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Sears Holding Corporation
3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

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Phone Number: (847) 286-2500
Fax Number: (847) 286-8351
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CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson

Sears History

Sears Roebuck and Company, or Sears for short, was founded in 1820 in New York City by Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck.

The company began as a mail order business with their first catalog in 1888.  By 1894, the catalog was over 300 pages and reached over 500 pages the following year.

In 1925, the first retail location was opened in Chicago, Illinois.

The company built many stand-alone stores from 1925 into the 1950s.  Their strategy then changed during the 60s and 70s to building stores inside shopping malls.

In 2005, Sears was purchased by Kmart and the Sears Holding Group was formed.

The company currently operates over 2200 stores in the US.  The Sears corporate office is located in Hoffman Estates, IL.


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dave hampton May 27, 2016 at 10:49 am

I took my Chevy Blazer to Sears Auto here in Lakewood, CO. to get the “Service Engine Soon” light problem fixed. They kept it for 2 days with no notices or calls to me at all. When I went there to check on their progress, they had no idea what was wrong, and were trying different things haphazardly to find a fix. I reclaimed my auto and took it directly to Firestone. Firestone isolated the problem and fixed it almost immediately! I will never trust anything of mine to Sears ever again!


Hannelore Parrish May 26, 2016 at 4:33 pm

Duct cleaning by Sears Home Services on 5/25, including dryer vent cleaning. Total 139.99. Technician after walk-through presented me with bill for $2043.00 I was never given the option to turn it down, if it was necessary or other. Altogether, false presentation.
In the process of cleaning dryer vent or installing HV? light my sump pump plug was disconnected and was only discovered the next day when I found my basement totally flooded. After many phone calls and being put on hold for what seemed to be hours two technicians showed up, looked at the basement and told me someone would contact me today. Of course nobody did and when I called around 4pm nobody answered phones anymore. I now have a wet basement, have to borrow a Wet-Vac to get the water out, which should have been ordered by a good manager who is or would be about customer service. If i don’t hear from somebody by tomorrow I am going to hire an attorney, because I know, that Sears will make me responsible for paying for a shoddy job and in addition damaging my property and making me cleaning up.


Yolanda Hurd May 3, 2016 at 9:32 am

On April 3, 2016, I relocated to Birmingham, AL, and on that same day I went into the local Sears Outlet located a 251 Lakeshore Pkwy and purchased a dresser, nightstand, patio set, and vacuum. The total was right at 1100.00. I opted to go with the Lease It program. When my delivery driver came the following Friday, the dresser was broken and they returned it to the store. Since that day, I have made two payments, and still no dresser. The store manager, Kevin never responds to my calls, and when i come in the store, I am being told that he is either not there or he is on a conference call. I simply want my money back…I am not happy to pay for an item that I dont have in my posession. I went by the store again yesterday, May 2, 2016, Kevin did not come to talk to me with a resolution. I need some assistance from the corporate office immediately. My next step will be to reverse the charges off my card as I have not received the product.

Yolanda Hurd in Birmingham, AL


Kristin April 19, 2016 at 9:11 am

I ordered a dryer online from, but canceled the order. The order was canceled because I needed a dryer sooner than they could deliver to store. I have yet to receive a refund, on this order placed that was also canceled. I have emailed, talked to the phone with numerous people, and chatted on their web site trying to cancel this order. They continue to tell me that this order has been canceled, and I will receive a refund within 5 to 7 days. What a joke, no refund and I fuming. I continue to get the excuse that my order was not properly canceled, and that “now it is” and will receive my refund. Nope still no refund. I am so upset with the customer service of the Corporation. I will never do business with Sears again.


Terri Bivens April 14, 2016 at 4:37 pm

OK, let’s try this route. I work at Boeing SC in North Charleston SC with thousands of workers who live in or around North Charleston, close to Sears at Northwoods Mall. I am making it my mission from this point on, to tell at least one person everyday how I got treated from Sears. I got NO customer service and I was basically called a liar.


Terri Bivens April 14, 2016 at 3:15 pm

I purchased a Samsung 60″ tv and a Samsung home theatre system from Sears. Bought the home warranty for 3 years. Everything worked fine for about 5 months and then the AnyNet was no longer accessible. I tried everything and everyone including calling Samsung, had a very nice man come out to service the tv. He still could not get it to work. So I have no sound from the tv to the home theatre. The service man says he thinks it is in the main board and the person that he talked to on the phone says that it is not, it never could be and basically is calling me a liar. They denied that there was anything wrong with the system. So he left and the tv is in worse shape when he left than before he came. I cant’ even go to the menu to go onto the internet or anything. So, now after paying my hard earned money to buy a contract from Sears, I am going to have to call an independent service person to come out to my house and fix it. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER buy another product from Sears. They care nothing about their customers. Sears is the worse.


A Purser March 30, 2016 at 6:59 pm

Waited for a week for the Sears team to come and replace a part for our stove. The day before right before Sears closes they inform us they can’t make the appointment and pushes us back another week. We also paid extended warranty for our stove. Called several people and offices with no help or any solutions. Will tell ANYONE who asks about service to their customers and will NOT recommend Sears to all family and friends. Highly disappointed in my experience and we still have not got the situation fixed!!!!!


Terri Bivens April 14, 2016 at 3:18 pm

Sears does not care about it’s customers.


Dorothy Adams March 30, 2016 at 6:34 pm

In April 2014, my husband purchased a Kenmore Elite washer & dryer. The washer is a top load with no agitator post, it bounces the clothes up and down. The clothes do not come clean, no matter how much water is used. I asked my husband to send it back within two weeks, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and a year. All our clothes are dinghy and no longer white! I take my clothes to the laundry. Now he sees the difference. We had the repairman out two times, he said there is nothing wrong with it. I know there is nothing wrong, this washer is not able to clean clothes bouncing them up and down. I want Sears to take it back and get a standard washer with an agitator post. The inventor needs his head examined and common sense!! Its been two years now, I am 65+ and too tired to carry laundry. I have been a die hard Kenmore user since 1971 and am so disappointed in this product. We have not tried the new dryer yet, because the old dryer is still working!


Terri Bivens April 14, 2016 at 3:20 pm

Sears does not care about it’s customers.


Deb March 30, 2016 at 1:12 pm

We purchased a refrigerator and dryer that delivered on the 29th. The refrigerator was in an undamaged carton, was taken out of the carton and had major damage. Which by the way reflects an issue with an employee somewhere, that obviously does not care about Sears. The damage was bad enough we did not want to keep the refrigerator, even with the generous offer of 50 Sears points, whatever that is. We were told they would have another refrigerator to us on April 1st. I got a call today that said it will now be the 9th. I also asked for a sooner delivery date and was told they could not move the date up I tried to explain that the error was on their part and that they should try to do what they can to help me out but the existing fridgerator was not disconnected and in the basement and I had no way to keep food cold the assistant was not empathetic nor did she seem to care that they were not providing the service we expected. I attempted to contact the local store to talk to a manager and was sent to voicemail, have not heard back from them. I wanted to explain to the local store manager was that their customer service did not leave a good impression with me. This type of customer service has a direct impact on local stores and their profits. This should be a great concern to the highest levels. You have warehouse personnel that will hid major damage to your product, knowingly sending it to your customers. Is this just an hourly issue or does the management in that warehouse get rated on damages? If so, even worse, you have management issues. Your customer service employee was not even apologetic for an obvious breach in customer service. It was obvious she had no intentions of assisting or even providing another option. I grew up with Sears and have always loved patronizing at my local Sears store. But this experience to me shows so much more than a bad experience. It shows an organization with no hope of a future and it breaks my heart. Best wishes to Sears and it’s employees. In the mean time, I will be in my basement getting what I need for lunch ;-), patiently waiting for the arrival of my replacement refrigerator and praying it to be in good shape!


Terri Bivens April 14, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Sears does not care about it’s customers.


Sears Appliance Customer March 29, 2016 at 10:22 pm

Sears Parts Direct website and Chat said that the Maytag part we needed was “In Stock” and that it would arrive in 5 days. I placed the order. After the 6th day I contacted Sears and was told that the part was on “Backorder” with Whirlpool and would not be shipped to us for another 11 days. After we waited 6 days, now our total wait time [perhaps] is 17 to receive an “In Stock” part. Spoke with a customer service manager who said something about their inventory updates not being current. He showed no empathy and acted as if it was a trivial matter. Perhaps this happens all the time which would explain the nonchalant attitude. We thought Sears was dependable and trustworthy, but they let us down. If you can order from another company I suggest you do so.


PATTE March 28, 2016 at 2:16 pm



Deb March 30, 2016 at 12:30 pm

Having issues with the customer service part also. I am in mid-Missouri. How do you get in contact with someone at a local store?


Perry April 8, 2016 at 2:56 pm

Having an issue with an 8 month old Kenmore washer (still under warrantee). After speaking with many service reps. and 3 visits from repair, the machine still vigorously vibrates. Have left several messages for the CEO and have not had the courtesy of a return call. Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They have lost a loyal customer for over 50 years.


Ex-Sears Customer April 20, 2016 at 5:50 pm

Contacting your local TV consumer advocate is a great idea! Too bad it would be so time-consuming–otherwise I’d do it myself. Still trying to get some “customer service” for my issue so won’t post my tale of woe yet. But so far, all Sears has proven to me is that they’re inept and don’t care. No matter what happens, sadly I will not buy from Sears again. How sad to see this historic part of American life go down the tubes.


Marvin Bush March 16, 2016 at 6:34 pm

A little more that two years (10/2013) ago I purchased a Craftsman 2700 PSI Pressure Washer. Two days ago I went out to use it and now the pump on the pressure washer has a crack in it and water goes in all directions instead of out of the hose. I paid $300 plus for the machine and now Sears wants me to pay another $200 for another pump which I think was defective. I would like to get the pump replaced, but I don’t think it’s fair for a metal pump to develop a crack. I called Sears customer service and I was passed around like a hot potato and finally talked with a very nasty lady. If this is the way that Sears treats its long-time customers (more that 20 years), this is one that will never purchase anything else from them.


SANDRA CUGNO March 15, 2016 at 12:43 pm

Three years ago i purchased a electric water heater from Sears…. because Sears has had a great reputation for years!!! >>>>>>WRONG!!!!!! HERE i am with barely any hot water…. and come to find out the guys who sears sent to install it botched up the job and caused this issue…. I WAS JUST QUOTED 1675.00 to fix the problem that SEARS’S INSTALLERS CREATED!!!! DO U SEND MORONS TO INSTALL???????????????????? i AM A WIDOW AND CANNOT AFFORD THIS DAMMED REPAIR…… SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR COMPANY i will never purchase anything from sears again EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR…. KIND OF HARD TO LIVE WITH NO HOT WATER PRESSURE!!!!!


Deb March 30, 2016 at 12:34 pm

You need a second opinion. You probably have one element burnt out and need the build up cleaned out. For the quote you got you cou!LD buy a new water heater and installed.


Kaye-lynn Collins March 14, 2016 at 6:43 pm

I have been a Sears customer for years but I am now cutting up my credit card with your company. I can understand why the company is having so many problems, it is due to poor customer service.
In December 2015 I ordered a part online to be delivered to my local Sears store. I was immediately charged for this part on my credit card. A week after the stated due date the part was still not in so I decided to cancel the order and get it else where. It took over an hours worth of phone calls to finally get the order canceled. At that time I was told it would take two weeks for me to see a credit on my charge card. Why can money be charged immediately but take so long to be credited? The next time I received my credit card bill the charge was still there! I contested it with the credit card company and was credited with that amount.
It is now March 2016 and just the other day I had a package delivered to my home. It was the part I had ordered from Sears in December! I called customer service to tell them of their error and that they could pick the part up. Customer service referred me to Sears online, who referred me to Sears Parts direct, who referred me back to Sears online. Each time I spent around 20 minutes trying to make the person who answered understand the situation that I wanted to be honest and give the part back. After an hours worth of phone calls I gave up. The part is now a gift from Sears since it was shipped to my home unsolicited.
The poor communication skills of the people on the phone in both incidents was unacceptable. I am no longer a customer of Sears.


Brian Furman March 14, 2016 at 6:41 pm

Several visits to my home for a washing machine repair. It is still not fixed. Another appointment scheduled, but no parts for the repair. You will spend more money on visits then it would cost to replace the machine. It’s covered on extended warranty. My children have gone several weeks without the ability to have clothes washed in our home. Today I spoke to a variety of people with several different phone numbers as I have been referred all over the place and no one willing to help. I’m very unhappy. This is poor service. I need to speak to somebody who cares about customers and has the ability to make something happen.


Kay Campos March 10, 2016 at 7:53 pm

ATTN: Edward Lampert, CEO and Leena Munjal, EVP Customer Service:
RE: Case Number 4052585
Sears delivered the wrong dishwasher and the installer said since it was going to be replaced, he would just do a “simple easy” installation. WE then waited and waited and no one called us to let us know when we could expect to receive the right dishwasher. after a couple of months, they came and send we waited too long. Then the dishwasher leaked on our new wood floors. That was a month ago and we waited and waited again. Some installers didn’t show up and two others said they would fix it. Our 6th appointment and the installer didn’t show. So, my husband who oversees customer service for a government agency said…this is the worst customer service he’s experienced from Sears after 25 years. He says we should order a new dishwasher from another company and sue Sears for the cost of replacement. If Sears really reads these complaints, please contact us immediately to resolve this issue and by COB Monday, March 14. I don’t want to escalate this to your Board of Directors and the Court. This bad customer service must stop.


patrick mccray March 9, 2016 at 6:14 pm

To whom it may concern this is has been a nightmare every since we purchase this plan. I have been a customer of your for over 25yr and always like the way your company handle your business. We 1st purchase just the appliance warranty 90883974 until 2/23/16. My husband notice for $20 more why not just get the whole house warranty 91141716 would take over on 02/24/16then a refund of 39.99 we would get. We never got that either..I called in claim and that was denied. I previous put in a claim for a dishwasher that was having draining problems then cancelled the call because the dishwasher started working again. Then about a couple weeks later the dishwasher started acting up again. We filed a claim #92251bthe service company came outwe paid the $60 and the service tech told us it need a drain motor. We got a call later that day the claim was deniedbecause we previously has someone come out with same problem. No! I scheduled a service and cancelledbecause the dishwasher started working again. The gentleman that called was rude and not very nice and told us the claim wouldn’t be paid and where not going to get our $60 back. We where very upset and was told no more service could be used on that dishwasherthat so unprofessional we paid for the service. We went and purchased a whole new dishwasher for over $700 and I was very pissed off. 03/07/16 my air conditioner started acting up. I placed a service call I got a ref number#91443079 and was told to call air zone and schedule appt. They came out today was told it was the handler. We where also told by the techican that sears is not going to pay this claim and said All they do collect your $60 and deny your claim. He took a picture wrote up the what was wrong with handler and not even 30min later got a call denied!. I was also told this unit was not working. Why would your claim adjuster tell me that. I’m in hot frinking Florida. I run my air everyday. My wife went to set the thermostat to get colder in the house and heard a loud noise. She called me and I told her to cut off. I didn’t know what was the problem. Your adjuster told me by the pictures he could tell we have not been using the system and something with the coils.. I have always loved your company but this is so unprofessional and just not right. I was so mad today that I screamed at 3 different peopleI told them to cancel by home warranty plan. I will never do business with your company again. I have always used your company for repairs. This makes no since. Are your employees trained to deny every claim. I would like to be contacted by someone in your company.

Patrick mccray

St.Petersburg fl 33705
Patrick at


Rick Cleaver March 5, 2016 at 5:38 pm

I purchased a Sears/Craftsman table saw March 5,2015. The tool sales floor associate sold me a protection agreement claiming it would cover a service tech to come to my job site and repair or replace the machine. Sears now informs this isn’t true. My interior trim business relies on this saw daily. This saw has been vibrating various parts loose constantly. Now it is simply unsafe to operate. I took it to the location I purchased it from and they inform me they will not replace this saw but take up to fourteen days to repair it. I will loose thousands of dollars thanks to a company who I and most others thought of product reputation and service commitment as being so great. PLEASE Sears STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCTS AND CLAIMS OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS TO EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLET YOU KNOW TILL Sears MAKES THIS SELF DESCRIBED COMMITMENT RIGHT!


Erica March 1, 2016 at 8:15 pm

Re: Kenmore 27cu FT French Door Item #04670343000

To whom it may concern,

Please, please, please help me !!!!!

I would like to share my experience with a purchase of the items listed above. I purchased the refrigerator in the Sears store after hours of looking at refrigerators at others stores. I needed a refrigerator ASAP because my current refrigerator is going out on me and is not keeping my food cold.

On February 13th I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator along with a matching stove and dishwasher. My sales check # is 010551225687 and my total purchase with warranty was $3,285.45. I was schedule for a delivery date of 02/19/16.

On February 19th, the stove and dishwasher was delivered and installed with no concerns. The delivery guy informed my husband that the refrigerator was damaged on the truck and they have to take it back and someone will call us. They did not even take it off the truck or show my husband where the damages where because we might of kept it because we really needed the refrigerator really bad.
We found out that the new delivery date was schedule for Mach 4th.

Please understand we were very disappointed that we had to wait another two weeks for an item we purchased on 02/13/16 and had to figure out way to keep our food cold.

On February 19th, I called 1-800 deliver number to voice my concern about the new delivery date. The customer services rep advised me that she could not get an earlier date but she could put in a request to see if they can schedule for an earlier date and someone will call me within 24-48 hours to let me know if the request was approved. I called back hours later still not happy and spoke to a supervisor who stated she will also put in a request.

On February 22nd, I called the 1-800 deliver number to follow up on the request. The customer services rep advise me that it was not approved. I inquired as to why no one called me to tell me this. I advised her that I was very unhappy and upset with my experience with Sears and to please transfer me to a supervisor. The supervisor advised me that she can get put in a request for a sales rep to call me within 72 hours to see if a comparative refrigerator can be delivered to my home sooner than March 4th. She promised someone was going to call me.

On February 26th at 6pm I have not received a call from anyone from Sears. I called 1-800-549-4505 to file a complaint. My case# is 4072399. Even then the gentleman advised me that the delivery date was still scheduled for Mach 4th.

On March 1st, I went online to check the status of my delivery and the date had been changed to March 16th without any notice or phone call from Sears. I called the 1-800 deliver number and was advised that the date had been changed and the customer rep could not tell me why. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was advised that she was busy could not speak to me and will call me in an hour. I adv her that this is unacceptable and I would like to speak to someone. She transferred me to a customer care person as I explaining my concerns I hear dead silence. No one ever called me within an hour.

I called 1-800-549-4505 and gave the customer services rep my case number. The customer services rep was helpful and advise me that there was no documentation in the file why the date was changed from March 4th to March 16th and advised she was going to get a deliver manager on the phone.

I was then transferred to a customer care case manager, who advised me that the item would not come from the manufacture til March 16th.

I not happy and disappointed because I feel that I purchased an item on 02/13/16 and now have to wait til 03/16/16 to get the refrigerator. My husband wants to return all of the items purchase and go to another store to get our items. It just seems like a lot for a first time Sears’s customer to go through.


Dennis Andrick February 27, 2016 at 11:32 am

My wife bought me the 311 Mechanics Tool set #53311 for Christmas. I finally had time to put it in my tool chest. It was missing the following parts:
parts 2072 1/4″ quick release ratchet
43538 1 1/2 extension bar 20723 quick release ratchet
43539 3″ extension bar 44133 3″ extension bar
20722 3/8 quick release ratchet
43537 1 1/2″ extension bar
44264 3″ extension bar
44261 6″ extension bar
I was told with out the box nothing could be done. I don’t want to return the set I just want the parts that were missing. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Dennis


Andrzej February 24, 2016 at 6:21 am



Jim Lacey February 23, 2016 at 8:18 am

I hope this gets to the top people; Re; Sears headquarters corporate office, my niece bought a frig. 9 months ago it has broken down 3 times cost $3000, she lost all belongings because it was not fixed properly , now here comes the good part, my niece Helen is building phase 2 on there 168 Akers and she furnishes all apliance’s with your appliance’s From Sears. Now 9 brand new houses are done and Sears product is on hold. Including are, frig, stove, dishwasher , and under the counter microwave, one unit cost over $3900 with out tax times 9 units and 10 more units will be done in July of 2016, now the contract is on hold until her frig is replaced with a new one, my name is Jim and I coordinate all apliance’s with these units, why would Sears want to loose this contract with my niece with all these houses being built, I want this problem fixed ASAP, feel free to contact me by E Mail, this contract is holding me up until fixed; Thanks for your time, Jim


Mr. Harold W. Gilmore February 21, 2016 at 10:56 am

We own all Kenmore appliances in our home, have for nearly 27 years and been a faithful customer of Sears all these years but lately the kind of sever decline in customer service is entirely shocking.
The last few times I have contacted service for repair appointments has been so terrible I am now reconsidering whether I need to do further business with your company.
The customer repair service personnel are harsh, rude, condescending, and argumentative. It doesn’t matter entry level personnel, or supervisors, they all act so belligerent and nasty, I hate to call them at all
for help. Yesterday I called about our water softener, we are having a problem with, a service tech was out a couple of weeks ago, and stated if there were any further issues call for another appointment. So in calling I was told to self diagnose the problem and was told to take a broom handle and break up the salt, I tried and tried and could not. So I said why should a customer need to do that when we are paying for your extended warranty services on all our appliances. I was told I had not done they asked, and they stopped short of calling me a liar! I am 65 years old and my wife 64, why should we have to fix the problem and pay for these warranties and tolerate the rudeness. I asked for the supervisors number and name and even that was difficult ,#350593, Dave is what he told me. I was given a app’ t. only with a argument, I asked is this what your being paid for to speak to the paying customers this way. He was arrogant and condescending and difficult, and I told him so and he then proceeded to tell me that I was! ‘ What! I don’t know exactly what is going on at your service department but I can tell you this I will refuse to do business with your company further unless you can manage your personnel better than this.

Remember its the paying customers keeping your stores afloat, not your terrible employees that act this way, its clear they don’t care about Sears or your bottom line profits or they would not be running off your customers. Yikes, who’s in charge anyway?
I will say one thing further good manners never go out of style, in your training sessions should include this point of thought, because without the paying customers Sears will be visiting the unemployment lines themselves.


Melissa Welch April 19, 2016 at 12:32 am

I guess this is the complaint department..No complaints here though.I love Sear’s My husband and I have made it our go to store..For electronics,shoes and clothes..Ladies,You may not have noticed but Sear’s carries very high fashion clothes or run of the mill.Your choice.The prices on the clothes can be very nicely low.K-mart is also our place.K-mart has got some gorgeous clothes too.The prices at K-mart are very reasonable.It’s really almost a chore to go to their competitors.We’ve bought a lot of items in their linens department.Gorgeous high quality bedding and kitchen ware.Our everyday items and..candy are also bought there.The associates know their store.In their competitors stores it seems like they’re all there to just stock the shelves..


Kelly February 20, 2016 at 9:42 am

My mom ordered me a full nursery set for my baby shower. The glider ottoman came cracked and scratched. When I called Sears Customer Service I was told I would have to take the chair to UPS to send it back, they would refund my mom, we would have to reorder a new chair with a 10% discount, and a shipping label would be emailed to us in 24-48 hours. Three days went by and no shipping label. I had to call customer service again. They had me explain the whole situation again to put me on hold to have 4 more representatives get on the phone where I had to re-explain my situation each time. Finally, I was told that I had to purchase a new glider and they would give me a 10% discount. This is unacceptable. I asked to speak to a supervisor. A supervisor came on and I couldn’t understand anything she was saying which put a huge communication barrier between us. I asked if I was talking to a representative in the U.S. and she reported their customer service facility was located in the Philippines. I asked to be transferred to a representative in the U.S. andI was told that was not Sears policy and could not be done. I asked to speak with a manager. While I was placed on hold the superviser and other employees at the call center were talking bad about me calling me names and laughing about the fact that I wouldn’t be getting a new glider. I kept saying, “Hello. I can hear you.” Finally, they put me on hold where I could hear music and a recording saying someone would be with me shortly. The manager came on and told me my options were to pay for a new glider with a 10% discount or go to various furniture stores in the area to see if they have the same glider to see if I could purchase the broken part. Clearly, this is unacceptable. Over an hour of my time was wasted with no resolution. Currently, I have 9 letters and an email into their corporate headquarters. I am waiting for a resolution. This is not the kind of stress I need right now on me or my pregnancy. It is also not the kind of stress my mother needs who is battling cancer for the 4th time! I will never do business with Sears again and will be vigilant in spreading the word to others!


Sarah February 13, 2016 at 11:17 am

Sears customer service doesn’t really exist! It is called customer service but what they do is basically make you stay on the phone for hours, get you aggravated, and resolve nothing. I’ve wasted two weeks trying to straighten out the situation with my order of California king mattress set (bundle) and bed frame. My order was supposed to be delivered on February 5th but I was called a day before delivery date and told that I only had one box spring and that I have to order another piece to be able to set my mattress properly. I spoke with at least 8 different people since then including Mr. Joseph from executive offices but somehow they could not comprehend a simple information that I purchased a mattress set and not separate pieces. I had my receipt in front of me and looking at sears website at the set I bought – everything the same (item numbers, size, price etc) so what was difficult for them to understand and fix the issue?! I only assume that I was dealing with a bunch of uneducated, incompetent imbeciles. Anyway, finally, Mr. Joseph from executive offices -who I believe was intoxicated when we talked first time as he called me next day with no recollection of our conversation a day before- assured me that my full set was going to arrive on Feb 13th and he apologized for the confusion. Well, it is Feb 13th and I was just called by delivery team telling me that they will be at my address this afternoon and they alert me that I only have one piece of box spring. I called back customer service and Mr. Russell said “Well, I see the case is open and they are waiting for your confirmation to ring up your order of the second piece of box spring. Wold you like to do that and reschedule your delivery?” I was at my limits at this point and just cancelled my order all together. I would have to be out of my mind to spend even one minute discussing this issue with another 17 clueless people who don’t know how to their job. It just worries me that Mr. Russell who cancelled my order was not even able to provide me with any confirmation number today. Well, we will see what happens and if my money will be returned within 7-10 business days as he said. In the meantime I am filling a claim with the Customer Protection Division and I will let them address this problem because if you treat customers this way perhaps you should not be in business at all.


Edward January 27, 2016 at 2:33 pm

How come it’s impossible to talk to someone in management about customer service issues and problems that people experience with the company? Is it because you don’t want to address these issues! What kind of customer service is that? How come you outsource HR support to India, in which people can’t speak english, who aren’t pleasant, who you can’t understand, who ask you a hundred times to repeat things? Great culture!! That’s really great customer experience. LMAO


SCOTT January 27, 2016 at 11:40 am



connie January 25, 2016 at 9:50 am

On January 23, 2016, I went to store #01528. I wanted to pay for my items so I went to the men’s department. After waiting in line I was told by Mohammad that he was closing and that I needed to go to another register. I am disabled but still I needed to walk across the store to the women’s register. When I got through the line I was told believe it or not by another Mohammad that he was closing his register and that again needed to go to another register. The first Mohammad came up to the second Mohammad laughing and speaking in their language. First of all that is just plan rude. So I had to go across the store again to another register so I could check out. This is unacceptable customer service. I called the store to speak to the Manager and was told by the customer svc. that there was phone issues and that she would take the info. I gave it to her and she PROMISED that someone from the store would get back to me within two hrs. At the very latest the next day. THAT NEVER HAPPENED STILL WAITING FOR THE CALL. I will NEVER shop at this store again. The employee’s are very unprofessional and rude. I have worked retail for over 20 yrs. I would NEVER treat a customer in this fashion. Sear’s your people need to be trained in customer service.


Catherine January 22, 2016 at 1:31 pm

I have a Kenmore Elite model number 796814473210 that I bought from Sears in March 2015 with manufacture warranty. I have now Had 4service numbers and 6 service calls to my home with all parts replaced at least 2 times each visit has cost me time off from work because a repair man will bee there between 8am and 5pm. I have tried to send emails to get this resolved and have been given 3 false emails by customer service represenatives. I am now awaiting snail mail to see if Sears will resolve this issue.I am also hoping that corparate will see this and contact me before my warranty is completely out. Social Media may be the next step, with Buyer Beware.


Cathy January 21, 2016 at 8:34 pm

I brought a washing machine at Sears Hardware in Port Jefferson NY. They were having a closing sale. I believed I was getting a fair price at 25 percent off. I have bought my appliances from Sears from the last 38 years. I was a loyal customer. After I was home with the new machine it was brought to my attention that this new machine was 125.00 cheaper at Sears. l was shown the ad. My husband took the add and our receipt to Sears Hardware and the manager would not credit us for the difference. He told my husband he doesn’t care what he had to say the price we got was final.Now this machine was even the floor model that I had gotten. I tried contacting customer service, they wouldn’t help us. I even tried going to another Sears. I am very disappointed with Sears. They are going down hill. I will contact the corporate office. Sears had lost me and my family as a customer . I am sad that I can no longer depend on their comoany


Cindy January 21, 2016 at 2:17 am

Wow, I am totally upset and discouraged. To not only have my own issue and read similar issues has really made me feel like Sears is not the appliance store it once was. I have bought my appliances from Sears for years and taken out a service contract on those appliances and rarely had issues but the last 3 weeks has made me rethink my loyalty. To know me is to know I rarely complain because I work in retail and know the daily struggles of a retailer. However, what I have experienced is just unacceptable and truly a major burden on the consumer. My family consist of 5 people. Keep this in mind, 2 of which are teenagers that play sports. I am a single mother that is a manager of a large retail store working 50 to 60 hours a week. I also attend school. My time is limited and very precious. A moment to breath and relax is not in the schedule. So keep that in mind when you read this totally unacceptable issue.

My family purchased a contract for my washer for several years. I do this because I depend on my washer, as much as I depend on my car. Our washer has needed repair before but it has always been taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. Three weeks ago my washer broke. Upon calling for service, I am told I have to wait 7 days for someone to come look at it. Wow, I have never waited that long but O.K. I will deal with it. I will do what I have to. Repair tech comes out and has to order a part. I have to wait another 7 days for the part. A little frustrated at this point, but hey, I get you have to order and it has to be shipped. I will deal with it and now have spent at least 12 days at the laundry mat. Remember my children play sports, they are issued one jersey and it is soccer season. Repair tech comes out as scheduled, replaces part and leaves. I put a load of clothes in the washer and “BAM” does the same error code. I jump on the phone as it hasn’t been too long since he left. I am told I have to wait another 6 days for him to come back out. Really six days, are you serious. So this will be 20 days without a washer. I am told there is nothing they can do for us because Sears contracts out to another repair business. Personally I don’t care if you contract out to China, You control everything that business does! Secondly, I bought this contract to ensure I get reasonable service in a reasonable amount of time from Sears. Third, as a person who purchased a contract, I pay you whether I need a repair or not. I give you this money in faith that I will get taken care of if the need arises. So, with all that said the repair tech comes out and misdiagnosed the issue. so, now I have to wait longer because of his failed attempt to repair.

Not only is this failed attempt at repair not my fault. The time frame to fix the error is totally unreasonable. I get sometimes things are trial and error but when it is you error your time frame should be acceptable and reasonable to the consumer! Another six days is not reasonable. Secondly, the money I spent on the contract and the money I have spent on loads of laundry could have bought me a me a reasonable new washer! I pay $5.00 a load! Yup $5.00! Pretty pathetic if you ask me! I am not even going to go into detail about how this situation has affected my school work or other needed tasks. At this point I don’t want to do business with a company that treats their customers like this. I am really thinking you have lost my business. I don’t want to have to go through this, for what I have paid for. Unless this situation is rectified, I am pretty sure I will not be buying my appliances nor a contract with you again. You contract this company out and they should represent you. They have tarnished the Sears name and I am seriously considering calling the BBB on this situation.

Regretfully Yours A Lost Loyal Customer!


Kathy M January 13, 2016 at 3:39 pm

I had 3 service calls in to sears to fix my Kenmore washer they were on 1/6/16-1/11/16 and 1/13/16 I knew that the drum was loose before he came so when the 1st tech on 1/6 came he sat in my driveway for 25 minutes on his cell before he came in he turned on the washer spin cycle it started making noise he opened the washer door shook my drum and said it was loose which I knew said I know what the problem is I’ll be right back with an estimate, he went out to the truck and came back with an estimate of 1799.00 and I told him that was to much, so I called customer service dept. again and told them I wanted another tech to come out and show the parts for myself so they rescheduled e for 1/11 needless to say the tech wasn’t on time so I called to see where he was at they told me he was running late as soon as I got off the tech called within 5 minutes and said he didn’t understand the problem so I tried to explain it to him and he said he knew the tech that was out already he worked for sears for 30 years so if I come and do the same and give you the same estimate so I said that’s not what I’m asking needless to say he didn’t come either cause I would have gotten the same response well the last visit on 1/16 was the same the tech called again and so asked him if he could show me exactly what was wrong that I wanted to see the parts that were bad and as usual well we do this for a living if that’s what’s wrong the parts cost more than a new washer and I again asked if he could show me what was wrong and he said that’s a 2 man job and it takes about 2w hours and I didn’t care the tech didn’t want to hear it and said there’s no talking to you and hung up. Now I want to know seas keeps on emailing me telling me I’m a valued customer but I want to know how when I get techs who are idiots and they treat you like you don’t know anything is this proper work ethics todays cause I just consider this to lousy and lazy service on behalf of sears if I had a crew like this I’d find someone who wants to work


Sandra January 13, 2016 at 12:48 pm

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willis January 10, 2016 at 12:20 am

I ordered a Christmas gift that I knew would be late (1/3/16). Now 1/9. I emailed Sears for an update. No reply. I called Sears today and spoke with a person who said the new estimated ship would be in Feb. What a crock! Amazon, Jet, you names it, would be on top of this issue like flies on $hit. This is why Sears is failing. They sucked when I worked for them in the 80’s, and suck even worst now. How can big company suck so bad? I hope they fail, since they are not worthy of being in business.


Laraine Albert January 4, 2016 at 2:32 pm

I purchased a refrigerator/freezer Dec. 22 and was told delivery would be 12/29. I called several times for delivery and was disconnected after being on hold for over 20 minutes. I waited with my friend for over 3 hours, having to pay an aide for taking care of my elderly aunt while I was away. I then called the manager after waiting for over an hour, and he sid they would be there after another delivery. I called the gate to be sure they would be let in, and they said after 7:00 they would not admit them. I called to tell the manager, and left a message on his machine, which I received no reply. I waited until 7:45 and no word from anyone. I then called the customer service, after calling the store and no one picking up, after 2 calls to another country and not hearing anything due to poor connections, I tried another number and finally received an answer from Jim who also called the store and told me to call back if I did not hear anything in an hour. I then called and spoke to Della, who was also exasperated as she called the store 3 times and was on hold and hung up on also. She told me it would be delivered Tuesday 1/5/2016. I called again today – 4 numbers in all, and now waiting for an answer again.

I have never had such bad customer service. I don’t mind waiting, but no one could even trace my order. Also, the money was taken out my account 12/25 – I am ready to cancel the whole order. I have spent over 6 hours on the phone in total and it cost $60 for someone to watch my aunt.

I purchased items in years past, but after reading the prior complaints, I don’t think I will ever go back.


Alice Isley January 4, 2016 at 11:42 am

WILL NEVER BUY KENMORE AGAIN. They refuse to fix a recalled product. Told me to go buy another one. Very rude. Customer service stinks. Will be sending my Sears card to corporate in tiny pieces!!!


Cindy January 4, 2016 at 9:57 am

Sears has really hit rock bottom, they take your money, give you a processing number, then you find out the 3rd party store they ordered from are out of stock, by my own investigation, and now they tell me it could be 48 hours OR MORE, before I can get my money back. Their call centers are based in the Philippines, and Guadalajara, and there certainly is a communication issue. Sears will never get another dime from me. I wasn’t allowed free shipping or to use my coupon, and was told that was printed on the order form, well the website, 3rd party Fantasyard offered free shipping on their website, Sears has turned out to be one of the worst experiences when trying to order my granddaughter a book bag. BUYER BEWARE!


wshrman December 31, 2015 at 7:36 pm

Ordered a clothes washer from a Sears Outlet store on line. Described as a “Floor Model”.
I have purchased two different microwaves before in the store that were marked as “Floor Models”. They were just discontinued models, never used, manuals and instructions inside, so I have a good idea of what a “Floor Model” should be. When washer was delivered it was beat up and had been used. Called store manager who said it had been “tested” but otherwise new. Tried to run a small load empty, sounded like it was full of rocks, the loudest grinding racket I have ever heard from a washer. Called the store manager again after waiting a day for him to call me back. Said I could return the washer but there would be a $90.00 pickup charge. I agreed-ed under protest, a fight for another day. It has been eight days and the washer is still here. Will cancel the sale on my credit card, see if that will get their attention. Not a good way to treat a customer, especially an old guy with time on his hands and a computer!


jack p December 27, 2015 at 1:41 pm

what a unacceptable experience with purchasing a snow blower on line. told in stock pick up today took payment. then not in stock refund your payment. Dealing with the chat line is useless, no solutions just excuses. Easy to hide behind a keyboard. could not even get a phone call after asking for one. Lost a customer for life. No wonder their days are numbered in the world of retail.


Sarah December 23, 2015 at 10:56 am

Sears has had over $500 of my money and I do not have my in store order, and I am very very ticked! The store is no help, Hickory, NC. Your customer service person was nice but they said they can not help with online orders so now I am waiting on a call back from a case manager. I will assume that Sears fully intends to keep my money and give me no merchandise if I do not receive that order today Dec 23rd, which is the second promise date!! I refuse to continue to call and be given the run around. Stealing is a crime! Unless I get my order as promised today, the next office I will be speaking to is my Lawyer!! And since I’ve been through intense mental distress over trying to get someone to tell me when I will be getting my order, I promise you, Sears will be paying for the inconvenience too!! I am fed up with Sears abuse!!! I want my order!! You’ve got my money!!!


cindy bordes December 22, 2015 at 1:43 pm

I need for the COO to please contact me asap. Your customer service is deplorable, please ensure that 1. Someone of authority can help me 2. That I get a return phone call at 404.229.XXXX 3. And in a timely manner.
It should not be too much to ask having made a purchase, received damage goods and cannot get resolution.
Thank you. Cindy


Fern Kissel January 4, 2016 at 2:36 pm

On Dec. 26th of 2015 I submitted an on-line order for a bracelet that was originally priced 29.99 on sale for 19.99 plus a promo code would allow for another $3 reduction making the price $16.99 I was very pleased. I ordered the bracelet with the option for store pick-up. Living in a small town I had to travel 75 miles to the nearest Sears store, I went to the store to pick up the item, when I got there the sales clerk knew right away that the item I ordered was not the item in the box. The box had the right order #, but what was in the box was not the correct item. I said I did not want that one. She cancelled the order and refunded my account. She also said well maybe I can order it on-line for you, but I would have to pay full price and she could give me an in-store $10 credit, I said no because I don’t shop there very often. But after thinking about what had transpired I wanted the correct item for the same price I originally paid for, after all is was not my fault, Sears had made the mistake and I felt should make it up to me. I wanted the item for the same price and free shipping to my home. When I returned home to contact customer service, it was the worst experience I have ever had. I talked in total to 6 people with no resolution. After all the frustration I felt I should receive the item and shipping for free!! It was not my mistake!! I asked time and time again for a way to contact someone from the main office, no one could tell me how to do that!

Unless this is made right for me I will never shop at Sears again, and I will make sure everyone I know hears about how poorly I was treated!! The item # is 04468671000, the only way at this time you can make it right with me, is to send me this item with out charge with an apology!

I won’t even mention how rudely we were treated in the store!

Thank You!


larry rem December 17, 2015 at 10:08 pm

went shopping in a sears store was going down escalator with family my sons jacket button got stuck on a piece of metal and pulled him up until button broke talked to manager and lost prevention she said she will take 10% off. what are you”s thinking wanting me to buy something else thanks for nothing santos and colleen in pa


David Branson December 17, 2015 at 8:21 pm

I have a pending online order that needs to be resolved. Your customer service reps at 1-800-697-3277 are in the Philippines and are not doing your company justice. This has been a nightmare!


Greg Thomas December 16, 2015 at 1:23 pm

I bought 60k mile tires. Sears installed the wrong size & told me too bad, not doing anything after they wore out at 30k miles. I will never shop in your stores again. Tools, appliances, or anything else. I’m done & I wash my hands of you. Plus I will tell every person I know about my experience. Local service manager Medford, Oregon absolutely rude to me on the phone.


Angela December 16, 2015 at 8:56 am



CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim—-847-44*-**16, LIVES IN WINNETKA IL 60093
COO: W. Bruce Johnson

This is why Sears and Kmart are not worth shopping at, but had I known all this information before I would have giving someone else my business, you people have lost a customer and I will make sure to take to social media to let everyone know and again people send me a email if you would like to either write this man at home or call his home.

Maybe that will get his attention.


Brandon December 28, 2015 at 1:08 am

Hi I am very interested in the info you have on the CFO. Sears has now missed the second delivery date promised and my kids have now been told twice from me that their Christmas present would be here making me a liar to my children Sears has no intention to make things right. I like many others are Fed up with the circles they have me running around in. I would love to call Mr In Charge during dinner time and see why its ok for them to screw with my life and let him know that until resoveld I will be screwing with his! Which I won’t because lets face it I’m not like these people. But for him to know I have his info should be enough to get this train moving. Thank you very much the info would be greatly appreciated!


Andrea December 30, 2015 at 9:53 pm

Were you ever able to get this information?


Andrea December 28, 2015 at 7:52 pm

Would you please share your information with me? A dishwasher repair also. I have a master protection agreement. The same problem keeps happening. Every time I call, have the service done, it happens again. (12+ times). Now the problem is they say it has to be the exact same part every time…each time the “repair” gets closed, they always list a different reason, ie: dirty, maintenance, needs a reset, etc etc.) Repair in Nov said they found and fixed one problem and cleaned it also, two weeks later, yet another service, different person, said the only problem is that it was dirty. I’ve been yelled at, hung up on, left on hold, etc. How did you locate the email information?


Jeana Bain December 14, 2015 at 4:07 pm

On 11/9/15, Two Sears technicians showed up at my house on 11/9/15 at noon in an Enterprise Truck with no name tags. The male technician broke my water valve to my washer while installing. This forced water to run on my 2 floor laundry room for over 5 minutes before I could turn the main water off. He never wrote an incident report or gave me any receipt. They cleaned up with all the towels in my house (40 sopping wet towels with nowhere for me to wash or dry them) and told me I need to have a licensed plumber fix the valve. I called Sears and tried to file a damage claim on Monday, 11/9/15 at 130pm and never got any answers. Drywall had to be cut out of my family room ceiling that was dripping onto my family room floor, water damage in loft, master bathroom and laundry room. Everything had to be ripped out. Since we received no response from Sears, we had to file a claim with our Homeowner’s insurance.

What angers me most is that it’s been over a month and Sears has done NOTHING. On 11/11, my husband and I took off work and actually went to the Sears store in the Joliet Mall, where I bought the washer to talk to a manager. I stood there for an hour and a half while Barbara tried to contact someone that could help, but they were all in “meetings” They did not want her to give us the direct number. The number was for Diakon Logistics, the company that Sears hired to install the washer/dryer. The problem I have is that my receipt says SEARS. I don’t care who the company is, I bought from SEARS thinking that you are well known, reputable and stand behind your products & workmanship. We purchased the set for $2,436.91. And although we have NEVER heard even an “I’m sorry” from SEARS, you sure got us the bill as quickly as you could, along with a SEARS card that doesn’t even have my correct name on it. You are quick to ask for money from us, but our washer and dryer aren’t even able to be hooked up yet due to the damage. I have been without a washer/dryer for over a month due to this incident. And SEARS doesn’t care about anything but me paying them for it.

After calling Diakon Logistics many many times, they finally sent someone to survey the damage on 11/16 but have never heard from him since.

I am very angry. I want SOMEONE from SEARS to acknowledge what happened and to show that they care. I have tried emailing my Sears receipt and photos of the water damage/technicians. I attached the quote we got from 2 licensed plumbers, indicating the damage to the valve could only have been caused by someone using too much force. And my Com Ed bill from last month. The email always bounces back. I have never been so frustrated in my life. We are requesting that because of the way this was handled, for the chaos it has caused in our life, and for the following list of things that we were not compensated for by our insurance, that I am not paying the bill for the washer and dryer in the amount of $2,603.68.

After 30 days, I finally received a claim number, but no other answers.

While we have been compensated by our Homeowner’s Insurance, here is a list of things not covered:

1.Electricity used by the12 industrial strength fans and 2 dehumidifiers nonstop for 5 days (24 hours a day). My electric bill is 36% higher than last year at this time.
2.The valve that the technician broke will cost $550 to fix
3.The $500 deductible from my homeowner’s insurance
4.Time off work for me while I’ve had to be home to let cleaners, insurance adjusters, plumbers, drywallers and deal with the damage
5.Time off work for my husband (had to say no to overtime during the week 9/12 = $240 and working on the weekend 9/15 = $1,000 because he had to deal with damage.)
6.Time off work for countless phone calls, actually going to Sears to get answers (11/11)
7.The fact that we had to file an insurance claim with our Homeowner’s Insurance and our rates could go up.
8.Inconvenience of still not having a washer and dryer hooked up for one whole month (having to go to the Laundromat, neighbors, relatives) for a family of 5
9.The chaos it has caused in my life. Plywood floors on my second floor – I have 3 small children that have gotten splinters; everything I own having to be placed in piles; the loud fans that were on for 5 days and we couldn’t even hear each other talk in our own house; my daughter almost fell through a hole in my bathroom ceiling while I wasn’t watching; Drywall was fallling on my daughter’s head while she napped on the couch (because she couldn’t be in her room when they were tearing up the carpet upstairs).I am constantly on edge in my own house! We were unable to host Thanksgiving for our family because of the state of our house, which was very upsetting.

10.The cost of having my house cleaned after everything is repaired (drywall dust is everywhere)

11.The stress of trying to get answers/accountability and wasting my time calling and calling each day, when no one will return my calls.

12.Fee for inspection when work is complete (mandatory through homeowners insurance)

All I wanted was a new washer and dryer hooked up by a reputable company and now my life is chaos. I realize that mistakes happen, but I am not paying for a washer and dryer from a company that treats it’s customers like this. If you make this right, I will have no problem shopping at Sears and still recommending you to friends and family. However if you decide that this is not worth your time to make right, you have definitely lost me and many future customers. If Sears will not pay the bill for the washer and dryer, please arrange for them to be picked up and we would like to be issued a full refund IMMEDIATELY. I will not give my money to a company that treats customers like this.


Beverly Wasson December 14, 2015 at 12:26 pm

ON FACEBOOK MESSANGER: Order# 962644244 had a kenmore washer/gas dryer delivered this morning (December 7). Came when it said it would That’s the good thing. BAD: their manifest said no hook-up although I paid for a gas hook up. These guys only deliver they are not licensed to do gas appliances. So we call Sears. IT WILL BE ANOTHER WEEK BEFORE THEY CAN GET OUT THERE!!!. So the old gas dryer is still sitting in its place with the new gas dryer in front of it in the middle of the kitchen. What kind of service is that that this order could not be coordinated with tech people to be out there this morning? So we can’t use the kitchen very well and do laundry.

SEAR RESPONSE ON FACEBOOK MESSANGER: Thank you for reaching out, Beverly. We regret that there is not an earlier appointment available. At this time, we see that the delivery team will return on 12/14. You should be receiving a phone call the evening before to confirm a narrow time window. Please let us know if you do not receive this call. Thanks!

TODAY (12/14) So tell me where the ball dropped this time. I took your message at your word that a delivery team would return today(12/14) to hook up the gas dryer and finish the order. You have that confirmation. Nobody called Sunday night and nobody called today. My husband spent a hour on the phone with customer service this morning who had no record of such an appointment(even though my husband set it up on the phone). They tried to tell him he didn’t pay to have it installed so when asked what a 19.99 gas hook up meant she told us it was for the parts which is wrong since that’s a separate line item on the sales slip. Then he had a conference call with customer service and an installation person who said they actually set appointments for installation and they have no record of it either. In fact she said that they are the only ones who can make those appointments and it would not be a delivery team(even though he set it up on the phone and you have that appointment). So again the dryer will be sitting in the middle of the kitchen until Thursday this time. So when Thursday comes and they do not follow through we will be getting somebody else to install it. And I should be getting a refund of some kind for the “gas hook up”.


WT Barrett December 9, 2015 at 2:29 pm

I bought a Sears garage door opener from the internet to be picked up in Augusta Ga. and paid for the installation and opener from my residence in Savannah Ga. I put all of the information on the wed site as to who was paying for it (myself) and the billing address and installation address. The renter was given permission to pick the garage door opener up at the Augusta Ga store and picked it up. Here I might add I also put her phone number as the resident of the rental property and notified Sears of that phone number. I then got an email from Sears stating that the installation had been canceled by Sears. I also received a phone call fro and installer in Brunswick wanting to know when they could come to my house, here in Savannah, and install the opener. I explained to them that Sears had been notified that the opener and installation site was not Savannah but Augusta. They stated they would call Sears Installation dept and the renter and get it taken care of. It was nit resolved. I called Sears customer service and was transferred to the installation dept. who told me that they did not have any installers to install the opener in that zip code Hephzibah, Ga). I explained the the rep that Hephzibah is in Richmond county Ga the same place that Augusta is and that when I looked it up on Sears wed site it said the opener could be installed there. I was then asked if I got my money back and I stated it was suppose to be credited back to my Sears account but I still would like to pay for and get the opener installed. The rep stated they did not have any installers in that area and maybe I should go to YELP and find and installer. I might add this rep was located in Illinois. I then called the Augustness Store manager and explained to her what had happened and she stated that Sears didn’t have any installers for garage door openers even after I told her their store wed site said they did. She apologized and hung up. I now have to find and installer for a Sears garage door opener that Sears refuses to install and if I had known that I might have bought form somewhere else that honors and installs their equipment. I have been a Sears card holder and shopper for many, many, many years and this is the first time I feel that I have been lied to, jerked around , and thoroughly disappointed by Sears. I am hoping you can give me some answers about what and why this happened. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. My email is XXXX and phone is 912-368-XXXX. Thank you.


sarah yoh December 8, 2015 at 10:56 pm

I have never dealt with such a low class group of people in all my retail life and ordering online. I don’t blame some of the people I’ve spoken with over the phone. I stress some and the others were arrogant and just awful. I ordered a measly 32.00 leaf blower. I was emailed it was at local store for pick up. The store is in Great Barrington, Mass. It is owned by a guy whose name I forget, however I’ll post it tomorrow when I get it. The girl who was working there was named Alishia, who looked as though she just crawled in from off the street. She was so rude it was amazing, as well as the owner. He’s a complete looser. This guy is a new owner who has absolutely no pride in himself, his store or employee. His loss, he’ll be out of business in a flash. The blower was not there. It took me 4 days and 5 hrs. on the phone to speak to someone who finally helped me by just sending me another one. I suspect that the orginal was stolen off the truck by the store owner / employee, someone at shipment center, truck driver etc. etc. and it happens all the time. Than sold to who ever, perhaps a active little scam going on. With things ordered online and sent to a store for pick up it’s really impossible to track it down if it disappears. Wasn’t me etc. . Now the most likely to do this would be the store because they had no connection to the order. It comes on a truck and dropped off. That’s it. They say it just didn’t come. There’s scanning w / the truck and shipment center. I wouldn’t put it past this store in the slightest! Also the store is independently owned, all the more reason to rip things off.
The CEO of Sears mine as well be in the Mafia his reputation is so horrible. Very sleasy, hedge fund guy who is worth 2+ billion dollars. Tell me this guy gives a G.D. about Sears or Kmart. It’s a very strange marrage, and 1+1 are not equaling 2 here. If I were a stockholder I’d want him out now. Moral of the story, somehow going to the top is probably hopeless. Better off finding out who’s on the board otherwise and bombard them w / mail, registered and certified. Good bye Sears from this household.


Suzanne Petersen December 8, 2015 at 10:38 am

I placed an order on 12/8 # 963954534. I purchased a sweater and some earrings that were to be $19.99(1/10 carat halo stud earrings). The earrings cost me $39.99 and I could not apply the 20% off on my sweater because I didn’t purchase it from Sears even though I was on their website! The add I received said nothing about purchasing Sears only mdse and to be honest I didn’t know Sears was becoming Amazon. I cancelled my sweater but could not cancel the earrings because I was told they were in transit – within an hour of my placing the order – LIE! Now I am being told that I will have to return the earrings! The whole point of my shopping on line was to avoid going to the store. I also feel that if Sears is “advertising” other companies wares on their website, then they should apply whatever promotions they have going on these products as well. I either expect a return receipt to be mailed to me at no cost to myself or a $20.00 credit added to my account. I used to work for Sears years ago and this would not have had to go this far – the store would have taken care of the customer. How things have changed and not for the better I am afraid!


michael December 4, 2015 at 10:55 am

I am trying to reach Mr. Edward Lambert in advance of filing a complaint with my state attorney general. please provide any contact information thanks


Dr Timothy & Brenda McNeil November 27, 2015 at 7:41 pm

When my husband and I decided to replace all of our major appliances seven months ago, we did our due diligence and opted for Kenmore Elite — the top rated appliance on Consumer Reports. We spent almost $8,000 at Sears on a dishwasher, fridge, microwave and stove. All four appliances were installed on May 6, 2015. Three weeks ago, our nightmare began.
Our fridge began making intermittent loud noises on Nov. 3, almost like a generator. It got progressively worse and so I recorded it on my phone and contacted Sears’ customer service on Nov. 10.
A technician came out on Nov. 13 and was unable to view an error code because the noise did not occur while he was here. I played the recorded sound for him, but he was unable to determine if there was an issue and what the issue was. He said, “All Kenmores do that.” He did suspect that it had to do with the cold air coming up from the freezer into the fridge.
The noise continued for another week until Nov. 21 when the fridge stopped cooling altogether. I called Sears on Nov. 22 to report it and they said they couldn’t get another technician to our house until Dec. 7. She put it in as an emergency and rescheduled to Dec. 2.
On Nov. 23, the temperature in the fridge continued to plummet, so I called Sears again to see if we could get a technician out to our house before Dec. 2 or replace the fridge altogether, given that it was only seven months old. In all, my husband and I made six calls to Sears’ customer service, talked to nine different people and spent over an hour on the phone.
In addition to losing the contents of our fridge, we were also concerned that Thanksgiving was looming and we were hosting family and planning on prepping enough food for ten people. Where would all the food go? We were told if Sears couldn’t get a technician to our house by Nov. 24, they would send a replacement by Nov. 23. However, on Nov. 24 —two days before Thanksgiving — we received an email that said we did not qualify for a replacement.
On Nov. 23, I tweeted about our nightmare experience with the Kenmore appliance and Sears’ customer service. I also posted on Sears and Kenmore’s Facebook Pages. Sears responded to my comment with a private message; I never received a response from Kenmore. Sears promised to have a technician out to our house on 11/27, the day after Thanksgiving. My daughter-in-law, who works in media, also tweeted.
We were incredibly frustrated. I messaged back that we expected a replacement and would not be shopping from Sears again. I received the backhanded apology, “We regret to hear you feel that way, Brenda.”
A technician arrived today (11/27) and said the fan switch wasn’t working, that the water/ice connection wasn’t working and that he would have to order parts WHICH WOULD TAKE A WEEK TO ARRIVE.
We have been dealing with this issue since Nov. 3. We have not had a working fridge since Nov. 21, through the Thanksgiving holiday. Can you imagine what that has been like?
We plan on leaving reviews of your “top-of-the-line” appliances and lack of customer service on your sites, on Amazon, on Consumer Reports and anywhere else we see relevant.
To say that we’ve been disappointed, upset and discouraged by this entire process and with your product, doesn’t really cover it. If this would have been a microwave or a dishwasher, we could understand the repair of these appliances are not crucial to the maintenance of a household and that the delay in receiving service could be tolerated.
The repair or replacement of a refrigerator is an entirely different matter which should require IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. The cavalier attitude and indifference with which we have been treated is not acceptable. At this point, we want our fridge replaced immediately.

Dr. Timothy L and Brenda McNeil


Dorothy Livingston November 20, 2015 at 1:30 pm

Yes, now that I have looked at Sears ratings, which show on average a 1.5 and 2 stars out of 5, I will not be dealing with Sears and their incompetence. I have spent an enormous amount of money at Sears but no more. You have traded competent customer service for sales, no matter what sale or at what anguish of the customer. Sears is not my favorite store anymore. I can’t believe it took me this long to see how incompetent they are. I went to the local store in Vineland, NJ and ordered a range. The store personnel, after charging my credit card, said they couldn’t give me a paper receipt but I would get an email receipt. They neglected to give me my warranty information too. It went on sale that week and I called to get the sale price, was told by the store i would get it. The next day I was told I wouldn’t be getting the sale price? I paid for hookup. They did not hook it up, they brought the wrong size hose. They left it in my kitchen and took my other stove? The delivery people were told to leave my other stove outside?? It came damaged and they expected me to keep it for a discount of $50? I requested for a return and they gave me no return confirmation or receipt. They picked up the range and the wrong connecting hose. I was credited for the hose the next day, but a week later the warranty and range have not been credited. This has been an exhausting, frustrating, depressing, anxiety filled week. Sears seems to have caved for money from any sales, not the satisfaction of the customer anymore. Be safe when dealing with Sears my fellow consumers


Brenda Williams November 18, 2015 at 9:48 pm

I’m not sure if I am contacting you in the correct area, but I hope if not this will be passed on to an administrator that can contact me with a reply. I use to watch the tv show with the home makeovers and was always so impressed with how much the Sears Cooperation was so generous in donating for the families in need. I am hoping that the generosity will continue.
I work in a residential treatment center in Waupaca, Wisconsin called Tomorrow’s Children. Please feel free to check out our website
All of our clients are placed with us through the court system and have been removed from their homes, foster homes, or other temporary placements because of behavior issues they may be having. Many of our clients have suffered from unimaginable abuse and or neglect of all kinds, some have mental health issues, all have some sort of behavior issues and our job is to try to help them as best we can to be the best that they can be. To be their teachers, parents, counselors, teaching and modeling appropriate behaviors, providing consequences for inappropriate behaviors, and keeping them safe is our number one priority. We are a nonprofit agency and try to do the best we can for our clients on a limited budget. We don’t work at Tomorrow’s Children to make money, we work there because we care about our kids and want to be able to do the best we can for them. We take donations to try to provide the best we can for the kids including clothing and recreational things like tvs, etc. Unfortunately the tvs we have are very old and falling apart with buttons being broken and sound systems not always working.
This Christmas season about a quarter of our clients will have some sort of visit with family, but many of them will be staying at our establishment where they live, with no safe place for them to go. I am asking for you to again show your generosity as a cooperation and consider a donation of tvs for our kids to enjoy. We have 5 different houses that our clients live in, each divided based on age and gender. Please consider making this a happy Christmas for some kids that don’t have much in their lives.
Thank you,
Brenda Williams


Alesia Lee November 10, 2015 at 11:54 am

This is the worse company ever. I placed a layaway and went to the store to pick it up. I was informed that it had been cancelled and a check would be mailed out. I called the store again for assistant they told me I had to call 88 sears and they did not have the number for me to call and that I would have to look it up on line. WOW REALLY. I looked up the number and they told me I had to call the store. I called the store again they tells me to call the 88 number again. SEARS is crazy if they think I am going to keep going through this. I don’t understand how you can just hold people money and think it okay. Since when do a company treat people like this. I’m sorry I am into customer service and this is not how I would do business. Shame on you SEARS for treating people this way SHAME ON YOU………….


Katherine Grace November 9, 2015 at 10:30 pm

This is the worst company to do business with. They never have anything from their ads. Today November 9th 2015 was the last straw. I have half a mind to sue them for false advertising. The weekly add came on Sunday November 8th 2015 so I saw a pair of boots I wanted I went to the store and of course they weren’t there but they said I could order them right now and save an extra 20%. I said ok! Well low and behold you guessed it, the boots are not even available at all doesn’t even give you the chance to pick a size. I will drive 200 miles out of my way for something just to not by from sears!


Adelanke Adebusoye November 9, 2015 at 12:37 pm

I’m sick and tired of calling and being ignored, hung up on, transferred back and forth. I need my refund. The e-mail below was sent by David Barrett but it is the wrong amount and he has not answered a single phone call nor responded to my numerous messages!Granted you do not care about customers, just refund the money collected for which services where not provided
Dear Mr. Adebusoye Adelanke,
We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused and trust you find our resolution to be fair.
In accordance with our policy of customer satisfaction, we are prepared to offer you the following, as a resolution for any trouble(s) you experienced related to your invoice number: 225712
We propose a goodwill refund of $187.40
Please sign and return this letter, within ten days, to our offices and retain one copy for your records
After you have signed and returned this release, your credit will process within approximately 28 business days.
We look forward to assisting you again in the near future and trust that you will rely on us again for your household needs.
The Sears Home Services Customer Service Team

After reviewing the entire situation, I agree to the amount of the policy adjustment stated above as full and final settlement of my claim.


Kyle Ray October 31, 2015 at 6:59 pm

I ordered a ring October 23, # 956336633. Was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Never received order. Checked account and said order was cancelled yet money was debited out of account. First lady I talked to at sears said ring was unavailable that’s why it was cancelled, we 3 wayed vendor and he advised he had ring that that was a lie and sears never sent the order to him. Second thing she said was well address and name was different than name on card. Well duh we have joint checking account and didn’t want ring sent to her home. Yesterday was supposed to be her day and now it’s ruined and we are out THOUSANDS of dollars. We had family fly in from all over U.S and Europe to be here for the engagement and dinner that never happened along with room and board n food. We started the process at 12pm yesterday n still at 9,pm had no answers. We talked to over 20 people including corporate. We never received a email or phone call saying order was cancelled or would of ordered another ring. We had customer service people give us false information. Lies, and even false names and I.DS, n even hung up on us. This is unacceptable and fraud. We have money taken from account and order conformation and no ring. We asked the money not to be credited back yet rather upgrade the ring to another one that is $200 more and Sears cover the extra charges. Instead of listening credited account back and want us to pay for ring again and or Price of new one. That’s ridiculous, we was offered $10 off which is a slap in the face. One said 10% off one 15% one 20% yet nothing was put in systems to confirm. My uncle is former state attorney of Georgia Michael Bowers and is already looking into situation and lawsuit which is not What I want, I just want a ring n want it overnighted and my fiancee happy. I’ll just eat the THOUSANDS I’m loosing in hotel,plan, and food I just want a ring and never been treated and disrespected so much in my life by customer service by so incompetent people. We are asking her account be debited back the original amount around$700 which you can look up through the order number and send us a upgraded ring order # 3zzva69336212p. Or even willing to to 20% off that ring and I’ll pay differences which is around $80. If we can’t get this resolved we will continue with lawsuit and cost of hotel, food, plane tickets, time taken off work, and pain and suffering. I hope we can resolve this ASAP, cause I Need a ring n need one yesterday. Please get back to me Asap at this email or 678-343-****. If I Don’t answer leave a message, I’m a firefighter/ Emt and working today and will get back to you. Thank you again and hope to hear from you sonny. Kyle Ray


Maritza Macias October 28, 2015 at 2:33 am

I recently opened a Sears Credit Card. My boyfriend called Sears to verify if an item we were looking for was at a particular store. The associate who answered stated the item was available and he could purchase it over the phone and just pick it up in store. Disclosure: My boyfriend is NOT on my account however, Sears allowed him to make the purchase never once asking him for my name. My boyfriend and I rushed to Sears and arrived five minutes before closing. We walked up to the kiosk and entered my information. We found my name stating pending delivery date 11/3/15, we spoke with someone in the store who stated the item was not in stock. We then called Sears to CANCEL the order since we were informed the item would be in the store and it was NOT. The associate stated the purchase would be cancelled, again NEVER asking for my name. A week later I open my front door and find the item delivered on my doorstep. I promptly log into my Sears credit card account and find TWO charges including delivery. I contact customer service and after explaining what was going on AND getting transferred to the online department the representative informs me that he sees a request to cancel my order however, there was an issue with the cancellation and it was transferred to another department for review. That department did nothing and therefore I was charged twice. The representative apologized and proceeded to advise me that the best thing to do would be to go into the store and return the item. At this point, I’m upset. I ask to speak with his supervisor and get transferred to a case manager. The manager proceeds to call me by the wrong name and state she can give me a 10% discount if I keep the item! How is that any help?? I obviously CANCELLED the purchase because I did NOT want it!! She then stated she would cancel the purchase that was being held in the store and credit my account however, in order to receive a refund on the 2nd item I would once again have to drive 20 minutes to the nearest Sears, and by suggestion of the case manager, check back two weeks later to make sure my account was credited!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!! At that point I asked for the corporate phone number to which the manager stated that was not possible and so here I am writing to all interested. I cannot believe the lack of customer service a store like this has. Your case manager had no authority to do anything but read was seemed to be a script for upset customers. I apologize ma’am. I apologize ma’am which by NO means seemed sincere. I’m asking to make this right.


Gerald McCarney October 27, 2015 at 5:12 pm

This is one of the reasons why Sears is going down the drain. My son and I recently moved my Sears workbench for once have the garage to the other. Model number 59742. In his haste he opened a drawer and bent the tour guide. Not a problem I thought? Buy a new one from Sears. The part that I needed is called full extension ball bearing drawer slide for that unit. I was told by your customer service online and even the sales representative in your store that they are no longer available since 2005? Yet the exact same for guide and workbench you are still selling at your stores and the different models of workbenches that have the exact same tour guide your selling at your stores. Why can’t you replace a simple part. It is not complicated. The only reason which my son said is Dad may want you to buy the whole entire workbench rather replace the broken part that I broke? If this is true , this is truly why Sears is going down the drain. Apart that cost about $8 to$10 if that is unavailable.
But the exact same part are available on every drawer guide that you sell on a Sears workbench today in your stores? I don’t need a $300. wok bench I need a $10 Drawer Guide? This is being ripped off.So please let me know if this is the case. It’s hard to comprehend that a store that I’ve gone to since I was six years old wants to take advantage of the public that bad.


Sheila kawasmi October 23, 2015 at 7:58 am

I wanted to tell you I bought a mattress about a year and a half ago and it has suck in the middle plus it is not comfortable at all. I need you to look into this matter cause I am fixing to call the whom ever I need to get this mattress changed. It is not the quality it should be. I can’t even sleep good at night it is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever had. I hope to get this matter resolved,other companies usely changes the product. I hope I don’t have to go outside and let someone else see these product is and that’s a bad one


Linda October 22, 2015 at 3:51 pm

I am online with a Sears Supervisor right now arranging to return a $2400 mattress order. I ordered a “bundle” for a California King Bed for $711. I received, for $711, a mattress and HALF of a foundation. I am told it would be another $169 for the other half. Rather than honor their advertised price, they prefer that I cancel the whole order. Great customer service.


sandra heath October 20, 2015 at 3:28 pm

Your decision to bow down to muslims has disgusted me,this is still America. The more that companies bow down to them the more power they achieve. Therefore I am boycotting you stores and suggest all American do so also. There are more Americans than muslims and we will see if your store can stay open with them shopping.


Paul Simon October 20, 2015 at 12:21 pm

Customer service seems like a thing of the past in dealing with Sears.
I have been a loyal customer for many years
Customer service needs help very badly
3 lawn mowers
2 washer and dryers
1 Rfrigerator purchased within last year
1 Range $1500 purchased earlier this year
First time we cleaned the oven a defect appeared in the enamel on the inside of the door.
The service technician said it would but not be covered but they would charge us for the door $83 and no labor
Why should I pay for something that should be part of the original price since it is defective
After talking to 4 different people yesterday I was told they could do nothing until tomorrow when the repair order is in system “CALL BACK TOMORROW”
So I did and got Ray ID052801 who is referring my concern to someone in the technical department. Ray is in corporate and said that someone would call me within 2-3 business days. System doesn’t work
2 of the people put me on hold so long the call was lost.


R S Bibbo October 14, 2015 at 1:32 pm

Hey Mr. Lambert, after reading all these complaints, I suppose it is not worth my time to try to reach you; it will be far easier just to file suit but I would really like to know how you can consider the seat of a RIDING mower as a “cosmetic piece”? Ever try to ride a riding mower without a seat. Not only that, you sell your warranty package before one gets a chance to read the contents wherein it describes a seat as “cosmetic”. Obviously, simply trying to avoid responsibility for inferior products. Try putting your butt on a seatless riding mower.


Diego October 13, 2015 at 7:19 pm

For months, I’ve been trying to speak with someone in regards to purchasing the rights to an old Sears ad (actually, Thom McAn, which Sears owns) that I want to use in a book I’m writing. I can’t say I really know who to call, but I’ve left messages with your media dept, marketing dept, and legal dept, all for naught. NO ONE has returned my calls. This has been going on for MONTHS.

I realize there’s no simple channel in which to handle a request such as this, but it’s gone from a research inquiry to a customer service issue. Why is it I can’t get a response for something like this? I’m not the kind of guy who would say, “I’ll never shop at Sears again!” due to this experience, but it shouldn’t be so hard to receive a response, if not a lead to the proper people with whom to speak.




Patti Ray October 11, 2015 at 9:21 am

To whom it may concern:
Yesterday I was ordering on line at your web site and after filling out all the information and hitting confirm order the website said the order did not process so I waited several minutes and started over, this time my order confirmed the process. Within minutes I received not only one confirmation but two where both orders had processed even though the first one had said it did not so I immediately called within 2 minutes to cancel one of the two orders since I only needed one. The first order # 955103720 was made at 11:22 and the second order # 955104807 was made at 11:32 and if you check your phone records you will see that indeed I called the instant I got these. My first episode with customer relations was with a woman whom was I’m sure doing her job but did not explain to me where I could understand why you couldn’t cancel that order and she told me I would have to return it to Kmart or Sears to get a refund which I tried to explain to her that I shouldn’t have to do when you could just cancel it since it was not my fault and there was apparently a error with the website plus I live in a small town and there is no Kmart or Sears anywhere near here, she then told me I could just refuse to except the order when delivered and I told her I work all day and no one would be home to accept or refuse it that people just leave things on your porch when delivered so that wouldn’t work either. After getting really frustrated and upset I ask to speak to her superior which she gladly gave me and I could barely understand anything this woman said because of a language barrier but again I was basically told again there was nothing that could be done so I ask to speak to her superior and after she put me on hold she returned saying they were on another line and would return my call within 2 hours which I thought was ridiculous so I offered to just hold on knowing that that person was not on a two hour conversation with anyone and I was told that was not possible and I ask for a direct phone number and was told I couldn’t have that either. The woman I spoke to wasn’t ugly or anything but I was very frustrated and she couldn’t seem to help at all. I hung up the phone and looked up another number where a really nice woman finally understood the situation. And told me that once the package was delivered that I could call this number 1-800-349-4358 and that they would gladly send me a return address label and I could just drop it off at the UPS store here in town, once received you would credit my account. Finally problem solved, nice plainly spoked associate, everyone is happy. WRONG – later that day some man named PATRICK ID # 002113 called me and said no I could not get a return address label and again I tried explaining what had happened and he told me it was not your fault and there was nothing I could do and when I told him it wasn’t my fault but apparently a problem with the website he BOLDLY INFORMED ME THAT HE FOUND THAT HARD TO BELIEVE!!!! I was furious that he implied that I was lying and told him so too and then ask for his full name which he wouldn’t give, ask for cooperate’s phone number that he wouldn’t give but finally did get his ID number and he gave me this email address, also I ask for the number he was calling from and he said 800-359-4358 but my caller ID said it was 800-697-3277. I am 58 years old and have worked with the public all my life and I have never been that rude to anyone much less implied they were lying, I was and still am beside myself with the actions that your company showed me yesterday, a mistake is a mistake no matter whom makes it and in this case it was cyber world but someone needs to fix it in a timely manager while showing respect and appreciate to the customer. If I lived closer I wouldn’t be shopping on line and this is the first problem I’ve ever had but it’s one I’ll never forget and it makes me think twice about ever dealing with your company again In the future. Saying all this, I now need to find out how you plan on handling this situation with Patrick plus I still need one of the two orders canceled or a return address label mailed to me. I would appreciate hearing from you asap so I will know you received this and are working to resolve this problem. Thank you.

Patti Ray
** Black Panther Cv.
Hernando, MS. 38632

Sent from my iPad


Shane L.Williams October 1, 2015 at 2:16 pm

I made the mistake of buying a Craftsman Lawn Tractor, 24 HP, 48 inch deck Model 917.20401 last year to replace my John Deere.

Unfortunately the engine continues to blow one cylinder. A service tech has been to the job 4 times this summer – replaced a head gasket, replaced a piston rod etc. I told them from the first call that a little box on the side of the engine sparked (shorted out) while I was mowing early in the year – since nobody can replicate the “spark” they have not tested the box to see if it is functional. As of yesterday it remains an inoperable piece of junk. The tech is trying his best but the bureaucratic process within the Sears warranty system is inhibiting his ability to meet the needs of this customer. The latest issue as of Sep 30, 2015 is the tech is ordering all of the parts to build a new engine with the plan to rebuild the engine in my driveway. While reviewing the cost it is almost as expensive as buying a new tractor.

At this time I want the tractor fixed, replaced or my money back.

I have always been a Sears customer but have become disenchanted as a result of this poor customer service.


Ron Nichols October 1, 2015 at 1:43 am

I ordered a lawn mower that cost $180 — I LOVE THE MOWER – but the amount of time it took to get the order correct and handle screw-ups on the inventory in store and to correct the billing ERRORS took about 6 hours – YES – 6 HOURS. And what is sad – years ago most of the tools and appliances I owned were from Sears. It is so sad to see such a great store of the past be in such a mess now.


Thomas Hammond September 29, 2015 at 11:55 pm

why do you not ship to Alaska we are in the United States Of America still ? maybe we should be part of Canada. I don’t understand Sears anymore they where a great store back in the 1970’s. maybe if you shipped to Alaska you wouldn’t be closing stores in the lower 48.


Rod Sapyta September 27, 2015 at 4:52 pm

I have NEVER seen such BADD service as the store in Brandon Florida. All I got is voice mail .ALL DAY LONG!!! I NEED TO TALK TO A LIVE BODY.WTF is WRONG with you people up there. THIS IS WHY YOU LOSE CUSTOMERS!!! I will not drive ACROSS TOWN for a replacement part if NO ONE will tell me if you have it. I will just buy all my things from JCPENNY from now on. HIRE MORE PEOPLE!!! …CORPORATE GREED!!!


Rhonda Atchley September 25, 2015 at 2:23 pm

My husband, Mitchell, and I purchased a washing machine from Sears a couple of years ago. It has been repaired 3 or 4 times and still does spin the clothes out after every cycle. The washer is under warranty. We were told that in order to get a new washer, there had to be 4 service calls in a 12 month period; we have had the 4 service calls. The last time the repairman was there, he noted that the washer was defective and we should get a replacement. He also more or less said, “be tough with Sears to get a replacement.” Well, my husband has been on hold for 30 minutes, twice in the past week waiting for somebody to answer the phone! This is ridiculous and terrible customer service. The recording he gets is, “All service representatives as busy please continue to hold.” Several possibilities are at work here. Either Sears appliances are so terrible that calls for service cannot be answered, no representatives exist or are answering the phone, or not enough representatives are hired to handle incoming calls. We are fed up with Sears! We also bought a lawn mower that’s had to be repaired once and now, after two uses, is not running. We are not giving up on getting our replacement washer. Sears, you need to take care of business!


Gerald Waldrop September 25, 2015 at 9:27 am

I have called Sears corporate to get Mr. Eddie Lambert’s email & left several messages & no one will call me back with Mr. Lambert’s office so I can get his email. These folks are the rudest people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. It is the same with all personnel at SEARS.

Below is a letter I wrote yesterday 9/24/2015 & wanted to send it to Mr. Lambert & cc: to BBB of Chicago & Call for Action in Birmingham, AL.

Please see if you folks have any luck getting through to the shield they have around a public owned official such as Mr. Lambert.

September 24, 2015

Mr. Eddie Lambert, CEO
3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

RE: Husqvarna/Craftsman Riding Lawn
And Repair Protection Agreement (RPA)

Dear Mr. Lambert,

I am writing this letter in an attempt to let you know what is going on in the company you are over, Sears.

I would like to start by saying this all started back in 2012 were I purchased a Husqvarna Riding Lawnmower (model # 917-240440) and a Repair Protection Agreement (RPA) from your store in Hoover, AL. I had many, many problems with this equipment. I called in the neighborhood of 12-15 times for pretty much the same problem’s and each time your service technician’s would show up to replace the same defective parts. Finally the transmission went out and Sears had me to go back to the Hoover store to pick out another one.

I picked out a Craftsman (model # 917.20391) and it was delivered on May 14, 2014. Almost immediately it started to exhibit the same problems as the Husqvarna. So I called and once again, Sears came out, however, it took a while for the repairman to come. He stated they were really shorthanded and he was going as fast as he could.

So he fixed it. I started having problems with the transmission (as it was and I could not determine at the time that was what it was).

I called toward the end July of this year to say it was really making a noise but I did not know where it was coming from and was told by the person I was speaking with, to call back when it broke. I told the lady, I don’t think it will make another cutting.

Well on August 4th, I started and after about 100 ft. it stopped in its tracks. I called and it took approx. a month to get a tech out to tell me the transmission was torn up.

He ordered another transmission and other parts he needed and they scheduled yet another appointment for several weeks down the road. He came to install new transmission and was in the process of replacing the drive belt and found the drive pulleys locked up & melted. Stopped the repair ordered the pulleys he needed. Came back on 9/21/15 in the late afternoon to only find that one of the parts they sent was not what he ordered.

The tech spoke to parts & his boss to let them know what was going on and I had been broke down since August 4, 2015.
Eddie Lambert

They scheduled another appointment for 9/29/15.

I called the 800 number with major concerns of the time that has passed from when I broke down to now. The call I placed was on 9/22/15. The lady I spoke with told me the parts were shipped via UPS and instructed me to call back when I had the parts in hand from UPS and they would get a tech out to me on 9/24 or 9/25.

So I called back and got the same old dog chase the tail routine with your wonderful customer service staff, including a supervisor (of which I have spoken to various one’s since 2012) all to no avail.

I have asked for a FULL Refund for the mower and a FULL Refund for the RPA so I can go somewhere else and purchase a dependable mower. As it is very clear to me, Sears isn’t the place to search for such equipment.

I have in/around my home, many, many items that have come from Sears. When they need to be replaced, it will be by other than Sears’s products.

I have filed a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau and Call For Action (Fox 6 On Your Side in Birmingham, AL)

The local BBB sent me an email stating they forwarded my complaint to the BBB of Chicago.

You folks sell products and the RPA to keep them going and I have learned that Sears only has ONE (1) lawn/garden tech in all of Jefferson County, Alabama. This means Sears cannot stand behind what they sell.

All I want is for your company to give me A FULL REFUND for the LAWNMOWER and REPAIR PROTECTION AGREEMENT in full, then please dispatch someone to come pick the piece of junk up.


G. Waldrop

cc: Better Business Bureau – 330 N Wabash Ave # 3120 Chicago, IL 60611
Call For Action – 1720 Valley View Dr. Birmingham, AL 35209


Beth Scott September 8, 2015 at 1:21 pm

I have read all of the other comments, but none equals what I have been through for the last twelve weeks: Stove under warranty:
Week 1-stove makes horrific noise, call service center
week 2-service person identifies problem
week3-part arrives, service person arrives, says part is broken
week4-2d part arrives, service person arrives, says part is broken
week5-3d part arrives, consumer is now wiser, opens box, part broken, calls customer solutions
week6–promised new stove, called to stop repair service since 3d part broken–treated rudely
week7-notified that stove would be picked up and washer delivered–eggs might be watery if I used that, called to stop that delivery, washer arrived anyhow
week8-stove arrived but people couldn’t install
week10-said they couldn’t get an installer to come to my house (10 mi from hometown store, 27 from major Sears store)
week11-still can’t get installer, said they would send me check for installation, just received a call saying I would receive installation check in 7-10 days
If you need a Sears #, call one of the following. They are not all I have had contact with because I didn’t start writing them down at first:
407-677-3591 800-236-1885 800-326-8738 800-497-4402 800-479-6351, Ext 6
800-469-4663 800-732-7747 843-726-3972 847-286-2500 877-878-3687
A once truly great company is in trouble according to Forbes. It’s simple to me: Sears has a logistics problem, which I would think centers on its outsourcing.


Jimmie L. Black August 28, 2015 at 3:25 pm

I have tried to order a part for my lawn mower that only costs about $8.00. I wanted it delivered to the store so I could pick it up. Was told they no longer do that and I would have to pay shipping which would make the part cost more than twice the price. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and since I have been a loyal customer for over 50 years I am not a satisfied customer any longer. I don’t understand why you are treating customers this way. I have loads of Craftsman tools, buy my tires there also. I’ve been very happy with Sears and your products until now. Will be shopping else where if this isn’t resolved…


Lee September 8, 2015 at 5:29 pm

sears customer service does not respond to problems the way that makes a customer feel like they matter. Sometimes I have a very hard time understanding them. One time I asked to talk to a supervisor and they said they were all busy so I couldn’t.
I have asked to speak to a store dept. manager he never called me. I have asked for a store general manager to call never heard a word from two different stores.
One store it was a problem and the other I wanted to tell them what a fantastic job one of their sales staff did to help me with a problem.
I have had a sears charge card since 1970 now sad to say I will not purchase anything from sears again. It is very sad to see how far Sears customer appreciation has fallen.


Alice Bonvouloir August 19, 2015 at 3:49 am

Our Dog Shadow was a great pet. She was a loving & Sweet little girl, She loved her Kong Ball Very Playful with us. one day after 10 long Wonderful years with her as part of our family. Shadow got sick she stopped Eating we called her Vet Doctor she said to bring her in to see what’s going on with shadow. Her Doctor said she had to have Surgary To Try To Save her life, Shadow had a 50% Chance of Surviving So Surgary went well But Shadow was Still Not Eating at all. After 3 day’s Shadow was getting Even Sicker., So we had to put her Down, This was the hardest thing we had to do. Your Pet is Your Family. She Passed on April 23rd., 2015
Her Vet Bill was High For the surgary & to put her down., So we need help to pay her Vet Bill. So Please Help us to do so.


gale holtz August 15, 2015 at 12:46 am

I ordered a $2,400.00 window 6-7 weeks ago. I was wondering why I haven’t been contacted. I gave the down payment, which was “cashed.” I then saw on about 8/10 that Sears had refunded my money back after 6 weeks. Why? I called to find out what the problem was and find out the manager did NOT place my order because “he thought” the HOA would not allow the color. Was I called to discuss this? NO!! Sears had my “money” for 6+ weeks before it was refunded. And NO ONE could call and inform me about my order was canceled? But… kept my money for 6+ weeks before refunded?
If I would have been called BEFORE he canceled my window, it would have been straightened out and I WOULD have my window by now. But he “lied to me” saying he got a letter from my HOA who denied it. When I questioned him on “who” sent the letter he gave me the name of the Property Management person.
I called the property manager and was told she never sent a letter. She called him and we are now on a three-way-call and he can’t hear me and he will call me back.
Yeah, right. He called me back and I asked him about the LETTER he told me he received. Oh.. a mistake on his part. Really… why tell me you had a letter when IN FACT you didn’t.
This is a situation, where NOW I have to wait ANOTHER 4-6 weeks for my $2,400 window. He said he would now order my window right away after talking to him.
Next thing I know, the WHOLE AMOUNT for the window was taken out of my account the next day. I didn’t have the full amount since I did NOT need to because the payment is due AFTER the window is installed. Now the full amount was taken out and I have a “NEGATIVE” amount and owe a $25.00 overdraft fee. How can Sears just take money out of my account without notifying people? My account number was for ONLY down payment. NOT the privilege of taking other monies.
This is the WORST treatment, considering I am paying cash. I thought Sears would be reliable but find it to be a different situation. I was going to get more windows from Sears, but with this type of service, I don’t know. I live in a complex where “many” people will need new windows, and after telling 2 people what happened, they said they will have to “think again” on using Sears.
I can’t believe it took 6 weeks to return my money, but took only one day to take over $2,000.00. The Better Business Bureau would like to hear about this treatment.


Randee Cassidy August 10, 2015 at 3:37 pm

I have NEVER encountered such rude and incompetent employees as I have when I called Customer Service at Sears’ corporate headquarters.

I was put through to four different customer service representatives (one named Frank, one named Mark and the other two I do not recall). After spending an inordinate amount of time with each one, the call was mysteriously disconnected. I did not receive a call back, although each one had my cell phone number and other contact information. Even the operator, with whom you are first connected, was rude and would not allow me to even ask a question.

This treatment is totally puzzling, as I was not rude or abrasive. With all the unemployment out there, is this the best you can do to represent your company?

As for the issue I was calling about, it is still not resolved. The problem with my refrigerator has been going on for months now, and I am at my wits end. Today, alone, I spent over five hours on the phone with various departments and the Warrenty service.

Fortunately, my husband and two of my sons are attorneys. I am ready to file a claim against Sears. I would love to make it a class action suit, so if anyone out there has similar complaints pertaining to unresolved issues with an appliance purchased through Sears and the failure of Sears to legitimately address those issues, please let me know.

As for Sears: I have been a loyal customer for over 40 years, reason being that your customer service, repairs and products gave me reason to be a repeat buyer. This incident has shown me otherwise. I am appalled and, quite frankly, angry by the treatment I have received.
Yours truly,
Randee S. Cassidy


Helen August 12, 2015 at 10:30 am

I am having some of the same issues with this company. If you file lawsuits, I’d like to be included. I have never seen a company like this before!!!!


Cheryl Hanna-Franck August 27, 2015 at 4:42 pm

I recently purchased and received a refrigerator through Sears outlet and have been getting a lot of run-around. The refrigerator that arrived did not match the description of the one I’d looked at online. I am in California so I’m not sure if it matters what state.


Atina Martiros September 2, 2015 at 12:57 am

Hello Randee,

I am an attorney as well, licensed in California. I would love to join your class action. The treatment, inompetence, and blatant disregard for customer service must fall within the perview of unfair business practices.

My boyfriend and I spent over $11,000 on Aug. 16, 2015 buying a refrigerator, washer, dryer, extended warranties, two televisions, etc. We were told the refrigerator would not be in until Aug. 25, so we postponed delivery until then. The television and appliance salesmen stood side-by-side ringing up the orders, with the supervision of the store manager. Everything was set.

On Aug. 24th, I phoned the delivery department to confirm that the two orders would be delivered together., which it was. My sister took the day off to be at the house to expedite the delivery process and lo-and-behold, the delivery man showed up without the televisions. He said, unbeknownst to us, that the televisions would be delivered on Aug. 29th. How does Sears choose when to deliver items to the consumer? Who works for whom?

We won’t even discuss the fiasco involving the washer and dryer which took 7 phone calls to the delivery department and a delivery guy come on Aug. 26th to rectify the sheer laziness of the delivery man who came before.

Now back to the TV sitation, the delivery was expected at 12:45 pm on the 29th, smack in the middle of our house/warming party, when we hoped to habe the televisions up and running. Surprising, not a single human being showed up from Sears. My mother received a call (mind you I must have provided the delivery department with mu cellular number at a minimum of 6 times, which they have never called) telling her that the delivery will be made on Aug. 30th at 4;45 pm. Yet another day of idling waiting around for Sears to delivery the products that I was charged for on 14 days prior.

About an hour befor Sears expected arrival, I received a call from ther update department advising that they must reschedule the delivery for Sept. 1st. Only one TV is in and the other TV will have to be refunded because they no longer carry it. We bought a TV that is one tier below their “top-of-the-line” Samsung TV. It hasn’t been discontinued and the store still has it on the shelf to sell, but I can’t seem to get it delivered to me.

I am at my wits end. The store manager won’t call me back, there isn’t a competent person to speak with in the delivery department, and no one seems to know their head from their knee cap. I am about to go to the store and ask for a refund of everything. I will take my business elsewhere.

After 30 years of my family and I loyally taking our business to Sears, I am truly disheartened at the companies persoective and posture as it relates to customer service. They will NEVER get my business again. I rather pay more and be treated better.

So long Sears!


wendi September 2, 2015 at 2:58 pm

I am having the same issues, if you file lawsuit I would like to be involved also, please contact me, its time for this to stop. Look at all the trouble people are having -THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED


Jeff Kukielka September 18, 2015 at 8:06 am

If this lawsuit is taking place, please let me know. If not, I will file my own. Have had an oven installed for over a week now (installed by Sears) that does not work. Sears has sent 2 technicians out and cannot get it working. At the advice of one of the technicians, I hired an electrician who informed me there is nothing wrong with the circuit breaker, $90 for nothing. My wife or I have spent a collective 12+ in the last week on the phone with CSR’s who cannot be understood or heard. When you ask for a supervisor, they are either busy (gee, I wonder why) or there are none present. A word of advice…..DO NOT have the rep tell you they will call you back in 20 minutes, an hour or within 48 hours. We have been told all 3. Yesterday, I was told 20 minutes and it was 2 hours and 38 mns. I was also told yesterday that I will be called today; not holding my breath. 3 days ago, we were told we would be contacted in 24-48 hours; that call never came.

SEARS. I just want a working oven. Please!


ron cresong August 4, 2015 at 6:57 pm

I am trying to spend over $5000 with Sears for appliance. Already spent $3500 and have had problems with delivery and after sending several e-mails making three phone calls I was told the store manager too busy and wont be able to contact me until Friday. This was from your so called customer service. I guess you can give me my 3500 back and keep your appliance and I will cancel my cart for the washer and dryer for the other 1500.

I was a corporate supply chain manager for 20 years and I am shocked by this type of response from your customer service I filed a complaint based on no one following up and responding and was told ok were too busy too respond we will call you Friday. Are you kidding. 636 448 6100 maybe you will get a chance to call earlier


Judy Price August 3, 2015 at 1:47 pm

I am a recipient of the Energy Renewal Program through SCE and the Gas Company. After meeting the qualifying criteria, I had a new 3 Ton, ground A/C installed on 10/31/2014 and inspected by the City of desert Hot Springs Building Official (BO) on 11/14/2015. The A/C was turned on and tested, the HERS rating was performed and there was a little tweaking that needed to be done before it was finaled by the BO. I did not use my brand new A/C until about 3 weeks ago when we had extremely humid and rainy weather, it was miserable. I have used my NEW A/C less than 10 times and the motor gave out and the unit quit working. When I came home from breakfast and opened my door, I was hit with a HOT stuffy house as opposed to the cool home I expected to return to. I called numerous phones number from the paper work that I had in my file, i.e. SCE, John Harrison Contracting (the installer) and every other number on the forms that I had. I was not able to speak to anyone, possibly due to the fact that it was a Sunday and businesses were closed. There was no emergency number to call and at this time my house was 89 degrees inside and it was unbearable. My dog was having problems breathing and my company had to leave as they were also struggling to breathe and adapt to the heat and stagnate air. I called a contractor that I personally know (I worked at City Hall for 9 years as a Counter/Permit Tech and issued the permits for the city so I had contractor information available to me. After getting no response from the previous phone calls, I called Dana Nicol a licensed contractor with a current city business license and asked him for help. He was on his way home from Disneyland with his family and said as soon as he dropped them off at home he would be right over to help figure out what was going on. It ended up being a bad motor that simply just gave out; after using my A/C less than 10 times??? Dana replaced the motor and everything is working great although I have not used it in over a week, I have been using my Trophy Aero Cool which works awesome when it is dry and not humid. I was told that although it was still under warranty, it would not be covered because I used a different contractor to do the repair. I had no choice, no one else responded to me and it was not only an exigent circumstance, but a health and safety risk to myself, my 6lb. 12 year old Yorkie that was experiencing labored breathing (see video). I am requesting to be paid back for the money I had to pay in order to get my A/C repaired as recommended by one of your employees to fill out a complaint form and submit it for reimbursement. Please consider the urgency of this matter and find in my favor and provide the customer service I believe I am entitled to.

Judy Price

P.S. My family has grown up using Sears products/appliances (Kenmore) for over 5 decades and this is the the customer service that I am receiving? Loyalty put aside, unacceptable under any conditions.


Lori August 2, 2015 at 9:24 am

I purchased a Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator last July. The original refrigerator came dented and had to be replaced. The replacement arrived within a few weeks but after 11 months we started getting an error message. I called Sears and they ordered a part to make the repair. The repair date was set for 11 days later, 11 DAYS WITHOUT MY REFRIGERATOR!! I waited all day for the scheduled repair and no one ever showed up. In the evening we received a call from the service technician and he informed us that we would need to reschedule. After some pleading with customer service we were able to get a repair tech out the next day. He informed us that we had the wrong part and that he would have to order three additional parts. He also told us that our particular model was having many issues. On July 8 he ordered the parts. We were told they would be arriving within a few days. A new service appointment was scheduled for July 18, 21 DAYS WITHOUT MY REFRIGERATOR!! On July 17 we still had not received the necessary repair parts so I called the customer service department. I was disconnected at least three times, re-routed to different employees at least 8 times. Finally, I was transferred to Elizabeth in Consumer Relations. She told me that the parts were back ordered until August 17. She also said that they would authorize a replacement refrigerator if the parts were back ordered longer than 21 days (July 29). On July 30 I called and spoke to Don in Consumer Relations. He said that Elizabeth was wrong and that our refrigerator would not be replaced. He said that policy says a replacement will not be issued unless the repair had not been made in 28 days. He also said that the parts were scheduled to be shipped that day. I asked him if a replacement would be authorized on August 5 and he said it would. My husband then called back to express his disappointment with the service we had received. He spoke to Kathy in Consumer Relations. She said the parts had been shipped and once we received them it would be up to us to schedule an appointment for the repair. After asking more than once, she was able to give us a tracking number for the shipment. We are waiting for the parts to arrive. It is now 36 DAYS WITHOUT MY REFRIGERATOR. Consumer Relations offered me an $80.00 credit to purchase a “dorm size refrigerator.” I am not sure how they thought going from a 31.7 cubic foot to a dorm fridge was even an option!!! The best solution for me would be to get a cash refund from you and purchase a new product elsewhere. I will never purchase a Sears product again.

Thank you,
Lori Heraly


Kirby September 5, 2015 at 11:06 am


We are dealing with the exact issue. The only difference is that we initially called about ours on June 8th. Today is Sept 5th, we had an appointment scheduled for today and finally have the correct parts. Called this morning to verify the appointment and found out it had been rescheduled to Sept 14. According to the person from we talked to, WE rescheduled the appointment. Nope, we cancelled plans for the long weekend because of the appointment. Was going to buy matching stove, microwave and dishwasher. Not happening now. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen. My wife is still on the phone, for 1 hour now.


Laura Clark July 29, 2015 at 12:20 pm



wendi September 2, 2015 at 2:56 pm


Just seen your post am having same issues and can not seem to get any help. Lets team up and see what we can do. The should be ashamed of their selves a company that has been around for ever and there customer service is terrible


Sally Eynon July 28, 2015 at 3:36 pm

I purvhasef appliamces on 7/14 online with a delivery date of 7/28. Called evening of 7/27 for delivery time. Was told 8:15 on 7/28. Never showed up. Called amd was told a system error canceled order on 7/16 which was the same day Sears took over $1400 from my debits card. But never called me. Your customer service lied. They could care less since they are in India. I needed these appliances and cannot get my money from Sears for a week. Shameful. No customer service at all. No wonder Sears is closing everywhere.


ralph musto July 28, 2015 at 1:23 pm

wow ! I planned to leave a complaint about a t.v. I purchased at Pheasent lane mall in New Hampshire, but after scanning some prior complaints its seem futile! here goes, got a brand new tv from grandkids for birthday/fathers day. had to wait for someone to come setup.when we opened box the screen was shattered. store says sorry you are 3 wks too late. only can return within 30 days.i am lifelong card holder at Sears, but sorry to says when i posted this on social media i did not find anyone who agreed with your policy. its too bad, i liked shopping the store but will cut up my card now,


Dee July 24, 2015 at 10:04 am

I will never use Sears again!!!!!!! Their customer service is horrible. All they do is transfer you to other departments and hang up on you. I’ve been on hold for hours and then the phone hangs up on you. I’ve been trying to receive my refund for over 10 days. This company is horrible and I wish I would have read the reviews before using them.


Laura July 29, 2015 at 12:23 pm



Nathan benton July 23, 2015 at 12:53 pm

I just bought king sized mattress and box spring from sears in Hayward, ca which is about 40 miles from where I live. The store gave me the wrong box springs and told me that I have to cover the cost for them to bring the right ones to me. The only thing that I could do is call corporate which led to NOTHING! THIS IS COMPLETE BS!


Jay July 21, 2015 at 11:59 pm

I have uploaded my recorded experience with lying Sears managers online so the world can see they are frauds. This is real, and from yesterday.
Super rude and incompetent lying people working at Sears.
I just had the WORST customer server in a store ever today. I purchased a Kenmore fridge 3 days ago, and went back to the store to get a price match, but the manager outright told me they don’t price match anything. Then after more complaining, I told her Sears has a price match policy, but she said they don’t adhere to any policy posted on Afterwards, I also showed her, on that same floor model, a sticker that says PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE, and she still refused to price match my item that I paid over $1,000 for on 7/17/15. The manger “Collen”, who also ignored me when I asked for her name, I had to ask all the floor staff until 1 person would tell me who she is.
You have manager who is lying, incompetent, and does not know how to be a manager refuse to give her name. This needs to be looked into. As of now, I had left Sears and still have not gotten my price match. My price has NOTHING to do with any friends/family discount because I understand that you don’t price match that, and I had told Collen repeatedly. Collen also went to other staff and informed them not to price match anything which I heard.


Bakshi July 17, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Last 5 days I spoke with 22 personal no body knows what they are doing. what a poor service with bunch of unprofessional.


Bakshi July 17, 2015 at 12:25 pm

This is in regards to the KENMORE Fridge I had bought Model #253.7041 July 1st 2015. We notice that our floor is rising up and water leakage. I called Sears to do the inspection she has created a case number and told me the some will be contacting you with in 72 HRS to do the inspection. Also they said the fridge will be replaced. Yesterday they brought the new fridge the time was 2PM to 4PM and delivery people showed up around 0445PM. When they moved the fridge there was water underneath along and also looks like they have broken the water line. And when they called me to inspect the new Fridge it has dent in the front lower panel. I was talking to the delivery she was very unprofessional on her end even the delivery guys also complain about her.

Now my Flowering is damage the risk is there is a electric panel very close to the fridge. I won’t this matter needs to be taken care ASAP.
If Sears is unable to satisfy my concerns I will take matters to a higher level. Please help me and do the right thing. Customer’s satisfaction should come first even. I have been buying all my appliances and lawn care items from Sears for the past 20 years.


Cheryl July 10, 2015 at 6:34 pm

Sears what has happened to you? I bought a Kenmore Elite fridge 4 1/2 years ago. guess what happened? Compressor burned out and I can not get it repaired by anyone correctly. the fridge was once quite and now sounds like a 1950 air conditioner, the compressor motor has not once turned off in over 7 hours and the freezer isn’t freezing or making ice. I ask you is the way a 3250.00 item should perform? I think not. First I called for service and spoke to someone that could not speak English, not good Sears. Finally got someone days later to come out after buying a one year warranty that I should not have had to since compressors should last at least 10 years and he did not have the parts on the truck because… wait for it… Sears does not stock Samsung replacement or repair parts. I thought I bought a Kenmore not a Samsung which has one of Consumer reports lowest approvals due to needed repairs. Had I known Kenmore was Samsung I would have shopped elsewhere. So after waiting 5 days for the part to come to my home and then 3 more for the appointment it was finally put into my fridge. But it is not working and I have to wait another week for another appointment and I can guarantee that another part will have to be ordered making it another week. Sears you should be ashamed of yourself. Eating out is expensive. The noise in the house from the compressor will prevent me from sleeping and I am being put out when Sears should be bending over to help me their customer. I will be complaining to everyone from the CEO to the BBB about this daily if I have to


Christine July 6, 2015 at 6:40 pm

Well looks like my story is the same as everyone else’s on here!!!!! Scheduled appt – was told you would be here between 3-6 – I called at 1:30 to make sure I was still scheduled & was told yes – no one showed up or called/ I spoke to a few supervisors & was disconnected by each one! They kept telling me they would reschedule on the 13th & I told them I’m not available, but they keep insisting the 13th …….they are a DISGRACE!!!!! I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from Sears again!!!!


Nora July 5, 2015 at 4:10 pm

I am very unhappy with Sears Customer Care Network and customer service dept. I ordered installation of a stove top I previously purchased from them on Tuesday, June 30th,I was contacted email on Wed July 1st with instructions to call to pay for installation to complete request,I did and was told by rep that provider would call to confirm appt the following day.The provider did not calle so I called customer Service and spoke with Judy after explaining twice what had occurred she placed me on hold and them informed me she had called and was sending an email to have provider call me,apparently an appt had been set for July 9th by provder,yet nobody callede,I informed her I was going out of town on thw 9th and upset that I was not contacted to discuss appts. She stated provder would call within 24 hours.On saturday I called again and spoke with leonard,I informed h I never received a call fr provider to discuss appt.he assured me he was handling this request and expediting it to make sure provider would service sunday or monday at the latest,I questioned sunday but he assurede he wouldake sure I was contacted and that he would also calle back, well today is sunday and i called sears and spoke with rep Ned earl andanger alondra and both ladies stated my appt set for the 9th and if I change it it will be lobger,also they can only send email and call tomorrow since provider closed today,souch for Sears caring about customers,they don’t hold their providers by any type of quality service standards to customers and basically once you pay ypu are on your own.


Bob Sitser July 4, 2015 at 2:39 pm

I love your tools, and had an idea, but I don’t know where to go with it. Your wrench and socket sets… I have bought just about every style wrench set you have ever offered, the problem with them is that certain sizes get skipped. If your a GM mechanic, you want 10,13,15,and 18mm in every set you buy. If you a VW mechanic, you need 10,14 and 17. I have bought some of you ratcheting sets and have had to buy a different brand wrench to complete the set for my work. With today’s tecnology, couldn’t Sears offer a basic set for one price, but give the option to change or add sizes online? I know bigger wrenches would cost more to make, so the price could go up a bit. And if you needed all smaller wrenches, the prices could stay the same, or be a bit lower. Of course that would mean each wrench set would have to have every size available, but I can tell you that I would have upgraded every set of wrenches I have ever bought. As far as the wrench holders go, that the set would fit in, I personally don’t use them, but they could be sold separately in different sizes. just an idea. This idea also applies to your sockets, that don’t seem to skip sizes as much, but you could offer larger sizes within the same set. Thank you.


lee July 3, 2015 at 12:11 pm

Fire the out sourcing company!!!!!!!!


Pam Nesbit July 2, 2015 at 2:20 pm


The girl at the switchboard will not answer anything, she transfers people to where ever she wants, I called 5 times back to back, was transferred to warranty, auto, never asked for any of these. THERE IS NOT ONE THING PROFESSIONAL ABOUT THIS RUDE GIRL!!




Cheryl July 10, 2015 at 6:36 pm

Pam I too am writing BBB for a different issue. Best of luck


Dragon lady July 1, 2015 at 9:33 pm

At Grosvenor mall—at Sears,ladies clothing department,fort worth,Texas—the clothing looks too old fashion, looks like for really old lady to wear. The dresses are ok, but l like blue Jeans with holes upon them—but I don’t find them at Sears at all—I want to only pay about $19.00 dollars. I don’t want to pay $40.00 to $60.00dollars for a pair of jeans with holes upon them.


alveeta nelson June 30, 2015 at 4:42 am

I have tried over and over again to speak with SOMEONE who can HELP ME!!!!! I purchased a mattress FROM SEARS DEPARTMENT STORE located AT GEENBRIAR MALL, CHESAPEAKE, VA. SOMEBODY need to contact me ASAP!!! This mattress has a sink whole in it that has dropped almost to the box. It is also leaning sideways. My entire body aches in pain and my legs and head throbs!! I TOSS AND Turn all night long!!! I am SO TiRED!! I will finally go to my physician for help. I can not take it ANYMORE!! LORD
KNOWS, I CAN NOT!! YOU ALL have done me so wrong!!!!

PS. . . Trying to type a help complaint on this site is also terrible. My content keeps separating!!


done me so WRONG!! d hads been reported to Sears on 6/3/2015
box! It is also leaning sideways.I beganbeen hurting ALL OVER and constant HEADACHES!!!


Cheryl Anderson June 29, 2015 at 10:03 pm

February 2014 I purchased a $3200.00 Zero Turn Craftsman Mower. June 2015 while mowing the grass, it just stopped moving. I had to PUSH the mower to my garage, which wasn’t an easy task. I went to the store where I purchased the mower only to be told that they don’t fix them and I had to call a 1-800 number. The Salesman gave me a number and I left the store. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I called the number and a recording said that I couldn’t call that number from my area (?). I went back to the store and let him hear the recording and he gave me a different number. I called that number to be told that the earliest date that they could send a repair person was July 13th. Now take into consideration that this conversation was taking place on June 11th. I told the lady that that was a month away and I have 2 1/2 acres that need mowing. Her reply to me was even though my mower is under warranty through Craftsman (which is the Sears brand), it does not cover the fact that I can’t mow. BUT if I pay $300.00 I can get the SEARS warranty that will cover paying someone to cut my grass in the event the mower breaks. I then said to her, “I paid Three Thousand Two Hundred Dollars for a mower that only worked one summer” and she said “hmmm, yeah that probably shouldn’t happened”. REALLY!!!
I considered this one of my big ticket purchases…seeing how supposedly you get what you pay for. I have NEVER be more disappointed in a ;product that I am right now. I will never go to another Sears store or any other business that is associated with it. I would have been better off going to Wal-Mart and spending a third of that money on something they would have least stood behind. Your business practices and customer service leaves a lot to be desired and I’m sure you don’t care one bit, but I have stewed over this and every time I look at my yard I want to SCREAM.


Lillie Bythwood June 29, 2015 at 8:09 pm

To whom it may concern,
I have been with Sears for the last 50 years, just in different states but the same company. I’ve never experienced communication like i have experienced in the last 3 months. I’ve called to make a service request and for some reason I spoke to someone who wasn’t very fluent in English and I asked to speak to someone who understood my language and I was disconnected from the phone call. This beginning around April 18th 2015 and I called back and I asked to speak to a supervisor and her name was Mrs. Eve who stated that she was the supervisor gave me me no last name and would not provide it or an initial. Speaking with her she disconnected me. Finally I called back again and I spoke to someone stationed in Arizona that set up the appointment and diagnosed the problem. Since then I have had an on going problem up until today, June 29th 2015. I have been getting numerous calls from Sears automatic service making appointments for me without my consent. If you read my notes on my record I have listed two numbers under my information. One cell and one house. Not one person from the office has called me on my cell. I have overwhelmed messages from the automatic services stating i need to call back, but why would I call back if I am not able to speak to a supervisor? I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life. My washer and driver have been repaired and I still get the calls saying that they are coming to fix them. Can you tell me why? This is so inexcusable. Thank you for your concern.
P.s each service man was very professional and helpful.


K. A. Cartner June 27, 2015 at 8:55 am

I am embarrassed and outraged by the knee jerk reaction of politicians and certain major corporate CEO’s over the removal of the Confederate symbols from State, Federal, and some retail stores. This is a political knee jerk reaction to a problem that goes much deeper than a flag. The whole issues of removing the flag is based on a false assumption and that is anyone who flies or purchases this flag is a racist!! This is entirely false and I think you know it. The flag has been around for 150 plus year and if you knew any of the flags history, you would know that it is not a symbol of racism. If you honestly believe that a person who hates blacks will change his heart just because the flag is removed, you are sadly mistaken. Racism is not about a flag, it is about what is in a persons heart. I submit that the young shooter or any young person is influenced more by the violent video’s, TV shows, computer games, and music with violent lyrics than they are by some flag, yet all of these are sold by the very outlets that have just banned the flag. This is hypocrisy at its worst. Why not focus on how this young man got so radicalized in such a short time? Reports are out that he actually had black friends 18 months ago. Did a flag radicalize him? I think not. I have heard that Sears will be following the PC crowd if this is true, I can tell you that I and many others will not be shopping Sears. Will you be removing the violent DVD’s, Video Games, and music as well if you are so concerned about the effects on young minds???


Pam Nesbit July 2, 2015 at 2:24 pm

You know why KA, because they don’t have a clue, all they are about is jumping on the ‘band wagon’!!




Maria June 26, 2015 at 1:35 pm

To whom it may concern,
I just purchased a refrigerator at Sears Outlet Philadelphia Mills (formerly Franklin Mills). The story of what I just went through with this place is long enough to be a novel. It spans three weeks, involves hundreds of dollars of perished food, canceled Father’s Day plans and the worst customer service I have ever experienced at any retailer in my life. I am sending this letter to headquarters and to every Sears customer service e-mail I can find on the internet until someone acknowledges the ordeal I was just put through.
The disregard for people’s time is unparalleled. I visited the store eight times trying to take care of this problem on my own. (I didn’t even visit my house that many times before I bought it – why should I have to for a fridge?) No one wanted to bother with me except for one woman who seemed to be the only employee who cared about the integrity of her work. Unfortunately my problem did not fall into her lap until two weeks after my initial purchase. Maybe if I had met her before I would not be writing this letter. But still it needs to be said that the rest of the employees at that store have a lower IQ than the ants in my yard. And they could take a lesson on manners from a monkey. I gave no one any reason to treat me like I’m worthless (which is exactly how I was treated). And if it has anything to do with my accent, then all I can say is that is racial discrimination. I am a paying customer to be treated with respect, not to be walked away from and tossed from person to person like a basketball. I have a demanding job and I had to sacrifice hours of work to accommodate so called “managers” or “people in charge” only to arrive and be told they were not around. Ever.
Maybe I should have known better on day one to turn around and walk out the door when the six employees standing around preferred their conversation about weekend plans over acknowledging my presence.
I will gladly pass along the tip about this store to everyone I know so I can spare people I care about the grief of what I was just put through.

M. S.


Cathy Magalis June 21, 2015 at 2:03 pm

VERY DISCOURAGED with Sears repair. Purchased a new refrigerator last October 2014. With in 2 weeks Sears repair had to come make a repair/adjustment to water filter that was incorrectly installed.
Now it’s June 2014 and our ice maker is not producing ice. Called Sears repair June 8. They scheduled avrepsircdate on June 19 between 8 AM & 5PM. No one showed no one called. I called three times, my husband called twice. Was told they would arrive between 5 & 7…..never showed, never called. We called called Saturday and spoke to several different people. Now they want to schedule for July 21. No can do because we are leaving the 23rd for FL and will not return until Nov. by then the warranty will have run out. We STILL have not received a call from anyone to explain why no one came on June 19. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Sears apiances but this is my last one. I will never purchase another thing and especially any appliance. They are down right ROTTEN TO DEAl WITH. Never again. Here I am with a brand new refrigerator which has been paid for and I cannot get it rrpaired as promised. I will discourage anyone and everyone I can from purchasing from them. Oh and my husband was told yesterday he would be receiving a call from their routing drpr within 3 hours….that was Saturday about 2…it’s now Sunday 2 PM….still no call.


Kelly Calloway June 23, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Call corporate iq and tell them! I had to do same, local store purchase, expensive french door stainless steel fridge with two icemakers and multiple issues. Repair man was here so much in first few months I knew him and his family info by heart, great guy and tried hard to help me. They only allow one open ticket for repair and until closed ticket will not allow further repairs. Local Sears appliance mgr lied to me repeatedly about having ordered new doors for my fridge. Just before expiration date on warranty I called and got runaround, called corporate, refused to speak to anyone on lower level call center and asked for escalation of issue. Got fast results only after calling HQ. They replaced my fridge with a new one and were wonderful. Of course, I got a different brand since LG was so terrible about issue. Sears came through there, but customer service is one of the worst as far as ability to process efficiently or effectively, they can only read script, so if you don’t fit what they have script for, you are scfewed by Sears. Call and write Sears Holdings in Illinois!
Now I need to find someone to erect a 15×30 steel pool I bought from and can’t get a straight answer or referral. So, here I go again.
Good Luck.


Mendy June 16, 2015 at 8:24 pm

Unfortunately, I feel like i have to escalate a complaint about your repair service….again. 2 years ago it took more than 4 months and 4 service calls and probably 14 phone calls from me to fix our washing machine, which only needed a new gasket. Between the parts and service department, nobody could coordinate getting the parts and the right techs here. it was only after i wrote to the CEO that i got a response. Here we are again, 2 years later with an issue with a brand new kenmore elite refrigerator. Against my better judgement i bought another appliance from you and within a year, it has a major malfunction and has been more than a month to get fixed with no end in sight. there is an error code that means water collects in the base of the refigerator and the ice machine doesnt work. your techs came out two weeks ago to fix it and noted we needed 3 new parts. those parts were to be shipped to us and none of them have arrived. Nobody at sears can tell me when the parts will arrive and when they might ship. i have received 2 calls and 2 emails about this and i get a different non-answer from them all. your service continues to be a disaster. i can assure you this will be the last product of any kind we will buy from sears.this is a disaster.


Kelly Calloway June 23, 2015 at 12:50 pm

Escalate it every time. Call HQ in Illinois. Write them. When you get the right person, it goes fast and you will be well cared for professionally and effectively, like in the Old Days when Sears was the best. Until you get that person, customer service is a nightmare and a bad joke. The only thing people should be doing is calling and writing HQ and insisting on escalation with one hand, while writing the BBB and local states attorney office with the other. Until we do, we are a satistic on a piece of paper and service still stinks, because corporate doesn’t look at us, just at the numbers on paper.
Good Luck.


Jack Weaver June 15, 2015 at 3:54 pm

If there ever was a poster child for the absolute worst business model in corporate history it would be Sears Holdings.I am in awe at their incompetence. I have never had a satisfactory business purchase from Sears and avoid hem like the plague . When you buy from them it is a roll of the dice at best.

I ordered one simple item, gave them the page number, the item number, etc and got about as different items you can imagine. Then trying to find some one in their call center that even comprehends something is impossible.. Still do not have it resolved and there is no corporate management you can even get by telephone, fax, email, etc. They are one screwed up operation and frankly need to go out of business.


mark barstow June 12, 2015 at 8:55 am

To whom it may concern,

We purchased a swimming pool liner from Order # 816454267 for our swimming pool. We went directly to the Auburn Massachusetts store to do the transaction. The total transaction at time of purchase was $366.63. Upon installation we noticed the liner did not have the proper bead to fit our receiver. The description on the website said (require a beaded receiver for installation (not included). Please note the preceding excerpt came directly off the website. It says nothing about a special receiver. Therefore we had to return the liner at our expense which the cost us out pocket $22.08 of which I should not be responsible for since I already paid for the Shipping at the time of original transaction.

I feel I am owed compensation and for our painstaking saga begins here.

When we returned the Liner we notified the customer service department of the Tracking Number of the liner & kept in complete contact with them. We returned the liner via UPS (please see attachment) showing the tracking information on the shipment. Our liner was received at Unbeatable Sales warehouse on June 3 at 10:41AM. We received an acknowledgment email stating once the item is received, our refund would be processed within 24-48 hours. That means that by the email we received from Sears stating our refund would be processed within 24-48 hours by the end of business on Friday June 5th we should have had a refund posted to both our credit card and debit card and our gift card should have been in the mail as we used three forms of payment to make the purchase. Well the funds were not deposited on Friday.

On Monday June 8th – I called Unbeatable sales to inquire about our refund. Unbeatable sales told me that they received the liner back the return was processed and forwarded to Sears for them to take care of processing the return as Unbeatable sales does not process the return. This information was sent to Sears on Friday June 5th. So my next phone call on Monday was to . I spoke with an associate named Rei who assured me that the money would be returned to my account no later than Tuesday June 9th this call took 18:07.

On Tuesday June 9th – when we checked with our financial institution they showed no return funds pending to our account. I called back to find out what was going on the call taker I spoke with told me that the refund process takes 3 to 5 business days and that my refund had not even been processed yet at that point I asked to speak with a manger. The manager gets on the line (after a lengthy hold I might add) and says let me see what I can do about getting this expedited for you. You should see funds tomorrow which would have been Wednesday June 10th. This call took 48:53.

On Wednesday June 10th – again we check with our financial institution and again no return funds showed going to our account. Again I call back on Wednesday. Once again by the call taker I am told that it takes 3-5 business days to get a refund at this point it’s now been 6 days and still we do not have a refund. Again I ask to speak to a manager. The manager gets on the line and says that they have escalated my issue to the next level. I ask where is my refund? The response I get is “we are working on it no time frame available”. But they assure me it’s been escalated. I ask to speak to someone of higher authority after being put on hold for the person of higher authority and they never answered I finally hung after being on the call for 1:17:06. At 9:04PM Wednesday night I get a call back from the escalation team at sears telling me that they are reviewing my situation to get it rectified and for that I am grateful however they tell me they need another 24 hours to get me an email on what’s going on. I said that is completely unacceptable at that point we are going on 7 business days of no refund. I said it needs to be faster than that. They assured me they would do the best that they could. After she told me this I asked her to speak with someone who had the authority to make this happen. Her response to me was I’m sorry that department doesn’t take phone calls they only respond to email or regular mail. I have to say that is preposterous in today’s world of technology not to talk to the customer and get issues resolved is very cowardly of any store. I work in retail for a nationwide chain store and it takes 1-3 business days to get a refund back on your credit/debit card. This call took 21:17.

This morning June 11th – I get an email from sears stating that we should expect to see our accounts credited in 5-7 business days and they gave a breakdown of how the funds would be applied. In the breakdown I discover that I am NOT getting reimbursed the same amount of the Original transaction $366.63, It’s much less $344.67. I am not being compensated for the initial shipping charge, the taxes paid are different on the refund, and to top it off – I have to wait yet another 5-7 business days for our refund. So that means at best it will be 11 business days for us to get a refund that we were told ( and have email documentation of) would take 24-48 hours. 11 days is a far cry from 24-48 hours. This is ridiculously absurd. I have never waited for a refund like this. Not to mention we are not getting reimbursed for the shipping initially or to return the liner which totals $42.73.($20.65 at time of purchase and $22.08 to return).

As a former employee of Sears for nearly 9 years : I cannot believe that the core values of Sears customer service have gone by the wayside and that sears would rather desecrate the customer as opposed to help the customer. I feel that we are definitely entitled to the shipping charges being refunded to us as well as some other compensation for this pain staking ordeal that no one this earth should ever have to go through to get a simple refund. To this point I have spent a total of 2:45:17 on the phone attempting to resolve this matter (this does not include the call I will be making today) that will put it over 3 hours on the phone.

Please respond in a timely manner how SEARS plans to handle the situation, a firm date of when my accounts will be refunded a breakdown of the amounts each account will be refunded, How the shipping charges will be refunded and the type of compensation we will be receiving. Now to add to this already painstaking debacle I have to call yet again because the email address that was provided to me to get through to sears corporate headquarters was wrong. So now to get the proper email address and attempt to get an update on the situation that call takes 19:57. Yet more of my time wasted on the phone to get something straightened out that should have been taken care of a week ago.

On June 12th, in the afternoon Again I have spoken to another Customer Service Rep; for the extenuating amount of time 2.5 hours on the phone I think is ridiculous and get another story from the Representative with a different amount of authorized refund amount, yet she states $324.09 I will be getting back in approx 7-10 business days. How can my refund go to $324.09 when original purchase of $366.63 plus I also paid another $22.08 on top of the 366.63 to return the item. AGAIN – I have been lied to – this refund has NOT been processed as the Amounts keep changing constantly & NO ONE can explain why its taking so long for your SEARS.COM site can not approve the REFUND…… THIS IS UBSURD!

I am also attaching copies of my receipts for you to look at as well as the tracking information on the return. I am very disappointed in sears at this point I have NEVER seen SEARS treat any customer this way never mind a former employee. I hope that this is not a permanent change where sears has NO regard for the customer and could care less about the customer.


Thank you in advance for your help with this disgruntling situation…



Kelly Calloway June 23, 2015 at 12:56 pm

Your local states attorney office, fraud complaint. Then BBB. Then send copies of all of it to current CEO at Sears Holding, whose name is listed on their web page. Only get name from there, other names online are not current.
Good luck.


Lillie Bythwood June 29, 2015 at 8:12 pm

i agree with you Mr. Mark and hope yall will take a lesson from this.


Joe Ligon June 8, 2015 at 8:39 pm

Order #:769805743

I have been a loyal sears customer since 1960 when I used to buy from the McAllen store. I also worked as a tire changer in the Corpus Christi stores in 1968 while I was going to Tech school. All of my tools are Craftsman and most of all my shop equipment is as well. For Christmas 2014 I bought a Mastercraft smoker, Model #:20070411 from Sears.Com. I wrapped the gift for a friend that was coming to spend the holidays and when he was not able to come, I set the gift aside to give to him whenever he arrived during 2015. June 7th he arrived and I gave him his belated Christmas gift. When he opened it, it was a Mastercraft Model #:20071612. The units are completely different, one is manual and the other digital and automatic. This unit has no window, is not stainless steel and no digital remote control.
I talked with Sears return people today June 8, 2015. The lady I talked with sounded Indian or Pakistani, and was barely understandable. She transferred me to a man, Drew, that also sounded Indian or Pakistani, but was a little easier to understand and he worked to help me. After being on hold for few minutes, I was told that the return policy for this item was 60 days. I understand that if I asked for a refund, there might be a problem with a 6 month delay. However, I feel I am entitled to receive the equipment I ordered when the wrong equipment was shipped. I could turn this over to my credit card company to resolve, but I think that a corporation with the reputation of Sears should be able to resolve this matter directly and your help would greatly be appreciated. Thank You.


Nancy Mantooth June 3, 2015 at 3:39 pm

I really feel this complaint won’t do an good, but it might make me feel better. Back on 10 May, I was mowing my yard with my Craftsman lawn tractor and a front wheel fell off. Since I have a maintenance agreement plan, I called for an appointment to get it fixed and the earliest day available was 3 June (today!!). Yesterday I got the robo-call that the repairman would arrive between 8-5 so I took today off from work. This morning I received a call that there would not be a repairman available today and I was now rescheduled for 1 July. Yes, 1 FREAKING JULY!!! I have since spent the past 5 hours trying to get this resolved and have been hung up on twice, transferred to a Spanish speaking line, and told repeatedly that there was nothing could be done. I got the Executive Resolution people who apparently are just more people who can’t help, but get paid more for doing nothing. Their solution was to put me on a “quick call” list so that IF someone cancels between now and my new appointment date then I can drop everything at work and rush home to be at THEIR convenience. I suppose that is better than nothing but in my opinion, twice nothing is still nothing. I gave them 3 option that would satisfy me – 1) get a repairman to fix my lawn tractor the next day he is at work, even if he has to be paid overtime. 2) get me a new tractor. 3) pay to have my lawn mowed until they get my machine fixed. Their answer – 1) won’t even consider it. No one gets overtime at Sears and they sure aren’t giving it to a mere repairman. 2) they won’t replace a lawn tractor unless there are 3 service calls in 90 days. I can’t get 1 service call in that time. 3) Too bad for me that my yard is 3 acres and costs $150/mowing. They will only give me $50/week for a total maximum of $200.
I am going to continue until I get my worthless Craftsman lawn tractor fixed and then I am going to replace it. I can guarantee that it will not have Sears or Craftsman on it and I will never bother to consider Kenmore appliances for my house when needed. If this is how their customers are treated, they don’t need me as a customer.


Kati Howerton June 2, 2015 at 1:41 pm

Are you freaking kidding???? I am so livid right now I can hardly stand myself. SEARS, as it stands now SUCKS!!!! Your customer service is non existent, your reps are smartass people who could not care less if they put for the effort. I worked for Sears for many years and would never have dreamed that this is what SEARS would become. How dare you sell faulty products and put customers off for lack of giving a crap!!! YOU SUCK as a company and we will never, ever purchase anything from you!


panida chuaycharoensuk May 25, 2015 at 6:16 am

My name is panida chuaycharoensuk i was accuse of stealing from your store location in. In bakerfield California. Your attorney just mail a leetter saying you would file a lawsuit against me if didnt for 600 hundred dollar which is in my opinion it really f***ing low. Since didnt took anything. Now my question is why do i have to pay for something i dont even have. Sadly i been you guys customer and a shopaholic i think becore incident to be honest each o went i spend about i don’t know 300 -400 hundred dollars there i was going ther 3 to 4 a week . im not suppost why you guys are not doing so well in succeeding to keep running if this how you treat all your good paying customer. As long i have money there is a lot to buy clothing that cheaper well made and muslch customer service skill. So i just want to let you know . go ahead proceed im on disable and i don’t you gain any money from me well good luck with the attorney fee and court fee all for what i dont even understand low you jmguy have become to treat money out people for a non existing merchandized that you guys still have. And the is part i offer to just pay for it at the store but no . and to be honest if really guilty. Wont a police report. Or me spending ib jail pr criminal court. Wow i don’t know that he say or she say or in court they will hearsay. Well you sen to do this have a real professional attorney that know how to talk people and not offending peoples . umtil them im going in touch with disability lawyer and see if this is not discrimination against the disable or my race or gender. Will if you want to contact my phone number is (661)247-****


Jerry Russell May 24, 2015 at 3:21 pm

RE: Invoice #IN6612612
5/22/15 8:08 am
Sometimes managerial decisions can be very detrimental to a companies bottom line. I was a Sales Manager with a Fortune 500 company for some years and my personal and company motto was “Do not let small problems become big problems by not rectifying these ASAP, with the least operating cost for the company and truly consider all request from the customer, no matter whether their digression or ours.”
I dropped my Toyota 4runner to Sears (#6205) Augusta Mall, Augusta Ga for a oil change and tire rotation. “Joe” called me and said no record of the tires being bought from Sears, to which I informed him that I purchased them elsewhere and he said that would be a charge for the rotation, to which I said OK. Picked up the car at noon same day, and immediately noticed the “VSR TRAC and TRAC OFF” light were on. I called “joe” and he said they must have been on when I dropped it off, which they weren’t. He also said he conferred with a technician and said they “did not do it”. I went back today 5/24/15, and “joe” said that something happened to it after I had left the store. He actually said “If you take it to Toyota dealer and they said we did it, he would fix it…..” This “grain” of thought will limit our auto experiences in the future.

Jerry Russell
Grovetown, Georgia 30813


sandra walker May 19, 2015 at 6:32 pm

I ordered a vacuum cleaner about 4 hours ago, paid with my Paypal account, and decided I didn’t want the item. I followed a “Cancel an Item” link on the and called 800-349-4358 only to be told that I could not cancel it. I was given 3 options to return the item: 1) do not accept delivery (what if I am not home and the item is left anyhow), 2) take the item to the nearest Sears store (I am a female and cannot lift a heavy box), 3) pay for the item to be returned. None of the 3 choices is acceptable. Please cancel Order #819980454 for me. Thank you.


Tony May 19, 2015 at 4:36 pm

On April 24,2013 i purchased a Craftsman 2700 PSI power washer for $290 from Sears.I used the power washer twice to wash my small deck and ranch house for a total of approximately 6 hours..On April 15,2015 i attempted to use my hardly-used power washer and the pump exploded leaving the power washer useless i soon after became very ill and once better,on April 26 ,2015 i returned to Sears with my broken yet hardly-used power washer . The only thing i was told vwas that no one could help in this matter because the item was now out of warranty (The power washer come with 2 years of warranty from Craftsman) I feel an overwhelming need to explain how dissatisfied i am withthe poor level of services and understanding in this matter an because of this occurrence.After 40 years of business,i will no longer shop at Seras but rather shop at other stores that value their customers and work to retain their business..Thank you for your time Antonio Mastroianni ** brunella av piscataway nj 08854 phone 732 968 **** t****


betty cordell May 19, 2015 at 8:05 am

sears northgate mall chatt ten
sears auto said would price match any price we had so we got prices from Costco and discount tires in Cleveland tenn
scott the mgr told the assoc to price so he did then told us they did not have tire
so we went back to get another brand and got another person told him about the other tire we wanted but sears did not have it but he looked in the computer and he said we have the tire upstairs we asked him to look for sure and he did so we said we would take them but scott said he could not meet the price because it was too much I had paperwork in my hand where sears said would match but he still would not sears best price was over three hundred dollars more than the price I had phone number 4236188053


Mrs. B May 18, 2015 at 6:54 pm

I had an apt for washer repair today from 3-6. Nobody showed up. When I called I was told the technician showed up and nobody was home….that is a LIE. From 3:00 to 6:00 I sat 12 feet from the front door and nobody knocked or rang the door bell. I have a dog that barks anytime someone comes to my door….so the technician just lied so he could quit and go home early I guess. I am very disturbed but compounding this issue is the fact that I have been hung up on 6 times by phone people (who speak very little English)…after the first 2 hang-ups I started taking their names (Josh, Denie, Nicholas, Maui) or I am just left on hold so long (20 minutes average) that the phone rings back to the original answer person. Now I am told I have to wait until THURSDAY to be rescheduled … is MONDAY. No one cared one bit that any of this happened (Nicholas even told me I was rude) and perhaps I was but he was the 5th try at getting this resolved and you can probably imagine that by then I was angry and frustrated….I asked for an earlier apt and was told there was none…..why would you not squeeze me in since it is SEARS fault that I did not get repair service today… is your fault for hiring dishonest technicians that lie. If I did not have the warranty that the original scheduler sold me I would just chuck this up to I WILL NEVER USE SEARS AGAIN….AND I PROBABLY WON’T. THIS IS JUST A HORRIBLE WAY TO TREAT A CUSTOMER!!!!!!


mike ferrer May 17, 2015 at 8:51 pm

been to sears auto 3times Edison mall ft myers brakes on truck had replace rotors pad calibers shoes two times went there sat 5-16 2015 grinding noise no stopping mech comes out flashlight looks ok says caliber are fine just drive it so off we go drove to tampa fl coming home grinding and no stopping almost get into accident almost crashed into car in front of us now this will be my 4th time back there at 2200dollars just fix this problem we don’t feel safe


jim ayres May 15, 2015 at 8:06 pm

wife Purchased leaf blower for me for Christmas. I took it out of the box in mid march to blow leaves. It would not start. Took it to Sears store in Onalaska, Wi. It was sent in for repairs. Nobody knows where it is now. Four trips to store (120 miles round trip each time) and dozens of phone calls and I still do not have a motor for my brand new leaf blower. What the HELL do I need to do to get a new motor for the new motor that was sent in? Somebody has to have the authority to get me a new motor.



Diane May 15, 2015 at 1:04 pm

My mother and dad have used sears as long as i can remember.They always get the extented warranties, every time they need repair or services there is a problem. Two years ago the air conditoner needed repair it took them about 3 weeks to repair. At the time my mother was 80 years old and had lung disease(3 weeks! summertime!). Now my stepdad ,who is 72years old is needing a repair or service of the air conditioner. first they told him monday, then friday(5/15/15) today. Now the are telling him 5/30/15.!!He has already been without air 2weeks.We live in aAabama ,it is hot.He said he is ready to throw it out the door.! come on we need some service.!!!!


Elizabeth Light May 12, 2015 at 9:01 am

I bought a top of the line Kenmore refrigerator from Sears 14 months ago for more than $2000. Within one week the refrig was not working,a major component was malfunctioning and the whole unit had to be replaced and the service department did so within 48 hours. Now the freezer mysteriously stopped working. Called the call center for a repair appointment. The “earliest” day they could give was June 1st, more than 3 weeks out!!! I complained and asked to speak to a Supervisor. The woman at the call center said “they did not have supervisors.” When I insisted I speak to someone who has more authority she put me on hold to speak with Eliza, Supervisor of the Repair Department. So, was she lying or is this a routine tactic Sears uses with their customers? Eliza was now, mysteriously, able to secure a repair appointment for May 20th. Given that my freezer is NOT WORKING and the appliance is only a year old and I lost all of my frozen food, I asked for an earlier appointment only to be told this is the best they can do. For the money I spent for an appliance that should work fine for several years and already I have had TWO MAJOR problems, either Sears should send an immediate replacement or fix the freezer in a manner more timely than a week. This is poor customer service at best and deplorable business tactics at worst. I expect a better resolution than what I have been offered.


Tom Jellinek May 7, 2015 at 11:25 am

About 30 Days ago my $3,300.00 Kenmore refrigerator, about 2 years old, stopped functioning, both the freezer and refrigerator, lost all our food and had to wait 7 days for the first service call. The technician came out and said it was the main control board (mother board) and he replaced it on the spot. The refrigerator never cooled down and so again i called for service and he came out again, this time in 1 or 2 days, I forget. Same technician now diagnosed a bad compressor and liquid line drier. The parts were ordered, delivered to my home and installed 5-1-15. I waited for 48 hours to put food into it which was Sunday after 3:00pm. No again on 5-7-15 the refrigerator has gone bad again, lost all my food AGAIN. Already have a claim for $250 for the first time. Do I get $250 again as I lost all my food again? My next appointment is now for Monday 5-11-15. Until such time, my family will have to eat out every day 3 meals a day, not cheap. I do have a warranty protection in place from Sears. I would think at this point a new refrigerator would be offered, I do not trust this one anymore, but the papers say I have to have four breakdowns in a one year period. How ridiculous is this? i am in the HVAC industry and know that all the major components of the refrigerator have been replaced at this point and if that would happen in my business, we would not hesitate to offer a replacement over throwing money out the door by keeping trying to repair it. I am getting nowhere fast on the phone with both service appointments and customer solutions. Someone at Sears Corporation is authorized to allow me a replacement refrigerator and I would like this to become reality. I am also having to take copious amounts of time off work, losing thousands of dollars of salary. What happened to Sears customer service? I can’t believe with the costs of overhead, workers compensation insurance and labor costs that this is cost efficient in any way, I know, I deal with this on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that Sears is heading for the scrap pile.

I look forward to your response and my replacement refrigerator.
Best regards,
Tom Jellinek


Geraldine A. McCoy May 6, 2015 at 6:25 pm

I have faxed a Verification of Termination of Employment to (847) 286-8351 to go to your Payroll department. I need to verify the person on the verification’s termination date in order to process a recertification that may entitle our client to additional benefits under our program. We work under (HUD) The Department of Housing and Urban Development and this information is required by law.
Please contact me at either our office ph# 512-321-**** or email me.
Thank you
Geraldine A. McCoy, Housing Representative for the Bastrop Housing Authority


Nancy Schmitt May 1, 2015 at 9:29 am

We purchased a Kit – Outlet Alum (Part 190634GS) for our Pressure Washer (Model 580.752300). My husband bought the special torque wrench to install this. When he torques it to 20 lbs, the Outlet Part snapped and is now broke and the threaded part is now in the power washer. We now do not have a power washer and cannot get the threaded part out. The Outlet part was to be torqued to 70 lbs. We are at a loss and cannot just go out and purchase a new power washer. Just want to let you know that I am very disappointed in this Sears part that destroyed our power washer. When I called Sears they said they would give me credit for the part as it was defective. Is there any way you can give me credit to purchase a new power washer? I have always trusted Sears, but this time I’m doubtful….. Order No. W722183 for the part.


Randy aleman April 29, 2015 at 10:18 pm

We made a home improvement purchase and were mislead into how many shop your way points we were to receive. The salesman made a pitch of its a slow time of year and your point will be the total value of purchase before his discounts. Then they sent people that smoke marijuna in my garage after I left a electric heater and kerig coffee maker so they can keep warm. They did more than that. After many and many calls a Jason stands by what we signed not what we were told. Not to mention that they had to send another crew to correct the siding installation. No compensation or compassion toward us and our home so we used the point to get a refrigerator. It was delivered today and the person damaged our brand new appliance. He only admitted to it after my wife noticed it. He made no attempt to inform her of the damage. His reply was to call in and order another one. We did, the person that sold us the fridge says he would get another. I says your not doing anything special by replacing what one of your employees damaged. Back to the siding job. Our sales rep Scott shank promised me 3,200 $ in points before discounts he did not come through. He also sys the area manager would call me, he hasn’t. Someone named Ernie. We went with sears to avoid the uncertantanty of contractor ps and false promises along with poor craftsman ship. That’s exactly what we have received from sears. Maybe it’s because I’m Hispanic, Mexican, Latino or other that Scott ,Jason and mike rose have treated us so poorly with our concerns. Now, some of the edge siding have warped and the creases are visible. We would like a complete new install with new product and contractors that take pride in their work. If we can’t receive that, then refund all of our monies paid and remove at once. You can call me at 361-290-0596 during working hours and 361-728-8494 24-7. My home number is 361-248-4652. The local people in charge have dragged us through the mud and treated us like aliens. We gave Scott 8 thousand dollars on his pitch that if we signed that evening we would receive total value before discounts applied. Due to it being the slow time for Sears and this was a way to indices customers. We have been lied to, mislead, ignored, and insulted be having contractors use drugs at our home.


Rick Sullivan April 27, 2015 at 9:01 pm

Model # 79572063112
Serial # 301KR00651
Service Unit # 0008035
Service Order # 41888530
My refrigerator gave me an error code of ER IF on April 10th. I called (800) 4MY-HOME and a customer service representative ordered the evaporator / major cover. The part was delivered on April 14th and the technician installed it on April 16th. Shortly after the technician left I was getting the same code ER IF and the refrigerator was making load noises. I called on Friday, April 17th to let customer service know that it still wasn’t working and the customer service representative stated that someone would call me back that afternoon or Saturday morning at the latest. Once the load noise stopped I got an ER FF code. I called (800) 4MY-HOME and told them about the new code so a DC Motor was ordered and I had an appointment for the technician to come back out on April 25th. No one called me so I went to the Hometown Showroom #0003005 where I made my purchase to see if they could help. The manager made a phone call and was told that my appointment for April 25th was to give enough time for the DC Motor to arrive and if I received it sooner to call and they could change my appointment. I received the DC Motor on April 21st so I tried to reschedule but was told the 25th would be the soonest they could get there. I called the manager at the Hometown Store and he stated that he would see what he could do. I never heard anything back from him. On April 22nd I started getting the original code ER IF again so I called and ask if they could send another evaporator / major cover so the technician would be able to make the repair. I was told that it was just replaced and that it was not the problem so the technician would have to determine the problem before parts could be ordered. Once again I change my plans to meet the technician on April 25th. He shows up and determine that my evaporator / major cover part is defective and will have to be reordered. Now I have an appointment for May 6th and we still aren’t sure that this is going to correct the problem. It will be almost a month of not being able to use the ice maker and water dispenser if they are able to make the necessary repairs on May 6th. The freezer thaws out and we’ve had to throw out some things as well as to make sure we dry off our hardwood floors to keep them from being damaged. This is totally unacceptable and should be addressed immediately. I have chosen this route instead of bashing Sears on social media to try to get this problem corrected. If you search ER IF on the internet you will quickly see the frustration that many customers have had and the unsatisfactory customer service they have received.
I have had several very unpleasant experiences with (800) 4MY-HOME. I’ve been disconnected, told that no manager was available, got stuck in never ending prompts, had customer service representative not return calls and had customer service representative with terrible accents that couldn’t be understood.

Thanks and I look forward to a reply,
Rick Sullivan


Melinda Steichen April 16, 2015 at 8:04 pm

4/13/15 I find an out of the box DW that states it has a dent & scratch but has been tested. They even posted pics of the actual item. Not bad I said to myself–its worth the long drive to pick it up. Not the best brand or one with greatest reviews but its what we wanted to spend. Being that I am a quadriplegic & in a power wheelchair having a DW with a dent & scratch was no biggie.My husband got home & I handed him the receipt , explained to him I found a great deal on a DW that has a dent & scratch on the front & asked when he could drive to Naperville, ILto pick up our new DW. He left pretty quickly after we called & asked if it was ready to go. 2LONG hrs in construction traffic & toll $ he arrives. He sees our model DW we purchased & sees a strange looking dent & tells the kid that must be ours. He starts to load it up on the dolly & is stopped by the woman up front, redirected him to a different one .My husband was a little confused because this one was covered in damage, he even asked the guy why the paperwork as well as on the website did it say a dent & scratch but then its so severely damaged. The guys actually says “this happens all the time, that’s why they don’t like the online shopping, the pics & descriptions arent accurate & customers come in to pick their item up & its completely different. My husband asked him to note it had additional damage & he didn’t dare leave without it after such a long drive & wasn’t sure what to think of the entire transaction. He gets home & I cannot believe what I am looking at.This thing has 12+ dents, both bottom corners are bent up and in causing it to be concave, there is damage on the control panel as well as the kicker plate is ruined. I could not believe they would deceive their customers into driving all the way there to pick up an item to have them leave with something that isn’t even close to what they paid for. So I immediately contacted customer service -2X==no one ever answered me. So I went to their FB page & explained how they did a bait-n-switch on us because they know ppl arent going to drive all that way & leave w/o something. I get a comment back on fb asking for order#, date of purchase, store info. Then I get a 2nd comment asking for me to email them-I do right away.Then they ask for a phone #–isn’t this why they have all our pertinent info on the receipt????? I just got a call from the STORE where we purchased it–where they told us this happens all the time. This guy says hes not the manager, that the manager is new so he was trying to help. He continued to say that it was not deceitful, & says hes trying to help me, do us a favor. NEVER did he say he wanted to make it right. I tell him just send us a different front panel ( Im not expecting it to be NEW , he says OH NO we cant do that but he continues to refer to how much we spent on it) I tell him just send the other front panel that was on the other DW that fit the description–he says he cant do that–we are out of their delivery range. Then I suggest sending it FEDEX or UPS he says the cant do that. He says we can do an exchange for something in that price range but we have to take it back to their store. MIND you they sold an item online w/pics & a description but gave us one that looks like its been in a hail storm. This guy tells me that this unit has been sitting around for a long time & the problem is the pics arent updated & the item was probably moved around & had additional damage. So he admits it was in bad shape but wants us to bring it to him & “we will work something out” is what he says. He gets mad when I tell him he isn’t suppose to be calling me as a favor or to help me, he is to be calling to do the right thing–make it right because they deceived a customer. Then he says we can just do a refund-I said that’s fine just pick it up & give me my money back. He said they cant do that. ARE WE SURE THIS IS A SEARS STORE??? I thought SEARS was all about high quality customer service. This guy doesn’t care. He says Im being unreasonable and hes just trying to help & is going to have the manager take care of it and call me. So now a customer is being unreasonable when they buy an item online that they expect to receive it & they don’t. Makes not one bit of sense. This is a classic case of bait-n-switch. They get you to the store & hope when you arent happy then you will be willing to upgrade–they make more & then try to do a hard sell for a extended warranty on top of it. WHY CANT THEY JUST GIVE US A PANEL that is what it says it is-a dent & a scratch on it.??? And send us a new kicker plate because it wasn’t suppose to be damaged & we will call it even , even though the control panel even has damage. This is ridiculous & I will make sure everyone hears all about it. JUST DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!!!!


Gomez April 1, 2015 at 9:58 am

Sears in Merritt Island Florida is Pathetic – From Hero to Zero and forever has lost my business and anyone else that I can help prevent in getting this type of aggravation.

A simple fridge delivery was supposed to be on March 28th, They said they couldn’t find my location. They then promised March 29th, then March 30th, then March 31st. Never called and never showed up. This 24 unit condo has been in the same place since 1973.

The Non-Customer support line is, of course, Not a Sears entity but a second party Sears hired so as not to have to listen to the dissatisfaction of it’s customers (Wouldn’t you want to know first hand what people think of your company and what troubles they are having so you could remedy the issues? – Sears Does Not).

The Non-Delivery service is also Not a Sears entity but a 3rd party Sears hired and has no control over it’s delivery schedules what so ever. They tell Sears what, when, where and how it going to be and Sears takes it. What Moron at Sears thinks this is a good thing and why do they still have a job?

Today is April 1st and it’s still not here. Lies, hang ups, missing time from work – SEARS OWES ME A WEEKS VACATION TIME.

The incompetence at Sears is a direct reflection of management and shows why they are going under. The entire board of Sears Holding and K-Mart should be fired. There is not a single person at Sears that has proven to have an education above the 5th grade.

Management, which you can never get a hold of on the phone shows they have no real life experience in dealing with customers or sub contractors hired.

Contractors do what I want them to do, not what they want to do. Sears is sinking so fast no one at Sears really gives a hoot other than what they can get out of it before it goes under. Sears can’t be saved with it’s current business model.

If your a stock holder get your money out while you still can.


Mike Byron March 31, 2015 at 11:52 am

Dear Sears,
Let me begin by saying that I love Sears. My wife and I have been shopping at Sears for 40 years. I’ve bought all of my tools there and have told my 6 children to buy Craftsman tools. We have also bought patio furniture, small and large appliances, grills and sports equipment. As I said, I love Sears. In fact, it’s only because I want Sears to survive that I take the time to write this letter at all.
On Sunday, March 22nd my wife and I went to the Sears store on 16395 Washington Thornton CO to purchase a 7 piece patio furniture set. None of the models on the floor worked for us, but we found one on a photo display we liked. We quickly found a sales rep, to find out the price (there were no prices on the photos). He went to get an I Pad and began searching for the price. This took a very long time. The I Pad keep closing and he would have to start over. He eventually found several prices ranging from $1499 to $1899. In fairness, he was new, but he was very nice, apologetic, and trying hard to help. He finally gave up and went to find his supervisor, Tevon. Tevon was also nice but was also having trouble figuring our exactly what the price would be. This was in part because he said that Sears had multiple promotions going on and it was difficult to figure out which ones to apply and how to apply them. Another supervisor was brought in, (I believe, Barbara), so now we had 3 people working on this. All the while other customers were sitting on the patio chairs waiting to be helped. Some gave up and left. After an hour went by, my wife and I thought this must be a joke and perhaps we were on TV. Our purchase was finally complete after 1.5 hours!
SEARS: If it takes 1.5 hours and 3 employees to buy 1 item you are not going to survive. If your sales promotions are to complicated for your sales people to figure out you will not make it. It’s just that simple. You HAVE to clean this up! I bought a car in January and was in the dealership for less time than it took me to buy 1 patio furniture set from you.
Finally; yesterday our patio set was delivered. When I got home I was surprised to see that, not 1 set, but 2 had been delivered. Now as much as I wouldn’t mind having a 2nd set, I did not buy 2…I bought 1. Today I logged on to my Sears acct and I see that there are 5 different transactions listed! Most for differing amounts! They reflect purchases, returns, and deliveries. It simply should not be this difficult to buy one item at Sears! Again, I really want you to make it, but you must streamline the purchase process for both the customer and your employees. This was pretty sad…


Keith B. March 30, 2015 at 4:21 pm

I am so sad I ever bought anything at sears. We have had nothing but problems with our washer/dryer unit from the time it was delivered it did not work. Now 2 months later still not working and no end insight. I was told by CSR to call the manager Mario at North Miami Beach Where I bought it but all I am ever told is he will call you back and never does. Sears has fallen so far down hill. I remember when it was the best place to go. Lucky I canceled the charge with Amex. DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND IT WITH HOHNOR BUT WILL HIDE LIKE COWARDS.


Chris M March 29, 2015 at 2:06 pm

This is in response to being pushed off multiple times from CSR support and multiple channels trying to resolve my simple request. Just Sad.

Nora Krishn, (Sears Member Services)

Thank you for sending my a phone number to a Generic warranty csr. They pushed me off to Escalations number then they pushed my off Yet again. Then That person MARK was going to push me back to the Generic number you provided until I Lost My Mind. He stated he was going to take accountability for helping me.

YOU SUCK as a Escalations Department providing solutions to my problem. You should be embarrassed with the lack of suppport and solutions solving you and your department provided me. Nothing I can call the Warranty Line myself and speak to Any random CSR on my own.

You did absolutely nothing to assist me and solving my issue further. You wasted my time and added to the Astounding Disappointed Sears.Online Customer Service has provided me.

***** All all Need is a copy of the appropriate warranty related t my tablet. NO ONE CAN DO THIS>>>>WHY???? ****

Again You Suck with solution finding and attempting to Drive any form of semblance of ONE CALL Resolution. Clearly not a Standard with

Thanks again for the continued Let Down,

Sincerely Disappointed,



Ruthann March 16, 2015 at 7:30 pm

I recently ordered a new dryer paying extra to have it delivered after 5pm since I like most of the working people work daylight hours and don’t come home until 5 or after. Well I came in my door at 5 pm and there was a note saying they were there at 3:15pm. So now where is my dryer no one seems to know and I want my extra $50.00 sent back to me not in a gift card but the way I paid credit on my account.
Can someone please help me and find my dryer than I would like to cancel and go buy it somewhere reliable for delivery.


Rachel March 10, 2015 at 9:46 am

I bought a washing machine from Sears on Feb. 19th in Wichita Falls, TX. and I have not received it yet. They have made three different delivery dates of which they never showed up. Twice they called me the night before to give me a more “precise time frame” as to when they would deliver the next day and they still did NOT show up! I have had to make arrangements with my work to be home for the delivery so you can see how this is becoming an expensive delivery. I was told that the delivery company was from out of town. I have called the Sears I bought my washer from and I get the run around or transferred to delivery (even after I tell them I refuse to speak with the delivery company because they are VERY unreliable), or they take my information and tell me they will have the manager call me back but NO ONE calls me back. It’s very annoying. I talked with a girl named Shamiya yesterday and explained that I only wanted to talk to someone that could help me she explained that the manager (Tracy) would not be back till about 11:00am she took my information and said she would have the manager call me back. I did tell Shamiya (who was very nice on the phone) that she needs to make sure to tell her manager that if I did not get this resolved that day then I would want a refund. Guess what?!?! I NEVER GOT A CALL BACK! We have bought all our appliances from Sears in the past and I hate to say but we will not be buying from Sears anymore. The only thing I want from Sears right now is my refund. The funny thing is that my washing machine is sitting in the store that I bought it from which is less then 10 min. from my house. I have no way of getting it and did not want to have to carry it myself that is why I needed it delivered. It seems that if one of Sears customers was having this much trouble they could afford to pay someone to deliver the washer. I would have even payed someone else to deliver it. I just need my washer. I have been going to the laundry mat to do my washing and that is inconvenient and costly. I’m very frustrated with this whole experience.


Melinda March 3, 2015 at 5:08 pm

My mother has been dealing with Sears for four decades and her experiences have been very favorable until December, 2014.

Mom realized she needed another furnace, so she contacted Sears and made arrangements for a Salesmen to visit the house. On December 10, 2014, a Sears salesmen stopped by and she purchased a new furnace- (F8MXN0451408A) On December 12, 2014, two servicemen installed the furnace and she has had problems with the furnace ever since it has been installed.
1. It does not produce an appropriate amount of heat to warm the house.
2. The furnace does not remain on long enough to warm the house; it only stays on for 10 minutes, cuts off and does not come on again until another 50 minutes. By this time what little heat has been dispersed through the house is gone.
3. A repairmen came and reviewed the furnace and suggested that mom set the thermostat to 85- degrees to remain comfortable, which is insane!!!
Oh, I almost forgot, it took Sears three months to give my mom an invoice / receipt pertaining to the furnace she purchased. When she called the service department inquiring about a receipt, the Sears associate told her to look for the amount on her Ccard statement.
(If Sears is going to use PDA’s when conducting business transactions in the field, it should not take three months for the customer to receive a receipt or invoice, stating what they purchased.)
Needless to say, my mother is not happy with furnace and would like for Sears to take it back and give her another one that actually works, however Sears has not been very accommodating during this process and have stonewalled my mother at every turn.
I am seeking your assistance, since dealing with this issue at the local level has not been fruitful.


Margreeta H. Kidd February 27, 2015 at 2:08 pm

Feb. 6,2015 I call your 1-800-4-Home. You gave me the in of the week, 2/13/2015. The service person attended my washing machine and it is smoking and not wringing the clothes. I am afraid that it could burn by house. I call the service again and that state the man will return that evening, NO SOW. I call same night and they state the will put us on a on call list. NO CALL NO CALL. They call on 2/25/15 to verify the appointment. There 3 people with disabilities in our home and I am the care , we try to maintain our home so we have depended on you warranties and offers to enjoy our home. Your ethics have never treated us with such neglect. I like SEARS products because of your customer relationship. 2/27/15 after my husband’s call 2/27/15, Michael update and routed a date of 2/28/15. Clothes are piles up, smells, no underwear, bed clothing, no towel (use clean rags) and I am the only household driver and worker with a disable. As a breach of contract under your warranty this is work for people guided by the America Disable Act to endurable experience that compliment more anxiety. Thank you, We will see what 2/28/15 shall bring. MHK


Barbara February 26, 2015 at 12:18 pm

I have called the service department to get a replacement part for my dryer as the original replacement part arrived damaged. I cannot call it customer service because the the run around and treatment I received was more like customer aggravation than service. No wonder the company is not making any money as they have outsourced their customer aggravation department and as a result- when you call them you get absolutely no where other than some one will call back in 24 hours — well I have been waiting almost a week for a call back and I call them daily to check on the status of the replacement part. Each time I request a supervisor and I am told you don’t need a supervisor – I can help you but they just take the information and tell me someone will call me back. What ever happened to customer service and first call resolution– they have to be losing money hand over fist. Its very sad because Sears used to be a reliable company — I will never purchase another thing from them and I plan on telling my friends and family to do the same. But I know Sears could care less about my business- they’ve made that very clear already


Jr February 24, 2015 at 7:39 pm

I hate this store!!! Only Mexicans get rewarded because they have all the jobs and welfare!!! Their points get redeemed. Mexican employees aren’t mistreated like other races that work there!!! I’ve watched this poor lady have to help this woman for four hours before she finally paid only to head to the service desk to return it all. This customer didn’t want to let this white lady, off the clock I assume, go to break or lunch and chased her through the store hollering at her that she’s the only one who’s helping her!!! I’ve watched another cashier get threatened by a Mexican lady telling her she should get punched in the face if she don’t make her coupon scan!!! The cashier said she should by right call the police but she can’t because she’ll get fired. If this cashier did just that, the police, always in the parking lot, could’ve intervened where management won’t!!! Then there’s the dog and cat issue!!! Mexicans bring regular house pets to the store knowing they’re not supposed to but they do it because the managers let it go on. I was waited on by a lady who could barely talk to me because she said the dog in the store is effecting her asthma and is highly allergic to dogs!!! Service dogs in Colorado have to have a vest, collar tag and an ID card on the owner of the service animal to be in a store, bus, train, doctors office or any public place!!! I don’t want dig dandruff in my antibiotics from their pharmacy or in anything I buy from this store!!! My wife used to work there and she was constantly sick with migraines and sinus and allergy issues. This was the worst place my wife has ever worked!!! Store 4129 needs to kick the managers in the backside and pat the backs of those lower than management except Janet, Lisa T, and Evelyn because they don’t care about how they treat employees, how they talk to them or humiliate them in front of customers and other employees!!!


Jr February 24, 2015 at 7:42 pm

Don’t work here!!!


Steve Cucinotta February 22, 2015 at 3:51 pm

I purchases a drawer for a Sears refrigerator, someone thru the chat feature on the website advised me to. When the part came it was the incorrect drawer for the fridge (it was the bottom one, I needed the drawer above it). Figured it was no big deal and I would reorder the correct one, however customer service for and sears parts group were unable to find my order to accept a return. It’s amazing how there was no problem charging me, but when i need to exchange for the correct part I am unable to. I would have even been fine with store credit, but that wasn’t an option per the phone support group. This group had very poor customer service and was more interested in transferring me multiple times back and forth to the same groups than helping me. I am hoping someone can help me with this. If not I will be sure to never purchase anything from Sears store or again. I have been a very loyal Sears customer (many tools, all my appliances are Kenmore, all my yard equipment and outdoor tools are Craftsman) but find it very frustrating that when I need help I get the shaft. Please advise if you can assist with this.


Dennis Kelley February 20, 2015 at 5:46 pm

CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson

My name is Dennis Kelley and I live in San Jose, CA. My mother, Genevieve Kelley (884 Willow Glen Way, San Jose, CA 95125) has been a regular Sears customer for all of her 90 years. So when it came to the remodel she had done to her home in 2002, she chose Sears for her appliances. Included, was a Sears water softener, which was installed by Sears. For all the appliances, she has continued to purchase the warranty service agreement. She scheduled the Sears service technician to make any repairs on the water softener when it began to leak in December 2014. When the repair man came to her home, he said that he could NOT do any work on the water softener because he was not a plumber. I called Sears and was on the phone for 1.5 hours trying to correct the situation, considering it was Sears that made the original installation in 2002. The repair technician was called again and scheduled to repair the water softener and again he refused to do anything because he was not a plumber. I told him that it was Sears that made the original installation in 2002 to the house plumbing system. Long story short, after another a go-around with Sears Warranty Service, I took upon myself to hire a plumber and stop the leak from the water softener. Sears Warranty Service finally came back in Feb. 2015 to give their blessing approval as to the plumbers work. There are no leaks and my Mom is satisfied with the plumbers’ work, but dissatisfied with Sears Warranty Service on a Sears product that Sears installed. The service my Mom received is not the service she signed up for. I think a 90 year-old lady should have been treated better.
Dennis Kelley



Laurie February 17, 2015 at 2:33 pm

After reading all of these complaints, it’s obvious that the Corporate Execs don’t really care about the concerns of their customers because they haven’t even responded! I have a problem that has been going on for over 3 weeks now and no one seems to care in the customer service dept because they just keep giving me the runaround! Frustrating and I can honestly say I will not be shopping with them in the future because their lack of customer service is horrible!!!!


Thomas. Goodale February 25, 2015 at 7:09 pm

I also keep trying yo get my treadmill fixed this started feb 07. 2025. im on oxygen and have to have a way to keep my lungs working . I called told them of my lung problem. . Even offered to get doctor to give a letter . No they dont care they got the money now to hell with me to me to go out side and walk. They really care huh. Never again deal with sear. They are a joke. Just swap out the treadmill if your health depended on it you would know how i feel but. The big wigs dont care this all just waste of time thanks sears you did get paid for this agreement. !


AB February 17, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Sears has become nothing more but a bunch of incompetent, inefficient, thieves. There executive office is a joke and offer no assistance of help. They refuse to refund monies or a “GIFT CARD” that they never emailed to me, and now that I want to cancel the order refuse to refund even though there is no where in the terms and conditions that say it is nonrefundable. It’s unfortunate that Sears has to basically rob people out of their money to get customers.


mz February 16, 2015 at 9:33 pm

This all happened on February 14th on the phone which I just got off the phone with albert at 4:05 pm and I have been on the phone on hold calling corporate for 35 minutes and nobody picked up so I again had to call the shoreline store which is so helpful I spoke to Sahar one of the managers and she gave me the number but Corporate you really need to answer your phone not me on hold into infinity, my time is valuable don’t waist people’s time and this will be announced to everyone I know but Sears in Shoreline Washing has excellent customer service I can’t say my experience for Alderwood and Redmond Washington has….Clearly I spoke and told Albert today feb 16, as well as on your complaint board what has happened!!
I have been shopping in the Lynnwood Washington and once again the service is so poor I can’t believe it. The so called manager and assistant manager really needs to be retrained to how to talk to customers as well as how to deal with there lack of knowledge what is going on in the store and how to use the vendors machines in the online store which not only did they tell me to go home to do it myself but they also were of absolutely no help. How can they hold there title to help customers and Ken and Beni the so called assistant manager how can they run a team when I saw nothing but …terrible management skills which I used to be a Supervisor long ago …they may need to go to customer service classes to be able to learn to listen to customers and just not ramble on Beni has no listening skills he looks like an idiot walking around thinking he is someone and he is nobody to me and he showed that to me on 3 different occasions now as I watched him through the store and on the phone I will never forget the conversation and he hung up on me after an mc put me on hold for 45 minutes that store is ridiculous no wonder the sales associate I was working with one of them was actually knowledgeable but she had to go home then Ken came back in and was trying to be nice to me only so I would not complain to the store corporate which I am doing as I am fed up with the store I took my business back to the Shoreline Store where Bobbi helped me and Sahara and Patrick and Tony and Ken asked me how do they do what they do and wondered how they do some transaction clearly if I have receipts and it shows online I buy a lot and shoreline knows this just look at my account Ken seems to not know and telling me he has done this for 44 years at sears is not something I would brag or tell anyone because it might be something he may either further his communication skills and go back from square one because I have been around long enough before the alderwood mall store has been open and never seen him before but I would not be bragging to tell anyone if he has been with Sears for 44 yrs well then you should definitely know how to treat customers and to know the online computer shop your way and how to use the computer …btw the computers have been around along time get your skills and Beni and learn to do your job instead walking in the store with the air in your heads trying to be someone with authority and you clearly have no authority and look ridiculous. I don’t know how they got there job but it might be time to research there team and Daniel was also a sales associate as he rolled his eyes trying to look for some boots for me and couldn’t find it and went to Shoreline and they found my boots for me and I got them thanks to Bobbi and everyone else that helped me they have excellent customer service but the other 2 don’t know how to even check out they should walk around and actually get some training clearly they have none…and there was a girl young girl Camille who was great and another named Kaitlan that helped me once before the rest of the staff seems to be lost and this is so terrible please send someone with manners an know how to show what a real job consist of I would never hire them and they represent Sears and what a pathetic thing to watch …it might be time for both to retire because I see them doing absolutely nothing Benni I watched and can’t even ring out a customer when I watched him in the store and expressed my concerns to Kaitlan she should be in management postion she actually knows how to do things and knows a lot from the store and should be hired within not above and be promoted!!! Everyone else as far as management is quite discerning to me…..get on this as I am hold for now 25 minutes to complain to corporate which ken didn’t want me to do but I am doing it now better late then never he tried to compliment me but no go he is worthless to me and I told the shoreline store how they treated me…..unacceptable!!!
Redmond I spoke to Jasmine and when you look up the Redmond store it gives you straight to automotive the man said the store is actually across the street I have no idea you might want to change that so people get the right number however I don’t live near Redmond and Jasmine I spoke to several times regarding a wallet I wanted and told her specifics which they have in there store….she was somewhat helpful until I called moments later we got disconnected a couple times and then when I called again to automotive and said on walkie talkie clearly I heard her say and deny omgod it’s not that lady again ahem yeah I heard her loud and clear …how unprofessional and she is telling the guy as I hear clear as day what she is saying about me the customer and I confronted her on the phone and she denied it to me …and said no she didn’t say it I heard her loud and clear and got on the phone with her and I told her it is so funny about aAderwood and Redmond stores they don’t want you to complain against them and try to cover up but not with me I spend too much money in the store at Shoreline because they have excellent customer service and management and know what they are doing ….I can’t say the rest for those stores, they do not know what they are doing and need some help in customer relations and they may want to go thru training and be demoted in my opinion and some may want to retire it is time for them I am apauled you have these kind of people in management positions clearly they don’t know what management stands for or customer service!!!
I don’t understand how you can keep these people as management they work for the stores and they are getting paid but keep up with the times don’t goof off or eye roll to a customer know the register and act like a manager and dont’ bad mouth a customer while on the phone or in person and tell me the customer that I am being fraudulent if you saw my reciepts you would know better ….it’s time to make some serious adjustments to those teams and time for demotion or retired or go back to learning some skills because your never too old to learn but Ken is irrespsonsible he should not tell anyone he has been with sears for 44 yrs first of all at alderwood mall it hasn’t been around for 44 yrs I know when it was built so dont say that whether he was with another company but beni and ken clearly are getting paid for jobs they can’t handle beni hung up on me a few weeks prior and clearly he left the building when an mc was looking for jeans never got back to me I was on hold for 45 minutes which I clocked on my cell for nobody and then I called back on my landline got the unpleasureable experience of talking to beni the assistant manager and I told him I had been on hold in mid sentence talking to a girl in mens apparel and in womens apparel telling me it is not there job an in mid sentence transferred me to a mc and never got back to me and then Beni got on the phone and said look do you want me to help him in mid sentence telling me I had been on hold for 45 minutes and I said let me finish and he hung up on me and left the store clearly they are clock watchers and left and I called back and spoke to an assistant I believe her name was Danielle or Dawn for being manager that night ………she was trying to do small talk with me which I am not about small talk I have wasted my time on the phone and this is ridiculous ….they need to be retrained or move it along and get real managers at the store this is ridiculous Kaitlan who helped me when I spoke to her in Alderwood gave excellent skills she is management material and was very kind but I learned they they hire people not from the store she would love to move above but they wont allow that now you move in the company not outside so they can advance but the so called assistant managers beni and ken obviously need training and or getting fired….to tell me and not have any listening skills is ridiculous the worse service ever I can go to a fast food restaurant and get better service then what they gave me and what ken did was trying to compliment me on 2 occassions and not what me to complain but it’s not there day I am fed up and they represent sears …well they can’t represent them if they dont know how to do there job!!!!
Take a lesson and learn from Shoreline they know there job an act professional at all times…!!!

This all happened on February 14th on the phone which I just got off the phone with albert at 4:05 pm and I have been on the phone on hold calling corporate for 35 minutes and nobody picked up so I again had to call the shoreline store which is so helpful I spoke to Sahar one of the managers and she gave me the number but Corporate you really need to answer your phone not me on hold into infinity, my time is valuable dont’ waist people’s time and this will be announced to everyone I know but Sears in Shoreline Washing has excellent customer service I can’t say my experience for Alderwood and Redmond Washington has….Clearly I spoke and told Albert today feb 16, as well as on your complaint board what has happened!!
I have been shopping in the Lynnwood Washington and once again the service is so poor I can’t believe it. The so called manager and assistant manager really needs to be retrained to how to talk to customers as well as how to deal with there lack of knowledge what is going on in the store and how to use the vendors machines in the online store which not only did they tell me to go home to do it myself but they also were of absolutely no help. How can they hold there title to help customers and Ken and Beni the so called assistant manager how can they run a team when I saw nothing but …terrible management skills which I used to be a Supervisor long ago …they may need to go to customer service classes to be able to learn to listen to customers and just not ramble on Beni has no listening skills he looks like an idiot walking around thinking he is someone and he is nobody to me and he showed that to me on 3 different occasions now as I watched him through the store and on the phone I will never forget the conversation and he hung up on me after an mc put me on hold for 45 minutes that store is ridiculous no wonder the sales associate I was working with one of them was actually knowledgeable but she had to go home then Ken came back in and was trying to be nice to me only so I would not complain to the store corporate which I am doing as I am fed up with the store I took my business back to the Shoreline Store where Bobbi helped me and Sahara and Patrick and Tony and Ken asked me how do they do what they do and wondered how they do some transaction clearly if I have receipts and it shows online I buy a lot and shoreline knows this just look at my account Ken seems to not know and telling me he has done this for 44 years at sears is not something I would brag or tell anyone because it might be something he may either further his communication skills and go back from square one because I have been around long enough before the alderwood mall store has been open and never seen him before but I would not be bragging to tell anyone if he has been with Sears for 44 yrs well then you should definitely know how to treat customers and to know the online computer shop your way and how to use the computer …btw the computers have been around along time get your skills and Beni and learn to do your job instead walking in the store with the air in your heads trying to be someone with authority and you clearly have no authority and look ridiculous. I don’t know how they got there job but it might be time to research there team and Daniel was also a sales associate as he rolled his eyes trying to look for some boots for me and couldn’t find it and went to Shoreline and they found my boots for me and I got them thanks to Bobbi and everyone else that helped me they have excellent customer service but the other 2 don’t know how to even check out they should walk around and actually get some training clearly they have none…and there was a girl young girl Camille who was great and another named Kaitlan that helped me once before the rest of the staff seems to be lost and this is so terrible please send someone with manners an know how to show what a real job consist of I would never hire them and they represent Sears and what a pathetic thing to watch …it might be time for both to retire because I see them doing absolutely nothing Benni I watched and can’t even ring out a customer when I watched him in the store and expressed my concerns to Kaitlan she should be in management postion she actually knows how to do things and knows a lot from the store and should be hired within not above and be promoted!!! Everyone else as far as management is quite discerning to me…..get on this as I am hold for now 25 minutes to complain to corporate which ken didn’t want me to do but I am doing it now better late then never he tried to compliment me but no go he is worthless to me and I told the shoreline store how they treated me…..unacceptable!!!
Redmond I spoke to Jasmine and when you look up the Redmond store it gives you straight to automotive the man said the store is actually across the street I have no idea you might want to change that so people get the right number however I don’t live near Redmond and Jasmine I spoke to several times regarding a wallet I wanted and told her specifics which they have in there store….she was somewhat helpful until I called moments later we got disconnected a couple times and then when I called again to automotive and said on walkie talkie clearly I heard her say and deny omgod it’s not that lady again ahem yeah I heard her loud and clear …how unprofessional and she is telling the guy as I hear clear as day what she is saying about me the customer and I confronted her on the phone and she denied it to me …and said no she didn’t say it I heard her loud and clear and got on the phone with her and I told her it is so funny about aAderwood and Redmond stores they don’t want you to complain against them and try to cover up but not with me I spend too much money in the store at Shoreline because they have excellent customer service and management and know what they are doing ….I can’t say the rest for those stores, they do not know what they are doing and need some help in customer relations and they may want to go thru training and be demoted in my opinion and some may want to retire it is time for them I am apauled you have these kind of people in management positions clearly they don’t know what management stands for or customer service!!!
I don’t understand how you can keep these people as management they work for the stores and they are getting paid but keep up with the times don’t goof off or eye roll to a customer know the register and act like a manager and dont’ bad mouth a customer while on the phone or in person and tell me the customer that I am being fraudulent if you saw my reciepts you would know better ….it’s time to make some serious adjustments to those teams and time for demotion or retired or go back to learning some skills because your never too old to learn but Ken is irrespsonsible he should not tell anyone he has been with sears for 44 yrs first of all at alderwood mall it hasn’t been around for 44 yrs I know when it was built so dont say that whether he was with another company but beni and ken clearly are getting paid for jobs they can’t handle beni hung up on me a few weeks prior and clearly he left the building when an mc was looking for jeans never got back to me I was on hold for 45 minutes which I clocked on my cell for nobody and then I called back on my landline got the unpleasureable experience of talking to beni the assistant manager and I told him I had been on hold in mid sentence talking to a girl in mens apparel and in womens apparel telling me it is not there job an in mid sentence transferred me to a mc and never got back to me and then Beni got on the phone and said look do you want me to help him in mid sentence telling me I had been on hold for 45 minutes and I said let me finish and he hung up on me and left the store clearly they are clock watchers and left and I called back and spoke to an assistant I believe her name was Danielle or Dawn for being manager that night ………she was trying to do small talk with me which I am not about small talk I have wasted my time on the phone and this is ridiculous ….they need to be retrained or move it along and get real managers at the store this is ridiculous Kaitlan who helped me when I spoke to her in Alderwood gave excellent skills she is management material and was very kind but I learned they they hire people not from the store she would love to move above but they wont allow that now you move in the company not outside so they can advance but the so called assistant managers beni and ken obviously need training and or getting fired….to tell me and not have any listening skills is ridiculous the worse service ever I can go to a fast food restaurant and get better service then what they gave me and what ken did was trying to compliment me on 2 occassions and not what me to complain but it’s not there day I am fed up and they represent sears …well they can’t represent them if they dont know how to do there job!!!!
Take a lesson and learn from Shoreline they know there job an act professional at all times…!!!


Charlie Jackson February 13, 2015 at 10:06 pm

To J. D. Lewis, CEO

I have tried unsuccessfully to have a payment credited to my credit card account. No one at Sears seems genuinely interested in trying to resolve my problem. I would appreciate some help in resolving this.


Mary Ann Campione February 6, 2015 at 6:11 pm

Every possible media form I can do will know how Sears is the absolute most despicably worse service company to deal with. I will tell everyone I posiibly can to never buy or use Sears for anything, especially repair. I waited 2 1/2 weeks for man to come and fix my snow thrower. He came, never started it up, and had to order another part for overnite shipping. Why overnight? They gave me their first appointment on March 5, ONE MONTH FROM NOW. I already waited 2 1/2 weeks for this non-repair and you want me to wait another 4 weeks? I won’t need it then! And what about that $200.00 check you promised to send so I can have someone else clean my 9 car driveway? Sears is the absolute worst. I will tell everyone I know. I am so done. Goodbye forever and good riddance


ernestine downes February 4, 2015 at 12:58 pm

First time I placed layaway on Am Disney collector and have purchased Mickey Christmas Village by Dept. 56 for years at sears store in Waco, Texas. Had to buy from online since Waco store did not have items I wanted. Big mistake! Placed order on Nov. 24th, 2014 and made payments on time. Tried to make payment for Jan. 5th, 2015 and my layaway account kept showing processing payment. Called customer service and was told to do online chat and they would handle the problem. After several online chats with them, was told to go to Waco store and make payment there. Wrong! If you purchase online, all payments must be made online. I did get extension on payment due date, and finally able to make payment on Jan. 13th. By this time, I was so fed up with the hassle, I paid last payment early, Jan. 15th. Thought I would get my items in 10 days. Waited, and waited-checked status online for shipping date, said processing. Started chat with online rep-said will check on this and will contact you in 3 days. No reply-so I contacted online rep again, and got the same story. Feb. 2nd get email-your items will be shipped as per order #765724059. Second email on same day says will ship part of order since some of the items you wanted are no longer available. 3rd email said we are not sending any items since they are no longer available. Got online chat again with rep who states Sears will refund all your money. I told him that I did not want my money, I want the items I have been paying for! Again, he states, not possible. Asked to speak to a manager and she tells me the same thing, plus stated Sears couldn’t send me what they didn’t have.
First time and last time I will buy online from Sears. They set up the layaway and payments, but never said I needed to pay for items sooner since I guess they considered them seasonal. After all the time, effort, and all online chats, Sears failed to deliver the goods!! Parting words, don’t use Sears layaway.


Sharon Rodriguez February 2, 2015 at 9:53 pm

Sears has a couple of major problems
1. does not have a correct inventory of what merchandise is actually in their stores. I was looking for 1 adult bicycle and 2 full size ping pong tables in Nov./Dec 2014 both times I was told my local store did not have the items and the items were in 2 different stores. The inventory count was wrong for all 3 stores.
2. sends an email with specific instructions on what needs to be taken to store for items to be picked up that were ordered from but store does not follow that policy, it seems each store can make their own rules but doesn’t notify the customer until they attempt to pick up order
3. If an item is ordered from for store pick up and the store does not have the item the store will not give a refund and claims they can not process charge backs for refunds. I have been waiting for a refund for items the store could not deliver for 42 days .


Bryan K. Suits February 2, 2015 at 5:33 pm

Caution of what you buy from Sears. I recently purchased a 55 inch Samsung model UN55H6203 for the sole purpose of using a Skype ready Television. The box shows that it is Skype ready and the sales associate at the Hanford Ca Sears informed me that it is Skype ready. when I attempted to install Skype it would not install, I called Samsung and was informed that this model is not compatible with Skype and that they couldn’t do anything and I would have to contact the store where i bought the product. Samsung also informed me that they use the same box for all “Smart” televisions. I called sears and was told that I would have to pay a 15% restocking fee, for an item i was told would give me the results i wanted, which was a Skype compatible Television. These two companies do not care about customer service, I would advice any and all purchases to opt for a different brand of television and a different store. I even told the store that all i wanted to do was to get a full refund and purchase an actual skype compatible television from them, i just didnt want to lose the 15%, which to me isnt an unreasonable request.


Dale Cloninger January 30, 2015 at 11:30 am

To whom it may concern: My parents purchased a Kenmore Chest Freezer in the late 40’s early 50’s and it is still running, but we children are replacing it with a new upright for our mother that turns 90 Jan. 31st and we were thinking that this might be something you would want for your museum if you had one. Please fill free to contact me if you are interested in this great freezer. Contact # (865)748-**** . Thanks Dale Cloninger


Jr February 24, 2015 at 5:41 pm

Are you well???!!! Sears don’t have a museum!!! They’ll send it to the dump or a dollar store to be resold!!!


Denise Pulsinelli January 28, 2015 at 2:57 pm

we ordered a Bosch dishwasher from Sears on 9/16 a Saturday. Only to see a Sears ad on Sunday that has free installation on Bosch dishwashers. Cancelled on 1/17 and reordered. We received the new one with a dent, not in a box, no manual. This is what you get for 970 from Sears. After another hour on the phone, mind you, now transferred 5 times for a cancellation. I called, they took 10% off the dented one and am called today in regards to delivery of my dishwasher. There isn’t another one. Another dreaded hour of my day and the girl said the first one was cancelled on 1/23. Wont see a credit until 7-10 days. NEVER EVER will I deal with Sears again. And wouldn’t recommend it either. Very disappointed. We went with Sears feeling they were reputable. I would love to hear from a supervisor or CEO Worst experience of an appliance purchase ever!!!!


Marea Henry January 26, 2015 at 2:28 pm

Sears took my money and won’t give it back! I placed an order for a Christmas tree on 1/6/2015. On the 8th i received an E-mail stating that they didn’t have my product and were cancelling the order and would be refunding my money. Every time i call i get someone from a foriegn country who cannot and does not help me!! I have called and E-mailed numerous times to no avail. I will be contacting the better business bureau and filing a dispute against sears! This is terrible customer service! I will never buy another item from sears.


Teresa McAfee January 23, 2015 at 9:37 pm

Along with hundreds of others it seems, I am experiencing issues with poor customer service from Sears. Their social media page is nothing but a sounding board of complaints. You can’t get anyone to do the right thing. I am posting in every site I find. After 30 years as a customer, I will not purchase another thing. Buyer Beware. Search their name in any browser. A few minutes of your time will save you much frustration.


Rick January 23, 2015 at 1:36 am

have a complaint i have been getting bounced around all over sears different departments i spoke to corporate today they said they would contact store for me and call me back that was 12 hrs ago i wonder what time they close well i cant stay up any longer i have to go to work tomorrow i have customers to service good thing they will not be waiting for sears


Carrie VanDerHorst January 21, 2015 at 12:50 am

I purchased several thousand dollars worth of products from your store in the last year. I always thought sears sold great products along with a warranty and service. In the last two months I have been proven wrong. Bought the warranty that if it breaks they fix it or replace it. Washer has broken down 5 times in the last 2 months. They come out and fix it. It worked for 1 load twice, maybe 2-3 weeks the other times. The last time it caught the mother board on fire. Two weeks again without a washer. Sears repair man comes and fixes it, he pulls in my yard and get stuck, he got it out now I have ruts and my yard is tore up. Washed 2 loads broke again. I’m very fed up. Customer service is a joke. They tell us they will reimburse us for going to the laundry mat ($50 a week). Never seen any of that. When asked about the reimbursement one customer service rep says they don’t do that, another says they didn’t have our email to contact us.
I have currently contacted a lemon law attorney. Also have turned this in to the BBB. It would be nice if sears would contact me and resolve the matter. Very disappointing


Julia cox January 16, 2015 at 5:54 pm

I got a batteries from your river oaks in cal city right down the street from my home. And the sears store closes down now something is wrong the batteries keep going dead and the little batteries llight keep coming on.I’m a single mother who has lupus and a handicap son and I do not have a lot of people in my life. Now I got to get my car to your store in maattson ill . I do not no any thing about this town on how to get to this store.I think it is bad that the store closes and for us we are just ass out. My dad love sears I can not wait to tell him how wrong he was now I have not have my car for a week.I will never ever by not one thing and I go to k-mart and I will not go to that store. You do not do people like that.I’m going to yell ever one I see just what sears did to me and my baby.


Darryl Houston January 13, 2015 at 9:10 pm

Hello Sears, I purchased $4000.00 worth of appliances in 2014 and then went back to buy a Ninja 600 plus blender. The store clerk ordered it for me on line . It was $79.00 and should have had it before christmas. I can’t get the material I ordered. I have called the store at town center and no help to find my purchase. I bought it Dec. 6 2014, please help me get me blender.


lisa January 9, 2015 at 12:04 pm

i bought a kennmore elite after 14 months the main part stopped working the compressor i have to pay for the guy to come out and labor i mean really i have to pay for a messed up fridge


Bob Weiss January 8, 2015 at 9:41 am

My suggestion. All of you have had major problems with Sears service. Perhaps it might be a beneft to copy and paste all of these and other complaints on an e-mail or snail mail and mail it to the B B B, the Attorney General’s Office of your state consumer reports and Sears cooperate office ( return receipt requested). This is a productive project for those who are retired. Be honest objective and persistant in your complaint.


Jill Brennan January 7, 2015 at 9:19 pm

Never will I shop at Sears again. I spent over $3000 in December. The first delivery the guy showed up and refused to take the items off the truck because it was raining. Tomorrow was supposed to be my final delivery. I got an email Monday confirming. When I got no call today for a delivery window by 8:45 pm I called them. I was informed by someone in India or somewhere that the warehouse does not have my oven and cannot deliver until February. If I do not receive my oven tomorrow I will not only cancel the order I will be sure every newspaper and social media site know just how shady Sears has become. The still have over $1000 of my money and don’t feel they need to supply the products. No wonder they are going under.


Mary Brackett January 6, 2015 at 8:50 pm

I have a really old countertop Sears Kenmore washing machine. The motor in the lid with a knob that turns clock ways to cut it on. I was wanting to find out some information on it like the age of it and value of it. I have had it several years and have used it to was small things. It still works grate. Can you please help me out with it.


Jerry Tidwell December 31, 2014 at 12:54 am

Dear Mr. Lambert,
I am reaching out to you for a resolution between Sears and me. On 23 Dec 2014, I spoke with a Customer Care Manager and a Warrant Customer Care person. They agreed that my washer would be repaired on 29 Dec 2014. The same Sears Technician came to my home, but again refused to repair my washer. After making several phone calls and speaking with Geneva from 855-256-2466 x4182, Whitney from the customer care solution stated they cannot repair my washer even though the Sears Technician replaced the washer door without putting the serial number and model number on the new door, Sears will not repair my washer even though the model and serial number is in their system. Geneva stated she disagreed with this process and would escalate this matter to higher manager and they will get back in contact with me. I still have not heard from higher management. I have been without a washer four weeks and counting. I need a resolution on this matter soonest. I can be reached at 240-381-****, 301-653-****, or 301-868-****.
18 Dec 2014, this is my third request and I still have not received a respond from my second request. I submitted an email on 12 Dec 2014, to Mr. Lambert in reference to my warranty and service contract. I received a call from a Sears Representative on Sunday 13 Dec 2014, stating Sears had received my email and he was sending a respond to me in 15-20 minute by email. It is 16 Dec 2014, and I still have NOT received a respond to my email sent to Mr. Lambert on 12 Dec 2014. What do I need to do to get a respond to my email dated 12 Dec 2014?
16 Dec 2014, I submitted an email on 12 Dec 2014, to Mr. Lambert in reference to my warranty and service contract. I received a call from a Sears Representative on Sunday 13 Dec 2014, stating Sears had received my email and he was sending a respond to me in 15-20 minute by email. It is 16 Dec 2014, and I still have NOT received a respond to my email sent to Mr. Lambert on 12 Dec 2014. What do I need to do to get a respond to my email dated 12 Dec 2014?
Dear Mr. Edward Lampert,
I’ve been a Sears’s customer for some time and have purchased SEVERAL large appliances from your store in the past. In fact, I used all Sears Kenmore to outfit my entire house after our first house purchase.
Mr. Lampert, I am very disappointed with Sears Customer Service. I do not believe I am being unreasonable. I simply want a resolution with this situation. On or about 6 Dec 2014, I contact your repair department for an appointment to repair my washer. I paid $479.88 for a new warrant and was given an appointment for Tuesday 9 Dec 2014. I was informed that the Technician would contact be before arriving at my home. The Technician did not contact me and I had to reschedule my appointment until 10 Dec 2014. The Technician contacted me and I met him at my home. When I pull up to my home I was not happy the Sears Technician was parked on my grass and damage my grass when he left my home.
The Tech was unable to locate a model and serial number for my washer. I brought the washer and dryer from Sears on April 2008. The Technician and the Supervisor can see that I brought the washer and dryer from Sears, but do not know why the washer does not have a model and serial number. They said they cannot repair my washer because there is on model and serial number. I do not know why Sears sold me a washer without a model and serial number. It is not my problem, but I paid for a service contract and I need my washer repairer or Sears need to replace my washer.
I contacted (800 number) and spoke with several people, who was unwilling to assist and after a lengthy discussion, suggested I contact Sears Corporate. I asked to be transferred to the corporate office, but they just forward me to the customer care and after several attempt, I decided to send this email for a resolution.
Sears need to retrain their Technician in customer service care. The Technician was very disrespectful and had no patience. I need Sears to repair the damage the Tech did to my yard.

Jerry Tidwell
301-653-**** – cell
301-868-**** – home
240-381-**** – office


Janine Vintch December 20, 2014 at 2:36 am

We placed an order for a pair of Timberland boots (Item #06782075572) on December 15 (Order #093003456016) to give to a family member for Christmas knowing that they would arrive in time when we placed the order. The boots arrived this evening. When I opened the package, the theft deterrent device was actually attached to the tongue of the left shoe. I promptly called your Customer Service number and spoke to two individuals who were less than helpful. The first individual told me that I had to bring the shoes in to my local store and have it removed. Okay….let me point out that we placed the order on-line because we do not have a Sears store located near our home. It is now the weekend before Christmas and the stores that are located several miles from my home are going to be more than hectic. I did most of my shopping on line so that I would not have to go into any stores during the very busy holiday season. We made our purchased on-line for its convenience, timing, and free shipping. Telling me to go to the store defeats the whole purpose of my purchase, takes up time, and costs me money in gas expenses. I told him this would not work so he then told me just to “use some force and simply pull it off.” I pointed out that this was a dye pack and would likely ruin the shoes should I follow his advice and asked him to speak to his manager instead since the information I was receiving from him was so ridiculous. He put Kristen, employee #401678 with no last name provided, who was assigned as my “case manager.” She told me I had two options: go to a local store as previously instructed or they would send UPS to pick up the boots. I would then not get the boots resent to me until your warehouse gets my return, confirms they have received the proper item, and would then issue me another set of boots. By then, we will clearly be well passed the Christmas holiday. When I explained that these were not acceptable options for me, she then told me she could order me another pair but I had to give her a credit card and pay for them in full. I became very upset. I have already paid you for a pair of boots that you sent to me in a condition that makes them unusable. You are putting me at an inconvenience by asking me to go out to a store or wait for whatever length of time it takes for you to get them back. Lastly, I asked why you don’t have quality control ensuring that the orders are sent out appropriately. This mistake would have been caught by anyone simply opening the box. I requested another manager to speak to and Kristen informed me that I had to hang up and call again because she couldn’t do that. I asked to speak to the person above her, and she informed me that she was it. I am more than upset about this experience and inconvenience and feel that your Customer Service could have come up with another option to take care of me instead only providing me with only options that put me at an inconvenience simply for shopping at your on-line store. Please let me know how you would like to address my complaint and issue. This is highly unacceptable.


Rachna Moorjaney December 19, 2014 at 12:48 am

I need to make a complaint about Sears and Kmart which is also one of your entities. I did some online shopping with both your stores over the Thanksgiving holidays. I got really bad customer service from broth places. At the end of my conversation with both stores I was given a corporate office email address that was wrong. The email bounced back at me. I have been a loyal customer with both stores for many years. I would appreciate if somebody can contact me in regards to my complaint and give me some solution of how they are planning to fix this issure or I should go shop somewhere else who keeps the same products as you company and just make sure that YELP along with all my friends and family know not to shop with your stores.

Thank you in advance for your help.

My phone numbers are 510-441-**** from 7:00 AM to 10:15 AM and 510-258-**** from 10:30 AM to 4:45 PM tomorrow on December 19th , 2014.


Rachna Moorjaney


Angelique Breshears December 16, 2014 at 1:28 pm

I have purchased a Gas range from the sears outlet in Hayward about a week ago. I was told it would be delivered that Saturday after I had ordered it. I called on The Saturday after not receiving a call for time arrangement and was told they don’t deliver to my area on Saturdays only on Tuesdays. I had rearranged my whole day for this delivery. So I then call the store and speak to a manager, she apologizes and tells me that there is nothing she can do, other than move me to Tuesday 12/16. Well I work that day and being in the medical field I could not get the day off. I arranged for a friend to wait at my house for the day. Then I call the delivery place once again due to no call for time arrangement and to my surprise he says they don’t have me on the schedule. AGAIN!! I called the store and they proceeded to tell me they didn’t know what happened and they would call me back. Once I get the call back they tell me its been set for delivery on 12/23! I explain how inconvenient this is and what kind of business runs this way?! I asked to speak with the manager and she doesn’t come talk to me she tells the girl helping me to tell me either it can be kept for delivery on the 23rd or I can cancel the order. By this time im fuming!! I say is this how you handle your customers? This is insane. I want a discount and my delivery fee waived. It is now costing me extra money to get this stove that I was supposed to receive Sat 12/13. Did I mention my current stove has had a gas leak so PG&E shut off my gas so I am unable to cook. Some one needs to help me in the right way. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!


Danny R Vowell December 16, 2014 at 12:04 pm

My sears purchase of a Kenmore black side bye side has become completely ludicrous for the simple fact that I purchased above mentioned basic no ice maker no water no touch pad or scanner to let me know I’m low on milk. On the 9th of November! Today I received my 5th electronic call to reschedule my delivery yet again to the most unbelievable date of the 24th of December. Like I really believe that someone will be coming to my home on Christmas eve to deliver the fridge I will probably not see until 2015! And I love how apologetic the customer service is when sears can take my money say that they can get something that appears to need to be hand made bye artisans that requires several months to manufacture. I as a consumer will NEVER purchase anything from sears as long as I live knorr will I recommend that anyone purchase anything from sears unless they are in absolutely no hurry to see or use what they have purchased. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I won’t


LORA SELF December 15, 2014 at 11:56 am

Not that anyone in Administrative level will read this…but I’m putting it out there anyway. Every retail store knows that 2 weeks before Christmas, is probably the most busiest time of the year. That being said, why would you only have 2 people checking people out when there is 4 registers available? I stood in line yesterday for 20 to 25 minutes just to get checked out. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!! The lady behind me set her stuff down and walked out purchasing nothing. When I finally got to the counter, I asked to speak to the store Manager. The young lady called him but he didn’t even have the courtesy to come meet me face to face. She simple handed me the phone and I spoke to him regarding the timely issue at the checkout. I’m not dumb, I worked retail for years. All he had to do is pull people from the floor to check customers out. He tried to give me excuses but that’s what they were EXCUSES. As a store Manager it’s his job to make sure that ALL areas are covered and that the customers are taken care of first and foremost. I also proceeded to tell him that it had been 4 years since I had been in a Sears store and this was one of the reasons why. This particular store NEVER has enough people to help or checkout customers.
It will be a very long time before I step into another Sears store again. Hey SEARS, if you want to stay in business, listen to your customers and make changes.


Charles scott December 12, 2014 at 10:59 am

I hope the CEO of Sears read these comments. We opened a Sears credit card when we purchase a refrigator for our home. They said we could get a certain percent off if we applied for a Sears card so we did and we were approved. We used the card for one more very small purchase. Then one month I paid our credit card off and my husband paid the same amount. We basically paid double. Then they shut out credit card off. My husband went to use it and he was denied. He has been calling Sears since sept. 2014. To get the card open back up so we can use our $900 credit and they tell us to do certain steps and we do them then we call and have to start the process all over again. We have been trying to get our money from Sears for 4 months. He is on the phone this morning again trying to get it straighten out and guess what again the same story. We are going in a ski trip and it would be really nice to use that money. No one in customer service has been able to help us for 4 months. You wonder why Sears isn’t the store it use to be??? I have a retail store myself and if I trested customers like that I would be out of business. Mary from security who will not give us her last name again is no help. We have tried to go to Sears and show his ID bc they think it is not us?? Why do they think that in the first place. Again it is always an argument. I will be sending these out everyday until someone fixes this.
Charles Scott Sr.


Shuchi Sharma December 11, 2014 at 1:44 am

I had been a very loyal customer of Sears and believed in the product reliability, customer service and repair service. But after a very unpleasant experience today with the unfriendly and dishonest customer service in their repair department, I would like a response.

The service repair missed an appointment without any notification, were late for another, the service person was obviously unfamiliar and lacked the competence for the repair, he left a mess after 2 hours, took the money, and lied about the “voucher” for a new machine. The misleading fake “voucher” was then denied by the supervisor at the un-help line. Overall, this was more than just bad service, it was business fraud which will be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Customer service reps’ phone call were somehow cutoff after 40 minutes of being on hold while trying to resolve the issue. Each time a new person came on the phone but was not able to resolve the issues. The reps involved were Mary (ID#633313), Philip (#027221),Glenn (#929463), and case manager Anthony (#360369).

If there is any executive left at Sears who cares about customer service and the reputation of the company, they should follow up. The internet is full of dissatisfied customers. We just bought a dishwasher from Sears and were planning on buying a washer/dryer, an oven, and a cook top. However, we are now planning on buying from any one but Sears.


Kathy Kessinger December 10, 2014 at 10:49 am

My boyfriend purchased a 3pc jewelry set for me for an early Christmas present. I was with him when he picked it out. He is NOT one to buy jewelry so I was surprised when he did it. Anyway the item was purchased on 11/25 and a delivery date of 12/9/14 was promised. I have been tracking this item since they “created” the label on 11/26. Yesterday 12/9 came and went and no package. I have been calling them and apparently their “distributor” does NOT have this item in stock. I am degusted with the way that Sears/Kmart is doing business. Take the customers money for a ride and leave them hanging. And now all my boyfriend does is apologize. He has nothing to apologize for it is Sears/Kmart that should apologize and they have not and will NOT


Jackie Porter December 6, 2014 at 3:54 pm

It’s not worth taking the time to reiterate all I have gone through, but like you I have had a terrible experience with Sears. I resigned myself to taking what they would offer and now they cannot even make that happen. It’s a miracle they remain in business at all. Do yourself a favor – stop buying anything of value from Sears, you will likely regret it. They would prefer to have all of us angry and bitter, posting online, paying agents to tell us they are sorry for our frustration while never really helping us, than to keep the customer loyalty that was built up over decades and is now being lost. I don’t understand that business model. As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?” Interesting forecast on the longevity of Sears and their 220 store closings this year.


Mark Burn December 5, 2014 at 5:26 pm

I have an adware virus from COUPONARIFIC that you advertises with that has left my new computer unusable. Are you normally associated with spammers?


Before I post this all over the web I thought I would give you the opportunity to resolve the issue.



Liz December 4, 2014 at 9:05 pm

I brought a galaxy tablet from Sears in January 2014 and I paid for an extended warrenty. I was told that the warrenty will cover the tablet if it were dropped and its breaks. I took the tablet back to sears to get it fix. Sears tell me I have to contact the warranty company to have it repaired, so I called the company who handles the warranty to have the tablet repaired. The company tells me that the warranty that I paid for only covers mechanic defeats and normal wear and tear. So I go back to the sears where I brought the tablet from to see what happen. The manager name Ana tells me it’s nothing she can do but refund me the money I paid for the warranty. I told her no somebody going fix my tablet, whether it’s going be sears or the warranty company . When I brought the tablet I was told that the warranty covers if the tablet was to be dropped and damaged. After I yell and yell the manager Ana stated that she going call the warranty company and see what can be done. I don’t think she going try to truly help me, therefore I’m not going stop to someone going be responsible for fixing my tablet.


Noel Roman December 4, 2014 at 6:59 pm

ATTN: Executives
CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson

Sears Corporate Office Address
Sears Holding Corporation
3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Contact Sears
Phone Number: (847) 286-2500 /Fax Number: (847) 286-8351
Website: / Email: Email Sears

I will like to bring a matter to your attention that will have a negative effect to the Sears corp.

Let me start by introducing myself:

Noel Roman
Skyline Engineers, Director
83-05 98th Street Apt # 3D
Woodhaven, NY 11421

Now let me share a dreadful experience when I Placed an order on Dec 4 (Order #770683388) for a
Kenmore 17 cu. ft. Upright Freezer – $439.99 and everything to this point seem to have gone ok.

The major problem was brought to light when I received my order confirmation via email.

The address was not written out correctly (the way we’re taught in the 2nd grade) and comparing it with the address that I provided above. Below is the address that the customer service representative provided me as the location for delivery.

• Noel Roman
• St Woodhaven Apt*d It should have been written 98th Street Apt # **
• Queens #081 This should have not been included … will cause confusion.
• Woodhaven, NY 11421 The comma goes right after the town – no space after town only after.

I taught that this was just a minor issue that can be easily corrected online with the change delivery address/update notication settings available online
To make matters worse, the phone number that I provided and listed on the confirmation email, nor the Order #770683388 was recognized by the phone prompts or online, after numerous attempts and receiving this prompt message, “system is down, try again later.” Then after helplessly trying, I tried calling the 718-830-5946 customer service line, also tried 1-800-349-4358 line.

For starters the rep’s that was helping me ( employee ID # 767215) didn’t appear to have a command of the English language, because she made other mistakes, i.e, when I tried explaining that there’s a hyphen/dash after each set of numbers ask me to spell out the word hyphen or dash thinking that word came between those street numbers. Wow! Did I have my hands full? My other thing that was of my concern was not receiving a confirmation of change from my credit card notification alert. No one that I had spoken to had an answer.

Finally, I requested to speak with an American rep or a supervisor and after about 20 minutes of holding I got to speak to a rep that understood a little more then his peers, but still seem to have trouble with taking an address. All I know is that his name was Mario, whom also asks me to spell out the hyphen, and didn’t really seem to know the correct way to write out an address in the U.S. I went through such a hard time trying to solve a simple problem that should have never accord in the first place if the person taking my order had known the basic skill of taking a simple address.

As a business owner, I just wanted to notify you to give you the heads-up. Sear will lose a lot of customers if this matter is not addressed.

Thank you,
Noel Roman


Doug Wildey December 3, 2014 at 1:37 pm

Sears has truly fallen to the bottom of our list of vendors to work with. We have had nothing but problems for 7 straight days in trying to get our products correct on We have written emails to website management and filed at least 5 cases to try and solve the problem over the last 7 days, with no response whatsoever. As of right now, we have missed Black Friday, Cyber Monday and there is not one person who cares about the problem. There is no way to contact anyone at Sears. I just got off the phone with “Customer Service” and was told I could expect another 24-48 hour wait. They refused to bump the issue up the ladder. In the meantime, our trademarked items are being sold on Sears by companies without permission to use our brand name. We are losing thousands of dollars a day in sales. If we are not contacted by 5pm today, we will have no choice but to move the item to our attorneys to handle.


K. Tipper December 2, 2014 at 11:57 pm

I am writing in EXTREME FRUSTRATION. I have always considered Kenmore products the best appliance a home could have. I have a home, and rental apartments full of Kenmore. My opinion is being sorely tested.

On October 10, 2014 I ordered a Kenmore Elite refrigerator from sears

The item came on October 27, a beautiful unit – that never cooled down. Had to return that item, and throw away $300 worth of food that spoiled before I realized it didn’t work.

ReOrdered the item on November 8, after receiving a refund. This one came on November 19. It was the wrong model. A 24 cu ft instead of the 31 cu ft that was ordered. Plus it was used and dirty. Had it returned. Was told to expect a refund within 7 – 10 days. This is December 2, still have not received the refund. Was told they are trying to issue refund, but system won’t let them.

On November 24, I ordered a replacement, for refrigerator #2 – didn’t wait for refund because it is the holiday and I need a refrigerator. Been ordering and returning Kenmore Elite refrigerators since October 10! Expected the prompt refund I received the first time. This refrigerator was supposed to be delivered on December 3.

Was just told by customer service – after talking to 5 different people at 5 different numbers that this refrigerator is STILL SITTING ON THE DOCK AT THE STORE! It hasn’t even been sent out for delivery. No one at the store thought to question why the fridge was still there, or to notify me of a delay – I had to track down the number for the store and make an inquiry, or I’d sit here all day tomorrow waiting for a refrigerator that is still in the store.

After very close to 2 months in the order process with Sears Outlet, whose Sears Certified promise is to have given each item a thorough testing, sanitation process…

I have been sent a non working refrigerator, the wrong refrigerator, and now – no refrigerator – 52 days!

Sears currently has payment for 2 refrigerators and can’t tell me when my refund for the wrong / returned fridge will be made. Sears also can’t tell me when the 3rd refrigerator I ordered can be delivered – and I paid a $200 plus charge for delivery.

This is the most frustrating, ridiculous and disheartening experience I’ve EVER had with a purchase. With more than $2500 tied up with Sears, I’m afraid to cancel the 3rd fridge, as I don’t have more money to buy another refrigerator while waiting for this company to resolve its issues, deliver product or issue refunds.

Christmas is 20 days away and our annual family celebration is dangling, while I wait on Sears to get their act together…

K T ( a truly disappointed customer )


Linda Lindemuth December 2, 2014 at 11:35 am

Dear Mr. Louis,
Please help me w this issue. At 19 went to work @ Sears Product Services. Have CP but worked 20 yrs. Mgr dies of cancer we become a branch. My severence was due to me not being able to drag in tractors. Missed the one time pension date for lump sum. Got letter saying laws had changed. Assoc @ pension says you can get your money now anyway you want. Now I have the 20 yrs but not age 55. I would have stayed but was given no choice. I know the law is the law but now my pension sits in a frozen state tell age 65 in a non existing acct. Their is always a catch. Look @ my job performance & is this really fair? Please don’t pass me off to Pension. Not going to let this go this time. The pension denied me twice because the postman put the package where I cannot get to or would have looked. Thank you in advance for looking into this matter. Taking a copy.


Linda Rosenberger December 1, 2014 at 9:50 pm

I went to sears on thanksgiving day to get a tracfone they were advertining for black fri and was 1st on line. when the store opened I went to electronics and did not see the phone as advertised so I asked the store clerk and he said that they never received any . also my brother and husband went to 2 other sears locations in garden city and lake success and thet said the same thing that they did not receive any. I went home and placed order online where it was in stock at store on queens blvd . I placed an order received a confirmation and order number and email said in process. a half hour later I received an email from paypal saying that sears is refunding my money with no explanation. im trying to get this phone for a friends son who is disabled and cant afford a contract. im been callinbg cust serv and the corp office and ane sears stores and every one I spoke to was extremely rude and did not want to help me. on mon dec 1 I rec an email fromn the vice pres and pres of marketing who told me to call cust serv and have them reorder the phone . I called and spoke to Ingrid who did not want to reorder and a supervisor very rude and nasty name Larise who did not want to help. this is the last time I will ever go to sears and my relatives and friends don’t like sears.


Warren barth November 29, 2014 at 9:51 am

I had a not so pleasant experience at Sears Winchester Virginia about a price match and was told about a policy they never disclosed to me. I would like someone from the corporate office to contact me. I may stop shopping on your stores as a result of this.


anabel cruz November 25, 2014 at 1:24 am

I took my lawn mower to be repaired( it was smoking a lot), I paid $230 for the repair ( I had to be calling to ask if it was ready or when to pick it up because the repair center only called me to give me the estimate) I got it almost a month after, I used it once and it was doing a little bit of smoke I thought it was maybe normal due to
repair they had just done on it when I tried using it
the second time I could cut any of my grass I had
to turn it off because it was doing the same
smoke as before taking itfor repair. I took it back
to the repair center, the manager told me that
there was nothing he could do at store level that
he had to send it back to the repair center, which
he did; they called me back about 2 weeks after
with an estimate of $99, of course I called them
back and asked to speak to a supervisor, this
person was very very rude to me “supervisor” told
me that either I pay the $99 or the lawn mower
will be sent back to the store unrepaired because
it was only 30 days warranty then I asked to
speak with his supervisor he said there was
no one above him and he was going to end the call “either you pay or the machine is sent back to
the store unrepair” which he did he hung up on
me. I called the 1800 number, today was my third
time trying to speak to a manager after almost
a month the 2 first times they got my number and
had to explain the whole story after I was told a
supervisor will contact me within 48 hrs because
they were in a meeting at that time which they
never did, today i called them back and i was told that he lawn mower was back at the store ready to be picked up of course without being repair;I was so fustrated that the person who answered actually listed to me and tranfered me to a
supervisor to finally get the same answer “it was
only 30 days warranty so there is nothing I can
do, I see in the notes that 2 supervispr alteady
declined your case” ( they wrote their notes in the
system but I was never informed)so how is it that
after paying $230 dollars for the repair I USED IT ONCE and has the same problem again(carburator). I asked this supervisor what should i do with my lawn mower because i was just being told that it was back at the store she aske me to go pick it up because otherwise they will destroy it( really but they never even called me to let me know that it was back at the store I was still waiting for a supervisor to call me back).I really need help with this, if I do not get a
solution on this I will never spend a penny at
Sears again.


Vernon M.Usher November 24, 2014 at 3:05 pm

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to a visit to your Briarwood store in Ann Arbor Michigan..

After picking out a few items to purchase, I proceeded to a checkout counter, where a young man
and woman were standing. The Young man walked away to help another customer, and I was told by
the young lady that she was in training, and would get someone to assist me.

She walked away, and after an approx. 15 minute wait, she walked by and asked if I been helped yet.

I told her no, and to just forget it, I guess I didn’t need the items as badly as I thought..

I walked out of the store, and when I got to my car, she hollered at me outside and told me that the salesman
was back…I hollered back No thank you, and got into my car.

You see, I am a 68 year old disabled Vietnam Veteran, and cannot stand on my feet, nor can I walk for great distances
without severe pain, or I would have gone back in.

Anyway, I bought two of the items that I needed at J.C.Pennys.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to make shopping at Sears a more pleasant experience for your shoppers

Vernon M. Usher II
** Share Ave.
Ypsilanti, Mi. 48198



Filomena Rosario November 21, 2014 at 11:03 pm

I purchased a service contract from Sear and I have never in my life received such Horrid customer service, They were suppose to acess my frig they orederd a conpressor waited 5 day with refrigeration and then when they replaced the compressor it still did not work again the service man spent about 45 minutes here and ran out and when i called to complain about the applaince the sent a tech that said the compressor was not working, I had already over paid 80. dollars for the compressor . Again the replaced compressor did one over to check for problems because of there overtime limits. Again I begged for help and they refused to help me I informed them that Vital medications had been damaged and they anserewd sorry for the inconvinince but that I had to wait another 3 day for part and labor , I went FRIGI. I purchsed a new frig and when sears deleverd they damaged my personal property when I informed the store manager he claimed that in 6 years he had never had a damage come thru him that it was not his departemtn when i called again they did not put in the claim and said that they would refund me within 3 business day well it is well pass 3 business day and Not one sent has been refunded abut they did bill me for parts and labor. Really Sears’s i cpuld have called uncle Joe and he would have done better. I will be calling thier legal department and informing them of my plight adn take it from there. Maybe if an attorney gets to them and bill them legal fees then they will learn to treat people accordingly.


nancy November 21, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I would like a call back from corporate not one of the workers who don’t know how to do their job.I ordered a jacket over a week ago they shipped to the wrong city after I corrected the mistake before hanging up after getting the email I called back to fix they said it was too late I called ups they needed a new label after 5 more calls back and forth I ordered another jacket now u sent wrong size. Called back to correct mistake your manager won’t give me the coat at the price I played only a percent off why should I pay a lot more for the same item when it was your fault to begin with I Usually order from sears after this probably never again they won’t even arrange for ups to pick up package I have to go to store to return I played for 2 day shipping I should have got right item or u should fix mistake. ALL I WANT IS THE SAME COAT IN THE SIZE I ORDERED AT THE PRICE I PAYED WHILE ON SALE IS THAT RESLLY TOO MUCH TO ASK


Steve C. Cozamanis November 18, 2014 at 12:21 pm

I purchased a Craftsman10″ sliding compound miter saw December 2012 and left it in the box pending shoulder surgery and never got around to installing on work bench. The other day I took it out of the box and used it to cut some wood and then in the process of moving to another location by the carrying handle, the handle completely separated from the saw and the saw fell to the ground. I called the Customer Help line today (11/18/14) and was told they would pay the postage but I would have to pay for the part ($17). Being an attorney I was surprised that they didn’t understand the liability that associates with this type of defect and told the rep to check with her supervisor. Again was told I would have to pay for the part. This was still in the box and has no signs of use. I left it that I would consider filing a claim. Can’t understand the mentality on Sears part. Steve C. Cozamanis, Esq.


Filomena Rosario November 21, 2014 at 11:05 pm

Once you pay they are cruel and do not care you are locked in and give you the run around untli you exhaust yourself. Well I am taking some boost and will not give up.


Elizabeth O'Quinn November 18, 2014 at 12:07 pm

I purchased a treadmill online October 5th, 2014. It was delivered on Oct. 18th. Then is scheduled to be assembled the following week. During assembly, the guy noticed that the console was cracked. He seems to think that Sears could just replace the console.. When I spoke with Sears, they said that the damaged treadmill would have to be picked up. I informed them that it has already been assembled. The said no problem, they could still schedule someone to pick it. After many phone calls and promised pick up dates, I still have this damaged tread mill in my home. I spoke with Sears on Friday Nov. 14 and was assured that someone would be at my home on Saturday the 20th between 9AM-6PM. After not hearing from anyone later in the day, I called Sears again. I was then told that it is scheduled for Tuesday the 18th for pick up. I just got off the phone with Sears and they have NO_RECORD of this being picked up. My first payment is due by the 20th-Thursday and I still have this DAMAGED treadmill with no credit to my account. I am so very disappointed with Sears and their Lack of Customer Service.
I just need this damaged item picked up and my account credited for the full amount ASAP!


Clifford wright November 14, 2014 at 4:13 pm

customer service is awful. Called for warrenty repair they mailed part and scheduled repair. I took a half day vacation from work to find out they forgot to put it on the repair route after few phone calls they managed to send a person from another town. Repair man replaced part but that wasn’t what was needed so he ordered more parts and scheduled another appointment. The parts didn’t show after another half day off work and had to make 3 more calls to try to get a new appointment but they were rude and the only appoint available would cause a third day off from work which I can not do. So no no fridge and no repair. For sears no customer I will not buy again from sears. Also I left cell phone number 3 times so they could reach me and they always called home number I believe they did that to avoid talking to me.


Jay Elliott November 12, 2014 at 3:39 pm

Thanks for making me a Best Buy or any other retailer customer! Obviously the residual goodwill hold Sears has been shattered by my most recent experience. When it came to appliances, tools, etc., Sears has always been the first place I’d turn. Recently, while undergoing a remodel, I purchased a high-end washer and dryer bundle for Sears. The sales folks were great. I had to delay delivery a couple of times due to construction and the delivery customer service team was great. Then it was delivery time — I got a automatic phone confirmation with day and time. I got an email confirmation. I eagerly awaited delivery on a Friday afternoon from 4:45-6:45 p.m….and then nothing. I called only to find out that they had changed the date without telling me! The W/D wasn’t in the warehouse! This was problematic because I had inspections and needed the W/D to be installed. But with no choice — and not happy about being the last to know considering all the confirmation notices — I waited another five days…BUT requested a morning slot since they picked the day, and the day wasn’t good in the afternoon. Well, today’s the day. I got the notifications for an afternoon delivery. Tried to get it changed, and the manager who I was escalated to was helpful. BUT this morning I found out that the dryer — and likely both pieces — were no longer available. Huh? I paid for these months ago! Seriously?!! I’m beyond furious. No one offered a solution and my delivery is, well, in a black hole. So…I’m online finding a company that CAN solve my problem and get my a W/D. How hard is this Sears? How far has Sears fallen? I’m never happy to see an old go-to business go out of business, but Sears — you’re toast! RIP – I’m done.


Lisa Smith November 10, 2014 at 4:35 pm

CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson
I will never shop at sears again. What type of people are you sending out to install items. I purchased 2 garage door openers, and reviewed with the sales rep exactly what was included in the installation prior to purchasing 2 installations. Well, the installation “guy” came today, rude, and walked right into the garage and started telling me it would cost me an additional 195.00 per door because the springs had to be replace (which they didn’t); and then he said the sensor eye had to be installed at an extra charge! again, charging 2 times. Well, after speaking with sears and then with this rude installer who I actually told to get off my property or I’d call police…I brought back Everything. I knew for a long time that the quality of your clothing lines had become awful and I have not purchased any clothing from sears in quite some time. But, when this happen today, that’s it….I’m done. Lowe’s, home depo, macys, mom and pop businesses of any kind will be better than having to deal with unethical and illegal practices Sears is practicing. Completely disappointed and never will step foot in your stores again. Additionally, anyone asks, I will try to convince people to NOT shop at Sears. Multi media is a wonderful thing….
Completely disgusted in Sear.

Lisa Maresca-Smith
CEO of LMS Studios and Marketing


Tammie Andersen November 11, 2014 at 4:27 am

I purchased a refrigerator at Best Buy it stuck out into my kitchen too far and they didn’t have a good selection. So I purchased a fridge at Sears, where my parents has shopped since I was a kid, I thought “why not?” My parents shopped there since I was a child, when it was called Sears and Roebuck. A deliver man called me saying they would be at my house at 1pm. They showed up at 4:30pm. Moved the best buy fridge, dented it. Dented up my walls, broke my back door, marred my Linoleum, then wedged the new fridge into the cabinet space, the fridge makes loud noises. The crispers don’t close or open unless you really tug and push them. The hinges are off so badly that all of my food in my freezer is melted. There is black grease all over in the fridge side, when confronted about the damage and wedged in new fridge the delivery guys said “call and make a claim for it” the new fridge is damaged, the Best Buy fridge is damaged, and my house is damaged. Sears is not quality as my parents had. When I called the manager hung up on me. Is there a reason Kmart had to buy Sears? And does Sears and Kmart care about the consumer? I think not! I’m going back to Best Buy!


Don Snyder November 9, 2014 at 8:57 pm

Yes, I am writing in an attempt to find out what Craftsman hand tools are still made in America? I cannot believe that an american icon like Craftsman would now be made in China !! I have shopped at Sears for over 40 years even when other places were cheaper and closer, I did it because I knew that the quality and value were second to none. From clothes, appliances, tools to linens and bedding. My father told me a story 50 years ago and I know he was kidding but that he was also making a point. He said “Sears will stand behind everything they sell, except a manure spreader”. I understood what he meant but I cannot believe, China? How I found out was ,I had a 35 year old 3/8 inch ratchet seize up on me and I took it into Sears for replacement and they replaced it quickly, only after getting it home did I notice the “Made in China” on the label. I hope I don’t have any other tools break because I will not be getting anymore……..


Linda Sears November 6, 2014 at 11:04 am

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the lack of service that I have received from the Sears Appliance Warrantee service department.

A repairman came out two weeks ago to repair my Whirlpool Casio washing machine that just quit working. The machine is only 4 years old. I was told the motor had failed and it would have to be ordered and mailed to my home. After the new motor finally came, two more repairman came out. After 4 hours, they determined it was NOT the motor and replaced a gear box and lid latch part. I did one load of wash. Then, it FAILED again! Wouldn’t advance through the cycles, wouldn’t adjutate, wouldn’t spin. I called again and a repairman was to come out the next day.

Yesterday, the appointment was scheduled for between 1 to 5. Around 3:00, the repairman said he was delayed and would be late. At 6:30, he calls again and says he cannot make the appointment at all.

I called the repair department again at 7:00 a.m. to see when they would arrive today, and was told by a supervisor that the soonest they could come out is November 14th! WHAT??? You have an appointment, the repairman says it can’t make the appointment, and then you go to the back of the line??? You start over???

I am frothing-at-the-mouth with anger. I have been without a washing machine for two weeks, I have taken two days off of work, they mis-diagnosed the problem being the motor, they replace several parts and it STILL doesn’t work. Then I’m told to wait until November 14th for another repairman to come try to figure out why the machine won’t work. Pathetic! Customer service is an OXYMORON for the Sears repair department. l willl never buy another appliance from Sears. EVER! Now, on to YELP, facebook, twitter, friends and family and the rest of my connections.

Linda Sears
Vice President
​Robert W. Sears Corporation​, San Jose, CA 95123



Deborah Renna November 5, 2014 at 2:43 am

I am having horrible problems with Sears. I had a gas smell in my house and I called the gas company and they told me that it was a Carbon Minoxide problem in the oven. The gas company shut the gas off to the stove. They told me to call a repair company to come fix the stove. I called SEARS to come and fix it because I have a Contract with them. I called and made an appt and it was scheduled to Wednesday Oct 29, 2014 between 8am-12pm. At 11:50 I received a phone call that the tech was running late and would be there around 3pm. At 3:45pm I received a call from the tech that he had to cancel the call because he didnt have a Carbon Minoxide dector and I had to reschedule the call. I rescheduled it to Tuesday November 4, 2014 between the hours 1pm and 5pm. At 3:45pm I got a phone call from the tech once again that the call was cancelled due to the tech didnt have the carbon minoxide dector for the call. Now i have been going 2 weeks with no stove. I am not a happy customer and I dont think that you guys are treating me right as a customer and I am a loyal customer and not being treated loyal by SEARS.


Robin November 4, 2014 at 11:39 am

my complaint is some thing i want to bring to your attention is you need to send or have your all your managers take a course on how to treat there employers at you Kmart store in Duluth MN store in west Duluth at 215 N central ave 55807
for they need to learn how to treat them better and you wonder why they have such a big turn over and they come and go so much… if they treat them well this wouldn’t happen
and they would want to stay..and if they pay more and stop trying to take advantage of them.. and it all of management not just one person including HR!! please take action and get this solved and make it a better place to work ..


Monika Webb November 3, 2014 at 5:52 pm

I would just like to say I will never shop at sears again. Approx. 2 months a go I bought a stove and paid cash. When it was delivered and hooked up the oven would not come on. I had also bought the service package, so the service guy came out said it was my wiring. So, I had to call an electrition. New wiring in. Still not working electriction said the stove had a short. So, out comes the service man again, “its the power source”. Then sent me a bill for the service call, still no stove. I have fought with my local sears in Paris, tn. Still no stove. All I have to say is I want it fixed or a refund. P.S. how does the top work if its not getting any power. Monika Webb


Mark Leonard Danderson November 3, 2014 at 2:16 pm

We recently had difficulties with our Monogram side-by-side refrigerator /freezer. The problem was that the freezer side was hovering at about a frightening -10 degrees below zero and the fresh food side was at about +50 degrees. Because we have always trusted Sears, we called you first to take care of the problem. Your techie came out to our house and told us that a little gizmo that controlled the flow of cold air from the freezer side to the fresh food side was defective. We said, “Fine, order the part and come back when it gets here”. After weeks with no fresh food storage the part arrived and your techie showed up to install it. No joy whatsoever. His efforts made absolutely no difference in the operation of the unit.

After waiting yet more time for your techie to return, I went on the web and researched Monogram side-by sides. It turns out that a build-up of ice in a little tunnel between the freezer compartments frequently hampers the flow of cold air between the freezer and fresh food compartments. I went out and purchased an $11.00 Con-air hair dryer and sent warm air through the cold air ports on the freezer side for about 5 minutes. With-in 7 hours, the freezer temp was a 0 degrees and the fresh food temp was a perfect 37 degrees. After 5 days now and no change in operation.

Today I called your service department and asked for my money back. I spoke to a junior member of staff with no satisfaction and then spoke with a young man identified as supervisor. He told me that the highest he could go was $45.00. He also told me that he, himself, was the highest authority and that his decision was final. I’m out about $550.00 for repairs that did not repair. A simple web search allowed me to take care of the problem myself.

Given the competitive nature of the retail environment today, I would think that it would be in your long-term interest to make sure that your customers remain loyal. After all, you are not the only game in town and your customers can easily go elsewhere. In closing, I would just like to add that I was extremely disappointed with your staff’s lack of concern for customer satisfaction and retention. Would you not agree?


Terry Romero November 3, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have been insulted, neglected, disrespected, and refused within my legal rights as a customer of Sears for the last time. I personally have a list of names from customer resolutions to the office of Mr. Lambert office. I have tried to explain the situations that I have experienced to multiple levels of command, and have never been treated so poorly. Almost to the point of being abused by sears. I have requested to speak to the CEO, to inform him of exactly how his guest have been treated by his staff and sears as a whole. So upon trying to reach him at least 12 repeated calls to his office, I was denied contact. I completely understand there is a chain of command, as well as Mr. Lambert being very busy but to be hung up on and even being told that they do not have a legal department is just unbelievable. I am at a loss for words, and medically tired of having to fight with a corporation the just doesn’t have a care or have compassion for the people who have been loyal customers. If anyone could recommend I’m open for suggestions, because ever message here does not show if there was a resolution to the issues that they are complaining about.


Terry M. Romero


Susan Sheehy October 30, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Dear Sirs,
After years of being a loyal customer, I cannot help but describe what has probably been my very worst experience in ANY store EVER. I ordered a tire from Sears Automotive in Hickville, NY and received confirmation that it was in. I scheduled an appointment for the install the next day. I arrived early for my appointment, but at check-in (for which I had to wait 20 minutes on line just to talk to someone), the clerk said that it was a busy day and it shouldn’t be long. After that 20 minutes, I waited ONE HOUR AND A HALF in the waiting room, in full view of the mechanics desk. I had had enough and went to ask what the status was on my car. The man behind the desk said that they couldn’t find the tire in the shop. I showed him the e-mail (really, they looked for AN HOUR AND A HALF?) and he said that he would look in “the basement”. ANOTHER 15 minutes go by and no one comes to update me. I again go to the desk and the man claims that they can’t find it. Not only that, but they had no comparable tire in stock. The had NO MINIVAN TIRES AT ALL in stock. He told me to come back tomorrow and they would have “something”. When I complained that it took so long to “look for a tire” and no one came to update me with the situation, the clerk said that “well, there were two cars ahead of you”. No sympathy, no effort to find a solution to the situation, no updates, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANY KIND. What happened to talking to the customer? Letting me know what was going on right away? Looking for solutions to problems instead of hoping that they would just disappear? I was so angry and disappointed in Sears that I have vowed that never again would I use them for ANY Auto issues. The entire team’s behavior was disgraceful. Sears should be ashamed to associate their name with a store with such poor customer service.


Cindy K. October 30, 2014 at 2:33 pm

The SearsOutlet website has not been working properly for more than a week. I have been attempting to purchase an item to no avail. I have spoken with customer service about it for more that 5 days. They said the tech people are still working on the problem. One cannot purchase from the outlet directly unless you have a sears card, whereby on the website there are mutiple choices Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal …. etc. Why not allow us to use other credit cards with the local store until this computer glitch is resolved? This would be the best way to handle it and demonstrate better customer service without more delay.


Michael FulkersonFulkerson October 28, 2014 at 9:56 pm

To whom it may concern,

who would I contact within the Sears organization that handles the real estate department I would be interested in purchasing any outlets are old buildings that you all might have please contact me at 502 419 **** to discuss this or simply email me at m*****


Gregory Moore October 27, 2014 at 3:50 pm

I purchased a dishwasher from the Athens, Ga. Sears store on Friday, the 17th of Oct. I installed it, and checked for leaks. There were no leaks where I connected the hoses, but it was leaking up around the pump. I called for a service repairman to come look at it, and they scheduled it for Wednesday the 22nd. I requested a morning repair, and they said they would document my request. I told them I had to leave at 3:30 that afternoon! I called them just after noon, and they told me he would be there at 2:54pm. At 3:35 I was calling them again asking where the serviceman was, and they said he was still in Athens and wouldn’t be there until later. I canceled that appointment and rescheduled it for today, Monday, October 27th. I again requested a morning appointment, and they said they would communicate that to the dispatchers. At 2:35, I found myself contacting Sears again to find out where the repairman was. They informed me that I was put last on the list of repairs for the day! I called to share my dissatisfaction with the complaint department, and the women I was talking with put me on hold for 35 minutes, and then hung up on me. When did this company stop caring about the consumers? I am so dissatisfied with the way they have treated me, and I don’t know if I will buy from them again! “That will depend on how Corporate responds to my letter!”


Liz October 25, 2014 at 7:44 pm

I went to Sears Bethesda, MD to purchase a stove and the sales person was great did not feel that was pushed for a sale. We never ended up with the purchase because of other reasons. We purchase a drill the young man was professional and great. Headed out to the tire center and one gentleman acknowledge us then 2 young ladies came in the store and the gentleman decided to attend them first then when we were attended the person was not friendly not sure maybe had bad day we try to advise that we saw a special on line we wanted to see if it was available he just said no and did not offer anything else so we left. Then at the end we headed to the rest room in the back of the store were the beds were locate my little boy wanted to lay on one’s of the bed as was lifting my son gentleman name Alejandro walked by and said no shoes on the beds and kept on walking no thank, no please , no eye contact as he return asked him to get me manager to discuss his manner in talking to customer’s and no manager ever showed . I will make SURE to NEVER purchase from your store ever again. I will pass the information on the horrible experience that we had from trying to purchase tires today to the rude customer service!!


Danielle Bird October 25, 2014 at 4:33 pm

I purchased a refrigerator from your Westminster, CO outlet store in September to be delivered 10/04/14. First of all they asked me if i need to buy parts and told me if i didnt have the right parts they would not install. They told me I could call the store back and let them know if i needed to add the parts to the order. When i got home i discovered i did need the parts so i called. They refused to let me add to the order over the phone I had to drive back in and pick it up myself. The delivery time is ridiculous. The auto call left a message at 8pm the night before of what time they will come. The time they offered was within the only 30 minutes i would not be home that day. I called and they refused to work with me on a time, my only choice was to wait another week for a new time and hopefully that worked. I asked to have a manager call me back, he didnt call back til 7am the next morning waking me up to tell me they would not be able to help me. I managed to have my roommate be home for the delivery, thank goodness because you offered me no other choices. Within the first week to noticed the doors were not flush, the width and depth were off. I called the outlet store and they told me I had to adjust them myself. I couldnt do it myself I didnt know how so i waited until a friends husband could come over and try to do it. He wasnt available until today. He tried to do it today to find out it was not possible. I called the outlet store back. Now they tell me oh you were given incorrect information you need to call the repairs 800 # because this is covered in the year man. warranty. I called repairs and they tell me no you should have called the delivery people back they are responsible because its in the first 30 days. I was very irritated by this point, being given the run a round by your outlet people seems to be you regular process of business. The repair people apologized and explained that the outlet store people have a bad habit of elongating the process so the customer gets beyond the 30 day mark and cannot request refund or replacement. WHAT????? So I’m basically being told your customer service policy is to run your customers around till you do not have to provide them customer service???? Totally unacceptable! I was then transferred to the deliver 800# where i have been given a date of 10/28 for repair that i will not know what time they are arriving till the night before giving me NO notice to give my employer so I most likely will have to take the entire day off work to provide you the space the try to fix something that should have never have happened in the first place. My side by side refrigerator doors are 1/4″ apart in the middle on top and 3/4″ apart in the middle on the bottom. There is also a 1/8″ difference in the depth of the doors so when they close they do not close flush. I know i did not notice this when i picked out the refrigerator or my purchase choice would have differed. I also paid delivery so i shouldn’t expect poor quality delivery services. I also paid for them to remove by old refrigerator, i did not need it removed but i wanted it left on my front porch so the guy charged me the removable charge just encase they wouldn’t leave it on the porch. I have never experienced such ridiculous service. I am in the market to replace all my appliances and a bed in the next 6 months, opened a credit card with you so i could. What i have learned from this purchase is that Sears is not a name I can trust. I will consider paying more somewhere else for better service next time.


Lesia Hughes October 25, 2014 at 10:40 am

What is wrong with Sears? I have multiple houses with Sears appliances. I have had a service agreement that I PAID for, for more than 20 years. I thought you paid for this service so that when things quit they would get fixed quickly. My dryer’s heating element stopped working. I called and was told that I needed this, this , and this. The parts were ordered. Then when we were making arrangements for the appointment it was explained getting the appointment was not a problem but that it had to be arranged far enough out to allow for the parts to arrive. I was told to call when the parts arrived. I was home when the parts arrived so I immediately called. I explained that I did not know if all the parts needed were in the one package I have received ( I have a refrigerator that the repair man has called a lemon since the same part breaks over and over and has been replaced many times. We go long periods of time with it broken due to time constraints) Anyway, when I called about the package arriving I asked if the appointment could be earlier as I had had plans to go out of town with my daughter to a walk/run, but I needed the dryer fixed! The guy kept saying you already have an appointment. I assured him I was aware since I had made the appointment. After feeling we were just going around and around I asked to speak to a manager, thinking he would check the schedule. I was told that the manager would not take my call at this time and I would need to call back in an hour. Sounded ridiculous but I called back, as instructed and got the same guy, went though the same stuff, and then he put me on hold for a manager. After 26 minutes I was cut off. I called back and started with another guy (Tony) explaining I was on hold for a manager and got cut off and would he please reconnect me to the manager. He refused. Said I did not need to talk to a manager. After going back and forth I finally said ” Are you telling me you are refusing to allow me to talk to a manager?” He respond was “That is correct, I am not going to connect you to a manager” Since your phone message says recorded for quality control you should be able to pull up the conversation and see just what your quality sounds like. I called a retail store and explained the conversation and asked for a number where I could report this. The person I talked to at that number checked and said there were no earlier slots. Everyone needs their dryer to work so I cancelled me plans so as to be home today. Last night a message was left on my phone saying I needed to call to reschedule my service appointment. I called this morning to say that I did not want to reschedule as I had changed my plans so I could sit and wait all morning to get the dryer fixed. I have now been told the man is “sick” and it will be next Wednesday. So now I move into another week with no dryer. No wonder Sears has issues if this is the way people, who have been customers for years, are treated. Sears only has one repair man? I was given the email for customer care/ service – no thank you, had enough of that “care”. So, I googled Sears corporate office which took me to this location. As I was reading the other post of how people have been so poorly treated, I can’t help but wonder what happened to Sears. When I was younger Sears and quality went hand in hand.


frank October 24, 2014 at 11:40 pm

been trying to get my vacuum repaired for over two months and keep getting the run around from local Sears. Online support wont even return E-mails. this is the worst cust service ever, will never buy from them again below is proof of horrible service.

Called again today regarding Vacuum, and the Rep at store # 3486 informed me that the vacuum was not in warranty, I had asked her how long is the warranty for?? She stated 1 year, I informed her that i had purchased it in Nov of last year and gave her the order #. she had stated that she could not locate proof of sale. Again unacceptable. please refund purchase amount.

This is atempt # 2 to get this resolved dated 10-24-14

—– Original Message —–
From: cleansweepjanitorialservice
To: Imran
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 6:38 PM
Subject: Re: Re order 093001454825 (KMM34081077V97358L0KM)

Hello regarding the Vacuum I have dropped off over a month ago, In the Brookings Or. location store # 3486, I have called regarding the delay on getting my Vacuum repaired for the last two weeks and I keep getting the run around, we don’t know have any info call back later. The last person I spoke with I believe his name was Marshall??? He called when I first dropped off asked a few questions and called back to ask for proof of purchase witch I dropped off then nothing after that, this is unacceptable.

I think at this point seeing how I was forced to purchase a new vacuum due to not having one for over a month, is a refund thanks..

This is attempt #1 to get this resolved dated 10-21-14, regarding store # 3489

—– Original Message —–
From: Imran
To: Clean Sweep Janitorial Service
Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2014 6:56 AM
Subject: Re1: Re order 093001454825 (KMM34081077V97358L0KM)

Dear Valued Member,

I am sorry to hear that the vacuum which you have purchased last year is not functioning. I understand that you would like to know about the warranty or the service team contact information. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We appreciate your consideration of Sears for your service and warranty needs. To obtain specific information regarding your Sears protection agreement or warranty information, please contact us at 1-800-827-6655. For repair or technical services please contact 1-800-4MY-HOME. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you.

Need additional assistance? Click here to Chat or Talk with us now!

Thank you,

Foy P. (speer4)

Sears Member Services


Original Message Follows: ————————

Good evening regarding the order below, the Vacum I purchased last November, needs to be sent in for servicing, it has not even lasted a year, parts are falling off it. please send info so I can get it returned for repair. I believe it is under warranty. thanks

Order Date: 08-Nov-2013
Salecheck Number: 093001454825
Return code: 3869-1111-5531-3859-0619

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CINDY HOLLENBAUGH October 23, 2014 at 1:27 am

I am writing simply to address the service of the delivery of a Kitchen Aid Stainless Steel refrigerator from A Sears Outlet Store in Lawrenceville, PA The sales girls were awesome and I was so pleased and happy to buy this appliance. It was a floor model with no outside damage. The only defect was a cracked drawer on the inside. As for the delivery men…. They were by no means friendly or helpful and to top it off they damaged this refrigerator as to major dents and scratches on the front and dents on the side. They would not take it back to the outlet when I refused to accept it and told me to call the outlet office and they will take care of it and address it. I was sick as to why the delivery men would be so negligent to damage a perfectly good appliance. What a waste. Now I am battling with them picking it up because of my work schedule with no family to be here and to sign for the return. I have cancelled daily the pick up delivery because I was told the 2 hour time frame would always be the afternoon because of where I live. Furious that they are not willing to work with me on the pick up time. I guess they want me to miss a day of work on top of all the other issues I have had. I work with the public and have made it very clear NOT TO HAVE ANYTHING DELIVERED BY SEARS to all of my clients/customers. I will NEVER purchase anything else from Sears to deliver again in this lifetime. Very disappointed with your business practices in todays world with all the other choices I have to purchase my appliances or anything else I may purchase in the future. Bad Bad Business ethics.


Diana October 21, 2014 at 9:59 pm


My name is Diana and I have some concerns I would like to share with you. I have had some unpleasant, to say the least, experiences using your outlet website as well as dealing with some outlet store employees.

I’ve been meaning to buy a fridge from your website since two weeks ago and found it almost impossible to “guess” which items were actually in stock as oppose to the incorrect inventory the outlet website presents. Three times I placed an order for a Whirlpool stainless steel top freezer fridge only to get an email, three hours later, saying it was out of stock in that store. Not only was this disappointing but an inconvenience being that Sears doesn’t automatically put back the money into my account but I have to wait 3 full business days to get it. This is very inconvenient but not the worst of it.

So I decided to call every individual outlet store that carried the fridge I wanted, something not necessary if your employees did their job and updated their store’s inventory online. This only disappointed me further when certain stores never picked up, even after calling them various times, and others took down the item number and said they would call me back only to never call me back.

Even after all of that I was finally able to place an order, after I called your Portage, IN store and made sure the item was in stock. My order (12326329995) was placed in the early morning yesterday. I was so pleased that it finally went through all the other hassle seemed meaningless. However, I found it odd that I did not receive a confirmation email. I didn’t receive an out of stock email either so I was hopeful. Well to my surprise I received a cancelation email the next day and so I called the customer service line and they said that if the store ( Portage, IN ) did not clear/confirm the order before the store closed it’s automatically canceled.

Again, I ordered it early in the morning and to think none of the employees of that particular store looked at my order ( a part of their job) and cleared it, is beyond infuriating. I called the outlet store and the lady on the other line did not seem apologetic or even acknowledged there was a mistake. All she did was take down the item number to check if it was still in stock and said she will call me back. SHOCKER, she never did.

I am just letting you know my unpleasant experience with buying from your website and dealing with your employees. Because of this you have lost a customer and will probably NEVER attempt buying anything online or even calling your stores since your employees have ZERO customer service training and could care less about making a sale. Very disappointed, buying a fridge should not be this hard.


kim October 18, 2014 at 11:59 pm

I was emailing because I have a complaint. I called the sears store in midway mall in elyria ohio today (10/18/14) to find out if they had the eureka airspeed one bagless upright vaccum cleaner. They told me they had two in stock. I also asked if they price matched kmart online price. she said yes they did as long as they sold the same item at there store. So we drove an HOUR to this store to get them both and they had NONE in stock. She called the great northern mall sears store in ohio talked to manager named Bob asked him if they had some in stock he said yes they had two. We showed her the online price of $12.00 for One vaccum. She then told Bob on the phone he said they couldn’t give them to us for that price. I do not understand and told him I don’t understand why I can’t get an item that is on sale on your kmart website. That is false advertising. All we were told was no we can’t do it and we couldn’t buy it online or anywhere for that price. I’m confused as to why I can’t purchase these items for the price they are offered at. So not only did I drive an hour to a store that didn’t even have the items in stock that they said they did but I was told they wouldn’t sell me those items for that price. I think that is very poor business and bad customer service. It’s very unacceptable to do business this way. I don’t see how you offer an item for a price but are told no you can’t buy them. Hope to receive a response soon. Thanks, kim


Yacoub October 16, 2014 at 1:07 am

I’m 90 years old and blind, so I asked my daughter to write this for me. I have been a loyal customer with Sears and have held a service/maintenance agreement with Sears on multiple appliances for close to 30 years. This August/2014, I called Sears because my AC was not cooling my home. Three days later a technician came to check the AC unit, advised me that the compressor is broken and the whole unit needs to be replaced. He also advised me that he would report this to his manager and told me that an outside agent will come over to take measurements to determine the appropriate AC unit. A couple day later another Rep/tech/agent completed the measurements and stated there is an AC unit available for our condo. Then I heard NOTHING from Sears for 45 days!!! Throughout these 45 days I must have made a total of 20 calls and I would talk to multiple costumer service reps and got no resolution. Finally on 10/13/14, I received a call from Sears advising me that they no longer carry the same unit model as my current one, the new unit model would require dismantling or breaking through a brick wall and since their tech cannot do this, Sears will pay me a payout and I would have to find/buy the AC unit myself and find a tech to install it. I couldn’t believe this!!!! The reason I purchased the service agreement for so many years was because I believed that Sears would deliver on their promise and per their agreement would repair/replace/install the AC unit. I never thought I would be paying Sears and doing all the leg work!!! Sears expects a blind man to do job for them while paying them for a service. I hope that someone in corporate looks into this matter. Does Sears care about their loyal customer? Then prove it!!!


Jose l Arroyo October 15, 2014 at 10:14 am

I cannot believe that you have to wait over an hour to have someone pick up a phone at Service Department in Guaynabo P.R office. I had an appointment due on 10/7/2014 and today the 14 they have not given the service. I don’t know if I have a service agreement they don’t provide the service.I try to contact the service manager in P.R. but it is impossible to reach by phone since nobody answers.


Penny lynn October 9, 2014 at 5:56 pm

To whom is ever reading this

Currently I am mad as hell. I have a warranty(which I renew every year) on my refrigerator. Scheduled for in house service today between 8:00am and 12:00pm, it is now 4:51pm and four phone calls later and being put on hold for what seems like hours – nothing. Now, are you ready, they tell me that they have to reschedule for the 13th November. Are you kidding me? Service – non existent. This is totally unacceptable, I would appreciate somebody at the HQ level looking into this and getting somebody out to my house tomorrow to fulfill this contract that I have paid to ensure I don’t go through this. By the way 3rd party emergencies are a part of life and Sears should have a back-up plan. Thank you.


Rick Luckett October 8, 2014 at 11:05 am

I’d take the time to tell my whole complaint but obviously Sears does not care about its customers. I purchased over $15,000 in appliances for my new custom home and when it came time for delivery the items were discontinued and not available to me. I call that theft. Sears calls it an unfortunate situation. After 25 years of being a loyal customer I have cancelled my card. You’re customer service and entire company is deplorable. I will make sure everyone I know hears the way Sears treated me.


Melissa Moore October 7, 2014 at 10:16 pm

I have purchased Sears appliances for myself and my rental units for decades, with wonderful products and service. Last month I ordered a refrigerator from the San Leandro outlet store for one of my tenants and I have been on the phone for hours, for days, trying to get someone to deliver it from the store to my building. Two weeks have gone by and no one there is interested in delivering the refrigerator at all! What has changed at Sears? I need a stove for another tenant but have decided I can no longer depend on Sears. I need to work with a store who performs its part of the deal, who offers me good people giving good service. Sears no longer has customer service, just a bunch of kids with phones.


Samuel Gonzalez October 7, 2014 at 7:33 pm

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014 I had an electric stove top delivered to my house that I purchased from the SEARS at Oxford Valley PA. The stovetop delivered today was going to replace one that I purchased 4 months ago that we were having problems with. The original stovetop had been discontinued so Sears allowed me to select one just like the one I purchased before. When the installer arrived today, he proceeded to remove the existing stovetop. Once that was removed he proceeded to install the new one. The base of the new stovetop did not fit so he informed me that the counter needed to be cut however there would be an additional fee of $200.00 dollars even though I initially paid for the original installation


Tina October 7, 2014 at 1:44 pm

To the CEO:
I have RECENTLY purchased (5) five BRAND NEW GE appliances from Sears on line. I received the GE appliances June 27, 2014 and had the electrician install when they were done with my kitchen remodeling end of July 2014. On September 18th the Micro wave went out. I called service repair and was told it would be about 4 weeks before tech could come out to repair, I received the replacements parts in mail just 2 days after I placed service call. I called service again and reminded them we use the micro wave every day and really need repaired, after having to fuss they moved the date out to week ( I understand things have to go thru scheduling cycle and thought ok a week). Well I have been told I have to be there when repair man shows up between 8 and 5, We work 1 hour away from residence, so tring to be patient I took the whole day off and the repair man did show up (service order 41685526) after 1pm only to open replacement parts and tell me they sent the wrong part and would not matter cause the part was busted. Then I was told the earliest repair man could come back will be October 24th and again 8 to 5. Now I am really concerned that come October 24th second set of replacement parts that I have received two days after repairman left may be wrong again or broke, am I (the customer) to be put out another 4 weeks. At this rate by the time they get micro wave repaired the waranty will be out. We are seriouly thinking of getting back up micro wave (not from Sears). Needless to say I am not a happy Sears customer at this time. I have three (3) NOT 1 but three (3) warranties on ALL the appliances, (1) standard Sears warranty, (1) 2 year EXTENDED (extra $450.00) and the standard GE maufacture warranty. I have went round and round with your service department who I don’t think cares about the customer or customer satisfaction. I am not asking for miracles but just can not believe a company as big as Sears has such a slow repair turn around, is there that much defective merchandise sold. This is my last letter, l have exhausted all my time and energy on tring to make customers and Sears aware of the service given to customers once the money is spent.
You are the CEO and just thought you needed to know your service department really needs to give better customer service, maybe they need to add service techs to accomidate your sale of merchandise. I know you are very busy and you really do not need to reply, I truly felt you need to be aware of what goes on between your customer and service department……. Have a great day, mine will be much better when service is returned to my micro wave.


Jason Barbeau October 5, 2014 at 11:43 am

Dear CEO,

My wife recently left her lights on and the battery went dead. I came to her aid and gave her a jump. We drove to Sears to have the battery checked to see if it still held a charge. I asked the service guy to make sure that there is a computerized print out showing the battery was no good if needed he said ok. This did not happen and now there is no way for me to make sure that they did not just take the battery out and put in a new one in. $124 dollars is not really that much money but it angers me. You can’t change things in people’s cars with out proof of cause. I will be contacting the better business bureau, my congress man, and channel 4 news (NBC) regarding this if there is not a timely response regarding this issue.

Thanks Jason


Annie Ogletree October 4, 2014 at 3:23 pm

To Sears CEO
First let me give u history our family has been loyal customers over 20 plus years. All of our appliances in our home along with clothes, ties etc. Have been purchase thru Sears
Here is situation in order:
1.purchase washer, dryer over $1000. (2).paid additional delivery charge for saturday WOW!
(3). Delivery came was not correct. (4). Talk with customer service that was funny language barrier had drive to store. (5).Another delivery still WRONG seriously. (6).resheulded recieved two calls from automated system to reshedule Why? (7). Call customer service
they said disregard call. (8) delivery came it was WRONG again
told to disgread call. Delivery came and it was Wrong again!!!!!!!
These items were purchase due to flood august 2014..
If feel Sears should compansation for inconvenience your company has cause.
Another delivery is scheduled for October 11,2014 tentatively.
Will be another bad reflection of your company? Which appears you don’t a
was told to disregard call mistaken…

“disregard call”.
(8). Delivery comes product “DAMAGE”..
These items were purchased due too flood of August 2014..
call customer service and after 3 request for supervisor which I didnt get to speak with.
Inform her this call with be terminated.
I call back hour later and requested supervisor which again took 3 requests before some one was place on phone.
Now I have a tentative date for OCTOBER 11, 2014 really Sears mess up
and I have be inconvenience again??????


Elaine Mapp October 3, 2014 at 7:55 pm

October 3, 2014

Dear Sears,

My family has done business with your company for years. Unfortunately, that will no longer be the case. On September 18, 2014, I brought my vehicle in for a tire rotation and wheel alignment at your Concord California Valley Mall location. I specifically requested that my tire pressure to be checked – the low pressure indicator light was on, and I had a long drive scheduled for the following day.

When I picked up my car, I noticed that the low-pressure indicator light was still on. I immediately parked my car and went back inside the store to inquire about it. One of the mechanics (1) located another mechanic (2) who had actually worked on my car informing the guy that he hadn’t done his job in servicing my car. This mechanic replied, “I did do my fucking job.” The mechanic (1) returned to me and told me a bold face lie, “drive it around for 2 days – come back then if the light doesn’t go off. I told him that I was aware that once the tire is filled to its proper pressure balance that the light goes off immediately. He replied, “Oh, I tell people 2 days just in case they don’t drive that much”. I told him that I had errands in the vicinity and I’d be back before closing if this tire pressure light doesn’t go off.

Hours later I returned, only to have a supervisor lie to me again. He not only lied to me, he willingly put my safety at risk. Too lazy to remove the wheel covers and check which tire was actually low on air, he filled my front right (that was easy to access without removing the wheel cover) stating that it was very low. I knew he was lying to me, but I didn’t have anything left in dealing with such poor service.

The following day, I took the long drive and when I arrived at my destination I had a Costco tire service technician gladly take a look at all four of my wheel covers to check my tire pressure. Mind you, I purchased all four of my Hankook tires from Sears along with a three-year wheel alignment service plan, and Costco is happy to look them over and Sears won’t properly do so. The Sears supervisor even asked me if I had purchased my tites from Sears. The Costco service technician stated, “ma’am did you know that your right front tire is filled beyond the PSI?” “The PSI is at 60, and should be at 32 – this tire could have popped!” When Costco filled my tire to the proper PSI, the low-pressure indicator light went off immediately. The Sears supervisor intentionally filled my tire beyond capacity just to pacify me. What if the tire had popped on me while I was driving on the freeway (or just period)? Where is the integrity in your employees? The supervisor cared nothing for my safety, he only wanted to get rid of me. I had to ask for what I wanted (and previously paid for it) three times that day, and I didn’t receive it in its entirety.

Last year my daughter purchased one tire at your Sears Sacramento location. The technician didn’t bolt the tire back on well. That tire came off while she and her friend were on an extremely busy highway usually frequented by big rig trucks. It is only by the grace of God that they weren’t injured or killed. What you did do right is take ownership, but your insurance company treated us very poorly. At first they accepted liability, but then disappeared on us. I had to track the Adjuster down through other insurance staff members in the company. She literally avoided me for over two weeks leaving my daughter without transportation. When she did finally return my call in a very bad attitude she exclaimed that she had made no such promises (rental car and repairs), and that they weren’t liable. It was only when I threatened to sue and fly to her location overnight and cause her bodily harm (for which I meant) did she change her tune. We never got the promised rental car! I should in no way have had to become so enraged by poor service of your insurance company to the point of violence. I will never find myself enraged by your company again, my family as well as extended family members and friends will get our tires and mechanical services from a more reputable tire place like Costco. WE ARE DONE!




Eric Croker October 1, 2014 at 5:31 pm

In May 2013, my son accidently broke our front picture window while playing. We called the company who installed them back in November 2006. Knowing the windows were out of warranty, we still needed the window fixed. Sears sent out a technician for a service call on June 3, 2013. She wrote up a work order and we paid her $100 for the service call. We did receive a quote on 8/1/2013, which I immediately responded to and let Sears know I accepted their quote. The quote stated the glass pack would cost $180 to be replaced..including labor. I was told I would be called with a date for the window to be replaced. Today is October 1, 2014..the window is still not replaced. Over the past year and a half, I have called countless times to see why the window hadn’t been replaced. Countless times I was told that “the problem was found..don’t worry, we’ll be right out to fix it”.
On January 13, 2014, 7 months after the quote was accepted, I received a phone call from one “Andy Sims”, phone number 1-614-738-5876. I cannot remember his exact position but he called to let me know that “we(Sears) had not forgotten about the window and would be calling soon to set up a time to install it”. No one ever showed up.
There had been several other discussions over the phone with Sears..all of which never lead to the window being installed. I do remember one call in which the person I was talking to told me that Sears would be replacing the window for free due to the time and aggravation I’ve been put through. This was the best news I had heard so far…but today, I found out that even that was a lie. On September 26, 2014, I received a call to schedule the installation of the glass pack..which has now been broken for well over 18 months. It was to be installed on October 1, 2014 after 12:00pm. I thought “great..finally!!” Remember, the last time I had heard anything about cost was from the phone call with the Columbus Branch of SEars Home Improvement, which told me the window would be installed for free. The technician, which knows nothing about any previous phone call, shows up with an invoice showing that it will cost me $350…not the original quote of $180 and certainly not what I was told prior..about it being installed for free.
Well, this is a problem due to the fact I only had $100 to my name today. Recently, I had to close my business down due to an unexpect sell of the builing I was my income is extremely limited at this time. I explained to the technician..if this would have been replaced when I originally called it in, there wouldn’t have been any money issue..but the way it is now..$100 is all I can pay. The technician called his superiors and explained the problem to them. Within in 30 seconds, his superiors told him to “pack it up..if he can’t pay the $350, then just leave.” The technician asked them to hold. The technician’s name was Mr. Lamp. He asked me if there was anyway I could pay the $180..I again told, then showed him all the money I had available at this time…which was a $100 bill. He went back to his superiors and asked them if it was possible for me to pay the $100 now and collect the remainder at a later date. His superiors, again, told him to pack it up and leave. He said they replied “if he can’t pay at least the $180, then pack up the window and your tools and go to your next job. I have to say, Mr. Lamp was a very nice and understanding gentleman and Sears should hire more gentleman such as Mr. Lamp.
The broken window is in my front room, where the family watches television and spends most of their time in. I also have a wood pellet burner in this room. Last winter(2013), I burned twice as many wood pellets than any previous winter due to the windo being broken. Granted, it eas colder, but I’ve used that pellet burner for the past 10 years. I average right about 1 ton of pellets per winter season. The 2013 winter season, I burned right at 2 and 1/2 tons of wood pellets.
The broken window has been covered with packing tape..yet there are places where it can still cut a person if rubbed up against.
So, tomorrow will be October 2, 2014..and I still won’t have my window replaced. Since June 3, 2013, I have been waiting for this to be done..and Sears has put me off continously. One time I called..and was told that the window had already been replaced. I told them they were mistaken..and once again I was told they would get the window replaced.
All I know is Winter is right around the corner..and I definitley do not want to go through another winter with this window broken. I have talked to a lawyer, but he suggested this route first. I don’t know what else to do. If I don’t get any kind of response from Sears Corporate..I will be retaining a lawyer. It’s funny, If I don’t pay a bill or do something wrong, I get sent to collections or possibly to jail. If a large corporation does something blow someone off for over 18 months after a work order has been drawn up and accepted..nothing happens..they just get away with it. Funny..isn’t it?

Eric Croker

PS: In November of 2006, we hired Sears to install 36 windows and put vinyl “WeatherBeater” siding on our house. The total cost for both came to around $32,000 ..and here we are quibbling over $180… WOW!.


Jason McKinney September 29, 2014 at 9:43 pm

To the parties at Craftsman and Sears concerned in this matter:

Hello my name is Jason McKinney and I have been a Sears customer for almost 20 years. I am currently on my third Craftsman lawn mower, my second washer and dryer from Sears (The first model was the HE3 and my most recent is the Kenmore Elite). My cordless power equipment is the craftsman 19.2 V pack, my toolboxes are both metal and plastic Craftsman with Craftsman hand tools and Craftsman wrenches. I purchased a craftsman power washer in February of this year and even my water hose is 100 foot craftsman heavy-duty rubber hose. I have been very good to your company and have never had a problem with your products until recently.
I have spent almost $5000 this year alone on Sears products–One of those items was a 54 inch Craftsman lawnmower. When this mower had only 22 hours on the engine it was making an odd sound. I checked the dipstick and found that there was no oil on the stick. It was then that I noticed that there was an oil leak coming down from the engine to the bottom of the front of the mower. I went to the local Sears store and told them what had happened. I was told that everything had to be handled through customer solutions and they gave me the phone number.
When I called customer solutions they scheduled a date for a technician to come out and look at my lawnmower about 3 weeks away. I requested off from work because I live on a corner lot and there was not a secure location to leave my mower out in the open. When the technician (Tony) finally came out he was there for less than five minutes and told me that he would have to have some parts sent out so that he could repair my unit. He also told me that I probably overbought on my mower. Not sure why your technician felt compelled to tell me what size mower I should have. The last time I checked the items I purchased were with my money. I felt it was extremely unprofessional for him to judge or gauge what size mower I needed for my yard. He also said that they did not clean the mowers and I would have to clean it myself if I wanted all of the grease and gunk gone.
It took about one week for all of my parts to come in and at that time I called customer solutions to have Tony come back out to service my mower. AGAIN, another three weeks until someone could come out. I was not going to take off from work again so I took the lawnmower to my parents house which was 6 miles away and had shade since it would be around 95 degrees plus it would be a safer place to leave it. I called customer solutions on the morning of August 3 to make sure that the technician called me before he came to my house so that I could tell him where the unit was. Not only did Tony not call me per my instructions but it is your policy that they call prior to arrival which HE DID NOT DO! I received an automated message from customer solutions that said my technician would be at my house between 8 and 10 AM because I was the first on the list. Tony arrived at 10:40 AM and left a notice that he would have to reschedule for 9/24/2014 because the mower was not there. If he would have called me when he was supposed to there would not have been a problem. I arrived at my house 20 minutes later and called customer solutions to tell them to have him call me because I needed the mower fixed immediately! I was angry because I had purchased another mower since this one had issues since its first hour of use (I just didn’t know it until the engine started making an odd sound) and had someone who was wanting to buy it for $1,500 because their mower had just quit and their yard was getting out of hand. I needed the mower fixed IMMEDIATELY!!! I called customer solutions and talked to someone and told them to send a message to the the technicians headquarters and have someone call me ASAP so the issue could be fixed. Nothing. After work I called the customer solutions again and talked to Juanita about everything. I told her that I did not want Tony to come back out to my house because he was extremely unprofessional and was not doing his job. She said that she was going to try to get another technician out the following day and would call me the next day. Again, nothing!!
At this point I went back to the store and spoke to the manager because I wanted to talk to the district manager. He said that even he wasn’t able to talk to the DM but he would email him and maybe something would happen in 3 or 4 days. I was expecting a phone call because he gave my phone number in his email but he meant that maybe the DM could have someone come out in 3-4 days. Again, nothing. No phone call, no rescheduling a sooner date.
On 9/24/2014 Kenneth Thomas came to my house around 12:30. He had called me twice and was a great person to work with. He showed me that only three sides of the valve cover had sealant so that is why the engine had leaked from the beginning. On 9/28/2014 the mower was used to cut my one acre lot. It was run for about 45 minutes. After the engine was turned off, I noticed grey smoke coming from the bottom of the front of the mower. It appears that the head of the unit is still leaking. I can’t even sell this mower because your company wants to save a few dollars on gasket sets yet wants to charge a premium for this mower. Your MSRP was over $2,400 and you are cutting corners by using silicone on the heads. Will someone please answer this email? I do not want this mower. It may run fine now, but it will never run like it should because it has been run with so little oil that it did not even show on the stick. I am VERY disappointed in this product.
Finally, I want you to know that I spoke to someone at customer solutions about the mower and said that if I could just get 75% back I would be happy because this mower has been a HUGE headache. She called the store here in Palestine to see if he would be willing to accept the mower and sell it used. He refused and said that it was past the 30 day return period. So this entire time he was hiding behind the company saying “we can’t do anything unless they okay it” and “our hands are tied”–yet when customer solutions called and asked him he refuses?? That seems like a coward trying to hide behind customer solutions and hoping there are so many hurdles that I’ll just give up. Again, I have spent almost $5,000 this year alone. I know that’s probably not a lot to anyone dealing with million dollar budgets and expansions but it is a lot to me. Not sure if this email will accomplish anything but I hope so. If this issue cannot be resolved I guess you will come out ahead on this deal but there are about 40 more years and other places where I can find similar products. I have never tried to cheat your company and will not begin now. But I will not be treated by the Palestine manager or the first technician this way ever again.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sorry for its length. I assure you it’s been even longer and worse for me.

Jason McKinney
(903) 724-XXXX
Case# 2770707


Kathleen Sampson September 27, 2014 at 2:32 pm

After reading all the above emails I am getting the picture that my claim will also be ignored. July, 2014 I bought a washer and dryer from Sears. (I also bought your 5year coverage on both appliances.) When it was delivered the washer was incorrectly hooked up. The hose was kinked going into the drain pipe. The technician was in such a hurry that he started the washing machine on a wash cycle, told me to let it run, and he left. Ten minutes later I went to check on machine and found it flooding the floors. The water ran in to my hall and damaged some of the oak wood flooring.
I filed a claim with the delivery company. After a few months Sedgewick took over the claim. After numerous calls, I was assured a claim adjuster would be over in three days. I was given another claim number. Never heard from them. Every call I make, and I mean every, I am either put on hold and no one answers, told some one will call me back, or the person who handles the claim is not there and will call me. No one ever calls back. Sedgewick claim number L1407245121.
The damage will cost me approximately $2000.00 for me to have the work done. Both my husband and I are retired and handicapped. This has caused extreme stress on me as I have to deal with it. My husband is deaf and cannot understand anyone on the phone. I have explained this on every call and given them my home and cell numbers.
I don’t know what else to do. I hope this matter will at least receive the courtesy of a response.


JSB September 26, 2014 at 2:16 pm

D/A: 4/11/2013, Store#: 06854, Claim#: L1304155012-0001
My SUV was in the care, custody and control of Sears for replacement of tires. Upon pick up up my vehicle was damaged. Immediately, I brought the damage to the attention of the manager. He stated, “I saw a customer’s vehicle make a turn very close to your SUV, but I didn’t think your car was hit.” I requested a report be taken. Sear’s security/safety people took a report, examined the damage and took photos within 15 minutes. I reported the incident to Sear’s third-party-administrator Sedgwick Claims Management (SCM). Due to life issues I could not get three estimates to SCM at that time, but stated to the adjuster Paula Davis (PD), I woud pursue the claim at a later time.
Months later, I contacted SCM numerous times leaving voice mail messages for PD to no avail. Finally, in May 2014, I spoke to a Merredith Hoffman (MH) who stated Paul Davis is no longer handling my claim that she was. Per her request, I emailed three estimates of my damaged SUV to MH. On each occassion I followed up, I was told the email I sent was not received. I requested MH acknowledge receipt of the email and attachments (including photos) I was about to send her on or about the first week of May. Finally, MH emailed me stating she received my email. I asked for a date when MH would contact me regarding resolution. May 15 arrived and I did not communicate with MH. May 23, I called her several times; no return call was received.
Getting through to Sedgwick on their general # (to speak to a supervisor) takes a miracle! Their outgoing message directs a caller to press _to leave a message, but there’s another message directing the caller to press _ to leave a message. Bottom line, I could not communicate with a human.
Called Sears spoke John a customer service supervisor. He called Sedgwick on another line connecting me with a supervisor who was rude and unprofessional. She showed absolutely no respect for the Sears employee. Instead of listening to my concern this unprofessional supervisor got an attitude and told me I never submitted documents to MH because she does not handle property damage claims.
After weeks of getting nowhere, I called Sears customer service and was directed to their Blue Ribbon service where I communicated with Jennifer Lacey. I forwarded to Jennifer the email I sent to MH along with MH’s acknowledgment of receiving my estimates and photos. I was asked to email the photos and estimates AGAIN, which I did. However, it appears that the photos were not being received. There was no cell # available to text the photos to Sears. I reiterated several times throughout this process that SEARS EMPLOYEES TOOK PHOTOS OF MY DAMAGED SUV. These photos should be requested from the store. Apparently, its no one’s job in customer service, blue ribbon department or Sedgwick to do so.
Today, I called customer service ( I have not communicated with anyone about my claim in about six weeks) spoke with John who has no authority! His plan is to send me back to Jennifer for whom I left several messages in August, and she has not returned my call. I was transferred to Kayla whose solution is to send me back to Sedgwick. In response to asking for a supervisor, Kayla cannot give me a name, as she has to get authority to give me a supervisor’s name. Seriously??
What an inefficient bureaucracy! Layers and layers of customer service, blue ribbon service people who are not empowered. Here’s a company that Sears hired to manage their claims, and they do not give a dam about Sears’ customers…and that’s just dandy with Sears. Sedgwick has not provided me with one status letter since I pursued this claim in the spring. MY VEHICLE WAS DAMAGED WHEN LEFT WITH SEARS TO HAVE WORK DONE. THIS IS THE ERA OF TECHNOLOGY. I HAVE THE DAMAGE TO MY SUV ON MY CELL AND LAPTOP WHICH WAS FORWARDED SEVERAL TIMES. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. SETTLE MY CLAIM! IS THIS SEAR’S BRAND? I AM SO FRUSTRATED, I THOUGHT I WOUL HAVE CORONARY TODAY SPEAKING TO KAYLA. WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY WITH SEDGWICK? DOES ANYONE IN AUTHORITY AT SEARS SINCERELY CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS? WHO?


Robin Jenson September 26, 2014 at 10:21 am


I’m very unhappy with the service I have received from Sears. I have an order that was not delivered when I have ask it to be and then after the delivery mess, the day and times were wrong twice. The experience is a sore spot in my back. The product was damaged and I still have not gotten the order straighten out. Sear’s CEO needs to get a handle on what is happening with the consumer doing business with Sears. If this order ever becomes correct, I will not do business with Sear’s again in my life. Sear’s has had no problem charging my credit card and charging me for assembling, which did not happen.

How can Sear’s be so sloppy with doing business with the public? I want to hear from the CEO on this matter. I want a credit applied to my credit card for all the STRESS this has cause me. I will forward to hear the response and correction of this matter.


Alina Tejera September 21, 2014 at 12:58 am

I placed an order less than 24 hours ago that I need to cancel. It has not yet shipped. I spoke with a representative at 1 pm who confirmed my order was cancelled, but I received no email. I then did a chat and that representative also confirmed that my order was cancelled. I then got a shipment confirmation email and called customer service. She said the order was being shipped and I couldn’t cancel. She sounded drunk and could barely string a sentence together.

This is ridiculous. I have been a very good customer of Sears over the years only to be treated like crap and incredibly aggravated.


M Brown September 19, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Two weeks ago I bought a King sized mattress and box springs so that my husband who is dying from COPD can rest comfortably. I was told it would be delivered no later than today, September 19th and could possibly be delivered as early as September 12th. I was also told that I would receive notification 24 hours prior to the delivery. The 12th came and went so I knew that was not going to happen but last night on the 18th I got a voicemail saying that the delivery would be made between 5 and 7 pm on the 19th, or the next day which is today. I had some friends come over and help this morning and removed the bed from our bedroom so that it would be ready for the delivery. Then at 11:30 AM this morning I get a call (just 5 hours before the delivery window) saying that the delivery was postponed and left a number to call. I called the number and they say it will be another week at the earliest. Now what the he!! am I supposed to do? I have a dying husband and because of your ineptitude he has nowhere to sleep. THAT IS INEXCUSABLE! This after my husband has spent over 7,000 at your lousy company in the past year. I have no idea what we are supposed to do now, but you can bet this story will be posted anywhere on the web I can put it, and also the local news if they are willing to air it. You people should be ASHAMED for the treatment of your customers. This is unbelievable.


Alfred Wiltrout September 19, 2014 at 3:01 pm

Hi , I have a Dodge Pickup truck and discovered after a Sears oil change i was 2.2 quarts short/low on oil. Not enough oil was put into the engine. I was told the POS software had an error and the instructions printed from the POS were incorrect. Now my engine is making noises. Could you help me make my engine repairs. thanks


Vincent Kemp September 17, 2014 at 5:36 pm

To the Corporate Office.
I am the caregiver of my 95 year old grandmother, She has been a loyal customer with Sears for over 40 years. Her ac unit went out in the middle of the summer here the south hot, I called to service and appointment on the unit that was repaired last year around this time, to my displeasure I was told the next available date for a technician the 24th of September. I called the corporate office talked with three customer service representatives to get and earlier date, one of the customer service transferred me to the routing department, to my surprise I encounter a female who was rude, did not give me her name and ended the called, I called back to the corporate office not happy about the treatment received, he apologized and stated that’s and internal department not associated with corporate. I also pointed out on last year with this problem the technician came out to service the unit and had to order another part which took another week, my poor dear grandmother is the one who has to suffer. Sears recommended that we get a license technician to come out and check the unit, but if the amount is over $300.00 my grandmother who is on a fixed income would be responsible for the amount until Sears could reimburse her. I think it is unfair for a loyal member of Sears to come out of pocket on any expenses while under warranty. Sears should be responsible for all out of pocket cost since they cannot me the customer needs. We are so disappoint with Sears and really considering not renewing our warranty on next year. I hope Sears will bring that pride back to the company on making sure the customer is first.
Vincent J. Kemp


Tiffany Drummer September 17, 2014 at 3:03 pm

To Mr. Louis J. D:
Let me start off saying that at this moment I am furious. I called 847-286-2500 where two ladies who answer this line tag-teamed hanging up on me for 10 minutes straight. It is unprofessional and I am angry. It’s bad enough that I’m calling about a defective television that was given to me; then to receive this type of customer services is appalling. I’ve never felt so degraded and helpless in my life. I purchased a television from Sears on September 5th. When I paid it off, it wasn’t available. The manager over merchandise pick up stated that she would call me Monday because it would be in. She never called so I contacted her Tuesday. When I called, I was told the television was not there. 30 minutes later, I get a call stating that I was being given a much newer model television to accomodate me for my troubles. I tried putting it together yesterday and it is defective. This is so frustrating to me. I should not have this man problems purchasing and getting a television that is not defective. I’ve paid for a product that I can’t even look at. I called the store (Independence Mall, Independence, MO) and was transferred around and placed on hold. I just want my television. I’m being inconvenienced as well to find someone with a truck to be taking this television back and forth, back and forth. Can somebody please help me!! I just want what I paid for. 816-536-****.


Patricia Taylor September 17, 2014 at 10:07 am

I had an appointment for a dryer repair yesterday on 9/16/14, with a window 1-5pm. Tech called at 9:49am to advise he’d be arriving between 4-5pm. At 5:30pm he was a no show and no call. I spoke to a “Manager” at Sears sevice..employee Aaron 260783 who advised the tech put into the system he postponed the appt. until 9/18/14. It would have been professionsl to have been called to advise me as I had and missed a 6:00pm appt.due to the tech wasting my time. Now I have a window 1-5pm again for 9/18 so lets see if the no-show-no-call shows up to honor service contract I paid for. Will put this thought into my head when buying another dryer. I plan on spreading this non-customer service issue.. Another issue Sears has is the techs don’t carry enough minor parts and have to set up another appt.


john lindberg September 15, 2014 at 6:10 pm

to the ceo of sears
on Sunday September 14 2014 we took our car to sears in Maplewood mn to get 4 tires put on we got there about 11:30 am stood around till about 11:45 for a service person to help us there was 3 cars on lifts and no cars in line we did the paper work picked the tires and so on he said car should be done by 2:30 pm so we walked the mall and eat lunch went back at 2 pm to see how the car was doing nobody around went outside the car was there with nothing done to it at 230 I went and found someone ask what was going on with the car he said he would check at 2:45 pm the car was bought into the shop left running it sat there running till 3:10 pm then put on a hoist and tires taken off then they bought some other cars in and the work on my car stopped till about 4:15 pm then they put the new tires on we did not get out of there till 5 pm so I was upset by this time when I left and got on the freeway the car starts to shake a tire not balanced right I live an hour from the store now I have to take it back there spend 2 hours on the road and the gas and my time again to have them balance the tires that was to be done the first time
so yes I am vary upset now I have always bought my vehicles to sear to get tire and aliments been treated ok better then a dealer but this blows big time I have 2 more vehicles that need tires looks like I will be taking them someplace else we have bought our appliances my tools and so on thru sears but I don’t think I will shop there anymore
not after talking to the guy at the service center he more less called me a liar over the phone I have worked on cars for years I know what’s going on I am not happy at all
it would be nice to hear back from someone if I don’t hear from somebody I will never shop sears again for anything
if this is sears customer service no wonder you are loosing money
now this is a car that has 45000 miles on it and never had a shake or a vibration
thanks you
Mr. John Lindberg
a vary upset customer


lou Hall September 10, 2014 at 4:54 pm

CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson

I am in need of an replacement or my money back. After the third Tech trip to my home (three lost work days) The Craftsman 1500 riding mower I purchased last October and which quit running in May needs a new motor. I had suggested this product fell in the lemon category yet at all turns Sears employees sound a resounding no to my money back or a simple replacement. I have filed once with the BBB , and other agencies and will continue to ensure I address this issue until I have a product that works or my money back.

I do not authorize, consent or give permission for Sears holdings or affiliates to share, sell or give my personnel information to any party or agency. (Please reference the Common Law handbook to view persons who live in our Republic’s Rights or Bill of Rights). The true rule of law guidance and procedures granted within the constitution.

Lou Hall
A disappointed former customer


Greg Friend September 10, 2014 at 3:26 pm

I made a purchase on The product was never delivered. Customer service has been less than useless. Sears says contact the 3rd party seller and the 3rd party seller says contact Sears. I’ve spoken with Janine (id# 780409) and Kaitlin (id# 239418) and I’ve heard I will be returned my money asap. I was told I’d see confirmation emails and have seen none. Sure seems like theft to me. Sears takes my money, nothing is delivered and Sears does everything in its power to not return my money. Its stealing. Neither company wants to take responsibility and neither is doing anything to correct the problem.

Greg Friend
Order # 722410108


JERRY GORDON September 8, 2014 at 11:56 am



lou Hall August 30, 2014 at 1:59 pm

Greeting Sears holdings leadership.

I today received a carburetor assembly 951-12771A in lieu af 951-14175. What is interesting is stated in a rebuttal from Sears holdings to the BBB are words that Mr. Hall (that is I) has refused to allow techs to come to my home to attempt to fix my 1500 Craftsman mower. Twice techs has been to my home and twice have left and I have no working product. Maybe this part is a missing link?

Once more leaders of Sears Holdings. As a person who holds the rights of citizens in very high regard and disdain for corruption at all levels I must not waiver in the fight for a satisfying solution to an on going problem. Shoddy equipment which I purchased and did not even last eight months .

Why are customers treated with such disregard by a corporate holdings group such as yours?

A former customer


Robert M. Breeden August 29, 2014 at 11:56 am

In June I purchased a refrigerator, so far not counting delivery they have been our five times trying to fix it. The last Tec didn’t even look at it. He simply said, “They are all that way, it can’t be fixed.” If that is the case then Sears misrepresented the product to me and have been lying to me since then.
Up until now I had been a loyal customer to Sears, one only has to look in my garage to see that. Now it is now almost September 1st and the problem persists. The CEO of Sears has made himself unavailable to the general customer. I wonder why?


Michelle August 29, 2014 at 8:03 am

It would be beneficial for your company to assist customers that are in need of help, that’s why they call it CUSTOMER SERVICE. Be able to provide information to your customers as it is requested by them. What good is customer service if you are unable to provide a service to your paying customers that are looking for answers. Stop passing the customers on saying I don’t handle that etc.. and instead have them say here is the correct number that you should contact and ensure it is the appropriate number so your paying customers are not going in circles.


Michelle August 29, 2014 at 7:56 am

I have a GE washer which is in need of repair ASAP. Contacted Sears Home Services for repair on Thursday, August 21st to schedule an appt
And also purchased the Protection Agreement for $230, which I was adamant about doing. I scheduled an appt for a tech to come to repair my
Washer on Monday, August 25th. He reviewed the washer and told me he was not familiar with repairing my GE washer and also did not have the
Transmission part etc.. to repair it. He asked if he could schedule another appt for Tuesday, September 2nd – are you kidding me. I told him not it’s
Unacceptable so he said how about Saturday, August 30th , so I reluctantly agreed. He told me he would put in an EMERGENCY request to have the
Parts delivered ASAP. Today August 29th, I have only received one of five parts and need the remaining to come today for the scheduled appt tomorrow. When I
Contact Sears customer service NO ONE is able to give me a status on when the parts will arrive and have told me repeatedly that the PARTS DEPT will
Contact me – no calls received to date – what is the problem?. This is unacceptable customer service, no one can give me any status on what is going on and I want some
answers so I can wash my clothing at home for my family. I cannot be going back and forth to the Laundromat everyday with my 4 children. I asked
to speak to a manager and instead was just told what the manager said. Are you kidding me? Management cannot speak on the phone. This is unacceptable
Customer service! I am thinking about canceling my service agreement and purchasing a NEW WASHER from another company!!! What is going on?????
I have purchased other appliances from SEARS, but will most likely purchase elsewhere in the future. If I do not receive the parts for my washer today, I am
calling SEARS corporate to get a full refund of my MASTER SERVICE AGREEMENT.. I am extremely fed up and angry that SEARS has no regard for a well
paying customer and a complete SCAM to get people to sign up for these service agreements. I could have been doing my wash by now if I had just
purchased a NEW washer from another company. But, I wanted to repair my washer that has had no problems at all in the past rather than throwing it away and
buying another – but here we are NO REPAIRS to date and still waiting for the parts to arrive! What is going on????!!! I need answers today and will be writing
additional reviews on YELP, BBB, FACEBOOK, TWITTER etc…regarding my experience and unsatisfactory customer service from SEARS.


lou Hall August 28, 2014 at 2:30 pm

To those if any view this email.

August 28th and still no working Mower. Two wasted work days awaiting techs to fix the issue. yet no working mower.


A former customer


lou Hall August 26, 2014 at 5:06 pm

Another day and still no relief from Sears.

Months have passed and I still do not have a mower which works. Yes I have a warranty, however once more I still have no working product. ?????


A former customer


Open positions August 26, 2014 at 1:24 pm


I applied for an outside sales position in NYC area.
I got a few calls from a person based in FL who ask me to apply etc.
I did everything that I was asked and then I had to do that again, what I did!
After a two weeks, I was asked to do so again! When I said that I did it twice already, the person on the other side got upset and told me that I have an attitude after finding out that I was right !?
She hanged up the phone and would not return my call.
Next, I got an email from that young lady at Sears that I want qualify for the employment…..
I do understand that however, I am not sure that she is being professional and that is helping company with new employees.
Her number is 407 551 xxxx. Aisha Washington.


lou Hall August 25, 2014 at 12:47 pm

To Sears Holding persons in charge.

August 25th is here and after months of issues with a non-working 1500 Craftsman riding mower, I still do not have a replacement nor has my money plus two days wasted awaiting techs been refunded.



A Former Customer


Kevin bishop August 24, 2014 at 4:11 pm

My compressor failed after 4 months of use. Repair apts have taken over 6 weeks and the last one was canceled at 11:00 am on the day of my 8am -12 pm scheduled repair. I want a complete refund, or the cost of an upgrade waived. I am no longer interested in repairing the existing unit. Your field tech is just one more, of your less than competent,employees. He felt using the synthetic compressor oil required per the manual was the reason my compressor was failing. He told me I should ignore the manual. Guess that is one way to avoid dealing with Sears Repair and Sears Warranty people ever again.

Kevin Bishop


lou Hall August 25, 2014 at 12:44 pm


I feel your pain, my suggestion is to seek assistance from the BBB and other consumer agencies which may offer relief from practices employed by Sears Holding group. If we do nothing, then no change will happen.




J.D.LITTLEJOHN JR August 23, 2014 at 3:43 pm

There are some serious ongoing issues with customers paying hard earned money on products and warranties that you sell to the consumer but not standing by your Brand name (SEARS) not to mention covertly trying to extort extra fees on service calls after you already purchased and covered under extended Master Protection Agreement Plan. I’ve freely gave my money in good faith to keep my warranty in effect for my unit and things were quite well up until last year when some changes in the repairmen dept had taken place; to dis-alloy (1) tech (due to liabilities for safety reasons) to come out and lift the window unit out of the casing,take it outside and properly clean and hose the unit, so now (2) techs are needed for the same job. A technician was scheduled to come out and service my window a/c unit today 8/23/2014 from 8am-12;. he arrived on time with an attitude.Tech’s name(Willie Howard #901-734-3672) took the front panel off sprayed a chemical solution in the front part of the unit while still in the window inside my house and stated,”that’s all i can do!” after I conversed with him about the other techs procedures on how they cleaned the unit his attitude became very pugilistic and stated to my wife that he wasn’t lifting that unit out and the rules of the game have changed! I’m a Minister!! Now where did this stament come from and that had nothing to do with the service call at hand.I then called the corporate ofc.#800-469-4663,847-286-2500 and 800-424-2047. First I spoke with Asley in routing she transferred me to Alexis and while conversing with Alexis about the problem at hand, the technician just packed his gear and LEFT! No good bye, well i’m done,he just left.Now Alexis states to me that the only options i have is to reschedule and the earliest date is 9/3/2014 after i’ve already waited a week or i am to take the unit out myself and the technician will come back out and clean it.WOW, Now SEARS care about ther tech’s but not the customers who keep the techs working not to mention having customers that aren’t trained in this capacity to risk injuring themselves or the mechandise and be held liable which could cause immediate termination of my ‘MASTER’ protection plan agreement that “I’VE ALREADY PAID FOR TECH’S TO DO!!!” Alexis rescheduled me a new date 8/25/2014 8am-12 and told me i had to pay an extra fee for an additional tech to come out. At this time i am really disgusted at the way a loyal customer(me) has been treated. i then spoke with Netherland in benefits dept and she read out the details on the phone to me about what is covered under the Fabulous SEARS Master Protection Plan with the Blue Crew;she read to me that i didn’t have to pay for a additonal tech because that’s covered under the plan I already paid ,WOW!! she transferred me to MS./MRS.attitude supervisor Cheryl with a “C’ instead of trying to satisfy the customer she wanted to establish her dominance by stating to me that she is not going to have me yelling at her when she (Cheryl with a ‘C’) was in fact irrate with me! Cheryl began to calm down and stated she talked with Justin (tech supervisor over area code 38107) in Memphis and made a note that i am not to pay for an additional tech because it’s covered under my warranty.SEARS somebody needs to do some homework in these areas because this all starts at the moment the customer makes the service call.You have all the customers information at your fingertips including the products purchased,warranties,etc. and with today’s technology you(SEARS) are linked nationally which mean the tech supervisor should inform the tech on the type service call he/she would be encountering on that day and also to know what type of protection plan each customer have instead of trying to covertly extort additional fees and suggesting/advising the consumer to do the tech’s job for him/her because that would mean the warranty is bogus and opens you (SEARS) up for some major class action LAWSUITS. Try to refrain from possible ramifications of putting yourselves out of a job, do right by the paying consumers in standing by your BRAND OF OLD “SEARS”. ALSO IN CLOSING GET MORE ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE IN THOSE CALL CENTERS AND HIRE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO REPRESENT YOUR BRAND WELL.. AS A TRAINING TOOL ON HOW CUSTOMERS/CONSUMERS SHOULD BE RESPECTED AND TREATED TRY CHICK-FIL-A. Case #2733983 PROUDLY SERVED U.S.VETERAN OF THE U.S.ARMY-U.S.M.C.


lou Hall August 25, 2014 at 12:41 pm

Spot on Marine!

My suggestion please file with the BBB as well as other Consumer complaint agencies.

I am months without a mower with no solution in sight. Passing on to all I know the issues of purchasing through an Sears Holding company venue. Especially warranties.

“Semper Fidelis”


B T Johnson August 22, 2014 at 3:03 pm

Remember just when you thing you have it bad, there is always someone else in a much worst situation. My zero turn ZTS 2454 Craftman riding lawnmower has not worked since April 2014 and I have had over 7 scheduled visits and some of those scheduled visits were “no shows” after my taking 4 hours of leave from my job. I too have had many broken promises and still no resolution to this problem. My next step will be the BBB.


lou Hall August 27, 2014 at 1:57 pm

You are right B.T.

Some times one forgets he could be in an-others shoes. Still no resolution on my end either. You are more than welcome to let the BBB know I have filed with them also if it helps to combined our issues. Sears holdings stated I was given a chance for another earlier tech appointment. However not taken into account by Sears is customers work and cannot always get off or in my case I may not be in the same state as when Sears schedules an appointment.

I am preparing documentation for a look see by my states Attorney General as well as other agencies which maybe able to ensure customer issues are handled promptly. i suggest you do the same if you see this step of value.




lou Hall August 21, 2014 at 7:34 pm

To Sears Leadership.

Today, I was very surprised that a Sears tech called and asked for directions to my home because he was en-route to look at my Non working riding mower (1500 craftsman).

I had not been informed of a visit by Sears, I had not agreed or authorized a visit by a tech. Customers have jobs also leadership persons of Sears Holding Corp, after two days of staying home so a tech could arrive (8-5) three days is asking much do you agree? Especially when the mower still does not run.

Once more here is a very simple solution and the only one I see that will fix my issue—a replacement or a refund and payment for two days I stayed at home awaiting Techs to make repairs. Tech number one had no parts to fix the mower (July 22nd and Tech number two put a starter on the mower (August 19th) yet after 20 minutes said mower was as before a non working product.

Please take in account when ordering tech visits to ensure the customer knows about the visit and has approved the visit.


A former customer


lou Hall August 21, 2014 at 9:48 am

To those who read these messages.

I have a Craftsman mower (1500 ridding) which still does not run after two techs has came to my home.

Please forward to a person who will be able to approve an exchange for an exact mower which runs and works. Or has the authority to approve a refund.


A former Sears and Kmart customer
“Semper Fidelis” Lou Hall


lou Hall August 20, 2014 at 4:46 pm

While on a phone call, I received a ring from a Sears Rep. I asked the rep to call me back later yet the rep stated a tech will be out Sept 2nd instead of the 9th to look at the Sears Craftsman 1500 riding lawnmower. I asked her to call me back and I have not agreed to anyone coming out thus formfitting another work day.

Seems Sears tells “we people of the America Republic” what to do and when.

Only resolve left is a new mower which runs and or a full refund of my mower cost and two days lost while awaiting the tech’s.


lou Hall August 19, 2014 at 7:32 pm

For all fellow unsatisfied Sears holding customers, below is the Illinois BBB (Chicago site). I suggest all also file with the own state branches.


lou Hall August 19, 2014 at 5:58 pm

After a long period of issues with my 1500 craftsman riding lawnmower, (1st tech came out July 22nd)—needed a new starter. Finally today August 19th a Tech came to my home and put a new starter on the mower. Awesome if finally ran after months. However as I began to mow, it lasted 20 minutes and died. Now it will not start at all. I have been on the phone for 30 minutes transferred to the fourth Sears employee.

I just spoke with Robert which stated Sept 9th is the earliest a tech could come out and look at my mower. Also stated was he had been granted the highest authority and I would not receive either an exchange or refund. After asking if legal action should be considered, Robert politely stated this was my choice and gave me Sears legal department phone number: 847-286-0405.

If anyone would like to join myself in filing a class action lawsuit, bringing these issues to the attention of Veteran and Business groups such as the BBB then please email.

One apparently cannot speak with anyone above customer solutions so once more I am without a mower, with no solution.



maykel soler August 16, 2014 at 11:37 pm

I am so piss today I went to sears store #01125 3655 sweet 22 st I went to the store because I am received a call from sears 2 days ago that my order is ready for pick up I walk At 2:58 pmthey find my order in the system and told me to way 45 min after and after they service 8 customer in from of me I get told that my item it not in the store I  Ask for A manager and she take 18 min to get to me she not even toll she she have face attitude and another employee give me and answers (maybe your order is here by Monday) what can Of answer is that so unrespecful the asm mane is (jonery) the guy working in customers pick up merchandise ask me to wait so he can discuss personal problem with his mom in from Of me I ask the asm for a corporate number and she take another 15 min for that I am so disappointed with the service today that asm is not professional at all (adrian) the store Manager should provide better train to his asm after all that loosing time for nothing the guy stare fight with me in from of the asm my kid was inpatients thirsty the service was Terrible I will think in twice to go back to that store or sears again that the bad experience that I never had before anywhere at the  end I just walk out with  out my order and no answer 

Maykel soler



lou Hall August 15, 2014 at 12:22 am

To those insulated from we the peoples. (Meaning CEO-CFO-COO and managers.

August 14th is here, and still no replacement for a 1500 craftsman riding lawn mower. No refund and only promises like a new starter will arrive on your door step August 13th. Like the promise with a sears warranty–didn’t happen, not honored and still no fix.

My fellow citizens of this fine yet slowly fading American Republic (once upon a time Sears was a beacon of quality, honesty and took care of its customers). I ask all to follow up as I will and file a product and or service complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also if one will please inform your states Attorney General via registered mail what issues you have been having and why they have not been resolved.


“Semper Fidelis”


moturner August 14, 2014 at 6:20 pm

Don’t buy anything from Sears. That is if you don’t want poor quality products and no customer support and customer service. Don’t bother even trying to contact escalated customer service. It won’t happen.



lou Hall August 14, 2014 at 1:11 am

For Sears holdings and Kmart customers.

Has anyone contacted the BBB concerning the issues you face with products purchased at Sears? As I wait for a lawnmower to be fixed, (under warranty yet Sears refuses to replace or return my money) I believe answers given for months of frustration, stress if one feels it and shoddy products and very below Parr customer service are long over due and should be brought forward to the BBB and other agencies to inform potential customers of potential risks when purchasing items from Sears or affiliated companies.

What say you fellow dissatisfied customers?

Respectfully Lou Hall “Semper Fidelis”


moturner August 14, 2014 at 6:28 pm

Lou Hall
I too would like to know if anyone has a class action filed against Sears.


David Phelps August 12, 2014 at 10:25 pm

My horrific experiences with Sears are far too lengthy to elaborate on here, but suffice it to say, I feel a class action lawsuit against Sears might actually get someone in that God-forsaken company to take notice and take action. You should all note that this is NOT an official Sears site, and therefore Sears executives probably do not monitor comments posted here. I would recommend researching for the email addresses/physical addresses of the executive board, and contacting them that way.

My wife and I will be contacting a lawyer to pursue a possible class-action lawsuit regarding their extended warranty plan scams.


lou Hall August 12, 2014 at 10:05 pm

Finally after 42 minutes and two Customer solution reps. I am still where I was. A broke lawn mower and no solutions until Sept 9th when maybe a tech will come out.



lou Hall August 12, 2014 at 9:45 pm

After currently being on a phone call with customer solutions (31 minutes and counting) I have been told I would not receive my money back for a ridding lawn mower I had purchased. On July 22nd a repair person came to my home and after looking at the mower determined it was the starter. I have just received news this part will finally be in tomorrow August 13th, yet a repair person will not be available until Sept 9th.

I asked for a manager to speak with, the CEO, Vice Pres yet no further assistance would be forwarded.

My fellow Citizens, I ask all to inform their friends, family and others to beware of the trappings of Sears warranties and my suggestion is to ensure you guide others to purchase from other vendors.


lou Hall August 12, 2014 at 9:15 pm

To an upper management that refuses to get involved to handle customer issues. August 12 is here and still I neither have a riding lawn mower which works (Craftsman 1500). Nor has my request for an replacement or my money back been honored.

June 22nd I called the center to report my mower not working after a two week attempt to address this issue with the home store in Grove Oklahoma.



Patsy McBride August 12, 2014 at 3:01 pm

I have had a horrible time with Sears delivery. Bought a stackable washer and dryer at Stone Mountain outlet store. Set up delivery for the following Tuesday Aug. 5. On Sunday Aug. 3 called. Me to say it would be delivered on Mon. Aug. 4. I called delivery told them it was wrong date. Talked with someone. Held for 15 minutes got cut off. Called back was told that they couldn’t pull up my info. Called next morn. Got it set for Tues. not delivered Tues. called again was told you could not ask for delivery for the next day. Not my fault, was told by delivery they would. Rescheduled for Friday, Aug. 8. Received a message Fri. Morn that they could not find the machine. Finally called the outlet store. The manager Richard who was the most helpful and responsible person I’ve ever dealt with. He located the machine and called Elijah (delivery supervisor) and Elijah said they would deliver it Sat. morn. Never showed up. Called delivery. Said it was scheduled for Sunday. Called Richard and he was appalled. Said Elijah was to have it delivered Saturday. I ask for my money back. He was so apologetic. I know he did all he could working with an inept delivery department. Compliments to him but shame on Sears!!!!!


Melissa M. August 11, 2014 at 8:03 pm

I purchased a mattress several weeks ago, had the wrong one delivered. Took them over 24 hours to come get the damn thing out of my living room. Gave some other guy my mattress, had to reorder mine. Mine came in, with a tear in the box spring and now nobody at the store seems to be near a phone (have called 3+ times). When I call for ‘delivery’ the guy says it was delivered today meaning to me nobody has reordered or fixed this. Nobody has called me back.

Nobody can give me a number to a district manager, nobody will return my calls. I’m so upset by this.

Sears, as a company and their CEOs need to know that seeing all these poor people air their complaints does not not make the company look good at all. It’s not just here either, google, yahoo, and I’m sure other social media sites. Y’all are tanking a respectable American brand. With this kind of service, I’d be surprised if Sears and Kmart last another 5 years.

So incredibly disappointed.

And really, I should ‘tweet’ this to ‘make sure’ they see my complaint. COME ON YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!


Daniel Levison August 11, 2014 at 4:00 am

I purchased a $2600.00 refrigerator from sears
With the three year extended warranty after
Having at least 6 service calls for the ice maker
And door not working properly well it happen
Again the door latch broke once again.My
Will never make a full bucket of ice even when
They Sears repairman told my on his lat call
Ohh just make the freezer part colder .
well guess sears won’t hAve to come out again because my warranty
Expired in May I would highly recommend
To customer not to purchase any appliances
From sears because Thier service is a joke
And don’t even try to call corporate office because
All they will do is wash their hand of the issue
And pass it along to someone else . I tried to get
These issues taken care of before my warranty
Expired . Like the saying say BUYER BEWARE


Susan August 8, 2014 at 6:07 pm

Dear CEO and CFO,

It is amazing how a company that is struggling can have such horrible customer service. 11 days ago our sears refrigerator stopped working and we decided to try to be loyal and use your repair service. The first available appointment was a 12 day wait. We agreed to that, again trying to stay loyal and assuming your service technicians would have the most experience. This morning we received a confirmation call of our appointment for tomorrow. Within 5 minutes we received another call saying we are sorry but we have had to reschedule your appointment is not 7 days away.

I called back to request one of two solutions, find an appointment on our originally scheduled day or waive the $75 fee. I was told that a new appointment was not possible because the person was sick. Really sears you do not have back up people in case of injury or illness. And they could not waive the fee. After talking to a supervisor he said he could give me $75 gift card that could be applied to any work (not the service call) which would at least help cut down on the minimum $150 charge. Glad to know you all have a minimum charge in place for service, never mentioned before.

We immediately cancelled our appointment and will never shop in Sears again, nor use or recommend your service to anyone.


F. Roshandell August 8, 2014 at 5:48 pm

I am an injured worker who got injured in 2005 while working at sears store as an assistant store manager.
I fell off of 17 foot ladder and survived with head, neck and low back injury. My medical expenses for
relief from continues pain is about $35,000 per year which include medications, therapies, and doctors
Sears and their administrative claim handler are denying to provide medical care for my injuries
Several times a year. These rootless behaviors are being done to forced me to settle my claim, but when I
Discuss the settlement, they have unreasonable offer of $70.000 which is almost 7% of my medical
Expenses according to government life expectancy chart. These behaviors are like other sears ways of
Conducting business which they are only looking after their pockets and on one else is matter.
I believe sears should stop these types of behaviors and provide medical care for injured workers or
If they are willing to settle the claim should make a reasonable offer according to government
Standard to settle any claim. Thank you


Ed and Peggy Prado August 8, 2014 at 3:20 am

TO the CEO, CFO and COO
I can almost BET we will not receive an email back regarding our horrible experience with Sears. We purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator on 7/23/2014. Sales check #039989026775. It was delivered on 7/26/2014. The icemaker didn’t work. Called and was told by the store that we had to call for repair. Called customer service and did speak to a nice woman by the name of Tiffany. Told we could have it replaced or repaired, earliest date 8/6/2014. I had my husband call back and not once, or twice or three times but hung up on 4 times!! One person found our info and transferred him to another department and that’s when everything went wrong!! I ended up on Chat with Jasmine Edgar who was very pleasant (apparently your customer service truly lacks people like her) and she arranged a service call for 8/6/2014. We received a package late last week that contained a new icemaker. The repairman came yesterday and all he did was “push” a switch that is located under the icemaker. No where in the your use and care guide does it show this switch. My husband asked if that would fix it and the repairman said “yes”. If it didn’t work he would need to replace the “mother board” on the back of the frig. Though it didn’t cost us…the charge was $198.00. Are you kidding me?? On top of that – the icemaker still doesn’t work. We’ve spent $2,000 on a LEMON. I have to purchase ice in order to have ice on hand. Unfortunately medically we need the ice. Sears does not care for their customers!! You take our money then provide faulty product and fail to repair. This is unacceptable!! I demand immediate action! I also want reimbursement for what we have had to go through. I will NEVER purchase anything from Sears again. I can’t even imagine what your Founders would think of how you handle (or don’t) your customers. I have been in retail and also own my own business. I would NEVER treat a customer the way Sears has. NO ONE wants to take care of this problem. I will file with the BBB if we do not have a resolution to our problem within 24 hours. I know exactly what to do since we once purchased a car that was a LEMON. I will only purchase from locally owned businesses that will treat their customers with respect!! I’d rather pay more knowing that someone cares. And Mr. CEO – you don’t even list your last name on this site?? What are you afraid of?? I’d be ashamed if I was you.


Susan August 7, 2014 at 2:19 pm

I sincerely hope someone in a position of power at Sears is reading their mail. I wrote a letter about 6 weeks ago detailing my horrible Sears experience and haven’t heard a word from anyone at Sears. My experience was bad from beginning to end. More worrisome is that no one appears to care. You need to understand you will not survive in this era of “service” if changes are not made and made soon!


Candy Pravecek August 1, 2014 at 12:27 am

Dear Sears,

Regarding case number 2659023

My name is Candy Pravecek and we are military stationed in Honduras, Central America. I have a rental house in Colorado Springs, and in the past I have always used your company to repair any of the appliances that may have an issue. Unfortunately, the refrigerator repair, or attempted repair, has left me complete dissatisfied. Our tenants have been without a refrigerator since July 7th due to incompetence on the part of the first repairman and numerous customer service agents at your call centers, some which I am not sure are even in the United States.

In your customer solutions center I have spoken with Monica, Wanda (I believe), Patrick, and Damian. We have also had four different repairmen in the house trying to repair the refrigerator There would have been a fifth one but he called in sick, and no one from Sears let my tenant know that the appointment had been canceled, so she missed work for no good reason. The rescheduled appointment was for ten days later. That is completely unacceptable! As is the fact that I have spoken to so many people without resolution.

Aside from the fact that your repairmen have taken almost a month try and resolve this situation, and my tenants have been without the most crucial appliance in a house, I am most appalled by your customer solutions representatives, mostly with Damian (in Arizona, I believe.) This flippant young man was rude and obnoxious, and upset me tremendously. He was very arrogant when he told me that I should have had a service agreement on this refrigerator, and that he knew more about being without a refrigerator than me and my tenant put together, because he lived without one for three weeks. This sort of behavior did nothing to resolve my issue, and frankly I am not concerned with his oneupmanship, and only add fuel to the fire. To add insult to injury, I requested that he not close the conversation with your required phrase of “thank you for choosing Sears,” because at this moment I am very unhappy that I chose Sears. He said it anyway just to be even more obnoxious than he had already been. I hope he enjoyed himself, because his unprofessional behavior was the nail in the coffin and has lost you a repeat customer and my great recommendations regarding your service.

Which brings me to the issue that I was calling about in the first place. Last night your representative, Patrick told me to call the customer solutions number at 800-479-3854 at 7:00 am central time to receive a voucher number for the refrigerator so that I could have someone go and purchase a new one today, thus resolving my problem of a broken refrigerator in a rental house. He said that it would be easy and that they would provide me with this number. According to Damian that is not the case, and that we have to wait 24 to 48 hours for someone to call with a voucher number. This means even more time without a refrigerator, and also leads me to believe that Patrick lied to me just to get me off the phone.

At every turn of this process we have been told incorrect information, spoken to rudely, and flat out lied to. The funny thing is, I called Sears not because I was hoping for a voucher for money off a new refrigerator, because frankly, my best case scenario was a quick repair, but because I have used you three times in the past for the appliances in my rental house. I have been completely satisfied, felt that I had great service, and good value for my money. I do not know what has happened to your repair company. It seems as if you have in your employ incompetent repairman and rude customer service people who are not beneath lying.

This has caused a strained relationship with my tenant, countless hours on the phone with your call centers, countless hours of time away from work by my tenant to be at the house for the four hour appointment window (times by the five times that she had to take off of work, it is a substantial amount of time and money), food loss, and just plain suffering from the aggravation of this whole ordeal. I would greatly appreciate if someone would contact me to resolve this issue.

To recap what it is that I need. First and foremost I wanted my refrigerator repaired in a fast and efficient manner. Secondly, if this could not be done then I would like to receive the voucher so that we can get our tenant a new refrigerator, and a voucher to replace the food she has lost as swiftly as possible. If neither of these things can be done, then I would like a full refund of the repair/warranty that we purchased so that I can take my business elsewhere, as there are many reputable places that would be very happy with our business. I truly expect more from Sears and it is my high hope that someone will call me and rectify this unacceptable situation.

Candy Pravecek


Gholamali Roshandell (Fareed) July 30, 2014 at 2:59 am

Dear Sir/ Madam
I don’t know if this is a right place discuss my concern, please if this is not a right place provide me with some advice and connect me with the right person or persons to discuss my situation. I am an injured worker who got injured while working at sears in San Mateo California store. During almost 9 years of my injury I realized that Sedgwick and their representatives are playing sears and myself as an injured worker to benefit their firm and make dishonest profit, since sears is self insured company they are trying to keep my case in their book as long as they can and try to make me to go court as much as they can so they can profit from it. Usually the best interest for the business is to settle the claim but Sedgwick and their appointed law firm is not willing to settle the claim just because they will profit as long as they have my claim on their book. Please if you are the right person I am asking you to take a proper action and if you are not please set me up with people who can help, your action would be great financial help to your company. I would like to provide more info as you need to resolve the issue. Thank you for your very kind consideration in this matter.
Gholamali Roshandell (Fareed)


Joseph C. Teague July 29, 2014 at 11:18 pm

I write this letter, to voice my concern & distasteful treatment as a customer of your Product Line “Kenmore”.  Last year (2013) November, just after Black Friday. I purchased a Canister Vacuum, with one year’s warranty, approx. 9 months ago.
I encounter a problem with the Unit, and in turn, took the Machine with a dented hose for repair, for the suction capacity appeared to be not working. Note, the motor ran however, the level of suctions, just was not observed.
It was reported by your Repair Department, approx July 25th, there would be a charge of $50.00 for diagnostic and $49.00 to Clean & Repair Unit. I authorized this cost, however, I complained and sited
the unit was still under warranty. 
It was today, July 29, 2014, I went to pick up this vacuum unit and
again voiced my  complaint about the repair cost of $99.00.
Keeping in Mind, I recognize the hose was dented, and would not have objected to the cost to replace the Hose. This very same approach (Replacing the Hose), was the recommended solution in correcting the infraction or lack of suction power. However,  I object to the Diagnostic Fee, during Warranty ($50).
It’s No wonder, your company is not faring very well with the Customer Service Approach taken. Not only may you have lost me as a customer, but the negative comments. I’ll spew to friends, if some action is not taken for a refund. Your repair department, has no clue the damages they inflict on your companies, bottom line. They don’t see the big picture of how Sales, Repairs and Customer Loyalty.

Unfortunately, I blame the CEO Edward S Lampert, for not promoting a common sense policy on similar infraction. No product is perfect, however to the Consumer, they’re concerned is how they’ll be treated with a product purchased from your company, when something goes wrong.
This was not a good experience, thus far.
I hope you consider my request of a refund of Diagnostic ($50.00), it’s my assumption the hose may have cost $49.00, however, even that’s high.


Lori Rinaldo July 28, 2014 at 11:59 pm

The ice maker in my new sears frig didnt work well from day one
It never dispensed the ice was always clogged and then the shoot door stopped
closing all the way so thick frost started forming in the freezer. It took 3 visits from. different repair men to try to fix it which is worse since you have to wait around for 4 hours for all 3 visits. The 1st repair man messed with the wires and said it was fixed. He also knocked a nearly new clock of my wall not once but twice and broke it. He asked me to turn off breakers and pulled the wood trim off my wall. To make it worse the ice maker still didnt work…the cubed feature didnt work at all & the frost was worse than ever. I waited another 4 hours, he second guy just ordered parts & left. The third guy seemed great but we will see if its actually fixed. The service at Sears is not what it used to be. It took 3 visits to get it taken care of and I ended up with a broken clock and wood trim. After reading other feedback here they clearly dont care about their customer satisfaction. I probably wont purchase sears appliances in the future.


lou Hall July 28, 2014 at 9:17 pm

After several tries of reaching a Sears or Craftsman rep to actually handle my issue (1500 craftsman riding mower, less than a year old starter went out) I reached out to the corporate HQ line and after asking to speak with the CEO was rudely told I would be transferred to customer service solutions. The rep was very helpful yet stated he had no way to either exchange my mower for a new one, reimburse myself for wages lost while awaiting a repair person or would sears or Craftsman refund my money.

I asked to speak to Sears management and was told the customer service solution personnel did not have access to management. I then asked to speak with the manager of said department and was told this manager had no authority other than what each rep had.

I was able to speak to a manager of the customer service department. No progress what so ever. I suggest all, especially Veterans stop purchasing sears products

What happened to Sears, once a beacon of reliability and quality, now


Mrs. Joan Laufnick July 28, 2014 at 7:53 pm

I am SO disappointed in Sears eliminating the 10% Veteran’s Discount. All those military personnel, who put there lives on the line for this country, deserve better. My husband & I have been loyal Sears customers since 1972. He is a Disabled Veteran who is now bedridden due to herbicide exposure during the Vietnam Era.Sears now only donates to “Hope for Heroes” instead of helping ALL Veterans. While this is a good cause, Sears is now discriminating against 4 generations of men & women who honorably served the United States of America. I and my family will no longer patronize Sears or it’s affiliates, until Sears once again honors all our countries Veterans. I will be urging all Veterans & their families to do the same, via Social Media.


lou Hall July 28, 2014 at 1:38 am

I purchased a craftsman 1500 riding lawn mower. On July 22nd after a long wait period a tech came to my home yet due to not having the correct part, my mower is still setting idle. Why???? i have been informed at 1929 central time (From Andrew of Sears) that a part will not be in until August 13th.

During this period I purchased a push mower (6.5) and it does not work now either and is only a month old. I purchased both at the sears store in Grove Oklahoma.

No longer will I shop at Sears.


Vijendra Agarwal July 26, 2014 at 8:05 pm

Have you heard the phrase like how many engineers it takes to replace a bulb? The new paradigm is, “How many days does it take Sears Repair service to tune a lawn Mower?” I had my lawn mower delivered to a Sears store on June 24, 2014 with about 10 days for its tuning and turn around time which is already too long. Today is July 26, 2014 with no definite date for return yet. I am being promised July 28 but I will believe it only when it happens. The customer service is totally horrible; they don’t read emails properly; if they read they don’t comprehend and act on it. Return calls are rare and that too without any substance. Everyone at Sears has talked about the delay in getting the parts- what they needed is one spark plug for the tuning. It was perhaps being manufactured somewhere in China; I wondered what kind of supply chain management does Sears use? Would I go back to Sears? I don’t know.
The answer to how many days to have a lawn mower tuned- Probably ONE MONTH AND 4 DAYS- perhaps the Guinness record for Sears. Hail Sears Holding Co. for its financial issues. I would love to hear about your experiences with Sears Repairs.
Have you noticed their logo with their signature, “See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it” I would like to have it changed to, DO NOT SEE, DO NOT OWN IT, DON’T HAVE TO SOLVE IT, TAKE TIME IF DECIDE TO DO IT.


Ben Cartwright July 26, 2014 at 4:54 am

I scheduled an appointment for Friday from 1-5 and no one showed up. I called Sears and was told that no technician was assigned so no one came out, really? No one bothered to call me, I spent fours waiting for nothing. I was then told the best they could do was an appointment on Monday, Really Monday you stood me up on Friday, won’t help on Saturday and the best you can do is Monday—Very, Very poor business practice. I cannot believe that Sears Home Service operates like this.



LaDeace Moore July 24, 2014 at 12:54 am

My question is who do I contact in corporate office to resolve a situation with Sears I’ve contacted Sears on several occasions and I’ve been running around for the last 30 days with no real information or input to assist me. Parts Direct Dept. Please no representative. Customet care has not help me resolve my problem. Ms Moore (916) 534-xxxx.


Portia Moore July 23, 2014 at 10:22 pm

Sir, Aylwin B. Lewis, President & Chief Executive Officer of Sears,

My mother Ms Minnie Cooper was getting home services done to her bathroom-a
basic white wall with new shower head for 3,000. She put a deposit of 1,000

more than what was asked for by the salesman. The house is almost 70 years old. When the workers got to her house they looked at the bathroom which is old and had a hole in
the wall and told me that the work cannot be completed because she has mold
in the walls. I immediately call the restoration team to test the house for
mole and it was mole in the walls and under the floor. We were all devastated
and we were quoted close to 5,000 to get the house mold free. The house is very

old so we have some decisions to make 1, sale the house as is or 2. Try to
pay to get the mole done by a cheaper person. Our mother is on Social security
and she doesn’t have that kind of money to get the mole cleaned and get the
3,000 bathroom installed. We call and talked to the Carl Alope the office
financial director in Portsmouth VA and he was not very corporative in
refunding our 1,000 deposit. He talked about paying vendors and the
So we called customer relations and she took a report and told us to call
the Housing customer service team and she emailed the same person we talked to
in the first place Carl Alope –she added his boss Chris Adopey and his boss
Mr. Abcock. One was not available and one was on vacation so Carl Alope called
us again and said we should be getting only one hundred dollars but I will give

you 500. The worker came by the house just looked thru the hole that was
there and said we have mole and he was not going to do the job. But now
we are requesting our 1000 because we are loyal customers to Sears and this is
not fair or good practice for customers that were not aware of a serious
problem that could kill people. I hope that your company can see that this
is an unusual situation and we just did not change our minds we have no choice
in this case. We hope that we don’t have to be sent back to Carl Alope-we
talked to him more than enough and he is getting upset that I’m calling all
your services to get help. I found your email online and I hope your
Assistant can help my mother get her money.

Thank you Portia Moore (daughter of Minnie Cooper)


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Bad, Bad, Bad Company! I purchased a Central Air back in 2008 for 8K, had it financed, salesperson at the time seemed to really care, haha! He got his commission and ran with it. Two years after my unit was installed, we started having cooling issues with the Central Air. It felt like we had our old swamp cooler back again cooling our home. I kept calling the sub-contractor who originally installed the unit, they were so friendly and little did we know that we should have been calling Sears. After the sub-contractor quit coming, cause they could not find the problem they said for us to call Sears and I did. I started making notes and documenting days and times with who I spoke to with. You may want to do the same because Sears does not stand behind their products or service. My warranty ran out last year in September 2013 for the parts and even though I kept calling they are now telling me, they cannot help me out and that I should have purchase some Warranty Protection Plan! I guess all the times Sears sent out A&E Factory techs who could not find the problem and one of them actually told us it was an Installation problem, Sears customer service and Customer Solutions dept acted like they did not know what I was talking about. They were to make notes and even gave me Case Numbers to refer back to but now they act like it’s all my fault and that I am in the wrong. I have made several phone calls to the Project Manager, and his boss they don’t really care. I explained how we have a Newborn baby and a 5 year old grandson living in my house in NM and they could care less. The Project Mgr. said his hands were tied and could do nothing about this. I did tell him I would be contacting my attorney and they should hear from him. Meantime, I contacted the Rio Rancho, NM Contractor dept and found out the sub-contractor never pulled a permit to this this installation! Am filing a complaint with the Attorney General office, BBB, and hiring my own lawyer. I will never, ever use Sears for anything else, they have bad, in experience customer service along with Home Improvement Managers. They do not care about customers, little newborn babies, or family. Need I say more?


Christopher Williams July 23, 2014 at 9:21 pm

I took my car to get services at Sears Auto Center 4807 Outer Loop Dr, Jeffersn Mall, Louisville, KY 40219 and it took 24 hours for the call to be even looked at. Once they did have time to verify what was wrong with my car it was Saturday and by then unable to order parts over the weekend due to none of the suppliers having the available part. When I called on Saturday and Spoke with Jeremy he advised me they did not even have a car for Christopher Williams. After further research he then found that a technician was looking over the car to see what was wrong with it. This is how I know it took this location 24 hours to look at my car. They then told me per the manager for the Auto center Tim that none of the suppliers had the part and had to wait till Monday to even order the part. However once the part was ordered it was not received until Wednesday. Long story short this location and business is suffering from a consistancy and being capable to even function properly. Also I refuse to ever go back to Sears for anthing else for this matter due to the poor service and quality that the continue to provide! This is very concerning for any customer that may experience poor service at any one of your locations through out the US.

Thank you,

Christopher Williams dissatisfied customer


Sylvia Gutierrez July 23, 2014 at 6:31 am

July 22, 2014
Chief Executive Officer.
I took my 2007 Chevy Aveo to the Sears Automotive Center in June 2014, to confirm that my alignment was still intact since I had purchased new tires from the same department shortly before my visit.
The auto representative Ed came back and stated that I needed new breaks and that they had to be done that day because if I did not my car would sustain irreparable damage. At that point I was lead to believe that I had no choice in the matter. I told him that I had previously had my breaks done as well and Ed said that I needed them again. I went in @ 8:00 am on and left @ 2:00 pm, and paid over $400.00.
Before I left that day technician requested that I do not step too hard on the breaks. I thought this was an odd request since I had never been requested that before. My breaks started making a grinding sound shortly thereafter every time my car came to a stop. I have been to the auto center approximately 5 times since then, and my breaks continue to be getting worse. The Service Manager Alex stated that it is dangerous to drive my car right now and that I need additional new parts for the front and back breaks and I am going to have to pay more money.
My car was damaged at the initial visit by the fist technician that worked on my car. I am requesting a FULL REFUND AND ADDITIONAL FEES THAT WILL INCLUDE PARTS AND LABOR to repair the damage done at your auto center. This does not include the time that I will never get back due to the ineffectiveness of the Sears Auto Center in repairing my automobile.
I am a working class woman, I cannot afford this kind of unapt services. I feel taken advantage of because I am a woman, I feel betrayed, and that I have been sold services that my car did not even need and now I am in danger every time I get in my car.
I have been going to Sears for several years. I know that I am over charged, but I am paying for quality, honesty and respect. I have NOT received that in my past visits described above. Not only that but I have not received that common courtesy to have any of the Store nor Auto Center Managers return my call.
Your cooperation and consideration in this matter are greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Sylvia Gutierrez


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Report them to the BBB and get a Consumer Attorney involved, they do not care about the customer.


Francis Ford July 22, 2014 at 12:38 am

Dear Sears President:

Recently I called Sears Air conditioning repair to fix my downstairs unit in my dual system. The first day I waited all day past the time when the repairman was suppose to come, by the time he showed up it was raining so he could not work on outdoor unit. When rescheduled, the repairman worked on outdoor unit and added freon. Then he said he needed to check all the vents in the house, which he did. A few days later the upstairs unit stopped working and the pipe was frozen for upstairs unit. We called again, and the service tech came again and this time went into attic and tore apart the unit and left the panel door off and wires everywhere. He then came down and told us since the manufacturer had gone out of business he recommended we get a whole new unit because parts were hard to come by and it would cost between $800.00 to a thousand dollars to fix. He then had a salesman come to my house, and hospital room, who tried to sell us both a new air conditioning unit and furnace.
I called a local company who have been here before for a second opinion. Their tech was in the attic one minute and came down with a cell phone picture showing how your tech left our unit torn apart! He said no one else would want to work on it due to liability, because who knows what your tech had done to our unit! They have yet to return our calls since. He said Sears did “A GOOD JOB OF MAKING SURE NO ONE ELSE WOULD WANT TO WORK ON IT!”



Francis Ford
Norfolk, VA


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 10:41 pm

Sears does not care about the customer, they are just money hungry. I have a similar issue with my Central Air.


Ross Newlund July 19, 2014 at 7:02 pm

I was scheduled to get a washer between 3 and 5 PM on Fri the 18th. It never came and no one ever called to explain.
Call one: At 5:15PM I called and your service center e mailed the driver to call us. He did not.
Call two: I called again at 5:45PM and the service center again e mailed the driver, who again did not call. I was told they were running late. They were at stop 10 and we were stop 13.
Call three: At 7:30PM I called. The service center said they are still running late but promised the washer would be delivered between 8 and 9.
Call four: At 9:30 I spoke to a manager at the service center, Fred. He said the warehouse was closed. He would leave detailed notes for the manager at 7:00 AM to call the warehouse to demand that our washer be the first stop on Saturday.
Call five: At 8:00 AM, I called, as no one called me. I was told the order never left the store, and the delivery date promise of the 18th was all a mistake. The real delivery date I should have been given all along was the 24th. A manager would call in a few minutes to explain further and apologize.
Call six: At 8:45AM I called back and spoke to Tyler. He called the warehouse twice, but no one answered. He promised a supervisor would call by 10:00 AM.
Call seven: At 10:15AM I called, Ellen. She called the warehouse and was told that we were called and no one could reach us, so the delivery was rescheduled. Ellen and I agreed this was a lie, as she has documentation I called three times before the warehouse closed last night. By the time we were done talking it was close to 11:00 AM. She said that no supervisor has been available for the last three hours to return the call/request I made at 8:00 AM.
Call eight: At 12:00 Noon I called Kate. She said that a supervisor would call when they were able, but no one has been available to call me back for the past 4 hour and 15 minutes.


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 9:47 pm

Go somewhere else, like my uncle told me one time, if I am paying then I call the shots!


moturner August 14, 2014 at 6:25 pm

Lupe Villa
I had a horrible experience with my unit too. Who is your lawyer? I would like to see if they will take my case too!


Linda Schroeder July 14, 2014 at 10:43 am

Sears Craftsman 4-cycle Weedwacker Gas Trimmer model # 316.731971 has a SERIOUS SAFETY ISSUE. If weedwacker is tilted even slightly, gasoline will run out onto your body or clothing. This model is also designed for attachments such as a chain saw bar so it can be used as a pole saw. Do that and you can get gasoline all over you. This model should have had a recall issued already. Are we the only ones with this issue?


arnie sparks July 13, 2014 at 10:54 pm

Tomorrow will be the 14th Sears has said as they have several different times my mower deck will arrive, I do not believe it will again because I have caught you lying to me to many times or shall we say using very deceiving terms in words about anything to do with my order. My wife and I have been given one week this monday to friday to cut our lawn or hma will step in and hit us with a thousand dollar fine this week and it will go up a thousand dollars each week until it reaches five then its moving time. Thanks sears for your product your concern and care and how sorry you are for any inconvenience you have put my family thru. Never ever have we been treated this way by anyone even bad customers are treated better than we are. IS THIS BECAUSE WE ARE WHITE, what have we done to deserve this type of conduct from sears. I spent a couple of thousand of dollars on a lawn tractor this has latch on blades, good idea bad set up IT DONT WORK SAFELY, mine thru a blade almost twenty feet. this was our only fault, we trusted and bought this tractor from sears and for this we are being bullied lied to and constantly being told one by one person saying there honest and the another by someone else saying they are. then the same thing happens when called on it. oh its just a miss understanding and we will take your order now and add another two weeks for arrival or like last email i got from you guys saying this

Sears Parts Direct – Customer Support
To Me
Today at 11:18 AM
Dear Mr. Sparks,

We regret that this incident has had a negative impact on you. Please be
assured that we are continuously motivated to provide our customers with
great customer service on ever contact. Mr. Sparks, the manufacture is
closed today, Sunday July 13, 2014. I will contact you July 14, 2014,
after I contact our vendor for more details on your order. I apologize
for any inconvenience this may create.

Please Note: The mower deck is made to order. then and i got it saved from chat partsdirect that sure we have this deck in stock will ship right out even over night it if i pay for it. This deck according to your staff is in stock in mobile alabama and i live five hours from it, i could have driven there myself and not have to been put thru all this. Sears has hurt and insulted me and my family and no one seems to care. My wife and i are going to take pictures in the morning and send them to you and our lawler its time for these insults you doing to me to stop and for sears to make this right and now i dont care at all how but I SWEAR YOUR GOING TO COMP MY FAMILY FOR THIS and screw hometown sears here in alexander city, saying they will give me a refund. what could i do with that its a joke. I want action and from higher up the ladder it must i demand come from. the right person at sears if there is one simply does not know whats happening to us or this would never have gone this far i pray. someone other than partsdirect needs to contact me first thing in the morning and have a very good solution and answer for why this happened to me and my be honest i would like you to have delivered to my house the best and biggest lawn tractor you have, ill sign off on any warranty what so ever and sears will never hear from me again. that would satisfy and make me happy . and much much cheaper that the law suit being prepared. I WANT TO END THIS TOMORROW have someone call me in the morning and say they agree to my request and its over. Arnie Sparks XXX Bishop rd Goodwater AL. 35072 phone 256-794-XXXX
case number last time i spoke to live person is25682776 this going for three weeks or longer


Sarah July 2, 2014 at 7:48 pm

I purchased a “baby monitor” from on June 16th – the 1st e mail i received that the package was shipped provided me a tracking number – tracked the package – delivered to somewhere in NJ – i live in CT – called to ask the status of my order they said “oops wrong tracking info provided my package was in China waiting to be shipped?!?!?! June 27th my “baby monitor” labeled DIY Home Security System arrived….seriously? it was broken with foggy cameras – I called customer service back and was told the issue was escalated and to WAIT for e mails…the next e mail i received stated i could have a $10 refund, I clearly told them it was unacceptable and wanted the full $120 back – next e mail response tole me to SELL IT MYSELF!!!!!! i have never been so mad in my life.
how dare Sears allow this to happen! with over 12 hours on the phone spent with “customer service” nothing is resolved.
So what is sears going to do now? ……… guess is nothing…has anyone else had this same AWFUL experience with


Mitzi washburn July 1, 2014 at 7:03 pm

This is my situation . . 2 weeks ago our Refrigerator went out .We had talked about staying Local and decided to go to Sear’s in Cedar Rapids, Iowa instead. I looked on-line at what they had to offer and found what I was looking for. When we got to Sear’s the Gentlemen who waited on us said as the price on-line was cheaper than in-store he could price match the item for us . . this made me extremely happy. Now HERE is where it all goes DOWN HILL. We purchased on June 23RD and we were given a Delivery date which I paid a $25 fee for to be delivered on July 1st. Since then we STILL DO NOT HAVE A REFRIDGERATOR, NOW we have to wait yet ANOTHER WEEK NO DELIVERY DATE until JULY 8th NOW ! We have been handed to this one and handed to that one and LIED to CONSTANTLY!!!!! One person told us the item had been held up because of troubles with the trailer it was on, another one told us it was in the warehouse ready for delivery, another one told us that it hadn’t arrived yet but would be in later that afternoon, then we were told even that we HAD NO ORDER, (funny seeings how I HAVE THE BILL OF SALE IN FRONT OF ME ) POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! WISH I HAD NEVER GONE TO SEARS. Seeings how I have gotten nothing but lied to . . . jerked around its VERY apparent that SEARS simply DOESNT CARE ABOUT IT’s CUSTOMERS I am calling the BETTER BUSINESS BURREU , THE PAPERS AND MAY EVEN CALL THE TV STATION!! Can’t get my money back because I paid in Cash and it will take 7-10 Business days to get refunded. If I had used a Credit Card they would’ve given me a $200 Gift Certificate for my troubles . . but since I paid in CASH they can do NOTHING!! STAY AWAY FROM SEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 10:43 pm

I agree “Stay away from this BAD store”.


Patricia Berryhill July 1, 2014 at 1:29 pm

Need attention now:
Bought Kenmore window air conditioner,
Compressor went out, overloaded unit, cught fire at plug-in. Service tech came out, ordered parts. Rescheduled techs to come put parts in. However, parts ordered weren’t the right parts. One of the main parts needed cannot be found after numerous researches. Was told that since parts could not be locted that they would swap and gives us a new one. Then next call back wss told that they had to fix it because it ws considered a “shop” item. What the HELL!!!!! My next calls are going to be to BBB and to an attorney. I am getting tired of the runaround from them. This has been ongoing for a month. Enough is enough. If Sears isn’t going to stand behind their products they do not need to be in businee.


Betsy Ellen June 27, 2014 at 3:25 pm

Sears sucks! Roped me in to buying service warranty before they even came out, waited
Hours for service call, supposedly fixed it. Not even 2 weeks later, broke again, my window was 8-12, still waiting its 2:30!!! When I call they say he is running behind and can’t even understand because the place I am calling is off shore! I guess because they have my money they don’t care about what kind of service I get! Tried to call customer relations, she told me she could not talk to me because I was upset! Never again!


Robert Ayala June 24, 2014 at 9:41 pm

After searching for a replacement oven for my kitchen, I finally found the perfect unit at Sears Outlet. I called the store and they confirmed they still had the unit and it was a new unit, simply out of the box without any blemishes of any kind and in full working condition. I was very happy to hear this considering retail price of the oven is $1,999 and was now selling for $720 at the outlet store! Unfortunately the store was in North Miami Beach; three hours from my home in Melbourne, FL. However, with such a discount, I was willing to make the drive.
I confirmed with the sales associate that they would place a sold sticker on the oven and move it into the back in anticipation of my arrival and subsequent purchase in three hours.
After completing the drive and arriving into the store with wife and 4 year old daughter, I learned that they never moved the oven off the sales floor, after agreeing to do so, and sold the oven to someone else! I proceeded to wait for over an hour to speak to the sales manager. Which at that time he did apologize, as he was aware that I was driving down and approved the sold sticker to be placed on the oven and have it moved off the sales floor. He indicated he would try to reach out to the distribution centers in FL in an effort to find me a replacement and have it delivered. However, there was nothing he could do that Saturday evening. He took down my contact information and stated he would call me by Monday at noon to provide an update on the situation.
I waited until 12:30pm on Monday until I called him because he had not called me yet. He was in a meeting. I left a message and was told he would call me in 20 minutes. After two hours, I called him again because I still had not received a call. This time he came to phone and after a brief conversation he indicated he had not spoken to the distribution center yet… was 2:30pm! Obviously I was not a priority. We agreed he would reach out to the distribution centers to determine what was in inventory and he would then call me that evening with an update. Once again, no contact and it was 6:30pm! He ask me to be patient and that he would try to find a replacement oven for me. He also asked if I would be ok with an other model and he would email me the model number for review of the product. I agreed but wanted to see the model first. He captured my email address; however NO EMAIL! He has now mad NO ATTEMPTS to contact me about this issue. It is now 9pm Tuesday and he has not attempted to call me at all today; which was his last chance before I escalated the issue. I am trying to be fair and understanding but its obvious he has no sense of urgency about this situation!

I want the same oven for the same price! I drove over SIX HOURS, incurred tolls, fuel costs and endless aggravation thus far!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS.


Mary Iverson June 24, 2014 at 9:25 pm

I am writing about our experience with Sears repair service. We have been without a refrigerator for over a week. When I first contacted Sears I thought it was just the freezer that went out, only to find out it was the whole refrigerator. I called service and was told no one could come for 2 days, even though we had no refrigerator. Trying to understand the customer service person was next to impossible. The tech did not come until 4:30 that day, and caused both my husband and I to miss 2 very important appointments. He found out that the compressor was out and had to be ordered, would take 2-3 days to arrive. We have been without our refrigerator for 1 week. This is not good customer service by any means. We should not have to be without a refrigerator for 1 week in this day and age. Living out of a cooler is ridiculous. I did finally here from a representative, but only after I sent 3 e-mails. They offered to refund us the service call, which is fine, but what about the $300 worth of food we lost, because they didn’t have the part needed readily available. I doubt if we’ll buy another Sears product, if this is how the service is handled.

Disgusted in Nebraska


Al Love June 6, 2014 at 11:48 am

i ordered a new dishwasher on 5/24/14 was told it would be there on Sunday 5/25/14, was called several hours later stating they had over sold in my area and the earliest they could deliver would be 6/1/2014, well, that date came and they delivered the dishwasher but there was no power supply for this product, after 45 minutes on hold with a CSR who didn’t know her job from Adam told me in didn’t come with one, so a trip to Lowe’s the next day to purchase one so i could install it. (should of bought the dishwasher there with the hell i have had). now, we open the door on this new dishwasher only to find the top rack is broken, have went back and forth with your people since 6/4/14 at 7:21pm and was told yesterday afternoon that your team is usually prompt and if i don’t hear back from them within 24 hours to report it, i still havent heard back from your people, but let me say one thing, i am not taking about 24 hours, this has been since 5/24/14, this is absolutely the worse experience i have ever had with Sears, it is time for you to reimburse what we paid for this or fix it immediately.


Max and Ruth Lennon June 5, 2014 at 9:33 pm

We bought a maintenance contract for 10 appliances. We have called numerous times to schedule a repair for a broken appliance. We paid $599 for the contract . We were required to include a dehumidifier, even though we tried to include an induction stove-top, but they told us that we could not do that, so the dehumidifier was included in the ten appliances. Now, the dehumidifier is not functioning properly. It does not extract water. The contract says that you will repair or replace the unit. It is our understanding that if we take the unit back to Sears, it will be replaced. We have called many times and have been very much disappointed with the responses of those with whom we talked. Some could not even find that we had the Protection Agreement. We have been customers of Sears’ Appliances for many years. It is our understanding that if we take the dehumidifier to our Sears store that it will be replaced. Our next option is that we will return it and hope that Sears will fulfill their obligation. Have never really had such a terrible response from the company. We do have double ovens that are in a “mother-in-law” apartment and we spent about $750 for repairs when they were used only about seven times. Will not do that again.


Regan Owen June 5, 2014 at 5:07 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

Before I proceed to begin sending out my complaint to my sphere of influence, I’d like to seek your assistance.

I sent in my microwave from the Chula Vista store for repair of a faulty door latch. Just a few minutes prior to the door latch mal-functioning the display panel and the magnetron (it was heating food well) were in full operation. From the time I turned in the oven to the time I recieved a estimate, the micro-wave became completely unusable.

My initial discussion with a representative on the 888-392-8867 service line inferred that the latch malfunctioned because there was a health hazard, a built in safety mechanism to prevent the oven from operating. My second call and conversation to ask why the estimate wasn’t sent to my email suggested that the latch was indeed broken and needed replacement in addition to the magnetron, display board, and turn- table. I find that hard to believe since all were working fine prior to the door latch malfunctioning.

The remarks made by the service representatives definitely portray a shadow of doubt and misrepresentation of the truth. Our trust is lost and we respectfully request expedited return of our appliance with the door latch repaired at no further cost to us.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Regan J. Owen


Robert Anderson June 1, 2014 at 8:42 pm

I was just writing to inform you that I just came in from mowing my yard. You may ask yourself why I would comment/email you to make this statement. It is because I just finished push mowing my yard. Again, you may be asking yourself why this comment/email and not Twitter or a Facebook status to make such a proclamation. It is because I just finished push mowing my yard with a 3 year old $150 mower from Wal-Mart as my brand new Craftsmen lawn tractor that I just purchased on 4/18/14 has once again stopped cutting due to the belt coming off. It’s back in the shed just like new! And yes I have been told by my local Sears store in Harrisburg, IL, that belts are not covered. Well guess what, I did not buy the service agreement because I felt your product would be of a quality that by the time the 3 year warranty was up I would have not had the occasion to use said service agreement. I was under the impression that your product would be of a quality that if it broke down in the future it would have already have served its purpose faithfully as I expected and then I would pay the repair bills if needed. However let me take this time chronicle my journey with my new Sears Craftsman T1000 mower in more detail.
As I already stated I got my new Craftsman T1000 lawn tractor out of layaway on 4/18/14. I mowed that weekend and was very pleased. I was happy that I could finally quit spending so much time on the weekends push mowing my ¾ acre lawn with my 3 year old $150 mower from Wal-Mart and more time with family enjoying the nice weather. Very much like the scenes from some of your commercials I see on TV. Then much to my surprise on 4/27/14 I got my lawn tractor out and to my shock and dismay it threw a belt and stopped cutting. I immediately called my local Sears store and was informed as previously mentioned that belts are not covered. I was also given this little nugget of wisdom, “if your grass is too high the belt will come off.” I assured the Sears associate that my grass was not too high because I had already mowed it that month with my new lawn tractor. However I must wonder, is this the best marketing strategy for an associate to use in telling me that your new mower will stop working if you happen to use it for its intended purpose. I must also ponder how many times this line has actually worked. But let me continue. After expressing my discontent the associate assured me she would call me with the earliest possible repair date and she did, 5/21/14. The next weekend I moved my new lawn tractor out of the shed so I get to my 3 year old $150 mower from Wal-Mart and as I was turning it around into position to place it back in its resting place (the shed) it stopped moving. After several trials to get it to move, as I was positive that it must be something that I am doing, it did followed by a plume of smoke and a delightful burning smell. Back in to the shed it went to sit for 2 more weeks. On 5/21/14 the repairman came and we were very pleased with service. They replaced the transmission belt and then gave my wife a receipt $248.53 explaining that if we do not buy the service agreement this is what this repair would have cost. Now I must say if I was using my new Craftsman mower on the grassy knoll I would smell a conspiracy. So today on 6/1/14, as I sit writing a positive review for my 3 year old $150 mower from Wal-Mart I am going to explain the crux of this email.
I am going to post this comment/email on every Sears/Craftsman email that I can find and I would like a response. And no not a response telling me to call my local store, I have done that and I really don’t want to wait another month. Not that my 3 year old $150 mower from Wal-Mart could not handle this burden, but more because when I tried to by-pass my local store they would only give the automated number to Craftsman, which was about as responsive as my new lawn tractor. I want a phone number that gets me to a person so we can discuss how Sears is going to make me one of those happy people that I see in the commercials. I am hoping this will happen within a week because by next weekend once I have mowed my grass once again with my 3 year old $150 mower from Wal-Mart I will be quite past the sarcasm phase and fully into the post a picture of my Craftsman bird bath with a sign by my busy road, create a YOUTUBE channel to chronicle my Sears/Craftsman experience, and testimonial for my 3 year old $150 mower from Wal-Mart mower phase. I would hope that as a person that grew up using Sears/Craftsman products that I will be met with the service that someone will give me a response that will get my new Craftsman T1000 Lawn Tractor out of the shed. To anyone who reads this email please forward it (even if just for laughs) and not cling to the diffusion of responsibility that someone else will take care of this problem for me the CONSUMER! I look forward to your response.

P.S. I think I could get a lot of laughs off a YOUTUBE Channel and maybe even an open letter to MSN or Yahoo. Also, I am thinking of incorporating girls in bikinis posing on my Craftsman T1000 bird bath to shamelessly drive up my views. Don’t worry I won’t let their legs dangle over the logo.


Clarisa June 4, 2014 at 7:55 pm

I am having problems with Sears too. I suggest everyone immediately call and ask for a refund as soon as there is a problem. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Sears still is not doing what they should but if everyone files on them they will lose their good standing and the more we complain others will hopefully start to boycott Sears.


Do not want to post my name here May 28, 2014 at 9:25 pm

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair. I Called Sear service department and requested a repair for my home air conditioning (I brought this system from sears) which went out late last night 05/27/2014. I received an appointment for 5:00pm the same day great same day promise. To sum it up bad outcome of service repair. I had a very incompetent service repair man who collected payment for repairs that was not completed!I called the service department to see if I could get someone to come and fix what Greg (repair man)could not do. I preferenced my conversation by informing the customer service agents that I spoke with that I was very upset, and that I knew it was not their fault not to take my complaint personal. I must say that the customer service agent I spoke with after bearing my anger remained very professional and caring. I explained to the agent that the air conditioning repair was not working, my money was paid, and I needed someone to come to my home today to fix my air that I paid for today. Also, I explained that I can not be left in high temperatures that could affect my health. I asked to speak to the supervisor, and the agent promptly put a floor supervisor on the telephone. I explained my situation to him;he listened to and told me again no one could come to my home to repair the air today. He also told me that everyone had gone home, and could come back to my home until tomorrow. I explained that the temp was unbearable for me to stay in. I also asked to speak with his supervisor. He proceeded to ask me “why did I wanted to speak with his supervisor” that he was capable of handling the floor. I explained that I am also a manager and everyone has someone that they report too. I needed to know if someone at a hire level could help me. He did not put me on the phone with his supervisor. He did not show any concern at this point AT ALL. He listened attentively to say again no one could come. He told me that he could put me through to the customer complaint area. Oh, he also mentioned that he would place a complaint to the repair agents supervisor. I informed the floor supervisor that I wanted to speak directly to someone that could help me. He remained silent until I asked him if I was going to speak to someone, or be placed in a voice mail? The supervisor informed me that I would speak directly with someone. He transferred the call and it went straight to a voice mail as I thought it would. This really upset me more. I asked the supervisor before he tranferred the call was this just a way of getting rid of me? I do not belive he answered my question. I called back to a different number hoping to get someone who could help and again to no avail there was nothing anyone could do. The second agent I spoke with was also kind, caring, and professional. I asked for his supervisor and he placed Brian on the phone. Brian listened and informed me he was going to try to make a call to see what he could do. He also told me that I had reached the wrong department but he would try to see if could help. I really appreciate Brian taking the time to put an effort into helping me and not pushing me off to a voicemail. Brian came back and told me unforunately, there was no one that could help, the department was closed. Brian made me an 8:00 am appointment for in the morning. So,in just; I do not think that a repair man that could not do the job the first time around should be allowed to do home repairs. I did say that I think that this person needed some remedial training. If you want to know the entire conversation, I know that conversations are recorded. I informed the supervisor that I had been in the hospital and really needed the air working. I also stated that I knew that no one at Sears could careless about my problems of getting sick or falling out due to the heat in my home. But, I guess at this point there was nothing that could be done. Well, to sum this all up; I received the worst repair service with money being paid for a service that did not happen. I have shopped in Sears for many years. After this experience I will not feel comfotable using Sears for anymore service repairs even though we still have warranty time left. It makes me feel very uneasy to use a company that hires employees that cannot perform their job specifications. The repair agent’s name is Greg. My final comment is, I do not think I should have to disclose my medical history to have the air conditioning system repaired. I fought for my life for three months in ICU, and I am not willing to go back down the same road of the extreme illness that I had to endure. In my heart of hearts, I will never use Sears again for anything if I can help it. I am also hoping that I do not get fall ill tonight due to the extreme temperature in my home. I just feel like someone needs to know about the services that is being offered by a company that has been around for years. I know this company as Sears and Roebuck from my era.


Parker May 28, 2014 at 1:46 am

On March 9, 2014 I dropped off my “one-of-a-kind” Kenmore Microwave w/coffee maker to Sears (store#1614) in Livingston, NJ to be repaired with an added $50 service fee. I received a receipt w/my tracking number. As of 5/28/14, I am still without a microwave due to the fact Sears Drop-off Repair Center AND Sears Product Repair Services are blaming each other for my LOST (23″ x 13″ x 17″) MICROWAVE. This is the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had with such a large repeatable retail store.


chad May 25, 2014 at 2:47 pm

I’m writing this letter to the ceo of sears my name is chad I would like to help you to save kmarts in the USA plus open 6000 plus new kmarts in the USA plus open 1200 other kmarts worldwide and have each kmart make 52 million dollars each year per store in profits give me a call at 612 310 XXXX so we can talk ok


Cora May 21, 2014 at 6:54 pm

Why would anyone want to waste their time making a complaint to sears? Reading the complaints listed here is like reading a novel. The complaints have already been made to what avail. Doesn’t seem like anything is being done. Why waste your time? Bottom line Sears DOES NOT CARE!


kelly drinkwater May 22, 2014 at 4:12 pm

Well perhaps Sears thinks they are invincible. They shouldn’t be so confident. They just lost a sale from me of over $400. I purchased a water heater online from them with installation. The website said that delivery was not available and to pick it up at the store it would be available in 3 -4 days. So based on that I scheduled install for a week from when i ordered it. I checked order status yesterday and it showed that i would receive info regarding next step next week sometime , which of course is after the install date. I called customer service . the rep there was on the phone with installation finding out where my heater was and if installation was going to be on schedule then out of no where i get transferred to my local store. There’s a recording asking me what dept I want . of course I don’t know who I want bc the customer service rep didn’t tell me why she was transferring me. I called the 800 number back. the guy who answered said he couldnt’ help me, i would have to call a different number. Meanwhile I was calling the same number that I had called before and spoke to the other rep. He said he sees notes on the file and i need to contact the store . i asked him why. if the heater isn’t there then why do i need to contact them. he didn’t know . so i cancelled the order and bought a heater at Home Depot. Today we get a call from Sears to confirm our install this saturday!! what the heck. the woman said the heater has been at the store the whole time. she doesn’t know why we were told otherwise. oh well, too late now. You lost a sale sears. And we had to get a mattress for my daughter yesterday and chose Macy’s instead,. If Sears hadn’t screwed us around we would have bought it from there.


Brian Krueger May 20, 2014 at 7:48 am

I purchased a Craftsman 7 1/4″ Circular Saw Model 320.10860-01. I did not purchase the extended warranty because barring a catastrophic motor failure, I should be able to purchase parts to fix a vast majority of the working parts on the saw. I have used my saw maybe 5 times. A few weeks ago I went to grab my saw to rip some studs and plywood and the main handle broke off in my hand. Not one side, but both. Both sides where the handle attaches to the motor housing failed. I took apart the saw, removed the handle and went to the Sears website to find a new handle assembly. I found the part but then read “Part no longer available.” How can a part no longer be available for a saw that is 2 years old? Why, because the the part is poorly designed and Sears has been having too many problems with it. I now have a perfectly good saw but no way to get a handle for it. I called customer service, got disconnected three times, and got the same answer as I tried to elevate my disappointment with my saw and not being able to get a replacement handle. I finally talked to a person named James Bryant X13809 and he said he would do some research to see if there were more known issues with this saw handle. I called James back as he requested and there is no one that picks up at that extension. I called a local Sears Hardware store to ask if there was a Craftsman Support Number I could call specific to hand tools. There is no such number. The person I spoke to there was also absolutely no help. As I expected he kept telling me I should have purchased the extended warranty. I kept telling him all I wanted to do was purchase a new handle for my saw. It’s no longer available. That is not my fault. What am I looking for? An apology and at very least a credit toward a new saw. I am convinced that the handle design on this saw is defective. As a brand specific consumer I have gone out of my way to purchase Craftsman tools. I have lost too much respect for a brand that once held much higher standards and provided good customer service. I am done buying any Craftsman tools. It’s too bad you lost a lifetime customer over an unavailable $9.00 part but that’s your fault. Brand loyalty is a tough thing to build and hold onto. But I don’t need to tell you that you’ve already seen it first hand. A Former Loyal Craftsman Customer. Brian Krueger


eric May 17, 2014 at 2:30 pm

I purchased a Craftsman pressure washer from one of your stores. The phone number associated with this purchase is. This purchase was made less than 2 years ago. This washer has been used 4 times. Today, I tried to use it and it began leaking water from various seams in the housing. I then called and was told that it was under warranty. I was given the drop-off information and I proceeded to drive 35 minutes to said location. Upon arriving the man working told me I would have to give a $50 deposit to send the washer in. I was told if it fell under the warranty it would be fixed. If it was not, they would fix it (for their price), or they would send it back (keeping the $50 for looking at it). I left the location and took the machine to a local shop and they stated (after inspecting it) that fixing it would be more than half the cost of a new washer. Now, exactly what purpose are your warranties serving? Do you stand by your products? I called one of your numbers to explain, but the only solution that was a $50 gift certificate. If that is how you are going to do business, that is fine. I will never be shopping in your stores again and will be advising others (via social media) of this situation. Thank you.


alex May 14, 2014 at 12:16 pm

why i can not find a phone number to call the sears corporate office?


tiempl July 9, 2014 at 8:42 pm

Try 847-286-2500 or 800-526-3682


Lupita Hernandez May 9, 2014 at 1:16 am

I went to the Los Angeles Baldwin hills Sears to purchase some overalls for my husband. I went to the second floor walked over to the men’s register to ask the cashier if that store specifically sold Dickies overalls. The cashier seemed bothered and confused as if she didn’t know what overalls was. She told me “we don’t carry that”. I was very upset with the response the cashier told me. I walked away to see for myself if I could find some overalls, I didn’t come across any in the men’s department. When I saw a young lady working in the men’s department pushing a cart I asked her if she could help me because the cashier was very rude. The young lady assisted me by telling me they didn’t carry overalls at that certain location, but she could order me a pair online with the free cost of shipping. She inputted some type of item number that showed Dickie’s overalls. I order Two pair and very overly pleased with her customer service. She told me she was the manager In the men’s dept. She was very helpful and kind. I wish more employees was like her. Those employees needs more training with customer service


Kathy Jean May 9, 2014 at 12:10 am

Sears store #1018
Store manager: Noel Roque
Somebody from headquarters really need to take the time and fly to LA,CA 3755 Santa Rosalia Dr. And investigate. The store manager has employees creating fake email address for shop your way. The LP agent is sleeping around with a minor that works there as a cashier. Noel shows extremely favoritism towards his own “kind” and he also allow his favorites get away with lead way. Every time when there’s a visit coming to the store, he gets nervous and make associates work overtime to clean up the dirty work. Whenever a customer asks to speak to the store manager about a situation he sends either a lead or an ASM while he hides behinds close doors. This man is a snake, coward, and a fraud. Please this store needs investigation.


sam May 7, 2014 at 11:25 pm

maybe we all should call the local tv stations and have them do a mass story on all of this.


susan bender May 7, 2014 at 11:23 pm

why isn’t anything being done about all these complaints? I had a awful experience also. why go into detail, if nothing is being done. You clearly can see there is a problem here.


Steven Smith May 6, 2014 at 10:19 pm

We purchased a washer and dryer from Sears outlet along with the pedestal that we also bought. The day of delivery Sears rep called and told us the pedestal we bought is not the right pedestal. We cancelled the delivery until they get the right pedestal. We called the customer service multiple times and the outlet store and they confirmed they will deliver the washer and dryer with the right pedestal. We even called the delivery and the outlet store not to deliver the washer/dryer without the pedestal. They confirmed they would deliver with the right pedestal along with the washer/dryer. So we scheduled the delivery again for the 3rd time. Delivery day came and the first thing that the delivery person said, we got the washer/dryer but we don’t have the pedestal. We were so upset, after going around and telling Sears multiple times not to deliver unless they have the right pedestal, they try to deliver anyway.We are so mad we cancelled the delivery and we apologized to the delivery person and explained to him why we are cancelling the order. He said he understand. We talked to Sears Customer service and they said they will refund our card after 5-7 business days. Its been 8 business days and our card has no refund yet. We will never buy anything from any SEARS Store/outlet anymore. Dealing with the customer service is so complicated. We found a nicer washer/dryer with pedestal at Lowes and less expensives.


S.Williamson May 5, 2014 at 6:50 pm

I am just starting my case against Sear. After reading these horrendous accounts of inadequate customer service, poor quality products and corrupt managers who obfuscate and delay, I am inclined to start my complaint in court. I have no patience for the kind of tactics Sears/Kmart allow their employees to engage in. The managers probably get some type of bonus for their efforts. People need to be informed through social networking to avoid Sears to save them from the trauma too many have suffered unjustifiable.


Steven Kalliavas April 26, 2014 at 6:06 pm

Here’s a timeline of my recent trials and tribulations with Sears Auto Center, Watertown, NY:

24 April 2014 2:30 PM: I purchase an alignment and 4 Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max CS tires specifically because Sears is the only place in the Watertown, NY area that is able to get the tires there and installed the next day. Employee #318311 informs me that their received shipments arrive between 8-11 AM and I will receive a call as soon as the truck comes in. I pay in full ($961.16) and leave.

25 April 2014 12:30 PM: I haven’t yet been contacted by anyone from Sears so I call the store. I speak with an employee named Ken and ask if my tires have arrived. He attempts to find my order in the system by my last name and is not able to. He takes my name and number and tells me that he is going to go check their inventory and call me back.

25 April 2014 1:30 PM: I haven’t received a return call yet so I call the store again. This time the supervisor answers and is also unable to find my order in the system by last name. She tracks down my order by vehicle make and model. I refuse to leave my name and number for a callback again and tell her that I’m fine with staying on hold while she checks the received inventory. A few minutes later I am told that my tires had arrived that morning at 9AM.

25 April 2014 2:30 PM: I arrive at the Sears Auto Center, sign the work order, hand over my keys, request that they save my rear driver’s side tire for me to keep as a spare, and go stroll around the Salmon Run Mall. I am given an approximate completion time of 90 minutes.

25 April 2014 3:00 PM: I receive a call from the center supervisor informing me that one of the tires delivered that morning was not the ones I ordered, and that this was not noticed until my vehicle was up on the lift with the original tires stripped. I walk back to the Auto Center and I am told that I will have to come back the next day when the fourth correct tire arrives. I request to speak to a supervisor or manager and am told “I’m all you’re gonna get”. I inform the supervisor that I want to return the tires and cancel the alignment so I can try to find somewhere else to do the work, as it was essential that I get the tires today. I am told that I will still end up paying 15% of the original total price (about $150) if I request a refund. The supervisor asks if I would like the alignment performed now while the vehicle is already up on the lift and I refuse. I request that my original tires be put back on the vehicle (at this point there were no tires on the vehicle) as I am seriously considering sucking up the 15% refund fee and returning the tires due to my profound dislike for the staff’s work thus far.

25 April 2014 5:00 PM: My vehicle is released to me with the new tires (one of which is the wrong type) installed despite my previous request. My original rear driver’s side tire has not been saved for me to use as a spare as I originally requested. I review the copy of the work order I have been given and note there are new charges in the amount of $24.01 for an oil and oil filter change that I have not requested.

26 April 2014 10:00 AM: I arrive at the Sears Auto Center for a third time and immediately bring up the oil change. I am told that since I signed the new invoice yesterday (the original invoice from 24 April did not have an oil change listed) when dropping my vehicle off that I have thus assented to pay for it. I ask to speak to the supervisor and am told she is on a break and nobody knows when she will be back. I sign another new work order and leave my vehicle.

26 April 2014 12:00 PM: I receive a call from the Auto Center informing me that the work on my car is completed. I arrive back at the store and request again to speak with the supervisor, who is ‘still on a break’. The employee handling my final invoice (#318311) informs me that my next oil change will be complementary and that, while unfortunate, none of this hassle was ‘their fault’. I ask her if she would be satisfied with that level of compensation for all this difficulty and she says nothing. I leave the store and my vehicle’s ‘Low Tire Pressure’ indicator light immediately comes on, as two of the new tires were very deflated. Not wanting to deal with the Sears employees any further, my first stop is the nearest gas station to fill them up. I check the trunk at this point and note that the single tire I requested saved for a spare was not put in the trunk, but at this point I am too fed up to care and return home, resolving to write and submit a countless number of scathing reviews to every consumer complaint agency I can turn up on google.


Donna M. Hill April 25, 2014 at 6:57 pm

My Granddaughter is a college student in Florida. She went to the Sears Automotive Center in the Plantation Mall, Broward County, Florida. The windshield wipers on her car did not work. She was told by the Sales Assoc. (Jermaine) that she needed to have the motor replaced. Pretty quick diagnosis if you ask me and I am by no means an expert on cars. No due diligence, just order a motor!!!!!! Once the mechanic looked at the car he diagnosed she needed a new switch. Now, can someone tell me why a sales assoc. has the first and last say as to what is needed to repair a car? Time and money wasted by ordering this motor. Now she has to wait for a switch to come in….more time wasted! I cannot tell you how angry I am.


Shawn April 24, 2014 at 3:56 pm

To whom it may concern:

Growing up, my family always made their purchases for appliances, etc. at Sears, so it was a no brainer when my washer died and we needed to replace it. Unfortunately, this will be the last purchase I make of Kenmore products and from Sears for their lack of interest in selling reputable products.

I purchased a Kenmore Top Load HE washer just over 2 years ago. As with all of our appliances, we have taken exceptional care of it. Beginning last week, we started to experience problems where the washer stops in the middle of a cycle and the lid lock light flashes. We have tried plugging and unplugging the appliance hoping that it would reset and correct any problem we are having. It worked last week. This past weekend, we had the same issue, and nothing will correct it. After doing research on the internet, I found that Kenmore washers experience defects on this lid lock sensor. I didn’t have to look long to find a lot of people faced with the same issue I am. However, nothing on the Kenmore website about a recall for this item.

Look, I understand that you only offer a 12 month warranty for these items, which is a bit peculiar to say the least. Why would you not stand behind a products that sells for around $900.00 for longer than 12 months. Needless to say my washer is out of warranty and it is now my responsibility to pay to get this repaired. I could understand if I purchased a used washer, or a cheap model, however I spent 900.00 with the idea in mind that you get what you paid for and this would be a reliable product for a long time.

Now, 2 years after purchasing, it is broken, which is an inconvenience in itself as we have to go to a Laundromat to get clean clothes for work. But it doesn’t stop there. I will probably need to take a 1/2 day off work so that I am home to have this repaired, which is unacceptable. And then on top of everything else, I have to pay to have it repaired.

I am extremely disappointed with your product and highly motivated to get the word out across the internet in every location I find to let people know that Kenmore products are not well made, and the company has little interest in standing behind their products.

I realize that this letter will not motivate your organization, in any way, to stand behind the washer. Sure, we could have purchased an extended warranty for the washer, but why? Shouldn’t a brand new $900.00 washer last longer than 2-4 years, and why would I purchase an extended warranty? Shouldn’t you stand behind your product?

Though I certainly would be shocked to see that Kenmore cares enough about their products and the customers who purchase them, so I don’t expect to get restitution for this junk you sold me.

If I am wrong, I can be reached at 330.XXX.XXXX. Don’t worry, I wont be holding my breath.

Signed a truly disgusted customer,


P.S. Believe me when I tell you that this letter, along with plenty of additional criticism of your company will be all over the internet. This is unacceptable and I am making it my mission to ensure no one else purchases one of your products with the idea in mind that it will last for 10 years or more, like well cared for washers should last.


Shelia Smith April 23, 2014 at 6:38 pm

This has been the worst experience ever. On August 9th, I purchase a craftsman’s tractor. In October I tried to use the tractor would not start made funny noises. I call the support line to send someone out. I was advised they could send someone out BUT because the tractor does not have an alternator, I needed to purchase a battery charger and charge the battery is everything would be fine. I cancelled the service order at the advice of the tech that I spoke with.

After purchasing the battery charger and charging the battery upon connecting the wires the motor sounded as if it would jump off the tractor. Service guy came and checked it out and said he had never seen anything like that in his life (worked for the company about 20 years and has since retired). The battery post were opposite of the symbols on the battery. I was advised I need to charge the battery and connect the battery opposite of the symbols and move on. That’s what I did.

Every time there after I went to use the tractor it took a minimal of 20 to 30 minutes to get it started. Finally, I decided to call and explain I don’t want this tractor anymore nothing but problems. I was advised it was the weekend and the department manager would give me a call on Monday. I waited until late Monday evening and call the department manager, who said she was aware of my problem but was waiting on the service manager to call her. (I am the one with the issue NOT the service manager). I explained I have had nothing but issues with the mower since I purchased it and didn’t want it anymore. She told me I was outside my 30 day return and she couldn’t do anything because the store would take a big loss. If the store/company would take a big loss what about an individual. She advised that perhaps I had bad gas in the mower. She made it seem as if I purposely damaged the tractor. I paid for it which means I needed it, as my yard didn’t shrink in a matter of months. The tech told me to put gas stabilizer and it would be fine. She said she would get back with me and let me know something soon. I went to the store on Tuesday she was unavailable, I called the store on Wednesday she had already gone for the day. I finally went back to the store on Saturday. It has already been another week and my grass is extremely high. She advised me that she spoke with the service manager and someone would be out on Wednesday. Nothing else she could do. I had to pay someone to take care of my yard after I paid for a tractor to do it myself. (NOT HAPPY AT ALL)

Serviceman came on Wednesday and basically explained the majority of the information given to me was incorrect. 1) he replaced the battery and the tractor started right up 2) he explained the tractor DOES indeed have an alternator and I was give incorrect information from the people that are suppose to provide accurate information 3) he said I or someone hit something and bent the blades in which I had to purchase more blades for this tractor.

I can honestly say I have been in customer service industry for 19 years and this is totally unacceptable by any means. I was prepared to make 2 more large purchases but if this is the best customer service Sears has to offer I will definitely be going to the competition.
I look forward to hearing from you all soon.



Green April 23, 2014 at 8:54 am

We purchased a refrigerator in January through the outlet website from Pittsburgh, PA – it was advertised as Floor Model no damage. When we received it it was badly damaged. We contacted the store and the manager Greg said a replacement door would be sent. After numerous calls and unreturned calls we went to our local outlet store and was greeted eagerly by Giovanni who also assured us that we would receive the door – we’ll needless to say both managers lied – it’s now April and the door still has not arrived. We contacted what is supposed to be corporate – we were transferred six times. We finally get a rep that says we can pay for another refrigerator or take a 10% credit. We are saddened by the diminished service from Sears, continued lies, and unrealistic requests to purchase another refrigerator to exchange the damaged one. I plan to file a complaint with the BBB also.


byrn witt April 14, 2014 at 5:25 pm

In summer of 2012 i purchased a refrigerator at the sears store in charleston south carolina at the CITADEL MALL. I had planned to pay cash for the purchase but at the urging of the salesperson i opened a SEARS account AND RECEIVED A 10% discount. Although i gave the salesman MY home billing address the bills were sent to MY summer vacation home on Kiawah island at XXX glen abbey . soon after I found that I had stage four prostrate cancer i was at Johns HOPKINS in BALTIMORE,Maryland.for several month SINCE an accountant was PAYING BILLS DURING THIS PERIOD i DID NOT REALIZE THAT YOU WERE SENDING THE BILLS TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. I ONLY BECAME AWARE WHEN i RETURNED FROM THE HOSPITAL THAT YOU HAD SENT BILLS TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. THIS IS YOUR MISTAKE THAT HAS COST ME DEARLY. I have had a perfect credit score and a high rating until your complaint. When I tried to explain what had occurred to one of your employees the mistake that you had made she WAS extremely indifferent. i am 81 year of age WITH a very long pristine credit rating. Your report has reduced significantly MY RATING . I hope you will review this situation and see on my application that I clearly stated MY billing address WAS in arllington heights ,ILLINOIS.i i WAS NEVER IN KIAWAH TO RECEIVE BILLS MISTAKENLY SENT THERE OVER THE WINTER MONTHS. i was in Kiawah until the following OCT AND PAID THE BILLS SENT THERE. As soon as I returned from the medical treatments mentioned above I RECEIVED A CALL THAT THERE WAS AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE WHICH I PAID IN FULL IMMEDIATELY. YOUR ERROR HAS CAUSED ME GREAT EMOTIONAL STRESS . IS THIS ELDERLY discrimination?Please send me notification that you have reviewed my case and will acknowledge by email and to my home at XXX S Arlington HEIGHTS iILLINOIS 60005


Sandra Baumgartner April 11, 2014 at 4:59 pm

Sears has always been my go to place for appliances. Quality products and usually great prices. Unfortunately, the service department does not live up to the same standards as the store. I scheduled a repair appointment, talked to the tech on the scheduled day only to find out he was given the wrong part. He ordered the correct parts (now it was decided it could be another problem) and rescheduled for a week later. Again I scheduled my time to be home but get a phone call that the tech had a “spur of the moment” meeting and would not be able to make my appointment! Really? Rescheduled for two days later. The day before my THIRD appointment, I received a phone call with a message about rescheduling. I called but they confirmed my appointment for the following day. Again I scheduled my day around THEIR time frame only to get the call again about rescheduling. When I called they said indeed they needed to reschedule my appointment but could not give me a reason. I do have to say the person I talked to was extremely polite and took the time to call the routing people. Unfortunately they could not (or would not) give her a reason. So I am scheduled for the fourth time for. I have never dealt with a repair company that is so incompetent as Sears. I have the protection plan otherwise I would have told them to forget it and called someone else. It’s a shame that their customers are so unimportant to them that they think nothing of being so unprofessional. I’m writing this complaint on the corporate site in hopes of one if the “execs” reads it .


Dibbielopez April 10, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Good customer service at the sears optical in san antonio,tx need more that!! Need to get more appreciate it,…


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 10:52 pm

Sears probably paid you to say this good comment.


deb April 10, 2014 at 10:47 am

i bought a tv from kmart not even 6 months ago the picture went out i called kmart sears and the was very rude i took my tv to sears they sent it to get fixed when i got it back it was worse than it was before i called the 800 number they said sears was supossed to replace it the guy called the store while i was on the phone i go back to sears almost got in a fight because the lady was very very rude anyways sears does not fix your stuff does not replace it and the tv is back in the shop to get fixed i think sears should repay every one for there garbage they sale their employees should get something done to them for treating people bad i think the people in the world should all get together and sue the pants off of sears or shut them the heck down by the way if sears tries to email me dont bother cause the computer i got there is garbage too the can call my phone yea i said my phone as you can tell i did not buy my phone there cause it works 815 904 XXXX by the way


Carolyn K April 9, 2014 at 11:59 am

Well, I am back again. After what I thought was finally a solution to waiting for my dryer to be repaired for weeks under a master maintenance agreement, having the parts to repair sent to a different state and the tech call in sick the days that it was supposed to happen I was granted the ability to get a new dryer instead. However the dryer I chose had to fit above my Elite washer and then they had to secure it the way it had been. I really hate my front loader but that is what I went wit since my washer was in great shape.

Low and behold about 2 hours after this delivery, moving, repositioning and securing of the units occurred I was doing the wash and my five year old called me as the laundry room floor and down the hall was flooded with 2 inches of water. I thought it was nothing maybe just became unbalanced or something due to the moving but I was really wrong it appears now the tub is tilted back and given the leak and what my husband checked online it appears the support arm is broken and that is 3/4 of the price of the washer.

I am livid, not only do I think this is not a coincidence but I picked the dryer based on the washer and now I have to get a new washer, I filed a claim and called customer relations who offered me 10% off a new washer, YIPPEE!!!! When I mentioned that I considered this too much of a coincidence they gave me 20% off a new washer!!! Come on, Sears this is too much, over 2 months without a dryer in a rural area in the frigid cold where you cannot even hang clothes out, to get a dryer finally and the same day have my washer break. I don’t know about you but I am glad I am a member of the media because this consumer is turning a consumer advocate and I will take this to my blog and every other media outlet to tell what happened.


F.Ewers April 7, 2014 at 8:10 pm

William Hutchinson

I have been shopping at sears and have been a shop your way rewards member for some time now and even have utilized sears vacations for booking hotels but have never been so disappointed until now. I purchased a Westinghouse TV from K-Mart in December of 2013 and in just a few months I’m no longer able to use it because the screen has gone pitch black. After attempting to call the Westinghouse customer service number and waiting an extremely long amount of time, I finally just hung up the phone. I’ve since been searching YouTube and all over the internet to find out that this company is not a reputable one in terms of products or brand. The thing that surprises me the most is that Sears Holding Corporation is even willing to do business with a company given the direct conflict in brand reputation. Given that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this TV and since Westinghouse obviously has absolutely no intention of correcting the situation, I will never buy another TV from any Sears Affiliates until this is resolved. In fact I refuse to step foot in another sears affiliate until someone corrects this injustice.


cyndi reed April 6, 2014 at 6:02 pm

After going to sears optical medina ohio, I will go back. 1st a mont ago my son ordered glasses with our insurance came home saying he could purchase then due to a blance of close to $100. I called knowing that couldn’t be with my insurence,they agrued with me suprising with in minutes called my son and told him they found an error. I just went fir my exam knowing I had a $40. Copay for a contact exam. They charge me $72, And tell me if I don’t use the hole $200.of my insurance I can’t use it. I knew better but went home to print it. They refuse to give me a refund. The custumer servers went way down hill.


Kate Kohn April 5, 2014 at 3:30 pm

The customer service is horrendous. I had an appt to fix my washer two weeks ago. The sears employee came and said all he could do was maintenance and not repair. He made an appt for the following saturday for a repair man to come, the TECHNICIAN cancelled my “scheduled repair appt.” Did you get a call I didn’t. 4 hours later I have a washer that does not work, and have wasted my day on the phone with Sears. Not once did anyone get back to me like promised.
I call a local repairman, but unfortunately he could not help me as my Kenmore applicance is really an LG. If I had know that I would not have bought it as LG appliances have nothing but problems.
I will no longer buy Kenmore, and probably have to go buy a new washer as we think it is the bearings, (LG problem after 1 year) I would really appreciate a call back as Sears tells me they can only come on Tuesday, (I work on weekdays and it tax season, if I take off I get fired) the next appt is 2 weeks out. Unacceptable due to having an appt today and it being cancelled without my knowledge. How can you work this way?


RGS April 4, 2014 at 7:04 pm

As of right now, I’m hating your Company. Definitely not the Sears of old, when you could count on receiving a quality product, outstanding customer service and HONEST answers. Sears has lost my business forever. The Company’s UNTRUSTWORTHY & CORRUPT!


raquel baez April 2, 2014 at 6:09 pm

I purchased a boiler with a water tank in 2009. Since 2010 I’ve had nothing but trouble. In 2012 I had to have repairs 4xs . Now 2014 I’ve been without hot water for 8 days, had to cancel my trip to P.R. that would have helped my arthritis, come to find out that the unit I purchased for 10,000.00 was recalled and I was never notified. I’ve been dealing with the executive case workers and will be getting a new boiler. However, I requested to get a new and separate water heater which i was told that I would get -now no one knows a thing . I’ve asked for one due to the fact that having a new boiler with the same water tank is just not working and I’ll have the same problem again. I think I deserve a water heater for the trouble my family and I have had to endure. HELP What would you do ?


Edward Poje April 2, 2014 at 9:41 am

My Fridge broke down February 28th. I had the extended warranty. Sears said it would take 11 days to send a Service Person out to my house. I said I can’t wait that long. They said to get my own person out there and they would reimburst me. I had a repair man come out and he changed a part. Two days later the refrigartor started to freeze up again. He came back and said they changed that part and put in a new one. Two days later it happened again. His bill was $227.00 (which I sent to Sears Sollution and never recieved a penny yet). I call Sears and asked if I should call the guy back they said no and sent someone out two days later. The Sears guy came out and said the heating element for the defrost was hanging to low and he raised it. Two days later the same problem. Called Sears they sent someone out and he said I needed a new part. I showed him the part the first repair man change and he said it never came from my fridge. He said he would have it shipped overnight. It came overnight and I thought he said something about being back Saturday. I waited from 8 to 12 and call up Sears and found out it the following Saturday. In the mean time I opened up the box and the part was the same one he said wasn’t from my Fridge. I tried to call him with no luck. I went on line and saw the part has been changed that is what the first guy did. That’s why he left the part out. I tried calling a Service Tech from Sears and got one and got a woman who I explained how they changed the part. I gave he the numbers and the article that says that so and so part now replaces that partl When the Sears Service guy showed up I told him I tried to call him. He said he was having trouble with his computer. He acted pissed off because they sent him the wrong part….I said why are you pissed off it”s been 3 weeks since my Fridge worked…Hee walked and came back and mumbled something. I had to call Customer Service to find out when he was coming back….He came back 6 days later changed a part and said it’s fixed…I think he just replaced the same part repairmen #1 changed. Anyway the next day everything was frozen.on both sides..It’s now 4 weeks and 1 day without a Fridge…I spent 3 hours on the telephone trying to get someone to listen. I kept asking I talk to your manage….No one gives you there last name Finally I got some from Corp. And she said she will send out a Master Tech on April 3rd between 1 and 5 PM…This will be the 7th (Seventh) Service Person to look at my Fridge. What great Customer Service…I also have take over 20 hours off of work..


Lisa Revesz March 28, 2014 at 12:41 pm

March 28, 2014

Dear Sirs:

My Frigidaire washer quit working on November 7th. I have an extended warrantee, which ends in April 2014. It wasn’t spinning well and the door had locked automatically and said error call for customer service. I called they said I need a new door lock but it would take a week to get there – I asked I they could ship it faster they said no. The part arrives and the tech comes on November 14 to put it in at 4:45 after I’ve paid someone to be waiting since 8am. When he arrives he blames the washer’s problems on me, saying I put in too much soap and doesn’t even install the part and leaves and says by the way this is a 2-person job and I am only one guy. On Saturday I attempt to do a load and once again it breaks. Sears said he said he installed the part on his invoice, which is incorrect it is still sitting on the counter. They apologize and say they will send a 2-man team to fix it. They come on November 19th when they turn the machine around they find the motor and wires in water (I have a picture) – the machine is basically totaled but instead of giving me a new machine they are going to fix it but they have to order parts that are on back order. If they don’t arrive in a week, it will be another week since it’s thanksgiving. They offer to give me $25 a week for laundry or give me a loaner. My washer is in a very tight so I say ok to the $ (which I have not seen) and I beg them to find the part and expedite it. They supposedly find the parts, and say they will expedite but do not expedite it. All but one part arrives on time except so my prior to Thanksgiving repair is not happening. The part should arrive on Monday the 2 of December. When it doesn’t arrive I call Sears who say I should call UPS who told me it was shipped ground and that even though it was said out for delivery the truck was full and UPS decided not to deliver that day. I call Sears again they put me on hold 2 x and then hang up on me after 45 minutes on hold on my cell. Tuesday, December 3, the guys come but no part so they leave and can’t come back again until Friday, December 6th because according to Sears that is the only day available for a two-man team. My patience is fried but threats of calling an attorney or asking for a supervisor only gets me left on unlimited hold. On Friday, December 6, all the parts are here and the man arrives early to get to work after 5 hours rebuilding the washer with the exception of the shell it is basically all new – when he goes to turn it on it is still leaking water. He can’t repair it he needs a hose. He puts in an order for express part delivery – he will be back on Tuesday, December 10th. He comes – I thought he was bringing part but once again Sears has not overnighted the part and when he call them they say it wasn’t shipped yet, but they will send it a.s.a.p. I have another appointment for December 12, 2013. I call Sears to confirm the part is really coming and ask for a supervisor again and I’m left on hold for an hour at which point I hang up. I called back again and they connected me to the escalation department to see if it’s really going to be shipped. They tell me the part will be here. On December 12th, I am home waiting for William. I call Sears to see when he will arrive; they tell me that I’m scheduled for Dec. 17th not today. When I call Annie, and tell her William promised to come back on the 12th if the part was here – she said they couldn’t get him assistant so I would have to wait until Friday the 13th.

On Friday, Juan the original repair guy who said nothing was wrong shows up. I really don’t want him in my house, but I’m desperate so I let him get to work. After 1 ½ Hrs. he can’t fix it. He needs another part, which he will try to get locally or have it expedited (ha-ha). The part finally gets installed around X-mas – I believe it was Dec. 19th. We leave town. We do a load on December 26th. The washer is finally working, but is making load noises. I speak to Pam at the customer services who tells me even though Sears have been here multiple times – they can not replace it unless Juan deems it not repairable He says there might be a problem with the drum, so orders another one. Finally of January 3, we put in the new drum and all is working, as it should be. Juan refuses to take huge drum parts with him so I need to hire someone to get them out of my house since I don’t want to wait for Sears again.

Its now March and my washer is getting loud again. I call Sears on March 26, to see what they are going to do. First I speak to Jade, who tells me they will send someone out on March 30th. I mention that I am concerned since my warrantee ends on April 11th. She tells me that even though that is when it was delivered my warrantee goes thru until May 6th. I also asked where is the $$ that I was supposed to be reimbursed for doing laundry outside my home. She connects me to someone else, who says they have no record of that ever being offered, so too bad. I don’t have the email confirmation because at first you were sending everything to the wrong email address and I trusted Sears at the beginning and did not write down everything. I also asked her to send me a copy of my contract, which shows that it expires on April 6th. So once again Sears has lied to me. Today, March 28th I got a call asking me if I wanted to extend my warrantee on my 3 Sears appliances. I told her what has been happening. She is shocked and she looks at the record and according to her records Sears was only her 3X Nov. 14 & 19th and on January 3rd. All other records as well as my $25 per week offer have somehow disappeared.

I am waiting to see what happens on Monday. At this point I’ve paid someone to sit here for 5 days, I took off work today to be here, I’ve wasted many hours waiting on a cellular phone, my blood pressure is thru the roof and once again my washer is starting to break. Sears was always a company that was known for their good service. Now I am wondering where how they train so many people to lie and frustrate clients until they give up. At this point I am wondering why I am even writing this all down and sending it to you. I consulted with an attorney who said I needed to notify you and document everything.

Lisa Revesz


Chris Chrampanis March 25, 2014 at 8:33 pm

Dear CEO

I have a horrible mistreatment from your customer service regarding service and a service contract. 2 hours and 52 minutes I was on the phone they offered me no resolution and treated me poorly. Being a builder and putting sears appliamces in all my homes I will no longer use your product or ever shop in your stores again.


Greg Nergenah March 25, 2014 at 9:43 am

Purchased a Sears dishwasher. After 10 months it started leaking. Technician said that the original Sears installation technician did not balance it which cause it to start leaking. He said it was under warranty. All he did was balance it and that took care of the issue. Then Sears billed me for the service call. They do not warranty their own installations? I called the Sears Service Center but they were no help or understanding,. They spoke broken English so maybe they did not understand. I won’t pay the bill because I am right. The issue was cause by faulty installation and was repaied in the 11th month. Why should I pay for their errors. Not sure if I will walk into another Sears again. I have bought many things from them, so this will be their loss.


bobbie butterworth March 24, 2014 at 9:09 pm

Not only does your company screw over customers but they screw over their employees also.


Michelle Blu March 22, 2014 at 4:22 pm

Dear CEO – Edward Lampert, CMO Ronald D. Boire, and CIO Jeffrey Balagna,

It’s Saturday March 22, 2014 as I write down my nightmare which is still unresolved. On Wednesday March 19, 2014 I received my new Maytag washing machine from Sears. I purchased it from Sear as I have in the past for a refrigerator and water-heater as well. The purchased was done online since I knew what I wanted and also did my researched there as well. The buying is the only smooth part of this washing machine replacement – now nightmare experience.

My old washer was a Maytag and that’s what I replaced it with an easy fix you might think. WRONG! Delivery date was Wednesday March 19th at 4pm. Sears contracts out for delivery, so no calls ahead of time (was stated in the text they would do a follow up call first), they just shows up. The delivery people, who were very nice guys helped to remove the old washer and replace it with the new one. After about 30 minutes all was set and done but the washer was never tested to operate before they left. So I go to turn it on but nothing happens.

The nightmare has just begun. Now with a new washer that doesn’t work and the delivery men are gone I’m contacting Sears’s service for assistance. Here is where the frustration escalates to the point that I’m never doing business with Sears again! Calling customer service to another country where the lady is clearly from some other country that could speak OK English but clearly did not comprehend English well. I struggled to get her to understand things so she kept putting me on hold to consult with someone at the warehouse and was told I was put on a list and that someone would call or stop by today. Nothing happens Wednesday. I call back again on Thursday morning and receive apologies that no one called me or showed up, but was reassured I’d receive a call from the delivery people on Thursday. Nothing happens on Thursday. Beyond frustrated (because I now really-really need to wash my clothing) I call again to customer relations at Sears on Friday to cancel the order and have them take back the washing machine. Customer service apologized over and over and promises that someone from the warehouse or delivery would show up to take care of the situation or call. Nothing happened Friday.

It’s now Saturday March 22nd and I have had it at this point with the incompetence at Sears and there customer service – professionalism. I call customer service again and said it’s still not working still and that no one’s called or showed up either. I’m done, take it back. It is interesting how once you get to the point of no return new or other options are then offered. I now have a repair man coming out this coming Monday March 24th, to fix my new washing machine. I’ll keep you posted, but not holding my breath, and who do the customer service agents talk to when it takes so long? What, do they have only one English speaking person the gets it?

Feels like once Sears has your money and you have the product Sears doesn’t care anymore about you as a customer – consumer. Things have changed at Sears, and not for the good. As a lifelong customer they have now lost my faith and trust in them and my business as well. Sears, you need to really look at the overseas people you use that cannot comprehend English or communicate clearly to other parties to see that problems are resolved the first time and do not drag on and on…. It is very clear from Sears, service ends after the sale is made…buyer beware!

I’m off to the laundry mat.

Sincerely you’ll never see me again,

Michelle – Twin Cities MN


jim conroy March 21, 2014 at 12:34 pm

I went to your store in kingston mass 2 days ago for a front end alignment on a 10 year old car,the mechanic pointed out several things wrong with my front end and i said thanks but lets just to the alignment for now,as soon as i left the shop and paying a little over 80.00 i had a loud noise under my car.I went back to your store to check out the noise and i got told it is the universal joint and had nothing to do with what they did,only problem is is that i drove the car into the garage,a mechanic backed it up and parked it and for about an hour nobody looked underneath the vehicle (I watched it the whole time) then the gentleman told me it was the universal joint and it was just a coincedance,hey it could be but i was so pissed that they didnt even look to see if they did something wrong i just left because i knew nothing was going to be done unless i ponied up more money,i always trusted your company until know


Stephen Allen March 20, 2014 at 6:52 pm

I would like to express a concern I have with your companies billing process. I spent 20 years in the United States Military and retired as a Chief Petty Officer in the navy. I am patriotic and know you sell American products such a tools that can be purchased. I currently work for the Veterans Administration as a high voltage electrician. We had a meeting the other day here in Tampa Florida where your company name came up, because we are buying tools that are foreign made. It was expressed that your billing process in not compatible with our purchasing process. The devil is in the details. What we were told was that you require your money first before purchasing from our department. And that our purchasing process is different than your requirements. If this is true, you are losing out on our business. I suggest this changes. Please look into what needs to be done with the process though our supply system to synchronize our systems. So that we can buy your tools that are American made. This needs to be done at the highest levels in the Veterans Administration and yours as well. Americans who have served to protect our citizens should have access to your products. After all it is the American tax payer that is footing the bill. If you have any questions for me feel free to contact me at my E-mail address and I will find out exactly what needs to be done in my locality. Thank you. I have a feeling this is a nation wide problem.


Keith Terrill March 19, 2014 at 10:58 pm

Hello my name is Keith Terrill and i have recently been shopping around for new riding lawn Mower with bagger, and i also considered a new chain saw as well. I stopped in to my local Sears to talk with a sales person in lawn and garden and decided on a 46in 19hp turn tight craftsman mower. After talking price i was told i could receive 10 percent off. I proceeded to tell the sales person that i wanted to open up a Sears card and use the 12 months 0 interest and that i would buy the mower, 2 bin bagger and 20″ craftsman chain saw if they could give me 15 percent off and the 0 percent interest for 12 months. The sales person said they could not do that. I am emailing you today in hopes that Sears will Grant me that extra 5 percent that I was asking for and continue to keep me a happy customer for years to come. Thank you. Keith Terrill


Sam Sokolik March 18, 2014 at 10:51 am

Dear D.O.L.,

After I got out of jail I went to school, studied automotive applied science, had 18 weeks of on the job training as an intern at Atlanta General Tire, earned several certificates, applied for job after job after job after job, been to interview after interview where the managers say, “I want to hire you for this position but your background and company policy prevents me from doing that.”

For example I applied for a job at Sears as a Tire and Battery installer and the manager said those things to me even after I offered a protection bond for 50,000 dollars. So I propose that if qualified applicants despite their backgrounds are refused by an employer then I recommend that that employer be removed from d.o.l lists. If companies refuse to help the welfare of the state of Georgia then they need not look to the state for assistance.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,

Sam Sokolik

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Paul McCardell May 24, 2014 at 7:21 am

I had three screwdrivers to return & tape measures when I walk up to cashier to let him know I was exchanging them I was told that sears no longer exchanged tools then I asked to see manager was told none were there at that time. sears @ Eastpoint mall Baltimore md 21222 were can I go to exchange

Paul McCardell


Joann March 17, 2014 at 1:22 pm

A little over two years ago, we purchased our home. We needed a refrigerator and stove and we went to Sears. We got Kenmore because we had heard from friends, family and others that Kenmore was a great brand. Everyone who comes to my homes, really liked our stainless steel French door Kenmore refrigerator.
We have had refrigerators before that lasted several years so we did not feel we needed to purchase additional warranty. After all, it’s a Kenmore!
A few months after the first year, the refrigerator began making loud vibrating noises. We were very concerned and turned it off. We turned it back on after a few hours and the noise was louder. The fridge stopped cooling! We called Sears repair and they sent out a technician. We learned that the compressor was gone and that it would cost a lot of money to repair it. We had over $300 worth of food in our refrigerator that went bad.
A representative told us that for Sears to repair the fridge we needed to pay $600 out-of-pocket. The other option was to purchase warranty in excess of $400 to get it repaired. We used our sears credit card to pay for the warranty (We never received a copy of the policy until 3/15/2014 when I called the repair line). The technician fixed the refrigerator and we were excited to have our refrigerator working again. We no longer had to use coolers filled with ice twice a day to get our food cool. Leaving without a refrigerator is not a very pleasant experience! At least one of us had to take time off from work to be at our home when the technician came out to do the repairs.
In late January 2014, the fridge stopped working again! The repair technician said there was a Freon leak and that he would have to order a new part. We had to wait two weeks for the repair. Several hours after the ‘fix” only the upper part of the refrigerator worked. The freezer did not work. We lost over $250 from that latest problem.
On March 15 a repair technician came out. After about an hour he said he could not repair the problem. He admitted that after cutting a wire both the freezer and upper part of the refrigerator stopped working. He offered us only $500 credit toward the purchase of a new fridge!
I did not think that it was fair that I needed to have to purchase another refrigerator after all this ordeal, so I contacted the Sears customer Service. The customer service representatives were not rude yet offered no solution but just keep repeating that there was nothing they could do to help me.


mumzi March 9, 2014 at 5:17 pm

I went to my neighbirhood store in North Riverside and I have a big complaint….2 people working at registers….ridiculous….line halfway round store…come on…people need jobs ..,hire some of these people so your customers donot have to wait for 20 minutes to get checked out…gonna quit shopping here..use to be a great store…now not even1/2 a star at this store….Will not be back unless there is improvement


Jim Bowlin March 5, 2014 at 8:27 pm

I bought a Kenmore Series 70 washer and Kenmore Series 80 Dryer in 1998. When I sold my house in 2004 I placed both of these into storage. I pulled these out of storage last week ( Feb 28, 2014) wiped them down and cleaned out the cob webs inside, plugged them in and they both work great. I did replace the water hoses but other than that they work like they did the day I put them in storage. I just wanted to let Sears know I really am happy with my purchase and I will return when these give up the ghost.


Danny Awad March 2, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Sears repair is such a joke! I have a washing machine that wasn’t spinning the cloths completely dry. Well 5 visits later it’s still not fixed. 2 appointments they never showed up. Once they said the tech entered the wrong month for the appointment. How is that my fault. Techs don’t carry parts on their trucks? Really! They have to order the part from UPS and have it delivered to my home. Once delivered they come back and install it. I asked what if that part is the wrong one or damaged? tech replied YES that does happen and you have you reorder it again. Sears is still stuck in the 60’s era and could give a crap about the customers anymore. Too bad because they made a great product. I will never buy another Sears product just because I don’t want to deal with their service department! Buyers be ware….


RAMONA KENDRICK February 26, 2014 at 10:02 pm



John Campbell February 25, 2014 at 1:32 pm

I am an attorney and I sued Sears for $144 for a bad 4 cf refrigerator. I now have a judgment for my client for over $2,000 and it is going up by the minute. Unless i can get someone’s attention at Sears, I will be sending a Deputy Sheriff to execute upon a Sears store in our town and close it down by levying upon the servers and computer equipment that make it operate. I do not want to do this but I cannot get anyone at Sears “Executive Offices” to respond to phone messages or to the lawsuit.
The last time I called, no one returned my call.
The last time I posted something on a Sears site about this all that happened was that I started receiving cheesy Sears promotional emails. It is no wonder Sears is on its way out of business.
Is anyone there reading these posts?
incidentally, I am insulted with the suggestion on this site that to get someone to pay attention I have to “Like” Sears on Facebook. That is unconscionable and indicative of the attitude that has caused the decline of Sears.


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 10:57 pm

Start documenting all your calls with tons of notes! They do not care about customers what soever.


Jennica Watson February 25, 2014 at 4:50 am

It is illegal and inexcusable what Sears Auto did! I have filed an official complaint & will continue to communicate to Sears and other companies until a settlement is made.

I drove into Sears with my spare on my front passenger side, a tire with a bubble/bulge on rear passenger side, a blown tire on my rim in the trunk, and 2 perfect tires on the driver side of my vehicle. I left the store 7 minutes shy of 2 hours later with my spare on front passenger side (wheel with blown tire is cracked and could not be mounted) a new tire on rear passenger side (replacing blowout), and the tire with the bubble/bulge on my rear driver side. They kept the blown tire & my perfect tire originally on the rear driver side. All 4 Michelin pilot tires were purchased less than 30 days ago from Sears. I learned about the wrong, damaged tire on my vehicle after driving 20 minutes to my home, to a wheel company and to a tire company. The tire company was in utter disbelief. My life was put in jeopardy! Sears, do you not remember the 22 million dollar law suit due to the incorrect tire being put on a vehicle, which resulted in fatalities? This is inexcusable and illegal! I didn’t even know that my life and the lives of others on the road were at risk.

I demanded a refund before heading back to Sears in the evening. After being told by the assistant manager that he’s not authorized to give refunds, the resulted in a 50% refund. I said that 50% was not satisfactory and stated that I will be contacting corporate. When I arrived there were about 5 or 6 people in a bay, including the store manager, Alden & the Assistant Manager, Larry. I parked right there and Alden came over to me. He asked what was going on as if Larry had not spoken to him. I asked for his manager’s name and contact information. Alden asked me what I wanted, I said at minimum a full refund. He said 50% was more than reasonable. He at one point raised his voice at me and I told him to not yell at me, he said very childishly, don’t yell at me. (Who is the customer here who was put in danger, had received horrible customer service all day and had to come back so they could fix their screw-up?).

I ended up speaking with Alden’s manager, Keith Higgins (uncertain if that is the correct spelling). After explaining in detail everything that happened from my 9:30 am call to Alden in which I said I’d be in around 2 and him explaining he would have the tires by then from the warehouse, to not having an appointment and waiting an hour, over an hour for my car to even be looked at (I had to inquire why nothing had been done), them having me ready to leave at 3:30 but I had 2 if today’s tires (they are a different make) and them keeping one of my good Michelin ones, which was learned by them trying to charge me for 2 tires, when I had told Larry that there is no reason for me to purchase 2 since one cannot be mounted until the wheel issue is resolved. I had assumed he would have told the tech. And finally explained the larger if today’s mistakes but putting the wrong/damaged tire on, keeping a good tire of mine and letting me drive off. Keith said the 50% refund was satisfactory. He told me that they aren’t in the business of giving tires away. I explained the time alone in waiting, driving back and forth twice was worth more than $81 and change. Not to mention gas, mileage and least not forget the cost of putting my life in danger! He said that I’m not an employee of Sear and could not determine a value of this. I asked him about 4 times, what he’s willing to do beyond the 50% and actor him bantering saying that I won’t accept anything except for a full refund that we may just have to disagree on this. I asked him if he were put in the same situation would he not demand the same? The additional $81 and change is that important to Sears, meaning the mistakes made and putting me at risk isn’t worth the additional $81? I ask you, corporate, the same questions. He did agree that he would ask for a refund. I asked him what his final bottom line offer was. He said a total of $100 refund. Therefor an additional $18 & Sears keeps the rest. I told him I was not going to answer to that offer tonight. We ended the phone call shortly after 9pm.

This issue has been an all day excursion. I cried when I learned of the broken rim. Right in front of Alden & Larry,I cried again at the other tire company when I learned I was driving with the wrong/damaged tire. Had I not learned this and it had blown out, I hate to think what Sears’ response would be since all of this mess happened and I had to force resolutions every single step of the way. It’s frightening to have experienced a blow out and to realize I may suffer another one as a mistake is inconceivable! I was emotionally distraught, suffered incredible stomach pains and incredible anxiety from all of this. I’m unable to sleep as I’m still in shock.

Tires are an absolute must that the be done properly. Clearly Sears has not learned that. Keith did share with me when I ask how many complaints he receives,that he is involved with at least 1 every single day. And that’s only 25 or 27 stores! Clearly something is wrong.

My intention is not only what happened to me, but to bring attention to the fact that the standards of the law is not even being followed at Sears Auto there are thousands of public complaints available on the Internet. I can only imagine what the number is in a whole. Sears, what you did to me today is illegal, life threatening and not to mention the misuse if the customer service definition. This has got to stop! What are you willing to do to settle this? To be continued…


Patty Nearmyer February 23, 2014 at 8:53 pm

I have been trying to get sears to credit a late charge on my Father’s Sears MasterCard for about 9 months. My Father is 93, hasn’t used his card in a very long time, and suddenly there is a late charge appearing, and growing each month. We continue to receive form letters saying the charge is valid, which it is certainly not. Asking for 12 months of statements to verify it. Same form letter, no copies of statements. Thankfully we have a nephew who is an attorney and will now let him take care of this. My Father has been a Sears card holder for probably 40 years. This is the worst customer service I have ever, ever, dealt with. I have advised him to close the account immediately and this family will NEVER EVER do business with Sears again. It is no wonder they can barely stay in business when they treat their customers like this. Shame on you Sears!


Mickisha February 22, 2014 at 8:41 am

On February 8th, I purchased some area rugs from On February the 11th I received and email stating that they apologize but they were out of stock of the items I purchased and a full refund has been processed. I waited the 7-10 business days and have not received my refund. I called the customer care team at and basically got the run around. They referred me to their outside vendor who were providing the rugs. The outside vendor referred me back to Sears stating that they had already processed the refund and Sears needs to push it through. Again I emailed and called Sears explaining that and now I am being told that they have to research the matter and wait 5 to 7 business days for a response (not my refund, a response). Sears Is already aware that Home and Living processed the refund so there is nothing to research to give me my money back for and item that they never had in the first place but had up on there website for people to order. It’s funny how they can take your money in a matter of a day but take forever giving you back what it owed. Will never shop on again. Sears needs to do better with the communication with their outside vendors and how they handle customers.


joe russo February 21, 2014 at 4:30 pm

i order a mayatg electric range on 2-8-14. it was deliveried 2-21-14 and i sent it back because i was tod by a customer serivice agent that it came with a plug and installation. the delivery driver would not install and didnt have a plug.i called costmer service back was told that they would have it redeliveried tomorrow for me 2-22-14. now im being told that it will not be deliveried until tuesday 2-25-14. i would like to know how am i suppose to cook for my family for the next 4 days. what is sears going to do for me in this matter?


michael gosse February 21, 2014 at 4:07 pm

cant you guys read look below your losing all your loyal customers


michael gosse February 21, 2014 at 4:04 pm



Dee Seaborn February 21, 2014 at 1:56 pm

I’m dealing with this company as we speak, and nothing but a run around even with the corporate office. purchased a washer and dryer from them back in september 2013 and the water pipe on the washer broke flooded my upstairs and downstairs had to wait a week before tech could come out then once he came he stated that it would be another week before it can be fix due the part take a week to get there this was on a saturday the part was at my house that monday call to find out why i was waiting so long stated that their techs are scheduled by the day and the time that was given was the first avil. now two weeks later he comes out says that the washer fix leave we run a load of clothes and for two hours my clothes are sitting in water on the spin cycle. I cal back to inform sears that my washer is not working and they told me that the tech is too far from my home to turn around so i would have to wait week for someone else to come out to look at it. another tech comes out and start inquiring about the bra and pantie and t shirt i have in the washer and stated i need to separate them to make the cycle even so that it can spin and left the washer still not working call to have that tech not to return sear stated that they was sorry and will schedule another tech to come out (washer still not working) all of this and a month later washer is still not fix and i have an warranty they wont replace it due to the store manager stated that the washer would have to be repair four times(physically) not looked at, in order for it to be consider a lemon and then they will replace it. I’m thinking of a petition to have sear shut down and refund all of our money and damages owed, I want to get the courts involved, then maybe sears will see and take their customers more serious!


Emily Lynn February 19, 2014 at 3:39 pm

I am horrified at the incompetence of the online customer service staff. I opened a layaway contract on December 2, 2013. Shipping charges were included, but not at my request. I have had the worst experience getting the shipping charges removed from the account. My requests have been sent to the “back office” so many times I have lost count. I have not seen any results from the “back office”. I am assured each week when I call that it will be taken care of and that I will receive an email in 24-48 hours and it never happens. I paid the contract in full and almost 4 weeks later I am still waiting on my refund for the shipping charges. I cannot fathom how a company this large can justify this type of operation. If my office operated like this I would be out of a job.


Donna February 18, 2014 at 6:59 pm

Well I purchased a kenmore elite refrigerator so they delivered it and it was damaged after me staying home from work . So they delivered another one a few days later guess what that one was damaged so I figured let’s try this again..nope that one was damaged so after the 6 th time yes 6 TIMES and this one was damaged also so I called sears corp and they made me feel like I was wrong. HORRIBLE SERVICE and also they damaged my wall and after 2weeks SOmeone called by the name of Connie and she was very nasty on the phone after tracking in and out of my home damaging a wall making calls from a cell phone racking up my bill THEY MAKE ME FEEL LIKE IM WRONG ….RUN FROM SEARS there corporate office is nasty and horrible no one wants to help no one calls you back ..kenmore sucks and so does sears I hate you for making my blood pressure go up my phone bill go up and my pay check go down and plus I had to pay for my wall to be repaired


Kim Wilson February 17, 2014 at 3:57 pm

I am terribly dissatisfied with Sears. This is the second stainless grill we have purchased from Sears and we are astonished with the diminished level of service and customer support afforded by Sears … just astonished!
Unlike the first grill we purchased that lasted about 10 years, this one purchased a year ago is JUNK … cheap stainless (magnetic) and rested in less than one year .. even covered with a Sears cover!!

The worst part is the TERRIBLE customer service. We called in November 2013 and it is now almost March and there is no resolution. We received a bag of screws in the mail?? No call backs and numerous calls to Sears service and “customer support” and nothing gets resolved. They want to replace the grill with one that is lesser in size and options to the one we purchased. Totally unacceptable as the grill needs to fit in a specific location between two pillars and have the 5-Burners. We have asked to just replace the grill with a comparable one in stock at Sears now after waiting FOUR MONTHS or refund the money and we will shop for a new grill.

All we get if limited contact backs and argumentative “customer support” people. This is ridiculous to say the least with a long-time Sears customer. This is how the big box stores fail … they become too big for their own good and loose the customer service. We are sorry to see this happen with Sears. You must admit that FOUR MONTHS is way too long to resolve a warranty issue .. .way too long.

The next move for me is to destroy my Sears cards, never shop there again, and report this warranty issue with the State Insurance Commissioner for advise. I of course would rather remain a customer of Sears and hear from someone at Sears Corporate.


Kim Wilson


J February 16, 2014 at 2:34 pm

Anyone posting here get a response to their concerns or is it best to write the corporate office?


wilson February 14, 2014 at 9:33 pm

My wife and I bought a Sealy posturepedic at Lancaster Park City Mall sears store.
The first night we slept on it she had to put a pillow inder her side to keep from falling out of bed. We were having trouble finding a good bed and thought it couldn’t be that this bed was defective, but after only a few months we couldn’t sleep on it anymore because it became too hard.
Upon talking to the salesman who sold it to us he said it had to be considered by warranty.
After a couple calls to warranty with no response we gave up and got rid of the bed, selling it as used to a friend, who also complained to us after using it that there was something wrong with it.
We spent almost 900 dollars for that bed and sold it for 300.
We think the actual value of the bed doesn’t exceed a plugged nickel.
We inspected the bed before selling it and determined it is really not fit for human use. There are no springs in the box; just a series of wires that didin’t support our weight, and the mattress was bunching up under our weight making lumps.
Someone should sue Sealy for making such junk.
We will never buy a Sealy from anyone ever again and certainly never buy any brand bed from Sears ever again.


Nancy February 11, 2014 at 11:09 pm

My husband and I have been very loyal customers to Sears for over thirty years, both as charge customers as well as Sears Shop Your Way Rewards members. All our major appliances and tools both in our home and in our garage have been purchased from Sears. We have been using a craftsman snowblower for the last 13 years and after the last snow storm it needed servicing. It cost us $102 to have a Sears’ service repairman come to tell us that it would not be cost effective to repair it. We made the decision to replace it with another Sears snowblower.

We purchased a new $1200 Sears snowblower this past Sunday and paid $69.95 to have it delivered with the promise that it would be delivered on Wednesday, February 12th. It was imperative that it was delivered as scheduled due to an impending 10 inch snowstorm on that night. This evening at 7:09, we received an automated phone call stating that the delivery was to be between 9:45 A.M. and 11:45 A.M. on Wednesday. If a change in delivery was necessary, we were to contact customer service but a phone number was not given.

After finding the home delivery phone number on the internet, the customer service department was contacted at 7:30 P.M. and I told them that the delivery window was unsatisfactory. As I am a teacher and my husband runs his own business, an hour from our home, neither of us are available to accept delivery since a signature is required. We asked to have the delivery at a more convenient time for us since we have no one else to be here to sign for it. The home delivery department was inflexible and stated there was nothing they could do since it was too late to change the route. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for 20 minutes. Finally, Markus, employee number 24201, the General Manager, came on and repeated what the customer service representative said, “that it was too late to do anything about the time of delivery” and that the schedule was done by the trucking company. Upon requesting the trucking company’s phone number, he stated that that was his department. I asked if our delivery could be the last stop of the day and he still was inflexible and just apologized. As far as his apology, it was ineffective in handling the situation since he would do nothing. Expecting the customer to always be available and at home when Sears decides to deliver your purchase, a service for which you have paid, is unrealistic in the today’s world.

In reading your Chairman’s letter of February 28, 2013, you state, “As a company, our mission is to serve, delight and engage our Members while they shop their way.” If you mean what you say, customer service should serve the customer to their satisfaction. As we are good and steadfast customers of Sears, this obligation has not been met. It does not appear that the customer is that important to your company when it comes to the Customer Service Department. Since we were given no alternative, my husband has agreed to close his business to be available to accept the delivery at your designated time window. Due to the fact that my husband suffered from a heart attack in the recent past, it is that important to us that we receive the snowblower as promised. In conclusion, I would hope that you would consider revamping your method of delivery service to your customers so that it is during their availability and not yours!


Brenda beals February 9, 2014 at 3:13 pm

Rude customer service. I will not be shopping at Sears or Kmart from this point on.


Michael Marlowe February 8, 2014 at 12:21 am

I have a contract with sears to do two of my bathrooms for $23,000. I put a $7,300 deposit down in September. The contract was to have the work start within 5 weeks. In December, after being ignored by our sales person for three months, we finally get a call that “permits” we’re finally secured and work would begin the first or second Monday in January. It did not happen. After ten phone calls Richard Gall finally called back that they were no longer interested in doing the job and I could have my money back or hold out for another few months until they secure a contractor. Lie upon lie. Now no one will call me back. I can’t get a refund let alone all the money they owe us for having my money for six months. I’m hoping someone from corporate sees this and is at least a little ashamed and gets back in touch with me. We picked Sears for the name and they were the worst. Now please someone get in touch with us.


debbie February 7, 2014 at 7:12 pm

Is there a good lawyer out there who would like to take on a class action suit against Sears for its many disgruntled customers? Please contact me at the above email address. Thank you.


Lana Duncan February 7, 2014 at 1:24 pm

President of Sears,
oI got a letter from Sears saying they are cancelling my credit card. Seriously Sears? I have had a credit card with you guys for over 45 years. My credit score is 707 which is Good. It is usually higher, but I had a very unusual year and need to charge many thing on my credit card to furnish my niece’s apartment in Chicago. Amazon! This ran up my bill and she is paying me back, as she has no credit. I own outright over $100,000,000 in real estate as I own a home in Lake Tahoe Ca. and another in Florida. I also hold a Master’s Degree, just to let you know I am well educated and an informed consumer. Now I know where not to shop ever again and I will encourage all of my friends and family to do the same. Oh and I have never once ever been late on a payment to you in 45 years, but oh I guess that does not matter either. Who is your target market? I owned a business with four retail stores for over 25 years and I always thought the goal of business was to make your customers happy, so they will return and shop again in your business and encourage their friends and family to do the same.
Great way to make your customers feel “special”.

Lana Duncan

* Guess, I pay off my credit card now ……….so I can have a high credit rating for no apparent reason. I can afford to pay cash for most things I want these days!

Lana Dunca


Jerry February 7, 2014 at 11:29 am

Firstly, I am a long time Sears customer who has been very pleased with the Kenmore products. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of Sears products over the last 20 years and am one of your VIP customers. A few weeks ago, I purchased a GE Café refrigerator from your online store. I received a phone call and scheduled delivery for the following Thursday. Two days prior I needed to reschedule and pushed the date to Friday. An hours before delivery I got a phone call telling me the unit was ‘unavailable’. After numerous phone calls with no answers and being hung up on I ended up having to go to a local Sears store and talk to a manager. He referred me again to a phone number. After several more calls I finally found someone telling me the made a mistake scheduling delivery when they did not have a product. Although this seems implausible that deliveries would be scheduled to inconvenience customers if products are not available I let it go and rescheduled. He offered to discount the product slightly and reschedule delivery for today (1 week away). An hour before the delivery I again received another phone call telling me the product was again not available and the earliest reschedule is a week and 2 days away. I have now taken 2 days off work, removed all my items from my fridge and been inconvenienced with untold phone calls. Again, the answer from your team was a mistake was made by Sears. I can not talk with anyone with authority to assist. This is my last attempt to give Sears a chance to not only fix this transaction, but retain a 20 year Sears customer. I have never been so mistreated and underwhelmed by Sears in my life. This is a summary, but I would like to talk with someone with authority to understand my issues and work towards a resolution.


Abby February 4, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Sears optical in Downey california is a business gathered by several individual sole owners, by renting space from Sears Downey, they use Sears’ name as their business, but actually they has nothing to do with that name. Problem:
1. Sears optical, Downey charge extreamly expensive price for glass.
2.They has written 90 day return policy, But when you request return the glass, they only give back a small portion back, they pocket most part of the $ even they got the glass back, That caused fight with the customers.
They are greed, no responsbility.


michael gosse February 3, 2014 at 5:32 pm

I have been a loyal customer for the longest time,but who ever is running your canada branch is beyond words.if you dont stand behind the products you sell STOP SELLING THEM,with that will NEVER SHOP YOUR BRAND EVER AGAIN


carl keifer February 2, 2014 at 4:27 pm

I bought a new Toshiba 58″ TV in mid October form the Johnstown, PA Sears store. It stopped working Jan. 4. When I complained to the store manger about getting a new TV she said that company policy is only 30 day on returns. They came to fix the TV twice, replaced to major parts(mother board & power source) and it still isn’t fixed. Now they claim it is the screen. The store still won’t replace the TV due to corporate policy. I am stopping the payment of this TV until I receive a new one or get my money back. The one that hey are fixing will be considered refurbished and worth less. I would tell any else having problems with the service at SEARS to STOP paying the bill until you get the service you are entitled to.


wendy ingram February 1, 2014 at 12:07 am

Hello I have seen the commercial of the lady who needs new glasses, as the raccoon comes into her bedroom..for one thing raccoons are night animals and they dont sleep they forage,
so how do you get him to sleep on her bed……………Beats me………thanks wendy ingram


camille brooks January 28, 2014 at 6:28 pm

was promised an $80.00 refund by Leah in processing department about 5 weeks ago. It never was credited to my master card. This was for all inconvenience re/ inept delivery.
since then, I have spoken to several reps who promised to look into it. They placed me on hold, and disconnected my calls about 15 or more times., all this over period of about 2 months.
today, I spoke with 3 reps….the second one being Melanie252129 and Roland the supervisor….they refuse to give me a store credit, stating I could only have a refund on my credit card. I refused, because I am terrified of your department who has ended my phone calls, on almost every call….had wrong addresses in the system, as well as the last 4 numbers that were quoted to me re/ master card were incorrect.

I recently changed my card and am terrified to give out the numbers, because ny experience has been so negative with your reps. what is going on??????

they were trying to deliver my replacement dishwasher to a completely foreign address to me, in n.j. as well.

I requested a store credit and they absolutely refused….both Melanie and Roland…and roland told me if I did not take the refund on my mastercard that I purchased the unit with, he would disconnect the call…and I tried to explain I now have a new card, because I am afraid it was compromised and he hung up on me.

I have been treated like a criminal by your inept team members.
Melanie inappropriately reprimanded me, stating why did I think I should not pay for an item??????????????????????what in the world was she talking about?????????

Incidentally, case number, given by Leah about 5 weeks ago, who assured me should would process the refund and never did. Roland refused to answer why .

He and Melanie were so rude and treated me in a disgusting manner.

and now I am out the 80 refund/store credit…this is very poor business customer relations


John Macatee January 27, 2014 at 1:28 pm

I would like to complain about the incompetence and lack of cooperation of the Sears and Kenmore phone support staff.
I have repeatedly (10+) times today tried to find out about a clothes dryer we can buy similar to the well rated Kenmore 81472 that would be a good match for our laundry room. Unfortunately, the 4 in. diameter rigid metal vent duct is 30 ft. long with three 90 degree elbows. (The manual for the Kenmore 81472 was very difficult to find due to the malfunctioning website.)
I finally found the manual for this dryer, which showed on page 14 that it’s maximum duct length is 34 ft for a 4in. duct with 3 bends. We are trying to replace a high end Fisher-Paykel dryer with the same duct length capacity because its thermostats keep tripping and the heat shuts off.
No one at Sears or Kenmore customer service can tell us about the best choice for a dryer. I have called and politely asked this same question repeatedly.
No one can help me and repeatedly my call is dropped or it is transferred to a “product support” number where my call is dropped again.
We would like to buy an appropriate washer and dryer today that suits our needs. Can you help me? And please contact me about your unreliable customer service.
I also called the local Sears store in Iowa City 9319-337-8646) and talked to Steve in Appliances. He was cordial and helpful but was unable to help me either because your websites would not allow him to access manuals for the Kenmore 81472 or any other dryer.
John Macatee


Frank Matias January 25, 2014 at 11:38 pm

Short and sweet…I ordered a tool chest online…the one i recieved was badly damaged.
Had to go thru hoops to get it back to KMart for refund…..still waiting for said refund and then the following:
Dear Madam or Sir……While I understand that my gift card will be credited the amount that I paid for the returned item….
Why on God’s green earth would K-Mart send me a gift card in the mail for $7.00 (order number 420665)
and then send me another card the next day for $0.1 cents? (420618)
What idiot is processing these cards? And a card for ONE CENT????? Really????
The making of the card and the paper and postage it took to create/send this card….well…you get the picture…
With the terrible communication K-Mart/SEARS has shown me…and the idiotic gift cards you’re sending me….
it’s no surprise that this company is being run into the ground and both SEARS and K-Mart will soon be defunct!
If I could only send all this to your CEO so he/she could see this nonsense
Just make sure my $106.49 is credited back to my gift card as soon as possible. Thank You.
Francisco M


Diana Macdonald January 24, 2014 at 3:39 pm

I made the mistake of ordering an elliptical from Sears, a mistake in two ways. First I ashould have ordered a Nordic track treadmill; secondly, I ordered the elliptical from Sears! I called tem to tell them had made a mistake and they told me it was too late to cancel the order (it had already been shipped). I wAs told tto refuse the shipment when it was delivered, which I did. It has taken me countless hours to get my money refunded. Despite assurances that thye were researching the situation, found dthat they were doing nothing. I called dthe shipper and found that they were waiting for a disposition from Sears, something that Sears had not done. When I called Sears back to tell them this, they finally contacted the shipper and refunded my money. They had done nothing. It was up to me to do everything, despite assurances that they were working on my case (what a joke). I would not even buy a bobby pin from Sears in the future, Their customer service is pathetic and a joke.


Garvin McDaniels January 23, 2014 at 8:56 pm

I purchased a total of 16 oil change gift cards for unseat Sears Automotive Centers. One gift card was supposed to be good for one conventional oil change: oil filter, up to 5 quarts of Valvoline oil and lube. Tax was not included. When I had an oil change on 01/16/2014 I was charged $11.66 above the value of the gift card. Since my vehicle, ’06 Jeep Wrangler takes 6 quarts of oil I have no complaint to paying an extra $3.10 for oil, nor can I complain about $1.41 in taxes. But, I was also charged $3.49 for an oil filter and $3.50 for shop fee.

I have filled an on-line complaint with Sears, but I have not been answered. When I called Sears contact phone number the representative told me that Sears corporate has no authority over Sears Automotive. Sears is committing fraud. It does not honor the face value of its oil change gift cards. No wonder Sears ranks number 5 on America’s most hated corporation list. Looks like it is trying to move up to being the most hated.


miguel fernandez January 21, 2014 at 1:35 pm

I made an order over the phone and the lady sent the wrong item they promised 10 percent off my next item never got it. I been calling the sears at desert sky mall in phoenix Arizona they dont answer they picked up i heard them talking and hung up on me im very upset with the service. You guys need to check what is going on here i need my stuff and cant verify its there


Maribel barber January 20, 2014 at 10:45 am

We bought a full size LG refrigerator with a weird noise from the first day we got it, I’ll been complaining for the last 3 years and the store in Pembroke Lakes mall FL, never did anything, they don’t want to send anyone to my house to check the refrigerator, we had 4 technicians in my house trying to fix it, and its been 4 weeks and don’t work, the service dept is horrible, customer service as well, this not a $200.00 product, is almost 4k
they all wants to make me feel that is my fault because we never bought the extended warranty, who can explain the 3 years calling the store and no one wants to do anything??
Never ever had a problem with Sears until now, its been a nightmare to leave with no refrigerator and the 4 tech doesn’t found the problem


Andrea Short January 15, 2014 at 6:35 pm

I am looking for a recall on my washer starting and running with door on my front loading washer. model: 417.44052400 , serial # XC50804969. While I was at work and no one at home the washer decided to take a mind of its own and with the door open water began to pour flooding my laundry room. Yes the door open and once home I found the water standing. After cleaning it up I was in the other room and heard the beeping of the washer once again. I ran to laundry room where water again flowing from door and also from the bottom of the washer. We have this set stacked with dryer on top. We unplugged the washer at this time and again began to clean up water standing again. So I need answers to this issue. There is no reason a washer should start A. with the door open and B. This is a huge problem. After waiting on the customer service for an hour to only be told that I must file complaint online. Why can’t anyone get an answer from a live person. I am willing to settle for a new washer but will take further action to come to settle this huge disconvience to me. My day time number is 812-596-XXXX I need immediate answers.


CP January 16, 2014 at 9:27 pm

Did your complaint get resolved? I am having my own appliance issues & cannot seem to get any type of resolution.


Darren Kannady January 15, 2014 at 1:16 am

In August 2013 my wife and I purchased a Kenmore Elite washer and dryer set. This was to replace a Maytag set that we had for 15 years that was still in great working order. We decided on this set due to the dryer having the ability to have a lengthened exhaust system capable of 125 feet of vent hose. and the ability to reverse the doors. We also purchased the 3 year extended warranty as a $3000 set needed a little insurance. Long story short, the dryer immediately started getting a CE (check exhaust) error code and would not dry a load of cloths of any size. Weekly calls to sears and repair resulted in the dryer not being capable of venting the 20 feet to the edge of the house. I can fix this I thought and cut a hole thru the top of our staircase and a 4 inch diameter hole through our brick house so the vent would be within 8 feet of the dryer. The next series of calls to support resulted in us needing the clean the sensor bars before every load in the dryer. Still not a load of cloths dried in this great machine.

Not to go on and on but for the last 6 months, my house has been turned into a cloths line with garments hanging on every chair and door to dry. Didn’t pay $3000 plus additional warranty for this crap. I brought this equipment to my house and installed it on my own and am now willing and capable to load it and deliver it to your door.


Ashlee Buitrago January 14, 2014 at 9:12 pm

I am writing this letter in regard to my recent purchase and delivery experience from Sears. I am extremely dissatisfied from the treatment I received at the store and the delivery team. Originally, I was excited to order new appliances to upgrade my kitchen. I went to my local Sears December 28th and ordered a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and range hood. The gentleman at the store was very polite that handled my order. As my receipt showed delivery was set up for Sunday, January 12th. I received a phone call Saturday night saying my dishwasher was coming Monday, January 13th. I was confused with this new information and went to the store. I found out the store clerk rung my merchandise wrong and only put the dishwasher as a delivery and my stove and frig were sent to the self pick up. I explained I can’t pick up these appliances and I need them for the expected delivery date because I had my dishwasher removed and stove disconnected when my floor was re done. I had everything set up around my appliances delivery date. The store clerk called the warehouse and was told my appliances would still be brought to me on Sunday. Sunday came and nothing was delivered. I was lied to. This was the first day of having to go out and buy breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was told by the appliance manager they would take care of my problem since the clerk made an error. Sunday morning I was informed that my appliances would be on the truck and sent out Monday for delivery. Therefore, I took off from work to receive my merchandise. Surprise, surprise….my stove and dishwasher never came. I then went to the store to speak to a manager at 2PM. I was told the appliance manger would be in around 2:30. I walked around the mall for over a half hour. Upon my return I was told he wasn’t coming in today. I requested to speak to an assistant manager. I was told no one could speak to me. The only information I wanted to know was what time my appliances would arrive Tuesday, because I didn’t want to take off from work a second day. I was also unable to find out this info from the delivery hotline since my appliances weren’t scheduled for delivery. After wasting my time no one was able to make a SIMPLE PHONE CALL to find out basic information for me. I went home, called the store and left a message for the general manager. The general manager was on a “conference call “and never had the decency to return my phone call. I wish I could not do my job and still get paid! Second day I had to pay for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Finally, on Tuesday my appliances arrived. This was more of a nightmare than I could have imagined. The delivery men opened my front door, smashed my decorative sconce on the wall and it smashed breaking in half. After that, my frig was left in the middle of the kitchen because it didn’t “fit” in the nook. I asked the man to move it out and I would take off the molding. He told me I could do it later. So a six foot, 200 LB man left me , a 26 year old female to move a frig by myself . I then had to call my mother to come over so we could put it back in the proper place. Besides that, he left cardboard under it which was extremely difficult for me to remove. I had to have my mother lift it up while I pulled it out! I also paid to have the ice maker and water hooked up. My water line was in the kitchen, but they wouldn’t connect it because the water valve was in the basement. Which they didn’t need to go to since the line was in my KITCHEN! They didn’t even connect the part that they could in the frig! He left everything in the package.
I am so infuriated with this terrible treatment I received. If I am not compensated somehow for the meals I had to buy, my time for taking off from work due to an employee mistake, and the sheer neglect from employees and managers I will never ever buy anything again from Sears. I will be sure to tell everyone I know to go to Lowes because their customer service is impeccable compared to the treatment, or lack thereof that I received. I hope someone in the company cares about how customers are being treated especially when they spend thousands of dollars. I find this to be completely unacceptable and I demand a response.


Pete January 16, 2014 at 2:17 pm

It is unbelievble reading all these complaints about Sears and their delivery service. I am in the same boat with you guys. I have to laugh reading the article of how Sears posted one of the worst 4th quarters in its history. FOR ANY EXECUTIVES READING THIS, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NO SURPRISE. I bought a refridgerator TWICE from sears for the SAME HOUSE in 1 week. They incorrectly delivered it 4x. I talked to customer service 14x. Visited 2 stores (Montgomeryville, PA and King of Prussia, PA). It was laughable. I thought I was on candid camera. This company is clueless, unorganized, and most certainly will be heading towards bankruptcy. I bought appliances from Sears for 15 years for dozens of rental units. I’m done as of today. Great job Sears!


Jay Parker January 29, 2014 at 3:08 pm

I am on the phone now, on hold again, with “customer service”. I ordered a box springs on the 15th of Jan. Promised delivery on the 22nd. Money taken from my visa account on the 16th. Got an automated call on the 21st verifying delivery on the 22nd. Took time off from work during the 2 hour window. 10 minutes prior to the expiration of the 2 hour window got a call saying delivery was delayed until the 29th (today). Upset but sometimes stuff happens. Got the automated call confirming delivery today. Checked the website ( and the order had updated to show that information. Then took time off work again today, no delivery, no call. So I tried the email on the site, because the 1-800-0000 number is some sort of tin can line to Pago Pago evidently dealing with an influx of non-English speakers. No luck or response. Finally got the corporate number……..they at least speak in a dialect that I can understand. they stated that the item was never in stock and could not be delivered. Here I sit $443.52 out of pocket and Sears probably drinking beer with it, using vacation hours because no one there can figure out you should not confirm delivery if you don’t physically have the item’


Francine Gray January 13, 2014 at 4:22 pm

After my 8th phone call to “customer service” about a desk, a wrong delivery & a refund, I went looking online for the corporate offices of Sears. Hoped there was a head of customer service operations, someone to write a paper letter to, instead of to an email black hole. Still have no name. It is so sad that such a venerable store will likely be the next big one to close its doors. I say that because they have lost all sense of how to deal with the customer. They lie, they promise & they never come through. One day your refund check is in the mail, a week later the order you cancelled is coming back to you TODAY! When you ask for a supervisor after exercising all the patience humanly possible, you are told he’s “off-site”. There are no real names to be gotten for follow up, and where in heck are these people located??? In the background they were speaking Chinese & other languages (depending upon who you get) — I couldn’t understand the exchange going on about my pricey desk item. SHOP MY WAY? REALLY? I won’t even stop their once beloved store in Rego Park at this point, nor Kohls for that matter.


Laura January 17, 2014 at 10:21 pm

I am in the same boat, Francine, waiting on a refund for 4 months for a part that was signed in by a Sears employee (I have the evidence of tracking from UPS as well). Don’t hold your breath, as this is all part of a scam by Sears to take money and make people frustrated enough to give up. Probably the only way they are still in business! I was contacted by someone who is initiating a class action suit, so maybe atleast some people will get the refunds they are due. Good luck.


Linda January 9, 2014 at 3:50 pm

My Parents have bought appliances from Sears for Aprx 50 years with paid coverage on items bought. Customer Service and Repair dept. has increasingly worsened over the years. Ex: The last time we had a Tech out to do a repair on our refridgerator the Tech stated they could not get that part any longer and told my mother the fridge was too old. They did not say that over the years when they received their $$ for a repai if needed ripping my parents off all thes years taking lots of money from them to supposidly do repairs on this “OLD refidgerator.” Put it this way, this refridgerator is as old as I am and lasted longer than a Top of the line one that I have that needed repairs only after a few years. Also, We rcvd a message yesterday afternoon confirming our appt. for in the morning between 8am and 12pm. We sat around all morning and the tech never showed nor did we recieve a phone call. I gave them till 1pm before I called Sears customer service in Altamonte Springs, Fl. I was put on hold for 15 minutes while the guy was contacting the tech. to find out the hold up. No one ever came back on the line so I called back only to find out the Tech wasn’t comming and did not call to let us know. They stated we have to reschedule because they had someone else that had been sched. and it didn’t show up on the computer at the time our appt was being made. I asked if we could have another Tech come out today since we were already home for the day anyway. He said not today. I said I know it’s not your fault But I would like to speak with the Supervisor. He said ok I’ll transfer you. I sat on hold for 1 Hour before I hung up and decided to do this. I will be contacting the BBB also and letting the local news teams know in hopes that they can do a story on the poor service of such a well known and BIG $$ BUSINESS.


Joseph A Pearce January 9, 2014 at 3:11 pm

Bad Service,

I have a complaint about your service department when I bought my Maytag Bravo washing machine 3 years ago I was told that if we had any problems and needed repairs your service department could be called 24 hours a day and have a repair man at our house in 2-3 days,I called last week(01/02/2014) and was told it would take a week to get a person out(01/09/2014).I was given a choice of between 8-12 or 12-4 to have some one come out I chose 8-12,I received a call at 2pm telling me they would not make it my house today and I would have to reschedule,the earliest they could reschedule is Wednesday(01/15/2014)this is not acceptable I’ve already lost 1 days pay now your asking me to loose another days pay not to mention that it will be 2 weeks not the 2-3 days I was told when I bought this product from you.

Apparently once a customer buys their merchandise from you,you are done with them.When I called to complain about this issue I was given a case #(2061796) by a very arrogant person whos name I was not given.

After spending my money on a washers,dryers,ranges,air conditioners and refrigerators from you in the past I believe after the attitude I received today from the people who represent you I will take all future purchases elsewhere.

Joseph A Pearce


Cathy Furrow January 6, 2014 at 4:46 pm

After reading these issues I know this will be ruthless but maybe it will stop someone else from buying from Sears. 3 years ago my now 73 year old mother bought a hot water tank which is still under warranty. The burner assembly went out on 12/27. We called that day for repair appointment and was told they would be here the following Tuesday but no one showed up. Wednesday they called to apologize and reschedule for Thursday, again, no one showed. I spent an hour on the phone with customer service who didn’t care about my problem or that my mother with a broken vertebra and I with bone cancer on crutches was trying to carry tubs of hot water to take baths and do dishes, told us they could come on Monday 1/6/14. This is 10 days after initial contact and guess what…no one showed up. Another hour on the phone got a promise of a supervisor call back within 2 hours, that passed 3 hours ago. Another call to them, another wasted 30 minutes and they want to wait till the 16th to come. That makes 20 days, 18 since original commitment. I called the corporate office and was hung up on, given a bogus email address for complaints, and told if it wasn’t fixed in three days from original call would be put in a hotel which now I’m told will not happen. I asked them today to just approve us to pick up a new tank which is only 40.00 more than the burner assembly. I even offered to pay the difference and again was told that was not happening. Before you buy anything from Sears, read these complaints, they are real, then turn around and run like hell to Lowe’s or somewhere like it cause you will never get help from these people.


Francine Gray January 13, 2014 at 4:27 pm

So sorry about your problems, both you and your Mom. This just illustrates the disgraceful direction this company has gone in. Hope you follow up, as I will. My son ordered something for me in good faith, which I had to return, and still hasn’t had as much as an email communication from Sears. Good luck.


Donna January 6, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Disappointed and angry does not begin to scratch the surface. I bought a washing machine from Sears less than a year ago and still under warranty. It’s amazing how helpful they are when you’re purchasing an item, but when you need help now, they’re rude, insensitive and downright anal. The washing machine broke and flooded downstairs 2 days ago. It’s locked with the clothing inside. Called Sears, they cannot send anyone until the 17th and (NOTE) this situation does not constitute an emergency. A flooding washing machine!!! After speaking to several Customer Service ppl, they insist that I have to wait 14 days without a washing machine, possibly mold forming in the house from the water, not to mention the clothes rotting in the machine from the moisture. A company this size does not have enough technicians to service their appliances!!!! They also told me that if I chose to get someone to fix it, then it’s out of my pockets. Really!? I am so angry that smoke is billowing thru my ears. Called Corporate….they were even less helpful. Constantly hanging up the phones without answering questions and treating ppl with absolutely no courtesy at all. How is this possible? This is completely unacceptable to say the least and there seems to be no reprieve from this situation. Is this the new business model? Customers have no rights to fair treatment?


Ann January 2, 2014 at 2:46 pm

I cannot say enough BAD things about the grill I bought at sears that is a piece of garbage and have a full warranty on that I’ve tried for 5 months to get it replaced. It’s rusted, broken off pieces inside, flavor bars all rusted, outside stainless all pitted. This is kept u dee a covered lanai with a grill cover. I have called 11 times, sent texts to customer service, corporate officers and no reply. My grill I rolled out to curb cooked better then this and lasted years, not months! Sears doesn’t give a damn after the sale and if you do speak to someone they pass the buck,don’t call back and could care less. I would like to take my 4 kitchen aid appliances in my kitchen and this grill and dump them at sears saying “you care nothing about customer satisfaction” and post it on Facebook -twitter-local newspaper and anyone who will give them what they deserve -BAD PRESS


Brad December 31, 2013 at 8:50 pm

I have never dealt with a web site so bad in my life. The people involved with this web site should all be fired! If it was my Co. No way would they have a job. Trying to spend my $ with your web site. Not worth it so I will go to Fleet Farm and spend my $ there. Good job sears the next big company to fail!!


Tena December 30, 2013 at 9:33 am

What poor customer service and no one there cares !! I will never purchase anything from you !! Waited all day for a repair only to be told when I called that it was cancelled and now at my in convince you are to be coming today in the afternoon when I requested morning !! I see all the other reviews aweful business service !!


Dale Strong December 25, 2013 at 7:50 pm

Last year, I purchased a portrait studio package for my niece and her newborn for family portraits. I only see her once a year for Christmas. I just found out that they tried to get their portraits and the studio closed that was run by CPI. I was never made aware of this nor was she. I am extremely upset and demand that Sears refunds this amount or gives store credit. I want to know who I need to contact to rectify this. I realize this was done by CPI but the receipt and purchase location was Sears and I expect Sears to rectify this as I should have been notified of this. I am prepared to sue Sears for damages. I will supply receipts and totals of the refund when I am notified of who to give this information to. This WAS a Christmas present that Sears ruined. I will give Sears two weeks to contact me or I will begin legal action.


Nicole Winans December 23, 2013 at 12:32 pm

am a business owner owning a salon in Lodi. I was in desperate need of a new washer and dryer and got a screaming deal on a pair of front loaders from stockton Ca sears on Black Friday. I needed them to be stackable and at the time of check out I was told there was a stacking kit for them at an extra cost but I had to call the parts dept to order it. I did and it was sent out to me. After picking up the washer and dryer myself and hauling it back to Lodi and finally getting it all set up I recieved the stacking kit in the mail. It was a long metal thing with no directions no screws absolutely nothing. There was no place at all to even attach this piece. In the mean time it’s now been almost 2 weeks with no washer and dryer leaving me to have to take numerous loads of towels to my own home to wash them every night. And spending over $800.00 at this point. I called the parts dept. again to tell them it seems they sent me the wrong part. At that time I was told there was no such part for my brand of washer/dryer and I would have to contact the manufacturer. My husband strapped the two down with tie downs so we could at least try to use them in the mean time as my business calls for these appliances as a necessity. The first load I put in the washer walked completely out of the room on spin cycle and leaked as it drained. The dryer took 2 hours to dry a load of towels and was so hot to the touch on the sides that I felt it could be a fire hazzard. I then had to contact the service dept. to tell them of my defective products. They told me I could have a person come out to look at them in 7 days, (Christmas Eve) and I would have to be there from 8-12. This would now be almost 4 weeks time from purchasing the units and not being able to use them at all. At this point I’m livid. I call the store to tell them I just want to return them and a man told me as long as it was within 30 days of the purchase date it was no problem. The next day my husband and I both took off of work to lug the heavy machines onto our trailer and fight the holiday crowds to return these things. We get into sears and ask for the manager. We got Maria the appliance mgr. we explained all I have just stated to her and our frustration and were told in order to return them we would be charged a 15% restocking fee since I did not wait for their service man to come out and verify there was a problem! I was never told this on the phone the night before when I called or I would never had taken them back and pay the store to return something that has only been a pain and did not even work correctly! $120.00 is what I would have to pay to return them! I was furious. In the end she said she would split it with me still leaving me to pay $60.00. She asked me if I wanted to try them again she offered to pay for them to be delivered and set up for me. The initial problem was there was no stacking kit. She was supposed to look into finding the right one and I was to let her know what I decided to do. One day later I called her 2 times leaving messages both times. I was going to give sears one more try to make this right for me but never even recieved a call back from her! At this point I’m just going to take my business elsewhere as I feel these people are extremely unprofessional and uncaring of their customers. So after 4 weeks of dealing with all of this I am still left with no washer and dryer. Very unsatisfied and dissapointed.


M. Bennett December 20, 2013 at 9:27 am

To Whom It May Concern:

This situation is only getting worse, ShopYourWay appears to have NO WOW factor,
Very Disappointing!!! I am NOT HAPPY!!!!! I Will Never shop on SEAR.COM again
and I want this situation resolved SOON!!!! ShopYourWay is a joke!!!

I placed an order online at, on December 3rd for store pickup, Order# 603968622. To date I have not received these items, “December 20th, 2013;
(No one at Sears in the store, or at the 1-800 number), seems to know what
the status of where the items purchased are, or whether I will have
these in time to give as gifts. I have never ordered on-line from before, I usually purchase in the store. I received a an email
sale flyer from ‘ShopYourWay’ showcasing this item, thinking these
items were truly available, I decided to try purchasing online. I
will never shop online from again, after this experience. I
understand that this is the holiday season and there will be delays, but
Sears (1-800)
should be able to inform the customer with more detail
on purchase status, and give a general Idea on when online purchases
can be expected. UPDATE:
On Monday December 16, I a, sent a UPS Tracking number for a UPS label
generated on the December 13, but a UPS has never picked up this
package. It is not in their system, You guys are doing a terrible job at
getting me the items I ordered on December 3rd and have already paid
for. This UPS tracking # 1Z86708E0348087488 is bogus.


Elexis Gee December 19, 2013 at 5:20 pm

How do I get someone to respond to me? I have spent countless hours faxing, calling and sending emails, only to be told someone will respond within 24-48 hours. All of my contact info is in each and every fax and email. I don’t want the standard, “what is your issue?” I have been everywhere from Kmart cares to Sears Corp headquarters. Still waiting on my complimentary gift card that was to arrive via email last week with 24-78 hrs. I doubt my case will ever be handled. Initial fax laid for one week before info was entered into the system. I expected way more than this from customer service.


K Long December 19, 2013 at 12:39 pm

Wow after reading just 5 of the complaints on this website, I guess my small little order is doomed. I’ve been trying for more than 40 days now to just get my Christmas Ornaments ordered.

Since Nov 7th I’ve been trying to get Sears to fix this Order# 587546674 I will now give a visual since no one understands

Item# 07129844001P Champagne Christmas Bird Ornaments. Per the pic there should be two (2) birds in each set.

I am missing 3 hummingbirds & 1 partridge

Next item# 07129844002P Ivory Christmas Bird Ornaments. Per the pic there should be two (2) birds in each set.

I am missing 1 hummingbird & three partridges

Next item # 07129844003 Lilac Christmas Bird Ornaments. Per this pic there should be two (2) birds in each set.

I am missing 4 Partridges! When I did the store pick up the man who filled the order only gave us 4 hummingbirds, refusing to look up picture even though we kept telling him there should be 8 birds total.

So, we then came home & got on the phone with customer service, since November 11th 2013 I have talked with

1. Cld & got Trevor Nov 13th really great guy knew exactly what was wrong with order, wrote it all down gave me complaint / claim# 1794260205, he spoke w/supv they confirmed my order had been filled wrong & they would ship items right away

Waited a week nothing.

2. Cld back got Victoria Dec 3rd who just like Trevor did a great job, also spoke w/her supv they too agreed order filled incorrectly, she gave me complaint/claim# 45430863, she too sd all item were in stock & would be shipped right away.

Waited a week NOTHING!

I then get a phone call from UPS because Sears tries to pawn this off as a lost shipment! IT WAS NOT a lost shipment. I paid Sears for 24 Christmas Birds and only got 12!

Then after responding back to that email, I get another email telling me to contact my financial institution if I feel I had been billed incorrectly! REALLY REALLY WOW!

3. Cld back got Blessy Dec 7th, she had no supv available for me to talk to, I hung up

4. Cld back got Kitty on Dec 9th 9:40am PDT she got me Supv Charlene who sd she would fix order right away & an email would come soon. Not only did I not get any email from her, I still have NO ITEMS

5.Now we down to 10 days before Christmas, I decide to reach out to Sears via twitter. Clearly Sears is using BOTS & auto responses, because tweet after tweet after tweet NO ONE has cld, sent an email NOTHING & still NO ITEMS!

6. Today Dec 19th I call get Carl who gave me to Gian who sd she was a case manger. Once I finally got her to understand why I was calling, she tries her best to fix order, only to tell me, NONE of the items are in STOCK!!!

Forty (40) days Sears and this never got resolved! So Gian has now told me that I will receive a refund back to my account in 3 – 5 business days, but, like one lady in this thread, I now wonder if I will get my money back! Really sad business practices Sears, really bad. And I promise you I will mention this to everyone I know


bear December 16, 2013 at 7:04 pm


5 hrs on the phone with third world people who can not quite form clear English sentences, and tell you that for “security reasons” they can’t tell you where they are.

Then they can’t seem to figure out how to *schedule* a home delivery. That is, unless you agree to sit at home all day and wait for them to come whenever *they* announce the night before that they will arrive. They can’t seem to speak to the “delivery team” and get real information. They can’t seem to get them to do a “come back” for the delivery. This “deliver team” of MOE & RON made up bogus excuses as to why they *could not deliver* today – claiming “snow conditions” and that I had to “clear snow from my driveway” (in a city?? Huh?). Oh, and that they had no where to park, and did not want to “block traffic” -even though there is ample space, which they would not listen to.

SEEMS that SEARS has an “automated” routing system, that makes the allegedly most efficient route. WHICH makes sense in a world where PEOPLE DON’T HAVE LIVES!! They load the truck based on that, and go where the manifest says – BUT if someone is not home? GUESS WHAT? They carry the friggin appliance around, and move it around on the truck ALL DAY! And then guess what? The NEXT time they try to deliver, and they can’t – SAME THING AGAIN!! And, again, and again. Oh yeah, this is “efficient”??

You can’t talk to anyone about this, they won’t let you talk to the dispatcher for the CONTRACTOR who delivers that stuff.

What a friggin nightmare. No one has CONTROL over this, except some moronic computer based scripted system.

I spent wasted HOURS talking to people who couldn’t give me a straight answer as to if these people would DELIVER or not.

If I had known this is how SEARS handles these things, I would have bought from a local appliance store (another brand, of course) and avoided this carp completely.

Screw off, SEARS!!

It’s not like they care or ever look at these posts, now is it?? Ha ha ha.


Jeff Salatino December 16, 2013 at 6:12 pm

To whom it may concern,

I ordered a power vent water from Sears on 11/29/13 (conf# 112913221601). It was originally suppose to be delivered and installed on Dec. 7th. It was never installed that day because apparently it was on a truck stuck in Oregon due to bad weather. Sears then scheduled my delivery and installation for the following Friday – Friday came and the heater was not on the truck. So they rescheduled it again for the following Friday 12/13 – still no heater.

That brings me today…. I called the Sears customer service # and have gotten the run around from at least 7 different customer service representatives today….. Travis, Charlie, Rudy, Danielle in the Texas office. I also spoke someone named Danielle and Jennifer in the Installation department, and finally Allie in the Resolution Department. Every call person I talked to could not help me and when they told me to hold so that they can research my issue – my call was DROPPED w/ no call back. Several even said they would call me back if my call was dropped and none of them have. This is the WORST customer service experience I have ever had. I have been a firefighter for over 20 years and I was a small business owner for 10 – I know what customer service is. I’m sorry but Sears has some serious issues because unfortunately I am finding through researching online that there are many more unhappy customers out there that have suffered the same unacceptable customer service like I have experienced today.

Could someone PLEASE contact me so we can resolve this issue or give me a refund and I will take my business elsewhere.

Thank you!

Jeffery Salatino
XXXX N. 52nd St
Tacoma, WA 98407


marylou December 16, 2013 at 4:19 pm

I would like to start off saying that I have been a Sears customer for many ,many years but this experience that I have been going threw since october 2013 regarding a Water Heater. I didn’t think I would have to go threw so many channels to just get an even exchange. And not knowing I would have to deal with Sears Customer Solutions. Since October 2013 I have been dealing with 16 Customer Solution Employees, I have been hung up on , transferred to departments that could not help me, rude employees that don’t even put the right information in there system. they tell you whatever they want just to get you off the phone. I am really disappointed in Sears. All I wanted was an even exchange on my bad Water Heater I bought. Never knew I would need an authorization for an exchange. I went threw all there channels that they told me I had to go threw and I have documented EVERYTHING since day one on the phone with them including names of whom i spoke to . I am going to check resources on what can be done about this, I don’t believe if customers are paying lots of money for there products should not have to go threw this hassle. It shouldn’t take any customer two months to get an exchange. That is Ridiculous.


LeKendra Washington December 15, 2013 at 12:21 pm

So I made a purchase on 12/05/2013 only to receive an email the next day on 12/06/2013 saying that my order had been cancelled (reason unknown) and a refund was processed. On 12/11/13 I contacted Sears customer service because I still hadn’t received my refund. I was told by the representative that my order was cancelled because the product wasn’t in stock and the refund can take 3-5 business days to be processed. On 12/13/13 I still hadn’t received my refund so I called again only to be placed on hold 10 minutes and then be told that a check was mailed and can take up to 10-14 days. When I made the purchase I used my PayPal account so I’m not understanding why my money wasn’t refunded the same way payment was made. I am very frustrated at this time because I have yet to receive my refund of $148.22 and my child is out of his Christmas present. I would NEVER shop at Sears again. This was the worse online experience ever.


Loretta Neace December 12, 2013 at 9:12 pm

i bought a bunn coffee maker from it was exactly what i wanted with the stainless steel carafe and stainless body. well when it arrived and i removed it from the box it was broken all across the top of the front the plastic part so i called customer service and was told that was no longer on sale that they couldnt replace my coffee maker but would be happy to take the charges off my card that i could buy one with a glass carafe for the same price so i informed her that was not what i wanted.needless to say i am stuck with no coffee maker and im getting more upset by the moment without my coffee. oh they did offer me 5% off my purchase and free shipping which i got anyway. needless to say i will probably be canceling my sears card


Melissa Brenchak December 12, 2013 at 2:45 pm

WOW! Oh SEARS just what is happening to you? With all these complaints mine will probably just get lost but here goes anyway. We bought a fridge at Sears in the store at Johnstown Pa. The salesman was great no complaints there… But what proceeded was a hot mess of no one capable of doing their job. The Refrigerator was not in stock at that store so it was shipped with directions to change the door handle to the other side. Our salesman did put the order in properly however when we received it the handle had not been moved. Ok, well still not a big deal, right? My husband called and asked for a service man to come change the handle. The lady told my husband ” It’s not that hard to do it yourself. It will only take a few minutes”. ( ok really?) He told the lady it was their job to have shipped it the proper way and wanted done what was promised. He works 70 hours a week and doesn’t have time to be doing other peoples jobs too. He explained to the sears operator someone would be home on 2 specific days that they could fix it. The lady called back the following day to tell us she set up an appointment for a Sears Tech to come. She set up the appointment for a day no one would be home.” Why did you set it for that day”I asked? My husband gave you specific days we would and would not be home. So she says… And get this” as long as someone over 18 is there sears will come” it’s like I was talking to a wall. I told her again as did my husband … No one will be home then! So of course it couldn’t be as easy as just rescheduling. She gave me a number I had to call to set up a new appointment. So now I’m getting mad. I call. Get your very ridiculous automated system. It took me 10 minutes of prompts to speak to a real person. The person was across the country in Arizona making appointments. He listened to my whole story … Then transferred me to yet another person. She answered the phone so sweetly” how can I help you?” Poor girl … I was so mad. I had to explain the whole thing for the third time!!! By now I have been on the phone almost 45 minutes!! Sears, who has time for this? She makes the appointment for a Monday. I explain I will only be home after 11:00. She says that’s not a problem. Then at the end of my frustrated conversation she confirms the appointment on Monday between 8:00 and 5:00. Are you not listening!!! After 11:00 I said. It’s liking talking to robots. Any way, after I cleared that up the sales tech came when he was supposed to. Haha he actually asked me if I was sure I wanted the handles switched? Yes I said calmly. I would like to use the entire refrigerator. ( I couldn’t open the veggie drawer on the bottom because the door wouldn’t open the whole way) He got the job done 45 minutes later. He needed to send a few small cosmetic parts in the mail to me. When I got them in the mail I opened it. Omg Sears!! Every color push button there was except the one I needed. And he forgot the little stickers that go over the holes where the door handle was. You would be embarrassed to see how many plastic bags were sent. There were 15 small button plugs ( none if which were right any way… And I only needed 3) each one wrapped in a sealed 3×5 bag and then re wrapped in 6 separate plastic bags . I took a picture I wish you could see all this waste. I’m not a tree hugger here but seriously the wastefulness is just absurd. So I tried to call the store for my 2 tiny little stickers… And yep got that fun little automated system. ….SEARS!!! If you do respond- please don’t give me the same condescending robotic response that you give every other complaint. Show us your really trying with customer service and be real!


No pleased December 11, 2013 at 2:07 pm

Speaking with a hateful, rude women name Nikita in your consumer solution corp who momma didn’t teach her how to have respect for others. was the worse experience I have ever dealt with. She refuse to help or send me to someone higher than her, kept telling me she was the highest when I know she wasn’t I know better, she wasn’t even a supervisor, just a lady sitting in her little cubbie fixing her nails she refuse to listen to anything I had to say I spoke with her at 12:45pm today. and told me I had to hang up and recall again if i wanted to speak to someone else, she was not going to do anything for me that the problem was on me having a warranty with sears sucks if your appliance breakdown, not one single person can get anything right to the address or even a date and time. After all I have to dealt with and the problems. Really makes me second guess me purchasing from sears again., and I have been buying over 40yrs from you and the customer service is getting worse and far from friendly You really need to teach your employers not to be so rude but I guess they can be because you sears allow it


Jorge December 9, 2013 at 11:36 am

Kenmore Eliet french doors largest one they have, theu have replaced this unit 3 times and fixed it 2 times for the same problem and now its out again for the same reason. I want this refrigerator replaced with a new one and different model! I am calling the corporate office now. and in one year this has occured 4-6 times I requested it to be replaced but I keep getting the run around and this was within the requirments LAST YEAR.


K Patel December 6, 2013 at 1:08 pm


I ordered Tuxedo L-shape Executive desk with Hutch from I recevied the Desk and not the hutch (wayfair was the shipping company). Called wayfair to ask them where was the hutch. Wayfair said that “ never sent them hutch shipping information. They suggested to call and ask about the hutch shipment. So, called and online customer service is WORST than I thought. Just like a football they were bouncing my calls from one person to another including the case managers. Their customer service didnt even know what notes they were reading. Now, telling me that the product is not on their website anymore and I have to wait 3-5 business days to get issue resloved. NEVER SHOP FROM SEARS.COM. WORST ONLINE SERVICES AND ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE. NEVER NEVER NEVER BUY FROM THEM. I feel like I am being cheated. I paid $400 + for this product.


Leeann Byrne December 4, 2013 at 4:09 pm

I purchased a Kenmore refridgerator last November and was picked up/delivered Dec 1, 2012. Last night (Dec 3rd) the “fan” started making noise and was so loud you could here it through every room. I called Sears, who will not even entertain the idea that there is something defective with it and will not cover the costs of parts and labor (or service call) because it’s TWO DAYS past warranty. They will not even give me the name of a person to talk to or escilate the matter to. THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE I’ve ever worked with. I will be taking my complaints to comsumer affairs, BBB, and whomever else will listen. I find it astonishing that there is no responsible party at SEARS that can authorize coverage on unique circumstances.


Tom Disanto December 4, 2013 at 2:16 pm

On Nov 26,Nick Laing, out of Pensacole Fl., SEARS sales manager, visited our home & gave us a quote for siding on our home. The quote was “twice has high” comparied to 2 others that we received. We were told that this “price is only good for today!” I told Mr Laing that this sounds like a used car salesmen price and price should be good for at least 30 days. He continued to say that price is good for only today! This does not seem to be a good business practice and procedure or go along with sears “BLUE RIBBON” customer service OR is this the new sears way of doing business? Would appreciate a call or email. Tom Disanto Panama City Florida


David Stanton December 2, 2013 at 7:35 pm

I have been a customer since 1967 and always satisfied however buyer of garden tractors beware! I purchases a 2012 garden tractor and have had problems because the mower was not adjusted properly and the belt was replaced and needs to again however two weeks ago I was going to have the repairman come out but needed him before Dec 6 as I am on R&R from Afghanistan and would not be available, then tonight since no manager returned my call II called again and was told that the warrantee did not cover the adjustment or parts for the mower deck and belt by the evening shift manager. That there would be a charge of $90. plus parts. Just because I was deployed was no reason as there was a 90 day return policy and that was it. So I will never purchase any Sears product and I will never use my Sears Card for anything. Sears needs to start being more friendly to the customers and the escalation department while giving me an extra few months on my warrantee now one can not use it! SO BUYER BEWARE!!!!!


Lisa December 1, 2013 at 9:42 am

We purchased all of our kitchen appliances from Sears just 10 years ago when we built our home. We decided to buy Kenmore Elite because of the “reputation”. The dishwasher needed a new motor last year, the oven goes into “error” mode on a regular basis since the summer and the refrigerator/freezer just stopped working yesterday. Considering the amount of money we spent to purchase these products, we thought we would get longer than 10years use. Thank you Sears, we WILL NOT be returning to you to replace the appliances!


Bammie Cooper November 30, 2013 at 5:09 pm

On March 27, 2004 I purchased a freezer model #253.26724100 Serial #WR40736408 which was manufactured February 04. The parts or model number do not come up for the parts person why? the freezer has started leaking water into the floor and I can not figure out what to do with it. I need to talk to someone who knows what they are doing to find a schematic of thes freezer and to find out why a frostless freezer is leaking water?


Sandra Bartles November 30, 2013 at 12:49 pm

I have been a Sears customer for 40 years buying all of my large appliances from you. I’ve spent many hours on the phone with the messed up way you all handle your Sears rewards points and “Shop Your Way”. Last night after an hour and a half with 3 different customer service people I finally got to use my rewards points. My mistake- after going in and out of Shop Your way and a dozen or more times when I finally got to order I clicked the wrong thing and ordered a drill instead of a saber saw. I noticed my mistake within 30 minutes and called for help. I was told that if I waited until I received my conformation e-mail and the tracking number I could cancel my order and order the correct item. Thinking that waiting till the shipping company had it to cancel was a bad idea I called back the next morning. Now I am told too bad for me, I have to wait for the item to get to me, pay the shipping cost and return postage. What kind of company treats their customers like that. I’ll never be customer again. This is unbelievable!!!


Nicole November 29, 2013 at 10:34 am

Your a bunch of idiots.
I have tried to call and call and call.
Obviously you make a habit of taking people’s money and not delivering the item.
I have emailed, called, and posted on your Facebook page yet no one has the courage to answer my requests. I want a call not from a non English speaking person.



Nancy Meehan November 27, 2013 at 6:13 pm

I will never make a purchase at Sears or any other retailer that is open on Thanksgiving Day. Terrible!!! Amazon and A.J. Madison will get our business from now on.

I do love Target but that’s it for me.

I am grateful to live in Massachusetts where it is illegal.


Sharon H. Kavanagh November 24, 2013 at 3:25 pm

Shame on Sears for choosing to be open on Thanksgiving day.
We will make no purchases at our Albany or Springfield, Oregon Sears, our Corvallis, Oregon K-Mart or at Lands End the rest of this calendar year.
Sharon and Jim Kavanagh


Jim November 16, 2013 at 2:53 pm

I have a Craftsman GT6000 garden tractor that was purchased new in 2011. Within a few months of purchase the steering whelll broke and fell off in my hands. It was replaced. A few months later the tires toed out so bad it would do nothing but hop along forward when you tired to turn. After waiting for several weeks on parts they came and repaired it. 3 months ago the entire front axle fell out. They came out after about 2 weeks and said they had to order parts. After almost 3 months the parts arrived. I called to have them come back out and was told it would be Dec 12th before anyone could come. I said that was unacceptable and someone came on 11/14/13. They looked at it and said it was unrepairable since the frame was bent/worn where the axle mounts and the engine was leaking oil. Probably because the pulley/shaft on the bottom slammed into the ground when the axle fell off. I received an email stating I needed to call to have the tractor replaced. I called and was told I needed to talk to someone in the .com dept to find a replacement model number and was transferred. They could find nothing about the case with my case #, email address, or telephone number and said I needed to talk to someone in the Craftsman Dept and I was transferred again. After waiting on hold the phone hung up. I emailed sears home services again for about the 20th time and they said it was not “tractor season” and there might not be one available right now to replace it but I could check my local store and online. I did that and there is not one in the store and the online site says not available. I have been waiting almost 3 months and have had to pay to have my 3 acres cut 6 times and it needs it again. I was offered $200.00 which they said was for lawn cutting once a week for up to 4 weeks. I have paid a LOT more than that and like I said it needs done again. I emailed back with multiple questions and the answer I received was check your local store and online for a replacement which was the same thing I had already been told and none of my questions were answered. So it now looks like I have to wait several more months for “tractor season” before I will receive a replacement. In the mean time the piece of junk is sitting in my driveway in the way where they pulled it and left it with the front end laying off to the side and I will continue to have to pay to have my yard cut.


Angleica Lentner November 15, 2013 at 1:28 pm

To whom it may concern;

I’m writing to express my great dissatisfaction with your customer service and repair departments. I have a washer that has needed to be repaired since the 25th of October, and no one we have spoken to seems to know what is going on with this repair. The technician who initially came out to inspect the washer said he would return on November 9th to repair the washer, however we received no call to confirm, no one showed up, and when we called the customer service department, no one seemed to have a clue about this appointment. You can see on the attached documentation that indeed there was supposed to be someone at my home on November 9th to repair my washer. We have called the customer service department every day for the last week to try and get this resolved and get a different answer every time. First, we were told the appointment was actually scheduled for November 23rd. Not only is this NOT what is documented on the receipt the technician gave us, we didn’t agree to this date. Not to mention that is a full month after the original date the technician came out, which is not acceptable. Then we were told the only way to get someone out sooner would be to get in touch with the routing department, but because they were closed, we would have to call back during regular business hours and ask that a customer service representative get us to the routing department. We followed these instructions, however, apparently there is no way to get ahold of the routing department by telephone (or so the rep said) and this whole fiasco started all over again. Then we were told that the part needed to fix the washer was ordered and would be shipped to our house. We called to follow up on this as well, but no order could be found, and we were told that Samsung doesn’t even make that part any more. Great, so now I have a washer you can’t even fix just AFTER I renewed a warranty on it? Just now were told that the appointment for November 23rd stands firm, and a technician would be out to EVALUATE the washer. This was already done on October 25th! Why do they need to re-evaluate the washer a month after it was already evaluated? I’m sure you can appreciate how infuriating it is to get a different answer every time you try to follow-up on service request, and having to speak to the escalation department every time – not that this has resolved the problem. We even we as far as writing a post on the Sears Facebook page hoping to get a helpful response. We received response stating to email our information to and got a response stating they would look into our situation. This was three days ago, and no follow-up as of yet. Having to haul dirty clothes to a laundromat because my expensive but useless washer has not been fixed is an economical inconvenience – I need my washer to be fixed now. This circus has gone on long enough and I want straight forward answers. Either you fix my washer or replace it with a new model. I don’t care either way, but I didn’t pay for a warranty and a service to be treated like this. You took my money up front and have given me literally NOTHING in return.


DannyDavis November 13, 2013 at 3:31 pm

I have had a broken refridge since aug 1st 2013 they have came to my house 3 times and not had the right parts to fix it. At what point do you say enough is enough and stand behind your manufacturing defect. I have lost 2 days of work so far and we are not done yet. I have been a customer for 28 years and still have the first stereo I bought in 1986. I will never buy any products from sear again because of the customers service and not standing behind the product they sale…


Pinar Moore November 6, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Customer Solutions Feedback Case 1879772

Customer Service,

Your apology is not accepted!!!

After I was able to secure my refund even though I do not have it in the bank yet, I phoned a local refrigerator repair man yesterday around 4 pm and talked with him to see if he can locate the part prior the repairs. I gave him the part number which was documented on my Sears receipt for him to research. By 11 am today, he called me back with the information that the part is available and he will be picking it up tomorrow for the repairs on Friday. All he had to do is to call Whirlpool parts department only to find out that part NUMBER had been discontinued several years ago and that they have the part available with a new serial number. This proves me that the SEARS parts department not only absolutely did nothing to get me the part nor had any intentions to do so! You lied to me over and over again with bogus backorder dates!

This guy also asked me if anyone had checked my compressor to determine if it is working. Because if the compressor is damaged, there is no point to fixing the control board he said. Well SEARS repairman did not check my compressor! Apparently a simple troubleshooting routine!!!! So first he will check my compressor and if it is operational, he will fix the control board for the fraction of the cost of what SEARS charges!

Just because I placed my trust to Sears, I have been without a fridge for five months, lost all my +$500 groceries and wasted $300 for the small refrigerator I had to purchase!

You charged me up front, held me hostage since 21 June refusing to refund my money, failed to deliver on your contract, blamed Whirlpool over and over again, and refused to compansate me for my losses and undue hardship with threats!

Expect to hear from my attorney soon!

Thank you for subjecting me nearly half a year to a life style which could occur in third world countries.


Pinar Moore


Laura January 17, 2014 at 10:20 pm

I am in the same boat, Pinar, waiting on a refund for 4 months for a part that was signed in by a Sears employee (I have the evidence of tracking from UPS as well). Don’t hold your breath, as this is all part of a scam by Sears to take money and make people frustrated enough to give up. Probably the only way they are still in business! I was contacted by someone who is initiating a class action suit, so maybe at least some people will get the refunds they are due. Good luck.


Amber Cacolice November 5, 2013 at 12:53 pm

We have had nothing but an incredible nightmare experience at the Sears Auto Center at Florida Mall on S. Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. Sears lost our keys, and we have been without our keys for months now. Sears Service Supervisor and Managers Bob Parr and Cory have done terrible things and filed lies in Sears one-sided investigations. We are driving on another customer’s garbage tire that Bob Parr put on our car because he threw our tire away. One of the tires they mounted was FLAT because Cory, manager, told us that it is NOT Sears Auto Center policy to check the tire pressure when mounting tires that a customer does NOT BUY FROM SEARS! Next step, filing legal action. All we wanted was the reimbursement to get our car keys and remote opener replaced when Sears employees lost our keys. The full nightmare is posted at the website above.