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Wayfair, Inc.
4 Copley Place 7th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

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Phone Number: (617) 532-6100
Fax Number: ( 617) 532-6800
Website: http://www.wayfair.com
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Wayfair Facts

Founder: Niraj Shah and Steve Conine
Date Founded: 2002
Founding Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Number of Employees: 10400

Wayfair Executives

CEO: Niraj Shah
CFO: Michael D Fleisher
COO: James Savarese

Wayfair History

wayfair logo

Entrepreneurs Niraj Shah and Steve Conine founded Wayfair in 2002 in Boston, Massachusetts as CSN Stores. Wayfair was their third company.

CSN Stores was launched as a single website, www.racksandstands.com, which sold media stands and storage furniture.

Over the following two years, the company expanded its product line to include home goods, office, institutional, kitchen, dining, bed and bath, home improvement, luggage, and lighting.

In 2006 CSN reached $100 million in sales.

Wayfair ad 2

In 2008 the company expanded to Canada and the U.K., and in 2009 to Australia and Germany.

By 2011 CSN Stores owned over 200 online stores.  The same year, founders Shah and Conine decided to rebrand the site in an effort to unify the brand and redirect web traffic to one site, changing the name of the company to Wayfair.

The company went public in late 2014 on the NASDAQ and can be found under the ticker symbol: W:US. The company was valued at that time at $2 billion.

wayfair ad

Despite spending more than $500 million on advertising and increased sales of more than 50%, the company posted a second-quarter loss of $100 million.

In mid-2018, the company announced that it planned to open its first retail location in Cincinnati, Ohio, in late 2018. An exact date has yet to be announced.

Wayfair employees threatened to walk off the job after discovering that the company has sold furniture to contractors who are operating the detention centers that house migrant children who are separated from family members per the Trump administration.   The company responded by saying it was a company practice to fulfill orders to clients. The walkout is scheduled for June 26, 2019.

Today Wayfair is the 33rd largest online retailer for home goods and furniture in the U.S. with $4.72 billion in revenue in 2017.

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Wayfair FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Wayfair ?
Answer 1: The phone number for Wayfair is (617) 532-6100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Wayfair ?
Answer 2: The CEO of Wayfair is Niraj Shah.

Question 3: Who founded Wayfair ?
Answer 3: Wayfair was founded by Niraj Shah and Steve Conine in 2002.

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Rebecca S July 14, 2019 at 3:07 pm

I will never shop with Wayfair or subsidiary companies again based on the decisions by the management to accept contracts for furnishing detainment camps. These camps echo the internment camps and are criminal to human rights. Shame on you, CEO: Niraj Shah : CFO: Michael D Fleisher : COO: James Savarese for profiting from children’s trauma.
Besides that, have you read all the terrible reviews from customers for your product and service? Companies with bad service, products, and values will fail, that’s inarguable.
And bravo to your employees for walking out as protest.


Margo Clayman July 3, 2019 at 8:47 am

I ordered outdoor furniture and also paid extra to have it assembled. The delivery was scheduled for July 1st and assembly July 2nd. We were notified by a neighbor (we were not home) that packages were delivered on June 26th and left by our garage. Apparently the date requested for delivery WAS NOT HONORED. The “Handy” person came as scheduled on July 2nd and when he opened the boxes found that the plastic bag holding ALL the hardware had been ripped opened. Apparently someone had opened it from your warehouse. All the hardware was loose and all over the bottom of the box. This started a real mess and confusion and the support we got from your customer service was really non professional nor accurate. I have names and willing to share but wanted to get this to your attention. Your customer service person spoke to the technician and made some suggestions and promises since he was going to have to go find a hardware store and spend additional time working this job. He told us we would be paying him for the extra time he spent with money Wayfair was going to reimburse us.

I called Wayfair and said that was not acceptable and after several calls we were told Wayfair would reimburse the technician and also us.


The technician left (he insisted on putting 1 piece of furniture together- and we now had opened boxes, screws etc to deal with cleaning up.

I am appalled at your service and lack of support. Your name has gotten a lot of negative publicity in selling of furniture to the detention centers and I am sorry I originally ordered with you.

Unfortunately we liked this set but now want nothing to do with it.
I think someone should take the time to look up the “chain of events” with this order. Several people at your company need training IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RELATIONS.


1 774 419 XXXX


Harold T landis July 1, 2019 at 11:16 am

I hope the employees that staged the walkout are your entry level misguided millennials and not some of your management team. Your company fulfilled an order that benefitted illegal aliens that have violated our laws. These misguided young people seem to be overly concerned with what they learn on their social media sites that they have been brainwashed on the real problems that the liberals in our country have created along with our educators, especially at our colleges. If Wayfair was my company they all would be fired and sent to our southern border to witness firsthand our real problem.


mary June 28, 2019 at 7:37 pm

Re: Employee Protest. If you bring in some common sense to this issue I would rather have your company supply beds for the children than have them sleeping on cold concrete!!!!
P.S. Where were you all when President Obama was separating children from parents & putting them in chain link cages???


Mary Hunter June 28, 2019 at 6:34 pm

Respect for various views is a good thing. Help the families at the border.
Hysteria has led to the walk out. Only in America can we have the luxury of being some would say stupid, I’ll just call it irrational. Wishing you well!


Roman GARCIA June 27, 2019 at 10:02 pm

Jail money, genocide, STOP contributing to Trump’s human rights violations. To you and many like you I am a JAM….Just Another Mexican that will no longer patronize your business. I have unsubscribed from you promotional emails and will continue to inform my LATINO community of your lack of civility..


Angie June 27, 2019 at 3:37 pm

I hope that the appropriate action was taken against those employees who tried to tell you how to run your business. They forgot they work for you not the other way around. They could have quit and found a job somewhere else if they don’t like the way the company is run but to stage a walkout against the company doing business is crossing the line. They should all be fired and replaced with employees that respect the company.

Thank you for your time!


Lee Kendall June 27, 2019 at 3:07 pm

Do you realize how many customers you are loosing including my husband and me? People have so few ways of changing what’s happening at our border. Wayfair has put their foot in it.


Dee Gurule June 26, 2019 at 11:28 pm

Wayfair – I have been a customer of yours for many years and was disappointed to hear you are supporting the current regime in the White House’s stand on taking children and babies away from their parents and keeping them in cages. So sorry to hear you support the torture of these babies and children that are not being fed, not having their humanitarian needs met with such basics as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, blankets, diapers, clothing, education. These children are dying in these caged conditions and you are making money off these tortured human beings. You have lost my business because I can not do business with a company that puts profit before human life. I am in the process of building a new home and had picked out many pieces from your furniture line but I will not be buying anything from your company.


Dennis` Fouhy June 26, 2019 at 10:17 pm

I must say I will have a hard time ever buying from your company again after learning of your employee protest relating to your contract to provide bedding to detention centers. Not only is the refusal to supply the bedding preventing those individuals from benefitting from the purchase but exhibits a gross misunderstanding and lack of knowledge by your employees of the severity and gravity of our border crisis. Apparently your company has fostered an environment which is so far left that reason cannot be achieved. Wayfair, like Google, Facebook and other public companies have gone too far in the indoctrination of your employees.. I wish you all the best.


Linda Cason June 26, 2019 at 8:44 pm

The walkout is very disturbing. They should keep working and then dip into
their self righteous pockets and buy some blankets or pillows with the money
earned today. And send that along with the beds. It’s easy to disagree but you don’t get decide how others spend money or do business! I suspect these
walkout employees are low information folks. I am a customer and will remain
a customer as long as you don’t cave to such stupid behavior.



David Krenrick June 26, 2019 at 7:32 pm

I am saddened to find out you have supplied stuff to the detention centers housing immigrant children under the up horrent practice currently practiced by this administration. I am supportive of those who are now protesting you. We have purchased much from you both personally and for my business. That now ends until you change this practice which supports the gross immorality of the current administration.


Angie June 27, 2019 at 3:31 pm

What regime are you referring ? The president is doing the right thing trying to do what he can to make things the better for the illegal immigration that has been forced on this country courtesy of George Soris and the Democratic Party. The employees were wrong and should all be fired and replaced! Companies should not be held captive by their employees and their outrageous demands such as this. I hope this company will not cave and provide the beds I thought the democrats only wanted them taken care of so why are they fighting to not provide any comfort to them?


david f thomas June 26, 2019 at 7:29 pm

let your employees find a job with AOC…its NOT an employee’s call on with whom a firm does business..


Carol June 26, 2019 at 7:19 pm

I have been a loyal customer of Wayfair, but I agree with your workers about your corporate decision to sell products to the inhumane immigrant detention centers. Please don’t let your cold-hearted capitalistic response (that these facilities are customers) cloud the reality of what these centers are doing. I have other choices for where I can shop online. Re-consider your corporate decision.


Jaynie Boney June 26, 2019 at 5:29 pm

Every dam employee that walked off the job or protested today about immigration problems should be fired ! Border patrol has been begging for more funding for many months and trying to take care of kids and families out of their own pockets ! Everyone of them are so stupid and naive to believe the propaganda liberals and dems are spouting just for politics ! None of your employees deserve a job !!!


kathleen essoian June 26, 2019 at 5:20 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I am sending you this e-mail to state that I don’t think your employees have the right to demand that you stop selling the beds to the company who supplies them to the detention centers. The centers are for the safety of the American people. we can not have illegal aliens entering into our country and we can not have employees telling owners what to do. Do not give in to their foolish demands. Please tell them it is offensive to call them concentration camps. The children are not in cages instituted by the hussein obama administration.
I am disappointed in the turn of events and hope you are strong enough to do what is right, not what is popular with misguided public.


Anonymous June 26, 2019 at 4:33 pm

I have just read about the protest of Wayfair employees. You sold $200,000 worth of furniture for concentration camps housing children.

I commend your employees and stand behind them 100% and until you change your policy of making money off cruelty and inhumanity, of cooperating with despicable fascist policies, you will get no orders from me.


Elaine T June 26, 2019 at 3:27 pm

Customer here to say don’t let your employees dictate who you sell to. As far as I can tell they at best have muddled thinking. Kids need places to sleep, why is this a problem? They’re here illegally, we have no obligation except in common humanity to them.


Smitty June 26, 2019 at 2:48 pm

I saw the story about your misguided activist employees and decided to check out your website for the first time and WOW! Made my first purchase! Keep strong and I’ll be making many more purchases in the future!


bob baggins June 26, 2019 at 2:43 pm

Facts matter, ignorant passion doesn’t. If I hear you terminate some of those employees, I’ll be using wayfair much more often!


Joan Fisher June 26, 2019 at 1:19 pm

Ridiculous walk out and all planned by the huge leftist hedgefunds and those like Soros who own immense shares in Wayfair: It’s exactly what occurred with the Comcast walkout per the Soros ownership of 10.6 million shares alone in Comcast vs. his shares in NBC Universal/Comcast. So hilarious that Trump has been sounding this alarm for 2 years of a crisis but those like Wayfair and other Americans, the Media called it a “Manufactured Crisis” kind of a fitting title as we now see “Manufactured” outrage per a situation that could and should have been dealt with decades ago through today but no cooperation vs. Open Borders and Freebies to Illegals with no deterrents and/or the law has been followed by those thinking they are great Humanitarians. One photo of but one drowning goes viral and it’s visceral emotion and reaction while these insane analogies of concentration camps and war crimes keep circulating. No you aren’t a good humanitarian but part of the problem rather than the solution when you see how no deterrents are killing people vs. saving lives: You in essence are part of the problem vs. the solution. Nothing negative to migration is in your minds vs. this hatred of this Administration and our US Border Patrol and Customs Agents: You have ignored the issues in your hatred of Trump and ignored what’s been happening for decades and also under the Obama Administration and others that came before: Then again, absolute lawlessness per the preservation of the Democratic Party and future voters is the end game here as well as the exploitation of these people as cheap and replacement labor and as the Cash Cows of Immigration/of the Human/child and drugs trades which many in politics and beyond benefit from. Pathetic WAYFAIR!


phyllis muldoon June 26, 2019 at 12:51 pm

I am hugely disappointed in Wayfair providing beds for the immigrant children (especially) in prison camps along the border. I know the situation is a mess chiefly because of Trump’s leadership as well as Congress’s. I know that we don’t want the kids sleeping on the concrete floors. But if you help service these prison camps, then you contribute to the problem. Instead, since Wayfair has a public voice and political clout, it should say NO to helping keep people imprisoned “comfortably.” Prison is prison. The adults want jobs–and there are plenty! Many of the children have parents in the US but are not allowed to go to them! Don’t just take the taxpayers’ money to run your business! Business is not business when it is morally bankrupt.


Patricia Sander June 26, 2019 at 11:31 am

Please reconsider your willingness to sell items to the border camps. Detainees, especially children, are not benefiting from furniture sales given they are sleeping on floors in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Donations of soaps, diapers, and other items have been turned away by authorities. Use your power as a major corporation to take a stand against crimes against humanity.


Sarah Walker June 26, 2019 at 11:31 am

Dear Mr. Shah,
I have been a loyal customer for several years now, however after reading the article this morning in the New York Times about Wayfair’s $200,000 contract with our government to provide bedding for the immigrant children at the border, I can no longer support your company. It is unethical for Wayfair to benefit monetarily from the inhumane treatment President Trump is imposing on the people at the border seeking asylum. I hope you and your board of directors will re-evaluate your decision in this matter and end your support for such a deplorable situation of our government’ own making.
Sarah Walker
Former customer


michael mirkin June 26, 2019 at 11:14 am

The planned shortsighted employee walkout over their displeasure that Wayfair is selling bed furniture to government contractors is disturbing and lacks common sense. The furniture is needed for the comfort of children at the US southern boarder. The children brought here illegally are waiting to be reunited w/ family and should be made as comfortable as possible.The contractor can use any furniture outlets for their purpose, the loss of a contract usually hurts company and ultimately employee bottom line. Today manufactures are using available technology which will eventually replace some workers. The advantage to the employer is no more impromptu or planned work slow down or walkouts.

Since when have these employees feel they have a right to set US foreign policy. I suggest they contact their congress representative.


Jessica June 26, 2019 at 7:41 am

I am disappointed to hear that your company’s employees think that selling furniture to a dentition center on the border that is TRYING its best to uphold The LAW of the land is wrong. Please explain to me why? Firstly, as employees of a company ..it isn’t their right to dictate whom the company sells to.
Second, how can a company stand by and allow it? Especially since coming into any country illegally not anyone’s right? What kind of company is this?
I want answers.


Jennifer June 26, 2019 at 5:44 pm

I agree with Management 100%. The employees certainly have a right to their personal opinions but that has nothing to do with who the company sells their products to. If it offends the employees that much that beds are being sold to a Migrant Detention Facility, then quit! Don’t force your opinion on your employer and others who have to watch it on the news. Kudos to Management for offering to donate proceeds to the Red Cross! It’s time we help American’s and not illegal immigrants. I will be doing more shopping at Wayfair for Management’s standing their ground.


Tooni June 26, 2019 at 12:23 am

Thanks Wayfair Executives for holding your ground! I’ll be ordering again soon!


Kimberly Love April 17, 2019 at 12:30 pm

👎🏾 Customer service is very horrible spoke to an assistant manager name of Matt very rude very arrogant talking over me while I was talking….bought a jewelry armoire missing parts not happy at all trying to find a corporate office number is not to be found on website trying to contact human resources no luck Very very disappointed… what is Wayfair really hiding 🤦🏾‍♀️


Tammy Robinson April 18, 2019 at 12:14 pm

The corporate office number is in our listing Kimberly


Judi` Stone April 11, 2019 at 3:00 pm

Not pleased,I have been trying to make contact with the department needed for days ever found the corporate number on my own since no one could provide me with it and reach a block wall every time, agents couldn’t seem to comprehend the difference in we represent umnnion members and military they reqyuested a quality sevice for home furniture and the dfference between an affiliate program and we are not allowed to accept any form of payment for sending members to you having a very limited time to fill the request to find a provider for my over 40,000,000 US union members plus all Canadian unions and all US military and thats ok all they had to due was tell me the 1st time that thaey didn’t want to service our members and I would have started looking for someone else that I thought would be able to provide what our members needed instead of wasting my very limited time to fill this request


Gregory Olson March 8, 2019 at 12:10 pm

Good morning Advocacy Team,

Please let me explained. I was on the phone twice yesterday with Wayfair and, believe the product links are misleading. What I wanted and ordered are samples from the Biscayne Bay line of engineered flooring, samples of Surfside and Burnside.

I knew from the shipped email I received something was wrong. When I click on “View Full Product” the order took me to the page for Brooksville, and you sent samples Enterprise and Florence off that page that looks like the pictures of what I ordered.

Since you reviewed your product information with your warehouse and you confirmed that the Shaw Floors – SAMPLE – Brooksville Engineered Birch Hardwood Flooring sent is the correct item. Collectively you and the warehouse personnel need more formal training. Read the item description and quit relying on the pictures. I am so glad you don’t work for me.

At this juncture refund the cost ($10.68) for the two wrong samples you shipped me, and I will take my business else ware. Send an RMA if you want the Enterprise and Florence samples back. Otherwise never send emails, call my home or ship any merchandise or other products to my household ever! What is sad, instead of canceling the other samples you could have picked up the phone. It would have taken 5 minutes to resolve this issue. Hint, next time call the customer. The calls yesterday I thought were productive and addressed this issue until the smart people got involved. By the way, I needed 1200sqft of flooring. Lost this sale and all future sales, explain that to your boss. Don’t worry this is not going on social media, don’t ever contact me!

Advocacy Team, Think the team needs to come together and ask who are WE supporting? As a previous customer, I sincerely question your actions.


seyit ismal sadat February 27, 2019 at 7:14 am

sent magazine


Brad House January 19, 2019 at 1:50 pm

My order CS146874770 was received with a broken countertop. This order of my double vanity has been a series of missed deliveries and broken promises with one excuse after another. While your personnel have been very considerate on the phone, still no delivery. A replacement was offered with pickup and the driver claimed he could not get in the driveway even though I gave explicit instructions and a gate code to use. Upon an attempt to re-deliver I was told it would be an additional week. After several minutes on the phone I was able to secure a promise that the driver would return later that day but he did not. Then I was told that the driver was having problems with his tablet and must not have received the gate code. I called and got a different story this time that the driver was able to get inside the gate but no-one was there?? Another attempt was made later and this time I was told that the driver said he was having mechanical problems with his truck. A re-schedule was done at which time the driver made it but did not have my vanity on the truck!! I am still waiting for delivery


Sharon Sweet December 6, 2018 at 7:28 pm

I have an order that advertised on another site and thought it was a great deal for Christmas had the trampoline netting ladder and other accessories: only received a pad and when started inquiring I paid for the pad the other items on the list was a error when posted.. I am sure that the next delivery was scheduled for Dec 10, It is strange how they can advertise an item then show profits but can fulfill the obligations when posting a big sale item becomes an error.. Seems like I am not the only one that doesn’t get what they order


Denny White September 25, 2018 at 4:09 pm

This is an extremely disorganized company, your customer service branch is a joke. I recently ordered a vanity for my master bath, one of the bowls was cracked so you sent me a new vanity, problem is your delivery people dropped it off in my living room, they said it was to heavy to move upstairs (same guys that delivered the first vanity) and that they would have to get more people, they called their office and scheduled additional people for the following Friday. Friday rolls around and they were a no show, that Monday called Wayfair, “We’ll get this taken care of immediately” a few days go by nothing, called Wayfair, We’ll get this taken care of immediately” a few days go by nothing, called again and again always the same response, this has been going on for a month, enough already, get some people out here and take care of business. One more thing, if you tell someone you will do something “do it” and follow up.


Linda Fisher September 6, 2018 at 1:25 pm

Today I saw an ad for Wayfair, and I thought I should reiterate the decision I voiced back in June after the Parkland shooting. We were in the middle of redecorating our house and vacation home, and we had intended to use Wayfair and spend a lot of money. However, we changed our minds and will no longer purchase ANYTHING from your company.

When you decided to withdraw advertising from Fox’s Laura Ingraham show and enter into the political scene where a retailer has no business, we decided to permanently boycott you.

Your support of an obviously coached, groomed activist like the smart aleck David Hogg was an odd decision, since he is hardly mainstream in his views. Since you obviously lost many customers, my only conclusion is that your leadership must share his fringe, extreme views. Like Nike, I believe it will be to the detriment of your company. I have choices where to buy the home decor items I’ve use on my houses, and I’ve been very pleased. Make it public you will no longer inject yourself into the political arena, and I’ll come back!


GLORIA J STRICKLAND August 27, 2018 at 10:43 pm

I ordered a Leather couch 1 month ago and 2 recliners The delivery man was so rude I called and complained. The couch is so uncomfortable Its like it has a wood ledge in it I am 5 foot three my thighs to my knee hangs over by 3 in. I received 1 chair with the box falling off chair hanging out dirty rub marks on corners. they say they have lost the other recliner . I wont them to come get this crap I paid 2,000 for return my money and I will never do business with this so called company again. I also reported them to Better Business Burrow.


Karen Browne August 27, 2018 at 8:57 pm

Dear Corporate:

I purchased 2 ottomans back in february, 2018 and opened credit account under residential account. Paid off the next month in full and on August 26, 2018 I order 2 more ottomans same color and same item and received coupon for $15 off your order of 15 or more but your website would not except it. It does not expire until September 30, 2018/ I contacted my representive Matt Hutcheon at 857-306-4016 two days after leaving message and he called me back to give me some crap that it is commercial promo.
However it is not commercial since all you percentages offered on the internet do not work.

I feel your company is giving a line a bull to customers and will no longer order since after $350 – $400 in sales it is all crap… you send customers coupons to your home and they do not work … I am sad that a company as big as wayfair would do business like this. I did order them for my parents but did not put them on your credit card and I will not do business with a company that makes false promises.

Karen Browne


G. Garcia April 20, 2018 at 10:49 am

Since you have become political and decided to not advertise on Laura Ingraham’s show, I will no longer purchase any items from Wayfair, Birch Lane, or any of your partners. You have every right to do what you did, and so do I.
Please remove my name from your list and I will also unsubscribe from your e-mails.


Dana Kohrs April 12, 2018 at 11:00 am

Since Wayfair has decided to cave in to censorship and not advertise with Laura Ingraham, I will be exercising my own freedom of choice and NOT buying anything from Wayfair. I will also encourage all my friends, family and coworkers to also not shop with you.


Carol Check April 10, 2018 at 8:03 pm

I have cancelled your emails and today I received a flyer for 10% off in the mail. Please take me off your emailing list and delete all of my information. I will no longer consider purchasing any products from you or any of your sister companies. I suggest you send your ads to David Hogg. The child that you are catering to doesn’t believe in freedom of speech either.


Richard Berget April 10, 2018 at 10:43 am

MAGA 4/10/18
As a deplorable American Conservative literate Constitution loving and never to be a shopper of any of your companies; I feel I can be frank with your ad removal from Laura Ingrahm’s show.
I’m dis-heartened that you have your politics in your business profile, but , I suspect your executive’s are probably products of our American Educational System that covers much of our dumb-a$$ society.

A never shopper


James Kikta April 5, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Dear Wayfair,
I have bought many beautiful items from Wayfair; however, now I am reluctant to buy anything due to you pulling sponsorship from Laura Ingraham all because she called David Hogg a “whiner”. Seriously? The self righteous, nauseating, narcissistic, punk kid should actually have been called worse. I don’t care if he is only 17 yrs old or even 5 yrs old. Since when does Wayfair allow a 17 yr old bully to dictate who they sponsor? He bullies anyone who disagrees with his liberal political ideology. Wayfair would do well to stay out of politics. Look what happened to Target.

In conclusion, I find Wayfair’s caving in to David Hogg and his cronies completely reprehensible.

Sincerely disappointed,



Jeannette Corey April 5, 2018 at 11:51 am

Beyond disappointed that you would pull your ads from the Laura Ingraham Show. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. When will companies stand their ground and not mix business with politics. You risk alienating 50% of customers across the country. So foolish. I will no longer buy anything on Wayfair which is a shame because I have bought numerous furniture items spending thousands of dollars. #StandWithLaura.


Cathy simicich April 4, 2018 at 9:46 am

I am sorry that you decided to stop your ads on Laura Ingraham Fox News because I decided not to receive your e-mails of your merchandise to purchase them. It is always when you liberals can speak but when a conservative speaks you decide to punish them using the first amendment. Wake up we purchase products like the liberals do.


Ken Brown II April 3, 2018 at 10:51 pm

Shame on Shah and Conine for your cowardly act of censorship. You have lost a customer and any future business I would consider doing with any of your organizations, especially Wayfair. Your knee jerk reaction to pulling your ads from the Ingraham Angle is now met by my power of the purse, and my power to choose any business OTHER THAN YOURS! You sought to coerce another person whom you disagree with their thoughts and / or opnions. You might want to keep these important words in mind going forward: “Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of thruth.” — Mahatma Ghandi.


John Harris April 3, 2018 at 4:22 pm

Lol look at all the crap you got yourself into because you decided to be a busy body instead of what you are a business. If you FOOLS think teenagers have more money and spend more money than us middle ages you are to stupid to run a business.


Virginia Kiehn April 3, 2018 at 1:29 pm

If you pull your advertising from a show because of content you disagree with (or have caved due to bullying) you are in effect saying you disapprove of all who watch and support the show. Since you disapprove of me, I shall no longer consider any of your companies when making purchases. I wouldn’t want your profits tainted by money from a Laura Ingraham supporter. I’m sure Mr. Hogg has plenty of supporters who will just flock to your websites and place huge orders to show how grateful they are for your actions.


Sherry Burke April 3, 2018 at 10:07 am

You pulled your support for Laura and Fox, so me, my bestfriend and her daughter are all remodeling our kitchens. We have already picked out our cabinets and islands. Well thanks to your executives, your employees that have families, will be facing layoffs due to Progressive idiocy of you.
I am sad I cannot purchase the island and cabinets I picked out.
Shame on you for standing with those who wants to take rights from Americans.
BTW, you have rights that they will take from you when they are done with constitution….see history.


Chuck April 2, 2018 at 7:58 pm

I have actually bought many products from Wayfair. No more–you choose 15 year olds over law-abiding 2nd Amendment loving citizens.


Brenda Baron April 2, 2018 at 7:35 pm

I stand with Laura. Mr Hogg is a bully. How much shopping does he do with your company? I am sick of companies playing politics. Amazing you don’t mind losing the business of millions of conservatives.


Sally King April 2, 2018 at 6:01 pm

I am fed up with businesses taking part In political issues. It amazes me that companies are willing to lose half their business over issues they should not be involved in. It does, however, help me understand the mind set of these companies…they have no brains. You try to penalize every one that does not agree with your liberal agenda. But in the end, you destroy yourselves.


U.S. American April 2, 2018 at 11:15 am

Thank you so much for finally showing your colors to Freedom loving Americans…Since you advocate bowing down to a worthless attention garbing child, and pulling your advertisements from The Laura Ingrahm show, I NO long need to see your advertisements or purchase any of your products… You, Wayfair have shown how much you truly hate America….

U.S. American


America First April 2, 2018 at 7:42 pm

Will never do business with a liberal cowtowing leftist company again. Want to align with a bully hogg, and your business can go down the toilet, never to be seen again. Get your ads off of all TV, period. You have shown how much you hate conservative America, therefore, bye bye.


Joe DiNapoli April 2, 2018 at 10:52 am

I will never purchase or recommend your company /product primarily because of your disregard of 1st amendment rights concerning Laura Ingram and that foul-mouth, ignorant Hogg youth. When you lie down with people like that, expect to feel loss of business.


Bruce and Victoria Marsh April 1, 2018 at 1:59 pm

o#IStandWithLaura — Love Wayfair and have spent a good deal of money on its products which is why I’m saddened to know that Wayfair pulled its ads from Laura Ingraham’s show. Husband and I support Laura Ingraham 110% and now we know Wayfair is bullying her for political reasons. Why couldn’t the Wayfair executives just keep their opinions to themselves? We don’t want to know we’re purchasing products from a company that doesn’t support the same things we do. If you didn’t play politics, you’d have us as customers for years to come. THIS HYPER-POLITICALIZATION HAS TO STOP. WE ALL HAVE OPINIONS BUT THEY CAN’T GET IN THE WAY OF COMMERCE!

Really bummed about this. I wanted to buy this beautiful blue and brown couch I saw which even matches curtains I already have. And now we will not.


Bruce and Victoria Marsh


Linda April 1, 2018 at 1:44 pm

To The Powers To Be:

David Hogg is nothing but a teen bully. He is all for free speech until it doesn’t fit his narrative Who does he think he is? He believes he had the right to voice and push his agenda, but Laura Ingraham doesn’t have the same right. He accuses her of going after a child? I will boycott his boycott and not purchase anything from advertisers who pull from her show.


Nancy Ray March 31, 2018 at 11:02 pm

nancyray48@ gmail.com I’m adding a big fat DITTO to all of the others who complained about Wayfair becoming political and being bullied into pulling advertising from the Laura Ingram show because of a threat from a KID! As someone else pointed out, boycotts are a two way street so, as of now, I’m boycotting Wayfair and will encourage all of my friends to do the same.


Beth Gordon March 31, 2018 at 7:00 pm

I was so pleased to read that you will no longer support Laura Ingham and her ilk!!!!! You have my business from now on.


Sherry Burke April 3, 2018 at 10:32 am

ilk? You mean freedom loving Americans that want to keep our God given rights of self protection.

You can change the channel to your propaganda stories.


heather Meeks March 31, 2018 at 6:56 pm

I will no longer consider buying any products from your company due to your continued support of Fox News and its vile hatred spewing hosts.


Laura K. March 31, 2018 at 1:31 pm

Obviously you do not want my business. I am voicing my concern over your allowing a young bully to dictate who is entitled to free speech. This charismatic kid is even attacking the cancer ridden McCain. I will now use my freedom to voice my opposition to buying your products but also for those other shows where your product placements are an integral part of their show which I currently watch. I have my right to decide, not you or young Mr. Hogg.


Nancy Guffey March 30, 2018 at 9:40 pm

So sad Wayfair is acting so un-American. Boycotts go both ways and for now I’m boycotting Wayfair.


Mike North March 30, 2018 at 7:46 pm

When will you corporate morons learn? You fold to some kid who’s nothing but a puppet for the radical left? You get terrified when the biased leftist fake news writes phony stories about a backlash?

The only real backlash comes from your paying customers, who are sick & tired of our treasured free speech being silenced because some radical leftist disagrees with what we say

I was a good customer who told a lot of friends about your company. I’ll now tell them what you’ve done & to drop you

Good luck with all your broke college & high school “customers”



JOANNE March 30, 2018 at 5:34 pm

it is a well-known fact that Media Matters who is funded by George Soros is behind David Hogg. They have admittedly stated that it’s not about the poor kid it’s about taking down Fox News. Do you really want to be associated with enabling this sort of corruption and lies
If so, your fine company will suffer the loss of millions by customers no longer able to support you.


Mlrimer March 30, 2018 at 5:20 pm

I have purchased items from your company, but sadly that has come to an end. I will be spending my money with Overstock. You have chosen to be swayed and taken in by a child that is not even old enough to vote. Who is not attending school, and may have to get a GED, You have chosen to stand against the majority of Americans. If you think this will be forgotten…….think again. You should check to see what has happened to the company that makes Oreo’s. They still have not recovered, not will they. Check out the NF how is that franchise doing. Your loss, Overstocks gain.


P Galloway March 30, 2018 at 1:45 pm

You need to sell your products and stop the youth running your business. Ms. Ingram is speaking her mind and she has a right to do so. If you don’t like her then turn the TV off in that many others do like her.


P. Littler March 30, 2018 at 9:59 am

Freedom of speech is the 1st amendment. I realize the comment Laura Ingraham made was inappropriate, however, she apologized and her apology wasn’t accepted by David Hogg, who has become a surrogate of Planned Parenthood. They have trained them how to protest, etc. This same arrogant person probably made fun of the shooter and bullied him. For you to take only one side is ridiculous. You can condemn what she says, but to quit advertising is too far. There are many items I have seen on Wayfair that I would like to purchase, but I believe I will have to use up the gift certificate I have and purchase items elsewhere. I want table lams, kitchen storage, etc. Your values mean nothing to me – it is your products and customer service. Just as my values mean nothing to you. Get over yourselves. I, for one, will pay a lot more money for something than put up with identity politics.


Karen March 30, 2018 at 9:33 am

I won’t be shopping Wayfair anymore since you are boycotting Laura Ingraham. Since you have dumped Laura, I will be dumping you.


Judy Benson March 30, 2018 at 9:17 am

I am so pleased that you have decided not to support Laura Ingraham on Fox News. Her vicious personal attack on David Hogg was cruel. The Parkland students have every right to grieve, and in turn, fight for change. How could an adult like Ingraham stoop so low as to bring up his college acceptances? I am disgusted, but am glad that companies like Wayfair are taking action. This despicable behavior on the part of so-called newspeople has to stop!
Thank you.


Steve Stubblefield April 2, 2018 at 6:45 pm

I am beyond disappointed that you would let a teenage brat influence your sponsorship of Laura Ingram’s show. He is a liar and it will come out and you will look stupid. But you have lost us as a customer, and I hope tens of thousands, maybe even millions, will boycott your company and you will suffer financial ruin. Reverse your stupid decision while you can.


Sherry Burke April 3, 2018 at 10:34 am

Glad to see Wayfair lose customers are you?

That kids foul mouth is not kid. He is not a student of that school and he is in his 20s

Laura has free speech just as he does.


Marie T March 30, 2018 at 7:24 am

Dear Sirs, I just want to let you know that I will be stopping my email services with you and plan not to further do business with your company in the future. I am a average middle class conservative patron, but your actions against Fox News Laura Ingraham is disgusting. I have watch this young man Hogg on TV now for weeks. He is a foul mouth, angry young man to start with. I feel for him for what he went through, so don’t get me wrong, but you dont use the ” F ” word to describe older people, middle class people, nor do you use it for Senator, our President and middle class people who don’t see things your way. His angry, hate, his words are what is offensive here and since you and your company decided to stand by such a disturbing young man who promotes this language and hate in this country, I and others will not be able to support you and make you and your company rich off of our hard earned money.


Julie March 29, 2018 at 5:42 pm

I am responding to your companys (wayfair) decision to become politically active by listening to and responding to a teenager who was upset with Fox news, Laura Ingram and pulling your advertising, I have made a decision also. I will do everything in my power to remove your pop-ups on my tablet and will never purchase any product through your co. or any affiliate of your co. Did you even wonder where he got a list
of sponsors of her show…or who is really behind this child? very sad


C. Savery March 29, 2018 at 3:37 pm

I am one of your customers. Please stop advertising on Laura Ingram’s Fox News television show. Her cruel personal right-wing Twitter attacks toward Parkland student David Hogg are awful. Her rhetoric is trying to discredit this survivor of the school shooting, who also helped organize the gun law march.
Please Wayfair Executives: don’t aid and abet this. Pull your advertising.


MAGA March 29, 2018 at 5:17 pm

I am a very good customer, but since you have taken to listening to a punk kid regarding gun rights, I can no longer use you as a source for decorating projects. ! Those who watch Laura Ingraham will now be boycotting you!


Sally King April 2, 2018 at 6:06 pm

Did you actually read what she said? Her only comment to him was that he was whining. She made no remarks about his intelligence, only that it is common for kids with high GPA’s to not all get accepted


Lynn March 29, 2018 at 10:26 pm

Please tell me you are not boycotting Laura ingrams….if so, I hope this happens to you all


L.Close March 30, 2018 at 11:42 am

My family buy from your store and some subsidiaries. We will no longer be purchasing anything from Wayfair because you got involved in politics by pulling your ads from Laura Ingraham’s programs—because she reported a FACT about Hogg being rejected from some colleges. This was not cruel. Laura is a big improvement over much meaner announcers like Bill O’Reilly. I have followed her for years. This is tactic by Soros funded activists to remove people whose opinions they don’t like.


James Blystone March 20, 2018 at 6:15 pm

Your website is soooo slooooooow. It freezes up and it is jerky to operate. I have almost givin up trying to buy stuff.


Vernet Lussier March 7, 2018 at 2:38 pm

Received a gift. It is a plush recliner. Backrest tilts back when foot rest extends with the release of a lever. With in a month the right side started to lean outward and I am leaning while sitting. I turned the unit over to find the problem. The upholstery is Velcro attached underneath. I remove the upholstery & found a serious problem.
A 3/4″ plywood brace (5 plys of wood) is stapled to the frame holding up the seat. This brace is not glued to the seat frame. It has 13 very long 1″ staple holding in place. All that did on a narrow pc. of plywood was to split the wood into many pieces and everything just fell apart. The recliner is totally useless. I am 82 and have to wait for someone find the model # of this chair. I WILL STAY IN TOUCH !!!!!


Nancy Fleming February 18, 2018 at 8:24 pm

Last summer I ordered a 12 pc set of Corelli silverware. It’s very modern, black and white. All pieces were in perfect condition upon receipt. After washing them in the dishwasher, (which I was told was perfectly okay to do). I noticed the black was begging to come off. It’s blk/wht
12 servings of each dinning piece. soup spoons, large spoons, dinner forks, salad forks
and a dozen steak knives. Now, each time I put them in the dishwasher there are always some that have the colors coming off. Also, one tea spoon broke in half. What kind of guarantee do you have for these broken pieces? I haven’t even had them a year.
Nancy Fleming Urbandale, IA 50322


Nancy Fleming February 18, 2018 at 8:27 pm

Waiting for moderation???? What’s that supposed to do? Either you’re going to replace the broken pieces or another; sorry, it’s not our fault!!!!!
I’ve got an entire list of items already to order for the Xmas holiday.


susan orange February 16, 2018 at 12:26 pm

Today I received the SECOND wrong replacement for the defective recliner that has been sitting in my living room for months. Each time I go through the same process , and each time the brown leather recliner I originally ordered is replaced with a light beige fabric one. I have seen the order for the replacement and it says “brown boned leather” yet someone in the warehouse evidently cannot read English and sends the light beige. Now I have a defective recliner in the house and two giant boxes on my porch since no one has ever called to pick them up. This has convinced me that companies like Wayfair that order cheap furniture from China and paint on all the exterior glitz promise ease of service and great furniture are simply misleading a gullible public too lazy ( myself included) to actually go to a reputable furniture store and buy there. I am so exhausted from this runaround and the anxiety accompanied by this enervating experience


dawn January 2, 2018 at 8:37 pm

I purchased a patio set back in October 2017 I paid for the purchase using my debit card and a prepaid visa.I had to call to make this purchase because I could not use two forms of payment on the website.I made the purchase being told both payments were successful.Christmas week I get emails from wayfair saying that their system had a gliche and the payment I made with the prepaid card did not go through well since I paid for the item in October and the item was shipped and the card had a 0 balance it was thrown away.I explaned this many times it was in no way shape r form my fault,A whitch by the name of Sandy N stole the money from my bank acct therefore making it very hard for me to make payments for my lights water etc.I double paid for the item they try to tell me to call visa and have them find the card number wow so funny who can sit on the phone all day holding on.DONT DO BUISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY THEY ARE MEAN SELFESH AND GREEDY.


Mr. Lawrence December 4, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Recently i began to recieve text message alerts that my order has been shipped. Problem is that i made no orders. 4 different occasions i have called to resolve this harrassment. 4 times i have been ignored and still recieve messages. This is harrassment. Leave me alone.


john prell November 23, 2017 at 8:35 am

hi i placed an order back in october 28 for two love seats my order #2267048925 well i just received it at 5:15pm november 22nd. well after a vary long trip i can say that the cardboard boxes were a little for were but my two love seats were mint condition
so i want to say thanks so vary much and with your free delivery i will definitely be making all my orders for anything i need from you guys.

thanks so vary much john prell


Scott Bradley November 10, 2017 at 6:47 pm

After 2 weeks of waiting for a crock pot I give up. How in the world do you stay in business. On top of that some how you managed to delete all the wayfair credit cards and I cannot use my card


Kathleen Miller November 10, 2017 at 8:42 am

I ordered a set of plates. I got one plate. I called customer service. They said they’d resolve it. They did not. I got one plate again. I called customer service. Mark B accused me of lying. I cancelled my order. Then I got an email from customer service saying I didn’t have to return the napkins. I didn’t order napkins. At this point I have no hope of either getting my product or getting my money back. This company is very F’d up


Helene ashner October 20, 2017 at 1:42 pm

I am unable to unsubscribe from the emails that you send to me. Seeing all of the previous complaints, I now understand. Just thankful I never ordered anything from your company. Rest assured, I never will!
Stop the emails!


Kathy October 19, 2017 at 10:02 am

I paid an invoice on 9/22/17 and the check cleared the bank on 9/28/17. The amount as of today 10/19/17 has not been applied to my account. When I talked to Comenity Bank for my Wayfair credit card account, they said there was nothing they could do I have emailed Wayfair and have not gotten any replies. Today I called the corporate office and received yet another voicemail to leave a message. This is totally unacceptable since they charge your card before the items even ship. There are many items I like that I thought about ordering, but now will not any any additional items due to the poor business practices and lack of integrity of the company.


Latoya October 6, 2017 at 2:03 pm

So I have tried several times to get this issue resolved, again I paid a lot of money & I am a poor single women with 4 children who have been crying every night that they have to sleep on the floor (as you heard in my background when they were told by the guy that he was not going to be able to put their beds together “again”). I initially spoke with Andrew Thomas when placing the order that came out to 3,100 my bank statement shows that I was charged 3,800, I called & spoke with Andrew yesterday & he said that this should not be the case, after speaking to Whitney Cox she stated that its looks like I may have been charged a extra 200 for my order to be expedited which is absolutely false considering that I asked for a few packages to be held so that I could receive them in one order which Andrew Thomas confirmed after our conversation yesterday (please check your recorded lines if you need conformation). Andrew Thomas shipped my orders & stated that I paid in full for full installation on all 3 beds that i purchased, we even talked on the phone as I waited for the guys to show up when he told my that they were coming to put them all together but they never showed. when I spoke with a supervisor the next morning after going over emails between myself & Andrew Thomas it was clear & she let me know that Andrew did not place my order properly & that she would correct this by sending someone to come put my children’s beds together within the same week. After 3 weeks of waiting my appointment was rescheduled just a hours before due to the guy who was suppose to install them calling in sick after continuous back and fourth & a lot of miscommunication my appointment was rescheduled again after taking off several days of work & my children missing school the guy finally showed up, when he arrived he let me & my children know that who ever placed the order did it wrong because the job requires 2 people & that he couldn’t do it because he did not have anyone to help him, my children cried their hearts out and the women on the phone showed no sympathy, I have worked & saved my money in order to get them the beds that they wanted after having a fresh start in our new home due to community violence, this is under no cirXXXXstances acceptable the supervisor told me to do research on my own to find someone to put them together but where is my money that I was over charged for? I need answers, I was almost laid off from work just to try to get this resolved. I have 6 big boxes sitting in the middle of my home & in my hallway & did I mention that the fed ex guy who delivered the huge boxes left them at the bottom of my porch & didn’t even try to ring the doorbell?? me & my 8 year old son had to damn near break our backs just to get them in the house when I paid extra for them to bring them in my home & install as well!!! Do I need to get a attorney? should I go to the better business burrow???


Lauri October 6, 2017 at 10:40 am

I placed an order on 6/30/17, YES, JUNE!, for a Tiffany Vanity w/Mirror. Was delivered 8/18/17. However, I received an incorrect part and need a replacement. To make a long story short, delivery of the replacement part has been delayed numerous times. First it was 9/7, then 9/26, then 9/29, then 10/11 — and now just this morning I received another delay notice stating that delivery would be in January of 2018. I ordered this item for a Christmas present. Thought by ordering it in June that there would be plenty of time to deal with any issues that might arise. I called Rachell, Wayfair Case Specialist, and was told it will be delivered on 11/3. Now, I would love to trust that it will happen on 11/3, but for obvious reasons, I don’t! I have been waiting on this since June 30th — I have already been waiting 14 WEEKS as of today (October 6th), and it still is not resolved!!! This item was delivered in 5 large boxes that are taking up an entire room in my house. I cannot put any of it together because a large section that connects the whole thing is missing. So once I finally do get the missing part, if I ever do, and put the thing together, I sure hope I don’t find that any other part is missing. What I want from you is to be assured that I will in fact receive this part on 11/3. YOU, MR. NIRAJ SHAH, CEO, GIVE ME YOUR WORD IT WILL BE DELIVERED 11/3!!!! I need to know if I need to go shopping elsewhere to find what I’m looking for in time for Christmas. Come on, Wayfair, do the right thing and fix this! Trust me, you will be nothing without your customers. SHOPPERS BEWARE — DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!! It’s not worth the aggravation!


Julie September 26, 2017 at 8:15 pm

It has been over a month since I’ve ordered a bed frame with a headboard. It was “guaranteed” delivery by September 19th. The bed has not arrived it is now September 26th. Upon calling I was told the bed was unaccounted for and no tracking updates posted. They were going to call and locate the bed and call me back. They never did. Upon calling again and being on hold for 30 minutes I was told again they couldn’t find the bed. Also that I couldn’t be shipped a new one or return my purchase. They now supposively need 3-4 days to find the bed. Never again will I order from this company or any of its sub companies. I have a whole house to order furniture for and will being going elsewhere for better service. I have also told everyone I know and they too will no longer order from this company. Get it together Joss and Main!


Kirk Belgrave September 25, 2017 at 4:27 pm

This has got to be a joke. The website lists a Fuf bean bag chair as “Black Onyx Suede”. This item is Navy Blue for anyone who has eyes. My wife even commented how it’s blue and not black.

I submitted a complaint on the website and they replied “we have reviewed the pictures and determined that is the black item”. If I want to return the item, they are deducting the shipping costs. But I also have to provide my own shipping box, because the original box was so badly damaged (not to mention the bean bag chair is full sized; it will not fit in the box). I have several emails going back and forth at the moment. If they choose to not reimburse me, or come pick this item up, I will simply eat the cost of the purchase. Then I will proceed to contact corporate and every CEO of the company using reverse email mining, and inform them of how incompetent their business is. I’ll pay my credit card off today and report to BBB. This is too much of a headache for 150$, and the customer service is laughable.


Linda Maloney September 22, 2017 at 7:01 pm

This has been a nightmare. I ordered two chairs, and the ones sent were not even remotely the same colors as in the photo online. Not even remotely. The online photos completely misrepresents the colors. Instead of being rust, orange, gold and red, to match my living room, they were brown, dark purple, and magenta or fuschia. I don’t want pink living room chairs!!! Also, the cardboard packaging on one of the chairs was damaged, and the chair was dirty and the material worn from dragging. My husband works out of town and took a day off work and flew home a day early to be here when delivery was made. Our house is in a wooded setting and the delivery service could not get their truck down our gravel driveway–their truck was too big and could not get around a tree. So my husband had to back our pickup down the driveway to offload the chairs onto our pickup. As soon as I saw the chairs, I knew they were wrong. I called the delivery service immediately to come back and get the chairs, but they said they needed authorization from Wayfair. I called Wayfair immediately and got the runaround. I spent the next two hours trying to get the return authorization. They said they could not call the delivery service; they had to email them. I had to finally convince them to call the delivery service, but by the time they agreed, the delivery service was over an hour away and did not have time to return. Today is Friday, and because no deliveries or pickups are made on Saturday, they will not return to pick up the chairs until Monday, when my husband will not be here. I have no idea how they will be able to transport the chairs from our house down our driveway to their truck, and I certainly cannot help them. Plus, I will have to cancel my plans to be here on Monday. Not only that, we have guests coming and are hosting a wedding party tomorrow, and we have nowhere to put these useless chairs. I am just so upset with Wayfair, first, for completely misrepresenting their product, and second, for not having the ability to pick up the phone and call the delivery service to come back and get the chairs today. This is a bureaucracy that cares nothing about its customer.


gene naue September 21, 2017 at 11:45 am

hi first I would like to know if you have a Cameron ,she called me last nite sayiny she had questions about my account. the phone number she gave is not in service. so I am concerned it might be a scam thank you


Angela Olsen September 20, 2017 at 12:36 pm

This has got to be the worst experience ever! If I could give zero stars I would. I ordered a nice memory foam mattress and box spring last night, my card was charged, and I get an email this morning saying that my order was cancelled because they suspect fraud! How dare they! Their email goes on to say if this was an error to call customer service, however every time I call the number in the email it doesn’t even ring it immediately hangs up on me. Wanting to give them a chance, thinking it could be my phone, I’ve tried from 3 different cell phones and a landline and it does the same thing. I want my bed, tomorrow as promised and I paid for. I also want my shipping charges refunded because of your team’s sheer idiocy. I want your “customer service team” to actually do their job and get me the items I bought!


Charles Guillen August 29, 2017 at 4:44 pm

I ordered a willow 66″ Willow TV stand on Aug. 8th, with a scheduled delivery for 8/31/17. On Monday (Aug 28th), I received a phone call from a representative indicating an earlier delivery date (8/29) was available. I accepted the date with the 1 – 5 delivery window. However, due to school pick up at 1 pm, the representative was understanding and kind, so he informed me the delivery would not be delivered before 2 pm. On 8/29, I received a call from the driver, who stated he was going to deliver the TV stand at 1pm. When told no one would be home, he told me I would have to re-schedule. Moreover, he admitted to seeing the representative’s note about not delivering before 2 pm and stated, “I don’t care.” I subsequently called customer service, who was unwilling rectify the issue. They were going to reschedule delivery for Sept. 5th. They were more concerned about inconveniencing the driver than the customer. I eventually, requested a refund and was told I would be charged $93 for returning my order. It is obvious Wayfair does not care about their customers. Please do your homework before shopping with this company. Not customer friendly

Disappointed ” Disgruntle



Vicky August 23, 2017 at 8:09 pm

WOW! I wish I would have saw this before I ordered!!! I see that I am not alone! I ordered a mattress, box spring, dresser and night stand. They told me the order would be delivered by August 24th. I got a message on my phone stating that my dresser and night stand would be delayed until September 18th! I called and they gave me 10% off my order. When I looked at my bill I realized they had not taken the original 10% off, which was a promo for being my first order, so I called again, but no reply. I emailed but no reply. Then I walk out my front door the following morning to find a box lying against my door!! No knock, no doorbell ring, just left it against my door. It is the box spring…..that I guess I was suppose to put together! I’ve never heard of such a thing. I paid over $100 for a box spring I had to put together?? Then my daughter is over visiting and I showed her online what I had purchased and it was even cheaper than what I purchased it for and I had not yet received my order! So I called and Chase, one of the supervisors, said, “oh that was a flash sale”, which was not true because it is still at the reduced price!!! Chase ignored my calls and emails………no response except to send me a return slip for the box spring!! I’ve been in real estate sales and customer service most of my life and I have NEVER had such horrible customer service! It was my first purchase online for furniture and it was not a good experience! It was my first purchase and dealings with Wayfair and my absolute last!!


Vicky August 23, 2017 at 8:23 pm

I too will be reporting to the Better Business Bureau and calling my attorney. They absolutely DO NOT stand behind their products and customer service is the worst ever!


Tracy VanPatten August 11, 2017 at 5:07 pm

Another thing is they keep trying to blame the freight company, we don’t care as your customer, we buy from Wayfair, this is on YOU. That Nahaj, needs to quit counting his/her money and start caring about the customers. You shouldn’t be in business if you don’t know how to ship and care.


Tracy VanPatten August 11, 2017 at 2:41 pm

I bought the weirton 4 piece sectional on July 3rd, the 3 weeks goes by and it’s at our local delivery company but I’m not getting a call as to when they’ll delivery it, so I call Wayfair the gal says it looks like only 2 of the 8 boxes were delivered and 1 of those is badly damaged, so she sends an email to the Wayfair delivery office, no response so again WE have to call, even tho their website site says you’ll get an email within 2 days when it’s reached the local delivery, so no call, we call again and speak to the manager there, she knew nothing about it. She calls around to see where the boxes are no one knows, they’re just lost. So she’s going to cancel that set and order us a new set, no rush on it now that it’s been a month, we don’t do that. Seriously, you guys choose to use a freight company that takes forever to get it to you, then lose it or steal it and you can’t put a rush on it?? So now we’re dealing with the manager of customer service, Mo, who tells us that the new set will be shipped on Aug 1st, the website said it shipped, but almost 2 weeks later there’s nothing so I write her she says it’s freight there’s no tracking don’t worry it’s on its way. Ohhhhhhh low n behold I get another email saying oh it’s not on its way it’s stuck at the consolidation place because they’re back logged, UNBELIEVABLE, so it’s been 6 weeks since we ordered this, summer will be long gone before we get it. And her attitude is, that’s just how it is. No apology for 2 screw ups. The only reason I haven’t cancelled this order is because the other 2 places that sold it are now sold out of the blue. I ordered 2500 sq ft of artificial turf from Georgia and it got to Idaho in 2 business days, these guys are doing it from Georgia and it’s already been 6 weeks and it hasn’t even left. So I get all the complaints from people, this comes from the top, I’ve even read all the horrible complaints about how this company treats their employees, no wonder Mo doesn’t care their bosses and the owners of Wayfair don’t care.
I’ll never buy from you again. Horrible company.


Shannon Anderson August 9, 2017 at 5:44 pm

I ordered a kitchen island that has an attached pot rack at the end of June (it was billed to my CC on June 21). I also purchased to have someone come and assemble the island as it is very large and heavy. The Island arrived on July 5 but it had a defect so it was decided to return it and have another one sent. The pot rack was left at my home which was totally OK as it was expected that the Island would arrive within the next few weeks. I spoke to a customer service rep that let me know that she would order a replacement island. She did seem to be helpful. She let me know that if I had any further questions to let her know. She did tell me at that time that she would get it all settled as she was leaving for vacation. After a few weeks I discovered that she had ordered the pot rack by error, not the Island. Since she made the error I asked if it could be sent within the next 2 days and she said she would try, but that did not happen. So a few more weeks pass and finally the island arrives but this time it comes with no hardware!!! I call back and let it be known that there is no hardware and am told that they will try to have it overnighted. I wait more days and no hardware. Now I call and ask to speak with a supervisor and she sees that the hardware had not been sent so she works to get that overnighted (which doesn’t happen). The hardware finally arrives on July 31 and I immediately called and inquired as to when someone will come and assemble the Island. Today is August 9 and even though I have called and sent email about having the assembly men come to put it together, I have heard nothing!!!

Wayfair does have nice products, but if they have problem manufactures that do not have good quality control/assurance or if Wayfair has difficult delivery methods or difficulty with getting their delivery contractors to schedule to do assembly, then Wayfair has the problem! If you accept a customer’s money and say you are going to deliver a prime product (which includes shipping), then you need to do so!!! This is ridiculous!!! I have had this island, unassembled in my living room for 2 weeks!!!! That is outrageous seeing how I purchased it on June 21!! All I am asking is for Wayfair to do the right thing. It should not be difficult a request! If your manufactures and deliver/assembly people are not up to your standards, then drop them!! Your customer service reps are also creating difficulty. Do something about it!!! I am an extremely unhappy customer!! I did my part. Please do yours!!!


Cheryl Stoner August 8, 2017 at 7:59 pm

I have now had problems with three purchases in a row from Wayfair. While their customer service agents are friendly and helpful, it’s just too frustrating to try and do business with them when time and time again my order either gets lost in transit or is not as described on the website. There is a very serious lack of quality control with this company and I will shop elsewhere from now on.


Ginger Moore August 8, 2017 at 11:17 am

I am writing to advise anyone and everyone contemplating an order with Wayfair to save your time, money and sanity and shop elsewhere. I ordered travertine tile back in February. Before I placed the order, I had requested and received two different color samples in order to make my decision. I ordered the Tuscan Brown only to receive the much lighter Tuscan Beige. Not only the wrong tiles but they arrived unsecured in the back of a truck on a palate with absolutey no straps to secure them in place. Several boxes had fallen off the palate and had numerous broken tiles. The tiles cost slightly over $200.00 and shipping was over $300!! After numerous calls back and forth with Catherine Harris who finally agreed that they should be returned, she emails me a return form with absolute no information filled in and apparently expected me to absorb the costs of the return and place a new order. I sent her an email that I was not spending more money for Wayfair’s error and that I expected this issue to be rectified by the company as it was their error. All communication has ceased from Wayfair’s ‘so-called’ customer service representative with the no care attitude which reflects a company that DOES NOT stand behind it’s products and could care less if you are shafted!

I intend to report them to the BBB and hand over the entire matter to my attorney! In the meantime, I would advise that everyone steer clear of this rip-off of a company!


Diann Ervin July 25, 2017 at 3:52 pm

Worst service ever in trying to order a dining room table and chairs. Table parts missing and damaged. Placed order in March and as of July 17th, had not received the correct parts to the table. Customer Service is a nightmare, sent several emails and made several calls but when the order was continuously incorrect, all correspondence ceased.
As on July 17th, I returned the table parts that had sat in my garage since April and refused the order with the incorrect parts. I eventually ordered the table from Amazon. I will never shop with Wayfair, Joss and Main or any of the subsidiaries. I have let it be known of my horrible experiences.
Recently found out that my sister Gwen had a similar nightmarish experience.


Ginger Moore August 8, 2017 at 4:11 pm

I feel for all of you. I posted over an hour ago and either the moderator is extremely slow about posting the truth or doesn’t want the public to know! Something tells me that it won’t be this way for long when horrible reviews and disgusted customers send their potential shoppers for the hills!


Miriam Currin July 22, 2017 at 8:54 pm

Well, it gets worse. After I sent the e-mail and posted it here, I received an e-mail about my furniture. Ken Frank made the assumption that I agreed to his idea of us taking apart our bed. We did not. I hope you all have recorded our conversation (and the time I spent waiting for a supervisor who never came to the phone). This is beyond ridiculous!


Miriam Currin July 22, 2017 at 8:40 pm


Your guy Ken Frank called about the same time that you sent this e-mail. He apparently did not read my e-mail (which you have attached) and did not know two pieces of our furniture were damaged. I had to explain to him. He then told me that my husband (who has a bad back) and I (with my arthritic knees) had to dis-assemble our bed. We paid for assembly. Now you are expecting us to take the bed apart when we have no clue how to do so! And wow!, he was going to give us $100!.
I asked to speak to a supervisor. Ken left us on hold and never came back.
We paid over $4,700 and waited for almost a month for this bedroom set.
We will move our complaints to higher levels due to the inadequate response from you and Ken.


mike weber July 17, 2017 at 1:35 pm

This co is only as good as the weakest link in the chain from client order to delivery.
Wayfair’s Achilles’s heal is its courier Panther UK which actually lost my item between informing me that a delivery would take place NEXT day and nothing happening . Then a series of calls to (very courteous ) customer care people but classically promised call backs but nothing happened. Ultimately the item was declared lost ( how do you” lose” a 1,5 m hardwood bench!!! ) and without reference to me was reordered for delivery in 10 dys ! I cancelled my order.
I note that this co is worth $X billion on the Nasdaq – based on this performance alone if I was an investor………….


Linda Stephens June 14, 2017 at 3:53 am

Sir: I have been waiting since 03/24/17 to receive my Bradshaw Wooden Trays (order #2299887611). Sadly, the level of competence of your customer service department as well as your warehouse is mediocre at best. I have emailed & communicated with no less than eight customer service reps with no resolution as yet. I even wrote a letter to Liz Graham, VP of Sales & Service, & have not received a response. It seems as if Wayfair is like most businesses: trying to get away with just being average. Average businesses produce mediocre results. At the end of the day, I would like SOMEONE in Wayfair’s hierarchy to show their care enough about customer service & get my Bradshaw Wooden Trays to me. I’ve waited long enough.


Victoria j brown June 8, 2017 at 10:54 am

Customer service I give 5 stars.chairs I order a 4 stars .but your policy on giving me my money back STINKS.why do I have to get store credit.that I don’t want put the money back on the Wayfair card. My last time doing business with this company.i email you it take 8 days to respond SMH


Momo Armstrong June 7, 2017 at 1:22 pm

I had to email regarding the damaged piece twice but no response from them what so ever.
I finally tried the online chat with Mr. Austin H then he took care of my request very well.

I have heard that they have having a hard time to catch up with emails from customers at this moment but if I had to wait to assemble my new furniture because of they didn’t respond at all
is a wrong answer.

Thank you Mr. Austin H.
Wayfair customer service is garbage except the chat department.


Maxine Forest May 27, 2017 at 11:32 pm

Wayfair Company: RE: Aftonshire Geometric Area Rug by Red Barrel Studio Stock # SKU:RDBS 8652 Latex Backing on rug Several months ago, I ordered this rug for my kitchen floor. I was happy with the looks of my new rug…however, after a few months of use, the color looked faded in some areas, so I decided to use my Hoovcher carpet cleaning machine to clean it. It did a great job cleaning the rug and the color looked pretty well restored. However, the cleaning solution soaked through to the latex back & now it won’t dry..no matter what I do. Also, it stinks. I am afraid to put it back on the floor as it could cause mold or mildew in my home. I’d like to have another rug to replace the one I bought. This rug was purchased in good faith. All rugs need to be cleaned by the home owner occasionally. I have never encountered a problem like this, especially with the awful smell of this rug. If you check my invoice records, you will find proof of my purchase. Please notify me ASAP as to what you will do to replace this faulty merchandise. I will expect an answer to this email with your intention to send me another similar rug with NO Latex backing. I appreciate your attention to this important matter. Maxine Forest


Gini May 14, 2017 at 9:37 am

I ordered a sectional sofa from Wayfair at a discounted “open box” price as well as some curtains to match. NOT ONLY did this first shipment of curtains come COMPLETELY WRONG but I received an email on a Saturday night that my sofa order was cancelled and supposedly my money refunded which it has not been so far. When I called customer service the only answer was that they no longer had this item because 2 orders had been placed and apparently the other person received the item. It took them a WEEK to tell me this? I have been receiving emails for a week that the item was ready for shipment and would be delivered on May 24. NOW, they suddenly do not have the item but would be HAPPY to sell me an item at full price? THIS PLACE IS A SCAM. I CANNOT GET ANYONE AT THEIR CORPORATE OFFICE TO RESPOND! DO NOT ORDER FROM WAYFAIR!!!! Unless someone from their corporate office responds to this complaint before 5pm CST on Monday May 15, 2017 I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and State Attorney General for fraudulent business practice.


Gerzel Hankerson April 10, 2017 at 5:25 pm

I place an order with your company. Check on my order to check the status. Showed it was cancelled. I called the company to see what the issue was. They stated to me that I would receive that email on the issue. I received the email is stated that I will have to send a personal check to your company in order to receive my order and I have a credit card with your company. I called the credit card customer service. They stated there is no problem with my credit card. I called your company back they told me I would have to send a personal check to place an order. I have ordered with the same card and delivered to the same address since the beginning. They gave me the run-around told me I would have to wait 15 to 30 days to find out the issue. Credit Card Customer care called they told them also I would have to send a personal check. Tell me WHY? DONE. Card canceled will shop somewhere else. THANK ALOT!


Gerzel Hankerson April 14, 2017 at 11:36 am

No reply. As usual…


Gina April 4, 2017 at 1:46 am

I have had the absolute worst experience with Wayfair. I ordered a bed and was promised a delivery date, it never arrived. No one called, me emailed or made any contact to let me know that it would not be arriving. After it not showing up for three additional days I emailed my account representative no response. Emailed their support no response. I finally get an email from Haley letting me know that their deliveries are never guaranteed and I can cancel my order. WOW!! I had already sold my bed and had someone waiting to put it together. I finally get the bed and the handyman to come back out to put it together and it’s missing pieces. Again not able to put together the bed. Sent them an email no response. This is the absolute worst company with customer service. They do not appreciate or value their customers and their response time is horrendous. Buyer beware and do not do business with them.


Debbie March 28, 2017 at 8:07 am

I am having the same delivery problems as numerous other customers. Ordered a dining room table & four chairs on March 1, 2017. My credit card was charged immediately saying the items had shipped. Today, March 28th I have still NOT rececived my merchandise! I was tracking my order which ended up in Montana! I live in Texas! Order was sent back to New Jersey so the tracking information says and shipped out again. Now my order is stalled in Grapevine, Texas since Friday, March 24th and going nowhere! I have heard every excuse in the book from Wayfair’s so-called “Customer Advocacy” Department! Have spoken to numerous people who blame delays on “3 feet of snow” creating backlogs! The real problem is Wayfair uses the cheapest transportation carriers to deliver their merchandise. Why do you think Wayfair offers “free shipping”???? Beware! Do not order anything from Wayfair! I learned the hard way!


Kitty Hopper March 18, 2017 at 5:31 pm

This USED to be a decent company but within the last two weeks their customer service dept. has gone crazy!!! I ordered, as a gift, a rabbit mold and they sent a baking sheet!!! And then gave them a difficult time about the original STATED gift…and also that my friend needs to hold the baking sheet for TWO weeks in case she has to return it..at her own expensive…what is wrong with you people??????????????
And this is the 2nd problem I have had with an order from them in 2 weeks!! And I’m still getting e-mails …insulting ones at that…on an order they mis-delivered….and now it is up to 11 e-mails from 7 different people in the ‘customer service’ division…
You call THAT customer service?????
I was a customer..and a good one..but your companies (yes, companies) are the worse!!!
Think about that when you are looking for customers!!!!!!!!!! WHAY HAPPENED TO YOU?????


Laura March 10, 2017 at 11:29 am

To say that this experience has been unacceptable is an understatement! This has been the worst online experience I have ever encountered! We ordered 2 beds for our children. The first one was perfect! It came on time in pristine condition. 2 months later we are still waiting for the second one! The bed came damaged and when they told us they would send another they couldn’t find the boxes then sent one of three boxes and now have had two massive boxes taking up room in my garage. The new (3rd shipment) was scheduled to come Feb 28-march 2…then we got an email saying March 7-10. Today the delivery company called and said next week. On top of all this we were charged the original price instead of the online sale price! Someone needs to contact me and make this right!


Mary Armstrong March 6, 2017 at 1:46 pm

After ordering a kitchen island the very next day it was changed on their website to state base only and they changed the name. Sent me top only. Then wanted me to pay $75 to return. Talk about false advertising!!! I will definitely take every opportunity I have to let everyone know about this experience through social media! BAD BUSINESS!!!!!


Jonee February 20, 2017 at 1:00 pm

I was just about to place my first order with Wayfair but after reading all these complaints ( really bad ones) I don’t know what to do. Who can assure me I will get what I ordered in good condition in a reasonable amount of time.


Charisse Vaughn January 4, 2017 at 4:39 pm

I am going to tell everyone I know about this experience I have had with wayfair. I ordered my son a bunk bed for Christmas. On December 21, 2016, I received a box with half the bed. I spoke to someone from customer service who said that I was going to receive the other half of the shipment on December 28, 2016 I then got another message on December 28, 2016 that said I will receive my package on December 30, 2016. On December 30, 2016 I received a message that said that I would not receive my package until 1/3/2017. When I received the message I said no, I don’t want it. I got got a message today that said that I am going to be charged a return shipping fee of 135.00. When I called customer service I was told that because I did not tell them sooner that I did not want the bed they have to charge me the return shipping fee. So let me get this right, I’m being charge 135.00 for a bed I never got. Please someone give me the name and number of someone I need to talk to or should I just go to the Better Business Bureau?


Robert powell November 26, 2016 at 8:26 pm

So disappointed in Wayfair. It has now been over 4 days in our new home without the $5000 worth of furniture we ordered, all of which was ordered over a month ago and supposed to be delivered the day we moved in.
Due to “fraud issues” that were completely unwarranted, we have now been without furniture, AND without future RESOLUTION of the issue.
Collectively, Robbie and I have spoken to 5 different supervisors and spent 6 hours on Thanksgiving day sitting on a bare floor..(currently still sitting on a bare floor)
So much to be thankful for, but so much to be frustrated with


Antonia November 22, 2016 at 10:31 am

I’ll never order anything form this company again. Every order I placed gets messed up or my items come wrong or broken. I order a couch over a month ago and still have not received it, it was suppose to be deleivered two weeks ago. Customer service is horrible and superviseres are even worse in the call center. After calling many times they finally told me my couch was lost a week after it was suppose to be delivered. I opened up a credit card with this company because I though it would be great. Never again will I purchase from wayfair.


Linda November 19, 2016 at 11:44 am

I, like all the rest of you, have had a terrible experience with Wayfair customer service. I received defective hardwood flooring and have been trying to get Wayfair to replace it. I, too, have been passed from person to person,all of whom are very nice, but none of whom seem to ever return my phone calls or emails. I am now on my second manager and was denied contact with anyone in the corporate offices. As all the others have, she promises to personally take care of the situation for me. My flooring is supposed to be shipped on Monday. I am not at all confident that will happen or that it will be quality flooring. The original flooring they sent me was pure trash. 60% of each box was splintery and unfinished. I am in the process of writing to several Boston publications who have published favorable articles about Wayfair and, in particular, Niraj Shah. I suggest anyone else who is displeased do the same. I am also trying to reach a contact person for Ellen Degeneres. Wayfair sponsors her furniture design contest on HGTV. I am going to try to encourage her to investigate the complaints against Wayfair before she links her name with them again. I will try to do the same with HGTV. Please people, keep trying to have your complaints heard. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of money. I save for years to do projects. It is inexcusable that companies treat customers the way Wayfair has treated all of us.


Jessica Erickson September 19, 2017 at 5:28 pm

I wish I could rate this place a zero! I do nothing but shop online, thousands of dollars worth actually.. And this is the worst experience I’ve ever had!!! Anywhere! Ever! I ordered a sectional couch in June, it is now September and is yet to come. I was supposed to get it middle of July, begining of August the latest. Well August hit still no emails, calls, nothing. So I call customer service for help and got passed from person to person – for days, just to finally be told my couch is lost. Meanwhile I just bought my first home – we’ve been in this house for months with no couch in my living room! It doesn’t end there – I finally had enough and asked for a manager, Mitchell. Was very helpful, though I wish he would have offered my some sort of refund he offered to have the couch sent back out again and upgraded my shipping for free. (Not faster shipping just assembly) so ,I get an email stating my item reached their center and I will get a call to set up delivery within 24 hours… Well the weekend passed with no call on Monday so I called them. Apparently they had the wrong phone number down somehow and had been calling me since Friday… Okay whatever so, we set up a date to delivery date, which was today, sep 19th between 12pm – 4pm. I told him noone would be home till 3, he was very helpful and said I will put you as the last stop so they should come around 3-4. They we’re knocking at my door apparently at 1 pm. So obviously some miscommunication there on their part (yet again) so I call them back to ask why they proceeded to come so early… When I was supposed to be the last stop and whoever that Danielle XXXXXX is that was working between 1-2pm, needs to be reported. As a customer who has been waiting on a couch for 4 months, the last thing your employees should be doing is giving customers attitude because we’re calling to have something resolved! Anyways, the woman decided to scream at me and say “well now you are going to be the last stop, because I’m moving your window to 4-7” like are you serious? This is totally unacceptable for someone who spent 800$, almost maxing out my credit card just to have your couch in my living room- to be treated in this manner with no apologies or help. Your company is a joke and I would love to speak to corporate!


Saul November 9, 2016 at 1:19 pm

order #2274633463. Please call me at 210-621-XXXXX. I was given bad information by your company in what appears to be an effort to keep me from taking advantage of a promotion you were running. I have created a dispute with the Credit card company Comenity Bank however they tell me it is your policy not to change these sales. This is bad business and expect to hear back from someone that can help within 48 hours.


Ginny Green September 24, 2016 at 10:30 am

HELP United States Marine PLEASE!
Invoice ID: 2298105743
Phone # 850 816 6910

I would like to have your assistance in obtaining the following :
On 9/15/2016 I place an order from Wayfair’s web site:

The price according to the website was $207.15 which has a clear description and photo of the chair I ordered and expected to receive overnight express. I received a chair overnight, however, to my surprise I was charged $229.00 and received a chair with NO arms.
For the sake of understanding, I want to share with you that this chair is for my wife who, is disabled and uses it to move around inside our home. Because of her special needs, I ordered this chair based on the design, quality, price, and photo shown in the advertisement.
After opening the shipping container and finding a chair that I did not order, and invoiced a charge of $229.00, I immediately contacted Wayfair customer service about the wrong shipment and price. I spoke to Hayley in customer service, she stated “ that, she was sorry, that everything would be handled appropriately and the chair would be replaced within 24 hours with the correct chair as listed with arms”.
However when speaking to Haley about this she told me “I should just dispose of the chair I had just received, in the manner that would be convenient and that I should NOT send it back”, a strange way to do business I thought. However once again I was expected to use my time and effort to locate a dumpster. As of this date, 9/24/2016 I have not received the replacement nor has there been a price adjustment.
On Thursday of last week 9/22/2016 I spoke to Michael at extension 3105 (Wayfair customer service) who seemed to be a person who really cares about the customer’s needs. Michael said “the distributer was arguing that I had ordered a chair without arms and that I should pay another 29.95 for the chair with arms”. Michael further stated, “That he would be calling me on Friday to make sure I receive what I expected”. I waited until 1 P.M. Friday 9/24/2016 and received no calls from Michael. I then attempted to call with hopes of reaching Michael, someone else answered and I was told that “he was not working on Fridays”.
I tried to contact Wayfair’s corporate offices in hopes to speak with Liz Graham who according to the corporate web site is the Vice President of customer Sales and Service with hopes to obtain resolve in this matter. The problem is, there is no email or phone number with which I can do that, so I am sending out to as many emails as available from Wayfair web page with hope to get help in obtaining what I paid for and expected to receive by now, from a company who is supposedly reputable.
Today is 24 September and I ordered this chair 10 days ago and expected overnight express. So far, all I have is a chair that I did not order and charged $15.00 more that the advertised price, at your web site:

Honestly at this point, I have a very unpalatable taste as to the behavior of Wayfairs customer service team. I am a Untied States Marine of over thirty years and having over two hundred people to my charge, and in my professional opinion this entire evolution with Wayfair has been extremely unprofessional, tasteless, unpleasant and offensive.
In the end there is a bigger issue that is more important to me, that is my wife whom I love dearly does not have her chair. Please help me resolve this issue.
Jeffrey P. Green/MGySgt/USMC/


Lina September 23, 2016 at 2:10 pm

I want someone from top management to call me back regarding order # 2189040195
I am not able to reach any since yesterday
I will wait until Monday morning 27th of September 2016 t receive the call !!!!


Lina Nabulsi September 23, 2016 at 11:18 am

I am writing to complain about the customer service that I received from Wayfair.
This was my first time I ever made a purchase through Wayfair.
I made an order for two sofa beds Order # 2189040195 on the 17th of Sep 2016
The shipment was due on the 19th of Sep 2016 and expected delivery on the 23rd Sep 2016. I received tracking number information and was tracking my shipment on UPS website. On the UPS tracking website on the 22nd of Sep 2016 at 9:33 am, it was mentioned that the package was “on vehicle for delivery today”. My son skipped college to help us carry the sofas, myself and husband did not leave the house on that day waiting for the package to arrive. At 4 pm my son called the courier company UPS to inquired about the delivery, the customer agent told him that it will be before 7pm same day. at 6:30 pm the UPS tracking page status was changed giving an “exception report” saying that “package cannot be delivered” and reason given was that the measurements of the package was large and will not be accepted by UPS.
We immediately called UPS customer service to inquire, they said that the office hour is closed now, and if we can go and pick up the package ourselves. And since we cannot do that, we said we cannot and the agreement was to receive the package to our door steps. the agent said that she cannot do any thing for that until the next day.
We called Wayfair customer service to complain about this and the supervisor informed me that they will change the courier and it will take two week to receive the items. It was very upsetting news for us, especially when we have sold our old sofas and we are sitting on the floor. We asked to speak to a manager and he said the office hours were over and the next day only after 10 Am until someone can speak to us. Because we were so upset we asked to cancel the order. And without hesitation or even try to do something for us the customer service agent immediately accepted our cancellation and cancelled our orders. We find that the customer service in Wayfair is very very bad.
Today the 23rd of Sep 2016 we called the customer service agent we asked to speak to a manager, she said that the manager will call you and refused to give us a phone number. Also she mentioned that to send the furniture again it would take between 6 to 8 week to arrive and maybe more.
What strikes me is that how it was on vehicle for delivery and then at the end of the day cannot be delivered due to large measurements. And how Wayfair deals with courier companies.
I must say, this is very very very bad service that I never experienced in my life.
I will not recommend Wayfair to anyone I know, also I wrote a very bad review on way services are conducted in Wayfair.


Jessica September 14, 2016 at 9:35 am

I purchased a new mattress recently as I have a bad back and the item in particular was a great deal AND advertised next day delivery if ordered within a certain timeframe. I purchased with several hours left to have it shipped to my apartment the next day. When I received the email that the item had shipped, the date was further out than advertised. I contacted Wayfair through chat and spoke with Devan S. who was not only defensive and rude, but unapologetic as well. Anytime you are reaching out to a company and are met with defensive people, this puts an incredibly bad reputation on your business as this is the face of your company.

After offering me a 10% discount on my NEXT purchase, his exact words were “I explained that it is one day of shipping. I am sorry you misunderstood that. Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?”

I did not contact Wayfair to get a discount on my next purchase. If a company advertises one thing and delivers another, their response shouldn’t be, well this is just as good, do you want 10% off? I already explained this to you. I’m sorry YOU misunderstood…

I have worked in customer service in many areas for many years and this is not how you grow a business or keep customers. After getting a house and needing new furniture pieces, I am seriously rethinking where I will go for this need.


Jasmine July 13, 2016 at 5:41 pm

Early July I placed a order for a sofa set through Walmart.com…..long story short the item was falsely advertised. I let both Walmart and Wayfair know the gave me $50, I spoke ro Wayfair agian and was promised a full refund and the order would be rerouted. It has been almost 2 weeks and still no refund, numerous people told me they would be in contact and no one has contacted me. I call for updates and today I found out it willl be another 3 to 5 business days. I’m 6 months pregnant with 2 toddlers and no one has even tried to give me a gift card. This company is horrible, both Walmart and Wayfair need to be exposed and fined billions.


Bridget July 9, 2016 at 10:27 pm

I submitted an email on Wayfair.com and it was returned as “undeliverable because the recipient’s mailbox is full.” Not a good way to treat your customers. I have bought plenty of stuff from Wayfair over the past several years, long before it was so popular. Please let me know how to reach someone; I am not easily available during your telephone hours so email is the best communication for actually getting through to someone who is remotely interested in customer satisfaction. And by the way, below this text box is a button to “click here to receive updates on your complaint or comment.” Why should I have to even ask you to respond?!


Charles King July 5, 2016 at 5:36 pm

Dear Wayfair LLC:
About three years ago we purchased a living room suit from Simmons. After about one year the pleather began peeling off the furniture. We contacted Simmons who referred us to United Furniture Industries who informed us the furniture was warranted for one year and that they would sell us material to recover the furniture. I am not sure how long most people keep furniture but one year is not acceptable.
I write this letter to you because I see allot of their furniture available on your site. Wayfair LLC would be better served to sell mechanize that represents a fair deal to their customers.


Bonnie May 30, 2016 at 10:27 am

Twice my order was cancelled as some wayfair staffer decided that it was fraud.
I wasted hours arguing with my visa people and there were not issues there. I re-ordered the same items ($2500.00 worth) and paid via paypal. AGAIN WAS LISTED AS FRAUD
AND ORDER CANCELLED. I think its important for the owners to know that the staff are
obviously working for some other company when they refuse to take my money. Three days of emails and calls and NO RESOLUTION. They can neither reorder the items or
As a busy property manager I have NO TIME for this nonsense and will spend my retrofit
money (lots of it) elsewhere. Maybe get the persons name and lose them


Christina March 31, 2016 at 9:09 am

This company is Horrible I ordered an item yesterday morning and yesterday evening I get an email that’s it’s out of stock and they are canceling my order. Well wouldn’t you know I see it on their site that night still this time it’s available and the price was increased by 500.00. Something is very shady with this company. I have also filed a complaint with BBB


Siana May 11, 2016 at 8:45 pm

Looking to get a class action against this company, please reply if interested.


Jon July 26, 2016 at 11:40 am

Wayfair.com and AllModern.com are the worst run online retailers, I try to place orders and give them money only to have orders cancelled for the same reasons as many others have posted, and then to get incorrect qty’s shipped.
I guess these people are lucky they are not running brick and mortar stores or else they would have endless lines of people trying to give them money but no one working there wanting to take it…..
Its time to go back to local vendors, my time spent dealing with this far out weighs the savings I would capture from ordering at wayfair.com


ROBERT COX February 1, 2016 at 5:14 pm

On Sunday, Jan. 31,2016, I ordered an outdoor grill and grill cover using a card that has no issues. Monday, (next day) I receive an e-mail that says they were unable to verify the authenticity of the charge, in other words, indicating that I probably am a thief. They plainly stated they couldn’t verify anything: my question is WHY DID THEY REMOVE THE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT? (FOR WHICH I HAVE PROOF) Then, they tell me that I will have to wait a week to get it back. This is about the poorest excuse for a COMPANY I have ever experienced. I NOW UNDERSTAND WHY THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT THEM. PLEASE, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE; THEY ARE THIEVES. I FEEL SURE I WILL HAVE TO HIRE ANY ATTORNEY TO GET BACK THE $450 THEY STOLE FROM ME.


tam herman January 19, 2016 at 9:43 pm

Like the myriad others on this pathetic waste of time complaints board, I too shall lodge my myriad complaints regarding the myriad pathetic issues that have arisen during my latest order.

I live in Toronto. I ordered a large accent chair in mid-November 2015. By mid-January, 2016, it has still not arrived. I have spoken with at least four customer services reps, each one with a different tale to tell. “Oh, well, I’m sure it will be there any day,” said rep #1. Rep #2 was even more encouraging. “I see here that it is just at customs now. It will be progressing very soon to a local terminal.” By two weeks later, I could see online that it was at a terminal about 20 minutes away from my location, but it sat there from December 15, 2015 until the end of December, when I called again. Customer service rep #3 informed me that apparently the item had been damaged in transit. She sent me photos but assured me it was only the box that was damaged. She asked if I would still like to take delivery. I said sure, on the condition that I could inspect the item before accepting it. No problem, I was told.

A week goes by. Now, it is the first week of January, 2016. Item is not anywhere to be found. I phoned back to wayfair. Guess what? Oh, this is GOOD! Apparently, even though it sat for three weeks in the terminal 20 minutes from my house, it ‘accidentally’ got put back onto a shipping truck just that very morning and sent BACK to California from where it apparently originated. Da fuq?

So, I asked to be escalated to speak to someone with more ‘clout’. Whatever. I spoke with a woman named Mila who ASSURED me that she was ON THIS! She promised the moon, and admittedly, I felt I had no choice but to acquiesce. She offered to order me another chair. Is she bloody well joking? I told her that since the original chair literally JUST left the city, all she had to do was call it back. But . . . nooooo. Way too difficult. It couldn’t have been more than an hour away!

Fine. She orders another chair, but assures me it will be expedited. Fine. Whatever. I’m not holding my breath.

So, according to the tracking, the new chair arrived in the same local terminal 20 minutes from my house on January 13. Today is January 20. I am told that within two business days of its arrival there that I would receive an email to set up delivery confirmation. Apparently, the people at either wayfair and/or the delivery company seem to have forgotten how to write, since that never happened. So I emailed Mila yesterday.

“Any news?” I ask, politely. A few hours later, she says that she is going to contact the delivery agent and see what’s up. She will email me back immediately. Yeah, I’m still waiting for that email to materialize.

Today, I email again to Mila. “Any news yet?” A few hours later, she sends me the most ironic of ironies, the most epitimous of emails every written. Guess what!?! The chair has once again been damaged in transit. She asks, “Would I like to have her order another one?”

For fu**s sake, people! I’ve had better customer and delivery service from the pizza driver during the most heinous of Canadian blizzards EVER! I am absolutely astounded.

So, the reply email I sent (to which I have not yet had a response) was obviously more tersely and pointedly written. I laid out my expectations (after all, they’ve had my $1200 CDN – about 45 american cents) for almost two months. Think I will hear back? Im taking wagers at about 100 to 1.

I will certainly let you know what happens!


Linda Cooper January 19, 2016 at 7:48 am

I ordered sofas from you. The picture ion your site was a much lighter color than the sofas that arrived. I contacted your customer service and was given the answer that Wayfair could not be responsible for the way pictures looked on computers. Since the picture looked exactly like the Ashley sofa I saw at a friends and had the same name why in the world would I ever expect it to come two shades darker? The answer from your customer service rep was ridicious they say a picture speaks a thousand words so I have posted a picture of what I received and what you online site ad shows. People can make their own decisions but I for one will never buy from you again. I wasted over $1200,00. The sofas I replaced were lighter than the ones I received from your company. I will also be contacting some of your sponsors, including HGTV to show them whatI received and tell them about your customer service.


Lenora January 1, 2016 at 1:59 pm

Do not order from this company. I am a disabled senior and my husband is a 100% disabled veteran living in CA. Twice I ordered BLUE Christmas LED ICICLE Lights paying over $600.00—-TWICE we have gotten Crystal WHITE lights. Customer Service has been Horrible. I have over 30 e-mail’s and many chats including tell me I received what I ordered which is not the truth. The web site stated BLUE (which I ordered) yet the warehouse sent out Crystal White lights then customer service tries to blame the customers for WAYFAIR mistakes. My recommendation is STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Poor Service, Wrong merchandise—as Seniors we were extremely disappointed we did not get BLUE Christmas lights like we ordered.


Anil S November 7, 2015 at 1:58 pm


reading all these reviews i feel that before buying anything online i should go back and see reviews before placing order blindly.

I purchased an item which showing complete bedroom collection and each item is listed on website. next day i got an email saying you have ordered only bed frame and not collection and they cannot deliver any item for which i have not paid 🙂 means that their website is showing false/incorrect information and they saying that its my mistake i have ordered only bed. I received order conformation initially which clearly states all items.

On other part customer care was worst , nobody ready to answer our query as some senior wrote a note that no body is going to handle this order. OMG !!

This seems they do not want to accept their mistake and they trying to prove its customer mistake.

This is not a question of what i paid and what am getting, this is all about false business and marketing products with false information.
This should be taken seriously else it will be on and on unless they realise their mistakes.


Erin October 26, 2015 at 3:52 pm

I had the same experience as Glynis. I purchased a rug in Sept 2014 and then received email the next day stating that the rug was priced incorrectly, but they would give me a $25 credit in addition to refunding my card. I was disappointed but understood that mistakes happen. The $25 credit showed up in my account, so there were no issues. Until now. I browsed on the Joss & Main site the other day and noticed that the credit did not show up. I sent email asking about it and was told that there never was a credit. We went back and forth, and since I no longer have the email, they will not reinstate the credit. I’m quite surprised at how this situation has been handled and will not shop with Joss & Main, Wayfair, or any other stores that is owned by Wayfair. They missed an opportunity to create a loyal customer.


Ana October 14, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Good afternoon.
Im writing this because I am super displeased with the way that your company has handled the now mis advertisement of this product. I have explained that I’m doing a wedding for my son and that I needed 300 plates. Well noone seems to want to honor the “now” mis advertised pates. I have tried to get your customer service department to honor your sale price on these plates. I explained to several of the supervisors that you are just like any other store and that you should honor your prices on these plates for a set of 36 for $24.72. No one wants to listen to me all they keep saying is that you made a mistake and that it can’t be honored or fixed. They have not handled this mis advertisement like any of your competitors. All I want is the advertised price to complete the final purchase in my son’s wedding. I told them to place themselves in my shoes they would want the exact same thing. Now they are trying to hide and correct the mistake that is no fault of mine. I really like your products but the customer service has not in any way represented your company and how you represent yourself. I need for someone contact me so that we may get this behind me and that I may purchase my plates for the advertised price.


Ricky October 12, 2015 at 3:46 pm



Coreenia September 29, 2015 at 2:13 pm

I wished I would have read these reviews prior to purchasing. I am not going to write a long complaint because frankly I am tired of typing out my complaint, as I have sent several e-mails to Wayfair. I will say this , this company has the absolute worst Customer Service! i will never order again! My first purchase was almost $900.00, I would say the lost a valuable customer!


Viva Medina September 16, 2015 at 10:16 pm

Having a terrible time with an order of 2 chairs from Wayfair. Heather Shaw, a Delivery Team Specialist actually told me I had fallen through the cracks but she was on it now, what a joke. The only thing I know about my order is that one of the chairs has been damaged before being shipped. They sent me replacement legs but no chairs. Now my problem is getting a refund for the order. So very sorry I ordered from this company. I feel like my money has been stolen.


Pat August 31, 2015 at 3:18 pm

What a horrible way to do business. I have had 2 items cancelled in a matter of a
couple of days, because you had the price wrong. Why should the consumer be
penalized for your mistake. I will never do business with this lame company again. At
the very least you should have offered a substitute item.


Heather August 21, 2015 at 1:28 am


CEO: Niraj Shah
CFO: Nicholas Malone
COO: James Savarese

This letter is written to express my horrible customer service I have received with Wayfair. I had purchased a 5 piece Jicaro Patio Furniture Set. Delivery date was scheduled on or before Aug. 6th. I patiently awaitied the delivery to no avail. On Aug. 7th I spoke to Chris Jones and shared with him my concern. The email stated it was sitting at the transit spot in Romulus, MI (35 minutes from my house) since July 31st. I called the shipping company (GO GETTERS TRUCKING 309-242-6165) just to hear that it was to a personal phone and his mailbox was full. Chris assured me he would get to the bottom of this and sent me an email on the 11th, stating he had no further news when it would be delivered. On the 12th, he extended a 10% discount for my troubles, but still no delivery or expected date.

In the mean time, as I patiently await, I called Chris again for an update and to let him know I have arranged to borrow a truck to pick up my furniture. The idea of it sitting in a warehouse, known for high crime didn’t set well with me. At that point I looked at my email and noticed GO GETTERS TRUCKING was removed and no longer had a shipping company name. At this point I am furious. I still was not contacted on who was shipping this item and now where is it?? Chris never returned my calls or emails to the present day!

Finally, Aug. 19th I received an email stating FIDELITONE will be delivering my furniture on the 20th between 9-1pm. They will call 30 minutes before delivery to alert me. Because of the horrible communication with delivery and Wayfair, I took the day off of work to be present. 3:30 comes and I have to leave my house for a meeting. I call FIDELITONE and tell Bree I have been waiting and still no furniture. She continues to tell me it was delivered at 11:00am!! I said that’s great but where, because it wasn’t at my house AND I never received a call.

On my way to the meeting, (Bree still on the phone trying to get to the bottom of this) I glance over to my neighbors house down the block to see a very large package on a pallet in the driveway. Low and behold, I drive up to the package to see that my name and address is plastered all over it. Now I am beyond furious and I tell Bree no way in hell am I able to get this furniture over to my house. I shared with her that if the package is stolen or damaged I will not be responsible. She told me she couldn’t get truck out until the morning.
I then decide to call Wayfair (Chris Jones personal line) to share my frustration and once again reiterate I will not be responsible for the furniture. Once again, I only got his voicemail. I decided to talk to another supervisor to make sure everything that had happened was doXXXXented. As I was telling the story to a gentleman named Braden (30 minutes on hold while he “looks” for Chris Jones) he returns on the phone to tell me that Chris is gone and he was talking to a Maquel (?) who was Chris’s supervisor. Maquel was busy and not able to talk to me, and I said to Braden I do not have 30 minutes of my time to waste while he figures out who I am suppose to talk to. I advised to him I will be talking to someone in corporate about this situation. At that point, he hung up on me!

As you can only imagine that was my breaking point. He never attempted to call back and pretend we were disconnected. I called back and spoke with Cassidy who directed me to an Ashley Burbach. Ashley had to hear the entire story from start to finish. She was apologetic and took additional discount off of product. This still did not make me feel complete with the amount of trouble I have been dealing with. Then a Mike Greenfest called to discuss as well.

In the end, I borrowed a neighbors pickup and at 8:30 at night went to pick the furniture up. My experience with Wayfair was beyond horrific. I have purchased items before but can honestly say I will never purchase another thing from your company. The lack of communication from start to finish was something I have never experience before.

To those considering ordering, make sure you ask the shipping company they are using because I doubt it is a reputable company like UPS or FEDEX


Dale1K June 5, 2015 at 2:35 pm

Dear Wayfair,

You need to seriously work on your logistics as most complaints are related to this area. A company your size should have a well managed logistics department that can offer customers the service they are looking for.. Example.. If I am ordering a bedroom set and paying for inside delivery and assembly, I should be able to set the delivery date with proper notice. Apparently, this is not possible when placing an order according to your customer service department.. Unacceptable.. As a former Corporate Logistics Manager, I can assure you that this level of service can be contracted with your carriers. Offer this and you will increase customer satisfaction and grow your company exponentially..


James A. May 30, 2015 at 1:11 am


I wanted to let the viewers of this site know that I purchased my 3 set lamps off of Walmart.com website and yes had an issue with the harps being to small. My initial conversation with the customer service was not to my complete satisfaction not because of the representative by any means she was very professional, however after she received a response from the warehouse I received a response stating the the warehouse could not meet my needs. I will admit my thought process of the company was that I was not going to continue as a customer, however after giving them a chance to redeem themselves by speaking to another representative by the name of Jon, on Friday 5/29/15 at 8pm PST. I explained my situation to him he was very apologetic, and thanked me for being patient with him and I admit that being patient is not my strong point. He reimbursed the amount that I had to pay out of pocket to Home Depot as well as did a second reimbursement as they did not have the size harps I needed on their website, and the second reimbursement will help me to be able to get the size harps that I need from Home Depot. Because of his kindness in willing to assist me to rectify the original issue that I had I informed him I would post a comment about the positive experience I had with. It is because of that experience that I am willing to again to purchase something from Wayfair again. He does not know this but he will be receiving a copy of this comment as well.

James A
A reinstated satisfied customer.


Diane Cortese May 13, 2015 at 10:24 am

This was my first and LAST experience purchasing from Wayfair. I should have read the reviews BEFORE ordering from Wayfair. Their shipping is a pile of confusion and their customer service is way worse. I received email on 11/24 stating the item I wanted was “discontinued” — NO IT WASN’T DISCONTINUED, they send out another incorrect email. I now have the item. (pricing problem there too) After spending almost $2,000 and wanting to reorder another of the “exact same” cabinet I was given a hard time along with a lecture. Made to feel like a criminal by one of the supervisors. I will be sending a detailed letter to the President and two of the Executive officers of Wayfair in which I will send all my pertinent information along with he name of the “follow the book” repetitive so-called supervisor who totally ticked me off. For a stinken $30.00 Wayfair has lost (which looks like) ANOTHER customer. I will never-ever place another order with this company. Her response was “OK”. To everyone out there, try HORCHOW. They are extremely customer orientated and have beautiful products. Never again.

1st order #1932860451 2nd order 1952422901

If you order be prepared to answer a million or should I say a-zillion questions BEFORE getting connected to a supervisor. Customer Service horrible. I worked for an airline for 15 years and if I EVER EVER treated a customer with such poor verbiage and assistance I definitely would have LOST my job.

1st order #1932860451 2nd order #1952422901

Funny Wayfair MUST need that $30.00 more that a 66 year old senior. But, they lost a perspective good customer !! Letter and pertinent names and information to follow to President’s office. Not that he’ll read it but maybe it won’t fall upon deaf ears!


Connie Raterink April 2, 2015 at 2:20 pm

on 4/1/15 you advertised several Cuisinart food processors on your site for $20 each. (I have screenshots of one of them in the cart for that price). I attempted to place an order for 3 of the Cuisinart 11 cup prep plus DLC-2011CHB. I put them in my cart, filled out the billing information, and pushed “submit order”. Suddenly the amt. changed from $60 to $597!! I quickly cancelled the order….thank heavens it was in time! It was a few minutes after 9pm, (your customer service was closed) so I called your customer service on 4/2. Not only wouldn’t she honor the price, she was rude. Now by checking other reviews online I see you have a habit of this. Unfortunately for other people, their orders went THROUGH for the “bait and switch” price. That could cause people to bounce checks! I contacted the Better Business Bureau, and after chatting with an agent, she assured me that I have a legitimate complaint. All I want is what you advertised, for the price you advertised it at. Check with the BBB, they have my phone number.


Mirvat S. January 7, 2015 at 7:42 pm

The in-home delivery specialist team isn’t professional at all. I have dozens of orders and thousands of dollars spent with wayfair/joss and main. I always call and complain about the horrible delivery service. I was given times and dates of furniture to be delivered where I have paid people hourly to wait at my house while I’m at work and there was no show. In addition almost everything that I receive isn’t in bad shape or condition. One man named Samuel in the in-home delivery team said that it was okay that my $2000 armoire was delivery in a torn box where on side of the box was completely open and it was raining outside. He said that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in bad condition. Would any of the owners/staff of this company want that item delivered to their home? The armoire had a broken drawer too. My integrity was questioned and I had to argue to get it returned for a full refund. Finally after he agreed to return it, I found out that shipping was charged and I had to call back and argue about that. I spent so much time and energy with this company, I’m sick of it. I do love their products online but the quality isn’t always in the best shape. To top it off the delivery company and the in-home delivery team don’t make it any better. My last episode was with a bench that had chipped wood. I decided to speak to Samuels manager, Scott who told me the chipped wood was natural imperfections. Lol, that’s funny and he would return the bench deducting $151.00 for the cost of shipping. What happened to customer satisfaction guaranteed? The funny part is, I was requesting an even exchange for a good condition bench because I love the design of the bench. These people need to understand it’s not all about he money and jumping to these solutions. We buy products because we love them and want them to be in our home. We aren’t dealing with stocks here. I read the stories of the founders of this company. It seems like they are great entrepreneurs and I’m familiar with some of their past investments like iXL. I highly recommend they take another look at their in-home delivery team. I think I’m so fed up because I have been ordering items on a regular basis for about 9 months now since I moved into my new house. I quickly noticed the pattern in the companies flaws.


China Copper mug manufactory November 3, 2014 at 2:37 am

Dear Wayfair LLC:

It’s really nice could contact with you. We are factory from China, specialized in produce Vodka copper mug,The attachment is our copper mug image,Could you kindly give us a chance send Free sample for you?

Looking forward your reply with many thanks.

Yours faithfully,

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Josh Vieux September 25, 2014 at 12:22 pm

To get to the name Directory just press 0 a bunch of times this gives you the option to go straight to the directory and find just about anybody without having to deal with Wayfair’s ridiculous system. I give them a 0 rating, they need to set it up in a different way.


Glynis September 22, 2014 at 2:21 pm

From Joss & Main to me after ordering 5 rugs they had for $45 each!
Dear Glynis,

We’d like to offer our sincere apologies that we’ve had to cancel some of the items from your recent order.

Over the weekend, we mispriced a number of products, displaying them at a price far below what those products cost. Because these prices were so low, word got around very quickly—and a large number of people purchased those items at the incorrect prices. We certainly didn’t do this intentionally, but after much thought we have decided to cancel those orders.

Unfortunately, yours is one of the affected orders, and we need to cancel some of the items. We’re truly sorry about the inconvenience—we on the Joss & Main team wouldn’t like it very much if this happened to us as customers, either. While we make every effort to avoid situations like this one, occasionally we make a technical misstep and we hope you’ll understand.

We’ve cancelled the items from your order that were priced in error. As a gesture of apology and token of our appreciation for your business, we’ve added a $25 credit to your account. We hope you’ll be able to use this to find another item that you love.

If this cancellation means that any of the other items in your order no longer suit you, please go to your My Account area and cancel the remaining items.

Thanks again for being a member,

The team at Joss & Main
From me:

Talk about not being able to trust an on line company. This was my 1st order from you. When I called to complain Travis (x8076) said it was ridiculous of me to think you would sell me these rugs for this price. He also barked he wasn’t going to argue with me and there was no need to speak with anyone else because they would tell me the same thing. Would not put a supervisor on the phone said they were too busy. This is the poorest customer service! Also tried to appease me with a $25 credit.
Looks like from the other complaints I would not have ever received my order anyway. This is a Wayfair Company and they own over 200 on line stores. I will never order anything from you. They have a policy they can change the price, refuse to sell to you at the price offered and that an email confirmation if your order does not guarantee the order or at the price you agreed to pay. THE most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! This policy is 100% company focused. They do not care about the customer. Go to a real furniture store and pay the price. At least you will get your items at the price advertised. This is a scam!


Lydia Phillips September 18, 2014 at 10:12 am

I ordered a dinning set on August 12th 2014 order 1754707642. On August 15th I received email from your company that my furniture is on the way. Today is September 18th and by this time nothing arrived to my address. I have contacted your company four times but did not find out where is my furniture. The only information I received from you is that your company is using the Home Direct USA delivery service and they should handle my order. If I know what kind of service I will received I will NEVER order anything from your company. Please, find and deliver my furniture in next seven days. If my furniture does not arrive in next seven days (in perfect condition) I would like you to give me my money back asap. Thank you


gloria saldiveri September 13, 2014 at 3:06 pm

order # 1814112561 is order # its a terrible way for accompany to grow I can understand all the complaints I had been trying to get something delivered the only good thing about this company is the girls that answer the phone Jenna Chloe, Birgette Katherine that’s how many times ive called they are pleasant and helpful but still no item……..
Mr. Niraj Shah Mr. Nicholas Malone better get act together I will NEVER recommend or ever order again……….


Tawnya Johnson July 31, 2014 at 12:28 am

I placed an order (Order # 1704644972) on 04/23/14. The item was not listed at that time on backorder. I waited for shipment…nothing happened. Go back online to check order status, says backordered will ship on or before 07/30/14…3 months later… really?? Last week I go on your chat customer service squad and I was told yes my chairs had shipped and I would receive a tracking # within 48 hours… no tracking number comes to my email nor do my chairs show up today as expected. I go back online today with another member of your customer service squad who tells me the order is backordered and will ship by 08/15/14. What is this mess of a business? I look online and you are still selling the same chair that I ordered but there is no mention of the fact the chair is on backorder and if you are lucky you might receive one after you’ve paid for it. Frustrated to no end over businesses like this who do business online with crappy customer service and websites that are untruthful. I will report to the BBB since you state you have Stellar Customer Service and A+ rating… judging by the other comments I’ve seen here I’m sure there are a lot of people who would beg to differ that one. I have the feeling on 08/15/14 I will get another response from customer service that my item is on backorder again. I have not waited several weeks… I have now waited several months… absolutely ridiculous!!!! Never would order again or recommend to anyone.


Glenn D.Gross July 24, 2014 at 4:05 pm

Is there any estimate on the new delivery date for this order (Order #1765719561)? I must say, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the service I’ve received from Wayfair. I will neither be a return customer nor recommend Wayfair to family or friends and I will let my opinion be known abundantly over the internet. I am a member of a consumer panel and I will certainly use this unfortunate experience with Wayfair as an example of poor customer service.

I made your customer service representatives aware that I have Cerebral Palsy and that it was imperative that the bed is set up and ready by July 23rd. Without the bed frame from Wayfair, the new box spring and mattress I purchased from Sears would have to be placed on the floor since Sears removed my old mattress. By the way, Sears delivered the box spring and mattress on the day they promised and they were and hour early with their delivery! I did not want the bed to have to be on the floor since I have Cerebral Pals and I am unable to get up from the bed since it is too low for me to get up from. My wife now must assist me up from the mattress on the floor and now her back hurts from having to pull me up from the mattress which is on the floor. This was the last thing I wanted! Now, it is July 24th, and I still have no bed or expected delivery date from Wayfair! My delivery window was July 21 -24. Your company’s in ability to fulfill its obligations has now not only impacting my independence but also is causing my wife pain from the strenuousness of having to assist me up from the mattress.

Please just provide me with a definite delivery date that your firm can abide by and have my bed delivered as soon as possible. Wayfair will not have to worry about me as a customer EVER again!!!

Dr. Glenn D. Gross


Charles Akers July 9, 2014 at 2:20 pm

What a terrible way to run a business. I ordered two awnings on June 21st. and was told I would receive them by June 26th, then I received a message I would receive them on June 27th. Then I received a message I would receive them on Monday June 30th. I was refunded a % for my trouble and received them late Tuesday evening on July 1st. The boxes were damaged and a part was missing. I was told I would receive the part by July 11th. AND today I received a message the order has been delayed and will not be shipped until July 21st. Four weeks since I first ordered these awnings. One has been installed and the other is still waiting for a small connector piece. I keep getting apologies but no part. Order number 1727520472. I have always ordered from Betty Mills in the past and never had this problem. This is the first time and most likely the last time I will order from you. Disappointed in your shipping and Wayfair team. Charles Akers.


Kim Allen May 13, 2014 at 6:32 pm

I have left an urgent voice mail message for Paul Drappy Vice President of Customer Service. This is in regards to order # 1734831361. Please contact Patty Helms at 972-816-XXXXX. This is urgent, trying to get my delivery.



jeffrey freedman April 16, 2014 at 7:51 pm

Dear Mr Shaw:

I was looking through jossandmain.com today and discovered an incredible light fixture from ELK called the Decostar fixture. I am interested in purchasing the 4 light fixture today.
Unfortunately it has already sold out. I then went to our wayfair.com site and it is on back order at wayfair. I also tried your new site birchlane.com and was unable to find.

I love your stores and am a big shopper on wayfair as well as joss and main, as are my family members. I would love to purchase from you and would be willing to wait until you had more in stock at the joss and main price which is currently $483. approximately.

Please, if you or someone in customer care can procure me one at the sale price I would be willing to wait and purchase from you, as opposed to getting from another source.

I love all of your sites and have been promoting birchlane.com to friends and family on my facebook page as I know it is new. I wish you a huge success on this site as well.

I will try and contact your office tomorrow to see if you can do this for me. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Kind regards,
Jeffrey Freedman


David Clark April 8, 2014 at 11:55 am

I have placed an order for an item that I was told would be delivered on or before 04/03/2014. Everytime I call or talk to somebody I am always told that they have to contact the warehouse and then nobody ever contacts me to let me know the status of my order. If i’m not going to receive my order I need to know so that I can find this item somewhere else with hopefully better customer service.

My Order Number: 1692567872


Michelle Mai February 21, 2014 at 3:32 pm

I purchased a bed from your company on January 21, 2014 order no 1674789911. I only received one of two boxes of the shipment consisting of the head and end boards I have contacted your company on numerous occasions and each time they have assured me thart they would contact your warehouse and sip out the remaining parts. To date i have received nothing. I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.


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