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Nautica Corporate Office

October 28, 2019

David Chu and his family immigrated from Taiwan in the early 1960s. Chu attended the New York Fashion Institute and began to design men’s coats that resembled old fashioned sailor suits. The coats were instant hits in the upscale New York men’s clothing stores. Chu named his company Nautica, which is an offshoot of the […]

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Conde Nast Corporate Office

October 25, 2019

Conde Montrose Nast, a New York City publisher, purchased Vogue magazine in 1909. He had purchased the magazine earlier and believed that it had great possibilities. Nast continued to publish Vogue under the Vogue name until he incorporated the Conde Nast name in 1923. ┬áNast had a flair for creating interesting stories for women and […]

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SnackNation Corporate Office

October 23, 2019

Sean Kelly was tired of seeing vending machines at businesses offering mainly candy and junk food. He imagined what life would be like if employees were given healthy snacks to choose from and SnackNation was born. The company offers a subscription service of snack boxes for companies, large or small. Snack boxes can be personalized […]

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Gobble Corporate Office

October 21, 2019

While Ooshma Garg was still in college at Stanford, she created her first startup company, Anapata, which matched students seeking jobs with employers. During this time, Garg says that she relied on fast food, take out food, and other unhealthy meal choices due to a lack of time to make healthy, home-cooked meals. Garg decided […]

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The Farmer’s Dog Corporate Office

October 18, 2019

Brett Podolsky’s Rottweiler, Jada, had problems digesting store-bought dog food. After consulting with a veterinarian, he and friend Jonathan Regev worked to find a home-made recipe that would not only help Jada’s stomach problems but that Jada would want to eat. The Farmer’s Dog was born. ┬áThe company operates a subscription dog-food delivery service. With […]

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