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Sephora USA, Inc.
525 Market StreetFirst Market Tower - Floor 32
San Francisco, California 94105

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Phone Number: (415) 284-3300
Fax Number: (415) 284-3434
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Sephora USA Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Sephora USA Executives

CEO: Calvin McDonald
CFO: Christophe Le Boterff
COO: Satish Malhotra

Sephora USA History

Sephora is a French cosmetics brand and chain of stores that was founded in 1970 in Paris. Sephora is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuitton) and has 1,300 stores worldwide.

Sephora USA opened its first store in 1998 in New York City.

The stores feature more than 100 brands such as NARS, Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, and Too Faced Cosmetics, as well as its own brand. Sephora brand has make-up, skincare, beauty tools, and accessories.

Today Sephora USA has 300 stand-alone stores and a further 385 inside J.C. Penny stores.



Sephora USA FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Sephora USA?
Answer 1: The phone number for Sephora USA is (415) 284-3300.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Sephora USA?
Answer 2: The CEO of Sephora USA is Calvin McDonald.

Question 3: Who founded Sephora USA?
Answer 3: Sephora USA was founded by in .

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Norene July 18, 2019 at 12:53 pm

I recently had a lovely experience at the Mall of America Sephora, Minneapolis. I was welcomed to the store right away and asked if I needed help. A sales associate listened carefully to what hadn’t worked for me and what I wanted. She then directed me to the perfect brand which I would never have found on my own! Every single person in the store was kind and helpful.

Also had a similar experience at a pop up store within Tucson Mall Pennys. Thank you!


dennis brazill June 1, 2019 at 7:57 pm

I am waiting for my refund or replacement , I don’t if this going to the right office. Can please help me correct this three year unsolved problem. I wont say thank you till I either one . Mr. Brazill


Phuong Bui May 26, 2019 at 5:18 pm

I have been shop at Sephora for along time about 8 years or more I’m a VIB beauty insider I had spent alots of money foe cream & cosmetics makeup etc… I have earn points but canot seem to redeem the item online which is I have more points than it needs I would like to speak with the Ceo or manager whoever ablke to help me which an issue above.

thank you .Sincerely


Lyn Malone May 2, 2019 at 8:42 pm

Very unhappy VIB member, customer service is awful. Placed a large order and received someone else’s order. Contacted customer service, who was not very interested in customer service. I asked to speak with a Manager and was put on hold several times without being able to speak to a Manager. The end result after an hour of time wasted, my order will reship and I need to wait for it but they will not double charge me (hooray, I am not getting ripped off)….and the person’s order I received in error, the customer service would not pull up her order to notify the person. In addition, I have all her information from the packing slip in the incorrect box. I was told to physically return it to a Sephora location (Um, NO!). I was finally given the option to wait for return label and ship back to Sephora. I am so over the poor customer service at both the physical locations and now this. Sephora, keep up the stellar job…you lost a long time customer. I will order from other vendors who want my business.


Beth March 31, 2019 at 5:43 pm

My daughter asked to make a full makeup appt at our local Sephora store for prom and was told she had to wait until 2 weeks before to schedule. She called back at that time and was told only 1 store in the entire Omaha metro area was doing any makeup applications from now on. When she called them they said they’re booked until after prom season. Not only that but my daughter had a coupon for a free makeup application because she spends quite a bit of money with Sephora.

She as so upset because her entire plan for her senior prom was not working out as she planned. We’ve always used Sephora for these types of events in the past. Bad move and very disheartening. I sprint know how it makes sense that a makeup store doesn’t do make up applications anymore.


Bonnie Miller December 12, 2018 at 5:15 pm

I was in the Sephora located in the Danbury mall today. When I entered the store (I am in a wheelchair) I was ignored by two associates standing at the front door they did not greet me didn’t ask if I needed any help. I proceeded to look for the product that I wanted and wasn’t able to find it so I went to the back of the store found another associate and asked her for help and she told me it wasn’t her department probably because she was busy using your tester products on her own hair I went back to the front of the store and the associates were that were standing at the front door when now busy helping other customers the ones that could walk. I left, not purchasing anything. I want you to know it was the worst experience I’ve ever had. How rude for your associates to ignore me because I am in a wheelchair that’s called discrimination maybe I should call a Lawyer. Maybe then I could get your attention.


Theresa September 15, 2018 at 5:25 pm

I am a VIB Insider with Sephora. I purchased items from the Tustin, CA store on 8/31/18. I simply changed my mind and was not satisfied with the purchase. I went to the Sephora store on 9/14 to return the UNUSED items with store receipt, WITHIN 60 return policy, and was declined. HOW DISAPPOINTING!

I am a loyal and on time customer of Sephora for many years! This is the first time to experience poor customer service and lack of knowledge and respect to customer.

The store manager turned her nose to me and simply said no return or exchange for 365 days, call TRE number. I asked her to explain why return is declined, she had no answer and walked away. I’ve noticed the customer service at Sephora stores have declined dramatically over the years.

How can Sephora post 60 day return policy if you are not completely satisfied and then decline returns randomly?


Marina morales October 5, 2017 at 5:06 am

How do I summit pictures of a sepora employee doing drugs she’s still a employee of the company this is not someone I’d like doing my makeup or representing my company


boops August 28, 2017 at 1:38 pm

Very discriminatory as to reviews: here is what I wrote to Sephora:
I know you people pick and chose what reviews get posted, I implore you to NOT post reviews that are insulting. Many of the reviews for perfumes contain insults, for instance: smells like a “granny”, or reminds me of an “old lady”, etc. What exactly does a granny or an old lady smell like? Besides being nondescript as to scent, its offensive to us Grandmothers. You wouldn’t allow something that said “smells like a black person” or “smells like an asian” so why do you allow “smells like granny or an old lady”?

Here is the boiler plate answer I got because none of them have a brain to produce an answer on their own. Same response I get for any questions. MORONS all of them
Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for contacting Sephora regarding reviews.

We appreciate the feedback you have provided. As a company, we strive to provide the best service to our clients and your feedback is always welcome.

Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate department within our organization and they will do their best to incorporate your feedback in our future endeavors.

Thank you again for contacting us.




Kathy Blanchard November 4, 2018 at 2:02 am

I have the same complaint. Customer Service is ridiculous. Currently there is 20% off. The product I wanted was out of stock. It became back in stock and at 1201am I tried to buy it to take advantage of the 20% but it was out of stock because on the east coast you can use the discount 3 hrs before the west coast. I’m a rouge member. I spent 1000 this year. That’s just wrong. In my complaint auto correct changed the name of the product to something that isn’t even a word. Sephora’s response was sorry about (a jumble of letters wasn’t in stock). Does a human even answer? Sephora is close to my home. I started using Ulta a few years ago when I was disappointed in the customer service for the same reason. I went back to Sephora for the convenience but with poor customer service it’s not convenient


Tom June 5, 2017 at 8:36 am

I am not a member of prime and I feel that because of this you are now holding my packages for 5-7 days before shipping them where you used to ship my packages in 1-2 days after I ordered them. You are clearly discriminating against me just because I refuse to pay you $100.00 per year for your so called 2 day shipping. You are just a bunch of money hungry thieves!!!!! Give the little person a break.


brendan June 5, 2017 at 8:13 am

just lol if you think people from these companies are actually reading this


Tammy Robinson June 5, 2017 at 1:57 pm

Contrary to what you think, many of them do.


Julie June 4, 2017 at 12:34 pm

Sephora VIB Rouge program does not well serve its loyal customers. We don’t receive additional discounts on any products. The so called “events” are nothing more than an attempt to get customers to buy more products at full retail prices. ULTA provides better incentives to its customers with REAL, substantial discounts. I hope they overtake Sephora’s market share in the Beauty category.


Tamara Kupsch June 1, 2017 at 12:27 am


About a week ago i sent a request to your customer service as i wasn’t able to do an international order online. I received an answer the next day…which is nice. It said that i will find the possibility for international shipping on the check out page. But my answer to this reply that this isn’t so (even sending a screen shot of it) was never answered. Even another mail, asking for a solution obviously wasn’t worth it to answer. What does this mean? I better buy products of other companies? Very disappointing.


Jaime mclaughlin May 30, 2017 at 4:55 pm

I ordered online. The package was delivered to my lobby and left. I never received my package. I called for a new one and asked to have a signature required for new package, I was told I would have to call back after the package had shipped to add on signature so they could call shipper. I called back after I got the email to say it shipped the person on the phone told me to call back the next day to confirm they had called shipper. At this point I asked my order to be cancelled. I don’t understand why I would have to call three times to make sure I actually get my order. The man told me once they receive the order back they would refund my money. Well package was delivered today (without signature,again left in lobby) called back to say hey I don’t want this, it was cancelled and was told I would have to mail back or return to a store to get my money back!!!!!!


Candy Cervantes May 30, 2017 at 2:14 pm

On May 09, 2017 I went into Sephora located in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. I purchased a few makeup that came up to a total of $244.40. Right before I was next online one of their employee said if I was paying with a debit or credit card she was able to help me on their mobile device. Just as I had slide my card, sign for my transaction the device turned off. She had one of the cashier help me ring me up again. I asked the cashier if I was going to charged again and she said no that once te device turns off the trasaction gets cancel especially if it didn’t print out a receipt. Once I arrived home I checked my bank statements and there it is they have charged me twice for the same transaction. I immediately called the store and asked to speak to a manager. I was transferred to Lidia Gonzalez explained to her what had happened. She basically said she didn’t care about the problem and to wait 3 days for one transaction to drop and call back in 3 days if it didn’t dropped. She claims to have 7yrs of experience in management for Sephora but obviously she doesn’t know how to handle a simple issue. She didn’t even bother to get my information down so she can follow up or check on her side if there was a double trasaction. I called back 3 days later asked to speak to the manager again this time it was a different manager I started to explain to her everything again. I don’t remember her name but she was he nicest and more professional of all yhe manager. She took my information down and asked me to also email her all my personal information she apologized for the inconvince and she even called me back to let me know what sh did in regards the issue and that sh was going to be off but someone else will help me. Couple days passed by and nothing still no money back. I email back and ask to have the general managers information because this is just too much already. Another girl name Maria email me back and basically said they can’t find both transaction that they only see one but that they’ll still going to send me a gift card of $244. I sent them a picture of my bank statement were it shows that I was charged twice the same amount. Since she’s basically calling me a liar. Asked to get the general managers information but instead she had him email me back basically to tell the same thing and that my refund has been approved but yet still no money on my card of a gift card. It took over 10 days for them to return my money but still no gift card. I email thr General manager and he doesn’t replied. Living expensive are very high but I still manage to spend extra cash in Sephora. I have a limit of what I can spend on myself every month especially being the first days of the months I have bills to pay. Being over charged not only did it made me behind on my payment but also charged late fees. This has been a horrible experience and I believe they can at least send me the gift card of $244.00 that they promised they were going to send.


Madlyn McLeod May 10, 2017 at 8:11 pm

The Victoria Texas location is the absolute worst retail shopping experience I have ever encountered. The fact that any of the employees there collect a paycheck is beyond me. These ladies have no interest in helping customers and could care less about anyone but themselves. I have four daughters over the age of 17 and not once have they or myself ever gone into that store and witnessed much less experienced good customer service. Upon entering, customers are ignored and spoken to as though they are inconveniencing these ladies. They are rude, self involved and completely uninterested in anything but their conversations or their own makeup. The manager needs to be fired for allowing this to happen. I can’t believe anyone receives a paycheck at this store. It is clearly a waste of money. The times I, and my daughters have visited have been over the span of two years and it has always been the same service. This is precisely the reason that we found the MAC counter at Dillard’s. Night and day difference! Thank you Sephora Victoria, Texas for forcing us to the MAC counter! We will never darken your doorstep again!


Amber Nash May 7, 2017 at 11:07 pm

My experience occured in the Sephora inside JCP Located at : 7451 Youree Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana 71105. I arrived at the location at 5:20, Sunday afternoon. I was returning a product that was incorrectly matched by another employee 2 days before. I explained to the floor supervisor who was balancing the cash register about the situation. She told me, “Rachael would help me”, then proceeded to continue with what she was doing. I do not believe she even told Rachael about me needing help. Rachael was doing a foundation match to another customer. I patiently waited close by without an acknowledgement from Rachael. At 5:45, I returned to the register to ask the floor supervisor if I could have my reciept and the product I planned on returning back, so that I could go to another sephora location. She continued closing procedures, handed me the reciept and product back and said, “Here you go”. All of her interactions were done in a very rude manor. I called the Bossier location to see if I could do this transaction at their store because of the poor service I was recieving at the Shreveport location, they informed me they close at 6. I then proceeded to speak with a J.C. Penney manager at the location I was standing in, to explain how I felt like neither of the employees at Sephora seemed to want to help me. The J.c.penney manager walked over to sephora with me and said they had time to complete my transaction. This time the sephora supervisor did look up while responding. I explained once again that I needed to make an exchange, and get a correct color match. She said, “And I told you Rachael would help you”. I again told her that I watched, waited, stood right beside Rachael for the past 20 minutes without being acknowledged while she turned a simple foundation match into a mini makeover!!!! About that time Rachael said, “Oh I am sorry, I thought you were with the lady I was helping?!” So now that I am finally getting waited on, it is 5:55. Rachael was very polite, friendly, and informative once she actually started helping me. However, while she was trying to match my shade with a foundation line she recommended… jcpenney turned off the lights. She continues to try to match me in the dark, and starts applying the product with her fingers directly to my face! I have worked in cosmetics in the past, and last time I checked it is not only a unsanitary practice to apply makeup directly from your hand on someone elses face, but it is also illegal in the state of Louisiana. It is legally considered battery. I did not see her wash her hands, nor apply hand sanitizer prior to the application. I understand that Rachael may have felt it a neccesity to use her hands for the foundation application because the floor supervisor was sanitizing ALL brushes for closing. After the application was finished, I was rushed to the checkout after Rachael provided 1 sample of a product I requested. The store manager did say, “I am sorry that you felt like we didn’t want to wait on you.” However, she was never once accomodating. Once, I walked into the sunlight after being in the extremely dark store, I instantly knew the color she matched in the dark was still the wrong color, but by this time it was 6:20 and the interior doors had been locked behind me. I do feel that Rachael may have been caught up in a misunderstanding between me, the other customer, and the floor supervisor. I also feel like the floor supervisor should have stopped what she was doing when I came to her in the first place. If one beauty advisor is currently busy helping other customers, another employee should not be busy closing a drawer but helping the other customers waiting. I spend a significant amount of money on makeup, not only am I a sephora VIB, but I was going to buy other products before I was so rudely pushed to the side so that cash register could be balanced.


Martha Ramirez March 29, 2017 at 6:09 pm

March 2017 I bought a perfume Chance by Chanel at Northridge Mall California …not what I expected the perfume smells kind of weird ive had this perfume so many times so i know how is smell so when I went and I told them about it about the problem they couldn’t return it or exchange it (they said they couldnt do anything about it) because I didn’t have the receipt or it wasn’t on my Sephora rewards card.. they told me to call that one 1855 so they referred to send you an email regarding the problem i really want the perfume I’m just not satisfied with the smell I don’t know if the perfume just came defective or what. I do hope you guys can help me with this problem is a $100 perfume I love the smell so all I want is the perfume but not with that weird smell😝. please help thanks.


Kay March 21, 2017 at 12:14 pm

On March 19, 2017 my daughter and I went to the Sephora store located at 5060 Pinnacle Square Trussville, AL 35235. When we walked in we didn’t see anybody for about 2 minutes or so. When the worker finally appeared she passed right by us without a greeting or an offer of assistance. Even though she was tall, we aren’t that short to not be noticed. Shortly afterwards another customer and her daughter walked in. She went looking for the worker and came back with her assistance. I eventually found something that turned out to be a very good product. I won’t shop at that location again because the customer service was awful.


Madelynn butas March 13, 2017 at 5:01 am

I’m complaining about the costumer service I experienced at the location at superstition springs mall in Macy’s in Mesa Arizona. I walked in super excited because my last experience in Utah was amazing. I was looking to buy a foundation. I was in there for 30 min looking around. No one came to help me or greeting me at all!!! There was three employees at the register just talking. Two people giving one employees mom a makeover. And another employee greeting everyone else who walked in mind you there was only 2-4 other customers in the store at the time I was there. And all of them knew I was there they were all looking at me. Prior to me being there I guess they had someone still 20+products from the store. Don’t know how that happens. Anyway as the lady was putting back the products I walked up to her and said excuse me can you help me? She seemed annoyed and said sure. I asked about a foundation. Told her I liked the kat von d foundation. And asked if the urban decay was just as good. She told me obviously I have dry skin and no it would look good on me then just walked away. I instantly got upset and felt like I wasn’t good enough to have her help me or even be at that store!! That is so wrong to make a costumer feel that way. If this is how employees are in Arizona I no longer will want to shop at sephora in store and online. I’ve never had something like this happen to me.


Vanessa Rambal February 5, 2017 at 2:07 am

To whom it may concern;

I was wondering what the qualifications to get an interview at Sephora were ? I’ve applied countless times over the last theee years and I’ve never gotten an interview only once was I called but never got an actual interview . I’ve gone into different Sephoras and talked to both managers and employees just to get a feel of what to do they all said all I needed was retail experience and I have many years of retail experience . I’ve applied from cashier to color consultant and nothing .Please if someone could get back to me . Thank you for your time .


Vanessa Rambal February 5, 2017 at 2:08 am

Three years*


Amala Dimago February 3, 2017 at 12:39 am

Just went into your Plaza Bonita Sephora to pick up some new lashes and I wasn’t there for more than 2 minutes with my son in his stroller and an associate asked if I need help and in the same breath basically told me to put my stuff in a basket or they’ll think I’m STEALING!I hate their dirty grimy baskets and prefer to hold onto my purchases but I have NEVER been so offended and made feel like an untrustworthy criminal instead of a loyal customer!

I immediately put back my lashes and left. I was speechless in her markings me feel guilty for nothing. I had my son with me for F sake! I have lost all respect for Sephora.

It’s difficult enough being a single mom finding time to shop for myself without being treated like criminal within 2 minutes I arrive! Whether your store is in the ghetto or you’ve just had someone shoplift in front of you, there is absolutely NO reason to treat loyal members so poorly!

I would hope something will not only be done about this particular store but in the general attitude of all your employees.To some, buying a $200 moisturizer or a $10 pair of lashes, it can be a costly splurge and should NEVER be accused or spoken to with such disrespect and accusatory attitudes.


DETECTIVE MARK WICKERSHAM January 14, 2017 at 7:13 pm

I am investigating a large scale Fraud investigation that involves Saphora products. Can you please forward this e-mail on to the Corporate Security or Fraud division, or E-commerce division. My office number at the Pottstown Police Department in Pottstown PA. is (610) 970-6579. Thank you for your assistance


hasna alaoui January 10, 2017 at 3:44 pm

i had such a scary and horrible experience at sephora 108 north state street. What made it even more horrifying is that i received that kind of treatment from the manger. She screamed at me insulted me kicked me out of the store threatened to call security on me. Told me get our of my store !! you are never allowed back! She humiliated and embarrassed me i was so shocked and terrified i literally walked out to the other store crying. I know the way she treated me was because i was arab, I was never ever treated this way in my life this is the first time i had to go through this experience. I love sephora i never ever had a bad experience till this time. I swear i was amazed and shocked i just cant believe this happened to me. she was a young african american lady with curly hair. She was working in the morning shift i believe around 10:30. Please if HR has the chance to speak to her, please explain to her that the way i got treated from her broke my heart ! her treatment was so unethical and shows how unprofessional and untrained she is. She was the rudest person i have ever met in my life ! and she really should say sorry and feel bad for what she did !


Bee L December 13, 2016 at 10:51 pm

I just placed an order over the phone. I was interested in a free mini special and informed the Sephora sales associate that I did not want to place any order unless the day’s mini special was available. The Sephora sales associate assured me that all items, including the free mini that is part of the Holiday special, was available and confirmed that it was in the order. Well, when I got the order confirmation, it was not listed. Called the customer service number and was told it was out of stock. The sales associate outright lied to make a sales. What a cheating company Sephora is.


Melinda Hayden December 13, 2016 at 6:47 pm

I had an issue on 12/8/16 in which I was in desperate need of using the restroom. I am disabled and have IBS. Keisha who was helping me at the register saw I was getting sick and she told the manager/supervisor I had a medical emergency and was told I had to use the public bathroom. Needless to say it was not good. It is Sephora’s policy not to let the public use their bathrooms, well what would American’s with Disabilities organization or other disabled groups in Sacramento have to say? I have spent more money than my points say, and I am very seriously thinking of just taking my business to Ulta. It was the worst shopping experience I have ever had at shopping at Sephora. I am thinking of taking this to the organizations that can maybe enlighten your policies.


Amy H December 9, 2016 at 2:21 pm

I sent an e-mail to customer service because got an e-mail, with a coupon from 12-2/12-13….however, I had just placed an order on the 2nd, but didn’t get the coupon via e-mail until the 7th. It makes no sense that it was mailed out so many days after the start date. So at this point, I’ve missed almost 50% of the time to use this coupon. I ask customer service to credit my card back the $15 that the voucher was good for. I was also curious to know why this wasn’t sent out in a timely manner? To date, that answer has yet to be answered. Now they’re saying they will credit my account $15 the NEXT time. Who says there will be another time after this incident??? Now, I will just have to make an extra trip into the store and return everything!!!! Terrible customer service once again from Sephora. They had better get their service up, or they will becoming another dying retailer. Besides, customers can get better deals through Amazon anyway!

I also asked for this to be forwarded to upper management. That was never even addressed in my complaint!


DollyJ December 9, 2016 at 1:13 pm

I love makeup. I have a beauty room & approx. $10K worth of makeup. I bought some items from & afterwards my information was hacked. I called customer service on 17 times in one day but the only person who answered the phone were reps from someplace in Asia. There was a huge language barrier. Most of them were really mean to me when I asked to speak to US rep. I had to call a local store just to speak to speak to someone in America. I told them about the situation & they simply brushed it off & said there was nothing they can do. I will never, when I say never, N-E-V-E-R purchase from Sephora again. They don’t care about their customers what-so-ever. I will write a letter to the CEO but he probably doesn’t care either.


Laura Greeley November 22, 2016 at 9:56 pm

I took my mother to SEPHORA today, my mom was looking for a product, so I walked up to a Sephora employee and asked, “Excuse me, could you tell me where to find _______? ” Her response….” I’m not on the clock”….. Are you kidding me!!! She stood there for the next 10 to 15 minutes standing in front of the makeup counter applying makeup to her already over made up face. I photographed video taped her and have posted it on my Facebook page. Then, I told her manager who seemed to care, but not sure…. If she worked for me today, she would be unemployed tonight!


Lori January 27, 2017 at 3:40 pm

An employee off the clock has no obligation to assist a client simply because they are not on the clock. Now if she was rude or said she just didn’t want to help that’s another story. Most people do not work for free and this is no different. Please check the entitlement at the door because we’re human as well. We are allowed to do our own makeup before work because sometimes we require a certain look and not everyone has the products at home. Maybe the time spent recording could have been used to find another employee on the clock available to assist. Another thing, recording people without their consent is illegal. Have a nice day!


Noah February 13, 2017 at 3:00 am

Hahaha you must be really spoiled with no standard whatsoever. Your parents must be really proud of you. In most states, it’s legal for someone to record, just as long as you’re able to see it. You can’t always get what you want lol.


Michaela May 21, 2017 at 12:12 pm

Yeah, employees not on the clock don’t have to assist customers. However, in a situation where the question is as simple as “Could you tell me where to find X?” All that would have been required would be to say “It’s right over there” and point in the appropriate direction. It would have required no more time or effort than it took to say that she wasn’t on the clock, and would have been the decent thing to do. This isn’t about working while not getting paid, it’s about choosing how you expend your energy, in just as little time she could have done a positive thing and simply answered the question, but chose to instead do a negative thing and act like a brat.


Sara October 19, 2018 at 9:18 am

Wow, I can’t believe you recorded this person without their consent. I don’t believe it’s illegal but what an invasion of privacy and all because she didn’t tell you where to find an item because she was off the clock. You sound like an awful person.


Christine Remondelli November 20, 2016 at 6:55 pm

I’m making a complaint about one of your manager in the store by Madison Square Garden in NYC named Monica. I will be calling corporate as well. Never before have I encountered such a rude and nasty employee with absolutely no class or social skills. She also treated one of her young ladies on staff horribly as well in front of customers no less. She deserves to lose her job. I will no longer shop in that store


Thao Nguyen November 15, 2016 at 8:44 pm

I placed an order on August 3 (order number: 4800047679 total amount is $105.70) and didn’t receive the packed. I contacted customer services to report for the lost package, the representative offered the full refund for me but I told her that I really wanted some of the items in that order so I asked her to check the local store’s location for me. Before she doing that, she refunded the amount of $69.49. I went to the local store but the items they had in there was not the one that I wanted, so I contacted customer services again and the refund the rest of the refund which is $36.21. After a few days, I only received $36.21 in my bank account. I called back to check with customer service for 2 to 3 times about why I still didn’t receive the other amount refund and they said it already processed and if I still didn’t receive it in couple days then contacted the bank about it. I contacted a bank about it and they only saw the amount of $36.21 refund and finally, they started to dispute the rest of the amount for me with Sephora and Sephora agreed to pay for that amount. Everything solved and I was still able to order online after that on Sep, Oct, and Nov 1. However, on last Friday, Nov 11, Sephora had the promo 20% of VIB and I tried to order something online. When I tried to check out the online sites didn’t allow me to add the promo code and said it didn’t exist. I contacted 4 different customer services to ask about it and they said they didn’t know why and they saw nothing wrong with my account. Then they offered to place the order on the phone for me and the order was successfully placed on that day. However, when I check my order status today and find out that the order was canceled because of unsuccessful authorization. I contacted the customer services again and find out that my order was canceled because of the outstanding balance of $60 that the bank disputed for me on August. They blamed that I owned them the amount and asked me to pay back for them. They even closed my account and blocked all my online order through the website. The thing that frustrated me the most is that all the representatives have no idea about it when we talked on Nov 11 about my account problem and also nothing happened with all of my online orders since August but now. I’m on the phone with them for 3 hours to get it solve. I talked to 1 representative and 2 supervisors total but the last supervisors talked to me for only 10 minutes and were very rude, he refunded to listen and doesn’t let me talk.


JB Sewell November 22, 2016 at 9:27 pm

I wish to convey my dissatisfaction and disappointment with my online order and telephone customer service experience I just had. I needed a product rather quickly so opted to order online as it is not easy to get to your store in person. My 3-day shipment ( order # #5237175399) became 9 days and tracking indicated it was in my city destination but hadn’t moved in 4 days. I made an email inquiry to Sephora but did not get a response. After 11 days I called customer service to find out the status of my shipment. The customer service rep informed me the package was lost and only offered to re-ship my order. I explained that I was out of product and was pretty inconvenienced by thiis delay. She suggested I drive tot he store to buy the product. I explained this too was an inconvenience I was hoping to avoid via online order. I asked for expedited shipment and she agreed but advised me it would still take 3-4 days to process a new order before shipment. Really? (See new order # 5289179681) The customer service rep was friendly but did not once did she make a professional apology for the problem. The order arrived today 11/22/16 – 4 days later. Although a minor slight but adds to my dissatisfaction, not one of the 3 free samples with my order were the ones I chose (just some random samples that don’t interest me). What I took away from this experience, is that there is very little care for the customer once a product is purchased at Sephora. The UPS and Sephora companies do not communicate with each other to ensure a customer receives their product. I hope to get a response about this from Sephora and the very least, it is a learning experience for their customer service employee training.


Mary November 15, 2016 at 5:48 pm

I would like to know if your stores are closing. It is my understanding that you are unable to pay your full time employees, that their hours are being cut, and they are being asked to use their comp (?) Hours instead of receiving pay. This is outrageous as my friend depends on her job to feed her family and pay her mortgage.


Mary November 15, 2016 at 5:50 pm

I would like to know if your stores are closing. It is my understanding that you are unable to pay your full time employees, that their hours are being cut, and they are being asked to use their comp (?) Hours instead of receiving pay. This is outrageous as my friend depends on her job to feed her family and pay her mortgage. This is occurring at your Willowbrook location in Houston, Tx.


Samantha Garcia November 13, 2016 at 12:41 am

Hello, I’d like to provide details on my experience applying for a seasonal position with Sephora in NYC. I applied through the website and was contacted by a Emily Susan. She Cc’d 16 other applicants on one email and wrote:
“We received your resume and would like to invite you for an interview.

Please let me know which of the following dates and times work for you.”
As you can imagine, I was shocked with how unprofessional this was. She failed to introduce herself, which store location she was from, and which position she was emailing in regards to. She also failed to BCC us allowing everyone to see our email which is a serious security issue. I tried to let it slide until I was cc’d on response emails! This was a mess and what confidence would this leave me with on how a NYC store is run?! It took her 2 days to confirm my interview time slot, but then she also sent me an email addressed to Nicole confirming her interview at the same time slot I had requested. Nicole was not cc’d so I don’t know who that girl is and she definitely did not get her confirmation.

I am deeply disappointed in the way this interview process was handled. I have over 8 years experience working in sales and retail and would have done very well selling a product I love. Instead I am questioning if it is even worth attending the interview for someone who can not professionally invite me for an email at least without allowing other applicants to see my personal information. HR is where employment and careers start with Sephora. It is unfortunate that this left me with such little confidence about how the business would be run. If you’d like more information, you may reach out. I’d be happy to provide further details, and pictures. Thanks.


Aurora August 18, 2016 at 10:03 pm

Recently, I tried to apply to a cashier position at the Sephora location of Buffalo, NY, located in the Walden Galleria Mall. I received a call for a group interview and two of the hiring managers, one was named Emily, conducted the interview. After asking the usual questions such as “Why do you want to work at Sephora?,” “What’s your favorite brand?,” “Please explain a situation in which the customer was not happy but you still tried to help them out;” Then came some interesting questions. While these were odd – no one has ever asked me this in an interview – they were certainly easy, no brainer questions. The first was “Say you are the owner of Sephora and a customer comes in with a specific product in mind. She goes to buy the product and is so excited because she saved up a while to purchase it. Once she buys it she accidentally drops it on the floor, shattering it. Do you, as the store owner, offer to give her a new one, free of charge?” Now, what would anyone else honestly say to that? No? I highly doubt it. The next and final question was: “What is your spirit animal?” My honest answer was a dragon. I love reptiles and dragons are fierce. Why wouldn’t you want someone who is hard working and goal oriented working at your store? That’s a definition of fierce to me.

After what I thought was a great interview, two days later I received a rejection email. I’ll repeat that. I received a rejection email for a CASHIER position from a make-up store. I have a MASTERS degree AND I have over sixteen years of customer service experience. As soon as I read that email, I not only contacted the store, but I tried contacting other customer service options for the company. Not one person could give me contact information for Human Resources or a corporate phone number. Does Sephora not have anyone higher than a district manager that works at your precious company? When I called the store, I spoke with a girl named Sarah, and she told me that she could not disclose information about me, to me. I told her that I wasn’t asking for anyone’s medical information, and that I just wanted some answers and perhaps feedback as to why I wasn’t chosen for a cashier position. Sarah spoke to me like I was an imbecile. “We decided to go in another direction. We’ve chosen a different candidate.” For everything I asked or said, that was her response – like I didn’t understand. I read the email, I’m not a moron. The best that Sarah was able to do for me was give me the email address of the hiring manager, Emily, from my interview. I asked if Emily would actually answer my questions and get back to me in a timely manner, and again Sarah robotically replied, “We’ve already chosen another candidate.” Obviously I got nowhere with that girl.

I moved on to emailing Emily, and surprisingly she did get right back to me. We arranged for a time for her to call me, and when she did, she told me that I “didn’t answer her questions properly in way that she wanted to hear, and I did not give her a clear definition as to why I wanted to work at Sephora.” I can tell you that my exact response was that as a customer, I enjoyed being treated like a person when I walked in the store, and that all of the employees are happily responsive to my questions. I wanted the chance to be able to treat others the same way and make them feel great about themselves when choosing and making their purchases. That’s a clear definition in itself. Just like Sarah, Emily immediately went into auto-pilot mode and repeated three times, “We’ve already moved ahead with a different candidate.” Do you people not understand that I have a higher level of education and experience? I AM FULLY AWARE THAT YOU HAVE CHOSEN SOMEONE ELSE.

The fact that I was not selected for a position in which I would have been using simple math transactions is downright insulting. Furthermore, these so-called managers spoke to me like I was a blithering idiot who didn’t understand the words coming out of their mouth. I don’t understand how ANY company can allow themselves to hire people that have MULTIPLE piercings in their FACE, are covered in tattoos, and have hair the shade of a rainbow. I do not judge someone’s persona or how they live their lives, but as someone who has worked as a copyright editor AND as a personal secretary, if I ever showed up to work like that with holes in my face and purple in my hair, I would have been fired on the spot.

I have shopped at Sephora for a long time and have spent a lot of money in your store. This was such an absurd experience and because of it you have yet again lost another loyal customer. I guess if you want to work at Sephora, you need to kiss ass in the interview, have metal in your brain and your face, and purple hair. Those are the faces of people that you want representing your company. What a great selling factor.


Audrey August 18, 2016 at 1:13 pm

I read through the numerous complaints here and was very surprised by all the harassment and return issues that I was not expecting to find. I myself have been Black-Listed from returning anything in store as well as my mom and friend (with no receipt). By the way, my friend is a guy who has never shopped in Sephora before, received a gift, tried to return it with no receipt and was immediately rejected. When I call/called the Retail Equation, the same man answers the phone, (He is by far one the worst Representative I have ever spoken to)-Broken English, reads from a script, refuses to put anyone else on the phone, states there are no Managers working there, that he is the only one that can help). I decided to use the Spanish line and hope for the best. I spoke to a very nice girl there who spoke perfect English.(I found this kind of amusing). I told her about my experience in store and with this other guy who (always) answers the phone and she told me that she’s had nothing but complaints made about him-this made me feel better. She also divulged to me that it doesn’t matter if it’s your first non-receipted return or your 10th-you will be denied! The Retail Equation will also tell you that you are in “the clear” to return items (without receipt) after X-amount of time/days-this also has a catch to it. So, you go into a Sephora store only to be turned away again. According the the Retail Equation-even though they are telling you you’re good to go, there is “no guarantee” that you can actually return anything? This is the strangest Bull-sh** I have ever heard! This also explains the case of my guy friend. I called an actual store about this and explained what I had been told by the Retail Equation only to be told that they fully abide by this 3rd party and that’s all. No Manager can override anything and you just need to come in to see “what happens” and be humiliated all over again! I just wanted to put this out there for anyone else who falls victim to this fabulous return policy and wanted to read what I had to say-thanks for letting me vent. 🙂


Toni August 18, 2016 at 4:17 am

Please, watch to learn what type of bad employees you have in this store.


Ganga K August 1, 2016 at 5:45 pm

Sephora just lost two customers today and a $320 sale. I have been a rouge member for quite sometime. I have over 8,000 points so figure out how much I spend there. I would say a
minimum purchase of $200 each time and was a loyal customer for 6 plus years. It’s bad
enough not being allowed to shop without having someone breathing down your neck but
today the rudeness just reached a level that I finally have to say enough is enough and my
money is better spent elsewhere. Besides the rudeness there is also the matter of their
**rewards system** . I am done since the big thing in being a rouge VIP member is
getting to pick a ** reward ** from some crappy sample that is worse than a sample anyone
can ask for at any time. Really ? A 100 points is a $100 spent and for that you can pick some
sample (which they hope will induce you to buy the product later).This should entice a customer to continue to shop and spend money with you ? Sorry to say but I won’t spend another penny at Sephora.
Now have a nice day…..


L July 23, 2016 at 1:34 pm

I am just contacting you in regards to a very bad experience with a return I wanted to make, and need assistance with. I called the customer service line and spoke with an agent, Matthew, who had no clue about anything I asked, he just gave me his “suggestions” or his “advice” but no real answers and I’m extremely unhappy. I have to separate orders that I want to return, not for my money back, but for in store credit to purchase a different item, as my orders didn’t work out for me.

One order was a gift for me, and my fiancé had lost the order receipt. I found it and it IS after the 90 day return by mail period by 12 days. I realize and completely understand your policy is 90 days for returning by mail, but I do not live near a Sephora store, so we had to order online, and I HAVE returned by mail after 90 days before when calling the customer service line and explaining the issue to a manager, they approved it without hesitation. This is only by 12 days, so it should not be an issue, as I said, I do NOT want a refund, I just would like a gift card/in store credit to purchase something better suited for me.

I explained this issue to Matthew and told him I have my order form receipts and he “didn’t really know how to help me, and to do whatever I want, it’s worth a try, but his best advice would be don’t because they’ll keep my package and I won’t get it back,” including the second order that still is within 90 days. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and he said there wasn’t one. How would there be no supervisor around?? He told me I could call back but it would be the same thing. I asked for the email and a call reference number and he said “we don’t do those” and then he all of a sudden had a reference number, and the number was 8777374672…that’s obviously the CSR line.

This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed, I am a VIB member and I spend a lot of money with your company. I cannot return the items in store because I’m not near a store. These orders are about $300 worth of merchandise, and I just would like to exchange it for $300 worth of merchandise that I need and work for me.

I greatly apologize that it’s a little over a week after the 90 day policy, but you cannot allow loyal customers to return items after 90 days for online in store credit with no issues, and then all of a sudden your rep rudely say he “doesn’t know what to tell me, so do what I want”

I used to work in a Sephora store and let me tell you, this experience was NOT all about the “LOVE” Sephora supposedly embraces, and higher management should be appalled by this. That’s was some of the most despicable and unhelpful customer service I have ever received. If this is not resolved, I’m sorry to say, but I will be returning ALL products purchased by Sephora, I will no longer be an active VIB member, and I will take my business elsewhere, along with the business of my mother and sister, all VIB ROUGE members, who are also upset about this experience.


Renee L. Pfeiffer July 6, 2016 at 6:28 pm

To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to take a moment to share the unprofessional experience I had today with the Store Manager Angela at your Destiny USA location in Syracuse N.Y. I was pre-screened for an interview last Wednesday over the phone then was scheduled for an interview today at 1:00 pm.

Upon arrival today the first and only question I was given to answer from Angela the Store Manager was for me to describe myself, In the process of me doing so I explained that I just completed my pre-requisites for nursing and in about two years I would be possibly attending nursing school , however at this point I am seeking a career that I can utilize my skills and passion, Angela immediately states ” Well I am going to cut you off right there and not continue this interview because if your not planning on staying employed with Sephora for at least five to ten years the company doesn’t want to hire someone and waste the training ” I was immediately taken back by this conduct never have I had such a disrespectful abrasive encounter with a Store Manager of a company and not allowed to be interviewed due to the possibility of tenure not being at least five to ten years.

I have a solid work history as a Manager as well as I am a licensed cosmetologist with New York State. To be denied the opportunity for potential employment based on Angela’s opinion which she had the audacity to claim is a company directive from Sephora is extremely discriminatory which must be rectified.

I wanted to share this with you due to I can only imagine how many other people have been denied the opportunity to work for Sephora at this location because their tenure may or may not be for that time frame Angela is claiming is a non- negotiable in order to be considered and employed despite the fact if the individual is qualified.

Renee L.Pfeiffer


Gaye collins June 29, 2016 at 3:38 pm

I don’t know who hires the girls who work at the Sephora store in Norfolk Virginia, McArthur Mall but they should be fired. The girl who helped me was frightening to look at. She hand 3 rings in her nose one in her lip. Her hair was shaved on one side with attached braids on the other side. She was hedious looking and rude. Her make up was put on with a trawl. What’s up I know Norfolk is the boondocks but God you should have reasonably attractive people working there.


Nancy Chavarria May 19, 2016 at 12:10 am

I am very upset to say that I had the worst experience at your location in 12506 N. main st. SUITE 3510 bldg 350 , Rancho Cucamonga California . (Store #6467299) I came in on 05/18/2016 around 6pm I needed help and no one asked if I needed any help! I was waiting around for 20 minutes and no one would help me they were very rude. There was 2 girls playing with each other’s hair and makeup I asked one of the girls playing with their hair where tarte was at and she simply pointed and left me to be instead of walking me and showing me. Then there were 2 girls in another corner just talking to in their own little world & 3 cashiers and it wasn’t even busy. The only person who attempted to help me was the guy at the fragrance area. I am VIB members and I love Sephora I am very upset that I had to go through the worst customer service and experience at Sephora to the point that I have to reach out to corporate to complain. I will never return to that location again!


Terry Ogata May 15, 2016 at 4:19 pm

I received a gift card on Mother’s Day for $25 (5/8). I went into the Sephora store located in JC Penneys at the Weberstown Mall in Stockton, CA, the next day to redeem the card. I was told that the card wasn’t working and that I could redeem it at a bigger Sephora store or come back later. I came back 3 days later and was told that the card was empty. My daughter talked to the manager and was very unhelpful. I called the customer service on the back of the card. After talking to about 5 or 6 customer reps, the last rep told me that someone would email me. Very frustrating experience as I’ve told my children to never buy gift cards from Sephora ever again. What a ripoff!


Jackie StClair May 13, 2016 at 10:19 pm

Someone at Sephora has been changing my email address and attempting to place a purchase This is the second time this as happen in less than a week. If someone does not call me back 917-449-XXXXX I will make complain at the BBB and contact every executive at Sephora until someone looks into to this.



Rachelle Guillory May 10, 2016 at 2:20 pm

During our visit to your store (# 1341), May 7, 2016, the day before Mother’s Day, one of your cast members (employees) approached me, my daughter and my infant granddaughter. We were told his name is Rashad (he is very tall and large). He continued to harass us (at least four times), asking if we needed help. At the fourth time, we were quite annoyed and me and my daughter said, no we didn’t need his help, again. At that time he got on the store’s inter-store communication system and said, paraphrasing, there are two suspicious women with a baby in a stroller. We were then surrounded by two additional workers (one was the manager and the other was a very tall, large man). (I am 4”11 and my daughter is 5’2, so it was certainly intimidating to have these large individuals surrounding us.)

The store manager asked was everything okay. I told her, of course not. She asked was there a problem. I said I would like to know myself. He called you all over because he is profiling us as being suspicious. Then he said, I asked you did you need help and you looked surprised. I said, no what we looked was annoyed because you have harassed us since we entered this store. The manager then referred to my 30 year old daughter as, sweetie. I immediately informed her that her referral was both unprofessional and condescending. More words were exchanged as she walked us to the line. (She should have left us alone.) She then offered us samples (an insult because everyone can get samples). Then she offered us a free makeover. (After being treated this way, we would not want any employee in that store assisting us.) My daughter came to Sephora that day to redeem a full size perfume from one of the gift boxes of samples she purchased at your store. After completing our transaction, the manager walked us to the door.

This made a pre-Mother’s Day outing for me, my daughter and granddaughter a nightmare. We were harassed as soon as we entered the store until we left. My daughter is a VIB Rouge status member of Sephora (VIB Rouge is for customers who spend at least $1,000 per year at Sephora stores), she has a doctorate in education, and her husband is an attorney (California Bar Association licensed). I have a doctorate in Christian education and counseling and I have triple digits points at Sephora. I say this to indicate that there was no reason to highlight us for any suspicious activity. Your video surveillance will certainly attest to the fact that we did absolutely nothing to warrant this treatment from your cast members. We were merely attempting to enjoy an afternoon of shopping. I await your response to the harassment we experienced at your store as I am seriously considering pursuing legal remedies. My other email address is: drrachelleguillory at Thank you.


Gaye collins June 29, 2016 at 3:45 pm

Your customer service and manager are useless also!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrible


Lucy Rentas May 3, 2016 at 10:23 am

To Managements at stores. I recently went to one of your stores on 150 Broadway, NYC
I asked for help because I could not find my product but I kept being brushed on to the next person, this one would say go over there you can find it there, and so on. I finally found another person, and they look at you dead in the face with no emotion, I told him I could not see the numbers on my empty bottle I was holding, he look right at me annoyed and just said it is blank read me the number and said go in that section you will find it. this is not the first time this happens to me in this store, where they are not that willing to help, its the 3rd time I’ve been disappointed with this location. I will not go there anymore.
I thought it was my imagination, I am a very quiet individual, not one to ever make a scene, maybe if I was loud and demanding they would be nicer. Your products are not cheap, I use them because I like them, but it should not be a bad experience every time I run out of makeup products. Managements in your stores should be train to be a little more friendly and courteous with their customers. Thank you


Brandy April 1, 2016 at 6:11 pm

I have been shopping at Sephora as soon as I was old enough to get a paycheck. Your products are fantastic and I am always satisfied with the products that I purchase. My less-than satisfactory experiences have been with staff. I find that being knowledgable in all the products you carry are under par and result in missed opportunities to sell. If I wasn’t in the beauty industry myself and couldn’t do my own hunting and research, I would be lost. Today was a different experience. I walked in your Schaumburg, IL. Location inside the woodfield mall and inquired about a lip stain. The first associate waved me off to Josie Maran, told me to look there (that’s usually what I get, blank blinking looks or a forced smile and directing me somewhere just to shoo me away) Since you no longer carry a lip stain for JM on the floor, I was lost. A sales associate named jessica saw my perplexed face and asked me what I was looking for. She went to your back room and pulled out all of your Josie Moran lip stains from the back room. When I showed her my tiny lip stain sample from Stainiac that resulted in the reason for me looking for a new full sized lip stain in the first place, she knew immediately a comparable consistency. When I didn’t like the applicator, she led me to two different brands and pulled cases from the back for me to look through, genuinely concerned that I find what I was looking for, and knew all past and present inventory as to efficiently find what I needed. I walked in looking for one lip stain and walked out with 3, as well as other products. I would have walked out frustrated had it not been for her.

You need more associates like Jessica. If you can’t find them, Jessica needs to train them.

Your now die-hard consumer,



Ruth February 11, 2016 at 12:50 pm

OMG, you need to leave me alone! I have sent so many requests in to be unsubscribed, I even changed my email to leavemealone@XXXXXXXX and you still contact me on my old email. I have written into your customer service at least 8 times and I get an email saying I have been removed. But a few days later there is another email from Sephora. You are in violation of my rights. I have contacted the FCC and FTC and you are still contacting me. What is it going to take be taken off your list? For you to honor national legislation?


Victoria February 2, 2016 at 1:56 pm

I called my local store to schedule an appointment and after listening to ringing for 5 minutes it went to a manager voicemail. 1 FULL WEEK went by and I heard nothing from the store manager in regards to setting up an appointment.
I went to the corporate website and submitted a complaint….another FULL WEEK and nothing so I wrote yet another one because I could not find another way to reach ANYONE. Still nothing and this is ongoing from New Years EVE!!

I have $100 worth of gift cards I am almost willing to give away for free because I would rather spend my time and money elsewhere!

I am disgusted by how terrible their customer service is!


Jordan January 31, 2016 at 3:32 pm

My name is Jordan and I have a complaint about one of your stores here in Wichita Kansas, at Bradley Fair.
I have made a complaint about this store once before and I feel like it was ignored, so I thought you really don’t care about your customers, so I let it go and decided that when I shop there I will ignore the staff. But this time is really aggravating because I sent a patient of mine to this same store and she was treated the same way I am, when I go there. I am extremely disappointed. Every time I go in, I am ignored by the staff; never greated, never asked if I need help, not acknowledged at all. It seems they go out of the way to help the young blond hair, blue eyed clientele and go out of the way to ignore the brunette hair, brown eyed clientele. Disgusting behavior! I would never treat any of my patients in that manner! And since I believe this will fall on deaf ears and doubt this will make an impact. I will promise you I will go there one more time and use all my points that I earned, and then never go there again. Rest assured I will never tell my patients to go there nor my staff to buy makeup! In fact, I will advise against it and suggest Ulta to my patients. They are all helpful and polite! I use makeup everyday and get compliments everyday and asked for lessons. I used to say I get it all at Sephora, I won’t anymore…
Train your people to treat everyone the same, hell, the only color they should concentrate on, is the color of the pallets!


Caroline January 19, 2016 at 1:37 pm

Sephora on 34th street Manhattan has the worst customer service along with the rest of the stores in the city. I went last night to shop for some perfumes and I had A employee named Jose standing right beside me and my friend and did not once ask us if we needed help. He kepted on talking to his co worker and acted as we didn’t exist. I finally ask him for help and he was complete annoyed and unwilling to help. NEVER AGAIN!!! He nerve after spending so much money at that place you get poor customer service! I will never give them my business ever again.


Ashley January 18, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Sephora has the worst customer service ever . I will never shop there ever again . They just lost a long time customer .


Brithney January 6, 2016 at 11:20 pm

The sephora at mission viejo mall has the worst customer service ever. I will never shop there again.


Lashannan humphrey November 12, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Sephora has bad customer service,I will shop at ulta for now on.


rebekah November 1, 2015 at 4:54 pm

This is not a complaint, just an observation.

The closest Sephora location to me is the Sephora Inside JCPenney at the Ocean County Mall in Toms River, NJ. They recently updated this location and eliminated or decreased some brands and added a comprehensive Lancôme section and expanded their Bare Minerals section. The mall itself has major department stores that carry your typical Macy’s-type brands, and this mall in particular has TWO Lancôme counters inside (Macy’s and Boscov’s) already and one Bare Minerals counter (Macy’s).

It seems such a waste of space and merchandise, as there are so many brands that Sephora carries that are not available in JCPenney locations and yet they add/expand two that are already available in the same mall. You’re not giving the consumer something they cannot already get, nor are you expanding your customer base. I feel like adding a popular line or two that are not already located in the mall would drive new business and make these JCPenney locations seem fresh and desirable. By adding repetitive lines the location just feels stale and redundant and boring.


Francine May 27, 2015 at 11:46 pm

I was racially profile in your Destiny USA Mall. I was there on Mon. May 3, 2015 and was followed and watched by 2 sales associates. Other people not of color was left alone to browse and shop. This really was very embarrassing and I will not shop there again.


Sandra March 19, 2015 at 4:31 pm

Lmao this site has nothing to do with Sephora. It’s a database for finding corporate contact information … !!
Dear sephora…. You will never see this but I have a complaint….


Carol Grass March 11, 2015 at 12:11 am

My name is Carol, my daughter and I shop Sephora,I have spent more money there than I want to admit to. I have a complaint about your store in Yakima Wa, the sales people are rude and they roll there eyes at you. Every time you ask for a sample we are out or not today I am shocked at the way I have been treated. One girl has purple hair and the young man there are who behave this way. My daughter and I have had to drive to Richland Wa, to get service. Samples are why we buy a product, they act like it’s there’s and you are pestering them. My daughter bought the Buxom lip gloss and what’s to return it for another one, they said no and the Yakima store is where it was bought. I looked up your corporate phone number and gave it to my daughter so she can call tomorrow. She called your toll free number today and was on hold for over a hour. I have over looked a lot of this nonsense and there has been numerous times,and I hope you can help them learn some coustmer service.


Carol Grass


Kelly Reynolds March 7, 2015 at 11:18 am

Spoke with Tameco in customer service. Shared my experience with the last couple of purchases and inquired regarding sample on-line vs in-store. She said there are NO samples in-store. I informed her that your website states both in-store and on-line qualify for 3 free samples. These samples from my last 2 purchases have brought me back to Sephora for 2 more visits and purchases over $100 each time within 3 weeks. Tameco was extremely rude. When I asked her name, she spelled each letter T-as is Tameco, A-as in apple, M-as in mary, etc.. There are a great deal of quality retail stores to shop for beauty items. Customer Service is built around understanding concerns and does not bully consumers or people who spend a great deal of money in your business. There is no reason to return to your store.


seth January 29, 2015 at 5:36 pm

My wife has been using the Sephora dry oil 5oz spray bottle which came in about a dozen different scents and colors for about 6 years, but for some very odd and unknown reason, the product has been discontinued, and I’d like to know why.
If you read the thousands of messages on the Sephora blog under this specific product, you will see that we are not the only ones frustrated, as many are absolutely devastated as well by the decision of discontinuation.
That said, is there any chance of Sephora bringing back this amazing product?
If not, can we at least have an explanation as to why not?
Thank you so much in advance for your consideration toward this matter.


Nicole December 30, 2014 at 8:00 pm

To Mackelyn, person posted under me..

Are you kidding me?? You have no receipts and you want credit for 8 ITEMS?..I have spent over 10 grand this year alone and NEVER have returned a single item.I don’t work for Sephora but if I was them, I would tell you a flat out no!..

8 items? these could be crap from Ebay ( fake items) and yes, you are trying to pull a woolie on Sephora..

Entitlement…just what we need..more people that feel entitled…Hmfffff…


Mackelyn November 6, 2014 at 11:59 am

Sephora kept my returns, and my money, totally $244.00

on Oct 2, 2014 I mailed back to Sephora 8 items that either did not work, or I had issues with as it caused itchiness or hives to my skin. To this day I am on hours of calls with Sephora customer service, either getting hung up on, or no resolution.


The contents of this box contain items that either did not work for me or caused rash issues on my sensitive skin. Some items were in store purchases, and some were on line orders. I’ve tried to provide as much information for each item (see below). I would like to request a refund in the form of online store credit. I am unable to physically go into the local Sephore store at this time, therefore I was told I could mail all my return items for a online store credit.

Within my return( ALL ITEMS RETURNED IN SAME RETURN BOX) I requested online credit or in store credit ONLY!!!! I do not have these cards anymore, some were visa gift cards, others I have no clue as to what bank would have been used. SEPHORA STILL CREDITED THESE CARDS THAT NO LONGER EXIST and no VISA banks exists to find my money.

♦ If we receive your item(s) within 61-90 days of purchase date or if they were paid with a Sephora Gift Card, eGift Certificate, or online store credit, you will receive a refund in the form of an online store credit for the item(s).

Most recent interactions:


Along with all my emails communications, and phone records to sephora the past week to ensure this refund was handled correctly, I get hung up on today from agent Crystal because she didn’t know what to do. She also lied and stated that within my sephora online account I would see the credits when I placed my next order. That is not true.


Khalid September 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Dear Sephora,

I’m not sure if im witing to right person, however, i i would like to adress my concern and complaint. i have purchased 4 Men fragrances(holding the receipts) from Sephora store in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia, Hayat Mall, them fragrances seem to be NOT so original as i was fedback it was locally manufactured and/or bottled in United Arab Emirates, each time i wear one it fades away in less than one hour. all im asking for is a replacement with real original frarances. i have paid nearly 500 USD,
your kind intervention would be much appreciated, again if this e-mail is sort of out of UR area kindly either redirect my e-mail or advise

Khalid Al-Sadoon


Shirley July 1, 2014 at 1:03 am

I would like to provide some feedback regarding your career website. I have been trying for several days now to apply for a position and have not been able to get through. Everytime I do I get so far and the system drops me off and says its experiencing difficulties and down for maintenance. This evening it took my SSN number and then dropped off again. I feel uncomfortable now since who knows where my info will go. Please have someone contact me so that I can speak to someone regarding this. Your site should be more user friendly. It is very very fruatrating.

S. Basch


Alyssa January 3, 2016 at 5:25 pm

I was in to return a powered makeup(bareminerals)that was too dark for my face. I was assisted first with a young African American lady which was pleasant. When not finding anymore of the specific powder I wanted, the associate asked another lady Kristin (light green hair) the vibe I felt from this lady when she was answering the other associates question about the specific makeup I wanted was like ” oh well we don’t have it” in stead of giving me other options she kept stocking her shelves. I kept looking for something else I could exchange it for, Abby a very kind bubbly young lady helped me in depth until I found what I wanted. She gave me her full and undivided attention. Upon checking out the African american lady that help me before checked me out. I asked her a question about the price during the exchange and Kristin who was checking someone out beside her, cut her off to inform me that ” since we can’t prove what you paid without a receipt the item will be at its lowest price. This lady was very snoody with everything she said to me, and on top of that I wasn’t even talking to her at ALL. She made me feel like I was a liar when discussing the price. When asking for this lady’s name the young lady that was checking me out would not give it to me. She said ” I cant do that because she is helping me out” she insisted I ask her, so i did. I highly recommend that Kristin is re-trained on the basics of good customer service and how to put together responses to any situation instead of blurting them out not thinking how it sounds when she says it. My family shops here at Sephora and I’m sure they would be highly upset to hear about this considering they gave me a gift card to shop at this place. Never again will I be back.


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