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Skip Scooters Corporate Office Address

Skip Transport, Inc.
1161 Mission Street Suite 417
San Francisco, California 94103

Contact Skip Scooters

Phone Number: (844) 929-2687
Fax Number:
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Skip Scooters Facts

Founder: Sanjay Dastoor, Mike Wadhera, & Matthew Tran
Date Founded: 2017
Founding Location: San Francisco, California
Number of Employees: 100

Skip Scooters Executives

CEO: Sanjay Dastoor
CFO: Matthew Tran
COO: Mike Wadhera

Skip Scooters History

Skip Scooter logo

Founded in 2017, Skip is the latest electric scooter company to enter the market. Skip stands out from the competition by offering an online safety class, as well as free helmets that can be ordered online.

Shalin Mantri, formerly of Uber, designed the scooters, which come with rear-facing cameras, a retractable lock, and a battery that can be swapped out, so there is no downtime for charging. Renters do not have access to the camera, it is designed to keep records so Skip can monitor parking compliance and learn about rider behavior.

Skip Scooter 1 CEO Sanjay Dastoor hopes the retractable lock will help stop the theft of scooters, which has been a problem for other companies. The company has also made their scooter a bit sturdier in hopes that they last longer since some scooter companies have reported that, with frequent use, scooters have worn out within 2 months. 

Skip Scooters Skip is currently the only scooter company that hasn’t been hit with a cease and desist order, according to CEO Sanjay Dastoor. The scooters are currently being used in San Francisco and Washington, D. C.

Originally called Waybots, Skip executives worked with city officials, rather than dumping scooters on city streets than asking for forgiveness. By learning from the mistakes of other scooter companies, such as Bird and Lime, Skip hopes to take over the scooter market.

The corporate office for Skip is located in San Francisco, California.

Skip Scooter logo 2

Skip Scooters FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Skip Scooters?
Answer 1: The phone number for Skip Scooters is (844) 929-2687.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Skip Scooters?
Answer 2: The CEO of Skip Scooters is Sanjay Dastoor.

Question 3: Who founded Skip Scooters?
Answer 3: Skip Scooters was founded by Sanjay Dastoor, Mike Wadhera, & Matthew Tran in 2017.

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