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Princess Cruise Lines
24844 Ave Rockefeller
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

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Phone Number: (661) 753-0000
Fax Number: (661) 284-4765
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Princess Cruise Lines Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Princess Cruise Lines Executives

CEO: Micky M. Arison / Gerald R. Cahill
CFO: David Bernstein
COO: Howard S. Frank

Princess Cruise Lines History

Princess Cruises was founded by Stanley McDonald in 1965 when he chartered the cruise ship Princess Patria for a Mexican Riviera Cruise from Los Angeles. The ship did not have air conditioning and therefore was not suitable for tropical cruises.

In 1967 the company chartered the ship Princess Italia and used the ship to on its Mexican Riviera cruises and on Alaskan cruises from San Francisco.

The company became famous in 1977 when one of its ships, the Pacific Princess, was featured in the television series The Love Boat.

Today Princess Cruise Lines has eighteen cruise ships ranging from the Ocean Princess which has a capacity of 680 passengers and 373 crew and was built in 1999 and the Regal Princess which has a capacity of 3,600 passengers and 1,400 crew and was built in 2014.

Princess Cruise Lines has about 1.7 million passengers each year and is currently owned by Carnival Cruise Lines.

Princess Cruise Lines FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Princess Cruise Lines?
Answer 1: The phone number for Princess Cruise Lines is (661) 753-0000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Princess Cruise Lines?
Answer 2: The CEO of Princess Cruise Lines is Micky M. Arison / Gerald R. Cahill.

Question 3: Who founded Princess Cruise Lines?
Answer 3: Princess Cruise Lines was founded by in .

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Ramona Omsberg August 9, 2019 at 1:48 pm

Well it has been over two months since our cruise from hell. We have not heard from Princess Corporate. We have placed complaints with two areas of Princess and still NO resolution or word from that company. After sailing with Princess many times and being a Platinum card holder still nothing. This shows it does not matter how many times you use a company they do not care. I am so done with Princess Cruise Line.


David Rubel June 11, 2019 at 4:05 pm

We were on the Royal Princess cruise from Vancouver, Canada to Whitter, Alaska departing Vancouver May 11, 2019 where my pocket knife was confiscated “for safe keeping”. I was given a receipt but haven’t heard from Princess as to where the knife is since filing paper work June 30. Where is my knife??? Will I ever see it again?????


Frank Mastrocco December 7, 2018 at 4:33 pm

To the C E O of Princess Cruise lines , I recently disembarked from a 10 day cruise on the Crown Princess and during the cruise my wife and I ate at the Crown grill and at Sabatini’s .My steak dinner and sides were fine , my wife chose the lobster tail dinner and was terribly disappointed , the lobster wasn’t cooked properly and the vegetables were cooked with a sauce that was oddly sweet and not very compatible to the entrée. . We have eaten at the Crown grill on another Princess ship and enjoyed immensely . Sabatini’s was another disappointment , the menu was not like the menu we had on another Princess ship and it did not reflect traditional Italian food . We both chose the menu item and neither of us thought it was up to the standards we encountered on previous cruises . We are not big drinkers , so we usually buy the “soda package” . We were also disappointed that some of the items were eliminated from the deal and the cup that usually come with it was also eliminated but the cost was the same . On occasion we will order wine or a cocktail with our dinner and we have it charged on our “sea pass”. We are frequent cruisers with Princess and at the present are at Platinum level , looking forward to Elite level . I would like a response to this Email from some one at the corporate level to discuss some of the items I described . I will say that the service and food in the dinning room was impeccable and everyone of the crew we encountered were great and I want to make that clear . Looking forward to our next cruise that is already booked .


PJ Valentine July 30, 2018 at 3:27 pm

We are asking for HELP with our cruise situation. This is in regards to cabin locations, dining arrangements and “Three for Free” promotional offer we all should have. This is about customer service, business principals, oral agreements and expectations when cruising with Princess and the ridiculously unorthodox service and policies from a travel agency, Zoe’s Cruises, that is closely affiliated with Princess. We are asking Princess to intervene and help resolve this unfathomable situation.

I ( PJ Valentine) was appointed by our BUNKO Club to make the Alaskan cruise travel arrangements for the group of 14 (BUNKO friends and Family Group Cruise to Alaska). We started planning this cruise 2 years ago. In May of 2017, I actively started the process by contacting Zoes’ for prices and schedules. In August, we proceeded to finalize our trip.

We are 14 senior citizens trying to take a group cruise together on Princess. We are a large group which is why we decided to have an agency coordinate the reservations ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE. In early September 2017, I contacted Zoes’ for the current fare lists and dates. I asked what was needed to get the “Three for Free” promotional offer. I was told we had to make a $100 deposit (vs the regular $200 deposit) each before September 28 when the offer expired.

I had discussed with our assigned agent, Ellora Stanton, what our goal was: We wanted to travel as a group. We wanted 7 adjacent cabins and early dining at two adjacent tables.

Every couple contacted Zoes Cruise lines in September to make arrangements to pay the deposit.

What followed over the next few months put our group in complete chaos.

In September, when each couple contacted Zoes’ to pay the deposit of $100 each, they were told a variety of things. Most were told that the deposit wasn’t required until they actually choose their room but they would get the “Three for Free”. Myself and my cabin mate called in the credit card information, as I was instructed to do by Ellora, “our” agent. My cabin mate, Lisa, called in her deposit to Zoes’ and Linda took the information to pass on to Ellora. I left my info on Elloras voice mail. Ellora did not process either deposit. Later said she didn’t get the messages and that it didn’t matter. As far as I can ascertain, Zoes’ will not take a deposit to secure prices/ offers unless you pick a cabin. We were under the impression that once all the deposits were in the agency would find a block of cabins for us. This was 11 months before sailing.

In the ensuing months, there were many problems and questions about why people were paying different prices and the locations of the cabins. I made countless phone calls and dozens of emails to try and get answers. After weeks of calls and more than 30 emails to our agent, I discovered why things were a mess. First off, there was no effort on the part of Zoes’ to treat us as a group. We assumed one person was coordinating things. This was NOT the case. Each person was processed as an individual with no internal coordination whatsoever. We ended up with several agents working separately.

The situation culminated in May when I tried twice to appeal directly to the owner. Zoe did not contact me, as I requested, but instead responded to the agent that she was too busy to call me. I have the emails.

At this point I was contacting Princess for assistance. I was politely advised that because we were using a travel agent I would have to go through the travel agency. I was informed Princess doesn’t get involved in financial disputes. Although this has impacted most in a financially negative way, this is not what we’re asking Princess to assist with.

In early May (8 months later) our situation was this:
We had 7 cabins spread over FIVE decks with only two cabins adjacent. Our early dinning at two adjacent tables had been confirmed. All info in personal cruise profiles showed different times. Again we were told by Ellora not to worry. I requested the confirmation via email and received that on May 17th that stated “Most likely it will be two tables close together”.

Realizing Zoes’ was not going to help resolve the cabin location problem, we tried to remedy it on our own. I gave up the mini suite and but had to forfeit our “Three for Free” promo, to move to Caribe deck with two of the couples. Then the Roses paid $100 additional to move from deck 5 to Caribe deck (thereby cancelling the $100 on board credit). So now we have 4 cabins spread out on the Caribe deck.

We asked for help to move the Severs who are in their 70’s and first time cruisers because they were assigned a cabin on deck 5, isolated from the group. I requested the Severs be moved to the Baja deck with the rest of the Lehe Clan. We were told they would have to give up their three for free promo offer if they moved. They were willing to move to an inside cabin if they could keep their promo offer.

Given we began this process a year ago we should have all secured adjacent cabins, the same dining situations as requested, and we should have all been charged from the same fare schedule (paid the same price for the same cabin) and received the “Three for Free” Promotional offer. as we all contacted Zoes in September to pay our deposits.

I have lots of doXXXXentation of times, dates and people who called and emailed Zoes’ and the variety of answers and misinformation we received from Ellora and the other agents.

This month at our monthly Bunko gathering I found out our agent Ellora, had been FIRED!!!! No one contacted me, so I called Zoe and she returned my call, this time. She claimed to know nothing about our problems and my letter to her. Although I do have that email that contradicts her claim. She insinuated the dining fiasco was our fault because we should have contacted Zoes’ to let them know there was a problem. When I tried to explain that we did on many occasions, she said “that’s in the past” “lets focus on fixing your problem”. She went on to inform me that the dining confirmation had not been made for the group but she would try and fix it. All other issues about cabin placement she said she couldn’t change. She assured us that the dining we thought was secure was now secure. Ultimately, she could not do anything else for us as it is now too late.

Our request is the same one we had a year ago. We would like 4 balconies and three inside cabins as close together as possible. We would like REAL assurance that we will all be dining together at two adjacent tables. I would like my Three for Free promotion returned to me.

I have spent hours and hours and hours working on this simple group reservation.

I finally contacted a local news station KOVR Channel 10, as they have a consumer help spot called “Kurtis at 10” . They have decided to take our case. Before I proceed I wanted to exhaust my last appeal, by contacting Princess HQ directly.

I am a HUGE Princess Cruise Line fan. I already have my next cruise booked for October. I did it myself online via Princess web page.

Is there anything you can do to make this cruise what it was supposed to be? At the very minimum, your assurance that we will be dining together at two adjacent tables and the same servers for all of us so we can switch places some nights would mean a lot to us. If you could move the Severs, up to one of our decks, that would be WONDERFUL!
Please intervene and help us.

I await your response.

Thanks for taking the time to “hear us out”.


PJ Valentine home 916 456-7024 or cell 916 214-9414

VM5DXQ 2 Valentine, PJ & Standard-Clark, Lisa MB D607 AE8 Sacramento(2)
HK6LVH 2 Collins, Kini & Bill BD C706 AE8 Sacramento(2)
VHHG4W 2 Eggert, Jane & Gliebe, Gregory IB B616 AE8 Sacramento(2)
VHHMWQ 2 Lehe, Robert & Linda MB B610 AE8 Sacramento(2)
VM9VWM 2 Marria, Kathy & Herrera, Alberta B2 C601 AE8 Sacramento(2)
VH9D2V 2 Rose, Renee & Ken IC P318 AE8 Sacramento(2)
VTXK6K 2 Severs, Susan & Frank OC P307 AE8 Sacramento(2)


gerwin cornejo July 26, 2018 at 10:59 pm

i just want to ask if this company is legit or not? ist true that after fill out the form they give form princess cruise ship in california they ask me to pay 300$ worth for registration fee. hope ypu response thank you so much


suresh October 29, 2018 at 7:39 am

To know about payment before visa 300$ its true or fake


Abuthahir May 4, 2018 at 2:33 am

Greetings sir I receive a job from princess cruises ship company I get appointments letter also kindly check the job is true or fake because they send appointments letter and they send make the payment for registration fee so,I want know this is true or fake reply to me.


Orgetorix J. Roundtree January 28, 2019 at 6:06 pm

Orgetorix J. Roundtree January 28, 2019

I have tried unsuccessfully to get the attention and satisfactory action from someone in the cooperate office to assist with our situation. I wrote directly to Mr. Mario Siebaldi, Senior VP of Guest Operations on January 8, 2019 and have not heard back as to date. I submitted claim forms to lost and found but they are of little to no help since our damage is more than your basic policy of $250 allowed. As an Elite status member and one who has spent over 30K this year on your cruises, I would expect at least a reply from cooperate when I take the time and energy to personally ask for your assistance to my situation. Apparently, you don’t care enough about your customers to respond when something goes wrong on one of your cruises. Below I have attached the letter I sent to Mr. Siebaldi. I truly hope someone else in cooperate reads this and will step up tp their responsible and contact me.

Mr. Mario Siebaldi,
Senior Vice President
of Guest Operations
24305 Town Center Drive
Santa Clarita, CA

Orgetorix Roundtree
Panama Cruise
Caribbean Princess
December 9 – December 19

On Sunday, December 9, 2018 while the dock crew was loading our luggage onto the ship, it fell over and into the ocean. When we opened up our luggage the contents were soaking wet. Many articles of clothing were ruined. When we called the front desk to advise someone of the situation the response was only that of “bring your luggage down to the desk.” We hung up the phone and went down to the front desk to once again try to get some guidance and assistance on what to do with our wet/damaged clothing.

During this entire incident it was us who had to chase down anyone willing to assist. Not once did Princess Cruises take charge of the incident and try to assist. One person kept referring the problem to someone else. It took speaking to several different people before we finally got someone willing to assist.

We were offered several “we are sorry” and a complimentary bottle of wine! But come on, most of our clothing was ruined and we already had the beverage package. Even the message left on our cabin phone telling us of the incident said “have a nice day”. Obvious you can’t have a “nice day” being told your luggage fell in the ocean!

Our clothing was finally sorted through and then sent to be laundered and pressed. It should be noted that many pieces of our clothing were dry clean only thus ruined. The ship’s laundry service took three days to complete. In the meantime, we had to wear the same articles of clothing for the three days. We felt this should have been a priority issue considering the incident and we should not have had to keep asking to have our clothing returned little by little on the third day.

While all of this was happening, we were very insistent on speaking with a Customer Service Representative. We were finally given the opportunity to speak with Maria del Rocco Vargas. She was very sincere about the whole ordeal and was able to assist us in finally getting our clothes back and helping us fill out a damage report.

Another problem we had was getting our laminated cruise cards. We had expedited our check in procedures by having our medallions sent to us via post. When we physically checked-in, we were told that if we wanted our cruise cards we could get them at the front desk once we were on the ship, but that they were not necessary to have. Initially, we didn’t try to get the cruise cards since we were told the medallions were all we needed. Then when we were at the emergency drill, we were instructed that the cruise cards are necessary to have in order get on and off the ship. We went to get the cruise cards and were told that they could not be programed at this time because the computer was down. We went back three times and still no luck. Finally, it was once again Maria who got us our cruise cards.

Also, the emergency information drill was a complete disaster. We waited for over half an hour for other guest to arrive once the preliminary drill started. All guests on any particular cruise should not have to be held waiting for the actual drill to commence. If passengers cannot comply and get themselves to the drill on time, then they should be accommodated at a second drill, and those of us who are on time can get this mandatory obligation out of the way and begin our holiday.

To date not one person from Princess Cruises has reached out to follow up on this incident to see if any resolution could be made. This includes officers on the ship and the corporate office even with official damage reports having been filed.

This entire cruise was disappointing to the point that perhaps it is time to investigate other cruise companies. We understand accidents happen but own it and be responsible for those incidents. We have been very loyal to Princess Cruises, both of us being Elite/Platinum Status. We have spent over $30K just this past month on cruises with Princess. I would think that if Princess Cruises truly valued their customers, then the Company’s response to this situation would be a very different and a pro-active one.


Orgetorix J. Roundtree


Dr. Jeff October 14, 2017 at 4:28 pm

To people posting: Please, please learn some rudimentary grammar, spelling and sentence construction.


Michael Durniak June 18, 2018 at 9:20 am

blueeyedmichael@ Dr. Jeff .. how arrogant can you be ?? A person from a foreign nation is inquiring if his employment letter is genuine. Your comment is about his lack of English skills?? You need to learn some rudimentry empathy rather than being arrogant and rude.


Richard&Kelly Childers August 14, 2017 at 12:38 pm

Dear Mickey M. Arison / Gerald R. Cahill
Just had a great cruise on Ruby Princess! My wife and I want to thank the young man that cleaned our cabin CHRISTIAN RODILLAS SRS he is a credit to your company. Someone needs to give him a raise! The food was wonderful and the severs were great. My only complaint, we did not have enough time in Port of Victoria, Canada. Telling ever one what a great cruse.
Thanks to all the people at Ruby Princess for making our trip to Alaska so wonderful, God Bless each and everyone.

The Childers Family


Eric gottlieb July 6, 2017 at 12:26 pm

Worst and scary experience.. for anyone with a handicap.. Beware and do not book.,We were given bad info about being able to take a scooter on a excursion… They told us we couldn’t use the scooters unless it was collapsable .. this wasn’t true . I had to walk with assistance and both myself and my other half fell because of the horrible winds in Skagway.,Turned out we could have brought it. When we got back to ship they told us to take it up with our attorney . We have been on many cruises and never had an experience like this . Avoid


Barbara Wells June 23, 2017 at 4:59 pm

Please would someone in upper management call me ? At 1-210-771-XXXXX. It was our 46 th anniversary . We had no honeymoon . We spends $10, 000. for our trip. . It was an terrible and nobody cares.I ‘m hoping there is someone who really cares. Thank you


CarolAnn Curtiis February 19, 2017 at 1:18 pm



CarolAnn Curtiis February 16, 2017 at 2:19 pm



CarolAnn Curtiis February 16, 2017 at 2:18 pm



CarolAnn Curtiis February 16, 2017 at 2:16 pm



Patrick Braun February 6, 2017 at 12:54 pm

i attended a session by marlena renner explaining her new book she stated she had been raped but god had helped her to deal with it . she was going to give a class on anxiety but was told she could not because one customer complained because she used two words to dsscribe her book the word god and the word rape i feel management made a bad dec[sson our group occupied four belconay uniys and were disappointed by managements handeling of this situation i plan to persue this issue with management or other media to avoid issues in the future patrick braun


Donald Droske December 8, 2016 at 10:15 am

My wife and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on December 1, 2017. We planned on having a family and friends celebration in Michigan (we live in Florida), followed by a cruise to Hawaii, a trip we have been looking forward to for the last 10 years. This summer, as soon as reservations became available, we booked our cruise on the Star Princess for ourselves and my brother-in-law and his wife for the cruise leaving Las Angeles on December 4, 2017 and finalized plans for the family and friends celebration in Michigan on our anniversary, December 1, 2017. This allowed us to travel to Michigan prior to December 1, have the celebration, fly to Las Angeles, CRUISE TO HAWAII, and return to Michigan for my wife’s birthday, and Christmas with our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. GREAT!!
Then on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 our plans were crushed when we received an email from Princess Cruise Line that out cruise was CANCELLED. We can no longer celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with our family and finish it off with our cruise of a lifetime.
I immediately called Princess Cruise Line to see what my alternatives were. The trip was cancelled because the ship was going into drydock. Obviously, there was nothing they could do to replace the cruise on December 4, 2017 and salvage our celebration plans, so we booked the cruise leaving on January 3, 2018. The lady I talked to was very understanding and courteous, but she could only do so much. We made the changes for both our reservations and my brother-in-law’s reservations. BUT, the cost had gone up since our initial reservations, so to maintain cost, we had to accept a less desireable room location.
So what did we get in return from the Princess Cruise Line for our ruined 50th wedding anniversary celebration:
– A less desireable room location on the ship.
– $15.00 room credit. YIPPEE !!!!

We are very disappointed with Princess Cruise Line’s consideration of their customer’s and are actively looking at other cruise lines.


shmock November 28, 2016 at 4:29 pm




Joe April 6, 2016 at 1:56 pm

Since this new CEO Arnald w. Donald princess cruise lines has taken taken over princess cruise lines has turned to garbage. This was a family cruise line Not a XXXXXo sex cruise line before this guy became CEO of carnival cruise lines. We took our family on a one week cruise with three cabins onboard the Ruby princess. 31st of jan 2016 to our surprise and with no discloser this was a full rainbow gay cruise with most of the ship blocked out to drag queens on board there were sex acts taking place in public areas with children watching. This ship was delayed over 7 hours from leaving on this cruise due to a major storm when we found out what was taking place onboard we asked to get of this ship before it sailed we where refused to leave to be let off this sex ship.there where hundreds on board from an extreme group that princess had blocked out and had advance knowledge of what activity will be taking place onboard thus cruise this was a themed cruise to this extreme group with open sex in public areas some staff was surprised as well. When we returned home we wrote a letter to customer relations and we received a call from a Lisa with no last name staying there’s nothing we can do for you we do not asked questions about any groups blocking out spaces on any of our ships we have taken many pictures of what was taking place on this ship pen lewdless and acknowledged by princess and organized by princess we met with another gay couple at diner and they where very blindsided and inberressed and stated this was not there cut of tea and very insulting that princess would allowe this activity onboard with many children and family’s onboard – Google January 31 2016 ruby princess to Mexico and you will see that this was a full themed exstremist cruise , !


Jack August 12, 2015 at 5:45 am

This is in response to the new promotional add from Princess on Sip and Sail good until the 18th of August. Surprise, tried booking only to be told the number Avaiable are gone. When calling cosumer relations to be told “did you read the fine print”. Even though the add was still on the web site highlighted in Yellow offer good until the 18th.
Terrible. Was in the process of booking 3 cruises on Princess. Well not now or ever will I sail Princess.


David Garfinkel May 26, 2015 at 3:00 pm

I’m almost embarrassed for you sending this comment but here it goes. My wife called Princess to check into booking a family vacation for 10 people. In addition to other family members we have 3 children (kids are 6, 9, and 12). Needless to say when we book the cruise we want to go on a kid friendly ship. When my wife spoke to the Princess Cruise agent and asked her about the ships being kid friendly her response was “we are a cruise line not an amusement park!” REALLY??? We were looking to spend $10’s of thousands of dollars on this trip but now we won’t be looking at Princess! Is that really how your people are trained to talk with potential customer?? Royal Carib, Carnival, or Disney would love to have our business.



edward T. Frank March 3, 2015 at 4:25 pm

Please stop sending me & Margaret Gentile Brochures for future cruises. Gave a depoit two years ago of two hundred dollars that you screw us out of. Shame on you, & if I every cruise with you again Shame on me. Bumper stickers of a sinking cruise line look great on my car, mistakes you can always learn from Thanks.


carlo manubag October 14, 2014 at 4:31 am

Dear Micky M. Arison / Gerald R. Cahill, CEO:
I am Carlo Labella Manubag 44 yrs of age, married with three daugthers and presently residing in the Philippines, Province of Davao del Norte.
I am a seafarer employed as a stateroom steward by my manning agency, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation here in the Philippines and under Princess Cruise Lines as my principal,i had been with the company for 15 yrs, both local and principal company.
Unfortunately, last June 15, 2014, i was medically repatriated due to knee injury i suffered from an accident on board Regal Princess last April 29, the accident happened at 11:07 of my working hours. it took a month and a half before i was sent home due to pain i cant take anymore.
Here at home i was told to undergo medical rehab, i undergo 6 weeks of physical therapy and have given medicines to lessen the pain and help improve my knee problem.
Unfortunately, after all the rehab, i fail to be “FIT TO WORK” or unfit for sea duty, the doctor who assessed my condition does not grant me clearance to continue working on board anymore as stateroom steward due to the failure of my knee to handle and carry the strenuous activity i do and perform on board.
I was so down, sad, hopeless and worried knowing that my CAREER working as a SEAFARER or Stateroom Steward with Princess is OVER.
The claims department of my manning agency informed me and told me that my case was “not work related” as per princess cruises advise and that as a compassionate help, Princess Cruises is offering and giving me $10,075 USD as financial assistance based on the POEA guidelines.
Gentlemen i hope you have understand my situation, being a father of two college students, both taking up medical courses, with a monthly home amortization to pay and a future i am preparing for my youngest daughter and my future retirement after continuously working for 10 yrs more with Princess Cruises, ALL GONE AND MURDERED, its so mentally torturing of what and how i will handle my situation? because of a simple accident i incurred, all my hopes and dreams for my family is GONE.
as of now i am asking and hoping that Princess Cruises would reconsider their offer and also I am hoping that i can so file for a disability claims here at home and perhaps to my principal.
i cant accept the amount they offer to me, i can earn more than what they offer for 10 months contract and will still be earning for yrs to come until 10 or 15 yrs more, but just because of that accident i suffer on board while working all of my hopes, dreams and aspirations for my family’s future is DEAD.
i cant believe and accept what my company is offering me? its so UNJUST AND UNFAIR, specially being loyal to them for 15 yrs.
i am so mentally stressed and tortured of my predicament, i could hardly enjoy a good night sleep thinking both of what happened to me and of my daughters future and of the day to day expenses? all i can do is blame what happened, i even blame GOD for he forsakes me? sorry to say, but if you are in my situation perhaps you would feel the same. I spent so many sleepless nights crying? i even thought of getting “suicide to scape my failure”?
sorry if i am so emotional? i am really so down..
i cant believe that the company i admired and proud of for the years i worked with them would treat and handle the sorry future of their employees, i know that still in their hearts they can and will reconsider their compassionate offer or help.PLEASE HELP ME?
I am-
very respectfully yours,
Carlo L. Manubag
Stateroom steward/ Princess Cruise line
Poblacion New Corella
Davao del Norte, Philippines


Paul L Bell September 26, 2014 at 2:38 pm

We booked a cruise with a Princess rep. We told her we had never done this before and were counting on her expertise to make it a painless experience. We were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. A cruise including flights, transfers, and insurance, no other suggestions from the rep. We assumed we belonged to Princess.
Our flight never left the ground. A ticket agent tried every way to get us to the cruise on time, no such luck. The ticket agent spoke with a Princess rep and canceled our cruise. The rep asked if we had insurance, being told yes, she said good, they won’t lose any money. WRONG!
Very shortly we received a credit, with no explanation, an two Future Princess Airline Credits, no dollar amounts, nothing. With telephone calls, I was told by a Princess that if I got Princess an airline refund, Princess would refund to me the amount I paid Princess. After many telephone calls and emails and silence, a month later it finally happened. Seems or I was told , there are “pre ” and “post” reps. Also it appears there are reps, etc., and then there’s management. How do you know who’s who and what’s what? We could not speak to anyone in “upper” management.
The insurance that I paid for turned down any refund on the situation. The reps spoke freely with “my” insurance company, I was not spoken to after filing a claim. My insurance policy?
Out of the blue, we were sent ” Future Cruise Credits”. We explained at the start that we did not want credits, We want cash! After this fiasco, who wants to cruise? Why would Princess want us on a cruise? We are not happy campers!
No one rep seemed to completely understand the company’s policy’s, so, we heard many different explanations on the same issue..
Impossible to talk with anyone in upper management, Impossible to find anyone that knows the facts from June 26, 2014 till now! Even more disturbing, no one CARES.
Closure, without a big hit to may wallet.


pankaj singh tomar June 30, 2014 at 3:47 pm


i am pankaj singh tomar
crew member of princess cruises ‘
sir i am in big problem . because of my hearing office . i did not the ship for joining , because my father got spinal operation . so i did not join the ship on 24 may 2014.
i also applied for rehearing in job but mumbai office did not accept my request .
mumbai office punishing me mentally and physically

please help me sir

thanking you


Carol Wanders April 23, 2014 at 4:11 pm

Dear Micky M. Arison / Gerald R. Cahill, CEO:

I am a long time customer of Princess and will be sailing with you again on June 2nd, Booking #7LGK4D. My husband and I will be on the new Princess Regal out of Venice. I was looking into your shore excursions out of Rome Rom-100 for $259.00 per person. I read the online info but it isn’t clear what is included in that price or clearly what the cancellation policy is. I called customer service and was on hold for about 22 minutes. The person I talked to was not knowledgeable about what that excursion included. She kept me on hold while she was talking to some other department. I was unable to get my questions answered. I was told three different answered regarding the cancellation policy. One being 2 days, then 6 days, then the online info says 30 days. I asked to speak to the supervisor and spoke to Maressa, ID# CC07443. A most unpleasant woman who in my opinion should not be dealing with customers who clearly has no customer service skills. When I asked to speak to her manager she claimed she had no manager and she was the boss. I asked for the name of the CEO and she refused to provide me that information. After numerous attempts to gain this information she gave me a name of a Jan Scwartz and stated she was the CEO which I find out is not the truth. So I still have no resolute answer to my questions about the shore excursion. This excursion is so very expensive so I want to know what I receive for the money. Basically its a bus ride to and from the 3 different sites but you aren’t guaranteed to get into the venues and if you don’t they will not refund any portion of the money. Lunch is suppose to be part of the tour as well but one person said you have to pay for the lunch and the other person I talked to says you don’t. The cost for my husband and myself is $518.00 for one excursion. How can Princess keep all of the money if the tour director decides the venue is to busy to go inside. That is of course the whole point in going; not to take a 1 1/2 hour bus ride each way. Please have someone call and explain this reasoning. I may be reached at 208-459-XXXXX.
Carol Wanders


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