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Miller's Ale House, Inc.
621 North Orange AvenueSuite C6
Jupiter, Florida 33458

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CEO: John Miller
CFO: Jack Miller
COO: Claire Miller

Miller's Ale House History

Miller’s Ale House was founded in 1988 by Claire and Jack Miller in Jupiter, Florida. The company operates a chain of casual American food restaurants in the southeastern part of the US.

Today, Miller’s Ale House has 78 locations; 54 in Florida and 24 in 10 other states. Nation’s Restaurant News shows that the average Miller’s Ale House location grosses $4.1 million each year and the chain’s revenue in 2002 was more than $125 million.

The company has a wide ranging menu as well as an extensive beer and alcoholic drink menu. Most locations offer steak, pastas, salads, and signature dishes, such as Zingers, hand breaded chicken breast strips, served with sauce, celery stick, and blue cheese or ranch dressing.

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Heaven Barker October 16, 2017 at 12:09 am

My husband and I have been going to the Lakeland FL Millers since it opened. We have always had a splendid experience until tonight.
My husband is severely allergic to mushrooms and he ordered his typical Cajun chicken pasta. He specifically asked for no mushrooms. As you can imagine, it contained mushrooms. We are both aware that accidents happen and luckily, he never received a dish with mushrooms previously. My husband got sick to the point of vomiting for several minutes in the restroom. We never had this happen before so we couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Him being in a daze, and me worried to death about him, did not put that together. The server got the manager and he had my husband fill out a form. Mike stated, “It can’t possibly be food poisoning cuz, it takes 4-6 hours.” This statement is false, however the way he said it and even needing to be said was uncalled for as my husband was severely ill. My check was then brought to the table. The Cajun pasta was on the bill, I had to request it to be removed. The service made us feel like my husband was an issue or burden even though the error was in the kitchen or the communication to the kitchen. On the way to our home my husband started to get anaphylaxis symptoms. We had our newborn with us and my husband began having severe anaphylaxis issues. We had to pull over. I luckily carry an epipen and Benadryl. I was able to stabilize my spouse. I called the manager Mike, to explain the issue so he would be aware. I was not angry, just thought I should inform him so he, as well as the back of the house could then be more vigilant. Mike said I should have stressed his allergy. Mike also expressed that it was possible for him to have had mushrooms due to all the food going out. I just said, okay well I thought you might have wanted to know. He said “Ya, that makes sense to why he was sick, glad he is fine, have a good night.” I didn’t get much of a chance to say anymore. I strongly felt like we were both treated like second-hand citizens. It was apparent that Mike did not care. It is also safe to assume that no one checked for his food allergy because they way Mike responded to us. AWEFULLY, POOR SERVICE! Just a shame. I am one to never complain however, my husband was close to hospitalization. If it was up to me he would have went but he pleaded that we do not and he was ok. Had I not had been prepared for an allergic reaction, this could have been life threatening. The worst part aside from that, was how unconcerned Mike was about the issue. We will not be going regularly to Millers after this incident.


Alexis October 14, 2017 at 6:28 am

Terrible terrible service as expected. Immediately while seated at the table we were offered drinks (as usual). The waitress Lori appeared to be in a significant rush. She hurriedly asked for our identification as I was seated with a friend and were awaiting to be accompanied by two other guest. My handed over my identification and immediately Lori stated she would not be able to accept my identification due to “alterations”. Indeed my identification is cracked through my expiration of my license. However my photo and date of birth are clearly displayed. My friend and I requested to speak to a manager and Terrian approaches the table with the most unprofessional and nonchalant demeanor. I explained to Terrian that my photo and date of birth are clearly visible and my license is only cracked near my expiration of my license. Terrian shrugs his shoulders and says “If you can go get another one I would gladly serve you a drink”. Looking at Terrian in disbelief I asked him where exactly would I be able to obtain a new identification on a Thursday after 6pm. Terrian walked away from the table after stating “sorry, there is nothing I can do for you”. Lori quickly comes back to the table with this smirk on her face and says “would you like a cold iced team” in which I presumed as dry scarism. Expecting the food service to be exception being that I was already dissatisfied the wings were clearly undercooked. My party and I went to Chili’s afterwards in which my identification was accepted because my date of birth and identification were clearly visibly. Don’t know what went wrong here at The Ale House. Managers, staff and food were all horrible. IMG_5064.JPG


Jessica Sprague September 26, 2017 at 10:25 pm

I received TERRIBLE service st your Orlando Colonial Ave location. The manager was completely rude and the service was unacceptable. The server claimed our card was declined but charged us anyway and then charged us on another card. I can provide more details on the service upon request. So in essence we we’re intentionally robbed by your restaurant. My father who’s card this was is a fraud investigator for the bank and we will not tolerate this. I look forward to your follow up.


Jessica Sprague September 28, 2017 at 4:31 pm

Thank you to Michael McGinn the issue was resolved. He handled it 100% perfect.


Avery lanier September 25, 2017 at 6:19 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a former employee at Millers Ale House, International Dr. ORLANDO. I was terminated today and I feel that the reasons provided are not that of termination. I was hired on April 26 2016 and i have provided exceptional service to thousands of customers. I have felt extremely disrespected while working for your company. There are several members of management that treat servers with little to no respect. I have been yelled at in front of customers and so have several of my co workers. There is a specific Manager Brandi ,who is extremely inappropriate. She has disrespected myself, customers as well as several of my family members who used to frequent the establishment. I had a very cordial relationship with Joe,the general manager until he became sexually involved with Brandi. The reasons that I have been written up, are not things listed in the rule book. While I understand that management can implement their own rules, It would be respectful to inform employees of such rules. A suggestion , is just that . I WAS advised that 4 write ups in 1 yr in 4months was the cause of my termination. There are servers who have 10 plus write ups , why have they not been terminated ? I am extremely friendly , and have customers who have followed me to whatever establishment employs me. I am extremely disappointed that I have been treated unfairly. I am the provider in my family and this termination has left us in a bind. While being employed by this company, I have contracted the flu, pink eye as well as other viruses due to the no call out rule that you have enforced. From the beginning , i have always felt that Brandi speaks down on me because of the color of my skin. I am appalled at this decision . I hope that whoever this letter reaches can be of some assistance.

I wanted to add that the write up was issued on Thursday sept 21st I was not terminated until today, Monday Sept 25th. I was under the impression that i was suspended, and not terminated . No one would advise me of position until today.
Kind Regards,
Avery J Lanier


Avery lanier September 25, 2017 at 5:35 pm

I use to work for your company …. gave my all as an employee . I’ve done more than my job expectations. I feel as though the management team at the Ale house on international drive is totally disrespectful towards the staff . Yelling at them in front of customers with no reason . The GM fraternizing (sexual relationship….) another manger Brandie ,and basing his decision on employees upon what she says and what she dislikes. I feel like it is selfish unreasonable and should be taken care of. As an employee there I’ve worked with the flu could not call out I’ve seen people work there with pink eye could not call out and these viruses kept spreading getting me and every other employee sick. Employee shouldn’t have to work under these conditions. It’s not healthy for them or the customers. State law when employee vomits at work he or she is supposed to have 48 hours off because of a stomach virus . Management team do not recognize this. They make the employee keep working until the end of the shift . While being employed with your company I feel that the management team shows no compassion towards the outside lives of their employees I feel that it’s all about making money for the company which is understandable but do it at a reasonable level. The Ale House on International needs to realize that their employees have a life outside of work no respect of the scheduling people are forced to close and work double shifts , with out having time to sit and eat. Managers getting mad at the employees for asking for swipes with their cards because they don’t want to do their job the rather just sit in an office. I’ve had customers ask why do you work here why do you let them disrespect you in that form,all that could be said is it’s the only job that I have. This Corporation was engineered by Claire and Jack miller a business with success not just because of the food and drinks but because of the employees ,we the servers bring people back with a smile on his or her face, it’s all about the hospitality ,the interaction between the server and the customer which make them comfortable to come back to dine in. when a customer has to see his or her server mistreated by management leaves a nasty taste in their mouth. I don’t know how far this will go, but changes need to be made for the employees. People should be happy to work and not go into work dreading the fact that they have to put up with a certain managers. This issue is unfit to the employees and for your business.


Ariana Garcia September 23, 2017 at 12:29 am

Not only am I disappointed but I can say that i feel disrespected! On Tuesday September 19,2017 I placed a To-Go order for my family and I to eat. I proceeded to pick up the order for everyone and took all the food home. I live 5 minutes away from the Doral Ale House, which is where we eat on the regular, and once we reviewed the order out of 20 breaded wings we only received 12 not only that but the Philly we ordered had cheese on it which i specifically gave instructions to make sure it was made with no cheese as my son is highly allergic to dairy. We then called Ale House to complain about our order and asked to speak to a manager right away, the manager said to hold the receipt and come in to remake the food, we ordered our food at around 11 at night and at this point we were just ready to go to bed, the manager said it was okay to bring it in another day not giving a timeline as to how long we have to come in and not only did the manager on duty rush me off the phone but also hung up on me after I asked who I was speaking to.
So Friday comes around and we decide to take the managers word to come in with our receipt to hae our food remade. I asked for the manager as soon as I walked in to avoid any probems with the bill later and the manager decided to argue with me when I told him what I was told on the phone the other day. So he then proceeds to put my order in to be remade and I waited in the bar area for my To-Go order and once the bartender hands me my food I realized I was missing the philly that was supposed to be with my order so then I told the manager I was missing the philly and he then wanted to argue with me AGAIN telling me that I didn’t tell him anything about a philly but I made sure to remind him of what I said and he laughed in face and walked away he brought another manager with him and said “take care of her because I can’t deal with this bitch right now” I ignored his comment although it really got under my skin. The other manager asked me how he can help me and I explained my issue and he took care of it with no problem. But as he went to put the order in, in front of me the other manager who was being rude , Todd, was also waiting at the POS upset as ever. The manager who was helpful walked away and Todd proceeded to call me annoying and tell the other manager “she deserves spit in her food”. I confronted him with anger about that comment because how dare you escalate this issue to where it didn’t have to escalate to then threaten to spit in my food and he said that i misheard and that wasn’t said so of course I played nice because I am a regular and I didn’t want to make an issue.
I received my full order and I made sure to double check it again and everything seemed just fine. My family and I ate and everything was great. About an hour later we all became sick! My son was vomiting for hours straight as was I and my husband! I am convinced this man really did taint our food and I will be contacting a lawyer to make sure Todd from Doral Ale House faces the consequences.

Ariana Garcia


christine mcgeehan September 18, 2017 at 11:03 am

I am extremely disappointed and angry to say the least about my experience at the Woodbridge, NJ location. My family and I are regulars there and decided to through my parents anniversary party there this past Saturday night. The night started off great. We LOVE our servers Jennifer and Jason. They were on top of EVERYTHING!
HOWEVER…when I tried to go to my car to get the party favors I was told I would be charged a cover to come back in. I explained that I had been there since 4pm…at this point it was 8:30. I was told by the bouncer that I would still be charged if I wanted to reenter. Needless to say I immediately asked to speak to a manager. Well that didn’t work out too well either. I was told my entire party would be charged $9.00 each to stay and watch a fight that we had no interest in. I can understand this policy for people who are entering after 9pm…BUT I was there all night with my family…for a party that we spent a great deal of money on. I was also told that anyone who was sitting having dinner would have a $9.00 per person charge added to their bill for the fight. That is insanity! And it’s VERY BAD BUSINESS! This argument went on with 2 managers and their solution was to give us our bands for free! What solution was that??????? It’s the principle! It’s not about the money! You shouldn’t be charging guests if they are not there for a fight. We were there for hours already!! I am disgusted by the treatment that we were given and have contacted the Better Business Bureau, Channel 7 news, TripAdvisor and blew up social media with my disappointment. You WILL lose business…trust me! I am a well known politician in town and linked to many surrounding towns. I will make sure everyone I speak to knows this story. You should be ashamed of yourselves!


Karen Moncada September 17, 2017 at 12:12 am

Never have I been treated so badly in a restaurant where I am spending money at as I was tonight! Your hunters creek location in orlando fl is as your employee said a joke!!!How is it that my family and I are being thrown out of your establishment for not paying a $15 cover charge for a fight when there was no mention of it until 11pm?! My family and I were already sitting down and just ordered food! Your employee told me too bad you either pay the cover charge or leave!!! What the hell kind of custimer service is that?! We came to eat and have some drinks to unwind and relax But we couldnt do either ! I get the cover charge but that is something that should have been mentioned from the get go not at 11pm when the fight was already playing Or you guys should have a section cut off for specific people that came out to watch the fight! Your employees are rude including your management! We come to alehouse atleast twice a week and spend our hard earned money here and for this location to treat us the way they did is absolutely unacceptable. You guys have just lost a loyal customer.


m.leccesse September 1, 2017 at 10:42 am

CEO John Miller. I am writing this comment, to inform you about a employee. hired at your Davie Ale house, Her name is Madaline Barbeito . She is a convicted drug dealer in florida and also violated her probation. She stole money from me , and my place of employment . Preyed apond elderly men for money which I am informed by their families that a on going investigation by H.R.S . I called manager to give him heads up. and he thank me..please rely.


Jasmine C. August 31, 2017 at 11:13 am

Good morning,

I would like to express my disappointment with the service my family and I received at this branch on August 30, 2017. Normally, I try not to let other people’s attitudes affect my mood but their blatant disregard and disrespect for me as a paying customer is unacceptable. I will also be sending a letter to the Better Business Bureau regarding my complaint and will not be returning to this location. It is never okay to embarrass or make a customer feel unimportant. Customers are the reason this company thrives. I was clear in stating what my issue was and there should not have been a problem with fixing it. I was not trying to start a riot nor was I rude, I was there to have dinner with my family. (Not to be pleading with someone to re-make an item because it did not taste good or being told maybe you just do not like it. This was not my first visit and I was paying for MY meal. I was also not expecting my family member to be sitting at the table bleeding from being cut by the food and not having a waiter stop by for another 35 minutes.)

Unfortunately, the employees at this location seem to lack simple customer service etiquette but be advised I am not a clown to be ridiculed. I have been a loyal customer for many years and have had bad service here before but because my family genuinely enjoys the food and atmosphere we always return. Please note this will not be one of those instances and this matter will not be swept under the rug.

Thank you,

Jasmine Clarke


Jasmine C. August 31, 2017 at 11:14 am

Coral Springs, FL Branch.


Ray August 22, 2017 at 1:09 am

Good day.
I’ve been a frequent guest at your South Philadelphia location since it opened. I came in tonight and I was informed by the manager on duty that I made an offensive comment. And on the recommendation from the G.M., I was asked not to come back for a couple of months.

I have no idea what I may have said that was deemed “offensive”. I was also told that i “in appropiately touchd the bartender …all I did was pat her on the head, gently.

I find it kind of ironic that the bartender can joking slap guests, and I get banned for a gentle pat on an employees head.

I look forward to recieving some explanation as to what was said that was found to be so offensive.


Raymond Wisniewski


Frank August 11, 2017 at 11:34 am

Hi, long time customer. I usually come during football season. I had what I thought was below average service at your coral gables branch on miracle mile. When I arrived with my family the hostess was not present and their was no line no waiting. About three to four minutes the hostess ran to us and then grabbed the menus to seat us. Next, we sat for about ten minutes awaiting for someone to wait on us. I got up and asked a server for a manager. While waiting for a manager, our server Irene arrived and finally took our order. The manager who was on duty, Tony never showed up. Irene put our order in and a good 30-35 minutes went by and no food. I looked towards the kitchen and it appeared they were behind on orders. The manger tony was in the kitchen area trying to get the orders out. It wasn’t very busy this night but for one reason or another our order was delayed. Once the order was ready it was delivered to us by Irene which I believe should have been brought to us by a manager. Once we ate, I didn’t want to ask for a manager because I felt that he he did not care. With a that said, I paid my bill in full for $85.77. My check # is 264428 and we sat in table 44. This was August 10, 2017. The service was below average on this night. It could have been a lot better. I frequent another branch in DORAL, Florida and had better success there. Is like to be contacted to elaborate more on this. Thank you.


Chris July 11, 2017 at 4:32 pm

I was at the Henderson place serves was ok but I heard servers talking about how everyone in miss treated and ones happy about new management. I come in this place all the time and now I’m things it’s not avoid place for me and my famy


john m carlo June 30, 2017 at 10:21 am

On 6/28/2017 I called the the Ale House located in Gulf Coast Town Center at 4:30 PM and asked about the availability of Lobster Diners. I was told lobsters were available. My wife and I arrived at the restaurant at 5:25 PM and were told they were sold out. The restaurant was virtually empty. This is how a customer now gets treated at the Ale House.

John M Carlo
239 466-XXXX


Jenny June 19, 2017 at 9:00 pm

Hello..I have to abosolutely say I love this franchise …. I used to go to the one in Miami lakes and loved it .. I currently moved to Port St. Lucie and very sad to say there is not one here and I think there should be .. especially in st lucie west where it’s up and coming .. if you are ever planning on opening one I would love the opportunity to be part of it .. please bring one to Port St. Lucie!! ..


Jennifer Lucas June 18, 2017 at 2:28 pm

Currently head of Human Resources at Penn-jersey Paper
please let me know if you have any openings


John Capote June 3, 2017 at 7:22 pm

First I wanted to say I have been a customer of your buisness for as long as I can remember and I enjoyed giving 1000 of my dollars in the years I have been going to your buisness and when I moved to Lakeland in October 2016 I was so excited to see a miller ale house pretty close to where I moved to and I’ve been going there ever since with Maggie who has been an amazing waitress but I decided to go on Thursday for the NBA finals game 1 and my daughter and I decided to go after half time to see the game and enjoy the 10 pm happy hour well first Maggie wasn’t there which was ok so we had a different waitress she set us down and got our order which was the calamari for $5 and a pitcher of miller light for $6 and the waitress came back to say that there was no more miller light which was ridicules to me for a game 1 nba finals to not have that for your happy hour and to make it worst she asked the manager and he told her there were no exception and to pick a different beer so I was upset asked the waitress to please come back so I can look at the menu so what happened next I couldn’t believe I went the whole 3rd quarter of that game with no one coming back to my table until a different waitress brought our food for my daughter and I and asked to speak to the manager first when the manager came by the name of Rufus Weatherspoon he didn’t even provide he’s name or shake my hand like a manager should or said how can I help you he just came up to the table and said rudely I’m the manager I gave him my hand and said my name is john and I’ve been hear more than 30 min without my waitress bringing me even a cup of water the guy looked at me and said with no empathy or to say sorry for the inconvenience he just looked at me and rudely said what do you want to drink and I was so upset that I told the guy just bring water I’m in no mood to drink anything else that guy turned around and walked away without saying nothing then came back the waitress that seated us down crying because she had a emergency call and forgot about us which I can forgive since her eyes were watery but I told her that the manager was the worst person I have ever talked to in a buisness like this and I’ve came to this buisness in Miami since I was a teenager and the waitress told me she was so sorry about that and that there was no charge for the calamari I looked at and said this $5 dollar calamari I told her that her manager is a joke and she can keep the calamari that I didn’t even touch of how upset I was which your calamari is the best I’ve every tasted from any Resturant so you can imaging how upset I was I wasted a 20 min drive and a whole second half my favorite sport with my daughter complaining and getting a buisness card with the name of the manager as well as the general manager Michael A. Ahrend which I have called and left 2 messages to please call me back to explain my experience and no call back that is why Im writhing to you this letter that I have never done for any Resturant I have aways loved your Resturant but this has left a terrible taste in my mouth that I went to wing house down the block of the miller ale house for the first time just to avoid your buisness I just hope you can make this up to my family and I so I can forget this and continue my buisness with you thank you for the opportunity to give you my experience


John Brungard May 30, 2017 at 9:28 pm

Just stop inn to your restaurant in tampa Florida. On Dale Mabry waited 6 to 7 min for a drink oder . Had to call the store to get service. This is the second time with having service problems at this location. Spoke with kelley stier first time over the phone. Don’t know what’s going on there. If you want you can contact me at 813 477 XXXX. Thank you.


Iris Martinez May 13, 2017 at 9:24 am

Dear Mr. Jack Miller, John Miller, Claire Miller;

I am writing in regards to my experience at one of your locations, the Miller’s Ale House-Estero located at 10065 Gulf Center Drive, Fort Myers, Florida 33907.

My husband and I decided to go to the Ale House On Wednesday, May 10th to see The Penguins vs The Capitals. As we were out on business in the Fort Myers area.

We decided to sit at the bar to have some appetizers and drinks and enjoy the game.. Watching the game from the bar is always fun.

Unfortunately our experience was awful! Our bartender Anna was so nasty and rude! That it lead for me to contact your corporate office.

When we first sat at the bar, she was running around like a duck without a head! Why ? I don’t know! When we got there only two people were at the bar and there were not many customers at the restaurant.

I did notice that The Waiters and Waitress where pouring their own drinks for the tables they were serving. (After a couple of my encounters with Ms. Anna… I could see why this was happening. (She is very Cruel and Demeaning to the other Co-workers).

My Experience​ with Ms. Anna:

*I asked Ms. Anna for the Beer Land Shark and she made fun of the way I pronunced the word Land Shark… Since you don’t carry Land Shark therefore I ordered a wine.

*When she brought the wine to me she slammed it on the table so hard it was a miracle the glass did not brake. After I finished my first wine I order another wine. (I have attached a picture of what Ms. Anna gave to me.) Apparently that was the end of the bottle so no more wine for me…..

*She kept on demanding for us to place our appitizers order…My husband had to tell her more than once we would like to have some drinks first before we order our appitizers.

*When we finally did order our appitizers the same thing accured she slammed the plates with the utensils in front of us.

*You will also see dirty glasses in front of us that had been sitting there for quite some time (Pictures are attached)

*A customer came to the bar that is disabled. She decided for some reason tell my husband and I to egnore the gentleman as she always does that way he will leave….The Gentlemen wasn’t​ bothering anyone I don’t understand why he was being treated rudly for being disabled.

Finally she decided to take her break and Terri took over the bar (That became a breath of fresh air) Teri was very nice and professional.. Unfortunately Anna was looking at her proformance and started giving her the evil eye..To see someone being nice to the customers rubbed Ms. Anna the wrong way.

Another young lady was to be managing the bar with Anna, by the name of Ashley but we never saw Ashley.. Again the bar had no more then​ six customers at any given time. No need for two bartenders.

Another thing That was a bit unsanitary is the way they manhandle the food they place the food to be picked up… If something falls of the plates they pick it up and put it back on the plates. “Not much cleanness”. I have attached pictures of all giving statements above for your review.

Please know, that I know first hand how hard it can be to be a Waitress and Bartender as I’ve done both job myself. I was a Waitress for 3 years and a Bartender for 4 years. I know how crazy it can get!!! If at anytime​ we needed to have waited for Ms. Anna to take care of other customers we would of, once again the bar was not busy or restaurant.

But this is not about waiting is about how nasty this young lady was…She carries her self with a very negative, rude unapproachable demeanor for being such a young lady is actually sad.

The other employees where talking to my husband and I as they most likely realized we were not being treated very nice by Ms. Anna.

Please let it be known my Husband and I very much enjoy The Ale House. We have one by house in the Kendall area that we go to all the time. “that one gets really Crazy”!!! And​ we’ve never had and issue.

It’s obvious the Management Team at the Miller’s Ale House-Estero, needs to be re-looked at.

Iris Martinez
Miami, Florida
Loyal Customers


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