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American Express Company
200 Vesey St
New York, NY 10285

Contact American Express

Phone Number: (212) 640-2000
Fax Number: (212) 640-0404
Website: http://www.americanexpress.com
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CEO: Kenneth I. Chenault
CFO: Daniel T. Henry
COO: Stephen J. Squeri

American Express History

American Express or Amex for short dates all the way back to 1850 as an express mail business in Buffalo, NY.  The company was founded by Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Warren Butterfield.  These men went on to found Wells Fargo four years later.

The company grew quickly as they had a monopoly on express shipments in New York.  In 1880, they built a warehouse behind the Broadway Building.

In 1882, the company launched a money order business and in 1891 they created the Traveler’s Cheque.

By 1903, the company had assets of $28 million.

In 1950, the Diners Club card was launched.  In 1958, the first “credit” cards were launched.  Amex was the first to use a plastic credit card in 1959.

In 1966, the Gold Card was introduced, followed by the Platinum Card in 1984.

Today, American Express cards account for almost a quarter of the total credit card dollars transacted each year.

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JaNay January 25, 2016 at 2:37 pm

I’m not an AMX creditcatd holder; although have an AMX PrePaid Serve account; with direct deposit. This card is a scam. Replacement cards are a joke; without the card you’re doomed. No funds, no resolutions, only reps in Manila, Phillippines…without clue. AMX legal dept. In NYC., isn’t going to listen to complaints. At best a “class action” lawsuit with hundreds of customers….through Federal Trade Commission and ABA . The AMX PrePaid card service is a scam


Derrick Heggs December 15, 2015 at 3:51 pm

I Derrick Heggs, have sent a written notice to the Utah address concerning my account being unlocked in order to have access to my funds, my funds in this account a total of $352.00 and some change, my account was locked on the 7th of December and the written letter was sent out to American express serve on the 8th of December and received on the 11th of December I paid for notification of delivery, and yet the account is still at this day locked I have called every single day to try and resolve the matter, if it was to close the account in accordance with agreement with account, an account with funds shall not be lock and clearly mine had a valuable amount of funds in account..here it is now 10 days till Christmas and I have no funds due to whatever reason someone decided to lock my account, At this point I don’t care why..I just want the account unlocked in order for me to get my remaining funds from the account and go about my life and will never have any dealings. American express has home and immediate contact number.
I need and want the account unlock asap as to where I can get my money out of the account and American express can keep there account and I will not be a customer….I had no dispute or issues in august, September,november, nor December just a dispute in October and if that’s the case why lock the account in December right after reciving my disability benefits from the government,, Why not lock the account in November if there was a disrepency with my account,,,something is not right and not adding up. AND THEN TO NOT EVEN COMMUNICATE WITH ME AND GIVE NO INFORMATION MAKES THE MATTER EVEN WORSE OF A SUPPOSED SCAM OR SENSE OF THEFT FROM MYSELF THE CUSTOMER,,Granted I’VE BEEN PATIENT AND CALM WITH THE MATTER I’m ASKING UNLOCK THE ACCOUNT SO THEREFORE I CAN GET MY FUNDS FROM THIS ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY..

Derrick Heggs


Lorraine Thompson December 12, 2015 at 3:23 pm

On 12/11/15 called to speak with a supervisor so that I can get a one-time courtesy waiver of the $40 membership fee on my account. I spoke to a rep “Elaine” Employee # 4327 who informed me that a waiver could not be given. I asked to speak with a supervisor and at first she went off the line and return to say “Alex” the supervisor was in a meeting. I asked is there any other supervisor available and she said no. So i said “Alex” can’t come to the phone so I can request the waiver and “Elaine” replied “no, she is on another call.” So which lie is it- on another line or in a meeting. I never experienced not getting a supervisor at any other retail business. This was a first and I have been a long-time card member of American Express. I very much feel slighted, I informed her that I will be calling corporate and she started to say something along the line that the supervisor was going to say the same thing. I just hung up. I plan to call corporate headquarters with this issue. A supervisor should be avail to members for customer service.


John D. October 29, 2015 at 1:27 pm

One more thing American Express. I and I am sure along with many others, judge a company by how easy and/or difficult it is to contact the corporate office and if the corporate office has an Executive Customer Service line. In other words, is this company, any company, customer-friendly. American Express isn’t. The only number available at corporate is Investor Relations. American Express doesn’t even have an email link to contact them let alone a phone number for their customers. American Express customer’s are always referred to the number on the back of their credit card which really raises your blood pressure and gets you nowhere. A final suggestion for the upper management team..CEO, CFO, CIO whatever. Put on a headset and plug into your call centers and listen to what your customers are saying and being told. Then come back and tell all of us if that’s what you call world-class customer service!!


John D. October 29, 2015 at 1:13 pm

I have been an on and off customer of American Express throughout. I’ve left them each time all due to such poor customer service. Their folks are poorly trained, have very poor listening skills and their tone leaves a lot to be desired. I recently went back to American Express a month and a half ago. Today it took me 45 minutes to make a payment by phone. I chose to use the phone because I tried to make payments thru the website and they didn’t occur and almost had my services disconnected. Back to the phone payment. I wanted to pay the entire amount and the initial rep kept putting me on hold as he “didn’t know how to do that”. He told me that he would have to transfer me to another que where those folks handle payments over the statement balance. Huh? Away I go and after being on hold over 20 minutes got disconnected. Called back and a lady said she could do the full payment I wanted and after screwing around with it for several minutes, realized she couldn’t do it either. A couple of things here American Express. Why aren’t your people properly trained on such everyday services as phone payments? And, why can’t an entire balance be paid? Suppose I mailed a check for the full amount. Are you going to send it back to me? I won’t even get into the electronic payment mess I got into with a utility which caused me grief. Look American Express. The purpose of paying on line is for me to save time and also, I am disabled. I don’t have time to play charades with your folks or wait forever on hold and get disconnected. And, get ahold of whoever is responsible for your trainer’s. They are doing a terrible job. Have them focus on improving representative’s “listening skills”. Invest some money in re-fresher training.


Joseph M. Porcello October 26, 2015 at 3:33 pm

I have been a “member” for 38 years. I remember when their slogan was “membership has its privileges”. I also remember when they would send you little token gifts on anniversary dates in appreciation of your business. Those days are long gone. In fact, I find visa & mastercard have much better customer service. The main difference between Amex and the other cards is much fewer businesses take Amex. What a shame that a company that used to be an icon of prestige is now less than mediocre. I am terminating our relationship after 38 years.


Art L October 14, 2015 at 2:43 pm

I have been an American Express customer for close to 30 years. I used to love the company, they had tremendous customer support. It all has changed. I cancelled my card – they could care less – There customer support now is terrible. They lost me.


Erin Oelking September 17, 2015 at 11:57 am

I have been scammed by a company called JJsHouse.com and American Express does not care. I used to use my Amex card for the sole purpose of my purchase being protected online and while traveling. Amex no longer has this type of protection and customer service staff attitudes are deplorable. For anyone looking to purchase a dress or other merchandise from JJsHouse.com, DON’T DO IT! The company is in China and they don’t tell you that anywhere on their website so that they can scam you. When the merchandise arrives and it is very poor quality, they will let you send it back, BUT it costs more to ship it back to China than it does to buy their dresses. This is why they don’t tell you where they are shipping from or anything about the company. Unfortunately, AMEX no longer cares about these types of scam companies and will not do anything about refunding your money. Very sad!!


Major Ralph S. Bates September 1, 2015 at 11:44 pm

I’m visiting Guam from South Carolina. ,Because I had my mail forwarded to me AmEx cancelled all my travel insurance, car rental insurance, telling me that since I had a temporary mailing address (July-Nov 2015) on Guam. I am a resident of Guam and not entitled to coverage. When I called the customer service, they said that I was in a foreign country and as a resident of a foreign country, I could not have travel/car insurance.

Even though I vote in SC, have cars registered in SC, pay SC income tax, have all my household goods in SC, and a SC drivers license– Am EX insist that I am a resident of Guam

I knew this would happen when they stopped teaching Geography in school.

Semper Fi


Tera August 9, 2015 at 5:00 pm

I think they are doing something very unethical. My balance for the month was 333.15 after my payment I chose to make, the balance is 138.oo BUT they charged me interest in the 333.15? I was told if you don’t pay your bill in full, they back date the finance charges to the original amount of the billing cycle. I have no problem paying interest on what is current balance but I surely do on the amount I already paid!


Kate Larsson July 28, 2015 at 12:02 pm

You will probably get some comments from people that are not going to support you for donating to Planned Parenthood. Please know that I and many of my friends WILL patronize you because you do support one of the few organizations that does tremendous good for women. Thank you.


Tera August 9, 2015 at 5:10 pm

I agree planned parenthood should get many donations. Many years ago I didn’t have income coming in, they took care of me on a sliding scale of 1.00 doing an annual exam when they discovered the beginning stages of cervical cancer- had it not been for them I would. It be here.

Also, for those that put PP down for the woman’s RIGHT to do what she wants with her body and if she chooses an abortion, so be it…..this is no ones business but the person involved in her decision to do what’s right for her!!

Many people that have kids never should have had them, those that have left their kids in a hot car to suffer and die, those that leave their babies in a dumpster, etc those kids would have been better off aborted rather then to suffer. I wish all the recent movie theater killers, and other evil people were aborted!!


Scott Brady July 24, 2015 at 8:00 am

I regret to inform you that I will not be able to support your company through purchase of products you offer any longer due to your support of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood and their methods of existence are disgusting to me personally and to most people I know. Until you have a change of policy about who you choose to donate money to, I will not be able to buy your products and I will encourage my friends and colleagues to follow my example.


Michelle July 7, 2015 at 5:53 pm

I have been mislead, I called to see if I could waive the $95.00 fee on my card. I was informed to cancel the card and apply for the card with no yearly fee. Thinking I was giving the best advise from such a reputable company. I did not get the new card and they will not reinstate my old card. I have been a member for several years never late and have spent several thousands of dollar, I thought they appreciate there customers. I’am dissappointed and feel like I have been bamboozled! why would they tell me to cancel my card! I have also filed a complaint with BBB. I need my card!


gazie nagle July 17, 2015 at 10:49 am

Yes, for some reason they are just too big with too many locations that you never know who to write to. They refused to send me a monthly statement after I have asked them THREE times. Simply poor business practices.


Jim Coyne June 23, 2015 at 5:57 pm

I have tried unsuccessfully to contact a human being in the United States in regard to my account. I thought I had an “American Express Card” not an “Indian or Philippine Express Card.” I was advised on each of four calls that they could not connect me with a person in the United States. I asked for a supervisor to contact me on an unrecorded line and also if not then I wanted to record them as they were doing to me. They stated I am not authorized to record them but they could record me. I was informed I would get a call from a supervisor on an unrecorded line momentarily. Guess what I missed a dental apt while waiting for a call that never came. Please let me know what number to call to speak with a person in the United States. I find your telephone system to be atrocious, When using a service from part of the United Nations, they should identify themselves as to what nation they represent. I am not expecting a return to this notation, However I will spend 49 cents to mail to NY HQ. If I could type in a foreign language I would use the Tower Of Babal to translate.


Bertha Pearlson May 7, 2015 at 7:45 pm

My husband passed away i contacted you to advise of this and requested becoming the primary account holder. They took an application from me which i provided my costco membership number. A couple days later my card was put on hold because they couldn’t link my membership number to my amex card. I called costco to find out what the problem could be they said everything was fine and it should be verified. To this day my card is on hold again although AMEX allowed some charges to go through but when i went shopping the card was declined. This debacle is unacceptable. Please contact me and resolve this issue.


Robert L Boyar April 29, 2015 at 3:46 pm

Have tried to receive a refund for Baggage Insurance that I did not need on a recent trip and have been unable to do so. When this Insurance was introduced and I received a contact from AMEX to take it out, I was hesitant about agreeing but did so when I was clearly told that there will be no problem receiving a Credit if not needed. I have had this done on a number of prior occasions when I have a short trip and do not check baggage. However, apparently AMEX changed this policy. My request to have the $9.95 (for two) credited has been denied. As a member of AMEX for over 30 years, and a satisfied one until this happened, I would think that AMEX should have notified me of a policy change and I would have considered it accordingly. Now, as a result of this, I have removed myself from this automatically charged Insurance. I hope there aren’t other similar problems on the horizon concerning Member Benefits for Platinum Card Members that are withdrawn absent specific notice.


Judy Cala April 22, 2015 at 6:59 pm

Well I was going to write a letter to Kenneth Chennault concerning the despicable “customer service” and bad business practice I’ve become aware of after being a client for over 10 years, but after seeing comments here it’s obvious that it’s gone on for a long time. Calls to
what they call customer service are supposedly recorded but could anyone with authority possibly be listening to them? Appalling. I closed my account today.


ts February 28, 2015 at 6:08 pm

I sent this msg to Costco:

As a loyal Costco and American Express member, I am disheartened and disappointed that Costco is threatening to destroy the partnership between these two companies. I spent over $12,000 with the Costco American Express card last year, and am very loyal and enjoy the EXCLUSIVE nature of this arrangement. Both Costco and American Express exemplify value added products and services with superior customer service. However, when combined the exclusive offering is greater than the sum of the two. Costco without American Express is less valuable, and vice versa and this is not the time to tamper with success. This partnership is a competitive advantage for both companies and should be treated as such.

We appreciate you taking the time to email Costco Wholesale.

Costco will continue to accept all American Express cards at our warehouses and on costco.com until April 1, 2016, and the Costco / AMEX TrueEarnings cards or Platinum Cash Rebate cards will still function the same as they always have.

Cardholders will continue to earn their cash rebates. They will receive their rebate checks in their February 2015 and February 2016 AMEX statements as normal. Those checks can be redeemed at any Costco warehouse in the US for cash or merchandise.

The co-branded credit cards will continue to serve as membership cards until April 1,2016. Members do not need to make any changes to their accounts or take any action at this time.

This announcement does not impact Costco membership in any way.

Costco is in the process of developing a replacement credit card program that will be available in April of 2016. We will be communicating with every Costco / AMEX co-branded cardholder well in advance of any changes, and cardholders will have ample time to prepare for the pending changes.

Thank you,

Sue G
Member Service Center

Please take a moment to review this partnership and reconsider your proposed dissolution of the Costco and American Express EXCLUSIVE partnership.

The responded with an official canned response they send to each and every inquiry into this matter:


Raja February 23, 2015 at 2:36 am

23 Feb 15
I am writing this letter as a frustrated ex-AMEX customer. It has been one of my worse experiences. My accounts have been terminated including forfeiting my points for reasons that I cannot understand.
I have been a loyal AMEX Platinum customer since 2007. At some point I was introduced the AMEX Krisflyer card. However, I have not been using it. About 3 months ago my wife used the AMEX Krisflyer card but I was not aware of it. Hence I have only been paying the Platinum cards and did not realize that I had been defaulting on the Krisflyer cards. When I called AMEX platinum services over some query on my platinum card, I was informed that my Krisflyer card was critical. Until then I had never received a phone call or a sms from AMEX services. Despite me paying up the $32, my card was cancelled. Ironically My AMEX platinum card was cancelled as well.
Why cancel all my cards? I defaulted on the AMEX Krisflyer card. Can I understand why the AMEX platinum card was cancelled together with the AMEX Krisflyer card? This despite myself being a loyal customer since 2007 having an excellent credit history. While AMEX adopts multiple approaches to contact customers on outstanding amounts, why was I not contacted through phone, sms to ask me to settle the payment? Why was I not informed that my AMEX platinum will be cancelled together with the Krisflyer.
Why cancel my card for $32? I am shocked that you have cancelled all my cards just for defaulting on $32. Can you please check your records on my credit history on the platinum cards. Do you think I will not be able to pay this amount. It was a genuine oversight and AMEX is so very mechanical about things.
Why cancel it when I paid up the amount? On the day that I called AMEX platinum services and when they told me that my Krisflyer account was critical I immediately made payments. Can I understand that despite these payments why was my cards cancelled or not reinstated?
Why nobody calls me despite me calling AMEX up so many times? After I realized that my card was cancelled I have been calling AMEX up so many times and nobody from the collection department bothers to call me back. So what is the use of call recording and supervisors to manage customers? I am totally disappointed.
I conclude that AMEX does not value its customer. The company philosophy is unlike other banks that really try to keep their customers. They attempt to understand the customer’s problems and try to find solutions for the customers. These boil down to the company’s vision and values. AMEX seems to have forgotten that do not exist without their customers. AMEX has policies that are rigid. AMEX has poor customer service.
I am utterly disappointed.

AMEX Platinum Card


Steven Broad February 16, 2015 at 12:35 pm

I have been an Amex gold customer for 29 years. I have always paid my bill on time or even as charges have been made. Two weeks ago, my blue American Express card credit limit was increased by $2,200. Last week I was approved for a Platinum Card.

Yesterday I tried to use my gold card and told it was unusable. Amex wanted to do a financial review because of the large number of returns to Amazon. While I supply the necessary information and during the review I cannot use my cards.

My wife has stage 4 lymphoma and will make many duplicate purchaseson Amazon due to the drugs and chemo. I cancel these immediately, and never receive the merchandise.. I even reported my gold card lost I and requested a new account and Amex continued to process charges made under the cancelled number.

Amex will contact me at the drop of the hat if they think charges are fraudulent, but did not contact me about the return issue until yesterday. I received a very nasty letter asking for permission to request my tax returns which is no issue.

Despite calling three times, I was never allowed the courtesy of explaining the problem. I asked to speak to a manager who would call in 24-48 hours. I use this card for medicine and work. Luckily I have a Visa. Remember I prepay my monthly bill as charges are made.

Again most of items we’re cancelled immediately as one can do on Amazon or returned. Never an issue for Amazon.

In sum my credit limit for my blue card was raised because of my good credit standing with Amex, I never asked, I was offered and approved for a platinum card all within the last two weeks. I tried to use my gold card at the drug store and was told it was declined without hearing from Amex for a $42 purchase.


Paula Crosse January 9, 2015 at 12:34 pm

It is really unbelievable that being with American Express for over 40 years and have a high credit line that all of a sudden the young analyst finds it necessary to not only cut my credit line for no reason but also not inform me as well. In there uneducated knowledge how how your credit worthiness works, they cut it at the amount owed giving no room to show your still an outstanding customer. I have contacted your customer service who in turn gave me to another department who in turn stated I needed to provide documents of proof of income (no problem) I dont what they asked and then was told ” if I wanted my old credit line I would need to pay them $10,000 by December 2″ Now this is loan sharking I would like to state. My account was or is not in default. Paid on time, was not near the credit line (Until they cut it to the loan amount owed). I have paid off this account numerous times, and still proceeded to use the card.
Now let me state, Chase Bank, asked for the same documents (which I thought probably just updating the creditworthyness) they were completely fine with everything that was submitted.

Mine you, another phone call made and again stated, give me your log in information so we can confirm your accounts. I refused. I instead, went out of my way, had the bank draft up a letter stating all the accounts that are mine and the balances, signed, and delivered. The analyst so called would not accept this and did not regain my credit line.
In all the years of being with American Express, 40 plus years, never been dealt with such disrespect or disconcerning about keeping a customer of long standing and paying on time. Even spoke with another Customer Service Manager and with what he seen could not understand the logic behind their decision other then they wanted to prove a point. Because of this lack of disconcern, this does and has affected my credit score. If your going to cut back on credit line at least cut back to a point of room. Not at the line of what you have spent. I make big purchases, and later pay them off. I will make it my mission to let everyone know through social media and word of mouth that American Express once was for their customers and now dont care what so ever if they keep you or not. After looking at many of these comments, it does seem that you really do not want customers who have been with you for 20 years plus. I would like to have further acknowledge from you regarding this. Lets see how interested are you to keep me.


wesley r. wright December 24, 2014 at 3:35 pm

recently received invitation to apply for american express credit card. my wife also received one about a week ago. i can’t bring myself to do business with your company due to very poor customer service my son, john d. wright received approximately 8 or 9 years ago. i am a good mechanic as is my son, son-in-law michael cottingham, who owns his own true value hardware store. we removed the crankshaft from son’s honda quad-runner due to a broken connecting rod. the honda manual says to replace the connecting rod, take the crankshaft to your honda dealer as it has to be pulled apart with special tools. the honda mechanics pulled it apart, installed new connecting rod and while putting it back together, damaged the crankshaft beyond repair. they told my son that it was damaged when we brought it in. if so, why did they install a new connecting rod on a (so called damaged) crankshaft. they charged my son about $300.00 on his card. he notified your company of this problem and amercan express sided with the honda dealer in florence, ky. the mechanics at honda out&out lied about this situation. my son had to buy another crankshaft&connecting rod, from a different dealer of course. it ended up costing him over double what it should have and he canceled his american express card. now you can understand why i don’t want to apply for an american express credit card, so please stop sending me applications. wesley r. wright ** lyndale rd. edgewood, ky. 41017


Lance Burnell December 24, 2014 at 1:58 pm

I am a customer using your BlueBird card and you customer service is a JOKE. My wife and I both have this card and for 2 years we have had to call your customer service to get ATM fees returned to us just about every month. We use an ATM that is listed on the MoneyPass website as per your instructions, yet we get charged by Amex every time we do this. We call and have to fight to get our fees back. Now yesterday my wife called and the agent who said his name was Blake employee number E1052372 refused to refund her fees. My wife gave me the phone and I argued with this guy for close to and hour before he finally returned he fees, but he told me they would not ever refund the fees again.

Now I am using an ATM that is listed on the MoneyPass site and even your employee agreed it was an authorized ATM but he still was not going to give me the fees back. Your customer service SUCKS and I am considering looking into legal action against you for all my time a trouble. I was told at least 5 times in the last 2 years that this problem would be fixed and still nothing. It is bad enough I have to call every time to get my fees back but to have your employee tell me he will not return my fees is unacceptable.


Samantha Fouilloux December 12, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Why American Express Mexico gives such a bad service? I just received a phone call from Santander bank to tell me that for recommendation of your company I have a credit available that I didn’t request. Why American Express Mexico gives my personal data without my consent? That’s a crime in México because we have a law to protect the personal data. Because I´m your costumer I demand an explanation of this and sorry to tell you, but the service of American Express here has no class at all.


Dr. Allison Haughton-Green December 3, 2014 at 8:22 pm

My name is Dr. Allison Haughton-Green. I called and reported Marisol Baez for her unprofessional behavior when she called me on December 3, 2014 at 8:25 am. I have beed n with American Express for 10 years. I pay on time via my computer or calling in to Am Express. My accountant set up bill pay through Regions Bank for the November 25th payment and it did not process the payment. Last week was Thanksgiving week. On Tuesday Dec 3, 2014 I get a telephone call from Marisol Baez, with the American Express credit department. She explains that my account is past due. I agree to pay the past due balance of $1261.92. Instead Marisol reads a disclaimer stating that I agree to pay $6974.48 right now. I had to correct her. How misleading. When I stated that I have until December 10th to pay the current balance in full, she explained that she is not sure what will happen to my account with American Express. Thank God I stood up for justice. I agreed to pay only the past due balance. I reported her to supervisor Kelly and her supervisor Peter Whitney. I made it clear that I would expect Peter to listen to that call and take the necessary actions to ensure that Marisol no longer calls customers. American Express needs to find another job for her within the company as her customer service skills are deplorable.


A Rosa November 25, 2014 at 1:31 pm

I have been a loyal customer for many years. Your customer service is the worse – lack customer service, do not value customers, and your customer service reps are inefficient.


malcolm cannon November 8, 2014 at 1:01 pm

I recently purchased an AMEX Serve Card and to say SERVICE is not what they offer is simply an understatement. I have been on hold an average of 30 plus minutes each call and everytime I speak to an agent they are unable to assist. I have faxed,called,emailed and done everything to communicate my issue in regards to a refund/unauthorized charge to no avail. I am filing a complaint with the CFPB as I have money on my SERVE account which I cannot access as it has been placed on an unauthorized hold. I have a refund due which I am having to get an act of congress to get processed and I have an executive office agent at AMEX who will not reply to phone calls or emails. I simply am fed up with dealing with a company who obviously could careless if I was content with their service or not. I have tried to be understanding and proactive yet this is simply ridiculous.


GOO November 25, 2014 at 12:20 pm



Nora Duffy November 7, 2014 at 12:12 pm

Made a payment one day too early and it was applied to my Pay-over-time balance when it was clearly meant for the amount due. Talked to someone in CS who said they couldn’t move it because I made the same mistake a few months ago and they accommodated me then but couldn’t keep doing it. I told them I wasn’t going to pay an extra $1200 to keep my account current because it was current – the payment was just applied wrong.

I got a supervisor who said she could fix it, but instead of crediting the current month and re-billing the pay-over-time balance, she credited the current month and put the re-bill in the current month again.

Called back and got another supervisor who apologized but swore she could take care of it. The next day I saw the adjustments and it looked like the same error again. I called her back and she said to not worry – when the billing cycle closed, the re-bill would show up as pay-over-time.

Well, you can probably guess that it shows up in the current month due – again. This is simple. I am an accountant and I manage Accounts Receivable all day long. Why is this so hard? Why do I have to spend another half hour on the phone with someone who will probably keep making the same mistake. This could go on indefinitely.

Please FIX my account! All that needs to be done is moving $1200 back to the pay-over-time balance. This has become ridiculous.


David Cate April 24, 2015 at 10:29 am

A very similar thing happened to me. An 835.00 payment was sent to go on the pay in full part of the account. They applied it to the pay over time part of the account and then wanted an additional 835.00 the same month. Several times they have promised to reverse this, only to find out that they did not do so. They never apprised us of this action, we found it on our next bill. That was six months ago, in Oct. 2014. They have ignored all attempts to straighten this out, ignored our dispute letter in Jan. 2015 and then contracted a collection agency to harass us. I find it hard to believe they would treat a 20yr. member so badly. I’m still trying to get them to do the right thing.


Michael Uren October 14, 2014 at 2:44 pm

I have been a member since 2008. I use my business platinum card for product purchases where I do not have terms set up. This is a small percentage of my business. I put $15,000 to $100,000 a month on my card and always pay in full every month. I do not carry any revolving debt with anyone. My credit rating is 830. My business is growing exponentially and it is a blessing. In Sept 2014 my Amex bill was $83,000 and my monthly billing cycle is on the 26th. I made an electronic payment that day with my bank and it showed being paid on the 29th (Monday). I immediately called American Express to keep them in the loop and their response was everything was fine, they appreciated my business and letting them know and there were now concerns and I even had a few days grace being a Platinum member. The very next day I got an email from Amex that they were capping off my account at $20,800 and that it was frozen. This was shocking and unbelievable to me. I called Amex 5 to 6 times and every time I would get transferred overseas and had to wait to get transferred back to Elpaso, TX to a credit department. I was told that if I wanted my account line opened back up that I had to submit all kinds of financial information, W 2′s assets ect. like I was applying for a mortgage. then it would go to a review committee to see if they would open it back up. I was in further disbelief at Amex’s position. I was told by one rep that this process would be completed in 48 hrs, I was told by another 7 days and another 10 days. I requested to speak to Mike the supervisor and had also send proof that they received my payment. Mike gave me his personal fax number and I sent company financials to him and had a fax sent confirmation. After waiting 5 days still no response. I called back and reached the supervisor and Mike told me he didn’t receive the fax. Then my concern is who did receive my confidential financial information that I had a fax sent confirmation on? I also should mention that one of the reps told me this had nothing to do with my payment, it was a review that Amex does on accounts quarterly and the reasons they stated was my credit rating and debt ratio. This added to my frustration as my credit rating is great and I do not carry any debt. I had sent the fax information again to Mike and this time he called back and confirmed he received it. He told me it would immediately go to the review board. It is now Oct 14th 2014 and I have heard nothing back from anyone. I just have to say that for this to happen and Amex to have no accountability is appalling. I have been an exceptional customer and to be treated this way is unacceptable. Amex is not a company that is conducive to growing a business as they claim. In fairness I should add that they were a great partner until now.
Michael Uren


LEO VON GRAFFENRIED October 8, 2014 at 10:11 am

ATT to : American express Corporate dept
DATE: The 8th of October 2014

Dear Mrs, dear Mr,

I have sent a fax to the main fax number 001 – 212 640-0404 in New York in order to
find out if I could have a respond of this today fax as soon would be the best as I will
apreciate it.
My best regards,


Ronald Jenkins October 6, 2014 at 6:53 pm

Dear Mr. Chenault,
I have been an AmericanExpress holder since 1976. I have been making $50 monthly payments on my account for years. I currently owe a balance of $15,000. In JUly or August, my minimum payment was increased from $35 to $70. I somehow overlooked the raise and this month recieved a minimum bill for $140. I called customer service and was unable to get a satisfactory explanation. Now I am being charged $37 for late charges and am obligated to pay a minimum of $70 a month. I am tempted to pay you off and terminate our relationship. This is no way to treat a loyal and long time customer!


John DelleFave October 2, 2014 at 6:51 pm

Thank you American Express Executive office for resolving our issue.


Deborah September 30, 2014 at 1:20 pm

Your customer service reps are a joke! I called numerous times & it’s the same thing nobody gives a s&it! I called to get my husband a new credit card to take advantage of an Amazon offer for $20 credit on $50 spent. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! The rep Wayne proceeded to cancel my card…freeze my acct. so I did not have access to it anymore. I couldn’t even make payments!!!!! HE CREATED PROBS THAT DID NOT EXIST PRIOR TO THAT CALL! I am kicking myself for ever calling. All because of a simple request…send my hubby new card. To this day his acct is still frozen. I can only make payments & of course purchases. I was promised by one of your US reps based in NYC at executive offices that I would be given a $100 credit for my trouble & of course a month has now come & passed & nothing. No $2o credit either. False promises from a company that does not care about the people who make them plenty of money. I tried contacting the US rep who is in your executive offices & I am having issues. Hmmmm sounds like something AM EX would do. So once my account is paid off….goodbye AM EX I have had enough of your nonsense!


Michael J. Harnett September 30, 2014 at 11:20 am

To whom it may concern,

I just moved from a home in Westchester to an apartment in New York and when opening a box of mail I received this morning I found a bill that should have been paid two days ago. I phone paid the original balance of the bill, but called your customer “dis-service” for a courtesy adjustment of the late fee and penalty fee and was informed that they were unable to accommodate me since a prior adjustment had been given some 7 months ago for another reason. I pay my entire bill every month in full and find this lack of understanding and flexibility unconscionable for a company I have done business with for 20 plus years!


John DelleFave September 27, 2014 at 3:37 pm

Dear Mr. Kenneth Chenault,

I’m writing on behalf of my wife Karen.
It is with regret that I have to send you my complaint. My patience has run out with your customer service department.
She applied on line for Blue Cash card from American Express in early March 2014. AMERICANEXPRESS.COM/MYBCE, RSVP code 002B-770-028-8595.
Your offer was apply today and earn 250 reward dollars after you use your new card to make $1000. In purchases within 3 months.
She received an approval letter dated March 5, 2014.
She received the card a few days later and made purchases in the first month totaling $1558.11
She has been corresponding back and forth thru emails for 5 months seeking the status of the 250 reward dollars. To make a long story short my reward has been denied. The last email notified her that the case is now closed.
She feels that she is entitled to the 250 reward dollars because she met all the qualifications. Is this a scheme to issue American Express cards? I’m shocked American Express.
Please look into this matter and report back to me. Again I apologize that it had to come to your attention.

Thank you for your time

John DelleFave
For cardholder (wife) Karen DelleFave


MADELINE September 24, 2014 at 11:02 am

CEO: Kenneth I. Chenault – American Express

Dear Mr. Chenault
Words can not express the anguish and suffering I’m feeling at this moment. In fact I’ve ended up missing hours of work and had 2 asthma attacks trying to resolve my lost sever card and 1000.00 wire transfer. Also Mr. Chaenault… Beyond anger would be a displaced word to describe how I also feel at this moment.

I will regress in bullet form and professional want a resolution and an apology asap I have NEVER been treated like this in my entire life at 51…

1) Order American Express Serve Card: JUNE – 2014

2) Miss-place Lose Card: September – 9TH, 2014


4) Rep. tells me to fax in proof of address. Card will then be replaced within 5 business days
5) COMPLY and fax in COLOR copy of PassPort & Lease: September 10, 2014

6) Call America Express Serve: September 16th to check status

7) Rep. informs me that my FAX and documentation was NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
8) Explained to rep that I am traveling with 2 days and need card and money.

9) Rep. asks me to RE-FAX
10). September 16th: I comply asap and re-fax COLOR COPY of PassPort and Lease

(proof of address)
11) REP. makes a decision to WIRE Transfer me $1000.00 to Western Union for my travel expenses

12) REP. SENT TRANSFER TO WRONG STATE: IE: Washington State, I live in District of Columbia

13) September 17 – 18 – 19 – 20TH: NO WIRE TRANSFER COMPLETED – NO CARD!

14) MONDAY September 22nd. at Western Union in Dupont Circle, District of Columbia


The Western Union Representative SPEAKS to the Serve rep. and explains that the original transfer is sent to the wrong state!

15) Serve Rep states: the wire transfer will be complete within 24 hours.

16) September: 23rd. No Wire Transfer, call Serve again






I am completely appalled. What is it going to take to get my MONIES!
Also, while on hold I tried to check my balance, one of the representatives LOCKED my card.
I would like a resolution today and would like my monies asap. I will NO LONGER be using AXS. I have estimated that I have reloaded well over 12,000 within three months.

Here is my personal information:


Jack Shea September 14, 2014 at 5:26 pm

Amazing, Ken, that you were awarded/ or bought the J D Power award for customer service. I worked for American oops Indian) Express for 37 years & find that Bank Americard more than suits my needs. I have the ability to talk with American citizens with them and have a higher credit line & a much higher level of respect with their company.


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