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Verizon Corporate Office Address

Verizon Communications Inc.
140 West St
New York, NY 10007

Contact Verizon

Phone Number: (212) 395-1000
Fax Number: (212) 571-1897
Email: Email Verizon

Verizon Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Verizon Executives

CEO: Lowell C. McAdam
CFO: Francis J. Shammo
COO: Bob Mudge

Verizon History

Verizon began as Bell Atlantic in 1983 after the baby bells emerged from the breakup of AT&T.  In 1997, Bell Atlantic merged with NYNEX.

In 2000, the company acquired GTE and changed its name to Verizon.  This was one of the largest mergers in US history.  GTE’s wireless operations became what is today Verizon Wireless.

In 2005, Verizon acquired MCI, making them the largest Telecom company in the US.

Verizon has sold several of its wireline divisions in the 2000s in order to simplify its operating procedures.

Verizon currently owns 55% of Verizon Wireless.


Verizon FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Verizon?
Answer 1: The phone number for Verizon is (212) 395-1000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Verizon?
Answer 2: The CEO of Verizon is Lowell C. McAdam .

Question 3: Who founded Verizon?
Answer 3: Verizon was founded by in .

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Chandrika Trivedi September 16, 2019 at 12:30 pm

I have nothing but headache with Verizon Billing. Every time I call with a question they keep changing my plans WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
Also, each customer representative you talk they are helpful but mess up the account.
Latest…. I received an email for my monthly paperless bill is ready notification. to my SURPRISE instead of regular monthly $131 auto payment it is $440.41,
Trying to have it fixed is nightmare and after making numerous phone calls and being on phone for totaling 3+ hours hoping to get some results.
If this does not resolve I am going take my complaint to BBB or personally visit their corporate of for action and results.
-Frustrated customer (Senior Citizen)


mary September 11, 2019 at 12:25 pm

First issue is when you call a corporate office and get a recording that there is no one available that is a big problem. I have been a customer for 17 yrs. Due to the fact I am moving and building I wont need services for a while. When I called to cancel Shar treated me like I had something wrong with me, then was told because my contract runs out in a couple of months I will have to pay an earyly termination fee. She said if they have Verizon where I am going I can transfer it, but I am going to a friends and wont be needing it there. I called back the next day and spoke with Pam, who told me thank you for being a customer for 17 yrs, but then when she found out I was complaining about the fee she said basically “Oh well you signed a contract that says it”. I will not be using Verizon again once I move into my new home and will tell everyone I know not to use them. They want your money but don’t care about anything else. Bye Bye Verizon……


Tyrone Myles September 4, 2019 at 4:56 pm

To whom it may concern,

I must say I was happy about coming back to Verizon services until I learned once again the rep I spoke to initially to get signed up not only lied about the services I would receive but also neglected to fully explain how these service works. When I got on the phone with your customer service they couldn’t help me on transferred me to someone else who clearly was not trying to help my situation, he seemed more interested charging me more money. I now fee stuck since I dropped Comcast to use your services again. I think the only way this false advertising and lying doing a sales call is going to stop is to bring forth a class action law suit as I am sure this is not just happening to me. Before I do something like that I would like to get a call from someone at Verizon to discuss and rectify my situation with some type of satisfaction. There just have to be some kind of decency still in the business world or I would hope so.

Tyrone Myles



Joel Chagadama August 30, 2019 at 5:29 pm

I am a Verizon customer and have been for years. I have a business account with over thirty mobile lines and a personal account for my home services and mobile services. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the services I have even though I pay my bills a little late at times. I have always honored my obligations.

In mid-June I and my family travelled to Zimbabwe where my father had just passed away. I called customer service to make sure a had travel pass and avoid surprises and was assured that all my lines were covered for all the other countries I was going to pass through except Zimbabwe. Anyway, I did not need in Zimbabwe as the signal is always poor. Anyway, to make the long story short, the customer rep did not add travel passes on all the other lines only to find out when I received my bill. Anyway, this is not the reason I write this complain. After my fathers funeral, I left my kids in Zimbabwe to spent some time with family. Unfortunately, one of my child lost his phone on the way back and when I found out I called to have the line suspended.

Yesterday August 29th, I discovered that I had a very huge bill of about $1900.00. I immediately called the customer service and the person I spoke to was very helpful and sympathetic. After consulting his supervisor, he informed me that they would apply a credit of $1600.00 to my account $300.00 a day until the full balance. This was because the maximum credit that could be apply was 300.00 a day.

I was assured that someone would be applying the credit everyday until the whole credit has been applied. When I called today at 16:00hrs to see if my credit for the has been applied, they story changed and now I have to wait for Tuesday as the next person needs another approval.

It’s frustrating to be begging for a credit you have been promised and made to repeat your story every time you call. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and hope to be a customer for a very long time to come.


Joel Chagadama


Maria Loccisano June 12, 2019 at 6:16 am

I have been trying to resolve an exposed cable wire that Verizon put in to resolve an internet issue since May 20th. I have been given 3 dates that someone would come to bury the exposed wire and each time it was a no show. I had a child trip on the exposed wire you company left. I call stay on the phone for an extended period of time and each time I am told there is no one for me to speak to beyond the shift supervisor, who doesn’t have a direct line to own the resolution. I request call backs 4 times and I have never receive one.
I am a loyal Verizon customer who has over paid for all my services because of the level of service, clearly that is no longer the situation.
I have never seen such a level of incompetence.
How could you the CEO allow should a poor and frustrating escalation process.
I mentioned writing the to CEO and no one even knew what to do to avoid it.
My email is listed if I do not receive a response it will answer my question as to how a company such as Verizon can be so in competent. It all starts at the top and trickles down.


Betty June 13, 2019 at 3:33 pm

I have had triple times and ten times worse with Verizon.
Call PUC to complain & you will be contacted by a Verizon Executive step to resolve issue


Donna August 23, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Attention : Vice President of Customer Relations

Good morning, my name is Donna. I have been a loyal customer with Verizon for almost
(20) years. During this time I have always had at least (4) phone line. The situation I’m about to explain is the 2nd time this has happen. The first time I took partial responsibility, and I learn to never set up a payment for future
date. There is a program for a promise to pay for a certain date. This is the process I chose. On August 15, 2019 I
I spoke to a customer service representative and ask if I could set up a promise to pay $374.82 on Sept 2, 2019
she said (no) the longest she could push this out was August 30, 2019. I thanked her and was very please with this.
Then on Aug, 19, 2019 Verizon process this transaction the check for $374.82 without my authorization and cause
a overdraft for $482.82. I was devastated. I’m disable with cancer and my husband is the only person in the house
that works. How can anyone go into your bank account and take your money without authorization. They not only
took our money but they admitted that it was their mistake. It showed in the system I didn’t authorize this. They gave me authorization number which is PH4157642 and said they would reverse the transaction within 3 to 5 days. I call
customer service this morning and was told the authorization was denied due to if they reverse the transaction it would cause my account to be past due then they would have to turn all 4 of my service off. They admitted it was
they mistake but it wasn’t anything they could do but pay me for my overdraft which came to $221.83 and it would be applied to next month bill. Again, they acknowledge it was there mistake, but I had to pay the price. The bill I had to pay another customer can wait. My customer loyalty to Verizon means absolutely Nothing !!!!! This is against the Law to go in anyone Bank Account and take money without authorization.

Please Address this situation and any Retaliation that goes with reporting this!!!

Mrs. Donna


Joseph D Roscoe May 25, 2019 at 8:58 pm

I have been a Verizon wireless customer for a very long time. I understand that Verizon owns AOL. My compliant is with AOL. In order to read my emails I must pass through their website, on my laptop, which leads me to their home news page. The page has such a far left bias that it pains me to pass through. I would think as owners you would want your subsidiaries to behave in a fair and balanced way when it comes to news, the page comes across as a far left hate conservatives website.

Thank you,

Joe Roscoe


teresa jones March 26, 2019 at 5:36 pm

I am a current customer and was placed on the pay in store with cash only on my account but when I call I get transferred to so many different people . I feel that I am treated like Verizon doesn’t want my money or trust my money. I want the cash only restriction completely lifted off my account permanently ….Since I’m a cash only customer I feel like I’m not a customer ….


Kim Brondyke May 6, 2019 at 11:07 am

Kim Kupisch Brondyke
May 3 at 6:40 PM ·

Why no one should do business with Verizon – a true story:
At the very end of last year, Verizon was running a promo: change service providers, and receive an iPhone 10 and the latest iPad for $33/monthly. I went to the local Verizon store to check it out. Talked to several of the reps there. They told me my new bill, should I choose to do this offer, would be $109/monthly. I agreed to this incredible deal. I signed the paperwork, and was given a new iPad. I was told I could not receive an iPhone that day, December 31st, because they were out of stock. I didn’t receive the phone until January 4th.
Why is that a big deal? Because as it turns out, the store put the iPad and iPhone on separate accounts WITHOUT telling me, thus invalidating the deal. I never knew, and was never told, that separate accounts existed. Indeed, they helped me establish autopay through their app while I was there. Thus, I was being charged the whole time for the iPad, not knowing any better. Why would I be checking my account when they helped me set up autopay and it was taking the monthly payment out of my checking account?
Next thing I know, collections is calling. I have an 800+ credit score. I never carry debt. I was shocked! I called Verizon and asked them why I was put in collections. The store couldn’t tell me. They saw that I had been paying my monthly bill. I called customer service, who, after doing some checking, proceeds to reveal this separate account I never knew I had. I ADAMANTLY refused to pay it, being as the store had screwed up the paperwork (or worse).
The CSR told me, We have no proof that you weren’t aware of these separate accounts. I angrily said, How does it make any logical sense that I would walk into the store, ask for the promotion, and then ask to be billed separately, so that it invalidated the promotion! I mean, really?
I was told I had three options: 1. pay collections; 2. return the iPad and use the money to pay collections; 3. allow Verizon to add a $30 charge to my bill monthly for the remainder of the service agreement (20 months) to pay off the iPad! I refused to do any of those things and asked to escalate this situation to the next person in charge. I was told they didn’t have one and (this is probably the most amazing detail of this story) that I would have to WRITE A LETTER and send it snail mail to some Verizon address in Newark, NJ! I said, This is 2019! I can communicate to POTUS on Twitter, and I can’t even call or email someone at Verizon to discuss this problem?? Think about that!!
I decided the best solution was to return the iPad. Today, I was on my way to do just that when collections called again. I started vehemently explaining the situation, and found out that I couldn’t even return the iPad and use the money to pay off the account, because I missed the 14-day window to return it. There is no way for me to get out of this situation but to pay the $565 charge assessed to an account that I never knew I had.
Moral of the story: check your monthly billing, even with app payment structures. Other moral of the story: don’t trust any promotion from Verizon. Ever.

John Devendorf, Mary Balbach and 39 others

Account number: 068918887300001
Lisle, IL 60532


Jocelyn Melchior August 24, 2019 at 4:46 pm

Just had a conversation with Verizon and I totally agree with you. I asked to speak to someone who was in charge and believe I was passed on to the next representative acting as a manager/supervisor. How I believe this…they repeated what the previous person said and did not help me. They were rude and I heard laughing in the background. They sounded similar with an accent and did not have professional training. I will seriously consider another company.


Winifred Aldridge March 18, 2019 at 3:43 am

To Whom It May Concern: I’m writing regarding the current method that your company (Verizon) uses to do your hiring. Using Alorica as your company’s representative was a marketing mistake! I don’t believe that gamble has paid off very well. I say this because of the high employee turn over there. You would more than likely retain employee’s if you handled the hiring yourselves. You may have chosen this method because you felt that it was more cost effective. The time has come for you to ask yourselves…at what cost? I believe that having individuals who share a vested interest in your company is a more efficient and effective manner. I’ll use this analogy. Home owners usually puts more pride in their investments than renters. I’ve heard far too many individuals speak negatively about Verizon. Verizon is a well known company. All of your representatives should have a real, genuine interest in the caliber of personnel they hire. You need individuals who have a (We) feel for your company! Not just someone you’ve hired who’s only working because they’re earning a bit more than the people they hire. I guarantee you, if Verizon took complete control over of this company, they’d be on the receiving end of loyalty. The employee’s would be pleased, but honored to be a part of your team. Loyal workers are often productive workers! These type individuals would not be using your company as a bridge to get to where they’re trying to go! Instead, you’d have the quality of workers seeking careers! I have no idea if this will simply be another letter to be tossed aside. One thing that I do know is this, companies that nurture and cultivate their employee’s will often soar! I’m almost certain that even with the individual that you have as acting human resource, supervisors and other management…Verizon still manages to be doing okay. Your aim should be to be the best, and last place that anyone desires to work! This can never be achieved having foxes watching over the hens so to speak. You should seriously consider examining your current set up. If you’re doing okay under such lowered expectations. Imagine how much greater your company can be, if you had people with Verizon in their hearts? If you did a survey on individuals who has been with your company for any significant length of time…you will find its only the individuals who has been there long enough to have gotten into supervisory or other positions of authority. More than likely, they’d be hard put to leave now. That is primarily due to the fact that they’re now making somewhat respectable salaries! Everyone who is fortunate enough to be hired on to “any” company! They should go in with an “our” sense of ownership! This is the mindset you should be seeking! In my previous position, one of my duties was training. These individuals remained in place for years! I recognized early on that ensuring your employee’s are happy and focused leads to productive, loyal associates. They must feel valued in order for them to transfer positive behavior onto your customers. Your customer care and technical support team are usually the first one individuals your customers meet. I’m ending with this for one reason. Not only should they convey, they should genuinely feel as though Verizon were family! Family members will almost always project love for their blood relatives. In closing I’d like to leave you with this. Verizon should not just want to be doing okay….They should strive to be doing better than the rest! Tend to your own house! Your current situation allows too many people to learn things about how your company operates. Over half of Mobile has either worked at Verizon via (Alorica), or they know someone who has! It’s past time that you ended this practice! Frequent hiring should only be the result of an increase in stores for your company. Hopefully someone reads this. The result should be: The acquisition and retention of your current subscribers; which can only be achieved by maintaining, cultivating and educating every employee you have! Remember, seeing hiring signs continuously reeks of instability!


Gary Ostendorf December 21, 2018 at 3:41 am

I live near Oxford, Ohio with a Verizon store a few minutes from my home. My daughter lives very close to the Verizon store in Hamilton,Ohio. Both of us have had poor experiences at those stores. Last night in the rain we drove an hour to visit the Kenwood, Ohio store. My daughter had done this twice in the past. You have a young man by the name of Jack working there. Believe me it is well worth the drive to work with this young man. Courteous, polite and he really knows your business. A real pleasure. Certainly a pat on the back and a raise is in order. No doubt this young man will go far.


Ellie Brabham December 20, 2018 at 4:35 pm

I need someone that knows what is going on to please contact me in reference to my Verizon reception. For the last six months or longer the service in Meggett South Carolina has been awful, static, lost calls, dropped calls, just terrible reception. We are unable to even talk on our cell phones indoors. I have to go to one spot in my front yard to get a call through. My husband does have a little better luck, he is able to sit on the back porch. I have called Verizon but the answer I get is we are so sorry for your inconvenience. We were sent a Network Extender but that has not helped at all. It is our understanding by residents in the community that a tower in our area went down during one of the hurricanes this year and it has not been replaced. It is really bad when we pay $100 a month for phone service and can only use our cell phones when we are away from home. Can someone in the know please give me an answer to what is going on otherwise we will have to drop Verizon and go to another company. Please email me since I can not talk to anyone on the phone. I cannot hear through the static and blank spots if I should move one way or the other. My address is XXXX Early Jersey Rd, Meggett, South Carolina 29449


Daniela October 9, 2018 at 11:01 am

i called to add a travel plan on the 28 of august 2018. Asked all the questions about the plan, making sure that all incoming call are free. I was assured about it, The starting date was 31 of August.2018. I have received the text message that the plan will be starting on the 31 of August. I have left the country, and on the 6 of September i have received the message that the plan was removed, I was shocked.Call the number on the text. The CS assured me it will be added up back , not knowing why was it removed, but to my surprise i was told the plan is not available anymore. He assured me that he will give me the same plan back, but it was in 2 parts. Instead of 1 GB, 500 messages , 500 texts, 0.05 cents a minute. i had to call 2 since i got warning on my usage, i got assured that is fine and i don’t have to worry. Checked my phone for data.
Got home fine and i also got a bill for $ 575.00.
Called customer service, for 3 hours on the phone. I finally got to a supervise called Megan. Her answer? the plan was added on the 6 of august. I asked why will i add the plan on the 6 of august when i called on the 28 of august ? Incompetent. The customer service is lacking all the manners. Conclusion? She hang up the phone.
I don’t know who to call to have my bill corrected .
Suggestions? Will the channel news help?


Richard W. Lewis II May 29, 2018 at 11:32 am

Last Friday I called to disconnect this terrible non service.

I told the person NOT to take money from my account.

When I checked on Saturday they had helped themselves.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Judith Lewinski April 12, 2018 at 6:48 am

I am moving out of state where there is no Verizon service, so I proceed to cancel my service and break my contract. The person on the phone told me that I would be receiving an email and that I needed to respond to it so that I would not get charged the cancellation fee. He did not tell me that I needed to either download or scan a doXXXXent showing my name with the new address. I am 70 years old, live alone, moving into senior housing and I have no idea how to do this. So I called back and got a woman named Denise in the Escalation department. All I wanted was an address where I could mail this doXXXXent tothem, ready for this – THEY DON’T HAVE AN ADDRESS. I am so frustrated at this point. I am disabled and very limited on my driving to get to a library as they suggested, All I can say at this point is that I hope that your mothers are not treated the way I was. Now that I am not going to be there customer, they could care less about my needs. Sorry to say that after being a loyal customer for many years, I will never recommend Verizon, I thought Comcast was bad, but I think you have them beat. I wish we could go back to free TV when you had to get up to change the channel and get some exercise at the same time. I am sick and tired of the new world where no one knows how to talk with some one and not all this miscommunication thru texting and emailing.


Joseph Pavone March 21, 2018 at 1:58 pm

Account number: 755-374-379-0001-32.

I made the switch from Time Warner to Fios back in July of 2017, I made the switch to get better internet service, my original quote for home phone, Internet and 7 tv’s was a little more per month but I thought I would make the switch, it ended up being a mistake, in order to get the same quality tv reception that I had I needed ro change the setup and rent additional set top boxes that raised the price per month to more than 80.00 per month higher than my pervious provider. At the end of July I placed a call to cancel my service, I was sent boxes to return my equipment the beginning of August 2017, you received everything, in August, the problem I’m having is getting a credit for bills I paid in Septemer 183.00 on 9/5 and 268.10 on 9/18. If you look at my notes on my account I’ve called every month since August and I’m still getting a run around due to the fact that the representative I spoke to to cancel my order processed it wrong, she put the incorrect year in that’s caused noting but problems that are still going on today, my last contact was on 3/16/18 I was tools I would get a call back from the rep on 3/19/18 with a resolution, as of now no call back.
My contact info is jpavone@


bob March 5, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Once again(2nd time and last time) I contacted someone on chat and what I got was a very dishonest person on the other end, if Verizon cant control the people who answer the chat late night,,ive been told that its another country answering late night chat, then Verizon should discontinue chat since there is no control over the dishonesty.


Jocelyn Melchior August 24, 2019 at 4:53 pm

Had the same experience. I wish I didn’t have Verizon.


rosemary frasher December 27, 2017 at 11:09 am

All I have to say is all verizon is trouble scam people. They lie the people that work for them are trained to read a script.I GOT EVERYTHING THAT VERIZON SAID RECORD AN DICTATED AN COPYED….So verizon I am ready when you are I got all your little promises!


Bart A Canada December 14, 2017 at 4:53 am

The Verizon Cloud has been deleting my Cloud Account Contacts repeatedly. This started around November 13, 2017 and has been happening on a daily basis. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Tier 1 and Tier 2 technicians as well as Managers and persons supposedly representing Corporate. Today, December 13, 2017, several hours after speaking with an Executive Representative, I was sent a text message saying the problems had been resolved. Then not hours later, several more of my contacts in the Cloud were deleted and or the information corrupted. If this is the future of the Cloud then its time for Legislative, Legal and Consumer action to put a stop to continued use of the Cloud. It is outright dangerous!!! Someone out there in Corporate, I hope you are listening because I will now be doing everything I can to initiate a Class Action Lawsuit to stop continued exploitation of customers via the Cloud. You have cost me the loss of time, money, clients, and ability to contact family. Now its personal!!!


Kim November 7, 2017 at 10:20 am

I am having issues with this company as well. They owe me $79.00 for a phone that was not allowed to be returned but they went against their policy and took it back anyway and I have TWO RECEIPTS that states they owe me this money and they refuse to return it back to me. They got their phone….WHERES MY MONEY IN RETURN THAT YOU OWE ME???? I think we should all get together and sue Verizon for the way they treat their customers. They seem to forget if it wasn’t for us customers..THEY WOULDN’T HAVE THEIR BUSINESS….they need to be shut down.


Crickett Hoar July 31, 2017 at 6:45 pm

I have been a customer of Verizon for near 20 years. Both wireless as well as a landline business owner
I have never in my life experienced such incompetent uncaring people as are with Verizon wireless
For many years I had a wireless plan that had unlimited data usage and never once went over 2.9 g.
Verizon hounded me about changing to a BETTER PLAN .Said that I had never gone over 2.9 and they could set me up with another extra line that would cost 10.00 per month as well as a tablet for 10.00 more per month and I would still be about the same money per month at 6 g per month that would well cover me and I would never even get close to over usage. Well I finally gave in and gave up my unlimited plan.
The very first month I get a OVER USAGE NOTICE. Now mind you I never have watched a movie, down loaded music , streamed music or anything. I use it for facebook, email and web search and the smart phone for occasional phone calls. THAT IS IT. The second line is not used but sits on a shelf. My husband always thought he MIGHT want a smart phone so I thought this cheaper throw away one might be good for him to learn on but to this day he has not wanted to use it. He Is a old flip phone die hard user. Still doesn’t even know how to add a phone number to his contacts
I call in and get a hold of someone that finally tells me that I need to shut off the data in settings when not using it .That there appears to be something still running in the background of the tablet. So I always do that after using it .I explained that when I got the device from a REAL VERIZON STORE in Vancouver WA that it was all in Hispanic and I had to go in and reset to English…I wondered if it was not used or something.
If so that could answer why something might be running in background…maybe someone watched a movie or something….
Well a couple of months ago the tablet was plugged in and the cord caught FIRE.THANK GOD we were home or our home may have burned to the ground. When I called in I told Verizon that the tablet had always gotten warm and maybe there was something wrong with it that caused this fire. They assured me no, it was fine.Well a few days ago I found out by sheer accident that the 10.00 per month extra line phone was actually 24.00 and the 10.00 per month tablet was actually 19.00 .So I called Verizon immediately and asked what the heck…I had no idea. Just paid it every month.They explain the tablet is 10.00 per month and another 9.00 for insurance, but the phone is 24.00 per month… pocket change except it is not what we were told !!!!!! so we say DISCONNECT IT NOW
2 days later I get a warning that after 7 days into my billing cycle I am almost out of data. That I only have 30% left…A DAY OR SO LATER I GET ANOTHER WARNING I HAVE LESS THAT 3%LEFT…AND I HAVE 21 DAYS LEFT IN THIS CYCLE…WTHECK…I get on the phone 2 hours later all I know is it must be the tablet. The tablet is on a shelf SHUT OFF as is my smart phone. .SO HOW CAN THEY BE USING DATA. I ask to have the tablet replaced that since month one that have been issues and they say all they can do is send me an empty box to return it in …they will TRY to fix it and if they cannot they will return a new device. In meantime I continue to pay for what I do not get to use and still do not have any answers. You tell me why would anyone ever have given up an unlimited plan to go into another plan where they are over their data and not even have used it much before going over… Verizon talked me into changing my plan where I never had to worry assuring me that I had never ever used more than 2.9 g …that going to a plan with 6g I would never come close.
I am so angry right now
I sat on the landline today for over 2 HOURS trying to get help
Finally the head of whatever tells me they cannot help me. The gal gave me extra data 2 g to carry me through this month…WOW generous ….NOT, come one I can add if the data has already passed 6 g in less than 10 days how will 2 g carry me through 21 more and that is without using it…TURNED OFF 90% of the time
Verizon tells people whatever they want to get them to enter new agreements and than we are stuck
I have faulty equipment that has not been right since the first month and they want me to send it in to try and fix it rather than send a replacement out…even though it is noted that this problem started within the first month I had it
I pay near 200.00 p/m for this plan. I believe 187.00 That is a chunk of change today with so many other company plans from 45.00.All I ask for is WORKING DEVICE THAT IS NOT EATING DATA I AM NOT USING!!!!! My husband also has another business account of his own not affiliated with my account at all …you would think Verizon would want to do the right thing and keep customers happy
The right thing would be to send a new tablet out ASAP, give me back my old plan of unlimited data
So that they MIGHT keep us as customers. My husband says CANCEL ALL ACCOUNTS and move to a better company. Any suggestions
When a class action suit comes around count us in!


Crickett Hoar July 31, 2017 at 6:47 pm

in addition to my complaint!
I sat on the landline phone over 2 hrs today and when the lady said she was off to get someone else to see if they could help…guess what DISCONNECT and NO CALL BACK


Steven Dulin July 5, 2017 at 10:45 pm

Benito, have you completed the return transaction. If you have and returned cash to my credit card, I coul d toss this to an outlet store. I refuse to step fo it in a Corportae store again. We are in my book, adversaries, and no amour of smooth talking bulls**t is going to make me want to go on there, it will just cause more problems and stress. The Outlet store may be allies, as your company obvious s**ts on them as well, and treats those stores differently, wityh different rules.

Please give me my account number. Send me the return package, put in writing why I am not allowed in your store and process my refund. Please stop trying to sustain me as a customer through the use of ignorance and force. I do not want to be a Verizon customer, and you putting up obstacle to keep me from leaving only makes me,want to get further from your company. It is abusive and I do not like it. This should be a five minute transaction and you guts,are ptmracticly going to war with me to keep me from transferring my phone number and returning to Sprint.

Please give me the resources I need to retain my Personal phone number I got from T-Mobile in Anaheim, and return this device and get out of my contract with in the 14 day period. You are intentionally trying to exhaust the 14 day period to generate a paper trail, giving you legal right to sue me for not honoring the contract, when it is you and your company that have violated it and,are not honoring it.

I do not want this phone, I do not want to talk to Verizon employees, and I want to move on, get over it, and let me go in my own way freely without being legally of financially tied to your company, as that is my right, and with in the terms and conditions I signed on to.

I am disabled both mentally and,I lime but not on disability for that, but do consider myself physically disabled as well, I have paperwork work I could send you from my Doctor and Social Security. Which means you are as retailer open to the Public, supposed to supply reasonable and ample accommodations to me. Especially in the case of a return. Wanting to make never turn to Oregon or drive three hours is not reasonable. Falsely accusing me of slander and standing by your employees who lied to you about me is not reasonable. Kicking me out if your store for no good reason is not reasonable. Not giving me my account number allowing me to keep my Personal phone number is not reasonable. In fact it is very abusive. Please properly and professionally respond to my requests. Telling me I should talk to corporate is not reasonable. Why are you just not making this easy for me.

It seems you are doingbthings,in a very illegal fashion, trying tinblame me for your and your employees unethical actions. This is abusive. Please just allow me to return my items and keep my Personal phone number. It does not belong to your company, and I do not like being a customer who is under duress, it is just not ethical.

Stop playing games,with me. You can easily send a return package, telling me you do not work with Fed Ex in that fashion is Bulls**t Mr. Benito.

You are starting to cause me severe stress, my Psycologist wants me to stay away from stress, it causes me health problems.

Please comply with reasonable accommodations.

Mr. Benito, going to your store I have been kicked out of is a bad idea. Especially if closed. Your staff has proven to lie and conspire against me to justify their inappropriate actions. And they would have witnesses and intimidate me. I think you are trying to set me up, to get out of legal action. I would have had to request a Law Enforcement escort for me to walk in that dysfunctional store that has endangered me and messed with my mental health, and my freedoms and my communication technology, while subjecting me to the fraud that has been conducted by your employees that got me into an argument with them in the first place. Please and Thank You.

I need in writing why I have been not allowed in your store

Benito, Verizon Corporate sto re refused to return my phone in Medford Oregon. Listen dude, thiis is severe fraud. She sdigned a paper stating they refused the return.

Plus they wanted a $35.00 restocking fee and refused to call you or their District manager and refused to give me a business card. Stating they do not have any. There are many customers in the store, if they try to lie about me or my behavior, your company and your emotees are breaking the law violating my rights and I just drove several hundred miles at my expense like you told me to do, and I just got treated like s**t and refused to have device returned.

This is getting f-ing ridiculous. I need the number to yoiyur regional manager and President of the Corporate Company.

Benito, three employees walked in the back room, including Alfonso the manager. They came out they were rude to me. I think they know I have mental illness and are treating me poor to try to get me mad and show my mental illness. Your staff is terrorizing me, and I do not like it. But I can tell you this, the LeAnn bureaucrats in the state of Oregon took my kid illegally us g the Judicial this was in 2003, I lost my rights but got them fired, not by using my anger to retaliate using force, but to retire using the Judicial process. I got many of them fired and helped make fundamental changes to the system in Lincoln County. I have two degrees, one in business and one in Environmental Sustainabity from Oregon State University. I used my own attorney issued to me by the State of Oregon for Legal Malpractice and won the case. I would not under any cirXXXXstances jeopardize my freedoms even to fight and argue with a Terrorist Organization like yours. You and your company agitating my menta l illness to get me to do something stupid, will only serve to cause you more problems for continued illegal activity. You are one stupid f-er, and,I am tired if your games. I want you and your corrupt unethical employees and potential Terrorist who cone w1ork for you to get private and protected information in attempts to make a profit, steal, profile, be a sexual predator, identity theft, financial fraud, and and funding that may go towards a Terrorist Organization, weather it be terrorizing a customer such as a mom or dad, or mentally ill person, a Prodmfessor a Police Officer, or any citizen, or race or victim, to be fired, and held accountable for both q actions and intent to commit future crimes. I do not support human trafficking, XXXXXX, terrorism, mental abuse, abuse towards the disabled, or senior citizens, or and me customer that works hard for their cash, and want aaqq good phone. Your company is mean, they bulky, they lie, they manipulate, they are rude

I demand an immediate response, you are an add hole and a consumer and what I need in your position is a professional District Manager, who is a law abiding citizen, and performs proper customer service.

I also want compete compensation for my has and travel and slander and other problems you have causes me. I suggest you take cattle of this out of court. If you consider you breaking the law and suffering legal consequences a threat then this is a threat to file criminasl and consumer fraud legal action against you.

I never have and never will, do what is right, oh I will have to use the Judicial process to proceed with this issue, and many many othher government organizations then enforce compliance. Got that f**ker. You do not send me two hundred miles away to return something just to get mentally abused, and treated like s**t, and cost me a bunch of cash. You do not lie to me or any o they good person, do you got that a-hole.

And do not worry this e-mail is going to the the proper authorities, along with receipts and a detailed complaint and a note signed by one of your terrorist emoyees.

I really do not like being manipulated, lied to, mentally abused, yelled at by you on the phone when so called to lodge a complaint. You had no reason not authority to yell and abuse me on the phone. I want you fired.

Please and Thank, if you want me to stop now, I want proper compensation, and my bill cleared out, because I am within my 14 day Grace period. Your service and company suck a**.

Benito, have you completed the return transaction. If you have and returned cash to my credit card, I coul d toss this to an outlet store. I refuse to step fo it in a Corportae store again. We are in my book, adversaries, and no amour of smooth talking bullXXXXX is going to make me want to go on there, it will just cause more problems and stress. The Outlet store may be allies, as your company obvious s**ts on them as well, and treats those stores differently, wityh different rules.

In fact I remember when you went from a manufacture to retailer and sub contracted your manufacturing industry, and started s***ting on the stores that help your company become super wealthy. Like Radio Shack, you guys really s**t on Radio Shack, and causes stores in the malls to close, because you did not want to compete for business with another company even though both businesses were putting profit into Verizon..

The District Managers Response are not included, because he responds using his phone and refuusrs to put anything in writing. Lol. Any suggestions


Tina June 21, 2017 at 4:04 pm

Are you kidding me?!?!?!
Verizon dont give a s**t what my complaint is.


Lois June 14, 2017 at 4:45 pm

On June 11th I sent an email direct to Lowell McAdam citing having had no dial tone beginning June 8th–going on 4 days. It’s now 6 days after (as of June 13th) with nothing being done. Not even a reply from him. Being elderly–if I’m found dead because I couldn’t call to get medical aid, expect my family to sue you. Have had constant land line problems on/off beginning 2008. Verizon is too cheap to put in a new cable. Stop paying high salaries to the top executives and use this money to put in and maintain adequate equipment for the little people that pays your salary.


Lois June 13, 2017 at 1:49 pm

On June 11th I sent an email direct to Lowell McAdam citing having had no dial tone beginning June 8th–going on 4 days. It’s now 6 days later (as of June 13th) with nothing being done. Not even a reply from him. Being elderly–If I’m found dead because I couldn’t call to get medical aid, expect my family to sue you. Have had constant problems on/off beginning 2008. Verizon is too cheap to put in a new cable. Stop paying high salaries to the top executives and use this money to put in adequate equipment for the little people that pays your salary.


R. Wedinger June 12, 2017 at 10:13 am

My account is 718-356-8274 956-226, zip 10309. I had Fios & optic lines installed Jan 19, 2017. and was promised a reward of $250.00. Since April 25 (due date of award) I have made multiple calls/e mails and was promised the gift card would be mailed on June 03, 2017. To date I have not received the award. I have been transferred to 888-388–7417, 866-818-0295, 877-502-2876, 800-922-0204, 800-837-4966 and have talked with, Mario, Keith, Gerome, Rosalyn Brooke (via e mail) heard a lot of music and was placed on hold and at times cut off. To date I have not received the award. On this date Caroline ( a very lovely person) stated the card was ordered this date expect it in 30-40days. Your firm is in violation of the consumer protection rules, false advertisement, FCC Rules, etc. My account is current and I have been a customer for over 50years (Bell tel/AT&T NY Bell/Verizon). In the last 30 days I have had more contact with Verizon/Fios then I have had in 50+ years. If I do not receive the reward within 30 days I intend on filing a forma
complaint with the appropriate authorities. General R. Wedinger USA (Ret)l


dick brewster May 3, 2017 at 2:30 pm

Verizon is so messed up.. not one of the stores, care about helping customers.. Corporate Offices are so removed from day to day operation ,, customer service, etc. have no control of the crooks that work for the company.. they lie, cheat, and there is nothing a customer can do.. but spend endless hours on the phone before getting a professional on the phone. I have been jacked around for couple years,, nothing but lies. I finally got thru to Nice Professional person at corporate office in NY. but since then have just been jacked around for last few months.. I received a bill for 7.81 dollars and cents.. then I got a rebate check for the same amount.. I assure you I will close my account when the overcharges are used up in five months.. what a crooked operation..


Eric August 10, 2017 at 11:30 am

Dick, I feel your pain. But even at contracts end you can expect these crooks to screw you over like they just did me. I left Verizon for short periods over the years but always went back simply because they have the best service. That of course does not apply to customer service. I was a GTE customer when Verizon merged, bought out or whatever they did, to give you some idea of how long I have been with them. A couple years ago I purchased a new phone at full retail so as to not enter a new contract. Even though I had no intention on leaving, I was never too fond of contracts. After that phone stopped working I just decided to do a new contract and use my upgrade. The told me I already used it and was already under a new contract and even after explaining what actually happened, no one was able to help me. I knew at that point that I was done after my contract expired. My contract ended this past March. In Feb I went to Sprint and made my last payment to Verizon in March. Since I have paid over $500 and they keep hounding me for more money. They told me I wasn’t out of contract and part of the money I paid was for early termination and late charges. They further went on to tell me that I still owed money on a five year old ipad that I got as a Christmas gift from Best Buy. According to the CSR I purchased my phone actually three years ago, so I had technically been out of contract for a year. So why are they still billing me? I have no idea. He went on to tell me that I still owed another $344 for (another) early termination fee and outstanding balance. I agreed to pay again if I could get a letter stating that they would leave me alone. He said that they would note my account once it was paid. That’s what the last guy said and I’m still being billed. This is a no win situation for me. Since I technically do not have an account, I can’t go to my account overview to get doXXXXentation to support my case. This is truly a no win situation. Now I’ll have to worry about how I’m going to explain and dispute it with the credit bureaus once it goes to collections because I’m not giving these pimps another dime of my hard earned money.


chrisitne April 4, 2017 at 4:07 pm

I too had an awful experience with Verizon., on march 6 at around 3am my 7 year old dog had a stroke. my partner was going to work I asked him to get me a Verizon prepaid minutes card so I can put them on my phone to call for help if she wasn’t getting any better, anyhow I got the refill card tried to put the minutes on my old flip phone like I have done in the past. this was around 7 am the 611 feature that you call to had money would not work so I called Verizon wireless, the gentleman on the phone stated that they no longer accept just 10.00 I had to go and put more money on my refill card in order for the phone to work I explained to him that my dog was dying I had no more money and no way to get anywhere. he proceeded to tell me I need more money I was in a panic my dog is dying and you cant help me. he contuied to tell me to go get more money put on my refill card and then he simply said I cant help you and hung up. so with frustration I went and tended to my sick dog, around 9am I tried again with the same result as the first gentleman he couldn’t help me either in the meantime my dog is getting worse.. so instead of wasting time on the phone with people who obviously didn’t care I spent the rest of the morning taking care of my sick dog and 4 others, around 2:30 pm I called again, by this time my dog was getting worse. the young woman on the phone contuined to tell me what the other gentleman told me she couldn’t help me unless I had more money to add to my refill card, after histically pleading with this woman for about and hour she finally said she could add fund to my account so I could get help with my dog , I thanked her for that, but by that time it was too late for me to call for help for my dog… we buried her in the back yard that evening. I . do believe if I they would add my refill card to my phone and I was able to call someone that my dog would still be with us.. I am going to file suit against Verizon.


Rick December 29, 2016 at 2:58 pm

Just left Verizon for Cox three months ago. Would have stayed with Verizon but at the time Cox was $50 cheaper a month and offered $250 in incentives. Over a two year period that is a savings of over $1400. Today I get an offer from Verizon to come back with pricing starting at $60 a month with $150 incentive for the higher plan. Why, why, why would you not give me this offer when I called to talk about renewing with your company. It’s almost like you try to squeeze as much money out of your loyal customers (with Verizon for 3 years) while giving large discounts to new customers. In two years I will probably go back to Verizon because I will get a bettter deal. They’ll have to send a tech out and set everything up again, they’ll have to do paperwork, check my credit and set up a new account, transfer my number. Seriously I think you need to rethink how you treat long standing customers. It’s no better on the business side. I switched to Cox there also because i can’t get a single contact of support from Verizon and it’s never the person I’m talking to problem.


Brenna Maslin December 27, 2016 at 3:41 pm

Good Afternoon and Happy Holidays

I have been a Verizon FIOS customer for almost 10 years. Recently, one of my Set Top Boxes died, so I went to your store in Paramus NJ and they gave me a new box without a clock. I loved my old box with a clock. I have been a very loyal customer and I have most of the channels you offer. Please send me a new box with a clock so I don’t have to switch to another provider!

Thank You

Brenna Maslin,

Rockaway NJ 07866
brennamaslin at


Hirut Habte December 19, 2016 at 5:45 pm

I’ve been with Verizon for a few years now but I’ve had it with the poor customer service. I’ve been having problem with my FIOS for the last few weeks and the technicians have been to incompetent to fix the issue, or they would send someone who would break something else. Verizon said I would have a technician come out at no charge yesterday to fix my FIOS and NO ONE showed up. I called off work and say in the house between the window frame they gave me, when I called to check on the status they said they did not have anyone scheduled. Verizon re-scheduled for today and have me a 1-5pm time frame, I called off work AGAIN and its not 5:44pm and NO ONE has showed up. When I called Verizon they said the dispatcher cancelled because his previous job kept him longer. So WHY was I not called, texted or emailed …why was I the one that had to follow up? This is the worst treatment you can give to a paying customer.


Charles Bishop November 27, 2016 at 7:10 pm

RE: customer complaint 760-818-XXXXX
I am writting on behalf of my son, Charles Bishop. My name is Diane Reynolds and I am a Verizon customer, On the good friday sale, I talked my son into switching to Verizon. We went to the Lancaser Verizon store in Salem, Oregon, We were promply assisted by a salesman named “Manny”. Manny informed my son of the Good Friday special for new customers. the special being a new FREE IPhone7, a free tablet, plus $200 in credit to the Verizon account after 2 months of service. We ask Manny how much this would cost to get started and how much his monthly bill would be. Manny informed both of us that all he needs to do is give Verizon $70 for the activation fee, return his current IPhone 7 to Verizon when the return box is received and his total montly charge would be no more than $100 to $110 at the most. This figure included the all charges for the phone, tablet and the unlimited data usage. My son signed up with Verizon and paid the $70 activation fee, Today, Sunday Novemer 27th he received a text from Verizon stating hid bill for $257.00 is due on December 19th, and his future bill will be $154.00. This is a far cry from the $100 monthly cost we were informed by your store, I talked my son into joining Verizon and we feel that he has been scammed. We even verified the total cost of the service with “Manny” 3 times. He was so angry, but I told him Im sure its a mistake and to call Verizon and I assured him that Verizon would make good on the special, He called, spoke with a supervisor and was basically informed that his bill is what it says, but she would be nice and give him a $60 credit, This does not even put a dent in what you are saying he will be billed. This feels like an old fashion bait and switch scam. My son just spent 4 years in the marines, he is just starting his civillian life and right away he is in a scam by Verizon. I am not sharing this with social media in hope that Verizon will make this right, If need be, a complaint will be filed with the Better Business, and the State of Oregon. you can reach my son at 760-818-9522 his name again is Charles Bishop. Or, you can reply to my email and I will forward any correspondence to him. The reason I am writting this letter instead of him is because I too am a Verizon customer, I was a witness to everything your employee Manny told my son. This experience will make it impossible to ever refer another person to Verizon.

Diane Reynolds


Mildred Taylor November 3, 2016 at 12:33 pm

After reading the comments, and experiencing everything horrible and more than all the others bad experiences, I say it is time for a class action suit. Maybe there are attorneys looking at such. Whoever knows how to start one, please add my name and contact me. I have contacted Corporate Headquarters and I have not yet received any response in any manner, except unethical actions such as (1) cutting off my lifeline cell phone and then fraudulently collecting monthly payments for no service rendered. I need an attorney!!!!


Carol March 28, 2017 at 2:31 pm

I agree very POOR customer service. I have been a verizon customer for many years and have 2 accounts at one point I was spending over $350 a month. I was one of the customers who had the home fusion because no other internet was available to me when home. I had it for over 3 years and monthly fee was $130 just for Internet and if you I used over 30 gbs your were charged additionally. I cancelled it 2 days into the new month because I found a lot cheaper Internet finally. Received a letter stating such with the date of the disconnect. Yet they billed me for the entire month!! I have been going back and forth with them asking why I should pay for services never rendered? I receive no answer just another bill. They have turned over to collections, I mailed them a copy of letter I received they forwarded onto their contact at Verizon Wireless. The response was a envelope with copies of my bill. I am like are you kidding me?

Count me in on the class action suit!!


Phil Rush October 4, 2016 at 5:12 pm

I find it impossible to wind through the Verizon web site to resolve an equipment problem. At one point I found a obscure link that promised a call back … it worked and I scheduled a repair service call. No one showed and foolishly I have not written down the URL for the call back service and I have been unable to contact a real person to schedule the service. Today I called the “corporate number” and was direct to a real person who introduced himself as Arnold and immediately put me on hold. 6 1/2 minutes later the automated voice informed me that there is no answering the call and that it was being terminated!!

I am now trying to cancel the service which is equally impossible to do.


Drew Mckay August 16, 2016 at 1:45 pm

I have called tech support twice in the last month first on a Monday for lose of video and they told me that I would see someone by 8 PM that Friday. After calling again and getting someone in New Jersey I did see a tech On Tuesday around 5:30 PM. He changed out the box on the outside of my house. This Monday evening the phone, internet and video. I called the 1-800 service line got a call center outside of the US. They did the same that the earliest we could get service would be Friday. Now my wife teaches online college courses and she had to go find a place that was open to get on the internet. After much talking they said maybe Wednesday. I called the office in New York was told they would work on getting someone out Tuesday. They would call back and tell me the time, That was 10:00 AM , I’m still waiting for the call telling me the time. This unacceptable for a company that promotes customer service.


Connie Steelman August 11, 2016 at 4:23 pm

I need you to contact me about my service not operating. I have no e-mail so you will need to contact me by my device @ 772-475-XXXXX before 10 AM eastern. For I tried calling your 888# but my phne will not allow me.


Richard Petrik August 6, 2016 at 2:31 pm

To Who ever will listen,

I am a retired Verizon manager and I’m disappointed with your AOL.

I believe that AOL should be impartial in their reporting of the news. I

always thought they were until this week.

The news items, 42 in total, had 5 items about Mr. Trump and one on Hilary.

The biggest News item, that concerning Mr. Obama and the questionable “ransom for

for hostages” could not be found. Why is that??

Someone should be asking that from the top. You have a moral

obligation to remain impartial.

Thank you


Charles Brown June 18, 2016 at 4:36 pm

verizon is a complete dam joke anymore, terrible customer service trying to get to talk to a agent is near dam impossible ans trying to get hold of one that speaks english is a joke. I had my account number removed from my billing page and trying to have it added back on, why was it removed in the first dam place. Verizon wants there money every month well give us some service in the meantime, complete joke, customer service is a cluster f*ck.


Marlene Racz June 15, 2016 at 9:30 am

I have been a customer of Verizon Wireless since 2009. I guess you reward your loyal customers in the following manner. On or around the last week of May 2016 I started getting alerts that my bill was due. I went onto the Verizon Wireless website to look at my account. I noticed that there was a new feature “Promise to pay”. I thought great, I followed the prompts and indicated that I “promise to pay” $330 on June 2, 2016. I did not enter in my bank account information, nor did I give any authorization to debit my account.
I am not very familiar with this new feature and I wanted to ensure that the financial department of Verizon Wireless knew that I made a promise to pay on that date and my lines were not in jeopardy of being disconnected. I called Verizon Wireless, and spoke to a customer service representative, I confirmed with her that my payment arrangement was on record, she even asked me how I was going to make that payment, I told her that I would make that payment the way I always do, thru the Verizon Wireless website.
On Friday June 3, 2016, following thru with my “promise to Pay” I went onto the Verizon Wireless website and made a payment for $330.
On Friday, June 10, I logged into by bank account and noticed that Verizon Wireless had debited my bank account twice for $330, which totaled $660. I did not budget to pay that amount therefore it caused my account to become overdrawn and I was assessed 4 charges of $36 each, totaling $144.
I called Verizon Wireless to ask about this and all I asked is if Verizon Wireless could credit my account the $144 that my bank account was assessed due to the “extra” debit made by Verizon Wireless. I was told that Financial services could do nothing about it other than credit my account $36.
I DID NOT give any authorization for that Promise to Pay to deduct the funds from my account. Then for Verizon Wireless to do nothing about it. The fact that you treat your long term, loyal customers in this manner is disgusting.


M Bentley June 13, 2016 at 3:55 pm

To Mr. McAdams and ALL it SHOULD concern within Verizon,

I am emailing this to every email address I can find connected to Verizon wireless, from the mid level to Executive and BoD officers- even at their home companies, if necessary. I am reduced to letter bombing simply because of the anti-customer policy and procedures and voluminous layers of bureaucracy foisted upon customers by the aforementioned Exec’s and BoD Officers. An epic failure of basic understandings in customer service 101; as evidenced, simply by your less than professional conduct(s) towards myself. At least; so far, I am luckier than the Lady in Virginia; berated so badly, so stressed by the kinds of treatments similar to what I have suffered; she’s suing Verizon for her heart attack.
My latest foray into the byzantine morass of customer service in the boondoggle, more like- customer disservice- within Verizon began on or around Feb 11th, and continues as of this writing. It began with a call to correct yet another billing irregularity and revise my service plan and equipment. On that call we reduced from 5 phones to 3, increasing from 1 tablet to 3(with a 24 month plan just for the 2 new tablets), a 6 plus 2 data plan and a reduction to $170 billing, in total, per month for all service charges. The effect brought Verizon into line with offers I have from other carriers. But as I have been a loyal customer in spite of the treatments I stayed a Verizon customer. For my loyalty, I have suffered at the hands of Verizon employees and its policies and procedures, with suspensions of service, and contempt from Verizon employees. Yet, resolutely, I have stood and will stand my ground for what is right.
The call in February; wherein, we changed my service and equipment was arrived at clearly and concisely with no ambiguities. My payment that day, as agreed to with the Rep as he noted: that after he applied my refunds and incorrect billing adjustments and my payment; I was at a zero dollar account balance and my 2 new tablets would be processed the next business day. I waited and waited for my tablets, finally that same Rep called me and said due to the dates of the billing cycle he would have to wait til the 26th to process the tablets. Again I waited and waited for a Verizon rep to live up to his agreements. Again, to no avail. I called back in and NOT only were my tablets held up- but he did NOT retro my plan as he’d said he had and I was still on the old plan and higher rates. That and his actions of pushing out the dates- knowing that would push me out past Verizon’s procedure windows and stop the tablets from being shipped- contemptible. I called back and a Supervisor said she’d “research” my situation. With her second call she noted her Assistant would call with the confirmations on Saturday as she would be off. On that call the Assistant said they finally figured out that after credit for the erroneous reconnect fees, wrongly applied late charges, etc- they figured out what the Rep did back on the 11th. He said my $415 balance from that Rep had been reduced by $395.00- I agreed and noted that I thought my payment on the 11th of $19 had brought me to a zero balance. I asked him to get with his Supervisor on Monday and check that- even if I had been misinformed, to at least make a goodwill credit adjustment for the $20. He said he would and call me back. As the files will show- I am still waiting for that call, from either of them. Therein the story goes from bad to worse and I have been paying for it since. As I found out the notes in my account- other than hello- reflect NOTHING accurate regarding this conversation. But then you know this is the norm.

I was called a liar by a Rep, hung up on by a Reps and Supervisors, turfed over 200 times, been talked down to, spoken to in obnoxious and rude tones- to the point last Friday I had a Rep from Customer Service shadow a call back to billing- The CS Rep apologized for the conduct and tone of the Billing Rep and noted NO customer especially as cordial as I had been should have to treated so shoddily. You know its bad when one Rep has to apologize for another. And I am still waiting for the office of the President to reply to my verbal and a written request filled in on the Verizon web site – per the apologizing Reps suggestion. But it does help explain the 30 plus Verizon employees that have promised contact and calls and fail to live up to those promises. It starts and stops on the CEO’s and presidents desks. Presidents can insulate themselves and hide from customers only soo long, at some point there must be BoD accountability. The president runs a tech company with multiple spheres of income- true- BUT there is no denying that it is all built on the backs of the little customers, like me. So, why does a tech company president hide from customers, behind snail mail? Simple- the labyrinths of shielding and hiding are built by lawyers and a foot firmly planted in cowards of conscience inclinations, by those cowering behind them. BUT, I am the 1 customer that these failures of accountability will NOT work on.
Commencing with the call Feb 11th- I expect – though I should be demanding- that Verizon live up to the agreements that 2 or more Reps have made with me. Establish the 3 phones, 3 tablets(mailing them upon receipt of this letter), the 6 & 2 has become I believe an 8 and 2 data plan, establish the $173 a month service plan- not the now up to $229. Not $40 more than agreed to and still not reduced as agreed to in Feb. That agreed to plan- combined with all the monies I have paid, in and since February, along with the refunds for improper reconnect, late and service fees- I should be slightly ahead on the next bill. I expect that any and all further communication shall be done in an absolutely professional manner by ALL persons I come into contact in your communications to me.
This is basically a cease and desist letter- stop the run around, the insolent treatments, remove all derogatory comments and back page comments from my file and restore me to the preferred customer ranking I had as recently as Feb.; as noted in Verizon communications to me. It goes without saying that I expect Verizon to address and correct Verizon employee’s inaction’s, broken agreements, lack of follow up and through and establishing the new plan retro to Feb and going forward. I also expect formal written apologies from the CEO, the COO, the President AND the different Vice Presidents for the unprofessional and not in the fiduciary interest of any stockholders for the treatments, verbiages and furthermore I require assurances that moving forward I can expect nothing but professionalism, courteous treatment and follow up and through to agreements with me.
OHH- and in passing; I expect an immediate end to disconnects of service of any nature on this account, forever!- the least Verizon can do. Just look at my account look at all the disconnects while I have been waiting for the promised re-contacts- only to be disconnected- then told they couldn’t contact me because I’d been disconnected. That and please advise your many CSR’s that lying to a customer, childishly hanging up on a customer, lack of follow through and up are in direct contravention of your mission statements and Verizons’ fiduciary responsibility to stockholders equity. If I have to explain that to you, then it clearly demonstrates why this letter NEEDED to be written. I expect said protections, contact methods, account corrections and the aforementioned letters within the close of business 3 days from today Monday, June 13, 2016. A very short time frame but necessary- because months of patience on my part has yielded nothing but inaction from Verizon, This letter contains but a small fraction of failures of many departments and personnel within Verizon to provide the basics of customer service and the demeaning manners that customers suffer at their hands; I hope it serves further as a wake up call and helps facilitate the conversations at all levels in Verizon as to the need for accountability. I have filed no less than 8 CSR complaints and have not heard back from anyone but the 1 Supervisor. I believe that in its self should serve notice of the defect of accountability.
I was going to let this part go unsaid but can’t, because its as infuriating as any of the issues I have with Verizon- I will NOT listen to any more – from ANYONE at Verizon that even veils a hint that your not honoring our agreements is in ANY fashion a result of my trying to hold you to account for your obligations. Nor will I be kind if ANYONE insinuates that its because I refuse to pay incorrect bills that ANY abuse by Verizon employees is my fault, it is antithetical of Verizon’s mentality.
Looking forward to Verizon seizing the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to correcting these atrocities and affirming their operating- in no less than 100% professional fashions, with any and ALL communications with me.
Thank you in advance for Verizon’s – DUE– time, assurances and corrections,
Dan Bentley


Sheila Pyka May 18, 2016 at 5:21 pm

RE: Verizon Wireless fraudulent debt

Account #: 027028540900001

To Verizon CEO:

Good afternoon Lowell McAdam,

This email is regarding an amount that Verizon supposedly states that I owe.

I do not owe any money to Verizon.

The debt they show of $549.78 is not valid.

In July 2015, I was interested in changing cell phone providers due to cost. I have been with Verizon continuously for the past 17 years.

I wanted to make completely sure what amount that I would have to pay Verizon, to cancel any contracts with them. I visited the Verizon store in Sierra Vista, AZ. I asked them for the complete amount that I will need to pay to end my phone contract, including phone costs and early termination fees. The representative quoted the amount of $303.37 to cancel the phone contract, including phone costs and early termination fees.

I cancelled my contract as of 7/9/15. I paid $303.37 to Verizon on 8/13/15. I do not owe any additional money to them for a Galaxy S6 phone.

I also spoke with representative on the phone regarding this issue several times.

I have never had any debts with Verizon in the past and have always paid my monthly balances before their due dates. I have never had any company hit my credit ever.

This debt is basically punishing me for leaving Verizon and changing to another wireless company.

This balance has gone to two collection agencies: North Shore agency, which I disputed in January 2016. Now IC System, which I disputed on March 31, 2016.

I am now trying for a home mortgage. This issue has lowered my excellent credit down one hundred points. It makes me look like a bad person and as if I do not pay my bills.

This amount of debt is fraudulent.

I spoke with a manager in a Verizon store last night which did not help me at all. I had continuously called today to the financial department, numerous supervisors and representatives that tell me that once I pay the debt in full that they can not give me a letter stating that it will be taken off of my credit report.

Now, with the absurd collection fee, the debt is at $599.26.

It is very discouraging that all my life, I have been on time with bills and credit card balances. Then this issue hurts my credit very badly.

I would appreciate your prompt response on this matter.


L Stehle May 16, 2016 at 9:50 am

What Verizon is doing to its customers is disgraceful. During this strike Verizon has Been letting out of town replacement workers “scabs” that have criminal records, some without licenses, to do technician work in customers homes. It’s dangerous and disgusting. The greedy corporate “gang” in Verizon is sociopathic. This greed needs to end. I’m boycotting Verizon wireless. Switching to AT&T has never been easier. I’m also switching my Fios back to TWC because clearly Lowell Mcadam and his greed gang is out to either sell off the wireline side of the business or destroy it further.


David Wadsworth May 2, 2016 at 9:53 am

just denied access to c.o.o.


David Wadsworth May 2, 2016 at 9:50 am

There is this criminal Scam that Verizon is allowing to happen on line they are responsible for. I have tried to report this 7 rimes.Got nowhere.EVERY person at this company I tried to report this to, just did nothing except send me all over the place.I have not fallen for it but others have, these thugs doing this scam a preying on seniors,I am one,it involves fake I.R.S. collections.Verizon could give a dam. I have not backed a strike ever,I do now.


Jim W April 21, 2016 at 2:03 pm

As a Verizon customer for several years I am very disappointed in Verizon’s refusal to bargain in good faith with it’s union employees. Verizon has $131.6 billion in annual revenue, the CEO makes $20 million a year, pays only 12% in taxes on billions in profits and can’t afford to pay their workforce a decent wage and benefits? Give me a break and give them a contract! It’s the American way.


patlu April 20, 2016 at 1:15 pm

My friend works for Verizon and she is on strike. Her child has cancer and the corporate CEOs could care less if she loses her medical insurance. They make 20 million a year and they don’t give a hoot. I think these Corporate CEOS (MEADE, MCADAMS ,CHESTNUTT, ERWIN are the ones bringing down the Middle class. I want them all to know that whatever hardships and bad they put onto these workers I wish and hope they get it back to them and their Families worse. What goes around in life always comes back at you…


Mr June Davis April 20, 2016 at 11:19 am

I have been a Verizon customer for 12 years, I live in Eutawville South Carolina. The tower reception was very good in beginning, they made a change to the towers and did not include everyone now i am being asked to pay for a EXTENDER to use a service that i am paying for and can not USE from home Verizon please contact me with a solution


Wendy O April 5, 2016 at 11:28 am

While the phone reps at Verizon Wireless have been pretty good, I am very dissatisfied with a situation that I’m dealing with right now. I came to Verizon Wireless from AT&T in July 2016. The reason for the migration to Verizon is that AT&T didn’t have good service in the area that I moved to and instead of dealing with the issue, they passed the buck one too many times. When I came to Verizon, I traded in my Samsung Note 4. The salesperson talked me into the Samsung 6 Edge Plus. This is not a stellar phone, but I dealt with it. I am not highly active, so my phone normally just stays in my purse or on the dresser at home. On January 7, 2016, I laid my phone down on a wood surface and when I picked it up, the screen was cracked all the way up from the bottom. Mind you, this phone has always been in a case that I purchased from the Verizon store when I came to Verizon. I went to the Verizon store and they referred me to my insurance plan with Asurion. I paid the $199 deductible and had my phone replaced with a refurbished phone. It took several hours to have Verizon help me do the Cloud transfer and I had to threaten to leave before anyone would help me. Fast Forward to yesterday, April 4, 2016. I arrive home and place my phone back on the dresser to be charged. I pick it up and once again, a crack going from the bottom of the screen that has started to grow. WHAT? How is that even possible. Now, I was starting to really wonder what was going on. I called Verizon to let them know how displeased I was that this had happened again in such a short amount of time. They told me that it was not a known problem. That’s nice – except for the fact that I think we all know that companies are not required by law to report problems until a class action lawsuit is won. Since they were saying that it wasn’t a known problem, I decided to help them out. I offered them the following websites: via a direct message through Twitter. Now, I’m not sure how much pressure needs to be applied to make these issues arise with the glass on the phone, but there isn’t a whole lot going on in my purse that should be causing that! Verizon shut me down and the Twitter rep flat out told me that Verizon wouldn’t help me any further. I called Samsung. Samsung was rude and nasty. That guy literally told me to take my phone to the repair center in Plano, Texas. I live in the MidEast, I’ll get my walking shoes on! They wouldn’t stand behind their product either. I have now been offered by Verizon, $99 off of my bill if I replace my phone through Asurion. The Asurion deductible is $199. Mind you, I’ve already had a replacement and it’s broke and this would be my second out of two allowable insurance claims in a year with them. Verizon is passing the buck just like AT&T did. I have told the phone reps that I do not personally hold anything against them. Verizon is tying their hands from applying common sense to this situation. The problem is doXXXXented by Square Trade, which only happens to the largest insurer of electronic products. I think they would know what they are talking about! The customer shouldn’t be taking the hit for bad products coming from Verizon’s vendors Samsung, and consequently, Asurion. I will be following this up with a phone call to Verizon corporate and would very much like to see Verizon stand up for the customer in this situation.


Charles Winfrey March 18, 2016 at 7:42 am

I purchased a what I thought was a new I Pad last June. It went completely blank, took it to Verizon (Cullman AL) The sales rep told me that since it was in the year period that I could take it to Apple store and they would replace the I Pad with a new one. When the Apple store looked the serial # up, this I Pad had been sold before, back in 2014. I took it back to Verizon and the Mgr said “” We do not sell used I Pad’s, after an argument, he said , I can send it off, with me paying the deductible but cannot promise it will not be a brand new one. I said no thank you, I paid for a brand new one and that’s what I want. I called you guys last Friday, with no call back. This has ruined me, with Verizon. I have loyal to you and have paid every month, on time, never late , $200 since I was early 20’s, Im 47 now !! This is how you treat one of your loyal customers!! This is not over, im not going to let die. I work for a very large company owned by Warren Buffett and if I don’t get a call back & get what I paid for, I will E Mail Warren and he is huge on taking care of his Team Members, this is ridiculous!! So do the right thing, call me, Give me what I paid for, I’m not asking for anything extra and when my contract is up, we can part ways!!!!!! and I didn’t even mention the poor service and drop calls over the past year but I keep paying you guys monthly!!!!!!


Anthony Summers March 17, 2016 at 1:15 pm



Steven Towers January 30, 2016 at 3:37 pm

Verizon Fios Executive Director Anne Hogan located in Marlton,New Jersey needs to fire the entire staff of Verizon Fios Engineers The Engineers where notified in March 2015 by The Milford Housing Authority/East Coast Property Management About The Re development of Walker Woods One & Two,Demolition of the old units & replacing with new units the demolition started on September 1st,2015,& the new units where accessible on January 6,2016,but the Verizon Fios Engineers Screwed up literally!,& we have no temporary service (hot spots) until the entire development is finished in 6 – 9 month time frame!,& I Have had no Verizon Fios Service Since Thursday January 21,2016 !,& a lot of other tenants have been without service for a month!,Anne Hogan,needs to do her job!,& have the Veizon Fios Engineers hook us up with temporary service until the final blueprints are completed for the new fibroptic lines!,& we hould be compensated with 3 months of free service for our inconvience without cable service,Anne Hogan needs to Contact East Coast Property Management Development Corridinator Christina Stanley At 302-422-8255 Extension # 114 Immediately without anymore lack of communications!,& I Want My March 10,2016 Billing Cycle Statement Pro – Rated Daily From January 21,2016,& she should give me the 2 black set top boxes free to own permanently for my inconvience!,& on Verizon Fios My Rewards we should receive 10 my rewards points for every dollar we are charged on our Verizon fios monthly bills just like retailer Walgreeens does.!,Verizon Fios Engineers are the most dysfunctional in the cable industry.!,& customer service doesn’t even have our new addresses in their geographics!,unbelieveable,& disgusting!,& inefficient,& inadequate Verizon Fios Customer Service!,& Quality.,& My New Address Is Dover,Delaware 19904-6594 The New Village At McKee Branch Development ; the Property Manager Is Lisa David & her telephone number is 302-678-0300,& Dave Moore Is The Director Of Milford Housing & His telephone number is 302-422-8255,& Brittany the receptionist will have to transfer your call to his extension.!,Do You Think That I Will Have Verizon Fios Cable Service By December 25,2016 “Christmas Day?,& My Email Address is http://www.seabees19XXXXxx,& My Telephone Numbers Are 302- 724- XXXXx,& 302- 399- XXXXx,& 302- 465- XXXXx,Thank You!,& Best Wishes.!,Sincerely,Steven C.Towers


M January 3, 2016 at 4:53 pm

If enough complaints get to the FCC for poor service, an investigation has to start. So make your complaint online to FCC and/or the Better Business Bureau. They can’t even get something as simple as a number relocation right. And I wonder if those call centers overseas are supporting terrorist activities is why they are not responsive enough.


Claudia Spaziante December 20, 2015 at 12:57 pm

Ok so today I found out that I was paying the full amount for both smart phone devices on my Verizon account. I will be sending a letter return receipt to the CEO and CFO regarding this issue.

I know that on the device that I use personally that I NEVER agreed to the full retail price of the smartphone which is close to $800. On the phone that we activated in July, I was clearly told by the sales rep that there would be a monthly “DEVICE DISCOUNT” , so that the monthly fee would essentially be a “wash”. However, in reviewing my bill, I just discovered that I am paying $50 per month in device charges which means that I unknowingly purchased another smart phone at the $800 retail amount. I was lied to.

So I called customer service and was told that even if I wanted to return both devices (both Samsung’s G5) both are only worth $110 each and I would still be on the hook for the extra money owed, approx. $2-300 per device.

There is no loyalty anymore. I have been a loyal Verizon customer for as long as I remember. We were always given “free” upgrades at a nominal fee and that was the end of it. I am now on a fixed income and have no patience for this type of behavior.



Betty Jackson December 16, 2015 at 7:00 pm

To: Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam/Verizon Corporate Complaint Department

On 11/30/15 I went to the Verizon Store at 7351 Rivers Avenue, N. Charleston, SC, to pay my bill for November…My son James and myself usually pay the past due amount due to our budget…I paid half of the bill of $72.48 by check to Mr. Dustin Brantan, Solution Manger and my son paid $75.00 on line…My son told me that it was strange that when he was to pay the bill it stated it was a -0- balance but he paid anyways…I checked my on-line banking line a couple of days later and to my surprise, I had an overdraft of $213.25 and an overdraft fee added to that amount of $36.00 making me to have a -$249.25 in the red..I immediately called Verizon and told them what was paid and what the bank stated…They said it would be investigated and would take 7 to 10 days and was given a reference #PH 1276415…When I decided to check my on-line account on Dec. 15th, the money still wasn’t in my account …I called Verizon’s customer service again giving them my reference no. I was told the investigation was over and it would take 3 to 6 weeks to go to my account, which would go into my December’s billing cycle and they would post it there…Of course I was furious, and don’t remember the words that came out of my mouth, but it wasn’t too nice…I know I told them Thank You for messing up my Christmas plans to buy gifts for my family and I worked to hard to get that money, which it probably didn’t mean anything to me, but very disappointing to me….I then hung up and immediately got another call from the Verizon’s survey line asking me to rate them with helping me…All my answers were -0- being Zero was the lowest score…They then asked my why I rated them so low and I told them and hung up!! I went straight to my bank to get a print out of what happened and was told that $287.45 came through as a converted check “pop” on the 2nd of December…I went straight to the Verizon store that I paid the check to and spoke with Mr. Branton, the man that handled my service….Mr. Branton acted like he couldn’t recollect the transaction until I showed him the print out from the bank…All of a sudden he remembered and began apologizing….He had the nerve to tell me it was really busy that day and apparently made an error ..I replied, “Ya Think!!!”..I told him because of his carelessness caused me to not be able to buy Christmas gifts for my family and friends…I told him I worked over-time to get this money and now it’s going towards a Verizon Bill which isn’t due yet and why does it have to take so long to go to my account??? He replied, “I’m sorry, but it’s not like I can write you a check or put the money in my account.”…Of course I had to pray under my breath to keep from cussing him out and possibly getting arrested, so I asked to get his supervisor’s name which is, Mr. Jonathan McCray and his card, so I can make a complaint to the Corporate Office….I then left the store very agitated and disappointed with Verizon…Me and my son James have been valuable customers for years and never missed a payment….I use to always defend Verizon, when someone said they didn’t like your service…Now I’m one of them…Can’t wait to get out of my contract…

Merry Christmas



Betty Jackson December 16, 2015 at 7:06 pm

Meant to say, it probably didn’t mean anything to you all, but it means a lot to me, cuz I work really hard for my money….Thanks a lot for making my Christmas plans go wrong….You guys should be ashamed of yourself!!!….I did trust you to do the right thing and you didn’t.!!!!..I see who you are now, but most importantly “God Sees You!!”



Betty Jackson December 16, 2015 at 7:53 pm

-Oh by the way the $75.00 my son James paid on-line was accepted as a credit…Sheesh!!!


sdorholt December 14, 2015 at 7:58 am

I will get straight to the point. This past Friday, I was alerted that my data usage may go over. I was concerned, so I increased my data for the month. By doing that, Verizon backdated this change, which caused billing to recharge my account – $455.29 – the amount of my last month’s payment…double billing is against the law.

Secondly, the amount of $455.29 was inflated by almost $200. When calling Verizon, I found out the reason for the inflated amount was due to another Verizon mistake. In October, my husband and I received a text message saying we were eligible for a dollar amount of $300 if we traded in our phones, which we did. Let me state that my iphone – a 5C was working perfectly as was my husband’s 5S. The disappointment starts there. We didn’t need to trade them in. I sent both phones in. Verizon told me they confused the trade in. They were waiting for my daughter’s phone and charged me an extra 199.00 when that phone wasn’t sent in and never credited my account the 200.00 promised for my account. My daughter is still using her phone. My frustration is heightened when they would only reimburse my account 100.00 until Verizon checks into this further, even thought they can see that this IS what happened.

Thirdly, your company has told me that they are not able to put the $455.29 back into my account because it was one day too late. Let me be clear that when I called, it hadn’t cleared my account yet, but was in the process. Within minutes of getting off the phone, which by the way was almost 2 hours, I got a text message thanking me for paying this amount. Let me remind you that this amount was a double payment. The only reason this mistake was made, was because Verizon sent me a message that we were going to go over our data, which leads me to my last account.

At no time, did Verizon tell me about the 2gb of data that could be added to my account for life, for each phone. At no time, did Verizon offer how they would match ATT’s offer of 15 gb of data for the price of 10gb. Here’s the kicker, this is the Christmas season and I am out 854.29 dollars. I’m not able to pay my bills as planned. I’m not able to donate money to my church and family’s that are hurting at this time. I’m not able to finish my shopping, without putting my purchases on a credit card. I am seriously beyond angry.

I don’t understand how your company works. It certainly has been a nightmare for me and my family. My son-in-law is a member of the US Army’s ROTC program. I have asked Verizon if we qualify for a discount and was told no, not unless he goes out on his own. So, here’s my last thought, if we go under him along with my daughter, we would qualify. That is stupid…he is a officer in the US Army whether he is under our plan or on his own.

I have just started my letter writing campaign. I will be spreading the news about the treatment of this concerned customer across social media. I will be writing to my representative in Congress as well as my senators. I will continue to write until my account has been settled, and you have acknowledged your mistake, which has consumed my valuable time. I believe that my time is worth a credit above and beyond your mistake. The anxiety and frustration alone are upsetting but even more so during the Christmas season.

I am counting on Verizon doing the right thing. I am counting on my money being returned to me ASAP and not waiting the normal 10 days or more to do that. I am counting on you forwarding this email to someone TODAY that will get this done TODAY.

Sigri Dorholt
Reading Specialist
District Literacy Coach – ISD318
Grand Rapids, MN 55744


Wendy December 4, 2015 at 11:46 am

All I am doing is trying to get my billing date changed from the 21st-23rd of the month to the beginning of the month–the 1st through 5th. Bank of America did it immediately. I am told by each Verizon employee that I talked to all over the world that this is not possible. I spent a total of 2 hours on the phone, including holding time. If B of A with its tens of milliions of customers can do it, why can’t Verizon? It seems that the only way to do it is to cancel my bundled Verizon service and go to someone else, but to do it on the date I want my new service to start. Not a good way to do business, particularly considering I have been with Verizon for many years and have everything bundled. I am very upset.


Brice October 22, 2015 at 11:29 am

I’m Brice
I believe Verizon doesn’t stand for stealing or lying or even make you sign for a contract without clearly telling you about the terms and the conditions. My nightmare started when i choose to get my own line thru verizon on sept 10, 2015. The customer service agent I had told me I will be paying $50 a month. I just received my bill and it is $90 a month. Because of line access fee. No one ever told me about that. I called many time to explain to those customers agent. But the only thing one customer name ” SHAKRRA” told me is they are not responsible of the information we receive from their customers agents. Can Someone HELP ME IN THIS CASE???


Michael L September 25, 2015 at 9:42 am

Of course it has to await moderation….Would not want the entire truth out there….Kind of like your FB page….There is more coverup with Verizon than any government entity….Sheesh!


Unhappy Debbie September 26, 2015 at 11:45 pm

Hello Mike,
I feel there are certain employees have lied to me also. I have had 3 appointments canceled and there own customer service agents implied that I canceled them (huh?) So basically my account was tampered with. I believe hacked into and info changed without my consent or knowledge. Also my repair tech never showed up, my appointment ticket was changed, then canceled. I waited all day, zip nada nothing no courtesy call. I am assuming the technician is the one who decided to change the ticket status info, but I can not be certain who did it yet. There are wires hanging and now because the employee decided to just not show up I am faced with the reality that I must now report this safety issue to the appropriate Government agency I will say that I was lucky enough to reach a few Customer service agents that were helpful, unfortunately I was told different versions of why my appointment was canceled. i have wasted 13 and half hours waiting for on the phone: writing emails and,for a technicians who decided to not show up. No Phone call or email. All they had to do was call me and reschedule, Instead someone got sneaky and went into the system and changed the appointment twice, Tampering with my account and making it look like I did it. I was told by one of the customer service reps that i was the one who must have changed it. I am waiting to see IF Verizon is willing to remedy my situation, but I doubt that will happen. I can not get my DAY Of Life back ever, so how will they fix that? What will they do to remedy this? What can they do? At this point a simple apology will not cut it, .


Unhappy Debbie September 26, 2015 at 11:47 pm

I wrote you a reply Let’s see if you see both this and the other.


Unhappy Debbie September 26, 2015 at 11:53 pm

Correction: I stated that 3 appointments were canceled it was actually two without my knowledge. A third was canceled while I was on the phone after hours, by someone offshore. They said they tried to reach the repair technician but that they were disconnected. so they canceled my appointment ticket. Now it is the weekend and they have told me they will call me Sunday Morning. I am doubtful I will be getting called


Unhappy Debbie September 27, 2015 at 12:02 am

My last reply I see I have made spelling errors and other grammar mistakes. It has been a stressful day thanks to the Lies and really poor service or lack of. I am tired, Mike I see what you wrote “and now it has turned into a campaign on my part to present the truth” I may have to join that bandwagon because, even though I am a patient person who understands that stuff happens, I can not stand to be lied too. Period. Just tell the truth and do the right thing. Good luck Mike! And congrats on your better plan. Hopefully the new company values honestly in their employees.


Michael L September 25, 2015 at 9:41 am

Since you do not want to make it easy or receive complaints online, here you go. Do not want to rewrite nor rehash all the nonsense and lies I have been through with your company in the last week….So this is the latest attempt by your reps is somewhat representative of what I have endured all week with the exception of the lies…..This could have been such a simple resolution, keeping a long time customer, without any escalation by keeping your word….You have finally ticked me off, and now it has turned into a campaign on my part to present the truth Verizon is hiding as best they can….I am now making it my mission to do that because you don’t get to be deceitful without repercussions…..
Michael Lockhart

Conversation started Thursday

9/24, 3:46pm
Mike Lockhart
You all are the worst now….Moving to another carrier after this last week of nonsense and lies from Verizon….I am giving up my unlimited like you folks have done everything possible to accomplish, but you will not benefit from it….I refuse to allow you to lie to me and continue to profit….Besides you forced me to look at other carriers and found I can do much better….All you had to do was upgrade my phone as we discussed and stay true to your word…..And I was willing to stay despite the network issues in my home area confirmed by your own network team that came out….Bye

9/24, 4:10pm
We certainly don’t want you to leave and definitely not with a sour taste in your mouth, Mike. We never want to put any of our customers in a position where they are forced to leave us. I’ve personally been with the company for quite some time, and it saddens me to hear you were treated this way. Additionally, I can relate to how important your plan is to you. Has anyone gone over options on how you can keep the unlimited option? I’d like some more feedback on these interactions. How were you lied to? What happened? What steps have we taken to resolve your service concerns at home? – Kati

9/24, 6:15pm
Mike Lockhart
Kati,That is where the biggest problem is with regards to the lie,,,,A rep at your “save team” or whatever you call it committed this offense…. and because I had had my fill of dropped calls and problems at that time and was going to switch carriers, makes me think is what motivated the lie…..He told me after I explained the issues to order the Note 4 I wanted on my wife’s line which is a non data line, but then activate it on my line since you folks would not let me upgrade on my line without losing my unlimited data…He stated when I receive the phone, that I call in and activate the phone on my line and the $30 monthly data fee which would have applied on my wife’s line would never be charged since it is never activated on her line…..So far so good…He also made a ticket which took hours to get done regarding the Network issues….Unfortunately that team closed that ticket almost immediately without doing their jobs….I called again and raised concerns after finding this out, and another ticket was created, the result of that was they did in fact find problems with the signal in my home area….so in the interim I receive the new Note 4 phone and then find out over the weekend that while you folks are charging me almost $400 total for a phone for two year agreement, Sprint is charging $1 for same phone with two years and $0 for it with 2 year at AT&T…I called to address that particular issue today….during the course of my effort I had two reps that stated they could do nothing about the price, and they couldn’t have cared less if I stayed or went….Called and talked to a supervisor named Sabrina I believe….Explained everything including the Rep and Network issues to which she could see on the ticket # 8028877 that was issued the second time, that there was in fact a Network issue and that was verified by your crews…..She finally after trying to switch me to other plans decided she could take $100 off the phone (Note 4) I originally ordered and I agreed to that………So now I am paying well over $200 for that phone but I figure I can wait for the Network issues to get resolved eventually and am trying to be fair since me and Verizon had a long relationship and she made such a good effort….Well it is clear Verizon never had any intention of holding up their end….And now thinking we finally had a resolution, and getting ready to get off the phone, Sabrina states that the $30 monthly charge (the original rep assured me would not happen) will in fact show up on my wife’s phone….I explain to her what the rep whom had ordered my phone had told me and had instructed me to do She tells me it was erroneous on his part and that whether I activate it on my wife’s line or not, Verizon will change her line to data and that line will incur the $30 monthly fee no matter if phone activates on it or not….I explain that is not what I had agreed to and she states there is nothing she can do about it…Verizon never stands behind anything a Rep says, it seems….I then tell her we are now back to square one after all that effort over the past week and on her part, and that her statement just killed the deal….She states “she is sorry and says if there is anything she can do further please let her know”….”I will send you my e-mail in case you change your mind”, which she never did by the way..So the lies are what the original rep told me regarding my being able to upgrade without incurring more charges and how to accomplish it…..I don’t like that at all, it is very deceptive practice….He had to know better, and knew very well that he was deceiving me since he supposedly had been with Verizon many years and was on your “save team”………And yes I am aware of all the options you all want to present me with…..The only option I was good with, and I thought we had accomplished today was upgrading my phone, and keeping my data plan…..That we were not raising my current bill and was keeping my wife’s phone as a non data phone….. ……..Basically to simplify, no changes to anything on my bill or plan except for a phone upgrade for me….. and it also would have resulted in a new 2 year contract for Verizon…I am currently not under contract…..You folks have done everything to prevent this from happening, and I will not reward Verizon for that by letting Verizon change my plan by force and staying with your company…..I expect good honest business from Verizon, not all the nonsense I have encountered………..Since you all at Verizon are trying to force that change, I will go with another carrier and actually get a cheaper data plan with more data and the phone I want free, specifically the Note 4…. no not the Note 5…I feel over paying for the phone (even with the price cut the supervisor was going to do) and having been with you folks and faithful all these years (which I believe is longer than I stated) should have accounted for more, ….It used to…….Plus if you were to look at my usage you would see your probably making more money on me, leaving things alone,… I just like having it (the unlimited) just in case, or for emergency….To bad Verizon is not the company it used to be…But I am ok with a new adventure at this point,…I have grown tired and sick of all of this nonsense…….I have used your competitors for my line of work (which included very remote areas) without any issues, and certainly not the current Network issues I have with Verizon… I am tired of trying to solve this and getting my head beat against a rock by your associates and your company…..It could have and should have been resolved today….. If Verizon had not lied to me and had kept their word…..Thanks and Good Luck! PS. In answer to your last question….They wanted me to pay for a booster/extender at $375 or whatever they said…They might be willing to give me a discount on it….What??? This to resolve a problem with your Network???? I have to pay??? And by the way I have absolutely no issues except in the area of my home….If I go 15 miles or so in any direction the Connectivity/Dropped Calls/Network Issues go away..Which is why I was willing to put up with the Network issues for a while longer, that combined wit leaving thing as is and getting the Note 4….. I do not live in a remote area by any means by the way….And also by the way, my neighbors across the road have Verizon and the same Network and plan issues…..they just told me earlier that they are leaving Verizon too…

9/24, 6:19pm
Mike Lockhart
PS I am not willing to pay full price on the phone to keep my unlimited data either,… Again, since your competitors are doing the deals they are on it……………, plus now that the Note 5 came out, I have no idea why you folks are still trying to get full price for a Note 4…..Just to be clarify….Thanks

9/24, 7:09pm
Hello Mike! I certainly understand your concerns and please know we are here to help you in any way that we can. Please provide us your mobile number and 4-5 character billing system password on the account. If no password, the last 4 digits of your SSN. Thanks in advance. I look forward to assist you soon. – Kristie

9/24, 7:42pm
Mike Lockhart
Just wrote a post that was not flattering to Verizon Wireless on there FB page letting them know what I thought of there business practices lately…..When I went to post it, a message came up that they were going to review the post….Apparently they are not fond of the truth and are willing to bury it…. Like Comment Share
Tish, Diane, Audrey and 47 others like this. Comments Becky
Becky Then post it here. Unlike • Reply • 8 • 3 hrs Laurie Laurie Post it here darlin’! It will go further! Sounds like censorship. Unlike • Reply • 3 • 2 hrs • Edited Colleen Colleen So post it on here..not their site!! I hate Verizon!!! Unlike • Reply • 5 • 2 hrs Edna Edna Yes I will add to it Unlike • Reply • 5 • 25 mins TommyMike Mike Thanks all…..Let see if they do they right thing…..I will let you all know…

9/24, 7:56pm
Mike Lockhart
Kristie, This is a sampling of folks that responded to me prior to your involvement I believe….I removed their last names….and a few of the very rude comments.about Verizon….I think you folks are starting to have farther reaching issues than you think you do…I will try giving you all one more chance…..I am not unreasonable but I do follow through when I feel wronged…But I am also that way when a company does it right……While you did not personally wrong me, reps within your company and as well as your company did…. I do not feel real comfortable giving out my password so I will give you my mobile and social last 4…..(858) 472-0890 and last 4 of social is 8340 If you can fix things fine but if it is a rehash of everything I have already been through I am not interested in that…..I hope you understand……Good luck to you…

9/24, 9:56pm
Mike, we definitely want to make things right with you. Please give us the opportunity to do so. To access your account, please verify the 4-5 character billing password. Thanks so much in advance. – Kristie
• Today

Mike Lockhart
Kristie, I told you in my previous message I was not comfortable giving my password to you on an unsecured method of messaging…..I gave you my last 4 of social and I gave you the trouble ticket number #8028877 for the network issue…..Why do you need my security password???

I can understand your concerns in not wanting to provide your billing password via Facebook Mike. The billing password would be required for us to access your account. In addition, as a security measure, if you have a billing password on your account, we are required to have you verify the password before we can discuss any account specific information to avoid providing account information to unauthorized individuals. If wish not to discuss account specific details, you may always reach out to our Customer Service Team by phone at 1800-922-0204 for further assistance. – Michelle

Mike Lockhart
Michelle, Now that I think about it further….. it doesn’t matter if I give it to you….If this last effort does not produce results I will be leaving Verizon anyway….ok here it is….0184

9/25, 5:41am
Mike, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I regret that we were unable to keep your unlimited data plan and upgrade your phone. I hope you reconsider in keeping your service active with us. – Michelle

Mike Lockhart
Michelle, Nope no reconsidering….this was your last chance to rectify the issue…..Verizon is dead set on doing it their way and screw the customer feedback!!! (my opinion of course),,,,You as a company go ahead and hold on to that….I have already seen some of the effects of that attitude send quite a few customers to your competition and expect to see it accelerate…. and I will be posting the results of this latest effort…I was sure it was going to go the way you attempted to make it go this morning, seems to be the new Verizon playbook…Or in other words, I knew I would be beating my head against the wall but made the effort anyway……It is time Verizon start paying attention to it’s customers again or it is time for your competition to take over your spot…I am ok with burning this bridge since I will not be back ever again once I have left….That should be obvious to you folks based on the longevity I have with the companies that do it right…..In fact I am sure they will tell you I am the perfect customer, something you folks should know but apparently could care less about…..Verizon has become arrogant about doing business and dictating it’s terms despite all the customer feedback hating what they are changing into….As you could see there were some comments not kind about Verizon regarding my previous posting, but now I will be curious to see what transpires after posting the results of our latest effort….I have a great deal of supporters and they are willing to spread the truth…..I imagine it will snowball based on what I have seen my followers do in the past…..I was sure you folks were gonna rehash the same old nonsense that had already happened, you did not fail me, LOL….I am not someone you can wear down nor someone that will stay with a company when your dishonest with me (not you personally of course)…You folks have ruined our relationship and I am now going to make sure others are well aware and know the truth in a forum Verizon cannot control….Good luck and Good day to you!!!!

Mike Lockhart
Will be sending a hard copy of all of this to several spots in the Verizon chain of command to make sure the understand the ramifications of their actions….No need for any of you at your level to worry….You did your jobs and did them well based on what your company dictates….Again, good luck to you…


Stephanie September 20, 2015 at 5:58 pm

I am mortified by the way that I was treated today, after speaking to 3 different representatives from Verizon. I called because I received an confirmation email saying that my order was being processed. The problem is that I never added anything to my package. No one could tell me how this was added to my package, and after I told the first representative to remove the new order, not only did he remove it, my bill is suddenly $40 more. After being on the telephone for an hour, I asked to speak to a supervisor, the 3rd representative hung up on me, and I know this because clearly he had my phone number to call me back, if we were in fact disconnected, after all they are my carrier, but no one called me back. This is unacceptable, I pay $218 a month which is far too much money to be disrespected, and disregarded by Verizon and their incompetent employees. What ever happened to customer service and satisfaction to make sure you don’t lose customer?


Kenneth Luft September 15, 2015 at 3:12 pm

I am a FIOS and Wireless client for years, I have a suggestion that can help you cut expenses and get my services working properly.
I had a problem, with FIOS and was down for days. When the repairman came he removed both power box and the box (connected to the outside), however did not replace it. Instead he left a black box for power only. This has resulted in various problems, no surprise.
I called and changed my agreement so someone was to come out today to put in a replacement I needed, no one came or called. I did however, get a new box a few days ago, that was shipped to me.
I have been on the phone with one person who just lied to get me off the phone, Michelle and then I spoke to Julie Sherman, She at least seems to want to solve the problem, but can’t due to your systems problems.
It seems my service installation order was canceled, for no reason. She can’t make a new appointment as the system will not allow it to be done until it clears out the canceld appointment. In the mean time I do not have all the services contracted for nor I could not go to work and be home at the same time. So I must wait until your systems allows another appointment, for which I must be at home, not work. In addition no one seems to know if my system has to be shut down for days to put in the new box. This I will not agree to.
At some point unless you offer proper compensation this will go to small claims court, which will result in costs to you that far far more than I will ask for currently. If I need to go to court I will use the Internet to make sure as many people as possible know about this. In addition I will file a complaint with the FCC and NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.All this can be avoided if someone would contact me directly. I have had FOIS snice it first came to this area, I hope this can be resolved properly. If not the certified letter about the suit will be sent directly to Lowell McAdam together with a copy of this email.
So please call me at 917-627-**** so this can be resolved in the most cost effective way possible.
Thank you


Kathy Monti September 4, 2015 at 5:55 pm

This change to my service was done without full disclosure of the details of this change. I wanted to add to my existing Triple Play package including Select TV for &79.99/month. I had signed up for this package earlier this year for a 2 year term. I wanted to add some sports channels. I repeatedly asked and was told these changes were additions to my package.

The changes were made immediately, before I received the e-mail detailing the changes. I noticed that channels I had before the change were no longer available. I immediately called customer service. I was told I had changed my TV service to custom TV which did not have those channels. I said I had not changed but had added to my current package. I was told my current package no longer existed and I could not change back. I reiterated that I was never informed that this would take me off the Select TV package; I was assured repeatedly that the channel package I asked for was in addition to the package I already had. Even this e-mail does not specify that I no longer had the select TV package.

I asked to be changed back to my previous package. I was told that package was no longer available. I had been grandfathered in but lost that with this change. I reiterated that I had never been informed of that. I was told no one could help me.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that nobody in the company could help me. I continued to ask to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to Lindsay, an “escalation supervisor.”

She told me she’d already been given all the details and no one could help me. I said I had not been informed of any changes other than additions to my package. After discussing various ways to address this issue I was told I could not speak to anyone else in customer service, no one else in “customer service” will speak with the customer, Lindsay was not on the original call but was certain I hadn’t been misinformed, I had no recourse but to upgrade to the next level of TV service which would be $15/mo on top of the additional $5/mo I was already being charged for less channels, if I cancelled my triple play I would lose my phone number and pay a cancellation fee of $170. Again, nobody in your company could help me.

I said I had a 2 year contract, and asked to have pointed out to me where in the contract any on the above was specified. I was told nobody could do that because the contract was for no specific services except Triple Play. I then asked for what Lindsay had just told me to be sent to me in written format. I was told nobody in Verizon would do that. I asked for the name of the head of customer service for Verizon. I was told I couldn’t have that. I asked if I could have an e-mail address for customer service. I was told I couldn’t have that. I asked for Lindsay’s full name. I was told I couldn’t have that.

I said I found these “customer service” practices misleading and fraudulent. I was told they weren’t fraudulent because I got exactly what I’d asked for. I asked Lindsay how she could say that if, as she repeatedly insisted, she was not on the original phone call. After much back and forth, I told Lindsay to leave my account as it stood as of 4:00 pm EDT, and I would address the ludicrous and fraudulent practices via other channels.

I have worked in telecommunications and have managed contracts with commercial and government entities. I recognize fraudulent practices and will report then to the proper authorities.

I expect Verizon to address all these instances of misinformation, fraudulent practices, and customer service deficiencies.

Additionally, I expect Verizon to restore my Triple Play service with Select TV package for $79.99/mo for the remainder of my 2 year contract with credit for any time that service is unavailable to me. “That package is no longer available” is an insufficient and ludicrous rationale.

I expect a response to this e-mail with resolution of this matter as soon as possible.

My preferred resolution is stated above.


Kathy Monti


Tim August 12, 2015 at 9:23 pm

Verizon Customer Service SUCKS!!!!

I called about 5 times to return the router and verizon box after I had moved to Texas from Virginia. When I called I had asked about returning the equipment. The first customer service rep that answered said that the return box would not make it in time so to take the unit to UPS to return the items. That was not true. I called the second time to ask for the return box…it did not come after 1 week. They promised me 5-7 days. I called a 3rd time. No box. I called a 4th time, a box came but no return label. Can you get it right? I called one last time. This time asking for the manager. I explained that I did not get a box. She assured me that I would get one. 2 weeks has gone by. Guess what? No BOX!!!!
I get a email telling me that I haven’t returned the equipment. DUH!!!!


Peter R. Miller August 11, 2015 at 3:57 pm

Hey Chelsea, they don’t care about their customers.They’ve been engaging in deceptive business practices, consumer fraud and customer abuse (as well as employee abuse) for along time now and they don’t care who they target. They even screwed a disabled person, treated that unfortunate person with the same abuse and criminal behavior as they have to you and me and—- look at all the others who have left NEGATIVE comments. They’ve lied to me but they have heavy lawyers who cover their activities. They somehow find legal? ways to defraud the customers and no one does anything about it. Now they’ve got me to content with. I’m going after them and their executive branch and their coward CEO Lowell McAdam who is the prime engineer of their deceit and fraud and abuse. He’s happy– gets his big bonus by screwing the customer. I’m going after them through the FCC, the FTC, the attorney generals office both in Mass and NY and I’m pursing exposing them on television media and social media. If necessary I’ll be picketing outside their major store in my region so the walking public can be made aware of their criminal behavior and maybe they will be taken to task for their abusive and illegal practices, but what would be best is that other people join the protest. I’ve been a V customer for as long as they have been Verizon and they treat me with fraud, deception, lies, and abuse. They have NO RESPECT for nor any VALUE towards their customers. They’re so big their attitude is that if we screw someone– so what– there will be another person, another new customer that they can exact the same treatment on–and yes if it weren’t for loyal customers they wouldn’t be who they are and Lowell McAdam, CEO wouldn’t be getting that fat bonus, but they don’t care. Look for me on TV and on the streets in front of their store. I’ll have a license to protest and picket and that’s one of the best ways to bring attention and exposure to their criminal behavior. This is my third comment and today I spent 2 hours on the phone getting lied to and deceived and abused by their customer service. I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP UNTIL THEY ARE EXPOSED for their consumer fraud, deceptive business practices and customer abuse. Join the crowd we are all getting the shaft from Verizon–SO LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. LET’S BRING THEIR HOUSE DOWN. And Mr. McAdam, you’re just a rich coward– no guts to address his customers personally–THAT’S A COWARD.


Gaye August 11, 2015 at 11:47 am

I’m sure nobody reads these, but what the heck, here goes nothing. I have been trying to get a working phone for about 4 months now. I started out in the store talking to Managers & General Managers, was treated like crap & talked to like a dog. Next I went to CS over the phone, was told that Tech Support could help me, they fixed it for about 24 hours (if that long). I have had 3 or 4 refurbished phones & nothing but trouble. we have been a customer for about 20 years, have about 5 lines & it is sad that “ONE” customer doesn’t matter, but when you slowly lose them one by one because they won’t spend money or take being treated like a number, eventually it will matter. I talked to an “Executive” CS Rep and he said that his notes stated that I was hard to deal with & rude. Hmmm, If somebody was taking about $300.00 from you a month ( for 4 months) for a service & device that you couldn’t use, or being told that the only way to help was to pay more money, would you be upset or rude? EVERYONE that I have talked to has told me “unless you spend more money or extend your contract, there is nothing I can do to help you except send you another (number 4) refurbished phone. It is all about the almighty dollar. (or warranty). This is what happens when company’s get too big and the customer’s don’t matter. I will NEVER recommend Verizon to another person and I will tell EVERYBODY how horrible the CS is and that unless you continue to fork over money they can’t help you. I sure wish that the “Officers” would look at all of the unhappy customers they have and try to figure out where they are going wrong, because I know that I am not the only unhappy one. Read the comments.


Maureen Gidney June 21, 2016 at 5:30 pm

For the past six months I have contacted Verizon Tech Support in regards to the very poor quality. I pay for the best plan and I get the worst service. Everytime I call I get a Band-Aid fix, you know; one that falls off.

Today really helped me to make up my mind about switching from Verizon to another company. I had a final exam to take, however; because of the poor connection through Verizon; I was unable to take it. I contacted Verizon and of course I spoke with someone in “India”. I asked to speak with a representative in the United States and was put on hold for two hours. I was told that the wait to speak to someone in the states is always very long. My answer to that is that the wait to speak to someone in India should be where the delay is.
I called back and asked to speak to someone in payments, I figured money would get me to someone in the states, it did; I told her about my problem, her response was a transfer to someone in India.
The representative in India proceeded to tell me that there might be a possible outage in the area, of course their was none. I told her so, she said her manager told her that might be the issue, it was not!
As I said, this has been an ongoing problem. I have informed Verizon about the telephones and the inefficient hook up of them. I have also told them about the wires and adapters in my home, which need to be rewired. I have waited patiently on the resolution of this matter, which there seems to be none.

I have come to accept, from the customer service that I have been receiving that I am not considered a valuable customer. I am very upset about not being able to take my final exam, the service is unprofessional, inadequate, to say the least, and unacceptable.


chelsea August 7, 2015 at 8:53 am

I have been a customer of you all for about five years now along with my mother who has been with you all since alltel was the provider. I have been with out a phone for a week and a half because you all keep sending me BROKEN phones to replace the one I am still paying for. I have always loved you alls service and have recommend many to change services. But the lack there of customer service has made me make up my mind to switch company’s I keep getting different answers and the run around when trying to figure out how to get a working phone and the company who wants my service and is willing to help me and give that great customer service will soon have my business. I love Verizon and the devices but one little thing that I wanted was just to have a working phone seems impossible for you all now and I pay 140$ a month to you all for what? To not even have a phone. Think about your customers we are the ones who help make your company the way It is today with out us there would be no Verizon. Thank you, Chelsea.


Peter R. Miller August 2, 2015 at 2:35 pm

I just wrote a whole page about your (Verizon) engagement in deceptive business practices, consumer fraud and customer abuse. Guess the submit button wasn’t working. I’ll rewrite it tomorrow. You’re a putrid company that treats its support–it’s customers and it’s employee–with NO Respect and No Value. Your Exec. branch and it’s CEO McAdam are greedy, ingenuous, deceitful,disrespectful, self centered, egotistical, fraudulent megalomaniacs.–What’s moderation???? Don’t like the truth, because you never tell it. Moderate all you want. I’ll be back on every site and location I can find to expose Verizon for what they are—CHEATS and LIARS.


Peter R. Miller August 2, 2015 at 2:03 pm

What’s moderation??? Probably taking out things you don’t want to be accountable for before you post something—moderation????? Show it to your coward CEO, see if he has the least bit of integrity(what’s that?) or courage to address it personally. By most of the comments, which seem to be; how do you say?, NEGATIVE. Your company, even in the recent news, doesn’t seem to be developing very good, if any, customer appreciation. Look at how you treat your employees. Always looking to cut back on them to feed your own greed. Customers don’t like seeing abuse. At some point you build a reputation that you can’t run from. Your reputation stinks, it’s abhorrent, but it’s the one you built..Your continued engagement in deceptive business practices, consumer fraud and customer abuse is appalling. The very people, both customer and employed staff who drive your business are given the least, are abused, are restricted, are filched and legally robbed because the company is so big, that to them you don”t matter; there’s another human being out there that they can exact the same greed upon. A new generation coming up brain washed that all the fees, lies, deception, fraud is part of the contract with the V. Those are the customer service policies. Verizon—-You don’t know what America means because you neither display nor possess any redeemable qualities attached to that word. You’re a bunch of greedy guys and women disrespectful of anything other than $ and your own consumptive greed. What more can be said. You should all rot in a very uncomfortable place. A sad sentiment toward a company that thinks they are looked up to, when in fact the majority of humans I’ve run into look down upon you with disgust. Way to go Verizon! That’s how to develop respect– don’t give any; some thing your company is good at. You’ve engaged in deceptive practices in my case, among other offenses, so I’ll be a regular on as many feed back or social sights I can get to; relaying to others your abusive, deceptive and fraudulent behavior towards customers. See you next time and don’t forget to forward this to that ” do for nothing” coward CEO, Lowell C. McAdam if he’s still CEO; if not, send it to the real CEO and to ALL the putrid greedy upper Executive Branch. Ya, I am a customer of Verizon, a very abused, deceived, defrauded and disgusted customer still trying to have Verizon honor it’s word– no luck yet. I’ll give it some time to see if the CEO’s have any guts to address people one on one and rectify the problems they(Verizon) have created. I’m not optimistic as I guess Mr. McAdam is a coward hiding behind his layers of mules.Don’t want to talk to a mule McAdam—want to talk to you.


Peter R. Miller August 2, 2015 at 11:20 am

DECEPTIVE BUSINESS practices///CONSUMER FRAUD that’s their game.They just did it to me and I’m still battling them. One lie after another or as they call it “mis-information’, some one gave you mis-information; not only one person but 5 or 6.When ever they make a mistake and its gonna cost them to redeem themselves all of a sudden it’s “mis-information”. They have absolutely NO VALUE FOR or RESPECT FOR their CUSTOMERS. You don’t matter until THEY feel it in the pocket because that’s all they are interested in is the $. They have no regard for you as a person or a customer and the Execs of they company spend most of their ‘valuable time” sitting in board rooms having discussions on how they can extract more money from their customer base so they each can get that fat bonus(they don’t deserve) and they will screw the customer every time so they can get that Picasso or maybe more, enough money to go lion hunting. Their ego’s are that sick. I’m not giving up, they screwed me and they shall be EXPOSED for their deception and fraud and it’s not just me their raping every month; it’s everyone of their customers and there is no way to stop it unless the customers strike on the company itself. Boycott– don’t use their service– take away the pretty boy CEO’s expensive car and all his trophy toys that your connectivity charge paid for and you might see a swing in attitude,,,,,,,, but their attitude won’t change unless there is a big enough noise made. Unfortunately, I don’t think our complacent society is willing to sacrifice even one giga-byte to make a statement or to join in taking control of our title as customers. How long do you want to be taken advantage of by some filthy rich EXEC in his limo laughing all the way home at ” the suckers taking a train”. Their greed keeps customers paying more and more and more. Why are we paying for their business cost. When you buy milk at the store when you get to the register do they tell that you have to pay an administration fee so they can pay their admin people? No. Verizon has you paying costs of their business that are really their responsibility, it’s part of “doing business”— you pay those business cost yourself, not your customers. But Verizon keeps stickin to you (us)-somehow the customer takes it it without resistance and so the big V rakes in the $. and what you get for your money is disrespect, monetary abuse, deceptive practices, lies and fraud. I don’t have the $ to fight a legal battle but there’s one out there somewhere and when it comes I’ll be in line to take a swing at those greed, ingenuous, self centered, egotistical CEO’s and ECEX.”s . They and their company Verizon are despicable in their behavior individually. A very wise old woman once told me that in this world if you want stop someone or change things you have to hit them where hurts most and that’s in the pocket.” If “ENOUGH” people do something about it maybe they will fell it. But their GREED is big and their integrity absent–shameful people.TEAR THEIR HOUSE DOWN!


Rick Darby July 28, 2015 at 5:15 pm

This is directed to Lowell C. McAdam, CEO.

Verizon’s so-called customer service (you should be ashamed to call it that, not to mention ashamed of your business practices) has stolen money from me through deceptive practices.

Yes, I said stolen.

Of course calling the CSR zombies (which I have done dozens of times) has gotten me nowhere. You must give your new hires special training: nobody could start out naturally so stupid, obnoxious, and dishonest.

Please light a fire under someone with authority to rectify the situation. And I don’t mean some local customer service idiot; as I said, I’ve been that route. I want to hear from an executive, not one of your phone-answering bums.


Elizabeth Myers July 31, 2015 at 10:38 am

I would like to express my deep concern about Verizon’s customer service. I am a supervisor in a customer service industry and could not imagine having one of MY customers feel the way I feel about Verizon’s service.

To be honest, we have never had a good experience when dealing with your representatives. It seems irrelevant that we’ve been Verizon Wireless customers for 13 years and Verizon Fios customers for 7 years. All we wanted to do was to downgrade our service to basic television and internet because we were paying almost $200 for internet and TV (which is quite high when comparing to other providers). We were told MANY different prices when we spoke with 5 different representatives over a number of days. Each person told us something different in what you could offer (again, looking for BASIC TV and internet) which was anywhere from $63 to $115.

Needless to say, we’ve canceled our Verizon Fios package and moved to Comcast. We will only be paying $70 a month for 150 channels and internet. For that, Verizon Fios would have charged us over $100. I also find it strange that Verizon does not take into consideration HOW LONG we’ve been loyal customers. The main reason we switched is because of the service we’ve received EVERY time we’ve had to call in to speak with someone. There is no empathy, compassion, or concern in regards to what kind of answers we’re looking for. We’re not looking for “special” treatment, just good treatment.

I hope that this letter gets to someone important so that maybe representatives can get additional training on how to treat customers. I am extremely disappointed that we had to switch, but after 5 phone calls, 5 different prices, and over 6 hours on the phone, it seems that we’re not valued as customers. I would never expect a customer to have to do so much to try to get service changed.


Gaye August 11, 2015 at 11:54 am

Ms. Myers, Let me tell you something about being a loyal customer of Verizon. THEY DON’T CARE!!!!! We have been customers for 20 years and have at least 5 lines with them and I have been through the same thing with CS, but I am sure that the “BIG DOGS” don’t read any of this. They are on a beach somewhere spending the money they rip off from honest hard working people. Glad you got your problem handled and got away from disrespectful, non caring people.


Michael Gravlin July 16, 2015 at 4:54 pm

Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. I had went to the store in Fresno , California located at 639 East Shaw Ave Suite # 121 and shopped for a bluetooth, I ended up getting the Moto HZ700 Headset Black / the Command 1 , i was standing waiting in line while the sales person was helping me and I noticed a stack of paper with peoples I.D’s that the store had made copy’s of such as the social security card and drivers licence . not trying to tell anyone how to do there work but my I.D. was stolen years ago about 25 years ago and It’s still not completely fixed .
The lady in the store got upset because of my answer to her , she had asked me if I had seen any numbers that I should not have seen , my answer was “Number one I’m no theft and second if I was I could have taken the entire stack of I.D.’s”
Now I’m having trouble returning this BLUETOOTH . THE CORP OFFICE OF VERIZON IS A JOKE . Unskilled Clowns


Robin July 10, 2015 at 11:53 am

I am having a problem that repeated phone calls and visits to Verizon stores have failed to rectify. Thus I am sending you this email/letter detailing the events, which can likely be verified simply by checking the activity on my account via your computers. The background is as follows:
I upgraded to the I Phone 5 in February 2015; I purchased the phone at WalMart for less than $1. After using it for a short time, I wasn’t happy with the sound quality and wanted to get the phone fixed. In March 2015 I took it in to a Verizon store and they told me it could not be fixed, BUT they would send me a replacement phone under warranty, no charge to me.
I received the new phone approximately in March, but after considering all the aggravation of setting up a new phone (again) I decided to return the phone. I never even opened the package, just marked on the front of the box “return to sender”. After mailing it out, the phone was returned to me by the Post Office; I sent it back again to Verizon and again it came back to me.
I called customer service to find out how to return this phone. The customer service representative called around to find out where I could return the phone locally. She spoke to Alex, at the Verizon store on Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach, who said I could come to his store to get a mailing label printed to return the phone. I went to the indicated Verizon store on May 11th, 2015 and the girl who worked there asked me if I had opened the box and seen the return label (which no customer service representative had previously mentioned to me). She saw the box had not been opened and proceeded to open the box, she took out the return label (that no one had told me was there), went to the back and taped up the box (all of this was on surveillance camera). She gave me back the box and then the next day I took it to the Post Office to mail back to Verizon.
In the meantime, my phones (3 lines) were disconnected because my Verizon bill had a charge of $489 on it for the non-returned phone. Verizon also charged me disconnect and late fees of $20 per line (x3) totaling $60.00. Since then my phones have been shut off at least 6 times (because the “returned” phone had not been credited back to my account through the warehouse) with a $60 charge each time to turn the phones back on.
After numerous phone calls and disconnects (and poor customer service) I began to start taking notes of my many conversations with customer service. I called customer service on 5/2/15 and spoke to Megan at Verizon. Megan told me that I would receive a credit of $120.00 for 2 series of disconnect fees. She said it would appear on my next statement. On 6/3/15 I spoke to Mike, Operator # 2416959. Worst customer service ever, he read from a script and didn’t address my issue. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he transferred me to Antwon, operator # 524900. He repeated exactly what Mike had told me (as if he was reading from a script) and resolved nothing. The whole conversation (approx. two hours long) was on speaker phone and I have a witness to what was said and as to their unprofessional behavior.
On 6/5/15, I spoke with Mary; she transferred me to Joe, a supervisor, operator # V1VAJ26. Joe confirmed that the phone WAS received within the allowed time frame; he gave me a location number of X476201; an order number of 90120; and a ticket number of 295044 which proved that my phone had been received by Verizon. He also confirmed that I would be credited back all of the reconnection and late fees that were charged in error. He said that my bill at that time, that specific date, was $389.00.
On 6/20/15, our phones were shut off yet again; incurring yet another $60 reconnection fees. I called Verizon and spoke with a customer service representative, DJ; he turned my phones back on after reading the notes in the Verizon system. After he read the notes he said that he apologized for all the inconvenience and said that a credit for all the disconnect/reconnect fees would appear on my next statement. I had this call on speaker phone and have a witness to all that was said.
On June 25, 2015 our phones were disconnected yet again. I spoke with a customer service rep, who apologized yet again and said she would get her supervisor to help remedy the situation. After seeing the history, at 8:49am, Jan, the CSR called me back and left a VM stating that her supervisor was only willing to give me a credit of $299 for the phone that was returned in a timely manner. She did not agree with her supervisor, but said that a credit for the phone was all I could hope for. She indicated that some of the disconnect/late fees had been partially credited off. Since these fees were not credited off timely, I acXXXXulated late fees on top of disconnect fees that should never have been charged to me.
Since Verizon would not give me a full credit for returning the phone, I asked them to send it back to me so I could sell it and have the money to pay for the phone. Instead, they offered me a credit of $299 for the same phone that they are charging me $489.00.
I will pay my past due bill AFTER Verizon takes the full amount of the phone ($489) off my bill AND credits off all of the disconnect and late fees they have charged me.
This issue should be resolved immediately without another disconnect and/or late charges added to my account. If this does not occur, I will be forced to hire an attorney and seek all fees and damages and change phone service. If my credit is harmed in any way, I will seek to be compensated for that as well.


Joel Acosta July 6, 2015 at 8:26 pm

A few days ago I received a phone call from your Verizon store in Clermont .Fl and was told by the representative on the phone that I was qualified from an upgrade on all my cell phone.Today 07/05/2015 I went to the store and was told by Jason the rep. that i was not eligible for an upgrade, again the phone call I received was misleading just to get me in the store. A waste of time gasoline in my car . Again I was treated like a child, and the rep. should have checked my account before calling me. I advised the rep. I was under a corporate account,but he still could not do anything ,just told me to pay my bill. Again, every time I go to this store at ( 1415 E,SR 50 Clermont,Fl 34711 Phone 352-243-6826) Every time I go to this store it is the same thing ,unprofessional treatment towards customers.I respectfully request someone from the executive level to call me Joel Acosta 352-978-9810

This em


Oleh N. Dekajlo, Esq. June 21, 2015 at 7:28 am

Chairman McAdam and the
Board of Directors of Verizon

Your current advertisement running on television “I’ll watch anything except this” is so highly offensive to Ukrainian Americans, your collective serious lapse of judgment has unnecessarilly offended a very unified, vocal, organized and loyal group of people.

Ukrainians are organizing campaigns and protests against Verizon for your very insensitive and insulting advertisement. Personally, after being a continuous Verizon wireless customer for over 25 years, with 7 wireless lines, services and very substantial monthly billings, I am very seriously considering cancelling my service, and encouraging all of my family, friends and clients in doing the same.

The outrage you have caused is immesurable.

May I suggest …. No, I demand that you pull the commercial and issue an immediate, unequivocal public apology to the Ukrainian American community. Your company is quickly becoming an intolerable communications pariah. What were your executives thinking, and why?

Oleh N. Dekajlo, Esq.
Vice-President, Long Island Chapter,
Ukrainian American Congress Committee of America


Peggy wegehaupt June 17, 2015 at 5:03 pm

I have been issues with Verizon since the middle of December. It is a very long story. I call in on a regular basis only to be lied to each time about the same problem. Funny thing thing is I get the same lies every time. Every single time!!! Is there a manual that they have to follow for that????
What I would really like is if Mr. Lowell C. McAdam called me himself. I’m sure the multi millionaire might have some time in his day to do a little PR repair. And talk to someone who keeps him at that millionaire status.
In the meantime, I have contacted my business lawyer and we are going to start proceedings with Verizon.
And to think I switched from cellular One to be with Verizon many years ago…….


Ann Boos June 14, 2015 at 1:58 pm

I also was told I had no Verizon account. I have been a Verizon user for over ten years. I was turned into collection for $14.92. I was told by customer service after changing plans that I had no balance and to disregard Bill. I have proof of this communication. I am writing a letter to Verizon home office, have, of course paid the 14.92, and sent all doXXXXentation to the Kalamazoo Better Business Bureau. You have marred my credit for a Bill I was told I DID NOT OWE. I will be changing phone service A.S.A.P.


Daniel Pratt June 12, 2015 at 7:44 pm

My email is down (28 hours). Called your support office (1-866-326-7937) unable to get a ticket number, that office does not use them (?), unable to track the status. I was told that I would receive a phone call within 24 hrs, that did not happen. Call support office, at 04:00pm 6/12 and was told that my email service could be down for 8 weeks. This is not ACCEPTABLE.. I have no problems logging in, I can not get to my email. ofter log in , I am directed to “My Verizon Account Features” NOT MY EMAIL! The only way to exit “My Verizon Account Features” is to go back to the log in screen.. Need my Email service restored ASAP, not in 8 weeks. The only fix is to change providers! I have tried 2 other computers and a tablet. using Firefox 38.0.5 & IE 10 (it’s my equipments). I need a call back, with status or fix before 12:00PM pst 6/13 before I start pursuing my options..



K. Xi June 30, 2015 at 11:46 pm

Hey. I have many times been locked out of Verizon email for one typing mistake. Verizon service staff try to get me into ” My Verizon” which I never use. Don’t need it. Got paperless billing ( in the email I am locked out of of course). Spent 2 hours tonight trying to get help. Finally someone gave me the tech support number you mention and guess what? They are closed now. No service.

Oh. And don’t email me. I am locked out. And yes, I really am sick of Verizon’s very poor service coordination. Worst I have ever encountered. I could tell you about the time I researched and got direct line to VZ corporate officer in charge of customer experience to get help with a DSL billing error. He assigned a lady to work on my case. It took 9 months only to learn that a mistake made when I moved from one location to another with promise that mt DSL DRY LOOP only service would continue actually added a non-existent phone to my bill. AND, the billing database from which billd demanding payment of me had no way to sync with the service database where the “phone” had been attached to my account. The lady had to manually correct my bill each month until someone in the company could successfully close the fouled up account and recreate my DSL DRY LOOP account at a time whem VZ no longer provided NEW customers this service. (I was a long time customer with committment from VZ to be allowed to keep my DSL account as it was. I still have it and it is great. No need for anything else.)

Too bad such a routine thing as a secure email login reset is beyond Verizon’s capacity to manage. Can anyone think of a single other company that can’t do this??

How many people do we all know who are using free email services for secure business operations. I expected my VZ email to be safer. Nothing safe about being casually locked out of my own email under a paid service with no support.


Linda Morgan June 12, 2015 at 2:35 pm

On May 16th I went the North Little Rock, Arkansas Verizon store to purchase a new wireless headset. As I was there I elected to upgrade my phone. The salesman who assisted me asked me if I wanted to upgrade my data because I had 12 GB and that 15 GB was less expensive. I told him I was using less than 10 monthly with the exception of January and February when I went over. He continued on to tell me that I could add a tablet for $10 per month, costing me $30 dollars and the upgrade in my data would basically cover the cost of the tablet. His exact words were I would be coming out ahead. He further went on to tell me that I could pay for the tablet on my next bill if I wanted to since I had elected to pay the taxes on the phone I upgraded to. I asked what other fees would I have pay associated to the tablet and he said none. Not once did he inform me that there was an activation fee for the tablet because I asked when getting the phone because I wanted to know if there was an activation fee for the phone. The salesman fast talked me saying the only cost that I would have to pay is the $30 dollars plus tax for the tablet and I was coming out ahead. I’m so annoyed in knowing that I have been with Verizon for 2 years now, leaving a cell company I had been with for over 10 years; only to be duped by a salesman whom I thought was being honest. Now to learn that he was lying to me just to make a sale. That doesn’t give much credibility to a company when the employees lie to and deceive individuals in order to make a sale, commission or whatever he was rewarded with. The omission of information in order to make a sale wasn’t required being that I considered myself a long term customer of the company. For him to tell me that my bill will be the same with the exception of the tablet cost baffles me because my bill is nearly double what I was initially paying. Had he said this charge or that charge would be on my next bill, I wouldn’t be annoyed because I certainly understand that. And note that I’m intelligent enough to know that there would be some additional charge for the change in the middle of the month, but this is ridiculous. Further, if you check you records this salesman didn’t even tell me that my 12 GB of data was going to go down because of when the change occurred. I had to call in and talk to Julie to find that out only after I kept getting text messages that I was close to my data limit and I was going to be charged.

I am out of words because I’m completely perplexed by this entire situation.


Carol tiedemann June 2, 2015 at 8:40 pm

Our family has been with Verizon for 10 years. I am so offended, discouraged and frustrated over the behavior of verizon representatives!!
Last week I went into a Verizon retail store in the Dover Mall because my devise is malfunctioning, or not functioning. There only appeared to be one person working when I entered the store; she asked if she could help so I told her about the problems with my phone. She verified the account; and my identification. She then began to help (so I thought) she said she needed to call someone; and she was discussing the problem with him. While she was on the phone; a female came in the store from the Mall, and began questioning her while she was on the phone. She interupted her several times; telling her she couldn’t do what she was doing?? She told me the rep could not do what she was attempting to do, and that I needed to go to another store because that was just a “retail store”. When I expressed to her that she was trying to help me, she became aggitated, and comfirmed she was the MANAGER!! She went over to a desk sat down and was eating food and drinking. The first rep continued on the phone, when I looked over at the manager, she rolled her eyes!!! I asked her not to do that because it was disrespectful. Then I guess the rep became intimidated by the manager, and ended the call, and said she would not be able to help me and to leave the store!! I left the store, and contacted Verizon 6ll, I spoke with a rep who said the complaint would be doXXXXented and sent to corporate. My phone lost the call, but when It was working again, I received a voice mail from the rep. I was not able to contact her directly, but I called 6ll again explaining what had previously taken place that day, and the name of the rep. from customer service who had left me a voicemail. That rep could not identify the previous rep, or help me. She said there was no supervisors available and they would not be for the rest of the evening, the only choice I had was to leave a voice message for a supervisor, and they would return my call in 24-48 hours. I did that, but no one returned my call 48 hours later. I called 6ll again, that rep knew nothing about previous verizon contacts. I asked for a supervisor, a male came on the phone who identified himself as a customer service supervisor. He gave me the spelling of his first name. I explained to him the above situation, and he made an offer to resolve it. It was a 3 part offer, and I even had him repeat it to me. I then told him I wanted to discuss it with a family member on the plan, and give him a decision. He said that was fine the offer would remain on the table. I asked him how to contact him back with the answer; and he said he would call me back in an hour after I talked to family member. He did not call back at all. Finally I called Verizon 6ll to contact him regarding our previous conversation; the verizon rep said he was nonexistent and untracable or impossible to find; she said there was no notes on the account with his name or any contact info at all!! She was trying to upsell; and had no concern for my delima! I asked for a supervisor; finally she put me through to a male who interduced himself as a manager. It gets so much worse!! He said he could not find the previous supervisor, but he said he “lied” to me and “promised me the world”!! After I insisted on speaking with the previous supervisor who was suppose to call me back; and after him putting me on hold over and over…he said he located that supervisor, and gave me a phone number, that he said was his direct line and extention number. I also asked for corporate’s number; he gave me a number (later found out it was ficticious). I tried to call the rep at the number this rep had given me only to find out it was a male sex line!!!!!!! I contacted 611 the next day, that rep was useless. I called 6ll again that rep said she could not find that supervisor but finally agreed to do a “360” on that call and trace that conversation. She even sent me text messages confirming that and the case number. She assured me I would receive a call for the supervisors supervisor with in 48 hours. That never happened either! So yes you guessed it I called 6ll to follow up, thinking this time with a case number and text messages from rep that they would be able to trace information. That rep offered no assistance, I requested a supervisor once again; she said she would have to contact her supervisor, and that it would take another 48 hours for her to contact me. Do I believe this will happen…..Never!! 5 days later, I’m stuck with the same devise; and no solution to my problems with VERIZON!!!


linda June 1, 2015 at 9:25 pm

on october 25, 2014 i called to add fios tv to my internet. the technician came to my house on october 26, 2014. the technician told me i could watch all my programming on the fios app. on november 2, 2014 i was driving home and i wanted to listen to the football game (station was out of area going in and out). so i called verizon to find out why i wasnt able to get the local channels on the fios app. she informed me that i was only able to watch the preloaded channels that were on the app. on novemeber 3, 2014 i called verizon to cancel the fios tv but keep the internet. i received the box to return the equipment on december 9, 2014. ups received the package on december 15, 2014. on december 18, 2014 2 digital adapters were scanned and checked into my account. my december bill came and it was $853.06. on december 26, 2014 i called verizon and spoke with stormie. she informed me that my bill was actually $154.63 and i somehow got charged for unreturned equipment. my january bill comes and it was $1163.44. january 25, 2015 again im on the phone with verizon to find out why my bill is so high. this time i spoke with katie. she informed me that the charges were for unreturned equipment but that they had indeed received the equipment and she was putting in a claim for $900 and i received a credit of $550 for the boxes that were returned on december 18, 2014 and the other returned january 15, 2015. on february 12, 2015 i went to my account online to see what my bill was. the website said that no payment was due at the time and there was a credit on my account for the amount of $576.57. so i then called the 800# and that also said that there was a credit on my account for $576.57 and that the account was current and no payment due at this time. i get my bill for march and there is 3 different amounts. on march 3, 2015 i call due to the concern i have about the matter. i spoke with danielle at the hampton roads branch asking about my bill and the difference in the amounts. she informed me that the bill was actually $59.99 for the internet and not to worry about the other charges on the account. that my account had a credit for $576.57 and she was gonna make an adjustment to my account and put in a claim for $793.07. on march 26, 2015 i spoke with jc about my bill. she informed me there was a credit on the account for $516.58 and that i only owed $59.99 for internet but that amount will come off the credit that is on the account. she also told me that on december 16, 2014 a credit of $550 was issued, on march 10, 2015 a credit of $550 and march 11, 2015 a credit of $750.00. april 19, 2015 called once again and spoke with kayla. she told me to disregard the bill amount of $276.49 because of the credit of $516.58 on the account. on may 16, 2015 i called to transfer service to my new address and the phone summary was a credit of $456.59. i spoke with neeve to move service and she informed of the new price for the internet and the one time service charge and that the charges will come off the credit that is on my account and the credit will tranfer to the new address and carry over to the next billing cycle. on may 26, 2015 i went online to see my bill and it was $301.07. i spent all day on the phone with verizon and got nowhere with this matter. i have all the phone conversations that i had with every rep about this along with notes. i filed a complaint with the fcc, im gonna write to the executives and im about to retain an attorney to resolve this matter. VERIZON SUCKS BALLS!!!!!!!!


janice L Holbrook May 27, 2015 at 2:44 pm

I was told by Verizon prepaid phones would have service in my area which is 41472. My money was took which was totaled to 80.00 after activation fee and unlimited talk and text. After the salesperson told me the phone was good to go , I tried using the phone with no success. Evidently it wasn’t activated even though I paid 35.00 for activation fee which was suppose to be free by the way. I also was told by a different salesperson at Verizon in MOREHEAD, Ky that Verizon didn’t have service on prepaid phones in my area which ia 41472. The salesperson knew all along he had decieved me, which highly irritates me. I preceded to call them, explained the situation, told them i wanted a refund and they refused. They stated they might give me back my 35.00 for activation which hasn’t happened yet. They absolutely refused me a refund of 45.00 for talk and text when i sent the phone back to best buy and don’t have the # they assigned to me because it was never activated. Where did my 45.00 dollars go to ? In someone’s pocket. This is so unfair to the consumers. Wonder how many consumers they have swindled out of money? BEWARE!!!!!


Richard D May 21, 2015 at 4:38 pm

I was going to change my phone service to Verizon, but I just found out that the Federal Communications Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that Verizon Wireless and Sprint will pay a combined $158 million settlement for deceptive mobile cramming practices. Shameful!!! I will never do business with Verizon and suggest the same to all my friends.


Jill May 12, 2015 at 2:15 pm

This past weekend has convinced me Verizon is the worst carrier. The most recent commercial is rather deceitful, phone customer service is a joke – they do not care about the customer base and are extremely insulting. The premium retailer here in Maricopa AZ has horrid sales tactics including but not limited to lying. Thank god my contracts are done in a couple months. You can bet I am shopping around. Have been a customer with Verizon for many years and will be more than happy to take that type of loyalty elsewhere!!!!! Plus anybody listening do not do business with the GoWireless store in Maricopa – they are rediculous and so is the store rep named Bliss!!!


Alexandra May 11, 2015 at 9:48 pm

I have contacted Verizon maybe 30 times about a series of spam emails from a particular source. I have provided customer service with the name and address of this spammer, and forwarded to Verizon maybe 100 spams from this idiot and it seems Verizon has done nothing about stopping him.


S. Bryan May 8, 2015 at 6:12 pm

I think I have you all beat. On November 4th I called to transfer service from my old house to my new house but learned that FIOS was not available at my new address. Decided to go through with the service anyway. After chatting with new neighbors discovered that Charter was the local carrier and called on the 5th to cancel the services (nothing had been connected yet and my service appointment was still a week away). After much drama with the first operator who told me that wasn’t possible, I called again on the 6th and got someone who helped get everything discontinued. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the phone service discontinued and therefore received a bill at the end of December. Phoned in and spoke to Shannon who assured me that everything was resolved. To make sure I called again on the 6th of January and spoke to Sierra. Sierra saw all the notes on the account and said that she submitted a master order to get the issue of the billing mistake corrected and assured that the next bill would be a zeroed out final bill. Got another bill end of January – phoned in and spoke to Randolph on 2-17-15 and once again was told that everything would be resolved and that he could see that the account had a zero balance. End of February – another bill came….called and spoke to Laurie in financial services and she confirmed once again that the phone service was finally cancelled effective Nov 6th and that the next bill should be a final zero balance bill. End of April – another bill came….called and spoke to Tiera, Mary, Cas and Be on 5-7 and 5-8. Once again told that credit have been issued and are pending but that they need to be sent to on offline team for approval. How many times have I heard this. I have spent at least 10 hours on the phone with all these representatives. I had Verizon FIOS at my prior address for many years and would have moved it to my new address if it was available. I was a good customer that always paid my bills on time and do not deserve to be treated this way. I currently am also a Verizon Wireless customer but am rethinking that service now as well because of all this wasted time on my behalf. Verizon should be sending me money for all the time I have wasted. They honestly have the worst customer service I think I have ever had to deal with. My next call will be to the office of the president of Verizon. I have badge numbers and time for each call if you folks at corporate would like any of that information as well.


sally May 8, 2015 at 3:38 pm

I need someone from corporate to contact me. I have been lied to by 3 people in your customer service and warranty department about my galaxy note 4 that I just received 2 months ago and the digitizer is out and everyone says they are overnighting me a phone and I have yet to receive it and when I call to check on it hasn’t even been sent. This has been going on since 5/6/15. This is the worse customer service I have ever dealt with. I can not believe this is how you teat your customers.


Hos Maleki May 6, 2015 at 12:45 am

What a nightmare being a customer for Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t have Internet for 5 days. After I have been calling back and forth for 5 days to follow up with the router that overnight it time, I found out that nothing shipped out.
Funnier that they gave me a confirmation number for delivery.
What F….. Service. I couldn’t believe it.
This F…. Company doesn’t deserve to stay in bussiness. And they won’t


William Pinamont April 27, 2015 at 12:55 pm

TV channels were discontinued without explanation or reduction in charges. Tried to contact Verizon at 18008374966 twice the second time was connected to a call center in the Philippines…and then was put on hold for 20 minutes when I asked to update and cancel parts of my service – absolutely terrible service.


Ed.Luther April 25, 2015 at 11:15 am

I have been living with slow internet speed Since 23 Dec. 2014 ( download 0.43) 4 months, with promises from verizon that the problem would be fixed.they promise call backs which never happen. I am paying for a service that I am not receiving.Is anyone at verizon capable of resolving this problem???????


Teresa Parrish April 23, 2015 at 3:40 pm



T. Williams April 15, 2015 at 11:59 am

I just got off of a 45min call with tec support to reschedule an appointment. I got the service last week (April 2015). I tried to hook up the equipment myself and something was wrong with the telephone line in my apartment (I was told on the phone that I didn’t need a landline phone to get the internet) to get only the internet. I call for a service person to come out Sat 11th 2015. He did but he needed access to the phone room in my building, “someone should have told you that before I got here” he said. This is how I got my 45min call today. the young lady was rude and she would not put her supervisor on the phone. I finally got my appointment for Thursday (tomorrow I hope). I don’t think this is going to be a good mathch (Verizon and me) for me because the people answering the phones are hard to understand and they don’t listen. I do know I will never get that 45mins of my life back and I don’t have the internet again to night. Oh yes I’m being charged for service that I’m not using. This is some bull!!


leblanc April 13, 2015 at 1:30 pm

I had to switch my Cellular carrier after being with Verizon for YEARS. I was a great customer paying all my outrageous bills on time every month. On March 5th 2015 I took advantage of the Sprint “Cut your Bill in Half” promo. This is exactly what we needed. We were paying almost $500 a month for 5 lines with Verizon. It was getting to be way too much money. So on March 5th we made the switch. Although Sprint’s phone service is not as good as Verizon, Their Customer Service beats them by leaps and bounds and I’m pay HALF of what I paid with Verizon.
My complaint, when I switched from Verizon to Sprint, I was one week into my agreement with Verizon. My New Verizon bill started on February 26th and ends on March 25th. I switched on March 25th to Sprint. As of March 5th, all of my lines were disconnected at Verizon. I was not longer able to access online services, I was kicked out. I thought…Awesome, everything went through, however, I would like to view my final bill and the bill for the one week I service (February 26th-March 5th). To my surprise, Verizon Wireless decided to charge me for the whole month of Service! My final bill is $1904.00! Of that $1466.71 in early termination fee’s (which I know would be High), But $438.06 for the time period of February 26th-March 25th. They are charging me for an extra 20 days of providing absolutely NO services!
This is criminal in my point of view. I didn’t plan on donating to this company. Why would I have to pay for NOTHING? I can’t even access a Bill! I’m in no way trying to avoid them, and am totally willing to pay for all the cancelation fees. But I work way too hard to support my family to pay for nothing.
Somebody really needs to step in and stop these Crooks. This is robbery and I’m not going to stand for it! I have children to feed!


Awilda April 12, 2015 at 11:07 pm

VERIZON READ THESE EMAILS OR WHAT IS IT YOU JUST DO NOT CARE? I spoke to one of your Corporate Representative, she did nothing to help us regarding Mr. Cruz’s Triple Play. There are two main News-Channels that are really interested in what is going on with Verizon? Before, I start speaking help this elderly, disable/fixed income customer on his Triple Play. All you need to do is to pick up the telephone and communicate with your Verizon Representative that quoted him the price. I supplied you with the Agents telephone Number and email. Please help this gentleman that has been with you since 2006, paid on time his Triple Play every month. Due to a misunderstanding on the Wireless you are treating him horribly, why?


Awilda April 3, 2015 at 6:06 pm

Reg. Wireless Problem: Mr. Cruz never spoke with the Wireless Depart. & did not give permission for any actions to be performed. Iphone & Note Wireless phones purchased at Best Buy to eliminate home telephone & receive calls on the Note phone which the Verizon Representative stated that she did the same & it saved her money, however, this does not exist. Customer goes into Best Buy, purchases & pays for both phones. As per contract $40.00 monthly per phone (have prove). When he received the bill, it was higher, he paid once but it kept coming at the incorrect rate quoted per Agreement (Cruz has the Agreement). George Floyd, of Wireless Verizon, NYC, informs the person that is helping customer to forward the note phone to him & when Best Buy calls he will inform them to reimburse customer (the phone was returned brand new, with protection of all kinds). Best Buy (on that day were horrible but due to the deaths customer needed these phones for contact during burial & hospitalizations of loves ones that he lost). Best Buy calls but G. Floyed informs different. Phone was kept (but customer has prove that it was returned), thus Best Buy does not reimburse customer & Wireless Depart. keeps money & Note phone, & does not keep to their Agreement (AGAIN). Yes, same customer going through the Triple Play problem. He is on a fixed income & disable. Since 2006 no problem with Triple Play, always paid on time. Now, they keep informing him “I cannot help you, you have a restriction on your account from Wireless Department Finance)” Remember, the restriction they are speaking about, AGAIN was put in effect in March, 2015, not during February, 2015 when customer renewed his Triple Play. PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP!! Sincerely, Awilda


Awilda March 31, 2015 at 4:03 pm

Why is Verizon treating their new customers better than their loyal present customers? Reg. Wireless phones, what the Wireless Depart., & Mr. George Floyd, in that Depart., did to a disabled customer, without his consent, is unacceptable. NOW, he they are giving him a hard time with his Triple Play that he has had since 2006 & always paid on time. They quoted (again) one price but changed without his consent the Renewal on his computer. Also, the Agent that renewed it with the correct amount has the email he forwarded to customer & they still cannot resolve this issue. This is mental anguish for anyone imagine a person on a fixed income & disabled? I am trying to help him but getting no where. They are always right. And beware, they do erase emails that do not benefit them. Customer was unable to find the email that the Agent forward to him with the correct amount for the Triple Play (?). Thank God the Agent was able to find one of the emails & emailed to the Disability Depart. However, Mr. Cruz (Customer), is still awaiting for a resolution for his Triple Play. They put a restriction due to the Wireless problem which is in dispute, they do not care & no one seems to want to help him. UNREAL. I will keep you posted & will keep helping him…Shame on you Verizon!!!


Awilda April 3, 2015 at 5:43 pm

Reg: Ivan Cruz, NYC 212-996-5273: Still no help. However, a very nice gentleman of Corporate Office returned call but he is from the Wireless Depart.. They are two different Departs, Triple Play & Wireless. Still awaiting a resolution for Ivan Cruz’s Triple Play. It seems that when Verizon has to renew, they hire contractors which represent themselves as Verizon’s employees, which happened here. Mr. Cruz went into his computer, renewed his Triple Play but did not print the page. He also renewed it with the Verizon’s Agent/Contractor but Verizon deleted all the emails that Agent forward to the Customer & also changed his Renewal. AND, put a restriction due to the dispute he is having with the Wireless Depart., (Restriction was in effect in March, Renewals were finalize in February, 2015). No one in the Disability Depart. wants to call the Agent/Contractor (Mr. Cruz has the Agent/Contractor’s phone # & email). Agent/Contractor has one email they forgot to delete indicating the correct amount. In the meantime, he has to wait, Please, this disable person needs Corporate’s and/or someone with authorization to resolve this a-s-a-p!!! I will continue to help him…


Eva Zellars March 26, 2015 at 5:35 pm

I have been having problems with my phone since I got it. It drops calls all the time and when the last time I took it in to be checked, I was told that the only thing they could do is sell me another phone. I still have a year to go on my contract. The people in the store in Grovetown, Ga are not helpful at all. They do not got out of there to help people.


Michael Zimmerman March 24, 2015 at 11:59 pm

Verizon Wireless,

Now you send me emails offering bill credits to hurry back when you wouldn’t resolve my payment plan and customer service issues after multiple contacts and lack of follow up by your customer service reps. After being a long time Verizon Wireless customer, I ended up having to switch to Sprint because of your unethical business practices (illegally changing my calling plan) and inept, pathetic customer service. Then Verizon’s juvenile response to the FCC net neutrality ruling was also truly an embarrassment. I used to be a satisfied customer but it seems like over the last two years there has been a significant decline in Verizon Wireless’ business practices and customer service (online, 800, and in store Fitchburg, WI). Your focus seems to be solely on the Wall Street quarterly earnings at the expense of your long time customers. Good luck with that business model.


David Sisavath March 23, 2015 at 2:06 am

I’m very very disappointed that verizon took out my godfather plan without my consent … why would someone change their unlimited data plan to a GB plan???…. The computer or someone behind that desk made a mistake… I had this plan ever since i open a line with verizon wireless..this is total BS!! I called and called but no one can’t seem to fix that problem… every customer service I talk to had been leading me on a marathon..playing that 5 business day crap… I want to get to the end of this and contact Lowell C Mcadam .. all I want is my unlimited data plan back.. and I want to continue to be a loyal customer with verizon. I hope someone sees in the upper chair see or read this… at this moment ..Thank you for your poor service verizon!!!


SCOT SCHORTJE March 20, 2015 at 6:25 pm

So I wake up an my phone is turned off, my upgrade has been used , and plan changed.. HMMMMMMMMMM WTF.. So I called Verizon and they said its my fault because there was another manager on the account . Who cares this is my phone , not someone elses , Verizon basically old me to stick it .. And now im stuck in some BS edge contract that I never authorized .. Were in retail is it ok that someone can go into a store an say hey I want to do this to someone and eeven though its not the same name they just let them do it > No phone call to ask nothing this is BS im leaveing Verizon ASAP oh I cant because I have topay 600.00 to get out


lisa fellers March 20, 2015 at 11:55 am

what a bloody nightmare I have w/Verizon. the WORST co. EVER!! ive been a loyal customers that pays my bill on time every damn month. every dam month I have to call them because they cant seem to bill me correctly!! I am fuming right now and its not good. im a 100&disabled vet and they FINALLY gave me my discount after a year when I was with my sisters cell plan and they said it was not retroactive when I was told it was, then its because im not on the right plan….haha what a damn joke Verizon is!! you cant email them but they are on facebook–really??? all my contracts have been extended without my knowledge except for cell since I just got on my own contract 12/2014 but im sure it will. theyre billing is ridiculous to the max!! I can go on and on about a hell of a lot more but will stop on here so I can go visit EVERY DAMN SITE I can to post my comments about the WORST COMPANY EVER, the BLOODY SUCK!!!


Barry Mitchell March 19, 2015 at 9:42 pm

i decided {well after}my 2 yr contract ran out ,to renew a 2 yr contract because i would get a free smart phone due to my loyalty to verizon{since 2007} so i ordered though the internet 2 htc one{m8}smart phones ,they were to be delivered on 3/20/15,after being shipped on 3/18/15,so i was told by 2 customer service reps !!so i called on 3/19/15 to find out if they had been shipped ,much to my expectations they told me they we NOT shipped! this is after being on the phone for 2 hrs voicing my opinion of customer service ,the internet ordering folks said they would 2 day ship these,so im thinking wonderful…….NOT! NOW I FIND OUT THAT MY ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELLED BY ONE OF THE REPS i spoke to ,w/o my consent ,verizon isnt concerned w/ anyone they have for customers,guess they lose a few and still make there money !customer service my ass,its terrible at best ,how many weeks will it take to get my well deserved smartphone?who knows ,VERIZON SURE AS HEL DOESNT CARE.


Barbara Stone March 14, 2015 at 9:11 am

I would NEVER be a Verizon customer again, even if my life depended on it. They lost my cell phone business about 3 to 4 years ago due to all the BS from their so called customer service. They play games and don’t give you what they say they are going to do for you! I have had to go with Verizon on my recent move back in October as Brighthouse was not available where I live. What a nightmare!!!!

I had internet and phone, now I just got the service in October and we have had nothing but problems with the internet service!!! Constantly cutting off. I finally called them because I was tired of unplugging and plugging it back in to reset the modem. Kind of hard to do anything you need to do online like pay bills or play games when your internet service keeps cutting out on you! In 2 1/2 months Verizon was out here twice and the problem was always at the box by Publix!!!!!! So if this problem keeps up, wouldn’t that tell you, YOU need to fix something at that so called box????? NO, let’s just keep making our customer unhappy… After all, that must be Verizon’s motto… HOW UNHAPPY CAN WE MAKE OUR CUSTOMERS! Phone call after phone call, sitting on hold time after time, asking for a manager or supervisor and never getting one so the story continues. I have had ENOUGH after only 5 months! That is pretty SAD if you ask me. I just called and canceled my service effective Monday 3/16/15, I will NEVER consider Verizon again! Even upon canceling and literally breaking down in tears because I am so frustrated paying these past 5 months for a service that literally DOES NOT work half the time, not ever getting to speak to a manager or supervisor when I call and then I tell Tonya why I am sooooooo upset… also told her I was upset due to all the above… NEVER once offered to have me speak to a supervisor or manager, never have been offered any kind of discount for alllllllll the BS I have put up with, BUT YOU BET YOUR A$$ THEY WANT MY $$$$$ WHEN THE BILL IS DUE! VERIZON DOES NOT HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE IT IS A SAD EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sunshine March 5, 2015 at 11:44 am

I really hate companies that don’t care for the employees safety weather it be health to really bad snow storms. You all expect employees to fist there lives just for a paycheck, really. If they tell people to stay off the roads then that’s what it means. They are telling you that for a reason. I think it’s terrible. Really Verizon needs to come up with a bad weather policy, before someone really gets hurt and families start law suits. It’s. I can’t support companies that don’t give a damn about others.


Deb March 2, 2015 at 4:52 pm

I have been a verizon customer for years and have never had the problems I am having now. I also purchased a bundle package (TV, PHONE, INTERENT), I have had nothing but problems with my internet, they send out Tech’s and the Tech’s tell me i am too far from the line and that I should of never been hooked up woth the internet service. I have been dealing with connecting problems for over a year. So i didn’t pay my bill in February and they are threating to suspend my service yet they don’t fix my service. Once my contract is up I will not EVER have Verizon internet again.


Shelley Krowe February 26, 2015 at 12:17 pm

My husband died and I was trying to get his name off the account and have been trying for 2 weeks. I had to make a new account which was to take affect today. Instead of making a new account they shut off my home phone and internet. I am so mad. I have been with them for more than 20 years and this is the way I am treated. Seem everyone you speak with there does not know what they are doing or just gives you to someone else that does not know what they are doing. I don’t know what to do now except go to Comcast.


Sandy Bowling February 4, 2015 at 1:55 pm

About a month ago I contacted Verizon because I was having problems with my iPhone 5c, not having enough storage..I had told the Rep that I had to keep emailing my pictures to myself I couldn’t keep any thing on there I couldn’t video but second at a time them email an delete, I had deleted almost everything but what came on phone an my storage got less than I started with..I called because my next resort was to do a factory reset…the rep put me on hold a couple times an came back on an told me that I needed to go with phone with more storage. I asked him if I had to stay with iPhone that this was third one I had trouble with, the first got so hot I thought it was going catch on fire, I couldn’t hold it then it wouldn’t turn on….anyway, I asked several times if I had to pay any thing up front I was told I would have my phone by Friday oh, he suggested I go with the Samsung note 4. After I told him If I was changing I didn’t want to stay with iPhone… Latter that day I called back because I hadn’t received a confirmation, that’s when I was told I had to pay $202. Before they would sent it, I told them I was not told this an they prceeded to tell me it was on my files…told them what was said an they more less called me a liar…..I told them I was ending call because I was getting upset. Waiting an called back next day, same thing…waited a week I called back because I told it takes time to pull original phone conversation…I called back Monday I was told to give them 24 hours…it is now WEDNESDAY…I have heard nothing. I understand I am on the edge program, but I KNOW WHAT I WAS TOLD, AN I WAS TOLD IT WAS OKD BY HIS SUPERVISOR TO SEND ME A PHONE BY FRIDAY…no mention of money an once again I had asked, so basically I am paying for a SMARTPHONE AN I BASICALLY HAVE A BASIC PHONE…IM NOT HAPPY….IVE BEEN A VERIZON CUSTOMER FOR MANY YEARS, MY RATING OF VERIZON RIGHT NOW IS REALLY LOW…


Sandy Bowling February 4, 2015 at 10:20 pm

I also have called the corporate number twice now an left a message an have not heard back…Verizon used to be very helpful an easy to work with, this is the first time I’ve been lied to an in return is treated like I’m the one lieing….this is totally ridiculous…..I didn’t even call in originally thinking I would get a new phone, I called because of a problem with my phone an wanted advice before I did a factory RESET….but after being led to think I was getting a phone to replace this, now they can’t find the original recorded conversation, an changed the paper work to say I agreed to pay $202. By that Friday an my phone would then be send out….when I was told I WOULD HAVE MY PHONE BY FRIDAY, BECAUSE HE PUT ME ON HOLD WHILE HE HOT IT OK’d…..I HAVE RECCOMMENDED VERIZON TO SEVERAL, NOW IM SORRY I DID, WITH THE WAY I HAVE BEEN TREATED…I WILL TELL EVERYONE I COME IN CONTACT WITH HOW I HAVE BEEN MISLEAD AN TREATED BY SEVERAL….


Mitsigrl February 20, 2015 at 6:30 pm

Lying seems to be a habit of Verizon wireless. I have been having problems with the customer service center and at the store level for a very long time. I am trying to reach a supervisor in the call center, again. Waited 55 mins for a supervisor, waited while he went through my current concern, told me why, put me on hold to read more notes and supposedly fix what customer care screwed up last month and hung up on me. Their mistakes have cost me thousands of dollars!


Tim February 3, 2015 at 7:00 pm

I picked up the triple bundle deal and was promised that my bill would be $262 a month with the Ultimate package, but every month my bill comes in at $295. I then have to call and have them adjust the bill. I’m always told that a correction will be submitted so I will not have to do this next month, but true to form the following month it start all over again. I only started this package on August 2, 2014. I’m at that point that I may cancel my service with verizon for a second time.


IMD January 29, 2015 at 2:04 pm

I meant “too big for” not “to big for.” My mistake. I type too fast.


IMD January 29, 2015 at 2:01 pm

Ranting here is useless. The people who are in charge…the corporate officers, are not going to read rants that ramble on, are misspelled, poor grammar and impossible to read punctuation. No matter how valid your point or your complaint, if you present it poorly it is wasted. Some of the complaints are silly, others are quite valid.

I look on YouTube and there are a vast number of very talented uploaders, producers of content that makes sense and is palatable. It would be an excellent thing if one of these producers of content actually produced verifiable content as to the awful practices of Verizon. Screen captures in real time are easy, and all you would have to do on phone conversations is record…and advise the person you are speaking with that it is being recorded (it is illegal otherwise)…and scan your contract…get every single piece of evidence, all of your ducks in a row. Once you have all of the content assembled, make it into a good audio/video presentation and do not fudge the facts, as Verizon’s lawyers will try to knock you down. Send links to that video to everyone you can think of, and post the link everywhere you can. It would be amazing to see what a viral video like that would do to the highest level at Verizon. Don’t be sarcastic, don’t fabricate, and if you do not speak well and clearly, have someone read your script. Verizon has gotten to big for its corporate britches. They are now completely uncaring about their customers and should be brought to task.


Powell January 27, 2015 at 8:23 am

Got a new phone, send in the rebates and apparently I didn’t send the barcode so verizon send me correspondent saying I should send the additional info by a certain date, I know I did, but I got a note saying ” Thank you for participating in the Verizon Wireless promotion. Unfortunately we could not honor your request due to the following reason, “THE SUBMISSION POSTMARK DATE REQUIREMENT IS NOT MET” are you serious? After 19 years I am so cancelling my home, mobile and internet service. There are cheaper competitors out there thank GOD


Jennie January 22, 2015 at 8:17 pm

We should all boycott Verizon, I feel they screw enough people over that all of us together can at least make a small enough dent to get them to open there ears and make them acknowage how XXXXXty they are teating all the people that are wasting all their hard earned money by throwing it at a company that clearly doesn’t care. Asshole I hope they all burn in hell.


rod January 26, 2015 at 8:55 pm



David January 8, 2015 at 11:23 am

Reading all these comments is cathartic. I now know that my unfortunate and frustrating experiences with Verizon are shared by others. Being a government employee, I am often amused by those who complain about inefficient government bureaucracy – Verizon beats any problems I have had with government offices.


L Bush January 7, 2015 at 8:48 am

My bill for my triple play has gradually gone up in cost. I received a visit from a sales person Infinity/Comcast in Nov. *Please keep in mind that up to this point, I have been a Verizon customer for nearly 18 years and in the recent years, have acXXXXulated about 36,000 points towards my ‘Verizon Rewards’.
After speaking with the Comcast representative, I did some research. I also called Verizon to try to get someone to assist me with some questions that I had regarding the costs incurred on my bill each month, which would be about $60.00 more a month than I would pay with Comcast. Comcast offered me EVERYTHING better. A state of the art DVR box, more channels, all upgraded movie channels, and double the internet speed for a savings in one year to be approx. $700.00.
As mentioned, i called Verizon to try to get someone to help me lower my bill. She took my number ‘in case we were disconnected, she would call me back’, which in all cases is what I have always heard, and low and behold the girl hung up on me and she never called me back! I have spent so much time micromanaging this company.
I called corporate headquarters in New York. When I tried explaining this situation to the girl who answers the phone there, she said the ‘home’ services division didn’t open until 9am. I asked her why they have different hours, and she replied with ‘ma’am, would you like to call back at 9′? to which I replied, “I work at a very high vis company and if I ever responded to someone in the way she did, I would be fired’, to that she replied, ‘ma’am, you a making a big deal out of nothing’ and slammed the phone down!
No more Verizon for me! Let’s just see if anyone from Verizon responds back to this complaint!


Debra January 31, 2015 at 12:52 pm

I hope your experience with Comcast is better than mine was. I have to say that Verizon is very frustrating to deal with. However, I changed from Comcast to Verizon because Comcast service and customer service was absolutely horrible. Every time I think I’ll go back to Comcast, I recall how awful their service was and decide not to change. I’ve stuck with the C- company instead of the D- company. The problem is that they do not have a lot of competition and they know it. But, like I said, I hope you’re having better luck.


Marisol Rosario December 25, 2014 at 1:44 pm

My comment is a bad service on old account ,they old me 3month $82.78.only i got excuse to send the check,is not latter money ,but steel money.I pay my biil on time.


G. DiBenedetto December 24, 2014 at 8:55 am

I have been a verizon phone service customer for over 20 years. So I decided in December 29 2012 I signed up for verizon fios triple play. After four months In April of 2013 channels were dropped when I called verizon to inquire about these dropped channels I was told I would need to upgrade from premium package to extreme which would cost an extra 25 bucks so I went with that package. But before I upgraded I emphasized with the rep will these upgrade change my 2 year agreement date of December 29 so of I decide to cancel I will not be charged an early termination fee she assured me this will have no affect I could cancel on December 29 2014 with no problem. We’ll in august 2014 the cloo channel was now dropped when I called verizon to tell them how disappointed I was with this and how I was thinking of canceling in December 2014. I was told I could not because in April 2013 when I upgraded I extended my contract date to April 2015. End result i would jus like to cancel triple play just keep my phone service and that’s it if I decide to go back to triple play in the future do it at that time and of course not be charged a penalty verizon rep said I can’t
Very disappointed


Gary December 22, 2014 at 11:07 am

I had a bundle with Verizon (FIOS TV, internet, phone). I canceled TV and phone and was told I wouldn’t get an early termination fee because technically I still had internet and didn’t cancel. Wrong – received early termination fee and I was told someone would review the taped phone recording to verify I was told I wouldn’t be assessed the early term fee). Three weeks went by and nobody contacted me so I had to call back, only to find out that whoever told me they were going to investigate, was full of crap. I ended up speaking with a supervisor who eventually waived the fee (thank you Marco). At the time I cancelled, TV & Phone, I kept internet and even upgraded my internet service to Verizon’s “Quantom”, which is more per month than their regular internet service and supposed to increase my internet speed; however, I haven’t noticed any difference in speed or connectivity. I’m sure they’re going to tell me it’s on my end, but why should I pay more for the same? I’m switching back to regular internet….


IMD January 29, 2015 at 9:49 am

While I have no love for Verizon and their deceptive practices and haughty, script-reading customer service…the reason you are not seeing a difference in speed MIGHT be your own wireless router, if you use one. Also if you split wired service with splitters, the splitters might be bad or out-of-date.

I changed one of my wireless routers (I do not use Verizon for internet, and have two cable modems) to a high-end one and noticed a great increase in speed.


Charles Brown December 19, 2014 at 8:51 pm

I just switched over to the verizon enhanced internet service, and my service speed suppose to be 1.0 – 3.0 mbps, I’m only getting 1.28 mbps. I;m not getting what I’m paying for My computer tech was here and he found no problems on our end . The verizon techs keep saying its our equipment and it’s not. We are 1 mile from the house where the home fiels office is, our Roku streaming stick keeps loading please wait. If I was getting what my speed is suppose to be it wouldnt be a problem, The wwe network requires a 1.5 mbps speed or faster to load properly. I dont understand if i”m paying for a higher speed why I’m not gettibg it, feel like I am getting ripped off. Very unhappy with verizon, I sent a letter to the Better Business . I want what I’m paying for.


Judy December 19, 2014 at 6:05 pm

I started contacting Verizon at 3 o’clock it is now 6 o’clock. I literally even had to drive to the Verizon store to get some resolution. I now have been on hold for a manager for 45 minutes. Does this make sense I want to buy a phone that will profit you in the long run by me paying more for the service every month. I have to wait until September of next year so that means 8 months of service I would be paying for you are losing profits. I also spoke with the director of the North East Region who lied to get me off the phone pushed me off on a poor representative who had no clue what he promised. I can not tell you the dissatisfaction I have with this company. I have another carrier who is willing to cut my phone bill in half and give me an upgrade really I will be cancelling Verizon.


S.Adams December 16, 2014 at 7:49 am

Have been a Verizon Customer for over 16 years now. At the same residence. Recently, my service has been progressively worse. In the last month service has been terrible. We have 5 cell phones in the house and presently no cell phones are working. All phones say ” No Service”! There are many customers in a 5 mile radius that arte experiencing the same problem. We have NO SERVICE! We have all made numerous calls and complaints but have experienced no increase in reliability or service. At this moment we are unable to place any calls . Our zip code is 31779. WE NEED SERVICE!!!


Rogelio torres December 15, 2014 at 5:37 pm

Wow!! Been reading some of these comment and I have to agree with some of them! I called in today to check my options of canceling. I have 3 lines 2mobile n a jet pack. Where to start fist I upgraded n Jan 2014 to edge plan rep told me since I’m not n contract I have 2 options. 1) most expensive at time of purchase was to get ur agreement n pay $299 for a iPhone 5, 2) cheapest was to pay just the taxes on iPhone 5 and pay months roughly $25/month then after 12 months was told u can upgrade or cancel and return device at not extra fee. In June I went on vacation for 10 days on 2nd phone stopped working. When got back went to store and the MANGER names Jose in San Leandro, ca manager told me my phone was defects, he never tested my phone didn’t check he just plugged in to wall and wouldn’t turn on. He then told me he could lower my bill if we changed plan and i add a 3rd line(jetpack) and he would get me a IPhone 5s at no charge and j would have it within 5-7 days, 7 days came n gone phone never came, called him and ask about it said was back order and he was going to try again, 5 days past called him and stars same thing we also had been in contact via text messages which I still have! 3 weeks later I get a letter stating I have to pay $350 for replacement?called on to Cust Service spent like 3 hours and finally got fees waived. In October I called in to check on my bill and asked about canceling phone service but just asking questions about it for future, was told that on the edge program I only owed $54 n if I wished I could cancel and return my phones pay nothing out of pocket, or if I wanted to keep phone I would have to pay $350 fee to keep phone. I called in today December 15.2014 to ask out how much would be to cancel jetpack n my other number then u asked again about canceling edge program cuz I work for AT&T n I get 50% off so don’t make sense to stay with Verizon especially after all this! Keep in mind I’ve been with Verizon for 7 years and although Ive been working for Att for 3.5 years I have stayed with Verizon. So they rep told me that if I want to upgrade to a new phone I could pay $27 and get new phone and I would have to return my current phone. I then asked what if I want to cancel line? Rep told me I need to pay $350 keep n mind I have been paying $27/month for almost 1 year, rep told me that the phone is $649 and I’m only leading the phone and once I decide to cancel I have to pay the remaining balance. I have been misled this year and it’s frustrating cuz Verizon doesn’t care! All they care about is your money! If you are looking to to get on Edge plan don’t do it it’s not worth it! You r better off paying the 2yr price and upgrading at 18 months and u get to keep your phone’ on sdge plan you don’t get to keep your phone if you Edge up.


Stephanie December 11, 2014 at 11:18 pm

Verizon lies to you and tells you if you move out of the area where service is available, they won’t charge you an early termination fee. Then you get on the phone with them and they do, even when they can’t provide the service. We have had nothing but problems and rudeness from them, the wait times on the phone are ridiculous once you’re an existing customer, and our FIOS service is shotty at best. I highly recommend Dish and/or Direct TV, I wish we would have never switched.


sabrina December 4, 2014 at 9:28 pm

So I have been a reliable Verizon customer on their prepaid services for a couple years. I recently decided to take one of their black friday deals on a contract phone. Upon activating the contract phone I called customer service to see if having my prepaid number switched to my contract phone. At first I was told it could not be done because I didnt request it when i purchased the phone from the representative (hard to when its online). Then I was told they couldnt complete my request because it was prepaids responsibility. Funny prepaid says its contract department. Then customer service told me it could not be done. They say if the number belongs to another company they can use it but because its their own they cannot (WTF)….in what world does that make sense.. So after being on the phone for almost 2 hours I gave up and refused to be transfered anymore. The next day THEY CALL ME and tell me it is possible (Very Nice Guy). He trys his best to stay with me through the transfers….eventually he gets lost…. 3 hours after being on the phone they tell me its not possible…….Are You Serious? Why waste my time? I dont care about the number anymore cuz i have already decided that verizon is not a company i want to stay with because if they cant even figure out how to operate within their own company how can they treat their clients right. Im done.


Karl November 30, 2014 at 10:30 am

On August 1, 2014, I called Verizon to order a replacement remote control. The rep thanked me for the purchase and asked if there was something else she could do to which I jockingly said she could reduce my rate. She looked up my present service and told me a $20 reduction was possible. She transferred me to another person. This individual , after keeping me on the phone for an hour, said the savings would amount to $10 with a 2 year commitment. We discontinued the phone call. A few minutes later, I received an email outlining the new charges. The basic rate had not changed by more than a few pennies more. On top of that were additional charges bringing the next bill to $227.40 from my old bill of $188.18. I called back to cancell this fraudulant sales tactic. I was told by CINDY she could not do that since the order was in the system but would initiate a TICKET to cancel. I would receive a box with equipment which I should refuse to accept. I told her UPS just drops the package and takes off. She will send me a return label. After 3 weeks I had to call her to remind her to send a return label or I would charge storage fees. I then received not one, but two return boxes with labels. UPS trackin shows the box was delivered on Sep 5 at Camp Hill and accepted by NIECE. Every monthly billing statement after August 1 shows the added charges as well as late fees. I inquired every time why the cancellation did not take effect. I got answers like we did not receive the equipment, or I would have to pay first before they could issue credid. This would take 2 billing cycles. I told Ms Martin I would pay for the service I have which is $188.18. It appears the customer service department is unable to perform their job because Verizon never changed their business practices from the old Bell Sysytem. Just received the November bill and nothing has changed except more late fees. Why do these people have a job?


Christine November 29, 2014 at 1:05 am

Don’t expect any satisfaction from ANY Verizon services. Their fees our beyond outrageous. Most people in the United States are not aware that in India they pay $25 a month for the top verizon fios bundles. And I am not talking about poor sectors. I’m talking about wealthy, westernized areas. That is disgusting. We are killing ourselves in America and Verizon is fleecing us. I have a serious health issue that just came on in 2012. I have kids and I have been scraping and cutting back on things to keep the lights on and a roof. I am aware that cable is not a necessity. However, the internet is because my daughter needs it for high school. Yes, they absolutely have to have access to the internet. And a printer, which mine is broken so my daughter has to use a flash drive for projects and print them out wherever she can. I called Verizon to try to get help because I am falling behind on my bill so I asked them whatever happened to the $300 deposit they made me give as a deposit when I set the account up in 2010. They told me today that they just keep it if you do not pay on time all the time!!! WHAT!? They charge me a late fee AND bill a month in advance!! Yet they feel they are entitled to just keep my $300??!! UNACCEPTABLE!! Something needs to be done. Venting on these threads is just not doing anything. And believe me, Lowell C McAdams is NOT reading ANY of these comments on any website. He’s on the golf course, travelling, eating and sleeping VERY WELL. ALL ON OUR HARD EARNED MONEY THAT HE IS STEALING. He is a white collar criminal. And he knows it because just TRY to get in touch with him. You can’t because too many people are ready to strangle him.


Michelle Conley November 22, 2014 at 7:48 pm

I just had the worst experience at my springdale, Ohio store. I’ve been a loyal customer since I’ve first had a phone many many years ago. I can’t believe how I was treated.

Today my iPhone started acting funny. The speaker has gone bad. 1st problem I’ve ever had with this phone and is the best phone I’ve ever purchased. I went into the store and the rep asked if I troubleshooted the phone. Well if course otherwise I wouldn’t of been in for the help. No one has seen the problem I’ve had. I said ok what do I do from here bc I listen to music a lot. He said well let me check your account. Apparently when I purchased the phone I denied the insurance. I have never ever denied insurance for this very reason for any phone I’ve ever had thru Verizon. It is on my husbands phone on the account but not mine. The rep told me it could be a mistake when I orginally purchased the phone but I’m basically SOL to have my phone replaced. Really!!!!!! He said however I can upgrade in a month so I should just wait. What the hell kind of customer service is that. I can’t hear anything on my phone properly and he said just wait. He then suggested I buy a blue tooth speaker if I wanted to hear better. asked if I could upgrade early since its only a few weeks and he said absolutely not. But I could upgrade to an older model if I wanted. If I’m going to upgrade now why the hell would I want an older model phone? He said that’s how the system works now. I asked to spreak to a manager and he said he’s busy right now and he can’t bend any rules for you either. I never asked for anything but a working phone. In closing before I stormed out of the store he suggested I go to the apple store to have my phone fixed.
I am completely beside myself on this service I received. My upgrade date is January 5th 2015 and I am now seriously considering just canceling my contract. Alll I wanted was a fix to my issue that all started from the sales associate screwing up almost two years ago when they said I declined the insurance. I never ever have complained before like this but I am furious and I hope someone will see this and have second thoughts about signing up with Verizon.

I am still stuck with a defective phone with no answer but I’m SOL from the sales accociate. Who ever gets to talk to a customer like that anymore?


Vonda D Holland November 20, 2014 at 10:35 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great regret that I find myself sending this email. However, I find it very necessary. My name is Vonda Denise Holland and I have been a Verizon customer for several years now.
On Wednesday November 12, I went into the Statesville Verizon Store to initially cancel my service and change carriers. I often find most of the service assistance in the Statesville officer rude, particularly Carmi and reynbar8 (name from sales receipt). Nevertheless I explained my desire to end my service and my displeasure with the customer service. Mrs. reynbar8 excused herself and another sales representative by the name of Brett approached me. Brett was awesome and he changed my mind. My son and I upgraded phones and we left the store satisfied or at least I thought. I ended up spending 149 dollars.
Well, after a couple of days I found it very difficult to adjust to and use my new phone, Galaxy S4. Because I was still in my 7 day window I went into the store and explained my situation and the difficulty I was having with my new phone. This time I was assisted by Carmi, whom I have dealt with in the pass. I explain to Carmi that the only thing I like about that phone was the size of the screen as I am getting older and need better visual aids. I selected the Iphone 6, but was informed that I would have to pay 199 up front. I explained that I can’t pay and asked if there was a way to break down the fee to incorporate it in my bill each month. I was informed no.
Because, I had already spoken with another carrier AT&T I knew that I could get new phone and the phone charge would be broken down in the bill. Therefore, I informed Carmi that since I was in my 7 day window, I wanted to return my two phones and put my account back like it was. Thinking that I would have credits to my account instead I learn that for the two upgrades I was charge a non-refundable fee of 60 dollars in addition to the restock fee of 70 dollars. And now I can’t figure out how I am left without anything. For 150 dollars, 9 dollars is credited back to my account. I have no New Service, No New Phones, and No Contract. Something about this picture is not right!
I would appreciate some sort of explanation as for now I am totally dissatisfied and angry.

Vonda d. Holland


Susan November 19, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Do not trust a word that there people tell you from Verizon about what your bill will be when you get your land line through them . I mad the mistake of changing back 4 lines with them all I have is lies from on person to the other and spent hours on the phone trying to get it straight still not right they cant even keep up with payments?


P Smith October 31, 2014 at 4:03 pm

I am perturb with the low level of customer service that I have received. I was told by a representative that I would receive an employee discount with my current employer and that I would receive unlimited data. It did not happen in a timely manner, so I asked for a supervisor. They put me in contact with Richard Wilson (Supervisor). He assured that he would call back on a certain day and research. He did not contact me until I reached out to follow up and he did not research and listen to my previous phones with a representative.

He called me after I requested a call back and ill prepared and rude. He did not assist me in a timely manner and did not post the changes to my account. I will be switching back to Sprint. I receive top rate customer service there, better coverage as well as respect.

Dissatisfied Customer


s. Smith November 10, 2014 at 6:46 am

I thought the unl data plan expired?


Mike kalail October 31, 2014 at 9:48 am

Same thing with happened to me. My sons iphone 5 wasn’t working, took it to the store where we got it and trusted my salesman, he said he would take care of it and arranged a new phone delivery for the next day. That was late June. In August there was a 299 charge. I have been calling and fighting with them for 2 weeks now. I have the insurance and should not have been charged. They refuse to credit my account but are willing to give me credit on a new plan. I hung up on the stupid rep and she called me back. I told her I didn’t want to talk to her and she had the nerve to ask me if she handled all my concerns. YEA Right! I am going to AT&T or T-Mobile tomorrow.


ThomasJefferson November 7, 2014 at 7:01 pm

Good luck, AT&T is just as corrupt and arrogant as Verizon.


Diana Arsenault October 29, 2014 at 1:43 am

Here’s a kicker many would enjoy. Back in September, my husband went to Verizon for a portable internet device. While there, I had them look at my son’s phone that he got back after leaving it in Florida from his vacay. One of the reps there very kind and doing what she can to work with us told us that the phone checks out and we could save if they order a replacement phone and my son’s iPhone 5 is returned. I mentioned it was insured with Assurion and I could send it there where she told us not to waste our time because we can get a free replacement. Low and behold we got the notice that the one phone turned in had water damage which we weren’t aware it got wet and that the rep reassured us then phone was fine and to go through them. Rep forgetting to tell us if something else if found once returned that we’d be charged a $299 fee. Well bill comes in and there’s the charge. I tried talking with them letting them know we weren’t of any water damaged and was dies to not use Assurion ur the store. One telephone rep told me if we weren’t told about the charge, then we shouldn’t have to that fee if the rep forgot to mention it. The store was very busy that day and she probably did forget yet we shouldn’t have to pay that fee if we didn’t make the mistake. The replacement phone my son was using had problems when it came to charging, battering dying so, so fast and because of how this phone was done. So, we went to Verizon this past Saturday to see if they can fix it once they find out what’s wrong with it. Well, as it turned out the cell phone wasn’t an iPhone 5 replacement but it was a actually and iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5s together, thus why it didn’t operate properly and died. After being informed of this Frankenstein cell we had, the rep & manager in the store placed a note on file about this one of a kind cell and to call Verizon once home to see if they can remove the charge from the other phone or just take off a hundred or so since the replacement cell is in fact two cell phones put together as a iPhone 5. It’s the first for me to c the oddity of this cell but it’s true and I took photos a proof. Since speaking to the reps via a phone call. I am told no discount and to pay the $299 fee but that they won’t charge for this defected Frankenstein cell. So, my next steps is to write, fax and email if I must to the headquarters to complain about the Frankenstein cell. They’ll probably not do anything about it and if that’s the case, no more referrals to friends or to have them transfer to Verizon. Lots of friends thanks to the fact that we are a military family with more than enough friends to inform them of the problem I’m having and to use another company.


L Haynes October 27, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Advice — Get your problem with Verizon to the Corporate Office. Stick with it. Demand an escalation until a mutually-satisfying solution is agreed upon. Keep demanding a higher “escalation” level if you cannot get your questions answered or, again, arrive at a solution that works for you. Perseverance is the key. It worked for me.


Denise December 8, 2014 at 10:44 pm

How did you get through to corporate phone, fax, letter? and who did you speak to? I am beside myself. Verizon employees will plain out lie to you just to get you to purchase an item (multiple locations & people). When you call to complain they just keep saying “thank you for your business” & do nothing but try to get you to upgrade to another wireless plan which costs even more $ !!! What a scam!!! How are they allowed to get away with this???? What kind of human beings think it is all right to take advantage of people? How could they live with themselves?!


sonya October 25, 2014 at 9:13 am

Taking advantage of people. Just out rite liar and crooks stated that their phone are Pre owned and certified. But the phone blank out now I am out of a phone


Michelle J October 18, 2014 at 4:49 pm

On 10-17-14, I received a text message from the store manager in Columbus, OH (Polaris location). The message read, “Good morning. This is Marcus Calloway, a manager from the Verizon wireless location in Polaris. You were in our location recently and I wanted to follow up on your visit to see how everything went. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out to me. This is my direct mobile number. We really do appreciate your business and loyalty as a client of Verizon wireless. We strive for a perfect 10.”

As nice as this may seem that he is checking on me (or so I thought) I would have preferred a phone call or letter. What infuriates me the most is that after receiving this text, I soon found out that I was a part of a group text from Mr. Calloway. Now I’m receiving texts from 20 other customers who I have no clue who they are and now they have my phone number. Why is this acceptable by this company? Not only do I have to fight them every month (for the past 7 years) about how high my bill is, but now I have to figure out how to get out of a group text on my LG G3 and ensure no one will use my number for their own personal use.

Really? Get it together Verizon. For being the powerhouse that you are you sure do know how to take advantage of your customers and make them feel like they are less than because you have them locked into a contract and steal our money. If you are striving for a perfect 10 you have failed miserably.

I will be going to a different provider and suggesting that my family and friends who are customers reconsider their choice.


Ricky Henriques October 15, 2014 at 8:09 pm

Liars! By far the worst customer service I have ever received in my entire life!!! My fiancé and I have been promised by a variety of individuals one thing and then a few said they were incorrect. How many individuals will not know company policy? Also, if something is promised to not just by one but by a variety of individuals how can a company not honor their word?!?! One individual told us “If you lost your phone you cant just expect me to give you a new phone for nothing.” Extremely snotty and disrespectful! Yes you could if it was promised to us by a variety of supervisors and CSR’s. Where is the justice in honoring your word for your employees? Horrible! On top of that I cannot even cancel my contract for having horrible customer service!! 9-10 representatives and probably even more but not 1 of them can provide us the correct information we need!! Hate this company and would rate it 0 out of 10 being the lowest score I would give any company!


david w davis sr. October 13, 2014 at 9:33 am

i’m handy cap and very importat my wife can keep in touch with me if i go some where but her phone has been out of order now for a week people at verizon keep saying they will call back but they dont im on a teir 3 list to be fixed 2 days ago no one called going to see my lawer today if something is not done they have my money and no service and no one cares if they did they would call back.


Mary Bowdish October 3, 2014 at 1:14 pm

In April of this year, I purchased two Samsung S5 phones from the Verizon Store at Mayfaire Towncener Mall in Wilmington, NC. While I felt the sales representative did a wonderful job helping me with my siutation, I have learned that one thing that he told me wasn’t the truth and has caused me, and more importantly, my daughter much frustration. When I purchased the phones, the sales rep asked me if I wanted insurance. At first I told him no, because Verizon collects money for the insurance and then when you have a problem, they send you a reburbished phone. The sales rep assured me that their policy had changed and now if you had a problem, you simply come back to the store and if the problem couldn’t be fixed, they gave you a brand new phone, just like the one you had, that day. With that explanation, I gladly took him up on the insurance for our phones.
This week, my daughter learned that when she made calls using her phone, the other person couldn’t hear her. The only way that she could resolve that issue was to put the phone on speaker. She contacted Verizon Chat and went through scenerio after scenerio trying to correct the problem. Nothing worked. At the end of the chat session, my daughter told the chat rep that she would just take the phone back to the store for a replacement phone. The chat rep them told her that she didn’t see any insurance on our phones!!!!!
So, I called Verizon myself and asked them to check my account for insurance and explained what the sales rep had told me in April about their new insurace policy. She told me that I didn’t have insurance and called the Verizon Store at Mayfaire to make them aware of the situation. They told her that they didn’t know who helped me that day, but they did not have a policy for replacing a broken phone in store. To get a replacement phone, I would have to go through their insurance carrier Ascurion. The Verizon rep allowed me to purchase insurance and backdate it to April. I’ll be paying for the insurance, retroactively on my next bill. NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS!
I called Ascurion and told them the same things that my daughter had told the chat rep. You would think that they could see that conversation on their site. Anyway, after going through all of the specifics again, they told me that they would have to send me a Sworn Affidavit & Proof Of Loss Statement for me to complete. They said they would send it to my email within 30 to 45 minutes. TWELVE HOURS LATER….NO STATEMENT. I called them back and asked that the doXXXXent be faxed, which they did, only to realize that I had to have a Complaint ID before I could complete the form. BACK TO ASCURIAN AGAIN…..for the third time! I told them if their customers needed the Claim numer they should be given that number before they finished the call. Good Gosh Almighty! Anyway, they told me that after I faxed the doXXXXent back to them, they would contact me, via phone, within three hours. WELL, WE’RE GONIG TO FIVE HOURS NOW AND NO PHONE CALL.

I’m convinced that Verizon has all of this in place because they want their customers to become so frustrated with the process that they just give up and buy a new phone! Well, that won’t work with me.

I will pass this on to every friend that I have. This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever experienced.


Nicole Simmons October 6, 2014 at 4:34 pm

I am having similar issues, and have been with Verizon for 13 years. I’m just about over it.


L Haynes October 8, 2014 at 1:49 pm

liars liars liars incompetent incompetent incompetent THAT’S VERIZON had to call them again guess what? my call was dropped twice. finally reached someone who has promised a call back after having the “tekkies” run a check of my area for service problems. it happens all over florida tho but i seem to be in a “black hole” of coverage. SOOOOOOOOO let’s see what happens this time. first time ANYONE AT VERIZON CORPORATE has suggested a check of service in my locale. GEEEEZZZZZZZZ i’m not holding my breath for a solution acceptable to both parties ——- Verizon and ME


BILLING SERVICE October 1, 2014 at 9:32 am

I moved my business this week (have been a verizon customer for 30 years) and placed a BUSINESS order for an install 4 weeks prior to the move!! They arrived but didn’t complete the job!! It’s now been 3 days without services & I’m losing $$ daily!!! I can not find ONE working phone line at the corporate level to reach someone to contact!! I would go to another server only I already sent out change of address & telephone number notifications to my 500+ clients who now probably think I skipped town!!!! HATING customer service with Verizon!!!!!


L Haynes October 1, 2014 at 1:32 pm

BILLING SERVICE —– Keep calling the corporate line. That is what I did and someone in New Jersey finally picked up — I’m told “overflow” goes there. I’m still not at a solution. As I posted previously, their GOAL is to totally frustrate their customer, hoping you will give up. Persevere and demand VERIZON reimburse YOU for their screw-up.


steven L October 29, 2014 at 5:57 am

do you have a number to corporate? I am dealing with the “exec office” getting on place with my problem


L Haynes September 30, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Still waiting for that promised “escalation problem-solver” to actually reach me. Someone from Verizon called the wrong cell phone number again. Do these people ever read notes in the complaintants’ files? Think not. This is beyond disgusting, I’ve spent way too much time dealing with these so-called professionals. That is what Verizon wants — telling their lies and keeping their customers running around in circles until total frustration sets in and we “go quietly into that good night”. I’m NOT going quietly.


juggalette_ 30 September 30, 2014 at 12:03 pm

Hey for all the customers having trouble out of verizon email me at and can get them to get stuff fixed and straightened out and cause they tried screwing a friend of mine over to and helped him get his stuff straighten out…some of tge reps. Is rude don’t care …if u let them run u over some of the reps. Will and some won’t ….they’ve been good to me cause I stand my grounds also and has been with them going on 9, years now…..they need to get rid of the rude workers though and keep the reps.thats willing to help a customer when needed…..


David Arthur September 26, 2014 at 9:33 pm

The New i phone deal that verizon is such a terrible way of false advertising never do they say that you must be eligible for an upgrade So this will cause a customer to be embarrassed when they are in the store after 10 years we will be leaving verizon but no big deal to them Our little 4,000$ a year won’t hurt Thanks for nothing


L Haynes September 26, 2014 at 4:22 pm

Is Verizon capable of doing anything right? Forget about living up to it’s promises, it’s advertising (often false) and obligations to its customers — we know that isn’t going to happen — but I would like to be able to, just once, speak to a capable, trustworthy, competent VERIZON employee (or contractor) and have an issue resolved. Just doesn’t happen with these people. I would hope that Lowell McAdam, the CEO, occasionally browses these sites to keep himself aware of the low opinion 99% of his customers have of him and his company.


L Haynes September 26, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Well, here we go again. Another Verizon liar. Supervisor named Ryan called, only he called and left a message on the WRONG cell phone. The voicemail also states he will try again shortly. Lo and behold, HE DID NOT. It is now Friday, 4:09 pm, as I post this and I have just left a message to Ryan that HIS SUPERVISOR is to contact me. Also, I notified the customer whose personal information was disclosed to me during the “live chat help line” of the infringement of her privacy, and, hopefully, this person will take issue with Verizon as well.


chuck September 26, 2014 at 3:05 pm

they suck


Anonymous September 25, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Awful customer service! I’m only with them because of the good signal in most places! Verizon sucks otherwise! The manager at the Topeka Kansas store is the worst!!


K Dantone October 4, 2014 at 2:24 am

Relieved to see I am not the only one out there. I was starting to question my sanity and at one point, I seriously thought I was going to have an aneurysm dealing with the complete lack of customer service that now plagues verizon. Like many, I enjoy the more reliable signal that is provided by vzw. Also, I have more than lived up to my end of the bargain and paid thousands of dollars for this service (going on 12 years now). I will withhold my saga, or nightmare, with vzw that has been going on for four months now. It shames me to say that it has taken up a great portion of my personally valuable free time and also wasted much of my summer subjecting and repeating myself to incompetent, lying, and snake-like verizon reps. Management’s attitudes, actions, etc. all trickle down through the ranks so imagine what the head of this snake, a.k.a. the corporate office, is like. Getting back to the point, I now have to check back in with Juan, a GM at the Medford, Oregon corporate store, in person, again, as I have not gotten a promised call back from him or even the decency of a returned call after leaving a message over a week ago. This and the countless other rep and supervisor “promises” proves the learned, and somehow deemed acceptable, practice of dismissing a customer. Coupled with vzw’s other quite popular practice, “transferring” to another department (which is in another call center across the nation), a customer can find themselves hamster-wheeling a vicious cycle of repetition, let downs, and overall, frustration. By far the WORST customer service I have ever PAID FOR and I am still in utter shock that these PAID EMPLOYEES promise resolutions to customers with LIES, cover their IGNORANCE from poor training with lies, and that VZW ALLOWS this to happen over and over again in a system that HOLDS NO EMPLOYEE ACCOUNTABLE for their actions.


L Haynes September 25, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Another comment regarding Verizon. I have been on the phone trying to bring to Verizon Corporate’s attention that an employee named Cindy released to me another customer’s name and address and inquired if I was that person. It was not me, however, stricter precautions should have been taken before disclosing this person’s identity and location. I believe this to be a serious violation of Federal privacy laws. I’ve repeatedly tried to be transferred to Verizon’s Legal Department to make them aware of this –to no avail. I didn’t get the employee’s badge number. That is NOT a disclosure on the on-line chat “help” line. That chat exists; but Heather, a supervisor, would not transfer me to the department in charge of on-line “help”. Again, that chat exists. It occurred yesterday at approximately 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. These employees do not care. I will be contacting the person whose information was released to advise of Verizon’s actions and their callous and neglectful attitude toward a customer trying to notify Verizon of a serious breach of the public trust.


L Haynes September 25, 2014 at 1:56 pm

How come I was not informed that Verizon Cell Phone is not a fully-owned subsidiary when I was coerced into a contract I did not need, having been told it was the only plan available? Could be why my cell phone is a piece of crap and customer service is even worse. The cell phone goes crazy, the virtual idiot keeps talking to me when I’m in a call, and I neither need nor use features on this “smart” phone. Also, continuous dropped calls. Have tried to deal with Verizon, get promised call backs, etc. Never happens. On the chat line yesterday, someone named Cindy answered my question with the reply “ride a horse ha ha”. I typed “huh?” Conversation went downhill from there. Twice I asked for a supervisor — didn’t happen. Cindy said I would receive a phone call today — hasn’t happened. Verizon is full of incompetent employees; even worse, they are liars.
Corporate is aware of this. They won’t even answer the phone in the NYC Headquarters. You have to leave a voice mail. This is insulting — I’m paying THEM for shoddy equipment, horrible phone service, and they can’t even ANSWER THEIR PHONE. Pathetic.


David Arthur September 24, 2014 at 6:05 am

False advertising is causing us to leave. Erosion after 12 years. New I phone was said to be free with trade in Never said anything about being eligible for upgrade in advertisement. Just trade in your I phone for a new one. This cause me embarrassment thanks verizon. Seems after 12 years you would be a kettle more considerate of how you talk to your clients


irvin maslow September 20, 2014 at 5:01 pm

I have tried in every way possible to get the verizon to address the horrible way(s) they have handled the MANY issues over the years. Almost 5 years ago, they charged me $329 for two ETF’s on cell phones we had only 3 weeks (27 days) and cancelled after we waited in line at a verizon store while the agent took two couples BEHIND us to go before us. I asked him if we were invisible. After another deer in the headlites look , we left and cancelled. 3 moths later, we got the bill. A year or so later, we were financing our second home and a note on our credit file appeared. We called verizon and insisted they remove it at once. They “offered” to do this if we agreed to pay half in settlement. I informed them I owe nothing, but after my wife’as insistence, I paid it but told them it was under duress and I WOULD be getting it back later. Then there was the mysterious bill for $200+ in MY name but a totally different account #. THAT was taken care of over 4 years ago by Executive Offices in Potomac Md. (So I thought) I recd 3 letters from the C.O.R.T. team (Change order review team) in the last 12 days. I now have over FIFTY of these. I have investigated in every possible way, always being told (until 3 days ago) there were “NO restrictions” on my acct…here it comes again. I could go on all day. The last straw for me was Wednesday, Sept 17, 2014. I spoke with a person in Massachusetts for over an hour BRIEFLY telling some of what verizon has done to us over the last 5 years(in Oct) I told her what I wanted the main issues to be resolved. She ASSURED me she would get me valid answers, either to settle, or tell me they would not and we would part company.She said she would call me by 10:00 a.m. next day. She then asked me to wait a few momentrs whilwe she ‘checked something’. Seven minutes later, a “MILLENNIAL” in trhe C.O.R.T. team got on??? I had been told yet again there were NO restrictions on my account. Thsi young person AGAIN brought up the $200+ account (not mine) and said the “restrictions” were only “allowed” to be removed for 24 hours, then put back. I explained again that was (supposedly) taken care of over 4 years ago and WHY was SHE on the line and where was the other rep??? She said the other rep “dropped off”. I think verizon has dropped of….the planet!!!


Fran September 26, 2014 at 12:49 pm

I am in the process of filing a complaint against them

The Corporate office is located at 140 West Street, New York, NY 10007. Main phone number is 212-395-1000


Nita Shaw October 12, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Why bother with a PHONE call? Do any of you know what a Certified, Receipt Requested, letter Is? NOT putting you down really. This is Sunday – MY letter goes out tomorrow the the head dog. I have worked for 5 months just to get a bill, yet it is expected to be paid. Go figure. I am like a bear with a piece of meat – I just hang in there as so many of YOU are doing. Tampa Electric came through after 2 years of a problem THEY caused that almost burned out house down. We could not get info on the big dogs so I simply sent THE letter to CEO/PRESIDENT of TECO. Got great results the very day they received it – sooooo going to see if Verizon can finally do something. I will never pay another bill (now including Sept) unless I get it on the given month I should get it.. For goodness sake NONE of need or want to deal with Customer Service – ANYWHERE. I hang up on those with accents.


Russell Kennedy September 18, 2014 at 11:35 am

I have recently moved into the area from Chicago. Upon reaching my new command, one of my supervisors told me about how good Verizon FIOS was, so I put in a request for service. This was about a month ago. Earlier this week, I just found out that the previous tenents at my apartment complex still had service in the apartment and the Virginia Customer Service could not disconnect the service unless the previous tenents called them to cancel it. Well, eventually, after 4 of 5 days, a representative spoke to a supervisor that said all we need is a copy of the lease to get the service cut off. I sent off the lease this morning to Veronica Rivera to fax number 757-896-1753 with all my information on it so she could call me back. I have yet to hear from her. Every time I call customer service now, I am put on hold and told she is unavailable and she will contact me when she is available.

Long story short, I have no service. It would have been nice to know that service was still going to the apartment and this could have been resolved weeks ago rather than me writing you wasting your time as you read this.

All I would like now is to have the service that is currently going to my apartment cut off so I may get service there for myself. Not a monumental request.

Petty Officer Russell Kennedy


Frank Lazene September 16, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Verizon Wireless is being represented by a fraudulent strategic partner. THE ALORICA Fresno/Clovis site has manager stealing thousands of dollars from VZW by adding credits to their own account and family members account. Michelle Green, an HR director there steal credits, clocks in when she’s not even working and is a racist. If there are any Verizon Rep’s seeing this you guys should take action, because by the end of the year that site’s management would have stolen close to a million dollars from VZW.


Lorraine Green September 14, 2014 at 8:41 pm

I would like to commend your customer service representative, David, of the California call center (employee #V1GRD36). I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for many years and have, on many occasions, called for assistance. Although I have almost always been satisfied with the level of service I received, I have never been as pleased and impressed by a representative as I was with David today. He spent over an hour helping me understand several ways by which I might save money on my plan. He also helped acquaint me with features of several of the phones available through your company. I feel that he went way beyond any expectations I had and cannot imagine a more helpful person. I want to bring his exceptional service and expertise to your attention. Thanks to Vz Wireless for hiring such talented representatives.


L Haynes September 25, 2014 at 2:28 pm

Wow, an exception to the expected.


Nita Shaw October 12, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Maybe because he hoped to sell you a product. IF you had a problem COULD he have done anything to help? Would he have had the authority to make decisions on a problem. I, too, have had delightful help from our local VW office. However, MY issue is with FIOS. I actually get a bill from Wireless. Fios keeps saying they sent it – for 5 months. I ask for a duplicate, it gets here, and they charge me for a duplicate. Needless to say this 82 year young woman won’t pay it. They tell me I can go on line. NOT NOT NOT I do agree that the ‘good’ people really should be recognized. Thank you for doing that for David.


Rick Darby July 28, 2015 at 5:37 pm

And you believed this talented and exceptional representative? I think you are too naive to live in this world.


Albert Whitehead September 14, 2014 at 9:03 am

Although I consider myself to be an intelligent and articulate senior citizen, words cannot express the incredibly poor customer service and extortionate practices that I recently experienced, for example.

On 9/12/14 I purchased the Mayweather fight. When I could not view same, I called customer service and was advised that the fight wasn’t scheduled until Saturday, Sep. 13, 2014. Realizing my error I cancelled that purchase 24 hours BEFORE the fight. Now I’m told, that although Verizon recognizes my call on 9/12, 14, that I will still have to pay the $79 dollars DESPITE THE DOXXXXENTED CANCELLATION!

Calling customer service is a waste of time, energy, and is tantamount to psychological and emotional abuse!! I was put on hold for over an hour! I only stayed on “hold” to doXXXXent the abusive customer service!!

In the final analysis, Verizon will lose my account because I will not accept this unconscionable practice that ADMITS the cancellation 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE, but insists I have to pay for the cancelled event nonetheless!


Nina Ayers August 28, 2014 at 12:50 pm

I became a Verizon Customer is 2000 an since then, did not have to call my Verizon company for much of anything. other then to ask when to up grade. In the pass 18 MONTHS, I have had to call non stop either everyday or every other day, due to crap from your company. I was only paying for my services 125.00 for just ONE line, an NO it was not a smart phone. To i got a smart phone in 2013 no one but total of 5 for me and my kids, my bill went to 300.00 a month, starting from Oct 2013 to now my bill has been one month 400, to 1300.00 an No it is not from over usage of DATA. Due to the rude Customer services, and Hateful Financial services, I am very sick an tired of this company treat me like I am a nobody. I do pay my bill, I pay on the 5th of the month 150.00 and on the 20th of the month 150.00, I have been paying this since Oct of 2013, I have been paying a Car payment or a House Payment. I gave up my car due to this reason so I have to walk to were I am going, or depend on other. For, the first time in my life i have no Car, very sad, an NOW your company is making it harder for me to eat. This month of AUG 2014 I paid on the 5th 150.00 an on the 21st 300.00. your company demands MONEYS, now I will say one of your reps did see an over on Verizon part an gave me 30.00 credit. Which was nice, So I hope McAdams you enjoy eating an driving you car because my family will not. You know your company needs to work on your customer relations, it is the worst. Your personal act like DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY persons instead of someone who cares about the customer. Now I just spoke with a person Named Kevin who was nice and caring an agreed that the company needs to relate more to the customer. I have read on this page that I am not the only person who has found your staff to be rude, uncaring, to the least hateful. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams make Billions off us Customers, an he would like for his staff to talk nice an KIND to him, or if they don’t i bet they would be fired, or retrained on how to be more courtesy towards people. McAdams, would not like for a rep to call him 9 times in a day, an ask the same question as the prior person, he would ask for that individual to look at there notes. No one person is perfect an no one company is either. There needs to be more relation of kindness to your customer, an you know what just simply understanding that people don’t have the money like the use too. I know you Mr. McAdams don’t go with out food, lights,water, or phone, but us the common person well we DO! So like your going to take the time to address this matter, I feel better expressing my complaint. One more thing to add. Your customer Care is there to help keep a person happy, well you McAdams need to give them more AUTHORITY to do so to make the customer feel like your company does care, give them the right to credit or give nice futures, should as a free case, a free car charger some thing simple, or credit of 100 once every 6 mo months to keep the customer happy, grated you rep think the 30 – 50 credits are nice but in logic, the customer is already owed that back once they change service plans. McAdams fix your COMPANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least My Cable company Mediacom an Ameren will work with me and others to make sure we dont do without, they will give you credits or comp you on your bills because they do understand that person will leave there services if they don’t have a heart. An they do understand that times are ROUGH. So McAdams the next time you turn on a light or answer a phone or eat a nice meal in a restaurant you need to think of your customers that allowed you to buy that stuff. Your Company is more like a DEBT COLLECTOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nina Ayers August 28, 2014 at 1:11 pm

I would also, like to add this Lowell McAdams, on 7/31/2014 i spoke with 9 REP two of which was acting like they were Managers in which they were not. Then I called your Corporate office 212-395-1000 an talked to 3 people to get a Rep called Jessica, in which insured me I would have not more issues, For 5 days i didn’t then the calls started again, until the 18th i could not take it anymore. I talk to these people on the 18th of Aug, 2014 ALEX Financial who was RUDE!, ANITA Customer Care who did not wish to listen To Katie in Financial who did not want to hear what I was saying about my bill other then to make arrangements, To Nebble in Financial who was very clearly not going to do ask I wanted an keep my payments on the 5th an 20th of every month To wear I looked up the Number for your corporate office and talked to 2 executives, to get a hold of Jessica again, in which I expressed again, that this matters are still happening they are not posting out the dates in which I will pay they keep calling about the bill an are rude about matters, she got Financial again on the phone an expressed that I was making the arrangements for the payments and this matters you would think was DONE. Then Aug 22nd I got 5 calls regrading the bill an payments again, I called 5 times to your executive office an was hung up my three of your staff members in which I used a person ATT phone an lol, I got to speak to a rep from your executive staff once I gave my NAME your members of your Executive staff were rude about me calling so many times well they should be upset that your staff in customer services an Financial are not taking care of this matters. I was angry an called foor the last time to talk to a human an got one Madesta in Customer Care she expressed how her company is sorry for there action an was very kind an wanted to fix things an she did with in 10 mins and express how sorry that this matter lead this far. Your staff needs learn her manners. To Aug 27th 9 phones calls starting at 8 AM to 9 PM this is total over kill on the calls an they were over the BILL, I talked to a REP who stated they need arrangements in which i gave to, today Aug 28 starting at 8 AM the called 3 of them I were I called again your Staff Member Jessica of the Executive staff an expressed again about the calls, she stated they just need to have that I will post a day to pay McAdams she shoudl after 2 conversation know the dates, I gave them again an thought that it was clearly done. No more hateful calls NOPE 10 min later Financial called to ask when I will be paying WOW REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!! Going on 15 Year with your company an this is bull crap to have your company nag at me like were are in a marriage. FIX YOUR COMPANY CUSTOMER SERVICE AN FINANCIAL SERVICES OR YOU WILL SEE YOU LOYAL CUSTOMERS LEAVE AN GO ELSE WERE. P.S. REALLY MCADAMS THINK ABOUT US THE PEOPLE PAYING YOU YOUR MILLION DOLLAR SALARY


Nina Ayers August 28, 2014 at 1:20 pm

Here is the final note to your company i was just reading others with there complaints an it would appear they are close to all the same, So I guest your company needs to fix it relation with people, because there is a vasts, more other way to talk with people this day’s then 10 years ago this pre-pays are cheaper an better then the services, an just a the tablets, your dont have to get them now from your company they are are at several stores, an you can face to face talk an call an everything just need to keep this mind people can make different choice. And, please tell your Reps, an Executive is degrading to hear this words we can not put a price on our time you are on hold are have conversation with one of our staff, that is degrading to use. Well here is that matter that person that is not doing anything to fix a problem do they get paid for there JOB, we the Customer, who pay’s for that JOB, does feel that they should be PAID back something. SO PLEASE HAVE YOUR STAFF AN EXECUTIVE STAFF STOP EXPRESSING THIS PRAISE, TO USE THE PERSON WHO PAY’S THERE WAGES. THANK YOU SINCERELY NINA AYERS LIKE THIS MATTER WILL EVEN BE CORRECTLY ADDRESS


Amy August 28, 2014 at 3:14 am

I just got hand up twice from the with Supervisor Duncan. I was call to the 611 to intend to add another phone to my account, but i decided not to do it. From the conversation The customer service offered the discount as the part of Verizon promotion 1 free Gb data plan, she also mention due to long time Loyalty customer ( I have acct with Verizon more than 10 yrs) you will receive 50% off for each phone line for next 12 months start on next billing cycle. I got off the phone and wait for the new phone bill arrived on few days ago. I only see about $10 different from last bill, I made a phone call to 611 again last night, I spoke to a female customer service her name is Crystal . I told her what was going on after put me on hold for a while and she came back. The connection was very bad then I got disconnected. I made another phone call and a male customer service and I was very patiently repeat my concern again, he reviewed the account and said : ” ok no problem let me go ahead process it, you monthly bill will be 82.83 and you will see the adjust on next 24 hours”. We get off the phone. I went back to my account tonight and found no adjustment as I was promised. I made another phone call to 611and spoke to John, I told him the reason I called, he reviewed account and told me you are not eligible for the promotion till October when you are within 12 months till the contact end. I am very upset and request to talk to supervisor, after a long while waiting I got a very rude supervisor name Duncan, I didn’t bother to explain or he can try another solution with customer, he was only said you are not eligible and hand up on me, I am so upset and I tried back 1 more time. I spoke to – 3rd person her name is Andy, now she told me something else, you are going to get a small discount $10 for each access line not 50%, I can’t believe each customer service explain differently to customer or each has their own rule. i request to talk to Supervisor again and guess what I was transfer to the same Superviosr Duncan, once again he hand up me and said He can’t help me. I wonder why Verizon is a large corporation the customer should be inform and well train all kind of promotion so it can apply to each individual acct. I was very upset about the mislead from the customer service. This is not the 1st time I ran to the customer service problem I just didn’t have times to write to complain but this time It is so terrible. I am request a call back from some one able to resolve my issue I can be at 818326XXXXx or you can email me from the above address sincerely Amy Duong


Jenn August 27, 2014 at 2:27 pm

I was only a customer for a short period of time, but was mislead from the very beginning. I was promised, on 4 different occassions, that if I cancelled my service within the first 30 days, I would not be charged anything. I ended up cancelling service after 2 weeks because I relocated. I received my first statement showing I owed for a full month of service. So I called the customer service number and was told to disregard this automatically generated statement, to wait for my final statement. About a week after that I received an email stating I owed for a full month of service that I was previously billed for, and if not paid, I would be sent to collections. So I called customer service again to see what the issue is. I was bounced from representative to representative with no resolution. During this particular call I was on the phone in excess of 2 hours, and spoke to at least 5 representatives. I finally asked to speak to a supervisor, who disconnected my call when she could not answer my question and I pushed for an answer. I called back and asked to speak to a manger in regards to my treatment thus far. I was told I was connected to a manager. I later discovered this “manager” is actually a sales representative. Again I was told to disregard this statement that it was not my final bill. I received another statement yesterday, August 26th showing my previous balance is now past due, along with “current activity” and now a late fee. I spent over 2 hours and 10 minutes on the phone this morning. I spoke to 6 different representatives who again, all gave me conflicting information. The call ended with no resolution, but a promise for a call back.

Bottom line, Verizon customer service is horrid. They provide misleading, inaccurate and inconsistent information. They are rude and unwilling to assist a customer who is begging (yes I begged) for someone to help them.


Eric August 26, 2014 at 6:41 pm

What can I say that hasn’t been said. I am done with them also. I’ve had verzion for over 15 years and they just don’t care.


Scot Rudner August 19, 2014 at 4:46 pm

Do you even care about how i (customer) is treated? You make it impossible to make a complaint, furthermore the employees show a sincere (we could care less about you) attitude. I’ve never been more mistreated as a customer. Sad thing is that i’m in customer service. I do know how to treat them, and i have a motto! The customer is always right. If something is not done, i will do whatever possible to cancel my many services with Verizon. I’m trying to be as nice as i can be at the moment. after spending countless hours trying to reach management ( someone who cares


Ourelian J. Haley, A.A.S. August 17, 2014 at 4:26 am

VERIZON IS THE WORST #EPICFAIL #THEWORSTCUSTOMERCARE. At night when you call the call center for a cable or internet problem its let the good times roll. I am so tired of dealing with bad customer care. I am so done with these bad experience.


ariel August 15, 2014 at 7:19 pm

I have canceled my Verizon Fios and have returned their equipment using the boxes and labels they sent. I returned one box on June 11, 2014 and the other July 12, 2014. Yet I keep receiving harassing phone calls claiming they do not have this equipment. I have the receipts from the Post Office to prove that I did what I was supposed to, and that is return the equipment. Yet, no one will help me. I have contacted customer service, I have even called the Verizon’s Executive Office only to be told that I will be transferred to someone that can help me. But all they did was put me on an infinite hold… no one ever picked up. Verizon needs to re-learn what customer service is!


Dr. Donald Overend August 11, 2014 at 1:04 am

My phone service at home is being interrupted regularly for days at a time due to cables being cut during construction. It always seems to happen close to a Sunday and Verizon doesn’t look into it until the following Tuesday. The CEO needs to address this issue but he hides his email from the customer base. My phone has bee dead all day. Verizon will not look at it again until next Tuesday. They just don’t seem to care.


CHERYL GRAY ETURRALDE August 2, 2014 at 5:46 pm

I am a customer, along with my 4 family members, since 2009. Until this unresolved problem with the customer service phone agents I was a satisfied verizon customer, However, I was informed by one a verizon phone agent that I would be issued $100 on gift card or my account for my iphone 4 [perfect condition] when returned. The agent sent me a shipping label in the mail. I removed the sale from ebay and turned away 4 potential buyers of my phone. Upon walking into the Verizon store, as I decided to go this direction and not mail it.. they informed me the quoted rebate was incorrect.. calling the phone line back speaking to Jessie, Judith, Julie, and Kyle. To make a very LOOOOONNNNG Story short… they WOULD NOT honor the phone transaction and I can only thank my lucky stars that I did NOT ship the phone to Verizon before I had this transaction retracted. To date I have been hung up on twice and promised returned calls which I have not received, nor had the problem resolved. Fortunately I was able to reconnect with one of the earlier buyers and sold the phone to acquire the monetary amount.. but my faith and trust in Verizon is completely crushed. I expect to NOT renew my contract or my family members and will notify Apple that, although i LOVE the IPhone.. my relationship with them will end as well since this I will not do business with Verizon. Unless someone can regain my trust in that this problem with customer service phone agents will be addressed. Kind Regards,,, unhappy VERIZON Customer


Barbara August 1, 2014 at 1:34 pm

I had no line service. I called Verizon. I was told that my line was “disconnected.” No explanation; no apology. Since you have to have authorization to change an account, it must have been Verizon’s error. I was transferred to sales to reconnect. I was then told they would reconnect me, but they would have to give me a new number. I told them that was unacceptable as I had the number for over 30 years, and it would be a nightmare to try to contact everyone. The response: “Sorry for the inconvenience.” No explanation as to why they disconnected me. No apologies or try to make it right. I asked for a supervisor. I was told one would call me back. I’m still waiting to hear. I also asked for a credit as the bill had been paid. I was told they couldn’t do that.


Rob July 31, 2014 at 4:26 pm

The customer service people for Verizon Wireless are the most ignorant people in the world I have ever come across. This supposed manager “Jamal” had the nerve to tell me he knew he was more trained than the techs at the store who told me my phone was not operating properly and not allowing the apps to close thereby causing my data use to go my less than 2 GB one month to 12 GB the next billing cycle. Then he back tracked and said he was more trained than most of the people at the retail level. Then told me that the phone was operating correctly after telling me he believed my recount of the conversation with the store tech and after I told him the tech told me the phone was malfunctioning.

Jamal is a moron and if this guy is a manager they need to retrain their entire staff!!!

F*ck off Verizon….after over 10 years with your company I am going to another carrier!!!

In the immortal words of Al Bundy…Eat A Dick!!!!


Linda July 26, 2014 at 7:00 pm

why is it that as long as we are with Verizon when our contact is up we are being punished.
We are not allowed to upgrade our phones. If we want to up grade we lose our plan. I want to up grade my phone and keep my plan they say that’s not allowed. Ok then I have been looking around I’m about to drop Verizon because I can’t up grade my phone. I have a unlimited data plan. That’s bull so what your saying if I up grade my phone I lose my plan. So I have to stay with this phone the next how many years who cares how old my phone gets. I guess I have to move on to another phone company T Mobile here I come.


C.Street July 9, 2014 at 9:15 pm

To whom it may concern,
I have a complaint about your 10+ year customers get absolutely no discounts or promo deals or anything for being loyal customers. This new edge program you have is crazy! Just because I don’t care to get the newest greatest phone every 6 months I am being punished by having to pay close to 300$ a month for less than what edge customers receive. I have 4 gigs of SHARED data. They pay 160$ a month (plus the cost of a phone monthly). I’m my eyes, those of us loyal customers should be able to pay that 160$ a month for our 4 lines also!
Also, how does a huge cell provider as yourselves not offer unlimited data any longer when smaller companies can? You need to concentrate on your existing customers and give us some reason to continue to stay with you and stop worrying about getting new customers! Take care of the millions you have and maybe we will all stick around. If not, you are fixing to lose a lot of your 10+ year customers, such as myself, to other companies to lower our cell costs and get more for what we pay for!
Bring back unlimited data, make people who want to get the latest and greatest phones pay a NORMAL bill and finance their “need to keep up” on top of it and give your LOYAL CUSTOMERS A FLIPPING BREAK!!!!!!!!! Now that’s good business!!!!


Linda July 26, 2014 at 7:09 pm

AMEN I agree!!!!


Ms. White July 9, 2014 at 6:12 pm



DR July 2, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Even though Verizon bonds were downgraded with the acquisition of Vodafone…
Today at 11:22 AM
We still kept both.
However, our confidence in the future investing in Verizon, would improve greatly…with better customer service.
Lowell, Mcadam, I would imagine that a Cornell educated engineer with an early P.E. designation, would make efficiencies one of your core values. Impressive as your education (bi-coastal), military core of engineers (Navy) affiliation, and rise to the pinnacle of one of the largest corporations worldwide, the basics still need to be accomplished to maintain investors, both big and small. Word of mouth and the first line of contact with any corporation still has long term impact.
Lowell Mcadam, it all starts at the top, or should. I am so very disappointed at the service and communication, or lack thereof, of such a large communications company. It makes me long for the good old AT&T monopoly days, when we really did get better service. Sigh!
Hopefully you are not aware of the plight of anyone having to work with your customer service…or the WALL that is imposed to make it impossible to get resolution. I have every confidence if you were aware, the following would not be the case: Numbers given by managers to contact them in an escalation needing a 5 digit pin…not given with the number. Full voice mail when you call the service technicians who generously left their contact information. Wait time on your customer service number. First names only given when trying to even know who you are ‘working with’ for some relief and resolution. Wait time for service…reduced to the next day due to medical need…from FOUR days (the usual response time- really, really?). Then let’s think about the fact they we have had nano-second intermittent phone service for the past 4 days, without resolution when the contracted technician finally does arrive, 3 1/2 hours after we were told he would be here.
Yes, sadly we are a residential client…but not a small one…people think we are a small business with over a dozen TV’s with full service (we get a lot of company in our home and they all enjoy the perks at what they call our B&B), our high speed internet, 4 phone lines, all fios, our wireless service, and more. The loss of our service, also impacts our security system. Living in a multi million dollar home, in a multi million dollar neighborhood (one of the AOL founders on our very street) makes this more than just an inconvenience. We installed a $50K generator due to medical need as well as convenience and safety to not have ‘down time’.
Just an FYI, we are the same generation as you are, and my husband and I are highly educated like yourself. My background has a combination of SW Bell (before the breakup) with the old days of equal access and many business enterprise laws being challenged, MCI (before the larcenous ‘leaders’ took over, I was smart enough to leave after 10 years there), Compaq computers (right after the not so smooth integration of DEC (Digital) as well as California based and the NSK (non stop kernel) of Tandem), and then of course the merging with HP where I held positions as Senior management of training for 1/2 the country, Branch management and National Accounts Management. My husband now retired from Biotech with his Masters from Johns Hopkins, was in PR and investor relations. This background is to simply make you aware we do not often write emails to the C-level, unless deemed necessary.
When I called the NY # and asked for you (since the recent June 25, 2014) entry said, ‘call’, so I did, and then was told that they cannot put us through to any VP level. Again, really, really???
Lowell Mcadam, I have read the many frustrating posts, other’s that seemed to write, call and such, to no avail.
I have faith in you still, that you will NOT ignore this request for good customer service and resolution, and you will make transparent where the ‘buck stops’ or should.. and avail the proper levels to provide proper service for a company this size, and your level as well. There must be someone in the ivory tower that cares and is not just biding time for the ‘golden parachute’ to open.


James June 24, 2014 at 7:43 pm

Mr. McAdam,

I feel the need to bring to your attention an issue I have just faced with your company. Three years ago this August I purchased a iPad 2 from the Verizon store in Carson City, NV on Topsy Lane. I had just been transferred to NV and there was not effective internet service in Yerington NV so I purchased the iPad so that I could stay connected. I knew I would be returning to CA so I specifically asked about being able to use the iPad on other carriers in the event I was transferred back to CA. It appears that I was misinformed or completely lied to to get me to purchase the device. Today I went into the AT@T store to get a new iPhone since the one I had is nearly 4 1/2 years old and the battery doesn’t hold a complete charge. Since I have the Next plan I can add up to four devices and I inquired about getting my iPad on their service which could not happen because the iPad does not have a SIM card. If I had not been misinformed I would not have purchased the device and I am seeking some resolve in this matter that your customer service reps can not handle. I was directed to trade it in, which won’t work because your given a Verizon gift card, sell it third party, or sell it on Ebay. I find it great that Verizon is partnered with Ebay and offers this as a solution but the fact remains I was lied to in order to get me to purchase the device.

I am seeking to resolve this matter before contacting the BBB, my state Senators and Congressmen to file a complaint, the media, and the public to make this problem well known as I am sure Verizon’s corporate policies nor mission statement does not condone corporate representatives making false claims to get buyers to purchase items. As the figurehead of Verizon and the corporate leader I am asking that you get involved and assist in resolving this complaint.


James Woods

Be the change you seek in the world.


Sandy C June 21, 2014 at 9:28 am

I guess the only thing left to do is to file a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office. After 7 yrs of inconsistent service, I’ve had enough. I have to work from home and the services are so poor that I risk losing my job. I’ve contacted Verizon multiple times and all I get is the run around. I pay for DSL and the service I get is close to Dial Up. I don’t even get the minimum speeds they promise, yet they continue to bill me for the service at full price. They FORCE me to get and pay for a phone service that I don’t need. The technician came out today, again, and basically told me that I am not important enough for them to install another box closer to my home (apparently that, they say, is the issue) and not important enough to get FIOS to my area. I am important enough, however, for them to lie about a service they can’t provide so that they can take my money. It is unfortunate that they are the only ISP that is compatible with my employers equipment, otherwise, I would have left them years ago.
Corporate Office…..Looking at all these posts, it is obvious that YOU DON’T CARE.


William June 20, 2014 at 9:53 pm

I’ve been with Verizon every since the breakup of AT&T Bell 30 Years ago. I was in my early 20’s. I’m now 50. I haven’ had any major issues with Verizon until recently. The company appears to be falling apart. The customer service reps don’t have the tools to provide the service the customer’s are supposed to get. When representatives get to a point where they can’t do anything else, they just hang up on. I had this done to me at least 7 to 10 times or so just this month. This has never happened to me before from Verizon or any other company. In fact, those 7 to 10 times this month is more than I have ever been hung up on by any company all together. It certain appears things are falling apart at them seems. I’m not even going to go into the problems I’ve recently had with Verizon. What I really would like to know is whether anybody on the top is reading these messages on this board? Honestly, this can’t continue.


janet June 18, 2014 at 7:53 am

3 times i have been contacted in person to sign up with verizon. all 3 times they tell you what you want to hear . i always contact the office to go over what i’m told and n
then the truth comes out. i’m done with even considering verizon for service.


Duane Dingman June 20, 2014 at 12:31 pm

3 times a week I am bombarded with calls from a telemarketing number with calls for Verizon, these calls have no caller id associated with them. every time I ask for a supervisor I am hung up on. I live in a gated community that provides cable as part of the rent. Verizon uses a robodialer and I am sick to death of them calling me . How do you get them to Stop.


BOB MANN May 23, 2014 at 7:11 pm

A simple statement…The sales people have a slick (forked) tongue! Free trial for 14 days! Pay access fee, 10 days later return phone, 30 days later a bill for $79!!! Tore contract up.
Now a collection agency sends a statement 4 months later and tells me that it’s free ONLY if I kept the plan! What a bunch of CRAP! Stinkin’ rip-off corporate fools! It don’t matter, the customer is always WRONG, according to them and Verizon! ( CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? )


juggalette_ 30 May 25, 2014 at 1:45 pm

So true and they need to be straight up with us customer’s and is unfair to do us like they do customers and I guarantee if we worked there and pulled wat Verizon does and they’d be cussing us out and or going to the highest rank up….I don’t see how they stay in business ….all as I can say at least Motorola sticks by their word unlike Verizon. ….and you think that Verizon would get rid of a month advance billing and go figure Verizon, isn’t going to though and isn’t about trying to help customers save on money and if I was Verizon, I’d be trying to compete with at&t, sprint, t – mobile and to draw more customers and has been with Verizon, contract side going on 9, year’s now……I hate to even say anything about this company like this and they have excellent service though and they have been good to me in alot of ways and speak to the head quarters and u will get that straightened out …….I’d like to see alot of changes through verizon, and that’s just wishful thinking. …….you have to stand up to Verizon, and or else they’ll run u over like any other company and or business place would do Verizon, needs to ask sume customers wat changes would us customer’s like to see ?? I can tell you now I’d like for no limit on the unlimited calling minutes as the fraud department has said that us Verizon, customers is abusing the truly unlimited calling minutes and how is that so when there’s no limit set on how many mintues a customer chooses to use a month and if u want to use 50 thousand a month or even 1 million mintues a month it shouldn’t matter cause Verizon, is telling us customer’s lol that we truly have the unlimited calling minutes and if that’s so Verizon you need to stand by your companies word and instead of cutting people off and that I know is through verizon, and your going to loose customers if your company keeps this up and I hate to see that as well and us customers could actually take Verizon, to court for that reasoning and is false advertising when Verizon, tells us customer’s that they have truly unlimited calling minutes and when it’s not and verizon, fix this ugly glitch cause I know to many customers that is about ready to leave over this and it’s not fair to us and for crying out loud if u use three way calling to much Verizon puts a block on it as well as the call forwarding feature and what’s the point of even having thoese features if u can’t use them unlimited and knows alot of customers pissed off about that as well and I’ve only used my 3 way calling a few different time’s and call forwarding once or twice since I’ve been with Verizon, this whole time in thr last fewer year’s and verizon, needs to get with the program and quit missleading us customer’s on and it’s not fair to us customer’s. …….


Demosthenese Currie May 21, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I had Verizon bundle connected to my new house on 16th of May, Friday. I’ve had a problem with Christopher your tech rep. I spoke with his manager Kevin and got the run around. Can I get a number so I can explain what happen and what can be done?


juggalette_ 30 May 24, 2014 at 7:29 pm

I’d call the verizon head quarters on it and give the and Verizon wireless said that they have unlimited calling huh not and cuz I was put on hold while a rep.talked to the fraud department and they said that us Verizon customers is abusing the truly unlimited calling minutes and that’s false advertising right there and they don’t have a cap on how much of their calling minutes on how much u can use a month when it’s supposed to be truly unlimited calling minutes and if every verizon customers would get to get and say anything about sueing and hummmmm verizon might fix that and cause my friend used 50 thousand unlimited calling minutes and hey Verizon was going to shut his phones off and make it to where he couldn’t ever get one through verizon ever again and when they mentioned heart and diabetes and verizon, went ahead and left them on for that reasoning and if it hadn’t of been for that reasoning they was really gping to take action and all cause he used 50 thousand unlimited calling minutes and isn’t that messed up and verizon has actually shut a few phones off because of using to many unlimited calling minutes and I feel like if Verizon doesn’t want us customer’s using that many mintues or more than change thing’s up and if they do I know to many customers that done said that they would just go to t – mobile ….I’m sorrt but when Verizon tells us customer’s that we have unlimited calling and texting and that’s the way it’s supposed to be with no limits or else false advertising. ……….


josh May 9, 2014 at 5:12 am

I purchased 2 of your tablets on black Friday for my son and my daughter they used them a few times for about 2months but they won’t work I have called customer service that’s like talking to a block wall ( no help at all) they have set on a shelf since January of this year and collected dust if I didn’t pay my bill you would have no problem shutting our services off but you have a big problem with crediting my account for 2 devices that are not worth the time to turn on and I have the LG G2 phone and I haven’t had nothing but trouble out of it I spend more time talking to your Verizon customer reps than anybody else I’m to the point I’m ready to just cancel my service on all my devices and go to a new carrier that will do business as a professional company should unlike your company everything with you guys cost the customer customer service has a excuse for everything I’m tired of paying for 5 devices and only 2 work as they should I will recommend anyone who ask me about my phone service to go with another carrier or. Get a prepaid phone just for the simple fact your company doesn’t do the right thing for there customers it’s a shame the way you people treat your customers


Donna Day April 11, 2014 at 10:27 pm

I recently went into a verizon retail store. One gentlemen address me, told a women standing there that I was next. My sister walk up to her and said I just want to ask a question. The woman ( who works there) told us I can not answer your question now. This upset me very badly. Im there to buy a phone. When the gentleman said something to her, she looked at us and asked now how can I help you. She was still very RUDE. Lucky for me, Walmart sales Verizon phones. I purchased the Motorola and I love my phone!!!! I can do just about anything I want and alot more.


sophia caragilo April 9, 2014 at 2:07 pm

perhaps the best way to handle lack of customer service from ANY communications company, is pay local office a personal visit. it is a little old school an not possible for everyone unfortunately. exasperated customers in corporate office is probabaly makes the top ten list of things they don’t want to deal with. my elderly neighbor did that with century link with great results. ANGRY CUSTOMERS UNITE! but be polite.


Ron Clark March 25, 2014 at 9:59 pm

This company should consider the fact that what you reap you will also sew. As I see it you are making it a habit to screw the common man/woman for a service which when it fails to operate properly it is their fault or at their expense. When you sell a product and the customer who uses it until it no longer is effective because of your updating technology, it becomes a situation that to continue services which the customer is paying you for, they have to pay to replace the equipment or pay an increased amount for usage because of changes you have made. Do you really think that is right? Take for instance the CEO of your company had a raise last year that brought his pay to roughly 15millon per year, WHAT!!!??? Yes sir that sounds like somebody screwing the little man or a LOT of little folks!!! The personal opinion of the people may not matter, but just for the record, $200.00 plus a month for cellular service and Wi-Fi is totally despicable. Then any CEO making the money your does can in no way understand the common person or their needs, seems to me you guys need to work on a lot of issues with in your company. First and foremost I’d look at CUSTOMER CARE, get the definition and try it!


juggalette_ 30 March 26, 2014 at 3:08 pm

Hi i totally agree with you and read all of my post’s ……


Larry Kendrick March 23, 2014 at 6:05 pm

In Feb of this year, despite your CSR saying it was march 7th, I called
to see if there was anyway yo lower my bill as your competition is 50%
lower. I spoke with Greg who said with a promotional plan of 1gb and
lowering the regular to 250mb, he could lower my bill $30 and give me
1.25 GB. Well sure enough today I get alerts that we are getting close
to the 250 mob. I call , and of course the plan had not been put in
place ANDthe bill would not be lower, as iI was told in Feb. You guys
need to get it together. 3/20/14

I have an anxiety disorder and when I say you guys are driving me nuts I
mean it. The plan still show 250mb, not 1.25 gb, and certainly is not
cheaper. As I said I have an axiety disorder, and I just need this fixed
to twhat I was told it would be in Feb. I (as many of your sad customers
say) don’t call they will just screw it up, and they are right. I don’t
need another hour n the phone having a panic attack as you explain why
Greg gives one answer in Feb, Get another answer last thrursday, and
then innaccurate info from facebook reply that says I have 1.25 GB when
I can read the bill online and see it does not. I do not want an
explanation of why I get three different answers from 3 different people
who have no clue what the heak they are doing, just fix it. I was told
in Feb I would have 1.25 GB and the bill would be lower, and that is
what I expect, and they only anxiety driven phone call I need is that
has happened and I will check online to see if if I get a 4th story
that is a load of #$%^. GOd I am sick of Verizon. Spend more time
teaching your staff who to do things instead of key words to use for mad
people and call times, and you will have less made people, I cant even
get the same wrong answer twice.


juggalette_ 30 March 25, 2014 at 1:35 pm

Hi meet the crowd and don’t get me wrong Verizon, has excellent service and I’ve been there done that and 5 different may tell u the same thin out of 10 reps.and u still don’t get anywhere and read all of my post’s in this site and you’d think that Verizon would stop the a month and advanced billing and cuz at&t, t – mobile and sprint doesn’t have a month and a advance billing and spread it around and hummm Verizon might wise up….I’ve been a Verizon customer going on 9, years and anytime u talk to Verizon customer service and or wateva department that your calling let Verizon reps. Kn to note in their computers and cuz if not and is hard to get them to stand by it and also write down the day and date that u talk to a Verizon as well ……..I’ve also learned don’t do any plan changes and or even changing your billing date before your Verizon bill prints out and cuz your Verizon bill will be sky high and has been there and done that and if so wait until a few days after your bill prints out ….


Pam March 20, 2014 at 9:38 pm

I have been trying to upgrade my service through a promotion I was sent by email for the iPhone 5c 32G phone. I spent approximately 8 hours of my time, spoke to 6 people on the phone and made a trip to the local store and still did not have a phone due to some “glitch’ In Verizon’s system. I finally, spoke with a “manager named Nick on the phone who promised he would overnight me a phone. This was all on Friday March 14, 2014. Tuesday March 18, 2014 I called because no phone had been delivered, I asked for the tracking number only to find out the phone was never ordered!!!!!!! I spoke with 3 different people on Tuesday and was promised I would have a phone in my hand by today, March 20th and was sent a tracking number for the order. When Fedx was not here by 4:20 on 3/20/2014 I called FedX and was told Verizon had cancelled the order yesterday March 19th. WHY????? The phone was already here in Huntsville, AL at the FedX office but they could not deliver because Verizon had canceled the order. I called Verizon only to find out I could not get the phone because it would have to be re-ordered!!~!!!!!@!! I am so fed up with all this mess, and this is the short version of all that has transpired with all this! I have in all been on the phone with Verizon 6 hrs. 28 min. and 14 seconds, have traveled somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 miles and spent a good 3+ hours standing in the store!!! This is NOT OK!! Your service is horrid and I am checking into service elsewhere! Surely someone else would like my money and business!! I am trying to upgrade and give you all more money every month and I can’t seem to find anyone who wants my business at Verizon. There have been so many mistakes made in this process and I have wasted so much of my time and energy and have been so stressed over this I think I deserve the iPhone 5 for free and free service for a couple of months at least, just to stay with Verizon!! Please feel free to check out the novel of notes on my account to fill in the rest of the blanks! I am sure this will all fall on deaf ears because with most big business the people that pay your salary are unimportant as long as we keep paying the bill every month and if we don’t some other poor sucker will come along that will. Needless to say I still do not have a phone at 7:22, 3/20/2014!! Thanks for nothing!


pamlea carbajal March 20, 2014 at 7:39 am

i am in need of my original (initial) account payment history for my contract. beginning to end. my phone number is 813 415 XXXXX. please send to contact info to e-mail address at I am disputeing a recent monthly payment. their are charges and service add ons I did not make. please send information by correspondence to 1XXXXX leeds ct apt #c6, tampa, fl 33612. address on record is XXXX e broad apt 203b tampa, fl 33604. thank you, pnc


Erika Florence March 16, 2014 at 10:09 pm


My name is Erika Florence, I wanted to contact you due to some issues I am receiving in your area. I am located in Newnan, GA and I’m not exactly sure where to begin.

First off let me start by saying that my family have been Verizon customers for about 20 yrs.
I went into the store in Newnan on Friday March 14, 2014. The reason for my visit was to ask about upgrading early (19 Days) because my phone died completely and I was borrowing a phone from a friend, the main reason for my asking is because my husband is in the Marines and I am his sole emergency contact. I can’t be without a phone for that primary purpose.
Well the Newnan “Manager” told me no, which I didn’t understand because it was 19 days and customer service told me it was all up to the store. She was very rude and snappy, but I accepted the answer and I left. I called customer service again to explain what was said (as I was instructed) and I was told to go back into the store and tell them I wanted to sign up for the edge program, so i did as I was told. When I went back to the store I waited for 30 minutes to talk to a rep, when there were 4 not helping anyone. Finally, when it was my turn, the lady was very aggressive and asked what I needed today, I told her what the customer service rep told me and she abruptly stated that I was not eligible for the edge program. I told her the lady on the phone told me I was and all I had to do was come in and say that I wanted to sign up. She snapped that it was not my line that was eligible it was my husbands and in order for me to sign up I had to trade in his phone. When I stated that thats not what I was told, she then proceeded to say “well thats how it works, either you can trade his phone in and sign up or talk to customer service” so I said that their customer service was ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL and the whole company should be on the same page, it was ridiculous that I was told something different every time I spoke with someone new.
Then I left, again, and I called Customer Service for a 3rd Time Friday afternoon, and I spoke with a woman named Rhonda, who was the ONLY person who seemed to be of any help. She got my upgrade in the system within 20 minutes and told me I would Guarenteed have my phone by no later than 12pm Saturday March 15th. I said thats perfect. we hung up after she stated that she would send me a tracking number.
Saturday morning I still had not received a tracking number so I called Customer Service AGAIN, and requested the information. the lady I spoke with told me it hadn’t been shipped yet even after i paid overnight shipping ( which I was/am being charged for) then I asked if there was a way for me to just pick it up in store because I was in desperate need of a phone.. she said no, after speaking with her for a few moments she told me to call back in ten minutes and they would call the Peachtree City Store and see if there was anyway that was possible but it was no guarantee. I called back when I was supposed to and they told me in order for them to even ask about in store pickup, they’d have to cancel my order, I said no because then if the store said no, then I would still be without a phone and I couldn’t be, I was on a borrowed phone that had to be given back. she then transfers me to another “manager” that proceeded to tell me that I WAS NOT getting a phone on saturday and that I had two choices,
1. I could wait for the phone to arrive via fedex GUARANTEED on Monday
2. I could cancel the order, hope the store allowed me to do in store pickup, but I couldn’t pickup until monday as well

THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY THE RUDEST PEOPLE I’VE EVER SPOKEN WITH!!! My mother witnessed the whole conversation.

either way I was without a phone. So after stating to leave the order as is and I would figure it out I was hung up on.

Well today March 16, 2014 I checked the Status of my order and tracked it and now FedEx is saying delivery is TUESDAY! i was GUARANTEED Monday because the customer service people messed up. I convinced the woman i borrowed the phone from to lend it to me until monday, so therefore you can see my predicament.

Needless to say, I want answers. Your South Area Customer Service, Both in store and via *611 ARE DREADFUL!!!
I NEVER will Recommend ANYONE to this company due to the way I have been treated and spoken too the last couple of days. NEVER, have I ever been so disrespected as a customer. I pay my bill early every single month and we never have any issues until now. My dad just went through a similar situation a few weeks ago and the Regional Manager had to step in to fix the mess. THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.

I am VERY DISSATISFIED with the way myself and my family have/are being treated after being loyal customers for almost 20 years.

Please feel free to email me or contact me anytime with a response.


juggalette_ 30 March 22, 2014 at 10:10 am

Hi i don’t blame you a bit and wonder what would happen if us customer’s just drop their service and went else where and hummm Verizon would be out of business cause its us that keeps Verizon in business and hummm they ddon’t seem to stop and think about all of that and that’s why I write down who I talk to and I also tell Verizon to note it down as well….Their service is great but extremely high and I wished that Verizon would get rid of the a month in advance billing cause at&t, t – mobile and sprint isn’t like Verizon and you would think that Verizon would try and be up with the same thing on not doing the a month advance billing and or come out with better and affordable cheaper plans and hummm makes me wonder if Verizon is out for us customer’s and or is really out for the customer’ s money and it’s sad to feel that away …… I bet if Verizon was to get rid of the month advance billing and like I’ve said to Verizon, before and that Verizon, would gaing more customers and the only two good thing’s about Verizon is that Verizon has great service and truly unlimited talk and text and the rest sucks ……only thing I can think of is us customer’s complain about the month advance billing and mention that at&t, t – mobile and sprint doesn’t bill a month and advanced billing and us customer’ s might get some where ……..


juggalette_ 30 February 28, 2014 at 8:07 pm

Oh miss spelled a few words in the last comment that I just wrote and Verizon, had all the other cell phone companies beat and I won’t say that now and if Verizon, would fix the problem and Verizon, will gain their business back and if Verizon, will allow their customers to go on the free phone chat line’s and Verizon, I’m sure has a record of the 712, 218,415, and is the area codes of the phone chat lines and there is many more phone chat lines out there and each area code number has a 100 different phone chat line number’s to each individual and plus ten thousand private rooms to each individual phone chat lines and it’s sad that Verizon, says it’s illegal for the phone chat lines to make money off of verizon, and the funny thing is and I blame it on Verizon, because Verizon, sells the cell phone service to customers and Verizon, has said to me before you pay your bill and you can talk or text who ever you want and that Verizon, said to me as well and we’ll we can’t tell you what to do cause you pay your bill on time every month and if I remember right a few or most Verizon, reps. Said that they wouldn’t like it if they was done that away either and said that they’d be saying something. I truly hope Verizon, fixes this big issue with not allowing customers to go on the free phone chat line’s and way to go Verizon, and cause Verizon, is hurting their own selfs and plus pockets ……good luck hope you get your customers and a few stay ..


juggalette_ 30 February 28, 2014 at 7:40 pm

Hi Verizon I’ve been a customer since 2005, and knows a few other people that has been with Verizon, for almost 6, years and wow I didn’t know talking on a free phone chat line’s was illegal because of customers going on the phone chat lines to talk to anyone and Verizon determining customers service because the phone chat lines is supposed to be making money off of verizon, we’ll in the 1, st. Place Verizon, is supposed to be truly unlimited talk, and text and I’d say determining a customer’s contract with out a good reason should be sued because talking on a free phone chat line isn’t hurting Verizon, and now that Verizon, determined some one’s contract just because of that cost their selfs to lose a lot ofvbusiness and feels sorry for Verizon, because most of the customers went on the phone chat lines and that’s why customers bought service from Verizon, so that he or she could go on on the phone chat lines anytime that he or she felt like it and now since this has all happened go luck in keeping some or a few of the customer’s. ..


IMD January 29, 2015 at 1:00 pm

My goodness your posts are impossible to read, they make no sense.


Yolanda February 27, 2014 at 3:23 pm

I’m a customer of Verizon and I have a complaint with your service and Stonecrest Store. I’ve spoken to numerous people in regards to upgrading my 3 lines. I’ve called three times to upgrade my lines & the first gentleman I spoke with stated I could upgrade a week before my upgrade date of 03/02/2014. I went to the store on Tuesday to try and upgrade and explained to the sales lady what I was told by customer service. She stated to me that the store will not honor an early upgrade and that I would have to pay my past due bill before I upgrade as well. I called customer service from the store and relayed what I was told to customer service agent. He stated I could upgrade early and yes I would have to pay the past due bill. I told him I had it set up to pay the past due on Wednesday and that I would call back after I paid. I made my payment on Wednesday morning and called back to customer service and spoke with Brandon. Brandon told me yes you can upgrade now but it will be a fee of $30 per line to upgrade. He also stated that if I wait until 03/02 he would waive the upgrade fees for me. At first I was in agreement with waiting until the 2nd, until I remembered that Shelton (Stonecrest store) stated the phones I wanted will not be on sale come the 1st of March. So I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor when Shawn answered. He stated I would need to explain to him first why I wanted to speak with a supervisor. I explained the situation to him and he told me that Verizon will not waive any fees and if I wanted to upgrade I will be responsible for paying them. I asked for the supervisor again and got Michael. Michael stated that I should do the Edge Up instead of a regular upgrade. I stated to him that I pay too much for my service already and I did not want to add any additional cost to my bill. He stated he was unsure why Brandon told me he would waive the fees and that maybe Brandon and his floor supervisor had an agreement to help him make his sales. I stated to him that Brandon told me he would doXXXXent my call with the agreement of waiving the fees. He stated Brandon did not doXXXXent anything in regards to the fees because it was between him and his floor supervisor. He went on to ask me why did I want the phones I choose. I explained to him my reasoning and he stated, Verizon has sales all the time and I’m sure on the 2nd of March you will find another phone that you would like. I stated to him I know which phones I want and that I’m not going to change my mind. I also stated to him that I’ve had nothing but trouble with phone I have now & that I’m on my 2nd replacement phone. He stated we should troubleshoot your phone and if that doesn’t work we will send you out another replacement phone. I stated to him that I do not want to troubleshoot a phone that I will not be using in the near future. I also told him that if he read my notes he will see that I’m actually thinking about ending my contract early and going back to T-Mobile. He stated that the only thing he would do for me would be to waive the fee for one line and others I would have to pay for. I told him that was not acceptable to me and that I would be contacting the corporate office. He stated that if I wanted to upgrade I would have to pay the upgrade fees and if not then I should go back to T-Mobile. I was a little shocked, but I ended the conversation and told him that I would contact corporate and inform them of everything you stated and that I’m not a happy Verizon customer.

I then called corporate and spoke Quincy B. I explained everything to him and stated he would waive the fees….which he did. He stated I could order the phones through him or go to the store to get them, We tried to order the phones through him, but the iPhone 4s could not be ordered. He suggested I go to the store and explain to them that he waived the fees & that they should read the notes on my account. He also stated that if I should have any issues to give him a call back. I went to the store at Stonecrest and was assisted by Shelton. Shelton stated to me that regardless of who waived the fees I would have to pay them in the store. I explained to him what I was told and he stated to me that whoever I spoke with could not remove any fees and that if I wanted the phones I would be paying the fees. He went on to say that I should do the Edge Up because he has a sales quota that he has to meet and by me doing just a regular upgrade it will not help his sales. He also stated that if I just do a upgrade without accessories I will be getting him fired. He then went on to say that I needed to show him pictures of me so he could imagine me in his house. So I added the two cases and the screen protectors to the order. I explained to him again that I’m only paying for the accessories today and nothing more. He stated okay we will see when we get to the end of the sale. He had me to sign the terms and agreements and then he said it looks like you have to pay the $90 for the upgrade. I told him no I do not because it was taken care of by the executive office. He stated he didn’t care who waived the fees and that whoever waived them assumed that they did it correctly. I asked him to read the notes on my account and he stated he would have to go through too many screens to read it on the iPad. I stated you really should read the notes because I’m to pay nothing but the cost of the cases and screen protectors. He stated no one in Verizon has control over their inventory in the store but the manager. He then called the manager over who also told me that I would have to pay the upgrade fees because whoever did the credit on my account assumed that I had “bill to” on my account. Not sure what that means. She also stated that no one can override a fee and that if I want the phones I would be paying those fees today. I called Quincy back but he was already gone for the day, so I left him a voicemail message asking him to give me a call back. I told her and Shelton that I no longer needed their help and that they caused a Verizon customer to leave and go back to T-Mobile. I also stated to them that I have several friends with Verizon and they too would be leaving. Shelton stated that’s fine go ahead and leave Verizon will always get more customers.

This is totally unacceptable to me as a customer. I will be ending my contract early because of the poor customer service I’ve received and the trouble I have with my current replacement phone. I really hope you hold a class for your sales team on the proper way to treat a customer.

Disgruntled Verizon Customer,

Yolanda D. Evans


pamela February 25, 2014 at 12:04 pm

wow!! I see I am not alone. Spent an entire week trying to get the problems with the jetpak fixed, retelling the story every time, while I know these phone operators are typing everything I say. FRUSTRATING, this jet pak has been adding over $100.00 in overages every month. I need to hear from Verizon!!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


juggalette_ 30 February 28, 2014 at 11:20 pm

So true i totally agree with you. And has been there and done that before and it was a long while back and they fixed it and u have to stay on Verizon, in order for it to get done…


Georgia Gonder February 19, 2014 at 2:23 pm

PLEASE help! Our business Debit card was compromised with many different transactions. One of them is Verizon! I need help so I can contact the authorities. This is exactly how it read on my bank Statement:

DBT CRD 1847 02/10/14
800-VERIZON TX Card#6229
My phone number is 860-916-XXXXX and my name is Georgia Gonder-Office Manager….PLEASE call me


M Stary February 18, 2014 at 9:02 pm

Need to get to Verizon’s legal department?
I’m currently involved in a small claims case, and this is the contact information.
Verizon Wireless
Executive Relations Department
PO Box 2060
Cranberry TWP, PA 16066-1060
Katie McDonough
Analyst, Executive Relations
direct number 412.266.7751


Dimple a Smith February 18, 2014 at 2:43 am

Also I did not have the phones not even for 2 months an they were refurbised phones so what are you trying to do but scam your customers


joel February 18, 2014 at 12:27 pm

call verizon customer advocacy; 800 837-4966. got what i needed.


juggalette_ 30 February 28, 2014 at 11:17 pm

Hi does that number work ?


Dimple a Smith February 18, 2014 at 2:13 am

Verizon sucks I sent two phones back at the same time an all of a sudden they have water damage that’s a bunch of bull they are just.trying to make money then. They lost both phones they don’t follow through they took money out of my bank account an was not suppose to an I get a different story whenever I call I’m so so tired of them I they still have not given me my credit for over 1200.00 dollars when I told them that AT&T were offering 4 I phones for 160.00 a month then they decided they wanted to try an fix the problem it’s one excuse after another maybe they need to retrain them or get another CEO someone who cares I have been waiting on a call now for 5 day I even have ticket numbers still have not received a call an when I told Jacob about going to AT&T he go right head what kind of business is that an I have 5 I phones


Dimple a Smith February 18, 2014 at 2:15 am

And since they went to 7.0 ifs been nothing but trouble


E. Kilchevsky February 16, 2014 at 7:57 pm

I have been a customer of Verizon Wireless for years and paid for insuance, $10/month.
My phone was stol;en last week.
Not only that the company verizon is dealing with, Asurion, gave me the run around for HOURS, they told me that I cannot get a similar phone to the one I lost (iPhone 5) and instead get a 5C which I did not want!
To say the least this is a wrong way to treat customers and to ignore commitment to fulfill a service!
And all this after YEARS of being a customer.
Those who plan on paying for insurance- beware!!!


joel February 4, 2014 at 12:52 pm

this is about verizon’s bundled services; phone, internet and t.v. renewed my 2 year contract past december, was quoted, and confirmed, one price and billed for another.
bait and switch???????????? illegal. in the real world, one pays the price listed. i’m not done with them yet. and, are the big shots aware of what’s happening?


Verizon Is Evil February 3, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Verizon seems to be corrupt and evil. Among other things, on the Internet they are advocating the legalization and widespread use of CRACK COCAINE and XXXXXXE. I called their corporate offices and CEOs Lowell C. McAdam and Daniel S. Mead. I attempted to politely tell them that their activity is very wrong. They hung up on me, and then blocked my number on call back. Wow…what a company!


Marcella Goodin January 27, 2014 at 7:36 am

Stay away from Verizon. Vasudha S. ID:4884 with the Executive Relations Dept., Warrendale, PA., doesn’t know understand the problem that Verizon can NOT CHANGE A CONTRACT. Get and keep A COPY OF YOUR CONTRACT. Verizon told me that I could get a new phone October, 2013, when I tried to update my phone, I was told that I could not get an update until February, 2014. When I tried to explain that my contract ran out February, 2014, they said “sorry”. To make matters worse, I called and spent well over an hour and a half on the telephone with Tiffany; and she also confirmed that Verizon conveniently FORGOT to send me an e-mail or WRITTEN VERIFICATION regarding upgrades to my telephone. It gets worse! Now Verizon has tried to collect $241.92 for the remainder of the contract as well as the ETF “early termination fee” for me cancelling the contract. When I refused to pay because the contract was changed by Verizon, they sent it to a collection company. Written verification by me was sent to all parties denying owing this bill. That’s when Vasudha got involved in the matter AFTER I complaint to the Attorney General’s Office in Kentucky. Vasudha is lazy, incompetent and a very foolish individual because he not only sent the “stance on the policies of Verizon”, he copies and sent the exact same letter AGAIN to the Attorney General. Verizon doesn’t understand the wording of CONTRACTS except when it is in their favor. Verizon got caught by me because I kept my contract and referred to it many times over; sent copies to the Attorney General’s office, and Vasudha refuses to acknowledge Verizon broke the contract. Now, I have to file a Small Claims Complaint in court for the entire amount of $241.92 because Verizon broke the contract. I will file a Small Claims Complaint ($approx.45.00+), I will have a process server ($40.00+) to serve Verizon (this is called the Long Arm of the Law); I will have a copy of my contract in hand, in court, because that is what the Judge will ask for first and foremost: “did you sign a contract”? Yes. Verizon doesn’t have a leg to stand on. All I wanted in the beginning was to cancel the contract since Verizon did it for me by not updating my telephone. But nooooo, Vasudha decided to take matters into his own hands and send this over to another collection agency called Convergent, Renton, WA. Best piece of advice: GET YOUR CONTRACT; look over it and if for any reason Verizon broke the contract, write the Attorney General in your state and let them know that Verizon is an unscrupulous business operating in your state. Verizon is the mastermind of breaking contracts and blaming it the customer. Not this time! GET YOUR CONTRAC T; READ YOUR CONTRACT FOR ONE (1) WORD. THAT’S ALL IT TAKES. READ YOUR CONTRACT!!!! FYI: make a file folder on this business to keep all matters pertaining to Verizon in. This is how I can trace back my contract.


M Sue Baldwin-O'Dea January 21, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Please pass this on as it would create a system where only those who are wealthy could use the internet.
This would interfere with contact with distant family, Genealogy Research, Political activities, social contacts, school research and various other searches and activities. We can’t allow this!
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: RootsAction Team
Date: Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 3:36 PM
Subject: Internet under threat — you can help
A closed Internet is a closed society.
Share this action on Facebook
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A federal appeals court has sided with Verizon and against you, against us, against the Internet.
Already 32,000 of us have signed. We’re taking the petitions to Washington with allied groups bringing their own. We’ll be heard more loudly if more people have signed.

If this ruling stands, the Internet as we know it will die. Forget free and open access. Picture a system like cable television with corporations charging for different levels of access, and blocking access to information they don’t favor!

The Internet is our tool for cirXXXXventing the corporate media, for reaching each other with a bit of truth and accuracy, for organizing each other into collective action. We cannot let this one go.

Sign this petition to the FCC, Congress, and the White House now!

And use the Internet in every way you know to share this far and wide.

Please forward this email to everyone!

— The team

P.S. RootsAction is an independent online force endorsed by Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Coleen Rowley, Frances Fox Piven, and many others.
Wall Street Journal: Appeals Court Strikes Down FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules
TechCrunch: Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down FCC’s Open Internet Order


Sue B O'Dea January 21, 2014 at 9:17 pm

The Fax number for Verizon Headquarters listed on here doesn’t work. I tried to send a fax and there was no answer. I called the number but it just rang and rang.


andrea January 8, 2014 at 6:19 pm

i HATE verizon


Ron January 7, 2014 at 7:45 pm

I went into a Verizon store last night and all I needed was a new phone. I had the unlimited data plan and they told me that because I got a new phone that I would have to loose the unlimited data plan and go to 6 and still pay the same amount of money for it. This is just wrong. I didnt want to change anything other than get a new phone because my droid charge had been messing up and turning off. What is this a bait and switch. All I ask is that you give me my unlimited data plan back that I had


Patrick January 13, 2014 at 5:01 am

All u had to do was add a line for $10 & keep ur unlimited plan


angry one February 14, 2014 at 10:51 pm

I do wish this was true, but it’s not. The evil Verizon determined that unlimited data was unnecessary and discontinued it, so everyone who upgrades will no longer have this option.
I signed up with Verizon while living in California. Previously with metro pcs (unlimited everything, $60/mo with a smart phone plan–yes, they still have this), I changed to Verizon when the earthquake proof buildings blocked my ability to make and receive calls where I lived and worked. When I moved to Atlanta, my phone was stolen and I found that I could get a free new phone with an upgrade. I asked they guy in the store if my plan would stay unlimited. He said yes. My dumb ass believed him. I spent two months trying to restore my unlimited service to no avail. Then I read an article on old scam-o Shammo who said they were phasing it out. Apparently they didn’t tell the customer service department who seemed not to know this but claimed to be submitting forms on my behalf.
The part that really sucks? My bill did not change (decrease) until I dropped to 2gb from 6gb. With a galaxy note ii, there is no way that’s enough data. I would love to go back to metro pcs, but I would have to downgrade my phone (by buying a new one). And I’m stuck for another year and a half under this stupid contract.

May Verizon fall under its own hubris. Swiftly.

Then they ask me to like them on Facebook. As if!


Daryl Melancon January 7, 2014 at 2:46 pm

I also have a problem trying to reach the corporate office and have been leaving messages since 12-18-2013 every few days they do not call you back we are not needed is the way it seams ,I have a few mo. old droid I paid $757.00 for and have a problem they wont to send me a reman phone I did not buy a reman I paid top dollar for a new ,one after going through all the channels still no help ,but they did cause me to loose all my pictures,doXXXXents and ring tones I have had some of the pictures for over 5 years I will never get those back and they dont care just push you off Darrell from Nashville lost everything for me and Adrian in Salt Lake City told me they will not help and they are here to help what a joke !!!!!!


patti white January 2, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Dear Verizon Wireless. recently received a phone call from a number that traces back to you as the carrier. 1-202-697-7222. I googled this number and found more than 40 recent complaints as well as being labelled as SCAM phone calls. I know most corporations are all about the big buck, but where do you draw the line. You give service to anyone that pays for it, but in the meantime this person is committing fraud, and running a scam service. If you’re company prides itself on trust and ethics, where do WE stand that aren’t customers? I would hope you investigate who owns this phone and shut them down. Its pretty bad when the BBB has warned people about this phone number. I do not want to be harassed by this caller anymore. I am reporting to the proper agencies in my area. Thank you for your time.


Lindsay Burton December 27, 2013 at 10:41 am

Do you even care about how i (customer) is treated? You make it impossible to make a complaint, furthermore the employees show a sincere (we could care less about you) attitude. I’ve never been more mistreated as a customer. Sad thing is that i’m in customer service. I do know how to treat them, and i have a motto! The customer is always right. If something is not done, i will do whatever possible to cancel my many services with Verizon. I’m trying to be as nice as i can be at the moment. after spending countless hours trying to reach management ( someone who cares).


anthony tynon December 23, 2013 at 1:55 pm

dear sir. I’m contacting you on International Verizon Wireless in Belgium Denmark being used by military builder please department personnel to steal flies Wireless from the headphones the business planner using illegal funding from Belgium Austrian pharmaceutical corporation that I found it to start price: Wireless biiiiig Lisa Ling pharmaceutical medications and United States do military civil defense and civilian family member personal also the broadcasting to New York State I pin transponder CompStat federally notarized the US Armed Forces recognized by nice a charming man also washing DC internal telecommunications monitoring two way communication system this information to murder me for couple dings and


Melissa Gilliam December 22, 2013 at 6:39 am

I am a single mother who has been to a Verizon store several times asking for help with my phone plan I’ve the last several months and no one will help me. A terrible thing happened to my 4 year old daughter while I was at work, and I gave up everything so she would feel safe again. I lost my job, my home, everything. But a year later she its happy and healthy again. But I cannot aid these huge bills I get every month from Verizon. I’ve asked to be switched to a basic phone with no data, they said I wouldn’t save any money. That’s hard to believe. I need a phone just in case of an emergency at school or if we were to break down, but I’m so behind on the bill its going to be turned off on Christmas eve. I’ve been a Verizon customer for 14 years and this its how I’m treated, no help, they wasn’t to keep adding to my plan instead of listening to me that I can’t afford what I have. Its sad that nobody listens anymore, our tries to help those who can no longer afford to razzle dazzle and just need the dull and boring old phone.


Eugene Diggs December 21, 2013 at 5:53 pm

FIRE THE CEO… Maybe then CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL get Better… Verizon Wireless Problems…


kayla December 16, 2013 at 4:48 pm

I am not happy with Verizon right now we bought stuff from the store and wasted 200.00 for nothing I am so thinking about dropping my service an going to at&t I am sorry but when someone needs a refund please try an do your best to help them out as of making them happy


unknown.. December 11, 2013 at 9:43 pm

John Burgos has everyone of his 2nd and first line management in a strangle hold. Local management are afraid to make any REAL comments/suggestions to make this company better. They know they will be ridiculed and fear they will be fired. Correct the stresses and ask the people in the trenches what really works and whats a waste of time…..


jamie Hill December 11, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Called due to continued lack of service. Called Executive office this time. They have now nlocked one of their OWN customers from contacting them. BBB time I guess.


Leigh Hug December 6, 2013 at 8:41 pm

Mr. McAdam,
I work for Manatee County Government in Bradenton, FL. We have much controversy over fiber optic hits and who is liable. You have a company in Oklahoma City, CMR Claims, that is attempting to collect on alleged damages by Manatee County and an Attorney, Randall Fudge, that is also located in Oklahoma. However, I feel it is unreasonable for a company in the middle of the United States to effectively barter for compensation that occurs in SW Florida.

I would respectfully request that Verizon hire a claims adjuster in specific regions to better accommodate resolutions of these numerous claims. The people in Oklahoma are not receiving the information they need to even file a legitimate claim with our county. It is very frustrating and a waste of time for both entities. This has been going on since my tenure at the county for 9+ years.

Our county has communicated numerous times with CMR Claims on the information we need to investigate each claim properly. 90% of the time, the county only receives an invoice for damages with no supporting doXXXXentation.

The county would like to pay for damages we are obligated to pay instead of having a revolving door from CMR Claims rehashing the same claim over and over again once they have been denied.

There has been no resolution in this situation in communicating with your regional representative. I wanted to bring this to your attention so we may move forward in resolving any future claims against Manatee County.

I look forward to any suggestions you may have.


Jana Jernigan December 4, 2013 at 8:50 am

I just got hung up on at the corporate office. Now when I call back, the line goes to voice mail. Can we please stop playing this game & correct my issue?


Jana Jernigan December 4, 2013 at 8:37 am

I have been on the phone with Verizon Wireless for almost 2 hours to get a problem corrected that Verizon Wireless made. I do not appreciate being called a liar & it is too close to the holidays for Verizon Wireless to show such ill will to a long time customer. I made my payment. Restore my service!


michael December 3, 2013 at 4:49 pm

My wife (former Verizon employee before layoff) and I are Verizon wireless customers (not much longer) and have been for years. We recently switched to AT&T due to the lack of customer service at Verizon. We had to immediately switch back due to having no service in the area we live. When we switched back we both paid for new phones. The first week I had my Galaxy Note 2 it continually turned off at random times. I contacted them within 14 days (Sept 28-Oct 9, 11 days) they told me to come back to the store in which I did where I was told a new phone would be sent in a couple days to my house. The phone did arrive but it was a “new refurbished phone” NOT a new one like I just purchased for full price. After speaking with the Verizon customer service I was told that being that it was within the 14 day time period the store should have never had a refurbished phone sent to me that they should have just swapped it right then and there for a new one. Supposedly the customer “no”service rep I spoke with notated the account & told me to go back in the location and switch it out for a new one. I contacted the store before going in (about 35 miles from my house) & in explaining the situation I was told that the last rep I spoke with “obviously didn’t look at your account”, even though I was on the phone with them for about a half hour & that I was stuck with the refurbished phone. I was told by one rep that the other rep I spoke with ‘had lied to me” and “didn’t know what they were talking about” ! After another phone call to the customer “no” service people, being transferred twice, on hold several times, a customer service quality survey & a call back from a “supervisor” my only option as I was told would be to use a $300 credit on my account & apply that to the purchase of a new phone !!! Are you freakin kidding me ?? My brand new $600 phone didn’t work from the get-go, they don’t honor replacement I was told about during my initial purchase of a NEW phone, tried to pawn off a “new refurbished” phone in place of the BRAND NEW piece of equipment I initially purchased now in order to resolve this matter I should just go buy another one ? What a crock of crap. The CEO rakes in 27 million a year but my new $600 phone can’t be replaced with an identical new phone that’s supposedly guaranteed. I wouldn’t recommend Verizon to anyone for anything ever. Talking sense to a customer “no” service rep is as useful as talking to a brick wall. All I’m asking is for Verizon to honor what I was told when I bought my phone, not that difficult is it ??


kayla December 16, 2013 at 4:53 pm

an we about to switch to at&t to


Cathie November 17, 2013 at 5:19 pm

I can’t believe a company as large as Verizon has such incredible terrible customer service. I have been trying to resolve my calling plan and billing issues since June, I have doXXXXented almost 12 hours with at least five different customer service reps. In that time I have been lied to and hung up on more times than I can count. This is my LAST effort to get a company of your size to fix a mistake you made. I currently have discontinued my service and unless some resolution can be reached in the next few days. I will never return to a Verizon product or service again. It is truly impossible to doXXXXent my 12 hours of conversation in this forum. However, if anyone at Verizon has the ability to be honest and try to resolve an issue I’ve tried to be patient with since June. I welcome that opportunity.


J. Alec West November 17, 2013 at 6:17 am

I have a “different” kind of complaint … and thanks for providing the FAX number for corporate HQ. It may not accomplish anything – but I intend to take this straight to the top.

In September, I acquired a dedicated server with a static (never changes) IP number. Early on, I noticed that emails certain Microsoft email addresses were bouncing because Microsoft had banned my IP for spamming. I contacted Microsoft, explained the situation, and they lifted the ban. But in late October, I found that Verizon had banned my IP for the same reason. As with Microsoft, I contacted Verizon asking that my ban be lifted. They denied my request.

If their decision to ban my IP was due to the actions of previous server operators, it’s patently unfair to me … and I intend to let them know about it. But if their ban occurred after I assumed responsibility for the IP, there can be only one reason … and this is where the plot thickens.

In late October, I received one of those “FWD: FWD” chain-emails. Normally, I just delete them. But this particular email included lies and half-truths about a Vietnam War hero – using his memory as a “tool” to make political points. As a Vietnam vet myself, I have a zero-tolerance policy toward this. And I “bcc-replied” to every address listed in the chain, exposing the originator of the email as a liar. The originator? Who can say. But, the first address shown in the chain had a Verizon email address.

In short, if my ban occurred after I assumed responsibility for the IP, I suspect that this person complained to Verizon that my reply was spam … in an effort to retaliate against me for exposing him as a liar in his OWN spam.

P.S. If you’re curious what the originator’s email said and what my reply said (, visit the page I just referenced.


SS Rogers November 16, 2013 at 4:37 pm

I canNOT believe that I have to take this issue to the top of the company! I ask for one thing after being a customer for more than a decade. I ordered 3 new phones for them – we decided to keep 2 and exchange the 3rd in this 2 week deceptive no worry time period. I spoke with customer service over and over ad nauseum. finally after the time had expired and there was still no resolution – I was told that i had the phone more than 2 weeks. Of course I had!!!! I called in almost every day during that allotted period and kept getting passed around to supposed supervisors but really God only knows where. Finally I was told that I would be getting a new phone via mail and could simply send the original back once it arrived. After about 1 week I phoned in as the phone had yet to arrive. All of the sudden there was nothing they could do – who did I speak with – what exactly did they say to you… i explained the entire situation over and over day after day. I felt pathetic. But I thought for sure that they would do the right thing. By this time it had been over a month. The most frustrating thing – the phone I want to send back was not as nice as the one I ordered. It had 4G and was brand new – I wanted the iphone 4 not even the 5 just the 4 (that was the make and model of the 2 other in my order)! I did not realize at the time that the apple version of a phone would benefit me more as being a Special Education teacher all of our equipment is of this company, I told more than one employee via telephone that I have 2 ipads for my classroom. They have great apps to serve students with special needs. Budgets being what they are a few of my assistance allow the children to use their phones so more students can have access. Even with this they still said no – seriously – NO! I could not believe it so I headed up the management chain. I finally stalled when I came in contact with a woman name LUCY! She lead me on for weeks that she would be able to fix the problems and apologized. Great, right? NOPE – she finally called back and said she was unable to locate the correct doXXXXentation of my phone calls to Verizon and that it was my fault. She actually blamed me for the poor doXXXXentation. As if what I was supposed to ask them to send me a copy of what they wrote? She then tried to blame it on APPLE and not verizon. I have never been so disgusted. I am still trying to have them make this right and for the foreseeable will continue to do so. I dont know why but I actually feel betrayed – like how dare you do this to me – but then thankfully for rational side kicks in reminding me this is just business – bad business – but business. And now I realize thanks to Lucys pathetic attempts to justify her poor skill at service that I have become nothing but a case number – not even a name. It is infuriating! Hundreds of dollars a month for more than a decade – and this is how they treat loyalty. Who ever if anyone actually reads these – FIX IT!!!


Ed Mannering November 14, 2013 at 4:04 pm

ATTN: Lowell C. McAdam
Dear Mr. McAdam

We are receiving spam phone calls from a person using their Verizon cell phone. The number is 801-821-7480.

I called your complaint center only to be informed they can do nothing. They said I should report it to the FTC. The FTC never really does anything about these or other unwanted calls. The Do Not Call list is a joke – it is not adhered to by any of the various shady businesses who place these calls.

It would be very good for public relations if Verizon would take action to close the accounts of those people abusing your service. That is, if you care enough to be involved.

Thank you,
Edward J Mannering


Investigator November 13, 2013 at 4:56 pm

I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S4 on 09/05/13, immediately had several issues, most importantly that most of the time people I was talking to would suddenly no longer be able to hear me unless I switched the phone to speaker, even happened while speaking with customer service on my THIRD phone – all 3 have had this problem and I also use this phone in my job. They keep telling me they want to resolve “my” issue but they just keep sending me “certified refurbished” phones even though I paid the cost of a new phone of $249.99 plus the $30.00 upgrade and $30.00 for my case in addition to a new phone and case for my daughter for $90.00. MY TOTAL BILL WAS OVER $485.00 at the local store!! I’ve been a customer for 15 years and have recommended Verizon for years – never, ever again after this experience. I will continue to attempt to achieve satisfaction by contacting everyone associated with this company in any way. Oh – they advised me to call Samsung since it’s their product so I guess I will be trying to contact everyone there, also. Good luck to all and hope you can wish me the same!!


Don November 12, 2013 at 12:22 am

Be careful, and stay away from Verizon most of these comments of bad customer service are true. They don’t care about there customers, they will leave you on hold and give you the run a around. When calling Verizon to resolve a problem be prepared to be on hold for awhile. There was fraud going on with my account and Verizon stated that the couldn’t he me or reinburst me for any of my funds that were stolen from me. I’m very frustrated with Verizon and will take my business to another company who cares and values their customers. I tried speaking to a supervisor and didn’t get one on the phone. Then ask for corporate number and had no success. What kind of service is Verizon. I’m leaving ASAP. I deserve better. SO DO YOU.


The Doctor November 7, 2013 at 5:25 pm

They cut my phones off twice because they are incompetent and then try to blame me saying that I was too upset to have a conversation with and then hung up on me 5 times.


The Doctor November 7, 2013 at 5:24 pm

The most worthless, racist, unprofessional customer service I have ever experienced.


Mary November 13, 2013 at 3:29 pm

I agree very unprofessional and rude.


Brie November 4, 2013 at 10:48 pm

I will never use Verizon again. They have nothing but s***ty service. They are very rude. I will not promote their business ever. My family and i have had nothing but issues with them from the beginning. The CEO should watch who they hire, and frankly they all need to get their s*** straight within the company it self. I am beyond mad with this company. Never again! I will never have anything to dp with this company even if they are the last cell phone company on this ever lovin earth!


Laura November 5, 2013 at 12:02 pm


I so agree with you. My husband was in poor health, trying to deal with them over a cell phone that would not pick up a signal. Making the phone useless. They hounded him over that bill. Made him fighting mad on the phone. Got him all stirred up by their unfair and rude customer service. He had heart problems. He died. Now I’m having problems with them over a wifi unit in one of their dead zones I moved to. They want to continue to bill me, for a useless device.

I understand exactly how the rest of you feel that have left comments before me. They should be ashamed of their business practices against the consumer. It’s a no brainer, a good company is not always the one who makes the most money, it’s the one who has good customer service and provides a good service or product. This has been proven. Pity, such a small fact has escaped them at Verizon Corp.. They are failing on both counts.


james estep October 30, 2013 at 4:54 pm

CEO Verizon
Attention Sir:
Just received notice that my retiree health ins will be changed to UHC Advantage unless I call BenefitsCentre to cancel. I did not ask for change so I don’t believe Verizon is doing Retiree’s any favor in switching them to UHC ADV.
When Verizon switched the medication paln to Express Scripts they forced retiree’s to either keep their Medicare HMO ADV plans or drop the HMO inorder to keep the prescription plan from Verizon.
PUT ANOTHER WAY , Under MEDICARE you can’t belong to a HMO ADV plan and ExpresSCripts you must drop one or the other.
Now Verizon has decided to have Retiree’s automatically enrolled in UHC Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) thus forcing them out of ExpresSCripts medication Plan.
Frankly this is screwing retiree’s, unless of course Verizon can provide a LEGAL Statement that states a Verizon Retiree can be enrolled in UHC Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) and the Verizon Express Scripts Medication Prescription Plan.
I’m concerned that most Retiree’s are not aware of the CONSEQUENCES of being placed under UHC that they will indeed loose Verizon Drug Prescription (Express Scripts).
Will Verizon please reply to my concern?


Adam Metz October 18, 2013 at 1:43 pm

Verizon Wireles is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have tried repeatedly to add new service and keep being told that I owe a balance on a number that I have never owned. When I try to get to a department that can give me a n explanation I keep getting transfered and disconnected. The phrase of being a loyal customer has no meaning to corporation’s like this. I would suggest taking you business to a company that knows how to take care of it’s customers


Tina September 23, 2013 at 4:17 pm

my fios bundle contract ends in March 2014, I was surprised when I checked my bill that I got switched to a new contract without my knowledge. Called Customer service right away, was told there’s nothing they can do. I asked for the supervisor, I have to pay $20 more per month if I don’t want to be in contract. What? It was unauthorized change of service.this is what I get for being a verizon customer for 15 years…
I want to reach out to the CEO, Wait for his reply before reporting this to a national newspaper.


Sudhir Jena September 16, 2013 at 3:06 pm

Hi Verizon Fios,

I am tried to get a Verizon Fios connection at an apartment which was pre-wired for FIOS and was requested to fax my id proof to Verion Credit Verification Department back in February 2013. I faxed 7 times from different fax machines and every time I heard only 2 responses back from Verizon
1. The fax is too dark to be read
2. We haven’t received your fax

Frustrated with the verizon’s XXXXXty fax machine, I decided to go with Optimum and never had a single complained with them. They were prompt and respectful and best of all – they didn’t pretend to be a communications company with an age old XXXXXty fax machine.

Now I have shifted home and wanted to go with FIOS again as the apartment is pre-wired for FIOS. And had to do the same thing, fax again. The worst thing that could have happened is the company still relies on the fax machine which always poops dark images on whatever you fax and from wherever you fax. As a result after a week of trying I am still unable to get a verizon fios order confirmed.

Hope that this post reaches the CEO and the Executive Leadership Officers. I would be more than elated to get a response that helps me get verizon fios to my new home.


Hilda Dizon September 14, 2013 at 2:21 pm

9/14/2013: To – Lowell McAdams, CEO of VERIZON
Re: Acct#XXXXXXXXXXXXx038, Order # CT 00217241787
I think you should know that while you are spending tons for advertising your FIOS triple play service, you do not have the ability to service your customers. Your people have aggressively been advertising FIOS, and finally decided to subscribe to Triple Play. First technician came on 9/11/2013, but advised me that because I had contractors working in outside, it was best to reschedule today, Saturday. As he advised, I told my contractors to not come to work today, to make sure that our driveway is free for Verizon truck/van. That means a major delay on our construction (& consequent financial burden). Technician assured me there will be no problem with the reschedule as he confirmed with whoever at Verizon, that technician will be here during the window (9am – 12am).
Sir, have you ever had to wait for hours, only to realize no one is coming? Not one call to advise me that Verizon will not be able to make the appointment. I’ve had to initiate calls/emails to try to find out status of scheduled service — all to no avail. Your time is not the only time that is valuable, sir.
How sad and pitiful. I am a potential new customer for Triple play. Service has not even started, and you’re already evidencing lack of professionalism and inability to live up to schedules/appointments/advertisement. It may have been premature for me to join your FIOS subscribers. I suggest you avoid sending me any FIOS invite material until you’ve figured out how to provide outstanding customer service.
Sincerely, Hilda Dizon


Francine September 1, 2013 at 9:48 pm

I want to be sure that Mr Lowell Mc Adam sees this email !! THE CEO of Verizon. I made the decision to switch to Fios and Im pretty sure its a mistake! Your customer service is AWFUL to put it mildly. I had a problem with my install and called WAITED TO BE TRANSFERED BY A MACHINE TO GET ME TO THE CORRECT PERSON on MY pay as you go phone because I was left with a problem to be told I had to wait 6 days before someone could come to my home .- Which was to leave us with no TV internet or telephone I pretty much felt that was unacceptable seeing I just had it installed – SO I was told they couldnt get anyone out till then and they were sorry !! I asked to speak to a manager who promised someone would be out we called back after waiting and using MY pay as you go minutes to be on hold talking to a machine and waiting for the next available teller- who checked and told me NO your mistaken no truck will be out until Sept 5 th SOrry but I couldnt settle for that So again I asked to speak to someone above the manager who after losing my service and being told I had to wait 6 days before someone could check things out I kind of got upset THEN I was promised someone could come out on Sunday and they did come out today
MY complaint is as follows MISTAKES HAPPEN but why should a “NEW customer” have to wait 6 days to recieve service? Why was I lied to and told someone would be out as we sat around waiting and noone was going to come??? and WHY a company this size doesnt have emergency trucks to call out ?? I also am unhappy that I had to use up my pay as you go minutes that I have for MY personal emergencies and was made to wait and wait and talk to a machine to wait and be lied to !! Thats not good customer service ! I am un decided if I should keep this bundle for fear I may need service and God only knows when I would get it OH and I was NEVER told when I use my phone I have to dial all area codes in the number to complete the call. just a little more added stuff I dont want to deal with. Tell me whos gonna fix these problems?? and be sure the people who are making 6 diget saleries are aware of what the people who want the service are dealing with!


holly August 21, 2013 at 7:07 pm

Here I am a year and 19 days into Verizon. I had been I. A situation. Where I was a victim of domestic violence and extorsio. Mg third droid razor HD had every thing doXXXXenting this. My pjo e went all crazy and ended up in encription mode. I received the new phone I. January. Customer care and financial services had doXXXXented this and told me to try all the tech stores to retrieve this info. Mean while I’m a single mom with ovarian cancer and.both my minor children have extreamly fragile medical conditions. Starting I. February I began to be charged a non return fee. Even though they said they wouldn’t charge me every month they told me the same thing. Verizon had me driving all over SD county and orange county to retrieve this doXXXXentation. Not to mention my pix my music my doXXXXents and my apps. ALLL LOST FOREVER! FINALLY I RETURNED TBE PHONE VIA USPS. AS OF MAY 25 IT WAS I. PROCESSING PLANT IN SD. VERIZON TOKD ME NOT TO WORRY I WOULDNT BE ENCURING THESE CHARGES. JUNE 15 I WAS TOKD THEY NEVER RECIEVED IT AND WAS DIRECTED TO FIKE CLAIN AT USPS ESCONDIDO. I DID 3X BEFORE THEY WOULD DO THE CLAIM THE UPS 1000 FORM WITCH TOOK VERIZON CALLING TO FORCE THEIR HAND. I HAVE BEEN FORCED TO PAH 3X THE AMOUNT OF MY BILL SINCE MARCH JUNE ALONE I PAID $453.00 FINALLY I. JULY FALIN CALLED FINANCIAL SERVICES FOR ME GOT MH SERVICE TUNED ON FOR FREE AS LONG AS I PAID $130 by 8/8/13 which I did o. 8/6/13 as of today 13 days later I wake up to no service again my bill is now$ 989.00. They are refusing to dispute my charges and reconnect service for less than $355.00. I’m beside my self I rely on my phone for my health care providers and my children’s. They are refusing to give me to supervisors when I get a supervisor they promise to call me back and rto help me with keeping my service on. Today I was on phone with Verizon from 9:20 am to 3:335 p.m working on this. Had a great nagent by the name of manner who promised to talked to financial services and that they were going to help me get phone on today. Yet I get to manager on the flor BH name of Jacki bade number v1busja she refused to even work with me and then refused to connect me with her manager. I’m so over this how do I call Lowell Mac Adam or and other administrator for help. K. On SCSI and its taking half my check to keep phone on. I’m only with them cause the cell service is most dependable I’ve ever seen except when they turn your xpjone off. My life e is supposed to be $110.00 a month I’ve been paying almost $500 for last 3 months because the lost device and failure to doXXXXent any thing. The right hand apparently doesn’t know what the left hand is doing! HELP ME PLEASE!


Samantha Tula August 15, 2013 at 12:11 pm

Get your stories straight!

1. Battery beeping. I called for service on Tuesday, 8.13.13 midafternoon.
2. Agent told me I had to purchase a new one for $45.00
3. I wasn’t aware that I would be responsible for the purchase of a new battery for your Unit.
4. Agent cheerfully told me that a new battery would be shipped overnight, to arrive August 14, complete with instructions on how to install.
5. August 14 – no shipment. I wait all day.
6. Call customer service and the best they could do was provide UPS tracking number.
7. August 15 – call UPS 5am – unable to locate shipment.
8. Call Verizon customer service – auto attendant says “are you calling about your battery that was shipped overnight?”
9. Spoke with Verizon customer service who tells me that the battery is being grounded, and is not ready for shipment and won’t be for another 7 days. The best he can do is provide day by day tracking information. No thank you, I can do that myself through UPS. In the meantime the battery continually beeps, the button to silence the unit does not work, and the unit is located in the closet in my bedroom.
10. Bottom line –improve your customer service to communicate accurate information to their customers. Because I work from home, I have to listen to the beeping sound and I have not been able to get good sleep.
11. What can Verizon provide me for being inconvenienced? This is the same account I signed up again for another two years. Yeah, I did that.


Salvatore Trentacoste June 27, 2013 at 12:55 pm

I contacted customer support for an issue regarding the reinstall of the Verizon broadband security suite have waited for a response and to this date and time nothing. There corporate business SUCK’S the consumer cares dept. SUCK’S and the CEO is only concerned with how much money he can steal from the consumer in his big pay day


Ms Woodson June 1, 2013 at 4:25 pm




Ms Woodson June 1, 2013 at 4:20 pm


a supervisor Ms. Kristen Geoff , while very nice, apologized for the miss communication and stated that a $30 credit could be warranted. I have guest that will arrive today and I do not have FIOS services. If Financial Serivces did a complete follow through based on the arrangement made our services would be ON. I am so disappointed in Verizon and I will seek another carrier in the near future.


Ms Woodson June 1, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Verizon’s provided me with HORRIBLE customer service. I contacted Verizon and made a payment arrangement to pay my bill. The installment was due on June 6, 2013. Well today 6/1/2013 my services have been disconnected. I contact Verizon – Chat line, my response was all chatters were busy and to try later. I contacted several customer service numbers until I was able to reach live person. I explained my situation again, and again, the representative stated yes she could see the notation on file of the previously arrange agreement but nothing could be done because Financial Services is closed until Monday June 3rd, 2013. I feel that Verizon has let me down as a customer , while I am trying to be loyal and upfront with my situation. Verizon does not care. I finally asked to speak to A


Ana Kosok May 3, 2013 at 12:06 pm

I have found Verizon’s technical and customer service to be outstanding. Always, if I’ve had a problem with my cell phone, the service people in any Verizon store have been consistently knowledgable and helpful.

Recently I had a bad experience at a Verizon outlet store–not a true Verizon store, but one that sells Verizon products. These people sold me a replacement cable which turned out to be not a replacement, but something else entirely, an outdated item that hadn’t been sold in years. When I went to return it, they were mean, nasty, and wouldn’t refund my money or replace it.

I am not someone who complains readily, but this really upset me, so I wrote a long letter to the corporate offices. Within two days, I got an email from Tony Schnur, giving me his direct number. He put in a call to me each day and was immediately there when I was able to call him back.

He listened.

He was sympathetic.

He gave me a fix–refunding my money for the cable.

Since the cable incident, and completely separately, I lost my cell phone. I’ve been in a quandary what to do about it since my upgrade date (when you can get a new phone) isn’t until July. Mr. Schnur moved the upgrade date back, so that I can get a replacement immediately. He also gave me information about telephone data storage, so that if I ever lose my phone again, I won’t lose my photos.

The result: I’ll have a new iPhone within hours, the cost of the cable has been refunded, and I have technical information I didn’t have before. I have no doubt that the salespeople who sold me the wrong item, even though they are not Verizon employees, will suffer some consequences for representing Verizon so badly.

So that’s my experience in having a problem with a Verizon product and requesting help. It’s the most positive customer service experience I’ve ever had.


Jeanine Kopp March 27, 2013 at 11:44 am

I have been loyal customer for many years. In August 2012, I moved to a new home and was going to use your internet service. It was to be connected August 17th. So August 27th, I returned all the equipment to a Verizon store and received a receipt for the equipment. I never received service. Soon, I started having problems with my wireless account. I had five HTC phones that did not work and they just kept sending me a new one. Finally, when I was able to upgrade, I got rid of the smart phone. I was told I sent an empty box to Verizon. My Verizon agent proved this to be untrue. After an investigation, I was given a credit of $600, something. Which instead of giving me a check, Verizon takes my monthly bill out of it each month. Last month, I got a bill for $5.00. I asked my Verizon Agent and he said just pay it and be done. I did. Verizon took $75.00. I called my bank and they said it was a human error and it would be resolved. While this all was going on, I was denied a credit card application. My other credit cards have reduced my credit amount. So, I asked for a copy of my credit report and found out Verizon has turned me over for $893.00. They claim this is for the internet service I never received. I have called numerous times, transferred over 12 times in one call and disconnected three times that same day. REALLY! Is this how you treat your loyal, on time paying customers? I would like this issue resovled immediately. I want a phone call from someone who knows the difference between their anatomy and a whole in the ground. 408 921 0443.


Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:59 pm

Need help ???


Tony Schnur – 212 395-1000
Scott Armstrong – 910 794-0241
Robin Hyde – 910794-6265



Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:57 pm



Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:56 pm

To date your company makes me sick to my stomach..
where is the leadership???
Verizon seems to make a practice of lying to peoples faces…


3.5 hours on hold – 3.5 hours. Shame on you!!!!



Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:56 pm


3.5 hours on hold – 3.5 hours. Shame on you!!!!


Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:55 pm




Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:55 pm



Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:55 pm

What a crock of XXXXX. Lie. Steal. Cheat. The verizon way. Great way to treat a customer. Still have a phone that no one could repair or replace since August. GO TO WALMART – $45 PER MONTH FOR UNLIMITED EVERYTHING. AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM – BY ALL MEANS CALL TONY SCHNUR AND SCOTT ARMSTRONG – TELL THOSE LYING SACKS OF XXXXX I SENT YOU.



Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:54 pm

Phone does not work – called repeatedly from August. It is now March. I was told by Jeff in CS to go to the local verizon store and he would set up an new 5G iphone, complete with case as a trade in. Lie #2. Went in at 9 am – they knew nothing about it. They called verizon – I called verizon – had us on hold for 3.5 hours.. 3.5 hours on hold. Called Tony Schnur in the corp office – 212 395-1000 – Blatantly lied about everything the CS said. Called again and spoke to Scott Armstrong – 910 794-0241 – said he would have a phone the mail today – Lie #3 – They want me to sign a new contract. They tell me they are giving me a $700 phone. What a crock of XXXXX. Lie. Steal. Cheat. The verizon way. Great way to treat a customer. Still have a phone that no one could repair or replace since August. GO TO WALMART – $45 PER MONTH FOR UNLIMITED EVERYTHING. AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM – BY ALL MEANS CALL TONY SCHNUR AND SCOTT ARMSTRONG – TELL THOSE LYING SACKS OF XXXXX I SENT YOU.



Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:54 pm



Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:49 pm

Your stinking lousy non-service – where is the leadership???
Verizon seems to make a practice of lying to peoples faces…

To date your company makes me sick to my stomach..

3.5 hours on hold – 3.5 hours. Shame on you!!!!


I was told if I bought an iphone i would save $50 per month by a verizon rep. Lie # 1. They raised my monthly bill and reduced the plan.

Phone does not work – called repeatedly from August. It is now March. I was told by Jeff in CS to go to the local verizon store and he would set up an new 5G iphone, complete with case as a trade in. Lie #2. Went in at 9 am – they knew nothing about it. They called verizon – I called verizon – had us on hold for 3.5 hours.. 3.5 hours on hold. Called Tony Schnur in the corp office – 212 395-1000 – Blatantly lied about everything the CS said. Called again and spoke to Scott Armstrong – 910 794-0241 – said he would have a phone the mail today – Lie #3 – They want me to sign a new contract. They tell me they are giving me a $700 phone. Call Robin @ 910 7946265 What a crock of XXXXX. Lie. Steal. Cheat. The verizon way. Great way to treat a customer. Still have a phone that no one could repair or replace since August. GO TO WALMART – $45 PER MONTH FOR UNLIMITED EVERYTHING. AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM – BY ALL MEANS CALL TONY SCHNUR AND SCOTT ARMSTRONG and robin – TELL THOSE LYING SACKS OF XXXXX I SENT YOU.


Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:34 pm




Jane March 15, 2013 at 1:27 pm

Your stinking lousy non-service – where is the leadership???
Verizon seems to make a practice of lying to peoples faces…

To date your company makes me sick to my stomach..

3.5 hours on hold – 3.5 hours. Shame on you!!!!


I was told if I bought an iphone i would save $50 per month by a verizon rep. Lie # 1. They raised my monthly bill and reduced the plan.

Phone does not work – called repeatedly from August. It is now March. I was told by Jeff in CS to go to the local verizon store and he would set up an new 5G iphone, complete with case as a trade in. Lie #2. Went in at 9 am – they knew nothing about it. They called verizon – I called verizon – had us on hold for 3.5 hours.. 3.5 hours on hold. Called Tony Schnur in the corp office – 212 395-1000 – Blatantly lied about everything the CS said. Called again and spoke to Scott Armstrong – 910 794-0241 – said he would have a phone the mail today – Lie #3 – They want me to sign a new contract. They tell me they are giving me a $700 phone. What a crock of XXXXX. Lie. Steal. Cheat. The verizon way. Great way to treat a customer. Still have a phone that no one could repair or replace since August. GO TO WALMART – $45 PER MONTH FOR UNLIMITED EVERYTHING. AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM – BY ALL MEANS CALL TONY SCHNUR AND SCOTT ARMSTRONG – TELL THOSE LYING SACKS OF XXXXX I SENT YOU.


Jane March 14, 2013 at 5:13 pm

I was told if I bought an iphone i would save $50 per month by a verizon rep. Lie # 1. They raised my monthly bill and reduced the plan.

Phone does not work – called repeatedly from August. It is now March. I was told by Jeff in CS to go to the local verizon store and he would set up an new 5G iphone, complete with case as a trade in. Lie #2. Went in at 9 am – they knew nothing about it. They called verizon – I called verizon – had us on hold for 3.5 hours.. 3.5 hours on hold. Called Tony Schnur in the corp office – 212 395-1000 – Blatantly lied about everything the CS said. Called again and spoke to Scott Armstrong – 910 794-0241 – said he would have a phone the mail today – Lie #3 – They want me to sign a new contract. They tell me they are giving me a $700 phone. What a crock of XXXXX. Lie. Steal. Cheat. The verizon way. Great way to treat a customer. Still have a phone that no one could repair or replace since August. GO TO WALMART – $45 PER MONTH FOR UNLIMITED EVERYTHING. AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM – BY ALL MEANS CALL TONY SCHNUR AND SCOTT ARMSTRONG – TELL THOSE LYING SACKS OF XXXXX I SENT YOU.


Lisa Howard February 13, 2013 at 3:13 pm

We have service with Verizon Wireless and have since 1995. We have 3 phones. I have two complaints regarding customer service.

Complaint #1. We purchased an IPad thru Nebraska Furniture Mart with a Verizon sim card already in it (paid extra for that). We have the anytime plan for all 3 phones. We signed up on our IPad for additional Data usage (1 month at $20 = the “pay as you go” plan) because we were traveling. When we returned and then at the end of our $20 month, we receive an email indicating our credit card was charged another $20 for another month of data service for our IPad. We did not approve this. We believed we had signed up for “pay as you go”…that does not mean “Verizon can charge when they want” plan. I contacted customer service at 1-800-786-8419. After holding on the phone for about 40 minutes, Mercedes answered the phone. I told her of my problem. She said unfortunately she could not help me as when we cancelled our “plan” (remember this is the “pay as you go” plan) it deleted our data account, which she also then explained that we would not get our $20 back and we would have to purchase a new sim card. WHAT???? Why would we have to purchase a new sim card? It does not matter whether the sim card is $5 or $50….why, because Verizon made an error in the first place…are we penalized in having to buy another sim card and loose $20 on top of that. Also, she said that if we wanted to sign up again, for the same month, it would cost another $20. $40 for one month of Data usage? Really? Plus a new sim card? There is something seriously wrong with this. Again, it is not the $25 or $45 – however you look at it – it is the principal of the fact that Verizon made an error and does not want to fix it. So then I ask to speak to Management. “Mercedes” transfers me – again holding on the phone for 20 or minutes – and someone answers by the name of Crystal – suspiciously having the same voice as Mercedes. Could be a coincidence?? Needless to say, I have placed this complaint on line thru Verizon Wireless website, thru this website and will also send a letter to corporate headquarters. I am not one that normally does this, but a major corporation such as Verizon cannot just charge peoples credit card on a monthly basis without the owner’s approval to do so. We did not sign up to do that. I would like someone to contact me (NOT A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE – but someone in MANAGEMENT) regading this issue.
913-780-7590 – that is my work number

Complaint #2. On Febuary 2, 2013 I went to a Verizon Store to purchase my Samsung Galaxay 3 phone. We were due for an upgrade on both of our phones 2-7-13. However, at a previous visit to a different Verizon store, I was told that we could upgrade
by 2-01-13. Store was in Olathe Kansas, store # 04475 395 N KS 7 Hiway. When I entered the store there were two men – 1 at the counter and another sitting in a chair next to the counter. When I was all the way in the store, the man sitting said “Hi. Have I got just the phone for you. It is pink!”. I told him I was not interested in a pink phone and that I was here to look at the Samsung Galaxay 3. He came towards me. At this time my son called (he knew I was going to purchase a phone) to tell me that this same phone was on sale at Best Buy for $100, not the $199 that it cost at Verizon. I asked the sales man in the store if they could honor the Best Buy Price and proceeded to tell me (in a very rude tone) that Verizon would not and could not honor that price. Also if I purchased the phone from Best Buy, Verizon would not support the phone and more than likely Best Buy would not either. Also told me that Best Buy would not transfer my contacts over nor my photos over to my new phone. He also said that if I purchased insurance thru Best Buy, Best Buy would not honor the insurance. He also told me that since our contact was not due until 2-7-13, Best Buy would not let me upgrade until then. My son was on the phone when this man was talking to me and my told me that this was not true. This man at the Verizon store told me he was the regional manager for all the Verizon stores in the surrounding area. If this is the case, he blantatnly lied to me. I called the Best Buy store, purchased my phone for the $100, the sales man at Best Buy not only transferred the contacts and photos over to my new phone, also put on my screen protector, my case and explained the phone to me. I asked the Best Buy salesman if they “support” the phone since my service is thru Verizon, he said absolutely. He even said that they partner with other carriers – sell their phones – and work together to make the customer happy. NEVER on any phone that I have ever purchased from Verizon has a salesman done all of that. I have been told to go on line to transfer contacts or told that my photos could not be transferred. They sell the product and that is it. Just for your information, my husband then went the following weekend and purchased another Samsung Galaxay 3 (that is $400 Verizon is out). While I know that is just a small pittens of money to Verizon, the $200 that I saved going to Best Buy is a big deal to me.
Lisa Howard
Olathe, KS


Sara Schoenbeck January 25, 2013 at 11:44 am

To whom it may concern,

I’ve been a loyal customer for 2 years, amazing considering all the issues I’ve had. I’ve spent the last 4 hours on the phone, on live chat and through email trying to get all the issues I have corrected.
My current bill is for $107, according to your customer service it’s for the months of September, October and December. Funny how November was paid but the other months were not. Well my auto pay option was turned off in September, October, started back up in November (where they did not take out the 2 previous months) and turned off in December. I DID NOT authorize nor call in to have my auto pay turned off. After speaking to several “customer service” reps, I find that there are in fact NO notes, no calls or orders to turn it off.
While i’m on the phone with your pathetic customer service, which can’t understand what they are looking at because my bills are in spanish, I am not hispanic, they inform me that I need to talk to Billing. I’m sent to billing before I can even respond. Billing informs me that in order for them to change it back to English I need to talk to a Financial Services rep, again i’m sent there without a chance to respond.
Financial Services is unable to change my bill back to English at this time, their system does not allow it.
Back to the $107 bill. I tell Financial Services I need to know why 3 months were not automaticly deducted and why it was turned off. They don’t have any answers to my questions. I finally get a person on who seems to know what their job is, she informs me that I only owe for December, January and Feb. Why is it that some reps tell me one thing and others another? Does anyone there actually know how to use your system, or are they all on different systems? As a paying customer I demand to know why your reps are unable to do their jobs. I know my job as well as the others around me incase I have to answer a question, not cold transfer them.
On top of these issues, I have extremely slow connection speeds, my upload is at 1.1Mbps, I doubt that anyone reading this actually knows what that means, it’s really slow. I’ve had a rep out here 6 times to correct this and it’s not any better. In the past I was able to use 2 pc’s, an ipad and the wii at the same time. Now I can’t even use one computer with multiple tabs open. This alone is costing me money as I work a second job with a major MMO and need to be online and running 100%.
I demand to speak with someone at your company who can answer the following questions:
1. Why are my bills coming in Spanish?
2. Why do some reps tell me I owe for September, October and December while others tell me it’s December and January? Which do I owe?
3. Why was my autopay turned off when I did not turn it off nor authorize it to be turned off and back on?
4. Why would they take out 1 month of payment and not take the 2 months of back payment at the same time?
5. Why does your customer service insist getting a home phone line will improve my service AND stop the billing issues? Are they told a home phone with your company will solve all my issues?
6. Why are my connection speeds so slow and why do your reps insist a home phone will improve all my issues.
and 7. Why can I not get an answer to these questions?

I don’t expect an answer to these questions as your company is full of incompitant people who are unable to do the jobs they were hired to do. You may ask why i’m still a customer with you, it’s because the local provider is double the cost. But that is seeming like a better option, their customer service is local, as in the same county, not across an ocean.


Willia Curry December 31, 2012 at 2:23 pm

I need a repair rep to call me @410-636-XXXXX, reference my phone services. I only have (1) operating phone line in my home that I had to pay $95.00 to have installed. I asked the services rep to check the aditional phone jacks to see if they worked properly. He left never came back, calling customer service is the worst experience of my lifetime, you will wait 30-45 minutes, then you’ll get transfered to another person. The customer service does not exist within this company. I mean the worst customer services ever; I need to be contacted period. If you are listening please respond to this message.


Thomas brewer November 1, 2012 at 5:49 am

Global service my rear end. This marks the 5th time for no service leaving me with only the luck of a wi go connection. If I paid your bill for actual service you would scream your greedy heads off. I will call when I get back to the US. Never was so much paid for so little


Pasquale A. Valerio October 31, 2012 at 6:16 pm

Dear Mr. MacAdam,

It has come to me writing a letter to the CEO of Verizon due to the unprofessionalism and lack of respect and understanding of your customer service department. I want to start first by mentioning how unprofessional and absolutely disgusting my experience was just today with your supervisor name Stephanie who works in your credit department. She was the last of a long list of clueless inept representatives I have had the pleasure of dealing with at Verizon.

It started almost two years ago when I decided I did not need a DVR and pay a charge of 15.99 each month when most of your customers had the DVR free. Regardless I sent the equipment back as directed through UPS which by the way does not provide a receipt to be used as proof.

From when I sent the equipment back till the day I decided to leave Verizon I kwashiorkor continuously charged every month for a DVR that I sent back. The first few months I called in to a representative to correct my bill which they always did and always said it would be corrected and I would not be billed the following month. Well guess what this went on for months almost years before I finally got tired of dealing with so many people that did not know their job and kept kept me on the phone for over 45-60 minutes each month.

So I decided your people would never figure out their own system pathetic so I decided to leave and low and behold they screwed that up which has led me to writing to you in hope someone at Verizon has a clue! Verizon had billed me approximately 5 times as a closeout bill winkle sending me 2 credit checks for over payment dating from March 2012 to September 2012. During this time I spoke to many more confused Verizon employees who told me when I called for an explanation I owed nothing and the bills being sent to me should be ignored. Remember Mr. MacAdam your people record these conversations so you can go back to verify my story which makes this even more amazing.

So know I get a collection notice saying I owe $303 and I explain this can’t be and send copies of my last two bills saying final bill showing I was credited money $17. Again I heard nothing until July when I was sent another credit amount of approximately $94.

As you can see obviously I could not find anyone who knew what was going on and was being told I owed nothing. Then I called your billing department once again when I received the $94 and was told again the collection agency was wrong I did not owe $303.

So low and behold again in September another collection agency different that the previous one sends out a notice for $303 and I called to explain what I been told. This collection agency obviously was employees with ex-Verizon employees because again the berating unprofessional and talking over me without listening occurred. I decided to call again and again a Verizon rep looked up my account and said I did not owe anything so I intended to ignore the collection agency.

So finally I was filling out my daughters loan applications for college and when I submitted them I was refused!! Embarrassed I looked into why since I never in 58 years had experienced this type of embarrassment and became concerned my daughter would not be able to attend college this coming January . I found out it was Verizon and they submitted me to the credit bureau as non payment! Again no one notified me and when I asked your people they told me I didn’t owe a thing but your company had the audacity to do this when in fact they could not or would not look into my account to tel me what I owed if I owed at all. I told your people repeatedly I never missed bills and if they explained to me what I owed I absolutely would pay it but I was 100% sure it was not $303.

I then made another call and spoke to a Mr. David Moore in billing. Mr. Moore was wonderful to the point he explained to me most Verizon employees just don’t know how to close out accounts and he sees this all the time but he would correct it for me. this rep went through my bill detail by detail and explained everything to me and told me I owed $196. I said ok where do I pay finally someone who listened to me and provided the correct bill. He explained how I pay it and said Verizon would then clear my credit record due to this obvious confusion by Verizon employes. I call the finance department immediately and paid the bill over the phone with a supervisor who promised my record would be clear and she would send me a letter by today which I have not received, surprise.

So I decide to call again today because I am running out of time to get my daughters loan and after trying three times talking to again various representatives who again were clueless I get the best of the best Stephanie a supervisor in credit who decided she was gonna tell me! Not help but straighten me out and refused to listen to me.

Below is information on my receipt of payment to Verizon. I paid it immediately once I knew the amount was correct and I was right the 303 Verizon kept asking for WAS wrong the correct amount was 196.68. My account number last 4 digits is 4626 and my confirmation number is 777336. I expect this to be corrected and my credit delinquency reported by Verizon ‘s collection agency to be cleared and corrected immediately so I can get approval on my daughters loan. I assure you sir I am not exaggerated on the most terrible customer service I have ever experienced in my life and if this is not corrected immediately I have contemplated legal counsel especially if my daughter can not continue her education.

Thank You

Pasquale A. Valerio
11 XXXXX circle Sewell N.J
Home 856-589-XXXXX
Cell 609-417-XXXXX


vicki loomis October 25, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Can you direct me to the person I should speak with regarding a new retail location in San Diego? It’s located on a very busy street, 7710 Balboa Ave., 1,680 sq.ft. with 3 offices already built out. (858) 278-XXXXX. Thank you,



rodney poole January 31, 2013 at 7:20 pm



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