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Murphy USA Corporate Office Address

Murphy USA, Inc.
200 Peach Street
El Dorado, Arkansas 71730

Contact Murphy USA

Phone Number: (870) 875-7600
Fax Number:
Email: Email Murphy USA

Murphy USA Facts

Date Founded: 1996
Founding Location: El Dorado, Arkansas
Number of Employees: 9100

Murphy USA Executives

CEO: R. Andrew Clyde
CFO: Mindy K. West
COO: John A. Moore

Murphy USA History

Murphy USA was founded in 1996 in El Dorado, Arkansas as a spin off of Murphy Oil. The company operates a chain of gas stations, most often in close proximity to Walmart stores.

Currently, the company has 1,400 locations in 26 states. While most stations are located near Walmart stores, there are 240 stand alone gas stations which also feature convenience stores, known as Murphy Express. In 2016, the company announced that they intended to shift their focus away from Walmart and open more independent locations.

Murphy USA is listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: MUSA.  Forbes reports that the company had annual sales of $11.6 billion and is listed on the same website as #244 on their list of World’s Best Employers.

Murphy USA FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Murphy USA?
Answer 1: The phone number for Murphy USA is (870) 875-7600.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Murphy USA?
Answer 2: The CEO of Murphy USA is R. Andrew Clyde.

Question 3: Who founded Murphy USA?
Answer 3: Murphy USA was founded by in 1996.

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Sim January 23, 2019 at 8:01 am

Went to Murphy here in orange Texas this morning to get cigarettes I’m a loyal customer and go there every day but this morning I had the money to get my cigarettes but had 87 cents in pennies she wouldn’t take them i ask her why she said that they don’t take pennies I asked her since when she stated that they have to be rolled I said there not enough to roll so I went back home and got what I needed then went back to the store to buy which I did then the lady throw the cigarettes to me I want something done about this that’s not the first time either


Charleen Ann Witt April 12, 2018 at 4:15 pm

My name is charleen witt I was the assistant manager of store 5750 in shelbyville ky. For 7 months under melany moore, when I first started there things began well although the training wasn’t much to brag about, I was showed things once and left on my own. Which is fine we all have to learn I guess, I slowly began to see patterns of her favoritism towards a cashier Kelsey Massie, and also learned that this cashier was making more money than me as the assistant manager, yes very unfair, but I still said nothing, the next things that started to happen is when they started to trust me, they bribe customers with seeing and touching their titties if they purchase candy. And promise other favors in return for purchases. Kelsey massie has won several items, but it’s easy when the manager melany moore favors you and buys whole boxes of candy on your shift so you win that’s cheating in my book. Melany moore was having relations with our gas delivery guys and taking customers to hotels and doing sexual favors for money. The cashier Kelsey Massie told me melany moore took her old assistant manager who is in jail because he’s a pedophile she took him in the bathroom and sucked him off and had sex with him. Melany Moore has made sexual advances towards me she told me she liked how my body looked and if my man wasn’t doing his job that she would do it for him. I have had to start therapy while working at Murphys because of the stress from all of this and my therapist knows everything I have stated as well. I tell her everything. I recently had surgery and I returned to work In 3 days Melany Moore wanted some of my pain pills I gave them to her because I really needed this job I’m a single mother, and have to support my kids. But after my surgery which was a hemmorroidectomy Melany asked me how I was feeling I told her I was hurting pretty bad and hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet, she said in these words, “just pretend you are getting ass fuc*** and let it slide on out.” This to me is sexual harassment and I want something done about it. I had to leave my job bc she made it miserable to work there. She has sent nude photos to one of the employees she has there now named Brandon Kyle, this should not be allowed either. I thought more of this company until I saw what kind of management it has, I am taking my statements to my lawyer and see what he says. Kelsey Massie is the rudest person I have ever worked with and melany moore let’s her treat customers so badly I don’t know how she still has a job it seriously blows my mind. I will not let this go until I receive justice. I should still have my job!


Bill April 1, 2018 at 11:41 am

I went to the Murphy USA gas station in Franklin Indiana and the employee there was rude as hell. Every time I go there she’s always rude to me. I went to use the bathroom once and she was just standing in there with the door unlocked. I don’t like her at all and I think she should be fired. I will never do any type of business there again.


Jbsaround February 17, 2018 at 9:33 am

In reference to the national managers meeting each year at Disney world spouses or a child should also be allowed to go but of course pay their own way and have nothing to do with the meetings and seminars


Melissa L Cave February 13, 2018 at 7:20 pm

I am a former employee of Murphy’s USA in Jesup, Georgia. The store manager is horrible she once accused me of stealing, it’s sad because I have never stolen anything a day in my life. If a employee has a second job and management is aware of it. There are some many things that I could complain about but I will stop at this point. High gene should be especially enforced because apparently some people do not take baths.


Precious Page January 26, 2018 at 9:46 pm

On 1/26/2018 at 20:06:46 I went to Murphy USA Store # 7068 to get $25.00 in gas on pump # 5 and when I went to pump my $25.00 in gas on pump #5 nothing would come out. I then approached the cashier Tewayne.I asked TeWayne why the $25.00 was not on the gas pump and he responded very rudely by answering. Who paid for the gas? I then told the Tewayne that my sister-in-law had paid for the gas on pump #5 and that the pump was not working and we could not get the gas to come out that we had paid for previously. The young man responded again very rudly by stating that my sister-in-law bought 3 packs of cigaretts not gas and asked for a reciept. He stated he gives a reciept to “everyone”I then told him that yes she had bought cigarettes but also bought gas. I then went over to my sister-in-law and got the receipt from her. I gave the receipt to the young man. After arguing back and fowards for around 10 minutes asking the young man for his name and him telling me that he does not have to tell me his name his name dosent matter.He does not have to get a supervisor/manager for me and my family.It does not matter if he gets fired from working at Murphy USA because he has another Job. Then he tried to slam the window shut on me. I asked the young man if he was trying to steal our money and if he was then I was going to call the police and charge him with theft. He then printed out a receipt that showed he had finally refunded our $25.00 back to my sister-in-law’s card. Not to mention she had made two different transaction for the gas and cigarettes.Also when I was standing at the window I had to get the young mans name off of the receipt due to him not telling me nor him having a name tag on. Tewayne is extremely rude and unprofessional. I will be telling all of my family and friends about my experience and how unpleasant it was. I pray that you are able to resolve this issue quickly so I am able to resume getting gas at my regular gas station or I’m going to have to take my business else where.

Unhappy customers


Cassondra Owens January 17, 2018 at 12:09 am

Hello My name is Cassondra Owens I work at Murphy USA store number 7591. I have been with this store since it opened two years ago. I am one of the top salespeople in this area. I have won almost every sales completion that there has been. I have rarely been late or missed work since I have been employed. I have always been there when I am needed, done my job and on some occasions done more than my job. I always put the customers first and when I am at work I am always respectful and try to make the customers feel like they are talking to a friend instead of just going there to buy something. and I am always respectful of everyone around me. We recently lost our manager Cindy Walls to the Dyersburg store. Since Cindy left Peggy Hammond has been showing favoritism towards one cashier and harassing me taking my shift (second) and giving it to Laura Rickard and also cutting my hours. I have came into work on several occasions to a note on the wall stating that she (Peggy) is tired of doing her job and everyone else’s. On 1/15/2018 I was working third shift and it was snowing really hard. My husband called me and told me that on 8:26 pm TN emergency management agency issued a state of emergency. Everyone was advised to stay off of the roads, and that any motorists that are seen could be pulled over and given a citation. I then texted Peggy about everything but I never heard back from her I asked Stephanie Who is assistant manager for Martin What I needed to do. At that time Stephanie Ward told me to call and ask Arturo Hernandez our district manager. He then told me to close up and get home safe. While I was closing I lifted the drawer out and found a bundle of $20 in ones and $50 in fives. I then wrote a note letting Peggy know that I had found Laura’s $70 and dropped it in the safe. I then woke up the next morning, took a shower and I have some dead spots in my house with my phone. I eventually received text messages from Peggy Hammond stating that I needed to call her. At the same time the next message said that she did not hear from me so she took me off the schedule for the rest of the week. I received this text at 11:53. She took three work days away from me because I had contacted the district manager and was instructed to close early the night before. I only closed after I was directed to from my district manager Arturo. She stated that I had no right to contact him in regards to anything, this was nothing more then a retaliation towards me for doing what I truly believe was the right choice to make. I believe Peggy Hammond and Lora Rickard should both be wrote up for what has happened. I really think I should compensated for the hours that I have lost because of this.


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