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Ross Stores Inc.
4440 Rosewood Dr
Pleasanton, CA 94588

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Phone Number: (925) 965-4400
Fax Number: (925) 965-4181
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Ross Stores Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Ross Stores Executives

CEO: Michael Balmuth
CFO: John G. Call
COO: Michael B. O'Sullivan

Ross Stores History

Ross Department Store was opened in 1950 by Morris Ross in San Bruno, California.

By 1981, Ross had built the company to 6 department stores.

In 1982, a group of investors led by Mervin Morris purchased the company and changed them to off-price retail stores called Ross Dress For Less.

By 1985, there were 107 Ross Dress For Less stores and the company goes public.

In 1992, the company introduces its Home Accents stores.

In 1994, the company adds a Bed and Bath department to its stores.

In 2004, dd’s Discounts in launched in California.

Today, the company operates over 1,000 stores in 29 US states.  They are the third largest off-price retailer in the US market.


Ross Stores FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Ross Stores?
Answer 1: The phone number for Ross Stores is (925) 965-4400.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Ross Stores?
Answer 2: The CEO of Ross Stores is Michael Balmuth.

Question 3: Who founded Ross Stores?
Answer 3: Ross Stores was founded by in .

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Karen Pierce May 19, 2019 at 3:34 pm

TO: Ross Corporate Office, Human Resources
FROM: Karen Pierced, LazerSpot Driver
DATE: May 19, 2019
SUBJECT: Formal Grievance

I am writing this letter to inform you of the harassment I and my colleagues are subjected to daily from shipping manager Laura Larson. Her behavior and verbal abuse is unfair, unacceptable and against company policy.
Laura has subjected me and other coworkers to ongoing harassment by repeatedly calling us names like cracker, old man river, papa smurf and many other nick names she has given the LazerSpot Drivers. She has made inappropriate comments about age, gender and race along with constant ridicule on job performance. Everyone in the office and in possession of a Two-Way-Radio is a witness to these events.
For example, my scan-gun was not working properly and I reported the malfunction to Laura via Two-Way-Radio and she volunteered to input the last bit of information in for me, then five minutes later berated me on the Two-Way-Radio for not completing the task. After I reminded her that she volunteered to input the information she replied that her workload was to much and I needed to do it.
I have witnessed her unprofessional and nasty remarks to independent drivers coming into the office saying things like: if you would have listened to me the first time, if you would use common sense and calling them stupid.
This mistreatment has affected self-esteem, concentration and overall job performance; ongoing daily disrespectful behavior and professional harassment is creating a hostile work environment for everyone involved.
I am submitting this grievance because I want the harassment and unwelcoming behavior to stop. I trust that you will investigate this promptly. Thank you in advance for looking into this report of a hostile environment. I will make myself available for an interview, at your convenience.

Karen L. Pierce
LazerSpot Driver

For Interview Purposes: 2nd Shift LazerSpot Team Members:
Eric (Manager) 803-981-XXXX
Charles (2nd Shift Supervisor) 803-374-XXXX
Larry Davis
Sean Boisselle
Bobby Ferrell
Sharon Young
Julius Ervin
Juan Escorcia


Derrick Bridges April 17, 2019 at 10:37 am

How do I file a complaint against the Ross store in Miami Florida. 3500 nw 76th street.
The entire staff is having a problems with the new store manager. He is a bully he’s very rude to the staff and customers. He’s Very unprofessional, he confronts you in front of customers. The manager name is Dariel He is having a relationship with one of the new supervisors. They have had dinner in the office with the door closed on several occasions 1 hour with the door locked. The supervisor’s name is ladys she only been working there for a few months she’s already a supervisor. He sent her to take the assistant manager test but she failed. That’s a conflict of interest it’s not fair. There need to be an investigation. I’m going to contact the EEOC because I feel me and several others are being discriminated against. Please someone contact me as soon as possible.


Derrick Bridges April 17, 2019 at 11:42 am

Doriel just fired an LP worker this week. The LP put an item to the side then paid for it when he clocked out. I feel this firing was wrong because the manager did the same thing a few days before. Why there isn’t no one to fire the manager. He fired the LP worker for something else, this was personal. Yes it’s a soap opera at this location. So many people are leaving including me.


Darlene Washington March 20, 2019 at 3:11 pm

I worked for Ross for a short period in 2018 but did not receive my W-2. Is there anyway I can obtain a copy from a website? My employee number was 00152637



Ann March 9, 2019 at 1:11 pm

My assistant manager takes me out to schedule the day before I’m supposed to come in and if she does it to me tomorrow weeks I’m out of the system can she legally do thatShe hasn’t said I was fired and she said I’m just going to be out of the system so basically I’m gonna be laid off I didn’t do anything wrong she’s just out to get me


Ann March 9, 2019 at 1:12 pm

483 is a store


Ann March 9, 2019 at 1:08 pm

My assistant manager schedules me and then takes me off the day before I’m supposed to come in for a month straight is she allowed to do that


marlin H July 6, 2018 at 10:45 am

Why? ivan Romero from Dds store in seven st Victorville C.a take all the employees to get drunk after work and during work hours he’s always drunk at work not professional all employees go and get drunk at work with him Policie say not to associate with the employees after hours why are they doing that you guys going to keep eye on that store because it’s a lot of bad activity going on in that store managers and supervisors and leads please help the employees


Mary June 18, 2018 at 12:42 am

I just think that once in a while you should remind the assistant managers that they should treat us equally. Part timers should work the hours they should but not because they don’t like u take hours that belong to u and give them to another employer. Ex. Sometimes they put me on fitting room theirs not alo t of customers and they tell me to leave and put someone else. Also by their tone of voice they give you. They are supposibly managers and they should show us we are a team not enemies. Sometimes they don’t even talk to me. I think that’s rude and unprofessional especially for a manager. This is in the El Paso TX on the East side.. I’m talking about my manager Alejandra and Cynthia , Monica. I love working at your store but it would be better if they treated us even. They don’t even give us an explanation they just tell you to go.


m June 15, 2018 at 1:42 pm

I really want to know why in my area there is gonna be 3 stores within a 7-mile area and a total of 5 within an 8.6-mile range that is totally ridiculous plus the stores look like thrift stores compared to when the company first started out. The employees used to be friendly and care, nowadays it’s only about a paycheck so for this reason, I will never go into your stores


Alma December 18, 2017 at 3:32 pm

was trying to contact corp.heads or CEO’s would like to see you come to our town , but I dont see a address where I can contact please send me one so that I may drop them a line . thanks


TM October 26, 2017 at 5:35 pm

The first visit to a Ross store in Joliet IL. the cashier was extremely rude. She had me standing in line with my children for five minutes while she fumbled around with things at her station. Eventually, I went up to her and asked her to please ring me up. She never looked at me and grabbed my things with attitude. Throughout the entire transaction, she did not make eye contact or peep one word. I complained and nothing! The second time I went to the Ross store it was in Aurora/Naperville by Fox Valley Mall. I waited in line and there were two cashiers. The one cashier was doing a return and the other was taking the people ahead of me. I was the last one left in line and the cashier did not take me, instead, she walked away and started talking to her co-workers. The other cashier was still working with her return. I left my things and left the store. I will never go to another Ross store again. The service is always rude!


Donna October 23, 2017 at 12:29 pm

I visited the Orland park store and purchased a Michael Kors jacket. The manager backed out the 69.99 charge and charged me 89.99 for it. I came back into the store and questioned it and she told me that is what it costed. I really felt like I was being taken advantage off. Later, at home I try on this jacket to make sure I like the way it looks and sure enough it is tagged with a price of 69.99. I call the manager, Melissa, who was very rude to me. SHe told me that if I wanted the jacket, I would have to pay 89.99. SHe told me that I wasn’t listening and that she entered that price for a michael kors jacket. I really feel that she should not deteremine who should pay what and that prices should be honored. She offered no apology and never told me to come in. I told her I was coming back in on Monday to show the price tagged on the jacket. SHe said to me that if I wanted the jacket, I had to pay 89.99.


Rachel September 16, 2017 at 5:33 pm

I came in today to buy some dresses and home items and the Cashier did not place ONE item that I paid for! It is missing and when I called to make a complaint, a Mgr named “Anthony” at Ross in Saratoga CA Store refuse to help me! This idiot was extremely rude threatening to report me when all I wanted was to obtain the item I paid for today. I will be going back there to retrieve the item this stupid dumb lady forgot to place in my bag. These people are so incompetent! You wonder why they work there with minimum wage. Stupid Manager is also unhelpful and rude and ignorant uneducated ahole. I will be complaining on Monday to the Corporate Office!


Megan S August 20, 2017 at 8:46 pm

I went into the Ross store on Soncy Rd in Amarillo Tx. It never fails they never answer the phone when I call so the other day i was in the store and the lady named Danielle Criado was (On the company phone) talking to her daughter instead of working or trying to help any customers and every time someone tried to ask her a question or needed assistance, It was more of a inconvience to this lady than anything else. Not only was she on the company phone taking a personal call but she had no class and sounded so uneducated by trying to get an attitude and talking ghetto. I have never been talked to so disrespectful as I did they day, and I refuse to ever step a copy back in that store!


Josie dabu August 11, 2017 at 3:44 pm

To Ross corporate manager
I often shop at Ross here in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Virginia and I get so frustrated about the lack of follow up on my complaints about the shopping carts’s wheels that are so stucked tight because of the thick acXXXXulation of lints around them. The associates said that they reported my complaints to their managers but the carts are still not cleaned up after months.
Please reply.
Thank you
Mrs Dabu


Margaret Bolick August 11, 2017 at 3:24 pm

To whom it may concern.
For 2 years 8 months I was a loyal dedicated employee. For the first 10 months I was eager to be trained in all store aspects and finally received stock lead supervisor after a try out between myself and 2 others. I found myself determined to receive this roll and proved I was the right choice for the position. Once in that position I lead our stock team to superior change and the store improved greatly. 1 year after receiving the stock lead position I advanced to Area supervisor where I excelled in that area. I found myself specializing in retraining lower performing employees and assisting them to improve their work quality while maintaining my projects. I also found other employees appeared threatened my my work ethic and capability to excel. This is when I first heard of a rumors to remove me from the store. Weeks later I received a call from Shawn at HR stating I had taken a picture from our surveillance and posted it on social media. I found myself confused and started looking into the situation. While I admit I am a fully active member of a community that is against crime I 100% kept that separate from my employment with Ross. During my own investigation I found this photo posted had been sent into a sight I ran and called Shawn back with proof of this and he said to hold onto it until asked. On August 9th when I showed for my shift I was called into the office and terminated. I was not given a reason. I am angered and frustrated that this has happened. I am a loyal employee with a spotless work record and proven I can lead a team to greatness and assist in store improvement but I was denied a chance to prove my innocence in the hr matter if this is in fact what I was terminated for. In my investigation I found that in fact another manager had taken the picture and had a family friend send it into the site I ran. I feel as if I was set up and terminated for someones else wrong doing.


Concerned Citizen January 6, 2018 at 7:31 am

Sounds like you need to hire an attorney ASAP. The company didn’t do it’s due diligence and are in violation of employment laws.


Jose Zavala August 9, 2017 at 10:53 pm

This company is absolute joke, their management team is a joke, the Burlington wa store is always a complete mess and when ever you need a manager their always sitting on their fat asses in the office, I’ve been there numerous times and there’s always a huge line, the associates are slow as heck and it’s poorly managed, I’ve seen thieves walk out of there and employees watch them walkout like no big deal it happens all the time, but your only as good as upper management which ive never heard anything good, I’ll never shop at a Ross store ever again


Tasha Bullock July 16, 2017 at 3:01 pm

visited your store in Calumey City on Sunday July 16th at 9:10 a.m. The doors were locked. So I called the store for the hours and the lady that answered stated they open at 9a.m. So I told her that I’m at the front door and it’s locked. Then another young lady comes to the door to tell me they’re not going to open until 9:30. This is poor customer service and consideration for others. I was on a schedule soI couldn’t wait around so unfortunately I had to take my money elsewhere.


Person May 1, 2018 at 6:46 am

You being on a schedule is your own issue. That’s not poor customer service either.


Kim Hollandsworth June 7, 2017 at 8:14 pm

I just returned from the Ross Store on Keahole Drive in Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, Hawaii. I had two items to return due to faulty manufacturing. A decorative pillow set and a small dog dress. The dog dress had arm holes that continued to get wrapped around my dogs neck and would choke my dog so I took it back, let customer service know and stated how it did not fit properly. Then the decorative pillows I purchased I took home, took the tags off and placed them on my bed. At night when going to sleep I noticed a strange odor and chemical like smell which was from the fill as well as a big tear on one side. I took both items back and the associate at the check out was polite and friendly asked me to get the same items since these did not have tags on them. I returned to the customer service desk to find the assistant manager loann rude, disrespectful, uncaring and harsh to me. I felt she was discriminating against me since she had just returned another Asian woman’s items but since I am white she even held the items away from her with two fingers like they had some disease. She did this in front of other customers and was rude, and really abrasive. She would not allow my return and even after telling her it was a manufacturing issue continued to speak to me in a loud rude manner. She even stated that Ross didn’t carry that line of dog clothing. Funny, last week when purchased there were probably over 200 items by that company in dog clothing. Anyway, Ross has the worst customer service ever and I teach customer service for a living! The associate ended up costing Ross much more then my simple return of 4.99 and 12.99 by taking up time, creating a long line at the registers, (really nothing new), and the damage I will do on social media to this company when all I asked for was an exchange and I would just purchase another. Ross really ought to care more about their customers and the way the associates talk to them, especially management. The other cashiers and workers stated s he was always like this and very rude and hard to get along with and asked me to express my concerns to corporate. Obviously this person is a problem to the Ross company.


S. Johnson June 2, 2017 at 10:46 am

I love the style of your shoes, and the prices, but their is a major problem when it comes to trying the shoes on. I have latex, and chemical sensitivity allergies, I can not allow my skin to touch the latex, which you uses to attached the shoes together. I previously asked if you would stop using the elastic, but it has not happen. Is there any way you could use a string, and stop using the latex. I do wear gloves, and I have to ask a clerk, to remove the elastic, then wash the shoes with alcohol, before I can try the shoes on. The latex, contaminate the shoes, burns my skin, causes rapid heart beats. If someone would reconsider the changes, It would be greatly appreciated.


Stacy May 16, 2017 at 9:51 am

The nature of my complaint was a visit to the Ross store on Eastern and Patrick in Las Vegas NV. I tried on a sundress on the sales floor, it was a quick visit, I didn’t want to waste a lot of time. A sales associate told me there were dressing rooms to try them on in. IF I do not feel comfortable in a dressing room (which I don’t) as an adult, I do not need to be told to try on anything in a dressing room. I’ve done this is various Ross’ and other stores without issue. Nothing states it as a rule and nobody has the authority to tell a customer (customers are always right), what the should do. I will be contacting the corporate offices, CEO, whomever to discuss with the man what he should/should not do. I will NOT be revisiting the store or purchasing from Ross in the future and I will let my friends, family, and clients who visit Las Vegas to not shop there either.


Person May 1, 2018 at 6:48 am

You’re a joke. Lmao. It’s an associates job to notify customers of a fitting room when they’re trying on such clothing directly on the sales floor. If you’re uncomfortable with fitting rooms, you need to grow up.


Maria Wyatt May 4, 2017 at 11:55 pm

My cashier had the nerve to ask “are you lost or something?” Making her feel unwelcomed and s**t like she didn’t belong there or something. They just kept laughing at her and making dumb a** jokes and they were making her nervous. The second I looked up and said “mom I’m right here” the cashier gasped loud as hell and immediately quit laughing. It was at that moment, she knew she f-ed up.this is the worst experience ever cashiers being rude to customers. Hope they was fired.Jacksonville beaches Ross store shame on yoy


Person May 1, 2018 at 6:49 am

This story doesn’t even make sense nor add up.


Eldorah Burton May 4, 2017 at 9:46 am

I work at Ross Stores in Santa Fe, NM. They like to play favorites and give less hours to those who are loyal and work their butt off for them. Twice now I have not received a phone call when the truck was cancelled. This is very inconvenient to me, my boyfriend and my mom-in-law. They are the ones who get up and take me to work. I had to work today 5/4/2017 at 7 A.M. and was there at 6:50 A.M. waiting for a manager to show up for the truck. Me and my mom waited until 7:15 and no one had shown up yet. I figured that no one was coming to work the stock room and that the truck was cancelled. It would have been nice to have received a phone call so that time would not have been wasted and we would not have been sitting in the cold. Some people don’t have heaters in their car. I am really upset about this and would like for it to be looked into.


Person May 1, 2018 at 6:50 am

Not having a heater in your car is a you problem and something that doesn’t concern anyone but yourself. Maybe get heat for the winter like everyone else? Maybe?


Frustrated June 28, 2018 at 10:24 am

This is so true. This is an all the time thing at the Ross I work for. People that complain about all the hours they have for that week, seem to get more hours, and the people who need hours – people who have been working there for years (who are not in management) seem to get anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a week. Like, seriously? Also, if you piss the manager off in anyway, your hours will probably get slashed. She does that all the time, but that’s not something you can definitively prove.

I never get notified about the trucks being cancelled. Literally just happened to me a few days ago. They’ll blow up your phone when they’re desperate and need you to come in, but won’t give a call to let you know that the truck is cancelled. That’s extremely inconvenient.


Person February 8, 2019 at 5:11 pm

If you are scheduled and you are waiting for your manager to open but they cancelled the truck you should get paid for your time that you were scheduled..


Unhappy camper April 7, 2017 at 9:25 pm

This is a horribke company to work for… The give little to no hours. Play favorites.. Dont provide benefits and the advancement oppurtunities.. Are never worth the amount of work. Scrutiny.. Or money.. The care only about internal theft.. While they let customers rob tjem blind. Then blame us for all the loss in the store. And say it will effect our hoirs and pay roll.. They hire dozens of temps 2 – 3 times a year.. Instead of giving hours to permanite & loyal employees.. They cut their’s to provide for the temps… I wasted years of my life.. In this dead end job. Beware.. Find a better GIG..


Rosa Espinoza May 15, 2017 at 8:03 pm

That’s true about all discrepancies happening at Ross Dress for Less, starting with not giving proper treatment to employee and no Human Resources telephone number. The employees are like slaves and no benefits. employees face dangerous situations while working at dawn or closing time. Security is just another puppet or ornament there, standing at the entrance. Security cannot stop any thieves or confiscate merchandise from thieves because it is a bad propaganda for the store. Security has to allow thieves to leave with merchandise and ignore weapons pointed at employees. Also, if an employee is absent the store does not have coverage of additional employee and the manager or assistant manager assigns the work from the absentee. Labor department should take note of these discrepancies, but I am not an employee, but heard all stories from people who worked part time and ended up leaving the job before committing to a full time job.


Rebecca Porter April 3, 2017 at 2:45 pm

I am a previous employee at one of the Ross stores in Arizona. I works from June of 2016 to August 2016. I have not received my W2 for that time and have tried numerous times to contact the store directly about the issue. I have moved since I resigned and my mailing address changed, which I had explained to the manager. So he gave me a website to login to, but it requires either an employee ID or a registration code to login. I did not remember my old ID and wasn’t given the registration code so I tried calling the store to get it. Every time I called the said that the manager was busy! So I asked for the number to Human Resources and they gave me a disconnect line’s number! I have also tried emailing the payroll department, twice, but still have not heard anything from them. If this is the way corporate lets their stores handle employee and those previously employed then that is ridiculous!


Michael Clemente February 11, 2017 at 11:32 pm

My son was employed at Ross during Christmas break in 2016.He has yet to receive a paycheck for working there! After repeated calls by him and being told that “the check is in the mail” I visited the store myself.I basically got the same response.When I asked for the address that they sent it to I was told that “once terminated they take the address out of the system”.So they sent a check for over $300.00 to an address that could have been wrong and they have no way of verifying where it went! It has been over 2 weeks and no sign of the check! I demand that Ross cut another check for my son and hand it to me personally!
Also, the IRS might be interested in this, He still hasn’t received his W-2 for working there. They gave him a bogus phone number to call as well as a bogus website!
This Company has no business being in business..


D knox February 17, 2017 at 1:35 pm

I too am dealing with this situation. I , however was sent a W-2 (and no pay) that I will have to file with my taxes. I was given a ‘payroll’ phone number indicating I won something and it would then disconnect. Was planning on calling the store again, but after reading your comment, I will turn in to labor board.


murat January 27, 2017 at 7:50 pm

Does Ross stores sell products that we can use for two months?

I Ross store your company ( u.s.Polo assn shoes) I bought it dated 11/25/2016
But the shoes was broken in 2 months ( why?
01/26/2017 I went to the san mateo store , I store manager lady talking
Change the Faulty shoes, I want to return , But nothing never interest
I went between 2:00pm – 3:00pm
I want you to get this my money back please.
I know the return surei is over
(Polo assn shoes) There is a problem of shoe production,
(Polo assn shoes) good sells quality products to the firm but I do not understand why
Do you sell products that are not ross firm fake original , Ross companys?

I want to send you the photos by email.
my email: murguxx at

Help me , get back the awful shoes please


murat January 26, 2017 at 9:59 pm

Does Ross stores sell products that we can use for two months?

I Ross store your company ( u.s.Polo assn shoes) I bought it dated 11/25/2016
But the shoe was broken in 2 months ( why?
01/26/2016 I went to the san mateo store , I store manager lady talking
Change the Faulty shoes, I want to return , But nothing never interest
I went between 2:00pm – 3:00pm
I want you to get this my money back please.
I know the return surei is over
(Polo asss shoes) There is a problem of shoe production,
(Polo asss shoes) good sells quality products to the firm but I do not understand why
Do you sell products that are not ross firm fake original , Ross companys?

Help me , get back the awful shoes please


Iram F.Zia December 14, 2016 at 11:45 pm

I’m still waiting for good news from Ross stores……hello?


Iram F.Zia December 14, 2016 at 1:04 am

I called Ross corporate office today and spoke with receptionist she gave me distt manager number for Pittsburgh CA , and told me to call customer service number and report the incident..Lady ROSE took and doXXXXented the details for theft incident occured this saturday 12/10/16.

She had told me to wait atleast 5 days and someone should get back to me!

I’m waiting…….!


Iram F.Zia December 13, 2016 at 3:08 am

When I showed my concern about what if she had already sold my phone?her reply was oh don’t you worry she is dumb and lazy she won’t do a thing” I don’t want to spook her ”

really?DIANE?is that your approach? a person who steals is no dumb or lazy!she may have been acting at work lazy and dumb but she was no dumb or lazy in her real job that is stealing customers cell phones and ppl like you protecting them”!!!!


Iram F.Zia December 13, 2016 at 3:03 am

before I start to forget what exactly I was told by this store manager of ROSS at century blvd,pittsburg CA, I MUST put all donw eher..I hope someone will pay attention!

DIANE the manager says”she is dumb (the x employee now who stole my phone) and lazy don’t you worry she will not do anything..whne most ppl are up she would still be lazing”1Oh well after this meeting with her yesterday whne I got back n logged into my apple ID my phone was ON pinning at location 5 min away from my own house….it was hardly 9AM…before the x employe shift at noon my iphone was pinning at shoppinh mall at somerville town centre”..”

Iram’s iPhone has been found.
Find My iPhone

Yesterday, 11:38 AM

Iram’s iPhone was found near County East Mall 2500 Somersville Rd Antioch, CA 94509 United States at 11:38 AM PST.
Your iPhone’s last reported location will be available for 24 hours.

this above and below both msg I’m copying and pasting from my email account registered for my iphone to login

location before the employee being at shopping centre..

ram’s iPhone has been found.
Find My iPhone

Yesterday, 9:55 AM

Iram’s iPhone was found near 3539–3599 Swallow Way Antioch, CA 94509 United States at 9:55 AM PST.
Your iPhone’s last reported location will be available for 24 hours.
View Location

well she was NOT that dumb or lazy as DIANE claimed after all..she was up and running getting easy money while I was trusting the ROSS manager all this time…o wow wow on me!

This incident had opened my eyes!I hope if there is a soul in that headoffice ….will get back to us and prove what human integrity means…!


Iram F.Zia December 13, 2016 at 2:41 am

And one more thing why I was given so much wrong information in the first place?I was told by the assistant mgr the night of the incident that manager will come tomorrow and you can come too, and when mgr n employee are both here we will call police …

ok but no one called any police rather I was told to wait for their own loss prevention distt mgr whi was suppose to b travelling and will be here today i.e Monday….well he interrogated the employee …saw footage..she admitted to theft but said she no longer have my phone….but no police was ever called even at that point…why?its ross store policy…

But my question is why I was told that police will be called?Atleast tell the customer to get intouch with police file a report ? why was I stopped to go to police?you let the criminal go !!!!

Even with solid evidence employee was free to go walk and kept on stealing….right….last she was at somersvile mall where my phone was pinning on last location ..apparently cashing out fast money by using kiosk ECOATM to get fast money!

Only if i had acted on my GUT instinct that kept telling me to go to police now and try to get my phone myself!

I can’t and won’t sit quietly untill n unless I’m contacted for reimbursement for my Iphone…we earn hard and ppl like these play fun on our money?probably my emotions of loosing my father just 20 days ago doesn’t mean anything to anyone….and his last moments i caught on my phone …those are all gone forever!!!

Hello is anyone reading my complaint?yes I’m really really upset!any one would be who was NOT delivered the right service!

Diane should be fired for putting us on hold and telling us to not to go to police!she acted totally unreasonably with us by stopping us from going to police..her exact words..”I would like you to give me one day all i ask and i will get your phone back and do not act at this point” I don’t want to spoke her and want her to come to work”and she will get jail time”!!1oh well NOTHING!we get nothing…..justice isn’t served ,did she knew that by not going to police we were stopped from our lawful right… falsly making us promise to get the phone back?’where is my phone? criminal is free roaming for yet another crime?and you telling me today oh but mam how can I get your phone she no longer has it!!!

Whats all this crap going on here….?


Iram F.Zia December 13, 2016 at 1:16 am

hi there,

Its late otherwise I would have had called alreaDY! hear me out this is a COMPLAINT!

My Iphone6 was stolen this saturday in Ross store in 4607 Century Blvd pittsburg CA, 94565 by the store employee.I forgot my phone at check out counter # 2 the girl who helped me did not turn in my phone to store sup/mgr but took it when she was off at 9.00pm on 12/10/16!
after i couldn’t locate my phone i logged into my Apple ID to enable lost mode.It was moving from shopping mall onto main Road!I rush towards the store.told the astt manager the story.He told me he had to foloow store protocal nad cant call her back before loojking at the cameras.

Bottoem line theft was/is on camera!Girl was not apprehended coz the store manager ‘DIANE’ told me yesterday that to give her one day NOT contact police and she will get my phone.Well the result of co -operating customer ended up phone gone into ECOATM!Police cant arrest her coz its a STALE MISDEMEANOR ????

aa! hello ???the manager told us to wait n give her a day…she said she used to be in police…well apparently she was aware of this loop and played us…now not only my iphone6 is gone..girl isn’t got busted for theft ..only fired…and no reimbursement from ROSS/EMPLOEE !!!

I dont want to judge anybody wrong but….honest to goodness I did put that out on table that I won’t press any charges just pls tell her to gimme my phone back coz its not even a month my father had passed away back home and i got his last moments which i didnt’ uploaded on laptop ….yes no Icloud!….i know….

I can’t explain how upset I’m with Ross store policy /protocal to save employee…and not helping customer in the first place.

I want the headoffice know to either get my iphone6 back from that employee or reimburse me the payment I paid for my phone!I have all info on the purchase of my phone!

I’m NOT at all happy satisfied with this handling of theft at your ROSS store in pittsburg,CA.

Customers be ware either its ross or anyother store employee thefy never follow the store policy/go to police right away and power through everything to get your property back!

I have lost mine atleast someone’s can be saved!

Girl admitted she steal my phone its on security footage but…..thx to that manager DIANE who told us to give her a day and she can get my phone!?oh well learned my lesson!

no jail time or phone back or money back?



Person March 25, 2017 at 7:03 pm

Don’t leave your phone laying around idiot. I see it all the time. I don’t feel bad for you. You’re careless with your property obviously.


Karen L. Lang November 2, 2016 at 8:54 pm

I was shopping at your Pittsburgh Mills location in Tarentum, PA a few days ago . As I was looking through the racks, there was a lovely sales associate marking down clothing. I disrupted her and asked for an opinion one something and told her what I was looking for..Michaela Krynicki did not hesitate to show me what I needed. Michaela made my shopping experience a pleasure.

I also must commend the manager of that same location, I have been to many of your locations in Pittsburgh area. This store is very busy but still nicely maintained. I find very few items out of place, I don’t normally find sizes out of place or stuff thrown around as I have in some Ross locations..

I just have one small complaint. I bought a great pair of Clark shoes and a pair of boots..the tag placement on the inside of both pairs is terrible. One cannot remove the tags without tearing the foot lining I wore the shoes and the sticky tag (after wear for a few hours) stuck to my socks..I pulled my foot out and it tore the sock.
I think you should find a better way of tagging the footwear. Maybe utilizing the soles for tagging
Thank you for your time and a great Pgh Mills location
Karen L. Lang


Sara A. October 17, 2016 at 8:30 pm

I shop to all the Ross stores in Torrance CA. the worst is the one Torrance Promenade
19800 Hawthorne Blvd
i think you need to train your Employees some manners, when they announce for the next purchase they are yelling like they are calling a bunch of herds like we are deaf . my opinion is to have monitors that shows the next available register and don’t ask the same question is this purchase credit debit or cash what does it matter?……also don’t put merchandise away on hangers or put hangers away and return to the register and answer phone calls and leave Customers waiting very unprofessional. you should have management look into this.


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:08 pm

So people can be more dumb and ignore the “monitor” I think they talk loudly so you can hear them since many rude customers are busy on their phones not paying attention. Most comments I read on here are petty. Have any of you shopped at walmart???? Be serious ….guess folks just,need to complain about EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, sad.


Martha C. October 11, 2016 at 11:46 pm

This evening at about 9:15 PM Tuesday October 11, 2016, I encountered an experience at your ROSS Store in East Peoria Illinois that I had not experienced before to that magnitude. Oh sure I have experienced a general lack of customer service at times, but, this was such a blatant disrespect that I had to let you know about it.. But after reading the many complaints you have listed, I dough’t seriously if I hear from you at all.. I have shopped at the two Ross stores since they opened in Peoria East Peoria. There was always more mature clerks in and they knew me so well that they teased me about owning the stores because my last name is Ross.I have referred so many people to the Ross stores and I have shopped at these stores across the Country. This young clerk was Allissa who turned around from what she was doing to cash me out at the register. She never spoke to me and or acknowledged that I was even standing there. She proceeded to check each item out and I had three pairs of pants which she just balled up to put in the bag. I asked “do have to ball them up like that ” and she replied” it is not in our policy to fold anything for you we are a discount store so we don’ have to take time to do that.” so I said it’s not in you policy, when did this change happen?” I have been going to Ross stores for well over 15 years and I have never encountered this type of attitude. Moreover the lady next in line was treated very nicely she spoke to her and was pleasant to her, but this lady was Caucasian and I am a very educated well respected Black female. So I asked another worker if the manager on duty and she called her to speak with me her name was Ellaina. When she came out from the back, I explain what happened and she said that it is in your policy that you do not get your clothes folded but if I wanted to fold them a certain way they would put them to the side and I could fold them myself. She also stated that is the policy but, the cashier could have said it a little nicer. She indicated that the Ross Corporate office has done surveys and theirs customers do not want the clerk to take time to do anything extra “like folding item” they just want to get their package and go..So no concern, that manager could have solved this by just acknowledging that I am a customer and that maybe just maybe if the customers keep coming in to purchase from your store it would keep me working.. And so I spoke with my NAACP President regarding how to get people to realize that our buying power matters and we matter. The great Boycott from riding the bus in 1955 made huge a difference in the economy as well as the lives of everyone.


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:09 pm

The correct spelling is DOUBT!!!!


Janet Grimes September 28, 2016 at 10:04 pm

This actually is a complaint! I am extremely upset right now, so much so that I am actually in tears. I shop at Ross regularly because enjoy the variety on workout clothes. I would say, 3 or more times a week. Today I happen to stop in, to browse the workout accessories, and saw a “Hot or Cold” pad box which was already open…I looked at it then packed it back in the box and closed the box, as I turned around this associate came to me and said Ma’am we don’t allow anyone to open merchandise, I tried to explain the box was already open and that I had tried to repackage it. She did not want to hear that. So I proceeded to leave the store, but then I decided to report to the manager about how I was treated. I guess you can image my surprise when it was the same person that approached me earlier, she was very curt and still did not acknowledge what I said. I will no longer shop in Ross stores. And I will tell everyone this story. This manager’s name is Tiffany, she said I did not need to know her last name. Stone Mountain,Ga Store – 1526


Corinne September 21, 2016 at 11:08 am

I was at the Clearwater, FL store #0707 on 9/20/16 and purchased over $250 worth of merchandise which amounted to 8 bags. As I went to leave the store I was informed that I could not take the cart outside of the store and that I would have to leave it inside and pull up with my vehicle to load as there were way too many bags to carry and I was unable to take them to my car. I asked the manager if I could leave my cart in a secure area, behind the customer service/return desk that was attended. They said “no”, you can pull your car up and leave the cart in the store. I let them know how concerned I was that my items would be left unattended and asked if they would watch my items. Again, they said “no, they’ll be okay”. This was not comforting in any way as there were many shoppers in the store and anyone could just walk up and take any one of the already paid for bags. I then asked if they could assist my in carry the items to my car – once again, They said “no, but you can pull your car around and load…”. As i was trying to carry the majority of the bags to my car and dragging them out of the door i was approached by two customers who saw what happened and asked if they could help. Thank goodness for these two folks and shame on Ross employees. I didn’t know that asking 2 avaialable employees for help with my bags was a burden. Again, there were two employees just standing there and after I got outside, one of them followed me but wasn’t willing to assist.

By the way, i’ll be returning today the over $250 worth of merchandise to Ross – I just didn’t have time last night to wait in line again.


Person May 1, 2018 at 6:55 am

Associates aren’t obligated to help customers take all their bags to their car. These comments about Ross are so petty and bratty.


efrain cadena August 31, 2016 at 9:33 pm

is ross a franchise you can purchase


Cynthia July 16, 2016 at 2:05 pm

How are you? Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

It seems that I can recall shopping at Ross Dress for Less for about my entire life. I am a 25
year-old recent law school graduate & 20 year Florida resident. All my best dress clothes for the
Court or for Law School are from Ross. Ross was indeed my favorite store, ever. Anytime I
needed work clothes or a gift, my go to place was always Ross.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 I was robbed at one of your stores. The irony is that I
moved to Tallahassee in hopes of being surrounded by more professionals. I interned at the Florida Supreme Court right around the corner from the Ross in which I was robbed.

I understand the law and I understand that technically you are not liable. What was stolen from
me was $1,000.00 worth of material. An iPhone 6s, with a $100 life proof case, and a priceless
amount of intellectual property. My WHOLE LIFE was on that phone. My work product, my
personal thoughts, etc.

I am in the middle of studying for the Florida Bar Exam and did not need this burden to stop my
studies and my peace of mind. This has really set me back a lot. I have lost time, sleep, finances,
and peace.

Lucky for the thief, your store cameras do not work. How would you say that the thief knew to
steal from someone, at Ross, because the cameras did not work? Is that public knowledge? Or
something only the staff knows?

I shopped at your Stores with the idea that I was safe because you have all those 60 cameras, a
loss prevention security guard, door detectors, etc.

Trusting your store, I always put my phone and wallet in the shopping cart.

As I moved my eyes to look at some kid’s school bags and supplies, someone took my phone
from the cart.

If you are familiar with the design of your shopping carts, you’d understand me when I say that
there was no way for the phone to “fall.” I placed it in the kid’s seating area on the cart, with
the flap open, covering the area where the child’s legs would dangle.

Regardless it is a big, heavy phone. It would have made a loud noise if it fell to the ground.

I know exactly where I was in the store around the time it was stolen. I was near the fitting
rooms. Before I got to the men’s side. I had just checked my phone and saw it there before I
moved my eyes from the cart.

This is where I fault Ross. The treatment I received when I cried to your staff telling them my
phone was gone. I sobbed telling the cashier that my whole life is on the phone.

She could care less.

She acted as if I told her I lost a piece of gum.

She kept swiping my merchandise I was going to buy while I cried.

I have spent thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars at your stores over the
years. I rarely spend less than $100 each time I shop.

Anyways, I asked her to make an announcement over the intercom. She refused.

I asked her again, she said, “in a minute.”

Desperate because I seemed invisible, I ran around the store crying looking for the phone.

Imagine how humiliated I felt. How helpless. Receiving no help. The store was practically empty, not everyone was busy.

In this day and age a young woman losing her phone is like getting a flat tire.

Not only that but I was a faithful, high spending customer. I was treated like absolute garbage.

No one offered to help.

The cashiers did not offer me the opportunity to speak to the manager.

They barely made eye contact and kept themselves busy by messing with bags and paper.

They did not ask me what my number was in case the phone popped up.

They did not even offer me a phone number to the store.

I asked them to call the cops.

They reused and ignored me.


Just blank stares. No emotion. No humanity. No customer service whatsoever.

At this point I am under total emotional distress and traumatic stress.

This leads me to think that one of your employees did it.

I kept running around the store looking for it, crying, wiping my face, getting on my knees, crawling under racks, looking for it, retracing my steps.

Still no help.

Maybe 30 minutes pass before I see a manager. I go up to them, still crying, asking them to call the cops and my boyfriend for me.

They call my boyfriend. Not the cops.

When my boyfriend showed up, he called the cops from his phone.

The cop noted how empty the store was.

The store was practically empty the whole time I was there.

& if someone was following me I would have caught on.

This happened way too quickly, too quietly, & conveniently well enough to be a random stranger.

The way your cashiers acted, so nonchalant and cold, and the way they were so quick to tell me “the cameras don’t work” when I asked them to check the footage, leads me to believe one of your employees stole from one of your faithful client.

I have given this a few days to simmer over but I am still under complete shock and feeling too anxious.

I feel violated, disrespected, taken advantage of.

I write to you in hopes that you may be able to do something to help me as well as in hopes that you speak to your store managers and have them train the employees better.

If you look on my page under my most recent status you will see various people complain about the cleanliness and customer service at your stores.

My next couple steps will be to complain to the Better Business Bureau and hire an attorney to help heal the emotional distress I am under due to my misfortune at your store.

Anything you could do to help me recover my losses will be greatly appreciated.


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:13 pm



Sandra Ramirez June 21, 2016 at 3:35 pm

Emplyees that this associate # are 894103, 234895, 291134 receipts #0279-02-3977-6172-8 next #1402-02-7735-6170-9 next# I came to return some perfume. It was my second return with my new receipt. They said I had to have the old receipt and new receipt. And that they coulnt give me my money back. They had there 45 min to one hour. They I was right they still gave an attitude and trying to make it seem like I did something wrong, also making me feell guilty, and gave a hard time. They were trying to give me merchandise credit when I had my receipt after they finally reimburseme me and credited to my card. They told me not to do it again. And one of the employee was telling the other employee if i were you i wouldnt do it in front of me. Very disrespectful. They told me to read my receipt on the back. As it is I suffer from high blood pressure and I wasnt feeling well.


Natalie June 18, 2016 at 5:53 am

I went to Ross in Harrisburg, PA and found 3 pairs of sandals for my three grandsons ages 3 & 4. I forgot my debit card and only had a check and asked specifically if I paid with a check if I could still bring them back the next day and get my money back. She said yes; and again before purchasing I asked are you sure I don’t have to wait 10 days and she said “NO”. I bought them 6/15/16 at 7:58pm and returned them at 4:45pm the next day. The clerk said I could not get money back just credit & I explained so they called the manager Natasha (Norma) and she was the rudest person and as I was talking she put her hand up and said “WHATEVER” then walked away. Even the clerks were shocked. I have been shopping at Ross for over 10 yrs., shopped there at the least 4 times a week & I come from a big close Italian family. After this incident, I notified most of my family and we will NEVER shop at your store again. I ran a grocery store for over 20 years and I was taught and I taught my employees that even if the customer is wrong you treat them with respect and do what you can to make the situation correct. This is how you keep your customers and keep your good name. BEFORE HIRING YOU SHOULD TEACH YOUR MANAGERS TO RESPECT EVERYONE AND WHAT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE IS. You just lost some great customers.


Pamela June 12, 2016 at 10:01 pm

If anyone on here would like to start a class action law suit call me at 720-333-XXXXX I have a few people already and this is the only way to get companies like this to acknowledge their wrong . Pam


Mermaid August 8, 2016 at 4:08 pm

Sounds like a great idea!


Julie June 10, 2016 at 6:02 am

Anonymous said…
I was in your store Ross in NC ,June 2/2016 With my daughter in the Ladies fitting room last week , my daughter calls me in to see her outfit ,when I came out there was a man in there, I was shocked upset, I asked if he knew this was a LADIES FITTING ROOM, IT’S AGAINST THE LAW HERE IN NC FOR MEN TO USE WOMEN BATHROOM AND FITTING ROOMS.. Then I addressed the attendant on why she allowed a man in, meanwhile the manager walking by noticed and came asked what was wrong, I told him the reason I was upset, he asked the attendant why she allowed a man in.. she mumbled about knowing the girl with him she went to school with ,,The manager didn’t say anything no apology just walked away,, I will never step a foot in your ROSS stores again, since It is not safe for women or our daughters to be in there, men just come in attendant allow them has they please very dangerous situation ACCESS FOR PERVERTS,

June 10, 2016 at 5:56 AM


Pamela June 12, 2016 at 9:49 pm

I just cam form Ross in Clearwater! THE MANAGER SUCKS THERE. I bought some cookies and 10 min. later went to take them back they were not want I wanted I used my american express that had my picture on it and had my receipt that the one lady rung up for me….They wanted a drivers Id …even through I brought them 10 min ago…..and had other Id on my credit card. I going to a lawyer my son and sue them. I had identity theft due to giving my drivers Id out and one of my friends had her house broke into over it becuse it had her address on it! Yep you lost all my business see you in claims court!


person August 6, 2017 at 3:36 am

You do realise that its the system not the people who enforce the id policy right? With a return if you buy it on the same day you have to return it with an Id the system wont let you continue on with out an id also seriously you cant return an item that you opened thats a food product get real Pamela.


Person May 1, 2018 at 7:00 am

Purchases that haven’t ran through a 24-hour course have to be returned with a receipt and ID. Can’t return opened food, dumba**. This isn’t ShopRite. This isn’t Macy’s. This isn’t JCPenny. Get a clue, please. For your own sake.


Yeny Henry June 2, 2016 at 11:01 pm

I would like to share my negative experience of shopping in Ross store located:
9585 E. County Line Rd, Englewood, CO 80112 Phone: 303-708-8190. I came to exchange 3 items, I had the receipt but didn’t have a tag, she didn’t want to do the exchange, she wants to give me a credit that was not right ( was less that even paid). I as for a Manager (Manager was out for the night). Blows my mind how inconsiderate towards customers the policies are. You are losing customers with people like this employed by your organization. People that work in retail should be honest, respectful and friendly. Hope You do something about it.


NeverRoss May 24, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Ross allows men in the women’s dressing room even if they aren’t dressed transgender. There policy is based on what gender you identify as and not genetics. #NeverRoss #NeverTarget


Viktoriya April 20, 2016 at 4:34 pm

I would like to share my negative experience of shopping in Wentzville MO store. I came to return the shoes I got for my son. I had the receipt but didn’t have a tag, so the associate told me that she could’n take the return. Seemed completely not professional to me. Then she invited a store manager who refused to take the return because the shoes were worn. I explained that my 5-year old son tried them on and liked them but having worn them once discovered that they were uncomfortable. I was advised by a STORE MANAGER TWICE to try the shoes on first. Blows my mind how inconsiderate towards customers the policies are. Let alone the fact that I was unable to contact anybody to express my dissatisfaction. Now I will have to pay twice vs DRESSING FOR LESS!!!!!


John May 5, 2016 at 6:52 pm

I work for Ross and it is in the return policy that you can’t return used items. For good reason because we lose money because we can’t resell the item. Before posting negative things please think about what you were trying to do. If every store allowed returns of used items no one would shop there and no business would survive. Try being a little understanding of retail workers we get very rude people like you all the time and we try our hardest and it’s never good enough for you.


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:14 pm

Amen. Then,don’t shop at Ross folks if it is soooooo awful like you all portray. Lol. Yet these people still shop in a ross store, the irony in it.


andrew bradford April 18, 2016 at 12:10 pm

Hello me and my girlfriend have been trying to get a hold of ross through corporate and nobody seems to want to answer. We’ve been calling several times for several days and there has been no response. Not even for an email sent. And after waiting for 30 min of waiting and finally getting an answer from a representative they hung up. This is very fustrating and not impressed at all with customer service at ross


Pamela June 13, 2016 at 11:16 am

I am calling consumers affairs and talking to lawyer about all this please call consumers affairs they will check into it and I am calling american express!


K. A. Atta April 10, 2016 at 10:26 pm

On Saturday 4/9/2016, @ 2:30pm, I visited the ROSS branch in Snellville GA to make an urgent jewelry purchase. The rudeness I experienced from the Manager on duty when I needed some clarification on jewelry was shocking. Yelling at me and walking off when I complained about her attitude. She’s got to be the worst manager on record! Shocking! How does a manager walk off when a customer complains about her tone and attitude. How does a manager shout across isles to a customer in the hearing of everyone in line?? It is important for your employees to understand that interacting with customers is one of the greatest roles one could ever play. You never now who you’d meet. Being nice and respectful is choice. This lady manager is certainly disgracing your brand. She needs to be removed or retrained in the basics of courtesy! How dare she walk away and be rude!!!!! Ridiculous! You are losing customers with people like this employed by your organization.


Anna April 8, 2016 at 11:27 pm

I am a regular customer and love to shop at Ross.
The store that I shop the most is Located in Kingstowne, Virginia
(703) 921-9119
I have a child with autism and the manager of this store was not only disrespectful to me but careless and I sorry but ignorant. He told me I have 3 kids and they listen to me so your child should listen to you, he said this in a offense way and demanding loud voice.
I don’t appreciate the treatment that I got there today and especially him screaming at my child. ” I am talking so you be quiet”. I got better treatment from the male security employee.
I almost walk out the store without buying what I had in my cart.
People that work in retail should be respectful and friendly.
Hope You do something about it.


Perla April 22, 2016 at 8:33 pm

Wow! This just happened to me. My son is autistic as well and the security guard was so rude to me. My son was standing up on the shopping cart and the man wanted him off the cart or for him to sit down or for me to leave. After I had explained to him about my sons condition. Treated me as if I was stealing something. My son was never unattended and I had control over him and I knew he was safe. Am the mother and I know my son. So worried about the wrong thing when there were people probably on the other side of the store shoplifting. I felt like he was harassing me.


Mariyam O mccrumn March 28, 2016 at 1:51 pm

Just to let you know,Im used to be the employee of Ross inWoodenville Wa. Please email my W-2 Form ,I had no idea what website I should log on? Iwould like to enclosed myemail address mccrumnfam at I did contact the store,but nobody really help me.


jazmyn gaskin March 25, 2016 at 2:28 pm

I am a employee of you guys , and today is payday however you guys did not get the checks in so those who are to get checks rather than direct deposit are not being paid today . Can some one please inform me when I am going to be getting my check ????


Jessica April 12, 2016 at 4:05 pm

My husband hasn’t got his check for his first two weeks at the job. Does anyone have a HR number for employees?


David July 23, 2016 at 12:55 am

Hi Jessica,
My son’s first job and after his last week he got a check, but it bounce with no funds! How does this happen? They have been giving him the run around. They told him to call adp. However, I want to call the HR. Did you ever get that number? If you did can you please share it with me.
Thank you,


Rose March 21, 2016 at 8:03 pm

Has anyone ever visited a Ross store? You would think by all the great commercials that the store would be great. Not in my area! I have 4 stores in the area and every time I go there it’s a mess. I can never find anything worthwhile. I think the “undercover boss” should make a trip.


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:17 pm

You’re in a bad area and it’s the customers that wreck the store and it’s impossible to keep it clean. I know I work at a ross in Florida. But ours is clean and people turn in lost phones. I see it all the time with you rude people and your phones. So it’s funny when you misplace them and blame ross. That’s why they,don’t send that,store nice things. Customers ruin the store and break merchandise and leave it laying around. You people are slobs when it comes to shopping.


DeeDee Henry March 14, 2016 at 11:50 pm

3/14/2016 at the Belle isle Ross next to Penn Square mall.
I ask to set my basket to the side so I could go out to my car and get my wallet, I had to ask 3 times because the employees were on a cell phone trying to figure out who sang the song that was playing over the intercom, with the theft control guy as well. When I came back in after being go b e maybe 2 minutes, my basket was gone and apparently this was hilarious to the cashier and theft employee. While another cashier called someone to ask about the basket, whatever response she was given was hilarious as well.. she then turned to me as in between laughs explained “they had no idea to what happened with the basket, she didn’t know what to tell me” which again was hilarious but even more so this time around.
So I went and got another basket and went out to find the items I had originally in my first basket. I never found 2 pair of sandals or a dress I had in my size.
I then went to the jewelry counter and stool there for over 20 minutes waiting to be helped, all 3 cashiers looked at me several times as well as the theft employee. I even held my hand up to show I was needing help as well as mouthing that I wanted a necklace and to look at a ring. No one ever came, instead they picked up the intercom to tell everyone that it was 10am and would be closing in 30 minutes to please bring all items to the front. And every 5 minutes after that the same message would come across the intercom. About the 3rd time the girl didn’t hang up before she said if we could get the dumb ass white people outta here…..then a gasp and click! Several girls shopping together next to me were extremely pissed and we’re saying stuff loudly as walking to the front, they ask for a manager and were told she/he was gone already. Then the 2 black cashiers start laughing hysterically until the theft employee heard and joined in. The last cashier was checking someone out and was actually the only one that didn’t over act this laugh the others were doing. She apologized to me and another woman behind me. Well….. until I was about to walk out the door and the comment over the intercom was repeated just between them and then they all started laughing again and really over doing to the point of it sounding like hyenas and not humans! It was embarrassing and utterly ridiculous!!!


JoJo March 11, 2016 at 2:30 am

I would like for the CEO of Ross Dress for Less to please recognize an employee at Ross Ewa Beach, Hawaii, by the name, of Jason.
Jason is the only manager that I have seen that actually jumps in and works along side with his employees. He’s a very hard worker and always has a good personality no matter how much pressure he’s under. He’s very friendly, courteous and caring. He makes good judgment calls for both his employees as well as for customers. He is sensitive to everyone.


Sajjad March 10, 2016 at 1:39 am

To: mr Michael Balmuth CEO I went to Ross store today.around 10 pm Chicago time window shutters were down. African lady she was sitting in the car she told me it’s closed. I told her Cant be they close at 11 PM so I walked in security lady was standing at the podium I asked her what time you guys closed she did not reply me back and second time I ask her she replied me back she told me 11 P a.m. I asked her how come your shutters are down she told me we are getting ready to closed.I asked her it’s only 10 PM you still have One hour to go she did not reply me back gentleman was leaning on the counter looking at me like a strip joint bouncer. I did my shopping at check out counter I asked the gentleman At the counter for manager name he told me the person you seen before leaning on the counter he is the manager I asked him for his name. he only give me his first name Nick store address 6103 N Lincoln Chicago I also have several restaurants in Chicago I know employees . don’t care that’s how you lose business I don’t like that when I see something it’s happening like this. every penny counts makes a dollar so please look into this matter thank you.I hope I get a reply back ?


Deanna February 16, 2016 at 1:36 am

As I came in to Ross to purchase some clothing before my daughter’s wedding tomorrow I was rudely informed that you’re not allowed to try on clothing past 930 it’s a clothing store therefore why not just close the doors then but they’re open till 10 o’clock I’ll take my business somewhere else from now on thank you Ross


annmarie chamber's March 1, 2016 at 8:45 am

My name is annmarie chamber’s i have bean working for the company for 6 year now i work at least two to three day 16 to17 hour a week lately my husband dynoise with cancer i have to be back and forth here to Philadelphia untill can move there permanent they refuse to put me back on the schulder i call miss fancise she hong up the phone i talk to mimi about the schilder she say she gona make it. I would like to no should i do regarded my job


annmarie chamber's March 1, 2016 at 8:46 am



Lyn March 4, 2016 at 12:15 am

If they took you off the schedule that mean they terminated you right? If that’s the case you automatically qualify for unemployment. If you find a little job working 8 hours a week or could be more. You will qualify for underemployment. Meaning Riss will haft to pay the unemployment taxes.


Armando R Pagaduan February 6, 2016 at 9:56 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

It’s hard to contact 1-800-697-7260 as its always busy.

Please I need my 2015 W2 copy which I did not received as it was mailed in my previous address, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

My new address is: Las Vegas, NV 89119.

I was a Retail Associate at your store in W Sahara, NV (Dept: 1420-west Sahara NV) from April 19 up to May 19, 2015. My pay stub has indicated my employee # as PCSYYI 000425592.

Looking forward to receive my W2 in due course. Thank you and best regards.

Armando R Pagaduan



Roxanne February 1, 2016 at 4:44 pm

Dear Ross Company: I have never been treated so rudely in my life. I am outraged and insulted. Friday afternoon on 1/29/2016, my daughter and I purchased a set of Queen sheets for $47.99 plus tax. Upon arriving home, my daughter ripped open the end of the package so she could wash them and place them on her bed. The top sheet was gorgeous. All we could see in the package was the white of the top sheet and could not see the lace on it. We were both delighted by the lace, until she pulled out the bottom sheet which was all stained. We looked for the 4 pillowcases. There were none, although they were supposed to be there. So, I shoved everything back in the box and said, “I’ll take it back Monday”. My daughter and I got on the computer and I ordered sheets from Amazon instead. Fast forward to 2/1/2016, Monday, about noon. I take the merchandise back, and the polite young man at the counter says he has to have the supervisor okay the return due to the amount of refund (over $50). I showed him what the problem was and he called his supervisor. She came up front and took one look at the merchandise and informed me that the bottom sheet didn’t match the top (a fact I had missed Friday) and accused me of switching out and putting an old bottom sheet in the box. Also she insisted I kept the pillowcases. Really? We picked that box up and bought it as is. It was heavily taped as if it had been packaged twice. I don’t cheat anyone or anything and I am extremely upset about this. She then went into the back to view the transaction on video. I wish I had seen that video because she insisted it showed the lace on the top sheet and that all 4 pillowcases showed through the packaging. I do not know what sheet set she was looking at but it was not what I bought. She informed me that WE (ROSS) do not sell used goods. Ever. Well, that is nice, because I don’t buy used goods from Ross. Ever. She gave me my money back, but informed me very loudly in front of several customers that I was not to buy sheets there again, and implied in that statement was obviously a demand not to shop there again. Which is fine by me, because after this, I will never shop at any Ross again. The supervisor was loud, rude, refused to listen to what I had to say. Her mind was made up the minute she saw the package. I do not know how the sheets were in the condition they were, only that they were like that when I bought them. I did not, unfortunately, get her name. I don’t need to shop at Ross. I have never had any experience like this. Trust me, I wish I had filmed the entire incident opening the package Friday. And I HATE returning anything! So, in a nutshell, you have lost another good customer. A well spending customer. At the end of the day, all I can say is HOW DARE YOU! And spread the word among my friends, family, and co-workers. Shame on you all.


Tina J. January 29, 2016 at 11:12 am

I just left the Ross Dress for Less on Eastchase Parkway in Fort Worth, Texas. I arrived at 9:15a.m. The store was supposed to open at 9:00 a.m. An employee came to the door when I arrived at 9:15 and told me it would be a few minutes.The store opened 45 minutes late. I was told this was due to a Manager (not one) showed up today. After waiting 20 minutes, I informed the attendant that I was leaving because this was beyond “a few minutes”. The attendant said, “that’s fine”, but we just had someone to come that can open up for us. This is VERY POOR customer service and has rubbed this customer the wrong way.Several customers left out of frustration, and I would have too if I weren’t on a time constraint to do my shopping today. However, I must say, I am pretty sure this was my last visit.


Katy Turner January 23, 2016 at 11:26 am

I am in Hurst, Texas. The retail area that your Ross store is located also shares the same several other businesses including the Vitamin Shoppe. There is an issue of the parking areas that are separated by curbs with plants. All business have asked this to be removed for ease in navigating from one store to another but ROSS has been blocking this for over 10 years! No reason but for spite as it make ZERO sense not to approve it. The owner of the development owns both retail areas that share parking lots. As a consumer of several of those stores, it would make it much easier for everyone to have this curb removed. As a consumer I have several option as to where I spend my money and after learning that ROSS is the reason this much needed improvement has not happened, I WILL NOT BE SHOPPING IN ANY ROSS STORE AGAIN until this has been rectified.


Mrs.kirkendoll January 21, 2016 at 9:35 pm

I have shopped at Ross store’s in Oklahoma City.It makes me SAD… To see the quality of the clothes and stores go down,Their is no good women things in their any more in the store I would shop 3 to 4 times a week not any more I always walk out with nothing now 😉 it’s like going to the good will store.IM JUST SAD ABOUT THIS!!!!!


wanda January 6, 2016 at 2:57 pm

Ross is the worst store I ever worked for and its always junky!!!! I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work there! I used to work at store 130 in Kissimmee, Florida on Vine st. The managers really suck!! The managers have their own click of people whom they like and let them get away with a lot. I’ve seen so much that I don’t know were to start, but you can’t say anything cause you will lose your job. Now I’m saying it and naming names. The mod’s and fes’s down to the sps’s. Not everyone is a bad apple, It’s just the superiors and their favorites. The assistant manager Carmen and the sps Rachel kissing in the parking lot? (these are two women). but o well I guess that was acceptable cause nothing came of it. Sps rachel is unreliable calling out almost every two days plus she made racial comments when people clearly heard her and the managers let her slide too!
Even me!! I didn’t expect any special treatment, I’ve been there close to 4 years and I’ve seen things that HR let go with a slap on the wrist when they should’ve been fired. Like I said it’s too much to tell on here as to what I’ve witnessed. I was fired when a nosy customer overheard another coworker and me curse by accident while we were bombarded with customers at the fitting room, mind you I was wrong but since I wasn’t part of “the click” I was sent home early then 3 days later I was fired. Mod Sebastian and Jessica, Carmen and Gene’s two flunkys were told to say that I cursed at the customer when I never spoke to the customer. They switched the story around just to get rid of me, I never got to apologize or speak to anyone about it! I never had a problem with employees or customers and I was a good worker. Its terrible when they can abuse their power. I hate them and they will see justice happen. I will be writing a book about Ross soon, so if yo want to know more just ask me, I’m not lying.


wanda January 6, 2016 at 3:29 pm

Gene was okay though lol!!


Adriel January 2, 2016 at 4:05 pm

I Worked At The Ross Store In Hanford, California And For The Most Part I Enjoyed It Except For One Thing The Store Manager Was Rude To Her Employees In Front Of Customers And Other Workers That To Me Is Very Unprofessional.


Patricia us December 19, 2015 at 1:56 am

Hi, my name is patricia us and i hope the ceo sees this. Today i was really heart broken at your store my little 3 year saw a toy and one of workers had it on hold and i tired showing her lots of other toys to show her going back and forth. But the worker came and grabbed it out her hands because she had it on hold. So do your employees shop while working. And i begged the superviser to help and no one was helping if there was another toy i had to go back and forth. I thought costumers were first. I was just heart broken and have something stuck in my heart because i didnt have the to pull it out of her little hands on her birthday and it hurts and trying trying and a stranger comes and does it. She says she has the right to do it because she works there and it was heres.


ann December 18, 2015 at 12:58 pm

I am extremely upset with Ross ever since the remodel the quality of clothes is horrible. i’m not sure if they get there clothes from china or what. but i have bought several clothes from them since there remodel and the clothes are ruined after a month or two of wear. i’m am not hard on the clothes. i’m a stay at home mom. i had a shirt that came unraveled. a coat that became torn. my husbands pants ripped really bad after only a few wears. i am not going to shop there anymore. there quality of clothes is poor and there clothes do not last very long. the store in fort Collins, Colorado.


JERRY EWEN December 1, 2015 at 3:21 pm

I”m writing you in this format because i could”nt fine any other way. I,m a mystery shopper for you but Jancyn stopped giving anymore Ross shops saying Ross,es headoffice said i was doing to many to fast but i can still do DDs shops (same company). Is this the way you treat your hard and smart workers. I would set up routes going to somewhere spend a night with friends and the next day come back doing more shops on my way home. I really miss the extra money as i”m on SSD ( fixed income). I would like someone at headoffice to look at this and get back with me. Thank You Jerry Ewen E-mail or (530) 391-XXXXX


johnny a jimenez November 16, 2015 at 8:21 am

I work at the ross in bandera&1604 here in san antonio texas and as a current employee the experience so far has been really a headeache and unfair overall.My manager cuts my hours down to almost nothing a week and its holiday season not only that but i dont feel welcomed to ask her any questions because she just rolls her eyes annoyed.I really dont get how can you have no working ethic and respect to your employees and be in manager position,also the schedule changes so fast they dont even let you know and then write you up for a no call no show when it was the managers fault you didnt show up that day because they dont let you know they put you on for a new day. Or of any changes.I really wish someone could help me with this situation i like ross and working there but sometimes a bad and rude manager can ruin the whole working experience .


Mary November 12, 2015 at 9:48 am



Christina Parks November 12, 2015 at 2:48 am

I was at Ross store in Moses Lake Washington with my disabled mother and the dress room attended start watching me and following even. My mom being able I in my excited to be in your store dashed ahead just enjoyed all the wonder stuff and this person following me and staring at my purse even. Then as we were paying for our purchases a young women rushes up and start yelling at the two cashiers about they’re failure to tell two incoming patrons for could not bring they beverages into the store. I meaning yelling at the cashier cashing us out in front of Patrons. You had better do something about it besides posting because i will yell everyone of Your poor service and business practice. Is this Attitude that Your training consist of! No You HAD BETTER DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! You better follow MR FERRELL’S Example! You ought to be shame NOW I see this is a foundational issue! You better fix IT!!!


liz October 7, 2015 at 2:28 am

Try working at a Ross store where the supervisor is a nightmare. From day one this woman has made it clear to everyone she hates me. She tampers with my food, i no longer bring. Then tells everyone i tamper with her food. What a joke.
She accessed my cell number from work and stalks me. I had to buy a new cell.
I filed a complaint and now im the bad person.
This crazy supervisor is HORRIBLE. My locker has been broken into. This is management. Nothing has been done.
I told the MOD to listen on the tape of the crazy lady screaming at me in the Front End, but never did.
Filed a Police report about her stalking me on my cell and with ross cameras. We’ll see. Im making a Youtube video now. This lady is crazy. My crime was and has always been that i do a good job


Anonymous October 4, 2015 at 9:08 am

I work at the Ross store in Plainfield, il and I am usually in a good mood coming to work in the morning. I am always on time in the morning and it doesn’t matter what time I’m scheduled whether it be 6 am or 7 am or earlier. There have been a handful of time where the manager is late, one time this manager Bianca showed up at 845 am and the store was suppose to open at 8am I was here at 6 am because I was scheduled to start at 6 am. Other times it was only a few minutes late like 5-10minutea but today the manager scheduled me for 7 am and it is now 8:07am and the manager has not yet showed up and the store is supposed to open at 830am. I hope corporate will do something about this because it’s not right for managers to be late and then act like everything is okay once they show up. This is happening at store 1780.


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:20 pm

I have a few cappy managers too. I’m at 1785. Who do we contact HR or our district manager. Ugh.


Shara September 21, 2015 at 5:40 pm

Want to work for ROSS. You might want to rethink that. This is what they did to me. A company who cares and realizes their employees are the face of their company would not treat their employees this way.
On 5/15/15 I called the insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield knowing that I would be stepping down to part time at the end of June and wanting to find out if it was going to be possible to keep our insurance with me working part time. I told the representative that I was working full time and that I was planning on stepping down to part time (due to some family reasons) and I wanted to know if there was any way I could keep my benefits. She went on to tell me due to the fact that I was stepping down to part time I would not be eligible for benefits. I reiterated asking again if there was anything I could do to keep my benefits. At that time she temporarily put me on hold to get more information then came back on the line and again told me because I was stepping down to part time I wasn’t able to keep my benefits but that I could look into purchasing my own personal insurance through another plan if I chose to. I would have preferred to keep my medical coverage but I was told that it would not be possible due to reduction of hours and loss of eligibility. Based on this information, my husband and I made some life altering decisions such as making plans with our finances and also made doctor and dentist appointments that we knew we needed before we would lose our coverage.
In the month of June my last full time day was June 27th, 2015 which was the end of a two week pay period. Starting June 28th I started my part time schedule. On July 17th I went to pick up my first check since I had started working part time. That same day on July 17thprior to picking up my check I had received a letter from the insurance company stating that due to a qualifying event of reduction of hours that I would have a loss of coverage on my dental insurance as of 6/27/15. Due to the conversation that I had with the insurance company on 5/15/15 and that letter I received I was under the understanding that I would no longer be receiving any insurance because I was told there was no way possible for me to keep my insurance. So when I picked up my check I was shocked to see that my insurance had been taken out. I immediately that day informed my manager that my insurance and been taken out and that due to a conversation that I had with the insurance company that I wasn’t supposed to have insurance because I was no longer eligible do to a lack of hours. My manager told me he would look into it. He also told me to call the insurance company to see if they could tell me what might have happened. So on that day 07/17/15 I called the insurance company. During that conversation I was told that ROSS had given the insurance company the date of June 28th as my last full time day worked and not June 27th which was my actual last day worked so I understood that I was charged for insurance because the wrong date was given to the insurance company which was out of the two week pay cycle so I was charged for the next pay period. I told my manager what I had found out from the insurance company and he corresponded with corporate to find a solution. He told me that he and corporate were confused at how I could be charged for insurance once I became part time and that I wouldn’t always make enough to cover the insurance costs. I was also told because ROSS gave them the wrong date of July 28th that was why I was probably charged for insurance during that pay period. After all correspondence between corporate, my manager and the insurance company I was given confirmation by email from HR on July 20th,2015 (which I have doXXXXentation of) that I would be receiving a refund of $297.34 (the amount that had taken out for insurance) on my next paycheck. At that time I was convinced that the situation was taken care of that I would receive the refund for my insurance and that I would no longer have insurance. On July 31st I received a normal paycheck with no deductions taken out for insurance and received my refund from the reductions that had been taken out the pay period prior. Everything at this time seemed to be taken care of that I wouldn’t be charged for insurance because I did not have insurance. Assuming that all was as I was told, that I no longer had medical coverage, I refrained from taking my children to the doctor although they had allergies would have absolutely benefited from a doctor visit. I also refrained from prescription purchases for myself due to the lack of insurance.
Come the next pay period I came to ROSS to pick up my check on 8/14/15. Again I noticed that insurance had been taken out of my check in the amount of $297.34. I was confused at why I was charged for insurance again when I thought the issue was resolved. I was told there was no way I could keep my insurance and I was convinced of this because ROSS had confirmed this by refunding the insurance I was charged the pay period prior and because no other deductions were taken out of that second pay check. I immediately informed my manager that I was again charged for insurance and was confused at why I was again charged because I thought that the situation had been resolved. I was also confused how I wasn’t charged the week prior but then was charged again. I also was aware that I wouldn’t always get enough hours to cover insurance so I asked my manager how this could be happening and that it didn’t make sense to me. Again I was told that my manager would partner with corporate to determine what was happening. On 8/17/15 when I came to work I spoke with my manager and asked him if I was going to be refunded for the insurance I was charged like I had been on the pay check prior. He told me he was still waiting on information from corporate and that he would let me know as he got more information. He told me that everyone was confused at how I was being charged for insurance when it didn’t seem like I would be eligible because of a lack of hours. At this time I still thought I didn’t have insurance because everything I had been told to me up to this point told me I wasn’t eligible. I also assumed I would be refunded the full amount on my next paycheck because ROSS had looked into it before and refunded me on my previous paycheck. On the week of 8/24/15 when I came to work I was told that I was supposed to be offered insurance but because of the lack of correct information from the insurance company that hadn’t happened. At that time I told my manager that I originally wanted to keep my insurance when I called the insurance company the first time back on 5/15/15. My manager asked me if it was available to me would I want to be on the insurance. I told him I needed to talk to my husband to make that decision. On 8/24/15 I talked with my husband and do to life decisions we had already made in our lives that we didn’t want the insurance if it was now available to us. On 8/25/15 I informed my manager that if the insurance was now offered to us that at this point we didn’t want it. Due to financial plans it would be more of a benefit at this time to receive a paycheck. For those two weeks I continued to work (part time) without knowing whether I would be reimbursed for the previous pay period and I continued to think I didn’t have insurance. I was told I would receive information as ROSS did so I continued to wait. I was told 1 day before the latest payday on 8/27/15 that I did currently have medical coverage. I was not told this prior to this. It also still wasn’t clear to me if I would have deductions taken out of my next paycheck on 8/28/15 because I didn’t always make enough to cover the full amount of insurance and I had not received a full or clear answer from anyone what all the facts were. I went to pick up my most recent paycheck on 8/28/15 and although I did not work enough to cover the cost of the medical coverage, my complete earnings had been deducted from my paycheck. I was not reimbursed for anything and my complete paycheck was deducted for insurance coverage that I didn’t know I had, and had been told was unavailable to me, and I couldn’t use because I was told such things. So not only was I not informed that I had medical coverage until 1 day prior to this last payday on 8/28/15 when I received my most recent paycheck I received a phone call from the insurance company telling me that I would no longer have insurance as of September 1st, 2015 (I had now been told I had insurance 1 day prior to this last paycheck and that I had 3 days left to use my insurance). At this point there is no benefit to me for ever having insurance because I didn’t know I had it or that it was available to me. I also can’t use it going forward because it is a weekend and I have only a few more days until I no longer have insurance. I have been forced to pay for something that was no benefit to me in anyway. This has caused me great stress, sleepless nights, extra time away from my family trying to resolve this issue as well as having no idea, if I go to work, whether or not I will be paid for my labors. I live 30 minutes away from ROSS so it has cost me to get to work and not receive any compensation. I do not feel I have been treated fairly and this situation has caused me and my family great stress. My original phone call I made to the insurance company on 5/15/15 should have prevented this situation or it should have been resolved when I went to my manager and he cooperated with corporate the first time. If I was wrong I should have been told then and should not have received a refund. How can ROSS not see how this is an admission of quilt on their part. I have been charged twice for insurance that I didn’t know was available to me until it was too late to even use the insurance. As well as the next check I receive on 9/11/15 will have deductions taken out of it because it was within the time frame that I was waiting for an answer from cooperate. I feel like I am being forced to pay for something I was unaware was even available to me. I have been a model employee for the 3 years that I have worked for this company. I always try to be fair and professional make sure that I communicate any needs or concerns I have in a timely manner. I talked to cooperate again on 8/31/15 letting them know all my concerns and didn’t receive a reply until 9/10/15 which they said that I had called the wrong number on 5/15/15 when I was asking about my insurance (which I called blue cross blue shield my insurance company…I have doXXXXentation of that call) and so the people I talked to didn’t have the proper information so it’s my fault and I now owe them money for insurance even money they refunded me. This was the first time I received any kind of answer to what might have happened. I did not receive any kind of an answer for over a month. If I was wrong I should have been told immediately that I did have insurance back before they refunded me from the first paycheck. ROSS can you not see how this could be confusing to me. You have wronged me and you know it. ROSS has information available to them. So why was I refunded and told everything was worked out. To me this is admission of quilt and hence I assumed I didn’t have insurance and was not given any valid information except being told I did currently have insurance on 8/27/15 just a couple days prior to my insurance ending. Also can I be forced to have insurance? I made it clear to my manager that I didn’t want to have insurance if it was still available to me. Due to the lack of correct information given to me and an admission of quilt when they refunded me on my first part time check I do not feel like I owe them anything. In fact I feel like they owe me a refund on my checks from when they took money out because I didn’t know I had insurance so I didn’t use it or seek any medical help because I didn’t think I had insurance.

I believe ROSS is impersonal and does not care about their employees. I was never out to get more than I thought was my right to have from a mistake that’s was not all my own. I feel as though I’m a number in a system. I’ve worked for ROSS 3 years. I was there when our store opened and was hired immediately full time because of my efforts. I was a member of management until I went to part time recently due to family reasons. I have been an exemplar employee and I am a person with value and integrity. I put all my strength, heart and soul into my work. ROSS would be nothing without employees like this. ROSS makes millions of dollars but it can’t reconcile for a mistake that they’ve done to employee and make it right? At one time I was proud to work for ROSS but I am not any longer. I no longer feel comfortable working for ROSS. On 9/19/15 I quit. If ROSS cared at all they would make this right. Now I have the burden this on my shoulders.


Shirley Hinch September 15, 2015 at 9:53 am

I was a long time & loyal customer of Ross in Killeen, TX until yesterday 09.15.15. I purchased 2 bamboo/steele chairs at $39.99 each back in June for my sisters birthday gift. You have to buy when they have these items as they may never hit the stores again. I gave them to her a few weeks back with the tags still on them because I misplaced the receipt therefore if she needed or wanted rlto return she could do so. Well she went to return yesterday because the seats are a bit small & uncomfortable. She was advised that the would only give her $9.00 for each chair as this is what they cost now. She called me and I told her can they not see the tags, she said nothing they can do since that’s the going price. She turned them in and her gift card $19.00 & left then went back in to get the chairs since she knew what I paid and felt bad. They covered the $39.99 price tag with a $9.99 price however they put a no there sticker on the chair itself of the price we purchased. You can return items anywhere else if the tags are still on the item but not a Ross. Needless to say I will never step foot in a Ross again nor will I be requesting Ross gift cards for Christmas & birthday. A note about customer service. “One bad experience will erase all good experiences”. A sure way to lose loyal customers.


Person May 1, 2018 at 7:15 am

A return without a receipt results in store credit and the current marked down price. If the item’s shelf life has decreased since the time it has been in stock, that’s what you get back. And then we mark it down to the price that it has in our system. That’s why there was a $9 price tag. Maybe stop misplacing your receipts. Why misplace something important like such?


Natalia August 26, 2015 at 6:31 pm

I am a huge Ross customer and would probably still shop with them after my very negative experience at the Briggs Chaney location in Silver Spring Maryland. I never take the time out to do reviews but felt that I needed to do so. I entered the store about 4:30 on 8/26/15 and was very pleased with the dresses that I found and proceeded to the fitting rooms. When I approached the fitting rooms two clerks were there and one was getting a training lesson. I paused to give them time to acknowledge me and do the routine. Instead I was told, almost yelled at by one of the clerk to step back and place my purchases on the rack. I decided to say hello, good afternoon for her to understand that she did not greet me or smile at all. Now I understand that after a long day at work this may happen but what put me off was the loud and abrasive tone, street type personality. She could have let me know what she wanted without being unprofessional. I fitted my dresses and made my way to the register. While waiting I realized that one of my dresses was damaged from where they placed the tags. I asked the clerk if I could get a discount for the damage (the dress was a $30 Guess and beautiful) so I was willing to repair it but did not think it was fair for it to remain at full price. It had a half inch hole ripped in the side seam from the store tags and a slight unraveling of the fabric. The cashier was very kind and polite and said she would check with her manager. Unfortunately, it was the same unpleasant clerk from the fitting rooms. She examined the dress and loudly said No..she did not come over to me as a customer nor let me know politely that she could not make any changes. The cashier remained pleasant. Once again she was loud and abrasive and I was very embarrassed. I will shop at Ross again but corporate need to retrain their managers to increase better customer experience and prevent a trickle down effect of rudeness to other staff. If the managers are rude the rest of the staff will think that this behavi or is okay. I did get the dress. However, I am not sure if I will keep it.


Sarah August 22, 2015 at 10:32 am

To whom it may concern,
I was in your store located at 3615 S Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL 33803 on 8/22/2015. I was shopping with my husband and our new born son. While walking the store my child needed to be feed, so I took out his bottle and began feeding him. A few moments later a your gentleman (loss prevention/security) approached my husband and I. He informed us that “there is no food or drinks allowed in the store”. I was confused for a moment not thinking that he was indicating that the bottle I was using to feed my son is what he was talking about. My husband ask the young man what he was referring to and he pointed to my son and I as I was feeding him. My husband and I were in complete shock and clearly stunned by what we were being told. We asked to speak to a manager and waited for someone for at least 30min. In this time we watched at least 6-8 people walk in with some sort of beverage in their hand and the young man said nothing to them about this no food or drink policy. Now, we have shopped at Ross for years and never before have we been told to leave over me having a coffee, water bottle or my husband going in with a energy drink. If we were told to take our own beverage out of the store that’s one thing but to ask us to not feed our son!?!?, and that we would need to leave?! I am so disappointed in Ross if this is an actual policy. Once we got tired of waiting for a manager and left, my husband took photos of the entrance. There is nothing even posted stating “no food or drinks allowed” but again if there was, I’m shocked that its a policy that Ross would hold up if a mother is feeding her child. I will be posting this on social media as well and will no longer shop with Ross until a resolution is found.
Thank you


Alize August 21, 2015 at 9:43 pm

Came into the Brandon store at 9:30 pm tonight and was completely dissatisfied manager Brittany was nasty and rude and prejudice questioned my integrity for a coupon and rudely told me that they didn’t accept ANY CUOPONS SHE REALLY NEEDS TO WORK ON HER SOCIAL SKILLS! Even the sales associate was looking like wow! The problem was not that u guys don’t accept CUOPONS it’s more of her rudeness and lack of social abilities very unprofessional and rude *Me: yes I have this coupon off of groupon
*Girl at register: ok im not sure how to use this let me call my manager
:lBrittany manager: took forever to walk over than the girl asked for help she say oh we don’t do those I said oh ok why not? She shrugs her shoulders and says idk it’s probably not even a real cuopon I said well I got it off of groups (credible) source. Britanny: no idk we don’t do those !


Kenneth August 17, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Wife needs a letter (for insurance purposes) stating she is no longer employed @ Ross. Local supervisors say she has to call corporate H/R # in handbook (there is no email address provided). H/R has refused to answer or respond to messages left @ that # for well over a month now. Emailed D.O.L. Friday in hopes they can suggest something.


Wendy August 5, 2015 at 10:37 am

On Saturday Aug 1, 2015 I went into store 1238 to return on item I purchased at that same store on Friday July 31. The manager Bryan was beyond rude & disrespectful to both myself and the employee who was helping me. I had my receipt so it shows I had made a big purchased along with this item, but didn’t have my card with me. When she asked him a simple question because I requested a store credit since the store did not the same item I wanted in the size I needed, he went off on her in front of a line of customers. Yari the employee was very helpful and pleasant, his behavior was uncalled for. I will never shop at that store again. As a frequent Ross shopper, I expect respect and professionalism from all of your employees. Being a manager doesn’t make one better than a cashier and respect is a 2 way street.


Cinda Cordero July 27, 2015 at 4:55 pm

Shopped at the Longview, WA Ross store yesterday. It will be my last time!!! The lines were very long, 2 cashiers. Two customers in front of me was a pregnant woman, the man with her, and 2 small children. The woman passed out and fell to the floor. NO EMPLOYEE assistance!!! The man with her picked her up and had to assist her around the check out counters to a chair, while the children were still in line. I said to the Loss Prevention young man (Braedon), “could you come get these children and take them over to their parents, that lady just passed out and she is pregnant”…his reply was “I saw that, thanks”. I said “then do something”. The woman behind me in line went and got the children and took them over to their parents, at which point the Loss Prevention man went over to stand there. I am shocked that this store seems to have no response policy, and that NONE of the employees did anything for these people. Thank God the ambulance got there quickly. This is the 2nd time I’ve stopped at this store, since I am from a small area 2 hrs away and only go to town to shop once in awhile. The last time I shopped there,,,there was a couple browsing. A man and woman. The man had many tattoos and a mohawk. When he walked by the two women employees standing by the dressing rooms, they made rude comments about him (which the man over heard), and he was very upset. He told them he had heard and had words with the women, then he left the store. One of the employees had called for the security/loss prevention person. I made sure to tell that person that those employees were at fault, not the man. What a horrible store to shop at….never again for me!! I just hope that the other people in line yesterday that said they were going to contact Corporate, do so.


Alexandra Torres July 26, 2015 at 7:09 pm

I shopped at your store 1443 today at 3:34pm your fitting room associate by the of Gloria is beyond rude. she made it serm as we were trying to steal. and even called loss prevention to go check on us. there is no need for all this. first of all we do not have a need to steal!!!!!!!!


Carmen Diaz July 25, 2015 at 8:57 pm

I live in California and would like to see if Ross has y the “marquee letters ” near my home or where I can order 2 letters that i need. The letter E and N in the dark brown. Please let me know what stores might carry these letters. I live in the Los Angeles county. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Kim July 18, 2015 at 11:01 am

I purchased a blouse at the Frisco, Tx store 2 days ago. I discovered today that it has two small holes in the upper back of the blouse. No problem, I will go in and simply exchange it for the exact same blouse without the holes. Wow was i shocked to be called a liar and was confronted by the store manager, a male…didn’t get his name, a person dressed in security clothing and a store clerk. All of which proceeded to tell me that because i had thrown away my receipt and tags for the $11 blouse there was no proof i wasn’t lying about where it was purchased. I stated that I bought the blouse I was wearing and the defective blouse there on Thursday. In shock I explained I simply want to exchange for the exact blouse with no holes. I told them I could understand no refund without receipt but i was asking for an exchange on defective merchandise. Still …they basically called me a liar. I can afford to shop anywhere but enjoy getting deals on clothing. I am a professional in corporate purchasing and contract management seeking quality customer service. Sorry to say Ross does not provide quality customer service or care anything about their customers. Going to get my hair highlighted and recover from a shocking and disgusting experience. Really Ross???? You don’t give your managers discretion to exchange a defective $11 blouse? Disgusting!!!!


Joan M. July 14, 2015 at 8:03 am

Dear Shoppers, Employees, etc:
First, it is unfortunate that some of your experiences turned out as they did. No one should make excuses for another’s behavior and I wont but, I took a part time job at Ross in Feb. 2015 – while no person, no corporation is perfect, I try and find the good in everything. I have heard there are some stores that perhaps need some much needed attention, but please don’t judge all of the corporation by one experience. It is easier to vent as an employee, customer than to stand back, take a breath and approach the situation in a different manner. I can say this as I have been in business for 30 years, owned my own company and have dealt with employees, and now deal with the public all day at my full time job and at Ross at night. There is always going to be that person that is having a horrible day, “Be Kind” we never know the troubles someone else walks with. This of course is not the answer to rudeness or buying something that came without the entire product, but approach is key in everything. It’s easy to bash, resent and fault someone. Its a stronger approach to find a amicable solution. God Bless !!!!


Sebastian July 10, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Hello I’m an employee at DD’s Discount Store at 5265 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA. The store number is 5139. While working at DD’s Discount, I have dealt with a lot of harassment from the stock lead. I have talked to the managers, but they did not take my situation seriously or cared. During a 40% discount time period, a manager and SPS accused my family and myself of stealing only because the where with me at the cash register. My mother cried afterwards. They let us go and the SPS called the head of Loss Prevention and he checked the cameras. The next day I was told that there was no indication of theft and I did nothing wrong, but the attitude given to us and the accusations were horrible and embarrassing.


molly July 1, 2015 at 12:00 am

Okay so I used to love shopping at ross. after this experience I will never stop there again. I live in winder ga and went to the Ross store in buford ga today 6-30-2015 .I spent 156.00 which included a comforter said 11 pieces including 4 sheet set. I went home this afternoon,unpacked it no sheets. called and spoked to a cashier,then talked to the manager which had an attitude right from the beginning. I explained what happened.she then responded by saying I will take 20.00 off.i said no I don’t want a discount I want the sheets that were supposed to be in thete.she then proceeded to say u meaning me can go buy the sheets I told her again no why should I buy the sheets when it’s supposed 2 come with them,she then said mam I already told u I would discount it,I then kept telling her no I want the sheets,she says again u can go buy them. I said that’s not right I shouldn’t pay for something when it’s supposed to come with it. I started telling her I would report her and ross store and blast them on f b that’s not right and unfair she said I font care have a blessed day. she is ignorant rude and a b… will never go back


Drea June 29, 2015 at 11:00 am

Dear Executives:CEO: Michael Balmuth, CFO: John G. Call, COO: Michael B. O’Sullivan
Wow, after reading some of the prior comments it appears that all Ross Stores in general have some major issues when it comes to the staff they hire. I was in your Mansfield, TX. store #0695 (682) 518-1813 yesterday afternoon. I found a pair of curtains that I really liked and needed another set (before I continue let me just say how disorganized the entire store was, but that also seems to be the norm for almost every Ross store I have ever step foot in) anyhow, I found another pair of curtains that were identical to the first pair except they were different prices (3.00 difference) when I went to purchase them I pointed out the cashier that both sets were identical to one another because they both had the exact same label , same manufacturer, same sku number sewn on the inside. the only difference was the price and the outside package. She then had to call the store manager Katlin whom was beyond rude and unprofessional!!! When I pointed out that they were the same item and were mispriced she said that it came from the store like that and there is nothing she could do. I stated that it appears to have been a human mistake that one of her employees must have just labeled the product wrong, because the items were identical. She said “it wasn’t her fault and there was nothing she could do about it, and she was done with the conversation” then she just walked off……..WTH ????? Is that the way you train your managers to treat your customers???? The 3 of you are in positions to oversee that your stores are being managed properly so how is it that there are numerous amount of complaints for a lot of your stores??? I am very disappointed in the way I was treated and in the way that ROSS STORES continues to allow these situations to occur. I sincerely hope to hear back from someone regarding this issue.



Inez June 28, 2015 at 4:38 pm

I shopped at the Bethlehem location and I will say one of the worst experience ever an employee ( by the name Jessica) removed a clearance tag off an item that another employee marked and as I was getting ready to pay stated “I don’t see no tag as she threw it in the trash” the manager by the name wade stated his employees can do what they decide. I am amazed the store has any one shopping there. Terrible customer service very nasty employee the corporate office needs to do an over haul in that store


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:28 pm

As a ross employee the sticker means nothibg. The markdown price is set in the computer so sticker or not it will ring up on clearance if it is marked down. And the #same match. Some shoppers try to put them on non clearance items but doesn’t work. I’ve had a few try that on me at the register. You will NOT get the markdown price if it is not the specific item.


Michelle June 28, 2015 at 11:39 am

Just an fyi, #1 starting 7-2015 min wage at ross is now $9 an hour.. #2 it actually does say on the back of the reciept that fragrances and cologne are non returnable (managers discretion if they do take it back)
#3 customers are so NASTY and INCONSIDERATE. I had one customer say racist remarks towards me knowing i was unable to retaliate. #4 Customers let there kids run free in the store, open up toys , urinate in the fitting room stalls and all the while with a smile on there face. Really !!-
So the next time u wonder why employees at ross are disgruntled maybe u should look around at your fellow customers..


Muhammad Kamran June 28, 2015 at 4:47 am

I applied for job area supervisor E Schaumburg, IL with Ross Stores on May 24, 2015 and received an automated response for the assessment test. I took an assessment test and received a phone call on June 17th for an interview next day at 9 am. I went to location; I asked for manager I’m here for an interview. She said I don’t know who called you, when I explained she agreed to interview me and said everything looks good we’ll call you for a 2nd interview next two days. I waited five days and followed up with the store manager. She said Jamie will call tomorrow. No phone calls but after four days I received email its saying At this time, we are considering other candidates. I’m very well qualifying the job I have applied. I strongly fell because of my name (Muhammad); religion and origin employer decided not to hire me.


Customer June 13, 2015 at 4:33 pm

Rude Service… Cheap clothes.


Pamelia Harper June 8, 2015 at 7:51 pm

Hi I want to let someone know I had a very bad experience at Ross today. I shop at Ross all the time. Today I took a skirt suit back that I purchased about three weeks ago. The reason why I took it back was because the skirt came apart at the seem. It came a part on me at church. I took it back to the store today and the manage was not very nice to me and she would not take the item back. I told her that I didn’t want my money back I would take a store credit or I will be happy with a suit just Iike it. She would not even consider it. Help! What do I do with a falling apart suit.


Laura Taxe May 31, 2015 at 1:52 pm

I purchased an item from the Arlington Hts store and wanted to exchange it for something at the Mt Prospect store. I had the receipt and the top with tags never worn, and the manager would not exchange the item because the tag did not match the description. The manager then said she would not take it back because she does not have the cameras to prove I actually purchased the item. I used to work in loss prevention myself and she accused me of either stealing or switching the tags. I am appauled that she insinuated that I stole something.


Vincent Morris June 1, 2015 at 8:33 pm

Ross only caress about 1 thing besides profits;; prevention of law suits. So if we all sue them , then prices go up , then they start closing stores due to less customers ,then we cant find cheap things we normally pay double if not more for.
Improving our shopping experience does not help them profit. corperate employees see no reason to
Adhere to the problems that the indentured servants ars feeling as this will not help ross profits either. So do what i do?
If a ross worker disrespects you , take it out of the store (i make a call)and make them wish they were never born.while on my way home a few bored friends
Start warming up.
Warning to Ross loss prevention;,look or talk to me wrong 1 more time ,and ill light your ass up faster than a blow torche. I don’ steal i kill.
Peomise-Ill end the oxygen inhaling you are
doing,illl pound on your head do hard that your grand kids will come out almost as stupid.
I will handle it .


Carolyn Debnam May 27, 2015 at 1:40 pm

Due to the fact that a work in a field that provides customer service to others, I was appalled when I went into the dressing room (store # 0739). I arrived to the store right at 9:30am . When I went into the women’s dressing room, I should have turn right around and walked out. Dust, dirt, smeared lipstick, dried food, nasty mirrors, u name it!!! I spoke with the manager who was there at the time. She was so busy trying to finish unloading the truck that had arrived, I felt she cared less about what I had to say. I now if I was in Macys. Hudson Belk, or another department store, this would be considered UNACCEPTABLE!!!@


Mrs Sauerzopf May 14, 2015 at 11:45 am

Was in Rio Grande, NJ store #0853. Tried on two tops. Placed the top that did not fit back on rack and proceeded to front of store to purchase the other top. New employee told me I had to place the item I was going to purchase on the rack for her to count it. Told her it doesn’t make sense, It is one top and I wanted to buy it. Proceeded to front of store, asked for manager. Assistant manager said it has always been the store policy. I disagreed with her as I am in that store two times a week, every week, to purchase something and have never been asked to do that. The manager said that’s how it is and that I should stop barking at her. So i said she needed to tell corporate to change this policy. I am the customer, a good customer that spends money in this store even in winter when your store is dead. This policy make me feel like a criminal, and I said that. She then told me their criminals (shoplifters) look just like me, an average middle aged woman. Needless to say, you have lost my business due to your insane policy and the rudeness of your employees. I was purchasing the top to wear to a business meeting with 300 local business owners, all of which I will personally tell of my experience in your store. As a customer I should be able to enjoy my shopping experience, which I will now do elsewhere.


Eva Cap May 13, 2015 at 7:32 am

I just moved from Florida to Rhode Island and I am very surprised that I can’t find any of the Ross stores in my area. I have been shopping in your store for years and I simply love it. Everybody that I talk to (asking about the closest Ross store), say that they too wish we had one here, but the closest one is in New York almost 189 miles away. Is Ross planning on opening some stores in New England at all in the near future?
Thank you.


Jeff May 4, 2015 at 2:31 pm

More on the kid stuck in the car: you can go to KATU.COM in Portland Oregon and read about this story.


Jeff May 4, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Did you hear about the Ross store manager in Vancouver Washington who would not help a man trying to rescue a child stuck in a hot car? The keys were locked in the trunk on accident and they needed something to wedge in the sunroof. They asked to borrow a small metal item used for hanging clothes, worth a couple bucks but the manager said they could not borrow it to rescue a kid!!! The people ran over to play it again sports and they happily lent them what ever they needed to save the child. I think that really sucks!


Melissa M April 23, 2015 at 9:05 am

I am writing to hopefully bring attention to the corporate people the ross store in my area of New Braunfels Texas is one of the dirtiest stores I have seen they have bugs, no merchandise in the shelves rude employees and manager I walked in looking for a gift and only stayed for a short time I use to enjoy this store but now it’s just gone to crap I could not believe how bad it is I really hope they look into this it does not look good for our great community


Clara Reeves April 19, 2015 at 11:58 pm

This message is regard the poor costumer service at Pflugerville-Texas store manager, Wanda:
I just want to share my horrible experience with Ross today, an extremely poor costumer service coming from A MANAGER!!! Well, i have been living in U.S.A. since 2010 and since then ROSS is my favorite place to go and also where i do my shopping therapy. I have lived in Atlanta, Massachusetts, San Antonio and i have NEVER been so disrespected by an employee like i was today. Even more, as i said previously, a manager. Her name is Wanda. This is what happened, i went to Ross today for a little bit, just to try to kill some time before heading to a meeting, as i was approaching the register, my phone started to ring and was the meeting people trying to tell me where i should meet them, so i had to take the call… But i politely, told the cashier, Mrs manager Wanda, i am sorry for answering my phone while in here i need to get this call. Why i said that? I have worked for retail before and i used to get super annoyed when people would come to my check lane talking on the phone and i know a bunch of people who hate it. I tried to be polite and respectful saying i am sorry for answering the phone, but Mrs Wanda, who right before i get to the her register, put a frown and looked pissed off at everything like a 5 years old throwing a tantrum for no reason, didnt even greet me, or said. “how are you today?” or something like that. Come on, she is a manager, she should know better. Well, Mrs. Manager answered me with a “whaaattt????”, (read this in a not so kind way, more like, “what the f$@#% did you say?”) i said, i am sorry for being on my phone ma’am, i just need to get the call a little quick. I was not trying to make a big deal out of it. I said i am sorry to it, as we say i am sorry when we stand in someones way. After i repeated myself, she said, I DONT CARE WHAT YOU DO, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Well, i said what i had to say on my phone call and then, i hung up. I went back to her, because i thought she didnt understand what i meant, and i said, “sorry ma’am, i just meant to say sorry for being on the phone while being here at the registers doing a transaction with you, i was just trying to be polite and respectful. ” . Do you think i heard a “that is ok, thank you for shopping at Ross”? or “Oh, you are good ma’am, have a good day”. NOPE! I heard more disrespectful crap from her and her obnoxious, rude, unpleasant, stand off-ish poor costumer service. she said,” i really dont care about what you do, you do your thing and i i will do mine.”. Seriously?????????? Well, i asked for the manager and she said, “i am the manager”. It just blew me away in a very jaw-dropping bad way. How in a world can she be a manager, she is HORRIBLE!!!!! I dont care if she was having a bad day, put your fake manager smile and suck it up.
Ross your manager disappointed me so much, i cant believe that. Ross is not a small corner store, it is a huge company, this person should not be wearing the brand name. Very disappointed.


Susan April 11, 2015 at 10:37 pm

Mariela of Ross in Seven Corners Falls Church VA is rude obnoxious and plain evil.


Jan Halsell March 26, 2015 at 11:50 pm

I purchased 2 mirrored and beaded fancy 16×20 frames with glass from your 83815 store several weeks ago. The frames were a bargain, under 12.00 each but then they’d have to b3 on my fixed income. We carefully measured picture wires and used molly bolts for the appropriate weight..they were staggered on the stairwell wall, came crashing down on the lower one and ruined family photos..fell into 8 pieces and a lot of glass shards. I went back to Ross with the evidence on3/27 explaining what happened to a middle aged brunette at the cash register. She raised her eyebrows and stated she certainly could not help me. She said it wasn’t ‘the stores fault the frames fell apart, and I was just out of luck. I asked her why she was being so rude, she never even looked at the merchandise. I have never returned anything to a store in all my 65 years but I did expect to at least be heard..not dismissed rudely. I left the frames at the counter, I was so embarrassed and upset at her sarcasm. Now, I don’t care about compensation or ever returning to Ross.


Jacqueline Louis March 21, 2015 at 9:41 am

I recently left Ross because I was heading back to school so I gave my manager my 2 weeks notice, but I knew she’ll need more then two weeks to get a new employees so I told her I would stay an extra week or so. On my last day I called them to check what time I came in yesterday and one of the other manager said I wasn’t on the schedule so I didn’t go, but the other manager calls me the next day and says I was supposed to come in at 2:00 until closing today, so I kindly informed her that one of her managers told me that I was not on the schedule and she was like “well I’m looking at the schedule right now and it said your supposed to close fitting room and if there was a way I could come in I told her I would check to see if my mom who was my ride could come pick me up all the way from belle glade which is like 2 hours from my work. She could cause she was at work and couldn’t leave, so I tried to call and inform the manager that but I every time I called to speak to an MOD the person in the fitting room kept hanging up on my face so I would call again and she would hang up on my face I don’t know if she didn’t speak English or something; she sound Russian. So I called back one last time and no one picked up, so I gave up. So this morning around 7:00am my boss calls me and say I’m supposed to come in around 8:00am when yesterday was supposed to be my last day. I think she just put me on the schedule without informing me until this morning at 7:00am. I used to love going to Ross but now knowing what I know behind the scenes I don’t think I would ever go shopping there again let alone work there again. Its modern day human slavery.


Jennifer March 11, 2015 at 2:20 pm

For everyone on here complaining about the employees who work at Ross. For most employees they do care but due to the treatment they receive from store managers, asst manager, district manager up to the CEO of Ross they are treated like slaves & you can be fired for one false move. The employees are only allowed to work 24 hours per week (no more) & must deal with not only customers but all the work that is asked of them. I have seen customers who are rude & treat the employees like crap, trash the store, let their children open items & run lose in the stores, sit on the new furniture talking on their phones & act like they are at home. So before you blame the cashier ( it is not their fault) blame the store management team who is so busy sitting in the office & not doing anything , blame the district manager who are only looking out for themselves and blame Ross as a company who is only out to make a buck. Remember all the money you spend in Ross goes to line the CEO, President and high up people pockets not the employee who is just working a job. Trust me I know people who have their jobs threatened everyday while working for Ross. It is not a nice company to work for due to no one gives a dame about the employee, Ross is just a better Walmart


Melissa April 2, 2015 at 9:37 pm

Jennifer, I completely agree with you. As a Ross (now ex) employee, I experienced the same things you described. Then I was promoted to area supervisor and that’s when I really got treated like dog sh*t by upper management and corporate.


Jeff May 6, 2015 at 4:47 pm

Are they chained up by the legs? In other words, are they forced to stay there? Maybe they could work at Walmart? Oh, wait…you say that’s worse


Deborah Marley February 26, 2015 at 11:47 am

My sister dedicated 10 years to Ross and was a good employee new boss comes in says she makes too much money pushes to get rid of her. It all started when new boss caome in and my sister had to take off because her daughter went into a coma had to take a couple of days off , then a couple of weeks later had to go back to her daughters and stay for a couple of weeks she passed away 9/14/15 since then this manager has made her life hell.
Mistakes were made in the past 2 months she has been written 3 time for different things that other people have but did not get written up. Now she is fired . Where is the compassion this store claims to have.


henry heiser January 28, 2015 at 4:42 pm

I went to return a curtain that didn’t fix and to get something else. The returns and purchases lines were different going to different check-outs crossing each other. When I finally got to the front of the return line the lady just left her register. The other lady behind the customer service desk(her name was Elisha and I don’t know if she was a temp. manager or not) was just walked around trying to look busy and was not doing anything. Finally, after several people from the purchase line that arrived after me checked out, Elisha said I could go next in the purchase line. I asked why I was waiting and the other people all went ahead of me. She said the check-out lady had to go to lunch. You would think she would have had me immediately go to the purchase line. I hope it had nothing to do with the fact I was the only white male in line. I thought your store was above all that. This store is located in the Katy Mills Mall in Katy,TX.


Sonja January 26, 2015 at 2:15 pm

I am currently at the Ross store in Hearst there like 12 people standing in line. There’s about 3 people in the back stocking and The manager-Amy and another lady just walk around in circles like they have no idea what they’re doing. I ask if they could get someone to help on the registers ….. Amy say yes I’m trying to clean up…. no apology -no value of people time no value for customers! It was more important that she move the baskets around and walk around for 30-40 minutes – in circles. This so call manager, Amy has no way no knowledge of know how to manage a store or her people.I would suggest recommend that they get another manager… Or people stop shopping at the store! You got elders standing in line for 40 minutes …that’s ridiculous!


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:34 pm

They only put one or two people on register. It’s always that way. There’s so much work if every employee was on register NOTHING WOULD GET DONE! SO DON’T SHOP THERE. As an employee I’m tired of hearing you people complain when you’re in the store….then don’t shop there cause no one cares about your feelings and especially ross employees. It’s just a job. The managers are awful so it starts with management and leadership in which Ross has zero.


Iris Delgado January 26, 2015 at 11:07 am

There is a manager @ this store by the name of Cristina that is extremely rude and needs to be trained on how to speak to customers. I tried to exchange a cologne that I purchased for my husband that I had no way of smelling prior to purchase. Well once I took it home and smelled it, it was horrible. I attempted to exchange it and was told ” that since I opened the plastic it could not be resold” I told her there were tons of perfumes and colgnes without wrappers on the shelf. The manager first of all came from the bcak with an attitude that you could see on her face even before even one word was exchanges. She told me how do i know that you didn’t put another liquid in here. I told her look at it, it hasn’t been used and you can’t even open the bottle. At this time she told me in front of about 4-5 customers standing in line “don’t you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth”. I became irate at this point and told her to give me my cologne because I felt like smacking her. I was wrong for that I admit. but how unprofessional was her comment I have been inthe customer service industry for over 15 years and would never even think of speaking to a customer in that way. She then rushed out from behind the counter and walked off just saying inappropiate comments such as “Bye Felicia get out my store”. No where on the receipt does it say anything about fragranced not being unreturnable if the plastic is open. I have been shopping at this store since it’s opening but with management like that I will not return. Her attitude was unacceptable,unprofessional and just outright RUDE!! Cristina definitely gives your company a bad name.


Iris Delgado January 26, 2015 at 11:08 am

Just to be clear this is the store in Skokie on Golf Rd.


fran beard April 12, 2015 at 1:20 pm

i know that bye felicia comment had to be in the hood… or i thought… til i shpped on friday in jantzen beach , portland oregon store. clearly the cashiers dont give a XXXXX about even taking security tags off the purchases w/o being asked. then they have the nerve to have an attitude when pointint out this tag s/h been removed before the customer left the store!

bye felicia is considered the norm here.


Jeff May 6, 2015 at 4:55 pm

You should go to a department store that has samples for you to smell, find one you like and then go to Ross and buy it from them cheaper. If you want better service, go to a higher end store. Higher end stores pay the employees more money so they are likely to have better attitudes.


Starla Green January 20, 2015 at 5:44 pm

While in line attempting to check out, I turned to notice that NO ONE was working the check out registers, just one employee at a Returns register. I asked the employee why there weren’t any registers open and asked to speak to the Manager after two unsuccessful requests to open a register. There was an employee cleaning a register with Windex. The employee at the Returns register pointed to the one cleaning the register when I asked for a Manager. She said no, she wasn’t a Manager but someone is coming now. An African American woman who was stocking shelves nearby the whole time moved EXTREMELY slowly to make her way over to a register, then took even more time to SLOWLY log in to help us. She had on a t shirt and no name tag. By this time there were 4 customers waiting to check out. One of them said that this store is always like this, they don’t care. I am contacting the COO-Michael O’Sullivan at the corporate office at 4440 Rosewood Dr in Pleasanton, CA 94588 to voice this complaint and incident. If more customers would blow the whistle on unacceptable service, maybe Ross will clean up their act.


Melissa January 9, 2015 at 1:24 am

I went to the Ross in Naperville IL, to shop and exchange a gift that my mom gave me on Christmas I had the receipt but I didn’t notice my mom had ripped the original tag off so the cashier (Carina) was so rude and she said I can’t exchange this item. I wasent happy with her answer she said if you find the same item in the floor I might be able to exchange. So I went to the floor and I found the same item. But the problem was that the price didn’t match. Why is that because my mom shopped at the Ross in Aurora IL. I asked to speak to the manager. A none professional manager comes up. She was dirty, I think she needs more training for a manager. Her name was (T-RAY) she was so rude she had no idea on what she was doing she was SO RUDE SHE ACT LIKE SHE DID NO UNDERSTAND WHAT I WAS SAYING FIRST OF ALL HER ENGLISH WAS REALLY POOR. Let’s get to the point. My point is that I felt like XXXXX at Ross I will never shop at Ross anymore. Will not recommend Ross it’s the worst store to shop at.


Robin January 2, 2015 at 6:08 pm

Went to Ross’s in Murfreesboro today. 1-2-2015 around 11:00 a.m. Stood in the check out line made like a maze for 10 to 15 minutes. My friend checked out and I was waiting to be called up when a lady shows up in the return line (no waiting at all). The cashier asked her if she had a return. The lady said yes. she motions for her to come forward. The cashier sees that this is not a return but instead of asking her to get in the back of the right line for check out and was very long at this time she say’s it’s fine and proceeds to check her out. Another customer comes up and piles more stuff on the counter as she is with the customer being waited on and they are scanned out and I am called up. I proceed to the counter with my items place them on the counter and proceed to tell the cashier she could keep them and I will not be back. I shop Ross’s alot but I will not go back simply because they can not train their cashiers properly.
Robin M


Andrea December 23, 2014 at 11:44 pm

I recently visited the Ross store located in Hillside Illinois. The store was a mess. It was not a late afternoon visit it was early morning. It wasn’t that crowded so I can only think that this is how it always looks. I was with someone who had gone to a couple of the other stores in the Chicago area. We walked in the store and her comment was, ” it looks just like the other ones”. I couldn’t believe my eyes after all of the great commercial and the nice looking clothes that are being advertised, we couldn’t find a thing. if you did happen to find something that you liked you couldn’t find it in your size (size 10). It looks like a resale store. Actually it looked worse. It’s really sad I was so excited about going to the store. I was told that I was in for a big surprise and I was totally surprised at the condition of this store. I’m disappointed because upon talking to several others who have visited other stores I’ve been told that the other stores are the same way.


Flesinaers Taylor December 20, 2014 at 9:50 pm

Tonight is the 2nd time within 3 months that ive shopped in Ross Lexington SC. The manger needs to be trained on customer service, Tonight she had the odacity to complain to me the customer that a product had no price therefor she couldn’t ring up. I had to ask the …….. 2xsm wasn’t her job or the 3 clerks behind her playing, while there was at least 5 customer’s in one line with only one register open. What the hell


jenny December 13, 2014 at 12:51 pm

I am standing in line at Ross in Chandler, Saturday, two weeks before christmas at 10:44 in the morning and there are 2 (two) cashiers. I found some fantastic things, as I always do. If I had not found such great things, I would leave without them. I rarely shop here because it is always an unreasonable wait to give up my money.


karisa December 12, 2014 at 9:45 pm

I am so frustrated because ross sent me a email welcoming me to the company it’s been two weeks and I am still not put on the schedule. The store manager said I was suppose to get an email with the I9 form as hiring packet I have not received anything. I call manager again and she said she has to email corporate I want to call corporate myself for the ross on Marconi in Sacramento california


kristi December 8, 2014 at 3:13 pm

I can see that I am not the only handicapped person to be humiliated in the store and maybe should contact some organizations that protect us from people like these and get some news crews involved to make the public aware IF you are HANDICAPPED EXPECT ABUSE FROM ROSS I cried for 30 minutes over the whole thing and thought what would they have done to me should I have fallen and laid on the floor unable to get up would I have had to call for help myself since I was just a fat white b…… Serve your country get kicked at Ross


kristi December 8, 2014 at 3:04 pm

If you want to be abused and humiliated shop at Ross I am handicapped and need support to walk you can’t push a walker and shop so carts are needed. I go into a store in Signal Hill and no carts so I get one from outside no the stores As I go back in the store a Loss prevention girl stops me and tells me that I can’t come in with that and I need to get a store cart I am like if you can find one get me one and bring it here That causes her and her and the employee that is standing there on a cell phone to start in on me in Spanish with each other I speak the language so I ask to speak to a mgr and while I am waiting I am getting lip from them the Mgr has to tell them to quit and they still keep going I am in tears at this point having people staring at me and trying to figure out what is going on being called a f>>>>> white b……. in a store is really nice to experience I tell the mgr you don’t want me to tell you what they are saying but let them know I do understand and if they keep going I am going to have call corporate since they don’t seem to listen to you He was nice I’ll give him that but then I decide rather than let them chase me out I will grab the things I needed and leave only to come across the Mgr and loss prevention girl Cristina in the back of the store talking about me .She has nerve to say that I didn’t respect her well where is the respect shown to me then I call the Corp office and get brushed off there as well………….


Jean December 3, 2014 at 9:12 am

my friend just started working in Ross – Oakwood plaza in Hollywood, FL. When she went for the interview she was very clear about the hours that she can work and when she saw her schedule they had give her hours that she cannot work. The answer from one of the manager is we are in the holiday season and everybody has to work those hours. So, if my friend explained to the interviewer and he accepted her with the hours that she can work why they decided for her to work for them and now they are giving her the turn around because everybody covers each other I am talking “Managers, Supervisor”. I really do not understand but if you check the store is not organized some of the registers wont’n work and you see the cashiers running to finalize a sale because they are timing them. It is so ridiculous to time cashiers due that some clients take their sweet time to pay. For the pennies that Ross pay to workers they work like slaves. The only people that makes real money are the supervisor and managers but the Sales Floor, Cashier, Front End Cashiers Ross make them work as slaves. Really sad to see how associates work nights and kill themselves for the pennies that Ross pay them. I understand that their choice to work but some people they do not open their mouth because manager and some associates just go and socialize and some goes to work and when they finish doing their job they want them to go and help the one that has been socializing instead of fixing the store.


Amanda Sperry October 24, 2014 at 12:20 pm

I worked at the ross location in newport news, va…. I had to leave suddenly and move to Illinois….I called my employer as soon as I was able to to inquire about my check which I was told they would send out in the mail this was on the 17th of September…… on the 27th of september i called still no check… and was notifed by my assistant manager that thw check had already been sent out….I was notified by my brother who works at a store my manager frequently visits on october 4th that I needed to call her about my check…. so I did… than she remained to say I never called and they had no idea where to send it to so once again I informed her to send it to the address on the check and she informed me she would place it in the mail that day….it is now the 24th of October and I still have yet to receive my final paycheck… I keep getting the run around from the manager and the assistant manager I now fear my check will need to be reissued due to how long it has been…. I am tired of calling the store… please tell me what steps I can take to get my pay check once and for all… I am beyond fed up with the runaround I have received


Mary Guiterez October 22, 2014 at 2:42 am

Forgot to mention the store is located in Hastings Plaza, in pasadena.


Mary Guiterez October 22, 2014 at 2:40 am

The Ross store in pasadena is the worst store I ever been to in my life. One of the supervisor’s name Angie who calls herself Angelica had the audacity to keep my change an then when I confronted her about not giving me my change she reached down her pants and handed me my change and with a sarcastic tone said “I guess I forgot it”. This employee is stealing from Ross store, I have personally witnessed her changing tags and going into the dressing room with tons of clothes and then coming out empty handed. She buys designer clothes for a $1.99, $2.99 which is not heard of since I have eyes and can see that she can’t buy a Michael core dress for a $2.00 dollars. This woman needs to be fired but it seems nobody cares since she has been working at this store for years. Wake-up people and do something to stop employee’s who are cheating people and the company as we’ll.


Carol Renkosik October 13, 2014 at 9:50 am

Would you consider coming to our area, we need a store like yours. We are on the intersection of Route 80 & 39. There are six towns close together here. The population is over 1000,000 people.. New stores are moving in, we would appreciate considering us. You could contact Robert Vickery at the city of Peru Offices. at 815-223-0061

Thank You,

Carol Renkosik


Raquel Peralta September 29, 2014 at 3:08 pm

Good evening…
Im from Costa Rica, Central America. I want to open a Ross Dress for less Store here in Central America. Is it possible for me to buy your franchise?

Thanks in advance for yu prompt response.

Best regards from Costa Rica


handicaped Vet September 19, 2014 at 2:06 am

I weakly struggled into a Ross for less this evening.I had drove 35miles into town.
as I drug by the Giant Angry security guard,he lipped off something.Im deaf in 1 ear from the Army & a stroke in ’ i couldnt hear his mouth & it was nice.
I smiled @ the crew,& asked for big pants my size.
that was pretty much my evening w/my tiney cute Red Cross famous guide dog.(see waldo Canyon fire in Col.Cresta shelter ’12)
she sat nicely,or looked out of the carriage.until I told her “wee were leaveing”.she was very happy stood up & sang.!(i should of sang!)
we strode by to the counter & Mr.Angry at the door went out of his Mouth off some more!!,,He was so VIOLENT AND HATEFUL!!POINTING HIS FINGER IN THE AIR AT US”,I agrreed with his dellusional accusations,,& kept laughing!!,,i laughed my whole way past him to the counter.
at the counter a young male dressed not in uniform laughed with me!,,then the kid told me the Crazy Rantings of the Security guy were Real!!!
Mr.Angry,,whom weigh’s in around 300pds,,,was SCREAMING THAT I WAS NOT A V.A. VET,AND MY DOG WASENT A GUIDE DOG!!,,,,and he kept mouthing as i walked,,,that Im not allowed BACK & he’s CALLING THE (gehstapo)cops on me!!!!
i looked at him like he was a nut,,told him,”I am a Vet,she is a service dog,just like it says on my chest”.he..tried NOT,to give me the opportunity to show badges on my 43ddd chest,& my dog.!!!!!
luckily for me-the counter boy,,who had laughed slighly with me ,,started berateing me!!.
as I caught them I then whipped out my Plastic coated state/federal sealed service dog letter from my wallet!!!Mr.angry then REFUSED TO LET ME KNOW HIS NAME,& tried to grab me physicaly!!at my basket in line!!showing my letter!!!
Mr hateful,ignored alllll my doXXXXents.and the kid tried NOT TO READ MY DOCXXXXENTS!!!,,a kid-no uniform.
the clerks reluctently,tossed through it!,,and IGNORED MY NATIONAL PICTURE I.D.{ NUMBER FOR MY SERVICE DOG!!!
he then wrote down my handicaped plate in the handicaped spot!!
he was loud,abusive,violent,agressive,& called me names!! he also falsely accused me of doing things I hadent.I had only talked to some clerks.!!for pants!
his finger waiveing was wild,& he accused,,never asked.then he tried to tell me my Pomeranian,”had to wear a vest”……….no she dosent!
this saitanic,militent lunatic,shouldnt be guarding,nor screaming @ any older person,let alone Veteran,,or woman alone!!
………… looking for an Atty,,this whole thing is on camera…………


Browtree September 17, 2014 at 11:47 pm

I thought Ross had a 30 day (with receipt) return policy. I would like to know what they considers 30 days from the date of purchase if the purchase was made on 8-14- 2014? I emailed Corporate that question but I haven’t received an answer. With the quality of people they have working in their stores’ you can’t expect much. It isn’t about salary, If the employees were paid higher salaries I do believe they would still the same “I don’t give a damn, nasty attitudes. I worked 5 years in retail. I would never have said to a customer “we can do this the easy way or the hard way”! It won’t happen today, but hopefully Ross will hire customer ordinated people or they will eventually go out of business-. The Ross stores in my area (Boca Raton, FL) look more like thrift stores when compared to Marshall’s or T J Max. I won’t be shopping at Ross again. I don’t need their crap


Christopher Williams September 8, 2014 at 7:16 pm

I worked at Ross of Silver Spring Maryland for about 8 weeks. I left another company to work at Ross because I believed in what they had to say. I thought we stood for same things. When wife became sick I needed to be closer to home as to help out with my kids. My wife had 2 cancers tumors and had to have surgery. I requested to sent to a store close to were I lived. I was told that l was needed in store 384 in silver spring and could not transfer to another store. But at same time one of my coworkers a female had cancer and treated very different. Double standard! I had to give my 2 week notice and 5 days later I was told turn in my key are police would be called! Thank you Ross for you Compassion!!!!


gabriela September 2, 2014 at 4:50 am

On sun august 31st my family and i when to ross in tracy cal
My daughter walk in with a little pluto pink purse she misplaced in side the store i started to look all over the store so when i could find it i ask costumer service if they had found my daughter purse and one of the cashiers came up to me with a really bad acttitude and told me that they sold my girls purse and they couldn’t do any thing about it !!so i immediately ask for a manger when i saw her bad acttitude and smart mouth so i ask her if i could speak to a manager and she quickly respond that she was in fact the manger so i knew she was not going to do nothing about it i ask the security if i could talk to someone else and he call a very nice philipine lady and she so polite she ask me for my number so she could have the general manager call back but he never call!!!


judy_edgington August 28, 2014 at 12:33 pm

Recently I received a birthday gift from my sister. They were bras. Unfortunately they do not fit so I took them to Ross store in Woodland, exchange for my size. I was told I couldn’t get an exchange or store credit because I didn’t have a receipt. Isn’t this alittle unfair? All the tags were still attached. I’ve never been to a store that wouldn’t give at least exchange or store credit.I think this policy is all wrong. I will not shop at Ross’s stores again due to this policy.


Amanda Flanagan August 26, 2014 at 5:34 pm

I am very upset about an incident that occured in your Madison store in Alabama.
My sister-in-law, a very nice and honest person, had recieved her disability benefits. She has mental problems and physical. She came to your store with eleven thousand dollars in her account in a good mood and ready to go on a shopping spree.
Your employee’s, after she entered the dressing room, called police and three police pulled her out of your dressing area.
There was no one attending the dressing area when she entered and none of your sales people had approached her or offered her assistance.
I am posting this on my facebook and incouraging all my friends to re-post. Starting a boycott on your store. The police also treated her very rudely and when she was allowed to leave, she was in tears and felt humiliated.
She does march to the beat of a different drum but she was about to spend a lot of money in your store. She was also told not to return for a year.
I feel your employees should have been doing their job in assisting her then this incident would not have occured.


maki Pelaze August 14, 2014 at 5:26 am

This complaint is from the Hallandale store in Hallandale Beach Florida.
I recently moved here and it is without doubt a beautiful place to live, however, not to shop.
Especially at the Ross store 1425 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954) 456-8382. I mean this is THE WORSE store I’ve ever been into!! The employees are NASTY!! With all capital letters. They are always complaining about the mess the customers make using bad language, they don’t care if you’re there next to them, they use the F word all the time. OH! — and Don’t you dare go at closing time…. because they start at 9:30 announcing that they’re closing soon when they really close at 11. They use the word “SOON” “We are closing soon” this is so everyone leaves thinking that they’re about to close. But sense I know their store hours I always stay till the end, and they don’t like it. The fitting rooms and bathrooms are closed around 9 or 9:30.. hours before the store closes. This store has a whole bunch of lazy ass workers, including supervisors and securities that need to get their ass fired before the store goes out of business. I used to do mystery shopping for these stores a long time ago, I am desperately looking for a company hiring shoppers for the Ross stores. I would definitely pick this store and give the worse review ever. And this time I am recording my whole shop with my smart phone.


mercedes cabrera November 20, 2017 at 11:19 pm

I also have a big complain on this Ross Store at HALLANDALE BEACH FLORIDA store # 1043 I think they are steal money from clients and from the store I see they play around with the return store credits I already notified the corporate office and I hope to hear from them and if I don’t hear from the Ross Corporate office I will take the case to the help me Howard TV lawyer program but it is no way I will stay silent on a case that is ripping off a company and us all.


Maria July 30, 2014 at 10:46 pm

I’m very upset at the two stores here in Bakersfield California, employees don’t care about the merchandise of the store, very poorly taking care, people stilling shoes, all kinds of dirty people seating on the new furniture, children running unintendedly destroying thinks at the store!!! I try to talk to Luis at the Rosedale Store about the situation and he just told me that he was aware of the problem but there was nothing to do…REALLY? WHERE IS YOUR MANAGEMENT TEAM!!! I have pictures of how disgusting the store looks!! Men are sitting down on the new furniture looking at the girls in the underwear department!!! And nobody cares to asked them if they need any help so they can move on!!! And if they are no buying ask them to leave the store!!! To the store on Ming I don’t even attempt to go because is so dirty and smells so bad that is not worth the trip.

Would you please do something about this situation.

Concern buyer at Ross


Person March 25, 2017 at 7:40 pm

Wow this is a serious post??? It’s you DISGUSTING, LAZY, DIRTY, SHOPPERS THAT GET THINGS DIRTY. As employees we are not supposed to clean your nasty mess. It’s kind of a given not to have your shoes and dirty kids all over the furniture. No one should have to tell adults how to act or their children as they should be kept with their parents at all times not running through the store. It’s you idiots not the employees. I see open cans and cups and candy in the store I work out and there are signs posted CLEARLY and it’s not a restaurant DUH. You cannot make people move if they want to shop around and stare at people. As long as they don’t hurt anyone. You sound jealous cause no one is checking you out in the panty section. Lol


Suzanne McDonald July 26, 2014 at 5:07 pm

Yesterday 7/25/14 I was shopping at the Ross at Katy Mills Mall in Katy Texas. I made my purchase of seventeen dollars and some change for four dog toys. At the time my “receipt started to print out” their computers shut down. A very rude manager, female, hispanic with the last name Martinez told me she would have to verify the purchase if I could go walk around the mall and she would call me but i would have to leave the items they already charged me for. I told her the cashier told me,”your receipt started to print but then stopped” and that I could pull it up on my phone to ensure they had been paid. No, was her response. I am a high risk pregnancy and am three months currently pregnant so me walking around the mall while they got their act together was not on my lists of things to do. I was upset and her not giving me a choice but still I did as she instructed. I went back after an hour or more, walking half of the mall and walking all the way back distrought and out of breath was then told she was at the opposite end of the store, “more strenuous walking”. She finally acknowledged me after she was checking out customers to tell me then she would go to the back to see what she could do. (Was this not the reason for her sending me away initially???) I waited, she returned later to tell me she spoke to her “lost prevention guy” and he instructed her to recharge me since they could not verify. I told her again I spoke with my bank and they verified it would definately be taken out at midnight and that she could even speak to them. I told her this was not acceptable for a company to rob me in broad daylight and I would need her name and the lost prevention guys name. She would not give me his name. I told her I needed to call customer service because they just stole my money. As I called customer service I sat down at one of their chairs with my daughter exhausted and out of breath. As if this was not bad enough the lost prevention guy comes over to where I am and starts slamming tops of “ALL” ;”each and every chest around me as he came within 1 foot of me.” My blood pressure was so high and I became dizzy, he was doing this as I was speaking to customer service and the customers were looking at him for causing a scene. His name was Edmundo. I was blown away by the lack of any kind of customer service and inhumane treatment that was inflicted upon me. I had a brutal headache until this morning and checked my bank account to see YES, FACT! Not only did Ross steal money from me but jeopordized me and my baby!!!!


Martha Ruiz July 25, 2014 at 4:20 pm

I was in Ross in Miramar, Florida yesturday afternoon. By mistake I stand in the return line to pay, the assoicate said I should stand in the purchase line, the asistant manager who was in the next register, name MARIO scream at me, that it was my choise to buy at Ross. What ever happened to “Customer is always right”? your store at Miramar does not know what customer service is! You all need to streighten out some of your management. I approched him and said that I was going to call Corporate and complain, I walked out and left what I wanted to purchase behind. Is this how yu theat your customers?? Obviously, you get what you pay for. Expect not-so friendly customer service and strict rules. I will never shop at Ross ever again!!! Shame on you!!


Nico July 16, 2014 at 2:11 pm

it seems that it’s a shame that I am reduced to the complaint post section because I can’t send a direct email to corporate. Anyhow I work at the two story Ross Dress for Less on the strip in Las Vegas Nevada. With all the visits we are failing or barely passing, some of which are corporate visits, I can’t imagine why no one believes their eyes when they see this store is going downhill. Granted more money is coming in and there its profit. So many Ross Dress for Less procedures are not being followed.

There is no buddy training.
Stock rooms are in disarray and a fire and safety hazard.
New employees don’t know procedures.
Managers are not working together. There is dissension.
I and several other full-time employees are unable to complete our tasks as set but Ross Dress for Less procedures and standards.
There is no support staff, therefore full-time employees must do what part-time employees are there for.
The forecast does not include events in the surrounding area up and down the strip. Unfortunately we incur an influx of unexpected customers that we can barely handle.There are 15 registers and maybe three or four cashiers who move like they are packing the afternoon picnic basket. Some customers politely leave. others are loud and belligerent.

These are just some of the things that are happening here. there is a lot more that was not happening here ago. I am trying not to call other numbers. Telling management of grievances doesn’t help, but also it’s not all their fault.

I would like to just to be able to do my job and accomplish a task I set out to do for that shift each day. if lost Dress for Less was a restaurant we would us C or D grade. This is my last attempt not to go over anyone’s head who would see it as insubordinate.


bridgette brown July 12, 2014 at 11:05 pm

Saturday Juy 12,My daughter and I came into the Ross Store in OldtownAlexandria Va hoping to purchase a few swimwear,as we browsed around we found 2 that we where hoping to buy.As we aproach the register to pay for our items thats when everything went wrong.Mr Bo who is one of the store manager who was on the register,stated he could not sell one of the swimsuit beacause they where not a match,as I explain to Mr. Bo we found the items together hanging up,repeatly and rudely Mr. BO says’I canthelp that ma’am,following with a It’s not that big of a deal ma”am.We left with one baithing suit and the shocking thought of howmany years we have shopped at this location to come across a Manager who was rude and very disrepected.I look forward to speaking with someone conserning this matter.Thank you!!Ms. Brown


bridgette brown July 12, 2014 at 10:49 pm

Saturday Juy 12,My daughter and I came into the Ross Store in OldtownAlexandria Va hoping to purchase a few swimwear,as we browsed around we found 2 that we where hoping to buy.As we aproach the register to pay for our items thats when everything went wrong.Mr Bo who is one of the store manager who was on the register,stated he could not sell one of the swimsuit beacause they where not a match,as I explain to Mr. Bo we found the items together hanging up,repeatly and rudely Mr. BO says’I canthelp that ma’am,following with a It’s not that big of a deal ma”am.We left with one baithing suit and the shocking thought of howmany years we have shopped at this location to come across a Manager who was rude and very disrepected.I look forward to speaking with someone conserning this matter.Thank you!!Ms. Brown


Kim Fitch July 9, 2014 at 9:28 am

I was in Ross yesterday – -Melbourne FL- returning a pair of sandals- I did have receipt for- the shoe did not have the cheaper price that I paid on it – the girl called for the mgt 3 times she finally called on the little intercom thingy beside the register and said. ” this sounds like the lady that buys things and returns them all the time doing this, I’ll be there in a minute and deal with it”. WELL let me tell you— I was pissed- first of all – I am NOT a lady that buys and returns things, I actually do not think I have returned anything there -2nd- what right did she have to say that so that myself and everyone around me could hear it
IF I ever go back there I do not think that I could ever look at her again and be nice- you all need to straighten out some of your management !!!!!


Cristina Lopez July 3, 2014 at 9:05 pm

I went to Ross on 6/30/2014 store#0685 employee#183561 I was looking thru a rack of clothes and while I was looking one of the employees came completely just pushed all the clothes I was looking at so she could fit more clothes on there she never said excuse me or sorry she looked me in the eyes and left.. When I finally make my way to the register it so happened she was my cashier I put the clothes down that I had already taken off hangers to help her out and put them down for her to scan.. She scanned and just rolled up the clothes and thru in the bag I took it out of bag and started to fold myself (I didn’t want it to get wrinkled) she gave me my total and I said can u fold them please.. She got the clothes just as it was laying on the reg and thru them in a big ball in the bag again I took them out again assuming she didn’t hear me and said oh can u please help me fold the and she said oh I have a pet peeve for that. So she refused to fold my clothes and place in my bag neatly.


Allison Sisk July 2, 2014 at 11:58 am

I work at Ross & I agree that the managers do NOT know how to run a business …. They need a lot of corporate training & observation so corporate can know what really happens on a daily basis! My main manager never wears his radio/headset so when we need to get ahold of him we never can. I’ve rescheduled 3 dr appointments cause they refuse to give me time off for 1. They are rude to the employees & they wonder why most people don’t last but a few weeks… I’ve been there 10 months & still get no respect from any manager! Kevin, (from corporate) if you are reading this, I hope you are cause someone from corporate needs to take action.


Bruce Martin June 24, 2014 at 1:22 pm

What kind of XXXX Police store are you operating? I have never, never, never been told in any store, anywhere to stand at a certain place.!! At your Texarkana, Texas store this morning, I was on my way to purchasing a pair of designer sun glasses and some Eternity cologne for men. As I approached one cash register with purchase in hand, the cashier walked away. I walked to the only other register open. I stood there for 3-4 minutes behind a lady that was a little slow in getting her purchases rang up by the cashier. All of a sudden one of your employees who was doing nothing but standing around, told me to stand behind a certain area. Why didn’t she address the cashier who walked away or the slow cashier I was waiting on? Why didn’t she open a register instead of telling the customers where to stand and stand around with her arms folded doing nothing? Is this how you treat your customers? Are you next going to implement a policy about how to stand or how to walk for your customers and maybe make sure they are talking properly, while ignoring your own employees’ incompetency? You makes tons of money from your stores and yet you treat your customers like cattle that have to stand behind a chute in a corral. Shame on You!!!!!


Dan June 14, 2014 at 2:34 pm

Your store at Gateway in Portland Oregon does not know what customer service is! Two times in last 6 mo. I shop here. On 6-10-2014 there was 13 person in line and 3 clerk and 2 other watching them . They took one of clerk and stared him to process return item’s. The clerk do not want to work at Ross and do not like there job!! I will mite not shop at Ross ever again!!!Dan


Miguel Mendoza June 7, 2014 at 2:32 pm

The Ross store in Denver, CO by Colorado Blvd and Mexico Ave has the worst customer service! I went in today to buy some clothes. As I walked in, I saw how dirty the place was. And to top it all off, there were clothes pins on the stair steps. I am no safety expert, but the Ross employees don’t realize how dangerous those pins could be to small children. I did not even know where the line started. A cashier told me very rudely where the line was. I walked over to the line only to find that I was next in line. Not a minute later, that same cashier called me up. I went and she started checking out my clothes and throwing them very rudely. Is it my fault that she was having a bad day? I am a human being that requires to be treated with respect. I then asked to talk to a manager and the manager basically told me that the employee was doing nothing wrong! Whatever happened to “customer is always right”? Ross, you just lost a customer who has been shopping in your company since he was a boy! If this is how Ross treats their customers, I want nothing to do with it!


Anna May 22, 2014 at 5:16 pm

Some of you people sound pathetic!!!!!!!
Obviously, you get what you pay for. Expect not-so friendly customer service and strict rules when you are paying $4.99 for a shirt. That is just what I think. When I go into low-priced stores I know what I am going to be dealing with and I suck it up because hey, at the end of the day, I saved money! Money is tight!
I think maybe that no drinks are allowed because the prices are so low that stores can’t afford to lose money…Or that the lines are so long because to keep the prices low companies can’t afford to have more than a certain amount of employees for the day.
Graduate from Kindergarten already suck it up.
If you want to be treated like royalty, go shop at Macy’s


Cheryl July 9, 2014 at 10:57 am

It is the ignorance of people like you that allows poor service to continue in such establishments. No matter where you go to spend your money , one should expect a certain level of respect. And if you’re saying that those who don’t have as much expendable cash deserve little or no service, then maybe you’re the one who needs to reexamine your standards and character. Everyone , even you, deserves respect and common courtesy . A Ross customer is just as valuable as a Macy’s customer. And I am both. The same hard work earned each dollar spent in both businesses.


Heidi Bartek May 22, 2014 at 4:18 pm

I will never shop Ross again in Madison, Al. Staff is rude and unresponsive. Corporate if you are listening….You may want to check your video tape on this store 2:30pm-2:45pm. I wasn’t the only one that walked out and left what I wanted to purchase behind.


Cleo Tapia May 17, 2014 at 10:29 am

I couldn’t belive what Ross in Watsonville is making customers do, your in line for more than 20 min. Their asking customer to make sure ypu take off the hungers before you get to the register what kind of custumer service is thisci cannot belive it so now were doing. Their job we will never go back to this store i also shop in Santa Cruz custumer serv. Is way different just hoping you do something. About it .


Sara May 12, 2014 at 12:45 am

Good evening
My name is Sara and I’m a frequent customer of this particular store Ross the one located in Miami Down Town (305) 379-5339 and I’m emailing the corporate to let you know that I’m very disappointment  Of the lack of customer service that you guys have, Saturday pre-Mother’s Day I went to the store and shop around for some gifts, and for my surprise when I got there the store was completely trashed and this was around 9 am, mind you that store was open for about 30 minutes before, In addition I needed help but there was no one around not a single associate to help me out,  I decided to pay for the few things that I found  in that big mess but the line was going in circles from the main hall to the back by lingerie and kept on going to the girls department. There was only three associates in the whole store one in the fitting room one cashier and supervisor, it is incredible that I had to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes in line to pay for just 3 items, like I mention before I’m a frequent customer of this store and I remember that the store never looked so bad, around 3 years ago there were plenty of associates to help around and the wait in like was 15 mins the longest, I’m very disappointed that I had to come to this terms but as a customer I feel like never coming back to that store again.
I hope that Michael Balmuth, and John G. Call see this and take action!
after all you should know that you’re loosing more and more customers everyday


Diana May 5, 2014 at 1:25 am

I went to Ross today with my cousin she is 5 months pregnant we love shopping at these stores. Since the minute we got to this store we new something was wrong it was filthy! The girls working the floor were walking around talking to each other laughing while the line of people kept getting longer and longer. We tried on some clothes and when we finished we had to put the clothes in the metal rods and hang our numbers because the girl working the fitting rooms was talking and laughing to another girl that worked there. As we stood in line for almost 30 minutes there was an elderly woman infront of us who had an item to return. The return line was closed for some reason so she waited just like the rest. Finally the manager Claudia calls next in line poor old lady couldnt hear well and she screamed at her next! I let her know she was next and she moved on. As she got her things cleared to my surprise the manager threw her bag aside and the poor lady was so scared she looked at everyone with embarrasement. She couldnt leave the store fast enough. We were next. My cousin paid and the manager Claudia did the same threw her bag on the side counter ! My cousin asked her if she was going to get her receipt and Claudia responded yeah you can get it yourself!! I was in shock! She said if you read on the side it says you can get your receipt yourself!! I was next I approached her and said to her she was very rude and I was going to call corporate and complain she said okay I asked her for her last name and she refused to tell me ! She said my name is Claudia and I am the only one. I asked her for the complain or corps number and she pointed to a sign in the back of her and said go get it its over there! The other girl working cashier next to her was laughing at her rude attitude! Never in all my years shopping at Ross have I been treated this way! I am very dissapointed. I tried calling the number I searched online for and they are closed sundays. I will try tomorrow. I really hope this comment will help shed some light in the disgusting manner the store is being managed. What a dissapointment. The store number is 1393 in El Paso Texas. I will not rest until this issue is cleared that woman should not be working with people she is rude and a disgusting human.


Lisa Hill April 28, 2014 at 5:27 pm

Hello I am a regular customer of Ross Dress For Less Store 1216 in Port Orange, Florida. I was their today on April 28th,2014 and I purchased a dress and wanted to purchase another dress that I loved but the straps were torn on both sides. I looked all around to find another just like it but no luck at all. So I went up to the cashier to pay for the one dress and to ask him if he could mark the other dress down since I would have to take the new dress home to sew it on both sides. He said to me that he would take off 10% which is off of a $ 20.00 dress. I asked him is that all that is only $2.00? I said how about 50% off since I have to take the time to sew it. He said yes that is all I can give you, so I asked him to ask his manager. He then called the manager and ask her and said to her that I asked for 50% off and then he preeceeded to laugh on the phone to her. I am sorry but that wasn’t very nice. What happened to good customer service? I felt like they could of met me half way then at 25% but instead let me walk away without dress and upset. I am a regular customer of Ross. I love Ross completely never have had a problem before ever. I just think they didn’t care about me being a valuable customer at all. Sincerely, Lisa Hill


U SUCK, in shopping at Marshalls April 17, 2014 at 12:37 am

Why do you dumb a**es put the or always show Chinese, Philippinos, mongolian, individuals in your commercials.

3 s*** for brains executives should know asians are not even a minority group. No group wants to see others be represented by other minority person on a commercial.

Dumb f***s.


Sabrina April 16, 2014 at 3:12 pm


I m a student at fashion and I bought a Michael Kors dress two weeks ago for my project.It did not work and I did not wear even for one minute.I wanted to return to Walnut Creek store but lady said item and tag is not match. I did not understand that time and she asked to her manager or supervisor .They talked and I was just watching them cause they were acting no one was there. They asked to LP girl and she said “ I will check for you “ .I was waiting there for 10 min. when LP came back she said is not the same item.I have receipt ,credit card and tags on the dress. But LP said they can not return it . I said you can check my all purchase from Ross and you should find it , but LP just said NO . So , I paid $ 39.99 for MK dress , I can not wear and can not return ?????


Yajaira April 14, 2014 at 11:10 am

To whom it may concern,

This is from Kissimmee, FL. I had put in an application online to Kissimmee store 0829 located at 3202 N John Young Pkwy phone number 407-343-4779. So this is the story, I call them to ask for the hiring manager in order for me to give it to my agent, Joe the store manager was being very rude from the beginning asking how he can help me. I explained to Mr. Joe that I put in an application and that I needed the hiring manager from this store to give it my agent, Mr. Joe said; very loud, there is a lot of hiring managers in this store, I explained I only needed one he gave the name Jeff but when I asked for his last name he blurted that I did not need his last name and he hung up on me, I called back and Denise answered I explained to her that Mr. Joe hung up on me and asked her to please put the supervisor or manager on the phone. Denise transfers me back to Mr. Joe, I asked him if he could put his supervisor or manager on the phone, He again blurted out and said ” NO YOU CAN”T SPEAK TO THEM” I said really what is the reason I can’t; he answered , ” You don’t need to speak to them” .I said; WOW!, really.. Finally Mr. Joe Says ” you wanna speak to my manager fine ima give you her number you ready”, I said Yes I am”… through out all this, I did not know that all this time I was actually speaking with the store manager.. I called his Manager Tiffany at 850-250-6068, I explained what had happened, she said; she was sorry for the inconvenience and thanked me for bringing this to her attention and that she will take care of the situation… After all is said that is when I find out that Mr. JOE was the store manager a very unprofessional manager I would say.

I Hope MS. Tiffany does take care of this because this guy JOE was very rude from the beginning and it was all thru the phone I cant imagine working with this person, Please withdrawn my application from this store.

Thank You!


I HATE YOU April 11, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Applied for a second part time seasonal job at ROSS. The ROSS store in Tempe, AZ on Elliott hired me on the spot. Didnt hear from them for 5 full weeks. They called me and asked if I was still interested in the job. I accepted. Didnt hear from them for another week, so I called them. Albert told me he didnt have any hours for me (So why reoffer me the position?). He told me to come in and start on training. They had me do an hour and and half “training” session. That was it. I had to keep calling about getting hours. Only got ONE day of work. Never heard from them again!!!!!! Fast forawrd to March, when doing my taxes, I realized I never got a pay stub. Then I realized I never even got paid!!! Its been weeks and nobody is still helping me. Ive talked to Albert and Grace both. Grace keeps saying she escalated an email to HR but hasnt heard anything. NOBODY has a number to payroll. Then I called again on April 11, 2014 and Grace “miraculously” had a number to HR the whole time. Still no PAYCHECK!!!! Going through hoops to get what I earned is pathetic. Albert lied saying he tried to contact me twice about my check in December. Bull crap because he never called me EVER!!!!! I hope they go out of business…..


Wanda Gray April 1, 2014 at 12:59 pm

On Monday, March 31, 2014 my mother went to Ross to return a suite that she purchased on Saturday, It was bought to my attention that the sales/cashier was very rude to her and made her get out of line to go into another line not properly showing her the line. Well there was no line. My mother is and elderly lady with Pancreatic Cancer and you can look at her and tell that she is sick. One of the things that she likes to do is go shopping, she can’t get out much but to be treated like this it is unacceptable. The cashier did not assist at all and kept taking people putting them in front of her until a young lady with 2 small children said she would not step in front of her and that she was wrong for doing her like this because there was no return line with no one in it. The cashier was doing both purchase items and return item no compassion or sympathy for the Elderly. My sister asked to speak with the manager and he was just as rude, this Ross is the one on 91 and Western. Never should this happen to anyone especially the elderly. This happened around 1:00 PM and the manager Alfonzoe and the cashier need to be removed from that store not good business.


Lori March 30, 2014 at 10:59 pm

I worked at the West Wichita Store for 3 days, it didn’t work out for me there, the training wasn’t what I expected and the pay is barely over minimum wage so I decided to move on however, the other day was payday and I signed up for direct deposit and nada, nothing. I am beyond frustrated. Obviously we aren’t talking hundreds of dollars here but it’s pay I worked for on the clock so why do I have to get the runaround here? Never run across a company before that decides to play keep away with your paycheck.


Shavella March 21, 2014 at 2:08 pm

So I’m in Ross and the line is beyond long. I’ve been 3 waiting in line for 10 minutes. They only have 2 registers open and I’m on lunch. Mind you there are other employee’s just walking around the store
Doing absolutely nothing. So while I’m standing in line I called the corporate phone number by this time it’s been 20 minutes. I spoke with a woman who said she would call the store and get help but of course that never happened. I will never shop at a Ross store anymore because the have poor customer service and they leave their customers standing in long lines while nothing is being done about it. I will be sure to share this experience with my Facebook and Twitter friends. And I’m also reporting this to the BBB!!!


Irene March 17, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I bought California King Sized sheets made by Castlewood Manor RN # 113585 at the Great Falls Ross store. Very nice sheets, however the fitted one is far too small, and I think perhaps it is a queen sized sheet. Too bad I live in Canada, and have no way to return them. A waste of $39.00. Buyer beware……


Judy February 26, 2014 at 9:35 pm

I had a terrible experience at 1 of the Ross stores, store # 0154 earlier today. Normally, I never bother to take the time to post a comment, with with what I just experienced, it deserved a comment.
Found items that I wanted to purchase. Pursue to stand in “Purchase only” line. Noticed that a customer moved from the “purchase only” line to stand behind another customer in the “return” line. Also noticed 3 customers with merchants in their hands, all stood in the “return” line. Without thinking, went to the “return” line and waited like 2 other customers.
When it was my turn, 1 associate called out to assist for “purchase only.” Without knowing, 1 customer who correctly stood in the “purchase” line moved toward the register. I than said “I have been ready.” The associate than asked if I was waiting before the customer who was approaching the register. Without answering, the customer who was previously in front of me confirmed that I have been waiting. I than approached the register, the associate said I should stand in the ‘purchase” line. I than tried to explain that I was, than like everyone else, I moved toward…… Before I could finish my sentence, a young man approached us and said “it was a misconception o.k. mam, nothing more. Just a misconception. I than tried to finish my explanation, but before I could finish, the young man once again, interrupted and continued saying “o.k. mam, you got it? It was a misconception.. You got it?” A young man was ready to let me know that he was there to protect his employee. After he strongly informed me that it was a “misconception, and “you got it mam””, he looked at the rest of his team and smiled. The customer who stood in front of me of the line shook his head in disappointment. I than asked “so are you trying to shut me up?” Before he could answer, his other associates started to laugh. He than turned to me and once again “it was a misconception O.K. MAM. I am the store manager, and I want you to know that my employee was just trying to do his job.” Wow, manager Brian, you got it. I didn’t know it was a “misconception.” I was trying to answer to the question that your associate asked me. But come to think of it, it was a misconception. As a manager, I thought he would act more humble, but it was a “misconception” of me to think that.


Cindy C February 16, 2014 at 5:26 pm

First I would like to say practically every Ross store I have visited is awesome…some have really cute clothes, shoes purses, home ect. Some look like you are visiting a thrift store, very mess and unorganized…But, by far the Ross Store located in Lompoc, CA is the worst Ross I have ever visited. I have gone their a few-several different times now and each and every time I have gone their I have been disappointed. Their clothes are ugly and cheap looking, not to mention no selection! Although the store appears somewhat clean, who ever is selecting the clothes and all the items in the store needs to be fired…seriously!!!! From the people I have spoke to (here in Lompoc) it is a well know fact this Ross SUCKS!


Ted Yiannarakis January 15, 2014 at 2:28 pm

New Store Development

To whom it may concern:

I’m the owner of an 11,000 sf strip center located at 7234 Centreville Rd., Manassas, VA. Would Ross be interested in leasing this space? This area is growing rapidly with 800 apartment units being delivered this summer directly across the street. The location offers excellent visibility/frontage on Route 28 with 55,000 cars traveling this road each day. Excellent terms will be offered to Ross. If this opportunity is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ted Yiannarakis
(571) 217-7691

Sent from my iPhone


Lecretia Jones March 18, 2014 at 3:36 pm

The Ross employee Simone is the rudest person I have come in contact with in a store. She rudely told me that no lidded drinks were allowed in the store loudly while she had a line of customers waiting to check out. I told her I saw no sign stating this. My arms were full of merchandise to buy. I told her I wasn’t buying anything and left. I went to TJ Maxx and spent lots of $ there across the street. I will never shop at Ross again! The Ross I went to is on Pipeline Rd. In Hurst, Tx.


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