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Saks Fifth Avenue Corporate Office Address

Saks Fifth Avenue, Inc.
225 Liberty Street 31st Floor
New York, New York 10281

Contact Saks Fifth Avenue

Phone Number: (212) 940-5026
Fax Number: (212) 940-5708
Email: Email Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue Facts

Founder: Andrew Saks
Date Founded: 1867
Founding Location: New York, New York
Number of Employees: 10005

Saks Fifth Avenue Executives

CEO: Richard Alan Baker
CFO: Marc J. Metrick
COO: Mark Briggs

Saks Fifth Avenue History


Saks 1

Andrew Saks founded Saks & Company in New York in 1867. The company was incorporated in 1902.

In 1923 Saks & Co. merged with Gimbel Brothers, Inc. In 1924 Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel opened Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City.

When Bernard’s brother, Adam Gimbel, took over the company in 1926 the company began to expand nationally.saks 2

In 1973 Saks was acquired by BATUS Inc. Saks was sold again in 1990, this time to Investcorp S.A. Investcorp took the company public in 1996.

In August of 2007, the United States Post Office began an experimental program selling the plus zip code extension to businesses. The first company to do so was Saks Fifth Avenue, which received the zip code of 10022-7463 (“SHOE”) for their eighth-floor shoe department in its flagship Fifth Avenue, New York, location. saks 1

In 2013 the Hudson Bay Company (owners of competitor Lord & Taylor) announced it would acquire Saks Fifth Avenue’s parent company for $2.9 billion. The new owners are planning to expand Saks Fifth Avenue into Canada and in 2016, opened their first store in Toronto, with a second location opening in Calgary, Alberta, in February of 2018.  saks 3

In 2015, the company began a 3-year, $250 million restoration plan for their flagship Fifth Avenue location. Completion is expected by the end of 2018.

saks 5

Saks Fifth Avenue FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Saks Fifth Avenue?
Answer 1: The phone number for Saks Fifth Avenue is (212) 940-5026.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue?
Answer 2: The CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue is Richard Alan Baker.

Question 3: Who founded Saks Fifth Avenue?
Answer 3: Saks Fifth Avenue was founded by Andrew Saks in 1867.

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Dejan Hristov May 23, 2019 at 3:38 pm

This is one of the worst place the shop!So unorganized and and such a poor customer service,all the agents are from overseas and they have no idea how to work as a customer care person,they think you got the stuff for free and has to be in their way!!To all the people that shop online,make sure think twice b4 you placed an order from them or especially if u pay extra for overnight delivery!It could take up to 4 business days just to locate your item!
And then maybe up to 2 days the fedex person to pickup the package…
Poor poor poor!!!


Eileen Jaranowski May 14, 2019 at 8:48 am

Bar none, the absolute worst customer service. The call center is somewhere in Mexico or Central America and the people barely speak English. Every time you call or write you get a different answer and the emails are barely readable. I am currently on hold for 30 minutes waiting for a supervisor to help me. Awful.


Rose Carter February 22, 2019 at 8:54 am

My Name is Rose I visited your Saks off 5 store in Plymouth Meeting/Chemical Road…on February 3…
I tried to purchase a fur feather jacket which had a sign over top of it sayings 40% off of $150.00… when I went to checkout the manager stated that the jackets were not on sale… I took a photo of the rack and sign location to prove that indeed the jackets WERE on sale … the manager was Rude and ill informed …I then went on line at and found the same fur feather jackets on line for $89.00… I ordered 2 …After 11 days of waiting Saks finally sent the white jacket in the wrong size and the receipt said no return…I filed an complaint and was told the district manager would give me a call it’s been 19 days in and I’ve not heard from Bert the district manager… Now I’m waiting for the Second jacket to arrive and was told it was being pulled from a store was told store was waiting for Fedx to pick it up… next day I checked on it again and with no notice the order was canceled… called bac on the 13 of February website stated the item was restocked … placed another order for overnight delivery… no jacket… calls the sorry 1800 number and they say it’s not in stock they are trying to find it in a store.. I had the representative check to make sure that it was in stock before I re placed the order… spoke to a so called Supervisor named Brett who was rude and wanted to chastise me… the store workers customer service is a disgrace to the Saks name… after 28 days I ended up with a jacket that I cannot fit and cannot return … and continue to wait for the 2nd jacket this is still ongoing… what ever happened to concern for your clientele.. I am still trying to get my money back… EXTREMELY UNACCEPTABLE never again NORDSTROMS here I come…


Amy January 10, 2019 at 9:23 am

POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and poor attitude
Placed an item before Christmas on December 20th. I was assured I would get it before. No COMMUNICATION until January 8th. It’s on backorder. Took them 3 weeks to figure that out. When I called customer service and spoke with a supervisor they truly didn’t give a sh*t. I told them why would I ever shop at Saks again and they said they understand my choice. No price adjustment when I could’ve bout item at 1/2 price from the co or Nordstroms.
Lesson learned! Buyer BEWARE!!


karen November 11, 2018 at 11:46 pm

I am astounded with the arrogance of such a poor run company. Very ballsy in nature with extremely better runners in track. Tired of the lies.


Mona Roth August 12, 2018 at 11:53 pm

I bought some expensive cologne only to discover it did not stay on me. I was told that i needed to use the little purse samples first as a dry run and then use the real mccoy. Since i was not given the strict instrcutions first i made the silly mistake of putting the samples in my purse and travel bag. The store manager , Collier upheld the no return policy of not taking back product that cannot be sold. The behavior at the Frontenac store goes totally against their printed on line mantra. I plan to stop payment on my charge and report this incident to the BBB. If you want to discuss this further please call. 314406XXXXX. In the meantime I am spreading the word. Ulta, sephora nordstoms, mac oddly enough want their customers to be happy. Go figure.


Terry Leitner May 1, 2018 at 5:34 pm

Wiow if only I had read these reviews prior to placing my order I would have known to head to Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus rather than to deal with this place. This is some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I ordered an item on 4/8 which was confirmed by email on 4/12. After not receiving my order for several weeks which is unheard of in 2018 I emailed Saks and received no reply for more than 5 days. I called the customer service number and was told by the person that my item was from a second vendor and would be send in 2 days. One week later no item and I call customer service and using the automated system am advised my order was CANCELLED!! I called and spoke with someone who said it was cancelled due to shortage of product – all this after my order was confirmed almost a month ago. I never experience this type of poor customer service from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. I am sure you don’t care but I will make sure everyone I can get this info to is aware of it. This was intended as a gift and your store seems not to care. It seems like even leaving this comment is a waste of time since everyone reports no one cares. We can get this info where it belongs in today’s world though and look forward to it.


Kermin Rochman April 25, 2018 at 12:22 pm

For everyone reading this, I feel your pain. I returned a 12 thousand dollar watch and still did NOT get a refund. File complaints with the New York Attorney General and the Attorney General in your respective state. File a complaint with your state’s department of Consumer and Business affairs, contact the manufacturer of the product that you purchased through Saks and tell them what has happened. The vendor/manufacturer will NOT be happy with the actions of Saks. Then, contact a consumer protection attorney in your local area. Because of the hundreds of similar complaints on websites such as this and the BBB and so forth, the attorney might very well consider initiating a class action against Saks which would potentially cost them hundreds of millions in costs. By the way, they publicly list a fake corporate address. The real corporate address for Saks is 225 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10281. Some of the corporate, like Andrea Robins, is on 22nd floor, and some, like Karen Pielech, are on the 31st floor. Write the CEO a certified letter to the CEO Marc Metrick. He won’t respond but it builds your doXXXXentation to establish that the malpractice goes all the way to the top.


Tom February 17, 2018 at 11:21 am

I place a order for a gift card on 2/9/18 online received an email back verification was pending, again 2/13/18 spoke to an individual who said it should not have happened and they would correct it. This was ordered as a gift for a 2/17/2008 party. well it happened again, placed a third order on 2/16/2018 called 2/17/18 was told it would take 24 + hours to get the E card, spent 2 hours trying to resolve it with Gabby, Julio in customer service and Garrison and Christy Johnson on chat no one would help. The customer service provided was just terrible. I contacted AMEX who got Sak customer service on the line who verified my concern. I would like a explaination from some one higher than reading from a script.

Reply December 22, 2017 at 7:50 pm

I placed an order with Saks on Tuesday 12/19 with rush delivery which said my order will be here Friday. I checked my email Wednesday and Thursday for shipping confirmation but haven’t received anything so I decided to give it one more day. Friday came and still no shipping info so I decided to call customer service. The lady then notified me that my stuff was not shipped because my payment information needed to be updated. After I received Confirmation that my order was processed. Then on top of that no one called and notified me of this. So, if I would not have called I would have never knew. This was a Christmas gift that I was expecting on Friday and now I have no Christmas gift to give to that person. I am very livid right now and I expect better service from Saks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nancy Simmons December 12, 2017 at 5:33 pm

quickly checking the posts to this site – it is abundantly clear Saks management does not put any effort into customer service, and from my experience thus far, in hours of sitting on hold when no one picks up at either a store or a customer service telephone number, no one responds to emails – the only explanation for this is corporate management has decided that customer service as such a low priority that they are making a business decision to completely ignore and not respond to any customers, and they do not staff any of the telephones such that customers can speak to a Saks representative. I spent almost $3000 at the store in NYC during a recent gift card promo, the ipads they had on the floor to record purchases and hand out gift cards had VERY long lines, or they ipads weren’t working, or the sales assoc couldn’t sign in for whatever reason. A sales associate took photos of my receipts on her cell phone and assured me she’d enter them and they would mail the gift cards to me. I have not received the hundreds of dollars of gift cards and no one responds to email, nor does anyone answer the phones at any of the customer service or store telephone numbers. I was given the name of a manager at the NYC store, Darian Dorrell 212-753-2725, direct number, but no one answers that phone either and the message says the memory is full and you can’t leave a message – I think I just might return all my gifts to saks and buy the items at neiman marcus, nordstrom, intermix, barneys, shopbop, or any of other other stores out there that demonstrate they value customers, and then cut up my saks card and close my acct. We’ll see if anyone from Saks responds to this…I hope so, but give my many attempts, seems unlikely –


Roderic Rettig December 4, 2017 at 10:43 pm

I bought my mother a bottle of Kilian perfume for $315 dollars, presented it to her, of course she opened it, smelled it and didn’t like it. I promptly returned it to a Saks store near me, and was told “sorry we don’t accept perfume refunds without original plastic wrapper on them, it is a Saks Fifth Avenue policy.” My question is…how does Saks handle all of the perfume/cologne returns during the holidays, and throughout the year for that matter? I mean most purchases are gifts…and might not always be liked. I shop at Saks quite often, but this experience has been absolutely ludicrous ! This rude sales associate at the Bal Harbour Shops in Miami, could have simply accepted the return, to appease a long time Saks shopper and simply used the return as a tester on the shelf. smh….


Roderic Rettig December 4, 2017 at 10:47 pm



Mona Roth August 12, 2018 at 11:59 pm

Im with you all the way. Im done. Im not their biggest customer but one thing for sure i never will be now.


Justine Fuccille November 29, 2017 at 10:43 am

HORRIFIC COSTUMER SERVICE! Ordered a watch that cost almost $3000 and have been given the run around as to when I will receive it. Called multiple times and spoke to multiple representatives who all told me a different story. First the watch was processing for several days, now over 2 weeks later it is still processing even though one rep told me it was shipped rushed order and I would receive it, yesterday! I asked to speak to a supervisor several times and was always told that they were not available. Then i asked for the corporate number and they gave me an out of service number. I called back and told them that and they gave me another number. The lady at corporate put me on hold and told me she was transferring me to the online supervisor, well the supervisor ended up being another agent who couldn’t give me any additional information other than my order was processing. ITS PAST THE PROMISED TIME and I still have NO INFORMATION as to if/when this will be shipped! So technically this can take months and go on forever! First time shopping at Saks and LAST TIME shopping at Saks. Walmart gives better costumer service than this! TERRIBLE!!


Justine Fuccille November 29, 2017 at 10:50 am

Also I was told by one rep that the Vender would call me in 24 hours which was 72 hours ago!


rosaria November 28, 2017 at 2:01 pm

My daughter had a VERY bad experience today at Saks in Huntington NY. In an effort to return two pairs of shoes that were worn ONCE and broke they refused to take them back. NO PLACE on the receipt does it state a return policy regarding worn defective shoes. She was treated HORRIBLY by store employees. She will return tomorrow as she needed to rush home for her child’s bus today TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE


Cynthia Bramwell November 5, 2017 at 12:41 am

My order for the complaint was # 96131709


Cynthia Bramwell November 5, 2017 at 11:13 am

On 8/24/17 I purchased a pair of suede leggings from for $643.27. The order# was 96131709. On, or around, 9/16/17, I noticed that the pants were on sale for $370.00 and that the size and color that I purchased on 8/24 were still available.

I contacted customer service for to ask if I could either a) get a price adjustment or b) return the pair I originally ordered and purchase the pants again to receive the lower price. The customer service rep discussed the matter with a supervisor and told me they would make a one-time exception and grant me a price adjustment in the amount of $226.

By 9/17/17 I did not see the credit adjustment on my Saks credit card account so I contacted customer service. I spoke with a supervisor named Vance who was able to speak with the department in charge of issuing the credit. He told me that when I called on 9/14/17 the credit adjustment was “pre-approved” but still had to be forwarded to the “credit issuing department” for final review and it would take them 10-14 business days for a final decision to be made. He suggested I call back around 10/5/17 or 10/6/17 to find out what decision had been made.

I called customer service again on 10/9/17 and spoke with a supervisor named Raymond. He said he wasn’t sure why a price adjustment still hadn’t been issued so he sent an expedited request to the “credit issuing dept” and said I could expect a decision within 3-5 business days. He said if I didn’t see a credit on my account by Mon, 10/16/17 to call back.

I called customer service again on 10/16/17 and spoke with a customer service rep named DeAnna. She said that the request for my price adjustment had been put in TWICE. She also said I am not the only customer who had called in because their credits had not been reflected on their credit card accounts, so my issue was not an isolated incident. She said the credit should only take another 3 business days. She said if I don’t see if on my account in the next few days to call back.

I called customer service on 10/23/17 and spoke with customer service rep William. He was the ONLY customer service rep who asked if anyone had been assigned to my issue and had offered to follow-up. I told him no and he offered to follow-up with me. I actually receieved an email from him later that day. His email stated, “As per our records the last supervisor that submitted the request on OCT 13th made the refund go through and it reflects on our system that your refund will be reflected on Nov. 2nd 2017. As per our conversation I know I told you I was going to be today but and I apologize for that information because the result of the investigation show that it will be until Nov. 2nd because the request from the previous supervisor was done on OCT 13th and like I explain to you earlier the process takes between 10 – 14 business days to be complete it. Again so far along this investigation that what we have found but we will keep on searching to make sure we solve this for you as soon as possible.”

On 11/2/17 I called customer service again AND sent an email to William as no price adjustment or credit had been reflected on my account. No reply from William had been received and customer service told me they had to send an email to the “credit issuing dept.”

On 11/3/17 called customer service again. This time they conferenced in the Saks credit card customer service rep who advised they showed no record of the price adjustment. Again, I was told they would have to email the “credit issuing dept.” and they would email me with an update. No email or call was received.


katharine October 31, 2017 at 11:48 am

I am absolutely beside myself. About two weeks ago I was in Saks and lost a silver bracelet that my 91 year old mother had just given me. I am sure it came off in a dressing room when I was trying on a couple of things . I didn’t realize it until I and left and we were headed home next day to California. I have CALLED and CALLED and CALLED customer service and I am put on hold for twenty or thirty minutes EACH time until I give up. And then I try again.
This is so crazy but I don’t know what to do short of getting in a plane and flying back.



Randa Leger October 19, 2017 at 1:21 am

My Account #: 0000-0075-3644-5997

Dear Sir or Madam:

This is the FOURTH time that I am asking you to refund me for the amount of $75.00 that you are ILLEGALLY keeping for more than 4 months.
Since you did charge me twice in the past $35.00 for being late ONE day, I am applying you the same treatment, as of today YOU OWE me $9000.00.
But as it appears that you are in such dire financial situation that you have to keep other people money, I am giving you a discount of 10%, which is much more generous that what you did to me.



catherine October 12, 2017 at 10:51 pm

Very very bad customer service. And didn’t get my full refund!
I bought an order online, and received a wrong item. I wrote, they couldn’t help and told be to just return the package if I was unhappy. Which I did. But they cancelled by return order before I had time to go (less than 3-weeks). I had to ask for another Return doXXXXent. My return was delayed and past the 30-days but they told me that would be all good!
I return for $90 value and got reimbursed of only $50. Wrote back, no answer. Wrote again, nothin, and again, nothing. I called, fist they told me there was a return fees of $36! Which is absolutely wrong! Then, the manager told me they reimbursed less because they received the package more than 36 days instead of 30 days. Yeah, because they have done 3 mistakes, i have to pay the price. It’s not only about the moment but the surprisingly poor customer service and really unprofessional an unpleasant staff. Do I have to mention I won’t purchase there again?


Dionne P. October 12, 2017 at 10:32 pm

The customer service in the Philadelphia location on City Ave sucks. Let me start off saying that first. Im in the shoe department browsing until an associate FINALLY comes over to ask if i needed some assistance. I asked her can i see the Christian Louboutin’s “So Kate” in a size 7 1/2 in black & nude. Well instantly her whole demeanor changed i guess because i was asking for “THAT” shoe and 2 pairs (yea right was the look on her face). So when she bought them out she handed me one shoe to try on, very NONCHALANTLY might i add, and just stood there and looked at me as if i was getting on her nerves. She answered my questions very fast and short. I started to leave out the store and dont purchase anything but my daughter was getting married and I really needed the nude pair. I purchased both pairs and when she saw me going in my pocketbook then her mood changed a lil bit and now wanna hold a conversation. i guess she thought i was about to waste her time asking to try on those shoes. Ok now its the
night before the wedding the next weekend and i go to try on my clothes and shoes to make sure everything looks right and its 2 different shoes in the f’n box…im pissed off,im furious right now because wtf can i do at this moment. Same color but different styles like how the hell do you make that “mistake” with an expensive shoe like that ($700). I cant even explain how pissed off i was. Someone had to run out the next morning and get me a lil cheap pair of shose because I had NO time to go back to the store and exchange. I was heated on my daughters wedding day..uuggh…. So I called and called and got the run around so when i finally got a chance to go and return them of course the lady wasnt in the store and it took about 20 minutes for someone to help me. Im telling him the story with the shoes and now he’s talking and looking at me as if it was my fault that it was 2 different shoes in my box. After about another half an hour past with me just sitting there and him studying my receipt and going in the back doing who knows and then trying to help another customer before resolving my issue, I was finally helped and out the store. That was a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE and will not be purchasing anything else from this store. Customer service is thee worst and you would never expect to be treated sooo badly in such a high end store but evidently this is normal treatment by reading everybody else’s story on here. You’ve lost another customer!!!


Diana Sizar October 5, 2017 at 5:52 pm

I just order a belt for my husband cost me $500.00 , send defective old sample belt which was rusted, called customer service supervisor , her name was Egula Jemlau , she was so bad the way handling it , even send the pictures of item , This is my first time shopping from here and last time, put me on hold for at least 30 minutes. Again called asked for supervisor they said supervisor going to call you back!!!!! did not get any calls!!!!!


Cohen Beth October 8, 2017 at 11:54 am

bactravel1 at On Wednesday October 4,2017 my friend went into NYC to shop at the Saks store to look for a black tie XXXXtail dress. We stopped at floor 3 and saw a beautiful Victoria Beckham dress on the F&F 25% rack.. the only problem is was US size 8. We inquired about getting a smaller size( Us 2 or 4) depending on how it is sized? We were told unavailable, the sales representative had no interests in helping me( btw the store was empty it was 5:00 open for at least an additional 3 and half hours more) so we wandered off to another department but wasn’t allowed to take the dress. We ran into another sales representative on floor 9 who was a bit more helpful . We found 5 dresses tried them on in addition was then able to try on the Victoria Beckham dress. Much too big! The saleswoman also told us unavailable in smaller sizes. My friend looked it up on her phone available in saks in suze2,4,6,8,10.. we showed the saleswoman ” wow she said ” never bothered to look.. we were there till closing . The saleswoman tried a bit to order but said computer froze and I should purchase using her salesnumber so she could get credit on my own. I also purchased a $1300 dress giving her credit for that purchase. Went home and proceeded for several hours to order the dress however, the online would not honor the F&F discount . I called and texted the saleswoman at 10:00 11:00 and 12:00 never heard back from her till 5:30 and she said once again buy it for fiull price and she would then credit me the 25% off but final sale. The following morning now it’s Friday ( 3days later) I found the exact dress on Neiman and Marcus website size 4 originally $2550 reduced to $638 .. ordered it and the sales rep tried to find a size 2 at Bergdorf Goodman all sold out.. I tried Bloomingdales didn’t carry it but was told by all the major department stores ” don’t worry as long as you can prove it Saks would match this price and get you the size 2″ I then spoke to online reps at Saks they told me absolutely they would honor send the pic with the price.. I sent it 3 times. I waited for 2 and half hours on line back and forth supervisior after manager much to my dismay nobody was willing to assist me . Another wasted evening.. I spoke to at least 5 representatives and took their names down contact e.mails and was promised a person in corporate would contact me , never heard back! I filled out the survey that Saks sent me explaining this unfortunate situation. I have been shopping at Saks for the past 40 years. I always felt like a princess when I entered the store:) It is sad and disappointing at this stage of my life to have been disregarded as a client 🙁 I am hoping after reading my complaint I can actually have a conversation with a corporate representative to go over this matter. Thank you for hopefully taking the time out to read my complaint! Beth Cohen (516)383-XXXXX bactravel1 at


Sheila E. October 2, 2017 at 3:34 am

Saks should not have people in the Phillipines answer their customer service lines. The employees are stupid, aren’t fully fluent in English, and Saks is losing money due to their poor customer service.

Also, I ordered something and the next day, it was Friends & Family (25% off) so I called to ask for the credit difference and they said it would take 10-14 days to do that (Nordstrom does it right on the spot). So I reordered the item; Saks will now have to pay for the shipping of the item and the shipping for the returning of the full-priced item—real smart!

I just buy at Saks if I can get a discount—if no discount, I give my money to the best customer service—Nordstrom!


ANNA GAREN September 25, 2017 at 11:36 am

Couple of month ago i received notification from my AMEX card for a purchase at Saks 5th ave that I never initiated. I decided to advice Saks 5th Ave customer service regarding the fraud in order for Saks not to have a loss. Now I understand it was a wrong idea:because now I can not order anything anymore from Saks web site, all my orders getting canceled without any communication from Saks side and no matter how many times I called customer service and was promised to be contacted by fraud investigation department, still no solution for the problem.
I was ordering a lot from Saks for years and never had any problems, but not this time.
If somebody from corporate office would be so kind to contact me, I would appreciate


Debra Garro September 22, 2017 at 11:49 am

I was promised an e-gift card for a dress I sent back that was purchased on a gift card. This was 3 MONTHS ago. They keep saying ‘it’s coming’. What is going on? Saks used to be so wonderful to do business with. Where is my $300???


Alisa September 21, 2017 at 1:03 pm

I am trying to reach shoe department in Manhattan store for a week now. I have called customer service and they email shoe department manager to reach out to me but nobody called me back. I called customer service again and was placed on hold for 15 minutes. Nobody answered. I called back operator asking to be connected to customer service. When operator got back on line she pretended not hearing me and hung up on me. THIS IS SO UNACCEPTABLE! I CAN’T BELIEVE CUSTOMERS ARE BEING TREATED THIS WAY BY HIGH END STORE!


Pam Walters September 19, 2017 at 7:04 am

My husband purchased a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes for me thru Saks online 9/11. The shoes arrived late and when I opened the box, the wrong color was sent. Our ordeal began Friday afternoon with Saks customer service trying to get this error corrected and get the right color shoes expedited to us. Saks customer service is located in El Salvador and communication is difficult. I have spent hours on the phone with CSR’s and Supervisors. My husband was promised the shoes would go out Monday 9/18 from New Orleans and would be received on Tuesday. I called 9/18 am to verify this & was told(Lovely) the shoes had been ordered from Beverly Hills store & we would have a tracking number within a few hours. At 3:30pm I called again(Gabriel, supv.) & he stated it takes 4 business days for processing & I would have the shoes by Friday(unacceptable!!!) I requested he call the store directly & check on the order. He agreed & said he would call back within the hour. I never received a call back. Sent him an email, no response. I called the Beverly Hill store directly spoke to Stephanie who transferred me to overseas customer service after putting me on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up & tried the store again & was cut off twice. I have left a message for the ladies shoes manager Mike Carlson asking for help but have not received a call back. I have never received such poor customer service in my life, especially from a high end store. This customer service situation needs immediate attention. I need some help asap. Please check my order#96339367(first order) #9055911(second order). I still have no shoes!!!!!!!


szeidman September 15, 2017 at 8:44 pm

I ordered a baby gift online which was supposed to have been delivered on September 7th, 2017 by FedEx – identified by the tracking number. It was supposedly dropped off. The recipient never received the gift so I called Saks Customer Service. To say that I was disappointed and shocked by your Customer Service and your policy is an understatement!!

First, Customer Service said there needed to be an investigation – taking weeks. Second, a replacement gift was not available unless I paid again for a gift. Third, no refund was available. I spoke to 3 supervisors who were not helpful.

I took matters into my own hands and called FedEx with the tracking number. They immediately told me that the package was misdelivered. It went to a different town and different address and FedEx opened up a case number to investigate.

Right now, the baby gift is lost! I have not gotten a refund! A replacement gift was not sent!

Your Customer Service. Your Brand – what a shame! So I have and will inform my social network and advertise this very poor treatment of a customer and other customers. I will never buy from you online and I will recommend that no one else does. Your reputation is literally in the hands of people like myself – I will let everyone know BUYER BEWARE!!!! Social networks are very effective in dealing with situations like this.


trina swinson September 15, 2017 at 10:11 am

This is a complaint

on Friday, September 8,2017 I order a moncler toddler’s little boy’s puffer jacket
Order Number: 96293684
I received the jacket Tuesday, September 12,2017 the jacket had a lil damage/defective on the front of it I called saks
877-551-7257 and was told that saks will have fedex pick the jacket up free because it have damage so I don’t have to pay for it and a replacement jacket will be ordered and overnighted shipping to me, I said ok and can I just size up because the jacket looks a little small I was told ok not a problem. The same jacket was order and the damage jacket would be picked up Thursday, September 14,2017

So today Thursday, September 14,2017 I received my second jacket order number: 96355280
I opened the box to find a girl moncler jacket once again I’m calling saks to see what’s going and I’m being told to order a third jacket notice all of the jackets are being billed to my card. So I will lot be ordering a third jacket and I will not be paying to return the second girl jacket that I never ordered.

I think as a higher end store every time I order something from saks it’s always a problem and your customer service is horrible.

So now I have over $1000 on my credit card and I don’t have an item. And I have two saks credit card one store card $3,000 and one MasterCard saks $10,000. I would cancel my cards but it would affect my credit score so I will just keep them I definitely won’t be using them.

Now let’s see how long it takes to clear up this whole mixup that have nothing to do with me. It’s all on saks

Please have your little girl jacket bought a phony possible because I don’t need nor did I order it


Sylvia Lower August 31, 2017 at 12:12 pm

This fifth avenue store is in Costa Masa CA my story is really to long to tell but I will say that the women that work in womens fragrances need training they are rude pushy . After shopping there I will never deal with any of fifth ave stores again. And their return policy sucks they are not customer friendly!! Goodbuy fifth avenue I’m breaking my credit card in little pieces and never look back. I will take my business to Nordstrom I have NEVER had one problem with them.


Katie August 30, 2017 at 8:51 am

August 28, 2017 Re: order#096095691

To whom it may concern

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, I received my online order in the mail from Saks Fifth Ave. I opened the exterior box that the items came in and picked up the box of perfume, realizing immediately the weight of the box was insufficient for the item I ordered. When I opened the Bottega Venetta box, imagine my surprise and bewilderment when I saw what was inside the box. It was a small bottle of perfume with a broken top (Lolita Lempicka). I immediately called the phone number on the return slip and spoke to Prescilla Teves.
After a brief conversation with her, she suggested I send her a picture of the items. Please see attached email from Prescilla and the emails I sent to her. I followed her instructions, realizing that she did not ask for any contact information, order # or any information that would help her resolve the problem. She stated I should receive an email in 2-5 days with the result of the investigation. I was perplexed and unsatisfied with the way she handled the situation and I didn’t think she had enough information to bring resolution. Of course, I did not receive an email or any contact from her.
My next phone call was to the Saks office in The Palm Beach Gardens Mall and spoke to a representative (Loretta) and she was just as baffled as I was. She informed me that it needed to be addressed through the online process and to call her again if the situation did not get resolve.
My call today (8/28/2017) included a conversation with Kathy who confirmed there was no record of my call or request for assistance in the system under the online order number. I was not surprised at all, on the contrary, I was very disappointed in the online support process and the representative. I was most unhappy with the way I was treated as a customer. Kathy reviewed my order and stumbled through the conversation. She suggested I pay again for the perfume and she will request a refund that will take approximately 2 weeks to get.
(Really) Saks (a high end store) has not perfected their processes when dealing with errors on their part. After feeling insulted with her offers, I asked for a supervisor (Alex) who came on the line after a long wait, she offered the same resolutions.
I am amazed at the irresponsibility, lack of training, and lack of sense of urgency for customers that are spending money at Saks. I find it unbelievable that this high end establishment does not have a better system in place when customers do not receive the items they ordered and paid for.
I am so happy I was able to locate another source to order the Bottega Venetta. I will no longer spend my money at Saks because this incident left a bad taste in my mouth. I will no longer refer my friends and family. I will post my dissatisfaction about Saks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever other social medias outlets available.


Victoria Sharpe August 17, 2017 at 2:41 pm

I placed online order on 7/16/17 and then cancelled within 30 minutes. Order was sent anyway. Chatted with CSR once received and was given return instructions and was told I would be credited once return was received. Charge was credited to my Paypal account, LESS shipping fee of $9.95. Chatted with CSR again and was told since it was SAKS’ error, I would be credited the shipping fee. Credit was never received. Chatted with CSR yet again and was assured $9.95 would be credited in 7-10 days. Received a SAKS gift card in the mail for CREDIT for $9.95. To date, I have chatted and called…spoken with CSRs, supervisors, and team managers. Patricia (team mgr.) told me she would look into a refund check or crediting my bankcard which is tied into my paypal acct. She assured me I would hear back from her within 24 hrs. I have since tried to contact her (leaving msg. with another mgr. for her to please return my call) It has now been 72 hours (and counting). This has gone on for far too long with no one being able to refund what is due to me! Please do the RIGHT thing and refund MY $9.95 on Order 095806872,


Victoria Sharpe August 17, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Also given two INCORRECT numbers by CSR and Supervisor for Corporate. Found correct number on website. Customer Service is a term very loosely used at SAKS!


MaKisha Williams August 8, 2017 at 3:17 pm

I have been getting the run around for a returned thay Saks recieved June 10! I have also been for forwarded to supervisors overseas that have NO CLUE. This the worst customer service Ove ever experienced I will shop at Nordstrom or Neiman’s regardless of the price.


Riati August 3, 2017 at 8:49 pm

Saks has the absolute worst customer service ever. They are never willing to help solve any issue or honor a sale item on their own site. Horrible is an understatement. They hang up on you the second it gets too much. ”This company is hopefully getting lower and lower.


Rachael Kemper August 2, 2017 at 8:22 pm

This was the first and last time I will ever order from Saks off Fifth ave. It was the worst experience I have had with a purchase re: order #4086283. After many long phone calls and emails, I finally received the money back I was rightfully owed. However, no one, manager or supervisor could do anything to compensate me for my effort that was the fault of this company except give me money off my next order. I will never shop here again.


Donna Campisi July 22, 2017 at 7:52 am

I am writing to ask you if you would kindly help me to get a refund for an order that was fulfilled incorrectly. I ordered a Karla Colletto swim dress for $287.26 and received a baby outfit. (SEE ATTACHED PICTURE).

I immediately called customer service and spoke with Mylene Appare. She scheduled a Fedex pickup 997319150435677 which was received by SAKS returns on 7/14/2017. She assured me I would be refunded for the cost of the swim dress upon the receipt of the baby outfit.

I tried to contact customer service by email and telephone but no one has gotten back to me. It has been over a week and still no refund. My monthly bill has been generated. I like to pay it in full but this charge is still on there. I think it is unfair to make me wait so long for a refund when this is an error made by Saks fulfillment center.

Please help.


Rita Lippincott July 20, 2017 at 4:14 pm

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Sent back 3 dresses and getting the full on run around…Claiming my package is in route 3 weeks later I’ve called 7 times spoke to 3 different supervisors one located in the Philippines.. Absolutely ludicrous!!!! Beware of you returning via USPS with there label..Saks Fifth Ave. should be ashamed on their customer service..


AMN July 20, 2017 at 10:08 am

I have so many issues I don’t know where to start!

1. I have made 5 online orders, 3 of which were RUSH deliveries that I paid extra for, of those 3 NOTHING was delivered within 2 days–more like 7-10 days.

2. 5 out of 5 of my orders — some places in store and some placed online arrived in TERRIBLE CONDITION. Men’s suits were balled up inside plastic wrap, nothing arrived in a garment bag and these are suits that are over $1,000.

3. 4 out of 5 orders arrived with the wrong items. The packing slip has the correct items listed and what arrived was different. I returned everything a day or 2 after they arrived to an actual store and asked to speak to a manager both at Tysons and Chevy Chase and the only response I received was “I’m sorry, we can’t do anything about it.”

4. 1 out of 5 orders arrived as if it had been worn! It was dirty and had a flaky substance along the shoulder (of a men’s suit).

5. I ordered a dress in another size for my sister in law, requested next day delivery and that was on Saturday, July 15. My card has been charged and I have not received any tracking or information as to when it will arrive.

I want Saks to know that as a result of all these issues my mother and brothers have spent over $10,000 at Nordstroms — sales associates there were running around trying to accomodate us and we felt appreciated and respected. Spent a few thousand at Neimans and had sales associates willing to locate item and ship to me immediately. Even Amazon, that company sells both low and high quality and offer amazing customer service. I don’t understand what is happening with Saks. My once go-to store for high end goods is officially off my list. Very glad that Neimans wasn’t sold to Hudson Bay companies. Also, Lord & Taylor provides more respect and assistance than any Saks I’ve been to in the last year.


I cannot verbalized my disappointment and lack of care that I’ve experienced at Saks Fifth Avenue from actual managers on down.


Jing July 19, 2017 at 7:31 pm

Placed 3 orders a month and a half ago and didnt realize until 10 days that all 3 orders got cancelled. received none notification. Called Saks customer service, said the security team would call me back within 24-48 hours, but they never called back. I made at least 15 calls to customer service since then, agents either hung up or lie and refused to transfer me to a supervior. Finally talked to a supervior who promised this time security team would definitely call me back within 24-48 hours but again NO. Called in today again agent said supervior would call me within an hour guess what, NO calling back. Calling again for god’s sake the 16th time..


Carol July 18, 2017 at 11:38 am

Returned two pair of AG trousers purchased online via FedEx; return acknowledged by One pair of trousers was credited and the second pair has been ignored. I’ve telephoned (877)551-7257 at least five times with request to speak with a Supervisor, my return is unacknowledged and my trousers have not been returned to me. Customer service personnel either hang up or lie, but don’t have refund.


ashley July 13, 2017 at 9:21 pm

purchased a pair of prada sandals online for a gift and they didn’t fit so I returned them only to find out that they would only refund half the amount since they went on sale. I paid full price and asked if they could either give me a full refund since i paid full price or just send the shoes back to me b/c if I was only going to get half the price I paid then I would rather have them to try and give to someone else. These were $650 and brand new never worn so I should be entitled to get the price I paid for them. Saks has the worst customer service ever and I will never shop there again


Kerry June 23, 2017 at 10:20 pm

I placed a order with Saks on 06-17 and I cancelled it on 06-19. They can charge your card pretty fast but it’s amazing they can’t refund just as quick I still can’t get them as of today. Excuses after excuses and they don’t seem to care one bit for customer service. Their online customer service sucks. I will shop somewhere else. Horrible service!!!


Kerry June 23, 2017 at 10:21 pm

Horrible Service!!!!


Angry Customer June 5, 2017 at 9:16 am

I purchased a pair of Gucci slides for my husband not once but TWICE and cannot get the correct size ordered. The employees are incompetent and can’t read and customer service is just horrible!!! They are absolutely no help at all!!! They keep telling me to return when their return process is like using pony express and literally takes a month to have your money refunded. I will NOT ever shop this store again!! Now I have to find my husband a pair of slides from either Nordstrom or Bloomingdales where they care about their customers and hire people that can read and comprehend things!!!!


joni morrow June 2, 2017 at 3:05 pm does indeed have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever!!! I ordered an expensive purse – it took over 10 days to arrive and it was the WRONG purse. The packing slip was correct but the item was not. I sent an email with a photo and never got a response. I called and they kept me waiting 14 minutes to talk to a supervisor who then informed me that the purse was out-of-stock! Now I have to spend my time mailing the incorrect product back and will have to no doubt wait several weeks for a refund!


Tashima May 30, 2017 at 7:41 pm



Lauren Brockway-Bell May 21, 2017 at 1:51 am

On may 20th I purchased a mug that I was absolutely in love with from saks I was so happy ! I continued shopping around the mall when i set the bag down when I went to the washroom STILL IN THE MALL I MIGHT ADD I heard a break I was like omg great my flippin mug broke I have to go back.. so I take it back explaining to the lady what happened she’s like “oh sure I’ll grab you another one” I’m like perfect ! So she’s like this time I’ll wrap it with bubble wrap for you I said thank you and asked her if she needed my receipt for anything this lady says “oh no you actually have to purchase the mug because the mug wasn’t broken when we sold it to you its policy” mind you the first mug was wrapped with TISSUE PAPER THATS WHY IT BROKE WHAT IN THE WORLD IS TISSUE PAPER GOING TO PROTECT ?!? now you want to wrap it in bubble wrap because to me that should have be done the first time… now I am so in love with this mug I purchased it and said thanks for the amazing “customer service” and walked off.. worst customer service I’ve ever received.


Lena May 15, 2017 at 9:27 pm

on may 14,2017, Mother’s Day I took my mom to saks to kill time and get her the bond no9 she was mentioning that she like. This is the St. Louis mo Frontenac location.
I knew there was a new fragrance so we stopped over there. I work out of la and travel for work to ny so not really versed in how saks in Missouri is ran. I went with my mother to the Beauty and fragrance area. Saw an associate and asked upon fragrance. I was looked at and pointed in what direction to go.

I’m a nice person so I walked over with my mother(Mother’s Day) to an empty area with basic fragrance. Not what I was looking for. Bond no9, was in another area, I asked and was pointed in the other direction. I asked if this associate would assist. It was very dead in there so I assumed the lax in help was due to that. But again it’s a sale I assumed. I figured the person works in the cosmetic section and is helping. So we go over to bond and I want my mom to get some what if an experience since she haven’t been to the store in ny. It’s a story to the bonds. The associate was clueless.
Basically stood there while I’m helping my own mother with the fragrance. They knew if she is smelling different bottles she would need to break that up, everything would smell the same. I asked for coffee beans. When we requested one of the bottles, the associate didn’t go in the case like normal, they got the one on display across the wall.

I didn’t say anything I assumed that they do things differently. But the associate went to the back but took the box with him as if we were going to run off with the perfume. I was immediately embarrassed that my mother was here for this. I felt the oddness or something I can’t put my finger on. The associate came back, I tried to be nice and asked if my mom could smell something else as my mom had a particular like.
Most individuals if you tell what scents you like i.e. Woody, citrus, they would inform of all that are in that category and let you know some things smell different on the arm( individuals body chemistry are different) for others. So what may smell good on myself may not smell the same for my mother or on a scent card. Again I was the associate of this. I have purchased bond for myself so I know what service is like at the store in ny and even at saks. Your paying money for something. I was shocked at the service I received. I mentioned about samples since again I get bond for myself but for my mom i was trying to break her in to a different fragrance vs. creed and Tom ford which she would get on the select holidays.

So we went to a different register and again it felt as if we were these, I was this young hip hop head that come in the store and I assume the associates categorize everyone the same. Maybe he assumed I wasn’t going to buy anything because that was the exact feeling. He looked off, wasn’t a normal associate. But I purchased the item. My mother didn’t tell me anything until the night after dinner. She mentioned that she didn’t want to visit a store in St. Louis, she has purchased online but the store the associate treat you differently. She was disappointed in her experience. I rather that happened to myself than my mother experience it.

The sort of discrimination that was visibly there. My mother opened the box and noticed the bottle which I viewed as a display, had some (sit) markings on it. So she asked about whenever I come back to St. Louis if I could go with her to exchange for an actual bottle that was in the case. She was afraid to go on her own. So I have to either purchase a bottle online and just keep the one or give away or come to St. Louis in 3 days to exchange a bottle. I’ve noticed in St. Louis, there are certain individuals that purchase items, maybe some take things back, but please do not categorize every person that come in the door as a ” viewer only, individual that may steal, may purchase but probably will return”. I’ve been to other locations and I ask questions and yes associates see some as ” certain indivuals I guess steal, or make big purchases but return”.

I bought my mother a necklace at Tiffanys and I’m always treated honestly and fairly every time. Just like every customer that walks in. I come to saks and just felt like I should’ve just purchased online to avoid the stereotyped look and treatment. Very sad at the situation.


DR. O. June 8, 2017 at 4:10 pm

Lena’s statement above is very sad and painful to read. I hope SAX reached out to her and her mother. It would make a difference, particularly to her mother who seems to have been damaged very deeply by the SAX reps at the store(s).


Roxanne Ilano May 14, 2017 at 8:29 pm

Purchased a Burberry handbag online for Mother’s Day. Everything checked out fine, I got a confirmation email with the estimated delivery date (I even got expedited shipping). The next day, I receive an email stating my order has been cancelled. I automatically assume it is my bank declining my purchase. I call my bank first, they state that everything is fine and there is no block, so I contact Saks, they state that it is my bank declining the order. Here we are going back and forth – 4 different times I had to call my bank, simultaneously with Saks, come to find out, my card was declining because Saks was inputting the incorrect security code (Cvc code) on the back of my card. The Saks representative I was speaking (at the same time with my bank) with told me “they are not authorized to ask us (the consumer) for our security code” and that they just input a GENERIC SECURITY CODE.. We ask if we can provide them with the correct and actual security code on the back of my card to complete the purchase. Once they put in MY security code, the purchase went through. Mind you, this is all taking place on Mother’s Day. Instead of enjoying time with my family, I am trying to fix an issue that should have never been to begin with.

I have never in my life encountered this. Maybe shopping at Walgreens or even CVS, but never a high end retailer, such as Saks. Furthermore, how am I, a consumer, supposed to feel comfortable shopping at a place that does not even verify a security code before a purchase. It was supposed to be a surprise Mother’s Day present to arrive at her job, but due to all this hassle, it will not arrive in time.

I am extremely disappointed with Saks all together. I will never shop here again. I should have stuck to Neiman’s, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. This is my first time shopping Saks and definitely my last.


Matilda Savage May 12, 2017 at 9:06 pm



M May 8, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Very poor customer service for a high end retailer. Still waiting for response to email inquiry I made to customer service regarding an in store return of an online purchase. I’m shocked. Had always believed Saks to be very customer focused, similar to another high end retailer they compete with.


M May 8, 2017 at 9:07 pm

Sent second email to customer service and email to corporate. Still no response.


Sarah April 21, 2017 at 5:24 pm

I ordered years ago a Burberry Coat for my son, via phone the New York Store. Paid for it with VISA. Just a couple days past and my VISA was being used in Texas at a Radio Shack. As of April 20, 2017, I ordered three items, pressed the place order button, and a red bubble came up saying my just shy of $50,000 credit line that carries an averages balance less than $5,000 was declined, so I had to try another Credit Card and it would not let me enter anything, so Had to reorder, when tried all three items just shy of $1,000 were gone, no longer available. This is not the worst of it!!!!! The next day I talked with Eleven on-line and store location (New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Maryland). I have placed the order today for one of the three items and gave my credit card via phone and then, disconnected. Saks Fifth Avenue is a nightmare in HELL store. Customer service is non existent except for a small few actually in the stores. If I was the CEO or President, I would bury my head in the sand for being the worst business person ever!!!!!!!! Saks is a BAD, PATAHETIC, DISHONEST, HELLL-HOLE OF A STORE!!!


Phyllis hirsh April 18, 2017 at 8:21 pm

I don’t know what to do at this point. I returned a $600 dress to saks by Fred ex, using the sak label. When I call the refund extension I am told they have to dress and it will be refunded. When I speak to a live person I am told they have no record of the dress and that without the tracking number they can’t locate it. Last time I called his supervisor told me they had the dress, today they told me they have no record of the dress. This is just unacceptable. No matter what time I call I am put on hold for 15 or 20 minutes and then no one can help me. Now I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back, I am not going to hold my breath. What kind of scam is this? First I was told I would have my refund by April 14 and I was told I would have my refund by April 18 now they tell me they can’t find the dress. I have no idea how to get in touch with the corporate office. I purchased three dresses, when I returned and received a refund, this one is lost in La La land somewhere,the third I returned a week ago and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I would love to speak to someone who can really help me. Is there anyone out there?


Loyal Customer April 17, 2017 at 10:15 am

A decades long loyal customer. Called to report card was stolen-on hold 20 minutes then disconnected. Called back, on hold for 49 minutes. Finally someone answered but transferred me to a guy in India who was able to cancel the card. I had earned Rewards and promotional cards that they “couldn’t find” on my account, even though I provided proof of purchase/qualification. Eventually I received one replacement rewards card but the larger one “was issued by the store so we cant help you”
I guess you don’t need me as a customer anymore.


Virginia R. Roy April 15, 2017 at 1:40 pm

As I read the numerous nightmarish situations that others have had I realize I am not the only one in the same boat! I purchased hostess gifts and hostess favors for a dinner party over a month ago. They did not arrive in time although I ordered them with plenty of lead time. They were also shipped via FedEx yet somehow ended up with the United States Postal Service. Plus one of the gifts included in the box was personalized by a third party vendor and personalized incorrectly. I too, spent 40 minutes on the telephone with three different Saks representatives. Each had no clue as to how to be of any help. I sent the shipment back to Saks just as it was received by me and I have waited for almost a month now and I still have no refund or resolution to the matter. My many emails have been answered with excuse after excuse for the delay. The latest was that the items needed to be inspected before I could be refunded. Perhaps it is time to take action against Saks. Not certain yet how to do that short of boycotting the entire establishment, but I feel there must be other avenues for retaliation against a company who most certainly does not put their customers first!


SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 8:29 pm



SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 8:23 pm

There are so many high end stores looking for your business-with PRICE HONESTY AND BEND OVER BACKWARDS SERVICE..SAKS IS A NIGHTMARE FORM START TO FINISH…


Adnan Bandukda April 3, 2017 at 9:35 am

I have been trying to get in touch with sourcing for socks but so far been unable. can someone please help me. Thanks.


SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 8:31 pm

This is not the place to buy them-so inferior for the money-Brooks Brother is great


Shen March 3, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Horrible return & customer service ever!

I returned a Tory Birch blouse on Jan. 18. After 3 weeks of no refund posted, I contacted the FedEx and was told the package was delivered at Saks warehouse since Jan 23rd, 2017. I have since contacted customer service multiple times via Chat and phone calls however; no resolution!!! Each time, I was told that they cannot do anything about it until the warehouse sorts it out…

The company policy is “Please allow 10 – 14 business days for the processing of your return by mail.” It has been over a month!!! A week ago, I sent an email to the customer service to request an escalation! I was told in the reply by associate “I am showing that the package is in still in transit…” Since then another week has passed without any status update!

Apparently it is the problem needed to be resolved between Saks and its FedEx carrier; instead, they leave me, a customer, hanging out to dry. TERRIBLE!!!


SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 8:37 pm

That were not being honest with you. They are covering up-I had the same problem as you about the same time..Waited 45 mins to talk with a customer service gal that I oozes and complimented to ‘get the job done..Same problem blaming it on FEDEX..
That call was on Friday-Today is monday..They have already sent a credit to my AMEX card..and put me on the FAST TRACK TO THE FRONT OF LINE. After I spoke to the manager of my service gal, who put me through, after i told her i wanted to tell her boss how outstanding she was…I will get my credit within 3 days…IT IS ALL POLITICS.


Kat April 11, 2017 at 12:17 pm

Same thing happened to me! I hate them never again shopping from them! They suck!


J November 29, 2017 at 11:12 am

First time and LAST time I will ever order from them as well! HORRIFIC!


cz February 3, 2017 at 11:54 am

I have NEVER experienced such terrible customer service in my life! I bought a $500.00 juicer that didn’t work. I was told to ship it back to the distribution center. After a month of no status – I had to call and spend 2 hours on the phone with several different SAKS reps who told me that since they couldn’t find anything “wrong with it” that I am pretty much stuck with it – no replacement or credit for the store. But they offered me a 10% “courtesy discount” to purchase another one!!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me! All I wanted was a replacement and they didn’t believe me that it wouldn’t work and did NOTHING about it. TERRIBLE!!!!!


SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 8:40 pm

coudn’t agree with you me as they delete comments if they are too negative.
I am phoning there CEO company tomorrow who is on the stock exchange in Canada-HUDSON BAY- they lost millions last year….


Gary Frey February 1, 2017 at 1:43 pm

Bought jewelry items from Saks Off 5th. One of the watches came wrapped in a used piece of tissue paper thrown into a cardboard shipping box with no watch box, warranty, instructions or invoice. I called the order line to complain and they told me they would contact the shipping department and get back to me within 24 hours. That didn’t happen. I then called corporate and was on with them foe 30 minutes trying to get this resolved. They were of no help and told me to mail it back. No offer of an apology or any concern about the item. Saks has lost a good customer. Too many other stores and sites to buy from than to put up with this.


L. Cleckley January 29, 2017 at 6:17 am

1/27/17, fraudulent charge posted to Bank of America Visa Debit Card in the amount of $979.88 via Saks Direct #689 Aberdeen MD. I notified BOA on 1/27 to cancel card and initiate a claim process and also called (877) 551-7257 Saks Direct (which I found the number for per the BBB website), and Saks took my information and indicted that they would call me back sometime today 1/28/17. They would not allow me to talk to anyone directly in their security or fraud department which I find unacceptable. I had to call back and finally was connected to an Amber who indicates she can not reverse the charge, although she found it, notified Fed Ex to try to hold delivery and told me that it appeared fraudulent. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It appears Saks has poor cybersecurity controls and clearly does not care about this issue given the numerous similar complaints that I am finding online relating to Saks Direct #689, Aberdeen MD per the following website –


Maria February 14, 2017 at 4:43 pm

Same experience, My Saks card was hacked. I noticed it when unplaced orders started being delivered to my home. I iImmediately reported it, cancelled the card and was assured someone from the fraud department would be in touch with me within 48 – 72 hours. It is now 3 1/2 weeks later, and I still have not heard one word from the fraud department. I just received a bill with all the fraudulent charges on it – in excess of $2700.00, which is now on my credit file. I’ve called, left messages to please call, still nothing. Aside from one nice lady I spoke to in the credit department who tried to help – all to no avail. Absolutely the worst customer service ever! Saks only cares about their bottom line and not customer satisfaction. Perhaps the executive branch take a cut in salary and bonuses and hire more staff to address the issues of their inept cypersecurity. After many years as a customer, I will never do business with them again. There are lots of other high-end stores to patronize whom I am sure would welcome new patrons.


Sona January 24, 2017 at 4:47 pm

Bought several items on line, some were on clearance. Two of the items came in deffective. A sheer skirt that was missing the lining and a calf half jacket that had the suade ripped in two places. I sent the items back the way they were delivered to me. When a refund was not being issued, I called customer service only to be told that the items were being returned to me since they were worn and in unsaleable condition. Well, I never wore them since they could not be worn, at least not by me. When the items arrived, they had removed the tags and kept them. After several phone calls, I was told they had made a mistake. FedEx was dispatched back by customer service to pick the items up. Two months later, still no refund. I called only to find out they are being sent back to me again. This is THE WORST experience I’ve ever had buying anything on-line or otherwise.
I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands with this company. The two deffective items cost me under $150 combined (clearance). Will NEVER buy from this company again. I’ve been sharing my story and warning everyone I can. I think people need to know what happened to me and that the same thing can and will probably happen to them.
I guess I learned a $150 lesson, could have been worse. No more Saks!!!


Sona January 24, 2017 at 4:48 pm

By the way, they’re still denying that the items are deffective. I don’t know how anyone can do that?


SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 10:14 pm

What a crazy story- Another Saks nightmare-email me if you wish


Mari January 21, 2017 at 4:57 pm

Livermore ca, 94551 saks fifth avenue off fifth
Men’s specialist Sultana was talking to other employees and there was one cashier. Notice that there was a full line and the line has not moved in 5 minutes. Sultana noticed the line and did not act. I asked another employee that went on a cashier and she said that Sultana is a manager . I shop here all the time and I myself always notice that Sultana is getting paid to do nothing.

Less words, corporate needs to look into the managers in saks off fifth. Too many complaints and nothing done.

Corporate please make this an equal environment for the employees and customers

Thank you


Babul Mia January 4, 2017 at 9:57 pm

I bought 4 shirts (YSL) from the store in Canada Vaughan mills location so far I used 3 of them after the first hand wash one of the shirt colour got faded so today I went to the store and one the guy he intruducef himself as the manager of the store so I explained what happens he asked me if I have the recrpit I said no so I asked him what should I do he said he have to see the shirt so I went back to my home and bring all the 4 shirts and showed him he agreed that the colour got faded but he can’t do anything because the shirt is washed and I told him if I didn’t wash how would I know the problem and now he was asking me about the receipt in reply I told him that I already told you that I don’t have that so I asked him if you coldnir do anything why did you told me to bring the shirt so he become very rude and at one point he said he is going to call the security I said I will call the police then he he said bye he also gave the the head office phone number which is not real
Finally I would say he should be punished and saks fifth ave shoujd Change my shirt I am really very surprised with the shine act I also confirm there were another 3 sales person was the witness of the fact, I now really want an answer from the company


David January 1, 2017 at 8:51 pm

On December 23, my wife purchased a$3000.00 dress for a wedding on December 31, 2016. The dress needed alterations. The Manhattan women’s designer department promised they could make the alterations and FedEx the dress to Pittsburgh (where we live) by the following Thursday, December 29. The dress never arrived in Pittsburgh. My spouse was very upset. She called and called customer service only to be constantly transferred to full mailboxes. On Friday, December 30, we delayed our trip to Alexandria, Virginia, hoping the package had been shipped. It was not shipped. Finally, while driving to Alexandria, Virginia someone answered the phone and promised to check if the dress was mailed. It was not. Finally, we heard back from “Dana” who promised to overnight the dress to our hotel. Needless to say, after many hours of being on the phone and being disconnected, and the many hours of tears, we thought this would finally be resolved. Again, Saks failed. The dress alterations were improper. The hem of the dress was done incorrectly; the dress was four inches too long and dragged on the ground. The fabric scraps that had been removed were shipped along with the dress demonstrated the wrong amount was removed. This dress could not be worn to the wedding. And, we had to find an alternative for the wedding that evening in three hours. My wife went to considerable time, expense, including accessories to purchase a backup dress in case this dress never arrived. Again, we called customer service and was told we would receive a full refund and could drop it off at ANY Saks store. We delayed our return trip and waited until noon for the Saks in Tysons Corner, Virginia to open. Again, Saks failed. After waiting for the store manager to look into this, the store refused a refund. Shame on Saks. You made my wife quite upset and ruined a wedding for us. For a dress that was never used.


Tiffany December 21, 2016 at 10:27 pm

I purchased a pair of designer expensive shoes online for my husband for his only Christmas present, on sale and paid for them via PayPal, like many of my online purchases. I called today to find out where my order is, being that it is only a few days away, that I ordered a month ago. Saks claims they called me about the purchase, and that because I didn’t call them, they cancelled the order. First, they never ever called me. They never emailed me either. My phone has been attached to my hip, and voicemail messages completely cleaned out. Since the shoes were a sale, now they are sold out in the size I needed. So customer service could not get a supervisor on the line after I couldn’t deal with the moron I was talking to that after expressing that Saks has completely ruined my Christmas, offered me only 10% off a comparable pair at regular price, which is nothing near the price I bought the other ones at, and he expected me to pay for 2 day shipping, so I could have them on time. How absolutely ridiculous is this!!! This was not a cheap pair of shoes either! I demanded that this is absurd, out of line, terrible service, and 10% off was an insult after all the time I wasted in researching my present, all the time I sat on hold waiting to speak to customer service and a supervisor that never answered, and the stress it is now creating for me having to find something else cause there is no way at this point right before Christmas that I would be able to find a comparable pair of shoes from this particular designer at the price I originally paid. I had been wanting to get these for my husband for 3 years, and finally I was financially in a place I could stretch myself a little to grasp the designer shoes on a sale. I am so upset over these shoes! So, then the moron finally agreed to sell me a comparable shoes at the price I paid and ship them overnight, but I first have to give him my bank card number, and he’s in another country, so I did not feel comfortable doing this, and he’s charging me the full price!!!! Then, crediting back the difference to make the sale price, that won’t reflect for 10-14 days!!!! When I need this money for other Christmas presents!!!! I find it very hard to believe that he couldn’t discount the shoes during the transaction. I’m worried that I will never see the credit. I don’t like the comparable shoes either, not as nice as the originals. I’m so royally angry with Saks!!! I highly suggest you think twice before ordering from here. Horrible customer service, and will give you a stroke before you get any sort of poor resolution with them!


SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 10:35 pm

Bravo- we all feel that way- Email if you wish to do something with Hudson Bay


Jennifer Campbell December 21, 2016 at 8:52 pm

My story might be the worst listed here, in that as of now, Saks online is trying to brush me off to the tune of approximately $700.00. There were 2 orders in one box, (3 RMA’s, as a couple of items had been sent from a store,) and after almost a month of waiting, having been untruthfully told that this particular order had been received, I had to contact borderfree myself, and spoke to a very nice woman who is trying to help. In the latest very unhelpful email I received from Saks online, they said that none of these items had shown up in their records and so – too bad!! Actually, the correct procedure seems to be an investigation into DHL or God knows who or what else. Somebody has these clothes and it isn’t me. This is really my worst nightmare, shopping online – that somebody says, well, too bad, I didn’t get your return and there’s nothing you can do!
The customer support call center is located in the Southern US, and I’m sorry to say, they are, as has been pointed out, truly awful to deal with! It became apparent to me that the people I spoke to or emailed not only didn’t care, most of the time they literally did not listen to me, or give me accurate responses. I will never order at Saks again. And I will not visit the new store when it comes to Montreal.


Jazmin mcbride December 13, 2016 at 11:30 pm

I brought a shoe and my heel was a little weak. So I went back in the store to exchange them and they didn’t wanna return them , when they finally exchange them they didn’t have my size so they ask me if I wanted them ship to my home I said yes. I waited a week and a day never got my shoe, when I called they said that they canceled my order and didn’t know why they did. So they ordered them again sent them the next day and sent me 1 scuff shoe.


Kate December 13, 2016 at 10:17 pm

I’ve been shopping on and on their outlet saks off5th website for years. We have no tax on clothes in my state of residence. In my most recent clothes order i was charged 6% tax on type of clothing that does not ever get taxed.
Following is the explanation i got from Off customer service via email after i emailed to inquire about tax they charged me: “The online shopping site charges tax to any state that has a Saks Fifth Avenue corporation. Only the stores would not charge tax on the clothing.” After years of shopping in my state online at and other numerous high end retailer websites I was never charged tax on items (clothes, shoes) that are not taxed in my state of residence either in store or online. This is the most ridiculous explanation i expected to receive! Have any laws changed the past week or so? I will be contacting appropriate consumer protection agency to clarify this information. Meanwhile, no more shopping in your online stores until the tax question is sufficiently clarified for me.


Deborah December 13, 2016 at 5:33 pm

After many attempts and finally talking to a Supervisor I am happy to say that I was able to find the item that I wanted. I can say that I feel they are trying to help me. It has been frustrating and I have been involved with the efforts made. If your determined and have the patience you will end up with a happy story. If you want result go directly to a Supervisor or head office.


Pamela January 3, 2017 at 1:29 pm

What is corporate phone number? I purchased a Channel handbag and was promised a $200 gift card which has never arrived. I’ve been getting the run around for 6 months. Saks is nothing but a fraud!


SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 10:49 pm

Could not agree more…just runarounds..


Linda December 13, 2016 at 1:39 pm

I attempted to place an order on on December 12th. Since I had mistakenly inputted the wrong password two times, I received a message to contact the customer service by phone. I called the first time, hung on for 30 minutes listening to some awful sounds, and then had to hang up. I called a second time and was cut off after 5 minutes. I called a third time and once again was cut off after 5 minutes. I called back today, the 13, and was cut off immediately two times. I finally called corporate offices and an operator gave me a different number to call for It rang…and then the line began to ring as busy. I called corporate again, was put on hold while the operator attempted to get someone to speak with me. I gave up after 15 minutes. is absolutely awful to deal with. Never again will I attempt to buy anything from it. Horrific service. I don’t care that it’s before the holidays, HIRE MORE EMPLOYEES IF YOU HAVE TO. This is no way to treat a customer.


Deborah December 13, 2016 at 11:24 am

After reading the last emails comments I have to agree. My experience with Saks Fifth on line has been horrible. They did not send my item after processing it. I called several times and had several stories told about there error. I cannot get the item anymore as it has almost sold out and I have spent way to much time on the phone with this company. Never again. I am a very frustrated customer and very disappointed.


Maria November 29, 2016 at 9:24 am

I have come to the conclusion that Saks.Com has the WORST customer service out of all the online stores even Macy’s has better customer service! is the worst site I have ever experienced. I ordered from for years but it has been considerably less the pass few years because it is a horrible place to shop. I absolutely love Nordstrom it is by far the BEST online shopping experience that I have had over all the stores. I shop at Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor and Neiman Marcus as far as Department stores but Nordstrom is by far the BEST and Saks Fifth Avenue the WORST. Saks Fifth Avenue will take a Pre Order that is a limited edition which I could have purchased at another store at the time but decided to put it on my Saks card BUT they never fulfilled the order so that I was out of luck from purchasing it any where else because by time I was told that it was moved to back order from pre-order all the other sites sold out! I never received the order from Saks after many calls and emails and was out of luck from being able to make the purchase again. This is not the first bad experience I have had with Saks Fifth Avenue they very rarely get my business I will always go some place else first before contemplating a purchase on


SCARLETT April 9, 2017 at 10:52 pm

I could not agree with you more..However no executive reads this so it is just a lost way to ‘sound off’ and get no response….


Debbie August 27, 2016 at 2:12 pm

I am writing to express my displeasure with an experience I recently had at the Beverly Hills store. My experience with South Coast Plaza, where I bought the dress, was terrific and my sales associate was wonderful. The dress I bought is beautiful and for my sons’ wedding. Because the dress was slightly soiled and the tulle had a few areas of snagging and there was not another in my size anywhere, Saks in South Coast had it repaired and steam cleaned and shipped to me. It looks great. I have to have the hem done so I went to the Saks in Beverly Hills very near my home. Though I have a seamstress, I thought since I paid full price even with the flaws and the dress cost 1700 dollars, I would have Saks perform the work. I was aware that it would be most likely higher than my person would charge me but I wanted to be sure my purchase was protected. I had called ahead and spoken to Nancy the manager who told me to come in at my convenience on one of the two days I had chosen and ask for the floor manager Maria as she would not be there. I arrived on the day in question at the time I had told her I could be there and there was no Maria working that day. The sales associate called the seamstress who came and pinned my hem, which was the only alteration needed. The dress has a Tulle skirt and an underlining that has a gusset. When we were done, the sales associate took me to the register to complete my transaction. She was unable to input whatever she needed to in the computer and, because no one would answer the phone when she called for help, she left twice to ask someone how to do it. While she was gone, I had the opportunity to review the posting with usual charges for alterations and thought it may come to about 100 dollars roughly. I had questioned the sales associate in South Coast who indicated she didn’t think it would be too much for just a hem and had it in my head that anything under 150 would probably be reasonable. I asked the seamstress while she was pinning and she was unable or unwilling to give me an answer. When the Sales associate told me that it would be almost 260 dollars, I said I thought this was a little high and could she tell me how this price was figured out. She left again to question, came back and told me she couldn’t adjust it. I said I didn’t ask her to adjust it, just to explain the breakdown of the charges. Again she left, came back and said these were the usual charges and that she couldn’t do anything about it (though once again, I didn’t ask her to do anything about it, just to have it explained). Then I asked to speak to the seamstress as I was told the estimate of time (which apparently was how the amount was figured out) was 7 hours so I thought she could explain why so much time, it is possible there was something special about the hem I wasn’t understanding. She left, came back and told me that the seamstress was gone and no one could talk to me about this. So I said, okay, I will leave the pinned dress, talk to the seamstress or Nancy the manager the next day and if I still felt it was too much, I would come pick my dress up but I didn’t want to lose time by taking it as I was told she may have to make more adjustments on the hem after my fitting in a week! The wedding is September 10 and we are leaving the 6th. This was happening on the 24th. She said that I shouldn’t leave the dress. I said, okay, I’ll take the dress and just have my son drop it off the next day after I speak to everyone as I am working three 12 hour shifts the next 3 days and I will not be able to do it myself, I am one of the off service nursing directors at UCLA Ronald Reagan hospital and I would be unable to leave work to come have this done. I was then told she was advised that she would have to unpin the dress if I decided to take it. By this time, I was so angry that I said, fine, I will take my dress, just give it to me and I will go. She then commenced, with the help of another associate named Catherine, to attack my dress and remove the pins. Apparently it was Catherine’s instructions that the pins be removed “because I may prick myself and they couldn’t take that liability”. I hope you can see that I find all of this very unsatisfactory in every way and am sad that I will never shop at Saks again. I will be putting a review on Yelp about your alteration services and taking my dress to my own seamstress who will treat my property much better than your staff is willing to. She would re pin it anyway so I certainly didn’t need the dress pinned at Saks. I might want to mention that the dress was bought and paid for by me and that they really didn’t have permission to touch it at all except where I agreed to alterations and I had not yet signed anything. I did call the department both Thursday and Friday of this week and left a message to be called back but no one bothered to call, even though I was told that Nancy would be back these two days.


SCARLETT April 10, 2017 at 1:36 am

I just read your story-so sorry-it seems like so many Saks employees have attitude problems…I had similar experiences…My eEMAIL IS HERE IF you care to respond.
The real owners are HudsonBay Co. in Canada and I plan to call the executive office.
We should start a SAKS CLUB.


Paula Clark June 30, 2016 at 4:36 pm

VERY Unhappy – I ordered 2 pairs of Georgica Jelly Jack Rogers sandals. I received them. THEN an entire other order came 082695785 that I DID NOT Order. I emailed CS and they replied they received the return and credited me $50.48. That is NOT OK! I was charged 76.02 for the extra shipment. A FULL Credit should have been issued. I don’t know who Whitney Whitlock is trying to fool. GIVE THE FULL CREDIT – VERY BAD BUSINESS
My Credit card company will be informed and this will not be paid


Very Unhappy June 7, 2016 at 12:30 pm

I am so disappointed in I was told to f****off by a customer service rep when I told him that I wanted to cancel an order as it would not arrive on time. He said it was shipped meanwhile, Canada Post said only a label was created. Spoke with Diamond a supervisor who remarked ‘bored housewives have nothing better to do that complain’. I have had to file a complaint through my cc company. Thankfully I was smart enough to keep all emails and tape all conversations.sandals.

I am lost shocked that this is what saks wants to be known for,

Even today, when I contacted saks they indicated that I will get the order today but again, Canada Post has said it was only a label created. It was a purchase for Burberry


SCARLETT April 10, 2017 at 1:40 am

What a story-Had similar smugness and nastiness with customer service..If you read this and feel like emailing me…please do..


Rhonda Pearlman June 2, 2016 at 3:08 pm

Saks Canada is going to have the same fate as Target. I would guarantee that they will be out of the Candadian market within 2 years. The customer service is the worst I’ve EVER experienced. I went downtown to buy a pair of shoes. They didn’t have my size and said no problem it will be delivered to my door and if they don’t fit I could return them. Long long story short – and several calls later and talking to 5 different departments….no one could help me. I physically returned the shoes to the downtown store a month ago and there was no refund. The shoes were $650 I am now in a dispute with them over the refund and luckily my credit card company is taking care of it. I will NEVER shop at Saks again. They can not treat their Canadian customers with such disrespect and expect them to shop at Saks! Good luck – you will need it. They downtown store kept me on hold for 1/2 each time I called and no one came to the phone. I’m sure I won’t get a response from this email because that’s just the way Saks operates.


SCARLETT April 10, 2017 at 1:42 am

Couldn’t agree with you more..I just wrote the exact reply about Target..If you read this hope you email me..They are owned by HUDSON BAY IN CANADA…


Jamie Thompson May 31, 2016 at 10:29 am

Saks has definitely lost a customer, but I’m sure their feeling is I’m just one customer so who cares!! Buyer beware covers their errors to make it look as though it is the customers fault! I placed an order on 4/11/2016 and to this day it still still has not been resolved!!! The order that I placed was for 4 individual items , but when I received the order it was NOT the order I placed and was clearly another customers! I then sent the wrong order back indicati g it was not what I had ordered! A week later they sent me the exact same order back that I had sent them indicating I was returning something I had not ordered! Of course I was it was what was sent to me inerror!! This situation has left me so frustrated and not appreciated as a custoner! They should have gone out of their way to make this right!! Don’t ever ever shop from everyone!! Their service is beyond anything you will ever experience!!


Janet C. May 26, 2016 at 1:59 am

Is this even LEGAL or RIGHT to treat customers this way??? I went to Northbrook location Saksoff5th on sat 5/21/16 to shopping for pre-Memorial Day’s week sale. I was going to purchase 6 pairs of jeans from the same racks & they’re all same price, but there were 2 pairs of jeans price tags was $29.99 but when the sales lady scanned the price it was $119 & $69, so she took off the sales sticker right away in front of me and said can’t give me the that price. Then i stopped her for ripping off the sticker of the second pair jeans & I said I need to take a picture to show the store manager. This lady claimed she is the store manager. Then I asked to speak to her supervisor, she said the supervisor is on PTO. I told her as the consumers right, even if this tag was by mistake she should of give customers the sale tag price because first of all this is not my mistake. I spent a lot of times & $ shopping at this store. However this lady took of the both red stickers & said can’t give me the sale price because of her store policy, but then she charged me for $119 the jeans I never purchase. This is so wrong not giving customer price adjustment even thou this is obviously the store mistake & wrongfully charged the jeans I didn’t purchase. I asked her for her supervisor’s contact information then later I found out she gave me her card instead of her supervisor cause when I called it was the same lady answered the phone. The key point is the jeans was $245, sticker said 83% off as $29.99 which matched the sale price. How can she just declined is the store or even her mistake & refused to sell customer the right price???


Denise May 24, 2016 at 7:09 pm

I will never shop at Saks again. On top of that will tell all my friends, blog, and gift (the few Saks gift cards I have) to a few enemies. Long story short, it’s not a wedding but prom for my daughter. She located the perfect gown in the Saks at Tysons. Unfortunately it’s too big so the sales person says no worries we will just order it. She takes all the information and tells my daughter she should receive it shortly. Fast forward 10 days later. Pacing back and forth and jumping whenever a postal truck rolls by, she finally decides to call. Well…wouldn’t you know…the order was never filled. When she asked why she was given a customer service number that happen to have a higher than normal call volume. By now, I take the phone and patiently await an answer. We were told that the order was cancelled because the dress was not in stock and its their policy to email and not call to notify customers That made it pretty hard since the saleperson asked for a phone number and not email. Long story short…wonky customer service and laisse faire attitude from customer service. Here’s a new flash…customers equals sales, sales generate revenue to pay salaries for everyone from the floor sweeper straight up to the Managing Director. Therefore, folks…do yourself a favor and do not expect decent customer service from Saks anymore. If I had known, my daughter would be shopping for accessories to go with a beautiful dress now instead of rushing to find one.
Truly regretful experience.


SCARLETT April 10, 2017 at 1:56 am

Higher than normal caller time is “all the time” that is the only message I get for the last year…Keep you waiting forever so you will hang up and not complain. Hope you get this and might email me..


Quajuan Adams March 16, 2016 at 8:32 pm

I was just totally decsriminated against at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta at the Phipps Plaza location at 8:01 pm. I arrived at the doors in hopes to me my girlfriend inside to complete her purchase and to use the restroom. An employee by the name of Kelly told me that they were counting money and they were closed and that no one was allowed in. A bit curious to the customers that were near the door I walked to my car and turned and noticed a couple talking to the same representative. As I was entering my car I peeped over the top of a white Tahoe that was parked next to me and she allowed them in. I walked back to the door of the store to speak with the representative as to ask why there was favoritism and she says that the store called that customer and left a message so that’s why they allowed the other customer to come inside. This is a disgusting case of decrimination and I plan to take legal action. If you’re closed, you’re closed that’s it. Everyone has to wait just as I was directed to. Jelly went on to say that since I wasn’t making a purchase and he was is why she allowed him inside and not me. Unfair, we’ve came too far for cases like his to still exist in America.


Quajuan Adams March 16, 2016 at 8:33 pm



Quajuan Adams March 17, 2016 at 2:26 am



Saks Credit Card Holder August 5, 2016 at 1:43 am

Yes, its discrimination against whites, in the last 3 years, EVERY time I have called Saks Fifth Avenues customer service line I have had to talk to some ghetto black person. Is it now policy at Saks to only hire blacks in their customer service department?


SCARLETT April 10, 2017 at 2:03 am

Shame on you for calling this women a ‘ghetto black’ You should go to church and prayer for your KKK attitude…..You are emotionally frightening woman=Get some help…

Kelly January 23, 2016 at 9:16 am

I ordered an item I really needed for an outfit that I had already purchased 4 pieces. After 4 days I started emailed to find out why my order hadn’t been processed and got a lot of “no answers”. Meanwhile this item had sold out and I added my name to waitlist. AND it came up available 3 more times as waitlist available. All while my order was STILL being processed. I woke up today that my order couldn’t be fulfilled and was being cancelled. I just ordered $1700 worth of merchandise that will all be returned regardless!!!


Candice D March 10, 2016 at 10:40 pm

I did the exact same thing order somethings for my son birthday party and my order was canceled but not before they authorized the payment then they informed me I would have to wait 2-3 business days before my money would be returned I explained that this was unacceptable. I have spoke with 3 representatives and 3 Supervisors only who stated she was a escalation manager and still they act as if there was nothing that can be done . I informed them my back said they would refund my money with in hours if the relieve a email on letterhead with all the information an a contact person still nothing was done . They informed me I would still have to wait 24-48 hrs for someone to contact me but I plan on calling corporate in the morning and I want all the managers demoted or ordered to retrain because the Customer Service is Unacceptable and need to be revamped . I can’t believe they canceled my order without any real investigation, they say it’s for customer security I say it’s Company security because I was never contacted and I am the customer who placed the order. I should have went off of prior experience and never shopped here again but I forgot about my last experience where the same thing occurred inside the store. They need to be reported to the BBB because customer complaints seem to hold no merit so I will be contacting them also!! I strongly suggest everyone with a complaint do the same!!!!


S.Sanchez December 29, 2015 at 9:37 pm

How sad for this to happen no one tried contacting me at all. I had no idea that I was going to get a authorized phone call. Now I get an email with my order canceled. I called customer service and there was nothing they could do about it I even spoke with a supervisor nothing available. However I wanted her to put into the notes that if it comes available I can get it for the same price. Nope she couldn’t do it.
For future reference after ordering please notate that you may be getting an authorize phone call some time after this purchase. Not good having no notification what so ever but an email stating your order is canceled. I will let all my friends and family no about this and hopefully they will not order from you guys do to not having a good customer service. Nordstrom is the best! Customers come first.


Carol December 29, 2015 at 9:49 am

you really need to teach your Managers how to talk to people , just because they are upset does not give them the right to talk or to hung up on others .


rebecca Light December 27, 2015 at 9:12 am

Buyers Beware.
Customers are smarter now a days
If your shopping for a Mother of the Bride or any Special Occasion Dress.
You “MUST” Read all Sak’s fith avenue Complaints & Know about there return Policy.
You only have a 30-day return policy! Yes that’s right 30-days.
So if you take Ill or you’re not 100% sure you like the gown(s) Do Not Purchase at Sak’s fith avenue.
I strongly suggest Nordstrom, Nordstrom rack, Lord & Taylor, Nieman Marcus.
Any other store above has Better Customer Service, better return policies and less hassles. At Sak’s fith avenue you must call and follow through with any return, the returns go to a different warehouse that you can’t speak with anyone.
Also the customer service associate at Sak’s fith avenue can’t speak to them.
You must rely on the customer service accociates notes in Sacks fith avenues computer system to help you.
I personally spoke with 5 accociates to try to get help. Asked to speak to a Manager the Manager would not get on the phone to speak to me.
Good luck to anyone who buys merchandise and needs to make a return at Sacks fith avenue.
For this I will not be returning shopping and spending 1 penny more ever again at Sak’s fith avenue.


rebecca Light December 26, 2015 at 7:49 pm

Please see my order # 075797215
I purchased many dresses from many stores Lord & Taylor, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus and Sak’s! As I have 2 daughters getting married September 2015 & May 2016 8-Months apart!
I choose the dresses from Sak’s However, I had no idea that Sak’s return policy is so strick 30-days really That’s absurd! No one has that return policy No one!
I paid $864.00 for a gown in July I took sick with a liver disease in September I lost 42lbs the gown was never worn with tags still attached. Sak’s will only give me a credit of 288.00 That’s $576.00 less than I paid and they are now selling the same dress in Sak’s OFF 5th for 399.00
None of this make any sense! How can you justify telling customers that if you return it between 12/31 & 1/25 that you will receive a $288.00 credit but if it’s received on 12/7 you get $130.00 never worn with tags still hanging off…
I will make sure that everyone I know family, friends, FB, BBB “Sak’s return Policy” I can assure you they will tell their friends and no one will shop Sak’s
I will also make sure I post daily on public media sites how Sak’s treats their customers. The worst Customer Service I know.
I will also post on BBB my shopping experience.
Your competitors are leaps and bounds beyond your capabilities.


Melissa December 15, 2015 at 3:31 pm

I went to the Columbus, Ohio Saks located at Polaris Mall on Sunday . I was planning on purchasing a pair of men’s boots. I waited patiently as the salesman assisted another customer. He called for another salesman to assist me. This particular salesman happen to be one we have dealt with on several occasions. And each time there has been a problem. Unfortunately they didn’t have the size 13, but M###### said “oh I can order this for you, no problem”. I thought oh boy, here we go again. Against my better judgment I went ahead and had him order the shoe from another store. I also paid for 2 day shipment after my husband complained about waiting 7 days for his boots. Fast forward to Tuesday. No email, no call, no nothing regarding my husbands $660.00 boots. I contacted the store at 12:00P and spoke to K######, she advised me she would follow up on the order and call me back immediately. At 1:50P I called back to the store and spoke to the men’s department manager S########. She advised me that the system was down and unfortunately didn’t have any updates for me. She did say she would work on this and have it resolved. Then at 2:15P I contact and spoke to C#######. She advised me that the salesman should have advised me that there was no guarantee to get the shoe. And that he should have charged me for the 2 day shipping see as though their system isn’t real time. She told me that my order can sit for 7 days before it is canceled. And that ultimately my order had not be fulfilled as of today. She did tell me that had the shoe and that she could place my order. I explained to her, I had already paid for the order. She advised me to contact the Store manager and get her involved. I called the store and spoke with Melodee Lundberg, surprisingly she had already been briefed on the lost boots. She apologized for the inconvenience and said she was looking into the matter. I asked her for the corporate #, she gave me the # to customer service….. I was smart enough to get online, research and find corporates #. When I called I spoke with a sleepy male operator. He basically asked me a bunch of questions, said he notated everything and was send the store manager in Columbus and email. I explained that I still wanted to file a complaint. I put me into someone’s voice mail. (Wow what customer service) Saks looks at everyone as a $$$$. They take your $$$$ and don’t care when you get your item. When the men’s department manager got back with me 1 hour later she advised that they found the boots in Cleveland and would be overnighting then to me, oh the best part they are refunding the $20 for 2 day shipping. I told her that wasn’t satisfactory and she told me she appreciated my sentiments. The end result is Nordstrom has the best customer service and follow-up. I will think twice before I order anything else from Saks. What a horrible experience!


Philip C. Simms December 7, 2015 at 8:40 pm

I placed an order online via Saks Fifth Avenue’s website on the evening of Nov. 21st 2015 for The Men’s Farrier Puffer Jacket by Burberry. Of course I then received an email containing a 10% off coupon the “very” next morning of Sunday Nov.22nd I called the Saks customer support hotline and asked to have the coupon applied towards my recent purchase which a young man assured me would after reading him off the promo code and that I would receive an email confirmation within a “few” says confirming the discount was applied towards the purchase. I received my jacket the day scheduled but unfortunately it was very snug and I opted for the large instead of the medium and took a cab straight to Saks after calling and confirming the jacket was in stock with a very pleasant sales rep at the Store located in Manhattan, NY. Unlike the gentleman I spoke to over the phone the staff was less than accommodating and seemed as if they were being bothered after asking for directions to their “White Room” I stood online as no one made an effort to even acknowledge me waiting patiently, I won’t pull the race card since their is an array of different races employed by Saks but I definitely was no ones priority but a young man did finally assist me with exchanging the jacket, but when I inquired into the 10% he assured me not to worry and to simply call the 1-800 online sales division. I was a bit weary but he was very nice and took his word for it.

I called the number as soon as I got back to my apt and sure enough the rep stated that since I called the day after making my online purchase in order to have the 10% off applied against the previous purchase that process takes “14 days” which I was not originally made aware of and I don’t remember seeing this listed any where on Sak’s website, and since I had done an exchange within the store, the que in which my claim for the difference to be refunded had been closed out and I was told the store was suppose to apply this towards my purchase at the time of the exchange.

I called the location several times and even had to be called back and nothing could be or would be done. This is a joke and poor customer service I work close to Bloomingdales and I now wish I would’ve gone there in the first place, but trust and believe that I will from here on out!


Enough Is Enough December 4, 2015 at 11:20 am

It is nothing but a hassle to shop at Saks.Com. They hold return merchandise creating interest and late fees. It takes call after call to get situations resolved. The Saks Store at Keystone in Indianapolis might as well close all together. They never have anything anymore and have closed several floors. Saks seems to be having financial problems that they are trying to push off to customers. I won’t be shopping there any longer!


CANCELING my Saks card after 40 years October 31, 2015 at 4:25 pm

After returning yesterday from 26 days in Europe, I diligently paid my bills. Four of them were due this weekend. I called all to explain that I had paid but would appreciate not having a late fee. Three of them couldn’t have been nicer…asking about my trip and saying there would never be a problem. SAKS refused to grant a few days of a grace period. A loyal customer since 1975, should I ever by anything again in Saks I will do it on a card that gives me miles…not rude Customer Service!!


Bonnie October 28, 2015 at 6:38 pm

i was gifted saks card totaling $1500. 3 cards. I called 10/26/2015 and ordered a coat and gave the card numbers as well as the pin #s. They make you leave a credit card even though they issued that cards. OK not really thrilled but ok. After having the customer service rep(not sure that title really applies) she tells me transaction completed and you actually have a small balance and it will be applied to the credit card you had to give to place the order. Receive confirmation email and notice of shipment. I online to my checking account and they debited my account and DID NOT USE MY GIFT CARDS. I call them and am told that the rep didn’t use the gift cards and even tried to call me. NOT TRUE i ask why did she not send me an email, they say sorry and they do not have the ability to retrieve the card numbers so i need to provide them again. I only have 2 and cut the 3rd one up. I ask them to cancel the order I WILL NOT SHOPPING WITH THEM AGAIN. Sorry you are out of luck we shipped the order so when you receive it please send it back and we will refund your purchase. I asked for names in corporate as at this time i am really upset. After saying that this was unacceptable eventually the escalation manager hung up on me. I do all my shopping on line and never had an experience like this. NEVER AGAIN STAY AWAY


Fustrated December 18, 2015 at 5:45 pm

I TOTALLY agree with you! Their customer service out of Jacksonville Mississippi is HORRIBLE!!! They have incompetent people working customer service. I’ve received quite a few $25 “were sorry for the inconvenience cards. I’m surprised a high end store such as Saks Fifth Avenue have these incompetent providing their customer service. It makes you not want to ever order online!!!


Former Saks Customer October 2, 2015 at 1:10 pm

Bought a pair of Illesteva sunglasses in April. First pair received was completely stretched out as if previously worn. Returned immediately and ordered a new pair. Saks would not replace the item. I had to return and re-purchase. The second pair I purchased fell apart 3 months later. One arm literally fell off the glasses when I went to put them on. Call Customer Service who would not replace even though they were still available online. Was told to return to them for examination and repair and to expect 4-6 weeks until they would be return. This in the middle of the summer! Put in dispute with my credit card company. Even was sent a label to return the sunglasses for repair and they sent them back a week later, stating I HAD DAMAGED THEM and they would not replace or issue credit. I will never again support Saks as a customer either online or in store. Fortunately I have plenty of other alternatives as to where to spend my money.


Kiana July 30, 2015 at 10:36 pm

I started working at Saks 5th Avenue Off 5th about a month ago. I thought this would be the job of my dreams until I met all my coworkers and realized that none of them, including supervisors, have ANY CLUE what they are doing and/or they just dont do anything while at work. Saks is the most unorganized store I have ever worked at, and thats probably why we struggle to even make our payroll. I wanted to help turn this store around by trying hard and working hard to organize this mess of a place. I even volunteered myself to do the 4 night inventory shifts that racked up over 40 hours of work, having to sacrafice hours at my other job for this, and GUESS WHAT. I DIDNT EVEN GET PAID FOR IT. Don’t work at Saks. Dont shop at Saks. They have terrible and ludicrous policies that leave both customers and associates confused. I agree that most of the people who work here dont work in a professional manner. If you are looking for a fulfilling job filled with smiles and sunshine, go somewhere else because SAKS DOESNT PAY YOU XXXXX. Maybe we would have better staffing if it was a job that at least paid $10/hr but we make the same amount as someone at old navy except we get jipped when it comes to actual benefits like clothing discount. How am I supposed to afford designer clothes making only $9/hr and barely getting hours cuz our store cant afford to have people work? I worked inventory for the hours, and I havent been paid for two weeks, so f*** you guys.


Saks Credit Card Holder August 5, 2016 at 1:49 am

Th above is an excellent example of the trash that answers the phone at Saks, need I say more?


Anna Boyle July 13, 2015 at 2:45 pm

What is going on at Saks Fifth Ave. terrible customer service . I just spend 50 minutes on the phone trying to have a billing matter corrected . Since I have lots of other things to do , I gave up. I am so disappointed been a cardholder since 1972 , that a store with such a great previous reputation is going downhill .


Fustrated December 18, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I TOTALLY agree with you! Their customer service out of Jacksonville Mississippi is HORRIBLE!!! They have incompetent people working customer service. I’ve received quite a few $25 “were sorry for the inconvenience cards. I’m surprised a high end store such as Saks Fifth Avenue have these incompetent providing their customer service. It makes you not want to ever order online!!!


HM January 7, 2016 at 6:16 pm

I completely agree with you, the customer service and support are extremely unprofessional, irresponsible, unethical, and improper people. I am extremely surprised form high end store to treat long-term customer without principle. definitely made me not to deal with this store again.


rebecca Light June 26, 2015 at 8:48 pm

I just received a $780.00 gown ordered for one of my daughtesrs wedding, free shipping granted, BUT it did not need to be shoved in the smallest box you could find…..
It looks like someone sleep in this dtress because of the way ot was shipped….
For a name like Sak’s you all should be ashamed!!!!!!

Needless to say i’m very worried about my other order in transit that was over $1,000.00
I can’t wait to see how this comes……
Never again will I spend another dime with Sak’s


Elizabeth June 23, 2015 at 7:02 pm

For a high end retailer, Saks employs the most incompetent service representatives to help their customers. I’m surprised luxury brands haven’t pulled their products from your stores yet.


Heshi June 23, 2015 at 5:45 pm

Last Sunday I was humiliated in the way that I never experienced in high end store.
I definitely would like and investigation to be open as I feel Sake 5th avenue policy is violated my trust.
I am and small business owner (professional consulting) and often purchase SFA items for my clients as well as my family and me.
Recently I purchased several items for my daughter and my client daughter. Unfortunately one of the items I purchased for my client daughter did not fit her and wanted to exchange. However I was informed the size is not right. I took the item with receive to store in Beverly Hills and asked for exchange.
To my surprise the sales person informed me that that they cannot assist me with exchange and instead gave me the printout paper (see attached) with number to call. When I called the number Mr. Jackson respond and told me the I am not allow to exchange and need to send a letter to SFA headquarter.

I am puzzled of SFA action against royal customer. I have been SFA customer for many years and purchased many items and did not expect the company such as SFA treat me like criminal.
I travel around the world and shop in all high end stores domestic as well as international and never treated as SFA treated me for exchanging $162.29.
In addition, when I decided to complaint on line I was asked by SFA complaint website for my credit card to be charged for complaint investigation. This is unbelievable. Obviously the executive management are not interested about customer satisfactory.
Unhappy customer


Fustrated December 18, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I TOTALLY agree with you! Their customer service out of Jacksonville Mississippi is HORRIBLE!!! They have incompetent people working customer service. I’ve received quite a few $25 “were sorry for the inconvenience cards. I’m surprised a high end store such as Saks Fifth Avenue have these incompetent providing their customer service. It makes you not want to ever order online!!!


Zack June 12, 2015 at 6:39 pm

I have made 2 orders with the same credit card. One of the orders was approved by the security department and the other one was declined even though the same card was provided. After I have called to find out what happened their poor customer service reps with their higher ups made me feel like I am not welcomed in their store. The item they cancelled was no longer available and they could not give any valed reason why one order was shipped and the other did not with same card and in the same houre. I have been promised to get a call back from corporate to resolve this issue.


james June 12, 2015 at 5:04 am

I ordered a handbag for my wife in May through saks Web site, but unluckily she received a handbag it was damaged. My wife called a branch it is an hour from where we live to make sure they have same product in stock. A associate told that she had different colors in stock, but when my wife was there on same day they did not have any of those in stock. She returned a damaged handbag and one of a associate helped my wife to re-order them. Today we received a mail from Saks, GUESS WHAT GUYS !!!! WE’VE GOT A PAIR OF JIMMY CHOO SHOES.
Called customer service 3 times today, very helpless, and unkind
Now we have to drive another hour to return this, actually 2 hours for a round trip. Of course we are not going re-order, or never shop here again.


Romero Case May 20, 2015 at 4:25 am

HELLO Everyone this is a shameless situation I have encounter as of 5.16.2015 to this day after so many emails and notices I still cannot receive one phone call back I get promises of soon and 1 to 2 days . I hope that to the executives with all respect life never treats them the way other humans that unfortunately get profile and classified discriminated …. Sakz says to have such policiesbbut unfortunately their employees seem to show poor knowledge or care for their job.

today I was humiliated in the worst way … I would like and investigation to be open as I feel Sake 5th avenue policy s where violated and in no way does a human deserve this behavior A man approach violently and with discriminative words and threats of Tessin if the man known as Damian Romero did not go where he said the young man scared and as natural behavior drop his partners bag he had volunteer to hold and panic to run for his life .. as I was told he is a father to 5Kids and all he wanted was run to protect his safety .. As video surveillance may show the man had all set with outlet security’s to unwilling hold Damian although he was just protecting his well being let me remind before he left and was approach violantly he drop his companions purse as if being a assaulted he cooperate with his aggressor the man never identified himself as a lost prevention security or any link to being employee of sake 5th Avenue .. All securities over 10 invluding this individual chase out of the Ontario mills premises his companion was scared and scream for help she saw civilians go and he’ll her defend Damian it was awful a civilian try splitting a African american and this unknown white male from Damian who they had in the middle of highly traffic street on the floor one with elbow on him and the other feet on his head … the male unknown which know I assume is saks employee when she  got involve n order split he did not listen and punch her in dragged her on pavement and socked her out at all no one deserves this treatment know he is book for 211 robbery wow when does force become defense for security please see attach pictures


Fustrated December 18, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I TOTALLY agree with you! Their customer service out of Jacksonville Mississippi is HORRIBLE!!! They have incompetent people working customer service. I’ve received quite a few $25 “were sorry for the inconvenience cards. I’m surprised a high end store such as Saks Fifth Avenue have these incompetent providing their customer service. It makes you not want to ever order online!!!


Patti Piper April 19, 2015 at 3:13 pm

Today, April 20, 2015 – my husband and I went out to Saks at the University Town Center in Sarasota and purchased two pairs of mens high end shoes for $1000.00 and could not believe the awful sales associate that waited on us. She could have cared less if we purchased anything. She did not answer our questions professionally, she was very unfriendly, “flippant”, uninterested, could not ring up the purchase at the register – swiped our credit card six or seven times until our credit card put a fraud alert on our cell phone, she did not know how to add a $75 gift card, she had to call a manager to do the transaction; I was trying to help her. It was almost as if she was in a daze or something. By the time my husband and I walked out of the store – even my husband could not believe the treatment we received and her total uninterest in us as buying customers. Wow. Associate number is 290705 Joann. Store number 663. at 11:58 a.m. 4-20-15. Horrible shopping experience.


Nadine April 25, 2015 at 6:39 pm

I also had the WORST shopping experience at the Saks University Town Center in Sarasota. I was looking for a pair of moderate priced sunglasses, and told the sales associate that i was not interested in spending more than $200, since i have a tendency to loose sunglasses. She was very “unfriendly” and kept showing me
sunglasses that were $500 – $600 dollars. She was more interested in giving positive feed back to another customer who was purchasing $550 Prada glasses.
I am an extremely friendly customer, and not demanding……..i am in sales myself so i am well aware of how to treat customers. I did report her to another Sales Manager upstairs, and left my name & phone number. No one ever called me back.
When i left the store, i walked into Macy’s…. found a nice pair of Ray Bans, had the most delightful sales associate, and received a 20% Friends & Family discount !! She made my day and the sale !!


Linda April 14, 2015 at 9:00 pm

Purchased a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes in late December. Was told that it would not be available until late February. Fine, I could wait until then. Late February arrives and still no shoes. The first time I called the online store, they inform me that it’s on backorder. Fine. Mid March arrives- nothing. No notifications, alerts or updates regarding my order. Second time I’ve called them, nothing. I ask to speak to a product manager and the sales associate takes my contact number, ensuring me that a manager would get back to me within 48 hours. Nothing- then why bother taking my information? It is now the second week of April, and the third time I’ve called them. Ask to directly speak to a manager and was put on hold for nearly thirty minutes only to be told that they found a store that had my shoes, but yet, SURPRISE, no manager. Then I’m informed that they had actually CANCELED my order but with absolutely no notifications or my authorization. Ironically, all they needed to do in order to keep my business was provide for me any updates or notifications regarding my order. The fact that they left me hanging for MONTHS with absolutely NO information was the real pisser. Why am I (as the consumer) hunting after them regarding an expensive purchase instead of the other way around? If your products aren’t available then let your consumers know! I’ve had better service at gas stations. I will never be shopping at their retailers. My business would better serve other vendors who have better business models regarding their consumers (and I’m only assuming it’s better elsewhere because there’s no way it could get worse than Saks). Their company kept inundating my emails with at least 5 ads per day (including the arrival of Christian Louboutin shoes!), but ironically, nothing regarding my purchase order. What a joke!


LaJuan Brown March 15, 2015 at 8:10 am

I was in the Indianapolis Keystone At The Crossing store on 3/14/2015 for my birthday and stopped by for some Tom Ford. NOBODY would help me. It was not busy and there were numerous employees available to help me but refused. I left for 20 min to go to Aveda and stopped back in and stood by the counter looking around for help and nobody asked if I meeded help. An employee even services another customer at the Tom Ford counter but never acknowledged me. I was humiliated to say the least. I didn’t know if it was a race issue or because my hair was in its natural state but several employees looked at me and never asked to service me. I called manageme t gave them the time which was 6:00 my first visit, 6:31 my second and both times I was ignored. I asked them to view the security tapes..I also recorded myself with the intention of posting it on social media but felt that it would be unfair without speaking directly to store manager so I am awaiting her call.


Sebastien December 30, 2014 at 9:38 am

This is the worst high-end shop in the U.S. I visited the Friendship Heights (Bethesda)- Maryland store on November 1,2014 and I really liked a Bally ankle sneakers, which cost $407. I decided to get it. I realized they did not have my size. They agreed that I make the payment and the sneaker will be shipped to my address with a week. I agreed and made the payment. As I write, I have not yet received the sneaker. I called the Saks Friendship Heights and they told me the sneaker was mailed to my address on November 2 and a FEDEX tracking number was provided to me. I checked and it showed that someone received the package but no signature. I called SAKS and they told me they will contact FEDEX and get back to me. Till date, I have not read/head from SAKS. The sales person named Anthony even yelled at me. The owners need to do something about their professionalism. It is a shame to say the least!!
But one thing is very clear. I will fight to my last breathe to get back by money!!!!!!


Rob Angelo December 16, 2014 at 10:51 am

Just want to comment on your store windows on 5th avenue in NYC. I have to say, they have no Christmas look or feel to them at all, but I think that is what your display is trying to convey. The look has nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever, and doesn’t evoke the feeling or spirit of Christmas. It’s almost like there was apprehension about putting anything up that was traditional Christmas.
I remember 40 years ago as a child every year coming to NYC, and we would always look at the magical and imaginative Saks Fifth Ave windows, as they were right across from the tree. All the small town scenes, snow, Christmas lights, Santa, happy children and families depicted in the spirit and joy of Christmas.
Sad to say I don’t see or feel that anymore from your window displays for quite some time now. Who do you have making your window displays for this time of year? Robots??

Thanks, just had to get that off my chest. Have a great day now!


Beth Via November 17, 2014 at 6:40 pm

The Saks Fifth Avenue in New York give’s Horrible, horrible customer service!!


Lara October 7, 2014 at 5:46 pm

A little over a month ago I purchased Prada shoes from the Saks store in Bal Harbor, Fl. I went in today to exchange them because once I got them home and walked around in my house, I realized there wash’t enough support. I haven’t had a chance to come in sooner so I was concerned about not being able to exchange them due to it being past 30 days, but to my surprise, I was instead accused of wearing them. The heel is in complete tact but the sole has the same scuff it had when I left the store back when I purchased them. I asked to speak with the manager because it is obvious that they were never worn, and she also accused me of wearing them. I pointed out to her that half of the shoes on her sales floor have the same scuffs and I suggested she not allow her customers to walk on the tile when trying them on because that is exactly what I did in the store as well as my home. I was offended and embarrassed that they would make such an accusation in the middle of the store. I would have preferred for them to deny the exchange being that it had been over 30 days. I could respect that, but the lack of respect and customer service is absolutely disgusting. I will never go into another Saks again!!


R Wee-Laeuchli September 5, 2014 at 3:05 am

I have been a frequent visitor to Saks on Fifth in Manhattan. I live overseas but I make it a point to visit Saks on each trip I make to NYC. When I discovered that Saks ships internationally, I was excited – only to be disappointed : not once (ok, one might say this is bad luck) but twice ?? On the first occasion, Saks/their international handler advised my package was lost and eventually, I received an update that the shipper was changed due to high frequency of errors. My package eventually arrived after many weeks (the indication was 7 – 12 working days).

Now, even with a new shipper, no one can tell me where my package is !! I was told to give between 24 – 48 hours for Saks to get an update from the shipper. I waited 96 hours and still got no further.
I buy quite a bit of stuff online from US retailers and I had not expected to have problems like this from a store of Saks standing. Obviously, something has changed. Staff are helpful and polite, but honestly, not effective.


Dr. Mak August 22, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Horrible experience and even worse customer service recovery from the Saks Customer Service Dept’s corporate manager, Kevin Walker and his assistant manager Renee. I’ll keep the details of the incident to a basic outline since I am highly doubtful this post will even get viewed by anyone high up the Saks corporate ladder who would even care to read this. Yes, I’m directly addressing the following leaders of Saks Inc: Mr. Stephen Sadove, Ms. Mariel McKee, Ms. Carolyn Biggs, Mr. Joseph Boitano, and Mr. Cruz.

Saks Inc., this is what I think of your business: You clearly don’t value your customers and their feedback about an issue that directly affects the company’s bottom line. Mr. Kevin Walker and Ms. Renee in your customer service dept. has made it unequivocally clear to me that Saks prefers the goods it delivers to be stolen instead of making an afflicted situation right. My order of Louboutin shoes were not only shipped out late, but the package itself was tampered with and left on a publicly viewable and accessible driveway in an urban area with a lot of foot and street traffic. The FedEx agent didn’t even bothered ringing the doorbell to let the person in my house know that a package has arrived. Furthermore, my shipping summary with confidential info was left outside of the box for all to see. It’s only because of luck and the time that I called to check in on my package that 1) the package was not stolen, and 2) it wasn’t raining or else the Louboutins would’ve been ruined beyond repair. Moreover, I could’ve been unscrupulous and easily claimed that I never received the package at all. As an honest and forthright person, that would’ve gone against my morals and values, and I truly believe in always trying to do what’s right regardless of the outcome. Hence, I reported what happened to Saks’s customer service dept. under the presumption that a top tier retailer like Saks would place a focus on providing excellent customer service and recovery to keep their loyal customers satisfied. Apparently, that wasn’t the case. Saks would prefer that nearly $1900 dollars worth of goods be stolen than to take slightly more than 10% off the subtotal amount. 10% is a slap in the face to a customer who acted honestly, saved Saks from a loss to their bottom line, and took 1 hr out of a busy day to bring this matter to Saks’s attention. Think about it, a customer automatically gets a 10% discount just for signing up to be on the Saks email list–does a 10% discount for an incident like this send a message that the company cares about its customers? I think not!

Bottom line: Saks, if you want to keep me as a customer, then make this situation right by compensating in an appropriate manner that isn’t insulting. Otherwise, you’ve just lost a customer for life who has 50 more years of shopping to do. And to my fellow shoppers, should this incident happen to you, just remember what happened to me and you may want to reconsider doing the right and honest thing.


Fustrated December 18, 2015 at 5:42 pm

I TOTALLY agree with you! Their customer service out of Jacksonville Mississippi is HORRIBLE!!! They have incompetent people working customer service. I’ve received quite a few $25 “were sorry for the inconvenience cards. I’m surprised a high end store such as Saks Fifth Avenue have these incompetent providing their customer service. It makes you not want to ever order online!!!


Sonya August 6, 2014 at 10:27 am

Worst experience with a sales manager, Kristen Ciezak, at the Short Hill Mall, NJ location. Tried to return a swim cover up that I bought on which was on final sale. Told the manager it didn’t fit and I was willing to take a store credit. The manager had the most XXXXiest look on her face and rolled her eyes and said she can’t accept the return because it was marked as final sale. Next day went to a different location, where they gladly took the return without a problem. To the manager that works at Saks Short Hills – your career at Saks will not last with the attitude you give to customers. Judging by the number of employees and the little to none customers on a daily basis, I’m not surprised now why customers wouldn’t want to shop at this location. Employees are rude, unknowledgeable and lack common customer courtesy – I guess they take it after their managers who are arrogant and think they work for Karl Lagerfeld. Worst experience ever at Saks Short Hills.


Natalie August 5, 2014 at 6:02 am

Your final sale policy is a disgrace. I ordered something 2 weeks ago on and need to return it because it doesn’t fit. Not I’m being told that the item was on final sale and is not eligible for returns. To make matters even worse, when checking on the item at the moment on, the item is still being sold for exactly the same price as I purchased it for but is no longer on final sale. This is completely deceiving and wrong from a consumer’s stand point. Why should I have to pay for something that I can’t return and another customer gets to pay the same price for the same item 2 weeks later and is given the option to return

I will be putting in a dispute with my card about this issue and hope that you plan to eliminate this deceptive practice in the near future. I’ve been a saks loyal customer for over 20 years and to have to deal with something such as this is shameful. I will not be shopping on or saks stores from this point forward.


Judy Steinberg July 20, 2014 at 9:17 pm

Your online shopping department is a disgrace……I spoke to a Karen Pielech from executive offices and she was unable to call me back Maybe she was to busy……I won’t be shopping there anymore…..


Phyllis July 18, 2014 at 8:15 am

I am so disappointed in a recent experience with Saks, and see here that there are many customers who feel the same way. How can new management get it so wrong. I have been a loyal Saks customer for over 12 years. It is the only department store I shopped at. I recently made a purchase on for an item that cleared my Wait List. I ordered the item. It did not fit, so I went to return it, but there was no return label ,and my receipt said Final Sale – – what?? I have NEVER ordered something from Saks that could not be returned. When I called Customer Service they told me they began practicing this “new policy” 3 weeks ago (on sale items only I assume). The representative said it stated it when I ordered my item, and I should have seen it. I told him I’ve been shopping online with Saks for 12 years, and never has there been such a return policy, so why would I even look for that. I was told no exception could be made. I asked for a manager to call me and am still waiting over a week later.

Now, it gets better – I get an email from Saks that another of my Wait List items is now available. I go through the process of placing it in my Cart to see where this “Final Sale” notification might me. There is NOTHING in the product description indicating it is a final sale item. Only after placing the item in your cart does it appear in a small font at the very bottom of the page. I understand that companies have to make changes to business practices, but this was not adequate notification of a Final Sale, especially when it such a radical change in policy. “Final Sale” should have been clearly marked in a legible font on the product description page and on the Cart and Checkout pages.

How can Saks do such a bait and switch on long-time, loyal customers without sufficient warning and notification? This followed by the poor treatment of Customer Service was the final insult. I didn’t think I was shopping at Filene’s Basement. So, loyal Saks customers – BUYER BEWARE – our beloved Saks is not what it used to be. Shame on you Marigay McKee. I have torn up my Saks Platinum card and will never shop there online or in the brick and mortar stores again.


Natalie August 5, 2014 at 6:21 am

Hi Phyllis,

Just went thru the nightmare of trying to return something I ordered online 2 weeks ago and being told that it was final sale!!! It was never stated under the description and they are trying to claim that it was and I just didn’t see it. To make matters worse, the item is still being sold on the website for the same price but is no longer final sale. Isn’t this interesting … So they tell me the final sale event ended yesterday!!!! Horay – I didn’t know that a “final sale” is considered an “event”… Someone who buys the item today has the privilege to return it, whereas as someone who bought the same item 2 weeks ago for the same price is stuck with it when it doesn’t fit…

P.S. How can a company as big as Saks allow to practice such deceptive business tactics ??? Not only it’s legally wrong , it’s also morally wrong. Oh well they just lost another loyal customer of 20 yrs. I rather shop on overseas websites (mytheresa, matchesfashion, farfetch) and pay a little more (with an option to return) than deal with illiterate reps who are trained to give the same pathetic speech about the recently launched “final Sale policy” at saks – which clearly makes zero sense….


Patricia June 24, 2014 at 6:48 pm

Worst company in the world. Working for them is a joke. You would barely be able to pay your bills. You’ll always be in deficit and never make commission. Do NOT ever apply. Go to any other retailer like Neiman Marcus and work there or even Macy’s for goodness sake!!!! Anywhere else is a better place to work. Nobody ever knows what they are talking about at Saks and there is no room to ever grow and all the managers are complete idiots and do absolutely no work. As a customer and a worker, I no longer do any! Saks will eventually close down one day due to all their returns!!!! It is a thrift shop!!!! Look and inspect the clothes before you waste 300$ on a top because it may be worn!!!!!!


Ellie June 18, 2014 at 1:10 pm

On line service is horrible. Marni large handbag, sale price $895, came squashed in a small box, the bag is ruined.
Totally unacceptable !!!!!
Today, Akris top came with make up marks, they got to be kidding. Seems no one checking people who is doing the packing, so no responsibility … isn’t that great!
My complains go unanswered, looks like Saks don’t care for their customers at all!


Adabel January 10, 2015 at 1:22 pm

I had the same experience with a Fendi messenger bag I purchased as a gift for Christmas. The bag came wrapped in a wrinkled Fendi cloth bag, which was then wrapped in one piece of bubble wrap and town into a small shipping box. The bag arrived looking like I purchased a fake guess bag in a back alley somewhere. Even then I tried my best to make it look better and put it in a nice Christmas box and wrapped it. It was so bad that the person I gave it to thought i t was fake. Meanwhile the Louis Vuitton bag they gave me was wrapped so perfectly, placed in an amazing Louis Vuitton box, wrapped with a bow, then shipped in an even bigger box. It was so beautifully packaged I didn’t even want to open it. Saks Fifth Avenue should be ashamed of themselves, and high end designers should pull their product from that dump of a store.
I got one response to my email full of outrage and apologies followed by a 10% off my next purchase. What a joke. The next email I received said the following:

I apologize that your experience with was less than satisfactory. The team is truly committed to providing customers like you with the highest level of service available today. Therefore, reactions to the conditions of your order will be used to improve the site moving forward.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or need further assistance. Thank you for your inquiry and for visiting


Nekia Gainer

Worst customer service and experience ever. I will never ever shop there again. Neiman Marcus will continue to get most of my business as they know how to treat their customers the right way.


Cindy Madich May 21, 2014 at 4:13 pm

I sent a complaint over three weeks ago, and no one has gotten back to me. In the last catalog I received from Saks it had an advertisement for BONBON fragrance by Viktor and Rolf for women that was despicable. It looked like a page from a XXXXXo magazine. Hopefully no children saw this page in your distasteful catalog this time. I thought Saks had more class than this to let this type of smut be seen. Body painting at it’s worst!!!

Disgruntled Frequent Saks Customer


Marka May 9, 2014 at 10:28 pm

I cant believe , how Saks treat their customers. No department store I have shopped at treat customers that way. They cancel your orders without any notification or reasons. Even after speaking with the manager, still no results. The manager does not know anything. Was promised a call back 3 times over 2 months, no one calls back. What a terrible services. Saks is looking a lot of business and customers.

Reply May 13, 2014 at 11:46 am

seems like we went through the same thing the same week i will never shop with them again im still waiting on a call back


Judy Steinberg April 29, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Horrible on line shopping..stupid operators on hold for hours to return things!!!


Judy Steinberg April 29, 2014 at 4:47 pm

I have a complaint for your on line service..It is horrible the worst service and people answering you phones I have ever seen in my life!!!


India April 12, 2014 at 10:43 am

You would think just because it’s a NEW store that everyone WOULD BE happy, smiling, helpful and last but not least RESPECTFUL! Up there in Wauwatosa, WI at the Mayfair Collection, Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth’s employees are RUDE with very smart mouths! I stood there and watched employees ask for help and I’m guess they were asking managers and no one knew anything!!!!!!! There was an old lady controlling lines, mouth sarcastic as ever! Don’t think she should be working there at all. Ahhh, Rachel and Jennifer! Tsk, tsk, tsk! They are rude also! I asked them their names and made a side note just to complain on these two! Don’t know how to talk to their employees for one and for two, look up the definition of TEAM WORK! Although there was a very sweet girl named Mandy that was very helpful! Seemed frustrated but VERY helpful, thank you Mandy because I was about to go crazy in this store! I don’t think I will be visiting again. Well if I do, I hope there is better customer service from the MANAGEMENT team! Smh (shaking my head)


Sandra April 10, 2014 at 4:53 pm

I, too, am in the midst of an absolutely terrible experience with Saks. I ordered a red Natori nightgown and robe from Saks and found that the color rubbed off on my sheets. Even after washing, the color continued to bleed, albeit a bit less. It took me two days to wash/bleach the color out of my very expensive white Italian cotton sheets. I called Saks customer service on 2/25/14 to tell them what had happened and to find out how to handle this. They indicated that they had no ability to handle this and that I should return the items to the return department using the return label. I did this the following day on February 26. Since that time I have not received any communication from anyone at Saks about the situation. Two days ago, I attempted to use Customer Service again through the e-mail choice on my account. I received a message back that they could not respond, because I had not communicated through the secure message center on the account. Since I believe I did that and did write back to the sender, I have, once again, received no communication from Saks. It is utterly incomprehensible that no human being has tried to contact me to have any discussion about this, either by phone or by e-mail. I have been a Saks customer for thirty years, and find myself astounded by the shoddy service afforded me. I am not someone who returns items on a regular basis, especially after wearing them. I was seeking a credit to my account, which apparently is too much to ask of the Saks team. I also felt that, at least tacitly, I was being called a liar, since one of the customer service reps indicated that you would have to test the garments to determine if the color was really rubbing off. If this is the team you are relying on the improve the status of Saks, you have no hope. I, too, can certainly shop at other high end stores such as Neiman Marcus, Barney’s or Bergdorfs to satisfy my needs.


Gary March 3, 2014 at 6:12 pm

I placed two orders online and used their live chat for assistance, it took two hours. I received one order and never received the other. When i inquired why, I was told my credit card did not go through. I did not believe that to be true so I called my credit card company to inquire, I was told that the charge was not declined and still on my card. When I called back to Saks to inform them I spoke with a supervisor named Kevin who informed me that it was rejected because my name was used on another order from the same special offer but a different address. My problem with this is, first no one contacted me of any problem in fact it was confirmed that the order went through. Second, when Saks Supervisor Kevin spoke with me he said he would submit the order again and overnight ship it for any inconvenience. Never received the order again , and I had to call again to be told all the same thing again. Does, Saks not feel it necessary to inform customers that their order is not coming. Why? Why spend the big money to hire Ms. Mckee to get Saks back on track when your throwing customers away? Worst experience I ever had. I shop many stores Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, ect. I never received this poor quality service from any of them. Ms. McKee should start her rebuilding by giving the definition of “customer” to all of Saks employees.


Frederick Jones March 2, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Yesterday, March 1, I had a very bad customer service experience at Saks Fifth Ave Outlet Store in Monroe OH.
I had received a Christmas gift from my daughter, a hat and scarf, which I was not crazy about. In early January I visited Saks in hopes of exchanging the items. An associate informed me that being I did not have the receipt I could not get a cash refund but an exchange would be possible. The store was picked over. I left anticipating a return visit once selection was better. I returned on March 1. I was met by Oksana, the store manager. I shared my story with her and she said there was nothing she could do in an abrupt, rude manner. I restated my purpose for visiting the store. She acted as if I were bothering her. I was confused. Clearly the items still had the Saks tags on them and during my previous visit I was told no problem. I left the store and not feeling very good about my experience. After giving thought to what had just happened, I returned to talk with another sales rep. The associate was friendly and began to help me. Nearly immediately, the manager appeared and chimed in making me feel as though I was trying to manipulate the situation. Sensing my discouragement, she suggested a possible solution to my problem which involved a phone call to the original purchaser. I did not successfully reach the person via phone. Therefore, Oksana informed me that being there was no history of the purchase, she again could not help me (with no compassion I might add). She made me feel as if I had stolen the items.
My wife and I are new shoppers to Saks Outlet and after this experience we will not continue to shop with Saks. Your associate’s customer service skills are considerably lacking. I understand store policies but confused by the mixed message I received from 3 associates. Each gave me different information, different attitudes and different outcomes. I was most bothered by Oksana and her less than desirable customer service. I question Saks’ standards in their management and would like to think it is not common practice to hire staff which do not tactfully deal with the public.
I am bringing this to your attention in hopes that this matter will be addressed and others will have a more pleasant shopping experience at Saks. I would appreciate a quick response from Richard Baker or Donald Watros.


LLee February 14, 2014 at 2:31 pm

HORRIBLE experience with capital one financial services. It has been a down hill battle since Capital One took over Saks financial. Customer services sucks, and they are not willing to accommodate its customers. I am being charged late fees for my payments being made on the same same it is due. NO ONE took responsibility and when asked for the corporate number to Saks no one new. How can you represent a company and not know its corporate information? Very unprofessional. This company is bringing down the name SaksFifth!!!!!!


June Jung February 13, 2014 at 2:25 pm

I had the worst experience at Saks FIfth Avenue Tysons Galleria mall too. With the same manager, Nicole Bikcen. One of her associates was helping pick out the perfect pair of Chanel sunglasses, when out of nowhere this manager disrupts our conversation and is talking about why the associate didn’t make her sales goal for the month. The rudest Manager I ever encountered.


Ann February 3, 2014 at 3:19 pm

Horrible experience never shopping at Saks Tysons Galleria again! I was a the Lancome counter I gave the wrong credit card to the sales associate so she voided it. I asked how long it would take for the money to be returned to my account, she didn’t know. I asked for a manager, when the manager came she gave me a snotty attitude and said 10mins. I waited an hour and it still didn’t return to my account. I asked the sales associate to give me the name of the manager that misinformed me Nicole Bikcen was her name. Well because of her I won’t be shopping at Saks Tysons anymore.


pops April 27, 2014 at 5:00 pm

sax at Tysons corners needs to lose their manager


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