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Western Union Corporate Office Address

The Western Union Company
12500 E Belford AvePO Box 6036
Englewood, CO 80112

Contact Western Union

Phone Number: (720) 332-1000
Fax Number: (720) 332-4753
Website: http://www.westernunion.com
Email: Email Western Union

Western Union Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Western Union Executives

CEO: Hikmet Ersek
CFO: Scott T. Scheirman
COO: J. David Thompson

Western Union History

Western Union was founded in 1851 by Hiram Sibley as the New York and Mississippi Valley Telegraph Printing Company.

In 1855, Sibley merged with Ezra Cornell’s telegraph company to form Western Union.

In 1861, the first transcontinental telegraph was introduced.

In 1871, a money transfer service was launched.

In 1884, the company was one of the original 11 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In 1914, the first customer charge card is introduced.

In 1933, the first singing telegram is delivered.

In 1974, the company introduces the first commercial satellite in the world.

In 1980, the company’s money transfer business was more profitable than the telegram business for the 1st time

In 2001, the company had over 100,000 agent locations worldwide

In 2006, telegram service was discontinued.

Today, Western Union handles over 150 million consumer to consumer money transfers annually.  They also handle over 250 million bill pay transactions annually.

Western Union FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Western Union?
Answer 1: The phone number for Western Union is (720) 332-1000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Western Union?
Answer 2: The CEO of Western Union is Hikmet Ersek.

Question 3: Who founded Western Union?
Answer 3: Western Union was founded by in .

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Sonya Hall February 4, 2018 at 10:54 pm

Can I get a print out on where I sent mdoc my P0 dues for the month of September 2017 until February 2018


John Nichols January 4, 2018 at 4:56 pm

Here is a copy of the letter I mailed to the CEO of Western Union.

4 January 2018

Mr. Hikmet Ersek,

My name is John Nichols and I am writing you to complain about the type of customer service I received in trying to get a refund for a wire transfer. I wired money to Wells Fargo only to find out after the fact that Wells Fargo does not accept wire transfers from Western Union. I will take responsibility for that.

I requested my funds be returned to me on 26 December 2017. When I contacted Western Union to have the money refunded, I was told to wait 24-48 hours, which I did. Afterwards, when I contact Western Union, I keep getting the same message to wait 24-48 hours as Western Union is waiting on Wells Fargo to return the funds.

If Wells Fargo rejected the request to pay, then why and how does Wells Fargo have the funds. I should be able to get the fund returned to me ASAP.

Here is my tracking number: 520-953-3251.
Here is my case number: 211 440 73
Dollar Amount: $1464.08

I will admit I have been testy with the customer service representatives, but it is because I keep getting the run around. I will take responsibility for not being nicer to the customer service representatives.

I even reached out to Wells Fargo to try and get them to resolve this and I am getting the run around there as well. I will be sending a letter to the Board of Directors of Wells Fargo as well.


John Nichols


BAHEERAH J. fATEEN December 15, 2017 at 9:32 pm



Vitaly Syrkin November 17, 2017 at 5:40 am

Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with WU. I made two money transfers on Nov. 09th, and Nov. 14th, 2017 in favor of an individual in Nigeria but in both cases my orders were cancelled.

I have carefully read Section 3.4 of WU rules but have not found any single sound reason for cancellation of my money transfer. As far as I know, Nigeria is not in the embargo list and as for the Beneficiary of the transfer, he is not included in the checklist.

It turns out that WU uses a subjective criteria to perform the transaction or to decline it. I can hardly imagine you going to a shop and a shop-assistant refusing to sell a loaf of bread to you for any subjective reasons. It is great that WU warns me about possible risks but I know what I have been doing and the decision must be mine.

All my actions were in accordance with the Russian legislation (173-FZ and 115-FZ) and I believe that WU has illegally deprived me of my lawful rights to do the money transfer. There must be sound and reasonable causes behind WU’s cancellation and it is easy to say NO (first a WU clerk pronounced childish talks about fraud and scam and then the second clerk told me about sending money to family member only and no online purchase) instead of performing its duties strictly in accordance with WU internal rules and the international law. Moreover, WU does not like honesty, I guess you personally made money transfers to the people you did not know in person – I did it many times and no bank and even WU did not make any attempt to establish the fact whether I knew the recipient of the transfer or not. If you had lied, all would be fine. WU does not meet the laws but also wants me to lie!!! This is quite common nowadays but I am optimist and I am sure there are millions of people who would not say lies whatever circumstances are. WU accumulates shame upon itself!!!

I treat all people and companies with respect and I expect the same from others – unfortunately this is not the case with WU. I can regret only.


Geneya Batchelor October 18, 2017 at 4:33 pm

i sent in the rcepit to 2 money orders that i lost and was told it would take up to 30 days so i checked almost everyday to see if they was processed. once they was processed i waited the time it would take for the mail to reach my home. and when it didnt i called to check to see what was the issue and discover that they had sent my money to the wrong address one that does not even exist.. i spoke with a agent and was told but for me losing my money order in the first place i would not have to wait for a check . i asked for a supervisor anne and reminded her that i knew the call was recorded and that he was very unprofessional she assured me that wu would over night a check to me and i waited . but i didnt tryst her so i called the next day to check the status and sure enough she lied but it gets better after talking on the phone with Jackson( let me just say passing the phone and pretending to be a manager who can help is very unprofessional) he assured me that i would get my money by Thursday by fedex no later then friday wanna guess what happened when i called Wednesday you guest it on hold with another manger lying so more. all i want is my money that is owed . i followed the procedures to get it back it should not be this hard to get what is rightfully mine


Kathleen Hackley October 4, 2017 at 2:32 pm

I been sending money thru western union since may of this year my HUSBAND and his crew was bringing a tranker back full of oil and was captured and thrown in jail for paper work being out dated by the Nigerian port authority the ship was made into a jail they were on and his ship was confiscated and taken to and unknown place by port authority my HUSBAND and crew was SEPERATED. his crew was in one part of this jail ship and he was in another never seeing his crew there bail was set at 100,000 US DOLLARS, at first i had no problems sending money thru western union until they called me a MONEY LAUNDERING PERSON BY LETTER THIS HEAD GUARD KILLED ONE OF OUR CREW MEMBERS DUE TO THE FACT THAT WESTERN UNION DELAYED THIS MONEY GETTING THRU IT WAS ON FATHERS DAY AND HIS WIFE HAD A CHILD WHILE HE WAS GONE WORKING. THE NEXT THING BECAUSE of western union not allowing my money to go thru and delaying it so i had to find someone else to it was the beat one crew member in the mouuth with the end of a butt of the rifle and knocked out all his teeth he required surgery just to stop the bleeding again needing to send money had to find someone, each time money was not sent ontime my HUSBAND was severly beaten by the guards watching him at least 5 times he was beaten so he to needed medical attention and more money had to be senbt and another person had to be found then one of the workers because of western union not allowing me to send money and the delay to find someone another worker was held down and metal rebar shoved into his mouth and almost thru the back of his neck this head guard took pictures to show what he did if western union dont stop and question why money is being sent youxare going to kill someone’s loved or life im trying to get my HUSBAND and his crew HOME but your putting blocks up do you wants picture’s of what they did to my HUSBAND CREW MEMBERS i will be happy to send them I want a reply NOW also how dare you call me a money laundering im only trying to save my HUSBAND an our CREW MEMBERS your judging me and you dont know me im 58 years old my HUSBAND is 65 years old he has worked very HARD all his life doing this job and never imaged this would happen. I WANT ANSWER immediately ASAP. FROM THE CEO TOP MANAGEMENT NOT SOME PEON UNDERWRITER I CAN TELL THE DIFFERANCE


David Wilkinson September 23, 2017 at 4:52 pm

I sent money on July 3rd 2017 and I got a text msg from WU stating that the money was never picked up and for me to call them for a refund. I called them on August 15th and I was told that my refund will be mailed to my home in 7-10 business days, I waited until 14 days and I called them back only to be told that my refund was NEVER PROCESSED OR SENT OUT, I then asked to speak with a supervisor which then assured me that she did it correctly and I will definitely receive my $240 refund within the 7-10 business days. It is now September 23rd 2017 and I am STILL waiting for my refund. I have spoken to 7 different supervisors who have all assured me that they have finally done my refund correctly and that I will get my refund within the 7-10 business days and guess what?? I still haven’t received anything. I was also told by 3 of those “supervisors” that they were going to overnight my refund and that they would call me first thing in the morning to assure me that my refund was on its way and I’m still waiting. Almost every time I call customer service back, I’m told that the previous supervisor that I spoke with was incorrect in telling me what they did. I have also been told that WU does NOT do overnight refund checks when I was told by numerous supervisors that they were sending them out to my address. Do you think it’s funny to be giving your customers the run around?with all the money that I have sent to my children and paid all of WUs fees time and time again, that when it comes to me getting my money back, I feel like I’m just being ignored. Do you actually think I’m going to let this go?? Absolutely NOT, I don’t care if I have to spend $5K to get a lawyer to get me my $240 back, because it’s the principle of it now. What I really don’t understand is that when I’m told time and time again that they were going to stop payment on several checks that were mailed out to process a new refund, HOW COME I HAVEN’T ONCE RECEIVED ANY OF THOSE STOPPED CHECKS IN MY MAIL??? Did WU send one of their “supervisors” out into the field and collect those checks from my mailman before it got into my mailbox??? I really do NOT understand this lack of professionalism from this multimillion dollar company and after reading all of these same complaints with customers not receiving their refunds and some of these have been going on for more than a year, I can not understand how you still are in business and not have millions of lawsuits. I will be notifying the BBB and filing a complaint with our states attorneys office and I will also be on every social media site that I am on and letting everyone know EXACTLY what WU does to their customers hard earned money. This will be ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA AND I’M GOING TO GET AS MANY LIKES AND SHARES THAT I CAN POSSIBLY GET. Then I will be refreshing my story and sending it around again and again and again. Our hard earned money can be sent by MONEY GRAM, WALMART, PAYPAL, AMSCOTT ETC……


Maung Maung Than(Australia) August 13, 2017 at 7:49 pm

To Western Union
Office Colorado,USA

From Maung Maung Than
New South Wales,Australia

Re: (1)Abuse of Power and

(2)Denial of Protection of Law.

I refer to the phone conversation between me (from Byron Bay,Australia) and Ms Ma Ei Operator number 133( from Colorado, USA) at

14:0914:25 EST on Wednesday 9th August 2017 ,requesting immediate release of the money sent to me by a friend from Victoria as birthday present

paying the fees 8 dollars at Australian Post on 29th of July 2017. It was meant to be made available to me within minutes ,according to WU

standard procedure ‘ Money in Minutes Service’. The whole conversation was witnessed by Dr. Maarten De Vries Ex -Col. Of Australian Defence Force,

Medical Officer.(Oath Sworn) Western Union violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by abusing the power and authority as per Preamble 1948,

also it committed the violation of law of contract in Australian law.

I request Western Union to cease this abuse of my rights to protection of law.

Sincerely yours,

Maung Maung Than
DL 13944XXX
DOB 31.07.XXXX
Email: Burma2007 at gmail.com
13 August 2017,Sydney,NSW


shocked August 12, 2017 at 9:12 am

The worst customers service I have ever by far experienced. Unbelievably the worst. Contact head quarters in Colorado for customer service at a Colorado phone number only to find out iam again speaking to someone in the Philippines that I can not understand and in is no means making a effort to help me. I ask him is this the Colorado head quarters ? His reply was no this is customer service and iam in the Philippines. Wow ok so now I am right back to where I was. Now a week later, I have made 20 phone calls and sent emails . (NOTHING FROM THERE SO CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE).western union still holding my money. Transaction never went threw and not one reply by phone or email from western union to resolve this matter. How is this company still in business.


Robert July 22, 2017 at 10:31 am

Western Union is prejudicial. If you try to send money to someone that you know and trust, Western Union will cancel the transaction and then tell you that it is fraud and will want to know who you are sending money to, how long you have know them, the purpose of the transaction and as to whether or not you have ever met the person in person and that is just for starters. They are very, very nosy and can and will treat you like a criminal just for sending money to someone that you know or feel you can trust. Western Union has no right to tell a person who they should and should not trust. That is the right of the person sending the money. Not Western Union’s right. The fraud Department at Bank of America agrees with me on that and believes that a customer has the right to send money to whomever they wish without any kind of interference from Western Union or anyone else. This line of questioning that Western Union and Moneygram do is reminiscent of the Gestapo. Always wanting to know who you are sending money to and all their other stupid questions. What they do is in no way related to the Patriot Act. It is nothing more than pure discrimination based on their hatred and prejudice and it should not be tolerated by anyone.


n odum July 24, 2017 at 8:29 am

I have contacted Western Union 4 times in the last month. Twice by phone and via chat. Each time was an horrible experience. I am constantly asking WU to refund my money that I sent but was never picked up. In the system for over a year two transactions were listed as “pending” or “in progress”. I called two times and the person was very difficult to understand but eventually told me the funds would be mailed back to me. It never happened. I called again I was told the same thing two weeks later. Two weeks ago I IM’d someone and they took forever to even join the chat..23 minutes to be exact and finally they joined the chat. Each response from them took over 5 min. They finally said the refund will be put back on my payment method. This never happened. I IM’d today, the person took 13 minutes to join chat. And 7 minutes to even reply. I keep going thru the same thing over and over with no results. All of a sudden the transactions are saying “complete after a year! The receiver has not picked them up so how are they complete? I would like my funds returned to me via mail. I will file a complaint with corporate if I don’t hear anything by July 20th, 2017, along with a BBB complaint.


Felecia barrett September 18, 2017 at 4:04 pm

The same thing is happening to me


Tamala Starks June 27, 2017 at 1:36 pm

Western Union has runin our family for the whole week . I sent $400 to my son for emergency and he was unable to pick it up because of no reason at all. We elders lied to 7 times saying to go back to pick the money up because it was ready. It was not ready every time my son went back. They lied over and over again even saying atvone point the money will be refunded back on my card. It’s day 2 my son still hasn’t gotten his money when I paid $40 extra to send it in mins. Theses people at western union are frauds and don’t care about anyone and what they are going through. This was my last money to help my son in an emergency and they failed us. I wanna call file a law suit for pain and suffing because this has made me sick.


Robert July 22, 2017 at 10:19 am

If Western Union is not refunding the money back to you, then you should report Western Union to Ic3 and the FBI. You can also file a report with your local police department against Western Union. You can also go to Western Union’s website and find out what the name of the Government Agency is in your state that regulates and licenses businesses like Western Union and file a complaint with them. You can also contact the Federal Trade Commission regarding Western Union and their practices.


Jennifer June 13, 2017 at 1:51 pm

I purchased a money order in December 2016. This money order was cashed by someone other than the person it was written for. I followed all procedures asked of me in Jan 2017. Mind you this is my rent check!!! I even paid the additional amount of 15.00 to get a copy of the money order, just to send it back to them to investigate. This is a poor business move! However, I have been dealing with this since Jan and here it is June and the only answer I keep getting is ” it is still under investigation”. They sat on my paperwork for 2 months before they even send it to “investigations”. The only reason they sent it was because I called to check on the status and they hadn’t even done anything with it. So now my children and I are facing eviction because they dropped the ball in which they are blaming me for. However I have the faxed confirmation that it was received in Feb. I am currently filing a complaint with the Consumer complaint of banking of the State of Ohio at 866-278-0003 due to the treatment I’ve received and the neglect. The struggle is real out here and to play with the lives of others is completely immoral.


Muhamed musa Muhamed May 5, 2017 at 9:53 pm

Worst costumer service and worst place to send money.
Racist and haters. my friend live in GREAT BRITIN. And I send him $100 as birthday gift, becaus his name was MUHAMMED they called me and they were like we need the pic of his I’d and more. And they agent who caled me her name was Michel from Philipin. I asked her is it becaus Muslim name that’s why she was like yes ! That just shocked me and I told her you know I’m recording you and she was like sir I can’t hear you. Really becaus my friend name was Muhamed that’s why they made me go thru hell for just $100 dollar I was just cancel it they were like nope we can’t cancel. But you know what I’m gone change my name now from now my name and my middle name and my sure name would be MUHAMMED so what . It’s a free world not f-ing your world. I’m gone file complain against western union you don’t ducking have right to choose the name and religion for me I’m Muslim il be Muslim so what ?? And for your information my name is show Tahir musa. But from now on is gone be MUHAMMED MUHAMMED MUHAMMED.


Faye April 26, 2017 at 8:19 pm

Company had no customer derbice skills can’t understand there English want return calls keep you on hold forevrt I just want my money back for a money order that wad purchased and payment wad rejected they want to charge 15 dollars for a 46 dollar money order now is that right no its not just give me my money back the company is not worth shit will never purchase a money order from them again hope they all eat shit and die


Faye April 26, 2017 at 8:08 pm

I. Called several timgot nowhrte only to speak to someone who speaks broken English put on hold many times no one comes back they day I will get someone to call you still waiting on a call all for a money order valued at 46 dollars that wad rejected for payment I just want my money back but its a joke trying to get any help will nebet ever buy a money order again thanks for taking my money hope you eat shit and die


L. Wright April 21, 2017 at 7:58 am

For the past six months, I have been requesting my transaction history from Western Union to process certain paperwork requested by Immigration, and up until today 04/21/17, they have yet to release that information despite every effort. Initially when the request was made, it took Western Union three months to sent a form and that was because I called them five to six times on a daily basis. Finally, the form was mailed to me, filled and returned with a copy of my social security card, driver license, & permanent resident copy as well, but they misplaced my document and requested an additional set, but I refused. I have spoken to supervisors, customer services representatives, and managers, and they have absolutely made no effort to have those requested documents mailed, or emailed to me.
What I don’t understand is, western union services to customers are not free, so why are you people hesitant, or deliberately refused to release transaction history to people who paid their hard earned money for services.
At this juncture, I’m trying to located the head of this business to file an official compliant as a means of trying to resolve this growing complaints that has surfaced, and continued surfacing over a period of time.
Just on the 04/20/17, I decided to give them a follow-up call, and they wanted me to do an additional form and have it resent for processing, and I refused on grounds that it was a waste of my time, because their lackadaisical, reluctant, unethical, unrealistic behavior was sure to be repeated.
However, I hope someone who is closed to the head of this entity see the need to inform him about the behavior of his employees and try to put an end to this unethical work-place non-sense.


Joey Zovich April 10, 2017 at 9:42 am

Western Union has employees that may be identity thieves. They do not keep good records. I received a letter from Jonathan LaCroix dated March 28, 2017. In it he states “Western Union has investigated this matter. According to our records, you initiated the money transfer for $500.00 on March 16,2017 at approximately 9:09 AM ET” . The problem with that statement is that Mr LaCroix failed to see that there had been three attempts to access my account. This company makes excuses for it’s lack of professionalism and security. I have proof that there had been three attempts to take money from my bank account. The person that took the money successfully is in a different country. That makes it an international crime. Mr LaCroux, who is Western Union’s Assistant Legal Analysis should know that. Bottom line. If you value your identity do not do business with Western Union


Michele Guadalupe March 18, 2017 at 7:48 am

Maximiliano Formento, an Argentinian born manager at Western Union in Dallas Texas is money laundering for the biggest heroin and auto insurance fraud schemers in New York – (Toyota Dealerships, Carlos Alarcon Westbury NY, Laurence Dagger, NY and Alejandro Oscar Gerardo Scottsdale, AZ).

I was going to report Mr. Formento to Western Union but after reading these comments especially being that this company is now owned by Turkish businessmen, I will report WU directly to the appropriate Federal Agencies which President Trump has strengthend via Executive Order. F**k Western Union right in their Turkey.

Reports submitted to Federal Agencies for bank theft and money laundering are:

1. IRS – irs.gov

2. United States Postal Service Inspectors postalinspectors.uspis.gov/

3. Office of Inspector General – OIG

4. United States Department of Justice – justice.gov/

5. FDIC – fdic.gov/

6. FTC – ftc.gov/about-ftc/bureaus-offices/bureau-consumer-protection

Wire fraud is a Federal violation which carries a 20 year maximum sentence which these legal bank robbers deserve.


Kevin Casey Murphy January 26, 2017 at 9:59 pm

Im a professional writer and at the time of this writing am preparing to send this to the Better Business Bureau and anyone else that comes to mind…

These people are f-ing MORONS, and dishonest ones at that!….It took me 4 DAYS to complete ONE transaction…and at the time of this writing, Im still not finished with these village idiots, and by “Village” allow me to elaborate

Western Union has essentially been turned into a “3rd WORLD” enterprise, the only thing missing is a salty “Native” snidely replying “SOON COME” when responding to the customers questions regarding the imminence or lack thereof of the consummation of one’s affairs.

Apparently some self important sh*t from “Turkey” of all f-ing places has bought Western Union and turned it to a small inefficient African country run by a 3rd world dictator who makes Idi Amin seem like Mother Theresa….Its a LITERAL NIGHTMARE…They should really call it “EASTER UNION”.or prehaps “Eastern Promises” as it reduces these f**ks to the status of the Russian Mob..

.I would literally prefer to EAT MY OWN SKIN than deal with these Keystone Cops On Crack one more f-ing Time. I never dreamed it was possible to orchestrate business in this shoddy and indecisive manner and still manage to actually STAY in business

It defies every law, natural and unnatural….The main issue is they, like seemingly everyone else in these greedy times have “outsourced’, ya gotta love THAT term; to the Phillipines and Sumatra and other unenviable destinations and as a result, one is reduced to dealing with people who, less than a quarter of a century ago were hunting deer with blow guns..to say nothing of the sh*t phone connection and accents so bloody thick you feel like you need a translator

.Im NOT being “Glib” either…if you know these contentious peoples history OR have had the misfortune to have had dealings with these creatures, than you know PRECISELY what Im talking about…We’re talking “PRIMITIVE” with a capitol “P”.

They are combative and inefficient by nature and WORSE, NOT trained properly and in addition there is NO consistent criteria for virtually ANYTHING that they do or TRY to do, OR SAY… Consequently as a result the customer is dragged through a seemingly ENDLESS series of unenviable scenarios, each one more frustrating than the one previous, not to mention time consuming!…..

I started my “business” with these walking zombie nightmares on a Monday…as of this writing, its THURSDAY and I have YET to receive my money…I had all the necessary ID from the beginning of this fruitless journey as did the guy on the other end, a friend for many years, so my amazement and consternation increased geometrically as day after day I was dragged through one cosmically absurd situation after another, often waiting on hold for HOURS at a time, ditto the person who was sending the money, who ACTUALLY fell asleep on Hold” because he was on so long..

.He told me the last thing he remembered before he dozed off was that he had been on “hold” for over 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

It literally became a “Whos on First” Abbot and Costello routine, sans laughter…I never thought it was remotely possible to have such an experience in a world where there is such advanced communication systems, which only serves to underscore my point most eloquently..

I would, all kidding aside, seriously suggest to you that “bobbing for apples in a Piranha tank would be time better spent, and a whole lot more enjoyable I might add…If I could figure out a way to drag them into the proverbial Light” I would have already undertaken such a journey most gladly and MOST definitively….as of now, writing the better business bureau is my only option

However, as sad as it sounds, its a sign of the times…I would suggest either Money Gram or Bank wire, the latter which I would have done but I had the misfortune to lose my bank card a few days ago….

Again I am not trying to be glib, but a “Carrier Pigeon ” would LITERALLY have been quicker….Its like Ground Hog Day meets the Twilight Zone, without of course the entertainment value either of those shows…

Good luck, dealing with these misfits is a holocaust of BIBLICAL proportions…It couldnt get much worse short of Armageddon itself


Wu suck January 15, 2017 at 9:49 am

Wwwwwwuuuuuu sucks
Wwwwwwwuuuuu sucks
Wwwwwwuuuuuu thief
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Wwwwwwwuuuuu thief

Wu sucks and they are thief… they f-ing take your hard earned money. Use MONEYGRAM people.. never any problem with moneygram.. always problem with wu.


Sharon hargde November 29, 2016 at 12:08 pm

Am filling a complaint on against western union because I sent money to a family member friend and he was unable to receive the money due to no identification there was a test question but was still unable to pick up the money so I went back to cancel the transaction they told me I couldn’t cancel the transaction until the I write a letter of explanation stating why the receiver Paul Smith does not have I’d what is date of birth place of birth address occupation what’s my relationship to him I have written five letter ‘s each time I call it’s the same thing each time I just want my money I tried to cancel the transaction an hour after I sent the money on November the 25th 2016 it doesn’t take five days to cancel a transaction for to send me my money back they what me to give them information on him that I can not provide to them each time it’s the same thing they need his information so they can track him down I can not give them something that I don’t have. …


Clover Watson December 20, 2016 at 8:22 pm

The government should investigate Western Union for their fraudulent behaviors. People should stop using there company to send money. I have two transaction filed ,where I am waiting for them to send me money that was never picked up. Every time I called i get the same run around from them. They are crooks.


Jennifer Barba November 19, 2016 at 12:20 am

I have made many compaints and forward all the threatening email I got demanding money from me for over a year I been going through this not only that I got scam over three hundred dollars and nothing no apology or nothing just a letter saying they had no part in it so why are they using there business to scam people around the world


Susan Jesionowski July 13, 2016 at 7:21 pm

Hello, I bought a money order from your company on June 1, 2015. For the last year we’ve been told that the money order was received, as of July 12, 2016 the state of Nevada finally told us the money order wasn’t received and my grandson’s death certificate wasn’t paid for. As of July 13, 2016 I went to Scolari’s, where I bought it from, the store manager found out the money order was never cashed. And western union wants $45 to return $27 of a $40 money order. How fair is that from you and your company. Your representative told a grieving mother she had a year to check on it. Talk about heartless. There has to be a solution to this problem your company is creating. Please contact me, 775 513-XXX. Or email me at susanjesionowski at yahoo.com. thank you


Dianna Stephenson July 7, 2016 at 6:25 pm

Does anybody at the corporate office even bother to read these comments? I want my money orders cashed, just because they expired doesn’t give you the right to keep the doctor money, I was supposed to be sent papers over a month ago, now because your people in the Philippines did not send me the papers now yous are trying to take more money from me… also I don’t understand how It can be legal for money orders to expire after one year when I was told at the Western Union store that money orders are good forever.. I’m going to be contacting the Attorney General’s office I’m going to be contacting my lawyer also, you have people working for you in the Philippines who have no respect for American citizens, I was hung up on, I was spoken to rudely and was told I was going to get paperwork for the past month, I’ve been trying to get this paper work for over a month and I’ve gotten absolutely nowhere… I think your customer service is told to tell customers certain things just to drag it out so you can continue to steal more money from people…
I need somebody from the corporate office that works in the United States to call me at 617-889-XXXX


Dianna Stephenson July 7, 2016 at 4:24 pm

My money orders expire use refuse to cash them I had to call customer service which was located in the Philippines which the lady was very rude nasty hung up on me but was told I have to wait for paperwork to come from her which I never received and as time goes on use people are continuing to steal money off of my money on it as time goes on you should take him or more money so now use a dragging this out and not sending me paperwork I want paperwork…
I want to speak to somebody in this country, I do not want to deal with somebody in from the Philippines who does not speak English. I am going to file charges with the attorney general’s office I don’t see how you taking my money is legal. I would appreciate a phone call from somebody from the corporate office in the United States of America my phone number is 617-889-XXXX I would appreciate a phone call as soon as possible.


Stacey June 7, 2016 at 10:39 am

Your company really is a joke. Tried to send money twice to my son and both times they take your money but he never could retrieve it. Now I wait for refund..days later. It’s not not a place you want to do business with.


Anna Graham June 2, 2016 at 8:05 pm

The people working for Western Union are I n my opinion trained to give the customers the run around. I have been trying for over a year to recoup monies my deceased husband attempted to send to someone else. The monies were never retrieved by the receiver, Western Union contacted me, informed me of the monies 7 months after my husband death. After explaining that he was deceased, they told me to send a copy of his death certificate, a copy of my ID, certified proof of address and the check would be mailed to me. I have faxed info to them many times and still nothing. I’ve been told numerous times by over 20 different reps of WU give us 72 hours and someone will call you with a resolution, never happened. I could really use this money as I have lost everything since my husband’s death.


Art Clark May 19, 2016 at 3:14 pm

I have tried on three occasions to transfer $1000 twice on line last week the first one there was a problem with the account, the second one we were advised it went through and money would be delivered by yesterday (three business days) it did not make and the transfer number given to us by Western Union was not valid. Yesterday I went to my bank and had US Bank to do the process we were advised the money would be available this morning. My US Bank account took my money and sent it via Western Union and the tracking numbers on my paperwork are not valid. I call Western Union Corporate during business hours in Colorado and get a call center in the Philipines no help. Attorney General may get a call tomorrow


very upset agent April 6, 2016 at 1:18 pm

I am a agent. I have been trying get this problem fixed I have talked to 30 people at western union no one can help me. I have been sent around world . They are a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maka Andguladze March 18, 2016 at 10:49 pm

My name is Maka Andguladze (39 years old female) live in Stamford CT
I have raised $5000 for a very sick young man through go fund me account
I was doing that for a few months. Western Union kept these money and doesn’t want to give it to me so I can send it to this sick young man who is fighting with Leukemia. I tried to sent this money by Western Union in my Country for this young man.
First Western Union sent money in Georgia, USA instead Republic of Georgia (Country). After almost a week they found out their mistake and sent me a check. I deposit this check in People’s United Bank in my account but they can’t cash it because Western Union keeps holding it. I am devastated and depressed.
Young man is depend on this money. He is dying
Please help me to get my money back from Western Union
I don’t have money I am a new arrival emigrant supporting 5 people at home working 24/7. I don’t remember when I slept
Please help me
This is a picture of that young man I was helping and he has my name on the paper in his hand.
My cell phone is 203822XXXX
I know in this Country doesn’t happened this kind of things. I moved here because of better life
Please help me


Patrick Peters January 13, 2016 at 11:39 am

Who is Alfred Marshall and is he affiliated with wu


Nirupa February 13, 2015 at 11:01 pm

I am so disappointed with the customer service department & the way Western Union handles customers concern. I’ve requested a transaction history from my account ,4 months ago; verify everything they need from me about 6 times,( a few times by mailing in a copy of my driver’s license & faxing it) to the correspondent desk ! I kept calling them every week to check on the status & was told numerous times that my request was mailed out to me. I called again I was asked to verify my address. I did. & I’m still waiting. My next step would be to get a court order, so I can recieve my request( hopefully it works). But someone needs to do something about Western Union. It seems as if the employees there does not know what they are doing/ don’t want to do it. i would never recommend western union to anyone. Where is the CEO of this company? Has he ever got in contact with anyone? What is he doing to make things better? How is he fixing things?


Brian Morgan December 2, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I too am being victomized, although they dont know just what will be comming down on them,
Can you say class action lawsuit, contacting the U.S. POSTAL INSPECTORS, The ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE, LOCAL NEWS 3 ON YOURSIDE, UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO, AND If possible 20/20 or 60 MINUTES. How many people have given the debit or credit card number to the agent only to be told after the fact ” Sorry due to the high volume of froud in that country we cannot send the money, yet will tell you it’s not there policy to refund at that moment. A check will be sent to your address. You get a letter in the mail telling you they can not send the check becouse the address is not on file in there system. It gets worse, I’ll leave it at that. Please people follow my lead and contact the heavy hitters in your state. I will not stop untile I get my $1, 000 back, As A Veteran I will be writting my Congressman, & Senator too. THIS MARINE IS IN FOR A FIGHT,,,,,,,


Lorraine Campbell October 10, 2014 at 8:58 pm

i see by these former customers that this my be a waste of time. But I going to say my peace anyways.. I was sent a western union money order from my mother in Ar. and I am in Ok.. Not one of your western union location would cash it for me. I ended up going to a check cashing place to pay to have them cash it. I ended paying just to cash it.. What is the point in having money orders if no one can cash them except at the store where they are purchased at.. Think you all need to do some reconstruction in your company so your customers do not have to pay twice to use your company.. . I will never do business with western union again..


shelley cambra July 29, 2014 at 7:58 pm

I had 37 $1000. money orders stolen before I could fill them out, just hours from purchasing them. When I ask the agent I purchased them from after learning that 4 had been cashed to put a stop payment on them, I was told they could not do that and then gave me the western union money dept. phone number. They to said that there system would not let them do that. After getting a supervisor on the line she said she would expedite a request to the dispute dept. and I would hear from someone within 24 hours. I explained that all of the money orders could get cashed within 24 hours, she said she was sorry that was all she could do. I never received a call within the 24 hours but was happy to find out that a stop payment was put on the number series some how. I went all through there dispute process for 4 months. In June at the 3 month time I learned that 4/30/2014 9 more money orders totaling $9000. were cashed with the stop payment on them. Now at 4 months I receive word from your legal dept. that I can not get any of my money back until the money orders expire ( 1 Year ) and I will only receive money on any money order that the thief don’t cash during that time. I know by 6 months I will not have any money left to be returned to me. GREAT company works for the villain and not the victum.


Attila Farkas July 25, 2014 at 3:17 pm

Useless company with a lot of useless employes.


alice July 14, 2014 at 6:17 pm

Yes its a big company but so what .They are there for money not for help if you have a problem for get it . They do not even reply me as an agent i feel if your territory manager does not reply your email he or she does not need to be working for any one.


Van Conner June 29, 2014 at 4:13 pm

June 29, 2014


ONLY TO: Western Union, CEO: Hikmet Ersek, mainly, and for consideration by CFO: Scott T. Scheirman and COO: J. David Thompson.

FROM: Van Conner, PO Box XX, Gainesville, Ga. 30503; vancoXXXX@charter.net.

I am located in Gainesville, Georgia, and my renters are located in Biloxi, Mississippi. I am being victimized by your company, Western Union, and my renters are being victimized unknowingly and presently by Western Union. My renters purchase your Western Union Money Orders to send me the rent each month. In a previous incident, I mailed your Money Orders to my ETRADE bank account and they refused to accept them for deposit as I was notified by mail near two weeks after I mailed them in for deposit. The return envelope contained the rejected Western Union Money Order checks. Upon speaking to a representative with ETRADE, I was told that they could process the Western Union Money Orders if I presented them personally at their offices in New Jersey, and I would have the use of the money three business days later. For the last several months, my son used his banking account to collect the money and wire it to my ETRADE account. They notified him last month they could no longer do that according to some sort of third-party type explanation.
I exist on Social Security, a small paycheck, and depend on efficient payment from my renters in Biloxi, Mississippi to make the mortgage payment on the house in which they live. Their rental money is the only way that I can maintain the payments on the home that the people rent, and they in good faith send me Western Union Money Orders, which money is required to make the payments to avoid foreclosure so these people can continue to live in the home on which they pay the rent.
I personally took these latest Western Union Money Orders to a Western Union office at a local grocery store. They refused to cash them or wire the stated value of them to my ETRADE bank account. After several days and conversations with people I know, friends and family, about how to cash these seemingly bogus checks, one person noticed that the checks were drawn on Wells Fargo Bank. I am almost seventy and do not drive. I walked two miles with these checks to the bank upon which they are drawn, Wells Fargo Bank, expecting to have the situation finally resolved and for them to wire the money on to my ETRADE account to cover the mortgage payment. However, I was given the explanation that if I had a personal account with Wells Fargo, they could process the Money Orders and I would have access to the money in three business days. The clerk at Wells Fargo told me that the policy concerning Western Union Money Orders revolved around and centered on the idea of preventing fraud. If taking an older, black couple’s cash money in Biloxi, Mississippi who assume in good faith that their rent is paid timely enough to prevent foreclosure on their home and enjoy it, and thwarting access to the money to an old man on the other end is not fraud, what is? Upon receiving by mail their Western Union Money Orders, I am delayed and inconvenienced and the payment of the mortgage that is required for these people to continue to stay in their home goes unpaid while I am horsed around with Western Union’s policy.
I put on two pairs of glasses and read the fine print that said the Money Orders are “Payable at the Wells Fargo Bank Grand Junction – Downtown, N.A. – Grand Junction, Colorado”. It’s closer for me to walk to Biloxi, Mississippi to collect the rent money directly from my renters or to Jersey City, NJ, if I wanted to wait three days for the Money Orders to clear. It’s become clear to me that you have dragged up a red herring calling it, “controlling fraud,” in order to use the cash money with which my renters purchased your Western Union Money Orders – my money. The number of days of confusion will soon exceed three weeks caused from onerous conditions imposed on me by Western Union’s policy preventing me access to my money for use in preventing foreclosure on their home, which money the purchasers of your Western Union Money Orders sent in good faith.
I suspect that your Money Order policy is fraudulent according to the stress and misery exacted on me presently, and in time and turn on the renters that sent their money in good faith. In its aggregate, its effect appears to exceed any fraud that you may be trying to control with your onerous policy. There is little doubt in my mind that this is also done on the backs of those conducting the many thousands of relatively small transactions that are not fraudulent, but essential transactions, and in this case, for my renters to keep their home.
I suspect that the float of money accumulated by your Western Union policy to prevent fraud indeed is the evidence of a more-fraudulent act than the fraud you ostensibly purport to prevent. I think you know what’s going on and delight in using the mass of money accumulated from your obfuscated fraud. One way to correct that would be to change the name of your distressing product from Money Order to Money Maybe. Things would then be fine, as my renters would purchase their money orders at a reputable institution, for example, the post office or a local bank. Or, maybe if they gave the rental money to an individual living almost next door to them in Biloxi who upon taking their cash issued them his Money Order, which they sent to me for presentation to his brother-in-law who lives almost next door to me in Gainesville and he handed me the cash upon presentation, everything would be lovely. However, if the brother-in-law gave me onerous things to do which require days and days, and weeks, my complaint to the authorities would result in the jailing of those two perpetrators for a relatively mild fraud. Owing to its size being less than 1000 dollars, they would be released until court date as they likely make restitution quickly and probation likely on the first offense and hard time if their larcenous behavior continued.
You obviously are a brilliant man and full of yourself as I watched a fifteen-minute interview of you on HuffPost Live, but with a larcenous streak, I believe, as from the suspicions I’ve stated above. Brilliant men can perpetrate fraud in many contexts that they dream up to obfuscate criminal-like activity by way of the stench of a rotting-red herring. The stench from your fraud-prevention techniques posed on the much grander scale of whatever fraud you are basing your actions exceeds the mild odor of each of the little frauds of your millions of individual transactions to accomplish what the brother-in-laws attempted one time on a small scale to have the use of that little bit of cash for a few weeks. The people you victimize with your effectively bogus by dint of the ‘pilferage of the time-value of money type’ Money Orders are those without efficient means for transferring money. Those fit nicely into your plan for using their cash money and the intended recipients’ money all the longer in the way you have set up your Money Order policy to conduct such, apparently unregulated. Your personality, I gathered as I watched you perform for fifteen-minutes, suggests that you like freedom to do what you want, and to a fault in this case. You may need to be where those slightly larcenous brother-in-laws would reside if they continued their sorry and cowardly behavior as you do what they did one time millions of times each month.
My ETRADE account lacks a few hundred dollars covering the mortgage payment on my personal home and the payment for my renter’s home, a little less than the amount of the two Western Union Money Orders I hold. The electronic payments for the mortgages hit tomorrow on my ETRADE account. One or the other payment will be bounced as I sit helpless while you use money that is mine.

Van Conner


willie May 6, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Customer service and in store employees seem unaware of the services offered by the company they work with.

The call center representatives have a difficulty understanding English Language.
When transferred you wait until disconnected.

As for a follow up call back on forms you submit online? Forget about it. No use you wait. Such a agonizing experience working with Western Union.

SO DISAPPOINTED !!!!! Wasted five days on calls and internet forms and still have not got though.


Wayne Fode October 7, 2013 at 1:57 pm

This is the most disgusting company that I have ever worked with.
You cannot reach a customer service representative, being put on hold for next
available operator which does not happen. As I had the time, I waited for 56 minutes
while being bombarded with ongoing commercials, interspersed with apologies
about having to wait. Despicable. And yet they want your business. You cannot
reach a real human voice. Maybe Ersek, CEO needs his bell rung.
And I am a gold card member, but that does not count!!!!


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