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Best Western International, Inc.
6201 N 24th Parkway
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

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Phone Number: (602) 957-4200
Fax Number: (623) 780-6199
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Best Western Facts

Founder: M.K. Guertin
Date Founded: 1946
Founding Location: California
Number of Employees: 1300

Best Western Executives

CEO: David Kong
CFO: Mark Straszynski
COO: Ron Pohl

Best Western History


BW 1


Best Western was founded in 1946 by hotelier M.K. Guertin as an informal referral system for member hotels. During those years, hotels in California and other western states were generally family owned, roadside motels or larger urban hotels. This service, which was literally nothing more than a phone referral service where one desk operator talked to another about recommended hotels and motels, would eventually grow into the Best Western hotels we know today. BW 3

By 1962, the company had the only hospitality reservation system in the US which covered the entire nation.

By 1963, there were 700 member hotels, making them the largest chain in the industry.

In 1964, Canadian hotels were admitted into the association.

In 1977 the company began using the phrase, “world’s largest lodging chain”.

The chain began franchising in the UK in 1978. BW 2

In 1980, Denmark, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland joined the association.

In 1995, the company launches website.  By 2005, there are booking $1 million in reservations per day online.

Best Western then expanded to Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand in 1976. BW 6

In 2002, Best Western International launched Best Western Premier in Europe and Asia. In 2011, the company began to list their hotels under three different tiers; Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier.

In 2004, Best Western became the official hotel of Nascar.BW 4

In May of 2013, Best Western announced that it will take over management of the Green Hill Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar. This acquisition will give the hotel Best Western’s brand name, as well as establishing Best Western as their first hotel establishment in the country.

The company began using IBM’s Watson AI to personalize and target their marketing ads by asking potential clients about travel plans on search engines in 2019.

In August 2019, Best Western Rewards Program was named as one of the Top Loyalty Programs in the US for the 7th consecutive year by US News & World Report. 

Today, Best Western is made up of over 4200 hotels worldwide with nearly half of those in North America. Estimated annual revenue worldwide in 2012 was $6 billion. Headquarters for the company are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

BW 5

Best Western FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Best Western?
Answer 1: The phone number for Best Western is (602) 957-4200.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Best Western?
Answer 2: The CEO of Best Western is David Kong.

Question 3: Who founded Best Western?
Answer 3: Best Western was founded by M.K. Guertin in 1946.

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aj November 6, 2019 at 8:34 pm

I am disappointed to read all the complaints at your best western in Camarillo California. Even a customer complaining about a homeless person outside of her door. I called this evening and the phone rang about 35 times before someone answered the man was very nice but so long to answer the phone. Do you as the owners even care about this business or the customers who come to stay here? Today, pet friendly is NOT a good choice especially when they place is not clean and smells, has mold, bad beds, dirty floors in bathrooms. Actually if you do not care about this hotel sell it so someone else can give it a better reputation. I have traveled and stayed at a Best Western it was clean and pleasant. Please try to clean this place up it is giving Camarillo California a bad name when in fact this is a nice area, a clean area I have lived here in this area for over 16 years and it’s clean and safe for seniors and young people, family environment. Can you put a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) to this business and get some better support with staff in there who will do their jobs right. People are counting on you to make this a pleasant stay while traveling. Too many customers say it is dark and scary that is not a good thing. And the photos DO NOT represent this place at all is a big disappointment. A concerned customer I thank you for reading my email and hopefully doing something about this place. You could have a very successful business here this is a nice area to be in.


Bonnie Armentrout September 16, 2019 at 2:28 pm

I have stayed in many hotels via using Expedia and prepaying for my rooms. I have never before experienced such a run around as received by your BW Plus Oswego Hotel in Oswego NY. In July 2019 I booked and prepaid for three rooms for my husband, son and friends for a fishing trip ($1670.70 total). Upon arriving at the hotel on 9/11/19 they were advised that they needed to give their credit cards and a pending charge of $473.15 was placed on three separate credit cards. Needless to say they were quite upset about this and were advised the charges were for possible “incidentals” and would be removed upon checking out of the hotel if there were no “incidental” charges. These men were quite upset about this as well as the fact that two mornings they did not receive their wake up calls. The hotel gave a credit to each of the cards for the inconvenience. When I checked my account for the credit I was shocked to find an additional pending charge for $849.24 on my credit card (now totaling $1322.39). I contacted the hotel and they could not tell me why that charge was there. They told me the pending charges have been released but may take up to a week for the pending charges to drop off of the credit cards.

How is it that your hotel can hold three cards hostage for $2268.69 of total pending charges when the rooms were prepaid?? This is totally wrong. I have never had this happen and no one seems to be able to explain WHY this happened. The invoice clearly shows the rooms were prepaid. People should not be treated this way and you can be sure that I will never use a Best Western again.


Barry Flemming June 26, 2019 at 1:55 pm

Dear Mr. Kong, Pres., CEO;
My wife and I recently made a road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver, BC staying, exclusively, at Best Western Hotels. I have submitted reviews (comments) on each of the eight hotels we stayed at.
I’m writing to you from the standpoint of Consumer Marketing, in general, as to the overall impression we had of the Best Western chain.
Bad Taste: Fort Bragg- Old, no amenities, had to walk a way to breakfast
Eureka- Loud, frozen/micro breakfast
Newport- Under construction, loud
Edmonds- Room wasn’t clean
Great Taste: Gold Beach- Great location, beach, great breakfast
Newport- Great view
Cacade Locks- great all around, loved the outsourcing of
breakfast to a local restaurant next door.
Burnaby- Great all around
Gig Harbor- Great facility, wonderful breakfast experience.
Overall, all employees were cordial & helpfull
Thank You,


Raymond Harrison Lee April 22, 2019 at 2:14 am


To: Staff
From: Raymond H. Lee

Typo error on date November 21, 2012
Correction on date April 15, 2019

Sincerely, Raymond H. Lee


Raymond Harrison Lee April 15, 2019 at 11:57 pm

Date of Incident Check- In Date April 6, 2019, 7:00
Booking ID #250496698
Sure Stay Best Western 418 West Tehachapi, Tehachapi 93561-1638
I went to the Desk Clerk a Lady, native Indian, dark complexion, black short
curly hair, 160 pounds. Lady could not find my confirmed reservation, I told
her my full name, she told me the reservation was for April 5, 2019(1 day prior),
I checked and verified my reservation for April 6, 2019. I brought my AMEX
credit card statement showing paid $95.92. She said I would have to pay again
$118.00 to stay at the hotel. I went to another hotel in Bakersfield
When I came home I called the hotel Manager and “She said I can’t help you
and hung up on me. Both Persons are Unprofessional. I want a Refund in the
amount of $95.92. Contact Me@ raymondevelee@


Victor Madden April 11, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Wow, I don’t know where to begin. I stayed at the Best Western Hotel in Turlock, CA on 4/5-6/2019. I am a Rewards member and have been for many years. As I had already taken a shower before I left home, I didn’t take one on Friday night at the BW. On Saturday night I wanted to shower. I turned the water on to get the right temperature for me, stepped into the shower/tub, took one step toward the shower head to adjust the spray, slipped on the shower floor (no bath mat was supplied), lost my balance and fell out of the shower and onto the floor, fracturing my right clavicle. After spending 15-20 minutes on the floor, I was finally able to get up, get dressed and report the fall to the front desk, where I also asked for directions to the nearest hospital Emergency Room. I spent 4 1/2 hours at the ER and was diagnosed by the ER doctor as having a crushed shoulder muscle, back sprain and back contusion. The next morning the ER called me and said that further examination of my Xray revealed a fractured right clavicle. I have since contacted the hotel’s General Manager, Edwin Sarkissian, who apologized and said he would order enough bath mats to put one in every room, but said he would not consider covering any of my medical bills. I then called Best Western HQ, who informed me that they would not get involved and that any compensation would have to be negotiated with the Turlock BW management, with whom I had already failed to reach an agreement.

WARNING to travelers considering a stay at any Best Western facility: make sure that there is a bath mat in your room! The showers are extremely slippery. Needless to say, I will not worry about it further, as I have spent my last night at a Best Western hotel.


Jason Taylor April 8, 2019 at 9:29 am

I’m a Diamond Select Member. With this status, most people would think that had some weight behind it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean a thing. It’s only a sales gimmick. I have no complaints about the hotel we’ve stayed at since January either. The owner, General Manager and all the staff have been very good to me. I’m fighting cancer. After 33 rounds of radiation, 17 rounds of chemotherapy, including this ongoing treatment and then a feeding tube and 3 major surgeries, I am at my wits end. In January we lost our place to live. We checked into a local Best Western. The landlord took our money but could not obtain the occupancy permit. So while we waited for this to materialize, the folks at our Best Western Plus made our stay as comfortable as possible, were helpful in every way you can think of, and corporate was as well. I won’t go into detail about that but Kelly, the head of Best Western Rewards and promotions was really wonderful to us. Fast forward to today: The landlord continued to string us along and we began looking for another apartment. Staying in a decent hotel for almost 3 months is very expensive and we have spent almost 8,000.00. That may not seem like a lot, but for a cancer patient living on disability, it is quite a bit. So in attempting to get through to the always helpful Kelly of the rewards program, I got a very grouchy lady, who told me that she would not help me in anyway whatsoever because the rewards account is in my girls name. I explained to her that permissions had been granted. She called me a liar, stating that she had no evidence of that, despite having been told that not only could Kelly verify this, but so could the hotel owner, GM and many other people at the hotel. My girlfriend is at work. Rather than being helpful, which I desperately needed her to be she dismissed be as a liar, repeating ” There is no evidence if that. Anyway, we really need help now. I only have about 2 hours to figure this out and it is not fun to have to worry, when it all should have been handled right away. Thank You very much


Austin Haller March 18, 2019 at 6:48 pm

(I am a Diamond Select member) Best Western Orlando West, Orlando FL. is, over all,
one of the least favorable properties I have ever stayed in. The place is only marginally clean and not well kept up. Two days in a row the housekeeping staff was unable to figure out how to get into my room and make up the room. Even though I was gone and no sign was on the door. So for two of three days I did not get my room made up……..Bad way to run a motel.

Second subject. Your web site is a giant pain in the neck to deal with. It is hard to get into and you never know what its going to do.


LINDA February 19, 2019 at 1:33 pm

Dear Corporate Staff,
I need to draw your attention to the terrible state of affairs I encountered at your name sake in Bradenton, Florida. A frazzled front desk employee, who was the only staff on site, in spite of a Friday night holiday weekend, informed me of an incident which caused her to call the police in response to rowdy screaming kids who had entered the facility. Aside from her having to lock the front door, I was further informed there was no clean room available to me in spite of having a confirmed reservation via Expedia and the hotel itself. The housekeeping staff had left prior to cleaning the last room unoccupied, leaving me virtually without a place to stay in a location which had no other availability. I would never recommend anyone stay at this facility. I would like a confirmation from your headquarters, preferably the CEO, so I know that this complaint has been taken seriously as it left an extremely bad impression on the Best Western brand.


Maggie Denning January 4, 2019 at 2:01 pm

I do not recommend staying at the Best Western Truman Inn located right off Interstate 70 in Independence, Missouri. Address: 4048 South Lynn Court, Independence, MO 64055. I reserve 3 rooms twice a year for 2 nights on Chief game weekends. We have used this hotel for years. Not every again! I made the reservations for both games this summer and never received confirmation numbers so I called in September. They had everything mixed up and finally got the dates and number of night corrected. Then we arrived for the October 24th game with the Bengals. The key they gave to my brother opened up a room that had other guest’s belongings in it, in another room our friends had their doored opened in the middle of the night by someone that had a key to their room. Thank God they had their chain on. Think about this. What if someone had a gun and decided to shoot a stranger breaking into their hotel room. Thank God that didn’t happened. Last weekend I called early Saturday morning to make sure everything was OK. They told me I only had reservations for one night. Not true but the other 2 rooms were right. We got that fixed and I asked to have all 3 rooms together. Well they said they couldn’t do that so we got room 148. When we opened the door the mattresses and box springs where up against the wall, the room was a mess and not usable. We went back and they gave us another room next to the other 2 rooms that I asked for in the beginning. I asked if they had bedbugs and they said no. The next morning none of the 3 keys worked to our rooms and we had to go back to the office to stand in line with many other customers that were having their keys re-keyed. OK that just seems like a aggravation but nothing too serious. Yesterday I checked my credit card that I used to make the reservation and they charged me for both nights and charged Tom’s credit card for both nights. I called and talked to Audrey and she said she had to talk to her manager. Well it took all morning and 3 phone calls and I finally got them to agree to comp one night and take of the charges on one credit card. It is my opinion that it’s not worth the hassle to stay at the TRUMAN INN, INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI


Haily January 17, 2019 at 2:03 pm

Each Best Western is individually owned and operated. Do you realize that if you go on their site and leave a bad review that they have to pay $50 for every bad review? The property that you stayed at has to pay this fee. I stayed with Best Western for 2 months and I am leaving a bad review for every day I stayed because of the harassment and negligence I received while there. Just an FYI


Jennifer Ennis October 7, 2018 at 1:11 pm

I booked the same hotel two years in a row. In Victor, New York. The first year the hotel desk clerk refused to call to get the battery changed in the pool lock. When asked about it hours later she LIED right in front of me. Said she was never told about the locks. Funny, I had been texting my assistant ( I still have the text messages) for 2 hours about her unwillingness to fix the lock. The next year the same agent THREATENED TO KICK MY A** in front of the same child she made cry the year before. I have spent 2 weeks trying for an apology from the hotel. I was just told by Justin agent ID 15529 that I would NOT be getting an apology from the hotel and he would NOT be letting me speak to anyone else, nor would he give me a phone number to anyone who could help me. I was THREATENED by an employee on the clock and she was not punished and I will not get an apology. In an ironic twist, when I went 59to bathe there was a cockroach looking bug in my bathroom. I do plan on posting pictures on any website where the reviews allow pictures. This company is an abomination to customer service


Susan Winders July 17, 2018 at 9:30 am

Booked the BW Hotel Continental Venice, Italy after reading the reviews and view the photos. It looked to be a beautiful hotel, however, upon arrival we found out that the hotel was under construction. In communication with the GM, he stated that 60% of the hotel still needed to be completed. There were construction workers on site. Hallways were not complete, the outdoor canal front restaurant/patio did not exist, the main hotel lobby was not even close to being completed and we paid $400 per night. The hotel management did not seem that this was a problem because I “booked a room and the room was complete”. What?!!? I booked a hotel that was 100% completed with a working restaurant on the water with a patio I could use not ladders, plasterers and construction everywhere. The offered me discounted rooms if I came back for another stay. $4500 for airfare for 3 people to stay there 2 more nights? Does anyone see a problem with that? I would like 60% of what I paid refunded since I got 40% of a hotel.


Frederick Vogel July 6, 2018 at 11:04 am

Called Merry Manor Best Western this morning because I am tired of playing ‘telephone tag’ with the manager Mr. Layfette.
Was told he is not in, not sure when he would be in. The assistant manager is not in either. Who i running the place…me, says Elsa, and Todd.” Explained that Todd was rude yesterday and that I would contact Headquarters and Elsa replied “Go for it !” Really is this how a front desk person speaks to a client? This location does a great deal of business in May for a local dog show, all the judges are housed there. I am personal friends with the Show Chairman, Christine Calcinari, and will call her and relate the issues to her. Perhaps it is time that she move the judges to a hotel that is a bit more respectful of their clients. Why am I not getting replies from the manager and how can he hire people like that who are the ‘face of his establishment or does he not care?


Frederick Vogel July 5, 2018 at 2:56 pm

Made a reservation at Merry Manor Best Western for May 19-21. Booked on line. When I arrived no reservation. Put in a “handicapped room” which technically wasn’t as I am an architect, but we did not one but at least had a room. My card was swiped again since there was no record of our reservation.
Problem: have spoken to the Manager Mr Ken Lafyette twice who knows the issue and has promised it would be resolved in a week…going on a month and nothing. WHY ?
The front desk when I called today was nothing but RUDE…Todd should be out pounding the pavement!
I want the refund and I want it NOW….no one has called and no return calls from Mr. Lafyette who could care less !
Frederick Vogel


Donna Turner July 5, 2018 at 1:23 am

Booked one night at the Best Western Springfield,VA on 6/22/18. I just found out this hotel charged my card $400 for “excessive smoke” in the room and I don’t even smoke! I have contacted the property and the situation remains unresolved. I believe it’s a case of “wrong room” by the maid, or this property is running a scam.
At check in I was asked for a $100 deposit for “incidental” fees. I asked what that was for, as I have never had to pay a deposit before check in and was not informed at booking they required it. The clerk said in case I break a lamp or something like that. I was then asked by the clerk to sign a paper listing all the possible charges I could incur including the $400 no smoking policy. I signed, then asked for a copy and he refused to give me one.
We left the room with the keys in it at 11:55 am. The maids were ready to enter our room, so I let the door open for her. The room had not been smoked in during my stay, so why would the maid say it was unless they are scamming guests?
I am shocked by the unwarranted charge, and have had zero luck trying to resolve the issue with the property by phone.
Please check this out and see what you can do about this scam they are running. It should be illegal to charge a guests card just based on what the maid says. Maybe she was upset that we took so long to leave, or she could have the rooms mixed up. I do not have much money, so this has really hurt me. I plan on taking this issue as far as it will go to expose the crooks at this property. Please help. Thank you.


NICE STYLE TRAVEL & TOURS June 25, 2018 at 1:49 am

This is Nice Style Travels & Tours from Myanmar.

On 18 Apr, 27 pax of our tour group stayed at Best Western Leoso Hotel Leverkusen (Cologne, Germany). Full payment had been done before the reservation date already.

However, on 24 Apr 18, this hotel website cut 500EUR from our company credit card with no notice. When we asked the Hotel with which reason this amount was cut down, they replied due to one room’s carpet was wet a little in front of the shower room They said that they had sent that email about this issue to our company upon the group check out.

But, the email they sent that information is the mail that our operation does not use and had never mentioned through out our reservation process.

If they really want to inform this matter,

firstly, the reception & staffs should have informed about the wet carpet when the group check-out, but didn’t.

Second, they should have sent the mail to the address which reservation was made, but didn’t.

Third, even if they had sent the mail, they should have waited the confirmation from our side or follow up our decision, but didn’t. We must say 500EUR is not little amount, they should wait or follow up our confirmation.

Fourth, they sent the wet carpet photo with no proof of date and time and say that our clients did. But how could we know if the staff watered on the carpet and made up as if our clients did. Thus, we assume they have no sincerity.

Fifth, the deduction amount they had done to our company was too much, it was 500EUR which is more than 4rooms rate even though this issue happened only in one room in a small area and we stayed only one night. We must say this is too much. (They mention that this large amount was cut because the room could not rent the room for several days. Is it possible? We know the carpet can be dried shortly within a day if they use carpet dryer. This solution is our limited knowledge. We believe that for the developed country like Germany and international brand hotel like Best Western will have better solution to dry the wet carpet within an hour or short period. The point is the amount they had cut down was totally unreasonable.

Sixth, the team leader of the room division [Sebastian Buresch, Teamleiter Rooms Division,Tel.: 0214/ 383-380, +492143830, Fax.:0214/383-800,] (who must be responsible of this card deduction) avoid our phone calls ( whenever we called they say he is at the meeting, we called 4days continuously) and when we sent the complaint email about this matter, he doesn’t care and failed to reply our mail (we follow up this complaint every day via phone and mails). He replied twice (also this reply is made due to continuous phone calls) and both time he keep telling he sent the mail about this matter (but as I said above, the mail he sent was not used in reservation process and had never been mentioned before). Instead of giving solution, he just say what he did.

Seventh, we sent the complaint letter formally and informally, but they didn’t take any prompt nor slow action. We had to call for 3 or 4 days and followed up mails to get their solution. When, the reply is received it is not satisfactory and unreasonable and no solution is given.

Eighth, we want the amount of the money they deduct from our credit card back if they cannot explain WHY their reception was late to inform this situation
on the spot, WHY they sent the issue to the wrong uncharged mail though we have never mentioned and WHY they did not take our confirmation to deduct that extreme amount of money for this fixable issues, and WHY they did not try to dry that carpet immediately instead of sneaking the chance to cut the money from the partner.

Thus, we are totally unhappy about the Best Western Leoso Hotel Leverkusen (Cologne, Germany)’s way of solving this issue. As we are travel agent, we had used Best Western Hotel Brand in Several Countries but had never had this sort of issue and had never worked with this unreliable partner. We hope you would give the best solution for this matter.

Please take action on this issue as soon as possible and we hope you will not ignore our complaint too.


Roseanna May 5, 2018 at 12:49 am

WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for
Best Western Complaint Desk


Joseph F. Coleman March 11, 2018 at 2:24 pm

Re: Best Western Majestic Mexico City
My late Wife and I had stayed at the Best Western Majestic in Mexico City several times, even when it was solely, The Majestic, it is a fine hotel. As previously reported, on my last stay while checking out, a theft occurred and was reported. I in no way blame the Hotel or it’s Management. It is a fine Establishment and I am once again returning to visit the hotel on April 20 to 24.

My only request is for a room overlooking the Zocala . It is my sincere hope that my prior complaint will in no way effect my visit or the attitude of the Staff on my upcoming visit.

Joseph F. Coleman


Ruthann Custer February 27, 2018 at 5:51 pm

I have always picked the Best Western to stay at on our vacations. Loved the rewards. I’m sorry to say that until you start giving respect and discounts back to the NRA my family will be choosing other hotels, there are many! Goodbye Best Western


James Gibson February 26, 2018 at 5:18 am

My wife retires in March. We plan to travel the US. I just booked 6 nights for a trip to Phoenix to watch the Cleveland Indians spring training. I also joined your hotel rewards plan. I am a member of the NRA and will not be staying at any of your hotels in the future. Terrible corporate decision. The great unwashed in flyover country vote also. Good-bye.


Robert Halgren February 25, 2018 at 3:13 pm

As a life member of the NRA, also a Platinum Rewards Member and business owner, we will no longer be staying at any Best Westerns. They just lost all of our business with their decision to boycott the NRA.
Long live the NRA and our 2nd Amendment Rights! The only right that defends all of our other God Given Rights!


gary miller February 25, 2018 at 10:33 am

I am currently a best western rewards member. I am also a life member of the NRA. your recent boycotting of the NRA’s discount program leaves me no choice but to boycott your hotels. my 4 to 5 stays at best westerns annually will cease immediately. any corporation that chooses to punish innocence people is not deserving of my business. The NRA is
millions strong and I hope many others boycott your hotels so best western suffers financially.


Kep February 24, 2018 at 10:34 pm

My message cut somehow anyway so I will repeat it. I’ve often been a customer at best Western. Never had any complaints. But you have never made all my vacation in business travel into a political issue. If I stay with you that means I’m Anti NRA, if I don’t then I am pro NRA. If you gave the NRA special consideration fine if you don’t fine too; that has nothing to do with me and the rest of your customers. What is your agenda behind this “political PC statement”? Is it one of those anti-Trump I’m a real American statement and your not? So sad.


Kep February 24, 2018 at 10:16 pm

I have been a customer of Bedt Western for literally decades but No More!!!
You have tried to make my vacation and business travel into a political statement Will I stay with you because I’m against the NRA or am I pro-NRA when I don’t?
If you have been giving the NRA special consideration


Mellie Karagiannis February 23, 2018 at 5:47 pm

I have been going to Best Westerns for 25 years. Wondering now if they will put up gun free zones in their lobbies now. Needless to say, I won’t be returning to their establishment. I’ve been all over The United States, Canada, and Europe, especially Greece. Will not step foot in a Best Western again.


Robert February 24, 2018 at 12:50 pm


You are a very foolish person. Guns are not the problem. People are. I would rather have a good armed person in the lobby to stop an armed bad person who would not care about your “gun free zone”. People who think like you have no problem with organizations like Planned Parenthood which kill more innocents than guns under the false dogma of “a woman’s right to choose” (to kill their unborn baby). Will you call for an “auto free zone” since autos kill and injure far more people than guns?

I will no longer stay at a Best Western because they have discontinued discounts given to NRA members, and I am not a member. When a corporation decides to ignore the first amendment and set themselves up as “thought police”, I will reject them.


julie December 9, 2017 at 3:07 pm

Me and my daughter checked in the best western hotel Amazon in Athens, Greece on November 21, 2017. That night we came back late, and had shower, next day in the morning, when we got in bathroom, we found lots of bugs on the floor, especially underneath of bath tub towel, my daughter was bitten by those bugs.
When I checked out that morning November 22, 2017, I reported bugs in front desk, she said let house keeper to clean it.
On December 4, I called best western customer service, they said they will contact the Amazon hotel. Today December 9, in the morning 6am, best western called me saying the Amazon hotel did not record of it. Then case dropped, even I said I have many pictures to show, they don’ t care.


Stephanie Balch December 5, 2017 at 12:14 pm

We chose this hotel, as we travel for work with our pets, and their website claimed they are ‘pet friendly’, with a fee of $10 per pet, per night. For a nightly rate, that’s reasonable . . . but when you’re staying for four months of work, it adds up quick. We have a five year old female lab, and a six year old male cat . . . both are fixed, and the cat is declawed. Neither have ever caused any problems during any of our hotel stays.

We spoke with ‘Sam’, the GM, about getting a possible discount, as just the pet fees alone would total $2,440 for our total stay . . . a hefty chunk, considering all the other expenses of living/working on-the-road. After some haggling over a possible price reduction, Sam told me the best he could do on the pet fees was $1,900 for the entire stay. He also said that we were lucky to get that, since he had given our Company a reduced rate on our room. I tried to explain to ‘Sam’ that the Company pays for the room, but we are responsible for the pet fees. He then informed me that because of the reduced room rate, he required that we pay the entire $1,900 up front, and that it would be non-refundable, in case my fiance was sent to another location to work.

I told ‘Sam’ we were unable to pay the entire $1,900 up front. His response to me was that we would need to find other accommodations. Period. ‘Sam’ then informed me that the hotel was in the middle of some major renovations, and we would be required to change rooms 4 – 5 times during our four-month stay. I definitely was given the impression that ‘Sam’ did not want our business.

We ended up staying only one more night at the BW, then moved to a new location. After over a year’s worth of hotel stays from Ohio to California and back, this hotel had the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. And the other Front Desk personnel are just as bad . . . no smiles, no greetings as you pass through the lobby. I noticed the same attitudes when they dealt with other guests.

There were other issues with this BW: a king mattress that felt more like a box spring, a bathtub/shower that was yellowed and stained, and one small elevator that shook and jumped as you moved between floors.

We would never stay here again . . . with or without pets!


SEYMOUR LECKER November 15, 2017 at 7:03 pm



Jean Kaput November 8, 2017 at 5:06 pm

The following letter was sent to the General Mgr. at Brooklyn Way Hotel:
My name is Jean Kaput. My husband and I were guests at the Brooklyn Way Hotel October 5 and 6, 2017. We checked out of your hotel on October 7th at 8:00 am. Unfortunately, I left my make up bag in our room, #206 on the glass shelf above the sink in the bathroom. And even more unfortunately inside my make up bag was a small white box that contained my jewelry, worth over $20,000. I’m sure by now you are apprised of this incident as my husband Greg has tried in vain to retrieve the bag (a red patterned cloth bag with a zippered top) from your hotel staff.

Mr. Reyes I am writing you today to fill you in on the back story that led up to this situation. My husband and I were on vacation visiting our son in Colorado when we got the news of the death of our dear friends’ daughter in Brooklyn. We did not have time to come home to California, get collected with more appropriate clothes and get to the visitation and funeral on time. So, we went to Kohl’s store in Castle Rock, CO to purchase appropriate funeral attire and booked a flight to NYC the next day. We made reservations at your hotel as we were instructed to do by our friends since there was a discount arranged for people coming from out of town for the funeral.

Our return flight to San Diego left Saturday morning so we were in a rush to meet our cab and get to the airport on time for our flight. Needless to say it was quite a stressful couple of days. It was not in our plans to have a hotel stay when we left on vacation. If that had been in our plans I would not have had my expensive jewelry with me as I don’t carry it when our travel involves hotel stays for this very reason.

The pieces of jewelry lost included my 2 carat diamond wedding ring, a diamond and ruby ring given to me by my husband on the occasion of getting my master’s degree and a filigree heart necklace given to me in 1983 from my husband. There were also some gold earrings and other earrings in the box. As you can probably tell these items were very special to me. And losing them has been most difficult for me emotionally.

And so why is this important to you? We understand that my bag was found by housekeeping on Oct. 7th and turned in to the front desk. Tamika was working the front desk that day but all efforts to locate my bag have proven fruitless. It’s painful enough to have the stress of losing my beloved jewelry but to know that it ended up with someone on your staff and no one (we worked with Diana mostly but also talked to several front desk people who had differing opinions as to what happens to lost articles) was able to help or even give a call back to us. In all of our sixteen calls to the hotel we were promised a call back and only one person called back and that was Diana. When she learned that the bag contained $20,000 plus worth of jewelry, Diana called back in fifteen minutes to say there was a mistake. There was a bag found but it was black and came from room #306. Sound suspicious to you? We thought so too. So you can see how convinced we are that the jewelry fell into the hands of one your employees. And whoever that person may be is much better off financially but not the kind of person who should be working in a customer oriented business.
Additionally, we made three calls to you, Mr. Reyes, each time a voicemail was left yet you never called us back either.
Three calls were also made to Best Western Corporate at 602-957-4200. The first call was on October 9 with Lisa in Customer Care. She took our information and created file # 171009-9346. The second call was on October 12 with Kayla. She said she was unable to transfer us to Lisa so we told her our story all over again and she made a report. On October 18 we tried again and talked to Brenda who couldn’t transfer us to either Lisa or Kayla so once again we told Brenda our story and she made a report. We were told that corporate couldn’t get involved while the hotel was investigating. Following this call we called the hotel again and asked to be transferred to you but instead were transferred to Usha, your assistant. Usha said that the hotel had finalized its investigation and closed out the incident. We asked if we were ever going to be notified of this and Usha said that we were on her list to call. To date we have not heard anything from you or Best Western Corporate.

Of course the damage is done now and nothing can be done to help us but I just wanted you to know the story from our point of view.

All of this happened as I was also recovering from spinal surgery so I’m sure you can imagine how distraught I am.

Thank you for taking the time to let me catch you up on our situation. I hope in the future you have better policies for your people to follow in regard to lost items and that you keep a look out for the one person who you have on staff that is undependable, not trustworthy and a thief.
Jean Kaput


M Perillo November 2, 2017 at 3:44 pm

To: Mr. David Kong,

Dear Mr. Kong,
I had hoped that I wouldn’t have had to write this complaint, but unfortunately I didn’t get the help and response I felt was warranted. I initially booked a one night stay for arrival on October 28th at the Best Western TLC, in Waltham, Ma. through Expedia. Plans changed whereas my husband, myself and my granddaughter wanted to come a day early. The reservation was then changed with our coming on the 26th of October. I double checked with the hotel to make sure everything was in order. On our 6 hour trip from Cape May, N. J. we got a call from the hotel (since I was driving and only a mile away from the hotel) I didn’t answer it. At the front desk I was told that there was NO reservation for Friday and only Saturday. As I stated before I checked earlier with the hotel. The General Manager, MARGOT FENTON, then got involved. Just what I needed!!!! She blamed Expedia and me for the problem and in a very unprofessional manner in front of other guests. After upsetting me, my husband and my 5yr. granddaughter they miraculously found a room. After being humiliated and embarrassed I felt an accommodation should be offered. I spoke with corporate offices and to add insult to injury they initially offered $20 (which I felt was insulting). I’m assuming corporate brought the matter to MARGOT FENTON, at which time I got an email from her, which in no uncertain terms placed the blame basically on me! I then called corporate again, and once again reiterated my displeasure and the was offered $35. Still not what I had hoped for. No guest should EVER be treated this way! I believe that a one night stay should be refunded. Best Western is a multimillion dollar company, and for them to offer $35, SERIOUSLY!!!! All I want is to be heard from someone who can resolve this situation in a manner which will be fair. Please!!!!! M. Perillo


I hope you go on Spocial Media and tell your story there because I just had a terrible situation with my reservation n Paris and of course they will not copmpensate me for it. The chain has terribly gone down in the past 30 years. October 19, 2017 at 5:57 pm

I had an airport booked return invalid van booked for the morning of August 26, 2017. I had taken it the night before with no problem at all and actually with much help from the van company.
My 11 year old grandson and myself, a senior who circulates in a wheelchair came down at 6:45 am to eat breakfast. When we were done, we went to ask the receptionist to reconfirm our van. There were two people at the desk of the Best Western located 1 rue du verger in Paris. One was busy with another customer . The receptionist I asked about the invalid van reserved in my name answered that there was no invalid van which picked up customers, EVER. I asked her to double check and she repeated with a louder voice and much certainty that “NO, I have been working here for a long time and I tell you that I never saw an invalid van stop here because there are NONE”.
My grandson and I got very nervous because it was 7:55 am and we had been told that the van was never late and that in fact, it had a tendency to show up early..
The receptionist did not check er computer like I asked her to do next. She did not check with another employee. She just stuck her chin up and looked elsewhere.
Then the “pink bus” which is a crowded shuttle bus stopped. It was almost 8am. My grandson started running towards it with his baggage. He was so scared to miss his fight back to the USA to see his mom again that he lost it. When the bus started to move, he chased it screaming. He was telling me there was no more any invalid van and that we had to hurry to get on that bus. The bus stopped. It was so packed. There were empty seats but I could not access them because there were huge suitcases blocking the way entirely and people just standing there. I had a very hard time getting on that bus. People were not moving to let me in. I was stuck between the door and the suitcases. The ride was long. I fell on the suitcases a few times. Still, nobody moved. It was a horrible and terrifying experience. I asked the driver to drop me off at the Delta departure point where I would get a wheelchair back. I don’t know where he dropped me off although he told me it was the correct entrance. I had to walk downstairs with my bags and across the roads. I had to drag myself proudly into the airport where there was no help. I had to sit on my bad a few times, I could not see any seats. My body was aching terribly and my back and knees was killing me. If I wrote the list of all my delibitating health issues, nobody would believe that I made it inside the airport alone. My grandson found a customer service desk. He asked the employee if we could get my wheelchair. She knew nothing about it of course because the van had not taken me there. We had to wait well about 2 hours until a wheelchair was finally issued and pushed by a Delta person in uniform. He left us without a word at the passport check. The man in charge was not answering my questions. We waited and waited because one problem kept running into another. The employee was playing with his phone and I kept telling him that if he did not do something to help us, we would miss our flight. He kept ignoring us. Hew told us to walk about 50 years to stand in line and check our baggage which I told him I was unable to do without help. He was still not moving and he was playing with his phone still. At that point, another employee turned up and started chatting with him. We were the only people sitting in that little waiting area with another couple on the other side that had just arrived. I broke up the conversation to tell her i needed a wheelchair and that nobody was helping me to get my baggage checked in and go to the gate. She screamed when she saw we only had 25 minutes left before the plane would take off, She got a wheelchair somehow, got my bag and off we ran to check in. Then she got us to the gate and we were some of the last ones to board at 10:45 for an 11 am flight!! Yo just can imagine the turmoil Best Western caused without flinching when we had to come back to the USA. It took me three days to recover from the pain of walking. Of course, why would they care…. They feel it was MY problem, right! Well, if the CEO, Mr Kong does not get abck to me on this and make s this RIGHT within two weeks, I will work online relentlessly to be on all the social media I can find and copy these facts plus the fact that the hotel manager found that the receptionist had misunderstood because supposedly I had asked for a hotel personal van which they did not use for that!! Oh really??? Then why did she not check the transport reservations for the day and double check my insistence that there was an invalid van reserved for us at 8am!!! That would have taken her 3 minutes at the most. She did not make one phone call, she did not check my reservation and she did no ask the other receptionist there if there was any airport van ever picking up passengers. How hard would that have been to do??? Their incompetence is outrageous and scary to say the least. I had also requested my AAA , my senior or my AARP discounts at check in and was told that they gave NO discounts even if we had the cards to show them… How can they expect people top be happy and recommend their hotel chain when they are so cheap, unpleasant ad irresponsible?
I will let the whole world know to include all my european family and friends. I will share and it will make a great story for the media too!.


Frank Trout October 19, 2017 at 4:07 pm

Hello, I’m currently staying at the Best Western heritage inn located in Concord, CA. I travel all over the US working at oil refineries. My company put us here for what was supposed to be 3 months. I checked in on 10/15/17. Immediately I found that I couldn’t lock the deadbolt and the other lock was hanging from the door. Next I went to the sink to wash my hands and the entire faucet fell off into the sink. I was too tired to deal with the door or the sink and wanted to take a shower. There was no hot water. I decided to take one anyway and turned on the bathroom heater to heat it up in there for my cold shower. The heater didn’t work. I took my cold shower and went to bed. As soon as I lay down I sink to the box springs. The mattress is completely broken down.
Woke up Monday morning and called the office before I left for work at 5am. They explained that the hot water heater was broken but they would try to have it fixed on Thursday. It’s now Thursday and still no hot water. The clerk added 5000 useless points to our rewards account. They could at least offer enough points for a free night for every day that me and my coworkers can’t even take hot showers after work. Today is the 4th day. Fortunately the company is moving us to a different hotel. Also, every vending machine is broken by the way. The clerk told me I could go across the street to 711. How nice of him.
My company always puts their travelers in very nice hotels for extended periods where we’ll be comfortable and well taken care of. I work very long hours and after working those hours at an oil refinery I would at least like a hot shower. I think I’ve been patient but after 4 days my patience has run out.
Nobody from the front desk has bothered to keep me updated or offered anything other than, here you go, take these 5000 points. Not an apology or a message to let me know they’re still working on it..nothing. I don’t expect perfection and I know sometimes things happen, but when things happen you reassure the customer you’ll make things right. They don’t do that here.
Frank Trout

Frank Trout


Christina October 11, 2017 at 2:40 pm

My husband and I had this little vacation planned for our children and ourselves for my birthday. We checked in to one of your hotels in California, it was the Best Western Plus in Santa Ana. The stay was great we had no issues or complaints. The day I checked out I noticed a 200$ pending charge on my credit card. Now I was fully aware of the 150$ dollar deposit that was a hold for our room. So before I had left for my trip back home to Arizona I went straight back to the hotel to ask front desk guy David what the 200 dollar pending charge was. He stated he had no idea it didn’t say exactly what it was in his computer but that it was more then likely the holding deposit for the room and would be released back to my account in a few days. I asked him again if he was sure he said oh yes you will the charge be released back onto your account in just a few days. I told him I wanted to make sure everything was ok becuz I have a long trip back and again he assured me it was ok. So two days late the charge was still pending, I called the hotel that Wednesday which was sept the 6th and David answered the phone. I asked him how long would it take for my money to be released back he asked my name and room number and then said oh ya your being charged for a smoking fee. I said excuse me what!? He said yes your being charged for smoking in the room. I immediately got upset and explained to him that no one had smoked in that room. His response to me was well yes you did it wa confirmed. I said confirmed by who!? How can something be confirmed when it never took place his response was well it just was. I immediately asked to speak to his manger once I knew I would get no where with David and his condescending attitude. He told me I’d have to call back later but wouldn’t give me a time. So I called the cooperate office in California they took my statement and said they would contact the manager and I have him call me. Now my husband is a smoker he smokes like a pack a day I also explained to them every time he smoked he went out to the parking lot he never once smoked in our room we have three children that stayed in our room with us and he doesn’t even smoke in our own home or around our kids that the smell must be from his clothing, his bags etc…. we did stay in that room for three nights. So about an hour later the manager called mez he to told me that it was confirmed by the main house keeper that there was smoking in our room. I again explained to him that my husband was a smoker but he most certainly did not smoke in our room! He too told me that he wasn’t revering the charges because it had been confirmed and that was that. I asked him to explain to me how it was confirmed and he said the main house keeper confirmed it. Also asked him what time it was confirmed becuz the charge was pending on my account at 11:39am the second I checked out so how can it be confirmed the moment I checked out he stated it was confirmed close to 2pm which again I was so confused so I stated you basically charged for me something at 11:39am when it wasn’t confirmed until 2pm he had no explanation again just stated he was not going to reverse the charge. So I called cooperate back only to find out they said they couldn’t help me because they can’t override a managers decision. So I had to call and dispute the charge with my credit card which I might add is still taking place. So I’ve been out 200 dollars for over a month because this particular building thinks they can just lie and take peoples money and get away with it. Now I got the “proof” your staff said they had because my credit card company sent it to me. The proof they have is the house keeper said so. So again I’m disputing the charge I refuse to pay for something My husband did not do! I have stayed at many best westerns and absolutely love it but I will never be staying at one again. The headache and stress this place has caused me and refused to help it unbelievable. We had another call with David and a representative from my credit card company on the 3rd of October and again David was very rude he called me a liar also told the representative that they had pictures for proof which was funny to me because I did t see “these pictures” in the first set of evidence they sent. The costumer service at this place is unreal. The lies the rudeness I’m surprised the s building runs with the staff they have on hand. I will continue to fight this charge my husband and I are very honest people and being told we are lying and being treated the way we have been is disgusting!!! I shouldn’t have to be dealing with this a month in half later being out 200 dollars for assumptions.


Vanessa Pope October 2, 2017 at 1:55 pm

I worked at best western in cedaertown ga from august 8th 2017-August 12th 2017 as a housekeeper. Working at least 5 hours each d


Hollie LaColla September 11, 2017 at 11:18 am

I checked into the Best Western Port Huron/Hospitality Inn on 9/8/17. I am truly disgusted and furious with my stay there. I have never had such terrible treatment from any company in my life. The Manager (Mrugesh) is unprofessional and clearly has no clue on how to run a business. We have been trying several times to contact him via phone regarding a situation that happened at HIS hotel and he has chosen to just email us and refuses to call us. Instead of getting ALL sides of the story he is taking another guests side. So he has decided to refund a guest for their “bad experience” without even speak to us first. Now he has charged us a ridiculous $50 charge and has refuses to even speak to us about it. Save your money and STAY at a different hotel. The staff is completely unprofessional and lied about telling us about the additional charges!

My husband and I are repulsed with the treatment that we have received from this hotel.

We have already contacted the BBB and will continue to write reviews on our experience so no other guests needs to deal with this.


Cyndi Evans September 5, 2017 at 2:21 pm

I had a reservation at Best Western on August the 19th at the 140 State Farm Pkwy in Birmingham,AL. When I opened the door to the room there was a very strong odor (not sure if it was from a cleaning or disinfectant). I have allergies and it was very offensive. I asked the lady at the front desk, and she shrugged and said she didn’t know. I
found the room very dark and dreary and found (2) bugs crawling on the sheets. I asked the front desk if I could move or get my money back and she said she would have to check with the Manager who was currently at dinner. Front desk called me later and said if I wanted to leave and find something else, I could speak with the Manager in the morning to see if he would reimburse me. So, basically I could spend the money for another room elsewhere, but, run the risk of NOT being reimbursed. I stayed up the rest of the evening on the couch and left at 6:00am the next morning. The Manager was at the front desk, but, why waste my time on something I know was a waste of time on my part. What poor customer service!!! The Manager should have spoken with me immediately!! I have been in Customer Service for 25 years and never seen such uncaring staff. I would certainly like to be refunded for my nights stay.


Rachel Grubbs September 3, 2017 at 3:52 pm

My family and I are currently dealing with the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We are located in Beaumont, Tx and HAD a reservation for the Galveston Seawall location (2 rooms) so my family, which includes children, would have a place to stay while recovering and trying to get back into our home in the coming weeks. We cannot currently get out of Beaumont and make it all the way to Galveston due to some of the roads going through Winnie to Port Bolivar still being under water. I was told by Amanda when I booked the reservation a few days ago that I would need to call daily to let them know if I would be able to make it that day or not due to the water over the roads. She told me to do that in case I wasnt able to come and someone else could have those rooms if needed. I called early every day and yesterday I even told her to go ahead and make us as arriving Monday because the waters are slowly beginning to recede. I told her that by Monday we would be able to come. She said ok that would be just fine. I just received a call from a seriously RUDE employee stating our reservations were canceled because we have not yet made it there. I told her who I had talked to and WHY we couldn’t get through yet and she was still extremely rude. I requested to talk to the manager and her name was Raquel. She was extremely rude as well and hung up on me after I complained. My family and many others have lost almost if not EVERYTHING in this and the one thing I THOUGHT we had was a place to stay with our children. This was the absolute RUDEST hotel I have ever dealt with, especially in a situation such as this. I am both livid and heartbroken that my family now does not have a place to go. I assured them I would be there tomorrow and she told me that I would have to call back tomorrow to see if there was anything available. EVERYTHING is booked up for hundreds of miles away so this was our ONLY place to go! What HORRIBLE people to do that to a family during a time of such devastation!!!!!! ZERO STARS FOR THESE CRUEL PEOPLE!!!!!!


Christine September 21, 2017 at 3:53 pm

I find this very disgusting! And I am VERY sorry for your loss and all you are going through! I pray that you found shelter.
It’s funny, because I was on this site to file a complaint also. It seems almost redundant at this point.
God Bless you & your family!


Roberto ramirez September 2, 2017 at 6:46 pm

Hello my wife and I are frequent Best Western customers and we have always had a good relationship with your staff , till today, we are currently in Cresent City California ,we realize your policy regarding 3pm check-in , that being said we arrived at 2:30 just hoping ,we were tersely told about check-in time as they were fully booked the day before , we do not have a problem with your policy what I have issues with is rudeness , not once were we asked our names or what kind of room we were staying in , not once did she call house cleaning and ask if any rooms were ready . So we waited patiently and at 2:45 6 customers were issued rooms my wife was still waiting when Isabel looked up at my wife Deb and asked if we had been helped ! The suite we had reserved was still not clean , at 3:20 she gave my wife the room key and said our room was still not ready. We voiced our concerns to the manager who was sorry and that Isabel was under a lot of stress because of area fires , while I sympathize rudeness should not be an excuse to treat customers badly ! We paid 300.00 for our room , okay I have said enough , sincerity Roberto ramirez 🌵


Ron Webster August 30, 2017 at 3:41 pm

After booking our room at your Glengarry Best Western Truro, NS in June of 2016 and calling to make sure everything was in order a month earlier, I was told everything was ok and just arrive before
4pm as they might have to give our room to someone else. We arrived the first weekend of June as every year we have our annual meeting there. Upon checking in I was told I wasn’t
on the list and they had no room for us. So instead of having a most enjoyable weekend we
were extremely stressed out with no place to go. When travelling we always look for a Best Western hotel, this is the first time this has happened after many years of attending our annual meeting in your hotel, I am not the first one this has happened to in this hotel.
The ladies at the reception desk were rude and couldn’t care less. Stop and think how you would feel if this ever happened to you. If I hadn’t booked my room a whole YEAR earlier and if I hadn’t called to confirm, things might be different. But I did book and did call and everything was in order. Do you think we would have travelled with a car full of party clothes if they had told us something was wrong? of course not. We ended up having to
drive all the way to New Glasgow that night.


James Barnish August 16, 2017 at 1:58 pm

I had the pleasure of staying in your Best Western Plus property located near the Springfield, MO airport. It has been quite a while since I have stayed at a Best Western property and WOW was I impressed. I am a frequent traveler and for the past few years I have been a loyal Holiday Inn (Express) customer, but this stay has convinced me to focus on Best Western properties as well. My WOW experience emanated from the impeccable customer service from the front desk staff to the breakfast attendant, a very impressive breakfast buffet that was actually the bulk of the conversation among the guests having breakfast when I was, a VERY comfortable room, and an exception room rate. David Kong, I am truly impressed and will be frequenting your properties much more often………………….the status match of your program just makes it that much easier to move my business from IHG. Having worked for Hyatt Hotels for 28 years, I can be both critical and understanding about service lapses, cleanliness, etc. This Best Western in Springfield is a Best Western Plus PLUS PLUS and one you can be proud of having in the Best Western chain.


Christine Cobb August 15, 2017 at 5:15 pm

I booked a two-day stay at the Best Western property in Cornoa, CA through Travelocity for 8-4/5-17. My friends and I drove 18 hours to arrive at the hotel before 6:00 pm. Our room was filthy. It smelled like someone had smoked in there even though it is billed as a nonsmoking establishment. The carpet was so filthy that when I got into the shower my feet were black. The overhead light blinked on and off ALL NIGHT!!! It was strobing and NO ONE on the staff could make it stop. There was mold behind the sink and behind the toilet. No one on the staff could do anything except give us a bottle of air freshener. No other rooms were “available.” I’m out $242 with no satisfaction to date as we did not stay the second night.


Julie August 8, 2017 at 4:56 pm

I stayed at the Best Western North York, Toronto, Ontario recently. This hotel room was booked thru website. The check in staff was rude and not at all helpful. We asked for a quiet room on top level. They insisted the hotel was fully booked and the only room left was next to elevator. There was noise all night from elevator banging. Then early in a.m. there was a crane outside our window – right over our suite and elevator next to us. I truly doubt the hotel was full that night. The staff had no consideration – knowing that elevator was broken, loud and being services in the a.m. and would cause NOISE all night. i will be contacting head office as this was not at all worth the high price they charged for this terrible experience!


Norman Adkins August 4, 2017 at 11:22 am

To whom it may concern,

Worst stay ever. Anderson, Indiana Best Western….. My stay there from July 1st through July 9th…worst customer service I have ever seen . When my family and I got there at just before check in time at 3 pm…they told us it will be only a few minutes…we did not get our room until 4 pm. I requested in advance to have a extra roll away bed for my 4 year old son…never got one during the whole time there… Next our room was not taken care by house keeping three different days while we were there. Had to go to front desk each time to get clean towels. A couple of times while there house keeping mopped floor outside of elevator and in lobby during busy time..we almost fell coming out of elevator…no signs stating floor was wet.During checkout…charged more per day than what was quoted when I made reservation. We will not stay at a Best Western again…use to be one of our favorite hotels to stay at…after this stay no more.
Very Upset Past Customer,
Norman and Kristie Adkins

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Whitney Denisac July 31, 2017 at 9:37 am

To whom it may concern:

My Fiancé stayed at the Best Western, in Naples, FL. -Dudly Dr, off of I-75 a few weeks ago & it was absolutely delightful. From the time we checked in, Jason Artman at the front desk, was such an immense help. He was kind, professional, friendly, happy & absolutely great, God knows, the world needs more people like him in it 😊!!!We loved our room, it was clean, with a balcony facing the pool, spacious, the bed was comfortable & it felt like we were, right at home….

We enjoyed utilizing the gym amenities, which were state of the art, I will add. The pool & jacuzzi was clean & the temperature was perfect. 😊 The continental breakfast, was more like a modern-day Breakfast buffet, hot coffee, sausage, eggs, juice, pastries. It was PERFECT! No more cold bagels & stale cereal to get your day started. That’s definitely a thing of the past, lol! IT WAS GREAT!

My Fiancé & I have stayed at a lot of hotels, all over Florida when traveling, but this one by far, Is our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! In fact, we just booked the same exact room for the weekend of the 18th. YAAY! 😊

Thanks so much for the great hospitality, we look forward to seeing you again, soon!!! 😊

Whitney & Israel


Jes July 30, 2017 at 9:51 am

Stayed at the Best Western in Luray Virginia 410 West main Street on 7/17. We stayed in room 210 A. Upon checking in the room seemed clean & modern. But later that night we found out that it was infested with bed bugs! We informed management who handled it poorly and seemed very unconcerned. They nonchalantly mentioned that they spray, so they are obviously aware of the situation. We checked out at 11pm & had to stay at a hotel above our means because of the late hour. Ended up costing us extra$, our piece of mind and our bed pillows.


Julia July 23, 2017 at 2:45 pm

One of the incidents happened to my clients on July 21st, 2017 at Best Western Executive Inn in Los Banos, CA. I have made a reservation for two rooms (2 queen beds). Prior to the arrival of my clients I called to confirm that everything was set up and good to go. The front desk representative Jennie confirmed the reservation. Upon arrival, another front desk agent (male, not sure about the name) checked the clients in. The next morning I got a call from my client saying that the hotel charged them extra fee for 4 people in the room, instead of two. Has he not asked for the receipt of his stay, he would not even know of a charge until his card billing statement. When I have made a reservation I did not see any information about the extra fee if the room has more than two guests. That is why, I called in on Saturday 7/22/2017 to talk to the manager, and Jennie told me she would call me back with more information about this booking. No call back was received that day. I called them back today 7/23/2017. Again, Jennie tried to explain to me that it is the policy of Best Western to charge extra fee. When I asked to tell me where it shows that information, she put me on hold. In 20 minutes, the manager, Bill, picked up the phone, told me to look online (without giving exact details where) and hung up the phone. I called back again, and asked Jennie for the manager’s full name and email, she said “I don’t have to give you that”. At that moment, Bill picked up the phone again and said, “Look at the contract, it’s there. Bye”, and hung up on me again.

The thing is that if I made a mistake on the reservation, I wanted the staff members to point me at the right direction to look for the hotel policy about extra fees for the people in the room. I did go online as I was told, and I could not find neither the hotel policy nor the blue print that could show me that information. I think the employees should be aware of where to find it and they do not have to be unprofessional and rude to their customers over the phone.


ariel jardine July 15, 2017 at 2:21 pm

I called to confirm my reservations and was told that I did not have reservations for that particular time.
I make reservations to stay in a hotel because I am a traveler nurse and I count on having room and board during my working days.
Not only was I homeless during July 7-10 (I had to sleep in my car) but I got charged for it!!!!!!
I contacted corporate office and they did absolutely nothing, not even an apology, let alone a refund for 750.99!!!!

I will never ever go near a Best western again!!!


sb sachs July 4, 2017 at 7:46 pm

“Worst hotel experience of my life.”
Reviewed 3 days ago

The front desk girl Audrey was by far the most rude, condescending, passive, aggressive, individual I have ever met. I have 35 years of being a corporate COO/CEO and had anyone in my organization ever spoken to anyone in that manner they would have been in Human Resources immediately. She does a great diservice to your brand.
Jordan was a redeeming young lady, had it not been for her I would have walked out. She has a tremendous skill set and deserves to be moved up within you organization. You’re missing an untapped resource for management.

Stayed May 2017, traveled on business
Sleep Quality

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Nathan K, General Manager at Best Western Premier Nicollet Inn, responded to this review, yesterday
Dear Sherrie,

Thank you for completing the survey regarding your recent stay at our property.

On behalf of our entire team, I would like to apologize for not exceeding your expectations. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will be using the feedback you gave us to implement improvements to ensure we offer a better experience for guests in the future.

I hope that you will consider staying with us again so that we can have another chance to provide you with a superior experience.

If I can provide any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 952-435-2100.


Nathan Kremer
General Manager
Best Western Premier Nicollet Inn
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Randy the manger is fully of aware of Audrey behavior and found it to be quite funny! He was barely able to stifle his laughter. Therein lies your problem.


Sandra July 4, 2017 at 10:05 am

We try to stay at BEST WESTERN when we travel. BW has always been dependable. We have a BEST WESTERN CARD. On our vacation we were tired and were so happy to see a BW DUNKIRK & FREDONIA INN, Dunkirk, NY. Every BW we have stayed at was different but wonderful! This was a PIT! It looked fine from outside. We checked in, began walking to our room with our luggage and noticed that the hall carpet started looking worn and dirty. When opening our room we see carpet that is worse with a burn and another bald spot. It did not look vacuumed. It didn’t feel good in there but decided to keep our shoes on, sleep and leave (we were too tired to drive any more). The bathroom floor was not very clean. They may have moped the center but the edges were not clean at all and the trim along the floor was dirty. I used a wash cloth to wipe it to see if it wiped off and it DID. The drain was so slow that water backed up in the sink and tub as you used it. Then here comes a ROACH wandering across the floor. We left before daylight and noticed that others had done the same. DON’T STOP THERE! The first bad BEST WESTERN WE HAVE USED. The room charge was 162.31. What nerve.


Richard T June 29, 2017 at 8:24 am

While not exclusive, Best Western has been our “go to” travel stay in our retired years. Certainly one of the best point programs among the major brands. As we look at our next vehicle, our focus will be on an EV, esp a Bolt or Tesla, and that has an impact on where we will stay on the road. BW and other accommodations must start to adapt to compete for EV travelers. Plug-ins will become a competitive must and sooner than later. Just saying


Kita June 19, 2017 at 8:32 am

I went to the Best Western Hotel In Taboro Nc and my room had Ants and Bed Bugs crawling all over the floor and the bed and the toilet and I was giving a can of bug spray to spray myself. I went to let the front desk know and I was told that I couldn’t get another room because they were all booked I ask for my money back and I was told since I book through I could not get my money back, but I never paid on line I just book through them and paid when I got to the hotel.I felt so uncomfortable I sleept in my car, because I felt like it was something crawing on me . I was down for family reunion and had visitors and was harassed about them being in my room. I’m so upset with this hotel I feel like I have been rob and on top of that they deactivated my room key and I had already paid. I was called a liar about the Ants and whn they came to my room there were ants once again crawing all over the place and they didn’t want to look at them I have been disrespected by the workers at this hotel I would like my money back asap. I also have pictures and videos that I wish U could post on here


Martha August 3, 2017 at 4:11 pm

I searched on line for 2 days for a hotel in the Nashville, TN area for an overnight stay. I found the Best Western Belle Meade for $152.00, called the hotel directly, and made the reservation. I requested 2 queen beds & a room that would accommodate a wheelchair bound person as our son was confined to a wheelchair. The person at the hotel said he had a room with a king bed & sofa bed. He spoke with a heavy accent and broken English. I told him my adult son could not sleep on a sofa bed & we needed 2 beds. Instead of telling me he could not meet our needs, he took the reservation. When we arrived & went to the room, we found the room did not easily accommodate a wheelchair and there were no other options for us except to take the room with the sofa bed. My son had a broken left foot & a broken right leg. The sofa bed was not an option. This was a real breakdown in communication.


Gary Stephens June 10, 2017 at 8:24 am

We checked into your motel in Central City , Kentucky around the tenth of June and stayed in room #203. Everything was clean and beds were very comfortable. The only complaint we had was it seemed a bit high priced $104 and the bathroom had two rolls of toilet paper that weren’t even half full. Not much on either roll and yet folded nicely. I think the housekeeper could have left a full roll in the room somewhere. The phone didn’t work either so couldn’t even call the front desk if we needed another roll. It just happened Wed been on mission work and I had an extra roll with me. Thank you, Gary Stephens.


Leo M. June 8, 2017 at 4:54 pm

Best Western Winners Circle 2520 Central Avenue Hot Springs, Ar. 71901
Really frustrated and disappointed. I was part of a group of seven rooms. We stayed on Wednesday May 24, 2017 and again on May 27, 2017. The May 27 stay was horrible and disgusting. We got in late and when it came time to pull back the sheets, the bedding had not been changed from previous occupant. Multiple dark hairs about 6 inches in length. Stains that I will not describe here (adult by nature) my opinion. The pillow covers were yellowed. Night stand had spills not cleaned off. The night office manger came in to take pictures and change the bedding. this is now after 2 am. We did not get sleep this evening just to stressed. Finally get manger response on June 8, 2017. I was informed the owner stated the sheets had been changed and that is the all they will do. I asked for a discounted charge or reimbursement. Moring of departure, I went to turn in key and both clerks said they are aware and it was disgusting. The general manager and owner whoever that is just were not moved by my complaint. In fact I have yet to receive a copy of my invoice. I requested the morning of departure I was told to wait for a response from them due to room condition. After two weeks and today June 8 I requested the invoice again, still nothing. I assume they do not want me to contest with with my credit card company.


Peter & Molly Carey June 7, 2017 at 9:54 am

We stayed at the Best Western in Smyrna Delaware from June 3-5th. The only thing I was disappointed with was at breakfast they did not have margarine. I am allergic to Dairy and I can’t have butter. They had a sign that they offer non-dairy items and gluten free items but when I asked for non-dairy margarine they said they only have butter. The woman who was in charge of the breakfast was not very nice or personable.


Amy Dean June 28, 2017 at 1:35 am

My husband and I stayed at your location in Liverpool, New York from March 24,2017 to April 02,2017. Upon our arrival we noticed the bathtub to be leaking and not draining properly. We notified staff and was told maintenance would not be able to fix it until the Monday March,27,2017. We were then told that we would receive a credit for the inconvenience. When we checked out on April 2nd I asked again about the credit and the staff member told me to expect it within two business days. A week later I still had not received this credit. So I called the hotel back and again they assured me they were looking into it and I would receive it. Another week went by and still no credit to my account. I then called Best Western customer service and the customer service representative that I talked to told me that the hotel was crediting me $30 for the trouble but that she would also offer me a 75% voucher coupon for a nights stay at any best western in North America. I agreed to this and thought everything had been taken care of. It is now almost July and I still have not received any of that which I was promised. I made a reservation tonight to stay at a best western after my cousin’s wedding next week thinking I would have 75% off the nights stay when I was informed it was only a 35$ voucher they were offering me( which I never agreed to). I called customer service back and again they continue to run me in circles saying they can not help me. I even asked to speak to someone on management but even they were rude and disrespectful towards me. They told me they can not offer me the 75% off and that they can not call the hotel to inquire about the credit I was promised when before they did do just that. I don’t know what kind of customer service you are running but it is extremely horrible. I was in tears when the lady I was talking to to try and sort this out decided to hang up on me because I asked her to speak to her boss since she was not helping me in any way.


Shelby Brown June 2, 2017 at 3:02 am

A vacation that took 30 days to plan went horrible wrong upon arrival at the Best Western Plus Suites Hotel. I was checked into this Bad Western Minus Suites Hotel by one of the worst customer service representatives, GEETA! I was astonishing by her lack of professionalism. I made a restating for a room through Orbitz. I was lead astray to believe that I was getting a room with a whirlpool. I didn’t get the room with a whirlpool. When I complained about not getting the room with a whirlpool and found the tone of GEETA to be condescending, I politely asked to speak to het manager. She stated that there is no one else that I can speak to, she is the highest authority at this property. So I asked to speak to someone that is at a higher pay grade than she, once again she stated that there is no one else that I can state my grievance. Hence I am stating my grievance for all to share. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!
I have worked at several prestigious hotels, The Four Season, The Ritz Carlton, The Sutton Place Hotel, The Hyatt Regency, all located in Chicago. I’ve been in the customer service industry for over 25 years. When I was in the industry, each guest was given the opportunity to state there likes and dislikes on a survey card located in the guest’s room. This allowed the guest to have a voice and it gave the hotel the opportunity to make every guest’s experience a memorable stay. I have never heard of any hotel not having a general manager.
I welcome anyone in corporate to investigate this matter. My email is attached to this review and if you want any additional information look up my reservation.


Monique Magana June 1, 2017 at 9:11 pm

I made a reservation on May 9th for a room today on June 1st. In my reservation I added that there would be a handicap person staying in the room so we needed a room on he first floor. I then called the hotel a week later to confirm a room on the first floor. The staff that answered the phone said they would take care of it. Now today (the day of check in) they’re telling me that they won’t accommodate my handicap request!! After speaking to the corporate office line and the manager of the East ElPaso Best Western (Matt) they said I could take what they’re giving me or cancel the reservation! CANCEL THE RESERVATION on the same day I was suppose to check in!!! The Manager Matt was so rude and unwilling to help I was shocked!! The whole line of customer service from the manager to their corporate line has been the worst expirence of people I’ve ever delt with!!! I’m now in the process of filing complaints against the El Paso Best Western with the ADA!


Markeya Reese May 26, 2017 at 5:43 pm

I have never experience such Customer service from a huge hotel chain ever in my life! Upon check-in, THIS has been the worst experience ever! I’ve stayed at several hotels and none has ever treated PAYING customers this way. The staff were rude all the way to the corporate office! How dare you not give extra towels upon request to your hotel guests? How dare you tell me you have to save towels for the other customers as if I was asking for every single towel in this newly built hotel with only 5 guests at this time? There’s no one at this hotel and that act as if they are booked solid! THIS has ruin my taste of Best Western. I will never stay in another one of your establishment nor would I ever recommend it to any one.


Shelley Collens Felix May 25, 2017 at 9:37 am

Stayed 2 nights at the BW by the Reno Tahoe Intl airport. Friend found one bed bug on morning we were going to check out. They claimed Orkin said it was a beetle. Come in, as hotel employees, KNOW the difference. Friend going to health dept with pics and videos we took. They then proceeded to charge my card for a charge I already paid for! I’ve left 3 voicemail messages for manager Justine and 2 verbal messages with Emma to have Justine call me – not one response yet!! Claimed I had to wait 3-5 days for $50 deposit they never told me about, AND for the erroneous charge they made the next day! Epic FAIL in the customer service department, and staff basically act like they could not care less.

BEST WESTERN CORP MGMNT – I request immediate assistance in getting my money back, and TRAIN YOUR STAFF on what bed bugs look like as 3 of the front desk people said they didn’t know what they looked like! I work in self-storage…that’s like me saying I don’t know what a disc lock looks like! Come on, know the particulars pertaining to your industry, and stop pretending you charge guest cards in error. You can see a trend from the other complaints. Shame on you…


MAXINE HENRY May 21, 2017 at 12:02 pm

I believe that your Hotel located at 6474 El Cajon Blvd in San Diego has some issues with minority guest staying at the hotel. My sister has been residing at the hotel for the past few weeks and will probably be there another couple of weeks while her home is being renovated from leaky pipes and Asbestos abatement. I call the hotel everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and when the switchboard answers all I have ever given them is her room number. This morning, I asked for her room number and I was given the 3rd degree about her name, my name, and when I challenged why they needed to know this information, I was told that there were new people working there and unless I gave them her name, I would not be transferred. What hotel screens calls? What does that have to do with transferring me to the room I asked for. This is not the first situation that has occurred with her staying there and I suspect that they have issues with the fact that she is elderly African American woman that they have no respect for and that she can be easily pushed around. Shame on you Best Western!


julius kepper May 20, 2017 at 4:34 am

Paying $500 a week for a broom with no hot water shut up say they cannot get a repairman in Athens Georgia


robert May 19, 2017 at 9:00 pm

I went to Fairfax Virginia for a graduation at George Mason University. I rented two rooms at the best western in Fairfax. I had room 201 and room 309. First off room 309 had stained sheets,smelled of urine in the room along with a roach crawling up the wall. In room 201 the room smelled like cigarette smoke. This is a non smoking facility to the best of my knowledge. The guest next door was smoking cigarettes right outside my room. We was supposed to stay three nights but had to leave the next morning. If we had a place to stay we would not have even spent the one night. To the best of my knowledge a hotel has the doors inside the building and a motel has the doors outside the building. This site was advertised as a hotel and in my eyes is a motel. I didn’t feel safe for the one night I stayed. I went to the front desk in the morning and they was great. Honestly they was very helpful. Kudos to them. They gave me the general manager email. I emailed the general manager 3 times over a 4 day period with no response. Very rude to be ignored by the general manager. I spent close to $300 that night and was totally dissatisfied with the quality of the facilities. I spend 30-40 nights a year at hotels and this is the worst experience I have had. I have stayed at other best western facilities throughout the country and was satisfied.
Thank you in advance.
Rob63rob at


Anne Case May 15, 2017 at 2:38 pm

My husband & I planned to spend our time at Gulf Shores Best Western & our day on the beach for mother’s day. We were in room 105. After a long night of being disturbed by the people next to our room making a lot of noise, we got up and dressed to start our special day. It was abruptly stopped as we opened the door to our room to 4 police officers right next to our door as they were shoving a man against the wall. They yelled saying get back in your room NOW. I gave up. . As I heard all the commotion beside my room, I packed our bags to leave. I was a nervous wreck. I have never been subjected to this kind of treatment in my life. I went straight to the office and turned in my key cards and she asked me if I was ok and I said NO. She did not give me any receipts. By that time more police officers were arriving and kept others who were trying to leave from leaving. They were right outside your registration area. I was having a panic attack and my husband took me to the 2 drink machines and bought me a coke. People passing me asked if I was ok and I said no. Sorry about the mess I left in front of the machines, I was vomiting. We left as soon as I was able to get in my truck. The owner did call us with concern saying we were not in any danger. If that is true why were there so many officers. It took us 7 hours to travel straight back home. I do not think it is fair to charge us for such a bad experience. I paid 640.00 for 2 nights and experienced a horrible time at Best Western. I would appreciate someone from the corporate office to contact me. This whole thing is just not right.


shari zanoline May 11, 2017 at 4:48 pm

Don’t EVER stay at the FERNLEY, NEVADA
Best Western!
The GM is a Very Nasty Rude Old Woman who kicked my 83 year old mom and I off the Property after I complained to Corporate on her!
We had stayed there for 2 weeks on 2 separate occasions!
Best Western has done nothing to her and We will NEVER stay at a Best Western again! That’s where we had always stayed in the past. I spoke with 3 other people in the past few months who stayed there, and they said how Nasty and rude she was to them and they won’t stay there either again!
She needs to get her fat rear kicked off the property and lose her GM job there!!


Michelle wade May 10, 2017 at 8:51 pm

We booked a room with best western in Edmond Oklahoma we got there was no problem with check in we used my husband’s points to get the room due to him having surgery. We went to walk my service dog and in the back parking by where our room was close to room 128 we had gone to grass area for him to potty he almost stepped on hypwrdermic syringes laying in grass. I took pictures of them and showed the young lady working desk she did go and get them up before someone else seen them. I went to get ice for my husband next night because he had surgery and neither one of the ice machines worked the hot tub barely had any water in it to be able to relax after driving from Mississippi like we had to do . It would have been nice to know these things before we got our key to the room


Poopy room May 8, 2017 at 5:52 pm

Don’t stay in Salisbury, MD Best Western. The only hotel that has poop in the room and is told about it and doesn’t clean it up.
Manager/ owner wants to discount room. Not hardly! I have never had to pay for a room that had animal feces in it. Wait….. that’s right…. I’ve never stayed in a hotel that had crap on the floor in the room!!!


Linda Williams May 7, 2017 at 2:35 pm

The manage at the best west plus in Burlington N.C. is very unprofessional. During our stay at the hotel the mirror in the bathroom crack with my husband was taking a shower and I was blowing dry my hair. We report it to the front desk and she said a manager would call to tell us it it was a charge. We he call I explained what happen and he acted like I broke the mirror myself. He threat us with court if we didn’t pay for the mirror. I am so out done with the hotel never again. Accident happen. Need better ventilation in the bathrooms. Lose of a good customer c okie that way every year. Want stay there again.


Grammar Doctor May 9, 2017 at 10:03 am

Seriously, can you please read before you post? That is the most poorly written complaint I have ever seen. I’m not sure you are actually a good customer as you write at the level of a grade 3 child and I am sure they don’t allow children to stay alone. BRUTAL!


pam hahs April 30, 2017 at 8:09 pm

i have stayed at best westerns in the past and never had a problem. but the reports im hearing from Emory Texas are very disturbing. i will NEVER use Best Western again. the very nerve of not giving people a place to sleep!!!!!!


Shawna Jiles April 29, 2017 at 7:38 pm

Tried to stay at the Best Western today in Texas City using a gift card but was told that no one knows how to use the gift cards. Not the receptionist, not the people from tech support, and not the people from the 1 800 number. I was told that they could charge my card full price and hopefully the morning employee would know how to fix the issue… but if not then keep your gift card until the next time you would like to stay at best Western. I have had this reservation for months now and have told them multiple times we would be using a gift card, I was told that was not a problem. Why does Best Western not train their employees or give them a way to call their managers? This is ridiculous, it was suggested to me that I try another Best Western who might know how to use the gift card but would charge an additional $50….I should pay your company MORE money?? When I asked why I should pay more when it was your company who is in fault here the customer service asked how this was best westerns fault??? Once I use this gift card I will NEVER stay at Best Western again. By the way as of Saturday April 29, 2017 at 6:30 pm, this problem has not been resolved and I am without a room while trying to check in since 4:30.


Cheryl K. Rose April 24, 2017 at 3:32 pm

We recently stayed at one of your Best Western Eagles Inn in Morehead, Ky. We were visiting our granddaughter who attends Morehead State University. We were very pleased with the facilities. It was one of the cleanest and upscale furnishings we have seen. The employees were very friendly and willing to help us in any way. The only concern I had was the bathtub. My husband, sometimes, has balance issues and was concerned with no hand rail inside the tub. Also the floor of the tub seemed slippery. We managed all right, but wondered if this has every been a concern with anyone else. Anyway I can still say it was the greatest place to stay and will certainly stay there again. Thank You, Cheryl


Alice snell April 17, 2017 at 2:56 pm

I just want to let you know that there is absolutely no way that I will ever stay at a Best Western Hotel again. I had a reservation at the hotel in Madison, Wisconsin, West Town Suites.
On the morning of my arrival, I woke up too sick to drive the 6 hours to Madison so I called the hotel. The person I spoke to was extremely rude and practically yelled at me ” You CAN’T cancel your reservation!” Because her English wasn’t perfect, I was patient at first. I told her that I understand the cancelation policy but I was calling as a courtesy so she could rent out the room to someone else. She promptly hung up on me.
Of course, I was charged $107 for the room. The problem for me is this: I know for a fact that the hotel was not fully booked because several people who were meeting me there were also staying at the hotel and I texted one of them and asked them to inquire if the hotel was fully booked and they were told it was not.
Just because you CAN do something (like charge for the room when you cancel due to illness), does not always mean that you should.
I have had other hotel chains refund even though there is a policy, and in a couple of cases, reduce the amount charged.
Add the rudeness on top of the charge, and you definitely have lost a customer.


Kristin Mathews April 17, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Good afternoon,
I would like to let you know that your Front Desk agent Rosemary at the Best Western Fort Lauderdale Airport Cruise Port showed great costumer service today. I asked the front desk staff this morning, if they could write a Happy Birthday card to one of our clients that was about to check in. They didn’t have any birthday cards available, but they made sure our clients card was special and memorable. Our client is in town for a very important and stressful exam and appreciated the note a lot. So thank you to your wonderful staff in Fort Lauderdale!
Unfortunately, I’m not able send an attachment here. They made a card out of a butterfly that they cut out of paper. You could fold open the butterfly and our note was on the inside.
Kind regards,

Kristin Mathews


Carin Marucci April 6, 2017 at 3:03 pm

Good afternoon,
On April 5th @ 10:30 am. I booked an online reservation for 2 rooms – 4 nights at the Best Western Plus Boulder Inn, Boulder CO for a value of $1356.56 CAD.
On April 6th, unforeseen cirXXXXstances caused our travel plans to change and I called Best Western Reservations at 1:49 pm to cancel. This should be an easy cancellation, the reservation is 11 days away.
To my absolute shock, I am told the reservation is “uncancellable”, it is past the date to cancel. Pardon? I booked it 24 hours ago and the trip is over a week away. The response was sorry, best I can do is charge you the minimum 3 night stay, as this booking rate is based on a minimum 3 nights. In an attempt to clarify and remain polite, I reiterate that I had just booked these rooms and no where did I see that I would not be able to cancel. I was informed that it is there in the fine print, at the bottom of the page.
So, she tells me that she doesn’t know what is going on in that area that bookings are not cancellable, but they will charge me $1017.42 CAD regardless. She then asks me if she “can help me with any other bookings”. Most definitely not!
I am appalled, shocked and angry at this unethical practice. I book travel arrangements weekly and never in 16 years have I run into this. Please do not tell me they could not re-book these rooms again.
It is my intend to voice my complaint on every social media site and every consumer complaint site. Our organization books many accommodation arrangements for personnel annually and I will be sure that the Best Western is not on my go to list for hotel bookings at any time in the future.
I remain, shocked, disappointed and appalled.


Serious sense of entitlement May 9, 2017 at 10:07 am

Perhaps you should read the rate rules before confirming? This is the problem with people like you, YOU screw up and it’s the company’s fault? Grow up and take responsibility.


Liz May 19, 2017 at 3:37 pm

Good afternoon. I wanted to let you know about the horrible condition we found when we stayed at the Carousel Best Western in Coralville, Iowa about three weeks ago on a Saturday. I was SO disappointed because we have stayed there many, many times for birthdays, reunions, little get-aways and never had a bad time. However, this will be the last time we ever stay at this hotel. None of the hallways were vacuumed. The various types of grunge on the floor was easily visible. A very large bag of trash from housekeeping was left in the hall all day until the next day and it still may be there. The room we stayed in, a suite, smelled so incredibly bad from smoke that it was difficult to stay in that room. I realize it used to be a smoking room but due to the very strong odor of smoke was really awful. It seems like something could and should have been done before reserving it out again. Although I have been at this hotel many times, I got myself lost when I was going back to my room to complain about the pool having a sign saying it wasn’t open. I asked a housekeeper and she couldn’t help me because she could not speak or understand English. I asked her how it is she can work in the United States and not speak proper English. I thought employees, regardless of their position, were there to help in any way possible. As well, I accidently left our swimsuits hanging on the back of the bathroom door. I called to say I would come pick them up. The manager said she would have them at the desk ready for me when I came in. Nope. I had to wait nearly 15 minutes for the manager to get this message through to yet another housekeeper who could not speak English.

This hotel is one of the most poorly run and managed hotels I have EVER been to and the reviews are all false. This hotel is not clean at all and the staff are poorly trained. Which leads me to wonder why it would receive a AAA rating.

Today I received a response saying Best Western would not reimburse me but was offered 4,000 points. You know where you can put your 4,000 points right?


Tony June 26, 2017 at 9:28 pm

Best Western employees should have the courage to use their names when responding to customer complaints instead of trying to pretend to be just some random person replying to a post. Grow up and come out from behind your mother’s apron.


Rita Oliver April 5, 2017 at 5:06 pm

I spent a night at the Best Western in Gastonia, NC on 4/1. Bedbugs were so bad that I had to sit up and sleep in a chair. I was too tired to go back to the office for a room transfer, I have bites on my shoulder, arm, and leg. My son also has bites on his arms, legs and hands. I was given a bag for our clothes and told to call back to where I reserved the room. I only spent one night but it was not worth what I paid for it. I have contacted the Health Department.


Juan Galan April 4, 2017 at 6:48 pm

What is wrong with Best Western reservations website??
How can you run a business that way??


I. Brown April 3, 2017 at 1:57 pm

I was so disturbed by my recent stay at Best Western Plus in Dania Beach, FL, that I had to make the time to compose the following email.

Good Morning,

I have finally made the time to sit and write this email concerning my recent stay at a Best Western Plus in Florida.

A friend and I traveled to Fort Lauderdale and stayed at the Best Western Plus, Fort Lauderdale Airport South Inn, located at 1900 Stirling Road, Dania Beach, Florida, 33004, from March 13th thru 18th.

Having stayed at other Best Western Plus hotels in the past (the best so far is Santee, SC), I was ABSOLUTELY DISAPPOINTED in the level and quality of service provided by the Dania Beach location. Rather than write a short novella, I will attempt to capture my disappointment in bullet points:

• The room was not as clean as it should have been (on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have given it a 6).
o While adjusting the temperature in the room, I was appalled by the dirt build-up in the vents…disgusting.
o The shower stall was not cleaned thoroughly; discovered dirt specs on the wall the first day.
o The room smelled musty; it seems as though the rug had not been cleaned in quite some time. Asked the front desk to put freshener in the room.
o The sheer curtains were stained. Really? They could do better than that because that is certainly an easy fix.
o One day the room was cleaned sop half-heartedly; empty cups were not removed and a crumpled napkin was left on the area above the refrigerator.
• Breakfast WAS NOT a breakfast of champions. The options for non-meat eaters were slim.
• Room key did not work for side entrance closest to the room from parking lot.
• Bed Linens
o One night after having been bit or allergic reaction to the blanket (or detergent) I called housekeeping to request a new set of linens. I was informed that I had to come to the front desk and pick them up because there was no one on duty who could bring them to the guest room; I proceeded to the lobby to get the linens. Hours with no housekeeping personnel? What if there was a more serious incident in my room (i.e. flooding); would I have been told to come and get a bucket and mop clean it up myself?
o One evening upon returning to the hotel, we walked in the room and thought that there was skunk in the room. For a few moments we could not figure out what the smell was, then it dawned on me that someone was smoking drugs. I went out to the front desk and asked the manager to investigate the matter because someone’s drug use was infringing upon the stay THAT I PAYED FOR. The night manager stated the matter would be investigated. We received no feedback from management.
o The next evening upon returning to the room, the same thing occurred. I went back to the front desk and reported the incident AGAIN! The management had the audacity to say to me that they checked with the guest and the guest provided proof that the drugs were being used for medicinal purposed. If that were indeed the case, it was so inappropriate to dismiss your other guests for the sake of a weed head. We not offered another room in an effort to address what was being imposed on us, nor were we even notified of the outcome of our complaint. There was no apology extended, no offer to relocate rooms…NADA. Totally unacceptable!
o While at the desk voicing our complaint, a guest from the 2nd floor was checking out and stated that she had the same experience regarding the smell of drugs permeating her room. So bizarre to think that your guests should be subjected to that just because.
o The smell did not dissipate for quite some time and we were forced to burn a candle in an effort to eliminate the smell. In hindsight I should have called the police; I would bet management would have addressed it more appropriately.

I would NEVER stay at that location again and would think 10 times before opting to stay in a Best Western hotel EVER again.


Tammy Pacheco April 2, 2017 at 9:43 pm

Well first of all.staff is no help.i complained of noise with loud people and stomping for hrs of floor room above us.i never seen hotel that don’t have quiet hrs .we were there with three small kids at 1.00 am loud things going on all night with no one to say anything so we did not get much sleep.there was ants in room.pool water cold .and breakfast area was set up at this hotel so poorly that you had no room to even try to get food.we have stayed at several best western my daughter is a reward member but this one in st louis missouri was terrible.we will never stay again.terrible.


Melinda March 29, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Clearly no one at Best Western cares about rectifying a bad experience at their Hotels. We were sold a bill of goods, that we most definitely did not receive, and have attempted to get some kind of resolution with numerous Hotel employees a) Desk clerks b) Manager c) Morning Supervisor c)customer service d) this corporate number. I will repeat what I said on the phone…..It is unacceptable to resolve valid complaints by making me a rewards member, and giving us travel “points” so we will return. My Sons’ are visiting from out of state, for the older brother’s Birthday. He decides he would really enjoy a relaxing evening in a spa/hot-tub setting. We spend some time online, and find this Best Western Plus in Cheektowaga, NY. We call the Hotel directly, to confirm they do indeed have a hot-tub, and are told yes we do have a hot-tub. Bingo! We proceed to reserve the room. We arrive around 6pm, looks nice….we check-in, go to the room, change, head down, and the sign says Out of Order. We go to the Front desk clerk, and find out that it is, has been for a week, and will be for another week, under repair. My question to her was why were we not notified about that when we called?? We certainly would not have booked this establishment, as that was our sole purpose in going. Of course she did not know why that would happen, and she did not have a manager’s number for us, or a Corporate number. She also did not offer the option for us to cancel the reservation, and go home. I wanted to leave, but my Son thought we would still be charged for the room, and he was really trying to calm me down , calm the situation down,and make the best of it, so we stayed…….BIG mistake! Our room did look nice, but all night long there was a very loud fan running, and no one could sleep, even the TV couldn’t cover the sound. P.S. I am the most sound sleeper there is. We checked- out of there at like 7:30 this morning so we could come home and get some rest. So seriously……unless your organization makes this visit right by refunding half of $90, or a “complimentary” future stay, I won’t ever be returning.


Maureen C March 24, 2017 at 1:58 pm

I tried to book a room at the BW Tuushin Hotel in Udan Bantor, Mongolia in July. I was already booked for a few nights with a National Geographic tour. I was trying to add two nights up front to adjust to time zones before trip started.
Went to hotel site, saw the advertised rates and call the 1-800 reservation number. Agent said they had no hotels in Mongolia, I was mistaken.
Called directly from US to hotel and the agent told me he would NOT take a reservation; I should us a website like I asked if he wouldn’t or couldn’t take a reservation. He then gave me a BW Reservation website. I e-mailed immediately when I hung up with the room choice and discount being offered. After 5 days and no reply, called the 1-800 number again and this time the agent said he could take the reservation. Asked what room, I told him and the Visa discount offer I was interested in. He checked and said it was still going on. A minute later he came back and said he couldn’t get his computer to accept the reservation but didn’t know why. He then told me if I joined the Rewards program he had an even better rate he could offer. After all the info was exchanged for joining, he then told me his computer wouldn’t take that rate either. Asked what, if any, discounts his computer would accept and we agreed to the more expensive AAA offer.
Tear up my Rewards. You be sure I will never use BW again for anything. If I was not already obligated through National Geographic, I would have cancelled the entire stay. I will be letting NG Adventures they should reconsider the use of your hotel.


richard March 22, 2017 at 9:40 am

I made a reservation through the 800 number. they promised me a suite with a balcony. I call back 3 weeks later to confirm my reservation and they told me no balcony and call the hotel manager. I got into a big fight with the manager and he told me sorry no balcony. I told him why did they promise me one them and he said nothing he can do. the whole vacation is ruined and I would never stay at a best western again. once you lie to me once you do not get my business again


lorraine reynolds March 22, 2017 at 8:29 am

We had the worst experience ever at a Best Western in Youngstown OH. We live in NJ, and we drove to Indiana to see Indiana University with our high school senior. On the way there, we stayed at a lovely Holiday Inn Express which I had booked in advance. On the way home, we just wanted to drive as far as possible, and stop when we were too tired to drive any longer. We stopped at several exits along the highway that advertised lodging. Everything was booked. There were many sports related tournaments, and all the hotels were full. As we exited the highway for the 3rd time looking for a place to sleep, we were exhausted. All the hotels in the area were booked (Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn & more). We went to the Best Western, & they had a non smoking room available. We took it. The lobby was nothing to write home about, but it was respectable. The clerk told us to park around back, and enter through that door. As soon as we entered the building, there was a cloud of cigarette smoke to walk through as we headed to the stairwell. We had a 2nd floor room. The 2nd floor hallways filled with smoke as well. We got to our door, where there was a non smoking room sign. We entered, and the room wreaked of smoke. I wanted to leave, but my husband was so exhauster from the drive, he said he just could not go any further. We basted the air conditioning to 60 degrees, slept with our coats and hats on, and got 4 hours of sleep until we couldn’t take it any longer. We were so happy to get outside and breath in the fresh air. We have stayed at other Best Westerns, and have always been satisfied. This hotel should not bear the Best Western name. It ruined the brand for me.


Latanya Brown March 20, 2017 at 8:15 pm

Me and my family stayed at the Best Western Plus in Brooklyn Center, MN. It was the worst experience of my life. My sister and my self tried to do a good deed and that put out life in danger. While the front desk agent just stood there and didn’t do nothing and didn’t call the police to have the person put out of the hotel. The security guard was supposed to be on duty but was no where around. Horrible customer service. I Drove 9 miles to this place and we treated horrible at the location. I’ve tried calling the general manager of the hotel and leaving messages and he still have not return my calls. I would not recommend this place to anyone.


Latanya Brown March 20, 2017 at 8:17 pm

We drove 9 hours not 9miles


Tahsha March 10, 2017 at 9:11 am

My husband and I stayed at the best western plus in Chester Pa. and we will never stay at another best western again. As well as make sure none of of friends and family memebers stay at any as well. The night we checked in we ordered food and went right to bed. The next day, after breakfast, we moved a chair and found a needle on the floor. After it was removed we received 10% off of one of the 2 nights we booked. About 2-3 hrs later we took the sheets off to get ready for house keeping and found a nice big red bed bug walking over the mattress. We checked out IMMEDIATELY and I asked for ALL my money back, we only recived 1 night and ahalf back. Not acceptable. Very bad business. Didnt even mention how I didnt even get that untill I finally spoke to a manager and she got the right story from her staff. Who told her the wrong room number and story. NEVER AGAIN!


Trish Reid March 13, 2017 at 7:37 pm

I recommend some Assertiveness Training Classes to help you construct and convey your thoughts. In the mean time I get your jest- that the company is not meeting the needs of their customers. A company can be self focused only so long before they lose their business. Celebrate free markets and capitalism. If a company does not listen to their customers, their competition will! Go to the hotels that will meet your needs!


LIsa Bryant February 20, 2017 at 12:29 pm

I initially booked this hotel on 2/15 on the website. The booking was canceled on 2/16 by the hotel claiming that the authorization was declined by the bank. I re-booked the hotel a second time. I spoke with regarding the booking and asked to change the booking from pay at hotel to pay now so that the room was guaranteed. I was told the only way to do that was to cancel the hotel and rebook paying through them. The hotel refused to accept the cancellation as it was past the date for cancellation despite the fact that I was still booking a room. I was not happy but willing to pay the cancellation fee and rebooked a third room and paid directly through

I called the hotel directly at 12:33 PM on 2/17 to confirm the booking. The manager of the hotel, Jason Russell, told me I had no reservation that both were canceled. I explained that there were two that canceled and a third that is showing as booked in my app. He repeatedly told me that I had no reservation but that I could book directly through him, as he still had rooms. I told him I was not booking directly through him, I already had a room. He then conveniently found the third reservation stating it had been canceled by I told him there was no reason for to cancel the reservation and he again told me that my credit card authorization was declined. I asked him why he was authorizing a charge, the room was paid for. He again told me that he still had rooms and I could book directly through him. I told him no, I was calling

I called and asked them to call the hotel to see why I yet again had no hotel room. I was told that they had a confirmation from the hotel and that the reservation was still active. I relayed the conversation I had with the manager and they called the hotel. The person at told me that the manager told them that the room had been canceled because the authorization was declined. asked if I would like to book again I told them I was not about to work with that hotel and booked a room at the Courtyard Marriott as I can always depend on that brand even though it was more than I wanted to pay.

When I received an email from asking me to rate my experience with the hotel, I let them know it was the worst experience I had ever had. The message copied at the bottom of this email. The message I received from the hotel is not only inaccurate, it is a downright lie by the manager of the hotel. I have never in my life dealt with such incompetence and will NEVER use a Best Western hotel again thanks to not only poor customer service, but because I dealt with a manager that is so underhanded and corrupt I can no longer trust your brand. For a manager to repeatedly cancel a reservation but be more than willing to book a room directly through him, is criminal, it is a conflict of interest and will be the next email I send letting them know what is going on with that hotel.

I, at the very least, deserve an apology from the hotel manager as he made my visit to see old friends not only stressful but also frustrating.

I would hope that this manager would be reprimanded for his poor behavior.

The Best Western Northpark Inn read your feedback and here is their response:
“Ms. Bryant, You reservation was booked online through and therefore we are bound by their policies. did not cancel your third reservation and thus we held the room for you, thinking you would arrive. We did not sell the room to someone else and therefore had to charge a one night no-show fee. I do apologize for the confusion, but please if you would book straight through Best Western next time, I am sure we can avoid the unpleasant situation. Jason Russell, Asst. General Manager, Best Western Northpark Inn”
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Nilda Grey February 14, 2017 at 10:48 pm

My husband and I wanted to check to the Best Western in Lackawanna, NY (where we stayed during the storm in early January). The man that night was nothing short of great. He was super busy with phones ringing, people walking in and trying to get rooms ready. We asked about the man and a raspy voice, actually nasty, woman said he was let go. She was quite rude and nasty when we asked about him. We decided to go to a different hotel where the check in desk people actually were nice. As a woman, I had to ask her why was she such a hater when we mentioned him (I think his name was Bob). Her response was, I’m one of the managers and I don’t appreciate being interrogated by people about someone who isn’t an employee anymore. And then she walked away. found out who the owners are and a letter is forthcoming. Maybe their corporate offices should look at this as well. As we left, she was outside, smoking a cigarette. Just plain rude.


CLAUDIA V. BRISENO February 9, 2017 at 3:58 pm

Good afternoon, I booked a 3 night stay at Best Western in Salinas, Ca (175 Kern St) for my mother and stepfather. They were given a parking permit to display on their dashboard and told to park in the private parking lot surrounding the hotel. No warnings or suggestions were given about the hgh crime rate area the hotel is located in. More importantly, Best Western never told us this hotel does not have any Security. The parking permit states the hotel provides “sufficient care” to ensure the safety of their guests and their belongings but they are not liable or responsible for anything damaged or stolen. My mothers car was broken into. The rear window was completely shattered with a big rock and items were stolen. From 6:07 am till 8:30 am the vehicle sat in the parking lot with a shattered window until my mother discovered it. Best Western did not notify my mother nor did they call police. They told my mother a couple had been arguing in the parking lot early that morning and perhaps they had shattered her window during their argument. The entire break in was caught on a hotel surveillance camera (they viewed the video only after I requested it). The front desk has a moniter displaying the view of that camera. So who is monitering the moniter? They acknowledged a couple arguing on the “private” lot right by my moms car but they did nothing about it. The officer that came after I called it in said cars are broken into routinely there. I did a little research and found multiple cars had been broken into at Best Western’ s parking lot (each car had their rear window shattered with a big rock and each had been burglarized as well). Yet we were never informed of any of that. We were informed, after the fact, they did not have actual security at all. My mother had to drive her vehicle to a shop but the broken glass fragments covered the floor. My mother had to request a broom and dust pan from the front desk. She swept the glass herself. Is this the definition of “sufficient care”? Best Western thinks it is. If this isnt negligence, then i dont know what is. Although the car is fully insured, they would only cover upto $250 . Total cost to replace window was almost $600 and my mother paid it out of pocket. Why does Best Western not have security in an area notorious for high crime rates? Why does Best Western have a private parking lot if there is no securify checking for permits on the dash or monitering the lot at all? I think Best Western could have at least aplogized but that didnt happen either. Unless Best Western actually provides “sufficient care” looking into the negligent actions that occurred, we will never again stay at any Best Western hotel. Our experience as paying guests of Best Western was awful (and expensive after adding in the repair costs of almost $600). CEO DAVID KONG –is this what your company defines as “sufficient care”? Is this the customer service you pride yourself on?


Brandi February 7, 2017 at 1:40 pm

Anyone have CEO David Kong number ?
I need to get in touch with him his corporate office and best western is nothing but a joke. If not I will not hesitate to call IRS and his company will be in some trouble. I’m don’t playing these games that his corporate office and his best western is playing. I’m completely done.


Krista February 15, 2017 at 5:06 pm

Did you work there Brandi? Because, I’m having issues getting my last check.


Rhonda Raab February 5, 2017 at 9:11 am

I am in the presidential suite. I paid a lot of money so that my family and I could be comfortable and get a good night sleep. The whirlpool tub has been beeping all night. We got no sleep. It has been miserable. We called and went to the front desk. The guy said that’s what it does if you use it. Not acceptable. I expect some money back.


Mara Newton February 1, 2017 at 1:45 pm

I will NEVER stay at this hotel ever again. To start, as I entered my room there were dirty wet towels and toilet paper on my bathroom floor. The room looked as though it had barely been cleaned. I try to be understanding and do not complain as we were only staying one night. After check out I realized I had forgot to clean out one of the drawers which contained over $100 worth of personal items. Already on my way home I called the main desk explaining what had happened and the lady working went and looked in the room (this was approximately 6hrs after I checked out) and she found my belongings in the drawer. This goes to show they do not clean their rooms very well. Anyways, I asked her to use my credit card information I had on file from buying the room and asked if they could ship me my belongs and she assured me they would be sent within the week. A week goes by and there’s no charge on my card so I call back. The same lady answers and tells me that my belongs were no longer on the desk and were sent. She said the charge just had not gone through yet on my card. She then proceeded to tell me she would check with the manager and call me back. Guess what, No call back. I waited another week and called again, this time asking for a manager. I explained my situation and asked if he could look into it and call me back. Once again, No call back. A few days later I got a hold of the same manager and he told me he would look into it again, check with UPS store and call me back that night. Shocker…no call back! At this point I am upset with how unprofessional these employees are and how I have been treated. I call back one more time and talked to the same manager explaining what happened and how this is my 5th time calling without ever being called back. I explain how I found my room dirty and have now been lied to because It is clear that I will not be receiving my items due to them being stolen by an employee. He told me that the lady I spoke to the first two times no longer worked there, her contact information did not work and that UPS never received a package. All I received from this hotel was a “sorry, there is we can do about it.” Well I am sorry this hotel hires liars, stealers and unprofessionals that do not know how to do their job! I am disgusted and will never encourage someone to stay in a Best Western.

I have contacted someone from customer care and they are not doing anything about this.


Robert Hill January 31, 2017 at 5:06 pm

I recently traveled to Naples florida on business and on the last day of my trip decided to stay in Fort Myers for my final night at a Best Western close to the airport. After I booked the room I was notified by Delta that my request for an earlier flight had been granted. Naturally I wanted to get home as soon as possible so I changed my flight. I called Best Western back immediately to cancel my reservation but was told that I did not meet the cancellation requirements of a 24 hour notice. So I was charged 200.00 for a room I never used and was probably re rented to another person. I don’t think i can get my money back but I can tell you this. I have always stayed at Best Western Hotels during my lifetime but i can assure you now I will never ever ever stay at a Best Western Hotel again. I will tell everyone I know about the ripoff I suffered at this establishment. You probably don’t give a sh*t but I wanted you to know. Take your Best Western Fort Myers and shove it! Robert Hill


Dena Loesch January 30, 2017 at 1:20 pm

I wasn’t sure where to send an email to and I am hoping this gets to the correct people!!
My son plays hockey at the semi pro level for a team out of Georgia- the Colmbus Cottonmouths. On January 19th they were involved in a bus accident near Peoria, Il. The team was all taken to the hospital with nothing but the clothes on their back…most of them didn’t even have shoes. After several hours at the Hospital the opposing team got them to their hotel for the weekend- The Best Western East Peoria. I cannot tell you how amazing the staff of the hotel was to our young men! Making sure they were comfortable, well fed the subsequent mornings, making sure they had a toothbrush the next morning & dealing with the messes that were made as some of their belongings were slowly returned to them covered in mud! One of the ladies in particular ( I wish I had gotten her name) who worked the front desk that Thursday evening and I believe Friday & Saturday evening went above and beyond! Thursday evening she offered to wash the mud covered clothes the boys were wearing from the bus crash. She also washed, dried & FOLDED several more loads of their clothing, jackets & blankets over the weekend as they arrived from the crash site. I cannot thank the entire staff on duty that weekend enough for all that they did! It comforted me as a mom to know someone was there to look after them when so many parents could not be there! My hope is that the staff from this weekend will be recognized for their amazing efforts on Best Westerns behalf!
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
Dena Loesch


Dena Loesch January 30, 2017 at 4:46 pm

you can probably disregard- I got a hold of someone thru Facebook that could forward my email immediately.


Billy January 29, 2017 at 4:36 pm

I was actually just visiting my Girlfriend who is a front desk agent for more then 3 years now. I have a registered service animal who I brought with me. I was informed that it didn’t matter that because she was an employee I was told I need to take the animal outside. As you should know this act is illegal. I kept a straight face but I am angry enough to press charges with this.


Jay Avila & Jennifer Freeman January 27, 2017 at 3:34 am

To whom it may concern, we love to stay at your hotels in fact we will only stay at Best Western. Unfortaly we checked into the Best Western in Lake Elsinore, can room 103 Monday 1-23_2017 under Jay Avila and ended up staying until Friday1-27-2017 on ate stay I woke up not once but TWICE to this man in my room asking me if we were staying another day this man is a manager (Some Manager) because my husband would book our room online because its cheaper this man had a attitude than tells us we can’t stay Friday because we’re all booked up . Go rude this manger needs to be retrained on customer service we are so angree on how this man treated us


Ashley January 24, 2017 at 9:15 pm

I have emailed you guys complaining about my stay at the best western hotel and I have not recieved a phone call for this matter other people were contacted before me when I was the one who booked the hotel of discrimination


Ashley January 23, 2017 at 12:53 am

I had recently booked a hotel stay at best western hotel on January 22-23 Anne arundel ,Eldridge ,md for a one night stay to enjoy a small get away for me and children it was her birthday week so we got a couple of her friends brought cake to just enjoy the moment ..later that day after swim we ordered food to the room the two delivery guys that came were so confused on what order ! Belonged to who ,someone else on the same exact floor ordered food as well a customer next to our room complaint about noise ,we kindly informed her that was not coming from me it was the two delivery guys trying to figure out what was going on ..maybe about an hour ago the general manager at that specific location knocked on my door with a snobby attitude telling me that I had a complaint and how many kids and adults were present at the time I stated their were two adults four children he than stated after that if we were not quiet he would call the cops to escort us out as I was closing the door he mention the (N) word where I was completely shock I responded as not a problem at that moment I was so confused of what I have done (please be inform these are children under the age of ten they are children and children tend to make noise ) …my sister had called the front desk to speak to Scott trying to resolve the problem we were completely upset ..we asked if he could come down to the room to speak to us in a respectful manner he responded (what do you want to talk about I said excuse me his attitude was very disturbing …he waited for thirty minutes with six police officers saying that we had to leave when we did Nonthing wrong at all we just wanted to enjoy the night With my child the children were hurting and crying because they did not understand what they did wrong he did not apoligize or cared about how we felt to resolve the issue because it was 12 midnight and he put us out of the hotel and did not care of what he had cause the hurt in their eyes !!


Rachel Duplessis January 23, 2017 at 12:38 am

To: Charles Saint Germain
General Manager
14619 Potomac Mill Rd.
Woodbridge, VA 22192

CEO: David Kong
CFO: Mark Straszynski
COO: Bruce Wienberg
Best Western International, Inc.
6201 N 24th Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Re: January 22, 2017 reservation: Rachel Duplessis
Dear Charles Saint Germain and:
This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Best Western Potomac Mills location. I arrived at the location to check in around 9:45 pm to which I was greeted by a customer service representative named Monique. I proceeded to inform her that I had reserved a room for 2 nights Jan 22nd and 23rd, which I booked through After she looked up the reservations she proceeded to told me that there was a $200 deposit fee to make sure no smoking went on in the rooms. I explained to her that I was not told of this through and that my bank was closed at the moment because it was on a Sunday at 9:45 pm and I did not have enough on my card at the time but could transfer the money the next morning after 9 am when my bank opens. (Mind you it is a Sunday and the weather was not great. It had been pouring rain the entire day and I drove 4 hours in the rain to get to our destination. Plus, since I was not made aware if this I was not prepared for sure a high deposit amount.)

She attempted to help me but then informed me that the system would not allow her to do anything further. At this time, I walk out to the car to explain what was happening inside to my husband and to come inside. My husband asked Monique, that the deposit sure high and was there any way settle this in the morning when are bank reopens. Monique stated she would call her manager.

She attempted 2 phone call to the manager to no avail, but left a voice message. After waiting around about 5 to 10 mins the Assistant General Manager Imran Ali called her back. Monique proceeded to explain my situation to him. As I stood at the counter I visually saw Monique pulling the phone slightly away from here ear as he yelling on the phone. I too could hear him yelling standing behind the reception desk. As this when on, I asked here f there any way for me to speak to him, the Assistant General Manager to explain my concerns regarding the situation. Monique relayed the message over the phone, that I would like to speak to the manager. I heard the manager say something to the effect of no exceptions and there was no need to speak to me and hung up.

Monique at this point stated that he said this happen all the time when people book with OTA (whatever that means) and not with Best Western. I then asked well what did he say to do. She still had no solution for the problem since Mr. Ali told her nothing to do. Monique then started to look at the call roster to see who she could call next to help me. At that point I stated could I pay the deposit in cash, which Monique looked at the system to see if it would give here that option. She then said yes you can. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated at this point. I went to the local AM in the middle of the pouring rain at night to get $200. When I returned, security was sitting at the receptionist area. I thought it was unfortunate that the hotel felt it need to do this, but I could understand. I can understand the need for the deposit, but the way this was handled has left a bad experience with Best Western Potomac Mills location and Best Western the Corporation.

Assist General Managers are supposed to come up with solutions not exacerbate the problem. I expected a much higher level of service from your company and your staff, and I am quite disappointed.

Past problems with previous customers are not my concern. I know policies are put in place for a reason, but you should look at all customers on a case-by-case situation. I am grateful to the young lady Monique at the front desk. She remained polite, calm, and helpful.


Rachel Duplessis


Rachel Duplessis January 23, 2017 at 12:26 am

To: Charles Saint Germain
General Manager
14619 Potomac Mill Rd.
Woodbridge, VA 22192

CEO: David Kong
CFO: Mark Straszynski
COO: Bruce Wienberg
Best Western International, Inc.
6201 N 24th Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Re: January 22, 2017 reservation: Rachel Duplessis
Dear Charles Saint Germain and:
This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Best Western Potomac Mills location. I arrived at the location to check in around 9:45 pm to which I was greeted by a customer service representative named Monique. I proceeded to inform her that I had reserved a room for 2 nights Jan 22nd and 23rd, which I booked through After, she looked up the reservations she proceeded to told me that there was a $200 deposit fee to make sure no smoking went on in the rooms. I explained to her that I was not told of this through and that my bank was closed at the moment because it was on a Sunday at 9:45pm and I did not have enough on my card at the time but could transfer the money the next morning after 9am when my bank opens. (Mind you it is a Sunday and the weather was not great. It had been pouring rain the entire day and I drove 4 hours in the rain to get to our destination. Plus, since I was not made aware if this I was not prepared for sure a high deposit amount.)
She attempted to help me but then informed me that the system would not allow her to do anything further. At this time, I walk out to the car to explain what was happening inside to my husband and to come inside. My husband asked Monique, that the deposit sure high and was there anyway settle this in the morning when are bank reopens. Monique stated she would call her manager.
She attempted 2 phone call to the manger to no avail, but left a voice message. After waiting around about 5 to 10 mins the Assistant General Manager Imran Ali called her back. Monique proceeded to explain my situation to him. As I stood at the counter I visually saw Monique pulling the phone slightly away from here ear as he yelling on the phone. I too could hear him yelling standing behind the reception desk. As this when on, I asked here f there any way for me to speak to him, the Assistant General Manager to explain my concerns regarding the situation. Monique relayed the message over the phone, that I would like to speak to the manger. I heard the manager say something to the effect of no exceptions and there was no need to speak to me and hung up.
Monique at this point stated that he said this happen all the time when people book with OTA (whatever that means) and not with Best Western. I then asked well what did he say to do. She still had no solution for the problem since Mr. Ali told her nothing to do. Monique then start to look at the call roster to see who she could call next to help me. At that point I stated could I pay the deposit in cash, which Monique looked at the system to see if it would give here that option. She then said yes you can. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated at this point. I went to the local AM in the middle of the pouring rain at night to get $200. When I returned, security was sitting at the receptionist area. I thought it was unfortunate that the hotel felt it need to do this, but I could understand. I can understand the need for the deposit, but the way this was handle has left a bad experience with Best Western Potomac Mills location and Best Western the Corporation.
Assist General Managers are supposed to come up with solutions not exacerbate the problem. I expected a much higher level of service from your company and your staff, and I am quite disappointed.
Past problems with previous customers are not my concern. I know policies are put in place for a reason, but you should look at all customers on a case-by-case situation. I am grateful to the young lady Monique at the front desk. She remained polite, calm, and helpful.

Rachel Duplessis


Tiffany Evans January 22, 2017 at 5:14 pm

In Ashburn, Ga at the Best Western, they refused people to enter the lobby when a tornado was on the ground very near. And as we drive not even a mile away there are trees and signs and flooding. Lives were at stake and the alarm to take cover is on and Best Western is refusing to let people in to take cover? How is that okay?! It’s not even like there were a bunch of people. Maybe 15 tops.


Dionte January 21, 2017 at 10:43 am

Maumee Ohio
I stayed at one of your location on January 14,15 2016 a little get away for me and my fiancé I originally book the king suite with the balcony over the pool when I get there those rooms not available ok cool took the king suite with the spa for same price guessing cause I book with priceline as we settled in I ran the water for the spa and once it was full turn it on and nothing happens just hear the motor running I tell the front desk and she called her manger who said to move me to another room tomorrow and the night would be free ok cool next day I asked the front desk about it and they still haven’t cleaned it after a day of spending time with family and shopping we get back to the hotel to be told there was no more king with a spa and that I would have to talk to the manger as I left Monday morning I leave a message for the manger to get a call back it’s been a week with three more call and still no call I had to call the corporate number to get an Response today I get a call back to be told the will refund me for one of the nights ok but why not both when are whole weekend was messed up I get it it’s a business but at the same time it’s my 300$ that was spent for a weekend that turned out bad if I just wanted a bed I could have went to a cheap hotel the whole reason we stayed there was for the spa a relaxing weekend away from the kids staff was great and did all they could the manger not so great no callback to the customer a sorry or nothing that was my first and last time I would stay at a best western hotel in Ohio hopefully the next one is better
And on top of that went to email this to best western and when you click on there email it take you to there website


Timothy S Pinkerton January 15, 2017 at 11:30 pm

I am a platinum member and on a recent stay I noticed that the Gideon Bible’s have been removed….very sad to say the least. I may have to switch our allegiance to another hotel company which still carries bibles in the rooms. When I checked with the hotel manager where I stayed confirmed that they were no longer putting bibles in the rooms and were following a policy to remove all remaining bibles. a sad day for the Best Western hotel chain. Tim Pinkerton member # 6006636739562249


John Paul Hix January 12, 2017 at 9:21 pm

I was recently fired from branch 06165 firestone inn and suites through a text message. It stated that my shift had been covered and I was free to pick up my last check anytime. The check from payroll was dated for today January12 2017. When I showed up they never said a thing as I cleared out my drawer. As I left the owner did not say one thing. Having been a manager I would never do this to an employee unless they stated they did not want to talk. I would have clocked them in than discussed their termination. This in my opinion was very inappropriate a way to handle a termination. Further more I find that this branch, though making updates, are not 100% in compliance consistently. They put out the branded things such as: cereal dispensers and trash cans on day of an inspection. It is not a practice at this local to offer 250 bonus points or even gift bags. We just comply with free upgrades. I am not disgruntled I just think that professionally was lacking in my “surprise” termination. I have worked there for 1 year and a half and have been made to feel that my service was not valued. As a result have lost faith in the Best Western brand and will not be recommending this location as amenable to someone’s needs….


Tae Lee January 7, 2017 at 8:08 am

Booked a room through Expedia for a stay at Walterboro Best Western, Walterboro, NC. Arrived late in the evening and went to sleep without checking every corners of the room and found the room in horrible condition when I woke up next morning. The ceiling of the bathroom was water damaged, paint was peeled off, and had signs of mold and mildew(If a picture can be attached here, please refer to the picture) . Also the bathroom did not have a fan either. I never seen a hotel/motel room in this condition and I have never seen a business selling a service or merchandise in this condition at over $90 a night. I complained to the front desk staff and manager, but they did not provide any apology. Just stated that they cannot do anything because I booked the room through a third party.


Bonnie Bower January 6, 2017 at 12:54 pm

My husband and I stayed at a Best Western in Lock Haven, PA January 4 – 5, 2017 so that we could attend the viewing/funeral for my husbands sister. When we checked out of the hotel my husband accidently left behind his cell phone charger which was plugged into the bedside lamp. I have contacted the hotel and they tell me that it was not turned in or checked in by housekeeping and that the person that cleaned that room has been with them for five years. I’m sorry was all they could say and corporate was of no assistance whatsoever! They are a franchise and they are not responsible for any items lost or left behind. What a joke!!!! First off, they overcharge for their rooms in a small town like Lock Haven. I checked their website today and it is $10 cheaper. Secondly, they advertise their spa tub in which the picture looks like it will fit at least two people, NO WAY!!! Be prepared, it only fits one adult. Thirdly, the room is extremely small and you don’t get full size pillows on the king size bed, you get five square pillows. Fourth, my husband is a Senior Citizen and I couldn’t even get a Senior Citizen discount to work on the computer. When you do, it gives you a higher amount. REALLY????? What is the meaning behind this? Lastly, they offer a free hot breakfast. Before we left, we went to the lobby and all of the tables were removed and they were doing some type of renovation in the eating area. So I looked around the corner to see where the food was and a worker came up behind us and rudely said, “What can I help you with?” I looked at her and said, “Are we not allowed to eat?” After that her whole attitude changed. There were no eggs, she had previously removed them and then brought them back. They were cold!!!!! The bagels were hard. They cleared a table off but why would you want to eat in a place that was doing a renovation during the time in which breakfast was to be served. We took our little bit of food to our car to eat. So disgusted with our stay here.

After the dishonesty we will NEVER stay at another Best Western anywhere!!!!!

Corporate, you may read this but you will do nothing to compensate us for any of our stay at one of your hotels since I was informed, they are franchised. I feel so sorry that this is how you do business and take people’s hard earned money by overcharging for your rooms.


Alicia Ogg January 5, 2017 at 2:21 pm

We made a reservation via Hotwire and prepaid for our stay. Upon looking through my credit card statement, I realized we were charged twice, and the amount charged directly from Best Western was less than Hotwire!! I called customer service and she said they would refund the lesser amount. I’m pretty upset because had I not gone through my statement, I wouldn’t even have known! Best Western, you should be AT LEAST refunding me the higher charge for the inconvenience and your mistake.

My family and I stayed at the Best Western Danville Inn in Danville, PA December 26-28, 2015. I’m from Danville and since my mother’s husband was sick, we decided to stay at a hotel so as not to infect our 3 children. Our stay was fine, the hotel was nice and staff was friendly – I’m not a happy customer though and I’ll most likely not stay at a BW again.


Linda Beard January 5, 2017 at 1:21 pm

We were traveling to Jacksonville, Florida from near Austin Texas. We have traveled this route before and know around Tallahassee is where we start getting tired and stay for the night. I booked a room to Best Western Pride Inn in Tallahassee, Florida, around noon , the same day we started out for the trip. Before Tallahassee, we got really tired and had to stop at another hotel so I called to cancel my room before 5pm. I was told I’d still have to pay for the room due to not cancelling before 4pm, even though on, it states FREE CANCELLATION. I called and was told I wouldn’t be charged for it due to cancelling the same day the reservation was made. When I got I text about the charge to my debit card, I called the motel and got a VERY nasty remark and was told I should have read the fine print that I had to cancel 3 days prior for it to be free cancellation and that THEY REFUSED TO REVERSE THE CHARGES. I will never stay at another Best Western again, especially not this one.


Karen Patterson January 2, 2017 at 3:50 pm

On our annual trip to Florida, my husband and I made reservations while traveling in our car with a Best Western Carowinds in Fort Mill South Carolina. Our reservation was for two people for one night on December 26, 2016. It took me about 14 minutes to make the reservation as the agent had trouble understanding the alphabet and many things had to be repeated. It should be noted that I used the reservation phone number listed on the Best Western Website since I have experienced better rates and service working directly with the hotel rather than using booking services like Travelocity and Priceline.
The agent emphasized that this was the LAST ROOM available and the price, out the door, would be $100.94 and that this was non-refundable. I pre-paid on the phone.
When we arrived. the registration clerk had our reservation. I commented that we got the last room. She assured us it was not the last room and that there were many vacancies. In addition, our payment could be refunded. It was then that I learned that I had booked through Expedia even though I went through the BW website.
I felt that I was deceived by being serviced by Expedia and not Best Western. Furthermore, it was dishonest to tell us we had booked the last room and our payment was non-refundable. The registration clerk at the hotel said he could not print out an invoice because we pre-paid.
While our room was perfectly adequate and we enjoyed our overnight stay, I must say that I am unhappy with the deceptiveness of how our reservation was handled. If Best Western choose to use Expedia then customers should be told that by the reservation people. I do not believe we got the best rate even though we were told we got “a 35% discount.”
Please make this right and refund our room charge.
Karen Patterson


Sharon Smith January 2, 2017 at 9:55 am

I checked into the Best Western Hotel in Atlanta Georgia on Off Godby Rd. I told them I needed three night starting on Dec.30th. When I got back to my hotel room on Dec.31 I arrived in to have my door locked. The front office informed that they were trying reach me by knocking in the door. No one called the cell phone number provide or emailed me anything. I was asked if I wanted to stay over. I said when I checked in I adised you that I was staying 3 days and was given an 89 dollar rate. I was told not I would have to pay a diifferent rate because the rate has now changed. That is not my fault that you didn’t have you paper work done correctly.. When I asked to speak with someone to assist I was told to call the general manager who was not gong to be available until after I check out. I am furious. This is the worst customer service and overall service period. Upon checkout I could not even get any help or a cart for luggage.. Needless to say I had to drag 3 bags downstairs by myself and I am a woman with a child. If I had know I would treated with disrespect and lack of concern I would have never checked into this hotel, I want s refund if the difference on my room rate. I paid 129 a night when I was quoted $79 a night! I need a resolution of this issue. I am asking for your help as a frequent paying customer. My name is Sharon Smith
. Slidell La 70469
Mod84 at


jeff January 1, 2017 at 1:10 pm

I am 57 year old and like to travel find Best western a good choice of hotels. My question is that I am receiving treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and find hotels bed not comfortable for my needs. Many people are in my position and they would pay for an upgrade of an adjustable bed or even a recliner would be better suited for us. Couldnt a pilot program be tryed to see how it would be received Baby boomers are getting older you know. I have asked the question on the internet net and other people are interested in finding a hotel that would accommodate them . Looking for your reply Thx Jeff


Lisa December 31, 2016 at 11:38 am

Worse hotel we’ve ever stayed in. Poor customer service and they added low points to a card that does us know use. We should’ve been given at least a two night stay for a future trip.
This was the hotel in Tacoma “Dome”.


Alicia Cuevas December 30, 2016 at 11:12 am

Currently staying at Best Western Cole in Clovis California. I have to say this was a circus of a morning. While trying to enjoy a relaxing breakfast I was subject to 2 female employees literally screaming and cussing at one another as if they were on a jerry springer show. Luckily I did not have my children with me to hear the very foul and offensive language that was being screamed from the top of these 2 women’s lungs. I’m so appalled at how unprofessional these women were. Not only did I have to deal with this during my breakfast unfortunately there was a family with small children present. Then to make matters worse they actually came to blows and started actually physically fighting! I don’t know who is in charge of this place but I would suggest hiring professionals. I will not be staying here again! Absolutely ridiculous!


Walter December 28, 2016 at 2:40 pm

We checked in to the Best Western Club House Inn & Suites in Mineral Wells, TX on the afternoon of 12/26/16 for a one night stay, to attend a family gathering. Upon our arrival, the front desk employee let us know that the water supply was shut down and they did not have any further information about what was going on. She told us that 2 complementary bottle of water were left at our room. We returned to the room around 11 pm and, yes, there was still no water supply. We had to use the bottle water to wash our-self. On the morning of 27th, we had to ask for additional bottles to go around our morning routine and proceeded to check out. No apologies were given as if it was completely normal to stay in a hotel with no water service. We usually pick your chain of hotels when we make road trips so, this time was no different. We were confident that the service is always good, the place is clean and we could have a nice place to sleep at a low cost. But this was NOT acceptable. It was like going camping on an expensive campsite.


G. Stubbs December 24, 2016 at 1:00 am

We checked in to the Best Western Plus in College Station, TX on the evening of 12/21/16. We have stayed here before, in fact we stayed here within a week or so of its grand opening a couple of years ago. The building is new, clean and generally worth the price. However, as we got into the elevator, we encountered a stench of rotting garbage. The smell filled the elevator space and was prevelant throughout the third floor corridor. It even seeped into our room. My spouse went back down to tell management about it and was told that a lot of garbage had been taken down the elevator that day and that must be the cause. Right. The stink was still noticeable in the hallway and elevator the next day. On the 22nd, we returned to our room in the evening and the smell in the elevator and hall was gone. Great! Wrong. Tonight, 12/23/16 we came into the hotel, called for the elevator and once again were overwhelmed with the smell of rotting food and sour milk. I compare it the smell of a commercial dumpster. The odor filled the elevator, and hung in the air in the corridor in the third floor. This time I went downstairs and spoke to two staff members at the desk. I explained that we were frequent visitors to the hotel and that we booked for no fewer than 5 days every time. We like the place and the people, but this is NOT acceptable. I asked if they knew why there was this sickening odor in their building, and one offered that there may be some items stuck in a laundry chute. I disagreed and said the odor is not that or spoiled laundry or mildew. It is the smell of food waste as from a commercial kitchen. And it is strong. I asked that it be investigated as soon as possible. However, I doubt very much that it will be or that anything will be done. Even as I write this, the odor is permeating our room. Were it not for the fact that it is nearly midnight and we are tired, we would be checking out now. Regardless, unless I get a believable explanation and assurance that it has been resolved, including an explanation of what steps were taken, we will check out tomorrow and take our business to another hotel. We will also stop using this hotel for our future semi-annual visits, and will let our family members here in College Station know that this is a place to be avoided. And I’m really sad to say that because apart from this one issue it’s really a nice hotel with polite, friendly staff and a good breakfast buffet. But enough is enoug.


Ron December 22, 2016 at 7:49 pm

The Yuma best western is the worst


Ron December 22, 2016 at 7:47 pm

That best western was the worst that I have ever stayed at,plus they ran my card after I told them I would be paying cash when I checkout , is there a law agaist that?


Michael Drey December 22, 2016 at 2:10 pm

We stayed at many BW’s . We stayed at Tampa Fl. BW. People here don’t care. We got there and she put us in room 311. On the way up the floor in the elevator was so slippery from some one cleaning the stainless steel. Then the Door keys would not open door. The front desk girl came up to confirm the keys did not work. She let us in with her master key. The floor in the bathroom was so slippery you couldn’t stand. So, Complained and then was moved to room 111. That key didn’t work. She let us in and told us as soon as she can get us a key she would. Well, The next morning my wife get’s out of the tub and I here her yell. I rushed in and there she was on the floor. Slipped in the bathroom. We informed the girl at the desk and we got “O”. That’s it.
Needless to say I put a bad comment in and got a call from the manager. George. He was more concerned about telling me about the bad review then my wife being hurt. Told me it was all doXXXXented but asks me what room I was in.
I informed him my wife needs to see a doctor to send his insurance contact info. That was days ago. No reply . Funny there was a guy we passed that told us to look out for the slippery tubs. Beware.


Karen Frey December 15, 2016 at 1:59 pm

My husband & I recently stayed at Best Western Plus in Albert Lea Mn. After an 8 hr. drive to Rochester then return trip back with a restful night in Albert Lea, a deer ran out in front of our rental car a mile away from the motel. Luckily, no one was hurt except the front of car was demolished up to the radiator. We made it to the motel & one of your clerks just getting off work spotted us. She came outside & assisted us in retrieving our luggage inside while the acting desk clerk checked us in & allowed my husband to use a land line phone in contacting insurance co, rental car co., etc. Not only was the remodeled motel well kept, clean & comfortable, the staff went out of their way to assist us with a problem that could have been disastrous. We tried to award them for going above & beyond their duties but they refused any type of compensation. Kudos to the staff of Best Western Plus in Albert Lea Mn.!!!


Ronald Zink December 8, 2016 at 6:39 pm

I have been a member of your rewards program for a long time – more than 10 years. About 3 years ago i found that someone had gotten into my personal info and changed it to their information. I got that fixed thru your customer service at the time. this has happened 3 times mow over the last 3 years. I talked to your customer service again a coup[le of days ago and they suggested that i open a new account and my points would be moved to the new account. Yesterday i got the password for my new account and tried it. It worked but there were no points in it. i again called your customer service and talked to a very nice lady. After about 15 minutes of talking to her and her talking to her supervisor the message i got was that your security is so good that what i was describing could not possibly happen and there was no way that they could give me my old points. Since i was describing something that in fact has happened and they have the name of the person who did it (it is his personal info that has replaced mine in the account) it appears to me that your company has its head in the sand and is a prime candidate for a TARGET store event. I offered to provide the dates that i earned points for the last several years so they could identify that they really belong to me but still it could not possibly have happened!


Jeremiah Purser December 8, 2016 at 6:48 am

Hello my name is Jeremiah Purser one of your establishments was recently opened in my home town of Cedartown Ga the general manager is Kay Bell I was sub contracted by her under the Best Western name to do some painting to help them meet their deadline to open I worked almost three weeks on the job with no pay with the promise of payment after final inspection and opening which I agreed to the way miss Bell kept up with mine and several other subcontractor hours was a sign in sheet where we logged our hours daily well the best western has been open now for three weeks and all I have received is 174.00 which is a fraction of what I am owed and now she is telling me that I will not be paid for the rest of my work and that I have no proof of my work since she has the sign in sheet this is very unprofessional and it’s not the Best Western I know my family and I have stayed at Best Western hotel several times and always had a very good experience please contact me 706528XXXXX also your establishment is being run very poorly also she has employed her children to work there and it’s not a professional environment. Thanks so much


A. Moore December 4, 2016 at 6:22 pm

To whom this may concern,

I am a guest in your hotel. I have a few complaints that I would like to address. I’ll start with my major one first.

It’s Sunday afternoon. The football game is on channel 13. The channel is going in and out. I called down to the front desk and I asked the lady that answered can she fix the station. She said no rudely. The channel has been going in and out since 6am this morning.

I go downstairs to the front desk to see if I could get a manager and I believe the same lady that answered the phone said she was the only one there. No managers and no maintenance person was working. Fine!

I asked her could I have some clean towels. She goes to the back and look and comes back and says she doesn’t have any. She said can I walk down the hall to housekeeping to get some. Fine!

I walk to housekeeping and the door was open. I asked the first lady for some towels. Well another lady jumps in and says I have to bring my dirty towels from upstairs and she will give me new ones. Fine!

I go back to the front desk to ask for a refund for my hotel stay tonight. She says she can check me out and only charge me for one night. While the front desk lady and I are talking, the second lady from housekeeping is yelling MA’AM, MA’AM, MA’AM at me from all the way down the hall. There are other guest rooms and I’m sure they heard it. There was another guest standing next to me asking for change and I said to him I know she can’t be talking to me. By this time the housekeeping lady is coming down the hall still yelling. The front desk lady says I thought she was talking to someone else. By the time the housekeeping lady makes it down to the front desk she says ma’am you can leave your dirty towels outside your door and come down to housekeeping to get some fresh ones. The front desk lady said she could give me her supervisor email to complain to.

I went upstairs grab all the towels that were dirty and took them to housekeeping. The same lady that was yelling at me greeted me. I told her ma’am don’t yell at me any more. She says I’m sorry. I say I’m not anyone’s child. She said I know.

The second compliant is check in.
I reserved this hotel on I called after I made the reservation to confirm they got my reservation and to complain about me not being able to pay on She says I can’t pay on that I needed to come in and pay by 6:00pm. Fine!

I came that same day around noon. When I got there she said she could have took my credit card information over the phone and I didn’t pay until I actually stayed. My complaint is she was rude too. Very short on the phone. If she would have been nice and explained in detail about the check in process, I would not have had to make a blank trip. The lady I checked in with Saturday at 3:00pm was wonderful.

Last complaint
The rooms were not 100% clean. Maybe 65%. Sheets dirty, tables needed wiping, crumbs on the kitchen counter, a smoke odor even though I had a nonsmoking room, and a slight pee smell in the bedroom.


David Richey December 3, 2016 at 9:53 am

While traveling on a road trip up the west coast , after checking into a Best Western in Coos Bay, OR , we were greeted with a “Trump/Pence make america great again” sign displayed in their office window. This sends a clear messenge that not everyone is welcome in their hotel. Is this their corporate policy? I want to feel safe in a Best Western , and this is NOT sending that message.
The message that political sign represents is that if you are not straight, white and a non immigrant, you are NOT welcome in that establishment. We are on a 3 week road trip , have stayed in several Best Westerns along the way, and have reservations in several more , but if this is their corporate policy , I will find new accommodations.


Robert Cook December 2, 2016 at 4:41 pm

When I stayed in the Best western on Burtwistle Line in London Ontario Canada I had made reservations using Price line. I payed U.S. dollars for a canadian hotel using a canadian visa card. This nuts that a canadian hotel would use a company like Priceline
to rip off all canadian customers.


Douglas Lancaster November 30, 2016 at 8:54 pm

My wife and I recently stayed at the Best Western Atlantic Beach Resort in Miami Beach, Florida. I have stayed in numerous Best Westerns before, and most visits are very good with some visits heading into the exceptional territory (such as the BW Heritage in Bellingham, Washington). On a scale of one to ten, I would rate the Atlantic Beach Resort a 4, and that is being generous.

This trip was to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and this was stated on the reservation. When we arrived, we explicitly asked about the continental breakfast, and were told that it was included but that hot breakfasts were an additional cost. The room we received had a wonderful view, not of the ocean, but of the hotel and parkade next door. The room was badly in need of an update — the carpet was quite worn, there was paint and plaster peeling from the ceiling, the bathroom door needed painting badly and the bathtub was rusty. The cleanliness of the room was not bad, but not great — at least the sheets were clean.

The biggest issue was that at checkout, we were presented with a bill for $104 for breakfasts. We had a bagel, fruit, coffee and juice each day and were charged $17 per day each. Had we known that the continental breakfasts were not included, even though we had been informed that continental breakfasts were included, we would have gone elsewhere for breakfasts and would have gotten a lot better breakfast for considerably less money.

Overall, this experience has really soured us on Best Westerns, and other than the Bellingham Heritage Inn, we will be thinking twice about staying in Best Westerns in the future.


Tamera Sorrell November 28, 2016 at 11:03 am

My family and I traveled from California to Colorado Springs, CO to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my younger Brother and his family (first holiday together in about 10 years). I reserved 3 rooms under my name at Best Western Plus Peak. Upon check in, my Sister-in-Law used her own credit card to place on file as did my daughter and myself. My Sister-in-Law checked in on 11/21/2016 and my daughter and I checked in on 11/22/2016. When my daughter and I checked in, they asked if I wanted to keep all points on my card, my daughter and I both said yes since I travel more. BW charged my card for all three rooms for the first night. When I questioned it…they stated upon check out the charges will fall off. I was ok with that. On 11/23/2016 my fiance and I left in the morning to do some shopping and returned to find our room had been cleaned (not an issue). However, later in the day, I checked my bank account to find that BW placed a $250 charge on my account. When I called the front desk, the clerk told me it was for smoking in room. I was highly upset as I know for a fact there was no smoking. My children were in a room right next to mine as well as a couple on the other side of us with two small children, on top of the fact I know what the charge is for smoking in non-smoking rooms. The clerk stated there was nothing she could do and I needed to wait until desk supervisor came in the next day at noon (Thanksgiving). I hung up. A few moments later, I called clerk back and this time I was informed that she used the “wrong term” and the charge was not for smoking, but for marijuana being found. I became extremely upset as they tried to point out that there in a no tolerance for smoking on premise. On 11/24/2016 I could not meet up with my family until after I spoke with supervisor. At noon I went to front desk and spoke to Sup. Gina. She was pleasant and proceeded to point out the clause on receipt that I signed…it stated no marijuana, smoking, or pets in their entirety…this statement is open for interpretation as many would understand it as there is no marijuana or cigarette smoking any where in or near hotel. Gina stated four patrons were charged this fee for having cigarettes or marijuana visual in rooms. I find this act to be very dishonest and manipulating. We came into hotel with patrons standing right outside the door smoking cigarettes and not one person went to tell them anything. I could understand if illegal drugs or paraphernalia was found, but this is not the case. My fiance left a sealed bag with a joint in the room next to the microwave. Additionally, I was charged daily for my room as well as the entire stay. Today 11/28/2016, I still have a hold on my card with a total of over $400 being charged and the room only totaled $347. I plan on contacting a class-action attorney as I have read other complaints where customers are being charged these bogus smoking fees. I cannot imagine how much revenue is being brought in just by these fees alone.

Another issue was that later in the evening of the 23rd, my fiance tried to enter the room and the key card would not work…when he went to front desk they stated they could not find a room with my name…come to find, they transferred my room to my daughters name so she could receive the rewards points. I have no clue why they would do such a thing when we both clearly stated that I would receive them. Why would BW make these changes without consent? I am wondering it they were attempting to make my stay uncomfortable and financially straining due to my skin color? I would hope not as the clerks were nice and respectful.

The elevator broke at least 2x that I know of and pool was shut down for a night due to heater breaking….

My Sister-in-Law had no issues through out her stay.

I am hoping to have this issue resolved sooner than later…I am sure reversing $250 would be less costly than fighting a law suit.

My best,
Tamera Sorrell


Donna Turner July 5, 2018 at 3:03 am

Please include me in the class action. They charged me $400 for supposedly smoking in my room!!! There was no smoking- and it’s just based on the word of a maid!!!


Jarred November 16, 2016 at 4:15 pm

Tried to book a room for my nephew for his birthday. We got told by the gm that we would have to pay an extra 60 dollars just so they could clean there pool. This is in Kalispell Montana. I won’t recommend this place to anyone. Sounds like the gm is trying to make a little side cash. Don’t rent here


Dee Paswaters November 14, 2016 at 10:20 pm

This summer we were on our way to Redding,CA to see our first great grand daughter. We stopped at the Best Western in Elk Grove . That night I stepped on a open safety pin left on the carpet. The next morning I had puss under my foot where the open safety pin went in. I told front desk in the morning and Mr. Joe Craft called us. But nothing happen. I had to have a tetanus shot and got sick with the infection and had to leave 3 days early from our visit with our grand daughter. I called several times to the hotel. However Mr Craft said the hotel owners didn’t feel it was important to respond to me about. Wow. I had to pull a pin out of my foot. It got infected. I had to leave being with my first grand daughter 3 days early because of the infection. I would like to go back to see her.
Is there anyone from best western who cares?


Zina Morris November 12, 2016 at 9:37 am

Im currently at the Best Western in Pt Huron, Mi, in town for a funeral. (general manager Mrugesh Patel). Im my room the tv did not work at, the phone did not work at all and I had no bathroom light so I had to keep the door open. These are my initial issues there are others but lets start here. I tried to call to let front desk know about these things but no phone, I showered and got dressed for my family visitation and planned on telling the desk when i went down the horrible elevator, the desk was packed with people waiting, they wete obviously not happy with something with their checkin, I waited as long as i could, i didnt want yo be late. So i left, when i returned i wanted to stop at the desk again but again, people checking in and only 1 person at the desk. Tired I had a long drive so i went up to my room and tried to fix/program TV, could not get it to work. So this morning I go down to the desk and basically was told they could gobup and look/ fix it NOW but I never let them know yesterday so sorry. I asked what are you going to do to for me, as a customer. He Patel, the manager offered & gave me a whole 10% off!! $9.98. Really, I expected a free nights stay for tonight or credit this night. He told me I should of told tgem, I should of waited behind all those other people, or I shpuld have steped in frontbof them to let the front desk know. I said No, I did not do that, its rude and they were there 1st. I could not wait. Patel said, this was MY RESPONSIBILITY this is on me! He was not apologitic, told me he has no one above him I can talk to, he was incharge, I asked if he owned the BW, he said No,so I said then you HAVE DOMEONE you have to answer to, he said No, he doesn’t. So here I go…I will never stay st another BW ever! There was zero attempt to satisfy the customer.He said everything th COULD HAVE DONE yesterday, BUT since I didn’t tell him too late 10% is all you get. I have already left a vm at the 800#. And know Im not done. If he would have said 50% off or another night free, any fair attempt would have been welcome but 10.00 is an insult.


Douglas November 9, 2016 at 12:27 am

I am currently staying at your Best Western in Danville, Virginia, 1292 South Boston Rd, Danville, VA 24540 to be exact for a out of town business trip. The second the sliding doors opened I was welcomed with the most unpleasant odor covered up by a cheap air freshener scent, at this moment I knew this wasn’t going to be a pleasant stay. I proceed to walk into the lobby where the unpleasant smell only continued to get worse. Was then checked in by a nice man that told me about the basics of the hotel but failed to even mention there was a pool which had a green algie tint to it. Decided to then go up to my room which looks nice but looks can be extremely deceiving. Unpacked my things and decided to take a shower after my 11 hour work day. The bathroom ceiling tiles and walls above the shower has black mold all over near where the shower head and curtain rod meet the wall. Even the shower head itself has black and pink stuff (mold?) On it. The shower head has 6 different settings and only 1 works I didn’t even want to touch it to adjust it because it looks so gross. After my uncomfortable shower I changed into my bed clothes and pulled back the sheets to only find little blood stains in multiple spots. At this point I am extremely grossed out but am so tired I let it slide and get into the sheets. About 5 minutes later I notice gnats flying around near the light next to the bed, I then grab a tissue and kill them of course. Then about 10 minutes after killing the pests I start to get very itchy on my skin exposed to the sheets. Safe to say I get out of the bed and move to the office chair to where I will be sleeping tonight. I am not one to complain but this is completely unacceptable, I have 2 more nights in this hotel and am not looking forward to it. Hopefully they will change the sheets tomorrow but honestly I don’t even trust it. I am disappointed to say the least. I was looking for a way to attach photos of this evidence but there is no such way.


E Curto November 8, 2016 at 8:01 pm

I tried to make a room reservation on the phone. The person taking the phone reservations spoke so much broken English that I could not make the reservation and I hung up.

If Best Western uses foreign countries for their call center, they should at least make sure that they can speak English!


danny November 6, 2016 at 3:28 pm

11/5/2016 HQ

best western in Opelika Al “stold” $200.00 from my friend that I paid for a room. they said they smelled smoke. he is a smoker but went outside to smoke. there were others outside smoking. we had asked for a receipt and was not given one. I read nothing about charging $200.00 because someone said they smelled smoke. I was not advised before the money was taken. I want my money refunded immediately. the patron was Mark McLeod. rm 124(?) 10/31/2016. Mark said he was real pleased with the stay until I told him they charged me $200. he said he’ll never stay in BW again. he travels a lot with RealTree and he will be advising them and all other people that a part of his travels to NEVER use BW again. I did not try to contact the hotel and all I would have gotten would be a “run around” do you have this policy. is it in writing and is it given to the customer at the time of check in? how many other people has BW “robbed” because of this.


Donna Turner July 5, 2018 at 2:56 am

Was just robbed $400 by Best Western Springfield VA for the same situation. Maid said she smelled smoke- so boom! Another $400 in their pocket. The room was NOT smoked in. I doubt I will get my money, so I am going to try and stop this scam.


Vicki Johnson November 6, 2016 at 2:15 pm

I stayed at BW in Kent Island/ Grasonville, Maryland and will never stay there again. The lady at the front desk told me that many people (locals) stay there after becoming intoxicated at the area bars. That became obvious about 2:30 am when three has an argume, is special!nt outside my door. Then they started using their cars parked in front of my room, to call each other by using their auto lock to make their car beep. Headlights in the window in the middle of the night, even with curtains drawn is special as well. These were not amenities I was looking forward to!
The continental breakfast was truly the highlight of of my stay. Staff working in the breakfast area were attentive, helpful and very nice. Kudos to them!
My biggest problem was the handicapped room…located on the 3rd floor! How much sense does that make? In the event of fire, elevators are N.Y. or an option and with a wheelchair, stairs are not an option. The room itself, was a regular room with a larger bathroom and a grab bar in the shower. ,..unfortunaely, wheelchair bound persons cannot access the shower because the tub/shower was a standard tub/shower. Sides of the tub were 2 ft high.
Overall, the Holiday Inn Express is around the corner….cheaper, access to lobby is INSIDE rather than OUTSIDE like Best Western. Same continental breakfast and quieter.+


EvanGahr November 6, 2016 at 1:15 am

They took my money but refused to give me a room. Best Western Rosslyn/Arlington VA

Two front desk people hung up on me. I have audio iid anybody wants to hear.
EvanGahr at


nathan November 2, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Normally best western in culpeper pa is a great place but so-called gm is giving attitude to everyone. And giving multiple guests a hard time. Lady and other guy are friendly and nice as usual.


Barbara Rhodes November 1, 2016 at 10:13 pm

Stayed at Best Western Mountain View Inn Springville Utah on Oct 10, 2016. Received
our credit card bill today for $2968. charge for one night stay. Called and spoke to Manager “Sam” who expained that in March and April they had another person with
the same name as my husband stay for almost a month along with another male who
stayed several weeks. The story is that the company these people worked for gave them our credit card number. They also had our home address the 3 digit number on the back of our card. So when we showed up in OCTOBER!!! THEY CHARGED THE UNPAID BALANCE TO OUR CARD FOR A ONE NIGHT STAY!! They never said a word to us at the time of check in or check out about the supposed balance my husband owed from March and April. Thinking about this whole unbelievable situation makes us believe that they charged this amount hoping that we would not check our credit card bill and realize the error, as we are seniors. If someone truly had this credit card number and all the info associated with it from March to Oct. why was it not used. The answer is they did not have it until we checked in to the Best Western Mountain Inn Springville Ut.!!! We will not be staying at another Best Western again. We will also be contacting the police
in Springville to let them know about this scam!!!


Judy October 26, 2016 at 4:21 pm

Stayed at Best Western Plus 10/22/16 in Tavares, Fl.– Bugs under the covers! Yikes! Woke me up at 4:00 in the morning, Crawling on me. Nasty. Moved to couch and sat there at attention till my friend and I could check out. Reported it to the desk clerk. No effect. Said I could complain to corporate. Pretty sure nobody cares. Think I need a therapist.


Frederick Alba October 22, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Stayed at the BestWestern in Austin,Tx. from 10/17-10/20 with my wife and kids… during which, each following day having to pack up and move to another room (which already was an inconvinience) had to reserve an additional night, and the following day when went to pay was told that he had cancelled our reservation and that we could no longer stay there, due to not moving from one room to another in a timely fashion, and because he realised that my bank card was a replacement card I had gotten because original came missing, and had not been questioned about it til that very moment. For this person to (and for the reasons at that) say that we had to leave, along with being given a time frame as well… was bad enough having to move each day, but to be told to leave for those reasons and to be given an our to do so… was very upsetting to both my wife and our kids… which end result has me angered and wanting something done.


Vicki Johnson November 6, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Of course no one at corporate cared enough to contact you, right?


SherriS October 20, 2016 at 4:41 pm

We recently stayed at the Best Western in Helen,Georgia and were shocked at how bad it was. We stayed 3 nights and paid for a king suite with a fireplace.

We returned to our room the second day about 5 pm and found our room still not cleaned. We complained to the front desk and they sent a young man in his late teens or early 20s to our room. He took our dirty towels,gives us clean towels, emptied the waste basket and that was it! He had no vacuum or cleaning supplies.
The next day we got back to our room and the bed was made,clean towels(no washcloths) , and the bathtub was still dirty!
That hotel uses very young men with no uniforms to “clean” the rooms!
I don’t know if I can stay at Best Western anymore,this one was not hygienic! No supervision! Very disappointing! I will spread the word to my friends and family to beware of Best Western!


TVBlatchford October 20, 2016 at 12:29 pm

To Nick at Plaquemine, LA BW
You replied to my survey via an email which would not allow a reply, not cool. you stated:
“Dear ……. Thank you for completing the survey regarding your recent stay at our property. On behalf of our entire team, I would like to apologize for not exceeding your expectations. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will be using the feedback you gave us to implement improvements to ensure we offer a better experience for guests in the future. In future just ask for non smoking room and as far as train noise we can’t stop train from blowing there horn. I hope that you will consider staying with us again so that we can have another chance to provide you with a superior experience. If I can provide any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 225-385-4388 Sincerely, Nirav Chaniara (Nick)”.

First, I called before check out time and told the clerk that I would like to extend my stay another night in room 210 (the room I occupied Monday), a non-smoking room. She evidently was not trained on the procedure for this. I state this because when I got to the hotel Tuesday evening she had my name spelled wrong and you stuck me in that toxic room. I do not believe that a smoker would appreciate being stuck in a room that was as foul as your smoking room. As soon as I entered that room I called the desk and asked for another room – you (your staff) said no. I do not know a hotel in America that would stick a guest in a smoking room without notifying them ahead of time. In the past year, I have stayed in hotels in excess of 50 days, in 10 different states, and that room was by far the worst. Hotel 6 rooms were more agreeable.
Second my suggestion is that you get better windows on the train track side of the building.


Donald Filiault October 20, 2016 at 11:58 am

You must be losing thousands of potential customers because your website is impossible to navigate. I spent about 4 hours yesterday trying to book a room at the Best Western Plus Suites near LAX for the night of Feb 2, 2017, with no results. I’m a Rewards member, but I lost my signin. When I tried to recover my password, I asked your “Customer Service for help, and they sent me a new password. When I used the new password, it wouldn’t work, three times! I then tried to book the room without my rewards information, and when I clicked the “Book” button, the little thingamajig spun around for 45 minutes, without booking a room. I didn’t get a confirmation, so I’m assuming that I didn’t book a room. Please check to make sure that no booking was made, because this will be evidence in case you try to charge me.


lcloops October 19, 2016 at 2:43 pm

We stayed at BW in Rockville Centre NY, stayed 3 nights which was 3 nights to many. The hotel was dirty, smelly, loud and the bed was horrible. Breakfast was supervised by employees who gave you the evil eye every time you got something, really??? We asked to be moved told there were no rooms to move to. After we checked in on Sunday, I noticed they wiped out my account for the room fees plus a deposit. There was not to be a charge for the deposit at all, then the charge was taken off 4 days later, I was stuck in NY with only the cash I had taken out before hand. Also after the credit, they then decided to charge me for the room again 7 days later! I have since filed a contested amount with my bank, this hotel is the worst we will never ever stay at this hotel chain again. I want a credit back for half my stay! Worst experience ever.


P. Bradshaw October 18, 2016 at 11:01 pm

The email links above or to the left don’t work. And it seems BW has no email.
Why does a hotel chain have no email. Too many complaints?
There seems to be a ton of them here. Let me add one.
BW Plus Cambridge, Ont.
We’ve stayed at other Best Westerns (Cornwall and one near Kinkardin in the last year) and had no problems, that’s why we got a points card.
So… we booked the room through expedia and when we arrived at the hotel the woman at the front desk took our name and gave us our hotel keys promptly and with out issue as we got there around 9:30pm.
We got to the room and we heard running water noise which ended up being the toilet. So I went back down and asked for another room due to the toilet not working and there were 3 kids making a ton of noise in the hall near our room by the elevator playing hockey, that I mentioned as well. She told me they were fully booked and had no other rooms and would send a repair guy up. I said well if he can’t get it fixed what then.
I got an I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do for you. I said ok we’ll see if he can fix it then see about it if he can’t. So I went back to the room and my wife said you need to see the state of the bathroom? I took my camera and took pictures it was so bad. I was going to take one of the toilet too as it was gross and not cleaned but the guy came to fix it. So he said it was the flapper and would run down to get one, then he came back 5 mins later and fixed it and he also told the kids in the hall to knock it off. By then it was around 10:30 and we had a long day and just wanted to relax. After seeing the state of the bathroom we both slept fully clothed and put shirts over the pillows as we didn’t know if the bed was cleaned properly after the bathroom was so disgusting. Around 1:30 am a loud noise woke us both up, which sounded like someone power washing aluminum siding on the other side of the wall. I thought it might be the toilet running but it wasn’t. Don’t know where it was coming from. It continued on until 2:10am. It stopped then resumed at 2:30am and would happen intermittently all nite long approx every 15-20 mins until 4:30 when it stayed on constant until 5:30am. Yay 2 hours sleep. My brother came to meet us at the hotel lobby and we were going to have the breakfast there but it was too crowded to get a seat as there were only about 5 tables. So we didn’t use our complimentary breakfasts and went elsewhere. And we decided to get the hell out of there and checkout at the same time. A different woman was at the desk and looked at us and said “Ya?” I said we want to check out. She was on the phone the whole time and said to us she couldn’t get a receipt for us because the printer was broken then continued talking on the phone. I said excuse me can I get the total amount then. She looked at me and said “Give me your email address and I’ll email it to you” then said “No expedia will send you the bill” after she looked at the computer and after I had written down my email. I just shook my head said “whatever” and left.
Now the room. After seeing the condition of the bathroom we didn’t even look at the rest of it. Just got into bed and thought we’d sleep. Until all the noise. We didn’t want the sheets on us and the airconditioning was full tilt. I turned it off but there was no heat setting, it said aircon only on the thermostat so it was a chilly nite as well.
Also the phone was flashing with big red light the whole time, we thought it was a message but we checked there was none. No way to turn it off.
What year was the bathtub last cleaned? My wife said, I’m not having a shower. I said I bet it fills up too.
Filled about 4 inches. I think I need to be deloused. Beyond disgusting and unexcusable.
I have pics, please email me back and I’ll send them. Then you can refund my money I wasted staying at this crappy hotel.


Tammy Robinson October 19, 2016 at 3:50 pm

We have updated the contact information for Best Western. Thanks for letting us know about the broken link.


Vicki Johnson November 6, 2016 at 2:31 pm

I have tried to email BW and there is absolutely no way to do that. Obviously corporate doesn’t want to hear about customer complaints….too many maybe?
If there is a link to corporate please let me know.


Tammy Robinson November 7, 2016 at 10:12 am

You might try this email address to customer service for international BW hotels. Mr. Morton might not be the correct person, but he can certainly forward your complaint to the correct person or give you the proper email address. Good luc! Let us know what happens.


Sheron B Lucas October 15, 2016 at 12:47 pm

I am very frustrated…..cannot find any webpage to Head Office to lodge complaint….last weekend booked into Best Western, Orangeville on October 8,2016….made reservations on August 18,2016 for two adjoining rooms, which assured we had…..coming in for family function & my family & sister, we were bringing our grandchildren…..wanted to leave door open to rooms, kids in one & adults in other…..when checking in….no joining rooms….my sisters room had adjoining, but other people in it…..we where across the hall….told at front desk cannot guarantee this, but I was in August….Manager gave us a discount on our rooms, when checking out, but it ruined our weekend….breakfast….told eggs cooked to order, but no such thing……I found our weekend was a disaster from the get-go… unable to email someone directly at Head Office…..felt like at front desk, given the run around.


DAVID TEWS October 14, 2016 at 3:18 pm

My wife and i stayed at the Best Western plus in Great Fall MT on Fox Farm road. In the middle of the night i got up to use the washroom and the toilet was very loose as a result it went over sideways enough for me to bang my head on the counter. I got a small bump as well as a headache from the accident. A day later i had a mid sized bruise just of my left temple. I phoned the corp office and was told that this was a problem with the hotel and not them.Talk about passing the buck. I was nice enough not to go to a lawyer but maybe i should. The hotel gave me 30 dollars off the room and said sorry.Wow hey guys you should have offered a free night and tried to satisfy your customer. Now you have a whole lot of bad PR.


Patricia Muchmore October 12, 2016 at 12:31 pm

I was very disappointed in our accommodations at Western Inn, Council Bluffs, Iowa..71 years old and was put on 2nd floor. Hotel DID NOT HAVE ELEVATOR. How hard would it be to put in a dumb waiter for luggage?????? Desk clerk said if I needed any help to let her know, when I attempted to haul my luggage up stairs, she was no where to be found. Thank goodness an elderly couple offered to help me. When bringing luggage down, my suitcase slipped, and there again no offer for help. Also could not believe the old tv with terrible picture, and sheets that were balling. Not like picture I saw on website at all. Also I was quoted a much lesser price than charged, and all the desk clerk kept saying was I’m sorry. By the way also large bug on wall, but thank goodness I don’t think XXXXroach. Needless to say very disappointed. Biggest regret I didn’t take pictures, not even of bug.


Patricia Muchmore October 12, 2016 at 12:24 pm

This is a copy of the following message you sent to Call our reservation desk anytime at 800-322-1842 via Western Inn Council Bluffs

Regarding Western Inn in Council Bluffs, Iowa…..
I was very disappointed in our accommodations..71 years old and was put on 2nd floor. Desk clerk said if I needed any help to let her know, when I attempted to haul my luggage up stairs, she was no where to be found. Thank goodness an elderly couple offered to help me. When bringing luggage down, my suitcase slipped, and there again no offer for help. Desk Clerk was within eye view. Also could not believe the old tv with terrible picture, and sheets that were balling. Not like picture I saw on website at all. Also I was quoted a much lesser price than charged, and all the desk clerk kept saying was I’m sorry. By the way also large bug on wall, but thank goodness I don’t think XXXXroach. Needless to say very disappointed. Regret I did not take pictures.


Teresa Sherry October 10, 2016 at 11:13 am

Recently we drove by a Best Western in Sandusky, Ohio and was shocked to see a political candidates for president banner hanging from the building, as well as other signs promoting said candidate. I do not feel this is a correct way to run a business and we will never stay at a Best Western Hotel after seeing this.


Ruth Sarah De Haro October 8, 2016 at 10:00 am

Yesterday October 5th my husband had reserved prior a room for our family at best western plus airport inn and suites on Wiley (?) rd. When we got there after a LONG DRIVE from Chicago; we went to check in and the lady at the desk got his card and info and charged him. It was then after that she told us …oh yes and we don’t accept pets and something else. It was then that my husband said…
What! That was the who reason I got a room here cause of the other best western that did accept pets…we couldn’t get out money back to rent some where else. …but we got lucky that holiday day inn accepted pets and was willing to help us out!!! From now on we well be going with other hotels and not best western. Now we have to wait for manager to get our money back!!! Which throws our travels to cali out of WHACK. My husband is military and cause of this mess up we have to wait here longer to talk with manager and hope we get money back and make it to California on time!!!


J.A. Davis October 7, 2016 at 2:51 pm

Dear corporate office…

We stayed at BW, 900 Lindsay BLVD, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 on 9/17/16. No issues with hotel, but the bill.

Just going over my receipts … We were charged an AUDITORIUM DISTRICT TAX!!!!!!! ($5.40)…Really? I don’t live there, never been or going to an auditorium! DISGRACEFUL!!!!!

I want it refunded.

Thank you…


Leanne Gerdom October 7, 2016 at 10:57 am

My husband stayed at Best Western Albany Airport labor day weekend for the Scottish Highland Games. He had his Kilt all boxed up and ready to go out FedEx and the people at the front desk said they would take care of everything for him. Fast forward 3 weeks and my bank account is minus $1290.00 for the Kilt that we never returned to them. So now I have $256 is late fees from my bank that Best Western in Albany says they are not liable for, saying it is FedEx’s fault and that I should take it up with them. FedEx can’t pick something up it if isn’t handed to them!! This hotel told my husband that they would take care of everything and this is the treatment we get after their incompetence. The hotel tried to offer me 20,000 bonus rewards points but that doesn’t put the money back into my account!!! And besides that I don’t plan on ever staying at a Best Western again since they have no regard for their guests!!!


Wolfie52 October 6, 2016 at 8:37 pm

The new BW website is terrible. If I try to make or check reservations (on 3 different browsers) I get the spinning BW logo to infinity. I am not going to waste time, but walk my business.

Last summer I was on a road trip and tried to make reservation in my smart phone app (for the next day) and the app wouldn’t let me! (I know it wasn’t about availability) Why? I am a HHonors member and used their app and was able to book hotels for the next day!

You must have the WORST IT department! This is costing you business.


Denise October 4, 2016 at 10:26 am

I checked into a Best Western Plus at Greensboro airport (National Service Rd) on Oct 3, 2016. I am an elite member, so upon checking in I asked about the upgrade. We were given a king room (exactly what we booked) because no other upgrades were available.
We arrived to the room (411) to find burn holes in the carpet, room fridge so dirty you didn’t want to touch it to open, microwave filthy inside, pillow cases on bed badly stained. So we called down to the front desk and the front desk employee came up to see exactly what we were complaining about. After showing her, she then out of the blue had an upgrade available (317). So we packed up and moved rooms, only to find that it smelled of smoked, when we turned on the air con it banged loudly, there were rust stains in the bathroom, toilet stunk so to try and figure out why, I lifted the lid only to find a very moldy face cloth in the tank, and more holes in the carpet.
Once again we phoned down to the front desk and described the room problems. And once again there was another upgrade available (417), a jacuzzi room. Sounded great until we went to view it. Jacuzzi tub was so dirty no one in their right mind would use it. Faucet on tub barely attached to the tub itself and the stopper plug rusty and would not close, so water would not stay in tub even if you wanted to use it.

This was the last straw. We went back down to the front desk to cancel and leave properly. Front desk woman said she’d cancel reservation and refund our stay. Fingers crossed we don’t find any charges, as she didn’t give us any paperwork to confirm cancellation. I have both photos and a video to show every above complaint
Please respond letting me know these matters have been looked into.


Una October 3, 2016 at 7:56 pm

In the midst of the most tragic time of our lives, Best Western Plus Bayside Hotel has offered no help at all in retrieving a car, or at least the contents in the vehicle that was left in their possession, which they had towed without warning, despite the fact that the owner was a Diamond Elite member who stayed there and many Best Westerns numerous times. Mark, the GM has offered no help at all, and far less than all the nice people at the front desk. The tragic backstory is that the owner of the vehicle passed away very suddenly and unexpected, leaving wife and 3 year old son behind, and without the means or funds to get the vehicle…I was told that the manager was the only one with the power to retrieve this car, but he is not willing to help or even listen. I’ve called corporate customer service who was trying to be helpful but she couldn’t even get through to Mark after 20 minutes on hold. If someone could please contact me with any info on how to deal with this, we would be so appreciative. Thank you, Una


Gina September 21, 2016 at 11:20 pm

Stayed at the BW Plus on Carling Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario (room 137 in fact). As a matter of course, I spray everything and I mean everything with Lysol: sheets, toilet, TV clicker, drapes etc etc. The next morning, I woke up in some pain with a TERRIBLY itchy back – yup- you guessed it. Bedbugs! I had the typical 3 large bites on my back just above my waist- I thought they were spider bites. When I returned to hotel, I showed my back to 2 female staff members who hemmed and hawed about what it was. They gave me a $10 breakfast voucher and moved (actually I moved me and very quickly) to another room. This happened 7 days ago: today is the 1st day I’m not in pain or itching. I’ll never stay at another BW- in fact I may never stay in another hotel because the bedbug thing is so prevalent. I still can’t believe it!


Brent martin September 7, 2016 at 6:42 am

I slept in the parking lot last night after my service dog was denied due to paperwork that I am not required to show by federal law ( Americans with Disabilities Act) was outdated. I was told it was company policy even though it wasn’t the law. I did pay for the room the other person was with stayed in terms room while I stayed with my dog in my truck.


Mike Fullerton September 2, 2016 at 3:46 pm

I would like to start by saying I have been a loyal BW member for many years. However my stay last night was most likely my last stay in a Best Western. The location of the property was in Tavares, FL and is a Plus hotel. However it is showing its age well, front doors didn’t open or close correctly and I stood at the front desk for 25 minutes while the clerk fumbled on the computer trying to check someone in. When that customer finally got his room key he refused the room because he had stayed in it the night before and told the clerk the was a disaster. So when I finally got checked in my room was not real clean with coffee stains on the tile floor just inside the door. Water was running out of the bathroom faucet and could not be turned completely off. The floor in the bathroom was not clean dirt in all of the corners. When use the toilet this morning I found that the toilet was clogged up. Then to take a shower only to find out there was no hot water. Called the front desk to ask what the problem was the lady had no idea of what I was talking about. So on to the breakfast buffet where the sausage was laying in grease, and the ham was well over cooked like the biscuits. The milk despenser was empty so needless to say you couldn’t even get cereal. So being totally discussed with the hotel I checked out a day early and asked for a discounted rate since I had all of the above mentioned problems. No to my surprise the clerk acted like he didn’t hear me or even acknowledge the problems I told him about. So with all this said when the clerk gave me my receipt I told that I would never be back to this location, not to my surprise he had no reaction and yes the owner of the hotel was within ears ranger of my complaints and did not even come out of his office. In closing this was a good location but now has become a un down excuse for a hotel and not unusual for a Patel owned property.

So I will wait to see your reaction to my complaint or watch it fall on deaf ears.

Regards and so long BW.

Mike Fullerton


Sidney Gainous August 26, 2016 at 4:38 pm

Stayed in the best western in Macon Ga. Checked in on the late shift. About 2:am. These people ran my credit card three times. I’m a business man and I have ran many credit cards I could see maybe one over charge by accident, which is rare, but three times!!! I think you may have some questionably people employed.


Jalissa Freeman August 17, 2016 at 10:58 pm

My first day workingat Best Western Plus Westgate Suites and Inn in Leland, NC on June 3, 2016 and my last day was suppose to be Friday August 19, 2016. This was suppose to my first summer job while I was home from school but things didn’t go as planned. This hotel is disgusting. They have a case of bed bugs every other week, when I clean my rooms I always find water bugs, roaches, spiders, and some little bug on the bed that is brown with specks on it. When i call my manager and tell about things like this she always says just throw the sheets down the shut. For the past two weeks we have had to wait on clean linening and stuff because laundry has been backed up like my cousins sister in law was there til about 8pm one day. For about a week or so I did not clock out til about 8pm. Also the general manger and some of the management staff are very rude to employees as well as guest. Today, August 17, 2016 around 6:53 on of the housekeeping managers came into the room that I was cleaning and caught an attitude with me because I wanted Thursday August 18, 2016 off so I could pack for school. He yelled and cussed at me because I said I work Friday instead of Thursday. My two week notice ends on Friday August 19. I don’t appreciate being treated this way by my employer as well as his staff. Its bad my mother had to get involved and we will be getting a lawyer and contacting the NC state health inspector as well as the better business bureau if I do not hear from corporate office. I also will be getting a laywer because i was scheduledto work 8 days straight with no break. But then ut changed to me work 9 days straight. this hotel only thinks about what benfits them not their employees.
My email is jalvic12 at


Tim Croy August 2, 2016 at 10:23 pm

Best Western,

This is the original E-mail I sent out on 6/27/2016.
Stayed here 1 night, June 18th.
Had the room reserved, I checked in and gave them my card, the next day after checking out there were 2 pending authorizations on my account. I only got apologies, they kept putting in authorizations everyday for A WEEK! For a one night stay! Called corporate AND the hotel repeatedly, they kept blaming each other and the card company. I was told they would call me back many times and I still have not heard from them.

They did stop authorizing my account after a week. I spent my vacation calling and E-mailing Best Western because of this mistake.
My checking account was basically frozen with Authorizations all week, so I could not access the money I had placed in that account as a vacation fund.
I was repeatedly told I would be contacted and kept up to date on the situation while they tried to fix it. I ended up having to call the Grand Island location AND the Corporate office to get any information. The only response I received was an E-mail saying “Sorry, but we did stop authorizing your account” That is it. I find this completely unacceptable to treat a customer this way after they have chosen to spend their hard earned money at your establishment and you have messed with their financial accounts effectively ruining a vacation. I work hard to earn my time off, I look forward to my vacations and time off, Best Western took that away from me this year. I cannot get my 48 hours of Vacation back, I cannot take any more time off to try to enjoy another vacation.
Best Western just said “Sorry” and that is just not good enough for me. This was my vacation, Best Western ruined a large part of that for me this year just because I chose to stay there. I was hoping this would become a regular stopping point for us, Grand Island is a perfect mid-way point on our trips, if this is how customers are treated I cannot accept it. I will not let it drop.


Tim Brang July 25, 2016 at 7:29 pm

Would love to know if the below is considered acceptable from your hotel managers?! Was supposed to stay at the best western in mankato, MN

This past weekend my family and I were supposed to stay at this location. After some very unfortunate events we lost our room (exp card and dead cell phone so no received call) This was frustrating because we tried checking in from 11am-2pm (sat in the lobby the whole time) but were not able to because the room was not ready, however the employee at the front desk took our name and noted she would let us know when it’s ready. Well we had to leave for my sons baseball tournament and were not able to get back until 10pm. It was at this time we found out we lost our room. It was frustrating that they gave it away since we were clearly there earlier in the day. They have their policies however and it is what it is. The bigger issue is that when I asked the manager how they could help us his response was “It’s not my problem” that is where I lost my patience. I asked for his manager, I asked this individual the same question and unbelievably I received the same response! I then called the hotel manager and explained that the issue with the room was unfortunate but not my biggest concern. I explained that two of her managers gave me the response they did and AGAIN I was told for a third time from the hotel manager that it’s not their problem! Our entire team was staying there and needless to say will not be staying there again!


Tyrone Dozier July 23, 2016 at 3:33 pm

I recently visited your location Thursday July 21, 2016 to Friday July 22 in Monroe, Ohio. The stay was great, and the staff was good.
My concern is that I left my brand new Nike flip flops in the room after check out. Once I realized that I didn’t have them Saturday July 23 I immediately called the direct location. At this point the staff was not so nice, they took my telephone down and told me they would look. After 4 hours young lady called me back to say they didn’t find my shoes. Now what I don’t understand is the fact that no one else has rented that room 118. So now where is my shoes, if no other people have rented the room.

Who cleaned the room?
Why my shoes are not in the lost and found or something?

I need answers ASAP

Tyrone Dozier


Dennis Melton July 19, 2016 at 9:05 pm

This is much too long for an email, but I have to report the horrible treatment we received at the Best Western in Corpus Christi.
We stayed there last year and everything was Ok, but it was so cold nobody could stay in the restaurants or bar, everyone was bundled up and it was 61 degrees in our room. That was the good trip. They told us they had a new AC and it would be better.
This year we went back on July 4th thry July 8th mainly because there was a big fireworks display in the marina area across the street and it was my birthday, and my wife has Stage 4 terminal cancer and she was looking forward to getting out of town.
At 9:00 we were getting ready to film the fireworks and our phone rang, she picked it up and started yelling “I am not smoking, I have terminal cancer!”. The front desk was calling and stated Delma (supervisor/manager), saw Becky on our balcony smoking and throwing cigarette butts off our balcony, and we would be fined $250.00. She told them our balcony glass door was broken and would not even open she told them to send someone up to verify. A very nice maintenance man (David) came up and worked on the door and he finally got it open. I asked him to call the desk and explain that she was not smoking, but she was crying and very upset. He did so and was very understanding. I wanted to talk to Delma but she refused to call us back. The next morning we went shopping and when we came back our keys did not open the door. Becky went back to lobby and got new keys. Our room was not clean at 4:00 p.m. and I went down the hall and asked maid and she said our maid had come already, but she would check. Shortly another manager came and informed me “this room is vacant!”, and left. The phone rings and I was told I had to come to desk and sign papers immediately! I explained I had done so when I checked in. Again Becky was crying and upset and we decided to leave, with nowhere to go, but just to get away from harassment. On the way down in the elevator, Gabe (turned out to be G.M.) was with us and I explained whole story and told him Bec has cancer and we wanted to leave. He promised to talk to staff and offered “reward points” or whatever. I told him I was not looking for points, money, discounts, or anything else….We just wanted to be left alone. Never received any apology from Delma, never heard from Gabe..and we checked out and went to Rockport with no reservations! I told Gabe, “I have never tried so hard to spend $165/night in my life!”.
It’s hard to explain being insulted and accused of smoking when you’re dying of cancer, but I promise you it was insulting to my wife. I still do not want any rewards or gifts or money or any monetary gains. I just wanted to spend probably my last trip with my wife.
Dennis Melton/Abilene, Texas


Emmanuel De Soto July 17, 2016 at 1:32 pm

My wife and I stayed at the Best Western in Goldsboro North Carolina on July 6, 2016 through July 12, 2016. Needless to say this was one of or the worst experiences we have ever had. To make a long story short the room looked clean at a glance. My wife had some sort of bug bites all over her body to include all of her private parts when we report it to the manager they allegedly checked the room. And reported to us that they was no evidence of any type of bugs. They offered to treat our clothing just in case. Treating our clothing turned out to be taking are cloths an shoes and throwing them into a washing machine. Everything was ruined new clothes with tags, whites, and sneakers ruined. They moved us to a new room and guess what they bit my wife again. The manager explained that she was trying to reach her general manager but she was on vacation. My wife’s pillow replacement cost alone is $200.00. The manager didn’t charge us for the room she asked us to let them know what the outcome was when we got home and went to the doctor. Which of course as soon as we got home we went straight to the doctor before going home. Guess what the outcome was BEDBUGS we threw everything away luggage, clothing, shoes even the clothing that we were wearing before we entered our home. When I contacted the hotel to advise the manager as requested she was not available and I asked to speak the general manager who was on vacation they claim told me you were not charged for your stay that’s all I can do. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. NEVER AGAIN, DO NOT STAY AT THE BEST WESTERN GOLDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA YOU WILL BRING SOMETHING HOME THAT WILL NOT BE A GOOD MEMORY.


Sandra carpenter July 14, 2016 at 12:58 am

I recently made a reservation at your hotel through Hotwire. Listed as a 3.5 star I didn’t feel it could be that bad. Pulling up today (07.13.16) I realized it was a mistake as this hotel is a dump (20122 Vanowen street in Canoga Park CA) however having paid I checked in and given a card and key to room 203. Not feeling safe I had my employer walk me to my room to drop off my bag prior to heading to an office meeting.
Upon return my room key didn’t work and I heard voices in my room. I knocked on the door only to find three men in my room, in the dark, telling me it was THEIR room. I told them it was given to me and asked where my belongings were. They said they were told the person checked out and left their bag so he took it downstairs, but not before going through my bag.
Needless to say, staying alone, I was pretty upset on many levels. The desk clerk tried telling me I WENT TO THE WRONG ROOM and insisted my room was 223. I showed him my card with the room number on it and asked how I could have gotten in if my key was for another room. I then asked for my bag behind him which had a big note on it “left behind by guest” and it had been opened. I asked him how could he possibly have allowed someone not only into my room but a room with belongings and how does he know nothing is gone? Much less, what if I had been in there alone and these three men walked in because your clerk GAVE THEM THE KEY TO MY ROOM! He replied that nothing was missing and I said the bag was opened and clearly gone through on first check and that he can’t say what was missing because he has no clue what I had in it.. My iPad is missing. Fortunate I had my computer with me I immediately asked for a refund which he would not give me so I asked for the manager who conveniently at 8pm wasn’t there. He got “someone ” on the phone who tried poorly to defend the agent and said he’d give me another room. Not only would I not stay there ever but I want my money back. He is going to meet me at 9 am tomorrow to “try to work something out”. This is appalling.
For your system to allow a key to be given to a room that is book is unacceptable. For your sake you are lucky that nothing happened to me had I been there when those men walked in. Clearly you would have had a damaging lawsuit. This being said, the fact that I am ok doesn’t make this acceptable.
I expect a full refund, a new iPad and to receive a call from your corporate office over this. I am an educated woman, work in the animation film industry and stay at various hotels for work but have never not only been treated so poorly by a hotel agent especially over THEIR HORRIBLE MISTAKE but am ashamed to say I even stayed at your hotel.
Fire these people, teach them customer service skills, clean up this dump and by God, protect your guests.


William Brandt July 13, 2016 at 5:47 pm

I put I’m legit comments the Best Western Plus in North Haven CT. And this is the bullsh*t form letter I got back.

Thank you for completing the survey regarding your recent stay at our property.

On behalf of our entire team, I would like to apologize for not exceeding your
expectations. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will be using the
feedback you gave us to implement improvements to ensure we offer a better
experience for guests in the future.

I hope that you will consider staying with us again so that we can have another
chance to provide you with a superior experience.

If I can provide any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at

My comments – short version.
Smoking Room when reserved non-smoking
Then told entire hotel is non-smoking. So I asked why there are ash trays in my room.
Bathroom light fixture fell from ceiling and shattered on floor.with 2 gallons of dirty water from someone’s shower upstairs. Fan gushing water. All my toiletries and bag got soaked with bacteria water.
All towels in room soaked. Told me no room to move me to. Maint. Use rest of my few dry towel to soak up floor. Then gave me two towels. Next day after I returned to room all the soaking wet towels were not replaced.

Mr. CEO you obviously have a problem here. Something this bad goes on to guest and your manager sends form letter in response. Nice. Real Nice.
Do not stay at this hotel!


Michelle Murray
Front Office Manager
BEST WESTERN Plus North Haven Hotel


Jolynn Hatch July 12, 2016 at 12:18 pm

To whom it may concern at the Best Western HQ,

On May 19 I booked a room for the Best Western Plus Hill Country Suites for July 1-5. About a month later my husband found out that his schedule at work had changed, so our original travel dates wouldn’t work for us.

On June 14, I called the hotel directly and let the phone ring but no one answered. I decided to call 1-800-780-7234 because I wanted to get it done right then, and the guy I talked to told me that my reservation was changed from July1-4 to July 8-11, and sent me a confirmation email.

Fast forward to July 8. I get to the hotel and try to check in, except the hotel says I don’t have a reservation for this weekend, but I had one last weekend and that I didn’t show up for it. So I check my bank account and sure enough they had charged me a no show fee for not showing up even though I had changed my reservation. Then they proceed to tell me that if I want to get a room with them I have to call that same 800 number I called earlier.

I call the number and they help me get a new room for the same price and since I was charged that no show fee, the guy tells me that they will only charge us for 2 of the 3 nights.

We get to our room and there are no sheets on the couch bed. My husband went down to get some and they gave us sheets that were stained with yellow spots and holes ripped in them. There was long women’s hair all over the place. The toilet wouldn’t flush anything down unless you flushed it 4-5 times. And the breakfast area dining was way too small and always overcrowded.

Then on the 10th my husband checks our bank account again and they have charged us for all three nights. I go down to the desk and they say that whoever I talked to should have sent over a voucher for me to get that third night free and there was nothing they could do that I have to test again call that 800 number to get it figured out.

I call the number again and the guy initially tells me that there is no doXXXXentation so they are going to keep the charge for three nights, and the no show, which wasn’t even my fault. We can’t afford paying an extra $100+ for your mistake. The only reason we decided to stay in the hotel after the first mistake was because I was promised a third night free.

But don’t worry, my husband is in the military, we know a lot of people who know a lot more people. I will make sure to tell everyone I know not to stay in a Best Western ever again. I should never have been charged a no show. I still have both my emails confirming the original 1st-4th reservation and the new 8th-11th reservation.


Anthony Morselli July 12, 2016 at 8:54 am

We just stayed at BW plus at 891 Massachusetts Ave Boston , MA. Pulling up to the hotel, was I was a little worried regarding the neighborhood. When checking in I was amazed on how nice the lobby was. Clean and nice staff. Room was real nice, due to location the hotel was in. Free parking got me scared too, due to all the drug addictes hanging around. We only stayed one night and that was enough, because beds and pillows were small. If the hotel was in a different area… we would come back. Walking to a local restaurant was very interesting. I felt like I was in an episode of the walking dead. Was woken up at 4am by van driver blasting Spanish music. Out of all my hotel stays, I never had one leave earplugs in room. That says alot. I due have to say hotel staff went out of her way to hold cookies for my daughter after we returned from our dinner adventure.

Location 0 stars
Hotel 3.5 stars
Breakfast 4 stars
Staff 4 stars


David Anderson July 11, 2016 at 10:27 am

Recently stayed at a best western, in Winnamuca,NV. I left my apple chargers behind in the room when I checked out! I called their office the next day. I talked to the manager. I was told the maids turn items in to office, with room # if found! THe manager said nothing was tuned in. This is down right theft on someone’s part! They didn’t offer to replace or compensate me! This is no way to run a business. I will pass this problem on to friends and family. Including my nascar friends in the business! I would appreciate some kind of responce to resolve this! David Anderson


David Anderson July 11, 2016 at 11:04 am

The. Date I stayed there was 07/03/2016. Room # 121


KMcKeithan July 10, 2016 at 6:26 pm

I am very disappointed. My Husband and 2 year old son landed in San Diego this morning and arrived at the Best Western Seven Seas a few hours before check in and were told that no rooms were available. He returned at 3pm and was told the same thing while standing next to him the front desk was checking in another customer in , in advance and he was told that they would pre-check him in and to come back at 4pm. The room we reserved was paid for in advance and to not provide any level of customer service to say that they would call him when a room was available I find to be extremely unacceptable.


Justin Forristal July 9, 2016 at 11:17 am

We have stayed at Best Western in Lawrenceburg Kentucky a few times. The first couple of times the room was great the service was great, everything was good. Last year we stayed there and there were hundreds of dead rolly pollies in the room along the walls like the corner of the walls in the windows. We did not report it. This year we just stayed there over the fourth July weekend and we had ants all over fridge and desk. We did report it and somebody came in immediately and sprayed. This year back in March we also stayed at the Best Western in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and again we had problems with ants in the bathroom in the shower we reported it somebody came in and sprayed. At that hotel as well it was EXTREMELY hot. We had our air conditioner unit in the room on and we lowered the heat, but it was still extremely hot. Walking through the hallways you were like sweating it was just way too uncomfortable in that hotel.


Justin Forristal July 9, 2016 at 11:20 am

Email is jforristal1081 at


JoAnn Candelas July 5, 2016 at 1:09 pm

stayed July 2-4 2016. A nightmare Hotel. I’ve stayed in Best Westerns before but this one was by far the worst hotel ever. We stayed in a 2 queen size bed suite in Rahway NJ.

The rugs in the room were filthy dirty, the chairs were stained and dirty the toilet had rust rings., lampshade was not secured with a screw. The dresser was missing a pull ring….OMG, bathtub also had dirty rings, the caulking had mildew. We asked to move into another room and that was a hot mess as well. The doors creaked very loudly and was also untidy and the bathroom lock was busted.
Forget about swimming in the pool, we wouldn’t think of it! Never again !!!!!! Corporate needs to look into such matters, these owners are tearing your business and good name apart.


JoAnn Candelas July 5, 2016 at 1:15 pm

forgot to mention…they had run out of towels…What hotel runs out of towels????


J Pedro July 4, 2016 at 1:35 am

The best western shud be embarassed to have its name with a bunch of back stabbing crokks running there Terrace Bc location. I was embaresed as heck attending my sisters wedding in the hall. Nothing went right from non funtional sound system to running out of food for 40 people. Wasnt impressed. They contacted the owners in vancouver and were hung up on blocked from the terrace bestwestern page. The whole ordeal is devestating. I will never support any best western nor will our family after this. The owners and staff are back stabbing lying over charging crooks. Not one good thing to say oh yea and guests got stuck in the elevator for 1hr 45 mins and they are always having problems. You send people to do inspections there every few months they need to open their eyes is disgusting this place the basment near the hall smelt like fesses badly and garbage stack ceiling high. The list can go on for hours. You pay almost 7000.00 and nothing goes right you think youd get some compensation or applogies. They charged them for every little thing including a podium mounted to the stage that wasnt used. And many other last minute hidden fees and by the ways you gotta pay extra for this. You shud seriously consider contacting the owners and my family in consideration with this mess! A total disgrace this business is and watching the treat the staff here in terrace with work visas like slaves… unacceptable


Barbara July 2, 2016 at 1:21 am

We arrived on June 27th to celebrate my graduation from college at 51yrs old. My family just wanted to enjoy the time in Seaside Oregon. 1st thing that happened was we where giving the key card to room 309 we unpacked a few things,put our things in the refrigerator and headed down town to look around and picked up pizza and bread sticks and went back to enjoy dinner and the view. There on the door was a note telling us that there was a problem and to come to the lobby, I was going to let my son in so he could start eating his dinner but the key card did not work so I went to lobby and found the gave us the wrong room. We were asked to come in back where someone loaded up all of our things including truck keys,phones,cameras and my purse!. We found keys in pocket of a jacket and something in MY PURSE…I felt violated there was personal things that someone moved of mine. Got in our room around 7pm…..Did not get to sleep until midnight after the party in the hall went in their room. THEN at 1am the fire alarm goes off. NO STAFF around. I made my way from the 5th floor as my husband and son stayed back to help a couple of older ladies (one with a cane) out a side door. The front desk attendant was standing outside by a bunch of people. Turns out it was a low water valve. Oh,we did get a free breakfast out of it, but at that point I just wanted to go home.


james beal July 1, 2016 at 12:20 pm

Email is jamesbeal32 at not jamesbeal42 at


james beal July 1, 2016 at 12:18 pm

Omg. Never again. I was on a corporate training assignment for my company. I stayed at the best Western in youngstown oh. I was on a 45 day assignment. Room was comfortable is all the good I have to say. First off, they over charged my card by 2 times the amount. I had to argue it and prove to them they over charged my card. Finally got that resolved. Then they charge my card 3 more times over drawing my account by over 1000 bucks. That took 2 weeks to get resolved. Then yesterday took the cake. I had the do not disturb sign on my door while I was at work. They disregarded that sign and went in my room anyway. They made the bed and collected the towels to do laundry. No big deal eight? Then they threw away all my receipts where I had eaten meals that were to be reimbursed from my company at the end of my training as long as I provided reciepts. Now I am out over 600 bucks from that plus the 300 in over draft fees from when they hit my card illegally. Talked to the manager of the hotel and her words were “I’m sorry, we had every right to go in your room and clean, however, we can not do anything for you, I guess you are out of that 900 dollars.” Really? As much as my company uses best western and as much as I have used them in the past this is how I get treated? That’s fine I will call my attorney, and will make sure my multi billion dollar company does not use yall again, and the truck stop I manage I will make sure the truck drivers we service and feed and make sure they are comfortable on the road does not use you all as well


Marina Joubert June 20, 2016 at 9:55 am

My daughter had a soft ball tournament this past weekend so we stayed at the hotel for the night. Went in checked in just fine room was nice dropped our stuff and headed to the park. That night we returned changed in our swimwear and went swim a while in pool, by 9pm kids n I went up to room for bed after showers were down we flipped back sheets to go to bed, and surprise!!!’ Blood all over the sheets! My son went down to tell the front desk and he came up and asked us how this happened ? I said that’s a good question we haven’t been in this room all day… He argued with me that his staff would have seen this obviously that don’t change the sheets ! Never go again


Dr. Daniel June 19, 2016 at 1:26 am

After I posted our experience I then started reading other complaints, I then decided I would email corporate and when I clicked their link, lol… Figures there is no email to corporate. So many complaints! Wow surprise e are still in business! Looks to be in the thousands! I will be investigating this and have a let others know about this, no need to using private eye investigations in which I well expxperienced in, this company looks like they feel like they are too big to really care, I will post about this in my next column in my paper, let us see how far this goes down in the rabbit hole…


Dr. Daniel June 19, 2016 at 1:02 am

My wife and I are really upset and will never use a best western motel/hotel/inn ever again, I book a King bed downstairs rook through for three nights in San Antonio Texas for me and my wife to stay traveled a 6+ hour drive to get here. I even called the front desk to confirm that the KING bed room downs stairs was still booked and that we were on the way. But when we got here to the place off loop 410 and Ingram the lady behind the counter seemed nice till I told her that she gave me the wrong room when she mentioned upstairs, I told her I booked a downstairs king and then she told me congratulations we upgraded you to a double king, I told her I needed the king but she told me there was not one available! I just spoke to s gentleman not two hours before we got there and he confirmed it to be the king! He was there but stepped away when the girl was taking charge, this all happening at around 9pm, she became rude about it, I am a cardiac patient and cannot climb stairs but tonight I had too with my wife’s help, I am tired and needed some rest. We got to the room and it smelled horrible! The floor was not vacuumed and was cloths were on the floor by the door, it was as making room that was rushed to be cleaned but still smell of cigarette smoke! Someone tried to clean it in a hurry just before we got there. Then I checked my credit card online and noticed I was charged way more that I was supposed to be! I am really getting steamed now we booked a king downstairs room for three nights for $249.00 total with tax and now I am paying over $100.00 for a night in the wrong room, so I went to call the front desk and picked up the phone, and now found out that the phone did not even work! What kind of place is this??? I have stayed in a lot of hotels and inns in my days but this one takes the cake from you and eats it too, I will call corporate tomorrow and complain and told the lady I was doing so and that we would not be staying here and will be leaving first thing in the morning! She told me good luck with corporate… I couldn’t believe the disrespect I was getting. I am a Pastor from Huntsville Texas and I travel a lot around Texas and this is my first time in San Antonio and at a best western, I will never again spend my money or Gods Money in a place like this again. All this on our honeymoon night travels on 06/18/2016


Unhappy customer June 11, 2016 at 1:16 pm

I booked reservations online 4/23 to stay at best western ocean view resort in seaside oregon July 3-4-5 2016 . No money was taken from my account day of booking . Total reservation to be $750 . On 6/6/16 best western took $375.51 out of my bank with out notification to me and my stay being 3 weeks out, completely emptying my bank taking all my bill money and grocery money for my kids . I cancelled my reservations . It is now 6/11 6 days later and I have not received the refund of my money . I have called several times , the first call I was told it would be 1-2 days then Thursday I called they said it could take a week . To me it is very bad business , I told them it was all the money I had and I needed to buy food for my children they did not seem to care. I will never stay at a best western ever again .


Danielle Braz June 10, 2016 at 2:26 pm

Wow! How rude! My boyfriend was harassed by an employee. She accused him of being homeless and trying to get into their free breakfast. Even after he showed her his room key and gave her his name. So my boyfriend called and talk to the owner and not only did he not apologize but he said “then leave” We are staying here for over a week and this is how they treat you. If you stay here, wearing work clothes will cause trouble. You may want to only wear a suit. I will keep posting this to all best Western hotel sites until someone gives a XXXXX.


Joshua G. June 8, 2016 at 7:15 pm

I will never stay at any Best Western again! We travel a lot and have never had an experience as bad as the one we had with the Best Western in Franklins, Tn. David, the manager, was one of the rudest and most disrespectful people I have ever spoken with. He wouldn’t even let me speak. He kept talking over me. He went so far as to say ” We are privately owned, so go ahead and call corporate. ” Is that really the attitude you want representing the Best Western name??? You have lost my business and the business of all my friends and family.


shawn June 8, 2016 at 12:03 pm

Am a business owner my employees and myself stay at the best western in Fortuna ca I will not stay there again.
They are not loyal to there customers very rude at the front desk there prices are over price they tell you a price
When you check in the price is higher am been staying here for 2 weeks and the price goes up every time I check in. I called that morning for a reservation they gave me a price for 110. 00 when I got there at 9:00 pm they went up to $180.00 per room because they said they was getting booked up . Am sorry but that’s illegal to taking advantage of people like that am calling the better business Bureau and filing a complaint.


Shannon June 8, 2016 at 12:09 am

I had the worst experience I have ever had while traveling at Best Western in Seattle. The manager Erick was horribly rude. I will never stay at a Best Western again if this is the kind if people they have representing their company.


Jessica June 3, 2016 at 7:23 pm

I haved never booked a hotel room and my first experience was horrible. It was raining really bad in Houston and lots of roads were closed due to the floodes couldnt get home after work. I went online and all the hotel in town were sold out and BW has the only hotel with rooms available for $132 per night (what a great deal taking avantage of people due to the flooding) i booked my res while i was on there parking lot when i put in my credit card info it stated that i coulnt canceled my res once booked. I went inside the hotel the guy told they didnt have any rooms available and he didnt know why they system allowed to do a res. I asked several times if i was going to get charged and he told me SINCE WE CANT GIVE YOU A ROOM THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE ANY FEES a week later i see 132.20 charged to my credit card. So not only i slept at a parling inside my car but also got charged for a room i never had. Went to the hotel again and they told me my money is not refoundale. THIS IS SUCH A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I cnat believe how they take adventage of someones need.


Don Sjoerdsma June 1, 2016 at 7:11 pm

I am a diamond member and am cancelling my best western rewards card as of today. I stayed at the best western in Oak Forest Illinois in May. Left one of my pillows there. Called them and they said no problem, they would send it. Today I got a call from a collection agency for over $100 dollars. I never received a bill. I called the hotel to no avail. It’s a $5. pillow and I would never have had it sent. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 10 years using exclusively Best Western. I will never stay in one again. I understand they are independently operated, so I expect nothing. I am truly angry and disappointed.


Michele Dormeier May 28, 2016 at 12:09 am

I don’t think they read these or care!!


Michele Dormeier May 27, 2016 at 11:50 pm

I have stayed at your hotels every time I have traveled with my boys being in the military. I was very pleased with my experience until my youngest boy went into the air force. He went thru basic and tech school, then got transferred to his first base. He left our home in Illinois and was only allowed 8 hours of drive time. He had to go to Eglin AFB in Florida, so he made it to Birmingham,Alabama in his time frame. He tried to check in the Best Western there and they thanked him for serving our country. Then they went to put his information into their computer and noticed that he was under 21 and would not let him stay there.Needless to say, I work in a military setting and I made sure that none of your usual fans no longer stay there!!!


TLawson May 26, 2016 at 4:18 pm

I booked a room 11 days ago for a education conference at the end of July. I was notified that the conference had to be moved to another city. I tried to cancel the reservation today, but was told that it couldn’t be cancelled because the cut-off date for cancellation was July 31, 2015. To clarify, I would have had to cancel the reservation 10 months BEFORE I made the reservation. Absolutely absurd!! I will never stay at a best Western again and I put trash the hotel chain all over social media.


Teresa May 22, 2016 at 10:35 pm

I would not recommend the Adams inn to any one, for what they put my family through this evening, they had a baby 8 days old and had to sit in the lobby for almost 2 hrs we reserved a room in advance and explained it was for a young couple with an infant, well because of some mix up on their end they were subjected to this inconvenience ,they tried to explain to the female employee , and her reply was and so what do you want me to do very sarcastic, and and they were shocked at the treatment they got from her, they decided to leave and were able to book a room @ the Marriot in braintree, wher they could finally take care of the needs of their 8 day old baby, and settle in for the night,, to top it all off they still charged us for the room, because they require a 24 hr notice for cancellations, but they were in the lobby trying to check in for almost 2 hrs,, and charged the 279 dollars regardless of the errors , and no apology , no refund, they will never go there , we would never go there and would not recommend them to anyone , bad experience all around . they managed to ruin what was supposed to be a beautiful day . The Adams Inn in Quincy need to learn how to treat their patrons.


Edward May 21, 2016 at 5:02 pm

What a joke you guys offer a free night if I stay 2 nights and then you never honor that. I ended up going to La Quinta Inn where they actually honor the points and offers that they advertise. I called with these complaints and no one took care of me. I use to always stay at Best Western and purposely go out of my way to find one of your hotels however now I will never stay at the Best Western in my life. Anytime I get the chance to talk down against Best Western I will and I do! I will always continue forever demeaning and belittling this terrible company. If you say stay 2 nights get a night free you need to honor that if you don’t then you are just low-life sXXXX Liars!


Kelly murphy May 19, 2016 at 11:54 am

Have never in my lifetime done a review for a hotel but I travel all the time and never had an like this; the first night of a 5 night stay I pulled the sheets back and discovered dirty, blood-stained sheets! Slept on top of the spread and talked to the front desk lady the next day. She apologized profusely and said she would take care of it herself. 2nd night- got to room late and the same blood-stained sheets were still on the bed! Front desk guy apologized profusely and gave me keys to a different room. Next morning same lady says she will personally clean the room. 3rd nite- get back to the room and the same dirty, blood-stained sheets are STILL ON THE BED!!!! I proceed to take the sheets off and take them to front desk; after some choice words the guy apologized and goes up and cleans the room and finally changes the sheets!! Best Western Huron SD!


Ashley Curry May 16, 2016 at 10:55 am

It is May 16, 2016 and I am having my wedding reception at the Best Western in Monticello IL on Saturday. It has been a nightmare going forth with this reception since the minute we booked everything a year ago. It has been extremely stressful as no one seems to relay any information with anyone. The staff is extremely rude. The management team doesn’t keep their appointments with you and they tell you one thing and do or say another. I’m extremely unhappy with everything I have gone through with this hotel and honestly am worried about my reception this coming Saturday. Had I known it would be this difficult for the staff to deal with a reception I would have gone somewhere else.


Joni May 15, 2016 at 11:02 am

Stayed at Best Western Plus in Savannah, GA. Gobs of bubblegum on carpet in our room. I got down on my hands and knees and pulled as much out of carpet as I could. Obviously housekeeping didn’t clean because it was a big yellow mess as soon as you walked through the door! Then, at the breakfast bar, I had a plate ready to get some eggs and the desk clerk came in front of me and got a plate of food!


Anne April 23, 2016 at 10:03 pm

I booked a room at the Best Western Plus in Spokane WA the first room they gave us stunk so bad of body odor that we couldn’t even stay in it they gave us another room it smelled like covered up body odor. We had planned to meet up with other family they wanted to stay at the grand hotel so I booked them a room thru my Expedia account there the next morning I get a call that my daughter got hurt at a softball game and I needed to return home . So I let the front desk know they said that was fine . When I got down there she informed to call Expedia because I had booked thru them to make a long story short the girl had impersonated a manager and used my phone number to access my Expedia account when she found out I had another reservation she assumed that I was going to another hotel which shouldn’t of mattered anyway I checked but it was for someone else so said she wouldn’t give me my money back . There beds were terrible it smelled in there . And I would never stay there again


Bill McKee April 22, 2016 at 8:29 pm

Stayed at the Roehampton in Toronto. Had the following problems:
1. Postage stamp sized parking lot with cars parked every which way. Was told it was valet parking only and I would have to hand over my keys. I decided to park one block away.
2. After checking in I was told an additional $100 would be on my credit card in case of room charges. I asked if this was Best Western policy and was not given a direct answer. On checkout I asked if they wanted my card to refund this deposit and they said it would automatically happen. It better.
3. Room 516 was hot and stuffy. I turned thermostat to Cool; turned temperature setting as low as I could; turned fan on high. NOTHING.

Will not return


Allyn Flaharty April 20, 2016 at 5:05 pm

I stayed at the Best Western Placerville, ca. They only had one room left. It was foul. It was the meeting room/bed room. Apparently they had a meeting the prior day or earlier that day. There was feces left in the toilet that was unflushed. We got in about 3 am. They manager began beating on our door at 10:20 am. Once I was finally awake I asked what was going on. Well apparently someone left their passport in our room, was what I was told. Well come to find out it was a WINE TASTING PASS, that only costs 60.00. They rudely told us too bad. Wouldn’t refund anything even though our room wasn’t sanitary and they woke us up. It’s with the money to stay at a higher class hotel anymore, been disappointed with Best Western more than once and it keeps getting worse.


Nicki Knowlton April 11, 2016 at 11:32 am

My husband and I booked a room at Best Western in Yulee, Florida for five nights over Easter of 2016. We booked a month in advance and requested a handicapped room with walk in shower. Since I had booked with a discount agency that I found online, I then called the hotel in Yulee direct to make sure we would have the handicapped room. When we arrived , we were put into a room with a tub, which didn’t even have bars to hold onto to get in and out and no seat for my husband to use. When I went down to exchange the room, I was told that it was a handicapped room, that after all deaf people are handicapped too. I have never heard anything so stupid in all my life. I asked what accommodations had been made in that room for a deaf person, to which I received no reply. They said they called hotels across the street but nothing was available, which we found out later was a lie. We will never stay in another Best Western and have been spreading the word as to how we were treated. We called corporate but no one wanted to do anything to help us with this problem. Keep in mind this was over Easter weekend and also on spring break. The best they could do was place us in a room over 60 miles away which was not acceptable. One thing I do not understand is why hotels only have one or two rooms that are equipped with walk in showers. There are alot of senior’s who travel and need these accommodations. Change out some of those tubs for walk in showers.


Paula Haby April 15, 2016 at 4:59 pm

I was very sad to arrive in Gatesville Texas Best Western to find out it is no longer a BW. I don’t understand why y’all think it’s not up to your standards. It is a very personal place to stay. The employees are great. I stay there often. What a shame to loss my points as I will still stay there. No other nice hotel in town. Service & personalities are much more important than the changes you wanted. Shame on y’all !


Tracey Valencia March 30, 2016 at 7:48 pm

Westchase Best Western Plus – staff does not clean.
We are at hotel while our home is being renovated. We likely will go elsewhere while –while it is completed and will not rely on the level of cleanliness of this chain in the future.


Joe B March 31, 2016 at 7:27 pm

Los banos is no better, bed bugs and roaches at the best western executive suites on Pacheco Blvd. Stay clear unless you want bed bugs in your car and home.


Adam and Shannon Greene March 27, 2016 at 10:35 am

cedar park inn, Edmonton ab
We stayed there in 2014 while on a family vacation, experience was good. Now 18 months later we booked another week at the hotel, and we are disgusted with our experience…. The pool has a dark brown ring around the water line, and had floaties in the water, almost like the filtration system was not even on or functioning. Construction on the second floor, from about 0800 till 1945 pm, I called down to the front desk at about 1830 and requested they shut down as we were trying to put our babies to bed. NO SUCH LUCK!!!! they lepton till 1945 pm when I finally went into the hallway and gave them sh*t… And chased them away… I was mad… It is ridicules that people have to put up with incinciderate trades and hotel owners…. They want us to stay with their hotel, but are unwilling to be decient,
We are going to post photos of the ring in the pool up on trip advisor, just so no one can say I’m lying.


Joe B March 31, 2016 at 7:29 pm

Los Banos ‘s is no better, bed bugs and roaches both times we stayed at the location on,Pacheco Blvd., never again.


Michelle McCain March 22, 2016 at 4:55 pm


I am writing today with regards to my recent stay at your hotel, Best Western- Fountainview Inn & Suites Near Galleria – Houston, located in Houston, TX. I stayed three consecutive nights from 03/17/16-03/20/16. However, I had to checked out on Saturday morning and was provided with another room upon my return. My stay at Best Western included excellent service, for which I thank you, but I do have one major complaint: my second room was infested with bed bugs. Please note hotels and motels owe a duty to all guests that the facilities are suitable for humans to occupy. This is known as the warrant of habitability. Hotel and motel owners have the responsibility of inspecting their property to safeguard that Bed bugs do not exist on the premises.

This sanitation issue was not obvious to me when I checked in, as these bugs are not easily visible to the naked eye. However, I was able to see the bug clearly in the bed. Additionally, when I woke up at 2am morning covered in bites, I realized that the room was overflowing with these tiny bugs. I immediately called the manager on duty and informed her of my issue, I thank her fore her expedited service in assigning me another room but it was too late and my skin was in horrible condition because I am very allergic to theses bugs. I was given the refund on my last night and I appreciate it greatly.

Upon my return to Arlington, TX my condition worsen. I took allergy medicine and applied over the counter ointment. This did not help me and I have confirmed with a doctor that what I experienced was an allergic reaction bug bites. I have doXXXXented the bites and the bugs in the photographs attached to this email. My business often sends me to Houston, TX, and we until this enjoyed my stay, but this will change unless you can remedy this situation. I would also appreciate reimbursement for the medical services for the cost of $225 for the service not including the two prescriptions needed to fully resolve the matter. Beyond this Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Ms. Michelle McCain


maria pineda April 6, 2016 at 2:31 pm

wow, thanks for sharing. will keep this in mind or perhaps stay somewhere else.


Matthew March 21, 2016 at 11:08 pm

Just would like to make a comment I am staying at the BW Columbia River Hotel 1001 Rossland Ave Trail, BC Canada and I noticed there was a ladybug in my room didn’t think much about it until 2,3,4 10 20 I told the front desk to switch rooms and they say they have no more rooms available, then she says that the good things is ladybug are lucky and bring people luck and that’s it, I cant believe that they treat there guest like that, I work for the second largest retail company in Canada and we use there hotels like our homes because we travel so much across Canada so we have a corporate account with them. And the best thing they can say is ladybugs bring people luck, my God can it be that simple. I have taking pictures and will bring this to my company attention to not make reservations with this hotel again.


Thelma Leep March 14, 2016 at 12:52 pm

Try to stay at Best Western in Johnson City Tn. My sister and I. We laid down to sleep we found out quickly room was infested with bed bugs. Went to front office requested money back they refused. How can this be right.


Maryanne March 12, 2016 at 5:25 pm

Best Western in Franklin TN the worse motel I have ever been in!!! Needed. A Handicap room, first you have to park in the back of the motel, in a Bank parking lot to get the wheelchair to the side walk to get to room. At that location after unloading you move the car around the motel. Why it is called a handicap room I’ll never no, can’t get the wheelchair in the bathroom.


Willard church February 12, 2016 at 3:39 pm

Do not stay at the bestwestern in Tolleson at the general manager there is just a horrible horrible man he humiliated my wife and me in front the staff and customers I will never ever stay at a best western anywhere until he is off of their payroll his name is Danny baker a terrible terrible man in customer service as a manager well as a human being


Willard church February 12, 2016 at 3:41 pm

Tolleson arizona


Bodie February 16, 2016 at 9:13 am

The property at Cortex,Colorado is a filthy nasty place


Apryl February 29, 2016 at 1:32 am

Has anyone from Best Western contacted you? I stayed for several days at the one in Mt Holly NJ and the front desk clerk Gabby Jones actually had vodka at the front counter and openly drank it even giving some to other guests. Management must not bother to check the security camera that is positioned right there. I spoke up about her drinking on the job but she was more interested in entertaining her male friend who was not a guest but saw fit to hang out there in the reception and lounge area anyway. Have tried to address this with hotel directly but received no response so I will never stay again. If their front desk staff feels its ok to drink on the job and neglect paying customers I will take my money elsewhere.


Joe B March 31, 2016 at 7:31 pm

The hotel manager at the Best Western in Los Banos ca is the same way. Talks down to guests. A terible example of a human being.


Patrice Adams February 10, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Im actually going to see what the company is going to do about it, and how they are going to reverse her mistakes, before I go the route I have planned.


Patrice Adams February 10, 2016 at 4:29 pm

So I decided I needed a home away from home, so I choose to go to the Best Western Plus Piedmont Inn and Suites located right in Powdersville, Sc. My home was in the midst of renovations. I don’t get much sleep so I decided to go to the hotel close to home, for some peace of mind. I came on Super Bowl Sunday and I wanted to lie down quickly, the first lady from guest services was sweet, courteous, and fast. She got all the proper information and was cordial with me while I got my room key and headed to my room. The next morning, I realized I had not slept properly and wanted to stay another night so I proceeded to the front desk; which was my first encounter with Ms. Patty Conroy. When I approached the desk she didn’t smile or say hello, she just kind of looked at me. So I started with a hello. She spoke back and asked what I needed. I told her that I wanted to extend my stay. She looked on her screen and said, I don’t think so, it may be already booked. Puzzled I said ok well, is there another room we could move to? She looked at the screen again and said no looks like its not that will be 110.99, so I gave her the money, she really took her time, she made sure I waited for a receipt and that was that. That night, I found out the water would not be working for the next couple of days so my fiancé and I brought clothes to wash and decided to pay for another night. Now during this time, on both days I talk to housekeeping, they exchanged my linens, gave me new ones, along with towels and conditioner, they took my trash, very nice, courteous young ladies, who smiled, and did everything I asked them to do. I went down that night and exchanged some quarters and extended my stay till Thursday, the lady there was very nice and even came to my room and program my remote, she was fast and courteous. Clothes washed, I still had trouble falling asleep, there was a man in the next room snoring, that was loud and it got louder. I finally fell asleep about 5 something. Then all of sudden there is this loud bang at the door. He told whoever- No housekeeping please. The knock continued (The quiet please sign was located right outside of the door), I said, No housekeeping today, thank you. The knocking preceded and so I got up and went to the door, the first thing she said was we must get in to clean, I said, not right now I am sleep. She said well they have to get in. I said not while I am sleep ma’am. The sign is on the door there is no reason I should be explaining this to you right now. She said well they have to, I said not now, I am sleeping and I am staying here until Thursday, I don’t need anything , when you see the sign and you must speak to me you should call first as a courtesy. She said I should not have to do anything, housekeeping needs to come in your room today. I closed the door. I had on my pajamas, breath stinks, bed room shoes, so I put on some pants and a jacket and head down to the front desk. In the elevator I’m thinking, this is the last time, this lady is going to talk to me like that and not apologize, and I need to understand exactly what just happened. I get off the elevator and I hear her talking about me. As soon as I got to the desk she didn’t apologize she did not say anything but, you have to let the housekeepers in. I looked at her and said that is the first thing she has to say to me, after disturbing my sleep and being rude and nasty as if I am not a guest in your hotel, the first thing you have to say is you have to let the housekeepers in, and she looked at me and said look, its past check out time, you have to let them in to clean it up, I said, lady I don’t know what information you have but, I am paid until Thursday… She looked at me, she said, I don’t care what you’re saying, I am looking at the screen and it says you check out today, I can take a picture if you want me too. I said, I can’t believe this, I have spent quite a bit of money on this room and you mean to tell me, your computer system is not showing that I have paid money on my room and my check out time is not Thursday. This is my fault how. She said look, you’re going to have to let them in, we clean our rooms it is a standard hotel policy. I said I’ll love it, on my on time. I said I don’t know what you are going to do. Look at your cameras last night to see if I handed the black young lady with dreadlocks the money for the room and she exchanged some dollars for me for quarters for the machine as well. I said, you came to that room and you have been rude with me this whole time, and I came to the door, you act like you were getting ready to come into the room, she said I heard a male that wasn’t listed, it was for your safety. I said are you kidding me, my safety? Two minutes before, it was because my check out time was today, then it was its company policy to let the housekeepers clean every three days, and now it was for my safety? The first young lady asked me how many adults, I said two and further more in saying that you have just admitted that you were at fault, and not once have you apologized. I’m getting renovations on my house, I can hardly sleep and now you are so happy to be so rude to someone who has paid several nights of stay as a guest here. She said stop, I don’t have to deal with this anymore, My general managers car just pulled up, I’ll get him and he can deal with this, I’m not, I’m not, hold on. I looked at the other older lady and said good, because I don’t think I should talk to you about you. She came back over and said, it wasn’t him, I said ok but it is really sad that you can’t apologize for your wrong doing. She said why don’t you apologize, I said are you serious; please let me know when your manager gets here, by call. I go to the elevator; I hear her still talking about me as I go to the elevator up to the room. When I got in there, I looked at him and just cried, he said baby- just go get the money and lets go, there’s no way. Just go ask for the money back and we can go. I go back down, very calm and over it, I asked her for the general managers number and name, and the hotel #, I also asked her for an itemized receipt for all my nights stay and I ask her for my money back so I could go. She looked at the lady and told her that she could give me my money back, as the lady had the money in her hand to hand me, Ms.Conroy asked if there was a cash deposit, and looked at me and said, no we will give you the money once you have left the room completely, I will come up and check and then you can get your money back, she looked at the older lady and said just put it back. I looked and said Wow, there is no deposit required for your room, but I see what this is, you think that I would damage someone else’s property, just because I don’t like the way you have treated me, I see, that’s fine, I will let you know when you can come up to the room to check, but this is sad. As I proceeded to the elevator, I heard her on the phone, saying yes this is Patty Conroy from the best western plus piedmont inn and suites, I entered the elevator, I kind-of figured she was calling the police, but then I put it out my mind seeing that I was leaving and, went to gather my things. I got it together, my fiancé’ left right after I went down to let her know I was leaving, because he had a meeting to go to, so I got all the things together, I called to let her know she could come up and check and no one answered, so I came down and saw the policeman, I just went on back up to get my things and when I got close to the elevator the police was there asking me if that was everything, I looked at him puzzled like yeah, sir, but why are you here, I have not been rude, she didn’t ask me to leave, I told her that I no longer wanted to stay here and I wanted a refund, she complied and I begin to gather my things, now you’re here. Why are you here, what is the meaning of this. He said I’ll explain in a moment, we just want to make sure that you have all of your things and you’re getting off the property now. I said ok, I see what this is. So she was wrong, treated me poorly, and now let me guess I’m getting kick off the property like I am a criminal, hoodlum that has raised havoc and caused trouble with someone, wow. Kick off= no trespassing from the business. The officer asked me to step outside so he could explain, so I did. He brought my things to the side and he began to explain what was going to happen. He decided to head back in to the hotel breakfast area and we sat there and talked about what happen. I told him the story and he explained to me that it didn’t matter if she was wrong that it was a private business and they have decided that they do not want me patronizing their hotel again. He said it is the same thing if someone came to your house and you didn’t want them there anymore, you can place an order on them and they cannot come to your house anymore. After that moment, if you come on the property again, you will be charged criminally and get in far worse trouble. He said I don’t see an altercation, I don’t see the problem, you are not charged with anything, but I can say they have the right to put you on no trespassing and make sure you know that you cannot be a guest here again. Now mind you I am still in this same state, pants over my pajamas, coat on, hair everywhere, breath a mess, I have that no sleep look, face ashy, no respect, no dignity, and no peace of mind, all because I choose to stay four nights at this hotel, so that’s 440, along with all the other expenses I am paying at home for my renovations, I should have just stayed at home, and delt with the drilling and noise, anyday over being treated like a no body, criminal with bad hair. I am positive if I had another skin color I would have been treated differenntly, but because I am a black woman I was treated poorly by this one woman. I have stated that the other staff was courteous and respectful, but this woman wasn’t. I work for many businesses around the United States especially here in the Upstate. I stay all over the place and have respected Best Western for a lot of my stays as well as my colleagues, clients, or family stay. The look the woman gave me, and how she treated me, you can only get that in the south, I can honestly say that I have had no problems with any other best western hotel; I have always felt welcomed, at peace, and well helped. I also have used you to facilitate meetings with my clients and the staff has always been professional and helpful to make it a success. I am also a translator for American Sign Language and have had a lot of my clients stay at Best Westerns, and we have had great service and understanding. But I can honestly say that I have not felt more ridiculed, without respect, and displaced by that emotion in a long time. For whatever reason Patty Conroy has a feeling when she sees me. A feeling that holds disrespect, and distaste for me as a person, because she has never met me otherwise. She didn’t feel I needed to be spoken too, or treated fairly. It has made me realize that even though I am a black professional woman, I will still be seen in other’s eyes as just this black girl, who is in the way. I am not working on the event, or any of my other responsibilities, I have not even gotten any sleep or taken off the clothes I had on, I am still in the same state. I am writing this letter to let people know that I will be contacting my lawyer, the NAACP, the BBB, the corporate headquarters, Chanel 7 news, and all people I know to let them know of the practices that this business has chosen this path on this day. I am also going to contact my blog buddies to get the word out of this situation, as well as all media’s FB,IG,TW. To make sure people understand what just went on and who is now the assistant general manager of the Best Western, she is the face of the company, if you are like me, you will not be treated well.


Joe B March 31, 2016 at 7:34 pm

Wow, don’t stay at the best western in Los Banos Ca, they have bed bugs, roaches and an owner that is a straight up a-hole to all the guests.


james james February 7, 2016 at 12:50 pm

woman physically assaulted at Humboldt House Inn -Garberville,Ca. saturday feb.6 2016—will your wife or children be next—-stay away from this town if you value your safety ! this is one that was reported—–MANY are not… thanks best western hotels—-you have helped to turn our town into a drug pit ! please come visit for yourself and see—-do other franchise owners not care ? I understand trying to fill rooms, but at what expense to the community ? needles constantly found in and around rooms—drug deals all day long through rooms and drive up service to cars—–WOW !! don’t believe it ? come see for yourself—-


james james February 7, 2016 at 10:49 am

so many drug addicts and sellers here—–wish the owner cared more about the community and stop renting to these people—-please go here and have a look for yourself.!!! this place is horrible.


james james February 3, 2016 at 5:51 pm

was going to talk to someone at BW—no answers-no call-backs—–if you are looking for meth/ XXXXXX or a prostitute check into the Garberville,California Best Western Humboldt House Inn—-this place sadly has turned into the motel 6 of this town ! I would not bring children or a female to this area—-after reading the other comments here I have little faith that this post will make a difference………


Carla January 30, 2016 at 9:35 am

I emaied my complaints about my stay at the BW in Charleston,Wv, 3days ago no reply ftrm the mgr. BW apparently does not care about their nasty hotels and unhappy employees. They might listen when their hotels are empty of customer.


Kayla dugger January 29, 2016 at 7:38 pm

I was a housekeeper at best western in burley I’d what bothered me is they don’t let you wash the top blankets. I was fired due to my pregnancy medical issues it’d sad really


Essie Tolbert January 29, 2016 at 2:18 pm

January 29th 2016 stayed at the Best Western in Greenwood Mississippi 635 highway 82. First night everything started off ok woke up this morning with my face swollen and bed full of ants. I reported it to the front desk and they told me the owner is out of town. I am a Best Western Platinum member and this by far is the worst Best Western I ever stayed in. Would like for someone to contact me so I can show them proof of my face swollen because of being bit by ants.


Maria D.L Martinez January 25, 2016 at 1:32 pm

Best Western discriminate’s on it’s employee’s especially the Best Western in San Antonio, Tx Ingram Loop 410 Sea World I was fired because of my condition that’s illegal that’s discrimination because of Disability Juan Martinez is rude and treat’s female employee’s like crap very unprofessional I can’t believe this company allow’s a Manager to work there and let get away with all he does Best Western discriminate’s people with disabilities!!!


Maria D.L Martinez January 22, 2016 at 12:43 am

I was a Housekeeper at the San Antonio, Texas Best Western Sea World Loop 410 Location the Manager Juan Martinez fired me because of my my Disability I have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex it’s a rare disease not contagious causes seizures I did give him my Doctor’s excuses saying I need to have 2 day’s off he told me if my Doctor’s excuse paper’s were fake and he asked if my illness was contagious which is not but he fired me because of that I can’t believe that Best Western would let their Manager worker whatever he want’s that’s discrimination and I tried to get unemployment I was denied now im trying to find a job so I can get Health Insurance to be able to get to see Doctor’s again because of that I’m broke.


Tiffany Vorhis January 19, 2016 at 7:52 pm

The Best Western in Sayre, Pa hired my Husband’s contracting company to do some work on the hotel. The work was completed 2 months ago and we have yet to see a dime. The Manager informed us that they are not paying any of their bills and we most likely will not be getting paid either. I called Anita, the account Specialist and left a voicemail…3 days ago! Worst business ever!


Bob Clark January 12, 2016 at 4:26 pm

Never again with Best Western!!! Both local and Corporate Best Western have simply blown us off. Not even a courtesy call as follow up to the multi thousand dollar loss of our trailer and it’s contents as it was stolen from beneath the “Warning, Video Surveillance” sign, but they don’t have video surveillance! Just awful customer concern! A corporate comment was “hope you have good insurance.”


Nicholaus Prewitt January 12, 2016 at 1:49 pm

On 1/6/16 my co-worker and I checked in @ the Best Western Airport in Ontario,Ca the staff was real nice especially the floor manager.. On 1/7/16 our stay at the hotel turn for worst my co worker got out of his bed to open the curtains and that’s when the curtain came tumbling down on my co worker hitting him in is head causing him to fall and knock out one of his permanent tooth I immediate call the front desk for some help which they responded in a timely matter but the problem came in when my co worker had to go to the hospital and we couldn’t continue to our job that day.. I took pictures and I filled out a incident report but has not heard anything back from the hotel I took pictures of the room and curtain that fell… I still paid for the unpleasant stay…


Marcia Strickler January 6, 2016 at 12:35 am

I am a Diamond Rewards Member and stay at BW hotels all around the country. Most stays in the past have been great to good to acceptable. Tonight was by far the worst experience we have ever had with BW and the first time I have felt a need to file a formal complaint. If anyone from BW Corp reads this and is interested in knowing the details you can contact me through email and I will give you the gory details.

I tried to complain online in this site by clicking on the ‘send an email’ link but the link is broken and I received an error message.

I’m a tired, disgruntled and less than happy BW customer tonight.



Cami March 9, 2016 at 7:52 pm

Hello Marcia, we are receiving very poor service and I see alot of very recent complaints coming from every where!!! My family is having to stay there extended as they care for their mother in the ICU in the hospital near there. And their experience is horrible but the cheapest close to the hospital. Just curious if anyone from corporate ever reached out to you?


Tracey December 29, 2015 at 12:48 pm

My experience with Best Western airport Inn , Ft Myers was a pleasant surprise. My two sisters and I had gotten a phone call informing us of a medical emergency with our mother. Mom needed emergency brain surgery. We drove from Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Javksonville to be by her side. Our first night was spent in the hospital waiting room. Our second night we were at BestWestern Airport Inn, we were pleased at how clean and nice the room was and how pleasant the staff was to us. But, we wanted to be closer to the hospital , so the next night was spent closer to hospital but in quite a sh** hole. After that, the longer drive was well worth it to be comfortable and safe, so back to Airport Inn Best Western we went. We stayed there for 3 weeks and can’t say enough good things about the staff. A professional, kind, knowledgable and compassionate group of people. If any of the Best Western staff needs training they should come to the airport inn best western in Ft Myers, Florida. They are truly exceptional people that work there. We are great full to these people for making us feel at home through Christmas and our crisis . Thank God that mom is on the mend and Thank God also for the staff at this hotel.


Joe Mack December 27, 2015 at 8:08 am

My mother recently passed away from a horrible bout of cervical cancer and with the holidays, the day after xmas was my first chance to take a break and mourn. While on our way, we stopped at the Best Western in Clifton Park, NY. When we arrived at nearly 10:30pm we were tired from hours of driving, it just started to rain, and we realized I could not locate my credit card but had plenty of cash. When booking the room I was informed by the front desk that I would need $50 on a credit card. We both had several cards, including a business card, but none that I could charge 50 on. I then offered to give my credit card along with a 200$ deposit plus the cash for the room in advance. We were told to go try the “Red Roof Inn”!!! What manager/owner/company would want this from an employee. We were forced to empty our car onto the street in the rain while we searched for a credit card. By the time we checked in, it was 12:30 and I was livid, destroyed, and just exhausted in every capacity. This hotel was empty in comparison to other hotels in the area and now we know why. When a franchisee lets workers of this caliber run the show, people notice, have horrible experiences, and systematically exclude places like this from their life. I will continue to share my experience on every possible social media outlet available in hopes that one day some person gets treated better on a day they really needed it. The female employee was late 40’s with very short plain and dirty blond hair with glasses.


kenny December 26, 2015 at 1:41 am

I want all to know how you will be treated if attempt to stay at best western in laplata md on Christmas day after long drive from myrtle beach SC I pulled in and parked walked in then out to my van to get things ready for my stay with my parents within five min I was surrounded by police and harassed with questions and demanded my id as many people watched I was so embarrassed and humiliated people was taken pictures of me as if I was a criminal video that may find its way to you tube giving me a bad name people will make up anything . after they knew I was there to stay I was told that best western wanted me to leave the property when I done nothing at all I guess the lady was upset she had to work on xmas and wanted to ruin my xmas as well and it did I was so upset I became sick can not stop shaking while finding another hotel the special party for my parents was now ruined all prepaired food was now sitting for couple hours I would not recommend this hotel unless you enjoy being treated like a common criminal all for just stopping in to rest up from your long travel im so upset I cant even write this complaint


Wanda Getz January 18, 2016 at 9:11 pm

Me and my husband are on our honeymoon. We always stay at best western. Tonight they were fixing a water main in the parking lot and shut off water before notifying guests. I called the front desk and it took them 5 minutes to answer. They stated they were just now letting people know the water was off. I told her no, you notify them ahead of time. This is rediculous. WiFi was down, they were rude, and we kept asking to be transfered to a single room instead of a double. They said they would hold us one, they never did. Seriously worse experience ever.


Tiffany December 24, 2015 at 2:38 pm

My family and stayed at a Best Western Newport Beach. It is amazing how this hotel is still open with the poor customer service that they have. This was our first time staying at a Best Western and will never stay at another one again. I call to complain to a manager who name is Angelica about The situation and all she could do was stick up for her rude employee Kristen. This place souldnt even get a one star from me.


Troy Thibert December 19, 2015 at 2:17 pm

Checked into the Best western in clear lake Iowa Tuesday Dec 15th. Woke up to my arms ,stomach & back all eaten up by bed bugs. Checked out early morning. Told nite auditior the problem and showed him the bites. He did nothing. Called the manager later that morning. She said they stripped the beds and found no evidence of bugs. But had bloc luck 73rd the room. I ended up at. A urgent care later in the day Not feeling good. A steroid shot and 2 antibiotics later no .apology or credit from this property.


Pam Brittle December 18, 2015 at 12:37 pm

I am very disappointed with the Best Western in Dallas, OR, I have a reservation for tonight and have a rate of $94, when I went to look up the address, I see online that you can get the same room for $83, so I called to ask if my rate could be adjusted and she said there is no way to over ride the price in their system. To me this is bad business, not meeting the price online, not very good customer service.


Tracey December 16, 2015 at 11:19 pm

My husband and I are frequent guests at the Best Western, Long Beach Golden Sails. We have a boat in the adjacent Marina and it is a convienent location where we don’t have to drive after a day of boating.

I booked a room through my rewards account. The chain requires something like a four day notice of cancellation. It is Wed and I would like to cancel a Saturday reservation because my husband is sick and was rudely told by the staff at Golden Sails I would need a to call Best Western directly. When I tried to cancel through Best western directly, I was told that when I booked the room, I was notified of the conditions. Really? This is how you respond to a guest who has spent a lot of money at your hotel? This is how you treat a frequent guest?

I travel extensively for my job. I only stay at Marriott for work trips and thank goodness they have more flexible terms than the Best Western. People get sick, plans change, flights are delayed and missed and Marriott is more than happy to accommodate. Best Western’s treatment of frequent guests who have changes in their plans is just plain bad business. Their customer service is horrible and apparently their business is so good they don’t care if they lose customers.

If you book through what is suppose to be a reward program for those who stay frequently at a Best Western, know that there is zero flexibility because the hotels are independently owned. You are not considered a preferred guest and not treated with respect to your loyalty.

This is such a shame. I have been a good customer and now will find other options for my travel plans. I will not tolerate bad business practices and services for what is always a mediocre hotel experience. Thanks a lot Best Western. Might want to review your policies to match industry averages. Good luck. And you might want to check your dead URLs online because it makes you look even less credible when customers are trying to find a way to reach you.


Deja Sullivan December 12, 2015 at 3:22 pm

Your new owner of property # 19083takes advantage of employees, personal situations. He schedules himself for 96 hours a week leaving his front desk with 24 hours one week and then 28-32 hrs to keep from paying any type of include but not limited to medical insureance, holidays, vacations,etc. He has refused and changed time cards to avoid paying overtime. from Feb 6 thru the month of march. He claimed that I did not work for him and was a contract employee.
There is not a Breakfast attendant on staff. There is one house keeper and then his parents get all of those hours. I have left this place as an employee for these reasons. These people are unfair to their employees and they try to keep them from speaking w/ each other at anytime. He pits them against each other. They expected me to do my front desk position, breakfast attendant, and Laundry attendant and house keeper. They are fixing to inspect this hotel and I hope that your inspectors will inquire into these issues. .for the sake of current employees.


caleigh howell December 6, 2015 at 11:05 am

My boyfriend and I stayed at the one in Cincinnati for his friends wedding and had the worst experience of our lives. One of the employees, she claimed to be an employee but she was is sweats and a steelers jersey, called the bride a b****. We were not allowed to stand in the lobby we werent allowed to do anything when they asked us to quiet down we did even though they did not ask nicely. When we left I left my card on the desk and called to make sure I got checked out because I couldnt stand to be in this hotel any longer. I politely told the guy on the phone why I did it and and he did not seem to care about the terrible experience. I myself will never stay at a Best Western again and I will make sure no one I know stays at one.


Jack Riley December 4, 2015 at 10:03 am

My wife and I stayed two nights at the Best Western on Husband Road, Paducah Kentucky. Both mornings we were awaken with housecleaning personnel in our room, unannounced. I have stayed in many other motels and have never had something like this happen before.


Tom Toth November 28, 2015 at 12:26 pm

We spent the 26th and 27th at the Agate Beach, Oregon Best Western. The people who work there are wonderful and so is the restaurant. No complaints there. My complaint is the heat went out. It was freezing, temp outside 32 and my husbands watch registered 61 in the dining room. The rooms have wall heaters, turned ours up to 80 and could not get in past 69. We like to dress for dinner well, a plush lined jacket, 2 sweaters, a scarf and fur lined boots?? The building is very outdated with single paned glass, needs new mattresses and obviously a new heating system. With the single paned glass impossible to see ocean without a squeegee. I got so sick from being cold we came home a day early. The food could never be hot in 61 degrees. I feel you should comp us something. Maybe some Nyquil????? Horrid experience, we keep our house at 70. And we love this hotel! HELP!!!!!!


David November 27, 2015 at 2:26 pm

I was charged $100.00 for damage to a room that was not damaged when we checked out. We stayed 2 nights. I talked to the manager and he said he had pictures of the damage, but he could not find the pictures. The manager said this happens all the time and that he and his staff only tell the truth. He said I could contact my bank and dispute the charge, but it wouldn’t do me any good because he would tell them the same story and I would not get refunded. We enjoyed our stay at this hotel until I talked to the manager. We will never stay at a Best Western hotel again and neither will our families or friends.


John November 19, 2015 at 1:47 pm

Best Western John Muir is not your normal traveler’s hotel. It is primarily for extended stay, or for folks who choose to live in motels. We believe this is a misrepresentation of Best Western. Some who live there are honest workers making a living, others appear to be there as they are homeless or druggies. The hotel is filled with smoke on all floors and it seems that second hand smoke would be a hazard to the employees when exposed to it on a regular basis. Isn’t there a law in California where workers are not to be exposed to second hand smoke? While the staff is totally nice, they are not trained properly by management and not given any authority to fix problems for customers. The management does not oversee the day to day workings of the hotel adequately (e.g. there is filthy trash everywhere outside, during peak times of front desk business there is no supervisor, smoking is not monitored). The simple answer is to provide more trash cans outside, easy! I know John Muir is undergoing renovations, but workers don’t place old filthy carpeting in a trash bin, just tossed outside the hotel for days on end to get rained on. Parking spots are way too small, and when you have workers who live there parking big trucks every night in small parking spots, the travelers have a hard time finding a spot to accommodate a family vehicle. The parking spots are so small, people park in every other spot just to open their auto doors. Simple answer is to re-paint lines in parking lot, easy! What is with the handicapped chair to lower someone into the hot tub? The maids overuse air freshener to cover the smoke smell in non-smoking rooms. Sad, I really feel sorry for the folks who work there. It appears more like a boarding house and not a hotel for short stay or families traveling. The fact that so many live at the hotel makes it feel creepy and normal travelers should feel misled about this “hotel”. All this for over a hundred a night? Very strange way of doing business, indeed.


Samuel November 18, 2015 at 1:08 am

Att: David Kong, Mark Straszynski, Scott Gibson.
9897 Main St
Whitmore lk Mi location

My wife and i stayed with our two children. Your hotel is full of bed bugs. Overheard staff discussing what to do about it. Your manager is and was very verbally abusive to your employees (being loud, degrading them in front of guest and a lot of swearing) my children don’t need to see or hear that. I am pretty sure they deal with his abuse on a daily. There is trash laying on the ground all over the property. I have never been more disgusted with a hotel and thier management. Please look into this property and you might want to talk to the staff as well.


Candace November 15, 2015 at 7:34 pm

I stayed at the best western in Danville virginia for a funeral. This was the worst experience ever and I doubt I will be back. The reservation was under my name and a companions name so they could check in. When my companion arrived the staff harassed her not wanted to allow her to check in. Finally they took her card and allowed her to check in. After checking in we found the room to be with out couches like it was described. After calling back and finding out customer service couldn’t do anything I had to purchase a third room. Once I arrived and checked into the third room we separated into our rooms. For the most part the room was okay. The breakfast was not so great. After breakfast I was packing my stuff. While I was taking it to the car I stayed outside for a little. When I came back in I walked to my room and received a call. They were calling me to tell me I left some belongings there. I hadn’t checked out but they were already cleaning my stuff. I go to the front desk and get my stuff back. I leave and head to the funeral. After which i get a text saying I was charged 100 dollars more from them. After a phone call I find out they were accusing us of taking two pillows. Then customer relations can’t do anything. So this is now twice customer service can’t do anything to help me as a paying customer. They tell me to call that hotel which I do and after which I demand a manager. Only to be told the only one there is not available at the store. After persuasion I get his cell number and at this point I’m over being nice. After everything piling up on top I’m fed up. That was my grocery money and they took it for no reason. The manager was at some game I think he said and he couldn’t help me. So there is no manager on duty to help the customer. I was suppose to by dinner on the way home for the group but my card is useless now. So instead I had to go borrow money to buy the groceries I need. I was not very nice I know but when you count on something to feed a household with four kids you get emotional.


Bridget Rongstad November 6, 2015 at 12:53 am

I recently stayed at the Best Western Inn in San Juan Capistrano and on both occasions I was required to leave a $100.000 deposit, which they kept on both occasions. On the first occasion the clean up apparently found an ash in the room. Since I do not smoke I think this was completely made up and even if an ash was found, it certainly could have been attributed to the previous “guest.” On the second occasion it is entirely unclear why they kept the deposit however, I did cut my foot on a sharp object in the carpet that was apparently not seen by the clean up crew. I used a towel to stop the bleeding and apparently I was charged my whole deposit for the towel. Expensive towel.



Heather November 5, 2015 at 11:06 am

I have recently went to my local best western to ask for help from local business to sponsor my daughter and her special Olympic state bowling trip the manager Pat was very short when she came out I said I was told to speak to you she replied very rudely with “why” at that point I didn’t even what to ask but my daughter needs sponsors so I did she then said that they have cut her off from donations because it is the end of the year I understand that she just could have been a little more professional and polite


R Pratt November 1, 2015 at 2:37 pm

I booked 1 room through TravelOne agency, along with my CAA it should have been $222.00 plus 13% tax for 2 nights. When I got there they charged $18 a night times 2 for our 2 cars , then when we checked out they kept the $100 deposit and told us it was for parking for 2 days ! Our total bill was over $400.00 for 2 nights ! Is that how you plan to get more business, by charging twice the price when they arrive ?!!!


T. C. November 1, 2015 at 1:15 pm

Can you please tell me brand and type pillows used at best western plus downtown in Houston.


Lila schnell October 31, 2015 at 11:14 am

I booked a room at Best Western in La Grand oregon for $ 89.00. When I arrived my room was $168. When I checked out the total was $189. The next day the best western charged me another $200!!! So my one night less the 10 hours cost me almost $400 !!
I will never stay at a Best Western ever again!! The rooms were barely ok. The staff was rude.
I am so disappointed and angry!! for me in the future.
Thank you


Craig C. Diamond October 24, 2015 at 9:51 pm

I wish to call to your attention for praise and recognition two individuals in the Best Western Plus Airport Inn & Suites in Oakland, Ca. My wife and I arrived at this establishment after midnight on Oct. 22, 2015. We had just arrived from Hawaii at 11:35 pm on the 21st. When we went to check-in, the night manager, Laleeka, could not find our reservation which I had booked many months earlier. After some research, she discovered that our reservation was for the next day. To our further grief we learned that “there was no room in the inn”. Laleeka spent about 45 minutes on the phone with your customer care people trying to find us a place to get a few hours sleep before our 9:30 am flight to Pa. By this time we were exhausted, unhappy and ready to try to sleep on the hotel lobby’s chairs. Laleeka would not hear of that. She thought we deserved much better. She accomplished the impossible and found us a place to get a few hours rest. With the help of her co- worker Neilo, these two went way beyond what was necessary. They earned our appreciation and we would like to call them to your attention for special recognition for a job welll done.


Ben Herschberger October 19, 2015 at 7:44 pm

To David kong
We stayed ar best western plus cedar bluff in KnoxvilleTennessee. Our experience there ended up not being very good ! We arrived October 17 on Sunday morning the 18 my wife discovered jewelry missing,we talked to front desk about situation,I asked for a key audit they said they couldn’t do one till gm comes in later in the day ,I accepted that ! I got a call from gm on Monday the20 he admitted that someone was in our room at 8:30 pm because of an alarm clock going of which we didn’t touch ,our conversation went on about that we were not informed about someone being in our room and not saying anything about it when we asked about it at the desk, which Iwas very upset about , under the cirXXXXstances,I then asked to compensated for our stay he said absolutely not ,very unprofessionally I said yes I want to be compensated for our room and used one word that shouldn’t have,he didn’t say anything else except I am hanging up and that is what he did ,very unprofessional ,since I am a b w employee he then calls my employer what a baby the bottom line is the whole situation was not handled with profession at all ! I could go on about this ,but the bottom line is my wife is sill missing her jewelry and I am totally convinced that it was stolen from our room!


Robert/Vickie Funck October 15, 2015 at 5:23 pm

Dear David Kong, Mark Straszynski and Scott Gibson,

I am writing to you in regards of cancelling a room at the Best Western – Lubbock Windsor Inn at 5410 Interstate 27, Lubbock, Texas.
I understand about the policy of cancelling a room, but when you have an emergency and you have to cancel the day of your arrival and you have no other choice but to cancel. You call the hotel to cancel and they tell you that it is too late that you need to call Corporate Office to cancel. You call Corporate Office and they tell you that there is nothing that they can do to cancel the reservations that it is up to the Hotel. I paid for a room that I could not use due to an emergency. All everyone could say was “I am sorry”, but policy is policy. That is NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I deal with Customer Service everyday at my job and this is wrong.

I even asked for a voucher to stay at this Hotel in the near future, because I know I will have to be there. I have PAID for the room, but again had to call to try and CANCEL due to an EMERGENCY. Other Motel/Hotels will let you cancel up until 2:00 the day of arrival.

I understand about this Hotel being in a city with College Games and having a policy for that reason for canceling, but when there is no game in town they could be a little more nicer to your customers.

All I wanted was to cancel so that I would not get charged for the room or at least a voucher for my 1 night stay.

Please let me know. My family and I love staying at your hotels. My husband travels with his work and stays at your hotels.

But again when you have an EMERGENCY and all you can think of is cancel the room so you do not get charged and you are dealing with the emergency and Not thinking clearly when cancelling.

I would like to hear from you.

Thank You!

Thank you


Maryann Jakubczyk October 12, 2015 at 4:49 pm

My girlfriend and I along with her husband recently stayed at a Best Western hotel in Jamestown, New York for a 5k and half marathon race. On the day of the Half marathon ace we needs a late check out. The font desk assistant manager told us they do not offer a late check out. If we wanted extra time it would be $25.00 for each hour until 1:00 pm, which at that time would require us to pay for an entire night stay. The race started at 9:00 am and we would not be finished until around 11:45, which check out is 11:00 am. So we both payed the $25.00 for an extra hour.
I asked the assistant manager for a copy of the hotel/ company policy on charging that amount for each hour; which she did not have in her possession nor could she find one. I asked for the managers information, who is apparently never there only available by phone. Also, this information was not offered to any others running the race. This is a total rip off and believe the assistant manager has pocketed the money. I will be contacting legal council regarding this issue and will never stay at a Best Western again.


Maryann Jakubczyk October 29, 2015 at 4:22 pm

This is an update to my frustration with Best Western. I called corporate customer service three times and to say they did nothing is an understatement. The hotel in Jamestown New York is not the place you want to stay, in fact don’t stay at any Best Western!!!! I caught the manager in 3 lies and corporate said there is nothing they can do because each hotel is individually owned/operated. When I told them it was unacceptable they just poo-pooed it. !Aweful service, lies and they could care less about your situation. My next step is contacting the Better Business Bureau and filing a report and seeking legal council. How aweful for people who live!e to travel. It’s worth it to pay a little extra and stay at a Holiday Inn!!!! Aweful, just aweful. The company CEO’s should be embarrassed.


Bob Clark January 12, 2016 at 4:16 pm

Maryann, just wondering if you pursued litigation and how that might have worked out. This is my next step as Best Western, both corporate and local, have completely blown me off. Would like to hear from you.


Cami March 9, 2016 at 8:28 pm

Me too Bob!! We are experiencing a terrible situation with ine of their hotels right now!! Anything new on your end?


Tiffany Alexander October 9, 2015 at 6:51 pm

I recently stayed in your hotel in Ocala, Florida for a corporate relocation. The fire alarm woke me up twice. I was greeted by the SWAT team. I decided to check out a few days early when the fire department came to the hotel twice. I was told that he hotel had a faulty alarm system and my safety was in jeapardy. The district manager was at the hotel and was aware of the issue. The front desk workers were told to shut off the alarm quickly so the fire department was not notified. I am very concerned with the leadership of this hotel. You are putting your guests lives at risk. I purchased my room with Expedia and was told that the hotel could do nothing for me. I was even told by the front desk that I could just check out. I am very upset and am considering getting police and fire reports and obtaining an attorney to get my money back from your hotel. Please contact me to resolve my concern.


Deborah McCarthy-Hosch October 7, 2015 at 6:26 pm

To whom it may concern:
I stayed at your Best Western Riverside Inn located in Macon, Georgia. I was bitten by bed bugs the first night. I had a bad allergic reaction to the bites and had to be taken to the emergency room for treatment. Needless to say, this event ruined my vacation. Other patrons were also attacked during the nights spent there. I am very upset at the treatment I endured by your staff. The manager told me “Have your lawyer call my insurance company, I have insurance.” It was a nightmare!!!


Deborah McCarthy-Hosch October 7, 2015 at 6:27 pm

What does that mean?


K.M. Monson October 5, 2015 at 3:26 pm

To: Douglas Camilleri
General Manager
1981 Terminal Way
Reno, NV 89502
CEO: David Kong
CFO: Mark Straszynski
COO: Scott Gibson
Best Western International, Inc.
6201 N 24th Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Re: October 26, 2015 reservation: K.M. Monson

During my 33 year career with a major company I had many opportunities to stay with Best Western Hotels. This particular visit was without a doubt one of the most unsatisfactory.

At checkin, a very indifferent and rude front desk staff took my identification and the required credit card swipe. Directions were given to the room and information that there would not be a Continental breakfast available. A coupon for a percentage off if using the hotel facility the following morning was handed to me.

Towels were available but other amenities such as soap, kleenex, shampoo etc. were missing. Front desk was contacted and informed that this would be taken care of shortly. This did not happen.

The following morning, October 27, 2015 I expected a hot shower to be available. There was hot water in the sink but nothing except cold water in the shower. Contacting the front desk only resulted in a cursory “sorry.” Requested maintenance was not available until much later in the day. During check out, again the front desk was indifferent to the issue. Because there was hot water in the sink the excuse that everyone was showering at the same time was lame at best. No apology offered.

The following week an acquaintance stayed at your facility. Traveling to the D.C. area as one of the veterans for an Honor Flight. His experience was identical to mine including the hot water issue.

Investigating complaints regarding your Reno airport facility resulted in seeing many similar comments. This firms up my opinion that Best Western had slipped and is
not to be used again in the future. With Hyatt just steps away, one wonders what the reasoning would be for management to have such little regard for customers.

K.M. Monson
* Choke Cherry Ct.
Gardnerville, NV 89410


Michael F Wicky October 3, 2015 at 4:56 pm

Hello from Nassau, Bahamas,

During our last 3 weeks travel in the USA and Canada we stayed at several Best Western Hotels. Have worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 52 years mostly as VP/GM in the USA, Bahamas and Switzerland.
Please forward me the email address for the Best Western Land Mark Inn in Park City, Utah as I can’t find it on the websites and AAA travel book.

Thank you for your time.

Michael F Wicky
PS I am one of your card holder.


Anthony Minter October 3, 2015 at 1:40 am

we bought our stay through a travel agency. It cost us HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for 5 days. It is our 16 year wedding anniversary. It was a $32.00 cash ride to the Hotel from the airport. If you pay by credit card it’s $35.00.

We get to the hotel and a Front clerk by the name of Jose was a Blessing. He gave us an upgrade king bed with an awesone view facing the board walk and beach. Very nice for that – we are so grateful room 616.

There are a couple little stores in walking distance, but if you want to really have eating choices its a $11.00 cab ride about 15 plus blocks away. That sucks!

So you pay $11.00 up and $11.00 to return. That can get expensive unless you drove over. Thats $28.00 a day parking fees – really is a sacrifice.

If you stay way from the beach might be better for those who would like to get snacks for kids and family. But if you are a beach person cool.

It is a little dated with water stain spots down the hallways ceiling. The restaurant is ok. After 5pm meals run up to $25.00 for a quarter piece of check and mash/veg.

This was our first stay here and our last.
On the same street there are some awesome off brand private hotels that are nice; I mean other than these chain hotels – the same monies and more choices.

We found out there is a subway in another hotel down the street. Best Western should have a listing of close walking distance places, but THEY DID NOT.





Laine October 1, 2015 at 7:33 pm

My wife and I recently stayed at the Best Western in Naples Florida. We enjoyed everything except for the fact that there a ceiling tile near the air conditioning vent that was stained and saturated with mold. I would wake up every morning and my eyes were completely red and itchy since I have a very bad allergy to mold. I did take a picture of the tile. I hope this is addressed. Room #131.


kimberly scott October 1, 2015 at 3:36 pm

We woke up to bed bugs. Showed the evidence to the acting manager and got a bs story about them calling eco for confirmation! After much raising Cain, the franchise owner calls with a pompous attitude and fake report! We took pics of the bugs and the box springs where they have been split BC of past fumigation! No comp on room even when they saw proof! Pics are fixing to flood Facebook!


P. King September 27, 2015 at 11:27 am

After an accident in one of your hotels ,I have a question. Why do you not have first aid kits.
It is almost unbelievable to me that a company who boasts “customer care” does not have an on site first aid kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am looking into this further .
Your rude,condescending desk clerks added to a very bad situation!!!!!
Awaiting a reply.


Christopher Carlsen September 30, 2015 at 10:35 am

Omg theyre horrible im at a best western in chelmsford the maids they hire dont speak english and theyre sneaky i feel your pain they never grt me anything i ask for i have a loose electrical outlet im surprised best western hasnt been shut down its horrible. The maid knocks at my door i go out for an hr and a half I go out meanwhile they knocked on my like i said i went out for an hr and a half i come back to my room with nothing done will someone please do something i feel like im being harassed it kind of ridiculous and i try explaining the situation to the front desk the maintenance guy and housekeeping man says he doesnt wanna hear it and to just drop not very professional.


Cilla September 26, 2015 at 9:40 am

This past weekend my granddaughter had her cell phone ($700 phone) stolen by the cleaning lady at the Best Western in Waterville, Me. The phone was mistakenly left in the bathroom when she checked out. Went back 10 mins. later and cleaning lady was already in the room and said she hadn’t seen it. The phone number was called and a phone on the cleaning lady started buzzing as it was set on vibrate. She hurriedly left and went down the hall to another room and phone stopped buzzing. (She turned it off). No help from the Mgt. Is Mgt. sending a message to the help that it’s ok to steal from the customers??? I or my family and anyone I can tell will NEVER stay at a Best Western again. The BBB will be called and a complaint filed with them.


John Newmuis September 9, 2015 at 10:23 am

Upon checking in at Windsor Mill, MD, I did not feel welcomed or valued as a customer. Clerk took ID and method of payment. Gave me room keys and directions to room. No explanation of hotel amenities if any. Would have been nice to have someone escort me to my room (ensuring everything was ok) and help with baggage. I noticed the television was not receiving channels. Called front desk and was told they would tend to it. Nothing happened. Microwave was not working. Following morning WIFI was not connecting. Called front desk and was told they changed the password. Would have been nice to be told in advance that the password would change. Shower was warm but not hot. Called front desk about television again. Was told technician would not be in until 3:00 pm. Upon his arrival he informed me there was a problem with the cable in my room. He stated the only solution was for me to change rooms. I investigated this option and was told the only available room was a double bed and not a king as I reserved. Thus the change was not feasible. Hotel hosted a loud party Sunday night. Music was blaring at a disturbing level. Party guests, not staying at the hotel flooded the parking lot. thus blocking my car from exiting my parking spot and I was forced to stay on the premises for the entire evening. At 7:30 the following morning I called the front desk to tell them I was checking out. I was told “OK you can just leave”. It would have been nice to get help with baggage, be asked if my stay was enjoyable and receive a receipt..


tim September 6, 2015 at 6:09 pm

I just checked into the Best Western in Yuma Arizona. At trhe time I made the reservation I inquired about a fitness room and a pool. I was told they had both and were very nice. So, I booked a 5 day stay. I arrived and wanted to go swimming since it is about 100 and 85% humidity. The pool looked horrible very cloudy dirty and a greenish color.
The front desk said it was do to the pebble coating which was a greenish color. I know what clean clear pool water looks like I took care of pools for years. I called their corporate customer care, just another package of excuses. I told them I will be switching hotels if the pool is not clear by tomorrow night. Customer service said make sure they don’t have a charge for checking out early. I said am I not talking with corporate customer service, she said yes but each one is owned and operated by someone else. Pack of crap! Bait and switch…….David Kong WTF?


Robert Buchholz September 5, 2015 at 12:51 pm

Was billed when I made the reservation, and then again when I checked out. I contacted Best Western who admitted the mistake and said it would be corrected. 2 weeks later I was told that I was refunded and that the problem was on the end of my credit card company. I contacted Capital One who said that they did not see a refund. They called Best Western and was told that they didn’t know anything about a billing issue. I am currently fighting a fraudulent billing case for billing me twice and am still waiting to get refunded. Will never use Best Western again for my monthly trips. File # 150822-1617


Chris young September 4, 2015 at 4:13 pm

I work over the road and stay in plenty of hotels. I have been doing this for thirteen years and have never had an experience like this. We checked in as a normal On Monday for a three night stay in Kansas City Missouri best western. Paid up front like we normally do and off to the room. Room was clean updated comfortable. By morning a co worker had come out of his room bit up from something. I had the same bites that showed up later in the day. Brought the matter up to the front desk personnel the following night and was told it wasn’t from their rooms. i had video proof of fleas and showed the owner who said he had pest control come and they found nothing. Will never stay at best western again me or my company.


Britt landsperger August 28, 2015 at 2:48 pm

I stayed at Best Western in Baltimore, MD. Airport location. Room was nice, shady neighborhood. We paid in full thru Checked out in the morning of August 8th. My charge was 0. Two days later I had a charge on my account for 80.10. I left 4 messages for the GM, no return call. I called 3 times on the 17th was out on hold for 6 minutes, 8 minutes and 18 minutes with no one ever coming back to the phone. When I finally reached someone they said I would get my money back. She stated its only 80.10. My response was ONLY… 80.10 of money that doesn’t belong to you. They said it was complete. It’s now been two weeks and it’s not done still. Left message for GM again and no call back. Called corporate customer complaint and the robots they have answering the phones are worse. They truly don’t care about you calling or how long they have had your money. No remorse, no sensitivity to what you are going thru. Single parent and 80 dollars is a lot of money. Her name was Kiari. Now that I have waited 2 weeks. I now have to edit 2-7 days for them to research the complaint. That means after that it could be another 5 days until i see my money. Horrible corporation. The complaints on their website are saying the same as me. How are they still in business???? And of course we get nothing for our troubles. I will be reporting this to the BBB. Not that you care.


anonymous August 27, 2015 at 11:57 pm

My friend is currently trying to check in to the Best Western in Bethlehem, PA, and they are giving her such a hard time!!! Her wallet was recently stolen, she lives in NYC, and upon arrival, she had a copy of her passport for proof of identification. Not only did they not accept her form of identification (which is illegal), they have been on the phone with her mom for the past 2.5 hours and have gotten no where! THAT IS A DISGRACE! ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE and waste of time! My friend has been crying in the lobby terrified for the past 2 hours! I never heard of such a thing! i have worked for hotels for quite some time and I NEVER heard of a problem like this happening….ever!


Margot Allsman August 26, 2015 at 8:12 pm

Serious flaws in policy & service stayed at Best Western plus carriage inn sherman oaks ca 4times in August..upon departure from our handicap room I tried to make a reservation for 8/31/15.The desk clerk told me no handicap room available.I requested a guaranteed ground floor room.I was told that was not possible as they could only give me 90% asaurance.As a rewards customer I feel this is a negative policy.Why risk losing a customer? I emailed Anne the sales manager about my thoughts. She called back trying to explain that sometimes customers ask to stay over so a room would not be available.She further mentioned thwy had an annex with an elevator. Why no mention of this from desk clerk?
It is common knowlwdge thar an unhappy customer tells 10 people abiut a negative experience . Needless to say I booked anoither motel with guareented first floor reservation.
This m oitel is labled as a Plus Best Western. What is the plus?Rhere is no microwave available w/o extra charge,no breakfast or voucher offered at ajancent Denby’s,.,no water bottles or snaxk in roim for frequent customers.. Am nit encouraged to biok with them in the future.


employee August 25, 2015 at 4:55 am

I have a complaint about The Best Western Inn Of Jasper, Tx.
I am an employee here, Front Desk.
First of all I would like to say thank you Best Western for the points! It helped buying my kids school cloths this year, you guys are awesome. OK, I gotten written up for the first time two days ago for our cash log being 20 dollars short and forced to take night shift or be fired. The day shift the next day gave a certain guest 20 dollars which made it short but I get written up for the money being short? This is unfair. I get compliments on medallia every month and I show a lot of loyalty to this chain.. The manager nor did the owner take the time to ask other employees and automatically pointed fingers at me, I may be a bright chirpy person but I am not here to be a pawn. I am a single mother of 3 with no help here in this town. I am very hurt, I bring business here and want it to grow. The manager and owner here will ruin your name by treating employees and guest like dirt.


Marja McCart August 22, 2015 at 4:48 pm

We are staying at the Dodge City Best Western North Edge and they made NO attempts to clean our room today. I left a gracious tip yesterday which should have shown our appreciation of Housekeeping Services. NOT a happy patron!!!


Michele Hernandez August 16, 2015 at 10:29 pm

We checked in at Best Western in Gulfport, MS on August 7, 2015. Checked beds, sheets and blankets were just pulled up like it was freshly made, fitted sheets were wrinkled like someone slept on them. The flat sheets were shreads. I called the front desk, someone came down to change sheets, clean the hair out of tub, toilet and corners on bathroom floor, tv screen was smeared, hand prints on everything! As I used the phone the receiver had syrup on mouth part. We hung around a few hrs I decided I couldn’t stay there, called the front office again while on the phone a roach crawled up the wall. I have pictures off everything I’m talking about. Front desk told me that I couldn’t get a refund until next morning when manager get there…..We left and went to another hotel. A few hrs later I realized I forgot my hanging clothes in the closet at Beat Western. Called and went back to get them. I was told I couldn’t get a refund until next day but they rented the room out with in 30 mins!!!!! The people in room wouldn’t open the door and said there wasn’t any clothes in the closet. Security and front desk checked with everyone that could have gone in the room, no one seen my clothes. It was four hangers and they all had new tags 🙁 WHY COULDN’T THE MANAGER SEE the unapproved cleaning condition? Why was my room rented out? Where are my clothes?
Went back Saturday morning, talked to manager she just apologized about the room, never offered anything the make me happy!!!!! She said she didn’t see the room but did get text messages about us leaving. Needless to say I had to go buy clothes to wear for my visit while in gulfport. Where can I send my receipt to for the clothes to get a refund?
This was the worst hotel stay ever!!!!!!! The pictures do not do justice…..The owner of that Best Western needs to do a Undercover Boss visit!!! He/she would be very disappointed…….Very very unhappy customer!


Summer Powell August 16, 2015 at 1:38 am

Well this was quite a horrendous experience, I checked into the Best Western In Salisbury Maryland on August 11, 2015, as it was early morning at 9:00am, I was told check in was 3:00pm and they told me that I would have to pay for another full night stay in order to check in early.. Which was odd to me as check out is at 11:00am.. So essentially I’m paying $80.00 plus tax for two hours.. I was extremely exhausted having had just driven from 10 hrs away, so reluctantly I agreed.. When I entered the room, it smelled of mold and stale air, the sheets were dingy and the heat was blasting.. Why the heat was on with 90 degree weather outside I’ll never know, however, the bathroom was FILTHY, the toilet had pubic hair and the shower was just as dirty and dingy as the rest of the room.. I attempted to take a shower (wearing my own flip flops) I wouldn’t have walked barefoot if I was paid to In that room.. The sheets were so dirty I slept with my face on a sweater.. As much as I wanted to go to the front desk and complain, I wanted sleep more.. My thought was, well check out is at 11:00, surely house keeping will come with FRESH towels and turn down the bed, and clean the bathroom.. I then went to sleep waking up 3hrs later and started my day in Ocean City Maryland, getting caught in a storm and soaking wet upon returning at 9:30PM, I noticed NOTHING had been clean, no FRESH towels, DIRTY towels were still on FLOOR waiting to be removed… Nor had the bed even been made.. Again I’m soaking wet from head to toe from the storm, clearly wanting just a HOT SHOWER.. I called the front desk multiple times, I was either told to please hold or left waiting on hold.. After an hour, I attempted to go to sleep.. Only to wake up to the foul dirty musty smell of the room and the HEAT blasting yet again (BROKEN AC).. At this point I had, had enough, I checked out at 2:00AM.. Of course there was NO MANAGER on duty at the time, I was force to pay $190.00 in full prior to checking out.. Unfortunately I was unable to find any other hotels available in the area and I slept In my car for the night.. I’ve since contacted the hotel multiple times in the last week for assistance with some form of refund, I constantly am told, there is NO MANAGER available, someone will contact you!!!! Utterly Disgusted!!! I only wish I had read THESE reviews prior to booking!!!! NEVER AGAIN !!!


Rana August 14, 2015 at 5:15 pm

Best Western Wall, SD. We called ahead to make reservations since said it was pet friendly. We asked if they had pet rooms available. They took our info and we asked a second time to double check that it was for us and our 1 dog. We arrived an hour later and they charged our credit card. We went to go park and the lady came running out and as rudely as can be said they don’t take dogs and he would have to stay in vehicle overnight. We said no way and left. We told her that we specifically asked for pet room twice on phone and she flat out said that we didn’t. It took over a week to get a refund so we ended up with no place to stay. Will never stay at another best Western.


Ray Escobar August 13, 2015 at 6:15 pm

Wanted to share that we felt discriminated at the Best Western in Colorado Springs, Colo.
If you read my Trip Adviser review “Poor Management” it gives a little more detail, but after the fact i am realizing that we were actually discriminated against my wife & I.


Rosejaeger August 11, 2015 at 6:28 am

Terrible experience…especially since it cost
550$ for 3 nights! The first night after driving for 6 hours from Vegas ( went to the beach then got back, napped, hung out at the zoo, then came back to sleep. Slept from 10- 2am when I was suddenly awoke by a Big Bang)I had to deal with the guy in the room above me making an ungodly amount of noise. It sounded like he was moving furniture around and pacing..loudly. So I called the front desk and told the guy and he said that it was probably because he had just checked in. Huh? At 2 am? Either way, people are sleeping! Well not anymore!! Then I thought that it would cease soon if he was unpacking…nope. So an hour later I call the front desk again and
he sounds annoyed. He said he’d call the guy again and low and behold the noises don’t stop. I’ll never stay at a best western or its affiliates again. What a terrible birthday experience. Do not stay here if you want a good nights sleep. Not worth the hassle or the ridiculous prices. Unfortunately it just happened to be close to sea world and the only hotel with occupancy..I see why.


Karen Marlow August 10, 2015 at 11:48 am

I am currently staying at a best western in blairsville, Georgia and let me tell you I have been here for 3 days. I haven’t asked the hotel for anything until this morning. I am sick and could not get up and got to the breakfast 30 min late. ALL I asked for was one yogart!!! JUST ONE!! And the front desk girl wouldn’t let me have one. Mind you this is a tiny hotel and no one is here! My car is the only one in the parking lot! She was rude and didn’t want to even bother to walk a few steps to unlock the small yogart frig for me to have a $1 yogart! Where the hell is customer service at best western! I have worked for Hampton inn and Hilton as a front desk clerk and we went out of our way to accommodate guests! That’s where I will be staying from now on.


Brittney August 8, 2015 at 12:05 pm

me and my husband stayed at the best western in Marion Ohio for one night and they turned around and book us for to different rooms with out our permission and charged us for both rooms and are now giving us the run around my advice to anyone don’t ever stay at a best western they have awful service and over charge you and act like its your fault.


Jill scott August 8, 2015 at 8:42 am

Canal Winchester, Ohio best western has poor customer service…. Dishonest and not loyal to the customers. Very poor information about company policy. I will never go to a best western again!!!


Sean Kruschke July 22, 2015 at 9:56 am

Stayed at the best western in (Grant Park Hotel Chicago)….lets start off by the dishonesty right out the gate….they posted a picture of a beautiful clean pool but in fact its broken and does not seem like they plan fixing it any time soon. It said out of order for the year.
My son accidentally left his blanket in the room we called not even an hr after checking out the head housekeeper (a male) called us back reassuring us that he indeed went into the room and retrieved my sons blanket. This isn’t just an every day ordinary blanket…its a blanket give to my son when he was just 7months old from my terminally ill grandmother…the last gift hed ever get form her…so to us, more to him this blanket is priceless…anyways the man Daniel said to send a prepaid box to send it back, we did I call the hotel 7 days after I shipped it to find out they don’t have the blanket….ive worked at hotels in housekeeping and I know that hotels should keep the property for a certain amount of time…WE CALLED NOT EVEN AN HR AFTER WE LEFT!!!!!! To make sure it would b known it was my sons….they lost it!!! How does someone tell you they have it then you do everything they ask and its up and gone. Not to mention they did not even call us to let us know??????!!!!!!! This place is the worst on communication skills ive ever seen…the manager there acted like he didn’t know about one thing when hes the one that talked to my husband and assured us wed get it back…needless to say we didn’t get it back they lost it…and to them it is no big deal….my son was devastated and cried for hours!!!! I will forever tell everyone about these dishonest ppl at the Chicago grant park hotel!!!


Sean Kruschke July 22, 2015 at 9:57 am

stayed june 20th,2015 the incompetent fools tell us they don’t have it a month later!!!! KArma


Tim July 20, 2015 at 7:21 pm

The power is out at the Best Western in Latta SC. I don’t mind using the stairs but it’s a little ridiculous when the emergency lights in the stair well are not working. You would think the would have a backup generator or something?! Or maybe they’ll get them fixed when someone falls and breaks there neck. Can’t see anything in the room. I went down to the front desk to get a candle. Can’t even get that cause the guy doesn’t speak good English. So I’m sitting in my truck cause the room is so hot you can’t stand it.


disgusted July 19, 2015 at 8:10 pm

I’m staying 3 nights at best western in Raleigh North Carolina the night shift front desk worker was so rude did not want u sitting in lobby he lied about the pool being broke 1 night then the next day he lock the pool saying the maintenance guy lock the pool before he left. I asked him for his corporate number he me the number to the hotel he just didn’t want to accommodate us with nothing.


Jackie July 17, 2015 at 8:10 am

My son and I had to get a last minute room at the Charleston, sweetgrass Best Western. I was awakened at 3am to 2 men outside my door, seated, smoking, and drunk talking loudly. I called the front desk, both annoyed and fearful and was dismissed…”they would send maintenance?” No one came. I called again and was told, “they are paying guest, what do you want me to do.” Again, I’m a woman alone with my son, and 2 men, obviously impaired on who knows what, are directly outside my door and the front desk dismissed me, twice. Shame on you! Never again! The rooms were touted as clean and renovated…what does that matter if you don’t feel safe, or even valued?


david cavallaro July 10, 2015 at 11:01 pm

Best Western Pahrump Nevada. I and my wife go to the restaurant portion every Friday to eat, drink, and mini bowl. One of the machines has a known issue with it. I had to use that machine as the other two working machines were in use. I put in 10 bucks for 5 games for 2 people. One set was fine. Next set the machine started to fail. I when to Bobby the desk manager, of 07/10/2015 at 6:30 pm, and informed him of the issue and that I wanted my 8 buck back so I could use on another machine. He called somebody in that area to see if I was playing the machine but only offered me 2 dollars. so he thinks I am stealing from him? 8 dollars ? this man mad me so mad I swiped the counter clean. that of course was after he threatened to kick me out. Bobby cannot handle stress. he handles it by calling you a thief and kicking you off property. what a way to treat a disabled old person. I think I may call my attorney to jerk this Bobby around and make him grow up.


Jeanne July 9, 2015 at 4:40 pm

On July 2nd 2015 I had booked several rooms for a company vacation in West Greenwich RI. We booked a total of 4 rooms for a 3 night stay at your hotel. When I checked in on July 2nd I was greeted by your front desk person named “Carmen” who proceeded to check me in. Once she reviewed your pet policy I explained to her that I had a service animal to which she replied I would need to fill out an additional form, which evidently she forgot because such form was never presented. We were checked in and everything was fine at this point.
When another one of my party arrived I greeted them at the front desk with my service dog to which Carmen replied that “this was not a pet friendly hotel” and proceeded to confront me about my animal. I stated that she indeed was informed about the dog and she stated I did not inform her when I checked in. She proceeded to ask me if my dog was a service animal to which I replied yes (my dog had a clear and readable harness stating such) and she proceeded to ask me what was it used for. When I told her it was a diabetic alert dog she questioned me further stating that “normal diabetic dogs were smaller” and proceeded to tell me about another guest who she thought was lying about their service animal. I told Carmen that I did not care for small dogs and my dog was well suited for her duties. She then stressed that if I informed her I had a service animal I would have been put in a different room, which I replied that I was perfectly happy in the room I was given and she continued to relay to me her doubt of my dog’s status as a service animal.
Later on that evening, I went into the pool area to relax as should anyone during a vacation. However, I was once again confronted by Carmen who stated that if my dog scared the kids and we would then be asked to leave. During this time, there was not anyone out in this pool area besides me and my husband. This is the moment I began to felt targeted and discriminated against. Since I felt extremely uncomfortable with the situation my husband and I soon left thereafter and proceeded to have dinner.
The following morning on July 3rd we arrived downstairs for breakfast, and once I was seated I was continually being followed by another person named “Rosemary” who kept her eyes on me and my dog constantly. My dog simply sat next to me and was instructed to lay down to which she did, and breakfast went without incident.
On July 4th we once again went to breakfast, and this time while I was getting my food I was asked to leave because as I was told previously if my dog scared the kids I would not be welcomed. I stated that I had as much right to be there as the other patrons and my dog was doing absolutely nothing to make anyone ‘scared.’ Rosemary had then proceeded to tell me I had to leave immediately and continued to humiliate me in front of other hotel guests. I continued to try to reason with her but my efforts to be cordial were fruitless. When I approached the front desk I was told once more, that I could only bring my dog down the hall and outside to the exits leading to the parking lots on either side. I was not permitted anywhere else in the hotel because of my dog making people fearful, according to the hotel staff. I got visibly upset and told them they were breaking the law as the ADA clearly states I have every right to be in all areas where other guests are permitted, and unless my dog was unruly and not within my control (which she clearly was) she could not restrict my access. It fell on deaf ears and I was asked once again to leave. At this point, I not only felt targeted, uncomfortable, and stressed I was also flabbergasted at the fact that the staff at this hotel were uneducated in the regulations and rights of the people they served and the place they worked.
Therefore, I felt helpless in this situation and decided to dial the 800 number that very same day. I explained the situation and was told someone from the hotel would be contacting me via phone call, regarding this incident. The customer service representative did know the laws regarding ADA and stated that yes they were not in compliance and that the staff was indeed wrong in this situation. However, the phone call that was promised to me earlier was never made by customer service. Nevertheless, to make my stay at the Best Western even more uncomfortable and infuriating was that my room not being attended to at all by housekeeping for the entire time I spent there. My service animal was always by my side and never was left alone in the room numbered 255 of which I was residing in. So for housekeeping to neglect the duties of treating my room accordingly was completely and utterly humiliating. I felt smaller than a child, being punished for something that is my dutiful right.
I called the 800 number again on Monday July 6th to express my continued distress over this situation and was once again told that “they were looking into the matter “and would advise me as soon as possible.
Today is July 9, 2015 and as of YET I have not heard one thing from your corporate office, from the hotel itself or anyone affiliated with the Best Western. I am pursuing this further at this point and contacting the ADA and the Federal Government agencies that deal specifically with these laws and their enforcement, as well as sending a letter to both State Attorneys (RI and AZ) for further investigation.
Your hotel has clearly violated my rights, humiliated me in front of others and distressed me in such a way that the rest of my time at your establishment was made painfully uncomfortable. I could not wait to be gone from such a hostile and unkempt environment. I am disappointed and infuriated by the unprofessionalism of your staff as well as your customer service lines as well as the flagrant disregard of the ADA laws in motion by the staff.


Dorian July 9, 2015 at 11:40 am

I had the WORST experience at your Best Western Plus in New XXXXberland, PA. My experience at your hotel was a total on 5 minutes. Your front desk associate gave me a smokin room, I did not ask for a smoking room! Next I’m told all other rooms were booked, there was 5 other cars in the parking lot! Finally I was told I would get a refund since I did not stay there, nope -Janet (manager) told me I did not derserve a refund and should have slept in the smoking room.

Boo!!!!!! never again!!


matt July 6, 2015 at 7:24 pm

I’ve read a lot of the complaints about best western hotels. About the rooms not clean the way they treat our vets and all the rude employees. But they treat there employees wrong too. My wife got fired from there because she talked to the guest basically. Her job at the front desk is to talk to the guest and show hospitality. I hope the CEO reads this and contacts me. Mr. CEO you might want to review your hotel owners . Columbia SC


joe coate July 6, 2015 at 1:21 pm

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Cyndi July 6, 2015 at 12:06 pm

Best Western Oceanfront Virginia Beach-HORRID- excuse for a hotel. The manager Joe Dabiero was the worst excuse for a manager. He spoke to me as if I were a dog and spoke over me as if customer service did not exist and was completely arguementive. I don’t believe I got in a full sentence. He could care less about my complaints. He practically accused me of lying. I want to know who holds these people accountable? I asked to speak with a person above him and he said there was no one else? I assure you I am not an idiot. Well educated to be honest. To spoken to so horribly was despicable and insulting. The Office Manager, Tim Masterson, another class act. While privately talking to him in his office because I thought talking about bedbugs at the front desk was tasteless. He looked at and through me with no regard to my complaints. Perhaps it’s because I’m a woman. Well rest assure, Best Western will never get my business or family’s business and company’s business again. Poor excuse for a company thanks to your representation Joe Dabiero and Tim Masterson. If anyone happens to really look at this posting, I’d like someone to contact me. Thank you.
Disgusted and Belittled,
Cyndi Fitzpatrick BSN RN


WilliaM Defalco July 4, 2015 at 1:37 am

Just saw the story about the vet not being able get a room because he had a service dog. Shame- Shame-= Shame- I would never stay a Best Hotel if it was the last on earth. Do your people not understand the laws. What he had to do to get a room was a crying shame.


disgusted July 2, 2015 at 8:29 am

Let me tell you about the one on savannah highway in charleston, s.c.
The manager is a jerk. He assumes you want a particular room and doesn’t ask.
The manager sends you to a smoking smelling nasty room
The manager expects a handicapped senior to walk up stairs to the second floor and
there is no elevator.
The manager gives you the wrong directions. I went 3 hours out of my way.
Then he had the nerve to insult, offend me.
Then he assumed I knew where it was like I had been to charleston, s.c. before. Which this was entirely my first time.
Then he lied when I asked how do you get there from jacksonsville, fl He said the hotel was right off the interstate us 17 when you get off its at your front door. That’s a lie. Its at least 3 miles.

I don’t generally stay at best western They are generally not clean, managed right and they have many hygiene issues. I will never stay at a best wesrn ever again. This is it. I would definitely not stay here. Too nasty


Lesley Armstrong June 29, 2015 at 8:03 pm

I reserved a room at the Dumas Tx location and was beyond disappointed. When arriving at 1am and extremely tired I go inside after being bombed in the head by bugs from outside I go in and the desk agent tells me I have to pay an additional $22 as I didn’t put the total number I actually had on my reservation. Which I’ve never been charged before. Then she says I’m sorry it’s bug season. I go into the room to be greeted by a ton of bugs. I start killing them and this continues throughout the entire night. I call the desk and she tells me again its bug season there’s nothing I can do. .. like its deer season we have to kill our own. I asked for some kind of compensation. . Got nothing. So much for getting a room to sleep some had no sleep as I was up the entire time killing these damn bugs. I will never stay here or recommend best western in dumas again.


Peggy Arvin June 27, 2015 at 10:36 am

Very upsetting to call the Best Western in Cave city ,Ky. the night before my stay with family there. I had 2 rooms booked with a confirmation number and wanted to verify the rooms. I had made reservations 3 weeks before stay.The manager could not find my reservation and said no rooms were available. Offered to find rooms in the Motel 8 which he also owned. If I had wanted to stay there I would have booked there. Service not friendly or accomadating as to his mistake. I was fortunate to locate a competing motel in the same city for 2 rooms. I will always be very hesitant to book at Best Western in the future. Should have been corrected in a more professional manor. Not even an apology offered.


Mccormick June 9, 2015 at 1:55 am

best western music row Nashville every night the breaker blows and they say you have to wait til the am after 5 phone calls today they set the breaker. Guess what happens tonight……. Breaker kicks AGAIN


Melanie Steinmann June 8, 2015 at 3:43 pm

I had reservations for my son’s groomsmen at the Best Western in Cedar Park Texas on Whitestone Blvd. They only gave the groomsmen one room instead of the two I had reserved. The manager Mr. Patel hasn’t been very helpful in resolving this situation. I won’t be staying at another Best Western again.


Celise May 30, 2015 at 10:36 am

Did not deal with the situation correctly. “I don’t control the weather that’s not my problem” that one statement alone should have him fired. Never ever should a customer get yelled at I work in a customer service job and that would not fly! Fix your XXXXX and get it together! Smh


Celise May 30, 2015 at 10:34 am

The manager and the lewisville location was beyond rude and the service and his attitude is horrible


Peggy Bitney May 28, 2015 at 6:05 pm

Unbelievable! An “event” weekend allows the best western greentree inn to double their rates! We accepted that but also expected that since it was an “event” weekend, it would be in tip top shape. NOT the case! We went to the pool to find it filthy. There was all kinds of stuff floating, cottonwood I can handle, dead bugs and garbage—-no! So, as I cleaning the pool, I started noticing, there were live bugs swimming all over in it! We will definitely not be staying here again! Best western, you should be ashamed!


Tom and Cheryl D May 20, 2015 at 11:09 pm

I’ve read all the comments from every bodies stay at various Best Western Hotels. I guess you can call It the good, the bad, and the ugly. This was our first time staying at a BW hotel we choose the BW Executive Inn in Memphis Tn. do to the proximity of the airport. When we arrived on Mon.4/27/2015 we were greeted by Chrissy a very pleasant person at the desk. While we were checking in we met the manager Belinda this is an individual that is on top of running her hotel. We had a small incident with the towels I contacted the front desk the problem was taking care of immediately and the front desk obviously contacted the Belinda who in turn called me that evening (she was out of town) to apologize about the problem. I’ve never seen a manager like Belinda that was hands on even from another state. They are in the process of updating the hotel. The breakfast was very good the eggs and sausage were hot had plenty of choices to make between bread , pastry, muffins juices, coffee tea, and it was very clean. The entire staff at this hotel were pleasant and caring. I read negative reviews about the security gate I thought it was a plus to be able to park in a secure parking lot. When I’m in Memphis again we definitely stay here again.


les hartzog May 20, 2015 at 12:35 am

What a joke best western advertises veterans services on their Web site I’m staying at the mountain home Idaho location 9 miles from the air force base no military discount not only that I’m a disabled vet so I asked for first floor they only had a smoking room so I said ok second floor it is then was told that they are not handicap accessible but the first floor rooms were given to non handicap people what a joke so disabled veteran no discount and to top it off I can only get a smoke smelling room if I had any other choice I would have not stayed there way to take care of Veterans best western oh they do offer aaa and aarp discount tho good priority


Warren Currier May 13, 2015 at 1:37 pm

After seeing the mold …..
you may want to slip breakfast.


Katlin Miller May 9, 2015 at 7:00 pm

I reserved and had a hold of over $1600 for two rooms for 8 days at The Midwest City Oklahoma location. My mother’s room had XXXXroaches that I photographed for them. Plus, her phone did not work, more did either remote for the TV. When she asked for new sheets the manager Linda proceeded to tell us we could leave, and won’t be refunded our money for up to 30 days. This was after she was fully aware our homeowners insurance was covering the fees and that this area is high chance for increment weather. So, our family, and 4 months old baby will be leavings. Even the 7 dollar military discount can’t not make up for this trashy experience.

I should have know my experience with this Linda person would not be pleasant. As I left at 8 am this morning, I witnessed her arguing with 4 other guest about the laundry facilities ruining all of their clothing. I am suprised you all would allow such a terrible merchant to hold you name.


Tony May 8, 2015 at 12:45 am

My name is tony and I am a “guest” at the best western in Chilicothe OH. I walked this evening after making a reservation online …and paying in full, to be confronted, not welcomed by a dispicably rude woman named Laura. Upon entering the hotel she simply said “reservation” without ever picking her head up from what she was doing. She then said “ID and credit card” she swiped my card and I asked if it was for incidentals since I already paid, she replied ” no you have to pay for your room” I told her I paid online and she responded with “oh well talk to a manager” luckily for her there was no one on duty. I then tried to go to my room and after rounding the corner she simply yelled from the desk ” renovations, go outside and try the other door”. I have never been treated more poorly by an establishment I was paying for a service. I strongly suggest you separate yourself from this woman. I can guarantee she is solely responsible for me NEVER using a best western again and I will make sure to let everyone I know how horrible the service was.


Bob Wharton April 22, 2015 at 3:01 pm

My name is Bob Wharton and I am the media director for Showtime Baseball located in Battle Ground, Washington.
Our baseball organization travelled to Phoenix for a tournament on 1/15/15 and stayed until 1/19/15 at the Best Western Tolleson hotel. We arrived early with a large group of people, approximately 50-60, and within an hour and with the awesome assistance of the on-duty staff consisting of Lucy, Michelle, Irma, and Yasmin our entire ball club was checked in and ready for the day’s events. It was a bit stressfull with the quantity of people registering in all at once, but the great ladies helping us used the utmost professionalism in getting us squared …away.
They hit a home run!!!
The complimentary breakfasts were delicious and the buffet was constantly well-supplied with fresh food….keeping our players nourished and prepared every morning.


curtis franklin April 18, 2015 at 6:50 pm

I made a reservation thursday evening for a saturday night stay (4/18/2015) I attempted to check in at 7pm and was told that there were no rooms available at the time and I would have to come back around 8:30-9pm. Check in is at 3pm so this is unacceptable. I had dinner plans at 8pm which I can’t attend, due to not being able to change clothes. I am very upset with this hotel, what’s the problem with housekeeping


Sandi Brown April 12, 2015 at 10:20 am

Hi my name is Sandi Brown and I have a problem I need to tell you about. On April 9th my husband got very sick and we had to cancel our reservations with you hotel in Boise Idaho. We changed them to the 10th and on the 10th we changed them from Boise to Twin Falls Idaho which we stayed. I have to say that the breakfast they had there was far from what we usually get at your hotel so we won’t be staying there again. But that is not my real problem since my husband was sick he was unable to tell me what hotel he had made for us to stay originally on the 11th with was in Mesquite NV so I was unable to cancel that one. Upon finding a hotel last night and then checking our visa account is how we realized our mistake. I had no idea that you would keep all of our money with that mistake. I can see part of it but if your hotel was full and we were a no show you got your money for our room plus who ever ended up with our room. We will be thinking twice now before we stay at at Best Western again and for the most part best western is where we always stay when we travel. Thank you for listening to my problem and it would be nice if you could help out in some way. Sincerely, Sandi Brown


Nedra Zausch April 11, 2015 at 6:32 pm

My family stayed at the Best Western Raffels in Anaheim, California. We would not recommend this hotel to anyone. The parking is terrible and the room floor had a hole in it. It was room 316. We were very lucky not to fall through the floor. I notified the office for two days and they said they could not move me because they were booked. Also, they said the hotel could not fixed it because maintenance did not know how! No discount or other accommodation was offered to compensate me. I don’t mind paying for my hotel, as long as it’s safe!!


Casey Kaye April 6, 2015 at 7:36 pm

All of these bad experiences are a good advertisement for vacation rentals. These are reasonably priced homes and condos that people offer for rent to vacationers or corporate rentals. Try them out! Well priced, all the comforts of home, clean, attentive homeowners or property managers whose intent is that you have a nice place to stay with no nonsense. Try it! See craigslist in the area you want to travel to.


Kelly Dodson April 3, 2015 at 11:34 pm

The rooms are extremely clean, but it sounds like the maid takes her child to work with her, and in the early morning all we could hear was yelling and screaming. Also, there are no-smoking signs everywhere, yet I have seen several people smoking on the premises without reprimand, and the indoor hallway reaked of cigarrette smoke. The walls are paper thin; I can hear everyone around me. However, this review is due to an unfavorable incident I had with the Manager. First of all, this location has an inadequate driveway, with no room for two cars to pass eachother without potential incident. Secondly, as I was coming up the steep drive, a car was coming down rather quickly and did not appear to want to stop. Naturally, my only choice was to get out of it’s way as to: get out of the street and not get hit by the car coming down the drive. Upon entering the remaining parking lot (which also does not allow passing traffic) a car was backing out without paying attention to me being right there. I roll-stopped, they saw me, so I proceeded efficiently as to get out of their way and not block the driveway. I, at no time, was going an excessive speed. There were ZERO people in or around the drive, as there simply is not enough space to get all crazy if I wanted to anyway. I pulled into a parking space and was in my car for a few minutes gathering my items. Upon getting out I noticed there was a man in bike shorts waiting behind my vehicle (at a safe distance) who then proceeded to reprimand me for my driving in front of other hotel guests. Evidently, he had just gotten back from a bike ride and was not in identifiable apparel, so upon first glance it just looked like some strange man stalking me; which was very unnerving and immediately made me defensive. After he was finished scolding me, I didn’t really respond to him because I was livid and felt that the less I said was the best decision. So he says “we don’t have a problem here, do we?” And I said no. The other hotel guests were on the balcony laughing and making disparaging comments about me because of him. I continued on to my room, and when I looked back he was standing next to my car writing something down. I felt almost violated in a way, since it was dark out and I am a single female. When I got to my room I called the front desk and asked for a manager; the same man who spoke with me in the parking lot is who I received. He said he would embarrass me when the situation was endangering children. I remarked there were no kids around, and that there was a more professional and tactful way to address a situation. I also stated I was trying to get out of the way of other vehicles, but he didn’t want to hear it. I apologized for “speeding,” to be a decent human being and received no acceptance. He offered a forced apology because I “demanded one.” Unreal. I have paid good money to stay here and deserve a little bit of respect. I will be looking into changing my hotel because I do not feel comfortable here anymore after being called out in front of other guests. Totally unacceptable.


Tonya Robinson Peyton March 28, 2015 at 11:05 am

My husband and I check in to the Best Western in Wolfchase in Memphis Tennessee. The worst experience I have ever had. There was mildew smell in the room and blood stains on the carpet. Also, it look like mold was growing in the bathroom. I’m guessing that is where the mildrw smell is coming from. The management was very rude and not willing to even look in to the situation. There were stains on the wall from the air conditioning and it sounded like it was going to blow up. Never stay in a Best Western. Worst mistake you will ever make.


Mr and Mrs. Kevin Miles March 11, 2015 at 9:54 pm

My husband and I were on our way to Florida on February 22, 2015. Our truck died on the interstate approximately 10 miles from Florence KY. We were traveling from central Indiana. Our tow truck driver towed our truck to a Ford dealership in Florence, and then very kindly dropped us off at the Best Western Hotel. From the moment we arrived, we were treated with absolute kindness and graciousness from all, but particularly one man. His name is Jeff Snap. Although he did not work at the front desk, he went out of his way to help us. He gave us a ride in his own personal car to a restaurant on a cold, freezing winter night rather than having us walk. He also gave us a ride to the dealership upon our check out since the dealership was going to be extremely delayed in picking us up with their shuttle. This man took us in, gave what he had to give, and was the “hands and feet of Jesus” to us. I discovered that he had experienced a personal tragedy in his life just a short time ago. And, yet he was willing to reach out in absolute kindness to us in a time of desperation. If the world acted more like this man, and every hotel had somebody like him on staff, what a beautiful world it would be. Thank you Mr. Snap. You were our hero during our brief, unplanned stay in Florence KY. May you be rewarded for your kindness.


Donna paola February 20, 2015 at 11:14 pm

Have been in this hotel for almost 1 year there has been several issues a couple taken care after waiting months. The owner is a decent person but this is not personal . It’s regarding the emergency issue in my room. I presently do not have a working heater. I made him aware of the issue when my unit first began to show signs of dysfunction approximately 5 weeks ago and continued to ask them to come and take care of it. I had one of the service young man come to my room several days ago at that point it was totally dysfunctional. I could not regulate nor turn the heating off. After reporting this knowing my situation it took 3 days for anyone to come and look at it. All he did was pull the front piece off the wall unit & claimed to have turned it off and recommended I use it this way. Until they get the thermostat. Up to right now the unit does not work at all it is 17 degrees I must use the oven to heat the room needless to say how unhealthy this is for health reason’s also after the service person removed the front cover from the unit it is filthy dirty, dusty cover it appears like it hasn’t been clean since the opening of this particular hotel. I want some resolution. This is a constant issue here negligence I will contact my attorney making him aware of this I have photo’s. Also regarding the clean up of ice & snow is another serious issue. Also have spoken with the owner regarding this it is in a hazardous state.. every time I exit my room or my car I’m frightened I am going to fall due to lack of proper clearing of ice. This is not what good standards of what a decent hotel should look like. If I get I’ll or fall & get injured or my health becomes an issue I will take this further. Believe me it took a lot for me to finally write this but I realize I’m doing myself & the owner a service. By not getting issues taken care of regarding this hotel. This is my second stay here while I’m waiting for my condo’s availability. Last year I also was hear close to a year I can go on & on about complaints I have had to make that continues to be overlooked. This I cannot overlook due to the mere facts that I can freeze to death or burn one or the other not mention the filth from the wall unit that operates both heat and air conditioning. I’ve already had an eye infection. Due to the filth of the air unit and I now have learned why I could not wear my contacts caught an eye infection due to the dirt, dust, particles, from a poorly maintained wall unit. This is unbelievable. For it being 2015 this unit looks like it’s from the 80s I don’t believe Best Western had this in mind when some of your hotels in other states, & areas are amazing & up to date. I’ve done & do quite a bit of traveling. I do hope I hear back via my cell # is 609 453-**** you have my email.
Best Western
701 black horse pike
NJ 08232 room 129
Sincerely D Paola Rosenberg


Dan Pavella February 17, 2015 at 6:42 am

Just finished a 9 day stay at Best Western Sarasota FL.. Truly it was a real pleasure. The room was clean and so was the entire facility. The staff was friendly and took care of every need. The morning breakfast was wonderful and fresh every day. Checking in and out was no problem. Parking was ample. Heated pool and hot tub were clean and well taken care of. It seem all the employees who we were in contact with- loved working their.
The manager Mark Peterson- is a hands on guy . It seems all his staff love working with him. I will be going back again to Sarasota and will be using this Best Western again.


Dave B. February 14, 2015 at 6:11 pm

Location – Best Western Bay Harbor, Tampa Florida
Dates:Feb. 9 to Feb. 12, 2015

Problems with customer service occurred every day.
We contacted the front desk every day – sometimes with the same problem
and sometimes with new issues.

These include:

1) Originally assigned Room 327 unloaded clothes and bath items.
After coming back from lunch noted there was no city view
just a 6 ft. concrete block wall.
Got reassigned to Room 631 and had to move all of our stuff.
This should have been caught by the hotel on our reservation.
Failure that resulted in us wasting time moving around.

2) From Feb. 9 thru Feb. 11 toilet was flushing very slowly and almost overflowed.
Front desk was informed each day and no one came up to fix!
Failure that resulted in us having to contact hotel and hope for a fix!

3) Feb. 10 1st floor hallway flooded. Could not use exercise room.
Very disappointing and lack of access to hotel feature.

4) Feb. 10 & Feb. 11th water in sink and toiler had strong sulphur smell.
Couldn’t use coffee in room and ended up with stomach cramps.
Again spent time each day contacting front desk about this.
Could not use coffee maker in room and had to be very cautious with water
A very serious condition that could result in many visitors getting sick.
Might want to call in OSHA or City of Tampa to check out.

5) Feb. 10 & Feb. 11, coffee station in lobby was dirty with sugar, coffee creamer
and water on the station. Front desk again contacted. Hotel attendant
ended up rudely pushing me out of the way on Feb. 11 to get to coffee lids.
Hotels guests could easily get sick from this condition. Need to contact
corporate on changes needed.

6) Feb. 11 at 8:30 pm, called the front desk and requested a wake up call for
5:00 am on Feb. 12 to get to airport on time. No call was made.


Lisa Adkins February 13, 2015 at 12:32 am

Stayed at best western in frankenmuth Michigan worse place . And I will never stay at another started last year birthday get away love frankenmuth thought I would stay there instead of other hotels I usually stay at . I hurt my knee real bad on broken ladder in pool . Was not told renovations was going on my 3 year old started having g breathing problems from dust and debrie as well as my husband . WiFi would not work poor channels on television . Talked to manger was promised free nights stay on my rewards card and a 25$ gift card for hotel after being forgotten about called corperate was sent gift card assumed my free night was in my rewards card . No the manger never put it on did not find out till last weekend when I booked another 2 night stay after many calls I finally got 25$ put back on my credit card but did not get my money back for I was promised to get for my miserable stay ruined my birthday weekend 2 years in a row . Rude people lie after lie my knee is still giving me trouble but no one at hotel cares or corporate cares either . Contacted better buisness buero and will keep calling writing reviews . Big company’s that just lie and don’t care about there guest . Was told by the last woman I spoke to that the CEO said she speaksfor him and when I asked to talk to someone above her she was very rude and hung up on me . This is the way your company treats people I will make sure everyone I speak to will know how horrible this company is . Dirty rooms unsafe conditions rude staff I could go on for days . All I ever wanted is what I was promised reimbursement for the nights I stayed there. But no one will call back or even try to fix this situation . There is a file with all my info and complaints but I’m sure even after this message I still will not get a call and nothing will be resolved. My family friends and everyone I know will never stay at a best western . Worst company I have ever delt with and ppeople need to know the truth I will keep writing reviews on every site I can find.


Lucio December 11, 2014 at 5:57 am

Great site. Lots of useful info here. I’m sending it to several buddies ans also sharing
in delicious. And of course, thanks on your sweat!


Robbie November 13, 2014 at 8:17 pm

We had a Great Room at the Vicksburg, MS Best Western, last minute choice. Needed a room that was Pet Friendly as well! A previous night at BW in Hammond LA was not the best!

We have been Reward Member for many years. The Room was Clean, all of it! The room was quiet and one of the best full meal breakfast’s eaten at any of the many motel we have stayed . The staff was great and attentive . The pillows are the best ever!


Carlton Brank November 11, 2014 at 3:00 pm

I just posted my comment and somebody took it down. I don’t like that.


Carlton Brank November 11, 2014 at 3:03 pm

I am going to post this on my face book page I will get a response then


Carlton Brank November 11, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I stopped by the best western motel in east St. Louis the T.V. didn’t work. They had roaches. I did read that there were no pet. So I checked the person that ran the office came to fix The TV he couldn’t fix it. He saw my dog bowl. He called me a XXXXXXXX. I pay 50 dollars for the room. He would not give me but forty dollars back he said he was going to call the police. He had a prosidict hand he was middle eastern desent. I am from the Lafayette IN area. I am a Christian my church is 2500 members strong. I am going to ask my pastor to boycott best western hotels and motle. He used profanity to. With a faslse hand he sould know better because god took just one hand and speared his life he should prise god. Are his god. That ten dollars he took from me it is going to cost Best Western a whole lot more. The pricible of it. I am Mad.


Watersisland December 16, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Carlton, carlton, carlton! C’mon. If you were really a Christian you would know that God is spelled with a capital “G”. And you’ve done it more than once. Prosedict? Pros-e-dict? Did you mean “prosthetic”? And if you “did read that there were no pet” (sic) WHY did you bring your dog? Or “dog BOWL” or what ever? Middle Eastern (Caps, Caps, Caps!) desent? Did you mean “descent”? “Motle”? ? “Motel”?. Doesn’t it ever LOOK wrong to you? “Faslese”??? “False”? “speared”? Really? With a “Spear”? Or did you mean “Spare”? BTW…what does the fact that the attendant was Middle Eastern and had a prosthetic hand have to do with anything? “Prise” ? No such word! Did you mean “Prize”… or perhaps – “Praise”? “The pricible of it” (sic). No idea WHAT you were even trying to communicate with that blurb. As for the punctuation, I’d have to copy the entire “Harcourt Brace” text to address your grammar and punctuation.
Hey, Carlton…I attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN back in the mid 70’s. Your acknowledgement of being from Lafayette must be an embarrassment to all that live or ever lived in that area. Surely the elementary schools there are able to teach better than that! Some of your attempts at communications can’t even be addressed as grammatical, spelling, syntax errors, or punctuation. Carlton — go back to school! Hey, at least I see you’re quite skilled at spelling the word “XXXXXXXX” correctly. Do you work for the Klan by any chance?


Brangela West October 26, 2014 at 9:52 am

If there was a way I could give Best Western Executive Inn at 2800 US Highway 84 East, Cairo, Georgia 39828 negative star(s), I would. My whole experience was HORRIBLE. I called and made a reservation the day of arrival (4:45 p.m.). I gave my credit card information and drove 4 1/2 hours to this LOW BUDGET hotel. I arrived after midnight to find out that management (Craig Ward) CANCELLED my room at his request. Per Craig, the rude guy at the service desk, if you do not arrive at Best Western by 6:00 p.m., Best Western cancels your reservation. Per Craig, that is their policy. IF this is their policy, I should have been made aware of this policy when I reserved the room and gave my credit card information at 4:45 p.m. The rate I was quoted on the telephone was not the rate charged to my credit card. There is a $30.00 overcharge discrepancy. The phone in the room did not work and the front desk did not answer the telephone after numerous calls from my cell. There was no internet and the continental breakfast was a joke. After discussing my dissatisfaction I was treated very rude. I have reported the incident to the corporate office, which will go to the GM of The Best Western in Cairo. Good luck with that. I will NEVER go to another Best Western again, especially not the one in Cairo, Georgia. It is Horrible. It is Awful. It is low budget and over-priced. You would better off sleeping in your car.

Our whole family stayed at this hotel for a funeral (that is the only reason it was full this particular night). It is a shame you have to deal with the loss of a loved one and at the same time, have issues at a hotel with unsympathetic employees. Never again will I visit this hotel.


James M. Paquin October 11, 2014 at 9:23 pm

I booked a room at Best Western on October 4, 2014. I was told it was 98 dollars. The room was fine, no complaints until I found out a week later that they took 250 dollars out of my bank account. My banks fraud prevention left me a message on October 5, 2014 but I didn’t listen to it or call them back Until the October 11. That’s when I found out that they took 250 dollars. I called Best Western on the 11th and the lady said yes they charge 250 at first and then refund the difference within a week. She said the clerk should have told me. Well he didn’t. I don’t know if I got the refund, I’ll check Monday with my bank. I was so angry because of other negative things happening in my life. They are fortunate that I am a good person. If they do this to the wrong person there could be very serious consequences.


Anthony October 5, 2014 at 2:54 am

At Universo in Rome
The wash basin in the room does not have a standard plug but a gadget that may have worked when new but not any more. It does not hold the water in the basin with the result that vast quantities of water go to waste having not been used for washing.
Please sort this out a.s.a.p.
The saved cost in water will pay for the change over.


steve ruff September 12, 2014 at 2:41 pm

My wife and I stayed at the Best Western Plus, in Portsmouth, NH from 8/21-8/24. When we checked into the room, I noticed that the bathtub had a ugly, huge caulk patch in the floor of the tub. On our first morning, my wife attempted to brew coffee using the hotel provided coffee pot, but it did not work. We requested a replacement that was delivered sometime that day. Linens were not changed, so we had to ask if the linens would be changed. On 8/23, my wife and I left the room for the day at 8:30 AM, we returned at 8:30 PM and discovered that our room door was left partly open and unlocked by house keeping staff…all day! So anyone in the hotel could have just walked into our room at anytime they wanted. Fortunately nothing was missing, however, it was unsettling to say the least to return to our hotel room at 8:30 at night to find our room un-secure with the door part way open. I will not be staying at Best Western ever again.


Mike Erickson September 7, 2014 at 8:43 am

False advertising! I’ve been a LOYAL B/W Diamond Rewards member for two years. As your records should show, I stay at B/W’s along the eastern U.S. often, or at least have been. I now sometimes stay at other hotels due to your bullcrap rates. To be as brief as possible, allow me to explain.
I receive ‘offers’ and ‘promotions’ via email offering me ‘up to 20% off’ when I book through I register for these ‘offers’ as required. When I go to make a reservation, I see ‘NO SAVINGS’ what so ever! My rate is actually HIGHER than a ‘NON-REWARDS MEMBER’! I’m also a ‘AAA’ member. You ADVERTISE that ‘AAA’ members receive AT LEAST 10% (up to 20%) off regular rates…another LIE!
Here’s the proof (recent rate inquiry for a S.C. B/W hotel using ‘’.
NON-Rewards member (anybody)=$65.03
‘AAA’ member rate=$65.03
Diamond Rewards (me, signed in)=$65.03 (B/W rewards rate)
‘AAA’ rate (signed in)=$65.03
There is NO SAVINGS! “ANYONE” gets the same rate I do. Where is MY ‘up to 20% savings’? With AAA, where is my ‘at least 10% off’???
To add even more insult, the ‘walk-in rate’ with coupon is $49.99!!! I understand the restrictions with this coupon.
So basically, being a LOYAL DIAMOND REWARDS MEMBER, I pay the same or more than a non-rewards member. Where are my savings. The only benefit is obtaining rewards points.
Being in the ‘transportation business’, I offer my ‘loyal clients’ a discount (because I want to keep them as a client). What is your business ethic…to FALSELY offer me a ‘discounted rate’?
Needless to say, I am, and have been, disgusted with your ‘false advertising’ techniques. Show your ‘Loyal’ members some respect.
And yes, I am aware of your ‘program’ policies, so please don’t respond with a nonsense reply. I look forward to a prompt response. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Mike #6006637417315074


scott August 26, 2014 at 6:41 pm

it is sad the my first time and my last time staying at a best westren. i was charged for following the rules at a best westren and than i was lied to and called a lied to. the manager and the own were both rude and did NOT want to talk to me at all and told me there was NO Corporate Office. i will tell people to stay some place beside best westren


Pat S. August 14, 2014 at 5:51 pm

This week we stayed at the Best Western Plus in Leland NC., the hotel looked just like the photos on the internet, inside and out! I never travel with my dog because pet friendly hotels are usually not clean and they smells. But this trip I had no choice.
My small dog stayed with us, and to my surprise! the room was spotless and smell fresh.
I checked ever where for poor housekeeping but did not find any thing to have fault with. The linen were spotless, the towels were excellent and the pillows & beds were comfortable.
Mary at the front desk was delightful in every way; pleasant, cheerful, informative, and resourceful (we felt at home) she was helpful in finding us a dog spa for the dog..
Thanks Mary!!! Housekeeping staff were very nice and helpful (excellent cleaning).
Wonderful breakfast! We thank you all at Best Western Plus in Leland, NC for making our stay delightful. Only wish you were closer to the beach.

Pat S.


Ralph Miller August 6, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Good day – I believe my questrions are answered in following e-mails. I just spent twenty minutes on the phone ( Seventeen of it on hold ) w/ your representative after waiting ten days to be contacted ” as soon as possible “. Was told your representatives arte too busy to contact me yet and there was nobody that had the power to grant me any kind of a request like I had asked.


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Dear Ralph Miller
Member ID: 6006637391620010

Thank you for participating in our 2014 Jump Start to Summer Promotion!

For your 2 qualifying stays during the promotional period, Best Western is happy to present you with a $50 Best Western Travel Card® good at any BEST WESTERN®, BEST WESTERN PLUS®, or BEST WESTERN PREMIER® hotel through September 1, 2014. Please print this email and present at checkout to redeem.

We truly value your business and thank you for your loyalty to the Best Western family
of hotels.

Glen MacDonell
Managing Director, Best Western Rewards


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Expires September 1, 2014

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Best Western International
20400 N. 29th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Thank you so much. We were able to utilize Best Western earlier seven evenings in the March – April time frame this year. As a net result, they have sent us a voucher for $50.00 to be used by September of this year. Unfortunately, we are still recovering from an automobile accident and are not sure we can make that time frame. None of this is your fault obviously, and this has been an ongoing issue. This last Spring was the first time either of us have been able to travel to any degree and we probably took it to an extreme.

Again, thank you and we are so looking forward to being “ On the road again “.
*****Please Do Not Respond To This Automated Reply*****

Thank you for contacting Best Western Rewards.

Your request has been received. At this time we are experiencing a large volume of e-mails and appreciate your patience. A Best Western Rewards representative will be contacting you as soon as possible.

If your concerns require immediate attention please call 800-237-8483 (accessible from North America only).


Carol August 4, 2014 at 9:07 pm

Bed bugs


Billy Q August 4, 2014 at 3:29 pm

I recently stay in B W at Tallahassee seminoles they advertising is non smoking room I got a room that smell like cigarettes from the shower to the front door I try to use the phone to call the front desk and didn’t work either finally we change room put everything down and left came back late afternoon about 6 or 7 pm and the air inside the room was warm I try to cool down by change it to the highest speed and was there allready call the front desk for them to send someone and the awnser was that they dont have anyone to fix the ac that they just can chage me to other room or for my to talk to the owner in the morning we complain in the morning and a manager came and told me that thats the way the ac is set for the room and y reply no sir u can raise or lower the temperature in the room by the speed of the fan and the hot and cool knob and this room ir warm the air is not cooling enough the room so something is wrong with the ac he stepped out and came back and told me I will reset it for you and when to the knob turn the ac off and turn it back on and told me that the ac was reset all this was in front of me I’m a engineer (maintance) for a builbing so that is part of my duties and this was totally wrong and I decide to send this to corp


Elaine Pankow August 2, 2014 at 1:12 am

First we stayed at many B.W. and the one in Williams the staff all where very special great service.. I canceled one in Logan as we thought that is where we would be, I called around 2:30 and was told I would be charged $50 I was told they have a 24 hr rule, which I did not know. the others where by 4 pm.. You have a sign in all B. W. that state you receive a night free after 3 separate places, the sign does not state you can’t use the free night until 3 or 4 weeks later. Since we where on a trip, we sure can’t f afford another big trip and use our free nights. Then we have to use them by January 31st.. The rewards are very nice, but I wanted to use 2 free nights since we where on a large trip. We can’t afford another trip for several years..I feel we deserve something since I was told that I would be able to use the free nights on our trip. You ca see from the record now many nights we spend at a Best Western. Thank you for your time Elaine Pankow.



michelle anderson August 1, 2014 at 11:14 pm

I booked 3 rooms at the Best Western in San Diego, CA where I received confirmation numbers. Confirmed twice & was assured everything was reserved. One week prior to leaving I received a message to call the manager Onka who proceeds to tell me we were only on a waiting list for $139 a night but the rooms were really $209 the new employee made a mistake, but if I could write a nice statement about her & the hotel she could over ride the system & let me have them for $159 a night. One of the parties got lost & was going to be a day late so we called to make sure the room would still be held. Was assured it would be held but we would still need to pay for that night. No problem that was fair & we understood. Well when we arrived after a long drive we were told it was marked as no show & they had no rooms. No hotels had rooms due to comic com so after an hour of arguing they gave us a room at the expense of someone else according to them. I feel bad for whoever but our whole family was staying at that hotel because we were all in my little brothers wedding . Now today at look at my credit card statement & they charged me an extra night. I have never had such a problem with dealing with a hotel. I don’t know how many new people they have but everything was always blamed on them. We will NEVER stay there again. Thanks Onka & Nicholas for making our vacation stressful & less then it should of been.


michelle anderson August 2, 2014 at 1:16 am

I forgot to mention this was the Best Western Yacht Harbor hotel in San Diego, Ca. I will be putting my opinion of this place on TripAdvisor like the manager Onka (not sure of spelling) asked me to. Unfortunately it will not be what she asked me to write.


Emily July 31, 2014 at 1:16 pm

Blood on the pillowcase. Bright red blood. Gross and unsafe. Need I say more?

This was at the Best Western in Statesville, NC


Johnathon Lowry July 28, 2014 at 12:13 pm

On July 27th I stayed at the best western city view inn in Brooklyn New York. It was the most disgusting place I have ever stayed. Was lied to by the man working the front desk about truck parking. Room was dirty. And smelled marijuana all around the second floor. I do a lot of traveling and must say I may never stay at best western anywhere after that TERRIBLE experience. I was concerned about bed bugs so I actually slept in the desk chair. Couldn’t have got more than an hour of sleep. Left as soon as I could. TERRIBLE experience


Harris July 27, 2014 at 10:51 pm

I booked a reservation for this hotel for 2 nights 1 King bed (25 July-26 July) for military discount which is 118.15 per night. The total came up to be 274.10 for my entire stay including tax. I regret making reservations at this hotel, I ended up with a two beds because when I checked in they had me confuse with another customer who last name was Harris. She ended up with my room and I ended up with her room. I don’t know how this happened when I clearly showed them my military ID and my check card. Ok so the next day one of the workers banged on my door asking me was I checking out, I told them no and that I have this room for 2 days. I was told my card was declined after they tried to swipe my card 3 times for a different price. I had to come down stairs and show them on my phone with my checking information pulled saying they charged me 180.56 for the first night and 137.05 for the second night. They did not see the amount 137.05 under my room #. I really think they were thinking I was trying to get over when it clearly said on my banking information Best Western took the money out. So I ask for the manager who really didn’t care to explain to us why he isn’t seeing the 137.05 in his system, instead he insisted that I call my bank to see what the issue was. I called my bank and they couldn’t do anything because both payments were pending. My entire weekend was ruin with my family because I kept trying to explain to them that I didn’t owe them any money because the room is paid for. So my husband went ahead and paid the remaining balance they claimed we owed which was 123.32. After we made the payment we left, so I decided to call them and one of the workers answer and I ask her by any chance if she can see if my 137.05 was paid on the other Harris who actually had my room; she checked the system and YES MY PAYMENT WAS ON THE OTHER HARRIS ACCOUNT. My question is why didn’t the manager do his research to know that’s where my payment went. I just want to make sure I will be getting my refund back 137.05. My husband and I are beyond upset and disappointed with Best Western. So yes basically they put the wrong Harris that was both there the same night in the wrong rooms with the wrong rates. They should have looked at the names while we were checking in and there wouldn’t have been any confusion. The manager didn’t really seemed concerned about what happened during our stay. We should be refunded and accommodated for this irresponsible matter.


Harris July 28, 2014 at 12:23 pm

I forgot to add which location:
BW Plus Inn at the Peachtrees
330 W Peachtree ST N.W.
Atlanta, GA.


Ron Tyson July 21, 2014 at 2:26 am

We just arrived at the best western manatee in Bradenton, FL . This hotel was listed as a Best western plus,. It is the most discussing Best Western plus that I have ever stayed in
Since I started staying with this company. it smells like a wet dog as soon as you enter.
after checking In at 3:00 the clerk agreed that it smelled bad. He said it must have been
The mop that they used to clean the lobby.
After going to my room we heard a dog barking constantly and I called the front desk.
They told us that the problem would be handled immediately. It is now 11:00 and the barking has not stopped.
We left for 2 hours and when we came back we walked into our room and the smell of mold was overwhelming. They don’t care!

My real complaint is that when I made the reservation for two days that I could not cancel my reservation because it was too late. Now I know why!
I am now in this room, 212 with this mold smell and am out $200 dollars and am in a room
Where you can hardly breathe.
Don’t always believe that best western plus is a better hotel.

Ron Tyson
Lafayette, In


Alexander July 17, 2014 at 8:10 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

Hotel Aurora / Best Western – Paris

CC: Tess Riot (Hotel Manager, Claim discussed on Thursday 17th July)

On the evening of Wednesday 16th of July, my girlfriend and I had returned to the hotel at approximately 2am. My partner and I had caught a taxi from the Eiffel Tower and after the taxi departed, were confronted by a man who was yelling and looked as though he was intoxicated just as we were approaching the entrance of the hotel. We ignored and ventured inside the inner part of the hotel lobby. Not exactly the hotel foyer but an entrance that is approximately 2×2 metres in size. I proceeded to open the door to find it was locked with no one sitting at the front desk. I rang the doorbell continually waiting with no answer. After about ten minutes, panic started to set in and I began to second-guess myself doubting the hotel’s 24/7 return policy and called Australia to speak with my parents to discuss the situation. My mother (Lorna Antoniadis) called the hotels number (multiple times) from which we could hear from behind the desk – obviously no one was there to answer. We were very fearful of what we were going to do and I manually closed the sliding door separating us from the street. A couple of people walked past and one character walked past four times peering from across the road to see what was happening – this made myself and my girlfriend feel extremely distressed and worried for our safety and well being as this is the first time we have been to Paris. After back and forth calls with home and fear getting worse as we had no solution of what to do, after over ONE HOUR of waiting, the employee with dreadlocks (unsure of his name) looked confused and dis-orientated as why we were inside the sliding door. He proceeded to open the door and I directly said to him, “Where have you been? We have been waiting one hour!” He walked to the door and opened it blank faced. The employee was VERY unprofessional and his presentation looked as though he had come from a club with his shirt half open (tattoos revealed) and like he was either intoxicated or on drugs. His dis-oriented nature was EXTREMELY concerning for us both yet the worst part of it all was at 3am he asked us if we wanted to check in. I replied saying, “No, we have been here for two nights”. He said; “Okay, Room Number?” I proceeded telling him my room number and the normal procedure would be to ask for I.D at that time of night or surname for confirmation. NONE OF THIS WAS ACTIONED. Any one could have been given access to our room jeopardising our safety and goods or we could have been given access to any one else’s room for that matter. I am appalled, shocked, disgusted, furious, angry, disappointed, outraged and many other things that this occurred and the fact we can only be waived the night of this occurrence is shocking because in Australia this would be taken to the heights of pleasing the customer’s satisfaction to ensure they will return. We both were referred by Fouad Jaffer to stay at the hotel whom from my understanding is a Gold Member for the Best Western. He has been notified of this occurrence, as he is my girlfriend’s father. I hope this becomes a massive learning curve for the chain because I am a truly disappointed customer.

Alexander Antoniadis and Nadia Jaffer.


Karla Lindamood July 7, 2014 at 1:01 pm

On July 4 my husband and I checked into Best Western Lakeview Inn in Garland, Tx. Room 126. Upon check-in, the clerk said she needed to make a copy of my credit card because their machine won’t scan right. I did not even like this. The hotel was nice looking, not enough parking but that was ok. our room was very nice, the breakfast was good. As we checked out on Saturday, the clerk swiped my card again but the night before it would not scan? Really, I am not that dumb so now I have two charges for our nights stay. So we leave and we haven’t gotten to far and i notice that my legs are itching and my husband says he is itching as well. We stopped and went in and checked ourselves and we were covered in BED BUG bites. I was livid as well as miserable. When we got home I told my husband that we needed to disinfect our suitcase, the seat of our pickup, wash our sheets and clothing in hot water with bleach and spray our bed down. How do I know what Bed Bug bites look like, I am a nurse and have seen this numerous times. So not only were we charged twice, we paid extra for the BED BUGS we brought home from this establishment. I feel like I should be compensated for money spent and charged twice to my account. The clerk when I called to tell her of this was very rude and unconcerned about us being charged twice and was told flat out that we did not get bed bug bites at their establishment. Well, that was the only place we had been so they had to have come from there.

I hope you will address this matter in a timely fashion and compensation will be made.

Thank you,
Karla LIndamood
XXXXx CR 1136
XXXXby, TX 75433


Mcrayto2 July 7, 2014 at 10:20 am

I am writing this message from a room in the San Juan Airport Hotel (a Best Western hotel) that I booked thru I travel often and have never been disrespected, until I arrived at this hotel! When I arrived at the hotel last night after 9:30 p.m. – after spending an exhausting day at the airport – I noticed that the bathroom sink was clogged. I immediately called the front desk and was told by Aida, that she would send a plummer to unclog the drain. I told Aida that I was exhausted and didn’t have time for a plummer to unclog the drain and asked for another room. Aida told me that a plummer had to check the sink before I could be moved to another room because the drain might not be clogged. I insisted on another room and Aida finally decided to move me, but after waiting 15 minutes I called the front desk to cancel the move because I was exhausted. No one answered the call. Five minutes later, Aida knocked on the door with the key to another room, which I declined. Aida sashayed away without a single word. After 4:00 a.m. I received notification that I was booked on a 2:45 p.m. flight today. I called the front desk and requested a late check-out and was told that the late check-out would “probably” be granted but I had to call back at 6:00 a.m. when the manager is on duty. When I called at 8:00 a.m., I spoke to Kiara, supposedly a manager, who very rudely told me that if I wanted a late check-out, I would have to pay $100.00. I informed Kiara that I was told that the late check-out would probably be granted. Kiara told me that she would not grant the late check-out unless I paid $100.00, and disconnected the call. I thought we had a bad connection and called back. Kiara told me that she hung up because there was nothing else to say, and hung up again. I called and Allison called the hotel and spoke to Kiara and was also treated rudely. Allison will email Dave, the General Manager, regarding her experience, and I am currently on hold waiting to complain to Best Western corporate.


Elaine July 7, 2014 at 5:14 am

On July 5, my grandson and I were asked to leave the Best Western Meridian Hotel at 11:30 pm, with threats of having the police called if I did not vacate the property in five minutes. This was in response to my calling to say the refrigerator in my room was not working, and the food that I had placed in there from my daughter’s wedding was warm and not longer edible for my grandson. The manager reluctantly brought me a new refrigerator and stated that the one I had worked perfectly fine as they are not refrigerators but coolers. I told him that he was mistaken as this was a refrigerator (took photo) and that the on-line hotel accommodations included a refrigerator in the suites. He became loud and I asked him to leave my room, as I had a child sleeping. At that point, he said I disrespected him and needed to leave. I immediately called Best Western and explained the situation, and the gentleman stated that this was a privately owned facility and he had the right to refuse service. He stated there were no availability in the Best Westerns within the vicinity, however would start a case file, and have corporate contact me in the morning. The manager kept threatening me, and I explained I was sorry for offending him about his “coolers” to no avail. I packed, with him calling and threatening me as I was putting clothes in bags. As a retired commercial banker, I have stayed in hotels across the U.S., including many Best Westerns. This was a such a shock to me that I am still shaking at this experience. Not only placed out of a hotel, no assistance from Best Western Customer Service, and no response from the Best Western Corporate Office. What really was the kicker was after I tried to confirm that my refund was submitted to Expedia, the manager said “God Bless”. This is an “omg” hotel story for Best Western


Chelsea June 24, 2014 at 11:25 am

I recently stayed at best western at Radford. I am highly disappointed with my stay. I had jewelry stolen from me and the front desk staff couldn’t care less. They said she would never steal, and proceeded to call her on the phone and she said she hadn’t seen anything. I know my rings were left on the night stand when I stepped out to lunch when I returned the rings were gone. I missed a wedding ceremony to file a police report. Don’t bother calling the corporate office because they want you to deal through the hotel who already won’t help. Now I’m out of 500$ worth of rings!!!


Ana Claybourne June 19, 2014 at 6:42 pm

A few days ago I posted a blistering comment to Best Western regarding a family with a severely handicapped child being turned away due to having a service dog. I want to compliment Best Western on taking that hotel to task and shutting down their connection to the specific hotel in question. Best Western did the right thing as well as the legal thing. Sometimes the good guys are still out there, and this is the proof.
“We provide extensive training to ensure our hotels understand and address the needs of guests with special needs. When this matter came to our attention, we immediately provided direction to the hotel and a reservation was offered to the family. We deeply regret the matter and we will continue to proactively communicate ADA requirements and training to Best Western branded hotels to ensure all guests are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Further, we have restricted the hotel on our reservations systems and we have required the hotel to stop representing itself as a Best Western branded hotel (cover or remove all Best Western signs and logos) until its representatives attend a hearing at our corporate headquarters at which their future association with Best Western will be decided.”


Cecil McCoy June 19, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Have stayed at BWs quite often. No more!!!! I’ll let you people figure out why. Hint; Boy with service dog.


Ana Claybourne June 18, 2014 at 2:37 am

I have stayed at Best Western for years. Today I read an article saying that a Best Western cancelled a families reservations because their severely handicapped son has a service dog that can tell his parents that he will have a seizure in time for them to get medical help. A terrible example of hatred, ignorance and bigotry as well as a flagrant disregard of the law. I will never stay at a Best Western again. Shame on you.


None of your business June 18, 2014 at 3:28 pm

I agree, here is the article….

We held a motorcycle rally at BW for the last 6 years. We were already thinking if changing because of the deteriorating rooms and ever rising prices but this seals the deal…Goodbye BW and we will take our money with us.


christina June 12, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Looks like ALL the Best Westerns are setting a record for “going downhill,” Wow….


Christina May 19, 2014 at 7:23 am

We recently drove from Lakeland to Stuart Fl where we have been going for a while now but this trip was because my grandfather passed away on 4/16/2014 and we went to the best western in Stuart on Federal Hwy got there about 11PM to get a room and were told that it was 99.99 a night so we handed the girl a coupon that we have have used before to stay there and she said oh we are not taking coupons because we have only a couple rooms left that is why we are charging 99.99 really you up the price because you have only a couple rooms left and then not take any coupons that you put in the book its kind of funny how this bestern was doing that but the one down the road about 15 min in Pt St Lucie was charging 79.99 and they took the coupon and there rooms are all suits that is not right I cant believe that yall would price gouge and then to sit there and admit what you are doing


MAUREEN May 1, 2014 at 7:04 pm

I will NEVER EVER stay at a Best Western again, especially the one onBiscayne blvd north miami Florida, the manager Pete is one of the rudest men that I have ever spoken to. If he is the manager he should really take a course in customer service. My daughter is going to college down there and needed to stay for a extended period of time, due to a EMERGENCY she had to cancel to come home. and because she didnt give them the 7 days notice they would not let her cancel and are going to charge a college student $160.00!!!!!! If we could only predict and emergency 7 days in advance we would all be better off. The manager PETE said there is absolutely nothing he can do. I called corporate andspoke to a STEVE and he told me the same thing. Best Western cannot do anything because it wasnt 7 days in advance. Best Western can afford a 160.00 night, a working college student cannnot. I will never recommend Best Western to anybody and will never have a good word to say about it, and I will let the colleges know, so they wont recommend it also. I normally dont ever send complaints, but I am furious that Best Western would not make an exception to this rule. At times like this I am happy that there is so much social media out there, so people know what is going on.


christina June 12, 2014 at 2:33 pm

Pete should hook up with Melody in Missouri. Does he talk ad write in full sentences?
they are very un-accommodating for emergencies, I experienced the same thing, in addition to poor planning of the manager in Mexico MO Teal Lake Inn who professes to own the business. NOT!


doyle gordon April 14, 2014 at 10:34 am

i only have one complaint about best western and it has to do with my traveling interstate 40 between little rock, ark. and l.a. cal. i travel that particular hwy at least 5 times a year. i have always liked best western but, when i travel those 2 day trips i have to pull over and get a hotel for one night, I’d like to be at b.w. but, they wont let me just drive up and get a room, i have to call from earlier down the road and make a reservation. i cant do that! i really don’t know exactly where and when I’ll get tired. so, i cant stay at their hotels, it’s a real pain in my backside. i wish they would at least save some rooms for people like me and not be so particular or is that their way of getting guaranty for money. what a shame!!!


Don,Never Stay Again April 4, 2014 at 2:35 pm

We got a 2 rooms at the Best Western in Sterling Heights Mich. It took us 5 trips to the front desk to get 1 key out of 15 keys to work for one of the rooms. Then we went to the park at the end of the day we were watching the playoff game [Big ten] and we saw bed bugs in the bed we called the front desk, They asked did you find more then one.[ONE BED BUG IS TOO MANY]. They said they would send someone up 1 1/2 hours later we had to go to the front desk to get someone to come up. 1 hour after that a guy came up and said the front desk sent him to the wrong room. We showed him the bugs we put in a glass he took 2 min. and said I can’t find any and left. We told him to checkout my sons room for BUGS he said he don’t have time and left. They acted like they don’t care!!!!! So we packed up and went to the front deck and told them we will not stay with BED BUGS the hotel didn’t offer us anything for compensation. So after all the runaround with them it was 1:30 in the morning. We had too take all of our clothes off at the door our houses so we didn’t take bugs in our homes. We called customer service and told them after a run around they would pay us back for one room after 5 calls and two weeks later. I had to call the manager he said he would compensated for one room only. He needed my card number so he can put the money back on my card. Well they took $50.00 more off my card. And they still did not put the $172.88 back on my card. They were called for the same issue the day before we stayed, but said nothing was found then. This is unacceptable and to not be paid for both rooms. It also was my grandsons birthday party and needless too say we had to leave because of the bedbugs. What a shame to run a Hotel that way!


christina June 12, 2014 at 2:35 pm

yes, horrible service, poor management, and this is how they get money to renovate, and still have high school housekeepers and maintenance people. YOU WILL NEVER GE YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!


Cari April 2, 2014 at 6:36 pm

Will never again go to the Best Western in Sterling Heights Michigan. Our family reserved 2 rooms and found bedbugs. When this was brought to the attention of the hotel staff the only question we were asked was “did you find more than one?” I think finding one is sufficient. It also took more than one trip to the front desk and 1 1/2 hours for them to respond. The hotel never offered to move our rooms and when we decided to check out at 1:30 in the morning because we found bedbugs unacceptable, we were never offered compensation for our rooms. We called customer service the next day and it took over two weeks and 5 more phone calls to get the hotel to respond. Their “resolution” was to tell us that their pest company couldn’t find any bedbugs and that one of the rooms had been inspected the day before for the same issue (now that tells me we weren’t the first people to have this issue and if we posted this on Facebook I wonder how many responses we would actually get?). They finally compensated us for one room but it’s their hotel policy that they cannot compensate for more than one room. Corporate customer was less than helpful stating that each hotel is independently owned and they have no say in the policies of each hotel. I find that difficult to believe, especially if they are customer service oriented. You would think that since they own hotels all over the country they would want their customers to continue staying in their facilities no matter where they are.


Never again April 2, 2014 at 1:13 pm

Best Western in JASPER TEXAS is the worst… When I say everything there is messed up I mean every thing the toilet, the phone didn’t work in my room the person at the front desk didn’t know what she was doing, “She said that she had just started working the day before and they had her working a full shift the next day, management SUCKS the owner has no clue on how to run the front desk she needs training!!!! On top of that they are high as hell “the highest best western that I have stayed to and the WORST!!!!!!!! I will never stay there again.. down the road I go


Leola Gardner March 11, 2014 at 10:56 am

I am not sure who I was supposed to contact about an address change. I have a new address since I worked for Best Western in Edson, Alberta

my new address is :

Peers, Alberta T0E 1W0

I need a reissue of my T-4 please and thank you


Jessica dedecker March 6, 2014 at 10:32 pm

I stayed tues and Wed at the best Western in Madison on the park. After paying 300 for both nights they called the police after stating someone visiting me was roaming the hallways and was there the previous day, both statements untrue. Then when my boyfriend and I returned they told us we had to leave and called the police again to escort my boyfriend out. We never caused any problems and they refused to refund me. My boyfriend and our friend were both black… in fact the only black people even in the hotel. Because of your failure to even attempt to refund me I have already contacted a lawyer we are filling a racial discrimination lawsuit and a pain and suffering lawsuit. Thanks for making us feel so welcome that was my first and last time that I will be staying at your hotel.


renee lee February 18, 2014 at 10:29 am

After several attempts to talk to someone, I have had no issues resolved. This is a very imoportant matter and someone needs to contact me ASAP! I will get the lawyers involved within a day or two!!


Ann Sommer February 11, 2014 at 4:33 pm

I have tried unsuccessfully for the last four weeks to get a billing problem solved. I have spoken with customer care and the hotel repeatedly! No one from the hotel will return calls! Customer care keeps saying that the hotel has to take care of it and the hotel says the exact opposite! I can’t believe the irresponsibility from this company! I cannot believe they would let this man run a hotel when he obviously never even is at the hotel! I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and am going to contact a lawyer! Odessa Hotel Best Western is a thief!


Tony January 21, 2014 at 10:22 am

You are continueing to allow another party Liberty Group to operate under your umbrella??? Well let me tell you, BAD BAD BAD for Bestwestern when the Mayport Inn and Suites in Atlantic Beach, Florida has a HORRIBLE AND RUDE MANAGER, MAJOR BED BUG PROBLEM!!!!! NO INTERNET!!!!!! and I hear employees can’t even verify Credit Card information, thus giving away unintentionally ‘free rooms’….Is this how you want to be affiliated????


Eugenio Juarez January 20, 2014 at 9:15 pm

My name is Eugenio O. Juarez I live in RoswellNew Mexico. On Sunday morning @ around five in the morning I went to check in at El Rio Palacio Best western where I have stayed many times before. While doing so the front desk clerk said there was a problem with my cried it card and he explained to me that there was a problem with the internet connection. While I waited out side because the office was closed. He left the office for a few minutes and then returned and tryed my card again. I told the clerk that I had stay here before and that I should be on file and he said yes that I had and he did find me in the system. He then told methat my card had been declined. I offered to pay cash. He told me that he could not accepte cash with out a cried card and he could not rent me a room. I explained to the clerk that I was dropped off because I didn’t want to drive because I had been drinking and again he said he would not rent me a room. I told him I did not have a way home since it was so early in the morning and could he please make an acception because I had for gotten my jacket at the club where I had been. He said no I told him that I would call corporate because I had never had such bad services before. When I told him this he became angry shout that they would not fire him. I told him “Sir I don’t want you fired I just want a room. When I told him I had corporate or a service agent on the phone he called the police on me and tryed to have me arrested and had me removed off the property. I will never stay at any Best western properties again!


Thomas January 8, 2014 at 8:43 am

I read a job posting for the Best Western in Shippensburg PA. I responded to the ad with a letter of interest and as well as a resume. I also called and left 4 voicemails and they insist on not returning my call. Everytime I call, they tell me Scott, the one who hires is never there. I I think for a manager, that is very unprofessional. Even after I said I was going to contact coorporate, still no return call


Wendy kennedy December 14, 2013 at 12:43 pm

My son and I were using the pool area in the Dryden Ontario Canada Best Western. I noticed that the emergency exit was so iced up it was not able to be opened. I also was shocked to see a space heater fan with a long extension cord right by the pool. When I mentioned my electrocution concerns to maintenance he didn’t seem to care. I threatened to take a picture of it and then he unplugged it. I will be calling the fire dept. Monday as they are breaking fire code.


Barbara Lyman December 13, 2013 at 11:13 pm

This is to notify those necessary, I called 602-957-4200 at 6:52 pm 12/13/2013,
the number provided per the Best Western Corporate website, leaving a 
message stating I am pursuing a complaint regarding the reservations; conditions
of the room accommodations; safety of the parking lot (ice & snow); safety 
conditions of the room (no working room phone; outside door with closing issues;
furniture making narrow escape routes). 
When these concerns are added to the outside people noise which in turn 
my husband found extra cars in the parking lot, he brought it to the 
attention of Adam Nunez, desk attendant. My husband was told in a rude
manner there was a concert at the venue across the street and the Motel
did not have assigned parking so it was a “non-issue”.
I called the front desk (this is when I found the non working phone), Mr Nunez
came down to the room. I questioned him and asked him if he had really said 
parking was a “non-issue”. He said: “yes”. I explained to him that I had chosen
not to say much about other problems, but as the day (12/13/13) had gone
on the noise and the parking with his attitude was the topper. He responded by
saying I was making the “issue”.
My family and I have travelled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe,
Russia, Japan, and China, so we are not your inexperienced, young, naive
push-overs. Neither are we snobby, unreasonable, inflexible, or prejudice.
We simply ask for the clean, safe, working accommodations we reserve
at the price promised.

Barbara L Lyman

full doXXXXentation with photographs available


Renee October 18, 2013 at 5:54 pm

I am new to Best Western and I called to reserve a room in July 2013 at BW Knoxville (reservation on next page). My daughter/grandson were traveling from NC and I was traveling from KY with my older grandson. (2 adults/2 children)

I have NEVER experienced something like this before and was SHOCKED the manager did not have authority to handle the situation and actually asked me to write a letter of my experience. I have never stayed at a hotel where the manager did not have the ability to manage the hotel and staff.

My experience:
I had a maid knock on my door – and pan-handle me while I was in my room (playing on the fact that I was there with my grandchildren) and then ask not to say anything. I notified the front desk and the manager immediatley. They advised me this is not the first instance and this lady (Kristen/Kristie/Christy older lady with short blonde hair in pony-tail) pan handles out front of the hotel and they have warned her of this behavior but they are doing NOTHING to protect their guest from this lady.

If this hadn’t happened I’d been upset by the fact that they put us in a room where a generator went off at night making a loud noise waking us up… We went to the pool the first day but after this happened we stayed in the room as much as possible and did not go back to the pool with my grandchildren. In addition – we moved all our valuables (computer/electronic devices/jewelry) to our car as this woman has key to our room.

I just couldn’t believe the manager did not have the AUTHORITY to deal with this situation. To make matters worse every time we left the room this lady watched us all the way to the elevator – creepy. I have never been treated as such at a venue – most hotels have excellent Customer Service and you normally feel “safe” there. This is the absolute WORST EXPERIECE I’ve ever had while on vacation.

While I was on phone booking the reservation with the agent she talked me into getting the Best Western Rewards card. Please delete my new Best Western Rewards Card – I will not be using it. I will not stay at a hotel where I feel “unsafe”.

Kind regards, Renee (conf # 474310096 for July 3, 2013)
Cc: Manager – Laura Lackey, Best Western Strawberry Inn & Suites, 7260 Saddlerack Street, Knoxville TN 37914
(865) 544-7737


Ron Myers October 18, 2013 at 10:48 am

Bringing groups to Philadelphia, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles and Orlando for Corporate Extended-Stay Meeting, and have some clients with allergy issues; do you any rooms or block of rooms that have installed or can install the Beyond/Aerus Electrolux ( whole room water and air system for allergy and asthma friendly compliance like they are used to staying in? Thank you.


Alfonso Jimenez September 27, 2013 at 11:44 am

Investigacion de Best Western Puebla

David Kong


Queriodo CEO de la Marca Best Wstern

Es probale que este mensaje nunca llegue a su persona pero intentare e investigare por todos los medios posibles que este mrensaje llegue a su conocimiento.

El Hotel ubicado en la Cd. Puebla no XXXXple ni con los minimos requisitos de operacion para ostentar su marca asi como del personal instalaciones tengo una investigacion de sies meses de analisis de informacion del Hotel.

Existe una alta corrupcion en Mexico a nivel ejecutivo lo cual permiten dar la marca Best Western a dueños de edificios adaptados para hoteles lo cual es el caso del hotel de la ciudad de Puebla Mexico.

Como Monitor de Hoteles en la investigacion me percate de un pesimo servicio asi como un alto grado de corrupcion interna que impiden que este Hotel este a la altura de su marca. pagan a sus empleados en efectivo, declaran mantenimientos inexsistentes, evaden impuestos venta de drogas al interior y todo permitido por el dueño.

Ojala tome cartas en el asunto antes de que esto llegue a las autoridades correspondientes y a la prensa mi compromiso es de usted lo solucione. tengo un gran cariño y afecto a Best Western ya que fui empleado de esta gran empresa por 10 años en USA ahora soy monitor y me dedico a informmar a grupos de inversionistas sobre condiciones de negocios en el ramo dde la hoteleria.

reciba un cordial saludo

Alfonso Jimenez


William Dobbins September 7, 2013 at 6:44 pm

After a long day of driving, we stopped at a Best Western Plus in Johnson City, Tn. hoping to get a good nights rest. Upon arriving in our room, we discovered the TV did not pick up ABC, a national station, the room telephone did not work, the sink drain would not work, and we killed a bug crawling across the bed. We could not believe all of these problems could exist in one room. We have stayed at BW many times, some good, some not so good, but this one takes the cake. Is this a PLUS?


Will August 6, 2013 at 8:27 pm

Wow I see by all the above comments that Best Western just does not care. What a crap hotel chain. Here is my complaint ( not that you idiots care ) too many times I stay in Best Western Hotels and those XXXXX magnetic door keys do not work. Standing in the hall with bags of groceries and I have to stick the card in 50 times . The good part is I have written hundreds of reviews for Trip Advisor and your next. Also I am pretty sure you idiots have a facebook page


sara badgley August 4, 2013 at 12:39 pm

I am writing to let you know how upset I am with your best western hotel in Belleville Ontario.I reserved a room well within a month of our stay.I have stayed here before without problems. But this time I arrived checked in,had to wait for our room which was fine’ as I was unloading my sister who is in a wheelchair and my mom who uses a walker, the receptionist informed me that our room was given away, she told me that a handicapped room is a special request and can’t be guaranteed what a bunch of garbage, why in the heck would a month ago they had the room available but not when I arrived, I had driven for 3 hours,and wanted to get settled so we could do what we wanted, life is hard enough for us’ and in Belleville there are only a couple we can use’ what would you like us to do sleep in our van’ I have told everyone what happened with your hotel,they all agreed that this is a terrible system you have’ I know I will never in my life. Book at any of your hotels, and will let everyone know that if they need special request such as a wheelchair accessible room not to trust you. I hope you never need anything special if you can call being in a wheelchair special because then you big companies will understand showing up at the hotel you have booked so you could have a little fun in your life,just to get another disappointing kick in the head.fells like.I hope you have the time to reply to my letter. Thank you for your time, Sara badgley


Roy Hernandez July 31, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Dear Mr. Kong, Mr. Mark Straszynski and Mr. Scott Gibson:

I decided to write you in the conventional way, through a letter o e mail, hoping this one gets into your hands. I have been a Best Western customer for years, even though I just joined to the rewards program short time ago.
To let you know how comfortable Best Western Hotels have been to me, I recently moved my family from Miami Florida to Katy Texas, and during the road trip plus the week we waited for our apartment to be ready, Best Western was our home and shelter, especially the one in Katy, Texas, where we all felt appreciated.
But the concept that I had of your company changed dramatically this month. I took a summer vacation between Buffalo NY and Canada for a week. I began my trip in Buffalo, and of course, my first choice was Best Western. Then I made a reservation for three days in Montreal Canada, and again I stayed in Best Western (Plus). My next stop was in Toronto Canada, and of course I chose Best Western Plus. (Best Western Plus Brampton Canada). But that one, has been the worst hotel experience that I have had in the whole North America.
Not only to be a really low quality hotel (damaged stairways, garbage in the back door where customers get in, broken piece of bathroom furniture, dirty carpets, and bad smell in the room) but Mr. Kong, what really impacted me was the breakfast behavior, that I swear, I have never seen in my life.
I do understand that breakfast in Hotels has an interval, a fixed time window, and I might understand Hotels have a limited amount of food, and that sometimes, something just runs out. If the Hotel is fully booked, probably it is better to show up earlier for the breakfast time. But, to take away the remaining food of the dinner area while customers are there, to shut off the juice or coffee machine in front of a customer, to hide whatever is left, is such a pathetic behavior that I would not expect to see in a hotel full of tourists.

Why in the world someone would do that? Why wouldn’t put a sign with the closed indication and let know any late customer that the time is off, but for God’s sake, no taking the remaining food of the persons that came earlier are inside the dinner area. I can’t find a logic explanation, I have never seen customers being treated so badly, and I fell so sorry for them that I promised myself and to my family, we will never touch one of the Best Western Hotels in my life.
And I am not asking for compensation, free hotel stays or more points for my account, I am writing this letter because my indignation is so high, that I think, someone needs to speak up. I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated like that, no one.

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about it, or just send someone undercover one day to that hotel, probably on a busy week end and realize if what I have written here is true or false. I am not a business analyst, and I know what independent franchise are, but I would be really ashamed of myself, if my business card has the same logo that The Best Western Plus in Brampton Canada has.


Audrina Zamudio July 25, 2013 at 10:21 pm

I stayed at the best western in West Covina about a month ago. iI paid a lot of money for a so called suit. Half way through the night i noticed that there was a big hole in the wall and it was completely covered by wallpaper. I didnt think much of it because it had obviously been covered up by somebody before me. I didnt make any type of complaint like i said beacuse someone had already attempted to “fix” it. Figured the hole was already known about. After checking my statement for the month i saw that there was two additional extra charges for $100 each. I had no clue why so i called and was notified that it was because i made a whole in the wall and tore down the wall. I did no such thing AT ALL. They girl i spoke with said i had to talk to the manager martin about this matter and hed be there in 6 hrs. I did and as soon as i got on the phone all i said was i had a queation about some charges that ere made on my account.. He then asks if my name was Audrina, and goes off “we dont want to rent a room with holes in the wall… I should file a police report against you… On n on” so i ecplained to him what had happened and that it was there when before i got into the room. He then cuts me off and says we should at least go 50/50 because i shouldnthave to pay foral of the damages you made. I told him no im not paying for it at all and i had already disputed it through my card company. He then goes off again saying that hes filing a police report against me and thats the end of our conversation and hangs up on me. I shouldnt have to deal with this… Its already being disputed i just wanted to clear it up faster… Someone from Corporate needs to contact me or i will file suit.


Traci c July 14, 2013 at 11:47 am

I stayed at best western seekonk July 2- 12 the manager Michael was very rude and making erroneous charges to my account when I confronted the front desk three times they all said the had no idea so I called m bank. After that he kicked me and my four daughters out at 9 pm on a Friday night. When I spoke to corporate he stated the reason being the room was trashed. I asked how there was no way he stated the pillow case was dirty so he kicked us out. I know there are problems but this takes the case I feel it is discrimination and I an currently consulting wit my attorney. Stefani pretended to be nice but it was her and mike making the charges. I also confirmed the procedure with bob and he told me they never charge cards when cash is being paid a hold is put on the card. Michael can be rude and condescending now but when things begin to happen he will realize this time he won’t get away wit it.


Adam Gault July 10, 2013 at 8:29 am

RE: Best Western Manila shocking service

I am writing regarding my July 8th, 2013 reservation at the Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila, and at the hands of Ms. Jennifer Cabilangan, perhaps the most thoroughly uncooperative service I have ever experienced.

After a long and difficult day, I arrived at the hotel around 9 pm. I was advised at the airport that because Manila was a rather dangerous city, it would be a good idea to leave my baggage stored at the airport. I was further assured that I would not need any ID to check in at a hotel. As to the latter, I don’t understand if this is simple ignorance on the part of tourism professionals at Manila’s international airport, or perhaps they thought they were being funny.
Regardless, when I arrived at the hotel, Ms. Cabilangan insisted I would not be given the room I had already booked and paid for, without an ID. I was exhausted and by this point desperate for a bed. Ms. Cabilangan’s uncooperative, blind intransigence was the very last thing I needed.
I had with me my credit card (which for some inexplicable reason she felt she needed to make a photo copy of), my phone (which SHE CALLED, further proving my identity, and any number of password protected Web accounts I could have logged into if necessary; again further proving my identity.
I’m sure from the ridiculous smile Ms. Cabilangan kept on her face throughout this ordeal, that she had convinced herself she was being professional, though the fact of the matter was, she most certainly was not. Her dim-witted and inane marriage to “process”, created immense trouble for all involved, and has now assured that I will never again be giving my business to this hotel chain, and will dissuade others from doing so as well.

It is ironic that Ms. Cabilangan and her colleague wore lapel buttons which exclaimed; “Absolutely no bad service”. That surely qualifies as false advertising, unless of course what it really meant was, “Absolutely terrible, stubborn, and happily uncooperative service”.

How am I certain this was a non-issue which was wholly created and perpetuated by Ms. Cabilangan?
Because after having to waste an hour stupidly waiting for my Best Western reservation to be cancelled, I walked around the corner and booked into the Bayview Park Hotel, no questions, no hassles, no problem, no Jenniffer Cabilangan.

Often true professionalism requires understanding facts on the ground, and adapting to cirXXXXstances as they arise. Perhaps this concept has yet to arrive to the Philippines; certainly it is something Ms. Cabilangan would be well advised to learn.

A disgusted former customer,

Adam Gault


lindsey jones July 9, 2013 at 10:38 am

I am writing to file a formal complaint against one of your Pearland,
TX properties. I am traveling to the area July 18-21, 2013 and I
selected your hotel at 1855 N Main Street to make my reservation due
to the area. Initally, I called inquiring on rates for the dates
requested and spoke with a agent, Penelope. I had a promotional
discount code, MVP that I googled for a discount on the rate. I
provided this code to the agent. First, she told me that I would have
to present the “paper” to the front desk when I arrive. Which I had no
paper to present due to me having Googled it. Penelope was unable to
assist and passed the phone to Liz, another front desk clerk. This is
where the horrible customer service experience comes in..

Liz was incredibly and unbelieveably rude. Not only did she hang up on
me several times, but she also refused to provide me with the customer
service number to file a complaint in regards to the service that I
received. She gave me the number 1-800-BEST WESTERN. I actually had to
call the Reservation hotline to get the correct number to customer
service. This is actually frightening considering your slogan is that
you care about your guests which was clearly not displayed when I
spoke with this agent. The way I was treated by this agent was totally
unacceptable. I have been booking hotels for years and I have NEVER
had customer service such as this. When I asked Liz for her property
managers name, she actually yelled it at me, then hung up! She was
argumentative, would not allow me to speak, actually talked over me
several times and then demanded that I allow her to explain herself
after I advised her that I was not interested in hearing her
explanation. I am a customer. A guest. This is a definite kick in the
face considering your company’s slogan.


Will Honeycutt June 28, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Dear Mr. Pohl,
My partner works at your Best Western in Mayport Florida (Atlantic Beach Florida). I realize that these are independently owned and operated yet I thought they had to follow some type of direction of the corporate offices. My partner has worn you name tag and label for almost five years. A new management company has taken over the hotel and has said that all employees must start again as new employees and be put onto a probationary period which means my partner loses all of the time over the last five years including vacation time. Is this a standard practice for your hotel chain? Is this how you allow your “members” to treat individuals who have represented you name and hotel chain for the past five years. A second note as well: my partner was also asked to attend mandatory meetings with the new management staff and was told that these were NON-PAY mandatory meetings. As an hourly employee, I do believe that is against Federal Labor Laws. I would hope that you would contact me as soon as possible.


Angela Parmann May 28, 2013 at 11:08 am

I stayed with my daughter and niece at the West Ashley SC Sweetwater location 5/24-5/26, upon arrival our room was hot humid and musty smelling. We had to turn on the air conditioning and fan and leave the room for a few hours before the environment of the room was suitable. We were woke up prematurely both days of our stay at 7am by loud staff, both outside our door and outside our window in the courtyard and by the pool. The breakfast was adequate although the fresh fruit selection was dismal, and there was never any room to sit down and eat. We also had ants in out bathroom the entire duration of our stay, in one of the rooms that should be paid most attention to for cleanliness this was worrisome. At checkout time, 10am on Sunday 5/26, I went to the front desk to voice these concerns. I was faced with a front desk clerk on the phone with personal drama, talking to the person on the other line about she didnt understand how she was being put in the middle of their business and how she did not want her name in their mouth. I am sure I would have heard more of the drama had I stayed beyond the 60 seconds she ignored her customer waiting at the counter in front of her and continued her phone conversation, but I decided to cut my losses at that point and never stay with Best Western again.


Aloha Poulivaati May 10, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Dear Mr David Kong, Mr Mark Straszynski, Mr Scott Gibson.
Can you tell or anyone at Best Western who cares tell Lisa Michaelson the manager for Best Western Golden Lion Hotel (property # 02005) in Anchorage Alaska that discrimination based on ( Race, Color, Sex, Age, Religion, National Orientation,) or any other characteristic is AGAINST and PROTECTED under ( INTERNATIONAL, FEDERAL, STATE,and LOCAL LAW.)
At one time I asked Lisa the manager for a management position as a front desk manager, She told me NO. Few months later Lisa Michaelson the manager gave the management position to the head of the housekeeping which she NEVER have any customer service experience or work with the public or front desk before.( NEVER). The only experience this housekeeping have. She came from Anchorage Jail to Half Way House to Best Western Golden Lion Hotel and she is a ( WHITE ) female over me with YEARS of experience and retired from the world biggest airline as a ticket agent and customer service agent. This is unfair treatment and discrimination on the part of Best Western and Lisa the manager of the hotel.
Lisa never talk to any employees at the hotel or posted this open management position it in house so everyone would like to apply for this management position. This is an UNFAIR TREATMENT and this is DISCRIMINANT.
On April 08, I told Lisa Michaelson the manager FACE to FACE that I don’t appreciate you and Best West discriminate me here. And I don’t appropriate working for the head of the housekeeping for she is a criminal. Lisa told me to clock out and go home and you can sue me if you want. Lisa clock me off and told me to leave the property now.
Well Mr Kong, Mr Straszynski, Mr Gibson. Where is the Equal Employment Opportunity? What is Discrimination Best Western Hotel Policy? Do you at Best Western Hotel have any policy on Fairness Treatment of Employees?. And what happen if your diamond and gold members find out they have some criminal walk in and out from their rooms?. I was treated Unfairly and Race or Sex Discriminate by Lisa Michaelson the manager of Best Western Hotel in Anchorage Alaska.
Lisa lie to the state of Alaska, I was fired because I talk disrespectful about another employee. NO I was not. I was telling Lisa Michaelson the TRUTH and Lisa don’t want to hear the truth because they are both (WHITE) Best Western is NOT a good place to work. With my experience in customer service. It didn’t take me to long to get another hotel job here in Anchorage with more money, And I am happy.
Aloha Poulivaati.
(907)952-8500 or
The Best and most Dependable Front Desk that Lisa and this Hotel ever have. .


Alicia Cooper April 28, 2013 at 9:38 am

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I arrived right at check in. Every thing was great. Until we came downstairs to get things out of our car and the front desk associate was arguing with a customer so open and freely while we were walking by. At that point I told my husband I hope we don’t have any problems. That next morning we woke up,headed for breakfast. To find the hot breakfast was just microwaved… Greasy sausage,eggs and biscuits. The real problem accrued when we returned back to the hotel late last night to find someone has been in our room through our things. I instantly call front desk. I spoke with Reethu the front desk associate. I explain to him what had happen to us. In return he simply said, well this had never happen to anyone before and you will just have to talk to my manager who will be In tomorrow around 10an.. Now before we left I made sure I put the “sign” on the bed and clearly ask for NO one in our room.. I feel outraged and WILL NEVER RETURN TO A BEST WESTERN, NOT ONLY DID THEY STEAL FROM ME, THEY RUINED MY HUSBAND BIRTHDAY WEEKEND.


Blanca Carpio April 22, 2013 at 11:36 pm

Dear Mr. Kong, Straszynski, and Gibson,

I am a diamond member and have always stayed at your hotels but I stayed back in September of 2012 at your Best Western Plus Broadway Inn Suites in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I don’t know what to do….My daughter got injured by a faulty door in your hotel I did an incident report and took her to children’s hospital in Oklahoma City it turned out her finger was broken. At first the office manager was nice but I did keep calling because she told me one of your lawyers or legal representative would contact me she told me to send her the medical bills and I did. She refused to give me the insurance number or claims number or any other information I research you guys on the internet with the help of a friend. I have been trying to contact them since February and they send me to voice mail I leave messages and no one returns my calls. I have not heard from anyone. My daughters medical bills are going to collections I know that is not important to you guys. I am unemployed and making it day by day. I just think that your hotel is better than this and I don’t think just because there is a bad apple in the mesh you guys are lie this with your customers I have called them several times and everytime now that I call they send me to voice mail and no call back the owner, management or anyone never called me to even ask how she was doing I am only writing here because I don’t know what to do I am not from Oklahoma city and I don’t want to hire an attorney I love your hotels and I don’t want to make a big deal just need to put a claim with your insurance for my daughter. This is my last resort…Please I know you guys have to have kids. Just think if it was your child wouldn’t you want someone to call you and at least act like they care. My email is My direct number is 505-450-4954. We were passing through and I will explain everything if someone calls.

Thank you for your time,
Blanca Carpio
2303 Pinehurst drive
Boynton Beach, FL 33426


Carl Brewster April 21, 2013 at 9:36 pm

Hello Mr. David Kong, Mr. Mark Straszynski and Mr. Scott Gibson,

I nwould like to share with you a recent overnight stay my wife , Crystal Harris, and I experienced at the Best Western Falcon Plaza 1450 E. Wooster Street…Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

My wife and I went to BGSU to spend the weekend with my daughter, she was the recipient of a academic scholarship on Sunday April 21, 2013.

We all were excited about this weekend because Saturday April 20, 2013 was my and we were ready for to celebrate my birthday on Saturday by watching television and eating lots of junk food in our room.

When we arrived to the room everything was fine. The room was fresh and clean. The television remote did not work; but that was not a big deal the front desk clerk working the evening shift (8:30pm) replaced the battery. I’m not sure of her name???? (Nichole Carpenter)

Here’s where the problem starts. The front desk was called and informed that our television speakers/volume were not properly working. There was no clarity in the sound. The front desk clerk/manager and the maintenance man came to the room to investigate.

Once they saw the problem here are a few of the reasons we were given to us that the speakers were not working properly.
1. It’s the cable service (Time Warner??)
2. Everyonein the hotel is experiencing this problem, the maintenace man even co-signed by stating that his tv/monitor speakers are doing the same thing in his room (really???)

So as I left the building , with my family, I stopped by the front desk and asked the desk clerk if anyone else had called about this problem. She told me “no” and I told her that seemed strange to me that no one else had called. She went on to inform me that either the guests were in bed sleep with their televisions off or they were not in their room. That’s why she had not recieved any complaints. One thing that upset me is someone talking to me as if I’m stupid.

Upon my returning from dinner I stopped by the front desk because I was a bit upset over the reasons I was given for the improperly working speakers. I did not belive any of the reasons I was given, they did not make any sense. I stopped by the lobby because I was going to ask the see/listen to speakers on the monitor in the lobby area. Well maybe the desk clerk could sense that and I was informed that the problem was not from the cable co. it was the monitor. We were informed that we would be given a “hefty” discount. $20.00 was taken off our bill.

The clerk said she did not want to put us in another room because it was late. At this time it was 9:25pm. I had earlier suggested that they could simply disconnect and replace the monitor from an unused room. I thought that was a logical suggestion.

Well as you can probabbly imagine my family and I did not watch television on the night of my birthday. We could not understand any words that were coming out of the speakers, and I refused to use closed caption. My daughter decided to go back to her dorm room because we had no television. What a bummer. Thank God for your Wi-Fi . My wife and I watched NetFlix on our portable device.

We are a family of color , and I did not see any other families of color there on Sat. night/Sun. morning and I don’t know if race had anything to do with it. I hope not. But what I do know is this: there was a lack of compassion, dishonesty and a failure to try to correct a problem. I was very irritated by this situation.

Other than this situation ,which weighed heavily, our stay was okay. We enjoyed the morning breakfast in the parlor. It was delicious.

I just wanted to inform you about this situation. Hopefully no one will have to experience what we went through. I hope and pray that the monitor speakers have been corrected or replace , because if a family comes to Room 236 with children, the kids will be highly dissappointed not being able to enjoy programming on television.

Thanks for reading and addressing this problem.

Carl Brewster


Mary March 26, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Was hired at the front desk of the B/W International Drive, Orlando, FL on 3/7/2013.
First day was 3/12/2013…hired by a seemingly normal Alpesh Khushal, GM. prop10385
No way to clock in or out, so no formal record of proving your hours worked*BEWARE*
NO BREAKS…advised by Mr. Khushal of his policy that they were not necessary. Training was impatient and rushed with no accommodation if you couldn’t readily see the screen’s smaller printed prompts; instead, I was openly mocked and belittled in front of guest by the GM and trainer (M.C.) Asked for consideration and was fired on the spot. Emailed asking for pay for hours worked-no response! Faxing corp ofc to request investigation.


Tasha Hart March 19, 2013 at 6:25 pm

I’m a former employee of Best Western Old City in Phila.PA.First let me s
ay that I resigned from my position there.It was absolutely the worst job I have ever had I was a
there for nearly 2yrs and leaving was the best move I could hasn’t made my Co-workers were the best but the management was the worst I’ve experienced so far the.GM Jessica Morris is immature and bitter.I was supposed to receive a raise after 120 days of employment which I only received after I sent a email to her asking about it which now made 6 months.Jessica would do things to punish employees of we choose not to participate in hotel events example I didn’t attend a Holiday party so U couldn’t receive my Christmas bonus until a week after everyone who did attend t received theirs.Just one example.Horrible place to be an employee


Nacita March 16, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Tina Kendall,

I booked this hotel from Hotwire. I am a valued customer with Hotwire. I have not sayed at the Best Western Hotel for 12 years, because we had a bad experience in Longview, Texas in 2003, where we had my grandmother’s birthday party. Now, after 12 years Best Western, is still the same poor sevice and rude employees. I checked in 3/15/13 for 2 nights. We got to the room,it was to small, there was a bottle top in the corner under the closet area and all the cable station did not work. I called the front desk on the next morning 3 times told Miguel and still to this time that I am written you the cable has not been fixed nor has anyone come to the room.

The maid came to the door asked did not need my room clean, I said yes and I needed small face towels, beds made and bathroom cleaned (Carmen), did not speak English, so she went to get another lady to translate. After the lady translated she gave me all big towels and started to leave. I called the lady back and told her that she did not understand what I wanted. I said to her tell her I need my beds changed, bathroom clean and the towels that we have used removed from the room. When Carment started cleaning the room she started mumbling something under her breathe while she was cleaning the room. Her action clearly showed that she did not want to clean my room, she did not say excuse me when she keep bumping into my chair and then she closed the door in my kids face after she saw that they were trying to come in. She never said goodbye or thank you. I travel to lots of places and I have never encountered a rude maid before, but again I am at the Best Western. The bottle top that I mention in the beginning is still there.

I called the front desk to complain and Miguel rushed me off the phone and said he had a guess in front of him. I ask him was there a manger on duty he said no. I thought that was rude, because I am a guest and what I had to say was just as important as the person standing in front of him. That means that you need to have a enough people on duty to handle the volume of guest.

The last thing that I have a complaint about is the person outside my window on a ladder making noise sealing the windows. I came to relax and do my homework. I am working on my MBA and trying to study and take test. That is the reason I came her to get some peace and quiet. I also wanted to say that the pool was not at the right temp for a swim and there was glass outside of the fitness room that my daughter could have cut her foot on if she would step on it and broke it. Wow! I can’t believe after 12 years that Best Western is still the same. I called Hotwire to complain. I am going to the corporate office with my complaint, because at 11:40 am, the cable is still not working and no one at this hotel has called to apologize are move us to another room, i still don’t have small face towels and my room still has the bottle top in the corner. You never have to worry about me staying here again. The only thing that I was please with was Grace when we checked in and the breakfast.

Nacita Pullen

214 530 1140


Thomas Johnson March 14, 2013 at 10:52 am

I would like to talk with someone with regard to handicapped accessibility.
We have a portable lift system that can be easily stored at any property you have in order to accommodate the physically challenged customers that would not normally travel due to transferring restrictions. This item alone could be a great marketing tool to tap into and drive more of this population to your various properties. The product is American made and Veteran owned.
Best Regards,
Tom Johnson 248-321-8951


Theresa Greenwell March 12, 2013 at 12:26 am

March 11, 2013

To: David Kong,
Mark Straszynski
Scott Gibson

RE: Best Western customer abuse

Enclosed you will find a schedule of events that have led to the need for this letter to be written.

I have never been so frustrated, emotionally torn, scared and saddened by an experience at a hotel. While the events outlined in the schedule reflect information concerning my refund and customer abuse, this situation just added insult to injury.

On the days leading up to my families stay with your establishment, we were making arrangements for an immediate family member’s funeral. The day we came into town on March 1, 2013, to stay at the hotel, we spent the day conducting the visitation and viewing for our family member and on March 2, 2013, we left the hotel to attend the funeral. On Monday, March 4, 2013, we attended a visitation and viewing of a 12 year old classmate of my son and stepdaughter of a co-worker. On Tuesday, March 5, 2013, we attended the classmate’s funeral.

During this very difficult time, I in no way should have found myself taking off work to correct an error on Best Western’s part. I should have never been embarrassed by being told that I was being irate and yelling, when clearly I was not. To be belittle and degraded by a young lady that apparently does not even have the knowledge of your computer program to access information correctly is shocking and concerning. I should not have to chase down the refund that currently reflects a Best Western hotel being double paid for three rooms.

You are all well educated and experienced individuals that did not get to the positions you currently hold by behaving in this manner and allowing misappropriation of funds by double charging for rooms. Please assist me in correcting this matter a efficiently and effectively as possible.

Thank you,
Theresa Greenwell
979-709-1973 cell
979-415-0764ext. 28


brandy January 2, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Hello I am A business owner of coast to coast marine installations, I have several employees that stay at your hotels all over the United States…..We reacently stayed in Bear Delaware, besides it not being the cleanest we checked out and went back to Cocoa Beach Fl. I then got A charge on my card for $50.00 I called the hotel to see what the charge was for and they could not tell me there were no notes the front desk clerk had told me. I then called on weds 1/2/2013 to speak with A manager who the told me there were 2 pillows missing. First of all these men have been working for my company for quit awhile and never anything like this. I am so upset and if this is not resolved I will be going on every trip advisor letting people know what A joke this place is and my company will never be staying at best westerns anywhere. I am so upset, I work very hard for my $$$ and not going to waste it on stealing DIRTY PILLOWS


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