 10:25 to 10:40 we observed 4 black mails exiting the BJ’s building and walked to a car about 2 cars from us. The whole way their talk was filled with nothing but profanity and racial slurs.

They then proceeded to get in their car and sit there. Within minutes, we observed a lot of smoke coming out of the car but assumed they were smoking cigarettes. At least that was until the wind blew the smoke our way and we could plainly smell the odor of marijuana. My husband being a retired police officer is extremely familiar with that type of smell. Within minutes, a white male walked from the front side of the building and headed to his car which was parked 2 cars down from the car that the four males were sitting in. My husband had enough and was in the process of calling the police when we saw a manager walking out to the car. He looked to be of Asian or Latino decent with a white chef’s coat which plainly identified him as manager.

To our amazement he proceeded to joke with the four guys about not inviting him and they needed to hurry up because big wigs would be there soon. He then said something about a pipe and they all got out and went back inside. The other male who had walked out between the four and the manager drove away.

I can’t believe a restaurant condones such behavior or even allows it to go on! Those employees should be drug tested and terminated. In addition, I think that BJ’s should hire managers who do not condone much less participate in this type of behavior. BJ’s located in Bridgestreet is a place for family and kids it is not a place where kids should come in to contact with drugs.

We will no longer be eating at your establishment and I will be posting this on goggle yelp and any other review websites. Also my husband notified his friends on the force so don’t be surprised to show up on the nighly news.

OutRaged Citizen


Lana Turner October 13, 2017 at 6:49 pm

I just wanted to order a to go lunch, so I called. Twice hung up on. Third time put on hold with no return.

Must be great to be able to turn customers away.

Lots of other places to eat.


GEENA October 13, 2017 at 10:49 am

I’m a parent of one of your employees at the Nanuet location. I just thought someone from the corporate office would like to I know that one of your managers, max, openly drinks alcohol with team members (some underage) during his shifts. From what I was told, when his bosses found out, there were no reprocussions. In my line of work, if you steal and drink with minors you would get terminated.


Veronica V. September 30, 2017 at 5:10 am

I dined in on Thursday 09/28/2017 and experienced one of the worst situations of my life. This BJs is located in Oxnard and it’s probably one of the worst managed BJs I’ve been to. The whole time there was a man sitting across our table staring at me and I honestly didn’t think much of it until I noticed that he was saying something and looking in my direction with an angered expression. It was loud and couldn’t make out what he was saying until he began yelling and spat at me saying ” I can’t stand you people. Dirty Mexicans. Yeah, that was for you! What’re you gonna do about it?”. At this point I stared right back and he stood up and began walking towards our table so I stood up too. I’m a tall athletically built woman and as soon as he realized I wasn’t going to back down from a fight he walked off like a coward. When I notified the staff they just looked at me with a vacant expression with absolutely no idea what to do next. They didn’t confront the man and allowed him to walk off without paying for his meal. We were brought our bill and we’re not compensated after all of the unprofessionalism shown. It seemed like they only apologized for the situation bc they had to and had no interest in how I felt. I was threatened and harassed in their restaurant. They should’ve made sure I was okay. The waiter was a joke and could care less about the entire situation. They all deserve to get fired. This restaurant chain is a joke and they apparently support racist white supremacists along with s***ty leadership. Very angered and disappointed over the whole thing.


R.L. August 25, 2017 at 1:59 pm

My daughter worked for BJs in Stockton, CA from October 2016 to recently. There was a manager there that began making inappropriate comments to her that made her feel uncomfortable. At first he commented on her appearance and then it escalated to saying things like “I would leave my wife for you”. My daughter finally told me and I advised that she speak with a female manager. It got so bad that my daughter started experiencing anxiety attacks just at the thought of working with this man. Once my daughter formally made a statement about the situation; all they did was “talk to the guy” and within 2 weeks fire my daughter. They made sure they found reasons to fire her; yet the guy didn’t get disciplined for SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Who knows how many other young women he is doing this too or worse! My daughter even called HR. The district manager at her location suggested to her that “next” time if something like this happens she should probably address it with the person doing this towards her. As a parent, I am angered. Never again will I support BJs and I will make sure I share our experience with as many people as possible.


Terry Caldwell August 3, 2017 at 1:09 pm

My family has gone to BJ’s in Cerritos, CA for many years and always enjoy their pizzas. They are the best, and the service provided with their pizza dinners are always good and consistent. HOWEVER . . .

Whenever we order dinners other than pizzas, 100% of the time, the kitchen screws up the timing of the salads and the main course–100% of the time. Without exception, we will order a dinner (e.g. prime rib dinner lately), and one of the two following things happen 100% of the time:
1. Our salads arrive first, and then 1 minute later our dinners arrive.
2. Our dinners arrive first, and then the salads arrive second.
Every single time, we complain to the manager (Alec was the most recent manager we talked to last week when the second option happened again), and every single time the manager on duty says, “You are not the first one to complain about this. I will let corporate know about it, and I am so sorry.” Nothing ever changes. The back kitchen does not know what the right hand and the left hand is doing. There is NO COMMUNICATION between the two different people in the kitchen to coordinate the salads with the main courses. Why don’t you let the servers provide the salads/soups to their customers and then the servers can contact the kitchen for the main course after the salads are first served? This is not rocket science! Every other restaurant in the world can do this correctly, but for BJ’s this is something they just can’t–or or not willing to–solve. It angers the customers, but it appears that BJ’s just does not care about this problem. Perhaps the Better Business Bureau needs to be contacted to file formal complaints since BJ’s doesn’t appear to care about the customer’s complaints. Incidentally, BJ’s in CERRITOS is the ONLY BJ’s that has this problem. Other BJ’s have their act together and serve us well with excellent meals.

It would be nice to have some kind of email response from BJ’s of Cerritos to see if they really are concerned about customer complaints and what they are doing to remedy this consistently irritating service problem in the timing of their salads vs. their main courses. It’s such a simply solution, but BJ’s of Cerritos is not willing to change. I guess we will have to go all the other restaurants or the OTHER BJ’s that DO have their act together. Please contact me at tcaldwell at or phone me at 562-714-XXXXX if you have any concern over this chronic problem at BJ’s of Cerritos. Thank you.


Alexis Rumsey July 31, 2017 at 12:26 am

Hi! I am emailing because of a recent visit to pick up dinner from BJ’s. We ordered a classic pizza and it was missing pepperoni and mushrooms. It was very unfortunate because it was for a family birthday. I spoke to a general manager that night and she said she was going to email me a courtesy gift card within the hour. I never got the card so i called again the next day and spoke to a very nice man named Joe Joffino and he patiently took all my information again and immediately left a message for the general manager to see asap. Again, I never got the gift card through my email. A few days later I called again, and once again I spoke to Joe Joffino. He seemed genuinely frustrated and eager to solve the issue. Once again he took all my information and left a message for his general manager. I got the card a few hours later, so the pizza mistake is not the topic of this message. However, this message is to inform you that Joe Joffino is an excellent employee. He was very kind and patient and was eager to help me resolve my issue which was very helpful. Whenever I spoke to him on the phone he was always very kind and worked his hardest and did everything in his power to resolve the conflict. I personally believe that people should be recognized when they are an excellent employee, and Joe Joffino really is. I hope he continues to work at that location, because he is the nicest person I have ever spoke to. Thank you so much


Scott Walters June 18, 2017 at 10:20 pm

From the Nanuet NY location tonight…

I ordered prime rib…

I got something not prime rib…I wish I took a picture of it…

When questioned, the waiter says, “That’s the prime rib he have today.” Oh my…

Then I went to the hostess station and asked for a manager. After an overly long wait, he arrives, wondering why I was there and not at our table.

I politely indicated that I always go to the hostess station to talk with managers to protect staff, other patrons and my family. This manager had NO clue and was rather insistent that I should havr stayed at the table. Uh, nope…I am the customer…

I return and he soon follows to give me a menu to see if there was a substitute available in case there was really no prime rib. He and the waiter were hovering over me and he even said things that my wife had to admonish him about. I went to select a substitute item. He came back and showed me a picture of a prime rib they ‘found’ in the kitchen. He also said the first piece was the “butt end” of the prime rib. It was nobody’s prime rib, I assure you.

He then brings out the new prime rib and literally waits for me to eat a piece to render a verdict. Really???? Who the heck does that???? I waited for him to leave and started in on the prime rib. This process took over 20 minutes and everyone else was finished or almost finished with their meals. Unacceptable.

I ate the prime rib even though the temperature was much closer to rare than medium. As well, it was a very fatty piece that should have been trimmed. As an aside, while I was eating, three times food runners brought misdirected food to US and were incredulous when we said it wasn’t for us.

I was also watching the US Open Golf tournament when inexplicably the TV was switched to a meaningless baseball game…and…an adjacent TV had on the FOX BUSINESS NETWORK, on a Sunday evening, Father’s Day. A picture is available.

After dessert (my youngest fell asleep), the check came. What do you think was wrong with it? CORRECT, I was charged for the prime rib!!! Back to the front of the house to speak with a manager. Our fortunes turned as Bashad Garden came to talk. I had to go through with him the details, and he was very sympathetic. He shocked us by taking off all the meals. This mitigated some of the previous shenanigans that occurred.

Please have Greg or someone from his office call me Monday to further discuss my experience. This was highly upsetting and disappointing given that it was Father’s Day and I am a regular customer, something Rashad properly noted in our conversation. My loyalty number is WDSBDXO.


Scott Walters


Mike Kowalski June 16, 2017 at 12:24 pm

First off I would like to say I have been employed with Bj’s for 17 years I started at the coburg rd location in eugene oregon in August of 2000 untill 2005 then returned in 2006 and have been a dedicated loyal employee and I regret after 17 years giving my noitice of final leave. It is quite dishearting to have worked for a wonderful company and have to leave my career behind because of your managment team. In the last 5 years I have had alot of personal issues, car accident, lots of doctor appointments,divorce, child custody battles, which the management team has helped me through tremendously, but in return I was met with lots of Unfortunate Events such as being harassed by other employees because of my personal issues, Ive have told managment of these things multiple times and I was met with nothing but excuses such as( oh they are just used to you being a hard working person their not use to you not being able to do your job to the fullest). I started my emerging leaders program in 2011/2012 when Curt Boggs was my GM and had almost completed then my hardships happened and slowed me down I still did my best to move forward to become KM or even EKM yet I was met with excuses and found out alot of shady things going on in the background that at one point my current GM accually set me down and we talked about me moving up in the company he told me lots of good points but the one thing he told me that I feel is quite unacceptable is(Its not about how long you have been here its about who you know). At this point I started looking for a new job after 16 years one that would take my skills seriously and give me the tools to move forward instead of holding me back and giving me excuses. These are just small examples of things that happened to me in the last 5 years. I am not a disgruntle person I am quite humble I feel you need to know these things so future employees who decide to make Bj’s their careeer such as I tried will not be treated unfairly such as I feel I was.


Michelle Jimenez June 9, 2017 at 1:52 am

To whom it may concern,

My name is Michelle, I am currently a Hostess at the BJ’s located in Plano, and I have serious complaints.

Honestly, I find it absolutely unfathomable that a manager like Christina is even hired. While she “tries” to do her job, I don’t think it is appropriate for her to refer to a guest as “stupid” and not tend to them when they request or need it. I also don’t understand if it’s appropriate for her to spend nearly half of shifts just sitting around with guests and talking casually while she is needed by fellow employees.

While I understand I am no manager and am probably in no place to judge, I, unfortunately, work with her so I would hope you understand my frustration. She does not seem to care at all about the employees on the floor.

Example: Tonight, June 8th of 2017, we were short one busser. He did not call in or arrive late. Simply did not show up. We were left with one busser, who is absolutely outstanding, but is merely a high school boy and had too much to handle on a night that had guests on a wait. Servers were not pre-bussing like they should have been, all hosts (myself included) had to help bus the tables and the managers were nowhere to be found when needed. When I brought this up to Christina, mentioning how it was not fair to the one busser and keeping us hosts from seating and doing our job properly, she had assured me they would help. To my surprise, no help arrived, she sat and spoke with guests while the other manager (Jason) “hit it up” with a woman at the bar.

I simply do not understand how it is possible for managers to care so little about the employees working under them. Not only that, but the busser that did not show up has done this before. I don’t understand how he has not been fired and replaced with someone dependable. If I am to lose my job for caring too much or being too honest, so be it. But I will not stand idle and watch everyone struggle to make things work when it is simply putting even more on our shoulders.

Best Regards.


Shirley June 7, 2017 at 5:41 pm

Elk Grove/Ca Location
I called your restaurant at 10:30 to find if I can get on your call ahead list. Your host stated she can put me on the list, but I need to download your app and preorder. I explained to her we were a dental office and on our 1 hour lunch break but also celebrating my bday. I enjoy the menu at BJs and wanted a fun lunch experience since it was my choice to pick a place. I downloaded the app, had an awful time getting my coworkers salad order in, took 3 different try’s and she had to pick a different item since none of the 3 salad choices were avail. My order was in by 11:55, and our dine in time was for 12:15. Part of my party arrived, they were seated and given menus, after our office Mgr tried to explain we already preordered and asked if the food was ready for 12:15. The host was confused and didn’t know what was going on. I arrived a couple minutes after when Dennis the waiter comes to get our drink order. My office Mgr said, its Shirley’s bday today. He didn’t make any eye contact or acknowledge what she said. He continued to ask for drink orders. I leaned over and showed him my phone with the order detail and asked if the order was fine, he waived a piece of paper and said I have this. Never looked at me or answered my question, he was so rude and impolite. We did not see him until 12:44 when our food and to go boxes were set down on our table. He left and came back in 5 min to give us our tab. Nobody at our table had any time to eat our meals, nor were we asked if we wanted anything else, no acknowledgement that it was my bday, we were rushed, and honestly it was the worst experience by a BJs restaurant and their employees! It was awful!! I left there apologizing to my Drs, the ofc manager and the rest of my coworker for the behavior that your restaurant delivered. I am not the type of person who complains but this experience left me annoyed and very upset.
You are a chain in the food industry of very competitive restaurants and should be more attentive to your customers to run a successful business.


Sent from my iPhone
Sent from my iPhone


Deborah Thompson May 29, 2017 at 11:12 pm

On May 12, 2017 my husband and I visited the Corona, CA Location with tongue in cheek as we have had a few bad experiences prior to this date. While being seated and following the host to a table, he was skirting a huge spill on the floor leading us down a side aisle to avoid it. In the process I slipped and fell flat on my back when another spill went un-noticed. Nobody from B.J.’s offered to help me up. My husband lifted me to a chair. Humiliated and sore we finally went to a table and had our lunch. Not one person asked how we were doing or even approached us with any sort of concern. A manager did thrust an incident report clip board under my nose in the middle of the meal. (which was cold BTW) Then picked it up later without another word. While Management DID call and check up on me, the damage had been done. I broke a toe, hurt my back and elbow and my husband strained his back lifting me. We were sent a gift card for $30!!! Wow! (sarcasm) I just feel the staff were complacent and uncaring. All I needed was a little compassion but got none. We were hesitant to go to B.J.’s after several horrible meals and things removed from the menu that were favorites. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. While management and corporate acted like they cared, $30 is a slap in the face. Doesn’t even cover the co-pays on our health insurance for the treatment we had to get and will be getting for a while. I see no responses to any of these comments from B.J.’s…do they even read them?? My vacation will now be ruined with a toe broken in two places and a sore back and elbow.


Mike April 17, 2017 at 2:55 pm

Bjs accuses you of fraud for buying gift cards from amazon, they are calling amazon fraud for selling there gift cards, funny thing is that i used it before and this time the decided not to accept it not sure if they are discriminating against me for using gift cards but if you calling people fraud for using your dam gift cards then don’t sell them simple as that, bjs is the worst place to eat at, every single person i talked to said ya amazon is a fraud, tiffany was one of them at bjs hq, and matt at the bjs restaurant at chino, you guys really need to change the policy because its bs.


Matthew April 4, 2017 at 11:31 pm

This is my SECOND attempt to contact this location. I have got a “no response” to my earlier complaint. Me, my wife and my 4 children waited to be seated in your restaurant on March 25,2017 at approx 5:40 pm. Waited 25 mins outside, no issue. We were seated by your female hostess on the right side of the restaurant. So when facing the restaurant we were seated along the window section. It was a tight fit and the hostess asked did we want to be moved. We declined realizing how crowded the restaurant was and we were celebrating the birthday of my 14 year old daughter. We really just wanted to eat and get home. We had been shopping in the area. So after about 10 mins of no drink requests, no acknowledgement, no service. I asked my wife who at one time was a trainer of servers with Darden restuarants. What was the policy on being seated. She said, you must be greeted within the first 1-2 mins of being seated. So after 15 mins I begin to look around and notice of course we were the only Black family within eye sight. So after 17 mins I begin to feel myself get very irate and my focus shifted to this now being a race issue. Servers raced by both sides of greeting and servicing tables. WE sat there another 1-2 mins broke the bad news to our kids. Have you ever had to explain to your kids you were leaving a eatery, ummmm because no one gave you service. I truly don’t want to think this was a race issue. We have visited BJ’s here in the Sacramento area and in the Bay area often. One reason we came was my daughter loved the food!! I simply am not asking for anything, I just want an apology. I will forward this letter to your corporate offices at 7755 Center Ave Ste 300
Huntington Beach, CA 92647.


Danielle Rivera March 17, 2017 at 10:29 am

I am trying to contact someone, at the corporate level, who can assist me in regards to an incident that took place at one of your locations in Austin, Tx. My mother slipped and fell in the store and is dealing with medical visits currently. Although the two managers at the location have been helpful and concerned, I had to deal with a very unempathetic person in your Risk Management department. I have tried contacting the general manager for the area twice, and have still not received a phone call back. Extremely frustrated!!! I am hopeful to receive a returned phone call from someone at the corporate level soon.


Craig & Judy Watson March 16, 2017 at 9:48 pm

It’s not that we want “more attention” — we just want BJs to respond & to meet the high standard we’ve enjoyed in the past. Ticket: 0318; Server: Maggie C (#139); 3/4/17 @ 20:32; Table 304.

(1st time we wrote we used the contact form from the 75604 location & I just rewrote it from that contact page a few minutes ago also — maybe we’ll get a reply). We are very disappointed that we’ve not heard from you yet about our experience on that Saturday evening. We wrote you very soon after our experience knowing that you’d reply to be saddened with no reply as of us writing this. We ordered 2 Prime Rib Dip sandwiches with fries and we split a Wedge Salad. We have ALWAYS had great meals there and beers with great wait staff (except for 1 time). The “Prime Rib” Dip sandwiches were not good at all. Yes, good enough for us to eat (we were starving & didn’t want to wait for something else). The meat was very dry that the sauce helped. We took 1/2 of it home and it stayed in our refrig until at least mid-week or longer. It had no contrast in color — waitress asked how we wanted it cooked & we both wanted it MED-RARE. It was WELL-DONE. The photo you have on your menu section of this website is beautiful — our sandwiches were lacking luster not to mention — NO CHEESE. Sorry to be so critical but I’m really not — BJs has a reputation and a standard that we’ve loved in the past but now we’re just hoping that 3/4/17 doesn’t repeat itself. PLEASE RESPOND TO OUR CONCERN. Here’s the actual photo of what our sandwiches SHOULD have looked like rather than brown & dry:


Indianapolis Indiana March 11, 2017 at 7:52 am

Hostile work environments often result in class action lawsuits.


Jay Thatcher March 6, 2017 at 5:40 pm

What is your reservation policy? The website and phone message states that reservations may be made for parties of 7 or larger.

Our complaint is for your new location in Denton, TX. This afternoon (3-6-17) my wife contacted this restaurant to make a reservation for 9 people for 5:00pm on Friday, 3-10-17. She was told that they do NOT take reservations for groups on the weekend. When she asked to speak with the manager, she was placed on hold and gave up waiting after a wait on hold of more than 10 minutes. Consequently we will be visiting another restaurant chain for our party. So glad your restaurant is going so well, you can afford to blow off 9 potential new customers to your new site.

Please clarify your reservation policy for me, and if you do not take reservations on weekends I suggest you then correct your website and phone messages to reflect that protocol. You might also let your GM in that location know that leaving a guest on hold for an excessive length of time is unacceptable customer service.

I will await your response.

Thank you


Ivan Torres January 23, 2017 at 4:33 pm

Hello, I have an issue with the lost and found at the location in Rancho Cucamonga. I spoke with someone this morning, they told me they saw my apron last night. They looked all over today and couldn’t get in contact with the manager from last night. Now I am concerned someone stole it. I hope I am blowing things out of proportion and the manager from last night just put it somewhere safe.


Fred McDowell January 19, 2017 at 12:08 pm

Me and my wife carol visited the Coral Springs location about a week out and as loyal customers for the past 2 years we probably had our worse experience.The bartender “G” who was very inattentive and defined our whole bad experience.From the fact that we waited 15-20 mins for service or how rude she was when explaining the happy hour prices.Not only did she not give us her actual name which was (Garrine P) she walked away from the bar twice and on one of the occasions coming back smelling of alcohol.When I sarcastically mention the poor service she looked at me and my wife and rolled her eyes as if she didn’t care.I love Bjs but if this is how your bartender treats your customers there is no reason why she should be a part of your company,And further most one that has a problem doing her job sober.Hopefully this is resolved because my previous experiences with other bartenders was fair compared to that of Garrine p.


Kristen Martinez January 12, 2017 at 12:22 am

I have been working for this company since October of 2015 I started working as a host at the Longview location after almost a year working there I was moved to takeout later became a takeout trainer and then started training to serve. I genuinely love this company and all of the ethics that were put into the founding of this company. However I have recently relocated to the Hurst location due to an unfortunate situation at home. I can honestly say I have never felt so unwelcome. I have received nothing but rude comments and people assuming I know how their restraunt runs when I just came from a completely different atmosphere. The lack of passion for the company shows in this restraunt from the food to the attitudes towards the customer while there are diamonds in the rough there are so few that it does not make up for the others. The lack of respect between co-workers shows in the service that the guest are receiving I have only three conversations with my gm Spencer Sinclair he also has not made me feel welcome. This is not a place I would recommend any one working at if they are looking for a family atmosphere with people who genuinely care about the service they are providing. I will say that the Longview location is the complete opposite just about everyone there has a passion for what they are doing and it makes me very sad that I am having to leave this wonderfully company. But I can no longer work somewhere I do not see my self succeeding at. I have done the craft beer boards at the Longview location and love the BJ’s brand and will always love the BJ’s brand but I thought someone if any one reads this should know that atleast one of your locations is not meeting the “quality is our compass” standards that were so profound at the Longview location.


Paul January 5, 2017 at 10:13 am

I have been eating at your restaurant in Roseville California since the day it opened over 10 years ago about six months ago they heard this young bartender treats everybody rudely he’s a jerk I tipped well in the past even know he’s an idiot last night it came to ahead I made a comment about another customer jokingly and he referred to me as ma’am I confronted him and he smirked and walked away I spoke to the store manager with no avail he told me he’s been a good bartender is worked there over 10 years can’t be true because he’s not much over 21. I would definitely like to speak with somebody at the corporate office about this employee


Michelle Owens December 27, 2016 at 11:34 am

I need someone to call me about a major issue my husband and I had at your Victorville location
760 567 XXXXX


Luvenia Mayo October 20, 2016 at 9:11 pm

Good Evening,
We were in your location #562 for my daughter’s 16th Birthday October 15, 2016 she really loves this restaurant; however we are disappointed. We arrived at 12:12 in the afternoon and the store was not buusy. We sat about 15 mins and we’re never acknowledged by anyone, the waiter even looked at us and walked by us continuously. The family that we walked in with got their drinks and appetizers already. I spoke with the Manger Pat who asked if we wanted another server, but being extremely upset and disappointed from the disrespectful
Behavior, we left. I always refer the Pharmaceutical rep’s to BJ’S for our office lunches. I’m very disappointed with BJs. This is not acceptable. I sent this same email to your store #562 on Saturday and I have yet to receive an email back. This is BAD consumer business.

Dissatisfied Customer


Melissa October 20, 2016 at 1:56 pm

Tell Mr Trojan, it’s not the summer Olympics or the presidential debates, it’s the economy. And that a vote for Hillary is the end to his business.


Debbie Wall October 12, 2016 at 6:55 pm

I am a commercial real estate agent located in Redding California, it would be my absolute pleasure to assist you folks in securing the perfect location in our community. Please submit this message to your real estate department so they can contact me direct to discuss details.
Thank you,
Debbie Wall


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