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The Pet Club Corporate Office Address

The Pet Club, LLC
860 W. Carver Road, Unit #101
Tempe, Arizona 85284

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Phone Number: (520) 731-8738
Fax Number:
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The Pet Club Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

The Pet Club Executives

CEO: Tim Stevenson

The Pet Club History

The Pet Club was founded by Tim Stevenson in Tempe, Arizona, in 1982. The company started off with one location and has grown to more than 60 stores in 3 states; Arizona, California, and Texas.

The company focuses on premium pet products and accessories, as well as grooming at most locations. Beyond the standard fare for dogs and cats, The Pet Club also offers a wide variety of animal food for all types of pets including hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, birds, fish, lizards, horses, goats, sheep, and ferrets.

The Pet Club offers services not found at many other pet stores, including delivery of food and other pet items, low-cost vaccination clinics, as well as adoption services from local animal shelters and animal rescue sites. Some locations also offer dog training classes.

The Pet Club FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for The Pet Club?
Answer 1: The phone number for The Pet Club is (520) 731-8738.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of The Pet Club?
Answer 2: The CEO of The Pet Club is Tim Stevenson.

Question 3: Who founded The Pet Club?
Answer 3: The Pet Club was founded by in .

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cgalvao-luzzi November 12, 2018 at 10:27 am

I was extremely torn to voice my view however after reading some of these complaints it is apparent that possibly our suggestions may be of value.

Very disappointed to hear from 3 customers regarding the termination of one of your store managers in Tucson.
As a snowbird with family in the area, we had the pleasure of following her from store to store as she was transferred giving responsibility of turning failing locations around which we witnessed numerous times.
Our experience with her and her staff each time was excellent as she seemed to draw from them reliability, friendliness and dedication which was demonstrated by a very hands on supervisor.
she seemed to work 7days a week 12 hours days never complaining.
in our opinion, her superior really dropped the ball on this one.
Pet Club should be supporting their dedicated employees and assisting them in their success as it is your success. I run a remote practice which I value my staff and emphasize team work. it is apparent that your district manager’s lack of support resulted in an overworked stressed employee.
we have referred many clients to your corporation over the past 4 years and hope you will reconsider your actions of termination as someone like her has proven to be a valued asset to your organization.
thank you for your attention in this matter.


marshall Berman May 16, 2018 at 4:22 pm

First of all my wife and I have been shopping at PET CLUB, (Emeryville) for 8-9 years.

Last Sunday while checking out I was short changed at your Emeryville, California store..
My purchase on Sunday 5/12…When I returned home I noticed I was short changed by $5.00
Went back to the store the following Monday A.M. (5/13) and spoke to the “manager” He gave card and wrote his name on it “Dan”..
He took my phone number and made a xerox of my receipt and said:
“I’ll get back to you” ..
“Does that mean you’ll call me ?” I asked… He said “yes”.
I called back the next day (5/15) He said they didn’t have a record of any overage .

I am not a dishonest person.. My wife who handed me a $20 bill to pay for the purchases that came to $12.39. The check out person (his name is “Paul” on the receipt) gave me $2.00 plus some change.. I was distracted by the person in front of me and didn’t realize the missing $5 till I got home and my wife asked me for the change. (By the way, not that I’m thinking about it, the person in front of us was complaining to the check out person that she was short changed a little too. (I think it was a few coins, but I’m not sure)

I realize that I have no proof since this was a “cash transaction” and you have only my honesty and hope for your good will to make things right..but you should know that this leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.. and on top of it all to be marginalized by the manager and told that he would call (and didn’t) and that he would “look into it” (and probably hasn’t) because this is only $5 bucks, kinda adds fuel to my anger at being cheated.

May I hear from you..

Marshall Berman
510) 339-XXXXX
Oakland, CA. 94611.


Gloria Schwenderlauf August 7, 2017 at 1:56 pm

Dear Sirs:
I am writing to you today to let you know that there are some major problems with your store in Hayward, CA. keeping up with ordering what customers always have to ask for on a continual basis.

I have been trying to purchase WAX WORMS for over a month now.
I was told that they would be in on Tuesday for 3 weeks in a row and then last week I was told they would be in on Friday. And they are never there! I just now called while typing this email and they still do not have them and now they say they don’t know when they will get them.

There is also a huge problem when my friend tries to get Friskies tuna cat food, it is also constantly out. She even asks them to order it for her and they refuse.

I would think that you would try to accommodate the customers you do have at that store, we try to keep our business local to our city. Myself, I am disabled and it gets very hard for me to get around at times.

I have even had your own staff refer me to others stores to get what I need. I don’t know if this is a training issue or if you have an actual problem getting the merchandise to this store. I would really like to know if I can continue to go purchase what I need there without having to wait months to get it. In the mean time I have to travel all over to keep my pets fed.

Very Disappointed in the management at this Pet Club Store.


Gloria Schwenderlauf

This letter was posted to the Oakland Pet Club Website as directed from the Hayward PetClub on 08/03/2017

On 08/07/2017
I ended up going to Petco to purchase the Wax Worms for my Veiled Chameleon.
I paid $4.99 per tub of 50 which is actually $1.50 less than priced at Pet Club.
I still like to contribute to my own city area but with this service I may consider changing and also telling my friends to change where they shop as well.


Dan October 19, 2016 at 12:46 pm

I purchased a large 28.5 bag of Solid Gold puppy food froml the Pet Club store on Pinnacle Peak in North Scottsdale. Out puppy does not like the food and will not eat it. I called the store and spoke to a employee on the phone who appeared they could care less and ran down a list of stipulations for returning or exchanging a bag of opened dog food and said the store will not take it back, or in his exact words “There is nothing more we can do for you”.

You’ve got that right buddy, there is nothing more that I will ever buy from your store! I called Petco and asked what their policy is and they said if I purchased the food from them, to just bring it back and they would be happy to exchange it, refund it, no receipt required, no 30-day limit, no concern about the amount of food remaining in the bag. Looks like we will be buying all of our dog food from Petco from now on. Good bye Pet Club!


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