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Rooms To Go Corporate Office Address

Rooms To Go
11540 E Us Highway 92
Seffner, Florida 33584

Contact Rooms To Go

Phone Number: (813) 628-9724
Fax Number: (813) 620-1717
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Rooms To Go Facts

Founder: Julius Seaman
Date Founded: 1990
Founding Location: Seffner, Florida
Number of Employees: 7000

Rooms To Go Executives

CEO: Jeffrey Seaman
CFO: Lewis Stein
COO: Stephen Buckley

Rooms To Go History


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Rooms To Go was founded in 1991 but the company’s roots go back to the 1933 founding of Seaman’s Furniture by Julius Seaman.

Seaman opened one store and increased sales to $150,000 in sales before opening his second store in 1955. By 1971 there were seven Seaman’s stores. room 4

In 1988 Seaman’s was taken over by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. for $350 million in a buyout.

In 1990 the Seaman family opened the first Rooms To Go in Orlando, Florida.

Rooms To Go markets package deals to brand-conscious, time-pressed customers. The company offers low-to-medium priced furniture and accessories with discounts going to those willing to buy a roomful at a time.

Cindy Crawford has been a spokesperson for the company for the past 10 years, as well as Sofia Vergara, who has been partnered with the company since 2013. room 5

In 2016, the company began offering collections by Eric Church, called “Highway to Home.”

As of 2016, the company has 132 locations, approximately 7,000 employees, and annual revenue in the same year of $2.2 billion. Headquarters are located in Seffner, Florida.


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Rooms To Go FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Rooms To Go?
Answer 1: The phone number for Rooms To Go is (813) 628-9724.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Rooms To Go?
Answer 2: The CEO of Rooms To Go is Jeffrey Seaman.

Question 3: Who founded Rooms To Go?
Answer 3: Rooms To Go was founded by Julius Seaman in 1990.

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Diane Gibson September 20, 2019 at 2:04 pm

I am extremely unhappy with the customer service I received regarding the electric couch I purchased. The motor stopped working which left the chair stuck in the reclining position about a month after my warranty expired. The person I initially spoke to in customer service was very rude but I somehow talked them into a courtesy repair. Three different technicians came out over a 3 month period. Each person took pictures and reordered the correct part. I was finally told after 4 months that RTG did not carry that brand furniture any more and they couldn’t help me. I’m convinced they ordered the wrong part on purpose! I called a local furniture repair company and was told the part had been discontinued. The set I bought is only a few years old. Rooms to Go needs to stand behind the quality of furniture they sell and give a refund or replacement! They don’t care if you’re stuck with a couch that won’t go back to the correct position – they just want their money!


Mary Ann Jackson August 6, 2019 at 3:29 pm


My name is Mary Jackson and I’m located in Atlanta, Georgia. My family and I entered the Rooms To Go in Dunwoody Georgia on July 5, 2019. Joe Wright, is the salesman and store manager is Zane. We purchased several rooms of furniture for my son’s new apartment. My son and us, were trying to get credit established in his name since he just graduated from college. We spent several hours with the the salesman selecting furniture for bedroom, living room, dining room, and mattresses–temper pedic. The salesman checked on several bedroom to ensure we would be able to obtain it on our delivery date which began at first being July 27, 2019. I went by store to purchase the mattresses because my son was at his limit of being able to charge more. Furniture was scheduled to be delivered August 1 between 1-6 p.m. RTG’s team came 2 hours early which caused a problem with moving company we were using to transport other items from our home. My son was moving into a new apartment building and they would only shut down one elevator for him–all day.
The guys delivered furniture, including damaged pieces and stated that they would notify RTG so they could replace those pieces. The 3 men left the 5 lamps in the box, which includes a 7-foot lamp. When asked by my son to remove them from the box and assemble them, especially the 7 ft lamp, they informed him that they don’t assemble lamps, he would have to go purchase tools and do it himself.
The headboard for bed was damaged and 7-ft mirror were damaged. Delivery team left screws and bed parts on the floor, scattered about, room dirty with trash from boxes. Customer Care advised my son that headboard wouldn’t be in until October. We have to wait until October, per Bryan in Customer Care, because furniture is made in Germany and they are not getting an order until October. So we have parts of the kingsize bed on the floor along with screws and bolts. I contacted the salesman and told him what was going on, he passed the phone over to supposedly an assistant manger since Zane store manager was off. He listened and apologized for unprofessional delivery team and promised to call me back when he checked on bed headboard. I never heard back from assistant manager. I called Friday or Saturday evening and spoke to Zane, store manager, who promised to get back to me either later on that day or no later than Monday, August 5, 2019. I never heard back from him. He advised me that the delivery by Watkins’ team was unsatisfactory. He promised that he would get back to me. I told him we had spent almost $11,000.00 in this store and should not have these type problems. Zane stated that whether we spent $11 or $11,000.00 we should not have been treated that way and he was going to get everything resolved. Today is Tuesday, August 6, 2019 and we have not heard from anyone. I contacted the Corporate Headquarters in Florida, waited on hold for about 45 mins. Bryan finally answered and advised me that the delivery team’s was not responsible for removing lamps from boxes (5) and they were not responsible for assembling 7-foot lamp. Bryan stated that the store salesman should have informed me when we purchased furniture. Additionally, he advised me that from the time we ordered the bedroom suit and paid for it, RTG could have sold several, including the one we purchased and that’s natural so we do have to wait until October for headboard. If we don’t want to wait, we can go back to store and choose another bedroom suit, but it’s no way we can get our money back or cancel the order. After having been treated this way, by supposedly a reputable company, I WOULD HAVE TO BE CRAZY to return to this store to buy anything. I wish i had ignored their advertisement that’s being announced on the radio and television and read the reviews on Room To Go. This is truly truly sad. I feel that we have been ripped off. I caution anyone and everyone to refrain from making purchases from this store and i assure you, this is not fake news.

I don’t believe they have a headquarters office. This company is a sham.


PATRICIA L RINGER April 17, 2019 at 11:19 am

purchased a Cindy Crawford recliner a little over two or three years ago and it is not working I called Customer Service and they told me that they could not send a repair tech as it was out of warranty suggested I call someone to repair it – just who would I call? I am very disappointed with your service will be honored to let everyone know of your customer service and will certainly not purchase anything else from Rooms to Go in the future.


Erma White September 23, 2018 at 12:31 pm

The worst company in the world. They will give you a delivery time but it doesn’t matter because they will be late. If you paid for your furniture upfront, they act like that I owe them something instead of practicing customer service. I was on hold for 45 minutes, hung up on, and spoke rudely to by their supposedly customer support person. I will never ever buy furniture at this store. BUY FURNITURE AT YOUR OWN RISK. As they say, there is a sucker born every minute and I guess I am the sucker today. But, you live and learn. Rooms to go have taught me a valuable lesson in that they don’t care.


Debbie Lawson December 26, 2018 at 1:42 pm

So, I get my motion sofa and loveseat. After 3 days the sofa won’t move. No lights no nothing. I crawl around making sure all connections are secure. I’m disabled and that was exhausting to do. While checking the sofa out I see scrapes, stains and gouges in the pull down tray. I call and wait many many days for a repairman. He comes out and what “he has to order a part”??? He’s the repairman and he doesn’t have parts. So while I’m sitting on this sofa, I start to really inspect it and realize it’s USED!! So, I call and explain this situation. So the person decides to just send another piece. So another wait. Finally they arrive, and I try to give them instructions on how they should place the furniture, because I had a “put it together yourself “ piece of furniture behind it. The delivery guy was snooty and said “we deliver all day long”. I said well don’t lean on this piece of furniture. Please place the sofa here on the 8×10 carpet and make your connections and slide it back. They don’t want to do things the way I’ve thought them out and he puts his full body weight on the “do it yourself” sideboard. This piece of furniture looks nice, but it’s particle board and pegs and screws. It’s about 60 inches by 18 inches. You store what nots and dishes in it. You can use it for a food buffet at a get together. Oh no, it breaks in half and crashed to the floor. Right then the phone rings and it’s Rooms To Go. I explained what JUST happened and oh they have to turn it over to the “Home Danage Department”. They have that much damages they have to have a separate department???
Oh they’ll call me in 3-5 days. SAY WHAT, I’m thinking do they damage people’s homes that much, besides passing off to a first time customer a USED sofa? I paid over 3k for the 2 pieces.
So at Christmas, what a joke, this big piece of furniture obvious broken in half. The laugh for everyone!! Now December 26, 2018 a REP called “Gina” and is defensive of the situation and asks why I would have a piece of furniture that could easily break? What if a kid got on it?? First off, I don’t think its any of their business that I don’t have children, grandchildren or know anyone with little people. They should have been apologetic and just take care of business. Instead, she was demanding information that wasn’t at my fingertips. How did I know that they would call me right this second??
She talked over me, implied I should not have that kind of furniture (although they do sell put it together yourself Furniture at RTG). While I was talking, she talked over me and hung up on me.
So, I call back and get yet another “customer care rep”. I said you didn’t do anything wrong but I need to speak to a manager, I’m on hold with blasting music for over 3 minutes. She comes back and says no one is available. So she takes my number. I’m still waiting on a call back. I guess it’s time to get online and give reviews everywhere about steering clear of RTG. Don’t purchase from there!!!


Cherie' R. Stern-Pickett August 31, 2018 at 6:04 pm

Where do I begin??? I have a new home and want to furnish everything new. I shopped from Ethan Allan to Ashley furniture. I found a kitchen table that was perfect for my need at RTG. I purchased it approximately a month ago. They delivered it last Tuesday. The men were putting it together and realized they had two screws that were too short. So they told me if would be faster to replace the leg and good luck in getting this done soon. ( I was promised I would have it prior to the Labor Day weekend). Well, I then called customer service and was told it would be 3 weeks to get the leg! Seriously!!! I then told them all that was needed was two.. 2 screws and it would be done. Well, they said that would be 2 weeks. That is not acceptable period. I was then promised the screws would arrive Wednesday… NO SCREWS on Wednesday, then it would be Thursday… NO SCREWS.. then it would be Friday (today).. and guess what… yes you got it.. NO SCREWS… Now it will be next Tuesday. Oh but was told it was shipped overnight through UPS…
I was told they are doing all they can… I then in turn told them they were not. Why couldn’t the manager take the screws from the floor sample and they wait for the screws.. No response from them.
I am self employed and if I treated clients this way I would be out of business. If it were my store I would make sure the customer was taken care of immediately.
Overall the people I talked to were nice and frankly I do not yell or curse..but I am and can be persistent.
There was only one employee that was rude in my opinion. I called the store and he kept telling me no one could help because they were helping customers… I then stated.. “excuse me, what am I?” I already paid!
Seems to me corporate doesn’t care about their customers satisfaction at all, just the dollar bill. I can guarantee if I was one of the corporate people, a celebrity, or a public figure I would not wait this long for such a simple matter. Well guess what Rooms to Go… your customers are important. If you have taken anytime in looking at the social media, RTG has not got a good reputation among your paid customers. I truly would rather be writing telling you what great service etc… but I am extremely frustrated and angry at how your customers are treated once the purchase has been made.
Just so you know I will do all I can to make sure through social media and other venues that RTG is NOT what you say.
I will NEVER set foot in a RTG. By the way I need to purchase furniture for my new home and frankly money is not an issue. I would rather take my changes at a purchase at Big Lots then even step foot in your stores.
Oh I left voice messages on what they call the presidents office (no such place, just customer service). Lie number 10
I just want my table and now it looks at though they don’t give a darn and I will not give up getting the message out there to warn others of how terrible they treat the customer once they have paid… Unreal
Cherie’ Pickett


Cherie' R. Stern-Pickett August 31, 2018 at 6:10 pm

If you wish to write a snail mail letter… here are the names and addresses.. I did my homework
Rooms to Go – Corporate Office Headquarters
11540 Hwy 92 East
Seffner, FL 33584
CEO: Jeffry Seaman
CFO: Louis Stein
COO: Stephen Buckley


Tammy Robinson September 2, 2018 at 1:59 pm

Yes, all that information is in our listing, including the phone and fax number


Mary J Dailey August 8, 2018 at 6:15 am

I order a bed and mattress set with mattress cover they were supposed to deliver it Tuesday on July 30th they bought the wrong bed they said they will bring it Saturday on the 4th the truck broke down they said they will bring it out Sunday on the 5th they only bought the bed the truck driver said the mattress set and cover was on another truck and it will be here that day Sunday it did not show I call the online sales to cancel the order he told me to think about and if I change my mind they will have the mattress to be delivered Tuesday for me to just call I did the order was made for Tuesday the 7th I waited all day they call me Tuesday night at a little after 7 o’clock and said the order was not on the truck I was on the phone with a online sales person at the time and he said that that doesn’t make sense how many times this order supposed to be delivered and they should give me a discount because they don’t know when they will deliver it customer service was close and I have to call today to find out when they will deliver the mattress he said they should express deliver on top of the discount but there was nothing he could do on his end this is sad I have never heard of anything like this before I have a bed with no mattress I’m still sleeping in my grandson room because I gave the old bed away for this one


Edgar primett July 26, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Rooms to go Is the worst possible place to get furniture. I bought a loft bunk bed desk set for my sons birthday. Luckily I bought it a month ahead of time. Because it was almost a month before it could be delivered. The day it was suppose to be delivered they went to the wrong address. When I called back got no answer. Tied to reach them all day finally the store manager was going to reach out to the delivery manager to try and get it Red Leo reed. No answer or call back. So next day went to the round rock store to get my money back. When i asked for the corporate number I was told they can’t give that number out. After I left rooms to go I went to Ashley furniture and explained what rooms to go did and they got me what I wanted had it delivered same day and was cheaper then rice. That’s customer service I will never shop rooms to go again.


Melissa Thomas June 22, 2018 at 5:44 pm

We purchased furniture, sofa and loveseat, at the Cypress, Texas Rooms To Go location. The sofa arrived with two manufacturer defects: the material did not align in the back exposing velcro, and the left upper cushion did not sit properly in the track leaving an inch and a half gap. We returned to the showroom to find the floor model had the exact same two defects. We used the store credit and purchased a new living room set…and discussed with the sales rep about wanting to keep the loveseat from the first set, but asked if it could be moved upstairs when the new furniture is delivered and the defected sofa picked up. We were told from the sales rep and customer service rep that this would be okay. As it turns out, that was not the case. When the new furniture was delivered, we were told they could not move the loveseat upstairs. Their policy is they do not move existing furniture. And while I understand that, we were not told that. After speaking with Yowy, the delivery manager from the Brookshire, Texas warehouse, this was confirmed…they would not move the loveseat, and they did not! It was also confirmed with the Cypress store manager that we were indeed told that the loveseat would be moved upstairs. The sofa still had the store tags and this all originated from the issues with the sofa. The appropriate thing to do would have been to move the loveseat. Very disappointed that we were not originally informed of the proper policy, as well as once it was discovered that there was a communication error on Rooms To Go’s part that it was not handled as it should have been. The loveseat should have been moved!


Mamie Ford June 13, 2018 at 9:04 am

This is the worst company ever. My daughter purchased a bedroom set and bar stools on 5/12/2018. She was scheduled for delivery 6/12/2018 to avoid a partial shipment. The drivers brought in the dresser and night stand first. Then they tried to bring in a twin white child bed as the bed (suppose to be a queen bed). I asked then how could they have made a mistake when the dresser and night stand was high end and part of the original queen bedroom set. They took the wrong bed back after some extensive discussions took place but they would not take back the dresser and night stand. I tried calling Customer Care and the store sales manager. Customer Care (Josh Vasquez) told me that the only resolution would be I had to accept a reschedule (30 days longer) or a store credit. I told him that this was a hostage situation and I did not agree or accept his resolution. I went to the store since the sales manager would not call me back. In explaining to the person who said she was the Asst. Sales Manager she told me that Rooms To Go did not make a mistake in the furniture being delivered. I told her that Josh told me that it was a mispull and in deed was Room To Go error. She became upset and irate and told me that I was disrespecting her and to LEAVE HER STORE. I told her I would not and she said she would call SECURITY. WOW, Starbuck all over again! I did not leave and the person at the window had another Asst. Sales Manager (man) to come out to discuss my concern. I asked the female for her name and she refused to provide it. The man did give his full name and worked on trying to arrange to pick up the dresser and nightstand. We also purchased two bar stools. With the way I was treated I do not want anything that was purchased. By the way, I am a bald-headed cancer patient in frail condition. How could I have threatened her to the point of calling security. I will try to make the CEO, Jeffrey Seaman aware of the bad customer care in his stores. I will never shop at Room To Go. Just bought a 4435 Sqft house and had intentions on furnishing the house from Room to Go. Their lost.


Angelia Johnson June 7, 2018 at 2:06 pm

I had no idea some many people was dissatisfied with Rooms to Go. I did not have a good experience also. The delivery was late, storm door was scratched and customer service was nothing. They have this sharp way of talking and handling your concerns. I hope the CEO of this company realize what is going on before major business is lost.
Customer Service is horrible. Very dishonest about the notes they put in the system. They have to realize the customers is the growth of a business.
Thank you
Angelia Johnson
Charlotte NC


Brandy Ankrom April 30, 2018 at 1:26 pm

I had purchased a sleeper sofa in March at 12450 Southwest Fwy, Stafford, TX 77477. I already new the sofa I wanted. When I walked in I asked to lay on the bed part of the sofa to test it. It was with a gel mattress which was more expensive than the regular mattress. The salesman was nice, but was insisting to purchase the gel mattress and not in a way to make a commission but as if he was telling us something. I end upgrading to the gel. Our sofa was delivered on April 2nd. The very first thing we noticed was that the bed support (not the mattress) is warped. When you are laying down, it has a hug divot down from the hip area of a person towards the foot. There is noway of sleeping on this sofa bed and we had purchased it solely the fact that we have guests coming to stay with us from Norway at the end of May. We called the call center not 10 minutes after the delivery people left and was told we had to wait until April 21st for a claims person to come out and look at the bed part. When the technician came out he saw what we were complaining about and told us he had never saw this before and pointed out the warped part of the side frames. He kept insisting that we buy extra mattress toppers? When I finally got the results from his findings, we were told nothing was wrong with the bed and our claim way denied. Now I am stuck with a faulty sofa bed and a fiance note for something we cannot use. I am writing the BBB and am putting out internet reviews and I will be contacting the news media that does consumer report investigations when companies swindle customers. I will also be writing to the CEOs and will be posting the review on Facebook and any other social media as well as letting everyone know word by mouth. This is not right.. We had the sofa 10 minutes and never was able to use it. Oh and by the way, the agents in the call center really could care less, they just want you off their phone , and I know see why.


Heather Mitchell April 24, 2018 at 2:20 pm

I have never been more unsatisfied with customer service that I have received with any company I have ever worked with in my life. Every person that I have spoken to is unhelpful, uninformed, and completely disinterested in helping me as a customer. I was scheduled to have furniture delivered on Saturday, April 21st between 12:00 and 4:00. It is now TUESDAY and I have no furniture and no information about where the furniture is that I have already purchased and paid for. I have called NUMEROUS times, sent emails, and been promised a call back by every single person I’ve talked to and NOT ONE has returned my call. First let me say that this home is a beach house of ours that is a secondary home. We do not live there so we traveled 6 hours to be at the house for this delivery. Second, we have not just ordered a couple of pieces of furniture from Rooms to Go. We have furnished our whole home with you. On Saturday morning around noon, the driver reached out to us and we could not understand a word that he was saying. We immediately call back at the number that came up on our phone which is the customer service line. The lady who helped us said that the driver needed a gate code to get in. We explained that there is no gate code because there is no gate! She said that she would let the dispatcher know and the dispatcher would call us back. That was noon. At 2:30, I call back because I was getting concerned. The 2nd person I talked to said that the dispatcher would call us right away and she would send an email. We still never heard. At 4:00 (central time) , I call back and the office is closed. I then call the nearest store and was told that online orders are separate but they would check on where the truck was for us. They said there was one stop ahead of us but they would most definitely be there. At 6:00 we called back and they couldn’t give us any more information. We sat there all day AND night waiting and we still don’t have our furniture. We live and work in a different state and we cannot just simply jump in the car with our small child and come down to wait on furniture whenever we want to. We have family and a business and work and a child. I am so disappointed in the treatment we’ve received I have never complained to a company before about anything but I promise you I will not let this go and I will not shut up until I am completely satisfied. In the last 4 weeks we have spent nearly $8,000.00 on furniture at Rooms to Go. I expect more out of a company that I have and potentially could be a great customer for. I do not want to hear back from ANY customer service representative.


Francisco Jasso April 9, 2018 at 5:08 pm

I got my wife and I a bed room set at the Lafayette store back in December 2017. The first delivery was on December 27th and I say it like that because we received some damage parts of the foot board and head board so I call customer service to set up an exchange they told me that they had to sent a service tech to come out and inspect and repair the damage furniture. When the tech come out he said that he was not able to do anything to my furniture because it needed to be exchange so they set me up with the first exchange and of Corse the new pieces was just as bad as the first ones so I had to call customer service one more time. So they set me up with the second exchange and of corse they were worst then the second ones. so I call customer service again they promise me that they would get it right this time well to make a story short the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time they exchange them they came in more damage then the ones they took like if they kept bringing the same ones every time over and over again. It is April 9, 2018 and still have not got my furniture in good conditions. I have spook with the so call store Manager four times. Finally today I told him to sent a truck to my house to pick up all of the furniture. So now the store manager wants to give me a $500.00 discount if I keep the furniture ofcoure I told him no you can keep your 500.00 and the furniture. I will never buy anything from Rooms to go again and will not ever recommend them to anyone because they promise you the world just to sell you what you are looking for but ones you leave the store your on your own.


santigo garvbiso March 24, 2018 at 6:14 pm

we purchased a sofa back in jan 2018, 4 days latter it was delivered ,missing a cable. and we were told by the delivery team that it would be sent shortly .2 weeks later I was still waiting for the cable ,I called your 1 800 # and was sent a cable on three different occasions all being the wrong cable. after amassing a hand full of useless cables I went to the store I purchased the sofa from. a tech was sent out a week later took a picture shook his head and told me a cable would be sent through the mail .hopefully it will be the right one ! a week later im still waiting to use my sofa !! this is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with I will never enter your show room again or recommend this establishment absolutely ridiculous !! 3 months later I’ve yet to use my sofa you suck guys !!!!!.


Michelle March 17, 2018 at 4:08 pm

Today a technician stopped by my house to look at a piece of furniture we purchased as part of a living room suit. I asked him to take a look at a previous purchase from RTG where the leather is peeling off a cushion from our sofa bed. I called asking for help previously but was turned away. The techician suggested I call back since we purchased more furniture from them. Well I did and it was a waste of time. I was turned away again. I would like to send pictures if a email address would be sent to me.


C L-Bailey January 5, 2018 at 6:58 am

To Mr Seaman or To Whom It May Concern,
THIS IS OUR EXPERIENCES SINCE MOVING TO ATLANTA GA: I JUST WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW ABOUT OUR EXPERIENCES. I have a lot to say and I pray you have enough space to keep up. My experience took place on Nov 12, 2017, came in on a special. I had already purchase a bedroom set for my son and was ready to pay and move on, but this wasn’t the case. I received an email from the Finance Company telling me I had not paid my bill. So, I contact RTG and found out that the kind lady who was taking my money wasn’t listening, well for one we were talking about death. She had told me that the middle piece would be delivered in Jan. 4, 2018 and my husband stated my son birthday and before I know I started crying myself, because I had just realize, that was the last time I seen or touched my only daughter. She was born with issues but she outlived it to be apart of 911 and turn around and reenlist for 4 more years I was thrilled but sad. And here I am crying in front of this young lady while she talks about the death in her family and I am crying for the two young people that were doing something in their lives. My daughter wanted to become a doctor (yes she was in the medical field) and the oldest son killed by a drunk driver while he was going to work. Both were doing the right thing with their lives until someone killed them and here I am still in grief. I am saying this to invite you into my heart my soul to get a feel of what I was experiencing and how thrilled I was to be paying off the bedroom set so I can move on with my life. I buried my mom and my husband buried his mother last year. So, this was a thrill to us to try to get on with our lives in a different state. Which we are both finding out has the worse services there is. If it was not for the money that come into the store they would not be able to feed their families or send their alive children off to college. I pray they live pass 23, but I called the store around the holiday that most people celebrate to find out that there wasn’t anything they could do to resolved my problem so I called the cc/finance to find out what to do and they put in a dispute to get RTG to reverse the charge and send the payment to them. The manager at the Finance company told me to go down there and see if they can resolve it, but they’ve had so many complaints I don’t know it is worth a try. First off the manager Scott wasn’t professional and look so confuse even when the sales person explained to them the error. I even told him if “I WAS WORKING IN YOUR OFFICE I WOULD KNOW WHAT TO DO”. HE JUST LOOK DUMB, NO APOLOGIES NOTHING, NO SORRY NOTHING. THE salesperson did apologize and I felt I was talking to people that did not have a ounce of concerned about our problem. I kept getting a no, So I walked back and asked for Andre (the manager) and I thought to self what about the Regional Manager. Scott looked at me shocked like how does she know this, he reluctantly gave it to me and someone told me called the Regional Manager first he would be the one to help. Don’t called Andre he is not helpful. Well, I did call the Regional Manager (n you noticed I am not putting his name out there, I tell you later why) first left a message and called Andre and he was just like the person who works with him stated. He was laughing trying to act like he was concerned even joked he would hate if they had to come get our set and we have to sit on the floor. This was out of Andre’s mouth. He even suggested to me to call the finance company and request an increase in my credit. Well, I was happy with the increase they had given me in August, so why request one now base on him saying that they can refund the money back to our American Express, which did not make any since so I want bore you with the rest of that scenario. So, I did call the finance to let them know what they were doing and they told me sounds like they are not going to work with you and I told them about the late fee that Andre pointed out to me and she took care of it because not only did we not pay off an account in 7months, but we paid more than they requested and pay early on an account that was going to add the interests charge in the year 2018 in May. Not on my watch, I/we take care of our bills. So, I called Andre back and told him I did not request the increase and I stated we might have to go with your idea and he is laughing while he tells me they will come pick up the set and he will call Scott, I told him I can go tell Scott and you call him I am looking at the store he laughs again and stated to be finally on well sorry, he did not say sorry out of concerned he said it out of habit of brushing customers off. He came across as being cold and rude and truly did not noticed it during our call. Now, this is where it get dumb, they are coming to pick up a set to refund us the full amount of over 1200.00 back to American Express and pick up the set on the 9th in Scott words and a check will be mailed out within a week. funny no one has petty case on hand afraid someone will steal and no one can contact corporate to request a check be sent to us. Now I know I can go to my credit card and let them know they have the merchandise and they have my money and the cc will issue an investigation. But, the sad part about this is they have to utilize the labor to pick up a huge set take it back to the warehouse and more than likely sell it for less (do they think we would trust them to give us the set back in excellent working condition) so they are going to have a loss and more than likely a customer all at the same time. Now, I play phone tag with the Regional Manager, and I respect the fact that he kept on calling until finally He admitted he knew why I was calling. In the beginning he said he was sorry with he POOR SERVICES WE RECEIVED IN STORE 1201- A HAMMOND DR NE, ATLANTA, GA 30346 ROOM TO GO – PERIMETER.


HOWEVER, BEING UNPROFESSIONALLY THEY KNOW ALL TO WELL. I’m not use to being treated with such disregard and lack of empathy and care about where I spend our money.

My reason for not giving his name is he did say sorry after I acknowledge the reason for the call and he said he would hate to see me go, and he wish there was something he could do. What I did not tell him is he did not go above the call of duty and say I tell you what I will do. I had to ask him questions and see how well he was willing to work with me in the future and see if he would honor the sale in the future. He said he would. I am not did tell him I worked for a Regional Manager who worked above and beyond the call of duty. WE all had to be train in order to move forward in business. I worked as his secretary but you get the picture. WE are living where the places we go to spend our money, they have less respect for us like they do for a homeless person. Us crying wolf to them falls on deft ears. Companies do not deserve our money and eventually people are going to stop shopping at most of the stores they shop at now. Look at SEARS AND KMART, IT WASN’T TAHT THE STORE LACK PRODUCT IT WAS THE PEOPLE WORKING IN THE STORE THAT DROVE PEOPLE AWAY.
ROOM TO GO, has a lot of complaints all over the nation and I thought they were like NFM.

Mr. Seaman, I would love to hear from you, about this horrible hardship of services.


Elizabeth Bradley November 21, 2017 at 4:55 pm

I had an appointment for a Rooms To Go, Technician to come out and fix my dining room table chairs where the material on the bottom of each chair is coming loose. The block of time was scheduled for 11am -3pm, on Tuesday,
November 21, 2017.

I took off work so that I would be home during the scheduled time. At 2pm
I call customer service to make sure that I was still on the schedule being that it was only 1 hour left before the block of time would expire. The rep checked and said that I was still on for 11am-3pm and the Technician would call if he was running behind.

At 3pm I called customer service again. I informed the rep that the
Technician was a no-show and I had heard nothing from him as well as my block of time had now ended. She informed me that she would reach out to the Tech and let me know the status. I was put on hold for her to check and upon her return to the phone, she said the rep did not give a reason why he was late but, it would be another 45 minutes before he would be able to get to my house.

Now, with saying all of the above, this is interfering with my personal time. I did what was requested of me by your policy and stayed in place to get my service taken care. However, your Technician for whatever reason was not courteous enough to even call to let me know his status.

If I had not followed up I would still be waiting. Now, it is 4pm and another hour have gone by and he still has not arrived.

I called back to your customer service to get rescheduled but, I do not want that Technician to come out (was told his name is Lamallem) not sure if this is a first or last name.

I wanted this matter taken care of prior to the Thanksgiving holidays and this cannot be done now. I have had to reschedule another appointment that I had setup at 5pm because I do not have enough time to make it.

My schedule is busy as well, and I have to work and this was not taken into to consideration. I am deeply upset and disappointed, that this has happened and at such an inconvenience time.

I feel that this is very bad business and I should be compensated somehow for this action.

I would like to hear back from someone reference this matter.


Elizabeth Bradley


abraham Velazquez November 1, 2017 at 2:36 pm

To whom i may concern,
We had recently purchased over $12,000.00 of furniture from your store #214, sales rep Bruce.
initially everything seemed great!, then when we finally got the delivery numerous items had been either defective, damaged, and or missing.
This was the beginning of an ordeal that to this day 11/1/17 has not been fully resolved.
Then to add insult to injury the G-manager of the store #214 in Sarasota, Will Smith spoke to my wife in an extremely rude and belittling manor, and proceeded to tell her that WE needed to pay another $100 and WE NEEDED take measurements, all this with an attitude as to make us feel we are complaining to much.
to quote Mr. smith “… I say this just one more time…”Really? that’s customer service good luck with that!!!!!!!
Please look up our order to verify under my wife cell number 917-545-XXXXX
i would like to be contacted directly 561-596-XXXXX
This experience has taken what was to be a good thing furnishing our new home, to an ordeal and made to feel as though we are the one’s at fault.
WILL SMITH is the reason why I will go out of my way to discourage any one from doing business with ROOMS TO GO!
HE HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mark Garrick October 31, 2017 at 8:15 am

Order 12359737Ii, I ordered furniture which was initially scheduled for delivery on 10/24. This was for a new house, Completion was delayed. I called to change the date to 10/31. I called back today to verify and the customer rep said the delivery was rescheduled with no date entered to deliver. So now I have a house with no furniture for it. THANK YOU for poor service. I will be cancelling my order. Also, the additional 7 K in sales for the house that are planned and finances available for are lost by poor performance. I can not wait till the next delivery date of 11/8.


sandy October 30, 2017 at 2:06 pm

Hi I purchased a living room set last night and would like to return it. I was treated very disrespectful at delivery and felt I was rushed and weren’t told about the policies AT ALL! I was taken advantage of because all they did was take my money never explained anything and rushed me to wait 2 hours and 20 minutes to pick up furniture just for my husband to load it by himself. The salesman never showed me the paperwork he carried it to the door and sent us to purchase pick up and we were told there it would be 45 minutes and I understand it takes a little time to get it pulled but 2 hours and 20 minutes..I asked when I called ahead if I can pick up when I pay for it and he said yes but once I got there he discouraged us on the set we actually liked and told us basically it weren’t a good set and told us to get another set, We were showed the set we purchased and wasn’t the really able to discuss it and sit on it long enough to see if we really liked it because the time frame because we were told we had to have paperwork turned in quick in order to pick up today. We got the at 5pm and was checked out at 5:16 and rushed out the door. I’m so upset I came to get a comfortable set of furniture and drove a hour just because I wanted to pick up same day and now I’m stuck with furniture that is very uncomfortable, pillows behind our heads are flat and uneven and it’s just not what we wanted because we were rushed and felt pressured into buying this set. I haven’t had the set not even 24 hours and I hate it. By the time we got home and was finally was able to read the paperwork it was too late. I had told the lady in pick and called the front office 3 Times before I left the building with it, and nobody never explained to me the return policy, I wouldn’t had bought this furniture if I knew I had to hurry up and buy it just to hurry up and wait to pick up 2 and half hours to pick up. No one at anytime told me or gave me paperwork to read about the return policy. By the time I got the paperwork so I could read it we were so aggravated and wore out by waiting and loading the set it was to late we were home. Maybe if someone would take time to help the customers and explain things and do their jobs instead of stand around in the back talking and playing on their phones it would go more smoothly. I have where I called the office several times for help and just for MY husband to load it himself while several people stood around doing nothing. I wonder if corporate office know how this place is run…. It’s sad..I want a refund and all my money back. I was treated so badly and we are so unhappy with Rooms to Go and this furniture that seems to be defected. I don’t mean to complain but we feel like we were treated wrong and now we’re out of our money.
Update: After waiting two days for a response the scheduled a serviceman to come out a week later Monday 10/30/2017. The serviceman just left all he did was take a picture and said someone will contact me on Friday. So another week to wait.. I think I need to call the local new station and see what they can do to help me. Let everyone know in NC how RTG treats their customers.


J Garner October 10, 2017 at 11:05 am

Purchase a BR suite and once it was delivered to my house. I was informed that the screws were missing and that the bed could not be put together and the nightstands were mismatched. When I visited the store, the store manager act as if I was asking for a favor when I had already spent a good amount of money. When asked if he could throw in a rug by me not being able to sleep in my bed for another two weeks, I was informed that he could only give me a credit that didn’t amount up to $150. So I asked the store manager how would he feel if he was in my situation, and he was only concerned about rushing off to another customer as if I wasn’t a customer and stated loudly that he gave me all that he could give me. However, he failed to realize that he didn’t give me anything because I chose to drop things and move things around without spending anymore money. As far as the customer always being right, I can truly say that’s not true and this will be my last time doing business with RTG. Because if the manager could just experience what I did, I highly doubt he would be so inconsiderate if he had to sleep on an air mattress and do without a bed for two extra weeks. I feel if a customer order isn’t right that the store should do anything they could to make sure the customer leaves happy. But with RTG, it’s as long as I have your money it’s now your problem and not ours.What happen to great customer service and not stopping until the customer is satisfied RTG?


Cagdas Cuce October 6, 2017 at 10:40 am

I have recently moved to USA as an expat two months ago and I have purchased my dining room from Rooms to Go Outlet store (Norcross, GA) on September 24, 2017. On that day I fully paid the amount including delivery (831 USD w/ tax). And I was told that I would receive my dining room and 6 chairs on October 5, 2017. That was all OK for me, since I would have guest on October 6, 2017. I waited all morning at home for my delivery and I decided to call shop at 2 0p.m. to see if everything is OK. However I was told that this dining room and chairs are out of stock and I will not get them!! I fully paid 2 weeks ago and never searched again since I thought I found what I was looking for!

This is unacceptable for me, how it is possible to get my money and sell my product to someone else?! Now I do not have my dining room for my guests, my money was taken, and I have to spend more time to find another dining room. I was told to check other RTG stores if I can find something or they would refund my money. Anyway, this is not acceptable to be treated as worthless.


Patrick Solis September 28, 2017 at 2:03 pm

I currently live in Royal Court RV Park in W. Jacksonville. My 39 foot RV is currently my home. Unfortunately I fell victim to hurricane Irma when a tree crushed it at 2AM . I luckily made it out without a scratch. I talked to the land owner and am able to move into a trailer in the same park. More rent but I will just have to deal.

Living in the RV I don’t have any furniture. I noticed that Room2Go was televising that they are donating a substantial amount of furniture to people in the predicament I have found myself in.
Well, After several live chats on there website and countless calls and emails to the organizations the advised my to contact I have been told a wide range of things as no furniture has ever been given to Im not in the correct county for assistance. I have come to the conclusion that there is no such assistance and this is just a publicity stunt from a big company.


Ronda Roe September 18, 2017 at 9:50 pm

Worst customer service! Have been trying to get our end table for four months now. Twice we have received a damaged table when they delivered. Spoke with Jason a manager at the Selma TX location twice last week he promised both times we would receive a call back the next day. We still haven’t received a call and earlier tonight when I called again we were told he would call us back in a little while, an hour later was told he was gone for the day.


Joy Moritz July 31, 2017 at 10:45 am

I purchased a couch from rooms to go last year. Since then I have had to call them two times to come out and repair a tear in the couch. They came out and sowed the tear but the stitch came out both times. Now I have a tear about 4 inches wide and when I called to let them know there’s no more repairing to do it’s time for either replacement of the middle section or a store credit to my account so I can replace it myself, I was told there’s nothing that they could do. I even paid $160 for the warranty but they said tears were not covered only stains and spills.I told them well what can I do at this point do I really have to take legal action and all they stated was “yes do what you have to do.” Are you kidding me, I have purchased over four living room sets from rooms to go in the past 10 year. I will never shop there again


Leann Fowler July 20, 2017 at 10:51 am

My husband I purchased a living room set from your store in Brandon Florida on Sunday July 16, 2017. It was scheduled for delivery on Wednesday July 19, 2017, everything was fine until your delivery people showed up on Tuesday July 18, 2017 and no one was home to accept the delivery. My husband asked if they could wait 15 minutes for me to get home and was told no but they would put back on the truck for delivery on Wednesday July 19, 2017, our scheduled delivery day. On Wednesday morning I called to double check to see if the furniture was indeed on the truck for delivery and was told no that it needed to be rescheduled. Now keep in mind, this was an express delivery so someone had to be there all day, no delivery window, so I took the day off work to receive the delivery. Now because of your incompetence I took the day off for nothing and your customer service staff was anything but helpful. This was your mistake not ours. You should make every effort to correct a problem that you created but instead I was told you will not get your delivery today you need to reschedule. My husband went to the store asked if he could go to the warehouse to pick up the furniture and did just that. He was reimbursed for the delivery and set up fee but he had to rent a truck to go pick up the furniture we were promised, he had to do your job. Then when he gets to the warehouse the furniture is in boxes so now we have to assemble our own furniture. So Tuesday when your driver couldn’t wait 15 minutes, how long does it take for him to unbox and assemble the furniture, 15 minutes. Or how about since the warehouse knew my husband was coming to pick up the furniture because of YOUR MISTAKE they could have assembled the furniture as a way to make your customer a little less upset. No, you just don’t care. There are so many ways you could have made this experience better but I suppose that the money is all that matters to your company. The customer experience isn’t important as long as you make the sale. This was the worst experience I have ever had with your company. I am a repeat customer, have purchased many items from your company but I will NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM FROM ROOMS TO GO.


Onel Lopez March 6, 2017 at 10:03 am

Hello There.
My name is Onel

Order Number 18595262 ( Under Lily Sanchez ) My Wife

I am Emailing RTG today to share a very bad experience in one of your
Showrooms. I have been buying from RTG from the last 20 years with no
problems at all, until today my first choice when it comes to furniture.
Today I stopped by in Rooms to go at 1650 NW 167th Street in Miami, to
exchange a defective mattress i bought in 2014. I got surprised when
after i picked a $699.00 mattress to be exchange for my defective one
the sales person on the floor told me i will get charge 50.00 for a new
delivery plus 100.00 transportation fee to return the defective
mattress. It just make no sense…
I am returning a mattress that is defective… how come i have to pay
$150.00 for something that is defective to begin with?
after speak with a customer service rep on the phone ( Ruth / she
refused to give me a employee number or her last name) and explain the
situation… she basically told me to buy anywhere else, because those
were RTG rules….. Seriously? Or call Serta if i want to complaint…I
asked her for Serta’s Contact Info…and guess what?, She told me to
Google it…. seriously?

I went back to the store and asked for a Store Manager ( PJ Polanco)
that after going back and forth..basically told me on a VERY, VERY rude
manner the two options i got…” you either pay the $150.00 or just keep
sleeping on your defective mattress”…

I couldn’t believed i was hearing correctly… At this point, it is not
the mattress anymore, it is just the way these customer service
employees treat customers…even worse…a store manager from RTG?…
I was not expecting these answers from a company like RTG.

I Hope this e mail reach somebody who can help me resolve this
matter…or at least reply back to me, I felt mistreated specially by
the store Manager that didn’t think a second to tell “you either pay the
$150.00 or just keep sleeping on your defective mattress”
Once again, It is Not about the mattress anymore, I will Buy another
mattress if i have to, but from somebody else, Not from RTG
anymore…It’s a shame a Store like RTG employ people with no skills to
treat a customer.
Here is my email art at just in case this e mail reach a
person that cares About RTG reputation.
Warm regards from a Loyal RTG customer.
Onel Lopez


Xindi April 4, 2017 at 2:52 pm

Won’t do no good! The CEO don’t look at this and they don’t care. Best off to go to BBB and complain.


Sheila Stephens February 23, 2017 at 2:59 pm

Attention: Mr. Jeffrey Seaman, Mr. Lewis Stein, and Mr. Stephens Buckley

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sheila Stephens, a long time, loyal Rooms To Go client. I am also a Realtor and have recommended your company to many of my clients when they need to furnish their next, new home.

We have purchased furniture from RTG that has filled several houses. Most of the furniture has been bought without any problem or incidents. That had been the case until recently when my daughter married and I suggested she furnish her home with Rooms To Go products.

We charged all the furniture on my card under your plan of no interest over a 5 year period. She bought a living room set, with a matching chair and table, a love seat, a dining room set, and a master bedroom set with a mattress. Our problems started shortly thereafter.

I will touch on them briefly as I was able to have many of them resolved with repeated phone calls, visits to the store, letters, emails and calls to your corporate office. These problems consisted of missing or damaged furniture, cancelled or no show delivery people, refunds not being processed and much more..

During this period, right after the purchase of the furniture one of the issues we brought to our local store’s attention was the fact that the living room furniture seemed to have started to come apart at the seams. With all the numerous problems we were trying to solve, somehow this one had never gotten properly addressed.

We have recently been in contract with your online customer support to explain that the living room couch is coming apart at the seams from the inside out. The cushions are attached to the couch, and where they are attached the seams are ripping and the stuffing is coming out. This is happening only in the areas where we sit. As more rips appear and we move to a different area of the couch, more seams come apart.

Your online support finally said they would send someone out to look at it after much debate and slow response time.. A tech from RTG and a supervisor came out at the same time to view the couch. Both agreed the damage was not from use, but was from defective material. They said they would inform RTG of this, specifically saying it was not our fault, and while our case was given high priority (they did not know the reason for this), we would have to wait for RTG to render a decision about what to do.

When no one contacted us after more than two weeks, I got back online with support staff. I was told they had read the tech’s report and we were at fault for the damage and nothing was going to be done.

I explained that was the complete opposite of what both the tech and the supervisor said to myself and my daughter, and were not accepting that answer. Online support looked at the tech’s report again, told us a mistake had been made, the report was corrected and they apologized. But they said they still were not going to honor any warranty as it had expired last year.

This furniture is not yet two years old and is ruined. My daughter is still paying the bill, and will need to replace it very soon, as it is continuing to fall apart. This would have her first major purchase of furniture and I’m sure there will be many more. How likely do you think she will be to return to Rooms To Go to make any future purchase again? I too, am most unhappy as I encouraged her to buy from RTG, as I have with many other people.

The furniture is poorly made, which was verified by RTG employee’s, but we are the ones made to pay. I can’t believe RTG would risk losing a long term client, along with a brand new one. I would hope you would make some sort of exception to you warranty rule and offer us some sort of satisfaction. This kind of treatment is simply not right.


Jesus February 20, 2017 at 11:31 am

I bought $4100.00 in furniture from rooms to go In midland tx 79720 and when they delivered it they dropped almost all my furniture on the floor one of the guys dropped my recliner and all he said was sorry and told the other guy that was delivering it with him that he didnt care that he dropped it as long as it got inside I was like wtf he didn’t think I heard him but I did then they dropped my coffee table on the floor on the corner and it cracked they just said it was fine then when I looked at it closer I found out it was actually cracked now I’m waiting for a new one then my chairs on my kitchen table had black stuff on them from them having dirty hands the chairs were white so it showed all the stains and I had to call and complain and all they said was they were sorry and they just gave me a $100.00 off that’s it but they still haven’t put it on my account so I’m still wondering when they going to call me and tell me something this place is trash!!!!!!!


kathy January 29, 2017 at 6:34 pm

You’ve definitely lost my business. I purchased this rug in 12/18/16. My rug got delivered and it was the wrong rug.
I called and got that taken care of to only have the SAME EXACT RUG (that I opened and re-taped back up) BACK TO MY FRONT DOOR. I’ve called 4 differen’t occasions and everybody ACTS like they care. I say ACT because each time you say how sorry you are and I was promised a call by the end of day of a status. Still crickets.. I’ve yet to hear anything and I just got off the phone with another customer service. She says she will let the manager know and I’ve been told that 4 times. I purchased my house 2 years ago and have used your company was my Go-To. I used the credit card for my very first purchase, and the times between the rug transaction I’ve bought in cash.

Now, I know you don’t care.. but I thought I may remind you everybody isn’t as lucky as others who gets to stay home and shop all day and have time on their hands to call you guys to make sure you guys are doing your part. I have to work more than full time, 3 kids, and a terminally ill husband who needs my FULL ATTENTION.

I’m going to fax this email over to your corporate office as well. Enough is ENOUGH. I think I am a pretty chill person, but this has pushed me to another level. My first time ever complaining about anything in my life.. Consider your company special.



Carlton Williams January 25, 2017 at 12:12 am

To Mr. Seaman or whom it may Concern:

My name is Carlton Williams and I am currently a customer of rooms to go, I am also a 15 year Disabled Veteran as well as a Federal Employee with an MBA and I currently reside in Houston, Texas. I wanted to share my customer service experience with you. I recently came into your store #2303 (Willow Brook Rooms to Go outlet) and on my day of purchase I actually enjoyed my experience. I walked in, I spoke with my sales person by the name of Errol, very pleasant young man that seemed to know what he was talking about. I expressed to Errol that I was moving into my new home and that I needed 2 comfortable theater chairs, and I was under time constraints because I am closing on my home and I only have a month before I have to go back overseas for work. Errol pointed me in the right direction and I asked him if they had the chairs in stock and could they deliver them on a certain day, he said yes they had plenty in stock and we set the delivery date which was 2/10/2017. This was Saturday morning 1/21/2017, I proceed to work this morning of 2/10/2017Mon/day 1/24/2017 and I receive a phone call stating that the chairs that I ordered were on back order until 4/27/2017. I wasn’t able to speak on the issue at that time because I was in a meeting at work but after my meeting I called the rooms to go customer service line and the young lady stated that there was certainly a mistake made on the rooms to go side but I would need to contact the store directly at which time she transferred me. Here is when my customer service experience went completely downhill. I spoke with young lady who acknowledged that the mistake was made on the Rooms to go side, so I could come in and choose something else comparable to what I had chosen before but if the price exceeded the original cost I would have to pay the difference. I asked her why I would have to pay the difference since the mistake was clearly on rooms to go side. I explained to her had I known you all didn’t have any in stock I would have chosen something else because I am on time constraints for these items, and the young man clearly and boastfully expressed that there were multiple chairs in stock. I asked if I could speak to a manager, and she stated that the primary store manager was not available but there was another manager on the floor that maybe could assist me. I waited a few minutes and a young man came on the line and stated that he was a manager. I proceeded to try and explain to him my situation but I was repeatedly and rudely interrupted. I informed the young man that I was a disabled veteran under time constraints and that I had just returned from an overseas duty. He cut me off again and at that time I reassumed command of the conversation and stated to him that I was a disabled veteran and I didn’t have to take his tone of voice. He stated to me that his son was in the military and said that due to that fact he would not be spoken to by me in that manner. I wasn’t sure what his son being in the military had to do with the price of tea in China but at that time I felt like the young man was completely disrespectful and could care less about me as a customer or me being a man who has fought for this country. So then I decided to try and move on past this situation and I stated to him that he clearly could not assist me, so I asked him if he could provide me with his corporate number and he stated that and I quote “well corporate is simply going to tell you the same thing that I have told you.” I then said “sir I didn’t ask for your opinion on what your corporate office was going to do, can you please provide me with their number,” he then provided the number, I then asked him if I may have his name and he stated that it was Wes. I stated to him Mr. Wes do you have a last name and he refused to give it to me and then I asked if he had an employee number and he said no. I informed him that I would be contacting the corporate office once more and told him to have a good day. I have been dealing with rooms to go for many years and I have never had an experience like this before and I just felt it important to share to someone my experience. We as citizens of this country have just gone through a major regime change and our current president and former president seem to both support the veterans and I fully expect respect and not to be treated this way especially when I am spending my money in your establishment. I certainly don’t expect to get something for nothing in this situation but I do expect if I do come in the store and choose something else comparable to what I originally chose, the overage in charge will be taken on by the store being that it was the store’s fault.

In the Rooms to Go history statement, 4th paragraph it clearly states and talks about how the environment is hassle free, and comfortable, well I certainly don’t feel like that now.

In addition, trained, knowledgeable and courteous Rooms To Go sales associates create the hassle free, comfortable environment customers enjoy in our showrooms. Rooms To Go’s incomparable delivery promise ensures customers receive their new furniture in days, not months. Our fast and easy furniture delivery is realized through state-of-the-art Rooms To Go distribution centers, housing hundreds of thousands of furniture pieces ready for delivery today. Walk into any of our bright, stylish and friendly furniture showrooms and discover the ease of one-stop decorating. As the leading furniture company in America, millions of customers have enjoyed the entire Rooms To Go’s package and a more convenient, enjoyable and affordable way to shop furniture.

I look forward to speaking with someone that can assist me in resolving this issue and because I have been a long time customer with rooms to go I hope we can reach some sort of agreement without me having to cancel my order and take my business elsewhere. Resolving this issue is set at the highest priority for me so much so that if we can’t get a resolution I feel it nothing less than my duty than to contact my good congressman John Culberson of the 7th district of Texas, and at least explain to him via drafted letter of how it is very well my opinion that rooms to go isn’t Veteran friendly.

I can be reached anytime at area code (832)-671-XXXXX.

Thank you,

Carlton Williams
Carlton E. Williams


Lorenzo Hines January 6, 2017 at 3:59 pm

In January of 2015 I purchased an electrical reclining sofa from Rooms To Go for more than $900.00. The sofa came with a one year warranty. About August of 2015 the sofa started sagging on both ends. I called Rooms To Go to have it repaired. The tech came out and tried to repair it, but it still partially sagged. I asked for a tech to come back out to take a look at it again. When the tech came back out he said that this was one of Rooms To Go’s “best sofa”, but that this particular soft was defective and couldn’t be fixed. So a new sofa of the same make and model was delivered to me and I was told that the next warranty would start over from the date of delivery of the new sofa.

Because of my job, I started traveling heavily right after the new sofa was delivered and it was almost never utilized until about May of 2016, when my travel schedule changed. Well, about September of 2016 the newly delivered sofa started sagging too. I called Rooms To Go and they informed me that the sofa’s warranty expired about 2-3 weeks before I called. I informed the rep that the sofa had sat unused for about eight (8) months and I was extremely disappointed that in four (4) months of use the sofa had begun to sag again. The rep indicated that I was out of luck. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and the rep practically refused to let me speak to a supervisor, insisting that the supervisor would tell me the same thing. After several minutes of being persistent the rep put me on hold and then came back to the phone and told me in a very sardonic manner that “as a courtesy” she would send a technician out to do a “repair only” visit. She also indicated that the technician would call me about an hour before arriving and that the soonest a technician could come out would be approximately a week from that call.

On the day that the technician came out, they didn’t call until they were at my home. When the call center rep called me to let me know the rep was in my driveway, I informed her that the technician was supposed to call me before he came out; she then indicated that there was no call-ahead put on the order. I told the rep that I was at work, and that I was leaving right then, but that it would be about 15-20 minutes before I could get home. She said she would relay it to the technician that was at my home. Because of traffic, it took me about 25 minutes to get home, and when I got there the technician was gone. The technician left a note on the door with a time on it, the time was about two (2) minutes before I arrived. I called the call center right away and told them I was home and informed them that the technician had just left my home two (2) minutes ago and could she contact him as ask him to return because he couldn’t be very far from my home. She indicated that she could not have the technician return, but could set up an appointment for him to come back out a week later (the soonest available, really?).

The technician came back out a week later. I stuck my hand out to shake his hand and he refused to shack my hand. He came in turned my sofa over, took pictures, took some measurements, and left. During his visit he didn’t have more than 10 words to say to me, even though I was trying to be hospitable to him and make small talk. I asked him about repairing the sofa and he said someone would contact me in 2-3 weeks. I never received a call from anyone.

The technician that came out about August of 2015 said that the sofa was one of Rooms To Go’s best sofa and that I had just gotten ahold to a bad or “defective” one. Well, I have had two (2) different sofas of the same make and model and they have both failed within six (6) months of usage. I have three (3) other sofas in my home that I have had for over ten years, one for over 15 years and I have never had any issue with them, but yet I can’t get Rooms To Go’s sofas to last for a year. I am sorely disappointed that a nearly thousand dollar sofa doesn’t last a year; notwithstanding, the phone rep that had an attitude with a paying customer (me), the technician that refused to shake my hand, the very poor (or lack there of) communication. If this is one of the Room To Go’s best sofas I would hate to see the worse. After additional communication with RTG, they refuse to honor the warranty, repair the sofa, or give me a refund.


Buffy December 16, 2016 at 4:47 pm

There are more negative comments than positive. Your CEO, officers and staff need to get your heads out of the sand and realize and acknowledge what is going on. Customer service along with good workmanship and quality should be a priority not the money. Remember without satisfied customers there is NO money. These reviews plus word of mouth can ruin a company. Beware!!!!!. Maybe a class action suit might jolt you out of your stupor. By the way, I will do a review on every site I can find including Angie’s list and consumer reviews plus word of mouth. We are so displeased with your products the workmanship and quality are unsatisfactory. By any chance do you have monkeys working in the corporate offices and factories? If not, maybe you should, can’t do any worse than what you do.


Norma Ruiz November 13, 2016 at 9:45 pm

Not sure where to begin…2 months ago I purchased furniture for my new home and received my sectional broken. I had to wait a month for a replacement. One month ago I decided to purchase my dinning room table from them as well. First deliver, table came cracked on both ends. I called customer service and spoke to Jessica Mandonaldo to get a new delivery, the best she could do was to deliver a new table 2 weeks after my original delivery since my table was out of stock. To me this was unacceptable. I asked to speak to a supervisor, Vilma, I was told that she was unavailable and busy. I then asked Jessica to find another location across the country that might have my table, I was told that I had the only table available, I asked again to speak to the supervisor because this was just unbelievable that i had the only table. And she was not able to put the supervisor on the phone. I decided to hand up and call corporate for help, corporate was able to speak with Ebony Chapman and she was able to locate 6 tables in my area alone!!! So I was scheduled to have my new delivery in 2 days (Saturday). She even told me I could call on Saturday to get a more or less delivery time frame. So on Saturday morning I called and spoke with Tina that was rude and she even told me when I ask for a time frame of the delivery she said I didn’t have one because that was told and that I even signed a doXXXXent explaining to me that I would not have a time frame. I think that she was very rude, well The new table came… Crushed in the corner. I refused the delivery and the delivery guy was refusing to take the table, finally they took it because we refuse to sign. He had said that I had to accept the table and then call customer service to get the table replaced. My experience has been HORRIBLE to say the list, I can tell you that have been a loyal customer of rooms to go for many years and I am extremely upset and un satisfied not only with customer service but the abundance of damage furniture I have received.


Ashley Wittman June 18, 2016 at 11:05 pm

It seems like from the comments on this page I am not the only one who had wrong furniture delivered, furniture not delivered on time, and extremely rude customer service. I would really appreciate it if someone would contact me in regards to the nightmare of buying furniture from Rooms To Go. If I do not get a reply I will be going to our local news to let them do an investigation into what really happens when you buy furniture from this store. If you read the comments they all have a common theme to them. I wish I had read this thread before I bought furniture. No company should treat their customers like this. We are who keep you in business. The people were so nice while selling me the furniture and happily took my $8,000, but as soon as the furniture was paid for the nightmare began. Buying furniture should be a fun and exciting experience. My experience has caused me nothing but stress, headaches, and frustration. I truly hope that someone will reply to this and at least TRY to make things right.


Kori June 16, 2016 at 5:05 pm

I never received the furniture I paid for and now I can’t get my refund either. On May 1st, I paid over 4,000 in cash for living and dining room furniture. I tried over 3 times, to have this furniture delivered. Dispatch was horrible and misquoted times continuously leaving me waiting and missing work obligations and my son’s athletic events. On the last attempt on June 1,2016, I waited at home for the entire day (9am until 11pm) and no delivery was made. I was calling customer care the entire day and I was being told that I was the next delivery, the truck was on their way, the guys were one stop away, etc. I called the next morning and I was told the truck broke down.Finally, I went to the store for my refund and was told I had to get my refund and was told that I had to be given a check even though I paid cash. The check took 10 days to be mailed to me and was then sent to me in the wrong name. Another careless mistake, after numerous times calling “customer care” and combined hours of being on hold and now it is June 16th I still don’t have my money or furniture. Eugenio, the manager in Douglasville is so rude and he just told me I have to wait again for the check to be mailed back to have the name corrected. He didn’t even offer to overnight the check so I, the customer, don’t have to wait another 10 days. At this point I am being given the run around and feel I am never going to be given my money back. Doug the customer care supervisor does not return my calls, leaves for the day with no follow up and I regret the day I ever walked into to rooms to go to buy furniture. I am considering a lawsuit at this point but I also wanted to file a compliant with your agency to let Rooms To Go know they can’t get away with this horrible treatment of customers and keeping my money without providing the goods they were contracted to provide.


David Hull June 2, 2016 at 1:24 pm

The whse sent a damaged couch to my house, the driver refused to wait 2 minutes while I called customer service to verify the proper course of action. I emailed the CEO Jeffery Seaman, and have not yet received answer. Is there anyone there that is willing to correct poor quality, and very poor customer service? Or should I return the couch get a refund and find a company that can and will correct problems


Marshall Poe June 6, 2016 at 3:25 pm

Return it find a better company! I have the same problem and I am more than likely going to go that route.


Ashley Wittman June 18, 2016 at 9:11 pm

I bought a kitchen table with 4 chairs, a girls bedroom set , a couch and love seat with 2 end tables and a large rug, as well as a bedroom set for my master bedroom. Everything except the master bedroom furniture was supposed to be here on June 2nd. When they delivered the furniture on June 2nd, they delivered the WRONG love seat and totally forgot to deliver my little girls bedroom furniture. They told me the delivery date for that was entered in for June 7th. That is NOT what I had agreed to. When they finally did deliver my daughters bedroom set they put the headboard on backwards and put the shelves in upside down causing me to have to pay someone to be here yet again for them to come and fix another mistake. When they put in the correct love seat they had left a screw on the bottom of the couch that scraped into my brand new hard wood floors. By this point I had phoned customer service both corporate and the local store I bought the furniture from. When I complained to customer service I was told “mistakes happen” Today is when they delivered the master bedroom furniture. I thought my nightmare of dealing with this was finally over…. yeah right. Of course there was yet another mistake as my dresser was “busted” and they would need to deliver another one. When you pay close to $8,000 dollars for furniture you expect things will be delivered on the date you were promised, delivered correctly, and that the people putting the furniture together know what they are doing. This is way more than just a mistake, this is complete incompetence. I don’t see anyone offering me compensation for all the money I had to pay someone to be here when they came back to fix their mistakes. I don’t have anyone offering to repair the hardwood floors they messed up by being careless. The only thing I have been told is they are sorry and they will work with me on a convenient date for them to deliver a new dresser. So I’m supposed to either take time off work AGAIN or pay someone yet again for them to deliver it. That’s not going to happen. They can keep the dresser. I’ve never seen such incompetence and total lack of care for the customer (me). I deserve way more than an apology. I hope people read this and spare themselves the nightmare of buying furniture from this company. I surely hope this company has the decency to contact me and take responsibility for the complete lack of competence and


cathy papouloglou May 22, 2016 at 4:41 pm

I went to the Fayetteville Rooms to go around Feb 16. Yes i know it’s May. I had to drive to the store today to get my billing information because i never received the bill. When a customer has to track down the bill that is unprofessional. whats also unprofessional is when they call my mother about my bill and not me.

I also have other concerns when I went to the store I bought an entire living room suit, bedroom suit, and kitchen table that day. When I was talking to the sales person I told her I wanted what was on the sales floor the exact one meaning it was display two electronic reclining couch. The sales person never addressed with me that they were upgrades. My exact words to her was I want this exact set up meaning what ever was on the display floor was the exact same set up i wanted to buy. she did mention the lamps were an upgrade and not the couch. You lost a few hundred dollars in sales that day. i could have spent close to $10,000. She did mention the upgrades on the bedroom suit. It was overwhelming for me that day because I spent close to $9000 that day. So why would she mentioned it on one and not the other even though again i told her with my family around i wanted the exact same set up like here. She could have clarified with me by saying i am tracking you want the exact same set up and are you aware the exact same set up is an upgrade so i can decide if i wanted to upgrade or not. If your sales people keep doing this you are going to loose a lot of money.

I’m not happy at all and i know i should have said something sooner, but next time i buy my furniture it probably will be at another store.


Liz Mavis March 18, 2016 at 3:38 pm

My husband and I have purchased bedroom sets for both of our children over the last month, and after spending almost $4000 are incredibly unsatisfied with this company, particularly with customer service but with their 888 number and the corporate office.

After the wrong dresser was delivered, and horrible customer service representatives including management, the dresser was rescheduled for today. After clearing my schedule and making sure I am home for the entire day, waiting around for a phone call as to when it was going to be here (since I couldn’t get a window time frame) I get a call at almost 3 in the afternoon that it isn’t on the truck… The truck that is packed 48 hours in advance. No respect for my time at all. And all this company can do to try and repair the relationship is credit me my measly delivery fee, and only after I requested compensation.

We will NEVER shop here again, nor will we recommend friends and family to. Rooms to go is awful.


Mica February 20, 2016 at 5:04 pm

Terrible experience. I purchased queen mattresses for my bedroom and an entire bedroom set (mattresses included) for my boys. The 1st – mattresses for my room delivered – great no issues. The second – awful. Three separate calls telling me that they were at my door – no one EVER came to my door.
When I tried to call customer service I was told that the driver would call me – call never came. I phone the Pompano Beach store and spoke with two ladies who were very rude and never gave me the managers name or put me on the phone with anyone. When I asked for the general manager’s name I was only given ‘Arlene’. It was terrible. $1500 worth of merchandise to be delivered and zero assistance. I phone the local police department and filed a report. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE customer service.

I fully expect a call that my furniture was delivered to someone else ‘maybe a friend of an employee’ but it didn’t make it here.


Julie Ghazi December 29, 2015 at 2:15 pm

I had a terrible experience with Rooms to Go. Worst customer service ever. My delivery was messed up. The supervisors were incredibly rude. I would never shop here again.


Neils Clausen November 10, 2015 at 1:31 pm

Florida Customers Sue Rooms to Go over Fabric Protection
Sep 3 15
Four Florida customers of Rooms To Go have sued the retailer, alleging the company did not apply the fabric and leather protection products they purchased. The suit, filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court in Southern Florida, seeks class status on behalf of other customers in similar situations, as well as damages in excess of $5 million. RTG sells with its furniture an optional add-on purchase called ForceField Exclusive Fabric Protection Plan and promises to treat furniture before delivery to resist food and beverage spills, the complaint said. It contended the retailer prices the treatment at about 10% of the consumer s purchase price for the furniture. The four plaintiffs purchased furniture from the Top 100 company between September 2012 and March 2015, and along with it, ForceField protection that cost the customers in the range of nearly $100 to about $145, the suit said. Plaintiff testing for stain-resistant chemicals showed no evidence that either the ForceField product, or any other stain-resistant treatment, had been applied, the doXXXXent said. The suit charged that RTG violated Florida s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and, among other things, misrepresents the qualities of its ForceField protection plans. In recent years, many furniture retailers have moved away from applying chemical fabric protection treatments in favor of what are known as dry warranty programs, in which the retailer, in essence, is buying an insurance policy from a third party protection company and reselling it to the consumer.


Reshma Patel September 24, 2015 at 3:36 pm

I first purchased an online rooms to go bunk bed and a bunkie board.. order number I realized after I ordered it that 2 cloth panels were missing and do not come with the product. I called rooms to go and they gave me a skew number that correlated with curtains I needed. I called online orders number and the internet sale supervisor, Michael P, advised me that since the skew number was not available online, I would need to order a bunkie board (equivalent value) then he would go in and change the order to what I needed. He had already confirmed the skew on the product I needed. I was reluctant to order something I did not need but he said this was the process. About 12 days later I got bunkie board. – what I did not want. I called him back directly at online sales. I said I wanted my money back in full. I was coarsed into by a product I did not need. He said that he told me to call him back after I placed the order. I said I did not remember him telling me that. I already discussed the skew and what I wanted with him. I asked for a refund, He said at first he could not give me back $30 shipping fee. I said that it was not fair that I was forced to buy something I did not want. I should have a full refund. I also told him that the process of having people buy something else is wrong, and if that if additional steps are necessary something in writing should be sent.
He said he would give me a full refund however I would Never be able to purchase a product on line with my name and address from Rooms To Go again. He basically felt that he had to give me a punishment for asking for full refund for something I did not need. This a terrible way to treat a paying customer. Passing out threats to consumers if they want a refund is not a good way to run a business. I have a very busy job and do not have time to go to stores so I make purchases online. I would like rooms to go to refund me in full and not put a penalty against me or any other customer. Also the process of having customers buy something they don’t want then asking them to call back supposedly and change it is not a good process and will likely result in confusion for many consumers.


Arlene Klein March 20, 2015 at 11:53 am

Wrote to customer service several weeks ago because the bonded leather couches we purchased 3 years ago are “peeling” . We sent pictures and were told that our one year warranty was up but they were willing to offer a prorated reselection which means they take the furniture back and you come in the store and spend more of your money on junk furniture. I responded as to the unfairness of this and they responded basically telling me that since I had the furniture 3 years it HAS SERVED MY PURPOSE WELL OVER THE ONE YR WARRANTY!! In addition, we are snow birds so the furniture was not even used the full 3 years.
Rooms to go sold me junk furniture but didnt advertise it as such. If they would of advertised it as furniture that was going to be ruined in 3 years I wouldn’t of bought it. This is a manufacture problem, rooms to go has insurance and can recoup their loss but the customer can’t because RTG want to keep their profits and rip the customer off.


Helen Schulman March 24, 2015 at 10:15 am

I have the exact same problem with a leather recliner and ottoman. It must have started peeling immediately after the warranty ran out (we purchased the extended care plan). I have been unable to get any satisfactions from RTG and even told them I would bring it back to the store on the first day of their “biggest sale of the year” which seems to occur every few weeks. The rude CS didn’t seem to care and refused to provide the name or address of the CEO. A quick Google search revealed that Jeffrey Seaman is the CEO. A letter to Mr. Seaman is in the mail today. I also plan to contact the BBB and Consumer Affairs of Palm Beach county. So a chair purchased from RTG costs $100 a year to sit in and since we are snowbirds….well you can figure it out.


Neils Clausen November 10, 2015 at 12:47 pm

Did you get a reply from Seaman and/or get any satisfaction or remedy?


Neils Clausen November 10, 2015 at 12:58 pm

Dear Mr Seaman,
Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Neils Clausen. I have had the pleasure to purchase $2700 worth of furniture for a 1 bedroom apartment I have in Cocoa Beach. I have the unfortunate event where the bed frame I purchased ($299.99 + tax) collapsed while I sat on the foot of the bed talking to my wife as she fell Ill, last evening. I inform you I am 62 years old, retired, weigh about 200 pounds, and do not romp on beds as I used to in my youth. So I can only attribute this furniture failure to either design or installation. There is a weld seam right where the bend occurred, I assume a manufacturing defect due to excessive heat during the weld process, thereby weakening the hollow rectangular leg. I’m no engineer, but I do come with 62 years of life experience, retired CFO and knowledge of how things work. I immediately communicated this issue to the salesman that sold the items to me, Ross Soyka from your Melbourne, Florida Store. He advised I speak today, with your customer service to report it for either a full refund to the account I have with your company or arrange an exchange or replacement. I did so this morning. I spoke, 1st with a very nice young lady named Kasia, who asked for photographs, to determine the amount of damage. Those Pictures can be viewed through her, I assume. After a couple of hold periods on the phone, for what I assume to be supervisory recommendations for warranty proposals, I was told that I could only select a new frame to replace the failed one. I find this unusual as I read your company terms and conditions to allow a full refund , provided there is the return on the failed merchandise. I also read that it is at the discretion of Rooms to Go to determine which form of remedy be selected, re: refund or replace/exchange. I explained to Kasia, that I was not in favour of the remedy being offered and requested that she send my discussion up the ladder to a supervisor. She did, and I had the displeasure to speak to a Rachel Baker. I found her to misinterpret your terms and conditions and fully misrepresent not only their intent but became fully insulting, accusing some sort of brute force or misuse. Furthermore Ms Baker represented herself, having no supervisor and that she was the top of the Rooms to Go food chain. Further to the Ms Baker discussion, I’m told that Rooms to Go does not correspond or put in writing anything remedying warranty issues, as I requested she doXXXXent this T&C interpretation and warranty proposal. I find this to be not only ridicules but further insulting as a consumer. Perhaps the Florida or Federal Consumers Protection folks would like to hear about this? Really now, Is that your company? Please tell me this is not the case. I am asking that you override Ms Baker’s displeasing rancour and honour your Terms and Conditions as they are written and have been interpreted by case law where Rooms to GO has been challenged in the past. If your company position is such that I am only allowed to exchange on faulty merchandise, then I will be forced to also ask that your store take back the “bunky board” that was needed only for this model of frame. That has cost me an additional $70, for and Item that will find its way to the trash. So I am willing to keep the bunky board, but request a full refund to my Rooms to Go account the $299.99 + tax bed frame, and I will disassemble and return the inferior bed frame the Melbourne Store, myself. Oh and one more thing, You really need to reel in your Rachel Baker, she is going to get your firm in serious trouble one day, I promise you.

A reply from yourself or your executive assistant would greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards,
Neils Clausen


Rolando Flores December 19, 2014 at 12:10 pm

We purchase a bedroom set two years ago and we got the wrong lamps. On November 16, 2014 we purchase a living room set which was delivered on Dec 3, they had the wrong tables so they took them back together with the lamps. I call the sales associate and explain to him the situation and he told me that he will talk to the store manager and will call me back, I had to call back after 2 days, he asked me that I needed to go to the store and sign so they can open the order and will take only 10 minutes. I had to drive 140 miles both ways and was there for 2 hours on a Saturday Dec 6. The manager told me that I had to pay more because those were not the tables in the package, I told him that I was very specific with the sales associate that if what we were seeing in the showroom was what we were buying and he agree I even took pictures. After about two hours at the store I agree to pay the extra amount. The tables and lamps were delivered on Dec 18 and the center table was broken and that they will send another one. I call the store manager and explain to him that I don’t want the table no more because this will be the third time that we have to make the time to receive the furniture because they deliver when they want and at time they want. The store manager told me that I had to take the table because it comes with the package and will credit my account $75.00 for my problems. This will be the 3rd time we have to make time for them for the same purchase. Rooms To Go Store, McAllen, Texas.


Rosemary R December 8, 2014 at 3:15 pm

First time buyer of Rooms to Go and my experience has been HORRIBLE!!! First they delivered two box springs instead of box spring and mattress, than the slats where missing from the bed, then they made me wait 3 weeks for the actual delivery and then wanted me to wait another two weeks for the error on my mattress order! The customer service manager was rude! Couldn’t get me an earlier date for their mistake and said I could go to the hardware store and purchase my own slats! REALLY!!!! I will never order or recommend this furniture store to anyone!!!!!


Thomas Moats May 27, 2014 at 5:55 pm

I just called the Internet Sales staff @ 1-888-709-5380 about requesting a change to my delivery date from May 30th to May 31. I was told that they could not do this, because the truck is already scheduled to be loaded on Thursday (May 29 ), today is Tuesday (May 27). Why? I’m calling several days ahead! I would not ordinarily do this, however, nobody will be home on May 30th to take delivery. Please change the delivery date to May 31, or at least give me a future date that CAN BE SCHEDULED!
I would like to add, this is not very good customer service, you are in business for the customer, not the customer for you.
Thank you
Thomas Moats.


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