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State Farm Insurance
1 State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710

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Phone Number: (309) 766-2311
Fax Number: (309) 766-3621
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State Farm Insurance Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

State Farm Insurance Executives

CEO: Edward B. Rust
CFO: Paul Smith
COO: Michael Tipsord

State Farm Insurance History

State Farm Insurance was founded by George Mecherle in 1922 as an automobile insurance company. It was started as a mutual company and so was owned by its policyholders.

The company originally provided auto insurance to farmers. The company expanded in the 1950s to other types of insurance, such as homeowners insurance and life insurance.

In 1964, State Farm became the largest insurance writer in the world.

In the 1990s State Farm Catastrophe Services was founded.

In 1999 State Farm Bank (SFB) opened. It is run by State Farm Financial Services. SFB offers many banking services such as checking, savings, and mortgages, but does not have branches Instead, it offers these services over the phone or via internet, as well as through agents in five states.

State Farm’s main business is State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

State Farm continues to be a mutual company, owned by their policyholders. Edward B. Rust is their CEO and has been since 1985.

State Farm has 17,700 agents working out of  343 claim offices throughout the United States and Canada,  has 66,000 employees, and had $64.3 billion in revenue in 2011.


State Farm Insurance FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for State Farm Insurance?
Answer 1: The phone number for State Farm Insurance is (309) 766-2311.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of State Farm Insurance?
Answer 2: The CEO of State Farm Insurance is Edward B. Rust.

Question 3: Who founded State Farm Insurance?
Answer 3: State Farm Insurance was founded by in .

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HOWARD September 5, 2019 at 3:51 pm

Why is it that State Farm want to pay me $125.00 for a pre & post scan that I have an invoice for that is $212.43?This is a required operation to repair the vehicle properly. The scans were done with a factory scan tool.


sami khoury July 20, 2019 at 1:17 pm

already done you can read mine.
Sami Khoury


sami khoury July 20, 2019 at 1:14 pm

my problem with state farm which is after (26) year i was paying ($42) every month Start on August 22 1983 then Bill blazer was the agent came to me and up date my policy on January 25 1997 he told me every thing is the same i will paying the same ($42) every month until( April- 26- 2019 )when the new agent her name Beatriz Quezada send me a bill asking for more money ($154.99) so with out knowing my bill was up since January 25 1997 thy take my money from my Cash value my Policy Has with out i know nor Bill blazer or the new agent inform me my payment go up this was not right they discuss this with me i blame both agent first Bill Blazer and Beatriz mow i lost every thing those two
Agent so for 26 years paying the company my money for nothing.Please be fair and send me back all my money for 26 six years or i will go to businesses b euro Thanks Please be fair it is your company reputation .Thanks
Sami Khoury


Shay Hill March 16, 2019 at 12:02 pm

I would suggest for those who are filing complaints with State Farm to also file one with your State Insurance Commissioner office and with BBB. When your State Commissioner continues to receive complaints that will make State Farm have to make some better customer service changes.


Mary Strenko August 8, 2019 at 2:36 pm

That is what I did. But still have not received me check for my house fire which was a year and half. Horrible. I feel like I am being treated like this because I am a women.


SHARON November 18, 2018 at 2:12 am



Julie Harding November 1, 2018 at 6:03 pm

Someone filed a fraudulent claim for life insurance on my fiancé. We’re in southern California. The state farm agent who did it was Veronica Costa. If someone knows how to report a bad employee, do it. She also provides fraudulently records to illegal immigrants.



MIKE SALIM September 21, 2018 at 9:22 pm

chris Thomas is one of there supervisor there try to avoid this guy because he will cheat you in any way he can , state farm train this dog real good on cheating people and lying to them


E bowers August 14, 2018 at 11:40 am

Now for 2 days can’t get hold of agent or return call due to unexpected higher cost difference on my new billing. Never expected it to go up over 67$’s in a 3 month period without knowing WHY! =never previously informed. Planning on finding an insurance co. agents that are available and won’t charging such an unexpected cost difference without notification to a “safe driver” = 75 year old.


Jacquelyn Hicks January 2, 2018 at 6:44 pm

Statefarm towing services sucks. I called for towing at 8:45am. It is now 5:41 pm in Chicago. The shop my vehicle is going to closes at 5:30. I also told this to the last agent I spoke to at 4:30. I am still waiting for a call back and the tow truck. Time to start comparing other companies.


E January 24, 2018 at 1:28 pm

You’re right. Their towing sucks. All their claim reps know it. State Farm no longer looks for quality. They look for the cheapest contractor they can get.


Sheila August 16, 2017 at 2:53 pm

Horrible customer service at the call center level, to bad the same customer service offered at the local offices is not available when you call the 800 number. Leave message, no one calls you back for days….weeks…..I have been with State Farm since the mid 80’s…..


Stefan Konderski July 19, 2017 at 6:20 pm

I have had my auto insurance with State Farm for nearly 30 years and used to be satisfied with the service provided by my agent, Mr. Ray Martin of Monterey, CA.
It used to be that when an accident happened, a State Farm representative would examine the car or cars involved and the decision was made as to the liability and reimbursement. Unfortunately, now the agent is not involved in the process; we must file a claim online. No one saw my car, damaged by another driver, and talking to State Farm, each time I am being connected to a different person from a different state, each telling me a different, often contradictory information. Most recently I have been told that “maybe State Farm will cover half of the repair estimate”. The question arises: What am I paying my premiums for?


Kristina Weese January 10, 2017 at 9:38 am

I am extremely disappointed with State Farm Claims Dept. Your insured rear-ended me in January 2015, because he didn’t pay attention that the traffic had stopped ahead of him. It was a fight for months to get money for my totaled vehicle. But I was also injured in the accident and had to go to the emergency room and accrued medical bills, had to take days off work, was without a car, and was in terrible pain. I’ve sent the doXXXXents to the claims agent for my bodily injury with no reply. Months later I learned that my claims agent had changed without notice, to Jonathan Herrera. I sent the doXXXXents to him, but he said he didn’t get anything. I re-sent them on December 8, 2016, December 19, 2016, and December 21, 2016, with no reply. Yesterday, I emailed a frustrated letter, asking for somebody to get back to me with an update on my bodily injury claim, with no reply. I tried calling my agent this morning and couldn’t reach him or leave a voicemail. It’s been going on for 2 years!!! This is ridiculous! What poor service.


Dona October 6, 2016 at 6:41 pm

I am sadly very disappointed about State Farm service. Agent, Wayne Scroggins from Florida, canceled my account without any notice. Few months ago I switched from Allstate to State Farm. Agent, did mistake and on the petition put that I have a Daycare Facility, which I don`t. At that time I worked for the family as a child care provider. They canceled because, according to them, they could`t to get a hold of me with the question ” If I am driving kids in my car” which I did`t. I was without insurance for a month and did`t even know. I got letter from Motor Vehicle, that my license will be suspended if I don`t send them prof of insurance. That`s how I find out about it. Agent, did`t send me any mail, email, or take a time to make a phone call to let me know whats happening. They said the did, however, I checked email and there is nothing saying about cancellation. I checked my voice mail and its empty. That`s a really bad service. How someone can do a business this way. On top of it, they said that I can come back to them but have to pay over $1,100 instead $450 because I did`t have insurance for a month! I could not believe it.


Karen Hall-Trice June 14, 2016 at 3:24 pm

I am writing regarding the unprofessional service the Chris Hallberg office in Charlotte, NC staff displays. In particularly Amanda. I contacted this State Farm office because I received a flyer in the mail regarding vehicle insurance. I have recently relocated to the Charlotte area and was considering switching carriers. I called their office prior to opening and was transferred to an after hours representative. A quote was given for car and renters insurance. I was advised a rep from the Chris Hallberg office would contact me to take my payment and get temporary cards issued. I was contacted first by Aieysha then Amanda came on the line. Amanda had a few more questions regarding driving history. Amanda advised she would call me back. After not hearing from her by 6:00 p.m. I called her back, didn’t get an answer therefore I left a message. The next day I called back again by 10:45 a.m. as my call still had not been returned. I spoke with Amanda, she again advised she would call me back. After 2:00 p.m. I still had not received a return call, I decided to contact another office in Charlotte. I spoke with another representative, advised her the issues and asked that she contact Amanda and see if at least someone would let me know one way or the other if State Farm is going to cover us. About 15 min later Amanda calls back advising they would not be able to cover us after a review. Knowing this is the kind of unprofessional folks that State Farm have working for them, I am content with Liberty Mutual. I can say that I’ve never had this kind of unprofessional behavior from any of their reps, regarding anything!


Melanie Roane April 18, 2016 at 1:06 pm

My local insurance agent lied to me. They said I didn’t need to put my son on my insurance, BECAUSE THEY knew it would be “sky high” if I did. They said I could say he was “barrowing” one of my vehicles. After several months, I got a letter saying I should list all licensed drivers. I did and listed him also. I have cancelled my insurance with them because of this. They have refunded me what they say is a month of the premium. I say bull because it was about time for the policy to renew itself a the time I cancelled. I say the money just interrfeard with one another. I am asking for my whole premium back from the time I was lied to, until now. They are pretty much refusing. I have contacted the bbb and will get advice on this as it seems a lot like insurance fraud to me. This is unacceptable. What did I lose? Peace of mind that my son was safely insured on the rode. What did I learn? NEVER TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN,


E January 24, 2018 at 1:34 pm

Your agent was correct. If your son had been in an accident, there would be coverage even if he wasn’t listed. Of course, once they find out about another driver they have to rate for that driver (unless that person is excluded). Why would you expect your whole premium back? In fact, you should owe State Farm money for the time your unlisted driver/son was driving and you weren’t being charged for it.


Susan November 19, 2015 at 12:57 pm

I am writing today regarding the HORRIBLE way you treat agents. My son has dedicated himself, family finances and health to building a new office in North Carolina. Now after 2 successful years his business, the profitable part, is being ripped from under him and his family leaving him with all the debt. How can you expect to have honorable people become agents to represent your company and help clients in their time of need when you treat your agents like this?? He has not only built a business, serviced the community, has been consistently in the top 35% of producing agents but he has with done so honor and dignity. You should be proud and welcome such people, your actions make me wonder what kind of people do you prefer? Not to worry he will land on his feet and I am sure your competitor would appreciate his honesty and dedication even though State Farm does not…. Your loss


Brittany October 29, 2015 at 9:26 pm

I cannot believe that one of your agents whom i trusted, would throw me under the bus. By not paying my insurance. She had the payment information and did not pay it. There by causing my policy to cancel, didn’t fine out until today that the payment was made a month later. There by cause the State of Alabama to contact me. Now because of Nate and Melissa your State Farm Agents, i have to pay the State of Alabama $200.00 so all this did was make me want to leave and never ever ever trust State Farm again.. So i will be canceling both my policies and getting a better reliable Insurance Agent and Company. Like a good neighbor State Farm is not there. In the long run state Farm will be losing the thousands of dollars that i would be paying..


Robin Broadway April 9, 2015 at 8:56 am

I would like to complain about your claims service. One of your members hit my car and your claims says its my fault. As you can see from the pictures it was not my fault. I need to file a complaint with your company to get my car fixed. I have a claim number too. Email me with a number I can call at HQ


E January 24, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Fault is not determined by who hit whom. For example, if you are driving down the road and another driver pulls from a stop sign right in front of you, failing to yield the right of way to you, they will be at fault even if you t-boned them. Fault is based on civil law and what each of the drivers was doing prior to the collision. When you claim someone else is at fault, the law, not the insurance company, says you have the burden of proof. So if each driver presents a conflicting version of the loss and there are no witnesses or other evidence to prove one driver’s version over the other, you have not overcome the burden of proof. Vehicle damages rarely help determine who is telling the truth. “Fault” is strange concept for most people. When they tell you you are “at fault”, they mean they aren’t accepting fault because you didn’t prove legal liability. That doesn’t mean you are at fault. Your own insurance company or a judge or jury would have to determine whether you are at fault. When the insurance company you are making a claim against tells you you are at fault, it it as a default–it’s easier to tell you you were at fault than to say you didn’t prove liability or they are not accepting liability.


MARY S SIGMON August 7, 2019 at 4:11 pm

really because that is exactly what happened with my husband .a stop sign was ran he had the right of way .he didn’t even tbone her .I sent information to mr tipsford and all the board members proving their lies ,what does he do hand it to the crooked lawyers and don’t give us the time of the day. they offer to pay taking 100% blame telling us we don’t need a lawyer for one year then we get a lawyer find all kind od discrepancy and lies and send proof and the ceo gives it to the lying lawyers and don’t give us the time of the day and right here Mr. E tells our story and says she is the blame . where is real justice in a crooked insurance company.


Connie Ragan March 25, 2015 at 11:37 pm

I have a complaint in regard to my agent Ed Melendez and his assistant, Mary Ellen, in the Dunedin, FL area. I signed up with State Farm/ Mr. Melendez approximately one year ago. On Feb 1, I bought a 2005 Audi in which I was financing. I didn’t find out about these problems until I was in an accident, Feb 16, 2015, but when I called State Farm to report the accident I was informed that I did not have collision, roadside service, or car rental. The other driver was charged with careless driving and was found 100% at fault, but they refused to fix my car until they received a police report. Realizing it was their/Ed Melendez’ s mistake that collision was not put on the policy, State Farm went ahead and paid to have the car repaired. I was inconvenienced by being without a car for two and half weeks and having to pay a $500.00 deductible even though it was not my fault. I have since hired an attorney to handle the case against the other party. Meanwhile my agent has not handled my case appropriately and mistakes have been made and are continuing to be made on my account, everything from mailing important info to the wrong address to lack of coverage. I have called and emailed them and have not received any reply. I am going to be changing insurance companies on the first of April because of the treatment by State Farm. I just want to bring this treatment to your attention.

Connie Ragan,


marie February 15, 2016 at 11:25 am

what ever happened I also have a big deal going on about my insurance please share your story with me marielawrence1 at thank you


Linda L. Finger February 17, 2015 at 5:54 am

TO: Mr. Edward Rust, CEO URGENT !!!!!!!
Mr. Rust, I have commented this past week. Things have gotten worse and I am trying once again to receive my Towing and Labor benefits on my policy# 487-2090-XXXX-XXXX. The benefits have NOT been denied, only excessively, delayed. As of today, my car will be towed by the owner of the property where the car has been sitting for almost three weeks, due to State Farms negligence, before noon, to a city lot, for which I will be required to pay, plus a daily fee to the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the car is physically located. Research will reveal how many times I have had towing scheduled by State Farm and made myself available to meet the tow company which is 150 miles from my home in Illinois, only to have someone call while I am en route to tell me towing will not be provided at the scheduled time, but, in case, go ahead and finish the trip I am making, and, maybe, the tow will be there. Unfortunately, State Farm tow never came, even after driving 150 miles and waiting for over two hours. This is the second time this has happened. Mr. Rust, not only have I had the expense of gas for these trips, but also loss of time worked on job, by my son, which means he lost pay for a total of 24 our following State Farm’s instructions and lack of performance. I live in Sycamore, Illinois (west of Chicago), my agent is Jeff Keicher and the Claims man is Mike from your claims department. PLEASE HELP!!! I am a widow and have been a State Farm policy holder for many years. Thank you for your concern and help, Linda Finger .


Linda L. Finger February 15, 2015 at 5:51 pm

TO: Mr. Ed Rust, C.E.O.: I just finished reading several previous complaints regarding State Farm Insurance. It would appear that State Farm is not the company your customers have learned to put their trust in and feel that their premiums were buying “peace of mind” and excellent customer service. I, too have just experienced horrific home office customer service recently. If you want to know the details, I suggest you access your files as I will not waste any more of my time, repeating, repeating, repeating myself. Instead, I will start shopping for another company. My current agent is Jeff Keicher in Sycamore, Illinois. By the way, it is absolutely impossible to talk to a State Farm agent even when they are in town. I thought employees were supposed to work for their pay. What a shame to see a wonderful (in the past) American company bite the dust, which is what will, eventually, happen. I have ONE POSITIVE COMMENT REGARDING State Farm employee NDO2, whose name I will not expose for all to see. NDO2 is an employee who should be recognized for outstanding compentence and attention to customer anxiety.. Hopefully, this employee will be recognized by you, personally and rewarded accordingly. One last comment: I have been a customer since approximately 2001 and am very upset to the point that it is beginning to affect my health. My question to you Mr. Rust, is are you unaware of what is happening to your company and, if you are, do you not care? If you feel inclined to do the right thing, you will do me the courtesy of a response, from you, personally, . That will definitely show me the kind of company State Farm has become.. .


t b December 17, 2014 at 1:24 pm

December 16, 2014
State Farm Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
1 State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710-0001 USA

This is my written complaint against State Farm Agent Jeff Andrews located in Polson, MT. I would like to start off by saying, I have been a customer with State Farm for almost 30 years. During this time, I obtained 4 insurance polices with State farm- Home insurance, two vehicles, and a life insurance policy. I have been an outstanding customer and by doing so, approximately 15 years ago, I received a letter from State Farm Guaranteeing my coverage would never be canceled. Since moving to Montana three years ago, my customer service experience with State Farm went from outstanding to appalling! After repeated Errors from Jeff’s office, he was warned on numerous occasions, if problems continued to arise, I would switch to a different company. My repeated attempts to warn his office and with repeated errors from Jeff and his staff, they proved to me to be incompetent and unprofessional. On or before Septmember 23, 2014 I called Jeff’s office and canceled my home insurance policy. In addition, I canceled two vehicle polices with a cancellation date of September 30, 2014 the date my new policy with another company started. To point out just one of numerous errors created in Jeff’s office, even though the cancellation date of 09/30/2014 was confirmed during the telephone conversation by Jeff’s staff, I received a cancellation letter from State Farm with a cancellation date of Septmeber 23, 2014! I received this letter two days before my new policy began and therefore was driving BOTH OF MY VEHICLES, Unknowingly, WITHOUT INSURANCE! To protect myself and my family during the last two days of being wrongly uninsured before my new policy began, my vehicles were NOT driven. This could have been a devastating error to my family CAUSED by an incompetent, unprofessional person in Jeff Andrews Office! The only policy remaining on my account was an automatic draft of $59.15 which is the term life policy that continued to be drafted from my account on October 30, 2014. After I canceled my vehicle policies, a staff member from Jeffs Office called and offed me vehicle discounts that had not been offered before that equaled up to huge savings. With saving money in mind, around mid November, I called Jeff’s office for insurance quotes on both of my vehicles. I was told by his staff, “Jeff said you have to come in to our office and pay for TWO previous months (EVEN THOUGH I HAD ONLY BEED WITH ANOTHER COMPANY FOR ABOUT A MONTH AND A HALF!) before the two policies can be reinstated.” I had NOT been gone for that amount of time and NONE of what they said made sense! I was NOT going to pay double for insurance so therefore I chose to stay with my current company. Shortly there after I received a monthly installment in the amount of $183.71. This amount included my term life in addition to ONLY ONE of my Vehicles. Insuring the jeep alone was NEVER QUESTIONED! If I had mistakenly made the switch back to state farm, I, once again, would have been driving My Honda, unknowingly, without insurance and once again my family would have been put at risk by driving an uninsured vehicle because of the complete incompetence of Jeff’s staff! Because of the constant errors made by Jeff’s Office, I sent an email directly to Jeff’s State Farm email account. In his rude, unprofessional response, he states “I HAVE NOTED YOUR FILE TO NOT REINSURE THE VEHICLES IN THE FUTURE SO THIS KIND OF MISUNDERSTANDING WILL NOT OCCUR AGAIN”
Rather than address Mistakes made in his office with the staff member who has created the error, he flat out refuses to insure both of my vehicles in the future! In my response to Jeff, I point out his unprofessionalism and include his statement noted to my account. If this was a misunderstanding on my part or poor wording on his part, he had the chance to retract the statement or clarify and he did NOT do either! Jeff clearly let his statement stand in his reply. He is refusing to insure my vehicles in the future because of errors made my his own staff! This further shows his unprofessionalism! Jeff also states in our email conversation dated November 18, 2014, “The only policy that will remain on your recurring monthly payment will be the term life” On December 9, 2014 I received a cancellation notice of my term life policy. I called Jeff’s office and was notified the last automatic withdraw was taken out on October 30, 2014. Apparently, after our email conversation, jeffs office withdrew my recurring monthly payment for the term life EVEN THOUGH HE STATES IN THE EMAIL MY TERM LIFE WILL REMAIN ON MY RECURRING PAYMENT. I was NOT notified that the term life had been removed! In addition, only one payment was not made on November 30, 2014 in the amount of $59.15 and yet the balance due (upper portion) is $118.30 with and amount due (lower portion) of $183.71!

October 30, 2014 automatic withdraw of term life $59.15
November 30, 2014 Unknowingly removed from auto payment
December 30, 2014 IS NOT HERE SO THIS payment is NOT delinquent!

My term life is missing ONE payment in the amount of $59.15 Due November 30, 2014 that was caused by an error or (more likely than not) deliberate act by Jeff Andrews office! Why is the balance in top portion of the bill $118.30 while the bottom portion has a balance of $183.71 with a due date of December 17, 2014. My balance at the end of December (December 30, 2014) should only be $118.30 and will consist of TWO missing payments that were CAUSED by Jeff Andrews office!
I have contacted State Farm Corporate office Twice to state a complaint against Jeff Andrew’s State Farm Agency, November 17th or 18th and again on December 9, 2014, all pertaining to the incompetence and flat out Refusal to insure my vehicles in the future, for nothing more than his office reinstating insurance on one of my vehicles when it should NOT have been activated and also after receiving a letter of cancellation for non-paymet of premium on my select term 20 life policy caused by Jeff’s office. To date, I have NOT been contacted by anyone at the State Farm Corporate office in reference to my complaints. On December 9, 2014 I stressed the level of importance to clear up the term life issue. The term life cancellation letter states my account must be paid by December 17, 2014. I will NOT pay the amount due because I am only behind ONE payment caused by Jeff Andrews office in the amount of $59.15. In addition, the amount due does NOT reflect the amount I owe! If the term life Policy is canceled, it will be caused by Jeff Andrews Office in addition to State Farms Corporate office lack of contact pertaining to my complaint. The cancellation will NOT be considered a result of my own actions. I am making every attempt to clear up this issue up before the cancellation date you have set forth. I would appreciate contact by State Farm Corporate office in a timely manner so this issue can be resolved.

Teicha Broussard
**** Lakeview Lane
Polson MT 59860

Two Vehicle cancellation requests dated Dated September 23, 2014

Monthly installment of Term life in addition to the 2002 Jeep that was an error made by Jeff’s staff Due Nov 28, 2014

Email correspondence between Jeff and I. He states term life will remain on my recurring monthly. He also refuses to insure my vehicles in the future

Cancellation Notice of Term life with incorrect amount due


J.C.McKinney October 17, 2014 at 3:31 pm

I have had been a member of the State Farm Ins. Group for 25 to 30 years. Up until now, I have been very well pleased with State Farm Ins.
Now I have a problem with the Deductible amount on all my insurance policies. Ever since
I started with State Farm, I have always had $500.00 deductible ,up until now(I found out)
I received a request letter a year or so ago to raise my deductible amount up to $1000.00.
I rejected the request.Last month I had a fireside chat with my Insurance agent and this subject was brought up and I was informed by my agent that I always have had $1000.00 deductible on my home and all 3 vehicles I have State Farm Insurance on. This was a very big surprise to me and I questioned his comment. He then checked his computer and restated that I have always had $1000.00 deductible on everything. DUH!!.
I came home and checked the 3-4 prior claimes that I had for my insurance clames and all 3 were listed for $500.00 deductible. For now I am going to speak to my agent again and see if he can find the mistake where and how the deductible amount was changed and see if my signature is on the change update. Up until nowe,State Farm Ins. Co. has been a very helpful and cooperative company. I hope that we can work this problem out.
I’ll be back.


Ana mendoza October 16, 2014 at 12:05 am

I’m not making much money and this people who have a big business they are not considered me some body hit my car in the parking lot. And this people did two claims spared .and I did pay $400 deductible .and no top of that they are increasing $40 dollar more on my insurance cuote


Manuel Lott August 18, 2014 at 4:59 pm

First thing first – I know this message will be deleted. Just like the tape machine on mission impossible. But; If let a customer go this far – I am VERY IMPRESS!. Second thing is I LOVE MY STATE AGENT Marybeth Morgan. All I want to know from Corporate and I know you will pass it down to the agent, Is why Are the deals that Allstate has is not offer to a long term customer. I know I will from my agent – because I have learned corporate just care about the money – not a customer. So please DO NOT WASTE MY AGENT TIME. I KNOW YOU JUST LOVE THE MONEY – GOD BLESS YOU.


Tod April 21, 2014 at 11:46 am

On 4-19-2014 at 4:05 pm a State Farm agent who was high on drugs couldn’t understand. English was totally disoriented and hung up in the middle of the call. Called back for a supervisor . Had no idea who accessed my account nothing in place to monitor or catch incompetent worker. Called Kathy in corporate who told me do what I got to do. Couldn’t care less Attitude. Company has nothing in place to enforce code of conduct for employees who answer customer calls. Very inept and totally useless supervisors and first
Line corporate intake personnel. Seems like they get paid to do nothing . Waiting.for call back from Cathy’s boss her of was usps. Why she answers a phone on a corporate
Level is beyond me. ” do what you gotta do” . Worst corpotrate contact in 45 yrs


BRANDI REED March 18, 2014 at 10:58 am

I would like to talk with Mr. Ed Rust CEO.
A drunk hit my car 3 years ago who was insured with you. I have been fighting with state farm for 3 years to get repairs done which were a direct result of the accident! I am contacting a lawyer currently to get the issuses resolved. The vehicle was parked and forced into a curb between 45 -50mph. I have it on video tape. State farm refuses to pay for new rims which were bent due to the accident and I have had to replace several tires due to the situation with the rims.
Your incompetent claims people have blamed pot holes and bad tires for the issues. The car has not been driven due to the tire so I didn’t hit any damn pot holes. If the tires were bad because they are low profile the other two tires on the drivers side would have issues.


E January 24, 2018 at 2:00 pm

First of all, if your parked car was hit at 45-50 mph, it would be totaled. Secondly, you provided conflicting information. First you say “I have had to replace several tires due to the situation with the rims.” but then you say “The car has not been driven due to the tire so I didn’t hit any damn pot holes.”.


Tom February 25, 2014 at 9:48 am

To Whom it may concern:
I applied for insurance for my car and rental insurance, I am located in North Carolina. I found out that I was denied insurance from State Farm. Why because I had a bankruptcy on my record from 2011. I had State Farm Insurance for many years but I left and I wanted to come back to State Farm. I am very upset to get this rejection from State Farm I feel that I am being discriminated because I had some financial problems in the past. Not only that my history on paying my bills before the bankruptcy and after the bankruptcy Is good, I paid everything on time.
If State Farm took the time to look into my history and see that I paid my Insurance on time but also paid early. I understand you have a third party doing the investigation on checking peoples back ground. Regardless they are working for you. I feel that State Farm company is only in for the money and do not care about the people they insure, regardless of all the advertising your company does.
I will never apply for insurance from State Farm again. Not only will I never apply but I will make sure whomever I come in contact with I will make sure to tell them how I was treated and what the company really stands for and it’s not about the people but how much they can line their pockets.


Tina Max Mann November 25, 2013 at 6:27 pm



Tina Max Mann November 25, 2013 at 6:21 pm

I would like to talk to Mr. Ed Rust c. e. o. ! You have employees that have tried and almost destroyed my husband and my heath and tried to make life a living H E L L ! THEY DID SO BY CRIMINAL METHODS. MOLLY MEIRKE HAS TO BE INVESTIGATED WE BOTH ARE DISABLED ,ALL OUR RIGHT HAVE BEEN VIOLATED.


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