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Netspend Corporate Office Address

Netspend Corporation
701 Brazos Street Suite 1200
Austin, Texas 78701

Contact Netspend

Phone Number: (512) 531-8693
Fax Number: (855) 439-6488
Email: Email Netspend

Netspend Facts

Founder: Roy and Bertrand Sosa
Date Founded: 1999
Founding Location: Austin, Texas
Number of Employees: 800

Netspend Executives

CEO: Kelley C. Knutson
CFO: Beth Deck
COO: Roger Kidwell, Jr.

Netspend History

Netspend logo

Immigrant brothers from Mexico, Bert and Roy Sosa, were attending college when they realized that many of their friends were unable to purchase items online because they had no credit cards or bank accounts. Using their pooled money of $750, they founded Netspend in 1999.

Netspend visa card While the Sosa’s originally planned to sell their prepaid cards to students, they quickly realized that they could reach a much larger base by offering them online to anyone without a bank account, credit card, or those who don’t want to deal with those institutions but need another option to purchase items besides cash.

The company offers a prepaid Visa or Mastercard, which requires a small fee to open the account and charges a fee each time it is used. Netspend recently partnered with Family Dollar and 7-Eleven to sell their cards in their stores. 

netspend appNetspend accounts can be managed online or via mobile phone apps.  The company was acquired by TSYS in 2013 for $1.4 billion in cash.

Netspend was forced to refund more than $13 million in fees after the FTC filed charges claiming that the company withheld funds that caused some consumers severe financial difficulties. 

In October 2018, the company experienced a technical issue that prevented an unknown number of cardholders from accessing their accounts or the ability to withdraw cash. 

Headquarters for Netspend will remain in Austin, Texas.

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Netspend FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Netspend?
Answer 1: The phone number for Netspend is (512) 531-8693.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Netspend?
Answer 2: The CEO of Netspend is Kelley C. Knutson.

Question 3: Who founded Netspend?
Answer 3: Netspend was founded by Roy and Bertrand Sosa in 1999.

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Tonya Riley November 13, 2019 at 9:12 pm

Yeah I bet that subject line made you want to open this. Listen, I have done business with your company for years and have been more then satisfied UNTIL tonight!!!! So your team found it to be appropriate to freeze my account without my knowledge. I have been out of work and barely getting by, which I told your girl tonight. That is when I called in after my card was declined leaving me very humilated and embarressed at the store, Great job there by the way!!!! So What little money I did have on the card was quickly sucked up by your company!!!. First apperantly I had a past due bill of 5.00 on the card, ok. Check 5 off, then they wouldnt lift the hold on the card I have had for YEARS!!!!! So I happened to have a secondary card already here. After I had to nearly beg her to just activate this card, She went over all my payment options……Well you know how this works, right???? Anyway I went, all the money I had just loaded today would be gone with nothing to show for it?!?!?! JUST BECUASE YOUR TEAM WONT RELEASE THE F-ING HOLD ON MY CARD!!!!!!!! REALLY????? So this is how I see it, You can either do the right thing here, and activate this new card, waiving the new first month down fee of only 5.00 because really, It is your company that is MAKING ME ACTIVATE A NEW CARD WHEN I DONT WANT TO, or you can show how money hungery you really are and I can take my business eleswhere!!! Because let’s face it, YOUre really one in a million pre paid card companies out there aren’t ya????? Oh and guess what, My facebook followers, My instagrams followers and All of my YouTube channel followers will know how sh**ty your company is!!! Because guess what, I do get paid to rate companies on line for extra cash and I will be so happy to let anyone and everyone know how much you need the 5.00 more then you need a customer that has been loyal to you for years. Happy holiday shopping Netsptend!!!!! Youre decision and I await your immediate response!!! You can find my information below!!

Tonya Riley


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