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Two North Ninth Street
Allentown, PA 18101-1179

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Phone Number: (610) 774-5151
Fax Number: (610) 774-5281
Website: http://www.pplweb.com
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PPL Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

PPL Executives

CEO: William H. Spence
CFO: Paul A. Farr
COO: David G. DeCampli

PPL History

PPL, formerly known as PP&L or Pennsylvania Power and Light, was created in 1920 through the merger of eight Pennsylvania utilities.

Until the 1990’s the company focused its activities in central and northeastern Pennsylvania. The industry was deregulated in the 1990’s and PPL began to expand to other states.

Today PPL’s subsidiaries include PPL Electric Utilities, PPL Energy Plus, PPL Generation, Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E), Kentucky Utilities (KU Energy), PPL Global, and Western Power Distribution.

PPL distributes electricity to 10.5 million customers, has 19,000 MW of generating capacity, and sells energy wholesale in the U.S.

PPL trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PPL, is a member of the S&P 500, is #300 in the Fortune 500, has over 18,100 employees, had $10.05 billion in revenue in 2013.


Question 1: What is the phone number for PPL?
Answer 1: The phone number for PPL is (610) 774-5151.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of PPL?
Answer 2: The CEO of PPL is William H. Spence.

Question 3: Who founded PPL?
Answer 3: PPL was founded by in .

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Gary J Toth July 2, 2018 at 9:13 am

In Louisville, KY with LG&E. I want you understand that I have contacted the Feds, people at the State level DOE and LG&E . I have been to all the websites and tried to ascertain how to get rebates. This is what I sent to all three entities:

“I see tips on how to SAVE energy but not what the actual rebates are and how to get them. To be honest, I’m being to doubt that they really exist for the average homeowner. I am currently installing radiant barrier foil in my attic and, to coincide with the installation of new siding, I’m having foil-backed foam board installed as a moisture barrier (since my unscrupulous “builder” decided I didn’t require it!). I also have installed a tankless water heater. I would like to know what, if any, rebates/programs are available to me. Thank you very much for your time.”

As I should have expected, the response was:

“I apologize for the inconvenience; however, please be aware, April, 1st 2018 was the deadline to purchase a qualifying item and request a rebate application as this program has ended.”

My response:

Of course. And, if I would have had the stuff purchased before then, the cutoff would have been some other date I just missed. Why bother putting this junk out there? It’s a waste of your time and it’s CERTAINLY a waste of mine.

Thanks for the response, though. You may want to tell your marketing department their little joke worked. Ha ha.

Further “enlightment” from LG&E”

I apologize for the inconvenience that the Home Energy Rebate program has expired.

Our energy efficiency programs began in 2008. Thanks to its customers who have embraced our energy efficiency programs during that time, we have been able to offset roughly the same amount of energy that equates to building a new power plant.

Since 2008, through participating in LG&E and KU’s energy efficiency programs, customers have:
• Received more than 16,000 on-site home energy analyses.
• Performed more than 31,000 online home energy analyses.
• Benefitted from WeCare weatherization services more than 19,677 times.
• Recycled more than 55,000 refrigerators and freezers.
• Helped manage the community’s energy needs through Demand Conservation by having more than 230,000 devices installed.
• Earned more than $13 million in rebates for business facility upgrades.
• Earned more than $15 million in rebates for high-efficiency appliances and products

You may want to check out some of our other energy-saving programs at lge-ku.com/ee. Please note, many of our Energy Efficiency programs are expiring soon, so be sure to pay attention to the availability!
I hope this information is helpful. Have a great day and let us know if there’s anything else!

And, my final response:
Good morning.

I’m quite sure the EE programs are very lucrative for politicians, builders, contractors, and that ilk. However, why is it that when ordinary, individuals like me, start to inquire or attempt to apply for them, “Too late, it’s expired.” Or “Sorry, you don’t qualify.” ? Your company is not the only entity to pull this little scheme of lining the pockets of the already-wealthy. While I haven’t heard back from the Feds (and, honestly, I don’t really expect to), I have heard back from folks on the state level. And – surprise, surprise – their response was much along the lines your company states. In fact, after viewing all the “ways to save energy and rebates” on their website, I was told the state didn’t even HAVE any! I expect much the same from the Feds if/when I get a response.

I’m not a moron. I know all the tricks and methods of sealing windows, leaks, blah, blah blah. I’ve signed on for your “Save $5 a month on your bill” by getting the little box installed. I know all that. But, that’s chump change. You know it and I know it. I can only guess how much of the $15 million in rebates went to ordinary Joes like me. I’d wager not very much. I’d wager the vast majority went to people that DON’T play by the rules, that step on little people to get even more of the money they worship. THAT’S where the majority of that $15 million went. You can bet that I were Mitch McConnell or John Yarmuth you’d be scrambling to get me rebates even if they didn’t exist!

Once again, the little guy that is trying to do the right thing and play by the rules takes it in the shorts. I guess I’m just very discouraged and disappointed that, once again, I’m being led on and lied to.

Just a little FYI, I’m a stockholder of PPL stock. I fully plan on sending THEM a nastygram.

Thanks for your time. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Now, to add insult to injury, I find there is NOWHERE that I can discern to contact PPL regarding this issue. So, I’m relegated to posting this here where I’m sure it will die a quick and painful death.


Liesa Knippebenberg June 27, 2018 at 11:41 am

I live in Denver, PA my neutrel has had to been relplaced two times, we went on vacation from 6/14-6/25/2018 and turned all circuit breakers off at the electric panel except for the fridge, and we have a smart meter three of the five days we were on vacation our electric was 4x higher then it should have been, someone in the area is hacking into the electric, I have a pretty good idea who it is. How do I report this as they do know alot about electricity and some of them our electricians, which they can hide how they are accessing the electric but it is affecting my neutrel and I am the only one in the area.


Sandi May 17, 2018 at 10:56 am

From Honesdale, Pa. We had a tornado hit our area and I know others are without power but what I’ve been trying to let PPL know is that there is a power line across my driveway with trees down. I have been trying to reach someone at PPL to let them know and all I get is a recording about the power outage caused by a transmitter. REALLY!!! I have been trying to let them know this problem for two days!!! Is this what they call service, I don’t think so.


Deborah Hosler December 26, 2017 at 9:00 am

Have been trying for over two months to get metrocast cable to our home, PPL has taken forever to approve this move and wants to charge $2400 for the work they say they need to do first, but will not provide an itemized bill! Who would pay a bill like this and not know what they are paying for? I have emailed CEO and have been in contact with PPL but to no satisfaction. We have already put out $1200 for the underground cable portion. Lawyer is next I guess….


Gregory Beatty April 6, 2017 at 9:49 am

I have medical issues and have a 30 day extension. At this time I’m trying to pay $125 toward my bill but the operators will not take anything less than $160 which I do not have… I need to eat too…. told supervisors are not available to talk to me. I’m really disappointed with the point that I want to pay something and u are not willing to take my payment.
Thank you for your time
Gregory Beatty


Carl Strawbridge November 16, 2016 at 9:22 pm

We have gotten a complete run around tonight (11-16-16). We are totally fed up with no one giving proper information. We were on hold for 90 mins. because someone told us billing goes home at 10:00. Finally the third person told us billing went home at 5:30.

We would like to talk to a supervisor ASAP in the morning to get our account straightened out. If we do not get a return phone call in the morning we will be contacting your corporate office.
Please call us ASAP at 570-236-XXXXX. Carl & Cathy Strawbridge #88811-35019


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