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La Santisima Gourment Taco Shop Corporate Office

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La Santisima Gourmet Tacos Corporate Office Address

La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop
119 South San Francisco Street
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

Contact La Santisima Gourmet Tacos

Phone Number: (928) 779-6432
Fax Number:
Email: Email La Santisima Gourmet Tacos

La Santisima Gourmet Tacos Facts

Founder: Guadalupe & Felipe Guzman
Date Founded: 2010
Founding Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Number of Employees: 120

La Santisima Gourmet Tacos Executives

CEO: Felipe Guzman

La Santisima Gourmet Tacos History

La Santisima Gourmet Tacos Store Front

 La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop was founded in 2010 by Felipe Guzman and his mother Guadalupe in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally called La Condessa, the company changed names a few years after opening.

Guzman has stated that anyone could open a taco stand, which is why he changed to name to “gourmet taco shop” because his tacos and other Mexican food is anything but ordinary. Steering away from the typical Tex-Mex style of food, Guzman’s food is so popular that they opened a second restaurant a short 5 years later.

La Santisima taco plate   While some restaurants are content to serve you fresh salsa, Guzman offers a salsa bar, where clients can pick and choose from a dozen or more different types of salsa.

The restaurant frequently makes the local Phoenix papers and new stations “best of ” list, including best salsas, best horchata, best tacos, and best service.

La Santisima Taco Plate 3 tacos  In March 2018, Guzman opened a new restaurant called La Marquesa, which will feature both goat and beef birria and lots of tequila for margaritas.

Company headquarters are located in Flagstaff, Arizona.

La Santisima Gourmet TAcos building at night

La Santisima Gourmet Tacos FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for La Santisima Gourmet Tacos?
Answer 1: The phone number for La Santisima Gourmet Tacos is (928) 779-6432.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of La Santisima Gourmet Tacos?
Answer 2: The CEO of La Santisima Gourmet Tacos is Felipe Guzman.

Question 3: Who founded La Santisima Gourmet Tacos?
Answer 3: La Santisima Gourmet Tacos was founded by Guadalupe & Felipe Guzman in 2010.

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