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Wolfgang Puck Corporate Office Address

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide Incorprated
100 North Cresent Drive, Suite 100
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Contact Wolfgang Puck

Phone Number: (310) 432-1522
Fax Number: (310) 432-1640
Website: http://www.wolfgangpuck.com/
Email: Email Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Wolfgang Puck Executives

CEO: Carl Schuster
CFO: Lee Hefter
COO: Joseph Essa

Wolfgang Puck History

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc. was founded in 1982 in Beverly Hills, California. Originally, the company was called the Wolfgang Puck Food Company, Inc., but changed the name in 2001

The company operates and franchises a chain of both casual and fine dining restaurants in the U.S., Canada, and Japan. Wolfgang Puck also sells and markets soups, pizza, appetizers, broths, and cooking sprays. Wolfgang Puck also publishes cookbooks and offers coffee for resorts and hotels.

Wolfgang Puck is a well-known chef that also produces cooking shows for television and offers online cooking lessons. The company is perhaps best known for its restaurant chain Spago’s. The Spago’s location in Beverly Hills, California, as well as the location in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been featured in many commercials and movies.

Wolfgang Puck FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Wolfgang Puck?
Answer 1: The phone number for Wolfgang Puck is (310) 432-1522.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Wolfgang Puck?
Answer 2: The CEO of Wolfgang Puck is Carl Schuster.

Question 3: Who founded Wolfgang Puck?
Answer 3: Wolfgang Puck was founded by in .

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Vivian October 4, 2018 at 2:21 pm

I bought a WP Pressure Oven. After only a few uses the pan that is coated with something, began to peel. At first it was just a little chip here and there and I thought it would go no further. I also thought it was coming off in the water. However, each time I used it, more and more of the coating came off. It was actually going into my food, which is a dangerous health hazard. I called HSN, where I purchased this item and was told that it was still under warranty. They gave me WP’s customer service number and I called. The woman who answered the phone pretended to be nice, but after telling me I had to take picture of the item and send it to her along with proof of purchase, she said, “I will do, as a one-time courtesy, send you another pan, but you will have to pay the shipping cost. I did not like that idea because I had already paid shipping on this warped pan. She started getting very crash and harsh sounding. “We don’t know what you used on the pan to make it chip!” She snapped. I know not to use metal on non-stick surfaces and when I tried to speak, she retorted over me, not giving me room to talk. She was exceptional unkind and is not suitable for customer service work. Unfortunately, this is not the only time someone has spoken to me this way at WP customer service. I called HSN to report the problem I was having and was told to try again. And so I did. When I called, the same woman answered the phone. I told her that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. She told me that there was no supervisor there to speak to and that she could only give me an email address. I took that and went to that email address. When I found the page, there was a Corporate number there and I called it. I got someone there who was also a bit snippy and said that they were not really affiliated with that customer service department and alluded to getting the situation resolved. I was then transferred to someone who began asking me for my telephone number, which I thought was odd. After she secured that, was when she asked me which way I chose to be contacted. I gave her my email address and physical address hoping for a resolve. I have heard nothing from them yet. These kind of people should not work in customer service or anywhere near people who spend money for WP’s products. It certainly is an eye-opener. HSN is where I purchased this oven and HSN has THE most courteous customer service reps. on the planet. And I thank God for that. I would like to have a pan that does not shed it’s poisonous coating in my food harming my health and that of my family. I also would not like to have to deal with WP’s customer service staff ever again. That will probably mean I will not be purchasing any of his products because this is the SECOND time I’ve been treated like this by them AFTER my money has already been secured.


Ann McCombs February 22, 2018 at 3:07 pm

I have the NovoPro oven and use it constantly. However, the writing is only painted on the knobs and when cleaning the outside of the oven the names and settings just wiped off. The knobs cannot be replaced so the oven is no longer of use. Customer Service said all settings on the knobs are just painted on even if I buy another NovoPro oven. This is a terrible lack of planning and a waste of customers money.


joann Stowe September 22, 2017 at 6:03 pm

I have purchase a Wolfgang Puck tea Kettle that has a wood top and handle.This pot says it is Stainless Steel.Somehow I bump it against something on the body and a coating came off that looked like stainless but exposed the underneath that was not.I purchase this because I liked the look of this kettle and because I specifically wanted stainless steel to match the rest of my kitchen.I am extremely disappointed as I thought this was a qualify product.I did not save my receipt and the vendor I purchased it from would not take it back.I feel this is false advertising to say it was stainless and I should just assume it was only on the bottom. Another bad product made in China to save costs.


Melinda June 21, 2016 at 1:20 pm

Good Morning Mr. Joseph C. Essa,

I realize that you’re in an entirely different organization, but I don’t know where else to turn to for help/justice to resolve this financially/emotionally/physically destructive situation which has been drawn out by WP Housewares over these prior three months.

Please help to put me in touch with the WP legal division of WP Housewares.

Attention: WP Housewares Legal Division Representative(s)

Please contact me today regarding an urgent LEGAL matter which needs resolution – the incomplete/failed FULFILLMENT OF A NEW PRODUCT PURCHASE else to immediately process a full REFUND of the CUSTOMER’S MONEY to ensure that an HONEST LEGAL business transaction occurs to correct the THEFT/fraud that GENEVIEVE Williams took action on yesterday against this NEW first time customer of WP Housewares. Please contact me at 778-775-XXXXX – Melinda.

1. This is a WP fulfillment of a NEW INITIAL product order/purchase and it is NOT a warranty service on a previously purchased and used item – as this customer’s initial product order has NEVER fulfilled and the customer has NEVER received the product (and therefore has NEVER been able to USE the product) that she purchased and PAID FOR IN TRUST from TSC or WP in the first place. (A defective unit was sent that was tested for functionality at which time WP then offered to resolve the matter – to fulfill the customer’s initial purchase order by providing the product purchased/paid for.)
2. The customer purchased the UPGRADED BLACK HOUSING model BROR1000-A4, and this specific model was confirmed by WP/Genevieve Williams as being the specific product that WP will IN FACT provide the customer. This is verbal agreement is LEGALLY BINDING. Genevieve informed me that all calls are recorded and you can verify irrefutably that this LEGALLY BINDING agreement exists and supersedes any policy that WP may have in writing.
3. The customer does in fact prefer the black housing unit and this is the specific product she exchanged her money for. This is not only a matter of color preference, however color preference alone is the customer’s right to hold WP accountable to honoring their confirmed/recorded legally binding agreement to provide the SPECIFIC NEW BLACK HOUSING WP oven that the customer purchased. WP has decided yesterday suddenly to REFUSE to honor (failing to honor) WP’s prior-made explicit legally binding agreement to provide the SPECIFICIED NEW product that the customer purchased – WP’s failure to deliver on the product purchased as was confirmed/promised (and even ‘personally guaranteed’ by Genevieve) while keeping the customer’s money is a CRIME OF THEFT/fraud.
4. This is a matter of SAFETY, QUALITY, AND PERFORMANCE. Through the process of WP having mistakenly sent the USED wrong model OLDER stainless steel unit (GENEVIEVE Williams informed on recorded conversations and in writing by email that the BLACK HOUSING MODEL which she CONFIRMED/ASSURED WP would provide to the customer to fulfill her purchase order – is also the MODEL WHICH IS CURRENTLY BEING SOLD BY WP), the customer has noted some significant differences between the OLD SS model and the UPGRADED (Genevieve’s exact wording) BLACK HOUSING model. Safety – the black coating on the BROR1000-A4 model that the customer purchased (but has not yet received – the purchase order remains unfulfilled by WP) seemingly acts as a reinforcement which may lessen burning caused by touching the outside of the oven during use. SAFETY of the BLACK HOUSING unit is especially important for busy parents with young toddlers who may be quick to put their hand on the oven even if/when the parent is actively supervising their child and trying to keep the child out of reach of the oven (children are determined and FAST and this may happen). There has been reports that WP upgraded the old SS model to a reinforced (black housing?) model due to many complaints of burns. Quality and Performance – when WP accidentally sent the USED WRONG PRODUCT/model the customer had an opportunity to inspect the two models side by side and the quality difference was very apparent – with the way the door operated, the construction of the housing around the door having holes on the SS unit that isn’t present on the SOLID BLACK HOUSING model, and with the black housing unit reinforcement acting as an insulator to prevent harsh burns from skin contact with the outside of the housing this would also be effective in increasing the oven’s efficiency and performance in heating up quickly and also to better accurately maintain temperature through the cooking process.

5. For the reasons of this being an initial product purchase (not a warranty on a used item), WP additionally explicitly having made a verbal agreement in recorded conversation(s) to deliver on providing the customer with none other than the SPECIFIC NEW BLACK HOUSING MODEL that the customer paid for but has not yet received, the customer’s preference on the black housing unit she purchased for not only color but for SAFETY, QUALITY, and PERFORMANCE of a product that she purchased in hopes to be able to use and enjoy for many years long term (this is a BIG long term investment, not a disposable income disposable novelty purchase) – WP’s legally binding agreement to provide the customer with the NEW BLACK HOUSING rotisserie model WP Oven is now LEGAL matter since WP is now refusing to honor this LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT while also keeping the customer’s money.

Please have WP legal division contact me today regarding this URGENT LEGAL MATTER. Please have WP legal division contact me TODAY. Yesterday Wolfgang Puck/GENEVIEVE Williams has confirmed her intent to take money from a customer while refusing to provide the product paid for – refusing to fulfill a NEW PRODUCT PURCHASE ORDER that has NEVER BEEN FULFILLED – refusing to provide the SPECIFIED product AS WAS IN FACT PROMISED/CONFIRMED and even ‘PERSONALLY GUARANTEED’ by WP/Genevieve Willams herself (this legally-binding agreement was apparently recorded by WP for reference).

This failure to provide the SPECIFIC product that the customer purchased as was explicitly confirmed/promised by WP – AND WP’s new decision yesterday to permanently withhold/refuse delivery on the product while keeping the customer’s money anyways – is a LEGAL CRIME OF THEFT (believe it’s called fraud when a business does this). Please have WP legal division contact me today regarding this URGENT LEGAL MATTER…to correct and resolve it so that it is replaced with an HONEST LEGAL business transaction on WP’s part rather than the illegal act of theft on WP’s part that it has become as of yesterday.

—————– Below are the many other drafts and versions of written communication that the customer has provided to WP in an effort to receive the NEW BLACK HOUSING WP oven that the customer has purchased from WP but HAS NOT YET RECEIVED. The customer will follow up with a lawsuit naming GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS and JUDINE and ensuring superior media coverage of the lawsuit launched to rectify WOLFGANG PUCK’S devastating act of FRAUD/THEFT against a struggling single mother and her ill 2 1/2 year old son for having kept the HARD EARNED money she (sacrificed to afford) paid to buy the NEW BLACK HOUSING WP Oven that she has NEVER RECEIVED because WP is now REFUSING to provide the product she purchased while at the same time keeping her money and refusing to return that too. This could be a significant lawsuit because as the media coverage grows, possibly others who have also never received their INITIAL PRODUCT ORDER of a NEW WP ITEM THAT THEY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR will step up also – since WP is so carelessly acting to rob my son and I it’s apparent Wolfgang Puck has commited the same act of FRAUD/THEFT to other new WP customers.

It seems WP’s apparent experience in glossing over the illegal act of providing used/wrong products to fulfill initial/NEW purchase orders from unsuspecting NEW customers is ‘business as usual’ for WP?

WP is legally obligated to provide the NEW BLACK HOUSING WP oven that this customer paid for and which WP explicitly confirmed/promised to provide in a legally binding verbal agreement -OR- refund this customer’s purchase expense should WP be unwilling or unable to fulfill the purchase order and deliver the product that the money was given in exchange to receive IN TRUST —————–


Hi there there is an urgent matter at hand of a NEWLY purchased WP Oven from TSC, which has been paid for by the customer but has NEVER been received or used by the customer. WP offered to replace the defective oven that TSC initially provided in exchange for the customer’s money. What the customer purchased specifically is the UPGRADED black housing WP model BROR1000-A4. On inquiry of the different models WP Genevieve Williams explained to the customer that she had purchased the latest model UPGRADED black housing, and confirmed that the BLACK HOUSING model is IN FACT what the customer will receive from WP to fulfill her NEW PRODUCT PURCHASE ORDER of this specific model. In recorded verbal conversations as well as in writing by email GENEVIEVE Williams reconfirmed her LEGALLY BINDING VERBAL AGREEMENT that WP will fulfill the customer’s purchase of the NEW black housing model that she purchased but had not yet received due to a damaged item having been initially sent to her (door was left open during shipping), and additionally stated that she would personally ensure that the shipping manager would double check the accuracy of the product before it was shipped out as being the NEW BLACK HOUSING model that she/WP promised to provide to the customer. Yesterday upon receiving news from the customer that WP did not deliver on providing the product that the customer purchased, and which additionally GENEVIEVE personally promised to provide in a verbal agreement in recorded conversation(s) which is LEGALLY BINDING and supersedes any written general WP policy that is now being referenced after the fact – yesterday GENEVIEVE informed the customer that she REFUSES to honor her legally binding verbal agreement to provide the NEW BLACK HOUSING MODEL that she/WP PROMISED/CONFIRMED TO SEND HER to accurately fulfill her NEW PRODUCT ORDER (this is not a USED item warranty situation – it is the INITIAL PURCHASE of a NEW ITEM) and is CLOSING HER FILE. Now this is a legal matter of WP keeping the customer’s money and refusing to provide the product that the customer purchased on an initial product order that was never fulfilled in the first place.

On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 5:07 PM, Melinda Clayton wrote:

On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 4:54 PM, Melinda Clayton wrote:

Fwd: Media Covered Lawsuit – WP Corporate Fraud/Theft against single mom & ill 2 1/2 yr old son

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Melinda Clayton
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 2:58 PM
Subject: Media Covered Lawsuit – WP Corporate Fraud/Theft against single mom & ill 2 1/2 yr old son
To: manager at wphousewares.com

I will not let WP get away with robbing my son and I, and should no LEGAL/HIGHER-UP WP representative contact me tomorrow to resolve this matter and ensure that I either receive the product I paid for or my money back, then I will pursue this legally and with excellent media coverage (the media loves to report on Corporate Fraud and wrongdoings especially when it’s against a struggling single mom and her ill son and especially when it’s a big name like Wolfgang Puck – and the media is usually much more effective at resolving legal matters than the justice system is alone). Of course if you resolve this issue tomorrow to ensure that I receive the product that I paid for once and for all – then there will be no WP corporate fraud/theft for me to report to the media and legal authorities and all will be peaceful and happy again. I’ll discover what you decide tomorrow. – m

I’ve just left a few more voice messages on the corporate vm system to follow up this email IN DUE DILIGENCE to ensure receipt by WP LEGAL/HIGHER-UP’s and to repeat today’s email/phone request that WP legal division PLEASE connect with me by ‘the next business day’ tomorrow Tuesday June 21st (as cited in WP corporate email answering system) regarding this LEGAL matter of WP keeping my hard earned money and refusing to send the product I paid for and was specifically promised in a legally-binding verbal agreement by Genevieve Williams in RECORDED calls – assuming that Genevieve wasn’t LYING but was telling the TRUTH about ALL WP calls being recorded).

I’m sending this email again in duplicate under an alternate subject line header – once again in DUE DILIGENCE to ensure that WP LEGAL/HIGHER-UP is aware of this URGENT LEGAL MATTER of WP’s refusal to provide the product that I paid for and was specifically promised to be provided by WP via a legally-binding verbal agreement (reconfirmed multiple times in WP recorded calls for reference)…in hopes that this matter is resolved by WP in an ethical legally-honorable and fair manner immediately.

On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 2:16 PM, Melinda Clayton wrote:

Please have WP legal division contact me immediately if you care at all about your customers or if at the very least you care about not having some excellent media coverage in recognition of WP’s act(s) of theft/fraud against me (hard working but financially struggling loving single parent) and my ill 2 1/2 yr old son and follow-up lawsuit for damages for this horrific experience and loss in addition to the money spent/lost on the product I never received because WP refused to provide it after almost 3 months of making me jump through hoops to get it (if it’s happened to me now then maybe it’s not the first time WP has done this).


URGENT LEGAL MATTER – PLS HAVE WP LEGAL DIVISION CONTACT ME REGARDING THE LEGAL MATTER OF WP’S REFUSAL TO HONOR A LEGALLY-BINDING CONTRACT/AGREEMENT (which would be justifiable via citing WP policy – but only in instances that are in the absence of the LEGALLY-BINDING VERBAL agreement that Genevieve Williams made with me which supersedes written WP policy) for WP to provide the very specific exact same product/model that I paid for.

I’ve only ever requested that WP honor WP’s LEGALLY-BINDING verbal agreement to provide the SPECIFIC NEW PRODUCT/MODEL that I paid for in trust to WP – and my secondary follow up request today was only to be put in touch with someone in WP’s legal division after being told that WP is refusing to honor WP’s legally binding agreement to provide the product that I paid for and is closing my file and blocking my phone calls.

WP’s current position of having sent the wrong ‘but similar’ product, thus failing to honor Genevieve’s legally-binding verbal agreement to send the exact product I paid for, and today’s subsequent refusal to honor the agreement to send the product I paid for while keeping my hard earned money and closing my file and additionally abusively accusing me of harassment (victim blaming/deflection of WP’s error/fault) in my follow-up request to speak with WP’s legal department (which was denied/avoided by directing me to send this email) – this is a very serious and damaging act of FRAUD/theft should WP choose to ignore/avoid addressing it as requested in this email and today’s voice messages. WP HAS A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE THE NEW SPECIFIC MODEL THAT I BOUGHT and despite WP policies which are now being cited in an attempt to side-step this responsibility, you can’t keep my money while also refusing to send me the product I paid for! That’s illegal fraud!

A verbal agreement is a legally binding agreement and one which supersedes any standard WP policy in writing that WP may choose to reference after the fact. Any refusal to honor the legally binding agreement/contract that Genevieve Williams made with me and re-confirmed multiple times both verbally (supposedly) recorded conversations and also in writing by email, to provide the exact same SPECIFIC NEW product/model that I paid for, is an act of fraud/theft.

The only way this can be rectified legally/reasonably is for WP to either provide the the specific product that I bought and paid for and which WP is legally bound to provide by virtue of WP’s/Genevieve’s verbal recorded agreement (supersedes the written WP policies which were NOT disclosed or referenced until today) which was reconfirmed repeatedly both verbally and in writing/email, is that WP either takes immediate action to honor and deliver on the legally-binding agreement to ship me the NEW black housing model rotisserie oven OR provide a full refund for the money that I spent/gave to WP (via TSC) to buy this item. This LEGAL matter is WP’s responsibility to resolve, and is an acknowledged informed act of THEFT/FRAUD should WP keep my money while also now refusing to provide the exact specific product that I bought and paid for which WP previously agreed to deliver.

WP HAS A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE THE NEW SPECIFIC MODEL THAT I BOUGHT and despite WP policies which are now being cited in an attempt to side-step this responsibility, you can’t keep my money while also refusing to send me the product I paid for! That’s illegal fraud!

Please have WP legal division contact me immediately if you care about your customers at all or if at the very least you care about not having some excellent media coverage in recognition of WP’s act(s) of theft/fraud against me (hard working but financially struggling loving single parent) and my ill 2 1/2 yr old son (if it’s happened to me now then maybe it’s not the first time WP has done this).

778.775.8102. Your corporate VM states that all calls will be returned by the next business day, so if not in response to this email then in response to my VM’s today I anticipate WP legal division (or a rep to confirm a call time) will be in touch with me by tomorrow Tuesday June 21st regarding this urgent legal matter.

Thank you – Melinda and baby boy Skyler

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Melinda Clayton
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 11:42 AM
Subject: Fwd: tracking #
To: manager at wphousewares.com

Hi there, I’m sending this in hopes it is received by as many people as possible in WP managment team to help resolve WP’s error of sending me the WRONG MODEL of a product that I bought via TSC in April NEW and have not yet received despite lots of lost time, energy and money spent working with WP to receive the oven/product I paid for to cook for my ill son (I don’t have a normal oven and my son has challenging medical diet that I need the oven in order to prepare foods for my son). I’ll follow this up with a phone call. Please I’m praying and begging someone to get back to me asap to resolve WP’s error and provide a tracking number for the shipment of the NEW black housing rotisserie model WP oven that was assured and promised to be sent to me ‘for sure’ last week (and the months prior too), but the wrong product/model was sent by error! Please help this new WP customer to finally receive the product that I exchanged my hard earned money for long ago! Please send me a tracking number asap today if at all possible for the shipment of the correct product from WP to me today.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Melinda Clayton
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 11:24 AM
Subject: Re: tracking #

Good morning Genevieve,

Happy Monday! I’ve been praying that I would have happy news to report – that I’ve finally joyfully received (WP’s replacement for the defective unit) the product that I bought in March from TSC and which you had the shipping manager double check last week would be the NEW BLACK HOUSING WP Oven in the shipment from WP and I was praying that I could report to you that I’ve received my WP oven today. Unfortunately WP has shipped the wrong model AGAIN. I did not check to see if it is a new or used unit this time because that doesn’t matter – it’s NOT the product that I bought and it’s NOT the product that you assured me that I would receive today – WP sent me the WRONG MODEL, the OLD stainless steel model and not the NEW BLACK HOUSING MODEL unit that you assured me last week would be double-checked to be correct and shipped by WP to me. It would be best/fair that WP would now arrange asap to take today’s received WRONG MODEL shipment -take it back and get it out of my apartment and feel free to inspect it yourselves at your own leisure on your own time without making me wait any longer to receive the product I bought NEW back in March and have been working with WP since April to receive – it is now June 20th and the customer is still waiting on WP to deliver as promised. 🙁

I’d like to start cooking for my son please – to heal his broken body and try to recover his health and I’m waiting to receive this oven that I bought back in March to help my son by cooking for him. So I would appreciate it if WP can resolve this issue at WP’s expense of time and money and not cost me any more grief since this is WP’s mistake and no fault on my part. I would appreciate it if WP can please rush the shipment of the NEW black housing rotisserie model WP Oven ASAP (since it was supposed to be sent last week after all) and please provide the tracking number today if at all possible… and please handle WP’s reclamation/verification process of the old WRONG MODEL stainless steel unit that WP mistakenly has sent me today at WP’s expense and not cause any more time/money expense on my part due to WP’s mistaken shipment – which is crowding my tiny apartment (in addition to WP’s prior shipment USED wrong model/SS item) and making us uncomfortable – it’s repacked and ready at the door for FEDEX to take back asap please. I’m so upset about this my brain is emotional and I can’t write a short email – I’ve tacked the above paragraphs in addition to the email I’ve previously composed below to draw attention to urgent/important action steps that are likely to get lost in my emotional letter due to the stress caused by this second mix-up on WP’s part and the significant negative consequences it is having on the lives of my ill son and I. I’ve attached a video of the unboxing of today’s shipment which clearly shows the SS WRONG MODEL SS housing…I haven’t and won’t unpack this unit as it is not the unit that WP was supposed to send me – I’ve repacked it for FEDEX to pick up and it’s sitting by the door – I won’t unpack it again if WP has any inspection requirements then WP needs to have FEDEX pick up the oven that WP sent by WP’s ERROR so that WP can inspect it in person without costing me any more grief due to WP’s mix-up – I am still awaiting on WP to please deliver on sending me the NEW BLACK HOUSING WP Oven that WP/you confirmed would be shipped to me last week…but has not yet been provided/shipped by WP to me (new customer).

Please help me get the product I paid for and you assured me I would receive today asap this week if possible so that I can cook for my son – and please help resolve removing the wrong product that WP accidentally shipped me today out of my apartment asap.

FedEx arrived today with the shipment of the WP oven to replace the original defective unit that I was initially sent when I very first purchased a NEW latest model black housing WP oven from the Shopping Channel back in March. I was soooo excited and eager to finally receive this replacement oven from WP today so that I can finally start cooking for my son in alignment with his very challenging pediatrician-prescribed medical diet – which is why I sacrificed from our food budget to buy the WP Oven back in March in the first place. I don’t have a normal household oven, so these three months being out the money I sacrificed to pay for the oven AND being without the oven to start cooking for my son have felt like FOREVER! Plus I still have yet to find the time and the help to bring the last USED WRONG MODEL/Stainless Steel housing unit that WP previously mistakenly sent me, down the four flights of stairs of my apartment building to the garbage – and it’s crowding our little cramped apartment making us very uncomfortable.

The original defective unit that TSC sent me on my initial purchase order, which WP is now working to replace is a BRAND NEW latest-edition black housing model WP Oven that I bought/paid for (as a NEW WP customer) from TSC back in March.

In our recorded phone conversations and additionally referred to in your email (copied) below, you’ve assured me many times that WP will provide a replacement oven that is NEW (since I bought a NEW unit, not a used or refurbished unit) and it will be the very same BRAND NEW fully functional latest-edition black housing rotisserie model WP oven that I initially bought (as a NEW WP customer) from TSC back in March. What I should have received today is the NEW fully functional latest black housing model of the WP Oven and not the older stainless steel model – because you’ve assured and confirmed this and because this is what I bought/paid for via TSC back in March.

Today I’m confirming the receipt of the (second) replacement unit that WP has shipped me and I’m saddened to have to report to you the frustrating news news that again for the second time WP has sent me the WRONG MODEL (OLDER SS housing model) and has failed to send me the NEW (not used or refurbished) BLACK HOUSING MODEL (not the older Stainless Steel housing model) as promised as confirmed and assured by yourself many times in our recorded conversations that I would receive (for sure in this shipment today).

I have dropped everything to write this email to you and I now await your helpful response on how WP will go about correcting WP’s mistake in having sent this WRONG MODEL to me and how WP will proceed to resolve this mistake in a speedy customer-appreciation-kind-service-focused manner with care to not cost me any more additional time money or inconvenience as WP promptly moves to finally deliver on providing me with the NEW/unused-non-refurbished fully functional LATEST BLACK HOUSING model rotisserie model that WP was SUPPOSED TO HAVE SENT ME IN THE SHIPMENT TODAY.

Please please send me the NEW fully functional latest black housing model WP Oven that I bought as NEW back in March. I have since April been patiently diligently working with WP towards receiving this NEW fully functional latest black housing rotisserie model WP Oven replacement for the defective unit (shipped with the door open) that TSC initially sent me back in March. I’ve been waiting to receive this replacement oven from WP since WP confirmed they would sent it to me after I succeeded to jump through the initial set of all the necessary hoops in April…and then after I succeeded to again jump through a second set of mandated hoops last week to correct WP’s first shipment of the replacement unit which turned out to be the WRONG MODEL – stainless steel unit – which was also used – for which the replacement (which was AGAIN confirmed to be quality-control checked by the shipping manager before shipment to verify first that only a NEW fully functional latest edition black housing model WP rotisserie oven would be sent to me) was confirmed to be shipped last week.

Please arrange to have WP collect and deal with this WRONG MODEL that WP mistakenly has sent me today. Please prepare a the shipment for the BRAND NEW LATEST BLACK HOUSING model rotisserie model that WP was SUPPOSED TO HAVE SENT ME IN THE SHIPMENT TODAY but has not delivered as promised (I forgive this mistake – please just correct it and send me my oven ASAP today if possible). I need WP to get this wrong model SS housing WP oven out of my tiny cramped apartment ASAP and please send me the oven that I bought and paid for and have been diligently working with WP since April to receive but have not yet received. Please help me walk away from WP a happy customer to has received the product that I sacrificed to pay for and buy in trust as a new WP customer back in March.

– Melinda & beautiful baby boy Skyler

On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 11:04 AM, GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS wrote:

Good day Melinda,

First I would like to say thank you for taking the time out to send the video and email to confirm what occurred. In addition please accept our apologies for sending a non-working oven as the warranty manager and production team currently is reviewing this matter accordingly. The oven that you received in black is the latest model that is now being sold. In reviewing your file it appears that you received a used oven which images were requested however the video only shows the box not the oven confirming that the oven was used which is what we are requesting. Again I would like to apologize for the inconvenience in this matter as we will get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile can you please provide images of the inside of the oven for review for the warehouse manager.

Thank you and have a great day

Genevieve Williams

W.P. Productions

Customer Relations (W.P. Warranty Dept.)

On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 1:46 PM, GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS wrote:

Good day,

We are happy to report that your new oven has been sent to you today! Regarding your concern about your previous oven being in a used condition please note that only new ovens are sent to consumers as replacements. We are not in control of handling of the oven once it leaves our facility and it is possible that scratches, or rub marks can occur during shipping and handling by the selected courier. These marks do not affect the reliability, use, or performance of your oven. Your new oven will come with a new warranty against manufacture defects within the first year of receipt of this replacement. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, shipment, or other than ordinary household use. The fedex tracking # 644147473584

Thank you for contacting us and we are hopeful that we have resolved your concerns and have a great day

Genevieve Williams

W.P. Productions

Customer Relations (W.P. Warranty Dept.)

2475 Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood, Florida 33020

Mon- Fri 8:00am -5:00pm EST

Fax# 754-400-5065

Customer Service # 1-800-275-8273


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