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Planet Fitness Corporate Office Address

Planet Fitness, LLC
26 Fox Run RoadRoom 114
Newington, New Hampshire 03801

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Phone Number: (603) 750-0001
Fax Number:
Email: Email Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Facts

Founder: Michael & Marc Grondahl
Date Founded: 1992
Founding Location: Dover, New Hampshire
Number of Employees: 963

Planet Fitness Executives

CEO: Chris Rondeau
CFO: Dorvin D. Lively
COO: Rob Spokin

Planet Fitness History

Planet Fitness was founded by Michael Grondahl in 1992 when he purchased a struggling gym and dramatically lowered prices in order to compete with bigger name fitness clubs. Planet Fitness differs from other clubs as they focus on the needs of newcomers as well as those who might have a more difficult time exercising for various reasons and the member who only comes in occasionally. Each Planet Fitness offers “Bagel Morning”, “Pizza Night”, and Tootsie Rolls are always available.

Planet Fitness now has more than 1,400 locations in 48 states and in the early part of 2015, they opened their first international location in Toronto, Canada.

The company is listed as #14 on the Entrepreneur List of Fastest Growing Franchises in America. The company has third party relationships to help finance start up costs and equipment. Planet Fitness is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PLNT.

Planet Fitness FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Planet Fitness?
Answer 1: The phone number for Planet Fitness is (603) 750-0001.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Planet Fitness?
Answer 2: The CEO of Planet Fitness is Chris Rondeau.

Question 3: Who founded Planet Fitness?
Answer 3: Planet Fitness was founded by Michael & Marc Grondahl in 1992.

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Thomas Kinnel October 3, 2019 at 11:18 am

Thoroughly disgusted with Planet Fitness and the incompetence of people working there as it relates to automatic withdrawals from my bank account. I held a single membership and then when my son came home from college added a visitor membership for two months. (Black Card?) My bill rose up to $30 per month. I went in after two months when my son returned to school and cancelled so called visitor privileges. This was more than 6 months ago. My wife also held a Planet Fitness membership and so we decided a year ago to cancel her membership and add her to my account, which would make my payments $20 per month. Unfortunately it did not happen that way. They have been billing me $30 per month plus $10 per month. Then recently I noticed that they were charging me a $45 annual fee plus a $30 annual fee for my wife. I went into the Clementon NJ store to complain and got no resolution, other than you can cancel your account. Which I promptly did. When I asked for my $75 back for the annual fee since my account was now canceled and billed on Oct 1st 2019, I was told it could not be refunded. SMH as how can I can be billed an annual fee for an account that was canceled on the 1st of the month. Never let anyone have automatic withdrawal privileges over your bank account, what a rip off. I was told that I can e-mail Sue Sullivan (267-225-XXXX) Regional Manager at Sue.Sullivan@ AAAARGH!


Gilmore October 2, 2019 at 7:18 am

PF doesn’t believe in email or personal reminders for such things as ANNUAL FEES? Paying my monthly bill…well monthly is one thing. I remember that bill is coming out. However, the annual fee? No email? and I receive quite a few “promotional” emails, but nothing giving customer’s a reminder that I had Annual Fees approaching huh?


Jeffrey M Young-Bey October 2, 2019 at 5:09 am

Please reply to my email address to receive a full pdf copy of my complaint and request for damages. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.


LaDonna Lawson October 1, 2019 at 6:26 pm

I have been charged for an account in another state that I do live in and I am being refused those fees to be waived, I cannot get a call back and no customer service willing to help me to rectify the charges back to me.
If I do not get charges reversed I am cancelling my membership….Terrible!!!!!!


LaRosa Smith October 1, 2019 at 2:03 pm

I was going to the Planet Fitness in Exeter Township in Berks County, well they made a mistake initially with my checking account, and then i go in one day and the manager Savannah said i would have to leave until it got straightened out, and i said no, i will do it after work, considering i was already dressed to work out before work, well long story short, she was such a condescending a** hole!!!!! I felt that i was very disrespecting by her and thought maybe she was confusing me with someone of her age instead of a grown woman!!!!!, it was disgusting!!!! Im sure her minimum wage job stresses her out, and for 10.00 a month??????, are you serious, she needs a better course on customer service!!!….i bought in 5 friends, and told them about here treatment, hmmm, thinking about going to Golds Gym, price is more, but they are very friendly upon greeting, oh, and she is the only one i have a problem with, the rest of the staff there are great!!!!


patrick mcintyre October 1, 2019 at 1:38 pm

I would like to know who is in charge of the horrendous music that is played at the club.if you folks had to listen to the screaming hollering while You would probably have a nervous breakdown.You cant understand the words being sung because the music drowns it out.Nor can you even make out the music for the artest screaming out the a word or two please play some music that is understandable. Thank You


David September 22, 2019 at 4:48 pm

please call me I would like to know why I must wait 90 days tochange home gym seems pointless and having a blackcard it is not as advertised where I have 1500 gyms worldwide to use when you cap at 10.please call asap as I am thinking of dumping membership again .my gym opens at 7 am m-fri7pm then 7-7 sat sun.the gym I need is near work and is open 24hours but gives me the ability to workout prior to me asap to help move home gym at


Michael Cook September 19, 2019 at 12:43 pm

I use the planet fitness at country club in Sacramento, California. For several months now they have been having problems with the over head tv’s. On my visit today only one of eight tv’ s was working and that was the in house station. I have brought to the attention of the local management several times and still no fix has been made.


Char Bailleau August 23, 2019 at 2:11 pm

Hi I have belonged to the Planet in Peckville, PA since Feb.2017. It is 7 minutes from my home. I have had no complaints other than their hydro beds being out service at times. The gym is now under construction while remaining open. During the almost 2 1/2 years, I have been there at least 5 to 7 times a week. Now, with it under construction, I feel it is unhealthy to be in the building. In addition to the locker, shower and bathroom area covered with a tarp, the ceilings are open over many areas with the insulation hanging (unhealthy & a hazard) with fans blowing. I have now gone to the gym very little to not at all. I feel that I should be credited for August and Sept. (plus the fact that you will be closed for 2 weeks in Sept. That would be $39.98. As for my going to another Planet gym, it is very inconvenient for me to travel further with my medical issues. I have Crohn’s and traveling further is not an option for me. I would appreciate a response and a credit to my checking acct. Thank you.
Charmayne Bailleau


TIARA T NAPA August 17, 2019 at 12:21 am

I just want the corporation to know that you have an employee in Enid, OK location name Steve that went above and beyond his job to show his kindness.
I was in the gym today (8/16/19 around 11:30 am) one lady came in the gym and told Steve her car died on the alley of the parking lot and want to know he has a cable to jump her car. Steve himself didn’t have it and he came to ask me (I don’t have) he walked around the gym and asked everyone until he found one member has it and went out to help her. I read through some of comments people complaint about Planet fitness employees but this employee deserve the recognition or pad on the back from the corporation.


Karen Lewis August 2, 2019 at 10:51 pm

First of all, I find it very alarming for this many complaints against a gym. And the thing about it is, these people are telling the truth. Very unprofessional. No one to contact. Go to the gym and try to discuss the issue and the people there including the on shift manager are acting dumb to the fact. Why is it we cannot contact the locally owned owner of these facilities. I’ve only had a membership since June of this year. I got the membership for my son.When I tell you we were misinformed since day one, its no lie. The new trainee had no clue what she was doing. They took money out my account too early, they charged me an annual fee today and I could not dispute it. When I signed up, I specifically asked for agreement papers, they said they don’t do papers. All they gave me was a receipt of payment for my first month and told me the monthly payment, but failed to tell me that the annual fee would be deducted 2 months after. It seems that this corporation will have a class-action lawsuit on their hands if they don’t change some of their business tactics for the better. Whoever begins this lawsuit, please us my email address and send me the suit forms. Thank you. klinspwritings@


beverly J grose August 1, 2019 at 7:17 pm

I have tried since feb of this year to cancel my membership and as of today ithey are continuing to make withdrawls from my account . I have contacted the manager multiple times with promises that it has been done and promises of returned calls with no luck.
my next attempt wo resolve this matter is to let our company attorney take this matter to court


Jessica Monnot September 23, 2019 at 10:22 am

Every time I called Headquarters, the automated system told me to contact my local PF and HUNG UP ON ME! I tried every option. And my “local PF” said that it’s too bad and too late to refund my EX BF for a membership that I already recreated in 4 states away! How ridiculous. I like PF but cancelling a membership is way too hard and I wouldn’t suggest. Corporate is doing nothing to control this so I am changing gyms.


Tammy Robinson September 24, 2019 at 9:12 am

Try option 3- it worked for us


Marilyn July 23, 2019 at 1:05 pm

I can tell you all that the people at the headquarters don’t care about what goes on at the planet fitness gyms. I have had multiple conversations with people at the headquarters. the gym I was a member at took (stole) money out of my account when they wouldn’t let me use the gym. I have tried to deal with the manager and the regional manger at the gym. NO one will get back with me or give me my money back. this is the gym in Holt, MI. good luck everyone 🙂


David jones July 18, 2019 at 8:54 am

I got to the Piqua ohio PF. The manager there is always playing on her phone isn’t very knowledgeable about anything to do with PF if you ask a question its the same thing every time I will have to call corporate and find out . if you have a manager job you should know something about the company you work for .Don’t get me wrong its a nice gym and all but most of the staff are lazy , you have a trainer that would rather flirt with the women than go around and help the newbies out so they don’t get hurt doing the machines wrong . and heaven forbid if someone tries to help out a new member your told your not aloud to do that only the staff can . well the staff doesn’t do any of that I’m not going to stand by and watch someone get hurt due to lazy staff workers. Also the restrooms are nasty went in the other day and there was poop all over the toilet bought it up to one of the staff and was told its hard to keep maintenance people , the whole two hours I was in there not one of them went in and cleaned it up it was there when I left . Then last week went in the bathroom there was blood on the toilet and on the floor my friend took pictures of the blood went to the manager and she said once again its hard to keep maintenance people .when we left the blood was still on the toilet , that is a safety issue should have something in place for that , should have been taken care of right away but instead manager continued to play on her phone . tried to use the v-bar but couldnt due to it being broken was told someone would be in to fix it in the next few days ,still broke took over a month to get a machine fixed and all it needed was a bolt , told we can’t fix it have you have them come and fix it . broke for a month due to needing a .50 cent bolt amazing . a lot of the benches have cracks in them and are pulling apart nothing done about them but yet the manager will sit and play on her phone. Was working on cable machine for triceps sliced finger open due to cable being frayed still that way .smith machine has been out of whack for 4 months now has a catch in it just needs adjusted , but yet manager knows about it and still sits and plays on phone. Must be nice to get paid to play on your phone all day. About to cancel and go to another gym as much money that is made off the people things should work right and be fixed also people should not have to go in a gym with blood all over .
We will see if things change if not I know I asked well as several others are going to go elsewhere for our gym membership


MONICA HINSON July 16, 2019 at 2:31 pm

I went to Planet Fitness in Universal City Texas inquiring about the latest promo on TV. $10/month no contract/commitment. When I got there the young lady told me there was also an “Annual Fee” of $42. Along with the monthly fee. I questioned this and she said “Yeah, they don’t say that in the advertising”. To me that’s false advertising; to me an “Annual Fee” is akin to a contract. I was told that I could cancel at any time but there’s no refund of the Annual Fee. Total B. S. I see on your website you have a less than 2 star rating. From all the negative comments, I can clearly see why. By By PF.


Savannah June 11, 2019 at 12:30 am

Hello, my name is Savannah. I have recently been employed at the Hendersonville Planet Fitness of Tennessee. I was just reaching out to figure out a solution with someone for the issues I and others have experienced. With this I felt every time I walked into work it was not conducive to my mental health or the mental health of my other co workers. When we come into work it should be a place to get away from home life, instead when I and other co workers come into work it makes us feel uncomfortable and overall anxious. The atmosphere is completely not team oriented due to lack of leadership. I and other co workers feel like we can not communicate with management due to lack of trust and respect. When approaching management to resolve any issues they seemed unwilling to solve anything. Instead of uplifting and motivating the team it was more threatening than anything. With Planet Fitness being know for being a Judgement free zone that is all the Hendersonville location seemed to do. I am just reaching out with hope that someone will be able to help me find a solution and fix the issue because it truly is an uncomfortable work environment. Thank you again for listening! Please contact me at , 3116499@


Brittany Hunt June 4, 2019 at 3:35 pm

To whom this may concern,

I am currently a employee at planet fitness in Bangor Maine, I have some complaints that I would like to talk about. I was wondering why there are not two people working the night shift it is hard on one person to clean the entire thing and its very uncomfortable to clean the men’s locker room when men go in and out of it all night long I would like also to request information on the break requirements for an eight hour shift. i would also like to remain anonymous if possible.


Brittany hunt
Bangor maine 04401


LESLIE HAY May 16, 2019 at 12:03 pm

I’m a member at the Frederick,MD PF. Nice place but customer service is awful. I have had serveral bad experiences and i only go there to tan! I want to cancel my membership but cant or I owe. Manager there did not even ask as to why wanted to cancel.


Mike C May 1, 2019 at 9:48 am

Planet Fitness sucks…customer service is terrible, try calling them…make sure you have time to be on hold…
No hot water…Braintree, MA, Dartmouth, MA, Brockon, MA, Laconia, NH
Planet Fitness obviously does not care about hot water, or clean locker rooms (especially Boston, MA).

They just don’t give a f**k…

And then there is the sh*t music and being bombarded with propoganda on the f-ing TVs that you can not avoid…

F**k them


Karen S. April 29, 2019 at 8:16 pm

I would like to be able to contact someone about ending my membership with Planet Fitness. It’s not that I don’t like the gym and I do wish there was another one closer but unfortunately there is not. I went into my location last week and the gym manager absolutely humiliated me! First and foremost I should mention that when working in customer service, the employee’s should all have a great attitude. However this woman does not, nor did she have one when this location originally opened, so whoever gave this promotion clearly wasn’t doing their job properly. Anyway, I scan my card and very loudly and rudely she says that my payment is 5 days late. Ok, my apologies, I wasn’t aware….I work full time and go to school full time, I’m a little busy. She would not just drop it or did she even attempt to lower her voice. As she continues listen to herself talk the line, now forming into a crowd of people behind me, is growing and everyone just staring at me. What seemed like days later she finally let me go only to watch me scan my card to set up a tanning time…..and here we go with her whole production again. Everybody makes mistakes and there is certainly a time and place for everything….in front of a crowd of people is NOT the place to talk about anyone’s financials. I’m embarassed to go in anymore because since then the rest of the employee’s treat me differently.
If I can not get some sort of resolution out of this through Planet Fitness themselves, I will not hesitate to speak with a lawyer. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and pushed the limits entirely too far.


ichael settles April 29, 2019 at 9:59 am

first off the club seemed really nice , then I noticed the good service went to the young and hip, the staff seemed to be about15 to 18 no manners lack of proper English was amazing. here’s where it goes bad!!!!!! had a artery bypass in dec 2017, only to be clogged 3 mo. later another surgery, then I had to have 5 different surgery’s on my colon complete with colostomy. so I finally froze my acct. because I can not work out for a good while until I heal. during a 4 month stay in hospital for a 4th surgery on my leg planet fitness un freezes my acct charges me the yearly charge then freezes it back. I still have 3 to 4 month’s before I can begin to work out. tried to get my money back only to told by some kid with a dam smirk on his face no way I should have pay’d attn. to the contract. my fault I could not do it in person since I was in the _ucking hospital. this company lack of compassion and willingness to work with someone when they are down is a sign of greed and you are no better than a common thief.


Ayde Gallagher April 23, 2019 at 4:33 pm

I went to the new Southbury location yesterday with my husband, excited to join the gym together and left very disappointed. I was already a default member because my Cardio Express membership became a Planet Fitness membership. However, I just needed to finalize my paperwork.

My husband and I were helped by the manager (I think?) named Jarek. He actually signed my husband up and was able to retrieve my info on the computer. I was then instructed to go to the PF app and complete the transfer. I ran into issues and was going to finish it with Jarek but saw that he was handling multiple customers, phone calls & sign-ups all by himself.

In the midst of all of this, I saw that his supervisor (a female, didn’t get her name) was being incredibly rude to him, seemingly impatient at his delay in answering phone calls while providing excellent customer service to equally impatient customers.

I really felt for the guy – my husband signed up successfully but I did not want to add to Jarek’s workload with my transfer issue so I didn’t complete my sign-up. I also felt very uncomfortable as to how he was being treated, which really upset me because I’m very empathetic. I just wanted to leave the gym and I did. I’ll go back another time to complete it but it’s disappointing that this was my first experience in a new gym.

I would like to take the time to thank Jarek for helping my husband & I the best he could under the circumstances. He did a great job under tremendous pressure all with a friendly attitude. So congrats for getting one thing right PF….


Cleveland Plunkett April 13, 2019 at 8:08 am

Today, April 13th, I arrived at Planet Fitness on Remsen Ave, Brooklyn, NY at 6:40 am for a workout, but was told my one of two employees, who came to door, that the gym opens at 7:00am. I went to my car and waited. I went on line at 6:50 am because other people started arriving. Much to my disappointment and consternation, when I left at 7: 28am the gym was not open, by this time there were about 40 people standing outside the gym.
This is very poor and unacceptable service. This is no way to run a business.
Please look into this matter with the view of making drastic changes. We are paying to use your facility and demand better treatment..


Warren Foley April 9, 2019 at 11:38 am

Went into Lee Road location on March 29, 2019. Requested membership effective April 1st. Contract not completed as requested with wrong effective date. Not a big issue, but foretelling.
No photo request at time of contract or notice that a photo was required for access to the facility that I recall. On third visit, after being given entry twice before, a photo request made by check-in staff member Bailey Carr, who happened to be the Club Manager was made. I indicated that I could return at another time for a photo when more presentable. This was not acceptable and I was refused service for not taking a photo as is. With two prior visits without a photo request, though club claims otherwise, refusal of entry to workout after traveling to the location and dressed to workout represents an over reach and poor customer service and by a Club Manager. I walked out and upon reflection returned to cancel membership and then left. I would like my $1 paid at time of contact returned as I will never be compensated for the time wasted and poor customer service experience endured. The manager, of all staff, was not the least bit concerned over the loss of the membership over a photo. Truly remarkable.
Noticing now that my email address on the cancellation notice misspelled with two “l”s, folley.
There is no way to register satisfaction of experience with zero stars so I give one star unearned star as my rating of the customer service experience at Planet Fitness.


Mike Schnitzka April 3, 2019 at 12:10 pm

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Location

Why have the televisions stations gone down by 80% on the machines? I believe this is your most profitable location in Wisconsin. A few weeks ago you had 450 check ins on one day.

Might want to look into this. This are is the most affluent in the state. Word gets around quick if people are not happy.


Margaret Winter April 2, 2019 at 8:20 am

I have been a member for almost a year and have seen much of what goes on at the Carle Place N.Y. Gym. It is managed by children who can not say hello or have a nice day .It takes two of the employees to wipe one machine and the results are poor. One of the “boys” employed sits near the front desk watching tv all the time I’ve seen him and changes all the Televisions to his Perferred station. When I asked about this I was told that this is the policy of the gym. People using the gym will sit on machines for half an hour without the staff intervention. In fact one person was on the same machine for the hour I was there. The concept of Planet Fitness is excellent but the follow through is terrible. Being cheap is good but one can not be cheap on the hiring of mature employees. It would be nice if someone read this and did something. But the other comments I’ve read give me little hope


Temekia Lewis March 28, 2019 at 12:54 pm

I wasn’t aware that after a year your membership automatically renews. So when I have two overdrafts on my account I automatically to my bank to see where they were from. She informed me that they were both from Planet Fitness. I went into Planet fitness and cancelled and informed the staff that I didn’t know that it automatically renews and that I wanted to cancel. I called them bank when the manager was in and asked her would they take care of the overdraft charges, because I didn’t know that it automatically renewed. She told me that she could submit it, but she’s sure that it wouldn’t be reimbursed because that’s not something that Planet Fitness does. Highly disappointed.


Rich Thomas March 26, 2019 at 5:19 pm

I belong to the club in Erie, Pa. West Erie Plaza location. I love the club, the staff is great, they keep the place spotless. However, for over a week there has been no working drinking fountain,(kinda important in a fitness facility). Additionally, three out of the five stationary bikes were out of service. There were four treadmills out of service. The staff seems to be doing all they can, reporting the broken equipment to the appropriate people. The problem seems to be above the local staffs control. I was told that the repair people come from Pittsburgh. REALLY !! Two clubs in town and no local repair people! And apparently no plumbers to fix the drinking fountain. Planet Fitness HQ needs to do better.


Kathy Vekeroff March 21, 2019 at 12:57 pm

I joined Planet Fitness in Arizona as a first time snow bird. I am never joining this membership again .First because of ALL the hidden fees.The first one was membership-ok,$48.09. Second fee yearly membership $39.94 in addition to the monthly fee of $10.24.Now that I have to cancel because I’m going back home I get to pay another fee YEP $59.39 early termination. I live in a RV park as a snowbird and believe me I will let as many people as I can to let them know


Melody McKinney March 8, 2019 at 3:21 pm

I’ve been looking at fitness centers to join and finally made my choice to join Planet Fitness. I stopped in to my local one and asked if I could join but to pay the full year, including monthly fees all at once. I was very surprised to find that I am not able to do this. So, Planet Fitness, you would rather lose money and a new client by not letting people pay for a full year at once? I’m confused with this. I understand that you would like the monthly due, I’m not trying to get out of paying them, I just want to pay all 12 months at one time. Now, because this is not your policy I have to find another fitness center that actually wants my money all at once. I have to say I am VERY disappointed as I have family and friends that belong to Plant Fitness and have been singing your praise and how great you are.

Melody McKinney


Stephanie Crawford March 19, 2019 at 9:07 pm

I’m writing because in January 2019 I stopped at the desk at my local planet fitness, South Hawkins in Akron Ohio, let them know that I didn’t want to renew my membership when it ended, I was told it ends in February, my dad got sick in February around the 3rd, I was running back and forth to hospital with no time too come in think my last cost wax February 1st, looked at my bank statement see February payment came out and March 1st 41.00 came out they said because it renewed and I have to pay 58.09 to cancel that’s not right, when I spoke with a manager in January it should have been noted not to renew because she told me that it would be just month to month, I want my February payment back haven’t even been in.


SHANIN March 5, 2019 at 7:48 am

I attended the gym facility at 806 W. University Drive Denton, TX 76210.

On Monday, March 4, 2019 around 2:30pm, I was ejected by David Miller, the store manager, in a very aggressive and confrontational way. It is still unclear as to the reasoning behind the ejection. He spoke to me in a loud and vulgar way, screaming at me to leave and “GIVE ME YOUR NAME and GIVE ME YOUR KEY-CARD TO CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP” while following closely behind me. His behavior escalated when another member, complaining about my usage of the seated row cable machine and the seated pull-down machine as a two machine circuit. Also, keep in mind, after the complaint, one of the other members was done using the seated cable pull-down in which it became available.

I attend this location frequently and I have always used these two machine circuits and I also had to wait to use a machine because another member was using the same two machines ( I see this frequently at this gym).
Instead of approaching me in a professional and calm way, your manager, David, screams at me, upon approach, and says in an aggressive and confrontational manner, that I cannot use both machines at the same time while performing an exercise. At this time, there are several members looking at him.

I respond in a low tone, with the intent to stop this from being confrontational on his part and respond with “Okay,” while trying finishing my set. He then yells for me to “LEAVE!” and says, right after, “WHAT IS YOUR NAME!”. He informs me “YOU’RE DONE! I WANT YOU TO LEAVE! GIVE ME YOUR KEYCARD! GIVE ME YOUR KEYS SO I CAN CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP…MATTER OF FACT, LET ME SEE YOUR ID.” I then tell him “no,” while trying to catch my breath after my set of performing the pull-down machine. I asked him repeatedly, “What did I do?” “What did I do?” Instead of responding to my question, David screams “I NEED YOU TO LEAVE…I WILL CALL THE POLICE ON YOU NOW…LEAVE NOW!” As I gathered my things, I asked him another time, “what did I do?”

At this point, everyone in the gym is starring at me as he is making a scene. He gets even louder and yells “GIVE ME YOUR KEYCARD, SO I CAN CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP, RIGHT NOW!” It is at this point that I respond and say “No, I am going to change my clothes and go to the locker room.”

As a paying member who frequents this gym daily, I am disgusted by the behavior, aggression and threats I received today. In fact, I go to this gym during my lunch hour almost everyday. I was not only afraid of how hostile this situation was, I did not feel like I was supported as a member. This can NOT be the way Planet fitness runs its gym. This is supposed to be a place where your members feel safe, supported and secure. He tried to use his authority to belittle and humiliate me instead of ensuring the safety of ALL of the members.

If he felt as if someone was inconvenienced, all he had to do was explain that and give me an opportunity to fix the situation. The same machine was available but somehow it was an issue with the one I was using because of a complaint. We are all adults. I deserved the same curtsey as all the other paying members and I felt attacked. The onlookers, i’m sure, would have the same feelings as this escalated to a very uncomfortable degree.

After I came out of the locker room with my belongings, David and another crew member came to escort me out the gym following closely behind me in an arms reach. I took the time to ask one final time, “What did I do?” Once again, without hesitation, David decides to ignore my question and yell, “WHAT IS YOUR NAME…I NEED YOUR YOUR KEYTAG SO I CAN CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP. I, once again, responded “No, please explain to me what I did.”

Davids only response, was “LEAVE NOW OR I WILL CALL THE POLICE TO ESCORT YOU OUT” on my way out, I asked him for his name (which he refused to give me) I glanced at his name tag and I grabbed his card on my way out the door. I then informed him that I would be getting in touch with corporate about this and his response was (IN A VERY HOSTILE TONE) “I DON’T CARE, CALL THEM!” His final statement as I walked through the doors, was
“YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COME BACK TO THIS GYM!” I glanced over my shoulder to see that he has in fact called the police and has given them the address to the gym in hopes of getting the police involved.

I felt humiliated, targeted and BULLIED. My intent is to send out emails to corporate, BBB, media news outlets, social media and whomever else I need to, to ensure this never happens to another person again. I felt as if this was racially motivated. For something as significant as this, I would hope that some kind of disciplinary action be taken and/ or some new rules be set up in the way that you speak to members of your gym.

Because of this situation, I do not feel safe, supported or like I am appreciated as someone who spends my money there. Because of this embarrassment, I would like a refund of this month and to cancel my membership after being with you all for over a year.

I would also like an apology and to speak with someone regarding this manner because it goes against all of the principals that you all SAY you stand for. This is a place where I thought all was welcomed and PEOPLE were given the opportunity to become a better version of themselves. I used to look at this gym as a place of serenity to get my peace of mind back in the middle of the day and now I am traumatized by a person in a leadership position who is clearly disrespectful with zero regard for its paying customers.

He didn’t even have the decency to talk to me as an adult in a calm and unaggressive manner. Instead of diffusing what seemed to be a misunderstanding, he turned it into a macho man who’s in charge aggressive interaction, disturbing the workouts of myself and several other members. He made an isolated event into a spectacle and I am ashamed that I was ever a part of something so vile.


Shawn C August 3, 2019 at 8:47 am

I feel your pain, im from Sacramento California and the same thing happened to me. The conversation went about the same. They were checking me in, then said ” I can’t work out here because my account went to collections.”
Impossible i replied. ” i just payed my annual 3 days prior. So I got my home office on the phone to explain the situation. The 2 employees listened to the person. But still denied me entry. I asked for their name. They said you don’t need our name.


Brenda Potts February 27, 2019 at 10:14 am

This message is for CEO Chris Rondeau. Why do we not have a Planet Fitness in N Myrtle Beach or Little River, SC? You do have other locations in the area 8 miles apart from Conway SC. We know people that have tried to get a franchise for Little River with no avail. Should we try to get a local gym to put in a similar program because we are tired of waiting.
Please respond.
Thank you


Aniya Delacruz February 14, 2019 at 12:16 am

I completed my 12 month membership with a black card. Once that was completed I called my home gym and was advised I could go to a month to month and would not have to be locked into another 12 month month contract. I was then directed and instructed by the employee who has since been fired to sign up and subsequently was put on another 12 month membership. Shortly after this happened I realized I was put on another contract and the manager of my home gym at the time was made aware of the situation. He put notations in my account that I can call to cancel my membership at anytime. I tried to cancel with my home gym and they refused. It is now “behind” and they are trying to make me pay the “past due” which I do not have to pay. I have requested that they read the notations from the manager on many occasions and all they will say is that hes no longer an employee so whatever he wrote doesn’t matter. How is that even possible with such high turn over rates? That is leaving NO ONE accountable for any account mistakes that happen except the customer. All I want is for my membership to be cancelled and to not owe you because that is what the company promised me. This is not just a me scenario either. My wife went through the exact same situation as me last year and it was literally hell to get hers cancelled. I decided to keep mine and use it for the tanning because I didn’t have time to deal with that amount of stress to simply cancel my membership. The Gyms are good and clean but the way your company functions is absolutely horrible and the way the customers are treated by staff when trying to cancel is on the verge of violent. My wife was threatened over the phone my an employee when she was trying to cancel hers and it was such a large issue the district manager ended up getting involved and canceling everything for her, yet again no accountability on your end because that employee was then fired. I am a full time employee, mom and student. I do not have time to go to my home gym every day and argue with the children you hire to simply get what I was already supposed to have. To anyone else out there reading this, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH PLANET FITNESS. It will cause you physical stress if you ever try and leave them. This is like being in an abusive relationship!


Melanie February 17, 2019 at 10:25 am

You are right. They are nothing but a bunch of children with a inflated sense of authority.


Dawn Q February 11, 2019 at 5:52 pm

Hello, My name is Dawn Quintana,

I went into the gym on Summit and walked around to look at the gym to see what it had to offer and when I saw it, I was like, Wow…this is very nice and everything that comes with it, so I went up to the front desk and spoke with a very young girl named Hannah Lieuallen, she told me it was $10 dollars a month and a yearly fee of $28, she did offer me a different membership if I wanted to bring someone in with me for $10 more but she never brought out ANY paper work or explained to me the difference between Memberships ?? I told her no thank you, I dont have any one else to bring, she informed me through that door (and she pointed to the door you go through to the massage chairs) is the body enhancement and the massage chairs, she informed me that they are coin operated but you do not have to put coins in, you just come up to the counter and we give them to you, I signed up and left. Then, on my first visit there to work out it was great, the TV set up is amazing compared to the last gym I was at and the equipment is state of the art and in very good working condition, I went up to the counter and told them I wanted to use the Hydro chair, they typed something in and off I went, It went off quick so I went up to the front desk and told them and they started it again never not once saying anything about anything, that was on a Friday.
Now today, Monday I went in before noon and I asked about the body enhancement and the girl told me it was for Black card Members and I said whats that, she began to explain a lil and told me the massage and hydro chairs are for Black card Members, I told her how that was never explained to me, she got out a paper and on this paper it was hand written in purple ink that the yearly fee is $39, I told her I was told it was the yearly fee is $28 and she said its $39, I asked for the Owner who I am aware is Marc Grondahl and I got a manager (very young)named Alex, he DID NOT introduce himself as such, I asked him if he was the manager and he said yes. I explained the whole thing to him and he said, Did you sign up here”? and I said yes, I told him the girl that signed me up appeared extremely young and he said our employees are all trained very well and he had a tone and was making me feel like he thought I was lying just to use the damn chair, I was getting more upset and feel the situation was handled very unprofessionally. I then asked for the telephone number for customer service and then they wrote down an email address that was so offensive I was in SHOCK… saber.customer@….WOW now apparently Im a Saber which in turn means upset customer. They clearly are NOT trained on how to handle upset customer and had absolutely NO answers for me why I was signed up under FALSE pretenses. I cancelled another Membership to sign Up with Planet Fitness and it was introduced to me when I signed up that the chairs and the body enhancement where there for me to use as well. The Hydro chair is one of the MAIN reasons I signed up, no one ever not once told me I had to be a black card Member to use them, Also Hannah told me the yearly dues were $28 and they would come out only once a year…NOT $39. Clearly there must be some mistake, or improper training but I feel I should be entitled to what was presented to me and that is the use of the Hydro and Massage chairs and the Body Enhancement and my dues to be $29 which is what I was told by Hannah. Please forward this email to Marc Grondahl and also CEO Christopher Rondeau so they are aware that memberships are being offered under false pretenses.

Dawn Q.


Dennis Conary February 10, 2019 at 3:14 pm

We are snowbirds and have been using your Bullhead City, Az., facility for the last three years, usually for 3 months each year. I’ve had memberships in a variety of Gyms for 50 years and your gym is pretty good even considering customers are allowed to be rude. This year, and past years, cell phone use in the workout areas are continually happening and sometimes a cell phone user can be heard 10 machines away. Even with this noise, the staff takes no action. This gym has two “CELL PHONE USE LOBBY ONLY” signs. Sometimes the cell caller’s are facing those signs as a staff member, looking down, will walk by and say nothing. Last year I complained to the manager and he changed nothing. In fact last year, there was a guy moving around to all the machines and yakking loudly. I complained to management at the beginning of my workout, 2 hours later he was still talking loudly. I complained again, the manager said he would talk to the guy when the guy was leaving the gym. So, the talker continued until he left the gym. I doubt seriously that the manager even mentioned anything to the loud mouth, especially since the guy was a regular customer. This year I have noticed the staff members conducting gym membership orientation numerous times a day. They consistently point out the free bagel morning sign and the free pizza night sign. The only sign they don’t mention is the sign with the gyms cell phone use policy which is next to the pizza sign. I was in Law Enforcement for 24 years and I know, the staff which is very young, would be very reluctant to confront an aggressive cell phone user. One time last year when the staff refused to confront a guy yelling on the phone, 20 feet from the check-in counter, I finally said something to the guy. The guy flamed out but did hang up his phone. This guy was also a regular customer. Why not put a sign on the check in counter. Most would get that message with no confrontation. Also make the signs prohibiting cell usage posted in the workout area part of the introduction to the Gym presentation.

This gym also has a policy (contract) as I read it say, no string tank tops. Every year for three years a guy with a tank top, that is only a few pieces of cloth and string, hangs around the gym. He never works out on the floor, he just prances around the gym until a tanning bed is available.

Years prior, the upkeep of the gym was really poor with disinfectants empty and paper towel rolls empty. This year, before one of your inspections, the staff was really conscientious, bottles full and towel dispensers full. The days after the inspection, the staff evidently has time to lean but no time to clean. I watched the inspection, I guess your company’s program, checking the cleanliness of the Bullhead City gym. Last year the staff, with lots of friends, stood behind the counter, sat on the counters, and chatted away making the place sound like a loud bar. It isn’t as bad this year. Also, it would be pleasant if your staff had some training on personalities. Each one of them, during their gym membership orientation smile, laugh, and are personable. That ends with enrollment. Unless you are a local full time user of the gym, the staff won’t even look at you when they are walking around the gym.

In closing, in my opinion, the gym improves every year but other activities of the staff and compliance with your policies needs to be addressed and improved. This would make for a more friendly environment for all to enjoy.

Thanks for reading,



Mark Dawson February 9, 2019 at 5:24 pm

My Wife and I have belonged to several gyms over the years. All cost much more than Planet Fitness, they were filthy, equipment was not well maintained or just didn’t work. We joined PF in Cumberland Maryland 13 months ago. We have been going 5 or 6 days per week. The staff are always courteous , helpful and available. They maintain the equipment and keep the gym very clean. We are so extremely happy that we joined this gym. Now I have a few suggestions: 1. put in a wet sauna that seats 10 people , 2. put in a dry sauna that seats 10 people. 3. Expand and install a pool, 4. expand and install handball / racquetball courts. It can be done and that would be fantastic. Thanks for being here as you are for our community.


Ricky Fernandez February 8, 2019 at 8:42 am

Planet Fitness at 520 East 117th St. is a disaster!
During the overnight shift the front desk clear disappears, leaving front desk unattended, frequently leaving the premises. Cleaning attendant sneaks out the fire exit, leaving door propped open. Often there is no employee on premises during this shift for more than an hour.
Persons without memberships are permitted access. Primarily one Arab guy who harasses and threatens other members with physical violence. He makes a mess in gym floor & locker room tossing his trash wherever he pleases. He also injects himself with steroids in dressing room of men’s locker room and throws used needles on the floor.
Staff claims he can do as he pleases because he is the manager’s boyfriend.
When management spoken to regarding these problems was told “if you don’t like it, go to another gym!”


Doug Dilleshaw February 5, 2019 at 8:05 pm

Thursday January 31st, my wife car was vandalized and broken into in Greenwood SC. When asked to see the camera video, I was told they do not always work inside. There is no cameras outside. When I asked if the guy signed in that reported it, the manager said we don’t always check all members in, if they know them but he did come in after my wife. What she done was wrong by leaveing her purse in the car, but absolutely not called for. She is deaf, has a cochlear implant. I have had her to stop going there and cancel her membership. The staff said it was not in budget for cameras. This happened in broad daylight, but at night the parking lot is dark. This place is not safe
Doug Dilleshaw


Robert Godin December 2, 2018 at 5:56 pm

Was a member for 8 years, Then an employee for 2 years. Paid yearly guaranteed fees, then suddenly was terminated due to not needing me. I was an original member at this location in Woonsocket, RI 02895. They would not honor my old fee when I was terminated and wanted to become a member again. I recently filed a BBB report and am glad I have done so. I would like to start a class action suit against them and have started communication with a publicly traded company lawyer


Delphine November 28, 2018 at 8:05 am

I am so disappointed in Planet Fitness! I had a membership and cancelled it. I did everything they asked. I went to my preferred club and spoke with a salesperson, cancelled my membership, but I was still charged! When I contacted customer service about this, after about 15 minutes, they found the cancellation agreement and chose to refund my money… 7 to 10 days. It didn’t take 7 to 10 days to draft my account or take my money out of my account! Why should I be penalized for their mistake? Now my account is less, and it’s their fault!


Vickie Gilley November 9, 2018 at 3:03 pm

I am a new member at the Niles Street location in Bakersfield, California. I am so impressed with the staff at this new facility! They are all so welcoming and willing to help out from the minute you come in to when you leave . They always greet EVERY person as they come in and say ” Hi, have a good workout!” I have observed the way they keep the location spotless. They are constantly cleaning up, over and under all the equipment ! As a healthcare professional, I appreciate the cleanliness of the gym and the assurance that what I handle is clean and in great working condition. Raymond Cruz, the supervisor, is an excellent role model for his employees. His strive for excellence in customer service is achieved by not only by him and his great demeanor, but by all the employees that I have come into contact with at this location. They all have outstanding work ethics. I have never seen such hardworking, caring and helpful employees at any of the other gyms that I have enrolled in. Keep up the good work, Niles Street Bakersfield location! YOU ROCK!!!


Pissed Of Customer November 7, 2018 at 4:49 pm

canceled membership four f-ing times these a-holes still took money from my account an wont give me a refund.


Blanca Orta November 4, 2018 at 1:34 am

Worst gym, bad staff and club is dirty. Also they don’t care about anything and when trying to cancel they won’t do it over the phone even when I can physically go to gym due to medical reasons.


Cynthia Nelson October 22, 2018 at 11:10 am

My name is Cynthia Nelson. I work for the Auto Club Group. We are checking to see if your company has a Corporate discount program. I can be contacted by email or by phone at (313) 336-XXXX. Thank you very much.


RoseMarie Wawrzeniak October 7, 2018 at 1:12 pm

Question Will you be building a Planet Fitness Center in NMB, SC. I live in Little River, SC and the nearest Center is 25 miles South or 21 miles North. This community is growing in leaps and bounds as more Baby Boomers are retiring. They have some gyms in the area but they appear to be as old as I am. Their fees are outrageous, especially for Seniors. There are many of us that would love to see a center closer to home that we can afford.


Marsha September 28, 2018 at 3:02 pm

After speaking with the location manager and the regional manager I was very disappointed to find out that I can not pay for a whole years membership and all other “fees” in advance. I did not ask for special pricing or any kind of discount. I just do not want to have money taken out of my bank account monthly. This does not seem like a good policy.


Teresa K January 7, 2019 at 9:40 am

To whom it may concern:
I am experiencing the same thing as Marsha wrote on 9/28/2018. My brother and sister in law bought my dad who will be 83 February 5, a 1 year membership in November for his Christmas present. My dad has really bad circulation problems and tried the water massage chairs/tables (not exactly sure what they are) and loved it. He said it was wonderful and made his legs feel great. I tried to get his membership upgraded to the “Black Membership” and was told I would also have to give them access to my bank account. I had no problem whatsoever giving them my credit card information which is protected and paying for an entire years membership and annual fee or fees upfront. I understand that he loses the $99 my brother paid for the 1 year membership.
I don’t want to deny my 83 year old Dad who has gone to the gym daily for years and just transferred to Planet Fitness something that makes him feel good at this age and that he loves. But with all the breaches of account information; I’m just not comfortable giving anyone access to my banking information.
Please allow me to take care of this for my Dad so he can enjoy the benefit of the massage area. He loves the Planet Fitness and the wonderful staff on Glenway Ave in Cincinnati Ohio. Thank you for your consideration.
Best Regards,
Teresa K


Cindy September 7, 2018 at 5:56 pm

I cancelled my Planet Fitness Membership today at the Des Moines, Washington location as a result of the manager and desk staff going out of there way to embarrass me and my niece during our workout today. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have paid for countless trainers and professional to help me lose weight. I liked this Planet Fitness, I was a Black Card Member. I brought my Niece with me so she could help motivate me while I work out. The woman trainer at this facility is not nice. I have watched her train for months and I do not like her client handling skills. My niece shows me a few exercises and works out with me during lunch several days a week, but apparently this is not ok at Planet Fitness. She works out and sweats with me and helps me feel like I am not alone in the battle against fat. Today the trainer, staff and manager came up to us on the floor and in front an a room full of people asked if my niece was training me and questioned what we were doing. It was so embarrassing. The snotty and rude way they spoke to us was very unprofessional. If they wanted to discuss this with me, they should have waited until the work out was over or ask to speak to me privately. When you are overweight and self conscious it is hard to go to the gym and really push yourself. Finding a place and someone to help you is even harder. If they had an issue, they could have handled it in a more professional manner. I am a business owner and long standing member of the Des Moines, WA Community and to get embarrassed was uncalled for and hurtful. A gentleman who witnessed their questioning, made comments after they left. I was mortified. I spoke with the manager after I finished my work out at the desk, but she clearly did not care that she and her very young and very rude staff member embarrassed me and my niece. I immediately cancelled my membership. I must say your no judgement, no embarrassment policy must only be for clients and does not apply to your staff. I extend this opportunity to you make it right. Sincerely, Cindy Gokey


Natasha September 28, 2018 at 11:19 am

Good afternoon, I was reading some customer reviews online about planet fitness. I’m so heartbroken to hear what happened to the guest and her niece but, I can also relate. I worked out yesterday (9/26/18) at the location in Suffolk, V.A. I’ve actually been going 2-3 times a week with my sister, honestly to feel better about myself. lately I’ve been really depressed but, I love working out and it always helped me feel better. However, yesterday a trainer walked into the area my sister and I was working out in to train with two members . My sister and I was actually finishing up my last 4 leg exercises (literally push out my legs 4 times and done). The trainer walks in and say to us; they are going to use the machine that we were using, after they finish with the machine they were currently using and we had to go somewhere else. (My sister and I then looked at each other in total awe about how rude the trainer was). No hello, no good evening ladies, no can I speak with one on you on the side to inform you of the policy during training or something. Instead she came off very rude to us. Nevertheless, my sister informed her that we were finishing up and they can have the machine. She then proceeded to say again they are going to need the machine when they finish and etc.Less then 60 seconds we were done. In front of everyone and the members she was training she said; our membership will be revoked and went to get another staff member to reiterate what she said I guess. The other staff member meets us as we were walking and said to us that when a trainer is training you cannot be in the area at all and basically we would have to remove ourselves. (On Monday 9/24/18 this same trainer was training in the same area with us and no one said anything)My sister said that’s fine but, she was very rude. She did not introduce herself, she didn’t take us to the side and she immediately said no one has ever complained about her trainer being rude before. My sister then said to her as a customer service representative she would have thought she would have listened to the issue and apologized for her feeling like she was treated rudely. The staff member then proceeded to start clapping her hands in my sister’s face repeating that we would have to remove ourselves when a trainer comes in to train. I felt like a child in school being chastised in front of the entire class. Being a victim of domestic violence for over 12 years in my past, that just really made me feel like I saw flashbacks. I not only saw aggression but I felt the aggression. It’s so upsetting because working out gave me my sanity and helped me deal with the abuse I endured all those years. Now to think the one place I would go to for the escape and my sanity is the same place that is going to remind me of those years of abuse, I really hope not. I can honestly say that this experience has made me appreciate my teams I’ve built in my stores over the years so much more as a general manager myself. #1 I always told them to give they’re all because our guest is our boss as well, they are the reason for us having this job. #2 go above and beyond because you never no what one is going through and you can make their day or a change in their life that day.#3 remember whatever you do, your name is on it which speaks all about you. Using myself as an example no one ever knew about my abuse, I always gave a smile and went above and beyond.


Carmen Allen August 30, 2018 at 5:08 pm

I recently rejoined Planet Fitness in Gainesville, Georgia and want to let the Corporate office know – I’m impressed. The staff at this location is ALWAYS cleaning the facility. It wasn’t like that when I was a member a few years ago. As a matter of fact, I paid a bit more to go to another facility for that reason. I rejoined after specifically asking about the “unlimited” membership that previously limited the use of hydro-massage bed to one session per visit even when the club wasn’t busy. I was hoping it would be different, so I rejoined and it is awesome to see the change. – staff is attentive, always pleasant and constantly cleaning. When I say cleaning I mean constantly cleaning the machines, mopping, windows, doors, lifting the deck of the treadmills to get under the machines. I rejoined a week ago and I’ve seen them mop and lift the deck of the treadmills twice already. EVERYONE at this club is constantly cleaning. It is nice to know that a fitness center is conscientious about cleanliness. After reading all the complaints on here I’m glad I’m at the Gainesville, Georgia facility because there is nothing like what others are complaining about going on at the location I joined. Keep up the great work Planet Fitness in Gainesville, Georgia. Thank you for caring about our fitness and health 🙂


Deborah Doncses August 21, 2018 at 3:06 pm

I’m a member of the Pottsville, Pa location. Planet Fitness has several hydro massage beds. However, there are time constraints as to how long one can use them. When the club isn’t busy and the beds are not in high demand, most of the staff is flexible and oftentimes allows members additional time. With this in mind, last Sunday afternoon, I requested an additional 5 minutes for my mate and I. A staff member obliged my request. A peer staff member (the one who typically doesn’t accommodate these types of requests) overheard our exchange and by the time I reached the bed, I saw that I was only allotted 10 minutes. When I returned to the front desk after using the bed, I approached the staff member who granted my request and asked to speak to his manager. Not to be overlooked or not have a say in the matter, the female peer staff member intervened. I promptly told her that since I had no dealings with her, there was no need to speak to her. I have no problem with adhering to policy; however, the policy is flexible; there was no demand for the bed prior to or after my use; and the club wasn’t busy – approximately one-fourth of the club was occupied. I took great issue and insult to the peer staff member who interjected and took it upon herself to reverse and supersede a decision made by her peer. To add insult to injury, when I addressed her behavior with the manager, he spent a great deal of time making excuses for her behavior. He suggested that the staff member who granted my request must not have heard me correctly; the hydro massage bed doesn’t go beyond 10 minutes; staff isn’t trained to set the bed beyond 10 minutes, which totally dispels the idea that the settings don’t go beyond 10 minutes. I’ve been a gym member of several gyms for many years and I’ve never experienced such a display of non-customer service of this magnitude.


Victoria Kulka August 15, 2018 at 10:54 am

To Whom it May Concern,

I’ve been a member of Planet Fitness for 5 years now and changed my home location 3 times. The first time was because I was frequenting a location closer to my job so I could workout in the morning and your only allowed so many other gym location visits a month which really is dumb but that doesn’t bother me. It’s the fact that the location I changed to which was conveniently located across the street from my job started going downhill. The machines were constantly broken, their was a group of lunks always there disrupting everyone with their grunting and showing off, and than the bathroom facilities were getting disgusting. Than a new location opened up not far from the Evanston location I mentioned above in Lincolnwood. It was brand new and had way more space just like the very first location I signed up with. It was great! But now I am getting to the point of I can’t stand this place anymore. First the locker room. The women’s locker room is absolutely disgusting it’s like they don’t bother to clean anymore. The lights in the shower haven’t worked in months, the shower curtains are moldy and falling off constantly, the water never seems to stay hot and some days it never gets to hot it’s just ice cold. The changing rooms are covered in dust and have little flies all over them from the showers. the showers are gross always hair and crap in the drains. The bathroom stalls are disgusting as well always filthy, garbage on the floor, toilets definitely are not getting cleaned, the handicapped accessible bathroom stall has been out of order for at least two months now. The gym equipment is constantly broken and in terrible disrepair. The Planet Fitness trainer and her group of trainee’s are always taking over all the equipment so your choices are limited. People are constantly sitting on equipment and not actually working out but playing with their phones. I would have filed my complaint directly with my planet fitness location but the online form only allows 300 characters which is bs! How are you supposed to submit a complaint with so little room for an entry. I still did but had to short hand it which probably will get me no response as none of the staff seem to give a crap! I pay money every month to you guys expecting a clean locker room and equipment that works. If I don’t see resolve to this I will switch locations again and unfortunately it won’t be close to my job and will completely screw up my schedule and I may just say cancel all together because from all the negative comments I see from gym goers across the states all the locations are just plain crap. Its very discouraging. I loved Planet Fitness because finally I had a gym I could afford and it made me feel comfortable working out because of the no lunk policy and I see people just like me working out trying to improve themselves just like me but when basic sanitary conditions don’t exist and your customer service is crap it makes me not want to get up at 4:30 am to go to the gym. I really hope you improve your customer service and train your staff better and improve everything else all around because I’m getting fed up with paying for something that isn’t worth it anymore.


John Calabrese July 20, 2018 at 10:29 am

Planet Fitness really needs to look into and change their cell phone policy. They are proactive ( Only with Signs) stating no cell phone conversations on the gym floor. This is a joke for the simple reason NO ONE talks on their cell phone… they text. It is not uncommon for machines to be tied up for an hour with people occupying machines, just sitting, and texting. Waiting for machines has been the norm at Planet Fitness.


Bobbie Roth July 19, 2018 at 3:06 pm

I joined the Lodi CA club when it opened in January this year. They advertise constantly that there is “no commitment”, but when I went in to sign up was told I had to pay more for the no-commitment, otherwise it was a one-year contract. So I went ahead and made the one-year commitment as I figured I’d be there for a year, and the price made it worthwhile. Since then, I repeatedly see commercials touting “no commitment!” False advertising! In these 6+ months I’ve been there, the rules and schedules have changed more than four times. I signed up for the personal trainer and thought that was a great option, as I am quite a bit older than most members and have some physical limitations due to health issues and joint replacements. But the trainer’s schedule keeps changing. First they said I had to call in the day that I wanted an appointment — could not sign up in advance. Then they keep changing the trainer’s schedule, so I never can keep track of when the trainer will be available. The guy that answers the phone in the morning is an idiot — never knows when the trainer has one-on-one time slots available, often schedules people in wrong times or when someone else is already scheduled. So aggravating! The gym is nice and clean, well-equipped — can’t complain about that. But the scheduling issue is really concerning. I keep being told that it’s “corporate’s decision”. So why is the corporate office decreeing what the trainer’s schedule is??? Shouldn’t that be the local franchise owner’s decision? Or am I just getting a run-around? Please explain.


Deborah Vaughn July 14, 2018 at 1:59 pm

Dear Sirs,
Dont you dare bow to the SJW on the issues being pressured upon you to allow transgendered individuals into womens locker rooms. They are the MINORITY. This will never fly in the South. I dont care how much they want to be like me….they are not…Just because their own natural-born sex rejects them as they have rejected it, this does not mean we should be forced into allowing them in our private areas. This is denigrating to women. I have no issue with those individuals until they try to force us to allow them in what I consider a personal, private area. If you want to adapt unisex locker rooms, I have no problem with that but there are still those of us who are old-fashioned enough to prefer our own private areas. You will sign you business death warrant if you allow this to happen. If you want to spend the funds to allow three different locker rooms go ahead……but do not rest their agenda on the backs of us who choose to stick with the traditional way of life.


Angela Montague July 11, 2018 at 6:58 pm

Attn: Planet Fitness, LLC
26 Fox Run RoadRoom 114
Newington, New Hampshire 03801

Attn:CEO: Chris Rondeau
CFO: Dorvin D. Lively
COO: Rob Spokin

I’m pretty disappointed that the rest of the reviews are all similar to the one I’m about to post. The contracts are pretty much bogus and after “1 year” the Planet Fitness mystery corporate office just rolls over the membership. I have a black card membership in Yakima, WA and the place frequently fills up to the point of only treadmills being available. There have been several problems with the stair climbing machines and also a smith machine, both of which have only a few spots as it is. The air conditioning seems to only work part of the time and the staff are not well informed of the machines or fitness in general. I’ve thought/tried to apply several times online, after inquiring about a sign posted in the gym and the manager (super unfriendly XXXXXX) told me I can only apply online, but there’s no way to actually submit an application on Indeed nor on the company website. I also feel as though I’ve been treated with discrimination because I’m fit and the current female manager has an attitude with any women perceived as a threat to her. There are several amazing people working there but the rest don’t seem to last and most of the time have terrible customer service. I would attempt to get a position there, as I love the gym and love equally when other people are trying to better there lives through health and fitness, but you must have to be friends with the manager??? I also have had horrible experiences with customer service on the phone and ended the conversation confused and hanging up on the woman for being rude. Why is it so hard to contact corporate? Or to get employment? I’ll be highly disappointed if I don’t hear back from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. I’ll make sure to end the membership when my second year comes around regardless of the ridiculous fees.


Russell July 7, 2018 at 7:40 pm

I went to Planet Fitness to join with a Black membership. As I was filling out the information the young man on duty told me there was a one year contact with this membership. Nothing I have seen or read indicates this. The website currently has a notice “no commitment sale”. Is this not “bait and switch” and/or false advertising? The Better Business Bureau should be advised.


Matt I. June 27, 2018 at 1:24 pm

They are closing early for the 4th of July – really. Other than Thanksgiving and Christmas the gym should always be open. What a joke. I work out in Independence, MO – it is a joke. Machines are always messed up and staff and management need to learn customer service. They are always rude and don’t know how to run a gym.


David June 27, 2018 at 1:43 pm

So true. So true. But Planet Fatness is cheap. You get what you pay fior.


Teri B August 16, 2018 at 1:24 am

I currently work as a manager in training in Arkansas and closing early on July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, plus closing Easter, early on Thanksgiving, and a day and half for Christmas is more for the employees benefit. As we work our tails off to take care of the facilities 24/7 most of the year. Too bad you see it selfishly through the customers eyes. Most of my regulars all told me our whole staff deserves the time and they’re happy our company does this.


Winter June 18, 2018 at 8:53 pm

Hey there,
I’m an employee at the Kamloops Planet Fitness. Myself along with a couple other female coworkers have been being sexually harassed by a larger male co-worker. I have informed my manager and her response was “It’s his culture. I’m from Ukraine so I get it, but you’re from Canada.” While I was explaining the most recent occurrence, she was smiling the whole time as I was visibly shaken up by the event. (Considering I went home after what happened and had a full blown melt down I don’t really think this is a smiling matter.) I will be going to Work BC about this but would like to reach out to you beforehand. Please get back to me as soon as you can, maybe you should pay a visit to our club and have a bit of a talk with our employees about what’s tolerable and what isn’t.

Thank you for your time.
Winter Harvey.


Holly June 7, 2018 at 3:47 pm

I was wondering when your company is going to start using Kenetic energy for your gyms. It would be a great money saver for your franchises, a source of energy for the community they are in, and a great draw for new clients. Promoting clean energy and clean health is the way to go!


Señora P June 2, 2018 at 10:58 am

Could you please, please, PLEASE learn how to spell JUDGMENT? I’m a high school English teacher, and I try to teach my students to look up words that they are not sure how to spell. I cringe every time I walk into my local PF and see the word spelled “judgEment”; there is NO “e” before the “-ment” when the word is spelled correctly. I know this word does not follow the usual rules for spelling words in English when the suffix “-ment” is added, but that’s the way it is. (Both “judgment” and “acknowledgment” break the rules.)


Teri B August 16, 2018 at 1:27 am

that’s the point…. ‘imperfection+ no judgEment.


Amanda May 30, 2018 at 2:19 pm

I just cancelled my membership yesterday, since I have never used it in 3 years that I was a member. I was told that since I didn’t go by or before the 25th (mind you it was memorial day weekend) that my daughter and I would both be charge the annual membership fee of 40+$ each , not to mention that it isn’t even due until June 1st , this is why these gyms will soon be obsolete, terrible customer service from Planet Fitness, especially since they say they are “for the people” .

if they would’ve waived the annual fee , I probably would’ve might have signed up once again, but not after this.

prior member of the Miami Lakes Florida.


Alex September 5, 2018 at 12:55 pm

Yes, have had this issue multiple times now. Being student and only home for the summers, i wanted somewhere inexpensive to workout. This is the second year that I have not been accurately made aware of when I would be charged the annual fee and then saw it charged to my account the day I went to cancel my membership. While this is frustrating, the part that makes me upset is that the corporate offices are so unclear about when you will be charged and they will not hear you out about a refund unless you provide the name of someone at your location to through under the bus and blame for the confusion. Disappointed in the company as a whole, but would not blame someone who is just doing their job for this and have them get in trouble.


Stacie Stefanowicz April 30, 2018 at 1:45 pm

My complaint is that the Planet Fitness I go to in Troy NY is now requiring to show your drivers license to tan…. First, they already have my name and picture on their screen. Doesn’t it show dob too? How annoying when you have to carry your card in and have the chance of it getting stolen or lost. It should be if they need to know your age, either keep in on file or have a line on their computer to say whether you are over 30… What a pain in the butt… Another inconvenience. We already have to carry a card in with us to scan….


Donna Heina April 11, 2018 at 12:31 pm

I am a member of Holt Mi Planet Fitness and love it. They just got a machine in that is extremely popular, called the SciFit. However, it is hard to get on it because it is so in demand. We have asked if they could get at least one more machine, but have been told that it is too expensive. This is great for folks who have slight disabilities (I have both knees replaced) as you can sit, but still work both arms and legs. There are quite a few members who would love to see at least one more of these machines. They could remove one of the elipticals that aren’t being used half as much as this machine. I have thought of a petition, and have talked to many about it, and are willing to sign it. Please consider this as we would greatly appreciate it.


C Baez April 4, 2018 at 6:15 pm

I got a call back from Regional manager Dan, that they will not let me back in and canceled my membership because of a problem with the manager of the Tinley Park Location with Nichole. I must say I’m a disable Veteran with a hearing problem in which I informed her that I might be louder than the average person, and explained to her that she has to look at me especially if she a little bit away, and only had a issue with me and only even seen her 2 times in 2 years, she did not like my attitude or the way I complain by message and phone calls to corporate offices about the black card stuff that was always broken. I’m a Service connect Veteran with hearing loss I do not were my aids working out because i use head phones, so all you Brothers and Sisters Vetrans, Disable Veterans, and SC Veterans stay away Plant fitness dose not want our business. I already contacted American Legion and VFW, I will also post notices at the VA hospital at Heinz , Jesse Brown along with the Joliet VA hospital They are unfair to Vetrans and to the workers of that store who were asking members to call in and complain about the issues.SMH


C Baez April 4, 2018 at 2:23 pm

To Whom it may not concern:

I say that because corporate do not care what the independent store or fitness just dont matter, The Tinley Park store manager is just plain snotty, the manager Nichole is simple Judge, Jury and executioner, she canceled my membership because i complained to her 2 times about her and the place. She canceled my membership because she claims I don’t listen to her when she makes excuses, she falsfied my cancled membership as I did when i wouldn’t listen to her lies again, she ask me to leave and thanshe canceled my membership. I by email received a note saying i did not like the facilities, but in truth and you can look at other sites she seems to be what most people complain about the XXXXy and insulting tone is her. I don’t get along with she never calls back, and I been there 2 years and only had to deal with her 2 times


Melanie Edwards April 3, 2018 at 2:32 pm

Planet Fitness Corporate Offices & Headquarters
26 Fox Run Road, Room 114
Newington, New Hampshire 03801

Re: Membership at the Planet Fitness on 168-40 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, NY 11433

Mr. Chris Rondeau,

I am contacting you regarding my membership and the poor satisfactory service that is being provided at the Jamaica facility. The reason for my email is because I am yet to receive any phone call from the Jamaica Ave in regards to my complaint/concerns.

I became a member back in November of 2017. I called back in January to cancel my membership due to the fact, I on a consistent travel point for my job and would not be able to enjoy my membership at the gym. When I called the customer service line to cancel my gym membership, the person on the phone explained to me that I needed to physically go in the facility to cancel, it can not be done over the phone.

On January 27, 2018, I went to the gym to cancel my membership and their was a young lady at the desk who told me, yes she would go ahead and cancel my membership. (at no point did she go over the policy to me or did I sign any cancelation paperwork).

February 2/20, my account was charge $22.98 and when I went back into the facility to verify about the charge, another young lady (customer service team member) explained to me that my account was never cancel and my information is inputted incorrectly in the system. I asked to speak to a manager and was told, no manager was available. I left my personal information to be contacted regarding my account by manager (Jennifer) and is yet to receive a phone call. March 3/19, my account was charge again $22.98 and when I called to speak to a manager, I am yet still to speak to any manager and is always being told manager (Jennifer) will contact me.

I called today 4/3 to ask to speak to a manager and Jasna (customer service team member) was so rude, disrespectful and hung up the phone on me while I was talking to her explaining my issue. When I asked to speak to the manager, she told me I can not speak to the manager because she is unable to find my information in the system. I called back and spoke to a Miguel and he explained to me that the manager is in he building and he will call me back within an hour. That was at 11:30am and it is now 2:10pm and has not receive any phone call.

I am not understanding if this is how your facilities conduct business. Poor customer service. Your staffs are very unprofessional, having personal conversation in front of guests and is not educated on the policy to inform guest.

Can someone please contact me regarding my account?

Thank You,
Melanie Edwards


Scott Wilhite March 28, 2018 at 8:03 am

I would like to contact Joe in Central Florida. He is one of your executives and I apologize that I can’t remember is his last name. Years ago, I worked out side by side with Joe when PF first opened their Ocoee, FL location. I would like to catch up with Joe if possible. I can remember he was from the Boston area and a big time Red Sox fan. If you can help me, that would be great!!!

Cell – 407-463-XXXXX


mario clements March 26, 2018 at 5:58 pm

hello I’m writing this is because I stop going to planet fitness because they said if we couldn’t pay we can not keep going to the gym so one month we didn’t pay or go in have not been back in almost a year in they is still charging me and my girl shakarah McFarland please let me know what we can do to get back in the gym….they still have all the same info I gave them, to start nothing change in this is for Milwaukee Wisconsin …..


Bonnie Fisher March 16, 2018 at 6:49 pm

I have 2 complaints and 1 comment. These are in reference to the Planet Fitness in New Bern, NC
1. We have 2 Aqua massage beds and most of the time only 1 is working, which is unacceptable with this being a large operation where 100’s of people come each day and night.
2. For almost a year now the 1 thigh master has not worked, leaving only 1 outer machine working and 2 inner thigh masters working. Never have I seen anyone working on this machine.
My comment is that I noticed that the staff need thick pads to stand on at the front desk. The floor is cement and after a short time of standing this can be uncomfortable and problems to their feet. I hope you will check into these problems and make a change. Thank you.


Sharon Neville March 8, 2018 at 7:30 pm

Corporate Headquarters for Planet Fitness (Evergreen Park, IL location),

I am writing to complain about conditions at the Evergreen Park, IL location.
1. As of today, for the past 2 weeks there has been no heat. There has been no explanation to customers other than they are waiting on a part that cannot be obtained locally. This explanation is insulting; you can order almost anything and get delivery the next day. There is no sign posted apologizing to customers. In addition to there being no heat, in certain parts of the gym, cold air is blowing. Customers are exercising with hoods on because they are so cold.
2. There are 3 hydro massage beds. Never is there more that one operating.
3. There are issues with some of the massage chairs
4. When I complained to the manager at the front desk, I was told that I could go to another facility. This remark was ridiculous; the 95th location is the closest to my house.
5. In the summer, often it is too hot. Often the fans are not operating at full capacity and it feels like the air conditioning is not on or on very low.
6. From time to time there is a smelly, dank smell in the ab area.
7. It appears to me that as long as Planet Fitness is automatically deducting money from it’s customers and getting money, they do not care about quality service. I would hope that Planet Fitness has not chosen to ignore quality service to this community because this facility services African American clients primarily. I believe if enough disgruntled customers complained and stopped paying, getting a hit in the pocketbook would spur Planet Fitness to do something!
8. These conditions are unacceptable!


Denise March 2, 2018 at 11:30 am

I joined planet fitness for 1 year 39.00 down and 10.00 every month, but they neglect to tell you that it’s automatic the plan continues without your knowledge, and when you ask for a refund they say they can’t because you didn’t cancel your membership, when the entire time knowing you only signed up for a year. Calling Corp is a joke they transfer the call and then you get hung up on, this is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with, don’t ever join with them or make sure you ask about the auto billing that never stops, read all the reviews we are all complaining about the same thing the more that people know about the better….DISGUSTING


Amy Ellwood February 14, 2018 at 5:01 pm

I called my local PF to tell them I had the influenza but, I wanted to cancel my membership before I got charged. I was told that they would take a handwritten letter that my husband could drop off for me. He delivered it on January 31st and the next day they took out my membership fee. When I called to get my money refunded , they told me that I had to cancel 7 days prior to 2-1-18. I am furious that they got $41.63 from me for a yearly membership that I will never use. I want my money back! I will share with everyone I know that I was “ripped off” and to not get a membership.


Tanya January 29, 2018 at 2:43 pm

I have tried for well over a year to cancel my membership and I have had no luck. I joined PF at the Vero Beach, FL location several years ago and I have not lived in Florida in over a year. I tried to cancel long before I moved, but was told I needed to go to the location to cancel it. This was not possible for me to do. Now that I live in Texas it is even harder for me to do. You can check your records and see that I have not used this membership in probably two years or more. I doubt the PF would do the right thing and reimburse me for the year plus that I have tried to cancel, but I would like very much for it to be cancelled ASAP! Please contact me and let me know how you will resolve this!!!


William H. Coleman January 26, 2018 at 8:54 pm

Although I have kept my address from my career in Connecticut, I have recently rejoined a local Planet Fitness in Holiday, Florida. As a senior retiree, I thoroughly enjoy my visits. The personnel are always friendly and helpful. I do have a complaint. The TV stations set on the screen feature 3 screens on the Fox news channel. There is, I recall, one CNN channel. There are no TV screens set to MSNBC news channel. This would be a proper balance to the 3 Fox news channel stations. I would not like to think that your corporation is biased to preventing stations to counterbalance the fox channels. I asked the local attendants and they said that they have no choice in the channel selections. I was referred to you and trust that you will correct this oversight. Thanks.


Amber Montana January 7, 2018 at 11:27 am

I enjoyed working out at Planet-fitness, but in order to go back I have to drive an hour just to get to one. I live in Hope NY, Hamilton county, their was one that was planed to go in Johnstown NY, Fulton county but it fell though. I believe that if Planet-fitness would build in Mayfield NY Fulton county you would pull people from Hamilton county and Fulton county to the gym and make it easier for people to go to the gym after work. I can not dedicate 5 hours a day to the gym because that is what I had to scheduled out of my day, and two of that 5 was driving. Also the people that are employed as your fitness trainers are not well rounded and don’t understand injuries, and one would think that people come to the gym for many reason. They come back because they want to get healthy, other come back because of old injuries and they know that it will help them get back to the condition they need to be in. Over all someone in the position of being a trainer should understand all aspects and not give out the same program to everyone.


Linda L Crouanas January 2, 2018 at 9:04 am

Happy New Year to all. Can you explain to me why the Planet Fitness in Westbrook Maine has no heat. It was 51 degrees there today 1/2 and the same yesterday 1/1/18. One of the employees said they turned the thermostat to 70 but no heat to be found except the shower areas. The franchise owners of this Planet Fitness and 3 others does not want to spend any money to do anything. The ducts are clogged with dust which may be why there is no heat escaping to the floor area. Mike and Drew will not spend the money to get them cleaned. Not sure if the fans were off if that would help but doubt it. This morning 1/2 the opener Bob came in to find the back door open. Why did the alarm not sound??I have informed the general manager of problems that should be addressed only to nothing being done. My husband and I have been members for a few years now and enjoy going. Just would love to have it, especially this time of year, warmer than 51 degrees. Wish you would come in to see what I am telling you about. I appreciate your time and hoping something can be accomplished especially the ducts being cleaned. Air quality would improve immensely. Thank you for your time and have a good day.
Linda & Jean P Crouanas


Edna Mitchell December 29, 2017 at 4:40 pm

I’m reaching out to you because for a few reasons… First I called into your Canal Winchester location yesterday @12 to inquire why your company continues to charge my card and I’ll get into that in a moment. However the little boy that answered your phone yesterday thinks he is funny and cute and he’s really not. First when I said stop charging my card he said because I have a balance from past months??? that it couldn’t be cancelled, when I told him the issues and he chose not to listen I told him I would shut my card down then your employee took upon himself to say well we will just put it on your credit!! I said I didn’t care he then mocked me and said you don’t care about your credit?! I then told him to get his manager he proceeded to tell me he had no manager there, I told him he was lying (which he was) and again asked for his manager, I also asked for his name and he said he forgot!!! I asked for his manager a 3rd time and he said I’ll put u on hold and you can stay there because I told you there is no manager here!!!! And then put me on hold!!
I then hung up and called back and imagine to my surprise a lady answered the phone and when I asked her job title she stated she was the assistant manager… wow thought there wasn’t a manager there…. I then went off and explained to her what your employee just did, she then claimed there was no one else for me to call I would have to send a email about the employee… never once did she ask what the original issue was… great customer service skills your employees have!
Your advertisement states you can do it on months you want that it’s month to month with a yearly fee, in NONE of your paperwork or advertisement does it state if the $ isn’t there on your due date we will continue 3 or more times to pull the money from your account!!! If the money isn’t there on your due date then obviously I don’t want it that month!!! You guys have done this to me for months and I’m tired of it!!!!! Your Advertisement states NO COMMITMENT!!!! We haven’t even been to your location in 5-6 months due to the fact that your employees are smart mouth lying teenagers and young adults! We have had nothing but issues with your establishment since we started!
You guys are to shut my account down and DO NOT TOUCH IT AGAIN! Do not pull money from my account! And furthermore you guys are to refund what you just took from me yesterday as well and that’s all 3 accounts!!!
I expect to hear back from someone from your company today or I will be contacting my lawyer with your contract and screenshots of all your advertisement and then will see you in court.
My account and My 2 daughters are pulled off my bank card SHUT THEM DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!
Edna, Breanna and Moriah Mitchell

I’ll be waiting for a call
Edna Mitchell

After I sent this email one of the managers from this location called me and did nothing as well other than to say that No Commitment means u can cancel ur black membership without any fees 😂 Where the hell does it state that at??
Then called corporate and they said they cannot force the franchises to do anything 😂
False advertisement is against the law, so I’ll see you in court
Sent from my iPhone


Anonymous December 20, 2017 at 10:19 am

(Midlothian, VA 23112 PF location)

I am very unpleased I had to go these lengths to file a complaint without revealing my identity to staff or the company. I enjoy my club and would not like to feel embarrassed or intimidated by staff when I attend. Because of my experiences, I would not like staff to know who I am. I do not wish to be talked about amongst staff negatively or be treated differently.

I had been a member at Robious for about 4 years, and transferred to Hull Street when the club opened. Elaine was a magnificent GM, Alex was awful… and I hate to speak ill of Brooke but I feel she was a better fit at Robious. Her staff is lazy, rude, immature, and unprofessional. As soon as you see Brooke leave for the day, (my clubs GM), you start to notice the staff stops working. They lean and linger at the front counter gossiping about inappropriate subjects. Also, time and time again, when I sign up for tanning I can hear them “judging” the members and picking fun at some of us working out. I was under the impression I was working out in a judgement free zone.

There was a young lady who started working last winter. This individual was very friendly and hardworking. She was never standing still and answered everyone’s questions with a huge smile. She bounced around the gym motivating others! I unfortunately never caught her name because she would work so quickly I couldnt catch a glimpse of her name tag. I have not seen her The past few weeks and now when I come in later in the evening, I hardly recognize anyone. Also, if I even get a greeting it is very played out and not sincere. I am saddened that it seems all of the decent employees who made me feel at home and looked as if they really worked hard and enjoyed it are no longer employed. Another member I workout with had said this young lady was fired, I am hoping that’s not the case, because if Management can let go of an employee who has been there for so long making the club more than just another gym for many of us but management will keep the staff whom make it unbearable to ask for coins or to tan and do not enforce the policies of no judgement then, I believe, there must be no respect for the company name and what they stand for. I’ve noticed in the past two years the turn over rate is tremendous. I’m having such a hard time keeping up. I miss the consistency in staff.

The current staff are not implementing the proper policies for “judgement free” and “non-intimidating” environment. Point blank. They make me feel as if I’m Interupting your staff during their personal conversations when I approach he desk. The past few days, I have skipped tanning in an effort to avoid the dirty looks when they have to stop giggling to start my bed.

The biggest issue I have with staff, aside from the rude behavior, is how little control management has on them. There is a shorter, Spanish gentleman who heads towards the back of the club in the evening and returns smelling strong of marijuana. Anyone can smell it all throughout the back of the club. It’s nauseating to use the 360 room during his time. An officer who workouts with his family has smelled it before and spoke on it with myself, some other staff, and members. I can not be the only one who is bothered by the smell. I am also bothered knowing he is intoxicated while assisting members. The gym can be very dangerous and full undivided attention is necessary or should be in this environment.

Another issue I have with staff, is the attitudes. The young heavierset lady who works afternoons has an unbelievably disrespectful attitude. I have heard her multiple times say to other staff that she refuses to work when the boss is gone or that she hates her job. I do not think that is appropriate behavior to have while working. If it rubs me wrong I’m sure it does to others.

I’ve been contemplating cancelling my membership, however, I know that only hinders my fitness goals and will not stop the behaviors. I should not change my lifestyle or where I exercise comfortably because of staff members lacking. I hope you will take the proper precautions necessary so that I am the last member who feels this way at the Midlothian Club.

Since I have said so many negative things about staff I would love to make known those who are not an issue! In the mornings, the black woman who works the front desk is an awesome. Much like the young lady who I spoke about earlier, this young woman goes out her way to remember names and greet you as if you’re in her home and not a business. She is warm and friendly. If I had more time to workout in the mornings, I’d never deal with afternoon staff again! Also, a tall gentleman who I notice and recognize working out more than I notice behind the desk in uniform is a valuable employee. He is very polite and lively!

Just a suggestion- maybe have some form of management or supervisor in the afternoons and evenings to keep the employees on their toes. I’m going to give it another week or two and see if the behaviors have changed or something has been done about this, if I still feel as if I’m entering and using a highschool gym then I will have to take myself and my family’s business elsewhere.

Thank you.


suzy marie visnic December 7, 2017 at 9:48 am

I would like to coment on the Manager and assistant Manager of the Steubenviile Gym. Very friendly, accomadating,and informative. Good people


Mike P Gafford December 4, 2017 at 12:01 pm

Planet Fitness,

Occurred at Mesa, AZ, 2643 E. Broadway Rd. Mesa, AZ
Manager On Duty, Alvin Tapa

Dec. 1, 2017
I just cancelled my membership with PF; I have been a member for over 2 yrs. Today, I was doing my normal workout at PF; and witnessed 2 ladies near me in the workout area who were just standing there conversing very loudly; their conversation went on for over 20 minutes and continued to be loud. I could hear them over the PF entertain music, etc., which is quite comfortable usually. It became disturbing, so I moved from that location further away; I didn’t complain to them; because of the “judgment free” policy. I continued to workout away from the 2 women still talking loud. then I noticed they had mover from where they were to a location nearer to me; again, they could be heard above all the other noise levels in the PF workout area’s.
I decide to speak to the Manager on duty and explain my issue.
Alvin Tupa was the Manager and I explained the whole scenario to him, he said to me. “I can’t do anything about the issue, He even implied that maybe I should go talk to the women. I continued to address the issue with him to no satisfaction, He continued to tell me, that he would not deal with the issue and again said “why don’t you talk to them” I told him I disagreed with his decision and felt that as a Manager, it was PF’s responsibility to handle these type of issues, NOT THE Other CUSTOMER”S; can you imagine the issues PF would have if “customers” handled issues like this?? He again responded with” I can’t and won’t do anything about the loud women. ”
I then left the PF facility, and thought about my options; obviously talking to the Day Manager was not working. So I cancelled my membership of 2 yrs.
I’ve enjoyed the Mesa facility for many workouts during that time.
I hope this email will suffice for my “written notice” and I expect to be refunded any/all monies as a result of my cancellation.
Mike Gafford
480-695-XXXXX or this email.
Incidentally, the PF cancellation form, under “Reason for Membership being Cancelled” reads “policy” which Alvin filled in not me.
Is that the Policy of PF to not respond to a very minor complaint, that should have been addressed by a Manager, rather than a customer, handling the issue?????


Blanche Chalmers October 30, 2017 at 8:44 pm

4245 E. Little Creek, Norfolk, VA – Club Manager: Lynne Croman – Rep. who failed to assist me today, 10/27/17: “Ramon Jones” per the name on both of my cancellation forms???!!!! May 2016 – June 2017, my membership agreement monthly and annual fee (10/2016) were debited via my PRIMARY ACCOUNT without ANY issues. October 2016 – ER diagnosed me with PE in my rt lung (week stay in hospital, blood thinners started immediately). November 2017 – due to many visits to the doctor, urgent care, ER, hospital stays between 2014-16 with flare ups (Diverticulitis), I was told I needed major surgery. Impossible until I remained on blood thinner for a minimum of 6 months. March 2017, cleared to have surgery removing some of my colon, having an infection in my colon a week after surgery, the last thing on my mind or husband’s was the payments coming out of “my” account during that time. I was living each day to see another day. June 2017 – I got over a lot of humps to get the courage or nerve to ask my many doctors can I began working out again. I was hit with ALL no’s telling me it was too soon and to give my body a rest. I gave PF, my gym a “call” explained my situation and was cancelled immediately via that PHONE CALL by the name on the form: Per staffer and Ramon Jones. Bank of America secured my May 2016 payment back to me, ONLY, PF didn’t fight the request nor did they bother refunding the 7 months I did not/could not use their facility. My fault, trying not to die came first. September 22, 2017 – I was told I needed to physically go to my gym to sign back up (I attempted to do that online, no go). I was signed back up via the same CLUB MEMBERSHIP # and asked for payment update information. I handed Christopher Slaughter the SAME information via my checkbook that I used in May 2016 to initially sign up ONLINE. No biggie!! Now here’s where it gets “suspect”, they have you signed the cc/debit keypad (the agreement clearly states at the bottom of the PAPER FORM not to sign this agreement until you read it. I asked each time I signed what I was SIGNING FOR? My questions were answered accordingly; however, when I gave him my checkbook, I assumed that would be my ONLY account used for charges. Duh, how wrong was I not to confirm what I could not see, nor did I give him that information for my new agreement (alternative payment account). Unbeknownst to me, when I received my CONTRACT via email a FULL 3 days later, September 25, 2017, they had taken my OLD contract with my old information, that was still current information, but never once told me during my re-sign that their contracts had since updated in January 2017. I would have immediately asked for the paper form right then, right there. I had 3 check-ins during the month of October 2017 – due to an allergic reaction with 2 medications (strawberry size top lip, swollen and airway closing), an ear and throat infection, fluid on my lungs, rt chest pain, lower back pain, and newly diagnosed with asthma (10/5, 10/10, and 10/19)… No worries, no need to cancel again, I just needed some rest; however, I noted that my last 2 check-ins, I was either in the ER or Urgent Care). Bed rest the past 2 weeks, I decide to hit the gym for a treadmill/bike workout today, 10/27 (dressed for the workout and weather), I remembered a text message I received on 10/21, stating that there were “billing issues” with my PRIMARY, the only account that needed to be used and with over 10 years of monthly/annual fees available during that day. Silly me, I checked my checking/savings account and there were no charges from PF and my money was still there!!! I spoke with a rep, couldn’t read his name tag and explained that they took money from a joint account that neither my husband nor I use, but since you’ve used it, can you please take MY PRIMARY ACCOUNT off and I’ll now make sure there’s a deposit in the “alternative account” that you all used in lieu of the MAIN account? I was told, NO!, but we can take the alternative off. I disagreed with his suggestion and asked again. He repeated himself. I then asked why my payment was taken out the alternative account vs. my primary account. He repeated that there was a “billing issue”. I asked him to please stop insulting my intelligence. I then asked is my account current and suggested showing him that my $10 monthly payment was PIF; however, I’d like to pay my “annual fee” today from the account that is NOT giving PF an issue. I was told, “Yes, you can pay it, but it is set-up to still come out on 11/1/17. Needless to say, my head was throbbing at this point. I told him to cancel my member immediately! I asked for the manager’s name and if he was available after I heard “BOTH” reps now say “a” name I couldn’t make out. They corrected my incorrect pronoun, so I asked for does SHE have a card. I was given the card and then told to sign the pad for cancellation. Once again, I asked what I was signing and how would I know? I was told by both reps, it will be emailed to me. This time, I took my phone out again to check my email, it was there with the same name at the bottom of RAMON JONES… Let me add this very important notice of expression from the male rep who failed to assist me today, HE was more than helpful, gleeful and HAPPY to cancel my membership without any further assistance. That is horrible, unprofessional, RUDE, and downright insufficient CUSTOMER SERVICE. I thanked both of them and told them to have a good afternoon. I WISH I could have placed this complaint on the CORPORATE site as I read 2 reviews, yes, only 2 to know that PF has customer service, rules and regulation issues, and the poor customer service, unequivocally, DOES NOT discriminate. You’re rude to everyone. Although, I have a ton of health issues, I was willing to stick out the cool weather and the storms to get healthier. With all of the information provided or lack thereof, it’s mentally not worth it. I should be allowed to cancel/update accounts and PAY EARLY whenever I feel like it.

OAN, the ONLY issue (10/10/17) I have encountered at my gym besides today, was a very rude woman who took up 2 hip equipments with placing her keys and water bottle at the base of each of them. I politely asked could I please use one of them, she told me she was using both, but go ahead. I did my usual 15 mins as quickly as I could while she plugged in her phone and actually waited for me to finish INSTEAD of using the other OPEN equipment. How dare she hold up 2 machines she can only use 1 at a time. I thanked her, like a respectful person should for her to ignore me. I SHOULD HAVE REPORTED IT IMMEDIATELY TO A STAFF MEMBER, yet, I took the high road to remain focus on my weight lost journey.

I want to use my gym membership with no “judgment” American usage vs “judgement” British usage FREE ZONE with amazing and helpful CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Sincerely, very unhappy with the lack of helpful customer service, NOT THE BILLING as stated on today’s cancellation form!

Blanche L. Chalmers

10/30/17 – As of today, I have not heard from ANYONE locally or corporate office. SHAMEFUL!!!!


Francisco (Tadeo) Risco October 25, 2017 at 11:11 pm

Once again I am wondering why I have not recieved any response to my comments and complaint. Last time I wrote was on sept. 23, 2017. I have posted twice and e mailed area manager and have heard nothing. I recommend people do not join this gym because of their no shame if one of the workers don’t like they can make up complaints about you and you get kicked out. I left because they wouldn’t let me know who complained so I could protect myself. I went to the gym at for or five in morning with a group of friends a new counter person took a dislike to me and started complaining. I’m not the only one she/he complained about. Because of her your company has lost several good customer, some transferred to another pf and some quit you to go to 24 hr. I’m sorry you couldn’t at least take the time to respond to your customer complaints.


MARCO F ETTER December 28, 2017 at 9:21 pm

I agree entirely. I had a gym diva not get her attention from me. She reached over me from my blind side and caused me to flinch enough for her to graze my shirt fabric and claim “I shouldered her arm”. My reply was informing her she wasn’t pretty enough to “shoulder” where she became more livid. A statement was heard from me and not written. There’s no telling what “selective listening” took place. Somehow, a video was reviewed that I was not allowed to observe and evaluate myself. I was bluntly told my membership was terminated, considered a trespass, etc. I have ignored prettier women, let alone this overweight girl in undersized yoga clothes. I’ve been in the gym game for over 30 years, held personal trainer certs across multiple organizations, and personally maintained far larger fitness areas without this much intentional conflict. Anything for the almighty dollar, right? Never again from this 30 year veteran.


Cindy October 25, 2017 at 6:35 pm

Cynthia H Martell
Sep 25

to plantation.fl
Good Afternoon,

I need to cancel my membership to Planet Fitness agreement number:907108935 bar code number: 10032777132. We have moved from Sunrise Florida to Stockbridge, Vermont as of the 9th of September. The closes planet fitness to over an hour drive from our house.

Please cancel this membership immediately.

Thank you.


Cindy October 25, 2017 at 6:33 pm

Good Evening,

Early today I spoke with Alexandra at ABC Financial about our account at Planet Fitness in Plantation Florida.

I moved from Florida 2 days prior to Irma hitting the state (September 7, 2017).
When we arrived safely back in our home in Vermont I called the plantation store and explained that we had moved back to our home in Vermont, and that I wanted to cancel the membership. The person that I was speaking with told me that I had to come into the store to do this. I again explained that I was know longer living in Florida and that there was no way for me to come into the center. He was very rude on the phone and said that was not his problem. I asked to speak to the manager and he told me that he was the assist manager and that if I wanted to cancel to come in.
On the 21st of September they charged my checking account for the 21.19 and again I called the center and said that I was not paying as I was no longer a
member. They again told me that I was and until I came in I was going to be charged. I advised them that I would call Chase and have the payment removed. Which in fact I did.

Today I spoke with Alexandra at your office and she also tired to contact them and have the account closed. No one would help her either. She suggested that I reach out with this information as well as the letter that I emailed to the plantation center on the 25th of September.

I am a person who honors my commitments as well as pays my bills. I would appreciate your help in closing out this membership. I have tried to do all the right things. I am not sure how other planet fitness centers are, but center is very rude and not at all helpful.

I have excellent credit and wish to keep it that way. I will pay the 21.19 if I must…but I need this account closed. There are no centers close to my home, and I did fulfill the 12 months.

I appreciate your help. Please advise what I need to do, as well as acknowledge receipt.

see attachments.

Thank you.


Attachments area


Peters October 19, 2017 at 12:21 pm

Very disappointed with non athletic environment, if it is non-judgmental, I would said it is bias against athletes. If you are a child or an athlete then you might get discriminated against based on the type of workouts you are doing. It seems they do not want a highly complex workout. The staff inappropriately approached me, I felt it was threatening and aggressive. The last place as a father I would assume that type of behavior.


Anne September 27, 2017 at 11:08 am

I joined the bowmanville location and was told they had trainers who would help set you up with a program, Now I hear this is in a group setting, what happened to privacy, or even your no shame approach. i am sure you can find a way to meet with people for 20 min by themselves and not in a group. people can have medical limitations that are no one elses business. very disappointing.


Francisco (Tadeo) Risco September 26, 2017 at 3:17 pm

Does anyone ever read these letters? Please contact me at 1714287XXXXX I wish to speak to someone from customer service.


Bradley Baldwin September 26, 2017 at 12:48 pm

I am certainly learning quickly that I cannot get in touch with anyone from Planet Fitness, everything goes back to the management of the Franchise, where the problem is!!! Know one answers your phone always refers back to management, . Manager was very rude and threatened collections agency!!! very rude, told to call corporate office, however know one answers, Leads me to believe this is a NOT above board organization!!

Please Call me at once in regards to my issue, 727-366-XXXXX thanks


Francisco (Tadeo) Risco September 23, 2017 at 7:43 pm

I’m rather disappointed with pf. I wrote an e mail to area manager three days ago and have not recieved an answer. After reading some of these complaints I’ve come to the conclusion that some of your employees take advantage of your rule of no shame, if they dont like someone they harass them until they loose their temper because of being accused of doing or saying something that someone doesn’t like and then the employee kicks them out.ive belonged to pf for at least ten years just switched to new one in Orange close to where I moved, have been there since 2016 I go around 4:30 every morning I have several friends that also moved to this gym I have never had a problem until they got a new counter person then all the sudden I’m too loud. Well she came over to me while riding a bike and provided to tell me people complain I’m too loud. She did this in front of my friends who were shocked because if I’m loud then why didn’t she complain about them too. Well they got together and went to talk to Ruben the manager later that day and thought everything was fine. So two weeks later I came into gym around ten and Ruben stopped me and told me the counter person told him that a lady complained about me three times saying I’m talking nasty. I asked him who said that and he wouldn’t tell me so I told him it was a lie. The night counter person doesn’t like me so she made it up. If you make accusations like that you need to back them up. I got angry because he kept standing up for the employee so I called them both some names not nice but you need to understand how frustrating it is to be accused of doing something you didn’t do. So my wife and I are cancelling our membership and going else ware. Itsapparent you employees are allowed to harass someone they personally don’t like and that’s why you loose customers. All I want to know is why your area manager Erika Flores doesn’t acknowledge e mails? Thank you Tadeo Risco


Darcy gaines September 6, 2017 at 2:13 pm

My name is Darcy I’m from Casper Wyoming my complaint is the lack of knowledgement with the employees there and Miss judging something that they did wrong and taking it out on me. Cancel my membership because an employee does not know how to do her job and I get canceled for it


Darcy gaines September 6, 2017 at 2:10 pm

My name is Darcy member in Casper Wyoming n i was a member in Austin Texas for years till I moved . I was really excited about them getting up Planet Fitness here in Casper and I waited months from 3 to open and once they opened up everything was fine and I go to work out one day and I get told I was cancelled I asked why I was cancelled the manager said he wasn’t really for sure he looked on the paper and said well the system manager canceled me.WHY. He looks and he said some about being disrespectful. I said how was I ever disrespectful when I’m the only one in this place that smiles and says have a good day and high .the employees don’t do nothing. I went in there one day and I said the tan and worked out and I told her later so I got to run and get my lotion and I’ll be right back so I come in the first store and she started my tanning bed so I go in the room and sorry started I come out and I said why don’t you start my bed cuz where you come in the door I said well I haven’t eaten the opening door I said could you please restart it and she stood there like looked at me like she was retarded and didn’t understand English and I said I just kind of looked at her and went like really. So I said can you please restart my bed for me so I can get on dressed and put my lotion on to tan that’s all I said so I guess if that’s disrespectful the employees need to know their job better and know what to do and take a suggestion as not mean compliment. And find out the assistant manager has a heart up for me she don’t like me. Which I think this is not a business running thing is bullcrap


CC September 4, 2017 at 5:35 pm

My complaint is about the lack of maintenance at my PF. The main video screen is out, and has been out for at least 6-8 weeks now. I don’t watch the videos on the screen, but I do check the time. So, now you say, well check the other clocks in the facility. To that I say, that most of the other clocks have stopped working. I work out early in the morning, so keeping track of the time is crucial so I’m not late for work. When I inquired about these things at the front desk, I was told there was a requisition order placed to corporate, but nothing had been done yet. Not a big deal, but when everyone is charged an annual maintenance fee, it seems to me these simple corrections (i.e. replacement batteries, etc.) shouldn’t take this long. I now wear my FIT BIT watch, so I can keep track of the time, but I think by now you would agree that asking for clocks to be working isn’t that huge of a request, right?

On the flip side, I love the staff at my PF – they always greet me with a smile, and seem to really enjoy what they do! Also, the work out equipment is very well maintained, and it is very clean.


Shona August 25, 2017 at 2:38 pm

My name is Shona and I was a member of the Planet Fitness location in Miami Gardens. I am a member of the United States Air Force reserve and just recently returned from a 6 month deployment in the Middle East. Prior to my departure in January of this year I went into my branch and informed them that I would be leaving and would like my account to be placed on hold. I was not informed that I needed to fill out any paperwork but I did show the associate a copy of my military orders. During the second month of my deployment I noticed planet fitness dues coming out of my checking account, so I advised my bank to stop the payments. I went into the Miami Gardens Branch on August 22nd hoping to work out and I was informed that my account had been placed in collections for no payment. I advised the manager who’s first name is Michelle that I had been out of the country since January and provided her proof with my orders showing I left the states on January 23rd. She advised me she would look into it and would get back to me within 3 days. I called her today August 25th and she stayed that since I can’t prove I brought the paperwork in prior to my deployment that I would have to pay back dues in the amount of almost $500 if I wanted to be allowed to workout again. I don’t feel it’s right that I am being punished for a mistake that a planet fitness associate made. I also don’t appreciated being treated the way I was by the manager at the Miami Gardens location. All I want is to be able to workout at a gym that is close to my home and job and not have to start a new membership somewhere else. Is there anyway I can be helped in this situation.


M. Trusler August 21, 2017 at 11:51 am

I’ve been a member of Planet Fitness in Belton, MO for over 2 years. Because of financial issues, I decided to cancel my membership. I went to the Belton location yesterday, 8-20-17, to cancel. My monthly fee had just been debited three days prior, on 8-17-17, so I am pre-paid through Sept. 16. There were two employees at the check-in desk, and I told them I would like to cancel effective Sept. 16. The female employee said, “If you cancel today, you can still keep coming for 4 more days.” I said, “Umm, I have paid through Sept. 16, so I can keep coming through Sept. 16.” She said, “That’s not the way it works. Well, you might have 6 more days. It’s either 4 or 6, I’m not sure.” I said, “No, I have 27 days left.” The male employee then got involved. He said if I wanted to cancel effective Sept. 16, I would need to notify them no later than Sept. 10 to stop the automatic debit on Sept. 17. I said, “I know that! I’m not just giving you 7 days notice, I’m giving you 27 days notice!!” He said I would need to come back later to talk to Santana, the supervisor, who would get there at 11:00 am. I went back later, and the same two employees were at the front desk. When they saw me coming through the door, the female employee took off like a bat out of hell! As I approached the desk, the male employee started apologizing, saying he had checked with Santana and that I was correct – I was pre-paid through Sept. 16 so I could continue to come through that date. He said, “What you were saying made sense, but I just wasn’t sure.” It is ridiculous that the employees don’t understand the cancellation policy and the concept of being pre-paid through a certain date. But most annoying was that the female employee who argued with me for 15 minutes didn’t own up to the fact that she was wrong and talk to me herself. She let the other guy do her dirty work for her. She needs to grow up.


Katie Burks August 14, 2017 at 7:14 am

I have been a member for 3 years. Like most members I would not be very consistent attending since I’m more of a class person. February 2016 I started classes at PF cypress TX. The trainer was horrible! He would barely show up to class and then he would tell you what to do and then play on his phone. I ended up slipping a disk in my back from doing exercises incorrectly.
So after I healed I tried again in March 2017 at steeplechase, Houston location. The trainer Donte Perry is amazing. He is engaged with each person, knows your name and remembers you! He cares and caters each exercise to your fitness level. He pushes you but in a positive motivating way!
So far I have lost 2 sizes and 25 pounds! I attend 3-5 days each week consistently!
Thank you planet fitness for employing such a gem in your gym.


Phil lagreco August 10, 2017 at 11:45 am

First I would like to say about planet fitness is it is not about your health or good being it’s about how many memberships they can get signed up! I have been a member of the Rocky Point NY 11778 Planet fitness for six years now, and had never had any staff come over to tell me I “I pick things up and put things down” so my story is as followed on August 4 around 7:20 in the morning a supposedly trainer tells me that I’m slamming the handle back on the smith machine can you please not slam the weight back, I said no problem but I also said that I was not banging the weight back, ok so not even 5 minutes goes by that here comes over to me and now gets in my face and proceeds to tell me that “they” are saying I back the weights, so I asked you are “they” so now it starts to heat up and now I start using some foul language and now here tells me that I should leave the gym, here is the problem here’s around 34 years of age and you can plainly see here is a user of growth hormones, now remember I’m 59 years old and weigh about 160, so now the discussion is in full bloom I tell him this is what it’s like to drop a weight! Now here tells me I must leave right now but stay because I feel I was not in the wrong, you come over the first time to tell me and then come back and gets in my face about it! I feel that I was slandered! By him, the manager was not in at the time so I would call her later on, but instead she called me asap when she got in proceeded to be nice and then started to rip into me cause I used foul language to her best employee so now she revokes my membership for it I contacted corp and spoke to Page about the whole story and was wondering why that morning to pick on me since I have been a good member to this club! She told me that the district manager would contact me still have not heard from anyone and I’m hearing from my peers at the club that this story is still being talk about, so to say I am very disappointed in this club and the owner of this club for not contacting me to hear the truth also they have cameras to see what took place, so all I have to say if you want fitness club or”gym” that’s not it! That’s becoming a library there is always going to be some noise when metal hits metal.


Richard August 10, 2017 at 2:04 am

Your fitness center here in Bakersfield, wonderful.The staff here are very nice and helpful. Your equipment is clean plentiful and up to date. Unfortunately I have a issue with your policy. PF has a no judgement policy that precludes common sense. Your facilities lack a weight scale.!! Over 70% of your machines ask for a weight input,but it can’t be accomplished because it is a conflict of interest toward your policy of “judgement free “.If you took a survey I’m sure a majority of member’s would want a scale,perhaps located in the locker rooms .I think many of the member’s come for several reasons and one is to loose weight.. Your policy maker’s lack common sense.


Diane July 27, 2017 at 10:44 am

The PF in Aiken, SC is very overcrowded and having equipment available has become an issue even if you do wait your turn. I go 4-5 days a week and have only an hour to hour and half to get my workout in and when it’s crowded like it’s been that just frustrates me and turns me off from PF. If there is not an expansion, in the near future I may have to look at other options in my area. I love my PF and would hate to leave.


Erika July 20, 2017 at 11:57 am

The Laveen gym is very dirty. There where two big hair balls in the locker room. The locker smelled like sweaty sock! I have pictures of the hair balls it is vey nasty !


Karolyn July 18, 2017 at 10:28 pm

Hello , I am new to the planet fitness gyms. The experience I just received today at my home planet fitness gym (Taylor ,Mi.) was very unpleasant. This is the third episode at this gym and I am hoping the franchise owner of this PF will consider seriously retraining the employees who are working there. While half way through a cardio workout on the stairmaster I was approached by a young girl who informed me that I was not allowed to wear blue Jean shorts and it was ok for today but not to wear them again. So as I looked around the gym at all the other people working out and their apparel it became apparent that this girl pick me to approach in the “non- judgement zone. So I get it, even through I’ve worn these shorts at least 10 times before without one word being said. This was clearly offensive the way this employee handled this. All of the other thing’s that need to be done at his gym, emptying the over flowing garbage cans, cleaning the ladies room with no toilet paper. She thought this would be a good idea to do while I was actually on the machine. So with that being said my work out was cut short. I went to the front desk to ask for a manager so I could get a copy of the rules again and was told no manager was available due to a shift change but if I gave her my I.D. she could provide a copy of the rules. Four employees standing around the front desk but no one was in a managerial position. So as I cut my workout short due to the disturbing treatment a female employee printed the rules and went as far as highlighting the at-will philosophy that planet fitness seems to have. I told her this was probably the 10th time I had worn these particular shorts to the gym and not one word was said to me. She clearly wanted to dismiss all other violators and offensive behaviors at the gym and just get me away from that front desk and out the door. This is just a suggestion but perhaps some customer service training would be beneficial. Wait for the customer to finish on the equipment then pull them aside in a more private setting to discuss their apparel verses approaching someone while their pushing themselves to get the maximum benefit from their workout. In addition to the lack of professionalism at this particular planet fitness, it is not uncommon for the ear buds incerts to be broke down on some for the equipment, you will see the need for this gym to be cleaned and mostly the employees just stranding around. I have also been to several other planet fitness facilities in the area and it is like night and day. Unfortunately for me the one in Taylor is the most convenient for me. I thought the owner would appreciate knowing how poorly his gym seems to be run. If it were my business I’d want to know.


tonya kirby July 18, 2017 at 5:12 pm

After 2 years of being a paying Planet Fitness member, I have just had the worse experience of trying to close my account. In order to close your account, you must go back to the specific club you joined…well, i had moved several hours away, so that was not an option.
So, when I called the club i joined…they told me that I could transfer it to a club that was close to me and THEN walk-in and cancel it.
So, I did that.
Two weeks later, I am still trying to cancel it. My membership was caught in between two accounts in the system. I was not an official member at the new club, nor was i transferred out of the system of the old. So I could not cancel.
I spoke to both Managers of both clubs… and neither of them could help me.
Today, I was newly billed, AND i was “miraculously” in the new Planet Fitness system.
And i could not get a return on my money! Unbelievable. I will try the corporate office tomorrow.


Tina Samson July 18, 2017 at 8:27 am

Hello- I belong to the North Adams Ma. Planet Fitness….The Staff is totally wonderful and professional. I have a problem with all the equipment… 1st. the treadmills make grinding noises and the rubber is stretched out.. 2nd the stationary bikes are worn out making all kinds of grinding noises and the weights need oiling the are dragging.. They are in need of bad repairs..

Thank You.


Ken July 16, 2017 at 11:36 am

July 16th 2017 10am. I have been going to planet fitness for over 3 years, it’s convenient and low cost. Now the newness of the machines has wore off. Most of them are still in good working order but there are some that needs work as well as the counter people. Today I got tired of the Smith machine dragging the counter balance chain. I have reported this for over 4 months and aging today. Most of the plate loaded machines were just that LOADED. Yes every health club has this problem, some more than others. So being old and cranky I told them about that. I was assured that it it would be addressed asap. That didn’t happen. Three people behind the counter and not one of them out on the floor. Are they told to not to go out on the floor or what?. Benches and weights everywhere except where they are supposed to be. Please train your staff and tell the customers to obey the rules.


cbates July 9, 2017 at 4:44 pm

We have only one place in town to exercise and that is at Ellsworth College. It is very expense so that leaves the community with no place to go. We need a place that we can go to that is more reasonable and believe me there are several of us old and young that need a place, that is why I am asking if you might take a look at Iowa Falls Iowa.


Freddie Keyes June 27, 2017 at 10:45 pm

Re: Sunset – Renton Plant Fitness – Personal. Trainer Chrey Grumelot

I would like to ask Plant Fitness to recognize your staff Mr Grumelot. About 2 years ago an elder woman enter your gym and due to her non-ability to stand straight and a kneel operation she was not assisted by anyone and was told to leave due to her disabilities. I had not seem her for about a year. I felt bad for her. Today, I saw her and she was using a stepper to get on the treadmill by herself, riding in 5 minutes sections, she has learn how to strengthen her body by herself and I walked over to tell her how I was proud and watching her breath life into body and how happy I was she was no longer denied access to what was her right. This lady told me Chrey could not touch her, but if he could teach her how to help herself she was welcome. Plant Fitness, you should do a story about what your employee Mr. Grumelot did for this woman. He gave life back to someone who felt the world no longer value her. Today, standing in Plant Fitness I felt her appreciation and love ❤️. I saw what it mean to love each other through your staff Chrey. This story cannot be told in words. You are so blessed to have such an employee. Other, members we tearing up and thank Chrey for his heart ❤️ and I know, you do not pay him for this type of service. Please reach out to him. He is located in Renton, Washington. Chris is the owner located on Sunset


Evonee June 19, 2017 at 12:25 pm

I just had a horrible experience today. I’m going through hard times and I called in to ask if there was any way that I could temporarily freeze my account because I cant afford the overdraft fees. Yes my account is late due to the annual fee but i cant afford to pay it today but i can soon. So the billing company was helpful kind of, told me that I had to call the club because they can only handle all of these things. So, I called the club. They pretended like they were helping, lied to me, and told me they couldn’t stop the auto-draft and that the billing company handles these things only and to call them back to take care of it. So I did just that just to be told that they lied and it wasnt true and to call back to speak to a supervisor. So far I have spoken to three different people. So I call the club back and ask for a supervisor. She asks me why, and I told her no, can I speak to a supervisor. She asks for my name. I ask for the supervisor again. She then says well I need to know your name so I can let him know who hes speaking with. I tell her my name. So she says I will let him know and he’ll be right with you. Then she hangs the phone up in my face. I call the billing company and asked for the corporates number to report this incident and she acted like she couldn’t find the number. So I looked it up and I will be calling them later today, and after I visit the club tomorrow as well.


Bill June 15, 2017 at 3:55 pm

RE: PF Boise Idaho Orchard

I have been a member since Nov 28th 2016 and recently had an a domestic accident and in may 2017 I fell backwards off a ladder 4 1/2 feet off the ground and landed flat on my back and was not able to break the fall. As you know most long lasting pain doesn’t happen immediately and can take days. Well after the fall I thought if I went into the gym and tried to lift weights it would help – well it did not as I could not on my own lay back on any bench without assist by holding on to a bar or unit to lower myself. – I had since had to have a yearly physical and my VA Doctor noticed I wasn’t sitting immediately like one would naturally. I told her what had happened and she recommended that I do not continue as it appeared that I had fractured a couple ribs and my pelvic.

First off I went to the gym weekly prior to my accident and really enjoyed the workouts – I called today to see if they would allow me to forgo the remaining months without penalty. I was told I needed a NOTE FROM MY DOCTOR as to the findings in order for them to relieve me of my obligation and if not then they would charge my credit card the amount remaining to satisfy the contract and for me to provide in my email the request to cancel and authorization. Naturally I immediately thought this was ridiculous and as the minutes wend on I was really getting pissed to say the least. I felt that maybe they were going to next ask me for a note from my Mother and I was surprised that did not happen as of yet. All the crap you have to go through to cancel is so ridiculous and I will never recommend PF to anyone and let them know my experience. I also plan on contacting the BBB of Boise and bring this to there attention.

I hope corporate will be able to credit me back the charges to end my contract and after reading all the complaints, I do not have my hopes up and what a way to treat customers this is piss poor


Norma June 26, 2017 at 5:52 pm

My husband is actually going through the SAME thing, but he actually took them the DR’s notes stating how 2 back surgeries this past year. He was told by one of the managers at our location that we would be refunded for the 10 months he wasn’t able to go BUT still was charged. Well they continued to take money out of our account after he went in and spoke with them AND cancelled. When he called today the person he spoke with said the manager no longer is there he spoke to and he never cancelled nor will they refund us the payments!! She called her regional manager supposedly and they said they couldn’t do the refund either. So to me looks like they are running a scamming business and NO matter what you do they seem to make the rules as they go and seem to be getting away with it. Now I’m going to call corporate and if need be I will get our family lawyer involved. Especially since he did everything that was asked by them and their policy but continue to withdraw a monthly payment. Hope you can get your case resolved but I think more people who are getting screwed over by Planet Fitness need to take it above the local businesses heads so they will stop with the fraudulent activity.


Delana nedler June 6, 2017 at 3:53 pm

Have been continued to get billed and money drawn out of account . Canceled in math of 2017. And apparently and conveniently camnotvfind my signature from when I went into store to csncel. Stated that I will have to come in again but will not get refunded for all transactions since march. I am seeeking left coubsel. Had witnesses the day I cancelled. Is nonsense.


Kiwanda June 6, 2017 at 5:41 am

On 6/5/17, I called and spoke to manager requesting to cancel my contract. I started my membership 3/16. So for one I fulfilled my 12 months like the contract stated. Manger told me I couldn’t cancel due to having a past due balance. I informed her that I understand that I have a past due and I will indeed settle that balance when I can but in the meanwhile so I’m not continuing to pay a monthly membership fee I want to go ahead a cancel so you all call stop debiting my account I’m not using the membership haven’t really since July consistently. She said no over the phone so I just said so I have to continue to pay for a service I’m not using just because there is a past due balance and she said yes… so I left it at that. I pulled out the contract that was emailed to me when I joined and read the contract left to right up and down back and forth.. I highlighted everything the contract stated I needed to do to cancel and stop debit on my account. I typed up my cancellation letter and my revoking their authorization to debit my account and signed and dated it as well as printed the copy of the contract on file. I took the doXXXXents to Planet Fitness and ask directly to speak to the manager Jodie she was extra friendly when she approached don’t get me wrong. So she asked how she can help me and I presented my drawn up doXXXXents to her and informed her I as canceling my contract and revoking their authorization to debit my account as of 6/5/17 she looked shocked and told me I could not do that and I stated to her as well as presented the contract that stated that I could. So of course she went back and forth with me about it all to say she’s going to go to the office and ask someone else about it. Ok I’ll wait!! She didn’t return until about 20 mins later after one of the employees went back to get her on my behalf. So as she presented her self again her entire attitude changed she kept pointing out different areas in the contract that was stating about requesting a refund or return in a prorated fee while having a past due balance. I had to keep reiterating back to the reason I was there and the rights I had to my request according to the contract in which the company you manage states. As she started to really realize that I was right she said I was committing fraud. That’s when I had to check her. I said if I was committing fraud if I walked in here and handed my key pass to be scanned will it say that my membership was active and she said well yes so that means that y’all have continued to debit my account to which my membership is still remaining active so you cannot stand there and accuse me of fraud because I am following the terms of your contract to cancel my membership and revoke your authorization to debit my account I am simply following Planet Fitnesses contract. She finally said I’m gonna just cancel your contract but I am revoking your access to ever join planet Fitness again. So because I followed the contract Jodie stated that she is banding me from ever having a membership again. So I will be reporting her. I also asked her to attach the doXXXXents i provided that were signed and dated to cancel my membership and revoke authorization to debit my account she kept refusing saying that it was not justified and it didn’t mean anything… so I doXXXXent everything on the planet fitness carbon copy form that she reused the letters and then she wanted me to sign the electronic cancellation form on the electronic signature pad and I said I need to read what’s on that computer before I sign it and she refused to let me read it so I did not sign and I asked for the paper cancellation form back and doXXXXented that she refused to let me read the electronic cancellation form so I refused to sign it. At the end of all this she was really rude and disrespectful and calling me a fraud in front of her staff and customers. I will be following this up her chain of command.


Kiwanda June 6, 2017 at 5:45 am

Planet Fitness 75th Shadeland Indianapolis, IN


Noel White June 2, 2017 at 4:58 pm

I am writing in concern to my membership that is still active despite that fact that I had attempted a cancellation back in 2015. When addressing this concern to the GM, I was met with aggression, and an extremely condescending tone over the phone.
This issue does need to be addressed and resolved immediately, and I would greatly appreciate a response via the email provided.

Noel White
nwhite4work at


TD May 28, 2017 at 7:34 pm

I would love for someone from corporate office to contact me please!! Thank you


Laurie May 21, 2017 at 2:35 pm

I just wanted to make a suggestion . There is a location in west boca Florida in state road 7 , Florida that would be a perfect location for a new planet firness to open. There are many neighborhoods and businesses there. People there could use a nice, economical gym there. Just putting it out there!


Hayley Quattrociocchi May 9, 2017 at 8:41 pm


I have recently applied for the Assistant Manager position at my local PF here in GA. I hope that I get the opportunity to wow the staff and management with my years of Customer Service experience, and problem solving. No complaints. Love my gym as well as all the workers at both locations!


J williams May 9, 2017 at 12:43 pm

I am a black card member. I went to the Hillsboro, Oregon location and as I was about to walk in the door I noticed a sign……. Tanning Beds out of Order. I joined for the extras you offer for $20.00 dollars a month. I called today after being left on hold for 10 minutes and asked if the tanning beds were working and I was told yes but she couldn’t guarantee they would be later. wtf!


Sheri cortez May 2, 2017 at 10:29 pm

I am active member of planet fitness ,and today I actually went for a job interview at the gym i frequent where 1 minute into said interview I was told by the sleeved out (tattooed) manager that i could not be enployed by planet fitness because of the small tasteful neck tatoo that i have . Corporate policy ,really ? How very discriminative of planet fitness corporation. Especially when the manager relaying it to me had borh arms completly co vered in tattoo’s . I will admit in fairness that as we discussed things on a bit I could not be hired for a second reason which is that I have a felony on record ,but it is also a shame that after someone has paid their debt to society that so many places refuse to give a person a chance . I would like you to know that I would have been a great asset to your company regardless of my past or a tattoo on my body ,and it is your loss not at all mine . I certainly will not be renewing membership when my year is up ,which is sad because I really like the location and the people working there are truly nice friendly and helpful . So hard to find that . Thank you for judging me planet fitness when you don’t even know me .


William April 23, 2017 at 4:13 pm

I enjoy pkanet fitness , but i have recently encountered some ” ghetto thugs” at my location that were cursing and just acting like clowns. I brought it to the attention of the manager and was confronted by these thugs at the location on the same day. They were trying to intimidate and harrass me by talking loud and aggressively, getting in my face, and just causing a scene at the front. Unfortunately this behavior is being tolerated, as these individuals are still members and nothing has been done to them for thus behavior. I encourage all who have real issues with their facility to address any issues immediately with managment, because everyone has the right to workout in an intimidation free and profanity free gym.


THOMAS LAPP July 9, 2017 at 8:14 pm

I have or had a black card membership….I go to Bayonne N.J……The smith machine was very dry….Made odd noises….A young man from the Planet Fitness….Berates me …Tells me stop making noises or i am out….I did not like his attitude and let him no it….Guess what ….Membership terminated…..I live in Staten Island….Next day go to workout…..Membership terminated from all Planets…..That is not right….No hearing…..No body will listen to my side of the story…Not right……


THOMAS LAPP July 29, 2017 at 8:22 am

I would like to know when i can re join Planet Fitness Black Card…People have a bad day…..


Anthony Lombardo April 4, 2017 at 5:54 pm

I was not the first GM to be let go.recently another GM was let go and was in a very similar situation lack of training. The little staff I.had and others I have spoke to.are miserable this is.across.the board with PFMICHIGAN these.ownsers.have it’s to late but I.dnt want the “next man up” to get screwed over because I know.i.was.not previously warned.of.any of.these.problems


Anthony Lombardo April 4, 2017 at 5:48 pm

I was brought aboard as new GM in late February. I was given two days worth of training and that is is all. On top of new myself my RM was brand new. I was SEVERELY understaffed I should.have had.four.overnight associates I had one I should have had an assistant and a.shift.lead I had none iall responsibilities me. My evenings consisted of.myself and one other.emoyee that seen anywhere.from 1500-1800 usage numbers.daily I reached out several even from.the owners and was.ignored my Internet would.crash almost daily and the amount.of.member.complaints I.would.receive.were.inconceivalble yet not even a discussion I was completely ignored I beleive investigated for the.poor.treatment of.their.staff PFMICHIGAN group I was for social media.wrong? Yes I.admit fault but I lost patience.and made a mistake. I have never been so poorly treated in my entire life honestly taking a position with planet Fitness is.the.worst.decion I have ever.made


Dania Ingram March 29, 2017 at 10:11 pm

my worst experience in this gym I was discriminating and abused by the power of a manager, my membership was terminated by a misunderstanding and abuse of a manager power the locación of this Planet fitness is Staten Island Ny forest ave,I feel the manager is unprofessional. I ask to the Corporation for planet fitness take acción in this issue. sign Dania Ingram.


Aimee Kaduscwicz March 28, 2017 at 1:04 pm

I am a Black Card Member at the PF location in Broken Arrow, OK. I have been a member for years, and just recently upgraded to a Black Card. I have had, now, several encounters with the manger of this location when she has been inattentive, unprofessional, and rude. This escalated into a verbal confrontation on March 20, 2017, which was utterly and completely uncalled for. Shecwss totally out of line. When I informed her that I would be contacting her superior, she blew me off, as if it didn’t matter. Long story short, here we are, 8 days later, multiple phone calks and emails to the customer call center, and still no resolution. I will NOT let this go until I get a reply, snd sn apology from the company. I am heartily disappointed at your apparent lack of consideration toward your members, as is evidenced by my experience andvtge other posts on here. Unless you’d be OK with a class action law suit, I suggest you sit up, pay attention and respondcwhen your members are unhappy!


david gledhill March 27, 2017 at 12:15 pm

mr chris rondeau
mike grondhl
marc grondhl
my grandson steven tague is a manager at the upper darby,pa gym at 830 n state rd.
he has worked for you for six years.he has been manager of the month a few times. his
work record is great. long story short he has been fired.his boss called him and fired him
in 30 warnings,no prior problems.someone sent him an offensive post on facebook
on his own time.p.s. dan horan who was one of the first people to bring planet fitness to pa is steves uncle. hopefuly you will address this wrong.thank you
david gledhill


Tonya March 19, 2017 at 1:24 am

I am extremely dissatisfied with the service I have received at this club. I have attempted to cancel my membership several times as well as requested the club manager and the district manager to contact me via telephone or email and I have never received a phone call nor have I gotten any type of correspondence through​regular mail or email. I have called countless times only to be hung up on, put on hold over 30 minutes, the staff I have spoke to have been extremely rude and at one point I was even laughed at and put on hold again after demanding to speak with the club manger. I was never given a manager name or phone number and at different times I have gone there in person and asked to speak with a manager and was always told he is either unavailable or not in. I started my contact in December of 2016 and from the moment I started I have had nothing but issues. I will be hiring an attorney if I do not speak with someone about this. I feel as if I have been mistreated the entire time of attempting to cancel my contract. I have gone to the club and was told if I did not pay the cancellation fee at the time of cancellation that I would not be able to cancel this contract, the same employee also told me in an extremely arrogant way that if I placed stop payment and the club didn’t get it’s money my credit would be ruined. I have also contacted other clubs and was told that I would have to speak to my home club manager and they were not able to give any information out regarding a district manager and the clubs are individually owned so they could not assist my in any way but I was more than welcome to join that club. I have placed a stop pay order on my bank account and I demand a cancellation on the account. Please contact me IMMEDIATELY!!!!
I have told every single person I come in contact regarding personal fitness and exercise about the service I have received. I would never recommend Planet Fitness to anyone furthermore I feel intimidated to go to another gym because I have had such a horrible experience here.


Amanda March 1, 2017 at 1:47 am

i quit the gym today:
however in the last week and a half I’ve encountered a lot of issues that I’ve tried resolving by what I thought was right-going to the manager. It was apparent I was under-trained; and possibly apparent that I was having a hard time. But in the last week and a half: I’ve been talked down to for not knowing what to do, pushed & spoken wrongly too in front of customers, ignored by employee, pushed aside (literally) multiple times by employee, saw employee do tons of wrong things (I.e let a girl today tan for twice the amount of time allowed), I’ve had employees say rude things about my family, I’ve been constantly on edge from said employee. And frankly, been scared as he** to come forward about any of this, because I was past-tense threatened that id be fired from said employee, I was left alone the 2nd day I worked there for most of the time because said employees were outside smoking, and chastised for the what I eat/don’t eat EVERYDAY, said employee takes tons of drinks from cooler w/o paying for it, constantly talks bad about everyone, is aggressive towards me and I’m starting to not feel safe. crying in the bathroom-or when I get home just tells me I need a change. Again-I liked the work & I think it was a perfect job for me & my family. But because of these things I can no longer do it. I tried to push through-to ignore employee; but that doesn’t work 100% when I wasn’t trained 100% & employee continues to put me down, talk badly of significant others, and be 100% passive aggressive, rude, and have friends come in to break rules, as well as be confrontational to me. I thought planet fitness was a great place, a good corporation but in a short amount of time I learned otherwise. Wish you two the best as well as a few others & I hope things get better. This is the only solution I can think of & I’m very sorry I couldn’t stick it out. Be aware of these issues with other employees because I know 100% that’s why there’s such a bad turnover rate at this location. My husband, Matt will be picking up my check on Friday for me: or i can send you my address for mail.


Donald Carmichael February 22, 2017 at 12:39 am

No complaint yet. Just getting ready to join. Being 76 and retired I was hoping Planet Fitness was participating in Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Silver & Fit program like others in the area.

I understand Silver & Fit corporation has sent you some paperwork to sign up. I hope you can do it soon. I am wanting to join the gym in Cornelius, NC.

Thank you,
Donald Brent Carmichael
Davidson, NC 28036
704 763 XXXXX


JEANNE HOLTZ February 4, 2017 at 10:45 am



JEANNE HOLTZ February 4, 2017 at 10:37 am



Lanai L January 21, 2017 at 7:02 pm

I joined planet fitness in 2016, and canceled my membership in June 2016 of which I submitted in writing, in person at one of your locations. You all stopped drafting my account for $21.90, but in November 2016, you begin to draft my account again. You have now taken 3 non-authorized payments from account. My bank and I have caught this fraud, and since your establishment is unwilling to cease and desist, I have contacted my attorney.


Lee Komen in January 10, 2017 at 1:49 pm

I joined planet fitness in January 2016 but went for a month I cancelled my membership in June of 2016 but you are still taking money from my account this is robbery I can’t afford the $20 a month plus late fees I would like if you stop taking money out and request a refund


NH January 7, 2017 at 4:43 pm

Re: Concord, Calif Planet Fitness
Attn.: Corp Offices, CEO


My wife has been a member of planet fitness in Concord, CA off Port Chicago Hwy since they opened. Over time, your facility is becoming less attractive, and frankly, Ghetto. I have gone there as a guest and enjoyed the facility myself in the past, however, apparently you are (not) selective in whom you are hiring.

Today (Jan 7, 2017 @ approx noon) my wife went to the facility as she does daily. On this day you had new employees working and upon entering the facility, they had on one monitor…. street fighting (like you see in the Ghetto’s). The staff was apparently enjoying watching the thugs fighting in the street – like you see posted on YouTube or FaceBook. The next thing was one of the tv channels was not tuned to the normal news channel…. it was changed and airing “dog fighting” between animals. In California, dog fighting is illegal, but to broadcast it on the monitors for everyone too see is completely rude and showing poor judgment.

It also shows me the mentality of the employees you have hired. Someone enjoying street fighting and dog fighting has some serious mental issues. I am shocked you would hire these “ghetto” type people; it does not speak well of your facility anymore.
The wife also too some pics on her cell phone to prove what was being played in public view.

Another thought too, perhaps if your staff paid more attention to cleaning the bathrooms and equipment vs watching street fighting and dog fights, and paid more attention to its customers…. who know, you might get more enrollment. I am upset and offended by your staff’s enjoyment of this crap….

They should be fired !!!!!!!!!!!


Mary Ellen Britt October 14, 2016 at 3:38 pm

Planet Fitness Corporate Offices & Headquarters
26 Fox Run Road, Room 114
Newington, NH 03801

Re: Membership for Matthew Britt at the Planet Fitness on 14444 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, Fl 32250

Mr. Chris Rondeau,

Regarding the above mentioned membership for Matthew, I have been paying the monthly fee for him while he was home from college over the summer. He signed up in May and returned to school in August. His membership was a month-to-month at $15 per month with no penalty fee upon cancellation.

My question is how does a $15 a month, no penalties for cancelling turn into $161.38 for a 4 month membership? I have included the charges below. Why would I be charged a yearly membership fee of $41.73 if Matthew was not a yearly member? We were also charged for September because I wasn’t able to get the signed doXXXXent in on time. Matthew was back in school in Tallahassee by the end of August. If I wanted to pay $40 + per month fee, I would have joined the YMCA for the entire family.

I don’t understand your marketing and certainly don’t understand why I paid $161.38 for a 4 month membership. I would greatly appreciate a refund of the “yearly” fee of $41.73 and the September charge of $16.05 totaling $57.78.

Thank you,

Mary Ellen Britt
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


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