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Tapout Fitness Corporate Office Address

Tapout Fitness, LLC
1640 Powers Ferry Rd
Marietta, Georgia 30067

Contact Tapout Fitness

Phone Number: (800) 598-8872
Fax Number:
Website: http://tapoutfitness.com/
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Tapout Fitness Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Tapout Fitness Executives

CEO: Ben Crosbie
CFO: Dan Caldwell
COO: Tim Katz

Tapout Fitness History

Tapout Fitness was founded in 2014 in Marietta, Georgia, by current CEO Ben Crosbie. The company operates a franchised gym operation.

Tapout is one of the best known names in the MMA industry, producing clothing and atheletic gear since the late 1990’s. The company uses martial arts, in addition to other forms of exercise, such as dancing, kickboxing, and karate. Most locations use a  20 minute, circuit base program, which is designed to show results quickly. Classes vary from location to location.

The company has 8 franchised locations currently, with new locations, including ones in Canada and Mexico, to open in the next 3 years. Initial franchise fee is $30,000, with qualifying veterans receiving a $5,000 discount on the originating fee.

Tapout Fitness FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Tapout Fitness?
Answer 1: The phone number for Tapout Fitness is (800) 598-8872 .

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Tapout Fitness?
Answer 2: The CEO of Tapout Fitness is Ben Crosbie.

Question 3: Who founded Tapout Fitness?
Answer 3: Tapout Fitness was founded by in .

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Joe Hernandez October 4, 2017 at 11:29 pm

I have been a member since this gym opened here in Alameda,Ca. Since the first day there have been malfunctions on several pieces of equipment. Now I have been going to gyms for a very long time (40) years and I know when there is a serious problem with adjustments to equipment. I’ve brought these issues to the staff and got a BS explanation, for instance on the butterfly machine it is so out of adjustment that one side carries most of the load, when I showed this to the staff (coach) he said and I quote ” don’t increase the weight on the machine ” I was dumbfounded! Next on the multi station equipment the rubber seals keep coming out of the guides and staying on the guide bars as the weights are lowered back to the rest position so the when I begin to lift the weights again the come in contact with the rubber seals that have popped out and bind the weights from going up rendering the machine useless! Again I have told the staff this ( this has been on going since opening day) and here we are nothing has been done. Another issue is the lat pull down , the strap is riding on the edge of the pulley, the strap is showing signs of fatigue and the pull down operation is jerky and not smooth at all .
I hope these issues are fixed in short time, I like the gym but am Seriously considering canceling my membership!
Joe Hernandez


Pamela Smith-Acevedo October 2, 2017 at 2:33 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a former member of Bally Fitness. I was able to roll over to TapOut because I was a former member of Bally so my monthly membership fee just rolled over as well. I just received a call from TapOut’s collection company. I was informed that I was sent to collection for lack of payment for TapOut’s Personal Training Program. I am very upset right now. This all started because I signed up to do Personal Training with TapOut. I started back in December 2016 and I personal trained with Mo Mombuli (sp?) until February. Once the sessions were over, Mo cancelled the program for me. I was encouraged to sign up for more sessions and I did. This time around from Feb to June 2017. Mo was not able to cancel the PT membership for me. He told me to send an email to the Fitness Manager (Mr. Myroniuk) – note – on the day of my last session and I did. Mr. Myroniuk informed me that the next month cycle (28 days) had started and he was not able to cancel. I informed him that I had been telling Mo that I had 1 month to go and don’t forget to cancel my membership. Not once did he inform me that he would not be able to cancel the membership for me. Since he did it for me the first time, I just assumed he would be able to do it for me again. If he was not able to cancel it in the system – like he did the first time, I feel he should have told me. I informed Mo that I would not be able to take any additional sessions because they were getting expensive. To be informed today by the collection department that not only do I owe the monthly fee ($320), I also owe a collection fee ($195). This is ridiculous. I feel I was blind-sided. If the policy is to contact via in writing to cancel, then that’s the policy. I met with Mo every Tuesday and Wednesday for 3 months and he never told me he would not be able to cancel the automatic sessions when I was done. He would say “You’re not leaving me”. If this is gym policy to cancel in writing then why did Mo cancel the first automatic sessions for me. He made me think it was that easy to cancel. NOW, I’m in collection owing more money than what I could afford. Then, I spoke with Nick from the collection department today who just informed me that my gym membership is cancelled completely, due to being sent to collection for the Personal Training Program. Originally, I was told the two have nothing to do with each other. This is a mess. Is there anything anyone can do? This is disturbing. I have autopay – so my gym membership is paid timely every month. I had been with Bally Fitness for over 20 yrs. to send my name to collection and ruin my credit is unacceptable. Is this how TapOut do business? Receiving a call and being asked “did you know that your name has been sent to collection?”. I never received any other communication other than the call I received today. I’m not getting much information from Nick as he is a third party in this situation. I would appreciate if someone could look into this in a timely matter – as my name is in collection. I can be reached at 718-209-XXXX. I will be discussing this matter with an attorney also. I feel I should not be sent to collection and a little communication on the Personal Training staff’s part would have helped in getting this cancelled in a timely matter. Thank you. Pamela Smith-Acevedo.


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