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Pier 1 Imports Corporate Office Address

Pier 1 Imports
100 Pier 1 Place
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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Phone Number: (817) 252-8000
Fax Number: (817) 252-8174
Website: http://www.pier1.com/
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Pier 1 Imports Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Pier 1 Imports Executives

CEO: Alexander W. Smith
CFO: Charles H. Turner
COO: Sharon M. Leite

Pier 1 Imports History

Pier 1 Imports’ first store opened in San Mateo, California in 1962. The new store catered to “hippy baby boomers” and featured love beads and incense.

Four years later, Pier 1 had grown to 16 locations.

Pier 1 first went public on the American Stock Exchange in 1960 and later joined the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. That year Pier 1 had 123 stores and had expanded internationally to Australia and Europe.

Today Pier 1 has more than 1,000 stores under the name Pier 1 Imports in United States, Canada and Mexico. The stores sell imported decorative home furnishings, decorative accents, seasonal items, and gifts. Pier 1 sells more then 6,000 items imported from more than 50 countries.

Pier 1 is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PIR, has 3,700 employees, and had $1.81 billion in revenue in 2013.

Pier 1 Imports FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Pier 1 Imports?
Answer 1: The phone number for Pier 1 Imports is (817) 252-8000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Pier 1 Imports?
Answer 2: The CEO of Pier 1 Imports is Alexander W. Smith.

Question 3: Who founded Pier 1 Imports?
Answer 3: Pier 1 Imports was founded by in .

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robin December 22, 2018 at 2:29 pm

I know this is a long shot; but worth the effort. I am looking to replace a pair of curtains I bought in the Delaware store about 7 years ago. I managed to damage one in the wash, would like to replace it. Are there discontinued items in storage somewhere? The curtains are pale yellow with multicolored polka dots; in shades of brown. The SKU# is 2428534.


Debbie May 9, 2018 at 12:37 am

I am so disgusted with how we were treated today. I had ordered a coffee table a few weeks ago, it came in and I was on my way back for NC and decided to stop on my way home and pick it up.
We had to take it out of the box as it would not fit in my car. We placed it in my car upside down and placed a bag of dirty clothes and 2 pillows in the table.
When we got home and I examined the table it was clearly not right. So we returned it to the store and ordered a new one.
It came in and I picked it up today 5/9/18. The clerk was very RUDE!! Insisted that we damaged the first one because we placed items on top of the table. I am here to tell you that we in no way damaged the table. I will never return to that store again. I paid $349.00 for my table plus all the other items that I bought was well over 500.00 and this is the way that we were treated. As a business I would hope that someone would call their store in GREENSBURG, PA and ask why their employee would do that to a paying customer?? To think that we (my husband and myself) were accused is just not acceptable. They should be happy that folks like us come in and support the business. Without buying customers they wouldn’t have a job. I am wanting someone from the cooperate office to contact me. You just lost a good customer.


Debbie May 10, 2018 at 10:55 pm

Still waiting moderation????


Sree November 8, 2017 at 10:59 am

Hello! I had placed an order online using a promocode. That order got automatically cancelled (I do not know why!!!) and I find that I am not able to reuse the promo code. I do not understand why as that promocode has not been used. I tried calling your customer service and it is really frustrating for I am on hold for the last half an hour. Your online chat is also busy. I am really disappointed with your customer service. I wonder if I would get a reply to this email too. I have already written a couple of emails and there is no response to them yet. This is really bad and disappointing customer service. I have always liked to buy stuff from you but I guess I will definitely not buy anything anymore online for sure!! I wonder if you would care to respond to this message!!


Julie Dugan May 20, 2017 at 11:11 pm

I would like to file a complaint about your Pier 1 store in Old Saybook, Connecticut. I am a Pier 1 credit card customer and went to the store in Ct. to pay my bill on May, 20th, 2017. A customer was in front of me being waited on and I was next in line. Three associates/managers were behind the counter. I was next in turn and was greeted not with a hi, be right with you, but was greeted with ,”you’ll have to wait a minute.”.She and another associate then turned away from me and proceeded to look in a binder and talk with one another and totally ignored me wanting to pay my bill. Is that how you treat customers?
Totally dissatisfied with the customer service I receive in your stores and will think twice about buying a Pier 1 product . Seems like your managers needs some training in customer service because your stores lack in that area. The store in Waterford,CTis no better.


Tanner Cracchiola April 7, 2017 at 10:10 pm

The management team at your store in Thousand Oaks, CA is in need of proper customer service training. Please contact me. I am extremely disatified and would like to discuss this matter.


Jenny Maliszewski March 25, 2017 at 2:14 pm

Hi, I will start with the positive here. The in store employees at the Roseville were wonderful and so helpful with my inquiry and order! So thank you to them for knowing what customer service should look and sound like. However, I had an issue and made the mistake of calling the 800 number for help on a matter. First I waited on hold for 20 minutes. Then, when the woman did answer, she was EXTREMELY rude and not helpful at all. You need to train your customer service reps who handle phone calls! I am appalled at how I was treated. Such a disappointment because I love your store.


linda degennaro March 22, 2017 at 11:50 am

no response yet!! email sent to customer service below.
Good Morning,
I am writing to highlight an amazing customer service rep who deserves a raise and a promotion from my experience and also hopefully enlighten you as to others who either need to be fired for laziness or at the very least, retrained.
You can see my correspondence so I won’t word for word it, but in a nutshell I was hesitant to buy from Pier1 because of the terrible customer service reviews. The manager at the Holmdel NJ store was so engaged and helpful that I felt in good hands and decided to ignore the bad reviews. I have a space in my house vacant for 10 years, I never found anything I like or could afford to put 3 stools there. I asked my husband if we could finally fill the space and make a Christmas gift. The Pier 1 stools were perfect but one arrived damaged. I nervously called customer service and got Brittany K. who said simply put it back in the box, UPS will pick it up and we will send you replacement. She made me aware it may not arrive until February but I was so impressed with how easy this was I didn’t care. I thought, wow, I don’t know what all those dissatisfied customers online were talking about. This was easy. But then the nightmare began. After I was assured I would get another, a cold, lazy email came from Jennifer B who said, “We received your stool, when it’s processed we will refund you your money.” I was so upset. First because she obviously didn’t know about he promise of replacement, she didn’t even address it in the email, it was just oh well you’re outta luck. So I responded saying this was unacceptable, this has to be a misunderstanding because I wanted REPLACEMENT not a REFUND. Fully expecting this to be resolved, she emailed me back “there are no more in stock your money will be refunded”. ARE YOU KIDDING? So I Called and spoke to I can’t say how may people. Finally I asked to speak to a lead, and this is when I was told some of the stools are being shipped to the DC and they will let me know when they are received. I said “well how do we make sure when they are received, one goes to me. Initially they didn’t see an issue. But I drove to my store and had the manager confirm there were 6 going to the DC for our area but NONE were designated for my store or NJ from what she could see. She suggested I call customer service. So I called again and demanded someone contact the distribution center and earmark one of those stools for me. Monica sent me an email confirming she did that and we have to wait and see that they are undamaged. I want to make it clear that I expressed to numerous reps on the phone that it is unacceptable that I was guided to return my stool incorrectly, I would have never done that if there weren’t any more available, and I also thought Pier 1 should search out every store in the US for that stool to make this right. No one did anything. I couldn’t buy it online and my store wasn’t getting any. So time went by and I emailed last week, no answer, emailed again no answer. So I called and someone put me on hold for 17 minutes!!!!!!!! I was almost in tears thinking those reviews about terrible customer service at Pier1 are so right. So I called back and got Cherita N. Low and behold she put me on hold, said she wanted to try something and came back and said I found one in Texas, subsequently contacting a store in Atlanta and speaking with the manager arranging for them to pack it and ship it to me. CHERITA IS A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. All the Other reps involved in this incident are either lazy, or don’t want to go out of there way or NEED TO BE RETRAINED! THOSE PEOPLE ARE THE REASON YOUR REVIEWS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE SO BAD!!!!! Cherita N. needs a raise and a promotion and is to be an example of what customer service reps are supposed to do. In one phone call she used her brain and solved a customer problem. You need more Cherita and you need to lose the rest for your own reputation.

I will be contacting the Atlanta store today to see if this actually does happen for me. But I will not purchase from or recommend Pier 1 without an acknowledgement from management that this was handled in one day by a competent rep where for months I was dealing with sub par help and you are aware and committed to doing something.
Thanks for your time.

Linda DeGennaro incident # 170130-002153


Lori Rieve February 2, 2017 at 9:45 pm

I now have called on two different occasions and spoke to a corporate customer service rep and was assured to here back from the District Manager,Bridgett Herbert, and to no surprise I have not of yet heard back from her and it is 3 -4 weeks later! I now have a clear understanding as to why myself and others I have spoken to receive such poor customer relations from the Annapolis staff they would be emulating what they see from upper management! I was a TJMaxx Store Manager for many years and in all of my time as a store manager it would have never been tolerated to treat good paying patrons in the manner in which this store has been able to treat the people who make it possible for them to receive a paycheck! In regards to the lack of concern and commitment to getting back to customers please remember no patrons no paycheck,from the feedback that I here in my circle of friends the Annapolis store is most certainly in jeopardy of losing sales to the extent of not meeting yearly goals in which they are expected to meet! Bridgett Herbert I would address the problems you have in that store sooner than later obviously the standards for excelllant customer relations in the surrounding stores have not been lost so my suggestion would be to have the staff from the Annapolis store shadow in the Bowie, Crofton, Pasadena stores in order to learn better behaviors so they can then go back and treat the customers in the Annapolis store the way they deserved to be treated! Due to the lack of concern from the district manager that she could not find the time to reach out and hear any of my concerns I will never frequent that store and possibly none of the Pier One stores ever again which is sad because I love the merchandise they have in their stores and so do my customers.

Lori Rieve


Deb Johnston January 31, 2017 at 3:38 pm

I have shopped at Pier 1 Imports for years. I have been very satisfied with the merchandise purchased over the years. I enjoy shopping during the holidays, seasonally, and just browsing. I want to say thank you to the store in Triangle Town Center in Raleigh, NC. While merchandise was being placed on the floor for spring, my sister and I had a wonderful time shopping, never once feeling neglected as customers. Cindy and Stacy were very welcoming and helpful. My sister has not been well physically and was so looking forward to this shopping trip after being bedridden from chemo treatments. Although it took awhile to browse the store (almost 2 hours!), Cindy was extremely patient and kind. She was very caring for my sister’s physical state. My sister said it was well worth traveling the distance to shop at this particular Pier 1 Imports, not only for the beautiful merchandise, but because of the way Cindy and Stacy treat their customers.


AZ Imports LLC January 10, 2017 at 6:17 pm

(Company) Pier 1 Imports Corporate Office

(Address) 100 Pier 1 Place
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Dear Sir/ Madam
AZ Imports LLC, are a manufacturer and direct importer of Tapestry, Persian, Oriental and Modern Rugs, kilims and Throws; we have been in business and manufacturing for over 35 years.

We hope that you will be interested in starting business with us, and grow together and sell our Rugs and Throws to your clients,

we can provide you any custom design Rugs & Tapestry based on your designs and sizes just for your company and brands.

As a company that is known for delivering high quality and elegant products to our clients, we always make sure that we can keep up with their changing needs.

Our designer and modern rugs and kilims are handmade and / or hand loomed, hand tufted, machine made & Shaggy and Throws are available in different styles. With our careful attention to detail, you are assured that our products are of the highest quality with best price, services & conditions.

On our online Wholesale store, you will find a large collection of Rugs, kilims & Tapestry and Throws with timeless designs, colors, sizes, quality and motifs. Each of these Rugs and kilims is unique and authentic, and we have programs rugs, kilims and Throws
We have always been dedicated to ethical practices and strived to conduct business with the highest level of integrity, fairness and honesty and to provide our clients with high quality services and products.
You can expect this commitment and quality from us if you do decide to work with us.

We would like to invite you to our showroom which offers the best collection of Rugs, Kilims and Throws.

Waiting for your kind reply and we would welcome you to visit our office, or we can come to present our items in your office. If you have any questions, please call us and we can send our sales manager to visit you.

M. Zandi
Manufacturer & Direct Importer
RUGS & Kilims & Tapestry & Art & THROWS
1933 S. Broadway, 9th Floor, Suits# 916 – 926
Los Angeles, CA 90007
TELL: 1 (213) 741 1155
info at azimportsllc.com


James G. Pycha May 18, 2016 at 7:31 am

What i the best contact person for public relations matters?
Jim Pycha


Manjari April 9, 2016 at 11:38 am

I am mom of 2 little kids.Recently I visited Eden Prairie pier1 stores to look around as I need to decorate my new house.

I was taking pictures so I can go back and decide after checking with my family. I was asked rudely by the customer service persons “You said you are just looking. why are you taking pictures”. They just lost 500$ worth sales as I would not go back to that shop again.

At the same time I feel sad coz I love the decor items that they sell and some of the items they sell are from India.In this day and age where people take pics and whatsapp to decide what gifts to buy for their friend or family or for decorating homes, I am amused that I was asked this.


Christina Davis December 21, 2015 at 9:22 pm

I am a regular customer as you can look me up. I have made many candle purchases and love your decor and store. However all of my candle purchases have become a huge problem. I have purchased your candles for my home, as well as Birthday, Anniversary, and Christmas gifts for friends and family. I have most recently had a couple good friends tell me about your candles. So I wanted to share as I feel the same. Each candle is very expensive, but I buy them due to the wonderful smell and jars they come in. My first experiences were the fact that the wicks would go out half way down the candle, which meant I couldn’t burn them any longer and I was only getting half a candle instead of a full candle which I paid for. I have also had wicks go out, which meant the candle would burn unbalanced and eventually go out to where I was only getting half the candle and then have to throw out the rest due to it not lighting properly. I have a wick cutter and went back and once again purchased another group of candles thinking I would take the time to cut each wick down with my special “candle wick cutter” each time I burned a candle. I did this every time, but once again the wicks would burn out, or one side would only burn and I was wasting half the candle!

So my friends shared with me being nice, and not to offend the nice gift but said they loved the candles however they only burned half way and unfortunately they would have to throw away due to them not lighting. Which is a wick issue, and also very embarrassing as these were gifts I wanted them to enjoy.

So I am here to let you know I have not been in your store for a while due to my frustration. And I also feel like I have been ripped off in a way. And same with my friends and family who had them as gifts from me thinking these were such great candles.

I would be happy to give you my information so you can see for yourself how many candles I have purchased, and I wont be purchasing any longer! I’m not sure if I want to continue to shop your store any as I feel mis-lead and taken as a customer.

I have done my holiday shopping for candles and gotten them for half the price I paid, and they actually burn all the way down. Which makes me a happy customer.


Christina Davis


Anonymous April 23, 2016 at 3:46 pm

Hi Christina,
I just happened to be browsing here and noticed your comment. I am not in any way advocating for the product but just wanted to give you a “tip” to try if you would like. I am an employee and Pier 1 and as I said, am not advocating as I cannot purchase/burn candles for allergy reasons. But one thing we have learned through product knowledge is that you are only to burn the candle, especially the first time, the width of the candle. EX: 3″x6″ candle would be burnt for only 3 hrs. Then you would trim the wick and do the same the next lighting. Just an idea if you are interested.


Anonymous July 29, 2016 at 12:56 pm

Sorry to say the candles do not burn all the way to the end. I too am an employee and have some of our candles. They stop a 3rd of the way though and the wicks end. Cutting the wicks does nothing. The wicks are not long enough in the candles, sorry to say and while the tip is great for candles at other stores like Yankee Candles, the tip does not work with Pier1 candles. The product falls short of the price our customers pay.


Mike O September 28, 2015 at 11:18 am

To whom it may concern,

I am writing today because of a really bad experience that has been ongoing for some time. My wife and I received a gift card from a relative after we moved into a new place back in March. We live in Brooklyn and the closest store is in Manhattan. Not a big deal, but we intended to use the $125 to purchase a larger item (a chair or dresser) and have it delivered to our apartment.

I was shocked to find out that I wasn’t able to use the gift card online. We ended up going to the store to see about purchasing the item and having it delivered to our apartment. It was not in stock. Still interested, we intended to order it and have it delivered…again. Shocked to find out we still weren’t able to use the gift card to have it delivered to our apartment. The only thing we could do was have it delivered to the store itself…which defeated the purpose of ordering furniture in the first place. Worse than that, we were told that we STILL wouldn’t be able to use the gift card for this because it was considered an online purchase. We were told that the only thing we could do was pay for it out of pocket and then bring the receipt in to be reimbursed for the purchase.

I’ve never seen a company go so far out of their way to not provide customer service. No one was rude, my feelings weren’t hurt, I didn’t have a horrible experience with any sales associates. Most of the employees that I spoke with agreed that this policy is both ridiculous and outrageous. I was told by a manager that they would blog this to the company…?!? While most people are taking to twitter and yelp and every social media outlet, I wanted to vent to the actual company in the hopes of a fact finding mission to figure out how a company can go about business this way in this day and age. I’m not a millennial. I don’t need to have every transaction done through paypal. I’m a 36 married man who goes about shopping in a rather practical way and when a store simply becomes impractical, that’s when my business goes away. I will probably give away the gift card and never return to a Pier1 store or any of its affiliates ever again…Consumers these days are not all idiots. We’re well informed and we have choices and options. I’ve never seen a company make it so difficult for a customer to spend money within their organization. This experience doesn’t only speak to the associates who had a difficult time explaining why this practice is in place, but to the organization as a whole about how much they truly care about their customers. It is mind-boggling…and I’m sorry that I wasted so much of my time trying to give you my money.


Anonymous April 23, 2016 at 3:48 pm

Hi Mike,
Just an FYI the blogging from stores actually works. They have recently changed this policy : )
You can now use Gift Cards online.


Marg Caltabiano April 17, 2015 at 10:21 pm

This email message is for Sharon Leite and CEO Alexander Smith.
On March 22, 2015 Reference # EP2026903 was given to me for a dining set purchase on promoSAVEMORE which you were out of stock on in the warehouse and all stores within 60 miles of my home. I called customer service to secure the sale price for me. I spoke to a lovely and helpful young lady named Tatiana who was a pleasure to deal with. After speaking to her supervisor she gave me a reference # which is mentioned above. The price as promised with tax for my table and chairs was $1169.51. I was instructed to call back after April 15th to pay for the items which should be in stock at that time since they were unable to take prepayment but could honor the sale price with reference#. In good faith I did so. I chose to call one week later, spoke to Tatiana and still no stock in warehouse. I called again last week and got another rep who stated she saw all the notes and would sent tabletop and base to me white glove service and chairs UPS at no charge to me in a separate delivery since chairs were still not in stock. I opted to thank her and call back after 4/15 as originally advised since I work and cannot take two days off for deliveries. I called back tonight 4/17 at 8:30 pm and spoke to Melissa. I was delighted to hear my furniture was in stock. As I prepared to pay for my merchandise and finalize the order I was now told she could only offer me a 20 percent discount on full price of items. This increased my costs by hundreds of dollars.
I find this very offensive and would like to remind you that I have been a loyal Pier 1 customer for years for various sales which included bedroom furniture, accent tables, and a 36 round glass table with wood base, not to mention hundred of dollars over the years on lamps candles placemats etc.
I most certainly expect that you should honor the sale price promised to me secured by a reference # given on 3/22. I would also like to mention that there were other furniture companies running sales which are no longer available that I was seriously considering at the time. Not only have I been lied to by Pier 1 sales reps, I have also lost any opportunity to purchase from the other venders who no longer have sales going on. Is it really worth your reputation to agitate your best customers with dishonesty and disappointment? I await your reply and furniture sale completion and delivery.


natalia nikolaeva February 5, 2015 at 12:53 pm

I did return of 3 items for amount 50 ,83 dollars in store of Exton PA. It was 1/21/2015
I paid my purchase by check of my bank Wells Fargo. It. was debit from my account
Cashier said I supposed to be refund by home check office..
I am waiting more than 2 weeks.
Please help me.


mary dean January 16, 2015 at 9:21 pm

First I must say, I really like much of Pier One’s merchandise, and while it is pricey for the quality of the merchandise, I have still continued to shop there because I can often find many things I am looking for. In the past five years, I have spent thousands of dollars. I have bought everything from pieces of furniture to candles.
Fall 2014 I returned a bench cushion because it had balls on the fabric. I call this “picking”. The bench is in my foyer, has four pier one pillows on it, and nobody sits on it. It gets vacuumed occassionally. The manager first claimed that it was not Pier Ones. She said she did not have this in her store. I pointed out the Pier One tag. Then she said she doesnt take returns if the ticket is torn off (as in bed pillows). She was rude and nasty. This was at the St Clairsville Ohio store. It was cream, she called it yellow. She shot off one dig after another until I went home and called corporate. They offered me a $100 gift card as an apology and I accepted. I accepted their offer not only because I like the merchandise, but because all of the sales people I have encountered have been very nice, with the exception of this manager with an attitude. Since them, Ive probably spent another thousand dollars.
Recently I saw a rug on line that I liked, but wanted to see it before ordering a larger size. The website said St Clairsville Ohio store had 2 in stock in 5×7 for $329, but not the 8×10 for $639. Last Saturday I went to the St Clairsville store to view it, but they didnt have it. The sales girl said the computer is always wrong. In checking the computer, she said that a Pittsburg store showed having the rug, but she was not allowed to call to verify but gave me the number. Upon talking to the Pittsburg South Hills store, I was told they had both sizes. After all of this, it was 6 pm. My husband and I drove an hour to Pittsburgh, but we could not get waited on for an hour. The only one they had was on display and was a 5×7. I liked the pattern and decided to see if it would not work in the space. I explained that I did not know if the size would work, but I could chose paint colors and order the larger size if necessary. I had a good bit of cash on me so I just paid $353 in cash. She said that I had 45 days to get a cash refund if it did not work and that i could return it to St. Clairsville that is 15 minutes away. I told her that St Clairsville will not give cash back-they say they dont have any. She said that is not true or the stores policy.
This week I went to order the rug on line and have it shipped to the store for free (as I was told) but it did not work. I called St Clairsville Pier One and the clerk said it had to be shipped to my house for a $35 handling fee. I agreed and gave her my debit card number. She kept trying and my card would not go through. It ended up taking 2 hours to order this rug over the phone. She finally said that my card was denied for unavailable funds and to call my bank. I became worried because I have a few thousand in my checking and feared theft. I called Chase and after explaining to them, they said there had been no denials on my card, it is a merchant problem, and to tell the clerk to use another terminal. I did so. It went through, charging $702 to my debit card.
Today I went to the St Clairsville store to return the 5×7 and get my $350 back. After lugging this rug out there and waiting in line, the clerk showed the receipt to the manager who said they would have to send me a check. There were several customers at the register listening to this. I said that I paid cash and wanted cash back. She said “we dont have that kind of cash-most of our customers are smart enough to use a credit card”. She also said that they do not even have cash at the beginning of their day to make a refund. ( I have a garage sale and start with $200 change) This is the same witchy manager as with the cushion of course. Other customer eyes got big when they heard she would not give me cash back and told me that I could just wait for a check, hearing how rude she was. I said that it was rediculous for a store to not have $350 cash to refund. Of course they pressure you to open a Pier One account for savings-at high interest rates. Finally I told her to just send the check, then she went off, told me to get out of HER store, that I was disrespectful. She said she remembered me, that I was the one that had the cushion that is not Pier One. This woman is very troubled and Pier One continues to employ her. I am a mental health counselor with a masters degree and diagnose people. I can tell you that Pier One needs to screen for employment much better than this. So I left with my rug, but since I am recovering from a torn rotator cuff, cant get it out of my SUV for a week until my husband returns from business.

I will be contacting corporate and they will need to pick it up at this point. A refund check was ordered in 2009 and I never did get the refund, but because of surgery and many other things going on, I failed to follow up with corporate after the 3rd time in a month. Not only will I not shop there, I will tell everyone I know about this, I will contact corporate, I want neither of their rugs now. There is no merchandise worth this kind of hassle. While clerks are nice, they dont know what they are doing or policy. Waiting on a check is inconvenient, but what if the person needed the money for a necessity that arose in the meantime. BAN PIER ONE IF YOU ARE SMART. I BET THE CEO HAS A FAT SALARY FOR THIS UNETHICAL BUSINESS, OR MAYBE HE CANT TRUST HIS EMPLOYEE’S WITH A CASH DRAWER.


Robert Goodwin October 10, 2014 at 9:30 am

Ms Leite,
Please find my email below which I have not received a satisfactory reply as of today,10/10/2014 only that my problem was passed to another department. I sent the email so Pier One might improve the product but it seems my complaint falls on deaf ears. I maight add there is not a problem with the store.
Thnak you for your time,
Robert Goodwin

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: From Pier 1 Imports [RQID:EP1613017]
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2014 09:20:28 -0500

We appreciate your feedback. Your information has been received by Pier 1 Import’s Customer Relations Department. If further action on our part is needed, a Customer Care Professional, or a member of our stores’ management team will be in contact with you. If you have provided a general suggestion or comment, your email will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

Have you checked out our FAQ page? The answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products and company can be found at: http://www.pier1.com/Frequently-Asked-Questions/faq,default,pg.html

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Notice: This email is intended only for the addressee(s) named above. If you are not an intended addressee, please do not disclose the contents of this email to others; also please reply to sender immediately indicating that you received this email in error, then delete it. Publication or posting of this email is strictly prohibited, unless authorized by sender. Thank you for your cooperation.

> —- Original Message —-
> From : r****@suddenlink.net
> To : customerservice@pier1.com
> Subject : Merchandise – Goodwin [RQID:EP1613017]
> Date : Sun, 07 Sep 2014 14:18:13 GMT
> First Name: Robert
> Last Name: Goodwin
> Bossier City, LA, 71171
> US
> Phone: 318560****
> Email: r***@suddenlink.net
> Store Number: 1511
> Store Location: Shreveport, La
> Comment Type: Merchandise
> Comments: Pier One;
> On 8/9/2014 I purchased 1 Lavender reed Diffuser and 2 Patachouli. The scent was strong and I liked both of them. On 8/24/2014 I decided since I liked the patachouli oil to pick up a couple of your 16oz refills. I opened the refills yesterday and I was not satisfied with the refills as there was almost no scent as compared to the first purchases. I have not been back to the store but decided to email instead. I might add the folks at the store were very nice and helpful with my purchases. My complaint is with the quality of the refills. Both trips together I spent over $70 which is a lot of money for me. Anyway I thank you for your time,
> Robert Goodwin


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