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Sears Holding Corporation
3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

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Phone Number: (847) 286-2500
Fax Number: (847) 286-8351
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CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson

Sears History

Sears Roebuck and Company, or Sears for short, was founded in 1820 in New York City by Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck.

The company began as a mail order business with their first catalog in 1888.  By 1894, the catalog was over 300 pages and reached over 500 pages the following year.

In 1925, the first retail location was opened in Chicago, Illinois.

The company built many stand-alone stores from 1925 into the 1950s.  Their strategy then changed during the 60s and 70s to building stores inside shopping malls.

In 2005, Sears was purchased by Kmart and the Sears Holding Group was formed.

The company currently operates over 2200 stores in the US.  The Sears corporate office is located in Hoffman Estates, IL.


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sandra walker May 19, 2015 at 6:32 pm

I ordered a vacuum cleaner about 4 hours ago, paid with my Paypal account, and decided I didn’t want the item. I followed a “Cancel an Item” link on the and called 800-349-4358 only to be told that I could not cancel it. I was given 3 options to return the item: 1) do not accept delivery (what if I am not home and the item is left anyhow), 2) take the item to the nearest Sears store (I am a female and cannot lift a heavy box), 3) pay for the item to be returned. None of the 3 choices is acceptable. Please cancel Order #819980454 for me. Thank you.


Tony May 19, 2015 at 4:36 pm

On April 24,2013 i purchased a Craftsman 2700 PSI power washer for $290 from Sears.I used the power washer twice to wash my small deck and ranch house for a total of approximately 6 hours..On April 15,2015 i attempted to use my hardly-used power washer and the pump exploded leaving the power washer useless i soon after became very ill and once better,on April 26 ,2015 i returned to Sears with my broken yet hardly-used power washer . The only thing i was told vwas that no one could help in this matter because the item was now out of warranty (The power washer come with 2 years of warranty from Craftsman) I feel an overwhelming need to explain how dissatisfied i am withthe poor level of services and understanding in this matter an because of this occurrence.After 40 years of business,i will no longer shop at Seras but rather shop at other stores that value their customers and work to retain their business..Thank you for your time Antonio Mastroianni ** brunella av piscataway nj 08854 phone 732 968 **** t****


betty cordell May 19, 2015 at 8:05 am

sears northgate mall chatt ten
sears auto said would price match any price we had so we got prices from Costco and discount tires in Cleveland tenn
scott the mgr told the assoc to price so he did then told us they did not have tire
so we went back to get another brand and got another person told him about the other tire we wanted but sears did not have it but he looked in the computer and he said we have the tire upstairs we asked him to look for sure and he did so we said we would take them but scott said he could not meet the price because it was too much I had paperwork in my hand where sears said would match but he still would not sears best price was over three hundred dollars more than the price I had phone number 4236188053


Mrs. B May 18, 2015 at 6:54 pm

I had an apt for washer repair today from 3-6. Nobody showed up. When I called I was told the technician showed up and nobody was home….that is a LIE. From 3:00 to 6:00 I sat 12 feet from the front door and nobody knocked or rang the door bell. I have a dog that barks anytime someone comes to my door….so the technician just lied so he could quit and go home early I guess. I am very disturbed but compounding this issue is the fact that I have been hung up on 6 times by phone people (who speak very little English)…after the first 2 hang-ups I started taking their names (Josh, Denie, Nicholas, Maui) or I am just left on hold so long (20 minutes average) that the phone rings back to the original answer person. Now I am told I have to wait until THURSDAY to be rescheduled … is MONDAY. No one cared one bit that any of this happened (Nicholas even told me I was rude) and perhaps I was but he was the 5th try at getting this resolved and you can probably imagine that by then I was angry and frustrated….I asked for an earlier apt and was told there was none…..why would you not squeeze me in since it is SEARS fault that I did not get repair service today… is your fault for hiring dishonest technicians that lie. If I did not have the warranty that the original scheduler sold me I would just chuck this up to I WILL NEVER USE SEARS AGAIN….AND I PROBABLY WON’T. THIS IS JUST A HORRIBLE WAY TO TREAT A CUSTOMER!!!!!!


mike ferrer May 17, 2015 at 8:51 pm

been to sears auto 3times Edison mall ft myers brakes on truck had replace rotors pad calibers shoes two times went there sat 5-16 2015 grinding noise no stopping mech comes out flashlight looks ok says caliber are fine just drive it so off we go drove to tampa fl coming home grinding and no stopping almost get into accident almost crashed into car in front of us now this will be my 4th time back there at 2200dollars just fix this problem we don’t feel safe


jim ayres May 15, 2015 at 8:06 pm

wife Purchased leaf blower for me for Christmas. I took it out of the box in mid march to blow leaves. It would not start. Took it to Sears store in Onalaska, Wi. It was sent in for repairs. Nobody knows where it is now. Four trips to store (120 miles round trip each time) and dozens of phone calls and I still do not have a motor for my brand new leaf blower. What the HELL do I need to do to get a new motor for the new motor that was sent in? Somebody has to have the authority to get me a new motor.



Diane May 15, 2015 at 1:04 pm

My mother and dad have used sears as long as i can remember.They always get the extented warranties, every time they need repair or services there is a problem. Two years ago the air conditoner needed repair it took them about 3 weeks to repair. At the time my mother was 80 years old and had lung disease(3 weeks! summertime!). Now my stepdad ,who is 72years old is needing a repair or service of the air conditioner. first they told him monday, then friday(5/15/15) today. Now the are telling him 5/30/15.!!He has already been without air 2weeks.We live in aAabama ,it is hot.He said he is ready to throw it out the door.! come on we need some service.!!!!


Elizabeth Light May 12, 2015 at 9:01 am

I bought a top of the line Kenmore refrigerator from Sears 14 months ago for more than $2000. Within one week the refrig was not working,a major component was malfunctioning and the whole unit had to be replaced and the service department did so within 48 hours. Now the freezer mysteriously stopped working. Called the call center for a repair appointment. The “earliest” day they could give was June 1st, more than 3 weeks out!!! I complained and asked to speak to a Supervisor. The woman at the call center said “they did not have supervisors.” When I insisted I speak to someone who has more authority she put me on hold to speak with Eliza, Supervisor of the Repair Department. So, was she lying or is this a routine tactic Sears uses with their customers? Eliza was now, mysteriously, able to secure a repair appointment for May 20th. Given that my freezer is NOT WORKING and the appliance is only a year old and I lost all of my frozen food, I asked for an earlier appointment only to be told this is the best they can do. For the money I spent for an appliance that should work fine for several years and already I have had TWO MAJOR problems, either Sears should send an immediate replacement or fix the freezer in a manner more timely than a week. This is poor customer service at best and deplorable business tactics at worst. I expect a better resolution than what I have been offered.


Tom Jellinek May 7, 2015 at 11:25 am

About 30 Days ago my $3,300.00 Kenmore refrigerator, about 2 years old, stopped functioning, both the freezer and refrigerator, lost all our food and had to wait 7 days for the first service call. The technician came out and said it was the main control board (mother board) and he replaced it on the spot. The refrigerator never cooled down and so again i called for service and he came out again, this time in 1 or 2 days, I forget. Same technician now diagnosed a bad compressor and liquid line drier. The parts were ordered, delivered to my home and installed 5-1-15. I waited for 48 hours to put food into it which was Sunday after 3:00pm. No again on 5-7-15 the refrigerator has gone bad again, lost all my food AGAIN. Already have a claim for $250 for the first time. Do I get $250 again as I lost all my food again? My next appointment is now for Monday 5-11-15. Until such time, my family will have to eat out every day 3 meals a day, not cheap. I do have a warranty protection in place from Sears. I would think at this point a new refrigerator would be offered, I do not trust this one anymore, but the papers say I have to have four breakdowns in a one year period. How ridiculous is this? i am in the HVAC industry and know that all the major components of the refrigerator have been replaced at this point and if that would happen in my business, we would not hesitate to offer a replacement over throwing money out the door by keeping trying to repair it. I am getting nowhere fast on the phone with both service appointments and customer solutions. Someone at Sears Corporation is authorized to allow me a replacement refrigerator and I would like this to become reality. I am also having to take copious amounts of time off work, losing thousands of dollars of salary. What happened to Sears customer service? I can’t believe with the costs of overhead, workers compensation insurance and labor costs that this is cost efficient in any way, I know, I deal with this on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that Sears is heading for the scrap pile.

I look forward to your response and my replacement refrigerator.
Best regards,
Tom Jellinek


Geraldine A. McCoy May 6, 2015 at 6:25 pm

I have faxed a Verification of Termination of Employment to (847) 286-8351 to go to your Payroll department. I need to verify the person on the verification’s termination date in order to process a recertification that may entitle our client to additional benefits under our program. We work under (HUD) The Department of Housing and Urban Development and this information is required by law.
Please contact me at either our office ph# 512-321-**** or email me.
Thank you
Geraldine A. McCoy, Housing Representative for the Bastrop Housing Authority


Nancy Schmitt May 1, 2015 at 9:29 am

We purchased a Kit – Outlet Alum (Part 190634GS) for our Pressure Washer (Model 580.752300). My husband bought the special torque wrench to install this. When he torques it to 20 lbs, the Outlet Part snapped and is now broke and the threaded part is now in the power washer. We now do not have a power washer and cannot get the threaded part out. The Outlet part was to be torqued to 70 lbs. We are at a loss and cannot just go out and purchase a new power washer. Just want to let you know that I am very disappointed in this Sears part that destroyed our power washer. When I called Sears they said they would give me credit for the part as it was defective. Is there any way you can give me credit to purchase a new power washer? I have always trusted Sears, but this time I’m doubtful….. Order No. W722183 for the part.


Randy aleman April 29, 2015 at 10:18 pm

We made a home improvement purchase and were mislead into how many shop your way points we were to receive. The salesman made a pitch of its a slow time of year and your point will be the total value of purchase before his discounts. Then they sent people that smoke marijuna in my garage after I left a electric heater and kerig coffee maker so they can keep warm. They did more than that. After many and many calls a Jason stands by what we signed not what we were told. Not to mention that they had to send another crew to correct the siding installation. No compensation or compassion toward us and our home so we used the point to get a refrigerator. It was delivered today and the person damaged our brand new appliance. He only admitted to it after my wife noticed it. He made no attempt to inform her of the damage. His reply was to call in and order another one. We did, the person that sold us the fridge says he would get another. I says your not doing anything special by replacing what one of your employees damaged. Back to the siding job. Our sales rep Scott shank promised me 3,200 $ in points before discounts he did not come through. He also sys the area manager would call me, he hasn’t. Someone named Ernie. We went with sears to avoid the uncertantanty of contractor ps and false promises along with poor craftsman ship. That’s exactly what we have received from sears. Maybe it’s because I’m Hispanic, Mexican, Latino or other that Scott ,Jason and mike rose have treated us so poorly with our concerns. Now, some of the edge siding have warped and the creases are visible. We would like a complete new install with new product and contractors that take pride in their work. If we can’t receive that, then refund all of our monies paid and remove at once. You can call me at 361-290-0596 during working hours and 361-728-8494 24-7. My home number is 361-248-4652. The local people in charge have dragged us through the mud and treated us like aliens. We gave Scott 8 thousand dollars on his pitch that if we signed that evening we would receive total value before discounts applied. Due to it being the slow time for Sears and this was a way to indices customers. We have been lied to, mislead, ignored, and insulted be having contractors use drugs at our home.


Rick Sullivan April 27, 2015 at 9:01 pm

Model # 79572063112
Serial # 301KR00651
Service Unit # 0008035
Service Order # 41888530
My refrigerator gave me an error code of ER IF on April 10th. I called (800) 4MY-HOME and a customer service representative ordered the evaporator / major cover. The part was delivered on April 14th and the technician installed it on April 16th. Shortly after the technician left I was getting the same code ER IF and the refrigerator was making load noises. I called on Friday, April 17th to let customer service know that it still wasn’t working and the customer service representative stated that someone would call me back that afternoon or Saturday morning at the latest. Once the load noise stopped I got an ER FF code. I called (800) 4MY-HOME and told them about the new code so a DC Motor was ordered and I had an appointment for the technician to come back out on April 25th. No one called me so I went to the Hometown Showroom #0003005 where I made my purchase to see if they could help. The manager made a phone call and was told that my appointment for April 25th was to give enough time for the DC Motor to arrive and if I received it sooner to call and they could change my appointment. I received the DC Motor on April 21st so I tried to reschedule but was told the 25th would be the soonest they could get there. I called the manager at the Hometown Store and he stated that he would see what he could do. I never heard anything back from him. On April 22nd I started getting the original code ER IF again so I called and ask if they could send another evaporator / major cover so the technician would be able to make the repair. I was told that it was just replaced and that it was not the problem so the technician would have to determine the problem before parts could be ordered. Once again I change my plans to meet the technician on April 25th. He shows up and determine that my evaporator / major cover part is defective and will have to be reordered. Now I have an appointment for May 6th and we still aren’t sure that this is going to correct the problem. It will be almost a month of not being able to use the ice maker and water dispenser if they are able to make the necessary repairs on May 6th. The freezer thaws out and we’ve had to throw out some things as well as to make sure we dry off our hardwood floors to keep them from being damaged. This is totally unacceptable and should be addressed immediately. I have chosen this route instead of bashing Sears on social media to try to get this problem corrected. If you search ER IF on the internet you will quickly see the frustration that many customers have had and the unsatisfactory customer service they have received.
I have had several very unpleasant experiences with (800) 4MY-HOME. I’ve been disconnected, told that no manager was available, got stuck in never ending prompts, had customer service representative not return calls and had customer service representative with terrible accents that couldn’t be understood.

Thanks and I look forward to a reply,
Rick Sullivan


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