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Sizzler Corporate Office Address

Sizzler USA Restaurants, Inc.
25910 Acero DriveSuite 350
Mission Viejo, California 92691

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Phone Number: (949) 273-4497
Fax Number:
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Sizzler Facts

Founder: Del and Helen Johnson
Date Founded: 1958
Founding Location: Culver City, California
Number of Employees: 1001

Sizzler Executives

CEO: Kerry A. Kramp
CFO: Audrey Baldwin
COO: Todd Peterson

Sizzler History

Sizzler was founded in 1958 by Del and Helen Johnson in Culver City, California. The original name was Del’s Sizzler Family Steak House. The Johnson’s wanted to offer a full-scale restaurant type of experience, but with very low prices. To cut costs, many locations had their own butchers who cut steaks from sides of beef and ground their own hamburger meat.

After recovering from bankruptcy in 1996, the restaurant chain was down to 70 locations, down from its high of 210. The restaurant offers mainly steak, seafood, hamburgers, and salad bars.

Sizzler was sold to Pacific Equity Partners in 2005. In 2011, USA Management Group, lead by the CEO of Sizzler, purchased the company back from Pacific Equity Partners. Sizzler has locations in 6 countries and these remain owned by Pacific Equity Partners. As of 2017, the company boasts 270 restaurants, an all time high.

Sizzler FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Sizzler?
Answer 1: The phone number for Sizzler is (949) 273-4497.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Sizzler?
Answer 2: The CEO of Sizzler is Kerry A. Kramp.

Question 3: Who founded Sizzler?
Answer 3: Sizzler was founded by Del and Helen Johnson in 1958.

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Trenee Sims June 29, 2019 at 12:44 am

On 6/28/2019, I took my mom to Sizzler near Korea Town in Los Angeles, Ca. Upon receiving my meal the serving asked if everything was okay. I replied the barbeque sause tasted a little weird. The server asked if I would like something else in it’s place, I said no since I had also ordered the salad bar. The server took away my meal, adjusted and deducted my purchase, but only came back with my original receipt and a few dollars in change. The server, although very pleasant stated the cashier already left for the night so “they” decided to give me cash for the difference of the meal purchased and the salad bar. When I questioned their method of giving customer refunds, as well as their calculation the reply to me was “the cashier left already”. Mind you, the restaurant was still very much open so I was confused at this rationale. When I mentioned I would have to make a call because this wasn’t good business, and this wasn’t making sense to me. The manager said “call them”. Really!
I’m very interested in speaking to someone in corporate. Sizzler is not what I remember it to be growing up in Los Angeles.


CURFEW F WILSON April 30, 2019 at 1:13 pm

I ordered your food through Door Dash. Now, Sizzler got my order incorrect so I when I got an email after my food was delivered asking me if everything was okay, I told them that my order was incorrect. Not only did Sizzler NOT upgrade both my steak order to Rib Eye (I received a two strip steaks instead) and I then I ordered mushrooms on both, did not receive that. Well, as soon as I told them that, they said that they would credit me $43.96. Now I thought this was fair since I spent $109.57 at this restaurant.

Now when I came into the office this morning and checked my credit card, there was nothing from Door Dash. I went online and it turns out its a Door Dash credit of $43.96. I don’t want a Door Dash credit. They took off my money in a matter of seconds, but they can’t seem to put it back on, which is total BS. I called the 855 number and told them I wanted to speak with Supervisor. They said the Supervisor would call me in 10 mins. She did and this is what happened. The supervisor I spoke too actually hung up on me when I demanded Door Dash give my credit back on my card instead of on Door as credit. This was the first and last time I will use Door Dash. All she had to do was return my credit of $43.96 and this issue would of been resolved. Now I will have to go to the next step and file legal action for the way I was treated and not giving me my money back. This could of been resolved in a matter of minutes, but no, she hung up on me. I am employed at a very Prestigious Law Firm here in LA and they are NOT afraid of litigation. Even if it is just to prove a point. It’s NOT about the money now.


Jeanne April 1, 2019 at 10:14 pm

Had a memorial luncheon at Sizzlers in Torrance,CA this past week. Had approx 80+ guests with only 1 1/2 servers (at best).. problems is that when we checked out receipt, they charged us $300 for gratituity for 6 servers. What a joke. The other 4 1/2 servers must have forgotten to come in to work that day. My sister and I had to place the silverware on the tables, took toast from kitchen and served the guests… refilled soft drinks in pitchers, had to request more plates and cup, ran out of soup bowls (even at the salad bar), had to go to the bar for the soup bowls, how embarrassing. We even had to take away the used plates from guests and had to place them on an empty table. No one was around to take away dirty dishes. Once the server saw us doing it then they came and helped. We spoke to the manage Nancy on the phone today but she didn’t seem to helpful. My brother in law will be seeing her in person this week with the receipt. Now I know why this location is going down the toilet. No one cares about customer service anymore.
This should have been a celebration of life luncheon for my sister where the family could reminisce of the good times…. however my sister and I couldn’t even enjoy our meal ( it was cold by the time I took a couple of bites) nor could we talk to family member/ friends since we had to play waitress the whole time.
It would be nice if I could get a followup with the district manager or someone higher in the corporate office.
Thank you Jeanne Tanigawa


Jeannex April 2, 2019 at 3:47 am

Forgot to mention we had to pay a 20% gratuity.


Daniel marquez June 17, 2018 at 3:03 pm

Hi my names Daniel I’m 18 years old and was a bus boy at the mountain and philadelphia sizzler located in Ontario . I was fired yesterday by the manager Paulette without being given any real reason why , none of my questions were able to be answered and when my mother called her afterwards to ask her to explain why she just hung up . I’ve had very unfair treatment while working . An employee once handed me a key to the dumpster to take the trash out and I lost it so they yelled at me in front of my coworkers and began harassing me telling me to empty my pockets , which doesn’t seem right at all and basically calling me a liar as if I would want to steal the key which ended up being found in a trash can . I guess I accidentally threw it away . Also I was yelled at by another part time manager named Dana at the top of her lungs for being on my phone , she then told Paulette and I was written up and suspended from work for about 4 days I believe . No other worker has ever been written up and suspended for being on their phone , they get told to put it away , nothing else . All my co workers have told me first hand that I’m treated very unfairly . Us bus boys have also been yelled at very loudly , loud enough for a customer to leave a review on yelp about it . Immediate action needs to be taken against Paulette and Dana , they do not know how to treat employees with respect and have absolutely no leadership skills . I was also told that I wasn’t the first person that has had a problem with the way Dana speaks to people .


pat hile June 14, 2018 at 9:54 pm

We understand that Sizzler will not be selling Fish and Chips on the senior menu. Most of us seniors in Hemet order the fish and chips. Everything else is to expensive and we do not care for the hamburgers. I guess we’ll have to eat elsewhere. Sorry!!


David Jansen December 23, 2017 at 3:33 am

P.S. Your email contact format doesn’t send
Dear Sizzler, I went to eat at your 34th and Redwood Road location in salt Lake City. Funny thing, I was told that because I wanted to pay in cash, they turned me away. Am I correct in thinking that your business is doing so well that you can turn customers away on a whim? If I’m not mistaken, the MARK of the BEAST has not occurred yet and one can still pay in cash. I guess not in Sizzler. I guess it’s pay with card only. Well 4:30 PM December 22, 2017 will be the last time you see me in Sizzler. I’ll go to Texas Road House instead. They will take my cash.
Some peoples kids!!!!


Patrick Sampson September 11, 2017 at 12:55 am

Worst experience I can remember having in any restraunt.  It doesn’t deserve one star, but your system doesn’t allow less.

First let me tell you that our family loves Sizzler and have frequented this Sizzler at Harbor and Eddinger in Fountain Valley once or twice a month for the last ten years.  As for me, I have been going to Sizzler for nearly 40 years, since I was a teenager waiting impatiently for the all you can eat barbecue beef ribs, which only came out a couple times a year.  My love for Sizzler made this trip even more disappointing. 

We were initially disappointed with the limp cheese toast that we were served, so I thought that I would mention it to our server.  My philosophy is you can’t fit something if you don’t know that it’s broken.  I told the server that I felt they had some quality controll issues, showed the server the not toasted and not cheesy bread.  I also pointed out that their company is spending a lot of money promoting National Cheese Bread Day, and are asking customers to submit pictures with their cheese bread ( I noticed at the register and on all of the tables).  Instead of simply listening to the feedback, passing it along to Managament, and perhaps offering to bring another batch, the server chose to argue that some people like it that way.  This surprised me a bit, so I pointed out that for as long as I have been coming to Sizzler, I have never been asked if I preferred my cheese bread toasted or limp.  Not a big deal, but an indicator of potential quality control issues and a minor annoyance.

You would think that there might be a heightened sense of awareness to quality after you mention a quality control concern, but this didn’t happen.  The next event could have easily made someone very ill, or even killed someone.  I was shocked to find that the tomato on two of our three hamburgers where rotten.  We’re talking waterlogged, sour smelling, mold growing ROTTEN. You could smell the sour fermented odor from the moment it was brought to our table.  You could also see the obvious mold spots from across the table which is fortunate, as our daughter is not very observant and nearly ate her burger.  Needless to say, we were not happy. 

The young lady claiming to be the Supervisor stated that the Manager would not be in until 2:00, and offered to have fresh burgers made.  Of course by then, none of us were very interested in eating them.  We told her thst we would wait until the Manager arrived, because it wasn’t too far off.  After waiting until 2:00 we were then told that the Manager now would not be in until 3:00.  Not wanting to waste the entire day I left my name and phone number, and asked that they hold the product for the Manager so he could see it and call me when he got in.  the Supervisor promised to have him call and gave me the Manager Ken Zaher’s business card.  Of course took pictures of the produce,  did the supervisor, which she claimed to have already texted to the Manager.  No offer of a refund was ever made, and the weak attempts of appearing to be apologetic didn’t really seem heartfelt.  They really didn’t seem to be all that concerned.

Now the kicker, it is now almost 10 PM, Sizzler has been closed for an hour.  I guess I’m not getting a call today, again no sense of real care or concern.

I hope that someone with some real concern will receive this, can look into the serious quality control issues at the Fountain Valley lHarbor Boulevard location.

P. Sampson


Pam baker July 31, 2017 at 1:39 pm



Ronald E. Stanley June 21, 2017 at 1:27 am

Mr. Todd Peterson : This email is in regards too the Unprofessional customer service I received during a recent visit too your location at 5060 W. Indian School Road in Phoenix, Az
My quest and I arrived at the location and placed our order at 5:02 pm. The order was the Ultimate Shrimp with vegetables and Steak and unlimited Shrimp. My quest and I seated ourself and went to the salad bar for a cup of clam chowder and a salad. After finishing the soup and salad I asked our waitress to check on our order. The waitress went to the Kitchen and inquired about our order, she returned and said it will be a few mores minutes.Mind you there was a couple seated directly behind us, who came into the location at 5:14 pm ( the couple shared this information from their bill.) The couple received their food before my quest and I received our food, which came 10 minutes later. I requested the Manager (Amber Sewell) who approached the table explaining why our order was prepared AFTER the couple that arrived 12 minutes after my quest and I arrived Amber indicated that both steaks were being cooked at the same time and the couple directly behind us ordered a Rare steak, and my quest a well steak so it took 20 minutes to cook the well done steak. I explained to Amber that according too her statement the meals are prepared as SOON as the order is paid for and sent to the kitchen. If this is the policy and this procedure was followed my quest should have received her well done steak 8 minutes after the couple seated behind us, and NOT 10 minutes after. The couple behind us spoke up and said ” I can understand why you are upset” because you placed your order before our order, but your food came later. Finally the food came out and my order had vegetables (but I had a baked potato which I did not order). Amber was not actively listening too my concern, instead she was insistent on explaining why my food was late. I asked why do I have a baked potato instead of vegetables. Amber replied ” I took your order and you ordered bake potato, (the bill shows mixed vegetables). I am emailing you Sir because I always eat a Sizzler across the country and I have NEVER experienced this kind of customer service. Finally Amber realized her error and asked “What can i do to make this right” I advised that I wanted a full refund and I was going to another restaurant. Amber indicated that she would be charging my quest and I for the soup and salad ($10.99) the salad bar was included in my quest meal. I further advised that moving forward she should actively listen to the customer and resolve the customer concern in a professional manner.Due to Amber’s lack of concern for the customer I will not be visiting that Sizzler location in the future just wanted Corporate to be aware of my concern

Thank you,
Ronald E. Stanley
602 502 XXXXX
rstanley20 at


Ken Merrick December 11, 2016 at 11:42 pm

Sizzler Restaurants are one of our favorites. When ever we travel we will eat at one if near by. We live in St. George Utah and are disappointed that there is one not here. There is one in Cedar City which is 50 miles away. We see your commercials on television and it makes us envious. Is there ever a possibility of getting one here. This area has a lot of retirees and do enjoy good restaurants.
Thank You
Ken Merrick


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