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Rent A Wheel Corporate Office Address

Rent A Wheel, LLC
15350 Sherman WaySuite 260
Van Nuys, California 91406

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Phone Number: (818) 786-7906
Fax Number: (818) 786-7458
Email: Email Rent A Wheel

Rent A Wheel Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Rent A Wheel Executives

CEO: Matt Seaburn
CFO: Steven Jackson
COO: Lance Ralls

Rent A Wheel History

Rent A Wheel was founded in 1996 by John Bowlin and Don Sabino. The company started off as one store located in East Los Angeles, California, and has grown to more than 120 stores in 16 states. Rent A Wheel rents, sells, and offers a rent-to-own program for custom made and stock rims and tires for most types of cars, trucks, off road vehicles and high performance vehicles.

Rent A Wheel is the largest rent-to-own tire seller in the U.S. and the 7th largest independently owned tire and wheel dealer in America. The company has sells more than 50,000 tires and wheel each month  and $8.5 billion in revenue in 2014.


Rent A Wheel FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Rent A Wheel?
Answer 1: The phone number for Rent A Wheel is (818) 786-7906.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Rent A Wheel?
Answer 2: The CEO of Rent A Wheel is Matt Seaburn.

Question 3: Who founded Rent A Wheel?
Answer 3: Rent A Wheel was founded by in .

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Kiema Mosley October 18, 2019 at 4:23 pm

The location on Memorial Drive is the worst and they have horrible customer service. Whoever “Michael Latimer” is claiming to be the manager threatened me by telling me to bring myself back up to Rent a tire and see what happens!!! The corporate office is no better because u can never get in contact with anyone


Kelvin Alford September 25, 2019 at 8:05 pm

Purchased some 22 from the Memorial Drive location bcuz 21 inch are hard to find in Atlanta, and before my 1st payment was even due they calling me….I explain that Rent A Wheel have all my bank info and it comes out every time I get paid which is 1st and 15th.2 weeks later I need assistance on two left tires that popped which I DID PAY FOR WARRANTY AND ALL THE REST OF THE miscellaneous Charges, however I am now going thru a bankruptcy which my 1st payment on bankruptcy will be this up coming Friday……Rent a Roll just debit 176.43 out my account 3 days ago and I’m willing to email receipt of payment….My Dilemma is a rude lady that doesn’t take her job seriously or customers….Mind u that I’ve been working and haven’t had time to pick up Chevy Staggered 21’s! My bankruptcy starts in 3-4 days so TECHNICALLY IM STILL PROTECTED DUE TO MY UP TO DATE PAYMENTS….If Steven,PAul or anybody at Cooperate reads this I need your assistance….This inconvenience have cost me 2 days of work and tomorrow will be the 3rd.They claim they can’t find my Chevy rims…That’s an issue…They claim they can’t help or I have to wait when MY PAYMENTS ARE AUTOMATICALLY COMES OUT MY BANK ACCOUNT…That’s an issue
My car is in the open and probably not safe….That’s an issue…I picked some used 22’s and They charging me Full Prices as if the 22’s came straight out the box 📦….That’s an issue…To make me wait in the HOT SUN and IM A PAYING CUSTOMER because your employee is in her feelings is an issue….


Nae October 7, 2019 at 12:55 pm

Wow!! It’s ridiculous and unbelievable how disgusting and unprofessional they are. I had that same similar issue as to them putting used rims on my car after telling them I didn’t want used damaged product if I’m paying full price for new. Then the low budget cheap tire they put on my car went flat 2 weeks later. They actually be calling my job harassing about making a payment….. Learn how to conduct business, sell quality product, and first for more customer service. Disgusted…


Kelly Fife July 22, 2019 at 7:09 pm

Worst manager ever at the RiverdaleGA location. I am a PAID IN FULL customer with road hazard. On Friday 7/19/19. A pothole made my tire go flat instantly. I hobbled 6 miles to Rent a wheel to get a replacement. When I get there and inform the person behind the counter of my issue she replies with “All I can do is put air in it, my tire machine down, been waiting on them to fix it all day”. I asked to buy a tire and she recommended I don’t buy a tire from there because it’s overpriced but if I wanted one she’d sell me one. I asked if some could put my donut on and she told me to pull around. The guy was nice enough to give me a factory wheel because my car wouldn’t ride on a standard donut. He was very pleasant and I must add he’s the SUPERSTAR in this whole ordeal. He told me to come back Monday because the machine should be up by then. Monday after work I called and verified if it was working to which the one who answered said yes. I informed I’d be there by 4. I arrive and was barely greeted by who I now know is the manager( didn’t catch her name) who informed me the tire guy was at lunch and would return in an hour and I’d be 1st in line. This was 4:16. I waited a full hour. 5:16 I approach the area where she’s congregating with her coworkers and said it’s been an hour to which she replied he’s still out. I lost it. My time is precious and she didn’t value it one bit and was NOT about to keep shooing me off like a fly. She told me to stop screaming and mumbled something to her cohorts. She continued helping a new customer and didn’t acknowledge me until I asked for a manager and finally revealed that it was her. When addressing me she stared at the computer and never made eye contact. The new customer thought she was addressing him. She never apologized and it was clear she hasn’t completed customer service training. She finally called the guy and informed me he’d be back in 3 minutes. The guy( never got his name) changed my tire and was very courteous. The manager never addressed me again and sent someone else out there to complete my paperwork. The funny thing is someone called me last week from there and asked was I interested in some new rims. My answer is hell no.


Angelia Edwards July 10, 2019 at 7:31 pm

I will say on three different occasions, I have tried to ourchase rims and tires from this company and for the third time they have failed once again this time I’ve been pain on these rims and wheels for going on two months I had a problem with a rim at first purchase and was told that I would have the rim replaced here we are two months later and still have not gotten it replace everyone is passing the ball is everyone else’s fault and here I am once again paying in money on something that I’m going to have to take back again for the last time because I’m tired of getting poor customer service this company is a joke it’s ridiculous and it doesn’t make sense that someone should have to pay their hard-on money and get the worst service that you can.


carlos herrera July 4, 2019 at 2:26 pm

I will be putting pictures up and videos soon


carlos herrera July 4, 2019 at 2:24 pm

They do not care about the safety of anybody of any of their customers family members or other people there on the road how can you sell tires that have a chunk on it they say it’s on this and it’s on the sidewalk but it’s only Rubber and a slice out when it blows out then we’ll change it so another words it has to take for a tragedy to happen like me losing my life on the road or somebody accidentally hurting or another human or a child out there I will may make this known public until my last dying breath trust me so help me God I will do everything that I can I pay my bills and they helped me once and that was it they don’t do nothing for their customers they sell used tires and they sell they sell nothing but tires with damages and then they want to charge you full price they’re unbelievable somebody needs to put a stop to them oh yeah and get this the Bradenton state attorney’s office that ain’t no better than them will back them if you do not pay them or do anything well I already talked to the state attorney and I told him I don’t care what they do to me I got no children only thing I was got his wife and I don’t care about what happens they are treating people wrong and they need to have a this stopped their there they’re just they’re incredible and they say that they can do whatever they want the corporate has nothing to do with any of their stores so what’s the sense in you call corporate they don’t answer the phone you leave the messages they don’t call you back they’re all bunch of pieces of crap


carlos herrera July 4, 2019 at 2:22 pm

That’s nothing my name is Carlos Herrera and I purchase tires recently one has a chunk out of it the other one has a slice that I accidentally in their supposed to bleed change it because you’re on some program but they said it has to blow and the other Tire they put on the left side continuously losses are so they wouldn’t do nothing for me in the Braiding store so I drove to Broward County the same BS they put new valve stems on the way home last night all the air keeps going out of the tire they do. They do not care about the safety of their customers I will be Plastering this all over every social media that I can including YouTube


anonymous June 17, 2019 at 10:03 pm

I am over the harrassing calls to my family/friends as well the unauthorized charges they keep trying to put through my act when I clearly advised I will call to make payment .Today I was charged odp fees on my acct due to ” they have my card on file” Just because we may be a day or two late does not authorize to illegally charge anyones account that is against the law .I am putting together a lawsuit with this company I have about 25 of us from other sites now putting it together. Since corporate or any of their customer service staff do not want to take ownership for their threats and illegal actions as a business we will file against them. If interested please hit me up @ uniquekreation32@gmail


Quinetta Turner June 29, 2019 at 12:05 pm

I’m down with this I’m tired of them charging my card twice after payment….quinettaturner@


Scott July 14, 2019 at 8:26 pm

They are stealing money out of the customers account the lady name gigi and her whole crew im filing charges monday


Carol Zaragoza June 14, 2019 at 4:53 pm

I would like to know what is up with the $89.00 processing fee. I am not new to Rent A Wheel, I have been a customer for quite some time with previous autos and have paid all wheels and tires off as well as payments always on time as well as a former customer of EZ Rims for Rent. Now that I want tires and wheels for my present car I am told there is a $89.00 processing fee. I can understand a processing fee of $20.00 for the paperwork but charging almost a hundred is outrageous and do not know of any business that charges that much.


Stephen L Gibson February 13, 2019 at 8:59 am

I purchased two tires from your company, the tech damaged my, rim and I was advised that your headquarters said my rims were already like this, I am trying to get out of paying for the tires, that’s the crazy part, I am just trying to get my rim painted or what can be done, I am now filing a complaint with CFPB, The Attorney General and BBB, all I wanted is for my rim to be painted, nothing more, I see these complaints, and I don’t have these issues with your company, but be advised that my rims were already like this is an insult to my intelligence


Joffre January 14, 2019 at 7:35 pm

4845 S Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Best place to shop for your rims and tires. They are so helpful and are about customer service. You can tell that they enjoy working there. Thanks guys keep up the great work. I will definitely give this place a 10star review


Latricia Toombs December 6, 2018 at 2:41 pm

I need the number to corporate office please


Pissed Off October 14, 2018 at 2:15 am

I took my 2009 Chevy Impala to rent a wheel Pasadena profile tires and my car was making a loud rattling noise come to find out I hadthree lugs on a five lug tire broke off and i almost had a wreck when my mechanic took off the cover two of the lugs fell in his hand i am very upset because they messed up my car and now i have to come out of pocket for there f*ck up.


Shaun L Phillips August 15, 2018 at 5:15 pm

I have been threatened with my life if I,didn’t return there merchandise. So I came home from work my truck is sitting on the frame, in there responsible for any damages to my tahoe. Fort Worth, TX on Lancaster st. I have pictures.


Marie Mizzell July 22, 2018 at 6:46 pm

I have NOTHING good to say about this company. I have been dealing with the location on bissonet and the beltway 8 in Houston TX. They are unprofessional and rude. They call me every Sat demanding money when I have a biweekly pay schedule. They cannot get the account right and have been harassing and threatening to me on the phone.. particularly one guy named Maurice. I am very tempted to take these rims off and drop them at the front door. They didn’t even spell my last name right on this contract. I wish I would have read these reviews before I went there. My rims were used.. but they said if there was anything that was wrong with them that they would fix it. My decals on the center caps were peeling off and one of them was actually being held on with SCOTCH TAPE! I’m not sure what kind of Sammy program this is but I am extremely disappointed and would not recommend this company to my WORST ENEMY! Don’t do business with these people. It will be a headache you cannot get rid of.


Rashawn brown June 28, 2018 at 5:13 pm

The Texarkana Texas, New Boston Rd. store is terrible. They breached confidential info to others regarding your account. They are unprofessional and curse at customers for being late. They also made threats of violence in attempts to recover merchandise from late payments. They called the police and tried to have us arrested.


Estrella Ochoa May 16, 2018 at 5:28 pm

Hello I have been a customer and returning customer for years at rent a wheel don’t miss any payments but I am late a week and spoke with Thomas on the day coming in he says he will put it in the notes but I get at least 10-15 calls that day and a family member called so I call him back because it’s not even close of business and he is rude as hell yelling back at me telling me to go ahead n call corporate and tells me he never spoke to me. These people that work here are a joke! Very unprofessional as a place of business I never ever had this problem that’s y I kept going back never again will I come back with these people


Timothy cook April 18, 2018 at 4:02 am

My names Timothy I rent tires from store 906 in ft worth on 199 ab jackboro hwy and I’m fixing to turn. The guy in i got my tires from I told him he’s harassed me too much I set payments up bi weekly yet he blows me up every week for a payment because I turn ed him into corporate then just takes my money out unauthorized then now he’s calling my bank card number n putting my social security number an info in to see how much money I have and taking the block off my card taking what I have like $1.02. An 3.00 then putting the block back on so I won’t notice this is fraud an im about to turn this into bbb an consumer protection agency soon as I return merchandise when I should be granted the tires for free an get new rims cause that’s a major fraud case that stealing my identity fraudulently that federal prison time I want this fixed ASAP


Lazaro May 11, 2019 at 3:50 pm

Exactly same thing is happening to me taking payments without my authorization is there something legal that we can do about this I did authorize some auto payments on a different card but now I’m making a payment with different card but never authorized auto payment from the new card and now they are taking payments without my authorization what can I do


anonymous June 17, 2019 at 10:02 pm

I am over the harrassing calls to my family/friends as well the unauthorized charges they keep trying to put through my act when I clearly advised I will call to make payment .Today I was charged odp fees on my acct due to ” they have my card on file” Just because we may be a day or two late does not authorize to illegally charge anyones account that is against the law .I am putting together a lawsuit with this company I have about 25 of us from other sites now putting it together. Since corporate or any of their customer service staff do not want to take ownership for their threats and illegal actions as a business we will file against them. If interested please hit me up @ uniquekreation32@gmail


William Davis January 30, 2018 at 2:11 pm

I see you have alot of complaints with your customer service and nothing is being done im just going to give my dis stratification with rent a wheel i will never buy anything from this store again i feel like i was robbed and taken advantage of im going ti take his picture and a picture of the store and tell everybody i can not to go to that store ever


Clinton Runnels January 25, 2018 at 11:39 pm

My recent experience with Rent A Wheel was horrible. I went to have 2 tires checked for lose of air pressure. The tire tech (@ the Tyler, Tx. location on Front st.) told me nothing was wrong with my tires it was my rims. The manager then told me that because I was no longer paying on my tires that they couldn’t replace them they could only patch them up if a nail or something was in it. I told him that’s not what the contract says, I then let him know that I heard him tell the tire tech not to take off the tire just look @ it to see if a nail or something is in it. I told him the contract says that my tires are supposed to be covered for 1yr after payoff; that’s the whole point of paying on the insurance (which is included in each payment). Needless to say I wasn’t helped @ all. Also I’ve been trying to contact the general manager for the Tyler, Tx. area as he’s the 1 I done business with in the 1st place. I am very unhappy with the poor job performance on there part.

P.S. Has anyone ever received a reply from anybody in the corporate office on this site?


Charles Gavin January 24, 2018 at 8:42 pm

What the f**k rent a wheel sold me 2 bent used wheels without telling me so now two rims has been placed on order for 4 months since October of last year. New Orleans la William Blvd rent a wheel can someone help me please this is wrong


Annabelle November 12, 2017 at 3:05 pm

I am not a current or former customer. I am on here writing about what the experience my boyfriend had when he went back to work for rent a wheel. He used to work at Rent a Wheel in Tucson, AZ about 10 years ago he was at the Tucson store for about 1 1/2 yrs before transferring to a phoenix store where he work another 3 years. When he worked at the Tucson location he never came home telling me how dissatisfied customers were with the way they were being treated by management. The store at that time was running great numbers and was always busy. He just recently went back and got hired on again as a tire tech the same job he had been doing before. This guy has well over 15 years of experience working on cars/trucks. He was happy to go back and start working on putting wheels on cars again. Then Jessica (current manager) that started a couple days after he did came on board. Things were good that first week they worked together, but after a few days she started underminding Michael and just started acting like a real XXXXXX, not only to him but to the other employees that are there. She started threatening them with writing them up if they didnt do what she wanted them to do. Eventually things got worse and now they started having customers come in to make complaints about how they were treated by Jessica. Jessica also made sure to remind her employess that the company paid over $20,000 to send her to training and she wasnt going anywhere. I honestly think that she felt threatened that Michael could take her job from her because he knew exactly what needed to be done to turn that store around and get it back to what it was before. Michael took a few complaints from customers that would come in and didnt want to deal with Jessica because of the way she treated them prior. One customer (female) came in wanting coporates number to call an issue a complaint about Jessica because she went to her home and started harrassing the customers children who were outside. The customer stated that Jessica showed up with an African American male (there isnt an African American male employed at that store) turns out this guy is her husband. They went to collect payment. That in my opinion is a NO-NO that is a breach in customer confidentiality in my books taking someone to help collect merchandise or money and the person isnt even employeed. She has threatened to write up employees for no apparent reason. Michael eventually ended up quitting because he just didnt want to deal with Jessica’s bullXXXXX on a daily. It’s sad that the District Manager let someone with so many years of experience that could have helped turn the store around go. All the employees are fed up with her XXXXX and I wont be surprised if they all end up walking because of the way they are treated. It’s a shame that she is still there managing that store I would not be surprised if that location ends up closing because of her. I just bought a new car and was actually thinking about taking my car in to get some rims put on it when Michael went back to work with them but after hearing all the stories and problems this girl has caused NO THANK YOU, I WILL BE TAKING MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.


Kimberly September 12, 2017 at 5:08 pm

Well… where do I start with Rent a Wheel in Huntsville Alabama… First of all they are unprofessional… They don’t know what they are doing…. We bought a set of rims that was used from them and they was staggered… and the woman up front which was the manager diditn put that on the papers so the man in the back didn’t know that so he put two of the bigger tires on one sde and the two smaller tires on one side… we knew that one side came out more but didn’t pay attention to it till my fiancé was behinme one day and he notice it … they also sold us a tire with the wires sticking out… so had to go back for them to fix that well we went and told them we didn’t want stagger wheels because they was hitting the fender wall when you hit a bump and messing up the rim. The manger so called ordered them … then two weeks passed still no rims so my fiancé called back up there and they couldn’t find the order someone cancelled them so they called order some more and he called them back a week after the woman said they had a tracking number… they should be there this past Friday well still no rims so he called them back Monday and she said now due to Irma they are on back order… but how do you have a tracking number If they haven’t been shipped…. I wouldn’t recommend NOBODY to do business with them …


Kayla September 10, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Rent a Wheel is a joke and has been a headache to deal with. I am in Tucson Arizona and the store there is out of control. This store goes through employees like water. They have no idea what is going on and charge you what they want to. I’ve been in several times to fix issues and deal with their stupidity. I upgraded my Rims and paid $218 to do so. I was told my payments wouldn’t change and would remain weekly at $91. They took out. $235 two weeks later. I’m beyond livid and seriously considering legal action. I don’t know what else to do. Seems like there are deceptive employees across the country. #FEDUP #Angry.


Angela August 3, 2017 at 10:09 pm

Hidden fees,
I went to rent a wheel in Moreno Valley where i was told that they would sell me a set of tires for $956.00 and thought wow what a great deal and had also enjoyed the customer service and no wait time. BUT I was wrong, employee1 who handled my paper work lied to me and had me sign a contract stating he would have employee2 correct my contract, to reflect the price i was told $956 and not $1200 and than he told me about the additional fees which were for warranty and road side service. I told him, no thank you we have AAA he said ok ok just intial,sign and employee2 will correct your contract to reflect that you refused the additional coverage, and also said my payments would be approx 43 dollars with out the additional fees and not 67 dollars total, I later called and spoke with employee3 and told her that my payments were incorrect and that i had refused the additional fees, she told me umm i am sorry but the additional fees are standard and she could not help me and she would have her manager call me and if he didn’t call me for me to call back, well still waiting on the manager to call me and I have called multiple times but he always leaves early. And to top everything else the technician that mounted my tires pencil whipped my paper work had to pay an extra fee to have my vehicle inspected correctly. The technician kept complaining it was to hot, and one last final thing they offer a sale on nexen tires with a rebate and didn’t even get my rebate or paper work for my rebate.This is very disappointing

From one very unhappy customer


Angela September 18, 2017 at 7:45 pm

and no resolution on this issue yet very disappointed with customer service but have i been paying yes just want to pay what i was quoted

Reply July 22, 2017 at 4:58 pm

I went to the rentawheel in Hammond Louisiana store on Wednesday to find two of the employees totally unhelpful and obviously high. The bald gentlemen walked me around the store and when the other two emoyees walked by me I could barely breath, they both were smoking pot. I have had problems with my car here in the past with their tire tech guy puttin my tires on backwards and now I know why. What really bothers me is they did not even try to hide it I herd him lauphing about it with another employee. When I asked the bald guy why he is buy himself he said everyone else is on lunch, when I asked for the manager to report what I had just seen, all he told me was the manager and the assistant manager are off today. He was polite but could have been more helpful, I am going to report this incident to my brother who is a cop. I understand this is rim shop butI should not be subject to drugs just because I chose to walk in, I do expect at least a little costumer care, I shouldn’t be subject to drugs just because I walked into a mechanic type shop.
The costumer service at this store is the worst and the employees are on drugs. If you ever want my buisness or the business of my followers/friends you will get rid of the self proclaimed “dope boys” you got working there.


Bryan June 7, 2019 at 2:08 pm



James Foster July 6, 2017 at 8:27 am

My name is James Foster. I went to the Hammond Louisiana location on June 29th to get a set of tires 90 days same as cash. I actually went in a week earlier to do this but the account manager told me the computers were down. When I finally ordered them I had to wait the week for them to come in and I put 100 dollars cash down. So I get to the Hammond Louisiana location to get my tires and it takes there hours to get them put on AND I AM THE ONLY CUSTOMER THERE until a customer who just got a tire showed back up with the tire he just bought flat. I asked one of the guys in the front who was not on lunch(its 4 pm and they are all on lunch except him)why it was taking so long and he said it was the tire guys first day. I said don’t you think you should check on him and he never did that I am aware of. The account manager that ordered my tired had the phone on speaker so I heard the price 467.00 of course my 90 day same as cash price was 730.00 since 90 days same as cash really is not what it is since they make you do a rental agreement. At first since I put down the 100 they gave me the VIP package then took it back since I would not pay the 13.00 a week road hazard. So I finally get my tires and get on the road and three of my caps fell off my stock rims. I found one two blocks from the store by Bill Hood Ford. I called the store and sent pictures to one of the guys who gave me his cell number(985-981-7789) within 15 mins of leaving the store. He said he would order some but I have heard nothing back. I run a company and there is a lot to learn about customer service here. I am sending this to your corp. office and to my brother who is an attorney. Very unprofessional business here and you just got a new manager.Thanks


Kerry Poole May 12, 2017 at 11:14 am

My experience with rent a wheel in Monroe Louisiana is horrible bought my wife a set of tires they kept my payments f-ed up had a bad tire and took it 4 different times they said everytime there wasn’t nothing wrong with it a month later they finally replaced it and holy s**t it
Doesn’t leak anymore since then I asked how much was my payoff and billy the store manager told me $160 one week later they held another payment from my acc and I asked what was the payoff and he said still 160.00 I go up there and show my a** demanding to see my acc on the computer and they then should I still owed $199.20 in all of this I ordered a set of wheels for my 2500 ram 18-12
With -44 offset I get a 18-9 with -9 I demanded the size I actually ordered mean While they told me to ride on these until mine came In 3 weeks later calling back and forth he tells me he can’t get them so I had them put my wheel back on and too shove them up there a** while pulling there wheels off my truck there tire tech had hell getting four of the lug nuts off that they had put on and cross threaded actually broke on off billy wasn’t there so I called him the next day told him the issue and told me he would call me back which I knew before I hung up that it was a lie he never returns calls and I was right he didn’t so I called his boss told him the issue and he asked how much was it gonna cost to fix the damage me being the type I am I want my s**t fixed correct I wanted new hub due too it could have been damaged because now my truck has one hell of a vibration it was gonna cost $488.00 to fix and all they will due is close my acc which they say is $199.20 which leaves me paying the other 288.80 which is the difference so therefore I’ll never do business there again and I’m gonna check with the Monroes local paper and run a article telling people what kind of business and manager works there maybe it want happen to someone else I believe a lot of my payments were put in there pockets but I can’t prove it and there print out they give me doesn’t even show where when I ordered the rims I gave them $100.00 and only $24.00 of that was a special order charge and the other $76.00 was suppose to be put on my acc they can’t even show me where it is was to my account hope y’all don’t get screwed like I did


Mike Cartwright May 7, 2017 at 10:38 pm

Attn. MARK SEABURN l i decided to have my car towed to santa ana so it wouldnt cause any confusion. BECAUSE of the fact that i was approved in santa ana but i had a little mishap and had gotten 3 flat tires. and i wished i had never heard of RENT A WHEEL IN MY LIFE AFTER DEALING WITH SANTA ANA OFFICE . i spoke with jose on the phone today before i had my car towed to see if he had recieved the wheels i had ordered and if there was going to be a problem if i brought my car in tonight? he said no problem i have a set of mercedes wheels for your car and they are cheaper than the orignal wheels that i was quoted for and the original quote was 1100 and i was happy with that so i said that i would tow the car to him as soon as i could . he said great and i will he car done this evening so when we arrived i was greeted by jose and he proceeded to show me wheels in which i was very happy with the wheels that and he chose so he tells me that there is 2 costumers ahead of me so he said he would call when they we were done so my fiance and i went shopping next door about an hour went by when my we realized that we had left our phone in the office and when.we returned to get it thats when we recieved the blow of a knock out .we were told by jose that there was a mistake with the price of our wheels they werent cheaper but allmost 700 $more then i was devastated allmost shocked because i towed my car from valencia to santa ana to get my wheels and tires done for a lesser amount than i had expected to find out that was not the deal that i had to agree to an increase of 700 $ to get my wheels on kind of strong .well after my fiance and i dicussed it we really didnt have a choice we needed our car and with the increase that we wernt expecting we were a little shy financially to cover the amount that they wanted i had my parole check that i couldnt deposit due to getting towes all day so i asked sabrina if she could work with us till the next day and i could sign my check over to them or hold it till tommorrow something and she said no she couldnt do it and wouldnt except amything less than what she said so i said this is obviously not the sharks i want to do buisness with so i said pull my car out and im gonna have to tow it out of here and start all over again. well to conclude since it was so late in.the day that and everyone was closed we couldnt arrange anything and since we were short on funds we ended up sleeping in our car in.the parking lot of your place of buisness instead of making 2 customers very happy instead they were towed away the next day cold miserable and wishing they never saw the rent a wheel ad that they saw….??? thank you
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Glen April 21, 2017 at 5:08 pm

I purchased tires in their California area (Signal hill #209) for cash price and I made it clear to the employee that helped me i want to do the 90 days same as cash. After the 90 days thinking I was done i notice I was still getting charged and I brought that up to an employee and manager. They responded by saying I still have balance over $500 and my jaw dropped. I told them I shouldn’t be penalize for their employees mistake. I’m fine paying the 790.00 I agreed on. I will not pay 1,588.08 for tires which is ridiculous. I will seek legal advice if needed.


Glen April 22, 2017 at 3:30 pm

Please disregard this message….rent a wheel resolve this problem and I will continue my business with them.


Stephanie marie March 10, 2017 at 2:10 am

I got some tires on 90 days same as cash for $559.26 + tax right? Or are there any other charges or taxes that are added on? . I’ve paid $750. & the manager is still saying I owe $150. What the f –k? Bakersfield .ca on brundage. I bought the tires 90 days same as cash. Is there anyone that can help me solve this problem with this manager who has harrased me for weeks. I’ll give them back before I pay another dime.


Jaime April 18, 2017 at 10:26 am

They buy rims for themselves then they add a little to everyone else account and get there’s for free and I was told buy someone who works there


Lawrence Gray March 7, 2017 at 2:00 pm

I have a complaint about the rent a wheel in Greenville, SC. I’ve been dealing with rent a wheel for 3 years I’ve bought out 2 different set of rims and is currently in process of putting off a 3rd pair. All three times I’ve dealt with them it’s been a hassle to get anything done at this location besides making a payment. Meaning they can’t seem to make their deadline on getting me situated with my tires and rims but yet they’re pretty STRONGLY persistent on getting their payment on time. First set of rims n tires I purchase I had a issue with them calling me getting confuse on their end on which week my payments were due. Second set of rims n tires I kinda knew what they were about so I took it apon myself to give them the benefit of doubt that this time around it’ll be a smooth transaction which I was wrong again. I got so frustrated with them and how they operate that I paid the second set off within 60 days. Now I’m on my third set from rent a wheel in Greenville SC and here again problems after problems after problem. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me fool me three times there’s no coming back. So my second pair of rims are still under warranty so I brought into the store my rim n tire to get a replacement TIRE because the tire was busted. They kept telling me “oh we can’t do it today we don’t have a tire tech in at this time” 3 attempts to resolved this simple issue and I’ve given them chances after chances after chances to just put a tire on my rims it’s been 4 WEEKS AS OF TODAY MARCH 7, 2017. So I called today to see if they’ve put a simple tire on a rim that I’ve given them 4 WEEKS to complete. STILL NO RIM NO TIRE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET BACK WITH ME ON THIS SITUATION.


Crystal Davis December 9, 2016 at 9:26 am

I been calling for days left a voice mail my son adonte Davis has been in an bad accident which he has been in the hospital Icu he has rims and tires at ur Dallas store I have told them and I have been making payments for him n I asked them to wait until I got paid for this. Ext payment n they saidbno what kind of place do that when I’m already goingbthrew it don’t kno if my son is going to be OK BC its life threating and she calling like 4&5 times a day n its only been a week I can see if its a month r something but its not just a week this is ur Dallas store on Buckner..please give me a call 90346XXXXX its like they don’t have a heart or anything this is so horrible


Lisa blassemgale July 5, 2016 at 4:47 pm

I am contacting your office because the salinas store ripped me off by losing my $2,000 rims and wheels that I paid off completely. The manager offered to hold onto my rims until my insurance company finished investigating whether to total my vehicle or not. I was in constant contact with the manager and associates at that store and they assured me my merchandise was safe. When I went to retrieve the mercandise, it was gone. Nobody knows anything and are refusing to compensate me for them losing my rims. I spoke with the district manager bill n once again am getting no type of assistancr. I have not even been offered an apology


Nancy Silva June 24, 2016 at 10:04 pm

I AM NOT A RENT-A-WHEEL CUSTOMER YET I AM BEING HARASSED BY THIS BUSINESS. I have NEVER purchased nor will ever purchase anything from them. About a week ago I received a call from a rent-a-wheel employee (Jeronimo) asking me if I could contact my brother & ask him to give them a call, that this was an “urgent” matter. Then the employee said my address & asked me if that was my correct address. The address he dictated was my new address which my brother didn’t have, I asked how he obtained it. He replied in a rude manner saying he got it from an online data base, I mentioned that my address was irrelevant to any business they had with my brother. A week later, as in today I arrive home & see a rent-a-wheel truck parked in front of my home. I honestly didn’t think much of it since I AM NOT A RENT-A-WHEEL CUSTOMER OR AM ASSOCIATED WITH THEM IN ANY WAY. I grab my stuff per usual & proceed to walk towards my place. As I walk away something clicked, I remembered the call from a week ago. I turn around, as I turn around I see the truck with 2 men in it was driving away. I live on a cul de sac so they had to make a U turn in order to leave, meaning they had to pass by my place again. When they saw I was standing on my driveway they stopped as if I couldn’t see them. They would not proceed to pass by to leave as if they where hiding. I pretended to go inside then they began driving again, very shady. I pop out and snap a picture of them. I walk up to them and ask if I could help them with anything. They mention how they where looking for my brother & that they already spoke to my landlord. I was immediately infuriated. Who are these people, what are they doing in my home talking to my landlord invading my privacy?! The guy driving kept repeating have your brother call us. Do I look like I am my brother? I am a completely different person. I have no control over what other people do. Once they left I spoke to my landlord & she mentioned how they “banged on her front door”. I was so embarrassed. She gave me a paper they gave her with my brothers name on it, the employees name & contact number. Having to deal with this was unnecessary. I am so upset & will make sure something is done about this, beginning with filing a police report. I can only imagine how many other people have had to deal with this type of harassment.

Above is my yelp review since I don’t feel like writing something customized to this complaint. This is not the way a good business should go about dealing with customer non-payment, by harnessing their family & friends. This review is specifically for the Chula Vista location, I’m not sure if other locations follow the same policy of harassing people but just NO.


Anthony Estrada June 20, 2016 at 9:53 pm

I have a big complaint for the rent a wheel in Sanford, Florida. My wife and I got married on april 10 2016 and she wanted to surprise me with some rims and tires. So on april 11th we went to the rent a wheel in Sanford, Florida before the closed and my wife spoke to the manager on duty and he said come on in and for me to pick out a set of rims. We have cash in hand to buy the wheels and tires. So they tired wanted us to do the 90 days program and we were like no we wanna pay in cash. Like 30mins goes by and they were finally like ok pick out a set of rims. So I walked around and chose a rim. I had bought wheels before from another place and they gave me good advice about if they were gonna fit or if the rims werent or were the right ones for my car. So they took the rims I chose to the back to put the tires on and mount them on my car. After we paid full price for them the guy that is mounting them sees a few scratches on them and says I think they are used rims. So we go and tell the manager about the rims and he says oh I know I gave you a discount on the tires, but never discussed with us before hand about it the installer Nick found it. So the discount was only like a few bucks. After the job was done and we left we heard the back tires rub against the frame of the car. They told us that if we went to AutoZone and bought compressors for the springs they would install them so we went to purchase them and when we brought it back we had the wrong ones so we went back the next day because they were closing and had the correct spring compressors in the refuse to install them and only would install them if we paid but we had already spent almost $2,000 the day before. went back to see if they can see what the problem was and very rudely they couldnt do anything. So now a few weeks ago I looked up to see if the wheels on my car were correct for my car and come to find out both online and at another rim shop that my wheels are not compatible with my car. Im very upset that I spent $1958.44(CASH) on rims and tires that shouldnt have been on my car. Now my tires are very bad and i only had the rims and tires for only 2months. I need for someone to email me back ASAP. I have a family that depends on my car to get to places. My tires are being sliced into the frame of my car do to the tires being wide. I feel like a company like rent a wheel should know or help the customer get the correct wheels for their vehicle.


Randy B. May 25, 2016 at 2:28 pm

Hopefully someone reads this and gets back with me. I am a returning customer and recently entered into a 90 day same as cash agreement which expires 5-30-2016. I have been making my payments and tracking my balance which is reflected on the 90-Day SAC Paperwork provided to me at the time of purchase. I paid a deposit at time of ordering and then RAW charged my CC the following for an additional amount. I advised them but let it go. They set my payments up on a non payday week which I also let go. Then when I go into payoff my balance, they are attempting to get an additional 200+ dollars out of me explaining that the taxes change monthly and I owe for insurance which I distinctly advised I did not want as I did not get it the first time I purchased either. The manager offered a discount which on that day I said I guess that’s the best it can be. But then when I reviewed my paperwork, I saw the cash priced with a payoff by date which is 200+ dollars lower than they say I owe now. I put a call into your corporate customer service on Friday morning May 20 trying to get assistance and have to leave a message as no one picked up. The manager from the Pompano location I purchased from called me later that day and basically was upset that I called corporate and advised the deal he agreed to was no longer viable and I would have to pay the original amount going back on his deal. I told him that was not right and he advised the auditor would call me Monday as they do not work week-ends. It is now Wednesday, May 25 and I still have not received a call. I have made all my payments leaving a balance of $450.07 by my records. Your dealer is saying I have to pay over $600 to be paid off. The service and assistance I received on my previous purchase in Tampa was phenomenal. The service I am receiving at this point (which it started out great other than one phone call) has been nothing short of argumentative and not understanding. I realize you are a huge company and deal with a tremendous amount of individuals that probably do not pay responsibly. I am not one of those people and want to pay off my account by the 90 day mark, but would like to know why it is over $200 higher than what my cash price on the contract and the 90 day certificate says. Please get in touch with me ASAP as I need to accomplish this by EOM. I will be paying it off and if I pay the higher amount, then I will seek legal actions.


Jaclyn March 11, 2017 at 9:57 pm

There is a critical shortage of inraimotfve articles like this.


Joshua Bradley May 15, 2016 at 10:44 am

Yes I have a complaint about the set of rooms I bought and paid for I’ve spent over $7000 in the past year I made a complaint back in January about my rims pitting and peeling they still haven’t gotten back to me they told me they ordered a set of rims to replace mine in February 22 2016 it is now may15 2016 now I’ve been told they can’t get them because the rims are discontinued so the Manager of the Sanford store in Florida has been rude along with the rest of the crew I can’t get credit back or any truth on getting me a set of rims back I will not refer anybody to this place again I can’t believe how I have been treated I would like a call back asap i’m tired of getting the runaround I need some kind of help from the owner CEO or whoever runs this company or I will report this


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