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Pack Up + Go Corporate Office Address

Pack Up & Go, LLC
6101 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

Contact Pack Up + Go

Phone Number: (412) 448-2700
Fax Number:
Email: Email Pack Up + Go

Pack Up + Go Facts

Founder: Lillian Rafson
Date Founded: 2015
Founding Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Number of Employees: 9

Pack Up + Go Executives

CEO: Lillian Rafson

Pack Up + Go History

Owner and CEO Lillian Rafson got the idea for her company after taking a three month backpacking trip in Europe. Pack Up + Go is an unusual type of travel service, which books 3 day mini-vacations, depending on the client’s budget. Clients have no clue where they are going until the day they are to leave.

The company “surprises” clients with 3 day travel plans within the US. Prices range from $350 per person to $2,000. Based on their clients budget and location, Rafson plans travel arrangements, lodging, and tickets. Clients do not know their destination until they are given their tickets. Rafson states that she looks for unique and fun trips that aren’t generally found in travel guides or are known only to locals. Clients can choose to fly or take a train or, if they prefer, drive their own car on their own “secret” road trip.

Clients fill out a short survey with preferences ( No Snow, for example, or Hate Big Cities) and Pack Up + Go does the rest. The company is licensed to sell travel in all 50 states. The price covers only travel and lodging; food and destinations are your choosing and cost extra.

Pack Up + Go FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Pack Up + Go?
Answer 1: The phone number for Pack Up + Go is (412) 448-2700.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Pack Up + Go?
Answer 2: The CEO of Pack Up + Go is Lillian Rafson.

Question 3: Who founded Pack Up + Go?
Answer 3: Pack Up + Go was founded by Lillian Rafson in 2015.

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