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Protect America Corporate Office Address

Protect America, Inc.
3800 Quick Hill Road, Building 1-100
Austin, Texas 78728

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Phone Number: (877) 591-5785
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CEO: Scott Fleming

Protect America History

Protect America was founded in 1992 in Austin, Texas. The company provides home and business security systems, burglar alarms, and video monitoring services.

The company founded the first monitored, self installed business security system in America in 2005.  Mobile apps, where clients can monitor and change the settings of their systems, are also available. Protect America has approximately 500 full time employees and in 2012, the company expanded their outreach into Canada.

In addition to the usual burglar alarms, the company offers vehicle GPS tracking systems,  home security monitoring services, which include cellular, two-way voice, landline, and broadband monitoring services, as well as video surveillance.

Protect America was recently ranked as #1 in SDM magazine as the Best Overall Home Security Companies.

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GJ January 8, 2018 at 3:09 pm

I am having a similar situation as Ella. I don’t think they care about the BBB since they are in a different state then the customer. Here is my story:

October 28, 2017

Mr. Scott Fleming
Protect America, Inc.
3800 Quick Hill Road, Building 1-100
Austin, Texas 78728

Dear Mr. Fleming,

I was trying to get an alarm system for my eighty-plus year old father but all I have done was make matters worse.

Beginning on October 7, 2017, I have tried an infinite number of times, to either connect the alarm so it will work or cancel the contract because it would not connect, to no avail. I was also told to call when I was ready to set up the alarm. There was no mention at all that there was a time limit for setting it up.

I do not live in the same city as my father and I had other obligations that prevented me from getting to his house sooner. Since it is a do-it-yourself alarm system, I thought I could connect it at my own convenience. That was not the case and the time ran out for me to cancel. A consideration should be given to the customer however, in the case when the alarm system doesn’t work and it is no fault of the customer, for the customer to send the system back and cancel the contract without obligations.

My father lives in a hundred year old home. Power outlets and phone outlets are not normally found together, so it makes it almost impossible to hook the two up. When I did get a signal that the system was connected, the alarm blocked my father from making and receiving phone calls. I did not realize this until I got home and tried to call my father. At 10:30 that night I knew his phone should not have been busy. I called for about an hour and continued to get a busy signal. When I had not called my father, he tried to call me and he realized he couldn’t make calls out. I called my sister and asked her to check the phone line when she got there. She realized, after arriving, the alarm was stopping my father from receiving and making calls out, leaving him vulnerable if he needed to call for help. My sister disconnected the alarm system and my father was able to receive and make calls.

For three months, my father has not had a working alarm system. I have been paying for absolutely nothing. I tried to call after the Columbus Day Weekend (October 10, 2017) that Tuesday, to cancel the system again and I was told I could not because it was past the 30 days.

Protect America then insulted me further by offering him 24 months at a lesser amount. When I inquired about why would she lowered his bill and his monthly payments, I was told that was in addition to the 36 months he had already signed up for. My father is close to ninety. So now she wants to give him a five-year contract for an alarm that does not work.

At this juncture, feeling disrespected by the representative, I made a request to speak to the Supervisor. The Supervisor refused to come to the phone and would only speak through the representative. The Supervisor was also disrespectful because she never displayed any concern or extended a common courtesy to help resolve this issue. I consider this poor customer service.

After realizing I was getting upset because the product didn’t work and it was her job to not refund any money, the representative tried to appease me by offering me the wireless unit for an additional fee with the promised it would work. And because I was trying to be fair, I accepted the wireless unit to demonstrate to Protect America my willingness to work with them. Protect America, on the other hand, did not want to work with me. A few days later the wireless didn’t work either. Their only interest appeared to be to get more money from me.

On October 21, 2017, I tried again to set up my Father’s alarm system, the alarm kept going off, I couldn’t get it programmed and I realized his house was too old for this type of alarm. I stopped trying because no matter what the representative did it was of no use. This third representative was not the problem. The problem is the company does not have any technicians and there is no way to cancel if the device doesn’t work. Does anyone really care?.

All I have gotten from Protect America via the last representative is, my father has to pay the 36 months or until he dies whichever comes first. Make sure, if he dies, to send them the death certificate because they cannot cancel it otherwise.

All I am asking is for Protect America to cancel this contract.


Dr Sarri August 21, 2017 at 12:49 am

After I was pushed, and under duress and misrepresentation by the sales people at this “Protect” America and paid some $254 plus nearly $50 a month on 7/7/17, I received this set of junk sensors that easily fall, falsely alarm traumatizing my three pets and neighbors, and literally ruining my vacation. Not to mention fees incurred by falsely alerting my neighborhood police. I spoke to a dozen of these crooks (Damond, James, Laquita, etc.). They “promised” to call back and “secure” their “system” IN VAIN. Last, they claimed it is the desert (I live in Las Vegas) and it is incompatible with their “sensors.” Then, they held that once I come back from our vacation, they will troubleshoot or cancel and give me a refund. Empty promises, after they dragged me beyond 30 days “warrantee” to force me, under duress, to their so-called contract. I am contacting the FCC, the BBB in Austin, the Attorney General of TX, Yielp, all credit bureaus, and all social media. I cannot be legally and morally forced to pay for a grossly defective product.
Dr. Sarri


AJH July 17, 2017 at 12:49 pm

Worst security company ever. When it comes down to solving a problem, they won’t even take my calls!


Ella Chasten March 14, 2017 at 10:28 pm

I forwarded a couple of emails to the CEO’s comment field but unfortunately have receive no reply. I was initially impressed with the desire to please the consumer but have since lost hope, concerned that this is just meant to give the impression that customer service is valued. Protect America monitored my pre-existing wired alarm for just over 7 years. Since December my service is being paid for but NOT monitored. Just an absolute WASTE of my money. I was told that I needed to add a feature to my wired, landline service to continue the monitoring feature and thought it would be a good time to upgrade to a wireless system. Since receiving ALL the components I have been nothing but disappointed. The quality appears cheap, the monitor can just be unplugged, the siren is ONLY heard within the house unlike my current system, the cameras and siren require an outdoor outlet and the list continues. I should feel comfortable with my home security system and after receiving the items in the mail I didn’t and I voiced my concern. While the feature to move the sensors and all the components may be attractive to renters or those that move frequently, this IS NOT something that interest me. I’ve lived in my home for 7 years and have no plans to move. I want my sensors secure and I don’t want a mobile system. In fact, I’m please with the system I currently have. I have over 40 sensors throughout my entire house and I’ve never had a problem. My home is over 5,000 square feet and I was told I couldn’t use any of my pre-wired sensors. In fact, my door sensors are currently not visible giving it a nice clean finish. I have over 24 windows and doors on my first floor alone. When asked if someone could install, I was given a quote that doesn’t even include installation of the smoke detectors or cameras. Then I was provided a reference and when I called, they don’t provide that service in my area. Frustrated with the amount of time and the entire process I decided to complete the steps to get my current wired system monitored by Protect America. After spending hours on the phone with Protect America my system still is not being monitored. My husband and I walked through the process to connect the device but after being required to set my alarm off multiple times I REFUSE to do it again. My current wired system is great and the outside siren is a GREAT deterrent. As a result of setting my alarm off for Protect America to test the signal, I received calls from neighbors, visits from neighbors, and a couple of police visits all because of the continuous siren. I live in a nice neighborhood and appreciate the fact that my neighbors will contact the police when they hear an alarm, hence my disappointment that the alarm I received only sets off a local siren and the additional device received requires an outlet to even work. In fact, I was told to plug it in in the garage…Really? This is not how I want to protect my investment. I’m frustrated that I haven’t received ANY response regarding my initial comment and left wondering if customer service is truly valued at Protect America. I feel as though I’m stuck with something I DON’T want and I would think you want customers that are in fact pleased with both your service and quality. I don’t respect such business ethics. I have NOT installed any of the items nor do I want to and I attempted to just get my wired system monitored. Being that Protect American can not actively monitor my system I want to have the contract voided ASAP and return all the unused product I have. It serves me absolutely no purpose. If my situation is not resolved to my satisfaction I will forward communication to the BBB and use social media to express my frustration with Protect America. I would prefer not to go this route as I was happy with the monitoring services I received over the past 7 years. I would like to respectfully part ways and go with a monitoring company that can come to my house to ensure proper installation so that I feel save and protected in my home. I hope this complaint is directed to someone that can actually resolve my issue. Thanks, Ella Chasten 480-238-XXXX


Michael Nunez March 8, 2017 at 6:20 pm

My ex used my name as an emergency contact without my permission when he signed up for your service. Since then he has been arrested, changed his number and moved. I have no idea how to get a hold of him. I continue to receive calls from your company looking for him. I’ve explained to them that I don’t know where he is. I told them to stop calling. I told them I retained a lawyer and to call him. Yet I keep getting phone calls non-stop. I’ve filed a complaint with the Colorado State Attorney General, Texas State Attorney General, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and the Better Business Bureau. I’ve tried to reason with the manager in charge of your call center. (Connor, Conrad?) but to no avail. If the calls do not stop immediately I will instruct my lawyer to move forward with legal remedies. Thank you.


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