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Red Roof Inn, Inc.
2071 North Bechtle Avenue, Box 226
Springfield, Ohio 45504

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Phone Number: (614) 744-2600
Fax Number: (614) 771-7838
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Red Roof Inn Facts

Date Founded:
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Red Roof Inn Executives

CEO: Andrew C. Alexander
CFO: Brendan P. Foley Jr.
COO: Jeff Linden

Red Roof Inn History

Red Roof Inn was founded in 1972 by Jim Trueman in Columbus, Ohio. Trueman believed most hotel chains were overpriced. He wanted to provide a clean, decent place for people to sleep without overcharging. Trueman used to pass out T-shirts which read “Sleep Cheap” , along with a picture of a hotel with a red roof.

The company was purchased by Accor in 1999 for $1.115 billion. Accor added 324 locations before selling the company in April of 2007 for $1.3 billion to Citigroup Global Special Situations Group and Westbridge Hospitality Fund LP.

The third Red Roof Inn still stands in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was built in 1973. The company has been remodeling all locations in 2012 at a cost of $200 million. Red Roof Inns have approximately 400 locations across the U.S. and employ more than 4,500 persons.

Red Roof Inn FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Red Roof Inn?
Answer 1: The phone number for Red Roof Inn is (614) 744-2600.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Red Roof Inn?
Answer 2: The CEO of Red Roof Inn is Andrew C. Alexander.

Question 3: Who founded Red Roof Inn?
Answer 3: Red Roof Inn was founded by in .

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Shae October 21, 2018 at 11:41 am

You know, when I had my experience at the Red Roof Inn near the Six Flags in Georgia- I thought maybe it was an abandoned RRI taken over by a sleazy drug dealer pimp- but it appears that corporate just flat out doesn’t give a s**t and This is a normal occurance. So basically, I can give out the word that the Red Roof Inn is an unsafe sex trafficking chain where crackheads and tweakers can safely go to get their fix and a cheap lay, then blow their brains out with a pistol for the next guests to stumble upon….because that’s exactly how it comes off.

I lasted two hours and literally had to call my ex boyfriend to come and escort me out of the building because I was terrified I was going to get nabbed and sold off into sex slavery. People trying to get in my room, which was filthy and ridden with dirt and burns- possible cigarette burns but there were so many that it didn’t even make sense to me, piss in the toilet, cigarette burns on the toilet seat, drug crusted carpets among other things, missing furniture, water shut off, children exposed to the lowest of lows- unacceptable. The safety latch on my door was missing and look intentionally taken off. I’m going to call whoever I can to get the location shut down. If it doesn’t get shut down, I’ll assume you are in on it.

This is NOT okay. Those people don’t deserve to be enabled and live the way they do- it isn’t right for them- they deserve better. This is morally WRONG. Does it take someone being killed or worse to shut this hell hole down? Have humanity.


Raymond Sullivan October 18, 2018 at 7:25 pm

My name is Raymond Sullivan and my wife and I almost always stay at a red roof and find them great. I have had to leave early due to sickness and the management would not hold me to a late check out. Just this past week we spent two days in the red roof in Freehold, New Jersey and I tell you that we could not be more in awe of the tremendous quality of the remodeling job and quality. We found it to be compatible with the best of hotels. It was the best equipped Red Roof we have stayed in. We will stay there upon any return trip to the area.


robert marsall September 25, 2018 at 1:22 pm

My wife and I stayed at the Red Roof Inn in Arcadia California. We wanted to look at the room ahead of time but the lady at the desk said she was the only one there and could not leave to show us. We decided to go ahead and check in. As we were walking to our room the carpets in the hallways were extremely filthy. Inside the room the molding all around was very scuffed up, the drapes had actual spots of dirt on them, the bedspread was very warn, old and dingy. As my wife stepped into the shower she was greeted by some other persons black hairs down at the end. As she turned on the shower it squirted out water from the top in addition to the normal spray, she had to lay a hand towel over the area that was squirting from the top as she was not wanting to get my hair wet. The over all feeling was dingy and grungy everywhere. We were told the hot tub was not working and when I put my foot In the pool it was freezing cold, probably not heated at all. The area businesses all around the Inn were full of litter and there were many homeless types hanging around. We would never ever stay in a Red Roof Inn ever again.


Marian Jones September 21, 2018 at 8:36 pm

I booked 3 rooms in preparation for the hurricane. I booked these rooms because they were pet friendly. When we arrived the front desk employee was excellent. We entered our rooms and was shocked to find the rooms dirty. The bedding was stained, dirty and had burn holes. The bathroom was moldy, the floors were filthy so filthy that we would not take our shoes off. The rooms smelled so bad from cigarette smoke it was unbearable. The absolute worst thing was the roaches crawling all over the walls. One room was so bad the hotel clerk moved him to another room, which wasn’t much better. The only difference between the first room and the second room was a microwave and a refrigerator, the room was just as dirty. We all slept in our vehicles that night and left first thing in the morning. My cat went under the bed and when I went to retrieve him there were condoms, restaurant take out containers, and other filth under the bed. No one has cleaned under that bed in a very long time. I am asking for my money back since we never used the 3 rooms. We wasted time and money and still put our lives in jeopardy by leaving during the hurricane. But we had no choice, the rooms were horrible and are not fit for habitation. Unfortunately, there were no other hotels that had vacancies due to the hurricane.


Rebecca Hartkopp September 9, 2018 at 9:19 am

I booked a room in cedar rapids iowa, absolutely horrible !!! I am a Registered Nurse in Iowa and i cant believe how dirty this room was. Bugs on the floor and in bath tub, both alive and dead !! They refused to give my money back and tried to say i used the bed. I brought my dog who had no choice but to sit on bed as bugs were on the floor including a tick. I called the manager have not heard back yet !! If I dont get my money returned I will call the Lynn county health department.. I am very saddened that my day was ruined with this event !! I didnt even receive an apology, how does a business run when the public is treated this way?

Rebecca Hartkopp


Robbin July 16, 2018 at 5:52 pm

Corporate doesn’t care about the fifth , drug use, rude staff at their sites.
A person that pays $10 to attend a pool party gets more respect than people that actually rent rooms.
I used to think Red Roof was a great place to stay but only if you want filth, prostitues and drugs. Late night pool parties on Sunday nights ?


Rashonda Pinson June 13, 2018 at 5:34 pm

Rrd Roof Inn will never get my business again!!! They stole over $200.00 of my money and they won’t take the needed actions for it to be returned. They gave me the run around for the past 5 days abouty money and then I call corporate headquarters and they tell me I need to wait another 3 days till the acting manager returns from vacation and speak to him about it again. Once I get my money back, we will never cross paths again!


SaVone May 19, 2018 at 1:05 am

I have been waiting on a refund from a cancellation from feb .2018. Monies that should have never been taken out. I have put in complaints and have spoken to numerous csr, but never the person that they say handles the refunds. All they say is the matter is closed, but not to me, I still have not gotten my money, it is now May and nothing,. No return calls and no email responses like they say they are giving me. I guess its floating somewhere with my refund. I have even sent a screen shots of my account to show the debit, but no credit, and still no answer from them or the regional manager. ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!! DO SOME REAL INVESTIGATING AND YOU WILL SEE IT NEVER REACHED MY ACCOUNT!!!!


joan allan May 16, 2018 at 4:30 pm

This is amazing…do Red Roof Inn officials not read these reviews??? Our room in Galveston smelled so bad..touted as a NS room, but evidently when converted to NS it was not fumigated. Filthy floor, windows dirty, sticky railings, hair in the sink, no room service and on and on and on. Other reviews show that this is typical of many Red Roof locations. We will never stay in a Red Roof Inn again, and will certainly tell others of this poorly managed property. Had we had the time to find another place, we would have moved on. CEO….read the reviews!!…. Trip adviser, etc You have a very bad reputation. Our mistake was to not read the reviews before booking.


Sean Jackson April 16, 2018 at 1:07 pm

Hi, my name is Sean Jackson. I stayed at a Red Roof Inn in Birmingham, AL from the 13-14 April 2018. The address of the hotel is 1466 Montgomery Hwy Birmingham, AL 35216. When I checked in to the hotel, with my reservation, after 5pm, I was able to get a 1st floor room. However, when I went to the room, it had not been cleaned. I had to call the front desk, in which the lady had to call in to get the room cleaned. I had to leave for almost an hour, so someone could clean the room. I’ve been to many hotels or motels, and never in my life have I encountered such a egregious mistake from a major hotel chain. The fact that the room hadn’t been touched and it was after 5pm is totally unacceptable. I want Corporate to handle my situation with the utmost respect and see fit that I am compensated for this travesty. Staying in this hotel chain has left a bad taste in my mouth, and I refuse to book anymore reservations through Red Roof Inn. I hope this matter is settled to my satisfaction.

Thank you,

Sean Jackson


Donna-Jean K Galbraith September 25, 2017 at 2:44 pm

We stayed at the Red Roof Inn Chattanoga,TN-Lookout Mountain on 9/8. We had to pay $99.00 more for a FILTHY room than we did at a Holiday Inn Express on 9/18 for a beautiful CLEAN room. This is the second Red Roof we have stayed in since July. BOTH were NASTY
I will NEVER book a room with them again. This same thing happened to us approx.22 years ago and we have never been back. These people need to be taught how to clean. Just because we have a pet we should not be made to sleep in dirty rooms. You may rest assured that I WILL tell all of my friends about the rooms.
Donna Galbraith


Tim Parker September 19, 2017 at 9:36 pm

I would like very much like to speak to someone who can correct a wrong.
Not only a wrong but a terribly operated and maintained “franchise” or just a un maintained or over looked facility. In short I had issue’s with my reservations and the price I was quoted,but more importantly the fact that as of my stay at 1 of your locations I was scheduled to stay 7 full days.I have bed bug bites and sores all over my body.I did not even sleep in the room the last 2 days because I had marks all over me.I did not report this to the manager before because I know she would have kept my $100 dollar cash deposit,this was taken after I had paid for the full week. I have the managers name and the location of course.The manager acted or did not understand English.When I checked in and told them I was quoted a certain rate I was told that the manager had to “think” about if she would let me have the rate I was quoted when I made my reservation.She simply walked outside to smoke a cigarette, walked back in,went to her office and then blessed me with the rate I was quoted.I expect to hear from someone who can resolve this problem very soon.


Cathy Mauldin September 13, 2017 at 2:43 pm

Booked 2 rooms @ 6099 Youngerman Circle Jax Fl / Orange Park. 32244 for 3 nights. Evacuated due to hurricane. Was forced to pay for a safe we did not use. Rooms were subpar. Towels were brought to us and they were wet. Never received any more towels after that. Also, hair was hanging from the light next to the head board. Bathroom door in my room was broken and would not close. The vent from the bathroom was hanging down with a hole where it should be secured. Toilet paper was a gift if you could get it. Received one roll for my stay in each room. My daughter stepped on a slither of glass and we handled it our self. Some guests were using drugs on the property and standing outside smoking illegal substances. Fire and Rescue had to be called multiple times for these guest. We had to wait for our room keys for two hours. However,,I was told I could check in as soon as I arrived due to the hurricane. When I told the office staff what I had been told they said basically too bad. “Somebody from corporate probably told you that” and laughed! There must have been 10 or more families waiting on rooms. We all had booked at least a week ahead.. Some waited until 4:30 to get rooms. Then there were no telephones in the rooms that worked. Sure we had cellphones but it is dangerous that you cannot call the front office. Then as the night progressed the two whole ice machines on the property could not keep up with the demand of even half the guests. Then due to hurricane the lights went out which happens. However, I have never seen a hotel that did not have a generator. It is Fl. 90 plus degrees hot and dark rooms with children, parents, pets & elderly struggling. We left the property one night early and took the loss. We had paid in full at check in. We could not take another night of no resources that we had paid for. This location should seriously be closed. It is a danger to the public and should not be operating at this level. I have never ever written a bad review or letter about a hotel but human beings should not be treated this way. It is a disgrace! Shame on you RED ROOF INN JACKSONVILLE/ ORANGE PARK.


Karen August 31, 2017 at 12:47 pm

A friend and I stayed at your location in Farmington Hills last night 08/30/2017. I have to say I have traveled for years and have stayed at many different hotels and motels but I was taken back by the way you chose to run this location. My whole experience guarantees that I will NEVER EVER EVER put my money out for a Red Roof Inn even if it means sleeping in my car. When we arrived we got our room, grabbed all our stuff and went to go into the room and there was already someone sleeping in there, how uncomfortable to walk in on someone. Went back to the office got a different room, which by the way we had to take all our stuff back to our cars and move them as the new room was in a different building what an inconvenience, and was disgusted at how it looked, very very outdated, old and not welcoming in any way. So, as we turned out the lights to go to sleep the front desk did the same exact thing to us as they had done to the person in the first room. They gave them a key to our room and they tried to come in several times so much so my friend actually had to yell at them. This made me feel so unsafe I didn’t sleep the whole night worried some one was going to walk in. So you know I will be posting this comment on every and any social media sight I can, will be informing my family and friends, that all live all over the US and Canada, and I can guarantee they will never give you their business. I so wonder how any of you at the corporate office can sleep at night knowing your taking ordinary everyday peoples money that they work hard for and giving them service like this. I sure hope one day you will face a situation like this because you deserve it. A refund and a sincere apology is how you should respond to this anything else just shows that you deserve to be shut down. Oh yeah and to add I will be contacting the State and any other government agency that regulates you and hopefully they at a minimum fine you but shut you down.


Tammie August 25, 2017 at 2:01 pm

Was injured at work on Saturday, notified supervisor and was told to shake it off and go to work, missed the next day then went to er on Monday and he put me off work until Thursday, followed up with my Dr on Thursday and was told I have a fractured femor and put off work until Monday today notified my boss of the changes and was fired today for my absences even though I have drs notes and medical records been trying to contact corporate all day to no avail phones are not working….do I need to get a lawyer to get this resolved? The bills are adding up and then I’m terminated? Funny that they waited until my GM was out of town, I’m not letting this go until something gets resolved


Tammie August 25, 2017 at 2:03 pm

Correction….I notified them on Thursday not today


samantha Vaughn October 3, 2017 at 2:25 pm

I work in HR so you should go to the EEOC they tried to terminate you when you were injured and Workers Comp. It is illegal to terminate a employee after they had been hurt ( that is on the job) . This is a discrimination claim waiting to happen.


Laura Bohm August 13, 2017 at 5:50 pm

CEO: Andrew C. Alexander
CFO: Brendan P. Foley Jr.
COO: Jeff Linden
My husband and I just returned home from your R.R. INN Danville, PA. #00110. We stay there every year for the weekend. The Inn is very easy to get on & off I 80. This inn NEEDES to be up dated BADLEY!!!! When we arrived are room was # 123. The room smelled like mold & old cigarettes. The carpet is damp & discussing!!! The front desk moved us to Room #121. When we checked out today, there were over 6 people with complaints about your rooms. The poor guy at the desk was getting verbal abuse from all the guests checking out. There was not a GM there. This Inn was probable built in the 70’s as a smoking hotel. If you plan on keeping your hotels as the founder Jim Trueman “CLEAN, DECENT PLACE for people to sleep without overcharging.” You are going to keep getting complaints and people will not go to any of your Inns. If I don’t get a reply back, I will be putting yet another review on TRIPADVISOR…..


Mark & Josephine Rodrigue July 29, 2017 at 12:05 am

CEO: Andrew C. Alexander, CFO: Brendan P. Foley Jr.,COO: Jeff Linden
On June 30, 2017 my husband and I traveled to Sulphur, La. to attend my husband’s sisters funeral. We reserved a room for June 30th & July 1st at the Red Roof lnn Sulphur which is located at 2619 Ruth Street, Sulphur, La. 70665. Upon entering our room (216) I went into the bathroom to unpack my bathroom bag and saw the FILTHIST bathroom I’ve ever seen. It consisted of black mold all around the lavatory faucets and bathtub faucets. The toilet had “poop splashes” under the seat which tells me that it hadn’t been clean in a LONG time. We went talk to the desk clerk and showed her the pictures I had taken of the condition of the bathroom and she said that we could switch rooms. Before my husband and I switched rooms we went and viewed the room and it was just as bad as the first. The desk clerk said that she had been getting a lot of complaints about the housekeeing that day. The filth in the bathroom was not from ONE day of not being cleaned, it was from months and months of not being cleaned. I took pictures with my phone if anyone would like to view them. The desk clerk did refund our $250.00. If y’all expect for anyone to stay at any Red Roof Inn……..THEN Y’ALL NEED TO CLEAN THEM UP AND MAKE SURE THE JOB IS DONE. Because as of right now, you couldn’t pay me to stay in a Red Roof Inn ever again.
Mark & Josephine Rodrigue


Wendy Byington July 23, 2017 at 8:04 am

We stopped at the Red Carpet Inn-wilkesboro in NC on 7/22/17. We requested a non smoking room with a king size bed, preferably on the ground level so we could see our motorcycle better. The room smelled like a wet dog and dirty ashtray combined when we walked in. I went to turn on the air conditioning and there was a huge cobweb running from the window curtain down to the air conditioner. We walked to the gas station next door to get some water as there are no vending machines on site. When we returned we shut the curtain in the room and attempted to turn on the lights and none of them worked except the bathroom light. I tried to call the front desk and the phone did not work. I walked back to the front desk to let them know we had no lights…..they did give us a different room, the women actually said to me “the rooms upstairs are better.” I went to check the new room before we moved our things, it was a bit better, did not smell, the lights worked(at least most of them, one was about to fall off the wall). The doorways in both rooms looked like someone had kicked them in at some point in time and were somewhat repaired. The drain plug in the bathtub was sitting on the edge of the tub, with an old bar of soap in the soap dish in the shower. wall paper was coming off the wall in multiple places. I do have pictures if you would like. Breakfast was supposed to be available at 6am but nothing was ready not even the coffee at 6:30. Not much was even available for breakfast. The coffee pot in the room was missing the filter basket so we could not make a cup in the room. I felt like things were crawling on me all night long. The area outside between the room and the breakfast area is filthy with cigarette butts and trash. This is a poor representation of the Red Carpet Inn that I have ever seen. We will definitely not recommend this site to anyone, if anything we will tell them to avoid it. We have always thought of Red Carpet Inn as a decent place to stay.


Andre wicks July 18, 2017 at 9:49 pm

Hello, im staying at one of your locations in Pennsylvania cabot blvd. Been here for little over a week.( Working out here). After a long day of work. My bed is not made up. Towel was thrown in the tub! Room is worse then i left it!!! Im so dissatisfied with the housekeeping!!!!


Nannette Robinson July 7, 2017 at 2:23 pm

I booked a room at Red Roof Inn Chicago-Ohare for my son (Russell Robinson) on 05/15/2017. When he arrived at the hotel he was told that since the Am Ex card was not in his name, he could not have a room.
I do understand that if this is your policy, it has to be followed. That being said, you can’t have it both ways. You do not get to charge a credit card and send the customer out the door.
I have disputed this charge with Am Ex for the second time and I will keep disputing this charge. I called Expedia and they told me to call the merchant. I called the Red Roof Inn and was transferred to the a manager (Ray) he hung up on me. No argument, no anger, just hung up. I’m done with calls. My next step is BBB, AARP and whoever will listen to me. I’ve worked too hard in my lifetime to give money away.


Pamela Perkins July 7, 2017 at 1:44 pm

This is a open letter to CEO Andrew Alexander , cfo Brendan P Foley , coo Jeff Lindan , I’ve worked for redroof for 4 years & on 6-8-2017 I was wrongfully terminated by the maintenance person whom I have always been told when out gm or Doris was not on the property that he was in charge that day I confronted him about his harassment towards me and he exploded at me in no way a man should ever talk to a woman , when he said if I don’t want to work here I should leave I asked him are you firing me he said leave , when I left I did not call my gm because he doesn’t want to hear it he never does , I did call Doris whom she has always been the go to person , at this point there’s only so much one can take a grown man going around the property gossiping about me even throw my gm told unemployment that’s what I did and everyone of these people can confirm this , My gm made it a very uncomfortable work environment , I was the only English-speaking housekeeper so when I asked for help I couldn’t get help because nobody would speak to me. In the four years that I work there for birthdays nothing but when I came to the Spanish girls he would have pizza parties for them . There has been inappropriate behavior statements offensive suggestions made from my gm , about guests he would comment on their asses
Saying about one Reg guest Angela that he wanted to f….. her , There was a young lady he fired that worked on the front desk he said he wasn’t gonna fight unemployment in fear she was going to after him for sexual-harassment Why would she do that , Maybe if the cameras in the front were watched you would see all the time he spent with her and all their private little talks and the gigglesike school kids maybe that’s why , In the four years I was there not one thing for Christmas were does that money in his budget go ? This past employee appreciation week Nothing not a thing ? But a few years ago he did buy his kids a keurge coffee maker payed by redroof just look back at his Credit card statements , Or subs bought and taken home for his kids not his employees , School supply’s for his kids , or Chemicals that we don’t even use but becouse he meets some quota He receives gifts I know of a TV he one , But if we run out of supply’s that’s not his problem, Germania Leonardo worked 7 days a week but 2 of them she did maintenance and that she did under her sons name whom never worked for redroof that’s something the IRS is gonna find interesting, Last summer we had a inspections the woman stayed in room 216 and my GM’s boss Mark came in for the inspection and after the woman was done with the inspection my GM was laughing about how Mark was taking pictures of her from the behind while she was looking under a bed that picture was supposedly to pass around to the other GM’s so she didn’t know what she look like , Then there’s work done at his house in exchange for a room for a man at one point it was two rooms for his girlfriend and 3 kids they stayed in 117 & 119 you can see a email from mark wanting to know why they’ve been out of Oder for so long , this gentleman has stayed in 152 , 142 , 117 , 119? In fact the Salem PD made many trips to these rooms as well as dss because those kids just took over our property it was Mayham at its finest , Steve would brag about how he had A motorcycle shed built new windows put in all kinds of stuff for me and it’s always broke , That’s were putting rooms out of Oder comes in to play so he has a list of people he takes cash from something you can’t do we don’t take cash but we do from a bout 10 – 12 people they come on for a quickie Steve would take the cash pocket it and the room goes down , The maintenance diva steals anything and everything he can from our rooms before we get in them There’s a Reg guest who stayed every night his tip was a 6 pack of beer I come on one morning go into his room nothing I went into Daves work shop with Doris from the front desk what do we find the 6 pake I go to Steve his way of dealing with the situation is he’s going to tell the guest he is not allowed to leave the six pack anymore it’s not about the six pack it’s about the fact that he’s made this person is a thief but because he is been at his house working as well he ain’t going to do anything to him . . Well gentlemen I could go on for days I have names I have some proof some leads you can get your proof I have made my complaints to human resources and they’ve gone nowhere absolutely nowhere except giving him a heads up already about this complaint instead of investigating it so my name and number is that human resources they know I am considering the fact that that I’ve sent aleast 6 emails , called I can’t even tell you how many times looking at my phone bill at least 40 times nothing in return , So if this open letter doesn’t get me anywhere I don’t know what will , Thank you
And a little FYI to Salem redroof gm you can only do wrong so long before you get caught you lied to I’ve been playing man just to spite me , well buddy you should be careful who you screw with when they know so much about your wrong doings and if anyone needs to get in touch with this so called gm call before 11am every day because he leaves between 10am & 11 am every day he’s never there when he’s needed !


Ashley rausch June 25, 2017 at 9:48 pm

Hello my name is ashley rausch i am a long time customer of red roof inns anytime i travel i use the redroof inns iv never had a problem up until this visit! On june 19th i made a reservation in tupelo mississippiused my card to hold room but i paid cash upon arrival! No problem there! A week later i did the same thing which is today june 25th! After 5 hours of traveling to get to reservation and checked in on time i went to pay cash and just like last time in which i put i was going to pay cash on arrival when i made my reservation! The lady running the desk named ola rudly told me me dont take cash! I explained her last week i paid cash and she said well no longer! Please understand how angry at this point im getting because i jaf just drove 5 hours to get here and it did not say anywhere in writing or reservation site cash was not accepted! She said i dont who took your cash last time and i told her it wad indeed her and i still had my receipt from last week! She said well we haf problems with cash this week so i decided no longer takr cash! After getting upset anf telling her i drove 5 hours and all the other hotels were full or way to exspensive than what could afford she went ahead and took my cash payment but rudly told me next time bring card! Had i had known this i would have saved the extra money on advance and took my business else where! If you no longer take cash in your hotels please put it on your website or post it in writing so customers like me wont be caught off gaurd! Not everyone has debit or credit cards! I have a card but didnt have enough to cover my room all i had was cash! Im already Leary of using my card in certain places due to credit card fraud and identity theft! Hence reason i always pay cash! I come o tupelo once a week to visit friends and family but now i think ill find another hotel that takes cash ill just have to save that extra each week because the hotel i prefer to use dont take cash as of a couple days ago!


samantha Vaughn October 3, 2017 at 2:30 pm

They did the same thing to me in MI , the front desk lady told me that their was a theft problem and that they changed the policy and could no longer accept cash as I am standing there with cash in hand waiting for my room.


Roxie Rogers June 25, 2017 at 9:04 am



Laura June 17, 2017 at 1:38 pm

I would like to add: Additionally after I saw the charges on my account. I just happened to check another credit card from a different company during the time of this event. Red Roof Inn also did the pre authorization of 505.93 on my Bank of America card. I quickly closed this card before it went through. This card was not even with me when I went to the hotel. It was at home in a drawer. I’m curious to know how this company was able to access this card as well.


Laura June 17, 2017 at 1:11 pm

I had a “friend” (who is now not) stay at the Red Roof Inn in Phenix City, Alabama. She started staying there in April and paid until May 3rd. She had no where to go with 3 kids, I wasn’t going to help at first but didn’t want them (the kids) to be on the streets. I came to Red Roof Inn on May 3rd. The friend spoke with the GM and assured me they will only put a pre authorization charge of $505.92, for her stay from May 3rd until May 10th, and she would be paying cash. The GM Michelle was there and confirmed exactly what my friend told me. I let them see the card only and signed the information sheet showing departure date for that time period, but later they changed the contract because the friend stayed until the 17th. Again the GM Michelle stated that it was only for those dates for my money to be on hold, but would be credited back. Before I signed any doXXXXent allowing the pre authorization ONLY it states DO NOT CHARGE THIS Card customer will pay at check out . The GM, friend and I signed this agreement. However, Red Roof did charge it on the new departure dates adding up to $822.22 Also there was a note in the system that the friend told the employee to charge my card (the employee initialed what the friend said) I have a picture of the screen where the notes are . She was not authorized to make this decision and based on the doXXXXentation I signed it was very clear to not charge my card. I was never contacted by anyone asking for my consent on any of these issues. Plus the contract I signed stating the departure date was altered to the 17th. You can see where they marked out the other departure date. My credit card is investigating the matter. This is credit card fraud and I’ll be reporting it consumer affairs. When I tried to call the manager her story completely changed. However, I have the doXXXXents and proof. If this is not resolved, I will push the matter further to Court. I will also be going to the police to get a report done.


Imani June 14, 2017 at 10:11 am

I was recently terminated wrongfully from the red roof in Lawrenceville,NJ .. he’s very racist and unfairs ( he being the general manager ) prior to me being hired i was told that I couldn’t stay at the hotel and I had to checkout inorder to start working but due to my housing condition i honestly had no where to go. Explained this to him and it was either my employment or live there. So I chose employment. Once I started working here I realized that there were a lot of housekeepers living up here and they are illegal citizens on top of that .. needless to say the general manager gave me a hard time and fired me without even explaining why. He also blamed the situation on other co workers who told me that they never said or did the things he’s saying they did about me. DONT GO TO THE RED ROOF INN IN PRINCETON/LAWRENCEVILLE,NJ .. serious discrimination!!! He gives my girlfriend a hard time and goes easy on everyone else that isn’t of color. I will be filing charges for
Wrongful termination.


Michelle B. June 5, 2017 at 2:45 am

I booked a Deluxe Suite a month in advance at The Red Roof Inn @ 405 E Absecon Blvd in Atlantic City NJ for the Memorial Day weekend.This had recently underwent renovations is what I had been told. I booked a Deluxe Suite with a Jacuzzi which upon arrival I was told was not available by the desk clerk who was nonchalant in telling me and obviously could care less. As I and my partner went up to our suite, we decided to just chalk it up after the long drive and take a shower and go out to dinner. WELL, once going into the bathroom , I noticed that there was only one towel and wash cloth. I immediately called the front desk to inform them and was told by the nonchalant desk clerk that I could come down to the lobby to obtain another one?! UNBELIEVABLE!! So I went to the front desk to get a towel and wash cloth and received a washcloth that had stains on it! I had to ask if I could have another towel. UNACCEPTABLE! As I took a shower, I noticed the water was filling in the tub. Now the drain is clogged. I yelled to my partner and he called the front desk to make a complaint. Once again the desk clerk stated it was nothing he could do at the current time. THE CONDITIONS IN THIS SUPPOSEDLY NEWLY RENOVATED FACILITY WERE DESPICABLE!!!! At this point I was so upset that my partner started to call places to see if there were any other rooms available. At this point I wanted to leave but we had tickets for a show and my partner had a conference in the am. There were no other places with vacancies on such short notice. I also went to get ice for our room to find out that the ice machines did not work on any of the floors except the 4th floor. Our room was on the 6th floor. This place offered a continental breakfast but did not have enough food to feed the number of people which had booked rooms. The woman who was setting the food out was embarrassed to tell visitors that her employer did not have enough.. For the amount I paid and the terrible service I received, I will NEVER stay at another of these chains again. I would hope to receive some type of response to this matter or to be compensated in some way.


amanda August 23, 2017 at 7:38 am

We also stayed at The Red Roof Inn @ 405 E Absecon Blvd in Atlantic City NJ. This place is disgusting. My boyfriend and I booked this Hotel because we had tickets to a show in Atlantic City. We got back to our room around 11 PM and went to close the curtains and there was blood all over them! They tried to tell us it was rust. THERE WAS NOTHING TO RUST NEAR THEM! HORRENDOUS! We were so disgusted we didn’t even want to change rooms, we just packed up and left and drove 2 hours home at 1130 PM. I better receive a some sort of response to this as well. I also will be trying to contact anyone and everyone in corporate head quarters and be displaying the photos on every review board.


Joann sesser May 31, 2017 at 12:24 pm

We stayed at the Red Roof Inn West in Kalamazoo, MI this past weekend. WHAT A FILTHY DUMP!!
I had booked ahead a month in advance and requested a ground floor room. They put us in a second floor room that was already occupied!!
They then gave us another second floor room and after MUCH pleading they found a ground floor room. It was absolutely filthy….the drawers, the furniture, the bathroom…all of it. Housekeeping came and let me tell you…they need to take a course in HOW TO CLEAN!!!
Then they were apparently doing some renovations and that went on till after 10:00 PM!
Never again!!!! I’ll pay more and stay elsewhere!!!
I’ll NEVER recommend Red Roof Inns.
This corporation needs to checknon their Franchises!! They’re ruining their name!!
I’m hoping to hear from corporate!


Cody Matticks May 30, 2017 at 11:34 am

I’m not here to say how bad the red roof inn we’ve been staying at since the beginning of this year. I’m here to explain and express the way red roof in devalued you as a customer. I’ve spent thousands of dollars at red roof in and I was okay with it until last Thursday! If the red roof Inn corporate office or anyone with higher power can look at my itinerary, it will show I’ve stayed in non-smoking rooms every day since the beginning of this year. The red roof inn energy corridor at 15702 park ten, Houston Tx has put me on the black list, which means I’m no longer allowed to stay on their property. I made a reservation for Thursday, pre-called the front desk to request the first floor like I typically do. The front desk clerk said yes sir please come on right ahead I will go ahead and check you in right away. I get to the hotel and the front desk clerk all of a sudden is acting strange. I tell him I’m here to check in, the phone starts ringing in the back, he tells me to hold on, and comes back to the front desk and tells me “oh no”, bad news you’re on the blacklist. I said are you sure? I stay here all the time! What is the blacklist? And why cant I check in? The front desk clerk tells me you’re on the blacklist for smoking weed in the room?? I told the clerk I’ve been staying at red roof Inn everyday since the beginning of this year and always requested a non-smoking room because……… I DO NOT DO DRUGS OR SMOKE!!!! At that very moment I felt very disrespected, it was like they were telling me I’m a bad person or that I’m a drug addic. I requested to speak to the manager or GM immediately and the front desk clerk told me the GM and manager was not there and I could come back the next day to speak to the GM. I asked the front desk clerk what can we do about this? How can we resolve the situation because I don’t smoke and I’ve never smoked in my life and I think it’s unfair that I’m being kicked off this property for something that’s not true. Well the front desk clerk go to the back room and I wait at the front desk wondering what he’s doing in the back room, well I heard someone talking and the front desk clerk comes back out and says unfortunately we can’t do anything about it you’re not allowed to check in. I asked the front desk clerk is your GM in the back room is that who you’re speaking to? He said “yes”! First thought in my mind was did he just lied to me? I asked the front desk clerk may I speak to your GM it’s unprofessional for her not to come out. So with all of that the GM came out and spoke to me and said she wasn’t there that day and she doesn’t know why we’re on the blacklist but we are and it’s their policy that we are no longer allowed to be on the property. I am baffled first how rude she was an unprofessional, she didn’t even apologize nor try to fix the situation or figure out why I was on the blacklist. She told me I can get my refund back but I had to call Expedia because that’s what I booked it through. I called Expedia express my frustration and they look at my itinerary and it shows I’ve stayed in a non-smoking room since the beginning of this year because …… I DONT SMOKE!!so Expedia calls the GM to figure out why I’m not allowed to stay at this hotel and expresses how this red roof Inn is going to lose a loyal customer that spends quite a bit of money. Well the Expedia customer service didn’t get anywhere with the GM because he told me she hung up on him. I called corporate office and the only thing they could do is send the email expressing my frustration and tells me to wait three days and If the GM doesn’t reply to call back. Well of course we all know she didn’t reply so I called corporate office yet again, and the gentleman I spoke to said I know you might not like hearing what I’m going to say but we have to agree with every properties decisions and the only thing I could do is forward the email to the vice President and you’ll have to wait to see if he actually does something. I asked is there anyone I can speak to or is there anything I can do to resolve the situation because I’m telling you as a customer we’re supposed to be a valued, I do not feel valued, I feel disrespected, I feel like red roof Inn has stole my money, to my understanding that any other hotel if there’s a problem it will be resolved immediately this is the only hotel that I had to wait for email that was never going to come. This GM knows how corporate works and knows she won’t get in trouble for her actions. I hope someone higher than the corporate office will read this and understand I am telling the truth I do not smoke and it’s unfair for me to be blacklisted for something I never did and with the amount of money I spent at red roof Inn they should value me as a customer. I hope and pray we can get the situation resolved and take action on this GM that is treating customers unfairly. I will have my story be heard! I’ve done nothing wrong spent a lot of money at this company and now no longer allowed to be on one of their properties. Thanks for making me feel valued red roof inn!!?!!


Mandy April 21, 2017 at 3:53 am

I began working for red roof inn and i worked 28 hours and recieved a 100 dollar check. My pay rate was 8.50 i kept track of my hours even before i had a log in user id. Hopefully someone fixes this.


Dk April 13, 2017 at 12:56 am

If I had some where else to go I most certainly wood. Red roof inn on 410 in San Antonio is a total mess. Manager parkes in handicap parking daily, another employee that lives here was parking ina a handicap spot. When they clean rooms and make beds. OMG who ever taught them how to do this. The night manager sits in the back and either sleeps or plays games. No security at all. Trash all over outside. Weeds. Etc. one time I told cleaning lady I would sweep just because I could not stand how they cleaned. The next time she came she said to me. Let me get the sweeper for you. I said. Not my job. They say they have a Gardner and also someone to spray for bugs. How ever. No one ever sees these so called people. Before owners came for a visit manager was mowing grass. LOL. They need to do surprise visits. Workers came and stayed they grilled by the cars that were parked. When they left they left the grill which sat for weeks Now it’s in back by a table. SICK. This place really needs some serious attention


Linda Rhodes March 28, 2017 at 11:35 am

We booked the Red Roof Inn in Clearwater Florida on 3580 Ulmerton Road. We booked ahead of time and ask for a room close to the pool on the first floor.. We booked for two days in March 21st-22nd. When we checked in the young girl at the desk was just so unprofessional, and she put us up on the second floor clear in the back looking out the window at a wall, so we told her what we had booked and she said I’ll give you a better room down by the pool on the second floor again.. The room she assigned us was room 221 , with no room plate on the wall it was put on by a black felt pen, that’s just the first , when we opened the door which my husband had to push hard to open it, then we stepped into the most filthy room, smelled bad, lamp shade was busted , the lamp on the side table was broken, the towel rack on the bathroom wall was falling off, the soap dish had black mold on it, the best was the broken bed , sheets that was not changed. Toilet did not flush right and the side chair was filthy with black stains all over it. We went down and cancelled our reservation and we where told we would have to contact for a refund.. I called the number they gave me and all I got was the run around, so I called my bank and filed a complaint and stop payment.. now I understand that this company is a franchise, this place needs to be closed for the way it’s ran.. I want my money back for the awful time we had, I have never stand in any place that was to bad… and I will never stay at another Red Roff Inn again. Ps. I took pictures of everything in that room..


pagel March 27, 2017 at 1:17 pm

We had the misfortune of staying in Texarkana on N State Line Ave. This was the worst, by far, of any room we have stayed in. The first room they put us in was awful, the sink would not drain, after I tried to clean it. When I tried to call the front desk the phone didn’t work. Walked to the front desk, he gave us a different and even worse room, if that is possible. The bath tub was was so dirty we didn’t take showers, there was dirt in all the corners of the rooms. Then the worst of all — the sheets on the first bed we turned down were dirty, not just a little, a lot. Could not wait to get out of there. If I were you, I would CLOSE this location yesterday. Because of this we will never stay at another Red Roof Inn. And we will see to it that everyone know, knows about this how awful this was.


Will Black March 25, 2017 at 2:17 pm

We stayed at a Red Room Inn (4999 34th Street N. St Petersburg FL) March 1-5, 2017.
The people working there were so unprofessional. I was on the computer in the dumpy lobby and there were 4 employees standing around complaining about their job, along with using inappropriate language. I am not a prude, and normally such talk would not bother me at all. However, it was VERY unprofessional when there was a guest right there (myself) who could hear everything they said. Also, one day the maid stopped at our room … we asked her to give us 5 minutes as we were leaving. The maid did not come back. Later, I called the front desk about it and he assured me that they would come to clean soon. Guess what … they never did. Our room was subpar with regards to the dirty carpet and dirty bathroom floor. We were VERY unsatisfied with our stay at this Red Room Inn


Dina Burke February 19, 2017 at 11:16 am

I am very upset ..our stay was terrable we had no towels ,ppl smoking pot in the halls and stairwell.. found a knife in our room next to the bedside tabble ,handi cap parking spaces where not shoveled out .pulled my hip trying to get in my car ..i want a complete refund .or i will be calling a lawyer ..


Mattie Mayflower January 6, 2017 at 3:19 pm

My husband and I rented a room at the Red Roof Inn in Albany, Ga. and the room was infested with bed bugs. When we went to speak to the General Manager Rich Patel about our problem he was real mean about the situation and didn’t want to cooperate with my husband and I… He put us in another room in which later on that night we had the same problem… That hotel is full of bed bugs and the manager didn’t do anything about it…


Ashley Thayer November 19, 2016 at 11:20 am

My husband was staying at one of your Red Roof Inns at Harrisburg-Hershey for work. He was to stay 11/14-11/25 but do to the fact they got done at the job site he checked out early on the 11/17. When he checked out he was told money would be on his card the next da. Which was lie because today when I am booking his room the money was not returned. That’s 217$ that one of your workers pocketed. Today I called to asked why n when it if it’s going to show at all and worker Tiffany was very rude and cussing at me so yes I cussed back because I’m not going to let a person be that rude to me. I asked to speak to a manager and was denied to speak to one. I would like to be answered by a corporate employee asap.



william barnes January 5, 2017 at 3:57 pm

I stayed at your boardman Ohio facility on Jan 3&4th 2017. I found a Crack pipe in our coffee pot on our first night there and we almost ingested the water from it. thank God my boyfriend saw it first. the manager reimbursed us for our second night but I don’t feel that’s enough. what they don’t clean the coffee pots. I would appreciate somebody contacting me within the next 2 days to resolve this matter. I really don’t want to have to hire an attorney but if necessary I will. Deborah hall 814-688-XXXXX or William Barnes at 814-779-XXXXX


Greg Johnson January 26, 2017 at 2:27 am

Ashley…wow….maybe this is company policy. A similar incident happened to us in OKC only a week before this happened to your husband. Some employee pocketed our cash we paid in for about 3 weeks while we were moving houses. Now on top of this the owner” is now trying to charge our card for all these nights we stayed again. Then the franchisee owner decided to go ahead and throw $200 worth of bogus charges on there for stealing all the bedding and breaking something–we couldnt read the writing. Really??? Stealing a hotels bedding! From the multiple stories about bed bugs we have now read….I wouldnt take them home to use for rags. My wife took her broom and vacuum to keep things clean but now we are evidently rock stars at 52 and 49 and go around trashing crappy hotels where there corporate offices obviously let anyone buy a hotel and then just run it however they want. And so far we cant get anything taken off because this owner lied and paypal who we used our business debit to secure (deposit) on the room, has to follow Master Cards policy of if we dont have a receipt…no refund. Well we have a receipt but its so dang hard to read and since the clerks lied about the card not being charged, we couldnt tell by looking what tender they put in there . Evidently we are responsible to know and understand Red Roofs Accounting policies and procedures.Im sure corporate will sit on their hands , maybe file a formal complaint aainst the owner which means nothing. We will be held responsible for stuff we didnt break or steal, a room we already paid for, and will lose our paypal account because we will not pay it. I will put it in bancruptcy before ever giving them another dime


Katrina Leonard November 13, 2016 at 9:18 am

Im having issues with unauthorized use of credit card. They made a mistake earlier this week n corrected payment but did not correct information to the room. I was again charged and fees have been added by my back forbover draft fees. I have emailed and started an investigation via my credit union for the unauthorized use by your company. This occured at your 2307 Lincoln Highway Lancaster Pa address. The manager left me on hold to not return and avoided my calls after. This needs to be fixed and will. Total cost is 287. Im not letting this go. Thank you Katrina Leonard


Linda Gallahan November 7, 2016 at 10:50 pm

Labor Day weekend stayed at the red roof in in Wytheville, va. It has to be the worst experience ever….Being 8 hours away from home the first two nights were normal but Sat. nite a water main broke or something and when we returned to room around ten at night they told us we had to leave…we said can we at least sleep a couple of hours before we do the 8 hour trip home, which we didn’t really want to leave early. Angel said no u leave now…They gave us no help with other motels, suggestions or anything…We called desk and asked for some information and the other girl at desk was new and could not answer. I have not contacted anyone because I am still upset with the way everyone was treated…I am faithful to red roof and have stayed at the one in Christiana since then and still received the great treatment I always get but there was no discount or anything offered for the inconvenience of ruining the trip or the fact it was 11 pm by the time we gathered everything and we had been up since 5 and was not looking forward to the drive home and cutting the trip short. Angel was upset she had to come back in and help new girl and therefore we received no help, no sorry…nothing. The least they could have done is called people on cell phone (which I know is on file) and let us know what was happening…it was early in day then.


Nanci Morrison October 24, 2016 at 8:43 pm

My name is Nanci Morrison and I am from Christmas, Florida. My husband and I traveled to my daughter’s home in Farmer’s, Ky to surprise her. Our daughter and her husband are very involved with Preston Court Day and also own one of the fastest growing restaurants in Rowan County. We were there to help them and see our grandchildren. I do want to apologize for not contacting you before now, but I really thought I might not have a personal reason to be concerned…until last weekend. This was extremely selfish on my part.
We stayed in your hotel in Morehead, Ky on Friday October 14, 2016 because all the other hotels were full due to Preston Court Day. We woke up on Saturday morning and I went and got some coffee, which they were out of downstairs. I was patient because I knew they were full because of the large event going on. When I got back to the room, I sat down and noticed something on my pillow. As I put my glasses on and studied what was there, I noticed it was a bug. We investigated closer to find a few more (3) smaller ones on the same pillow. A bit freaked out, we packed and darted out of there! We mentioned to the house keepers and they acted unalarmed. This almost bothered me more than seeing the bugs. I don’t expect any compensation, although the young man at the front desk (which I am pretty sure was the same one that was there the night before when we checked in) said that he had contacted the owner and she was willing to give us a good deal….1/2 off. Well of course we did not stand for that and refused to pay. The employees acted like it was no big deal. They would not even inspect the room where we found the bugs.
I started having whelps come up all over my arms, chest and shoulders last weekend (Oct 21). My first thought was mosquitos (we DO live in Florida). By Sunday I was MISERABLE!! I have what looks like ant bites all over my arms and they are pretty much driving me crazy. After looking my symptoms up. they matched those of a bed bug bite. Nice to know they can take to 9-14 days to actually appear. It had been exactly seven days to appear, but since the first one appeared I have gotten many more. They have only appeared on my arms, shoulder and a few on my chest. The bugs we found were on the pillow (inside the case) that I curled up to. They are worse on my left side; I sleep on my right. OF course between the nightmares and the itching, I have not had much sleep.
I have been all over the world and have stayed in more hotels then I can even begin to count and have NEVER had this happen! I do not want any compensation; I just feel like you as corporate know what is reflecting on your name. I am more than disappointed, I am disgusted! I will never, ever stay in a Red Roof Inn again.
I do expect some kind of response but I do NOT want any compensation. I will never stay in one of your hotels again so I don’t want any kind of credit. If I was the owner of this company, I would want to know.


Diane Billingham October 13, 2016 at 8:40 am

In May I made a reservation on Red for a stay in Lancaster PA. for 10/8/16-10/10/16. When we arrived after driving 7 hours we were disgusted with the condition of the hotel. We went to the office and the person there spoke very broken English and we actually had to get out our confirmation of stay because he was having trouble with computer and understanding . There was another Red Roof down the street unfortunately and he was confused. Our paperwork was for this location which was deplorable. So now we were having to find a place to stay on Columbus Day weekend 7 hours away from home. Thankfully another hotel which had no vacancies helped us find a nice place. I called the Red Roof cancellation line and cancelled our unfortunate reservation, as I had until 4 pm to do so. The gentleman I spoke to was very apologetic and gave me the number for customer service. I called yesterday and spoke to Jose and he was again very apologetic and said that would be sent to manager and I would receive a call or email within 2 days. He put me on hold and to find out why there were 2 Red Roofs so close??! He came back and said the one we were registered in is no longer a Red Roof I explained as of that day they were. There was a Red Roof sign and they said they were Red Roof. He said I would hear from someone within 48 hours. About and hour later I received a call from Jose and he said there was nothing Red Roof could do as they no longer own property-I said as of when as I had to call Red Roof to cancel-he didn’t know. I asked to speak to a manager and was transferred to Mandy- she said Red Roof doesn’t allow mangers to give last names- which I know isn’t true as my husband goes to Trevose, PA Red Roof 2-3 times a year. He is a coach and has about 35-40 players from 2-3 teams. The manager there Michael Whaland had always been very nice. He told us us full name . Mandy was not at all apologetic and said we sold location and new owner should have told us so. I said I made reservations with Red Roof and feel it was Red Roof’s responsibility to tell us . She said can’t help you we don’t own. I questioned why then did I call Red Roof to cancel the reservation? She said “you did”? Well we didn’t charge you so you are all set. She was not very polite and was very condescending. We are extremely unhappy about this experience like I said my husband and his players go to the Red Roof 2-3 times a year. We may have to rethink this if this is how Red Roof treats their customers.


Phillip Ramsey September 9, 2016 at 10:52 am

Dear People it seems you are not responding to my query, so I’ll try again
“”” I have used your Inns for years now, and I’m a RediCard club member, I also have a RediCard+ credit card.
My last visit to a Red Roof Inn, was on April 28th 2016. This was at Yemassee SC, my confirmation number was 429-127739.
I have used My RediCard and have made a large amount of purchases

But when I check my acXXXXulated points< there was any, ZERO

I sent an e-mail via your on line site twice and have reprieved no reply, I called the customer service number, no help there.
I now have 659 points after my phone call where did ALL MY Points go?

Here is my rewards from readicard+ credit card;
this shows I have a RediCard, there are more but I'll add them later, if needed

Your web-site stated

With the RediCard program, you'll earn 10 points per dollar on the paid room rate. When you reach 6,000 RediCard points, you'll automatically receive your Free Night Certificate good at any Red Roof Inn nationwide.

Time to step-up to the plate and take care of this

Points have been deposited to your RediCard® account.



Points have been deposited to your RediCard® account.



Points have been deposited to your RediCard® account.



Points have been deposited to your RediCard® account.



Points have been deposited to your RediCard® account.



$158.99 purchase



$500.00 purchase



$17.58 purchase



Points have been deposited to your RediCard® account.



$100.58 purchase



Phillip Ramsey September 7, 2016 at 3:07 pm

Dear people at Red Roof Inns,
I have used your Inns for years now, and I’m a RediCard club member, I also have a RediCard+ credit card.
My last visit to a Red Rook Inn, was on April 28th 2016. This was at Yemassee SC, my confirmation number was 429-127739.
I have used My RediCard and have made a large amount of purchases

But when I check my acXXXXulated points< there was any, ZERO

I sent an e-mail via your on line site twice and have reprieved no reply, I called the customer service number, no help there.
I now have 659 points after my phone call where did ALL MY POINTS GO, please reply


Johnny Alcorta July 7, 2016 at 6:31 pm

My Spouse and i made reservation in Corpus Christi, Texas in early June 2016 for July 4,2016 weekend. We reserve two rooms and were explicit on the size of beds we want; to the security of the area.
Well, the entire weekend was a nightmare: We stayed in rooms 323 and 324.
1. The rooms had very, very, foul smell like “feta’s” and “FILTHY” so bad we had to find some activities to remain outside the room until we had choice but to come back.
2. We had requested two link rooms or side-by-side because of our grandchildren could go back and forth, and that didn’t happened. Instead, we had go across the hallway to get access too our rooms, which made it very hard to go continually back and forth that finally we gave up.
3. Then, the toilet clog up and when we asked for assistant from the front desk the staff asked someone from the room to up too the front desk to get the plunger. So, we ended up actually unclogged the toilet because we had no choice in this dilemma.
4. In room 324 the door wouldn’t secured properly so we had to wait for the staff to send someone to work on the door security, which took long time before it was taken care , and there no solution so ended up moving all personal belonging into room 324 for securities purposes.
5. The bathtub was not safe because the material to assist you to keep from slippy down wasn’t available, so we had places towels in the bathtub so we wouldn’t slip and fall causes a serious bodily injury.
6. Upon, arrival going into our rooms we noticed that there wasn’t enough towels and showering and soap accessories. So, again there we go to the front desk only to get the run of round to get these items.
In Closure:
We expected for things go smooth without any dilemmas and enjoy our weekend with our grandchildren and family members. But, instead this what we received as previously elaborated above and when we attempted to correct these problems there wasn’t a solutions, my Spouse and I were very, very, unsatisfied with everything. We, have stayed in Red Roof Inn for weeks in other places in these United States of America and encounter nothing ( NO DILEMMAS) like this.

We would really like ask for a refund as soon as possible

Combat Veteran


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