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Phone Number: (210) 498-2211
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USAA Executives

CEO: Josue Robles Jr.
CFO: Stuart Parker
COO: Shon Manasco

USAA History

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a Fortune 500 mutual insurance company.

USAA was founded in 1922 by a group of U.S. Army officers to self-insure each other when they were unable to get auto insurance because they were part of a high risk group.

The organization began to offer homeowner’s and life insurance in the 1960’s. Banking and brokerage services were added in the 1980’s.

Today USAA is a Fortune 500 diversified financial services group of companies that offers banking, investing, and insurance to individuals and families that serve or served in the United States Military.

USAA has 9.3 million members and had $20.79 billion in revenue in 2012.


Question 1: What is the phone number for USAA?
Answer 1: The phone number for USAA is (210) 498-2211.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of USAA?
Answer 2: The CEO of USAA is Josue Robles Jr..

Question 3: Who founded USAA?
Answer 3: USAA was founded by in .

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Don Pittman November 24, 2019 at 6:38 pm

This bank is impossible to deal with – Recently I logged in to USAA and noticed that my savings account was no longer listed. I phoned USAA and was informed that my savings account had been closed and the balance mailed to my address. I was informed this was done because there was no signature card on file. There are several problems here:
1. I was not informed that my account was being closed.
2. I have had the account for several years.
3. The balance of my account was mailed via regular mail – a large sum!!
4. When I opened the account several years ago I filed a signature card for both my savings account and my checking account. USAA informed me that the card for the checking account was there so no problem with checking.
5. I asked what if the check gets lost in the mail? I was told that I would have to take that up with USPS.
6. I asked why not registered or certified mail. No answer!

Obviously someone at USAA made a mistake and USAA refuses to take any action to rectify the problem. In the meantime my saving is somewhere in the mail., Not registered or certified mail, not UPS, not Fedex but just regular mail.


Omar Rashad September 8, 2019 at 8:24 pm

My Property claim # 023417874 has been handled with total disregard and disgrace. I need someone who handle claim complaints from the corporate office to contact me Thank You.


Bill Russell August 21, 2019 at 11:57 am

Hello; For an organization that represents the military which is all about accountability USAA makes it exceedingly difficult to contact executives.
Loads of photos and Bios about Execs and Board members but little public access and accountability. No customer service access and no real email access and it is the 21st century. The agents that I have spoken with on the phone seem not to have staff directory. Who is really in Charge and why is it so difficult to send that person or Board a simple email??


Linda Lindley September 18, 2019 at 5:33 pm

You are absolutely correct. Today I had two employees of the company tell me that they did not know who the companies executives were. I asked to speak with his manager and I was told that his manager could not help me. I asked what his manager’s name was and he said he could not give me that information. OMG…Does he think that the executive’s names are confidential? I’m a member! As a member I should have access to this information.


Rika July 31, 2019 at 4:46 pm

Hi! I have been helping my elderly mom with issues with her USAA credit card. I called and was told to go online to verify her identity, which I did (copied her drivers license and uploaded it onto the site). I was then asked to enter a cell phone number, and since she doesn’t have one, I put my number into the system. My problem however, is that I do not live with her, so when the company returns the call, I won’t be with her. I don’t have power of attorney to deal with her issues so will need her verbal consent at the time of the call inorder to continue to help her resolve her credit card issue. So I will not be able to accomplish said call when they do call back! I just hope that they will call us back once they do call so that I can go to her house to be next to her so that the issue may be resolved. It is ridiculous that I can’t get a customer service rep to arrange for the date and time of the return call! NOT happy about this issue!


Toshawnka Walker July 31, 2019 at 11:47 am

Hello. I am worried about the care USAA takes to ensure confidence when tragedy occurs. It appears USAA made a mistake in paying the SunTrust Bank for a Total Loss and now I am being held responsible.

I lost my vehicle in a fire on June 20th, 2019 at my job. I was shocked and devastated. It was especially rough, being a new employee who lives 60+ miles away from where my car was burned.
USAA Claims Representative, R. Esquivel, assured me that everything was going to be alright. He guided me through the process of filing a claim and accepting an offer I thought was fair. A payment was issued to SunTrust Bank (Payment details: LH#60700006072084426 TITLE TO COPART Boonesboro Road, Lexington, KY 40509 ). Initially, Robert made me feel very confident in how USAA cares for its members.
Recently, I was performed a cursory review of my SunTrust Account and I noticed a balance on the account. I contacted USAA to get further clarification on why a balance existed when I no longer have the title to the vehicle. I contacted the bank and I was informed the amount requested was not completely paid by USAA.

It appears USAA and/or Copart made a mistake in fund allocation.
Upon relaying the information to R. Esquivel, he said he was unsure on why there is a discrepancy. Upon further communication, he offered to take the claim money back, pay SunTrust Bank the amount mistakenly forgotten and give me the rest.

I’m in the process of buying a vehicle with the claim amount. I do not want any additional funds. I just think if there was a USAA/Copart payment discrepancy, I shouldn’t have to be responsible.

Is that how USAA takes care of its members?

Am I wrong for this?

My claim # is 109XXXXX-009 and all communication is within the Claims Communication Center.


Brian K. Gibson July 15, 2019 at 2:24 pm

I have dealt with some companies who have “HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE” and to date USAA has been the “WORST” company I have ever tried to do business with. You need to overhaul your entire customer service outlook, as it simply does not work for your customers. I spoke with Mindy B. (supposedly as supervisor) and when she could not answer my question or justify her answer, she simply stated that my business was no longer needed and refused to give me the number to corporate or any other person on her level to get resolution. I went online and got the company’s president information and plan on giving him a earful about the way his customer support teams continuously drop the ball and leave his customers “STUCK”.

WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I AM CANCELLING MY ACCT if I don’t hear back from MANAGEMENT promptly! They are not accepting my application because my DD 214 is General under “Honorable Conditions” which is ludicrous because a general discharge under honorable conditions is considered an Honorable Discharge. No one willing to listen in customer service if you want to call it that, for me it was a total waste of time. On to the President, lets see if he can give me a viable solution or answer that his customer service team could not in over 12 hours of wasted energy and conversation to achieve “NOTHING” . I am totally disgruntled with this company and won’t stop until my issue is “RESOLVED”


OMAR FAROQUE June 4, 2019 at 9:04 am





Omar Faroque



Anonymous May 8, 2019 at 10:28 am

USAA is horrible, just like most big institutions these days – they just don’t care! Shameful how you are handling business just because of $$$. And very disappointed about reading the comments above about pulling advertising money from Hannity’s show. I agree – stay out of politics and do not cave to the liberals! They are successfully ruining the United States of America!


Dennis Baker May 7, 2019 at 3:19 pm

Dear Sirs, I have been a member of USAA for nearly 60 years. When I first joined it was an extremely well run organization ready, willing and, most importantly, able to resolve any issues or answer any questions. One could have bragging rights saying their insurance company was USAA. Today it seems to be just another huge conglomerate bureaucracy, extremely difficult to reach in order to have a question answered, and unable to deal with issues (even simple ones) beyond what they are scripted to say. From the best organization to the typical horror – waiting for over an hour to contact someone by phone – well that sums it all up. And then, even when speaking to a superior, getting the same run around – very polite, mind you, but not smart enough to deal with a problem. Sad, in deed.


Cd Overy September 21, 2019 at 9:28 am

To whom it may concern, in whichever state you may recide. This e-mail pretty much covers it all. I have been trying to use my bank account for around two months now. All though the bank is still (I hope) paying my bills for me I can-t seem to use my card in the grocery store. How long does it take for a person to starve if they have no funds to partake of. I have heard of banks being robbed and the government steps right in to help out, but when the little account account holder has his/her funds dissapearing down the long hall, no own is available help us. They laugh well, but they no very little about what goes on day in\day out! When a manager is asked for one can’t be found. Not only do you have a pitiful customer service, IF you do hire managers they are very afraid of confronting your account holders. When you do hire a manager have them learn how to respect military and their families.


Gary A McCall April 23, 2019 at 5:57 pm

I have been a USAA customer for over 40 years. During the early years of USAA they were an outstanding company that really were concerned about their members and would give them the benefit of the doubt and since they didn’t have local offices would pay claims efficiently and timely. This has changed. USAA has become the massive corporate conglomerate with corporate concerns being their number one goal now. I recently had a leaking roof claim on my guest home in Burley, Idaho. I contacted USAA and they sent a mitigation company to repair the damage but when it came to the roof repair they said they had to send an engineer to determine if my roof claim as covered by my insurance. So I live in rural Idaho and there are structural engineers located approximately 34 miles from the residence but when I asked them where the engineer was coming from they said Denver, Colorado. Now I know engineers don’t work for free plus the cost of the air fare and associated trip expenses was what I considered more than what it would have taken to repair the roof. When a company is willing to spend money over what it would have cost to repair a claim to deny that claim I consider that poor business practice and not worthy of my continued support. I plan on severing my business with USAA after 40 plus years.


Calhoun K. Carter April 4, 2019 at 6:31 pm

I was billed twice for the same auto insurance two days apart.
The Billing Department is not awake.
Many times I have had to call and correct charges. Today was not the first time.
In my 92 years I have never found out how too fix STUPID.


Peggy C Stamper March 23, 2019 at 12:55 pm

I have been repeatedly trying to enroll in your credit monitoring service on line. Each time, I get an error message and the guidance below:

To access your credit profile, try again within two hours.
For immediate assistance, call us at 210-531-USAA (8722) that’s 800-531- during business hours.

I finally called that number and they rep said should could not help me with this on the phone.

Am I being punked by my own bank?

Also, I have repeatedly attempted to transfer a balance to my new USAA credit card. Each time I do, I get an error message and the below message:

To protect your account, we’ve stopped the balance transfer process. For help, please call us at 1-800-531-USAA (8722).

I tried your on-line chate. No help.

I tried to send you a message. No way.

I don’t have any more time to waste on this.

This is not the kind of service I am used to from USAA and it is very frustrating and diasppointing.


Michele Nading March 20, 2019 at 7:57 pm

My husband is active duty and has been with USAA for 20 years now. We added our son to our account, when he was of age he set up an account on his own. Our son recently joined the military and called USAA before he left for Basic Training to make sure we had access to his account. He was told we did, I tried to call USAA to get his account unlocked cause his online account got locked. That’s when I was told I did not have access, they transferred me, told me they would look into everything and listen to see if the conversation between my son and the representative was recorded. I just received a call saying that it was recorded and the representative informed him wrong and that even though the rep was at fault they still could not help us. I tried to explain I didn’t need a password or any account info, I just needed his account unlocked and that’s the least that could be done after this whole mess that was no fault of ours. I was still told USAA could not help me. He is at Basic Training has no internet or phone access for 3 months. I am shocked at the lack of help we are receiving after banking with USAA for so long and even after knowing USAA was at fault for all of this from the start. How is a customer told “ we can’t do anything to help you even though we heard proof it was our own mistake” how is this good business?


Christopher Cole March 5, 2019 at 9:47 pm

First off I would like to say as 10 year member of USAA with Banking, Auto and Insurance they have always been good to me. As of week ago I got approved for a loan up to 32k with apr 12.9 which was unacceptable but I was planning on refinancing after year with them to get it lowered. I had accepted the loan for the amount that was needed which was under 32k roughly 14.5k apr locked at 12.91 which they ask for car vin and dealership name I proceeded to give info and was told to sign documents but also stated wasn’t sure if I wanted to lock this car because I was waiting on the dealer to back me with warranty, I was notified by representative that it was fine as long as I didn’t give the funding document to the dealer I could get a different vehicle if change of mind, I then called a day later saying I found a vehicle that backed warranty and was the same exact vehicle but at a different dealership, I was convinced to get this vehicle because it was for one back with WARRANTY and also preferred dealership of USAA as the other dealer was not. Once speaking with REP they told me I could not change the loan because of documents were signed but was never given to dealership because as I once stated the REP told me If I had a change of mind to not give them the funding loan sheet I then was told on the phone today by rep I could not change the loan only way is to run my credit for another loan, mind you I already had this loan still in process and inquiry because of USAA, the lady runs my credit again less than 2weeks of being approved for loan at 12.9 goes to 16.9, i complained to them about the situation also the rep stated that everything I said was notated about not being sure about the vehicle and was not notified that once I signed i couldn’t modify, only was told to not give funding loan unless I was sure, because of them and the misguided lies they told me, I was forced to go with this apr to not lose the car of my dreams at 16.9, Im highly disappointed with USAA, I planned on being a member for 40+ years with them but after next year I plan on leaving them for good because its unacceptable how they treated me I will also be following up with Stuart Parker the CEO with a letter about the situation because as customer and I thought was a value member of this family, I can see I am not and will not recommend any more people to this family as I have did over 45 plus people now.


Daniel Moya February 7, 2019 at 4:05 pm

Several attempts earlier today to logon to my account to confirm that a promised credit to my credit card accuunt have posted. Spoke to a BERNIE and stated my problem of not receiving the required log in security code, that your site states was emailed to me . In addition to having provided my name, membership number, last four digits of my VISA card, expiration date and four digit code on the back, he insisted on asking other information which I did not have readily on hand and told him so. He could not provide the service i was asking until I can provide provide the specific information he was demanding . BERNIE’s manifested manner and voice was terse, rude, fianal then he just hung up the phone. It has the effect of compounding my frustration in not being to log in and find important information on my account. Bernie did not attempt to pin point or even guess where the problem and make a referral to someone what turned was a tech problem at your end.

It is my conclusion that this BERNIE employee should not be in the customer service area.
He totally lacks a fraction of the skill set of a customer service representative of USAA.


Michael Jones January 28, 2019 at 12:40 pm

I’m not a member of this no good sh*ty bank these men and women fought for our country and you all are goddaman mother fu**er for treating these men and women like this how can you all sleep at night and one day GOD WILL SHOW YOU NO GOOD B*TCHES ONE DAY HOW IT FEELS TO BE DONE WRONG AND YOU PEOPLE MAKES SURE YOU GET YOUR PAY CHECKS RIGHT THESE MEN AND WOMEN PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR YOU AND MYSELF AND THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY


I hate USAA August 15, 2019 at 1:22 am

I agree with you Michael. USAA is not a good company any more. What happened?


Donald Lisko January 19, 2019 at 11:04 am

Same experience on my request for an IRA annuity withdrawal as the other posts …I am sending a letter to Mr. Robles


Bob Santucci January 2, 2019 at 7:20 pm

I am a 50 year member of USAA and I have never experienced a time when a department (Annuities) did not answer their phones. I attempted seven times over a period of ten hours today to speak with a representative of the Annuity Dept. I was waiting on the line up to 50 minutes without reaching an employee. At one point I reached the USAA operator and she told me that the Annuity Dept currently is 124 minutes backed up.

Where’s the management to insure reasonable customer service. Why couldn’t they insert a robo message that warns callers to call back on another day? Their choice was to let you hold on for an “endless” amount of time with no answer.

Mr. Robles, someone “dropped the ball” in the Annuity Dept. today. Please do something to improve the situation.


Kareem Walters November 17, 2018 at 11:59 am

This company’s customer service is horrible. I mailed in a $420.00 money order to USAA three months ago, and somehow it STILL has not been applied to my Auto Insurance Premium. Calling customer service has gotten me nowhere as they continue to give me the run around. At first, they couldn’t find the Money Order and then when I presented them with evidence from the US Post Office that the money order had been cashed by USAA, they then said that they would apply it to my account. Here it is over three months later, and it still has not been applied to my account. I honestly feel like these people are con artists out to steal money.


THOMAS LAVOIE November 15, 2018 at 10:19 am

Beyond frustrated with the “service team” for investments. Do not invest here. Plus they just sold this division.


Keith Klesk October 24, 2018 at 12:05 pm

I have been a customer of USAA for 43 years, and regrettably I agree with other postings that this company has not cared about,efficient, professional service in tens of years. Today i spent 43 minutes on the phone (38 on hold) talking to a ‘supervisor’ about why I got SPAM from USAA on 23 Oct 18 even though I told them in 2015 to not send me any communications not directly related to my one insurance policy. This supervisor spewed the same narrative (we have your preferences from 2015 logged) 4 times, but had no explanation for why I got SPAM. She then claimed, since the SPAM was about medical insurance (Tricare Dental plan ending this year,) I should contact them! I stated the SPAM was sent by USAA, ( so USAA should know and is responsible, not Tricare, as she claimed. I asked to send her the email, and she claimed she had no email address available. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and was told she didn’t have one? Useless, unprofessional supervisor. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in TX asking for contact information for the CEO – I intend to send a copy of the SPAM to him – he better know what’s going on.


Dana Bowers October 12, 2018 at 12:37 pm

CLaim number: 6453966-003
This comment is in regards to a property liability claim that occurred on 09/15/2018. Our neighbors dead tree fell in our yard and damaged the yard and 2 fences. USAA still has not adjuster Vonda will not answer her phone. She denied claim before looking at supporting data, told me she had her own clients to take care, told me to file with my insurance and have them subrogate. She finally said she would reconsider if I sent pictures. There were currently 14 pictures in her file at USAA she had not looked at when she denied the claim. I asked her what she else she needed, she became very angry, raised her voice and told me she needed “time”. And then hung up on me. I eventually spoke with Kim Ross who was not rude and did not complain about her work load, but she has not been effective in responding to the issue.
I was told when the dead tree fell the winds were 60-70 mph. This is not true for our area and can provide data to support this. On September 25th, there was supposedly an arborist sent to my house. We were not here , despite our request that we be present when he assessed our property. I was told today, Vonda does not have enough information. We were informed the arborist said one tree was dead and one tree was alive. Both trees are covered with vines that are as big around as my wrist. If one tree was alive, I am sure it was not healthy. The dead tree is lying on my fence and caused the damage to my property. We have provided pictures (including a picture of the dead tree covered with vines before it fell) and will present more information if necessary. We do not think a delay of almost a month with false information regarding wind conditions is acceptable. It gives the appearance of trying to avoid accepting liability and using dishonest means to do so. The local adjustor that USAA said they used was Melinda Seigler and per Kim Ross she had reported the 60-70 mph winds.

The delay as well , the lack of customer service skill, inability to contact USAA staff and inaccurate information makes this concerning. I believe you have a recorded conversation with VOnda Ayer that can validate her bullying tactics. It also seems Vonda may need help with her workload.

We still have 2 dead trees in our yard with at least one damaged fence. Part of these trees originate in your clients yard and will likely require access to her property to fix the problem.

Dana Bowers


Patrick Roden October 9, 2018 at 2:09 pm

Patrick Roden
Sarasota, FL 34231
USAA Member

July 9 2018

USAA Insurance Co.

Dear Sir,

This correspondence is about a 2015 Kia Sedona Vin.#KNDMB5C12F6042138 that was given the designation Certificate of Destruction by USAA Insurance Co..

I want to know and also for the State of Florida what tests and inspections that where made on this vehicle and also what company tested it to declare it a 100 percent non repairable vehicle for salvage only?.

The State of Florida states that you must prove a vehicle is 100 percent non repairable before the designation of Certificate of Destruction is placed on a vehicle.
This vehicle should have had just a salvage title designation for being in water, with no damage to body or other parts. I have checked this vehicle thoroughly and it is in perfect condition with only cleaning and a battery needed. This designation the (certificate of destruction) is a death sentence for a vehicle without a hearing or a trial.
Thousands of vehicles go through flood waters every year and when dried out, most all are in 100 percent good running, safe condition.

USAA needs to change the designation for this vehicle to salvage and not the certificate of destruction title, here in Sarasota, Florida you have to have a title even to take a vehicle to the junk yard. I really need help to put this vehicle on the road.
Please I really would appreciate getting help on this please let me know as soon as possible, as I want to take this vehicle to the State of Florida for inspection.
I am A USAA member and also a US Army Veteran from the 10th Mountain Division

Thank you

Patrick Roden


Betty Gudat September 29, 2018 at 12:39 pm

FRAUDULENT WITHDRAWAL OF $603. FROM SAVINGS ACCOUNT. I accessed the USAA website 9/28/18 to download a Proof of Auto Insurance Form when I noticed the balance on my Savings Account was incorrect. $603. had been withdrawn. I called USAA and was told a Debit Card had been requested and mailed to an Oklahoma address. The card was then used on 9/28/18 at an ATM at a Mid First Bank in Okla. Neither my husband nor I have ever requested a Debit Card for our Savings Account and we live in San Antonio, TX. With all the current security measures, I have to take to access USAA, I am very concerned that USAA failed to verified such a request with our address in their files and the Saving Account Balance known to them. USAA has acted quickly to credit my account the $603., but my confidence in USAA has been totally shaken. (9/29/2018) How this crime is treated by USAA and how well they keep us informed will determine if we want to stay with them. We have been members since 1962.


Betty Gudat October 2, 2018 at 2:20 pm

Is anyone in management really reading these complaints ?

Update on my earlier account. Oct 2, 2018, I tried to log on to USAA. I am now blocked, but my husband can still log on!!


Daniel Moya September 26, 2018 at 10:26 am

Refusal of employees in emsg and online chat areas including their managers to relay customer issues to specific responsible departments for resolution. USAA cons military personnel and veterans into bundle offers with an attractive discount (which I did having our autos and home insurance plus a visa card with usaa), but on renewal they sock it to you with a 14% premium increase for the next six months. The increase translates to 3 times, the initial 6 months supposed “discount” given for bundleing their products. Or meaning that the discount applies only to the initial period and not to subsequent extension or policy renewal plus substantial inrease in double digit percentages. I don’t like repeating myself. If I discuss my issues in the customer service areas, the discussion should be referred/forwarded to the responsible departments or personnel who should in turn contact the customer/member. That is not happening and appears to indicate that the company’s internal communication and coordination structure is visibly flawed that needs changing. It’s as simple as forwarding an email or an internal memo or inter department mail.


Dan September 21, 2018 at 4:26 pm

The whole organization needs an overhaul in all areas of customer service including the lack of departments to interact with each other. All choices offered on-line regarding subjects and issues are very limited and specific. The choice of OTHER should be added. Personnel on chat should be authorized to forward problems, issues to the appropriate department and representatives with the authority to take action and provide a resolution to members.i In the account and transaction history page member disputed transaction should be marked clearly as disputed.
CC reported or appear to have been compromised should be blocked ASAP


Paul W. Koors September 18, 2018 at 2:59 pm

Dear Sirs: I have been a USAA member since 1968 & my brother before that. This is the first complaint I have had. My son, also a USAA member, passed away unexpectedly on August 29, 2018 in Connecticut. He and his wife and two children recently moved from Virginia to Connecticut where he took a position as an ENT surgeon in Danbury.
We have been trying to register their car in Ct., but have run into an obstacle in USAA. Ct. needs USAA , which holds a lien on the car, to sign off on transferring the title to my son’s wife. I am told by a claims rep that USAA Survivor Estate REcovery office will not talk to anyone until an executor is appointed by the Probate Court. To have a representative appointed by Probate Court will take at least a month even for a small estate. My son has no assets other than the car.
I talked to Gatestone, and they said even if I paid off the outstanding balance on the loan, it would take weeks for USAA to process and sign off on the loan.
Meanwhile, my daughter-in-law is driving an old small car borrowed from her father and driving her kids to school.
I am trying to get the car registered as soon as possible, but USAA is holding it up by making me go to Probate Court.
I and my wife are willing to guarantee the loan, and in fact we have made all the payments on the loan since its inception as a gift. I will sign the loan agreement personally, or sign a guarantee. What more could USAA want than the payment of the loan.
Paul W. Koors


Richardson September 4, 2018 at 2:32 pm

Because of a very minor fraud alert on my VISA card (.47 cents), The department cancelled the cards and locked me out of my account. I could not insure newly bought car until the new cards arrive (WHEN EVER THAT WILL BE). It is disgusting that the only way to access insurance account is with a NO GOOD USAA credit card. Could not insure new car until I received the new cards to access my account. There has to be a better way to do business. This security process is an OVERKILL for auto/home insurance access. After more than two hours with five different USAA representatives, I AM GOING TO GEICO TO INSURE MY VEHICLE. Will take a look at other options when my current policy with USAA expires on 12/28/18. An unhappy customer.


Richardson September 4, 2018 at 3:50 pm



Mark C. Arnold August 31, 2018 at 11:39 am

I tried to increase my homeowner’s insurance and have called 5 times only to be given several different amounts for the same increase when I asked to speak to a manager I was told that one would call me back evidently there are no managers or supervisors hence no call back. This used to be one of the most service oriented companies but no longer.


Debbe Jensen August 24, 2018 at 10:32 am

I’m on hold trying for the 4th time this am to talk with the Claims Dept. I was told last week a Manager would be calling me, no call!!
I had a terrible experience with USAA’s roadside service and paid additional dollars for desired service which I did not receive. Instead, my car sat on the road 2 days while I was told story after story! Which I have doXXXXented. You could not convince me that USAA or their representatives lie if I had not experienced it myself. I was shocked! I have been on hold for 14 minutes this time and just as I thought I was getting to some one, a pause and then I was hung up on.
I do not know what is going on with this company, but it is really horrible!! I have lost confidence! I won’t be encouraging anyone to use them like I used to!


dennis d nielsen August 6, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Been a USAA member for over 40 years, atone time thought it was tops. In the last 4-5 years it has really gone downhill. They are hard to get hold of with the new security measures and then you are on hold with long wait times. Had no accidents in the 40-plus years then had one and they quickly found me at fault and raised my rates. The police would not access fault but USSA did without even looking at my car and the police report even had the wrong name and the wrong car. USAA simply won’t talk with me on this and hangs up when I say I am recording the call. Asked them about arbitration and they won’t give me any information. Am making a complaint to the ins commissioner in my state. VERY poor service!!!!!


HoraceVob July 27, 2018 at 10:59 am



Richard C. July 22, 2018 at 2:46 pm

I am surprised by the number of complaints, but not too much. They pretty much dovetail with my experience with USAA over the years. I first signed up with USAA in June of 1965. It was a good company then, but has really gone down the tubes in recent years, from the ‘heartbleed’ fiasco to poor all-around security; my credit card has been defrauded three times through no fault of mine. July 2018 I get a cell phone ‘fraud alert’ but unable to contact USAA without unspecified ‘additional charges’. Finally got thru to them via landline, only to speak with an incompetent, rude person who, after a few questions, suddently decided she ‘could verify me in the USAA database’, and quickly cut off further discussion.
USAA has gone the way of almost all ‘successful’ companies: start out going strong, grow a bit, then the marketeers get control and pray to the god of cost-cutting. Then the company begins to ignore declining quality, finally turning to the lack of services experienced in dealing today with USAA. “We Know What It Means to Serve” – what baloney. Most folks in USAA employ today have never seen the inside of a military installation, I’d bet.
We are now looking for alternative options – USAA is not the best in terms of cost, have not been for many years. We are very disappointed in their customer interface, this ‘fraud alert’ situation is not the only case. Too bad.


Richard C. July 22, 2018 at 2:51 pm

Correction to my post:
Person taking my call about ‘fraud alert’ “….suddently decided she ‘could NOT verify me in the USAA database’, then she started talking over me, making it impossible to continue the discussion, then quidkly cut me off.
This after 53 years.


Mark April 13, 2018 at 2:43 pm

What has happened to USAA? I’ve been with them for almost 25 years. They’ve gone from being helpful to condescending and self-important. They’ve also gotten really good at saying, “I’m sorry,” without fixing the problem.

A week ago, a dangerous situation jumped up and bit me, resulting in car damage. I tried to file the night this happened–and couldn’t because their system was down. And again the next day. “It happens,” I was told. Contrary to promises, my claim was never filed. I had to call again to file, and got a whole load of excuses — “system was down, we’re behind.” “Sorry” [not sorry], again.

USAA wouldn’t send an adjuster — the damage wasn’t bad enough, they said. I tried to explain mitigating factors, but the adjuster, in a tone I found officious, began “reading her script” — their hands are tied, 100% on me, go after the other entity if you want, USAA won’t help.

I was furious, at the callousness and “so what” attitude everyone had about everything. I called corporate to make an Executive Complaint. According to the operator, her supervisor said I’d have to follow their internal process. In other words, I would NOT be forwarded to the executive offices, because THEY SAID SO. I’m a customer–I don’t work for them!

Next step is a certified letter to the CEO. We’ll see if it does any good. If I’m going to be treated this way, it may as well be with a local agent, not some inaccessible high-and-mighty voice at the other end of the telephone.

USAA Is very good at looking out for their own interests, and I thought for sure they’d step up to help me this time. They really haven’t in the past.

In 2006, I was rear-ended by another USAA member at a stoplight. USAA spent a whole lot more money repairing the other driver’s nearly-totaled car and for legal counsel — the latter specifically to stop me getting compensation for injuries, which severely constrained my life for almost 4 years. The adjuster all but accused me of fraud, at the time, I was only asking for medical coverage and lost work time! I get this–they saw me as a liability, because it was out of their own pocket.

In 2010, I was rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver at a stoplight. Once again, I was again in therapy for months, but (once again) USAA was acting as though I were a fraud. I had just been laid off, and the accident injuries prevented me from finding a job in my professional field (the doctor told me to avoid activities integral to the my profession) ; this time, it took almost 3 years to heal. OK, USAA was on the hook again–I can understand (can’t justify) their behavior.

But this time, they just won’t listen and don’t care.


Beverly Elliott December 4, 2017 at 1:19 pm

I guess I am not so surprised to see that others have issues with USAA. I too have been a customer for more years than I know. Today my son deposited a $1428 check into his account and they are holding $1228 for 6 days. I have talked to more people than I need to to get the funds released as we counted on these to pay a bill today. I cannot say that anyone has been very helpful and frankly I am weary of the robot-like conversations I have had with them. The script is so bad it is sad. When asking to speak to the next level, they completely clam up and say there is no one above them. They want to quote the policy which I have already heard. When I press for the next level, they simply say thank you and good bye. Someone in this company must be able to assist the customer with an issue. The CEO must be in hiding because you cannot get a number to reach that office. I am very unhappy with USAA and intend to move my accounts if this is not resolved TODAY. I realize my little money each month may not be significant and won’t hurt them one way or another but I am one of many as indicated on this page of complaints and concerns. I can be reached at 901-326-XXXXX. If you are truly interested in assisting your customers, someone will contact me ASAP.


Linda Dimock December 3, 2017 at 9:57 am

My 2016 IRS tax refund was mistakenly deposited to an account at USAA. Although I do not have any affiliation with USAA and the name on that account obviously did not match mine, USAA accepted the funds. After over a dozen calls to both the IRS and USAA, including an IRS trace, USAA refuses to reimburse me, claiming “insufficient funds”. Bottom line is that USAA accepted an electronic deposit even though the names were not a match, and that person whose name is on that account stole my money. There is no “easier, softer way” to put it! I was a Navy wife for 28 years, and proudly supported my husband throughout his military career. I’m appalled by such treatment by this bank. I had planned to use my IRS refund to help defray medical expenses, and am now struggling paycheck to paycheck. I have composed a letter to Chairman of the Board, General Lester L. Lyles, which I will be mailing soon…however, I’m not confident that this will do any good.


Kenya M Shackelford November 22, 2017 at 11:25 am

My wife and I have been trying to get in touch with our insurance adjuster Jeffery Reardon for sometime now, he never returns or answers phone calls and the staff gives you the run around instead of trying to help you. We are trying to settle this claim to pay my wife’s medical bills which have went into collections due to the lack of work on their end. Usaa is absolutely the worst company to deal in claiming an auto accident. Nicole Carlton made plenty of excuses when asked for the number to corporate. I have spoken to all my friends and will continue to pass the word on moving their business to a different bank or insurance company. They are truly a disgrace to our military community.


CGS November 6, 2017 at 7:57 am

We have been members of USAA for 25 years and have never had problems. I spent years talking my mother into moving her accounts from small local banks to USAA. She recently passed away and their survivor relations department is terrible, making a stressful situation worse. I am also considering closing every one of my accounts. I will no longer be saying USAA is “better than sliced bread”. USAA representatives would send me forms THEY completed saying I only had to sign them. A week later they would call and tell me the forms were incorrectly filled out. Every time I spoke with someone, they would mention something previous representatives didn’t. Also, for the first time, on two separate calls, I had representatives I could not understand. Their customer service used to be great — not any more. I also had one representative tell me when I asked to speak to a supervisor that she “had been doing her job for a long time and knew what she was doing”. All I was asking for was a list of transactions to go with my mom’s final VISA bill. I spent 2-1/2 hours on the phone last week being transferred from person to person trying to find out why my mom’s property taxes weren’t paid when they were scheduled prior to her death. No one told me that when they lock a deceased person’s on-line account, any transactions to that account are also cancelled. Incidentally, my name is also on that account so the funds were not frozen.

Sending feedback is also a joke. I had someone contact me after I sent feedback and a day and a half after she called me, what I was complaining about still had not been done.

Obviously, they are no longer training their representatives adequately. How sad.


Eddie Hansen November 3, 2017 at 2:08 am

Today I found out USAA was taking $10 out of my savings account for making to many transfers from my checking account to my savings account. I have no idea how many more of these fees I’ve been charged. This has been going on since 2012. I’m canceling everything with this company. CD accounts, auto insurance, savings and checking accounts. I had no idea that there were this many complaints against USAA. The money I earned and deposited, is blood money that I paid for with my body over that past 25 years of military service. I’m so disgusted with USAA. I know nothing will be done about. IVE HAD ENOUGH.


Dwayne Streeter October 18, 2017 at 12:05 pm

Been the USAA for 17 years, had a bad experience with the Auto Insurance Claim. My vehicle is in the process of being repaired with the dealership I purchased the vehicle from. USAA authorized a rental however the rep didn’t tell me how long I could keep the car. The my vehicle has been in the shop going over a week. Enterprise calls me to inform me about additional chargers will be charged on your card or ask the dealer are they going to pay for the additional chargers on the rental vehicle. Called the dealer to find out about my vehicle and was told that they were waiting on the adjuster that never came out to look at the car. USAA was looking for pictures that the dealer never sent up. Now I’m have to pay additional fee for the rental that is out of my control because somebody didn’t do what they suppose to do. No one want to own up to it. So much for integrity. I even had a 3 way phone conference trying rectify the problem, USAA saying we’re not paying for addition rental fee and the dealer saying we don’t take pictures that’s the adjuster job and we not paying for rental fee. Then USAA rep put us on hold for over 45 minutes and never came back on. Had to call back again and still the USAA rep stating we don’t have the information from the dealer “I chosen” (like it’s my fault I chose that dealer). These could have been a easy fix if the rep stated that you are allowed some many days on the vehicle, afterwards you will be charged (too easy). The customer should never be penalized for not being informed.


dr barry craig garneau esq September 29, 2017 at 2:17 pm

Why complain they dont fix the problem. Online password problems Pins ask speak manager they park you on hold. Hang ups endless morons Piss poor customer service. Read all the compliant people leave, Drove 300 mile get vet 214 from 40s didnt have them but USAA said my girl friend could get her car insured like ad said. loss of income 2,800 for the road trip from hell. sent form in. Just to have the second agent say oh no we cant do it her father would have to had the policy with us when he served in china with theUSMC sorry the first agent said that. Than supervisor called when I turned into NYS Ins .control people, well sorry we had a stearn talk can’t tell you what out come was ya like if they fired thenm. To day cant log on lost a Harley deal 3,500 for 2005 thanks usaa


Makalah Williams August 22, 2017 at 5:52 pm


I opened a account about three weeks ago. My dad and both of my grandfathers were in the military. My dad setup me up with this account and made the first deposit. So just last week my mom get her amended return and someone still her purse so she has no id or anything. So my mother has wrote the check over to me to deposit in to my account. The check as since cleared, but you all have locked my account up and I cant my mom her money. To pay bills and get my siblings ready for school. They say its for verification but my whole things is why open and account and not verify the person until they make a big deposit. Keep in mind I used my card way before I put my mom check in my account. So now my buddy is being threaten with jail from buddys furniture because she cant pay because yall are holding the money on top of that she’s about to get evicted if her rent isn’t paid by Friday. And this is all because USAA has locked my account for no reason. My mother has also emailed you all stating that she gave me permission to deposit the check even signed the back of it. I have sent in everything they asked and my account is still locked. I don’t understand how you all take money and not release it to the person it belongs to. NO one there has any answers to why the account was locked. and it all because of the amount of the check. You all said three days and my account would be unlocked hope it is cause this is beyond crazy. Ill let you open and account make a deposit but if you make and big deposit we will lock your account.


Makalah Williams September 29, 2017 at 10:39 am

I opened an account with you all online in August. I deposited my mom’s tax return and you all locked my account. I sent in the doXXXXents that you requested. So now on the 26 I get a cash advance deposited into my account for 515 from speedy cash. You all put my account my account under review. The payment posted and when I called today I was told my account was closed. I was told it was because of my dad. He called n they told him it has nothing to do with him. The rep I talked to stated it was because of an account I had. I have never had an checking account with anyone but Usaa. I just turned 18 n my dad opened the account and made my first despoit. Then she went on to say because my dad doesn’t have auto insurance. Which makes no sense. She stated that it would be 60 days before I could get my money. None of this makes any sense to me. I haven’t wrote no checks, my account has never been negative. I don’t know the reason behind u all doing this to me again. My father instructed me to write this email. Because he doesn’t understand why this would happen. I need these funds to buy my books for school but once again Usaa had stopped me from handling things. I just need my account reinstated. 


Robert S. August 12, 2017 at 12:26 pm

I had a roadside emergency last night while traveling from Florida to Ohio. My headlights went out and I needed a bulb and some tools. What a surprise to learn that my account was frozen and I had to use another method of payment. USAA Savings Bank has failed to meet my standards. Therefore the card is removed from my wallet and sits in my gun safe. I will never use it again nor will I activate a new one.


Anton Kremer August 1, 2017 at 2:41 pm

In December of last year, I took advantage of a promo offer on a credit card for which I was to receive a $200 statement credit after making a minimum number of valid purchases in a one month period. All terms were fulfilled. I have yet to see the credit on my account. I have contacted USAA more than a half dozen times. Everyone I have talked to has assured me that this credit is being worked on due to a technical “glitch” and would be appearing on my account “shortly”. It’s been over 7 months – I think the glitch should have been overcome. I’ve been a member of USAA for many years and cannot understand how this problem has been allowed to go unresolved for this long. Please advise. Thanks.


ALBERT DZIENNIK July 28, 2017 at 1:32 pm

A recent bill-pay payment was sent by USAA to my city’s water bill. It not only arrived late but was stuffed into an envelope along with 2 other payments for other’s who use the same bill pay at USAA. Both the other 2 payments were dated the 20th while mine was dated the 17th. All arrived late as the city (Rotan TX) uses the 20th as their deadline date. The envelope arrived on the 24th some 4 days late for my particular check. When I contacted USAA I was told the payment was mailed on the 17th. That is not true. If I had not dived into this I’d never have known the lack of care and attention promised by USAA. I will now find another way to pay this bill other than USAA’s bill pay service. When I reported this by phone I was spun around by them and told the payment was mailed on the 17th. It was not. It went out on the 20th the date it was due. And by mail. Regrettable experience all the way around. 2 thumbs down for USAA bill pay.


Bobby M Robertson July 5, 2017 at 2:40 pm

I opened up a checking and savings accounts with USAA a little over a month ago. for almost a month now they can see I have money in a new checking account to cover the negative amount in my savings account. thgey could have transfered the money from one account to the other, but chose instead for the past month to keep putting my account under review so I was locked out. I was informed last Friday they are closing my accounts and it will take 60 days to close my accounts. I guess this is how they treat our country’s veterans. I sure hope the CEO gets to see this. I hope someone can expidite getting my money to me by the latest next week. I am think of getting my US Senator’s office involved. I will never do business with them again. I suggest nobody do business with them.


Neil Martin June 6, 2017 at 1:44 pm

Please convey this to Stuart Parker, and have a customer service representative contact me by email.

I am not a USAA customer. However, I was hit by a USAA-insured driver (policy # 023019303U7101. Date of accident – 5/25/17.

The service regarding this claim has been very poor, and remains quite unsatisfactory.

I spoke with Carol today, 210-531-XXXXX.

N Martin


Kenya M Shackelford November 22, 2017 at 11:42 am

How did your situation work out for you, I’m dealing with the same exact thing and they are horrible. Adjuster never returns calls or never answers the phone. They give us dates that come and go and everyone tries to connect you back to the person who isn’t doing their job in the first place. I have asked for supervisors and new adjusters and nothing has happened yet


MS Quinn June 2, 2017 at 12:42 am

We do not agree with the boycotting of Shawn Hannity.

You are falling prey to the strong-arm tactics of the left-wing media and liberals by allowing them to silence those who oppose their view.

You have literally supported the loss of free speech in this county and we will make certain to pass it on to anyone who supports your company, or is a member of the company.




Col Bruce Ullman, USAF, Ret May 31, 2017 at 9:39 am

USAA dropped sponsorship of Hannity. Good. He is an inveterate liar and provocateur. Now USAA has signed up again. Shame.
As a former USAA member and active duty officer for 25 years, I do not agree that military professionals all hold conservative values and, even if we did, Hannity’s ranting only hurts Conservatism and the GOP. USAA should not support any politically partisan media, right or left. That would be a true reflection of our oath and loyalty to whomever has been democratically elected to run our government. Military people should always try to be above partisan politics and, if USAA represents our values, they should too.


Louis Bonin May 27, 2017 at 1:50 pm

I have been a member of USAA for over 55 years.
After hearing that USAA has dropped sponsorship on Sean Hannity’s FOX show, presumably catering to the leftist organizations, I am seriously considering moving out all of the accounts I have with this organization. I was considering having USAA manage my trust, but now I have dismissed that consideration.
I thought USAA supported veterans and the conservative values they represent, but I now I think the management of this company has moved to supporting the Communist organizations within our country.
I am sorely disappointed with USAA.


Patricia Malicott May 27, 2017 at 10:26 am

I to am very angry that you have cowardly done what the liberals want, I am so tired that f big companies doing what one group wants. My husband is a 26 year veteran in the Air Force and this is how you thank him by being scared off by liberals, really! Grow a pair and stand up for what is right for all of us or we may to have to go elsewhere. I am sure very disappointed in your company.


Patrick Reiland May 26, 2017 at 11:34 am

Feeling betrayed by your advertising department’s decision to bow down to liberal pressure and pull your ads from the “Hannity” program on FOX network. Being a Navy Veteran, and fighting for all our rights for five years, including FREE SPEECH, I find it distainful that a company called USAA and purports to hold American values will not support those same rights. Unless that decision is reversed, I will pull my support of USAA and take my insurance business elsewhere.


Shirley Lamonna May 25, 2017 at 9:46 pm

While I am not a USAA member, I was appalled to see that you had pulled your advertising from Hannity based on complaints from anarchist liberals who do not support the military. Why would you cave to the pressure of people who have no respect for the country or those brave men and women who serve & protect it? You may find yourself in the same position as Target & Starbucks – LOSERS. Military members, who tend to lean conservative, are likely to look elsewhere for insurance due to your stance. Stay out of politics.


Erik May 25, 2017 at 7:30 pm

You’ve insulted us first by caving and then by giving us a BS excuse. To see you future look at what happened when Macy’s caved into the leftist bullies.


Bruce Hurley May 25, 2017 at 5:36 pm

I am absolutely livid that USAA pulled ads from Hannity! What is going on? What are you people thinking??? How does that help your members? I advise you to jump off the liberal bandwagon. This is just unreal.


Linda G May 25, 2017 at 2:58 pm

lbgoll at

Sorry to learn that USAA pulled their ads from Hannity, may look at pulling money out of USAA.


Jennifer S May 16, 2017 at 4:09 pm

14 years with this company – checking/savings, insurance, auto loan, personal loan, credit card – Due to their failure and their system, every one of my accounts were flagged as FRAUD, and haven’t been released in full yet. 15 phone calls, over 5 hours on the phone, 13 different people, 8 or 10 department changes and refusal to put me through to a manager of any sort and this started on Monday May 8th. Today is the 16th. I am leaving this $hitty company asap.


Zoe Hawkins-Wells September 30, 2017 at 7:02 pm

I had a similar experience. After 18 years of using several of their services, a mistake was made and they revoked my perfectly-paid credit card. I went through several departments, ping-ponged around for SIX WEEKS with nearly every day calls. It must have been over 40 hours on the phone. And to get no where. I was SUCH a supporter of this company feel so wronged that I must pull all of my services with them. I doubt my loyalty thus far duet this extremely bad experience.


Scott April 12, 2017 at 11:45 am

Very disappointed in the lack ethics, honesty, integrity, it is very troubling when you pay cash on your accounts and have a ZERO balance on all your accounts, they take the money and it is a lot but decide to hold it all in a interest bearing account for 7-10 days ?

You call customer service and get the run around so I closed two of my accounts and kept one which was paid off in full long ago, today I’m told USAA holds cash [payments} for up too 10 days not allowing it to be made available.

My experience with USAA is terrible and as a disabled veteran find there attitude alarming and treatment on the phone terrible. NO MORE USAA


Anton Montgomery March 31, 2017 at 12:57 pm

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, My name is ANTON MONTGOMERY And This bank has held my funds hostage for 3 days! I just lost a love one and Was trying too get a limit increase so I could pay the funeral home. The limit was increased then my account was blocked by the Fraud team! They asked me too send in verifying doXXXXents and I did, multiple time to be exact! Because I’m in a time sensitive situation. So one of the 17 reps that I spoke with was a very rude young lady and she asked me” where you get all this money from” I’m thinking like real.. her not knowing it’s insurance settlement from my dad, who died last year. I never felt so disrespected, belittled, borderline criminalist! That’s the way she made me feel. This bank has no compassion, loyalty or morals! I NEED TO BURY MY FAMILY AND THEY HAVE ALL THE VERIFYING DOXXXXENTS TOO PROVE IM ME, I NEED HELP, I HAD TO MISS WORK FOR 3 days because all my funds are in the bank, then they threaten to close my account or in there words “no longer which too continue a relationship” so why not close my account and send me my check?!? NO TYPE OF HELP! Matthew a Usaa rep, HIS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE VERY RUDE, SMUG, IRATE!
THE LAST REP I SPOKE WITH WAS AWESOME, although my account is still blocked, he spoke with compassion and wanted to help. But it was out of his hands! Am I a victim of financial profiling? I will be contacting some one with authority outside of USSA. To fix this situation! I hate this bank, and if I’m homeless or hurt USAA WOULD GIVE A CARE!
Anton Montgomery


carmen sette May 19, 2017 at 9:22 am



M. A . WADLINGTON March 29, 2017 at 3:51 pm



karen March 28, 2017 at 11:58 am

My sister has recently had issues with customer service since her car accident a month ago. She has been waiting on a check for a month now and hasnt received it. Everytime she calls to speak with the claims representative she has to leave a message and when she finally did speak to another person they told her that the check was sent to the wrong address. Well, if the woman had answered my sisters call and emails in the beginning this wouldnt have happened. Everytime i ask for the number to get in contact with the CEO they tell me that they dont have that information. When my sister asked them for the tracking number for the second check they were sending out they told her that they didnt give out tracking numbers until the check had arrived at its destination. Well, that doesnt make since, why would anyone want a tracking number after the mail has arrived to its destination and when she asked the customer service rep that question they put her on hold. With all these problems i have read today on this website i think someone should get in contact with the news and let them know all the problems people are having and then maybe the CEO will see how dissatisfied all his customers are.


Brad January 28, 2017 at 4:37 pm

There is a consistent theme of poor customer service that clearly has not been addressed at the Corporate level. The corporate culture of flippant, demeaning responses from representatives seems to be the new norm. I have just ended a phone call where the USAA representative not only spoke to me in a tone that is unacceptable, as if she were a mother scolding a toddler, she also put me on hold while I was in the middle of a sentence, and then has the audacity to tell me she is “going to put me on hold for a few minutes so I have time to cool down” when I ask to be transferred to her supervisor, because I was clearly frustrated with how she was speaking to me and for cutting me off mid-sentence to put me on hold. I don’t use my military vet “card” very often, but as a former Navy Corspman (medic) I expected so much more from USAA. I know I am only 1 person and it won’t matter at all when I take my business elsewhere, but maybe, just maybe, USAA will change the culture of how their representatives speak to customers, or someone else will read this and think twice about engaging USAA for any of their services.


Shelton Clarke December 16, 2016 at 12:54 pm

So as far as I can see there has been a lot of fraudulent activities concerning USAA. This rite here has Ben the worst experience that I’ve had with them.

So Wednesday someone hacked my account from Florida and placed almost 5G’s in my account and then right away attempted to withdraw 400+ so they suspended my account and called me asking if I had authorized I said no. They said ok they just wanted to make sure by the nxt day everything would be cleared up. Y 2 days later they gona tell me that they are exercising their rite to not do business with me and they have chosen to close my accounts because the only way anyone would have access to my account is if I gave them the information which makes me liable even though it’s a clear n cut dry case of fraud. Now I have not even one penny to get to work. I ask my brother to drop me in the nights but I have to walk an hr 20 mins inorder to get home n I’m in NYC and it’s freezing. So I ask them what am I suppose to do since they took my money. They said I have to wait for 60 days to get what’s left. I’m a single parent. I take care of my son on my own. I have bills to pay so what the heck am I supposed to do? It’s the holiday season on top of everything. I need answers n they refuse to give direct answers, the blame me for getting hacked!!! This is the worst bank ever!!!!


Anton Montgomery March 31, 2017 at 12:59 pm

I’m sorry this is happening too you.


Detra Burse December 8, 2016 at 9:41 am

I have been a member with USAA for the pat 2 to 3 years, I was just recently in a car accident and worse than the accident the unprofessionalism I have had to deal with concerning this company is appalling. For over a week I have been trying to talk to a manager and/or a supervisor, and all I have gotten is the run around and excuses. I am filing criminal charges against the girl that rear ended me and in my opinion USAA should be included in the criminal charges as well. To have been in an accident but to feel worse about my X-insurance company than I do about the actual car accident says a lot about your organization. My husband is former Military and I begged him to get with your organization BIG MISTAKE on my part. I work for the Military and I see thousands of soldiers a year and have referred hundreds of active soldiers and or veterans to your very organization that will no longer happen as I will no longer be affiliated with your organization myself. It is more than apparent my business isn’t important or valued with this organization.


Brian Dowell November 28, 2016 at 10:12 am

I have been a USAA member for 30 years. This was my first credit card at age 18 and I am now 48 years old. I’ve paid my balance in full every month since I owned the card. My credit limit was at $12,000. I’ve kept the card in a safe for the past year for emergency purposes and according to USAA “do to inactivity” my limit was dropped to $500. Yep, dinged $11,500 for having great history, credit score and payment history. What an organization!

I tried getting this resolved all morning (11-28-16) but no one wants to help. Sure, they can give you a credit limit immediately when you apply for a card, but God forbid it gets corrected or even updated after you’ve been a customer for years!

Stay away from USAA…


Edward G Hixson III September 30, 2016 at 1:58 am

I made several calls to USAA to an address a concern with my auto policy. I am concerned with the lack of knowledge and training of everyone who tried to address the issue over a 3 week time period. It started with a question in regards to an auto policy in the event of a total loss claim is a title a required doXXXXent before a claim can be paid. USAA and all its representatives over the course of 3 weeks or more over 50 phone calls, and 100+ representatives all stood by the policy that this doXXXXent would be required. After several escalations, time waisted and aggrivation it was determined by only 1 person at USAA that this is a “required doXXXXent” but not really and that they do have a work around in place in the event this required doXXXXent cant be obtained. So after all this if USAA had been up front and honest with a question from the customer all this time could have been saved and maybe you would still have a loyal customer. I have since started closing my loans and accounts with USAA insurance home owners and auto. Closed my AUTO loans and have started moving my banking elsewhere. USAA would not appologize or put any value on the amount of time and agrivation that was caused and had no concern that this may be an unreasonable amount of time to get an answer to an auto policy question. It went as far as the CEO management team to realize that really everyone at USSAA had any clue what the policy procedures actually are. I feel USAA should do something for the customer when the mis information and lack of knowledge was at all levels at USAA. I plan on letting family and friends as well as social media know how bad USAA treats its once loyal customers.


Michele Brown September 27, 2016 at 3:39 pm

Some employees (Croner and Angela) communication skills requires improvement. I have been trying to reach management to discuss my auto claim due to the lack of communication from the adjuster along with requesting a new adjuster.

On 21 Sept 16, a driver (family member of the policy holder) struck my car. I have learned my vehicle can not be repaired until after USAA speak to the policy holder. I wasn’t given a date to appear in court since the driver didn’t have his drivers license and apparently driving without shoes.

This afternoon, the adjuster finally called after my request for management to call me. However, due to his poor customer service and attitude; I didn’t inquiry on how he’s attempting to reach the policy holder and what do we do because the FR 10 wasn’t completed as if there was an accident. Along with provide USAA information that there’s doesn’t appear to be a police report.

Quite often we just notified our own insurance; however, this time since the officer cited the driver a 100 percent, I’m going through USAA. This has definitely been a learning experience and a lot poor communication and lack of professionalism.

What happens if the driver’s license is suspended? Does USAA still cover the damaged vehicle? Is the policy holder still liable?

I thank the representative who took the claim; she was extremely pleasant and professional. Now the adjuster, is a totally different employee. Can I request another adjuster? He stated “No” and he informed me that he would place a request for management to call me back. Now, after three attempts; I still can’t get management on the telephone.

Maybe someone will contact me now……


Tramaine williams July 27, 2016 at 10:12 pm

Hi my name is Tramaine Williams and I was a member with usaa up until 5:30pm today. First off i want to say I am disgusted with how Usaa treat their veterans. I have been with Usaa for many year and now my acct is closing do to miscommunication with a wire transfer or so it seem. I cant believe how you treat your veterans. I suppose to be paying for my families hotel and my account is closed with no proper reason Im sorry the supervisor didnt give me a reason at all. Im still asking what happened and why it happened. My account is not negative and my acct is due to close in 30 days and I cant take money out of my account 30 days from the day my account suppose to close. Me and my family is about to be homeless due to this issue. Next Im going to the news to let them know that this is how USAA treat their veterans who have been loyal to them for more then 10 yrs. Im shocked to see USAA do this to me I alway have money going inro the account and I refer people to them. I need answers and need the now. My lawyer will be calling and i will be call the news. Thanks


Delena Bobadilla July 25, 2016 at 9:32 pm

Valuable blog post , I loved the analysis . Does someone know if my business can acquire a template a form doXXXXent to complete ?


Brian Little July 4, 2016 at 11:35 am

I have been with USAA for 4.5 years I recently had so some fraudulent activity in one of my checking accounts, I contacted them and informed them of what was happening they said it was my fault rather than help me to resolve the issue they blocked both of my account and are taking the $3,700 + that I have in my primary checking account have not paid out the checks that were out prior to this incident happening. I am still trying to contact USAA’s CEO Mr.Stuart Parker to rectify this situation. I have had to open an account with another Bank to keep from loosing my paychecks & to pay my bills. As a 15 year military Veterian I never thought that I would be treated this way by a military Institutional bank.


Samantha McHenry October 31, 2016 at 12:29 pm

The exact same thing just happened to me.
I have been with the company for over 16 years….I am disgusted with the lack of compassion and communication I received from USAA.


Terrance January 2, 2017 at 12:14 pm

I am going through this with USAA now. I have banked with them for 17 years and now they are telling me that I am a willing participant in fraud and locked up my accounts. My entire Christmas and New Years was ruined and it is still going on now. I am about to get a lawyer to look into filing a class action lawsuit against USAA. If anyone is interested please let me know.


Deborah Alston November 7, 2017 at 11:44 pm

Same thing has happen to my nephew who is retired Air Force.
They will not tell him anything, closed his accounts and took his money.
This seems to be a running problem with them, as I have read several of these stories.
Did you ever get anything resolved? It has been about 2 months for him and still no action or word from them.
I am sure he would be willing to get in on this class action suit.


Staceyann Lockrage June 25, 2016 at 6:56 pm

I have been with USAA for 6 years. I haven’t had any problems with them until I had fraudulent activity on my accounts. They garnished my wages and left me with no way to pay my bills. Now I am a month behind on every bill. Now they have done it again. I am a disabled veteran that only gets paid once a month. That once a month payment is the only income I have to pay all of my bills. USAA let Hertz rental car charge $2,196.66 dollars on my account and I didn’t have nowhere near enough funds to cover the transaction. Now my account is in the negative and when my direct deposit hits, I won’t have any way to pay my bills for the month of July. I have a family to support and this situation will leave is homeless, carless and feel in debt. I have a child that I must get ready for and need my paycheck in order to do that. All I’ve been getting told is that there is nothing that can be done. Is this how veterans are treated by this company? There has to be a way to get this situation resolved and allow me to pay my bills. One of the CEOs or someone please get in contact with me on this matter.


JFB May 27, 2016 at 3:30 pm

Now that I have seen USAA’s one-sided history of political donations I will close our accounts.

We are a third generation military family and have been customers for nearly 20 years. To me, democracy belongs to all of us – not one political party.


Mo May 19, 2016 at 3:04 am

Disingenuous company. The claims they make in advertising as well as the responses may sound good but mean absolutely nothing. 12 years and leaving. I’m sure if anyone at USAA reads this; if they respond will just say sorry, we understand, wish we could do more but in the end they will not. They have proven that they absolutely do not care.


Cassaundra Woods May 12, 2016 at 7:01 pm

All I have to say is I’m DONE!!!!!!!!! Its a shame how you treat the people who you claim this business was started for,,,Just remember I serve a Mighty God and believe what you do to others will sure come back to you…..The seeds you sow will come to harvest……May not get you but I know you have family…I pray that God forgive you for all the things you should be doing to help his people and your not…..Just remember Love your neighbors and treat them as you would want to be treated.


Andrew XXXXrell May 11, 2016 at 11:19 am

I love this bank/company, and have even referred at least three people that are currently customers to them, I swore I would never leave this company but recent events bring that into question. Having just filed for a car loan I was feeling good to keep it with USAA and though for sure it being a great bank that this would go smooth. On day one of doing the application I was given the information about the different terms and interest rates. After the first representative going through several options to find the lowest, or highest amount I could secure at the lower interest rate with the longest term I began looking for vehicles. A dozen or so calls to keep in touch and get payment amounts for different prices areas I finally found the vehicle I wanted. With the vehicle being an hour away from home I called the representative to verify all the information I had been given to this point and inform them that I would call back in an hour or so to finalize the loan. The rep saved the info for the vehicle and confirmed my rate and term leading me to go ahead on the long drive to the dealership. Once I arrived and called the bank they start telling me that my loan paperwork stated that I only can get the higher interest rate and the computer will not allow them to enter the information I was assured. after and hour or so on the phone in front of the entire dealership team dealing with the bank she finally told me that she was able to get the computer to accept the numbers I was told up to this point. She stated that she was going to hurry up and hit submit before the computer messed up again. I then logged into my account to print off the echeck for the dealer and mentioned that on the screen it stated the higher interest rate. “Don’t worry about what it says on the computer, it will come out right after the loan is processed” was what I was told and proceeded with the loan. The next day I believe, I received an email to have paperwork signed and noticed the higher interest rate was listed. Several calls and lengthy hold times all I have been able to get was hung up on and told there was nothing they could do. Finally I was able to get someone to file for the phone calls to be listened to because none of the employees kept notes on my issues or dealings with the matter leading me to have to tell this whole story several times. I budgeted the purchase of this truck to my max and now because of incorrect information am stuck with the truck, a larger payment, and nothing more than being told someone is looking into the problem. A matter of a few percent is nothing to USAA but several thousand dollars and hours of stress discomfort for me. I understand that there is a process to this kind of thing but the continued answer of nothing can be done, along with the extream difficulty of getting reffered to someone that can actually deal with this matter has become so difficult and challenging to deal with I have begun the process of trying to move all of my accounts to other institutions. I still feel USAA is a good company but my loyal membership seems to get me nowhere other than placed on hold or disconnected.


Brianna Smith May 6, 2016 at 10:35 am

I have been with USAA for a few years now and have had excellent experiences with them in many situations. In March my debit card was compromised and I received an alert from USAA questioning a charge on my account and asked me to call to verify it. The charge ended up being fraudulent and they quickly processed a claim, assured me it would be resolved, cancelled my card, expedited me a new card, and the money was returned within a couple days. This all happened on a Saturday and early the next week everything was fixed and it was a pretty quick and painless situation. On 4/28/16 I woke up and checked my account and found another fraudulent charge had come through. I called immediately to report the fraud and was told by the representative that the charge came from my old debit card, the one that had been cancelled. She said they will process a claim and that she would put a rush on it so that I hopefully get my money back in 1-3 business days instead of the standard 3-5. Based on the how efficient the process was last time I was not too worried however when Wednesday 5/4/16 came and I still hadn’t gotten my money refunded I called to see what was taking so long. I was told by the representative that the claim had been submitted but it can sometimes take a couple days longer to process. I told him I was told it was put on a rush status and was supposed to take 1-3 days not 3-5 and now it had been 5 days. He said sometimes the investigation takes a little longer and many times when people call the money shows up within the next couple days. He said that if the money was not back by Friday 5/6/16 to call back and someone could help me out then. When Friday 5/6/16 came I still did not have my money back. I called again to find out what was going on and was told by the representative that the claim had never actually been submitted. While the account had been updated each time I called it have never actually been submitted to the analysis team. She stated that she updated the account, sent it over, put a rush on it and made it high priority. I told her I wanted it fixed today as I have bills that have been due and am now getting late fees on them because my money has not been returned to me as I was told it would be. She said she was not able to do that so I asked to speak to someone who could. She told me the only people who could do that were the analysts and they weren’t in the office yet and worked in the back office and could not be called. She told me they would receive it and it would be processed within 1-2 business days hopefully. This is unacceptable. There needs to be someone that can be actually contacted that has the power to process refunds or assist you when this type of thing happens. There is absolutely no reason a person should have to sit around and wait more than a week to have money that was fraudulently processed on their account refunded. This charge came through on a CANCELLED card. It should have never been able to process in the first place and when it was seen that it came through on that cancelled card the money should have been replaced immediately. It is severely inconvenient that I have had to go over a week without essentially what was almost my entire paycheck. I have bills that are due that are not getting late fees issued and nothing has been done to resolve the issue beside making updates to my account and apparently finally submitting it to the proper department as of 5/6/16. It is ridiculous that not one person could do anything to fix this issue and the department that actually could do something for me is not reachable by phone. This experience has been exhausting, frustrating and inconvenient on so many levels. My card was compromised and then compromised a second time after it had already been cancelled. This should have been taken care of immediately not dragged out for more than a week with no resolution. I am disgusted and appalled by the lack of assistance and resolution I have received during this situation. There needs to be a way for this type of situation resolved more quickly and efficiently so the person who’s account was compromised does not have to go through what I have been through this past week and potentially longer as I still have not had this issue resolved as of right now.


dorit yates April 24, 2016 at 11:16 pm

We have been members of USAA for over 65 years.We had very few claims over that period of time but the few we had were always handled in an extremely professional and respectful way.
My last experience,though,last week with the credit card department was a disaster.Very poor customer service, people who don’t know what they are doing and everyone switched over to another representative from security to customer service etc. At the end of the day they supposedly sent me a new credit card which never arrived. After 65 years of loyalty I expect USAA to send me via fed/exp, a new card and not let me wait for over a week for a card that still hasn’t arrived.
What happened to USAA? I read lots of comments today and not one was a compliment. I am very disappointed and just hope that the other departments are still credible.From comments I read I understand that people are moving on to other insurance companies. I very much hope that I won’t have to do that.
Please acknowledge that you read this letter and hope very much that you start looking into your banking department service/credit card.
Dorit Yates


Jeni Parnell April 5, 2016 at 1:53 pm

Has anyone been a part of the investigation regarding a military laptop being stolen and information being compromised?


Daniel April 7, 2016 at 1:18 am

Stay away from USAA, I was just ripped off tonight, someone was able to hack into my bank account and transfer funds to be taken out via debit card. I caught it before they were able to pull out the money, so I called usaa to report it… After being transfered three times while they were trying to find someone who could help me, the usaa rep assured me that the crooks were not able to deduct the money and she supposedly shut down the card, while I was on hold after she transfered me to another department for further investigation, the crooks ripped me off for over $2300.00…. Which makes no sense on so many levels one being usaa doesn’t even allow by their own rules any member to pull out more than $600 per day from an ATM however they let someone in Florida debit 3 transactions for $800 in a row after the card was shut down. Now I’m without money and have to wait 10 business days before they can determine its fraud…. UNBELIEVABLE… There staff is incompetent USAA is an absolute joke…. Do not bank with them


tami April 24, 2016 at 3:29 pm

I have tried every way imaginable to get someone to help me with my disputes. All I get is a runaround….transferred from rep…to…..rep ect. The disputes have been filed for 8days still no refund. Was told 3-5 days. In the 8days I have l itterally spent hours on phone…have been hung up on.calls dropped…promised a manager would call and 48 hours have passed no call. This is not just for 5 bucks it is hundreds. These are legit disputes..I need my money back. I have been banned on usaa fb page for commenting on others complaints that are same as mine. This is just horrible treatment. I paid my I am broke bcause usaa did not put funds back In ftom dispute. Plus they charged me 58.00 for two stop payments without my auth. And I have no idea who or what payments they are stopping!!!!! Where do you go to get help….this is a bank that gets a big percentage of their business from veterans usaa promises to help and protect vets…well that is not happening. I dont have enuff money to get gas…groceries. . Ect ect. WHO CAN/WILL HELP


Karen moore June 17, 2016 at 11:23 am

On July 14th 2 payments were put on our credit card only one should have been done. My husband and I have spent 4 days over 8 hours being bounced from one person to another to get this fixed with no resolve at all. We get because of an overage not made by them one payment is being help for 5 days and could be released maybe next week if at all. We have never dealt with a bank were no one knows how to do anything at all, but can promise you they will fix it. We are. Beyond pissed off at this point. This is our social security money what we live on for a month. And USAA could careless about fixing the problem. I could not and will not ever recommend this bank to anyone and will be closing both our account by the end of the month. Customer service my butt. Not one person at this place knows anything it’s a shame they treat men and woman who have served our country like this. They even tell you they don’t have the number to the corporate office so you can speak to the head of the company. Unsatisfactory bank at the least to say.


Marsha Lycan March 4, 2016 at 1:47 pm

They went from best company in the country to absolute WORST. Member for 30 years, and never ever any issues, now EVERYTHING is an issue. The representatives are freaking idiots, barely speak english and they try to screw USAA members every which way possible. I spend all my time calling and fighting with them about every single issues. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. The CEO must be the worst excecutive to have ever lived to run a company into the ground overnight. Look at all these complaints! You are a bunch of disgraceful pigs


Jennifer Pennington February 24, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Dear Mr. Parker, CEO at USAA;
I have had auto insurance with your company for decades. Recently, my car was back into and over by a school bus. I called USAA immediately. The in-take rep that I spoke with was lovely. Since then, it has been nothing by miscommunications, misinformation, dishonesty and outright lies from your employees. First of all, the tow. The towing company, Smitty’s Towing in Goleta, California, would not tell us whether they had our car or not, would not let us in their office, would not give us any paperwork whatsoever with regards to the tow, that they had our car, or that they would (supposedly) be releasing it the next day. They also made us wait for one hour for our keys. I called USAA, and after a variety of holds lasting over an hour, requested that USAA come get my car and tow it elsewhere. They told me they could not do that, but assured me they would come and get my car first thing in the morning. The next morning USAA told me they were going to get my car as we spoke and would be towing it to their facility to review the repairability of my car. I found out from Ms. Sugar, at the inspection station in Bakersfield, that they didn’t receive the car until 9 days later! Apparently it sat in the tow yard, even though USAA told me otherwise. Then, after Ms. Sugar told me the car was repairable, I received numerous calls, emails, and texts from your total loss dept. telling me my car was a total loss. Then, today, upon talking with the mechanic at the USAA approved shop where my car will be repaired, the owner tells me that USAA asked him to go out to Bakersfield and bring the car back to Santa Barbara! The car is now at the shop and there is damage to it that wasn’t there or part of the accident. USAA seems to have a serious problem with communication among it’s own departments. It has made an already stressful event all the more stressful! The amount of misinformation is astounding!! What a nightmare!


MARTI CONWAY January 23, 2016 at 11:44 pm



Sharina Jackson January 21, 2016 at 10:17 am

I am not a member of USAA. I filed a claim in regards to one of your members that hit my vehicle. I was advised on Jan. 7th that my check was mailed and that I should receive that payment within 5-7 business days. To date I have not received payment. I contacted the claims office on Tuesday and had the check voided and a new payment sent via overnight(which has not been processed because it can take 24-48 hours). I was then advised by my claims adjuster Tamera Bellamy that I was “TOLD” that this could happen it even happens to members. I was basically berated and told that there was nothing else they could do and hung up on. Now that was just today and what has fueled me to write this complaint. Now in the last 2 weeks I have spoken to over 6 agents and all but 2 basically told me that I was “SOL” and that it was my fault for not choosing a person to fix my car in your network. I have been without a car for 6 days now. I have no means of transportation and was told a rental would not be covered because if I had gone to Gerber I could have my car. USAA by far has the worst customer service/claims adjusters I have ever had to deal with. I have never been in an accident so the process was entirely new to me. I would not think twice about using USAA for any service in the future and I will do everything in my power to ensure that others know what kind of disgrace this company is. If this is any inkling of how our service members are being treated I really don’t see how you can continue to stay in business.


Terri Mollsen December 8, 2016 at 5:55 pm

Anyone interested in a class action suit please contact me. I for one will not accept USAAs fraud.


Timothy Cray January 20, 2016 at 5:07 pm

First thing, have anyone beside me had trouble with a banking offer refund of $300.00 if you transfer your account with direct deposit to USAA? It’s a joke and an emotional roller coaster so far if I may say. I have trouble with excipting the offer online so l called it in at least I was lead to think I did. Got a USAA representative on the phone to help me with the offer in July/September time frame leaving me with “Mr. Cray you are all set and congratulations. Did a follow up in December I giving a date for the deposit, all is good right, WRONG. Did another follow up as told no one was even adware of the finally got a supervisor to transfer to the promotion dept. I was told it had to be excepted online only what a fraud. I am writing Corperate and sending it certified, I will more likely after 17 years with USAA move my accounts not just for this insudent but others all with in the last year. USAA, what happened to you????


Wayne Brunson December 21, 2015 at 2:24 pm

I have never experience such poor service in all my life. I received my disability check on the 14 Dec 2015 I was told that it would be available the next day here it is a week later I’m told that I have to wait two more days. NO money for food or gas so close to Christmas I bet the CEO’s and Exec’s are going to have a good Christmas. When ever I do Get my money from USAA I’m withdrawing ever cent and going to Navy Federal USAA is a sorry excuse for a business and have the nerve to show fake military family commercials. I’m going to do everything I can to get the word out and let people know just how sorry USAA is!


Sharina Jackson January 21, 2016 at 10:09 am

After the experience that I just had with USAA Wayne I am more than willing to assist you!!!!!


Jeni Parnell April 5, 2016 at 1:00 pm

We need to file a class action suit against USAA. I am willing to do whatever it takes to see USAA pays for every fraudulent transaction I have had from their greedy hands. Then of course they blame us


Daniel April 7, 2016 at 1:24 am

Sounds good… Where do I sign


Shelton Clarke December 16, 2016 at 11:53 am

Tell me where do I sign the petition.


Temecia Lane April 12, 2016 at 11:27 am

USAA stole 558.06 from me and I am in the process of retaining an attorney.


Mo May 19, 2016 at 3:12 am

Agree 100%. Disingenuous company. The claims they make in advertising as well as the responses may sound good but mean absolutely nothing. 12 years, leaving and relaying my opinion to everyone I can. They do not care.


Robert Ovelman November 25, 2015 at 3:39 pm

I have been a member of USAA since 1955, 60 years. I have always respected their quality of service and respect for the customers. We recently started using USAA’s banking service, what a disaster, poor customer service, long waits on the telephone, people who don’t know their jobs, very poor IT service, using a cell phone image to deposit a check is a joke ( most cell phones are low resolution images and difficult to record text type images), I could go on but the bottom line appears to be very poor overall management. Do I trust USAA doing my banking, NO. I will be closing my banking business with them, and I just hope they stay on top of their other divisions to maintain the reputation of the old USAA.


Roger Davis September 21, 2016 at 9:35 am

Do not bet on it. the other divisions( especially mortgage) are worse from my experience


Larry Zwick November 20, 2015 at 1:12 pm

USAA has really gone downhill. Never in 15 years have I been treated so poorly. After 4 phone calls with a simple question, I get no answer. When I call back to speak with customer service about “who actually cares” I get put on hold then someone picks up and hangs up on me! Yep… I believe USAA has dropped the quality of it’s employees and we are suffering. I’ve lost trust. I would love to chat with the CEO.


Roger Davis September 21, 2016 at 9:40 am

Me too, you cannot talk to anyone at usaa without being continually transferred, you never get anyone that is empowered to make a decision or actually tell you the truth other than “sorry about what happened” and I doubt that is the truth.


Melvin.hunter November 5, 2015 at 1:12 pm

After being with USAA FOR over 12 years I finally think that I will have to make a bank change. I was trying to pay my rent this week and found out that I couldn’t pay my rent on the internet using two different cards. Because I am out of town this bus a huge issue for me seeing as how I don’t have enough money in one single account to pay the entirety of the rent. A co-worker advised me that USAA has a program with UPS where you can deposit your check there. What they do is swipe your card,run your check and the money shows up into your account. Well I did that and found out that 90% of my patrols check was on hold which by the way still didn’t leave me with enough of my own money to pay my rent. So I call USAA in reference to the issue and they tell me that it will take an additional 5 days for the money to be released.I explained to them that I needed the money or at least enough to be released for me to pay my rent and was told they couldn’t do that either. Then they told me that the reason why they couldn’t do it was because of my account history. Overdrafts.prior to depositing the money into my account my account balance was over 900 dollars. I didn’t owe them money so there should be no reason for them to hold my check. Especially when I have bills to pay. I am thoroughly disgusted with this situation and will be closing my account as soon as my check hits it. 1 Banking branch in the entire US and they want to play with people’s money.smh


Brian Johnson October 30, 2015 at 4:56 pm

Highly disappointed in usaa’s customer service. I’ve been a customer with them for 10 years with zero complaints. Recently I had my first one and their banking department handled it horribly.
I have no branch locally and have to deposit money mobile. It requires that you take a picture of a check or in this case a money order with you phone on their app. I took an image of 2 checks, one for 700, and the other one was the money order for 120. I submitted both the checks in one transaction and I got conformation that the deposit went though. After a few days, I threw the checks away because the deposit went into my account only to find out a few days later the money order image did not get captured correctly and they deducted $120 from my account. Due to their great customer service reputation, I thought it would be cleared up with a quick phone, but was sadly mistaken.
They could not retrieve the image in the database for some reason and I no longer have the money order to show proof. They’re answer, “you’re out of luck”.. this is unacceptable.
After 10 years of banking with them with zero complaints, it’s obvious I’m not trying to commit fraud here, which is the stance they are taking by not crediting me back the money. Weather it was a technical glitch or an honest mistake by me (which it is not because a message if appears to destroy the checks!) the way they handled a long tenured customer was mind boggling and disappointing. They should have refunded the $120 no questions asked. $120 is pennies to a bank but a lot to me. And my history with them proves I’m not lying.
Further more,this is the series of events. I originally spoke with Alexandria in the banking department I assume ( or call center agent). She actually informed me she would credit the money back because it was a mistake. After a few hours it did not deposit so I followed up and spoke with Trent (they won’t give me their last names) and it was a completely different story. He said they couldn’t refund the money because I didn’t have the money anymore. I then spoke to the manager (starting to get very agitated) thinking maybe she would have some basic customer service common sense. Her name was Movia (or something like that) and that ended in a hang up because i got very angry. She said I never deposited the money and they had to image of it (hold this thought for later) and that i was ‘out of luck’. Fuming I took to facebook to complain on their page and quickly was contacted by Cathleen. And amazing they had an image of my money order!?!?! (so why didn’t it deposit). But still told me she could not credit the money. She told me to go to Western Union with the image and get another one created. (Not nearly as easy as that sounds). I went to Kroger where I bought and of course no help. I was given the 800 number and talk to there customer service agents. I provided all the info of the money order and they saw it was still outstanding (no XXXXX!) but, guess what, they could not refund my money without me filling out a form and wait 6 yo 8 weeks for ‘research and processing’ plus a $35 processing fee!!! I have contacted Cathleen again to tell her that this is unacceptable and they need to credit my money back to my account (they have the image of my money order for God sake!). I have not heard back from her yet.
Sorry for the saga story, but this has consumed my day and taken me all over to different pts of contact and still no resolution. ANd the thing that irritates me the most is that it could be solved with just a little consumer service to see that I haven’t complained about anything in the 10 years of banking with them (no history of fraud) and that this issue was caused by their tech glich! I am the one jumping through hoops and taking on all the stress with no resolution.
This is completely unfair and unjust. please help me remedy this situation


Lacey M October 28, 2015 at 10:20 am

To whom it may concern. October has been a bad month for many South Carolina residents. We had a major flood here. Many residents do not have flood insurance because we are not in flood zones. Some families were unaffected by this flood, others were not so lucky. My family was not lucky. Due to unmaintained county owned culverts and drainage systems, 95% of my 4.67 acres of property flooded. That property stayed flooded for a week before the county brought out heavy equipment to open a culvert. It took another week for them to finish clearing away debris so the water could drain. My home is badly damaged, my business destroyed, and my classic car is totaled. I filed a claim on my car 3 weeks ago. It took 2 weeks for an adjuster to be able to get to the car. I was impressed with the speed with which an adjuster came out after the flood water drained, assessed the car, sent the paperwork through etc. The car was supposed to be picked up the next day. It took an extra week for that to happen. I overnighted the title immediately. Usaa has had the title over a week now and the car nearly a week. I’m trying to rebuild my life. I have to do extensive repairs to my home and rebuild my business. That car…that isn’t just a car. That was my childhood dream. USAA only values it at $8500. NADA values the car at $14,000-29,000, depending on condition. Yet, I still don’t have a check for way less than what the car is worth. I do however have a list of messages from the adjuster asking that I print, sign, scan and send doXXXXents for this claim. Then a request that said doXXXXent be redone. Then another request that instead it be faxed. To them this is just a car. To me, my entire life has been flooded and I’m afraid my printer/scanner/fax machine didn’t make it through the flood! While trying to work in a temporary location, raise my children out of suitcases and manage to feed them without a kitchen, I will make all of the time in the world to jump through hoops like a trained circus animal, but could USAA maybe make the time to pay my claim after 3 weeks? It sure would help to relieve some of the stress my family is currently under. Thanks. Lacey


Heywood Jablome October 26, 2015 at 7:47 pm

They are firing good employees who have covered disabilities. They treat employees with professional BA and MA College Degrees as “call center” employees meaning they micromanage the hell out of their employees while the “managers” don’t do anything all day but look busy. It’s disgusting.


Hilton Germany October 21, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Stuart Parker

I’m a disabled veteran, who lives in Huntsville, Al. I’ve recently put in an auto claim for vandalism 3 months ago. I was told that they are denying my claim because the investigator ( ) stated my car was involved in an collision. A collission would mean my car would have sustained damages of an accident. The before and after pictures shows scratches and grey paint marks. How is this a form of Collission ? Although the police reports states it was, an act of Vandalism your investigator decided otherwise. In his commission to gather information from me the investigator wanted to act on my behalf. Because I refused, to allow the investigator to act on my behalf, he thought it was professional to threaten and bully me. His exact words were I was not going to like the outcome. In addition, he wanted me to say that the manager at the shop, vandalized my car. How can I say that he did, when I wasn’t there. The fact of the matter, I provided all the information needed for my claim to be process without denial. It is obvious that your investigators need training in their ability to scope out the truth. More importantly, they need to know how to address their members in a more professional and respectful manner.

I’m proposing to anyone that has had a complaint for Failure to pay claims to join in with me for a, Class Action Law suit against USAA. You claim you’re for the veterans, but in all actuality your company is using the disabled veterans and veterans in general.
If you are serious about looking into these claims I may be contacted at


Raven December 9, 2015 at 3:52 pm

Having this same issue


Chandra Mitchell September 29, 2015 at 12:41 pm

To: Mr. Robles, Mr. Parker and Mr. Manasco: I filed a Homeowner Claim: My roof was damaged by winds and hail storms, which we have had many storms here in Alabama. I had 3 roofing companies state I have wind & hail damage. I called USAA to come out and inspect their claim it for me. Mr. Bob Hines came out did a half inspection in my book, a second adjuster came out did a thorough inspection. Mr. Rusty said, there’s damage to my roof and he’s recommending a roof replacement. I have now been advised I have to go through another inspection with the engineer whom will be out in a couple of days. I will hear of that outcome in 3 weeks or USAA will and I’ll find out soon after the results. I have just been going through it with USAA with this roof. When the first adjuster stated he wasn’t going to recommend any thing be done USAA was fine with that decision. Now that their 2nd adjuster state there’s damage USAA, the Tampa Office Mr. Shame is recommending the Engineer inspect to determine the damage. Like Mr. Shame said to me his office has the finally say. I just pray the roof get replace and we all move forward from here. Both my husband and I are Veterans 54 years of active duty between the two of us. Thank you for your support!!!!!!!!


Rickie foreman August 3, 2015 at 5:23 pm

Membertwenty years can’t get any positive results from people have money missing from accounts hung up on by last phone represetative parents been with um for fifty years we all going to state farm


Rickeysha Sconiers June 30, 2015 at 11:54 am

Hi I’m a fellow employee of Sitel, a company USAA contracts to take their FNOL claims. I was just recently FIRED due to the fact that I stood up for what’s right. Sitel are hiring people who were fired from other call centers due to misconduct and drug use and Sitel hires them with no problem. I don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t want individuals like that having access to my personal information. SITEL LAS VEGAS ON 420 PECOS RD IN LAS VEGAS hire atleast 100 new employees each month. Any body wonder why? It’s due to the fact that they hire anybody and don’t do a thorough work history check. They don’t do random drugtesting which allows for A LOT of their employees to get away with using illegal drugs. SITEL DONT WANT USAA TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS BUT IM TRYING TO GET IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE THAT CAN HANDLE THIS SITUATION AS IT SHOULD BE. The Miley men and women are held to such high atandards and so should the people who are allowed access to their home address, bank info, savings info, property info but working at SITEL IN LAS VEGAS YOU ARENT HELD TO ANY STANDARDS. IF YOU CAN BEAT A URINE TEST BY NOW USING YOUR OWN PEE YOU CAN BE EMPLOYED AT SITEL AND HAVE ACCESS TO A LOT OF OUR MILARY MEN AND WOMEN AND THEIR FAMILY INFORMATION. I don’t think this is right. SOMEONE NEEDS TO CHANGE THIS. The people who are employed with SITEL need to be held to higher standards.


Deb June 20, 2015 at 4:03 pm

i have been a member for 41 years. When I called for insurance on my travel trailer, I sent to Progressive. Progressive charged me $900 a year for a trailer that we pull maybe three weeks out of the year. Because I needed it right away, I paid the first payment. After shopping around, I went with Geico and cancelled with Progressive two weeks later. Progressive charged me $111.00 for two weeks! I called USAA, and was told they could have insured my trailer, and didn’t need to go to Progressive. Did they do anything? Absolutely nothing. Their website sucks; there is no way to email them and the individual answering the phone just says they are sorry for the misinformation. I want the bulk of my $111.00 back; USAA needs to stop sending people to Progressive!


john June 19, 2015 at 11:47 pm

why do I get emails daily from usaa that I have an important message and I need to open my online account to read when my account has been locked for 2 weeks and when I call usaa the reps cant even access my account to unlock it.?


No Way* May 24, 2015 at 5:40 pm

… and THIS is what you put up on the internet to display what your company is about..???

It Sounds like One BIG Scam!!!


Carla Delivert May 8, 2015 at 3:39 pm

Dear Mr. Stuart Parker,

My name is Carla Delivert, I am US Navy Veteran. My account is being closed by USAA due to a third party check that was mailed to the bank by a company called Xerogrophy DoXXXXent Solutions. The amount was $49,000 and the bank placed it on hold then returned to the sender but decided to punish me for something that I did not do. Even when they ask me I told them it was not mine and I was told by my boss an amount was going to be deposited. I never used the money and it was nver deposited because the bank held it then returned it. Not only did they closed my account but someone removed the mailed it information to make it seem like I was the one who sent the check. I had no knowledge of it untill I saw my balnce and ask my boss. I even told the bank that I was ok with them holding it. I was made to wait on the phone for more then 2hrs and was passed arround to 6 different people, when I ask to speak to a manage I was told there were none available.


erin April 29, 2015 at 5:07 pm

I’ve been a member 20+ years with multiple accounts and have had challenges resolving an issue with my final auto loan payment. I found it difficult to navigate USAA’s various departments to resolve this and had to file a dispute by mail (online option not offered although understand if there are legal reasons for that). I’m sending a letter to the USAA corporate office about this as well – hopefully other members aren’t experiencing this but I think executives should be aware of it to improve the customer experience.


a friend April 13, 2015 at 6:43 pm

To whom it may concern
USAA is centered around military members and their families so in this Americans opinion for their customer service needs they should use American owned companies I’m sure most of you would agree.
So why is it that USAA is using a call center company called Sitel that even though some of the offices are in the US the Company it’s self is owned by Canada ????? Just a little food for thought.


Megan XXXXmer April 8, 2015 at 4:19 pm

i have been so upset with the treatment done by the customer service representatives in the banking department. Not only did they refuse to help us, they hung up on us several times. I will be closing all of our accounts and credit cards and taking our business to another bank.


john June 19, 2015 at 11:30 pm

my problem with usaa that I have a problem with is that my account has been hacked leaving me with no money and my credit cards maxed out and my account locked. even usaa cannot access my account after I give them the proper I d verification. the only answer I have been getting when I call is we cannot help you. I would hire an attorney but with no money I cannot afford one. I cannot pay my bills or buy food and will become homelesssoon and it seems usaa could care less!


john June 19, 2015 at 11:52 pm

I would close my account but cannot. it is locked and usaa will not unlock it for me…


Angelica Thompson April 6, 2015 at 7:41 pm

I too, have been very disappointed with the quality of service provided by USAA of late. They must have lowered their standards on the caliber of employees hired recently. Two weeks ago, I had the wind-shield of BMW-X5 replaced by safelite, through USAA. Needless to say, they replaced my original windshield with a generic glass brand, even though the installer said it was the original BMW replacement part. When I notified USAA on this, I was met with a barrage of excuses. They must really think that folks are idiots. Why would I want something other than the original item on that type of vehicle, knowing that the value will be significantly lowered? At the end of it all, I asked that they stop sending me their futile emails, telling me that I will have to pay an additional amount to have the windshield removed and replaced. I have been with USAA over ten years and guess what? They have gotten complacent. I do not do well with complacency so in the very near weeks, most of my accounts will be moved to a more appreciative company and one that I can feel valued with. It is all about the customers!!!


German Sanchez,Jr. March 15, 2015 at 8:59 pm

Too: Mr. Stuart Parker Ceo, I am a former US Marine served my country just as you did Sir ,I have problem with my Extended Warranty I spoke to want of your agents and I need your help with this matter as soon as possible with monthly payment for new Extended Car Warranty for two too three years at a reasonable price I would like too hear from Sir since you are a retired Air Force Pliot and instructer I would like an monthly plan with USAA I been a member for over 30 years Mr. Stuart Parker I would appreciate your help Sir in this matter as soon as possible. Thank you Yours Truly German Sanchez ,Jr . USMC ,Disabled also a Member of Disabled American Veterans .


Marissa sutton February 13, 2015 at 6:22 pm

To whom this may concern,
May i say USAA is not what they claim to be, i haven’t had my car for almost 6 months now & it’s interfering with my job. I can’t begin to describe & understand why it is taking so long. I was involved in a hit & run August 19, 2014, (took a lil over a week for an adjuster to come out) at first everything was going smoothly & they covered me with a rental. Cool. No problems there. However, i got a voicemail sept 30th (29 days after having the rental) saying insurance was going to stop payments on the rental the 26th of sept (let me remind you i didn’t get no notice before hand). So i was stuck with an amount over $100 dollars. Enterprise then told me i had a few days to pay it or they will send it to collections. I am beyond mad at how USAA handled this situation. My car wasn’t fixed & was still at the shop. Till this day i still haven’t got that issued resolved.
Another complaint; how is it that we are in feb, 2015 & i still don’t have my car? Not normal at all for an insurance company to be this slow. Ever since August 19, 2014 i have been calling the adjuster (Arnie Pearlman) that i was assigned with & as well as insurance. Numerous time i have told them i can’t reach him & all they can do is apologize. This has been on going for months it is now feb 13, 2015. I have waisted so much time & missed so many days of work due to no vehicle. I have a lot more to say but i just want to sum up my frustration for this situation. I need to speak to someone from headquarters ASAP, i been too patient w this situation. Thank you.
Sincerely, Marissa Sutton


Marissa sutton February 13, 2015 at 6:26 pm



roderick February 11, 2015 at 12:12 am

It’s been 478 days since original claim was files for lose. It’s been 215 days since I sat across from Bart to interview me as if I was at fault or committed a crime. There was a misunderstanding about what was required and who was going to submit doXXXXents to whom, fine. It’s been 61 one days since I was advised that my file was in review. I feel the behavior and actions I am being subject to with USAA is very unfair. I have provided everything you all have ask of me and still 478 days later I’m still paying on a vehicle that hasn’t been recovered and that is not in my procession anymore. Can someone please explain to me why this claim is still open? Why am I being treated as a criminal? Why is USAA, my insurer, making me feel as if I falsified my claim because disgruntle female made false claim, had me falsely arrested, and attempted to file more false charges with them all being dropped. Why am I not getting treated fairly as a USAA member?
Still no contact…. Ok……. This is freaken ridicules I am no longer disappointed. I am freaken irritated as the insured, Beside a managers taking their time to call me (the insurer) Jennifer Miller has not attempted to do so at all and why do I still have to continue to dealing with this woman who clearly has shown me (the Insure) the lack of commitment and concern by not updating me on what going on. I have clearly being treated or made to feel like very unappreciated. Again, can I please have a Management contact me please….
I’m just so disappointed that I as the insured, I have clearly being treated or made to feel like a criminal or that I manipulated this situation over comments from a freak from a woman that has attempted to put me in jail for trespassing to ask for the return of my house key before I was aware that these statements ever existed. I would like to thank everyone (Management) for your previous responses, it was greatly noted but I cant help but feel as if I am being investigated for fraud….
Good Morning All, I have been graciously patient with this process being to extraordinary cirXXXXstance I have been put in, better yet, that I have placed myself in but I am vastly losing my patients due to the lack of communication and concern that J Miller has shown me for my claim. I understand Bart’s schedule is not in your control but what I don’t understand is that you cannot provide me with a clear time line as to when this may be resolved. I called you a week ago and made sure that you pointed out that Mr. Broussard letter stated that he would have me continue to work on doXXXXents requested when either of us attempted to reach out multiple time neither you are Bart replied with a conformation, acknowledgment, or anything stating the information submitted was not complete. Here recently I’ve called you and leave messages and you still haven’t replied. I am requesting the Jennifer Miller be removed and replaced with someone that will be more will to resolve this issue expediently. In a few weeks this claim would have been out for one year. I ask if the company would consider the following but I still haven’t receive a reply: Reimbursement for monthly payment and insurance paid over the lost four to eight months. My loyalty and commitment to allowing USAA maintain my financial needs and insurance is a must *****Continue******


Anthonie Etienne December 22, 2014 at 5:56 pm

I have been with USAA faithfully since 1998. I have funneled all my banking, insurance, and financial needs through USAA. I applied for a loan on December 21, 2014 and was approved for the requested amount. I called, was setting up the loan. I asked the representative if it would effect my approved loan if I could see if there was an additional amount I would possibly get approved for. She stated that it would not affect my current loan. She put me on hold, came back and stated that she needs to talk to the underwriting team. Approx 15 minutes past and she returned stating that they are in need of reviewing additional amount. I advised that I don’t want to do that being I was already approved for the original requested amount. She stated that there would be no change to the original requested amount. She stated that I would get a call back in 20-30 minutes. I asked is that a guarantee. She stated yes. I confirmed and waited for the phone call. Four hours past and I received an email stating that my loan was not approved. I called back and spoke to another young lady in the loan department and she stated that the loan was not approved. I explained what had occurred and she merely stated that she apologized, but the decision was made. I asked to speak to management. She transferred me to a Executive Resolution Team member. I explained the situation to her and she gave me the same canned response of “I apologize, it is policy once a decision has been approved, it goes against compliance of the bank, even if there was an original approval.” I asked that what happened to the bond of word to mouth. If an individual from the bank states something, they don’t have to back it up. She continued with the canned response. I advised to her that I have been banking since 1998 and that I have never been treated as if I didn’t matter nor misled the way I have been today. I asked to speak to official higher then her. She stated that she that I was at the highest level that this could go. I advised that she is the top of the food chain in the bank. She stated for this, yes. I asked for a number at corporate. She advised that they aren’t able to help me. I advised that I need to be heard on about my complaint on the integrity of member services. She stated that she will forward to another team for coaching. I stated that means your telling me I have to suck it up and deal with the decision. She again gave me the canned “policy” response. As a member, that is disheartening. I take pride in knowing that the bank I support assists military and their families. Is this just a face and behind the scenes is filled with individuals who feel empowered by making decisions that effect the lively hood of families? Is the integrity of banking given a “get out of jail” free card if a mistake occurs with their member service or executive teams? I know this email will go no where cause that is what I felt. I am and will be sure to pass around the military community the experience that I received. Our days of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and humanity are lost. Especially in the world of corporate. I am now just a number……thank you for that “Executive Resolution Team” member….

Anthonie O Etienne


Tashawn Gonzalez August 6, 2015 at 9:46 am

I know exactly what you mean about “canned” responses and being told that the Executive Team Member is the last stop on the train for assistance with a problem. It is unbelievable the level of negative customer service I have received from this bank that was so highly praised. In reality, it’s not their banking products that are a problem, it is their customer service. I am so beyond overdone with them. No one can explain to me the reason for the “holds” placed on deposits to my account done via the UPS Store and the randomness of them. I deposited a check and it was put on a 2 day hold. I deposited a money order and it was put on a 5 day hold. Supposedly, my average daily balance and NSF activity determines the “hold” but no one can tell me the reason for the disparity in the length of time. When you call or email, you NEVER get the same answer just the standard script of the Funds Availability Policy. The executive member rep I spoke to actually spent time chiding me on the number of NSF charges on my account to the point where I had to re-inform him that I am FULLY aware of the negative activity that has occurred on my account – however, there were no RETURNED deposits – I had a few bounced checks. I’d also like to mention that the way they pay checks has caused me some problems. Your “available” balance according to the mobile app is not actually your “available balance”. I did get a rep on the phone one day who did help me understand what order the checks are paid in and how to keep track of my actual available balance. But nonetheless, the executive member was useless as far as getting an actual answer and it really infuriated me when he told me that there was no one else I could speak to besides him because there is no one above them. I went online and found the address for the corporate office and the names of the CEO, CFO, Board of Directors, so on and so forth. I probably won’t waste my time writing because they will send me back the same verbiage. But I am going to open an account here at a local bank and close my account with them. It’s a shame, their customer service is so bad and their banking products are so good. I didn’t know that customer service complaints stopped at the Team Lead position. Who knew!


Cordairo December 1, 2014 at 8:05 pm

I recently was a victim of a scam where I was contacted from a USAA phone number I was familiar with claiming they were giving out grants to assist college students.They asked for all my banking information to see if I was eligible for the grant on Tuesday, November 18th after the individual received my information they transferred the grant money into my account I received notification asking was this an authorized transaction. I replied yes because I assumed it was legit and trusted the banking institute I been a member of for years. Later on that night I tried to log into to check my account balance and it said my account was locked so I called USAA but the office hours was closed so on Wednesday, November 19th I called back and asked why was my account locked and I was advised my accounts was negative 600. I asked how is that when I didn’t use my card at all the 18th of November. I filed a fraud report the same day and was told I would hear something within 3-5 business days and while the report is being processed I will not have access to my account so I had to go 9 days without any money because my check is direct deposited into my account so my check went towards the negative balance. I finally received information on Wednesday, November 26th in the afternoon being notified they cancelled my fraud report and USAA has exercised their rights to end any ties with me. I called USAA to ask why now they saying my checking account is now negative 7000 instead of the negative 600 I was advised of when my account was originally locked on November 18th. I asked numerous times for a summary report and prove that I was at the ATM machine and signatures on checks they said was written by me USAA is saying its my fault I was mislead by a fraudster using their name to mislead soldiers and veterans out their hard-owned money.


Jasmine December 17, 2014 at 4:26 pm

This happened to me and I am LIVID! I am writing a letter to corporate express my discontent, I am the victim of fraud and instead USAA makes you feel like your the criminal.


john June 19, 2015 at 11:36 pm

my problem is my account was hacked leaving me with no money and my credit cards maxed out and my account locked. even usaa cannot unlock my account and now it seems usaa has closed my account all together!


Jose Robles November 29, 2014 at 9:11 am

This is the worse insurnace company I have ever had to deal with. The employees are rude and unconcerned. One of your drivers rear ended me and I have been put through the ringer becuase I was sitting at a red light and your insured driver was not paying attention.

The claim person I was drealing could care less, they sent me a check in the mail to pay for the damages, didn’t tell me they were sending a check and than put a stop payment on the check. I would never recommend USAA and I would never become a member. This is exactly why people sue insurance companies. Your commercials are false.


Braulio Ramirez November 20, 2014 at 3:21 pm

Mr. Robles, USAA CEO,

Que coincidencia que usted haya nacido en el mismo pueblo que yo, Rio Piedras, P.R. Lei su biografia y es impresionante lo que un puertorriqueno puede alcanzar si se lo propone.

Le escribo porque he sido un fiel cliente de USAA por mas de 12 anos y para mi sorpresa, su departamento de servicio al cliente me ha defraudado con mi peticion de re-embolsar una cantidad dinero que necesito. Para ser mas especifico, acabo de cancelar mi poliza de aseguranza para automobil y la de aseguranza de renta (renter’s insurance) con USAA simplemente porque la tarifa de “premium” era muy alta y estoy pasando por una crisis financiera. Cuando hice el cambio fue a mitad de mes y ya que tenia debito automatico establecido, pague por la poliza nueva y USAA tambien me cobro todo el dinero. Senor Robles, en este momento yo no puedo pagar dos polizas de aseguranza el mismo mes porque no podria alimentar a mi familia. Mi peticion fue que me re-embolsaran todo el dinero que sacaron de mi cuenta de cheque, y a cambio, pagaria cualquier dinero restante en mi cuenta el mes siguiente. El numero de empleado de la senorita que me ayudo es 7040, no obstante, lo unico que pudo hacer por mi es devolverme el dinero que me cobraron por encima de lo que le debia a USAA.

Senor Robles, no quisiera dejar de ser un cliente de su compania pero si despues de 12 anos de fiel lealtad no pueden hacer una ecepcion, digame por que deberia seguir siendo un cliente de USAA?

Le ruego considere mi peiticion y como habia prometido, pagare lo que debo el mes entrante.

Gracias por su tiempo y que tenga un buen dia!


Braulio Ramirez
Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army
Born and raised in Puerto Rico for 23 yeards before joining the Army in 1999.


Sandra daignault October 23, 2014 at 9:56 am

i am writing as we sit in our home with no electricity cable internet due to a storm that happened here in CT. So we lost about a dozen trees and have debris all over our yard, list today’s pay to try and take care of all this stuff. We call USAA only to be told that the branches in our driveway are covered but not anything that damaged our lawn, the thousands of dollars we have spent in landscaping are all irrelevant in their eyes. We have a 2000 dollar deductible because it is so expensive to even have homeowners so basically we are screwed. The best part is that they have our crappy house insured at a replacement values that ux literally double what we could ever dream of getting if we sold the house. Do we pay thousands of dollars to be scammed and over insured and cannot get any assist with financial replacement of anything on our property. We repair everything on our own because we know they will only hike our rates if we ask to make s claim, we finally make z claim and get a bunch of crap. We are do sick and tired of lining executives pockets – Shame on you USAA- just another company screwing the hard working people of this country.


Jose E Gonzale October 20, 2014 at 7:17 pm

I have a claim for water damage on my home in Orlando, Florida. It has been 7 month.
Our home walls are cut 2 feet high, no kitchen cabinets, no sink, no main bath room sink or cabinet, the dust from the dry wall is causing me to have asthma attacks, I been wheezin all the time. My wife is diss able she has difficulty walking and it has created a hardship for my household. We had a public adjuster/lawyer and claims department are
Not getting to getter to resolve the claim. We can not continue like this. We need the money claim to repair our home. Its sad that after 30 years USAA is acting this way.
I am going to contact channel 9, investigators reporting in Orlando Florida so the can show how USAA treat their customer . My policy number is 1965277.


Jerrold Weinstock,M.D. October 6, 2014 at 11:44 pm

USAA has been our company and we have had a mutually satisfying relationship for 55 years.
However the dispute resolution department is doing a job one would expect from a
prodigiously low level company —-reeks with incompetency. We have been charged by an internet company for 2 items –one we partially were responsibly for ordering; the second item came unrequested –both were returned. The company says not in time as we were technically
supposed to get a special return # number from their customer service. THEY DO NOT HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE—-it is a HOAX—-so even though we returned both items unopened–we were charged on our credit card –your company says we are responsible which we deny.—-frustrating since April —dispute resolutions did not open a registered letter explaining it all and have ruled in favor of this fraudulent company –this is not like USAA—-they have always been fair and have done their unto-most to be thorough but NOT now. Jerrold Weinstock< M..D. –member for 55 years –our first ever dispute. USAA not doing thei job.


Matthew Banks September 29, 2014 at 1:41 pm

My wife’s vehicle was struck by a member of USAA, Ben Davis, Policy 0283149821, almost a month ago. My wife and I are driving a vehicle that is missing a rear view mirror and have received no help from anyone we have spoken with at USAA. I was just told that because the insured at USAA has failed to return any calls that we have to wait. I have a few other concerns about the incident also. Both my children were in the car when this accident occurred. Is it not also common practice to replace the car seats whenever there is an accident. I do not want to hear from a claims rep as we have gotten no where with Nekeyshia Lamaupin or her supervisor, Sharah Holmes, ext 34456, in case I spelled it incorrectly. I would like the CEO to know how people are being treated. It is very unsafe to drive a vehicle with a missing rear view mirror, but no one at USAA seems concerned. I am going to give this avenue a chance before I write a letter to your CEO personally. I just want this issue taken care of, I should not have to be the one making all the phone calls. I did get upset with the last person I spoke with as I was told we are going to have to wait longer. You have a family member who is the main transporter of my 5 month and 4 year old drive without a rear view mirror for almost a month, to no fault of her own, and I promise you would reach your limit also.

Thanks for any help,
Matthew Banks


rose okpealuk September 17, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Claim: 19808029-3


9800 Fredericksburg Rd

San Antonio, TX 78288

Following up on my fax I sent on 9/15/14

also Transmitted via fax to: 210-498-1271, 800-531-8669

Dear Josue Robles Jr.,

9/16/14 I received the van replacement check yesterday, thank you. The bank I go through put a 2 day hold on my check and it will be released in full to me 9/18/14 – tomorrow. I am still in the car rental because I don’t have a car yet, without the funds released to me. 9/16/14 Lisa Lorenz called my attorney Jason Skala’s office, and talked to Amy, Jason’s paralegal, and Amy told Lisa about the 2 day hold on my check with the bank and Lisa asked Amy if I am still in the rental, I am, and still will be until tomorrow when the funds from the van replacement check are released to me to pay for the car I’ve already picked out. I still have to get my son to school 9/18/14 tomorrow morning by 7:15 am and the banks open after 9:00 am. I also go to my chiropractor on Thursdays and can do that while waiting for the banks to open.

9/16/14 I called Enterprise and talked to Sean Gaskins at 907-563-5050 and he said he didn’t hear from Lisa Lorenz and that he doesn’t necessarily have to hear from her, they (USAA) take care of it on their end through a note in the system, or something like that and that he would check if there is any note and would call me back, Sean Gaskins still hasn’t called me back to confirm whether or not the note is in the system.

Please let me know as soon as possible about this situation with keeping the rental car until the van replacement check funds are available to me 9/18/14, thank you.


Rose Okpealuk


CW3 Neal September 17, 2014 at 1:37 pm

I asked USAA to tow my car, and the idiots opened a claim then tried to tell me I tried to file a false claim when it was their representative that did it. Then they’ve been so rude. The first guy I had was so disrespectful, and nasty, they sent me to another rep. The second rep told me the claim was closed the next thing I know they started investigating the claim which makes no sense. The car was paid and was always going to be paid by myself, and my wife. All we wanted was for them to tow the damn car. They don’t want to own up to their mistakes. Then they think its okay to treat their customers any kind of way. The sad thing this isn’t the first incident we;ve had from them. We had a situation with their home owners department before we sold our house. At that time I was deployed and got injured the same week my wife drove home to bury her sister. Then we found out a tire destroyed our kitchen and bathroom. They made my wife do all the leg work when it was their responsibilty to do it. Just horrible.


Rose Okpealuk September 15, 2014 at 3:59 pm

I was in an accident in 8/6/14 with your insured tameka hill & the claim # is: 19808029-3, 9/2/14 I did my recorded statement with my attorney Jason Skala 907-569-**** with Lisa Lorenz your adjuster at ext. 40536 & at that point liability wasn’t being claimed by USAA & we didn’t have a full copy if the police report & Lisa asked for me to gather my belongings from my 1998 dodge Grand Caravan & to get Anchorage Towing to release my van to USAA & 9/10/14 Debora A Ramos at ext. 74685 & I conferenced in Jason Skala & we heard Debora say that I print the overnight shipping label then fed ex my title & key or any remotes & she’d fed ex overnight the check for my van replacement & then we got to the car rental & Debora said USAA would pay for my rental through today 9/15/14 & now I called & talked to Lisa Lorenz transferred me to an Evett, she just fed ex overnighted the van replacement check to me today in our phone call & then today I talked to another guy who transferred me back to Lisa Lorenz & she talked to enterprise car rental agent Sean gaskins at 907-563-5050 & arranged him to reimburse me for the rental & not the collision that I’ve paid out of pocket for since 8/29/14, when the communication in the call with me & Jason Skala on 9/10/14 with Debora Ramos sounded to me like I was going to be reimbursed the total amount I’ve paid for the car rental & not the whole total & said the van replacement check would be overnighted to me I was expecting the van replacement check by Saturday 9/13/14 or Sunday 9/14/14 & still today 9/25/15 it’s not in my hands & in the call with Debora on 9/10/14 she said usaa will only extend the car rental for me through today 9/15/14 & if I return the rental today I don’t have my car replaced yet because I don’t have the van replacement check until tomorrow how am I to get my son to school tomorrow, please help me with this situation I wouldn’t be in if this accident didn’t happen. Call me 907-440-1718.


Andrew July 11, 2014 at 10:35 am


USAA communication with their customers is by far the worst I have ever experienced. They assign you a processor when trying to get a home loan that will send you an email stating that they are your one point of contact. Well with my experience this one point of contact is never available. I would call several times a day and only get a voicemail. This voicemail would state leave your name and number and I will return your call by the end of the business day. Yeah that never happened. Then finally after an email complaining I get an email stating I have been trying to call you at a number that was incorrect. This tells me they are not even checking their voicemail since I left my name and correct phone number. I would send emails and very rarely get a reply. I would download requested doXXXXents and email them to this one point of contact and then get a notification stating I still need to download the same doXXXXents. They sent me a notification of a deadline to get all doXXXXents into them or they would cancel my process. Funny thing is the doXXXXents they needed couldn’t be possible until after I sold the house I currently live in and that wasn’t happening for another couple of weeks. They have a copy of the contract for the house I was selling with all the dates and I have personally told them what day I was closing on the house I was selling and was assured it wouldn’t be a problem. Unrealistic expectations. Then to top it all off, they make you pay a 350 dollar good faith payment to even start the applicaiton process and tell you its non-refundable. Most lenders don’t get a dime until they get you to closing. I believe USAA does this to prevent people from just quiting them. If they get someone even a little invested maybe they will stick it out through their incompetence. Everytime I call I get another excuse. First its we will send out an email to the supervisors and you should get a call back by close of business. When close of business comes and I call them back I get well they have 24 hours to contact you. That 24 hour mark came and went two hours ago. Who is holding anyone at USAA to their own standards. Why does the standard change with every phone call? USAA may have suckered me out of 350 dollars and wasted my time but I will ensure I share my experience with all friends, family, and Soldiers. For someone who uses the military as a marketing tool and claims to do such a service to those who have served sure does not show it through their customer care and methods of business. Thank you very much for your support USAA (Sarcasim)and I’m sure nothing will come of this message as nothing came of my phone calls and previous emails.


James Herndon June 26, 2014 at 8:09 am

I am writing this in regard that the man by the name “Chris Brewer, employee number PLH9477” has helped me greatly in providing me a way of getting to work today. He helped resolve some issues with my bank account where I have had unauthorized transactions that put me with a negative balance. He was able to forfeit the NSF charges which put me back in the positive. I can’t begin to express my gratitude toward his hard work in resolving this issue. If by any chance you do you this Mr. Brewer thank you from the bottom of my wife’s and my heart you are always in our prayers. I do hope this message does something for you. Please to who every in the higher departments that deal with giving raises out, Mr. Brewer really does deserve one. Thank you very much.
My number is 805-712-XXXXX feel free to call me. Have a wonderful day.

Sincerely Spc Herndon, James


matthew R May 29, 2014 at 1:54 pm

To whom it may concern in the CEO office

I have been so disrespected by this company and will no longer recommend any of your services if my situation is not resolved asap! I have a large amount friends that live on army bases and airforce bases. If my auto insurance policy is not reinstated without any problems or lapses in coverage which usaa staff said they would do , I will make sure I will leave this company and never come back. if the Ceo and managers of this insurance firm allow me to be raked over the coals by beaurocrats at the state level, I will make it my mission statement for the rest of this year and next year to tell all my personal friends of my unprofessional treatment at USAA
Make it right

Matt R
marietta ga


emmanuel solorzano April 11, 2014 at 6:09 pm

Hello My complaint is, I can’t find anyone that knows how I can get a copy of my 1099. This is a tax doXXXXent stating how much I was paid last year.
I’m an independent body shop that was paid by USAA for year 2013.
I had a change of address and my new address wasn’t forwarded.
Texas headquarters sent me to California twice. California sent me back to headquarters twice. Nobody knows who to contact.
Can you please help? The name of my shop is “PROFILE AUTOBODY”. In San Jose CA . My number is 408 476 XXXXX Thank You Sincerely, Emmanuel Solórzano.


michael giglione October 24, 2016 at 4:54 pm

The caring company has left the building. This company now really sucks and is packed full of excuses. They do not read their message board and search for technicalities to avoid payouts in whatever way they can.

I am thinking of which ways I can advertise their failure.

Any suggestions?


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