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Saltgrass Steak House
1510 West Loop South
Houston, Texas 77027

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Phone Number: (713) 850-1010
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CEO: Tilman J. Fertitta

Saltgrass Steak House History

Saltgrass Steak House was founded in 1991 in Houston, Texas. The original restaurant sits directly on the trail that was used by cattle ranchers when moving their herd across the country to the great saltgrass flats on the Texas Gulf Coast. The Houston Livestock Show still drives cattle directly in front of the original restaurant each year.

Today, the company has about 50 locations across the country and is owned by Landry’s, Inc.  The restaurant chain offers certified Angus beef steaks, topped with a special saltgrass 7 steak sauce, beer bread, cheesecake, and other American cuisine such as grilled chicken and salads. . All locations also offer a full bar and an impressive wine selection. Meal portions are well-known for being “Texas sized”, which means abnormally large and overflowing.


Saltgrass Steak House FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Saltgrass Steak House?
Answer 1: The phone number for Saltgrass Steak House is (713) 850-1010.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Saltgrass Steak House?
Answer 2: The CEO of Saltgrass Steak House is Tilman J. Fertitta .

Question 3: Who founded Saltgrass Steak House?
Answer 3: Saltgrass Steak House was founded by in .

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Heather January 17, 2019 at 7:14 pm

On Wednesday, January 9, 2019 I visited the Lewisville Texas location. Just start my server had very offensive breath. I decided to purchase the Landry card because I do you go to these restaurants that it would be a good deal. At the same time ordered a glass of wine and appetizer for waters and a cup of coffee. The electricity went out in the area due to a car accident. Our drinks and appetizers were delivered in the dark was not told we could not order entrées. Waited nobody came to our table then proceeded to find a waiter and they are adding our tab we could leave our credit card. For a glass of wine a cuppa coffee and appetizer ridiculous to be asked to pay for everything when we couldn’t get any attention all the surfers are standing outside along with the manager worst customer service Ever. When addressed with the manager he was nickel and dime patrons in the restaurant I’ve never had this treatment . I’ve had experiences with electrical outages happen and they comped the meal who leaves a credit card with a server when the electricity is out? Especially with 1 app and 1 glass of wine and coffee.The manager was extremely unprofessional and should be addressed a bad reflection on the Landry corporation. Went down the street to another restaurant received 100% better service lost my business in this location. Also had to ask for the before five menu. No help I had an elderly person with me and two people who were injured and the staff was ridiculous .


J Haswell December 27, 2018 at 10:49 pm

Sadly, the worst service and lukewarm food we’ve EVER had at any Saltgrass, was tonight, at 2747 W Memorial in OKC. We were celebrating our son’s graduation but our dinner turned out to be such a letdown. We waited patiently for our appetizer which took quite a while, but then we waited another 35 minutes, for our cocktails to finally arrive. We watched as 3 tables that were seated after us were served their main meal before we even had our salads. We spoke with the Mgr. and told him of our long wait and disappointment. He said they were working on it. After having waited over 1 1/2 hours we were finally served our main course dinner which you’d think would have steam coming off the plates. We were so disappointed to find that our steaks were lukewarm at best!
Sadly, our celebration and mood was ruined by not only the lack of good service of Saltgrass, and the VERY long wait, but mostly for them not making their own wrong, right and letting us leave even somewhat satisfied.


Marci September 29, 2018 at 11:07 pm

We visited the bossier city (boardwalk) salt grass location this evening. We have visited many salt grass restaurants all over the world but this was our first time at this one. The experience did not start off as a good one as we were seated before others but everyone around us was brought bread and we were not. When we asked for some, they said they would have to see if there was some. They finally brought out the bread. The Tbones came out later and parts were burnt (over cooked).
The thing that topped everything off was this:
As mentioned, we have eaten at many salt grass steak houses and we know they fo military discount. We even asked the waitress prior. She asked for military id. My husband handed it to her and she walked off with it. A while later she comes back saying her mgr needed something else. My husband proceeded to give her his drivers Lisc which also shows he is a veteran. She walked off with this as well. We sat there for a long while and she kept coming back asking if the mgr had been by and we responded no. She was very nervous and kept walking back and forth. Finally a long while later the mgr “Mike Satterthwaite” walked over to our table to tell us that would not accept these two govt issued id’s! He was extremely rude when we asked why? We have never ever ever had anyone refuse these id’s. He proceeded to tell us that he needed the other I’d! He said that he has been doing this for a while and he has seen plenty retired id’s!
Retired?! We never said he was retired! He was very very rude and said have a good evening and walked off! We have never ever been treated in this manner and have never been so offended! My husband is disabled due to his time in service. It’s sad that he fought a war for an idiot like this. The waitress walked over and kept saying she was so sorry and said “I’m going to say thank you for your service sir even though he didn’t” She said that this is no way to treat a veteran and she apologized over and over for his treatment. There were other customers around and this was so humiliating. We were treated like criminals and liars. We are so very upset and will be contacting corporate offices. No veteran No person should ever have to endure such abuse. This mgr “Mike Satterthwaite” has no business being a manager with no social skills. He was very rude and I am going to make sure to tell as many people as I can about this place and this treatment.


Evangelina Lopez August 31, 2018 at 10:30 pm

This visit was the worst visit to this I-10 Houston, Txlocation that my husband and I have experienced. First our waiter Jason was not attentive to us as customers. My husbands salad was soggy, our appetizer which we ordered with our drinks came after we recieved our entrees, the waiter said it was given to another table by accident and apologized and said we wouldn’t get charged for it because it was his fault. Then my mash potato had a hair in it and I brought it to his attention. Manager came over but I did not get his name but usually when things like this happen customers do not get charged and instead there were two charges for my hair dish and he said it was in there because of inventory. We received a complimentary apple pie because my husband had a promo code, but the waiter made it seem like he did it on his behalf. I tried to explain things to the waiter but he was just rude and denied saying that the appetizer would be taken off the ticket. I wanted to speak with the manager but my husband was furious and we just paid for our dinner and left.
I think he thought we were trying to get all our food free but we have been loyal members for years.


James Stephenson July 17, 2018 at 12:12 am

Please change my e-mail info
I had buddatree@
Now I have buddatree8@
James Stephenson
Allen, Tx. 75002
And I am a Landry member


dena jones June 1, 2018 at 9:32 am

On May 31 2018 my nephew graduated and we had a reservation for dinner for 730pm. the reservation was confirmed at 700pm and we all arrived between 715 and 730. in 30 minutes the reservation had vanished. the hostess said there was no reservation. it was later determined that our reservation had been given to someone else. instead of the manager apologizing and working hard to set up another location she did nothing at all but to continue to say she was working on it. after many attempts going back to her for our table she clapped her hands very rudely and said she was working on it and disappeared and never was seen again. after waiting and watching many people come in and be seated and waiting for another 45 minutes for a table, 20 potential customers left and spent money at another restaurant that waited on us immediately without a reservation. the whole point in having a reservation was of no interest to this location at Willowbrook mall on Tomball parkway. I will never step foot in this place again. this is the worst experience I have ever experience with a food establishment especially one owned by Landrys.


Richard Avadikian March 31, 2018 at 12:34 pm

Five of us had dinner at the saltgrass restaurant at the San Antonio I-10 location. The server was friendly and I think doing a decent job. What happened is the drinks took a long time to come, then the salad came a longer than expected time. It took a long time for us to even place an order.
During the meal the Waiter asked us if we needed more bread and we responded that we never had any at all.
The kicker for me was that I later ordered a sangria. I finished the sangria and realized that there was mostly ice and only a little wine. I told the waiter about it and he took the glass to the bartender. The waiter came back and told me that the bartender told him to tell me that “this is the way it comes” and that’s the way it is. I think it should have been handled differently
The food was excellent . I think they could have just added more sangria and made a customer satisfied
Richard Avadikian
Richard Avadikian


April March 8, 2018 at 3:55 pm

The restruant on Shepard drive there rude and don’t even act like your there I work for a delivery service and come in to get my orders and it takes a long time always and was completely ignores for 15 mins by the male bartender and my order was ready sitting there he told me he was to busy to help me but a nice looking woman walkedd up and he was all over helping her even though I had been standing there about 10 mins at that time something needs to be done about this restaurant


Jeannette L Armstrong January 25, 2018 at 11:20 am

My name Jeannette Armstrong, I’m filing a complaint on Salt grass located at
14909 I-45 North, Houston, TX 77090.
My family and I came on January 21st 2018 at
11 a.m. in the morning. My sister and I ordered hamburgers and we ask for well well well done they brought the burgers out and they was bleeding on the inside the supervisor name was Scott he took the burgers back and Recooked them over again but he put the same Burgers back on the pit which you does not supposed to do because I am a certified cook with a certification through the city of Houston that is bacteria and another thing when they brought it back out the second time it still was red not well done. The supervisors Scott got very upset with us saying that that will be 6 meals that will be wasted and we told him if you would train your cook to do well done we wouldn’t be going through this so as a supervisor why would you get upset and be very angry with us because your Cooks don’t know proper channel of cooking it well done he’s very unprofessional with his job as a supervisor. , I would appreciate it if you would take care of this matter as soon as possible my name is Jeanette Armstrong I can be reached at 832-860-XXXXX my address is Houston Texas 77061. Thank you and have a good day



Chelsea Sanders December 4, 2017 at 12:42 pm

This was my 1st experience at this particular Saltgrass location in Cedar Hill. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Being in a Customer Service based industry with GM Financial, I’m an expert of admirable customer service. In attendance of a birthday party, there were eight people in our party. We had a young lady as a server and she was provided the WORST service in my life. I sat and watched how she greeted the other patron and smaller tables and people of other backgrounds. There were no -refills provide, there were no trips to our table to make sure we were ok. I’ve worked in hospitality and the service industry. She fraudulent charged my friends card, didn’t say thank you, after i requested check it took her 30 minutes to provide our check. The manager that had to be appointed to our table didn’t even apologize for the lack of service not provided. There were seperate tickets for the table, I understand the gratuity to be included, however servers still have to do the job they are there for. For this reason, I WILL NEVER RETURN TO SALTGRASS OR ANY LOCATION. I’m interested to see how Saltgrass handles complaints of this nature. If I have to go all the way up the food chain for there to be a change in how this establishment does business, I WILL. From what I’m noticing, Saltgrass doesn’t accept dutiful accountability for the service levels and the importance of customer loyalty or satisfaction. Another noticable clue of of despondence, when I rated 1 star it automatically gave another star. If I could rate NO STARS, I would. I would rather pay $50.00 a plate if the CUSTOMER SERVICE was EQUIVALENT. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, i will also let my thoughts and experience known on EVERY REVIEW SITE know to consumers! YELP, GOOGLE,, etc


Glen E Weber October 28, 2017 at 11:59 am

I wrote and this letter to the Management Staff at the Saltgrass location in Plano, Texas on September 30, 2017. As of this date on October 28, I have received no email or letter. I had no expectation of anything free, just an apology. I am very disappointed in Saltgrass’ lack of Customer Service and follow-up. The following is the letter that I sent: Dear Management Team,
My wife and I normally LOVE Saltgrass! With that said, our last visit on Friday, September 29, 2017 was a disaster.
It all started with the Hostess who acted very dismissive of us, as well as, all the other Visitors. She did not appear to be happy to do her job or happy that she was doing what she was doing. It was not particularly busy. Our wait was about 20 minutes at or around 7:30 PM.
When we were seated, it took James about 10 minutes to acknowledge our presence. He took our drink orders which came about 10 minutes later. He seemed like a good guy, but was inattentive to us. My wife’s wine appeared to be about 2 ounces short of what we used to get. My Margarita was excellent!
When we ordered, it took about 10 minutes before we got our salads, at which time, my wife asked for silverware. It took about three minutes before it arrived. Our salad was very small as compared to our previous visits.
My wife ordered a 6-ounce Filet Mignon. It was maybe 3 ounces, at best. I ordered the NY Strip that was tasty, but grizzly. I also asked for a baked potato with bacon with LOTS of butter. My baked potato arrived with bacon and no butter. I asked the guy who delivered it to bring us some butter. That never happened. My wife finally tracked down James who brought me a carafe of butter. I would have wanted much more than that. My baked potato was also under baked. At no time did our Server (James), ever follow-up with us to ask us about our meal or our happiness or unhappiness with the meal. He spent an inordinate amount of time with other guests. I will mention that my wife and I are very friendly people and give excess tips.
After we ate, we waited in excess of ten minutes for James to ask us if we wished to order dessert. We declined and he proceeded to garner our bill. The bill came out to $75.21. I added $14.79 to make the total $90.00. Normally, I would tip our Server $30.00 on such a bill. I was inclined not to tip James at all.
I will conclude this letter by stating how disappointing our Saltgrass experience was.

Glen Weber


Myrla G August 27, 2017 at 10:50 pm

One of the absolute worst experiences of my life. Had late lunch with my husband today. My husband was drinking a couple of margaritas (had water for myself) .. and after dinner and a couple margaritas my husband ordered his final margarita before we headed home and had the manager approach our table in a very loud and rude manner ask my husband that he had a couple margaritas in a time frame if two hours and asked if he was “okay?” Of course you then had the entire restaurant staring by now like we were some sort of show. And when my husband told him “well first off my wife is here drinking water and she will be driving and second I think I look okay don’t I since my wife and me are having a calm dinner talking so I find t offensive that you’re approaching me this way putting me on the spot as if I was being drunk and loud” and he proceeded in the most smart a** manner to tell my husband “well i apologize for doing my job”.. when we canceled the last margarita and left the entire restaurant stared at us, it was absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing, will never go back to a place where the manager is allowed to humiliate you! Teach your employees that there are way of approaching people!
Hence this was the Arlington located (off I-20)


West C July 17, 2017 at 1:06 pm

The service at the WillowBrook location is horrible my last visit I frequent the location often but 7/15/17 was the Worst the waiter was horrible by steak was so dry that I couldn’t even eat it and when I informed the waiter once he finally returned the then got the manager and when he came to the table he didn’t even identify himself . And he act as if he didn’t know why he was called to the table . And he did absolutely nothing so needless to say that there was no tip left other than so advice. But then upon checking my bank card the horrible waiter some how created 2 tickets yes 2 tickets and gave himself a 15 dollar tip. That is theft . I will never visit this location again and the Manager that I spoke with this morning said that he will get back with me on tomorrow I’m like that is unacceptable so I have called Corporate and now I’m waiting on A response.


Judy Leslie June 30, 2017 at 2:20 am

Very disappointed in the service and management’s response during our visit this evening at the Willowbrook location. Don’t know where to start…sent the martini back 3 times before we got it ‘on the rocks’ as ordered…how do you run out of mashed potatoes at 7 pm and then just throw a plain shriveled up baked potato on the plate instead…took 2.5 hours to get our food…checks were wrong but we just wanted ‘out’ so paid the difference…manager ‘helped’ by checking on the cheesecake that took 25 minutes to get to the table…etc., etc., etc. Shame on y’all.


Jason Gonzales June 18, 2017 at 8:12 pm

Bad service. I won’t be going back to the Rockwall TX location. Teens run the front, don’t pay attention, said they forgot our party of 6 and skipped us til we told them we were still waiting, (an hour) , you would think at least one of the 5 girls standing at the front would have noticed. Went there in May and the steak was all gristle, poor quality steak, this time was burnt with a cold potato, didn’t eat it, mgr said he would give us a discount which he did, $17, the dinner was $26. Didn’t feel right to pay for a meal we didn’t eat so he then took the meal off the ticket. Three of the other five meals were wrong and were brought food that wasn’t ours but the waitress left it anyways. The Mgr asked if he could bring us another steak and a hot potato but it took 35 minutes to get the incorrect order and we we’rent willing to wait. We’re there from 3 and a half hours. Stopped on the way home and got a burger and fries for the person who didn’t get a meal. Progressively bad service, will be looking for a different steak restaurant to try.


Barbi Austin June 18, 2017 at 9:30 am

Last night was my first visit to Saltgrass. I had heard so many good things about it but I knew it was expensive. For over two years I have thought about going and finally went with my son and a friend last night. I will wait a lifetime before I ever waste my time and money going back. Many things went wrong:
1) We asked for more bread and it was over 20 minutes before we got more. We then asked for more and it was NEVER brought.
2). My son and I split the brisket burger.
My burger was very red and I never touched it and I was not going to eat it. I don’t eat rare hamburger. It was the END of the evening when the waiter asked if I wanted a box. My friend pointed out that my burger was not cooked very well. The manager told me he would have another burger made and it would take 6 minutes. After over 30 minutes of waiting the burger never showed up. I asked for my check from another waiter because we never saw our waiter again. He then came with our check and magically another guy appeared with our burger which I told them I did not even want now. I am sure the burger would have been cold and it was 11:15. We got there at 8:45 and I was tired, ready to go and did not want a cold burger at 11/15. The brisket for the burger was served in a tiny container to pour over the burger. That was the saddest excuse for a brisket burger I have ever seen. I get a brisket burger at a local establishment and the brisket is thin sliced-stacked up very thick and it was amazing. Your brisket burger would have been disappointing if it had been perfect from the get go but I never would have complained.
3). I ordered the fresco queso as well. Thank goodness I did because that is all I had to eat. But I think you should just serve the queso without the brisket. The brisket was very tough and you could not even get it in smaller pieces and one piece was so tough that I actually removed the brisket string from my mouth. I did not complain to the waiter because the queso was good without the brisket.
4). When I told them I did not want the second burger the charge for the burger was taken off my ticket. However after 2 hours and the obvious problems I had I feel like the whole meal should have been comped. I have worked as a waitress for 17 years. I LOVE MY JOB. I take a GREAT deal of pride in making sure my customers leave happy and if WE MESS UP ON OUR PART, the whole meal would have been comped. I would NOT have let my customer sit for over an hour without eating their food at all. I would have taken the initiative to find out if there was a problem and try to fix it early in the meal.
But when you never see the waiter and he doesn’t care enough to ask that is POOR SERVICE.
4). I HOPE this experience was not the normal for your restaurant and it probably is not. But between the food, the service and the way I was treated I will never return and if a friend suggests we go there for dinner I will make it known why we can go to McDonalds before we return there.
I hope this will make things better for your establishment and if it can be used to improve things then my experience is not a total waste of time. Have a blessed day.
(And by the way I am not asking or expecting “free food”. That is not why I took the time to do this. )


JoAnn April 19, 2017 at 12:27 pm

Our first time experience was disappointing. For starters, I ordered the quail appetizer (the waiter did disclose the wait time for such an item) I understood and continued with my drink order. One minute before the appetizer arrived my Pomegranate Mojito arrived. Secondly, my husband ordered his dinner and his two sides he requested a Wedge and Broccoli. He never received either. When we mentioned this to the waiter, he asked if we still wanted it? Lastly, after the meal we ordered another glass of wine and asked if we could please get this in a timely manner, however, that too was a request that was unreasonable. The restaurant was not so busy the staff could not be more attentive. Perhaps if the bar was adequately staffed customers could get there beverages in a timely manner.
My overall first time experience was not satisfactory and we will not be going back to the new Corpus Christi location or any location for that matter.


Marlon Oscars March 22, 2017 at 10:16 pm

So came to Shreveport for a couple days with just me and my wife. We are from Dallas and we love the restaurant. We figured we would go to the Boardwalk here because we really wanted some Range Rattlers. So when we are seated our waitress comes over and takes our drink order and asks if we want appetizers. We tell her yes and order our Rattlers. Then she comes back and rushes us through our ordering. She comes right back with our salads and tells us our food will be ready shortly. She comes back and checks on us and says food will be here in a minute. My wife asks her about the Rattlers and she says oh I didn’t put them in, do you want them now. Well no we don’t want them when our food is going to be there in a minute. There is a reason it is called an appetizer! So she has no remorse or apology and just walks off. I was so angry and frustrated, I didn’t even want my food. So we set there another 15 minutes and no manager no waitress. When she finally shows back up I ask for the check pay it and walk out. I did not even touch my plate of food. I am extremely angry about this experience. I’m not sure if there are different expectations for locations in other states but this is no where near the standard for any Saltgrass I have ever been in. If I wanted a steak I could have just ate at the casino. The non-chalant attitude she had about not putting in the order made it twice as bad. Not sure how this location operates but if this floats across the border I know for a fact that Saltgrass won’t continue to be successful in the metroplex.


Chansity Mitchell March 13, 2017 at 10:45 pm

Tonight we went and attempted to dine in at the Salt Grass off I10 East. Our mapquest reported that we would arrive at 8:52pm with them closing at 9:30pm. However, there was a accident that blocked the feeder when we exited the highway. We sat in traffic until the acccident cleared and arrived at the restaurant at 9:15pm. We went and sat at the bar and the server just stared at us like I’m not serving you . So then a few minutes later she said can I get you something to drink ? I said yes and we’re ready to order as well . The server then proceeded to say we’re closed !!!! I said well the time is now 9:20pm and you close at 9:30pm. The server then said we shut down early today because we didn’t think anyone would come in because there was an accident. I was like yes I’m aware there was a accident that has now cleared and the restaurant appeared to be open . The server got a attitude and was like look we’re closed do you want to speak to the manager . The manager came out very bothered and before saying hello she just replied LOOK we have permission from our regional manager to close early , there is nothing I can do . To close early and be rude is unacceptable. Salt Grass and the manager on duty Saloman doesn’t never have worry about my business anymore. Sad to treat loyal customers that way.


Lilli Webb February 20, 2017 at 4:26 am

Came to eat at Mesquite location family of 6 my partner & 4 children , we got treated like we didn’t belong rude remarks rude staff brought wrong drink orders tjen brings wromg food because when he took the order he was flirting with a close waitress working clise to his section , when he brings us the wrong order he tried talking us into keeping the wrong order because he didn’t want to get in trouble he talked about he wanted to get wasted drunk with the waitress next to him , when he grings us the right order 3 plates put of the 6 dinners were cold and he used curse words and profanity , we spend a whole lot for pur family to eat here for a huge celebration our ticket was a lil tad over $200 seeing how our kids and hubby wanted steak he didnt refill our drinks not one time he avoided our table i believe because me and husband brought pur 4 kids who were well behaved i dont understand how a fine dining restaurant could drop the ball this badly we would like compensated back ,, i would like a reply out of respect and professionalism Webblilli at


Eleanor Nichols February 14, 2017 at 11:45 pm

On Tuesday night we went to Saltgrass in Mesquite. Order a New York Strip Steak medium well. When my plate arrive it was medium rare. The manager pick up my plate and took it back to the kitchen and re-cook the same steak. ( I know it was the same steak because I had cut into it.) I then ask John if that was the same steak and he replied yes. I then went on to tell him it was a health code violation and he argued with me about it for about 2 mins. And told me no its not because they have always put thier steak back on at 500 degree. In my experience when food leaves the kitchen and given to a customer you do not reserve or re-cook food. I will not be returning. Needless to I did not eat there. And will not ever go back to Mesquite location. It makes me wonder how many steaks have been sent back to the kitchen and recooked on the grill reserved to other customers.


Michael February 9, 2017 at 3:31 pm

Saltgrass Management

I am taking the time to write this email today to express my extreme disappointment and frustration with your Conroe TX location. I am a Landry’s club member and have been a loyal Saltgrass customers for many years and have never consistently had such poor service at any Saltgrass on repeated visits. Any restaurant can have a bad night but this location has repeatedly had major issues with To-Go orders.
Due to a medical condition I no longer come inside the restaurant so we order To-Go and the same order almost every time, steak salad for my wife, burger for me and six range rattlers (occasionally we get dessert too). We have found this location is obviously not capable of handling To-Go orders. In the last few months every single time we have ordered To-Go we have had issues, this was before and after the fire at this location.
On a least five completely separate To-Go orders we have been given a pick time, normally we are told about 20 minutes from the time we call, but it takes almost an hour to get our food! My wife has waited over 30 minutes standing at the bar after arriving at the promised pick up time on several occasions while I wait in the truck. She waited for an addition 45 minutes after the promised pick up time on a prior order and finally just canceled it and went next door to Outback Steakhouse.
But last night was the final straw. We decided to give this location one last shot and again my wife waited for 35minutes after arriving at then promised ready time! Seems like every time order we have to wait, and we get a different excuse, last night it started with a “just waiting on the burger” and then it was “ the ticket got lost in the back”. My wife asked to speak to a manger but a manager never came to speak with her. After taking 55 minutes for a 20 minute To-Go order and standing at the bar for 35 minutes waiting we get home to find the order is wrong! Again! In the past the bartender or server would open each container and show us the order before we left, that has not happened in a while. So last night we spent $50.00 on burger I could not eat and my wife’s steak salad was missing ingredients and our range rattlers missing the dressing. It has become obvious this location is not competent enough to handle To-Go orders and should remove this option from the dining options. Because of the ongoing issues at this location we have learned that at the Outback Steak House next door we can order online and once you arrive they will bring your order out to your vehicle, very convenient and always on time, maybe Saltgrass could look into a similar option.
We love Saltgrass food, that is why spend $40 – $60 every time we order, but it is just not worth the hassle to deal with this location for To-Go orders.


Kyra January 24, 2017 at 3:34 pm

My husband and I ordered steaks to go last night at the Saltgrass on Highway 99 and Crabb River Road in Sugar Land. We have a TX Roadhouse down the street from us in Richmond where we live but drove out of our way to the Saltgrass restaurant. Our order was messed up and one item was missing. I called once I got home and realized this. I waited on the phone for ten minutes with the manager Ryan who asked how I wanted him to correct this. He agreed to redo our complete order and the next day when I called to redeem his offer, he told me he would not honor what he said. Now he’s saying he will only redo a portion of the order. I am a Landry’s Select Club Member and have never had an experience like this. I’ve dined at higher and lesser priced establishments who were much more willing to go out of their way to satisfy their paying customers. This is unfair and extremely unprofessional. I definitely would of like to speak to someone from corporate to correct this, and make good on Ryan’s promise to us.


Ramon Rodriguez January 2, 2017 at 1:25 am

I’M an employee at cinema Ridge , San Antonio TX I been working for Laundrys for almost a year I was so happy to find a company that I thought cared about there employees, But after almost a year of loyal service and talking to the team finding we were not happy , We work hard all year we worked the holidays away from are family’s and we got not 1 thank You while we service other companies showing there employees appreciation for there hard work call me old fashion but what happened to companies that’s cared for there employees 50 percent off we still pay for it , We clean and Polish the restaurant increase your sales and profit we are the face of Laundrys but we didn’t even get a Thank You ….


Millie Manigault December 26, 2016 at 8:49 am

We visited the establishment on Christmas day, we were given a menu, we arrived at 12:30 afternoon to order off of the lunch menu that clearly state you can order off this menu until 4pm only to be told, that they are not honoring that lunch menu, they were no disclaimers stating that they can use their digression to make that call on any holiday or anytime, plus the fact that customers around us was not told that. We didn’t make a scene being that it was Christmas. I would appreciate a response please, we frequently eat at the Ingram Park Saltgrass in San Antonio Texas. The one near Ingram Park Mall.


Stephanie Fontenot December 22, 2016 at 7:28 pm

I visited your Saltgrass Location in Lafayette, La on December 17th for a corporate Christmas party. I want to share my horrible and embarrassing experience with you. We had a party of 16 from work. The beginning experience was fantastic; quick service- great food and good atmosphere. We had drinks, appetizers, bread, food, and desserts that totaled roughly $600 before tip. After everyone from the party left except my husband and I, we asked if we could move to the bar since it was just the two of us, to watch the football game and not hold up the big table. We were informed by Ashley, the Manager on duty, that it was corporate policy to not allow it and that it was unfair to the bartending staff to move the ticket. We proceeded to stay currently seated at our table to stream the game from phone. We ordered one more round of drinks and then things went wrong. It took 25 minutes to get our drinks and as we sat waiting, we had every manager, Ashley, Kevin and two others, in the restaurant staring at us from the back of the room. It made us feel very uncomfortable and this latest for over 30 minutes of being watched throughout the restaurant. At that point, we asked Shelby, our waitress, for the check and she was kind enough to ask what happened. We told her we felt very uncomfortable and were embarrassed as the managers and other staff kept starred at us. It made us feel like we had done something wrong. She apologized multiple times and proceeded to tell us there was a drink minimum and that’s why they were staring at us. I asked what that meant as we had been there for over 2 and half hours and no one ever mentioned anything to us before. We were not drunk, we were not being loud or obnoxious either. It made me feel like they thought we were or thought we would skip out on bill or something. It is the most embarrassing experience I have had before especially spending that much money with your restaurant. Before we left, we asked to speak to the general manager and were told by Kevin, another manager on duty, that “oh shoots, just missed Justin our GM” in an extremely sarcastic and unprofessional tone. Both Ashley and Kevin had no interest in trying to help or accommodate us and were completely rude and condescending about the whole negative experience. My husband and I both manage banking intuitions here locally and understand the importance of customer service and the perception of the customer. We were not only disappointed in how we were made to feel but left sad and embarrassed by interaction. Unfortunately, this has ruined the chances of us ever going back to your establishment again as we are sharing this experience with our family and friends. The only way that you can improve the experience for your customers is if your informed about it.
Thank you for taking the time to listen.


Tammy Smith- Trollope December 12, 2016 at 9:04 pm

My family went to the Odessa location a couple on 12/11/16 for dinner after I got off work. I called ahead to be placed on waiting list and ladies were great. after that service was awful. We ordered a bottle of wine and never got it. It took forever to get our food and it was overcooked. Others that came in after us got served faster and looked after by the same waiter like they were royalty while we could not get my sons Dr Pepper refilled at all. I was afraid to send it back for fear it would take another 30-40 minutes to it. We weren’t s


Mike Burkey August 13, 2016 at 10:06 pm

Plano Tx location
Went to celebrate our 29th anniversary and service was awful. Took 15 min to get a beer, our food delivered to wrong table then picked up and handed to us, we told the waiter we didn’t want it and that you gave to someone else he was SO rude, asked to have tv turned on to watch Cowboys game was told the tv didn’t work, Waitress we had from the beginning was rude. We are Landry Select members and just have never had such awful service. Chris the manager was nice and offered to buy us dessert – we were never asked again about dessert. Our $25 birthday money on the card took an extra 15 min to get it applied to the bill.

I run 30+ restaurants in Texas and realize the importance of great service. We were very disappointed and will not be back to the Plano location. This is the 2nd time the service was less than.

I don’t need to speak to anyone from the Plano location as I spoke with both managers tonight.


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