Pizza Hut Corporate Office

Pizza Hut Corporate Office Address

Yum! Brands, Inc.
1441 Gardiner Ln
Louisville, KY 40213

Contact Pizza Hut

Phone Number: (502) 874-8300
Fax Number: (502) 874-8323
Email: Email Pizza Hut


CEO: David C. Novak
CFO: Patrick Grismer
COO: Emil Brolick

Pizza Hut History

Pizza Hut was founded by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas.  The brothers borrowed $600 from their mother and opened a small restaurant in downtown Wichita.

In 1959, the first franchise opened in Topeka.

The business grew quickly in the 60s through aggressive marketing.  By 1966, there were 145 franchise locations.

In 1972, Pizza Hut went public and rapid growth continued.  The company merged with Pepsi in 1977 and became a division of the soft drink company.

In 1986, the 5000th franchise was opened.

In 1994, growth finally began to slow.  In 1997, Pepsi packaged all their restaurant holdings which included Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell and spun them off as Yum! Brands.

There are currently over 11,000 Pizza Hut locations operating under Yum! Brands worldwide.  The Pizza Hut corporate office is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

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ray October 12, 2015 at 10:21 pm

i order a pizza from the location on ast piedmont rd in marietta ga a week ago, it took over an hour to arrive and was cold, i tried again tonight and it took over an hour and a half to arrive. when i called i was told they only had one driver and had a whole screen full of orders. maybe the corporate officers should get out in the field and see how customers see your company. i will order my next pizza from Pappa Johns


Kristina October 12, 2015 at 6:14 pm

I am at my wits end with our pizza hut! They always make it wrong. When I tell them, they act like I am just trying to get a free pizza or bothering them. Tonight I ordered a simple pizza, girl reading it back kept reading back something different. So I called back a few minutes later a boy answered, he gave big attitude and cut me off. I then asked for the manager by name (used to work with her and knew her). He gets her and I can hear them talking. “She wants the manager.” She huffed he told her she asked for you by name. She replied agh great. Answered the phone “ya kristina what do you want.” I told her my problem she told me I was basically wrong and they read it back right. I really just want my pizza made right the first time. This pizza hut in glenwood ia is so rude all the time and managers on power trip. Really need better costumer service! Everytime i call in an order it’s almost the same thing I will gladly drive 20+ minutes, for better service, in next towns pizza place


Kristina October 12, 2015 at 6:19 pm

I also always have to pick up pizza. They always say a certain time usually 39+minutes late everytime!


Carl Canterbury October 9, 2015 at 10:09 pm

3530 Mt Holly Huntersville Rd Charlotte, NC 28216 Pizza Hut, this is the worst pizza hut ever. This is my 3rd time ordering from this pizza hut and every time the service and the pizza was horrible. The service is horrible and when you get your order late it isn’t even correct. Today I ordered 2 pizzas and they told me it would be 1hour before they could deliver, the pizza didn’t show up until 1&1/2 hours later. When I opened the pizzas neither of the orders were correct. So I called the store 3 times to try and complain and the last time I was on hold for over 15 minutes and then someone picked-up and hung the phone up on me. This has got to be the worst business that I have ever witnessed, I will never order from there again.


Lisa Mckenzie October 8, 2015 at 8:43 pm

I tried to order pizza from Pizza Hut in Denison Texas tonight only to get a very rude person on the other end. She hung up on me after she said something and I kindly said I’m sorry what did you say because she was talking really low. She hung up the phone then picked it back up to see if I was still on the line and slammed it back down. My iPhone didn’t drop the call and then after she hung up again did. So I called back and asked and she said
Oh we got disconnected !!!!! Yeah sorry I’m not buying it. There is no bad connection an ou there is no bad connection and not that line:( so I will no longer take my large family there


Mike October 8, 2015 at 3:53 pm

Past several pizza’s I’ve ordered. Dough has been raw in middle. Hard for a pizza to
get done when you place you order and with in 12-13 min. your pizza is ready.
Takes 16-20 min. for pizza to bake. This area pizza hut just lost all my business.


Mike October 7, 2015 at 8:41 pm

Driver couldn’t find my location so he called me, and I proceeded with giving driving directions over the phone. Still couldn’t find me. Got frustrated. So he made a second call on a different phone (he had 2 phones). He was cussing and yelling to whoever he was talking to that “he hadn’t made any money, and he wasn’t going to f*** with trying to find this God damn nigger, and he was heading back to Pizza Hut”. Thanks but no thanks. I complained to the manager about his choice of words and she called me a liar.


Mike October 7, 2015 at 8:43 pm

This was the Baker Road location in Baytown, Texas. Manager was a Spanish female.


sc October 4, 2015 at 11:47 pm

Ordered online 2 medium pizzas for $6.99 each. Realized both orders were wrong when got home with the pizzas. Ordered one super supreme with sriracha drizzle and honey sriracha crust and one cockadoodle bacon, but got one regular supreme and one with garden vegetables only. Extremely disappointed! Location was 1219 n. Atlantic Blvd. 91801


Daija Williams September 30, 2015 at 8:01 pm

They never delivered my food . I waited 2 hours and I’m still waiting . I called and a employee hung up in my ear and I called back and she answered and hung up again . I am very disappointed and dissatisfied.


Ashley September 28, 2015 at 3:29 pm

I order online for the Pizza Hut in neligh and I went to pick it up there was no pizza made! They got the order but couldn’t make it because they don’t have any cheesy bites! Then the cashier had the audacity to charge my credit card with no pizza! She said I can give you your money back in cash! She told me they haven’t updated their online website to order! That they need to take the cheesy bites off! The worst Pizza Hut I have ever been too!


Cassondra durnen September 24, 2015 at 9:41 pm

I have to say when I find places that have gluten free options I love it!! But I have to say from having pizza Hut pizza to this was far a disappointment!! My gluten free frozen pizza is a lot better and cheaper!! They complained about giving us a side of gluten free pizza sauce I could only get normal? Which I’m glad I asked for more the pizza was dry there was hardly any sauce!! The cheese was a thin layer not cheesy as there normal pizza is! Ordering gluten free is expensive!! And it’s a very big disappointment when your only paying a arm and a leg for the crust but then you complain about extra pizza sauce I would have asked for extra cheese a lot extra if I knew what came on it!! But I probably would have not received any extra just like the sauce!!! U order a pizza that’s double a normal one and u get half of what you should for toppings!! No thank you!! I will not order again!! I will stick to frozen pizza!! I was very excited and it was the worse gluten free pizza from any resturant I have ordered from!!


Mario Gray September 21, 2015 at 12:22 am

This is the worst experience ever. After waiting 50 mins for our pizza. Called the restaurant they said the pizza delivery guy is running late. Then the guy said was that ok. Hell no that’s not ok. I said we have been waiting for over an hour for food. This is some real bs


Debra Womack September 14, 2015 at 6:44 pm

I had an awful experience with the Cornelia, Ga location today and I’m only writing because things have been going downhill there.
At lunchtime (12:20) I was seated. I gave the server my beverage order and told her I needed a minute to decide what I wanted.
The dining room was nearly empty so I figured she’d be right back.
After 8 minutes she finally came back with my soda and took my order.
I asked for the all you can eat soup salad and breadsticks.
As I headed up towards the salad bar I noticed she didn’t head straight back to put my order in.
After I finally sat down with my salad, she went to the back.
After a while, I finished my salad and still had no soup or breadsticks. And no 2nd salad plate and no salad crackers.
I had to go ask someone working in the kitchen for another salad plate.
While I was there, the person working on the other side had my soup ready and called for my server.
9 minutes later I received my soup and breadsticks.
By this time it was a good thing my soup had cooled off because it was almost time for my lunch hour to end.
I asked for my check, paid cash, and didn’t have time to wait for change or my receipt (which is why I’m commenting here instead of taking the survey).
Train your servers!


Ryan ramserran September 11, 2015 at 6:14 pm

This is upsetting we order pizza every Friday and every order gets screwed up. Just ordered 4 pizzas and only delivered 1 but was charged $55. Called location and spoke to manager Erica and was told sorry won’t happen again and offered a soda for my troubles. Usually order fries don’t get it speak to manager and said next time fries are free this was two months ago also. Order the brownie and always burnt and they said that’s the way supposed to be. Honestly rethinking our Friday nightpizza hit dinner. And to top it off its my daughter’s birthday and have 12 5 year olds wanting pizza. Guaranteed 551 delivery just got one part of order at 6:07 . Frustrated. Location is florida on Red bug and tuskawilla.


Thomas E September 10, 2015 at 8:21 pm

i was a Cashier at The Watertown South Dakota Pizza Hut.The Place was losing money for a while, So The replaced The Manager with Jeremy Bailey.He did what he could to Save money.He Demoted me to “Server” and Denied My use of the register and all money handling duties. UNTIL it got busy, Then he had Me do Cashier duties .. He then reduced My pay to $2.12 an hour.. I asked for it in Writing in order to establish a “Paper trail”.. He gave Me a copy of that and said that It was out of his hands and stated that The Area Manager Donnie did it.. i contacted him, Donnie told Me that He had “No Idea what was going on”.. I then reported the incident to The Department of Labor. I was told that It was Illegal for him to reduce my pay to that amount.But Since it was just “Words” for now..I had to show them my Check Stubs in order to prove he actually Illegally reduced my pay so much. So I Patiently waited until I was “Paid”.My Paycheck was not changed. Jeremy STILL demanded I do both duties while getting paid for the lowest level of pay. Soon after The Department of Labor inquired about this, He started reducing My hours. In retaliation, for reporting him to The Department of Labor..I was terminated…His reason was that he says I was Encouraging Guests to send bad emails. This Place has Jeremy..Who always shows up for work in dirty unwashed clothes.. If emails were sent..I had nothing to do with that or Jeremy’s Inability to wash his clothes. When I applied for Unemployment..he stated that I was Terminated for Not enough work.. I have paper work on ALL OF THIS….Jeremy Bailey has lied to Me..Lied about Regional Manager Donnie Schmidt..His Last name may be incorrect.And He Lied to The department of Labor. i will be happy to provide any type of paperwork copies you may need to prove what I am saying.


Brenda Dorman September 5, 2015 at 10:49 pm

I was employed with your company for something like 3 or 4 years. Never late always early. Even was called several times to cover for the other servers. I didn’t mind I loved my job. I loved my customers. Well most of them. Ha ha! Well anyway I was fired for not ringing up drinks for one of my customers. That customer was or is a firefighter. I had been doing this for a while cuz I had permission from the shift leader. Then one I was written up for this. I signed the write up no problem. The next day I came to work that firefighter came in I was ringing up his order phone started ringing I didn’t add his drinks on right away cuz I was trying to answer the phone in the appropriate time that I should. Had intentions of adding the drinks as soon as I could was dealing with other customers. Shift leader was sitting in dining area talking to customers while I was trying to do my job. Got a little overwhelming for a minute. This was during our Sunday night Buffett. The reason I am complaining is because I have witnessed this very shift leader that wrote me up letting people that doesn’t even work for your company come inside and make food without paying for it. The cost of that food is way more expensive than two drinks. I feel I was treated wrong. I feel that shift leader should lose her job as well. I have known this person many many years and it hurts that she did this. Knowing how hard it is to find a job in such a small town. I have no way to pay my bill’s now. I’m not used to not having a job. I’m a single woman trying to make it in this life on my own. O YEAH and one more thing I didn’t appreciate this shift leader coming in to your restaurant while I was on the clock and she wasn’t and started yelling at me calling me a f***ing bitch and a thief. I was a shift leader for a few years at another restaurant and all I know is the way she takes care of your restaurant and employees is wrong.


edwin September 5, 2015 at 10:06 pm

Just ordered 3 pizzas here in tarkio mo. They all had black hair in them manager said they are not hairs that it is string either way why are they in my food. All they did was remake all of my pizzas this isnt very good business and conviently they girl cutting the pizzas has black hair. This is a dissapointment and i will not be eating here again i will tell everyone i know not to eat here as well


sheena September 4, 2015 at 2:47 pm

I am not one to complain and I always give second chances. With that being said, I will never again order from the Pizza Hut located at 4200 Rainbow Blvd.Kansas City, KS 66103. Last month on the 20th I ordered delivery from this location. About 45 minutes after the food was suppose to be at y location I called only to be informed that they didn’t have a delivery driver. Any other time I would just go and pick it up myself but I work security and am not able to leave my post. After 2 1/2 hours my food finally arrives. Fast forward to today (9/4/15), I placed a delivery order at 1035 am to be delivered at 1130 am. At 1202 I called and asked of they knew when it would be here, I was informed that it was coming out now and it should be at my location in 45 minutes. At 115 pm I called back only to be told that it was leaving now and it should be here within 30 minutes, 202 pm still no food. I have worked in the food industry before as a manager, for SEVERAL years, so I understand that it can be busy, but I also know that if you are having the same issue reoccur then that’s when it’s time to hire more employees.


Shelby September 3, 2015 at 8:13 pm

I am writing here in hopes someone will read this comment and please do something about the Pizza Hut in Jasper, tx. It is one of the only pizza diners have so as you would think it gets plenty of business. By saying that you would assume that it would be a nice clean establishment, it is not tho. It is very run down and not clean at all, none of the employees were gloves (and they have a open kitchen were you can see the pizzas ect. Being made)or hair nets and almost every time i try to give it another chance thinking the condition and employees may have improved they never have. I placed a order for a pizza tonight because my son begged for pizza so I gave in and order one stuffed crust pizza and cheese bread sticks, this was at 6:43 she told me there would be a 20 min wait and when i arrived i had to wait a total of 54 minutes, while i was waiting 2 other people walked out without paying because there order was wrong and they had to wait on the wrong order for almost an hour.
I just write this in hopes that the corporate office or someone over head of pizza hut will read this and please do something about it. This place needs a good Manger someone to run the place professionally and have a clean and friendly and atmosphere.


Ronald Monroe August 29, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Hello all
I just can’t get it out of my head;the ridiculousness of a local bismarck nd pizza hut.I’m waiting for a pizza carry out because the website can’t make sense on 10% issue with a large two topping carry out.Anyway I go to the bathroom and I just can’t believe how filthy it was.All those young people in that store and not one of them could take thirty minutes to clean that pig pen.
It made up my mind for fear of infection,lol to never eat pizza Hut again.I’d rather pay more somewhere else just to feel safe.


Rob August 22, 2015 at 4:33 pm

please send me the email address where I can write in a complaint


Jerry August 31, 2015 at 1:17 pm

Parsons, KS pizza hut makes NASTY PIZZA.
we ordered large stuffed-crust meat lovers. it had 7 pieces of pepperoni, 3 1/2 pieces of canadaian bacon, and a sprinkling of rabbit-pellet sized pieces of beef and sausage. the ‘new’ way to put together a pizza is so STUPID, putting the cheese on first and not last, but i’m sure it saves on the cost to you and the amount of cheese used overall.
we will not go there again.


Pam August 17, 2015 at 10:51 pm

On August 13, 2015 a friend and myself went to Pizza Hut in Rensselaer ,Indiana. We order there special of 2 med. pizza for 6.99 each so we choice the super deluxe thin crust. Had one to eat there and the other boxed to go. We got our order the within 30 minutes I was in the bathroom vomiting, I was so sick. So we left. My friend was beginning not to feel well by this time also. I had to stop twice within 30 minute drive home because of vomiting. We both was sick sick. On Saturday we ate some of the take home pizza and it happened again, both sick. The sausage on the pizza was spoiled, you didn’t notice the taste until you got a bigger chunk of sausage. We both took bites about the same time and I think we both spit it out right away. We knew than what had made us so sick on Thursday night. Saturday was not as bad, but we both were sick at our stomachs. No more Pizza Hut………..


Ronald Monroe August 29, 2015 at 1:52 pm

Y did u eat more the next day u should have called the local health board the first time…
That is sad though a major food service can’t hire reliable help.


icsworld August 15, 2015 at 6:05 pm


145 Sheraton Dr, New Cumberland, PA 17070

(717) 774-0124

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Many store owners managed by ignorant old stupid white males in the state of Pennsylvania are not well educated enough to understand the fundamental of Human Rights.
According to the US Constitution of the United States of America which was established on Wednesday 4th of
March, 1789. The Congress passed 27 amendments in its bill of rights in one of which is the AMENDMENT Istates that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

On this note, the Congress clearly mentioned the Freedom of speech for everyone did they not!
A pizza hut store owner, managed by a very rude old English preak has defied the one of the most important amendment of the Bill of right which is the freedom of speech. He harassed a male customer for giving a
business card to a young teen stating that he was looking for a girl friend. On the note, he clearly stated that he would help the teen with some financial assistance of $100/Wk if she were to commit to the relationship.
Upon leaving the restaurant, the loyal customer gave a $100.00 bill to the teen to help her out.
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Stupid Italian punk are the most troublesome in the township of New Cumberland, Pa. They all come in the US without knowing the full Law of our Constitution and the Freedom of Speech. Beware of Jack asses Englishmen.


love me August 15, 2015 at 5:05 pm

there is a store in buda tx and a girl named harley is a rude worker she was cussing at an employee and i noticed the other girl is not there anymore but she is something really needs to be done about that


Sue August 14, 2015 at 10:07 am

Extrememly irritated that the person in front of me told the cashier to give her the senior discount….and he did even though she was clearly only in her 30′s. She bragged later that she does it all the time because they are not “allowed” to ask your age. I disagree with that, they CERTAINLY are allowed! If there is any discrimination here, it was to every other person under 50 who did not get the discount. This was in Portland, Indiana.


doe August 10, 2015 at 5:01 am

the store in Denison Iowa smells of mold, rotten wood ,tell the roof leaks by the paint on the ceiling and why is it 1 mile out of town to far to walk parking lot is a pain to park in I would love to put my name here but I like the food and people been eating here 4 years the end is comming


D. Fonseca August 9, 2015 at 9:21 pm

What a shame that in the very city that Pizza Hut was founded, we cannot even try the latest gluten free crust! How does this happen? The list of towns throughout the state, many of which are a fraction of the size, that can try this new crust is a slap in the face of the city that launched this glorious business. We HAVE to use your competition because they offer a gluten free option. How sad that we have to REQUEST for this option and that MAYBE you will consider offering this. We love you guys – we want to give you money and we can’t!!! How does this happen?!?! What’s worse? Not being able to use the ‘Request Form’ mentioned on your website due to some poor website design!!! Well, one day we hope to give you money. Until then, your competition is beating you in what was once your back yard. Sign me “Sad in Wichita”.


Joe August 3, 2015 at 5:40 pm

I ordered a pizza at 3:30 in the afternoon and was told my delivery time was 90 minutes. I was shocked, but hungry. It was a Monday, so obviously the store was understaffed. I left directions for the delivery person to call my cell number when they were close as I was in a secure location. Nearly 2 hours later, I received a call from the store informing me that the driver waited 20 minutes and then left. When I asked about the call I requested, I was informed that the driver did not have a cell phone. I could’ve grown the vegetables more quickly than your delivery time. I will NEVER order nor eat at Pizza Hut again.


Jay August 17, 2015 at 8:19 pm

Of course it’s terrible having to wait that long, but it is the CUSTOMER’S responsibility to ensure the delivery driver can get to your door. If you are in a secure location, it is up to YOU to provide access (give a gate code, be on the lookout, etc). It is not a job requirement for someone to have a cell phone nor use their personal devices so you can avoid having to let them in. If they are busy and understaffed, and you accepted the wait time quoted, you can’t fault the driver for not being able to contact you. If you do not make it possible to enter, what would you have him/her to do? Jump the fence? Pick a lock? Wait for someone to enter ahead of them? Not only is this shady, but it also puts the driver in danger and possibly even legal trouble. The fact that he waited 20 mins, when it sounds like they were VERY busy, puts the driver in danger as well as extending their delivery times for everyone else because you were too lazy to let them in when you were expecting them.


cece August 2, 2015 at 10:00 pm

I had brought my family to the restaurant on saw mill rd in west haven,CT in which we dined in(approx 10:30pm on August 1st,2015). I had placed my order at the counter and noticed the employee (making the pizza) that he was inappropriately dressed ( pants hanging off his butt as the style you see guys wear in the hood ) I did mentioned it to the manager that did’nt say anything to him, infact ,why should I mention it period ,It’s not a part of a dress code (if they have one).This type of dressing should be left in the streets and in the hood,afterall I don’t want to be seeing any guys butt,so in a reastaurant atmosphere,why should I see it there as well ? These practices should be corrected by management of the professional appearance and conduct of it’s employees,why is this ghetto style dressing allowed inthe work place.?


kiki August 12, 2015 at 11:40 pm

you sound stupid


Duane Harrison July 31, 2015 at 9:42 pm

I was going to leave an email about how your employees ruin your business in Kinston NC but I see you have 407 complaints you could care less about already. I guess the money is still rolling! Minus mine because competition and capitalism is still strong in America! Shame too, some of the best pizza around. Keep hiring losers who close your phone and store at 8pm consistently, the market will weed you out.


Feiona July 30, 2015 at 7:38 pm

I ordered some fried cheese sticks, some quepapas and some regular cheese sticks from the Pizza Hut on Gus Thomason Rd. In Dallas, Tx. When I got my order it was warm but not hot and the delivery driver didn’t even give me an itemized receipt of what I ordered. My cheese sticks were not cut nor were they easy to tear apart. My 3 year old wouldn’t have been able to tear one off if he wanted one. The quepapas were salty and the jalapeño pepper spice was barely noticeable until after you ate a few and then it started building up. I called up to the store and talked to a manager. When I told him that the driver didn’t give me an itemized receipt of what I ordered he asked me “did you ask for one?” I told him that I shouldn’t have to ask for an itemized receipt when I order from other places and get an itemized receipt all the time and the fact that the last time I ordered from there I got an itemized receipt. When I told him that my food was not hot like it had just come out of the oven he said that it did just come out of the oven and that it takes time to get to me. I told him that I am 5 minutes away from there so it shouldn’t take that much time to get to me. The manager had my order remade and sent back out and again the food was still not very hot. The manager was very rude and not to mention this isn’t the first time I have had an issue with my order. The first time I had an issue I ordered the 2 medium pizzas for $6.99 deal and on my husband’s pizza I asked for jalapeños and green olives. He got the jalapeños but he didn’t get any green olives. It’s ridiculous when you have to put on your order that you want your cheese sticks cut. The manager told me they were perforated and easy to tear. You can’t even see the perforation and they are definitely not easy to tear apart. Something needs to be done or I will never order from Pizza Hut again. The manager I spoke with was very rude to me as well. FIX THIS ISSUE IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL LOSE A CUSTOMER!


Cassidy July 29, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Walked into the Pizza Hut at 6666 Ridge Road, the help at the counter was great. Had to complain to the General Manager about something and she was NOT pleasant to deal with. She needs better people skills, or to not be in that position at all!


LH July 28, 2015 at 8:33 pm

I took my family from out of town to the Pizza Hut on Pennslyvania Ave. in Hagerstown, MD for dinner last week. It’s been awhile since I have been this disgusted by a restaurant. The silverware wasn’t clean. The dishes also were dirty and had to be sent back, they had dried pieces of food of them. Maybe the dishwasher isn’t working?? Then I glanced over to an empty booth and saw a cobweb across the seat. The bathroom was filthy and had a horrible odor. The worst part was when you looked up at the vents, all but maybe 1 , were absolutely disgusting. They had black residue on them and also on the ceiling surrounding them. I was so shocked I had to take puctures, I was sure no one would believe me. I just don’t see a reason why an eating establishment would be this nasty, especially a nationally know chain like Pizza Hut!! I have just been sick for the last week . Will never ever go in there, or for that matter would I ever get delivery from that filthy place. On another note, same location ordered pizza several weeks earlier and my toppings were wrong when delivered… When I called I was told no manager there call back on Monday, this was a Friday???? Seriously ??
So nobody there could fix this for me, what if I had dined in? Wouldn’t they have made me a new pizza? My receipt showed what it was supposed to be and it clearly wasn’t
Not sure what’s going on down there… And I’d rather not leave my full name.. Thank you


Shalynn July 24, 2015 at 11:55 pm

I order a lot and it’s always something . Which I usually don’t complain but I’m completely irritated this time. I ordered to dinner boxes and they came on time specified but they were completely cold, not even luke warm. After struggling to use and place the order all the time using the app I couldn’t even find a way to contact corporate without being directed to the app that never works . So I am leaving my comment here in hopes to be in touch with.


Tiffany Wilson July 23, 2015 at 4:49 pm

Pizza Hut
1352 S Chestatee is 5.6 miles from my house, and won’t deliver. But Papa johns is ten miles a way on the same street as pizza but and always delivers. I’ve never had a problem with pizza but, heck both of my parents have worked for them at one point. I’m so disappointed and sad that y’all can’t drive 8 mines away is bullshit!
This is from Dahlonega Georgia !


Liz Brooks July 21, 2015 at 2:38 pm

I treated my sister to lunch yesterday and we stopped at the Pizza Hut on Devonshire Road, Harrisburg, PA. The first thing we noticed when we walked in was there was no air conditioning. We literally came from the heat into even more heat. WOW! Trying to make the best of it, we were seated and the waiter commented that it was worse yesterday. Their air conditioning wasn’t working.

I watched our waiter, Giovanni, I believe his name was, for the twenty minutes my sister and I were there. At no time did he stop moving. He attended to everyone’s needs and was very pleasant. A little frazzled, but very nice. Occasionally, a man came out of the kitchen and it appeared they were the only two working.

After twenty minutes or go, my sister and I agreed to get our food and just go home. It was entirely too hot to eat there and we decided to just take our food home. On the way out, we learned that just that morning two other people didn’t show up for work that day — leaving Giovanni and the manage, Brian, to take care of business.

You should be so proud that you have two such dedicated, hard-working employees as these two gentlemen were. They didn’t complain, they just offered an honest explanation for the back-up and the lack of air conditioning. I for one, appreciated their honesty and my sister and I felt so badly for them and offered to stay to help them but they thanked us and said they could manage a little while longer and the rush would be over.

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to run their business BUT, for what it’s worth, the two that stayed deserves not only their pay but the pay of the two that didn’t show! They were true professionals! Thank you!


Jason E Strunk July 18, 2015 at 8:08 pm

I understand being busy and I realize some things can’t be controlled, especially when it comes to staffing. However, customer service can be controlled and should be just as important to your establishment as quality is to your customers. With that said, the franchise located at 9012 West Ken Caryl Road in Littleton, CO has failed, miserably in this endeavor.

We placed an order today and received a confirmation email at 16:11. According to the email our pizza was to be delivered no later than 16:46. At 17:08 (22 minutes beyond the time) my wife contacted the franchise and was told they would have order here within 30 minutes; really? They then corrected themselves and indicated, “…the delivery driver is on his way and should arrive soon.” My wife asked for a window of time and they simply said, “Soon.”

When the driver arrived at 17:17 (31 minutes late) the pizza wasn’t hot, the breadsticks weren’t even warm and the sauce on the buffalo wings had already begin to thicken and coagulate. The driver apologized and said they were down to only one cook. We refused to accept the order and sent everything back with the driver.

My wife called the franchise immediately to ask that the charges be reversed on the card that was used for payment. The response was this, “It’s not our fault it’s taking longer than expected, we’re down to one driver tonight. But, if you’re sure you don’t want the order, we should be able to make sure you don’t get charged.”

Ohhh, I’m sure we don’t want the order. You know what else I don’t want; to be disrespected by someone in the service industry. Ordinarily, this is where I would interject some sort of comment about what should have been said…how to keep your customers from becoming someone else’s customers. But I’m sorry, GARLIC KNOT just showed up (in 24 minutes from the time I placed the order) with my dinner and I’ve already dealt with one cold pizza tonight.


b bowlin July 17, 2015 at 9:39 pm

ordered a couple pizzas online at 10:07 p.m. last night. it showed the pies would be coming from Ararat Drive. odd enough being there is one only a few miles from my residence.
anyway as I said, I ordered the pizza at 10:07 was told it would take 40 minutes to deliver that would be 10:47. first of all, that delivery time seems a little inordinate at 10 o’clock on a Thursday evening. but we had not been to the grocery store so decided to go ahead with the order.
I waited till 11:02 to call the first time, the store manager said it had been sent out for delivery. I was okay with that. the next call went out at 11:47, a full hour after the quoted delivery time. At that point the manager I spoke with assured me that my pizza was on the way and that I would receive a discount. So, to cut to the chase the pizzas still hadn’t come a half hour later. Again I called the store, the same manager assured me that my pizza would be delivered due to the fact the driver had not returned to the store.
Being that I work a lot of hours and get started at 5 a.m., I was needing to get in bed. So, assuming the pizza was not going to come at all, it being well after midnight and considering the store closes at 11. I went ahead and cooked up the last food I had in the house. Wouldn’t you know, the minute I finished cooking, the driver pulls in. It was then 1:02 a.m…. as I said, I ordered these pizzas at 10:07 ,the order was complete at 10:07. So a full 3 hours later I received my order. Of course I received the pizzas for free. I absolutely would have refused to pay a dime for three hour old, cold, wrinkled up pizza… As I said, I ordered these pies online so they had my email address and my number. Did I receive a call, an email or any type of correspondence from the management? Of course not!
again ,I did receive the pizzas free, but they went directly to the trash can. By that time I had already eaten and was full and was utterly disgusted with the condition of my pies. Not to mention the fact that I’m now three hours late for bed.
Having been in retail management myself, I know this is absolutely no way to run a business, to treat a customer, to treat a human.
Honestly, today I’m still upset. Is giving me or anyone for that matter cold pizza, 3 hours late for free really making up for the situation? Absolutely not, not in my opinion. In my opinion, in my line of business, to keep a customer you need to do everything you can to please them. I mean how many other Pizza Restaurants could I have ordered from? Several. There are three that will deliver to my address. Never have I had this kind of problem from Papa Johns, in fact they’re generally ahead of schedule.
So, to sum up. If some kind of attempt is not made, if I do not receive a call and or email as well as a credit for dinner another evening. I will never visit or order from any Pizza Hut, ever again.
This isn’t the first time I’ve had this kind of issue either. Each time I have ordered from Pizza Hut in the last 2 years they have been late. and if it were only 15 minutes I wouldn’t have even mentioned it. giving the unpredictable nature of traffic, etc..
So, sir or madam, I am awaiting your call and or email.
if I do not hear something back within 72 hours I will be posting this to every social media site that I am a part of.
Due to the trouble I had with a manager hanging up on me at the local Taco Bell last week. I called to report tomatoes on two Mexican pizzas which I had requested have no tomato. I have not received any correspondence about either. Your corporation is about to lose my business all together. Never have I witnessed this level of unprofessional, uncaring not to mention unappreciative behavior.


Telissa July 13, 2015 at 1:11 pm

I ordered my pizza today July 13th, 2015 at 10:20am. Said it was gonna be here at 11:15 and I call at 11:30 because pizza still wasn’t here and she said she had to remake it and forgot to call me and let me know. Then she said it was on its way well pizza didn’t get here till a little after 12pm and the delivery guy said he ran out of gas on his way over here and had to push his car to the nearest gas station. When I got the pizza it was cold and not fresh at and after all that they still made me pay for the pizza and didn’t offer any apologies or try to make it right. I am from Abilene, TX and the Pizza Hut I ordered from is the 3533 north 1st one. I am very disappointed in the costumer service and the Pizza Hut employees.


Tim July 5, 2015 at 10:32 pm

I read this article on Face Book tonight, July 5, 2015. I am a regular pizza hut patron not to mention an Air Force retired Noncommissioned Officer and would like you to explain if this is true, if it is true have you fired this manager, and if you haven’t why not before you receive any of my business again.
According to recent reports, one Pizza Hut customer in Wisconsin was just refused service because he was proudly displaying four patches representing his service as a U.S. Marine.

“I decided to go to Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet after work and was approached by the manager who came to tell me that for the safety of the patrons and staff they do not allow people in the restaurant wearing gang colors,” Rick Libertas Semper wrote on his Facebook page.

“I was wearing my black leather jacket that has 4 patches and the back of the jacket it embroidered,” he continued. “One patch says USMC, the other says Marine Combat Veteran, and the 3rd patch is the unit patch for 3rd Marines 3rd Battalion and there is a patch of the US flag on it.”
Even when he tried to explain himself to the manager, was turned down.
“I pointed out that these are not gang colors but represent one of the branches of our military,” Semper wrote, claiming that he went on to explain that he “earned the right to wear them.”

The manager said “he can’t be expected to know” the difference. What do you think? Should the manager be fired immediately?


Beth July 2, 2015 at 3:50 pm

I wanted to share something positive, admist all the negotivity in the world right now!!! We were on our way home from vacation, when we decided to eat lunch!!
We stopped at the Pizza Hut in Boatsville, MS. Let me just say it was a great!!
Service was fabulous!! Place was clean. The lunch buffet was fresh and hot! We were very impressed! Everyone friendly.
Beth Chapman.


Tyler Murray June 25, 2015 at 9:24 pm

I went to my pizza hut that I work at to pick up my order. I stood at the register to pay for my order and I asked for my schedule. The manager told me that I had my schedule and to leave. One of the other workers/manager disrespected me in saying that I was going to be kicked out of the store without paying or receiving my order.


Tyler Murray June 25, 2015 at 9:29 pm

I received my order at 5:30 that I had placed at 11:30 for a future order at 5. I was there 10 mins early.


Darla June 25, 2015 at 6:03 pm

please add subs to your menu. My husband loves subs and pizza. He would order your pizza if subs were included. You have pasta. Why not subs. He always orders from Donatos. And I can’t stand there pizza sorry but if you get plain cheese to the extreme it all tastes the same. Thanks (hope,hope,hope). Subs yeah


Christy F July 1, 2015 at 5:34 pm

I place an order online and my order arrived 2 hours late and half the order was wrong. I tried calling but the phone just rang and rang. I had to drive up there and get my order corrected. I was given a $20 credit that they ended up using towards the error. I was so mad cause I ended up paying twice. I will never eat at Pizza Hut again.


Caitlin johnson June 23, 2015 at 9:42 pm

Tonight I ordered 2 large pizzas at 7:21. At 8:11 they were suppose to be here and I got them at 8:41 I got them. I really wish they didn’t promIse times that aren’t true!


Leona M June 22, 2015 at 10:30 pm

I upset with the Martin, TN Pizza Hut. I had to wait over 45 Min for 1 large supreme pizza. I finally asked Jamie the server for the pizza. She immediately brought it out, but it was cold. I and others were refilling our own drinks at the waitress station. The main issue is the girl rang up my pizza, but did not give me the promotional price. I told the manager Toxie (I believe is a false name the manager gave me), but the manager refused to give me the promotional price. She said it was already rang up and completed. The others in my group all paid the promotional price of $11 and I had to pay $15.49. It isn’t much money, but due to the managers laziness and lack of concern for the customer I had cold pizza and feel I was over charged. Pizza Hut corporate you have my email if you care anything about keeping me as a customer then contact me ASAP.


Carla Rogers June 20, 2015 at 11:35 pm

I will never do business with Pizza Hut again. Tje customer service has gone down hill, Im so disappointed that i actually came online to exspress my anger. I ordered online , as i have done for years. I made sure my onfo was updated because i moved. Once my order was completed, my checking account was debited. I received a confirmation email with the store that was delivering my order, time and amount. I ordered atv7:53pm, it stated my order would be here atv8:23pm. 845 came along, so i called the store, a young lady said it was out for delivery. So i waited. 9:00, no pizza, 9:15, no pizza, keep in mind, the store is in walking distance.. Called the mgr at the store, she couldnt find the order. She gave me the number for the other store in Grandview.. I called, the mgr couldnt find my order, he gave me customer service number.. I called, they said, OH, we called you and left you a message, we cancelled your order, no pizza hut delivers to your area.. Really? The one down the street does not deliver? Nope… I never recieved a message, nor a call.. They took my money, sent a confirmation, but dont deliver to my house.. Come on Pizza Hut, technology is way too advanced for these kinds of errors. And hire some people that have better skills on how to handle this.. Now I have to wait 3~4 days to get back my money that pizza hut took but doesnt deliver .. I was in fast food mgmt for 19 years, never would I have treated anyone this badly..


Don Shafer June 17, 2015 at 11:38 pm

I ordered 2 lg pizzas, 2 topping w/ bread sticks using a coupon (20.99) from Gunnison, CO Pizza Hut. I was told I couldn’t get extra cheese as one of my toppings & it would cost an extra $2.00. I was a bit upset about this and I was told this was a corporate policy. I will take my business elsewhere next time.


irene leyva June 17, 2015 at 3:26 pm

Tried to order online, card wouldn’t accept. So I called in for the 2 for 6.99 mediums. Delivery from Tustin St Store to Santa Ana, Ca. was fast. Pizza were soooo small. Ordered 4 pies and they look as small as individual pies. It was for a corporate meeting. Not enough food. Extremely embarrassed and disappointed.


ebony June 15, 2015 at 11:53 am

Today was one of my first times being very unsatisfied with pizza hut and there customer service. On June 14, 2015 on Sunday after noon i placed an order at the location
794 Neapolitan Way
Naples FL 3410 at 1:55 pm. I had called to ask at 2:13 pm if i could double check my order and take a pizza off. They informed me i could not the pizza was already made. I was ok with that. I then called at 3:20 asking where my pizza was at since i had waited over an hour. She informed me she is in the area. After another 10 mins the pizza was finally delivered. I was very frustrated at this point because I’ve never experienced such bad waiting period in the past or with any of you competitors along with not letting me remove an item.. I then opened my pizza to find it dried out and cold. Which I should of known to cancel it earlier because what pizza wouldn’t be after over an hour of being made and the employee told me at 2:13 it was made. I asked to speak with a manager with my complaint and she was refusing to give me my money back knowing i called in twice how late the pizza was and how disappointed i was with that locations service. All she could offer was a credit. I wanted my money back.I even asked to have her driver pick them up. I am extremely disappointed and feel the product i expected to be delivered was extremely dissatisfactory and i was inconvenienced and no one cared. So why would I want to have a credit at a place that doesn’t care about late service and customer service. The managers name was Negi A. i believe. This is not the correct way to keep customers. I hope for the companies sake that you try to satisfy your customers and be careful on the employees you employ.



danette June 14, 2015 at 11:33 pm

Ordered from pizza hut on cherry lane Meridian Idaho today for carry out called in waited for 20 min after I got there, Noone was in the restaurant after waiting breadsticks were old and ice cold pizza was to be a supreme no green peppers got pepperoni with green peppers and a couple mushrooms sauce tasted bad! I always loved pizza hut but that was awful and now website wants you to share on Facebook if u want them to read your comment WTH they might want to think about that!


glenda stidham June 14, 2015 at 7:29 pm

What a poor excuse for customer service… Pizza Hut in old magnolia. Just got an order that is WRONG that was placed online so the margin of error should be near zero! I called up there and talked to Sean/Shawn/Shaun however it is spelled. My options are wait 3 hrs for a new pizza or I could drive up there to get a refund. Well first of all it has already been over an hour since I placed the first order and if I was going to drive up there why would I place an order for delivery and why wouldn’t I just get my replacement pizza! Seriously how hard is it to read & follow the pictures!.
** FM 1488.
magnolia, tx 77354.
281) 259****


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