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Ruth's Chris Steak House Corporate Office Address

Ruth's Hospitality Group, Inc.
1030 W. Canton Avenue, Suite 100
Winter Park, Florida 32789

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Phone Number: (407) 333-7440
Fax Number: (407) 833-9625
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Ruth's Chris Steak House Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Ruth's Chris Steak House Executives

CEO: Mike O'Donnell
CFO: Robert Vincent
COO: Kevin Toomy

Ruth's Chris Steak House History

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is a chain of upper scale restaurants and is the largest luxury steak house of its kind in the U.S. Founded in 1927 in New Orleans by Chris Matulich, Chris Steak House was located near the Fairgrounds race track. Ruth Fertel purchased the restaurant in 1965 and renamed it. Fertel’s original staff was made up of single mothers because Fertel believed they worked harder to support their families. The company began franchising in 1977.

Today, Ruth’s Chris Steak House has 130 locations and employs approximately 6,100 persons full time. The company continues to add new locations, such as the one located inside Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2013 and Denver, Colorado, that same year. There are also plans to open locations in China.

Most locations are open for dinner only. The company also offers catering and wedding services.

Ruth's Chris Steak House FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Ruth's Chris Steak House?
Answer 1: The phone number for Ruth's Chris Steak House is (407) 333-7440.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Ruth's Chris Steak House?
Answer 2: The CEO of Ruth's Chris Steak House is Mike O'Donnell.

Question 3: Who founded Ruth's Chris Steak House?
Answer 3: Ruth's Chris Steak House was founded by in .

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Constance DeFrances April 9, 2019 at 12:08 pm

It seems to me that a logical complaint to you goes unanswered.

This is perfectly okay. When your business shows a decline, maybe you will become more aware of your flimsy cooking and service.

I buy your gift cards as the local store. When I spend a few hundred dollars for my family, I expect them to have a great experience. When you ask for medium well it should be that way and not totally bloody. Send it back and it becomes a ball of burnt steak. Your chef needs some lessons.

Whatever happened to Customer Service? You want the money but you no longer deliver the product.

Connie DeFrances


Sandra March 7, 2019 at 5:17 pm

I am a frequent patron of Ruth Chris restaurant , I am also an avid matchbook collector , a few of my nurse friends and I wonder if you have any matchbooks to send us , we would greatly appreciate it


Frank Moseley February 20, 2019 at 2:27 pm

I was an employee at Ruths Chris of Asheville N.C and just to get to the point the chef there PETE is a full blown racist,You wanna know why they cant keep good help its because of the NEO Nazi you have employed there- HE is strung out on Adderal sorry for the spelling but i dont do it so there for its not in my vocabulary. As im being hired there, i was told that if i had sum Adderal that i would be in his the good graces . Needless to say this trend of PROfessionalism was non exsistent/PETE is a total racist -had a great shift on broil -my food never came back-not once -so after the rush was over pete leaves the line-comes back 10 mins later and started talking about how black guys had it rough during slavery/where did that come from ?and proceeded to keep it going till he realized i wasnt getting emotional /Only because im a proffesional on anybodies clock and i was there to uphold my duties and did to the utmost but you let pete tell it and its always everybody else and im so sorry to say that its your Main man. And that would explain there turn over rate. You have a NEO NAZI running your kitchen and im sure RUTH doesnt know that. IF You dont fire him/ it will be confirmation of you approving this dysfunctional behavior and further proof of the racism hiding behind corporate entities.AND Ruth being JEWISH should be the first one to investigate these matters because i know she holds her and everyone around her to hire standards-and if not we can see what ABC NEWS thinks about the situation, I know in my heart that a Jewish owner doesnt know she has a lil fury Hitler working under and for her representing her like its the new normal- i definitively need some positive feedback so future employees know what there getting into before it happens,cuss your asheville location is still under Jim Crowe Laws.And if i dont get some feed back -imma take it to ABC NEWS


glenn February 10, 2019 at 7:18 pm

Was their ever a ruth’s in Pascagoula Ms. in the 1970’s


Karen Frugoli OHare December 27, 2018 at 12:58 pm

Ruth Chris Steak House in Reno NV. I’ve been going to Reno for Christmas Eve and Xmas Day. The four us decided to have dinner at Ruth Chris I was the only one that has been at Ruth Chris never had a problem until Dec 24 2018, the sever was Charlie and he was so bad didn’t get the order right one dinner had to go back it wasn’t cooked correctly by the time Jason got his steak the three of us were finish it took 20 minutes and the steak wasn’t a Ribeye that’s what Jason order. Shane order a Beer never received it and was charged for it. so one manager came back to us and said out loud that there wasn’t enough funds on my credit card, we said you just charged us 277.49 on the card and you charged another 83.00 on my card. All he had to do is take off 7.00 dollars for the Beer we never got. That manager didn’t know day from night!!!!! So now I have to explain to my credit card company to take off the 83,00 he charged me for NO reason. I have called 3 time to Ruth Chris in Reno and know manager will return my calls. I want my full amount back 256.26 on my credit card plus the 83.00 that stupid manager put on my card for no reason. Plus the void receipts I never received. It took 3 people to take care of the mistake and it really wasn’t resolved. This message is for CEO Mike O’Donnell CFO Robert Vincent COO Kevin Toomy I will put you on Facebook, Google, Yelp so please Respond to my message. Thank you Karen


Darleen Dean December 26, 2018 at 11:24 am

We had reservations for 6PM Christmas Eve in your Savannah restaurant which was confirmed on Sunday by one of their employees. When we arrived last night the restaurant was closed. Is this the kind of upscale treatment you offer your customers. You had my phone number, if you were closing, a courtesy phone call would have been appropriate. My Christmas Eve was ruined thanks to ignorant employees. This not only creates ill will for your restaurant but also reflects on Savannah as well. I am putting this experience on blast. It never should have happened.


Randy Douglas October 22, 2018 at 2:47 pm

My wife and I ate at the Mauna Lani Restaurant yesterday and the food was terrible! I smell bankruptcy…


Natasha Joseph-Wilkerson May 9, 2018 at 3:18 pm

Michael P. O’Donnell
Chairman of the Board and Chief
Executive Officer at Ruth’s Hospitality Group, Inc.
1030 W Canton Ave Ste 100
Winter Park, FL 32789

Dear Mr. O’Donnell,
My reservation is upcoming on 5/13/18 which is Mother’s Day at your Midlothian, VA location. My family and I are celebrating my brother’s graduation and 4 mothers in our party. Unfortunately your dinning room does not have the accommodation for the 13 people in our group and was told that we can have the semi private room which is a contract room for a minimum order of $800.00. I expressed to Robin Sorenson the Sales Manager that we may not spend that much as 2 people in our party are on restricted diets and 1 is a child. She stated that if we will not be spending that amount I need to let her know by 5pm today or my reservation will be given to someone else. This is Mother’s Day weekend and will be a huge inconvenience if we cannot keep our reservation due to this. I did explain that we will definitely spend close to that but cannot say for sure $800.00 will be spent. Please let me know what can be done as again this dinning room cannot accommodate our party size and your semi private room can. I understand this is a busy weekend but we are patrons to and would love to enjoy and celebrate both occasions at your restaurant.

thank you,


John Ragu May 2, 2018 at 4:56 pm

My family and I have been customers Of you restaurant for over 15 years celebrating every New Years, Valentines Day our birthdays and Wedding Anniversary in addition to non celebratory dinners.
This past Valentines Day we made reservations for your Weehawken NJ restaurant and invited another couple to come also, whom have never been to one of your restaurants.
To begin with when we entered none even looked up from the front desk to acknowledge us. We stood there for quite a while till finally a gentleman asked “name”. In the past we were always greeted graciously by name and at least with a smile making us feel that our business was at least appreciated.
The coat check person waved us towards her from inside the coat room signaling that we should come to her. Of course without a smile.
We were then seated, menus left on the table and the woman walked away. Each and every other time we have been seated we were always greeted with a amike and advise as to what to order. Water was brought to the table without a word.
Our waitress cane and asked what we would like to,order, and orders were taken.
As a waiter brought our appetizers he placed the wrong orders in front of each of us. To reach the persons seated on the far side across the table he reached in front of those sitting on the near side almost hitting my wife in the chin with one plate.he spoke no English and we had to figure out which was which. I asked for more water which was never delivered,
The same waiter delivered the main courses and again had them mixed up, indicated that mine was rare in fact it was overdone. Once again he passed the plates in front of those sitting closest to,him almost hitting them in the chin. I again asked for refill of water which never came.
Once we switched our plates to get the correct dinners the food was excellent as always.
We asked for spoons for something we were eating but never received even one spoon.
Dessert was delivered without a word. Once again asking for water refills and once again never got the water nor did we receive spoons after asking several times.
I was to get my own water from the couple sitting at the next table who indicated that they were not going to drink it.
The waitress then came with the bill, reached over one of the women to drop it on the table and walked away. For the heck of it I asked for water but guess what never got it.
No one even asked if everything was OK or if we needed anything else.
The wait staff reminded us of those one would fund in an all night diner.
In our many trips to that same restaurant we have never been treated in this manner. In fact we have always bragged about the way people were treated.
There are other fine restaurants close by who might appreciate our business.
I can not believe how the the entire atmosphere has deteriorated in just a short period of time.
I was embarrassed as we always told the new couple with us how well we were treated and to be treated so rudely was terrible.
The day after I received a survey regarding our visit to your restaurant from Open Table. I indicated that my message was to be sent to you also.
I would have thought that maybe a note of appology might be in order however apparently you didn’t think it was warranted we received nothing. Which is why things are deteriorating as they have!


Karen Adams December 26, 2018 at 8:23 pm

December 25 2018 reservations were made for a beautiful Christmas Day dinner party of eight in beautiful Chicago’s downtown restaurant on Dearborn, the waiter David comes to the table to take orders and explains to us expect the plate to be at least 500 degrees okay great ! well if you’ve ever been to Ruth Chris you no this is there signature sizzling plates! half hour later here comes David worst waiter I’ve ever had with eight plates of lukewarm food no sizzle what so ever ! The chip of butter was solid on my steak no one food was hot! He never came with bread never came to check it was a terrible experience. When he finally showed back up he said he had to go a long way to get the food totally ruined our holiday experience!


Talitha W April 11, 2018 at 3:28 pm

I made reservations for two at your Troy Michigan location. I made the reservations on Tuesday April 10, 2018 under the name of Ingram. I spoke with a representative by the name of Natalie. Natalie booked my reservation and before closing the call, she informed me that Ruth Chris has a business casual attire policy. I was shocked by her statement because I have been a frequent patron of your establishment on many occasions and I have never been informed of this policy in the past. It greatly offended me because I felt as if I was being targeted because I am African American. To test out my theory, I had two of my Caucasian friends call to book a reservation. They called within minutes of my call to see if this policy was stated to them. Natalie did not mention this to either of them. Proving that this is not correct needs to stop immediately!
The insult carried over to today April, 11, 2018. I received a follow up phone call from one of your representatives from your establishment at 2:50 p.m. They called me to confirm my appointment and to inform me that there is a business casual policy with your restaurant location. I am at wits end trying to figure out why this is happening?


Teresa Coleman April 8, 2018 at 11:32 pm

My family and I were celebrating my son 25 birthday which we had made reservation for about 15 people in advance We came in on a Friday night March 23rd the lady at front said that my son and his friend couldn’t come in with sweat pants on.The lady at the front was very rude. My son question the lady saying that he had seen a group of other people in there with sweat pants on, In turn him and the lady at the front did a a few words.My son and his friend went to the car to change pants when three guys approach them saying that his mother was the lady at front that he had words with Never the less in return called a big confrontation in the front which while the police had been called, so we had to go somewhere else to celebrate Ruin our celebration.


Dorothy Hadley March 22, 2018 at 7:19 pm

Mike O’Donnel CEO
Ruth Chris Steak House Corporate
1030 West Canton Avenue Suite 100
Winter Park, Fl 32789
I am writing to let you know how a incident that happened to me at Portland Or Ruth Chris was handled..On March 7 2018 my husband and I celebrated my 76th birthday with a gift card.Our dinner was fine. But I had accidently left my purse in the car and my husband went out and got it. Our car was still parked in front of restaurant.Being in a 5 star restaurant I did not feel the need to check my purse.
But in the morning when I checked my wallet $20.00 was missing.I emailed the general manager Sabrina Moss and she said she was going to investigate but in the meantime she would like to offer me a gift card for the disappointment I feel that I may have had to use for another dinner and asked if I would like that and where to send gift card. To add injury to insult she did send a $20.00 gift card which I will be returning. Before Ruth Chris relocated to their new location having dinner at the old location I was given a free dinner because I requested no sea salt on my steak The manager came out apologized for mistake and I received the steak dinner free. Even if Sabrina could not offer a free dinner the $20.00 gift card was not appropriate to use towards my next dinner in a 5 star restaurant.
Very unhappy and still dissapointing
Dorothy Hadley


Veronica March 18, 2018 at 5:22 pm

Michael P. O’Donnell
Chairman of the Board and Chief
Executive Officer at Ruth’s Hospitality Group, Inc.
1030 W Canton Ave Ste 100
Winter Park, FL 32789
March 18, 2018
Dear Mr. O’Donnell,
Prior to writing you this letter, while researching Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, I read an article written in the Orlando Sentinel about how you are attempting to “revive” the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse brand. The story I am about to tell you is one of the reasons the company doesn’t have as good of a reputation in the Washington DC metro area as Capital Grille, Morton’s and Flemings.
My mother is staying near the Bethesda Ruth’s Chris steakhouse on Wisconsin Avenue temporarily. She asked one of her caregivers to go out and get some dinner for her. The caregiver went to the Wisconsin Avenue location and after a twenty minute wait she put in an order for food. The lady sat there for over an hour afterward and was completely ignored. When she finally spoke to someone to inquire about where the food was they said, “We are very busy,” with a complete lack of sense of urgency much less interest paying customers have come to expect in the “hospitality” industry.
Eventually my mother’s caregiver had to return to the hotel for her shift change. The second person came back to get the food and it took an additional forty-five-minute wait! The sad fact is that both of the caregivers who waited for the food are of African descent and believe, as do I, that they were discriminated against.
Although I have never been a victim of racism because I am white, it is behavior like this that will cause our entire family to take our business elsewhere.


suzanne Church March 8, 2018 at 4:52 pm

Let me start by saying that my family and I have always enjoyed the food at Ruth’s Chris. We usually visit the downtown Toronto one and many in different States and are always very pleased not only with the food but also with the service. This being said, we visited the Ruth’s Chris in Niagara Falls Ontario and were mind blown at how that location boosted the prices. It was actually ridiculous. That Ruth’s Chris restaurant is ruining your good name. I strongly suggest that corporate visits that location and verifies the prices. For an example: a small filet mignon was 79$ on the Thursday and 82$ on the Friday! In Toronto I usually pay around 52$ for a small filet, This is actually laughing at the consumer. We should of just left but we ended up paying the extremely overpriced bill because we were hungry. As I stated before, please verify this establishment because they are and will ruin your good name.
Suzanne Church


Winston Judge March 1, 2018 at 7:37 pm

Got bad food a wrecked car had 3 couples that spent 600 dollars over all that dined with me that night . Took them 3 weeks for the valet service A1A to submit a claim to their insurance company and to tell them they didn’t do it . Right off the bat A1A valet services owner Nick Csorna told me I must have brought the car there like that . I was appalled because any valet driver that saw the car damaged in the manner my car was given back to me in would have had to be retarded not to make note of it before parking the vehicle . I spoke to a general manager at the Ruth Chris Wiam Battah also spoke to the corporate office Mikella Gallagher Neither offered any assistance . My apologies Wiam did send me a gift card for 50 dollars to come back to Ruth Chris that I wont be using. Its too bad they don’t have the coos number listed anywhere. The corporate office only calls you back when they feel like it. As for Nick Csorna and A1A valet I guess you couldn’t lie and get out of the wreck with the Porsche and the Bentley that happened a few days after you wrecked my car.


Winston Judge March 1, 2018 at 7:41 pm

This location was in Ponte Vedra Florida on A1A.


Kathleen February 23, 2018 at 8:48 pm

We understand that a Ruth’s Chris Steak House will be opening in the Eastern Long Island area, Shirley, NY a very up and coming sea side town, we noted there have been many investors looking in this area because of the demand for more upscale business
Thank you for your investment in Shirley NY
.Kathleen Lamprecht


Marsha Faroh February 10, 2018 at 9:54 pm

We went to the Ruth Chris inn palm beach.
Big mistake! One issue after another. The manager said nothing about our horrible experience. I would never go back to Ruth Chris. There’s so many other amazing steak houses with good service.


Sirina Samiel January 11, 2018 at 7:16 pm

I had reservations at the Ruth Chris New York City for Christmas with my son my daughter-in-law my three-year-old granddaughter and my nine-month-old granddaughter upon walking in Karen the general manager was mad because we had a stroller the nine-month-old needs to sit in the stroller she said she could not accommodate us that she would have to sit in a highchair so I said we need to highchairs they bring one highchair for the 9 month old about 20 minutes later they bring a booster for the three Road which never sat in a booster the appetizers came out like 40 minutes later they were cold and horrible the steaks and sides came out 40 minutes after that they were cold and horrible macaroni and cheese without the cheese I called the next day and spoke to Karen general manager she did nothing but Yell At me saying that nothing of this happened and that I gave her a hard time at the door about the stroller so I pulled the hospitality line thinking someone would call me and do something they have done nothing either I emailed several times and then finally about 10 days later I get a phone call from Karen again saying that there’s nothing that she can do for me and uninvited me to the restaurant how’s that for hospitality all after that I paid $350 and a tip thank you very much with Chris a phone call from the vice President would be nice that’s what I’m waiting for not from Karen


Grace D January 4, 2018 at 7:10 am

I made a reservation at Ruths Chris-Tampa, FL for Christmas Eve for 9 people. I made the reservation in October. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were seated in the bar–right near the lobby. The lobby was so crowded, people were coming into the bar to stand, and they were literally bumping into us at our table while we ate. Then a child started banging on the piano, which was also right next to us.
My lamb chops were served raw and i had to send them back.
I sent an email to the manager of the Ruth’s Chris-Tampa and have not heard anything. While my sister-in-law, who was also with us, was on a separate check, she got a call from the manager.
Very disappointed with the overall experience and the quality of the food. Will not return to this location.
I believe they overbooked for Christmas Eve and they were not able provide the level of service that is expected for this type of restaurant.

A response from the manager or corporate would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Grace Doumanian


Debby December 26, 2017 at 5:13 pm

Our children sent us to Ruth’s Chris for our anniversary. My husband was recovering from a hospital stay. We were looking forward to a special evening and wonderful food. We were so disappointed. Our steaks were mostly fat and gristle and there was a white sour cream glob inside my second tea glass. I contacted the manager at the Chattanooga location and he was kind and seemed sorry and understanding. He said he would send us a coupon for our meals and even told us to ask for him when we came so he would make sure everything was right. That was August 24, 2017. Why would he make this promise and not keep it?


Robert Tremper December 7, 2017 at 4:32 pm

On Sunday, I visited the ruth’s chris steak house in Manhattan. This is something we have done for the past five years. Luved their happy hours, apps., etc. This time, however, we were in the bar area waiting for seats to open at bar, there were tables but we wanted a bar area stool, as we even know the bartender who remembers us when we visit. We were standing there when a young black girl came over and told us we had to leave as we were not appropriately dressed. We had on Adidas slacks and nice shirts. She said “corporate” said we are not dressed right and would have to leave I am 71 years old , not a kid with torn jeans Was embarrassed and annoyed beyond, Don’t think I will ever go back!


Teru November 8, 2017 at 3:25 pm

I sent this email to the manager at the Ann Arbor location.
He did call and apologized and said he would send a gift card which I still have not received, it’s been 2 months. As a customer and investor this is disappointing.

We love coming to Ruth Chris and enjoying the awesome steaks. It’s a very big deal for my family and friends to get dressed up and go out to dinner at Ruth’s.
My last two dinning experiences were not the best. As the food was fabulous the serve from our waitress was not. Kelly was very slow serving drinks and food and she was not very attentive. On our visit Sept 11 the meal was delivered in a timely manner. We waited over 25 minutes for coffee and deserts after the meal. Then we waited another 20 minutes to pay the bill, she never returned so handed the bill to another wait staff. We think she did not put our desert order in until 20 minutes after she took the order.
This past Saturday was the same, she was very slow and not attentive. We had brought friends along to dinner and we embarrassed after we told them what a great place Ruth Chris is. They saw the poor serves and were very disappointed. The disappointment came in the money we all spend for such to dinner poor serves. After paying over $300 for dinner we except more!


David Lechter July 18, 2017 at 10:49 am

Second time to contact someone about lack of pricing at Ruth’s Chris in Houston bar. Have gotten nothing but run around from the two managers on duty and ignored by Corporate here in Winter Park. In Houston night of June 29th and ordered two shots Mccallan 18 year. We pay $ 29.00 here in Orlando but there were no prices on menu in Houston. We believed it would be the same price. We were charged $59.00 for each shot which we would not have ordered if printed on menu. All managers contacted refused to do anything about the bill. Terrible customer service as have been a customer for close to 40 years and first time have seen this. Very disappointed and I think it is completely dishonest to not put prices on a bar menu. Got to be against the law somewhere.


jan monahan June 30, 2017 at 12:57 pm

Hi I was wondering and trying to find out if I have a Ruths Chris gift card, which came from Boston may I use it in Aruba


James Trainer June 20, 2017 at 9:58 am


To Executive Management
Ruth Chris Restaurant

To: Hilton Worldwide Corporate Office
CEO: Christopher J. Nassetta
CFO: Kevin Jacobs
COO: Kathryn Beiser

Re: Embassy Suites
Centennial Olympic Park
Atlanta Georgia

My name is James Trainer on Saturday 06/17/2017 the Trainer Family hosted their family reunion banquet at the Embassy Suite hotel and Ruth Chris restaurant. This was an event that was two years in the making, We contracted this event with Embassy Suite and Ruth Chris on 02/10/2016 this is only to let you know how much effort time went in to making this a successful reunion for my family which hasn’t happen in 21 years.

After all the planning and considerable amount of finance that went to this event we were very disappointed with the treatment we received on the night of the banquet. I James Trainer am the chairman for the event and made myself available to the restaurant staff for whatever they may find necessary to contact me for. Your Banquet manager Ms Theresa Ilieva ask to speak to me in the back room of the banquet hall.

Ms Ilieva proceeded to tell me that she knew what was going on and that children was sitting in their parents lap and eating they needed to be in a seat, that we had more people than we had paid for and they were eating. The parent that she mention was my daughter and her 4 year old daughter which wanted to sit in her mothers lap, the chair which she was sitting in was empty and Ms Ilieva told my daughter that her child had to sit in the seat. She actually followed family member around the banquet room to see if they had a seat and did not want them to sit at another table to talk to other family members.

I ask Ms Ilieva had she did a head count to see if there was more people in the banquet hall than should have been and if not she needed to do that, I assured her every one there was paid for. She told me I would have to pay those extra people, I told her she needed to give me a head count and if there was more people than what was paid for we have a credit card on file would gladly pay for them. She was very insulting and accusing of thief of a dinner.

Needless to say it was a very uncomfortable situation for me and my family while trying to enjoy the banquet and our family member. The head chef Marquett arrive in the back and witness the confrontation with Ms Ilieva and ask her to leave that he would handle the situation, she didn’t leave right away and he had to ask her again to leave, I told her I had nothing else to say to her. Yes I was upset Chef Marquett extended his hand to shake my hand, I wasn’t very receptive to the hand shake because it wouldn’t and couldn’t appease the what I had just gone through. He assured me he was just trying calm the situation and he understood how I felt we shake hands.

Chef Marquett told me not to worry he would take care of the matter that he was the chef in charge of the meal. This was still unsettling with me on Sunday morning as I went to breakfast I meet manager George Igomobo I explain the situation of Saturday night to him he assured me that he would let the General manager know and I should expect a call from him on Sunday. I didn’t get the call, I call back to speak to George on Monday he assured me again that he had informed the GM Ryan Papp and he was speaking with Cierra Comb HanXXXX catering manager of the situation and someone would be contacting me, he ask if I would just be patient they were working through the situation.

I received an e-mail from Mrs HanXXXX on Monday this is what she had to say: I received an message from one of our restaurant managers, George, that you had an issue with your event on Saturday. Could you please share with me what happened and if there is anything I can answer or assist with?

This e-mail showed no empathy or care for the dynamic of the situation as I see it or Ruth Chris really don’t care how their clients are treated. I am a Hilton Honors member and have been for a very long time I didn’t expect this response it shook me to my core, to receive this response after all I have gone through and the assurance I was given that someone would be contacting me. Now I know you would ask how can I make this right with you and your family? I don’t know!!!, how can you take two years of preparation for and event and crush it in 10 minute by a person who has no compassion who flat out accuses you of stealing a chicken dinner.

These events as I have mention can be verified by your own Chef who witness the event first hand if he is truthful.


James E Trainer
Hilton Honors #490079352


jane May 16, 2017 at 9:15 pm

This past Sunday was Mothers Day and my precious daughter wanted to treat me to a very special lunch at your restaurant. It was myself, my daughter, and her daughter. (Who felt SO special “like a princess”.)
Our family is not accustomed to indulging extravagantly on dining, but she wanted to treat me…and decided to bring me here for an elegant outing.
We were seated promptly, however, our table was in an area of VERY loud family of about 20+ people that were up and running about the whole restaurant—-and those were the adults. One of them ran into the waiter and dropped a whole tray of food…
The behavior was such as you would expect at a fast food chain (name not necessary).

As if that weren’t enough, we sat at out table after finishing eating with dirty plates in front of us for at least 20 minutes. When our waiter finally came back to our table with our deserts-she left the check…(the cheesecake crust had a strong taste leaving it to be taken away by the busboy). While we were picking at the cheesecake, she returned to our table to ‘take care of the check’ 2 times!!! Never asking if we were OK..seeing the deserts weren’t being eaten… Never attempting to make the situation with grown ‘children’ more tolerable…
We left feeling very cheated by the lack of management to handle its customers in order to maximize everyones experience…the lack if attention by the waiter…(who still received a 20% tip from me) was distasteful. We weren’t important enough to warrant attention during dinner, or to corrale a rough bunch— but she sure wanted that tip she didn’t earn…
The total experience left a lot to be desired…

–felt like our business is not appreciated…


Joanna March 20, 2017 at 12:46 pm

First off, from seeing lack of response from any type of management in this forum gives me cause to believe that the company really does not care what happens to customers as long as the company gets our money.

This is in regards to the Tampa location. That afternoon, I kept saying to myself to cancel the reservation and go to Oystercatchers but I really wanted to go to Ruth Chris. Big mistake on my part!

Upon entry to the lobby, all you could see was a sea of people waiting to be seated. Apparently the restaurant was running behind on cancellations. I can understand that, no biggie but when I am there waiting, I see several parties who arrived at least 30 to 35 minutes late on their reservations and were seated. Those parties should have been turned away. If you are late for your reservation, let’s say after 10 minutes, that reservation should automatically be cancelled to allow for the next parties who are on time to be seated. You know what happens to me if I am 10 minutes late for work, I have to take an hour of annual leave.

Inside of the dining area, people are piled on top of each other; I guess it is to make more room for tables for more money. Our waiter was wonderful, he did the best that he could, considering he was slammed with too many tables. At other restaurants, the waiters have always taken their time and even cleaned off the linens from crumbs, but not Tampa. We did have to ask for water refills a couple of times. Anyways, we placed out order.

I ordered the Ruth’s Chopped Salad, requesting no red onions, no blue cheese ( I have reactions if I eat blue cheese) and light dressing. I truly believed I was ordering a salad, not a pressed salad, meaning all the items are pressed together and served as a cube. Horrible! There was so much dressing that the cube fell apart and I did try to eat the salad and took several bites of blue cheese not knowing since there was so much dressing. After realizing that I had eaten blue cheese I immediately stopped and returned the salad. Husband’s salad was ok. but not great. Yes, I did get sick from the blue cheese.

I then ordered the 2 filets with the grilled shrimp on top. I had requesting that the steak not be topped with too much butter and light seasoning. Easy request….nope. There was so much butter on the plate that all you could smell was the butter. The plate itself was brown from the charred butter and there was so much pepper and salt that is all you could taste. At this point, I was starving and just didn’t care. I scrapped off the seasonings and placed them in a pile on the plate and ate one of the filets. My husband ordered the cowboy ribeye medium rare. The steak was literally charred on one side and had to be returned. The cream spinach was fine but the grilled asparagus was another matter. I had asked no salt, pepper or butter on the asparagus. There was so much salt and cracked pepper on the asparagus that my mouth and tongue were numb from the burning of the spices. It was as if I had eaten a jalapeno. That too was returned. At this point, I asked for my bill and the waiter wrapped the remaining steak up to take home. Normally those items would have been eaten, not tonight. I was so upset that I went to hunt down the manager and told my husband to tell the waiter that we were not going to take our steaks home and that the chef could have them on his break, cause by the way he was cooking, he certainly needed some down time.

The manager asked for my address and said he would do something for us. We shall see on that! Simply horrible and will never go back. There are other very good restaurants in Tampa.

Stay away from the Ruth Chris in Tampa! Save your money!


Sheena Moore February 7, 2017 at 4:43 pm

The Ruth’s Chris located on Dearborn in Chicago has a dress code policy that needs immediate revising. The dress code policy is ambiguous, inconsistent and provides more than enough discovery for a discrimination law suit. Negative word of mouth and discriminatory acts regarding any establishment are key elements to its demise.


Gary Stern February 6, 2017 at 12:19 pm

Would you please change my e mail to energyskech at


Gary Stern


Neema February 3, 2017 at 7:19 am

To Whom It May Concern,

On January 20, 2017, my husband and I both had dinner at Ruth’s Chris at the Fallsview Sheraton, Niagara Falls location hoping to enjoy a lovely evening out and great steak dinner. However the experience we had left us extremely disappointed and disatisfied. The both of us are avid steak lovers, and have never had a problem with our steak dinners in the past at other steak houses, however, because of the experience at your restaurant, we felt the need to share our insight with you in hopes to better serve your future patrons and perhaps avoid such an underwhelming experience as what occured with us.

We had ordered two 8oz steaks (that were overly salty) with a Caesar salad and potatoes au gratin (which was smothered in cheese). The Caesar salad was made from iceberg lettuce (not romaine lettuce as it typically should), cherry tomatoes and no bacon bits. Now, considering the amount of money we had paid for this meal, I would have at least expected to have a FRESH Caesar salad, OR, as most other steak houses do, prepare a table side Caesar.

While I understand you are trying to remain a somewhat high-end establishment, the lack of effort when it comes to preparing the quality of food is evidently clear and disheartening.

In the past, we have never had an issue paying a few hundred dollars for a nice steak dinner, because if we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our meal, it’s been worth it. However, in this case, we felt as though we were completely ripped off! To the point that it literally ruined our entire night. We are both foodies and have vowed never to come to another Ruth’s Chris restaurant again due to that experience.

I would hope to assume your establishment carries high standards; even though it is a chain restaurant. Once again, having iceberg lettuce with cherry tomatoes and no bacon bits for a Caesar salad and charging upwards of $20 is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable!

Our bill which included 3 alcoholic beverages (which were great btw, so kudos to your bartenders), Caesar salad, potatoes au gratin, two 8 oz steaks cost us over$300 which felt like we had been ripped off given the quality of what was served.

Our experience at Ruth’s Chris has left an impinging impact on us to the point where we felt the need to communicate our experience to you and to our family and friends so that they can be aware.

To be honest, we have had a much better steak and sides at the Keg, which ironically, is your “low ball” competitor.

We are truly disappointed with the entire experience and genuinely hope in the future that you will provide better quality and value to your customers.

We have never felt so upset about a restaurant experience that we felt we had to write a letter however this meal at Ruth’s Chris was poorly served and prepared that not only do we feel that this letter needed to be written, we also feel the need to refer people in our social circle AWAY from Ruth Chris and share our experience.

We thank you for allowing us a forum to express our opinion.



David Burch January 11, 2017 at 1:04 pm

My son and I fly to NYC for his 30th bday trip to watch the Cowboys vs Giants game. We had dinner at the 51st street location on 12/12/16. Our meal was just not up to par. We eat at the Dallas location with some regularity and know when we go there we are going to have an excellent steak. This was not the case on this visit. I called to complain on 12/14 ( i think) and was told it is up to the local restaurant to handle such complaints but someone from the restaurant would contact me. It’s been almost a month and I’ve not heard anything.

The receipt says. Server 007564. 8633
TID 006. REF 00000022
Batch 150
Amount $ 170.28


Someone January 27, 2017 at 10:39 am

Don’t hold your breath dear. I work for them. I have tried to get HR on the phone for two months now. Good luck…. If they treat their employees like garbage. It is not too far fetched for them to treat their guests the same.

I can see by the number of complaints with no response that they clearly do not care at all about you. They got your money. That is all that they care about. At my location, employees are quitting in droves.


Michelle Johnson January 2, 2017 at 7:48 am

At your CT Ave. NW location, our dinner party experienced service perfection in the form of Rolando, our attendant for that night.
However, the lamb chops I ordered arrived so greasy that I became queasy after just a few bites. Not only was this upsetting to me and unprofessional of the chef but even more traumatizing was the manager (subsequently) informing me that the meat had been previously slathered in veal butter – a fact that, due my knowledge of how cruel calves are treated in order to produce veal, I was extremely shocked and sickened to discover. To learn, afterwards, that was I was eating something that I am in extreme moral opposition to is, to put it mildly, infuriating.
The family member who delighted in treating us to a high-end, restaurant experience deserves to be reimbursed for, at least, my meal.


Karl Robinson December 15, 2016 at 8:37 am

I just wanted to share a rare bad experience at Ruth Chris @ 724 9th ST NW on 12/09/2016.I have been coming to this location for over 5yrs without a problem on this date I was told that the policy that had been in place for the past 5yrs had changed and that you could not wear a hat in the bar area not the dining area where I always come and watch the games at while having dinner and some drinks. Me and my family was very offended and left the restaurant to go somewhere else to eat and drink. I am a Captain with the DC Fire and EMS Dept. and to me this is a policy that affects the African American community so if someone can give me some type of explanation it would be greatly appreciated. That night I watched another table of regular customers also leave out because of the same situation they also were African American who eat and drink in the bar area frequently with myself.


Jackie Loeper November 25, 2016 at 4:33 pm

The Orlando restaurant: a black male leaning against the door and building outside approached us from behind begging for money. Your establishment did not handle that well. They took his side. He’s only trying to eat. We don’t come in to spend $100 only to be accosted when we leave and have the bejeebas scared out of us.
Tampa restaurant: the table was so small (a table for two) my husband and I could not sit without getting our feet on top of one another plus the table leg meant you had to sit with your legs sprawled on each side. Thanksgiving dinner….cold. We didn’t send it back but will not spend $150 there again when there are other fine steak houses in the area.


Claudia Seiple November 24, 2016 at 7:49 pm

Dear Mr. Mike O’Donnell:

A friend and I decided to dine out for Thanksgiving this year since our families were engaged elsewhere. We decided on Ruth Chris Steak House in Raleigh, a restaurant I had not dined in before. I called and made reservations for 2:30 PM, and since I was recovering from shoulder surgery I asked if I could have a chair with arms. I was told no problem. This was reconfirmed several days before Thanksgiving. When my friend and I arrived, we were told that our table was not ready as “they were running behind schedule.” I reconfirmed my need for the chair. 45 minutes later, the hostess walked us into the main dining room and offered a booth that I could not sit in. Then 25 minutes later, we were led into a back room to a drafty cold corner table and a wobbly chair. Out in the main dining room was a perfectly good table for two. Finally we spoke to the manager and he moved us to that perfectly good table but was unwilling to move it so we could have more room. So, my friend sat wedged between the Christmas tree and another customer at another table- she literally could not move. The manager offered us a free appetizer and drink.
The appetizer consisted of 4 shrimp and a small container of sauce for both us. Really? Bread arrived but no butter plate to put the bread on. The turkey was okay, the bisque soup had too much sherry in it and was inedible. Another manager came over and asked how we were doing. Only an apology was offered. The pumpkin cheesecake had nuts in it – a very risky dessert if someone had a peanut allergy. We never did get our free beverage. This became a comedy of errors. This nightmare cost us $46.23 apiece. I think a wise manager should seen that two women of a certain age were having a stressful dining experience.
I have dined in many fine restaurants from Boston to SanFrancisco, and this was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. I seriously doubt if I will ever go back to dine at your restaurant. I might also add, the restaurant was ill equipped to handle holiday dining. So much for what was supposed a lovely dinner out.


Nita Floyd November 21, 2016 at 2:34 pm

I would like to share my experience at your fine dining establishment on 11/19/2016 in Chatanooga, TN. After my son’s state playoff game in Rome, GA my husband and I decided to take our two children, Jacob 16 and Samantha 11 to see the mountains for the first time and visit the Tennessee Aquarium. We are from Southwest GA (Bainbridge to be exact) and the Embassy Suite had an Aquarium package so we chose this hotel. The first thing that caught my eye when we pulled into the hotel was Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. After visiting the Aquarium we decided to eat before going back to our room and since this steakhouse was attached to the hotel we decided to try it (we did not research this place we were just going off what we saw). When we arrived to be seated we were greeted with a you are not really welcome attitude but we will seat you. My husband was told not asked to remove his hat that hats were not allowed in the main dining area and the look given to him was not very nice more like a snobbish look. Ok no problem he removed his hat. At first, I did not understand why the resentment of us being there loomed but as we walked into the main dining room it all became clear. We were dressed in jeans and hoodies (due to us just coming back from the Aquarium) and the few people that were in there were a little more dressier than us. We were very uncomfortable but decided we were already there we would just make the best of it. Again we had not researched this restaurant and did not know the dress code. Our waiter Poet greeted us and made us feel welcome . He explained to us the history and then went over the menu with us. He was a welcomed attitude. He served us as if we were his only customers the entire night. As the evening progressed more customers came in. Some dressier than others and I wondered if they were treated the same way we were. Then it dawned on me that the 2 hostesses looked at us as if wanting to ask if we could afford to eat there. We spent $225.00 at your restaurant that night and I do say the meal was wonderful. However, I would not recommend anyone of the working class to eat there due to the attitude and unwelcomed feeling we received from the 2 hostesses at the front. Had we known that we were underdressed we would have went somewhere that welcomed us no matter our dress but because your restaurant was conveniently located within our hotel we chose to dine with you. I am just frustrated that my two children had to feel uncomfortable eating somewhere for their first time. My 11 year old said she doesn’t want to go back to a fancy restaurant again because of the way we were treated.


ANGRY AND EMBARASED October 11, 2016 at 10:52 am

We visited the location in Chicago on Dearborn St.


ANGRY AND EMBARASED October 11, 2016 at 10:50 am

I am writing you about the most embarrassing experience of my life at Ruth Chris.
On October 8, 2016 I and a party o 13 came to Ruth Chris to celebrate my husband’s 50 birthday. We had a 7:45pm reservation however my entire party was not there so we could not be seated and I did understand that. We were seated at 8:05 in the upstairs dining room. Our drink order was not taken until 8:35. The bread came right away so we sat and ate bread and drank water. We kept asking Jessica when she would be taking our food order she said as soon as Lucas came to help her. Lucas was busy taking everyone else order in the room except ours. There was a party of 6 that came 1 hours after we did, they had eaten and was on dessert and we still had not put in a food order. We kept asking Jessica when she would take our order she said soon but the bread kept coming. Finally at 9:45 she finally took our order. The room had turned over 3 times by now (yes we were counting). Finally we just could not take it any more at 10:30 we all decided we were leaving so we called for the manager and explained our situation. All of a sudden the food came out but we did not want it. So the manager said do you want to take the food to go at no charge 4 of the people said no they did not want it. The rest of the people accepted. We all left the restaurant 5 minutes later I get a call on my cell phone telling me the manager had call the police on us. I spoke with the manager who stated that we took the entrée so she had to get the police involved. I stated that she told us that we could take the food she said no she was only talking to one gentleman but it was not that gentleman’s birthday party. I called everyone that had taken food and request that they bring the food back. The manager would not take the food back and stated that we must pay for it because it was taken from the restaurant. After everyone that took food paid she told me there was a balance of $300.00 remaining I told her that I was not going to pay that because she still had that food.
I just want to say how embraced I was and upset because my husband’s birthday was ruined. We was treated with disrespect and after all that the food we were charge for we did not get a complete meal. Who pays and average of $100.00 to eat out of a plastic container.


Chris & Pat Vercautren September 22, 2016 at 2:55 pm

21 September 2016
To Whom It May Concern:

It is with regret that I am writing this letter regarding our dining experience on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at the Ruth’s Chris Steak House Restaurant in Louisville, KY at Kaden Tower.

My husband and I drove from Tennessee to visit our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, who have lived in Louisville for over 25 years. We made the trip to celebrate our Daughter’s Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary.

When we arrived at the Restaurant location, which is located on the 16th Floor. Our elevator was full of people and we experienced some unusual happenings, such as the elevator door kept opening on almost every floor and no one ever pressed a button? When the elevator reached the 9th Floor, the doors remained open for a lengthy period of time and when it finally closed, it started going down? We did end up back on the 1st Floor and everyone on the Elevator was a little shaken. Our daughter called the Restaurant to inquire what our options would be and were told there were Stairs or to wait for the Elevator to begin working again. Our reservations were at 5:30 so we decided to walk up the Stairs. (16 long flights in an unconditioned stairwell) Our granddaughter, my husband and son-in-law arrived at the door of the restaurant to find it LOCKED. My daughter and I had to rest of number of times on our ascent (I am in my 70’s).

After knocking on the locked door for nearly 2 minutes a (male) employee finally opened the locked door and let us in, as well as other guests with reservations out of the stairway into the Restaurant. The employee immediately told us that it is “not” the Restaurants’ elevator and that it was now bringing up people!!! That was not a professional comment to tell the people who just walked up 16 flights of steps and then find the door to the Restaurant locked!!! Not once did he apologize for our inconvenience in this regretful situation!!!! There were words exchanged between my son-in-law and your male employee as well as words between my husband and your male employee. My daughter, granddaughter and I were sitting down (trying to re-cooperate from the strenuous hike up the stairs). Your male employee told our son-in-law he could not be seated for dinner, due to using unbecoming language. I personally did not hear it, so it could not have been said very loudly.

The rest of our party was then seated and our son-in-law was escorted by the male and a female employee down the Elevator; which stopped at almost every floor, so it was still not working properly.

I must say, our waitress, Chelsea, was so professional, accommodating & apologized when we told her of the Elevator experience. She brought water immediately to the table and was very attentive to us during our dinner. Of course, the absence of our son-in-law absolutely dampened our Celebration for the evening. Chelsea brought us the dessert menu for all of us to pick out a dessert, compliments of the Restaurant. That was very much appreciated!!

At no time did the (male) employee come over to our table to apologize or ask how we were doing, during our dinner.

Needless to say, you have lost patrons to your Restaurant due to the attitude and very poor professional people skills of the (male) employee, who I assume was the Manager for the evening? His personal people skills are very pathetic and should be noted. He could have “defused” the entire situation immediately when everyone was finally released from the stairway behind the locked Door of the Restaurant. An apology should have been the “first” words from your employee instead of his Elevator remarks.

The entire situation could have been avoided, if your employee would have used proper professional people skills. I felt compelled to let his management team know of his inept abilities.


Christopher & Patricia Vercautren
Fairfield Glade, TN 38558


Gina Mckay September 20, 2016 at 12:30 am

September 19, 2016

Via Email:
Mike O’Donnell, CEO
Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Corporate
1030 West Canton Avenue, Suite 100
Winter Park, FL. 32789

Re: Complaint Ruth’s Chris Steak house Walnut Creek

Dear Mike O’Donnell:

On or about September 17, 2016, my family made reservations to celebrate a baby shower. My parents were ecstatic to learn that their pregnant military daughter was able to fly home to the bay area and dine at her favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, due to the horrific lack of communication and disrespect for military families we will not return to your establishment and encourage others to do the same.

A host identified as “Ashley” assured that the baby shower of 14 guests or more were to promptly arrive at 4:20 pm on Saturday September 17th to ensure proper seating in their private room. On Saturday, September 17th, guests waited outside of the unopened establishment in the heat for 30 minutes until the restaurant opened. Once the guest of honor and family members arrived we were unwelcomingly greeted by host identified as “Paige.” Baffled by her negative gestures, rolling of her eyes and obnoxious sighs she instructed waiter’s identified as “Cesar and Nick” to seat us in an open dining area. Note: we had already made reservations but were not waited on until an additional twenty minutes thereafter. The host ignored us and seated other guests upon arrival. My mother had made a personal appearance a few days prior to the reservation and met with “Paige.” “Paige” confirmed with my mother that the baby shower would be held in a private room and provided a menu in addition, stressed the importance of all guests arriving early.

After guests arrived and placed their orders, a 12-year old family member of the party waited for her mother patiently near the lobby. “Paige” rudely told her she was not welcome to stand near her and to go away immediately. Frightened and embarrassed our family member burst into tears and apologized to us on behalf of waiting for her mother in the lobby. Astonished that “Paige” would make a child feel uncomfortable to the point of making the child weep was disturbing on several different levels. I immediately asked to speak to the manager. A man who may have been “Rich Zamora” spoke to me briefly and claimed that “Paige” served the restaurant for years and defended her actions. Flabbergasted how a manager who clearly demonstrated poor leadership and condoned ill behavior was nauseating. I attempted to explain the lack of communication from the beginning however, the manager clearly failed to grasp the meaning of “Customer Service.” It’s humorous that Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse’s website states “Featuring custom-aged, USDA prime steaks, served with the signature sizzle and legendary hospitality.”

I commend waiters identified as “Cesar and Nick” for accommodating my family as best they could.



Julianne July 25, 2016 at 3:06 pm

To whom it may concern…We visited Ruth Chris in West Palm Beach at City place like we done for the past few years..Found out our favorite bartender had been let go..He was a Loyal Employee there for 5 years and recently became a single parent with a 7 month old..
I’m not saying he did right, but the penalty was way too harsh…It was brought to my attention that all the employees have engaged in “horse play ” there for the last several years. If this has been going on this long, I believe the managers are to blame for not correcting it or even stopping it, not the employee.. I believe the managers there aren’t paying attention at this place to know what’s going on or don’t care…I was there the night a server O D in the men’s room….Again, do they know what their doing and should they be blamed…not the workers? I think there’s a bigger problem with managers not employees.. If he’s gone, Robert Mason, then so are we, my family, relatives, friends, and they WILL tell their friends, and the countless people I have sent there in the past…Please, please, look into this.Thank you……….. J. V.


Sheri Goldscher July 10, 2016 at 8:24 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I treated a party of five to dinner last night (7/09/16) at Ruth’s Chris in Pikesville, Maryland for my mother’s birthday. We arrived for our 7:00 reservation and were shown to an area with only two tables (thus avoiding steps, as we were with my father-in-law who uses a walker). The table was decorated with rose petals, and the waiter, Christopher, greeted us immediately and told us that he would bring out a special dessert for my mother’s birthday. We were given water, and he took our drink orders, which we received in a timely manner. We also received bread and butter and requested a fifth bread plate, as the table was only set with four. We never received that bread plate, and I shared my mother’s plate with her. Our orders were taken. Three of us (including my mother) ordered from the Classics complete menu. The other two ordered from the menu. My husband and I were sharing two dishes and asked if they could be split in the kitchen. We were told that they could not, but our waiter offered to split them table-side. It was after ordering that I noticed that the couple at the table next to ours was getting an awful lot of attention– from our waiter, from the manager, and from a woman who I thought was the hostess but was, in fact, another manager. I didn’t know who this couple was; nor did I care, but I watched several people spend a great deal of time at their table, thanking them for coming in and telling them that they would see them soon. It was my impression that the man could have been a new Baltimore sports person and that he and his wife had recently moved to the area. Anyway, our salads/appetizers were delivered, and everything was fine, even though I had never received my bread plate. After our entrees were delivered, the person serving them said, “I understand that you wanted us to split these for you.” I told her that since they had already been served, we could split them ourselves but would like two additional plates. We sat waiting, as we thought that she went off to get them. After several minutes, our waiter returned and inquired, “Is everything OK? Does everything taste good?” I replied, “I don’t know. We’re still waiting for plates.” At that point, he rushed off to get them, as I told him not to bother–that it was too late. My mother offered her used bread plate to me, and my brother offered his to my husband. As we split our entrees, the waiter came back with not two but five additional plates. I told him that it was too late. We ate our meals, which were quite good, but never saw the waiter again at our table until he brought out my mother’s “special birthday dessert”. This was the dessert that came with the meal but had a candle in it, and “Happy Birthday” was written on the plate in chocolate. We sang Happy Birthday, and the waiter disappeared, never asking the rest of us about desserts or coffee. When he returned 10 minutes later, he said “You still have two other desserts coming.” He brought out the other two desserts, followed by a check. At this point, I took out my credit card and was ready to go. I always tip 20% but chose to only tip 15%, as I was that upset. After waiting several minutes longer and thinking about the events of the evening, I changed the tip to 10%, something that I have never done. Upon leaving, I remained behind to “vent” to the woman who I thought was the hostess. I explained to her what had happened, because I was upset and somewhat embarrassed to be leaving a 10% tip, but I was also embarrassed that this was a special occasion for my family, and I felt that we were treated like second-class citizens. When I spend several hundreds of dollars on a dinner, I expect to be treated like a valued patron. I told Lindsay that I assumed that the couple at the next table was a high profile couple and that I didn’t care who they were. I only cared that I had never received such poor service in a fine restaurant. She introduced herself to me as Lindsay and told me that she was one of the managers. She was one of the managers who spent a good deal of time with the table next to us. She apologized to me and told me to ask for her the next time I am there. After this experience, there may not be a next time. My intent in sending this e-mail is not to get anyone “reprimanded” or cost anyone a job; however, this was perceived as discrimination to me, as we were aware that there was a significant difference in the way we were treated and the way the table next to us was treated (apparently, at our expense). I might also mention that there were very few customers in the restaurant when we arrived at 7:00 and even fewer when we left at 9:15. This was not the evening I had planned.


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