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LA Fitness Corporate Office Address

LA Fitness International LLC
6400 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine, California 92620

Contact LA Fitness

Phone Number: (949) 255-7200
Fax Number: (949) 250-9146
Email: Email LA Fitness

LA Fitness Facts

Founder: Chin Yol Yi and Louis Welsh
Date Founded: 1984
Founding Location: Los Angeles, California
Number of Employees: 10001

LA Fitness Executives

CEO: Louis Welch
CFO: William B. Horner
COO: Scot J. Mackay

LA Fitness History

LA 1


LA Fitness was founded in 1984 by Chin Yol Yi and Louis Welsh.  The first location was in Los Angeles, CA.  Over the next 10 years, the company expanded by acquiring other gyms in the Southern California area.

In 1995, the company built what would become the prototype for all its future gyms and continued new construction throughout the 90s.

LA 2

In 2000, the company acquired one of the largest fitness chains in Atlanta and converted 25 locations into 14 larger gyms.

In 2007, the company expanded into Canada by acquiring 7 gyms in Toronto.  In 2010, they acquired Pure Fitness Arizona and 10 gyms in the Phoenix area.

In 2011, in a huge acquisition, LA took over 153 clubs from Bally Total Fitness.  In 2012, they acquired 33 gyms from Lifestyle Family Fitness in Florida.  LA 3

In 2013, the company The Buffalo and Rochester Athletic Clubs in Western New York.  Ten locations of Vision Quest Sport and Fitness clubs in Seattle were also acquired.

The company has had numerous complaints about racial discrimination and in September 2018, removed two managers from their positions as the company studied the complaint of a former employee.

In January 2019, a 90-year-old cancer patient in Texas states that he was pressured into purchasing $5,000 worth of personal training classes.

LA Fitness currently has over 800 gyms in the US and Canada. Headquarters are located in Irvine, California.

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LA Fitness FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for LA Fitness?
Answer 1: The phone number for LA Fitness is (949) 255-7200.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of LA Fitness?
Answer 2: The CEO of LA Fitness is Louis Welch.

Question 3: Who founded LA Fitness?
Answer 3: LA Fitness was founded by Chin Yol Yi and Louis Welsh in 1984.

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Liz October 2, 2019 at 10:45 pm

I had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life this evening from John – a sales manager on east broad street, Reynoldsburg location..
I called to cancel and was told that I needed to cancel in person with a valid ID. I came in at 7 and was told when I got there that I had to be there in person from 9-5 mom- fri. Who takes time off work to make it into the gym so they can cancel their membership? When I asked to speak to a manager because I was frustrated, manager John literally almost had a nervous break down, because he was interrupted in the middle of a sales pitch by the from desk girl. He spoke to me and a female staff member in a very loud and belittling way. He was shaking and sweating and pursing his lips the entire time I interacted with him. So unsettling. I left with a letter that I need to mail in to cancel my membership. That’s right, account still isn’t canceled. Angry, raging John is a poor excuse for a manager and by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Just a heads up!


Fred August 28, 2019 at 11:27 am



I was in the 5:30pm spin class yesterday in Matteson Illinois. Now class starts at 5:30pm can you tell me why your physical trainer manager is in the spin soliciting her energy drinks in my class and disturbing the class while class was in session at 5:37pm. This is unacceptable and should be dealt with.


Jayashree August 12, 2019 at 2:56 pm

I have complaint regarding LA fitness personal training in Kitchener. I joined LAFitness Personal training in Brampton on June 4th and I mentioned i will be moving to Waterloo in 2 months. They agreed and i got the training sessions in Brampton for 2 months. I moved to Waterloo recently on August1st and director of Brampton had spoke to the Kitchener Super Club and suggested one trainer.

I went and contacted LAFitness but there is no proper response. Even i am dropping notes to the trainer but there is no response or call back.

I am very disappointed with the way things are.. The money got debited from my account for this month and its almost more than 10 days there is no response or call back.

If things are not working, i want to cancel the personal training option and get refund of my money.


Anna Serna July 22, 2019 at 7:54 pm

I have been prepaying my membership yearly since 2012. This year I prepaid i. February for the coming yearly membership starting in May 2012.

I was informed by my retirement board that effective July 1, 2019 my insurance pays fitness fees for retirees. When informing L.A, Fitness, Covina, of such, this month, they refused to refund the remaining 10 months. The manager stated that I signed a prepay contract therefore the balance is lost to me. I have been trying to get a copy of the contract for 3 weeks, to no avail. I keep getting excuses as to why a copy can’t be printed and they would keep trying.
Contacting Consumers Services was no help at all. They called the manager at the W. Covina Club and repeated what he already told me and referred me back to the manager for a copy of the contract.


Ruth Koob July 15, 2019 at 3:45 pm

I really enjoy The LA Fitness classes there!
Excellent Trainer and motivational.
I don’t like the high pressure sales technique they’re practicing and wish they would be more human.
Especially being in the field of the Health Business it’s not a good practice and we need better and authentic companies in this world!
Successful companies don’t need this kind of practice like what LA Fitness is doing.
Be part of changing our world for a better place!


CBryan July 11, 2019 at 11:32 pm

Several iPhones were stolen from the Sprayberry LA Fitness today and took me a long to get a simple incident report. When the incident was reported to the staff member no report was taken at all. I had to come in and demand an incident report. The Manager Troy gave me a hard time. I had to later go the police station to report the incident properly and the PD told me LA fitness should have called the police to report the incident as well. The police later met me at the location to file an official report. I found out today that LA fitness has NO I mean NOT one camera at this location or outside the building. Please BEWARE this location is completely unsecured inside or outside the location.

Why is it okay for a place to business like LA fitness Sprayberry Marietta, GA to have NO Cameras inside or outside the building? You need to teach your company how to take a proper incident report and provide the information to the customer and not be argumentative with the customer. Horrible customer service.


Edwin Quintanilla July 7, 2019 at 7:03 pm


I am a very unhappy customer who pays a decent amount of money for a gym that is to provide the basic needs to all members. The North Brunswick Facility provides the worst customer service I have ever came across. I worked in customer service before and would have never neglected customers the way this gym does. The front “staff” do not greet members, are constantly on their phones, they just leave the bar scanner up so members could walk in, some that I’ve seen do not scan, probably not even a member of the club. But today is a big no, The gym is constantly out of hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Today there were not 1 single paper towel available on the floor, either the cycling room, Zumba room, Nor the floor. This is unbelievably outrageous! Staff said they ran out. That the janitor doesn’t work on Sundays. Wow, LA fitness should seriously have these people trained on how to look for paper towels for guests and how to replace them. I am seriously considering on cancelling my membership here or going to the East Brunswick gym as it’s cleaner and more professional, worth my money…. Please have this fixed immediately

Club Member for North Brunswick, NJ 08902


Wayne June 3, 2019 at 11:18 pm

Here is just one typical response I got to my neighborhood post regarding my wife stuck in a trainer contract that she cannot get out of, even with a Doctor note.

“Personal training is very profitable for LA Fitness so you can run into the used car salesman treatment when you try to end it, no matter the circumstances. You just need to put your door down with the person, in person, that you are dealing with”

I tried that with no resolution. I’ve already received over 30 negatives comments from my post regarding this LA Fitness in Scottsdale. I’ll be happy to forward additional negative comments as I receive them.
Facility in Scottsdale.


Ernie Contreras May 26, 2019 at 2:05 pm

I’ve been a member of LA Fitness, Universal, pretty much since it opened. Couldn’t have been happier. Until this February, when Fox News suddenly appeared on multiple screens on the gym floor. Since that time, CNN had been the only cable news offering. In my opinion, CNN is neutral ground. Fox is not. I won’t go into the reasons why Fox is not news, but I will make my protest heard. The appearance of Fox has politicized the gym floor, where discussion is heating up. I go to the gym to escape the bombardment of politics and relieve the anxiety it generates.

I’ve spoken to the manager, Jared, no last name given, on various occasions. Apparently, the decision to add Fox was his and not necessarily company policy. At least that’s what I’m told by the member services reps I’ve spoken to on the phone. One member-rep snidely suggested I just not look at the screen. In this regard I switched to the Studio City club, which did not broadcast Fox. As you know, the Studio City club closed last month. I now find myself back at Universal. I loathe to switch gym membership.

I did ask Jared why he changed the format. He said members had asked for Fox. I asked how many and if they petitioned him to make the change. He said 30 or so members had come forward individually. It’s my understanding that Jared came to Universal in February. Fox appeared when he arrived. How 30 members approached him individually on arrival is beyond a stretch. Ironically, it’s a ‘prove me wrong’ tactic used by Fox. His handing of complaints is less than tactful and I’m not alone in that assessment. I remain curious as to why the decision is his. Might LA Fitness have a company policy covering this matter?

Why politicize the gym floor with the election around the corner? The tension is only going to get worse, particularly if the conflict gets publicized. Would it be wise to get ahead of what’s coming?

Yes, I could just look away, but I feel there’s much more at stake here than is being addressed.

Thank you.


Arlene Spitz May 23, 2019 at 7:26 am

I previously belonged to LA Fitness in Tradition, Fl. and was very pleased. My family has now joined LA Fitness in St Lucie West, Fl. and have never been more disgusted, The place is dirty, the equipment is rusted and noisy, the manager is totally uninvolved and the women’s locker room reeks. For the money that we are paying this is disgraceful and as much as my family is locked into a year’s contract I will not recommend the facility nor recommend it to others without some adjustments to the environment. You should be ashamed of your lack of upkeep and responsibility to your customers.


Frankie Fontenot May 21, 2019 at 6:22 pm

I am a member of an LA Fitness in Spring, TX, the Klein facility. My complaint is the lack of air conditioning in this facility. The group fitness room is constantly without a/c. Today in the Silver Sneakers class, there were several ladies that started getting light headed due to the lack of cool circulating air. The sound system was also not working. All the cardio machines are upstairs in this facility and it is quite hot up there during the summer and winter since heat rises and we are in Texas after all.


Imelda Gopico May 21, 2019 at 5:13 am

I am writing this to request to get assistance in Temecula, Murrieta and Menifee LA Fitness get good instructors for Yoga and Body Works. Noelle S is the best Yoga and Pilates instructor. For some reason she only has few regular yoga and Pilates classes. There Are very few professional yoga instructors in above mentioned facilities. Some instructors would only tell the class to bend your knees, inhale and exhale without any direction how to correctly and effectively execute the poses. Majority are not yoga teachers. Anybody can say bend and extend your arms and legs. Noelle S is the only one who is a true and experienced Yoga instructor, yet they always cancel her few classes. This is not right. We joined the club to get fit and these classes taught by an experienced excellent instructor are not available.
Hope somebody from the corporate office will do something about evaluating yoga and Pilates teachers in those facilities. Please give us experienced instructors like Noelle S.
Thank you.


MARILYNA NGUYEN May 16, 2019 at 1:24 am

Dear reviewer,
My fiancé and I are the members of the LA fitness for 5 years. In the LA fitness at Cerritos address 10802 ALONDRA BLVD., CERRITOS, CA 90703, I complain the lady whose name Jasmine for very bad customer service and not consider customers’ health. She has tried to confine many customers in the small dance room (compared to ratio of huge people working out in the room) by closing the doors. She says that the music is too loud. Well, we come to the Gym to exercise because we want to be healthy. Music is the motivation and we come here mostly just for Zumba dancing, but we cannot tolerate the doors being closed with different smells from people working out with a lot of sweat, farting, flu, coughing, sneezing inside the room. Even those with the air condition, it is still not enough to remove all smells from a huge people that are working out. When we work out hard like Zumba dancing, we produce a lot of heat and all smell from sweat, farting, flu, coughing etc… It is unhealthy if we breath in hard our own waste smells during workout. And again, we all come here because we want to be healthy but not want to get sick. It is very poor ventilation when the doors are closed with many workout people. I feel so uncomfortable when working out with being confined behind the door and subjected to all kinds of smells like that. Even though I explained to Jasmine who told herself as a manager there, but she does not care about it. She should not be in that position because she did not know what the healthy should be and she lacks knowledge about health, physiology… and especially, she is very bad customer service. She was together with the guy who works there that names Stevedore, to close the door despite of the complains of many customers whose were working out in the dancing room. I think the company should review her behavior and having an action because we don’t want to pay and get treat like that.
Thank you,
Marilyna Nguyen


Chris May 23, 2019 at 2:18 pm

I understand your concern. Feel our pain! We on the outside really don’t want to hear your blaring music. Ask your instructor to lower the volume level in exchange for an open door. See if that helps.


Jane Doe April 12, 2019 at 12:52 pm

LA Fitness @ 2740 Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77080

Whoever made the decision to move the stretching mats to the middle of the main and only walkway that connects both sections of the gym should be fired immediately. I can no longer stretch on the mats because every time I do I am walked up on by men who stare at me like a piece of meat. The genius who made this decision must like to get an up close look at members stretching. You can no longer stretch without others who go from one area of the gym to another to get a great long uncomfortable look at your body from inches away. I am positive the short Director who is a pervert made this decision.

Hope changes are made.
Jane Doe


Chris May 23, 2019 at 2:33 pm

Jane I am sorry you feel people are gloating at you while you do your stretching exercises. Most of LA Fitness locations have black exercise mats that are transportable. You could pick up the mat and move it to any area you feel is a safe zone for you. Otherwise, an option may be to try a yoga class which specializes in stretching classes; one would be less inclined to think these people are just looking at me. Everyone involved in the class is within a closed room.
I hope that helps Jane Doe!


Bernie Cohn March 28, 2019 at 10:42 am

Good morning
Your location on Ina Road in Tucson Arizona needs to get either new plumbing help or a manager. We have been without hot water for 4 days now. We have been told to much bullsh*t and its time it just gets fixed. I hope someone can remedy this problem very soon.
Thanks in advance for helping


james walsh March 27, 2019 at 7:02 pm

I complained to a manager at LA Fitness Bloomfield,Michigan about the fact that the spa was BARELY BATHWATER temperature, this after the spa being closed down for several days. His response to my complaint:” I don’t like your sarcastic attitude” and then, ” if you’re not happy,find another club.” I’ve been a member of this club since it was opened, and resent very much this man’s attitude. The spa has been dysfunctional off and on for the last several weeks, so I know this has been an ongoing problem, I believe
that I deserved AT LEAST and “I’m sorry, we’re working on the problem”. I didn’t catch the man’s name, but he was in charge of the club at 3:00 today, Wednesday 3/27. He was a man of color, probably 40 or so years old.


Chris May 23, 2019 at 2:42 pm

Ok, I have been in lukewarm waters myself. Find out what day of the week the Spa is drained and cleaned. It is best to avoid that day altogether if possible. If not you must calculate and determine how many hours it will take for the Spa to get to normal operating temperatures. If the problem persist see the people at the front desk.


gail s February 4, 2019 at 12:12 pm

Absolutely terrible. Operations manager of the Van Nuys corporation does not take burglary seriously or an injury in the parking lot seriously kept promising to call back and every time I had to call her back and she still did not have any resolution. And although she promised to call me back several times she did not.I was burglarize my locker lock was cut off they said sorry. I fell in parking lot looking for my phone dislocated finger, broke foot again sorry Corporate solution after I asked them for a very conservative reimbirsement to just pay for my medical bills, although I have been extremely inconvenienced and in pain since the incident they told me I need to take them to small claims court. Seriously so meone came in cut the lock off my locker and there’s been nothing at the club to warn or let people know what’s going on. Shame on you LA fitness. I had to insist that they call the police at the time of the incident, and they were extremely not helpful the manager on duty didn’t seem to even care enough to see if I was OK, the operations manager would not allow them to show the police the video,You only want the money and don’t care about the safety of your membershipPlease do the right thing.


Jb February 13, 2019 at 12:12 am

Ok first of all, it says on the lockers that they are not responsible for lost or stole items. Second, you fell in the parking lot, that was gravity and your own fault. It sounds like you like to blame others for your mess ups. And what the hell is the manger supposed to do if your stuff gets taken? Start and investigation? All they can do is report what was stolen to the police…something you could do on your own. LA Fitness is usually pretty terrible though. But stop relying on people making minimum wage to solve problems you got yourself into. Leave your valuables in your car next time. Watch your freaking step. Have a nice day.


Farzana Malik January 25, 2019 at 2:34 pm

My name is Farzana Malik and I am a member at your 1201 West Centerville Road, Garland, TX 75041 La Fitness location.

Handicap Ridiculed by instructor
Aquafit Class on Thursday January 24th, 2018
Aqua fit instructor Shannon was disrespectful when I asked her not to encourage another student from screeching in a high pitch during class. The sound resonates in the pool and is painful to the ears. I have a hearing impairment. She responded by encouraging the entire class to join in the screeching and told me I don’t have to attend this class and can leave. I was humiliated, ridiculed and embarrassed in front of the entire class by Shannon. I like this gym but this instructor needs to be taught that all members should be treated with respect.


Jb February 13, 2019 at 12:15 am

Honestly, she is right. Majority rules. You are one person who doesn’t like it. Everyone else loves it. You lose bud, sorry. Life isn’t fair


Nicole Tucker November 23, 2018 at 11:58 am

HR is very unprofessional and very rude they have no correct way of knowing how to talk to people


Pete February 10, 2019 at 2:16 am

The corporate office personnel will not do anything about the club personnel when they keep screwing up.


Luis Deliz November 16, 2018 at 1:27 pm

Terrible!!! I was charged 6 times for my membership due to no job I wasn’t paying. In those 6 months I’ve tried 4 or 5 times to go and get a workout and wasn’t let in. Come to find out they were gonna charge me anyways. So basically I wasn’t aloud to use my membership and still got charged for it. Pretty insane if you ask me. Called corporate and they gave me no answers. He kept repeating the same thing over and over and never answered the first question I asked as if he was avoiding it because he didn’t know the answer. Wouldn’t recommend this gym to anyone!!


AnnMarie Wintle October 31, 2018 at 2:21 pm

The bathroom in general at LA Fitness on Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Falls NY has become a disgusting mess; the showers are a cess pool of germs and soap residue from not being cleaned in weeks, the tile has mold and the floors are breeding grounds for infections. We understand that personnel is out on medical leave but you would think that replacements would be hired. The exercise equipment is certainly disinfected often enough judging by the frequency we see them being wiped down, now how about the showers? Come on now lets get this taken care before other problems result . Hopefully this doesn’t fall on deaf ears as other requests have apparently done so to the management. Much appreciated


Chris May 23, 2019 at 3:09 pm

That too is one of my pet peeves. Let us all clean up behind ourselves as we would do at home. Don’t have the mentality “I pay to have others cleanup for me,” NO! Try this the next time you see the person responsible for cleaning up LA Fitness go up to them and speak to them kindly then show them or take them to the area of your concern(s). I bet you would get more accomplished when speaking to them directly than if you went to their superiors and complained.


Katie Lyles October 19, 2018 at 10:19 am

Liz helped me cancel my memberships over the phone today and was extremely helpful and kind! Thank you for making this process painless!


Stanley Golovac,M.D. September 18, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Dear Mr. Welch:

I would like to inform you of an incident that occurred on 09/14/2018 at 4:00PM. It all began on 09/12/2018 when my mother-in-law Mabel Leal and 85 y.o. lady went to LA Fitness on 9291 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33174. She went to sign up as a Silver Sneakers participant and was greeted appropriately and professionally. Unfortunately she did not get a tour of the facility or where to store her clothes in the locker room. So she was informed to return the next day and see someone for the orientation. So upon returning the next day, she met with a Ms. Rodriguez who was very friendly, kind and professional. Until she influenced in signing up for personal training 3 x a week? An 85 y.o. female who suffers from Spinal Canal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Osteoporosis, Left leg Radiculopathy, Bilateral Valgus feet deformity’s ??? Hmmmmm? Sounds like a program designed specifically just for her????At a tune of 268.00 per month! WOW sounds like a deal!. So I called to speak to the manager and was told that Mr. Lazaro would be in at 4:00PM EST So I presented myself with my mother-in-law to see Mr. Lazaro in person with her “contract”. He introduced himself accordingly and so did I as Dr. Stanley Golovac, Pain Physician for 33 years. Mr. Lazaro then began speaking in Spanish to Mrs. Leal telling her that she should have a personal trainer, well I guess Mr. Lazaro was not aware of my ability to speak and comprehend 4 languages! English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Well Mr. Lazaro then told me to get the F— out of his Gym! Well I wasn’t aware that Mr. Welch was replaced by Mr. Lazaro as CEO??????

Mr. Welch I strongly believe that the intent is to help people get fit and accomplish their physical desires. But I do not think anyone at your clubs should be pushing personal training to the Elderly who only want to participate in your Aqua Fit program. People who suffer with multiple ailments merely need activity and joint mobilization NOT weight lifting exercises!

I believe Mr. Lazaro and his crew should be made aware of this

Dr. Golovac


Chris May 23, 2019 at 8:42 pm

I read through your trouble you and your mother-in-law had with LA Fitness. I know you are a busy doctor and unable to accompany her at all times. Did Ms. Mabel Leal state to the manager that she suffers from Spinal Canal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Osteoporosis, Left leg Radiculopathy or Bilateral Valgus feet deformity’s? Did she fill out any documents stating she suffers from these conditions? No one should just look at her date of birth and draw assumptions about her capabilities. I too like Ms. Leal am eligible for Silver Sneakers. I also have a disability a total Proctocolectomy. It would be discrimination and I would not have been a happy-camper if the person who went through my orientation avoided trying to attempt to sell me LA Fitness benefits because of my age or disabilities.


John S. Sipos September 2, 2018 at 12:32 pm

LA fitness observations
Sun, 2 Sep 2018 11:41:59 -0400
To whom it may concern,

Observations at LA Fitness in Easton, PA:
Locker room for men:
For the past two weeks, the restroom has looked disgusting due to lack of maintenance. Paper remains on the floor in the stalls and some of the commodes have residue that has not been removed in days. The urinals also have not be cleaned in days.

It would appear that cleaning has to be done at least twice a day in order to keep the room presentable.

Is it possible that someone from Corporate can contact the Easton, PA LA Fitness to discuss these concerns?

Thank you,

John Sipos–Member # F18080202


Pete August 30, 2018 at 12:40 pm

Who knows if LA Fitness Corporate Office personnel ever see all these reviews. There are several other sites with similar reviews. LA Fitness could easily hire some people to strictly look over all these reviews and make sure they are resolved ASAP.


Corliss Price August 29, 2018 at 11:31 am

Our pool at Old National Hwy, College Park, Ga has been down since June. Every week the staff give a difference spin on why its not working,; at first the pool was closed for cleaning one month, then someone did something to the wires awaiting a kit to repair, next month pool between the two lies. If this was Buckhead pool would have been fixed the same day. Shame on you LA fitness for poor service to your customer. Can I be rewarded for three months of missed water aerobics I need this for my body.


TESFAYE MULUNEH August 24, 2018 at 4:27 pm

Today I went to LA fitness located at wheaton shopping center, silver spring , MD and I locked my locker with key as usual and when I came back from my workout my locker key was broken and someone went in to my bag and took my wallet out of my shorts and robbed me of around $300 in cash, which I carried with me to go to shopping after the GYM. I reported it to the front desk and they acted as if they don’t even care about their customers. I asked them if they can at least try to look on the camera, but they told me they will look at it at later time. Theft in this GYM is becoming common and everybody is complaining about it. You need to make some adjustments on how to monitor the overall activity going on in the facility. Above all you need to work on enhancing the proficiency and effectiveness of your employee to able to monitor customer’s safety and property.


Pam Martin July 14, 2018 at 5:44 pm

My car was stolen at the XXXXberland Parkway store in Atlanta GA while meeting with a personal trainer to sign up for training. We left the desk briefly and I asked about locking up my keys and was told by the trainer it was safe to leave them there. When we returned the thief was sitting at his desk. He had slipped my fob off my key chain. There were no surveillance cameras in or out. The personal trainer called the next day to apologize and see it I wanted to sign up. I have not received a single word from management at that store, which is appalling. To add insult to injury, LA fitness calls me daily because my I had to cancel my bank account and credit cards due to this theft and my account is due to be drafted. I’ve explained it and told them not to call again and I would do it online when I get my new cards. They say they are making a note in my file not to call me. Still they call and now, they say they are calling to confirm the note. I’ve received two of those today. It would be nice if management was as diligent as the collection call centers. The message is clear that LA Fitness doesn’t care about its customers, just the money. I posted it on a a neighborhood website and I got about 30+ responses about others who experienced losses there and no concern from management. It is a common occurrence. Where is human decency and compassion? I am rebuilding my life from the ground up and feel vulnerable. LA Fitness’ payment is not my top priority. It’s appalling!


Elena Formisano July 7, 2018 at 2:12 pm

Garden City Park NY Tried to join with AARP was told I had to pay monthly with a credit card. I’m apprehensive about my credit card on your site. I wanted to pay for the whole year but was told I could not!!!! and receive the discounted amount. I’m 75 years old and think we deserve a little consideration. I was a member in Florida in Plantation Fl JAN 2018.and also don’t think I should pay the initial fee of $99.00 either. Do I go to another franchise or can this be resolved. Please respond as I don”t know how long my confirmation # will be out of date!!!


Walker June 16, 2018 at 11:08 pm

The LA Fitness located is Conyers GA off of 138 is being robbed blind in many ways by management. I have come in several times paying 15.00 per day because the sale managers are never there on time. I am told by the front desk that they will be in at 9:00 am and they are never in at 9:00. I decided to wait one day and what I saw was amazing. I waited for about an hour. There were people being let in the gym for free with no membership or pass. Some guy sitting in the area with desks and chairs yell to the employee at the front desk “yo he good you can let him in”. The same guy let people in who owed balances and when the front desk employee tried to collect the same guy yelled you can let him in. Why do some people have to pay while others don’t? A group of employee were standing at the front desk talking about another employee they want to run the train on. They were calling her names It seems like a lot of shady stuff is happening at this club and the employee here run this place like a college frat house. First LA Fitness calls the police on its member now this. Someone from sales finally showed up at 10:30 but made me wait because they had to eat the meal they bought from chik fil A. This club doesn’t want my business so I left and joined planet fitness. Beware of this shady club!!!!


Mary Spink June 6, 2018 at 10:29 am

This is urgent. I need your help. I have tried to cancel my membership since April , 2018. This is my second letter to customer service. I have a back problem and delivered a doctor’s letter to LA Fitness in Fort Myers, FL stating I could no longer workout. Andrew, via text, told me he received my letter and it would be sent to corporate and my request would be processed by the end of the week WITHOUT A CANCELLATION FEE! As of this date, June 2, 2018 the fee for my monthly membership and my trainer fee is still being deducted from my checking account. My medical bills are mounting up rapidly. Please, please help me resolve this issue. Cancel my membership and refund the $231.79 for the months of May and June.

I have since developed some real breathing problems. I can’t catch my breath. So basically I can’t do much of anything physical. I am on several medications.

Mary Spink

Thank you.


Anonymous April 28, 2018 at 2:40 pm

It’s sad what happened with Alicia Mesici from LA FITNESS Secaucus NJ, the same guy who created all this situation had an issue in a bank office ine year ago, the thing is that at that moment nobody recorded him yelling and cursin inside a bank branch. Too bad that media pays attention to it and believe their lies


Becky Diefendorf May 21, 2018 at 10:06 am

bdief@ Not saying I’m 100% in the right but I’m not an employee. When you walk into a class and you are talking loudly to everyone that is a open discussion.. if you like it to be private you walk up to the person and that you would like to talk to 1 R 2 people.. was not about religion or politics. But she did call me a raciest and did bring up Trump . I was like she was making it about that .. After 5 mins But it did go on for 10 mins wish I had got it all sometime you need to record what going on .. can not make it up . Guess because she was a employee was going to have me removed so she did get a employee he came in there so there was bulling # 2 then after class did start she was doing selfish pictures I was in because could see myself guess to should all her friends in the gym that I know a lot of them to as the Raciest witch that part starts around 145 min .. after class did start about 20 mins into she had to go and complain more about me to management.. still I do not back down this is not different them Starbucks last week .. when I do go back into the Gym I hope there no harassment from her and her friends.. when you go to the Gym as a employee teaching a class are just doing a class you are still representing the gym. I’m a paying member.. at the end of the day she was still in the wrong. BTW I was thinking I think I have done a few of her class why is she acting like this . Confirm yes she is a employee.. wow


Sherry Stephenson April 22, 2018 at 12:34 pm

I was recently let go from one of ur LA Fitness locations in Canada. The location was in the Greater Toronto Area, in the City of Mississauga the Vega location @ Winstonchruchill & Dundas. I was employed there for almost 5 mths. On April 19/18 I came into work & i was completely caught off graud when the operations manager there, Jackie pulled me aside & said she had to let me go cause of how many absences I had in the short time I worked there & cause she needed someone more reliable. In my head I was very confused cause I kept track of the days I work & my pay & records of days working didn’t at all match why she was letting me go. So I then requested a record from her of my attendance & she basically stated that HR is aware of what happen & she told me to stop calling her & messenging her. Not very perfessional. The day before her letting me go I asked her if I needed a couple of days off due to my son having major surgery at the end of May, when should I submit it & then the next day she let’s me go using my personal issues & attendance as a reason which was lies & discrimination. Back when I first started with the company I was approached by Jackie & asked by her if I could do the 5am to 11am shift & she would up my pay from 14 an hour to 16 an hour cause it was an early shift & no one wanted to cover it so I said sure & I was there everyday not absent for one shift. But because they had 2 women working the morning shift & the males part of the gym was being neglected everyone’s shift had to be rearranged, this is now my 3rd shift change in the short time i was there & again i was ok with it. So I started doing the 5pm to 9pm shift. My pay remand at 16 an hour cause by law under the ESA they couldn’t put me back down to 14 an hour & to make a long story short I feel like this is the real reason they let me go. The operations manager, Jackie lied about it being my attendance & she used my personal family issue (my sons upcoming surgery) as a reason to let me go & that’s not right. I was loyal to my job, all my coworkers liked me, club members noticed my hard work but the budget the club I worked in couldn’t afford my 16 an hour pay & that’s the truth for letting me go. I will be filing a complaint with the Ministry of Labor & The Employment Standards Act. I’m just beside myself that a big company like LA Fitness has the right to treat their employees so awful & unfair. Everything is a budget issue which leaves these clubs short staffed, treated unfairly & club members not getting everything they pay for & deserve! I’m very upset at what has occurred & what I have witnessed being an employee with LA Fitness & I will be taking this further to be properly investigated. The truth always prevails.


S. A. Linden April 20, 2018 at 1:57 pm

I have just read an online article describing the unacceptable incident in one of your NJ gyms that was posted on FaceBook this week [].  I’m not sure about the date of the actual incident, but have not read that this was handled correctly by your leadership.  It’s shocking that it was allowed to happen.  And it’s shocking in its exclusion from the publicity necessary to expose such atrocious behavior at a corporate franchise.  

LA Fitness should get ahead of this pronto, because letting it go is not helping your image.  Here is the comment I made after the cited article, which I’m including here because it pretty much says what I think you should have done!  

Why doesn’t this incident have legs like the Starbuck’s incident?  There should be boycott protests outside of every LA Fitness right now, until the CEO apologizes and does Starbucks-style damage control in every way.  The persistence of these employees and inability to let things go is remarkable and destructive to this mega-corporation.   It should NOT be tolerated!

Hoping to read more positive news about this in the future,

S. A. Linden
Columbus, OH  43224


Jodie Wilkinson April 10, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Slidell La la fitness has the worst asset manager I have ever had to deal with, as well as the manager Josh. I have been lied to for going on three weeks. Funny how nice they were the first day I walked in. If it wasn’t for medical reasons I would never go swimming there again and take a hit each month for the fee. Trust me this will be a topic of conversation at every event I attend.


Vita Deveaux April 3, 2018 at 9:01 am

April 3, 2018 at 5:30am at the CampCreek Location in Atlanta, GA, I had a man almost attack me in the parking lot, as I went to my morning workout. Usually there are Security in the parking lot with their lights flashing. Well this morning, there were no Security on the premises. The attack was cirXXXXvented because another LAFitness member jumped out of his car, and startled the would be attacker. I immediately went inside the club and asked the workers to contact the police. He began looking for the security group. I’m very fortunate that nothing happened to me this morning. However, it is clear that you need security on the premises for your members who use the club in the times when the sun is not out.
I no longer use the College Park GA club because while going to an 9a class, I noticed auto glass in 8 different parking spaces and again no security.
I hope you will show some concern regarding your members and their safety.


MSL Knight July 2, 2018 at 2:34 pm

Good Morning,

I am writing to report the vitimization that took place on the property of L.A. Fitness,LLC 6072 Covington Highway , Decatur Geogia 30035. The event was tragic and the L.A. Fitness staff was reckless, cruel, apathetic and ” Did not render assistance or call the police and complete an incident report”. The staff member of L.A. Fitness lied and stated that there were not any security cameras. Later the detective handling my case stated that the organization has security cameras. In fact, I left a detailed message with the regional director and she has not return the call or offer insurance information to pay the claim that was pure ” NEGLIGENCE ” on the part of L. A. Fitness. The media specifically WSBTV has completed numerous stories on the car invasions AND L. A Fitness still refuses to have consistent police and security protrols. The detail of my experience is listed below: I am seeking to have the insurance of L. A. Fitness pay my claim which is less than $ 2000.00 This should be simple for such a small claim and is much cheaper than a ” class law action suit”: I will continue to pursue my claim and it does not matter how long the issue takes to resolve. I was in such danger and received no assistance.
I am very upset, angry and highly disappointed by the staff and management at the LA Fitness facility located at 6072 Covington Highway Decatur, GA 30035. Last evening I attended a yoga class 8 pm and when I left the gym my RX 350 Lexus was windows were broken and my purse , wallet stolen. I reported the incident to the on staff LA fitness employee and he refused to call 911 or walk me back to my car located on your premises. I drove home with shattered glass in my car and had to contact the DeKalb Police on my own. The experience was horrible. I am new to the facility and ONLY visited because I wanted to attend Nikki’s class. I am requesting to see surveillance cameras of the side parking lot (Left side) of LA fitness property. I have contacted the media for support. My information is listed below: I am need of assistance with this major problem. I am not represented by an attorney at this time. Yet, I will secure counsel if I receive no empathy or assistance from your organization. The lack of professionalism and compassion is reckless. I am requesting equality, responsibility and financial compensation.


MSL Knight July 7, 2018 at 10:12 am

After several emails to L.A. Fitness the regional director Mr. Brandon Smith contacted me to ” reach out ” and say that he was sorry. Mr. Smith was very nice and used all of his training skills to make me feel his empathy. Yet, he did not take a formal incident report and or offer the contact information to he insurance company representing LA Fitness to pay my claim. I am disappointed and will move forward with legal actions. The company is liable for the theft and I have contacted lawyers on Class Action to see if a ” Class Action Suit is possible . I am not the only victim and demand action.


Verenia Ohanian March 2, 2018 at 1:05 am

Club Member:F24709772
Hi! This message is for management or someone who WILL make changes to the Bulverde Road location in San Antonio, TX please. I’ve mentioned some of the following at the front desk a few times, without any difference. I’ve been here since day one of the opening. So I know it’s a newer club. I’m in medical/lipo sales and have been in sales all my 20 working years. I strive to have my customers/patients know they are in excellent care. That’s the word: EXCELLENCE. It’s much easier to sell, when people want what you have or what you are about. You get the point! 😉 I’ve been an LA Fitness member for about 15 years or more now. I purchased my membership back in Southern California, when it was Bally’s. I shopped around to choose the BEST gym for my money. Clearly Bally’s/LA Fitness was it, so it was a no brainer for me! Facilities and equipment were always clean, no dirty paper towels left in or around cups on treadmills, no sweat stains, no spots on benches, etc. They were always fully stocked with BEST pre-workout, post workouts, electrolyte drinks & waters. Smoothie shop with protein bars was always open with someone there to serve with a smile, during club hours. The music was popping just loud enough, where you felt the energy & desire to work out! You really didn’t hear T.V over music ever! We knew we were there to “move it”. We can watch TV at home. MOST importantly, it was always cool in temperature, ESPECIALLY on hot or humid days. Being a runner, this is VERY important to have the temperature cooler, for optimum runs. It’s also critical to have kept up treadmills and belts. Once worn down, there isn’t a shock absorber. This makes for a very uncomfortable run and it’s hard on the body. A runner is better off running outside, where they get some wind at least, at this point. Newer runners will simply quit thinking it’s always so “hard” when it shouldn’t be, depending on equipment. I’m really hoping someone will make these changes as soon as possible! We all pay our membership dues. I think most of us want to go where it’s EXCELLENT and we feel our money is well spent. We all have a choice as to where we go to workout. I happen to live closest to this gym and have excellent pricing because I once modeled, on a poster, for you all. Ideally, I don’t want to go to Gold’s (nearby) that has most of the above mentioned. I’ve checked them out and that’s your competition. Go see! You’ll see what I mean. It’s fun to have awesome sales, great reviews and to work at a place that’s EXCELLENT. Looking forward to change… Thanks for listening!
Sincerely, Verenia Ohanian


jim Decarlo February 9, 2018 at 9:12 am

To whom it may concern,
> Attached are photos of the constant lack of concern on the part of the members and the la fitness employees and management. I’ve been to at least 3 other locations in Florida and none of them looked like this. This does not represent your company well. There should be an employee walking around the facility at least every hour to ensure all equipment is put back or at the least you should have a person after closing hours to walk through and replace equipment. The employees at this location don’t give a damn.
> I constantly hear members that if it doesn’t get better they’re leaving to another facility. Also, the bathrooms are a disgrace.
> A very concerned member


Jane Hills January 25, 2018 at 1:30 pm

At LA Fitness in Santa Clarita, California the showers have ONLY a strong narrow stream of water that actually hurts rather than a wide spray as average showers have. It is like the head of the shower is turned to the narrowest spray. The manager had some rather weak reason for it but for clients with a lot of sweat or having been in a chlorine chemical water, cannot adequately wash off. They did not use to be this way so I suspect the present manager has her personal reasons. It WILL NOT DO. Fitness Center means “fitness.”


Connie January 25, 2018 at 12:05 pm

Your Canadian gyms are a ripe off. Your business tactics are something to be ashamed of. Your staff do not explain contacts clearly and when a client with mental health comes in your staff sworm like hungry vultures. You’re a disgusting unethical money hungry company. I will be reporting to Canadian authorities.


Lisa January 22, 2018 at 5:54 pm

Your gym in naplea Florida needs some serious attention and new management. I have learned to put up with the rude staff as I really don’t need anything from them—they don’t greet you when you walk in and in times we have had a complaint they do nothing.. The medicine balls have dissappeares and if there have been stolen or are old they should be replaced It has been 2 months are they are down to one 15 lb meds Cline Call! The hand sanitizers are always empty Here’s an idea Add more and ask your staff who are always sitting around to check them every hour and fill them up! Last Friday there was a toilet in the ladies room that was clogged up and it was disgusting I mr ruined it on the way out. MonSaturday morning I came to workout and the toilet had not been touched.. no signs had been posted or anything hung There was still toilet paper all over the floor How can the gym NOT be cleaned on a nightly basis!!!! This is faulty management and they need to be replaced We deserve more and I would think you would want more for your company Please fix Naples!!!


Ben Glesz December 17, 2017 at 6:19 pm



Q Fard December 9, 2017 at 10:38 am

@LAFitness I am not sure if anyone in corporate office is interested in hearing this but you have a major issue in your “new” LA Fitness in King of Prussia, PA. We are a bunch of some friends and some meet playing volleyball and meet because of our love of volleyball every Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 10:30am. We have become a large crowd, some nights over 30 people to play in 2-1/2 hour slot. We have asked repeatedly for more time to be opened to our game but we are FLATLY refused every time and reason given is “basketball.” Since when one sport take preference over another and also we get the court for only 5 hour out of the week. I have yet to see more than 10 basketball players on and around the court at the same time.
Majority of our players (90%) are from Middle East, India or the Far East. I believe what we are experiencing is a systematic racism by KOP La Fitness management. They have no legitimate reason to deny us more time and no intention to do so either. The time we have was agreed upon with manager previous to the one in place today.
We setup and breakdown the volleyball nets, even though it is something La Fitness staff should do due to liability of someone dropping the large post of someone else or themselves. We have done this and we don’t really care, we just want to play volleyball.
On Saturdays we come a bit early since there is NEVER any basketball players – even though there was no one in the gym, they refused to open the door for us led by their manager. I asked everyone to quit La Fitness and go to adjacent gym and the manager got more belligerent – I tried to video tape her behavior and she threatened to call the police… She asked me to leave so I did and since the only reason I go there is Tuesday s and Saturdays for volleyball and don’t get much playing time, I can forgo my membership.
I think you have a major #racism situation here and you need to do something about this ASAP. I think she needs to provide reasoning why Basketball takes so much preference over Volleyball. We get only 5 hours and it is open court.
I can’t any other reason for preferential treatment of one group over another except disguised racism. You can either follow up or ignore this but I will make sure this get the exposure it needs.


John January 1, 2018 at 8:12 pm

I doubt your story, and way to play the stupid race card for attention. You’re probably stealing American jobs on your H1B visa scam being here, anyhow (please admit that is exactly what you are doing here in OUR Nation!). There is also a good chance that your large group of swarthy odd-looking foreigners turns off many other members, which is why it is no coincidence that when your large group is there, the place seems empty. I bet many other members have complained about YOUR group.

And you believe that you have some right to take over the court for OVER 2.5 hours! The audacity of it! You should not be able to hog that court for anything more than an hour and an half. The manager sounds like she is already bending over backwards to try and please your ridiculous request, and now you are just pushing her past her limits. However, I doubt some of your comments are even true. King of Prussia is a very busy area, and there is no way that the gym is empty on Saturday mornings! All the locations that I have been to in Eastern, PA are busy on Saturday mornings. Not as busy as a weekday evening, for sure, but certainly not empty. Instead of going to another gym, why not go back to your own nations? Problem solved…for us at least. #JustGoBack


Nick December 7, 2017 at 8:00 am

4900 Edgmont Ave, Brookhaven, PA 19015

Let me first say how appalled I am at the facility my wife and I attend. When I used the showers on 12/2/2017 @ 8:45 am. there were 4 lights out, 3 in the stalls and 1 on the ceiling. Moreover, the soap dispenserswere either empty with the lids gave in or low on soap to where it looks like it would come out but it does not.

Furthermore, I have been noticing how your training personal are texting on their phones while “so-called” looking out for the customer’s safety in the training area. Likewise, how they are more responsive to people of color and not the other. Perhaps some intervention with the personal to promote better customer service and safety.

These same conditions still remain on this day 12/6/2017. I am disgusted with these conditions and may not renew my contract come February!

12/7/2017 I had emailed the office of LAFitness with no reply back! Are they just going to ignore the customs complaints?


Lisa December 5, 2017 at 9:09 pm

Hello Louis,

I am outraged that LA Fitness makes it impossible to can not cancel members membership! I have tried to cancel for months by the phone and I am told I have to come in person 9-6 during the week. People work. The other alternative is a online form to print and send in. This is a gym membership this is insane. I went in person this past weekend and begged to sign something to quit the gym and was not authorized.

LA Fitness does not have authority to call or run my credit card again. I have made this very clear in highly doXXXXented emails. have alerted AMEX that you are not authorized. My card was charged twice this MONTH. THIS IS ILLEGAL. I am forced to take legal action over a gym membership? This is pure insanity!

Quite frankly I do not want to waste one more ounce of my time on this. This is a complete scam. Cancel my membership end of story. I have tried to cancel by email, phone, and person. I will not be quiet about this matter this is absurd.


Abimael Dominguez November 9, 2017 at 7:39 pm

Dear Louis Welch, CEO,
Yesterday I went for a interview at LA Fitness in Easton, PA yesterday November 8, 2017 at 12 noon for Personal Trainer position with the Manager at facility. I was waiting at facility over an hour before my interview started. The manager made me feel like I was not welcomed to the company. Also I felt humiliated by him. I understand that I am a New Personal Trainer in the field but that was no reason to be humiliated by him in front of everybody that was present there while he was conducting the interview. He stated that I was too new and that I did not have any experience that he do not need me. I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reach at 610-991-XXXXX


Abimael Dominguez, CPT


laura March 13, 2018 at 11:53 am

i had same issue, waited 40 mins and walked out


Pete March 31, 2018 at 5:02 pm

It’s amazing how very few people can make an entire company look bad. Louis Welch simply does not care. I have e-mailed him just to pick on him because he gives people reason to. I have encountered several people in his staff that made him look really bad and the sad thing is that they would blame me for any wrongdoing. My membership was revoked nearly 5 years ago because people lied about me. They won’t get away with it.


Peggy Florence October 30, 2017 at 9:28 am

I am wirting because I signed up for the LA Fitness of Union,NJ. I can ot seem to get an answer as to when the club will open. There are not updates on social media nor have I received any emails. I also had my sister joine. If I do not get an answer or updates I will cancel my membership and I want a full refund since the club is not open. Looking at all the reviews make me skeptical about joining.


consulo October 18, 2017 at 2:17 pm

My father goes to the ridgmar location. He complains about pool temps, sauna being broken, locks on all the lockers, but today he falls on a mat that was in the locker room. He goes to the front desk to complain, but it falls on deaf ears. As usual, the staff does nothing and shows no concern. I wish he would quit wasting his money and a gym that obviously does not care about its members safety and well being.


STILL GETTING CHARGED October 13, 2017 at 11:44 pm

I put both My membership AND my daughters’ membership on hold Sept 9, 2017. You are still charging BOTH of us!

I have called many times, they just apologize and say it will be fixed…but you keep charging me! You need to reverse the past two months charges! I am very upset. I was told our accounts would be INACTIVE WITH NO CHARGE UNTIL WE USED THEM AGIAN.


Scott Denny October 13, 2017 at 9:28 am

I was shocked that The LA Fitness club in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey which has been a good club in the past has fallen so low in its customer service which is probably the reason it’s membership has,fallen so much recently.At nights there might be 15 members working out if its that many.The scanner that is used up front for security reasons has been put up on the counter and the person working the desk sits back in the chair with her feet up on the desk and tells members to scan their own card not even looking at the person’s card this is a real threat to security as,anyone could be using anyone else’s card plus IF LA Fitness is.paying this person to do a job it seems like a waste of there money to be paying someone who is not doing the job they have been hired to do.
This past week many members including myself had taken a shower after working out and were naked in the men’s locker room when the woman janitor came in unannounced, this is total a privacy violation on LA,Fitness’s side.If you had a man go into the ladies locker room you would see an outrage by the female members.I approached who I though was the service manager there and he said you members complain about everything if you don’t like it go to another gym by the way this was the same guy who the week before made the statement to another guy that he was trying to get with the blond desk girl up front so he could XXXXX her.This,same guy made a verbal threat to me saying maybe I’ll catch up with your outside and see if you complain anymore.At the end of the night I asked him his name and he said it was Fred the night janitor, but he apparently did not want to give his real name because when I called the manager the next day he said they had no Fred and it was a woman cleaner working nights.There is only one reason why you would give a fake name and that is he knows he’s guilty of doing something wrong. I was,told the district manager Neil would return my call but has not done so.
I am going to go to the police and file a report with them because no employee should threaten any member or anyone with a physical threat and LA Fitness should defianately terminate this kind of dangerous and deceitful employee.
You would think that an LA Fitness club who’s membership has dwindled to such low levels would be trying to gain members not loose them.
La Fitness has,to have local district managers who go into the club’s unannounced to see how these clubs are being run.


Liz Di Blasio October 13, 2017 at 12:42 am

Dear Corporate Management of LA Fitness,

My name is Elizabeth Di Blasio and have been a member since LA Fitness bought Bally Total Fitness and my membership transferred over. Up until today I have been pleased with my membership.

Today October 12, 2017, I went to my home gym located at 908 W Sepulveda Blvd, Harbor City, CA 90710 at approximately at 10:30am and had a horrific experience. When I arrived, I advised the front desk girl that I didn’t have a bar code and that I forgot to bring an ID, which by the way I was advised to bring in my last visit. I advised the front desk girl that since my husband was already in the gym I would have him download the LA Fitness app right away in my phone, so I could show her my bar code. (I must mention that all these years I have been entering the gym with just providing my cell number, the front desk person checked my photo and granted me access). When I was talking to the front desk lady, the manager Katlyn interrupted us abruptly and stated that I could not enter the gym without the bar code or the ID. I advised her I didn’t have any of them and that my husband, who was at the gym, was going to put the app in my phone immediately so I could do my workout. So, I decided to go look for him and made it to the back of the gym. While looking for him I was approached by Damian, a big buff gym employee and Katlyn. I advised them that they could check my information and my picture on their computer, while I was going to look for my husband to help me with my LA Fitness app, but Damian and Kaitlin said I had to leave the gym. I called my husband to tell him to come help me with my app since I was being kicked out, to which he was dismayed. My husband told me he was at the stationary bikes and by this point I had this big man, Damian, walking super close behind me (invading my personal space) as if I had just broken into the place.

I have never been so humiliated everyone’s eyes were on us as if we were being kicked out for non-payment or stealing. My husband mentioned to me that we should consider canceling our membership if we were going to be treated this way, and right away Damien took it upon himself and suggested that we must cancel our membership and just leave. My husband replied to him by saying to just leave us alone and Damian got in a fighting stance and said, “you just need to leave, just go!” as he is walking even closer to my husband as if to intimidate him. I then proceeded to tell him that I was going to pick up my son from the day care to avoid a physical confrontation, because Damian was following our every move and I was afraid that he was going to physically remove us from the club.
I am very concerned that these employees have access to our home address and phone number. My husband and I even talked about letting the Carson’s Sheriff department know about this issue in case Damian or Katlyn decide to do something against our selves or our kids. We felt threatened because of their attitude and tone.
It is very disappointing that Kaitlin couldn’t find a more professional solution to this situation. It appeared to us that she wanted to set an example of how her authority was, it is clear that she lacks any source management/leadership skills, as she showed signs of coercive power. I have been to other clubs where we have had similar situations and they offered a peaceful way to a resolution and not one that is so extremely humiliating to the member “client/consumer”. Without consumers the company fails to exist, and it was clear that our business was not appreciated. I am not saying that policies should not have to be followed nor rules must be enforced but in every situation, there are many cordial ways to enforce them and at the same time to retain customers.
In conclusion, employees such as Damian and Kaitlyn go against the club’s competitive strategy of industry-wide differentiation. With their attitude customers don’t feel appreciated and with the help of social media, the company’s brand can be adversely affected.

We would appreciate a serous resolution to this issue and we expect to be informed of any actions against these staff members.


Elizabeth Di Blasio Pavel Arias Bar code ID: F12178022

email redd72@ aripavel@


lor October 2, 2017 at 11:52 pm

Hey LA Fitness participants, if you signed up prior to 1999 and your MRate is $15.00 and you still have your contract please contact me at lori.dlc at LA Fitness lost my contract and won’t honor transfer ownerships and is trying to get me to sign a new contract.
Several years ago my attorney contacted them and we faxed over the contract and now they don’t have anything.


Candice Zarr September 25, 2017 at 12:57 pm

I want to understand why we are recently being forced to watch either FOX news or sports channels but nothing else in the club. 30% of the TV displays are dark so nothing is being shown on them. As a woman, I would be more comfortable with some alternative news programs. Especially since the other members have complained as well. We have been told this is a management directive and the staff has been told these are the only offerings. Why upset your customers? The club membership is not overfilled. It would be great to get a personal response other than “you have to call management”. I am already emailing Madison Dearborn and Seidler Equities.


Patrick J Durkin September 14, 2017 at 12:35 pm

Recently tried to end my teenage son’s training agreement after one month of usage. Was told too bad and that all they could do for me was charge the 50% early termination fee. Didn’t matter to them that my house just flooded during Hurricane Harvey and that 50% still represented $800 at a time when I can ill afford it. They wouldn’t make an exception because they were fearful of how it would look and that I would immediately go out and tell everyone the sure fire way to get out of an LA Fitness agreement. People with rigid, small minds. And stupid too because I cancelled my membership, my wife’s and my son’s. So they forfeited potentially thousands to make their point. My advice: stay away from LA Fitness. There’s too many gyms out there to be treated this way..


Afra December 26, 2017 at 1:29 am

How did you cancel your membership and personal training contract? I’m trying to do this for days and they won’t respond to me


Michael September 8, 2017 at 2:29 pm

In Orlando it was decided mid-week to close the gym Saturday Sunday and possibly Monday for hurricane Irma. They also posted the gym would close on Friday at 2pm who makes these decisions. Aren’t there any guidelines that the Company follows? I think if Jetblue will be flying in and out of Orlando until at least 5pm on Saturday i think a skeletal crew of 2 or 3 can make it to and from the gym safely. The only reason to make a move like this is to saves you 100’s of thousands of dollars in salary expense. This closure is totally ridiculous i would like a district manager to explain the decision.


Taylor August 24, 2017 at 2:07 pm

I am writing to let you know about the disappointing customer service I’ve received over the past three or four months.

I currently have a membership that includes guest privileges. I pay $34.99 a month. In May, I asked a representative at my gym about what it would take to change my plan since I don’t take advantage of the guest privileges like I used to. The representative said that she couldn’t handle that type of issue and suggest that I contact Member Services.

I called Member Services and spoke with somebody who explained that because the guest privileges are part of my membership I can’t reduce my monthly membership fee by simply discontinuing that feature. She said that I would have to pay a $290 fee to “buy down” the account to change my membership plan to one with just the standard features. Half sarcastically, I said I could probably cancel my account and start a new one for less than that. She said that gave her an idea. She told me LA Fitness was offering a promotion where someone could sign up and get access to any LA Fitness for $29.99 a month with an $89 initiation fee. She said we could convert my account to that one and because I had been a member since 2010, I wouldn’t have to pay the $89 start-up fee. That seemed like the perfect solution so I agreed. She told me the changes wouldn’t take effect until the next billing cycle so I could expect my lower membership fees to start in July.

Last week, I checked my credit card statements and noticed that I’m still paying $34.99 a month. On Monday August 21, I called Member Services to ask why the change hadn’t taken effect and I was told that there weren’t any notes in my account indicating that there a change should’ve taken place. In fact, there weren’t any notes that the call had ever taken occurred. I explained the situation and asked that LA Fitness honor those previous arrangements. The representative told me that she couldn’t do that without approval from a supervisor. She told me they would review the situation and that she would contact me no later than Wednesday at 1 PM.

I never received a follow-up phone call.

This morning I called again and spoke to Jason H. I asked him to take a look at my account notes and let me know if the matter was still under review. He told me that there weren’t any notes in my account indicating that a call had taken place. So, I explained the situation to him all over again. He basically told me that since there weren’t any account notes, he couldn’t confirm any previous agreement. He also said that I was probably misinformed and that there is no way to avoid the buy down fee.

I am writing because I’ve reached a dead-end. I haven’t made any progress after numerous phone calls. I am frustrated because it seems that each person I’ve spoken to from the Member Services team is disinterested in notating our conversation in my account, following up with long-standing customers, or making any effort to find a solution for what seems like a simple request.

Jason H. basically suggested that it was my responsibility to produce evidence of my previous conversations, otherwise there was nothing he could do for me. He wasn’t remotely apologetic about the fact that Member Services had consistently failed to doXXXXent previous conversations. He essentially told me the only way to change my membership plan would be to pay the buy down fee or cancel my membership. When I asked to speak to somebody else he said anyone else would tell me the same thing. That could be true, but every person I’ve spoken to so far has given me a slightly different story.

To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed with the lack of customer service and the Member Services disinterest in finding a way to fix the situation. (It seems like the absolute worst-case scenario would be canceling and starting up again with an $89 initiation fee but apparently the Member Services representatives don’t think that’s a viable alternative.)

I’d like to find a way to fix the situation, but that doesn’t seem likely so I’m planning on canceling my membership and finding another gym. I’m hoping this email lands in the hands of somebody who can take a look at the situation and recognize that even if there isn’t a perfect solution, there must be a better way to handle this situation.

I look forward to a response.


Barry Specter August 21, 2017 at 4:08 pm

I was in your Pleasant Hills location outside of Pittsburgh for a water arobics class. After the class I was taking a shower in the men’s showers ant two employees walk through the shower area. One male, one female. WTF? Since when is it appropriate to have a female walk through the men’s showers while the club is in operation? After I dressed I confronted her at the desk. She told me it was okay because she was the club manager. What if the situation was reversed and it was a male manager walking through the woman’s shower area?


Tania Williams August 21, 2017 at 1:01 am

Dear Corporate Office,

My name is Tania Williams, I joined LA Fitness Fontana, California on 4/20/17 and signed up for 1 year training sessions. My First Trainer was Jessica and my meetings with her were late evenings around 8pm. One day Jessica send me a Text message saying she would no longer be working late evening and she scheduled my Training session with Bryson. I said, “Bryson” I don’t feel comfortable with a Male trainer. “No One” from the Fontana Training department called me to let me know they were changing my Trainer. I understand the contract does not guarantee a specific trainer but when I signed up they told me I would have a Female Trainer.

Not knowing what to do I called the Gym at the Fontana location it was in the morning hours. I spoke with the Manager of the Training Department he said,” I’ll get a Female Trainer for you just give me a couple hours.” I said ok. He calls me back and says “Tanya, she can Train you and work around your schedule.” I said great! I met with Tanya and she was so friendly and helpful. I trained with Tanya for a couple weeks, till one week she didn’t text me our appointment time for the week. I text Tanya and she didn’t text me back. This was in July, I didn’t meet with Tanya for July.

Again not knowing what was going on, I went in person to the GYM spoke to Vanessa the Manager at the Fontana branch. Vanessa said, “I’m not in charge of the Training department you need to talk to Perry.” I spoke with Perry and he told me that they moved Tanya to another LA Fitness in San Bernardino because someone filed a compliant about Tanya dating someone at the gym. So, I didn’t have a Trainer again. Perry looked on his roster for a Female trainer for the evenings and he told me he didn’t have a female trainer. Perry suggested putting me with this male Trainer that is feminine. But, I said no because I won’t feel comfortable with a Male trainer. I never trained before and I just don’t feel comfortable with a Male Trainer. I asked Perry, if he can Release me of my Contract without charging any penalties. Perry said I need to call corporate for that.

I called corporate and spoke with Clarissa at extension 104..She was very understanding and kind, she said she would contact the VP at the Gym in Fontana to see what they can do this was on 8/9/17. She said it take 48 hours and the VP will call you. I never received a phone call from the VP. I called corporate again on 8/14/17 and spoke with Clarissa at extension 104. Clarissa again was understanding and friendly. She said, she would contact the VP again because he’s the only one who can do something about my request to be release from the contract without paying any fees. Clarissa said, “the VP or myself will call you in a couple days.”

Today is 8/20/17 and again the VP or no one from Corporate has called me. I only received an email saying welcome to LA Fitness to create an online account. I try creating an account on line but since I’m under my son’s membership I didn’t know how to make a separate one for me.

I’m going now on my second month without a Trainer and I still don’t have anyone to help me. No one has called to try to help me and to apologies. The Customer Service for the Fontana Training department is Horrible. I feel taken advantage of and your stealing from me charging my card but yet not having a Female Trainer available for me .

At this point, I’m done! I feel like I done everything I can to get you to hear me out but LA Fitness doesn’t care. Please just Release me from the Contract dated 4/20/17 without any Fees or Penalties. LA Fitness has over 500 comments online and most of them are bad comments about the Customer Service. You should train your Staff to provide a high level of Customer Service. The Customer Service is Horrible specially at the the Fontana GYM. No one cares about the customer at LA Fitness.


Too Hot August 19, 2017 at 11:02 am

We joined La Fitness in Washington township NJ 11 years ago and have seen managers come and go for the last 3 years the current manager has been the best the gym is so hot it’s unbearable most members are complaining about it some have joined a new gym that just opened down the street Saturday morning 20 too 30 people are kept waiting for the doors to open 8 am the place is filthy and most of the weights are all over the floor I like the lay out of the gym My family will look elsewhere.


Scott Denny October 13, 2017 at 8:57 am

I had to stop going to The LA,Fitness in Turnersville due to the same thing.The gym is in total disrepair, no towels in the bathroom half the time, there was actually fesies on the floor in the toilet one night.When you call all they say is well we do everything.There,was one member who is black calling white members crackers by the pool area and nothing was ever done and he is,still making these type of comments and now has started picking on Asian people by calling the gooks.


James samuel August 16, 2017 at 11:46 pm

Please people don’t sign up with la fitness they will rip you off with promises my wife sign up with them for a trainer free for a month they promise it will be free a month just to try it out . Please don’t sign it it’s a scam and trick the guy’s name is JAYCEE MENDOZA. He’s the manager beware of this guy he’s a scam artist. He will trick you in contract for a year that you sign up for free month session but it’s not your actually signing a contract for a year and pay them 200 dollars extra. I’m going to with the media with this . If going straight to K SAT Chanel with this I have appointment with them they said they have a lot of complaints from LA fitness ripping off people like this

Please remember don’t sign up with Jaycee Mendoza
Don’t worry I’m going to your LA fitness corporate with this and BBB if you don’t know what does mean Google it

See you in the media one day

Scam scam scam you have been warn!

This la fit ness location is at BobXXXX San Antonio Texas


Ferdie August 22, 2017 at 4:37 pm

I am also a victim of this LA Fitness scam. I’m exploring to find more victims and join together to sue LA Fitness.


Rob Cole August 14, 2017 at 7:54 am

Dear Mr. Welch: I hope this email makes it to you as I could not find a direct email for you on the corporate website. As CEO and Co-Founder of LA Fitness Clubs, International I recognize how hard you and your staff have worked to develop a stellar brand in the fitness industry. As a member of LA Fitness for many years, I am compelled to write to you re: a recent personal incident at the Oakland Park, Florida branch on Friday afternoon on 8/11/17. My vehicle was broken into (broken window and items stolen) in the front of the facility (east parking lot in direct view of the front door) where no security cameras exist. I recognize that the North and South parking areas have cameras but not the east side. Your staff was helpful and called the police and I filed a police report. Total loss approximately $650 with window and car contents. (Contents were stowed away and not visible from the exterior of the locked vehicle). I realize that break-ins will occur. That is not my issue. My Issue is that this location has had an excessive amount of break-ins in the past several years with very little done to ameliorate the issue. Many of my neighbors, LA Fitness members too, have expressed frustration and outrage over the continued issue at this Oakland Park club and you may receive other correspondence from them. Your club staff alone reported greater than 10 break-ins in the past year alone! Though a further drive for me, I have also attended the LA Fitness club at the Cypress Creek location and have noticed a security guard patrolling the area and it has been an excellent deterrent for such crime.
I truly like your club and business model, and want to continue attending so I write all this to implore you to act on this issue to avoid the impact on your business and the tarnishing of the stellar brand that you have created.
Thank you for your time and consideration


Bill Lane August 13, 2017 at 9:47 am

Hi I am a member at Garden City Park L.I. New York
On weekends they open at 0800 and there is a line to get in. Apx 70 people
I bet they all work weekends like me and are trying to get there work out done before starting there job
If only the main office would make the hours the same 0500 open I could make my work out a lot longer and take a dip in the pool before driving 35 miles to my job
Please consider this friendly request of a happy customer
Bill Lane Floral Park, N.Y. 11001


Nicholas Via August 10, 2017 at 10:05 am

I am a member at Grant ave location in Philadelphia this morning their were no towels anywhere in the gym I told the girl at the front desk and she said ” I know” and she blew me off. The female custodian was busy working out and the male was just walking around talking to females. I’ve just about had with this gym, the sanitary conditions are horrible.


Miriam Hivon July 31, 2017 at 7:36 am

mhivon at

I have been a member since 2008.

I use to go to the Hollywood,Fl location, but now it’s been about 1 year I have been going to the one on 18445 pines Blvd Pembroke Pines fl 33029. I go at 5am Monday – Friday, everyone I walk in the Waiter or miss placed paper towels everywhere and this morning to top it off I was at the spinning class, the mirrors were disgusting and a XXXX a roach was walking around across the room! It is 5am!! How is the place not ready? How do they not clean this gym at the end of the day and have it ready for the morning I had never been to a gym as disgusting as this gym today was literally the most disgusting us think I’ve seen yet in this gym I always see paper towels of people sweat all over the place. Weights everywhere and never in the rack floor disgusting machines broken but today was out of control.


Vilaphone July 26, 2017 at 1:59 pm

I am very disappointed at the level of service that I have received with the LA Fitness representatives. I have been a member of the gym since 2010. My ex-husband was the main member of the account. Now, I can’t make any changes to the account on-line since he was the main member. I have called reach out to the corporate customer service and they couldn’t make any changes. I have reached out the local gym general manager, and I would have to pay a $75.00 fee to have my account separated.The only way I can add a family member is to add them at the current rate of the gym. I am unable to utilize the on-line special, cause I can’t make changes online since I am not the main member. Why do I need to pay any additional fees because of the system limitations that LA Fitness can’t separate my account to the main member?


Maria Rocha July 25, 2017 at 11:27 am

LA Fitness open a new gym at 4561 Hurontario Street in Mississauga.(Hwy 10/Eglinton)
This location has been open in early June 2017.
This location had a Grand Opening three weeks ago, since this day the Floors are still dirty in certain locations of the gym.
This location needs to improve their attention on daily and evening cleaning.
Hygiene is not management priority!
This location has very high traffic, (Busy) so cleaning should be a priority, so you keep your club members but it seems that recruiting new members is were management focuses their attention.

The ladies washrooms are dirty, basic cleaning does not happen on a daily bases.
The equipment is not cleaned (examples: stair master equipment, the mats smell bad, they have not been wipe down) the personal training portion of the gym black mat is also included (smells bad)
I was at the gym yesterday for my personal training with Milan, upon arriving at the gym,
I noticed that hall way floor that leads to the ladies change rooms was dirty, there is cleaning staff at the location but I have never seen them with a mop.
I went to the washroom once again very dirty!
Last week, I arrived to this location about 5:30 pm noticed that the ladies washroom had no paper towels in the dispenser, walk to the front desk to let the young lady know, I spent 2 hours at the gym, NOONE had the time to refill the dispenser during my 2 hours workout. Upon leaving the gym I once again informed the front desk, nothing was done!

LA Fitness needs to hire:
Day and Night cleaning staff to do a cleaning services, equipment MUST wipe down, washrooms need be cleaned and mats need to be disinfected!

Very disappointed with the overall HYGIENE of this gym!


Tina Motway July 18, 2017 at 7:46 pm

I belong to the LA in York, PA. Me among others are so disappointed with the way this center is run by management ( like he deserves that title) . Guys walk into the gym dribbling a basketball through the weight part (thought that is what the basketball court is for). People taking on cell phones holding long conversations on their phone as you are working out (that’s why I come to the gym) . The manager and employees singing and playing loud music. The manger NOT acting or maintaining a manager position. Equipment out of order for a long period of time. Someone go into this gym under cover for a week and you will see.


Jaime Verdugo July 15, 2017 at 3:48 pm

La Fitness is a class act! This company is a corporate that really fits the word capitalism! I let my club know my situation clearly and they said couldn’t help until I brought my account up to date! I was unemployed and my bank account was at minimum! But Luis A, and Clarresa R at Avondale La Fitness decided to run my card for 29.99+29.99+29.99+5+5+29.99+29.99+32.99+32.99+32.99+32.99+29.99 all within two weeks! Left my bank account in the negative as I start my second week of work! Luis looked at me like he really didn’t care and said it was owed and he was sorry never trying to make it better or satisfying the costumer so can keep my membership! Even though he told me the night before i was cought up the night before and ran my card again later that night! It’s really all about the money with La Fitness and not the costumer! I haven’t even been to club since April 19 to respect the fact I couldn’t pay!


Joe July 13, 2017 at 1:20 pm

I lost my job. How can I pay for a training membership if I LOST MY JOB. “We are going to keep billing you regardless of what happens in your life”. Nice company. You can’t delay one month so I can figure out what to do.


Gabriel Martinez July 12, 2017 at 4:10 pm

Hello I have been a member for sometime now and have been attending the La Habra, Ca location six days a week. When I first joined, I was given access to this location plus the location in La Mirada. However the La Mirada location has since closed, and I have not been given access to another site. This morning I walked into the gym to find out it will be closed for two weeks starting the 24th of this month for remodeling. When I inquired about getting access to another site temporarily, I was told to contact corporate offices. I need to know if I will be given access to another site during the remodeling as I health issues which is the reason for my working out six times a week.
If not, will LAFITNESS credit my account proportionately since I will not have access to the gym.
I would appreciate a response as soon as possible so that I can start to make arrangements to attend another gym, at least temporarily.


Charlie July 5, 2017 at 1:23 pm

I have been attempting to cancel my membership at LA Fitness in Whitby, ON Canada. I went into the facility last week before 5pm to find out that I can’t cancel because the manager was not in. I left it over the weekend and phoned to find out that she was only in until 1pm today and regular hours are 9 to 5pm. I do have a job that limits me from being available to arrive during those hours. I just don’t understand why it’s so easy to take my money and sign me up but when I decide I don’t want to be a member anymore I need to jump through hoops.. This is absolutely ridiculous.. I also had some from the Oshawa location sign up my daughter and bill it to my credit card without even phoning me to get approval. I believe these are unethical business practices and can’t believe HO has no control over it. I just want to cancel my membership and not have tp travel all over the place to find a manager to cancel.. Why can’t the acting manager or assistant manager perform this task… Will never join again!!! so frustrating…


BcB July 4, 2017 at 7:57 am

LA Fitness has nice store fronts and nice equipment. Generally the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Sadly, they prey on disabled persons when they walk in the door. My wife has metal rods in her back, screws in here ankles, other nerve issues, and she walked in after we opened out membership. She was lost, and the training manager came up to her and offered to help. My wife was adamant that she only wanted 1, possibly 2 months of training, as she has back surgery coming up in two months. The training manager assured her that was all she was signing up for, however, two months have gone by, this training manager has quit, and he signed my disabled wife up for 12 months, at $300 per month for only 6-30 minute sessions.

I find this appalling that LA Fitness would train their sales people and training managers to oversell their clients, and also blatantly mislead them, and also offer a bait and switch. My wife never received a copy of her contract, it was never emailed to her, and their antics of signing on the screen where you can’t see what you are signing for, is a total disrespect for human dignity!

LA Fitness, your clients deserve better treatment, they deserve dignity, and furthermore, your sales tactics are highly questionable, and most unethical!
Shame on you LA Fitness, this is a disgrace.


Brett Bergmann July 3, 2017 at 1:54 pm

LA Fitness has nice facilities, good equipment, but it stops there.
Their sales tactics are highly questionable, the manipulation of the contracts at point of sale is suspect, with months and years added to the contracts without the clients knowledge. Corporate then says, “we have your signed agreement”, when the salesperson clearly knows you only wanted a certain time frame. I liken their tactics to the lowest of low used car sales lots.
Clean it up LA Fitness. Stop the insanity of your PT agreements, and offer the client what they want, NOT want you WANT TO SELL.

I am very unsatisfied with your staff and sales tactics. I have been a member for 15 years.



Lewis McCorvey June 29, 2017 at 12:45 am

lance57 at At the Windermere Fl La Fitness center was checking into the pool since I am training for a ironman race. Asked what was the water temp. ” It is 86 and it sucks but that is because of the British Swim school they control what the water temp is ”

I asked how much the pool is used ” Hardly ever ” British school only uses 1 land, which leaves 2 for the members , but at 86 degree’s in doors how can any real swimmer get a high quality swim workout in ? A franchise who leases out there pool who controls the water temp all the time is flat out wrong .


Darren Miller June 27, 2017 at 7:26 pm

After rejoining your gym after several years, I was called and sent several text messages about personal training. After finally submitting to the constant contact, I came in for a session.

Guillermo was not very warm or personable, but I figured this was just his disposition. He explained a training structure of an hour. He said that my trainer would personalize a meal plan based on my goals, create a comprehensive workout plan, and be a resource. I told him I was a student and would have no income over the next four years, but he kept pressing.

He told me I would be given a corporate discount. This seemed like a great plan, but I told him I needed to discuss such an investment with my family. He continued to push, telling me this was the best way to reach my goals. I relented and shook his hand. $40 for an hour-long training session every week. At that time, he booked an hour session with me for June 19th at 6:00pm. He told me I would receive a text reminder.

June 19th came around, and I hadn’t received any form of reminder. So, I text him using the number he’d used to send text messages. He pushed my time back to 6:15. I agreed.

When I got there, he told me to go warm up without more specific instructions. After 10 minutes, I went to find him (why did I have to find him?). He then led me through warmups, all while looking around and seeming annoyed. Then, as he led me through the workout, he kept checking his phone and typing. And 20 minutes in, he told me the trainer I had been assigned had called in sick. I assumed he was my trainer. I didn’t know I had been assigned another trainer.

After another 10 minutes or so, he walked me over to an office and began asking me my availability. He told me he was finding a trainer that would be able to work with my availability. But a moment ago, he told me my assigned trainer had called in sick. Which was it? I then sought to clarify the time structure with him. He told me that I would have targeted work for 25-30 minutes and about 30 minutes of cardio. He also told me that the first session would include diagnostic work. So, it would be a total of 90 minutes.

When I downloaded the mobile application and looked at the training sessions that had been booked, I saw two 25 minute sessions, which seemed consistent with the two workout phases Guillermo had outlined. I didn’t see the extra 30 minutes for diagnostic work, but maybe that was just tagged on at the beginning or end. So, I decided to go with the flow.

On the day of my session, my trainer was 5 minutes behind. After asking me a few questions about my goals, he told me he wanted to take my resting heart rate. I had walked there from home and had been on my feet during our short interaction. That is not a resting heart rate. He then took me to the treadmills to see how fast I could run in 60 seconds. How is that a real test if I’m incrementally increasing my speed over those 60 seconds?

He then clumsily led me through several other exercises and claimed to be writing down my initial stats. I saw what he was writing, and it did not look like intelligible data that would be useful in the future. When we wrapped up a few minutes early, he told me he had another client, so we quickly booked another meeting time. There was no dietary overview. There was no workout plan discussed.

So when customer service reached out to me, asking how things had gone and reviewing the contract that Guillermo had pressured me to sign without having a chance to read the fine print, I was shocked to hear that what I had been told was a misrepresentation of the training structure. I would be paying for 25 minute sessions, not the approximate hour that Guillermo had promised. I immediately asked to cancel the contract because I had felt pressured to agree to something that simply wasn’t true. What’s more, the experienced guidance given the first couple times (albeit cold) were completely different from the 1 session I received from my newly assigned trainer.

Now, I’ve been forced to work with Lonnie Perryman, who hung up on me twice when I was mid-sentence and asking to speak with some above him. Now, he is screening my calls I then called the customer service number. They put me on hold, called him, and mirrored his response before hanging up: You signed a contract; you can buy your way out of it, but there’s nothing else we can do. Then he hung up.

So, there’s nothing that anyone can do. They won’t allow me to escalate to someone that might have greater power to figure this out with me. And when I try to make contact with decision makers (since they’ve all communicated that they aren’t decision makers) they hang up or screen my calls. My only other option: be forced to train with a training team that doesn’t care about me. Can anyone help me with this???


Darren Miller June 28, 2017 at 7:36 am

Sounds like a pattern:


J June 25, 2017 at 2:54 pm

I was at the LA fitness on South Clark Street in Arlington VA earlier today and saw the most disrespect from customers towards this poor young girl today. I watched the whole thing play out and it was terrible. The young lady was gang up on by so many people but they claimed she threatened them but she was the one being attacked. I over heard the conversation about money coming up missing because she left the cart in the room where a yoga class was taking place. I believe the incident started because the young lady realized her money was gone as she left the class after cleaning. The yoga instructor was so nasty to her while the young lady tried to apologize for interrupting the class. The young lady even apologized to people as they were walking out of the gym and most were pleasant. Some how the young lady got her money back but when the instructor had three of the class members with them and she told them to tell that they were attacked by this young lady while they were attacking her. She kept stepping back as an older lady got in her face over and over again saying she was going to make sure she lost her job. Its sad to see how people can steal from others and then try to make sure that they don’t have a job all because they feel superior. The lady spoke to me and told me she didn’t want to cause trouble that she only wanted her money which she got back because she is a mother and I felt so bad for her because she was in tears and was only doing her job the yoga instructor was smiling and told the other members the lady was crazy. That’s when I pulled her to the side and told her I would make a complain as well as post on this site and gladly cancel my membership if LA Fitness allows their coworkers to be attacked like that. No one should feel angry if they aren’t guilty and the fact that she even got her money back behooves me because it means that she was’t making it up. I’m so upset with the human race and honestly feel like she was attacked that way because she was black. I honestly never saw her raise her voice even while being attacked. She was crying!! How does that make anyone fearful!? She was just trying to do her job and to be treated in such a way because her job title is a janitor does not mean she is to be disrespected. I wish I would have gotten her name and number because if she loses her job I will definitely make sure to let everyone know that is looking for a job to never apply there. The worst part is they even attacked the manager and the front desk receptionist. I was so tempted to call the police on these people. But no one ever got hurt so it wasn’t necessary. I was more so scared for the lady then the members because she was so scared from everyone in her face and surrounding her. It was so sad. They need restrictions on their members so they aren’t allowed to lie and make it hard for people doing their jobs.


Anonymous June 24, 2017 at 3:48 pm

On Saturday, May 20th, L A Fitness had a Grand Opening of a new gym in Farmingville, New York. It was very well marketed and was a wonderful day. When you entered the gym, there was a sweepstake and all you had to do was write down your name and put it in the box that was on the counter (which I did). They were going to give away an Apple IPAD; and since I don’t own one, I thought “why not.” That evening, I received a phone call from a “Nick” that I had won the IPAD. I was thrilled, and we proceeded to take about adding my husband to my account. I told him I would swing by Monday evening to pick it up, and we could talk at that time. All day on Monday at work, I kept getting phone calls on my cell from L A Fitness. As I drove home ready to pass by the gym, I listened to my voicemail. It was from the Operations Manager stating that there was a miscommunication and that I didn’t win the IPAD. The way the story went was that she had picked out a name from the box, informed that person that they had won; and without know all this, Nick picked out my name and proceeded to call me. When they realized what had happened, both the winners were already called. Apparently, I was the 2nd call so I didn’t get the IPAD. On Tuesday, May 23rd, I went to L A Fitness to sit with the Operations Manager. Nick was at his desk and totally avoided me at all cost. I told her that this had to be the most unprofessional way to handle a situation of this nature. She agreed and proceeded to give me a gym bag and some towels (which I have thrown out.) I told her that I am in Administration at a hospital and if anything like this ever occurred, the professional thing to do is buy 2 IPADs, suck it up (BECAUSE IT WAS THEIR SCREW-UP) and never tell the 2 winners. I have been a member for 9 years. I have traveled throughout the US and have always made sure that I was close enough to a L A Fitness to be able to get my workouts in daily. Needless to say, I will never add a family member to my membership! Would love to hear what your thoughts are on this issue.


ROBERT June 14, 2017 at 11:08 am

LA FITNESS has instituted a new Policy to Charge $10.00 a month for in active accounts. We signed up for a Family Plan so the when kids are in school we could inactivate the account no charge. this was one of the selling points. I find this to be unfair to Families that belong to your club. No one will waive this fee. It is up to Us to do somethng. Please share and voice your opposition to this New Policy which is counter to why the Family Plan was intended. Thanks


SINTIA HALIM June 10, 2017 at 3:13 am

Hi, i’m a member of Rosemead LA Fitness. This company so shady. Well i can say that the sales person was very very very shady. They didn’t explain clear enough when i sign up. They just want to sell and get the bonus ($$$) and the point. They just think about $ $ $. all the word they say was BS. They just want your money. I was told the sales that i just want become a member for 2 months and the sales guy was said is no problem. But when i check my bank statement they charge me for 5 times within 3 month ($108) . When i went there, they said my membership was good until September. That’s mean is 3 months later. So that’s mean they charge me for 3 months ahead. So doesn’t care you come or not your membership was 3 months a head. What is the mean by month to month? Is not even month to month. I spoke to a guy (forgot his name) on the phone who didn’t helpful at all. He keep told me that i need to come the next day and look for Jonathan (chinese speaking guy) and Henry ‘A MANAGER’ both of them will be working from 12 to 5. I went today and look for Jonathan but one guy came up and say Jonathan not here. I’m Henry ‘THE MANAGER’ so nice, i was asking for the explanation but his attitude was change 180 degrees. He become rude when he knows that you wand to complaint or cancel. He even said that his not a manager no more and he keep told me to talk to somebody else. So what is the position of this guy. Before he was introduce himself as manager and suddenly not manager no more. I don’t know why this guy can work in this company as a manager. How can he pass the interview, and the training. His not even have the manager attitude not even employee attitude. He think that his the boss and he can do whatever he wants there.
He told me that he didn’t deal with refund and i need to talk to refund manager. Do you really have a refund manager in every branch? He just look for any reason to avoid me.

I just want my money back. Is not worth ed to pay the commission to this kind of people that you can’t trust his word.



Edmee Ferrer June 9, 2017 at 8:07 pm

I am very dissatisfied with the service I received from an employee in your Yamato,FL location. I came in with a 7 day pass and the sales associate named Moe called me over and told me he could do something better for me which was remove the initiation fee and all I had to pay was the first and last month. I thought from the beginning he was very pushy and somewhat rude by the comments he kept making. I thought that was a great price and I initially wanted to become a member after the week was up, so we sat down and I asked about the amenities and also if there was a closed in room where women were able to workout in. He then answered by telling me that only little XXXXXXes go and hide away in rooms and they’re the ones that come out complaining that they saw lizards in the corner of the room. I was very taken back by what he said and thought that it was unprofessional. I felt hurt and disrespected by his comment and decided to walk out. I have never experienced such bad customer service in my life and will never in my life walk into an LA Fitness!!


mariesha June 8, 2017 at 4:39 pm

Hi, I have asked the glendale La Fitness almost every time I go in to work out to either clean the bathroom, the sauna, the changing area, and now the workout area…..I have never been in such a dirty gym in my life. The guy that came in to wipe the hair and dirt away from were we were working out said it was cleaned five days ago… this is sad and dirty. Please someone take the time to get your staff off of the front desk and get them to cleaning. I sat at watched the guy at the front desk as we worked out for over two hours with his duster in his pocket…. not cleaning at all. please you guys clean it……… this should be priority not fixing up the racquet ball courts…… first clean the ripped carpets and the dirty bathrooms and get the white bugs out of the sauna…. don’t believe me go look……….


Paula June 5, 2017 at 4:35 pm

Hi, I am a member of Otay LA fitness. I called and spoke to a Susan who did not help me but tried to sell me on additional services. She informed me that I could not get a refund for my son’s training sessions of which he has used none. When I signed up for them I was only offered a year contract instead of a monthly option. This was high pressure sales. I agreed but was also told I could cancel if it did not work out. I feel that you should look at sales practices as many of the issues seem to be with payments. I also have a personal trainer that I used and am happy with my services. I feel that cancellation policy with 50% penalty is unreasonable. I would like to speak someone about canceling this contract without penality.


Vivian June 5, 2017 at 11:37 am

wow, you’d think they would do something soon! all these complaints. Mine is I have Silver Sneakers, and 3 times they have taken money out of my bank account for a monthly fee. First two times my bank filed charges and they took it out. This last time which is this month, It is still there. Sent a email now to Main Office. Girl at front desk said it would be off in 6-8 days which never happens of course. Bank now has fixed it so they can no longer take money out of my account. If I don’t get my money bank in another week I’m filing with the Better Business Bureau.


Ted Weber May 22, 2017 at 7:27 pm

To: KC Lee Group Fitness Supervisor, LA Fitness C: Louis Welch, CEO From: Theodore (Ted) Weber, on behalf of Concerned Members (40 members list sent separately) As active members of City Sports Clubs in Sunnyvale, Mountain View Signature, San Jose (Brokaw and Newhall), we are writing to express concerns about the decline in quality of group fitness instructors, specifically, those who are hired to teach Zumba, Mat Pilates, and Yoga.
In recent months, many classes have been assigned to instructors with either little or no experience or appropriate certification in the particular class being taught. We know of one such instructor, for example, who is teaching Zumba, Mat Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Body Works Plus Abs and Aqua Fit, yet does not seem to have any specific knowledge to teach this range of classes. She is often late to class, and is not prepared for whatever class she is scheduled to teach. Too much time is spent waiting for her to set up, then class is often a series of stops and starts while she figures out what to do next. For those looking for a high level, intense workout, this is not it.
We are also aware that some newly certified instructors who have expertise in specific fitness classes, like Zumba, have been turned down by the regional scheduler Monica Whitney, for reasons (age, appearance?) that seem inconsistent with their level of fitness, professionalism, and energy. Instead of hiring positive, fit instructors with a passion and gift for teaching, Ms. Whitney appears to have inserted any warm body that will fill the designated fitness class time slot. In addition, we have also noticed that several excellent instructors have begun to limit the number of classes taught at City Sports Clubs, while others have or will move to teach at fitness clubs more committed to providing outstanding group fitness classes. These instructors have privately expressed disappointment and frustration with City Sports Club management, especially Ms. Whitney, saying that this continued practice of hiring and/or scheduling less competent instructors to teach group fitness classes is demeaning to those who are not only certified in specific fitness areas, but who also hold a high level of professionalism preparing for the courses they teach and developing positive relationships with the members who participate in their classes.
We appreciate our City Sports Club memberships and the facilities the clubs provide. The opportunity to grow in health and enjoy life to its fullest is greatly enhanced by engaging with trusted fitness instructors whose efforts are supported by the City Sports Club management. But there now seems to be a clear disconnect between City Sports Management, the quality of instructors Ms. Whitney hires and schedules to teach, and the needs of its members. We fear that, if City Sports does not address and correct this concern about instructor quality, we will need to consider alternatives to maintaining our respective fitness levels, including terminating our City Sports Club memberships so that we can find fitness clubs that show consistent respect for their instructional staff and member needs, as well as a demonstrated priority of providing excellent group fitness classes taught by qualified, motivating instructors.
We are happy to provide additional details and examples of the general concerns raised here. We appreciate the opportunity to express this issues to City Sports Club management and look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Theodore (Ted) Weber


Paying Member May 19, 2017 at 8:47 am

It has now been over 3 months since my original inquiry regarding the safety of your facilities. I have one single call from your incompetent, unconcerned and completely unprofessional “District Operations Manager”. He did leave a terse voicemail but never attempted to reach out again. Normally a competent manager would reach out until a customer is satisfied or safety concerns are addressed. Normally a concerned manager would visit the facility to personally inspect a paying customer’s complaints even if they were not able to speak me. Normally a professional manager would talk the local branch staff about providing a clean and safe facility to your customers.

None was and I don’t believe can be accomplished by the individual that is getting paid because I am paying my membership every month. Your facilities have gotten significantly worst in the past three months and I have visited other facilities in the Boston area well. I now have 500+ signatures from other paying members regarding issues like I illustrated earlier and even worse. For example at your Stoneham location there are cracked tiles with sharp edges that have cut a few customers. All your locations except Natick (only because it’s new) have black mold in the locker rooms. Your swimming pools have high concentrations of fecal matter indicating improper pool maintenance. I can do continue but it would take me pages and pages to list out all the many way LA Fitness is committing a breach of contract in addition to various health and safety violations. I would like someone with authority and actual desire to help your customers to contact me. I WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOUR DISTRICT OPERATIONS MANAGER AND I WOULD LIKE THIS COMMUNICATION NOT TO GO THE BRANCHES OR YOUR DISTRICT MANAGER. MY IDENTITY SHOULD BE PROTECTED.

I am going to continue to gather as much of the violations, signatures and other things while I wait for your organization to make an attempt to contact me. I have already contacted various legal counsel as well, some are your members and many are my family members. I will run out of patience eventually and contact local media agencies as well. I am willing to give your organization a final chance to remedy the concerns of myself and of many other paying members. Today I was subjected to something I would never expect. Your Saugus staff had decided to clean/vacuum during peak hours. They were asking people to stop working out so they could pretend to do their job. Normally gyms are cleaned off hours to people like me that take specific time off from work to exercise aren’t impeded. It is rather insulting that your staff does not understand that the customer comes first for example 5am opening time doesn’t mean 5:10, 5:15, 5:07, etc as your Saugus location is never open at 5am. There are at least 10-15 members waiting outside everyday for your staff because they like to sleep in versus doing their job. They admitted such on recorded video on my phone and others.

I would like to know the time, name, and title of the person that will be reaching out to me prior to them actually calling me. If you are not able to assist please forward me the information to someone that can make a difference.


mariesha June 8, 2017 at 4:43 pm

The Glendale facility here is the same filthy and dirty….. Ive been asking for three months now for them to clean it up. they put up new clean walls for the racquet ball court, however the white bugs in the sauna and the filth in the gym Ive never seen before. They don’t even respond to the negative responses put up on social media.


Customer May 18, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Who wants to join a CLASS action?


Ashley May 17, 2017 at 2:36 pm

Dear La Fitness,
You are horrible at customer service…. I’ve been trying to get out of the Personal training program for over a month now. Love my regular $19.99 a month membership but I’m f-ing done paying $220 a month for a shi**y program. I WANT OUT! And NO NO NO I’m not paying 800 dollars to leave your piece of s**t training program when I was told it would only be an $80 cancellation fee. Please fix my problem before I take my complaints higher up and money elsewhere.
Very unhappy customer


madhu May 3, 2017 at 11:01 am

wanted to complain about your facility in irving,tx. 75063 .We have been a member since it was openend and it has been a week since the pool has not been working and we have talked to them and everytime they have some excuse and say the the pool guy is coming and it will be fixed.after a week it is still the same and they dont even put a sign saying that the pool is not working .For some of us due to health the doctor want us using the pool and the guys at your facility doesnt seem to care about the elderly people, they just dont care and slowly everybody has started going to other facility and it seems like I might have to do the same. please response to this complain,


Peter Barry May 2, 2017 at 11:26 am

I have a serious problem with the way this organization operates. I signed up for a membership in a location where I no longer live and I have been billed for 2 years for services i have not used. Over the past 2 years I have contacted La fitness and asked how I can cancel my membership and I have been told I needed to go to the location where I joined. Recently my credit card associated with this account had expired and I did not update the billing information. Since then I have been contacted by people all over the country looking for payment ( I have yet to hear from the location I joined mind you) about a month ago I was called by someone in California and they finally sent me the form to cancel (funny I was never provided this in my previous communications with them) I completed the form and sent it in mid April and today I get a call informing me that my account is now 2 months past due and the person offered to help me cancel once I paid 1 month….. seriously?!!! After billing me 29.99 for 2 years for a service I have not used they offer me a deal to pay 1 more month and they will cancel????

They know damn well I have not stepped foot in their gym in 2 years and knowone bothered to call during that time to check to see if they could help.. They give me the run around on canceling until they stop getting paid and now they want to make a deal with me to cancel???? There has got to be some law broken somewhere in this process!


Sandhya Pramod April 18, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Need your help!
I am a member at 10515 156TH STREET EAST, PUYALLUP, WA 98374 since 10/2/2015. I subscribed to personal training once a week and have been paying diligently every month. Due to travel and health issues I was no using the personal training till recently. I had acXXXXulated 64 sessions and started using them. I spoke with Josh and said I would like to temporarily cancel the membership until I use up all the sessions that I have acXXXXulated before I start paying again, I was told since I was a long time member this would not be a problem, so I went ahead and cancelled the membership. I received an email notification saying I have 30 days to use up all my sessions. I called Josh back, he said not to worry that he has put notation to this effect in the system.

Yesterday (04/17/2017) when I went for my personal training session I was told I no longer can get personal training as I cancelled my membership. I explained how the whole thing went down, was told that I need to reactivate my account to be able to use the sessions I already paid for. I asked for a membership to be downgrade was told that was not possible either and that I need to keep my weekly subscription.

Please help!


Wanda Wilder March 29, 2017 at 5:09 pm

LA Fitness is a great gym…It has everything I need to make the changes to my body I am looking for. The compliant I have is with LA Fitness (Riverside, Ca- Magnolia location) Manager -Jonathan Tawares and sales staff Aly. Both employees need to be reprimanded and re-trained on “how to deal with adults.”On Friday, March 17, I felt like I was being sent to the principals office. Here is why…the weekend before I decided it was time to use my one week pass and challenge myself with the workout I knew I could benefit from at LA Fitness. I made contact on March 11, with a sales associate (for lack of a better name for her title) Aly. She was young, nice not too pushy with membership selling, so far so good. She advised me that my week pass would end on Friday, March 17. Now, I’m thinking and asked if the membership is a week, starting on Friday (which was the first day I used the gym) and ending on a Friday…why would I not be able to use the gym on that Friday? Aly, instructed me to call her if I wanted to use the gym that day. Aly-“no problem”, “I will contact the front desk, let them know your coming, you will have no problem” but I will need you to call me before Friday to make the arrangement.” I did all the above. Because I live so close I walked to the location happily. It was hot and I was ready to work-it-out. I show my bar code to the receptionist (who never looked at me… or offered a smile good morning…nothing) she immediately stopped and said my pass had expired. I explained my conversation with Aly and I was directed by the unprofessional receptionist (I could point her out in a line up if need be) that she would have me speak to the manager..I asked “why?” obviously, I knew why and instead of the receptionist clearing me to take my last workout…she acted like I was entering an exclusive billion dollar club and needed clearance…she directed me to take a seat…not me, I just walked to this location to workout not sit down. I didn’t say that to her. Okay, about five minutes pass, as I watched Mr. Jonathan Tawares chat on his phone( Mr. Tawares knew I was waiting on him) I am not stupid. It was his way of “taking a deep breath” before handling my situation. Again, I had to explain the story…spoke with Aly, yadda yadda, she cleared me to workout today. Mr. Manager Tawares ( and you can tell he relishes in this title) after escorting me to his desk…point blank said, “I am sorry, we can’t extend the pass”. he went on to say this was against policy blah, blah blah. Okay, I wasn’t leaving. Sorry, but that is not what I was told. I was told by one of his staff members that I was “cleared” to workout. I would have no problems. enjoy my workout. He continued to tell me about his policy. After listening to this nonsense for 5 minutes I responded again, “I am not leaving until I workout” so whatever you need to do, it needs to be done so I can get my workout groove on.. all of a sudden Mr Tawares remembered speaking to Aly. He mentioned Aly saying I was coming in to talk about membership not workout. I replied, “aha ah no…I don’t make rash decision on the spot when it comes to spending money, especially since I had never worked out at LA Fitness. Like everyone else I wanted to try it out. that’s what the pass is for, right? get you hooked! I stood there for another couple of minutes which probably seemed like forever for Mr. Manager Tawares in silence…he didn’t know what to say or how to handle me..this “woman” who knows way too much. finally, he stumbled over a few words and said well, go and enjoy your workout. I will approve it this time. Now, why did he say that! Well, I said, that was what I was going to do anyway, but just so you know in the future, I am a potential CUSTOMER who was thinking about joining your gym and spending MY money, if there is a miscommunication with you or your staff on policy that they(staff should know)then it is your responsibility as a manager to make sure they are given that unnecessary speech you gave me.,,instead of wasting my workout time and telling me about it…treating me like I am trying to misuse a pass! That whole standing there at his desk feeling like I am back in high school could’ve been avoided by this “manager Tawares” with a simple “sorry, for the miscommunication…enjoy your workout…and when your done I have another pass I would like to give you for all your trouble..we (LA Fitness) want to ensure you are totally satisfied” I know passes are given out for weeks at a time (policy or no policy) and I know young girls with bouncy hair and full chests didn’t have to go through the experience I had. So, while I am busy sweating on the treadmill I get a call from guess who? Aly, pretending she didn’t know I had a full 20 min. conversation with Jonathan. Asking me, “did I have any problems etc” Hell, yes, I had a problem and I wasn’t in the mood to play, this back-n-forth game with her. I let her know I wasn’t happy and that I wanted corporate’s info and the managers name etc. Now with my nice workout and jacuzzi time all over to the front desk I go…the receptionist should be fired. No smile, no greeting, acting busy, ya right. she did straighten up after I asked for the name of the manager and corporate info…dang why do unprofessional people make me have to go there! Aly blaming Jonathan…Jonathan putting blame on Aly…I did feel like I was in high school. #thecustomerisalwaysright


A dissatisfied customer March 20, 2017 at 3:29 pm

Over a year ago, I got my membership with LA Fitness. One of the first questions I asked was if I could use any facility and the representative said Yes!!. For all this time (over a year) I’ve been going to different facilities AND NOBODY HAD SAID ANYTHING TO ME about not being allowed to use other facilities. On Saturday, I went to the Round Lake, IL facility and this guy at the front desk, Anthony, was so rude and mean to me, he couldn’t be more XXXX
I checked in, and was almost in the middle of the way between the front desk and the dressing rooms and he screamed at me saying that I was not allowed to use that facility. I approached the front desk and asked why. He said that my membership was a single one and I could not use that facility but just the one I opened the account at. ????? After a year they just noticed that. The guy who usually is at the front desk and have let me in the gym was there and when I asked him why he hadn’t say anything to me regarding that, he just shrunk his shoulders and said “I jus haven’t cut you before” What??? in one year???
The thing is that I could not do my aqua fit class that day, I was embarrassed in front of the whole gym and I got very upset. ONE, the representative who opened the account for me LIED TO ME


A dissatisfied customer March 20, 2017 at 3:55 pm


2. the way this guy (Anthony at the Round Lake, IL facility) treated me it’s not the way to treat a customer who has been loyal, and has automatic withdrawal so has never missed a payment or been late. 3. At least as a courtesy he or the manager (who I spoke with also) could have let me use the facility that day as this is LA fitness personnel fault not mine. Well, as a result I won’t renew my account with la fitness, but will open a membership somewhere else. By the way, it happens for a reason some of the LA Fitness facilities ARE FILTHY, filthy filthy … anyhow ..I hope they either train their representatives not only to give the right information to the customers, but to have at least some people skills …


Jim April 11, 2017 at 1:15 pm

I hear you. Have you tried to cancel your membership yet? I’ve been a loyal member for over 3 years now and now that I want to cancel my membership temporarily they are making it extremely difficult for me to do so. I either need to take off work to go there during the office hours of the person who can do it or print out and mail in a forum. They refuse to cancel over the phone “It’s against company policy”. I called the local office, and talked to two people at their corporate office and they apparently don’t care that instead of a temporary cancellation they are completely alienating me from ever wanting to have anything to do with them again. No exceptions! Corporate policy is to make it a pain in the a** to cancel.


Sylvia Greiss March 16, 2017 at 2:14 pm

sylviagreiss at

I called to ask for a job. The person so called customer service representative laughed at my question. Now I thankGod I see what kind of people work there and no thank you I wouldn’t want to be there work there or workout there because I believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect despite anything. And lesson about customer service : it’s not about U and ur lil ego. It’s putting that aside and doing ur job and answering simple questions ! Wow not so hard to do right. Anyway learned a lot from today’s experience and I look forward to seeing how this location handles the worst customer service situation I had to face today. Let’s learn to be decent people.


Maria Shummette March 2, 2017 at 12:21 pm

Shummette Membership

On February 4th, 2017 I was yelled at, “your account is revoked” said the Vice President of La Fitness on route 18 East Brunswick New Jersey.

On February 6th, received a called from Shawn confirming that our account was revoked.

On February 6th, we tried to access our account online but couldn’t because it was cancelled.

on February 18th I received a call from Dan at La Fitness on route 18 East Brunswick he said, ” I see that your Shummette account is cancelled, are you interested in coming back to the gym”? I replied NO, he then said, “not even for $19.95 each for you and your husband?”.  I hanged up the phone.

Why in the world would we want your services? Your employees disrespected us and to make it worse they did it in front of our young daughter. 

Your company keep billing our account.  Please note,  that since S. Buckingham and G. Varnum revoked our account, we DO NOT NEED your services.  Please do not call us to rejoin your gym, please stop billing our account (this is fraud). please stop using our personal information at your will (this is fraud)

You billed our account in March,  our membership is Shummette, which you revoked in February.  Neither my husband or I have used your gym since you revoked our account  and we will never use your gym, so please stop billing us.

Thank you
Mr & Mrs. Shummette


James March 1, 2017 at 4:22 pm

I’m emailing all of you in a hope that you might be able to salvage my experience and business. While doing my taxes recently my wife and I realized that we had been paying over $1,000 at our gym and although we enjoyed it there, we felt that was a bit extravagant so we sought to reduce this expense. A friend of ours recommended that we try your chain of gyms. On Monday I called the LA Fitness located in Kissimmee, FL and spoke with Nelson. Nelson was super friendly and gave me plenty of time. I informed Nelson I currently have a family plan at my current but want to reduce this expense. I asked word for word, “Does your gym offer a family plan and how much does it cost? Also, how much is your childcare. I have a wife, 17 year old son, and my 4 year old daughter.” Nelson informed me that I was lucky because they are running a special with a $99 initiation fee, $19.99 per month, and $10 per month for childcare. My response was, “Wow that is super cheap, and that is $19.95 would be for my entire family?” Nelson stated, “Yes that is $19.95 for the entire family up to 3 people(not certain how many people he said). Nelson did mention the $99 initiation fee as well as having to pay for the first and last month of both the $19.99 and the $10 up front. Absolutely astonished at how affordable this was I again questioned that I had this right and he once again reconfirmed that it is $19.99 for the entire family but that the childcare is an extra $10. I told Nelson that I was going to my gym immediately to cancel my membership and would go see him in about an hour. We had an appointment for 8:30pm. I pointed out that it would be a bit of a challenge getting out of the contract with my current gym as I just renewed a year long membership 3 days ago. After a very heated conversation the Manager agreed to let me out of my contract.
At 10pm I called Nelson again an apologized for missing my appt but explained I had been at my gym for an hour arguing with the gym’s Gm as to why charging me for the entire year to break a contract that is only 3 days old is unfair considering that most gyms give you 1-2 weeks free trial anyway. I asked Nelson if he could continue signing me up over the phone since it was late, he was going home soon, and he had informed me that he was off the next day. I also wanted to try the gym out before work the next morning. Nelson agreed. In going over everything he immediately apologized for neglecting to mention that I had to pay a $25 initiation fee for my son and wife. No big deal I guess, so let’s do this. After Nelson added everything up the initial amount I had to pay seemed too high so I told him that his math might be a bit off or there are a lot of taxes involved for some reason. After he went back over everything it suddenly occurred to me what might be going on here. I stated, “Nelson please don’t tell me that it is actually $19.95 per person and not for the entire family after I asked you three times if it was for the entire family.” Nelson had a lengthened period of silence on his end. “Nelson?” Nelson began apologizing profusely as he had realized that there was a gross miscommunication on his part. “Nelson, I can never go back to that gym after the way I ended things over there and their next closest gym is on the other side of town.” Nelson again, “I am so so sorry. I know how that must have seemed but I didn’t mean to mislead you, it was just poor communication on my part.” For the record Nelson appears to be the nicest guy in the world. Even though I was very concerned with not having a gym to go to at all I couldn’t consider raising my voice at him as I could tell that he felt horrible about the situation. He tried everything within his power to rectify the situation but he was limited in his capacity. I told Nelson that I understand why can’t rectify the situation and that most likely it can only be resolved on a corporate level. I suggested that instead of going that route for now we try to keep this local and that he have his manager give me a call in the morning to see if he can resolve this.
Alejandro called me on 2/28 around 10am and asked that I stop by to see him. I informed him that I would try but it would be a difficult day for me. Seeing that I wouldn’t make it to see him before he left at 7pm I called him around 6pm asking if we could just discuss the situation over the phone. He had mentioned that Nelson had come to him this morning very disappointed in himself for what had happened the night before. Long story short Alejandro offered absolutely no attempt to resolve the issue in anyway. I would not have been happy if I had left my office early to receive no assistance so whatsoever. I asked Alejandro one more time to please help me by honoring what Nelson had offered me in error so I did not have to write an email like this. He refused to budge at all. He noted that it was Nelson’s error and that he was disappointed in him but refused to honor his associate’s error.
On 2/28 I made numerous attempts to resolve this issue via both the avenues that your company provides as well as Social media complaints, BBB complaints, and other means. Around 2pm on 3/1 Mr. Jeff Willett Area Manager contacted me. Although Mr. Willett was completely aware of the entire situation via email he requested that I go over it again once more. Mr. Willett once again explained your company’s pricing structure properly which I now thoroughly understand but was not willing to assist me in anyway. I thanked Mr. Willett for his call but if he was unable to even compromise with what I felt a reasonable request, the phone call was utterly useless which is why I am now writing you as well as other members of the LA Fitness executive team.
I manage to do two professions. Director of Front Office Operations with over 100 associates by day and Realtor/Investor at night and on the weekends. This is not service. Alejandro and Jeff’s phone calls literally wasted my time as they offered no resolution at all. Nelson at least attempted to figure something out. Please know that if I had not left my gym the way I had, I would not be so insistent on Alejandro honoring what was offered to me.
In closing, I am writing you to give you one more attempt to honor the offer that was given to me in error. In an attempt to demonstrate a willingness to compromise, I would be willing to accept the $99 initiation fee, $30 per month for my family, and $10 per month for the childcare. What was originally explained to me was a $99 initiation, $19.99 for my family of three, and $10 for childcare. I feel it acceptable with paying the first and last month on the $19.99 and $10 as this was explained to me properly.

Thank you for your assistance with this.


Louis Kapp February 21, 2017 at 6:41 pm

To whom it may concern:

My wife and I joined LA Fitness in Brandon with the hopes of getting healthy. We decided to look into personal training to help us get into a routine and ensure we were actually utilizing the machines correctly. We signed up in October of 2016 for (1) session per week. We were assigned a “certified” trainer who was just ok. But, we were fine with that. We had 3 sessions and the day we were scheduled for our 4th we received a phone call letting us know our trainer had been let go and that they did not have any other certified trainers at that time but they were working on it. We asked about some of the other trainers on staff but were quickly shut down explaining they were “Master” trainers and we would need to pay more. Needless to say, we called repeatedly for weeks with the same response that “they were working on it”. 19+ weeks later here we are. We purchased a program which entails session as per our contract. Our contract also states that if a trainer has become unavailable that LAF would substitute another trainer which did not happen. All phone calls were left with a “we will call you back”, which never happened. At $160/month for 4 months of no service on LAF’s part we decided enough was enough and wanted the contract voided due to breach of contract. Not by us the client but by LAF. We stopped in our gym last night and had to speak with, again, a new manager as well as the new training manager. They seem to be on a revolving door at this particular establishment. At this point they said to cancel would be 50% of the remaining balance. What, 50% of what we still haven’t paid less the services not rendered? no, 50% of the balance. We would like our contract zero’d out. We have paid every month as per our signed a contract for a service and LAF did not provide the service. They sign clients up all day long knowing they do not have the means to provide the service. They do not have an available certified trainer on staff. This, is a breach of contract and misleading to the client. I understand the verbiage that is in the contract and obviously put together by a legal team. But, there is also verbiage that protects the client. We were given a phone number for the Corporate Office in which everyone is. We spoke with Michelle and she said she would call the District Manager. I called back today and questioned her on it. She said she called my Gym and she can’t assist me. I asked her if she called the District Manager like she had mentioned and she said she reached out to him via email. Not the same. She did not even remember who she reached out to when asked and had to look up a name. She told me it was Michael Calogero who is the District VP but would not even give me his name at first. She said she would email him to let him know we would like to speak with him. It was made pretty clear that she did not reach out to him like she had said she would. I would appreciate it if we could speak with someone other than a call center that has been trained to deflect unhappy clients.


Terry Rudy February 20, 2017 at 3:34 pm

I am writing to bring to your attention a potentially serious problem for your Lake Mary, FL club. I and many other club members have noticed the plans for the upcoming renovation and believe that a rather largely unforeseen error is about to take place. It is evident that the proposed group fitness room on the 2nd floor is quite a bit smaller than the one we use now, the proposed basketball court. There are also no evident provisions for a separate yoga/Pilates room. It appears as if the person who created the blueprints did not consult with the group fitness manager to find out how many members are in group fitness classes at the same time. I understand the instructors take a count of the number of members in each class, so that information should be readily available and should have been taken into consideration before and during the planning stages.

For example, I didn’t take a count on February 10, 2017 but attended the Body Works class at 9:45-10:45 am led by Melissa, and not only do we regularly run out of mats in that class, but there was no place to put any more members, and we had to share weights with each other. I would hazard a guess of 40-50 people present.

The next week on February 18, 2017 I was in the 9:30-10:30 am yoga class led by Debra and she announced to us that there were 39 people present, just about wall-to-wall. As I left that class I looked in on the 9:45-10:45 am Body Works class led by Joanna and counted 25 people attending. So, as you can see, you had 64 people in the building at the same time taking 2 different classes in 2 different rooms.

The problem is that if you do not provide a separate yoga/Pilates room and/or a much, much larger group fitness room than the one we have now, you could potentially be looking at 60-80 people wanting to attend only one group fitness class at the same time on certain days. Such a situation would send me and likely many other members straight out the door, something I am sure you are not intending with the renovation.

Please review the group fitness class numbers for the past several months and make sure you are not making a huge mistake with the renovation plans as they stand now. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jean Hulsman February 17, 2017 at 1:28 pm

We have a family membership at the Natick location and my daughter also has a membership with a trainer, so we pay our fare share to use the gym and pool.
The issue is that the pool has been closed now for over two weeks, and no one seems to know why.
It seems to be a permit issue, although I was told that they were waiting on a plumber last week?
Today I called to find out the status and they told me the pool will be closed until at least March (Today is Feb 17th). Again, they said it was a permit issue, but could not tell me what was going on, or when the permit would be re issued.

If a permit is coming due, you should be pro active and schedule the necessary inspections so the pool does not have to close, but I guess this is just common sense, something LA Fitness does not seem to have.

Can anyone give a date/month/year on when the pool will re open?



Briana February 17, 2017 at 12:26 pm


Maybe you or someone can answer my question. I have asked the local front desk, sent in an email, and called the customer service line and none seem to know the answer. “Its Policy” is a bit confusing to me.

Why was I required to pay for the first AND LAST month when I first set up a club membership? WHY is it policy to be required to pay for the last month?

As a new interest in business brews within me, this question does not wish to be answered with intelligence by any previous contact. Maybe you can help.

Is it created to be a hook? If so, it’s clever and all I need is someone to admit it.




pam berry February 15, 2017 at 8:08 pm

I have been a very satisfied member of LA fitness since 2003, lack of use has always been my fault. recently quit smoking and returned to daily workouts to include the pool and loving it. Took advantage of the deal you guys recently had paying for 3 years comes to about $19 a month and do not regret it.

Now my complaint, the gym 1577 North Military trail West Palm Beach Fl. 33409. The hot water has been out for four days was told it will be out another week. In this modern age how is that even possible? This gym is clearly one of the original LA Fitness, still has your old Signage on the building, all of the equipment is old and I mean old. If you go to any of the LA fitness’s in the area they are decades ahead of this gym. The step machines are the old style where you hear clanking of steps. The treadmills you have to pick one that works and doesn’t sound like a Harley when you get on it. What is the story with this Gym? its treated like an unwanted step child and gets even less attention from corporate office.


Alan February 15, 2017 at 4:05 pm

New Idea For You Members

The details of this idea must be expressed to the right person or group that is responsible for creating the membership packages.

If interested, please have whoever is responsible for the membership packages contact me for more details.

This idea once implemented, will give birth to a new age of health, wealth and prosperity. It will change lives.

Alan Brooks

626 324 XXXXX


Mike M. January 23, 2017 at 3:35 pm

Early this month, I received two or three discount coupons in the mail from LA Fitness. The coupons offered a join up discount of $19.99 a month for use of a single facility, or $29.99 for use nationally. On Saturday, January 14th, I went in to talk with someone about joining, and was told, I could get the $19.99 rate, and was given the .25 cent cooks tour. On Monday, the 16th, I returned with an LA Fitness coupon for a free week trial. I was told the rate was now $10.00 higher than the original quote, [$29.99/$39.99 respectively], and I was given a hard time over the free pass. [“that is for our other locations”, I was told.] I finally did get the week pass, but no reduction on the higher rate. Anyway, I don’t believe I’m going to be joining any time in the foreseeable future.


Mike M. January 23, 2017 at 3:51 pm

My critic above, deals with a brand new unit that just opened this year. That’s what I suspect prompted the discount coupons to begin with.


Susan January 14, 2017 at 2:51 pm

I joined LA Fitness for a month and have to say that the Naples location on Vanderbilt Beach Road is the most disgusting fitness club I have ever worked out in. It is filthy! I went there this morning and there were no paper towels in the 3 locations that I know of that are used to wipe down the machines. I reported it to the front desk- they said they knew about it and someone was going to take care of it- 20 minutes later still no paper towels. There are weights left all over the floor- a dangerous situation- sweat all over the machines- just gross. I spoke to the manager when I was leaving and he really didn’t have much to say. I heard from one of the staff that they reduced the cleaning staff recently and they have been getting many complaints about the filthy conditions. I am Considering reporting this to the Board of Health.


Susan January 14, 2017 at 2:50 pm

I joined LA Fitness for a month and have to say that the Naples location above is the most disgusting fitness club I have ever worked out in. It is filthy! I went there this morning and there were no paper towels in the 3 locations that I know of that are used to wipe down the machines. I reported it to the front desk- they said they knew about it and someone was going to take care of it- 20 minutes later still no paper towels. There are weights left all over the floor- a dangerous situation- sweat all over the machines- just gross. I spoke to the manager when I was leaving and he really didn’t have much to say. I heard from one of the staff that they reduced the cleaning staff recently and they have been getting many complaints about the filthy conditions. I am Considering reporting this to the Board of Health.


Alex January 10, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Mr. Welch & Executives,

I’m writing to you in concerns of LA Fitness in Greece, New York. I’ve been a member of this facility for a couple of years now and I have to say it’s been disappointing ever since I’ve joined. The facility is always dirty with trash on the floor and weights scattered everywhere. I know its the responsibly and etiquette of the person working out to re-rack their weights but I spend half my time putting weights away so I don’t trip over them. You never see the staff walking around to make sure the gym is picked up. They say “this is not our responsibility”. I myself am in the customer service business and if I ever said to one of my members “its not my responsibility” I’d reprimanded. When I asked the staff if they know when the cables will be fixed I get the response of “I don’t know”. I’m not sure if this is the business model of LA Fitness to not have staff pick up or at least make the facility look nice, but if its not I hope you change that.
The cable systems at LA Fitness Greece have not been fixed in over a month. I understand the best interest and safety of the members working out but myself and other members who I talk to are fed up with equipment always being broken and taking weeks to get the problem fixed. I’ve seen a drop in participation in this gym over the past month. I’m sure plenty of members have dropped their membership as well as I if problems do not get fixed.
As CEO and top executives of this corporation I hope you can step up and make sure all of your facility’s are up to date and accountable for your members.


Tristen March 26, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Alex, they had a light pole down in the parking lot for God only knows how long. The only thing left was the concrete base, which was virtually invisible at night. My son swiped the side if his car as looking for a parking space because he didn’t see it. I filed a claim to see if LA Fitness would reimburse the $252 dollars for repairs considering it was clearly a safety hazard. After I was told to send everything in, including any pictures, I was called a month later by someone of the name of Diane Alexander. She was the absolute rudest and most obnoxious person I have ever come in contact with. After she yelled at me about the claim and told me the tapes CLEARY showed my son was not paying attention, she told me she requested invoices if any repairs were needed for the concrete base and would be sending me those. Luckily I had taken pictures right after this had happened. There were several black marks all over this thing. I told her I would like to know how they were going to determine what damage, if any, my son did, keeping in mind he dies not drive a black car. She eventually hung up on me. To say she was a PMS ridden XXXXXX wouldn’t do her justice. I went to the Greece club to cancel my son’s membership. There is no way in hell I was giving LA Fitness another dime. The guy I spoke to said he was the one who reviewed the tapes before sending it off to corporate. Without telling him my conversation with Diane, I asked him if my son was on his phone when this happened. He told me the cameras were not that clear and there was no way to see inside the car. Hmm, funny how Diane said he was CLEARLY not paying attention. The entire organization is a joke. The manager from the Greece, NY location was supposed to call me back. That was a week ago. I told the kid at the desk if this was another case where nobody is going to actually call me back not to bother wasting his time with the email. He assured me up and down he would. …still no call.


Karen January 10, 2017 at 11:52 am

To: Louis Welch, President & CEO
On December 3, 2016 I spoke with an Operations Manager to reinstate my husbands membership. I paid exactly what I was told. We were told my husband could go in and workout. While he could work out the club would not give him another card. The card needs to be scanned in order to earn the healthcare reimbursement. A manual check-in does not count. Here it is 1-10-17, and 5 phones calls (so far), and he still has no card or considered active. We’ve missed two months now of the healthcare reimbursement. We are being told that “someone will get back to you this afternoon”; but that never happens. The someone’s were to be the original Operations Manager I spoke with and the District Manager. I will supply names if this email ever reaches eyes that care. Every agent on the phone has been respectful and helpful but after 30 days you would think SOMEONE could call us back and explain what is going on.


Pete March 31, 2018 at 5:12 pm

There is absolutely no question that it takes no intelligence whatsoever to be a manager or above in LA Fitness.


emmett December 28, 2016 at 6:01 pm

To: Louis Welch, President & CEO
I was contacted last night at 10:45 PM to offer me a free pass to LA Fitness by this club:
(949) 421-6082

The phone # listed above was the one that showed on my phone. I shouldn’t have to say,I was up set being awakened at that time of night.
Please remove my # from your call center.
thank you,
Emmett Cunningham
elaineandemmett at


Monica Osorio November 29, 2016 at 9:07 pm

I have been a member with LA Fitness since 2012, payed my membership on time regardless of of my gym attendance. unfortunately fell into some hard times in the last 3 months, called LA fitness to pay for lost time (Balance was 60.00 with out late fees)after 4 years of non late payments. payed 32.00 out of the 60.00 to ensure the reinstatement of my monthly dues and considering I have been loyal to the company and fulfilled my contract, I would think that they would extend a first time courtesy and allow me a to continue with the membership or start a new membership with the same monthly payments, But they declined, the agent made it seem like loosing my business was no big deal, that the system is what it is? That makes no sense, why would a business prefer to loose more years of business for a 32.00 balance, in which I was willing to pay for to continue with the membership? I even expressed to the associate, that this negative review would take place and it did even matter to her. She didn’t even offer an opportunity to speak with her leaders to see if something could be resolved. She just kept saying that the system doesn’t allow me. Where is the customer service and the loyalty to the loyal customers? I called 949-255-XXXXX at 8:14pm on 11/29.


Olufemiwa Akinpelu November 22, 2016 at 12:25 am

I am a member of LA Fitness since March 2016 located on 75th Avenue and Thomas, Phoenix AZ. I have nothing but admiration of the facility, the staff and their equipment. my personal trainer was professional and treats clients with respect. I have a pleasure of talking to Terry at main office in California today 11/21/2016 regarding cancelation of my personal training contract. She make it seamless and painless contrary to tread that I read earlier on social media. I cannot dispute other people’s claim of receiving bad treatment. different folks, different strokes! I am not say this woman will solve everyone’s problem but I suggest you give this number a trial 949-255-8220 at California time zone. I am please with LA Fitness services and the staff from cleaner to manager support staff in California are smiley people–they remembers and identify many members by name. as difficult as my name seems, they enunciate my name everytime I walk in gym and leaving facility.


Anna November 19, 2016 at 11:15 am

LA FItness in San Antonio, TX off Potranco & 1604. The customer service is terrible. I had one trainer (Nick) with extremely unprofessional demeanor. He canceled my last appointment which I had made 3 weeks ahead of time. His excuse was” I didn’t know you were on the schedule. I just received the email. I can’t stay cauzeI have a paper to finish for school tonight.” I also had canceled one of my appointments 3 days ahead of time. The manager refused to honor these 2 appointments so they can be replaced. The manager who can do this is also a trainer and completely unaccessible. I gave my phone number to the reception with the hope he will call me next week. This is really lousy behavior. The clerk at the front desk was chewing gum like a cow today. I asked her to talk with the manager who was there, and she said you have to call. I said, that’s why I am here because I cannot get the manager on the phone. He is always on an appointment. I have already called 3 times the last 2 weeks. Can I make an appointment? The answer was: No, he makes only training appointments. Now I have another trainer who is great but the communication between trainers and customers considering the schedule is horrible. Trainers are not texting back in time and do not take care of any cancellations through texting. They are always too busy. This is a rip-off place.


Allan November 9, 2016 at 7:28 pm

I didn’t know that there are lots stolen, locker break-in cases in L.A. Fitness until my wife’s purse was stolen last Sunday evening from a locked locker in L.A Fitness in Mississauga Ontario, Canada (3055 VEGA BLVD MISSISSAUGA, ON L5L 5Y3). After speaking to the operating manager, i decided to keep away from this Gym immediately with no hesitation.
The management has no sense of sympathy neither any helpful action for investigation. The manager says, it happens often here. You signed liability waiver agreement in day one. It’s non of gym’s responsibility. I understand that but the attitude to victim sucks!! You feels that the theft was encouraged in this gym. The worse is that they don’t even have a camera to cover the entrance. OMG!! It’s not a place you want to go for sure!!


Walter A Heron October 14, 2016 at 10:42 am

To whom this may concern:I am a expired past memeber of the club.Recently La Fitness has been attempting to re-sign my membership.The issue for me is that the organization refuses to acknowledge or respect Honorably discharged service connected disabled veterans.For myself,It’s a deal breaker! I’m not going to support a corporate entity that will not treat ex military differently then the general public,IT’S UN AMERICAN SIRS!!My local club offered me the same lame offer that they try to intice the GP,zero intiation fee??Thats obsurd and disrespectful to say the least! If corporate isn’t capable of understanding the financial possibilities of this,then your marketing director should be given notice!Your share value will increase by a factor of 4%!!You don’t want more faithful members?


Puri October 7, 2016 at 5:41 pm

I had been a member for over a year and had been paying my monthly due being taken out from the credit card I had authorized with no problem.
My credit card company had mailed me a new card but I never received.Credit card company informed me they will be sending me a new card.While waiting for my new card LaFitness kept calling calling me several times even while I am at work taking care of my patients, inspite of me telling the situation still phone calls so often.When I received my new card I went to the club in Clark ,NJ where I go but was told everthing was alreadytaken cared of without even looking at my new card.But even calls about mypayment dues never stopped.I am so disgusted about this matter and I would like to know how I could cancel my membership.


Marie Michel October 1, 2016 at 12:16 pm

LA Fitness Delray Beach Racism at LA FITNESS Delray Bach, FL. Today I experienced racism like never before.

Today while exercising at the The LA Fitness located at: The Plaza at Delray, 1660 S. Federal HWY 33483 – I was called a “N” word and “b***” and verbally assaulted, and I feared I would be physically assaulted by employees Frank and another manager.

I have visited this location for over a year and have had an LA Fitness membership for years (which I will cancel today!). I am shaking at what just happened to me an my baby girl who was in kids care at the time.

I was excited to hit the gym today, hadn’t been there in almost three weeks. I was working out on a leg machine and this lady came over and got in my face and yelled “when are you getting off this machine.” She did not ask to work in with me. She had just poked my left shoulder by the way. I told her I was almost done and why was she yelling. She got even more irritate and started to yell even more, and called me a racial slur, she said “f-you, you black N b***.” This lady then proceeded to call a manager name Frank and another manager who basically took her word, or whatever she told them had happened.

Frank and the other manager both tagged team me in the middle of the gym, yelling, and told me, “I was an angry black woman” The woman who has verbally assaulted me happened to be white and she was working out behind them laughing at what they were doing to me. FRANK THE ASSISTANT MANGER YELLED AT ME AND SAID “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, WE WANT YOU TO LEAVE.” Like I said, I’m still shaking from this experience. How did a situation with woman who verbally assault me about a leg machine escalate to me and my 7-year old daughter being kicked out of the gym?

Frank, and the other two managers one name NANA (so he said), had labelled me as they called me “a big black angry woman,” and could have cared less about the truth and the fact that I was verbally and physically assaulted. I have never had an issue at the gym. I am low key and at the time ad I always do had my music ear piece on. I was simply minding my business trying to work our. The managers at this gym are racist and thought it was okay with this person calling me a “black N b***.”

My little girl started to cry when she saw me crying, this is the America we live in. A country where I pay ~$45 dollars a month for a membership, but after a situation like this I am automatically the “big black angry woman” as the managers said. There should be video of what happened and it will show how this situation really played out and that I was humiliated and victimized in the worst way. The manager at this LA Fitness are out of hand and need training on how to not escalate a situation. What happened to me should not happen to anyone for that matter. This is unfortunate as I now have to cancel my membership.


Chris Huckaby August 30, 2016 at 10:16 am

At our pool we feel as though we are bottom feeders. Instructors switched too often, maintenance not always taken care of, and now closing on Friday, Sept.2nd and for what reason.
The instructor is ready and willing to instruct. Of course the rest of the gym is open.
Not all of our class members are old people like many think. No we don’t parade around in skimpy swim suits but really we need to close on Friday.


Tanya August 23, 2016 at 9:45 am

I just joined LA Fitness and did a few classes and they approached me to do an assessment. I was never weighed they just asked me and they never took my measurements. Never asked me my Health History, which might have been important in my case. He then said you ready to get started with your workout. I said I just got done with a class. He said this is different. He took me upstairs to the elliptical which those machines are very hard on me due to my condition of bronchitis. He turned it on and said I will be back in 10 minutes, I literally felt I was dying. I told the lady next to me can you hear me wheezing and she said yes. He came back and I said don’t ever do that to me again and he said Oh, you feel great. Then he took me to an open area to do some exercises with balls and free weights and that was no problem. Then afterwards he told me that with my being so overweight that I needed to do the classes I was taking but I needed their personal trainers to help me with the workout he just did with me. He told me the price and I almost died. I don’t work and I told him that I could not afford it and than he brought his manager over and she did some cutting down and cut the price and had the payment split in two. I said fine but the monthly fee was high. The next day, I got a call from my doctor and was given the shocking news that tests came back and I had lymphoma of the stomach and he had given the information to the oncologist and they would be calling me shortly. I told him I just had signed up for the gym and he told me he did not want me doing anything rigorous and I told him I signed up for a private trainer and he said absolutely NOT. He said if you want go in and out of the gym when you can when you feel good but not stressers. I went back to the gym and spoke to Rachel and told her and expected some compassion and far from it she kept saying we will have the trainers customize a workout for you. I told her do you realize I do not want to be tied down to something when I don’t know what I will be feeling like in a couple weeks, in a month. She would not bend and then She had the audacity to say, I know your doctor is saying this but your doctor knows medicine and I know fitness. Are you kidding. Then she sent her assistant Chris to talk to me same thing. Then next day I saw my doctor and told him and he wrote a letter. I went back to the Gym and gave it to them and Rachel made me wait to see her for over 20 minutes and I had another appointment and I told the girl give her this and I want a refund. I saw Chris the next day and he gave me my letter back and I saw a note on it and it was from Rachel and it said for him to handle it. Now, he tells me that I have to go to Corporate to have it taken care of. This is ridiculous, I had just signed up that week!!!!


CMFitz August 19, 2016 at 12:37 pm

After being left dozens of messages to return a call to cancel my memebership I was informed that I must physically go into a gym to perform this task. Absolutely the best example of poor management i have ever witnessed.


Audrey Warren September 15, 2016 at 11:21 am

I HATE THIS GYM WITH A PASSION. I recently moved to Hyattsville, MD and the gym in that area is the worse. Besides being filthy, old, and with decrepit equipment, I’m told is a good revenue generator with no returns to the customers. With the gentrification occurring in the neighborhood, many of us are hoping for a new option, even at a greater cost, it will be well worth ditching this organization in a heartbeat. I also just tried to cancel someone on my membership and was told that I needed to come to the gym from 9-5 to do so. Interestingly, I could come at any time to sign up – such is the type of service and consideration this organization provides – it’s quite consistent – very poor.


CMFitz August 19, 2016 at 12:30 pm

To whom it may concern,
I have been a gym member for over 20 years. First joining World Gym, which was aquired by Gold’s Gym, which was then aquired by LA FItness. In those 20 years I always paid my bill and never complained. Last month my credit card changed and my auto-billing was in need of an update. I was contacted by my local gym and left a message to please update my account which I planned on doing within a few days. However this was not sufficient for LA FItness as I was harrassed 4-6 times per day to update my billing. At this point I am closing my membership and will go out of my way to inform anyone to NOT do business with this firm. It should be duly noted that the management of the facility has deteriorated, the machines are not repaired, and the gym is no longer clean since LA Fitness aquired Gold’s Gym.


Yun Fan August 4, 2016 at 3:35 pm

I am a new LA fitness member since 6/29/2016. I joined LA fitness because one of my friend recommended. I do like the classes and gym a lot, however it reveled a huge issue regards to the personal training program. I attends the gym located on 4792 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32811. And I signed up the personally training program with stuff named George. And upon the signature date, I explained to him that I cant start my personally training service until July20th, and He promised me and wrote on the agreement paper about the next billing will be make after the 8/19. He also explain to me that this program that i am singing for has no contact, so i can cancel it whenever i want to. He also wrote on the agreement that has no contract.

When I received my bank statement i realized that i was charged on 7/29/16, and i was also informed by the director of LA fitness Michael that the program has 12 month contract. And if I wish to cancel the program and i need to buy out of the program. Later on I was informed that “George” has made couple of similar agreement with couple of other La fitness members. And According to the new director Michael that George did something wrong and he did now show up the next day. George said he is going to give me a copy of the agreement, and when I go to find him, he is no longer working for LA fitness. According to Michael, that they did find a agreement which does not any notes on it. I am very positive that was not the one that i signed up for it. So i request to have the original paper work, not the copy. Because I think based on previous experience, George could forge a blank one and put my name on it.

I know that La fitness had a pretty good reputation and great management department. And George was exception. I would like to make my point is that most of the LA fitness stuff is really good, and responsible. And I don’t know what kind stuff that George is doing behind the seen, I don’t want to be the scarified. The reason why I signed up the agreement is because George works on the behave of LA fitness, I trust LA fitness not him. I am still attending LA fitness and I also brought my friends with me because I do like LA fitness.

I really hope you guys can help get everything straight it out. Appreciated your time.
Thank you very much!


Marivel August 3, 2016 at 4:34 pm

Regret ever walking in, I signed up and after being there for 15 minutes walked out. I called from the parking lot to cancel membership and was told I can only cancel Monday through Friday. Now I’m fighting to get a full refund because they want to keep my money after never using there services!


Yun Fan August 4, 2016 at 3:38 pm

I ran into a very similar situation. I am really upset about how they manage the business. hope they can hear us and fix the problem.


Tee June 25, 2016 at 6:17 pm

Worst experience ever. The most unprofessional business I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with. They are trained to stonewall every situation. I had a manager tell me they don’t know what is in their contract they just sell them and that I would never find their policy information in the fine print. Claim they are not trainings to address problems. I have dealt with branches from multiple states calling and hanging up on me, putting the call on hold while you are speaking with them, leaving the call on hold and not returning, not making notes in the file, claiming there are no notes in the file. The probability that you would receive poor unprofessional behavior toward the customer with identical behaviors Is unlikely. They are trained to behave this way. If the goal of LA Fitness was to treat their customers disrespectful they have succeeded. I have never had this much difficulty of this caliber with any business when attempting to address issues. The gyms are filthy and are run by inexperienced children with serious attitude problems. This is a gym membership not worth renewing or pursing when other establishments are charging less per month and have a more professional business and want to help their customers.


claudia hoffmann July 5, 2016 at 4:17 pm

I couldn’t agree with you more! Having some ridiculous issues with this establishment as well.


laura February 13, 2017 at 5:47 pm

I thought you were talking about the LA Fitness in Fairfax County, Springfield. There are quite a few of us members that have these exact issues and nothing is done. The club is so dirty. The cleaning lady pushes the mop really hard but if you just push it you are not getting up any of the hair or the litter on the floor you are just making it wet. I get discouraged just thinking of going to that gym in the morning. Now my favorite yoga teachers have left so…..


Kermit fowlks June 23, 2016 at 9:39 am

On 06/21/2016 at approximately 3:45 pm I checked into the club with my 8 year old and my 6 year old. The receptionist informed me that the Kids Club didn’t open until 4:00 pm and I told her that I was aware. I stopped by the snack shop and bought them some snacks and that took approximately 5 more minutes. We then went to the racquetball courts and sat on the bench and was waiting until 4:00 so I could drop the kids off at the kids club. The receptionist came and told me that the manager said that my children could not be on the floor. I informed her that it was 10 minutes until 4:00 and We were waiting and watching games while my children were with me. She said ok and a couple of minutes later the manager came and told me that my children were not allowed on the floor and that they could wait at the front. I told The many that I was not going to leave my children at the front unaccompanied and that it was 10 minutes until 4. The manager then SUGGESTED that I speak to another manager and I agreed. The same manager then said, “Why speak to some one else and they’re going to tell you the same thing?” I told that manager that I wanted to speak with another manager as he suggested and he said ok. A few moments went by and the same manager returned and told me that he had all of my personal information and threatened to cancel my membership. I told him that I have my information as well and I would do it for him (cancel my membership) and that I want to take him up on his offer and speak with the other manager. He then walked off. A few more minutes went by and a police officer approached me and told me that the manager asked me to leave, which he did not. The Police Officer said all I have to do is wait at the front for approximately 5 more minutes and then take them to the kids club and I did.

The manager told me that I could speak with another manager but instead called the police on me behind my back. We were escorted through the gym with my children asking me what’s wrong. That was humiliating and very embarrassing to deal with. All at the same time, unaccompanied children and rules are broken daily and civil disagreements with management happen almost daily. However, the police aren’t called. That was totally uncalled for and unprofessional. I also don’t appreciate being threatened with a canceled membership and having police called on me. I have been a member since 2009 and to be treated in this manner was uncalled for.

On 06/22/2016, I spoke with a customer service manager over the phone regarding the matter. The manager said that the manager filed an incident report the following morning stating that I said something to the effect of, “Thats a dumb policy.” That was 100% untrue and I never said such words or anything alike. The customer service manager also said that another manager had to have been involved in the incident for a report to be made. The receptionist spoke to me and I asked for that manager. No other employees were involved which would make that untrue as well. I asked the customer service manager who the other manager was who so called approached me and she refused to provide that information to me. However, other members that we’re getting ready to play racquetball were present and witnessed the conversation and are available.

The policy is not what I’m disputing, I agree with policies and procedures. I am in disagreement with the sales manager OFFERING me to speak with another manager, but instead, he called the police. I am in disagreement with his quick actions to call the police on my 8 & 6 year old children and me. The situation should have been treated more diplomatic and he should not have immediately called the police. There was no justification for those actions. The sales manager OFFERED me to speak to another manager and I simply agreed and no other employees were involved or present. It appears that the report that was filed by the sales manager is inaccurate.


Mary Durfee,M.D. June 16, 2016 at 9:39 pm

What a small-minded bunch of personal training staff at the LA Fitness in Oro Valley,AZ.My husband and my son, and three of my son’s friends wanted to work out together- the boys learn to use the body bags and together setting goals for power lifting and biking. My husband helped the boys sign up- one of the boys got his brother to sign up for the summer. He spoke with the local (Oro Valley, AZ) gym manager and asked if they could work out together. They went over times that the room with the body bags would be free this summer. He explained to the manager that is was his son and some of his friends- but he would be there.Everybody paid money for membership. My husband is NOT collecting any money for doing “training”- they are working out together and they are encouraging each other. Mark is helping them with correct boxing form and with keeping track of goals. My son goes to Germany in six weeks and they are trying to spend time together. There is NOBODY else even using the long boxing bags!! Some personal trainer started filming the boys yesterday-(creepy, right?) – and today he told my husband and the kids that they could not work out together- that the “personal trainers” feel they are losing money.
None of the boys would have even signed up for LA FITNESS if they thought they could not work out together. There is nobody even using the work-out room. (0700-0825) The kids are not disturbing anybody.You would think the personal trainer might actually try to make a connection with the boys — might be able to build some clients- instead of being small and threatening to “blacklist any of the kids from joining any LA Fitness if they work out together”. That is what the person trainer told my husband today. What was supposed to be a last summer with my son- has turned into feeling like he did something wrong for working out together. He is not “training” them no collecting any fees. I am a local Ob/Gyn and will be telling the 30-40 women I see every day to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE if they want a place to work out for themselves or their family. God forbid a women go in there and try to work out with her friends. Maybe the same creepy personal trainer will film them and then threaten to blacklist them for encouraging each other or setting goals.


Rosanna Coscia June 16, 2016 at 8:48 pm

I have been a Member of LA Fitness for more than a year and half at Bonita Springs, FL. It has been more than 3 weeks that I don’t have a trainer. They cannot find any one. If I want I can pay more and use the Masters Trainer.
That’s not what I paid for. I suggested the Members Manager in California, Mark at the fitness center to trade in my sessions and move me to a Masters Trainer. It is not their policy. Even though I m losing out. It is a very bad customers ‘service.
If I don’t want to pay more, than I have to wait until they find someone . What kind of service is that?
I expect the CEO Mr. L.Welsh , the CFO Ms.K. Polson and the COO Mr. S. Mackay to give a solution to my issue.
Otherwise, I want my money back.


Ian S May 11, 2016 at 2:53 pm

WOW, what a poorly trained bunch of management. I just had hear surgery and will not be attending so i need to cancel my membership. i have called the Niagara Falls NY location twice and still no help. I apparently need to find a mysterious manger that’s not around much because the location manager cant do it. I just got out of the hospital and for a 4 way By-Pass and they want me to come into the location. When they talk they are condescending, they interrupt, blame me for not calling sooner in the day… unbelievable poor customer engagement.


Simone pulcini April 30, 2016 at 11:26 am

I am deeply disappointed with LA FITNESS.
April 30, around 10:50 am 2016 the general manager of sales Lorena Velasquez and her assistant Lazaro Sanchez approach me in a very rude way, raising their voice and telling that I was supposed to put back the weight. I tried to explain that it wasn’t me who brought those weights on that particular place;however, they didn’t want to listen my explication and they told me( this are the rules or you can leave). With that been said, I don’t know how LA FITNESS choose the staff, specifically a general manager.
I really hope you can take action about this unpleasant experience, because things like this makes people leave your gym.


Patty April 13, 2016 at 8:30 am

I was so excited that an LA Fitness was opening right up the street from me. I went to sign up for a membership in the mobile office as the club was not yet ready to open. I signed the agreement and was told there was no copy machine and I would be able to procure the copy of my SIGNED agreement once the club opened.
Because I was a member in Dallas for many years before moving to the east coast, I TRUSTED your company to follow through on its word.
Well, the club has opened. Yay. I went last night to get the fob for my keychain. The gentleman who signed me up originally was there and proceeded to tell me that the “program” he sold me was on hold and thus my membership had not been processed.
I asked for the promised copy of my SIGNED agreement and he would not give it to me.
Three issues at hand for me now:
1: Bait and switch: I was sold a program and have a signed agreement confirming what I was sold.
2: My legal signed agreement is being held hostage by LA Fitness.
3: My trust factor for LA Fitness has been damaged.

I was given the telephone number and email address last night of a higher up to contact and I immediately called and emailed. I have not received any type of response.
All I want is what I was promised: A copy of my signed agreement for my files.


Yun August 4, 2016 at 3:44 pm

it seems like non of the complaint has been taking seriously. Bec i don’t see any response to any of the complaint.


HH May 31, 2017 at 8:05 pm

That is correct. They will NOT reply nor will they change their ways. They have NO reason to because they know the majority will give up the fight and ultimately take the abuse. As a former employee I have heard so many complaints but members never follow through with the idol threats and just keep paying their monthly fees because the gym is “convenient”, they don’t want to pay LifeTime fees or they just plain give up the fight. LA Fitness knows this. You get what you pay for, I guess. I am a former employee and they treat their staff just as bad as they treat members. There are no formal policy and procedures and the “rules” change daily. There is no set fee for joining the gym or personal training. The goal is to get you to pay at the highest price that you agree to and they teach the art of “fake phone calls” so you think they are actually contacting a manager to lower the price but they aren’t. Everyone one is paying something different for the same product. Once they have your money the show is over!! DON’T EVER WORK FOR THEM!!! GOOD LUCK


Jimmy Farmer April 6, 2016 at 5:58 pm

I am writing about my membership.
I paid for a year in full for 4 people. 2 adults and 2 kids. I was sold under false pretense. I was under the impression my kids could use the swimming pool at the gym. Never was brought up during membership signing or payment. I wasn’t even told that I had 3 days before I could cancel the membership and get a refund. I’ve only been there a month. I’m upset, we are made to trust the salesman and he never once said what I’m signing is a binding agreement after 3 days. I never would have gotten the membership if I knew my kids couldn’t go swimming there. When we did our tour of the gym. He was selling the indoor heated pool, I said “Oh man, that would be great for my kids ” he said “yeah, it’s a great family environment.” Never once did he ask me how old my kids are. Even when he saw that they were only 4 and 1 when I was signing them up. I’m extremely upset at this. And the fact that when I called yalls corporate membership, they were basically saying. “Well you signed the papers and we emailed you the contract.” Basically saying. “You’re F’d!” This is not the way I was sold into it, and it shouldn’t be the way I am shown the door.


Anne March 28, 2016 at 1:04 am

I write concerning the LA Fitness in Marana, AZ where I have been a member for a little over a year. Although the monthly rate is reasonable, I think the management and front desk personnel are very disengaged. Too often, questions of the desk employees go unanswered. The usual response is “I don’t know.” That is never followed by an offer to find out the answer. A manager is very often not in the building.

Also, while I have signed up 3 people, I have never received anything in return from the club as advertised. The person who signed me up never received anything. Not that the items have any real value but they shouldn’t be offered.

Two other irritating issues. One, the yoga room is right next to the last of several racketball courts. Often, the court sharing a wall with the yoga room is the only one being used during the class and that obviously doesn’t do much for the atmosphere one hopes to find in a yoga class. We’ve asked if for just the hour during yoga, members could be asked to use another court assuming others are available. I’ve had no response beyond “I’m not sure how we could do that.” How about a sign on the court’s door?

Lastly, the room where spin classes are held is horribly hot because there are no ceiling fans. Other clubs have fans. When I asked why there were no fans, the manager said they’d taken a survey and some people don’t want fans. We were also told that fans in the LA Fitness on Ina and Shannon were going to be removed. Really? Even if I believed that was true, which I don’t, how about fans in half the room? It is not healthy to have so many people exerting themselves in the same room and have the room be so hot. Spend the money and go for some fans.


Kataki March 24, 2016 at 8:38 am

Dear Sir/madam,
I wanted to reach out to you because I am disgusted with the cleanliness of the fitness equipment at your gym.

Can you please get the equipment properly cleaned daily?


Uncle Sam March 24, 2016 at 1:27 am

The Bridgeville, PA location has taken Political Correctness to a life-threatening level. For a while, this location has sympathized with and shown favoritism to Muslim members who reside in a local community that publicly celebrated 9/11.
They are given the unique right to reserve the basketball court 2X per week with no access to non-Muslim members.
Last Sunday, it got scary. Twelve Muslims with duffle bags assembled in the aerobic room to engage in a public Muslim prayer demonstration. Why do that in a gym? It was to antagonize members and test the waters. It could have been a trial run.
Now, I understand that it may be innocent; but is it worth the risk? Management at LA Fitness didn’t mind. Since they never leave the desk, they probably had no idea it happened. Or, they’re afraid of being called racist.
The members are afraid of being blown up, since that could be a possibility. They know that there has already been a shooting spree at this location.
Corporate better take action.
Many members are considering carrying firearms into the gym. You can’t blame them.
Let’s think about that atmosphere. Muslims being given special treatment and antagonizing members, 30% of whom have guns.
This is a time when you “see something, say something”
I’ve said something, so do something!


Roxanne April 13, 2016 at 4:21 pm

@ Uncle Sam
Or maybe it was yoga? Since I’m super sure you have no idea what a “public Muslim prayer demonstration” looks like. It doesn’t sound like is doing anything wrong, but you sound like a racist. Who knows.


EG March 22, 2016 at 12:24 pm

LA Fitness has set the standard in my neighborhood. I have been a member for several years and I’m well pleased. A new location opened up recently closer to my house. I’m glad to have a clean, organized, and pleasant place to exercise.

From the East Coast,


Linda Caskey February 24, 2016 at 12:35 pm

I joined LA Fitness On Lee Road in Winter Park, Florida to participate in the water aerobics program held Mon Wed and Fri mornings. I am very disappointed. Except for the Friday morning class the instructors are not teaching water aerobics just merely having the class perform floor or yoga exercises while we are in the pool. The Wednesday instructor is always late usually 10-20 minutes and does not make up for the lost time on the other end of the class.

The pool frequently has an extremely strong chlorine odor. Some days just walking into the pool room can take your breath away. Many ladies are complaining about rashes from the pool water.
The pool is in need of cleaning – there oil around the sides. and black gunk on the tiles. The Tile pool deck is always dirty. Never looks any one takes a broom or mop to it.

The ladies showers are often unclean and the water only trickles out of several of the showers.
Conplaints to local staff have been made to no avail.


Pamela February 21, 2016 at 3:17 am

Today was the last straw in a long line of incompetance at the LA FITNESS UNIVERSAL Gym. There is an ongoing class at 4:30 pm on Saturday’s for Zumba. There has been at least 10 times that the instructor has not shown up. The management which is very incompetant will not let us know as a courtesy that the instructor is running late or in most cases not showing up. This is complete lack of rewspect for us the members who rely on precise time of classes and the travel involved. When we approached so called management they had nothing but lame excuses and no solutions. They were very rude and did not solve the problem, as a result the class was not happening after a full class was waiting for the instructor. No one even bothered to inform us to this situation. Very rude staff and incredibly incompetant and ignorant as to the way of handling the customers…..THEY SIMPLY DID NOT CARE. The gym and bathrooms are disgusting unclean and when this was mentioned the girl at the from desk just said “Oh she did not come in today ” this is a huge health violation. There are several of us in this particular class that are extremely unhappy as to the treatment of our inconvenience and lack of resolve. These employees are incompetant and could not have cared less as to our inconvenience for not being able to have class. We pay monthly fees and expect to at least what is promised to schedule and classes. If this is not rectified we all will take it up with further action as we at least deserve the courtesy as members. Each member there Brian, Dominique, would not give us there last name and said Yeva and Monique would be the contacts to call which they have not followed through to address this as we all asked the staff to reach them. They indicated they were not available even though this was an huge issue within the LA FITNESS UNIVERSAL GYM as to helping us …….the staff on Saturday February 21, 2016 was extremely rude and unaccomading……this particular problem with instructors not showing up has happened at this class at least 10 times since I have been attending. Unacceptable and I encourage you to rectify. I also had indicated to management the room that we hold class is filthy with debris on the floor as well as weights and mats left for us to put away from the previous users. Management should clean the room prior to us holding class. Injuries could happen with equipment that is left out from previous members not putting away weights, mats and equipment. It is a health violation and potential injury waiting to happen. Please read carefully and address all issues listed.


sean rose February 14, 2016 at 1:28 am

Dear Ms. Welch,

I used to be a long time customer of LA Fitness. For the last several years I have been a member of 24-hour. Recently, I called local LA-fitness club in reconsider rejoining the club. I have been absolutely livid and irate over what has transpired entailing such disrespect, incompetence, and manipulation and lies from the LA Fitness team; I am beyond shocked and offended.

I called the local club, and asked to speak with a supervisor. The person on the phone asked several questions to begin the call to inquire of my request. I explained it was to explore possible deals and rates and only then did this person tell me they were the General Manager of the LA Fitness club in Hollywood, CA, on El-Centro.

I expressed that I was with 24-hour for years, received a deal with no initiation fee due to my sister’s also joining, and paid less than $25.00 per month. I stated that I simply wanted to know if they could offer a similar deal to my girlfriend and me, and if not, that I understood and we’d stay with 24-hour, no problem whatsoever. However, the GM asked many many questions to which I tried to cut to the chase if they could match this deal. Finally, she STRONGLY urged for us to come in, speak to her directly and she would give us an even better/cheaper deal guaranteed than we had at our current club. I asked her what she meant by that and asked her to be specific so as not to waste our time, and the time it would take for us to come into the club. I reiterated if she could not match this, thanks anyways politely. She said verbatim that it “would be lower than what we pay at 24-hour.” I then asked, would this be without an initiation fee, she then said yes. My girlfriend and I looked at each other because we were actually serious about switching once hearing this. I even said I could bring in my plan with 24-hour to show what I paid, whatever it would take to make sure this was a better plan. I’ve never been so pushed to make a deal, I almost felt like she was the used car salesman from hell but the deal was in our favor. She told us to come in and speak to her directly and she “would hook us up.” I told her I was only coming in if she could do this deal because I was very far away and had many things to do. She said she could only make the deal that day, employee appreciate day or such… So we agreed and she made sure to say it would be by no means a waste of our time.

Once I entered the club after the long trip from north end of Ventura County back to Hollywood, rather than staying in Ventura for the rest of the day, the GM greeted us and we sat down. She wrote down a plan that was, to my fear, contrary to her deal over the phone; what I considered a verbal agreement. She of course had the 149.00 initiation fee, and one plan for myself at 25.00 a month, and my girlfriend at 29.00 a month. Now I explained the math to her on the spot then and there told her this was more expensive for the next two years than what we pay at 24 hour, the first year being more, the second year it would be a wash after the one time 149.00 fee. Here is where I get very upset. When I asked her how this was a cheaper and better deal than what I had already and how it made sense, she shrugged her shoulder like an elementary school student who couldn’t explain why they weren’t in class on time and indifferently said “I don’t know.” I asked “Then why did you so strongly urge me to come in and say it would not be a waste of my time?” “If you change your mind let us know, you’re welcome to use the gym for today.” Again I asked her how this made sense and for the second time she repeated she didn’t know, verbatim, her response from a GM was “I don’t know.”

I told her I would not join unless she kept her word and not waste my time. She turned to an employee in the very back of the room seated at a desk, and made a slashing gesture across her throat as if that meant something, trying to demean and condescend myself and my girlfriend that the deal was dead I’m assuming?

It gets worse, especially after her poor math, and by the way, in a condescending tone telling me this “wasn’t negotiable.” Funny, I know far better how sales work then she does.

I of course knew I would not allow my time and my girlfriend’s time to be so wasted and to be so wrongly disrespected and lied to. I called the corporate office, only to speak again with inadequate and incompetent, indifferent employees with no regard for customer service, social networking in 2016, and word of mouth. I spoke to Evelyn who guaranteed me her manager would call me back Monday. Monday came and went so I phoned back Tuesday and Evelyn said she did not know why Julian her supervisor did not call me. Finally, I articulated everything in this email, and my dissatisfaction and he asked what I expect them to do. In good faith, I said keep their end of the deal. Because I had to call in Tuesday, I had to end the call briefly and told Julian to call me back and if I didn’t hear back, I’d call him. I called Julian the next day or so and he said he spoke with the GM. He told me that her deal was a one-time pay at once for the entire year plan, and that she never offered the deal I explained above. Now I was absolutely POSITIVE this woman was a lair and not just incompetent. I expressed how upset I was and that she was lying. He refused to fix the problem and then made it much much worse. Julian offered I could do the deal that the GM told him about, the altered dishonest deal, but only when another employee appreciation day came around again, not now. I had been polite and patient with this gentleman and this is what he returned to me with, not interested in potential customers from a competitor, to which he said was insignificant, and refused to do anything to make matters right, and in fact exacerbating them. I asked Julian to transfer me to his supervisor. Julian said he does not have a supervisor and I said of course you do, I want to talk to your boss. His response again was I don’t have a boss. I told him he does and demanded he transfer me to which he continued to tell me he was the highest person at LA Fitness, and I of course told him I’d be contacting corporate and he should be concerned about his job. I highly doubt that this corporation tolerates such horrific customer care from their employees, but then again, in just these few samples was such disaster. I was so irate and such wasted time, I considered suing LA Fitness and acting in bad faith. I demand to deal with more proficient and competent employees to represent the club; not this disrespect and manipulative, exploitative treatment from apathetic employees.

I look forward to hearing resolve and my time being put to fair use for this matter; certainly when we just asked for them to clear the 149.00 they promised over the phone as no initiation fee. The rude GM obviously tried to pull a bait and switch and I refuse to be treated in this matter and look forward to dealing with more sophisticated and responsible officials representing the club in a timely manner. I hope LA Fitness has more regard for customers than what I was treated with. I hope that GM and Julian can find another line of work very very soon.

Thank you for your time.

Sean Rose
(818) 744-XXXXX


Wow March 2, 2016 at 6:07 pm

You need to get a life.


Robert Welsh March 16, 2016 at 11:06 pm

Your comment to Sean Rose was rude, uncalled for and without merit. Mr. Rose has every right to complain, especially given the poor treatment by LA F.


Nathan K. January 22, 2016 at 9:58 am

Disclosure of personal data which was obtained without authority

The Data Protection Acts deal with the threat to privacy posed by persons who are not data controllers or data processors (or their employees) and who, having obtained unauthorised access to personal information, then disclose it to others. Under section 22 of the Acts, such conduct is an offence. This unauthorised access can occur in various ways. In the case of electronic data the most obvious is “hacking”, i.e. obtaining access from a point remote from the computer by electronic means. Unauthorised access can also occur by someone gaining access to a data controller’s equipment when the staff are not present. Someone might steal, or take without authority, a diskette or tape or manual file on which data are recorded. Or someone (other than the data controller or his staff) could be in a position to read personal data being shown on the computer screen or to read a printout. But whichever way the unauthorised access takes place, it will be an offence if the person concerned, having gained access, proceeds to disclose to another person the information he or she has accessed.


Nathan Khattari January 22, 2016 at 8:51 am

Subject: Data breach – A Member’s information was leaked to other(s)
LA Location: 1515 Mauch Chunk Road
Allentown, PA 18102

To whom it may concern,

I am under the suspicion that information from my profile residing on LA fitness data repository was leaked to other(s). I consider this grave act as a breach of contract and trust between a member and LA organization. The information was leaked with the complicity of an employee(High level or Low level responsibilities) of LA. I believe that this criminal act happened during the months of November or December 2015( December is more accurate). I am confident that you have the necessary knowledge and tools to investigate this criminal activity. I believe that all transactions are logged to log files. Also, the user who queried this information and the terminal used for this criminal activities can be traced in your systems. Moreover, I didn’t request from anyone to view my profile for many years. As a result, it will be easy to find who viewed and leaked this information to other(s). I am committed to collaborate with LA to resolve this grave and criminal act.

In conclusion, an individual or a group of individual has(ve) worked extremely hard to make LA a successful business story. It is inconceivable that a parasite can destroy this dream.

Note: An email with the necessary information was sent to ContactXXXXXXXXX
Thank you,
A member


Donald Reuwer January 20, 2016 at 7:38 pm

I love the club in Naples Florida.

I also have a home in Ellicott City Maryland. We have a dumpy old gym that needs a face lift and a new owner. Are you interested in this area?


Steve M January 9, 2016 at 12:30 pm

I belong to the LA fitness in Trumbull CT. I need to say this place is the dirtiest gym that I have ever worked out at. Staff is busy talking with other members instead of cleaning and changing paper towels. I am a frequent flyer of fitness edge and I can’t tell you how mad I am that we made re switch when we first moved to Trumbull. I don’t understand how how hard it can be to keep paper towels and soap full. time for a new management review.


Thank you


Amanda January 7, 2016 at 12:10 pm

Hi there,

My name is Amanda and I am a long time gym member at La Fitness. At my 4:30 workout this morning I was looking around and realized that every picture on the wall, every image, every piece of plex has remained consistent for years. This made me think, how about a minor facelift? I have been to some crossfit classes, UFC gyms and acceleration gyms. All of these have become more and more modern with time and have taken away a number of La fitness members, a lot of my friends and colleagues included.

I would love an opportunity to put together some ideas with my team and present them to you in the corporate office. I am currently working for Temeka Group where we have the ability to implement design, fabricate and install everything that you would need. I have attached our 2015 brag book to show you a few of the projects that we have worked on. Please let me know if this would be something that you would be open to.

Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions,

Temeka Group
Amanda Koman


Harry Chicas December 12, 2015 at 4:54 pm

LA Fitness Corporate. SOS. Please Help! Do not let OUR CLUB in 11881 Del Amo Blvd
Cerritos CA 90703 close. This is our second home and it is the last club that has made us feel complete. It contains such a big environment within less than 12 miles around us. Other LA Fitness are very small within the inside. We have been moving a lot from place to place. Please help. Requested by LA fitness members


Paula December 10, 2015 at 12:41 am

Dear Mr. Welch;

I have to be honest, I wish this were going to be a nice letter. I wish that I hadn’t experienced your GM lying to the police about me but my biggest wish…the one that I mailed to Santa…are you ready? I wish that I had never been your customer, that is my grown-up Christmas wish this year. Like you, I also live in LA (part of the year) and was considering hand delivering this to you because I’m so angry over how I was harassed at your Bethel Park, PA location. The behavior by your GM there, Wynn, was so offensive and disgusting that words can’t actually fully describe it.

On Tuesday December 8th I arrived at your location on Oxford Drive in Bethel Park to do a very quick, strict body-part workout, I needed to get squats in before Wednesday. I had 5 sets of 8x to get through, that was it. I walked into the lobby with my coat on and my infamous pink gym bag, handed my phone to the front desk person to scan me in and continued upstairs. I walked over to the squat rack, I asked the person on it how many sets he had left and then proceeded to get out my earphones, take my coat off and fold it up, etc. While doing some air squats to warm up a young girl came over to me took her headphones off and said “you can’t have a bag up here” I said “excuse me” and she repeated herself. I told her that I’ve been doing this same exact routine for roughly five years (not at that particular location very often) and that my bag has never been an issue. She got snippy (as a child does) and tried to get me to place my bag in a locker, then at the front desk and I said “thank you but no, I’m going to keep my bag on me as I’ve done for roughly 5 years. Do you even work here”? She said “yes” she does in fact work for you (sorry for you) but she was in plain workout cloths and appeared to be working out herself. She then asked me what to tell other members that are going to complain. I wanted to and should have said “that’s not my problem” but instead told her to tell them that she asked me to place my bag into a locker but I refused. She then ran away and said “okay”. I later found out that her name is Aubrey and she is your Operations Manager at that location AND she has done this before, even to other employees, on the floor, in public. Not surprising seeing as she is clearly a very young and juvenile manager.

From there I started my squats, highly annoyed for being harassed by such a ding dong but whatever…I have 5 sets of 8x to get through and then I could leave gym prison aka: LA Fitness South Hills. I made it through 3 sets until Wynn showed up on the scene to pick a fight. Wynn (also dressed in regular workout gear with nothing saying LA Fitness on it) said “excuse me” and at this point I have no idea who he is but I’m getting seriously annoyed that my workout is being compromised again. It’s such a short workout, I just want to be left alone… He addresses the bag and I tell him the exact same thing that I told Aubrey. I also tell him that I have 16 squats left, I would like to just finish them and I’ll be on my way…with my pink bag. He doesn’t like that and says that I have to put the bag downstairs so at this point I say “How about if we call corporate right now and ask them if I’m violating their rules. If I am, I’ll comply and take my bag to the car” but he didn’t like that either instead he says “ you’re violating my rules, you can call corporate, I’m not calling corporate. I’m calling the police”. Okay Wynn, who thinks he’s the big man creating his own set of rules, game on. Understand something, sometimes it isn’t just words that can be offensive. Most of the time it’s the manor in which we present ourselves and the energy we project. Wynn has very condescending energy and an attitude to match. He basically told me to “stand down soldier, you’re going to do what I say or else”. So here’s the thing about that… No. Just in case you missed that… NO. No I will not “stand down” to a child or anyone when I’m doing nothing wrong. No, I will not be talked to in that manor. No, I’m not going to be your next victim. NO.

At this point, my workout is ruined and I’m over it and I really don’t want to be in an establishment that harasses their clients. In addition, this exchange happened in the middle of the floor on a very busy night at a very busy time so people were watching and they looked horrified and quite frankly, they should have. That said, I called corporate and put my coat on in preparation to leave. The man I spoke with at corporate was actually great, the was mortified over what I was telling him and he told me that I was not violating any policy but they do prefer bags in lockers but that I was doing absolutely nothing wrong and did not deserve this heinous treatment. He then told me to find Wynn and tell him to call corporate on the corporate phone not on a cell phone. I said “okay” and proceeded to go downstairs and head towards the exit to find Wynn. He wasn’t hard to find, he was sitting at a desk near the door looking smug with another guy who I assume was a trainer ( he at least had a LA Fitness shirt on). I conveyed the message from guest relations to call corporate and to that he responded “I’m not calling corporate, I don’t have to call corporate, I called my regional VP Rodrigo and that’s the only person I have to call and the only person I’m calling”. I was really shocked (although I shouldn’t have been) that a low level manager would defy a request from corporate to call them. I told him I didn’t care if he called or not, I was just relaying the message. I also told him that I know Rodrigo and that I was leaving and then asked if the police were on their way. He told me they were and from that point we exchanged various “polite insults” …I told him to have a nice holiday and then said “actually I hope you get fired on Christmas Eve” he then said “they’ll never fire me” I said “we’ll see”…you get the idea. No cursing, no name calling just for a lack of a better term, polite insults. After that exchange I left and went to my car and sat in the lot and called corporate back.

While sitting in the lot on the phone with Shawn from guest relations the police actually show up! I was really surprised and highly amused at this point and continued to sit there on the phone, eager to speak with the authorities. While still on the phone with Shawn the police came to my car window and I finished up with Shawn before rolling down my window. I told the police what happened and they just asked to see my id to see my name and just to be safe I asked them if I should call my husband since he is a litigator and they said “no, no, no, absolutely not. You’re not in any trouble”. We actually had a really nice conversation and they explained to me that my good friend (obvious joke) Wynn told them that I refused to leave and that’s why they came. Ahhhhh….ding, ding, ding, now we are getting somewhere. Bottom line is that it appears that Wynn lied to the authorities and told them I refused to leave when in all actuality not only did he never ask me to leave BUT I left on my own. I left willingly and quietly (minus the polite insults) after my workout was interrupted, ruined and I was harassed by two of your employees. Wynn attempted to use intimidation tactics in an attempt to get the “little woman” to do what he wanted me to do. Sorry but I’m not participating.

I’m sure Wynn and Aubrey are going to tell a different story, that is a given and very obvious because they actually need their jobs. I’m also fairly certain that no one is going to do anything about the situation. I realized that after getting off the phone with Shawn and he asked me to call him back and when I did he didn’t take the call and never returned it. I realized it again when I spoke with Mira at guest relations this morning and she also told me that she would look into this and call me back and never did. The truth is I should have known in advance what type of company and people I was dealing with by the condition of the gym. It’s dirty, run down, neglected, cold and a facade of what it should be. The staff from the top down at your company reflect these qualities too, so how could I think that I would be treated with care and respect? Truth is XXXXX rolls downhill, it is no difference here. Your staff behaves this way either because you let them or because this is how you lead from the top and either way it doesn’t work. All I can say now is hame on me. I’m not going to to follow the old adage “fool me once” I’m going to learn and go straight to “shame on you” and top it off by canceling my membership. Not only will I never be back to ANY of your gyms, I will make sure to educate as many people as possible about my experience.

Good luck fixing your company, you’re going to need it if you actually care to even try. I’m sorry for trying to be your customer, I really am and it won’t happen again.

Very Truly Yours,


Pete December 21, 2015 at 11:45 pm

It is so amazing how a two people (in your case) can make an entire company like LA Fitness look so bad. I was a loyal member with LA Fitness for over 13 years only to see my membership get revoked. I found out that people lied about me. A few other people including the regional manager, member service director and district operation manager decided to bad mouth me because of those lies. This was in phone conversations. Would any of them have the guts to say the same things to me if I was in their faces? LA Fitness probably had to pay a fine for causing the police to show up at the club you were at for no legitimate reason. My point is it will come back to haunt them.


LaTeef Williams December 25, 2015 at 8:54 am

So I made a complaint to corperate about the rude treatment I had from the personal training coordinator Amber Coleman on 12/14 at LA Fitness Wickham rd. Today a man asks me about my fitness journey and I shared it with him while sitting on a machine. We shared similar stories of football, life threatening injuries and recovery. I commended him for getting back in the gym and having a personal trainer. Through our whole conversation, Amber stands 10ft away and listens. After he and I parted ways she comes up to me accusing me of soliciting personal training. I said we were having a personal conversation no business of yours and I walked away. Come to find out she internationally flagged my membership as problematic out of retaliation from my complaint.
I then called corporate again to make another complaint. I was called back by the VP of personal training named Henry Veloz. He asked me my occupation, I told him law enforcement. He then told me I should go to another gym to avoid conflict with her and because I’m a man, she’s a woman and I’m a MMA fighter she could feel threatened cause I’m a violent person. I was like “WOW! You don’t know me other than Google, you haven’t conducted your investigation of the matter and tou stereotype me as violent cause of my occupation!?” It told him I was in LAW ENFORCEMENT, he responded saying Google didn’t tell him that and I can get a lawyer if I wish! I mean, I know people have there stereotypes about MMA from ignorance, but I didn’t think that it would come from a corporate position in fitness!


Bailey November 29, 2015 at 7:36 pm

I am so incredibly disappointed in my experience with LA Fitness. I joined a few months back and was going consistently and had an okay experience. Although, from the start I felt like I was talked into things I did not want to do. I agreed to sign up for the membership that allowed me to bring a guest a certain number of times a month and when I took them to an LA Fitness they told me they could not come to that particular one because it was not my “home gym”. I signed up for my membership at a gym further away from my house and work but near my fiance’s house. I had asked if this guest pass applied to all gyms and was told it did, this was incredibly disappointing but I moved past it. I asked if I could change my home gym to the one I was frequenting the most and I was told I had to cancel my membership and re-enroll at that particular LA Fitness. I chose not to do so.
Then, I spoke with them again about possibly canceling the guest portion of my membership and was told I would need to come in in order to do that during certain hours. I went to the gym early in the morning (6am) and there was no one there during that time to do that. I again let it go.
Finally, I decided I was not going to the gym enough and called on November 5th to cancel my membership. I was told I needed to go into the gym to cancel and this could not be done over the phone. I then left work early the following week to go into the LA Fitness to cancel my membership and they told me it had to be done at my “home gym”. I was incredibly angry and disappointed because I had left work early to get this done. I spoke with them and explained the situation and that I was not often by that gym and wanted to cancel the membership before my billing period ended in order for me to only pay for the month of November. They said there was nothing that could be done if I could not leave work early or go in late to be there during the hours when they could cancel for me. The only time this is an option is between 9-5 Monday-Friday.
I finally was able to get them to tell me an alternative option of sending in a paper requesting this to be cancelled (which takes 3-4 weeks I was told) after reiterating how ridiculous and manipulative it is to only allow canceling during the week from 9-5. Due to how ridiculous this entire ordeal has been I will be paying two months despite the fact that I have not gone once.
I am disappointed in how LA fitness treats their customers and expected more.


Pete December 21, 2015 at 11:57 pm

I have read numerous complaints similar to yours. My membership was revoked more than two years ago but I continue to read these interesting stories that remind me why LA Fitness does not deserve my business. I am amazed at how LA Fitness seems desperate to keep members who want out. My membership was revoked because people lied about me. My advice to you if you’re paying with your credit card is to notify your credit card company or bank and inform them of your situation.


ddpp November 25, 2015 at 9:14 pm

I feel like i have walked into the big Gym trap. I was sold into the personal trainer program by a really good sale person. Who no longer is there so i guess all that he promised was invalid the minute he go promoted to a higher position. I have accepted and moved on from the promises made to me at sign up. I have now realized that i have been taken for my money on that front. I have talked to four different people at four different times about the issues i was and still having with the personal training i am receiving. The point of my email is more to point out the operations manger called Nicole who i guess is the representative at this particular club. I was told to see her about a copy of my personal training contract. As she was the only one who can print it. This too i had to ask three different people to get to her. I asked three different people to leave a note for her to print my contract as she is only there during the day when I’m not there during the day. Nobody ever passed this note on to her. so i went in on a Friday to get a copy of this. I asked for a copy of my training contact and she gave me my general gym contract, so i asked her again for my personal contract copy. which she had to print up and was having trouble, so i said i would stop by after my session. Which I did, at which point she was on a personal call and continued to be on it while trying to help me. When i refused to go away without my questions answered then only she got off her call. Then i asked her how i can end my contract and she gave me the two reasons. One with doctors note and the other with paying out half the money. To which i said there has to be another way since i am so unsatisfied with the service i was receiving. she then got real nasty with me and was loud enough for everybody walking by to hear. Nicole kept being super sarcastic and just rude. She refused to even hear me out and let me list my concerns and when i didn’t back down she sarcastically shook her head. Frustrated, i said there has to be somebody else i can talk to beside her she said there wasn’t. when i asked her the number to cooperate, she very rudely told me she is cooperate. She used those words exactly ” I am cooperate” She said if i call cooperate it will be her cause she the operations manger. This she did in front of the other workers and everybody walking by, in the front of the gym. when i refused to go away she called some VP on the phone and talked about me to him and when she got off the phone and Nicole very rudely told me the VP will call me that day, when i asked what time she said again rudely she didn’t know. she also told me if i was unsatisfied with the service i was receiving i could go another location. i paid and still am paying good money at the Akers mill gym. As i was leaving after getting humiliated in front of people Nicole once again walked over to the front desk person and was talking about me to her in front of me even before i left. I have never been talked to in this manner. I have never meet a person in a manger position who behaved this rudely to a paying costumers. she not once apologized or showed any empathy. i was literally in tears when i walked out. If this is the who LA Fitness chooses to Represent itself, i feel ashamed to be associate with this club and franchise. I know i am stuck in this contract for at least a year but i think LA Fitness should not only aim to get people trapped for a year and then treat them like a nuisances. If people like Nicole are the best company has for the job, i feel like there is are huge opportunities for vast improvements at this particular gym and the cooperation. i think LA fitness forgets that an unsatisfied costumer carries that experience and shares it with others as often as it comes up. I am not hopeful this email will get any different reaction than i have been getting from this club. But i wanted to give the cooperation a chance before making a permanent opinion of it. Any lack of change and any lack of response or the lack consequence for the operations manger will future confirm my belief that this is a money hungry cooperation who doesn’t know how to treat decent people with common courtesy and dignity. I thank you for your time.


Wilson Bell November 16, 2015 at 11:46 am


This is fascinating. I see scores of complaints and no responses. I hope that people are being contacted individually behind the scenes, but there are no posted responses to these people’s very serious concerns.

I was a member of Bally’s for over 20 years and switch over to LA Fitness when Bally’s was taken over.

Last year my membership was canceled without my permission and without sending me any written notice. I sent in advanced payment to renew my membership twice. Both of the payments for $150 were cashed in but my membership has not been renewed, and I have not received my money back.

I hope that someone gets back to me. I really am shocked right now after reading this page. I would not believe that this is indicative of the quality of operations and service of LA Fitness. I don’t want to believe that.


Pete December 22, 2015 at 12:07 am

I can’t believe that LA Fitness is ripping you off like this. You should e-mail Louis Welch at XXXXX or call corporate at (949) 255-7200 or (949) 255-8220. My membership was revoked more than two years ago and I found out when I showed up at a club to work out. It turned out that people lied about me and when I notified the corporate office I was told to stop harassing them. I hope you get your issue resolved.


Stacey Verne November 10, 2015 at 9:20 pm

I am so disappointed in the customer service and attempted refund of my training sessions.
I joined last year and was convinced to buy training sessions. I was upfront and said I am not sure if I can use this service due to a disability I have, hyper mobility. The manager said no worries we have great trainers. They did, the gentle man I started with was fabulous. He researched my disorder and worked exercise for my. I had no injuries. Then he was moved up to master trainer and I could no long see him with my package. I tried at least two other trainers. Each time I injured myself. I decided to cancel the continual purchase of more training sessions. I was going to use the last 22. I tried but due to multiple dislocations I had to stop working out. I ended up in physical therapy. I was planning on canceling my sessions and the employees said just keep them, they never go bad. So I did. Now a year later, many injuries, and no more working out I asked for a refund and now they say no it’s been too long since I paid so I can not get my $ back. If I had never told them about my disorder I would get it, but I did. If there were just a few sessions, I would understand no refund, but I have 22 , maybe 23 sessions left, and they were not cheap. I submitted a doctor note of my problem and they still won’t refund me. Feeling very frustrated!


Herb Goldstein November 10, 2015 at 7:30 pm

I would like email addresses of who to write to at Corp. I am having major problems on my 6 month contract that now is a one year contract.


Pete December 22, 2015 at 12:09 am

Here’s the e-mail address: XXXXX it’s the CEO. You can also call the corporate office at (949) 255-8220 and get a PO Box address. Good Luck


Kinda Anonymous for now! November 4, 2015 at 12:17 am

I ask in advance to please pardon any typos and/or misspellings.

“Working out while black…now there’s a hashtag worth tweeting.”

Though I am loathe to and greatly disappointed to travel this route, it is appears that this is a path I have no choice but follow. I am a member of a LA Fitness gym in the West Houston area. I have been a member of LA Fitness for many years now and with the exception upon my relocation to Texas I have not had a problem as a member in any of the LA Fitness (Bally’s) facilities. Despite coming to the West Houston location for greater than a year…I am now being harassed and charges of training are being leveled against me…most egregious, I have been asked to come to the gym, workout and leave, and here’s the kicker, “do not talk to too many people” for I am “too social and you don’t want to give the perception that you are recruiting people. Because, perception is reality.”

The greatest irony, is that I have assisted with the retention of members, at a less than stellar facility, and have successfully encouraged up to four persons to actively seek training from those who are qualified to do so (I am always clear with my friends and others who have made that inquiry that I am indeed not and far from being such), and further I have given the sales staff leads from my personal life who I have been unable to inspire to come to the gym and “cut-up” with me and others. And, an even greater irony is being told that maybe my friends and I should go and workout at a different facility or even different gym (meaning franchise). Essentially, go be someone else’s problem–at least that is my take away!

The background relative to this charge is that since August 2014 to present, I have come to know many people (same gym and often same faces over time) and workout and have worked out with untold numbers of men and women (young and old and very few of whom are reflective of my African-American heritage/ancestry, including my son who for all intent is part and definitely looks Hispanic), consequently many are drawn to my exaggerated and off the cuff antics to motivate and humiliate (from a place of good-nature and humor) my friends old and newly familiar. By way of example when I told a friend and employee at this very facility of being harassed, yet again, he shared the following with me, just his evening: “They think you’re taking their business. You’re not asking for money, you’re not asking for anything. It’s all out of your kindness and they hate that (me).” He and others further acknowledge that this “black suit” meaning skin I am wearing does not help. And, let me add that the Whites, blacks and Latinos I have worked out with also parrot this observation, and have warned me that I would get in trouble for working out while black…now there’s a hashtag worth tweeting.

So imagine, that as I am leaving the gym, today, Tuesday, November 03, 2015, I am asked for my phone number in order that management (White) can attach a note to my account to “cover my ass, because I have talked to you before”…(meaning harassed me about working out with people aka deemed training, and talking to too many people and being too social aka being popular and likable, and not working out enough aka being lazy.

Though I am feeling, and am being harassed I am greatly disappointed by the motivation of such harassment. I am actively working to remain calm, and to regard and treat those who have approached me with respect and not drop a lot of of “F-offs” as all have suggested I do, especially in the face of overwhelming and disrespectful “old negro treatment’ from tainting my perception (remember perception is reality) of the LA Fitness franchise/brand in the West Houston, Texas area. It is unacceptable, and I do not walk alone in this vision nor version of the treatment I am receiving and the veiled venom and threats I am receiving relative to my membership and access to the facility.

I’ve been on a few blogs inclusive of posts to LA Fitness, and I found real fast the following incident, which is not dissimilar to my own experience when I was once accused in the West Houston facility of not being friends, and my son not my son because he looks Hispanic, with these guys because I am black.: “My son is african american and they even questioned that he was our son. I have never been so insulted.” So, as you can imagine. In order that this “thing”, this should be “not a thing” in 2015 from escalating I really, sincerely and genuinely, need to understand what I need to make happen to head this off at the pass. It has the potential for getting really ugly. Not what I want to have happen!

I need someone who actually has a voice within, a verifiable corporate structure of, LA Fitness to address my concerns and give me answers to some fairly basic questions. How many friends am I allowed to have (at a LA Fitness facility)? Is it envy or racial profiling? And, more importantly should I continue the dialog of working out while black at a LA Fitness gym with a broader/larger audience?

A response is requested ASAP. I choose to remain anonymous at the moment. I can be reached via return email


Kiera and entire Swim Class October 30, 2015 at 6:58 pm

Highland Village Texas Location
What an incredible mess! Missed opportunities to serve the injured and folks with disabilities I joined last May after Kypoplasty from 2 broken vertabrae from stage 4 cancer. I immediately fell in love with everyone in the class. There are women In The class that are 30 years older than me with such great spirit and health, and man they can work out! we all have something in common an injury. But we all love to come to class – only problem is the instructors don’t ! At least one to 2 times a week no one comes and the MGMT never bothers to come in an say anything to us. So we sort of make up our own class etc.. When we leave we will ask at the front and they will say it’s not their problem. Wow you have a minimum of 30 people show up for aqua swim and there is no one in charge of the program. In fact the lack of curriculum with the instructors that do come is weak.
So I asked to speak with the person that’s in charge of the instructors …no response ….so I call membership….no response….I ask to speak to the district supervisor this one cracks me up they said they can’t give me his phone number because he might be off? Off is t the Gym 24-7 don’t my dues cover 24-7 so I can’t get a hold of anyone. This blows my mind that a company can just blow this and that no one will take care of this situation. I even asked if I could get a job there so I can run the dept. ( I ran a multi million dollar company in NYC just relocated to Texas when I found out about the big C) and get this no one knew who I should call!!!???? There is such a great opportunity and need for this at this pool. It could be made into an incredible program and help so many lives in the community – not to mention membership growth that could work with the hospitals near by. But no one knows what they are doing here so if anyone out there can help let me know.


NitFit6 November 17, 2015 at 1:04 pm

For Group Fitness complaints, you can contact KC Lee. She’s the VP of Group Fitness, the Regional Aerobic Coordinator for Texas is Kelley Swallow. Every cluster of 6-8 clubs has an Activities Director who is in charge of instructors and group fitness in those clubs as well.


michelle October 26, 2015 at 8:13 pm

i just wanna inform you CEO that your location here at royal oak Michigan need a more attention when it comes to employee salary because PLEASE pay your employee because if not i will report you guys it is not pair for the employee working and not being paid for already 2 pay checks i hope you can put your self into them have to pay bills but they can’t because you guys don’t pay them . i hope some one here can read this .


Steve October 22, 2015 at 9:19 pm

Hello,I write to you to inform,you in hope you would read a short true experience,both good & not so good.I have been & still a ,member of the Lake Worth,Fl. location,in June I got very sick,life changing,I went back July 1st,never stopped & now in great Shape,mostly Me,But My friends in the Gym that I met through my journey to Accomplish this were Invaluable,Equipment kept up,Manager,Dena ,Very Nice & professional woman,& Ron as well. I have been going so much & have known so many members & have met new ones & thorough me & myself as well members are very helpful with me & each other,helping out in things,stretching,,different ideas in lifting weights ,Cardio as well,I met a 2 Great Friends that were there before & after sick that helped me immensely,1 helped me hit the heavy bag & move on my feet & the other helped me with different exercises,which helped me in just as much. My problem ,2 weeks ago,a sales manager on a Saturday night,quite slow ,decided after hours of training to insinuate that I am paying for training & it’s not aloud,This is very wrong,then on Monday ,he said another member didn’t like the idea that I am according to him being taught martial arts for free & this member had to pay,none of this makes any sense at all & many members are not happy,I stay because I workout ,but its enjoyable ,& I almost lose a friend as well,I won’t lose either,this is all true & this John is Not like by most,I am not exaggerating,yet I I wasn’t surprised,.Today ,I find out That all the LA Fitness’s are removing All the Heavy Bags,ASAP ,The reason given,Corporate,This, another reason I write to you ,I said many will leave gym,answer given,corporate doesn’t care….That’s all that should be said & known ,this is really true,My Name Steve Madnick,you can see results on Facebook from my hard work,beside Motivating & Inspiring Most There That it can be Done,Thank You for your Time


Steve October 22, 2015 at 10:35 am

I have been a member of LA Fitness for over twelve years, and as a loyal member. I would like to draw your attention to the disgraceful management of your facility located in Lake Success/New Hyde park, NY by David Thomas.
Mr. Thomas has ignored my repeated request since August of 2015 to fix the TV entertainment system is not working. Since that time there have been four blank TV screens that do not display video or transmit audio. If management can’t fix a TV system how can Mr. Thomas operate and run a facility within your organization.
Since that time I have made numerous negative reviews of your company and facility on social media including Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, and Angie’s List. I have also complained to the BBB and the Nassau County Department of Department of Consumer affairs. Please see the attached reviews and correspondence. These negative reviews are costing you thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue.
I am asking you again to fire the manager Mr. David Thomas, and hire a new one that will be sympathetic to customer requests.


Robert October 16, 2015 at 8:05 pm

LA FITNESS CHATWORTH CALIFORNIA….I spoke to location manager regarding Steam Room not working for several weeks she is giving me and other members only excuses that will be fix during the weekend that mean the repaired man only work during the weekend … The Steam Room was repaired several months ago and was not working properly very low pressure was reported to the manager and the staff they said that they reduce pressure due to water conservation (???) I also go to the Encino Location that Steam Room broke down and was fix very fast and even more pressure than before….I also spoke to somebody at the Headquarters Office and nothing is been done only
promises that will be repaired.


RT October 9, 2015 at 9:22 am

LA FITNESS NORTHLAKE TUCKER has the worst customer service I have seen at any of the LA FITNESS centers. Supervisor Micheal O. did not address issue instead spoke of how big the facitlity was and how their employees deserve respect but failed to realized that the service given by the check in employees is severly lacking and unproffessional. No communication skills only bad attitude given. 2nd supervisor Natalie S. likes to mumble behind the customers as if the customer are wrong. Horribe experience, especially when trying to introduce friend to LA FITNESS. Bad customer service will only maintain the bad employees and lose the great customers.


Julie September 29, 2015 at 6:57 pm

Ok so I am going to hang up after 1hour 20 minutes ON HOLD to talk with a manager sine Miguel put me on hold. All I want to do is use my 36 personal training sessions I bought and paid for…..cant be that hard LA Fitness, can it!


Zaheera October 5, 2015 at 9:34 pm

Did you ever get back a reply?

I have the same issue and I also told them at one point that I couldn’t pay and they kept calling me everyday, 2 to 3 times and i would always tell them the same thing.

Please note that I was paying $474+ a month for training plus membership which was another $45 every month and now I viewed my account and it says I don’t have any personal training left and I should have around 200… And my contract didn’t end yet not until next month. What is pissing me off is that I paid so much money and every time I would pay off for that month another payment would come again and then they would tell me I couldn’t use my Personal training. And now apparently my training has been completely cancelled because my card was denied 2 times. If i new that would happen and i couldnt use any of my trainings anymore i wouldnt have paid and would have saved thousands of dollars.

Its ridiculous when they want money from you, they are your best friends and when everything is over the throw you in the trash.

Anyways please let me know because I want to use my trainings and if you had any success with getting them back?



Pete December 22, 2015 at 12:29 am

I went to a club and the person who agreed to show me around the club did not. The weekend manager approached me and practically told me to go away. I called the person who should have given me the tour and she said “I’m sorry I was busy…hold on.” Someone else answered the phone and said she went to lunch. I called the general manager a few days later and he said she was uncomfortable with me. My point is, LA Fitness has a lot of stupid people working for them and their superiors do not even care.


Julie September 29, 2015 at 6:22 pm

Hi Louis,

In today’s world reputation, customer experience and word of mouth are the backbone of corporate strength. Since you are more than likely shielded from what your customers experience from the layers of touch points in place to keep customers quiet.

I have paid 170+ per month to your organization for more than a year and a different amount for several years before that. I kept up my end of the personal training contract by paying each month for training on time. LA Fitness did not keep up their end of the contract by firing trainers, and continually switching trainers to the point of frustration. I put my account on hold and I cannot get service to straighten out my 36 personal training sessions I bought and paid for with my hard earned money. I am presently on the phone with Miguel as I have been on hold for more than 45 minutes at this point so far. I asked to speak with a manager and he has now perpetually put me on hold.

In this day of social media news travels fast and I am sure I am not the only one from the comments on your website who have been treated so disrespectfully. As a business professional I treat my clients as important and make right any problems if one should arise. I would like for you to do the same. I want to use the 36 personal training session I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!!!! But LA Fitness wont let me with out incurring way more expense. Please take care of this and you will have a happy customer.

Thank You



peter chan September 25, 2015 at 12:21 pm

to whom it may concern

my 16 yrs membership was revoked by Kelly supervisor Alhambra main st location thursday yesterday, 9/24/2015 . I was attacked and beat up by another member ..

I reported the incident immediately to Kelly and I called the Alhambra police. the two Alhambra police officers told me the other member admitted striking me and apologized..

they asked me if I want the other member arrested and I said no so there was no police report. Kelly the supervisor told me he going to check the video but instead he revoked

my 16 years of membership. I need to speak with his boss or I will take further legal actions. Thank You.


Judy September 20, 2015 at 8:49 pm

I have been a member at LA since 2007 and my husband since 2003. I went in today to attend a class at noon. I was running late and arrived right at noon, only to find out from the front desk that my membership had expired. I asked politely if I could catch my class and then renew right after, which I was happy to do. The front desk attendant said no and I asked to speak to a manager. By this time, I was about 5 minutes late for the class and made the same request to the manager. Again, I was told no and that if I attempted to enter the class without renewing, he would call the cops. Really! Call the police because I wanted to PAY YOU after my class??? I then informed him that I have been a member forever, buy annual memberships (don’t even pay monthly), and my husband has also been a member longer than me. Shouldn’t that mean something to LA Fitness (because obviously, customer service is a foreign term)? He then replied that I was making this process so much longer than it had to be and that I could have been in my class by now, had I just payed when we started the conversation! Mind you, this is after he said he would call the police if I attempted to enter the class (way to make your loyal members feel welcome). I asked for his managers name, which he was reluctant to give, but did in the end. To top off the experience, as I was walking out, one of the other rude staff members called after me, “what did you think, lady, this ain’t the Four Seasons.” No, Mr. LA Fitness Personal Trainer, it most certainly is not.


Matthew Heuschkel September 17, 2015 at 2:59 pm

Hello – I am writing on this site as I have made several attempts to connect with LA Fitness and I am extremely frustrated. I stopped in to the Evanston, Il location 2 weeks ago. I explained as a professional in downtown Evanston I would like to get more information on joining, but I do not have time to meet or schedule a phone call – email is best. If the club was a match for my needs I would set up a tour from there. Nothing was emailed to me except the general rates that were quoted when I came in person. I responded to this email with a series of questions that recieved no reply. I then called again and asked to email anyone who could provide information, and I was told that they do not have access to email people. How does a business run this way? I emailed the main website expressing my frustration and listing more questions. This email was never replied to. Today I emailed again expressing how disappointed I was the comapny did not show me the courtesy of a response. All I got back was a short email letting me know I would have to meet in person or schedule a phone call for my information. SO UNACCOMMODATING!


GEORGE H. GARCIA August 18, 2015 at 6:35 pm

Why is L A FITNESS keeping the money that was paid, while still collecting the money from SILVER SNEAKERS PROGRAM? L A FITNESS has kept all the money that I paid for 3 years in advance. L A FITNESS does not provide a “responsible answer ” to the question. Please consider being “FAIR” TO PEOPLE- that will say much about the company.


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:31 pm

I’m looking for good places to complain about LA Fitness. I’ve posted on the club’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google, and this. I’d like to warn as many people as possible about avoiding this place like the plague. Does anyone have suggestions for something else that can reach more people?


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:07 pm

I am complaining about the LA Fitness located at:
(281) 640-9946
Registration No.
This club is so badly managed it is difficult to pick a place to start. First, I’ve been a member for over 10 years. I’ve actually picked places to live, just so I was close to a LA Fitness.

However, my love and enthusiasm for LA Fitness changed when I started attending the 080543 club, here’s why:

After 4 months of complaints, at least 20 about various things, not one single manager or employee asked my name. They all blamed problems on janitor.
Weights are constantly spread out through the gym, even when gym almost empty I have to walk around for 5 minutes trying to find the 30b dumbbell that matches the one on the rack.
The weight benches are actually designed to limit the ability to lay flat, this makes it virtually impossible for a serious body builder to use the equipment properly
Teenagers are allowed to use equipment. They leave things spread out, weights are not reracked, they yell and joke
Big body builders yell and drop weights loudly on floor, even though many signs say not to drop weights. Management will not confront offenders because they say its normal.
I’ve noticed empty water bottles and trash laying on floor for days in a row, meaning no one has bothered to pick up.
Trash cans outside are normally overflowing
Paper towels in locker room are normally gone
The handicap ramps are painted with a slick paint instead of a paint with sand or grit to give traction. I slipped and fell on the ramp, and well as watch elderly people slip as well. When I complained to the manager, they told me that it was company policy.
One day out of month is customer appreciation. They bring in a techno/dance DG to play loud pumping music that drowns out the ability to talk to anyone during exercise, listen to you own music, or watch TV. I”ve complained that in 10 years, not one single person has asked me what I appreciate, and that this was actually annoying and dumb. Management told me that it was management’s decision to thank loyal customers. Thank loyal customers by irritating them with music they don’t enjoy? I go to gym to listen to my own music and not be disturbed. If someone brought in a loud radio and played it, they would be told to leave…. however, LA Fitness does this and expects us to like it???
Locker rooms have music cranked up extra loud, many people complain about the choice of pop teenager techno music being played.
This is just a partial list, my suggestion is to fire everyone from the district manager down to store manager. No one has shown any interest in listening to me, responding to complaints, or even asking my name. You have a complete breakdown in management. If a gym in a nice area of town with upscale clientele can fall into such a state of uncaring, it means management has down nothing, so why are you paying them? In this case, despite many appeals, they actually drove a loyal customer away…. and you’re paying them for that achievement?

I live 2 minutes from La Fitness, it was so easy to go to the gym. But now, serious mismanagement of gym has actually forced me to look at alternatives. I am now signing up for Planet Fitness. It is quiet, machines and weights are plentiful, they are open 24 hours, and they immediately respond with action if anyone violates the gym rules.

The LA Fitness on 620 in Austin is a model center. The manager runs the place perfectly and I love going there when visiting Austin. However, after tons of complaints, with no change, no response, and no one actually caring about me as a long-term customer, I have decided to cancel and drive 15 minutes to a competitor’s gym. The absolutely poor management has no excuse, layers of management have demonstrated a lack of involvement. In 10 years, not one single manager has ever asked me how I liked the gym…. except of the Austin location.

You have turned an advocate for LA Fitness into someone who will tell everyone I know to never go to this gym. There are so many more things I could complain about, but I seriously doubt anyone will take the time to read this based on what I’ve learned about LA Fitness their absolutely crappy customer service.

My name is Robert DuPuy, membership F16527481. I’m canceling and believe me, telling everyone I know about my hellish experience. I have no doubt that if anyone actually reads this I will either:
1. Receive a form letter thanking me for my input
2. Nothing

I hope you have soaked in the full extent of my anger at your company. A complete moron could run a club better than what is being done know. If you search Yelp and Google for complaints, they go back years. That means, years and years have gone by where the manager did nothing to improve or even respond to any social media complaint. Your company should be ashamed it has failed to meet the lowest bar of quality.

The funny thing is that I would pay a lot more just to enjoy a pleasant and organized place to exercise. Now, I’m stressed out by broken equipment, missing weights, teenagers goofing around, or broken equipment. God, how is it possible to screw up a gym so badly and for so long?

Horrible, awful, and a perfect example of a company completely out of touch with reality and their customers. Louis Welch, is this really why you started this company or have you just given up too?

Robert DuPuy


ty August 21, 2015 at 11:03 am

You’re right. they don’t care. And I understand your frustration. I worked there for many years and turned into one of those jerks. its a completely toxic work environment. They treat their employees the same way, like garbage, therefore employees don’t care how their performance is and the clients end up getting the short end of the stick. I truly empathize with you and hope that you can just move on from this experience because they truly don’t care. and a company like this isn’t worth the frustration and anger it has brought you. Managers don’t care because whatever request they put in gets shot down constantly. At some point it becomes pointless to send in requests. LA is constantly trying to find the cheap alternative. Hope you are able to find a new gym. I hate gyms now, its extremely unsanitary, stick to a smaller gym. The gym attracts cheap jerks, I have constantly asked people to pick up their weights and they rudely ignore. I have even eyed people down to watch if they did pick them up. At the same time I had to watch the front and answer phone calls. There’s little support within operations. Hopefully you’ll be able to gain peace after this.


Herb Goldstein November 10, 2015 at 7:14 pm

I would like the names and addresses to who you wrote to. I am having the same issues and phone calling does not work or help.

Thank you in advance


Concerned Customer August 16, 2015 at 8:25 am

If you are having an issue with LA Fitness customer service, try these executive level email addresses. – CEO

These have been validated and have been confirmed to work as of August 2015.


John August 9, 2015 at 12:39 am

If you are considering joining LA Fitness do not. I was a member of Lifestyle Fitness which was acquired by LA Fitness. They operations of the club is terrible. The worst thing is it is filthy and unsanitary. They are constantly out of hand sanitizer and gym soap and paper towels on the workout floor. Bathrooms are disgusting. Frequently out of toilet paper and seat covers. And when these things are complained about the front desk staff just rolls their eyes or tunes you out. My club is in Brandon Florida just outside of Tampa and the club is always hot and staff blames corporate saying they control temp to save money. I personally know several members who have left the club to join other clubs. Also, broken equipment is slow to be repaired if ever. It really is sad. There is so much potential but the lack of management attention and disregard for basics like sanitation shows total disregard for the members.


Janine August 3, 2015 at 1:28 pm

Ever since the Royal Oak, MI club began allowing SPLASH to run their swim classes out of the club, the water temperature in the pool has been increased to the point that it is unsuitable for lap swimming. I have been a member since the club opened in 2010 and joined mainly for the pool, as I am an avid swimmer. Given the bathtub-like water temperature, it is a struggle to get through my workouts. It’s totally unfair that the club is inconveniencing existing club members in order to meet the guidelines of the contract with SPLASH!!!


Matt July 30, 2015 at 7:48 pm

I have tried to cancel my membership for my PT for health reasons I emailed them about 5 times and all they say is you can pay half of what you owe. I finally had enough and reported them to the Better Business Bureau. If anyone is thinking about joining look elsewhere do not sign up at LA Fitness.


Richard Bolton July 27, 2015 at 10:50 am

Dear Mr. Welsh,
I am seeking your assistance with a situation I am having in getting my membership renewed. I first joined Holiday Health club in Baltimore in 1974, 41 years ago. At that time I was offered a Gold Club membership witch provided a Lifetime membership with, annual dues for the incredible rate of $12.00, it seemed like a great deal The Gold Club cost over $1000.00 in 1974, Holiday Health Spa was sold to Bally’s and again to La Fitness. On 12/1/2011 my membership was converted to LA Fitness. I have fatefully paid my dues each any every year again for 41 YEARS. I even moved to various areas of the country where a fitness center was not available, yet I continued to pay my annual dues. In 2014 when my renewal notification was sent, I was hospitalized suffering from colon cancer and either overlooked or did not received my renewal notification. With everything going on in my life you can imagine missing some things. On July 21st 2015 I decided it was time to try to begin a workout regiment to get my health back, I attempted to visit the local center in Pasadena Md. and was told my membership had expired , I attempted to renew my membership I was told by a representative at the local center, since it was more than a year old there was nothing that could be done. I spoke to another representative who spoke to the manager and was told the same thing. I next spoke to two representatives at the corporate office (Mike and Brandon) who reiterated the same stock policy answer, Sorry nothing we can do. Mr. Welsh, I am appealing to your common sense. I have been a loyal customer for 41 years and have always paid my membership, and all I am asking is for my membership to be renewed. I understand I am responsible for the last years and current years dues and am willing to bring my membership current. Please respond at the email provided. I anxiously await your positive response.


Harry Rau July 25, 2015 at 4:41 pm

Yelp Review posted 05/17/2015:

LA Fitness
Gyms, Trainers, Sports Clubs
201 S. El Camino Real Suite #A
Encinitas, CA 92024
1.0 star rating 5/17/2015

While out of the country on business, the credit card I use to pay my membership dues expired. Three days after the payment was due, the phone calls began.

I was called two or three times a day, every day, including the weekend. All from different area codes, 858, 760, 619, 860, 716, 717, and 626.

The callers all identified them selves as from L.A. Fitness. one caller, after I told her I was out of the county, said “Just go to the nearest club to cancel.” The tone ranged from helpful to downright vicious.

I was told I could update or cancel my membership on their website. I tried that and the membership number was not accepted. Unbelievable how a company could treat their clients like this.

At this point I have no desire to be a member of L.A. Fitness. Future calls will be recorded, logged and forwarded to the authorities.

Update 07/25/2015

The phone calls have begun again, also from various area codes.

A. The call logs are being furnished to the San Diego Police, Encinitas Sheriffs,
the FCC, and the FTC.

B. L.A. Fitness will be billed actual damages for my time dealing with the calls,

C. This matter is turned over to counsel for an action for recovery of damages.

With Utmost Sincerity

Harry Rau


Rock July 23, 2015 at 9:46 pm

I have asked and then complained several times about the pathetic music playing in the clubs. Its like they are forcing patrons to accept bubble gum, Broadway show, and the new 13 year old girl sons that are probably paying to get air time. Its unrecognized by most because of the new ear bud generation but lets get a grip here. When you go see a professional sports team play, are you forced to fall asleep with teen melodies, wanna be hipsters, and dramatic soap opera video songs? We want to be motivated, energized, and even angry when pushing ourselves to even be there. The music makes you want to go sit and have a coffee. Do some Facebook. Come on. This is a sport and we are athletes, if not just weekend road warriors. Give us 30 years of the best music, not the 30 minute flash in the pan. Classic Rock you cant go wrong with. Maybe do what radio shows do. Have times for hard rock, or the football game type of AC/DC and Aerosmith. Even the whole soapy video la la bull with advertising and childish music is being over produced by some Hollywood pop career climbers. Its a gym guys. Turn off the melodramatic trying to be mainstream junk and give us already popular and awesome music. We don’t try out amateur equipment so stop experimenting with our ears with amateur crap. Thank you.


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:12 pm

I totally agree. The music playlist seems to have been picked to actually annoy people so they leave the gym.


Linda July 22, 2015 at 10:45 am

I joined LA Fitness 3 months ago and attended the Woodhaven Michigan gym. I also enrolled for a trainer. I enjoyed going to the Woodhaven gym, unfortunately had a move that placed me closer to the Allen Park gym. I still continue at Woodhaven with the trainer. The difference between the two gyms is amazing. The Allen Park gym leaves a lot to be desired. Today was a perfect example, I went to use the rest room and opened and closed 4 stalls before using one all the others were dirty with feces on the toilet seats toilet paper on the floor and each kotex receptacle filled and over flowing. I also attend the aqua fit, the pool reminds me of a dirty tub with a black ring around the pool and a large amount of mildew and mold. The hot tub is the same you don’t even want to get into it when you see hair and filth floating on the bubbles. The floors could be scrubbed once they become wet the sXXXX rises to the top and looks like swamp water. For a multi million dollar facility you would think you could afford a scrub brush for your cleaning people. The place is disgusting. I won’t attend the aqua fit there anymore until I see a change. I will have to drive to Woodhaven to attend. I wouldn’t get in my own tub with that kind of filth and it would be my own dirt. I definitely won’t get in someone else dirty tub. Come on get your act together, hire a cleaning company. That place is the pits


Eli Jones July 17, 2015 at 10:10 am

CEO: Louis Welch
Cc; CFO: William B. Horner
Cc; COO: Scot J. Mackay

Mr. Louis Welch,

Request your assistance in lauding the janitorial staff and one of the LA Fitness employee’s in particular that I’ve email your corporate office on with no reply twice *(See original email below)*. In fact, I’m also requesting that you personally contact the employee I singled out with a memo and phone call. Afterwards, I’m requesting that you email me to verify receipt of this email.

I’ll follow this contact with emails to the personal email accounts of Mr. William B. Horner,
Mr. Scot J. Mackay, and to your personal email account to make sure you receive this information.



Subject: Thank You
CEO, LA Fitness

Reference Facility: LA Fitness, 17138 Bulverde Road San Antonio, TX 78247

I am writing this letter to recognize the efforts provided by the members of the LA Fitness janitorial staff during the recent rainy days of June. I am both proud of and appreciative with this group of men and women that much is asked of, and much is quietly received from.

The events surrounding all the constant rain storms brought challenges that taxed them to keep the facility clean for almost two months. I would like to express my personal gratitude to the men, and women for their selfless service in the performance of the duties assigned them again in maintaining the facilities sanitation. First, to state the obvious, they went way above and beyond rising to a challenge they are commonly asked to do. There are many people deserving of great individual and collective praise for all the efforts associated with maintaining the facility sanitation with all the constant rain.

Even though the janitorial staff was great, I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail and let you know how great Shanice (Mendez) is and what a good job she has been doing, she is a very friendly person and so accommodating. Considering the way things started off (Sanitation wise) at this LA Fitness I thought we would never get someone as good as she is, but I was wrong, Shanice is that person! I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate the job that the team and Shanice is doing in the Fitness Center. She always seems to be in a great mood and always smiling. It is really nice to see someone who enjoys their job and it reflects in her work. There is not a day that goes by that she does not bring a positive attitude that brightens my day, and I know that I am not the only one. The caliber of her work is unparalleled, and I hope she is recognized for it.

Can you please pass this message along to her and all the janitorial staff who had a helping hand in maintaining the cleanliness of Fitness Center during the aforementioned trying period of rain?




Lisa valenzuela July 15, 2015 at 9:53 am

Just left location in Mesa AZ @ greenfield and 60 freeway ladies bathrooms thilthy dirty, no toilet tissue, seat covers or paper towels, also no towels in workout areas for wiping machines down. Thieres no excuse for poor management, not cleaning staff responsibility to keep up on club.


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:13 pm

same thing at club in houston on north tollway. management is horrible


Marianne Bitner July 14, 2015 at 1:23 pm

My story starts on March 15, 2015 when I was encouraged to join a gym by my best friend Suzanne. I called LA Fitness on 22nd Avenue, Saint Petersburg, Florida and joined right away right over the phone with Aaron. The next day I heard from Chuck, the personal trainer manager, and he invited me to come in and meet with him. Which I did eagerly because you see I was 331 pounds, until able to walk and used an electric scooter for mobility for the past 7 plus years. My caregiver, my loving mother, died just months before this so I knew I needed to do something to be able to care for myself and my service dog, Snickers. Chuck listened to my story and medical issues and he realized I couldn’t even stand to have an assessment done that day. But Chuck just knew how to light the match to get me going on my new lifestyle change that day. I signed up for personal training and met with a personal trainer, Nick Tapia and the race was on. My first workout session with Nick didn’t seem like much of a workout to most at the gym that day but for me it was huge. I got off my electric scooter and walked with holding tightly to Nick’s arms about 25 feet. I then sat on the bench and rested and got back up and held on tight to Nick’s arm again and walked back to my scooter. You see that was the most walking I had done in over 10 years. From that day on I workout three times a week with Nick for 1/2 hour each workout. So in the 4 short months since my new life started I have lost 57 pounds using MY FITNESS PAL to log everything I eat and drink. This too was what Nick recommended and I also loyally journal all my meals and walking daily. Just as a side note I no longer use an electric scooter (matter of fact, I sold it), I now walk into the gym each workout session with a cane and some days don’t even use that. My continuing motivation for this lifestyle journey is I leave August 31st for an around the world land and cruise trip that will last 3 months. I still want to lose another 100 pounds so I can make a trip to the South Pole in 2017 but if it was not from my LA Fitness friends, the wonderful staff, the other trainers, Karlene, Desmond, and Joshua who I have worked out with a few times just to get another perspective and cheer me on each day. But it all goes back to Chuck the person who lite the match to get me going and Nick for fanning that flame and throwing the wood/exercise and motivation onto my fire of lifestyle changes I am not sure what kind of life I would have to look forward too.


Paul June 26, 2015 at 8:05 pm

I have a corporate rate through my employer, which works at any club except signature. I decided to upgrade my membership because a signature club is on my way home (I don’t care about towel service and all that – just location). I expected my dues to increase, and they did $9 a month. I did not expect a $162 “upgrade” fee. I simply asked for my keys and walked out, only to be followed by one of the employees. He did nothing except tell me to cancel my membership and sign up for a new one, with one catch – I would lose all club access and only be able to use that one signature club. I am only in this city two to three days a week because I work out of town. The GM at my home club was useless, telling me to sign up for a three year membership, and corporate email was a waste of time, telling me to contact my companies HR. Really? Basically jump through hoops to access one club four or five times a month. Do yourself a favor and avoid LA Fitness in Tampa. I’ve been considering cancelling for a while because the club in East Point, George is filthy most of the time. I was hoping visiting the club in Tampa would save me from the dirty one in Georgia. LA Fitness just helped me save $29.99 that I’m currently paying. So given then run around by multiple people AND missed out on a workout today.


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:15 pm

LA Fitness has succeeded in finding ways to take a perfectly simple and fun activity and identify every possible way to annoy and make enemies out of customers. A google of the company shows complaints such as yours go back years and years with no resolution. CEO obviously doesn’t give a XXXXX and just takes the money and laughs all the way to the bank.


suzy June 22, 2015 at 1:01 pm

This is a commendation note about Brad Carter a the Marietta, East Cobb location.
My tire had gone flat while I was swimming. I went inside and asked for some help and Brad immediately offered his assistance. He changed my tire in the 90 degree weather which was a chore because those bolts were on there very tightly. He could have been introducing potential members but was kind enough to help me out. The tire needed a new valve stem which I got and could return to work on time. I offered him some money and he basically said pay it forward!

I appreciate his time and help with my car. That was going way above the call of duty!


jeff wesley June 18, 2015 at 11:34 am

i was in your Oakley location today here in Cincinnati Ohio. i was bringing in my brother to add as a guest pass i had a very bad first impression with Mr Jackson manager at site the first time i try to add my brother on my brother was very un pleased with how the fitness center was ran. Andy my brother was promise a tour from Jackson that never happen Jackson was too busy carrying on a conversation with another team member and we were ignored and felt not welcomed. I been in customer service for over 30 years and Jackson was not representing your company in a good way show very little hospitality and we did not feel good with meeting his presence. today i was convinced to give la fitness another chance by Abby wonderful team member i might add. Abby gave me and my brother a wonderful tour and even set us up with personal trainer for a free visit that i never received. after all this Jackson left the customer that he was waiting shifted abby to his customer and came to talk to us i told Jackson i did not want to talk to him and to please leave me alone i repeated this over and over then Jackson went to Mr authority mode and told me he runs the site and if i didn’t want to talk to him i could leave and not come back. Jackson even went as far to say if u don’t leave i will call the police to have u removed. Second time very bad situation. Had Jackson had let Abby do her job this would of never occurred and it would of been a great give us another chance experience. Now end result u lost a member and a future member. Sad day !!.


jeff wesley June 18, 2015 at 11:35 am

f21256098 is my membership number


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:16 pm

I cancelled too. Its like they found ways to be stupid and incompetent that I never thought of. Wish they would get bought out and go away.


Christine May 29, 2015 at 1:35 pm

My family has had memberships to the fitness clubs off and on for years. My sons are all wrestlers and it is imperative to stay fit throughout the year. Due to my two boys moving away (one served in the Army, the other went away to college on a wrestling scholarship) we terminated out membership. However, every time the boys were home on break we would pay for a guest pass so that they were able to work out while they are here. Both boys have finished obligations and returned home and took over as wrestling coaches at the local high school. When my son entered the new location in Largo, FL with a guest pass he was turned away because he had used a pass in December while home for Christmas break. The representative at the front of the store told him that you can only have one pass every six months and continuously attempted to sell a membership to him. What the representative did not realize is that my son fully intended to initiate a membership after checking the gym out so there was no need to force a “sell”. Declining a one day pass to a longstanding customer is a poor business move, particularly to someone who has an influence on the local wrestling community and is a coach at the high school located blocks away from the Largo, FL location. Further, when I called the gym to request the name of the employee so that I could contact the manager I was refused. I found this to be unprofessional. The employee’s tactics excluded LA Fitness as the gym of choice for the high school team for their off season training and it definitely changed my mind in regards to a family membership.


Laura May 29, 2015 at 12:11 pm

I need to get a hold of any VP. I was with 24 hours fitness for 6 years, never ever ran into any problems. Because L.A. Fitness was closer to my home I decided to join and try it out in Arcadia, Ca…David Morse, the Manager of personal training, talk me into getting a personal training package. Never did he offer me anything else but a 1 year of Master Training, suppose to be the best package there is. I ran into financial crises two months ago, I lost my home, my husband lost his job. I am the only one working to pay for food and shelter. To better myself I decided to go back to school, and my school will start in August. I went to ask David to please downgrade my training sessions he said he can’t because I SIGN THE CONTRACT!! As I was explaining to him I realize on his desk there’s month to month and 6 months. I asked why he did not offer me those packages and he immediately said because they are not good for me. So I ask him to change my contract to 6 months and just downgrade my sessions to once a month so I can just pay it. again its my fault for signing the contract. he said he will talk to his manager, I called him everyday to see if he has an answer he keep on making up excuses after excuses that they dont reply to him. I call him for 2 months everyday to every week, no answer from him. His last words to me was, “move out of the country or go default” on your credit card, but they will come after me and sue me in court. I honestly don’t believe as a manager there is absolutely NOTHING he can do. So i will report L.A fitness to BBB and everything I can find to post how I got treated from L.A. Fitness. Yeah, very very professional!!! Now that i go to the gym he would not look at me or say a word to me. Wow what a great manager. L.A. FITNESS IS NOTHING BUT MONEY SUCKING VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!!


Gladys Elias June 30, 2015 at 4:04 pm

Im currently in same situation


Yaritza Autry July 21, 2015 at 5:34 pm

Great! Now i know what am dealing with


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:18 pm

I disagree wit both of above comments. LA Fitness is much worse than a money sucking vampire. They are incompetent money sucking vampires.


Deysi Katz May 17, 2015 at 1:24 pm

I became a member of LA Fitness on February 9, 2015, with Membership Number F21021484. I joined at and utilize the LA Fitness located at 19550 Restaurant Row, Houston Texas 77084, and telephone number (281)578-0115. They made me sign the keypad I never had a chance to read the screen. They didn’t explain its contents and told me that it was the contract. I asked for one month training , I started getting charges of $280.00 per month for trainers. I spoke to the Trainer Manager, Mr. Bryson Simon (504) 460-7247, email He told me that I signed a contract for 12 months for training sessions at a monthly rate of $280.00. He also remarked that it couldn’t be cancelled. Later, I spoke to the location manager Mr. James Fox, Cellular (832) 605-4692 and office phone (281) 578-0115. He told me that I have to pay for the training for one year. I explained to him that I signed the contract no being aware of its contents, and that if I wasn’t able to resolve this with him, I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. He called me later and told me that he would cancel the contract for the training, but I wouldn’t receive credit for the $280.00 that I had already been charged. I was very upset and started asking other members if they had similar dealings with the staff. Most of them told me that LA Fitness is well known for this type of transaction. Mr. Fox then called me again and said that he will give a credit 9 training sessions. I agreed, otherwise I would lose the money I already paid. We reached that agreement on April 14, 2015, and he told me that I could start using the sessions 4 days later. On May 12, 2015 after taking a total of 2 sessions, I went to set up another appointment, but Mr. Fox told me that the sessions had expired and he wasn’t able to do anything else for me. You get good customer service when you first sign up, but after that, it goes downhill very quickly. I have never had this type of situation before, and I would like to get the balance of the training sessions refunded.


Kathy May 12, 2015 at 8:36 pm


I have been a member for almost 6 years at your Springfield MA location. Every year the summer heat starts and for some reason the air conditioning does not work properly in the kickboxing room. Every year they tell us it is controlled by Corporate and they do nothing about it. Tonight I have had it and several other members of the class did as well. Not sure what the temp was in Irvine today, but it was 88 and humid in Springfield MA today. What fool decided it was a good idea to control the temp from 3,000 miles away, This needs to be fixed and fixed fast. I’m not sure who hires the customer service employees in Springfield MA, but they are not helpful at all. They never solve any issue you bring to their attention. The standard reply is “It is handled by corporate”.

Who are the corporate individuals who gladly take our money, but never fix anything


Pete May 20, 2015 at 12:53 pm

My membership was revoked nearly 2 years ago but I continue to read these reviews and remind myself why I’m glad I no longer do business with LA Fitness. They don’t deserve my business. Whoever said that corporate controls everything at each club is an idiot. The fact that LA Fitness keeps ripping off customers will catch up to them sooner or later.


Stacy Ober May 12, 2015 at 5:02 pm

Joined the gym in February. Love the Zumba Classes and water aerobics. The facility is immaculate!
Also signed up for personal training….That has been a complete JOKE. First trainer, Jesse started great- then came in for a session to find out he wasn’t there and needed to be re-certified. No one called me to inform me or reschedule. I gave it a second try. Next trainer, Jed also started out great but then told me he was getting ready for a competition and from that point, missed 2 training sessions…he actually texted me to ask if I would text him to remind him of our appointments! Seriously? I told him good luck and that I was looking for a trainer who would call me…. Bizarre. When I went to the manager Chris to discuss, he told me he could offer me another trainer or I could buy out the remainder of my contract at 50% for $900- Are you kidding me? Chris is arrogant and frankly knows nothing about customer service. I asked him who his boss was and he told me he didn’t know his name- pretty funny right. After an internet search and a call to corporate- I found out for Chris who he works for…. At the corporate sales level, I spoke with Amanda and Erika, both claim they contacted the Regional VP Jessie, they claimed they tried sending him 4 emails. Never heard back from him either. Since i’m happy with the gym classes, I have kept going and paying my monthly dues. I recently made another attempt to resolve my issue leaving a note for my original sales person, Milton to call me. 10 days later, Milton called and he told me he was back in Pasadena. I agreed to try yet another trainer and scheduled an appointment. I show up but no trainer- It appeared Milton scheduled the session for another location but didn’t tell me. I spoke to SAM, the manager of the club, she got on the phone and tried to assist- the call was dropped. (I’m not kidding people!)
Then Sam emailed the VP (Jesse) herself. 5 days passed and still no word.

My point, NEVER sign a long term contract with a provider you haven’t tested. Lesson learned. Filing a complaint with the owners; stopping payment. As far as I’m concerned, LAFitness has breached their contract with me.

Based on what i’m reading on this site and at Yelp- I’m not alone. It seems the staff is empowered to take advantage of the customer and has no intention of resolving any customer service issues. Interesting sales approach.
Maybe what’s needed is a class action suit??? Anyone interested?



jeff wesley June 18, 2015 at 12:25 pm

amazes me really does


genessis June 25, 2015 at 1:37 pm


I wish I would have read these comments prior to signing up for a personal trainer. It seems that everyone that signs up for a personal trainer at LA fitness has similar issues. A business is suppose to provide quality service to their customers. I recently signed up for a personal trainer and I was giving misinformation about how the program works, they make you believe they are going to train you with all these sessions. Then once you actually sign the contract they fail to do what they said they would do. So you are suck paying for bad service because of the contract policy. It is not fair for the people. One most file a law suit against them to stop this corruption. A business is suppose to provide good service and based on my experience and reading all these comments they are providing really bad service. It is time we put a end to this corruption. As american citizens we have the right to stop this corruption from continuing. If we the people come together we have a powerful voice, so we must come together and file a lawsuit against them. So if anyone agrees please reply back to this post. I will not let this madness keep happening to innocent people. Trust me if we demand our rights as customers this will change for the better.


Walter May 12, 2015 at 1:37 pm

Don’t ever join LA Fitness


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:19 pm

Agree, I rue the day I signed up. I’ve gotten so mad on so many occasions, I’ve lost count. Horrible gym, company, and management. Pray they go out of business. I complain about them every chance I get on every social media platform. Out of hundreds of complaints in person and online, never received a single apology. They simply don’t care.


sam kay May 10, 2015 at 9:30 pm

My name is Sam, over a year ago I complaint about a LA fitness in city of Irvine California (barranca) and one its employees by the name of Patrick, and his lewd and lascivious behavior. It turned out his name was John and not Patrick. Nonetheless, subsequent to my complaint and writing to you guys about it, I was assured that he was fired, and we never saw him again. And now I wound up having new issues with them!
I emailed Louis Welch, and he forwarded my email to his legal team, and the EVP Jill grueling emailed me back and promised to investigate the matter(empty talk).
So far nothing from LA fitness.
I enclosed the letter I emailed to Welch, which I thought you guys might find intriguing

To Louis Welch,
Mr. Welch, I urge you not to take the statements bellow lightly nor as a threat. However, if the matter is not resolved immediately, I have no choice but to institute litigation and resolve it differently\legally. the purpose\my intention is to inform you as to how business is being handled behind your back, assuming you are not cognizant of illicit behaviour of your management.

My name is Sam (membership #F11577031) according to la fitness records I’ve been a member since 2005.
Since I had began training at the la fitness in city of Irvine(barranca) about 3years ago, I had been subjected to myriad number of transgressive\illicit misdeed by one of your management by the name of ROGER F. RAMILLON.
Throughout the 3 year period time, Roger systematically increased the level of harassment and misdeed. He proxied other management to do the same, and also they all used subordinate employees to engage as well.
Roger knowing full well that an employee is going to be fired (in more than one occasion), he would have coerced that employee to harass me, and in case of a dispute or an altercation, his hopes was that my membership would’ve been terminated and that poor employee was to be fired in any events nonetheless.
He and other management whose names I will disclose later, with the help of a few other employees, deliberately disclose my sacred, private identification to members of the club , and clearly compromised my safety and the safety of my loved ones.
If I had trained at a different la fitness club, we tested and discovered that he upon finding out about it, he would’ve called that particular la fitness and asked them to do the same misdeed as mentioned above against me.
He with the help of other managers, and willing (not all)subordinate employees, began to defamize my character before the members of the club.
We know he has coerced\convince members to file complaints about me, and they are all saved in la fitness computer,(no one has confronted me with these complaints yet, but I know it, since some of these members might have been my friends!).
We know that he has gone so far as involving the Irvine fire department, since they work out with us at the same club, all the time.
And list goes on and on. These are not peccadillos, they happen to be malicious, and emanated from no one else but a sub human mongrel.
everything briefly stated above is provable, with affidavit from some of your previous employees, and the members of the club.
Roger knowing that all his efforts remained futile, and perhaps understanding the ramifications of his misdeed, he has been in contact with his superior lately, and taking advice from him, however we don’t know the extent of his superior knowledge about the matter.
let me mind you that, Roger since he had suspected my knowledge about what he has been conspiring/machination behind my back, he has been hiding, and avoiding contact with me, but he remained active nonetheless.
Out of desperation, and perhaps because no one else wanted to do his dirty work,

At\on 4/30/2015 Roger while I was lying down and stretching out and conversing with a member, he starts a conversation with me, when I repeatedly asked him to move on, he called me a “dick’I got up and confronted him,he ran and came back with 2 other managers, and they revoked my membership. I don’t have to tell you that the police came and there has been an incident report filed, and my witness also gave the police his statements.
As I said before, there are so much more that I have chronicled and I like to write about it, I also don’t want to shock you any more than I have already.
I briefed you about the matter before any litigation, because some months ago I reported an employee of la fitness who was being lewd and lascivious, and he was fired shortly after. So there was no need for any legal actions.
As I have clearly mentioned above, this writing should not be regarded and misconstrued as a threat, I am writing to you because I think and hoping that you’re not aware of the misconduct of your employees.
We have been working on this case for some time, and we kept wondering how deep these guys will dig their own whole. As I said, we have turn coat employees, currently employees, members who are going to testify and corroborate what I have briefed you and many more that I haven’t yet.
The perpetrators, they all have to be fired, no question about it, they have constituted a great liability.
Here is my request: By this up coming Friday 5/8/2015 I want all the management involved and perhaps were manipulated by Roger himself to be fired. Upon verification of their departure from la fitness I will mention the names of couple of personal trainers that they can be fired or transferred to another location(since they were only following orders).
If they are still employees of la fitness by this up coming Friday, I have to believe that you all condone these kinds of misconduct including lynching and racism, and you left me no choice but to put a stop to it through litigation.
If you Mr. Welch or any of your personnel wants to discuss the matter with me, email me back with a name and contact number before this up coming Friday, and I shall contact you guys.


Galo L May 18, 2015 at 5:46 pm


I have been searching for the emails and contact information for the higher ups from LA Fitness to try and get an issue resolved. Would you be so kind and let me know how to find these emails?

I’d really appreciate your help.
Best of luck with your issue as well.



sam kay May 19, 2015 at 6:10 pm
Pete May 20, 2015 at 1:09 pm

Some of these stories continue to amaze me. I am amazed at how LA Fitness personnel was investigating me when I went to several clubs and asked someone at each club to show me around. Several notes were entered into my membership account and some of the notes are LIES. That’s why my membership got cancelled. It’s OK though, it will come back to bite them in the butt. I’m talking everyone at the corporate office.


Jessy July 1, 2015 at 2:11 pm

I have similar complaint for the LA fitness in new hyde park ny. Manager name Dave a lot of customers and workers have left the gym because of Dave. He is a racist, a bully and he has a reputation of behaving worst than an animal. I need your email. May be we can team up to take legal action against LA fitness.


PAYTON WILLIAMS April 27, 2015 at 7:21 am



Abraham Hoffmann April 23, 2015 at 6:34 pm

I am a member a frequent user of the Trumbull, CT club, 4 to 5 days per week. There has been no hot water at the club this week. This is a great inconvenience for those of us who workout, shower and than go to work. I refuse to take a cold shower. Therefore, I have not used the club all week.

No one can tell me what the problem is or when it will be fixed. We are not in the middle of nowhere. How difficult is it to get a plumber or electrician to fix such a problem?

I cannot understand how this can go on this long. I can understand that something can break or fail and there is no hot water for a day or two, but a week for such a large organization is not defensible. Particularly, when no one can tell a member when things will be back to normal.

I believe that I and my fellow club members should be compensated for this inconvenience, i.e, a refund or credit to our accounts.

I look forward to receiving a response to this message.


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:20 pm

Good luck receiving a response, no one has responded to me in 5 years of complaints. Not even a form letter. Nothing, LA Fitness does care


Kevin Weaver April 20, 2015 at 4:58 pm

I started looking for a gym shortly after relocating to Florida in September 2014. The LA Fitness on Colonial Drive in Orlando, Florida, was near my job and convenient for my schedule so I settled on a membership with your gym. As I was signing up, the membership representative asked if I was interested in personal training opportunities. I was interested, because I had been working with a trainer in Louisiana before I moved to Florida. So, I moved from the membership desk to the next desk over to speak with the head trainer, Mr. Ronnie Douglas.

It was evident that Ronnie was a bodybuilder and seemed like I straight up guy who knew what he was talking about. I listened intently and was impressed by the way he established rapport by telling me about his military background after I shared that I was former military. I let him know that I was looking to lose weight in order to continue to meet job requirements. He said that we can make that happen and increase my muscle. Little did I know at the time, this guy was better than any used car salesman in the world.

During our conversation, I told Mr. Douglas that I had previously worked with a trainer and that I usually worked with them twice a week on a per session basis. He wrote up an offer with 2 sessions per week and even threw in 2 extra sessions per month to sweeten the pot, which brought me up to 10 sessions per month. Oh yeah, and those two extra sessions could be done with either him personally or another master trainer while I only pay for 8 sessions with a regular trainer. He even promised me a regular meal plan to get me where I needed to be.

I informed Mr. Douglas that my job will have me going out of town periodically and I was concerned that I would be able to meet all of the sessions he was offering. He told me that would not be a problem if I went out of town and that he would make sure I was refunded for that time. I also told him that I may be tasked to deploy as a government civilian so I don’t know if I can complete a yearlong contract. Once again, he alleviated that concern by promising that I would have no issue getting out of the contract.

Based on his promises, I signed the offer and returned it to him the next day. In retrospect, this was a huge mistake that I am still paying for. If I had not been suckered, there’s no way I would have signed.

I went out of town on business in early December and took a vacation for the holidays when I got back. I saw that $280 was deducted from my account even though I informed Ronnie beforehand that I was going to be out the majority of December and couldn’t get any sessions in. Once I got back and confronted him about it he always said he’s working on it. This would go on for over a month with him blaming the computer system or his boss, but he always promised to get me my money back. I eventually gave up asking.

In early 2015, none of the trainers I had been working with had open appointments on a day I was trying to work out. Remembering Ronnie’s promise that I could work out with a master trainer, I asked one of the master trainer if he could fit me in. Imagine the embarrassment when that trainer looked into the system and told me that I could not work out with him. Once again, I went to Ronnie and he again promised to work it out. Every week he would promise the following Monday would be when resolution would come and I’d be able to work out with a master trainer for the 2 extra sessions. After 3 weeks I gave up on this as well. What was the point? Shortly, after this, he left the gym. I’m not sure if he was reassigned or let go.

Another issue was that after hassling him for months over the meal plan he promised, he gave me one packed with enough protein for a body builder. Instead of losing weight I gained. After talking it over with other trainers, he had me taking too much protein. Why have I paid thousands of dollars to not get the results I desired?

I now have 20+ sessions to use with more coming each month. I have been tasked to deploy this summer and there’s no way I will be able to meet all of the sessions I am now forced to pay for. I have contacted member services on the phone, but all that they are giving me is that I can either wait until I get my hard orders weeks before I deploy and they will cancel the remainder of the contract, but nothing before. Basically, I’m screwed and LA Fitness thus far seems to like it that way.

I really feel taken advantage of.


Pete April 23, 2015 at 12:05 am

You’re not alone Kevin. I have read numerous complaints about customers just like you being tricked into signing a one year personal training contract. I took it upon myself to report this to the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC should do something about this sooner or later. My membership was revoked because people lied about me. I continue to read these reviews so I can be reminded why LA Fitness doesn’t deserve my business.


Mark July 11, 2016 at 4:35 am

Me too. I read from yelp there are a lot of members had the similar experiences. I suggest you could contact those members, then we can report this to Federal Trade Commission together.


Rick Darquea April 20, 2015 at 3:59 pm

Please accept this email as a concerned member of the LA Fitness gyms. I realized that one location may not represent what your corporation is all about, nor likely its standards that it would like to upkeep. However, this is just too frequent of an occurrence specifically at the Wellington, Florida location. I typically work out at 5 o’clock in the morning. Specifically, Monday mornings are absolutely the worst! There is no reason why Garbage Pail bins should be overflowing, with paper towels all over the floor when we first arrived at 5 a.m. to work out. Tequipment.
At the end of the night, when business is over, there should be a cleaning staff to come in and make the gym clean for those that arrive at 5 a.m. The closing staff and then a night should not leave until everything is back in its place. I find it to be unacceptable. As you require payment on time, you have an obligation to maintain the premises in a clean and organized fashion. Let’s not even mention the potential risk of weights being later out all over the place and creates trip hazard. I hope this helps monitor the situation at that club, I am NOT very happy right now. Not I am sure other members that also work out at the same time. I truly hope that this email does not fall on deaf ears. Sincerely,


Jency Jeffers April 13, 2015 at 1:47 pm

Never again will I support this gym or recommend the club to anyone. I have already stopped payment on my account and will cancel my regular membership today. This is not how you treat someone.
See dialog below.

Original email I sent:
Good afternoon,

I have been a member at LA Fitness since last summer. My trainer Ammber Bancroft (Who was absolutely amazing but had to quit because she couldn’t live off the pay – sad!) left the club back in February and no one reached out to me to schedule with a new trainer. A little over a month later, LA Fitness is still taking my money and I am still not hearing from someone, I contacted Malachi at the Duluth location and he asked Zuriel to reach out to me. Too little too late. Malachi and Zuriel are great people with exceptional customer service, I have nothing negative to say about them. However, that is not the case with some of the team members on your customer service staff, particularly a gentleman named Jason. Due to the lack of customer service from the club by not reaching out to me to set me up with a new trainer after Ammber left and the inconvenience and extreme rudeness I’ve experienced over the past 2 weeks I’ve been in contact with your customer service department I am at my wits end. I want – I NEED to cancel my PT membership. I will not continue to let LA Fitness abuse me by taking my money, not providing my training services and taking hours out of my days to try to get in touch with the “right” person who can possibly “do something” about helping me cancel my membership.

I’ve spoken to Alex, Jason and Tim. Alex was helpful but I felt he has not made a true effort to help me get some sort of resolution. Tim was professional, I only spoke to him briefly. Jason should not be in the customer service field!! I surely hope you record all your phone calls as he was very rude and disrespectful. How do you feel about your customer service representatives laughing at a customer while they are upset and requesting to speak to someone else? Unprofessional, rude and should not be tolerated.

I was told by Alex on a few occasions that he would call me back with an update but he never did, I always had to be the one to make the phone call. I left two messages for him with Nikki and another girl yesterday – still no word from him. I was also told the area representative was going to call me Friday or Saturday but my phone did not ring.Yet another customer service failure, I’m actually not surprised. I believe his name might have been Darius Johnson?

Below is a record of my phone calls where I attempted to speak to someone about this matter, everyone of them were phone calls I made.
Date: 3/23 Time: 1:23pm Duration: 28 min 36 secs
Date: 3/23 Time: 4:56pm Duration: 4 min 48 secs
Date: 4/2 Time: 1:13pm Duration: 11 min 25 secs
Date: 4/3 Time: 4:33pm Duration: 8 min 30 sec
Date: 4/6 Time: 2:29pm Duration: 3 min 12 sec
Date: 4/6 Time: 5:44pm Duration: 4 min 03 sec

And still, no one from a club has called me to set up any training sessions since this started – Again, I’m really not surprised. And honestly, at this point I am willing to forfeit the sessions I haven’t used (about 23-27 I think) just to end all this.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience with confirmation my PT membership has been cancelled. I will forward this email to anyone and everyone at LA Fitness I can get in contact with if I do not hear from someone by noon tomorrow, Wednesday 4/8.

Jency Jeffers

LA Ftiness’s Response:
Dear Jency,

I fully understand your frustration. This is not the experience we want anyone to have. I have contacted the Operations Manager, Greg M., about this matter for immediate investigation. I see that you are still within the initial term of your personal training contract. So cancelling now does not shorten your contract, it just ensures that you will not be billed after the initial term is completed, which is 6/11/2015. If you want to cancel your contract early you can by paying 50% of the remaining payments due. For example, if you did the buyout today it would be $240.00 which is 50% of the $480.00 still owed on the contract. For additional questions and concerns, Greg can be reached at 770-285-****.
Thank you for taking the time to let me know.

Jason W.


Luwanna April 17, 2015 at 2:04 pm

I have experienced the same thing. I am writing out of frustration with canceling my personal training membership. I sent in the cancellation letter with the understanding that this would cancel my membership for the current period of the initial term as well as after the term ends in May 2015. I also dropped the same letter off to my Woodbridge facility (same day the letter is dated). The gentleman there (Diego) advised he would “take care of it” with no further conversation/direction, etc. After several discussions with Customer Service Representatives 949-255-7200 (Irita and Courtney last names not provided), both of them indicated that my letter was not sufficent and only canceled the PT sessions after May 2015. My letter does not make this distinction that apparently LA Fitness does. Anyway, I am only asking that my April payment of $165 cover the remainder of my term (April and May) instead of having to pay 50% of May’s payment. My letter was dated March 31st and was received well before the April payment was deducted from my bank account.

After my telephone conversations and doing more research on your company, it appears that this is characteristic of LA Fitness – not to provide customers with exceptional quality service nor assist them in the cancelation of their contracts in a non-combative, friendly, and easy going type scenario. I have read many online complaints about this very issue and I find it appalling that this company can’t do better than accomodate its clients in instances like this. My predicament does not include a medical necessity and I am willing to pay for the 50% cancellation fee in accordance with the contract terms. All I am asking is that it be retroactive to the date of my letter and that the amount of April’s payment cover any additional charges to end my term early.



Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:25 pm

Unreal, this is how you deal with a complaining customer? LA Fitness screwed up bad, and it happens over and over, and you’re going to hold a contract over the customer’s head to get more money? Look, you guys screwed up. You should show some class and just cancel the poor guys contract so he can go to a gym where they actually know what they are doing. When is it going to dawn on LA Fitness management that you are clueless? Google yourselves, complaints are 20 -1, doesn’t that imply you guys are screw ups? Man, how out of touch can you be…. and the funny thing is that you actually put your response in writing so it is very clear you only care about money, not that you screwed up and really care about making a customer happy. As for me, I’ve complained for years trying to warn people away from LA Fitness. I’ll continue to do so as long as I see incompetence like this continuing.


DIA March 28, 2015 at 9:36 pm

La fitness scammed me into there “pro fitness ” bs and now i am fighting to cancel! DONT SIGN ANYTHING WITH THESE CROOKS WITHOUT READING THE CONTRACTS! I’ll be lucky if this problem is ever resolved.


Pete April 23, 2015 at 12:16 am

Try e-mailing lou*** to express your concerns. Basically they’ll tell you to leave them alone.


Catalina Dusca March 22, 2015 at 9:23 pm

La Fitness
2021 Winston Park Drive
Oakville, ON L6H 6P5
I joined this club way before LA Fitness bought it over. LA bought the gym from Family Fitness and has not changed it one bit. The gym has remained the same in the sense of layouts and equipment. The machines and equipment are in good condition although it isn’t the newest equipment.
Plenty of torn foam padding on machines, grungy looking weights and barbells, and the change rooms don’t look great.
Every time I go, dumbbells are scattered across the gym.
The management at this gym is terrible. The receptionists are never aware of schedule changes or cancelled classes.
Some of the instructors are not well trained and should not teach any class. They are not inspiring and the workouts are boring.
All the good once left many years ago.
For instance, I have been attending one of the kickboxing class for over 15 years. I recently got injured during one workout due to the instructor (I believe there is only one that teaches that class): poor execution of various kicks, the moves from one exercise is either too fast or two awkward.


dp June 3, 2015 at 12:56 am

Have you been to the new gym at dundas and winston churchill?


Catalina Dusca August 17, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Hello dp,
I have been waiting for the new gym to open hoping that it will be better. The equipment is very good but, as far as I am concerned, it is about the only improvement. The temperature in the club has been a problem since day one, it is simply uncomfortable especially when hot and humid outside. I mentioned a few times to the sales manager and various receptionists … each person will tell you a different story. The Women’s section is the worst: smelly and most of the time too warm to workout in there. Women’s section is awful, it was way better at the old location.
There is a strong smell of varnish in the fitness room that can give you headaches after a good workout.
I have tried the kickboxing class three times and it was very hard to be in there. The fumes from the polyurethane varnish can make people sick. I am certain that the smell will last for several months because of poor ventilation. The operation manager told me that the varnish is not toxic and there is nothing she can do regarding the temperature. I am wondering if she is a better toxicologist than manager?
I cannot attend the only class that interest me because of the smell, the women’s section is not great, most classes are Zumba (there was more variety at the old gym).
My routine is to workout at the gym three times a week and I can no longer do that because of the issues described. I used the gym no more than 8 times from what I remember since May. Most times I had to leave after short time because it was not comfortable.
Any logical conversation into resolving any issue you have won’t be resolved because everyone is trained in passing the buck.
I want a refund for the last three months because I paid for something that cold not be provided. I called the head office today and I was told that the only help I can get is to cancel my membership (I never mentioned that I intend to cancel).
I hope that this time I do not have to wait three months for an answer.



Susan March 21, 2015 at 9:28 am

I have been trying to resolve my personal training issues and can’t get anyone to help. I have 97 sessions, no one to train at the times I want to train, must train on their timeline even though when I signed the contract for training there were 2 trainers who could meet my needs. Have been promised this will be resolved, people will call or e-mail me and then I don’t hear from anyone until I call them back. Is this the kind of service LA Fitness wants to be known for?


Marguerite Wolfe March 19, 2015 at 4:48 pm

I complained about LAFitness in Greenbelt Maryland.This is mostly about S.Osbourne,the manager. I went there the beginning of March for the first time since it was remodeled.I looked around and told S.Osborne that it wasn’t as nice as Bowie. No TV”s on the machines and there were old machines put back in use. I looks nice but I think it was cheaply done. Locker rooms are old. They were only painted. S.Osbourne told me I didn’t have to go to the club.Nice answer. He needs sensitivity training . No one should talk to someone like that. I contacted someone at corporate but noone has called me back. Before the remodeling took place his desk was in the window and he was known to lay his head down. Nice advertisement!!!


Pete April 30, 2015 at 11:28 pm

LA Fitness does NOT follow up on any complaints. They say that they’re not allowed to. I have complained in the past numerous times and nothing was done. I heard that 2 of the people I complained about got fired but they had several complaints about them. Try e-mailing lou** and tell them that they will regret it sooner or later.


Robert DuPuy August 16, 2015 at 11:29 pm

Yes, very smart. A company that has a policy to not listen to customers. I’m sure that’s how Apple got to where they are. Are the only people working at LA Fitness headquarters morons? Hey, LA Fitness management, you are incompetent. You have no idea, not even a clue about customer service. This lack of concern trickles down through you organization to every gym location. Your company could be great, but you run it like an idiot. Mr Welsh, you are doing a horrible job with the company you founded. If no one around you can say this to your face, they should. Step down and let someone who cares about people run the business properly. You have failed, Mr Welsh, you have failed for years to care about the people you are supposed to serve. Fire yourself.


angela woods March 18, 2015 at 3:55 pm

My complaint is that. my son djimon woods worked for la fitness for 2wks as a janitor. He was fired with in his 90 day period. which was reported by another employer that spread rumors of setting him up to be fired. mind you, my family have been a member of la fitness for over 2 1/2 years. and my son thought it would be a great ideal to work there. He didn’t care what the job was, he just enjoyed being there. well needless to say. He came in today 3/18/15, to work out and was approached by the mgr. Nima A. who recognized him as an employer, stating with the question “when were you going to tell me you were fired”. my son responded by saying he didn’t know he was suppose to let him know that he no longer worked for la fitness. Nima A. went on to say he had to leave and couldn’t stay. so my son ask him what did he mean. you are not allowed to come in. My point is, instead of assuming he has no member ship or thinking my son was trying to get over. Was very bad customer service and ethics, especially this was handle in the front lobby where other members were waiting to come in. and what tops it off, was My son had a potential member that wanted to check out the gym and was told since he was not a member, he couldn’t stay. your policy states: •All guests must prove that they are at least 18 years of age or older or are at least 14 years of age and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and sign a waiver of liability to use club facilities.
•A current local picture ID (with birth date) must be presented for admittance to the facility.
•This guest pass must be activated within 30 days from the date emailed and once activated at the club, the pass is valid for 3 consecutive days for you and a friend.
•Passes issued for over 1 month will not be honored.
•Limit of one pass per person every six months.
•Guests cannot use consecutive passes for admittance to the facility or other LA Fitness locations.
•A fitness analysis must be filled out and guest must have an orientation with a membership counselor before using a pass. Other memberships may be presented.
•Facilities and classes may vary from club to club.
•Extra charge for some amenities including courts, leagues, personal training and Kids’ Klub (babysitting)
•Not available for resale or redeemable for cash. This pass cannot be sold or listed for sale on-line auction sites such as eBay or uBid. Any such sale or listing is prohibited and will void the pass.
•Redeemable by non-members only.
•LA Fitness is working in conjunction with the police department to insure that no acts of misconduct occur within the facility

I do not appreciate how this situation was handle and this Nima A. mgr needs to have more people skills in his training if he is to continue working for your company.


marie March 4, 2015 at 12:10 am

Don’t complain to customer service, protest outside the facility there is nothing like getting the attention of onlookers, oh and don’t forget face book @ tweeting you have the power there is no LA fitness without its members. then they will be singing a different tune LA LA LA La La L L l l l . . .

a La La


Pete March 17, 2015 at 1:19 am

Ever since my membership was revoked nearly 2 years ago I have dreamed about every disappointed LA Fitness customer myself included protesting outside the corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA. Knowing those at the corporate office, they’ll call the police and ask them to get rid of us. Then again, the personnel at the corporate office are so ignorant that they won’t notice anything. Just a thought.


David Crawford February 26, 2015 at 10:07 pm

What is wrong with this company?Dont they pay attention to what kind of people they hire?Another bad day just walking in and looking at the filt in the club of course has to be 539 Steeles Ave W.This is during the day when nobody is at front desk,and we have to scan ourselves.The operation manager cant be seen anywhere until mid afternoon,in the morning same thing.Dont these people have a set schedule or they can do whatever they want.I am cancelling my membership and i hope others will pay attention before signing with them


Levi O'Bryan February 26, 2015 at 1:08 pm

To whom it may concern,

My family and I have been a members of L.A. fitness for 6 years. Not one time have we had any problems with staff or any members. I actually love all the members and the staff is incredible (except Kristin D. the Operations Manager). Ever since she was transferred to this club she has been a problem. Its a shame that LA fitness hired Kristin D. because her bad attitude is contagious and her depression is the first thing we see every time we check in. We have cancelled all of our membership and we are telling all of our family and friends to do the same. It’s very unfortunate that Kristin D. (the O.M. @ barker cypress and 290) could ruin the entire image of L.A. Fitness. I talked to several employees and they also have had problems with her. She talks down to everyone, like the members are employees or beneath her. We live half a mile away from the gym and we cancelled because of her bad attitude. It’s sad we are willing to drive across town to avoid her. We thought L.A. Fitness was promoting positive energy, so we can change our lives. I have lost over 151lbs. and I have the personal training staff to thank for that. I have brought over 20 people to sign up with L.A. Fitness.

It’s a shame my entire sponsored team is canceling their memberships too. So thats over a $1,000 a month in revenue that she has ruined in one day. Not to mention what she will ruin in the future.

The reason for this letter is because I own a business and if my profit margin was decreasing because of one bad seed, I would want to know who the problem is, so I could prevent any future membership cancellations.

The next O.M. you hire needs to love fitness and have a positive attitude.


David Crawford February 26, 2015 at 6:53 am

I am a member with LA at539 SteelesAve Brampton and i am very disapointed with the costumer service they offer to all of us plus the cleanliness of the facility.The machines are filty mens washroom disgusting,night shift and weekend cant be found and the place is a pit.The new operations manager is rude,loud,abnocus and doesnt know costumer service and work ethics.All the problems and complains i have ,like the other members were never taking care.Why are we payinginto a company that has people working just to make a pay cheque?Ridiculus and apsetting.We the members demand a solution as soon as possible,enough is enough


distraught February 22, 2015 at 5:38 pm

i became a member about 18 month ago and as a new consumer of the LA fitness club in NY was given a personal trainer, John Godley, who managed to confuse me with his charm and slept with, after which he changed his routine to avoid me at the club, later i find out he is doing this on regular basis, I request this company look into behavioral issues of its staff, as this is not ethical and ruins the reputation of your business


Pete March 4, 2015 at 10:05 pm

This amazes me because LA Fitness will NOT watch behaviors of their employees. They were tracking me when I was a member going to various clubs and asking someone to show me around. My membership would ultimately be revoked because people deliberately lied about me. After reading your distraught story, it is perfectly clear to me that LA Fitness cares more about their staff than members. It’s OK that those people lied about me, what goes around comes around.


Jane Doe January 1, 2019 at 4:55 pm

LA fitness in garden city ny allows trainers to harass female patrons and prey on them. John Godley, who is the training manager is a sexual predator and has done this exact thing to numerous women, including myself. It’s disgusting to see him walk around the gym every day harassing every female who walks in the door.
He needs to go.
A google search revealed that John Godley is a convicted felon who served 12 years in prison. Did LA fitness did not find this to be a problem or they just didn’t bother to check?
His actions are inexcusable and he uses his power as a trainer and manager to exploit female patrons.


Jane Doe 2 February 2, 2019 at 3:22 pm

I have also been victimized by the workers from this company. As a woman, I have to let others know of the type of person Mr. John Godley is. Where to start…if you ever felt victimized, you should read my story. This man/ animal is not someone you want to be around or want someone you care about to be around. Whether it be in a professional environment or a personal environment. This man is a sexual predator who hunts women, especially those who are half his age. He is a charming human being as others have stated but don’t be fooled by this, he has a motive. He will try and speak to every single women who walks through the door, he will manipulate them, sleep with them, take their money and put their lives in danger. This man has a major criminal history. The woman above me is right, he has been convicted and served 12 years in prison. He has a history of abuse, selling drugs, lying, possession of illegal weapons, all you have to do is search his criminal history online and do some digging. This man should not be around women and should not be working for this company. If we got all the women together who he manipulated, I’m sure we would have a big list. This is a warning to all women out there who come across this man. Stay away from him, he will disturb your well being and he will try and make you be the low life person he is. He is dangerous and should be checked for diseases. He has no money and will try and scam you as a woman. Please do not let him work here anymore. He is a sad soul that so many women have left him and make sure before you fall for the charm, read this. La fitness should be ashamed of having people like this for the company. I want the authorities to look into him further and as a woman who has unfortunately come across his path in a significant way, like the first comment, I want to do my best to make sure he is a distant memory or no memory at all.


Rosie February 14, 2015 at 11:33 am

I have been a member of LAFITNESS Conyers for a few years and am dissatisfied with the upkeep of our local facility. Here are a few of my major concerns.

1. The LAFITNESS marquee sign has had missing letters for quite some time. This signs is the first point of contact you have with potential new members and it speaks to your commitment to the facility.

2. I have attached a photo of a broken mirror in the classroom for your review. The mirror has been broken for a few weeks. While it had been measured, it is taking an inordinate amount of time to replace.

3. I have a video of the women’s sauna room. We have benches that need repair as well as an indention in the floor that is covered by floor mats. Both are safety issues that have been reported to the local management. Immediate attention is needed before someone gets a serious injury at the club.

4. In addition to the above concerns, there is an ongoing concern about overall cleanliness if the facility and turnover of personnel.

I am a regular user of this facility and want to support LAFITNESS in my community. But my commitment to LAFITNESS can’t exceed that of the owners or corporate staff. I hope you will take the time ensure this club meets the standards that reflect the vision of the owners.

Sent from my iPhone


Joel Nelson February 12, 2015 at 3:51 pm

former employee, resigned due to discrimination, poor managment. But Joe Perone, GM/sales at richfield MN location, now moved to Uptown location… and Dave Madison our once regional VP (now gone) can write up anything they want i guess.

This complaint is about my W2. I never got one. Spoke with corporate HR/Payrole today and they refused to send me one at my new address.
Federal law states that you have to have them out by jan 31st….aaaaaaand I cant get one even by requesting one?


Pete March 4, 2015 at 10:14 pm

This story really proves how screwed up they are at the corporate office. I am now over a year and a half removed from LA Fitness but I continue to read these complaints to remind myself why I’m glad I no longer have anything to do with them. The main problem is Louis Welch (CEO). So many people who work for his company are making him look so bad that he has to HIDE from the public. Sooner or later Louis and his cast of idiots will burn in hell.


J B January 20, 2015 at 6:54 pm

Dear LA Fitness,

I’m writing to file a complaint against Max Barbary, your Manager at the LA Fitness Northridge branch.

I had been a member of LA Fitness for 10 years and had been paying my membership fee consistently even if I rarely use it. I have a group membership with my friend and my sister. After a long period of time of not going to the gym due to my pregnancy and child birth on 2013, I decided to attend Jody’s Kickboxing class yesterday, Monday, January 19, 2015, at 5:45 pm. Jody’s kickboxing class is the one and only class and also the one and only reason I go to LA Fitness in Northridge. I excitedly left work early to arrive at the gym for the 5:45 pm class on time. I came in to the club and had my ID card scanned, right when the front desk person gave my card back to me I rushed towards the room where Jody had already started her class. Before I even had a chance to open the door, the front desk person came behind me and asked me to go back to the front desk. I immediately followed her and when we got there, another LA Fitness employee together with Max Barbary, who I was not aware at that time was the club’s manager, started telling me that my membership had been cancelled since October of 2014. He started interrogating me and asking me questions as if he was insinuating that I was lying and denying about my lack of knowledge of the membership cancellation. He, together with the 2 other front desk employees, treated me as if I was sneaking in to the gym. Again, he was asking me unnecessary questions about my payments. I told him that I was not the main person in the membership and that my friend was the one paying for our membership. He made a very unprofessional comment, “So, you owe your friend money that’s why she cancelled the membership.” I told him that I usually pay my friend the entire year’s membership to avoid the hassle of monthly payments. He insisted that I get my credit card so I can sign up before he lets me in to the gym. I politely asked Max Barbary if I can just attend Jody’s kickboxing class first and sign up after since the class had already started. I even requested if he could give me a FREE guest pass just like what the club does for potential members but he rudely stated that, “You are not a new member because you cancelled your membership so I cannot let you in.” Again, after asking him if I could as a member of LA Fitness for 10 years just attend this one class with a promise to sign up after but He repeatedly refused and insisted that if I had already gotten my credit card and signed up, I would have been done and already in Jody’s class. I was appalled by all his comments and the way he treated me. I felt belittled by his questioning and discriminated because of his assumptions that I was sneaking in. I was very composed the whole time. I politely left the club to breathe. I came back in to ask if I could speak with Max Barbary again but he was on the phone. I asked the 2 front desk employees for his name but they refused to give it to me. While on the phone Max signaled to another Sales Rep to assist me thinking I came back to sign up. I asked the Sales Rep for the manager’s name and said that it’s Max. When I asked for the last name, she said, “It’s just Max.” I asked her how can she not know the last name of their manager and she replied, “It’s hard to pronounce and I can’t spell it out”. Setting aside the issue with the manager, you have a serious problem with your employees. These other employees also need to be trained on proper customer service or on just plain morale and ethics. They were signaling to each other to not give me the manager’s name. I found out Max’s last name by doing a Google search on complaints at “LA Fitness Northridge Max” and there appeared on the search some other online complaints against this person.

I have been loyal to LA Fitness for a decade even if I was just paying for nothing since I rarely go. My friend and my sister likewise rarely use their membership which probably was the reason of the cancellation. I was not aware of this since I am used to paying my friend on an annual basis without a need for any communication. I did not have a slight intention of sneaking in to your gym. I complied and went back to the front desk when asked. I politely requested from your manager, Max, to be given a one class trial so I can attend Jody’s class but he strongly refused. I understand that the membership was cancelled but it would have been a good customer service gesture to allow a long-time customer whose membership was just cancelled a few months ago after paying for years, an entry to one class. I repeatedly said that I will sign up after the class since it will take time to fill up the form and process payment and the class will be over by then.

Max Barbary acted inappropriately and rudely. I felt discriminated when I was not allowed a one-time entry to the gym that I have been paying/going to for a long time when they just give out FREE passes to random people to try out the gym for a month. This is not acceptable! I was only asking to use the pass for one class and will sign up again as a member. This is not how you treat an old member or a person in general. Max lied when he said old members cannot be given a guest pass. Do you have a printed policy on this?
I am furious about what happened and I don’t mind writing my complaints on different complaint boards online or even to Better Business Bureau. I’m writing this email so you can address the serious lack of training of your employees or your inability to hire good employees.


Dawn Kwiecinski January 20, 2015 at 6:39 pm

January 20, 2015

I had paid $1.57.80 for a three year membership on September 9, 2014. HUGE MISTAKE! I would like full payment back!

The gym is digsustingly filthy and unkempt in sooooo many ways. First of all, there is always used paper towels, toilet paper and other gross oobjects on the locker room floor as well as the tampon dispenser over flowing (too graphic to describe) and the garbages are piled to the sky and falling on the floor as well. Secondly, there is water all over the counters and floors. Thirdly, inside the lockers is so dusty and dirty as well as filled with gargage often. In addition, there is rarely paper towels to anywhere in the gym but rather unfilled paper dispensers. Also, there are various empty liquid bottles and used paper towels disposed of throughout the gym floor. To boot, the machine themselves are often left with sweat and/or dirty paper towels and garbage on them. Lastly, the gym is frequently crowded and, therefore, difficult to get to use a weight or machine without waiting on a line. The same applies to getting a small place in the corner to do floor work- always occupied and left with gross sweat and dirty, used paper towels as well as empty containers on mats. I am so repulsed everytime I come here and now I paid over a $1,000 to workout in a place that turns my stomach. How can you let this occur at Levittown, NY LA Fitness??? Please refund me immediately so I can join a cleaner more well kept gym.

Thank you.

Dawn Kwiecinski

PS I have several pictures for evidence in which I am able to attach to this letter coincidental- I think not. I can post it on every public media available to me, however.


Pete April 28, 2015 at 1:01 am

This particular club sounds exactly like the people who work in the corporate office.


Lynn Roberts January 19, 2015 at 3:35 pm

You could not pay me to deal with LA Fitness ever again. Very unethical. Spoke with cooperate and they could care less. Canceling today!!!


Sg January 5, 2015 at 7:26 pm

This gym should be ideal with it’s many offerings. Unfortunately the place very poorly maintained. Stair masters, treadmills and bikes are often not working and the pool is ALWAYS closed. If a hot tub is the reason you’re drawn to the gym, FORGET IT. It’s closed even more often than the pool. There is no swim equipment and no place on the deck to put your belongings. I’ve never been to such a poorly maintained facility. Save your $$$


Alan November 6, 2014 at 8:33 am

I have been competing in bodybuilding for 7years and used LAF to
prepare and condition. I have always brought a workout buddy due to
i need help with my weights at times. Also, sometimes I’m blessed to
have the accompany of another competitor competing as well. Few
times im harrassed only because new staff not aware why we train the
way we di together. Later on it becomes uncomfortable while watching
others who work together that i get asked am i or other person training.
Its very apparent we are competitors in our physiques, but also noting
my account and not asking me is competely wrong when all we
do is train body parts together. I am now IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and co-owner
of supplement company and while prepping for show with my girl for show
this weekend was walked up on by Quentin new training manager and told
my membership was being revoked. We were working out together and i stopped
to help her in a weight when she grew tired on leg press. Several people including
Tia Master trainer watched us gruel through sets together and upon leaving to eat
I was approached saying i was helping her to make sure her form was good.
What is the purpose of having a workout buddy on your level if they cannot join in?
By the way, prior to Quentin whom was very rude Zack who was Training Manager has
notice my training partner and i working out and knew right away even asking that I
compete Pro Bodybuilding. I also spoke with the GM who told me the day i was approached
rudely by Quentin new training manager that I was not a trainer. He told me just mind
your business and focus on working out yourself. This is ridiculous when a personal
opinion of someone that doesnt like how u workout or talk with others when asked about
my experience in competing is sought out. I have been approached in the past if i be intetested in training there but i explained i cannot because my hours and time i need to
train myself for show. I am at the highest level of Pro Bodybuilding and i worked to hard to
stop here as well i have been asked tips from LaFitness trainers i have stopped to converse
with. I like to speak to upper management but when i called i was told nothing or could do nothing. If this is how pro athletes treated and i have to wear my sponsored company apparel to be treated different then this is a shame. Several staff members including trainers Tia Lynn and GM at the Buckhead location have verified i do not train others but have my ownworkouts i do and leave. Seeking legal or management assistance but there should be an agreement between both parties if someone is guilty so a person personal opinion who never meet you shows up and judge you…as this happens due to staff rotation.


SEYMOUR December 9, 2014 at 2:05 pm

I am currently trying to cancel my personal trainer membership of $135 a month. I asked if I would be able to cancel the membership from month to month depending on my workload. I was assured that I would be able to do so. ONLY to find out that I was locked in for 1 year and if I wanted to cancel I would have to do a 50/50 buy out for $800+!! My jaw hit the floor… I have not been able to get in touch with a human at the number listed above. Would you have any other info for me? I can not continue to pay this much for such a terrible service, they give you 30mins per session and they do not help me with nutrition at all!

please if you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated!
thank you


AT January 13, 2015 at 3:39 am

Went through the same thing myself except we needed out due to medical reasons. You can call 949-255-7200 for the corporate office. Act quickly and i warn you in advance they aren’t very helpful. People who signed us up also mislead us. We went to see what our options were for cancellation since my mother got diagnosed with Lupus and hepititis C and cannot work out anymore. They ended up never cancelling our membership and when we went to address it we found that written in the notes was that we inquired about cancelling because “the workouts were not working”. All the manager had to say was that the workers who helped us were no longer working at this location and because she wasn’t the one who helped us she can’t help us. From this experience i would say definitely try corporate but the buy out is going to be cheaper and less stress than dealing with these blame shifting amateurs. Good luck!


Lisa Nicolette February 21, 2015 at 12:49 pm

Hi Seymour – I’d just call the credit card company and try to cancel that way! You can dispute a charge! I worked at LA Fitness in 2009 and several clients tried to cancel due to medical reasons and were ignored until they went past the time frame to cancel! Very unethical way to do business!


Lisa Nicolette February 21, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Hi Alan – I just read your post. I’m also a competitor and like to train with friends at LA fitness. My membership has recently been revoked because I was accused of training someone. Some guy at LA fitness became very rude and never identified himself as a manager or had any kind of name tag or anything that would identify him as a gym employee. This person accused me of training someone while I was working out with a friend and demanded that I follow him up front immediately or else he would call the police and have me removed from the gym! I had no idea who this person was and due to their extreme obnoxious behavior I was not about to follow them anywhere! He then threatened to have my membership revoked and said he was calling the police!
I continued to work out with my friend and many people were asking what that guy was going off about and I said I didn’t know because he didn’t identify himself. The next thing I know three policemen showed up at the gym and this guy then said that he was a manager and that my membership was revoked and I was being kicked out of the gym for violating gym policy! I tried to explain that I was not violating any policy I was simply training with a friend of mine and the one policeman became verbally abusive and said that I would have to leave immediately!
I contacted the LA fitness corporate office and talked to several operations managers and found out that this manager was not even a general manager he was only the training manager and did not have the authority to revoke my membership! I was told that it had to go through a general manager and then had to be reviewed. I had to call corporate multiple times because I was getting the runaround and finally a regional manager contacted me! He said they would have to investigate into things and when I informed him that this training manager had no authority or right to revoke my membership and what was he going to do about that and that I had no gym to train in! He seemed unable to make any decisions concerning this matter and that he would interview the other manager at the gym and make a decision the following week. I informed him numerous times that my rights are being violated and that the manager was verbally abusive, caustic and rude and threatened me in front of other gym members and what were they going to do concerning the situation. He said that I was seen training different people and I again explained to him that I work out with friends and if they are concerned about training others why are there so many people in the gym training clients and they are not employed by the gym! I see this all the time and anything I said is being ignored!
The reason I trained at the gym is because I am a breast cancer patient and I am trying to rebuild and restore my health after surviving cancer! In my opinion the way this is being handled is a travesty of justice! In all the years that I have trained in various gyms I have never been met with such rude, extreme unprofessional and abusive behavior in all of my life! I inquired about going beyond a regional director that would cover all the LA fitness gyms is in this area I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I was informed that I could not go beyond the region! I am going to challenge that and I hope the CEO of LA fitness reads this! Because if this is the way management represents the gym then I can understand why so many of these big-box gyms go under in a matter of years! What is wrong with this picture? If you’re going to discriminate against a cancer patient then you will discriminate against anybody! This is a serious matter and needs to be addressed immediately! I hope the CEO and those at the top of the corporate pyramid see this letter! Sincerely, Lisa Nicolette


Pete April 28, 2015 at 12:56 am

If I were you Lisa, I would e-mail and hope for the best. You can also call (949) 255-8220. Good luck.


annette spencer November 2, 2014 at 5:16 pm

….I stopped @ my local LA Fittness, west Boca Raton FL, today [Nov 2, 2014 ] around noon to cancel…..BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE A SILVER SNEAKER PROGRAM like most gyms.

There was no one at the counter when I walked in….THEN I saw the guy-@-counter sitting with his head on his hands ……. ASLEEP!

I stood there a LONG TIME to see if he would wake up and help me….no luck.

I walked around the gym for a long time SEARCHING FOR SOMEONE IN CHARGE……….to no avail.

…while the guy @ the desk still slept!

The ONLY OTHER EMPLOYEE there was the girl working in the nursery. She kept looking out to see if he woke up….to no avail.


….guess it’s good I am leaving.

Annette Spencer


Danielle November 19, 2014 at 12:14 pm

LA Fitness has joined team with Healthways to have Silver Sneakers started November 1st


Pete October 27, 2014 at 11:02 pm

I recently sent an e-mail to Supposedly it’s CEO Louis Welch’s. Here’s what I said: “How dare you allow employees to lie through their teeth about me going to various clubs and intentionally making people uncomfortable by sexually harassing female employees and exposing my privates. You better fully and completely delete my membership from your system or I will report you and those who lied about me as sexual predators. All of you will burn in Hell for this.” They are too shocked to respond to this.


pissed off October 27, 2014 at 1:50 pm

f*ck LA Fitness


Pete October 27, 2014 at 11:02 pm



Steve October 2, 2014 at 8:45 am

LA Fitness in Sring, Texas
20127 I-45
Last night around 8:30pm, my wife and I finished our routine and went to retrive our belongings from the -Gym provided- combo lock-boxes. A note was taped to the bottom of the boxes that said, “Use at your own risk, manager does not have a key..” (This note was placed after we had already been at the gym for an hour). Sure enough, our box did not open. We asked for the M.O.D and he, along with 2 other employees told us, “I’m sorry, but there is nothing we can do..” I replied with a response that anyone with snap would say, “Surely you have a back-up, if not, then I would reccomend you contact a lock-smith.” Again, the M.O.D stated that there was nothing he could do. The MOD and I began to raise our tones and the MOD tells me, “Havent you ever had a bad day? Havent you ever had a flat tire??!” YES!!! YES I HAVE, AND YOU KNOW WHAT INDID, I FIXED THE FLAT, AND IF I COULDNT FIX THE FLAT, I CALLED SOMEONE!!

Ok, lets just pretend for a second that my wife and I are undeucated, gullible individuals. You have my keys, my wallet and my cellphone, and your telling me ther eis nothing you can do. Furthermore, the MOD told us that he was trying to get in contact with the V.P, but that “She was working..” After about 15 minutes of ridiculous answers from YOUR employees, one of them managed to get the box open. To no surprise of ANYONE, the box was empty. I asked the female employee if they had emptied out the box, she said no. One of the three employees who happen to chime in asked us what we had in our box. We told him our phone, keys and wallet. He says, “Oh, ya, we took it out, the box wasnt working properly..” (No reason was given as to WHY the employee removed our belongings and no note was left in the box that our belongings were with staff)
So to recap, your gym provides a combo lock-box that members can place their belongings in. If this lock-box does not open, it is the responsibility of the member, and not the gym. Gym employees may open these lock-boxes at the gyms discretion and do not have to notify the members that their belongings are no longer in these lockboxes.

Finally after getting our belongings, no apology was issued, nothing.


Pete October 3, 2014 at 9:15 pm

So now LA Fitness employees are allowed to steal members’ items. It’s bad enough that numerous people who work for LA Fitness lie through their teeth all the time. It’s too bad that they are all screwed up over at the corporate office in Irvine. They don’t even care about members’ complaints. On the other hand if employees complain about members no matter how slight, those issues are taken very seriously. If I were you Steve, I’d find out exactly who took your items and report that person to the police.


Katy September 28, 2014 at 12:25 am

My ex without my permission signed me up for a membership and he paid for it. Only to find out I was getting sent dues, and I physically went into an LA Fitness and canceled the membership. Tonight I just got an email saying that apparantely I signed up for another membership starting October 4th, and I have fees due. I obviously didn’t sign up for another membership bc I canceled it. My ex is a personal trainer manager and I honestly think I am getting scammed and something needs to be done.


Joe September 19, 2014 at 2:00 pm

I would advise do not talk with any of the trainers. At any of the locations. They are no more than sneaky sales people trying to get your money. Location LA Fitness in Hurst Texas. There is a trainer by the name of Trent that will call you and harass you and tell you to sign an estimate but in reality is actually an agreement for his services. Although this particular trainer had called on several attempts to confirm the services and never got a reply until I answered. Asked me specifically in regards to running my credit card. I replied with a “Please do not do so until I ask my wife in regards to your services.” He did it anyways. $300.00 dollars just like that. Confirming meaning he had some kind of reasonable doubt that we may not need his services. Like any company they want your money and I get that but when you go out of your way to call over and over and over to confirm. You don’t go ahead with running someone’s credit card when they told you not to. Again his name is Trent. You can find him in crutches at this current time if you need to locate him. None of which I did to him but very noticeable around the gym. Trent you are a sneaky rat and I hope you lose in life going further. Ridiculous!


Pete September 20, 2014 at 5:20 pm

It’s so amazing how they expect people to listen to them but they feel that they don’t have to listen to customers. I went to several clubs and asked someone to show me around. I would call the club first and speak with the sales rep who I expect to meet with. Sometimes that person would not show me around or not even be present and it was perfectly OK. I was told not to ask anyone to show me around clubs but I did anyway and they revoked my membership because people lied about me. See where I’m going here. They think they’re above everyone else when all they’re doing is putting themselves down. The staff at the corporate office in Irvine is all screwed up and they don’t care. It will come back to haunt them.


Caitlan September 18, 2014 at 12:08 pm

I am filing a complaint with the management and actions done by Abigail Agguire General Manager at LA Fitness in Alsip, Illinois. She proceeded to take another co-workers personal cellphone with out that co-workers consent and did not hesitate to infringe on personal privacy and began reading personal text messages between the co-worker and myself. After reviewing each message, she began writing me up totaling in 3 write-ups within 10 hours and took my commission from a membership I had sold that day out of emotionally connecting work and personal issues. She then Terminated me soon after resulting in this complaint to assure the safety of others and their personal belongings. It is unacceptable that she act in this way with a Managerial status and abusing her power into doing clearly what ever she feels like doing. She has also held in her personal possession, numerous I.D.’s from customer without the attention/permission of her Superior knowing that it is not permitted. I have doXXXXented each issue. She is evidently not trained well in any area pertaining to her own personal control and the authority, well-being and personal privacy of others.


Pete September 20, 2014 at 5:22 pm

This Abigail should be fired immediately but it seems that any manager with LA Fitness can do whatever they want.


Colleen Dunn September 14, 2014 at 1:49 am

La Fitness
341 rt 18
East Brunswick, NJ

Harassment and personal discrimination in the gym at La Fitness in East Brunswick, NJ. I been a signature member of la fitness in June 2014 formerly from another gym. My family members and friends also moved to La Fitness with me. We work out together as work out partners. I have my personal trainers certification and I retained it for my personal gratification. I was approached by Mazi Hasson inquiring if I was certified and if I would be interested in a position training they need female personal trainers which I feel it was discriminatory I am a personal trainer I train any gender. He set up three times to meet with me and he was to consumed with other things going on each any every time and I was ignored by him as I sat patiently for at least a 1/2 hour while he did other things. I did not feel at that time it was a company I would be comfortable working for with there hiring process. There is a high turn over rate, he no longer works at, and uncertain he still worked for the company. I have now been targeted by a number of gentlemen whom work for the gym, on many occasions they have approached me during my workout harassing me about how if I’m standing on the floor for longer then 15 mins it’s consider training. As of today they are not only harassing me but my family and friends that joined the gym with me to work out together. This not only puts me in an uncomfortable situation but also put my family member which are member of the gym in a uncomfortable situation. Last night was the breaking point for me when I was approached again and interrupted during my workout to be harassed by yet again another male worker of the gym, as of last night they canceled by membership assuming I am training my work out partners. They also informed me my membership was used at several La fitness location, which I don’t foresee being an issue since I’m a signature member and am allowed to use at any la fitness location as many times as I would like to go and workout. They proceeded to threaten me with call the police and have me arrested if I didn’t leave the gym. I still had a month left on my membership because I had to pay first and last months. I felt threatened so I called the police. When the police arrived me and my work out partner we in the middle of a work and I explained the situation. They asked me to do a favor and leave and I did. Before leaving I pointed out to the officer four different groups working out together same as me with partner. Not one of those groups were approached by the gentleman that approached me. Also all the groups were men. So I feel they assumed it was easier to target a woman and harass and bully a woman rather then a man. In the comments of my membership they put I admitted to training others. I never admitted to training others, I informed them I have my personal training certification but explained everyone I work out with is my family member or friend, We have all been working out together for about a year. It was also noted I had called the police and the reason being I was threatened by them they were calling and I felt unsafe and bullied by these gentlemen. I was approached on Tuesday Sept 9 by a Mathew D. and a Jacklyn whom work for that location. On Thursday Sept 11. I was harrased by Eric Centen and Louis Pinto III both mentioned they were Vice President of La Fitness. They truly are both an embarrassment to La Fitness corporate management staff.


Alessio Ventura September 13, 2014 at 11:58 pm

LA Fitness=Rip Off Artists=Lousy Ass Fitness


Pete April 28, 2015 at 12:58 am

Good one!


Sharon September 11, 2014 at 4:35 am

I am writing about developments at the Symmes Township facility in Ohio. There is a large group of people that attend 5 to 6 days a week to power lift. The General Manager seems to want to eliminate these members. This is evident in his recent decrees. The group had been told that anyone present in the gym after hours will have their membership revoked. No one was aware that this was even an issue. The people in the group are easy going and kind. Gentle reminders would appear to be more appropriate if one wanted to keep members. One employee named out the problem people who, again are very approachable and nice, and said they were there 5 minutes after time , membership would be revoked and employees fired and police called for trespassing! The only time anyone could remember that someone was out late was due to being in the bathroom will a health issue.
Another time, The same General Manager was checking I.D.s at the desk and even if one had a pass key, one could not get in without an I.D.-so he turned away people. Very frustrating. Posting signs about I.D. required in addition to key would have been polite, saving some a trip.
When discussing issues at the gym, complaints arose about how the GM was trash talking one of the lifters. His response was that that lifter doesn’t know what he is doing. My question is –Is he really saying that being inexperienced deserves trash talk. He kept repeating derogatory statements about this persons skill set. I thought gyms were supposed to help build up a persons strength and conditioning. Shouldn’t this include mind , body and spirit balance. Your GM must think one can improve the body while tearing down the spirit is just fine.
I am a witness to these events. I will share that many are very unhappy with this General Manager. There are professional and college athletes in this group of unhappy people. Many look up to these athletes and they are talking about making changes. It seems that L A fitness had a good thing going on in this area. It is a shame this one person is determined to ruin it.
I was a guest of this group. I really like the assessment by the trainer there. I considered joining but I could never join such a place when so many un-pleasantries are going on.
So you lost me as a customer.


Pete September 13, 2014 at 3:07 pm

Good for you. If you were to call the corporate office and bring this to their attention they won’t even care. I tried to report an issue I had with an operations manager who accused me of committing a crime and all the person who I spoke with at the corporate office did was question me in a rude manner and tell me not to go to clubs and ask anyone to show me around. What’s wrong with that? Oh yes, LA Fitness employees do not want to work more than they have to. They’re lazy and would rather hide behind desks.


Heidi October 7, 2014 at 2:39 pm

I have tried to contact corporate but never get the correct number– I work for a locksmith and they have several overdue invoices and trying to get them paid is like pulling teeth– anyone know the number to corporate — I KEEP GETTING MEMBERSHIP PHONE NUMBERS –


Arlene January 12, 2015 at 12:21 pm

I made an appointment to view the Catonsville, MD location when a friend suggested I just call as she had gotten a better rate that way. I called and spoke to KEVIN who assured me “just come in tonight, I can probably get you a better rate than on line.” So I showed up, was promptly pawned off on CHARLIE who, no offense to used car salesmen, came across like the slimiest of salesmen. I reiterated, numerous times, that I WAS JUST LOOKING. I was shown around and was asked if I wanted a guest pass. I thought, “great, try before you buy” and agreed. Please note that there are signs all over the place that guest passes must be signed for. So when I was asked to sign for the pass, I did. In the mean time, I had inquired as to whether I could be added to my BF’s account and was told he would have to look it up to see if it “qualified” (he started as a Bally’s member). It turns out that I could and I said I would talk to the BF. How surprised do you think I was when I got an email at 1am that said “welcome to LA Fitness” and that I was a family add on to the BF account and most important THEY RAN HIS CREDIT CARD WITHOUT HIS APPROVAL!!! I immediately emailed and called the location. Was told the Manager’s name was Ryan and that he would be in at 8 (this was about 7am). Lo and behold, when I called at 8:45 THE SAME GUY THAT ANSWERED THE PHONE IS NOW “RYAN”. So he either was lying when I asked the first time or was lying the second time. Whichever, it’s total crap. So they did, in fact, cancel the membership (after arguing that I couldn’t do it over the phone/on line) but they still haven’t refunded the money. DESPITE BEING TOLD THAT WHAT THEY DID WAS FRAUDULENT!!! So the BF (who teaches at the Police Academy) is filing a police report, he’s disputing it with his account and, despite multiple conversations with “Ryan”, Adam, and Thomas – they all say that it will be credited in 10-14 days. Real quick to TAKE the money, no so fast in GIVING IT BACK. And you guys are all right, Corporate doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any of it. So this will be posted anywhere and everywhere I can to maybe, just maybe, it will keep someone else from being defrauded!


Alessio Ventura September 13, 2014 at 10:03 pm

LA Fitness is not about fitness goals, better training, and health and wellness. It IS about SALES, meaning getting feet through the door. Once you are under contract, they are on to the next naive person who walks thru the door motivated to get in shape.

LA Fitness s a slime ball operation.


Katee September 5, 2014 at 10:33 pm

Went into the LA Fitness in Hanover Park, IL to update my debit card info and make a missed monthly payment. My previous card was canceled by the bank due to recent data breaches. The girl at the desk clearly didn’t know what she was doing. She then proceeded to charge my card for the missed month (due to the canceled card which I had spoken to the manager about and they STILL charged me a NSF fee) PLUS TWO FULL YEARS!!!!! Who does this? But it gets better. The only person who can fix this almost $400 mistake is the operations manager. Who’s not there until the next day!! Wait, you give the manager the keys to the building, but she can’t fix the Incompetence of the desk people??? This in addition to the fact that the doggone building is ALWAYS hot. Which seems to be a common theme here… I think I may be going elsewhere…


linda fujiu September 4, 2014 at 6:33 pm

I am extremely disappointed in the class schedule at the newly opened gym (May 2014) on Rosemead Blvd in Pasadena CA. As a member since 2005, I have been attended the gym on Lake Ave with a variety of classes offered and most instructors are excellent. The new gym opened with a limited class offering but promised more as the gym became established. Well established it is with many members and full classes and not one new class offered.
It is time for administration to look at the schedule and expand their offerings with excellent teachers. We have waited long enough.


Steven V September 4, 2014 at 9:32 am

This is to notify you all that the LA Fitness facility located in: 1776 EASTCHESTER ROAD, BRONX, NY 10461 is engaged in fraudulent/identity theft activity!!!

This LA Fitness has been involved in a fraudulent/identity theft activity by using my email address to complete a contract for someone going by the name of “Prianka Kibria” and whose fraudulent contract was attached to an email I sent to their customer service. I also attached the email received from this company for their review in case this is also fraudulent. I do not know who this “Prianka Kibria” is.

When you look at the email used in the agreement which is my gmail, it does not match the name of the person in the agreement and the signature in the bottom is not a signature but a poor attempt to pretend to be someone else. Otherwise why would someone going by the name of “Prianka Kibria” sign an agreement using just 2 letters? “S V” it is not even a signature and it shows clear intentions to be fraudulent. There is not an “S” or “V” in the name!!! Not to mention that I LIVE IN GEORGIA!!!!!

When I called to speak to a manager at this Bronx NY facility, an employee going by the name “Kacey”, who didn’t want to disclose her last name because she’s clearly involved in the scam, was completely uncooperative. Who do you hire in your company CHILDREN!! Your company obviously has no Ethics or Business Code of Conduct!

The incompetent employee named “Kacey” gave me the name of “Erin Kennedy” as the manager that I should speak to because LA Fitness does not have a manager at this facility working at 8:57 pm.
I’m used a different email address to write to LA Fitness because my gmail address has been compromised by your inept employees at this facility.
Companies like this should fail and not be promoted in anyway!!! Stay away from this company!!!


Mad September 2, 2014 at 5:30 pm

LA Fitness trainers are DIRTBAGS!!!! Buyer beware, they will take advantage of your wife when she is down. Kle at Oceanside, Ca. Took advantage of my wife. He has no morals,and should be fired!, or worse.


Pete September 13, 2014 at 3:12 pm

I have read numerous complaints about people signing up with personal trainers. When the customers pay for one training session with their credit or debit cards, they’re tricked into signing one year contracts. I took it upon myself to report this issue to the FTC. I’ll feel really good should the FTC bust LA Fitness.


Stephen Adams August 29, 2014 at 12:40 am

I am a member at the Escondido LA Fitness and have been for nine years. I play racquetball every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The air conditioning on the courts has either been off or only partially working for many weeks now. It is way too warm on the courts. I have asked about it at the front desk and they tell me the computers say everything is fine!

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to go back and feel that it is too hot. But nothing has been done. The last time I asked about it, I was told that there are two air conditioners and only one was working because the other one is leaking. The managers have known about this leak for at least six months and, when the floors were repaired, it leaked all over court five, ruining the newly repaired floor and shutting down court five. That happened over two weeks ago and still no air conditioning repairs have been made.

I believe I, as a client in good standing, deserve to have the courts repaired in a timely manner. I don’t care about whose fault it is, or, what all the problems are, I just care that things work correctly. Please contact the Escondido club and handle this matter as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Stephen Adams
Acct # 4765616


EVictor August 28, 2014 at 9:28 am

I am a member of the Lake Success Club. I joined because of the pool and aqua aerobics classes. However, the changing rooms are filthy: I have to clean off the hairs on my swim shoes when I leave, there is mold growing on the ceiling, the sauna is often broken, and now the pool has been broken for over three weeks. It was closed this winter for a long time as they said they had to repair the tiles. There was water leaking from the ceiling, and that, happily has ended. However, the repeated long closings make this club very upsetting.


Rose August 15, 2014 at 4:59 pm

When I signed up for LA Fitness in Atlanta, GA located in Buckhead, Quentin was very nice.
The new manager, Aleck or Alex is not very professional and constantly lied to me to cover up his inaccuracies regarding cancelling a membership.
Not to mention, he was extremely rude.
I called three times and left messages with his employees and he claims he never received them.
I called a fourth time and when I inquired about my his inaccuracies regarding my membership he lied again and was rude AGAIN.

Is this what corporate LA fitness is offering as management?

Maybe one day I’ll come back, but I do hope if these comments are read, someone will contact me.


Pete August 19, 2014 at 11:50 pm

The LA in LA Fitness stands for Liars Association since it’s OK for their associates to lit through their teeth. Even if you call or e-mail the corporate office, no one there will care. They’re not desperate to keep members because they revoked my membership. People lied about me. When I spoke to the area manager, he didn’t have much to say as if he was hiding something. I also spoke to the district operations manager and all I got from him were excuses. If you want your membership cancelled, do what you can to piss them off and they’ll cancel it really fast.


marco ahgue August 6, 2014 at 3:00 am

I can’t believe today another customer asked one of the employees to open my locker cause he said it was his. Stupid employee he opened and let the customer touch my bag and that’s when he stole my credit cards. The manager didn’t know anything about braking my locked. Is so bad that anyone can ask to open a locker and they don’t have a control. If you ask me what I want cancel my membership and never come back. But I had a few trainings that I already paid. Is a shame, is a lot of money that I have spent in that place and the lack of security is worth XXXXX !
I’m not feeling secured coming to that gym anymore.
Where did it happened at.
LA fitness at Blanco and high way 410 in san Antonio tx.


Oleg C August 12, 2014 at 7:04 pm

Same thing happens to me yesterday.However, I did not have my valet in the locker(lucky me).I asked the front desk girl about my lock and who is going to buy me a new one.she just said “I am so sorry”.

LA fittnes in Stoughton MA


Aubrey Kolllatschny August 3, 2014 at 4:39 am

LA Fitness in McKinney Texas, General Manager Bret is extremely rude to customers. When I was there to sign up he talked to me like I was a kid, was very sarcastic with me and rude just because I did not want to pay an initiation fee and said I would come back when there was no fee. I called him out in front of a district manager that was there about being rude and he quickly changed his tone and was quiet until I left. I have searched and reviewed many reviews on numerous sites and found numerous complaints that mention Bret and how he was rude to them as well. On the second occasion a friend had a 3 day pass to LA Fitness. She was not able to use it until a couple months later when I talked her into coming. The 3 day pass was expired but 2 days before another employee said it was ok and could still be used as a 3 day pass. When she tried to use the 3 day pass for the second time 2 days later she was told No by Bret. Bret was extremely rude to her and told her she could pay $15 or buy a membership since the 3 day pass was expired. My friend explained to him that the pass was used the other day and another employee said it was ok to use still but Bret did not care. We both left at that time. I have talked around to many other people and other members of the gym and found out that a majority of them said they thought Bret was very rude to customers and gave the attitude of what can you do for me and others stated they have seen or heard him on several occasions being rude to a customer and/or potential member. It is apparent that this General Manager has a reputation and track record of being rude to the customers and something needs to be done. When I called the LA Fitness and asked for the district managers name I was told that I could not have that information but could leave my name and number and it could be passed on to him and he would call me.


marquita bowles August 1, 2014 at 2:09 am

Very disappointed with the Personal Training service at Westfield, IN location. I signed up for a year contract, they only have one CT, but 4 or 5 MT, the CT was first off for leave, no one to train me, then next one quit, then no one available to train me, the third just got married – out for a week, and again no other CTs to train me. They don’t care enough about the customer to hire another CT or assign me to a MT during the gap. The CT came back from her wedding and now starts at 8am. When I joined with Sarah she validated that I could train before work at 6:30am. They have sent me to another location, but its an extra drive about 40 minutes. Disappointed – they keep telling me they are trying to hire another CT, but not finding talent. Not my problem. Please call me at 317.306.XXXXx to resolve.


XXXXAR July 29, 2014 at 8:41 pm


LA FITNESS MAKES IT VERY HARD TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP. You can ONLY do it between 9-5 weekdays or by mail. IDEA is to get EXTRA MONTHS CHARGED.



Pete August 5, 2014 at 4:36 am

Just go to as many clubs as you can and ask someone to show you around. They will get tired of it and cancel your membership.


Maria T. July 29, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Oh my God!! I should read this comments before i sign in for the membership, this company is the worst. WARNING under your own risk if you enroll, i learn in the hard way.


Pete August 5, 2014 at 4:37 am

Good idea.


sandy h July 29, 2014 at 5:01 pm

*****BE WARE****
I called THE 1-800 # La Fitness 2 months ago to cancel my account, I also went to the local club spoke with the mgr. to cancel the account he doXXXXented notes in the computer. He printed out a paper to sign, I mailed that in and they continued to charge my credit card. I finally called my credit card company to block them from any additional payments. Today, I called 1-800 corporate headquarters again to demand a cancellation receipt, FINALLY she cancelled the membership!

Are they that desperate to keep members?? Money?


Pete August 5, 2014 at 4:40 am

LA Fitness is not desperate to keep members. That was proven to me first hand when my membership was revoked for going to numerous clubs and asking someone to show me around. A lot of the people who work for LA Fitness are in their own strange world. I say that because people lied about me. It’s too bad that LA Fitness has gone downhill.


Alessio Ventura September 13, 2014 at 8:00 pm

LA Fitness is a money grab. They could give a crap about your fitness…they want your dough then they could give a crap.

I was suckered into private training. After 8 weeks they finally did my eval, my weight, and my measurements. The first trainer quit after 4 weeks, said he was “over qualified”. The second trainer keeps over-booking his training appointments, so people get bumped from their sessions; I have been bumped 3 times already. They did nothing with the eval…no goal setting, no targets, nothing.

Sometimes the trainer fails to show.

I am about to quit


midge lecroy July 28, 2014 at 10:50 pm

Talked to both corporate and to operation manager at facility. I AM VERY UPSET THAT THEY ATE NOT TAKING MY COMPLAINT SERIOUSLY
.They act like I am the problem and the idiot was not a threat to any of the client s or the facility I am LIVID


Pete August 5, 2014 at 4:43 am

I know exactly how you feel. I complained about employees being rude to me and lying about me and all I heard were excuses.


ruth July 28, 2014 at 6:31 pm

I go to L A Fitness at 5175 W Baseline Rd., Laveen, Az. I have been there for years and the pool heater is always broke or they don’t turn it on.. They always have an excuse. Many of us are handicapped with arthritis or an other problem and can’t be in water under 82 degrees without having problems later. Most of the people, this is the only exercise they get. Something needs to be done.. We have had all the excuses we can take. I even called ahead today to see if heater was on in the pool and was told yes.. needless to say.. it wasn’t…pool heater broke again. PLEASE PLEASE do something about this…….


midge lecroy July 28, 2014 at 1:00 am

Wow not surprised by all the complaints


Susan ONeil July 28, 2014 at 2:04 pm

me either for women anyway. Men’s equipment exclusively.Poorly managed.


midge lecroy July 26, 2014 at 7:24 pm

Part 2
To add insult to injury went back to la fitness police advised o file formal complaint with management
Desk clerk advised me idiot demanded they call police
Then desk clerk advised me the manager COURTNEY GREEEN was at the cloud aware of issue but did not intercede because she was not on the clock and did not want to interior her freaking workout or poor wimpy management she needs to be FIRED and the idiots membership revoked


midge lecroy July 26, 2014 at 6:33 pm

I am member sugarland. Hwy 6 beechnut area I have called twice and complained to membership before. But too day an horrific incident happened that is inexcusable. I take water aerobics signs in both men and women dressing room state no lap swimming while class in session. Well some guy just would not stop swimming Saturday class has about 25 attendees. So instruct or asked and about 5 ments asked him to not swim. He continued to do so then purposely swam into while I am doing my instructed exercises. He stopped turned around and began screaming at me. I got put of pool and one of the employees came and rescued class he even chewed out the employee. Man left for about 10 minutes then proceeded to go to spa which he passed by instructor and pointed an intimidating finger at her and me. We continued class.then the idiot go out of spa about another 10 minutes later and then found a chair and went and sat of window of our class and tried to state US down for 30 minutes.So we finished class and about 3 of us walked out together
The man had called the police to file a complaint about me and instructor. The idiot to me the police I had hit him on head with my dinky 5 lbs barbell #2 and he was stunned of so not true cause he turned around and saved at me and then employeetsie number one was that I was the one who had remove rope in his lane some one else had that he also screamed at her.we resolve the issue because me instructor told triptych and so did a few others in the class.I am horrified how quickly the stupid girl at the front desk let this get so out of control l quill be calling CEO on monday the employee should of asked the idiot to leave and these his work our before or after our class I am the one who had the right to file The complaint.SHAME ON YOU LA FITNESS


Lloyd Huggins July 25, 2014 at 7:42 pm

I was a former spin class instructor at your Diamond Bar Ca location and was terminated in Dec 2013. Im requesting a letter stating Date I was actually terminated requested by IRS. I appreciated you e-mailing this information with a rep signature and sending me a hard copy as well. My mailing address is Lloyd Huggins XXXXx San Bernardino rd bldg x Apt I Upland ca 91786 thank you. Lloyd Huggins


kris fuller July 18, 2014 at 12:47 pm

I recently joined La fitness, under false pretenses! I was mislead about my access for my handicap brother. Since they have no access for handicap people to get to the pool with caregiver of the opposite sex without being escorted like a criminal outside of the building, and they want to charge us 76.00 a month for this? When I called to cancel our memberships after several heated exchanges, with people who obviously have absolutely no business handling any customer service request I finally talked to their manager, who assured me they would cancel my accounts and refund all of my money. That was fine until I received my cancellation notice. One of the three was yes you are cancelled, the other two they have decided to charge us $49 a month because we are no longer on the “family plan”. So it’s not bad enough that federal law is not being followed but now they want to charge me and my brother $98 to still not have inside access to their pool, and the regional manger said oh no we cancelled you guys, well who am I supposed to believe some random manager I talked to, or their cancellation confirmation email sent to me? When I tried to resolve the matter I was hung up on before I could get the entire address to their CEO, so Mr. Lewis Welch I hope you are reading this I am going to make sure as many people as possible see this, your company is denying my developmentally disabled brother access to all of your facilities. I would like you to contact me, I don’t have very high hopes for that, but you have my contact information. Handicap people deserve the same access as everyone else, I think your company is apathetically prejudice against developmentally disabled people, and quite frankly your customer service is terrible too!


Mario Marin July 17, 2014 at 4:57 pm

Short and to the point…

I’ve been a member for about 6-7 years now..maybe 8. I pay $50 a month for 2 people and NOW….after all these years the one I go to HAS WIFI….but there’s a catch. You have to pay $3 a month to get their wifi code. Really? This company cant afford WIFI??
They have to charge their members for it??

I’m calling their corporate headquaters shortly to see if they can waive this ridiculous fee.


Telea Terrell July 17, 2014 at 3:25 pm

Worst company in the world. They took my money without my authorization I want it back now.


Dr. Shawn A. Davidson July 17, 2014 at 5:50 am

I’m a frequent at (La Fitness on Old National Highway in Atlanta. GA) and each morning the front desk attendant ask “how are you” and I reply “great and you? ” This morning, I rode with a workout partner and left my ID and key card at home. The same attendant that speaks each morning refused my admittance in the club, and stated I can email if I wanted she’s not allowing me in. I’m furious and management should review this policy. I’ve been a member of LaFitness for over 10 years and this is a travesty. Additionally, the music at this location is so loud that you can’t hear your personal headphones while working workout. Please contact me, I would like to discuss this incident further (843) 305-XXXXX.


norma July 14, 2014 at 7:12 pm

July 13,2014

Attn: Director of LA Fitness

I’am writing to inform you that I really had a very bad customer servive experience at your club at the city of Huntington Park CA. I’ve been a member since 12/18/2013 and i have never had this bad experience before til now that I started having my personal tranning session, on 07/07/2014 at 530pm i was Schedule to traine with Eric but i wasnt trained i was not even acknowledge i was there instead of him training me he was training someone else. I was already having issues with Eric during the time i was training with him he will always be late for my session always made me wait more than 10mins start my session, I try to speak to the manager by leaving message with the front desk i dont recall there names beacuse they dont even have a name tag to say who they are that same day I called the manager i belive his name is luis to try to speak to him regarding the incident but he wasn’t available I left him a seccond message to call me but never got a call back,that why i decide it t call your main ffice on 07/08/2014 the main office try to get of hold of luis the manager but no luck we left another mesage for him to call me back but still no luck never got a call back.I call the main office on 07/10/2014 at 04:32pm to complain again I haven’t got a call back from the manager luis at least to get some kind of opision what can i do if i was not happy with the trainer . but lisa at the main office was very helful lisa left another message for luis the manager to call me but no luck at least to tell me or give me an explanasion what happen to my training on 07/07/2014 but til this date i havent got it a call i have decide it to move to a diffrent gym in the city of downey just beacuse i was not getting the right cutomer service at la fitness in Huntington park ca was the closes gym club closer to my home now i have to drive more farther than what i was driving i hope you can give me a feed back on this situation and i belive your staff including you manager need to have more customer service training cause for my understanding i don’t think your staff knows what customer service is all about i hope you take some action on my bad experience thank you and i hope to here from you son.


Norma Diaz


Kim July 14, 2014 at 3:15 pm

I have been ripped off by these folks. They took my money for trainings that I could not do. They told me that they would have a trainer work with me that had previous experience with physical therapy and injuries. The trainer was never there before work or after work. They had me go have a training with someone they said had experience in injuries. He had me on the ground after I had foot issues 3 ligament tears and a broken my foot two times. I reinjured it at the gym. They charged me for the trainings and then lied about taking if off my bill. Then when I sent a letter they lied about NOT receiving my letter. I did talk with someone named Matt Vanderland in billing and he said it would be removed and a bill came through for $99.00 minutes after he lied to me. It is a shame that you have to lie to people that have injuries and also put them through more pain due to having inexperienced trainers. The person who signed me up for the trainings was never held accountable.


Pete April 30, 2015 at 11:44 pm

The LA in LA Fitness stands for either Lousy Ass or Liars Association. As you can see, it’s so perfectly OK for their personnel to LIE through their teeth. Sooner or later it will come back to haunt them.


john July 9, 2014 at 9:40 pm

What a joke this club is becoming. Hard to get customer service


CRISTIANO PIQUET July 5, 2014 at 3:19 pm

Mr Paul Norris owner

CEO: Louis Welch
CFO: William B. Horner
COO: Scot J. Mackay

3301 SW 22Nd St
Coral Gables 33145
This place is a joke.Machines are broken and not repaired.The machines,equipment and benches are never wiped down with disinfectantand a very important issue to a complaint table entries at this time was the chief of the personal trainers (JUAN) and upon hearing my complaint of broken machines that existed for more than 3 weeks violently rebuke me saying this exact words “if you do not like stop coming “attitude these unhealthy attitudes entrap large companies.Most of the members dont know how to behave in a real gym,they slam weights on the ground wish porkies would open a gym in the gables area,I’d pay in advance.THE MANNAGER IS INSANE


Kara clark July 3, 2014 at 3:33 pm

If I do not receive a response ASAP and or my money back your company is going to have a lawsuit on your hands for harassment and not keeping your end of our contract. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED at the business practices of your company and it looks like I am not the only one. Your office has called me several times back to back at least 6 times in the last few days which breaks federal laws!!!! I have tried to talk to a supervisor (John) who was very rude and basically told me I have to continue with the contract even though your company didn’t do what they were supposed to. I need my money back or I will sue!!!!! Which will be way more than refunding my money!!!!!


Harshil Poojara July 15, 2014 at 2:42 pm

Hello Kara,

I am in the same boat as you are. I have been ripped by LA Fitness for almost a year on fitness training program that I did not signed up for. They made a mistake but still they have made me run around for 7 months now promising to pay me back saying that director have approved the case but nothing has happened and I am seriously considering to drag these people to court in small claims court. I have also spoken to a lawyer coz LA fitness won’t simply return my money.

I would suggest you to stop wasting time and take action as they deserve it.
Also, to directors and company owners soon LA fitness might have legal action court appearance order.



Harshil Poojara July 15, 2014 at 2:45 pm

I have been ripped by LA Fitness for almost a year on fitness training program that I did not signed up for. They made a mistake but still they have made me run around for 7 months now promising to pay me back saying that director have approved the case but nothing has happened and I am seriously considering to drag these people to court in small claims court. I have also spoken to a lawyer coz LA fitness won’t simply return my money.


MICHAEL ARTHUR TAYLOR JR> June 8, 2014 at 9:39 am





Pete July 8, 2014 at 11:51 pm



erik perez June 3, 2014 at 9:09 pm

I was a member for less than 30 days at la fitness, babXXXX and huebner location in san antonio texas. I was tricked into a 12 month contract by misleading and false information given by Juan, he signed me up on 5/12/14 at the time I was told I purchased two trial session’s for 45$ my first session with Jason I called to reschedule and was told I wasn’t even on the list, so the next time I came in I told Juan about the scheduling mixup and if I can get a refund bc I dont want the training he failed to mention I was on a contract and I have ten days to cancel. On 5/21/14 I get a congratulatory voicemail on purchasing 12 months of training, again I go ask Juan about this he says im not on a contract he doesn’t know why I got that message. Then that friday I get charged for the training, and I understand 8pm on Friday theres no one to help so I come back monday 6/2/14 and talk to the GM he assures me that I will get a call back to resolve this I dont get a call so today, 6/3/14 I go see juan amd the managers to ask if they will help me out and long-argument-short im told by the GM “I CAN HELP YOU BUT IM NOT”. “What I can do and what im going to do are two different things”. They lied and kept me from canceling my contract until after the ten days, then the GM gets involved but doesn’t care that I tried to cancel multiple times within the ten days and locked me into a contract.


Pete June 20, 2014 at 12:07 am

You’re not alone, Erik. A lot of people have been tricked into signing one year contracts with personal training. It doesn’t surprise me that they had to lie to you either. My membership was revoked because people lied about me. Even if you contact the corporate office and inform them about your issue, they won’t care. I hope the Federal Trade Commission nails LA Fitness soon.


Michael June 2, 2014 at 7:39 pm

I signed up with the gym in Corona, CA off Compton Ave. I agreed to pay the enrollment fee in two(2) installments. I pad the first half, went in the following SAturday and had a evaluation which they only tried & tried to get me to buy a trainer package that was WAY over priced. I declined and left the gym, one week later I ran into financial trouble so I called the gym and told them that I wanted to cancel and they suggested to “Freeze” my account rather than cancel and only pay the 10.00 a month untill I could pay the remaining balance of $89.00. It sounded good to me so I agreed. The very next day they took the $89.00 anyway and then charged me the $10.00 to “freeze” the account. So I paid the $89.00 anyway plus the $10.00 to freeze the account and still lost access to the gym. I called to get this resolved and they said to bad. I agreed to pay the $89.00 and that there was NO WAy that they could stop a payment regardless of how far in advance I called to stop it. So here it is a couple months later and I get a call from en employee checking in on me asking how I felt about the gym, I replied I was very unhappy, explained my aituation and told him i wanted nothing to do with the club and to cancel my account and to NEVER charge my bank again. He said he was sorry and he will take care of the situation and havemy account canceld. Well I checed my bank account today and look what I see, LA Fitness charged my account another $10.00. I called to clear this up. My request was simple.. I wanted 1 of 2 otions; 1 – give me 3 months of free gym access and at the time the 3 months was up Id continue to pay the going monthly rate or 2 – Refund me the $30.00 i spent on freezing the account suggested by your staff and cancel my membership 100%. He said no way, they will not do anything to help me with this nor will they remburse me in anyway for any of the needless & Unnecessary past months issues. I understand that it was my fault for not being able to pay the remaining balance but I took responsibility and called the gym to see if they could help or simply get the info i needed to cancel my membership and avoid this type of situation. I followed their instructions and look what that cost me, well over $200.00 now and not one sigle visit to the gym as I have been denied access to the gym cause I was told to freeze it until i could pay the $89.00 remaining. This is the worst customer service I have vber had, I feel taken advantage of, I feel betrayed by a company I entrusted my bank info with. I am simply disgusted that a company can take avanage of hard working people like me and get away with it all. I attempted to resolve this situation by communicating with the company I signed a contract with, I tried to be responsible about this situation and ook your staffs advise thinking they would advise me correctly and in a way that would best resolve the situation yet I only got the finger and a luagh saying “cancel if you want, it is what it is now”. Again, this is the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life and I will not sit back & let this happen to me or anyone I know. This is 100% unacceptable & I will not stand for it!! People work to hard for thier money and when they go to spend it at an establishment like this they should recieve the absolute best customer service as WE are spending OUR money in your business by our choice. For you to take advantage of us like this is pure theft. I am outraged by this and will not let this go. I hope to see this resolved one way or another.


Zumbagirls May 30, 2014 at 3:09 pm

I am retired but have worked for many years in a customer service based industry. Never have I encountered such blatant disregard to respond to any complaint.
Almost 2 years ago, a large group of ladies taking the zumba classes through the week, questioned why we had lost 3 exceptional instructors with no warning or reason for the changes. I personally have observed at least 10 instructors who have been “fired,let go” for no apparent reason…..I kept in touch with a few of them on a personal basis and learned what happened. They are still very angry and in disbelief. There is a staff member who apparently hires and fires without anyone questioning what she does. I found out she has no boss,,,,,well not in Canada, so she does what she wants.
She removed one of the zumba classes, after she let our fabulous instructor go and put HERSELF in to a teach a cardio class….which by the way has 3 – 5 people who now attend. Our Zumba class on Monday and Thursday morning have up to 50 people attending. It has gotten so crowded, mostly due to the exceptional instructor we now have, that it is difficult to watch her moves from the back of the room. Hence, we asked, and asked, and handed in 2 sheets of names/signed by participants who would like to see another class put in during the day. There are two large time slots on the schedule that we suggested another instructor could do a class. I personally have called and left countless messages, called and spoke to 4 people who said they thought it was ridiculous that I hadn’t heard back. Each one said they would pass it on to management. Then I spoke to a person who I thought was the “scheduler’s” boss and she was rude, called me a trouble maker and said they could revoke my membership if I continued to stir up trouble. She told me basically to back off and leave the “scheduler” alone, that she’s a good worker and that PETITIONS were against company policy.

This “gripe” could go on and on much longer to the point you’d say, Oh common, this is crazy….
our Zumba group has become a “close nit group” who thoroughly enjoy attending these 2 classes. Most of the ladies,(there’s one guy) ask me often if I’ve heard anything yet. I haven’t and we all grow increasingly disgusted in the lack of customer service/response to our on going request.
In the corporate world where most of us came from, this would never have been tolerated and is totally unacceptable. I have called California and the same thing…..I will bring this to the attention of Management…..but I heard nothing or saw nothing change.
Does anyone care? I guess all they care about is getting more members. Doesn’t matter if they are satisfied customers, if you’re not, leave, we’ll just get more. At some point it will backfire I’m sure.
All we want is another class… about something, anything??? A response would be nice. Thanks


Donald May 26, 2014 at 2:10 pm

Is LA Fitness considering expansion into the Hampton-Newport News ,Va area in the near future


Percy May 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm

Hello, I have been going in this gym for almost 3 weeks (in Garden Grove by Valley view and chapman). There are 2 African-American personal trainers that when they are in their break or out of work (haven’t pay closed attention) they do their workout and they pass by close to me kind of showing that they are ones with the amazing bodies or I don’t know. A few occasions, they dropped the weight in the floor on purpose. (to make me mad I guess). I think that’s very unprofessional of those guys and it gives a bad reputation for the gym, I told my friend and he told me the same thing happened to him a few weeks as well. My friend was going to ask them if they had a problem. My friend is very aggressive, so by having those personal trainers that create that environment is not a great idea.


Pete June 2, 2014 at 11:37 pm

I may know who you are talking about. It’s been a year since my membership was revoked and I used to go to the Garden Grove club since several of my friends go there. Trainers should NOT be hounding members to sign up. Oh yes, trainers try hard to trick people into one year contracts against their will. There will be some heads cut off.


Tyler July 27, 2014 at 7:25 pm

percy, it sounds like everyday gym routine, you sure this matter is worthy of your time and focus! I like your (haven’t payed close attention) yet you know their complete workout, pay attention to your workout and I’m sure this issue will go away! oh, by the way ‘what kind of body do you have and are you looking for?’, you may want to take the Trainers class!!


Joshua Serna May 14, 2014 at 7:28 pm

Hello, I want to start off by saying I used to have a membership with LA FItness last year but I had to cancel it. Yesterday, I visited the LA Fitness on 2200 W Northern Ave in Phoenix, AZ and I was told by the supervisor I was not able to use a 3-Day Pass Trial for basketball courts. It made no sense. I don’t lift weights or use any of the other services that LA Fitness offers. All I wanted to do was go the three days and play basketball. The reason why I cancelled my membership last year was because I was going and people stopped going to play basketball. I wanted to see if people consistently went to the courts to play. I just don’t understand why LA Fitness would give 3 day passes and only limit it to weights. He said all clubs are doing it, but I called 3 other LA Fitness’s and they all told me that wasn’t true. I really wanted to get my membership back, but that pissed me off. Why would you offer a customer a deal but only give half of it to them? I don’t go to McDonald’s with a coupon that says “Buy one Big Mac, get one free,” and the McDonald’s employees tell me pickles and lettuce aren’t included in that free burger. Also, I don’t like being lied to. Just be honest. I will never step foot in a LA Fitness again, because of that.


Pete June 2, 2014 at 11:29 pm

The LA in LA Fitness stands for Liars Assocation since it is OK for their associates to lie through their teeth. I used to be a member but now I have nothing to do with LA Fitness because people lied about me and they know it. Money is the only reason why they’re still in business. It will have to come back to haunt them sooner or later.


Montyf May 9, 2014 at 4:24 pm

I really believe LA Fitness is scam house. I dont know how they stay in business, they have nothing but bad review everywhere. They are on news about their scammy tactics how they scam people to sign an annual contract that they did not know how to do. They have also well trained their customer support to deal with people who been scammed!
Shame on you LA Fitness. I hope their shareholders, board finally realize this and get rid of their executives who are executing this scammy business.


Pete June 20, 2014 at 12:16 am

The ownership of LA Fitness, whoever the heck they are, have money like nobody’s business. They bought out Bally who was one of their competitors for crying out loud. I took it upon myself to report LA Fitness to the Federal Trade Commission for tricking customers into signing one year personal training contracts. I hope they act soon.


Wade Abawi May 3, 2014 at 8:42 pm

Hi everyone my name is Wade Abawi and my background’s been in health and fitness industry since the age of 13 or for the past 34 years, first of all I want to put my resume here so everyone know how many years I’ve been involved in fitness industry and my accomplishment then I will explain to everyone what is the real problem with these Fitness organizations so before anyone decide to sign up at LA fitness or any other chain of health and fitness gyms/organizations to be aware the reason I am writing this email is for consumer awareness and once when you read my resume then you will understand not only my frustration with the fitness industry but I know first hand about their internal operations. I have hundreds of testimonials from pro bodybuilders to pro athletes celebrities and your average Joe’s that they have drop between half a pound to a pound a day with me or if they wanted to gain weight they also accomplished their goals in a matter of days.

Career Highlights:
• Trained local, junior national and national level competitor bodybuilders, including Miss Fitness and Galaxy competitors. (Olympus Gym, Chantilly Virginia)
• Metro Flex Gym – In one month grossed $ of personal training contracts, the highest gross met by any employee.
• Lifestyle Family Fitness -became top grossing trainer in less than 30 days. I also produced and starred in 20 live Fitness Tip segments for local ABC Morning News affiliate.
• Athletic Club of Brandon – Grossed on average $ a month and personally trained each client I signed.
• Bally Total Fitness – became ranked #1 trainer in the nation 21 days after I started working there. During my tenure I received a total of 21 awards including the Most Valuable Personal Trainer, Most Valuable Manager and Personal Trainer of the Year. 16 of the awards were for being in the Top 20 Trainers nationally and internationally (13 of them I was ranked #1 in the nation and the other 3 I was ranked within the top 3).
• Owner and creator of fitness product, “How to Be Your Own Personal Trainer”.
• CEO of Ambiance Health and Fitness, Inc., and Virtual Personal Training Systems, LLC
• Trained the following local or national celebrities: Tampa Bay Lightning – Vincent Lecavalier and wife Caroline Portland, Ryan Malone, Teddy Purcell, Mike Commodore; WWE – Diva Melina Rocha and Dave Batista (trained with). This is only to name a few I have trained many other pro athletes and celebrities and have pictures with them to prove it.

Professional Strengths:
• Determined to provide the highest level of training through encouragement and example
• Enforce and ensure proper training techniques, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications
• Energetic, optimistic, and outgoing personality to allow clients feel confident and at ease
• Thrive on surpassing all challenges and workplace goals to increase employer business
• Ability to gain client respect and loyalty essential to employer and client gains
• Implement a strong drive for honesty, integrity, and accountability in all I do

Professional Experience:

Power House Gym, Tampa, FL
Fitness Director/Supervisor/Master trainer for the number one powerhouse gym in the nation.
• Managed a team of trainers to meet business goals, 90% of team met success or better
• Completed all duties of a front line manager with outstanding results
• Solid leadership skills and ability to direct and motivate staff with integrity and ethics
• In one year Personally trained over 200 clients with over 96% success
• Performed all new client orientations.
• Establish client goals and ensure that each one was able to achieve their goal 100%
• Take client measurements with before and after photos.
• Consult with clients on eating habits make recommendations.
• Ensure all the preparation and execution of exercises was done properly

Wade Abawi, page 2

Bally Total Fitness, Tampa, FL
2002 – 2004
Fitness director, supervisor, master trainer,
• Managed a team of up to 15 trainers responsible for hiring/termination
• Mentored and trained underperforming trainers – ensuring sales goals are reached – achieved 95% team success
• Performed client orientations and first workouts.
• Establish client goals and ensure that each one was able to achieve their goal 100%
• Take client measurements and before and after photos.
• Consult with clients on eating habits make recommendations.
• Ensure all the preparation and execution of exercises was done properly
• Prospected walk-ins and generated outside prospects by creating flyers and delivering to businesses and residents, made cold call
• Train trainers with new style of training and techniques – effectively analyzed strength and opportunities with the trainers to achieve sales metrics
• Traveled to other clubs to teach techniques to other trainers and help them be more knowledgeable when they were talking to members and clients.

Athletic Club of Brandon, Brandon, FL
2001 – 2002
Personal Training Manager
• Managed a team of 6 trainers – responsible for hiring/termination
• Mentored and trained underperforming trainers – ensuring sales goals are reached
• Performed client orientations and first workouts.
• Establish client goals and ensure that each one was able to achieve their goal 100%
• Take client measurements and before and after photos.
• Consult with clients on eating habits make recommendations.
• Ensure all the preparation and execution of exercises was done properly
• Prospected walk-ins and generated outside prospects by creating flyers and delivering to businesses and residents, made cold calls

Lifestyles Family Fitness Center, Tampa, FL
1999 – 2000
Companies top Personal Trainer, did Fitness tips live for ABC News local Tampa Bay.
• Closing rate was +/- 95%.
• Prospected walk-ins and generated outside prospects by creating flyers and delivering to businesses and residents, made cold calls
• Effectively identified opportunities to improve the department and achieve sales metrics by consulting with Geoff Dyer, CEO
• Performed client orientations and first workouts.
• Establish client goals and ensure that each one was able to achieve their goal 100%
• Take client measurements and before and after photos.
• Consult with clients on eating habits make recommendations.
• Ensure all the preparation and execution of exercises was done properly

Metro Flex Gym, Tampa, FL
1998 – 1999
Personal Training Manager
• Closing rate was nearly 100%
• Managed team of two personal trainers – responsible for hiring/termination
• Mentored and trained underperforming trainers – ensuring sales goals are reached
• Performed client orientations and first workouts.
• Establish client goals and ensure that each one was able to achieve their goal 100%
• Take client measurements and before and after photos.
• Consult with clients on eating habits make recommendations.
• Ensure all the preparation and execution of exercises was done properly
• Responsible for meeting my own quota for personal training sales through cold calling, walk-ins, client orientations.

References, client testimonials and award certifications:
• Available upon request

After being in this industry for so many years I truly was disgusted with the industry to witness over again and again how these large Fitness corporations
Would care less about individuals fitness needs and put money above all I decided to leave the industry last year I have trained pro athletes and celebrities for some of these organizations in every level when I left the number one powerhouse gym in America last year immediately I was approached by regional vice president of LA fitness signature club in downtown Tampa, They offered me to be there fitness director for that 75000sq feet signature club with a 6 figure salary and I was told if I except the job within 1 to 2 years they will make me a regional vice president with a salary of about $250-$300,000 a year I told them that I’m not interested to be there fitness director I was approached at least about seven more times and I declined every time, Again I witnessed the guy they brought to direct the facility was totally out of shape about 75 pounds overweight just about every trainers had no clue about training people and everyone of them was extremely unexperienced except one guy the only reason that individual had experience was because when I was the fitness director at powerhouse gym the professors of University of South Florida and University of Tampa’s exercise science and human performance classes asked me if I would train some of their graduate students to come and work under me with the practical part of their education throughout the years I have trained many trainers while working for Ballys lifestyles and other fitness organizations so I agree to train some of their students the only reason the trainer that I was talking about was good is because he was my assistant at Powerhouse and when I left he asked me if I could get him a job at LA fitness which I did so he was the only individual knew what he was doing the rest of the trainers absolutely had no clue about your traditional training how to prepare and execute exercise the sequence of the exercise so once when they hire this director he approached me and asked me if I could train him I did end up train him and every other trainers they had in that facility I did not charge anyone a penny I did that from the kindness of my heart, since most of these organizations all they think about is money while I was the director at Ballys the vice president approached me and asked me if I could go around and train trainers which I did but their goal was to make 100 of myself and I told them in this industry you either have it or you don’t just because I’m training the individuals that does not mean that they are going to be a great trainer that comes with time and experience, so what I’m trying to say to everyone who’s reading this is that you need to be aware of these Fitness organizations all they want to do is take your money they could care less about your health or your fitness needs companies like LA fitness all they want to do is to build more Gyms so was Ballys and lifestyles they want to build Gyms is fast as they could they could care less about maintaining their gym equipment or staying on top of what they already have or to hire good personal trainers, The CEO puts a lot of pressure on the vice president who puts lots of pressure to regional vice president who puts the pressure to the fitness director which everyone goal is one thing and one thing only to write numbers they all have a very healthy bonus structure everybody makes money except the personal trainer and a good personal trainer will not work for 10, 15 or $20 an hour while a good trainer is doing all the work regional vice president’s and everyone else are making all the big money, another thing is LA fitness cut their personal training sessions to half an hour you tell me how can you get someone in shape in half an hour especially if a client is late 10 to15 minutes to begin with anyway it’s impossible so in that case what a trainer will do is make you do some quick exercises so call Crossfit without teaching you anything about the additional training how to prepare an exercise correctly how to execute the exercise correctly the sequence of the exercise muscle group training , number one because they are out of time and number two because the majority of them don’t know how to do that type of training themselves anyway this is a multi trillion dollar industry the saddest thing is and it really bothers me after being in this industry for 34 year is that the poor member who’s working so hard for their money is actually never getting a quality training they listen to a trainer who needs a trainer themselves who is just certified or have a degree in exercise science and human performance and trust me as I say I have train more trainers with degree and certification then you can ever imagine what happens is the member is not reaching there goal the member believes that since this individual is certify that makes him a good trainer but the reality of it is that just because trainer is certified does not only makes them a good trainer but in the same time they can really hurt you I have seen many trainers injured people herniated disc ruptured disc torn tendons torn muscle and the list goes on and every time you get injured you are going backwards it’s like going one step forward but two stop backward you will never reach your goal and also some of those injuries might never heal, people please who is reading this be very careful when you are hiring a trainer make sure you talk to members that they have train and I am not talking about one or two member because those one or two member could simply like that trainer or member just simply might not know what a good training is all about asked them if they reach there goal asked them if they were ever injured asked them how long it took until they reach their goal asking all the questions that comes in your mind because ultimately you’re the one who’s going to have to pay the ultimate price.


Pete May 5, 2014 at 11:45 pm

I was with LA Fitness for over 13 years and trainers approached me but I would always tell them that I know what I need to do for myself. I have continued to read all these reviews so I can be reminded why I am glad I no longer have anything to do with LA Fitness. I have moved on to Planet Fitness. They don’t offer as much as LA Fitness but each club has a personal trainer that anyone can approach at no additional cost. Now that’s how it’s supposed to be.


Pete May 1, 2014 at 12:41 am

I just learned from a trending story on the internet that a woman at an LA Fitness was working out with her 13 year old son as a family. Her membership was revoked because she was acused of training her son as an outside trainer. She was unable to get a hold of someone at the corporate office. Typical LA Fitness. I just cannot believe this. I also recall another story about how a woman at an LA Fitness club hired a personal trainer to work with her and he was telling her to work out a certain way so he could see her breasts. Are you kidding me? The corporate office offered her $400 to go away but she filed a lawsuit. Look for something terrable to happen to those at the LA Fitness corporate office in the near future. They can’t hide forever.


Shawn April 30, 2014 at 5:02 pm

I was recently looking around for a new gym to join. I’ve heard some really greta things about LA fitness but I’ve also heard some very negative things ( comments excluded) . I just want to make sure that my investment into a company is going to yield the minimum results I need.


Sid May 5, 2014 at 10:38 am

Shawn beware… They are big cheats and only want to make money….I had a horrible experience with them and I am still going through… Stay away… if at all you have taken membership then please cancel it. There are other good clubs out there who value you and treat you the way you are supposed to be…



Pete May 5, 2014 at 11:52 pm

Forget LA Fitness, go to Planet Fitness. They may not have as much to offer as LA Fitness but at Planet Fitness you won’t have trainers hounding you to sign up and be tricked into a one year contract.


GA April 30, 2014 at 1:13 pm

LA|Fitness does not seem to care about any complaints. They take your money and that is it. I still have an issue with Personal Training charges because there are actually different options that were not disclosed to me and I was enrolled in the most expensive option “Master Trainer.” I went to the in San Diego to complain and it is still pending. Not sure how this will be resolved but LA|Fitness does not practice good business ethics.
BBB Serving San Diego, Orange & Imperial Counties
4747 Viewridge Ave #200
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858)496-2131
Fax: (858)496-2141
Email Address:


Nick April 29, 2014 at 7:11 am

I was told that they will keep my $500.00 dollars for my training sessions for if I ever decide to rejoin the la fitness establiment so I told them That if a person quits somewhere 90% of they time it’s that they are not going to return to that establishment so where does this money really go and now by this sentence above ” your comment is awaiting moderation” they are taking away your first amendment the freedom of speech because they don’t want the public to see something u said


Nick April 28, 2014 at 6:48 pm

Keith I tried to contact that place in LA and can’t get hold of anyone do u have the number for them


Pete May 1, 2014 at 12:43 am

You can call (949)255-8220 or send an e-mail to Good luck.


Ivy April 25, 2014 at 8:04 pm

I wanted to cancel my personal training class in March. The manager said I was too late to cancel it for free. I have to pay $1,400 fee. And then he said don’t worry. I can give him $600 cash. He will help me to cancel it. I was stupid and trusted him. I did so. Later he told me I have to do what he told me. I got to go to the bank and tell them I lost my credit card. I felt something wrong. I am trying to contact with the CEO of that company. However, after I saw all of the comments here, honestly, I do not how to deal with this issue right now. My personal training is still active. And some of my friends have the same issue. I just DON’T know why this company can do things like this.


keith April 24, 2014 at 3:35 am

We are file a class action Lawsuit Against LA Fitness and we like to talk to any who have had there membership revoked or if they billed you unfairly! Please contact the Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affiars & MALDEF to do an in take.


Ivy April 25, 2014 at 8:01 pm

Hi, Keith. When I wanted to cancel my personal training class. The manager said I was late to cancel it for free. I have to pay $1,400 fee. And then he said don’t worry. I can give him $600 cash. He will help me to cancel it. I was stupid and trusted him. I did so. Later he told me I have to do what he told me. I got to go to the bank and tell them I lost my credit card. I felt something wrong. I am trying to contact with the CEO of that company. However, after I saw all of the comments here, honestly, I do not how to deal with this issue right now. My personal training is still active.


Laura April 27, 2014 at 8:25 pm

My Son is a member and they refuse to cancel his membership.Long story. Laura 256-810-XXXXX


Ivy April 28, 2014 at 2:19 pm

what should we do…….


Pete May 1, 2014 at 12:48 am

My advice to anyone who wants out of LA Fitness is to go to as many clubs as possible and ask someone to show you around. That is how my membership got revoked. People lied about me but that’s what the LA stands for, Liars Association.


Nick April 15, 2014 at 1:10 pm

I have been a member at LA fitness for two years now this year they contacted me to renew my membership three months in advance n I would receive only one free month lol then I asked well when I started my membership I signed up for a personal trainer nd every time I went these trainers were either late or as I was told one of them didn’t have a babysitter for his child well guess what that’s not my fault I’m here where are you or another time I was in there I watched the trainer for a half hour flirt with some girl and fill his water bottle then he came to me and said ok are u good now hour half hour is up see u next time lol so I stopped using the trainers cause none of them were faithful and I still was charged a extra 17 sessions costing $500 and change for 17 sessions that’s outrageous so I asked if I could use that for my renewal fee that costs 200.00 and three manages all no but you can use them on your 17 sessions so I preceded to tell the corporate manager I don’t want to use a trainer no more and I then told him that I was actually thinking of canceling my membership and they had no problem with that now as a manager I would of said it’s ok sure we can use that credit and and save a customer and hopefully they will become a lifetime member but I guess this place don’t think like that and and don’t have very good people skills so I then asked well where does this $500.00 go then and knowone could give me a answer so I said well this is free money for you people and they once again said oh no you can use it on your 17 sessions what don’t these peor understand


jon rossi April 10, 2014 at 5:21 pm

As every L.A. Fitness has a pool & hot tub, please consider selling pool and/or hot tub memberships. Our local club is very under used in those two areas.


Trevor Troncale April 5, 2014 at 5:37 pm

LA Fitness sucks its a horrible place there employees harass you and talk crap about you if you dont sign up for what they want on there personal training deals. HEY EVERYONE NEVER GO TO THE Chino California facility they are a bunch of A**HOLES who dont know anything.


Pete April 10, 2014 at 4:18 pm

I know exactly what you mean trevor. My membership was revoked because people lied about me. All I did was ask someone at each club to show me around and I would call the club first. I have always said that if they do not want to show me around, they could tell me over the phone but they’re too stupid and poorly influenced. I went to the Chino club and the person who agreed to show me around did so but this was more than 10 years ago. The people at the corporate office are the same as the current Chino staff.


Jane April 3, 2014 at 11:39 am

LA Fitness stole from me and can not justify their actions. Their managment is terrible and I feel like I have been robbed by a bunch of criminals.


Sid May 5, 2014 at 10:48 am

Hi Jane,

I have had a horrible experience and I am still waiting for it to be resolved and the management is just not ready to help me instead are turning their backs.. I am going take this up very seriously and spread this across so that no one else gets ripped off by these people just like us… Let me know if you want to join me. You can reach me at I have found a lot of other members who have a similar stories like I have and also realised that this is a common prcatise. You may have some other story but lets educate the world out there.




Taunja Corbett April 2, 2014 at 11:04 am

THIS GYM IS A SCAM!!!!!!! THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU IN The DUST.IPAID $148 FOR THIS GYM..USED it for only 2 days the manager actually the general manager told me he would cancel my membership for me but he never did so I was stuck with the gym membership for a week without using it waiting on my refund that I was promised but it never came so I took matters into my own hands and went online to see if it was an active like the manager promised me it would be but it never wet which means I had to cancel it myself when I cancel it I called 3 times to speak to the manager and also a different aa woman that handles the cancellation form and both of them told me I have 30 days to cancel it but I didn’t use it for 30 days I only used it for 2 when I get off the phone with corporate and they told me that the manager denies everything which means he advised and they took my money so I basically paid 148 dollars for a gym I never use and I cannot get my money back I advise anyone that lives in a Prince George’s County Maryland to not in a roll into LA Fitness gym the management team is liars and horrible and they don’t do what they need to do don’t be like me and be out of 148 dollars


Alex April 2, 2014 at 4:47 pm

Sounds like you had a weird experience. I got a great deal for my family and I, and I love it. Don’t know what you are talking about… You shouldn’t make things up.


Melinda Lo April 26, 2014 at 6:02 pm

I agree with Taunja. They charged your money based on your income. Taunja didn’t make things up. They only want your money. If they can’t process your account monthly, they will keep phone harassing you till they get the money. Even after I wasn’t the member anymore, they still kept harassing me on the phone or acting like a bank robber to chase your money till they can process your back account. I told them thousands of times that I AM not the member anymore. They still keep calling and calling. This horrible customer service makes me don’t want to come back anymore. Yes, why paying this much money but only comes here 2-3 times per month. It’s not worth it.


Sid May 5, 2014 at 10:42 am

Hi Taunja,

I had an exactly similar experience at Brampton LA Fitness (Canada)… Read through my experience. I am going to ensure that they pay for this and I am going to create public awareness on the same through all possible channels. Let me know if you want to join me.. My email is… Atleast lets save people from being scammed just like we were… please read my story that I have posted on other sites… I am still awiting for my case to be resolved.

I met a gentleman named Paulo on the 8th of April and he got me a membership for which I paid approx $190.82 as joining membership. However, due to personal reasons I could not contionue and so met with him again on the 10th of April ( 3 days Later) to cancel my membership. As per their agreement I was entitled for 100% refund if within 10 days. I asked Paulo if I needed any doXXXXent and he said no. As they had my email address, they would send the money back to my credit card. I then called them up after 2 weeks as my money had not been refunded. The girl on the reception says that my membership was still active. I walked into LA Fitness again and coulddn’t get through Paulo. Everytime I went, he would be missing. I then was introduced to Bobbi who apologiesed and said that this would be fixed on 25th itself and gave me her personal office phone number. Its now been 10 days since then and I havent heard from her either. I have been calling almost everyday and everytime I call up a new person tells me that my membership is still active. Haven’t heard from Bobbi. I am being charged interest on my credit card and now I am getting really frustrated with this service. Please stay away from them. I will ensure that I will spread this everywhere and help people from being cheated. –


Paul Marino March 28, 2014 at 12:24 am

Port Chester, NY Rte 1 Location – member for 1 year
I hate LA Fitness. I was definitely swindled into joining by some punk snake oil salesman liar sXXXXbag. I mean – yeah they have metal that I can lift up and down – but besides that…what a rip off. Dirty, smelly locker rooms – weights never racked or in order – too many members using bathroom as their primary bathroom (mad dudes XXXXXting, showering and shaving) – horrible staff: young kids acting put out to scan your card, trainers (if you can call them that) who will tell you to get off a machine so there client can use it, one cleaning lady for hundreds of machines and square feet to clean, no one cleaning the bathroom) – over crowded classes – broken machines – smelly – hot – dirty gym. It’s totally not worth the price of a membership, but it’s the only gym in port chester NY right now so that’s where my lazy ass is going. I would never recommend it to anyone.


Pete April 14, 2014 at 11:54 pm

For your sake, I hope they open a Planet Fitness in your area. I made the switch because my membership was revoked due to people lying about me. The LA stands for Liars Association. Planet Fitness costs less than LA Fitness and they care about the members first. The minds of the people at the corporate office are dirty like no one’s business. Remarks like this one make me glad that I’m no longer with LA Fitness.


Aga March 25, 2014 at 1:51 pm

I’ve been a member of La Fitness, former Ballys fitness, for 15 years! It’s conveniently. Located! I recently signed up my kids for the kids club! It was ok for the first two weeks, now my youngest is afraid of the place, and won’t set foot pass the front door! My older daughter still likes going, but recently she had a small rash on her belly, and like any 5 year old she showed it to everyone, the staff automatically assumed that she has chicken pox, and made a big fuss about it! Any one with half a brain can tell the difference between a small rash and chicken pox, or so I thought apparently not the employees at La Fitness in Glendale Heights, Illinois! After I explained to the manager ( Michele) I believe was her name she said ok and that was it! The next day I show up, she sees me walking in, and takes off to the back somewhere! She couldn’t wait for me to walk in and tell me to my face, that my kid is no longer welcome here, until I prove that her rash is just a rash! She could have mentioned that the previous day, so that I could contact my doctor and obtain a note! No instead of doing her job and being a manager she is too busy socializing. The gym is a brand new facility, and the staff there doesn’t care about keeping it nice, clean, and professional! They care more about socializing and sitting on their asses doing nothing! As a result I decided to cancel my membership of 15+ years and go somewhere else! There is a lot of different facilities in the area!!


Tom Salerno March 24, 2014 at 8:03 pm

Every employee of LA FIT should be as professional and courteous as Matt Costello. After explaining my problem he addressed and corrected the situation. Dealing with the corporate office was actually pleasant thanks to Matt


B. L. March 21, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Can’t even CC: LA Fitness on sending this conversation to local tv stations – and you can not contact them through emails. As my friend stated…this is why they go through ridiculous amount of employees. Do some research. We ARE!!!!!


Pete March 21, 2014 at 10:24 pm

I sent an e-mail to which is supposed to be the CEO’s e-mail address and I got a call from the member service director telling me to stop harassing them. All I asked for was to delete my information from their system since I no longer want my name associated with LA Fitness. The LA stands for Liars Association since they are allowed to lie all they want.


B. L. March 21, 2014 at 4:11 pm

I’m sending this conversation to:
Local Radio/Television Stations.
Legal Offices
FACEBOOKING everyone we know in the area.
LA Fitness will see people wearing T-Shirts from now
on: “I survived being VICTIMIZED at L.A. Fitness!”


Pete March 24, 2014 at 11:42 pm

I was never victimized by LA Fitness however, they revoked my membership because people lied about me. I was there as long as I was because I wanted to be there since I have several friends who are members. I have seen numerous complaints about people being forced into a one year personal training contract without knowing it. I have also seen a few complaints about people still being charged after cancelling their memberships. I took it upon myself to report this issue to the Federal Trade Commission so LA Fitness can be victimized in the end.


Taunja Corbett April 2, 2014 at 11:06 am

Id like that shirt bc la fitness is scam artists! !!!!!!!!


B. L. March 21, 2014 at 4:05 pm

This is what happens to people at LA Fitness in Woodbury Heights, NJ. I have a friend who has a daughter who worked as a trainer there and she had to quit because she was being taught how to con people and she didn’t want to do this! She told her mother, my friend, who instructed her daughter to leave immediately!!! I know first hand exactly what their SCAM is as I was victimized. L A Fitness I suppose is teaching these kids this tactic as it’s embarrassing and people, like old people being victimized by con artists, don’t want to look like a fool and are RED FACED. Thus… LA Fitness tactics: READ BELOW the conversation in Facebook I had with her…. _______________________ 11 hours ago
From me:
Hi P*****, I was thinking about you and A**** today when I had a bit of a problem today at LA Fitness. I remembered you telling me how A****** didn’t like working there because they were made to lie to people and getting them to purchase a trainer and rope them in. I was victimized. LOL These kids roped me in. They endear you…promise the sun, moon and stars and then get you to trust them and sign on the dotted line. I found out today – the hard way of course that I was LIED to big time. Of course my trainer…the kid that lied to me BIG TIME…no longer works there. LOL I called customer service and told them what happened. Their answer…”Unfortunately, you signed a contract!” Two kids standing there assuring me this is what the policy is… lied. I was roped in to a 6 month contract at $950. But told by the kid AND the manager the LA Fitness only writes for 6 months BUT… you CAN cancel after 3 months. Asking twice about the buyout fee…I was told by the kid AND the manager that there IS no buyout fee. Just purchase 3 months!!! Then cancel….ALL THE WHILE…promising EXTRAS (wink-wink – that they really shouldn’t do) training because “They like you!””” THIS is their tactic…..You trust them now!!! I go back to get my training by this kid and the extras??? Kid no longer works there and I get NOTHING – AND… told that I DOOOOO have to pay the full 6 months, there IS a buyout fee and for me to – “Read the contract.” EGG ON MY FACE!!! Luckily….I wasn’t victimized…my doctor wrote a note stating I can’t do training because of my surgery… I was able to get out of it. THANK GOD!!! But I thought of A****** and how you told me she was upset because she didn’t want to do this. It’s TRUE what she said…They did it to me. BUT… I survived being victimized. Somewhat.
5 hours ago
Hi B****! So glad your story had a happy ending! They are horrible and will do what they can to make a dollar, it has to catch up with them someday. They go through employees like crazy, that’s a bad sign right there! I’m glad you called the office. A***** has her share of problems with them even now. She worked for them for about 1 month. They did direct deposit on her pay, and never gave her any record of a paycheck with deductions. And now they cannot produce a w-2 or 1099 (whatever it is). They say she is in the system wrong, and then they said they mailed it out. A**** went to I**** who is doing her taxes and he said she has to let it go. I was so upset at how they treat everyone! A**** was on hold when she called personnel for so long. They don’t seem to care about anyone.
Hope you are doing well! I love this beautiful weather!
Keep in touch!
a few seconds ago
I do have to tell you, P***** that I am SO proud of A**** that she did the right thing in leaving there. She knew what they were doing to people and didn’t want to be part of it. I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman, but these kids are taught well the scam of LA. Get them in like cheap used car salesmen…befriend them…LIE…Have the manager stand right behind confirming what these kids are saying is TRUE…when in fact it is a SCAM. People don’t want to read that LONG doXXXXent — and so they put their trust in LA only to be duped!!! I’m RED FACED like one of those old people that are preyed upon. This is what LA is doing and KNOWING very well that people are embarrassed to come forward with this… so LA gets rich. As for keeping A***** employed and not on the books? That’s an IRS issued that I’m sure we’ll see on the news one day. I LOVE to swim so I am laying low and having to eat my prior loss. A**** is a GREAT GIRL and is a wonderful personal training. All my best to her. I would love to get together soon. Until then…. “I survived being victimized at LA Fitness.” LOL
Chat Conversation End


Daniel Gibson March 19, 2014 at 9:35 am

I am a member at LA Fitness and I see a number of trainers starting new members on a program, treadmill, stationary bike, and so on, and wonder if they know what that members risk is for a heart attack or a stroke. I have worked a few times with a Vascular Physiologist at Health awareness weeks at a few major companies in performing a carotid artery duplex scan. This website will show how non-evasive this scan is and will show how much plaque is in the carotid arties that feed the brain. It also shows the thickness and size of the artery walls. The carotid artery duplex scan should be given to all new members and all members the option for having the scan so they can have a record for them and their doctors. This will also bring in new members by having a health day so members can bring in family and friends to get a demo or the scan. On members appreciation day is way to let members sign up for the scan. I hope I will hear from you about getting the scan into all LA Fitness facilities. We will be testing on April 15, 2014 at the LA Fitness in Warrington, PA. All LA Fitness Management will be given a free scan.
Thank you
Dan Gibson


Pete March 21, 2014 at 10:25 pm

Good luck!


XXXXx March 18, 2014 at 2:52 am

Hey everyone please be careful with this stupid company! They are using everybody’s private personal information….it happened to me and now I really scared! They shared my personal information with one of members who has criminal records!
Please be careful! Don’t trust LA Fitness at all! Stupid employee of LA Fitness wrote down all my information such as home adress, phone number, full first and last name and God knows what else…. in a written paper, handed him and she is still working for LA Fitness!!!! How it’s possible?! No one is incharge?! It’s completely illegal. I called police department to report what happened and all they said is I need to call them ASA I feel something is wrong around me!
I hate this company for all my heart!


Pete March 18, 2014 at 11:33 pm

My membership was revoked because people lied about me. My membership in their system is full of notes that employees sneaked in when I went to various clubs because a specific employee agreed to show me around. I called the corporate office and asked if I can see those notes and I was told I can’t. I sent an e-mail asking them to delete all my information from their system and I was told they can’t. It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they WON’T! Why are the employees allowed to use members’ personal information but we can’t? No one working for LA Fitness is smart enough to answer that.


Bill Morris March 15, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Boynton Beach Club has now resorted to hiring local strippers to lure your kids and younger men into memberships. YIKES!!!! Saw a stripper the other day, working with the General Manager. Oddly my friend says she sees the General Mgr at this strip club with the same woman all the time giving him lap dances. Is this the way he pays her with LaFitness money. A tad sleazy to say the least..


Pete March 17, 2014 at 1:28 pm

I was amazed that everyone who goes to LA Fitness clubs and ask for tours of the clubs can wear whatever they want except for me. I wore similar workout attire that other people wear including personal trainers who work at the clubs and employees made it a problem by putting notes into my membership. Was I supposed to dress like I would for a job interview? I would ask why it’s OK for others to wear whatever but NO ONE who works for LA Fitness is smart enough to answer that.


XXXXx March 18, 2014 at 2:42 am

That’s how they work! Unfortunately!
They don’t care about people values, education, experience, different languages someone can speak to be hired in this stupid company! All they care is bring as much as trash people who can use their ssexuality; supper unprofessional to sale mwmbership! F*** UP!


Marco March 13, 2014 at 10:04 am

The Lafitness in Hollywood on el centro is awesome!! That place and the manager Ricky practically saved my life!! I have been scared to go to a gym for years but this place and it’s atmosphere took that right away I’m obese and have diabetes high blood pressure and HAD depression problems but slowly and surely they are going away I look forward to going there almost everyday always greated and welcomed with a smile of you wana change your life and get in shape this is the place to be I highly recommend it and love it good job lafitness and thank you for a life changing experience!!


Delgado March 11, 2014 at 1:08 pm

Worst company dealing with members.


celeste March 12, 2014 at 7:33 pm

I have had a horrible experience first time there no one showed me how to use machines or what kind of routine to do without hurting myself. when I asked I got well u have to pay $129 more a month to get that – – horrible person so rude – –


Pete March 17, 2014 at 1:21 pm

I had some bad experiences through the years that I was a member and when I told the general managers or operations managers at the respective clubs about their employees, all I got were lame excuses. In other words they tried to blame me for what happened. When I reported these issues to the corporate office, I was told to mind my own business and to stop harrassing them. My membership got revoked because people lied about me. It will come back to haunt them severely.


bab March 8, 2014 at 11:34 am

I currently have membership in 2 premier fitness clubs in USA and Canada. I was looking at the option of LA Fitness. This morning I visited Sean Powell, General Manager at LA Fitness Mississauga, Canada. My job requires that I travel between USA and Canada every week and this particular gym happen to be in the close proximity. I requested him for a guest pass of 3 days to try the gym over the weekend before making a decision of getting membership at LA fitness, Sean refused to give the pass with no reason and Sean was extremely rude and behaved very less professional to me. He was very insulting all along than helping. He had no helping attitude at all. It made me feel that LA fitness does not give their customers any minimum respect they need.
I work in a large corporation in a very nice position. No one ever behaved to me in such indecent behavior. Last five years I have been using other gyms, people were very polite, friendly and helpful. When I go workout in a gym, I like to see happy and friendly people. I had great friendly relationship with people where ever I go.
This incident not only gives a bad opinion about your company but also make me think if you are a right company to consider.
Request a response from you as your response will influence my decision in taking membership.


JL March 8, 2014 at 11:05 am

Please renovate personnel.


Pete March 15, 2014 at 1:32 pm

That says it best. The entire corporate office staff needs to be overhauled with people who care about customers first and staff second. That’s the way it should be.


Lynn March 6, 2014 at 3:04 pm

The CEO of the company needs to check their branch personal training program. Their program is being falsely advertised to members on a daily basis due to personal trainers trying to meet a quota – thus, their personal training program is a scam. I have been a member for a while and was interested in potentially signing up for their personal training program. One of the personal trainers reached out to me, and told me I could try out the program on a month to month basis. After 2-3 months, I only used 3 sessions and wanted to cancel. Little to my knowledge, I was “locked” in for a year contract that I supposedly “signed”. At the time of my sign up, never was there a contract printed out for me to review, little one that I signed for a year of personal training. The trainer that signed me up just clicked a few buttons on the computer and that was it. This is false misrepresentation of contract, and even when I attempted to cancel they said I could not cancel until a year later. LA fitness needs to check on the way management is dealing with their customers, because they will yet again get into another lawsuit if this practice continues.

I am still in dispute about this matter and have been relayed back and forth between having to come in person several times to the New Hyde Park gym to calling corporate and still have not gotten this matter resolved.


Pete March 7, 2014 at 9:57 pm

A lot of people have gone through the same thing. I took it upon myself to report this issue to the Federal Trade Commission and I periodically check their website to see if they investigated it. I hope they are and I understand that it will be a long process. Sooner or later it will catch up with LA Fitness. This is just one reason why I’m glad I have nothing to do with LA Fitness.


Nicole March 11, 2014 at 3:21 pm

I had a situation occur with my personal trainer as well. My personal training is supposed to be a 25 minute session. My personal trainer was 10 minutes late the first 5 times we had met. I complained about this with the “Director of Personal Training” at my gym and he said he would “have a chat with him”. Due to my past experiences, I have a huge heart when it comes to breast cancer. My personal trainer’s girlfriend was going through chemo so I guess that’s why he was always late. I tried not to be so upset about it, but the fact was I was paying a lot of money and not really getting trained. Then my trainer decided to ask me if he could borrow $100. He said he would work with me extra hours to make up for it. My reply was “I can’t even get you to commit to the time that I am working with you now”. I went again to complain to the “Director of PT” and again he said he would “chat with him”. I tried to call the General Manager of the store, but the PT guy would call me back every time. I was never able to reach the GM. When I called the corporate office they said they could set me up with another trainer at another gym location. My opinion is I am paying you. I shouldn’t have to compromise what is convenient for me to meet your needs. I am completely disgusted with the way I am treated as a customer. The corporate office called me back to see if the issue was resolved. I told her no, the issue isn’t resolved, I am stuck in an agreement that I am unhappy with and I feel as though your personal trainers and organization is breaching the contract, not myself. Their answer – okay, have a good day.



William March 5, 2014 at 1:01 pm

Last week my wife and I were interested in finding a new gym to go too due to our new location, so we decided to try LA fitness because it was close to our new home. We had received a two week trial email to try the gym when we got there we were met by the worst customer service rep we have ever met. His name was GONZO and works out of the queen creek location in Arizona. Instead of letting us use our two week pass he gave us a three day pass so we would sign up at the end of Feb. Well as you would expect you cant learn much about a gym in one visit in three days. We had spoken to who we were told was the GM of that location and he emailed me another two week pass that we were told we could use. On Feb 3 we went into the gym with our kids to give the gym another shot, but as we were putting our children into child care GONZO ran into the the child care center telling us we had to pay $15 a child for one day and that our two week pass was invalid because he had issued a three day pass the week before. Long story short we had all intensions of changing gyms from Mountainside fitness to LA we pay our fees a year in advance but do to the worst customer service We have ever received we will never go back. I hope for there sake GONZO! from the queen creek location needs to be let go and something needs to be changed. The worst gym operation I have ever encountered….


Mike Mora April 18, 2014 at 11:39 am

The LA Fitness manager has turned that club around and they are the most nicest people especially gonzo so I don’t know what you are talking about. He signed up me up and I was a previous member at mountainside also but when we spoke to him he such a great job that we signed up right then.


Rob March 4, 2014 at 10:47 pm

L a Fitness GM made the gym sound like it was “the” place to be. An older professional crowd that would make the gym ideal. 3 months in, the place is a thug hangout. They decided to put in the basketball court rather than the racquetball court. It was an invite for thugs and other delinquents to hang out and play street ball upstairs. Today, there was actually an altercation involving approx. 25 of these guys, who were seen throwing gang signs! The clueless GM, who has been rumored to have handed out hundreds of free passes to these criminal, changed the gyms policy right there! No longer will he hand out passes to non members! A little late! Damage done! Local police were told to do periodic checks of the thug hang out! Time to switch gyms! The la fitness is the Cranston, RI franchise!


Matt Horn - son of Robert H Horn, an LA Fitness member March 3, 2014 at 2:17 pm

To anyone at LA Fitness Corporate that Cares: My Father has stage 4 bone cancer. He correctly thought that staying mobile and exercising was a good idea, so he signedup at LA fitness with a personal training… for a year. Shortly after doing so, they found a tumor in his shoulder and his oncologist Dr. Craig Howe has said that he shouldn’t be doing anything but walking/jogging at LA Fitness. He has a signed letter from his doctor asking L A Fitness to let out of the contract for a personal trainer. However/// the LA Fit manager said the only thing they would be willing to do is ALLOW him to pay 50% of what is left on my contract (over $500) and they would cancet it. As his son, I consider this boarderline abusive and the fact you are so profit driven you’re unwilling to let a terminally ill 77 year old man out of this contract mind boggling – please reply if you agree with this…


Vanessa Lopez March 11, 2014 at 4:34 pm

I can’t believe this…. And it states on their contract that it can be canceled for medical reasons ugh! I’m pending deployment and can’t even get my 1500.00 back for paid training session that I couldn’t attend due to military obligations. They don’t seem to understand that at times it’s not your typical 9 to 5 Monday through Friday job. I’m waiting to sign a class action suit against them. I know there are enough people to come together and fight this unfairness and shady company.


Pete March 1, 2014 at 4:59 pm

“You are no longer a member of LA Fitness and you are no longer welcome at any LA Fitness club.” said the area manager. “You can go your way and LA Fitness will go its way.” said the district operations manager. “You made people uncomfortable.” said the member service director. These are the things that I was told after my membership was revoked. All I did was go to several clubs and ask someone to show me around. I have no regret nor remorse for why my membership was revoked since I know I did nothing wrong. Those who screwed up are the employees who lied about me and those who believed those lies. Nobody cares about them nor what they think. I e-mailed this to the CEO and got NO response. If they’re smart they never will.


Robert stuart February 26, 2014 at 11:35 pm

LA Fitness has no concern for veterans! I am a disabled vet that purchased a membership, before using the membership I developed cancer and then suffered a hear attack. I called LA Fitness and they recommended putting my membership on hold until I got healthy, it was a long road back but I finally am able to use the membership that I paid over $500.00 for only to be told that the membership is expired now. I have tried to get the District Manager to call me but he never will, I got pushed off to the membership line where they were rude and disrespectful to me. I asked to talk to someone higher up and they refused to let me talk to anyone, this company is a joke! No way for any consumer to talk to anyone with authority, no way to get anyone that gives a damn about a disabled vet and no way to get any satisfaction. I have never dealt with any company so unprofessional and uncaring in my life. I would never encourage anyone to do business with this arrogant group! Every company has a special place for veterans but LA Fitness talk down to me and were so disrespectful to me that I am totally shocked, everyone that I was able to talk to did not care and the management staff will not even call you, the staff will not give you a managers number nor will they connect you. I highly recommend veterans to boycott a company that cares so little for a disabled vet!


Pete March 1, 2014 at 5:04 pm

I know about a former Marine who is the personal training director at an LA Fitness in Irvine. Some woman was paying him $200 to have sex with her and he is still working at the club. See where i’m going. LA Fitness cares more about their staff than their customers. It will come back to haunt them severely.


Gustavo February 26, 2014 at 5:04 pm

If you ever decide to hire a Personal Trainer at the Port Chester, NY location, a word of advice – DON’T. The guy I hired stood me up once, arrived about 40 minutes late a second time and flat out did not apologize once. Is this how they treat a paying customer? This guy was new and you’d think he’d have a better attitude. If you pay someone and agree on sessions at a certain time, it is their responsibility to come on time. I will not interact with any of the staff here at all. I was reimbursed after I threw a fit, otherwise, they never apologized for the treatment I received. This gym is to just go, exercise and leave. Their Personal Trainers are unprofessional and are not worth a penny.


Evanjerl Dorris February 20, 2014 at 3:38 pm

As a member under the Holiday franchise, then the Bally’s and now the LA Fitness franchise, I must say it was disheartening to discover that the contract now offered by LA Fitness has an EXCULPATORY CLAUSE to protect them from liability. Therefore, if you get injured for any reason, any cause, any failure on LA Fitness’ behalf they will NOT be liable!

I suffered a slip & fall in the women’s locker room/shower area because the facility did not use no skid mats on the floor. The water soaked mats on the floor skidded right out from under me and I suffered a concussion, contusions, and other muscular injuries… court ruled that the EXCULPATORY CLAUSE was enforceable! That’s right I got nothing for my pain & suffering, loss wages, and medical. You exercise at LA FITNESS totally AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Among other things… I am spreading the word!


J.R. February 20, 2014 at 8:14 am

Wow! I’m in shock, I’m glad I came across these complaints comments. I’m sorry to hear that so many of you have been ripped off by LA fitness. I was going to call and see about making a corporate deal with them and see about advertisements. But know that I’ve read several shocking complaints and comments I change my mind. Hope all of you get your refunds and or issues with LA fitness resolved its only fair and good business that they do.



Pete March 1, 2014 at 4:52 pm

I don’t blame you one bit J.R. I was a member at LA Fitness for over 13 years because I wanted to be there. My membership was revoked because people lied about me and others believed those lies. They’re the ones who screwed up. I did nothing wrong but I got blamed for those who screwed up. I have moved on to Planet Fitness. They may not have as much to offer as LA Fitness but they do NOT try to rip customers off. I have read numerous complaints like you have J.R. and I reported them to the FTC.


Melinda S February 19, 2014 at 8:38 pm


CEO: Louis Welch
CFO: William B. Horner
COO: Scot J. Mackay

This gym is a disgrace, as follows:

The aerobics room is kept so hot it is dangerous to do any kind of activity in there, least of all exercise! This is a warning to people who suffer from any kind of upper respiratory impairment or heart problems. The Manager, an arrogant female, has come up with different answers to different patrons and instructors: it is not that bad, tell the members to think positively, tell them it is not that hot…all gyms are kept at the same temperature…really? The air is “broken” today….I’ll call you about it with a solution… All of these answers are lies and a quick way out to get rid of the people with a legitimate complaint. She says she is a manager but her rudeness, attitude and attire speak of a much lower position with LA Fitness or for that matter any other business. She has not taken care of the problem and has not returned phone calls. How professional is that!?

Months ago the aerobics floor was cluttered for several weeks with hair, pieces of paper, rubbish, dirt and dust. I complained at the front desk and was told “they were in between cleaning crews and had not hired anybody as yet”. Now, is that a paying member’s problem? What if i do not pay my membership and tell you I am in between jobs, therefore you will have to wait for the monthly payment? There is no excuse for that, if you have no cleaning crew, do the job yourself instead of sitting at a desk. How long can dirt acXXXXulate on a floor where people exercise so very close to it, as close as a few inches and touching the floor with their hands, legs and arms?

I brought a friend into the same Boynton Beach, FL club, to try it out and there were five (5) exercise machines out of order. It was embarrassing! The person left with the comment ” I would never join this ghetto gym”. So much for generating new business…

Last year, I don’t know nowadays, the bathrooms were filthy, trashy, disgusting. A complaint was made at the front desk and since then I have not been to the restrooms. Just too awful to even contemplate an incursion into such a place.

Is anybody even listening, or doing something about it? Maybe if I use positive thinking I will imagine the cool air is flowing and all has been cleaned up…NOT!

Melinda Sierra


Pete March 4, 2014 at 11:10 pm

The LA in LA Fitness stand for Liars Association since it’s OK for the staff to lie through their teeth. The aerobics floor and bathrooms have the same description as the minds of the LA Fitness corporate office staff. A lot of the employees at the clubs must be from the ghetto. If you ask any of the employees to do more than they have to, they look for reasons to complain about you. FYI you can call the corporate office at (949) 255-8220.


Jake Pollock February 19, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Hi, I get a 2 week free trial pass emailed to me once a day. So the reason I’m writing is because a few weeks ago I came in to the LA Fitness in Grandview Ohio (Columbus), and tried to redeem this pass. After the tour of the facility of course I got the sales pitch to join. I explained to the assistant manager that my pregnant wife and I wanted to join but at that time I was simply going to use the 2 week trial pass and then after the baby was born we were going to come in and join up. The facility was super nice and I had every intention of joining with my wife once we had this baby but this guy pushed and pushed for me to join that day. And wouldn’t redeem my 2 week pass until I signed up! I was actually pretty shocked that such an established business wouldn’t redeem a free 2 week pass simply because I wouldn’t commit that day. So after consulting with his GM he told me that since my ID didn’t show a Columbus address the pass couldn’t be redeemed. I offered to bring in a piece of mail to verify my address and even my wife with her ID that had a Columbus address on it and they still wouldn’t let me use the 2 week pass. He even said that if I were to sign up that day that he could give me the two weeks but if not there’s nothing he could do.
Like I said, this was several weeks ago so the reason I’m still angry is because I’m still getting these “FREE 2 Week Passes”, in my E-mail.
Even more than that, I really wanted to join that LA Fitness! I just couldn’t join that day! I just think it’s really XXXXXty business to promote and promote something that has these unmentioned stipulations that clearly are a poor way to get people to sign up for a gym membership.
SO, since I’m home with a newborn and have some free time, I’ll make it a point to inform all the people that just lost the gym in our neighborhood and are currently looking for a new place to work out, what a poorly managed gym the LA Fitness in Grandview is and how their Free 2 Week pass is simply a misleading way to get you in the door and a pressure pitch with stipulations and an overall staff attitude of Superiority.


Pete March 24, 2014 at 11:31 pm

That is why they sent you the 2-week passes, so they can get you to go there and make every effort to get you to join. My suggestion to you Jake is to see if there is a Planet Fitness in your area and give them a go. I made the switch after numerous LA Fitness employees lied about me. Don’t waste your time with LA Fitness, the people who run the company are in their own strange world.


Kelly S February 16, 2014 at 6:40 pm

I have been so disappointed in the LA Fitness that we joined almost two years ago in Arizona Pavilions in Tucson, Az. I have shown up for classes only for them to be canceled or changed to some other class. I made an appointment to sign up to have a trainer with Rocky and he blew me off and never made it to my appointment. I sat waiting for him for an hour and then I make a complaint and they changed my appointment to the next day. I made a complaint and then someone else told me to come back the next day to sign up for a trainer. The trainer I picked advertised himself as having a food plan, which was a lie. I cannot believe I am paying $180 to see a guy once a week for 30 minutes. What a rip off! Another complaint I have is that my daughter was stalked by an employee. She lost her keys at the gym and he got a hold of her number and started calling her from morning to late night. He even told her where he saw her working out, which machines etc. She is so creeped out that she will not go back. So, in this case I want her contract cancelled. I am not going to pay for this kind of actions on the part of an employee. She refuses to go back. I will not pay for her membership if she refuses to go because she is being stalked by a crazy employee. We are worried that this guy is going to find out where she lives. I want my membership cancelled immediately! I am also going to write up a grievance letter and send it to the corporate office. I am going to go to the gym with my letter and get this mess over with. I want out of this contract and the trainer contract and I want my daughter’s membership cancelled as well. We do not feel comfortable at you gym. It’s been nothing but trouble.


anna g February 16, 2014 at 10:48 pm

I have a complaint against the same gym as Kelly S. The gym at Arizona Pavilions in Tucson, AZ is horrible not due to equipment but to employees. One of the employees verbally threatened me and then filed an order of protection under false charges so now I am unable to use the gym that is down the street from my house. I am the one that pays for my membership and I can’t even use it because of an employee with violent tendencies. I am scared for my safety since he has access to my records.


Katie Diaz February 13, 2014 at 1:27 pm

I was heading to a doctor’s appointment when I noticed the LA Fitness table and two (2) representative were promoting the LA Fitness opening in Bronx, NY. I was curious and after the appointment I stopped by the desk to obtain information. The gentleman promoted the product and further increased my desire. But, I specifically told him I was very much interested but had to wait until my new checking account had the proper funds in order to commit myself. He further went on to tell me that if I was to sign up at that moment I could lock the rate in and pay for the 1st and last month fee of $79.98 in March. He said “I am sure by the opening of the fitness center you will already have that amount acXXXXulated”. So, it did sound right so I signed up for myself and my fiancé.

The following day I learned my credit card was charged. I was beyond myself. I was very upset because not only did I not have the total funds available to me, I was going to be charged the overdraft fees for the unexpected transaction. I immediately contacted the general manager and he processed the cancellation via email and sent me a receipt, yet he indicated the overdraft fees would be paid back after the bank notices the cancellation I would be refunded my fees. Well, I am still waiting! It was easy and quick for Fitness International to withdraw my membership fees yet they are taking their time with refunding me my money. So, who is going to show face and defend the people who has been ripped off!


Frank Del Percio February 8, 2014 at 2:41 pm

The LA fitness at 35104 U.S. HIGHWAY 19 NORTH
(727) 213-2458
Registration No. HS7804
I have had back surgery and it is not just a feel good thing for me at the hot tub. It is almost a year since the hot tub was working ok. Now the jets are so weak and a lot of the times it is not very hot. When they built it, the jets were too low to begin with. Now they have been saying parts are on the way. They need to dig under the tub and put new pipes in, it costs too much,but it is all smoke and mirrors.
I am a realtor and we have over 600 agents. I have recommended this club more than once, but I don’t know that I will still be able to do that.
Please do something about this. Thank you for you time..Frank


Concerned member February 8, 2014 at 12:36 pm

Why do LA Fitnes member ship managers at 800 number prevent members from getting to Louis Welch? What kind of corporation this size does not have an open door policy for its customers to reach out with complaints to it CEO? I have been dealing with an ongoing complaint with LA fitness for over a year and yet the CEO never responds. The board of any corporation has the responsibility and liability to hold their CEO accountable. No one is holding Louis Welch CEO accountable! Shareholders should be extremely concerned as well. Mr. Welch; stop hiding from the public. When your members asked to speak with you or raise an escalation to you you should be responding not hiding behind a call center with a bunch of call-center associates with dubbed titles as membership managers when truly they are nothing more than customer service reps!!


Pete March 24, 2014 at 11:23 pm

Louis Welch knows that a whole lot of people are disappointed with their experiences with his company. I tried to get a hold of him myself and I was told that he has no direct line. No question, it all starts at the top with the CEO. He has to hide from the public or he may very well get beaten to death. It is clear to me that Mr Welch has the wrong people in the wrong positions at the corporate office. I called the corporate office and asked for the owner’s name and an address so I could write to him. The person who I spoke with refused to give me the info. I received a call from the regional manager telling me to mind my own business. Louis Welch will get what he deserves sooner or later.


Stephen February 8, 2014 at 11:13 am

LA Fitness in Windermere which s a premier club has the worst customer service of any consumer company I have ever been a customer of. Today was the fourth time in 5 weeks the club had no towels available for the entire 90 minutes of my work out. The response from staff , “any minute”. when I asked why it is a problem they say, “people steel out towels and corporate doesn’t give us enough of them”. I also pointed out 5 times over 3 weeks about a machine I use that needed a simple alignment and it hasn’t been fixed. I have also had customer service issues and mishaps with the administrative part of the experience with each poor experience blamed on “corporate”. Combine these types of experiences with the “its not my fault, its corporate, that’s the way it is attitude” and it is a very frustrating experience. It is sad. The club is almost across the street from my house. The equipment is great. The policies and attitudes of employees make it a terrible experience. There is nothing I can do but quit the club which I will do when I finish writing this. people in Windermere, go back to the Y. They are nice and have a big expansion coming. Dearborn Partners, when your revenues continue to fall because your customers are getting fed up, call me, Ill buy you out and turn the club around. SB


AM Wells February 6, 2014 at 6:14 pm

To: CEO: Louis Welch
CFO: William B. Horner
COO: Scot J. Mackay

RE: Personal Training Membership Contracts

From: Disappointed

I sincerely hope Mr Welch, Mr Horner or Mr Mackay reads this or receives this feedback.


I considered writing a mellow explanation of my experience with LA Fitness but I can’t. I am very angry at the bait and switch you’re playing with customers. What other gyms commit a member to a 1 year personal training contract???? I’ll wait…..

I didn’t think you could come up with one. I signed up for a personal training membership and the pitch was that it was a month to month “thing”. I could cancel at any time, just call up before your next billing cycle and it shouldn’t be a problem. Never did I have a chance to read through any written paper contract before signing my name to an electronic pad. I proceeded with what I thought was a good deal (no contract, cancel anytime) on what was explained to me at the time from one of your so-called trainers. I don’t recall walking out with any written contract or even a receipt, but I was given a schedule of classes to take with me and look over! Your people don’t even know the terms of the contracts they are pushing. And if they do, then they are knowingly misleading customers with false information. I guess you have to make your quota’s, huh? So, the contract is emailed and there is a 10 day grace period to “cancel”. The first training session was 5 days into the “grace period” and my mom was the one taking the sessions. The trainer was absolutely awful! My mother is 60+ years old and was instructed to to 30+ reps in lunges, leg lifts, etc. My mom could not walk for a week!! When I explained this to your Brandon Florida “team”/”crew”/”lifestyle motivators” (read sarcasm), they had the audacity to say that if it’s been a while then she would be sore. She should try another trainer. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

When I called to cancel, I was told I owe 50% of the balance of the contract. Wait….what? What contract? So after 3 weeks of calls and emails to your “Contact LA Fitness” email address I finally talk to the Ops manager at the Brandon FL location. She claims she talked to her VP about my situation and that they couldn’t do anything for me. I had to buy out the contract. The long and short of it is this…..I got ripped off!!! I had to pay $770 to get out of a bogus contract.

Your policies are misleading. Your staff are incompetent. And your so-called contracts are obsolete just like the gyms you have acquired over the years. I see your business is suffering financially. I guess your way of closing the gap on the losses is to knowingly commit customers to bogus contracts. I do not typically write complaints but I felt obligated and compelled to let YOU know what I experienced with YOUR business. You will never receive any business from me again!


Sara February 6, 2014 at 10:12 am

I have been trying to get ahold of someone in corporate for over 4 months! I attend the LA Fitness in Riverside Alasandro exit. I signed up with a trainer 6 months ago…after two months the trainer got lazy and just started doing the same workouts with me that she did with everyone. I am in decent shape as it is but was looking for someone to really get me in shape. I talked into training sessions that I was under the impression you could cancel at a later date. When in fact they trapped me into a YEAR of sessions and at that rate the trainers aren’t doing anything to help me??? Also if u are going to be a trainer try being in better shape then your clients. I would say 9 out of 10 trainers are NOT IN SHAPE! How unmotivating is that? I am concerned that they trap people like this often every one of my trainers apparently has made the same complaint. The sad part is NONE of us are being helped!!!!! Right on LA FITNESS thanks for ripping everyone off.


DAvid M February 5, 2014 at 7:31 am

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this email in hopes of something will be done about a few issues within the Bridgeville, PA La Fitness club. I am at this gm everyday and the only reason I am is because it is so close to my house. The gym is constantly dirty and never clean. I see the same paper towels or garbage left in the same spot two or three days later. The showers are never clean. I once used the same shower the next day and the stuff that was in the shower from the previous day was still there, Gross! The weight room area is never clean. There are always dust bunnies everywhere and paper towels laying around. The mirrors still have hand prints on them . I can only speak for the mens locker room, but the lockers are never clean. They NEED wiped out always. People leave stuff in the lockers that are still there weeks later and from all this snow, the shoes leave salt and dirty water from melting snow in the locker. The dry sauna is never clean, I will not even use it. It smells so bad and its dirty. I do not understand how the staff and the company lets this gym run the way it does. I know now why membership is down. The machines are either always broken or dirty. I do know that the pool is not run by La fitness, but they should have some control over the staff that works in the pool. This morning I woke up and went to the gym at 6am to use the pool. The girl was supposed to be there at 6am, but was not. 30 minutes went by and still no girl to open the pool. This is the fourth time this has happen. We as members pay a lot of money for this service and expect the same from La fitness as we would from any other business. So of us do not have the time just to wait around. I look forward to seeing some changes happen in the very soon future. Thank you for your time and consideration


Tim Smith February 4, 2014 at 7:53 pm

My bank had to put a hold on my debit card due to fraudulent activity. I receive up to six calls a day from employees from centers across the country. Each time I have to explain everything all over again and have them try to pressure me into giving them another card with each representative saying they are someone they’re not. The last call was from Becka with the Upland CA center claiming to be with billing services in Irvine CA. She hung up on me. I called back and was transferred to Aaron. He claimed to be an “area manager” from the Irvin office. Nope he’s member services from Upland. He refused to give me his managers name, insisted on calling me by my first name, claims to have cancelled all (3) of my accounts and was what Planet Fitness call a Lunk Head. If anyone has a real contact number for management at LA Fitness I would love it.


Student- Research LA Fitness (Not by choice) January 29, 2014 at 6:19 pm

I’m a student doing marketing research for LA Fitness (not our choice of company) and let me just say all of you are one of thousands! Because I have no emotional connection with the gym I think I can help with some clear strategies.

1. The company is invest by major firms: Seidler Equity Partners, CIVC Partners, and Madison Dearborn Partners
– Start contacting their offices and filling their inboxes with complaints, my guess is they’ll have more professional responses and possible solutions.

2. Report them to the Better Business Bureau
– With thousands of voicing concerns you can force the BBB to look into this matter quicker

3. You can get your local media channels to raise an uproar
– Use the angle of the company deciding to complete revoke Silver Sneakers a MEDICARE PROGRAM

Comment on here to help continue my research, Thanks


Pete March 24, 2014 at 11:52 pm

I reported LA Fitness to the Federal Trade Commission due to all the one year personal training contracts that they are making customers sign without them knowing it. LA Fitness will have to be publicly humiliated sooner or later.


kmcd January 29, 2014 at 3:41 pm

LA Fitness is a complete rip-off. We wasted over $500 on the place.


Disgusted January 28, 2014 at 2:10 pm

Lazy and dirty!

I was not a huge fan of Urban Active, but the quality of the gym has definitely gone down since LA Fitness has taken over. The whole place is filthy!! The machines are covered in dust, dirt, salt from the snow, sweat and strands of hair. ICK. There are literally tumbleweeds of dust and hair that spin around on the upstairs track and the light canisters on the ceiling and the neon signs are just as bad. it makes me wonder what I am inhaling while I am there.

The management does not seem to have a strong sense of pride in the club. A few of the workers are heavy set which is not very motivating when you come into a gym. I have seen them come and go with fast food bags which seems to further add to their weight problem and lack of motivation. I have also noticed small things like outdated signs staying posted on the walls well past the expiration date as well as abandoned water bottles sitting on the track for a few days at a time. They recently opened up the juice bar again and I would be very leery to consume anything made in that place due to the other cleanliness issues. Don’t chance drinking from the water fountains either. And god forbid using the restrooms or showers 🙁


Pete March 24, 2014 at 11:56 pm

I know exactly what you mean. A lot of the staff including corporate office personnel are lazy people with dirty minds. I’m glad I have nothing to do with LA Fitness anymore. They don’t deserve my business because I am too good for them.


Laura January 28, 2014 at 2:09 pm

I have serious concerns about the deterioration I see at the Cape Coral, Fl. LA Fitness gym.

My biggest concern is that “Corporate” does not seem to care about the condition of the club, the satisfaction of long-time club members or the health of those members who utilize the facilities.

I recently reported that the hot tub was off limits several weeks ago. Just this past weekend, the hot tub was again off limits due to a “mistake” by the contractor who services the hot tub. The excuse posted was “chlorine levels too high.”

What was even more disturbing on my recent visits was the filthy floor at the lobby of the club!
There were clear spills that were not cleaned up. The Operations Manager appears be cutting corners on the basic cleanliness of the floors, machines and even the showers showed signs of neglect
(Hair clogged on drains). Those shower stalls ought to be DISINFECTED AT LEAST WEEKLY – WALLS

While I managed to get one use out of the hot tub in between breakdowns, I observed the too-young
staff playing ball and other games over the computer area. This part-time weekend help should be
told to clean and disinfect the equipment and vacuum the carpet and wash the floors rather than play
games. They should be disinfecting the drinking fountains as well and disinfecting the floor mats in the rear left of the club.

The deterioration of the club since Savillis has taken over as Operations Manager seems to have caused a drop in usage of the Smoothie Café too because it appeared to be Close for Business. If things do not
improve, I predict this location of the LA Fitness will be forced to close too.

What will “Corporate” do to rehabilitate this club?


Laura January 28, 2014 at 2:19 pm

That’s “closed” for business.

There’s just one more thing. My husband asked for a new key card to replace the original card on his key chain because the laminate was coming off. The Operations Manager wanted to collect $5.00 from him for the replacement! Who does this man think he is, Chris Christie? What this says is “If you don’t pay $5.00 for a new key card, you just can’t get into the club but we will be happy to keep extracting money from your account each month! GMAFB! Fire this man!


Michael Samir Saad January 22, 2014 at 12:25 pm

About 8 years ago one of LA Fitness (formally known as Bally’s) associates forged my signature & signed me up for 2 years contract and I had a past due amount for about $200+ which I was not aware of. I attempted to cancel the contract but I was advised by of of the clubs advisers that I was one of the many victims of fraud accounts and had 2 options:
A) comply with the contract and pay the past due balance before it gets forwarded to collections.
B) cancel and pay the past due amount plus cancellation penalty (which was $300)
I was forced to comply with the contract and maintained a perfect record. Forward to 8 years after, I misplaced my credit card which led me to cancel out the card on file on March of 2013, however I did receive a call advising with the decline. I was able to update my billing information right there and then. Same incident happened on November 2013 and I was out of the country for a couple of months, never received a call or a letter advising with any billing issues. On 1/21/14 I walked in a local LA Fitness in Chatsworth and I was approached by this Manager called Steve, advising me that my account has been closed. I offered to pay the past due balance to reinstate my account and keep my membership that was established since October of 2007 he refused and said with a straight face “there’s nothing I can do. Either sign up as a new customer or….” he pointed his hand towards the door and shook his shoulders. Another manger approached me with the name Ivan recited the same thing verbadom showing 0 initiative to hold on a long term customer. I never escalated the fraudulent activities initiating my contract, but I was fed up with the level of service I received from the staff. I have family and friends going to the same club and if I take my bussiness else where just like the staff suggested about 5 – 7 members will take their business else where. Please assist.

Thank you so much for you time and attention to this matter.

Michael Saad aka Maical Saad
ID: F14365443


Richard Urias January 21, 2014 at 12:23 am

Well the other day I got into a argument with one of the workers there after he told my gf were she can work out I didn’t appreciate that at all I confronted him about it cause honestly he shouldn’t tell anyone were they can work out there is a over crowded gym I was upset and the managers talk to me and my gf and I got written up but I was never informed my membership would be terminated the management and workers are not doing there jobs there and I will make a complaint till I win this is bs im upset and to i want to talk to somonein charge asap I will not back down cause I’ve been there for 5 years and my first incident and I get my membership revoked that’s bs at least inform me before doing so I spent my time and gas heading to gym all I want is my member ship to be back and just go workout and do somthing I love that’s all but iam upset how they handled the situation they must of lied to get me revoked load of horse s*** if u ask me


Pete February 12, 2014 at 12:14 am

My suggestion to you is to take your business elsewhere. My membership was revoked simply because employees lied about me and others believed those lies. Nobody cares about them or what they think. I wasted no time and joined Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness is cleaner and more professional than LA Fitness will ever be.


Marty January 17, 2014 at 2:33 pm

The LA Fitness in Mt Prospect Il. is extremely unprofessional…especially how it handled their closing on Christmas eve, 2013. They announced numerous times, in a manner fit for kindergartners, what time the club was closing. Then, while customers were still in the showers and locker rooms, they shut off all of the lights and left people unable to find their lockers to dress and exit the club. Numerous folks were left to dress using the light from their cell phones and others couldn’t find their lockers. When the idiots who orchestrated this catastrophe were confronted about the stranded customers, their comment was that they warned everyone and was the customers fault their dressing in the dark. Their are a few friendly employees in this location, but most have no customer service training and their is limited experienced and visible leadership in this location. This club is staffed by unprofessional, unfriendly and self centered staff.


Sophia Parker January 9, 2014 at 10:36 pm

LA Fitness in Tucson Arizona, located on Wilmot Rd is beyond unprofessional, sadly ridiculous and as for LA Fitness costumer service I have no idea what is going on with LA Fitness and all the people they employed!! My husband and I once attend this location and there is an employee by the name Maria Lopez whom i saw my husband talking with once when he introduced me as his wife. We now attend another location which is closer to home but on December 20, 2013 i was distorted when i found a text on my husband’s phone saying “I feel the same way about you too” with a Youtube link to Alicia Keys song!! The text was from Maria Lopez and my husband said it was that girl from the LA Fitness. I called her up and she said i would not be hearing from her again then hang up the phone. I called the gym to file a complaint and for over five days the manager refused to call me back after leaving multiple messages and every time the phone rep would ask me to leave my name and number even when I demand to speak to a manager! On December 26, i called costumer service and the man I spoke with told me that LA Fitness as nothing to do with this and that I should talk to my husband. I explained to him that this Maria Lopez has access to my personal information and that I was concerned also that I believe that as a member I should be able to complain to a manager in regards to her having personal affair with my husband. He was rude and kept saying “go talk to your husband”. I told him that i was going to the gym to make a complaint and he said that I should not go to the gym or else they will call the police! I told him that i know my rights and that as long as i am not going there to cause a commotion or hurt anyone then I have all right to go.
I got to the gym and was waiting to speak to someone when a lady approach me and asked how can she help? I told her that I wanted was to speak to the manager and that was when she said that she was the manager. I told her i needed was to file a complaint about a Maria Lopez and before I could finish explaining she told me to leave!! I said why should I leave when I was talking very soft and i was just saying that i wanted to file a complaint against an employee? She ordered me to leave saying that the costumer service told me not to come there so I need to leave and go talk to my husband. She immediately ordered someone to call the police, twice. I said to her I am not scared of the police and that i am aware of my rights, I am not raising my voice nor was I harming anyone. I said that i would leave but just so she knows that I am not a dog and it was disrespectful for her to talk to me also I could bet anything that she wasn’t married!! She rudely responded..”by choice” and then I walked out. No more than two days after that I got a call from the district manager informing me that my membership was revoked!! When I asked why? She said LA Fitness is a private own gym and that they can do that! I even asked her if no one was going to investigate what happen or was there any video surveillance at the desk that could prove that i was just standing there asking question and she said that I my membership was revoke and that i should not go back to the gym!! I found out that the over the phone rep noted that I made threats!! Really, and why all these people are lying for no reason. I am filing a report with the District Attorney Office, BBB and I will be hiring an attorney. I refused to be treated like a piece of dirty cloth thats been used and toss to the side. This employee Maria Lopez has access to my personal information and she is in a personal relationship with my husband and that should be okay? The staff at LA Fitness is unprofessional and disrespectful!!


Peloso di Tedeschi January 11, 2014 at 5:08 pm

> Message du 10/01/14 à 22h56
> De :
> A :
> Copie à :
Objet : LA Fitness low company and worst to train???
I bought a blue card to train in LA fitness central London (it’s a wrong choice for me and my colleagues), is it possible to practice sport in your location because Picadilly it’s the worth place to train (9th no warm shower, no clean area!!!).
Best regards, Bruno

My adherent number is LAF59XXXXX, my name is BPdT


I feel your pain January 23, 2014 at 9:57 pm

call Stan Yasuda a vp at La 19492557208. That company really doesnt care about customers they just churn them and burn them. Thats why their sales have gone down so much.


I feel your pain January 23, 2014 at 9:59 pm

call Stan Yasuda 949–255-7208. He is a vp . Thats a serious problem they need to take care of.


Pete February 12, 2014 at 12:06 am

More than 10 years ago LA Fitness seemed like a professional company. They used to care about member satisfaction as their number one goal. Times have changed. Now their staff is their number one aspect. If the employees are spoken to regarding customers complaining about them, the employees say bad things about the members and notes are made of what the employees say and the customers’ complaints are disregarded. This is how my membership was revoked. People lied about me. I have moved on since but I will continue to read these LA Fitness stories and be reminded why I am glad I no longer have anything to do with LA Fitness and how screwed up they have become.


Deslyn Tamar January 9, 2014 at 1:39 pm

I had a bad feeling about LA Fitness from the beginning. After I signed up for training sessions I got sick and wasn’t able to continue the sessions. They kept charging me for the sessions even after I was done paying for them. They also kept calling me to make payments for sessions that I was already finished paying for. When I was well enough to deal with the issue, I was told by a manager that it was my responsibility to call and cancel the training sessions so they could only refund me half of the extra amount I over payed them. This was after being given the run around and dealing with people who do not know how to do their jobs and kept passing the buck. I really thought this was going to be an upgrade from Planet Fitness boy could I be more wrong! I will not recommend this gym to anyone I know. HORRIBLE!


Pete January 9, 2014 at 2:42 pm

PLANET FITNESS is an upgrade from LA Fitness and I’ll tell you why. Planet Fitness may not have as much to offer as LA Fitness however, Planet Fitness does not try to make extra money for training sessions. They have a personal trainer as part of the staff that anyone can go to at any time. Planet Fitness is a lot cleaner and more presentable than LA Fitness. Above all else, Planet Fitness has a much better staff that cares about each customer. LA Fitness used to be good but oh how times have changed.


Bob January 7, 2014 at 2:26 am

Disgusting business! Unprofessional staff! Unpleasant atmosphere to workout. Not only me but my whole family got upset of their approach, sales and uneducated staff!!!! Who runs business like this?!
I won’t recommend anyone to join at all. I tried different clubs in CA they all are the same. Don’t waste your time.


Pete January 9, 2014 at 2:45 pm

I have been told that LA Fitness is a professional company. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. The LA in LA Fitness stands for Liars Association because their unprofessional staff members can lie through their teeth all they want and get away with it.


Manifa January 4, 2014 at 2:22 am

I guess even CEO of the company who is Mr.Welch doesn’t care about our comments!
LA Fitness is a totally scam. They disrespect members, take their money then cancel their membership whenever they want, running such a terrible business with uneducated staff and management is not a new issue to discuss.
People should know that they are running their business in such a terrible way of taking members money cancel their membership and not paying their money back.
Since they cancel my membership on 12/23/13 I haven’t received my money that I paid over $700 cash. SHAME ON LA FITNESS.


Pete January 9, 2014 at 2:49 pm

LA Fitness revoked my membership because people lied about me. I was there for 13+ years because I wanted to be there. At least I didn’t have to pay more than I had to. I hear that LA Fitness has a lot of lawsuits on their hands. The corporate office staff is in their own strange world.


rory termbaum January 2, 2014 at 2:51 pm

LA Fitness is a dirty disgusting club, with employees that do not give a hoot about the members
it is close to my home i will be researching and joing another club I have had it with this dirty club in Scottsdale AZ


Pete January 9, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Not only are the LA Fitness clubs dirty themselves but the minds of the people who run LA Fitness are dirty as well.


Barb January 1, 2014 at 11:51 am

This is not a complaint. I would like to say the staff changes at the sunrise location are amazing. Operations guy receives a A plus everyday. Would love to see better cardio equipment in this gym, But this guy Is educated on the policy of la fitness, members are checking in again with barcodes, crime is down and he is walking the gym often picking up with the janitorial staff. He is going over and beyond to assure that this older gym is rendering quality service with a smile to the members of this gym. Good job on the hiring staff that brought him here. Looking froward to the additional changes at sunrise in the 2014 year!!!!!!


MANIFA December 30, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Dear Mr. Louis Welch

I really want to share this with you.
I used to work for your company for more than 5 years and I was honored to open the first Signature club in CA over Woodland Hills and I was a General Manager in Beverly Hills club.
I signed up for 36 months paid in full for membership. One those days that I was happily working out one of our members attacked me on the floor, threw my towel away and assaulted me without any reason! I was in shock and since I found out there was no manager or anyone responsible on the club I sent an e-mail to Robby Solomon and Mike Barton District and Regional Vice President to report what happened on 12/22/2013.
My personal private information (my home address and phone numbers) was given to another member of the gym who physically and verbally confronted me and assaulted at the workout floor, by a front desk gym employee in Glendale club whose name was Angie.
After following up with VP’s I guess they tried to get rid of me and my membership got revoked one day later on 12/23/13!!!!????
I haven’t done or say even a word to that guy who attacked me because I scared to be hurt. Now LA Fitness is supporting him who has been doing this over and over and canceled my membership without my willing and my money is gone????!!!
I lost my peaceful life because of your employees fault, my lower back is hurting of not doing my regular workout and my money is gone and GOD knows how long it will take to receive the full amount that I paid.
I have a question for you Sir. How would you react if the same thing accidently could happened to your family member your daughter or your wife?!
Do you think is fair what LA Fitness has done to me who was a former employee and almost everybody knows me in person. What’s going on in your company?!
This is Breach of contract and negligence and disclosure of confidential information.


Nicholas S December 27, 2013 at 4:05 pm

Mr. Louis Welch,

I have to tell you how disapointed I am after joining the LA Fitness in Levittown New York. My daugher and I joined a month ago, after being told by you sales manager Garin that every cardio machine has it’s own TV. The truth be told they do have their own TV, however only 62 percent of them actually work. When I asked the operations manager William Campbell multiple times when this will be corrected I get the stock answer we placed the call but we don’t know when they will come and fix the machines. No one takes ownership of any problem. The place is like a pig sty, there are never any paper towels or soap on the gym floor to clean the machines. The sales manager warns you not to put anything of value in the lockers as they keep getting broken into. Had I know this going in I would have never joined.


Nicholas S December 27, 2013 at 3:26 pm

Mr. Louis Welch,

I have to tell you how disapointed I am after joining the LA Fitness in Levittown New York. My daugher and I joined a month ago, after being told by you sales manager Garin that every cardio machine has it’s own TV. The truth be told they do have their own TV, however only 62 percent of them actually work. When I asked the operations manager William Campbell multiple times when this will be corrected I get the stock answer we placed the call but we don’t know when they will come and fix the machines. No one takes ownership of any problem. The place is like a pig sty, there are never any paper towels or soap on the gym floor to clean the machines. The sales manager warns you not to put anything of value in the lockers as they keep getting broken into. Had I know this going in I would have never joined.


Pete December 31, 2013 at 12:58 am

You can e-mail Louis at and express your issue. You may get a call back from Orlando Gonzalez who happens to be the member service director at the corporate office. My membership was revoked and I decided that I no longer wanted my name associated with LA Fitness and I specifically said to remove my name and information from their system. Orlando phoned me and told me to stop harrassing them. I told him that I didn’t appreciate people lying about me and he was silent so I hung up. Stupid people


Veronica January 22, 2014 at 11:28 am

Pete, I have been trying to email Louis, William and Scot… How do I get their email address? Thanks, Veronica


janelle sumpter December 21, 2013 at 4:21 pm

To whom it may concern:

Today I witness a very disturbing situation at the Panola Rd LA Fitness, my hopes that this corporation will do a better in managing this location. for the very short months that this location has been open I have been very disappointed on how it is manage. This is my third complaint about this location and something needs to be done.
The large balls are never blown up and this location does not have a pump to blow up the balls,
The staff are not custermer friendly no professional.
They eat at the front counter, they do not help customers on the machines, they do help out in when a problem is reported,
I reported that the whirlpool was cool nothing was done no note taken no way to report it, manager had no ability to do anything. no note posted,
Today no lights in the women’s locker room, no note posted on the front counter nor on the entrance of the locker room, the manager told me to use my phone and use the flashlight on it, rude, when asked for cooperate number he refuse to give it to us and refuse to tell us his name, the manager went back and forth with another person and the Manger threaten to call the police. I expect better, and hopes that this email will generate a response from corporate.


Pete December 31, 2013 at 1:05 am

LA Fitness used to have a toll free number that anyone can call and express any issue. The customer service rep would take your complaint and forward it to the appropriate district vice president. Times have changed. The number to the corporate office is (949) 255-8220. Let them know how screwed up the staff at the club you mentioned is. Good luck.


Vik December 14, 2013 at 4:40 pm

The customer experience at LA FITNESS is one of the worst at its best. I don’t understand how some of them find there way in to get a job there, i.e., a representative I spoke to today named (Angie) at the Sepulveda blvd. location in Van Nuys, CA. Long story short, I had walked in to that location early August 2013 to cancel my membership. A representative helped me out and said that the last payment to be drafted from my CC would be in Sept 2013. Three months passed, and I’m preparing for my year-end reconciliation, and guess what, see that that LA FITNESS continued to charge me to-date! I called and spoke to (ANGIE) today and she did not want to hear what I had to say or even cared to assist a long-time member. I tried to explain to her the situation and she kept on talking over me, raising her voice to eventually hanging up the phone on me. I called back and someone else answered, I asked for her and miraculously she wasn’t available. I’m submitting a complaint to all the regulatory, fitness, media, organizations/agencies about the lack of customer service LA FITNESS has demonstrated. I will be emailing the executives also continuously until my membership is canceled and refunded the past payments that should not have been charged in the first place.


Pete December 16, 2013 at 10:03 pm

My membership was cancelled because I went to several clubs and asked someone to show me around. In other words I asked LA Fitness employees to work more than they really had to. If these people do not want to show me around their respective clubs they could always tell me over the phone. People lied about me and others believed those lies. They’re the ones who screwed up. I can’t understand why they don’t want to cancel memberships of those who no longer want to be there. Did you send an e-mail to If not send one to this address saying “Angie made LA Fitness as a whole look really bad.” Good luck.


U R NOT WORTHY OF OUR BUSINESS December 9, 2013 at 3:04 pm



Pete February 24, 2014 at 3:19 pm

The restrooms you are talking about have the exact same description as the minds of the LA Fitness corporate office personnel, they are nothing but JUNK! It will come back to haunt them.


Angela December 8, 2013 at 1:10 pm

I would like to inform you of a location addition that may be of interest to your company. I live in Carrollton, GA and we have 2 gyms: Club Fitness and Sports Plex. The monthly charge for these gyms are outrageous at $48 and $58/month with a 2 yr contract. I would like to join a gym but have no interest in signing a contract or paying this much money to do so. I hope that your company will look for an opportunity in Carrollton, GA so that we will have some competitive competition and affordable choices. Thank you for your attention on this matter


Obinna Ugorji December 7, 2013 at 5:46 pm

Hello Mr. Louis Welch,

I am just arriving the Washington DC area from Stockholm, Sweden and need assistance please, in creating a network to support mental health CSR. I began work with Noaks Ark in Stockholm Sweden and will be continuing the work here in the US. Please advise. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Obinna Maduakolam Ugorji

Lifestyle First, Owner


Pete December 16, 2013 at 10:04 pm

You can e-mail Louis Welch at


Lisa D. December 4, 2013 at 7:36 pm

LA Fitness does not care about customer loyalty!!! I really miss Bally’s….My situation, I am currently unemployed and wanted a reduction in my monthly membership rate of $34.99 month. I went into a La Fitness here in Chicago and asked how can I reduce my monthly charge and was told, if I wanted a rate reduction, I would have to pay $199 then my monthly fee would be $19.99 a month. This is outrageous, “really I have to pay you an additional $199 to get a lower rate” ! Their not trying to work with their customers, I have been with them since 2009. I called corporate and spoke with someone name Victoria and Evelyn, they both told me the same thing…Useless!!! Since they were not willing to help me, I closed my membership…
I barely use the membership but wanted to keep it active so that I would be able to visit the facilities when the mood hit me. Other workout facilities are slowly evolving with better rates, once one is put up near me, I will become a member…I’m sure they will beat La Fitness price.


Pete December 13, 2013 at 11:34 am

You are absolutely right Lisa. LA Fitness does NOT care as much about their customers as they used to. I was with them for 13+ years only because I wanted to be there. They revoked my membership because people lied about me. I did nothing wrong but those who lied and believed those lies are the ones who screwed up. Someone made a point on this website that LA Fitness may be looking to get rid of the former Bally members who pay like $75 a year. I was paying $19 a month. I would recommend to you Planet Fitness if one opens up in your area. They always keep the facilities clean and the personal trainers are available at no additional cost. I hope you see this Lisa.


jay cotler December 2, 2013 at 10:29 am

Couple of comments.

Firstly let me explain that I have been a member of LA fitness via the acquisition of Ballys.

Going further back I was a member of Holiday spa which was taken over by Bally numerous years

I also have just had both my wife and daughter sign up as new members as well as one friend

Carol Pressman—Ellie Brandon — Cary Greenberg

I have been a member of the various clubs for over 40 years and happy to say using the club in Farmingdale 4-6 times a week. Each usage is 1 1/2 hours

Over all I find the club well maintained of course the hic cup is in the locker room and shower bathroom area.

Partially it is the club not having adequate staff but also some people just do not get it and take the necessary steps to be hygienic responsible.

The reason for this note address the replenishment of certain gym equipment –( the machines are maintained and when one goods down I would say within a week it is back in working order)

My complaint is the need to replace mats –balls-half balls –accessory items

What I have found is that replacement is not happening once a ball mat etc. is destroyed from use (life cycle usage) there are no replacements

For me to continue to promote the gym and its merits—— I believe it is only fair that items be replaced as they run thru the life cycle of usage

I just visited the new LA Fitness in Commack on Saturday and found all the equipment that I would like to see replaced available

Hopefully you will address the lack of replacement equipment—


Jerry Norris December 1, 2013 at 6:55 pm

I love LA Fitness and when I moved recently, close to the Aventura, Florida I thought I was golden. A city where snowbirds from all over the world come to stay for the winter and they get to see what I saw. I not going to bad mouth or explain what I saw. Just please send a regional manager to Aventura to correct. Thank you and I hope LA Fitness has a Happy Holiday. Thanks


deven November 25, 2013 at 7:57 pm

currently being harrassed by a trainer at the la fitness in cobb county ga est west connector austell ga . The “trainer’ jason told me that i can workout with my girlfriend that im training her just by doin our workouts together he the n revoked my membership without anyone’s knowledge including the managers . On top of this ignorance he lied and i said threatened him in the parking lot , i did not nor seen him and was not present the day he said it happened completely unprofessional


mike November 21, 2013 at 4:22 pm

I had some complaints of the janitorial service, mexican people I think. they would come over and spray the equipment right next to me when I am trying to breath clean air, or the would spray the entire window with no smudges on it, or heavy dusting near where I was (I have dust allergies) everytime I complained, they would get angry and walk away instead of seeing my point. finally the old mexical lady who never spoke, spoke up in English and nicely asked why I had a problem with the chemicals, I explained that I am very health conscious. she laughed at me and said you have no hair on your head( i am part bald), then one day soon after she was in the janitors room while I was swimming and was heavily spraying some part with a lot of chemicals, I asked her to stop, she ignored me and looked a bit upset, I tried to lighten her up by saying no hair while pointing to my head. she ignored me. so when I would see her I would say no hair jokingly. well yesterday as I was leaving the club she seemed to purposely run into me and I said no hair jokingly again.
that morning I got a call from the police department saying they wanted to me to come down to the station to answer some questions. I did and was told that there have been problems the last 3 or so weeks and she said I exposed myself to her, I was shocked to say the least that someone would lie and try to get me in serious trouble just bc I complained about chemicals. The officer said they would look at video surveillance in the pool area and let me know if charges would occur. I am not worried bc I did not expose my genital region like she said, but the officer also told me that my membership was revoked, which also shocked me bc nobody ever said anything to me the last few weeks that their was any problems. where is management? so I tried to call corporate and spoke to someone named david rosato, who said he would call me by the end of the day. of course he didn’t and I tried calling him and was told he was on the phone and still looking into it. still so far today no phone call. I think they were trying to get rid of me bc I used to belong to ballys and pay only 75$ a year at la fitness, so they were quick to give me the boot.


Pete December 3, 2013 at 12:19 am

Mike, I know exactly how you feel. I had my membership revoked 6 months ago because people lied about me. I was acused of exposing my privates and sexually harrassing someone. No one called the police on me because they know they can’t prove it. All I did was go to several clubs and ask someone to show me around and usually the people I asked has no problems doing so. When you scan your membership card, your account shows up on the computer screen and the employees can enter notes. That’s what they did to me and the area manager cancelled my membership. This woman you mentioned made LA Fitness look bad, she made each person at the corporate office look bad, she made the entire staff look bad and worst of all she made herself look bad. There’s nothing anyone associated with LA Fitness can do about that.


jon p. November 20, 2013 at 6:55 am

About six months ago I signed onto LA fitness in London, On. , seemed like a good deal at the time, about 15$ cheaper a month than good life, which for me means a lot to me. After a month or so I figured I would try out some personal training, I signed on for 52 weeks. The person who sold it to me said aslong as I pay first and last I could cancel whenever or drop it to one session per week whenever I wanted too, this would accommodate me greatly because of the long hours I put in at work. Now that im getting buisy at work I figured I would cut the training off until January. But after talking to a staff member she tells me that I cannot break the contract, even after being told by her own staff something different. I hope something will be done to fix this but I really don’t expect it after talking to staff members from the gym. I will continue to use the gym until my personal training runs out and after this I will go back to goodlife, I will never recommend a friend to try the gym out or put a good word up for it. I will be leaving and bringing my 4 friends with me. I really can’t believe that major companies have people lie for them to get people to sign contracts.

Jon pilon


Pete December 3, 2013 at 12:09 am

The LA in LA Fitness stands for Liars Association because as you can see, it’s so perfectly OK for their staff to lie through their teeth. I had my membership revoked 6 months ago because people lied about me. I sent an e-mail to the corporate office only to get a call back from the member service director telling me to stop harrassing them. He was speechless after I told him that LA Fitness associates lied about me.


Geist resident November 18, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Member of Fishers, IN club…GM has an ego the size of California and brain of ant…today they installed a locking device so cycle instructors cant turn lights down for class…have been in 6 other clubs…all allow this. Men’s and women’s locker rooms arent as clean as truck stop bathrooms–disgusting. One time tried to bring it to the GM”s attention…he stated they were “fine”..when I tried to show him–he refused. Its way over sold…whole place smells like mold..carpet is black in some areas…complete crap hole…..did I mention the GM is ego maniac…?


Jeff A November 24, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Was his name Ricky Cinnamon? I’ve been hung up on, talked down to in front of a friend and other customers, and said that I was a transfer from Cardinal Fitness (like I had a choice) for some reason. He also said my issue wasn’t his problem because he deals with new memberships. I’m trying to find his bosses email address (bc he refused to give it to me) on this site, any help? I’m so absolutely dumbfounded by his lack of professionalism and respect for members and our problems which was small but now is very big. I’m actually embarrassed for this so called manager and for LA Fitness in general. This all started when after my workout I inquired about transferring my wife to LA from Lifetime, kind of ironic.


Pete December 3, 2013 at 12:04 am

FYI Jeff, you can call the corporate office in Irvine, CA at (949)255-8220 or send them an e-mail at I tried this after my membership was revoked and I got a return phone call from Orlando Gonzalez (949)255-7277. He told me to stop harrassing them. I hope you have better luck.


john November 15, 2013 at 5:59 am

LA Fitness in Snellville Georgia has become the pits. I have been a member since 2008 and it was good until the past year. Carpet is worn, place needs to be painted. Equipment is broken or doesn’t function properly. MUSIC is to damn LOUD.

They have a problem opening at 5 AM.


dee November 7, 2013 at 9:30 pm

How do you place a complain about a manager when district managers are not even available to the customer? Wondering about the organization about this corporation, is almost anonymous .. BTW I just joined LA FITNESS in Connecticut


Pete November 9, 2013 at 5:15 pm

FYI you can call the corporate office at (949) 255-8220 or send an e-mail to I hope you see this Dee and good luck.


Lisa November 7, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Location: LA Fitness – 2011 W Danforth Rd. Edmond, OK 73003 (405-216-4825). This is the worst experience in our life. On Nov 2, 2013, we went shopping in Edmond, OK. Actually, we are living in Moore, OK is far from Edmond. Beside store, two people work in LA Fitness set a booth. Actually, we have already started to look for a Fitness for a while to get a whole family membership. When my husband was talking a girl, the other said if my son played a game could win a bag. My son was very lucky and was told won a bag. The guy (Ray) told me my son was the first winner, a very lucky boy. Then they said I could win too, I couldn’t believe I made it happened, I won a bag as well. They said “Congratulation!” You both won the bags.” Then they told us they didn’t have bags. We needed to come back to pick up next day start at 9:00am at the same place. Also, we needed to bring two key chains which mean we won bags. At that time, we just felt we had to drive a long way to get bags, so asked they could mail to us or not, they said no. We asked what the promotion for membership, we were told we could think about the promotion and if we wanted. We said we could fill out form, but they said it spent too much time for them to enter credit card information in computer, so they wanted us to do online. Thus, we gave them our email address. They said if we decided to join the club and used code that they sent to us to get promotion. We asked them it was possible to use this in Moore. We told them we were looking for buying a house in Edmond now and move here very quickly, this was why we could get membership in Edmond. Before we left, suddenly, they said over 30 people; only one could win a bag. I felt what they hide something from us; first they told us my son was the first winner, why they didn’t put more bags there, only one sample. On the next day, we drove to there again at 10:20 am, however, we didn’t see anyone there, no booth; we were shocked, “Is this joke?” We drove around and found the phone number on the sign (LA Fitness is still under construction in Edmond, OK) we called, Ray said there was preview office was closed to yesterday booth. Actually, you can walk to office less one minute from the booth. Now we have a question “Yesterday why they didn’t go to office to get bags for us, let us drive a long way to come back?” When Ray saw us, he was unfriendly and even didn’t talk about any bags we won. He just asked us signed program or not. We told him we went the website, but we found they were separate receipts and he said yes, but he could do one receipt. During we talked, my son has to ask a bag he won, Ray said “there is one over there, yes, take it, it’s yours.” I was doubt and I didn’t ask him my bag. We signed contract, he put information in computer and before we paid by credit card he said he didn’t know how to do it, so he needed to ask another girl who should be in office at 9:00 am. He called and found she was shopping in Wal-mart. When she came, we have waited for long time. Ray told her “the family won the bags in here.” They both