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Verizon Corporate Office Address

Verizon Communications Inc.
140 West St
New York, NY 10007

Contact Verizon

Phone Number: (212) 395-1000
Fax Number: (212) 571-1897
Email: Email Verizon


CEO: Lowell C. McAdam
CFO: Francis J. Shammo
COO: Bob Mudge

Verizon History

Verizon began as Bell Atlantic in 1983 after the baby bells emerged from the breakup of AT&T.  In 1997, Bell Atlantic merged with NYNEX.

In 2000, the company acquired GTE and changed its name to Verizon.  This was one of the largest mergers in US history.  GTE’s wireless operations became what is today Verizon Wireless.

In 2005, Verizon acquired MCI, making them the largest Telecom company in the US.

Verizon has sold several of its wireline divisions in the 2000s in order to simplify its operating procedures.

Verizon currently owns 55% of Verizon Wireless.


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Deb March 2, 2015 at 4:52 pm

I have been a verizon customer for years and have never had the problems I am having now. I also purchased a bundle package (TV, PHONE, INTERENT), I have had nothing but problems with my internet, they send out Tech’s and the Tech’s tell me i am too far from the line and that I should of never been hooked up woth the internet service. I have been dealing with connecting problems for over a year. So i didn’t pay my bill in February and they are threating to suspend my service yet they don’t fix my service. Once my contract is up I will not EVER have Verizon internet again.


Shelley Krowe February 26, 2015 at 12:17 pm

My husband died and I was trying to get his name off the account and have been trying for 2 weeks. I had to make a new account which was to take affect today. Instead of making a new account they shut off my home phone and internet. I am so mad. I have been with them for more than 20 years and this is the way I am treated. Seem everyone you speak with there does not know what they are doing or just gives you to someone else that does not know what they are doing. I don’t know what to do now except go to Comcast.


Sandy Bowling February 4, 2015 at 1:55 pm

About a month ago I contacted Verizon because I was having problems with my iPhone 5c, not having enough storage..I had told the Rep that I had to keep emailing my pictures to myself I couldn’t keep any thing on there I couldn’t video but second at a time them email an delete, I had deleted almost everything but what came on phone an my storage got less than I started with..I called because my next resort was to do a factory reset…the rep put me on hold a couple times an came back on an told me that I needed to go with phone with more storage. I asked him if I had to stay with iPhone that this was third one I had trouble with, the first got so hot I thought it was going catch on fire, I couldn’t hold it then it wouldn’t turn on….anyway, I asked several times if I had to pay any thing up front I was told I would have my phone by Friday oh, he suggested I go with the Samsung note 4. After I told him If I was changing I didn’t want to stay with iPhone… Latter that day I called back because I hadn’t received a confirmation, that’s when I was told I had to pay $202. Before they would sent it, I told them I was not told this an they prceeded to tell me it was on my files…told them what was said an they more less called me a liar…..I told them I was ending call because I was getting upset. Waiting an called back next day, same thing…waited a week I called back because I told it takes time to pull original phone conversation…I called back Monday I was told to give them 24 hours…it is now WEDNESDAY…I have heard nothing. I understand I am on the edge program, but I KNOW WHAT I WAS TOLD, AN I WAS TOLD IT WAS OKD BY HIS SUPERVISOR TO SEND ME A PHONE BY FRIDAY…no mention of money an once again I had asked, so basically I am paying for a SMARTPHONE AN I BASICALLY HAVE A BASIC PHONE…IM NOT HAPPY….IVE BEEN A VERIZON CUSTOMER FOR MANY YEARS, MY RATING OF VERIZON RIGHT NOW IS REALLY LOW…


Sandy Bowling February 4, 2015 at 10:20 pm

I also have called the corporate number twice now an left a message an have not heard back…Verizon used to be very helpful an easy to work with, this is the first time I’ve been lied to an in return is treated like I’m the one lieing….this is totally ridiculous…..I didn’t even call in originally thinking I would get a new phone, I called because of a problem with my phone an wanted advice before I did a factory RESET….but after being led to think I was getting a phone to replace this, now they can’t find the original recorded conversation, an changed the paper work to say I agreed to pay $202. By that Friday an my phone would then be send out….when I was told I WOULD HAVE MY PHONE BY FRIDAY, BECAUSE HE PUT ME ON HOLD WHILE HE HOT IT OK’d…..I HAVE RECCOMMENDED VERIZON TO SEVERAL, NOW IM SORRY I DID, WITH THE WAY I HAVE BEEN TREATED…I WILL TELL EVERYONE I COME IN CONTACT WITH HOW I HAVE BEEN MISLEAD AN TREATED BY SEVERAL….


Mitsigrl February 20, 2015 at 6:30 pm

Lying seems to be a habit of Verizon wireless. I have been having problems with the customer service center and at the store level for a very long time. I am trying to reach a supervisor in the call center, again. Waited 55 mins for a supervisor, waited while he went through my current concern, told me why, put me on hold to read more notes and supposedly fix what customer care screwed up last month and hung up on me. Their mistakes have cost me thousands of dollars!


Tim February 3, 2015 at 7:00 pm

I picked up the triple bundle deal and was promised that my bill would be $262 a month with the Ultimate package, but every month my bill comes in at $295. I then have to call and have them adjust the bill. I’m always told that a correction will be submitted so I will not have to do this next month, but true to form the following month it start all over again. I only started this package on August 2, 2014. I’m at that point that I may cancel my service with verizon for a second time.


IMD January 29, 2015 at 2:04 pm

I meant “too big for” not “to big for.” My mistake. I type too fast.


IMD January 29, 2015 at 2:01 pm

Ranting here is useless. The people who are in charge…the corporate officers, are not going to read rants that ramble on, are misspelled, poor grammar and impossible to read punctuation. No matter how valid your point or your complaint, if you present it poorly it is wasted. Some of the complaints are silly, others are quite valid.

I look on YouTube and there are a vast number of very talented uploaders, producers of content that makes sense and is palatable. It would be an excellent thing if one of these producers of content actually produced verifiable content as to the awful practices of Verizon. Screen captures in real time are easy, and all you would have to do on phone conversations is record…and advise the person you are speaking with that it is being recorded (it is illegal otherwise)…and scan your contract…get every single piece of evidence, all of your ducks in a row. Once you have all of the content assembled, make it into a good audio/video presentation and do not fudge the facts, as Verizon’s lawyers will try to knock you down. Send links to that video to everyone you can think of, and post the link everywhere you can. It would be amazing to see what a viral video like that would do to the highest level at Verizon. Don’t be sarcastic, don’t fabricate, and if you do not speak well and clearly, have someone read your script. Verizon has gotten to big for its corporate britches. They are now completely uncaring about their customers and should be brought to task.


Powell January 27, 2015 at 8:23 am

Got a new phone, send in the rebates and apparently I didn’t send the barcode so verizon send me correspondent saying I should send the additional info by a certain date, I know I did, but I got a note saying ” Thank you for participating in the Verizon Wireless promotion. Unfortunately we could not honor your request due to the following reason, “THE SUBMISSION POSTMARK DATE REQUIREMENT IS NOT MET” are you serious? After 19 years I am so cancelling my home, mobile and internet service. There are cheaper competitors out there thank GOD


Jennie January 22, 2015 at 8:17 pm

We should all boycott Verizon, I feel they screw enough people over that all of us together can at least make a small enough dent to get them to open there ears and make them acknowage how shitty they are teating all the people that are wasting all their hard earned money by throwing it at a company that clearly doesn’t care. Asshole I hope they all burn in hell.


rod January 26, 2015 at 8:55 pm



David January 8, 2015 at 11:23 am

Reading all these comments is cathartic. I now know that my unfortunate and frustrating experiences with Verizon are shared by others. Being a government employee, I am often amused by those who complain about inefficient government bureaucracy – Verizon beats any problems I have had with government offices.


L Bush January 7, 2015 at 8:48 am

My bill for my triple play has gradually gone up in cost. I received a visit from a sales person Infinity/Comcast in Nov. *Please keep in mind that up to this point, I have been a Verizon customer for nearly 18 years and in the recent years, have accumulated about 36,000 points towards my ‘Verizon Rewards’.
After speaking with the Comcast representative, I did some research. I also called Verizon to try to get someone to assist me with some questions that I had regarding the costs incurred on my bill each month, which would be about $60.00 more a month than I would pay with Comcast. Comcast offered me EVERYTHING better. A state of the art DVR box, more channels, all upgraded movie channels, and double the internet speed for a savings in one year to be approx. $700.00.
As mentioned, i called Verizon to try to get someone to help me lower my bill. She took my number ‘in case we were disconnected, she would call me back’, which in all cases is what I have always heard, and low and behold the girl hung up on me and she never called me back! I have spent so much time micromanaging this company.
I called corporate headquarters in New York. When I tried explaining this situation to the girl who answers the phone there, she said the ‘home’ services division didn’t open until 9am. I asked her why they have different hours, and she replied with ‘ma’am, would you like to call back at 9′? to which I replied, “I work at a very high vis company and if I ever responded to someone in the way she did, I would be fired’, to that she replied, ‘ma’am, you a making a big deal out of nothing’ and slammed the phone down!
No more Verizon for me! Let’s just see if anyone from Verizon responds back to this complaint!


Debra January 31, 2015 at 12:52 pm

I hope your experience with Comcast is better than mine was. I have to say that Verizon is very frustrating to deal with. However, I changed from Comcast to Verizon because Comcast service and customer service was absolutely horrible. Every time I think I’ll go back to Comcast, I recall how awful their service was and decide not to change. I’ve stuck with the C- company instead of the D- company. The problem is that they do not have a lot of competition and they know it. But, like I said, I hope you’re having better luck.


Marisol Rosario December 25, 2014 at 1:44 pm

My comment is a bad service on old account ,they old me 3month $82.78.only i got excuse to send the check,is not latter money ,but steel money.I pay my biil on time.


G. DiBenedetto December 24, 2014 at 8:55 am

I have been a verizon phone service customer for over 20 years. So I decided in December 29 2012 I signed up for verizon fios triple play. After four months In April of 2013 channels were dropped when I called verizon to inquire about these dropped channels I was told I would need to upgrade from premium package to extreme which would cost an extra 25 bucks so I went with that package. But before I upgraded I emphasized with the rep will these upgrade change my 2 year agreement date of December 29 so of I decide to cancel I will not be charged an early termination fee she assured me this will have no affect I could cancel on December 29 2014 with no problem. We’ll in august 2014 the cloo channel was now dropped when I called verizon to tell them how disappointed I was with this and how I was thinking of canceling in December 2014. I was told I could not because in April 2013 when I upgraded I extended my contract date to April 2015. End result i would jus like to cancel triple play just keep my phone service and that’s it if I decide to go back to triple play in the future do it at that time and of course not be charged a penalty verizon rep said I can’t
Very disappointed


Gary December 22, 2014 at 11:07 am

I had a bundle with Verizon (FIOS TV, internet, phone). I canceled TV and phone and was told I wouldn’t get an early termination fee because technically I still had internet and didn’t cancel. Wrong – received early termination fee and I was told someone would review the taped phone recording to verify I was told I wouldn’t be assessed the early term fee). Three weeks went by and nobody contacted me so I had to call back, only to find out that whoever told me they were going to investigate, was full of crap. I ended up speaking with a supervisor who eventually waived the fee (thank you Marco). At the time I cancelled, TV & Phone, I kept internet and even upgraded my internet service to Verizon’s “Quantom”, which is more per month than their regular internet service and supposed to increase my internet speed; however, I haven’t noticed any difference in speed or connectivity. I’m sure they’re going to tell me it’s on my end, but why should I pay more for the same? I’m switching back to regular internet….


IMD January 29, 2015 at 9:49 am

While I have no love for Verizon and their deceptive practices and haughty, script-reading customer service…the reason you are not seeing a difference in speed MIGHT be your own wireless router, if you use one. Also if you split wired service with splitters, the splitters might be bad or out-of-date.

I changed one of my wireless routers (I do not use Verizon for internet, and have two cable modems) to a high-end one and noticed a great increase in speed.


Charles Brown December 19, 2014 at 8:51 pm

I just switched over to the verizon enhanced internet service, and my service speed suppose to be 1.0 – 3.0 mbps, I’m only getting 1.28 mbps. I;m not getting what I’m paying for My computer tech was here and he found no problems on our end . The verizon techs keep saying its our equipment and it’s not. We are 1 mile from the house where the home fiels office is, our Roku streaming stick keeps loading please wait. If I was getting what my speed is suppose to be it wouldnt be a problem, The wwe network requires a 1.5 mbps speed or faster to load properly. I dont understand if i”m paying for a higher speed why I’m not gettibg it, feel like I am getting ripped off. Very unhappy with verizon, I sent a letter to the Better Business . I want what I’m paying for.


Judy December 19, 2014 at 6:05 pm

I started contacting Verizon at 3 o’clock it is now 6 o’clock. I literally even had to drive to the Verizon store to get some resolution. I now have been on hold for a manager for 45 minutes. Does this make sense I want to buy a phone that will profit you in the long run by me paying more for the service every month. I have to wait until September of next year so that means 8 months of service I would be paying for you are losing profits. I also spoke with the director of the North East Region who lied to get me off the phone pushed me off on a poor representative who had no clue what he promised. I can not tell you the dissatisfaction I have with this company. I have another carrier who is willing to cut my phone bill in half and give me an upgrade really I will be cancelling Verizon.


S.Adams December 16, 2014 at 7:49 am

Have been a Verizon Customer for over 16 years now. At the same residence. Recently, my service has been progressively worse. In the last month service has been terrible. We have 5 cell phones in the house and presently no cell phones are working. All phones say ” No Service”! There are many customers in a 5 mile radius that arte experiencing the same problem. We have NO SERVICE! We have all made numerous calls and complaints but have experienced no increase in reliability or service. At this moment we are unable to place any calls . Our zip code is 31779. WE NEED SERVICE!!!


Rogelio torres December 15, 2014 at 5:37 pm

Wow!! Been reading some of these comment and I have to agree with some of them! I called in today to check my options of canceling. I have 3 lines 2mobile n a jet pack. Where to start fist I upgraded n Jan 2014 to edge plan rep told me since I’m not n contract I have 2 options. 1) most expensive at time of purchase was to get ur agreement n pay $299 for a iPhone 5, 2) cheapest was to pay just the taxes on iPhone 5 and pay months roughly $25/month then after 12 months was told u can upgrade or cancel and return device at not extra fee. In June I went on vacation for 10 days on 2nd phone stopped working. When got back went to store and the MANGER names Jose in San Leandro, ca manager told me my phone was defects, he never tested my phone didn’t check he just plugged in to wall and wouldn’t turn on. He then told me he could lower my bill if we changed plan and i add a 3rd line(jetpack) and he would get me a IPhone 5s at no charge and j would have it within 5-7 days, 7 days came n gone phone never came, called him and ask about it said was back order and he was going to try again, 5 days past called him and stars same thing we also had been in contact via text messages which I still have! 3 weeks later I get a letter stating I have to pay $350 for replacement?called on to Cust Service spent like 3 hours and finally got fees waived. In October I called in to check on my bill and asked about canceling phone service but just asking questions about it for future, was told that on the edge program I only owed $54 n if I wished I could cancel and return my phones pay nothing out of pocket, or if I wanted to keep phone I would have to pay $350 fee to keep phone. I called in today December 15.2014 to ask out how much would be to cancel jetpack n my other number then u asked again about canceling edge program cuz I work for AT&T n I get 50% off so don’t make sense to stay with Verizon especially after all this! Keep in mind I’ve been with Verizon for 7 years and although Ive been working for Att for 3.5 years I have stayed with Verizon. So they rep told me that if I want to upgrade to a new phone I could pay $27 and get new phone and I would have to return my current phone. I then asked what if I want to cancel line? Rep told me I need to pay $350 keep n mind I have been paying $27/month for almost 1 year, rep told me that the phone is $649 and I’m only leading the phone and once I decide to cancel I have to pay the remaining balance. I have been misled this year and it’s frustrating cuz Verizon doesn’t care! All they care about is your money! If you are looking to to get on Edge plan don’t do it it’s not worth it! You r better off paying the 2yr price and upgrading at 18 months and u get to keep your phone’ on sdge plan you don’t get to keep your phone if you Edge up.


Stephanie December 11, 2014 at 11:18 pm

Verizon lies to you and tells you if you move out of the area where service is available, they won’t charge you an early termination fee. Then you get on the phone with them and they do, even when they can’t provide the service. We have had nothing but problems and rudeness from them, the wait times on the phone are ridiculous once you’re an existing customer, and our FIOS service is shotty at best. I highly recommend Dish and/or Direct TV, I wish we would have never switched.


sabrina December 4, 2014 at 9:28 pm

So I have been a reliable Verizon customer on their prepaid services for a couple years. I recently decided to take one of their black friday deals on a contract phone. Upon activating the contract phone I called customer service to see if having my prepaid number switched to my contract phone. At first I was told it could not be done because I didnt request it when i purchased the phone from the representative (hard to when its online). Then I was told they couldnt complete my request because it was prepaids responsibility. Funny prepaid says its contract department. Then customer service told me it could not be done. They say if the number belongs to another company they can use it but because its their own they cannot (WTF)….in what world does that make sense.. So after being on the phone for almost 2 hours I gave up and refused to be transfered anymore. The next day THEY CALL ME and tell me it is possible (Very Nice Guy). He trys his best to stay with me through the transfers….eventually he gets lost…. 3 hours after being on the phone they tell me its not possible…….Are You Serious? Why waste my time? I dont care about the number anymore cuz i have already decided that verizon is not a company i want to stay with because if they cant even figure out how to operate within their own company how can they treat their clients right. Im done.


Karl November 30, 2014 at 10:30 am

On August 1, 2014, I called Verizon to order a replacement remote control. The rep thanked me for the purchase and asked if there was something else she could do to which I jockingly said she could reduce my rate. She looked up my present service and told me a $20 reduction was possible. She transferred me to another person. This individual , after keeping me on the phone for an hour, said the savings would amount to $10 with a 2 year commitment. We discontinued the phone call. A few minutes later, I received an email outlining the new charges. The basic rate had not changed by more than a few pennies more. On top of that were additional charges bringing the next bill to $227.40 from my old bill of $188.18. I called back to cancell this fraudulant sales tactic. I was told by CINDY she could not do that since the order was in the system but would initiate a TICKET to cancel. I would receive a box with equipment which I should refuse to accept. I told her UPS just drops the package and takes off. She will send me a return label. After 3 weeks I had to call her to remind her to send a return label or I would charge storage fees. I then received not one, but two return boxes with labels. UPS trackin shows the box was delivered on Sep 5 at Camp Hill and accepted by NIECE. Every monthly billing statement after August 1 shows the added charges as well as late fees. I inquired every time why the cancellation did not take effect. I got answers like we did not receive the equipment, or I would have to pay first before they could issue credid. This would take 2 billing cycles. I told Ms Martin I would pay for the service I have which is $188.18. It appears the customer service department is unable to perform their job because Verizon never changed their business practices from the old Bell Sysytem. Just received the November bill and nothing has changed except more late fees. Why do these people have a job?


Christine November 29, 2014 at 1:05 am

Don’t expect any satisfaction from ANY Verizon services. Their fees our beyond outrageous. Most people in the United States are not aware that in India they pay $25 a month for the top verizon fios bundles. And I am not talking about poor sectors. I’m talking about wealthy, westernized areas. That is disgusting. We are killing ourselves in America and Verizon is fleecing us. I have a serious health issue that just came on in 2012. I have kids and I have been scraping and cutting back on things to keep the lights on and a roof. I am aware that cable is not a necessity. However, the internet is because my daughter needs it for high school. Yes, they absolutely have to have access to the internet. And a printer, which mine is broken so my daughter has to use a flash drive for projects and print them out wherever she can. I called Verizon to try to get help because I am falling behind on my bill so I asked them whatever happened to the $300 deposit they made me give as a deposit when I set the account up in 2010. They told me today that they just keep it if you do not pay on time all the time!!! WHAT!? They charge me a late fee AND bill a month in advance!! Yet they feel they are entitled to just keep my $300??!! UNACCEPTABLE!! Something needs to be done. Venting on these threads is just not doing anything. And believe me, Lowell C McAdams is NOT reading ANY of these comments on any website. He’s on the golf course, travelling, eating and sleeping VERY WELL. ALL ON OUR HARD EARNED MONEY THAT HE IS STEALING. He is a white collar criminal. And he knows it because just TRY to get in touch with him. You can’t because too many people are ready to strangle him.


Michelle Conley November 22, 2014 at 7:48 pm

I just had the worst experience at my springdale, Ohio store. I’ve been a loyal customer since I’ve first had a phone many many years ago. I can’t believe how I was treated.

Today my iPhone started acting funny. The speaker has gone bad. 1st problem I’ve ever had with this phone and is the best phone I’ve ever purchased. I went into the store and the rep asked if I troubleshooted the phone. Well if course otherwise I wouldn’t of been in for the help. No one has seen the problem I’ve had. I said ok what do I do from here bc I listen to music a lot. He said well let me check your account. Apparently when I purchased the phone I denied the insurance. I have never ever denied insurance for this very reason for any phone I’ve ever had thru Verizon. It is on my husbands phone on the account but not mine. The rep told me it could be a mistake when I orginally purchased the phone but I’m basically SOL to have my phone replaced. Really!!!!!! He said however I can upgrade in a month so I should just wait. What the hell kind of customer service is that. I can’t hear anything on my phone properly and he said just wait. He then suggested I buy a blue tooth speaker if I wanted to hear better. asked if I could upgrade early since its only a few weeks and he said absolutely not. But I could upgrade to an older model if I wanted. If I’m going to upgrade now why the hell would I want an older model phone? He said that’s how the system works now. I asked to spreak to a manager and he said he’s busy right now and he can’t bend any rules for you either. I never asked for anything but a working phone. In closing before I stormed out of the store he suggested I go to the apple store to have my phone fixed.
I am completely beside myself on this service I received. My upgrade date is January 5th 2015 and I am now seriously considering just canceling my contract. Alll I wanted was a fix to my issue that all started from the sales associate screwing up almost two years ago when they said I declined the insurance. I never ever have complained before like this but I am furious and I hope someone will see this and have second thoughts about signing up with Verizon.

I am still stuck with a defective phone with no answer but I’m SOL from the sales accociate. Who ever gets to talk to a customer like that anymore?


Vonda D Holland November 20, 2014 at 10:35 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great regret that I find myself sending this email. However, I find it very necessary. My name is Vonda Denise Holland and I have been a Verizon customer for several years now.
On Wednesday November 12, I went into the Statesville Verizon Store to initially cancel my service and change carriers. I often find most of the service assistance in the Statesville officer rude, particularly Carmi and reynbar8 (name from sales receipt). Nevertheless I explained my desire to end my service and my displeasure with the customer service. Mrs. reynbar8 excused herself and another sales representative by the name of Brett approached me. Brett was awesome and he changed my mind. My son and I upgraded phones and we left the store satisfied or at least I thought. I ended up spending 149 dollars.
Well, after a couple of days I found it very difficult to adjust to and use my new phone, Galaxy S4. Because I was still in my 7 day window I went into the store and explained my situation and the difficulty I was having with my new phone. This time I was assisted by Carmi, whom I have dealt with in the pass. I explain to Carmi that the only thing I like about that phone was the size of the screen as I am getting older and need better visual aids. I selected the Iphone 6, but was informed that I would have to pay 199 up front. I explained that I can’t pay and asked if there was a way to break down the fee to incorporate it in my bill each month. I was informed no.
Because, I had already spoken with another carrier AT&T I knew that I could get new phone and the phone charge would be broken down in the bill. Therefore, I informed Carmi that since I was in my 7 day window, I wanted to return my two phones and put my account back like it was. Thinking that I would have credits to my account instead I learn that for the two upgrades I was charge a non-refundable fee of 60 dollars in addition to the restock fee of 70 dollars. And now I can’t figure out how I am left without anything. For 150 dollars, 9 dollars is credited back to my account. I have no New Service, No New Phones, and No Contract. Something about this picture is not right!
I would appreciate some sort of explanation as for now I am totally dissatisfied and angry.

Vonda d. Holland


Susan November 19, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Do not trust a word that there people tell you from Verizon about what your bill will be when you get your land line through them . I mad the mistake of changing back 4 lines with them all I have is lies from on person to the other and spent hours on the phone trying to get it straight still not right they cant even keep up with payments?


P Smith October 31, 2014 at 4:03 pm

I am perturb with the low level of customer service that I have received. I was told by a representative that I would receive an employee discount with my current employer and that I would receive unlimited data. It did not happen in a timely manner, so I asked for a supervisor. They put me in contact with Richard Wilson (Supervisor). He assured that he would call back on a certain day and research. He did not contact me until I reached out to follow up and he did not research and listen to my previous phones with a representative.

He called me after I requested a call back and ill prepared and rude. He did not assist me in a timely manner and did not post the changes to my account. I will be switching back to Sprint. I receive top rate customer service there, better coverage as well as respect.

Dissatisfied Customer


s. Smith November 10, 2014 at 6:46 am

I thought the unl data plan expired?


Mike kalail October 31, 2014 at 9:48 am

Same thing with happened to me. My sons iphone 5 wasn’t working, took it to the store where we got it and trusted my salesman, he said he would take care of it and arranged a new phone delivery for the next day. That was late June. In August there was a 299 charge. I have been calling and fighting with them for 2 weeks now. I have the insurance and should not have been charged. They refuse to credit my account but are willing to give me credit on a new plan. I hung up on the stupid rep and she called me back. I told her I didn’t want to talk to her and she had the nerve to ask me if she handled all my concerns. YEA Right! I am going to AT&T or T-Mobile tomorrow.


ThomasJefferson November 7, 2014 at 7:01 pm

Good luck, AT&T is just as corrupt and arrogant as Verizon.


Diana Arsenault October 29, 2014 at 1:43 am

Here’s a kicker many would enjoy. Back in September, my husband went to Verizon for a portable internet device. While there, I had them look at my son’s phone that he got back after leaving it in Florida from his vacay. One of the reps there very kind and doing what she can to work with us told us that the phone checks out and we could save if they order a replacement phone and my son’s iPhone 5 is returned. I mentioned it was insured with Assurion and I could send it there where she told us not to waste our time because we can get a free replacement. Low and behold we got the notice that the one phone turned in had water damage which we weren’t aware it got wet and that the rep reassured us then phone was fine and to go through them. Rep forgetting to tell us if something else if found once returned that we’d be charged a $299 fee. Well bill comes in and there’s the charge. I tried talking with them letting them know we weren’t of any water damaged and was dies to not use Assurion ur the store. One telephone rep told me if we weren’t told about the charge, then we shouldn’t have to that fee if the rep forgot to mention it. The store was very busy that day and she probably did forget yet we shouldn’t have to pay that fee if we didn’t make the mistake. The replacement phone my son was using had problems when it came to charging, battering dying so, so fast and because of how this phone was done. So, we went to Verizon this past Saturday to see if they can fix it once they find out what’s wrong with it. Well, as it turned out the cell phone wasn’t an iPhone 5 replacement but it was a actually and iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5s together, thus why it didn’t operate properly and died. After being informed of this Frankenstein cell we had, the rep & manager in the store placed a note on file about this one of a kind cell and to call Verizon once home to see if they can remove the charge from the other phone or just take off a hundred or so since the replacement cell is in fact two cell phones put together as a iPhone 5. It’s the first for me to c the oddity of this cell but it’s true and I took photos a proof. Since speaking to the reps via a phone call. I am told no discount and to pay the $299 fee but that they won’t charge for this defected Frankenstein cell. So, my next steps is to write, fax and email if I must to the headquarters to complain about the Frankenstein cell. They’ll probably not do anything about it and if that’s the case, no more referrals to friends or to have them transfer to Verizon. Lots of friends thanks to the fact that we are a military family with more than enough friends to inform them of the problem I’m having and to use another company.


L Haynes October 27, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Advice — Get your problem with Verizon to the Corporate Office. Stick with it. Demand an escalation until a mutually-satisfying solution is agreed upon. Keep demanding a higher “escalation” level if you cannot get your questions answered or, again, arrive at a solution that works for you. Perseverance is the key. It worked for me.


Denise December 8, 2014 at 10:44 pm

How did you get through to corporate phone, fax, letter? and who did you speak to? I am beside myself. Verizon employees will plain out lie to you just to get you to purchase an item (multiple locations & people). When you call to complain they just keep saying “thank you for your business” & do nothing but try to get you to upgrade to another wireless plan which costs even more $ !!! What a scam!!! How are they allowed to get away with this???? What kind of human beings think it is all right to take advantage of people? How could they live with themselves?!


sonya October 25, 2014 at 9:13 am

Taking advantage of people. Just out rite liar and crooks stated that their phone are Pre owned and certified. But the phone blank out now I am out of a phone


Michelle J October 18, 2014 at 4:49 pm

On 10-17-14, I received a text message from the store manager in Columbus, OH (Polaris location). The message read, “Good morning. This is Marcus Calloway, a manager from the Verizon wireless location in Polaris. You were in our location recently and I wanted to follow up on your visit to see how everything went. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out to me. This is my direct mobile number. We really do appreciate your business and loyalty as a client of Verizon wireless. We strive for a perfect 10.”

As nice as this may seem that he is checking on me (or so I thought) I would have preferred a phone call or letter. What infuriates me the most is that after receiving this text, I soon found out that I was a part of a group text from Mr. Calloway. Now I’m receiving texts from 20 other customers who I have no clue who they are and now they have my phone number. Why is this acceptable by this company? Not only do I have to fight them every month (for the past 7 years) about how high my bill is, but now I have to figure out how to get out of a group text on my LG G3 and ensure no one will use my number for their own personal use.

Really? Get it together Verizon. For being the powerhouse that you are you sure do know how to take advantage of your customers and make them feel like they are less than because you have them locked into a contract and steal our money. If you are striving for a perfect 10 you have failed miserably.

I will be going to a different provider and suggesting that my family and friends who are customers reconsider their choice.


Ricky Henriques October 15, 2014 at 8:09 pm

Liars! By far the worst customer service I have ever received in my entire life!!! My fiancé and I have been promised by a variety of individuals one thing and then a few said they were incorrect. How many individuals will not know company policy? Also, if something is promised to not just by one but by a variety of individuals how can a company not honor their word?!?! One individual told us “If you lost your phone you cant just expect me to give you a new phone for nothing.” Extremely snotty and disrespectful! Yes you could if it was promised to us by a variety of supervisors and CSR’s. Where is the justice in honoring your word for your employees? Horrible! On top of that I cannot even cancel my contract for having horrible customer service!! 9-10 representatives and probably even more but not 1 of them can provide us the correct information we need!! Hate this company and would rate it 0 out of 10 being the lowest score I would give any company!


david w davis sr. October 13, 2014 at 9:33 am

i’m handy cap and very importat my wife can keep in touch with me if i go some where but her phone has been out of order now for a week people at verizon keep saying they will call back but they dont im on a teir 3 list to be fixed 2 days ago no one called going to see my lawer today if something is not done they have my money and no service and no one cares if they did they would call back.


Mary Bowdish October 3, 2014 at 1:14 pm

In April of this year, I purchased two Samsung S5 phones from the Verizon Store at Mayfaire Towncener Mall in Wilmington, NC. While I felt the sales representative did a wonderful job helping me with my siutation, I have learned that one thing that he told me wasn’t the truth and has caused me, and more importantly, my daughter much frustration. When I purchased the phones, the sales rep asked me if I wanted insurance. At first I told him no, because Verizon collects money for the insurance and then when you have a problem, they send you a reburbished phone. The sales rep assured me that their policy had changed and now if you had a problem, you simply come back to the store and if the problem couldn’t be fixed, they gave you a brand new phone, just like the one you had, that day. With that explanation, I gladly took him up on the insurance for our phones.
This week, my daughter learned that when she made calls using her phone, the other person couldn’t hear her. The only way that she could resolve that issue was to put the phone on speaker. She contacted Verizon Chat and went through scenerio after scenerio trying to correct the problem. Nothing worked. At the end of the chat session, my daughter told the chat rep that she would just take the phone back to the store for a replacement phone. The chat rep them told her that she didn’t see any insurance on our phones!!!!!
So, I called Verizon myself and asked them to check my account for insurance and explained what the sales rep had told me in April about their new insurace policy. She told me that I didn’t have insurance and called the Verizon Store at Mayfaire to make them aware of the situation. They told her that they didn’t know who helped me that day, but they did not have a policy for replacing a broken phone in store. To get a replacement phone, I would have to go through their insurance carrier Ascurion. The Verizon rep allowed me to purchase insurance and backdate it to April. I’ll be paying for the insurance, retroactively on my next bill. NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS!
I called Ascurion and told them the same things that my daughter had told the chat rep. You would think that they could see that conversation on their site. Anyway, after going through all of the specifics again, they told me that they would have to send me a Sworn Affidavit & Proof Of Loss Statement for me to complete. They said they would send it to my email within 30 to 45 minutes. TWELVE HOURS LATER….NO STATEMENT. I called them back and asked that the document be faxed, which they did, only to realize that I had to have a Complaint ID before I could complete the form. BACK TO ASCURIAN AGAIN…..for the third time! I told them if their customers needed the Claim numer they should be given that number before they finished the call. Good Gosh Almighty! Anyway, they told me that after I faxed the document back to them, they would contact me, via phone, within three hours. WELL, WE’RE GONIG TO FIVE HOURS NOW AND NO PHONE CALL.

I’m convinced that Verizon has all of this in place because they want their customers to become so frustrated with the process that they just give up and buy a new phone! Well, that won’t work with me.

I will pass this on to every friend that I have. This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever experienced.


Nicole Simmons October 6, 2014 at 4:34 pm

I am having similar issues, and have been with Verizon for 13 years. I’m just about over it.


L Haynes October 8, 2014 at 1:49 pm

liars liars liars incompetent incompetent incompetent THAT’S VERIZON had to call them again guess what? my call was dropped twice. finally reached someone who has promised a call back after having the “tekkies” run a check of my area for service problems. it happens all over florida tho but i seem to be in a “black hole” of coverage. SOOOOOOOOO let’s see what happens this time. first time ANYONE AT VERIZON CORPORATE has suggested a check of service in my locale. GEEEEZZZZZZZZ i’m not holding my breath for a solution acceptable to both parties ——- Verizon and ME


BILLING SERVICE October 1, 2014 at 9:32 am

I moved my business this week (have been a verizon customer for 30 years) and placed a BUSINESS order for an install 4 weeks prior to the move!! They arrived but didn’t complete the job!! It’s now been 3 days without services & I’m losing $$ daily!!! I can not find ONE working phone line at the corporate level to reach someone to contact!! I would go to another server only I already sent out change of address & telephone number notifications to my 500+ clients who now probably think I skipped town!!!! HATING customer service with Verizon!!!!!


L Haynes October 1, 2014 at 1:32 pm

BILLING SERVICE —– Keep calling the corporate line. That is what I did and someone in New Jersey finally picked up — I’m told “overflow” goes there. I’m still not at a solution. As I posted previously, their GOAL is to totally frustrate their customer, hoping you will give up. Persevere and demand VERIZON reimburse YOU for their screw-up.


steven L October 29, 2014 at 5:57 am

do you have a number to corporate? I am dealing with the “exec office” getting on place with my problem


L Haynes September 30, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Still waiting for that promised “escalation problem-solver” to actually reach me. Someone from Verizon called the wrong cell phone number again. Do these people ever read notes in the complaintants’ files? Think not. This is beyond disgusting, I’ve spent way too much time dealing with these so-called professionals. That is what Verizon wants — telling their lies and keeping their customers running around in circles until total frustration sets in and we “go quietly into that good night”. I’m NOT going quietly.


juggalette_ 30 September 30, 2014 at 12:03 pm

Hey for all the customers having trouble out of verizon email me at and can get them to get stuff fixed and straightened out and cause they tried screwing a friend of mine over to and helped him get his stuff straighten out…some of tge reps. Is rude don’t care …if u let them run u over some of the reps. Will and some won’t ….they’ve been good to me cause I stand my grounds also and has been with them going on 9, years now…..they need to get rid of the rude workers though and keep the reps.thats willing to help a customer when needed…..


David Arthur September 26, 2014 at 9:33 pm

The New i phone deal that verizon is such a terrible way of false advertising never do they say that you must be eligible for an upgrade So this will cause a customer to be embarrassed when they are in the store after 10 years we will be leaving verizon but no big deal to them Our little 4,000$ a year won’t hurt Thanks for nothing


L Haynes September 26, 2014 at 4:22 pm

Is Verizon capable of doing anything right? Forget about living up to it’s promises, it’s advertising (often false) and obligations to its customers — we know that isn’t going to happen — but I would like to be able to, just once, speak to a capable, trustworthy, competent VERIZON employee (or contractor) and have an issue resolved. Just doesn’t happen with these people. I would hope that Lowell McAdam, the CEO, occasionally browses these sites to keep himself aware of the low opinion 99% of his customers have of him and his company.


L Haynes September 26, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Well, here we go again. Another Verizon liar. Supervisor named Ryan called, only he called and left a message on the WRONG cell phone. The voicemail also states he will try again shortly. Lo and behold, HE DID NOT. It is now Friday, 4:09 pm, as I post this and I have just left a message to Ryan that HIS SUPERVISOR is to contact me. Also, I notified the customer whose personal information was disclosed to me during the “live chat help line” of the infringement of her privacy, and, hopefully, this person will take issue with Verizon as well.


chuck September 26, 2014 at 3:05 pm

they suck


Anonymous September 25, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Awful customer service! I’m only with them because of the good signal in most places! Verizon sucks otherwise! The manager at the Topeka Kansas store is the worst!!


K Dantone October 4, 2014 at 2:24 am

Relieved to see I am not the only one out there. I was starting to question my sanity and at one point, I seriously thought I was going to have an aneurysm dealing with the complete lack of customer service that now plagues verizon. Like many, I enjoy the more reliable signal that is provided by vzw. Also, I have more than lived up to my end of the bargain and paid thousands of dollars for this service (going on 12 years now). I will withhold my saga, or nightmare, with vzw that has been going on for four months now. It shames me to say that it has taken up a great portion of my personally valuable free time and also wasted much of my summer subjecting and repeating myself to incompetent, lying, and snake-like verizon reps. Management’s attitudes, actions, etc. all trickle down through the ranks so imagine what the head of this snake, a.k.a. the corporate office, is like. Getting back to the point, I now have to check back in with Juan, a GM at the Medford, Oregon corporate store, in person, again, as I have not gotten a promised call back from him or even the decency of a returned call after leaving a message over a week ago. This and the countless other rep and supervisor “promises” proves the learned, and somehow deemed acceptable, practice of dismissing a customer. Coupled with vzw’s other quite popular practice, “transferring” to another department (which is in another call center across the nation), a customer can find themselves hamster-wheeling a vicious cycle of repetition, let downs, and overall, frustration. By far the WORST customer service I have ever PAID FOR and I am still in utter shock that these PAID EMPLOYEES promise resolutions to customers with LIES, cover their IGNORANCE from poor training with lies, and that VZW ALLOWS this to happen over and over again in a system that HOLDS NO EMPLOYEE ACCOUNTABLE for their actions.


L Haynes September 25, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Another comment regarding Verizon. I have been on the phone trying to bring to Verizon Corporate’s attention that an employee named Cindy released to me another customer’s name and address and inquired if I was that person. It was not me, however, stricter precautions should have been taken before disclosing this person’s identity and location. I believe this to be a serious violation of Federal privacy laws. I’ve repeatedly tried to be transferred to Verizon’s Legal Department to make them aware of this –to no avail. I didn’t get the employee’s badge number. That is NOT a disclosure on the on-line chat “help” line. That chat exists; but Heather, a supervisor, would not transfer me to the department in charge of on-line “help”. Again, that chat exists. It occurred yesterday at approximately 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. These employees do not care. I will be contacting the person whose information was released to advise of Verizon’s actions and their callous and neglectful attitude toward a customer trying to notify Verizon of a serious breach of the public trust.


L Haynes September 25, 2014 at 1:56 pm

How come I was not informed that Verizon Cell Phone is not a fully-owned subsidiary when I was coerced into a contract I did not need, having been told it was the only plan available? Could be why my cell phone is a piece of crap and customer service is even worse. The cell phone goes crazy, the virtual idiot keeps talking to me when I’m in a call, and I neither need nor use features on this “smart” phone. Also, continuous dropped calls. Have tried to deal with Verizon, get promised call backs, etc. Never happens. On the chat line yesterday, someone named Cindy answered my question with the reply “ride a horse ha ha”. I typed “huh?” Conversation went downhill from there. Twice I asked for a supervisor — didn’t happen. Cindy said I would receive a phone call today — hasn’t happened. Verizon is full of incompetent employees; even worse, they are liars.
Corporate is aware of this. They won’t even answer the phone in the NYC Headquarters. You have to leave a voice mail. This is insulting — I’m paying THEM for shoddy equipment, horrible phone service, and they can’t even ANSWER THEIR PHONE. Pathetic.


David Arthur September 24, 2014 at 6:05 am

False advertising is causing us to leave. Erosion after 12 years. New I phone was said to be free with trade in Never said anything about being eligible for upgrade in advertisement. Just trade in your I phone for a new one. This cause me embarrassment thanks verizon. Seems after 12 years you would be a kettle more considerate of how you talk to your clients


irvin maslow September 20, 2014 at 5:01 pm

I have tried in every way possible to get the verizon to address the horrible way(s) they have handled the MANY issues over the years. Almost 5 years ago, they charged me $329 for two ETF’s on cell phones we had only 3 weeks (27 days) and cancelled after we waited in line at a verizon store while the agent took two couples BEHIND us to go before us. I asked him if we were invisible. After another deer in the headlites look , we left and cancelled. 3 moths later, we got the bill. A year or so later, we were financing our second home and a note on our credit file appeared. We called verizon and insisted they remove it at once. They “offered” to do this if we agreed to pay half in settlement. I informed them I owe nothing, but after my wife’as insistence, I paid it but told them it was under duress and I WOULD be getting it back later. Then there was the mysterious bill for $200+ in MY name but a totally different account #. THAT was taken care of over 4 years ago by Executive Offices in Potomac Md. (So I thought) I recd 3 letters from the C.O.R.T. team (Change order review team) in the last 12 days. I now have over FIFTY of these. I have investigated in every possible way, always being told (until 3 days ago) there were “NO restrictions” on my acct…here it comes again. I could go on all day. The last straw for me was Wednesday, Sept 17, 2014. I spoke with a person in Massachusetts for over an hour BRIEFLY telling some of what verizon has done to us over the last 5 years(in Oct) I told her what I wanted the main issues to be resolved. She ASSURED me she would get me valid answers, either to settle, or tell me they would not and we would part company.She said she would call me by 10:00 a.m. next day. She then asked me to wait a few momentrs whilwe she ‘checked something’. Seven minutes later, a “MILLENNIAL” in trhe C.O.R.T. team got on??? I had been told yet again there were NO restrictions on my account. Thsi young person AGAIN brought up the $200+ account (not mine) and said the “restrictions” were only “allowed” to be removed for 24 hours, then put back. I explained again that was (supposedly) taken care of over 4 years ago and WHY was SHE on the line and where was the other rep??? She said the other rep “dropped off”. I think verizon has dropped of….the planet!!!


Fran September 26, 2014 at 12:49 pm

I am in the process of filing a complaint against them

The Corporate office is located at 140 West Street, New York, NY 10007. Main phone number is 212-395-1000


Nita Shaw October 12, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Why bother with a PHONE call? Do any of you know what a Certified, Receipt Requested, letter Is? NOT putting you down really. This is Sunday – MY letter goes out tomorrow the the head dog. I have worked for 5 months just to get a bill, yet it is expected to be paid. Go figure. I am like a bear with a piece of meat – I just hang in there as so many of YOU are doing. Tampa Electric came through after 2 years of a problem THEY caused that almost burned out house down. We could not get info on the big dogs so I simply sent THE letter to CEO/PRESIDENT of TECO. Got great results the very day they received it – sooooo going to see if Verizon can finally do something. I will never pay another bill (now including Sept) unless I get it on the given month I should get it.. For goodness sake NONE of need or want to deal with Customer Service – ANYWHERE. I hang up on those with accents.


Russell Kennedy September 18, 2014 at 11:35 am

I have recently moved into the area from Chicago. Upon reaching my new command, one of my supervisors told me about how good Verizon FIOS was, so I put in a request for service. This was about a month ago. Earlier this week, I just found out that the previous tenents at my apartment complex still had service in the apartment and the Virginia Customer Service could not disconnect the service unless the previous tenents called them to cancel it. Well, eventually, after 4 of 5 days, a representative spoke to a supervisor that said all we need is a copy of the lease to get the service cut off. I sent off the lease this morning to Veronica Rivera to fax number 757-896-1753 with all my information on it so she could call me back. I have yet to hear from her. Every time I call customer service now, I am put on hold and told she is unavailable and she will contact me when she is available.

Long story short, I have no service. It would have been nice to know that service was still going to the apartment and this could have been resolved weeks ago rather than me writing you wasting your time as you read this.

All I would like now is to have the service that is currently going to my apartment cut off so I may get service there for myself. Not a monumental request.

Petty Officer Russell Kennedy


Frank Lazene September 16, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Verizon Wireless is being represented by a fraudulent strategic partner. THE ALORICA Fresno/Clovis site has manager stealing thousands of dollars from VZW by adding credits to their own account and family members account. Michelle Green, an HR director there steal credits, clocks in when she’s not even working and is a racist. If there are any Verizon Rep’s seeing this you guys should take action, because by the end of the year that site’s management would have stolen close to a million dollars from VZW.


Lorraine Green September 14, 2014 at 8:41 pm

I would like to commend your customer service representative, David, of the California call center (employee #V1GRD36). I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for many years and have, on many occasions, called for assistance. Although I have almost always been satisfied with the level of service I received, I have never been as pleased and impressed by a representative as I was with David today. He spent over an hour helping me understand several ways by which I might save money on my plan. He also helped acquaint me with features of several of the phones available through your company. I feel that he went way beyond any expectations I had and cannot imagine a more helpful person. I want to bring his exceptional service and expertise to your attention. Thanks to Vz Wireless for hiring such talented representatives.


L Haynes September 25, 2014 at 2:28 pm

Wow, an exception to the expected.


Nita Shaw October 12, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Maybe because he hoped to sell you a product. IF you had a problem COULD he have done anything to help? Would he have had the authority to make decisions on a problem. I, too, have had delightful help from our local VW office. However, MY issue is with FIOS. I actually get a bill from Wireless. Fios keeps saying they sent it – for 5 months. I ask for a duplicate, it gets here, and they charge me for a duplicate. Needless to say this 82 year young woman won’t pay it. They tell me I can go on line. NOT NOT NOT I do agree that the ‘good’ people really should be recognized. Thank you for doing that for David.


Albert Whitehead September 14, 2014 at 9:03 am

Although I consider myself to be an intelligent and articulate senior citizen, words cannot express the incredibly poor customer service and extortionate practices that I recently experienced, for example.

On 9/12/14 I purchased the Mayweather fight. When I could not view same, I called customer service and was advised that the fight wasn’t scheduled until Saturday, Sep. 13, 2014. Realizing my error I cancelled that purchase 24 hours BEFORE the fight. Now I’m told, that although Verizon recognizes my call on 9/12, 14, that I will still have to pay the $79 dollars DESPITE THE DOCUMENTED CANCELLATION!

Calling customer service is a waste of time, energy, and is tantamount to psychological and emotional abuse!! I was put on hold for over an hour! I only stayed on “hold” to document the abusive customer service!!

In the final analysis, Verizon will lose my account because I will not accept this unconscionable practice that ADMITS the cancellation 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE, but insists I have to pay for the cancelled event nonetheless!


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