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Omaze Corporate Office Address

Omaze, Inc.
9942 Culver BoulevardP.O. Box 866
Culver City, California 90232

Contact Omaze

Phone Number: (213) 534-6693
Fax Number:
Email: Email Omaze

Omaze Facts

Founder: Matthew Pohlson & Ryan Cummings
Date Founded: 2012
Founding Location: Culver City, California
Number of Employees: 56

Omaze Executives

CEO: Ryan Cummins
CFO: Matthew Pohlson

Omaze History

Omaze is an online charity which offers once in a lifetime experiences, meetings with celebrities, and behind the scenes of movie production as “prizes” for donations.

The company guarantees that 80% of donations go to charities and the remaining 20% goes to support staff and profit. Examples of donations are a day behind the scenes of the new Star Wars movie, a private concert by U2, and a dress worn by Rachel Bloom to the 2017 Emmy awards.

Omaze is listed as #112 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. In 2016, the company had annual revenue of $13.4 million and a three year growth rate of 3,506%. The company also took Inc’s #8 spot for Top Consumer Products and Services and the #10 spot for Top Los Angeles Companies.

Omaze FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Omaze?
Answer 1: The phone number for Omaze is (213) 534-6693.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Omaze?
Answer 2: The CEO of Omaze is Ryan Cummins.

Question 3: Who founded Omaze?
Answer 3: Omaze was founded by Matthew Pohlson & Ryan Cummings in 2012.

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