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National Car Rental Corporate Office Address

National Care Rental Systems, Inc.
8420 St. John Industrial Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63114

Contact National Car Rental

Phone Number: (314) 512-5000
Fax Number: (314) 512-4706
Email: Email National Car Rental

National Car Rental Facts

Founder: Co-Op of Car Rental Agencies
Date Founded: August 1947
Founding Location: Missouri
Number of Employees: 10001

National Car Rental Executives

CEO: Lawrence J. Ramaekers
CFO: Jay Alix
COO: Rob Hibbard

National Car Rental History

National Car Rental was founded when 24 independent rental car agents decided to create a co-op in 1947. The company operates a chain of car rental locations and is currently owned by Enterprise Holdings Inc.

As of 2005, the company had grown to more than 2,000 locations in the US and internationally. The company introduced a mobile phone app for frequent users to make reservations and cancellations easier. The Emerald Club is a loyalty program which enables customers to bypass the counter and choose any car designated as an Emerald Club Car.

National Car Rental recently partnered with Asia Miles, the leading travel reward program in Asia. This allows clients to add to their frequent flier miles when renting from National.

National Car Rental FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for National Car Rental?
Answer 1: The phone number for National Car Rental is (314) 512-5000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of National Car Rental?
Answer 2: The CEO of National Car Rental is Lawrence J. Ramaekers.

Question 3: Who founded National Car Rental?
Answer 3: National Car Rental was founded by Co-Op of Car Rental Agencies in August 1947.

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Angel Mcgee July 8, 2019 at 6:41 pm

After having been with National for over 20 years and an consistent Emerald member renting 2 to 5 times per month, today I had the all time worst experience.
I rented a vehicle at the Tulsa airport on Saturday. When I arrived the lady complained about the previous customers she had that day, not a big deal but it does have more to do with my experience later. So, this morning I go to return the vehicle. As I was pulling up a obviously agitated girl was signaling for me to move forward and rolling her eyes when I was not moving as fast as she thought I should. I chalked it up to her having a bad day. That is until I was getting stuff out of the car. I got none of the usual, did you have a great experience stuff. She just told me matter of fact that I hit someone and that I needed to go over to the Alamo office. I licked my finger and rubbed off the dirt that she stated was damage, (I am a claims adjuster) and called her back to look. She did not come back, or offer me a receipt. I went over the the National desk and asked for the manager who also had attitude and asked to see the pictures I took. I showed her and she said, “Oh, those are after you cleaned it off”. I told her that with or without dirt the so called damage would show. Her customer service was horrible. At this point she says, “ There is a huge dent”. I stated there was not. We start going back and forth and honestly, not my best moment I did call her a b*tch. Then every other woman started yelling and telling me that was uncalled for. I walked away and my husband handled it. At no point was there any customer service or even kindness. It felt as if they were trying to “put me in my place”. Later I called and asked for a supervisor and explained everything to her. She stated she would make a report and have the regional office contact me. Which has not happened. I am so sad about this customer service. I have never in 20 years been treated like this. I will never rent from the Tulsa Airport again. If I do not get a response I will move on to another company that actually cares about the customer. I hope this is just this one location, but at this point I told my husband we will just pay for a service to drive us then be treated with such disrespect. I would like a response, but will not hold my breath.


Angel Mcgee July 8, 2019 at 6:53 pm

I also notice that only some people get a response. I would like to know why that is.


Thomas Spohn November 8, 2018 at 8:21 am

As a loyal Emerald Club Member for over 10 years I miust say I had the worst rental experience ever last week. I had made a reservation to rent a vehicle a for four days and then my plans changed. I needed at add one additional day to my rental which I was unable to do under the current rental contract. I had two choices. Rebook the entire reservation which would have cost significantly more than opening an additional one day reservation which I did. Here is the problem. National required me to drive 1.5 hours back to the rental car location after the first day rental was completed in order to start the original 4 day rental. Same car not even a signature required!I called the Emerald club twice and pleaded with the counter agent to figure this out. This was a COMPANY owned location not a franchise.
Needless to say I am closing my account and will move my business to a customer friendly rental car company.
Respectfully submitted.


Angel Mcgee July 8, 2019 at 6:55 pm

Tom, I am curious. I had a bad experience as well. Did you ever get a response?


Michael Freeland September 18, 2018 at 7:21 pm

I am an Executive Elite Emerald Club Member, and rent 90 to 125 times per year. I’ve been trying to get help to make the Mobile App work on my iPhone 7. It continues to give error (“We’re sorry. There was a problem with our systems…”) messages, and will not open. I have deleted and re-installed it countless times. Sometimes it will work for a day, sometimes two, then it crashes. National has NO support desk for the Mobile app; they have Customer Service “Forward Requests” about it, which gives no feedback to the customer. Hertz, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Marriott ALL have a service desk for the Mobile app, and National does not. Why ??? National’s Customer Service is poor in this area.


BARBARA JEAN MCCASLIN June 30, 2018 at 8:49 am

I made a reservation through apparently a 3rd party service which was a surprise to me. I could not make the flight as I fly non rev and then I find out that the reservation was made through a 3rd Party. No one knew what 3rd party or what agency I went through and the or the phone number for neither. I was charged a $50 cancellation fee when I thought I went through National and this dump email I received didn’t tell me either. I will tell you one thing. After trump is indicted I will make it a mission to see that your industry is REGULATED. THATS MY SOLUMN PROMISE TO YOU AND YOUR COMPANY WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO SCAM PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY FOR A CAR THAT WAS NEVER USED AND THE IDIOTS WHO DO NOT KNOW WHO YOUR RESERVATION WAS MADE THROUGH OR ANY OF THE PHONE NUMBERS. YES YOU NEED TO BE REGULATED BECAUSE YOUR SCREWING PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY AND YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE COMPLETELY IDIOTS. SO REMEMBER MY NAME BECAUSE YOUR INDUSTRY WILL BE REGULATED STARTING IN 2019. You people are cut throat criminals that prey on EVERYONE. SOMETIMES THINGS ARE UNAVOIDABLE BUT YOUR HELL BENT ON SCREWING THEM ANYWAY. LIKE I SAID, REMEMBER MY NAME!!! And your website sucks too because you cannot even send your complaint. I’ll contact my governor and representative and we will start there.


Monty Moncibais May 22, 2018 at 11:29 pm

I have written several e-mails and left messages for Mr. Rick Vance, Regional Vice President regarding a recent trip to Boston Mass form my home in Dallas, Tex. A large 22″ box fan was left in the back floor board of my National rental vehicle. I am a Emerald Club member. See National Car Rental case # 180509-000554 I attempted to call the National Car Rental unit at Logan airport but their phone number was not in on my receipt. Call the 1-800 national line was no help at all. I was given wrong information. I was told nothing had been found in my rental and that my rented vehicle had been rented put a few times since my return. The national line National Car Rental representative said they were not responsible for items left in a rental, that this disclaimer was in the contract. I explained to the rep that was not a small item such as an earring, ring, on money clip but a large huge 22″ box fan. I further told the rep that I understand that they were not responsible for items left in the rental BUT they were certainly responsible for honesty, character and integrity of the personnel they hired to detail the returned rented vehicles for the next customer. I was final told a few days later that they had found my box fan. My used 22″ box fan valued approximately $30. -$35. new was probably now worth $15 – $18. I was told by the Logan Airport National Car Rental rep that it was going to cost $40. for the box $10. to mail for a total of $50.00. I asked the rep to send my box fan back to the cheapest way possible, the rep said maybe a total of $40.00.
I am disappointed that National Car Rental would attempt to satisfy a customer and to spend a little time on the spirit of customer service to find the cheapest bulk method to get my fan back to me.
It is apparent to me that since they are not going to send my fan back to me they get to keep it.


Respectfully Submitted,


National Cares May 30, 2018 at 2:07 pm

We appreciate when customers tell us about their experiences and would like the chance to address this with you directly. Please email ehiescalationscc@ with your contact telephone number, exact rental office location, rental contract information, claim number and the details above so we can address this with you further. Thank you. – Carol H.


Chris Fordham June 13, 2019 at 8:35 am

Hey does that go for everyone? I just had a lengthy conversation with my corporate travel manager. The Greer, SC facility is so bad now that I started opting to drive my personal vehicle, and have began flying to other airports for the sake of getting a different facility. Other than the fact National’s culture is to be like a vulture to their good customers, most other facilities are tolerable.
When my travel manager informed me that I’m not in compliance with company policy, I informed her of the countless ongoing issues with that mickey mouse facility. Fortunately for me, I kept up with enough of it, and called National corporate enough times begging for help to inspire her to reach out to the National global account manager. Her and one of the other managers both had similar experiences, so now all of a sudden there is some focus on this. We are currently negotiating with Avis and Hertz for better options. She just found out the hard way the negative business effects it has on our customers when we have to rely on an incompetent facility, and no other options.


Pamela Miller May 3, 2018 at 12:10 pm

Corporate Advertising.

I am writing to complain about your ad where the man says something about “Except when I’m in Asia” and then morphs into some kind of smarmy Gangnam character.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it EXTREMELY offensive.


Dan Schmidt February 28, 2018 at 8:56 pm

Good evening. I have been trying to get in touch with an actual National Car Rental Agent at Charleston, SC Airport to no avail. On Tues. Feb. 27th at approx 230 p.m. I dropped my rental off at that location and inadvertently left my daughter’s Ipod in the car. As you turn these cars over quickly, I assume they would be taken to an area for cleaning/detailing. I wouldnt see that it would be difficult to find out who detailed the car or narrow down employees who worked that day and time period. I know Ipods are easily resold, but I am counting on your employees to be trustworthy and turn in to lost and found. Do you at all have security cameras in theae areas? I can get details, but am hoping to.hear back with It shouldnt matter, but I will add that my daughter has autism and her lifeline is her over 3,000 songs downloaded on her Ipod. She is quite upset and doesnt understand. Please contact me quickly so that no more time lapses. Thank you, Dan and Karen Schmidt 315 254 XXXXX or 315 720 XXXXX


National Cares March 20, 2018 at 3:12 pm

Dan and Karen Schmidt, thanks for contacting us about this. Our offices do their very best to locate left behind items and return them to their rightful owner. You can file a Lost & Found report using the link provided here. http:// If you still need assistance, please send a detailed email to ehiescalationscc@ include a description of your misplaced item, the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us. Thank you. – Carol H. Social Monitoring


Bob February 23, 2018 at 6:13 pm

Disappointed to see you have pulled support of NRA. No more business from me or my family.


James Bell January 1, 2018 at 11:42 pm

I am very disappointed that we have not been able to get anyone, at any of the many times that we have called to even answer the phone at Tampa International Airport location. On 9/22/17 while riding with my boss I left my Handicap Parking Permit in the car. We immediately reached out to the Tampa location he same day and was unable to get anyone on the phone to help. We filed the lost/found report and continued to check day after day via the email instructions. No one has emailed us, or called and now the report and all information has been completely deleted and it is asking for another report? Why was there no kind of follow up at all to try and help me find my handicap permit .


National Cares February 13, 2018 at 3:03 pm

James Bell, we appreciate it when customers tell us about their experiences. I assure you that it’s never our intention to inconvenience our customers. We would like to speak with you further. Please email ehiescalationscc@ with your contact information, exact rental office location, rental contract information and the details above so we can address this. Thank you. – Carol H.


Scott Dissel December 12, 2017 at 11:22 am

I am trying to contact anyone at National who will actively try to help me recover a VERY valuable item I left in a vehicle.

I have done all the required reports to lost and found, both locally and nationally, and I have followed up with phone calls numerous times. (Lost and Found report #3869461). All I have been told is that “we need to wait and see if it is returned.” There are several reasons why this approach isn’t working, and only a small amount of effort could effort could resolve this situation. I appreciate that there are LOTS of items left in cars (I look at the list daily), but this one is MUCH more valuable than any I have seen. I hope it warrants some extra effort on your part….

This situation is unusual, because I left it in a vehicle I did not ultimately rent, therefore don’t have much identifying information about the car. But the car CAN be identified by the rental location, lot location (Emerald Aisle – Executive Elite) vehicle type, and time period it was rented, all of which I can provide. IF someone would just take the time to do the records search, and create a list of cars that were rented in that time period, it would be a pretty simple matter to identify the car, (or a few cars) that match the description.

We are National Emerald Club Executive Elite members and I trust that you will contact me as soon as possible. Thank you!


National Cares February 13, 2018 at 3:03 pm

Scott Dissel, we appreciate it when customers tell us about their experiences. I assure you that it’s never our intention to inconvenience our customers. We would like to speak with you further. Please email ehiescalationscc@ with your contact information, exact rental office location, rental contract information and the details above so we can address this. Thank you. – Carol H.


Chris Fordham June 13, 2019 at 8:41 am

All, if you leave something in a National car it’s pretty much gone.
I’ve never heard of anyone getting any lost item back. A friend of mine accidentally left about $5000 in an envelope where he forgot to make a bank drop. He realized this in about 10 min after dropping off the car. It didn’t matter as he still had to call the cops to get his money back.Because of this National has now black balled him. It kind of worked out good for him because now he can rent with whoever he wants.
Just saying when dealing with National, keep your standards low so your not disappointed. As long as you go in knowing they are dishonest and incompetent, you won’t be surprised when it happens.


LAVERNA BOLES November 26, 2017 at 11:07 am

Hello I have been renting from National for several years as well as an Emerald Club Member. The past few times I have rented from Columbia, SC Airport they always give me problems since the staff that’s been there for years left. Each time I pick up my rental from the aisle it’s different people with different rules.(VERY FRUSTRATING) I thought the Emerald Aisle was for customers to be worry free with fast pick up. I recently made reservations as I always do over the phone. I always get my Emerald DISCOUNT as well as using my coupon. On Thanksgiving Day I went to the Aisle to pick up my rental for the Emerald they had all these big trucks F1-50. On the Executive there were smaller cars like the Altima. I was told I could not get that car because I wasn’t an Executive Member. I had to get the SUV under the Emerald sign. I got to the gate, the lady got on her Walkie Talkie asking her supervisor should she remove my discounts as well as charge for my Son who was added on for free as they normally do for every rental. Her supervisor told her yes. My reservation total was changed from $141.00 to $175.00 causing my credit card to decline. I was so upset begging them to please give me what my reservations shows. The supervisor came over stating that she didn’t see my reservation, I tried giving her my reservation number she stayed that she couldn’t use it because she had a different screen. They even stated something about me picking up my rental 30 mins early that I would be charged for another full day if I didn’t get it the exact time of my rental. She went on to say that I would have to pay $200 deposit because I didn’t have a flight and any local rentals is charged a $200 deposit. I told her I never heard of that. I never got any updates from National with those changes with using a credit card. I told I was always told that’s only for debit cards only. She said it’s for all cards. I said some of my family members can’t fly and it’s too expensive that’s why I rent vehicles to travel out of town. I pleased with to give me what was on my reservations for 25 mins. Finally she said I will do it this time. I was in tears, I never thought I would be treated like that. I have really loved and enjoyed renting from National up until now. I have figure out for future rentals on going through other companies. I went online to find information on what she said, there was no information regarding that. MY RENTAL confirmation number is: 1153742676
Credit Cards:
The credit card must be presented with available credit, in the renter’s name. The signature must match the name imprinted on the card. In addition, if the renter has an online transaction, the number and name printed on the card presented by renter must match the name and number stored for the online transaction.
If you need to update the credit card you have on your Emerald Club Profile, please see this FAQ: How do I update or change the credit card on my profile?
Credit Cards honored: American Express®, MasterCard®, VISA®, Discover® Network, and JCB
Puerto Rico: The following credit cards are accepted for rentals in Puerto Rico: American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club and Discover Network.
Canada: The following credit cards are accepted for rentals in Canada: American Express®, MasterCard®, VISA®, and Discover® Network

Debit Cards:
Debit/check cards are considered to be any non-credit card bearing the VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card logo. Any other non-credit card without the VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card logo is not accepted.
When renting in the US, Debit/Check cards are accepted for customers with proof they have deplaned or disembarked at the rental location. Customers must have proof of a ticketed return or outbound trip from the location where the vehicle will be returned on an airline, cruise ship or train. For customers not deplaning or disembarking at the rental location and/or do not have evidence of a return or outbound trip, Debit/Checkcards are only accepted as a form of payment at the time of return.
Puerto Rico, a credit card in the name of the renter must be presented at the time of rental. Debit/check cards are only accepted for payment at time of return.
In Canada, US bank issued Debit/Check cards are accepted as a form of payment at return provided they DO NOT require a Personnel Identification Number (PIN).
Canadian bank issued Debit/Check cards that require the use of a PIN are NOT accepted as a form ofpayment.
Canada, a credit card in the name of the renter must be presented at the time of rental.

Copyright © 2017 National Car Rental.



CHRIS TURNER October 27, 2017 at 6:25 pm



Diana October 10, 2017 at 6:01 pm

Every time I see your commercial with that arrogant guy, I just cringe. I live in the Houston area. Hurricane Harvey devastated this area. People lost their homes, their vehicles and many lives were lost. The other two hurricanes also have the same effect in other locations. Then more lives were lost in Las Vegas. Why do you keep putting this ad on with this arrogant guy? It just doesn’t fit. It sends the wrong message. That ad needs to be removed. Please find another type of ad that is not so offensive. That arrogant guy needs to go.


Nancy Wyman September 29, 2017 at 11:57 pm

Dear Mr. Lawrence J. Ramaekers,
I just want you to know how repulsive and distasteful I find your most recent commercial in which the subject is performing abdominal surgery on himself, complete with sound effects of the organs being wrenched from his body cavity and flung across the room.
If you think this material is helping to direct customers to your brand, I suggest you consider hiring a focus group. I have neither a queasy stomach, nor a lack of appreciation for dark humor, but this attempt at marketing your product I cannot possibly be successful. I simply change the channel when it comes on.
Just thought you might be interested in my perspective.

Kind regards,
Nancy Wyman
Ft. Lauderhill, FL


Chris Felton August 28, 2017 at 6:16 pm

On 8/20/17, my family and I had the misfortune of having our car breaking down on 65 south near Nashville, TN. The car was towed to a repair shop and I then proceeded to getting a rental car from the National car rental at the Nashville airport. Now I understand the principal of supply and demand so I wasn’t to surprised when I saw the rate for the car rental was an outrageous $108.00 a day for a full size car rental. I then explained to the gentleman at the counter that I would rent the car for 2 days but asked if I could get the money back for the second day if the car could be repaired the next day. He then replied that in this scenario, I would only be charged for the day I had it. I was then given an invoice which included taxes and prepaid fuel which came to 324.00. The next day my car was repaired and I returned the rental car after having it out for only around 18 hours to the same location I rented it from. I was then given a final invoice with a price of $293.09 for what amounted to less than a day long rental. I asked the customer service representatives at the desk, how could this be correct? I only had the car for less than a day. They then looked at the invoice and told me “sorry sir, its the eclipse prices”. Eclipse or no eclipse this feels wrong and like I was taken advantage in a bad situation. How could a rental vehicle really be $300 for less than a day! It is wrong and unethical in my view and in the event I ever need a rental car again, I will not use National car rental.


National Cares September 14, 2017 at 10:10 am

Chris Felton, we’d like the chance to address this with you directly. Please email care at with your contact information, the reservation and rental agreement numbers, the exact rental office location and any other details so we can research this promptly. Thank you. – Carol H.


James Chandler July 20, 2017 at 4:43 pm

I am a long standing Emerald Executive Member #882255161 who has recently received notice of a claim from a rental 4/25/17. I returned the car intact and watched as it was inspected prior to receiving receipt of payment. Claim number-10752251. I have no idea of what damage is being alleged. I know errors of this nature occur and want to be certain that this is resolved appropriately. Thank you in advance.

James Chandler


National Cares September 14, 2017 at 9:34 am

James Chandler,
We’ve noted your comments and we would like to have the opportunity to look into this concern for you. Please send us a detailed email to care at include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Carol H.
Social Monitoring


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