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WoodSpring Hotel Corporate Office Address

Woodspring Suites, LLC
8621 East 21st Street North Suite 250
Wichita, Kansas 67206

Contact WoodSpring Hotel

Phone Number: (316) 631-1370
Fax Number: (316) 631-1333
Website: https://www.woodspring.com/
Email: Email WoodSpring Hotel

WoodSpring Hotel Facts

Founder: Jack DeBoer
Date Founded: 2002
Founding Location: Witchita, Kansas
Number of Employees: 1000

WoodSpring Hotel Executives

CEO: Bruce N. Haase
CFO: Stuart J. Becker
COO: Kyle Rogg

WoodSpring Hotel History

wood 1


Founded in 2002 by Jack DeBoer, the founder of other hotels, such as Residence Inn and Candlewood Suites, the company opened its first hotel in Witchita, Kansas, in 2003. Franchising began the following year. The original name was Value Place Hotels and Suites, however, in April of 2014, the company decided to rename the hotel chain to WoodSpring Hotel or WoodSpring Suites, depending on the design of the hotel.  wood 2

To keep costs low, WoodSpring Hotels average 4 to 5 employees per shift, about half of what other hotels employ. Each property averages 124 rooms or suites. Names are being changed over the next few years, along with some remodeling plans.

According to franchise leaders, the company currently has 25 hotels under development at this time.

wood 3

Currently, the company has 111 franchises and 84 company-owned locations. The company has expansion plans, with a 124 room hotel that opened in early 2016 in Louisiana, and plans to open 30 more hotels over the next two years.

According to an April 2017 report from the Highland Group, extended stay hotel demands are high at this time. As of today,  there are 44000 extended stay hotels in the U.S., which accounted for about $11 billion in revenue in 2016. WoodSpring Hotels has both franchise- and corporate-owned hotels and is growing at a pace of about two dozen hotels per year.

Annual revenue for the company in 2014 was listed as $224 million. Headquarters are located in Witchita, Kansas.

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WoodSpring Hotel FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for WoodSpring Hotel?
Answer 1: The phone number for WoodSpring Hotel is (316) 631-1370.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of WoodSpring Hotel?
Answer 2: The CEO of WoodSpring Hotel is Bruce N. Haase.

Question 3: Who founded WoodSpring Hotel?
Answer 3: WoodSpring Hotel was founded by Jack DeBoer in 2002.

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Elizabeth Johnson August 20, 2019 at 5:47 pm

I’m at the Bentonville Arkansas location and I’m lobbying for a job here I’ve worked and lived at a hotel the last years literally this Job is the one thing that will keep me from being homeless please consider hiring in-house residents


stan August 4, 2019 at 1:50 pm

lived here 18 months, gen mgr just came pounding on door while I’m in shower. says she wants to inspect room, I say wet and naked. myra (gm) says open door or she calls sheriff, so I do. she says you all smoking in here! I say, dude, I live alone and never smoked a day in my life. are you mental? housekeeper runs up and says it’s next door. so myra toddles off and starts big row with neighbors. for $1700 a month, I expect some privacy and respect. but not the first run-in with this troll, this is what you’re in for if you stay here.


Babs June 3, 2019 at 12:32 pm

This place will steal your money off your credit card.
They are dishonest to the core.
Called and complained and the gal at 3541 14th ave in Council Bluffs, IA 51501 said she would fix the problem. Waited for a week for problem to be fixed.
Called back after the week and she just hangs up on me.
Don’t stay here, it’s not worth the grief


Ashley April 8, 2019 at 1:43 pm

Please see reimbursement dispute details below:

8808 N. Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85051 ·
(602) 242-6564

1149.00 USD
1149.00 USD
144.42 USD
1293.42 USD

Paid $50 refundable deposit

Check in Date: 3/27/2019

Check out Date: 4/26/2019


Total stay was for 5 nights ($215.57) – I am owed $1,077.85 reimbursement!

Last week I stayed in unit #215. My visit there end d shortly when I was asked to leave after the carbon monoxide detector started alarming after office hours. There was no staff in the office and after 20-30 min of alarm sounding I carefully removed 3 screws with a Philips screwdriver and then disconnected 1 wire to stop the sound. 
The next morning I was asked to leave and told it was due to alarm sounding off and that it was a concern for safety of floor as disengaging my alarm somehow made the neighboring units alarms disengage as well. 
I would like a refund for my prepaid and unused days. PHX PD inspected the unit as I packed my belongings that morning and said they will write a statement on my behalf regarding condition of unit – it was left clean and without damages – to send to upper management and my CC providers. 
Please advise as to what your company plans to refund to my credit card? 
Also, there was a power hand tool in it’s case which was left behind…it was under the dining table in it’s plastic housing case. What is a good time to pick this up? 
I appreciate your time timely response. 
Thank you. 


It’s been over 24 hours with no response? What is your typical time frame for responding to complaints and concerns? I’ll be there sometime today to pick up the belongings left in suite. Is there a manager on site today? 
I appreciate your prompt response 
Thank you.


Following up again. Still haven’t received a response. Please have a manager contact me ASAP. 
Thank you. 


We do not provide refunds to guests that violate our terms and conditions. Disabling the smoke detector is an automatic eviction with out refund.
Thank you,
Guest Services
Woodspring Suites Phoenix I-17 North #121151
Operated by Nationwide Hotel Management, LLC
8808 Black Canyon Highway
Phoenix, AZ 85051
602-242-6564 Office
602-242-6563 Fax


Unfortunately, that response does not suffice. There was NO reason for the smoke alarm to go off (1 lit candle on dining table no where near alarm). The alarm sounded for 20-30 minutes. The entire building could hear the alarm. I walked downstairs and your office was closed. I disabled the alarm by carefully removing 3 screws with a Phillips screwdriver and detaching one wire. No damage was done to smoke alarm. No damage was done to suite.
Are you saying your company plans to keep my 30 nights prepaid  payment because your alarm in faulty and your “24 hour on-site staff” was in fact NOT on site?
Please provide me with contact information for GM/Regional Manager of your property as well as your corporate offices grievance department. 
Also, please respond regarding how I can pick up the power hand tool & additional personal items that were left in the suite? 
I appreciate your prompt response.
Thank you. 
Ashley Thompson



David Scuncio March 13, 2019 at 4:45 pm

have been staying at Woodsprings Suites in Greenville SC for almost a year an $18,000.00
later had to move out because of some BS policy change not allowing cats. supposedly, people being allergic to them, well people are also allergic to dogs and they are still allowed, being that they piss in the stairwells and the owners do not clean up after them. think cats would be a better choice.
we did enjoy our stay. and planned on staying for remained of this year but no way would we get rid of our cat we had her 15 years, you would think that being there a year we would be grandfathered in but no so we left an took our money to another motel.
Thank you


Raleigh LaPlant March 5, 2019 at 7:56 pm

March 5th, 2019
To Whom It May Concern,
I’m writing you today, in hopes to resolve quite a few issues I’m having with WoodSpring Suites in Liberty MO @ 1911 Industrial Drive Liberty MO 64068.
A quick summary of what’s going is basically as follows…

I checked into this hotel on February 11th, after reading a few of the amenities they claimed to offer online, and the price per night fit within my budget, and only this hotel fit my budget, and allowed pets (which I have one very small trained dog, always kenneled when I was not present). So, I paid for my weekly stay late Monday evening when I arrived and was told I need to pay every Monday after so if I would like to stay on a weekly basis. I was also told at the time, that checkout is 11AM and that room services would be provided to me weekly. However, not even a week goes by (Sunday at 7:45 AM), the housekeeping lady knocked on my door and told me the front desk said I need to repay, or checkout. Already just rolling out of bed, I quickly put on some clothes, irritated to the fact they woke me up so early on my only day off – I head downstairs to clear this up and was told it wouldn’t happen again that it was a mistake because of the way their system is set up. I overlooked this, but also recorded this contact with my body cam, (and every additional contact after so).

So Monday February 18th comes, and I asked when and why my room hadn’t been cleaned, and was THEN told that they only clean rooms every 2 weeks (despite of being told once a week at check-in). I’m also told that would be on Thursday – and to wait until Thursday and my room would be cleaned. Fine, I waited till Thursday, just to come home AGAIN to my room not being cleaned. Now keep in mind, I am now on almost a full three weeks on the same towels, same bed linens, filthy floor, dirty bathroom, and no fresh supplies such as soap, toilet paper or any new trash bags (in which I took out myself daily). I marched down to the desk a third time now, in a rage and asked why my room was skipped again – and now their claim was housekeeping left a note on the checklist that said “dog – no”. When I explained that the dog was in the kennel the entire day (because I knew it was “cleaning day”), she quickly claimed it would be cleaned the next day (now their 4th promise to me) …
Between all of this, I was alerted by other residents that housekeeping “Danielle” had a reputation for stealing items from customer’s room, so I set the room up under surveillance just in case. Then my wife confirmed the suspicion for a recent review on their Google reviews, only being 4 days old and a complaint from a previous customer that she too had items stolen from the room. At this point, I really started disliking the place and started using my body cam and video feeds more often. She never stole anything from me, but it’s a distasteful feeling to have wondering if your room is safe from the employees regarding theft. Nobody wants to fear this staying in a hotel.

However, I come back the next day again, to find my room still hadn’t been cleaned and no fresh linens have been provided AGAIN! Now they claim “Cheryl called out sick, and was unable to get to my room today”. Frustrated I finally had the last straw and went online to start writing a review, and additionally went live on Facebook so that my family and friends could see the conditions I’ve had to live in which are completely unacceptable. They finally replaced my linens that Saturday, but did not clean ANYTHING else. Nothing else in the room had been touched other than a newly made bed and fresh towels – nothing more.

Sunday night, I had to leave at around midnight due to a sudden death in the family and make a trip to Dallas TX to tend to this tragic period. Contacting the office after hours was not an option for me at the time with the notion to only get home as soon as possible – HOWEVER I called the office the next day to clarify that I had intentions on paying for the room over the phone for an extension, because I was not in town at the moment. She assured me that I would be fine to just come in the next day.

Tuesday, I am still in Dallas TX trying to handle my personal matters, so I give them another call and still insist on covering the room to ensure my belongings in the room remain undisturbed and my room intact – but now their attitude has changed and they have decided it’s best I check out due to my “actions on the premises”, which I’m assuming could be the Facebook Video I posted live from the property itself. It was nothing more of a factual review with video evidence to back up the problems I have stated, along with body cam and collected audio for all incidents I have had with this hotel.
It’s also winter time, and they are strict policies and laws protected consumers from any potential hazard, such as the ice and snow that is almost always hindering the ability to walk in or around the hotel including the sidewalks and parking lot or any other common area. They have failed to maintain a safe perimeter of their property my entire stay and us residents have to literally help one another to their vehicle because it’s that unsafe and leading amounts that could result in a slip and fall injury.
Furthermore, I just wanted to remind you that I can provide body cam and audio footage of this, and most of everything else I have mentioned in this email if you could please look into these matters as soon as you can.
As a customer, I feel I shouldn’t have to be going through any of this, had they just performed the room service I was promised, and for the room I continuously paid for on a weekly basis. What happened to customer service?
I also called “corporate” at the number (316) 631-1370, and they adamantly refuse to help me, directing all of my concerns to only the property manager of a privately-owned facility – however she is one I’m in fact having issues with regarding my stay. I have audio recorded from them being rude as well, demanding that I just called the property manager and there is nothing they can do being they are privately owned. The microwave doesn’t even rotate, and they refuse to change this out too.

Could you please look into these matters please? I am at wits end and feel extremely dissatisfied entirely in every manner.

Raleigh LaPlant


FRANCES RASKIN June 13, 2019 at 3:06 pm

I have stayed at the Value Place/Woodspring Suites Hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan many times over the past few years without incident; the staff always being friendly and helpful no matter what my problem. My most recent stay (May 25 – June 8, 2019) was quite the opposite. My reservations were made two months in advance by calling the front desk. Because of a disability I requested a room on the first floor and was told that one would be held. Twice more in revising and confirming my reservations I was assured that a room on the first floor would be held. Upon checking in I was given a room on the third floor at the end of the hall. In speaking to the manager (Terry Northam) I was told that reserving a specific room/floor was never done. When I told him I had made the request several times before he became argumentative and extremely rude and very unprofessional.
A more pressing concern was the fact that while remaking my bed (part of my disability requires me to sleep on a special mattress pad) I noticed that the mattress cover was very dirty and covered with hair. I decided to just remove it; in doing so I saw the disgusting condition of the mattress itself which was badly stained (it looked like urine and possibly blood). In calling this to the attention of the manager he replaced the mattress but was not at all apologetic. I informed him that I could have notified the Health Department and would not hesitate to do so in the future. There is no excuse for anything in such a condition as that to be in any public place. Photos of the mattress can be forwarded upon request. In conclusion to this matter I would like to suggest an overhaul in the management training program teaching better customer relations and a little more professionalism.
Other issues which need addressing are: the floors which are always dirty, they just get damp mopped never scrubbed. Socks if worn without shoes after just a couple of days would never come clean. The laundry facilities as well need updating as clothes do not get clean even with a major detergent and bleach and which continually go up in price. The room keys seldom work, after just a couple of days they need updating/recharging. It is very frustrating to come in after the office has closed and have your key not work and wait for someone to come to let you in. The burners on the stove are not even which makes cooking a proper meal difficult. They are all like this and need replacing. Housekeeping is never scheduled properly; it is supposed to be every two weeks but during my last two stays (which were two weeks each) I did not receive it. It would be nice to at least have fresh linens. These issues may seem minor but it is all part of what we pay for and expect when we make reservations. After all your website states “We are committed to providing incredibly clean, affordable rooms and a welcoming friendly guest experience to all guests.”
Thank you for looking into the seriousness of these issues expeditiously.


Julie Johnson February 5, 2019 at 5:42 pm

I was employed at woodspring suits Avon Cleveland. I have not gotten my W-2. I have called and spoke to everyone front desk employee the manager and tried to contact the regional manager. I haven’t gotten a single reply from anyone. It is illegal to not send W-2 to your employees by the end of January. How do I get my W-2?
Thank you Julie Johnson


Zach B. March 18, 2019 at 5:43 am

I’m in the same boat as you. We have to go through corporate HR. I advise emailing them. They never return calls.


Darcel Morgan November 12, 2018 at 4:44 pm

I want give you know good news about the in baton rouge LA off Sherwood they got poor manager and still a lot from my money came up missing and I told them bout it they tell me it’s nothing they can do bout it and also they stole my medication that the doctor gave me for my cold I had codeine in my cough syrup


Mirella borrego November 1, 2018 at 3:50 am

estan cometiendo fraude la GM Jojie Steele y Anita Williams aparte se esta vendiendo drogas y condumiendo estas 2 sras. Jojie y Anita estan siendo protegidas por el Sr. Sean Lumert el motivo por que las protege no se sabe aparte estas personas ya mencionadas despidieron a la AM Vanessa Garcia porque ella se dio cuenta de los fraudes y la venta y compra de substacias controladas al darse cuenta Vanessa hablo con la manager Jojie Steele y ella se enojo mucho que comenzo a gritarle a Vanessa que existe un video y ahi otros videos que Anita saca unos sobres del safe con dinero y comienza a aventarlos Al piso y esto lo sabe el Sr. Sean Lumert y no a echo nada al respecto Vanessa Garcia a tratado de comunicarse con el corporativo y no la an escuchado porque la despidieron injustamente este caso se va a llevar a las noticias de television haber si asi la escuchan espero que se haga justicia….. Tengo mas informacion sobre varios fraudes que se estan cometiendo pueden comunicarse conmigo por email o al 210-682-XXXX


Tony Blair October 6, 2018 at 11:33 am

People there are lawes in place and innkeeper guidelines that they must follow.
Myself l have sued three Hotels and l have won every case, it has totaled me thus far $385,789.00.
Take them to court with photos and buy yourself a pen camera that has video & audio there about $69.00.
They can be purchased at spyware or you can Google a walk in shope in your local city.
They can be held accountable if you get all the right dirt on the manager and on corporate also look up the Insurance company and see the limits of liability……..


Woodspring suites houston i-10 July 22, 2018 at 5:04 pm

Where do I start… I presently stay at Woodsprings Suites I-10 and thank God this is my last week at this place.
The manager Janice Todd don’t care about the guest concerns. She need to go back to management training. She can be very rude and her customer service very appalling. She can not manage her staff. I was at the front desk and her housekeeping staff talk to her very rude and tell her what they are not going to do. I never seen manager take sh*t from their staff members like she does. If I was the manager that lady would have been fired on the spot.
The man (I think his name is Chris) who supposed to keep the grounds clean is a drug user. He is going around telling people that he to use crack cocaine a year ago. I do believe he is still using crack. He is ALWAYS going around asking guests for cigarettes and alcohol. He has asked me on several occasions and he have even knock on my room door looking for cigarettes. He is digging in the ash trays for cigarettes butts to smoke. I know for a fact he smokes marijuana. He smells like alcohol all the time. I have complaint to management, but nothing happens because he is still asking guests to support his habit. I guess nothing will happen because he is the brother to Janice Todd (Manager) boyfriend.
The hotel is poorly run. This place is roach infested and the manager don’t care because she doesn’t stay here. They use a leaf blower as a vacuum cleaner. I never seen anything like it. Who use a leaf blower to clean the hallways and guest rooms. That is why there are some many roaches in the building. There is no deep cleaning here. The housekeepers to don’t really clean the rooms correctly. They don’t clean the bathtub and they don’t vacuum. The staff here need to go back to the basic 101 on how to clean.
I know for a fact that Janice and Chris are letting people stay at the hotel for free and/or for a little of nothing. The guest is telling it. I had this family in the room next to me about a month ago staying in the room next me for $20 is what they paid the cleanup guy (Chris). They had to be out by 6am and I saw him the next morning knocking on their door telling them they had to leave before Kisha can in. Then he went in there with new towels and sheet. Meanwhile I am paying full price almost $500 a week. Janice did the same thing for these ladies and that is a problem when the manager and her staff is letting people stay in the hotel for a discount and pocketing the money. Who do a guest complaint to.
This didn’t happen just once or twice. I know it happen at lease fours times during my stay. I also have a recording if anyone from corporate want it.
I know this could not be the Woodspring policy on how to clean and/or how to treat a guest. I have stay at multiple Woodsprings and never had this problem before this location. Houston I-10 west need a new manager to come in and clean things up. Manager (Janice Todd) need to be fired and/or sent back to manager training. The place is worst then a ghetto hotel in the worst part of town somewhere. The management company and the owner should be ashamed of themselves to allow someone to manage this place like Janice Todd.
Ms. Todd have hired her son, boyfriend brother and her friend Heather. A good manager knows that you never hire family and friends. I hope the Owner Troy and/or Someone from the corporate office investigate this location.


Terrance G Lasley July 2, 2018 at 7:19 pm

Extremely terrible experience with management today ! Raised my blood pressure and glucose to levels of pain !


Katanna May 29, 2018 at 2:24 pm

hello im a guest at Woodsprings suites here in Montgomery al, on 5/27/2018 I come down the hallway to the elevator, I here the employees Tawanna and the new housekeeper just cursing and making threats about thee co worker at the desk, and how giles is having sex with sam and how they hired the new maintained guy and how the police came to get him and how giles only wants white people to make money.ive been here along time staying here and so I know if I do a bad report on this they would kick me out,ive sen it done.this property is crazy, buti have to stay here for the next 8months.the new house housekeeper and Tawanna said something about the new girl taking her keys.so Tawanna said that they were gonna beat the s**t out of her. that poor girl is so nice and I see they all pick and give her a hard time,but I think that type of stuff is dangerous for workers to plan on fighting another coworker .all the employees went to the office and hen I walked threw the lobby all you heard was tawnna yelling and cursing the new girl out. she didn’t care who heard her and seen her .Tawanna and the new house keeper even stayed on property an extra hour and half on my floor just cursing and talking about the other Tawanna and edna on how messy the other Tawanna is and how they both halfa** clean the room and there grown a** grand kids .i just think this type of stuff shouldn’t be going on ,then I just heard giles going off ont the new girl a couple of weeks ago about talking to the guest .but its ok I see for all the other employees because I see both tawannas in guest rooms riding in her car they were talking about going out with one guest. i feel if he is gonna set rules then it needs to apply to all employees. But every time I say something he gets mad and talk about kicking me out .i mean if I really could afford a lawyer I would and I would show my name .but I cant so that’s why .its mold in thi s hotel it sure is, im just waiting to get diagnosed so I can get a check. because giles don’t do anything but hangout in front of building harassing people .sam makes up rules for certain guest.the new girl cant even speak to guest anymore because when I walked through the lobby that day he told her she would get fired .but at the same time all the other employees do and say what they want ,I yesterday I say this gay girl ask Tawanna if she could have a slice of cake Tawanna said no and she not gonna slice it either, ijust stood to the side that girl id rude as she can be and gossips about everybody. giles needs to talk to her because she stay getting nasty with guest, somebody gonna hurt that girl. I don’t don’t tnink this place is ran right ,it wasn’t right either when Nicole was here but none of that would have went on.a got beat up yesterday and another guest was walking through with me, t he poor girl asked Tawanna to call the police because her boyfriend beat her up ,tawanna asked for why she still with him .the girl said this was the first time and can she call .Tawanna said no, I just walked away .i could not believe her. i feel like a bigboss needs to come check out this property. she is so rude and disrespectful to everybody even little kids .she went off on the other Tawanna grand kids in the lobby and made her step out the building to wait for her. theses room could be a little more cleaner .giles is a racist c**t to certain blacks and Mexicans .this is my second complaint and nothing was done so this time im reporting everybody a**.


Richie Bickham May 4, 2018 at 8:10 pm

I stayed in West Monroe, LA, I found several bed bugs. Told the staff, showed them a picture, the lady (D) had the audacity to tell me maybe it was in my clothes. WOW


Brian April 16, 2018 at 5:16 pm



I am a long term – consistently paying – Good, Mild, Law Abiding – CUSTOMER!

LONG TERM: I am being harassed today as if I’m one of the drug dealing, recently incarcerated, Pimping, Thieving or other Criminal element here.

I am normally, for the past year, asked if I am staying and then left to have my people make the arrangements. Today, I was hatefully door pounded at 9:45AM demanded payments or to vacate. Then again harassed at ~11AM via phone to pay or get out. I tried to contact your Dir of Ops, Michael Jakes to find out he has gone for better employment. I have been badgered Three times today. Treated as P.O.S. of humanity as the most recent at 2:10pm with the new un-comprehending ignorant Tattoo covered mgmnt stand-in stomping down the hall announcing SHE IS calling the POLICE!

I Do NOT Deserve this hateful harassment. It is Demeaning to my Character, being and to me openly treated like one of the overstay criminal element which IS HOUSED here.

I CAN NOT FATHOM OR UNDERSTAND WHY A GOOD PERSON – Who is quite and respectful has to suffer such belittling, demeaning, hostile treatment from a HOTEL Operation and ITS RUDE HATEFUL STAFF. MAYBE, This IS a real crime hotel. Would I be OK if I were a paying criminal?


Brian Stott
(412) 867-XXXXX

P.S. POLICE have evicted me while my corporate people are trying to understand and find the personnel to make a payment. Actually, my corporate were denied acceptance of payment when they phoned. We Are ALL in a swirl of unbelief. I should simply start a media campaign for the Hotel to make the populace aware of how the management works here. I do have the dates and events of the activities, responses and actions. SAD!!!! Day!



Mark Rigsby April 28, 2018 at 1:37 am

Today on 04/ 28/ 2018 . I had my Room and everything in it removed. I was paid up thru 04/29. Very Rude people.


Jennifer Slaven April 13, 2018 at 10:06 am

I stayed at the one in Fairfield Oh don’t ever stay there. The maintenance man had to cut out screen because our lock on our door broke which they knew so they said we broke the window also he walks in on people especially women when they are naked without knocking smokes crack on the job also screws guests. Maids say they clean rooms but they don’t. Never nobody at front desk. Lacy one at the front desk is always at Mr. Keith’s room because she is screwing him and getting money from him another one is always screwing the black guys. One that sits at the desk can t get off her fat a** to do anything. The new General manager says put sheets that have cigarette burns on them on the third floor where they smoke and he won’t be there much because he will have another job where he will be making his money. The only person that knows what they are doing and does there job well is Christie Bolden she is very sweet. This place is disguisting


Robin Houston April 11, 2018 at 1:37 am

I don’t understand how you are still in business especially after reading the complaints. Well, I am going to add one more. I made the mistake of renting a room for a month at your Colorado Springs, Airport Crk Pt location and what a big mistake it was. So, of course I had to pay all the money up front and I was told its would not be refunded under any cirXXXXstances. Sure, this is how you con people. You offer a great rate to lure people and if they run into an issue well it is tough luck because your staff is trained to ignore it. Ok so I was smart enough to take a room on the top floor because you have floors, no carpeting. At first I thought ok it is probably cleaner. What a joke. The hallway is tiled but the whole month I was there it was not washed once. It was filthy, every day I walked the hall more and more stains were added, it was disgusting. Of course, the odor increased as well. There were many animals on the floor and these stains were primarily right by the doors where animals stayed so it appeared it was probably urine. The health department should shut you down. The stairwells were filthy, pools of dried urine not cleaned up the entire time I was there yet the staff had time to stand around and chat. I complained and the staff turned a blind eye. The manager lied to my face and said they clean the hallway floors every morning. No they do not because the same stains in the same area s were there the whole time I was there, I had to dodge those areas everyday and they were old crusted on stains. Whoever decided to allow smoking in this building was obviously thinking only of money and not anyone’s health. And the moron designating the 3rd floor for smokers and I was on the 4th floor so it filtered upstairs and triggered my asthma. So I went to the manager with the complaint and of course she would change my room for a fee. You guys have it all figured out. So I am punished for your stupidity. So I stayed in the room and found my own way to deal with the smoke. The elevator stunk all the time of smoke and weed. Horrible, horrible hotel. They cater to smokers and filthy people. Anyone reading this,, beware, because they do not care!!!!! They cut corners on health and cleanliness. Word of mouth can build a business and it can kill it. I want my money back and I will make it my mission to tell everyone I come in contact with to avoid this hotel. Go to La Quinta, you pay more but you are treated with respect, you are a valued customer, and you do not have to deal with smoke, weed or filth.


Kim Riley April 7, 2018 at 3:24 pm

I been paying 43.00 a night because I been laid off been here at Gastonia NC since April 2017 now they had new manager come in and change my relate this place is hell the maids live on property The worker Kelly and her live in boyfriend do meth


Chad Sizemore April 5, 2018 at 7:27 pm

I have been a guest at the Plainfield, IN Woodspring Suites and have enjoyed my stay all except when dealing with an old housekeeper that acts like she is a COO. Her name is Gretchen and she is the rudest employee I’ve dealt with in regards to working with customers. I have been here for over 6 months but will be leaving this hotel now because of her bi**hy attitude and things she says under her breath. This XXXXXX needs fired as I known of many complaints about her laziness and they do nothing about it except lose continue business because of it.


Latasa Lenoir March 18, 2018 at 12:48 pm

My visit at the Woodspring Hotel was TERRIBLE!!!! We stayed in Hammond LA, and not only was the customer service was BAD, The room had chips on the floor, the bed was half made up! So they gave us another room, it only had ONE big towel and ONE face towel! We asked about more towels, housekeeping claimed they were going to bring more to our room but you can guess they NEVER CAME! Got up the next morning to see if I could get a towel to take a shower and NO ONE WAS THERE TO TALK TO AND THE NUMBERS THEY HAVE POSTER ON THE WALL WERE A WASTE OF TIME CAUSE NO ONE ANSWERED! I have been in and out of hotels, traveling but by far, THISONE WAS THE WORST! Oh not to mention, it was other guest complaining about their rooms! I feel like the only thing that matter was, this hotel got our money and didn’t care none afterwards and trust, it was my first and definitely MY LAST STAYING AT ANY WOODSPRING HOTEL, ANYWHERE!


Thomas Lusardi March 17, 2018 at 12:39 pm

Hi there I hope you do something about this because its disgusting My wife and I were suppose to stay at the wood springs hotel south in fort myers florida from march 2nd to March 10th. But after one night we ready to leave. I will explain, when we checked in on March 2nd we had to lug our luggage up three flights of stairs because the elevator was not working. Then when we got into the room we found roaches crawling around. So we killed them, when we got into bed we saw another one crawling up by out heads. So we went down and complained to the front desk. When we showed them a half dead roach we squashed in a napkin and the person jumped back at the site if it. The kitchen area had no plates, cups, glasses nothing it was useless to use. We were offered to look at two other rooms and we found roaches in them also, and they were dirty. The parking lot of full of shady people so we did not feel safe walking around out side. So we went back down stairs to the desk and told them we would be looking for another hotel this place was disgusting.The shower curtain was also covered with mold. As the CEO of this chain you should be fired for allowing thius type of condition to exist in the hotel chain. As I scroll thru the complaints it appears you just don’t give a s**t about the condition. I may contact the Florida department of health to file a complaint against this hotel chain.


carla collier January 1, 2018 at 5:44 pm

we rented a room at woodspring suite hotel address is 2657 Carolina beach nc 28412, are time was dec 2 til dec30-2017, because of all the noise fighting slamming furnature up against walls we left on dec20 2017,the manager never got back in touch with us on a 10 day refund . went back dec28 2017 to be told by the manager that refunds were not in his job description he would get back with us, it is now jan 1 2018 . do not want to hear anymore silly reason I want my refund or we will get up with news media. I to work in management and never tell an unhappy customer that that is not my job description .we will never use your hotels again and will not recommend anyone to you. my number is 919-478-XXXXX


Sharon Barish December 10, 2017 at 4:50 pm

I just paid for my 4th week here in Virginia Beach, VA. WORSE place on the planet to stay. Kids constantly running the halls with LOUD voices, trying to get change from the vending machines. No adult supervision to keep them in check. Smaller kids running around thqat belong to staff and they are being cussed at by the parents. I have people rooming over me that sound like a herd of elephants walking around or they are bowling. I can even hear them talking when I am in the bathroom through the vent in the ceiling. I cal also hear people talking all hours of the night outside on the sidewalk as they smoke or coming/going. CHEAPLY BUILT!!! No room darkening shades like normal hotels. I have towels hanging on my window so I have a dark room aside from the lights on the parking lot that shine like a search light. Yet, someone hitting my car in the parking lot couldn’t be seen… The first day I was here after moving for 2 days, I went to shower and there was NO hot water at all. The staff asked me if I flipped the fuse box off and on. WHY should I have to do that??? Ridiculous. If you are looking for a place to stay where you need peace, quiet and sleep. F O R G E T staying at this crap a** place. I am about to call Channel 3 news (WTKR in Norfolk, Virginia) and let the world know how awful your stay will be and how CHEAP the places were built…. You can’t even transport your belongings om a wheeled cart because the wheels need air and one tire has popped. Wheels have been on order for TWO WEEKS now!!!! What takes that long to order and arrive???? CHEAP and TRASHY place… I don’t even know how it is rated TWO stars…. I rate Woodspring Suites as a BIG FAT ZERO……..


Krystal Swygert November 11, 2017 at 1:03 pm

I was a guest at Wood springs suites in mission Kansas. It was dirty from the time I walked in, it smelled like weed and dogs, the hotel clerk was horrible to me and also a mentally disabled guy that was coming to the front desk for help. I found bed bugs all in my bed and when I brought it to the attention of the hotel workers and Managers they told me I may have brought them there! How rude I have not even slept in the room yet plus everything I bring in was new. They moved. E rooms filled with even more bugs one was in my new born nephews ear. I saw a man outside sweeping up dog poop then walked into the hotel and started sweeping the carpet I would NOT recommend anyone to stay here. I tried to get in touch with corporate and still didn’t get any help. If I dnt hear back I will be suing Wood springs suites


Katherine November 4, 2017 at 5:36 pm

I would strongly recommend for anyone to stay away from this horror of a hotel chain. I have read many reviews from all over the US, and they are consistently taking advantage of customers and operating in a highly unethical manner. I paid for a month at this hotel in advance, and it was nothing but consistent problems from the start. They didn’t have the room ready and took forever to get it clean (over 4 hours). Upon move in, the nightmare started. It was barking dogs at the crack of dawn constantly. The walls are paper thin, and you can hear everything the person on the side of you is saying. There was constant banging from the room underneath me against the walls at 6:30 in the morning and continued daily even after complaining multiple times. The tenants have no respect for other guests. You can smell pot down the hallways since Colorado passed a law allowing pot smoking in the state. Trash is thrown all over the parking lot and it’s disgusting. The dumpster is constantly overflowing with nasty trash thrown all around the bin overflowing into the parking lot. There were empty flatbed trailers parked in the empty spaces that don’t move for weeks on end taking up empty parking spaces. The parking lot is too small for all the people that stay there. It took them 2 weeks to pave a small portion of the parking lot and inconvenienced customers wanting them to constantly move their cars from here to there and not having enough space for people to park while doing the work when you come in late at night. The manager is a very rude and unreasonable person to deal with in Colorado Springs, CO. Guests are supposed to receive housekeeping every 2 weeks, and when that time came, they never showed up and ignored my room leaving me to live in my filth. After dealing with this for weeks, I asked for a refund of the rest of my stay wanting to move out. He refused to give me my money back and expected me to continue to tolerate this horrific hellhole. I had no desire to stay in this nightmare any longer and lost $371.00 worth of accommodations paid in advance by this shyster company. I called their corporate office and left message for the regional manager to discuss this. They never return your phone call, and it is a bogus lie told by their corporate staff in Wichita, Kansas to lead you on while taking people’s money. This company should be shut down by the state of KS as to what they’re doing to people with unethical and dishonest business dealings. Do yourself a favor, take my word for it and do not give your money to this hotel chain. You will be very sorry.


Jay F November 3, 2017 at 4:17 pm

Stayed multiple nights, was moved to three different rooms.

Let’s start with the good
– Restaurants and gas station in same parking lot
– Close to Mississippi River
– 40 channels on Television
… that’s about it

Now the bad
– Room doors do Not latch – I had items taken from my room when gone for the day (personal watch and camera bag). I came back to find that my door would not latch whatsoever. Was told they would check the cameras. Waited 2 days for them to tell me, “The cameras have been frozen for a while now. We have no clue.”
– /\ Non Working Security Cameras!
– Blood, Semen and Pubic Hair in all three rooms – vomit on bedding in one
– Paper Thin Walls and Ceiling – Constant Noise. Heard everything from blood curdling screams to raunchy vulgarity to a personal concert until 3am on the 4th floor. You will also encounter moving of furniture, endless running water in the walls as well as doors closing. Had to sleep in my car multiple nights, and finally bought noise cancelling headphones due to the hotel’s atmosphere
– No House Keeping – even though on signed contract it states “bi-weekly”. I was then told “Biweekly means twice a month”
– No Hot Water – literally colder than room temperature
– No Pool or Jacuzzi
– Bed Bugs – my third room has given me 25 bites; perhaps fleas due to allowing pets. Had to go buy a sleeping bag and started sleeping on the upright chair
– Allows pets to roam the hallways and property without a leash. Pet hair everywhere
– Short Tempered Staff – Security guard tells me “Yeh, on Fridays and Saturdays it gets really loud here” :: After being shown to my “Third Times The Charm” room, I ask the manager, “would you like it if your parents or loved ones stayed here?” She shook her head no
– No one at front desk – called 6 times in 5 days. After 8oclock, the calls go to a corporate headquarters answered by undertrained staff that is off site and can’t help whatsoever. Before 8oclock, the line doesn’t ring and guess what, Voice Mail is Full
– Minimal towels in room – for an extra fee, you can have more :: or, “you can pay to wash them in the on site laundry”
– Witnessed constant drinking in public in the parking lot. Drug usage is also blatantly prevalent. Tenants smoke near entry doors
– Very Hard Mattresses and Very Stiff/Starched bedding
– Elevator was down one of the days during my stay
– Stairwells smell like burning rubber/tar
– ~75′ from a freeway interchange. Travelers will feel the motion of the nearby road in your bedsprings
– So much property damage – walls, doors, countertops, hallway carpet
– 10mb WiFi – tested in multiple parts of the building
– $2 12oz waters from vending machine
– Low amperage outlets – left my phone charging overnight, only got to 92%
– Lights would turn on and off by themselves throughout the night. Motion sensors on all switches
– No breakfast whatsoever

This hotel is brand new, yet feels like no one cares about it whatsoever – staff, corporate or the guests
Proof is Posted


JJ October 28, 2017 at 12:53 am

Me and my wife is staying in a woodspring suits and a lady in a room is harassing my wife


Greg Haputa October 19, 2017 at 8:39 pm

I travel on the road for construction projects and this is by far the worst service received from a hotel chain. Scheduled to clean the room every 2 weeks did not happen. Even when I called ahead to confirm cleaning. I’ve been here over 2 months and they have yet to clean the tub, provide laundry, and vacuum room not to mention dust. Always excuses for not being able to clean room. I will not be staying in this chain again. Poor Poor Poor. No customer service for long tern tenants. The management just does not give a sh** about you. The door to entry has been broken for 2-1/2 months and was told they are going to get a service man to repair it, but it never happened.


Robert Carroll October 12, 2017 at 8:05 am

New Location in Melbourne is an absolute Disaster! No T.V., Internet in and out, phone did not work, very low shower pressure and no hot water, full of section 8 sXXXXbags and Pit-Bulls. Charged my Credit Card for 4 nights and only stayed 1 and G.M. still has not credited back my card. No way to contact Owners or Corporate Customer Service. WORST HOTEL CHAIN THERE IS !!!


Dj October 7, 2017 at 8:13 am

This place is very racist.. they are very noisy wants id for every guest . Makes up own rates gives ppl discounts that they like. Mariola the gm is rude n snobby . Do not stay at this place


Former Longterm Guest September 18, 2017 at 5:21 pm

I am concealing my identity because my husband may have to stay at the Beaumont, TX location for work in the future and I don’t want any backlash. We stayed there the entire summer and it was one of the worst experiences. It was fine when the GM, Pricilla, was on maternity leave. A very kind woman named Terry filled in. The issues didn’t begin until Pricilla came back. She is a rude, nasty, vile woman. She has a disgusting attitude with her staff and guests. On more than one occasion I witnessed her being belligerent toward guest (my family and myself included) as well as her staff. She does not know how to speak to people. She should be flipping burgers somewhere and away from the public. Ashley and Angela were professional and always helpful at the front desk. Edna is just as rude as Pricilla and is incapable of performing even the simplest tasks without calling somebody to clarify what to do. After she is rude to you she walks into the back because she can’t face you. By the time I left I would only deal with Ashley and Angela. I refused to do business with anybody else.


Denise R Palumbo September 11, 2017 at 11:18 am



Denise R Palumbo September 10, 2017 at 3:25 pm



T Brown September 8, 2017 at 12:09 pm

We have been told by Management at a Tallahassee FL location that if the call is made from Corporate individuals taking refuge from Irma will have to evacuate the hotel and seek shelter elsewhere. If people are already coming here to take refuge from their homes down south where do you propose they go?!?!? I understand Woodspring Hotel is only looking at the financial liability on their part but this looks terrible PR wise and has been reported to the local news agency! Similar hotels in the area are not adopting this policy but are full.


deborah September 5, 2017 at 3:45 pm

Worst place to ever stay, Montgomery, Al………Newly upgraded on two floors only. Floors, everywhere are filthy, elevator filthy, carpets look like someone threw up on them, beds are hard as rocks….electrical outlets throw out sparks when trying to plug anything in….Black stuff coming through our air conditioner from laundry room air ventilation….Front Desk a full mess and ignores everyone…Don’t let me get started on the internet…free basic was crappy so upgraded to the 20 dollars a month for better internet to find out it really was not different…had to log on up to 7 times a day….still crappy, now got new owners, It’s worse than before…now they only allow one device on free internet and want to charge over 50 dollars a month for internet that never got fixed…Never stayed in a hotel where you can’t use internet free….Better bring your own because new owners will screw you over and take your money….All about corporate and not customers…been here as a disabled veteran for 2 years…this place is getting worse as the days go by….not one person from corporate has asked us if we are enjoying our stay…We are on a limited income and now they want to raise prices for a place that is already running downhill quick…nice new paint and signs, but cleanliness and staff and corporate offices, don’t bother…Go somewhere where they care about people….Got an X-box and computer, forget it…can’t hook up both…and don’t think about using your phones on WIFI….they charge you just as much as you pay for mobile hotspots…what a joke.


Daniel August 24, 2017 at 1:44 pm

We have been staying in the Conroe location. 2551 I45 N. Conroe Tx 77304.
We have been staying here for several months. Our rates we were told were grandfathered in at a lower rate. I pay for two weeks every two weeks. Now my bill is $60 more.
We have put up with alot from this place. Cleanliness is questionalble at best. There is always a terrible linguring oder. And the front desk tried running my card for some crazy amount. Said i missed a day or two.

Customer appreciation is BS at the Conroe location. I hope you treat your guests better at other locations.

Like i said before, i pay two weeks on payday and have done so for maybe a year. No more, this two weeks runs out im taking my money elsewhere.


KS August 23, 2017 at 10:40 am

I have been staying in the woodspring suites hotel in Maryland at the Andrews Air Force location for about a month. They allowed housekeeping to get away with stealing from my personal belongings and didn’t do anything about it as far as following up with me on the police report that was filed and as well as what we could do to correct the issue. All the manager said was they haven’t had a incident like this in years and it’s very unlikely that it was stolen. How was a ring that was in a piece of clothing, in a zipped pocket, laying across a chair under 2 garments of clothing get moved and the ring end up missing? I wear my engagement ring everyday so how the hell would I not know what happened to it if they weren’t in my room? Been here almost a month and that’s the first time they come clean my room since I been here and the first time something ends up missing. I will be forced to file charges with the district court since the manager at the hotel didn’t want to correct her staffing error (stealing) issue. I will get a answer one way. Either through court or cooperation from the staff. Never have I ever had to deal with such unprofessional staff that shows no empathy towards another. Woodspring Suites you need to hire better staff or have a better policy instilled because I know that I’m not the only one who has had this problem with them. I’m just the only one who chose to speak out. I will continue to do so until this matter is solved.


Dianne Simpson August 23, 2017 at 1:52 am

I checked into the Clarcona Ocoee location in Orlando, Fl. My shoes and jewerly we’re stolen by one of the clerk’s. The night off check in the clerk’s did not wait for me to finish checking in. Instead she took my things up to the room w/ o my permission or waiting for me to ride up with her with my personal belongings.
By the time I made it to the second floor she was at the elevator having a conversation with a strange man around my things. Later that night while getting my clothes ready for wk. I picked out my outfit then reached for the bag with my jewelry it in and could not find it. I didn’t say anything at first due to wanting to check me storage before accusing anyone.
Upon check out the same clerk locked my things inside the electric room and would not allow me to be inside with my things. Once my ride showed up the second shift clerk helped me get my things out of the electrical room without anything falling off the rack nor did I leave anything inside of the room.
After my ride picked me up from the hotel and as usual getting my attire ready before going to bed. I purchased two pairs of new 9 west shoes while there in the hotel I decided to wear the brown pair but I could not find them. At that moment after checking my sister’s car for my lost bag of shoes I knew the clerk stole them. I called the hotel immediately, spoke with clerk who assisted me checking in. I was pretty heated and felt disrespected which lead to raising my voice. She hung up on me. During the beginning of the conversation I explained my shoes were missing. I never specified new or old shoes, her reply was a bag of new shoes. At that moment I knew my suspicion was correct. She stole my shoes or she knew who did.


Nicole Cymmone Green August 9, 2017 at 10:44 am

nicolecgreen at yahoo.com I stayed at the Fairfield, Ohio location from 7/31/17-8/9/17. My privacy was violated because I wouldn’t open the door to respond to a question about parking. The police was called and I was told to leave. My room and vehicle was located in the front of the hotel. The issue regarding parking on 8/9/17 was only an issue with customers parked in the rear parking lot. The staff at this location is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! (Meesha)


Mary Freyer August 4, 2017 at 3:05 pm

Hotel; woodspring suites
Location; 220 Whitt Drive
Myrtal beach SC.
My reservation was (Friday) 7/28/2017 to (Sunday) 7/30/2017,trip was to attend my daughters wedding, chapel was very close to hotel, Ocean front a mile away, perfect location! If your given access to the very item you paid for!! The coastal area was hit with a storm late friday, Driving conditions were ruff. So Due to storm, I was delayed, got to hotel 4 am 7/29/17. Called 500 number, constant busy, then dialed 501, no answer, called 844WSHOTEL. Several times, they tried to contact the shift manager! Walked around building found emp. Sleeping in weight room, she opens doors for anyone! The 844 oper. Says someone be at desk 8am, funny sign I took pic of says 10am! Daughters weding at 10, and I’m stuck. In parking lot, knowing I paid for a room! 8 am FINALLY, get door keys!! They don’t work….are you kidding me!! Policy says check in after 3 pm. Need help call 500-501!! Or call 844WSHOTEL, I did all these things, for several hours, just wanting access to the room that was paid! Apparently using the after hours phone number system, has its flaws. Especially at this location! Why offer me, your customer, several numbers to assist me? Exactly who was to answer #500-#501?? Was this EE curled up sleeping on a chair, like the lady we seen and knocked on window to wake her to ask for any assistance, only reply from her was “I don’t know anything” ! Customer service seriously needs upgraded, or at the very least reviewed! I drove over 436 miles, from central VA, to myrtle beach SC. Threw the storm that shut down nags head NC, to attend my daughters wedding Saturday morning, only to find I’m stuck in a hotel parking lot/lobby over 3 hours, calling so many times the “help” numbers posted! I do know I will not book with this hotel chain again, or any hotel that Epkon LLC is owner/operator, I deal in customer service, and know it’s not always easy to meet everyone’s needs or demands, but I didn’t ask for nothing more than what I paid for, and was denied access, the moment the employee who left phone #500 to give constant busy signal, and phone # 501 just ring,and ring, and the rep. Contacts at 844 WSHOTEL, line, unable to assist me, just reached into my bank account and robbed me of the price I paid for one day on that room, I’d like that day refunded to me,i even gave your am manager a idea to make me warm n fuzzy, and as much as she may have said it was a good idea and she pass it on, im sure it was forgotten as quickly as she walked away! Another missed chance to apply the hotels mission statement.. well thank you and the staff for such a great experience, I’ll be sure to inform friends n family to avoid this hotel, especially if going to the myrtle beach area!
Mary Freyer
lilo_me2 at msn.comI’m


Amy August 1, 2017 at 10:33 am

I am not pleased with the lexington,ky woodsprings suite property at all! It’s very dirty. Can not get service and when you do the customer service is terrible! The manager is the rudest person I have ever met. Needs a lot of improvement. Especially the staff.


Santos Arias July 29, 2017 at 2:04 pm

I am in the process working with the corporate office and waiting for a response from them. I was not pleased with many issues regarding the Gainesville, Virginia location. The staff was excellent at this location but other issues that need to be addressed and taken care of immediately.
I would not recommend this location to anyone.


Julie Janning July 29, 2017 at 10:43 am

In January I contacted the Avon Lake Wood Springs for a place for my son to stay during his unpaid internship with the Lake Erie Crushers. I was given a daily rate and total amount that would be charged for the stay. After the first month I began to get random charges on my credit card, every 2 weeks to 10 days, they did not add up to the amount I was guaranteed. I called and emailed several times but no one would respond. It took placing a hold on their ability to charge my card to get a response. They finally sent me the breakdown, and one month into his 4 month stay increased my daily rate $4/per day. No notification, no approval. When I brought this to their attention they told me they have the authority to increase their rate at any time without notice. I called corporate guest relations and they were very rude especially Matt who refused to give his last initial or the phone number to legal, and told me I was not going to talk to anyone else above him, refused to transfer me or give me a number to resolve the situation. This is a college kid on an unpaid internship that they did this to, We had a stated agreed upon rate and no disclosures stating they could change their rate at any time. There is definitely a legal violation here!


Judi West July 26, 2017 at 9:53 pm

I thought I was going to be staying at a quality hotel for my short term 3 month travel nurse contract! I am staying at the closest hotel to a homeless shelter!!! Front desk staff is non existent, house keeping is a joke. I have been here 2 weeks with no house keeping. I am trying to find an apartment for my last 3 months!!! Stay away everyone!!!


Chintan sojitra July 23, 2017 at 10:30 pm

This is third time i am writing for the same concern with hope of my voice will be heard.
I have been charged 250$ by woodspring hotel – Darien chicago for smoking inside the room though i haven’t smoke in the room even i am a non smoker guy.

The charged has been deducted after my checkout and without informing to me.

Despite of continuous following up front desk officer many times i could not get any response from the hotel manager.

I am ready to give medical test to prove my self innocent but they refuse to take it and they even refuse to refund my money.

I felt like i have been cheated and also i have to suffer a lot to get my money back and still the issue is open.

i request wood spring concern authority to resolve the issue.



Robbin L Crouch July 12, 2017 at 6:10 pm

To whom it may concern: My name is Robbin I worked at Woodspring Suites in Lenexa,Ks for 3 months as safety attendant I was Treated very badly by the manager my check was edited on the computer before it was sent to payroll I have a copy of my pay before and the one after for three checks plus there is 32 hours when I first tarted they told they would work them in somewhere but never did. Some of the guest and all the other employees knew I was getting fired 5 days before I knew. She told them one reason and me a different one. She is rude and very hateful to customers.i have never once been written up. I was told by extended stay guest that had never looked so cleaned. Thank You. Robbin Crouch


Judi West July 26, 2017 at 9:55 pm

Safety attendant?!?! What exactly does that mean?!?! What a joke!


Laura diloreto July 6, 2017 at 3:35 pm

I stayed at WoodSpring’s in North Carolina for 3 days and it was the pits. They advertise themselves as a suite and the have no dishes, pots, silverware, coffee pot, toaster, plates etc if u need them they will let you purchase them. I brought my dog who got sick and needed surgery and was not even on the room and they refused to give me any money back. I called the corporate office and they girl told me that nothing is refunded not even for the petf fee. She was no help and didn’t care worse lols e ever I hoe that no one ever stays here. I am planning to file a complaint with the better business burea. Please stay aware from these suites.


Varleh July 6, 2017 at 1:59 pm

As I sit here being annoyed by the noise and reading complaints about the noise, I am amazed at the ones who complain that others are complaining about their noise. If you have small children that you cannot control, how is that the fault of other guests? If you can teach your child not to play with fire, not to stick objects in a socket and not to run out in the street, you can teach them NOT to run, jump or scream indoors. It is annoying and for what I pay, I shouldn’t have to listen to it.


Kamiah June 3, 2017 at 5:11 pm

We travel consistently for business, staying at all different types of hotels from the Westin, Courtyard Marriott, Holiday Inns, etc…. Some hotels are more lavish and some are run of the mill, but never ever have I been greeted or treated with such disrespect.

As soon as I walk in and say “hello how are you?, I am checking in, can I grab a cart for my suit cases so my Uber driver can leave.” The response back I received was”it is not check in time” The cart was behind the locked door and this lady Barbara Criggs refused to let me use it. I had five bags plus a pocket book, stitches on my toe. After asking time and time again for the cart, I was almost in tears.

At this point I called my significant other who was here on business and had already called the hotel this morning to make sure I would be all set to check in, because it was booked 3rd party through hotels.com(not our first rodeo). We had to switch the reservation in my name through them instead of just calling(& that is fine he had already taken care of that this morning) Barbara was rude to him on the phone then as well.

So when she asked who the reservation was under I said his name, but that he had called and taken care of it and add mine on too, so there would be no problem for me to check in. She then insisted that she told me there is nothing I can do we can’t let you check in without him or add a different name. She then says she remembers speaking to him this morning and told him my name had to be fixed through hotels.com(which it already was!)

By this time I had asked many more times for her to just let me use the luggage cart and we can figure it out in a moment, she just wanted to argue. My Uber driver was sick of waiting for me to try and get a luggage cart, he came and let me know he would placed all my bags nicely out front up against the build. I am now on the phone with my boyfriend(who is in a business meeting). I am limping trying not to rip my two day old stitches carrying one bag in at a time, and hoping no one will steal them as I am bring them inside to where the front desk is from outside, since she still would not let me use the luggage cart and the Uber driver already left. I was alone, no one was outside to watch my things.

Once my boyfriend was on the phone and asked to speak to her to Understand what was wrong with her not letting me check in and refusing to let me use the cart. She then refused to talk to him, so I placed him on speaker phone and told him she would not even give me a cart and kept insisting check in was at three PM! Basically refusing me any sort of service. She kept arguing with me making me feel extremely unwelcome and not trying to solve the matter. She just told me she won’t talk to him and the manger is coming, but insisted on arguing with me. She even when I asked her to please just stop talking to me, that I need to bring my bags inside and so they don’t get taken. She could stand there and argue, but not simply talk to him to fix the problem at hand.

My boyfriend had called and spoke to this extremely rude women already & the manger this morning so I would be able to check in at 12:30 a little early since I had just checked out of our airBNB they were already aware of the situation(since we have already been in Mobile for over a week and business trip had to be extended). She then hears him say he wants to talk to the manager and find out why I am being treated so badly and not greeted or let to use the guest luggage cart. She then says the manager will be her momentarily and goes around back and then finally after getting him involved she then shoves the luggage cart in the front entrance before the manager arrives, even though my bags were already inside the front door by this time.

She then had over heard him say my name is on the 3rd party reservation(as my phone is still on speaker)(which he took care of right after speaking to them at seven AM). Then Barbara goes on to call me a liar and say I never said the reservation was in my name, she had never even asked me for my name, all she had done was say check in isn’t until 3pm and if he isn’t with you we can’t check you in because we can’t add your name with out him in person.(I had stated I was add on or it was taken care of). At this point I asked her to stop arguing with me & saying I am a liar and just to get the manger for me asap. I understand you can’t add a name with out the person there, but she wouldn’t even listen to me to understand my story or look up my name. I even stated I can always make a new reservation in my name I just need to get my bags inside and check in.

She made nothing about this process smooth. She should not be working in the hospitality industry with that attitude and lack of communication skills. I have never ever been greeted or treated so badly. I am a guest, all I wanted was the luggage cart and to be talked to with respect like an intelligent human being, this women Barbara Criggs could not handle that.

Trust me and I am not one to leave reviews usually unless they are going to be positive, but I felt so disrespected that I needed to share.

Then a guest who saw me upset, told me she has been staying here for a week and has stayed here before in the past & said it is not just me this women is ruining the reputation and guest relationships for this whole hotel WoodSpring Suites Mobile 1350 W I-65 service Road South.

It would have been an easy fix in the beginning if she could have just let me use the cart say good bye to my Uber ride, let me come in and figure out he already fixed the reservation in my name. Even if he hadn’t all I would of had to do was cancel his reservation on my phone and make a new on under my name.

It is beyond me how you can put someone with no communication skills to be the face of your business. I mean this is the first person you see when you walk in. I was not even greeted friendly, I was the one that asked how she was with no response except that check in time wasn’t until 3PM. She basically just wanted to know why I was standing in front of her making her have to work or look anything up on the computer. A little smile or effort on her part and there would have been no issue.

Once she was shoved the cart in the hall I never saw her again, the nice manager Audrey Palmer finally came to my rescue. Audrey had wonderful people skills and knew how to communicate as a grown adult. She also apologized to me for the fact this isn’t the first time Barbara Criggs has gotten away with treating paying customers with total lack of respect.

We travel ALOT for business, and I will have to say anytime I am in Mobile from now on, I will be avoiding this hotel! I never want to feel that unwelcome/ uncomfortable again, especially when I am paying to stay there. I did not deserve to be greeted so hostile. If I owned a business and wanted to keep my guest/ customer who pay from their hard earned working money to stay here I definitely wouldn’t want to have someone like this on my staff/ team bringing the rest of the company name down. She should not have a job dealing with people.


Michele Autry June 1, 2017 at 11:43 am

Well where do I start….

The day I moved in on April 23, 2017, the room was not cleaned or have any towels. Matt who checked me in noticed it & at least brought me towels. The next day I was using the restroom and noticed that there was an empty shampoo bottle still in the shower. I also noticed a spot on the floor of the bathroom and went to clean it up. Well the rag was black, so I proceeded to mop the floor myself and WOW, disgusting.

I am moving into a new apartment in Firestone, CO and had brought some cleaning supplies with me including a vacuum. I complained about this to Dan the manager here at Firestone location and I told him that I would prefer to clean my own room at this point. The reason for that decision was when Matt said that the cleaning crew only comes in every two weeks to clean for people who are staying longer. My stay is at this location has been from April 23 through June 10, 2017.

When I asked for clean bedding and towels they were all yellow stained, so I washed them in some bleach and voila no stains. The other night at 3:00 am I needed to take my dogs out and when I went to get into the building my key would not work. I went to the lobby and used the phone to call #500 and for an entire hour could not reach anyone. So I had to pound on the door and had to disturb another guest to open the door (which he was NOT happy about to say the least), so I could get in. Fortunately for me I had not closed my room door entirely so I could get into my room otherwise I would have been sleeping in the hallway until someone from the staff here could help me with another key.

In the morning I went down to the front desk, there was no one there as usual so I called the #500 and finally one of the girls who works here helped me with a new key.

The back stairways are always filthy, the hallways are NOT vacuumed regularly and the staff here other than Dan, could give a XXXXX about anything around here, especially the guests. This location needs some serious looking into because it is just ridiculous the way things are taken care of. I will never recommend this place to anyone EVER.

I certainly hope that you take everything I said into consideration to make improvements as this has been the worst month and half of my life.

This is an edited version of the previous complaint sent.

Michele Autry


Judi West July 26, 2017 at 9:59 pm

Identical experience in Grand Rapids, Mi!!! Worst extended stay ever!!! Stay away people!


Michele Autry June 1, 2017 at 11:20 am

Well where do I start. The day I moved in on April 23, 2017, the room was not cleaned or have any towels. Matt who checked me in noticed it & at least brought me towels. The next day I was using the restroom and noticed that there was an empty shampoo bottle still in the shower, i also noticed a spot on the floor of the bathroom and went to clean it up. Well the rag was black so I proceeded to mop the floor myself and WOW, disqusting. I am moving into a new apartment in Firestone, CO and had brought some cleaning supplies with me including a vacuumn. I complained about this to Dan the manager here at Firestone location and I told him that I would prefer to clean my own room at this point. The reason for that decision was when Matt said that the cleaning crew only comes in every two weeks to clean for people who are staying longer. My stay is April 23 – June 10, 2017. When I asked for clean bedding and towels they were all yellow stained so I washed them in some bleach and voila no stains. The other night at 3:00 am i needed to take my dogs out and when I went to get into the building my key would not work. I went to the lobby and used the phone to call #500 and for an entire hour could not reach anyone. So I had to pound on the door and had to disturb another guest to open the door so I could get in. Fortunately for me I had not closed my room door entirely so I could get into my room other wise I would have been sleeping in the hallway until someone from the staff here could help me with another key. In the morning i went down to the front desk, there was no one there as usual so I called the 500#. Finally one of the girls who works here helped me with a new key. The back stairways are always filthy, the hallways are not vacuumed regularly and the staff here other than Dan, don’t give a XXXXX about anything around here, especially the guests. This location needs some serious looking into because it is just rediculous the way things are taken care of. I will never recommend this place to anyone EVER.


Kahali howard May 28, 2017 at 4:45 pm

Ohhhhh my I am sorry that every one is having a hard time at the hotel that you are at. I am kahali Howard . I am living at the wood spring suite west in Fayetteville NC . My on site manager is Cassandra Smith. I love her lil heart she is the best . I would like it if someone could acknowledge her . She is one of the best best and very, very understanding . I love her whole little life . Great job wood spring suite west .


Jeannie Manier May 28, 2017 at 1:52 pm

I made a call to the 500 # a few days ago about the woman below me complaining about noise . It was ten o clock at night the TV was on and my seven year old daughter and I were making popcorn. The woman screamed she was calling the police on me so I called the office. They assured me that I would not be kicked out yet today , Sunday, I am. I we not here last night and thirty minutes after returning to my room I was told about noise complaints and given two hours to leave with no refund for the week paid. My seven year old daughter and I now have nowhere to go as our new home is not ready. I feel this is so unprofessional and horrible treatment .I am devastated.


Brian caproni May 27, 2017 at 8:41 pm

To whom this may concern,
I recentley booked a stay at a location in sharonville Ohio 4020 hauck rd. We booked yesterday afternoon 26, May 2017, upon our arrival I noticed the cleaniness was not a very well kept priority as we got to the room #332 the room was hot and the floors were dirty I decided not to be a bother and the gentleman at the front assured me the room would cool off. We left for dinner and returned to find it was still hot we had left for almost two hours by that time it was getting late through out the night there was alot of traffic and one car that sat in from of the doors the room never cooked off when we woke up there were bugs in the bed and we had been bitten several times I asked my fiance to speak with someone to help the situation the linens clearly had not been changed there was trash stuffed under the edge of the bed the manager agreed to a refund with our understanding that oh funds would be back in the bank immediately how ever that did not transpire my refund is still not in and unfortunately it has my card locked up where i can’t afford to go any where else until this is resolved I missed several hours of work today. I had to rehash all my clothing because I was not sure if bugs were in my personal belongings the lady behind the counter this morning was shown the condition I the room along with some of the bites we encountered. I ask who and what Is going to be done to fix this. The manager of the hotel will not be returning until Tuesday and that’s a little to long to wait this is larger than just an unsatifactory stay.


Cynthia Wolf May 11, 2017 at 3:51 pm

I stay at the libery, mo woodspring suites and I have been here for almost 6 months. When I first arrived here it was a great hotel but since it has went downhill I blame that on the management change. My rate has change without notice and from what I understand it should not of changed. They are trying to charge me $20 more a night then what I have been paying for almost 6 months. Needless to say I think they are discriminating against me because the new manger has been rude and had it out for me since he started. Give always paid my room on time and since I refuse to pay the 20 dollars more he has refused any payment at all so im taking my business elsewhere. I have all my receipts as proof of what I have paid. I will be speaking with my lawyer avoyt this if this problem isn’t fixed. Thank u so much, Cynthia Wolf


Timothy Miller April 30, 2017 at 11:59 pm

Pd bill on 4/29/17 receict say’s next payment due 5/5/17 on 4/30/17 told i owe more money ,not first time your management sucks ,


John Damien Schoenhofer April 29, 2017 at 1:56 pm

I am currently staying at woodsprings hotel in wichita airport in kansas and while i was at work another guest forced himself in my room with my pregrant wife and i callec pice and told front desk and now she is scared to death and they didnt make him leave because they said its his word against oirs that is wrong as you can get


Malaea palu April 29, 2017 at 11:04 am

I would like to make a few complaint about wood spring suites in american fork why? Because a co-worker name Wes Larsen abuses the job there,he is very disrespectful he told me ALOT about other residence who lives there problem which is HIPAA violation,He smokes on the 3rd floor with his buddies who lives there and no it’s not ciggerettes its marijuana,he leaves the building in the middle of the night when he’s on the clock smoking marijuana,he has his buddy sleep in rooms that is already checked out and have them leave when Michelle or Kevin gets there early in the morning. I reserved a room couple days ago and me and Wes Larsen saw it on the computer and I took a screenshot of it and when I came to pay for my room it was no longer there i showed the screenshot to Michelle and Wes yelled at me because I was lying so I had to drive all the way to west valley and they saw it on there computer and the lady who works at the west valley one told me they can cancel the reservation . I told Michelle and Kevin and they still haven’t done anything about it. Wes Larsen brags about living there for free while I’m trying to bust my behind to put a roof over me and family heads. I felt disrespected and I want something done with Wes Larsen . he abuses every policy in the book and he knows it but nobody is doing anything about it. I would not recommend going back because of Wes Larsen I’ve never once went to a hotel like the wood spring suites in american fork that gets away with everything. Wes Larsen talks soo much about the company I can’t believe he’s still there . please I’m begging you get rid of him . drug test him and you will see that he is using marijuana. There’s a few rooms i know people who smokes with him but its mostly room 419 her name is Vanessa she leaves the marijuana in her car and because Wes would give her heads up if there’s cops coming. I want to catch him in a act and show you guys but I’m soo upset with him . he would have marijuana in his room.


Malaea palu April 29, 2017 at 11:46 am

Oh its not 419 its 411 .


Amber April 28, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Been here four months bathroom still not fixed ac still not fixed and bathroom fan still not fixed on top of the other complaints never stay at woodsprings in Aurora on 38th unless you want to be treated badly forced to do unpaid labor and be lied about and disrespected on top of corporate not calling back and them entering the room whenever they want and never leave anything of value in your room it will be taken!


Amber April 28, 2017 at 7:28 pm

Well corporate office no call back still and when the police arrived at woodsprings in Aurora Katie told the police corporate told her to keep locking my keys even if it was illegal so she said she is just following orders. Is this true corporate?


Jessica Rosario April 26, 2017 at 3:32 am

Hello, I am a 24 year old Caucasian female. I would like to send a complaint to your corporate office about your West Palm Beach location. My friends have been very good customers and living here going on three months, have never caused any problems. I decided to take a little vacation and stay here for a couple weeks on my own, the couple I mentioned earlier that have been living here, are African American and they are two of my dearest and closest friends. On the second day of me staying at this hotel, my friends were approached by upper management and asked “why they were hanging out with a white girl, and why did they have a white girl in their room” because I had gone and visited them in their room for a small amount of time earlier. Now, check out time in the morning here is 11 a.m. I am a deep sleeper and they like to sleep late. At 10:15 a.m. the next morning two Maids came knocking at my door, opened my door with their key told me they were coming to grab my dirty towels and replace them. Okay fine, then at 10:30 a maid came back to ask me if I was staying or checking out, again using her key. SO I told her I was staying I just need a few minutes to get up and go down to the office, Again this is 10:30 a.m. Another 15 minutes later a maintenance man knocks on my door, opens the door with his key and tells me if I do not get up and go down to the office right now they are calling the cops. Remind you, this is 15 minutes before check-out time, they are telling me they are calling the cops on me if I do not get up immediately and pay for the next day.


M April 25, 2017 at 9:09 am

I’m here in mn at the woodsprings in Fridley I have been here since they opened it was good until, the manager Jake he’s not nice at all very rude, doesn’t care, who he hurts want to change rules to fit him and that’s not ok, no body likes him not even the staff idk if Corp even know or if they even care, he has giving me anxiety that I have to take meds for now because he’s just watches everything I did nothing wrong I work and and don’t cause any issue I don’t think he like me the first time I came so like wow I don’t understand why he’s like that at all, it’s unfair to the guess who stay here he makes so everyone is so. Scared to come talk to him and so uneasy, we have no one to talk to I’m. Not happy I’m sad but I can’t leave just yet. Need help pls Corp I don’t think this is what your companys about and not a good look for u so can u pls help me thanks


Whistle Blower April 24, 2017 at 6:15 pm

The 4th floor of the Manassas, Virginia Woodsprings Suites is suppose to be for SMOKERS. Yet when you are on the 3rd floor, all you smell is stale smoke in the hallways and in the rooms. I have children and so do some of my neighbors. Why do they have to deal with “second hand” smoke when their parents DO NOT SMOKE. The whole reason for asking for a “non smoking” is to AVOID smelling of stale smoke. When we complain at the Front Desk, we get MAJOR ATTITUDE. One of the doors on the 4th floor that leads to the stairwell does not close. It sticks at the bottom. I guess non of the staff cares about us getting lung cancer on the 3rd floor. That side of the building stinks ALL THE TIME and the stairwell too. Air Fresheners in the hallway is NOT going to get the nasty smell out of the hallway and rooms. Also, some guests feel they have the right to smoke in non smoking rooms. When something is said to the Front Desk, nothing is done about it. It is time that this location take an interest in their NON SMOKING guests who may have kids or not. We have just as much right as the smokers to stay here. Fix the door on the 4th floor. Ventilate the 3rd floor hallway – we have asked for several months now and told units needed parts. Who wants to smell of stale smoke and have their clothes smelling and sick kids. Non smokers beware!


Lora April 23, 2017 at 7:59 pm

I am currently staying at your location in Killeen, TX, by Fort Hood. The rooms are stale smelling, the elevator has smelled like marijuana on a few occasions, and during office hours on the weekend, there’s no one in the office! No one ever answers the lines posted by the entrance either. My husband and I are staying for military business and this is the worst place I’ve ever stayed. Not worth my money or time. I have to get my own linen and towels? What’s housekeeping for then? Also, if you have kitchens in your suites, why are there no pots and pans? I asked if there was a pan I could use and was told “You can buy a set for $29” If I could get my money back for wasted time and HORRIBLE customer service, that’d be nice. But no. Why? Because hotels like yours apparently don’t have any sympathy for customers treated horribly who choose to use their hard earned money just for a few days. It’s just plain ridiculous.


Amber April 22, 2017 at 2:03 am

I have been harassed constantly forced to do unpaid labor never had my room cleaned. I buy my own toilet paper, my own cleaning supplies and wash my own sheets and blankets.I have been yelled at several times, one of the times for having surgery. I was told that I had to sweep the hallways because of dog hair and it wasn’t even my dog’s there was four other Siberian Huskies on the same floor. Also they are trying to do an illegal eviction without going to court. Once you have been in a motel for over 30 days you become a tenant. I have finally had enough and contacted​ a lawyer and the police because corporate office refuses to contact me to make things right! On top of that I have been here four months and I’m not supposed to be charged taxes any longer and because I called the police Katie has retaliated against me went in and changed the pricing on my room. I was told if I did not sweep the hallways and the steps and the carpet that I would be kicked out. I guess it’s a habit to make tenants do their jobs. I notified the office the night before my surgery and told them do not disturb me I need to get some rest that I had surgery the next morning. Then housekeeping started banging on my door at 8 o’clock in the morning and then Katie continuesly called my room at 9:30 saying that they needed to get into the room to clean the bathroom for the first time ever they wanted to clean my bathroom. I gave in and the housekeeper did not come back for over 2 hours and then didn’t clean my bathroom because it was already cleaned by me! When I got home from the hospital after my surgery I had a stroke and threw up on the way to the hospital when I got home from the hospital Katie called my room and yelled at my husband telling him he should have cleaned it up my husband attempted to contact the closed office and tried calling the phone number but it was taking too long for them to answer and he had to rush me to the emergency room or I would have died and Katie said she did not care that he should have cleaned it up and made me wait to go to the hospital. I don’t know what kind of business they think they are running but it is illegal what they are doing two people. They entered into my room while I was sleeping so I non-emergency reason and it makes me wonder how many times they went into my room when I was not home and now it explains why it had jewelry missing money missing and 2 phones disappear. Then on top of all of that my daughter came to visit and was wrongfully arrested she went quietly and the court ended up letting her because it was a mistake Katie said she can no longer be on the premises yet an employee that works here police called on them and nothing was done about it.Mine and my austistic daughter and my husband are in such distress we avoid Katie at all costs. I don’t even go near the office because of the anxiety. This is ridiculous. I need corporate to care about there business and call me back. I will only wait a few more days then I will do whatever legally and publicly I have too including lawyers, BBB, police and news stations.


Joe blank April 20, 2017 at 12:03 pm

Here in okc off meridian and i40. New manigment here is horrible. Been here before and all was great. Now this lady is here and is rude as can be! My own parents dont even talk to me the way she did. My wife and i are moving locations because i refuse to give money to a place that allows a person to talk to and treat their guest the way she did. Woodspring needs to talk to their employees and see whats going on around here. Oh and not to mention i seen her going hotel to hotel over here partying. Yeah!! So figure it out!!! I would advise anyone who looks into renting a room here to go elsewhere.


Sophia April 18, 2017 at 2:28 pm

Im pretty upset at this point my Boyfriend check out of the hotel a week before he was supposed to. We waited for an hour for someone to come to the front desk ,but no showed. check out time is 11. On the door there is a note that said to just slid your card under the door and they will check you out. He called the next day to make sure they got the card, they did. They told him they would mail a check to him. He was fine with that, almost three weeks later he calls and there is no records of that ever happening and they would have to watch the cameras to make sure he left that day. Why is there no record of him calling!! We will never stay at this hotel again.


Hannah April 17, 2017 at 11:40 am

My boyfriend has been staying here about 6 months now, we always pay on time but we both work nights so sometimes when we oversleep the gm comes knocking at the door at 10 and literally yells in my boyfriends face telling him to pay now or leave. Again check out time is at 11, therefore we weren’t even late on paying yet. Her customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen in a hotel manager. We are paying customers, and I’ve also noticed that everyone we ask who pays weekly here who have been here for less time than we have pay $50 less than our rate. And when I’ve had to pay for a day when we first got here I asked if $60 was enough and they said yes, come to find out the rate I should have paid was $41.43. The gm here in Abilene tx is Diana Ortiz. I’m sure this won’t get a response from anyone so I will be contacting the corporate office about this bc yelling in a paying customers face is unacceptable from a general manager.


Hannah April 17, 2017 at 11:42 am

And this has happened about 5 times now, always at 10 or 10:30, and she yells in his face every time. We will be taking our business elsewhere.


Roney and Kristina Nelson April 9, 2017 at 10:26 am

THIS WAS BY FAR THE WORST PLACE IN MONILE, ALABAMA TO EVER STAY!!!! I WOULD RATHER HAVE SLEPT IN MY SON’S DORM ROOM THAN HERE. I ARRIVED AT 3:23pm. Thank Gox yhru have camaras to see how calm I was amd how nasty and very rude the ckerk was! MY ROOM WAS NOT ready, went to report it to the cleak, she told me in such a NASTY ARROGANT RUDE tone “well you got to wait an hour are get a smoking room”! I told her “no ma’am Im NOT waiting an hour! I paid my money and I’m not waiting an hour” then she says “well we GOT 23 people coming in and we don’t have nobody here yet to clean your room so you gone have to wait” then when another gust came in of another race she changed her attitude walked out came back in and said we can put you in room 414! Also, when I requested to chevk out later round 1pm the said we dont do thst you gotta leave ny 11. The contract says something totally different! My family and I will NEVER stay at this one EVER AGAIN!!!! I WOULD NEVER recommend this hotel to anyone!!!



Sheila Wood April 2, 2017 at 1:17 pm

My 1st night at your Beaumont, TX hotel was pleasant. But my 2nd night was a nightmare. My husband and I checked in on April 1, 2017, just after midnight, for a week stay with a possibility of a longer stay. I am a handicap person staying in a handicap room with 2 service animals. Around midnight I was eating a salad in bed and I spilled it. I called the front desk and received the General Manager, Priscilla. I ask for clean linens, blankets, bedspread and towels. The lady informed me they closed at 4pm and did not preform these services after closing. I did not ask for services. I only asked for the things needed to change my bed covers and take a shower. My husband took the dirty linens and laid them in the hallway at her room door. They lady came out putting gloves on. My husband informed her we were not asking for her services only linens. She went back in her room and shut the door. As of this very moment on April 2, 2017 at 12:13 pm I have not been offered clean bed clothes or towels. I fully intend to talk to my attorney about how I have been treated at this hotel.


Sheila Wood April 2, 2017 at 1:28 pm

I would like to add to my former post. I have had to sleep on my dogs blanket for a sheet on my bed and cover with my dogs blankets. Not only me, but my husband also.


CHARLES GALETI March 27, 2017 at 10:54 am



Hannah April 17, 2017 at 12:25 pm

I had a similar experience here in Texas. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced from a hotel, well worst customer service from The general manager to be specific.


Denise R Palumbo September 11, 2017 at 11:15 am



Deborah Walker March 27, 2017 at 10:07 am

I called the location (Joe Battle BLVD, El Paso Airport) to see if I could check in earlier than 3pm since we arrived earlier than expected from NE early and drove all night. First time I called I was told I could if a room was available. They knew who I was and had a reservation, knew I would be in town earlier than anticipated. We ended up sleeping in my car in the heat for 3 hrs. Finally, we came in at 2pm and stood in the lobby until we were able to get a room. It was an hour early, and it was a miracle, a room was available at that time since the staff was adamant about check in time. I was handed a list of items I would be charged for if they were lost, damaged, etc. I resent that as I have no intention of keeping anything in my room. Upon checking into the room, the TV didn’t work nor did the WiFi. I went downstairs to report it and was treated badly by your clerk/manager. She was VERY condescending!!! She explained that her phone and tablet worked fine and insisted I must be doing something wrong. I brought my tablet to show her, so the clerk handed me a q-800 number to have a technician walk me through it. Again she said all of her equipment was working perfectly and she wasn’t sure what my problem was. Beds are uncomfortable,

I refuse to purchase dishes etc, as I am not carrying them back across the USA to never use them again! They should be provided! At least all the other extended stay motels/hotels have always provided those items for their guests.

Reluctantly, we continued to stay at the hotel because we were close to our family and that was an issue. I paid good money for that room and I insist on some reparation for the inconveniences we had to endure!!!!

On friday, 03-24-2017, I went to the website and made a complaint. It was sent to the manager of the hotel we stayed at. She contacted me and as began to speak, she was laughing. I then demanded the name and phone number of an area manager. She said my info would be passed on and MAYBE the area manager would contact me. Not good enough. Still, she was condescending. I have never been treated so rudely at any hotel I have ever stayed at! Had I been aware of the practices of this hotel, I would have stayed somewhere else where the items we needed would’ve been provided.


Greg March 19, 2017 at 7:14 pm

I’m staying at the one in okc I-240 service road. Ive been here for 6 months now. The maid has come 1 time to clean. Everytime i go to get clean linens they do not have any washed or dried. There is hardly anyone at the front desk cause they have to clean the rooms themselves. Ive also been locked out of my room and have waited for hours necause when they leave the desk they forget their phone, like right now. I can hear the phome ringing in the office. They dryers dont dry and takes 2 or 3 times to get them dry. I think its time to find another to stay at. Loved it when i first got here and had gone downhill every since


Darryl Shirey March 18, 2017 at 10:13 pm

I’m staying at the Oklahoma city West location on March 6th before 11am I paid for 2 weeks says my next pay date is March 20 I found out today that I owed 47.00 and was locked out of my room also they charged me a late fee they started charging me 45 a night with out telling me when I paid for 2 weeks


Savannah March 13, 2017 at 7:06 pm

I stayed at the WoodSpring Suites hotel in Allentown Pa on Oakview drive for almost 6 months. The staff was rude, mean, incompetent, dont know English, and have absolutely no customer service skills. The Manager Mayra belittled me and even though I made it clear to her that I was not gay nor interested in her, shel continously sexually harrassed me. It made me feel so dirty. She wiould make inappropriate comments to me about how she would love to finger me and I told her that I was reporting her if she didnt stop the sexual harassment. She then tried to kick me out by increasinv the room rate everyday. She said numerous times that if I dont go out with her that she will make my life miserable at hotel. And she did. My keys never worked. She wouldnt give me a clean towel nor toilet paper. The. Sheets were filthy and she wouldnt give me clean ones. I was at hotel almost 6 months and in all that time, my room freshened up the room once. One time only! The manager said that if I wanted clean sheets n towels, then id have to wash them myself. Also, when i complained to mayra about the prostitution that was goin on in hotel she ran away from me. Theres is t just prostitution, theres drug dealers stay at hotel n cars come n go to pick up drugs. Anyway, I never botgered anyone at hotel. Ivworked 6-7 nites a week. She called the cops this morning to get me out. I happen to know the police officer and he confirmed that the hotel was shady and there were illegal things goin on in hotel. One of the front desk ataff named Mike was drunk most of the time that he could barely walk down the halls without holding onto the walls. He wiould often be drunk at the front desk. Very very bad place to stay. I will be doing everything possible so that the manager loses her job. She even had a party and bragged about how she was giving jello shots with liquor to 15 and 16 yr olds. Shes disgusting. Place has to be shut down asap!!! I will be working with the township til that wh**e hotel is shut down!!! And also, the manager stoled $324 from me. She didnt refund it there but she told the cop that headquarters will refund me. I will be taking this much higher to prove to them that sexual harassment is illegal and inappropriate! I will not rest nor go away til mayra loses her job!!! Shes a liar and shes worthless.


Tammy March 13, 2017 at 4:30 pm

Warning!!! Avoid the WoodSprings Suites hotel im Allentown Pa on Oakview Drive. As soon as the sun goes down, the prostitutes start coming out like roaches. Its full of drunks starting with the staff members who get drunk and have wild sex parties. I was even invited and sent them to hell. I also complained about bites I had woken up with around my body but the manager said its all in my head. It turns out to be bed bugs. Gross!!! Staff have alcohol and drug issues especially the manager Mayra who often bragged about how many blunts she could smoke in two hours. Then there was a time the owner was stopping by to see hotel and you shouldve seen the staff cleaning the entire place and dressed professiional to impress the owner. Then once the owner left, the place went back to being filthy. Bunch of lying sacks of sh*t. Then since the manager is an illegal hispanic, all she hires is illegals like her that either dont speak English or barely speak english. I will be contacting the immigration dept so that they are aware of these illegal immigrants working at woodsprings suites hotel. They are rude, obnoxious, mean, bitter, unprofessional, liars, untrustworthy, incompetent in every way or form. The place is totally disgusting. Then theres the handiman who likes to open your hotel door and just walk in. Disgusting place. Immigration has to get in there to investigate the crimes being committed.


Varnieca Price March 13, 2017 at 12:23 pm

I tried to checkin to WoodSprings Suites in Memphis Southwest (March 10-12, 2017) and the lady was extremely rude. She would not open the window cover to talk to me at first. It was late so she told me that she couldn’t pull up my reservation by the reservartion number but needed to know “when” I made my reservation. I looked it up on my phone by going to my email. Then she lifts up window cover, she (white lady) and 2 kids (maybe btwn the ages of 10 and 14) were there proceeded to tell me that she run her reports for the day at 1am and she would manually have to look up my reservation; that she don’t want my reservation number (w/ an attitude, as though its my fault). I find my reservation email and let her know that I made the reservation March 3. So she asks for my ID and I gave it to her, she states that she found it and need my credit card info. So I passes her my credit card. Mind you that I have traveled from Mississippi to Tennessee and its after 1am by this time. So my brother walks in because its taking so long and she looks at him, as he smiles and speaks, she quickly asks one of the girls to give her, her cell phone. Then she asks me if he was going to be staying in the room with me, I said yes. She was like well I’m going to need his driver’s license because we have to run a “sex offender” back ground check on the both of you. (Me extremely offended and embarrassed that she would even say something like this just by looking at someone). I question her because I have booked many rooms across the country and have “NEVER” been told this. She proceeds to pass me my ID (driver’s license) and says that we can’t stay and shuts the window cover back down. I am extremely pissed because I booked this double room and expected to have a place to stay this “late” and now have to go look for another room. This was discrimination and she was rude from the door. Is this how WoodSprings run their company? Is this how you treat your guests? I would ” NEVER” recommend them to anyone to be treated this way. I was here to cater a wedding event and had to find aother room at 2 o’clock in the morning near this location to be near my venue. Saddened by her reaction and waiting on a response for Corporate.


Savannah March 13, 2017 at 12:08 pm

Beware of the Woodsprings in Allentown Pa. I was there close to 6 mos. I never bothered anyone. I worked nightshift and slept all day. The manager Mayra was totally inappropriate, unprofessional, and would often say sexual comments to me. I made her aware that her behavior was totally inappropriate and that I was not gay like her. I also told her that I did not feel comfortable around her and I asked her to stop the inappropriate comments and she never did. I have a bf and I am NOT gay and made her aware of this. When I told her I was going to report her to the owner of the hotel she then became mean and would often talk down to me. I happen to be a Registered Nurse and even though I am not hispanic, I do speak Spanish fluently and understand it very well. Well Mayra was very rude. She would leave me standing by the front desk waiting as she smoked outside with her workers. Not only is Mayra rude and belittled & degraded me often but the people she hires to work at hotel hardly speak English and I thought it was rude for all of them gather around and talk Spanish especially when my bf is white and does not speak Spanish. Also… made Mayra and a few other staff members aware about the prostitution going on in the hotel, the one staff member stumbling and throwing uo all over the place drunk in the hotel plus about the drug deals. This staff’s name is Mike. I also made her aware of the smell of weed often in the hotel. After then she said I had to go. I was there almost 6 months, and not only did they overcharge me numerous times, but in those entire 6 months they cleaned my room one time only! I would go with the dirty towels and sheets to exchange them for clean ones and Mayra said that if I wanted clean towels and sheets, that I could wash them in the laundry. She also wanted me to pay $10 to get clean towels. This was the worst place ever!!! Mayra and all staff is rude, dishonest, liars, a few are drunks, and they have absolutely no customer service skills. Anyway, to top it off Mayra called the cops on me to get me out at 7 am when the hotel doesnt open til 9 am. She asked me if I was planning on going on a date with her. I said Hell No! Then she called the cops and made up a story saying that I was smoking in the room. I do not smoke!!! Never have and dont plan on it. I happen to know the police officer who came and he said that they go to that hotel more than 30 times a month and that Its best I leave and go to court which I will be doing for sexual harrassment and for robbing me of $250. Worst place to stay! Staff is totally incompetent. They cant even give you a hotel key that works. Thats how dumb they are. There are cameras everywhere and I will have a court of law subpoena the video tapes. I am taking this a lot further! See you in court Mayra!


Penny March 3, 2017 at 9:09 am

Wood springsuites is the most awful rude iin consider place Ihave been worked and lived at the one in Hillard Ohio the company switched and they screwed all eemployees gave us 6weeks to get out by corporate just wrong after i paid for my room would not rrecommend here at all


Tim Ryf February 27, 2017 at 8:12 pm

I am staying at the hotel in Aurora Co 575 Billings st. There is a night club across the street named the Dorado. Their music produces air shock waves that pound against the bldg. The managers at the front desk have contacted the aurora police numerous times but they have not been able to address the problem. I looked up the city ordinances and found the following. I would like to ask your lawyers to contact the aurora city council to address this issue.
Sec. 94-107. – Unnecessary noise; disturbing the peace.
Public and private places. It shall be unlawful for any person to make, continue, or
cause to be made or continued any unreasonably loud or unusual noise which seriously
inconveniences other persons in the area. For purposes of this section, a member of
the police department is empowered to make a prima facie determination as to whether
such noises constitute a public nuisance.

Sec. 94-111. – Report of disorderly conduct by liquor licensees.
It shall be unlawful for any person who is the holder of a fermented malt beverage,
malt, vinous, or spirituous liquor license or any manager or employee of such license
holder to fail to immediately report to the Aurora Police Department any disorderly conduct
or criminal activity occurring at the location, on the premises, or within the licensed
premises set forth on the license of the license holder.

Secs. 82-1—82-25. – Reserved.
Sec. 82-28. – Functions and duties.
The functions and duties of the human relations commission shall include but not be limited to:
(1) Providing the city council with information concerning changing social conditions.
(3) Working toward solving social problems and improving social conditions.
(7) Adopting, amending, publishing and rescinding bylaws regarding the operation of this
commission consistent with the authority and duties outlined in this section.

Sec. 82-29. – Authority.
The human relations commission, acting within the scope of its functions, shall have the authority to:
(1) Conduct public hearings and inquire into incidents and complaints in the areas of human relations and human services.


Monic Hardin February 26, 2017 at 4:31 am

I was a guest at the Anderson Loop 1604 property San Antonio Texas Jan 2017. I’m from out of town and got separated from my friends and then had car and phone trouble and couldn’t contact anyone. The General manager (How) Lisa was the most rude cold uncaring body any desperate hotel could have. Not once did she offer to assist me with the use of a phone but she saw fit to refuse me the use of a phone a bathroom etc instead she continually called the cops on me because Even the cops questioned her lack of skills, heart and motive. I was sitting in my car with no money no phone and engine problems. I’ve been in the hospitality/hotel business for 30 years and have worked for a great number of chains holding a variety of positions and never once felt the need to treat a former present or future guest in such a despicable manner. She implied I was a bum, a hooker etc and discussed her thoughts with other guests. There is nonstop marijuana smoking in the facility and rooms are below average when it comes to cleanliness. My first room had roaches and human feces on the toilet with a hairy bar of soap in the tub. She failed as a human and a ‘manager’ to address those issues instead she felt it was more important to humiliate me upfront of the staff which are all her family and personal friends and then with other guests. Clearly she lacks the skills needed to be in customer service let alone a manager. She’s a heartless person and I’ll see to it that tripadvisor and other hotels are aware of this travesty. Thank You


Nichole Kerschner February 22, 2017 at 7:58 am

Hi my name is Nichole Kerschner I currently am a guest at you oklahoma city I-44 and May location and I have called the office twice just today about the people in room 207 which is right above my room which is 107 and the first time I called was on the 21st and it was about 8 pm and the lady took care of it but they started just stomping on the floor about 12 am and I have called the office and they just seem to get worse and the lady that works in the office at night is friends with the people in room 207 and I really don’t apprichate paying money to stay here and have to sit and steady listen to people stomp on the floor all night long I do have to sleep an it makes it really hard when such a loud stomping is constiantly being done I think it is the rudest thing in the world to have to be up all night because the people above me are inconsiderate and friends with the worker and they laugh about it I don’t find it a bit funny a have a important appoiment today and was not able to get any rest at all due to the extremely loud stopming I want my money back because I don’t feel that I shpould have to pay to stay somewhere I can’t even get rest because the worker and there friends thinks it cute to do


Kimberly hickman February 3, 2017 at 5:11 pm

Never in my life have a wanted to fight a hotel employee until i came to woodsprings. We rented a room for 2 nights. I checked in thursday morning at 1 am. I Was told by Cricket the night employee we would check out sat morning at 11 am. Makes sense to me if i come in thursday 2 nights would be Saturday. We came back to the hotel (after puttin the 1300 down payment on our new home) friday at 330 pm. To find our keys not opening the door. I went to the desk to find a new lady sarah i think is her name. Waited till 4 pm to even get her to wait on me. Told her my key wasnt working. She gets attitude and says well you need to pay before u can go in i said mam im paid till Saturday. I came on thurs.
No you came on weds
No i came thurs at 1 am.
It doesnt matter when u came it our system goes by the day before.
Ok so your telling me i paid for weds when i wasnt even in this town weds?
Yes and you will pay me before i give you your stuff.
Even tho my receipt shows next payment due 2/8/17 i had to pay again to stay till saturday at 11 am….. So i thought i found the best deal online but i ended up paying 120 to stay from thursday morning to saturday morning. I was informed that i paid was registered as me being here weds 2/1 when i didnt even get into Johnson city until thursday 2/2. Never iinmy life have i been so mad i was shakin because its not like were junkies or bad people we just need somewhere for the weekend until our trailer was ready. But i was treated like a junkie or someone tryin to get a free stay when i paid well over the advertised price for 2 nights….and the woman who told me i was paid till saturday wasnt here to confirm me. They dayshift lady needs to be fired ive never had customer service like this and hope n pray i never do again. So please be aware that if you are gonna stay here count in the day before you came as one of your nights stay because they will and you will be left late to work with no work clothes locked out of your room and being threatend by a hotel clerk who thinks she is the cats meow when really she doesnt even come close to being a pile of odamn beaver crap! The policy of using the day before u get here is bull crap so please either change your policy or dont tell guest your paid till sat. If they arent because it could cost them their job!!


Erin Boggs January 21, 2017 at 11:25 am

We are being kicked out of Woodspring Austin Aquarium by Thomas the “manager” after I contacted customer service to file a complaint against him for discrimination. We have been here for almost 2 months and the only two people here that have been nice to us are Terah and Michael. It’s like watching something out of a movie when dealing with Thomas. If he’s taking care of anyone that is not white he is polite and courteous as soon as anyone white comes to him it’s like a switch is flipped he becomes arrogant, snobby and down right rude. If I hadn’t observed this myself on numerous occasions as well as heard the same thing from other guests I wouldn’t think anything of it other than he’s rude. He has lied to both myself and my boyfriend and when questioned he threatens to throw you out and suddenly there’s all these noise complaints that have never been mentioned before. We went four days during one of the first and coldest cold fronts in our area with no heat (then were told by the maintenance man no work order was ever turned in for us), the water heater is constantly breaking down, we had to complain twice about roaches before something was done about that then Thomas basically said we needed to be cleaner and we wouldn’t have them (hello we’ve been here over a month at that time and didn’t have them before), the vent over the burners in the kitchenette quite working I told him about that and was assured it would be fixed the next day, that was three days ago it’s still broken, house keeping is supposed to be every two weeks (that’s not true) house keeping has been in our room once to clean on their own the first time we had to ask for our room to be done and that time it was only vacuumed nothing else. I tried filing numerous complaints about our neighbor who likes to get drunk and yell and throw things at the wall nothing has been done about that. I went to the front desk to ask if they could please talk to the woman who likes doing her exercises in the hall way with her music so loud I couldn’t sleep or even hear our TV without turning it all the way up, and was told by Thomas “isn’t that funny I’ve had three complaints about y’all and you want to complain about someone else. We never told about any complaints against us and when my boyfriend questioned him about the complaints Thomas told him he never told me that that they had received complaints he had talked to me himself about the noise three times. That’s not true he talked to me once about it. And NEVER leave mail at the front desk to be sent out we did that with a Christmas card to family it disappeared along with the money that was in it. This has been the most awful experience we have ever had I have never been made to feel as worthless, and talked to like I don’t know anything as they have made me feel here.


Juli Labesky February 14, 2017 at 4:08 pm

The location I want to complain about you’re asking the GM=
to call Really??? Nick is a nice man but has no clue what he’s doing!
I paid for I believe 11 days there, there was NO hot waterSmelled like a ke=
nnel on our floorTrash piled everywhereSketchy scary people everywhereFront=
office colored young lady was HORRIBLE, NASTY, RUDE, she is for sure being=
held hostage at her job because she HATES it!Off the clock employees that =
‘live’ there running around in their pajama pants on they have the master k=
eys to all of the units which made me very uncomfortable!
The front desk has hours posted on a sign and what you’re never there you h=
ave to keep calling and calling and calling and calling just to get them to=
open the front office!
=C2=A0I did mention to Nick that he has a great property there it is beauti=
ful it has a lot of potential but he has a lot of problems there and I woul=
d like a refund I usually don’t complain about a lot of stuff but I really =
feel that the money I spent was unbelievably a waste!
The smell alone was unbelievable having large dogs in a hotel I’m not sure =
what your policy is but it was absolutely disgusting there was dog urine in=
the hallways…. The laundromat people would leave their clothes in there =
for hours and I was told by the young colored lady that I was not to touch =
them under any cirXXXXstances!
Here are some of the pictures that I took and I’m sorry that I didn’t take
more the room that we originally moved into which was on the first fl=
oor was filthy and we were told that the guy who had the dogs it smells lik=
e a kennel he was the one who lived there previously so it smelled awful!
Thank you for your time on this matter and I hope that we can resolve this =
in a timely fashion and a amicable fashion.

This is what your beautiful new location looks like on a daily basis!
Thank you for your time in advance
Juli Labesky


Lamont burningham January 19, 2017 at 10:18 pm

We have been here. In Ogden at wood spring formally value place. For over a year. There’s only 2 problem . And we have one on going problem. The internet sucks. Always has. But it’s way worse now. I can’t ever play games. Because it goes in and out. Just typing this letter. It went out twice. And now a third time. It’s gotten so bad. We nave been looking for a new place. I can’t trust the wifi at woods spring in Ogden ut. So I don’t play games. That’s my stress relief . And I can’t live with it
Thank you. Mr and Mrs. Burningham


Jesus January 15, 2017 at 4:07 pm

Dont stop at woodspring suites at firedtone cause theres alot of bed bugs i report that and they dont do nothing . One week later i was gonna wash my clothes and when i look on one of bags i gound a bed bug on the very corner on the bag so i just call human services and they gonna come and close the hotel


Lynnetta Bean January 4, 2017 at 8:42 pm

I have been staying at your I 35 N San Antonio location for about a month.They have roaches hallway smells like marijuana constantly.And I asked for my heater to be fixed 2 weeks ago.But constantly trying to knock like im late with payment which is not due till Thursday.I was enjoying my stay until management called me a liar and said i never said anything about heat.Why would I not i have children with who are now sick along with myself.We have to cut stove on to keep warm.I am attempting to move out but would not refer this place to anyone.Thank you .


Renee December 11, 2016 at 4:29 pm

I want to report wanda at woodsprings suites north Wichita ks. Me and my family has been staying here over a month. the days I have to check in she calls the hotel phone at 9am harassing us to pay for the room when check isn’t tI’ll 11am (which I know) she wakes my baby up by calling everydy. She has the whole 1st floor of the hotel at night smelling of Marijuana she brings her kids to work. When I ask for a new key she says she is going to have to charge me cash for a new key cause she has to go into the office. Than one day I booked a week online and when I came home from work she was waiting in the office for me telling me I have to pay her 80 bucks for the room wtf and I already booked online. I ask for clean towels and she tells me she’s not doing towels right now when it’s clearly says u can gets fresh towels when office is open. Not on her time. One day my room flooded i have been telling her all day the stool was stopped. Finally it over flowed and she just brought the hvac and my husband cleaned up all the water. She did little to help and took her time!!! She treats ppl very bad and is very unprofessional I spent over 2000 with u guys and get treated like sh*t!


Stephanie Coleman December 2, 2016 at 8:38 pm

I have been threatened to he kicked out of the Woodsprings Hotel I am currently living in with my husband and two small children. We have been told that this is a family friendly hotel. It has not been true in our case. We have two very young hyperactive children which we have gotten many noise complaints for. I can not help that this hotel has thin walls and thin floors. We were moved from the 4th floor to the 1st floor in hopes that the complaints would stop. I have been harassed here and receieved a harassing phone call from a neighbor about my children. The director here does not care for my family even though I expressed to him that if he kicked us out (which he did threaten) that we would be homeless.


Tami L Kercher December 15, 2016 at 8:32 pm

What state are you staying in because I’m being threatened with the same issue, we’ve been in our room since the 28th of Nov. Paid weekly and then just paid another 2 wks in advance now all of a sudden there getting noise complaints and telling me they’ll kick me out with no refund that’s a loss of over 500$ and be homeless with 3 kids


Juli Labesky February 14, 2017 at 4:12 pm

Sooooo typical


Karen Miller November 26, 2016 at 2:38 pm

I want to report Brenda @ Woodspring Suites. 13689 Research Blvd, Austin, Tx. My kids and I have been discriminated against by her since she started working at the Front Desk. The day before Thanksgiving, she wouldn’t accept additional payment for my room and decided to kick me out with my kids, based on hearsay from another resident. I lived there for three months and never caused any problems. To be treated this way and right at the holidays from this establishment is Unacceptable!!


Ivonee Villatoro August 30, 2016 at 1:35 am

On May 8 a friend was coming over from Georgia to Albuquerque. So when I decided was to pay 50% of the hotel for a week with my friend. I believe it was Around $200. After the week was over which was May 14. My friend requested a extension for another week. What I did not know is that I was charged full price. I was never in the premises. I only gave the hotel permission to use my debit card one time which was between May 8 through May 14. I did not agree to put an extension, I was never told about an extension, they have my number, they have my email, they have my address. This is fraud. This is embarrassing. I had money stolen out of my pocket. Staff never checked for ID. Staff took a copy of my ID and my friends ID. I had to find out the hard way which was a month after the transaction was made. Which was the end of June. I am honestly disappointed because I was taken about almost $600 out of my bank account. Without even knowing. I was not even on the premises. My friend is a mail I am a female. The person who requested an extension is the mail, so wouldn’t they need to ID him? And I also only said one time on my card. Meaning my card it should’ve been out of the picture after the week was over. Now in the beginning of July I went back to the hotel. To ask for a refund. They said to contact corporate or to send an email. There is not many options to send an email but I have sent three emails. I feel like I’m being a ignored, I feel like no one wants to give me my money back. This is unjust this this is inhumane. I would like to receive a phone call. Or even an email back to see what we can do to fix this problem. Every time I travel I always try to make sure to get wood Springs hotels. I would like to receive any way of contacting back to see if maybe we can work something out? I would prefer to get a refund. Because it was your staffs fault and also the person who requested extension. My card shouldn’t have been in the system anymore. I was nowhere near the premises.


Pat December 21, 2016 at 6:57 pm

If you paid with a credit card, copy the email you posted and do a charge back to the hotel. You are protected when using a credit card or debit card. Call credit card company or your bank and request a charge back to the hotel. They will learn to stop doing these things when that have to pay big time to bank for the charge back fees.


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