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O’Charley’s Corporate Office

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O'Charley's Corporate Office Address

O'Charley's, Inc.
3038 Sidco Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37204

Contact O'Charley's

Phone Number: (615) 256-8500
Fax Number: (615) 782-5043
Website: http://www.ocharleys.com/
Email: Email O'Charley's

O'Charley's Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

O'Charley's Executives

CEO: Ned Lidvall
CFO: R. Jeffrey Williams
COO: Guy Stanke

O'Charley's History

O’Charley’s was founded in 1971 by Charley Watkins. The original restaurant was located across the street from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is known for its “Free Pie Wednesday” campaign, in which diners are offered a free slice of pie with their order of an entree.

Today, O’Charley’s is a casual dining chain that has 200 company owned locations in 17 states, along with 30 franchised locations. The company was sold in 2012 to Fidelity National Financial  and became a part of the American Blue Ribbon Holdings Corporation.

In 2002, the restaurant chain was named by Forbes as one of the 200 Best Small Companies in America and continued to place in this list for the 3 consecutive years. The company has also been listed as one of the Top Workplaces in 2014 by The Tennessean, as well as winning the Legendary Baking Takes Home 500th Blue Ribbon from the American Pie Council.

O'Charley's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for O'Charley's?
Answer 1: The phone number for O'Charley's is (615) 256-8500.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of O'Charley's?
Answer 2: The CEO of O'Charley's is Ned Lidvall.

Question 3: Who founded O'Charley's?
Answer 3: O'Charley's was founded by in .

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leo larkin March 22, 2018 at 11:28 am

We’ve been eating at O’Charley’s in Huntsville, Alabama for several years. We are there every couple of weeks. We participate in the 20% off nearly every time. The servers and managers there are wonderful! We are always well taken care of with service and friendliness. We love the food and we cannot say enough good things about our experience. Our only suggestion is that you reinstate the cran-orange dressing and the fried shrimp salad that you used to have. I would love to have the dressing recipe but could not find it on your website.


david m godshall March 19, 2018 at 10:35 pm

kim waitress stuart bartender and doug manager were wonderful people at our stop on Danville Kentucky along with all thrle staff excellent example of Southern hospitality wish we haf such caring folks in Wisconsin what a wonderful stop on our vacation excellent food also thanks staff for making us feel at home


Lisa Wright February 18, 2018 at 4:36 pm

If I could rate Springfield, Tennessee O’Charley’s less than one star I would. I left a google review also I am so at the end of my rope with this location. Someone from headquarters needs to fix this location. Just look at the reviews for it! My husband and I were going to order $90+ worth of food to feed our family for supper tonight. I tried to order online but it shot me back to call the Springfield, Tennessee location. So on February 18th at 2:40 pm I called Springfield, Tennessee location. To have a rude female answer the phone. I said I would like to place and order, she said, “You can go online to do that”. I told her I tried but it told me to call the restaurant and place it. She then said, “Well what do you want?!” I got passed ordering the 4 loaded potato soups and then everything else I was trying to order was out. (How do you run out of main meal items like ribs and steak?!! Every time we go to this location they are out of something!) So as I went to ask my husband if we were still wanting to place an order with something else, before I could give the rude girl an answer, she hung up the phone. She never told me her name and I figured calling back was useless since it seems to be getting worse each time we go here. That’s fine this location just lost today’s order of almost $90+ and from here on out. My husband and I have had it with the lack of customer service at this location. They are always out of food items or the food quality of the food they have is bad. We will be driving to Clarksville, Tennessee to Outback Steak House from now on. They have wonderful customer service there and better quality food. We have just went to the well too many times thinking the next time it will be better to just be disappointed again. There are too many other restaurants that will treat us better when we give them our hard earned money. Please go read some of the other comments on google about this location. The only reason why it’s making it here is because there isn’t a lot of other options. But people like me are going to start going the extra 10 to 15 minutes for a better experience. By the way, your new rolls suck, you should have never change them and you took away the best pie which was the lemon pie. Don’t wonder why you are losing customers like me and my family.


Linda C Smith February 3, 2018 at 5:01 pm

My husband and I ate at the O’Charley’s in Paducah, Ky on 1/31/18. It had been several months since we had had the opportunity to eat there and we had been looking forward to our meal for weeks. First, there was not a hostess and we waited and waited to be seated. NOT busy or crowded!!!! We were given menus and the waitress brought us basket of ROLLS. THEY ARE NOT THE USUAL O’CHARLEY’S ROLLS!!!!! THEY LOOKED MORE LIKE SISTER SCHUBERT ROLLS BUT WERE HARD AND NOT AS GOOD AS SISTER SCHUBERT!!!!!!! We had NOT been brought napkin,utensils or plate and asked waitress and supposedly had to wait until some came out of dishwasher, EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE UTENSILS WRAPPED IN NAPKINS AND ON PLATES AT SEVERAL EMPTY TABLES NEAR OUR TABLE. WHY COULD THE WAITRESS NOT JUST TRANSFER 2 TO US?????? Then when I ordered, WHAT I HAD BEEN THINKING OF FOR WEEKS, (Cajan Chicken Pasta) I was told it couldn’t be served because of some machine breakdown, gas leak or such!!!!!! Had to make another selection and it didn’t suit me since I had planned on the pasta. My husband order Prime Rib and it was only 1/2″ thick or LESS. We both got side salads and his salad was not nearly as large as mine. O’Charley’s has always been a favorite place for us to eat, we USED to enjoy the ROLLS and the food, but this past visit was a DISASTER and we did NOT ENJOY OUR VISIT OR FOOD.


Anthony Thomas January 8, 2018 at 11:16 am

O’ Charley’s had been one of my favourites for several years. Recently I took my family to your Hickory Hollow restaurant in Antioch, TN. The food and service were TERRIBLE!! When I tried to call your home office, you are unreachable and have insulated yourselves from responsibility by putting an automated system in place which will not let the guest speak to a live person. You won’t have to worry about speaking to me or anyone in my family ever again. Take note of your overall rating. If you weren’t so cowardly, you could communicate with the guest and learn how to improve your establishment. Unbelievable!!


Tina Pendergraft December 27, 2017 at 9:57 pm

My husband, son and I visited your restaurant in Springfield, Tn. 37172 tonight Dec. 27, 2017. We have received such poor service before but thought we would give it another try. Sat down to order and the 1st thing we were told was we have NO ROLLS “this is what my husband comes for” although I could care less but talked him in to staying after waiting for a table. Took forever to get our food. My husband and sons steak and baked potato were cold and my cajun chicken pasta looked like it had been sitting for awhile it was dried up. Had to beg for a refill on our tea the worst waiter I’ve ever had he acted as if he was in another world. He asked if we wanted free pie and we said sure we had never been on free pie Wed. but said we would take it to go since we had already been there for almost 2 hrs trying to get our meal and eat only to be giving a $80.16 ticket being charged for that free pie too, very expensive meal for 3. What really upsets me is I gave the receipt to the manager to try to figure it out and he was about as clueless as the waiter. I was so upset and even left a $10 tip and could kick myself for doing it and needless to say my husband was very mad that I did. Needless to say we WON’T BE BACK to this restaurant !!!!!!! POOR MANAGEMENT and everyone around us was complaining not just us !!!!!!!!!


Lisa Wright February 18, 2018 at 4:43 pm

I don’t understand how they can not bring someone in to fix this place. We are just going to drive to Clarksville from now on. We were at Outback on February 13th and they were outstanding! Something went wrong with my meal back in the kitchen and they comped our entire meal! They even held my grand baby’s birthday cake in the back and got a candle for her (I forgot to bring candles) they lit it and sang happy birthday to her without me saying anything. It was just an wonderful night and it was going there that topped it off. It is the polar difference of going to Springfield’s O’Charle’s! I left my google review and my complaint on this page but I’m sure it will fall on deaf ears. Just letting you know this family in Springfield is right there with ya! We aren’t going back, now way!


Lisa Arnt December 22, 2017 at 3:22 pm

I went to your location on #336 9990 Brook Rd Glen allen Va on 12/22/2017 , this is the situation our company frequent this location often. I called in my order and ordered the pick two lunch ( 1/2 blt and the baked potatoe $6.99) was told by Kasey who answered the phone that I could get what I wanted on the potato I went to pick up the order and the price was totally different . I got charged for the cheese and bacon but was not told it was an extra $1.00 each and she said you did not have that menu so I said you did not explain that to me when I called , she got an attitude I asked for the manager , I paid but she just put my change on the counter and threw my meal up there and walked away. I told the manage she needs some customer service training. I was very disappointed and offended as the customer. I think something needs to be done about this situation. i spoke to the manager and he was nonchalant and said he understood but i doubt very seriously anything will be done. it is the holiday season and i would hate for her attitude to continue like this with your customers.


VEXED615 December 19, 2017 at 5:04 pm

I was extremely upset by my recent visit to Charley’s my Aunt’s birthday was the celebration and my family & friends made a party of eight we hadn’t been out in a long time so we were all excited after waiting over 2 hours to be seated the manager seemed irritated when seating us and advising that she didn’t care were we sat because there were only “so many tables ” we ordered drinks and one of the party didn’t receive the drink the whole meal n had to eat without a drink even after asking several times for it . Dinners were ordered and the soups salads that were to come out before the dinner came out after …way after like we were boxing up the food. The food was NOT cooked and came out w the sides on the wrong plates. The server took a fork and moved steaks to other party’s plates to avoid having to take the plates to the back I got the salmon and was disgusted to realize it wasn’t cooked all the way thru my sister and aunt ordered a steak and had to box them up to take home to bake in the oven. The waitress was upset was jerked the checks out of a guest hand I witnessed her throwing one of the books that had the check near the register. When the manager who didn’t seem care to see if we were ok thru all the errors was called to the table by a member of the party we explained what had happened and she advised there was nothing she could do. I refused to pay for such bad service and the manager got loud and made a scene in front of other guest saying that we ate the food so we need to pay for it or leave the boxes on the table. My sister and mother have been sick all week behind the food they tried to eat . I called the corporate office and was given the wrong lady’s extension I have left several messages with corporate for a call back in regards to the visit and to date sill haven’t been contacted . I have advised my sister and mother to seek medical attention because I am ready to get legal advise because this whole experience has embarrassed my family frustrated me. I have never had as bad of an experience in my life and I have been a waitress and a manager in a restaurant I vow to never return to any charley’s restaurant or any o charley’s supported restaurant as this was completely unacceptable …


Myoshia Johnson December 19, 2017 at 3:27 pm

I seen a lot of complaints about the worst service I think I . 4801 Outer Loop in Louisville Kentucky has the worst service. I placed a to go order online I was supposed to pick it up at 1:30pm. I was there at 1:40 pm this location is know to run slow that’s why I wasn’t on time . My order still was not ready as I was waiting on my order a lady was waiting to pick up her to go order that she phone in and she was waiting 20 minutes prior to me arriving and when I left her food still hadn’t came out yet. I tried to place a complaint online and they told me that my location of the store didn’t exist. This is why I only go when I get coupons.


LuRoyce November 27, 2017 at 4:44 pm

I just received a check from O’Charley’s Restaurant for $2,455.00 for the purchase of a sculpture. I am pretty sure is is stolen or forged. I did not cash it, although I’m pretty sure it would have bounced. It is my guess either someone has stolen your checks or is forging these checks. Just want you aware.


Joe Morrison November 26, 2017 at 10:39 pm

notanyolejoe@ gmail.com I just wanted to say I had a very bad experience first of all I asked for a coke and instead of her saying sir we have Pepsi products she just assumed I’d want a Pepsi yukkk I hate Pepsi ten when I ordered I asked for an apatizer of shicken strips and then said we would have soup for our meal she said so you want two bowls of soup I said yes we do well 20 min later she came out with the soup I asked if she forgot the chicken she says no I brought soup out first I’m going to go get chicken it’s been done I politely said don’t worry about it we wanted for apatizer she got a really bad attatiude and was pissed off the rest of her night I don’t know her name and I can’t tell you my ticket number she did not give me a receipt just very disappointed the soup was what was left with a pound of cheese thrown in no potatoes just cheese should have been called loaded cheese soup rant over


Derek Washington November 18, 2017 at 9:57 pm

O’Charley’s in Birmingham Alabama Homewood has to be the worst O’Charley’s in the history of O’Charley’s. The manager Al Marshall should be ashamed of himself for trying to run an establishment when he clearly has no idea what customer service is. The reason the staff does not know how to treat the customers is because they are allowed to do whatever they want to do as a result of mr. Al Marshalls skills. I had to wait at the door for 20 minutes before being acknowledged. It took another 20 minutes for my order to be taken. It took another 15 minutes for my rolls and my salad to arrive. If it had not been so late and my daughter did not want O’Charley’s I promised you I would have drove anywhere else but that restaurant. The only tip I wanted to leave is to tell them to close that establishment permanently into New Management was available. I do not blame the employees for what they are allowed to do I blame the corporate office for hiring Al Marshall as a manager.


Pete Grasa November 15, 2017 at 12:42 pm

I also work in corporate America and I don’t know why, if I ask for a corporate leader to contract me I have a store manager contact me??? You have me email so if anyone in your corporation real cares about me as previous loyal customer you will contact me, other wise there’s a ton of other restaurants I can visit and be treated respectfully and appreciated as I I respect mine.


Chad Bennett Sr. November 12, 2017 at 11:33 pm

I will NEVER eat here again. Nothing against the food, which is always excellent, but the service I received as a VETERAN on Veterans Day was atrocious and downright disrespectful. As everyone one else who walked in before and after us was asked if they were a Veteran, and offered the special menu and sticker to wear, I was Not, even though I was wearing my Deceased Veteran Fathers Air Force coat in his Honor with his name and service patches all over it. I had to go back to the podium and ask for myself. Even then, it was handed to me like an afterthought, and still no “thanks for your Service”. While all the other Veterans seated were being thanked with big smiles by their servers, I got nothing from ours, even though I was wearing my Flag sticker and ordering from the Veterans special menu. We were even charged for our FREE kids meal, which he corrected after I pointed it out, but he then felt he needed to tell us that Premium meals weren’t free. We didn’t order from the premium menu, and I clearly POINTED to what he wanted on the FREE side while ordering. Only as we were about to leave did he Challenge my Veteran status by asking about what Unit I was in. Not what Branch, Posts, or Conflicts, as if he was trying to expose me as some Poser who found an Air Force coat in the trash and wanted a free meal. I reluctantly rattled off a few of my past Units and Duty stations, Countries I’d been deployed to, and service dates. Still, no “Thanks for your Service”. Never have I felt so disrespected as an American, former Soldier, and member of a Family with a Long Military History. O’Charley’s in Canal Winchester, Ohio will never get another dime of my money, and they’ve ruined my taste for the restaurant in general. I would have received better treatment from the McDonald’s across the street…


Tony October 16, 2017 at 1:54 pm

My family has been coming to the Foley, Al location for a while now. It is my wife’s favorite place to eat. But after a couple of bad experiences we had almost given up on your location. About a month ago we decided to give it one more chance. When we sat we were told our server would be with us “shortly”. It was busy and a bit overcrowded. We sat there about 5 minutes watching all the servers helping customers but ours was no where to be found. I didn’t catch the guys name when the hostess sat us. We had just decided to leave when Ms. Christy saw us. She could see we were upset and apologized for our wait and stated she would get our waiter immediately. She came back a couple minutes later and told us she would take care of us if we would give her the chance to make up for the rough start. I could see that she was busy with a rather large party so it meant alot for her to make us her priority. She promptly got our drinks and rolls and immediately put our order in. Even busy, she never lost her positive attitude or great smile. She made us feel like we had known each other forever. She even took the time to put a candle in a slice of pie for my wife’s birthday. She made my wife’s day! Now when we go in we ask for her. She’s always happy to see us, knows our drink order without asking and even knows how we like our steak. That may not mean much to you, but it means the world to us. To take the time out of your busy day to make sure we have a great time Everytime, to not only know my kids name but remembers little things from previous visits. She’s the only reason we stayed and will continue to come back. She’s deserves recognition for being an amazing server but also for her positive energy and wonderful hospitality! You need alot more like her!!


Beverly Shaw October 10, 2017 at 7:18 pm

I visited store #245 in Woodstock, GA on 10/10/17 at 4:48pm. I ordered a chicken finger/rib combo and a kids meals. Hoping to have dinner and the meal wasn’t edible. I called back to store to complaint to store manager Alisha who at first wasn’t pleasant, but did agree to refund my card. When complaining I didn’t think I would receive a rude manager who at first was not compassionate. I live in Euharlee, GA and I normally visited Rome, GA location without ever a problem.


Mary Nicholson September 29, 2017 at 9:17 am

A friend and I went to OCharley’s on Davis Highway in Pensacola on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. It took over an hour to get our food, but that was not the worst thing.
The restaurant was the loudest, most manic eatery I have ever been in. Kids were screaming, people yelling to the extent it would ruin any dining experience. I don’t know if management can do anything about acoustic solution, but I definitely don’t plan to return any time soon. Respectfully submitted, Mary Nicholson, Pensacola


Ryan Homan September 20, 2017 at 7:57 pm

Store 291
Douglasville, Georgia

Hillary L – She was our server and another nice lady. This was by far the most phenomenal experience we have had. We have had lots of recent poor customer service elsewhere, but Hillary and another lady went over and above to make sure we had a wonderful service. They treated us like we were VIP. My Wife, twin 7 year old girls, 2 year old son, and myself can be very difficult to serve especially the kids, but the service we received was impeccable! Thank you all very much,
also the manager on duty was also very nice and professional making sure we were well taken care of. I have been a part of the hospitality industry my whole life, and I have never been this impressed over all. No shaming for ordering waters, split meals, extra items, or the Free Pie Wednesday to go. I can’t say it enough Thank You! It’s great to know that there is STILL GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE out there. Too many people out there are quick to complain and never COMPLIMENT. We try to fix that.


Darlene September 16, 2017 at 9:04 am

On September 15, 2017 at approximately 5:15pm we attempted to get dinner at your Hull St Rd location in Midlothian Virginia. We were promptly seated and soon after the waitress came and took our order. We have had the 8 ounce prime rib at this location several times. The salad and rolls arrived, the rolls were very hot and when I cut into it there was noting inside. Soon after the manager came over to tell us that they had no medium rare prime rib. How does this happen at the beginning of the dinner hours? We conceded to try the medium but added that we would try the new grilled variation. The meal came and what can I say, it was horrible. My piece of meat had more fat than meat, leaving me with maybe 2 ounces of very overcooked dry beef. We immediately got up and left. Another waitress followed us outside and we voiced our concerns. When we got into the car I decided to speak to the manager, a middle eastern man, he agreed that h e saw the food sitting at our table and it was terrible. I told him the cook must either be really new or really bad and uncaring. He agreed and said that the cook had some issues. We then drove another 25 minutes to the O’Charleys on Forest Hill Ave and immediately asked for the manager. A very charming and charismatic young man came to our table and listened to our plight. He told us that he would personally oversee the preparation and service of our meal. The meal arrived and the prime rib was medium rare but still very small, in comparison to others we have had in the past. Although the service was excellent and the food tasted wonderful we do not think we will be dining at O’Charleys again. The price of $15.99 for an approximately 5 ounce piece of prime rib is a little steep. The rolls were also horrible at both restaurants.


DonnaC September 13, 2017 at 9:15 pm

Be very careful if you go in the Dothan, AL. location, and use a charge card. I went on September 10th, and we did not put a tip on the restaurant copy receipt but left a tip on the table instead. When I checked my charge card online a few days later, my card was charged an additional $5.00 for my bill. My husband went back to the restaurant and brought it to a manager’s attention, who said we would be refunded back the $5.00. I’ve yet to receive a satisfactory explanation as to how or why this happened. All the manager would say was the waitress must have been in a hurry and sometimes this happens. How do you put a tip charge on a bill when there is no tip “by mistake”??


James Harmon December 7, 2017 at 9:19 am

Donna it’s not just happening in Dothan, Al it happened to me this past weekend in Richmond, In. For the exact same amount of 5 dollars, and a friend of ours got popped there a couple years ago for 20 dollars. I guess OCharleys hires crooks for waiters and waitresses I don’t know. But it’s credit card fraud! People need to go to jail and they’d stop that BS!


Dierdre September 11, 2017 at 4:28 pm

On Sept 9-2017 My family and I went to the O’Charley’s on White Bridge Road in Nashville Tn to celebrate my birthday. The so call manager name Bri was so rude she told us that they could not accommodate a party of 25. She (Bri) put some of my family on the far right and the some on the far left and after she did that she went and gave the host (Shania) a HIGH FIVE and told the other host ( Melody) that was trying to assist us that she don’t do anything without asking her (Bri). The bad part about it that it was plenty of space to seat us all in the same area. The only way we could talk or see each other was to either call there phone or keep going back and forward. IF I ever go back I will call to see who the manager is before I go. It’s sad that you have these SO called mangers that are so RUDE and Nothing will be done or said to her (Bri) about how to treat the customer, and it a SHAME THAT THERE’S NOT A CORPORATE NUMBER YOU CAN CALL..


Jack Van Hooser September 2, 2017 at 1:28 pm

I really miss the twisted chips and queso. The thick chips are terrible, and we will not order them again. I also wish you would bring back the Nashville Hot Chicken salad. Our waitress at your Jackson TN location will still ask the kitchen to make the salad, but it should be on the menu.


Terry Bell August 28, 2017 at 3:31 pm

I just have a question. We enjoy going to OCharlies in Richmond In. Especially on free pie Wednesdays. We could not go inside to eat once, so we decided to order take out. They would sell us a meal but would not give a Free pie. I could not understand why when we eat in, we usually are full and take the free pie to go! So why would they not include Free pie in carry out order. Which is the same order we would eat inside. I asked the Manager and she said was Corporate Policy. I do not understand this. Please respond with reasoning for this policy. Thank you very much. Certainly will continue to go to OCharlies. But confused about this policy reasoning.


Bryan Lee August 27, 2017 at 10:23 am

We visited the O Charley’s in Concord NC and ordered a rack of rib’s on the menu was $17.99. When we received our food there was only a half rack so i asked about it. It was explained to us what kind of ribs they were and they had as much meat as a full rack. So i researched the rib we were told we got and found that was not true. So for O Charley’s to still charge $17.99 for those rib’s i think is a total rip off. I have told other’s about this and they could not believe it either. I promise you this i will never eat at O Charley’s again


Cynthia Berry August 26, 2017 at 6:28 pm

My husband and I just visited your location in Springfield, TN and I have never been so insulted in all my life. First off our waiter brought us some rolls that must have been under a heat lamp because they were hard but warm then he took our drink order and we told him we were ready to order our meals too. We waited for our drinks. He brought my husband’s salad out to him but no drinks. I reminded him. Our food was brought out and I had to remind him of drinks again. When we were ready to pay I had a question about our ticket and had put the money ($50 bill) under the ticket I was inquiring about. He said he would ask the manager and snatched both money and ticket off table. He made out new ticket and I expected him to bring change back but he didn’t and when I told him I had already paid he went back to cash register area and came back saying he didn’ t have it. Then the bigger Manager got involved and he went to register to check but came back saying they didn’t have it. I told him I had paid and all I wanted was my change back. He responded saying he couldn’t do that that he could give me his boss’s number and clear it up that way. Then he said he would call him. Shortly thereafter he came back with my change and said that if I found the money I could bring it back. About the same time the waiter brought us change back and I asked what it was for because the manager had already given us change. What insulted me the most was the manager insinuating I had the $50 and was not being honest. To beat all my Dad had given us that $50 because today is our anniversary and then this happens. I wasn’t going to leave a tip because I didn’t particularly like how they waiter had been but I did leave a tip since we did get our change. Don’t know that I will go back there or not. Very disappointed.


frederick wallace August 25, 2017 at 7:28 am

I visit the O’ Charley’s on Morse Rd. in Columbus Ohio on August 24, 2017
first the greeter got an attitude because I did not want to sit in a booth in the back of the restaurant by the kitchen
second the waiter drop water on me
third my soup was cold
fourth the manger can out after the waiter brought me my check just to say she heard that I was having a bad experience, she never apologize for the mistake, she did promo and gave me my meal free, that was great but all I wanted she to do was make my meal right.
the waiter got mad because is did not leave him a big tip, he was very nasty after that never came back to see if we need anything. I tip on how good your server is and not on just because you waiters on me.
I been to this restaurant before and the server was great


Judy Atchley-Benson August 17, 2017 at 9:29 am

judyatchleyb at gmail.com I attempted to leave a comment on your website page but the computer would not let me complete the form? Anyway, on Aug 16 I visited your restaurant in Hendersonville,NC (Highland Square). I ordered 2 take out salads at a cost of around $25 but was told I could not get the “free pie Wednesday offer” as it was dine-in only. I’m sorry, but I paid the exact same price for your food that I took out of the restaurant as I would have had I sat down and ate it right there. (I almost did). When I inquired why there was such a policy, the wait staff at the front said ” it was a corporate policy and set up to bring people in” Excuse me, I was IN the restaurant and I spent my money to purchase your food. I could find no logic to that statement. We like your food but this “bait and switch” gimmick really upset me. I think it is unfair to those of us on the run but still pay the same amount of money that sitting customers do. Granted I did not tip the person who brought out my containers but I don’t think that have made any difference. They refused to serve me the “free pie”. I appeal to you to rethink this “policy” and treat all paying customers the same. I was very disappointed and needless to say, won’t be patronizing your restaurant again.


Demetra Glasco August 4, 2017 at 4:14 pm

The O’Charley’s at Briercreek in Raleigh, NC was serving customers old rolls on 8/4/17. Upon further inspection of the rolls, we noticed bluish spots on the top of the rolls (second and third batch). We are pretty sure it was mold.


Pamela Reitmeyer July 7, 2017 at 2:18 pm

I just called the O’Fallon, MO O’Charleys at 12:09 pm and promptly apologized for calling during a busy time but I just had a question. I asked if they took reservations. I was told yes. No questions about when or how many. I told that person that I’d call back with the time and number of people. I spent the next 40 minutes organizing 8 people. I called back at approximately 12:40 and ended up speaking with THE manager. I told the lady that I wanted to make a reservation for this evening. She replied, “when”? I repeated this evening. She proceeded to tell me in a very stern voice that they do not take reservations for the SAME day. I then told her that I was not told that when I called about 30 minutes ago. She then restated the RULES. She told me she’d put me on the list and that’s the best she could do for me. I told her 8 people and she told me that O’Charley’s does not take reservations for less than 10. I told her I was not told either of these O’Charley’s rules when I called earlier. She repeated she could put me on the “list” and that’s the best she could do. I asked to speak with the manager and she then told me that she was the manager. I proceeded to tell her I’ve been a manager most of my career and arguing and chastising my guests would have not been an acceptable way to treat the guest. I told her I had no idea I needed to specify “today” as the day I wanted to make the reservation or that I needed o specify that I had only 8 people. I told her that I would have been expected to notify the guest KINDLY of the O’Charley’s rules and then accommodate the guest for the day in question due to my staff’s error. Her speech and tone were such that I was being chastised. In the end, I told that there were other restaurants the 8 of us could attend and I was at that time choosing that as our option. Too bad for O’Charley’s. Our last encounter at the restaurant was quite positive and after reading the other comments, your chain could use positive. Not sure I’ll EVER return. O’Charley’s needs to train their managers.


TWilson June 26, 2017 at 12:11 pm

I am appalled at how bad O’Charley’s has gotten. The management, service AND the food simply sucks! We had issues a couple months ago…bad server, nasty food–and the manager gave us a couple freebies WITHOUT apologies. So we went back to use them, give it another try–and it’s 10 times worse now. That same manager? Sitting VERY visibly RIGHT outside the door–smoking with the servers. When we entered the place, two servers were feeling each other up in the main entry…you read that right. I saw both bellies…and privates were touched as well. That’s not all–there was also a group of servers sitting at a bar table drinking beer. On the clock? Who knows??? Just wow! Another server was rudely sweeping up dust and food, flinging crap everywhere whilst folks were trying to eat and drink. Then our waitress couldn’t get anything right…from the dirty plates she put in front of us for our rolls, to cold soup that was served right out of a fridge. At this point, we knew it was pointless to complain. Besides…that manager was on what seemed to be a permanent smoke break with the rest of his staff. We will never eat at another O’Charley’s again. Ever. All social media will be blasted about our personal experiences there. Just pitiful!!!!!!!


Kelly June 16, 2017 at 2:33 pm

I can’t understand O’charley’s I worked for them and have been fired for asking about my running side work during my shift at that time I was asked to left and speak to the GM before coming back to work. Needless to say I was fired??????????? REALLY. OK so now here is my biggest complaint about the whole thing 1) I was never written up 2) told managers and district that people are drinking on the job and smoking marijuana on the job. Oh and you can swear on the floor and put your hands on other employees on the dinning room floor and can still keep your job. DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE A PROBLEM WITH THIS COMPANY….


Unknown August 22, 2017 at 5:10 pm

I understand where you are coming from. I was just fired as well for forgetting to teeing something. But people all around are stealing and managers taking food home and feeding the whole family and friends when they come in. I have never been written up never a warning or anything


Morgan Toefield June 4, 2017 at 5:57 pm

I work at one of O’Charleys restaurants in Alabama. I am a hostess and a To-Go Server. I enjoy working with customers. Although, the managers are not much help. I had an incident with one of my employees. One of my employees called me a “b**ch” in front of guests. I reported the incident to a manager and instead of addressing the issue concerning the name calling, the manager told me to make sure it doesn’t happen in front of guests again . Why werent they concerned that I had been bullied in THEIR restaurant . That same employee I had a problem with tossed her salad at me in the kitchen . Managers didn’t do anything at all. It is POOR management!


Erica June 2, 2017 at 2:56 am



Ann June 2, 2017 at 3:05 am



Helen Sannes May 26, 2017 at 9:40 pm

My husband Bill and I frequent yourvrestaurants here in the Miami Township area. I am originally from Maryland and cannot stand for anyone…..including my self or my husband to eat one of your crab cakes. It’s a shame for a restaurant of your stature to serve such a entree as that.
They just don’t taste like there is crab in them.
You all need to go the extra mile or the extra buck and import some crab meat fro the east coast and only serve them when they are in season. Say from April til. September. Hope this works out for you.
Oh I retired from restaurantvwork and ended up a sous chef after 35 years of friendship with a lot of happy customers.


Erica June 2, 2017 at 3:08 am

Why was my experience at Ocharley’s DELETED


Sharon Darling May 24, 2017 at 1:15 pm

My friend and I visited the O’Charley’s in Rivergate in Nashville Tennessee. My friend is a frequent customer of the restaurant but I have only been a couple of times. As we entered the restaurant I stopped by the ladies restroom and she was getting a table. When I came out of the restroom the bartender “Joey” was in my friend’s face telling her she needed to leave and to take her “fat” friend with her! I have never been so humiliated in my life! Regardless what was going on with my friend and “Joey” he had no business
embarrassing me in front of the entire restaurant! This person has no business working in public. I have only received an apology through email from customer service stating that the staff had “fallen short” on my visit there at the restaurant. Really? Fallen short? That’s an understatement at the least! This person needs to lose his job or suspended indefinitely. I my sound a little harsh but put yourself in my shoes. What if you were totally humiliated in a public restaurant for everyone to hear? Think about it.


Crista May 15, 2017 at 5:34 pm

I work or should I say used to work for O’charleys on Cleveland avenue in Columbus Ohio I used to think this was a wonderful place to work at and good people to work with smh turns out it’s not the kitchen manager buts beers for his cold to consume while making guests meals……. There are about 3 severs selling weed to staff there is one server selling cocaine to staff one bartender who drinks while bartending one server was caught stealing alcohol but was never repremanded for his actions…. One server who buys shots from the bar and takes them to the 70’s room where she consumes them this is also the same server selling cocaine on the clock….. The dishes are filthy….. The hosts roll dirty silver for guests….. I’ve seen a server spit in her guests food….. There are servers doing cocaine in they bathroom… Server’s using needles to get high on heroin in the bathroom…. Server’s smoking weed by the dumpsters outside…..Just about everybody there steals good and takes home…..Now you may think I’m doing this to be negative and to get back cause I’m no longer there anymore but no actually these things need to be handled I was fired due to the fact I couldn’t make it to work on mother’s day because I was in the hospital and when the service manger fired me today she did it over the phone so unprofessional and she laughed as she did so this manger couldn’t wait for a reason to fire me 3 days ago she threw my meds away that were hidden and the meds were to prevent me from having a seizure….. This place would be wonderful but the staff and management are nothing but rude, junkies that don’t take the job serious


Jane May 5, 2017 at 7:16 pm

I went into your Ocharleys in Fort Oglethorpe Ga location today and I just wanted to give my compliments on the staff and the cleanliness our waiter Logan Porter waited on us hand and foot I felt like I was at my mothers house great service then the manager Christian came by asked how everything was. Great experience from start to finish


Randy Westemeier May 1, 2017 at 8:53 pm

My wife, kids and I went to your restaurant on Kingston Pike in Knoxville, Tenn. back in February and we had a horrible night. It was all explained to the guy who called me and talked to me about all the bad things that happened that night. He told me that he hoped we would give your restaurant another try and was going to send us some gift certificates to give it a try again. We have not received any correspondence from him or you office at all and have yet to get the gift cards.

My name, address and phone number follows:
Randy Westemeier

Knoxville, Tenn. 37915


Jason April 23, 2017 at 2:27 pm

Me and my wife went to the o Charley’s on s hurstborne last night we ordered to go and it was a dead roach in my food am so disgusted will never eat o Charley’s in my life again


Tim Draper March 30, 2017 at 2:12 pm

My wife and myself was dining for lunch at the the O’Charley’s on Breckenridge Ln in Lousiville ky 40207. First he rolls were very flat crust on bottom and top but nothing in betwe
2We order our drinks one water and one tea. The waitress came back 5 min later and asked us again because she said she forgot.
3 We order our meal I order a chedder burg with no lettuce and tomato
my wife order a 1/2 club and s/s
4 She brought our meal out and my burger had lettuce and tomato and she said
forgot the got my bill and she charged me for 2 tea and only order one not a good at


DWells March 27, 2017 at 2:06 pm

I visited the Springdale, Oh location on 3/26/2017. The Kitchen manager (Todd Frederick) was very unprofessional and nasty toward me and my guests on Sunday afternoon. We all ask for a slice of onion on our salad and when the bill came there was an upcharge added to the bill. We ask the waitress (Abby) for an explanation of the charge; minutes later Todd comes over to the table with this absolutely disrespectful mannerism. He said that there is an upcharge and because we consumed the slice of onion he wasn’t going to address our issue of asking him to remove the .99 from our bill. He said this was a training issue with the staff of ‘not telling us of the upcharge’ and he would take care of the training of the staff, but as far as the charge he would take .60 cents off the bill instead of the .99 cents, so disrespectful. Todd then snatched the bill off the table and said as he was walking away. ‘YOU ALL ARE RIDICULOUS’. We stopped the Front Area manager (Sally) to report the incident to her. She was very kind in hearing and handling the situation in a professional manner. I will not be returning to O’Charley’s due to the fact that I would not ever put myself or my love ones in a situation to consume any food that ‘Todd Fredrick’ prepares in an O’ Charley’s establishment. He doesn’t belong in the kitchen with his nasty, distrustful, distasteful, and disrespectful mannerism that he processes. How can O’Charley’s have someone like that working in their establishment serving the public, If he displays his nastiness toward a customer in a public arena, one needs to ask themselves, what is he doing behind close doors in a Kitchen preparing your food.


A.Redding March 26, 2017 at 9:29 am

Olive Branch,MS location-Ordered online about a month ago had to wait 39 minutes to receive my order which was a to go order that should have not taken that long. Rude young hostess at the front manager don’t know what he doing.On yesterday went to the same restaurant same rude young waitress seated me and my mom in the back with a birthday party that was private so we walked out and left at this point it getting out of hand.


Emily March 14, 2017 at 7:07 am

On march 13,3017 I went to your greenfield Indiana location for lunch with my family. It was at 11:30 so just a little after they had opened. There was 1 other table in there when we got there (mind you 3 servers were there) so not busy at all. We got seated and I had went to the bathroom. When I returned no one had yet to come get our drink order. After we finally ordered I had ordered a salad with my meal & my husband had ordered the prime rib bourbon burger . Not only was his sandwich so horrible he took 2 bites & said I’ll give it to our dog, but my salad didn’t even come out until AFTER I had received my meal. Her only response was “sorry we just now opened the salad bar.” Now I am a server & very understanding. But I know that when I get to my job I always make sure everything is prepped & ready to go instead of socializing (like I watched my server do the entire time I was there.) she only came to check on us one time & that was to give us our bill. I also asked for some chipotle sauce with my meal & she brought out BBQ! No big deal I thought. So I asked her for chipotle & she comes back & says, that is our chipotle. Now I know that it wasn’t bc ive gotten this sauce numerous times but I still didn’t complain or argue. I just said that’s fine I’ll eat it without anything. Overall our experience was HORRIBLE & I will NEVER be going to ocharleys again!!


alan james March 1, 2017 at 10:56 am

me and my girl friend went to our local o”charleys 2/28/17 she had the 16 ounce prime rib and i had the 16 ounce bone in ribeye. her steak was 3/4 inch in one side and 1/8th inch n the other.no way it was 16 ounces…my steake was nice and even cut but over cooked.with the two sides i ordered were luke warm at best….not fit to eat!!!!! we called the waitress over and they remade our order.when it arrived her steak was pervect but again mine was over done…i order med-rare so should be easy but this steak was well done…no pink in it at all..so i declined the meal again.i ended up not eating at all….was not going to wait a third time for them to try again..that will the last time i eat at an O”charleys.!!!! what happened you used to be the best in town….the one in Warner Robins GA. Sad to say it but my last two visits there have not been good ones.


mike white February 3, 2017 at 5:37 pm

I live in Gastonia, NC. And me and my entire family of 10 plus 3 children have eaten at O’Charley’s every week for quite some time, we also take the family member who is having a birthday to the restaurant of there choice to celebrate, my mother in law has always picked O’Charley’s until this year.
See, I cant talk about 1 particular dish because we all order something different, but it is just the overall quality of food period.
We have given it chance after chance thinking it was just a bad night, but we started realizing that they were all bad nights for the last month.
everytime we went we had complaints about the food, some even unedible.
I am sorry to say that a place we enjoyed as a family is probably now gone, not because it closed, but because we have have closed O’Charley’s doors for the last time.
It use to be great now, well my coments speak volumes, would not recomend this restaurant to anyone.
And as for my mother in law, we went to cheddars this year for her birthday and had a great time, food was good, service was great wonderful overall experience.
Looks like we found a new family restaurant.


Donnie Hale December 30, 2016 at 10:48 am

I visted a OCharleys in Fultondale Alabama and I traveled a good 25 miles to get there to enjoy a meal with my family. When we get there the wait for a table was pretty long but we stayed and waited . When we finally get to our table the waitress was very nice and friendly. We ordered the all you can eat catfish it was 8 in the party but two was kids. It took a minute for our food to come out but we didn’t complain and the catfish came out but it seems as though they ciut the catfish in half and they looked like French fries not like normal catfish at all. We still did complain we ate our food but when we tried to order another plate of catfish because it was all u can eat they informed us they was OUT of catfish and we could not get refill. So my family was so shocked that we asked to speaker with the manager. When the manager came out we told her of the problem like she didn’t know that they were out of catfish she said she would fixed the problem and the server gave us the ticket and the manager only gave us a little discount and said that’s all she could do for us she did not try to satisfity us or accommodate us in no other way.. even though they ran out the manager could of made other accommodation for us we only came to OCharleys for the catfish but to have them tell you that u can’t get the complete meal but still have to pay is a big turn off I have been in customer service and know that customers are the focal point of a business but for her to have a non caring attitude that’s a big turn off with me and my family returning to oCharleys..


Marci Rutan-Sandoval December 28, 2016 at 7:52 pm

I have eaten at O’Charley’s many times since 1973. Now I eat there ONCE A WEEK with a group of people from 8 to 20 that meet behind the bar. For that reason, I don’t like to complain or make trouble. The servers are overworked and have to cover a number of stations each. We used to get the same server each night, and we had a favorite. I know it is hard for servers to come to the back of the bar to take car of us. Nevertheless, I remain really upset about my experience last night.
When I have ordered a hamburger at O’Charleys over the years, they have been traditionally made of quality beef and delicious, if prepared well. Tuesday night, 12/27/16, I ordered your burger described in the menu: “topped with shaved Prime Rib, bourbon glazed onions . .” to be cooked MEDIUM RARE. (To me, when a hamburger with quality meat is cooked longer, it loses its flavor. I doesn’t taste good to me.)
I was looking forward to those slices of prime rib on top of my medium rare hamburger. What a disappointment! I got a burger, with NO SHAVED PRIME RIB that was MEDIUM to WELL DONE — not MEDIUM RARE. There were these horrible 1/2″ by 1/2″ HARD CUBES of inedible meat on the PLATE. Presentation was sloppy. There was a half a small pickle, half a lettuce leaf, half a tomato, and two thin rings of onion on the burger, all sliding to the side. The meat tasted bad, and there was so much bourbon sauce slathered on it and the plate, it was awful. I could not eat either the overcooked hamburger or the dreadful hard cubes. No way did those CUBES taste like prime rib. I couldn’t even get a fork through them.
I discretely explained the problems to the server. This time, exasperated, I said, “just a bacon cheeseburger, medium rare” and to go because it was getting late. When the server brought me the burger to go, she said, “This one is medium rare.” When I got home, I was hungry and wanted to eat my burger.
Another bad hamburger. It was NOT medium rare — but MEDIUM to WELL DONE. The patty was poorly made, broken into three pieces. It was so thin in the center, there was nothing on the bun there. Each of the pieces was cooked differently — two well done, and one medium. Even with my condiments from my kitchen, I could not eat it. I tossed it in the TRASH.
Sadly, The service and food at O’CHARLEYS seem to have gone DOWNHILL over time.
I hadtold the server to show those cubes to the cook, as I thought it was outrageous.. Yet neither the CHEF nor the MANAGER came me to apologize , and I did not get “comped,” as I would have in another restaurant, and as it USED to happen at O’CHARLEY’S. I had even tipped the server $5 (50%) before on the hamburger in anticipated of being “comped.” Instead, before I left, I actually had to ask the server to adjust the bill, with the reminder that the second hamburger was cheaper.
In addition, when the servers are busy, in the back room, we are often asked for our orders across a table or two. I don’t like to shout my order across in front of everybody. Sometimes I need personal attention to think about what I want. For example, I don’t eat French Fries, and I would have liked to my side on that burger.


Judy E Hamilton December 22, 2016 at 7:30 pm

I went to O’charley’s on Saturday , December 17, 2016 in Madison, TN the service was un call for. I was seating by the hostess and she told me that she was bringing the plates and napkins, she never did so the waitress come and bring the bread, so I ask her for the same thing never got it I also made my order me and my daughter we seat there for another 15 minutes, then I went and got the plates and napkins from the hostess, waited another 15 minutes why other people came in and after I did and was served there food, by that time I told my daughter I was ready to go. I order a grill chicken salad and my daughter order salmon and broccoli. 30 minutes pass I decided to leave and call the manager, horrible service


Ann williams November 2, 2016 at 11:28 pm

Tuesday nov 1 I had dinner at your Brentwood location. I have always enjoyed your Panko fried shrimp. I was very disappointed to find that you have replaced it with a batter fried shrimp. The batter was way too heavy and the shrimp was lost. It appears that you have changed to smaller shrimp. We have been coming to this location for years since it first opened. We have had disappointing dinners for the past couple of years. We keep trying hoping that things have changed but to no avail. Just want you to know we have given it our last try. Your new menu is a big disappointment. Learn from Ruby Tuesday. They kept messing with their menu and now they are out of business. Last time we went your prime rib was a disappointment. And they brought my husbands food first and he was finished eating before mine arrived. Not good


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