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Panda Restaurant Group
1683 Walnut Grove Ave
Rosemead, California 91770

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Phone Number: (626) 799-9898
Fax Number: (626) 403-8688
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Panda Restaurant Group Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Panda Restaurant Group Executives

CEO: Tsiang Cherng
CFO: John F. Theuer
COO: Al Chaib

Panda Restaurant Group History

The Panda Restaurant Group is the owner and operator of Panda Inn, Panda Express, and Hibachi-San.

The company was founded by Andrew and Peggy Cherng and Andrew’s father, Master Chef Ming Tsai Cherng. They are from the Yangzhou region of China and started their first restaurant in Pasadena, California.

In 1983 Donahue Schriber Real Estate invited the Cherngs to develop  a fast-food version of their restaurant Panda Inn, and Panda Express was born.

The chain expanded rapidly and by 2007 the Panda Restaurant Group reached $1 billion in sales.

Panda Express offers Asian-themed food in high-traffic locations such as malls, airports, and sporting arenas.

Hibachi-San offer a quick-service Japanese grill menu.

Panda Inn offers full-service dining.

Today Panda Restaurant Group has 1,600 locations and is the largest Chinese fast food chain in the United States.


Panda Restaurant Group FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Panda Restaurant Group?
Answer 1: The phone number for Panda Restaurant Group is (626) 799-9898.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Panda Restaurant Group?
Answer 2: The CEO of Panda Restaurant Group is Tsiang Cherng.

Question 3: Who founded Panda Restaurant Group?
Answer 3: Panda Restaurant Group was founded by in .

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Sharon September 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm

Another not so good day at Panda Express in Buckeye,AZ. Your food is good and the restaurant is clean. Individual people are nice BUT the restaurant needs a manager that organizes the process of orders placed. No one has a rhythm everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. This was my 2nd attempt to place an order through the drive through and it got lost in the shuffle. It took 1 hr from start to finish and I finally had to say something.
I was returning for the second time and ordered online. They didn’t receive the order and it took 4 people and asking my name 4 times and still couldn’t find it so I was told to go to the back of the line and place the same order. If the girl has any common sense she would have put the order on and fill it but said it was not fair to the people standing on line. I said your staff need a lesson in customer service, . After this happened again I told her I would rather go somewhere else and spend my money. I feel sorry for the owners who work so hard to put out great product and due to MANAGER of his staff who is not capable in of filling orders in a timely order and cooks who cannot estimate how much to keep orders that have to wait to be done the service in this Buckeye AZ Store on Watson Rd is absolutely uncalled for. Again the owners need to look at this. I read there story and they really worked hard to establish this business to have idiots run it in the ground.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to fill a food order in a timely manner and have the communication sense to fill the missed order send the customer to the back of the line to stand for another order


Shavon Rivers September 2, 2019 at 1:52 am

Me (Black female), along with another person also (black) arrive at this Panda Express around 8:17 pm on 9/1/2019. Some of the entrees were gone. The person with me ask if they were going to make more lo-mein and orange chicken? The server: Taitum C. (White female), stated that they weren’t making any more and whatever was out was all they’re serving til closing time. Now the inside closes at 9 pm and 9:30 pm for the drive-thru. I asked her several times if they were going to make more orange chicken, she said no. They had 0:43mins before the inside close and a total of 1:13 before they close completely. Two white gentlemen walked in and requested lo-mein and she asked the guy to drop some 🤦🏽‍♀️. So, we decided to leave. This Panda Express has a drive-thru. On my way out a whole family of 7 entered the building, and 1 white guy by himself. Now, that’s 7, plus the 2 white gentlemen, and 1 white male by himself. So, I went thru the drive-thru and place 2 orders for 2 plates of double orange chicken w/white rice. The drive-thru server Faith C., says pull up to the window to pay. We get to the window and pay, and she says it’ll be a minute we’re making a fresh batch🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. This is the 1st time that I felt racially profiled at Panda Express.


Jennifer August 14, 2019 at 1:56 pm

I am having issues with the Panda Express in St Ann, MO. Each time I have gone in for the past 2 weeks to order lunch for myself and 2 co workers, I have had to wait at least 20 minutes for food to be cooked. So much for fast food. Today, I thought I would give them 1 more chance. I went in, waited 20 minutes in line, just to find out they were completely out of white rice. Seriously? What place that sells Chinese food is out of white rice? They were not apologetic about it all. Panda Express is at least a once a week trip for myself and 2 of my co workers, and we order at least $30.00 worth of food each time. I will not be going back to this location. I may not be going back to any of your locations if they are the same as this one.


Kimberly Schnizlein July 3, 2019 at 7:29 pm

In the last 3 days I have been to the Panda Express, on University Ave in Urbana, IL, twice …. Once on June 30 and again on July 2. On June 30th, not only was the food cold, but the choices at the order bar were almost non-existent. When I asked the server when there would be more food on the bar she shrugged her shoulders.Not that it should make any difference, but we were there around 3pm. On July 1st the food was cold, and tasted as though it was sitting on the bar for quite awhile. Two choices that claimed to be very spicy had very little heat at all …. Which might back up my complaint about food sitting on the bar too long. The portion sizes were extremely small, and very different from past visits as far as portion sizes. We were there about 5pm. I consider the money I spent, on these 2 visits, not just waisted, but stolen!


Jolly Jaeger June 26, 2019 at 8:23 pm

I have a complaint. Why is it that you no longer serve pork. (because of muslims) You are catering too the minority. I am tired of always being abused by the minority. If I do not see any pork on your menus, I and many of my friends will no longer give you any business. Am sorry about this because I like your other food.


Michele Dozier April 22, 2019 at 6:54 pm

Went in to one of your restaurants in Hit Springs Arkansas. 7 entree bowls were empty. It was 5pm when people were getting off work and no food to be had. I saw several people including myself waiting 10-15 min for food to be cooked. The young kids working were just visiting with each other while there were dirty tables, dirty floors, and not to mention all the windows and doors were nasty. I love Panda Express but I’ll probably never eat here again unless things change. It literally blew my mind how no one cared that it was all so nasty. I’m sure they expect a pay ck for doing nothing. It should be looked into and the manager questioned since employees are trained from the top.


Michele Dozier


Scott Scholtes April 18, 2019 at 11:53 pm

Why ask if I want to donate a dollar at checkout verbally, then when I say no, ask if I want to donate my change?
I feel like I was called out in a restaurant full of people.
This is done to be very judgmental and made me very uncomfortable and a little angry.


Ariel February 2, 2019 at 7:16 pm

I will like to complaint about the way a manager treats their employees… the location is in Saratoga Springs Utah, the manager name is Maria I believe … she talks down to her employees … says things like Ch**ga tú madre ca**on to her male employees, or I’m not going to hire any more Venezuelans here .. they are always sick … and some other things that as a father and a customer I can’t tolerate.

She denies her employees breaks until she decided is break time … works this kids like they are slaves … some of them have fainted during work hours … in the middle of the lobby … she don’t respect their schedules and claims she decides when they can leave … she make the employees do crazy things .. like grab small squares or rubbing alcohol to clean the cash register or clean the towel dispensers with a sponge and soap .. ??

She prohibits her employees from speaking Spanish during work hours … but she can … and she can call them names ?? Why is that ??? I’m seriously thinking About filing a written complaint with headquarters and the labor commission of that manager don’t stop being racist .. event know she is Hispanic too…


DA February 1, 2019 at 6:51 pm

I have been going to this panda express since it opened. I’ve never had an issue. This time I did and it was not good. I had been in the restaurant 2 days earlier for lunch. The same server, Carol Q. served me. I got 2 entree lunch which was $7.60 plus tax $8.10. At check out she reminded me that if I do the survey on the back of the receipt I can get a free entree the next time. I went ahead and did the survey and came back in 2 days later. I ordered the EXACT same thing and informed her that this time I had done the survey. She asked me what I wanted for the FREE entree and I asked for steak with mushrooms which she did give me. When she went to check me out at the register she didn’t know how to add the extra entree and subtract it as free and the price was off. I pointed this out to her and she said that it was correct. I tried to explain to her that it didn’t make any sense since I just handed her my old receipt with a 2 entree purchase that cost $8.10 just 2 days prior. She then called somebody for help with the cash register as I waited. Suddenly she changed her tone and started accusing me of trying to get free food and lying about my previous visit. She claimed she had given me a 3rd entree the time before and had just not billed me for it. I asked her if what she was trying to do was call me a liar because of her error on the cash register. She began to get an attitude with me over about $1 difference. Finally another worker who was very helpful, Modesty, came out to help. The final bill was $8.10 but she made the experience horrible. I’m not a liar and I don’t need free food but being accused of being a liar over something so insignificant is not good. I think she is a terrible representative for your franchise and business. She made a mistake and instead of owning up to it tried to blame me for it. She was so angry about it that she took a permanent maker and wrote on my receipt that “I took 3 items”. I almost left the food there at the restaurant. I walked out of the restaurant, got in my car to go home and came back in to talk to the manager. Apparently there was no manager at the time so I talked to Modesty who was very professional and apologetic for the incident which she witnessed. I’m a physician at Florida Hospital and thankfully $1 is not an issue for me. This is an issue of principle and poor customer service. I would let it go but I don’t want others to have to deal with somebody with such poor attitude and customer service skills. I personally don’t think she should be working there but I will leave that up to your corporate office.


Trung Nguyen January 18, 2019 at 4:15 pm

First off, I am, my family and friends are regular customers at Panda Express here in DFW, Texas. I’ve been to so many different locations at least 4 times a week. I usually order the same thing and to the point that I remember their price! Today I happened to came to this location on 501 W McDermott Dr., Allen, TX and they have horrible customer service ever! I ordered a bowl with 1 entree and they charged me the price of a plate with 2 entree which is $7.60 and gave me the actual foods in a bowl size and 1 entree which suppose to be $6.20. I talked to the manager in black shirt which is useless because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing either. He was yelling and screaming at me instead of trying to help his employee fix tre order or resolve the issue. I thought the manager is suppose to know all this? Doesn’t he knows what customer service is? I recommend the headquarter to replace their employees with someone else. I will never ever recommend any of my family members or friends to come to this location. We will take of business else where. Thanks for reading!


mark fernandez January 3, 2019 at 5:11 pm

Hello i frequently go here store 1491 I recently took my husband and my grandson and we ate at the restaurant and my husband noticed that his chow mien noodles tasted burned so i tasted them and they were burned so he went back up to the counter and he told the server SONIA and her response was well it must be the new cook, terrible customer service i paid for my food and it should be prepared correct i want my refund put back on VISA CARD ending with 0105 and i will never go back to this one again and i will let everyone one know terrible customer service order # 145371 rio rancho nm location on unser blvd total $ 20.95


CFD August 23, 2018 at 6:24 pm

Visited the Panda Express at 3410 Buford Drive, Buford, GA 30519 this evening. My husband ordered rice and 2 entrees. I didn’t want too many carbs and was trying to order a dish from a man on the line that wasn’t too spicy that had vegetables in it. It was my understanding that I would get 1 dish that was chicken with green beans (didn’t look very appetizing but I had few choices.) The other entree I ordered was beef with brocolli. As I moved down the line and a young lady began talking to me about waiting for my food to be cooked and I said okay as I wasn’t sure what else to do. I went on down to the cash register where my husband was checking out. I gave cashier a coupon for a free entree when we ordered an entree. She took it. Somewhere in the confusion my husband received a plate with his rice and two entrees and I received a tiny box of beef and brocolli. My husband was told the bill was $13 and change. I couldn’t understand why it was that much when he got an $7.90 plate and I got a tiny box that I ‘think’ was 1.90 but he was given $7. and change! In the next few minutes my husband handed me the change, which I held in my hand while I talked to the young lady about how this couldn’t be correct. We received 1 plate with rice and 2 entrees and I received 1 tiny box of beef and brocolli and we both took a water cup. Yet the receipt was for $13 and change. I took the $7 and change to my seat and handed it to my husband and ate my little entre. Compared to the entrees on his plate it was amazing! I wouldn’t have been able to fit 1/2 of either of his entrees in that tiny box! In the end, the man who originally took my order reviewed the security tape and said that I was lying. We ate dinner and left the Panda Express overpaying for our food and without a receipt, which he took while were talking and he assumed I was lying. I asked him to please look at the tape again when he wasn’t so busy and see what really happened. We left paying $13 and change for 1 serving of rice, 2 entrees and a tiny box of beef with brocolli and two cups of water that were supposed to be free! We are 68 and 75 and we’ve lived on this earth a long time and don’t need to cheat people to eat a meal out. I respectfully ask that management review the tape at this address between the hours of 4:15 and 5:15 pm on 8/23/2018 and find my receipt (cash trans.) where we paid $20.00 and it shows two entrees and then a discount or free…not sure what they did and change for $7 and change. Then explain to me what you see. Wow! It was weird and the language barrier was obvious!


Stephanie Taitt July 26, 2018 at 9:24 pm

“We put exceptional leaders into leadership roles” is what the article states but unfortunately that is not the case at the 15703 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027 location! Last week I attempted to go to this location and they had no food ready so my family and I left. Last night we attempted to go again and when we walk in again no food ready, we wait the 15mins along with all the other customers in the restaurant. After waiting I rush home to feed my kids before hey fall asleep and go to take everyone’s dinner out and what do I see, everyone’s food on the bag but mine. I immediately call and speak to Taylor G who states there is no more food left and they are not cooking anymore food. I ask for a manager and she says there is no manager and to call in the morning and speak to Nickson or Tony. Never once did she apologize or try to fix anything. I call in the morning when they open and speak to Nickson and he apologizes and says come in and I advised I have to come in after work. I go after work and speak with Nickson and at first he is apologetic and I’m thinking he is going to refund the money for the food I did not receive and that’s it. After speaking to him for awhile he offers to give me a plate of food instead of the bowl I paid for stating it’s bigger. I said I just got off work I ate not too long ago I’m not hungry I just want a refund and that’s it. He says I can give u a store credit. I said I don’t want a credit because I’m not even sure I want to eat here ever again, I would just like my money back. He said I’m sorry I can’t do that. I said I have never heard of a restaurant not being able to process a refund. He started to say well if I refund I have to void this whole receipt and so forth. I interrupted him saying I’m not interested in the process U have to do to refund, I just want my refund. After going back and forth and him refusing to process the refund. He tries to start making it seem as if it’s my fault they forgot to put my food in the bag. He says well your first mistake was that you did not check your bag before leaving because you were already upset with us that you had to wait for food to be cooked. I said if you go to chick Fil A you never have to check your bag because they always give you more than what you need! The discussion was not if I did not check my bag before I left or not, as a customer we are supposed to trust that everything we order is complete in the bag! If it was not complete that is not the customers fault! What supervisor would say this to a paying customer!?! I just got 2 splints put on my hand where it is painful to move too much, 2 sleepy children, a restaurant that had no food and u want to say that I didn’t check my bag?!? To make matters worse, I point out the Panda Express values sign and read what’s on there and say u think u guys are portraying this and he looks at me like and…I asked to speak to his manager and he says the general manager is on lunch have a seat. I sit down and get up after about 5mins because I see Nickson is starting to cook and clean and ask where is the general manager and he says he’s at lunch. I said well can you call him and he says no. I ask again and he seems as if he is going to call him and then starts cleaning and cooking again. The cashier says do you want Nickson and I said I’m waiting for the general manager and she turns to him and says Nickson and she says what do you want me to say and he said that he’s at lunch as if I’m not standing there. She said he is not in the building he’s on lunch. I tell Nickson to call the general manager because if he cannot come he should be able to authorize him to process the refund. He said no I can’t and I told you to sit down. I said you told me to sit down? As if I’m a child!?! I said you did not even give me a timeline as to when he will be back. He said did you ask me? I said this is something I have to ask. What type of customer service is this?!? By this time I have been in the store for almost an hour and I’m fed up. I ask for the corporate number and he says. It’s on the back of your receipt. So disgusted I look up the corporate number on google and thank God I got in touch with Tia who was expressly helpful and kind and said unfortunate because I paid cash she could only give a gift card or mail a check. Of course after this experience I’m never eating at Panda Express so I did not want a gift card so the only option was to mail the check since the store refused to help me! She process the refund and said I will have to wait 7-10 days. Im not even sure the refund amount but it is extremely disturbing that you can go to any other restaurant and if the restaurant made the mistake they are willing to go over and above to fixed the situation but I had to go through all of this to even get anything resolved. This store location needs better employees and even more so better management! Never in my life have I experienced anything like this and I pray no one else ever has to go through this. Something so little escalated to something so much more. I don’t care even if it is $1, it is the principal. Please treat your customers with more respect!


Tawana Blount November 16, 2018 at 5:25 pm

Thank you, ms Taitt;
Hi.This is ms Blount.
I just applied.Right On!
Love what you guys did
In the Senate yesterday!

Love you,


claire July 12, 2018 at 8:09 pm

I have the opportunity to get an E Gift Card from someone who says she can not use the balance on her card where she lives because there was a change in the rules & is now needing a PIN NUMBER.
I am in Las Vegas, Nv. & spoke to a manager of a Panda Express in this area who said IF I could bring in the paper e gift card, she would call Corporate to work it out & get a PIN NUMBER. I figured by writing to you, I could find out IF/WHEN I get this gift card from her, IF I call you & you can verify the card # which has a $17 & change balance, would you be able to supply a PIN NUMBER so that I could use the card?


Valerie D Reardon July 10, 2018 at 8:50 pm

Is there anyway to get a Panda Express up here in Big Bear Lake, CA 92315?


LEEANNA June 27, 2018 at 4:44 pm



Linda June 13, 2018 at 10:39 pm

Is there anyway to instruct the cooks at the College Place WA Panda Express to eliminate the red chili pepper from the orange chicken? I love to eat at Panda Express everywhere I travel but this location labels the orange chicken as spicy and it really is. Everywhere else it
Is mild and a bit sweet but this location makes it fiery hot. Just left there and once again was unable to eat my dinner. Thanks for your help


Sandra Bartlett March 29, 2018 at 5:52 pm

Oxford, Alabama Panda Express desperately needs some customer service training. I went through the drive through on 3/27/18. After Lynsey got to the window, I asked her if there wasn’t a more economical way for me to order than what I did. I was met with a glare and she asked, “So you want me to repack it all???” I was speechless. It wasn’t busy and no one was behind me. I asked to see the manager and Brian came to the window already telling me how I was wrong about the size of the containers and never even asked me what was my concern. To assume the size of the containers would cause me to want to speak to the manager just shows how clueless he is about customer service. How did he get to be a manager??? Needless to say I left. I called later to get those names and spoke to the wonderful Briannna who was lovely and kind. She apologized for my poor experience and said she hoped the rest of my night went better. Now there’s a manager!!! She should be training everyone about how to speak to a customer and try to understand the issue. Unfortunately for PE, the talented ones like her will have many and better opportunities to work for a corporation that will value and reward their abilities. Despite her kindness, I will never go back to any Panda Express due to the poor attitude of management in this location. They need to realize there are LOTS of other food choices and if they want to compete, maybe visit a Chik-Fil-A and get some pointers or just watch Brianna in action.


Tracy Satterwhite March 5, 2018 at 9:07 pm

I went to Panda Express in Lake Havasu,Az today March 5,2018. I purchased a gift card online in Dec 2017. I was unable to use my gift card because Panda has a new policy that gift cards need to have a security code, which my card doesn’t have. I have purchased these last year and had no problem. I am fighting Cancer and haven’t been able to use gift card. I am very upset about this hope you can make right otherwise I my not return.
Thanks Tracy Satterwhite


Desai January 20, 2018 at 1:04 pm

I have different kind of problem. I worked at Panda for almost two years and last week I had to quit and I heard that if you leave Panda for some reason your sick hours and vacation hours will be paid in full. I didn’t got my sick hours paid when I tried to contact the supervisor said They don’t give you sick hours if you get terminated. But no one terminate me but they made it up so they don’t have to pay for your sick hours.


Kevin N January 18, 2018 at 8:56 pm

Panda.. EXPRESS?! Word to the wise… never attempt to order by car in Jacksonville, NC. Tonight I had 4 cars in front of me and I sat in line from 8:18pm until now, which is 8:55 and I’m one car away from finally getting my food.

How can you let a customer sit at the order screen for 10 minutes and then ask… have you been helped yet? Outrageous.

I’m proud to say that I will never put myself through that experience again. Good luck on that business model.


Ana March 21, 2018 at 12:32 pm

As for customers coming in an hour to a half hour before closing the store is made to order by then and you cannot expect to see a full steam table. By the end of the night that food waste affects the company. As for your long wait in the drive thru, maybe it’s because there is literally one person taking orders, running to get the food and cashing people out all at the same time. Also, mistakes happen and employees do forget things. For an example thawing out the teriyaki chicken. AND there are days when people decide to call off and not show up for their shift, which means they are now under staffed. So maybe the trash being full and or the tables not being spotless it’s because we’re under staffed.


Alan June 27, 2018 at 1:24 am

Just reading though comments left from other customers and read your response Ana, first thing you should know is customer is always right,without customers there is no business, your neglect to realize that your company is sinking,because it’s your store and allow such things to go on! It is not posted in any store that after a certain time it is cook to order! My experience tonight in an Arizona location was very unsatisfactory and was greeted by a team member as yourself. Can’t hold employees/management responsible because it start at the top and is filtered down. You really should make a response and try to defend a failing company.


Emily January 28, 2019 at 5:45 pm

You sound like you’ve never worked a day in the service industry in your life. And Pandas policy is THEIR people first meaning the EMPLOYEES.


Kimberly January 5, 2018 at 11:45 pm

Doesn’t seem to matter which panda we go to later at night. You just get crap food choice and already closing even though hours shone open for up to an hour and a half. So can’t believe how poor it is company wide.


John Delgado November 26, 2017 at 7:49 pm

Recieve very poor service from kevin (mgr),& amee ,for one i got wrong change & didnt receive my whole order. When showing patience due to our time restraint was told that we would get cover the next time however when we went to the restaurant on 11/26/17 there was no kevin & no notice written in their book of names of us to be taken care of on a 3 plate meal…


DIana November 25, 2017 at 4:13 am

The first experience with Panda Express was good & I went back. Ordering the chicken teriyaki.& was told … OH the truck did not come in with that today…. So I got some thing else I was not happy with. It was a few months before I got to go back again …. Went through the long wait drive through.. we got to place our order & once again I ordered the Chicken teriyaki & the girl tells me.. “oh we didn’t tale it out of the freeze to thaw.. Sorry” This was at 4PM.. getting on to dinner time.. WTF ….. I said ” WHAT? This is the second time you guys have done this to me”…. the girl laughed & said “sorry…” again… The reviews I have been reading are NOT good for any of the locations in any of the states. The management must be OK with the bad write ups here OR they just don’t give a crap & let this kind of poor management to happen in not just one location, but several locations. VERY BAD FOR BUSINESS …. WAKE UP MANAGEMENT… YOU ARE DOING A BAD JOB…..& LOSING A LOT OF MONEY


Emily January 28, 2019 at 5:47 pm

They aren’t losing money, trust me, they pay very little for their base ingredients and pay for their employees. If you keep coming back you just keep giving them money. Ever think to stop going?


Jenn November 14, 2017 at 3:05 pm

Fort polk panda express….what can i say? They have a crap manager that sees his friendship with one of the cooks more valuable than multiple sexual harassment/discrimination complaints from almost all of the female employees. Hes degrading to the females, when hes there. Past that the cook is allowed to corner females and spew vulgarities at them or touch them without warrent. Yet, hes still there. Solid friendship. Training is a joke. He would rather tank the store than watch a number of capable females move up. I hope someone sees the travesty he is soon. Bring anyone else in this staff needs help.


Margrit September 8, 2017 at 10:15 am

I always have a problem at South Euclid, Ohio store. They never honor coupons! The coupons on the back of the receipts for fill out the survey I can never use at store #2617. I never have a problem using the same coupons at the Mentor Ohio store. The Manager at the South Euclid, Ohio store is not friendly and does not seem to understand common courtesy. Not honoring their own coupons is considered “false advertising” and I am tempted to seek legal counsel. How can they get away with this? I have had this problem many times over the last 6 months. Please advise.


TheDeans August 19, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Showed up for an early lunch at 10:30. The posted hours online were 10:30. The hours ON THE DOOR said they open at 10 AM. The doors were locked. The staff inside shook their heads no at me. I asked what time they open. The guy said, “I don’t know, maybe 11.” Then the girl working motioned about fifteen minutes with her hands. Called into HQ. The lady was nice and thanked me for my feedback. Disappointed she didn’t ask my name to allow Panda Express to contact me back from anyone on the topic and invite us back. We could have waited for them to open and still chosen to eat there, but I am guessing the staff there doesn’t really want to serve customers so we saved them the trouble. I am curious if they know how they get paid to be there? We are now eating at a little family operated Teriyaki Restaurant across the parking lot. Their door was open and they wanted guests. Bummer, Panda Express. Great brand representation in Longview, WA – Triangle Shopping Mall.


Melva Peters August 11, 2017 at 8:57 pm

Was very disappointed with our meal and dirty restaurant tonight. Mansfield, Tx on 287. Restaurant was dirty, a lot of the selections were not available for 5 minutes. I had the mushroom chicken bowl. The chicken had a lot of fat on it. It was so gross I couldn’t finish it. I will not be going back.


Fritz August 5, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Panda express is awesomeIF YOU DONT GO TO THE ONE IN CHEYENNE WY!!!!!!!!. 3-5 days a week, they are not opened at the correct time, then you wait 30 minutes and someone comes and puts a sign on the door “sorry we are unable to open(for a dozen reasons), when they do open, there is no food, because there have been no people..Today it was “quote, unable to open due to tech difficulties”, once the mgr didnt show,once no employees, oh yes lets not forget” due to unforseen cirXXXXstances” this has been an issue for this past several months! to bad, this past2weeks we had frontier days, where there are an additional 100,000 people in town, who “could” enjoy your food and perhaps tell others, but not this place..they could care less!!!!!!!!! SAD way to run any business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and if u think for I minute i am stretching the truth….try me…call there when they are supposed to open….have someone stop buy and ck.! dare you!!!!


Kathy Bell July 28, 2017 at 4:58 pm

My daughter and I were at the Torrance Panda Express on Saturday July 22nd, where we usually buy our food. When I got to the cashier to pay I was asked for my ID which I didn’t have a problem showing however I noticed not other races were being asked to show ID when they used credit/debit cards. I asked why I was asked for ID and was told it’s a new policy if you spend over $30. As I sat back and watch if they required everyone to show ID I noticed only the black people were asked for ID. I didn’t realized this was a racist organization until then.


Morganna July 9, 2017 at 1:42 am

I don’t even know where to begin with Panda Express. How is it everything always seems to be in chaos when it comes to employee management. . I constantly see signs for interviews in your store windows here in Ventura County and yet you can’t notify employees of in house interviews more than 3 days ahead of time? Employees are to drive south to the Valley for interviews that start at 1pm and then drive an hour back home to get ready for the last shift? Always on call? Days without a day off, 14 was the most. A district manager who can’t get their act together? What is going on in corporate, do you need a pro to come in and fix your business so you can actually train every one of your staff from the top down to be efficient, professional and on board with following company policies? I just don’t understand. You want more info you can email me.


David Smith July 3, 2017 at 3:25 pm

CVG is embarrassing. Food often missing, staff slow & could not care less about their job whether its them or poor management. Location is awful. Today they were out of supplies & were using paper plates to serve food. I’ll be damned if I’m paying over $7 for a paper plates worth of food. HMS is horrible (they make multiple places in multiple airports look awful). Many leave the line & usually do it myself when I see how this place is run. Get your act together. You’re losing $ everyday by lost customers each day you don’t.


sandy shepley June 26, 2017 at 9:30 pm

On 6/24/17 we visited Panda Express #2134. First we had a long wait to get waited on. It wasn’t that busy but they just weren’t waiting on customers. Then we had to tell them that their eating area needed attention. The garbage cans(3 of them) were all overflowing and none of the tables were clean. The manager gave us a dirty look when we told her this but after a while someone did clean the room. I have not had a problem with this store before but this was a mess. My order # is 244670


Robert Bankwitz June 2, 2017 at 1:33 am

Wow … what a bunch of Haters… I love my panda Express. I am faithful to my store in Manhattan beach , Ca … This store is bomb…. I never have any problem and love it beyond words. In saying that I must mention that I work for a company that works with high end chefs and pretty much all restaurants in south bay California. I have the rare opportunity to sample some of the top restaurants best plates. And i have to say that there is one sauce that I have to mix that does it for me and brings me each other day back to Panda Express. This is a small container of sweet and sour sauce and a pack of chile sauce mixed together to make one master sauce. Your mind has changed little over the years and even this a sauces that you offer. This sauce works well with everything and is a good fit topple that like food spicy. Help me out put it on the menu for us spicy eaters to get on the side.


Rick May 20, 2017 at 5:19 pm

This place is ridiculous! How many times do I have say orange chicken chow main bowl ? I get a plate full of under cook chow main! The employees are convused and rude to say the least. The food was discussing tasteless – bland – mud undercooked garbage. What I feel like doing is getting my money back and throw the crap food in that employees face! I will ever return.


Clay Weeks May 20, 2017 at 1:55 pm

I went through drive thru in Lebanon Tennessee 37087 got a box of broccoli and beef when home found one I repeat one piece of beef the size of my fork in the whole dish I call to complain to the manager she basically ignored my comments argued with me when I asked her for her bosses phone number she blurted it out I asked her to repeat it slowly she berated me and hang up the phone and would not answer again. I have noticed throughout the country and this town that this is an ongoing problem especially with this office and manager I think it is time if anyone is interested for a class action lawsuit anyone interested make comments on this site I will attempt to contact you via Facebook


Tyriel Woodson May 18, 2017 at 9:44 am

Panda Express is one of the best company’s I’ve ever worked for. Because it was so clean and there is and open environment for everybody to learn something new. We keep the store clean we clean the whole premise even down to the dumpster in the back. Recently I was hired and put on register my second day. I didn’t know you had to press CC before swiping the actual card Mcdonalds doesn’t noodles didn’t. So I was basically giving out free food all day. Again I had no idea any way so I brought it to the attention of my district manager Jay and he said it’s okay let’s see how short the draw is at the end of the shift. So the end of the XXXXX comes and I’m short like $130 granted he said he would report it to the panda company and get back to me. Didn’t hear nothing from him for like 3 weeks. He came back May 16th 2017 made me clean the gum off the parking lot floors. Let me work my entire shift and then pulled me to the side to tell me that he had to terminate me because his company told him to. Thanks Panda Express we have great cameras we can easily review the tape I didn’t do nothing wrong I was new . Since then I’ve been on my A game


Korri Anthony May 13, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Horrible customer service, just horrible can’t believe how I was being treated.


Sandy April 28, 2017 at 8:55 am

Rockwall Panda Express Jenni/Stan lied that they would refund my vredit card for 2 rice bowls that contained sour/mildew smelling rice and upon arrival refused to do so (I brought back the full containers) and yelled at me to leave the store after I advised them of notification to my credit card company. I was already headed toward the door when they began shouting this in a base/pathetic fashion. I turned and told them not to worry I would tell as many people possible about their poor service, bad food! Save your $30 and take your business someplace that will appreciate it!


Travis Clark April 22, 2017 at 11:56 pm

I was threatened with physical violence because I had raw chicken in Rowlett. I guess they prefer the bad press


Jim April 19, 2017 at 8:18 pm

I try to look at selection for meal and glass is dirty with multiple smears of food as i walk to make another selection my shoes are sticking to the floor then i was given a sticky tray i pay for my food and sit at a booth to eat instead i go to mens restroom that smelled from no one cleaning i reached for soap no soap and a soap dispenser laying on the floor there was a soap dish without soap and i had to use the commode it was backed up


Jason April 11, 2017 at 11:16 pm

Me and my son ate at panda express baldwin park branch at 7:22pm ordered 3 items the broccoli beef orange chicken and pepper chicken, noticed that theres a maggot on the broccoli, called the manager and told her about it, and told her to take out the menus with broccoli in it, and she didnt, I have to go back 3 times to tell the employees to remove it, i will post this on facebook because it shows you dont clean your food before you serve it.


Breanna Walker April 10, 2017 at 3:16 am

I just thought I should point out something from my visit to a Panda Express while visiting my grandfather at your Hanford CA location. Most of the time Panda seems pretty efficient and I have no issues. This location just seemed to be very hectic. The drive thru was at least 10 cars deep and the line inside was close to going out the door. I over heard the girls in the front telling guests many items would be anywhere from a 2-10 minute wait and it looked very backed up. It looked like the girls in the front were fighting for elbow room. While one girl was trying to ask what I wanted for my entree another girl with a headset (I assumed she’s working the drive thru) shoved in front of her and essentially blocked our conversation. I work in the restaurant business across California and beyond for a living for many years now and that just seemed room an off-putting to me. However, the girl who was shoved was still very sweet and did well. A few of there other girls however seemed more concerned with the girls cleaning before interacting and taking care of the guests, which doesn’t seem right. Over and over I hear “clean as you go, clean as you go” and even “you better clean up your mess” literally as that same girl making the comment spilled something. It seemed rather rude considering they were just doing they’re best in a busy situation. I don’t believe that customers should be treated like robots, interaction is very important. I also think it was rude when employees would go to other employees asking questions even though they were in the middle of talking to guests. Clearly they can make time for that. I do appreciate how Panda employees are always sure to welcome anyone walking in the door, thats a nice touch and shows guests that they are noticed. Anyway, the girls finally got us through the line after fighting for space and also getting snapped at for various small things. (sidetone: of all the locations I’ve been to, why is it that only girls are ALWAYS in the front, and only guys in the back? Seems discriminating to me.) Another thing I did notice was that an employee in a black Panda Express shirt would walk by waiting guests and smile. Was he supposed to have done that? Moving on, the only issue with the food is that five flavor shrimp really means “you only get 5 shrimp, but pay extra” Yes I understand portion control, but I really wish I got more veggies, not that the counter girls could help that as there didn’t seem to be many veggies in the pan anyways. Still tasty though. Everything else was great though, the dining room was clean, and when the crowd (finally) died I even noticed an employee sweeping up trash in the parking lot! The last thing is that I noticed was a girl being told to clean the bathrooms (yes totally normal) but I only really noticed how she went into the bathroom to clean it, armed with nothing more than a roll of paper towels, a few bottles of cleaning liquid, and trash bags (while wearing the cheapest form of gloves). I just think there are better types of supplies to clean with.

Hopefully someone actually took the time to read this, and if so, thank you. I understand that this type of comment is more out of the ordinary, but the hospitality industry is the industry I chose, so these things are easily more noticeable to be to point out. I’m also a bit of a nerd I guess you would say. Hopefully someone is concerned enough to at least pop an email over to that location. I know I did. I’m attempting to write hear as well since it seems like a more open form directly to corporate. Thank you again for your time.

You’re friendly neighborhood restaurant critic, Breanna 🙂


michele billardello April 8, 2017 at 2:42 pm

I ordered phone online. My total came to $15.90 and when I checked my bank accout immediately after ordering they took out $90.00. I called Corporate Office and there trying to tell me it was Bank, My bank had nothting to do with it, it was Panda Express that debited $90.00. Of course this had to happen on a Saturday with my Credit Union closed, but I will be letting them know how they scam people first thing Monday morning and getting my money back. Poor customer service all the way around. Never order from there again.


Karen March 19, 2017 at 1:49 pm

Portland, OR Airport
I ordered a two item plate (Honey/walnut Shrimp and Sweet/Sour Chicken).
I received:
Cheese wantons
Kung Pao Chicken (Deathly allergic. She told me it was mushroom chicken, but they would bring me more because obviously, there were no mushrooms sitting on my plate)
3 pieces of shrimp. SERIOUSLY? 3?
A dumptruck full of rice.
It looked like someone else’s scraps. I took a bite of the chicken as I was walking up to the counter to complain and if I was a person who sued……
I will be contacting corporated to take this as far as I need to. I could have died yesterday.
The woman had the nerve to argue with my husband and tell him that he might as well ea it because he paid for it. In the end she will be.


Kyle Bro March 16, 2017 at 11:15 pm

I am a Long time customer and have never had a bad experience until tonight, I go at least once a week. Normally if you ask for an item that is empty you can request them to make it for you and wait and their policy was to give you a free soda for having to wait, well I was told the policy has changed and they can only give free drinks to people who have to wait more then a few minutes. She then offered us free water cups and after waiting over 10min for them to make one entrée we decided just to fill the cups up with soda. She then walks by our table and says next time I Give you water cups you better be putting water in them becuase it comes out of our pay and you better not do that again!! Considering how much I frequent this place and have donated to their charity you would think they wouldn’t say anything. This took
Place at the Bozeman mt location and the girls name was Aspen and when I asked for her name she told me to f**k off becuase I was technically stealing their soda. Luckily she had a name tag. Some people do not know how to treat their customers. I will be following this up.


Meaghan Garrigues March 9, 2017 at 10:59 am

Hair in my food got my money back but then they took my money back off my card and wont refund the money 😡 not a happy customer


Lind Lase March 8, 2017 at 7:00 pm

I was hanging @Fashion Square Mall because I can’t drive and I am waiting for my husband to pick me up and I went to Panda Express #0397. (989)797-3599. I love your food so much but while ordering the food I love to eat this Filipina worker of yours Rosemarie S. start talking very obsene and very horrific words against the customer behind me. I was so shock listening to all the sexual word that she describe to your customer behind me and to her fellow black workers. Rosemarie said that the Panda is a very bad company because they hire her new black fellow worker that exactly look like a monkey and he is very ugly. Rosemarie is super racist for her all the black and Mexican were ugly and don’t deserved to work with her. Rosemarie told me secretly that she is bringing or slowly stealing your food for her 40th birthday on the 19th of this month. She was criticizing for her few days work but she said she had lots of time to bring home lots of your food for her birthday so she can act and pretend to be wealthy for preparing lots of food but it is all stolen by Rosemarie S. from your Panda Express #0397 Restaurant. I hope you can caught her this time….LindLase


G December 7, 2016 at 8:18 pm

Subject: Rude server

Store Location: Store # 1044,
2940 Del Paso Road, Sacramento, CA 95934

Order No. 203370

Date of Incident: November 27, 2016 … 12:30 PM

I had requested that my ONE-ENTREE item be provided in a TO-GO BOX. I did not note the server girl’s name, whose response to my request really shocked me …. because I am more than old enough to be her mother.

She picked up a box up with her left hand, raised it high in the air, shook the box vigorously, and snarled at me … “look at the board above; this is called a PLATE … for 2 entrees only”.

In the English language, a plate is a round and flat vessel which is good for eating in the restaurant itself, while a box is a rectangular covered vessel which is good to take out food.

After her dramatic expression, she did give it to me in the box, but I have never experienced such behavior in any other Panda location …. I am an old customer; I always asked for a 1-entree meal to be provided in a box at other Panda branches in Southern California, Atlanta, and elsewhere in Sacramento … and never ever been treated the way this girl did. Good bless her, and her family!!!

Even servers at charity centers provide free food lovingly with a smile.

I wrote a letter to Panda Management on November 27, but they do not care to respond.


Atish November 22, 2016 at 4:35 am

I went to the foothills Roseville Panda Express on 11/20/16 at 9.20pm with my family. As soon we entered the restaurant the girl who was mopping told us that the lobby is closed and we have to make our order for takeout plus my daughter slipped an hurt her knees and head because the floor was wet and there was no wet sign while the girl mopping. There were only few entrees left when we asked the order taker to make more chow mein and black pepper chicken she refused and told me that the cook has gone home and they wont be making more food then I asked to see the manager she told us there is no manager at that time because the manager also has gone home. She kept on saying that she only works here and she doesn’t know anything. There were 3 girls and 2 male employees working at that time when I asked what are there positions she said all are cleaners. What I would really like to understand here is that when the restaurant officially closes at 10pm why are customers being refused for service and how does the restaurant operate without any managers or supervisor with a bunch of untrained employees who clearly tells us that she doesn’t know anything. Extremely bad experience for me and my family never going back to this restaurant again. I would really like to speak to someone from corporate in regards to this.


Bambi trujillo November 21, 2016 at 12:19 am

Got very sick today from eating at the southeast denver colorado location today….food poisoning…i had terayaki chicken and rice and chow mein….please check into food safety


Karen Stockton November 11, 2016 at 12:57 am

My son went to the Panda Express here in Roseburg, Oregon tonight. We have had an ongoing problem with the quantity of food served in the $1.00 added entrees. I always have him order the Honey walnut shrimp for me and have been getting steadily decreasing amounts of this item over the last six months. Tonight, they didn’t even include ANY shrimp with my order. I am getting more and more tired of the service and food in this restaurant. They are using smaller to-go boxes and serving decreasing amounts of food with every order. And now we didn’t even get one thing that we ordered. I am almost ready to quit going there. So please check into this location and make sure they are representing Panda Express the way you would like.


Mia August 27, 2016 at 3:56 am

I am extremely dissatisfied with my visit. My boyfriend and I went to the drive thru about 20 minutes before your store was open. This was no problem, but we had driven a ways to get there and didn’t want to waste the gas. So we waited, and we waited until almost 15 minutes after you had opened, to pull up in the drive thru. When we tried to order, there was an automatic greeting, we thought our order was actually being taken, an actual employee informed us, rudely and shortly, that they were not going to be open for another half hour, after ignoring us when we saw an employee entering work and tried to ask what your hours were to make sure we weren’t wasting our time. On the drive thru window, your hours clearly stated that you were open. We asked why the sign states incorrect hours, and they just denied that the hours were even posted! Your staff was rude, and did not seem to care about us as customers. They knew nothing about customer service, the way we were treated was horrible


Alyssa August 16, 2016 at 10:11 pm

I work at the Cedar Point Panda Express and there are many things that have gone on here that I am not proud of because our manager chooses to do nothing. We saw an employee drinking on the job and told him (more than one or two people saw him) and he makes more than I do and he doesn’t even know entrees and was hired in as a cook. There are countless lazy people who don’t want to do their job so it gets put on the good workers. And there are maybe 3-4 of us who try to stay busy. Everyone else takes breaks when they want, eats when they want, smokes when they want and who cares if they’re on the clock right? Oh yeah and we barely passed our health inspection the other day so they scheduled a reinspection today. People are also stealing from our safe because we don’t have a freaking camera in the safe room. And this has been go on all summer. People have been poorly trained and not fired when they don’t follow rules. The place is a joke. Now that higher ups have been keeping a closer eye he’s trying to redeem himself. I tried to tell him what needs to change in the past but I am done trying to get through to the guy.


Cynthia Friend August 12, 2016 at 4:33 pm

I used to enjoy eating at Panda Express, however, I can no longer eat the food because I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I recently read where Panda Express may introduce a new hybrid utensil called the “Chork.” Please, forget the “Chork” and add gluten-free items to your menu!!!!!!!!


Sharon Hogan July 29, 2016 at 10:54 pm

I visited the Panda Express in Santa Fe New Mexico located at the DeVargas mall. I arrived at 8:37 and an employee was blocking the dining area with chairs eaving only five tables to dine, there were 14 people standing in line. sign stated they were open till 10 o’clock. This limited the amount of people that even wanted to stay and eat in the store. We were all wondering if the store was closing but I guess they just didn’t want anyone stayed to eat in the dining area. In addition the other exit was also blocked from coming in or out The manager who is named Margo was well aware of the situation and did nothing to resolve it. Bad service and a bad manager.


Tara Syvertsen July 15, 2016 at 10:15 am

Worst service ever after driving up to the drive thru window at 9:05pm the drive thru employee told me they no longer are cooking food. So I asked what time do they close he said 10:00. My next question so is your food fresh. He said ” I’ll be honest some of it is not. ” I said interesting. So your telling me your expecting me to pay for your old food and you don’t close for an hour and won’t make fresh food. Crazy!!!!! After hearing that I was not gonna eat and pay for some ” old food “. Not to mention this was the second time in 2 weeks this has happened at this location in Queen Creek, AZ. I first thought it was that first night crew being lazy. But nope it’s the whole store. Panda has lost all my business and I will be telling everyone my story.


Jackie Conway July 7, 2016 at 11:31 pm

I went to your restaurant in ROSEVILLE on Foothills & Main Street tonight. I went through the drive thru and I was sitting at the drive up window the young lady handed me my food and said to me BLACK LIVE MATTER. I was shocked I don’t come to your established to get your their political views. I’m highly offended that one of your employees thought it was appropriate to state her political view to me. This is not ok with me. Please feel free to contact me. I have already posted this on my face book I won’t be returning this establishment and will be telling all my family and friends about it.


Danielle June 18, 2016 at 9:18 pm

Store #480 Livermore,CA
Portola Ave.
Is one of the worst places I’ve ever worked at! The manager is the worst manager I’ve ever had!!! I’ve never been so disappointed in a manager before, I’ve never been not happy with any manager I’ve came across. Being lectured and given life lessons from her personally is very unprofessional. The way I’ve been treated for 2 months was very uncalled for and is outrageous! I only kept the job to pay the bills, I now have a better job and I’m really satisfied and couldn’t be any happier! Going there everyday was hell to me, I had to force myself everyday to do so. Many employees aren’t happy and I’m surprised they haven’t opened their mouth to stand up for themselves! The Food is great, company is great! The manager and the store itself is not, it should be reported! If I have a review or went there undercover, I would’ve personally failed it. Everything is fake, ever since my interview! You don’t truly know how things are until you work there or see it for yourself! To anyone that wishes to work for Panda Express, go to any other location expect that one! Many complaints I’ve heard from the 2 months i was employed. I hope this was helpful and good advice.


Lori Martin June 12, 2016 at 4:48 pm

I was just at your restaurant #2474 in Grandville Michigan. How do you have a restaurant open and have no food, there was a sign on the door that said they were out of at least 10 items. This is a consistent theme with this restaurant I have been in at least 3 times before when they were out of all things rice. We went in anyway to get a tea and there were maybe 5 things in the food warmer and those were old and dried up and then to top it off they were out of an ingredient for the tea. Obviously someone isn’t doing their job there and your paying people to do nothing and losing money because there is no food.. Never again will I go in there.


Yong Wilson June 11, 2016 at 10:08 pm

*****Contact Panda Express only allows 400 characters.*************

Dear Panda Express,

I enjoy dining at the Panda Express. I was happy Calhoun, Georgia welcomed a new Panda Express. Thus, I ate at the Panda Express today, but I was highly disappointed with the experience.

– Workers seem to be unorganized. There were 6 on the line and one cashier. I observed that maybe there were too many of them because they seem to be confused at their duties at times. The lines were moving slowly as the unorganized workers try their best.
– The workers were not wearing gloves. I observed their fingers touching the foods as they served. Unsanitary.
– Most of the dining tables were all dirty and needed wiping.
– Sweet tea was empty.
-My husband’s food were COLD when he got it. The noodles were under cooked.

I am going to try Panda Express one more time at our location.
I decided to write you instead of giving a bad review at the online review location. Thank you for your time.


j a taylor May 24, 2016 at 4:07 pm

the last two times that we have gone to the panda express on windward parkway in Alpharetta Ga, Sunday may 22 and a couple of weeks prior to that date, they had run out of mustard. what a joke. twice in a row, no hot mustard. just handed back the food and left. stay away from that panda express because they are very disorganized and could care less about the customer.


Sonia Saini May 22, 2016 at 9:21 am

I loved it n was being served for more than 10 yrs but they challenge their own coupons n my last visit they were so pathetic n rude including manager that I m so sure neither me nor my friends are visiting panda express ever.pathetic service here in manassas panda express on Sudley road….these people are the face of the company name if they are ugly than u don’t feel like evn bothered to get served.


Joyce Federoff April 1, 2016 at 1:32 pm

I have been enjoying Panda Express for many years, primarily at the Stephanie St. location in Henderson, NV. I recently moved to Kyle, TX and have tried the Panda Express here 5 times now. All 5 times have been horrible. I even questioned if they follow the recipes, are they part of the real Panda Express chain. I’ve been told they are and that they do follow the recipes. I usually get the Grilled Chicken Teriayki Bowl (no sauce) and absolutely love it…BUT NOT IN KYLE, TX. It’s horrible. No flavor, bland and tastes nothing like I’ve been getting for over 10 years in NV. And I’ve literally tried it multiples times, thinking each time it’s just a fluke. It tastes boiled, not grilled. Today, I couldn’t eat it. Even the Panda Passion tea is different. Someone, please look into this.


Will March 30, 2016 at 1:36 am

Showed up to your Draper, UT location at 9pm. Store listed as closing at 9:30pm. When I went to order only 2 entrees were available. I asked if they could make more and they said no and I could only choose from those. Is this how customer service is here? I walked out without even ordering. Extremely disappointed.


Anonymous March 9, 2016 at 1:22 pm

Just utilized the order online function to have everyone in my office have lunch. (At the Norman, OK 24th and Mt. Williams location) The Panda Express system messed up and charged one of the girls twice. When we received the emailed receipt and saw the mistake (keep in mind that the issue was with Panda Express system….NOT from us ordering) we had called the store to have the card refunded while someone went to pick the food up. Not only did they make the girl wait for over 30 minutes before they processed our order, they refused to refund the card for the double order (again THEIR mistake) and asked the girl who was picking up the food to apologize!! Excuse me? The manager’s name is Queenie who asked for an apology. This is the RUDEST store and we will not be utilizing their restaurant again. Also, we are currently making a call to corporate. Every single person in this location needs to be fired!


Geo December 29, 2015 at 7:49 pm

Something has changed at the Vic Gardens location. 2nd recent visit and food again tastes very bland. Multiple plates. Not the norm for Panda Express. A qualified food taster needs to get involved.


Jan Goldsworthy December 8, 2015 at 4:30 pm

I purchased an Combo Meal at Panda Express in Janesville WI. – my first and only meal of the day. While eating the Orange Chicken, I bit down on something very hard and fractured a molar. I immediately contacted the manager and he gave me a form to fill out to file a claim to get it repaired. I contacted Panda Express 800 number the same day and explained what had happened. I ended up having to have a crown put on the tooth in order to save it. This was on a Saturday and had to wait until Monday to see the dentist for a temp crown until a permanent one could be made. Total cost $1,400.00. Reports and X-rays were sent to Panda Express Risk Department showing that this was a whole and healthy tooth prior to this incident. End result – Claim Denied – and I’m out $1400.00. NOTE: Panda Express Risk Management people are Rude and Nasty to deal with. DINERS BEWARE.


martha Richter November 29, 2015 at 7:26 pm

2 weeks ago we went to Panda Express, Bastrop, TX twice in one week. Both times they were out of brown rice. It was around 6 pm, and they said they were not making anymore. Today we went there again and the brown rice looked like white rice with a little soy sauce on it. The rice tasted real bland and the food was not good either. We ended up throwing it away.


Johnny longingston November 22, 2015 at 3:35 am

Quick and to the point when have anyone ever seen any chinese or asians eating at panda express besides the people working ghere. Never right, reason why is because the know what kind of garbage they sell there. Think about it. Dont eat at panda


Johnny longingston November 22, 2015 at 3:18 am

I hate it. I hope everyone does the same thing i do report it to food health inspector. Corporate office ignores all of our comments and complaints. So try reporting it to HEALTH INSPECTOR. By the way people when have yall ever notice any chinese, asian people eating at panda express besides the ones that work there. I havent so far reason why they know what kind of garbage they serve there. Think about it.


Miguel tapia October 31, 2015 at 1:04 am

We received burn chow mein burned teriyaki asked for a fresh batch and they told us it was not burned, every single person was throwing their plates away.. Not to mention the place was filthy. Never going to this location again. Store #0926 in las vegas


Ben October 25, 2015 at 7:47 pm

October 25,2015.
I have been a customer at your store #0987 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91730 for more than 10 years. During this lengthy period of time, I was privileged to observe your service team members/store managers and their relationship to your customers at large at this particular location over several years. I have been overwhelming impressed by the quintessential customer service skills and the delivery of exceptional guest experience visibly displayed by your employee, Reina during this very protracted period of time. Reina creates a unique customer experience for customers, respects customer time and opinion, maintains plausible and constructive interactions with all customers to keep them coming back (me, my family and friends having been going back to that store location since its inception because of the exceptionally friendly and courteous service experience we get from dealing with Reina). On numerous occasions, I have personally witnessed Reina expeditiously solve problems posed by difficult customers, carefully listens to them, change their attitudes, fix their problems and turn complaining customers into advocates of Panda Express. Reina is a great asset and ambassador of Panda Express. She deserves commendation, recognition and certainly a well-deserved promotion on the job.
Thanks kindly
Dr. Ben Gbenoba


brittany October 24, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Just ate at panda in Sevierville tn and found a bug in my rice!!! It was so disgusting and made me sick! They need to keep up better with their food and attitudes! Never eating here again.


Carol S October 18, 2015 at 11:57 am

I went to Panda in Tampa store #1874 on 10/8/15 went I was eating my pepper chicken meal, I bit into something HARD so after examining what I bit I found to what appeared to be a broken off acrylic fingernail. OOO! it made me sick to my stomach, especially since my son had the same thing and had eaten all of his before I sat down to eat…come on how SICK is this what do we all do with our hands that ever washing can’t always get off!! and of course the servers DO NOT WARE GLOVES!! SO I sent an email to Corporate Office because of course it was the weekend and no one was there I requested a reply but hadn’t gotten one let!! So I took my receipt back to the store where they said they would replace my order “yeah right”?! I told them under the cirXXXXstances I did not ever want to go to Panda again and request a refund. so I asked for the Manager, the girl at the counter sent over the person who addressed himself as the manager… but in fact actually said he was the person in charged and could not give me a refund he would have to take the receipt and give it to the Real Manager to send to headquarters to issue the refund, Injury to Insult why present yourself as a manager and they got caught in the lie because he had to call the manager on the phone in front of me!! So now it’s 10/8/15 and I just got off the phone with the real Manger Jackie (had to call the store to talk to her and they gave me a home telephone number for her) she said that they had locked my receipt up in the vault and someone through it away and they have been waiting for me to call them and that she would be in the store today from 2-5pm. to come see her than and she will refund my money!! Ok unclean food, lie to ones face about who’s the boss and then to leave teenagers in charge by themselves who can’t make decisions…..what a racket!! Panda Goodbye I will never step into another one of your stores…I would read the complaints from around the USA about bad experiences with the Panda Express….YOU MAY CHANGE YOUR MIND TOO!!!


Tiffany Taylor Thompson October 18, 2015 at 6:05 pm

I had something like this happen to my daughter back in July and I’ve yet to hear from corporate about compensation. My daughter ended up in the emergency room after chocking on a small object in her rice. Next step is lawyering up so me they refuse to resolve this matter!


Jan Goldsworthy December 8, 2015 at 4:36 pm

Tiffany Taylor : Please contact me via my email address XXXXX I bit into something at Panda Express and fractured a tooth. $1400.00 bill. Panda Express refuses to resolve this issue also.


Karen Fruehauf August 11, 2017 at 4:31 pm

My husband bit into a food item from Panda Express #1139. This was 3/9/207 and we are now in August of 2017. I am convinced that everyone in Risk Management is trained to not return calls EVER. So unprofessional and uncaring. They will never have our business or our company’s business EVER.


Karen Fruehauf August 11, 2017 at 4:33 pm

To clarify above statement. My husband’s oral appliance broke because he bit into a piece of gravel that was in the food.

george rains September 15, 2015 at 10:28 pm

I ordered from the panda express in cypress tx. They gave me alot of food which is good but my wife found hair tangled up in the noodles like it was mixed in when being cooked. I cant find an email address for the corport office so im writing here. WE WILL NEVER ORDER FROM PANDA EXPRESS AGAIN


Jan Goldsworthy December 8, 2015 at 4:37 pm

Panda Express Restaurant Group
P O Box 1159
Rosemead CA 91700

Office of the President


Cecilia duran September 7, 2015 at 6:47 pm

i was just at a Panda Express in Albuquerque , NM after trying different samples I ordered the Orange chicken and teriyaki chicken but I was not happy the food all had one flavor BURNT to say the least I was not happy so I asked for a refund they obliged but to my surprise they scraped the food from my order rice and all back into the pans they scooped them from and with that said I will not be returning to that restaurant ever again!! To bad there was no one in charge for me to complain to


Cherylann goodwin July 19, 2015 at 11:08 am

My father lives in pahrumph NV. The panda express needs to add sweet & Sir pork to the menu. The area of people grew up on sweet &sour. Please add to your menu.. Watch your sales Increase…your welcome. Thank You for good ‘Chinese food here… Mr. Richard Goodwin.


Steve July 8, 2015 at 4:18 pm

Just received notice that I have worked there since 2013 🙂 WOW!! I LIVE IN TEXAS AND NEVER BEEN THERE…suggest you contact me.


Steve July 8, 2015 at 4:23 pm

Also your phone # has been changed according to the 1 on your web site.(818)799-9898 does not work,and neither does your 800#. Charges will be filled.


karen haley May 15, 2015 at 10:08 pm

Just took my granddaughter to Panda Express in Victorville Mall. We sat down to eat when I discovered a long jet black hair in my chow mein. I didn’t want to have a confrontation so I pull it out toss it and continue to eat. When a few minutes later my granddaughter screams BUG and I saw it & was furious! I went to the manager Lupe who was very argumentative about it. She saw the bug and says that didn’t come from here. I demand a full refund. Then she starts talking about how it’s not fair that she refunds me. I say look lady, I’m the customer. By this time I was already calling what appeared to be corporate at 877 number, I don’t think I was talking to corporate. THEY REALLY DIDN’T SEEM TO CARE. HOWEVER, I am seriously nauseous after it all and know that I will NEVER EAT AT PANDA AGAIN! NEVER!


Staci G May 3, 2015 at 5:58 pm

Just went to the restaurant – waited 15 minutes in drive thru line for food that was not very good. The excuse this time is that there was an issue in the kitchen – there is always some kind of issue. but they still want you to pay – corporate office does not care. store manager does not care – therefore i am going to contact the food and beverage TABC to see who can help me just this company down!!


Yvonne April 14, 2015 at 8:48 am

On 4-12-15 I went to the Panda Express in Los Lunas New Mexico. I ordered the 2 entree and rice meal. After waiting almost fifteen minutes at the drive thru to get my order I get home (10 miles) open up the styrofoam container to find that the rice not only smelled burned but was burned. The chicken was sooooo over done that I couldn’t even put a fork through it. I called the restaurant and told them about what I had received and asked to speak to a manager. The girl that answered the phone told me that the manager wouldn’t be there until the next day but she told me that she would have the manager call me. Waited all day … call so I called and they put me on hold and never got anyone back on the line. Is this how customer service is now days??? I am so disappointed with this chain right now…..I WON”T be going back. I will make sure I let others know the treatment that I got!!! Ridiculous!!!


Mshell March 31, 2015 at 12:37 pm

Just stoped by a store during lunch spent 20 minutes in the drive thru only to get NO food. There was one person working inside and no manager on the floor.


Cristina March 27, 2015 at 2:32 pm

Never order online!!!!! You will get ripped off and frustrated!!!
I ordered online so I could get the free entrée. At the start of my order,
I had selected to schedule the pick up time for 2:30 by the time I
finished my order it had automatically rescheduled the pick up time for
2:55. I entered the promo code OnLine to receive the free entrée and
the coupon code could not be applied…I had never used the coupon code
before. This is my first time ordering online. When I get to the
restaurant, store #0995 in Buena Park, California, my order has not been received by the restaurant, there
was no line, but I still had to wait for the manager to look up my order
online, print it and finally fill it. I told the manager I was not able
to apply the promo code online to receive the free entrée and she said
she could not give me the free entrée because it could only be done
online. I came in showing her the coupon. Finally after all the rest
of the people that came after me were served, my order was ready.
The next day, I try to buy a money order and my card was declined!!!
I called my bank and learn that I was charged twice, once for $30 and
then for $60!!! My order was supposed to cost less than $15 but the
total came up to $16.31 on the receipt, so I figured ok no big deal but the other charges are ridiculous. Why are there so many
charges??? The bank can not do anything because I have to wait a few
days to dispute the charges. I can not get the money order to pay my
rent now. So frustrated. Instead of getting a free entrée, I paid 6
times more for my order!!! I thought the frustration was only going to
be for the day I placed the order…the frustration will last a while
since I have to figure out what to do about my bank account and who I
have to argue with at Panda to get my money back!!!! Thanks Panda Express
for the grief, aggravation and stolen funds. I called the guest relations
phone number at 1800-877-8988 and got hung up on when I asked to speak to
a supervisor, and after that, I was simply placed on hold and no one
ever picked up then hung up on. Customer relations phone number is a joke. Panda never resolved anything and simply did not care. Never order online!!!


Jan Goldsworthy December 8, 2015 at 4:42 pm

I stayed on hole for 40 minutes just to see if someone higher up than the nasty person I was talking to. They do it so people will just hang up and go away.


Ernest February 2, 2015 at 10:26 am

I have sent the following email to corporate two times with no response

Dear Mr. Lunde,

My family has been a Panda Express customer at the Marina Del Rey Location for at least 15 years. We’ve been taking out food every New Year’s Eve.

However, I have never experienced such poor customer service as on 12-31-14!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Panda had the “on-line ordering service”, so I ordered two Panda feasts on-line for our New Year’s Eve party on 12-30 which was 24 hours in advance for a pickup time of 5 pm on 12-31.

I thought to call one half an hour earlier, at 4:30 to confirm that they received my order. When I called, I spoke to Theresa Loustaungr, who later told me that she was the manager of Panda Express #171. She seemed to be aware of my order and I asked her to change one large side from white rice to chow mein. She said that this would be no problem, so come on in at 5 and my order will be all ready to pick up.

When I arrived at Panda at 5 pm. I waited in line at the register and spoke to a young man and told him I was there to pick up my on-line order and gave him my name. Then a young woman yelled out from behind the food counter. “This was for the two Panda Feasts…right? I said yes. She then said it was not ready and she will start packing it in a few minutes. At that point, I could not believe that after ordering 24 hours in advance, the order would still not be ready even though I called 1/2 hour before too!

I then had to wait 15 minutes to get the food. Keep in mind, I intentionally ordered the food to be picked up at 5 pm since I had guests waiting at home.

The young woman turned out to be Theresa. She had the attitude that the delay was not a big deal even after I showed her that I was visually annoyed that this was happening. She just merely said “sorry” with a blank expression on her face. After the young man at the register said the food was ready, I came up to the register, still upset and asked him what they will do for me since Panda did not have my order ready as promised and they had to make me wait for 15 minutes. He told me that we don’t normally do anything, but he can offer me maybe a coupon or something. I asked him what type of coupon and he answered a coupon for a discount on catering. I would never have the occasion to have Panda cater anything!

Theresa heard the conversation regarding the coupons and came up to the young man and told him that they did not have any coupons and don’t ever promise a customer anything! She said this in front of me!
Then she told me that she could not do anything about this. I was then very frustrated about how I was being treated. I then said, can you at least give me an extra entree. Theresa then had to think about this and finally said, okay what do you want? I then told her, she gave it to me and I left.

I later came home and we took inventory of the items that I ordered. We noticed that one item that we ordered and paid for was missing. I then called the Panda and Theresa answered the phone. I told her about the missing item and she pretty much said that she could not do anything about it. I asked her to credit my card with the value of the item that was missing. She said that she could not do this, but offered to give me a free extra item in a meal the next time I came in. I then told her I just wanted credit for the missing item which was approximately $5. Theresa then said that she could not do this but if I came into the store again, maybe she could do something about this. I then asked for the manager of this Panda. She told me that she was the manager. I then asked for the person that she reported to. She then said that she reported to corporate and could not give me the contact information. I then asked for the name of the person she reports to at corporate. I then heard the phone hang up.

Be aware, Glenn, that my conversation with Theresa was happening during my New Year’s Eve party and the treatment I was getting from Panda got me very upset. But, I had to call back because I did not want to accept this type of treatment.

I called back and Theresa answered the phone. I then expressed that I was very upset that she hung up on me. She said that this was an accident. At that point, I was not going to take any more of this poor customer service treatment. I then merely asked Theresa for her full name and she did not have to give me her supervisor’s name. I told her I will find out myself.

Glenn, this letter is just to inform you of how Panda treats customers at your stores. I will definitely not patronize Panda anymore, after 15 years.

This whole issue spoiled my evening and I am now writing this note at 2 am on January 1st.

I would expect that some disciplinary action is done as a result of this issue.

Please let me know what action will be taken.

Thank you for your time and effort


jeff osta February 2, 2015 at 1:37 am

we were approached by your location finder few weeks ago and were told we will receive an offer soon. no offer came true. we have restaurant with beer,wine and entertainment licenses, two coolers, 6 burner stove with over, 16 tables, and anything from 1600-3200 sf in a very busy high traffic location in gardena. please contact me at 818-776-****, 818-922-**** for more info, 14100, 14106 s. crenshaw blvd, gardena, ca 90249. 47 parking spaces, total of 8 tenants.; nigerean restaurant, 99 c store, shipping,clothing, bar, hair saloon,..building has new stucco, paint, plumbing,roof, ashpalt,


Ray goldberg January 18, 2015 at 10:52 pm

You are such a big disappointed way did you change the size of the meal by smaller the container good job for adding More cabbage to the chow main from now you lost me as a customer good luck I will spread my disappointed that when you guys become greedy BTW I was getting every day food from you to my friend and family buffalo & lake med. cross rd. Las Vegas Nv


Ty January 6, 2015 at 2:03 pm

I currently am employed by this company and believe me when i say that their service and the employees that work at this restaurant should not be employed.I have been asked now four times by employees and a manager if I knew where to receive and purchase a drugs. Considering my past they thought it was okay to ask me for these things. Now I’ve been working with and for five weeks I have not been paid only for one. Very displeased with the managers and the employees in the teamwork that they provide. I work at store #2033 in Amarillo Texas and have employees that work there are under the influence while they’re on the clock.


Bryce December 27, 2014 at 9:15 pm

I am a former employee at store number 971 in Pahrump, Nevada. I’ve seen the lesser bought foods sit out for as long as 6 hours on the steam tables still being served to customers even after the store has had General Managers from other Las Vegas stores tell cooks to do half batches about every half hour. They still continued to do full batches and leave them for hours. I’ve had the manager, assistant manager, and an upcoming assistant manager tell me to tell customers past a certain time that teriyaki chicken would be delivered tomorrow just because they didn’t want to cook it and they wanted to clean the grill. I’ve seen them tell customers plenty times myself. My bigger complaint is that I put in my 2 weeks when I moved back to Las Vegas because the manager said it would take her up to 8 weeks to transfer and I needed a job fast. My newborn baby came a day before the last scheduled day of work and while I was at the hospital I called hours in advance and told them I wouldn’t be able to make it. So I went in 3 days later to get a welfare paper signed by the manager for the baby’s insurance stating that I do not work there and she told me that I am still in the system and that she is terminating me because I called in and that she wouldn’t sign the paper. I said she couldn’t because I quit. She said I would resign and that it really just means I’m terminated. She was disrespectful and unprofessional. She said to me “you apply for welfare!?” “Oh! You making the big money now!” I told her I’ve been on welfare since before I started working there and she continued to try insulting me by saying those two sentances. I just laughed and told her I got a job a Panera Bread and she was like “nooo.” Whilst looking down and away in dissapointment that I was not relyant upon that job and under her reign.


Kwain Karrick November 25, 2014 at 9:07 am

VICTIM OF THEFT BY EMPLOYEE. I went into Panda Express with my family in SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS on 11/21/14. Sat down and ate. Told my family to go get in car. I went to refill my drink with my wallet in my hand. I set it down filled my drink up walked out to my car and noticed I left it by the drinks. Literally not even a minute or 2 has went by and no one has left the store. I go in look for it and it was gone. I asked to see the cameras because whoever stole it is still here because no one left since I came. They REFUSED to show me so I called the cops and said I was filling a police report and calling corporate. Cops came filed a report and asked to see the video tape. ONCE AGAIN THEY REFUSED THE COPS AS WELL when they asked to see the tape. So I said I am suing panda if one of there employees stole my wallet. Because it had $200 plus my social and all my credit cards in it plus my 10 month olds social as we’ll.

The reason I know it was a Panda Express employee is because after all that happened with the cops and causing a little seen saying I’m gonna sue. The next night about 10:30 at night my wallet got returned to me and the person that found it SAID IT WAS AT STAR BUCKS and it’s my lucky day HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

The closest star bucks to the Panda Express in springfield Illinois is 2-3 miles away the opposite direction. Where I have never been because I don’t drink coffee.



Manuel November 18, 2014 at 11:48 pm

I gave the Panda Express in Novato, Ca. three chances. They struck out and I will never go back again, nor my family. I talk to people all day long and I will only tell people one thing regarding P E, don’t go to that store. Went there 2 1/2 hours before closing time, the counter man and back cook looked at me, without words but on their faces saying, to bad AND WHO CARES. I like their soup and only go there for that reason. If I owned that store, I would be worried, bad comments can destroy a business.


SJ howdeshell November 12, 2014 at 7:26 pm

I absolutely love Panda Express but the one in copperas cove texas has had terrible service. For one they never have green beans for the green bean chicken. This has been the 4th time just one month that they have been completely out. The manager that orders the food needs to be written up for not properly ordering enough food because it’s ridiculous. Secondly when you go through the drive through you sit there for at least 5 minutes before someone even talks to you. Then once you do get someone your sitting there for at least another 10 minutes before you actual order is taken. This is always the night crew. I love Panda Express but I’m about through with them not having what I want!!!!


Nunja Bin December 31, 2014 at 4:51 am

I went 2 store #1422 in Chicago December 30 @ around 5:43pm. I saw a white/Mexican glasses wearing cook digging in his eyes, scratching his ass, adjusting his earphones & music, blow his nose & continually grab food with his bare ungloved hands. This is the same store that allows the cook to stand on stove to clean up @ closing time. DON’T EAT @ THIS NASTY MUTHA FUKKA. Sometimes the managers don’t wash their hands either. Billiana is their best & cleanest employee. DON’T EAT PANDA. DON’T EAT HERE ANY WAY. THEY DON’T WASH HANDS & DON’T WEAR GLOVES.


Patricia Rodgers October 14, 2014 at 10:53 pm

store #1137 Oct 14, 2014 order #431008. This is another message stating terrible service and mistakes on the order. When the mistake was brought to their attention the store manager “Jesus” states he cannot provide a refund for the error. He offers store credit, I do not plan on revisiting this establishment. I want to receive credit for the error made by the employee not by me. Please respond by email.


Desiree October 10, 2014 at 8:46 pm

Wow, it paints such a bad image when you see nothing but “poor service” comments that customers are leaving. I myself will be adding to the long list of poor service/customer service. Store #1060 in Yuma, Az. I was over charged, 2x & I have not received a credit to my card!! Amazing how their employee did not know how to resolve this and refund me my money!! I actually took it pretty well at the time, because I know people make mistakes. BUT, the poor Customer Service I have received from their so-called CUSTOMER SERVICE # 1-800-877-8988 has left me in dis-belief. I asked for her supervisor, she said “My supervisors not here”, I said may I have the # to the Corporate office, she said “This is it” & I said I know that somewhere along the line theres someone who handles these types of situations, transfer me to someone else and she said you can hang up and call back yourself and HUNG UP ON ME. Her name was CHRISTINE. Employees like this will bring a company DOWN QUICK. Something needs to be done. I’m going to report this to the BBB.


Kathy September 23, 2014 at 9:06 pm

I went to the Panda in Hollister, CA especially because the Sesame Chicken was back. The cook, Joseph, and the server, Jeanette, told me they were all out of Sesame Chicken. So I selected my se ond fa orite which is ths String Bean Chicken only to be told that was out because they had no more string beans. I settled for other dishes and sat down to eat. I watched them proceed to cook both of the items I had requested , not once but several times while I ate the dishes I had settled for. I am not happy that I was lied to and count the experience as one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. I fully I tend to take my complaints up the laddar.


Marlys Galler September 20, 2014 at 1:54 pm

What is wrong with this Panda Express in Port St. Lucie, Fl. store #1736?
I went in approximately 6 p.m. I ordered 4 plates to take out. I gave her four
receipts for FREE extra item. She only took off for one FREE extra item. Next time I go in I will pay for them each separately. I go in about 2 times every 2 weeks to take home.
If she did not want to take them she should of given me 3 receipts back
Thought you might want to know about this. Normally I check my receipt before I leave the store that was my mistake. Thank You!


Susie August 27, 2014 at 5:12 pm

I had an awful experience with Panda Express located in Downtown LA. My friend and I purchased food and as we sat down to eat or lunch, before taking a bite of my brown rice I noticed a small brown looking like pebble and as I examined it closer, I noticed it wasn’t a pebble but an insect. Quickly checked my friends brown rice and had the same thing. I called immediately to alert the restaurant so they wouldn’t serve it to anyone else. My friend and I walked back down to the restaurant to get a refund and little to my surprise I saw one of the main workers digging out more of the insects out of the brown rice, which looked to me like they were going to continue serving it to people, because why wouldn’t they just dump out the rice and do a new batch? I also expressed my concern and stated, ” I hope your not thinking about serving that to anyone?”, no response was given on their behalf.

Store #0248, in Downtown LA, will not go back and purchase the food again especially after witnessing one of the workers trying to fish out the bugs in the brown rice, instead of dumping it out and not serving it again.


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